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HIStory: Even the Score

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It wasn’t a surprise that they would end up in this position. They scuffled a bit to get Tang Yi naked, then Shao Fei pushed Tang Yi on the bed and subsequently moved to sit on his lover’s hips. Tang Yi responded by clamping Shao Fei’s waist with both hands and lifted his hips to thrust upwards. The detective chuckled at his lover’s impatient actions but moved to brace himself by placing his hands next to Tang Yi’s head. Shao Fei panted when a particularly good thrust slipped Tang Yi’s cock between his cheeks, rubbing across his entrance. Tang Yi reached for the lube he kept handy next to their bed, releasing Shao Fei’s waist in the process. Meng Shao Fei used this opportunity to apply more pressure into grinding against Tang Yi, loving the way his lover seemed to be moving his own hips on autopilot. 


Tang Yi capped the lube back and reached for Shao Fei’s ass, smoothing out the globes before inching closer to lubricate his lover.

“While Tang Yi and Shao Fei are having wild sex upstairs, let’s talk plans. There’s 6 of you, so you should split up to find the information we need. I figured before the auction, you guys could scout the premise and find out Kuo Gang and Rick Lam. Eavesdrop on their conversation, snap photos of their meeting and find out the base for Crystal Skeleton. The priority here is catching them both in the action,” Jack laid out the plans. 

Once Shao Fei was believed to be well-prepped, Tang Yi guided his cock into his lover, grunting as he inched inside. His boyfriend moaned when Tang Yi stopped to take a breather. 


“Shao Fei, are you okay?” Tang Yi groaned out. He was trying his level best to let Shao Fei be ready before proceeding to fuck his brains out. But all Shao Fei did was grinned and proceeded to grab Tang Yi’s hands, pinning them above his head. To show his protest, Tang Yi experimentally withdrew before snapping his hips upwards, making Shao Fei fall onto his elbows, his face close to Tang Yi’s. There were some movements regarding his hands, but Tang Yi was too focused on pistoning into Shao Fei to take notice. Shao Fei kissed Tang Yi deep. Tang Yi sensed that he was about to retreat, so he went to grab Shao Fei’s head for more kisses, only to find that Shao Fei had handcuffed one hand to the bedpost.


“Meng Shao Fei!” Tang Yi growled out. Shao Fei smirked as he sat upright, putting more pressure as he fell down onto Tang Yi. 

“The tricky part would be obtaining the drugs. We’re assuming that it would be distributed during the auction. It might not be the case. We might have to mingle with our client and ask for it, and make them believe we do recreational drugs on the side,” Jack added. Zhao Zi hummed and looked at the youngsters they have in the room.


“I trust that Jack and Shao Fei will be able to look after themselves, and Andy too. If that was the scenario, I would prefer if all of you do NOT get involved with it. We don’t know the effects of Crystal Skeleton, and the last thing we need is an overdose while collecting information,”


“Ahhn..Ah..hmm~” Shao Fei huffed as he rode Tang Yi in jerky movements. His boyfriend sealed his lips shut to punish him for chaining him to the bed AND the sabotage of his chances. But still, Tang Yi was only human, so his hips couldn’t help but follow Shao Fei’s movement. 


“Tang Yi...I’m sorry about the picture. But you..ah!” Shao Fei shivered when Tang Yi picked up speed. “Tang Yi!”


“Don’t talk!” Tang Yi bellowed. He gripped Shao Fei's waist with his free hand hard enough to bruise. Shao Fei whimpered helplessly as Tang Yi controlled his speed.


“They would have recognized you!” Shao Fei insisted, chin falling to his shoulder when the pressure built up. He was so close! 


“Please Tang Yi,” Shao Fei begged. 

“Don’t they know we’re down here still?” Yu Hao grumbled when bed creaking sounds erupted from upstairs.


“Oh, they know. They just don’t care,” Shi Yi Jie replied. He could understand using sex as punishment, but can’t Tang Yi wait until they all went home?


“There is a possibility that none of us could obtain the drugs. If that scenario comes, it’s up to you guys to do it,” Andy reminded the team. “We want this case to shift to Unit 3, whatever it takes,”

Shao Fei shouted garbled forms of Tang Yi’s name when he climaxed, looking beautifully debauched as he came down from his high. There were questionable liquids painting his stomach, and he closed his eyes to rest from the intense session he just had. Tang Yi smirked as he used his free hand to twist his thumb out of his socket, then slipped his hand out of the cuffs. Cracking his thumb back into place, the only warning that Shao Fei got his boyfriend was free was when Tang Yi used both hands to hold onto Shao Fei’s waist, then shifted their positions so that Shao Fei was pinned on his back, with Tang Yi looming above.


“You did that thumb hack didn’t you?!” Shao Fei accused, slightly breathlessly, that Tang Yi looked so sexy dominating him in bed. 


“Are you ready for round 2?”

“Okaay! It’s time for you all to go home,” Zhao Zi chased the team out, and signaled for Andy and Jack to follow suit. He kept giving both of them eye gestures and hand signals, making the younger men roll their eyes.


“Relax Zhao Zi-ge, we know they're about to start round 2,” Hao Ting calmed his teacher down. “None of us are virgins you know,”


“Especially Sheng Zhe. He is like an anti-virgin,” Yu Hao agreed. Sheng Zhe used his fist to bump Yu Hao’s skull, not surprised when Zi Xuan also smacked his boyfriend across the head.


“What? We all know it,”


“You guys are just jealous we’re having sex every day,” Shi Yi Jie rebutted.


“Shi Yi Jie!!”


“Cheese and crackers, every day?!!”


“How fucking old are you?! Aren’t you like 50?! You shouldn’t be having this much sex,”


“Your hips must be crying in agony,”


“Shut it,” Yi Jie objected. “I’ll be having sex until I’m dead,”


The rest of the team looked between Yi Jie and Sheng Zhe, the latter pinching the bridge of his nose. Zi Xuan placed his hand onto Sheng Zhe’s shoulder, a sympathizing look on his face. Yu Hao came and placed his hand on top of Zi Xuan’s. Hao Ting and Xi Gu stood in front of Sheng Zhe, hands clasped in front of them in a prayer-like manner.


“RIP Sheng Zhe’s ass,” Hao Ting muttered. Xi Gu nodded, closing his eyes.

Yu Hao changed into his pajamas as soon as they got home. Zi Xuan sat down on the sofa, stretching his legs. Dr Jiang had given him instructions on how to exercise his knees so that it could regain some of their function, though full recovery would take years. Once Yu Hao was done, he sat in front of his boyfriend, massaging it like he used to. 


Both of them sat in silence, the only sound was their tandem breathing. 


“There was no need for us to be involved in this, you know,” Zi Xuan spoke up. Yu Hao looked at his senior’s face, raising one eyebrow. 


“You mean Crystal Skeleton,” Yu Hao confirmed. Zi Xuan nodded and relaxed as his knee began to feel better. 


“I know that you might be indebted to Tang Yi and Meng Shao Fei for saving me, but we owe them no obligation. What’s the likelihood of me being kidnapped again because Rick Lam needed a volleyball champion? There are plenty of other players out there,” Zi Xuan added. 


“I know, but the possibility of them coming to finish you off is always there,” Yu Hao insisted. “Rick Lam wants bone pits. Tang Yi has them. You heard it yourself, Dao Yi said that all 3 bone pits have similar structures. Skeletons in metal boxes. Land separated by rivers. Tall walls. They’ll come after Xi Gu,” 


Yu Hao stopped massaging Zi Xuan and sat on the man’s lap. His boyfriend looped his arms around Yu Hao’s waist.


“They’ll come after Professor Yi Jie. Say what you want, but I know you consider Sheng Zhe your close friend now,” Yu Hao smirked. Zi Xuan tsked and turned his head away, not wanting Yu Hao to see he was right. He knew that he could always be targeted once the heat died out and Rick Lam came out of hiding. That was why he came to see Tang Yi the next day right after the celebration of exposing that first bone pit.

“I want to learn how to defend myself,” Zi Xuan demanded, not surprised to see Professor Shi Yi Jie with Tang Yi and Meng Shao Fei. He’d figured the Professor would want to see this through. What he didn’t expect was to see Jack, Zhao Zi, and another person who looked like he could be a model with them. Once Shao Fei realized that he had been staring for some time, he introduced both of them.


“Zi Xuan, this is Andy. Our friend and the future boss of Yu Hao and Xi Gu,” Shao Fei pointed to Andy. Andy smiled and shook Zi Xuan’s hand.


“A pleasure, third year student of physiology, Qiu Zi Xuan, also boyfriend to my yummy Xia Yu Hao,” Andy commented. Zi Xuan didn’t think that Shao Fei would be telling all these details to his friend.


“Eh, wait. YOUR Yu Hao?” Zi Xuan asked, ticked off. Tang Yi reprimanded his friend, telling him to stop teasing Zi Xuan.


“Cut it out, Andy. They’re not used to this,” Tang Yi was referring to the students.


“Meh, he’ll be used to it. Anyway, don’t accuse Tang Yi and Shao Fei of being blabbermouths. I’m the informant, so naturally, when I take on new workers, I do background checks,” Andy replied, seeing the puzzling look when he mentioned Zi Xuan as Yu Hao’s boyfriend. 


“But getting back to what you were saying, Zi Xuan, there is no need for you to involve yourself further. Rick Lam might not target you again,” Zhao Zi reasoned. 


“I know. But there is also the possibility that he would come back to finish me off. I was a witness. So...I want to learn to defend myself,” Zi Xuan insisted. Tang Yi and Shao Fei looked at Zhao Zi and Jack, while Shi Yi Jie sighed.


“You better give in. I talked to his professor over lunch about the kidnapping. Qiu Zi Xuan is a very determined person,” Yi Jie declared, looking over at the maps laid out. “He’ll keep coming,”


Shao Fei looked at ZI Xuan’s determined stare, finding that the man was indeed, very adamant that he get trained. “Zi Xuan, you have a knee injury. You can’t really learn self-defense,” Shao Fei advised. Zi Xuan looked like he was about to protest but then deflated once he understood the logic behind Shao Fei’s hesitance. 


“Don’t worry boss. I’ll train him,” Jack piped up, a smile present. He has been watching the interaction a while and only now, chose to speak up.


“Jack...don’t tell me,” Zhao Zi mumbled. 


“I’ll teach him how to shoot a gun,” Jack confirmed his husband’s guess. “And while I’m at it, Professor Shi should get trained too,” 


Shi Yi Jie looked up from his map searching. He shrugged, nodding his head. 


“You know, you could also take advantage of this situation,” Andy chirped. “Why not learn some mafia first aid while you’re at it from Jin Tang?”


“Mafia first...Andy! Don’t put ideas in his head,” Shao Fei whined. 


“Oh, shut it. He’s decided to join this venture. He should know how to take out a bullet and stitch some knife wounds,” Andy insisted. “He’s in physiology, he could also get Jin Tang to tutor him at the same time. It’s win-win,”


For the first time in his life, Zi Xuan wondered if he had made the right choice to come to see Tang Yi and Shao Fei. Just hearing Andy say ‘bullet’ was enough to jar him that it was no longer simple student brawls involving Yu Hao behind some dingy bar. 


“Hmm, with him there, Sheng Zhe will have a friend too,” Shi Yi Jie agreed. The minute they got home, Yi Jie had tried to persuade Sheng Zhe from following him into this mess, but his fiance won’t have any of it.


And that was how Zi Xuan started training with Dr. Jiang with Sheng Zhe. And unsurprisingly, they bonded over the incident.

“See? You’re not saying anything. And you know for a fact that I won’t let Xi Gu face this alone,” Yu Hao stated. 


That Zi Xuan DOES know. Yu Hao and Xi Gu and yes, even Hao Ting apparently became very close when both of them started working at the same bar before this fiasco. Being the same age, they had the same Math lecture and once Yu Hao found out how Xi Gu and Hao Ting got together, they just clicked.  It even got to a point that Xi Gu and Hao Ting would sometimes watch them train for volleyball tournaments. 


Heck, even their female juniors shipped Xi Gu and Hao Ting (and some might have started a page dedicated to Xi Gu and Yu Hao, but that was for another day). With Hao Ting being so handsome, and Xi Gu being nice, they easily mingled with club members, despite being told off by Xi Zuan for causing his members to slack off in pursuit of chats. 


There was also the fact that Hao Ting and Yu Hao loved to get into trouble. Zi Xuan even remembered one time, they were so close to disciplinary action because some homophobe cornered Xi Gu after his lectures and spewed hurtful words. Once Hao Ting and Yu Hao caught wind of it, they pulled the guy over to the volleyball court to ‘challenge’ him over a ‘friendly’ game. Suffice to say, the idiot got his ass handed to him. Zi Xuan didn’t even want to remember when the club members arrived and demanded explanations, only to join in once Yu Hao explained what was happening. 


The guy was hit with so many balls to the face, ZI Xuan was afraid that he might actually turn gay. No pun intended. But thankfully, the university’s no-tolerance policy to discrimination had saved their ass. 


“Okay,” Zi Xuan relented. “But if it gets too much, we’re stopping. Okay?”


“Okay,” Yu Hao agreed. He laid his head on Zi Xuan’s shoulder, just basking in his boyfriend’s warmth. 

“Hey, boss, is it okay for you to not look at the merchandise?” Desmond asked Rick Lam. They were finalizing the place for the auction before Desmond emailed the merchandise for confirmation. 


"You know how this goes Desmond, this isn't the first time you had an auction. Fuck it, I don’t know a thing about handsome guys or hot studs. If this was the normal sex auction, I would gladly pick out the girls. Vaginas I know,” Rick gruffed out. “Why?”


“No, it’s just said you had a run-in with a professor, and we have a professor registering,” Desmond supplied. This caught Rick’s interest and he stopped looking through the list of high profile business moguls. 


“Might just be a coincidence,” Desmond added. 

“No, give me the merchandise list,” Rick Lam cut off. As soon as he saw Xi Gu’s face, he flipped and saw Shi Yi Jie. Then he saw Meng Shao Fei.



“Okay, I’ve got wiretaps on all of you. So make sure you guard your cufflinks. They emailed and said that things will go down at Hotel La Fleur downtown. So I have Jun Wei and Yu Qi as undercovers checked in last night,” Zhao Zi instructed. 


“If there is an emergency, just press your cuffs and we’ll spring you out of there,” Tang Yi added. He kissed Shao Fei one more time. “Be careful,” Tang Yi was about to release Shao Fei when he noticed Shao Fei’s choice of wardrobe.


“Really? White? Didn’t I tell you that thing is see-through?”

They all arrived at the restaurant entrance of the hotel from different directions, in different cars so as to not raise suspicion. The instructions were to wear masks, so that people won’t recognize you seeing that you are a working professional. During the auction, they will be presented on a stage, one by one, with the masks on, and only their buyers would be able to see their real face on the screen in their individual tablets. Once a buyer has purchased merchandise, he or she will no longer be able to see the rest of the merchandise. Desmond greeted them and showed them into the place. Shao Fei and Jack breathed a sigh of relief because they haven’t seen either Rick Lam or Kuo Gang, meaning that Andy’s suspicion of them not being involved in the selection process was spot on. In the email it had stated that Desmond was in charge of picking candidates, and seeing as Desmond hadn't met any of them, it was possible they could pull it off. Plus, if Rick had seen the list at some point prior, they would have canceled the auction in the first place. 


“So when will the buyers get here,” Shi Yi Jie asked, pretending to be anxious. He smoothed out his black suit, to look more presentable.


“Professor Ng, they will arrive after we have briefed you of the procedures. They wanted to maintain complete confidentiality, so you will likely only see YOUR buyer and no one else,” Desmond replied.


“I understand,” Yi Jie replied. Of course, they would have changed their names when Zhao Zi faked their identities. 


As they made their way through the kitchen of the restaurant, Jack caught movement from the corner of his eyes, getting an unpleasant feeling as they made a left turn. 


“Shao Fei, this looks like we’re heading into another exit, not inside!” Jack whispered to Shao Fei. Shao Fei turned to talk to Jack only to see Kuo Gang smirking at him behind some shelves.


“It’s a trap! Get them out of here!” Shao Fei pushed Xi Gu and Andy behind him as Kuo Gang drew his gun and shot at them. Luckily they had cleared away from the kitchen and were in an empty hallway, so casualties could be kept at a minimum. Andy immediately covered Xi Gu with his body and dove behind a wall, with Shao Fei and Jack drawing out their firearms to shoot at Kuo Gang.  


Desmond had disappeared into the nearest exit the minute Shao Fei shouted. Shi Yi Jie had gone after him, followed by Yu Hao. But as soon as Yi Jie opened the door to the staircase exit, Desmond had cocked a gun to his temple. Yi Jie immediately put up his hands in surrender, which signaled Yu Hao to find cover behind a pillar. Yi Jie had covered Yu Hao by closing the door so that he was the only thing visible to Desmond.


“Well, hello Professor Ng,” Desmond chuckled then used his free hand to open Yi Jie’s mask. “Or should I say, Shi Yi Jie. You know, you guys would have probably gotten away with it if I hadn’t checked in with my boss about the merchandise list. But you see, I’m a man who always double checks, so..,”


“Bla,bla,bla! Don’t have a monologue here. Just shoot me,” Yi Jie dared Desmond. He gave a signal to Yu Hao by taking out his phone and dropping it on the floor. Yu Hao took out his phone to start recording.


“Awww, but I want to have my villain moment. I will shoot you after I reveal how I single-handedly foiled your half baked plans. Now that your phone is out of the way,” Desmond said as he stepped on the device, “I can easily tell you our secrets without you recording them,” Desmond insisted. “I always trust my hunches, so I asked Rick if he wanted to veto the merchandise list, then surprise, surprise! He knew 3 of you. What a setup. You must have a good hacker if you could change your identities and register in our dark web auction. But too bad Rick recognized you, Xi Gu and even Meng Shao Fei, who came to bust his boy toy Tang Yi. Once we told Kuo Gang, he recognized Jack too,”


“There was no auction!” Desmond laughed out loud. Yi Jie took his chances.


“You’re not going to shoot me. You need me alive,” Yi Jie baited. Desmond stopped laughing to glare at the professor.


“Well, if you insist,” he knocked Yi Jie out and dragged the body through the exit. Yu Hao waited for them to disappear before finding the lobby. They wouldn’t risk alerting the public, so being in a crowd was his best bet. He needed to get the information to the team. 

“Meng Shao Fei, I didn’t think you would be this brave to try and infiltrate our operations when you know, we know Tang Yi,” Kuo Gang chuckled. “Or did you hope Desmond didn’t recognize your faces?”


“Kuo Gang, you didn’t think we came here alone, did you?” Shao Fei tried to trick Kuo Gang into falling back. 


“I have to hand it to you, Jack, you sure know how we run these things. In the old days, only floor manager would know merchandise faces, but things change,” Kuo Gang added, spotting Xi Gu and Andy behind a wall nearby. He could still inch and get one of them to use as leverage. Shao Fei and Jack wouldn’t be able to shoot at him too. Shao Fei spotted his eye movement and immediately came out, with his hands in the air. 


“Let’s just go! Take me hostage and leave Jack, Xi Gu, and whoever this guy is alone!” Shao Fei coaxed Kuo Gang. 


“Shao Fei!” Jack warned. What was he doing?! Shao Fei blocked Jack’s line of sight to Kuo Gang to show that he was serious.


“Oh. I think I like this,” Kuo Gang emerged from his wall shelter and immediately hugged Shao Fei from behind, smelling the man in one huge whiff. “Still as enticing as before,”


“You fucker, get your hands off him!” Jack cried out, aiming at Kuo Gang. The man inched towards their nearest exit. Shao Fei willingly followed him. Xi Gu tried to break free from Andy’s grip.


“Shao Fei-ge!”


“I’ll see you later Jack,” Kuo Gang laughed and pulled Shao Fei out of the exit, tripping the security alarm. Jack ran out to see where they went but was met with the smell of burning rubber and an unlicensed black sedan. Xi Gu pushed past Jack to see Shao Fei disappearing around the corner.