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HIStory: Even the Score

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As Jack regaled the newly acquired information that they had amassed during their botched auction, Yi Jie was being tended by a pissed off Sheng Zhe. That he himself inflicted. 


“I thought Professor Yi Jie was the jealous one, but boy! We should never make Sheng Zhe-ge angry,” Yu Hao whispered to his boyfriend. Zi Xuan made sure Sheng Zhe was out of ear shot before retorting.


“He once asked Dr Jiang how to make an injury look like an accident,” Zi Xuan grinned, enjoying the look of dread on his boyfriend’s face. 




“Shit is right,” 


“As I was saying,” Jack glared at his student, making Zi Xuan apologize for disturbing his flow, “we know from Desmond that he recognizes Xi Gu, Yi Jie and Shao Fei. Tang Yi and Jack were identified by Kuo Gang. Our mistake was assuming they wouldn’t be checking merchandise like in the old days,”


“And we also know they need Shi Yi Jie alive, most likely to find the bone pits,” Shao Fei added. 


“They still needed capital, so I assume they would try to have another auction?” Zhao Zi suggested. “I’ll program my software to flag any messages from Rick and Desmond if they’re looking for new merchandise,”


“We need new meat to substitute me, Shao Fei-ge, Professor Yi Jie and Jack. The odds of having people they don’t know is just too low. They have rejected these guys before, so..,” Xi Gu deduced. Zi Xuan agreed as well. “We can still hand in applications for people they don’t know, but I’m afraid that the ones selected for final merchandise would be just one person from out team,”


“I agree, is there anyone you guys trust that could help us out?” Zhao Zi asked around. 


“They need to be able to keep a secret, have some knowledge of underground auctions and is willing to sell to speak,”Hao Ting listed out.


“Not to mention be good looking,” Yu Hao chirped. Meng Shao Fei hummed and then smiled.


“I may have people that could help us out. Let me get back to you, Zhao Zi,” Tang Yi gave a questioning stare but chose to leave it be. Zhao Zi reminded Shao Fei that he needed to look at them before he could fabricate believable alternate personalities and debts. Shao Fei promised that he would do it before tomorrow. 


“Okay, the auction is our best bet to catch Rick and Kuo Gang together. I say we visit the bone pits to scope out the area,” Tang Yi suggested. “While Zhao Zi and Hao Ting have us covered here in our main command centre, me, Yu Hao and Shao Fei will visit the 3 bone pits. Zi Xuan and Sheng Zhe will rotate between here and following us, whoever is free just in case there is medical emergency,”


“If you guys are moving during the day, I need to find someone to take care of You You,” Sheng Zhe suddenly stated. The team looked at him, a puzzled look on their faces.


“Who’s You You?” Zi Xuan asked. “This is the first time I heard about her,”


“She’s my daughter,” Sheng Zhe answered, taking out his phone to show a picture of them together. 


“Say what?!” the room erupted into chaos as Hao Ting and Yu Hao snatched the phone away. Shao Fei rolled his eyes and excused himself to make a phone call. He scrolled his phone’s contact list to ‘L’ and selected the person that he needed to call.


--(conversation- indicates someone talking through the phone/walkie)--

Wei?” A smooth voice greeted him as the call was picked up.


“Hi, remember me?” Shao Fei asked, smiling a bit as he imagined what the person would look like on the other side. He vaguely heard him calling his siblings to his phone.


Shit! Shao Fei-ge?! Guys! It’s Shao Fei-ge!”


“Hahaha, don’t get too excited,” Shao Fei guffawed once he heard a scuffle in the background. “Just put me on speakerphone,”


Yup, already on! It’s been so long, Shao Fei-ge,” a demanding voice complained in the background. 


“It has, hasn’t it? Roughly 5 months?” Shao Fei hummed, resting his elbows on the railing overlooking the swimming pool.


Yup! How can we help you?”the initial person asked, voice mirthful. “You don’t need money do you?”


멩 샤오 페이 는 돈을 요구하는 마지막 사람입니다 ,” a gruffer voice replied the first person. Tang Yi chose that time to see what was taking Shao Fei so long. 


“Hahaha, nice to know you still think of me highly, korean oppa!” Shao Fei replied, fondly. “ 린 쉰 이 더 이상 문제를 일으키지 않기를 바랍니다,”


Shao Fei-ge! Your Korean sounds so good!” another voice chirped, somewhat boyish. “Let’s battle on the PS5 again someday,”


Does he sound better than me?” someone whined. The boyish male immediately assured him that wasn’t the case.


Anyway, what do you need Shao Fei-ge?”


“Funny you should mention that, can I come to your place tomorrow? I need your help,” Shao Fei requested. The line erupted into cheers.


Okay! Come whenever! To our apartment?” the initial person asked, excitedly.


Yeah, I’m skipping school!” the boyish voice added. His whining companion also shared his sentiment.


아니 넌하지 않을거야,” the korean guy reprimanded. 


Yes I will! It’s Shao Fei-ge! Shoot him Shao Fei-ge!”


“Hahaha, I will, see you all tomorrow!” Shao Fei ended the call and turned, only to see Tang Yi waiting patiently. He just smiled, knowing that it was about time he told Tang Yi what case he was doing the last 6 months of Tang Yi’s incarceration. 


“You don’t have to tell me anything,” Tang Yi told Shao Fei. Shao Fei denied him of this and told him about the case anyway, about how a gang had kidnapped the son of a top banker in Taiwan, and demanded ransom. Shao Fei was called in because he was an unknown face with the credentials to boot. He went underground as a mole for the gang, making them believe he was leaking information about the bank’s intricate workings. They planned to rob the bank too, using the kidnapping to create a security void, which Shao Fei had filled. He then told Tang Yi about the sons, how he had managed to make it look like the kidnapped son had escaped, and how they were indebted to him for returning him safe and sound. 


“So, yeah. I’m seeing them tomorrow,” Shao Fei ended his story. “You wanna come with?” Tang Yi looked at Shao Fei, his eyes conveying his answers. Shao Fei leaned his head on Tang Yi’s shoulder.


“I need to survey the bone pits tomorrow. How about taking Xi Gu with you?” Tang Yi suggested. Shao Fei already knew the reasoning behind it. Xi Gu was still a potential target, so he needed constant supervision. And who is more suitable to keep him safe than Meng Shao Fei?


“Okay,” Shao Fei agreed. “Hopefully they’ll agree and we can get the information quickly,” 


“Hmm, we really need Unit 3 to take over,” Tang Yi agreed. Shao Fei jerked back to look at Tang Yi.


“You still think Captain Ma is connected?” Shao Fei whispered. Tang Yi gave him a side glance. He hadn’t told Shao Fei about what Ma had said to him at the night of the party, partly because he didn’t want to sound jealous, and partly because he believed Shao Fei wouldn’t believe him. I mean, look at that case with Yu Qi. Tang Yi did, however, told Shao Fei about the warehouse that Kuo Gang took him to when he was kidnapped being under Ma’s care once and the hesitance on Unit 2’s part to chase after Kuo Gang when he took Shai Fei from the bar. Both dismissed by Shao Fei as weak evidence. 


“I just want to get our lives back,” Tang Yi replied after a while. “To get their lives back,” he looked inside the room to see the kids were rough housing with Sheng Zhe’s phone. “And unit 3 has the best detective who will get things done,”


“Hmmm, you flatter me, Tang Yi,” Shao Fei growled before attacking his boyfriend’s lips. They kissed aggressively for a while before Yi Jie poked his head outside and coughed.


“Hell no. If I can’t get any, you won’t get any Shao Fei!”


“Get out of here!” Tang Yi shouted.

“Shao Fei-ge! This is so lavish!” Yu Xi Gu exclaimed in awe. He was looking at everything in the apartment condominium lobby. 


“Hmm, I spent 6 months here,” Shao Fei told him. Xi Gu looked at him with more awe.


“Amazing!” Shao Fei gave in to his instincts and ruffled Xi Gu’s hair. They pressed the button to go up, with Xi Gu eying everything in the lift. Once he noticed that they were heading to the penthouse, he became more fascinated.


“That’s the penthouse!! Are we meeting the mayor of Taipei??!” Xi Gu asked, making himself presentable.


“No! Hahaha, Xi Gu, we’re meeting people that can help us,” Shao Fei laughed, but helped smooth out Xi Gu’s hair anyway. 


“You know rich people, Shao Fei-ge?” Xi Gu feebly commented. 


“You can say that,” Shao Fei replied. “I wouldn’t call them rich.” The door to the lift opened, showing them a single door. Shao Fei pulled Xi Gu along, pressing the doorbell. They could hear noises behind the closed door, and someone twisted the door open.


“Maybe filthy rich?” Shao Fei added. The door sprung open, revealing 6 occupants inside. Xi Gu gasped as he recognized the people inside. Or at least, 3 of them.


“Hi, Meng Shao Fei,” Yuan Jun Ping, Yuan Jun Cheng, and Yuan Jun Dao greeted them both, their partners beside them.