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HIStory: Even the Score

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Xi Gu’s mouth open and shut, unable to utter words. These are the Yuan princes, heirs to the Yuan Banking Group. The single largest banking group in Taiwan. Behind them were Taipei’s prime view, showcased through the glass walls of their penthouse. They all stood there with smug faces besides what Xi Gu assumed were their friends(?), all very attractive. 


Meng Shao Fei looked at all 6 of them, unimpressed, though he did crack a smile.

“Do you think you’re idols?”


“나는 케이팝 아이돌,” Yuan Jun Cheng, the eldest replied. He donned a blue 2 piece suit with a white undershirt, standing right smack in the middle. His boyfriend, Lin Xun, stood on his left, with a white baseball jacket and blue pants, rolled his eyes.


“You’re not kpop,” he replied. Jun Cheng just jutted his lip, saying that he disagrees.


“Well, we’re handsome enough to pass as part of BTS,” Yuan Jun Ping, the youngest chipped in. He was wearing a red and black checkered shirt and black pants. His lover Yua Yuen Rong snickered in his light beige checkered suit. 


“We look and dress the part,” Yuan Jun Dao argued. He was the middle of the Yuan brothers, in a black suede jacket, yellow shirt, and ripped light blue levis. His partner Xiang Shi also donned ripped jeans, but are black as his shirt and brown jacket. 


“But, Shao Fei-ge! You look totally different from your undercover gig. Did a professional makeover happen?” Yuen Rong greeted Shao Fei. He suddenly realized there was a smaller person behind Shao Fei. “Who is this?”


“Guys, meet Xi Gu...and this is the thing I needed your help with,” Shao Fei introduced them. 


Tang Yi crouched low in the tall grass, Yu Hao and Jack beside him. Once Shao Fei had taken Xi Gu to see the people he believed could help them, the trio made their way to the first bone pit. 


All the bone pits were situated bordering YangMingShan National Park, one in Wanli district, one on Tamsui, and one in Beitou. They decided to travel to the nearest one, Wanli. There they encountered Rick Lam transferring bones out. 


“He already knew the bone pit was here,” Jack whispered, watching as they loaded the bones into a truck. “This site and the one at Tamsui belonged to Wang Kuchen’s area of power. Want to bet they will be there too?”


“How come they know the spots now? Don’t they need Tang Yi to find them?” Yu Hao asked back. 


“Think, what changed since the last time we were kidnapped?” Tang Yi guided them.


“They collaborated with Kuo Gang,” Jack deduced. “Does Kuo Gang know where the bone pits are?”


“Bingo! Kuo Gang was the right-hand man to Wang Kuchen. So naturally, he would know where they were. But the one at Beitou, that’s specifically Tang Guo Dang’s area. So, they would think they need me to find it there,” Tang Yi replied. They stopped at the driveway to Tang Yi’s. 

“But I was not Tang Guo Dong’s right-hand man,” Tang Yi added. All three of them looked up to see Guo Dao Yi waiting in front of the door, an agitated Xuo Hong Ye beside him. 

“You want Dao Yi to tell you where the bone pit at Beitou is located?” Hong Ye said, calm. Tang Yi knew from her body language she was anything but that. She was looking at her nails, eating cheese, and sipping wine. At 11 in the afternoon.


“They think I know where it is,” Tang Yi said. “I need the information so that I’ll have the upper hand,”


“Bullshit, you need the information because you are afraid you’ll be useless otherwise,” Hong Ye bit back. Tang Yi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He approached Hong Ye slowly so as not to agitate her. 


“I need the information because they think I have it. Once they know I don’t they’ll come after him,” Tang Yi persuaded her. “And you,”


“And Meng Shao Fei will be VERY pissed if anything happens to you,” Shao Fei added from behind them, having returned a few minutes after Tang Yi. He was briefed below by Jack and immediately came up to mitigate the situation. Standing beside Tang Yi, they both looked at her to make her relent. They know Dao Yi wouldn’t go past her, something that both of them love (and hate) him for. 


“You’re not getting the information,” Hong Ye huffed, her words seemed final. She was about to pass them to go to a meeting when Shao Fei stopped her with a grin.


“How about this, you give us something if I give you something,” Shao Fei tried to persuade her. She raised an eyebrow, doubtful but intrigued. 


“Sister in law, I buy you your clothes, I don’t think there’s anything you could offer me,” Hong Ye rebutted.


“Actually, I bought it, since it’s my card,” Dao Yi quietly supplied but was ignored. 


“Oh, come over tomorrow, I have something you can’t buy with money,” Shao Fei proposed. 


“If you can surprise me, I’ll even give you Dao Yi’s bank account password,”

“Shit, Ah Fei..they are..are you sure?” Zhao Zi stuttered when he entered the studio. They were here to take photos of the new meat to create more candidates for the auction. The registration had just opened and will close tonight, with the results coming in tomorrow. 

He was expecting to see maybe the rookies at the precinct, seeming that they were pretty good looking, but his heart was not ready to see all 3 Yuan brothers. 


“Yeah...funny thing..remember the 6 months undercover case? This was it,” Shao Fei grinned and ushered the Yuan brothers in. 


“I know, but! I didn’t think they were the ones you said would help us out,” Zhao Zi mumbled, feeling overwhelmed when surrounded by the handsome young men. “All 6 of them?” Lin Xun came and patted Zhao Zi on the shoulder.


“Since Jun Cheng is technically the face of the Yuan group, we decided to exclude him,” Lin Xun replied. “The ones with any underground auction experiences are me, Jun Dao, Xiang Shi and Jun Ping. Though we had to beg Jun Dao to let Xiang Shi join in since he’s a jealous wreck,”


“I don’t want anyone near my Xiang Shi. But since it’s for Shao Fei-ge, I’ll allow it,” Jun Dao huffed. “Plus, Hyung-nim said he was going to buy Xiang Shi, so I’m not worried,”


“It won’t get to that, I promise. If you do make it to final merchandise, you’ll be out before they pass you over to the client. Hopefully,”


“They are pretty well known, don’t you think Desmond would recognize them?” Zhao Zi asked for Jun Dao and Jun Ping.


“Oh, I’m betting on it. All we have to do is fake their bank accounts. Make it seem like Jun Doa and Jun Ping are overzealous spenders. Put a Lamborghini or two in their expenses,” Shao Fei suggested. Jun Cheng said he gets invited to these auctions a lot since he is the face of Yuan Group, but his brothers are rumored to be sidelined, so it won’t trigger their alarms as much,”


“Okay, if you’re sure,” Zhao Zi said and got to typing. 

“I wondered if we will get to know who Shao Fei-ge asked for help to substitute Xi Gu and the rest,” Hao Ting asked once they were seated once again to hear the plan. Zhao Zi had gotten the confirmation for final merchandise, and all 15 of them, including Hong Ye, Dao Yi, Jun Wei and Yu Qi were seated inside Tang Yi’s place. 


“Why? Didn’t Xi Gu meet them? He didn’t tell you who they were?” Yu Hao piped up.


“Naw! He just said wait and see,” Hao Ting huffed. Zi Xuan lifted his shoulders, saying that he wasn’t interested if they weren’t going to make final merchandise anyway. Zhao Zi came and plugged his laptop into the projector, making everyone quiet down.


“Okay. So the email came back, they encrypted it super hard, but their mistake was assuming the ones they didn’t recognize as people not connected to us. As such, Hao Ting, Sheng Zhe, Yu Hao, and me received the invite again. Andy wasn’t included so I didn’t want to risk putting in an application for him.  I was able to unscramble their IP using that email and once again succeeded in planting more people in their auction,” Zhao Zi replied.


“The downside is, only 2 of us made it as final merchandise, and 3 of Shao Fei’s contacts,” 


“Only 2 of us got through? Who?” Yi Jie voiced out.


Zhao Zi brought up the pictures he had to submit again. “We needed to get new pictures to show that we were authentic. Using the same pictures would just be too suspicious,” Zhao ZI told them. 


“The ones through would be Yu Hao..

...and Hao Ting,” 

“Yes!!” the twin Haos high fived each other. “It’s my time to shine!” Hao Ting looked at Xi Gu, who pouted that Hao Ting would dress up for a mission but looked like he just rolled around in bed when going out on dates.


“Aww, Xi Gu, I promise I’ll put this on tonight,” Hao Ting wiggled his eyebrows. Xi Gu slapped his boyfriend's grabby hand (which decided to find its perch on his chest) away.


“They must have decided that Andy was too risky, given his association to Tang Yi,” Shao Fei summed up. “But still we got 5 in, and one of us will infiltrate as a buyer,”


“As a buyer??!! Don’t you need to be like a multi-millionaire to get an invite?!” Hao Ting squawked. 


“Well, he’s a multi-billionaire so he’s way eligible,” Shao Fei replied.


“Who are these people?” Yi Jie asked a bit intrigued. He looked at Hong Ye, who shook her head.


“Don’t look at me,” Hong Ye stated. “I don’t have enough in my bank account to be invited to underground auctions,”


“Well, here are the people you’ll be working with,” Zhao Zi flashed the first person on the screen.


“This is Lin Xun, struggling cafe manager who owes debts from his mother’s cancer treatment,”



“Wait a minute, he looks familiar,” Andy chirped up. He took out his phone to search through Facebook.


“He’s attractive,” Sheng Zhe agreed. Yi Jie turned his head to look at him, making the man laugh at the childish behavior.


“Then here’s Yuan Jun Dao, with a negative bank account from a Las Vegas trip,”


“Yuan?” Hong Ye piped up. She stared at Shao Fei who just grinned and showed her a peace sign.


“And Yuan Jun Ping, the only college student with 2 Lamborghinis, and is looking to purchase a Bentley,”



“Wait, you’re not saying that these are the Yuan princes of the Yuan banking group are you?!” Yu Qi exclaimed. “They are the biggest banking group in Taiwan!”


“Why yes, and my brother Yuan Jun Cheng is going to infiltrate as a buyer,” Jun Ping chirped when he entered the meeting space.


“만나서 반갑습니다,” Jun Cheng greeted them.  The team looked at the 6 newcomers, all turned deathly quiet. 


“Err…,” Xiang Shi waved his hands, to snap them from their trance.