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HIStory: Even the Score

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“Diamond Bone has been spotted in a club at downtown Taipei,” Captain of Unit 3, Wang Ming Ha announced as he entered the meeting room. Shao Fei perked at the new name.


“Isn’t it called Crystal Skeleton?”


“Yeah, apparently the youngsters don't like it,” the captain replied. “”Through an anonymous tip, we have evidence of a drug circulating in the clubs containing what is believed to be human bones. I believe this is connected to the kidnapping of Professor Shi Yi Jie last time, which was handled by us due to its connection to Rick Lam, a known associate of the past Tian Meng group,”


“And by anonymous tip I mean someone linked to the Yuan group heirs dropped the drug sample AND photos of Rick Lam and Kuo Gang convoluting as they ate apples and drank wine in a seedy underground dating auction,”


Jun Wie whistled and Yu Qi pretended to take down notes while Zhao Zi sipped his coffee. The captain didn’t buy it.


“Nonetheless, we will investigate this rumor, and it is up to this unit once again, to go undercover at your favourite bar,” 


“You mean Andy’s? Why would they distribute drugs there? Don’t they know Andy’s is under our protection?” Shao Fei asked, perplexed. There was no way that an employee would be dealing drugs in the bar. Andy regulates the workers tightly, and makes surprise inspections in their lockers whenever he feels like it. Plus, the sight of Tang Yi and Jack often deters even the most hardcore mini gang members from coming there. That and unit 3 is there every other night. 


“Nice to know that you’re not ashamed to admit you are, in some ways, influenced by your ex-gangster boyfriend. Protection?” Wang scoffed.


“I’m saying we are there often. Heck, Jun Wei almost every night, I’m surprised Andy didn’t offer to rent him a room at the back,” Shao Fei defended. “But then again, it is just Jun Wei,”


“That’s the tip we got from one of the rookies,” Wang repeated. “So, like it or not, we have to check it out,”

“When I say undercover, it also means confidential, Meng Shao Fei,” Wang hissed as he was seated in a booth with Shao Fei, Jun Wei, Zhao Zi and Yu Qi.


With Tang Yi.


And of course Jack. 


“Relax, captain. How do you like the Chia Te pineapple cakes?” Tang Yi asked, cranking up his charms to 100%. Wang grumbled, saying that it was delicious. 


“We always do this, so it isn’t suspicious,” Jack added, placing one arm behind his husband. 

“Congratulations Captain! To your divorce!” Jack exclaimed. The captain frowned but toasted anyway. He knew that they wanted to create a cover story as to why he’s here, but did they have to go this far?!


“And here’s to you finally being able to be with your 21 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND!!” Zhao Zi cheered, lost in the moment. 


“Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean its okay to make everyone gay,” Yu Qi protested. 


“I'm a happy single,” Wang pressed. They drank while inconspicuously keeping an eye out for shady dealings. Jack noticed then that Xi Gu was signalling him from the bar. 


“Excuse me,” Jack stood up to order a drink.


“Jack, the boss went to the back room because a customer wanted to propose a business deal. But they haven’t ordered any drinks. It’s been 30 minutes now. The guy’s men are guarding the door and won’t let us in,” Xi Gu complained. Jack peaked into the back room hallway and noticed Yu Hao watching the security monitors. 


Jack scanned the room, noticing that the man was just standing there, but Andy’s face was unable to be seen from the camera. All they could see was Andy’s back,sitting in an upright position. Jack decided to storm in. He was about to engage with the 2 guys in front of the room when the guy came out and smiled.


“Hi Jack,” then the 3 of them hastily left the scene. Jack wasted no time in coming in and seeing Andy unconscious, but his body seemed to be frozen in a sitting stance instead of slumping down.


“Andy!” Jack shouted, calling to Yu Hao to bring in smelling salts. As soon as Andy regained consciousness, Wang and Unit 3 stormed in. Shao Fei was holding back the captain, stating that there was no way Andy was involved. Jun Wei vouched for Andy too. 


“Freeze! You are under arrest for distributing drugs!” Wang shouted. Jack and Andy froze, and Andy gripped his hand, realizing there was something in his grasp.


“Put your hands up!”


Andy brought his hands to eye level and opened them. In his palm were 5 small, grey-colored skull-shaped pills.


“I’m sorry guys, but procedure states that any venue under suspicion for the distribution of dangerous substances must be closed until the owner is proven innocent,” Wang explained. “We are looking at the men in the pictures as we speak, but nonetheless, there is a picture of Andy accepting,”


“He was not accepting! He is just opening his palm and the man must have told him some corny lines like ‘do you want a present?’ or something,” Shao Fei deduced. “We tested his blood, there were traces of the drugs in his system!”


“Which could indicate that he was drugged OR he took them himself to test out the sample,” Wang retorted. “Look, I don’t like it any more than you do, but until we have the men in the picture and make them talk, Andy is a suspect,”


“Then at least let me bail him out. He won’t last a day more in there,” Shao Fei bartered. Once he was given the green light by his captain, he called Tang Yi to ask him to come down here and help Andy out, but Tang Yi only laughed and said he’ll do it later.


“Tang Yi! I’m not joking. We’re out of single cells, so we had to put him in with the hookers Unit 2 caught last night. They’re eating him alive!”


Good,” Tang Yi replied then ended the call. Shao Fei grunted, then blew a raspberry at his boyfriend.


“What happened to them?” Shao Fei muttered. “He used to say that Andy was this good friend, but after he came out of prison, he treats Andy like a threat. I don’t know if he’s right in the head! I should take him to see the quack,” Shao Fei ranted. He trekked all the way to relay the message by Tang Yi, but was surprised when he saw Yu Hao and Xi Gu there. Andy hugged both of them and kissed their cheeks.


“Thank you! My hero~!” Andy sighed. Shao Fei grinned once Andy entertained him with the tale of “ Warrior Yu Hao and Negotiator Xi Gu saving Prince Andy from Man Hungry Whores ' and found out that Yu Hao had used the money he made from the auction to place bail on Andy. 


“I’ll pay him back, of course,” Andy assured. “Or I’ll just make him co-owner of the bar,”


“I think Zi Xuan-ge would protest,” Xi Gu snickered. They hopped into Shao Fei’s car and drove to Tang Yi’s. Shao Fei called Tang Yi again to tell him that they were on their way and to prepare to hear the mad lecture Andy will bestow upon him once they arrived. 


Wei, Shao Fei?” Tang Yi greeted his lover. 


“Tang Yi, you’re lucky Yu Hao is kind enough to help Andy out. I think he just demoted you from friend to acquaintances,” Shao Fei chided his boyfriend. 


He fell into the annoyance category aeons ago,” Tang Yi revealed, making Andy mock gasp. Yu Hao and Xi Gu laughed from behind the car as Andy mimicked Tang Yi’s reply. 

They then heard the door slammed open.


What is…,”


Then the line went dead.


“Meng Shao Fei LOOKOUT!”


Shao Fei turned to see a black van coming fast from behind and smashed their car from their left side. The force caused the car to spin a few times before coming to a complete stop as it hit a lamp post. Shao Fei’s safety bags deployed. The bags knocked both him and Andy out, just in time for the black van to pull over beside their car.