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HIStory: Even the Score

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“He’s coming to,”


Shao Fei blinked open his eyes to see Sheng Zhe and Zi Xuan hovering above him. Shi Yi Jie’s daughter was seated on the love chair, with a grim look on her face. Shao Fei asked what happened to the other passengers, hence Jack briefed him of the situation. 


Tang Yi was the only one in the house when they brought in Sheng Zhe and You You. The 2 guards were shot dead and Yi Jie had been taken about an hour prior, and Rick had used both of them as a hostage to coax Tang Yi into following him. He then left Sheng Zhe to contact Jack. 


At the same time, Kuo Gang had hit Shao Fei and taken Yu Hao and Xi Gu when they were both down. 


Once Jack came and noticed that Tang Yi had been taken, he had called everyone to make sure no one else was taken, and that was when Dr Jiang had been notified of Shao Fei’s accident. Luckily the airbags had shielded them from injury, making the damages minimal. As of now, Shao Fei had one bruised eye and Andy a slight concussion. 


“We need to find them fast,” Shao Fei grunted. “They only need the location of the last bone pit in Beitou. Once they have that, they don’t need them anymore,”


“They decided to ditch me and take Yu Hao instead,” Zi Xiang hissed out. He had taken extreme precautions to not be alone any time of the day, but he did not count on the fact that they could have researched Yu Hao too. They must have known he could serve well. 


“It has been 2 hours since they were taken,” Zhao Zi added. Hao Ting was using the IP address from the auction to see if he could ping the location of Rick or Desmond, but nothing came up. He slammed the laptop shut and walked to their evidence wall. Pictures and maps littered the vast surface. 


“We need to narrow down their base of operations,” Shao Fei stood up. Jack brought up the map of Taipei city. 


“They are making heroin, so a distinct give away of this would be the ammonium smell during the extraction stage,” Zi Xuan pondered. He stopped as everyone looked at him. “Don’t you all watch Breaking Bad?”


“There were no reports of weird ammonium smell, so the place that they are working on must have the ability to mask it,” Yu Qi chirped. 


“In Breaking Bad, they were making it in an RV out in the desert. But all we have here in Taipei are either forests, industrial areas or housing estates,” Andy supplied. Hao Ting zeroed in on the picture between Kuo Gang and Rick Lam. 


“I keep thinking something is weird with this picture!” Hao Ting screamed, wracking his brain. “If Xi Gu was here, he would have known what it is,” Xi Zuan came up and stared at the picture too. He kept staring at the wine bottle both of them were drinking out of. Jack came up and stared at the fruits they both were eating.


“He’s eating apples,” Jack commented. “Not exactly weird during an underground auction, but peculiar nonetheless,”


Shao Fei mumbled ‘apples, apples’ and turned to Zhao Zi. “Zhao Zi! Look for apple cider plants here in Taipei!”


“What? Why?! Okay,” Zhao Zi typed in the search engine and blasted two potential plants. One just outside of Taipei industrial area. The other in the heart of Taipei.


“No one has reported weird ammonium smell being emitted for the last months, meaning that they are making the heroin where the ammonium is being masked,” Shao Fei snapped the photo of the plants and saved it on his maps. Sheng Zhe packed his first aid kit and asked You You to be a good girl. He was going to save Yi Jie. 


“One thing that can mask ammonium smell is vinegar...APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!” Zi Xuan exclaimed. He strapped his gun onto his belt. Hao Ting took down both locations and packed his laptop. 


“We don’t have time for more deductions. Let’s just split into 2. Me, Hao Ting, Zi Xuan, and Yu Qi will head to the one here,” Shao Fei pointed out the one on the outskirts of the industrial area. “Jack, take  Zhao Zi, Sheng Zhe and Jun Wei will head here,”


“If your place is clear, head to the other one,” Jack told them, flipping his knife shut. 


“Be careful,”

“Well Tang Yi, this is exactly how I picture you would die when I captured you. Thanks for giving us the location of the bones. As appreciation, you can join these guys as they rest in peace,” Kuo Gang pointed out as he held a gun to Xi Gu’s head. Tang Yi, Yi Jie, and Yu Hao glared as the tractor gradually released dirt from its tipper. The dirt rose steadily to touch their feet, making them bundle closer to the middle. 


“Are you going to make another bone pit?” Yi Jie gruffed out. There were already 5 skinny bodies with them, Yi Jie assumed that they were the ones Rick and Kuo Gang used to retrieve the bones from the previous pits. They were extremely emancipated, clearly not given food so that they couldn't fight back.  Yu Hao noticed that Xi Gu was pulling at a thread at the bottom of his shirt.


“Why yes!” Rick Lam nodded his head, giving the signal for the men to hurry it up and bury them. “We have enough bones to last us for a while, after that this would generate enough heat that the fuzz would be crawling up our asses, so we have to stay low for a while,”


“By the time the money we get selling these batches, you would be skeletonized perfectly for the next batch,” Kuo Gang laughed and pushed Xi Gu into the pit with them. Yu Hao went to cushion his fall, making both of them fall on their backs. 


“Okay I’m done, tip the dirt faster,” Kuo Gang instructed. The henchmen nodded and increased the angle of the tipper, making dirt flow faster into the pit. Tang Yi picked up the two emancipated victims so they wouldn’t be lying down or they would have been buried already. Yi Jie, Yu Hao and Xi Gu held one each, forcing them to stand upright. 


“It’s at our waist already, you have to stand up!” Xi Gu implored the one he was with. The man was so exhausted that he couldn’t reply or make noise. The dirt rose up to their chest, rising fast. 

“Kuo Gang! It’s that weird detective!” someone shouted from the entryway. Kuo Gang cursed and took out his gun, Rick following suit.  The driver of the tractor stepped down to join the fray, leaving the tipper to load dirt into the pit. Xi Gu tied his thread to a small pebble and threw it outside of the pit, hoping that the falling dirt wouldn’t throw the pebble back with him. Luckily the dirt had lost momentum and was falling in a smaller stream. Tang Yi tried shouting for Shao Fei, but the dirt had risen to their chins, and it kept coming inside his mouth.


Xi Gu, Yu Hao, and Yi Jie were already submerged when shots rang in the vinegar plant. 


“Shao Fei..,” Tang Yi gasped as he too was buried.