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HIStory: Even the Score

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“I’ll take number 2,4, hmmm, no, change number 4 with number 3, then number 6, 7, 9 and 11,” Desmond Ng told his right hand man when he was given the catalogue. 2 days ago Kuo Gang had contacted him right after getting out of prison, and said that their operation was a go. The catalogue came in a few hours after that, with possible candidates for their first auction with high profile business moguls of Taiwan. Once they can get some capital to fund their ‘Crystal Skeleton’ venture, he’ll cut all loose ends and focus on getting more bones for the drugs. 


Desmond called Kuo Gang to confirm his choices. 


“Boss, I have 6 candidates that I think would sell well. If everything goes well, we’ll get at least 10 million US dollars to start manufacturing ‘Crystals. More than enough to cover costs. Don’t worry, the merchandise agreed to the conditions,”

“So, I managed to crack the encrypted e-mail Kuo Gang sent his sex-trade buddy, Desmond Ng. Looks like they're looking for capital to start the Crystal Skeleton business running. As Jack reported they are looking for working professionals to entice high profile bidders. My guess is they will sell these professionals at an underground auction,” Zhao Zi briefed the team. 


“From the e-mail, we also found out that Desmond’s manager of the auction was given the choice to find 11 working professionals with money problems. This way, everything will be considered ‘consensual’ and if they get caught, it will likely be chalked off to a ‘speed dating’ event. For the actual auction only a few of those for the final merchandise will be selected, however,” Hao Ting added. 


“We need to infiltrate this auction, for reason number 1, we need to know the base of operations for their ‘Crystal Skeleton’ gig. Second, we need to get some evidence of ‘Crystal Skeleton’ so that Unit 2 will not be in charge of the operations. Number 3, we need to have photo proof of Kuo Gang and Rick Lam in this together so that and combined with reason 2, Unit 3 can take over as it will fall into the controlled substance and organized crime jurisdiction,” Jack informed the team. 


Meng Shao Fei immediately stood to protest.


“Wait, why don’t you guys want Unit 2 to be in charge? Kuo Gang was their case. This is a sex-related crime,” Shao Fei looked at Jack and Zhao Zi, only to have them look at Tang Yi. Tang Yi decided it was now or never.


“We have reason to believe that Captain Ma might be involved,” Tang Yi reasoned out. 


“What? That’s insane! Based on what evidence?!” Shao Fei shouted. “Not every captain is corrupted Tang Yi,” Shao Fei bit out. 


“Look, I’ll talk to you about it later, but do you agree to be subjective about this?” Tang Yi asked. Shao Fei pouted but nodded in agreement. 


“Okay, good. Then, if no one disproves of anything, congratulations everyone, you all have crippling debt as of now,” Zhao Zi instructed. Hao Ting nodded his head and pressed a few keys. Yu Hao immediately stood up.


“You’re going to volunteer us in the auction?!”


Zhao Zi nodded and proceeded to go through what Jack had planned with Tang Yi and Andy. They would make new identities for the students to be semi-professionals, which will be so passable that Desmond Ng won’t be looking at their credentials twice. Then, he and Hao Ting will fabricate fake debts for each of them so that it will look like they all have money problems. Once Desmond finds out about them, Zhao Zi would register all of them as interested parties. Hopeful, over the final selection process, many of them will get chosen.


“They won’t make us have sex with the client, will they?” Xi Gu asked, a bit afraid. He was game to do anything to help bury Rick Lam, but asking him to do more is out of the question. And he doesn’t want Hao Ting to do any of the hanky panky stuff either. 


“It won’t get to that. For the information that we need, we would only need to operate until the auction actually happened. The reasoning for it is IF there are drugs involved, it would likely come out during bidding to impair judgement and make people spend more than necessary,” Shao Fei assured Xi Gu.


“And boss meetings usually happen before or during the auction, so we’ll have plenty of time to get out there before anything happens,” Tang Yi added.


“And you might not get chosen as final merchandise so don’t worry okay?” Hao Ting declared. The rest of the team looked at each other when Xiang Hao Ting was assuring his boyfriend, thinking..


There is no fucking way Yu iI Gu will not be chosen.


I have a boyfriend and I still think he’s cute.


RIP Hao Ting.


I’ll look after him. Don’t worry buddy. 


Tang Yi, we have to keep an eye on Xi Gu once he makes final merchandise.


Okay babe.


“Wait! There’s only 10 of us, who will be number 11?” Sheng Zhe asked. Jack and Tang Yi looked at each other and smiled.


“We have that covered,”


Shao Fei gave Tang Yi a look, silently asking his lover to discuss his suspicions. But the talk never came. 


The night after Desmond emailed Kuo Gang about the selected merchandise, Zhao Zi intercepted the email and looked at the final merchandise list. Feeling slightly miffed that he didn’t get the cut, he proceeded to tell the team who got chosen.


“Desmond Ng has selected who he thinks is suitable for the final auction. There are only 6 of you, and when I say you, it’s because I wasn’t chosen,” Zhao Zi grumbled. He then proceeded to project the 6 chosen ones.


“Number 2, Yu Xi Gu, a business manager for Tian Meng Group, with a gambling addiction,”


Hao Ting sucked his breath and persuaded himself that he could still be in the final merchandise to protect his Xi Gu. He didn’t know the order in which Zhao Zi submitted their application, so chances are he could be any of those numbers. 


“Number 3, Professor Shi Yi Jie, who has been demoted thanks to the incident last time, and is in need of money for his sex hobbies,” 


“Which is all made believe,” Yi Jie added. “My sex drive is normal,”


“Professor, we didn’t have to ‘dream up’ your online shopping cart filled with sex toys,” Hao Ting deadpanned. Yi Jie still stood corrected.


“Number 6, Xia Yu Hao, an inspiring chef who needs money to open his own business,”


“Number 7, Fang Lian Dian, a UFC champion who lost all his money in an underground battle,” Zhao Zi hissed as he glared at his grinning husband. 


“Why use a fake name?” Xi Zuan asked.


“It’s my real name. Jack is too well known in the gang world,” Jack answered. The team sans Shao Fei, Tang Yi and Zhao Zi shivered on the implication that Jack is known. 


“Number 9, Meng Shao Fei, a seasoned detective with a penchant for credit cards,”


“Wait, I don’t feel good,” Hao Ting perked up. Only one more number left, and seeing the competitor he has to face to be in the operation does not look good. He had looked at the submitted photos, so his top contender was either Xi Zuan OR Tang Yi. In terms of looks of course. 


“Number 11, Andy, bar owner who owes the local gang protection money,” Zhao Zi finished up. He gave the rejected ones a few minutes before all hell broke through.


“Of course they would choose me,” Andy quipped. “I look amazing,”


“I’m NOT chosen! I wore makeup for that photoshoot! Fuck this!” Hao Ting hollered. “I’m not letting Xi Gu go alone!”


“Why did they reject me?!” Tang Yi insisted. “My picture looks sexy enough that they would choose me,”


“You? I wore eyeshadow okay?! And they still chose Jack!” Zhao Zi exclaimed. “Hell, they even chose Shao Fei over me!”


“Zhao Zi…,” Shao Fei sighed. Jack hugged his husband close to placate him, whispering things like ‘Zhao Zi is the cutest’ and ‘we need you in the comms’


“My question is why Shi Yi Jie?” Yu Hao grumbled, part relieved that Xi Zuan was not chosen. 


“Eff you Xia Yu Hao, I look handsome okay?” Shi Yi Jie shot back. 


“Something is definitely wrong with the final decisions, I demand to look at the pictures,” Tang Yi insisted. Zhao Zi smacked his lips.


“Err...we don’t need to do that,” Shao Fei rebuffed. He shifted his eyes when Tang Yi narrowed his gaze towards his boyfriend.


“Show us the pictures, Zhao Zi,” Tang Yi demanded. 


“Fine! Here’s Number 1,” Zhao Zi flashed Hao Ting’s shot. The team chuckled with a few catcalls.

“Looking good Xiang. SO that’s what you could look like if you showered,” Yu Hao teased his friend. Hao Ting flipped Yu Hao off but was distracted when Xi Gu looked transfixed at his picture. 


Huh. maybe he should dress like this more often. 


“Here’s Xi Gu,”


As soon as the picture blazed on the screen, everyone was stunned silent. Even Andy was shocked. How did his innocent Yu Xi Gu with the bowl hair cut looked so… soo…


“You’re so handsome!” Andy gushed and hugged Xi Gu. “Let me pay for you to look like that ALL the time, Yu Xi!” 


“Shit, I’ll tap that,”


“Told ya he would get chosen, pay up Xi Zuan,”


Hao Ting immediately separated Andy from his boyfriend and stood in between.


“Hands off!! And all of you don’t look at my boyfriend!” Hao Ting tried to block the screen only to have Yu Hao kick him away.


“Get lost! We want to see Xi Gu’s sexy face,” but as he was about to enjoy the sight further, Zhao Zi had changed it.


“Here’s Shi Yi Jie, number 3,” Zhao Zi put up Yi Jie’s picture.

“He totally looks like a pervert,” Tang Yi scoffed. “Who uses that kind of lighting,”


“Say what you want, but I got chosen didn’t I?” Yi Jie goaded Tang Yi. The ex-mobster growled and was about to retort back when Shao Fei gave him a look.


“Number 4, Sheng Zhe,”

“Awww…, he looks adorable,” Xi Zuan cooed, receiving a pillow to his face. Yi Jie gulped upon seeing the innocent smile Sheng Zhe had on. Thank the lucky stars he was not chosen. 


“Number 5,”



“ Xi Zuan-ge, you look like a real doctor,” Xi Gu whistled out. He was star struck when seeing his senior looking so professional. Tang Yi really had gone above and beyond by supplying them with the warddrobe for the photoshoot. Everyone just looked so different from their current self. 


“Thank you Xi Gu, but you looked sexier,” Xi Zuan teased Xi Gu. The young man blushed red and hid his face behind Hao Ting. 


“Xi Zuan may look like a doctor, but Yu Hao looks like a model. Number 6,” Zhao Zi commented. 



Shao Fei whistled when he saw his student. He could totally pass as an aspiring chef. Even if the client asked him to cook he would still pass. Tang Yi really had excellent taste in clothes. Tang Yi growled when Shao Fei smiled, thinking of him.


“Shao Fei,” Tang Yi warned. He was half regretting asking to see the pictures. Shao Fei kissed his lips and whispered to him why he was smiling in the first place. Tang Yi smiled back and made him sit on his lap.


“My personal favourite, Number 7,” Zhao Zi sighed. 


“Shit, he looks like a law-abiding citizen,” Shao Fei squawked.


“Is that his wedding photoshoot?” Yi Jie quipped. Jack nodded at his student.


“I don’t know why I didn’t get chosen” Zhao Zi complained and flashed his photo up on the screen.


“Master! You did wear eye shadow!” Hao Ting guffawed. Zhao Zi threw the pointer at Hao Ting, making the man apologize immediately.


“He looks hot, then again, my Zhao Zi looks good in anything,” Jack commented. 




“Ahem! Number 9,”

“Shao Fei-ge,” Yu Hao gasped. Meng Shao Fei looked like a movie star! Tang Yi gave the evil eye to everyone, clearly stating that they should ONLY look and say nothing. 


“Why did you wear this? It’s see through!” Tang Yi griped. Shao Fei laughed and whispered something into Tang Yi’s ears. Causing the man to smirk in response.


“And I don’t know why, but here’s Tang Yi,”


The team took one second before bursting into laughter.


“Tang YI! TANG YI!!” Yi Jie howled, patting Tang Yi on his back. Xi Gu snickered and tried to stem in his laughter. Yu Hao and Hao Ting hugged each other and pointed at Tang Yi’s face. 


Tang Yi gripped Shao Fei’s waist hard. “Meng Shao Fei…,”


“NOW we can talk about your suspicion of Captain Ma. We’re even,” Shao Fei huffed, turning his head in the other direction. Tang Yi sighed and conceded, kissing Shao Fei’s nape. 


“I think the first picture was better,” Zhao Zi showed them the original picture.


The gang wolf whistled. Even Shi Yi Jie.

“If I didn’t know him as a bitch  I would totally buy him,”


“Excuse me, please stop looking,” Shao Fei warned them. The rest then evaded their eyes, giving weak excuses like their partner was better looking. Shao Fei knew that his boyfriend looked good, so their excuses were bullshit. 


“And finally, Number 11,”


“Be awed, my greatness,” Andy boasted. And rightfully so too.


“Wow,” Xi Gu blurted out. “You look so beautiful boss,”


“Why thank you my Yu Xi. Now, are you ready to leave Hao Ting for me?” Andy cooed. Hao Ting shot up to keep Andy away from his boyfriend by saying that Andy wasn’t all that great, which resulted in a mini fight over who was the best.


Tang Yi chose to drag Shao Fei upstairs to their room to finally discuss their dispute. Shao Fei didn’t believe that Captain Ma was involved, and Tang Yi was angry that Shao Fei sabotaged his chances of being in the operation. 


As soon as Tang Yi closed the door behind them and turned to look at Shao Fei, his lover had stripped himself of his clothes, standing in nothing but his boxers. He hooked one thumb into his waistband, slipping it low to showcase one hip bone.


“Now, Tang Yi...where were we? kept a secret of your suspicions on Captain Ma’s involvement. But you see,” Shao Fei dropped his boxers, making Tang Yi swallow his saliva as Shao Fei bared his all for Tang Yi’s viewing pleasure.


“I still can’t get your picture in those ripped jeans out of my mind…,” Shao Fei husked over Tang Yi’s lips, licking it before he was pulled by Tang Yi to passionately make out against the door. Shao Fei locked the door as one hand tugged on Tang Yi’s shirt, loosened the piece of clothing to slip that hand inside, so he could tweak a nipple. Tang Yi growled into the kiss and gripped Shao Fei’s buttocks.


The detective groaned a low breath, then panted as Tang Yi massaged his cheeks. He chuckled when Tang Yi rutted against him, making his cock harden instantly. Shao Fei stretched his neck to whisper into Tang Yi’s ears.


“Your picture is still in here,” Shao Fei tilted his head. “ about you fuck it out of my mind?”


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It wasn’t a surprise that they would end up in this position. They scuffled a bit to get Tang Yi naked, then Shao Fei pushed Tang Yi on the bed and subsequently moved to sit on his lover’s hips. Tang Yi responded by clamping Shao Fei’s waist with both hands and lifted his hips to thrust upwards. The detective chuckled at his lover’s impatient actions but moved to brace himself by placing his hands next to Tang Yi’s head. Shao Fei panted when a particularly good thrust slipped Tang Yi’s cock between his cheeks, rubbing across his entrance. Tang Yi reached for the lube he kept handy next to their bed, releasing Shao Fei’s waist in the process. Meng Shao Fei used this opportunity to apply more pressure into grinding against Tang Yi, loving the way his lover seemed to be moving his own hips on autopilot. 


Tang Yi capped the lube back and reached for Shao Fei’s ass, smoothing out the globes before inching closer to lubricate his lover.

“While Tang Yi and Shao Fei are having wild sex upstairs, let’s talk plans. There’s 6 of you, so you should split up to find the information we need. I figured before the auction, you guys could scout the premise and find out Kuo Gang and Rick Lam. Eavesdrop on their conversation, snap photos of their meeting and find out the base for Crystal Skeleton. The priority here is catching them both in the action,” Jack laid out the plans. 

Once Shao Fei was believed to be well-prepped, Tang Yi guided his cock into his lover, grunting as he inched inside. His boyfriend moaned when Tang Yi stopped to take a breather. 


“Shao Fei, are you okay?” Tang Yi groaned out. He was trying his level best to let Shao Fei be ready before proceeding to fuck his brains out. But all Shao Fei did was grinned and proceeded to grab Tang Yi’s hands, pinning them above his head. To show his protest, Tang Yi experimentally withdrew before snapping his hips upwards, making Shao Fei fall onto his elbows, his face close to Tang Yi’s. There were some movements regarding his hands, but Tang Yi was too focused on pistoning into Shao Fei to take notice. Shao Fei kissed Tang Yi deep. Tang Yi sensed that he was about to retreat, so he went to grab Shao Fei’s head for more kisses, only to find that Shao Fei had handcuffed one hand to the bedpost.


“Meng Shao Fei!” Tang Yi growled out. Shao Fei smirked as he sat upright, putting more pressure as he fell down onto Tang Yi. 

“The tricky part would be obtaining the drugs. We’re assuming that it would be distributed during the auction. It might not be the case. We might have to mingle with our client and ask for it, and make them believe we do recreational drugs on the side,” Jack added. Zhao Zi hummed and looked at the youngsters they have in the room.


“I trust that Jack and Shao Fei will be able to look after themselves, and Andy too. If that was the scenario, I would prefer if all of you do NOT get involved with it. We don’t know the effects of Crystal Skeleton, and the last thing we need is an overdose while collecting information,”


“Ahhn..Ah..hmm~” Shao Fei huffed as he rode Tang Yi in jerky movements. His boyfriend sealed his lips shut to punish him for chaining him to the bed AND the sabotage of his chances. But still, Tang Yi was only human, so his hips couldn’t help but follow Shao Fei’s movement. 


“Tang Yi...I’m sorry about the picture. But you..ah!” Shao Fei shivered when Tang Yi picked up speed. “Tang Yi!”


“Don’t talk!” Tang Yi bellowed. He gripped Shao Fei's waist with his free hand hard enough to bruise. Shao Fei whimpered helplessly as Tang Yi controlled his speed.


“They would have recognized you!” Shao Fei insisted, chin falling to his shoulder when the pressure built up. He was so close! 


“Please Tang Yi,” Shao Fei begged. 

“Don’t they know we’re down here still?” Yu Hao grumbled when bed creaking sounds erupted from upstairs.


“Oh, they know. They just don’t care,” Shi Yi Jie replied. He could understand using sex as punishment, but can’t Tang Yi wait until they all went home?


“There is a possibility that none of us could obtain the drugs. If that scenario comes, it’s up to you guys to do it,” Andy reminded the team. “We want this case to shift to Unit 3, whatever it takes,”

Shao Fei shouted garbled forms of Tang Yi’s name when he climaxed, looking beautifully debauched as he came down from his high. There were questionable liquids painting his stomach, and he closed his eyes to rest from the intense session he just had. Tang Yi smirked as he used his free hand to twist his thumb out of his socket, then slipped his hand out of the cuffs. Cracking his thumb back into place, the only warning that Shao Fei got his boyfriend was free was when Tang Yi used both hands to hold onto Shao Fei’s waist, then shifted their positions so that Shao Fei was pinned on his back, with Tang Yi looming above.


“You did that thumb hack didn’t you?!” Shao Fei accused, slightly breathlessly, that Tang Yi looked so sexy dominating him in bed. 


“Are you ready for round 2?”

“Okaay! It’s time for you all to go home,” Zhao Zi chased the team out, and signaled for Andy and Jack to follow suit. He kept giving both of them eye gestures and hand signals, making the younger men roll their eyes.


“Relax Zhao Zi-ge, we know they're about to start round 2,” Hao Ting calmed his teacher down. “None of us are virgins you know,”


“Especially Sheng Zhe. He is like an anti-virgin,” Yu Hao agreed. Sheng Zhe used his fist to bump Yu Hao’s skull, not surprised when Zi Xuan also smacked his boyfriend across the head.


“What? We all know it,”


“You guys are just jealous we’re having sex every day,” Shi Yi Jie rebutted.


“Shi Yi Jie!!”


“Cheese and crackers, every day?!!”


“How fucking old are you?! Aren’t you like 50?! You shouldn’t be having this much sex,”


“Your hips must be crying in agony,”


“Shut it,” Yi Jie objected. “I’ll be having sex until I’m dead,”


The rest of the team looked between Yi Jie and Sheng Zhe, the latter pinching the bridge of his nose. Zi Xuan placed his hand onto Sheng Zhe’s shoulder, a sympathizing look on his face. Yu Hao came and placed his hand on top of Zi Xuan’s. Hao Ting and Xi Gu stood in front of Sheng Zhe, hands clasped in front of them in a prayer-like manner.


“RIP Sheng Zhe’s ass,” Hao Ting muttered. Xi Gu nodded, closing his eyes.

Yu Hao changed into his pajamas as soon as they got home. Zi Xuan sat down on the sofa, stretching his legs. Dr Jiang had given him instructions on how to exercise his knees so that it could regain some of their function, though full recovery would take years. Once Yu Hao was done, he sat in front of his boyfriend, massaging it like he used to. 


Both of them sat in silence, the only sound was their tandem breathing. 


“There was no need for us to be involved in this, you know,” Zi Xuan spoke up. Yu Hao looked at his senior’s face, raising one eyebrow. 


“You mean Crystal Skeleton,” Yu Hao confirmed. Zi Xuan nodded and relaxed as his knee began to feel better. 


“I know that you might be indebted to Tang Yi and Meng Shao Fei for saving me, but we owe them no obligation. What’s the likelihood of me being kidnapped again because Rick Lam needed a volleyball champion? There are plenty of other players out there,” Zi Xuan added. 


“I know, but the possibility of them coming to finish you off is always there,” Yu Hao insisted. “Rick Lam wants bone pits. Tang Yi has them. You heard it yourself, Dao Yi said that all 3 bone pits have similar structures. Skeletons in metal boxes. Land separated by rivers. Tall walls. They’ll come after Xi Gu,” 


Yu Hao stopped massaging Zi Xuan and sat on the man’s lap. His boyfriend looped his arms around Yu Hao’s waist.


“They’ll come after Professor Yi Jie. Say what you want, but I know you consider Sheng Zhe your close friend now,” Yu Hao smirked. Zi Xuan tsked and turned his head away, not wanting Yu Hao to see he was right. He knew that he could always be targeted once the heat died out and Rick Lam came out of hiding. That was why he came to see Tang Yi the next day right after the celebration of exposing that first bone pit.

“I want to learn how to defend myself,” Zi Xuan demanded, not surprised to see Professor Shi Yi Jie with Tang Yi and Meng Shao Fei. He’d figured the Professor would want to see this through. What he didn’t expect was to see Jack, Zhao Zi, and another person who looked like he could be a model with them. Once Shao Fei realized that he had been staring for some time, he introduced both of them.


“Zi Xuan, this is Andy. Our friend and the future boss of Yu Hao and Xi Gu,” Shao Fei pointed to Andy. Andy smiled and shook Zi Xuan’s hand.


“A pleasure, third year student of physiology, Qiu Zi Xuan, also boyfriend to my yummy Xia Yu Hao,” Andy commented. Zi Xuan didn’t think that Shao Fei would be telling all these details to his friend.


“Eh, wait. YOUR Yu Hao?” Zi Xuan asked, ticked off. Tang Yi reprimanded his friend, telling him to stop teasing Zi Xuan.


“Cut it out, Andy. They’re not used to this,” Tang Yi was referring to the students.


“Meh, he’ll be used to it. Anyway, don’t accuse Tang Yi and Shao Fei of being blabbermouths. I’m the informant, so naturally, when I take on new workers, I do background checks,” Andy replied, seeing the puzzling look when he mentioned Zi Xuan as Yu Hao’s boyfriend. 


“But getting back to what you were saying, Zi Xuan, there is no need for you to involve yourself further. Rick Lam might not target you again,” Zhao Zi reasoned. 


“I know. But there is also the possibility that he would come back to finish me off. I was a witness. So...I want to learn to defend myself,” Zi Xuan insisted. Tang Yi and Shao Fei looked at Zhao Zi and Jack, while Shi Yi Jie sighed.


“You better give in. I talked to his professor over lunch about the kidnapping. Qiu Zi Xuan is a very determined person,” Yi Jie declared, looking over at the maps laid out. “He’ll keep coming,”


Shao Fei looked at ZI Xuan’s determined stare, finding that the man was indeed, very adamant that he get trained. “Zi Xuan, you have a knee injury. You can’t really learn self-defense,” Shao Fei advised. Zi Xuan looked like he was about to protest but then deflated once he understood the logic behind Shao Fei’s hesitance. 


“Don’t worry boss. I’ll train him,” Jack piped up, a smile present. He has been watching the interaction a while and only now, chose to speak up.


“Jack...don’t tell me,” Zhao Zi mumbled. 


“I’ll teach him how to shoot a gun,” Jack confirmed his husband’s guess. “And while I’m at it, Professor Shi should get trained too,” 


Shi Yi Jie looked up from his map searching. He shrugged, nodding his head. 


“You know, you could also take advantage of this situation,” Andy chirped. “Why not learn some mafia first aid while you’re at it from Jin Tang?”


“Mafia first...Andy! Don’t put ideas in his head,” Shao Fei whined. 


“Oh, shut it. He’s decided to join this venture. He should know how to take out a bullet and stitch some knife wounds,” Andy insisted. “He’s in physiology, he could also get Jin Tang to tutor him at the same time. It’s win-win,”


For the first time in his life, Zi Xuan wondered if he had made the right choice to come to see Tang Yi and Shao Fei. Just hearing Andy say ‘bullet’ was enough to jar him that it was no longer simple student brawls involving Yu Hao behind some dingy bar. 


“Hmm, with him there, Sheng Zhe will have a friend too,” Shi Yi Jie agreed. The minute they got home, Yi Jie had tried to persuade Sheng Zhe from following him into this mess, but his fiance won’t have any of it.


And that was how Zi Xuan started training with Dr. Jiang with Sheng Zhe. And unsurprisingly, they bonded over the incident.

“See? You’re not saying anything. And you know for a fact that I won’t let Xi Gu face this alone,” Yu Hao stated. 


That Zi Xuan DOES know. Yu Hao and Xi Gu and yes, even Hao Ting apparently became very close when both of them started working at the same bar before this fiasco. Being the same age, they had the same Math lecture and once Yu Hao found out how Xi Gu and Hao Ting got together, they just clicked.  It even got to a point that Xi Gu and Hao Ting would sometimes watch them train for volleyball tournaments. 


Heck, even their female juniors shipped Xi Gu and Hao Ting (and some might have started a page dedicated to Xi Gu and Yu Hao, but that was for another day). With Hao Ting being so handsome, and Xi Gu being nice, they easily mingled with club members, despite being told off by Xi Zuan for causing his members to slack off in pursuit of chats. 


There was also the fact that Hao Ting and Yu Hao loved to get into trouble. Zi Xuan even remembered one time, they were so close to disciplinary action because some homophobe cornered Xi Gu after his lectures and spewed hurtful words. Once Hao Ting and Yu Hao caught wind of it, they pulled the guy over to the volleyball court to ‘challenge’ him over a ‘friendly’ game. Suffice to say, the idiot got his ass handed to him. Zi Xuan didn’t even want to remember when the club members arrived and demanded explanations, only to join in once Yu Hao explained what was happening. 


The guy was hit with so many balls to the face, ZI Xuan was afraid that he might actually turn gay. No pun intended. But thankfully, the university’s no-tolerance policy to discrimination had saved their ass. 


“Okay,” Zi Xuan relented. “But if it gets too much, we’re stopping. Okay?”


“Okay,” Yu Hao agreed. He laid his head on Zi Xuan’s shoulder, just basking in his boyfriend’s warmth. 

“Hey, boss, is it okay for you to not look at the merchandise?” Desmond asked Rick Lam. They were finalizing the place for the auction before Desmond emailed the merchandise for confirmation. 


"You know how this goes Desmond, this isn't the first time you had an auction. Fuck it, I don’t know a thing about handsome guys or hot studs. If this was the normal sex auction, I would gladly pick out the girls. Vaginas I know,” Rick gruffed out. “Why?”


“No, it’s just said you had a run-in with a professor, and we have a professor registering,” Desmond supplied. This caught Rick’s interest and he stopped looking through the list of high profile business moguls. 


“Might just be a coincidence,” Desmond added. 

“No, give me the merchandise list,” Rick Lam cut off. As soon as he saw Xi Gu’s face, he flipped and saw Shi Yi Jie. Then he saw Meng Shao Fei.



“Okay, I’ve got wiretaps on all of you. So make sure you guard your cufflinks. They emailed and said that things will go down at Hotel La Fleur downtown. So I have Jun Wei and Yu Qi as undercovers checked in last night,” Zhao Zi instructed. 


“If there is an emergency, just press your cuffs and we’ll spring you out of there,” Tang Yi added. He kissed Shao Fei one more time. “Be careful,” Tang Yi was about to release Shao Fei when he noticed Shao Fei’s choice of wardrobe.


“Really? White? Didn’t I tell you that thing is see-through?”

They all arrived at the restaurant entrance of the hotel from different directions, in different cars so as to not raise suspicion. The instructions were to wear masks, so that people won’t recognize you seeing that you are a working professional. During the auction, they will be presented on a stage, one by one, with the masks on, and only their buyers would be able to see their real face on the screen in their individual tablets. Once a buyer has purchased merchandise, he or she will no longer be able to see the rest of the merchandise. Desmond greeted them and showed them into the place. Shao Fei and Jack breathed a sigh of relief because they haven’t seen either Rick Lam or Kuo Gang, meaning that Andy’s suspicion of them not being involved in the selection process was spot on. In the email it had stated that Desmond was in charge of picking candidates, and seeing as Desmond hadn't met any of them, it was possible they could pull it off. Plus, if Rick had seen the list at some point prior, they would have canceled the auction in the first place. 


“So when will the buyers get here,” Shi Yi Jie asked, pretending to be anxious. He smoothed out his black suit, to look more presentable.


“Professor Ng, they will arrive after we have briefed you of the procedures. They wanted to maintain complete confidentiality, so you will likely only see YOUR buyer and no one else,” Desmond replied.


“I understand,” Yi Jie replied. Of course, they would have changed their names when Zhao Zi faked their identities. 


As they made their way through the kitchen of the restaurant, Jack caught movement from the corner of his eyes, getting an unpleasant feeling as they made a left turn. 


“Shao Fei, this looks like we’re heading into another exit, not inside!” Jack whispered to Shao Fei. Shao Fei turned to talk to Jack only to see Kuo Gang smirking at him behind some shelves.


“It’s a trap! Get them out of here!” Shao Fei pushed Xi Gu and Andy behind him as Kuo Gang drew his gun and shot at them. Luckily they had cleared away from the kitchen and were in an empty hallway, so casualties could be kept at a minimum. Andy immediately covered Xi Gu with his body and dove behind a wall, with Shao Fei and Jack drawing out their firearms to shoot at Kuo Gang.  


Desmond had disappeared into the nearest exit the minute Shao Fei shouted. Shi Yi Jie had gone after him, followed by Yu Hao. But as soon as Yi Jie opened the door to the staircase exit, Desmond had cocked a gun to his temple. Yi Jie immediately put up his hands in surrender, which signaled Yu Hao to find cover behind a pillar. Yi Jie had covered Yu Hao by closing the door so that he was the only thing visible to Desmond.


“Well, hello Professor Ng,” Desmond chuckled then used his free hand to open Yi Jie’s mask. “Or should I say, Shi Yi Jie. You know, you guys would have probably gotten away with it if I hadn’t checked in with my boss about the merchandise list. But you see, I’m a man who always double checks, so..,”


“Bla,bla,bla! Don’t have a monologue here. Just shoot me,” Yi Jie dared Desmond. He gave a signal to Yu Hao by taking out his phone and dropping it on the floor. Yu Hao took out his phone to start recording.


“Awww, but I want to have my villain moment. I will shoot you after I reveal how I single-handedly foiled your half baked plans. Now that your phone is out of the way,” Desmond said as he stepped on the device, “I can easily tell you our secrets without you recording them,” Desmond insisted. “I always trust my hunches, so I asked Rick if he wanted to veto the merchandise list, then surprise, surprise! He knew 3 of you. What a setup. You must have a good hacker if you could change your identities and register in our dark web auction. But too bad Rick recognized you, Xi Gu and even Meng Shao Fei, who came to bust his boy toy Tang Yi. Once we told Kuo Gang, he recognized Jack too,”


“There was no auction!” Desmond laughed out loud. Yi Jie took his chances.


“You’re not going to shoot me. You need me alive,” Yi Jie baited. Desmond stopped laughing to glare at the professor.


“Well, if you insist,” he knocked Yi Jie out and dragged the body through the exit. Yu Hao waited for them to disappear before finding the lobby. They wouldn’t risk alerting the public, so being in a crowd was his best bet. He needed to get the information to the team. 

“Meng Shao Fei, I didn’t think you would be this brave to try and infiltrate our operations when you know, we know Tang Yi,” Kuo Gang chuckled. “Or did you hope Desmond didn’t recognize your faces?”


“Kuo Gang, you didn’t think we came here alone, did you?” Shao Fei tried to trick Kuo Gang into falling back. 


“I have to hand it to you, Jack, you sure know how we run these things. In the old days, only floor manager would know merchandise faces, but things change,” Kuo Gang added, spotting Xi Gu and Andy behind a wall nearby. He could still inch and get one of them to use as leverage. Shao Fei and Jack wouldn’t be able to shoot at him too. Shao Fei spotted his eye movement and immediately came out, with his hands in the air. 


“Let’s just go! Take me hostage and leave Jack, Xi Gu, and whoever this guy is alone!” Shao Fei coaxed Kuo Gang. 


“Shao Fei!” Jack warned. What was he doing?! Shao Fei blocked Jack’s line of sight to Kuo Gang to show that he was serious.


“Oh. I think I like this,” Kuo Gang emerged from his wall shelter and immediately hugged Shao Fei from behind, smelling the man in one huge whiff. “Still as enticing as before,”


“You fucker, get your hands off him!” Jack cried out, aiming at Kuo Gang. The man inched towards their nearest exit. Shao Fei willingly followed him. Xi Gu tried to break free from Andy’s grip.


“Shao Fei-ge!”


“I’ll see you later Jack,” Kuo Gang laughed and pulled Shao Fei out of the exit, tripping the security alarm. Jack ran out to see where they went but was met with the smell of burning rubber and an unlicensed black sedan. Xi Gu pushed past Jack to see Shao Fei disappearing around the corner.



Chapter Text

Tang Yi paced a room in the hotel waiting for the confirmation that the auction had started. Zhao Zi was at the table, monitoring the hotel cameras. Hao Ting sat on the bed, with Sheng Zhe and Zi Xuan occupying the dining table. 


“It’s taking too long,” Tang Yi growled out. 


“Maybe they have a longer briefing,” Zhao Zi assured Tang Yi. A static sound crackled over their speakers.


It was a trap! Kuo Gang was waiting for us,” Jack’s voice boomed. Tang Yi felt his heart rate increase. Please, Shao Fei, be safe.


They got Yi Jie,” Sheng Zhe stood up and ran to Zhao Zi.


But Yu Hao has a recording that shows they need him alive,” Andy added. Tang Yi pressed the comms.


“What else?” Tang Yi asked. The comms turned quiet before Jack replied.


They took Shao Fei too,” 


Tang Yi zoned out after that, not noticing that Hao Ting had rushed over to catch him from falling flat onto the floor. Zi Xuan appeared in front of him, calling his name. But all Tang Yi could think of was Shao Fei. 


Shao Fei…

“Officer Meng, you okay?” Shi Yi Jie asked once they cuffed him and Shao Fei inside a black van. Kuo Gang stopped the black sedan he had used to transfer Shao Fei from the hotel a few blocks away and forced Shao Fei into this black van where Desmond and Yi  Jie were already waiting. 


“So they were after you,” Shao Fei summed up. That’s why they didn’t cancel the auction, choosing instead to proceed. Shao Fei could see Kuo Gang answering a call from inside, but he couldn’t make out the words.


Why did you take him?” the caller hissed. Kuo Gang raised an eyebrow. He could take whoever he wanted.


“I can do what the fuck I want,” Kuo Gang retaliated. The caller cursed.


You were supposed to take Yu Xi Gu. If you had followed the plan, they wouldn’t be able to make a report to the police since it was an illegal operation,” the caller insisted. “Now we have to kidnap him, and that could cause trouble,”


“Oh don’t worry Captain. We don’t need Yu Xi Gu anymore. Actually, I have another candidate in mind,”


Edward Ma cut off the call. How dare Kuo Gang take Meng Shao Fei! Didn’t he know who the detective belonged to? 


He has to push the production of Crystal soon.

“Get them to the safe house,” Kuo Gang instructed. “And don’t say unnecessary things,” he warned Desmond.


“Geeze, okay!” Desmond agreed, stepping into the van with a gun. The driver sped off, taking them along a small hill road.


“Why does every villain hideout have to be on a hill, surrounded by forests?” Shao Fei joked, turning to look at Yi Jie. They sat side by side, handcuffed to each other, followed by Desmond behind them, pointing a gun towards them both (sounds familiar?)


“I agree. Can’t they have a resort vibe hideout?” Desmond complained too. 


“Tang Yi’s house is on the outskirts of Taipei, still surrounded by forests,” Shao Fei added. He eyed Yi Jie, who nodded subtly, then looked at the gun in Desmond’s hand. Yi Jie nodded again, showing that he understood.


“Tang Yi should move house. He’s damn rich!” Desmond stated, waving the gun around. Shao Fei waited for the gun to reach in the middle of the seat before bringing their joined hands down, to clamp Desmond’s. He was about to kick the gun away, and possibly cause a vehicle crash (again) when Shi Yi Jie used his free hand to twist the gun into his hand. Yi Jie then pointed the gun towards Desmond. Shao Fei was flabbergasted, not believing the smooth move Yi Jie just executed.


“Yi I should get trained by Jack,” Shao Fei murmured.


“That you should. Now, stop the van,” Yi Jie cocked the gun, showing that he was serious. Desmond shouted to the driver to stop the van.  Shao Fei opened the door and urged Yi Jie to get out with him. 


“Where are you gonna go? This is all forest!” Desmond tried to persuade them. Shao Fei looked around, then smiled.

“It’s okay. I know this area,” both of them backed out and disappeared into the dense trees. Desmond waited for a minute before taking out his phone.


“Hei...Kuo baby...we have a problem,”


“Yi Jie! Activate our emergency cuffs,” Shao Fei instructed, leading Yi Jie up the hill. 


“Where are you taking me? Do you really know this place?” Yi Jie huffed out, pocketing the gun after pressing his cufflinks. Shao Fei just looked back at him and then gave a thumbs up.


“I can’t believe it, but me and Tang Yi were in the same situation before. The only difference was I got sliced at my arm and had an infection-induced fever, but we escaped too, using the same method. And I think...we’re even in the same forest,” Shao Fei laughed out loud. 


“Keep it together! They could be after us,” Yi Jie looked around for another presence, but the only sounds he could hear so far were his own breath and Shao Fei’s laughter. 


“They will call for backup, sure. But I know where we can hide,” Shao Fei pointed uphill. “And Tang Yi is going to find us first. Hey, pick up some firewood,”


“The fuck. Did you and Tang Yi go for a scouts camping trip?”

Andy went to retrieve Yu Hao from the lobby to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Jack had gone ahead to brief the team about what happened. As soon as he got to the part about Shi Yi Jie and Yu Hao going after Desmond, his cufflink blinked and let out a beeping sound. Xi Gu’s cuff also did the same.


“It’s the SOS signal!” Zhao Zi exclaimed, beaming. He went to his laptop to turn on the GPS location for the cuffs. The rest of the team crowded his working space.


“What’s happening?” Andy and Yu Hao asked when they saw every one cornering Zhao Zi. They joined too, naturally.


“Shao Fei’s and Yi Jie’s cuff were activated. The signals are coming from here,” Zhao Zi pointed out to a forest area just outside of Taipei. Tang Yi took one look at it and laughed.


“I know where he’s heading. Jack, bring Yu Qi and Jun Wei with us. If we encounter Kuo Gang and his men, at least we have people who can legally carry guns,” Tang Yi instructed. He addressed Sheng Zhe and Zi Xuan without looking at them as he strapped a gun to his waist. “I need one of you in case they require first aid. I assume Sheng Zhe wants to volunteer?” 


Tang Yi looked up to see Sheng Zhe already at the door, the first aid kit ready in hand.


“Hurry it up old man,” Sheng Zhe urged. Tang Yi thinks Sheng Zhe is starting to sound a little bit too much like Yi Jie by the day. 


“So...tell me again how you guys ended up in this abandoned shack,” Yi Jie grunted as he piled the firewood into one neat stack. Shao Fei fumbled with his pants pocket, then gave a triumphant shout when he found the lighter. Yi Jie gave a questioning look. As far as he has known Meng Shao Fe, the detective doesn’t smoke.


“Oh, I don’t smoke. Tang Yi has one from his adopted father, and I thought it was cute if I had a similar one made. But Tang Yi doesn’t know so please don’t tell him,” Shao Fei grinned, lighting up their woodpile. They sat side by side as Shao Fei started telling him about the time he got kidnapped with Tang Yi. By the time he was finished, the fire started to die out, so Shao Fei used his hands to fan the flames back. Yi Jie was about to ask him if Shao Fei knew how to do the thumb hack thing so that he could get his hands free when he heard movements nearby. Yi Jie stomped on the firewood to put out the fire and tugged Shao Fei up.


“Someone’s here!” Shao Fei scattered the firewood and pulled Yi Jie into the room where he slept. He pressed himself close to the edge of a corner, out of view but even in the dark his white shirt could be seen. Yi Jie took an executive decision and covered him with his body since he was smart enough to wear black to the auction. 


“If you say one word to Sheng Zhe I did this…,” Yi Jie whispered, half sweating if they were caught like this by Tang Yi. He took out the gun and cocked it. 


“Hey, there’s a shack! Let’s check it out,” a voice that definitely doesn’t belong to someone they know shouted nearby. Yi Jie and Shao Fei closed their eyes, hoping that the perpetrators would just skim the outside without coming in. Yi Jie pressed closer to Shao Fei, praying that something miraculous happened. The men came inside and saw the scattered piles of wood.


“They were here. It looked like they put it out in a hurry,” one man commented.


“They might have left when they heard us coming,” his comrade replied. Then he noticed a room to his right. “Let’s just sweep in there then head out,” he instructed, then went to the room where Shao Fei and Yi Jie were. Both of them held their breath and prepared to fight if they were discovered. 


Yi Jie and Shao Fei could see the tip of the man’s foot stepping into the room. Yi Jie brought up his hand with the gun, aiming for the head. As soon as he sees them, he'll blow his brains out.


Du-dum! Du-dum!


Just as Yi Jie was about to shoot the man, a ringtone bleared to life. The man retreated and answered his phone.


“Wei? What?! Okay okay!” he hastily ended the call. “New instructions, come on,” he called out to his partner. They left in a hurry, leaving Yi Jie and Shao Fei to breathe a sigh of relief. Both slumped down to have a sit, but Yi Jie pulled Shao Fei down to lay on the floor. Shao Fei protested but then realized he was just as tired as Yi Jie, laying down on his back.  Yi Jie turned on his stomach, as his right hand was cuffed to Shao Fei’s left, making them lay side by side, as to avoid laying on top of Shao Fei. He would have preferred to lay on his back, but since Shao Fei’s left was immediately cordoned by a wall, he had no choice but to pick this alternative. The gun was somewhere beside him.


“That was so close,” Yi Jie whispered. He laughed a bit, not believing that he was this close to getting caught. They waited a couple of minutes before Shao Fei shivered.  He whined and told Yi Jie to start the fire again while reaching for his lighter.


“Shit, it’s in my back pocket. Yi Jie! You’re closer to it, put your hand in there,” Shao Fei instructed, lifting his right side so that Yi Jie could take the lighter. Yi Jie used his free hand to try and fish out of his right back pocket but turned out empty-handed.


“It’s in the other one,” Yi Jie answered. Shao Fei tried to reach for it, but his left hand was limited due to the handcuffs. 


“I can’t reach it. Wait, let’s try this,” Shao Fei turned on his side, making Yi Jie do the same. Because he needed to reach into his back pocket, he sort of pulled Yi Jie closer to his body, making both of their hands reach towards his ass.


“If that guy came in now, he would think I’m grabbing your ass as we lay face to face smooching,” Yi Jie complained. He was close to Shao Fei’s face. Shao Fei grunted but his reach was still restrained by the cuffs. He pulled harder, accidentally falling back on his back, pulling Yi Jie with him to cover his body.


“The fuck? Meng Shao Fei!” Yi Jie scolded. He tried to pull his hand away, but both were pinned down by the combined weight of their bodies. Shao Fei chose to ignore him, instead focusing on trying to grab the lighter. Yi Jie braced his elbow to put some space between them, while Shao Fei lifted his hips to get the lighter out of his pocket while his free right hand pushed at Yi Jie’s chest in an attempt to make the man lift his weight a bit. 


“Are you grabbing my Shao Fei’s ass as you lay face to face?” Tang Yi’s voice growled from the doorway. Both Yi Jie and Shao Fei froze and stared at the newcomers. Jack’s face was all grin, while Jun Wei and Yu Qi blushed and pointed to them both, mouths gaping. Sheng Zhe was gesturing a ‘really? Yi Jie’ look, one hand on a first aid kit. 


Tang Yi glared at Yi Jie, the hand holding his gun twitching. He soaked the scene with an accusing stare, Shao Fei, trying to buck Yi Jie away, hips lifted and hand on the man’s chest. Yi Jie, bracing one hand beside Shao Fei, body on top of his boyfriend with his left hand grabbing Shao Fei’s ass. 


“I’m going to bury you, Shi Yi Jie!” Tang Yi swore, cocking the gun and pointing it towards Yi Jie. Jack sprang into action, and held Tang Yi back, but was clearly enjoying the mayhem. Yu Qi and Jun Wei placed themselves in between the two, trying to persuade Tang Yi to put down his gun.


And Sheng Zhe calling out to Tang Yi to ‘do it, shoot him!’ was not helping to calm the situation at all. 

Chapter Text

As Jack regaled the newly acquired information that they had amassed during their botched auction, Yi Jie was being tended by a pissed off Sheng Zhe. That he himself inflicted. 


“I thought Professor Yi Jie was the jealous one, but boy! We should never make Sheng Zhe-ge angry,” Yu Hao whispered to his boyfriend. Zi Xuan made sure Sheng Zhe was out of ear shot before retorting.


“He once asked Dr Jiang how to make an injury look like an accident,” Zi Xuan grinned, enjoying the look of dread on his boyfriend’s face. 




“Shit is right,” 


“As I was saying,” Jack glared at his student, making Zi Xuan apologize for disturbing his flow, “we know from Desmond that he recognizes Xi Gu, Yi Jie and Shao Fei. Tang Yi and Jack were identified by Kuo Gang. Our mistake was assuming they wouldn’t be checking merchandise like in the old days,”


“And we also know they need Shi Yi Jie alive, most likely to find the bone pits,” Shao Fei added. 


“They still needed capital, so I assume they would try to have another auction?” Zhao Zi suggested. “I’ll program my software to flag any messages from Rick and Desmond if they’re looking for new merchandise,”


“We need new meat to substitute me, Shao Fei-ge, Professor Yi Jie and Jack. The odds of having people they don’t know is just too low. They have rejected these guys before, so..,” Xi Gu deduced. Zi Xuan agreed as well. “We can still hand in applications for people they don’t know, but I’m afraid that the ones selected for final merchandise would be just one person from out team,”


“I agree, is there anyone you guys trust that could help us out?” Zhao Zi asked around. 


“They need to be able to keep a secret, have some knowledge of underground auctions and is willing to sell to speak,”Hao Ting listed out.


“Not to mention be good looking,” Yu Hao chirped. Meng Shao Fei hummed and then smiled.


“I may have people that could help us out. Let me get back to you, Zhao Zi,” Tang Yi gave a questioning stare but chose to leave it be. Zhao Zi reminded Shao Fei that he needed to look at them before he could fabricate believable alternate personalities and debts. Shao Fei promised that he would do it before tomorrow. 


“Okay, the auction is our best bet to catch Rick and Kuo Gang together. I say we visit the bone pits to scope out the area,” Tang Yi suggested. “While Zhao Zi and Hao Ting have us covered here in our main command centre, me, Yu Hao and Shao Fei will visit the 3 bone pits. Zi Xuan and Sheng Zhe will rotate between here and following us, whoever is free just in case there is medical emergency,”


“If you guys are moving during the day, I need to find someone to take care of You You,” Sheng Zhe suddenly stated. The team looked at him, a puzzled look on their faces.


“Who’s You You?” Zi Xuan asked. “This is the first time I heard about her,”


“She’s my daughter,” Sheng Zhe answered, taking out his phone to show a picture of them together. 


“Say what?!” the room erupted into chaos as Hao Ting and Yu Hao snatched the phone away. Shao Fei rolled his eyes and excused himself to make a phone call. He scrolled his phone’s contact list to ‘L’ and selected the person that he needed to call.


--(conversation- indicates someone talking through the phone/walkie)--

Wei?” A smooth voice greeted him as the call was picked up.


“Hi, remember me?” Shao Fei asked, smiling a bit as he imagined what the person would look like on the other side. He vaguely heard him calling his siblings to his phone.


Shit! Shao Fei-ge?! Guys! It’s Shao Fei-ge!”


“Hahaha, don’t get too excited,” Shao Fei guffawed once he heard a scuffle in the background. “Just put me on speakerphone,”


Yup, already on! It’s been so long, Shao Fei-ge,” a demanding voice complained in the background. 


“It has, hasn’t it? Roughly 5 months?” Shao Fei hummed, resting his elbows on the railing overlooking the swimming pool.


Yup! How can we help you?”the initial person asked, voice mirthful. “You don’t need money do you?”


멩 샤오 페이 는 돈을 요구하는 마지막 사람입니다 ,” a gruffer voice replied the first person. Tang Yi chose that time to see what was taking Shao Fei so long. 


“Hahaha, nice to know you still think of me highly, korean oppa!” Shao Fei replied, fondly. “ 린 쉰 이 더 이상 문제를 일으키지 않기를 바랍니다,”


Shao Fei-ge! Your Korean sounds so good!” another voice chirped, somewhat boyish. “Let’s battle on the PS5 again someday,”


Does he sound better than me?” someone whined. The boyish male immediately assured him that wasn’t the case.


Anyway, what do you need Shao Fei-ge?”


“Funny you should mention that, can I come to your place tomorrow? I need your help,” Shao Fei requested. The line erupted into cheers.


Okay! Come whenever! To our apartment?” the initial person asked, excitedly.


Yeah, I’m skipping school!” the boyish voice added. His whining companion also shared his sentiment.


아니 넌하지 않을거야,” the korean guy reprimanded. 


Yes I will! It’s Shao Fei-ge! Shoot him Shao Fei-ge!”


“Hahaha, I will, see you all tomorrow!” Shao Fei ended the call and turned, only to see Tang Yi waiting patiently. He just smiled, knowing that it was about time he told Tang Yi what case he was doing the last 6 months of Tang Yi’s incarceration. 


“You don’t have to tell me anything,” Tang Yi told Shao Fei. Shao Fei denied him of this and told him about the case anyway, about how a gang had kidnapped the son of a top banker in Taiwan, and demanded ransom. Shao Fei was called in because he was an unknown face with the credentials to boot. He went underground as a mole for the gang, making them believe he was leaking information about the bank’s intricate workings. They planned to rob the bank too, using the kidnapping to create a security void, which Shao Fei had filled. He then told Tang Yi about the sons, how he had managed to make it look like the kidnapped son had escaped, and how they were indebted to him for returning him safe and sound. 


“So, yeah. I’m seeing them tomorrow,” Shao Fei ended his story. “You wanna come with?” Tang Yi looked at Shao Fei, his eyes conveying his answers. Shao Fei leaned his head on Tang Yi’s shoulder.


“I need to survey the bone pits tomorrow. How about taking Xi Gu with you?” Tang Yi suggested. Shao Fei already knew the reasoning behind it. Xi Gu was still a potential target, so he needed constant supervision. And who is more suitable to keep him safe than Meng Shao Fei?


“Okay,” Shao Fei agreed. “Hopefully they’ll agree and we can get the information quickly,” 


“Hmm, we really need Unit 3 to take over,” Tang Yi agreed. Shao Fei jerked back to look at Tang Yi.


“You still think Captain Ma is connected?” Shao Fei whispered. Tang Yi gave him a side glance. He hadn’t told Shao Fei about what Ma had said to him at the night of the party, partly because he didn’t want to sound jealous, and partly because he believed Shao Fei wouldn’t believe him. I mean, look at that case with Yu Qi. Tang Yi did, however, told Shao Fei about the warehouse that Kuo Gang took him to when he was kidnapped being under Ma’s care once and the hesitance on Unit 2’s part to chase after Kuo Gang when he took Shai Fei from the bar. Both dismissed by Shao Fei as weak evidence. 


“I just want to get our lives back,” Tang Yi replied after a while. “To get their lives back,” he looked inside the room to see the kids were rough housing with Sheng Zhe’s phone. “And unit 3 has the best detective who will get things done,”


“Hmmm, you flatter me, Tang Yi,” Shao Fei growled before attacking his boyfriend’s lips. They kissed aggressively for a while before Yi Jie poked his head outside and coughed.


“Hell no. If I can’t get any, you won’t get any Shao Fei!”


“Get out of here!” Tang Yi shouted.

“Shao Fei-ge! This is so lavish!” Yu Xi Gu exclaimed in awe. He was looking at everything in the apartment condominium lobby. 


“Hmm, I spent 6 months here,” Shao Fei told him. Xi Gu looked at him with more awe.


“Amazing!” Shao Fei gave in to his instincts and ruffled Xi Gu’s hair. They pressed the button to go up, with Xi Gu eying everything in the lift. Once he noticed that they were heading to the penthouse, he became more fascinated.


“That’s the penthouse!! Are we meeting the mayor of Taipei??!” Xi Gu asked, making himself presentable.


“No! Hahaha, Xi Gu, we’re meeting people that can help us,” Shao Fei laughed, but helped smooth out Xi Gu’s hair anyway. 


“You know rich people, Shao Fei-ge?” Xi Gu feebly commented. 


“You can say that,” Shao Fei replied. “I wouldn’t call them rich.” The door to the lift opened, showing them a single door. Shao Fei pulled Xi Gu along, pressing the doorbell. They could hear noises behind the closed door, and someone twisted the door open.


“Maybe filthy rich?” Shao Fei added. The door sprung open, revealing 6 occupants inside. Xi Gu gasped as he recognized the people inside. Or at least, 3 of them.


“Hi, Meng Shao Fei,” Yuan Jun Ping, Yuan Jun Cheng, and Yuan Jun Dao greeted them both, their partners beside them. 


Chapter Text

Xi Gu’s mouth open and shut, unable to utter words. These are the Yuan princes, heirs to the Yuan Banking Group. The single largest banking group in Taiwan. Behind them were Taipei’s prime view, showcased through the glass walls of their penthouse. They all stood there with smug faces besides what Xi Gu assumed were their friends(?), all very attractive. 


Meng Shao Fei looked at all 6 of them, unimpressed, though he did crack a smile.

“Do you think you’re idols?”


“나는 케이팝 아이돌,” Yuan Jun Cheng, the eldest replied. He donned a blue 2 piece suit with a white undershirt, standing right smack in the middle. His boyfriend, Lin Xun, stood on his left, with a white baseball jacket and blue pants, rolled his eyes.


“You’re not kpop,” he replied. Jun Cheng just jutted his lip, saying that he disagrees.


“Well, we’re handsome enough to pass as part of BTS,” Yuan Jun Ping, the youngest chipped in. He was wearing a red and black checkered shirt and black pants. His lover Yua Yuen Rong snickered in his light beige checkered suit. 


“We look and dress the part,” Yuan Jun Dao argued. He was the middle of the Yuan brothers, in a black suede jacket, yellow shirt, and ripped light blue levis. His partner Xiang Shi also donned ripped jeans, but are black as his shirt and brown jacket. 


“But, Shao Fei-ge! You look totally different from your undercover gig. Did a professional makeover happen?” Yuen Rong greeted Shao Fei. He suddenly realized there was a smaller person behind Shao Fei. “Who is this?”


“Guys, meet Xi Gu...and this is the thing I needed your help with,” Shao Fei introduced them. 


Tang Yi crouched low in the tall grass, Yu Hao and Jack beside him. Once Shao Fei had taken Xi Gu to see the people he believed could help them, the trio made their way to the first bone pit. 


All the bone pits were situated bordering YangMingShan National Park, one in Wanli district, one on Tamsui, and one in Beitou. They decided to travel to the nearest one, Wanli. There they encountered Rick Lam transferring bones out. 


“He already knew the bone pit was here,” Jack whispered, watching as they loaded the bones into a truck. “This site and the one at Tamsui belonged to Wang Kuchen’s area of power. Want to bet they will be there too?”


“How come they know the spots now? Don’t they need Tang Yi to find them?” Yu Hao asked back. 


“Think, what changed since the last time we were kidnapped?” Tang Yi guided them.


“They collaborated with Kuo Gang,” Jack deduced. “Does Kuo Gang know where the bone pits are?”


“Bingo! Kuo Gang was the right-hand man to Wang Kuchen. So naturally, he would know where they were. But the one at Beitou, that’s specifically Tang Guo Dang’s area. So, they would think they need me to find it there,” Tang Yi replied. They stopped at the driveway to Tang Yi’s. 

“But I was not Tang Guo Dong’s right-hand man,” Tang Yi added. All three of them looked up to see Guo Dao Yi waiting in front of the door, an agitated Xuo Hong Ye beside him. 

“You want Dao Yi to tell you where the bone pit at Beitou is located?” Hong Ye said, calm. Tang Yi knew from her body language she was anything but that. She was looking at her nails, eating cheese, and sipping wine. At 11 in the afternoon.


“They think I know where it is,” Tang Yi said. “I need the information so that I’ll have the upper hand,”


“Bullshit, you need the information because you are afraid you’ll be useless otherwise,” Hong Ye bit back. Tang Yi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He approached Hong Ye slowly so as not to agitate her. 


“I need the information because they think I have it. Once they know I don’t they’ll come after him,” Tang Yi persuaded her. “And you,”


“And Meng Shao Fei will be VERY pissed if anything happens to you,” Shao Fei added from behind them, having returned a few minutes after Tang Yi. He was briefed below by Jack and immediately came up to mitigate the situation. Standing beside Tang Yi, they both looked at her to make her relent. They know Dao Yi wouldn’t go past her, something that both of them love (and hate) him for. 


“You’re not getting the information,” Hong Ye huffed, her words seemed final. She was about to pass them to go to a meeting when Shao Fei stopped her with a grin.


“How about this, you give us something if I give you something,” Shao Fei tried to persuade her. She raised an eyebrow, doubtful but intrigued. 


“Sister in law, I buy you your clothes, I don’t think there’s anything you could offer me,” Hong Ye rebutted.


“Actually, I bought it, since it’s my card,” Dao Yi quietly supplied but was ignored. 


“Oh, come over tomorrow, I have something you can’t buy with money,” Shao Fei proposed. 


“If you can surprise me, I’ll even give you Dao Yi’s bank account password,”

“Shit, Ah Fei..they are..are you sure?” Zhao Zi stuttered when he entered the studio. They were here to take photos of the new meat to create more candidates for the auction. The registration had just opened and will close tonight, with the results coming in tomorrow. 

He was expecting to see maybe the rookies at the precinct, seeming that they were pretty good looking, but his heart was not ready to see all 3 Yuan brothers. 


“Yeah...funny thing..remember the 6 months undercover case? This was it,” Shao Fei grinned and ushered the Yuan brothers in. 


“I know, but! I didn’t think they were the ones you said would help us out,” Zhao Zi mumbled, feeling overwhelmed when surrounded by the handsome young men. “All 6 of them?” Lin Xun came and patted Zhao Zi on the shoulder.


“Since Jun Cheng is technically the face of the Yuan group, we decided to exclude him,” Lin Xun replied. “The ones with any underground auction experiences are me, Jun Dao, Xiang Shi and Jun Ping. Though we had to beg Jun Dao to let Xiang Shi join in since he’s a jealous wreck,”


“I don’t want anyone near my Xiang Shi. But since it’s for Shao Fei-ge, I’ll allow it,” Jun Dao huffed. “Plus, Hyung-nim said he was going to buy Xiang Shi, so I’m not worried,”


“It won’t get to that, I promise. If you do make it to final merchandise, you’ll be out before they pass you over to the client. Hopefully,”


“They are pretty well known, don’t you think Desmond would recognize them?” Zhao Zi asked for Jun Dao and Jun Ping.


“Oh, I’m betting on it. All we have to do is fake their bank accounts. Make it seem like Jun Doa and Jun Ping are overzealous spenders. Put a Lamborghini or two in their expenses,” Shao Fei suggested. Jun Cheng said he gets invited to these auctions a lot since he is the face of Yuan Group, but his brothers are rumored to be sidelined, so it won’t trigger their alarms as much,”


“Okay, if you’re sure,” Zhao Zi said and got to typing. 

“I wondered if we will get to know who Shao Fei-ge asked for help to substitute Xi Gu and the rest,” Hao Ting asked once they were seated once again to hear the plan. Zhao Zi had gotten the confirmation for final merchandise, and all 15 of them, including Hong Ye, Dao Yi, Jun Wei and Yu Qi were seated inside Tang Yi’s place. 


“Why? Didn’t Xi Gu meet them? He didn’t tell you who they were?” Yu Hao piped up.


“Naw! He just said wait and see,” Hao Ting huffed. Zi Xuan lifted his shoulders, saying that he wasn’t interested if they weren’t going to make final merchandise anyway. Zhao Zi came and plugged his laptop into the projector, making everyone quiet down.


“Okay. So the email came back, they encrypted it super hard, but their mistake was assuming the ones they didn’t recognize as people not connected to us. As such, Hao Ting, Sheng Zhe, Yu Hao, and me received the invite again. Andy wasn’t included so I didn’t want to risk putting in an application for him.  I was able to unscramble their IP using that email and once again succeeded in planting more people in their auction,” Zhao Zi replied.


“The downside is, only 2 of us made it as final merchandise, and 3 of Shao Fei’s contacts,” 


“Only 2 of us got through? Who?” Yi Jie voiced out.


Zhao Zi brought up the pictures he had to submit again. “We needed to get new pictures to show that we were authentic. Using the same pictures would just be too suspicious,” Zhao ZI told them. 


“The ones through would be Yu Hao..

...and Hao Ting,” 

“Yes!!” the twin Haos high fived each other. “It’s my time to shine!” Hao Ting looked at Xi Gu, who pouted that Hao Ting would dress up for a mission but looked like he just rolled around in bed when going out on dates.


“Aww, Xi Gu, I promise I’ll put this on tonight,” Hao Ting wiggled his eyebrows. Xi Gu slapped his boyfriend's grabby hand (which decided to find its perch on his chest) away.


“They must have decided that Andy was too risky, given his association to Tang Yi,” Shao Fei summed up. “But still we got 5 in, and one of us will infiltrate as a buyer,”


“As a buyer??!! Don’t you need to be like a multi-millionaire to get an invite?!” Hao Ting squawked. 


“Well, he’s a multi-billionaire so he’s way eligible,” Shao Fei replied.


“Who are these people?” Yi Jie asked a bit intrigued. He looked at Hong Ye, who shook her head.


“Don’t look at me,” Hong Ye stated. “I don’t have enough in my bank account to be invited to underground auctions,”


“Well, here are the people you’ll be working with,” Zhao Zi flashed the first person on the screen.


“This is Lin Xun, struggling cafe manager who owes debts from his mother’s cancer treatment,”



“Wait a minute, he looks familiar,” Andy chirped up. He took out his phone to search through Facebook.


“He’s attractive,” Sheng Zhe agreed. Yi Jie turned his head to look at him, making the man laugh at the childish behavior.


“Then here’s Yuan Jun Dao, with a negative bank account from a Las Vegas trip,”


“Yuan?” Hong Ye piped up. She stared at Shao Fei who just grinned and showed her a peace sign.


“And Yuan Jun Ping, the only college student with 2 Lamborghinis, and is looking to purchase a Bentley,”



“Wait, you’re not saying that these are the Yuan princes of the Yuan banking group are you?!” Yu Qi exclaimed. “They are the biggest banking group in Taiwan!”


“Why yes, and my brother Yuan Jun Cheng is going to infiltrate as a buyer,” Jun Ping chirped when he entered the meeting space.


“만나서 반갑습니다,” Jun Cheng greeted them.  The team looked at the 6 newcomers, all turned deathly quiet. 


“Err…,” Xiang Shi waved his hands, to snap them from their trance. 



Chapter Text

“It’s up to us to save this operation Yu Hao,” Hao Ting clenched his hands. They were in their masks, waiting for the buyers to gather in their rooms. From what they know, there were 10 of them who expressed interest, one of them was Yuan Jun Cheng. This time around, Desmond had chosen 10 final merchandise, all of them dressed to impress. 


Yu Hao guessed that money does make you do crazy things. 


“We need to find evidence of the drugs, then see if Rick and Kuo Gang can be caught together,” Yu Hao recited back. 


“And their base of operations,” Lin Xun added. He was pretending to be a lone wolf, whereas the Yuan brothers were getting knowing looks from the other merchandise. 


“I heard they were spending more than what their father was giving,” one whispered.


“The youngest has 2 Lambos and 1 Bentley,”


“Geeze,” Yu Hao tsked. He broke off from Hao Ting and approached a guard. 


“I need something to get these nerves off,” he said as he slipped a 100 dollars into the man’s pocket. “You guys have anything?” he jutted his bottom lip, which was glossed cherry pink. The guard gulped and stammered that any entertainment would only be available after the auction. Yu Hao gave a seductive thanks and sauntered back to Hao Ting. 

“No go, we’ll have to go through the auction if we want the drugs,” Yu Hao informed them. Hao Ting looked at Lin Xun, who lifted his shoulders. 


“Then leave that to me,” Lin Xun waved a two-finger salute. He then sauntered off to the Juan brothers, acting like a sleaze.


“Hey, you handsome things. After this why don’t we head over to my place?” Lin Xun said out loud. The rest of the merchandise gasped, some claiming that he was out of his mind. 


“What a slut!”


“He’s way over his head! I made a pass and they totally ignored me,” 


Jun Dao rolled his eyes and pulled him to sit on his lap. The ones gossiping were stunned to see that he was attracting attention from the infamous Yuan brothers. Lin Xun coyly placed his head near Jun Dao’s ear, with Jun Ping pretending to go in for a kiss. He whispered as to cover their conversation. 


“Lin Xun, what’s happening?” Jun Ping asked. 


“Pretend to be seduced,” Lin Xun instructed. Jun Ping wasted no time in placing his hand on Lin Xun’s waist, one on his brother’s. “The drugs are only coming out after the auction,”

Jun Dao turned and placed a kiss on Lin Xun’s cheek. “What do you want to do?”


“Once Jun Cheng buys me, we’ll order the drugs,” Lin Xun whispered and then moaned, eliciting more gossip. “You guys focus on finding the bosses,”


“If I didn’t know any better, I would have said that they are actually doing the dirty,” Yu Hao stated, impressed. Whatever happened during the 6 months Shao Fei was with them must have been monumental. There was no way they could be so calm while doing this unless they were trained.


“I’m gay, but I want to throw up,” Hao Ting winced. “I’m going to head out first and see if I can find Rick and Kuo Gang,” he wiped the dust from his black ensemble. “If I come out empty-handed, we’ll need to do it after we are bought,”


“Buy Shao Fei specifically said to..,” Yu Hao argued.


“I know what Shao Fei said. But I don’t want to lose again,” Hao Ting insisted. “If I come out empty, we’ll go through the auction, then we have 15 minutes to try and get the drugs, find Kuo Gang and Rick together AND their base of operations,” he looked at Lin Xun, who nodded at him.


“I already told this to Lin Xun,” Hao Ting added.


“You changed the plan?” Yu Hao scolded him. "Tang Yi is going to be pissed,”


“Meh, we’ll deal with that later,” Hao TIng smiled. “Remember, after 15 minutes, Jun Cheng and his merchandise will move their venue somewhere else. They will pull the fire alarm and we’ll use that to escape,”


“So all we have to do after we have been bought is to make sure none of us are transferred somewhere else for 15 minutes,” Yu Hao agreed. “You have 4 minutes before the auction starts,”

Hao Ting came back empty-handed but managed to sweep through 6 rooms on the west side, all belonging to potential buyers. The plan was then to wait until you are bought, then Yu Hao will excuse himself to go to the gents and try to sweep the rooms on the east side. After he was done, the Yuan brothers would sweep the north ones, since there were more rooms there. Then, Hao Ting will come out for the final sweep of the south rooms. If any of them found Rick and Kuo Gang first, they would press the cuffs which would signal Jun Cheng and Lin Xun to make their move earlier. 


They each agreed to take no more than 5 minutes each, as to not arouse suspicion.


“SOLD for 6 million US dollars,” Jun Ping pouted. If this was a real thing, he would be getting 30% of that cut. Which comes up to a whopping total of  $1.8 mil. He could use that money to splurge on Yuen Rong. But nooooo, this was all fake. He made his way to his designated room, which coincidentally was on the north side of the floor. So one room is already down. He steeled himself and entered the room. 


“Hi, I’m...Hyung-nim?!” Jun Ping shouted. “You’re supposed to buy Lin Xun!”


--auto-translation turned on--

“Wae?” Jun Cheng pouted. “Lin Xun is capable of handling himself, you on the other what are we supposed to do?”


“Then it means Lin Xun and Jun Dao will be sweeping the north rooms for Rick and Kuo Gang,” Jun Ping sat down next to his brother but didn’t bother to take off his mask. “We have to get the drugs,” 


Jun Cheng raised his eyebrows but pressed on the calling function of his tablet. A voice asked him if he needed anything.


“My date wants to loosen up. Give me the strongest stuff,” Jun Cheng commanded. Jun Ping raked his hand through his hair. 


“Lin Xun is going to lose it. You’ll sleep on the couch,” Jun Ping warned. “And if he gets groped by his buyer, you’ll be sleeping on the couch for months,”


“He will let me back on the bed once I find his buyer and kill him if he as much as say something wrong to my Lin Xun,” Jung Cheng dismissed the notion. Jun Ping forgot how scary protective his brother was. Heck, they were still sure that Xiang Shi had made up that story about Jun Cheng threatening him to not play with Jun Dao. Speaking of protective…


“Does this have something to do with me being kidnapped?” Jun Ping asked, suddenly feeling very touched. Some time ago, he was kidnapped and the perpetrators demanded ransom, but his brother had just hung up when they called. Luckily he was returned safely, and he didn’t really ask what happened to the bad guys.


“Hung-nim..did you...kill the guys who kidnapped me?” Jun Ping muttered. Jun Cheng just stared at him.

“I’m sorry miss, but I have to use the gents. I’ll be back in a bit,” Yu Hao excused himself. Thank god his buyer was a 50-something old lady who just wanted some company. He could forgive the too friendly touches to his arms. 


“Oh, you charming rascal!” the old lady giggled. Yu Hao waved with a smile and put on his mask again. He waited for the guards to disappear before heading the east side.


“Ooops! Sorry, I thought this was the gents,” Yu Hao apologized for the 6th time. That was the last of them and no sign of Kuo Gang or Rick Lam. As he went back to his room, he passed by Jun Dao, who looked murderous. Making sure that the coast was clear, he pretended to ask how the night was going.


“Hey, you okay?” Yu Hao asked.


“The guy who bought me is a luxury car dealer, too grabby for his own good,” Jun Dao grumbled. “I’m this close to hiding in the toilet and not coming out,” Jun Dao opened a bit of the room he was in front of to peek, but another buyer was in there.


“Yikes. Just try to bear with it okay? Where is your room? Press the cuffs if it gets too much,” Yu Hao asked. Jun Dao pointed out a few rooms down the north corridor, excusing himself to check the remaining 4 rooms. Yu Hao said good luck then entered his own room. The old lady had set up the karaoke stage.


“Why did you go out? We have a bathroom in here,” his buyer asked. Yu Hao grinned and told her he was embarrassed to use the toilet to do his business with her close by.


“Aww...what a gentleman,”


“Lin Xun, you okay? I don’t want Hyung-nim to go on a killing spree after this,” Jun Dao asked when he passed the young man to go back to their rooms. 


“I’m good. The buyer just wanted to have a chat. He’s nice. I might consider giving him my Line ID,” Lin Xun replied.


“Hyung-nim is going to go on a rampage,” Jun Dao muttered low. “How nice. Why did I have to be stuck with a pervert,” Lin Xun immediately went on high alert, checking Jun Dao for any injuries.


“Who? Where?!” Lin Xun asked, frisking Jun Dao. The man batted his hand away. 


“I’m okay! Don’t be like Hyung-nim now. I still know the self-defense moves Shao Fei-ge taught us,” but Jun Dao still pointed out the room he was stationed at. 


“Okay, just try to stay safe for 5 more minutes,” Lin Xun urged. 


“No need, I have their pictures,” Hao Ting greeted them. He pointed to his top button, which doubled as a camera. “One weird thing though, they were eating fruits and trading wine while giving each other looks. Whatever. Let’s go back to our rooms and I’ll activate our cuffs. That way when the alarm rings we won’t be suspects,”


“Hurry it up, my pervert buyer has fast hands,” Jun Dao grunted. They each made their way to their respective rooms. As soon as Jun Dao entered his room, his buyer was already standing, indicating that he wanted to leave.




“Let’s go Yuan Jun Dao. The night is young,” his buyer suggested. “Finish your drink first, please. This Grand-Cru is not cheap,” Jun Dao relaxed his shoulders and picked up his drink. 


“I know,” Jun Dao rolled his eyes.


“Every time you want to take a drink that has been left unattended, dip your finger with this nail polish in your drink. If your drink is doctored it will change from blue to green,” Meng Shao Fei briefed them. “Just colour the tips of your index finger so that it won’t be too noticeable,”


Shao Fei then proceeded to show how to apply the nail polish and then show them the dried version. He then dipped his finger inconspicuously into his drink, making it look natural. As soon as he did it, his polis turned a distinct green colour.


“Ohh, cool!” Yuen Rong exclaimed.


“There are many other gadgets to test for rape drugs, but this one works better if you don’t want to alert the person your with you suspected them,” Shao Fei grinned. “Hopefully this will prevent future scandals...Jun Dao!”


“That crazy bitch tried to drug my Xiang Shi!” Jun Dao protested. “If I didn’t get there on time, he would have been a dad,”


“Then Xiang Shi, make sure you have this on you..247!”


“Yeah Xiang Shi, you’re too nice!” Jun Ping added. They all laughed when Yuen Rong regaled them of the tale when a middle aged woman tried to coax Xiang Shi into a hotel room, claiming that she was lost.


Jun Dao was snapped out of his reverie when his buyer decided to continue his chat. 


“I actually wanted to buy your brother. He has that pale skin I really like,” 


“Really?” Jun Dao asked, gritting his teeth, swirling his finger in his wine coyly.  


“We would have so much... fun,” the intonation wasn’t lost. Jun Dao gripped his pants in an attempt to not kill the man. He was still sore about the kidnapping Jun Ping had gone through. He knew that his eldest had done something behind their backs to the perpetrators. There was no way Jun Ping would be returned without being harmed. People just assume he doesn’t care about anything but Xiang Shi, but he definitely cares about his family. 


And somewhere along the line, that included Meng Shao Fei. He’ll just play it cool. But that all was blown to kingdom come as soon as he took out his finger. His nail polish had turned green. 

“What is this?!” Hao Ting’s buyer shrieked when the fire alarm blared and water sprinklers turned on. 


“This way ma'am,” Hao Ting pushed her out of the door to the nearest exit. The bodyguards ushered the patrons out, screaming over confused buyers and scandalized merchandise. Hao Ting was about to head out the exit when Yu Hao bumped into him. Behind him were Jun Cheng and Jun Ping. 


“Where’s Lin Xun?” Hao Ting asked. Yu Hao pointed to a few doors down, which Hao Ting recognized as Jun Dao’s room. Feeling a bit restless, he rushed to the room with the rest.


“This is for thinking of drugging my brother!” Jun Dao stepped on the buyer, ignoring as the man begged for mercy. Lin Xun was behind him, arms folded, a proud look on his face. Jun Cheng came in asking his lover what was happening. 


“He said he was aiming for Jun Ping,” Jun Dao growled out, stomping one more time. Then he showed them his index finger. Jun Cheng hissed when he caught the green nail polish. 


“You dare try to drug my Jun Dao?! And have impure thoughts of my Jun Ping?!” Yu Hao winced when a bone cracked. Jun Ping goaded his brother to do more damage.


“Hyung-nim,” Jun Dao mumbled. Seeing his eldest brother erased all doubts about what  Xiang Shi told him. He did threaten Xiang Shi!


“I think he’s passed out Jun Cheng,” Lin Xun hummed. He pulled his lover out of the room when he saw that there was less traffic. “Come on, we have to go,” all three brothers followed Lin Xun and the two Haos out. They trailed behind the running mass, then slipped out the exit staircase. Running towards the lower ground, a black limo was waiting as soon as they stepped into the streets. 


Meng Shao Fei fretted over them once they entered. 


“Is anyone hurt? Do I need to send Jack somewhere?” Shao Fei asked, looking at Hao Ting and Yu Hao. Both assured him they were fine. Tang Yi just sat beside him, silently scanning the kids. They were unharmed, only a bit wet. 


“But these guys!” Yu Hao whistled, then went into how he had stumbled upon an ass whopping of the century. Shao Fei immediately zeroed in on Jun Cheng.


“What did you do, Cheng?”


“Me?! It was Jun Dao!” Jun Cheng protested. Jun Dao gave a horrified look. How dare his brother tell on him.


“Hyung! I thought it was a secret,” Jun Dao whined. Lin Xun neutralized the situation by explaining what had really happened. By the end of the story, even Shao Fei was peeved that something could have happened.


“I’m never buying cars from him,” Shao Fei swore. Tang Yi smirked. Jun Ping scoffed, saying that Shao Fei couldn’t even afford a recent Honda, much less a luxury car. 


“Maybe if you took our offer to be our personal bodyguard you could be driving an Aston Martin,” Jun Dao goaded. Jun Cheng turned to look at Shao Fei and placed his hand on the man’s shoulder.


“Won’t you consider it?” all three brothers and Lin Xun turned to give Shao Fei puppy eyes. Shao Fei was about to reply when Tang Yi gripped Jun Cheng’s hand (none too gently). 


“Once we are married, Shao Fei can have all the Aston Martins that he wants. And I would appreciate it if you didn’t touch him so freely,” Tang Yi warned Jun Cheng. Hao Ting and Yu Hao inched further away from them, squeezing against each other. The car’s temperature suddenly dropped down to 0℃.  Tang Yi was about to throw Jun Cheng’s hand off Shao Fei’s shoulder when Lin Xun grabbed his hand. Jun Dao and Jun Ping tensed and frowned when Lin Xun gave a strained smile.


“Noted,” Lin Xun flexed his hand, making Tang Yi grunt a bit. Shao Fei then laughed, breaking the tense situation.


“Lin Xun! You sound so much more intimidating now!” Shao Fei gently dislodged every one’s hand off him, then held Tang Yi’s hand. He brought the hand to his lap, smoothing out the redness from Lin Xun’s grip. Lin Xun looked like he was about to retort but Jun Cheng held up his hand.


“You should hear him in bed,” Jun Cheng huffed out, smug. His brothers immediately huffed a sigh of relief, then broke out in mock outrage.


“Hyung-nim! Too much information!”



They dropped off the Yuan brothers in front of their apartment, with Shao Fei the only one coming out to see them off. Tang Yi sulked in the limo, glaring at Jun Cheng and Lin Xun from inside.


“He’s so uncouth,” Jun Cheng commented, hand still held by Lin Xun. Lin Xun cajoled him to calm down. Shao Fei laughed as Jun Ping and Jun Cheng agreed wholeheartedly.


“Thanks, guys. I owe you one,” Shao Fei said, gratefully.  “I’m happy that you are keeping each other safe,”


“Someone said that blood ties are not lonely roads,” Jun Ping mused.


“But shared walks,” Jun Dao continued. 


“It becomes pleasant if we do it together,” Jun Cheng added. Lin Xun smiled at the brothers and turned to look at Meng Shao Fei.


“Be safe Shao Fei-ge. You know you don’t need to wait until you have a problem to come see us right?” Lin Xun reminded him.


Shao Fei nodded, stepping closer to the limo. “You guys be safe too,” he opened the door, sighing when he saw Tang Yi pouting at him, then glared at the brothers behind him. Shao Fei beamed but sat on Tang Yi’s lap to pacify the man. 


“You can always come to my place when you’re angry at Tang Yi,” Jun Cheng teased, making his brothers laugh and Lin Xun snicker.  Tang Yi looked close to exploding but Shao Fei had closed the door and ordered Jack to drive away. Tang Yi turned to forbid Shao Fei from seeing them again, but his lover cut him to it.


“No, Tang Yi, I will not stop from seeing them just because you feel insecure,” Shao Fei rebuked him. “I will, however, promise to NOT go alone. I will take one of the kids if you’re not available,”


Tang Yi deflated, appeased with the offer. Yu Hao and Hao Ting grumbled, stating that they don’t want to play baby sitter. Once Shao Fei told them about the PS5 and VR station they just installed in their gaming theatre, both of them readily volunteered as tribute. 


“Oh yeah, Zhao Zi told me to check your bank accounts. Apparently, the money from the auction already came in,” Shao Fei added. Both Haos sat upright.


“We’re still getting paid?!” Hao Ting asked, but took out his phone anyway. “Shit, that lady bought me for 3 million...HOLY CANNOLI there’s $900,00. Yu Hao, there’s 9..wait a minute, how much did you sell for?”


Yu Hao’s hand shook as he stared at his phone screen. Looking at the occupants in the car, he gestured to his phone but words just escaped him. Shao Fei looked interested but waited for him to say his piece. Tang Yi and Jack just tuned out the conversation, uninterested. Hao Ting got tired of waiting and snatched the phone away. Once he noticed the deposit, he took out his own phone to calculate.


“The FUCK! How come you have $1.5 million?! How much did that granny..wait a minute...1.5 over x equals to 0.3, so your x is... She did not pay 5 million for you! That face is not worth 5 million!” Hao Ting protested. 


“I’m a millionaire,” Yu Hao gasped.



Chapter Text

“Diamond Bone has been spotted in a club at downtown Taipei,” Captain of Unit 3, Wang Ming Ha announced as he entered the meeting room. Shao Fei perked at the new name.


“Isn’t it called Crystal Skeleton?”


“Yeah, apparently the youngsters don't like it,” the captain replied. “”Through an anonymous tip, we have evidence of a drug circulating in the clubs containing what is believed to be human bones. I believe this is connected to the kidnapping of Professor Shi Yi Jie last time, which was handled by us due to its connection to Rick Lam, a known associate of the past Tian Meng group,”


“And by anonymous tip I mean someone linked to the Yuan group heirs dropped the drug sample AND photos of Rick Lam and Kuo Gang convoluting as they ate apples and drank wine in a seedy underground dating auction,”


Jun Wie whistled and Yu Qi pretended to take down notes while Zhao Zi sipped his coffee. The captain didn’t buy it.


“Nonetheless, we will investigate this rumor, and it is up to this unit once again, to go undercover at your favourite bar,” 


“You mean Andy’s? Why would they distribute drugs there? Don’t they know Andy’s is under our protection?” Shao Fei asked, perplexed. There was no way that an employee would be dealing drugs in the bar. Andy regulates the workers tightly, and makes surprise inspections in their lockers whenever he feels like it. Plus, the sight of Tang Yi and Jack often deters even the most hardcore mini gang members from coming there. That and unit 3 is there every other night. 


“Nice to know that you’re not ashamed to admit you are, in some ways, influenced by your ex-gangster boyfriend. Protection?” Wang scoffed.


“I’m saying we are there often. Heck, Jun Wei almost every night, I’m surprised Andy didn’t offer to rent him a room at the back,” Shao Fei defended. “But then again, it is just Jun Wei,”


“That’s the tip we got from one of the rookies,” Wang repeated. “So, like it or not, we have to check it out,”

“When I say undercover, it also means confidential, Meng Shao Fei,” Wang hissed as he was seated in a booth with Shao Fei, Jun Wei, Zhao Zi and Yu Qi.


With Tang Yi.


And of course Jack. 


“Relax, captain. How do you like the Chia Te pineapple cakes?” Tang Yi asked, cranking up his charms to 100%. Wang grumbled, saying that it was delicious. 


“We always do this, so it isn’t suspicious,” Jack added, placing one arm behind his husband. 

“Congratulations Captain! To your divorce!” Jack exclaimed. The captain frowned but toasted anyway. He knew that they wanted to create a cover story as to why he’s here, but did they have to go this far?!


“And here’s to you finally being able to be with your 21 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND!!” Zhao Zi cheered, lost in the moment. 


“Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean its okay to make everyone gay,” Yu Qi protested. 


“I'm a happy single,” Wang pressed. They drank while inconspicuously keeping an eye out for shady dealings. Jack noticed then that Xi Gu was signalling him from the bar. 


“Excuse me,” Jack stood up to order a drink.


“Jack, the boss went to the back room because a customer wanted to propose a business deal. But they haven’t ordered any drinks. It’s been 30 minutes now. The guy’s men are guarding the door and won’t let us in,” Xi Gu complained. Jack peaked into the back room hallway and noticed Yu Hao watching the security monitors. 


Jack scanned the room, noticing that the man was just standing there, but Andy’s face was unable to be seen from the camera. All they could see was Andy’s back,sitting in an upright position. Jack decided to storm in. He was about to engage with the 2 guys in front of the room when the guy came out and smiled.


“Hi Jack,” then the 3 of them hastily left the scene. Jack wasted no time in coming in and seeing Andy unconscious, but his body seemed to be frozen in a sitting stance instead of slumping down.


“Andy!” Jack shouted, calling to Yu Hao to bring in smelling salts. As soon as Andy regained consciousness, Wang and Unit 3 stormed in. Shao Fei was holding back the captain, stating that there was no way Andy was involved. Jun Wei vouched for Andy too. 


“Freeze! You are under arrest for distributing drugs!” Wang shouted. Jack and Andy froze, and Andy gripped his hand, realizing there was something in his grasp.


“Put your hands up!”


Andy brought his hands to eye level and opened them. In his palm were 5 small, grey-colored skull-shaped pills.


“I’m sorry guys, but procedure states that any venue under suspicion for the distribution of dangerous substances must be closed until the owner is proven innocent,” Wang explained. “We are looking at the men in the pictures as we speak, but nonetheless, there is a picture of Andy accepting,”


“He was not accepting! He is just opening his palm and the man must have told him some corny lines like ‘do you want a present?’ or something,” Shao Fei deduced. “We tested his blood, there were traces of the drugs in his system!”


“Which could indicate that he was drugged OR he took them himself to test out the sample,” Wang retorted. “Look, I don’t like it any more than you do, but until we have the men in the picture and make them talk, Andy is a suspect,”


“Then at least let me bail him out. He won’t last a day more in there,” Shao Fei bartered. Once he was given the green light by his captain, he called Tang Yi to ask him to come down here and help Andy out, but Tang Yi only laughed and said he’ll do it later.


“Tang Yi! I’m not joking. We’re out of single cells, so we had to put him in with the hookers Unit 2 caught last night. They’re eating him alive!”


Good,” Tang Yi replied then ended the call. Shao Fei grunted, then blew a raspberry at his boyfriend.


“What happened to them?” Shao Fei muttered. “He used to say that Andy was this good friend, but after he came out of prison, he treats Andy like a threat. I don’t know if he’s right in the head! I should take him to see the quack,” Shao Fei ranted. He trekked all the way to relay the message by Tang Yi, but was surprised when he saw Yu Hao and Xi Gu there. Andy hugged both of them and kissed their cheeks.


“Thank you! My hero~!” Andy sighed. Shao Fei grinned once Andy entertained him with the tale of “ Warrior Yu Hao and Negotiator Xi Gu saving Prince Andy from Man Hungry Whores ' and found out that Yu Hao had used the money he made from the auction to place bail on Andy. 


“I’ll pay him back, of course,” Andy assured. “Or I’ll just make him co-owner of the bar,”


“I think Zi Xuan-ge would protest,” Xi Gu snickered. They hopped into Shao Fei’s car and drove to Tang Yi’s. Shao Fei called Tang Yi again to tell him that they were on their way and to prepare to hear the mad lecture Andy will bestow upon him once they arrived. 


Wei, Shao Fei?” Tang Yi greeted his lover. 


“Tang Yi, you’re lucky Yu Hao is kind enough to help Andy out. I think he just demoted you from friend to acquaintances,” Shao Fei chided his boyfriend. 


He fell into the annoyance category aeons ago,” Tang Yi revealed, making Andy mock gasp. Yu Hao and Xi Gu laughed from behind the car as Andy mimicked Tang Yi’s reply. 

They then heard the door slammed open.


What is…,”


Then the line went dead.


“Meng Shao Fei LOOKOUT!”


Shao Fei turned to see a black van coming fast from behind and smashed their car from their left side. The force caused the car to spin a few times before coming to a complete stop as it hit a lamp post. Shao Fei’s safety bags deployed. The bags knocked both him and Andy out, just in time for the black van to pull over beside their car.

Chapter Text

“He’s coming to,”


Shao Fei blinked open his eyes to see Sheng Zhe and Zi Xuan hovering above him. Shi Yi Jie’s daughter was seated on the love chair, with a grim look on her face. Shao Fei asked what happened to the other passengers, hence Jack briefed him of the situation. 


Tang Yi was the only one in the house when they brought in Sheng Zhe and You You. The 2 guards were shot dead and Yi Jie had been taken about an hour prior, and Rick had used both of them as a hostage to coax Tang Yi into following him. He then left Sheng Zhe to contact Jack. 


At the same time, Kuo Gang had hit Shao Fei and taken Yu Hao and Xi Gu when they were both down. 


Once Jack came and noticed that Tang Yi had been taken, he had called everyone to make sure no one else was taken, and that was when Dr Jiang had been notified of Shao Fei’s accident. Luckily the airbags had shielded them from injury, making the damages minimal. As of now, Shao Fei had one bruised eye and Andy a slight concussion. 


“We need to find them fast,” Shao Fei grunted. “They only need the location of the last bone pit in Beitou. Once they have that, they don’t need them anymore,”


“They decided to ditch me and take Yu Hao instead,” Zi Xiang hissed out. He had taken extreme precautions to not be alone any time of the day, but he did not count on the fact that they could have researched Yu Hao too. They must have known he could serve well. 


“It has been 2 hours since they were taken,” Zhao Zi added. Hao Ting was using the IP address from the auction to see if he could ping the location of Rick or Desmond, but nothing came up. He slammed the laptop shut and walked to their evidence wall. Pictures and maps littered the vast surface. 


“We need to narrow down their base of operations,” Shao Fei stood up. Jack brought up the map of Taipei city. 


“They are making heroin, so a distinct give away of this would be the ammonium smell during the extraction stage,” Zi Xuan pondered. He stopped as everyone looked at him. “Don’t you all watch Breaking Bad?”


“There were no reports of weird ammonium smell, so the place that they are working on must have the ability to mask it,” Yu Qi chirped. 


“In Breaking Bad, they were making it in an RV out in the desert. But all we have here in Taipei are either forests, industrial areas or housing estates,” Andy supplied. Hao Ting zeroed in on the picture between Kuo Gang and Rick Lam. 


“I keep thinking something is weird with this picture!” Hao Ting screamed, wracking his brain. “If Xi Gu was here, he would have known what it is,” Xi Zuan came up and stared at the picture too. He kept staring at the wine bottle both of them were drinking out of. Jack came up and stared at the fruits they both were eating.


“He’s eating apples,” Jack commented. “Not exactly weird during an underground auction, but peculiar nonetheless,”


Shao Fei mumbled ‘apples, apples’ and turned to Zhao Zi. “Zhao Zi! Look for apple cider plants here in Taipei!”


“What? Why?! Okay,” Zhao Zi typed in the search engine and blasted two potential plants. One just outside of Taipei industrial area. The other in the heart of Taipei.


“No one has reported weird ammonium smell being emitted for the last months, meaning that they are making the heroin where the ammonium is being masked,” Shao Fei snapped the photo of the plants and saved it on his maps. Sheng Zhe packed his first aid kit and asked You You to be a good girl. He was going to save Yi Jie. 


“One thing that can mask ammonium smell is vinegar...APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!” Zi Xuan exclaimed. He strapped his gun onto his belt. Hao Ting took down both locations and packed his laptop. 


“We don’t have time for more deductions. Let’s just split into 2. Me, Hao Ting, Zi Xuan, and Yu Qi will head to the one here,” Shao Fei pointed out the one on the outskirts of the industrial area. “Jack, take  Zhao Zi, Sheng Zhe and Jun Wei will head here,”


“If your place is clear, head to the other one,” Jack told them, flipping his knife shut. 


“Be careful,”

“Well Tang Yi, this is exactly how I picture you would die when I captured you. Thanks for giving us the location of the bones. As appreciation, you can join these guys as they rest in peace,” Kuo Gang pointed out as he held a gun to Xi Gu’s head. Tang Yi, Yi Jie, and Yu Hao glared as the tractor gradually released dirt from its tipper. The dirt rose steadily to touch their feet, making them bundle closer to the middle. 


“Are you going to make another bone pit?” Yi Jie gruffed out. There were already 5 skinny bodies with them, Yi Jie assumed that they were the ones Rick and Kuo Gang used to retrieve the bones from the previous pits. They were extremely emancipated, clearly not given food so that they couldn't fight back.  Yu Hao noticed that Xi Gu was pulling at a thread at the bottom of his shirt.


“Why yes!” Rick Lam nodded his head, giving the signal for the men to hurry it up and bury them. “We have enough bones to last us for a while, after that this would generate enough heat that the fuzz would be crawling up our asses, so we have to stay low for a while,”


“By the time the money we get selling these batches, you would be skeletonized perfectly for the next batch,” Kuo Gang laughed and pushed Xi Gu into the pit with them. Yu Hao went to cushion his fall, making both of them fall on their backs. 


“Okay I’m done, tip the dirt faster,” Kuo Gang instructed. The henchmen nodded and increased the angle of the tipper, making dirt flow faster into the pit. Tang Yi picked up the two emancipated victims so they wouldn’t be lying down or they would have been buried already. Yi Jie, Yu Hao and Xi Gu held one each, forcing them to stand upright. 


“It’s at our waist already, you have to stand up!” Xi Gu implored the one he was with. The man was so exhausted that he couldn’t reply or make noise. The dirt rose up to their chest, rising fast. 

“Kuo Gang! It’s that weird detective!” someone shouted from the entryway. Kuo Gang cursed and took out his gun, Rick following suit.  The driver of the tractor stepped down to join the fray, leaving the tipper to load dirt into the pit. Xi Gu tied his thread to a small pebble and threw it outside of the pit, hoping that the falling dirt wouldn’t throw the pebble back with him. Luckily the dirt had lost momentum and was falling in a smaller stream. Tang Yi tried shouting for Shao Fei, but the dirt had risen to their chins, and it kept coming inside his mouth.


Xi Gu, Yu Hao, and Yi Jie were already submerged when shots rang in the vinegar plant. 


“Shao Fei..,” Tang Yi gasped as he too was buried.

Chapter Text

“There’s at least a dozen of them!” Yu Qi shouted as she called for Jun Wei. They were a considerable distance apart, so they would take some time to get here. 


“No time! Hao Ting!” Shao Fei shouted as he took cover behind one pillar. Zi Xuan crouched low and took out his colt to aim. 


“We’ll hold these guys off, you have to find them!” Shao Fei instructed. Hao Ting nodded as he put on the bullet proof vest Shao Fei brought. “I saw tractor tracks and dirt leading into the plant. Follow it,” Shao Fei was about to say more when he was shot at by Rick Lam. Hao Ting pieced the information together and wasted no time in sprinting off to find the tracks.


Shao Fei watched him go with a heavy heart but chose to trust that the training they had done would be enough to pull through. He focused on taking out the henchmen, leaving Zi Xuan to take out Rick.


“Here, Zi Xuan,” Shao Fei told him, Zi Xuan following the angle of Shao Fei’s aim. He waited for Rick to emerge and take a shot at Shao Fei, then adjusted his gun to pinpoint the man’s location. 


“People are a creature of habit, Zi Xuan. If a shooter is backed against a wall and is aiming for someone, he or she will likely keep coming out from the same position until his target is dead,” Jack told him as he fixed his gaze on the target. It was one of those cuckoo clocks set to go off every hour. As the clock struck 3, the bird came out and shrieked its signature ‘cuckoo’.


“Your best chance is to lay low, under the target and wait for the shooter to shoot,” Jack stated, aiming his gun.




“Then once you’re sure…,”BANG! 


Zi Xuan looked to see the bird was blasted, leaving only the legs.


Shao Fei retracted, making Zi Xuan tense as he knew Rick would come out to try and shoot Shao Fei. As Rick’s hand emerged with the gun, Zi Xuan pulled the trigger!


“AHH, SHIT!” Rick shouted, gun thrown far as Zi Xuan’s bullet zipped into his shoulder.


Hao Ting arrived in a large warehouse meant to keep apples. He followed the trail and ran the last few meters once he spotted the giant tractor. A few stray dirt particles were still bouncing off the tipper, so he wasted no time in dropping low and digging with his hand. 


“There’s so much dirt!” Hao Ting grunted, feeling despair. “Xi Gu!!”

As he dug around, he saw a thread tied to a pebble. He pulled the thread and dug following the trail, careful to not break it. Suddenly two more pairs of hands joined him. Hao Ting looked up but didn’t stop his digging to see both Sheng Zhe and Zi Xuan digging where he was. 


All three of them focused on digging until Hao Ting touched some hair. 


“It’s Xi Gu! I recognize this soft fluff anywhere!” Xi Gu renewed his effort.  They followed the shape of the head, uncovering Xi Gu’s face with his nose upwards. As soon as he could cough dirt out, Xi Gu shouted to the guys.


“They’re here! Hao Ting stop kissing me! Everyone is around me! Hao Ting!” Xi Gu whined, but let out tears of happiness as Hao Ting dug but kept trying to give him CPR.


“There’s 9 of us in here!” Xi Gu told them as he bit Hao Ting to make the man stop. “Hao Ting to my right!” Hao Ting dug and uncovered the man Xi Gu was helping stood up. 


“Here! It’s Yi Jie!” Zi Xuan shouted, making Sheng Zhe shift his position. Sheng Zhe cursed while digging.


“If you die without marrying me Shi Yi Jie, I’m going to marry that guy who gave me the love letter in the library!” Sheng Zhe grunted, uncovering the dirt covering Yi Jie’s face. Yi Jie coughed and glared (as best as he could) at his lover.


“Over my dea..huk! Body!” Yi Jie coughed out.  Sheng Zhe hit his head hard, to show his dissatisfaction.


“Yeah, you were this close!” Sheng Zhe complained then asked him if there was anyone nearby.


“Yeah, the guy I helped is right there, a bit further..yup! Hey, come back here and dig me out so I can kiss you!”




Xi Zuan dug and uncovered the man Yu Hao was with, and the man mustered all his energy to pinpoint where Yu Hao was. He changed his angle so that he could dig out both the man and Yu Hao. Once the man’s head was fully free up to his neck, Zi Xuan focused on freeing Yu Hao.


Yu Hao opened his eyes then smiled as he saw his boyfriend.


“Zi Xuan! Tang Yi! Tang Yi is next to me, about a meter on my left!” Yu Hao shouted. “Hurry! There’s three of them!”


Xi Zuan wanted to properly dig his lover out, but abandoned him and went on to dig  Tang Yi out. Hao Ting had just finished digging out the man Xi Gu had helped, came down and helped to dig out Tang Yi. He passed by Yu Hao and gave an evil smirk.


“Hao Ting you fuck! You better not!” Yu Hao warned, struggling to get out. He wiggled until part of his shoulder was out. Hao Ting whistled as he sat between Yu Hao and Zi Xuan and dug out so that the dirt he swept would hit Yu Hao.


“Xiang Hao Ting! You asshole! I just got out!” Yu Hao growled, evading his head so it won’t be hit by the dirt. He heard Zi Xuan give a shout to Sheng Zhe, who left the man he had just uncovered and helped free Tang Yi and the two men. 


Kuo Gang was chasing after the brat that had followed the trail, intending to finish him off before he could find Tang Yi. 




That sounded like Rick. Huh. Kuo Gang contemplated whether to either keep following Hao Ting or go back to Rick. He decided that Rick had enough men to back him up. He kept on chasing Hao Ting but was tackled by another person from the side just as he was about to take off again. His gun flew off somewhere, so he had to punch the person away. 


“Ow!” Zhao Zi cried out, holding his cheek. He backed up from Kuo Gang, keeping a safe distance. Kuo Gang hissed and felt around his pocket for other weapons he might have had. He felt the tips of his fingers touch a knife and took it out. 


Kuo Gang lunged for Zhao Zi, making the small man shout out as he braced the incoming knife from piercing his shoulder.


“Hi! It’s me again!” Zhao Zi greeted, and Kuo Gang grunted his reply.


“Shut up,” Kuo Gang demanded, inching his knife closer to Zhao Zi. 


“Did you see the picture that I sent for the auction? I look better right?” Zhao Zi huffed as the knife grazed his shirt. Kuo Gang shifted the knife’s trajectory to evade the bulletproof vest. He vaguely recognized this black-handled knife, but then focused on stabbing Zhao Zi. 


“Shao Fei looked hotter,” Kuo Gang grinned. Zhao Zi’s eyes took on a dangerous glint and suddenly he laxed his hand, letting the knife penetrate his skin halfway. Blood seeped from the knife wound, staining his shirt. 

Kuo Gang was so surprised that he stopped pressing the knife into Zhao Zi.

“What the? Are you NUTS?!” Kuo Gang shrieked, pulling the knife out. Zhao Zi held onto his bleeding shoulder, laughing lowly.


“No. You're nuts for not recognizing that butterfly knife,” Zhao Zi huffed out. “The last time its owner lost him everyone almost died,”








“And you even stabbed me, his beloved husband too…,” Kuo Gang paled as he heard footsteps approaching them at high speed. He clutched the knife close, hoping that it would somehow save him from the Armageddon feeling he was getting. The footsteps stopped behind him, and Zhao Zi suddenly turned from a hell-bent demon to a meek hurt kitten persona.


“Honey! He stabbed me with your knife!” Zhao Zi whined. Kuo Gang turned around to deflect the accusation but was too scared when he saw Jack covered in blood. The man was soaked! Half of the man’s face was covered in the crimson liquid, dripping slowly onto his black leather jacket. He took one look at Zhao Zi and then at the knife in Kuo Gang’s hand. 


“Is that my knife?” Jack asked, grinning. Kuo Gang shivered as he clutched the knife like a lifeline.


“Gee thanks for worrying about me! Jack, you should really consider your priori..Jack. What are you doing? Jack, don’t put away the gun. SHIT. Jack! Just shoot him! No, don’t use your bare hands..No, don’t! Jack!? JAAACKKKK!!!”







“I told Zhao Zi that wasn’t a good idea,” Shao Fei grumbled as he sped to Hao Ting’s place. He reached there and saw Hao Ting, Zi Xuan, and Sheng Zhe digging next to Yu Hao’s head. He breathed a sigh of relief once he saw Yi Jie and Xi Gu, both wriggling to get free. 


“It’s Tang Yi!” Hao Ting shouted. Shao Fei rushed towards them and sank onto his knees, digging where Hao Ting was.




“Keep digging! TANG YI!” Shao Fei shouted as he clutched at the earth. Sheng Zhe uncovered the man with Tang Yi, but let out a cry when the man was unconscious and wasn’t breathing.


“He’s not breathing!” Sheng Zhe exclaimed. He dug some more so he could free the man’s lips.


“Sheng Zhe, NO! I forbid it!” Yi Jie warned his boyfriend. Sheng Zhe scolded his lover that a man’s life was at stake. He pinched the man’s nose and gave CPR, puffing into him. “His chest needs to be free so I can give compressions! Zi Xuan!” Zi Xuan left once he was confident the other man he had dug was going to make it and focused on freeing the one with Sheng Zhe. They managed to free his chest area, so while Sheng Zhe was puffing air into his mouth, Zi Xuan did chest compressions until the man let out a long cough. Both of them breathed a sigh of relief, then Sheng Zhe rushed to call an ambulance, ignoring Yi Jie calling him.


“Tang Yi!” Shao Fei shouted as he uncovered the man’s face. He cried out as Tang Yi seemed to not be breathing, making Hao Ting dug faster. By this time Yu Hao had escaped and joined in digging Tang Yi out, while Zi Xuan went to dig out Xi Gu. 


“Sure, leave the old man to dig himself out,” Yi Jie complained, having only gained one hand to do it. Xi Gu thanked Zi Xuan as he was able to free both hands and start to dig. He gave a worried glance at Tang Yi, who had been uprooted from the pit and laid down on his back. Meng Shao Fei immediately administered CPR, alternating between chest compressions and air.


Shao Fei was about to breathe in more air as one hand shot up and grabbed his head, pressing him to kiss Tang Yi. The peck only lasted a few seconds before Tang Yi pulled Shao Fei away and coughed out dirt.


“Tang Yi! You!” Shao Fei whined, but closed his eyes and slumped onto Tang Yi’s shoulder. Hao Ting sat back on his ass, laughing with Zi Xuan. They were all worn out from digging, hands raw.


“What a touching reunion,” a voice boomed from behind them, a single gun aiming at Tang Yi. Shao Fei immediately went on the defense, Hao Ting ducking in front of Xi Gu’s half-exposed body, Yu Hao pulled Zi Xuan behind him and Yi Jie froze, only having dug until his abdomen. Shao Fei turned and saw Edward Ma, with a police uniform on.


“What a pity,” Ma grunted, glaring as Tang Yi sat up behind Shao Fei, clutching the man’s waist. 

“You managed to track them right here? There were two sites,”


“You know why I chose this site,” Shao Fei growled, hands inching closer to his gun. “This land was registered under your name,” 


“So you suspected me from the beginning,” Ma conceded. 


“I won’t ever doubt someone I love for a person I barely knew,” Shao Fei replied, turning his body so that Ma wouldn’t see him slipping his gun out. Yi Jie slowly reached behind him to provide some distraction.


“Hands in plain sight, professor. Or do you want to make your daughter an orphan?” Ma warned. The move worked as Shao Fei was able to slide his gun out of its holster. He kept staring at Ma’s gun. Noticing that it wasn’t a standard police issue. 


Ma was planning to kill all of them.


“Now, you leave me no choice,” Ma pointed the gun at Tang Yi, making everyone tense. “I would have taken good care of you, Meng Shao Fei,” he aimed the gun at Shao Fei the very last minute and pulled the trigger. 


Three things happened at the same time.


Tang Yi pulled Shao Fei behind him and took the bullet to his shoulder. Yu Hao and Hao Ting sprung at Ma’s feet together. Shao Fei slid his gun out and cocked it.


Ma shouted as he went down, Yu Hao and Hao Ting subduing him. Zi Xuan climbed out and disengaged his pistol, throwing it out of reach. Then he went back and ripped his shirt to stop Tang Yi from bleeding. 


Shao Fei took one look at Tang Yi, making sure he was not going to die before snarling in rage. Beelining towards Ma, he stabbed the mouth of the gun to Ma’s shoulder and shot him once. The captain let out a blood-curdling scream.


“Shao Fei-ge!” Xi Gu exclaimed, not believing what he was seeing. Yi Jie increased his efforts to free himself.


“Meng Shao!” Ma was about to rant on how he was going to ruin Shao Fei but stopped once he noticed that the Meng Shao Fei he was seeing looked completely different from the virtuous Shao Fei he knew. This Shao Fei’s eyes were vacant but determined. There was no hesitation in his movements. 


“Two things I don’t tolerate...corrupt cops,” Shao Fei hissed, teeth bared. He shifted the gun from Ma’s shoulder. Jack and Zhao Zi arrived at the scene to witness 5 unconscious strangers, Tang Yi lying on the ground with Zi Xuan trying to stop a bleeding shot wound, Xi Gu buried until his thighs, Yi Jie digging to get himself out.


Hao Ting and Yu Hao holding down Edward Ma. The man was half struggling with a bullet wound to his left shoulder. 


Meng Shao Fei crouching down, looking manic as he aimed the gun at Ma’s head.


“Ah Fei!” Zhao Zi shouted, hoping to knock some sense into him. Shao Fei just gave a side glance, then focused back on Ma. Tang Yi tried to sit up and go to his boyfriend. Zi Xuan supported him as they made their way to the 4 men. 


Two things I don’t tolerate,” Shao Fei repeated, watching Tang Yi approach him. Tang Yi only stared at him, not stopping Shao Fei from doing what he wanted.


“...corrupt cops,” he cocked his gun again. Jack held back Zhao Zi, afraid that Shao Fei might mistakenly shoot his husband. 


“...and someone who hurt my Tang Yi,”




Everyone held their breath, afraid to see the outcome. Zhao Zi pushed Jack away and rushed to Shao Fei. Hao Ting and Yu Hao cocked their heads to see if Ma’s brain was blown to bits. Xi Gu struggled to pull his feet out of the pit to rush to Shao Fei. Tang Yi reached for Shao Fei’s gun, pulling it away. 


Zhao Zi reached them and gave a sigh of relief as Shao Fei had only shot 3 inches from Ma’s head, making the man pass out in fright. Jack smirked, looking at Tang Yi. Xi Gu dropped down to hug Hao Ting, both happy that Shao Fei had lived up to be the man they both knew and respected.  Tang Yi gazed at his boyfriend, trailing his hands from Shao Fei’s shoulder to grip his nape, then slowly pull the man to give him a soft kiss. 


“Well, at least no one will go to jail,” Yu Hao suddenly stated. Shao Fei pulled back from his kiss despite Tang Yi protesting.


“Oh, I’m going to jail. I shot him while he was down,” Shao Fei told them. 


“No, you..hey!” Tang Yi growled as Yi Jie grabbed the gun and held it like he was going to shoot it. 


“I think I shot him,” Yi Jie hummed. “ I clearly saw him about to shoot Tang Yi and then heroically saved Tang Yi’s ass,” 


Tang Yi stared at Yi Jie, then tsked condescendingly. “What? My prints are on there, I shot him. Clearly, I did. You can’t even shoot a whiteboard 2 inches from your face, you damn stormtrooper,”


“Guys, that’s not a good idea,” Shao Fei protested, reaching for the gun again to keep further contamination. But he was beaten when Xi Gu reached for it first.


“I think I saw this gun on the floor near me, but I’m not sure who shot Captain Ma,” Xi Gu pondered out loud.


“It was me, I am the best shot out of everyone,” Zi Xuan insisted, putting on the safety.


“Wait, I clearly remember it was me who saved the day,” Hao Ting grabbed the gun next. “Why, Yu Hao was so awed by my prowess that he promised to treat me for 2 months for saving him,”


“Save me?! You tried to bury me again you cretin. No. Clearly, I was the one who shot him,” Yu Hao denied the allegations, taking the gun away from Hao Ting. Zhao Zi also took the gun and scolded them for not remembering what happened. Shao Fei watched as they all squabbled, his gun coming back to him with prints from nine men. He laughed as the sound of their quarrel resonated in the small warehouse, everyone seemed to forget that just minutes ago, 4 of them might have been lost to one man’s greed. 


“You know that you all can face charges for tampering with the evidence, right?” Jack supplied, voice preppy, and that infuriating smile on his face. The other 9 men stopped their bickering and stared back at him.


“You can get fined and face jail time,”


They all looked at each other then at the gun in Shao Fei’s hand. The gun gleamed with an evil glint, promising bad fortunes and ill tidings. 


---THE END(?)----