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Saving you from the darkness

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After dinner, Wonwoo was seriously so sleepy that he just wanted to throw himself onto the bed when he stepped out of the bathroom, finishing brushing his teeth. It was not until now did he fully registered how much energy the heat had taken away from him, and the company definitely had not been wrong at all when giving them pretty much time to rest. However, the omega was even more worried of his best friend, knowing that Jun must be feeling a hundred times worse. Wonwoo had not learnt details about scents and pheromones, but his instincts told him that Jun’s health condition was really bad currently. The Chinese boy’s bruises were even visible to normal eyes, which proved evidently that he must be feeling not good even a bit.


If it had not been for Jun, Wonwoo thought he would just cancel this lesson and tell Joshua he wanted to sleep instead of learning. Trying to fight against his fatigue, the omega dragged himself from the bathroom door to the one leading out of his bedroom. The sight was caught by Seungcheol who had just entered, and the leader could not help stroking his roommate’s hair before giving a kiss on his temple, deciding to ignore whether Wonwoo liked this or not.


“Joshua won’t keep you too long, don’t worry. And you’re smart, Wonie. It won’t be hard for him to teach you many things in a short amount of time.”


“You have to teach Mingyu tonight, too?” Wonwoo asked while rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“Yeah. That will definitely take a lot of time. I think I will come back much later than you.” The leader comfortably fixed his partner’s clothes and hair. “Don’t play games while I’m not here, okay? You need to sleep.”


Wonwoo almost snarled at the older man but he managed to cool himself down and just nodded instead, seriously wanting to just throttle Seungcheol for controlling his gaming time. However, after taking deep breaths, Wonwoo also admitted he had better sleep instead of doing anything else. He was just not used to this kind of lifestyle, especially when Soonyoung had hardly ever told him to do something.


Seungcheol was able to see that his roommate was upset, but the leader was never the man who was ready to back down. As long as he knew it was a good thing for Wonwoo to do, he would just make the omega do it. Temporarily, Wonwoo was still being a good boy who did not talk back and only sulked a bit while walking away after receiving one more kiss on his forehead. The omega did not seem to mind, but never seemed to have the intention of kissing back either, but that was fine. Seungcheol understood it, and would patiently wait. It was good enough when the boy did not try to dodge or avoid his touch.


Wonwoo’s walk to Joshua’s bedroom had no problem, but he saw the eldest omega and his mate talking outside the room, which caused him to suddenly feel bad. Jeonghan should be allowed to talk to his lover inside his own room, but now he had to talk outside as if he was a criminal being supervised while the alpha literally had never done anything wrong. At least in Wonwoo’s mind, the second eldest had only tried to do the best for Jun. Wonwoo had to admit that Jeonghan actually had been caring about Jun much more than even Seungcheol, who was supposed to take control over everything as a leader. Without Jeonghan’s strong and determined interference, it was hard to tell what Mingyu might be doing to Jun now.


In general, Wonwoo was able to see the nature of wishing to protect the pack was powerful in Jeonghan’s mind, and the omega himself had been saved by him once this afternoon. Unfortunately, this fact only kept triggering Mingyu further and further. Wonwoo was one hundred percent sure there was nothing wrong between him and Jeonghan, but in this kind of mood, perhaps Mingyu would turn mad as well to see any kinds of interaction between him and the older alpha. Yet, Wonwoo knew he himself would feel a hundred times worse if he did not thank Jeonghan for having successfully saved him from a punch previously. This should be a perfect chance to do it, since he would not have to go anywhere to look for the alpha, and Joshua’s presence made everything easier and more comfortable.


“No problem, Wonu.” Jeonghan smiled, although there was a hint of bitterness in his face, as if the omega’s words reminded him of the blow he had received. “I must have been a jerk if I had seen him throwing a fist at you but had done nothing.”


The alpha was silent for a few seconds before his face became even more serious.


“You had better avoid being alone with Mingyu. I told Junnie the same. He isn’t likely to listen to whatever I tell him now but I think you should, Wonu. Mingyu almost hit you once. He will probably do something similarly again if you accidentally piss him off.”


Shuddering at the thought of really getting hit by an alpha that possessed the strength of Mingyu, Wonwoo knew he had better take Jeonghan’s advice seriously if he wanted to live in peace. However, in might be a difficult thing to do, because they were in the same unit. Other people might think it was extremely easy for a crowded group like Seventeen to be always packed together, but Wonwoo just found it astoundingly easy to get alone with only one member of his unit, and the fact that Seungcheol’s scent was all over him would not help in that case.


It would just annoy Mingyu to the utmost.


After just one more minute, Jeonghan let out a long sigh and said goodbye to his lover, dragging his heavy food towards the living room, about to join the lesson with Seungcheol and Mingyu. Not wanting to think of how intense the atmosphere must be over there, Wonwoo resolutely tried his best to push away the thoughts about Mingyu and just stepped into the bedroom with Joshua, telling himself to focus on no one but Jun now.


A pang came to hit Wonwoo right in his heart and in the face as the sight of Jun came to his eyes. The Chinese boy was sitting at the makeup table, obviously trying very hard to do some skincare routine but his face was so tired that he looked as if he was about to fall asleep at any time. It was not much different from watching a zombie applying cosmetic onto their face, and Wonwoo could see that Jun was trying his best to refrain from moving his wrists too much. Alarmed instantly, he could not help thinking that Jun was hurt badly on both wrists, yet the long sleeves of the pajamas did not allow him to see any wounds.


Hearing, sensing and seeing Wonwoo’s arrival, Jun immediately brightened up. This sight was another pain for Wonwoo, as his best friend jumped right out of the chair to run towards him, although the action made him wince and hiss sharply in agony. Realizing Jun would fall before he could reach him, Wonwoo hurriedly walked to his best friend as well. Both of them stumbled and nearly fell since Wonwoo was slightly in pain and tired as well, but they managed to sit down on the bed before reaching anywhere else.


“Hey, are you two kids or something?” Joshua kindheartedly scolded them with a soft smile. “You shouldn’t run. Neither of you is in a good condition now.”


The usual Jun that Wonwoo knew would instantly whine and pout in this situation, defending himself and saying that he had not run. Unfortunately, Jun did not respond even a word to smile to Joshua even once. The Chinese boy only began to cling to Wonwoo, hugging his arms and abandoning the cosmetic products on the makeup table for good, seeming to be ready to start his lesson now. Wonwoo was perplexed by the quiet Jun who usually only appeared during TV shows or occasions where there were too many strangers around. Currently, there were only three of them here with no cameras around, but Jun was acting extremely weird and brought a lot of confusion to not only Wonwoo but also Joshua.


The older omega had been dealing this quiet Jun for a long while, but he had not stopped feeling shocked yet. Nonetheless, Joshua did not try to ask anymore. Instead, the eldest omega only made a quick rearrangement to his makeup table before joining the two boys on his bed, sitting in front of them. Both Wonwoo and Joshua eyed the way Jun clung to his best friend like a koala, and for a second, Wonwoo was taken aback by how sweet and gentle Joshua was when he caressed Jun’s hair, and his best friend seemed to just want to close his eyes under the affection.


“This won’t take long. I know both of you are tired, and we actually don’t have much to learn.” As Jun avoided eye contact, Joshua darted his eyes towards Wonwoo wholly. “Alphas are the ones who have to learn how to behave, not us. So… our lesson will be short and simple. We can even just skip the lesson today, so that we can have time to chat or share something. There’s plenty of time left in the next upcoming days.”


Evidently, Joshua was opening up a huge opportunity for Jun to speak up and tell them what had happened between him and Mingyu. Wonwoo instantly felt profoundly grateful for the eldest omega’s action, but Jun did not seem to have the same feeling. The Chinese boy began to squirm uncomfortably and only became more determined to avoid everyone’s eyes, looking at nothing but the mattress.


At the second Jun brought his hand to his mouth and started chewing his nails, Wonwoo was frightened, and the image reminded him of nothing and no one but only Mingyu. It should be a disbelief to see someone as perfect as Mingyu having the habit of chewing his nails unconsciously, while literally no one else in the pack had ever had this bad habit. On the other hand, Jun all of a sudden started doing this now, even in a very violent and anxious manner that made anyone who witnessed it easily think he would bite them off soon.


Another serious thing was that Jun did not seem like he wanted to say anything about himself at all. The fact that all eyes were on him only brought more invisible pressure onto the omega’s shoulder and caused his scent to turn sourer. While Wonwoo was lost and unable to come up with any idea, Joshua had already scooted closer to Jun, using a gentle hand to pry the Chinese boy’s hand away from his mouth, holding it while the other one continued to stroke his hair.


“Wonu is here with you. Hyung is here with you too, Junnie. Do you want to tell us something?” Joshua tried to coax in a sweet and low voice, hand moving to caress Jun’s cheek. “Everything will be fine, Junnie! Hyungs and Wonu will protect you. You don’t have to be scared!”


Stubbornly refusing to look at the eldest omega’s face, Jun shook his head vehemently, scooting into the space between Wonwoo’s legs, and pressing his whole curled up body into his best friend’s torso. Jun was not any different from skittish cat trying to hide himself away from this world, looking even worse than Wonwoo although the Chinese boy had originally looked much healthier than Wonwoo.


“I have nothing to say.” Surprisingly, Jun eventually opened his mouth, murmuring in a tiny volume. “Please stop that. You’re making me tired.”


Joshua was visibly taken aback to hear the complaint, and his eyes only got wider as Jun continued to mumble in Wonwoo’s chest.


“Please be quick. I want to sleep.”


Without asking, Wonwoo was sure Joshua had been trying to make Jun speak and admit Mingyu had done something wrong to him during the whole afternoon until now, but Jun had had enough of it. Words did not seem to be effective on the boy at all, only tiring him out and making him feel even annoyed. In disbelief, Wonwoo did not dare to imagine what Mingyu had exactly done to successfully brainwash Jun to this level. If this were the normal Jun, he would definitely make use of this period of time to be Joshua’s baby. Nonetheless, Jun of this moment looked like he just wanted the two weeks to end in a flash so that he could go back to Mingyu’s room and end the irritation of being asked the same questions over and over again.


Seeing the pleading look Joshua gave him, Wonwoo gulped, knowing that he himself needed to try as well, although he had already seen the results, and was scared of making his best friend mad at him too.


“Junnie…” Wonwoo stuttered, hesitating when hugging the Chinese omega. “You are obviously in a lot of pain… I have never heard of you being into this kind of… kink. If Mingyu forced you to do it, please tell us, Junnie. He can’t hurt you again.”


Jun shook his head vigorously and let out an extraordinarily long sigh.


“No, he didn’t. You have never had sex with me, so of course you don’t know.” Again, Jun was strangely coherent regardless of how hoarse his voice was. “Can we just start out lesson? If you don’t want to teach, can I sleep now? I’m tired.”


The last part of his saying was definitely directed towards Joshua but Wonwoo still felt horrible to see his friend trying his best to avoid talking about himself or Mingyu. Maybe Jun was being extremely honest when stating he was too tired, but this attitude made Wonwoo unable to stop wallowing in guilt. There was nothing he could do except for watching his best friend suffer in extreme exhaustion yet closing off towards literally everyone in the pack. In the past, if there had been something Jun could not tell the other members, he would definitely tell Wonwoo, or maybe Jeonghan, since the Chinese boy had always been incredibly close to his beloved hyung. However, currently Wonwoo was not allowed to provide Jun with anything except for some physical comfort by his presence and his embrace.


Jun did not even want to hear him talk.


On the other hand, Wonwoo suddenly understood the irritation his best friend had just felt as Joshua directed his attention towards him, eyes full of concern and the kind of care that made his stomach twist uncomfortably.


“I’m sorry but… Wonu ah, do you have anything to say? I know you have stated that… you and Cheol are dating, but, if there is something wrong with that, you can tell me at any time, and everyone can help you. Okay?”


Immediately, Wonwoo became highly defensive and triggered. Losing the little comfort he had gained when stepping into this room, the omega now was not sure what he was supposed to think of Joshua anymore. It turned out that Joshua and Jeonghan did doubt Seungcheol too, although they had never shown it and always acted as if they fully supported the leader. Wonwoo did not know why, but he was seriously uneasy with anyone who wanted to interfere with his life and decisions despite knowing that his decision-making skills were worse than any other skills he had ever acquired. Wonwoo did not want anyone to care about him. Seungcheol was enough, or even too much. Wonwoo could not handle more, even just one more person, and he wished for nothing but for Joshua to stop this.


“Just stop it, hyung!” The omega frankly stated what he thought, finally understanding why Jun was this exhausted. Wonwoo now just wanted to flee. “I agree with Junnie. If you don’t want to teach anything tonight, then please just let us sleep. We’re tired. Stop asking us questions like that, okay?”


One more time, Joshua was in bewilderment to receive this kind of mildly aggressive answers. Besides, Wonwoo was stubborn, but he was strikingly different from Jun in his ways of avoiding the matter. Instead of looking away like how Jun had been doing, Wonwoo still looked directly into Joshua’s eyes, yet those completely lacked the kindness, warmth, and even the soul that the American boy thought he used to see in the rapper. Their eye contact did not last long, as Wonwoo soon looked away. The two younger omegas took each other’s hands in their own ones, and glued their eyes to nothing but their hands in Jun’s lap.


Jun was right, Wonwoo thought. They were both just too tired. They only wanted this to be over, so that they could sleep and forget this world. Wonwoo did not want to be asked, or to talk anymore.


Reluctantly, Joshua started his lesson in a quite awkward manner. It was not until now did the two boys eventually looked up at him, but stayed glued to each other, and did not ask a single question during the whole process. The lesson turned out to be just as tense as what Joshua had imagined about the one among Jeonghan, Seungcheol, and Mingyu. However, in this particular case, Joshua suddenly felt like he was the villain, the troublemaker whom these two boys tried to avoid. It did hurt his feelings, but it also helped him confirmed that neither of them was normal. Wonwoo was perhaps not in an abusive relationship like Jun, but he was stubborn, and horribly difficult to deal with, especially when Wonwoo had always refused to be taken care of.


Seeing the exhaustion that was shown with no filter on his students’ face, Joshua could not help ending his lesson even earlier than the original plan. However, when he nervously asked whether Wonwoo wanted to sleep here tonight or not, the younger boy did nod his agreement after a few seconds of hesitation. The omega intended to walk out to announce to Seungcheol, but his mind quickly decided against it, knowing that he had better not show up in front of Mingyu’s eyes to do something like “hey Cheollie can I not sleep with you tonight”. Moreover, Joshua also agreed that Wonwoo should only text Seungcheol to let the leader know.


Fortunately for Wonwoo, his roommate was a very considerate and understanding alpha who easily agreed without asking anything. The omega actually sent a text to ask for permission, “May I sleep at Shua hyung’s room tonight? I wanna be with Junnie”, since he knew he was not really in an equal relationship with this man, but Seungcheol replied much more kindly than what Wonwoo had expected.


“You don’t have to ask, Wonie. Just tell me. It’s fine, baby. Are you going to sleep now?”


Feeling like some weight had been taken off his shoulders, Wonwoo lied down on the bed together with his best friend who was eventually brightened up to be able to sleep with Wonwoo. Enjoying having Jun still clinging to his arms on one side while Joshua was also lying down on the other side of the Chinese omega, Wonwoo typed a quick reply to his alpha, not really expecting to receive such a long message with one question.


“Yeah. Shua hyung ended early.”


After a few more seconds of consideration, Wonwoo added a question before sending.


“Have you finished?”


The omega seriously did not want to be rude, but he almost groaned when Seungcheol texted back quite rapidly with a pretty long message. Wonwoo had never enjoyed having someone stepping into his life, and the leader was definitely going further and further beyond his control. At this point, Seungcheol was downright acting as if they were truly dating. For sure, no one in the pack would continue to doubt this relationship if Seungcheol’s act of affection kept accelerating.


“I’m giving Mingyu a break. He’s done strangely well, although he smelled angry. May I drop by the door for a second?”


Mentally palming his face, Wonwoo hoped this would be the last message he had to send.


“Please hurry. I’m sleepy.”


Jun whined loudly like a petulant kid when Wonwoo wriggled out of his arms and got off the bed, but the rapper seriously had no other choice. As a person who was living under Seungcheol’s guardian, he was forced to agree to whatever the alpha wanted, especially when this was what Wonwoo had signed up for by himself. Coaxing his best friend by reassuring him that he would come back soon, Wonwoo dragged heavy feet towards the door, reaching it just right at the time three knocking sounds came to his ears.


Joshua was surprised, but did not bother to stand up, guessing that Wonwoo had already known who it was. Consequently, the eldest omega spent his time coaxing Jun into waiting obediently, telling him that Wonwoo would return soon. The Chinese boy mumbled his complaints but stayed still, darting his eyes curiously towards the door only to see Seungcheol standing outside.


“What’s wrong, hyung?” Wonwoo asked quietly, trying to hold back a yawn, thinking that Seungcheol wanted to tell him something.


On the other hand, the leader just smiled softly.


“Nothing, Wonie. I come just to say goodnight to you.” Very comfortably and naturally, the alpha grabbed one of Wonwoo’s arms, pulling him closer and pressing a kiss onto the omega’s forehead. The boy was so stunned that he could only be pulled and kissed with a whole face full of confusion. Yet, the alpha’s whisper by his ear soon explained the whole situation. “Just wanna make everyone believe we’re dating and you’re mine, Wonie.”


Understanding the leader’s intention now, Wonwoo let out a small “oh” before being let go. The omega actually had never expected Seungcheol to care about this even more than himself in their plan of faking this relationship. At this point, the eldest alpha was making it way too real as he sealed Wonwoo’s lips by his own, kissing the boy goodnight in a profoundly intimate and passionate way. To be honest, Wonwoo felt highly embarrassed and shy to be kissed in front of the other two omegas’ eyes, and he was one hundred percent sure both of them were watching intensely. Nonetheless, the more the watched, the more necessary it was for Wonwoo to continue acting, because he really did not want to be asked about this relationship ever again.


The poor omega had never known everyone would care that much. He had initially thought Seungcheol could do anything to him without anyone noticing.


“Do you need to bring your pillow here?” The alpha asked, not trying to peek inside even once, only staring at Wonwoo’s face from the beginning, and something in this look made the omega feel truly anxious, weak, and even more embarrassed.


Like Jun, Wonwoo did not exactly enjoy attention now, but Seungcheol had been giving him a lot, and there was no way for him to get out of it. It was similar to continuing to receive stimulation right after an orgasm, like what he had been through in his heat, or literally just every time they had sex. Wonwoo’s brain screamed “enough” but the alpha would keep going on, giving him a pain and discomfort of being unable to stop the overstimulation, yet later it was also his own self that did not want the whole thing to end, willing to let his body be used further and further until being left in ruins.


What did Wonwoo want in this case? He had no idea.


“N-no…” The omega unknowingly stuttered, hands starting to grip his pajamas nervously. “Shua hyung has extra pillows. It’s… it’s fine.”


“Good.” Seungcheol nodded, seeming to be satisfied. “I honestly don’t like you to be away from me but you staying with Shua and Jun is good. If you don’t want to be woken up early, just tell him in advance, okay?”


Nodding awkwardly, Wonwoo received one more kiss on his cheek before the leader eventually left, stating that he had to continue lecturing Mingyu. When the omega came back to the bed, his best friend instantly clung to him one more time, but no one asked any question, which caused Wonwoo to feel nicely comfortable and somehow at ease.


In the bed that was pretty small for three fully grown men, the three omegas still snuggled closely to each other and fell asleep. The atmosphere was actually not very peaceful. Both Wonwoo and Jun were agitated by the scent of Jeonghan embed everywhere on everything on the bed, but they still somehow found peace and sense of safety from each other’s presence. Things might be a little better for Jun because he had actually slept here the day before, unlike Wonwoo who was only accustomed to the aroma of one and only Seungcheol.


From Jun’s body, with the dancer in his arms, Wonwoo could clearly smell Mingyu. The combination of scents were suffocating and insane, bringing too many different emotions to the omega’s mind and making it hard for him to sleep. For minutes, Wonwoo doubted his decision of staying here, but at the sight of his sleeping best friend, the rapper could not help feeling his heart soften again. If this was one of the very rare ways to make Jun feel better, Wonwoo was ready to devote himself. His own life was not worthwhile, but Jun was, so Wonwoo was willing to do everything in his ability to help things turn out to be better for his beloved best friend.


There were twice in which the combust of angry pheromones and alphas’ scents made all three omegas wake up. They were startled so badly that Joshua literally jump while Jun began to whimper right at the moment he sat up. Wonwoo did not react in the way the other two boys did, but the discomfort in his chest just exploded in the blink of an eye and urged him to hide under the blanket, running away from everything forever, all of a sudden highly aware of the fact that he himself was something available in Mingyu’s mind during those moments of rage and frustration.


Burying his face into the pillow, Wonwoo painfully forced his lungs to take in the scent of Jeonghan instead of tormenting his own heart by getting surrounded by the frightening scent of anger coming from Mingyu and Seungcheol. Jeonghan must be angry out there as well, but Wonwoo was too desperate and frightened to care much, only clutching onto what he could find at this moment. Squeezing and pressing tightly against each other, the three omegas tried to get back to their sleep, helplessly trying to look for a way to bring their weak nature through the fury of those alphas outside.


Wonwoo guessed Joshua had been right. They did not have much to learn. The alphas were the ones who had to learn how to behave.




If Wonwoo was someone who could live with only his instincts and temporarily abandon his rationality, it would be nice for him to sleep in the bed reeking of an alpha in his pack. Unfortunately, the omega was just a stubborn person who loathed himself for being pathetic whenever the scent hit all the wrong spots in his mind. It was so difficult to sleep when every inhale made him mad, because the scent forced part of his body to turn soft while the other half of himself was driven crazy and tense at the same time.


That was bad, certainly, but there was even something worse in this bed. Wonwoo seriously just wanted to hug his best friend tightly and sleep, but Jun severely smelled just like Mingyu, because they had had sex. The omega was not sure if the Chinese boy could smell Seungcheol on him or not, but currently Wonwoo was accidentally tortured by the mixture of cinnamon and peaches aromas. It did not hurt his lungs, yet hurt his whole chest, and his whole soul. However, he knew he had no right to complain, to voice out his discomfort, because he had chosen this by himself.


Mentally groaning to himself, Wonwoo carefully pried Jun off himself, waiting quietly until he was sure the dancer was still sleeping soundly. Very naturally, Jun turned to the other side to cuddle with Joshua, giving Wonwoo the temporary freedom to get out of the bed. Still very cautious and slowly, the rapper got out of the bedroom and headed straight to the kitchen without turning on the lights. He had remembered his own apartment enough to walk in the dark environment, and even managed to see the time on the watch on his own wrist. It was already one o’clock in the morning, and the whole pack was still enjoying a night off doing nothing except for sleeping. The apartment was rarely this quiet and peaceful, but right now Wonwoo relished in this kind of atmosphere, wishing to spend his next days of break like this instead of dealing with more chaos and drama.


Sighing again, Wonwoo guessed he should not complain, because he was the one who had caused everything to happen. Now it was time to pay for what he had done.


Wonwoo had no intention except for drinking a little water from the fridge, so he just stood there with the fridge door opened to sip from the water bottle. The cold liquid cooled his throat and even his soul, making Wonwoo feel more comfortable, and in a minute, he was lost in staring at everything in the refrigerator without thinking about anything, just drinking, drinking and drinking. That was why he had no idea someone had stepped into the kitchen as well, and the omega was startled half to death when he closed the fridge, turned around and saw a huge figure standing right behind him with only twenty centimeters of distance in between.


Wonwoo swore he could never believe how unlucky his fucked up fate was, because within a day, he was just forced to run into Mingyu not once, but twice, both at the times when there was no one around. The omega only spent one second looking at Mingyu’s face, but his heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach right away, because rage was clearer than anything else in the alpha’s eyes despite the dark surroundings. Those eyes were shining with flames which threatened to kill Wonwoo at any time and stole away any courage the omega had ever had in his mind. The fact that Mingyu only stood there without saying a single word or creating any sounds was even scarier than his domineering presence.


Since he had not done anything wrong anyway, Wonwoo tried to act like there was nothing worth minding, and just tried to switch to another direction - to the right - to move away from the refrigerator and returned to Joshua’s bedroom. With his head low, Wonwoo wished Mingyu would just let him go, wishing that the alpha only came here to grab a drink or something and was too sleepy to care about him now. Nevertheless, his prayers had not been heard or replied.


Wonwoo did not have the chance to finish even one step. A hand violently grabbed his left shoulder and pulled him back. The force of the hand was strong enough to give pain directly to the omega’s shoulder and made him wince, but it turned out that the pain of being slammed against the fridge door was considerably worse. Moreover, Wonwoo’s body currently was not suitable at all for abrupt movements, as no matter how gentle Seungcheol was sometimes, he was still overall sore a bruised. In pain, Wonwoo’s first reaction was to yelp and grimace, but what shocked him further was that he was even able to let out any sounds, because a fierce and direct command got his mind haywire immediately.


“Be quiet, omega! Don’t you dare let other people hear you!”


Absolutely horrified, Wonwoo could not stay calm even a bit, starting to squirm in an attempt to break free, but Mingyu now did not seem to be the man he used to know anymore. There was nothing the alpha did not dare to do. In this case, he had no problem in pressing his right palm to Wonwoo’s mouth while the other hand continued to gripped the omega’s shoulder tightly, keeping him in place and stifling any sounds being about to come out from his mouth. Still having his hands free, Wonwoo began to try pushing, yet as a young, healthy, big, and powerful alpha now, Mingyu was just invincible in comparison with the pained and scared omega. His efforts were all fruitless. Only his fear kept increasing in an alarming speed when Mingyu pressed him thoroughly against the surface of the fridge, leaving no space between their bodies. The more trapped he became, the more terrified Wonwoo was, yet Mingyu just snickered annoyingly and leaned over closer, closer, and closer, pressing his nose right onto Wonwoo’s scent gland.


While Seungcheol had brought him not only stimulation but also some little comfort by doing this, Mingyu now was only sending cold shivers down Wonwoo’s spine and pushed all the wrong buttons. Hating this to the utmost for hundreds of reasons, the omega tried to thrash and push the bigger man away but to no avail. Mingyu was too strong, and he kept sniffing in a very offensive way that made Wonwoo felt invaded and attacked. Things only felt worse when the alpha opened his mouth to speak right into his ear.


“Hmm, you wear Seungcheol’s clothes? And now you even have that Jeonghan bastard’s scent all over you too, huh? Why, Jeon Wonwoo?” Mingyu was obviously antagonizing Wonwoo by the light tone which still showed evident anger. “Why? Didn’t you say you are dating Seungcheol now? Isn’t he enough for you?”


Ending his question, Mingyu set Wonwoo’s mouth free and allowed him to speak, seeming to already know the omega would not dare to scream for help or make any loud noise. Nonetheless, he was just oblivious to the pain the older male was suffering from because of those words. Wonwoo wished it could just end already, yet somehow Mingyu only kept poking the wound over and over again, not letting anyone get rid of this trouble although the longer it became, the more devastated Mingyu himself would be. Shaking his head vehemently, Wonwoo hurriedly explained for himself, despite not being sure whether the truth would make the taller man less angry or not.


“I slept there with Junnie and Shua-hyung. I didn’t…”


Wonwoo was not given the opportunity to complete his sentence, because Mingyu suddenly aggressively choked him. Immediately frightened, the omega felt his heart pounding insanely and threatening to jump out of his ribcage while Mingyu literally bared his teeth and growled like a wild animal, visibly and audibly scary and feral.


“I can’t believe you have the nerves to still sleep in the same bed with Junnie. Aren’t you ashamed, Jeon Wonwoo? You tortured your naïve best friend, lied to him, and now just sleep with him as if nothing happened? Really? You’re really shameless!”


Wonwoo wanted to speak and to defend himself again, but it was just impossible. Mingyu did not loosen his hand anymore, resolutely not letting Wonwoo speak, as if the alpha’s intention was just to torment the omega instead of trying to get some information he wanted from the older boy again. The grip around Wonwoo’s neck was not enough to kill him, but it blocked his airway tremendously and forced him to struggle extremely hard to breathe, which caused the fright and fear to keep increasing. However, Mingyu seemed to enjoy the scent of terror coming from Wonwoo, because he continued to stick his nose to the omega’s scent gland.


Wonwoo wanted to scream, thrash, kick, and cry, as he did not want to be touched there at all. Not there. It felt too much violated to be sniffed at his scent gland without his consent, and it just felt worse when the intruder was doing that to take in his aroma of utter fear, as if the man was craving for his submission or defeat.


“Why? Uncomfortable?” Mingyu snickered again, glancing at the tears streaming down Wonwoo’s face. His voice sounded pitiful, yet his eyes were just demonic. “What did you feel when Seungcheol sniffed and bit you here? What a big hickey it is! Why don’t you look so confident anymore? You looked so honest, so firm when telling our managers your heartwarming love story with Seungcheol, acting as if I had been an idiot all those years! Too scared when your alpha isn’t around to protect your ass now, hmm?”


Just as suddenly as how he had restrained Wonwoo, Mingyu abruptly set the omega free completely, even violently throwing the older boy to a side as if he was nothing. Wonwoo almost fell with his face first on the floor, but he luckily gained back some balance, only stumbling a little. Breathing frantically, Wonwoo thought he had better run when Mingyu allowed him to, so he tried to make his legs work and run out of the kitchen. However, the truth was that the alpha had not allowed him to escape yet. In a flash, Wonwoo’s wrist was grabbed again by Mingyu’s powerful left hand which applied enough force to make the omega wince and yelp in pain.


One more time, Wonwoo nearly fell as he was pulled too fast and too violently, almost falling right into Mingyu’s chest but somehow he managed to stop it from happening. Nonetheless, the situation was still horrifying, and Wonwoo was frozen by the sharp and cold eyes displayed in front of him by the alpha who was giving out the extraordinarily spicy and bitter scent of anger. The smirk on his face seemed to hide a hint of pain behind it, but he seriously looked psychotic.


“You are a coward, Jeon Wonwoo. Always running away! Are you going to run and cry to your alpha? So now he’s your fucking guardian angel, huh? Your peace is exchanged by your body. Am I right?”


Before Wonwoo managed to come up with something to retort or force his mouth to work properly, he had been pushed and thrown away again. This time, the omega failed to rescue himself and just ended up falling onto the floor. No major pain or injury was created, but his whole shaken body was sore and screaming for help, but the omega had no one to help him apart from himself. While Wonwoo was struggling to overcome his pain and tried to stand up, Mingyu indifferently grabbed a glass, putting it on the dining table and took out the water bottle from the fridge. The alpha just filled his glass and drank it as if there was no Wonwoo on the floor, but the omega actually did not have the nerves to pay much attention to the alpha either. He only wanted to get up and run away, regardless of the fact that Mingyu perhaps would just call him “a coward” again.


The moment Wonwoo successfully stood up on his own feet was also the time Mingyu finished emptying his cup. The omega’s hope of escaping rapidly was smashed again as another command was thrown towards him in a deadly cold tone.


“Stay there, Jeon Wonwoo!”


Freezing right on the spot, Wonwoo had no choice but to turn around and face the person he dreaded seeing most. The omega was unaware of when or why his tears started to roll down both cheeks quickly as if a floodgate had just been opened, only knowing that through the blurred layer of tears, the sight of a dreadfully enraged and pained Mingyu was as clear as day, and scarier than whatever Wonwoo had ever witnessed in his life. Every single word of him was like a sharp knife stabbing right into the omega’s heart, ripping it apart slowly but brutally.


“You will have to pay for what you’ve done, Wonwoo.”


Just to emphasize his threat, the alpha squeezed and slammed the glass in his hand down onto the table, smashing it into pieces and creating horrible sounds which shot another arrow into Wonwoo’s broken heart. In the end, the person who had been keeping him back turned out to be the first to leave, while Wonwoo himself was unable to move even a finger, only standing there like a statue, staring at the blood scattered all over the shattered pieces of glass.


Mingyu had just literally imposed a threat on Wonwoo, without even a bit of mercy, downright cruel and frightening, turning the omega’s whole body and soul into jelly. Never had Wonwoo imagined that his action could result in something this ugly, twisted, and devastating. Having already known Mingyu, Wonwoo knew the alpha definitely meant what he had just said, and would do whatever he could to achieve his goal. The omega had originally thought he simply tried to get the best for the people he loved, but his action had unintentionally unleashed a wounded enraged beast that was eager to demolish the person who had caused it to be in this state.


Wonwoo barely cared about the direction when he ran away from the living room, spending no time looking at the door he frantically tried to open by his terribly shaking hands. Nevertheless, the boy did not know the door was eventually opened by the person inside, not him, because the source of the scent he had just run towards had also been able to smell his distress and was just about to run outside to check.


Wonwoo did not even see Seungcheol as he frantically ran through the opened door into the room, accidentally bumping right into the alpha’s chest. Nonetheless, the alpha just took advantage of that to quickly envelope Wonwoo wholly in his arms, securing the sobbing boy in his embrace, holding him still and stopping him from moving any further. It was easy for the leader to realize Wonwoo was panicking by judging the way the younger boy was startled and scared by the hug. The omega thrashed, trying so desperately to break free, having no idea who had just got him, but Seungcheol had realized what he could do to help instantly. Guiding the omega’s head towards his scent gland, the leader began to coo softly and whisper into his roommate’s ear, yet his arms were strong and determined.


“Hey, Wonie! It’s me! I’m Cheol! You’re okay, my Wonie!”


Wrapped in the familiar arms of the person who had been holding him in the past four days, and breathing in the atmosphere filled with the soothing scent that same man was trying his best to push out, Wonwoo finally let go of everything and broke down. The omega openly cried and sobbed in panic, losing control over everything and having no idea what he was thinking or wanting to do any longer. He only knew everything hurt, and his soul all of a sudden could not find any ray of light in this world anymore. What held him back from collapsing and falling into hell was the only man hugging him, supporting his whole weight on his own body, and constantly murmuring soothing words to him, telling him that he was safe, and promising no one could ever hurt him.


Wonwoo only wanted to die and end everything.