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Black Swan

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Jimin was stretching out in the studio. He had a smile on his face they had finalized the cast list. He was pleased with it, well most of it. One person he wasn’t please with was Jungkook being on the list, but it was fine he was an understudy. The main was his best friend Taehyung and though he had to be able to do the dance with both of them he was happy knowing it was Taehyung who would be carrying him on show day, he trusted him to the end of the world. The director wanted to get straight to the point and do the most complex move first. He said if they couldn’t trust each other to do that the rest of the show was pointless.


He rolled his neck with a sigh as the door opened Taehyung entered with a big grin Jimin smiled at him but not fair behind was Jungkook and Jimin rolled his eyes. You see once they had been friends but Jimin swears Jungkook stole his boyfriend and even though Jungkook denied ever doing anything with the guy Jimin just didnt care to hear any of it. Taehyung threw himself on Jimins back. “There is my soul my bestest friend, love of my life.”


Jimin laughed and huff. “What do you want?”


Taehyung acted offended. “What must I want something?”


Jimin arched his brow and watched as Taehyung plopped next to him on the floor. Jungkook kept a distance but peaked over. “Because you never use that unless you want something, so just spill.”


Taehyung laughed and shrugged. “Okay well there is a party tonight and I want you to come with me.”


Jimin shook his head. “You know I don’t do parties”


Jimin looked over at Jungkook with a glare. He remembered it like it was yesterday, it was at a party. He walked into a room and Jungkook was pressed into a wall by this then boyfriend. Who was licking at his neck Jimin shrieked and they separated Jungkook stammered and tried to talk to Jimin but Jimin just started screaming at the both of them. He knew what he saw his friend and his boyfriend going at it with no respect for him. He pushed both of them out of his life and stopped dating and going to parties. That was two years ago. Jungkook looked sad but didnt say a word Jimin turned back to the mirror and let out a huff and thought he saw Jungkook wipe a tear away.


Taehyung laughed. “Come on, there is someone I want you to meet, I think you will like him.”


Jimin shook his head. “No and I am sorry but this is not up for debate.”


Taehyung went to speak but the director walked in silencing any protest he might have. He clapped his hands. “There they are my lovely dancers, we need to practice the lift since it is by far most complicated. “


He looked to Jimin who stood up. “Jimin my dear.....”


He began to explain everything his hand placements remember strong lines and that he had to help carry his own weight and not go limp but also not look strained with a relaxed look on his face. He walked over to speak with Taehyung and Jungkook as Jimin began to practice holding his lines. He watched the mirror and tried to main train a peaceful look.


They joined later and Jimin was nervous, he had to be picked up but not jump to assist them. He had to look calm and serene, the worlds replaying in his head. Him and Taehyung looked at each other with a nod and moved through the first few moves leading up to the pick up, it went smooth but Taehyungs hands landed wrong and Jimin groaned out. Jungkook stood to the side studying intently trying to learn from any mistakes. Jimin felt the burn of his eyes and glared at him. “Do you have to stare so hard?”


The director pat his shoulder. “Now not Jimin, its okay you arent being judged just studied, its good he cares so much.”


Jimin rolled his eyes. “Yeah cares, sure.”


Taehyung shook his head. “Come on lets focus.”


Jimin nodded and got back into place to run through it for what felt like the 100th time. Taking Taehyungs hand to be spun on the floor only to be picked up into the air a second later. They moved through it, when Taehyung lost his balance in the turn sending both of them toppling to the ground. Taehyung let out a screech as Jimin climbed off of him. “Oh my god are you okay?”


Jimins body was throbbing at the contact with the ground he winced as he face Taehyung who was holding his leg. Taehyung shook his head tears streaming down his face. “My ankle it just rolled, oh my god it hurts.”


Jungkook rushed in helping Jimin get him to his feet, only to have him buckle. Jungkook put his arms under his legs and picked him up bridal style. Jungkook spoke for the first time all day. “Can you get the door.”


Jimin nodded rushing to the door and getting Taehyung to the on site doctor. He watched as Jungkook carried him through the doors and come back out. They both sat in the hallway in silence. After some time the director came out shaking his head. “Taehyung will have to go to the hospital, it is likely he broke his ankle.”


Jimin jumped up. “Oh my god no, this is my fault. I didn’t distribute my weight right it threw him off. I.....”


He was cut off by Jungkook pulling him in roughly for a hug. Jimin just sobbed into his chest. “It’s not, it was an accident it happens. It is not your fault. I saw the whole thing, you are fine okay. Breathe for me.”


Jimin was breathing heavy, Jungkook pulled away look at Jimins face. “Come on focus on me, take deep breathes. Its okay, he will be okay.”


The director ran a soothing hand on his back. “He’s right Jimin I saw it happening before we could do anything. It was so fast you looked perfect his ankle just didn’t like the angle in that moment.”


Taehyung was wheeled out in a wheel chair and reaching out for Jimin who ran to him. “Hey don’t cry. If i know you, you are blaming yourself and you didnt do it okay. I love you Jimin please stop crying.”


Jimin nodded and hugged onto him. He whispered into his ear. “I can’t do this without you.”


Taehyung smiled. “Sure you can, it was always you to be the strong one. You got this and you are still in good hands.”


At that moment it seemed to dawn on Jimin he looked over to Jungkook who adverted his gaze and Jimin cursed under his breath. He wanted to be mad, but he sprung into action so quickly. He looked at Taehyung who just smiled. “Come on its fate telling you to work it out. He is your friend, you two will light up that stage I know it.”


Jimin shook his head. “Well it might not be broken, you will be back in no time.”


Taehyung laughed. “Oh I do love you.”


They wheeled him out of the building leaving Jimin standing there. He heard Jungkook clear his throat behind him. Jimin spun around. “We have to dance together but this does not make us friends again. I swear to god you better not drop me or I will kick your ass.”


Jungkooks mouth fell open and the director waved his hands around. “Alright now, emotions are high let’s call it for the day and we can start back up tomorrow.”


Jimin nodded turning and walking away, he couldn’t stay there one moment longer. He had to clear his head.


He exited the theater and looked to the right, that was the way home. To the left, was well where he spent all of his time after everything went down he signed and went to the left. It was a short walk before he was pulling the door of the smile shop. The bell dinged over head singling his arrival a head poked out from the back. “Ah, Jimin hello! What can I get you. The usual?”


Jimin didn’t say anything but nodded as he slid onto a bar stool. He ran his hand through his hair with a huff. He told himself this was not the way to handle things but he kept coming back every time. The owner was his friend and didn’t judge him but that didn’t make it okay. He watched at Jin puttered around fixing it up for him. His face solemn at Jin turned around and placed it on the counter. “Ah wait, it’s that kinda day hold on.”


He grabbed something under the counter and held it up with a smile. He held the can up and doused the ice cream in whip cream. Jimin couldn’t help but let out a soft giggle. “There now tell me what ails you?”

Jimin picked up the spoon and picked at the ice cream. “Its the show.”


Jin tilted his head. “Did you not get the lead?”


Jimin shook his head. “No i did.”


Jin beamed. “Look at you I knew you could do it. Did Tae not get the other lead?”


Jimin sighed. “He did but something happened.”


Jin arched a brow just listening. “Tae broke his ankle, hes okay but obviously he is done for the season.”


Jin nodded. “I know how much you wanted to do it with him. Who was the understudy, do you know them.”


Jimin nodded his head. “It’s Jungkook.”


Jin’s eyes went wide. “Oh well, that does complicate things.”


Jimin nodded. “I have spoke to him in 2 years and the first thing I did was threaten him. I broke down when Tae got hurt and he as so nice to me. I don’t want to work him with. I cant do this. I am still so mad at him.”


Jin nodded. “Well I can imagine. What are you gonna do?”


Jimin huffed. “I wanted this part for so long, there is only one thing I can do.”


Jin nodded. “On with the show.”


Jimin nodded and dug into his ice cream. That is exactly what had to happen. He had to put it all away and be the professional dancer. He would only talk to Jungkook if it involved things about the show and nothing else. It would only be six months. He could do it right?


It had been a month of rehearsals they had done work together and apart. Today was back focusing on the lift that got Taehyung hurt. They had done it before but Jimin was still nervous. He didnt trust Jungkook like he trusted Taehyung they also only spoke when needed and even then Jimin kept it clipped and short. Things like “Loosen your grip.” “Left arm needs to be higher.” Even once saying, “You did good today.”


The last one really floored Jungkook and had him stammering. Jimin let out a sigh as he entered the building they would be locked in the same studio all day today and he was not happy about it. He walked in to see Jungkook already there and stretching he dropped his bag at the back and moved to the side of the room. Jungkook came over and was standing beside him. “Can I help you?”


Jimin looked up annoyed. Jungkook held out a drink. “I went to that smoothie place, the one we used to love. I uh got you this one. It was your favorite right?”


Jimin took the drinking blinking at it. It was pink swirled with purple, mixed berry and he was right it was his favorite. He couldn’t bring himself to go there after everything. He nodded. “Yes, Kookie...Jungkook. Thank you.”


Jungkook gave him a smile before moving away to give Jimin space. He punched the straw in and took a drink, seeing in the mirror how Jungkook watched him and smiled proudly to himself. Jimin sighed to himself, he could make this easier on both of them and be nicer to him. At least for the time they had to work together. He moved to the center of the room where Jungkook was stretching and sat down and began his own warming up. Jungkook stilled beside him. “Relax, I am not gonna hurt you. Let’s just get warmed up before the director gets here, and hope hes had his coffee today. I hate when he is cranky.”


Jungkook laughed beside him. Some of the tension in the room faded as the door swung open behind them. Hearing a squeaking sound they both turned to see Taehyung coming in on crutches. Jimin brightened up. “Tae! Did you come to visit?”


Taehyung nodded and plopped himself on a couch at the back on the room. “Yeah so show me what you got!”


Jimin looked over at Jungkook. “Shall we?”


Jungkook nodded getting into his starting position as Jimin moved to start the music. Jungkook opened flawlessly gliding himself over the floor as Jimin slipped in battling back they danced around each other Jungkook took a firm grip spinning him on the floor. Jimin knew the lift was coming and took a breath as Jungkook lifted him from the floor they spun around Jimins hand out stretched before easing him back down to the ground. Jimin clapped and hugged Jungkook. “That felt so good, Tae did it look good? It felt so right!”


He turned to see Taehyung with his mouth agape. Jimin flushed and looked down. ‘’Holy shit you guys that was amazing. You guys killed it that was incredible seriously. I am in awe.”


Jimin beamed and looked at Jungkook who was furiously blushing. Jimin giggled. “Have you been practicing without me?”


Jungkook nodded. “I just wanted you to see I took this seriously. So I practice after everyone leaves. I got a weighted dummy from my friend. I think it weighs more then you though.”


Jimin arched his eye brow. “Well we can all be muscle bunnies. But this is great Koo-Jungkook. If you want more practice I don’t mind, I want it perfect too.”


Jungkook nodded opening his mouth to say something when the director came in. “Alright lets get together and stop standing around.”


Jimin looked over and rolled his eyes before walking off to unplug his phone from the speaker. It was almost a normal conversation. Maybe one day they could have a conversation. They ran through the dance again and again, each time gracefully gliding through the lift. Jimin was so happy everytime, a big beaming smile which made Jungkook blush every time. Jimin started to tease him playfully. “Arent you cute all blushy when you do good.”


Jungkook ducked away grabbing his water bottle, Taehyung who was still on the couch made a scoffing sound. Jimin walked over. “What was that about?”


Taehyung shook his head. “He is not blushing cause he did well, he’s blushing cause you noticed he did well.”


Jimin shook his head. “No way, he doesn’t care about what I think.”


Taehyung rolled his eyes pointing at the smoothie. “Okay sure, and he isnt trying to win you back over either.”


Jimin groaned. “He is trying to be nice and make things go easier come on, don’t read into it Tae.”


Jimin looked over at Jungkook who sputtered and turned away. He shook his head. “I still scare him, he probably is just worried I will kill him.”


Taehyung nodded. “That is probably true, but I think his old crush never died.”


Jimin laughed. “Crush! What on earth are you on about?!”


Taehyung shook his head. “You were always so oblivious, he was never into your ex. No matter what you *think* happened. He was always into you.”


Jimin held up his hand. “Nope this conversation is done.”


Jimin walked back to the dance floor staring in the mirror. No he knew what he saw that night and it was Jungkook and his boyfriend well ex, all over each other. Jungkook joined him. “Do you want to run through a few more times before we go.”


Jimin nodded and looked at Taehyung who started the music. He trusted Jungkook as a dancer, but it didn’t go past that. They did it again and again, without fail Jungkook was there lifting and holding him steady. They gliding through it, so in sync and becoming one. When they finally rested Jimin laid on the floor panting, Jungkook laid beside him. “Your an amazing dancer Hyung. Oh Jimin-ssi.”


Jimin didnt miss the hurt in his voice when he corrected it. “Its fine call my Hyung.”


He turned and smiled at Jungkook who smiled so big he thought it was gonna break his face. “Aish this kid.”


Jimin sat up ruffling Jungkooks hair who laughed. Jimin looked at Taehyung who was smirking and just rolled his eyes. “Come on let’s go home I’m tired and hungry.”


They pulled themselves up, Jungkook helped Taehyung off the couch. “I am coming to yours tonight Jimin. I need food and movies please.”


Jimin rolled his eyes and nodded. He would never actually say no to him. Jungkook waved at them as he left. Taehyung stopped and looked at him. “You could go easier on him you know. He is trying really hard to be your friend again.”


Jimin sighed. “I know it just still hurts. I should be over it but seeing him it just puts it all back in my head.”


Taehyung nodded. “I just think you need to hear him out thats all.”


Jimin shook his head. “Let’s just drop it and go home.”


Jimin stood in line at the bakery, another couple of months had passed. Him and Taehyung had a long talk that night, Jimin finally getting out all the emotions he had felt and Taehyung didnt blame him. He had not talked to Jungkook about it but was just being friendly with him. They were joking around more and practice was more fun and he wasn’t dreading his time working solo with Jungkook anymore. He was happy because Jungkook never pressed anything and respected Jimins boundaries.


Jimin was at the bakery to get some muffins he knew Jungkook loved. A sort of peace offering. So they could move forward both on the same page. He was not ready to talk about it with him but wanted to give a sort of olive branch to move forward. He got them and walked to the studio down the street, he enter the door and went to their usual practice room. He heard the hushed voice of Jungkook coming out in a stutter. “Y-you need to leave, especially before Jimin gets here.”


Confused he pushed the door open and Jungkook was pressed against a wall. His ex standing in front of him. Jimins heart sunk and his mouth fell open. He saw his ex stroke Jungkooks cheek. Jimin wanted to start screaming but noticed how Jungkook flinched at the touch. His ex spoke, “Let him come and see us. Why do you keep denying me.”


Jungkook shook his head and tried to pull away. “I never wanted you not that day and not now.”


Jungkook turned to see Jimin standing there with furrowed brows. He stammered. “Jimin it’s not...fuck...please its not what you think!”


Jimin shook his head and closed his eyes. “Get out of my studio.”


Jungkook whined. “But Jimin we.....”


Jimin looked at him. “Not you, Him.”


Jimin leveled his ex with a glare. “Get out before I call security and never bother myself or Jungkook again.”


Jungkooks mouth snapped shut as Jimin sat his things down and crossed over to them. He grabbed his ex by the arm and drug him to the door. “Jimin baby, don’t you miss how we were.”


Jimin sneered. “I miss nothing about you.”


He pushed him out the door and shut it. Jimin turned back towards Jungkook his gaze much softer. Jungkook looked ready to cry as Jimin came back over to him. “Jimin, we haven’t it wasn’t...we didn’t I’m sorry....”

Jimin shook his head and pulled him in for a hug. Jungkook melted into it and cried beginning to sink to the floor. Jimin went with him, holding onto him tightly. Jimin held him and let him cry it out, he knew what two years of anguish felt like. When his breath even and his sobs stopped Jimin pulled back and brushed his cheeks with his fingers. “Did you mean what you said? Not wanting him that day.”


Jungkook pulled his knees to his chest and nodded. “Yes, he cornered me and tried to come on to me. I said no Jimin, I promise. He just wouldn’t stop he pressed himself into me and kept trying to kiss me. He was grinding against me, I felt so disgusted. Then you walked in, and I know how it looked. I wanted to try and explain, but you blocked me on everything. I understand from your point of view.”


Jimin let out a breath his own tears falling. “I am sorry Kookie.”


Jungkook looked at him with big eyes. “Why are you sorry?”


Jimin pulled him in and held tight. “For ignoring you, for not trying to hear you out. I was so hurt I didn’t bother to think I just. I’m sorry.”


Jungkook held onto him and laughed. “I missed you so much, so many things i wanted to call and tell you or show you.”


Jungkook pulled away and reached over pulling out his phone. He opened it up and showed Jimin a folder of pictures. “Plus I have a notes section of things or jokes I wanted to tell you.”


Jimin felt his heart breaking but for breaking Jungkooks. Jimin smiled getting up and getting the box and walking back to Jungkook he sat down and held it out. Jungkook arched a brow taking the box opening it smiling big seeing what was inside. Jimin smiled “We have a lot to catch up on dont we.”


Jungkook nodded as the door to the studio opened and the director came in. “Have you two stretched? I want to run through your bits before the rest of the dancers get here.”


Jimin looked at Jungkook with a giggle. They got up to do the dance and Jimin was light. For the first time in two years he felt the weight on his shoulders gone, he trusted Jungkook not just as a dancer but as his friend. They began to move through it, usually hearing the director call about changes or bits arms needing to be tighter higher, yelling at Jimin to trust his partner.


The finished and were panting and looking over at the director who just stood there. “Whatever you fixed between you two, good job.”


Jimin tilted his head. “What do you mean?”


The director smiled. “Because that was the best you have danced it, keep this up. Let’s run it a few more times.”


Jimin beamed and turned to Jungkook who was smiling just as big. Every time the ran through it the director was mostly silent, his critiques had lessened. They other dancers had come in and were watching them. They clapped their last time through. Taehyung was behind them. “Wow, I didn’t think it could get better but it did.”


Jimin grinned and looked at Jungkook. “Well have another month before the showcase. We still have work to do.”


Jungkook nodded Taehyung scoffed. “You know you can’t make it any more perfect, what is there to work out?”


Jungkook smiled. “Work on us, and rebuilding.”


Jimin nodded and Taehyungs eyes went big. “Whoa whoa what happened.”


Jimin giggled. He relayed the earlier events of the day. Taehyung wanted to find him and beat him with his crutches for coming back. They both told him it was not needed. Jimin was happy, he finally got to tell his ex a bit of what he thought, and was fixing things with his friend. They were cleaning up their stuff when Jimin turned to Jungkook. “Come over tonight?”


He knew he sounded nervous Jungkook looked up at him with a soft smile. “I will get the Fried Chicken?”


Jimin smiled and nodded, like they used to. Jungkook would come over with food, and they would watch bad movies, eat too much and make fun of everything. “I will see you back at my house.”


Jungkook smiled as Jimin left the studio. If someone had told him how his day would end when it started he might not have believed them.


He got home and took a shower and picked up his place, turning on the TV to Netflix and flicking through the movies. He remember one he wanted to watch but never did cause it is one they would have watched. He smiled sitting on his couch waiting for Jungkook to get there with the food. He was absent mindlessly scrolled through his phone when he heard a knock at the door he looked through the peep hole then swung the door open. “I was expecting you to just walk in.”


He took some bags from Jungkook and went towards the table. He turned around to see Jungkook standing just inside the doorway. “What’s wrong?”


Jungkook looked down. “I’m sorry, i just this is strange.”


Jimin walked over took the rest of the bags. “No I need to be sorry. i should have listened to you and heard you out. Now its all weird and its my fault.”


Jimin turned to him. Jungkook gave a shrug. “You were my bes- you were my friend. And I know how it looked and god. I wanted to so many times to try but I knew you were so mad and I didnt try cause of that.”


Jimin sighed. “You can say it. We were best friends. We can get back there. I am sorry I mean I should have asked why. Then maybe we wouldn’t have been like this. God he was such a turd.”

Jungkook nodded. “He was, and honestly not my type. I figured you knew that”


Jimin groaned pulling Jungkook to sit on the couch he pulled out the food and laid it out on the table. “You know, I am not sure I even realized you had a type.”


Jungkook laughed picking up his container opening it pulling at the chicken. “I do, and its not him. Or anything like him.”


Jimin titled his head. “Oh well now I am intrigued.”


Jungkook blushed. “Well umm, its someone smaller then me. Just bubbly and happy, for the most part. Can be a little spit fire though.”


Jimin smirked. “Sounds like your describing a person.”


Jungkook nodded. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Jimin looked over watching Jungkook put a piece of chicken in his mouth. “Do they know?”


Jungkook shook his head. “No, they do not. Never had the chance to say anything. Not sure they like me like that anyway.”


Jimin rolled his eyes. “Seriously? Then they are stupid. Honestly you are kind, funny, so thoughtful and gorgeous.”


Jungkook blushed ever deeper then before. “You are just being nice.”


Jimin shook his head. “No I am being honest and you should tell them. If they have a brain they will be so excited.”


Jungkook nodded. “Okay I will think about it.”


Jimin smiled and turned on the movie. The rest of the night went smoothly they finished eating and watched the movie talked about how cheesy it was. They were cracking up and it felt like old times. Jimin curled into Jungkooks side and felt him stiffen. “I am sorry, should I not. I know we used to, but guess we need to work back up to that.”


Jimin went to sit up and Jungkook wrapped an arm around him and pulled him back. “No its fine, just surprised me its good. I missed this.”


Jimin sighed contently and nuzzled into his side. He could hear Jungkooks heart racing. So he put his hand on his thigh and rubbed it soothingly. “I did too, even if I have been a jerk recently. I missed you so much.”


Jungkook gave him a squeeze and smiled. Jimin settled in and felt his eyes growing heavy. He fought to stay awake but felt so warm and comfortable. Before he knew it he had drifted away into sleep.


Jimin jolted up on his couch covered in a blanket. He blinked looking around the TV was off and light was filtering in. He heard a noise in the kitchen, he pushed the blanket off and made his way over peaking his head around the corner. Jungkook was standing there. Jimin looked surprised “Your still here?”


Jungkook turned around. “Ah, yes. You fell asleep on me and I didn’t want to move you so I fell asleep. Then I woke up and got us some coffee and bagels. I was about to wake you once it was ready.”


Jimin smiled. “Aw, thanks Kookie.”


He entered the kitchen and took the cup of coffee that Jungkook was offering him taking a large sip. “Oh this is good.”


Jungkook grinned. “Wait til you try their bagels. Everything is still your favorite right?”


Jimin nodded, pulling out a chair and sitting down. He watched as Jungkook turned around fussing over it, it was cute. Jungkook brought it over and sat down with him, he could tell Jungkook was watching and waiting to make sure he approved, so he picked up half and took a bite sighing. “Oh god yes, and there is salt. I hate when they don’t put salt on an EVERYTHING bagel.”


Jungkook nodded and took a bite of his own. They ate, drank their coffee and chatted about practice. Jimin huffed not really wanting to go but knowing they needed too. He excused himself to get cleaned up. Jungkook said he had a bag in his car with extra clothing to change into it. Taehyung was texting Jimin as he got ready asking how everything went, and then spazzed when Jimin said he fell asleep on Jungkook and that Jungkook had slept over.




ChimChim: Oh god not like that.


TaeTae: Come on he is so in love with you!


ChimChim: No he isn’t stop reading into things, were just friends...again.


TaeTae: Wake up and smell the coffee my dude, he is in love with you.


ChimChim: Whatever Tae. We have to get to practice.


TaeTae: We? Is he still there with you oh my god. You are leaving so much out on me....


Jimin shook his head with a laugh and walked out into the living room seeing Jungkook there and changed. He smiled at him and saw Jungkooks face light up. He was so kind and sweet. He could see Jungkook was happy to be friends again, and not in love with him like Taehyung thought.


Jimin huffed, there was a week til opening night and things were not going smoothly . Jungkook seemed distracted and was off. Jimin put his hands on his hips and tilted his head. “Come on Kookie you can do this focus.”


They ran through the routine again, and Jungkook moved to pull Jimin up lifting him into the air. He spun and lost his footing stumbling Jimin slipping from his grasp he quickly readjusted shifting to grip tightly on him. Jimin yelped and wrapped his arms quickly around Jungkooks neck using it to pull himself up. He looked up and realized they were very close. He watched as Jungkooks eyes flicked from his eyes to his lips and back again. His breath came out soft over his face. “Sorry Jimin. I’m sorry.”


Jimin felt himself flush and nodded he wiggled himself free as Jungkook helped him to stand up. He nodded. “Yes Kookie I am fine...good catch.”


Jungkook nodded and Jimin took the time to look him up and down. Jungkook noticed this turning beat red. “I..uh..need a break I will be right back.”


Jimin watched as he rushed from the room. Taehyung who was in the back like always bust out into laughter. “I told you. God do you see it now?”


Jimin blushed and shook his head. “Come on stop.”


Taehyung fell over laughing. “God Jimin. Your face when he caught you. Come on and when you looked at him. I thought he was gonna die on the spot.”


Jimin opened his mouth but Jungkook walked back in. He frowned at Taehyung. Jungkook tilted his head. “Is everything okay?”


Jimin nodded. “Yeah, Tae is just a little shit.”


Jungkook laughed. “Yeah but we know this.”


Jimin barked out a laugh as Taehyung acted hurt. “Really, et tu Jungkook.”


Jungkook laughed shaking his head. Jimin beckoned Jungkook over. “Let’s go through this again.”


Jungkook nodded as they got into their starting positions. They ran through it and the lift went smoothly this time. When Jungkook placed Jimin back down his hand stayed on his waist slightly longer Jimin shifted giving him a quick look they both blushed and sprung apart. Behind them Taehyung was laughing, they both turned to glare at him, which only made Taehyung laughed harder.

Jungkook practically ran from the room stating he would be right back. Taehyung had fallen over with laughter. “Come on Chim, tell me you see it now?”


Jimin flushed and looked at the door. He thought back to a lot of things, the way Jungkook such care with the moves and how he always had water or snacks. He always thought it was Jungkook trying to win back his good graces. What if it was really more then that. He looked at Taehyung with a furrowed brow. “Do you really think?”


Taehyung nodded. “More then think, I know.”


Jimin tilted his head. “You knew about before too, has he told you things I don’t know. We’re you and him still talking?”


Taehyung made a face. Jimin shook his head. “Look I don’t care, I get it now I was being stupid.”


Taehyung made another face and then laughed. “Well then yes, we did keep talking and I knew all about that shit heads stupid behavior. I also know how deeply he cares about you and having you in his life. In any fashion, and that is all I will say.”


Jimin thought for a second wanting to say more but Jungkook walked back in, carrying drinks and snacks. Jimin just giggled seeing his arms loaded walking over taking some things from him. Jungkook made a confused look. Jimin just smiled. “Always doting Kookie, such a sweetie.”


He turned and walked away with some to set them up on a table not seeing the beet red that he had turned. He did however notice the smirk on Taehyungs face to which he just shook his head.


It was opening night and to say Jimins nerves were frayed was an understatement . He was pacing back and forth in this dressing room trying not to run his hands over his face or through his hair they was already styled. He heard a soft knock at his door. “Come in.”


Jungkook stepped in with a soft smile. Jimin looked at him dressed in his costume and felt his heart skip a beat. The last week they had been dancing around each other, literally and figuratively. Stealing soft touches and glancing at each other. Jungkook fixed his shirt feeling Jimins gaze on him. “Uh are you ready, its almost time for curtain call.”


Jimin nodded. “I just get all antsy right before the show, but once the music starts that fades away. Plus I know I am in the best hands.”


Jimin did not miss the blush that hit Jungkooks cheeks as he nodded. “I wont let you down, not again.”


Jimin furrowed his brows and shook his head, he walked over and pulled Jungkook in for a hug. “You never did, I let you down and I am still so sorry.”


He felt Jungkooks arms tighten around him and sighed into the hug. He never realizes how safe and warm he felt in his hold. So when Jungkook pulled away he couldn’t help but pout. Jungkook noticed and giggled. “Hey none of that, after the show we celebrate like usual?”

Jimin nodded. “Greasy food and a movie?”


Jungkook nodded with a big grin. A knock sounded at his door Tae poked his head in. “Come on you two, flirt later its time to get in place.”


Jimin rolled his eyes and shook his head, taking Jungkooks hand. “Come on lets do this.”


He stood to the side of the stage with him and took a deep breath, looking over with one last smile and a nod. “Let’s do this Kookie.”


Jimin had thrown himself into the performance focusing solely on what he had to do. Dance, feel the music, put all the emotions from the last two years, the pain the heart break and the trust coming back. Giving all that trust to Jungkook. He watched Jungkook glide in the water dancing around being pulled back, quickly going to his place the dancers falling to expose him. He pushed forward knowing Jungkook was behind him, he spun and dropped to the ground trusting Jungkook to pull him around and up. The lift came and Jungkook picked him up with a practiced ease. Jimin felt as if time slowed as they spun in the water. Jungkook placed him back on the ground and they disappeared behind a set of dancers, off stage as they quickly changed to reappear Jimin was giddy and shrieking.


He wanted to say and do so much with Jungkook but it had to wait, they quickly went back on and finished the performance to booming applause. They had done it and Jimin felt elated. He knew it looked as perfect as it felt. Once the curtain closed Jimin threw himself at Jungkook into a tight hug. “Oh my god, oh my god. That was amazing we did it. You did it! You were amazing!”


Jungkook held on tightly savoring the moment. “You were amazing Chim.”


Jimin pulled him back to his dressing room. “Seriously like we could not have done that better.”


Jimin rattled on as he pulled Jungkook along with him and people clapped high diving them. They got in the room and Jimin turned with a bright smile going to say something but the words getting stuck in his through when he realized Jungkook was wet and his clothing was stuck to him. “Kookie....”


Jungkook licked his lips and trailed his eyes over Jimin, Jimin felt his breath hitch in his throat. “Jimin, I really want to kiss you right now. So if you don’t want that say something before I do it.”


Jimins looked up to meet Jungkooks eyes and let his breath out before surging forward and pushing Jungkook into the door. Their lips met and Jungkook gasped under him. Jungkooks arms wrapped tightly around pulling his body tightly to him. Their lips fought for dominance but Jimin gave in letting Jungkook take what he wanted. Jimin felt himself melting as Jungkook deepened the kiss, he knew now that one kiss would not put out the fire he was feeling he wanted and needed more.


Jungkook gripped Jimins ass causing him to whimper softly. He grinded his hips forward on Jungkook who picked him up carrying him backwards towards the couch in the room. He laid him back on it pulling back and looking down at him taking deep breathes. “Jimin......”


Jimin reached up putting his finger over his mouth. “Let’s not talk. Just kiss me again please and touch me.”


Jungkook looked at him to check before leaning in for a kiss. Their lips slotted back together and Jimin sighed into it. He wrapped his arms around Jungkook pulling him down to him. Jungkook straddled him and ran his hands over his chest. Jimin arched his back into the touch gasping, Jungkook took the invitation to kiss him deeper. Jimin rutted his hips up against Jungkook feeling them rub against each other.


Jimin reached up pulling at his shirt. Jungkook broke the kiss yanking off his shirt before taking hold of Jimins tossing them to the side of the room. Jungkook looked him over and licked his lips. “God your beautiful.”


Jimin flushed and ran his fingers over Jungkooks chest and to his arms. “You are one to talk.”


Jungkook leaned over kissing on Jimins next whispering in his ear. “Are you sure Jimin?”


Jimin turned to meet his gaze his breath hitched seeing Jungkooks eyes so close they were deep and intimidating but beautiful. Jimin nodded. “I have thought about it before.”


Jungkook groaned licking his lips. “I have too, way to many times. I really like you.”


Jimin felt his eyes tearing up. “Even now?”


Jungkook nodded. “More so now.”


Jimin took hold of his face kissing him deeply. Jungkook growled gripping hold of him. Grinding his hips down Jimin moaned softly into his mouth. Jungkook moved down his body kissing softly. He made his way to his pants pulling them down with his boxers. Jimin looked down at him with hooded eyes as Jungkook flicked his tongue over the tip of his cock. The sensation making his head fall back with a gasp. That drove Jungkook to take it into his mouth and suck softly. Jimin whined at the feeling. “Yes please.”


Jungkook sunk his head down sucking softly as Jimin writhed under him. He sucked deeply taking him all in hallowing out his cheeks. Jimin groaned out his hands going down to Jungkooks hair pulling softly. He pulled Jungkook off him shaking his head. Jungkook looked up confused he pointed over to his bag. “Front left pocket.”


Jungkook raised a brow. Jimin rolled his eyes. “Taehyung, made me put it in there.”


Jungkook smirked slinking off the couch to the bag. Jimin got the rest of his clothing off and laid himself out on the couch. He waited as Jungkook got lube and condom from his bag turning back around muttering a ‘fuck’ as his eyes took Jimin in. Jimin smirked and shook his head. “You better take those off before you come over here.”


Jungkook smirked slowing pulling his hands up his legs unbuttoning his pants. Jimin licked his lips watching as he slowly pulled his remaining clothing off. He took a deep breath raking his eyes over his body and sitting up on the couch. He motioned for Jungkook to come closer, he did moving to stand in front of him. Jimin ran his hands up his things looking up at him and down to his cock that was in front of him. Jimin took a breath before licking the head with his tongue. He moaned softly at the taste of him.


Jungkook looked down and stroked his face softly. Jimin could see a tenderness there, and it wasn’t a look he got before in such an intimate moment. His ex was always staring at him like he was a toy to be played with. Jungkook was looking at him like he was precious and needed to be cared for. He sighed contently and took Jungkook into his mouth closing his eyes savoring the gasp that left Jungkook as he did.


Jungkook put his hands lightly on his shoulders and cursed out. ‘’ Fuck...Jiminie.”


Jimin sucked him deeply loving the groans of pleasure he was pulling from him. He opened his eyes and looked up at him hallowing out his cheeks. Jungkook pushed him back and away from him. “You are too good at this damn.”


Jimin grinned at the praise, before rolling over and getting on his knees. “Do you wanna get me ready for you baby.”


They both stilled as Jimin said the words. Jungkook looked at him with big wide eyes before Jimin smiled. “Touch me baby please.”


Jungkook gripped on to his hips rubbing them softly. “Anything for you.”


Jungkook ran his hands up his sides then down his back he pulled them off to open the lube and cover his fingers in them. He looked to Jimin for confirmation, Jimin gave him a nod. Jungkook slowly traced a finger between his cheeks and prodded him light. Jimin groaned at the sensation and pushed back urging Jungkook to continue. Jungkook pressed his finger into him working it in and out slowly. Jimin breathed out letting out a soft moan. Jungkook was being so careful and gentle with him, it was a feeling of love and care. He think he liked it more then the quick and rough ones he had before.


Jungkook pressed his finger in deeper rubbing on his walls in search of his spot. He continued the soft pressure until he heard a moan erupt from Jimin. “There is it.”


Jimin pushed his face into the back of the couch cushion hiding his moans. Jungkook pulled out and pushed another finger in working him open and putting pressure on his prostate. Jimin was now biting on the couch in an attempt to keep quiet. Jungkook moved faster and harder Jimin whimpered out brokenly. “More....please...more.”


Jungkook pulled back pushing back in with three fingers relentlessly going at his prostate working him open. Jimins legs were shaky he was afraid he was going to fall down. “Fuck me Kookie, please fuck me.”


Jungkook pulled his fingers out and flipped him around laying him down on the couch. He quickly opened the condom and rolled it on, coating the outside with extra lube. Jimin licked his lips looking up at him as Jungkook leaned over him. “Ready baby?”


Jimin gave him a nod Jungkook lined himself and ended him slowly. Jimin lets out a loud moan as Jungkook enters him. Jungkook throws his hand over his mouth. “Shh baby, don’t want anyone to know I am fucking you in here.”


Jimin moaned again, cause his words were harsh but his actions were caring and soft. His thrust were even and slow pushing deeply into him. Jimin was moaning against his hand nodding saying he wanted more. Jungkook move faster and deeper into him.


Jimin writhed under him, his back arching up off the couch Jungkook ran his hands over his chest pulling them from his mouth watching as his muscles rippled as he worked into him. Jimin but his lip trying to quiet himself but as his pleasure grew it was harder. He looked up at Jungkook seeing a look of adoration and Jimin threw his head back his mouth falling open in a silent scream of pleasure. Jungkook wrapped his hand around Jimin cock stroking him to match his thrust. “Cum for me baby, I want to watch you as you do.”


Jimins body shuddered and his orgasm hit him he released over his stomach and Jungkooks hand. Jungkook thrusted him through his orgasm and Jimin wrapped his legs tightly around him. His gaze darkened and he looked up at Jungkook, let me feel you, please give it to me.”


Jungkook groaned and pushed in fast and deep chasing his own orgasm. Jimin whined softly at the over sensitivity but kept hit eyes locked on Jungkook. Jungkook came with a strangled moan. “Fuck Jimin.”


They both stilled panting as he pulsed inside Jimin as he finished his orgasm. He pulled out slowly getting off the couch. Jimin laid there taking deep breaths watching Jungkook as he moved around the dressing room. He threw the condom in the trash and grabbed a towel walking back over. Jimin reached out for the towel and Jungkook shook his head as he softly wiped him down. Jimin blinked in shock watching him. Jungkook looked up confused. “What?”


Jimin sighed and felt his heart fill up. “No one has ever done that before.”


Jungkook leaned over and kissed his lips softly. “You deserve to be taken care of, if you will let me that is exactly what I want to do.”


Jimin smiled and nodded. “I think I would like to try.”


Jungkook grinned and helped Jimin sit up. “Want your bag?”


Jimin nodded as Jungkook grabbed it handing it back to him. Jimin pulled out some street clothes and began to put them on as Jungkook slipped back into his costume his own clothing in his dressing room. They sat in silence before Jimin broke it. “Will you come to my house tonight, and maybe we can do a date night?”


Jungkook looked at him with his big doe eyes. “A friend date or?”


Jimin smiled. “Like a date date.”


Jungkook beamed and nodded. “Let me go change okay.”


Jimin nodded and smiled, Jungkook gave him a soft kiss before slipping out of the room. Jimin leaned back on the couch with a smile. He heard his door open and looked up. “That was quick Kookie.”


Taehyung came in with this hands over his chest. “The fuck it was.”


Jimin turned beat red. “What do you mean?”


Taehyung shook his head. “I am glad you guys are trying it out but dude these walls are thin. Everyone is happy for you though but jesus.”


Jimin groaned and buried his face in his hands. Taehyung just laughed and came over plopping on the couch next to him. “Was it good at least?”


Jimin glared at him. “We are not having this conversation.”


Taehyung let out a laugh. “But are you trying for everything?”


Jimin nodded, Taehyung smiled and hugged him. “Good, after all this you deserve to be happy.”


Jimin grinned, he knew he did deserve to be happy and now he was closer to making that happen. There was a lot for them to learn about each other, in a whole new aspect and Jimin was looking forward to it. He smiled and sighed, feeling all the weight of the world melting away. With Taehyung and Jungkook by his side, he was ready to conquer anything.