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Never Have I Ever Spent Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Never Have I Ever Spent Seven Minutes In Heaven

The house party is loud and there are tons of people Kongpob doesn’t recognise spread all over. He had been hoping to spend at least a few minutes chatting with his best friend Em, but he hasn’t seen him since he vanished to the bathroom almost ten minutes ago, which of course means that he must have spotted a cute girl and is trying to hook up with her.

Instead, Kongpob has stumbled into the kitchen which is a little quieter than the rest of the house. The giant tin bath by the door is filled with ice and a variety of drinks so people are just sticking their heads in to grab one and then heading out into the rest of the party house.

“Want a shot?” A guy calls over to him as Kong gets his bearings. He’s had a couple of beers and he can feel the tickling down is arms that shows the alcohol is already working on him. But he knows his limits and a few more shots won’t harm.

So he heads over to the ragged circle standing around the kitchen island which is overflowing with bottles of liquor. They greet him jovially and Kongpob feels at ease - he’s getting used to hanging out with randoms at parties since he started university. He always thought it would be awkward, but people are just really friendly and always up for a good time.

The guy holding the shot glass looks older than him - maybe a second year - and has a fine boned face with a prominent nose and well groomed eyebrows. He’s definitely attractive and Kongpob could imagine inviting him out on a date if they were alone and not in the middle of a messy house party.

“Here,” he says, voice pleasant and lilting, “This one’s an invention of Bright’s!” He indicates a tall man with a perma-grin who is staring wolfishly at him from over the kitchen counter.

“I call it a B69, if you know what I mean?!” Bright winks as he downs a shot of his own and Kongpob figures that it can’t hurt to accept one, so he reaches over to take the shot from the handsome man.


“I’m Kongpob.” He grins and makes sure to slide their hands together as he scoops the shot glass up. “You?”


He locks his eyes on Handsome Arthit’s as he throws back his head and downs the glass, swallowing quickly so he doesn’t cough.

“Nice!” Bright yells, coming round the island to thump him on the back, “So, are you new here Kong, because I never forget a face!”

There are a couple more shots while Bright interrogates him, but Kongpob doesn't mind, since Arthit stays across from them the whole time, only looking away when a tall, muscled guy reaches out to slap him on the shoulder.

Luckily for Kongpob, Bright is the chatty kind, so he quickly finds out that the big guy is their very platonic best friend Knott and that they are indeed in second year.

“But we didn’t come here just to talk about boring old university,” another of their friends, Tootah announces, “We came here.. to get drunk!”

There’s a round of cheers from the group and they all toast each other with shot glasses, and that’s when Em stumbles into the kitchen a pair of pretty girls on his arms and two more following behind.

“Hey, Kongpob!” He yells across the space, “I met these lovely young ladies and they want to meet you!”

Kong feels a trickle of discomfort run down his back as he stares at his best friend. They might have known each other for 8 years, but Em still hasn’t quite accepted that Kongpob is definitely gay. His friend had been very supportive, sure, when Kong had hesitantly come out to him last year, but he still seems to think that because Kongpob was kissing a girl before uni, that he probably still won’t mind getting set up with one so that Em can date their best friend.

Kongpob is NOT fine with it and sober Em is a much better friend than drunk Em.

Some of this must flicker over his face, because Handsome Arthit suddenly grabs his arm and drags him beside him on the other side of the bench to Em and his harem. “You okay?” He asks in a low voice and Kongpob can’t help the starry eyes he turns on him.

“Thank you my hero!” He giggles quietly, aware that some of this is the drink talking, but that most of it is instant attraction that he’s only seen in movies or read about in fanfiction. He’s also aware that he could be making a huge fool of himself in front of a second year, but somehow, he doesn’t seem to care.

The group around the kitchen island has grown with Em and his lady friends, and there are more shots being poured when Tootah, who seems to be the unofficial party organiser, suggests a game.

“Let’s get to know each other, how about ‘Never Have I Ever’?”

The girls who came with Em all whoop loudly at this idea and although Kongpob isn’t certain he should play, a quiet word in his ear from Arthit has him joining in. (“You can just lie, don’t worry.”)

Shot glasses are topped up and the circle gets tighter as everyone takes a step in as though to keep it secret from the umpteen others at the party.

“Rules are,” Bright calls out, “Drink if you’ve done it..”

“And if you haven’t?” One of the girls asks.

“Then watch the others suffer!”

“Me first,” Tootah announces, but Arthit shoots down his suggestion.

“As the oldest, Knott gets first blood.”

The group turn as one towards Knott who grimaces at his friend, mouthing ‘Thanks a lot’, sarcastically.

“Fine,” he says, “I have never cheated on an exam.”

Kongpob watches as half the group down a shot, including his best friend but not Arthit, who nudges his shoulder and whispers, “truth?”

“I would definitely get caught.” Kongpob confesses, “I go bright red when I lie.”

“Oh really, that’s good to know!”

Kong loses himself in the soft smirk that tilts the man’s lips up and almost misses the next one.

“..never eaten someone else’s food, Bright!” Tootah is saying, reaching out to hit Bright over the head as he downs his shot.

“What? You guys always order nicer things than me.”

Beside him, Arhit lifts his shot glass and grimaces as he swallows, “What?” He says, smirking, “When you’re friends with Bright it’s survival of the sneakiest!”

Kongpob almost chokes, spluttering as he also downs his shot and Arthit lifts his hand to thump him on the back, and then casually leaves it there, bleeding warmth into Kong’s skin.

“Em is pretty similar to Bright,” he waves a hand to where his friend is laughing with one of his new female friends, “I don’t think he’s ever bought lunch.”

“I have never kissed a girl,” Tootah laughs, twirling his glass in his hand as his eyes spin around the circle to see who drinks.

Kongpob knocks his shot back quickly, as does most of the circle, Arthit included.

“Hey, Arthit! Why are you drinking? Something to share?” Tootah pounces on his friend as he finishes drinking, draping him into a choke hold and knocking his hand from Kong’s shoulder. Immediately, Kong misses the warmth.

“Uh, Namtarn?” Arthit asks, pushing his friend away and then stepping back into Kongpob’s space as though to protect him from his crazy friend.

“Oh, I should have clarified!” Tootah laughs, going back to stand next to Bright and whispering in his ear.

Beside him, Arthit stiffens and Kongpob wonders if it would be weird to put his own hand on Arthit’s skin and see if it helps him relax the same way Arthit’s had made him.

“I have never kissed a girl I actually had feelings for,” Bright says and it feels like all the second years are staring at the pair of them as neither Kongpob nor Arthit drinks.

“That’s better, Arthit!” Tootah laughs and then starts to refill shot glasses.

“Truth?” Kongpob whispers.

“True.” Arthit replies.


The game progresses and Kongpob has downed a few more shots when one of the girl’s pipes up, “I have never kissed someone of the same sex.”

Around him there’s a lot of murmuring, and Kong finds his eyes catching Em’s, who nods at him. But he’s grown up a lot in the last year, so Kongpob feels like he’s safe to lift his glass and tip back his shot.

“Solidarity!” Yells Tootah and comes over to refill him, clinking their empty glasses against each other. “A fellow friend, at last!”

A quiet voice pipes up beside him, “Truth?”

“I’m gay,” Kongpob whispers back.


“Right, time to change it up!” Tootah shouts out, eyeing Kongpob appreciatively as he downs the end of a bottle of beer and sweeps some of the mess from the kitchen island. “Let’s play Seven Minutes in Heaven!”

There are a few groans from around the room and a couple of people excuse themselves, including Arthit’s friend Knott, but Arthit stays put, so Kongpob does too.

“Okay, the rules are..” Tootah starts, when suddenly there’s a commotion at the door and a bunch of older students join them, led by a young woman who Bright launches himself on.

“Nam! You came! I thought you were busy.”

“I was,” the young woman says, eyes flickering over Arthit, “But someone said you were playing games, and I love a drinking game!”

Kongpob feels Arthit stiffen beside him and slides his arm along the counter so they are pressed together.

“Come on then Nam, over here,” Bright pulls her into the circle and suddenly she’s opposite Kongpob and Arthit, eyeing them up like they’re a tasty cake she plans to eat.

“Alright, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” Tootah grins, “Rules are, we spin the bottle, the two people it’s pointing at have to choose someone else to join them in heaven for seven long sexy minutes!”

Around him, the group cheers and whoops, but Kongpob can’t join in when he can see the look on Arthit’s face which has changed since this Nam woman arrived.

Arthit looks scared.

“Okay, I get to have the first spin since I just arrived!” Nam announces and elegantly takes the bottle from Tootah.

She locks her eyes on Arthit as she places the bottle in the centre of the table and flicks it lazily with her finger. Kongpob feels the second year press himself more firmly against his side as the bottle swirls drunkenly on the unit before coming to rest between Kongpob and Namtarn.

Arthit gasps quietly and he turns pleading eyes on Kong before dropping his gaze and immediately, Kongpob knows what he needs to do.

He sees the girl across from him smirk and open her mouth.

“I choose Arthit!” Kong shouts and all eyes snap to him, including the most important ones beside him.

He feels Arthit let out a shaky breath even as Namtarn starts to protest.

“No way! You can’t choose Arthit, I was going to choose him and I’m sure he’d rather go with me than some.. boy. Come on Arthit, turn him down, you know you’re allowed to and I’ll take you upstairs and show you exactly what heaven can be like!”

Around her the group catcalls and cheers and Kongpob sees a moment of indecision on Arthit’s face. He clearly doesn’t want to go with her, but peer pressure might change his mind.

“I won’t do anything to you that you don’t want.” Kongpob whispers against Arthit’s shoulder.

“Truth?” Arthit whispers.

“True.” Kongpob agrees.

Arthit squares his shoulders and forces himself to look across the circle, “Of course, I could refuse, Nam. But Kongpob asked me first and I’m a gentleman. I’m going with him.”

Tootah waves his arms in the air and cheers loudly, “Yes! My friend! I love you! Come on, I’ll take you to heaven!” Then he winks as he grabs both their arms and pulls them past a fuming Namtarn who is surrounded by the rest of the boys who are trying to get her to choose them.

They’re led upstairs, Tootah still dragging them, until they reach an empty bedroom. “Here you go, gentlemen. It says seven minutes, but hey, who’s timing? Everyone’s getting pissed downstairs and I’m sure Nam’s distracting them all with her ‘Woe is me’ act! So,” then he drops his voice to a whisper and gives Arthit a long, hard look, “Whatever happens in here, no one but you two will know about. Okay?”

Arthit hits him in the shoulder and steps away, “Get stuffed Tootah! Kongpob is a gentleman.. Now piss off, we’ll time ourselves.”

Arthit reaches for Kongpob’s wrist and tugs him into the room. But just as he slams the door, they hear Tootah yell, “Yeah he’s a gentleman, means he won’t kiss and tell!”

As the door shuts behind them, Arthit drops Kongpob’s wrist and moves to the double bed that’s prominent in the middle of the room. He takes a deep breath as he flops onto it, scooting himself up so that he’s leaning against the headboard.

Awkwardly, Kongpob watches from the door.

When Arthit pats the bed beside him, Kongpob startles and moves hesitantly towards it, moving around the side to sit carefully beside Arthit.

“Thank you, Kongpob.”

Kongpob hums quietly, not wanting to break the calm that has descended since they shut out the sound of the party.

“You probably saw that she’s quite a handful.”

Kongpob nods as he lets himself press back against the headboard, resting his slightly drunk, and definitely exhausted body.

Arthit’s turns to look at him and offers him a small smile, “I used to ‘fancy’ her.” He lifts his fingers to make rabbit ears, “She was my first kiss too.”

Kongpob continues to look at the other man, watching the emotions play over his face, “A bad experience?” He asks and Arthit nods. Making up his mind, he sucks in a lungful of air and asks, “Arthit? Are you drunk?”

“Maybe a bit. But I’m aware of what’s going on and I can make decisions.”


“True. How about you.”

“The same.”


“True.” Kongpob whispers, shifting a little on the bed.

“Good. Thank you for saving me. I know I could have refused to go with her, but you saw my friends - having to explain why I didn’t want to.. sometimes it’s easier not to.”

“I understand. Um, Arthit, you said she was your first kiss?”


“Well, do you want to maybe, erase that memory by making a new one?” Kongpob knows that if he’s got this wrong, then he’s about to mess up completely.

Arthit twists fully so they’re looking right at each other, “What do you mean?”

“First kiss with a guy?”

There’s a moment when Kongpob’s certain that he’s made a mistake and he prepares to defend himself from whatever Arthit says.

“You want to kiss me?”



“Completely, utterly, one hundred percent true.” Kongpob says with a smile.

Arthit’s expression changes and Kongpob wishes he had filmed it. His whole face lights up with a beautiful shy smile that reveals a hidden dimple in his soft cheek. At the same time his warm brown eyes sparkle and he seems to relax, his shoulders dropping down and his torso inching closer to Kongpob’s.

“Okay,” Arthit says, tilting his chin up, “I want to kiss you.”

Kongpob lets out a breath as he stares at the handsome man in front of him, imagining the first moment their lips will meet and then he reaches out and slides a hand onto Arthit’s cheek, “So handsome,” he whispers as he moves forward.

Then their lips touch softly. It’s the barest brush before Kongpob pulls back to check on the other man.

Arthit opens his eyes and stares at him, “That’s it?” He asks cheekily and Kongpob growls as he dives forward, slotting their lips together and finding a rhythm.

It feels like sparks starting in Kong’s chest, it’s so good. He’s never had a kiss like this before. And when Arthit gasps and opens his mouth slightly, Kongpob deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue inside and massaging it against Arthit’s.

Hands tighten against Kongpob’s shoulders and Arhit presses him back against the bed, keeping their mouths connected as they move. They end up pressed the length of each other, and immediately Kongpob can feel that Arthit has the same issue he does as their crotches rub against each other.

They both gasp and then pull apart a little.

It’s the furthest Kongpob has ever gotten with another man and while it feels good, he’s not sure he’s ready for this or more and he can't imagine Arthit is when it’s his first gay kiss. So he gently disentangles them, using his strong abdominals to sit them back up until Arthit is leaning against the headboard again.

Then he presses a series of soft kisses to Arthit’s lips and pulls back slowly.

Arthit blinks wildly as they separate, letting Kongpob lace their fingers together and giving him a lazy smile.

“That was..”

“Incredible?” Kongpob asks, smiling back.

“True.” Arthit whispers and then blushes scarlet and hides his head in Kongpob’s shoulder. “Seriously.”

“So, better than Namtarn?”

“So much better. I guess,” Arthit lifts his head and looks at Kongpob with a grin, “It really does matter that you’re kissing the right person?”

“Oh, it does. My first kiss was terrible too, though so don’t worry.”

“Not just me then?”


“What are you going to tell your friends?” Kongpob asks, thinking about the seniors downstairs and wondering how bad the teasing will be.

“Oh don’t worry about them, they’ll all be so pissed by now they’ll have forgotten where I’ve gone..but” he continues seeing the disappointed look starting to form on Kongpob’s face, “I’ll remind them tomorrow.. If you want to take me on a date?”

Kongpob laughs lightly and punches Arthit’s shoulder, making a face, “Hey, I’m younger than you, you should be taking me out!”

“You’re the one with all the experience!”

“Actually, now, you have exactly the same amount as me, Arthit.”

“Really? But you answered.. wait..?”

“I’ve kissed a girl and a boy, and now so have you!”

“0h,” Arthit’s finger ghost over his own lips and then he smiles brightly again, “True. But, wait! You’ve kissed more guys than me, so you should take me out!”

“You’ve never had a date! So you should take me out.” Kongpob insists, knocking their shoulders together.

“I’ve never been on a date so you should take me!” Arthit growls victoriously and Kongpob dissolves into laughter at the sight he makes, all mussed up and handsome in the bed.

And then Kong can’t control himself, leaning over and capturing Arthit’s lips in another kiss as the other man’s hand lifts to automatically cup his jaw.

They trade long, lazy kisses, moving so that they are rested down the middle of the bed, torsos pressed together, hands tangled.

When they pull a way to take a much needed breath, Arthit whispers, “I have never been in love.”

Kongpob stares at him, eyes sparkling, “We don't have anything to drink here, Arthit.”

“So you need a shot?” Arthit asks, starting to look disappointed.

“I think so,” Kongpob says, “But I might wait til we’ve had that first date to be sure?”