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“Oh boy,” Eva reclined back on the bed, her hair still damp from the bath. “I think I might have to hibernate for the next 5 months Jagri’s stuck up in me. Now I’ll need to find 9 month clothing which I think the TARDIS might have; lemme check.” getting up was proving to be an ordeal now; Eva couldn’t just bounce up like she used to. She get up in slow motion now that she was so top heavy.

Flipping through the wardrobe Eva checked the tags, noticing that all of them were appropriate for her stage of pregnancy. Naked from the waist down, the medium picked out a peasant blouse like top which laced up in the front. Drawing the strings tight over her belly, Eva turned to look in the mirror, grinning at how pregnant she looked.

“If my mother could see me now,” she muttered, tying the strings in a loose bow and tucking that into her skirt waistline. “eh? So what do you think in there, Jagri? Comfy?”

A kick made her belly shake a little bit, making her laugh. “Oh you mischievous little boy I think I’ll keep you in there. I can see all your kicks and pushes now so you won’t have it easy,” she put her hand on top of her belly. “I know your ass is right here,” the hand slid down the big expanse easily. “your neck is in here and your head is right where I can’t feel it on the outside but I sure as hell feel it when I sit down!”

“Did you say something, Eva?” the Doctor passed by the open door, watching her. “Well I can definitely say that the growth hormone you were given has certainly paid off. Even though the DNA restructuring is going to take the same amount of time.”

“I think so yeah,” she agreed. “so it’s been a month; do we go and get Ben?”

“Have you gotten a text message from him yet saying come and get me?”


“Then we don’t bother.” he turned to go but Eva called him back.

“Doctor, you remember that my grandma died of Alzheimer’s and I’m, well, afraid I’ll forget all the memories I had of her. Is there some way that I can extract the memories and keep them like in Harry Potter?”

“No,” the Doctor told her pointedly. “that’s just fiction, Eva. What the universe has is something that you would say is death denial all over again.”

“What kind of system is it?”

“It’s called Testimony.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Testimony was invented in New Earth time, billions of years into the future,” the Doctor explained. “it has all the recorded memories of anyone who ever lived and they called that a testimony. It has avatars that look like their namesakes but they’re not real.”

“I see.”

“Come on, where’s your skepticism?” the Doctor asked with his usual gruff tone. “You would say it’s death denial!”

“Doctor, it’s memories! Memories of people who once lived. They’re not trying to replace the people with new ones and pretending that they never died. Do you know how important memories are? They make you the person that you are right now,” he said nothing while Eva continued, “looking back at the past once is not a bad thing; living in the past is. I just want to relive my memories of my gran one last time.”

“Why don’t we go somewhere different?” the Doctor countered, not wanting to go back to Testimony. “I can take you to the very dawn of time itself! Or we can go-”

“Doctor, please,” Eva’s brown eyes fastened on his with a very soft look in them. “once I refresh my memory of my gran I will not ask to go back there. I feel like it’s something that I have to do. We-I won’t look at any of your memories.”

“You’re damn right you won’t,” he told her. “damnit, Eva.”

She smiled. “I know I’ve won you over when you start swearing; you really don’t do that much.”

The Doctor ignored her, stepping out of the room and going back to the console room. It was bad enough that he’d missed out on her latest adventure-breeders banning men from their planet! But she was unknowingly asking him to possibly re witness some of the worst points in his lives. He yanked down the switch with such force it almost came off in his hands.

Eva came up next to him quietly, wearing her black leather jacket. “You’re not going to be able to zip that up,” he groused as her belly bulged out, seemingly enhanced in its largeness by the string closure in the front. “why don’t you try the khaki jacket? It seems big enough.”

“This jacket is more for decoration; I never zip it up.”

“Well then bully for you,” the Doctor checked the monitor, seeing the familiar staircase with the golden glow emanating from it. “we’re here. There are glass avatars pretending to be people that you once knew so be careful.” he opened up the doors, showing Eva into the place.

“Gosh it’s like a castle in here,” she gazed up to see a vast dome with lots of arches. “so how do we access the memories?”

The Doctor scanned the room with his sonic sunglasses, getting the lay of the land. “Last time I was here an avatar of my past friend greeted me. Nobody’s here now though.”

“Maybe they’re busy processing memories from dead and dying people right now,” Eva suggested, walking forward. “come on, let’s carefully explore.” the Doctor walked with her into the hallway behind the main room while Eva walked with him, nervously looking around her.

After a few minutes of walking, Eva thought she saw something that looked like her gran which stopped her in her tracks. The Doctor noticed, glancing in her direction but he saw nothing. The medium’s face had drained of blood and she looked on edge. “Are you OK, Eva?”

“Not at all,” she reached for his hand then they kept on going. “I think I may have asked for more than I could handle.”

The Doctor was surprised by how cold her grasp was so he tried warming it up with his own hand, giving it a brief rub. Eva appreciated it as they walked forward then a golden bubble came out of a hole in one wall, drifting towards them. “What is that?”

“A memory,” he told her. Eva seemed entranced by it, watching it as it passed by. Both of them saw an elderly face with talking but neither one of them understood what the person was saying. “random memories.” another bubble came out; this time they could see an attractive brown haired man glancing off to his left.

“You get one trip then back home!”

“That was your tenth form, wasn’t it? I recognize your faces.”

“It was,” they walked along. “that was me telling my then companion, Martha that she got one trip with me. It didn’t work out that way but she impressed me enough with her intellect. She was a doctor, an intern. When I met her the Judoon had stolen the hospital she worked at, looking for an alien fugitive. Long story but I suffocated, she saved my life and I saved hers.”

“Of course she gets trips after that,” Eva was understanding as another bubble came towards them. This time it was a brown haired woman with very short hair looking tearful.

“It stopped being fun, Doctor.” the bubble vanished.

The Doctor sighed. “Tegan. She didn’t like the violence and left.”

“Not to be rude or anything but I don’t blame her.” three memory bubbles came down the hall which showed a very young Eva at first she was riding a bike, the second she was learning how to swim, and the last one showed a teenage Eva putting on lipstick for the first time.

“Now I remember! My gran was there when I learned to ride a bike, my grandpa taught me how to swim but it was she who taught me makeup. I was only 14 at the time; my mom didn’t like it but my gran just said I was old enough to start learning how to do it so she taught me the basics like lips, cheeks and eyes.”

The Doctor didn’t say much, furtively glancing at Eva’s figure as she walked ahead of him a little bit. “There’s a few more down that way-I’ll be right back.” she broke contact and walked into the next hallway, leaving the Doctor alone.

“Fine; I’ll be here myself all alone.” he muttered as a memory bubble came over to him. In it he could see Eva’s face looking very upset, tears coursing down her face. Puzzled, he came closer then realized it was Eva’s most painful memory.

*”I’m sorry dear,” a nurse had told her, putting a wrapped bundle in her arms. “she’s only got minutes left now. I want you to be with her.”

“But it’s already too late,” a younger Eva cried. “what can I possibly do for her now? She won’t know that I’m even here!”

“Now now, yes she will,” the nurse turned down the blanket so the Doctor could see Eva’s daughter’s face. “you’ll be surprised.” the nurse left while Eva sat in silence, grimacing occasionally from what the Doctor could only guess was postpartum cramping. The memory was a bit hazy but he could see the infant die and the expression on Eva’s face. It was absolutely heartbreaking to him; he’d never seen such a defeated and sad look on her visage and hopefully never would.

The nurse came and took the body away, gently giving Eva a hug then leaving her alone to deal with her pain. Without even knowing it the Doctor raised up one arm as if to touch Eva through the memory but it dissipated. He felt something wet near his eye and touched it; a tear had broken through and was threatening to fall.

“And some people say you’re heartless,” Clara appeared to him. “hi, stupid old man.”

“Clara. Eva said she crossed you over.”

“She did. I’m sure glad she found you. You give people’s lives meaning, Doctor.”

“Eva is… well, she is something else,” he colored pink a little in his cheeks. “if she were a Time Lord she’d be perfect.”

“Now don’t go losing your head over that. I’ve seen the way she looks at you,” Clara chided. “I think that after River you deserve to be happy.”

“What about you and Danny?”

Clara’s smile lit up the room. “We’re very happy together, Doctor. Don’t you go forgetting now.” she touched his face then disappeared.


Eva found a few more memories of her gran-her high school graduation then graduating from nursing school. Walking along there was a rather big memory bubble but it wasn’t hers-there was a young lady with wild hair bending over someone.

”You can’t be dead,” she said, looming over the Doctor who was looking worse for wear with soot stains on his face. “one day everyone’s going to need you too much,” she sniffled and dripped a tear on the Doctor’s forehead while a watery smile came to her face. “where there’s tears there’s hope.”

The medium got the impression that the Doctor had said that to her. Eva guessed that was Bill, whose healing tears, like a phoenix’s, had cured the Doctor of needing a regeneration. Before she knew it Bill appeared to her, wearing torn jeans, a black shirt and jean jacket.

“So you found him then. I knew you would.”

“I don’t know you.”

“One day when I was visiting the Doctor from the other side I could see how depressed he was,” Bill walked closer to her. “he really needed someone and I knew of your power so I influenced you to start chatting with him. You both have suffered serious losses like I have and you two need each other.”

“You’ve got a really big heart, Bill and a huge capacity for empathy,” Eva smiled sweetly. “your confidence was not misplaced.”

“I’m not the only one with a big heart, even if it is only one,” Bill gently put one hand on Eva’s belly. “I could never do that.”

“I just wondered what it would be like to give birth to a live one. Now I’m doing it twice so that’s something,” Eva giggled. “don’t you worry about the Doctor; I’ll keep him in line.”

“See that you do that,” Bill backed off with a grin. “don’t let him push your buttons.”

“I won’t,” Eva winked. “bye, Bill.”

The medium came to the end of the hallway parallel to the Doctor’s. She found a few more memories of her gran but came to the conclusion that she had exhausted all of them. A new bubble popped up so she peered into it curiously.

Eva was asleep in the bubble, the Doctor was gazing down at her with a sweet and soft look in his eyes. It was the look that Eva really loved which spoke volumes about him and his love for her. In the bubble, the Doctor leaned down a little, gently drew her hair back from her eyes then gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. When he released her she let out a little sigh, saying his name faintly. The bubble disappeared, revealing the Doctor on the other side of it.

“There you are!” he said brightly. “I guess this place decided to show you your favorite memory and by extension, mine.”

“It’s your favorite too?”

“Yes it is. Did you find what you’re looking for?” they walked back into the main room with the stairway.

“I think so. Just remembering is the key to all of this.”

“All right so I think that we’re done here.” he unlocked the TARDIS while more memory bubbles formed. Eva turned to watch what they were; the Doctor glanced up, narrowing his eyes against the brightness. “They’re all memories of my past companions.”

Eva saw all of his past companions, the memories shooting past her with glimpses into the centers to see who was in them. The Doctor did not commentate on them but occasionally offered her some insight. “That’s Susan Foreman, my granddaughter… Victoria.. Jamie.. Liz… Sarah Jane.. Leela.. Romana.. Tegan.. Ace.. Rose,” he paused as Martha and Jack along with Donna drifted by. “then Clara and Bill.”

“I’m joining a pantheon of great people then.” she said casually as he opened the door.

“How do you know?”

“You picked them, didn’t you?”

“Well, Ben and Polly stowed away on the TARDIS then-”

“Oh, shut up!” they left Testimony.


Several minutes later Eva was sitting on the pilot’s chair while the Doctor programmed the TARDIS to drift. “You’re awfully quiet over there. What’s on your mind?”

“Just thinking about my memories and what they will become when I die,” she said softly. “I know there’s no thread of consciousness through any of them but it might be refreshing for you to stop at Testimony and kind of relive some of the glory days with me or what’s left of me.”

“That’s not going to happen for a long time yet!” he tried to cheer her up. “Why don’t we go out for supper tonight? Cheer you up some?”

“OK. Where are we going?” Eva perked up a little.

“The planet Barcelona. We’ll have a nice rooftop supper while they run the bulls! Better go and dress properly.” at his encouragement, Eva left the console room then returned about ten minutes later wearing a sky blue button up shirt and red pleated skirt. She had put on the red lipstick that drove the Doctor crazy then added a pair of hoop earrings. The Doctor stood with his hand on the console but in the other hand he had a long black sash.

“Aren’t you looking polished,” he teased, kissing her cheek. “turn around.” Eva did so, knowing better than to ask questions. The Doctor put one hand on her side, dragging it down teasingly while with his other he snaked the sash over her belly, tying it to the left hip securely. Already thinking about what he would do later that night with Eva, he pressed both of his hands to her outer thighs, put one hand in her crotch, giving it a little rub, enjoying hearing her breath hitch a little bit.

“Oh you naughty boy,” Eva murmured. “you’re going to pay for that later on.”

“As long as it gets you out of your morose thought pattern it would be welcome,” he winked, snapping his fingers to get the doors to open. “now let’s go and enjoy ourselves.”

The planet Barcelona was a lot of fun. The Doctor and Eva had conversation over supper, trying a few delicacies, then they watched the sun set while the bulls ran wild with people screaming and laughing. Sadly the evening was over too soon and Eva noted that the last time they’d had a romantic date was lunch on the French riviera a long time ago.

Afterwards Eva unwound the hip scarf the Doctor had tied around her, hung up the skirt and shirt in the wardrobe and rubbed off the red lipstick. She removed the makeup she had been wearing, stripped off her underwear then put on her favorite mint green bathrobe made of a thin knit material so she was nice and comfortable. The medium rubbed her belly with a little sigh, not liking how itchy it sometimes felt. The unborn Jagri had been aged right to the ninth month a few days ago without Eva’s consent. He was supposed to stay at six months for five months then grow to 9 during the last month while his DNA was restructured but he’d been given an injection that forced him to grow to 9 months instead of 6.

There wasn’t any way to reverse it but Eva wouldn’t have wanted to. Previously she’d been 9 months about an hour or two before going into labor so she didn’t have time to enjoy it. Eva sat down on the bed, marveling at how big she had become, one hand on top of her belly. Her unborn son was sleeping soundly so he wasn’t going to be moving around any time soon.

“Damn he makes me tired sometime,” she complained good naturedly, moving to her spot on the bed. Adding a few extra pillows for bolstering, Eva lay down at a slight incline so she would be able to get up. She did not bother to pull the covers up but closed her eyes and was off in the land of dreams before she knew it.

The Doctor came into the bedroom about an hour later after mending something on the TARDIS console. He took off his peacoat, hung it up, then took his shoes off. Eva was sleeping soundly on the bed and he meant to take advantage of her as much as he could without waking her up.

“Sleeping away quietly, I so do like a challenge,” he teased in a low voice, leaning over Eva. “let’s see how much I can get away with here.”

The Doctor kissed Eva’s lips happily, adding a little tongue then kissed her jawline and her breast, hands trailing down to her robe sash where he untied it and let her robe fall away. Pregnancy had been good to Eva; she had filled out in the chest region nicely. The Doctor slid both of his hands down her sides, pressing her hips gently then taking his right hand and carefully rubbing her crotch with it. To check his progress on making her wet, he slid a finger up into her slit.

“You are good to go,” the Doctor turned the lights down low, resuming his activity. Eva’s breath hitched a little bit then she sank further into sleep. The Doctor slid his two fingers into her and began miming pumping her with his dick. Eva’s vagina had a corrugated feel to it but the Doctor knew that was to help push Jagri’s head out when he was being born, something that wouldn’t occur any time soon. She would be up to that Herculean task when the time came he was sure. “that’s it.” she responded to his motions, her hips bucking up a little bit with each thrust.

Jagri woke up, annoyed with the motion. He kicked his mother who groaned a little bit and was about ready to stir awake when the Doctor realized what was going on. Putting a hand on the spot where the unborn had kicked, the Doctor whispered, “Your mom’s had a long day and she needs relief. This is my territory. Go back to sleep.” Jagri responded by going back to sleep like the Doctor told him to.

“Good lad. He’ll be an excellent Time Lord with some training.” the Doctor continued to finger Eva until he could tell she was on the brink of climaxing then stopped.

“Time for a little fun.” the Doctor had a bit of a fetish for sex toys and nobody would have ever guessed it. Grinning to himself he pulled out a black dildo, a fake dick with very realistic moldings, put a thin layer of lube over it, then began to ease it into Eva’s very wet vagina.

The Doctor was on a power high, controlling the pace, watching his lover’s facial expressions change as he pumped her. Turning up the pace he was pleased to see Eva’s hips bucking up, the pregnant belly bouncing up and down while she got closer to climaxing. The Doctor gave it one last thrust then Eva came, shaking slightly all over. He put his toy away, then saw that Eva was still trembling which meant that she was able to come again. Her hand went down towards her clit but the Doctor got there first, tonguing it as it throbbed.

“My sweet girl,” he spoke quietly, moving her clit in circular motions which he knew that she liked very much. Sure enough she came powerfully again, slightly out of breath but still in a dreamworld. The Doctor straightened up, a smug grin of satisfaction on his face. He covered Eva up, knowing that she would be sore the next day all thanks to him, then kissed her on the lips. “you’re going to have some wild dreams tonight,” tying the sash he thanked Jagri for his cooperation which earned him a little push. “nice work.” the Doctor left the room.


That night Eva had wild and crazy sex dreams. None of them stuck in her mind but she remembered she was close to climaxing, needing that extra clitoral stimulation so she reached down to stimulate herself but relaxed back instead as someone gave her that extra boost she needed. Eva felt like she dissolved into a million pieces as fireworks went off in her mind.

Waking up the next morning she could see that the Doctor was nowhere in sight but she didn’t care about that-he kept an erratic schedule anyway. Why was she so sore? Eva registered that as soon as she got up but she’d had the Doctor multiple times so she wouldn’t be sore from him.

“Crazy night and lots of dreams,” she said to herself, opening up her robe. The ninth month bump stared back at her and there was absolutely no movement. “thanks for the nice night of sleep.”

After a nice shower, Eva spent some time at her vanity, not doing makeup but writing down all the memories of her grandmother that she possessed. She closed the memories in a binder, put it on the bookshelf and left it there. The medium picked out a yellow lace up top like the white one, put it on and laced up the front carefully. For a skirt she chose a short one and deliberately didn’t put underwear on under it.

A push from inside made Eva realize that she hadn’t had breakfast yet. Going down to the TARDIS kitchen, she made something to eat and when she was done, started looking for the Doctor. He was more than likely in the console room so that was the first place she checked.

The Doctor was sitting in a pilot’s chair near the console, his head down and his eyes closed. As Eva approached he jerked his head up, eyes open, and smiled at her. “Feeling better yet?”

“From my thoughts or the soreness between my legs?” she giggled. “You must have gotten me hard last night; I don’t remember a thing.”

“Emphasis on hard,” the Doctor laughed. “you know I didn’t realize how your new curves affect me on a more.. human level,” he stood up in front of her and began to fondle her all over again. “that full chest, your junk all engorged with another human life about to come forth.. there’s something about shall we say ripe women like you.”

“Ripe?” Eva began laughing as he encircled one arm around her waist. “I suppose I am ripe and will be that way for awhile yet! So how was I last night?”

The Doctor leaned in to smell her freshly washed hair; both felt Jagri start to stir. “You were absolutely perfect.”

“Oh, I think his highness is awake,” Eva grunted a little bit as Jagri shifted his weight. “I’m pretty glad he’s already locked into position for birth. I can breathe deeply again which is excellent.”

“That would come in handy on our adventures,” the Doctor smirked. “in the meantime I’m sure he’s moving about a lot and causing trouble.”

“Just like he did last time,” Eva put her hand over the Doctor’s. “still, it’s a real little miracle, isn’t it? Incubating a life.”

“Eva I should tell you,” the Doctor remembered. “I saw one of your memories yesterday-it was a very painful one to witness.”


“I saw your daughter die and I saw the distress you were in,” he told her honestly, looking her in the eye. “I can see why you felt depressed a little bit afterwards. You humans have a horribly short life span and it’s only natural you dwell on your deaths.”

Eva sighed, feeling the forgotten pain all over again. “Doctor, I shouldn’t dwell on it, I know. But remember she was a piece of me once and when she died a little bit of me died too. Some part of me wonders if Jagri will meet the same fate once he is free of my body.”

“You gave birth to him before,” the Doctor reminded her. “he was a strong determined little boy. There’s no reason why that can’t happen again.” he pressed his hands to her belly, determined to prove his point to her. Eva put her hands over his again, both of them said nothing for a long moment.

A big kick from inside made them both laugh as Jagri pushed, making the belly shake. The Doctor spied a little upwards poke from inside so he chased it with a finger.

“You’re right, it is a real little miracle inside there,” the pointy part vanished. “how was it when you were reinseminated with him? Did it hurt?”

“No. He turned himself into an embryo again,” she reminded him. “then got up in there, they gave him drugs to start the DNA restructure, etc. Then a few days ago an unwanted injection sped up his growth, I balloon out to 9 months then remember that I didn’t have any time previously to enjoy my new shape. You know the rest of the story, Doctor,” her phone buzzed. “Ben’s ready for us.”

“Well, on back to the planet of rejected Titans!” the Doctor set the coordinates in. “Won’t he be surprised to see that you’ve grown out so much!”

“There’s going to be some explaining but he’ll take it in stride; it’s what he does best you know.”