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  • merlin fics i read and haven't been the same since (bestfunnylittlemagictwinkfics) by Bowloflamps

    15 Jul 2021


    I spent a whole year reading merlin fanfic to cope. Some of these fics caused me to write multi paragraph messages to my long suffering friend about why the merlin writers completely dropped the ball and why i think someone should reboot merlin but this time gayer and also crying about "two sides of the same coin" so i figured i would just go ahead and make a collection out of 'em as a hall of fame of sorts.

    OR: this is my little hoard of the best funny little magic twink fics ive read and im collecting like the goblin i am
    also: bookmarked fics are at the same level as ones in the "works" i just added them from my bookmarks. there may be a couple fics that are in both because im an idiot.

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