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Are They Always Like This?

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"Ai'Bunny, are you going to make it so obvious? Phu looks uncomfortable, you are staring a hole into his entire being." Solo says drily and rolls his eyes.


Kao panics a little, he is usually shameless but the words just come out of his mouth before he can stop himself. "I wasn't staring at you, P'Phu, I was looking at something else behind you."


"Liar." Solo says. "There is nothing behind P'Phu. Are you looking at the tree behind him? You are not looking at my Guitar, are you, Ai'Kao?"


Kao stomps Solo's foot and Solo glares at Kao with narrowed eyes.


He tries to hit Kao but Kao escapes. That doesn't stop Solo from trying though.


"You are looking at Guitar!" Solo hisses


"There are trees and cars and buildings and other inanimate objects too, there is a beautiful scenery behind the two of them! So many freaking things to look at, Ai'Dog!"


Well typical Solo, his eyes would only zero onto Gui when he is in the picture.


Solo shrugs. "Do you even hear yourself?"


Kao back pedals. "Wait, why can't I stare at Guitar? He is pretty cute and nice to look at, very easy and pleasing on the eyes."


"That's my boyfriend you are talking about there Ai'Bunny. When did your taste change from rough, rugged and handsome to soft and cute? Do you want to be killed and buried?"


"So what, he is like a brother to me! My P'. You can't keep him all to yourself. If only you were not so stingy, what is wrong in letting P' help or talk to me? He is a nice person." Kao quips.


"He is mine first, boyfriends before friends or brothers. And don't you want Phu to yourself as well? Are you willing to let me steal Phu for work then?" Solo bites back.


Kao sticks out his tongue. "I wonder how N'Moon will react to that. Will he be happy if you keep P'Gui away from him? Do you actually do that? Are you jealous of a little kid, seriously, Ai'Dog? Wait, does that mean you put me not in the same level as P'Gui? What about your Khun C, dad? P'Jay? What is my rank? I want to know, Ai'Solo!"


Solo looks at him as if not to ask him the obvious.


"What's my rank in your books, Ai'Bunny? P'Phu is first, right? I am not in the same level, right?"


Kao snaps, "How the hell do you know?"


Solo shrugs.


How come they always have a comeback for each other? Never ending bickering. They know each other so well. Why is their argument never ending? Why are they so freaking adorable and endearing, seriously? Do they even realize what they are doing in front of Gui and Phu?


Gui and Phu look at each other


They point at Kao and Solo respectively, "Are they always..."


Phu nods, "Crazy Gon is always like that."


Gui smiles fondly and rolls his eyes, "So is husky."


But they don't want their boyfriends to change no matter what as Solo and Kao continue to bicker in the background making their boyfriends wait.