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Lucid Dreams

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Associated Color: Magenta - Expressiveness | Boldness | Immaturity

Beverage: A fizzy raspberry cream soda.

  • A bubbly yet smooth raspberry cream soda! Jun’s soda is light and sweet, to bring out your fun-loving side while still making you feel refreshed.

Primary Positions: Busser and Server

“Sometimes it’s enough to just see others enjoying things. I wouldn’t be upset if you wanted to go and enjoy it too, but I’m fine right here.” …  “I’ll try and keep an eye on you, so don’t go too far, okay?”



Associated Color: Pink - Kindness | Vibrancy | Frivolity

Beverage: A thin strawberry smoothie.

  • A classic strawberry ice cream and milk smoothie! Weather you have a busy day ahead, or plan to relax, Jeonghan’s smoothie is the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Primary Positions: Server and Barista

“The sea breeze is nice, isn’t it?” … “And the waves hitting the beach is like a heartbeat. You could get swept up in it and lost so easily.”



Associated Color: Red – Passion | Luxury | Danger

Beverage: A sharp cherry and cranberry juice.

  • A bittersweet combination of cherries and cranberry juice! Soonyoung offers a delicious and healthy addition to any evening.

Primary Positions: Training/Staff Manager and Server

“There’s nothing to worry about here, nobody’s out to getcha. Not while I’m around, anyway.” … “Let’s just try and have a good time, come sit with me.”



Associated Color: Orange – Warmth | Adventure | Panic

Beverage: An energetic orange sherbet punch.

  • A creamy, fruity, and lightly carbonated orange sherbet punch! This drink is Seokmin’s specially, meant to give you the feeling of youthful energy, regardless of the season.

Primary Positions: Server and Barista

“I wanted to give you something, as a thank you. You’ve been so nice to us, more than we ever expected from… from anyone, to be honest. I hope you don’t regret meeting us.”



Associated Color: Yellow – Cheerfulness | Frustration | Impatience

Beverage: A tart pineapple lemonade.

  • A pungent blend of pineapple and lemon juice over shaved ice! A bright and urbane drink from Seungkwan meant to help you focus and give your mood a boost.

Primary Positions: Cashier and Server

”You shouldn’t worry about things like that. If there’s anything I know, it’s that it’s okay to mess up.” … “ I didn’t think you were paying that much attention… I know that already! Just accept it, okay?”


Associated Color: Green – Peace | Wisdom | Envy

Beverage: A healthy matcha and green tea smoothie.

  • A rich matcha smoothie thinned by brewed green tea! Minghao’s carefully made smoothie is a robust and flavorful option, and is great for the body, mind, and soul.

Primary Positions: Barista and Busser

“Thanks for agreeing to meet me here.” … “I wish I’d done this sooner. I’m sorry I didn’t” … “Shall we find a place to sit? Or maybe we should do stretches first…”



Associated Color: Cyan – Tranquility | Dignity | Pretentiousness

Beverage: A revitalizing blue raspberry juice.

  • A refreshing, bright, and lightly carbonated blue raspberry juice. Perfect a long and day, Jihoon offers a simple and cool drink to restore your vitality.

Primary Positions: Beverage/Stock Manager and Busser

“What did you think we were going to do?” … “Uh, no. I’m gonna take the chance to relax since I have it, and I want you to join me. It’s not like you have a choice anyway.” … “Yes, that was a joke.”



Associated Color: Blue – Clarity | Intelligence | Despair

Beverage: As refreshing Blueberry smoothie.

  • A hearty and tasty blueberry and yogurt smoothie! Wonwoo’s simple mix of blueberries and vanilla yogurt is uniquely traditional, perfect for any time of day or year.

Primary Positions: Busser and Cashier

“Ah, you're finally awake.” … “ Mh, sorry. I guess it was a bit cliché. I am glad your awake through. I didn’t want to drive alone.” … “ You’ll see once we get there. It’s somewhere nice, I promise. Once we settle in, we can talk about what been bothering you. ”



Associated Color: Purple – Creativity | Curiosity | Mysteriousness

Beverage: A chilling grape soda

  • A sweetly rich concord grape flavored soda! Mingyu’s soda is light and sparkling to bring one’s imagination to life, while remaining proud and inspired.

Primary Positions: Server and Busser

“Look up there, at that cluster of stars.” … “Yeah, it looks like he’s having fun!” … “ Do you still wish on shooting stars?”


Associated Color: White – Purity |  Innocence | Isolation

Beverage: A traditional vanilla smoothie.

  • A nostalgic blend of vanilla and cinnamon in a thick ice cream smoothie! Joshua has recreated a drink from his own childhood and brought it to you as an all new experience.

Primary Positions: Server and Cashier

“Honestly… there’s a lot to be afraid of in life. It’s okay to feel scared. But if we let that fear hold us back for too long… we get lost, and can’t find our way back.” … “I really, really don’t want that to happen to any of us, including you.”



Associated Color: Grey – Prestige | Neutrality | Indifference

Beverage: A smooth mix of almond and coconut milk.

  • A simple and nutty flavored  drink made of almond milk and coconut milk! Two distinct milk flavors blended together and chilled, Vernon's drink is made specifically to be a quick and easy choice.

Primary Positions: Cashier and Barista

“Quiet, huh.” … “Why would I try to scare you? I don't do it on purpose.” … “Just hear me out, okay? You should be careful. Even more careful than you think.” … “I… I don’t think I could explain it.”



Associated Color: Black – Power | Simplicity | Emptiness

Beverage: A saccharine licorice root beer soda!

  • An intensely sweet and foamy root beer soda with a mild black licorice aftertaste! Dino's soda is perfect for evening and nights, as it’s sweet and bubbly, yet still mature and stoic.

Primary Positions: Server and Cashier

“Whoa, it’s really dark out here… stay close and under the streetlights, okay? … Hello?” … “Why did you run, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”



Associated Color: Brown – Comfort | Forgetfulness | Isolation

Beverage: A classic chocolate smoothie.

  • A tried and true mix of milk, cream, and chocolate! Seungcheol has brought you the simplest and most classic of all smoothies. A thorough blend of ice cold milk, cream, and 3 types of chocolate topped with whipped cream and fudge.

Primary Positions: CEO/General Manager and Cashier

“What are you waiting for? Come lay down. I guess it’s redundant, but it’s just you and me tonight.” … “I thought by now you’d be a bit more relaxed around me.” … “I… didn’t realize that. I’m sorry. What do you want to do?”