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Ae im back

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After reading the message pete sent him ae turned to go tell can about petes return, cone to find pete standing behind him. Very emotional and so happy, they spend what feels like hours crying on each other's shoulders. Tin stumbled upon the two after going to find ae because, as can insisted, "AI TIN HE HAS TO PLAY GAMES WITH ME HE CANT BE SAD THIS WHOLE BEACH TRIP". Tin couldnt say no to the younger, and was pleased to stumble upon pete. He would never admit, but he was also deep down happy to see Ae out of his constant gloom, and of course was very glad to see the only person he considered a friend again. Can stomped his way over after not having Tin come back within the load up of his game, and to say the least was much delighted to see pete as well. Can began to bombard pete with questions about where he was and what he was doing. Asking him why he was gone for so long, telling him about how sad Ae was the entire time. That was until Tin dragged him away (With very little resistance after offering the younger ice cream) to give the boys some space. Hours later of Ae clinging ever so tightly to Pete, his sobbing had dulled down and they began to talk about everything that had happened while Pete was away. As the sun set and the waves boomed Can called them to sit by the fire. Ae would have gladly been playing the guitar for everyone if he hadn't insisted on Pete sitting in his lap so that, in his words, "he won't ever disappear from me ever again". Pete made no complaints though, very much enjoying the warmth of Aes arms around himthat he hadn't felt in so long. Can had offered Gonhin and Phupha to sit with them(violently glaring at tul but deciding that he would rather see phupha again instead of cause a fistfight with tul....again). Tin strongly disapproved when he saw the 4 of them walking to the fire with can staring daggers into tuls back. Can thought he heard him say something along the lines of "Cantaloupe we talked about this" but can wasn't really listening, much more focused on the sand castle he had started with Phupha than his sulking boyfriend. But Tin had dealt with his anger towards tul being there with them after seeing how cute can was when playing with Phupha. As the sun finally sets, the world becomes dark, everyone by that fire is the happiness they've ever been. Calm peaceful atmosphere, just enjoying each others presence.

When morning comes and Ae wakes up he believes it must have been another dream, only to find the love of his life that he missed oh so much laying in his arms oh so peacefully. Thinking of the dozens of possibilities their future will hold together, theres one thing Ae knows for sure. He is never letting pete go ever again.