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Who Can Even Remember Why?

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Four days.


They hadn’t talked in four days.


It wasn’t like this was their first fight. They’d gotten into loads of arguments before, both big and small, it was the basis on how this relationship started after all.


This time was different though.


They had never been so angry before, the pair of them glaring at each other intensely.


Honestly, Wad couldn’t even remember why they were fighting…. A small voice told him it was his fault, but his pride (a much louder voice) wouldn’t let him admit that.


It was Prem’s fault… he was the idiot, always pissing Wad off.




Kongpob and Oak dragged him out on the third day, as he put up the fight of his life. He knew Prem and the other third years were going to be there, and he definitely didn’t want to be around him right now.


When they finally reached the restaurant and Wad caught his first sight of Prem sitting at the table, his breath caught in his throat.


It felt like years since he’d seen the other man.


Prem, who was currently eating, finally looked up and noticed Wad. Confusion, anger, and more confusion flashed across his face, before he finally seemed to settle on anger.


“What the hell is he doing here?” Prem snarled, turning to Arthit, “I told you, I didn’t want to see him!”


Wad rolled his eyes, “Don’t worry, I don’t want to see you either.”


Prem stared at him for a moment, before shooting to his feet and storming out, pushing past Wad as he went.


Wad couldn’t say a word to stop him.


Why were they even fighting?


What fight caused them not to speak for four days?


“Wad.” Kongpob’s voice was soft, “You need to go after him.”


Wad didn’t even reply, already turning to run after his boyfriend, quickly catching up to him and grabbing his wrist. “Prem, please I- “


“- I can’t stop thinking about our fight.” Prem interrupted, voice low as he refused to look at Wad, “And I don’t know what to do.”


And then it hit Wad.


Prem’s been blaming himself for this, just like Wad had been.


He sighed, letting go of Prem’s wrist and rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, “I-I can’t remember what we were fighting about.” He admitted, wincing as Prem twisted round to give him an incredulous look, “Why- why don’t we just make up? Forget all about it?”


Prem stared at him for a few moments, making Wad nervous with the tension.


Was he about to be rejected and dumped?


Before Wad could dwell too much on this one line of thought, Prem stepped forwards, grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.


Oh… that’s fine as well.


More than fine really.


It was brief, and he barely had any time to react before Prem pulled away, but it still somehow managed to take his breath away.


There was a soft smile on Prem’s face as he pulled away, “Yeah… let’s make up.”


“…. And make out?”


This time, it was Wad who took the lead.