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Chapter 2: History through the Ages - De-aged Bakugou Story Idea
Chapter 3: Butterfly Bakugou - Butterfly Quirk
Chapter 4: Side Support - Hero & Support Student Bakugou
Chapter 5: Hufflepuff Bakugou Katsuki
Chapter 6: Secretly a Mob Boss - Bakugou raised by Musutafu's Underworld
Chapter 7: Raised by High Fashion - Bakugou raised by the Fashion Industry
Chapter 8: Snuggles - Bakugou falling asleep on people
Chapter 9: Seeing White - 5+1 Bakugou is quiet angry for others, 1 time they're angry for him

Chapter 10: Fullbody Explosion - Bakugou can explode his whole body, not just his hands.
Chapter 11: Class 1-A Explodes - Class 1-A has Bakugou's quirk for 48 hours, with its side effects
Chapter 12: Angry Too - Not a fanfiction idea, but a lyric prank idea
Chapter 13: Friends in High and Low Places: Mix of Secretly a Mob Boss and Raised by High Fashion
Chapter 14: R.I.P Hero Costumes - Fashionista Bakugou rants about hero costumes
Chapter 15: Time Manipulation Quirk - Exactly what the title reads
Chapter 16: The Bomber - Bakugou's sweat makes bombs +Extra
Chapter 17: Collection - OP Collection Quirk
Chapter 18: Nicer than He Appears - Bakugou gets hit by a quirk and things don't happen as expected
Chapter 19: Hidden within Explosions - Baby Assassin Bakugou

Chapter 20: Like a Light Switch - Bakugou got hit with a quirk when he was younger that makes him a boy one day and a girl another.
Chapter 21: The Secret Life of a Zookeeper - Bakugou loves animals and has nearly the equivalent of a zoo.
Chapter 22: Katsuki's Cupcakes - 20+ times Bakugou bakes for someone.
Chapter 23: Chaos Crew - Bakugou and some unlikely friends go around causing chaos.
Chapter 24: Unlikely Internship - Bakugou & Nedzu
Chapter 25: Bailing Them Out - Bakugou uses the bail money he's been saving
Chapter 26: Bakugou Katsuki & Females of U.A - Bakugou makes friends with most of the girls he meets at U.A
Chapter 27: More Than Symbols - An exasperated Bakugou tries to be the number 1 Hero, while the world tries to kill him and a family of spirits keep him alive.
Chapter 28: Battle Between Life & Death - Bakugou & Death are family
Chapter 29: Hardcore Parkour - The Bakusquad is also a parkour group.

Chapter 30: The Oblivious Friends - Bakugou makes friends with Class 1-A without realizing it.
Chapter 31: Dancing in the Sky - Bakugou does aerial silks (plus Bakuquad meets Disaster Squad & Mei)
Chapter 32: Swear Jar - Aizawa fails to establish a swear jar
Chapter 33: King of Mischief - Bakugou secretly pull pranks.
Chapter 34: Teachers for a Day - Bakugou is surprisingly good with kids.
Chapter 35: Change Up - Bakugou goes to a Gen. Ed. class, a support class, a management class, or Class 1-B for a week.
Chapter 36: A Myriad of Tongues - Multilingual Bakugou Katsuki
Chapter 37: The Accidental Cult of Bakugou Katsuki - Bakugou accidentally starts a cult by being nice.
Chapter 38: Dolly - Bakugou's grandparents treat him like a doll.
Chapter 39: Main Attraction - Bakugou has a job as a waiter/host and is good at it.

Chapter 40: The Impossible Essay - Aizawa assigns an obscure essay only Bakugou knows anything about.
Chapter 41: Who Wrote It? - Aizawa tells the class to identify the author of a research paper; a paper Bakugou wrote when he was younger.
Chapter 42: Emotion Vampire - Bakugou is a vampire that feeds off emotions instead of blood.
Chapter 43: Disco Fever - Bakugou & Todoroki will take whatever happened at disco night to their graves, or until they get drunk. Whatever happens first.
Chapter 44: Meeting the League of Villains - Bakugou met members of LOV before being kidnapped.
Chapter 45: Code names - Class 1-A has to go through the whole day only calling people by nicknames.
Chapter 46: "Of Course I Can Act" - Class 1-A does some method acting.
Chapter 47: Adopting the Beast of Class 1-A - U.A classes slowly adopt Bakugou for their own reasons.
Chapter 48: "I Don't Sing" - Class 1-A gets hit with a music quirk, and Bakugou refuses to sing.
Chapter 49: "I'm Not Pretty" - Bakugou deals with harassment; Warning inside.

Chapter 50: More Than a Quirk - Bakugou is done being just a quirk to people.
Chapter 51: A Way with Written Word - Bakugou is an author.
Chapter 52: Overheated - Bakugou tries not to blow up during a heatwave.
Chapter 53: Poker Face - Class 1-A has to keep blank faces all day.
Chapter 54: Young Bakugou - Bakugou is a couple years younger than the class.
Chapter 55: Martial Arts Master - Bakugou knows a lot of martial arts.
Chapter 56: The Bunny and the Brat (A Bird is There Too) - Bakugou, Miruko, and Hawks.
Chapter 57: The Oblivious Psychologist - Bakugou is a surprisingly good counselor; now if only he took his own advice.
Chapter 58: Human Lie Detector - Bakugou is amazing at spotting lies.
Chapter 59: Mother Hen - Bakugou takes care of a sick Class 1-A.

Chapter 60: Not Your Personal Assistant - Bakugou keeps track of everyone.
Chapter 61: Underneath the Obvious - Bakugou shows up to school in a neat uniform and a turtleneck, something is wrong.
Chapter 62: Blackmail King - Bakugou has information in everything.
Chapter 63: The Weather Man- The weather reflects Bakugou's emotions and desires.
Chapter 64: Emotional Reflect - Bakugou's quirk reflects his emotions.
Chapter 65: You Can't Confine Us to Your Sense of Normality - the Bakugous are unconventional but wouldn't have it any other way.
Chapter 66: I Can't Stop Singing - Bakugou can only communicate in song lyrics and titles.
Chapter 67: Liar - Bakugou says he's doing fine. He isn't.
Chapter 68: Into Another World - Class 1-A is stuck in a videogame.
Chapter 69: Unconventional Custody Battles - Bakugou gets kidnapped as custody battles.

Chapter 70: Family Day (U.C.B pt. 2): The seven groups that regularly kidnap Bakugou send representatives to attend family day.
Chapter 71: The Innocent Beast - Bakugou is surprisingly innocent. .
Chapter 72: Sleep Walker - Bakugou sleep lives.
Chapter 73: Student Teacher - Bakugou teachers in disguise when U.A is short staffed.
Chapter 74: Explosive Cries - Bakugou's tears explode.
Chapter 75: Dead But Not Down - Bakugou dies and comes back to life.
Chapter 76: The Things Unseen - Bakugou sees ghost.
Chapter 77: "Every Girl is Capable of Murder" - Bakugou & Eri sing.
Chapter 78: Switch Gone Wrong - Bakugou & Midoriya switch bodies as kids.
Chapter 79: The Singing Bet: People bet one who can catch Bakugou singing first.

Chapter 80: 'Tis but a Scratch: Bakugou has a high pain tolerance and an encounter with a knife.
Chapter 81: Taken Out of Context - The Class 1-A boys mistakenly believe Bakugou is somehow sexist. (Meanwhile, Bakugou is hanging out with the girls a d having a blast.
Chapter 82: Rich Kids Club - Bakugou, Momo, Todoroki, and Iida all knew each other from before U.A and play a prank on their class.
Chapter 83: Just Because I'm Blind, Doesn't Mean I Can't See - Blind Bakugou A.U
Chapter 84: Bakugou Katsuki vs. Class 1-A - BAMF Bakugou vs. the rest if the class.
Chapter 85: Not A Tin Man - Bakugou is tired of being compared to Midoriya.
Chapter 86: Eyes Like a Hawk - Bakugou has incredible eyesight and it doesn't help sometimes.
Chapter 87: Hide n Seek (Find n Explode) - Bakugou is a really good seeker.
Chapter 88: Extreme Sardines - Bakugou is also a really good hider.
Chapter 89: International - Bakugou went to several boarding schools abroad and had become an international vigilante before coming to U.A.

Chapter 90: Clueless - Bakugou was homeschool and doesn't realize how average people act before going to U.A. U.A thinks this kid is crazy talented and potentially insane.
Chapter 91: Eyes of Fire - Bakugou gets kidnapped, and the villains try to break him before he escapes.
Chapter 92: Apathetic on a Whole New Level - A quirk takes away Bakugou's anger, and the class doesn't like the outcome.
Chapter 93: A Flinch Can Change the Future - The class realizes Bakugou is touch starved.
Chapter 94: Dorm Mother - Bakugou is basically Class 1-A's (and Aizawa's) Mom.
Chapter 95: Dance Machine - Bakugou can dance.
Chapter 96: Cocktail King - Bakugou is a great bartender.
Chapter 97: Musical Mania - The class is locked in a room and has to escape through singing songs.
Chapter 98: Truth Teller - Bakugou is obsessed with the truth.
Chapter 99: Target Practice - Bakugou has perfect aim.

Chapter 100: Into the Woods - Class 1-A gets stuck in the woods and only Bakugou knows what to do.
Chapter 101: Underneath the Cloth - Bakugou's parents run a vigilante group and Bakugou joins.
Chapter 102: Brave Does Not Mean Fearless - Class 1-A discovers Bakugou's fears.
Chapter 103: Silent Story - Bakugou expresses himself through various forms of artwork.
Chapter 104: Hands Off - Bakugou's whole body is explosive, making him touch starved.
Chapter 105: My Choice of Family - Bakugou adopts other kids.
Chapter 106: The Only Child You See - Bakugou can see the ghost of his dead siblings.
Chapter 107: Katsuki is King - Bakugou rules game night.
Chapter 108: Exploding Blood - Bakugou forgets to tell people his blood is explosive. Opps.
Chapter 109: Red Hot & Extreme Sour - 1-A does a spicy and sour challenge which Bakugou wins.

Chapter 110: First Aid Response - 5 times Bakugou gave first aid to someone else, 1 time he did himself, and 1 time he needed an ambulance.
Chapter 111: Course Change - The Hero students have to take Management courses for a day.
Chapter 112: You Know Who?!?! - Bakugou's interview project has some surprising guest.
Chapter 113: Lasting Pain, Fleeting Scars - Bakugou hurts himself.
Chapter 114: I Plan to Win - Bakugou is given a seemingly impossible task to complete.
Chapter 115: Get Along Plan - 1-A and 1-B try to make Bakugou and Monoma get along, not knowing the two are cousins.
Chapter 116: True Colors - The class gets hit with a quirk that reveals their emotions as an aura, and Bakugou is grey.
Chapter 117: He Can Do What?!?! - Bakugou is self trained and has too many skills for him to be human.
Chapter 118: I'm Doing Fine - Bakugou isn't doing fine.
Chapter 119: Vibrant - Bakugou has synesthesia.

Chapter 120: Yeah? - When Bakugou is focused, his verbal filters turn off.
Chapter 121: Ghost - Bakugou becomes a ghost temporarily because of a quirk and uncovers a plot against U.A he decides to put a stop to.
Chapter 122: Invisifam - Bakugou becomes invisible, and he and Hagakure become friends.
Chapter 123: Take Your Cousins to School Day - Bakugou has to take his cousins to his school.
Chapter 124: Number Code - Bakugou is locked in a room and can only escape with the number codes painted in the room.
Chapter 125: See You in a Hour - A Bakugou from a random point in time shows up every hour.
Chapter 126: Wait, What?!?! - Bakugou discovers the class actually likes him.
Chapter 127: Smile! - People realize Bakugou can smile charmingly.
Chapter 128: You Won't Cook, You Won't Clean - Bakugou scares the class into doing chores.
Chapter 129: Angel with the Blood Red Eyes - Bakugou helps Recovery Girl in disguise.

Chapter 130: I Blame the Internet (and Books) - Bakugou knows a lot of trivia.
Chapter 131: Don't You Dare Think I Can't Be a Hero - Bakugou leaves U.A after his past is revealed and starts a vigilante group.
Chapter 132: Secret to Keep - Bakugou was trained by the Hero Commission.
Chapter 133: Yes, Master - Bakugou gets rented out as a servant during the summer.
Chapter 134: Seasonal Friends - Before coming to U.A, Bakugou and Midoriya were only friends in the summer.
Chapter 135: At the End of the Rope (and Out of Cr*p to Give) - Bakugou is Done with his class.
Chapter 136: Senpai - Bakugou takes care of the de-aged teachers over break.
Chapter 137: School, Train, Study, Repeat - The class finds out about Bakugou's schedule and is concerned.
Chapter 138: And I Live Another Lifetime - A past quirk allows Bakugou to remember his past lives.
Chapter 139: Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object - Bakugou doesn't know how to give up, and the class finally starts realizing how far he is willing to go.

Chapter 140: How to Escape a Kidnapping by Bakugou Katsuki - The class does a kidnapping unit and finds out Bakugou has been kidnapped too many times.
Chapter 141: Dress Up - The girls make Bakugou look like a girl, and he kills it.
Chapter 142: Bakugou Loves Halloween - Bakugou loves creeping people out.
Chapter 143: It's Not Illegal - Bakugou knows hero law like the back of his hand.
Chapter 144: Holding On to the Present - Bakugou is actually dead.
Chapter 145: Accidentally Vigilantism - Bakugou has accidentally been a vigilante since he was 7.
Chapter 146: You Need Better Security - Bakugou's favorite hobby is breaking and entering.
Chapter 147: My House is a Tree House - Bakugou has lived in a tree house since he was 6.
Chapter 148: All I See Are Dead Faces - A quirk forced Bakugou to see his classmates die and rescue them.
Chapter 149: Aerial Competition - The class watches Bakugou fly.

Chapter 150: Riddle Me This - Bakugou and others have to escape a locked room by answering riddles.
Chapter 151: When Will Freedom Be Mine? - Bakugou wants to escape the control of his parents.
Chapter 152: Do You Even Know Me? - How well does the class really know Bakugou?
Chapter 153: Handyman - Bakugou fixes things around the dorms.
Chapter 154: Your Wish is My Command (stupid genes) - Bakugou can grant wishes.
Chapter 155: Staring into the Eyes of Death - Bakugou has a 2nd quirk he hates.
Chapter 156: I Am A Boy! - People keep mistaking Bakugou for a girl.
Chapter 157: Death's Reluctant Disciple - Bakugou is a grim reaper.
Chapter 158: Freakshow - Class 1-A performs Freak for the school.
Chapter 159: Controls - Bakugou's memories reveal how and why he has good control.

Chapter 160: Potentially Poisonous Touch - People over react after finding out nitroglycerin's side effects.
Chapter 161: Analyzer - Bakugou and Midoriya fake Midoriya having a quirk.
Chapter 162: You Messed Up - Class 1-A reacts badly to Bakugou and Midoriya's past, not knowing what is going on in the background.
Chapter 163: Magic Runs Through My Veins - Bakugou has magic powers.
Chapter 164: Sweetly Sending Shivers Down Spines - U.A finds out why a sweet Bakugou is a scary Bakugou.
Chapter 165: Sticks & Stones May Break Bones, But Words Can Hurt the Heart - Bakugou's been under too much pressure since childhood.
Chapter 166: Trickster - Bakugou is a vigilante that fights using tricks.
Chapter 167: No Such Thing as Over Prepared - Bakugou is prepared for ANYTHING.
Chapter 168: No Such Thing as A Gift - Bakugou hasn't gotten a present of any type since he was 6.
Chapter 169: You Can't Stop Me - Bakugou wants to be a field medic and won't listen to anyone who tells him no.

Chapter 170: I See Your Future Without Me - Bakugou doesn't see himself with his class in the future.
Chapter 171: Keeping Up the Facade - Bad parent Masaru.
Chapter 172: The People You Meet - Bakugou keeps meeting important people in weird places.
Chapter 173: Reluctant Hero - Bakugou becomes a hero to keep Midoriya from dying.
Chapter 174: Killer Instincts - Bakugou's quirk allows him to see weaknesses.
Chapter 175: Death, Where is Your Sting? - Bakugou is immortal.
Chapter 176: Better Bitter Than Sweet - Bakugou only knows that softness gets you hurt.
Chapter 177: Frenemies - Bakugou is frenemies with the League of Villains.
Chapter 178: I Could Kill You In the Blink of an Eye - Bakugou knows how to kill people and get away wirh it. The class is happy he wants to be a hero.
Chapter 179: Forever Regenerating - The Bakugou family has good natural healing abilities.

Chapter 180: Bakugou's World Domination/Destruction Plan - Sometimes, Bakugou plans taking over the world to calm down.
Chapter 181: Luck of the Draw - Bakugou is incredibly unlucky and lucky.
Chapter 182: Mini Accidental Hero - Bakugou is de-aged and saves people.
Chapter 183: Principal for a Day - Nezu leaves Bakugou in charge of the school for a day.
Chapter 184: Will They Even Notice - Aizawa and Bakugou switch bodes and act like each other.
Chapter 185: My Mythical Zoo - Bakugou adopts mythical creatures thinking they are normal animals with quirks.
Chapter 186: Flick of Blood - Bakugou leads 1-A on a wild goose chase.
Chapter 187: Bakugou & the Elderly - Bakugou gets along with older people.
Chapter 188: How Do You Love Someone? - Class 1-A teaches Bakugou how to love people.
Chapter 189: Traveler - Bakugou gets forgotten places, but he knows how to get home.

Chapter 190: The World Inside My Head - Bakugou has dead people living in his head.
Chapter 191: King of Dragons - Bakugou inherited a quirk that gives dragon tattoos life.
Chapter 192: Of the Stars - Bakugou loves astrology and astronomy.
Chapter 193: Parade of Darkness - Bakugou starts a vigilante group made up of kids with "villainous" quirks.
Chapter 194: Under Lock & Key - Bakugou is a steel vault, which the class is just starting to realize.
Chapter 195: Run on Will Alone - Bakugou needs to want to live to stay alive.
Chapter 196: Yes, Calming Down Would Kill Me - People finally notice a certain side affect of Explosions.
Chapter 197: Part-Time Teacher - Bakugou juggles being a student and teacher at U.A
Chapter 198: Undercover Student - Bakugou was hired by Nezu to scope out the potential of the students.
Chapter 199: Key Words - Bakugou was kidnapped when he was young and people are still figuring out his triggers.

Chapter 200: An Unknown Hero - Bakugou finally returns shortly before graduation from an undercover mission.
Chapter 201: Hearing Isn't A Problem - Bakugou is hard of hearing but doesn't let that stop him
Chapter 202: Explosive Power - Bakugou use to be on quirk suppressants and now his quirk gets a massive boost.
Chapter 203: Not Nice - Bakugou knows he isn't nice and it a bit insecure about it. The class unknowingly pick at his insecurity.
Chapter 204: Who Says You Can't Fight in Heels - Bakugou crossdresses to fight as a vigilante.
Chapter 205: Bomb Threat - Bakugou has been treated like a bomb threat and hasn't had a normal childhood.
Chapter 206: Pyro Pipsqeak - Musutafu's criminals know Bakugou as the Pyro Pipsqeak and are scared of him.
Chapter 207: A Monster Man Made - Bakugou was harshly trained to be a hero and everyone has to deal with the outcome, an overpowered teenager.
Chapter 208: Chaos Runs in Our Veins - Mitsuki and Masaru were also hell children.
Chapter 209: Turning Villians' Hearts - A de-aged Bakugou changes the LoV.

Chapter 210: Creepy Smiley Bakugou - Whenever Bakugou tries to act his age, people find it creepy.
Chapter 211: Don't Judge Me By the Chapter You Walk in On - People judge Bakugou without knowing his life.
Chapter 212 : Whatever It Takes - Bakugou will do whatever it takes to be a hero.
Chapter 213: Spitting Poison - Bakugou wants to be nicer, but he can't.
Chapter 214: The Toxins I Drink - Bakugou drank and ate a bunch of stuff to build up tolerance.
Chapter 215: Crazy Bomb Boy - Bakugou diffuses a situation by being an explosion enthusiast.
Chapter 216: Nuclear - People mistake Bakugou's quirk for something more dangerous.
Chapter 217: Grimace Through it All - Bakugou doesn't smile because people mention it too much when he does.
Chapter 218: Don't Look Down - Bakugou either keeps his head up or drowns in insecurity.
Chapter 219: Living in the Backseat - Bakugou acts different when his parents are around, and not for a good reason.

Chapter 220: I Need a Hug - Bakugou is hit with a quirk that tells people when he needs a hug and it is going off constantly.
Chapter 221: The Rift that Divides Us - Bakugou has always noticed the unwanted gap between him and others.
Chapter 222: Push Them Away - Bakugou keeps people away to keep them from getting hurt.
Chapter 223: Not My Life to Live - Bakugou knows he's in a story.
Chapter 224: Pulled Every Which Way - Bakugou can hear the voices of the Universe.
Chapter 225: I'm a Ghost - Bakugou can be insanely quiet when he isn't loud.
Chapter 226: Living Art - Bakugou is the night guard at an art museum where the artwork can come to life. (Night at the Museum x MHA Crossover)
Chapter 227: So Loud I'm Invisible - People learned to block Bakugou out and it causes problems.
Chapter 228: Class, I've Shrunken Bakugou - Hatsume accidentally shrinks Bakugou.
Chapter 229: I See Things Nobody Else Sees - Bakugou can see the strings of fate.

Chapter 230: Wheel of Talents - Class 1-A has to do 30 random things to escape.
Chapter 231: Your Phone is Ringing - People keep calling Bakugou in class.
Chapter 232: Run Away From the Dark - Bakugou runs after nightmares.
Chapter 233: Seeing Past Anger - How U.A learns to respect Bakugou.
Chapter 234: My Parents Keep Hitting on My Teacher - Bakugou's parents keep flirting with Aizawa to bring him into the family.
Chapter 235: Problem Adults - Bakugou keeps adopting adults to take care of.
Chapter 236: Poke into the Past - Bakugou can do psychometry.
Chapter 237: Before the Beginning - Bakugou meets all his classmates and bonds with them a bit before U.A
Chapter 238: ✨Trauma Time✨ - Bakugou jokes about his trauma and it scars people.
Chapter 239: Can a Single Song Share - The class has to sing a song that depicts them, and Bakugou's ends up as a mash up.

Chapter 240: Pride versus Friendship - A villain tries to make Bakugou embarrass himself to save his friends but ultimately fails in doing so.
Chapter 241: The Search for Candy - The class discovers Bakugou hasn't had candy in years and goes on a quest to find his favorite type of candy.
Chapter 242: The Path to Bakugou - Bakugou creates a scavenger hunt that is basically a get to know me game.
Chapter 243: Destruction of Your Failed System - Bakugou takes over a school.
Chapter 244: School Swap - Bakugou gets held hostage when he is a temporary student at another school.
Chapter 245: Welcome! - Class 1-A does another cultural festival.
Chapter 246: I was Never Taught to Ask foe Help - Bakugou doesn't know how to ask for help and the class assist him.
Chapter 247: Sweating it Out - Bakugou tries to sweat out an illness but the class won't let him.
Chapter 248: Hospitals are for Weaklings - Bakugou was raised under the impression hospitals are for weaklings.
Chapter 249: Will Alone - Bakugou's stubborness makes him immune to mind control quirks.

Chapter 250: I've Got No Filter - Bakugou is forced to speak his mind and the class realizes things.
Chapter 251: Not an Angel - After returning from a boarding school, Bakugou acts nice, making him seem like an angel. He isn't one, he is just better at hiding.
Chapter 252: Image of the Heart - A person's quirk makes a person look like their heart.
Chapter 253: Survivor - Bakugou is a survivor.
Chapter 254: Forced Deity - A cult forced Bakugou to be their God, and the class goes to rescue him.
Chapter 255: Flustered - Bakugou doesn't know how to take genuine compliments.
Chapter 256: By Your Side - Bakugou helps people deal with anxiety attacks, flashbacks, ect. The class starts to wonder where he got his knowledge.
Chapter 257: Cute but Deadly - A quirk makes Bakugou seem cute, but he is still himself.
Chapter 258: Mortal Deity of Japan - Bakugou can warp Japan's reality to his whim.
Chapter 259: All Alone on Family Day - No one shows up for Bakugou on Family Day, and it isn't strange to him since he's been living by himself since he was 13.

Chapter 260: Adult in a Kid's Body - Bakugou can act like an adult and it concerns people.
Chapter 261: Falling into Their Arms - Class 1-A does trust falls, and Bakugou keeps dropping everything to catch them.
Chapter 262: Fall of Faith - The Bakusquad gets obsessed with trust falls. 5 times Bakugou catches them, 1 time Bakugou falls.
Chapter 263: Phantom of U.A - Bakugou has lived at U.A since he was a child and the students call him a ghost.
Chapter 264: Pulling Strings - Bakugou's parents trained him to be a master manipulator, analyzer, and debater.
Chapter 265: Get Angry - Bakugou doesn't get angry at the things he should.
Chapter 266: I've Got Stamina - Bakugou has to keep moving to keep the class safe.
Chapter 267: Pain - Bakugou hurts himself since he associates pain with failure because of his mom.
Chapter 268: Forced Change - Bakugou changes to please people and he hates it.
Chapter 269: Pretty Boy Club Meets Bakugou - Ouran High School Host Club meets Katsuki Bakugou.

Chapter 270: Found Innocent - People keep trying to get Bakugou expelled or in trouble, but they keep failing.
Chapter 271: Even the Strong Cry - Bakugou shows up to class nearly in tears and the class goes on the attack.
Chapter 272: Just as Crazy - Bakugou can be just as wild as his friends.
Chapter 273: People of the Streets - Most of Japan may criticize Bakugou, but the people of Musutafu's streets know who they can count on.
Chapter 274: How in the World did This Happen?! - Bakugou wakes up one day and realizes he cars about his classmates and is the mom friend.
Chapter 275: Trauma Twins - Bakugou and Todoroki bond over trauma and cause chaos.
Chapter 276: Multi-Tasker - Bakugou is an insane multitasker.
Chapter 277: Bakugou's Paradox - The teachers find Bakugou to be a paradox since the delinquent looking and acting student is one of the best in class.
Chapter 278: Learning to Say No - Bakugou is used to.not being allowed to say no, and his.classmates help.him realize that isn't right.
Chapter 279: Growing Together - An unlikely friendship between Bakugou, Todoroki, and Mineta.

Chapter 280: Not a Shadow - Bakugou is so use to being a shadow, he is.surprised when people actually pat attention to him.
Chapter 281: The Villain I Could Be - Bakugou talks about how and why he could be a villian, and why he would never be one.
Chapter 282: Clingy - Bakugou's inhibitions are lowered and the class finds out he's clingy.
Chapter 283: What Does Happiness Feel Like - Bakugou can't remember what it's like to be happy.
Chapter 284: Encyclopedia of Brotherhood - Bakugou and Midoriya know a lot about each other.
Chapter 285: Facing the Heat - Villains kidnap and try to torture Bakugou with fire only to discover Bakugou is fire/heat proof.
Chapter 286: Give It to Me Honestly - Bakugou, Todoroki, Tsu, and Jirou are friends. They are blunt with each other, and they appreciate it.
Chapter 287: It's Alright - A conversation between Bakugou and Midoriya based of It's Alright by Mother Mother.
Chapter 288: Mama Bear is Going to Tear You to Shreds - When some villains hurt his classmates, Bakugou goes feral and destroys them before turning around and caring for his classmates.
Chapter 289: The Consequences of Favoritism - People playing favorites lands Bakugou in a dangerous situation that he escapes by himself.

Chapter 290: Not My Mother - Mitsuki and Masaru aren't Bakugou's parents, but he lives with them after his parents die.
Chapter 291: Before He Falls - People realize Bakugou needs help before he breaks down.
Chapter 292: Dampening - Bakugou acts nicer and less impressive when he is one of the best heroes in training at the school and is more aggressive than he lets on.
Chapter 293: The New Teacher - The new teacher at U.A is out to get Bakugou but has to deal with the class and Bakugou himself.
Chapter 294: What's an Apology - Bakugou has never received an apology before.
Chapter 295: "Those who talk bad about Kacchan, even himself, get hit," - Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya - Deku is a simp.
Chapter 296: The Bad Kid on the Block - Bakugou knows he's a bad kid. His mother told him so and his father never disagreed.
Chapter 297: Assas-son - Bakugou meets an assassin group and the group becomes his honorary aunts and uncles.
Chapter 298: Sister Not by Blood - Bakugou and Toga are like siblings and drag the League of Villains through a redemption arc.
Chapter 299: Going Through Life Quickly: Bakugou does things fast because he thinks if stuff doesn't get done quickly, he doesn't get to do anything.

Chapter 300: It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To - Bakugou spends his birthday alone at the dorms just like how he prefers.
Chapter 301: Standing in the Hall of Fame - Class 1-A sings Hall of Fame to cheer Bakugou up.
Chapter 302: Rich Boy - Bakugou is extremely rich, but the class doesn't know until he starts buying stuff for them.
Chapter 303: I'll be the Villain so You Don't Get Hurt - Bakugou thinks that if he can control who and how people get hurt, he can keep people safe, even if that means playing the Villain in peoples' stories.
Chapter 304: From Reluctant Babysitters to Family - Bakugou and Monoma keep babysitting Eri together and eventually become very close (not romantic).
Chapter 305: Family (For Some Reason) - Over a summer, Bakugou and Monoma keep pretending to be related to help each other out. They don't know how it started.
Chapter 306: Kidnapped Buddies - Bakugou and Monoma realize they both have been kidnapped a bunch and bond over it.
Chapter 307: Truth Gone Wrong - Bakugou is put under a quirk that makes people tell the truth if they are lying. Since Bakugou tells the truth, outrageous lies spout out.
Chapter 308: The Woes of Being Rich - Bakugou is incredibly wealthy and easily faces assassination attempts all the time. The class doesn't know this.
Chapter 309: Immortal Soldier, Human Child - Bakugou was experimented on and is basically immortal.

Chapter 310: Who is Bakugou Katsuki? - Bakugou Katsuki is actually quintuplets who created a whole other identity just to have fun.
Chapter 311: Hurt Me, Not Them - Bakugou offers himself for torture to protect the class.
Chapter 312: Attempting to be Average - Bakugou is incredibly skilled and tries to be average for a lesson but fails.
Chapter 313: I Can be the Villain if You Wish - The class doesn't think Bakugou could be a good villain, he tells them why they're wrong.
Chapter 314: Villain Magnet - Bakugou is a villain magnet.
Chapter 315:Trying to Turn Over a New Leaf - Bakugou use to be a child assassin.
Chapter 316: Trauma Bonding - Bakugou and Monoma end up in a dangerous situation and have to work together to get out.
Chapter 317: He's Telling Lies, Right? - A truth quirk hits Bakugou, but everyone is confused and thinks he's lying because there is no way everything he's saying is true.
Chapter 318: So Done - Bakugou has been abused his how life and is so done.
Chapter 319: Seeing Enemies All Around -Bakugou goes into panic mode and fights his teachers and classmates.

Chapter 320: I Get a Choice! - Bakugou is used to choosing for himself.
Chapter 321: Nice to See You Again - Bakugou knows a lot of heroes from being a villain magnet.
Chapter 322: Under Pressure - Bakugou sings Surface Pressure.
Chapter 323: The Time Bakugou Wasn't Kidnapped - For once, Bakugou isn't the one kidnapped.
Chapter 324: I Can Play the Dumb Blond - Bakugou acts super happy and peppy. It scares people.
Chapter 325: Stalking? - Bakugou doesn't realize Midoriya is stalking him until someone tells him.

Chapter Text

+Bakugou gets hit with a de-aging quirk (you decide how that happens)
+ Class 1-A is Class 2-A. Bakugou is nicer, but he is still a gremlin and the Beast of Class 1A. (So, a lovable jerk)
+ No romantic relationships with Bakugou.
+ Each day, Bakugou gets a year older. His memories are a little weird. He remembers what happened during that year and the days he spent in class when he is younger. Ex. He remembers his life from age 0 to age 8 and the two or three days he spent with the class when he was de-aged. He doesn't have his older memories until he the next day, then he gains another years worth of memories.

Age 7

Personality: His version of friendly, active, loud, smart,...
Bakugou interacts with Midoriya and the class. He is a bit ignorant of a normal life.

Age 8

P: More closed off, quiet, explosive, less friendly and more of a jerk.
Bakugou mostly refuses to talk and avoids the class.

Age 9

P: Closed off, mildly explosive, quiet more feminine looking
Maybe have a girls sleepover with young Bakugou involved where he opens up more to the girls.

Ages 10 to 13
P: Increasingly explosive and jerkish as time goes on.

Age 14
P: more middleschool Bakugou behavior. Slightly more protective of Midoriya but refuses to normally show it.

Age 15
P: more mild than 14. More similar to year 1 Bakugou.

Age 16
P: Nicer and caring in his own way.

Bakugou has a breakdown since his past was revealed.

Head cannons to be included:

Bakugou was kidnapped multiple times as a kid (at least 20) and escaped on his own every time (except with lov), has friends in weird/high places, has made friends with some more friendly kidnappers, has nightmares, trauma, and PTSD, is very smart (he's number 3 in the class, remember), is multilingual (at least 3 or 4 pls excluding ASL, JSL, Japanese, and English), is medically smart, is good with fashion, clothes, and make-up, (#fashionistaBakugou) has modeled before and can easily cross dress(His mom dressed himself as a girl during the summer when he was nine even though he didn't want to {forced feminization}), great at cooking and cleaning, can sew, draw, and design, he is mechanical smart (would be a great support student if he wanted to), smells like caramel, doesn't scar, nitroglycerin is poisonous and easily explosive so he has to be careful, either he is losing his hearing or he can't hear himslef, touch-starve, doesn't trust easily, still is more caring and nicer than he lets on, is secretly protective of Midoriya, has multiple knives on him at once, knows how to lock pick and hot wire a car (bit of an escape artist), is completely self taught, knows how to fly with explosions, build things to train himself including deadly ninja traps, knows a lot about nature, loves to hike and camp.

His parents are either abusive or neglectful. They are often away for work.

It may seem like a lot but if you wanted to be the best and were self taught, you would want to know a lot. And that isn't mentioning the kidnappings.

Warnings may need:

Child abuse/neglect, forced feminization, panic attacks, kidnappings, suffocating, trust issues,

Chapter Text

Instead of Explosions as a quirk, Bakugou quirk is called Atomic Butterflies or something similar.

Quirk: "Atomic Butterflies"
Allows user to summon and control butterflies. The user can control the chemical or atomic composition of the butterflies. For example, exploding butterflies because of nitroglycerin or a similar substance. He could also light them on fire, make them as strong as diamond, make them invisible, poisonous or venomous butterflies, ECT.

Bakugou would also have butterfly wings and antenna. The antenna could be used as sensors and allow him to control the butterflies. The wings would allow him to fly. Bakugou would also be able to manipulate the composition of his wings, similar to the butterflies. That way, the wings could be as strong as steel and not break. He could also turn the wings invisible if he doesn't want them to show.

His Hero Name could be "Monarch," like the Monarch Butterfly or King.

People see this tough looking dude with a butterfly quirk and think nothing of it unti they are being destroyed by butterflies and Bakugou extreme strength. (Bakugou would definitely train his body to be strong so he can also fight hand to hand in case butterflies wouldn't work.)

Chapter Text

Fic Idea: Besides being in the Hero Course, Bakugou also takes Support Classes. (It's the reason his bed time is 8:30. He wakes up early to join Mei and Power Loader for a lesson.)

Because of his parents (good relationship), Bakugou got into designing and creating his own support equipment and costume. He still wants to be a hero, he just also makes all of his own stuff. He's really good at what he does. He's good friends with Mei and Power Loader because he is a good worker. He's smart and willing helps Mei with her projects. They two are also friendly rivals.

The only ones who know he takes these courses are his parents, Power Loader, Mei, Nezu, and Aizawa.

Chapter Text

I don't really know Harry Potter, but was reading a crossover fanfic and an idea popped into my head -- Hufflepuff Bakugou Katsuki.

It is obvious he would fit into the other houses. He is brave, cunning, smart, ambitious, reckless, confident, stubborn, etc. Now, him being hufflepuff is hard to see, but I still think it is possible

"Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its students. Hufflepuffs were known to have a strong moral code, and a sense of right and wrong. Hufflepuffs were usually accepting of everyone." -- Harry Potter Fandom

Obviously Bakugou is hard working, dedicated, and loyal (he was treated like trash by heros and still wants to be one), but what about some of the other traits.

Bakugou definitely believes in fair play. He fought Ururaka without holding back and wanted Todoroki to fight him at full force. Bakugou is also his version of helpful and friendly. He played the drums at the School Festival, tutored Kirishima, and cooked at the Training Camp. Even if it was for himself, it was still nice of him to do those things. Not to mention he helped saved Midoriya's life. Plus, Bakugou is probably honest to a fault. He doesn't mince his words.

The gray areas are a strong moral code, a sense of right and wrong, and patience. I don't know enough about the manga to say he is patient. I don't think he is. However, that is one trait out of several, and not all students fit every trait of their house. About his morality and sense of right and wrong, Bakugou has his own and sticks to it.

If you have your own argument, you can put it in the comments, but I believe Bakugou Katsuki is able to fit in Hufflepuff. He just isn't your typical Hufflepuff.

Chapter Text

Basic overview is that Bakugou is raised by the more morally grey part of town.

At a young age, Bakugou would just explore on his own. He would wander around and end up in the sketchier parts of town. While walking about, Bakugou would run into a bunch of people. People with nicer hearts would warn him away or threaten him to make him leave. This didn't work at all. Bakugou just kept walking around, and eventually, people just accepted the literal child walking amongst them.

He would make friends with lower ranking villains, mafia, gangsters, or just generally sketchy people. Soon enough, people just love the sweet little murder child. He's a fighter, loud, clever, and can explode.

Warning, Bakugou's parents aren't exactly the best. Whether abusive or just neglectful is up to you. After figuring out his home situation, everyone just collectively adopts him. It takes a village to raise a child.

Bakugou still wants to be a hero. He looks around and wishes to help his new family. He's taught a lot by people. From fighting to information gathering to medicine to knowing how to murder someone, he has been taught a lot. This Bakugou is ready to take in the world with most of Musutafu's underworld by his side.

Since he is just surrounded by "bad" people, Bakugou is much more creative with his words and threats. While they try to tone down their more negative traits, he still picked some up. Don't worry though, he is still against killing and permanently damaging most people. However, threats of bodily harm and blackmail is just fine.

Bakugou to someone who's ticked him off: "I'm going to gut you, take out your intestines and cook them. Then, I'm going to eat them in front of you as you slowly bleed out. Don't worry though, I'll allow you to keep your tongue so I can listen to you scream. :)"

He's definitely chaotic and knows how to use a load of weapons. He keeps multiple knives and poisons on him at all times. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. Bakugou has also studied a bunch of laws, so he can hang out and help his family.

"We're doing nothing wrong and here's why..."

All the people who love him call him 'Bomber.' They don't want to give away his identity and take away his privacy. All the heroes who hear his name are so confused.

"No, generic bad guy name. We can't do such and such. It would make Bomber upset. You don't want to make him upset."


Meanwhile, the hero listening in on this conversation is wondering, "who is Bomber and why shouldn't he be angered. How powerful is this guy!"

Not realizing they are talking about a literal child. Even if it is a child who can probably kill them while they sleep. (Oh the wonderful assassination possibilities of nitroglycerin.)

Beware world. Bakugou is coming for you. :)

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki raised by the fashion industry. From public relations to designers to security to models, Bakugou has meet and befriend them all, along with some of their connections.

Not wanting to leave their son alone, the Bakugous take him with them on their travels. They are famous and can't just leave their son alone. He meets people and they just want to squeeze his chubby cheeks. He's still Bakugou though, fiery temper and all. (Side note, Bakugou doesn't bully Midoriya. He barely knows the guy at all.) They love their angry fashionista.

Traveling the world has made him many friends and taught him many things. Disguises, languages, seduction, fighting, and how the business world works are just some of the skills his repertoire. (Let's just say he has a lot of hobbies, and since it's Bakugou, he's really good at them.)

He's nicknamed sunflower in whatever the person's native language. Whether Russian, French, German, English, or Japanese, that's what he's call. He can talk fluently in all these languages plus more.

Occasionally, Bakugou has designed and locked under a false name. He wants to be known as a hero, even if he still is involved in the fashion industry.

In regards to quirkless people. He doesn't dislike them. He's meet successful people who don't let it get in the way of their work. He loves string people; he doesn't like people who sit on their buts and don't do anything. A lot of them taught him to fight because they needed to protect themselves.

When he finally goes to UA. He's got a bunch of skills and connections to help him out. He still insists on getting by on his own merit.

(You can bet he doesn't care about if clothes have a gender or not and is a higher believer in fashion, even if he doesn't dress like it.)

Chapter Text

Someone just needs to do a fan fiction of Bakugou just falling asleep or snuggling everyone. It is totally platonic, he's just secretly cuddly when sleepy. Whether it is a classmate or his teacher, he just sleeps. He even cuddles with Hagakure just by sensing her presence and body heat. Everyone he sleeps on just sees his relaxed face and internally squeals. It's so cute.

20+ times Bakugou snuggles with someone.

(It be extremely funny for it to happen with Monoma and just see what happens.)

Chapter Text

5 times Bakugou gets so angry he's calm for Class 1-A and 1 time Class 1-A get angry for him.

Everyone knows Bakugou is loud and angry. What the might not know is that when he is quiet is when you should fear him the most. Loud anger is visible and in your face. However, quiet anger is hidden and deadly. All restraints like morals and fairness are off. Bakugou will strike when you least expect it and leave you to burn. You think he villain like with his normal personality, you haven't seen him furious. Demon aura pales in comparison.

Chapter Text

Bakugou's quirk is still called Explosions, but he would be able to ignite all the sweat on his body or in his body. Whether is is his sweat, blood, hair, or saliva, Bakugou can make it explode. He can even make it seem like his whole body is exploding, but that is either just sweat or his outer skin layer (skin cells are small, it probably wouldn't be noticeable.)

With is new quirk, Bakugou is extremely heat resistant, nearly fire proof. Neither Dabi's nor Endeavor's quirk can harm him. Bakugou can also sense where his DNA is when he concentrates. This allows him to cause explosions even after he's left the area. Also, since there is nitroglycerin everywhere on and in his body, Bakugou is nearly poisonous. (Yes Toga, drink the blood of a person whose body can likely kill you. If it doesn't kill you, maybe his ability to explode his blood in your body will :). )

Now, with such an overpowered quirk, you would think he'd brag about it. You're not wrong, but you're not exactly right. In this case, when Bakugou's quirk CA.e in, they thought it was just his hands. It wasn't until he was about 7 and something happened, that he realized is was his whole body. You think he would tell someone. He doesn't. Yeah people praise him, but Bakugou is a bit more self aware and knows people think he is villainous. He doesn't tell anyone to give them more ammunition. Instead, Bakugou trains by himself and doesn't get close to anyone.

His already strained relationship with Midoriya fades. Not because Bakugou bulls him, but because Bakugou pulls back from everyone. While he doesn't help with the bullying, but doesn't do much to stop it. He become slightly more friendly with Midoriya in the way you treat an acquaintance you tolerate. Bakugou knows Midoriya exists and can tolerate him for a while, but the aren't friends, and I am not talking about Bakugou refusing to say he has any friends.

Bakugou doesn't like using his quirk to its full abilities in front of people. He's nearly done it a couple times, but he stopped every time. Once during the Sludge villain attack, when he was chained to the podium, and when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains. He nearly exposed his secret, but stopped every time because he was rescued or thought that exposing his quirk would only cause more problems.

Still, with this new quirk. Bakugou is even more of a living bomb.


Fullbody Explosion Pt. 2

Class 1-A and maybe Aizawa gets trapped by a villain and to escape they each have to tell a secret few people or no one else knows. It can be funny or serious. The catch is that the room chooses what secret you have to share and gives hints or taunts the person until the secret is exposed.

Bakugou goes last. His secret is obvious.

Chapter Text

Due to a quirk mishap, all of Class 1-A has the same quirk for 48 hours. And guess who's quirk they receive, Bakugou's.

Now, the whole Class has to deal with the side effects to his quirk and how explosive Bakugou can be. Even Midoriya is surprised by what Bakugou's quirk can entail. May I mention that none of his other classmates are able to resist the explosions like Bakugou can? So, obviously they won't be able to handle the size of explosions Bakugou can.

Of course, any mutations in the class just won't work. So, Ojirou would still ha a tail, it would just be limp. He can't control it. Similar to most of Shouji's arms. On the plus side, Hagakure is visible.

Side effects may include: arms being extremely sore, shoulder pain, nausea, vomiting, a rise in adrenaline, nitroglycerin sickness, dehydration and malnutrition (since the class doesn't know to drink more water or have the proper diet), random explosions, and fainting. And anything else you can think of. *not all of these side effect Bakugou experiences because his body can mostly handle the nitroglycerin in his sweat, and he has a lot more experience and control over his quirk.

Will Class 1-A be able to survive? More importantly, will Aizawa and the classroom survive?

(It is optional for Bakugou to be unconscious for some of the time or the whole thing. Now Class 1-A really has no to little help since I don't think a lot of this would be included in Bakugou's file.)

Chapter Text

I know this isn't exactly a fanfiction idea, I want to see a video or fic where Bakugou lyric Pranks the UA teachers with the song Angry too. I think it really fits, especially the part where it says that they've forgotten what the did.

Chapter Text

A combination of Raised by High Fashion and Secretly a Mob Boss.

When Bakugou was younger, he still traveled with his family. He made friends with models and their crowd. Upon starting school, Bakugou stayed home in Japan and was watched by Ohio and several babysitters. When they were busy or weren't looking, Bakugou would wander off on his own. He would make friends with all sorts of people. (Let's just say making friends around the world did not teach him about stranger danger. He is a bit paranoid because his parents are famous, but he thinks his quirk and skills are enough to take care of himself.)

So, during most of the summer, Bakugou travels with his family and experiences high class, and when he is in school, he hangs out with the more sketchier people. Take the two groups who trained him in their own ways, and you've got a BAMF Bakugou. Along with his many new skills, Bakugou has made friends in places all over the world. From the Americas to Asia and everywhere in between, including the Underworld, Bakugou has plenty of supporters. You don't mess with this exploding dandelion. He is ready to take over the world, and it might just let him.

Chapter Text

Bakugou's parents are part of the fashion industry. Even if he doesn't want to go into the industry, he's bound to have picked up some things about fashion and how it works. Let's face it. It's Bakugou. If it gives him a better chance at being number 1, he's going to do it. Even if it means learning about fashion.

I think he would secretly have a social media account dedicated to fashion and hero work. He would give advice on how costumes could be better and what to dress like, all hidden among curse words and long rants. I'm pretty sure some heroes would even take his suggestions, even if they don't know who he is. People love him. He's sort of famous, even if no one knows who is running the account. It also pictures, audio, and paragraphs.

With all this background, Bakugou has an opinion on hero fashion, a strong opinion. So when he sees everyone's hero costumes, he immediately is internally criticting them. However, he is focused on other stuff so he doesn't share is opinion.

It isn't until joint training that Bakugou goes enough is enough. He goes through every costume, teacher and student, and criticizes nearly every part of them. Some people are close to tears. He rants about each costume and yells several ways that they could be improved. He also launches into a rant about support items and being prepared

Bakugou. "Where are the costume designers. I just want to talk. Also, someone get Power Loader and Mei. These people need some support items! Otherwise, they are going to show up, then die, because they weren't properly prepared. (Continues rant about medical response, support items, and benefits of armor)"

Aizawa. "You done?"

Bakugou. "Shut it. I don't want to hear it from you ya drunk looking hobo. Your hero outfit is a glorified track suit. Your opinion is nil."

Chapter Text

Bakugou doesn't have 'Explosions'. Instead, he has a time quirk called 'Time Manipulation' (you can come up with a better name)

Quirk: Time Manipulation
Speeds up or slows down time of target as long as the user is holding their breath. (Ex. Stopping someone by focusing on them and then holding your breath. You can move, the target can't)

Here's the thing, Bakugou doesn't realize that the range of the quirk is actually the whole world to avoid accidental time issues.Also, it can work around other time quirks, like Rewind. If Bakugou were to activate his quirk before Eri, Rewind would stop until time starts back up again.

Bakugou figured out a way to speed or slow his body, so he can use it to his best advantage. For example, stopping his body's need to breath so he can use it for a longer period of time. Also, he could speed up his legs to go faster.

Similar to Rewind, Bakugou can speed up the time of things until it no longer exists, though it is speeding up instead of rewinding.

A side affect of his quirk could be that his body is younger than he actually his. Like, he looks 11 but is really 15.

(The reason Bakugou looks younger is 1) because I find that funnier, and 2) it goes along with the quirk. His body doesn't want him to die, so quickly it can reset himself to a time when he froze himself and was at his healthiest. This also helps when he speeds up part of his body. Suddenly, one of his parts is old and doesn't match the rest of his body, so it automatically recovers to keep him alive. For example, If he broken his arm at 8 and froze time, his body might revert to a couple hours earlier. The time may be even longer depending on how hurt he is. Plus, he definitely abused this ability when he was younger. Also, Bakugou can speed up the world around him. He's accidentally done this a couple of times when he was younger, so there are cases when everyone else is growing older while Bakugou stays the same.)

(I don't know if this would actually work, but I'm going to say creative liberty and allow Bakugou to make explosions. He can speed up a blast, which is more realistic, or he could speed up a small area so quickly that is goes supernova. Like I said, creative liberty.)

Chapter Text

Because Bakugou's parents are famous in the fashion industry, they travel a lot. Sadly, they can't bring Bakugou with them so they have a relative take care of him because they can't trust anyone else.

What the don't realize is that the relative doesn't run with the best crowd. The relative (I'm just going to say uncle, it's easier) sees Bakugou as a chance to make money. Now, the uncle isn't completely bad, he doesn't do anything bad to Bakugou. The Uncle just has Bakugou wear gloves like Bakugou's hero costume to collect sweat.

Bakugou isn't hurt in this exchange, and he sees it as a good thing. He thinks his sweat won't randomly destroy stuff or poison them. The uncle just takes the collected nitroglycerin and sells it for bombs without Bakugou knowing. The uncle doesn't keep Bakugou locked up or to anything. The uncle actually lets Bakugou run around and practice his quirk when the gloves are off. The uncle sees it as his nephew getting better at being a hero and getting more sweat from Bakugou.

(The gloves give Bakugou the idea for his giant grenades.)

The uncle sells the materials under the name, "the Bomber," and Everton wonders where he gets his constant supplies. After all, no one knows the uncle's real identity.

Eventually, the fic could go several way. (Trigger Warning just in case because of kidnapping and selling people)

1) Bakugou gets kidnapped by a group for his sweat and has to be saved or he ends up saving himself and having to tell people why he was kidnapped. (The LoV could get jealous and go to kidnap(rescue) Bakugou because only they are allowed to kidnap him)

2) Bakugou's parents die and his uncle becomes his sole guardian. His uncle realizes he doesn't want to take care of Bakugou anymore and since the uncle is already rich but still wants money, he sells Bakugou. Then, Bakugou has to be rescued.

3) The uncle could actually be mean, and LoV could buy Bakugou to get him out of the situation.

A part of this is just Bakugou knowing a lot about bombs and explosives. He knows how to make them or defuse them.

Extra/Not necessarily a part of this fic: If Bakugou is ever on the scene and there is a bomb threat, he goes and refuses the bomb(s) before the bomb squad can. If he really is impressed, he takes the dismantled bomb with him. He secretly has a collection of dismantled bombs in his dorm. He's partly known as "the bomb thief."

When Bakugou displays his knowledge of bombs in class or at an accident, everyone is worried, scared, and confused. If Bakugou displays his knowledge to LoV, they immediately question if the kid is okay.

Chapter Text

Collection is basically a better version of "Copy" and "All for One." (*Warning, Quirk is pretty OP*)

Quirk: Collection. User can use the quirks of people who used their quirk on the user. Emitter quirks are the easiest, and mutation and transformation quirks are possible depending on the quirk. If trained enough, the user can also.mix quirks together. Note, the quirk doesn't take the quirk, it is more of a copy. Also, all side effects are in effect when using that particular quirk unless trained enough or have mixed it with something else.

For example, Bakugou can use Todoroki's quirk and Ojiro's Quirk, but cannot use Yaoyorozu's quirk or Koda's quirk since they aren't focused on physical combat. Though, non combat focused quirks like Iida's and Kirishima's if they hit Bakugou with their quirk activated. Like, Iida would have to kick Bakugou with his legs, or Jirou would have to smack Bakugou with her ears. Also, quirks like Aizawa's and Midnight's could also be collected if Bakugou is the target of them. It should be noted that the attack has to hit/work. Bakugou could't dodge and use the quirk.

Note, collection quirks like All for One and One for All can be collected, but only the quirk used. So, Midoriya's Black Whip or Super Strength. Like I said, the quirk is ridiculously strong. That is if you can take the hit.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets hit by a personality quirk. People expect him to be nice and friendly. Things don't go as expected.

Bakugou, instead of acting nice, is meaner and rude. Take Middle School Bakugou and a very mean Monoma, then multiply it several times. He is ruder and more violent. It seems like he doesn't have any morals. It is basically a very villainous Bakugou. He doesn't get expelled or anything because he doesn't go that far and because it is just a quirk that is making him act that way.

The quirk only lasts a couple of days, but the rest of Class 1-A finally realizes Bakugou is nice, in his own tough love and mostly hands off way. The dorm isn't as clean and food isn't almost always available. All the special things each student has is not as well stocked. Also, being are doing as well in class due to Bakugou not tutoring and general class morale. (Who knew Bakugou was such a motivational speaker!?)

Now, Bakugou doesn't help anyone and is not above sabotaging other people, (no one gets hurt besides a couple of bumps, burns, and bruises. Thankfully.) Bakugou doesn't even respect the teachers! He is even blunter than before, and if he has a problem with you, you will know it. He's even brought a couple.of teachers to tears. (The one highlight might be Bakugou riping into Endeavor to his face.)

The class also realizes Bakugou is smarter, stronger, and more observant than he appears. He can and will find your insecurities to use or black mail. Bakugou also doesn't hold back in training. (Now you might say Bakugou doesn't hold back, but Bakugou can make things explode. Take away the fear or risk of actually hurting someone beyond what recovery girl can or would heal, and you got someone who can hurt you, and hurt you a lot. For example, using a Howitzer against Koda or Aoyama. It is over kill. Bakugou would't care.)

Let's just say when Bakugou comes back, even Aizawa is nearly crying in relief.

(Add to the angst by making Bakugou fully aware of what is going on and not being able to do anything. Bakugou being forced to watch him do terrible things to the people he cares about, though he won't admit it. That adds a whole other ordeal when dealing with the fall out of the quirk.)

Chapter Text

When Bakugou's quirk shows, and he declares his desire to be a hero, his parents give him to a group to train him. Then, like the good parents they are, they leave the country and give him no way to contact them. Thus, leaving him, a 5/6 with a group of strangers.

Besides the obvious explosions, the group trains Bakugou in the more subtle used of nitroglycerin, like poisoning people or mixing them out. They also train him now to make explosives and disarm them. Along with his quirk, the group reach him about weapons, medicines/posions, stealth, chemistry, anatomy, and different fighting styles. He also takes danger and drawing for fine muscle control. Bakugou is a very quick learner and leaves them all impressed.

Bakugou doesn't care too much about Midoriya because they don't see each other except at school where they don't hang out. Bakugou doesn't participate in the bullying because he has better things to do. However, Bakugou finds Midoriya annoying because Midoriya stills sometimes follows him and while Midoriya says he wants to be a hero, he doesn't train himself. (Smarts are good, but if you can't act on them or survive, what's the point.) Meanwhile, Bakugou trains hard and most of it is quirkless.

Bakugou carries a lot of weapons and supplies on him, including different knives, rope, a first aid kit, poisons and medicines, a quick disguise, and craft supplies. (You never know when you need zip ties or a pair of scissors.) Besides all that,Bakugou is a strong fighter, very agile and flexible, a creative strategist, and has an extensive knowledge on chemistry and anatomy.

Bakugou is still loud and explosive in a normal environment, but when it is a dangerous situation, or goes helps him with his goals, Bakugou is silent and serious, and a silent Bakugou is a very dangerous Bakugou. (Bakugou also becomes quiet when paranoid because trauma and Bing a modern day assassin will do that to you.)

When the U.S.J incident happens, everyone gets whiplash because the angry, explosive kid is now taking out people left and right without making a sound. (And it scares most of them to pieces and thank anyone who is listening that he is on their side.)

Also, Bakugou escaped the sludge villain by himself within 3 minutes, and Midoriya had to save someone else. When, Bakugou got chained up because people were scared of him, Bakugou picked the locks and left. Additionally, kidnapping Bakugou was much harder, and Bakugou pretty much escaped on his own within an hour. Bakugou just stuck around to troll people and complain how they are terrible villains and 'that isn't how you use a knife Vampire girl.'

(Bakugou also became an accidental vigilante on several occasions, but no one can identify a short person in black.)

Let's just say, #BabyAssassinBakugouKatsuki

Chapter Text

When Bakugou was young, he got hit by a quirk that does not wear off. The quirk makes Bakugou's physical gender change everyday. While originally born a boy, from age 4 on, Bakugou would be a girl every other day.

The only people who know about it are his parents. He still looks the same and acts the same, (just when he's older he wears a sports bra so people don't ask too many questions) (also, he does get periods, but they are short and he is a girl the whole time).

He doesn't care much about the change. He still believes that he can kick anyone's butt in any gender. He only finds it mildly annoying when he has to use the bathroom and such. He isn't ashamed of his condition, but doesn't want anyone to ask him questions or make rude remarks.

Bakugou typically goes by the pronouns of the body he is in, but mostly used male pronouns because very few people know the situation.

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Bakugou loves animals, and I mean LOVES them. He also doesn't discriminate against insects and spiders. Bakugou gets along with them more than people. Even animals that he just met like him. Bakugou loves to play with them in anyway he can. (Imagine Bakugou wrestling a bear; may I say it makes great hero training)

Bakugou's parents are rich, and since Bakugou doesn't ask for much, they give him almost any animal he wants. The animals live in their second house in the country, where a mansion and many miles of land are fror his pets. (They also sell tickets to see the animals to help pay for everything).

The animals he has get along, so they can be separated by habitats (very realistic habitats; it's Bakugou, he doesn't do things half way). A lot of his dogs and house cats live in the mansion, where there is also a room filled with reptiles and amphibians, and another for more small.creatures. Bakugou also has an aquarium on the property for all his fish and sea creatures.

Bakugou takes care of all of them as much as he can, along with the other staff specifically for the animals. His animals get the best care.

(Bakugou's love for animals allows him to make friends with Koda.)

When the dorms happen, Bakugou asks for the ability to leave every weekend. When he gives his reason, the teachers doubt him until they take a field trip to his other house. Present Mic and Midnight fainted, All Might was worried, and Aizawa regretted his life choices. (Other teachers can be included) Simple to.say, Bakugou got his permission.

Just imagine the class finding out about his zoo.

Probably Kirishima: Bakubro, wanna hang out with us?

Bakugou : Can't, I have to feed my tiger.

Several people look at him incredulously and there is silence.

Midoriya, popping out of no where: How if Katana doing? (A.N/ Bakugou has named nearly all.of his pets. You know the names are going to be violent)

Bakugou, who will only talk to Midoriya about his pets: Great, though I will have to take (whatever dragon death god is in Japanese, but let's call him Ryu) to the vet. His last vet quit. Do you know how hard it is to find a veterinarian for a Komodo Dragon!? Thanks, Koda, for the suggestion.

Presume most people fainting.

Bakugou's Pets (Some options)

- Tiger (F) = Katana
- Komodo Dragon (M) = Ryu?
- Mexican Red Knee or Red Leg Tarantula (F) = Asesina
- Black Widow (F) = Natasha
- Bloodhound (M) = Rot
- 2x Boerboel (F & M) = Cyan (Calcium Cyanamide) & Bane (Octanitrocubane)
- Chow Chow (M) = Boom Boom
- 3x Dobermans ( 2 M & 1 F/Siblings) = Snap, Crackle, & Pop
- German Shepherd (M) = Messer
- Mastiff (M) = Some form of king murder bear? Kuma?
- Saint Bernard (M) = Makhaira
- Alaskan Malamute (F) = Vesta
- Tibetan Mastiff (F) = Molly (Molotov Cocktail)
- Pomeranian (Yes, Bakugou has a pomeranian) (F) = Vanya (Tsar Bomba)

(A.N/ I'm too tired to name the rest)

- 3x Bears (A mom and cubs)
- Monarch Butterflies
- Western Hognose Snake
- Milk Snake
- Ball Python
- Anaconda
- Several.poison dart frogs of various colors
- Frilled Dragon
- Baskilisk
- Alligator
- Crocodile
- Shark
- Jellyfish
- Several Fish
- Snapping turtle
- Giant Tortoise
- 4 Ferrets
- ECT.

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Everyone knows Bakugou knows how to cook. A lesser known fact is that he can bake, and he can bake really well.

For some reason or another, Bakugou bakes a specialized cupcake for everyone. (Class 1-A, the teachers, Hatsume, Nezu, you name it) of course, very few actually know the cupcakes are from Bakugou.

So, 20+ times Bakugou bakes for someone. (and maybe one time they do something for him)

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Imagine Bakugou Katsuki, Hagakure Tooru, Todoroki Shouto, Shinsou Hitoshi, Hatsume Mei, and Monoma Nieto as friends.

Bakugou is Bakugou. He is chaotic and a gremlin. Hagakure is invisible, enough said. Whether he is being a conspiracy theorist or just plain oblivious, Todoroki definitely isn't as calm as people suppose. Shinsou is done with the world and extremely sarcastic. Hatsume has chaotic energy and makes things explode. Then theirs Monoma. Imagine all the chaos he can do use by copying another person's quirk.

May I present, the Chaos Crew. You might not expect these people to get along at all, but when they team up, you know stuff is about to go down. (There is a reason no one talks about April Fool's Day or Halloween, or the time(s) with Endeavor) ; )

And the unofficial supervisor of this group is ... Principal Nedzu!

It is pretty much agreed that he exists to create chaos and drama.

So, these people (and whatever Nedzu is) somehow become friends and meet up to just create chaos. Nedzu is there to be a helping hand and make sure they don't get into legal trouble. Just watch as the chaos unfolds.

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Nedzu takes Bakugou under his short furry arms, and they take the world by storm then light it on fire.

Nedzu sees Bakugou potential and recognizes that he is smarter than he appears. Having originally wanted to train Midoriya but being unable to, Nedzu takes Bakugou as his intern.

He teaches Bakugou about legal stuff, how to be calm but still intimidating, and how to find obvious weaknesses in others. Bakugou takes to it easily enough and the two end up getting along pretty well.

After the internship, Bakugou has many more skills and a terrifying mentor. Like stated earlier, they are going to take the world, then light it on fire.

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Somehow, without endangering their work as hero's or taking their licenses, all of Class 1-A/Bakusquad (except Bakugou) end up getting arrested. They have one phone call and decide to get Aizawa. However, no one has his phone number. Faced with this dilemma, they call Bakugou instead after getting his number from Kirishima.

They (terribly) explain the situation. So, Aizawa and Bakugou head down to see what's up. They discovered that the class/squad could be bailed out. However, Aizawa doesn't have the money or access to Momo's account. Then, Bakugou pulls out a huge amount of cash from seemingly no where, and he pays the bail. Everyone, even the policemen, look at him shocked. No one just has that amount on them.

Bakugou sees their faces and laughs, before saying it is Midoriya's bail money.

When they were younger, Bakugou started saving money incase Midoriya got arrested for doing something stupid. Even after they are no longer friends, Bakugou keeps saving. So, Bakugou ends up having a lot of money, just in case Midoriya goes to jail.

While the class/squad is grateful, they end up teasing Midoriya and leave the station.

(Basically, Bakugou bails people out of jail)

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Bakugou Katsuki believes in girl power and treats them all equally. He doesn't think they are lesser than men and gets along with all the girls in his class, as well as girls in class 1-B and the other courses.

Class 1-A:

+ Momo & Bakugou study together and he helped design a costume that works well for her while also being practical. He also helps her fight.
+ Uraraka & Bakugou often spar together. Also, they go shopping. Bakugou is very frugal and they both like going thrift shopping. Besides, they can complain about Midoriya together. (Not in the romantic sense. They both can complain about his lack of self preservation)
+ Tsu & Bakugou can be blunt together. They can share their opinions without fear of being told their too honest. They also banter with each other while avoiding anything too sensitive.
+ Jirou & Bakugou make music together and can peacefully hang out without extra noise.
+ Mina & Bakugou also go shopping together, but they also do make up and hair. They also gossip together.
+ Hagakure & Bakugou also gossip, but they also cause chaos by pulling pranks and generally having a good time.

Bakugou is invited to girls' nights and is probably the only one who doesn't hold back in a fight. They all appreciate it.

Class 1-B:

+ Kendo & Bakugou complain about their respective classes. They also bond over being the "Mom" of the groups.
+ Kodai & Bakugou bond over more sophisticated fashion (I like Kodai's civilian clothing) and sweets. They get along surprisingly well.
+ Komori & Bakugou bond over mushrooms. Bakugou actually likes mushrooms and their many uses. There's ones to eat, ones that are poison, and probably medicinal mushrooms as well.
+ Shiozaki & Bakugou talk about plants and garden together. They each use their quirk and have a lovely garden, which they share with Komori. They also talk about playing fair, something they both believe in.
+ Pony & Bakugou have full conversations in English. They talk about America and can relate to each other about being the oldest in their respective classes.
+ Tokage & Bakugou have a good relationship after a slightly troubled start. They often spar together and come up with creative ways to use their quirks. They like each others' tenacity.
+ Yanagi & Bakugou watch horror movies together. They also visit haunted places. Yanagi can talk like herself and not be worried about Bakugou not understanding her.


+ Recovery Girl & Bakugou respect each other. Bakugou occasionally helps out and knows a lot about first aid. Recovery Girl likes how Bakugou is actually pretty responsible and keeps his friends out of trouble. They complain about how injured Midoriya can get.
+ Thirteen & Bakugou talk about having dangerous quirks and how to apply them to different situations.
+ Midnight & Bakugou didn't talk, but they eventually found common ground over how the body can be used to distract and the benefits of confidence.
+ Eri & Bakugou have a more sibling like relationship. Eri loves that Bakugou doesn't treat her like glass and that they look similar to each other. They also bond over trauma.
+ Hatsume & Bakugou talk shop together. While things often explode n when they are together, they have fun. They come up with different inventions for Bakugou's classmates and generally create chaos. Mostly by accident.
+ Nejire & Bakugou work on long range attacks together and bake stuff together.

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The Symbol of Peace, The Symbol of Hope, The Symbol of Destruction, The Symbol of Victory. These words mean more than just titles along side hero's. They are actually spirits. Spirits who chose people to be the one to spread the knowledge of their existence, not that the chosen are actually aware of this.

Few people even know of their existence, and the youngest human to know is Bakugou, and he found out on accident.

Somehow, when Bakugou was little, he died in an accident. The thing is, he wasn't suppose to die. The Spirits quickly noticed him and he meet them at the young age of 5.

Bakugou had not clue what was happening and acted like his regular self (bratty and somehow caring.) This caused many of them, for no reason he can figure out, to befriend him. They heard he wanted to be a hero and gave him his life back for accidentally causing Bakugou's death.

He left thinking it was a dream until, yet again, Bakugou died in an accident. He met them again, and was brought back to life, again. (And the world.must hate Bakugou because this pattern keeps continuing.)

Now, Bakugou reluctantly has several spiritual friends and is nearly immortal. (Why World!? Why do you keep doing this to me!? - BK)

An exasperated Bakugou tries to be the number 1 Hero, while the world tries to kill him and a family of spirits keep him alive.

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Life doesn't care about Bakugou. It has thrown him into situation after situation, testing his tenacity and survival skills.

As a little kid, Bakugou meets Death. Death is quite bored with their job, then they meet this little explosive gremlins and nearly falls in love. Death sees that Bakugou is full of dreams and wishes, so they decide Bakugou can keep living and give his life back.

Then, a pattern forms. Bakugou keeps getting into dangerous situations (most of the time it isn't even his fault) as Death keeps watching. They meet a couple more times, and Death basically goes 'Screw it, I'm adopting this kid.' Whether Bakugou actually dies, or just comes close, Death is always there to have his back. So, Death keeps Bakugou out of perilous situations, and Bakugou gives Death someone to talk to. (They love to complain about Life in general. They are very sarcastic together.) By the time Bakugou is 10, Death is more of a parent than Bakugou's parents. The ones that leave him on his own and basically travel the world, leaving a child to take care of him self. (*How's that working 😑😑.)

Death can communicate with Bakugou by talking over the death bodies of animals (because it is less creepy than people), and they also have a connection because Bakugou Won't Stop Getting Hurt!

List of (Near) Death Experiences by Death (and Bakugou)

1- Initial meeting
2- Falling off log and cracking open head in shallow river
3- Falling off Cliffs ||| ("Bakugou, Stop Falling of Cliffs! I know you're learning to fly, but you are not a bird!" - Death)
4- Villain Attacks ||||| ("You need to be wrapped in soft blankets and pillows and put in a room with no entrances" - Death. "Quirks exists" - BK. *Death proceeds to scream*.)
5- Heart Failure || ( "Yes, taking a chill pill will kill me." - BK) (Also, Death has words to have with the heroes.)
6- more to be added. ("Stop Dying!" - Death. "It's not my fault, usually" - BK.

Bakugou is more detached from life because how often he dies, yet he is a bit nicer because of Death. He still has his personality, but is slightly softer. He also can come off a depressed but he isn't.

Bakugou doesn't really bully Midoriya, but he does tell him to die. Yet, Bakugou doesn't see it as screwed up as it is because Bakugou regularly hangs out with Death and thinks Midoriya will just come back to life. (Death things Midoriya is a bit annoying because of favoritism on Death and Life's part and also because Midoriya keeps getting Bakugou accidentally hurt.)

All in all, Aizawa is going to tear his hair out after meeting Bakugou. Meanwhile, Bakugou takes on the world, and Death is along for the ride.

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As a way to train and blow off steam, Bakugou started doing parlour shortly before starting middle school. He would dress up and go jump and do flips in different places.

After starting U.A and gaining friends, it became a group activity. The Bakusquad would get together at random days or times and do parkour. They would wear costumes (just black clothing with some coloring) and go on runs. They would do a bunch of stunts and generally have a good time. they would do it quirkless as a form of training and so they wouldn't get told to stop.

Civilians have filmed videos of the unknown group and call them crazy without knowing who they are. Meanwhile, the BKSquad doesn't care and is having the time of their lives.

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Despite his aggressive and rough nature, Bakugou can be a good friend, as Class 1-A slowly figures out. Bakugou slowly makes friends with everyone in the class. However, Bakugou doesn't even realize it. He is completely oblivious to the fact they are all friends. That is, until he ends up needing support and the whole class is there to help him.

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Bakugou does aerial silks to exercise his arms and flexibility. One day, Sero catches him in the act and wants to learn. Bakugou agrees (after some bartering).

Soon, the rest of the squad catches on and they work together to create an act. Jirou works the music, Mina joins them on the silk, and Shinsou, Kaminari, and Kirishima help with weights.

After finding out about a talent show U.A is holding, the Bakusquad signs up and gets permission for other people to help out. Mei helps Jirou with the lights, Cami does costumes and helps Todoroki and Inasa with special effects.

The groups performs at the show, they start off all in costumes and, thanks to that and Cami's illusions, no one realized who they are until a drop in the music. The whole audience is surprised. The groups ends up winning, obviously.

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One day, Aizawa or Iida (probably Iida after bugging Aizawa enough) establishes a swear jar to tone down Bakugou's cursing. Aizawa mentions it the next time in class.

Bakugou stands up and goes to the jar, and he drops in a wad or cash. Then staring straight at Aizawa, he curses and returns to his seat. The day continues and Bakugou doesn't stop swearing. The class is dumbfounded and also finds the situation hilarious.

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Bakugou is secretly good at pranks. He's pulled mostly harmless pranks since he was a child. No one, not even Midoriya, knew he could do this. When first coming to U.A, Bakugou didn't play pranks to get use to the school. Now several weeks into this dorms, Bakugou is ready to test his skills again. Besides testing stealth skills and getting a laugh, Bakugou loves the look on people's faves when the finally realize who did it or when they try to corner him. After, who would think aggressive and serious Bakugou Katsuki could pull a prank. In his own words, "no one will every believe you."

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A part of heroics is dealing with little kids. As a part of training, class 1-A is split into groups of four and sent to different elementary schools to be assistants for the day.

The groups are randomly decided and Bakugou, Momo, Shoji, and Tokoyami go to an elementary school. Originally, the others are worried that Bakugou would scare the kids. They didn't want his gruff and crude demeanor to negatively impact anything.

Unsurprisingly, Bakugou is still himself, even if tone down just a tad. What does surprise people is that the kids end up loving him. They like his realistic point of view, his strength, his 'fireworks,' and think he is fun to play with. The kids even defend Bakugou from some of the teachers would don't like Bakugou's personality.

When they return to school, the rest of the class expects bad reports. To their surprise, they group did fine and Bakugou was one of the favorite helpers.

Chapter Text

Nezu, being the chaotic chimera he is, decides that four students from every class would join one of the other classes for a week. One student would be in a hero class, one is support, one in management, and one in general education. (If the kid is put into the same department they are originally from they are just but in a different class. For example, a person from Class J could be put in Class K)

Then, it short of becomes choose a route.

Bakugou & Gen. Ed. - At first, no on in the class likes Bakugou. They think he is rude and violent. Bakugou doesn't really like them either, but his desire to be the best helps him focus on the school work. Slowly, the class and Bakugou come to a mutual respect. Bakugou sees that even if they aren't hero's or don't want to be heros, they work really hard (U.A is still a top school. Gen. Ed.has to be challenging.) The class also acknowledges that Bakugou worked incredibly hard for his spot and has to admit that his quirk advice is useful.

(Bakugou loves heroes, has trained himself to an advanced level, and has reluctantly lived around Midoriya, he can analyze quirks and the best way to train them. **Don't tell Deku but Bakugou had planned a training routine for when he was quirkless so Deku could be a hero if he ever go off his butt.**)

Also, Bakugou & Shinsou friendship. They are jerks, but they are jerks together. Who else would be willing to grow quips at each other and help each other improve.


Bakugou & Support - Again, they originally don't get along (excluding Hatsume, who just loves explosions, but more on that later.) Yet, the support course quickly learns that Bakugou knows enough about what he is doing. He had made grenades before and his arm braces are of his own design. And so, Bakugou and the support class get along well enough.

Bakugou & Hatsume - Explosive BFFs. Power Loader ended up awaiting them their own fire extinguisher. He is so done and so tired.


Bakugou & Management (I don't know a lot about this department, so I am taking creative liberties) - Once agai, don't originally get along (no one is surprised.) They think he is too violent or wouldn't work well with P.R. Thwy aslo think he is stuck-up. However, Bakugou manages to surprise them. They learn that Bakugou has the potential to be a cut throat businessman.

(His parents didn't raise a wuss. Also, he would want to know how to start annagency since he wanted to be a hero and learned from his parents how to survive the business world.)

Bakugou is creative and ruthless. He knows management, laws, and definitely loopholes. They end up loving him. Bakugou loves the competitive environment. He actually admits that if he wasn't going to be a hero, he probably would have been in business.


Bakugou & Class 1-B - Bakugou if definitely more indifferent to the class while Class 1-B ranges on how they feel about him. They can all agree he is annoying though. Then, they learn the magic of Bakugou. They see his drive to be the best, him giving everything 110%, him never giving up and slowly realize what makes him special.

(Him helping them train and having inside knowledge on Class 1-A is definitely a bonus.)

At the end of the week, they tolerate and respect each other enough. Everyone ends up bonding about something.

Bakugou & Monona - They end up frenemies. They gain respect for each others natural talents and actually love to complain or quip back and forth. They still want to punch each other though.


At the end of the week, Bakugou returns slightly changed and with more allies. Bakugou and whatever class he is in stay in touch.

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Bakugou has travels the world with his parents for business, and through that has learned multiple languages.

5 (or more) times the class heard Bakugou speak a different language and were left confused, and 1 time they all learned something.

BK's Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, German, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Arabic, ASL, JSL, and more code from other countries. (I know it is a lot and seemingly impossible, but about Sven of the are from the top fashion countries in the world. You know he's learned them.)

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Upon entering the dorms, the class realizes very few of them can actually clean and cook. Seeing the disasters that are his classmates, Bakugou ends up cleaning and cooking for people. He takes out the trash, does the dishes, takes items back to people's rooms, does laundry, leave notes to remind people of things, make lots of food, and goes shopping. He also likes to randomly give people stuff to help them. All of this on top of being the best in class. (He is basically the mom of Class 1-A. Did someone say kasan? 😉)

Of course, Bakugou does all of this with out anyone realizing. He wakes up early and doesn't hang out as much as everyone else. He also doesn't want people to know he cares.

So, everyone else in class thinks that the one doing all of this is someone else or a ghost. To thank the person, people leave money, food, or trinkets in places for the person/ghost to find.

Therefore, Bakugou starts a cult, by being indirectly nice.

(Just imagine Kaminari holding a church session to thank "the most generous ghost of ghosts" for doing something while they're bowing their heads. Meanwhile, Bakugou is wondering what in the world is going on or beating up a punching bag.)

Chapter Text

Since he was young, Bakugou has gone to stay with his grandparents (Mitsuki's parents) while his parents traveled for work. His grandparents loved that he looked like a little Mitsuki and often dressed him up. Soon it became the norm. When Bakugou was at his grandparents house, he was like a living doll.

As he grew older, he started to hate the treatment yet, his grandparents were in too deep. Sometimes they though he really was Mitsuki. If he acted out, he was shut down, locked in his room, or had stuff taken away. His grandparents slowly took over his life when he was staying with them.

He couldn't tell his busy parents about everything, and he didn't want them to react badly. So, he dealt with it. Then, his grandparents come to parents day, and people see there is something fishy about the whole situation.

Will Bakugou finally be able to stop being a doll?

(Bakugou's parents could also die over seas and that add a whole other layer. Then, Bakugou would have no one else to rely on and being a doll could be Bakugou's grandparents coping with the death of their daughter.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has a job as a waiter/host at a restaurant.

Mis co-workers don't really like him. They are jealous of him and think he is more villainous than not. The try to get him fired and spread rumors about him between themselves. They pick on him and give him a hard time.

Meanwhile, the customers love him. He is quick and efficient. He has opinions that are well thought out and he can still be respectful behold being himself. The kids love his red eyes and sparkles. Young girls and guys a like think he is cute. They tend flirty with him hut generally stop if he gets uncomfortable with it. Bakugou tends to flirt back in good fun. As long as everyone knows it is not serious, no one sees the harm in it.

The owner/manager of the establishment loves the customers Bakugou brings in and the suggestions Bakugou makes. If they had employee of the month, Bakugou would have won.

Bakugou likes his job, and while most of his co-workers are jerks, he has a few he doesn't mind and sees it as training.

Sometimes, people from school pop in and are surprised to see Bakugou working and the positive environment around him. They also hate his co-workers, but Bakugou forbids them from complaining.

Chapter Text

Aizawa gives an extremely hard essay to the class. They have to write about some obscure topic there is barely any research about. They don't know that the essay is a test to test their knowledge gathering skills. Everyone is having a hard time, even Momo and Midoriya aren't having the best of luck finding information.

At the end of the month long project, everyone turns theirs in. Since there was not page minimum, some are only a couple of paragraphs. The longest is Momo's which is almost two pages. Bakugou is one of the last people to turn it in. Aizawa looks up and sees nearly an inch thick stack of papers on his desk. He immediately flips through it to see if it was because of formatting. But no, there is a lot of information on the subject written out neatly.

Aizawa looks at Bakugou who is just smiling smugly.

A - "How..."

B - "I have been preparing for this my whole life."

Chapter Text

Aizawa give an assignment to test the students deductive skills. He gives them a well written paper oǹ a topic. The class has to figure out who wrote it. They aren't given any hints. For all they know, the paper was written by an adult several hundred years ago. Aizawa gives them permission to work together and use any resource.

As the rest scramble to figure out the author, a person walks up to Aizawa's desk.

Bakugou, "How in the world did you get your hands on this paper?!"

A, "I have my ways."

B, "That doesn't tell me how you got your hands on a research paper I wrote when I was 12!"

A shrugs.

B, "Why?"

A, "It's a good paper."

Bakugou is done with life and returns to his seat. He tunes out the world and tries to get the nap he deserves.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is a vampire, but not any ordinary vampire. Instead of blood, he feeds off the emotions of people. He takes an emotion they are feeling and turns it into his own fuel. While others emotions can't control him, like insanity wouldn't make him insane, it does slightly affect his moods.

Bakugou isn't a bad kid. He just sees the negative emotions people are feeling and takes that onto himself. He takes their sadness, anger, anxiety, and other emotions so people can feel better.

Because of this, Bakugou seems angry all the time. He is taking a portion of people's angry to keep himself a live. By taking their anger, people aren't as angry all the time. They can still get angry, it just takes more time and more emotion.

He has a harder time feeding of the emotions of overly controlled people or people who are overly emotional. It is like not eating enough or getting stuffed.

Bakugou is almost always feeding to keep up his energy levels. When he isn't feeding, he is calm and rational. He is a bit kinder and has a sense of humor. It is just rare to see him since he unconsciously feeds.

Chapter Text

As part of their supplementary classes, Bakugou and Todoroki go to a disco and are surprisingly good at it. Yet they agree on one thing, don't let Inasa or Camie tell what happened there. Whatever happened, Bakugou and Todoroki will take to their grave, or until they end up getting drunk.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has met the Vanguard Action Squad members of LOV and Shigaraki seperately even before he was kidnapped. They were sort of friends. While they didn't know each others name, they gave each other nicknames.

Bakugou met them individually in random situations, like seeing Toga at a park. He doesn't mind her fascination for blood. He thinks it is a tiny bit weird, but it's her quirk so, who cares. He found Twice funny, and Mr. Compress's magic tricks cool.

When they kidnapped Bakugou, they didn't originally know who he was. They figure out that he's been friends with them in the past and release him. Bakugou decides to stay around to catch up. They play games and create a little bit of chaos before Bakugou leaves.

He gives them his contact info after they promised not to hurt his classmates too much. Bakugou said they could still attack, the class could use the practice, but no one was to get seriously injured. Also, a heads up would be nice.

Chapter Text

Based of Bakugou rarely calling anyone their real name, Aizawa comes up with a challenge. Class 1-A has to go through the day without calling anyone by their real name or hero names. Descriptions and nicknames are allowed. However, shortening a name is not allowed. For instance, Deku can't call Bakugou Kacchan.

Can the class actually get through the day?

Chapter Text

As part of learning about undercover work, Class 1-A has to do some method acting. They randomly pull personalities from a hat and have to act like that for 24 hours. The class can't break character no matter what. Otherwise, they have to do the unnamed penalty.

They try their best, and of course some fail, but Bakugou manages to surprise nearly everyone. He is a surprisingly good actor; nothing trips him up.

When asked afterwards, he exclaims, "Of course I can act!"

Chapter Text

Slowly, the rest of the classes at U.A adopt Bakugou as their own.

Support courses love his creativity, ingenuity, and his willingness to test and make suggestions to their products. They like working with people who know what they are taking about. It also helps that he loves explosions and destructive things. (It is a well-known secret the bomb Bakugou and some of the 3rd year support students made.)

Management loves his nearly ruthless business sense, and how he can be blunt and somehow manipulate them into doing what he wants. No one really knows how he manages to get them to listen to him. Some believe it's blackmail. Bakugou refuses to comment. (It's a little bit of black mailing.)

The general course like how he treats doesn't really discriminate against them, and he's a bit inspiring. He tells them to it straight and has even helped a select few with their quirks. (They can get annoyed that he still cause them extra though.)

Other hero courses mainly like his dedication and strength.

Recovery Girl likes that he has some medical knowledge and can actually take care of himself.

Nezu finds the explosive, multi talented kid interest. (Especially when Bakugou told him about all the law suits Bakugou could have filed against the school.)

They all have their different reasons, and Bakugou may not be willing, but U.A has taken Bakugou, and they aren't giving him back.

Chapter Text

During an excursion, Class 1-A gets hit with a quirk during a villain attack, (who would've guessed 🙄😑.)

The quirk makes them sing their words instead of talking. It works fine for some, and it's harmful for other's ears in some cases.

Throughout the day, Bakugou refuses to talk. He relies on nonverbal communication and explosions. They others try to get him to sing, thinking that his voice is terrible.

(His voice is actually quite good, according to the internet where he anonymously post music videos and covers. He's surprisingly popular, but he doesn't really want that getting out.)

Who succeeds; Bakugou or Class 1-A?

Chapter Text

Since he was young, Bakugou has been complemented on his looks. He looks exactly like his mom, who is a model, so it is no wonder he looks good. He's modeled for his family since before he could walk.

As time went on, Bakugou continued to grow and his looks stayed the same. Even with all the running around he did, he never scarred because of the glycerine in his sweat. He began to hate the world pretty, beautiful, cute, and any other words of the same nature.

It made him uncomfortable, along with the unwanted touches some people gave him. A unwanted hand near the waste or a grab on the arm. People touching him began to send tingles down Bakugou's spine.

It didn't seem to matter who it was. Whether it was his parents' associates, the adults at his school, people on the street, even some of the extras' parents seemed to look and admire him in ways he didn't like.

His only blessing is that no one actually tried anything too far (excluding the slime villain which he tries to block out of his mind.)

To avoid anything, Bakugou wears baggy clothes and makes his personality even more mean to ward everyone off. He becomes hyper aware of the people around him and a little bit paranoid as well, (Midoriya's accidental stalking doesn't help). He doesn't trust adults or older kids. Bakugou doesn't trust their motives. He doesn't like eating food he hasn't made himself or by people he trusts. He avoids drinking anything anyone has given him or if he's left a drink unwatched. He's even gone as far to train himself against sedatives and brain washing just in case.

Bakugou does his best, but it is hard when you trust no one. Touching and complements related to his body become triggers. He can't watch or read romance anymore.

Things get a bit worse after the sports festival and kidnapping. People start posting and saying stuff that leaves his skin crawling. Bakugou is potentially at the edge of a mental breakdown. He has improved his escape skills and is nearly a master escape artist.

(He also hates Mineta with a fiery passion.)

Chapter Text

One day, Bakugou cracks. From a young age, Bakugou has been praised for his strength and his quirk. People expect him to do well, and forces himself to live up to those expectations. Even when people call him villainous, he tries to please people to have some sort of worth.

Even at U.A, they only comment on his quirk or their perception of him. He scores well on a test. Bakugou always does that, it's nothing special. He has a rude attitude. People blame his quirk. He does well on an exericse. Again, it is related to his quirk.

Bakugou is tired. He wants people to see that he is a hard worker and that everything he accomplishes is through dedication, not because he is lucky or because of his quirk. So, what if he is rude. He's never had a good example on how to act. People just put pressure upon pressure on him. They berate him or praise him, never really telling him how he could be better. How was he suppose to learn teamwork if everyone just let him do what he wanted. He just wants to be acknowledged beyond having a strong quirk.

Chapter Text

To destress, Bakugou writes. He likes putting his thoughts on paper. He also loves imaging how things could be different. He's written mysteries, romances, horrors, fantasies, and sci-fis. He's even got a couple poem collections and editorials.

He's actually semi-famous in Japan. He goes under a pseudonym of course. He's a bit embarrassed about people reading his work, but he is also proud of it. (He doesn't really like that 1/2 the class seems to read his works.)

The only people who have an inkling of his second job are Aizawa and a couple other teachers that have read his school papers and books. (The teachers have a love hate relationship with Bakugou's school papers. While they are incredibly good, they can also be longer than needed. Present Mic has even set a page max on some of Bakugou's papers.)

Can Bakugou keep his deadlines and not let his secret known to the school?

Chapter Text

A strong heatwave hits U.A, and Bakugou tries not to blow everything sky high.

He used past methods like taking special showers, drinking a lot, collecting his sweat to safely diffuse, wears quirk resistant gloves to keep sweat off of things, and trying to be as cool as possible.

Bakugou has to concentrate on not exploding, which is why he is barely getting any sleep. People start to notice something is wrong.

After failing and nearly blowing up, Class 1-A steps in to help out their extremely explosive classmate.

Chapter Text

Aizawa assigns a challenge to the class. Everyone has to keep a cool head. No one can laugh, cry, get angry, or show any other emotion. They can only have a black face or a small smile (think like a police customer service smile.) He says it is training for keeping calm in stressful situations.
If someone fails, they have to write a paper. However, one they are out, they can try to get others to break.

The class makes bets (of course.) Some people have it in the bag, like Todoroki, Tokoyami, Shouji, and Hagakure. Others, they think are going to fail, like Midoriya crying or Bakugou getting angry. (Midoriya does end up crying, but he last longer than others expected.)

Come the day of the challenge, the class expects Bakugou to be one of the first people out. Except, Bakugou comes and shatters their expectations. He looks about the same, but there isn't a scowl in sight. His face is completely blank.

He goes through the day, and no one can get a rise out of him, not even Monoma or Midoriya. He is one of the people who wins.

However, on the next day, Bakugou still doesn't act out. People start getting concerned. What is going on?!?!

(I'll give you a hint. Bakugou needs therapy.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou is a couple years younger than class 1-A. With his birthday being in April, the class thinks he is the oldest, but he isn't.

He started pre-school early because he is smart and a quick learner. His parents are also busy, so it helps for others to watch him. He skips a couple of grades and ends up in the same classes as Midoriya.

When he goes to U.A, only Aizawa, Nezu, and Recovery Girl know his true age. They meet up occasionally just to laugh about it.

Bakugou is 13/14 and is one of the best students at U.A.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has trained in many martial arts to be a hero. He's learned to fight with and without his quirk. He's also learned a couple weapons. He has plenty of spare time to read and watch videos. He was also able to go to a few classes before he was forced to quit.

He actually takes entrance exam without really using his quirk. His fights at the sports festival is also mostly martial arts. He and Ojirou get along pretty well.

People are actually a bit scared of sparring with Bakugou after seeing him punch a cement wall and it break, without using his quirk.

Who needs a quirk when you are a fighting machine.

(Bakugou doesn't really have a fighting style, he just mixes different moves depending on what he needs to do. It can be really scary sometimes. No one wants to fight someone who knows taekwondo, karate, boxing, ikido, wrestling, judo, Brazilian jujitsu, muay thai, and krav maga. While he isn't a master at all of them, he is pretty skilled even if most of it is unofficial. Still, not knowing what potentially harmful move is coming at you in a tornado of blond and red would be incredibly scary.)

Chapter Text

Miruko sees Bakugou at the sports festival and decides to mentor him. Hawks ends up being in the background just hanging out. He is just done. He knew these too would get along like a house on fire, and probably set a fire.

Miruko and Bakugou being an absolute BAMF and chaotic duo with Hawks both loving and regretting life in the background. The two train hard, fight hard, and complain about everything together.

Chapter Text

Bakugou knows a surprising amount about mental health, feeling management, and relationships (now if only he would apply it to himself.)
Somehow, he ends up as a counselor to nearly everyone; not that he actually recognizes what is happening.

His abilities start getting noticed, and people realize that he doesn't apply any of his advice to himself. Class 1-A sets a help Bakugou get the help he needs, just like how he helps them.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is able to detect falsehoods easily, almost on par with a lie detector quirk. He's very observant and notices small discrepancies and mannerisms in people when they lie. He is also good at spotting Toga, clones, or any other impersonating quirk.

He is too use to being lied to. People praised him all the time, and he grew suspicious of it. His parents aren't always there to keep him safe with their busy lives, so Bakugou learned to do it himself. He is good at bluffing, even though he hates it, because he wants to.protect himself.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A gets affected by a bad flu. They have to quarantine at the dorms. Bakugou is assigned to take care of him because he can't get sick because of the nitroglycerin in his body.

On top of his own schedule, Bakugou takes care of the other 19 students in class. He gets them liquids, food, medicine, blankets and helps them stay clean. He wants them to get better (so he can beat them at their best, there's no other motove, none at all.) He also studies, train, and clean the dorms.

After about a week, everyone in class is healthy. Except, Bakugou ends up exhausted. While he can't get sick, he overworked himself. He ends up fainting and gets sent to recovery girl.

Thinking about all that he did for them, Class 1-A sets about the difficult task of getting Bakugou to relax. Let's just say it sure was an adventure.

Chapter Text

Bakugou can't use his words, so he uses actions instead. He keeps track of people's preferences and health. He even tracks their appointments (in a non-creepy way.) He knows what belongs to who, and what people like to wear. He knows things they want or need, and gives them stuff accordingly.

Though he does his best to keep everyone from noticing, it only works for so long.

Chapter Text

Bakugou shows up one Monday with his shirt buttoned up and a turtle neck undershirt. Everyone who notices is concerned. They know he doesn't like anything near his neck.

Through this whole day, Bakugou tries to keep his anxiety under control. However, it all comes to a head, and suffers an anxiety attack. People find out what is going on. Apparently, his mother nearly strangled him over the weekend.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has a talent. He is able to easily gather information. Whether it is just overhearing conversations, finding the right materials, or knowing the correct people, Bakugou can easily get anything on anyone. It is a hidden card very few know about. He doesn't like using it, but he isn't totally above acknowledging that he has it. Of course, he only uses this tactic on more morally grey people.

Eveyone, even Nezu and All.for One are a bit scared of the information Bakugou holds. He knows information on just about everything. Most informants or secret intelligences got nothing in him. Let's just say, people who know are glad he wants to be a hero (even some of the villains, even if he's going to arrest them in the future.)

The only person clued in on just how much Bakugou knows is Midoriya, but he's a bit too scared to tell anyone. Though he knows Bakugou would never talk about One for All. Bakugou does know the difference between secrets and blackmail.

Chapter Text

Bakugou was born to normal parents and got a quirk like most of the population. At least, he thinks he only has a single quirk. People hope he only thinks he has a single quirk. People don't want to know what he would do it he figured out he had another one.

Even before Explosions came in, Bakugou has affected the weather. The very few people who connected that the weather to a single boy's emotions thought it was a coincidence. Midoriya is pretty much the only one who notices the connection. The weather always seems to match Bakugou's emotions or whims.

Slowly, Midoriya tries to get others to notice. Some people do eventually pick it up. They all agree on one thing, Bakugou is to never know about it.

Chapter Text

The Bakugou family is unconventional, but they make it work. While Bakugou's parents may be considered neglectful compared to other families, it is what they know. Masasru was a quiet child and was often forgotten by his parents and expected to take care of himself. While he was still loved, his parents were very forgetful. Mistuki 's parents were very busy. They sent her money and came it a few events, but she was left alone for the most part. So, Masaru and Mitsuki didn't see a problem with leaving eight year old Bakugou by himself for weeks at a time.

Just because they weren't physically there often, doesn't mean they didn't play a role in his life. They frequently texted and called each other, no matter the time zone. They also tried to FaceTime each other as much as possible. They made sure to be around each other during birthdays, holidays, and other important events. They also tried to meet one a month to do a family activity. They were often busy, with Masaru designing and running a company, Mitsuki modeling and running the company, and Katsuki working towards being a hero, but the did what they could to connect.

Even if they can be loud or have arguments, they are quick to reconcile. They may call each other na!es, but they use their real names and titles as well. They often tease each other in good nature and back each other up even when on different continents. They protect each other even when they were apart.

While Mitsuki and Masaru were out of the country during the Sports Festival because of work problems, they made sure to watch Katsuki's events. Bakugou was glad his parents were out of the country that night. While he didn't like the outcome of the festival, he doesn't want his parents suing the school for all its worth and razing it to the ground. Bakugou's parents were also quick to come home after he was kidnapped.

While their family isn't exactly normal, they love each other immensely... now if only others could catch on.

Enter people being way to concerned with Bakugou's home life. His parents are rarely home, and he schedules his own appointments. So what, his parents are busy. They all see it as normal. While they would like to spend more time together, they know what they can and cannot do.

(Slowly, people begin to accept it. They can't deny that the Bakugous may not be considered conventional, but they would be by each other's side in a heartbeat.)

Chapter Text

People think Bakugou's quirk is Explosions. They are partly correct. Bakugou real quirk is Emotional Reflect. It allows his quirk to change based of his emotions. Explosions happen when he is angry, annoyed, competitive, or aggressive. When Bakugou is happy or excited, he can shoot rays of light from his hands. When Bakugou is sad, desperate, or lonely, he can make storms appear. When Bakugou is scared or nervous, he can ease himself into shadows and teleport away.

Quirk: Emotional Reflect - User's quirk changes based off their emotions.

Chapter Text

Bakugou get hit with a quirk that only allows home to communicate with song titles and lyrics that he knows. (If he doesn't know a song, he can't talk using that song. Aslo, it has to be a whole line, it can't just be one word unless that is one line)

Class 1-A finds out Bakugou has a plethora of musical knowledge.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is honest and blunt, so people don't think he can lie. They also know that he hates liars and seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, , which only adds to their idea. However, no one actually looks close enough to see the truth.

People ask how he's doing. Bakugou replies he's fine. He's lying. All the trauma and expectations are getting to him. No one, not even Midoriya, can tell because any of his tells have been squashed. He can easily see the truth and lies in others, but the same can't be said in return.

When Bakugou finally breaks down, will the class be able to pick up the pieces?

Chapter Text

Aizawa and Class 1-A gets transported into a video game. They are given sets of tasks to complete to escape. They are assigned different roles and given slightly different powers to use to win. They have to work together in order to escape.

(Also, no one seems to be able to die, so you know shenanigans are going to occur)

**Similar to role play games like DnD and videogames like World of Warcraft.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets kidnapped, often. In fact, he gets kidnapped several times in the same day. He's way to use to it. It can be really concerning. That is if you don't know what is going on.

Different groups habe kidnapped Bakugou overtime. They end up reluctantly liking the child and continue to kidnap him. Once their done, Bakugou either escapes or is let go. This activity only increases after they find out Bakugou's parents are neglectful. It reminds some of them of their youth.

Eventually, the groups find out about each other. In some sort of twisted competition, they start kidnapping him from each other.

At first, Bakugou was reluctant to this forced adoption. He escaped most groups easily. Then, Bakugou started actually liking the people, (and not in a Stockholm Syndrome way.) He began to let it happen and not care as much. Of course, he still tries to not get kidnapped and escape. He sees it as good training.

Soon, rules were added to kidnapping him. No one was allowed to severely or permanently hurt each other, and they couldn't kidnap him on a school day. They all quicker agreed to that rule after they almost made him late to a test. The events of the following evening still send shivers down people's back. They also have to let Bakugou know he's getting kidnapped that week to avoid ruining plans. If Bakugou has other things planned, they can't kidnap him.

The different groups get along well enough and try to keep their fights and squabbles away from Bakugou.

They like to call him Young Master after someone made a joke.

Ways The Class Finds Out:

1- The groups team up to kidnap Bakugou from the League. The heroes arrive after it happens or as it is happening and are so confused.

2- The class witness him get kidnapped because they forgot that Bakugou had plans. They try to find him only for Bakugou to return a couple hours later unharmed. It happens again and the class is concerned.

3- Family Day (to be continued)

Chapter Text

It is family day at school and Bakugou's parents can't make it. He's a bit upset that no one is coming for him; even Todoroki has his siblings. To solve this, the seven different families decide they will be him family. Each group sends a couple of representatives.

It is a couple minutes before homeroom and everyone else is already there. Then, sevn people bust in the room. Two guys trip through the doorway with a lady calming stepping over them. A guy and a girl come in through the windows. One guy drops from the ceiling, landing like Spider-Man in front of the class. A portal appears by Bakugou, and a lady walks through it. Aizawa is concerned and confused while Bakugou, the grouchy problem child of the class lights up.

Aizawa: "Who are these people?!?"

Bakugou introduces them using various nicknames, which helps no one else in class.

A: "How are you related?"

Two guys still on the floor in a heap: "I call being his cousin. Jinx. Jinx again." *starts to argue before the lady that came with them gently smacks them on the head.*

Door Lady: "Imbeciles, the both of you. Also, A person can have more than one cousin."

Ceiling Guy: *launches into a long and ridiculous ancestry.

Portal Lady: "You can stop being dramatic ___. I'm his older sister. Isn't that right, Suki?"

B: "Yes, Dorothy-neesan(?)" (The nickname comes from the ladies quirk. She click her heels and teleport herself and whoever she's touching to a location she is thinking of.)

These people leave before lunch and the representatives from three more groups come as much starts. They dramatically walk into the cafeteria with Bakugou in tow.

The last group sends representatives as hero training is starting. They all jump dramatically from a helicopter. Bakugou is so done with his family.

All the representatives come to the big dinner. Everyone is confused, and Aizawa swears he knows 1/2 of these people from somewhere.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has been focused on being a hero since he was a small child. It has been the main focus on his life; because of this, Bakugou knows nothing about romance or anything related to it. It all flies over his head. The only things he knows comes from what he's witness, books, and movies. None of this has gone beyond PG.

He knows people have different body parts and puberty is a thing, but he just doesn't care or thought about it that much. He knows people like people and that consent is important, (Not that he actually knows what people are consenting to.) For all his aggressive and rude language, he barely knows what it means. Flirting and innuendos go over his head. That said, he does know to respect people and generally finds Mineta disgusting.

When it comes to romance, Bakugou is completely innocent. Even Midoriya knows more than he does. (His parents somehow forgot to give him a talk. He knows people have babies, and s*x is a thing, but doesn't actually know what s*x is.)

Somehow, class 1-A finds out that their oldest students is basically clueless. Not even Aizawa knows how to react.


Class 1-A Chat:

Someone (Probably Kaminari): Why did the man look out the telescope?

💃AlienQueen💃: Why?

⚡PortableChargee⚡: To look at Uranus!

🚄IiDad🚄: Kaminari! That is extremely inappropriate!

💣ExplosionKing💣: Your suppose to look at planets with a telescope!



People trying to flirt with Bakugou. (He is accidentally a comeback king.)

A random person: I'd do anything for you.

Bakugou: Die.

Rando: Please be my sun.

B: (readying his quirk): Prepare to burn.

Person: You look like a dream.

B: And you're a nightmare.

Chapter Text

Bakugou actually sleep walks, but nobody realizes because he sticks to his room. It is actually terrifying to see him because he seems like he is awake. How many people do you know somehow train in their sleep? He even somehow cooks and does homework.

The class finds out during a sleepover Bakugou was forced to. He went to sleep about his normal time, but then just starts walking around close to 10, when everyone else is still awake. They are all creeped out since he seems so aware even though he's unconscious.

He is absolutely chaotic and somehow caught a pillow without looking while he was asleep. Everyone thinks he's faking. He isn't.

Chapter Text

U.A is short staffed, so Nezu asks Bakugou to teach a class because Bakugou already knows everything they're learning. Bakugou gets excused for a couple of days and disguises himself because he doesn't want people to know it's him. The only ones who know who he is are Nezu, because he's the principal and hired him, and Aizawa, because he is the homeroom teacher. The other teachers are left clueless.

Everyone is surprised by the young substitute, especially with how good he is at teaching, (no one knows it's Bakugou.) After he finishes, Bakugou returns to being a student. All he hears about is substitute. How he was a good teacher. How he was hot. How he was so young. Bakugou finds it funny and annoying. He also hopes no one finds out it was him.

Chapter Text

Bakugou hates crying. Happy crying, sad crying, or angyr crying, he hates it all. Not only can it get loud and ugly, but Bakugou's tears can explode. He can't control it as well as his sweat, and his tears tend to cause a lot of damage (not to himslef, he's basically explosion proof.)

So, Bakugou does his best to keep his tears locked away, and if he does start crying, he tries to stop as soon as possible and doesn't let the tears fall. This works well enough, until it doesn't anymore.

Chapter Text

Bakugou dies during the sludge villain attack. He wakes up in a world called the "Inbetween." The place looks like a constant foggy morning. There is barely any light, and the one constant color is grey.

The Inbetween has a hierarchy. Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up. Most of the time, the strong stand over the weak. Bakugou rises slowly. He builds himself up from the bottom and because one of the strongest,(Even if he does things he isnt entirely proud of.) Even the adults and higher members have a room begrudging respect for him.

Several years later, one day, somehow, Bakugou wakes up moments before he dies. This time, he ends up surviving. He sees his body has reverts to the state it was at that age. However, his quirk, skill, and knowledge has stayed constant. Though his heart rate is slower, and he doesn't need to breathe as often. His morals are also a bit more grey, but he still wants to be a hero, so Bakugou continues to U.A.

When Bakugou returns to the Inbetween, he thinks it all was a dream, before he wakes up again in the real world.

Apparently, the real world and the Inbetween run parallel to each other. They exist on different planes, but are part of the same universe. It is a place that those who die can somehow slip into. Bakugou seems to be able to slip back out. Is he the only one with this ability? Bakugou will definitely find out as he continues to become a hero.

He might have died once, but he isn't done yet.

Chapter Text

Bakugou was born with the ability to see ghost, and he has to live with it. He knows it isn't a quirk, since he had it before his quirk came in.

Ghost have always approached him to get him to solve their problems or pass on some information. While it can be annoying, it can also be useful.

Bakugou will be a hero, even with what he considers the extra baggage. (Now if the ghost can leave him alone during school, he won't look like a lunatic, which would really help his plans.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou can sing well, but no one knows until Eri comes along. Eri overheads him one day and wants to learn to sing. Bakugou agrees. He teaches her, and they often do duets.

When the class suggests a talent show, Bakugou gets and idea. After getting permission from Aizawa, Bakugou signs Eri and himself up.

The class doesn't know what's going on until Bakugou comes on stage. He sings the first three stanzas before Eri comes on in a flash of light and starts using the chorus. They continue the song, and everyone is blown away. Eri and Bakugou end up winning.


Chapter Text

When Bakugou was around the age of eight, someone saw him picking on Deku. The person wanted to teach Bakugou a lesson by making him see the world from Deku's point of view. So, they used their quirk to make them switch bodies for a day. However, something went wrong. Once 24 hours had past, Bakugou was still in Deku's body, and Deku was still in Bakugou's body.

Midoriya realized he finally can be a hero. He was in Kacchan's body. A body that has a quirk and has been training for a while. He saw this as an opportunity. Midoriya also realized he could make Kacchan feel what he felt since he was diagnosed quirkless. So, Midoriya started treating Bakugou similarly to how Bakugou treated him. Midoriya also seized the opportunity to get back at the others that went along with Kacchan. Midoriya was still Midoriya though, so he is nicer to adults, strangers, and the people he likes. At first, people wondered about the change, but they believed it was Bakugou growing up. Midoriya does train his body and quirk a bit, but not as much as he did cleaning the beach.

Meanwhile, Bakugou was furious at first. He was still himself, but slowly, the weight of everything wore him down a bit. He realized he has to be a bit nicer to get what he wants. He also realized how much he took for granted. Bakugou is still blunt, aggressive, and full of spite, but it is tuned down a bit. Bakugou sees that he is at a disadvantage, but instead of sitting around like Deku did, Bakugou takes to improving himself. He learns to fight, exercises rigorously, and studies. While is isn't as physically capable as he was, he still has his mental abilities and a body that works. He trained hard to get back to where he used to be. He also learned to use weapons and support items to make up for a lack of a quirk. During this, it seemed like the world was against him will all the bullying and discrimination he faced, yet he didn't let that slow him down. Bakugou also learns to read people and their intentions, so he can stay out of trouble as much as possible and not take the blame for everything. Bakugou is going to show Deku that it isn't his quirklessness that makes him useless, but his lack of effort and proper motivation.

(If you're wondering where the parents are, Mitsuki and Masaru are busy with work. When they are home, Midoriya just acts a bit and treats them nicer. Inko is around more often, so she notices the change more and thinks Bakugou is going through a phase. Bakugou is nicer to Inko than his actual parents because while he may hate Deku, Inko is still nice. Even is she sometimes treats him like glass. Then, he is quick to show her that he is capable. He actually makes Inko believe he can be a hero.)

The sludge villain does happen, but it is different. It is more like Midoriya's situation, where there is no one else around. Bakugou gets caught, but he ends up escaping using what he has right as All Might shows up. Bakugou does admire All Might and asks if you actually need a quirk to be a hero. After All Might says you do need a quirk, Bakugou gets angry and stops off, leaving the sludge villain to All Might to safely get to the police. Only one of the two attacks happen. Midoriya doesn't get attack at all.

Bakugou does manage to get into U.A and in a hero course. Midoriya also makes it, and that is how he meets All Might. All Might was impressed with Midoriya abilities. Midoriya is more of a jerk and egotistical, but he does still like people in general, even if he tends to look down on people with 'weaker' quirks because he thinks they aren't as good as his quirk, (Remember, Midoriya grew up more in Bakugou's situation. Also, rather than use support items or be a lesser known hero, Midoriya wanted to be number one and did nothing to work for it. It isn't that far fetch to think he below flashier quirks are better.) (Whether they're in 1-A or Bakugou is in 1-B is up to you.)

(Friendships also change. Bakugou gets along with Hagakure, Monoma, Hatsume, and Shinsou. Midoriya is friendly with most of the class, but tends to look down on people who aren't quite at his level.)

Throughout the school year, Midoriya tries to make sure his past doesn't come to life and keep his better body. Bakugou tries to at least search for the person responsible and at least get some people to believe what happened. He has more or less accepted that he isn't getting his body back, (and let me tell you that was one emotional ride.)

Bakugou will be the number one hero, even if he has to do it quirkless.

Chapter Text

Bakugou can sing surprisingly well, but the most people hear is him humming.

When Bakugou says he doesn't sing, the class starts a bet to see who can catch him singing, even the teachers join in. They start playing all sorts of songs to get Bakugou to start singing along.

What surprises them is that Bakugou seems to know every song they play, even the more obscure ones. A new bet rises. Along with actually catching Bakugou singing, they try to find a song Bakugou doesn't know.

The truth about Bakugou's musical talent is revealed during a villain attack. Someone in Bakugou's family had a siren quirk, and Bakugou inherited a bit of it. While the original quirk allows the use to know every song and control people through music, Bakugou just got the incredible voice and ability to sing any song. Even if it is a song not out yet, or a song in another language, Bakugou can sing the song perfectly the first time.

Everyone is shocked. (They also argue about who actually won the bet since no one can really claim they were the first one to catch him. Also,the second bet isn't possible, so they have to give up on it.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has an extremely high pain tolerance and doesn't even realize it. He can still feel pain, but it is way less than it should be, and he can easily ignore it. He's broken his arm climbing a tree and didn't go to the hospital until a couple of hours later because he wasn't bothered by it. He doesn't see that what isn't painful for him can be painful for others.

One day, Bakugou is fighting a villain and a knife ends up in his thigh, (it doesn't hit anything important and will heal just fine with Recovery Girl's help.) No one notices until they are nearly back to school and blood is seeping through Bakugou's pants. Bakugou has been moving perfectly fine with a knife in his leg.

Since he knows better than to pull it out, Bakugou heads to Recovery Girl with a knife in his leg. Everyone in class is like 'what!?!' Aizawa needs a raise, and Monoma ends up fainting after passing Bakugou in the halls. Meanwhile, Bakugou thinks everyone is over reacting. After Recovery Girl heals him, Bakugou asks to keep the knife. Aizawa is so done.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and the girls of Class 1-A hang out sometimes. Bakugou tests them respectfully without treating them like dolls. They appreciate that a lot. Bakugou and the girls train, have girl night, and generally enjoy each others company. They don't do anything weird and are comfortable with each other.

However, the boys in class believe otherwise. They overhear conversations and sees how he fights them and think he is being rude or sexist. Bakugou isn't. His mom trained him well, and he believes the girls will make friends at heros.

While Bakugou spends time with the girls, the boys try to keep them apart and make Bakugou 'see the error of his ways.' This just causes problems between the boys and for Bakugou and the girls to grow closer.

6 + 1 - 6 times the boys thought Bakugou was being sexist, and the one time they learn the truth.

Chapter Text

Bakugou, Momo, Todoroki, and Iida have all met before at various high class events because of their rich and influential parents. They group together when they realize that they were all reluctantly dragged along and see they are the only kids close in age.

They meet young and get along well enough, growing closer as they grow older. They help each other get through the boring events by causing quiet chaos that never gets traced back to them.

They know each others background and try to help when they can. They are each others sources of comfort when the world gets too much.

When they all get into U.A, they pretend not to know each other as agreed before hand. Despite pretending to not know each other, they drop hints and facts only friends would know before acting oblivious. It drives everyone else crazy, and the four feed off of the chaos.

Bakugou, Momo, Todoroki, and Iida also have what they call "Rich Kid Days" where they hang out with each other to do things they usually can't or to go spend a lot of their parents' money ( mostly Endevours') having fun.

Chapter Text

Bakugou was blinded by an explosion when he was 7. He was trying to protect himself and blinded himself and the other person. Despite this, Bakugou continues working towards being a hero.

He trains his body and his senses to the max. It gets to the point where it is almost supernatural. He can hear and smell incredibly well and can easily pick up vibrations. He even has a support device that works similarly to echolocation. He also develops the ability to sort of sense quirk energy, which helps him fight people and sense most of those around him. Also, what is basically his Hero Sense goes through the roof. His observation skills are on another level even though he lost one of his senses.

It gets to the point where a lot of people don't know or forget he's blind. At U.A, it is basically the staff that knows Bakugou is blind. He asked that they not tell anyone unless absolutely necessary so he could find out how long it would take. Sadly, Class 1-A is oblivious, and it takes until the dorms are installed for people to realize. (Even the LoV don't realize he is blind until later. Best Jeanest was so confused after reading Bakugou's file after Bakugou accepted the internship.)

While it may be considered a disability, Bakugou won't let his blinders stop him from being number one.

Chapter Text

One day, Bakugou goads the rest of the class into 1 v. 19 fight. Bakugou is given permission to go all out. It is the first time the class actually sees him smile for real. In his excitement, he flips out the window and does what is basically a gymnastic routine to the surprise of his classmates. Aizawa is just tired in the background. He knew this would happen eventually.

The next day, Aizawa establishes the rules. Bakugou can use whatever he wants and support items because he is at an extreme disadvantage. The rest of the class can work separately or together. The match would be graded. Bakugou is graded on how many he beats. The class is graded on how they fight and if they beat him. They can use all of Ground Beta. The class decides to work together.

Bakugou gets a head start. As soon as he enters Ground Beta, wall begin to rise from seemingly nowhere. A large television appears over the main entrance. On the screen is a video of the field. The class is shocked, even more so when they see that Mei is filming from a helicopter with a film crew.

As soon as the buzzer starts, the class enters the field. Quickly, Jirou is taken out by a loud sound that knocks her unconscious. The class starts to realize what they're in for.

Meanwhile, a second screen appears on the tv, and Mei introduces the guests to.provide commentary for the fight. (Monoma, Shinsou, Principal Nezu, and Recovery Girl)

Class 1-A prepares for the fight of their lives. Traps, explosions, robots, and more appear on the field, all controlled by Bakugou who is also fighting. He takes them out, and the class realizes the sorely underestimated him, while also being glad he isn't a villain.

Chapter Text

For most of his life, Bakugou has been compared to Midoriya. People point out his more negative traits and weaknesses before comparing him to the 'total angel' that is Izuku Midoriya. One day, Bakugou finally lets his anger and sadness show. He exclaims he isn't made of tin. He has a heart, and everyone comparing the two is causing problems. He wasn't born completely angry, but pressure and compassion made him into who he is, and they shouldn't be mad at the product of their creation.

5 + 1 - 5 times Bakugou is compared to Midoriya and seeths, and one time he finally breaks down.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has incredible eyesight and is very observant. It comes in handy, but it can also be a hinderance.

5 times Bakugou's eyesight was a problem (he saw things he doesn't want to see ever again,) and one time it helped.

Chapter Text

For stealth lessons, Class 1-A plays hide and seek. Bakugou is the first seeker. People don't think he will be able to find everyone, (Midoriya knows to give up now or else, but he doesn't tell anyone.)

The class realizes their in trouble when Bakugou finds Hagakure first. (How?!?!)

Chapter Text

After all being found by Bakugou so easily on the first day of sleety training, Aizawa says the class is playing sardines (when one person hides and everyone else has to look for them. If you find them, you have to hide with them. The last one to find everyone is the loser.)

The class votes for Bakugou to be the hider, thinking that he may be a good seeker, he won't be a good hider. (Spoilers, they're wrong.)

Bakugou disappears and the rest of the class goes to search for him (except Midoriya who isn't putting in much effort knowing Bakugou is the king of hide and seek for a reason. He still isn't sure how Bakugou managed to hide in Midoriya's house for four hours. It doesn't seem possible.)

After a couple of hours, Bakugou is still missing. People start getting worried and frustrated. It is soon the end of school, and Bakugou still hasn't been found. In fact, no one sees him until he walks into class the next day.

Everyone is mad he won't tell them where he hid. Midoriya is sitting at his desk just done with his frenemy.

Chapter Text

Shortly after entering elementary, Bakugou started attending several boarding schools around the world. He was pretty much top of his class and went to several different schools in several different countries.

Around the age of 12, Bakugou started getting bored and became a vigilante to train and get some excitement in his life.

When he returns to Japan, Bakugou takes the U.A entrance exam and enters Class 1-A. He meets Midoriya again, and the rest of the class, who are all a bit in shock at Bakugou's high end education.

While he does stumble sometimes with mixing up different countries and cultures, everyone agrees that he seems impossible. Now if only they knew where he was sneaking off to every night. (He's doing vigilante work.

Meanwhile, heros are trying to figure out the identity of the international vigilante that never seems to sit still. They are basically tearing this hair out.

Chapter Text

After receiving his quirk, Bakugou started getting homeschooled. He actually had a pretty sheltered life (besides the aggressiveness and cursing.)

Bakugou could pretty much do what he wanted, which was basically train and study to be a hero, so he didn't go out much. He's smart, strong, and while his parents are rich, he isn't spoiled. He knows how to take care of himself and do household chores and cooking. If he doesn't open his mouth, he seems like a perfect person.

Expect, Bakugou didn't get out much and has no clue how society or social cues work. He doesn't know what normal or average is either.

His first real experience with people, outside of the rich events his parents drag him to, is U.A. Bakugou is in for the shock of his life.

(Bakugou doesn't realize how ahead he is in things because he never had anyone to compare himself to. He's basically Shin Walford from The Wise man's Grandson, expect he is Bakugou, so he is louder, more aggressive, and explosive.)

U.A is also in for a shock because kids don't just learn how to fly at age 7! Nor do they have a textbooks worth of medical knowledge memorized! This kid has to be insane!

Chapter Text

Bakugou is kidnapped by a group (not LoV), and they try to break him and live stream it to U.A.

The problem for the villains is that he isn't breaking. He's Bakugou Katsuki, and the day he gives up is the day the world explodes.

They try threats, blackmail, torture. He somehow gets through it all without making a sound of pain. Nothing is working!

Eventually, Bakugou escapes basically by himself, using his blood, sweat, and tears to blow the place up. In the inferno, all the class can see is Bakugou's red eyes before the stream goes dark. Bakugou returns to U.A a mess, but alive.

The class is worried about his health and just how in the world he was able to handle everything thrown at him.

His only answer is spite and training, which only raises more questions and concerns.

Chapter Text

A quirk makes Bakugou's anger disappear, and leaves him basically apathetic to everything. The exception being him wanting to be a hero and things related to that. He still cares about that. Just the only explosive part of him is his quirk.

Everyone is worried since Bakugou is now very pessimistic, cynical, and potentially suicide. (He isn't. Bakugou just comments on death and dying too often. He doesn't want to die and hasn't attempted to in any way.)

Bakugou is also smarter and more efficient since he isn't trying to show off. His sudden improvement scares people. His bluntness takes a whole new level. He scares the pants off of everyone. They are all hoping Bakugou will go back to normal as soon as possible.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A notices how Bakugou leans in and pulls away from touch. They find out that not one has positively touched him, such hugs, cuddles, or head pats, since he was a young kid.

Bakugou is touch starved the realize. So, they set out to help him. Everyone agrees that it is a work in progress.

Chapter Text

Once the class moves into the dorms, Bakugou takes to role of 'mother.'

He keeps a top of people's health, makes them food, cleans, helps them study and be aware of test. He makes ure they go to bed at a reasonable time, makes tea and snacks for the insomniacs, regularly restless supplies for when the girls are on their red week, makes people take their medicine. He keeps track of appointments, and he even schedules and takes them to some. Even Aizawa isn't free from Bakugou's motherlinness.

Bakugou refuses to comment on the subject.

Chapter Text

To get some of Bakugou's energy out, his parents signed him up foe any and all dance classes available. It kept him busy and active.

Because of this, Bakugou can dance to nearly everything. Break dance, ballroom, tango, ballet, are just a few. Half the time, he starts dancing and doesn't even realize he's moving.

(People still talk about the time Bakugou completed a hero assignment by dancing through the whole thing. Bakugou was so focused on the mission, he didn't realize how he was doing the mission. Several mouths dropped when Bakugou did a split mid air to avoid an attack. )

Mins loves this new development, even if Bakugou refuses to admit he is a great dancer.

Chapter Text

Bakugou's parents love alcohol. They have a couple drinks at the end of everywork day. They know not to get too drhnk, but they still drink it a lot.

At age 10, Bakugou was put in charge of making their food and drinks. He's good at it and doesn't realize anything is wrong with the situation. (Bakugou doesn't drink. He tried it was once and absolutely hated it. He never wants to try it again.)

No knows of the situation until Bakugou brings a present for Aizawa.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A is stuck in a room and can only escape if someone sings all of the songs from a list. One person doesn't have to sing all of them, but all the songs must be sung. Also, not everyone has to sing.

Simple enough, right? Wrong. The songs are pretty much all different genres, artists, and some are even in foreign languages.

The Class will have to work together to escape the room. They find out each others preferences and singing abilities along the way. Meanwhile, Bakugou is sincerely hoping that the class doesn't realize this is his private playlist made up of his favorite songs and songs that remind him of his classmates and teachers.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou was young, he was fascinated with codes and puzzles. He loved cracking them and creating his own.

Soon, cracking codes turned to seeing patterns in words, languages, math, nature, and people. His new obsession is people. Bakugou loves people watching. He loves finding patterns in how they talk, act, and dress. By connecting patterns, Bakugou can figure someone out with a simple conversation.

Bakugou also sees the hidden things in everything. He notices how people praise him for his abilities, not who he is. He notices the hate in love and they love in hate. Most importantly, Bakugou finds people's tics. He finds out what annoys them and what gives away that they are lying. He's a pro at it. There is not need for a lie detector when Bakugou is on the scene since he notices everything. One of Bakugou favorite things to do is find the tics of professional liars. He is great at it.

Bakugou becomes fascinated with lies. He quickly understood he hated lies and lairs, even those lying with good intentions. Bakugou decided he would his never lie, even if it hurt him.

Bakugou still wants to be a hero, but he knows that the hero world is full of liars. He wants to fix it.

(If you are wondering about Midoriya, Bakugou doesn't bully him. Bakugou sees that Bakugou is instantly empathetic and incredibly naive, so Bakugou leaves him alone for the most part. He only gets on Midoriya's case if he lies. Midoriya notices Bakugou's obsession with the truth and tries to never lie in his vicinity.

When Bakugou found out about Midoriya's quirk, Midoriya was quick to apologize and tell him the whole truth. Bakugou thinks they should tell people, but he promises to keep it a secret as long as All Might and Midoriya never lie to him.)

The class finds out about Bakugou's obsession with truth on the first day after Aizawa lies to them.

BK, sickly sweet and innocent, which doesn't match the anger in his eyes: Next time sensei, don't lie about your intentions. Just say you changed your mind. No one likes lairs.

Aizawa stares in shock and is slightly terrified. (Bakugou has that effect on people when he gets like this.)

Midoriya, worried and trying to calm this situation down: I would listen. Kacchan really hates liars.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A practices with fire arms (knowing how to shoot, disable, or get out of situations) because guns are still a thing. Bakugou is an incredible shot, (have you seen his aim!) The class is amazed and somewhat suspicious.

It is just that Bakugou has been practicing his aim since he was 7. He's a good shot and also incredible accurate when throwing anything, especially knives. He just doesn't use the skill in class that often. Though the one time he through a pen so hard it stuck to the wall just shy of Mineta's face is legendary. Mineta refuses go near Bakugou.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A gets in an accident when they are training in a forest far from school. They have to work together to get back. However, they are in a dead zone, a special place where technology and quirks don't work, even Hagakure's invisibility doesn't work. Body mutations like Ojirou's tail and Mina's pink skin still exist but that is it.

Compiling their knowledge they realize Bakugou is the only one who really knows what he is doing. Bakugou finds this fact surprising. He thought a lot of kids knew how to survive in the wilderness by themselves. The class just finds this concerning.

Slowly over the adventure, Bakugou's past and home life is revealed. Whether because of child neglect or abuse, Bakugou has spent weeks at a time living in the woods around his house by himself. He's prepared himself for any situation and always carries supplies because he never knew when he wasn't allowed or couldn't get into the house.

By the time the class gets back to civilization, the class is ready to storm Bakugou's house. The teachers left at U.A are surprised by Class 1-A's sudden protectiveness. Bakugou is wondering what happened to everyone.

Chapter Text

Around the age of 10, Bakugou finds out about the family secret. His family has been a vigilante group since quirks started appearing. Using fashion and fame to go different plaves, and then dealing with the injustices in that area. It could be compared to a mafia, except they don't really threaten or kill people unless absolutely necessary.

Bakugou decides he wants to help and realizes his parents have been training him since he was a child by giving him theoretical situations, puzzles, and papers to read. Bakugou asks for some real training, which his parents give him after he follows them on a mission without anyone realizing.

So, heads to U.A with a secret background in vigilante work and a plethora of contacts and resources. Instead of being number 1, Bakugou hopes to start a real agency so that the Bakugous' underground group can start working legally while still focusing on underground work.

A problem with Bakugou's goal is that he has too much experience. He tries to down play his skills while still training them. It causes weird situations and a lot of confusion. Hopefully, Bakugou can make it though the year with all his secrets mostly intact.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A has to face their fears. Most of them think Bakugou is fearless because he doesn't show fear in any of the situations.

While Bakugou doesn't have many fears and is brave, he isn't fearless. This becomes apparent when his PTSD starts coming into play. The class has to watch and experience Bakugou's fears and sees him panic while also pushing through. It is really rough to watch.

Chapter Text

Bakugou uses art to convey the emotions he can't say. He paints, draws, scupltes, even does welding. All of his projects reveal what he is truly thinking.

Bakugou's art work starts appearing all over U.A. He doesn't know who is doing it and tries to figure it out while keeping that he is the artist a secret. It is a secret he will take to his grave if he has his way.

Chapter Text

Bakugou's whole body is explosive and potentially toxic. He's known this since he was a kid. He had to wear special gloves (quirk restraints) as a kid and can't let people near him. This makes him touch starved. He doesn't realize it until Aizawa gives him a head pat and Bakugou doesn't know how to react. Aizawa will help Bakugou, even if he has to drag the rest of U.A with him.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has been alone most of his life before turning 7. His parents often left him alone in the house as they worked and traveled everywhere. So, no one was there to take care of him. Bakugou became his own adult and is pretty independent.

At the ripe old age of 7, Bakugou saves Touya (10) and Tenko (7) from a fight and attempted kidnapping. Over the years, Bakugou takes in several more people, (Toga, Shinsou, Eri, and 3 others) for a grand total of 8 children, both older and younger than him. He's saved them from rough situations and most of them have "villainous" quirks and one of them is quirkless.

(Bakugou doesn't like Midoriya for being too nosy and doing nothing into help his situation. Also, Midoriya tends to complain without realizing that at least his parents love him.)

Bakugou is the most responsible of the group, though he tends to overwork himself to take care of them. They all love each other and try to help where they can. They have to keep each other a secret so they can stay together.

When Bakugou goes to U.A, he does his best to keep his home life and family safe.

Rescue Situations:

Bakugou (7) saves Touya (I0) from an attempt kidnapping and fight. Bakugou then saves Tenko (7) during another kidnapping the same month. Surprisingly, Tenko and Touya already know each other.

Bakugou (8) saves Toga (7, almost 8) after being kicked out and nearly mugged. He doesn't care that she is fascinated with blood and tries to help he in anyway he can.

Bakugou (still 8) saves a quirkless girl (12) from being assaulted.

Bakugou (9) saves Shinsou (9) after he is nearly beaten to death by his foster parents. Bakugou steals Shinsou away, and the foster parents don't report it because they still get their money.

Bakugou (9) saves a kid (6) from human trafficking.

Bakugou (9 [9 was a productive year]) saves another kid (8) from a kidnapping.

Bakugou (10) saves Eri (5) when he is kidnapped.

Chapter Text

Katsuki is the only child of Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugou. At least, that is what the world is aware of. Bakugou knows a different story. He knows that he has five siblings. The only thing is, the rest of them are dead.

Bakugou has three older and two younger siblings. They are dead. The only proof of their existence is the birth certificate Bakugou saves from his parents. Only Bakugou can see them. He isn't insane or anything, which was his first though when he realized they were dead. He can't see other ghosts, but he knows they exist since his siblings can interact with them.

He doesn't know the specifics, but he is aware that his siblings died because of Mitsuki and Masaru in one way or another. The one thing Bakugou is thankful for is that their bodies look relatively normal. If it wasn't for their transparent hue, he would of thought they were still living. He isn't going to think of the logistics of how ghost age, since the ghost seem to grow older. One of them tells him that is because ghost can decide what age to stop aging at. They're dead, so they can live life how them want.

Bakugou can sort of guess how they died given his parents' lack of attention and the occasional beating Mitsuki brings. Bakugou's goal is that one day he will escape the house and get his parents arrested. It is his reason for being a hero.

Luckily, his siblings are there to help him through as much as they can. They can't really touch each other, but Bakugou can feel a slight pressure and chill when they hug him. He doesn't know what he would do without them.

With his unwanted knowledge, Bakugou hopes he can safely make it through U.A to accomplish his goal. Though life is rough when you're living with your sibling's murders.

Birth Order:

Katsuro - victorious son - 3 yrs older/~19 - male
Kamiko - superior child - 2 yrs older/~18 - female
Katsumi - victorious beauty - 1 yr older /~17 - female
**Katsuki - win myself - 16 - male
Katsunori - win law - 2 yrs younger/~14 - male
Keiko - blessed child - 3 yrs younger/ ~13 - female

(names I found on some website)

Chapter Text

Class 1-A has a game night, and Bakugou dominates the competition. He will be the best, no matter what it is and is really competitive. Bakugou is also really lucky. Only Midoriya knows what they're getting into. (The first, and last, time he won a game against Bakugou, Bakugou's parents made him go easy on Midoriya.)

They play Just Dance, Uno, Poker, the quickest game of Monopoly ever, and the King game to name a few.

Chapter Text

Bakugou's blood can explode. He knows this, and tries not to get hurt. However, Bakugou tends to forget that others don't know this. So when Bakugou blood suddenly explodes when he isn't around, people get concerned. They think it is a bomb threat or something just randomly exploded.

No, it is just Bakugou forgot to tell people that his blood can explode sometimes. (Luckily, it doesn't explode in his body, and Bakugou is basically explosion proof. So, Bakugou doesn't get hurt is his blood explodes on himself.)

Chapter Text

Dying of boredorm, the class holds two food challenges. They do a sour challenge and a spicy challenge. They can sign up for one or both.

The spicy challenge goes first. The challenger eat increasingly hot dishes made from some of the hottest peppers and hot sauce. Bakugou wins by a landslide. His family loves spicy food and make it a challenge to eat the spiciest things possible. So far, they haven't found anything n they couldn't handle.

The sour challenge does nexy, and Bakugou surprises people by competing in that as well. (He has no idea why they're surprised. He's Bakugou and this is a competition.) Bakugou is able to handle the sour things really well.

At this point, people think Bakugou's taste buds are dead. (Class 1-A then gets Class 1-B to do a competition as well, and Bakugou smokes them.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has a lot of medical knowledge from treating himself. He knows how to handle most medical situations, even if he can't do some of the extreme stuff like surgeries, he knows enough he could probably get by. He sometimes assits Recovery Girl, which she loves because she knows his class is a bunch of "problem children," as Aizawa likes to put it.

5 + 1 + 1 - five times Bakugou did first aid on others, one time on himself, and one time Bakugou required an ambulance.

Chapter Text

For a single day, the courses of U.A have to take another course.

General Studies --> Support Department --> Hero Course --> Management --> General Studies

All of the hero courses have to do a business course schedule and project. Bakugou, with his poor knowledge in business from being around his parents, kills it. He is one of the few people who actually have a clue what is going on.

Chapter Text

The class is assigned to do an interview report on how hero's impact people's lives. They are given a month to complete the project.

Bakugou uses his many connections (Friends in High and Low Places) to do it. He interviews actors, models, gang members, politicians, policemen, retired heroes, and the general public.

The people who he interviews are not the only surprise Bakugou has in store for his project. He decides that his topic would be about how hero's affect civilians' mental health.

Chapter Text

All of the events in Bakugou's life build up. He's got trauma to spare. This all negatively affects his mental health. Due to his deteriorating mental health, Bakugou begins to hurt himself. However, no one notices because of his quirk. His quirks heals him quickly, and Bakugou doesn't scar at all.

There is no physical evidence left on Bakugou's body. At best, it is all speculation. That is, until someone catches on to Bakugou's act. Will they be able to convince others of Bakugou's problems and save him?

Chapter Text

Everyone in Class 1-A is given a task to complete without anyone knowing. You can win by either completing your task or figuring out someone else's task. The task range in difficulty. Someone may just have to put an apple in everyone's desk. Another person might have to change their hairstyle without anyone knowing.

Bakugou has to somehow hug everyone in class. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be a real hug. Just slinging an arm around a person or catching someone as they fall would could. Bakugou is going to win by doing his task. No matter what it takes.

Chapter Text

Annoyed by Monoma and Bakugou's constant fighting, the classes try to figure out a way for them to get along.

However, they are missing out on a large part of the picture. Monoma and Bakugou do get along, in their own unique way. It just so happens that they are incredibly competative cousins.

Bakugou and Monoma go through school acting like themselves while the rest of their classes try to fix a relationship that doesn't really need fixing. It causes a lot of chaos and problems. Bakugou and Monoma think their classes are insane and just want to be left alone.

Even the teachers don't know they are related until the blondes' tell them at the beginning of this disaster.

When the classes finally find out the truth, they are in for the shock of their lives.

(Just FYI, Bakugou and Monoma are related through their mothers. That is how they have different last names and no one can connect them.)

Chapter Text

Class 1-A is hit with a quick that puts their true feelings on display. Not the feelings they project, but their true feelings. The feelings are shown as a colorful aura. People see each others aura and try to help out since the class is basically a family.

However, no one really knows what to do when Bakugou is a constant grey. Even Todoroki has more color than him.

(Grey is the color of nothing or apathy. The color of fine or normal, when you aren't feeling a lot of certain emotions, is white.)

Chapter Text

What a lot of people don't realize is that Bakugou is self trained. He decided at a very young age that he wanted to be a hero and has been training ever since. Even when he was 3 or 4, before he got his quirk, Bakugou was copying the moves he saw in videos. Some might consider it playing, Bakugou considered it training.

Bakugou started reading young (like 4) so he could learns as much as he could. He trained himself how to learn skills easily through research and lots of practice.

As soon as Bakugou's quirk came in, he started training it. He learned to control the size of the blast, the speed of the blast, and different properties like smoke and light. He eventually learned how to fly as well. He trained his physical body as much a possible and practiced a lot of quirkless fighting. He wanted to be ready for any situation. Bakugou even trained for losing different senses just in case.

Besides his quirk and body, Bakugou trained his mind. He read books on anything and everything. He taught himself to be observant and how to look for clues.

Bakugou also learned a myriad of skills such as cooking, cleaning, disguising, sewing, knitting, stealth, mechanics, first aid, some engineering, multiple languages, fire arms, other explosives, swords, knives, other weapons, lock picking, law, and more. He even learned to drive, at least unofficially and theoretically. No one allows a 13 to suddenly fly a plane or get a bus license.

You name a skill, Bakugou has practiced or at least researched it. He would look at random skills and think of how to apply them to hero work. Some of the really random skills Bakugou has throw people through a loop.

Bakugou knowing how to skatebord, pull a rabbit out of a hat, and contortionism are few skills that people don't expect.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is slowly breaking and the class notices. However, Bakugou insists he's doing fine.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has several forms of synesthesia. They make his world a lot more colorful and can actually be helpful in hero training.

Grapheme-color synesthesia - Letters and numbers have color to them.
Chromesthesia - sound has color.
Ordinal Linguistic Personification - numbers and letters are assigned to personalities.
Spacial Sequence Synesthesia - seeing ordinal sequences as points in space.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has a trait he tries to keep under lock and key. Whenever Bakugou gets really focused, his filters turn off. He reveals what he is really thinking, often with less curse words than he normally talks with. Bakugou is blunt, but he also is also nicer.

While Bakugou is normally honest, when he is distracted or incredibly focused, people know he is completely honest.

This is how people find out what he really thinks of them. He admits that Momo, Koda, Shinsou, and Monoma have the potential to be incredibly powerful. He also admits that he thinks Todoroki is dumb because as much as Bakugou dislikes agreeing with Midoriya, it really is his power.
If anyone asks about why he hates Midoriya, Bakugou will answer it is because Midoriya is lazy, stupidly self sacrificing, and got to where he is in life by most things being handed to him.

(Bakugou admits he does take life a bit for granted, but at least he trained himself and didn't need someone else's encouragement to start training.)

Extra (This Idea Doesn't Originaly Belong to Me. I saw this on Pinterest and thought that it would fit. According to the comments, it comes from Llamas with Hats. The dialogue is from the post (mostly), and I just added a bit of my own spin.

Uraraka after getting mad at Bakugou in class - What's wrong with you?!

Bakugou, focused on writing a paper - Off the top of my head, I'd say low self-esteem, A lack of maternal affection, and a genetic predisposition for anxiety and depression.

The rest of the class and Aizawa in the background - Are you okay?!?!


Midoriya after finding Bakugou designing bombs - That isn't the problem Kachan! (Referring to Bakugou saying something about needing better grenades) Why would you think any of this is a good idea.

Bakugou, focused on designing said bombs - Probably because I'm dangerous and have a long history of violence. I don't understand how you keep forgetting that.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets hit with a quirk and becomes a ghost for 72 hours. No one can see him, hear him, or Todoroki change him. Luckily, he can sort of interact with the world around him.

During this period of time, Bakugou uncovers a plot against U.A, and he decides to stop it from happening, no matter what it takes.

Chapter Text

Bakugou becomes invisible, and only Hagakure can really see him, and for the first time, he can actually see her. Bakugou San find her eyes nearly 100% of the time, but this is the first time he's actually seen what she looks like.

The two bond, and a chaotic invisible friendship is born. (Friendship, not romance)

Chapter Text

Bakugou's uncle (Masaru's brother) and his family are in town. However, the adults of the family are busy, so Bakugou has to watch his two little cousins.

He gains permission and takes them The class is surprised when they see two children clinging to Bakugou. They are amazed how how Bakugou is them and school.


Bakugou Kysarin - entertainer, sand, gallant - 4 yrs old - Female - long brown hair & golden brown eyes
Kysarin is excitable, playful, a little bit rough, and fiesty.
Quirk: Exploding Desert - The user can create sand from their body and explode it. (She got it recently, so she doesn't have much control.)

Bakugou Kenji - intelligent and strong - 3yrs old - male - short, messy brown hair and golden brown eyes
Kenji tends to be quiet, but he is really protective and when he's upset, people know it.
Quirk: ??? (it hasn't come oh n yet)

Chapter Text

Bakugou is put in a room with only a single door. The room is explosion proof. The only way out is to enter a password. The clues to the password are different strings of numbers all over the room.

Chapter Text

A quirk causes different Bakugous to appear every hour. All the Bakugou are from the same timeline, but different points in time.

Bakugou past, present, and future unfolds before the class' eyes.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is suprised/shocked to learn his classmates actually like him. Class 1-A had previously decided only they could tease their angry Pomeranian. However, maybe they should of told Bakugou they were only teasing him before the chaos unfolded.

(The teasing is nice and sometimes mean. Bakugou doesn't know what is going on.)

Chapter Text

People discover Bakugou can actually smile (the Glamoroki smile), and Bakugou is wondering what is wrong with everyone.

Chapter Text

Bakugou does most of the cooking and cleaning at the dorms, but he is getting sick of it. He knows not all.of them.are actually incompetent, they're just lazy. So, Bakugou demands that they work. Most of the class refuses and gives excuses as to why. Bakugou is having none of it, and he scares them into working. (Aizawa is impressed and a bit scared as well.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou is one of the few students, if not the only one in Class 1-A, that has a good understanding of health and first aid. His extensive medical knowledge is only really known by Recovery Girl, who occasionally helps out.

He helps her out in a disguise consisting of a light blue wig, a neater uniform, and a white doctor's coat. He also acts nicer and smiles more. He doesn't want people to bother him about it.

Most of the students treated by him consider him an angel while Bakugou hopes no one realizes the so called Angel with the Blood Red Eyes is the Beast of Class 1-A.

Chapter Text

Bakugou knows a bunch or random facts and kills it at trivia. He has a great memory and can easily store thoughts. Sometimes it's great, other times it isn't. Bakugou would rather people not know about him knowing a lot of trivia.

Chapter Text

After finding about Bakugou's past, Class 1-A doesn't think Bakugou can be a good hero. Bakugou leaves, deciding he isn't going to stay where he isn't wanted.

Bakugou meets up with some old friends, and they start a very successful vigilante group together. Bakugou will be a hero, even if he has to take the nontraditional route.

Chapter Text

At a young age, Bakugou was given to the Hero Commission and trained. He became an underground hero at 14. Hoping to be a daylight hero, Bakugou goes to U.A with more experience than he should have. Hopefully, he can keep things under wraps. He's got a secret to keep, and he isn't going to share it.

Chapter Text

Since they are so busy, Bakugou's parents decide to rent him out as a servant to different families during the summer. Some experiences are good, others are not so much. Bakugou hopes the rest of his class doesn't find out.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Midoriya are only friends in the summer, when they can escape the views of their society and be themselves. During the summer, social appearances don't matter as much, and they can actually care about each other.

When they finally get to U.A, they act the same, thinking the school is like everyone else. After realizing they can be themselves, the two start behaving like they do in summer. Are they finally able to actually be friends?!

Chapter Text

Bakugou is so done with his class. He is done with them all and leaves them to deal with his exasperation. The class has to now deal with a blunter and less expressive Bakugou. Aizawa is impressed with the levels of Done Bakugou exhibits.

Chapter Text

It is a break at U.A and most of the students have gone home. The only student left at the dorms is Bakugou, whose parents are out of the country. During the break, several teachers at U.A get hit with a de-aging quirk. Nezu assigns Bakugou to be their caretaker. While there are some problems, Bakugou pulls of his spontaneous babysitting job spectacularly.

The quirk ends shortly before the break is over, and the teachers and Bakugou have to adjust to their relationship. When the other students return, they are confused by the new development.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is very busy. He packs as much into his schedule as possible, even with his early bed time. The class finds out about his schedule and is concerned. Bakugou doesn't have any free time. Anything he does is somehow hero relates. (Meanwhile, Todoroki is in the background confused, because he doesn't see what is wrong with Bakugou's schedule.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou's first quirk from 200 years ago was reincarnation, which was discovered upon death. The quirk allows the memories of all previous lives when the next generation gets their quirk.

So, on top of Explosions, Bakugou has nearly 200 years of experience of knowledge (and trauma) in top of everything else.

Chapter Text

Everyone knows of Bakugou's boundless tenacity and unwavering determination. His strive to be the best and never giving less than 110%.

So, what happens when the class finally sees how far Bakugou is willing to go to be a hero.

(Experiencing torture, rescuing many people at once,.sometimes being overly self sacrificial, ect. Even Midoriya is a bit worried, and he is one of the worst at keeping himself safe. On the plus side, Bakugou does know how to patch himself up.)

Chapter Text

Shortly after Bakugou returns from being kidnapped, Class 1-A does a course on what they should do if they get kidnapped. Aizawa is prepared for Bakugou to be traumatized, but to his shock, Bakugou is fine and doesn't really care.

(Bakugou's been kidnapped too many time to count and thinks kidnapping is a regular Tuesday event. He no longer care and just goes with the flow and tries to cause as much destruction as possible.)

When Aizawa asks what to do in a random scenario, Bakugou always raises his hand. Whenever Bakugou is called on, his answers are useful and concerning. This pretty much scares anyone.

Aizawa - You get thrown in a truck with a blind fold, bound in rope, and wearing quick suppressants. What do you do?

Bakugou - *launches into several scenarios about what to do.*

Class - ?!?!?!

Chapter Text

The girls need another person to help show off some clothing. Mina, knowing Bakugou's history and his parents' jobs, drags Bakugou along. The other girls are suspicious, but they go along anyway.

Bakugou ends up looking like an actual girl, and it confuses everyone who sees him. (When they girls drag Bakugou to school in the girl's uniform, everyone else's reaction is priceless.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou loves Halloween. It is his favorite holiday. He loves to go all out and scare people.

When the class does a haunted house, Bakugou freaks everyone out. He traps the whole place and acts overly terrifying. He talks about random things he should not know anything about (private gossip), laughs maniacally, and suddenly sweetly smiles (this scares people the most.) He also launches into dramatic monologues about death and randomly setting of explosions or other noises. No one is safe, and everyone is thoroughly terrified. (The teachers refuse to look at Bakugou for several days after Halloween.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has memorized every hero law ever thanks to his determination and perfect memory. He can call up random laws at the drop of a hat.

No one is aware of this until the class has to do a unit on law, and Bakugou uses his knowledge to effortlessly get out of situations. (You can hear Nezu laughing in the background.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou is a ghost. He died alone during the Sludge villain incident, but he came back before his body was taken over.

Bakugou continues his life and is in 3-A. The class is graduating soon. All his classmates have grown, but Bakugou looks exactly the same. People begin to notice, and it isn't until graduation that it is revealed he is actually dead.

As Bakugou is giving the graduation speech, Bakugou reveals he is a ghost, and his only tie to the Earth was his desire to be a hero. After finishing his speech, Bakugou fades away and thanks the class for his wonderful last years.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has been a vigilante since he was seven; not that he is even aware of this. While trying to train at night, Bakugou would stumble into various situations and end up saving people. It isn't until U.A that Bakugou realizes he is actually a vigilante.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets bored easily. One day, Bakugou decided he would start playing ninja to pass the time. He would sneak around and break into secure places. While he doesn't steal anything, he is still breaking and entering, so it's still illegal.

Bakugou can scale walls, crawl through vents, and easily pass security. He once broke into the Hero Commission's Headquarters, and no on realized.

Bakugou's hobby is breaking into places and freaking people out. (The amount of times he just randomly shows up at people's houses of frightening.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has mostly been living in a tree house since he was six. His parents don't really care what he does or where he is as long as he doesn't cause trouble. They occasionally give Bakugou money for food, but expect him to do most things himself. They do give him a key in case it snows or rains. (In case you didn't get it, Bakugou's parents are neglectful. They still love him, but they just aren't there.)

The dorms changes things, and Bakugou's home life slowly untangles.

Chapter Text

Over the weekend, Bakugou changes. The class has no clue what to do when he comes back looking like he's fought a war and burst out crying.

During the weekend, Bakugou gets into a quirk accident. He had to watch his classmates and teachers die over and over again until he is able to save them all.

Chapter Text

The class watches Bakugou fly with his quirk.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and a group of students are in a locked room for training. They have to escape by answering riddles. Bakugou is a huge riddle nerd and doesn't want people to know.

Chapter Text

Bakugou lives at the will of his parents. He learned this at young age, and any fighting or resistance is meet with harsh retaliation.

His only freedom is hero work, since his parents think it would help their brand and reputation. Bakugou hopes to escape the cycle of his life, but he has to keep it hidden from everyone else.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A is trapped and can only escape through a game. The game depends on how well they know each other. However, not even Midoriya or Kirishima actually know much about Bakugou. So, will the class actually be able to escape.

Chapter Text

Bakugou loves working with machines and fixing things in his spare time. His mechanical and handyman skills are useful in a dorm full of teenagers. He fixes what he can; not that people even realize it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou comes from a long line of genies, and he has the ability to grant most wishes (there are limits) but none of his one. Not that he would actually wish for anything.

Bakugou is thankful he doesn't grant every wish he hears. Otherwise, the world would be even more of a mess. Hopefully, he can go through U.A without his secret getting revealed. He doesn't need another reason to get kidnapped. Let's just hope his need to grant a wish doesn't over come his will to keep it a secret.

(Bakugou has to grant a wish every once in a while or he falls ill.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou was around four when he got Explosions, so it made no sense when another quick came in a couple months later.

Bakugou calls his new quirk Death's Stare. He discovers it by accident. When he makes eye contact with someone and says their real name, they die. There is no exception. Bakugou never wanted this quirk. He was fine with his first one.

To help protect people, he doesn't look them in the eye and gives everyone nicknames. Hopefully, nothing happens.

Chapter Text

Some people call Bakugou a girl. Bakugou finds this annoying because he is a guy.

Several times Bakugou is mistaken for a girl and hates it, one time he uses it to his advantage (and still hates it.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou comes from a long line of reapers, people who help souls pass on. However, Bakugou is the first in three generations. His only guide is an old book. Along with the ability to see ghost, Bakugou can also teleport to a new soul's location if he chooses. He can also feel those near death.

Bakugou wants to be a hero, not a reaper. However, he doesn't have much of a choice. Let's hope he can be a hero and keep his side job under wraps.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A performs Freak by Sub Urban for a the school.

Chapter Text

Bakugou's memories reveal how and why he has such good control.

- His parents refusing to help, Bakugou solo training, Bakugou learning to fly, ect.

Chapter Text

People find our about nitroglycerin's side effects and over react. They forget that Bakugou has lived with is most of his life, has amazing control, and is not bothered by most of the side effects, such has a high adrenaline level.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Midoriya have been friends since childhood. After Bakugou found out his best friend was quirkless, he decided the two would 'give' Midoriya a quirk. They can up with Analysis. They pretend that Midoriya's quirk allows him to dissect a person's quirk, and pass of Midoriya's notebooks as part of his quirk. It works.

The two plan how to be heros. Bakugou helps Midoriya train and makes him weapons and other support items to use.

Chapter Text

The class reacts badly to Midoriya and Bakugou's history, not realizing what was happening behind the scenes.

Society wouldn't let friends, but they found a way when they were out of view. Their parents were friends, but treated them differently. Midoriya was overly cuddled, and Bakugou's parents treated him harshly. Bakugou and Midoriya had to do what the could to survive and tried to help each other when they could.

Chapter Text

Even before quirks, Bakugou's family has had abilities. They could preform magic. While people may mistake magic for quirks, it still exists. Bakugou has magic running through him. He uses it, along with his quirk, to be a hero.

Chapter Text

People of U.A are used to an angry Bakugou. They're used to a loud Bakugou. They're not used to a sweet Bakugou. Class 1-A knows what happens when Bakugou smiles and talks sweetly and softly, the rest of U.A doesn't. They are about to find out just how terrifying Bakugou can be.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has had to deal with pressure since he was a young child. His parents expect him to be perfect and won't accept anything less. People only praised him when he did well, but they eventually got used to it. Bakugou hasn't gotten a break. Society's and his own expectations are too high, but Bakugou won't allow himself to slow or fail. Eventually, he has to break down.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is a vigilante by the name of Trickster. Instead of using his quirk, Bakugou fights using tricks, traps, and jokes. He is a master at it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is paranoid and has trained for pretty much any situation. He can preform first aid blindfolded, knows what to do in an apocalypse, and what to do in a walrus attack. He can use pretty much anything to fight and harm someone. Learned hundreds of skills just in case. Bakugou is prepared for anything. The moon could fall from space, and Bakugou could handle the out come.

Chapter Text

Bakugou hasn't gotten a gift since he was six. His last present was on his 6th birthday, and even before then, it was rare that he got anything. He's had to work for the things he gets, and anything he wants, he has to pay for in some way. Good grades, chores, cooking, and working all get him things. His parents give him the bare minimum to survive and leave him to his own devices. Bakugou is used to it.

When Bakugou's birthday arrives at U.A, he is given gifts. He's confused, since he doesn't know what he did to deserve any gifts. Noticing his confusion, the class asks Bakugou about it. After Bakugou answers, the class is shocked and concerned, even Todoroki got birthday presents from his family.

Chapter Text

Bakugou sees the flashy heros, and he decides he wants to be a field medic or first responder. He wants to be the one to save the heroes and civilians. So, at a very you age, he decides to go against the world and pursue his own desires.

His friendship will Deku is a bit better, but Bakugou is still himself. He just has slightly better bedside manners. He still wants to be the best in his field. Just because he isn't focusing on fighting doesn't mean his tenacity and determination is any less. Also, Bakugou learns to fight anyway. He does this to fight off Deku's bullies and protect himself. He isn't going to be some damsel in distress just because he isn't going to be a Pro Hero.

Bakugou takes the U.A entrance exam and ends up scoring really well. He focuses on helping people, which gets him a lot of rescue points, and he also blows up any robots that get in his way. This allows him to get plenty of villain points too. He ends up with the highest scoee, again. He ends the hero course declines the offer and goes to Gen. Ed. After talking to Recovery Girl, Bakugou gets an internship with her and helps her out.

Bakugou ends up at the USJ to help if people get hurt. (Nedzu is also trying to get Bakugou to join the Hero Course.) He ends up fighting villains and helping because that is just who he is. Bakugou isn't going to sit back. Besides, he can claim self defense. The LoV doesn't know what hits them. Bakugou's extensive knowledge on anatomy, physiology, and biology makes it easy to pin point weak points. He also has great aim, so he can knock people out with his needles and tranquilizers. Bakugou also has incredible accuracy for pressure points. His explosions just add to his power. The villains go down surprisingly easy. The rest of the class is now scared of the one Gen. Ed. kid Midoriya hangs out with.

For that Sports Festival, Bakugou is forced to sign up. Because of his competitive spirit, he ends up winning.

Bakugou also goes to the camp to help people, and he ends up kidnapped since the LoV misread the situation.

Bakugou is exasperated. He just wants to be a healer, why won't the teachers and villains leave him alone. Also, Deku needs to stop breaking himself.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets a peak into the future. He sees his classmates succeeding; however, he doesn't see himself.

Chapter Text

Mitsuki is gone a lot because of modeling, but she loves Katsuki and spends time with him when she can. She leaves Masaru to take care of him for the most part.

However, Masaru isn't that good of a parent. He is manipulative and neglectful. He leaves Katsuki to take care of the house and expects him to be one of the best. Masaru barely talks to Katsuki, and when he does, it is only to get something out of him. Masaru also gaslights him a lot, and uses Mitsuki as an excuse to make Bakugou do stuff.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has a talent for meeting important or powerful people in strange places and making friends with them.

Ex: He meets a powerful politician who is in a disguise at a random cafe, and Bakugou protects her from a guy bugging her.

Bakugou helps out a random hero he doesn't know with groceries.

He saves an ambassador from a mugging just while riding the express train.

Bakugou ends up with a lot of important contacts from the weirdest places.

Chapter Text

Bakugou didn't originally want to be a hero. However, when Izuku Midoriya, his best friend who happens to be quirkless, decides the he wants to be a hero, Bakugou chooses to be a hero to make sure Midoriya, the self less idiot, doesn't trip and die.

Bakugou wants to live his life, but Midoriya keeps sacrificing himself, so Bakugou trains a lot to be as strong as possible to keep an eye on Midoriya. Bakugou actually ends up being a good hero, even if it is just for Midoriya's sake.

Aizawa - Why do you want to be a hero?

Bakugou *points to Midoriya* - Because this dummy nearly dies every time I look away. *Midoriya trips in the background, and Bakugou sighs before helping him up.*

Chapter Text

Bakugou's quirk isn't Explosion. Instead, it is called Killer Instincts.

Bakugou can see the weaknesses and weak points on anyone or anything he looks at. It also allows him to know how to exploit the weaknesses. If Bakugou focues enough, any necessary tools he needs appear.

Bakugou loves his quirk at first, but soon, he learns it isn't the best thing. No one wants to be friends with someone who can take you apart by looking at you. Because of this, Bakugou tries to pass himself as quirkless. He still wants to be a hero, but he doesn't want people to come after him because of his quirk.

Bakugou does his best to be a hero while pretending to be quirkless, but someone is bound to find out. He just hopes it is not the Hero Commission.

(Weaknesses can be physically, mental, or fears. It can also be the weaknesses on an object like an old building or a book. There isn't a limit to what can appear for Bakugou to use. If it is necessary, he could produce a tank to take out something.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou keeps getting into perilous situations and would die if he was anyone else.He also has terrible luck. However, Bakugou hasn't stayed dead yet. He happens to be immortal.

It is a bit bothersome since people just like to see if there is a way to kill him. Bakugou just wants to be left alone. Also, he is wondering if they realize if they succeed they would be committing murder.

People have tried poison, suffocation, bullets, knives, and quirks. Nothing works.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is always tough. He rude and a jerk. He will well aware of this. In fact, it is on purpose. It doesn't matter if it is breaking his heart. It doesn't matter if it leaves him feeling lonely. Bakugou only knows that being nice gets you hurt. Softness mean pain, and there isn't anything Bakugou can do about it.

(The Bakugou's aren't good parents.)

Chapter Text

After a failed recruitment on the first day of his kidnapping, Bakugou and the LoV sort of became friends (NOT Stockholm Syndrome). They hung out a bit and bonded. Then, Bakugou was rescued. (AfO and All Might didn't fight since AfO wants Shigaraki to have friends.)

However, Bakugou now has the League of Villains number and has agreed to come to the occasional villain game night. It's weird.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou was bored, he would look up things to entertain himself. Through the web, shows, and books, Bakugou knows a lot about killing people and getting away with murder(not that he would actually do it.) The knowledge makes his empty death treats more entertaining (scary), and he discoveres it was a good way to calm him down if he thought about someone's demise.

No one really knows of Bakugou's hobby. He usually just keeps it in his head. He's already aggressive. He doesn't need people thinking he is some type of killer. Yet one day, the class finds out about Bakugou's little hobby.

Tired out of his mind and just done with Mineta, Bakugou starts mumbling about all the ways to kill him. However, Bakugou doesn't realize he's talking loud enough for people to hear. This discovery freaks people out. The class knows Bakugou won't actually kill someone, but his knowledge of toxins, posions, the body, and weapons scares them to their cores. He is the last person anyone wants to have all this knowledge, and it creeps them out.

(Again, Bakugou wouldn't actually kill someone. But knowing weak points and how to damage a body would definitely be something he knows about.)

Chapter Text

Some where in Bakugou's bloodline someone has some sort of regeneration power. This power has been passed down ever since. So, all of Bakugou's family can regenerate as long as their body is mostly intact. As long as more than 1/2 of their body is together, the Bakugous can heal from anything, even if they would be declared dead.

Class 1-A doesn't know of this ability until they do. Before, they just thought Bakugou never got hurt. However, seeing someone lose a whole hand and grows one back within seconds, you wonder what in the world is going on.

Chapter Text

As some point in his youth, Bakugou discovered a way to calm down without blowing anything up. He just imagines destroying the person, Japan, or the World. It is not healthy, but it works. He only does this when he is extremely mad since it leaves him distracted. The class discovers this after they get Bakugou actually angry. Expecting him to blown them up, the class (besides Midoriya) is surprised when Bakugou sits down in his seat and pulls out a notebook. He then starts talking. The class is confused and scared, but Midoriya knows what's going on.

Class: ????

Midoriya *bringing out his own notebook*: Don't worry, Bakugou is just planning to control or destroy the world.

Class: !?!?

Bakugou *distracted *: If I go to the major reservoirs, I can slip nitroglycerin into people water and kill people through slow nitroglycerin poisoning. Or visit different places and leave sweat behind and blow up the whole island. Blackmail could work. I know so-and-so definitely does want that getting out. Plus, there are those connections I can use.

Someone trying to reassure the class: Don't worry, Aizawa can probably stop him.

Bakugou *still distracted*: Not likely. **launches into several ways to defeat Aizawa and hints at possible blackmail he has.**

Everyone is shocked.

Chapter Text

Bakugou has the worst and best luck. He keeps getting into dangerous and bizarre situations, but he keeps surviving them mostly unharmed. He can't tell if the world hates him or likes him.

Ex - Randomly gets held at gun point at a grocery store, but the villain manages to trip and Bakugou blast them.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets de-aged to about 7. During this time, he gets kidnapped along with children from wealthy and influential families. Bakugou ends up saying them all by being an absolute feral hell child. People don't know whether to be scared or impressed.

No 7 year old should know how to use a knife that well or how to create a bomb, right? Did this kid really just dismantle the whole security system using a screw driver and a toothpick? How in the world are his explosions so strong?!?!

Chapter Text

Nezu, the chaotic being he is, makes Bakugou the principal of U.A for a day. Bakugou actually does a good job handling situations in a manner similar to Nezu.

Chapter Text

A quirk makes Bakugou and Aizawa switch bodies for 48 hours. Instead of telling people (besides Nezu) the two agree to act like each other for a day. No one notices any difference. Aizawa and Bakugou are disappointed and having a great time.

Chapter Text

Bakugou adopts several mythical creatures without realizing it. He just thinks they all have quirks. Meanwhile, other people see that Bakugou has a literal dragon and a Phoenix along with other mystical animals. Koda is a bit jealous.

Chapter Text

Bakugou disappears all of a sudden and all that is left is some blood. Class 1-A must uncover what happened.

(Don't worry, Bakugou is fine. He is just leading them on a wild goose chase because he's bored and has permission from Nezu.)

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Surprisingly, Bakugou and older people get along. They compare cooking techniques, play games, and complain about people and life.

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Bakugou's parents aren't the nicest people. He only knows how they treat him. Sure, he sees Auntie Inko be nice to Deku, but he doesn't know how Deku got lucky. So, Bakugou goes through life not knowing what love is.

At U.A, Bakugou, in the middle of a break down, ask how do you love people. The class, seeing their normally explosive classmate heart broken, decide they will teach him how to love people.

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Bakugou's parents can be very forgetful and neglectful. This causes them to leave Bakugou in random places. The first time it happened, Bakugou waited several hours near his school before going home. After that, he decided to get home himself if his parents ever leave him again.

So, Bakugou learns how to get home no matter what. (One time, his parents left him in France. It was a bit of a hassle to return, but he did it.) He knows how to travel/drive in different vehicles, and he can sneak around pretty easily. He's picked up skills from the times Bakugou's parents' forgetfulness and neglect has led to kidnapping. No matter the situation, Bakugou knows how to get back home. (He pretty much escaped Kamino by himself. His ability to get places scares some people.)

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Bakugou has dead people living in his head. (No, he isn't crazy.) He has his own thoughts and isn't easily persuaded by them, but it can be crazy in his head. Sometimes, he wishes they would just shut up.

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When Bakugou was younger, he made friends with an older kid. The other boy became like a cousin or brother to Bakugou. He had an interesting quirk. He had dragon tattoos that came to life. The dragons had their own names, powers, and personalities. They were friends with Bakugou, and he loved them.

Sadly, the guy was slowly dying. Shortly before he passed, the friend passed on his quirk to Bakugou. (And not something weird like eating hair. Also, Bakugou still has explosions.) The tattoos were transferred on to Bakugou.

The dragons are still sentient and have their personalities and memories. Even though their original user is gone, the dragons are still 'alive.'

Now, Bakugou has a family of dragons by his side to help him become a hero.

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When Bakugou was younger, he loved astronomy and astrology. This comes in handy when Class 1-A deals with a space obsessed villain.

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After being kicked out by his parents at 10, Bakugou becomes the leader of a vigilante group. The group is made of kids with "villainous" quirks. They want to do good and help society, even if society won't recognize them for it.

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Bakugou is a steel vault. He only allows the emotions he wants people to see. While he rarely lies, he will take secrets to the grave. When a quirk forces him him open up, the class realizes how little they actually know about him.

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Bakugou's quirk makes him have low blood pressure. His body keeps his adrenaline levels high to keep him alive. However, Bakugou has to want to live. If Bakugou ever gives up on living, his adrenaline levels will drop too low and he would die in 24 hours. Bakugou has to want to live.

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Bakugou has high adrenaline levels to keep himself alive. This can cause him to come off as aggressive. People finally notice.

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Diagnosed as a genius at a young age, BA flew through schooling. He gets accepted in U.A at a young age. However, he is there as a part time teacher or substitute, not as a student. The school won't let him be a student until he is actually of age. In the meantime, he can France some of the subjects.

Finally in high school, BA juggles his studies and his job.

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Nezu hired Bakugou to be a student at U.A to help identify the potential of the hero hopefuls.

(Bakugou is already an underground hero trained by Nezu, and he's incredible at analysis. He's also 18, but he still looks young. He doesn't really know Midoriya since Bakugou was busy.)

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Bakugou was kidnapped when he was younger and saved himself several years later. He is in U.As custody since his parents are dead. People are still figuring out his triggers.

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After faking an expulsion during the end of year 1, Bakugou was sent on an undercover mission. He is now retiring shortly before graduation. How will people react?

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Bakugou has been mostly hard of hearing since he was 12. No one besides his parents, his doctors, and some school nurses know. 

Bakugou is a master at reading lips, interpreting signals, and feeling vibration or heat. He's learned all that he can to succeed even if he can't hear that well. (He has hearing aids, but he doesn't want to rely on them too much. Hearing aids can break, and he hasn't gotten an explosion proof pair yet.)

Bakugou goes to U.A, but only Nezu and Recovery Girl know about his hearing loss. He waits to see how long it will take people to realize he is hard of hearing.

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After an accident as a kid, Bakugou was put on quirk suppressants. He could still use Explosions, but it was tuned down a lot. He wasn't aware he was taking suppressants. He thought he was taking vitamins, and his parents got really mad when he didn't take them.

At U.A, Bakugou runs out of medication. Shortly after, Bakugou's explosions see a huge boost in power. Luckily, it happens during hero training. He tries to do a medium explosion to take down a robot and ends up exploding it and the building behind it. Everyone is shocked.

Bakugou has to retrain his quirk and hope he doesn't explode everything. (He can still control when he explodes, just not how much power is behind the explosions. Als, Bakugou basically has the power of a nuclear power plant or nuclear bomb.)

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Bakugou knows he isn't nice. His only good example was Inko, who he rarely saw as he grew older. (Midoriya is nice, but he's too clingy and self sacrificial to be a good example.)

He's insecure about the subject. He wants to be nicer and be himself, but he doesn't really know how. The class unknowingly picks at his insecurities, causing Bakugou to breakdown.

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At 12, Bakugou becomes a vigilante. To make sure no one recognizes him, he dresses as a girl and fights quirkless. He becomes known as the Girl of 1000 Faces. He looks different every time, except for his crimson eyes. He is really good at what he does.

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After Bakugou's quirk comes in, the Hero Commission finds out about it and realize they have what is essentially a walking nuclear bomb. So, they treat him like a potential resource and bomb threat.

He is surrounded by security, and people can't get near him. He is trained, but they also treat him like he is fragile. Bakugou hates it. He gets into U.A, and the security still follows him. He hasn't had a normal childhood, but wishes he could.

(Bakugou's quirk is several times more powerful and he is explosion/heat proof. He would be able to swim in lava basically and still come out pale and his hair still there. He can also explode his whole body and isn't affected by temperature since his body tends to run hot and irregularities in the nitroglycerin.)

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Most of Musutafu's underworld knows Bakugou as the Pyro Pipsqeak, a kid that goes around exploding abandoned buildings, villain hide outs, and random areas. (Bakugou is training). They know they can't stop him or else they would be exploded. (Bakugou explodes the villains in the area as a part of training and because they are attacking him). He also explodes any kidnappers or recruiters. (Stranger Danger anyone?).

This leads to most Musutafu's criminals and villains being scared of him. As soon as he shows up, they tend to run. It tends to confuse people when the villains scream at the sound of Bakugou's popping. Bakugou is also a bit confused because he doesn't realize how many adults he has scarred for life.

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When Bakugou was younger, he was harshly trained. He doesn't realize how advanced he is until U.A. He is also a bit mad at the world for taking away his childhood. Though Bakugou gets his revenge in petty ways. After all, they can't complain about a so called monster they made.

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Mitsuki was a hell child when she was younger, so she doesn't see anything wrong with Katsuki playing with weapons or disappearing for a while. As long as he comes home in one piece, she doesn't care. She loves him to bits though. She will help his fighting skills and isn't above threatening anyone who tries to harm Katsuki with her near by. Mitsuki is one tough mama bear.

Masaru knows a lot about laws and legal work. While he wasn't violent or a complete delinquent, he often tried to bush boundaries to see what he could get away with without actually causing legal trouble. This comes in handy when Mitsuki and Katsuki cause chaos together.

Katsuki is a combination of the two. He is a hell child and has a sharp mind. He was often left alone when his parents worked if he didn't want to go with them. Neither of hid parents saw it as wrong as long as they had some contact in case of emergencies. Katsuki occasionally gets kidnapped, but he escapes with the skills his parents have taught him. Mitsuki doesn't see it as that much of a deal since she was also kidnapped a couple of times when she was younger.

People often left the family alone since Mitsuki isn't afraid to pull a knife from seemingly nowhere and Masaru can talk circles around anyone. Katsuki is definitely their son, as he can and will do both.

(Their family situation is convoluted, and they definitely aren't the best parents, but they love each other a lot. No one messes with their family.)

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After kidnapping Bakugou again, the LoV de-age him (about 6) so they can turn him to their side. What they don't realize is that Bakugou won't change.

Even as a kid, Bakugou has gone through a lot. He doesn't believe for a second that they are good people. However, Bakugou can't escape with his limited information.

As the League of Villains try to change him, they learn more about Bakugou and what he deals with. It scares them that a kid who's been through so much still wants to be a hero. They collectively decide they don't want to be villains anymore and that this kid needs therapy.

(Dabi can get petty revenge on Endeavor by randomly splashing him with water and posting embarrassing photos on line. Shigaraki decides he doesn't want to take over the world. He would rather play video games. All for One doesn't want to beat All Might anymore. It's not with it.)

Eventually, Bakugou returns to his older states and the LoV return him with a message apologizing for everything they've done and that they've decided to renounce villainy. They also sent money and a note to get Bakugou a therapist.

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Besides his anger issues, Bakugou is rather mature for his age. People don't treat him like a kid, which he usually doesn't mind. However, Bakugou would love to act like a teenager somtimes, or smile and it not be the end of the world. He is tried of people calling him creepy when he acts his age. Can 1-A see that Bakugou is a teenager to and help bring him out of his shell?

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Class 1-A finds Bakugou rude, aggressive, and untrusting. They don't know much about him, and they judge him for it.

Meanwhile, Bakugou lives mostly by himself in his empty house when his parents haven't decided to kick or lock him out. Bakugou is Tired and just wants to live his life.

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Bakugou will do whatever it takes to be a hero, and no one will stop him. Whether it is villians, the Hero Commission, or society itself. Bakugou will be a hero.

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Bakugou has a mask firmly in place. He has to be rude, mean, and loud. Anything less is weakness. Others can be nice, Bakugou can't. So what if he feels like crying. So what if he wants more in his life. He can't. He's not allowed to, can't afford to. So, Bakugou has to continue to suffer as he keeps spitting poison.

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When Bakugou was younger, he drank and ate different things to build up a tolerance to drugs and poisons (Don't ask how he got it). Somehow, he didn't die.

People have tried to kidnap Bakugou, but they fail to knock him out. Class 1-A finds it concerning and hilarious. Aizawa wants to know who let this happened. The kid is only alive by some miracle.

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The class happens upon a suicide bomber at the mall. Bakugou is able to diffuse the situation and the bomb by acting like an bomb obsessed kid (he isn't acting.) The guy is creeped out by Bakugou's love of all things explosive and turns himself in to escape Bakugou.

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Bakugou's parents and quirk counselor treat Bakugou's quirk as extremely dangerous. He can only train it by sneaking away and disabling the quirk canceling cuffs he is forced to wear.

At U.A, people continue to treat Bakugou and his quirk like a nuclear explosion. However, Bakugou's quirk isn't exactly like people think. Yes, it is dangerous, but he has control over it and won't suddenly blow people up. Also, his sweat is still nitroglycerin. It doesn't go away. He has to explode it sometimes or risk blowing U.A sky high.

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Whenever Bakugou smiles or is happy, people draw way too much attention to it. So, Bakugou tries to not be happy or show happiness. He hates the situation, but it isn't like he can do anything. It is up to others to not treat his happiness like an attraction.

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Bakugou has to keep his head held high, or he will be drowned by his insecurities.

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Whenever Bakugou's parents are around, Bakugou's real personality takes the backseat. He is quiet and acts like a perfect child. Anything less than perfection in their presence or with his work is met with harsh criticism and punishment. The class discovers this when Parents Day happens. The seem surprised by the change and are happy for it until they realize the reason for the change.

The Bakugou family isn't a good one.

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Bakugou gets hit with a quirk that makes the people around him know when he needs a hug. It keeps telling people to hug him. At first, they think the quirk is faulty before they realize that Bakugou actually needs hugs and kind touch. He is touch starved, which people are now figuring out.

Bakugou hates the quirk and tries to push people away before relenting. He really needs a hug.

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Ever since he was a child, Bakugou has always noticed a rift between him and everyone else. There's always some sort of separation. People put him on a pedestal and look up to him. They compliment and praise him, as if he is someone higher. At first he liked it, but he soon realized that this rift only causes problems. People look at his accomplishments, not him. They want to be with him so they can benefit.

At U.A, things are better. He has people who could be considered friends. However, they also tend to praise him for being strong or smart. Bakugou is tired of this rift. He feels like he can't connect with anyone. He wants the rift to close, but it won't.

(Bakugou isn't going to stop trying or start failing jus to have friends. While I'm not a psychologist, changing your personality to get friends doesn't seem healthy. While being nicer is something people should do, I think that is more growth as a person than change. Also in this fic, the idea of Midoriya being on the same level as Bakugou can't happen. Midoriya idolizes Bakugou too much and sees him as a goal. That just creates a rift.)

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Bakugou pushes people away on purpose. He forces himself to not care, knowing any sort of affection he shows can be used against him and the other person.

When Bakugou was younger, a villain group killed his parents and took over his house. They don't stay there, but they watch him and remind him what happens if he tells anyone. The group hopes to use him as a tool, so they keep him alive.

Bakugou knows he can't do anything without hurting anyone. He has to protect people, even if it means pushing them away.

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Bakugou is aware he is in a story. He knows he isn't the main character. That isn't going to stop him from doing his best and trying to defy fate.

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Bakugou was born with the power to hear the voices of the universe. He hates it. He finds them annoying, but is forced to listen to them anyway. If he doesn't, he may accidentally end the universe or something terrible happen. It definitely doesn't help when the universe argues over matters.

Bakugou shouting at the sky after the fourth building drops him: "Do you like dropping buildings on me?!?"

The rest of the class stares as Bakugou screams at something only he can hear.

Universe: "Yeah. It's pretty funny."

Bakugou screams.and thinks the universe is run by a bunch of jerks.

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Bakugou is insanely quiet when he isn't yelling. He can sneak around easily, and you can't tell he is there unless he wants you to. It freaks people out. Only very few people wonder how he can do this.

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Bakugou is the night guard at an art museum. When the sun set, the art work comes alive. The statues and painting can talk and move around. When Bakugou discovers a potential art theft, he and the art work solve the mystery and try to stop the crime.

(The rest of Class 1-A is artwork.)

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People get used to Bakugou's shouting. They barely pay attention to what he says anymore. At first, Bakugou found it funny that he could scream anything without anyone noticing, but it keeps happening. It causes problems and leaves Bakugou hurt.

Chapter Text

Hatsume accidentally hits Bakugou with a machine. The effects are delayed until Bakugou wakes up in the dorms the next morning barely 6 inches tall (Luckily, his clothes shrunk as well). Bakugou tries to go to Hatsume to fix the problem, but he keeps running into obstacles. (He's also trying to avoid being seen.)

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Bakugou has been able to see strings of fate since he was a child. He can tell people's relations based of the color of the string. He can also tell how strong a relationship is based of transparency and thickness. He can see how people's strings change as they grow older and a people die. If he focuses on a string hard enough, Bakugou can see defining moments in the relationship, moments from the past and future.

Chapter Text

Trapped somewhere, Class 1-A can only escape if they do everything on the wheel of talents. The wheel lists 30 random skill or talents ranging from lock picking to break dancing to math. The class with have to work together to escape. I wonder what sort of talents class 1-a will uncover. (Everyone has to go at least once.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has connections. He knows celebrities, politicians, teachers, or just college students. He tends to be the go to guy for all of them. He may have a rough demeanor, but his advice and assistance is solid.

People keep calling Bakugou in class when they need something and class 1-a hears some weird conversation.

- How to dismantle a bomb
- Dating advice
- How to cook mac n cheese
- How to do laundry
- Fashion advice
- Directions
- A conference call

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets nightmares. His life has been pretty traumatic, even before starting at U.A. To escape his unwanted dreams, Bakugou runs around the campus at night.

No one has caught him so far, since he memorized schedules and people don't notice he's missing, but someone is bound to catch on at some point.

Chapter Text

How people at U.A (mostly Class 1-A) learn to respect Bakugou. They see the anger issues at first, before realizing he is more complex than he appears. He helps in his unique wah, stands up for people and treats them fairly, and is a strong individual.

Chapter Text

Mitsuki and Masaru see how much Katsuki likes and respects Aizawa, and how Aizawa is able to handle and understand Katsuki. So, the two decide to bring Aizawa into the family no matter what. If that means marrying the guy, so what.

Mitsuki and Masaru are scheming and on a mission, Aizawa is tired and a bit flattered, and Katsuki is done. (The class is occasionally in the background watching the chaos unfold.)

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Bakugou adopts his teachers ans other adults. He notices Aizawa and Present Mic can't take care of themselves, All Might has issues and is probably depressed, Thirteen, Vlad, and Power Loader need to take a break, and Midnight needs to calm down a little (there is more to being a strong woman than sex appeal or being dominating. Also, that attitude isn't totally appropriate to have around high school students.)

Bakugou sees these disastrous adults and sets out to help them. He picks up other adults as he goes.

(The idea of Bakugou parenting Endeavor is a funny one.)

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Bakugou hates touching things. Most assume it has to do with him sweating nitroglycerin or his pride. While his quirk may play a minor role, the real reason is Bakugou can do psychometry. He has the ability to read the history of objects/things he touches without wearing his gloves. He can look into the history or organic and inorganic material, and can sort of control how far back he goes. However, he can't control using it. If he focuses something, he will read the past of it no matter what. S, Bakugou always wears gloves and hopes people, especially his nosy classmates, won't bother him about it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou meets all of his future classmates one way or another before U.A. Surprisingly, the all like something about the gruff blond kid and bond over a similar trait or hobby. When they all go to U.A, they re-meet, and the class is excited to see Bakugou again.

Koda & Bakugou - animals
Bakugou teaching Mineta about girl power, making Mineta respect girls more.
Todoroki & Bakugou - training
Momo & Bakugou - at some fancy event

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Bakugou gets hit with a quirk that makes him talk about the trauma he's experienced. Instead of crying or having a meltdown, Bakugou jokes about. He mentions traumatizing stuff causally, making the rest of the class concerned.

Whenever people question him, he just says that it happened. He isn't lying.

Bakugou accidentally chokes on water and people ask if he's okay, "This is nothing compared to the time I had sludge down my throat trying to kill me. It's nothing."

Bakugou returning to the dorms while it is drizzling, "This reminds me of the time my father left me at the bank and I had to walk 5 miles home in the rain."

Someone ask Bakugou how he learned to fly, "Well, my mother locked me out of the house when I was nine, so I went hiking. I say a cliff and I was bored, so I tried jumping of it. The was my first time actually flying. Before, I had thought up the idea to escape drowning. I used my explosions to escape the cave, but I wasn't really flying."

Bakugou isn't the only one traumatized. His class may be after this.

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A quirk makes the people of class 1-a sing a song that describes something about them. They can't pick the song, they just sing it since the quirk picks one based of their minds. When it is Bakugou's turn, his song turns into a mash up of songs and lyrics since his mind and the quirk can't block one song.

It would include songs like Angry too, I hate my mom, it's alright, trainwreck, soldout, ect.

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The class, besides Bakugou, is held captive. The only way to release them is if Bakugou does what the villain wants him to. The villain only wants to embarrass Bakugou. (The person is a villain, but they have some morals, so nothing life ending or sexual.)

The villain makes Bakugou do things like sing a love song, wear some girls clothing, share embarrassing secrets, dance, and even tribes to get Bakugou drunk at one point (it fails since the Bakugou family in general has a high alcohol tolerance. Masaru actually has a higher tolerance than Mitsuki, and that is something he will hold on to forever.)

Despite all of the embarrassing stuff, Bakugou does a good and the villain actually feels a bit bad since Bakugou was able to pull everything off well and not embarrass himself too much.

Chapter Text

Bakugou hasn't had candy or sweets in ages. His parents wouldn't let him eat them, and Bakugou doesn't like most sweet things.The class decides to take Bakugou on a sweet discovery quest. They give him sweets to find it his favorite type of candy. (He ends up liking spicy candy like Red Hot, Hot Tamales, ect.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou sets up a scavenger hunt around the school and dorms. The class goes to different locations and finds cards with hints about what they are finding. (In the end, they find Bakugou, and the clue cards have information about him like his favorite color, what he does in his free time, his birthday, ect. It is basically a long get to know me game.)

Chapter Text

U.A participates in a school swap. Each school sends a student to several different schools. Bakugou is sent to some obscure school.

Bakugou notices right away something is wrong with the school. It is corrupt and isn't teaching students correctly. So, Bakugou decides to do something about the situation and fixes the place up.

He manipulates what he can to get the good students better teachers, remove the inept principal, and change the students. He even fixes the curriculum. It's is a lot to accomplish in a term, but Bakugou can do it. He thinks of it as an extra credit project.

Few people know what Bakugou did until he returns to U.A and has to do a report on the school, what he did, and how he did. The fact that he recreated a whole school surprises everyone and no one.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou gets sent to another school for a week as an exchange student, he gets held hostage by the school.

Now, the fic can have 3 potential paths.

Escape - Bakugou saves himself and escapes back to U.A./Mainly BK's point of view

Rescue - The Class/people go to reduce Bakugou and take him back/Mainly Class' point of viee

Both (My personal favorite) - The class works together to go rescue him while Bakugou works on rescuing himself. Neither side knows what the other is doing, and they meet about 1/2 way with both sides going to finish the job by dealing with the final boss. /POV is split between Bakugou and the class.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A par takes in the their second cultural festival. There are several things they can do.

Art Show: The class submits artwork anonymously, and the people vote for the best one. (Since this is a Bakugou-centric fic, Bakugou wins. Obviously.)

Play/Musical: Bakugou knows a lot about theater and gets cast as the main female lead because of the difference in number between the girls and boys. (Bakugou doesn't try out for the girl role. He be tries our at all; yet somehow, he ends up with the female lead since all the other girls didn't want it. Bakugou is stuck. He dislikes it, but pulls it off anyway. The one thing he requests is that no one tells people he is the female lead.)

Cafe: Bakugou and Satou's cooking and baking skills come in handy when the class does a cafe. Surprisingly, the customers love Bakugou.

Haunted House: Bakugou freaks people out with his section of the haunted house and his acting.

Chapter Text

People realize Bakugou doesn't know how to ask for help and that it is okay to.

Chapter Text

Bakugou gets sick but goes to school anyway. No one notices anything until he passes out. Bakugou expected to sweat the illness out and for people to no care. After he collapses, he expects the same thing. After all, it is what his parents tell him to do.

However, the class isn't going to let him be sick. They will take care of him, whether he wants it or not.

Chapter Text

Bakugou only went to the hospital as a baby and for mandated vaccines. He didn't go when he was really sick or when he broke a bone. He didn't go when he had a concussion or when he kept throwing up. His parents wouldn't/didn't take him.

The class and Aizawa realize something is amiss when they see Bakugou only goes to Recovery Girl if he is forced. Bakugou doesn't know not going to get professional help when hurt is normal. He is used to patching himself up.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is resistant to mind control, persuasion, possession, or brainwashing quirks. He brushes them off through strength of sheer will. Others may need an external for to help, Bakugou is just too stubborn.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is forced to speak his mind, and people realize several things.

1) Bakugou is actually a fanboy.
2) Midoriya could potentially be called a stalker.
3) He cares about them more than he is willing to admit.

And 4) Bakugou is scarier than he lets on. (He could easily beat most people without lifting a finger through information or blackmail alone. That isn't mentioning his ability to find weak points and use anything as a weapon.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou's parents send him to an overseas boarding school during elementary. They hope the school will curb Bakugou's temper and behavior and make him the good little child they want him to be.

After returning from boarding school the year before going to U.A, Bakugou is different. He is quieter and nicer, or so it seems. This is a facade. Bakugou is still himself, he just has more control over it and can hide his true personality. Bakugou also shows up with a plethora of skills from hacking to lock picking, and from speaking several languages to different fighting styles. Bakugou has many knew skills, not all of which are heroic.

How did Bakugou gain these skills? Its simple, you pick up a lot when there is an underground network at school trying to hurt you. Bakugou faced a lot during his several years abroad and has come out on top. He didn't let anything beat him, students or teachers.

Bakugou goes to U.A looking like an angel, but let it bee known that he isn't one.

Chapter Text

Someone's quirk gives them and other people to see people as their hearts. A truly kind-hearted person looks beautiful. A pure person is cute. A black-hearted person looks ugly.

People expect Bakugou to look ugly or gross, but he doesn't look that bad. He isn't the most beautiful person in the world, but he is nice looking.

Chapter Text

Above all else, Bakugou is a survivor. He's been kidnapped, tortured, beaten, abused, chained, hated, and betrayed (when the extras ran after the slime villain or when people betray his trust). Bakugou will be number one, even if he has to break himself and rebuild from the ground up.

Chapter Text

A cult kidnaps Bakugou, and the force him to be their "god." Bakugou is annoyed, but he can't really do anything. The class goes to rescue him, not knowing what to expect.

Chapter Text

Bakugou doesn't know how to take genuine compliments. He usually thinks people are buttering him up or insulting him. When people compliment him and show they mean it, Bakugou goes red and doesn't know how to act.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A is a bit traumatized. Sometimes they have anxiety or panic attacks, meltdowns, flashbacks, or are overly sensitive for some reason. Bakugou helps them through it all. However, it isn't until Bakugou handles the situation several times that they wonder how he knows how to handle it.

Chapter Text

A quirk makes Bakugou look and sound cute. However, it didn't change his personality, and he can act like himself. People aren't sure what to make of the situation.

Bakugou feels the blood roaring in him and clenched his fist.. He sweetly smiles with malicious look in his eyes and says, "Can I please kill you?" - "Please, die." - "I would greatly appreciate if you would bug off."

Chapter Text

Bakugou's hero sense is ridiculously strong. He can sense someone is in trouble from the other side of Japan. If he focuses enough, he can see what people are doing in a part of Japan or even one person's activities. He can even do this when people aren't in trouble.

It also seems Japan listens to him. He can talk it, and it responds. Bakugou can warp Japan to his whim. However, this scares him. It is a lot of power for a teenager, and the power often leaves him tired. He doesn't know what he would do if people figure his secret out.

Chapter Text

It is Family Day at U.A. Everyone brings some sort of relative. At least, everyone but Bakugou. No one shows up for him and he isn't surprised in the slightest. He knows his parents basically live in another country and only send him money every once in a while. He's been living like this since he was 13, so why are people caring about it so much?

Chapter Text

When Bakugou isn't being angry or loud, he is overly mature. He is basically an adult when he wants to be. Soon, people start to wonder why this kid seems to act like a grown up (and is more mature than some of them.)

Chapter Text

Aizawa makes the class do trust falls. It is part of an assignment to trust each other. After the lesson, the class does it outside of class. People randomly shout trust fall and lean backwards. The most surprising part of the game is Bakugou's response. He will drop anything to catch someone.

The class is hanging in the dorm when Mina suddenly yells trust fall. Before anyone can blink, Bakugou catches her. The thing is, Bakugou was on the other side of the room reading something.

Chapter Text

The Bakusquad gets obsessed with trust falls. They random fall backwards, and they catch one another. Bakugou catches them the most, but hasn't fallen yet. Finally, Bakugou falls to escape a dangerous situation, and the rest of the Bakusquad catches him.

Five (or more) times Bakugou catches someone, and one time he falls.

Chapter Text

A situation leads to U.A taking in Bakugou when he was younger. Bakugou, being a wild child, tends to run around U.A and mess with stuff/help students. However, none of the students know he's there, and the teachers won't tell anyone who he is. So, the students nickname Bakugou the Phantom of U.A.

(Bakugou makes food, pulls pranks, helps with homework, or scares people.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou did not have a normal childhood. Instead of fairy tales and coloring books, Bakugou read law, psychology, sociology, and practiced getting his way. His parents trained him. They knee the business world is cutthroat, and they wanted someone to help the. After realizing their child is basically a genius, they started to train him. In no time, Bakugou was a master manipulator, analyzer, and debater.

His parents praise him for it, but he hates it. It is annoying to have to second guess people's motives and see through every lie or facade. Bakugou tries to keep his skills hidden, since he doesn't want to give people more reasons to vilify him.

His skills come in handy when a smart villain tries to cause problems. He handles the situation and surprises everyone while doing so.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is often abut mad and aggressive. Everyone knows this, Bakugou himself knows this. What people don't know or are just starting to realize is that he doesn't get angry over things that should upset him.

Heroes not saving him during the sludge, brushes it off.
Parents blame and neglect him, it isn't a big deal.
Gets kidnapped, well, it's happened before.

Bakugou can't get angry at things that upset or hurt him. He may seem mad, but it blows over rather quickly. His main personality trait, isn't truly what people think.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is forced to keep in motion to keep Class 1-A from danger. Whether it is skipping rope,running on the treadmill, or dancing, even hop scotch, as long as Bakugou keeps moving, the class is fine. The villains thinks he will get tired within an hour. However, the villains greatly underestimate Bakugou's stamina.

Chapter Text

It takes a while for people to notice, but whenever Bakugou thinks he's failed something, he pinches himself, pulls his hair, slaps his head, or hits his head against a wall. People see what he's going and are concerned. Bakugou rarely recognizes what he does. He doesn't think anything is wrong. He associates pain with failure. This was installed by his mother since he was punished whenever he failed to live up to expectations.

Chapter Text

Tired of everyone commenting or complaining about his personality, Bakugou tries to change, but it exhaust him. He isn't happy. Yes, he knows he wasn't the best or nicest person, but he no longer feels like himself. People can't see how tired and uncomfortable Bakugou is. He wants the situation he is in to stop.

Chapter Text

Probably a quirkless A.U, (unless you want to add quirks.)

Anyway, Bakugou ends up at Ouran High. He family is rather rich, and they sent him to get to know people. Bakugou, being his antisocial self, hates the idea. He goes to school and somehow catches the host club's eye, probably because of his blond hair and ruby eyes. He sort of makes friends with Haruhi since she is the only person there who does not seem stuck up. Anyway, he and Haruhi end up in the club room, and Haruhi accidentally knocks over the vase. Bakugou isn't happy with the clubs response. They club tries to antagonize Bakugou into joining them by saying people wouldn't be attracted to him.

Bakugou blows that idea out of the water. His parents work in the fashion industry, so Bakugou knows how to act. He effortlessly switches between personalities and shocks them. He can switch from cute to cold to tsundere to flirty. Basically any personality, Bakugou can pull off at the drop of a hat. When the club is distracted, he grabs Haruhi and leaves. He hopes that is the last of his encounter with the host club, but the club wants him to join now more than ever.

(Not mentioned above, but Bakugou is incredibly smart and a good fighter.)

Basically, Bakugou is a BAMF, and the host club doesn't know what to do.

Chapter Text

People keep trying to frame Bakugou for things to get him in trouble or expelled. It never works. Bakugou is alas found innocent or the hero in the situation. (To make is funnier, Bakugou can be completely oblivious to these attempts.)

Chapter Text

Few people have actually seen Bakugou cry. It's been limited to his parents, Inko, Deku, and All Might that one times. Bakugou hates crying, and he refuses to do it in front of others. So, no one besides Midoriya in Class 1-A has seen Bakugou cry.

So, when Bakugou comes into class one day nearly in tears, the whole class goes on the attack. They might complain and rile each other up, but they're family. No one hurts a member of Class 1-A, and hurting someone enough to make one of their strongest and stoic classmates cry has consequences.

Chapter Text

Most of the class thinks Bakugou is the most mature and serious member of Tue Bakusquad. While they aren't wrong, it doesn't mean Bakugou is always serious. Bakugou can be just as crazy or wild when he wants to be. In fact, when he lets loose, he is one of the wildest ones.

Bakugou pulls pranks and does crazy stunts that shock and scare people. Only the Bakusquad really knows how Bakugou acts when he isn't so serious. (As a kid, Bakugou jumped off a cliff to practice flying and snuck into the hero Commission's office to stick a whoopee cushion on the President's chair the day before a televised meeting. He got away with it to since no one could figure bout who did it.)

Chapter Text

While most of the citizens of Japan criticize Bakugou for his personality and behavior, the people of Musutafu's streets know there is more to him than meets the eye. He may be aggressive and rude, but he's got a good heart over all. He would escort people home from work and stop muggings from happening. When an apartment complex caught on fire, he stayed the night to help people out and saved a girl from the fire. He's even stopped a robbery at a local grocery store. They know he is the person they can go to in a tough situation. If he can't help the person out directly, he knows someone who can help.

The people of Musutafu love their little lion. He may be covered in bruises and blood. He may have trouble with words and has a rough tone. However, Bakugou is their protector, and they cherish him for it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou wakes up one morning and realizes he cares about his classmates. He also realizes he is the mom friend. He helps them study, train, cooks for them, always carries bandages, and stops them from doing stupid stuff. He also cleans the dorm, does the shopping, and cares for the sick. Bakugou didn't plan on this happening. He has no idea how he even got here.

So, how in the world did this happen?

Chapter Text

After finding our about each others families and history, Bakugou and Todoroki bond over their trauma. Together, they cause chaos and complain about their lives. They pull pranks and spread funny/light hearted rumors to take a break from their stressful lives and families. They can only really relax in each others company since they are similar and opposite.

The thing is, no one knows they are friends and that they are the ones pranking people. In fact, they are never suspected because of how serious they seem.


At some point in Bakugou and Todoroki's friendship:

Bakugou and Todoroki laying on the floor while staring at the ceiling.

Bakugou, "With your daddy issues, and my mommy issues, we could have parent issues."

Todoroki, "You forgot my mother poured hot water on my face, and my adult siblings do very little to nothing to help me. Also, your father is a doormat and doesn't help your situation either."

Bakugou, "You're right. Our families suck."

Chapter Text

Bakugou wants to be the best, so that means a lot of studying and training. To accomplish all the goals he wants, Bakugou learned how to multitask and is a master at it. He reads while weigh training, sings in different languages, solves complex math equations while doing gymnastics, cooks while juggling, and does underwater yoga. Bakugou will take two or more skills and do them simultaneously. Despite others saying it wouldn't work, Bakugou surpasses all expectations and excels at them all.

The class doesn't really know of Bakugou's multitasking, but when you find him escaping hand cuffs while blindfolded on a type rope, you learn to live with things. Of course, whenever his classmates try to tell the teachers what he's doing, they never believe them. That is, until they also catch him doing insane stuff. (No one should be able to skateboard over a pool of sharks, or drive a vehicle while putting on a disguise (Midnight is especially jealous of the last one.) Also, no one wants to know where he gets his supplies. It's better for everyone if the just pretend.)

Basically, Bakugou is an insane multitasker, emphasis on the insane.

Chapter Text

The teachers at U.A find Bakugou to be a bit of a paradox. He looks and acts like a delinquent, but is one of the most studious students. He may complain or curse, but he generally follows orders, answer questions, ans do his best. Bakugou also cooks, cleans, and goes to bed ewrly. Bakugou leaves the teachers confused. They don't such a aggressive and sometimes feral child can be one of the best students.

Chapter Text

Bakugou grew up as the child of famous parents. He's also almost a carbon copy of his mom. Bakugou is used to people flirting and touching him, even though he hates it. He is used to his words being ignored. Bakugou is used to saying no, and it immediately being dismissed. From this, Bakugou has learned he isn't allowed to say no, and the only way people might listen to him is if he threatens them.

Upon discovering all of this, the class takes action. Bakugou has the right to say no. He has the rights to his privacy and himself.

Chapter Text

Bakugou, Todoroki, and Mineta form an unlikely friendship. They learn how to have healthy lives and relationships and explore interest together.

- Bakugou and Todoroki teach Mineta about respect people.
- Bakugou teaches Todoroki and Mineta life skills.
- Todoroki and Mineta help Bakugou relax.
- Mineta helps Bakugou and Todoroki realize their home situations aren't the best and how toopen up a bit (and I'm not talking about romance.)
- Todoroki and Mineta learn there is more to Bakugou than anger.
- Bakugou and Todoroki learn Mineta is not just a pervert.
- Mineta and Bakugou learn Todoroki can be funny.
- ect.


Though they have conflicting.personalities for the most part, the three grow together and learn how to live well.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is used to being neglected or ignored when his isn't loud (and even when he is) or people are not praising him for.something. it surprises him.when people take notice of the things he likes or wants. He's so used to his parents ignoring or wanting something from him. He's so used to his wishes being ignored. He's so used to being a shadow when people don't want something. Bakugou is used to being a shadow, and is shocked when he isn't treated like one.

Chapter Text

Despite not wanting to think about it, Bakugou knows he could easily be a villain. He has the past, the personality, the brains, and the quirk for it. If Bakugou really wanted to, he could be of the the best villains ever.

In class, everyone is asked why or how they could be a villain. Bakugou answers honestly, shocking and terrifying everyone. Bits and pieces of Bakugou's past are revealed, including bad parenting, kidnappings, and abuse. Everyone is thankful Bakugou wants to be a hero since he would be the most terrifying villain.

When Bakugou is asked why he wouldn't become a villain, Bakugou says he doesn't want other kids turning out like him.

Chapter Text

Bakugou secretly wants to be hugged and touched by people. He wants to give others hugs and piggyback rides. However, he doesn't. He's scared of rejection or hurting people. His parents won't let him touch them, and they rarely touch him. Thus instilling the fear.

When Bakugou's inhibition is lowered, the class discovers Bakugou is clingy and touch-starved.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is always scowling or neutral. He is always mad or upset. He can't remember the last time he was truly happy. Every time Bakugou can tries to remember being happy, there is always a more negative feeling behind it. Bakugou wants to be happy, so why can't he be.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Midoriya know a lot of information about each other (maybe a bit too much. They're fine with it, but others may find it creepy.) Even when they weren't getting along, they paid attention to each other and were forced to hang out since their parents were friends. (They had a silent agreement to leave it at the door.)

The class learns how much they know about each other as school goes on and the two become best friends/brothers again.

Chapter Text

Villains capture Bakugou and set up a filming system to force the class to watch as they torture him. How do the villains try to torture Bakugou? By trying to use heat. However, there is one major flaw in their plan. Bakugou is basically fire proof. They try to torture him, but discover they can't.

Bakugou is usually at the center of an explosion. When he was young, he discovered he can control the temperature of his explosions. He usually keep the explosion's heat down since he doesn't want to hurt peope, but he can with stand the heat of it. Bakugou could basically swim in lava and stand on the sun. That is how fire/heat proof Bakugou is.

Chapter Text

Bakugou, Todoroki, Tsu, and Jirou are friends. They can be totally honest with each other and can trust one another to give it to them straight. They don't worry about hurting one another's feelings too much since they are all blunt and will tell each other when they go too far.

(When they team up against a person, it is so funny since they are bluntly sharing their opinions and tearing their opponent to pieces.)

Chapter Text

A conversation between Bakugou and Midoriya using the lyrics from It's Alright by Mother Mother. It would probably be a songfic.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is a mother hen, Class 1-A knows this, but other people don't. When Class 1-A gets into trouble with some villains and get hurt, Bakugou goes feral. No one hurts his classmates. So, Bakugou goes and utterly destroys the enemy. As the enemy lays in the background twitching, Bakugou turns around and immediately checks on his classmates to make sure they get help. It is a total switch. One moment, he's out for blood, the next he is feeding and providing cuddles.

Be nice to Class 1-A, or you face the Beast of Class 1-A in complete Mama Bear Mode. No one, not even Nedzu is brave enough to face him when he's like that. (They don't want a repeat of the Endeavor thing.)

Chapter Text

People play favorites leaves Bakugou in a dangerous situation. Sadly Luckily enough, Bakugou is used to never being the favorite. So, Bakugou is able to handle the situation by himself and get himself to safety. He sees nothing wrong with the situation. Yeah he's a little disappointed, but life is life. However, while Bakugou is okay with the situation, others are not. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki is actually Mitsuki's and Masaru's nephew. Katsuki's real mom, Mitsuki's twin sister, and dad died in an accident when Bakugou was young. Mitsuki and Masaru aren't great parents, but Katsuki deals with what he's got. After all, life could be worse, right?

(Mitsuki and Masaru are abusive and negligent, but Katsuki thinks things are fine.)

Chapter Text

The class notices Bakugou has been acting a bit strange lately. He is quieter and a bit more destructive and blunt. They realize Bakugou probably needs so therapy and help. They will force him to get it, even when he resist. They won't let their Blondie break.

Chapter Text

Soon after starting middle school, Bakugou realizes people don't really care about him, and that the people who aren't suck ups call him a villain. So, Bakugou pushes things down to try and be more likeable. He suppresses his powers and personality, and it works. People like him more, even his parents prefer the new Bakugou.

Bakugou himself hates it. So, he tries to give himself breaks to not act like a goody two shoes and trains his quirk hard. He pushes his limits when he is alone, to make sure he is still himself and to know what to do to be average. He can blow up a building in reality, so that means he can blow up a beach ball. He could ace any test, so that means he gets a B. He knows how people work, so he knows what to expect and what to avoid. He's trained himself to be perfect, so he knows how to be slightly above average.

When Bakugou goes to U.A, his facade follows him. He plays nice Bakugou, because that is how he will be a hero. However, he can't betray himself forever. He has to let it go at some point. Bakugou can't dampen his potential forever, especially when the dorms happen.

Basically, Bakugou acts nice and slightly better than average when he is one of the strongest and smartest in class. (He is more impressive than he acts.)

Chapter Text

A new teacher at U.A hates Bakugou. The teacher tries to get Bakugou in trouble or gives him impossible task to give a reason to snap at Bakugou. The teacher is nice to the other kids and a decent teacher, but they hate Bakugou and want to see him fail.

It takes a while for the class to catch on, but after they do they won't stand for th treatment Bakugou is receiving. Meanwhile, Bakugou is completing any task the teacher assigns using spite and his own brilliance.

Chapter Text

People always expect Bakugou to apologize, even when Bakugou is the one wronged. He does, reluctantly and in his own way, and then people get angry at Bakugou for his apology, saying it isn't sincere or how people apologize. The treat him unfairly and blame him for everything, something Bakugou has grown used to.

Furthermore, Bakugou doesn't really know how to apologize. He's never received an apology for anything. After all the mistreatment and trauma he has faced, Bakugou has never received an apology form any one.

When the class finds our Bakugou doesn't know who to apologize and has never been apologized to, they take it the wrong way. They assume Bakugou is too prideful and nothing has ever happened to him for there to a reason to apologize.

After awhile, some people think about it and realize that Bakugou never receiving and apology from any one is wrong. He's been through a lot, someone must have apologized for something, even if it is just bumping into him on the streets, right? (Wrong.)

Chapter Text

Midoriya loves (platonically) and admires Bakugou a lot. He views Bakugou as a hero and older brother/best friend after their friendship gets better.

People start realizing how much Midoriya cares about Bakugou when he no long has to hold back. Midoriya has a new mission, besides Bing number one, and that is to make everyone see how amazing Bakugou it. Even if they don't like him, Midoriya will make the respect Bakugou and keep their thoughts to themselves.

After all, no one is allowed to be mean or talk bad about Kacchan get hurt, even if that person is Kacchan himself.

(Midoriya is a big simp for Bakugou, in a nice non-romantic way).

Chapter Text

Bakugou knows he is a bad kid. When people are praising him or ignoring him when he's perfect, they call him villainous and a bad kid. Any mistakes he makes are looked down on. So, Bakugou has to do his best. He knows is he ever forgets that he is a bad kid, his mother will be there to remind him.

The class wants to change his mind.

Chapter Text

Bakugou befriends a group of assassins when he was younger. They basically become his honorary uncles and aunts. They raise him and train him and make him into the best person he can be. Bakugou gains a loving and bad*ss family from it all.

Chapter Text

Bakugou meets Toga when they are both younger, and they grow close. He likes her, even if the blood thing is a tiny bit weird, but he has an obsession with bombs, so he thinks that makes them even. Toga and Bakugou grow close and become like siblings. They grow older and are there foe each other most of the time. Bakugou's relationship with Toga leads the LoV to a redemption arc. The LoV wants Toga to be happy, and Bakugou makes Toga happy. Also, Bakugou might have stolen their hearts and changed their minds about villainy as well.

Chapter Text

Bakugou does things fast. He cooks fast. He eats fast. He does chores fast. He does school work fast. He even trains quickly and efficiently. Bakugou completes things before anyone else is hakfway done. People think this is just Bakugou being Bakugou.

Bakugou learned to do things quickly. If he didn't do his chores quick enough, he would be yelled at and not allowed to play. If he didn't eat quickly enough, his food would be taken away. Bakugou has to do things fast and efficient to please his mother. If Bakugou didn't do things quickly, he couldn't do anything at all.

Aizawa tries to get Bakugou to take him time and slowly unravels the history behind it all.

Chapter Text

It is the classes 2nd year at U.A. Everyone, besides Bakugou, is at home for the weekend. Bakugou is at the dorms, alone. He doesn't mind it. He thinks it is better than spending time in an empty house.

It also happens to be Bakugou's birthday, not that he told anyone. He would rather be alone so he could carry out a tradition he's had since he was about 10. Bakugou makes himself a small feast and a cake. Enjoying his party, Bakugou runs on Pity Party and starts singing and dancing along to it. It's his favorite song for the day and it makes him smile. He lets himself go and acts like the kid he is without anyone else around.

Unknown to Bakugou, Aizawa checks up on him using the security footage. Aizawa sees Bakugou dancing around and turns up the volume. He hears the song and its lyrics. Aizawa is a bit conflicted since Bakugou seems to be having the time of his life while listening to the song.

Chapter Text

After Bakugou hits a low point, the class decides to cheer him up. They sing Hall of Fame to make Bakugou smile.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is rich, like as rich as Momo, but he rarely flaunts his wealth. He doesn't see money and the end all be all and more like a sometimes useful tool. He also rarely spends it on himself.

The class doesn't even know he's rich until they move into the dorms. While Bakugou doesn't bring anything that stands out as expensive, he starts buying things for the dorms and for the people he knows. The class is shocked.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is often loud and acts out. People tend to brush it off as his personality or don't think twice about it. They don't realize the reason Bakugou acts the way he does is to protect people to the best of his abilities. If Bakugou is the one acting out or getting in trouble, the others won't get hurt. They might still be punished, but if Bakugou takes most of it, then they will get off easier. If Bakugou decides to pick on someone, he'll pick things he knows won't hurt them too much, and he'll go after anyone who pushes the boundaries. If Bakugou controls who gets hurt and how much, he can keep people safe to a certain degree. That is his line of thinking. While it isn't completely correct, he will stand by it. He will play the bad guy, the villian, to keep people safe.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Monoma somehow end up babysitting Eri together. At first, it doesn't go too well. They are able to take care of Eri just fine, but keep bumping heads when Eri isn't look. Somehow, the two keep babysitting Eri together and eventually start to get a long. After getting past their unnecessary aggression, they bond over similarities and childhoods. Childhoods that weren't the greatest. Bakugou, Monoma, and Eri end up like brothers and sister as time goes by.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Monoma aren't sure how it all started, but over a summer, they sometimes pretend to be related to get out of different situations. When school starts up again, this strange relationship continues. Bakugou and Monoma don't know how it started, but they don't really care about stopping it. (They consider it a bonus that is confuses everyone else too.)

A.N/ This is not romantic is any way, shape, or form. It is strictly friendship.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Monoma have discovered they have both been kidnapped multiple times in the past. While comparing experiences, they discover a couple of times they were kidnapped together. This leads to some weird bonding. 1-A and 1-B are glad they are getting along, but are concerned for their well-being.

Chapter Text

A quirk makes people tell the truth if they are lying and make people lie when they tell the truth. A group villains kidnapped Bakugou and use the quirk on him to interrogate him. The quirk works, sort of.

Bakugou does talk, as part of the quirk makes people talk, but the words that he says are confusing. The villains don't know what is going on! In reality, Bakugou is just telling the truth, which means everything that comes out is a lie. The lies don't sound normal, like some saying they didn't eat the last cookie, but sound outrageous, like saying he saw a purple flying elephant in Mexico.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is really rich, but few people know . The home near the Midoriya's is just one of several, and the house is mainly just for Bakugou to go to a school without drawing attention to himself. However, that doesn't stop the attempts on his life. Bakugou considers himself luckily if he goes a week without an 'accident.'

Luckily, Bakugou is very well trained and knows how to handle most situations. He's been fighting off assassination at by since he was six, after all. So, Bakugou can fend them off, even the ones that try to poison him. Also, lets just say that having fashion designer parents make bullet proof and knife proof clothing is a bonus. Bakugou's every day outfits are more protected than Pro Heroes.

Most people are none the wiser to Bakugou's situation. The class has no clue until the second week after moving into the dorms, Bakugou fights off several assassins before going to bed. The class sees Bakugou handle things like a pro and are impressed and concerned.

Bakugou doesn't see the big deal and just goes through life double checking mail to make sure some toxin or bomb didn't somehow make it into the dorms.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou was young, he was experimented on. The scientists made him basically immortal. He can heal from injuries almost instantly. He doesn't need to sleep, eat, or drink. He doesn't even need to breathe. The only think that is keeping him human is is emotions and morals, which are sometimes a bit messed up.

Bakugou goes to U.A, keeping his past a secret, but someone is bound to notice the seemingly undead child within their midst, especially when the dorms start.

Chapter Text

People think they know Bakugou Katsuki. He is the blond hair, red eyed, aggressive kid with an explosion quirk. People aren't wrong, but they aren't right. See, Bakugou Katsuki doesn't exist.

Bakugou Katsuki was a name created by the Bakugou quintuplets. The five children created this character to see if they could, and they used him a lot to have a bunch of fun. Katsuki was created when they were about 7. The Bakugous had just moved and were planning on homeschooling their children. However, the quintuplets had a different idea. They enrolled themselves in a nearby school under the name Bakugou Katsuki. They created his personality and decided to see what happened.

Years past and no one has caught on. They reach U.A and enroll there. The only one there who knows the quintuplets situation is Nedzu, who made a deal with them. If the quintuplets could graduate without anyone knowing Bakugou Katsuki doesn't exist, he would give each if them the diploma. (Also, each of them had to do the school work so no cheating happens.) They quintuplets agreed.

It is no surprise when the quintuplets make it to graduation with no one figuring it out (besides Recovery Girl who Nedzu agrees to bring into the know because of safety reasons.) Well, it is a surprise for everyone else when Bakugou Katsuki is called for his diploma and five people show up.


The Quintuplets:

1st - Katsuro (Victorious Son) -- Male, Blond Hair, Red Eyes -- Hero Name: Dynamight /Bit of a hot head, but really caring and great at designing

2nd - Arisu (Noble Kind) -- Female, Brown Hair, Red Eyes -- Hero Name: Nova /The most laid back, loves books, is terrifying when angered, knows how to hack

3rd - Tsuguhiro (Nitrous Leading the Way) -- Male, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes -- Hero Name: Nitro /Very inquisitive and loves building stuff

4th - Kenzo ( Strong and Healthy) -- Male, Blond Hair, Brown Eyes -- Hero Name: Ground Zero /Bit of a jokester and a good cook and great at first aid

5th - Ichika (Emphasis Gallant) -- Female, Blonde Hair, Red Eyes -- Hero Name: Glyce /Seems like an angel but will take you down before you can blink


To keep their disguise, the quintuplets reviewed everyday, kept in shape, altered clothing, wore wigs/dyed their hair, and wore red contacts. The girls also wore sports bras and safely binded their chest to keep Katsuki's shape. Luckily, all the boys had a bit of a curve from exercising, so it was easy to get away with. Also, the quintuplets all ended up with the same quirk somehow, so quirk training wasn't too difficult. To decide who went to school that day, they drew straws. When the dorms happened, the quintuplets not in school hid out in the dorms or bothered Nedzu. 


Not in Order, but who did what:

When the sports festival came around, they drew lots on who would participate. Ichika won. She's actually the best fighter and was supper happy about that. The slime villain was Katsuro, and Kenzo was kidnapped by the League of Villains (who didn't realize Bakugou Katsuki didn't exist and they didn't even have the one who was chained.) Arisu was at the USJ, and Tsuguhiro took the licensing exam. (Technically, he didn't try to pass because Bakugou Katsuki wasn't a real person, so the quintuplets took a separate test to get their real licenses.) Ichika fought Deku to keep up appearances. Katsuro fought All Might. For the supplemental lessons, they drew straws. Arisu was the one to help make the ice slide.

The war never happened because shortly after Kenzo was rescued, the quintuplets went out and defeated them. The LoV was not ready for five children with the same quirk and all of them really smart and good at fighting. (Let's be honest, no one would be ready for five Bakugous.)


Where are the parents, you may be asking.

They know what the kids are doing and help them out occasionally. They love their children and the chaos they create. They are good parents, even if they should probably tell their kids to stop.

Chapter Text

The class is kidnapped, and the villains decide to torture them to break their spirits. Bakugou offers himself up and offers a deal. If Bakugou can withstand the specified torture for each student, the class can be let go. The villains agree.

Ex of torture: starvation, freezing, bone breaking, heat, nausea, ect.

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Bakugou has been training to be a hero since he could watch TV. All of his hard work and sharp mind has put him on the levels of pro heros. However, only Bakugou knows this. He isn't blind and stupid. He knows people praise him because their scared of him, and he hears the whispers behind his back. So, Bakugou keeps it on the down low. That isn't to say be doesn't display himself as above average or work hard. Bakugou is still Bakugou. He score high and does well. He just makes sure to make mistakes here and there. He gives 110% instead of the 200% he could give.

Bakugou continues this at U.A. Bakugou works hard, studies, and learns as many skills as possible to be a pro hero. He just keeps the skills and his true potential a secret. However, his hard work is pretty much for naught after one of the hero lessons.

Power Loader created a bracelet that decreases a person's physical abilities and takes away the person's quirk. The bracelet is controlled by the teachers, so the teachers cam decrease the person's abilities to about the same level. For example, a person can lift 100 lbs./45 kgs. The bracelet decreases the person's physical abilities (in this case strength), by 25%. Now the person can only lift 75 lbs./33.75 kgs.

The teachers use the bracelets and put the classes through an exercise (an obstacle course). Bakugou is goes first. The problem is he doesn't know the bracelets decrease a certain amount of strength. He only knows it weaken people, and he certainly doesn't know the teachers decreased his supposed strength by 65%. The teachers know Bakugou is strong, he is at the top of his class. So, the decrease is more than the usual 40-50%.

Because Bakugou only knows he is weakened, he doesn't know how much he has to control to get the expected readings. Bakugou can only guess, so he does that. Bakugou accidentally breaks records without realizing it. The teachers, upon realizing Bakugou has been holding back, quickly come up with some new test under the guise of being part of the exercise. After a couple more test, the teachers reveal to Bakugou their findings.

Bakugou: "Oops...."

Chapter Text

In class, 1-A has a lesson on villains. They have to talk about who would be the best and worse villain in the class. As much as the class makes fun of Bakugou for being so villainous, none of them believe he can do it. They say he isn't smart enough and too explosive to be a good villain. They also think he has no reason to be a villain. They completely disregard his place in class and his history/trauma.

While a bit pleased the class for see him as a villain, Bakugou is mostly annoyed. The class is ignoring him and his life. How dare they think he couldn't be a villain is he wanted to. How dare they think his life is completely sunshine and rainbows. Bakugou could easily be the #1 Villain if he wanted to. He has the brains, skills, and powers to. Most importantly, he has plenty of reasons to be a villain.

He sees that the hero society is corrupt. He knows people hate or fear him for who he is. He knows his parents don't approve of him. He's been abused, kidnapped, neglected, ignored, and manipulated pretty much his whole life. He has plenty of reasons to be a villain. But no on realizes it.

Bakugou doesn't see is as a competition of who would be the best villain. He is realistic. He knows and sees more than people realize. While each person in the class could be a villain, they wouldn't be because they care to much or have some aspect that would make them a bad villain. Bakugou, on the other hand, could easily ignore any potential negative aspects and go forward. Bakugou could easily be a villain, if he didn't want to be a hero.

Tired of the class ignoring and belittling him, Bakugou explains how they are all wrong. He goes through how each of the would never be a villain, and how he would take each of them down if they were. Slowly, the class realizes how scary Bakugou could be. When someone scoffs about why Bakugou would be a villain, Bakugou starts listing every reason why. He list every beating, every kidnapping, every taunt sent his way, every attempt people have tried to manipulate him to Beth what they want, every time he was touches with impure intentions, and every piece of reality he knows. He lays everything out, and it scares them. Bakugou lays out what, how, and why he would be the the best villain in history, and the class and Aizawa are thankful Bakugou wants to be a hero. For is Bakugou wanted to take down the world, he could.

Luckily, Bakugou never plans on what he calls Going Nuclear.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is a villain magnet. He's been one since he was basically a baby. His first run in with a villain happened when he was 1 1/2 , and he somehow stopped a villain at the mall. No one knows what happened, but Bakugou stopped a villain before he was even two. Thus began, Bakugou's many run in with villains.

Sometimes, the villains are just muggers or grocery robbers. Sometimes, the villains are kidnapping or bank robbers. Occasionally, the villains are trying to take over cities or towns or are serial killers. By the time Bakugou was 7, he has run into seventeen people who wanted to take over the world.

(His parents had him tested the 6th time he ran into a villain in less than a month. It isn't a quirk. Bakugou just has terrible luck.)

Because Bakugou is a villain magnet, he trained himself hard, learned a bunch of laws and medical knowledge, and made connections with several police stations and other protective forces. Bakugou is basically a top 100 hero by the time he's 10. No one is surprised when he ends up in a villain attack. By the time Bakugou is 15, he as police and emergency force on speed dial and there are forms that have a box with Bakugou Katsuki was on the scene next to if for people to check when filling out paperwork. Bakugou is a bit done with everything, but at least he knows he will have an interesting career.

At U.A, the class doesn't know Bakugou's reputation as a villain magnet. They start to realize it when Bakugou shows up late, or randomly appears with bruises, or the times the class is out, Bakugou ends up in a dangerous situation, or the time Bakugou was kidnapped and basically escaped by himself. After Kamino, the police take one look at Bakugou and ask if he is Bakugou Katsuki. When Bakugou says yes, they end up sighing. Everyone else is confused.

Bakugou Katsuki is a villain magnet, and his life is a bit of a disaster because of it.

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Bakugou was kidnapped when he was about five. His parents were murdered. Bakugou was trained as a child assassin. When Bakugou was seven, he made his first kill. From ages 7 to 13, Bakugou has over 200 unconfirmed kills, (he was never caught and no kills can be traced back to him. Bakugou leaves no evidence).

At about 13, Bakugou was found and taken into foster care, (no one knows he was an assassin). He is given to a family that is slightly neglectful because of how busy the people are, but the family is still good to Bakugou. Bakugou doesn't mind, he's been alone most of his life.

Even though Bakugou isn't in the field anymore, Bakugou keeps training and decide to be a hero. At U.A, Bakugou tries to keep his assassination skills on the down low. However, there are times when his less than legal skills come in handy.

Left his bag in the classroom, break in through the vents or pick lock the door. Needs an ingredient for dinner, he can disguise himself and hot wire a vehicle. Accidentally stays out after curfew, Bakugou can hack the cameras and sneak in the building.

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Monoma and Bakugou end up in a dangerous situation. They have to rely on each other to get out of it. After some trouble, the two bond over it. After the event is over, the two decide to stay friends.

Chapter Text

Bakugou ends up under a truth quirk, but his life is so crazy that no one believes him.

BK: "You know, this reminds me of the time when I was 6. I was camping, and I ran into a bear. I ended up riding it back to the campsite and scared by parents."

"When I was 13, I flew a helicopter."

"Yeah, I know the President of the United States. I met his/her kid at this hero conversation, and I was invited to the White House."

Everyone Else: !?!?!?

(Bakugou has had a wild life.)

Chapter Text

Bakugou has been hurt and abused most of his life. Bakugou is so done with it. He doesn't make fun of it exactly, but he is more apathetic and doesn't care. He complains about it, and people look at him weird, not knowing if he is serious or not.

Bakugou, calmly reading a book in living room: "The Old Hag is a complete jerk." Everyone looks at him. "She called me earlier complaining about some dust on one of the shelves. Like lady, I don't see you cleaning the house, chill."

Chapter Text

Bakugou had PTSD. He goes into panic mode and sees everyone around him as enemies he has to escape. Bakugou fights really well, even the pro heroes has trouble subduing him. Because Bakugou is in survival mode, he lets his inhibitions go, though he holds back enough to not cause permenant damage or death. His explosions can hurt and his hands to hand skills are high level, not to mention the numerous knives kept on his person.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is used to people telling him what to do and not giving him a choice. Even when he is given a choice, others tend to force their opinions on him. Bakugou hates it. Bakugou does not think he can control his life. When Bakugou is clearly given a choice, he doesn't know what to do.

Chapter Text

Since Bakugou is a villain/trouble magnet, Be has met a lot of pro heroes and their assistants. Some people like him, some find him annoying, and others dislike. Still, Bakugou knows a lot of people. The Hero Commissions has mixed feelings on him as well.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is fed up. He's extremely stressed. When asked, he pretends he's fine. Eventually, he gets tired of people asking him. He sings Surface Pressure from Encanto.

Chapter Text

The rest of Class 1-A gets kidnapped for once. So, Bakugou goes and rescues his class using the knowledge he has from all previous kidnappings. The class only thinks Bakugou has been taken once and wonder where he's gotten all this knowledge. Everyone is in for a surprise.

Chapter Text

Bakugou acts as a mixture of Kaminari, Mina, and Camie to confuse people. It scares people.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is sort of used to Deku following him around and taking notes on him. It makes Bae uncomfortable, but nothing he does causes Deku to change. Eventually, people realize what is going on. Someone helps Bakugou realized he is being stalked, and that Midoriya stalking Bakugou and making him uncomfortable is not okay.