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#SOTUS Continued: Book Two A BoysLove Tale

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Arthit’s POV

Sitting in the canteen, I spin my phone waiting for Kongpop to meet me. I watch as N’Yacht walks up to the drink stall with N’Kammon’s friend trailing behind him. That is interesting. I thought the only nong we had from the Architecture faculty was N’Kammon. I should ask Kongpop if N’Nine is helping with SOTUS.

“Will you stop sulking?” N’Yacht demands without turning to look at N’Nine.

“Why should I?” N’Nine says with a pout as he crosses his arms. “You seem to think you can drag me anywhere.”

“I don’t drag you anywhere,” N’Yacht turns to N’Nine and hands him a drink.

“Pink milk?” N’Nine looks at it with a frown and glares at the iced coffee in N’Yacht’s hand. N’Nine points at it, “I want that.”

“This is mine,” N’Yacht smiles at him before he takes a sip. “Besides, I know you like that.” He adds with a grin and raised eyebrow. I tilt my head thinking that look is quite familiar.

“I-I-I do not,” N’Nine scoffs as his face flushes bright pink.

“N’Nine kinda reminds me of you,” Kongpop says, sitting down beside me and sliding over my pink milk. Me? N’Nine reminds him of me? How?

“What?” I gasp. “And why the hell did you buy me one of these?”

“Because you like it,” Kong replies with a grin and a quirk of his eyebrow. I turn back to N’Yacht to see him following after N’Nine.

“Nine,” N’Yacht laughs, “I only bought it because you like it!”

I glance back at Kongpop and growl. Standing up, I start to walk away but turn back to pick up the pink milk and take an angry sip before I start to leave once more. Not like the pink milk did anything wrong.

“P’,” Kongpop whines behind me and echoes N’Yacht, “I only bought it because you like it!”

I am glad Kongpop is behind me, so he can’t see my smile. People often think my persistent boyfriend has me wrapped around his finger, but I think I have him just as wrapped around mine. I slow when he catches up with me and places his hand on the small of my back.

“P,” Kongpop says quietly beside me. I turn to him and smile. “Love you,” He adds, smiling back at me. I look away, willing myself not to blush. How can he be so sappy? I touch my cheek, knowing I blushed anyway.

“Is N’Nine helping with SOTUS?” I ask when I spot N’Yacht catching up to the nong.

“No,” Kongpop answers, following my gaze, “But I have seen him with P’Yacht a couple of times. I thought he couldn’t stand P’Yacht. They seem to bicker all the time.”

Should I point out to my forgetful boyfriend that we started just like that? Hell, I could remind him of his friend and mine, who also started with blows. That past seems so long ago, but it has just been a year.

“P’,” Kongpop says, “Where did you and your friends go earlier?”

“Earlier?” I turn to him with a frown.

“Yeah,” Kongpop continues, “We saw you all walk off campus together.”

“Oh, that,” I hum, understanding, “Ai’Tee needed a kick in the ass.”

“Kick in the ass?” Kongpop questions confused.

“OK,” I snort, “Maybe just a nudge. Ai’Ice is the real person who needed the ass-kicking, and Ai’Tutah did that.”

“What is going on with those two?” Kongpop holds open the door to the stall we are eating at tonight. “Did they fight? I saw them yesterday. They seemed fine.”

“Ai’Ice forgot it was his birthday today, and Ai’Tee planned to surprise him,” I explain.

“But wasn’t P’Ice with P’Tutah in Khorat, and how do you forget your birthday?” Kongpop grabs my arm before I take my seat. “Ai’Jett whined all day about P’Tutah being gone.”

“I don’t know, and that is why Ai’Tutah kicked his ass,” I tell him with a glance at his hand on my arm. He releases my arm, and I take my seat.

“Then why did you need to see P’Tee?” Kongpop takes the chair across from me. Before I can answer, a girl comes over to our table and sets down two cups of water. I roll my eyes when she tucks a stray strand of hair and looks longingly at Kongpop.

“Chicken Basil for both of us,” Kongpop tells her without even looking her way.

“Chicken Basil?” The girl repeats, confused. Kongpop pauses and glances at her.

“You wanted our order. Correct?” He questions, oblivious to why she is lost.

“Yes,” She drawls slowly, “Two Chicken Basil,” She says once again before walking away. I wait for my boyfriend to look back at me as I grin.

“What?” Kongpop asks when he sees me. “Chicken Basil is OK, right?”

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect,” I say, feeling extremely satisfied that I am the only one that Kongpop sees.

Jett’s POV

I don’t know why I am coming here. P’Tutah is in Khorat with P’Ice. I rest my head against his door and groan. How am I going to survive this year? Tutah will be gone for a month at a time. It has only been a day, and I am already having withdrawal symptoms. I should just go to my dorm. If I go inside, it will just remind me that he is not here. Standing back up, I stroke his door with a sigh before I turn.

“Do you like my door that much?” P’Tutah asks with a lopsided grin.

“You’re here,” I gasp before closing the distance between us and wrap my arms around him so tight he squeaks.

“I missed you too,” P’Tutah laughs breathily. I set him down and cup his cheeks, trying to wrap my head around the fact that he is here. He reaches up and pats my cheek as I see a flush creep up his neck.

“You are here,” I tell him, still amazed.

“You already said that,” P’Tutah chuckles.

“You were supposed to be in Khorat,” I state. P’Tutah pulls away and steps back.

“Do you want me to go back?” He asked, jerking his thumb over his shoulder, “I can if you want.”

“NO!” I shout. P’Tutah grins back at me.

“I could leave you alone with my door,” He adds with a smirk.

“Can we forget about the door? I sulk.

“OK,” P’Tutah says as he walks past me and puts his keys in the door, “You coming in, or do you want to stay outside with the door?’

“Awww, P’,” I whine. P’Tutah reaches back and grabs my tie with a sly smile, and I eagerly follow him into his room.

Walking over to the table, P’Tutah drops his bag with an audible sigh. Coming up behind him, I put my arms around his waist, resting my head on top of his.

“You tired?” I inquire, and I can feel him nod. Sleep it is then. I try not to feel disappointed. I go to let go, but P’Tutah turns in my arms and wraps his arms about my waist.

“Are you tired?” P’Tutah mumbles into my chest.

“No,” I answer truthfully as I stroke the back of his head. He glances up at me. The look he is giving me is anything but exhaustion. I lean down and capture his lips for a slow kiss. After a long moment, we break apart.

I reach up and begin to take his tie off. I smile, thinking I have never done this. P’Tutah was always in his red jacket and t-shirt. Seeing dressed like this is turn on.

“Why are you smiling?” P’Tutah asks with the tilt of his head.

“I was just thinking how much this tie turns me on,” I reply, slipping the knot down. Before I can get it off, I tug on it, making him come forward and place a kiss on his forehead.

“If I had known, I would have worn one a long time ago,” P’Tutah laughs. I toss his tie onto the table and begin to unbutton his shirt.

“Are you sure you are not tired?” I question without looking at him, intent on the buttons. “You traveled to Khorat and back today. I am sure the trip wasn’t comfortable.” I pause and glance up at him. “Why did you come back tonight? You took your overnight bag.” I jerk my chin toward it.

“Because Ai’Ice is a moron,” P’Tutah answers as he makes me look at him once more. When I start to ask a question, he shakes his head no, “Can we stay on task? I promise you can ask all the questions you want tomorrow.”

“On task,” I nod eagerly as I strip his shirt off of him. “Bed or shower?”

“Bed,” P’Tutah tells me as he chews his bottom lip. I start to take off my clothes as he walks to the bed and loses his slacks and boxers. I can’t help but get hard when I see him. He glances back at me, and his eyes go wide.

“A little happy there,” P’Tutah teases as he lies down.

“More than a little,” I grin as I join him in bed. Reaching over to the nightstand, I pull out the lube and condom. Easing between his legs, I use mine to spread his.

“Straight to point,” P’Tutah mumbles as I add lube to my finger.

“This is all I could think about all day,” I admit, slipping the first finger in as I start to stroke his length.

“Shouldn’t you have been thinking about school?” P’Tutah asks, trying to keep a serious tone, but the last word comes out breathily.

“I can multitask,” I smirk, adding another finger and running my thumb across his tip on the upstroke.

“I can see that,” P’Tutah chuffs.

I watch fascinated as my boyfriend squirms beneath my touch, and I shove the thoughts about him not being here into a corner to deal with another time. I jerk when I realize P’Tutah had reached up and cupped my cheek.

“Be here with me,” P’Tutah tells me quietly, “We can deal with our future later.”

I had lined up at the moment and thrust into him with those words. P’Tutah always knows what is going inside my head even if I don’t say it out.

“Jett,” P’Tutah moans as I pound him. “Shit! There!” I smile and perfect the angle to make sure he loses the ability to string words together. I want to make him feel just as good as I am feeling at this moment inside him and gasp when he clenches tight around my shaft.

“Fvck, Tutah,” I breathe as I slam into him once more. “I can feel you!”

“So… can… I…,” P’Tutah grunts between thrusts. I take my hand from his hip and wrap it around his neglected member, “No!”

P’Tutah gasps, and he spills into my hand. I let go and look at the mess on his chest and my hand before I raise it to my lips and lick some off with a grin.

“Salty,” I tell him leaning in as I thrust deeper.

My boyfriend’s head lolls back as he arches up into my next thrust. I can feel the all too familiar shiver as he cums once more across his chest. I know I should stop. He has cum twice and is exhausted from the trip, but I can’t. The view before me is so hot.

“Jett, you are so deep,” P’Tutah pants.

He grabs the sheets beside him and twists as I slam in once more. His insides are so warm, and the ripples have him clenching tightly to my shaft. I don’t think it has ever felt this good. And it has felt good before. After a few more thrusts, I am reaching my limit when I look down at him and gasp in shock at what is by his hand. Dumbass!

I try to pull out, but P’Tutah wraps his legs about my waist and drives me in once more. I close my eyes as I can feel myself spill inside him. P’Tutah wraps his arms around me and pulls me on top of him as I continue to spasm. When his arms go slack, I press myself up.

“Tutah, that was….” I begin.

“Perfect,” P’Tutah smiles up at me, “Absolutely perfect.”