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#SOTUS Continued: Book Two A BoysLove Tale

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Knott’s POV

Prem and I lean against the back of the elevator, waiting for the elevator doors to close. The second they do, we both smack Bright on the back of his head.

“Let’s go see Tutuh!” Prem growls. “Why did we listen to you? I am going to have to… to….”

“I am never going to be able to unhear that,” I mumble, rubbing my ears.

Prem nods and points at me, “That!”

“Like I knew that was going to happen!” Bright turns to us and whines. Facing forward once more, he adds, “Man, they were loud!”

“I think we should tell Ai’Tutah that people can….” I start then remembering what we heard outside his room, and I can’t find the words.

“Can hear him and his boy getting it on?” Bright finishes as he runs his hand through his hair, “So much little virgin boy.”

“No kidding,” Prem snorts.

“How am I going to look at those two tomorrow?” I mutter.

“The same way you look at all of us,” Bright shrugs, “You know all of us have sex, and you aren’t a virgin either. We have all seen N’Tew du...” I smack Bright once more in the back of his head.

“What was that for?” Bright rounds on me.

“For putting those images in my head!! And don’t talk about N’Tew!” I bark, and I give Prem the side-eye and shiver.

“Hey!” Prem shouts, “How do you think I feel?!?”

“What the hell?” Bright turns once more to glares at both of us. “Grow up!”

Prem and I both pause and look at Bright. Did he just tell us to grow up? Bright? Of all people to say that. I place my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.

“Yeah, I know,” Bright snickers, “The irony.”

Prem starts to laugh, and both Bright and I look at him.

“It wasn’t that funny,” Bright glowers.

“,” Prem waves as he tries to stop laughing. “I just imagined how red Ai’Arthtit would have been.”

“He would have been the color of our jacket,” I chuckle, picturing this.

“Where did he go anyway?” Bright questions, “He was there, and then he was gone.”

“Where do you think?” Prem snorts. “Wherever it is, we know it involves N’Kongpop.”

The doors to the elevator open, and we walk out. Once outside Tutah’s dorm, I turn and look up toward his floor.

“What?” Prem asks, following my line of vision.

“Maybe we shouldn’t say anything,” I reply, weighing the consequences of telling our friend.

“Wouldn’t you want to know?” Bright questions. “I mean, I make out in bathrooms, so this wouldn’t bother me, but most people aren’t like me.”

“That is true,” I agree and pat our goofy friend on his shoulder, “So Prem and I will leave it to you then.”

“Why me?” Bright squawks.

“You just said it,” Prem grins, “Nothing embarrasses you, so you get to tell him.”

“Fine,” Bright gives in, “Whatever. I am going to find Kammon. Later.”

“Yeah,” Prem starts looking away wistfully, “I should find Wad.” He claps me on the shoulder, “See ya.”

“Later,” I call to my departing friends and start walking toward my dorm. It is a good thing none of us live very far from each other. I wonder where Tew is right now? Turning a corner, I see a pair in front of me. I can’t tell who they are, but it is a big guy in a hazer jacket and a slightly smaller one in a regular uniform.

Watching them, I think how this will be the last year for Tew and me to do that. After this year, I will be working, and he will be here in school. Maybe I should go for my Master’s and stay two more years. I have mentioned it before, but I don’t know if I want to do it. Being with Tew for those years would be a perk. But getting a job is what you do after you graduate and grow up.

“Grow up?” I mumble as I turn a corner. “When does someone really grow up?”

“I don’t think people ever do,” A voice interjects behind me, and I jump. “Wow! I thought you knew I was here.”

“Obviously not,” I huff, turning to find a grinning Tew. “When did you get here?”

“I called out to you,” Tew frowns, “What were you overthinking?”

“I was not,” I answer, and I know he doesn’t believe me. Tew shakes his head. “Fine. I was thinking about next year.”

“Will anything change?” Tew smirks at me.

“Not a thing,” I smile back at him. He is right. Nothing will. “So, where are you coming back from?”

“Finishing up the stuff for the gear ceremony,” Tew informs me. After a moment, “Who is giving out the gears this year?”

“Why do you ask?” I question back. I know who it is, but only the current hazer team and the past one are supposed to know until the night of the ceremony.

“Nevermind,” Tew growls, “I don’t know why it has to be a secret.”

I reach over and ruffle his hair, “You will understand when you are a hazer.”

“Whatever,” Tew mutters.

Turning the corner, I see the couple I noticed earlier is stopped in front of a dorm. I also now can see who they are, N’Yacht and the guy who is N’Kammon’s friend.

“Isn’t that P’Yacht and Ai’Nine?” Tew wonders aloud.

“That’s his name!” I say a little louder than I should, attracting the attention of the pair.

“Hey, Ai’Nine,” Tew waves when they turn to look at us.

"Hey," N'Nine waves back hesitantly. I notice him giving N'Yacht the side-eye before he shoves something into N'Yacht's hand.

“What is this?” N’Yacht looks down.

“Money,” N’Nine mutters with a roll of his eye. “You paid for my drink earlier. Later.” He glances toward us and adds, “See ya!” Before he escapes into the building.

“I don’t need your money!” N’Yacht shouts after him. He begins to mumble to himself as he shoves it into his pocket.

“N’Yacht?” I grab his arm as he walks past me.

“I am fine, P’Knott,” N’Yacht tells me before he removes my hand from his arm. “See you tomorrow, N’Tew. Later, P’.”

I stand there a moment, watching him walk away before I look back at Tew.

“Are he and…” I start but pause to glance back at my nong. Just because I am dating a guy doesn’t mean that everyone is dating a guy. And I know N’Yacht dated a girl last year, and maybe I am just seeing things.

“Yeah,” Tew hums, “Are they?”

“What?” I turn to him.

“Nevermind,” Tew shakes his head, “Let’s go home.”

“Sounds good,” I take his backpack from his shoulder and start to walk.

“Where are you coming from?” Tew catches up with me.

“Don’t ask,” I chuckle. “I would rather forget.”

“Tell me,” Tew laughs.

“Not happening,” I start walking faster, hoping I am not blushing.

“Seriously?” Tew demands.

“Seriously,” I repeat over my shoulder. Tew catches up with me and tugs his backpack off my shoulder, and walks ahead of me.

“Tew!” I shout after him.

“Knott,” He calls back, and I stop dead. He pauses and turns around to look at me. I can tell he is sulking, but I keep hearing him say my name. He has called me that before, but it makes my heart do somersaults every time he does.

“Knott?” He walks over to me with a look of concern. The second he is close enough, I pull him into a hug. “Knott! We are on the street!”

“Yes, we are,” I hum into his ear, “Let’s go home.” I take the backpack from him once more and grab his hand, pulling him along behind me. Home, home, home. Time to go home.

Tew’s POV

(Mature Content to Follow if you don’t like it, you can skip.)

I trail behind Knott, smiling at our joined hands. The little things like this reassure me that no matter what this year throws at us, we will still be together in the end. When we get to our dorm, I wait beside him as the doors to the elevator open and a group of students exit. I notice they glance at our hands, but none of them say anything. I wonder if that is because they have nothing to say or if the size of my boyfriend is the deterrent. He is large and intimidating, but anyone who knows him knows he is a gentle giant.

“What are you smiling at?” Knott asks as he pulls me inside and pushes the number to his floor.

“Nothing,” I deflect, reaching across to add my floor. He gently slaps my hand away. “Hey! I need to go to my room.”

“Later,” Knott hums with a grin.

“What are you up to?” I question as I step in front of him. He grins down at me just as the doors open on his floor. He throws me over his shoulder in one swift motion and proceeds down the hall to his room.

“Hi, Ai’Knott,” I hear someone say as we move to the side of the hall to let someone pass, “Your nong giving you trouble again?”

“You know it,” Knott chuckles, and I slap his back in retaliation.

“Good luck with that,” The guy snickers.

“Knott,” I growl, “Let me down.”

“Not yet,” Knott replies with a pat.

I wait patiently when he gets to his door, and I listen to him open his door. Once inside, he turns as he closes and locks the door. After this, he lets me slip from his shoulder, and I find myself pinned between his bulk and the door.

“Having fun?” I grumble up at him. I press against the door when I see the look in his eyes. What has turned my boyfriend on?

“I can think of something more fun,” He breathes before he kisses me. After a few moments without breaking the kiss, Knott lifts me, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He walks over to the bed, and I pull back breathless.

“I have class tomorrow,” I tell him.

“I know,” Knott smiles back at me, “But a round….” He kisses me again, “Or two won’t hurt.”

“One,” I tell him as firmly as I can.

“One,” Knott repeats.

This is followed by us both hurriedly skimming out of our clothes with them being tossed in every direction. I can feel the smile spread across my face with the view of my very excited boyfriend.

I laugh when he lifts me up and tosses me lightly on the bed. As he crawls on, I reach over and pull the lube and condoms from the bedside. Knott takes them from me and flips me over onto my stomach. I listen as he flicks the lid of the lube and tears open a condom. He spreads my legs apart with his knees and begins to circle my rim before slips a finger in. I cringe at the coldness of the lube.

“You OK?” Knott asks just as he adds another. “Does it hurt? It has been a while.”

“Mhm… I’m okay,” I mumble against the pillow, “Aah… D-don't… Don’t move your fingers so much inside….”

“Sorry,” Knott answers back, “Like I said, it has been a while, Tew. I need to make sure I don’t hurt you.”

“It wasn’t that long ago,” I grumble, “Is that…? AAH! N-No! Not there…” If he doesn’t stop soon, I am going to cum all on my own.

“OK. You’re almost ready.” Knott says, “Plus, I think my fingers are cramping.” There is a pause, “Maybe I should prepare you a little bit more.” My boyfriend’s tendency for thoroughness is going to be the death of me!

“NO!” I shout into the pillow, “It’s enough! I want you inside of me now!” Silence? What is he doing back there?

“Okay,” Knott finally says, and he thrust deep inside me, leaving me breathless.

“W-wait,” I gasp. Knott stills, and I take a breath. “Aah! No… Wait… There… No…”

“No? Where?” Knott questions as he thrusts.

“There,” I breathe, “Go… Deeper!”

“So good,” Knott tells me, “It feels so good.”

“Yes,” I agree. “So good.”

“Tew,” Knott moans, “I hope you are close because I am going to come.”

“Almost there,” I pant, “Deeper… har…” I can’t even finish the word as Knott starts to thrust harder and deeper. “Knott, I’m cum….”

“Me, too,” Knott grunts as I feel the warmth spread. Knott slumps across my back, breathing hard into my hair, and I can feel his beating heart against my back. “We made a mess,” Knott chuckles near my ear, and I have to agree with him.

“Yes, we did,” I laugh and turn my head slightly. He kisses my cheek before he levers himself up and off of me.

“Come on,” Knott holds out a hand to me, “Let’s shower.” I take his hand and let him pull me up.

“Knott,” I hum, following him into the bathroom.

“Hmm?” Knott replies.

“Promise me that when we grow up, we will still be this spontaneous,” I say.

“Who says I am going to grow up?” Knott chuckles as he pulls me into the shower.