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Revue of A Thousand Stars

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While Edward, Elle, and Andrew are still inside the movie room, the Stage Girls split with their respective groups as they explore Edward’s theater house.


While the Siegfeld and Frontier girls explore the left side, the Seisho, and Rinmeikan girls, they’re exploring the eastern side of the theater.


All of the groups decided to meet with each other near the movie room’s entrance if Edward is calling for them.


On the eastern side, the Seisho and Rinmeikan girls are exploring the stalls on the theater house’s eastern side. Although some of them are empty, they couldn’t notice how extravagant they are. 


“Ah, that was amazing!” Karen said with excitement, “Tintin and Haddock’s adventure was one the best stories I’ve ever seen!”


“I agree Karen-chan!” Ichie said with a smile, “That story was full of action and drama all at once! Especially when I’m playing one of the detectives!”


“Now, now, you two,” Claudine said with a sigh, “I’m sure there will be other stories that you’ll be interested in.”


“Besides, I hope that there will be stories that will truly star yours truly,” Kaoruko said with a smirk as Futaba said, “Of course you’d say that.”


“In any case, it is surprising to see stories that we haven’t witnessed before,” Maya said with a smile, “I would love to stay here and watch some of them. If Edward-san would allow it.”


While the rest of the Seisho girls are talking, Junna is in deep thought regarding Edward. Seeing how he told the Stage Girls to leave him and Elle alone warrants great suspicion.


“Um…. Hoshimi-san!” 


Junna got startled by the voice as she turned around, revealing it to be Tamao.


“Yes, Tomoe-san?” Junna asked Tamao as she replied, “Are you alright?”


“Oh, me?” Junna said, “I’m fine. I’m just thinking about why Edward would want us to leave the theater room first.”


“Is that so?” Tamao said with a curious look, “I will admit, it was strange that Edward told us to leave rather than leave with us. Maybe it’s a private matter between him and Elle?”


“Hmmm……” Junna said to herself when suddenly, Karen shouted at them saying, “Jun-Jun! Tamao-chan! Come over here!”


Tamao and Junna were surprised as Karen called them from the front.


“Karen-chan is something isn’t she?” Tamao said with a giggle as Junna said with a smile, “Yup. She is something isn’t she?”


As Junna and Tamao make their way to the rest of the group, Karen and Ichie are calling for their respective friends to look at what they found.



“Jun-Jun! Come take a look at this!” Karen said as Ichie said, “Tamao-chan! Hurry up! You have to look at this!”


The two of them make their way to the rest of the group as they stand on what appears to be a diner. In this case, an old-school American diner.


With a shiny floor, it seems as though the diner is still brand-new. Records of various singers are plastered on the wall and the tables are pristine. The only thing that stood out was a neon sign saying, “Johnny’s Diner”.


“Wow! What kind of a place is this!” Karen said with twinkling eyes.


“I think it’s a diner,” Junna said as Fumi replied, “But what kind though?”


As the Stage Girls look around the place, Ichie notices a bell right on the counter.


“What’s this bell do?” Ichie said with a curious look as she rings it making some of the Stage Girls jolts in fright.


“Who did that!” Claudine said in annoyance as Ichie made her trademark ‘just kidding!’ face.


“Seriously?” Fumi said with a groan as Ichie said, “My ba-”


“Is someone there!” 


Some of the Stage Girls jolted in shock when an unknown voice rang from the counter.


“Hey! Who’s there!?” Claudine said in horror as Maya stood in place, shaking.


Then, the kitchen door opened revealing a handsome man with slick, black hair. Wearing a red bow tie, the man is wearing a white shirt and an apron with a name tag saying “Johnny”. He also wears shiny black shoes and a white square hat.


“Oh! Hello Stage Girls!” said the unknown man as he bowed to them, “The name’s Johnny, and welcome to Johnny’s Diner!”


While some Stage Girls are still in a state of shock, Futaba immediately said, “Um…. Who are you?”


Johnny suddenly notices the Stage Girls as he said, “Oh, uh…. Sorry about that!”


“The name’s Johnny and I’m the owner of this place,” Johnny said to the Stage Girls, “I deal with Western foods straight from the USA! If you want food for the theater, you can come to me and I’ll bring your orders at the theater!”


“So you're saying that you’re selling food here?” Tamao said as Karen immediately replied, “Really! What kind of food do you sell!”


“I sell various kinds of food, especially the ones for the theaters!” Johnny replied to the brunette.


Karen became excited since she’ll be able to eat during the viewing when Claudine said, “If you do sell food, how much do we have to pay you?”


“Oh don’t worry, Miss! If you need some food, I’ll whip ‘em up for you!” Johnny said with a smile, “But I almost forgot….. It’s entirely free!”


“We get to eat for free!?” the group said in shock as Johnny said to them, “In one condition.”


“You girls get to eat for free once per visit,” Johnny said as he vaulted over the counter, “The food is limited to one person only and you can’t order any more food.”


“Then I’m willing to pay!” Karen said as Johnny shushed her, “Sorry Miss….”


“Karen,” Karen said as Johnny replied, “Karen. But I can’t accept any money from any of you. It is my principle that I should not bend my own rules.”


“But!” Karen exclaimed as Mahiru said to the brunette, “Karen-chan, please don’t fight back. I know you want to taste some of his food. Please be grateful that you won’t spend more money.”


“Ok….” Karen said in a deflated tone.


Johnny claps his hands and said, “Well then, with that out of the way…. Are you ready to take your order?”


“Before that, Johnny-san, we’re not the only Stage Girls here,” Tamao said to Johnny as he replied, “Is that so? Gimme a second.”


Johnny vaulted over the counter as he grabbed a red telephone underneath it. He then pushed its buttons while holding the handle.


“Uh…. Who are you calling, Johnny-san?” Nana said as Johnny replied, “My boss.”


Johnny perked up as he said, “Hello boss, Johnny here!”


“Yup, they’re here.” Johnny said to the phone when he stood in shock, “What? The other group found that place?!”


“Come on boss! You should’ve surprised them!” Johnny replied as he groaned, “Ugh! Just get your butt over here!” 


As Johnny slammed the phone in annoyance, he replied, “What am I gonna do with an idiot like him!”


When he looked back, he was surprised as almost all of them were in a deadpan look.


“May I know why you’re acting like that?” Fumi said in an annoyed tone.


“Just….. Just wait for a while…..” Johnny said to the Stage Girls.



“Sorry if we’re late.”


The Seisho and Rinmeikan girls all stood up as Edward, Elle, Andrew and the rest of the Stage Girls arrived at the diner.


“Hi girls! Sorry for making you wait!” Aruru said with excitement as Akira said, “Edward took a while for his meeting to end.”


“While Edward’s talking on the phone, he suddenly ended up saying sorry to someone,” Misora said in a deadpan tone as Michiru replied, “And after his phone call, Edward explained to us who he is calling and here we are!”


Edward rubs his head as he said, “Sorry about letting the girls loose, Johnny. You can’t blame them when they’re that curious. Besides, it’s their first time here.”


“I know boss, I know,” Johnny said, “Just…. Just be careful next time.”


After seeing the banter, the Stage Girls were very interested in Edward and Johnny’s relationship with each other. Some thought they were friends while the rest thought they’re on a professional level. In any case, the girls might plan on questioning Edward about this later on.


Johnny smiles at the girls, as he said, “Well, since you girls are all present, ready to take your order?”


With a pearly smile, Johnny presented the girls with his menu, prompting the girls to check it out. The menu boasts a wide array of food, ranging from popcorn to burgers. The Stage Girls were a bit curious about the menu as each of them was reading it.


“Johnny-san, what kind of donuts do you cook?” Rui said as Johnny replied, “I make all kinds of donuts. Whether it's traditional or jelly-filled, I can make them from scratch!”


“If that’s the case, I want a box of donuts with hot chocolate!” Rui said as Johnny was writing down her order.


“Anyone else wants to place their order?” Johnny said as some of the girls began to raise their hands, prompting Johnny to move towards them.



“Ok….. So we have five orders of buttered popcorn, five orders of cheese popcorn, one order of chili popcorn, two orders of corn dogs, two packs of gumballs, two orders of french fries, a box of macarons, a box of donuts with hot chocolate, a bag of assorted nuts, and three orders of chocolate chip cookies. All orders excluding dessert items have a medium-sized soda as their drink,” Johnny said while writing the orders down, “Anything else Stage Girls?” 


Soon enough, the Stage Girls all said that they’re fine with their orders as Johnny said to them, “Good! Now if you excuse me, it’s time for me to cook!”


Johnny opened the kitchen door as he entered the kitchen to begin preparing the Stage Girls’ orders.


Meanwhile, Edward stood up from where he’s sitting and said to them, “While Johnny prepares your food, it’s time for us to go back to the theater.”


While the rest of the Stage Girls agree with Edward, some of the energetic ones groaned, most notably Karen.


“Eh….. But what about that place Johnny was talking about….” Karen said as Aruru replied, “Sorry Karen-chan! Edward-san explained to us that we need to keep it as a surprise!”


“Really!” Karen said happily as Misora sighed, “And there goes the surprise.”


Edward chuckled as he said, “Originally, it was to surprise all of you. But don’t worry everyone. Once the second film is done, I will show you that place.”


“Ok!” Karen said with a smile, as Mahiru and Nana chuckled at Karen’s airheadedness.


As the group left the diner, Edward smirked in confidence as the next story that he will present is a tale that the Seisho girls will surely recognize in an instant.