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In Times of Need

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Kyuhyun feels like he’s about to pass out when the first break of the day is called. He can barely make it up to his sports bag lying on the floor flush against the back wall of the practice room before his legs give out. He welcomes the cold feel of the brick against his back with open arms as he glides down to his butt—he’s panting heavily and the sweat dripping down his forehead makes his eyes burn, turning his vision even more blurry than it already was.

God, he’s so fucking spent. Comebacks just seem to get more and more brutal as time goes on, and even though he’s still fairly in shape, he just lacks that same youthful energy he used to have back when he debuted in the group fourteen years ago. His lungs are burning, just like the rest of his body, and when fanning himself with his shirt doesn’t yield any lasting results, he’s left contemplating if a scolding from the staff is worth spilling the entirety of his water bottle onto himself just in an attempt to cool down.

In the end, he simply settles for downing the entire thing in one go, and he lets it fall between his legs as he throws his head back to rest it against the wall, closing his eyes to focus on his breathing as best as he can. He’s starting to feel a little dizzy, which is definitely strange and unexpected—it usually doesn’t get this bad, no matter how much he can push himself—but he doesn’t spend much time reflecting over it. The headache creeping up on him, probably caused by the combo of his dizziness and inability to breathe properly, prevents him from thinking straight.

He really isn’t feeling well, and the realization that they’re not even halfway through the day yet almost makes him sick. He’s excited for the comeback, as he always is, but today apparently isn’t a good day for him. He just wants to go back home and rest.

“You okay ?” Kyuhyun hears Siwon call out to him.

He opens one eye to glance at him as the man takes a seat right next to him—he doesn’t know why, but Siwon’s presence spikes something within him, as though he felt personally threatened by his friend invading his personal space, which is definitely weird even if he’s not the touchy type. He tries to brush that feeling away, with only moderate success; there’s just something about Siwon being so close to him in that moment that deeply disturbs him for some reason, even if all the man ever did was to check up on him.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Kyuhyun mumbles. He sounds much more annoyed than he intended to, and Siwon doesn’t fail to notice—he doesn’t comment on it, but Kyuhyun catches him frowning at him in question, analyzing his expression to gauge whether or not he’s interpreted his tone of voice properly. “Just… tired, I guess.”

“Did you stay up until four in the morning again ?” Siwon nudges.

“... yeah,” Kyuhyun admits. “What can I say ? I’m a creature of the night.”

Both men chuckle at Kyuhyun’s poor excuse for a joke. It's a double-entendre in their case; their ancestors started off as literal creatures of the night, hunting in packs in the cover of darkness, and it seems that for some, like Kyuhyun, those instincts have remained despite the thirst for blood no longer being a thing. Generations of interbreeding with humans have dulled their instincts quite a bit—not much of their lycan features remained today. Not many complained. Turning into a werewolf was apparently a very painful process and was impossible to control or regulate. It just sounds like a hassle.

“A bummer that we have to follow human working hours,” Siwon adds. His gaze subconsciously shifts towards the human members of the group at the mention.

“Right ?” Kyuhyun agrees, still chuckling.

Despite his current discomfort caused by Siwon’s presence, moments like these remind him that he’s actually glad he’s not the only hybrid in the group—Siwon, Jongwoon and Ryeowook are as well, and it makes him feel much less alone, at least figuratively speaking. Touring and promoting as Super Junior-K.R.Y often gets very uncomfortable. Jongwoon and Ryeowook are mates, and not only are they disgustingly and unashamedly affectionate with each other all the time, Jongwoon can be a very possessive alpha at times and depending on what stage his mating cycle is at, he sometimes doesn’t tolerate Kyuhyun—another alpha—being alone in the same room as his omega and it tends to cause tensions between them. He thankfully doesn’t have that problem with Siwon. Despite being an alpha as well, Siwon comes off much less threatening and domineering than Jongwoon does, which makes it much easier for Kyuhyun to communicate with him.

A semi-comfortable silence settles between the two once the laughter dies down. Kyuhyun still feels agitated by Siwon’s presence, but it’s such a benign thing in comparison with his body feeling like it’s overheating that he can’t pay it much mind for very long. He has to tug at his shirt to use it to wipe the sweat off his forehead so it doesn’t look like he’s just jumped in a pool, and any attempts at regulating his breathing fails miserably—it only seems to make it worse, actually.

“Are you sure you’re okay ?” Siwon insists, growing increasingly worried about his friend.

Kyuhyun nods, though doing so causes his head to rapidly spin for a few seconds, and his vision turns white for a brief instant. Yeah, he’s definitely not doing well right now, but he feels too bad about letting his bandmates down during such a crucial time to call it quits and go home early for today. It’s probably just a passing bug—he usually doesn’t tend to stay sick for very long, anyway.

“Yeah, yeah, just feeling a little dizzy and hot, that’s all,” Kyuhyun dismisses.

“Want me to go get you some more water ?” Siwon offers.

“... yeah, that would be great actually,” Kyuhyun agrees. His initial thought was to turn it down, but his water bottle is empty and his mouth still feels drier than the Atacama desert and it’ll give him a moment to rest without Siwon invading his personal space, so he figured it wouldn’t hurt to accept his friend’s offer.

“I’ll be right back,” Siwon announces, pulling himself up to his feet.

Siwon tries to give Kyuhyun a comforting smile as he leaves, but he doesn’t succeed in hiding the obvious concern in his features, distorted by the worried frown on his face. If it were anyone else, Siwon would insist that they’d just take the rest of the day off to rest, but he’s learned over the years that Kyuhyun is incredibly stubborn and trying to convince him to do something when he’s set his mind on the opposite would lead them nowhere. He guesses he’ll just have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t pass out once their break is over.

As he walks over to the other side of the room where they keep the extra water bottles on a table, Siwon catches a whiff of a very particular scent that makes his every nerve flare up almost instantly, and he stops in his tracks to attempt to locate the source of it. It’s so strangely familiar and yet not at the same time, and it’s stronger than him to find the answers he’s looking for—he genuinely cannot fight the urge to investigate further, which at least lets him know of one thing; that thing, whatever that is, is triggering him, and he’d rather contain it as soon as possible just in case it gets worse. Not just for him too. If he can smell it, then certainly Kyuhyun and Jongwoon can too, and he doesn’t want a scene to break out in the middle of practice.

Ignoring the weird looks he gets from Hyukjae and Donghae as he starts to sniff around, trying to find a trail, Siwon’s eyes lock onto the hybrid couple standing off to the side, away from the others. He watches as Ryeowook tugs onto Jongwoon’s sleeve to get his attention, and he becomes absolutely certain that something is wrong when Jongwoon immediately pulls Ryeowook onto his chest to wrap his arms tightly around the omega’s smaller frame, protectively shielding him from everybody else, and starts to scan around the room in search of whatever it is that’s very clearly unsettling his mate.

Momentarily forgetting about the water bottles, Siwon decides to join the couple to see if they can’t figure out what’s going on together, and he’s about half of the way there when he realizes that the scent he’s been trailing comes from Ryeowook himself, more specifically from how distressed he currently is. An omega’s senses are much more acute to danger than an alpha’s or a beta’s, and the pheromones their bodies produce whenever they sense that something is going on cause a very distinct smell to fill the air around them. Normally, it’s only something their bonded mate can notice—which means Jongwoon should be the only one able to smell it—so that they can locate where their omega is, but Siwon’s spent so much time around Ryeowook that he’s grown familiar enough with it to be able to pick up on and recognize it fairly easily, though not even close to the same level as Jongwoon can.

“Something’s going on,” Siwon declares as he steps beside Jongwoon, who’s still frantically looking around in hopes of eliminating whatever it is that Ryeowook currently perceives as a threat.

“Have any idea what it could be ?” Jongwoon questions, returning his attention to his boyfriend to comfort him, leaving soft kisses on the top of his head as he very gently rocks him from side to side and softly purring, a sound that has tremendous relaxing effects on a mated omega.

Which is also something omegas can do for their alphas—contrary to popular belief, it’s omegas who tend to have a much stronger calming effect on their mate and not the opposite.

“No,” Siwon admits, shaking his head. “But maybe it has something to do with the reason Kyuhyun looks like he’s about to pass out.”

Curious, Jongwoon turns around to look at Kyuhyun, whom he can tell even from where he’s standing is clearly struggling to breathe—the heavy, jerky and painful-looking rise and fall of his chest is a dead giveaway. The guy is almost completely drenched, shirt covered in sweat stains, and neither he nor Siwon miss it when Kyuhyun throws his head back to bang it against the wall a couple times, probably to snap his thoughts back into place.

“Dude looks like he’s about to start his—” Jongwoon half-jokes, but he realizes right before he says it out loud that his theory actually makes a lot of sense, and suddenly it’s not so funny anymore.

“Start his what ?” Siwon inquires, confused and slightly panicking from the way Jongwoon’s face completely falls—the man doesn’t just look worried for Ryeowook’s safety anymore, he looks downright terrified, but also extremely angry, and it causes Siwon’s own instincts to awaken. His gut is telling him that Jongwoon is about to fight someone, and it’s making him more aggressive too as a result.

“Isn’t Kyuhyun supposed to be on blockers ?” Jongwoon asks, completely ignoring Siwon’s question.

“As far as I’m aware, yeah,” Siwon replies. And then it dawns on him. The way Kyuhyun is sweating bullets, the way he looks like he’s going to pass out, the way he’s struggling to breathe, and even the slight animosity he felt from him when he came to sit next to him earlier—and if Jongwoon is right, it’s so much worse than anything else Siwon could’ve possibly imagined. “Wait, you don’t think he’s—”

Siwon is cut off by a whimper coming from Ryeowook, who’s clinging to Jongwoon so strongly he’s squeezing the air out of his lungs, and he begins to tremble—a silent beg to his alpha to either get him away from here or to get rid of whatever is troubling him to this extent. The omega himself doesn’t know what it is exactly; just that it’s deeply unsettling and scares him out of his mind, which once again would make perfect sense if Kyuhyun truly was in rut. He’s mated. Any alpha in rut who isn’t Jongwoon is going to make him feel extremely uncomfortable to be around, no matter if it’s a close friend or a complete stranger.

“I’m not gonna fucking wait to find out,” Jongwoon growls.

He’s seeing red right now—the only thing in his line of vision is Kyuhyun, something his omega is currently perceiving as a threat, and just that fact alone prevents him from forming any sense of rational thought. The only thing he has in mind right now is that he needs to get rid of him for Ryeowook’s sake, and that’s exactly what he intends on doing when he beelines towards the younger man without a single warning, catching Siwon off-guard, who can’t react in time to stop the alpha before he reaches Kyuhyun and pulls him up on his feet by the collar of his shirt, even catching him by surprise.

Everyone’s attention is on them now as Siwon bolts through the room to try to break the fight before it begins—the others are too scared to interfere and meddle into their weird hybrid affairs, so he’s often the one who has to break up arguments arising between Jongwoon and Kyuhyun who, despite actually being good friends, seem to trigger each other’s alpha instincts depending on where Jongwoon’s mating cycle is. Jongwoon isn’t on blockers. He doesn’t need to be, since he has Ryeowook to keep his urges in check, which makes his arguments with Kyuhyun extremely tame generally speaking. But Siwon and Kyuhyun aren’t so lucky.

Which is why it makes absolutely no sense that Kyuhyun could be in rut right now. It’s an agreement they’ve made with each other to avoid this exact type of situation, and one he knows Kyuhyun would never break consciously.

“Let go of me,” Kyuhyun threatens, taking a hold of Jongwoon’s wrist, which he won’t even hesitate to break if Jongwoon refuses to do as he’s told.

Kyuhyun never gets such violent thoughts usually, but he’s so fucking tired and done feeling like shit right now to deal with Jongwoon’s bullshit.

“I will if you get the fuck out of here,” Jongwoon gnarls, his usually deep, dark eyes flashing a golden hue, the first sign of an enraged alpha.

“Hey, cut it out !” Siwon yells, finally reaching his two friends.

Jongwoon tries to fight back and push Siwon away when he grabs him by the shoulder to yank him back, but Siwon’s taller frame grants him the upper hand in this situation, though he knows he won’t be able to hold the man back for very long. Jongwoon may be small compared to him, but he’s surprisingly strong and he could beat his ass into a pulp if he truly wanted to.

“I don’t want him anywhere near Ryeowook,” Jongwoon scowls.

“I’ll get him out of here,” Siwon assures him. “Ryeowook needs you right now.”

Jongwoon really doesn’t like to be told what to do, but the reminder that his omega is still very much in distress immediately forces him to comply. He still gives Kyuhyun a threatening look, and he rolls his shoulders back to break free of Siwon’s hold so he can rejoin Ryeowook, whom he takes back into his arms right away, letting his mate melt into his comforting embrace.

Siwon doesn’t bother asking Kyuhyun how he’s feeling. The guy looks visibly shaken, but mostly on the verge of breaking from his rut growing stronger by the minute to the point where he can barely stand on his own—Siwon’s got a pretty good idea of how poorly he’s doing, and he doesn’t want to waste time on chit-chat when he’s fully aware that he needs to get Kyuhyun the hell out of here as quickly as he can.

Excusing himself to the others, who are still too in shock about what just happened to respond, not even with a nod of acknowledgement, Siwon grabs Kyuhyun’s arm to wrap it around his shoulders to help him walk out of the room, a gesture Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to enjoy very much. Siwon’s skin feels too hot against him, and with his rut progressively getting stronger, he’s getting less and less tolerant of another alpha’s presence around him. But he’s ultimately got no choice. He’s not going to be able to get out of the building before he collapses, he knows it.

Siwon leaves it into Ryeowook’s hands to explain everything once the guy has fully calmed down, which shouldn’t take long with Kyuhyun now gone and out of sight—Kyuhyun will be incapacitated for at least seven days, and he’s going to need someone to look after him too, which Siwon has already taken upon himself to do. It’s not like they’ve got other options. He doubts Jongwoon will volunteer to take his place, and even if he did, he’s pretty sure Kyuhyun won’t survive the week if they’re left alone locked in one place for more than an hour.

Siwon leads them towards the nearest exit carefully; he tries to avoid coming into contact with people as much as he can, especially other omegas, and they both remain completely silent until they make it to Siwon’s car, save from the occasional moan Kyuhyun lets out despite himself. The pain has started to subside, which would be a good thing under normal circumstances, but the only thing it means in his case is that he’s now becoming aware of just how incredibly horny he is and he doesn’t know which one’s worse.

Kyuhyun decides that horny is worse when Siwon accidentally brushes his arm against his cock, painfully hard in his loose black basketball shorts, when he fastens his seatbelt for him because Kyuhyun’s mind is too hazy for him to be able to do it—or do anything, really—himself. He has to sit on his hands to stop himself from pulling his shorts down and jerking off in Siwon’s car, not caring the slightest bit about the man being right beside him driving, seeking the release he so desperately needs right now. Fuck, he’s never been this fucking sensitive before, not even when he first presented as an alpha and his first—and only rut until now, as he was put on blockers immediately after—rut hit him like a fucking truck. And he seriously has no idea how he’s supposed to handle it. Seven days of this sounds like absolute Hell on Earth. He already sees himself begging Siwon for death at this point.

“Kyuhyun, I’m gonna need you to be really honest with me,” Siwon begins once he engages onto the road. “Did you stop taking your blockers ?”

“What ? No, no fucking way I did,” Kyuhyun hisses. He’s offended that Siwon would even doubt him, unable to take into consideration the fact that it makes perfect sense for the man to question him in this situation. “No, I— fuck.”

Kyuhyun’s hips cant up by themselves. It takes him a tremendous amount of strength just to talk and his struggle to do so just makes him even more aggressive than he already is. Siwon is on edge, too—if Kyuhyun is affected by another alpha’s presence, then so is he, and it might be worse in his case because he’s not the one with the clouded mind from the need to breed. They may have lost most of their lycan traits but that one, the ruts and the heats, seem to have remained just as strong, if not stronger than it used to be, and though it makes sex infinite times more enjoyable for them, sometimes the pain and the constant need to fuck is incapacitating and truly exhausting and it makes many wonder if it’s even worth it.

“I haven’t been taking them at regular hours because of the comeback schedule,” Kyuhyun forces out so quickly that it takes Siwon a couple seconds to register the information.

Siwon honestly can’t tell if he should be mad at Kyuhyun for it. The guy is also busy with his musical at the moment, so his schedule is even more crowded than his is—it makes sense that he’d skip a day or take it too late, but another part of him still believes that it’s extremely irresponsible of him not to have been more careful or at the very least not told anyone about it to warn them in advance.

“I’m taking you to my place for the week,” Siwon sighs, resigned.

“What ?” Kyuhyun exclaims, a lot more horrified by the idea than either men would’ve thought he’d be.

“You need someone to look after you,” Siwon explains. He’s trying his best to stay calm, but his clenched jaw makes his words snappy and makes him come off much angrier than he means to be.

“I can look after myself,” Kyuhyun argues. He doesn’t want to be treated like a child, especially not right now.

“In that state ?” Siwon brings up, pointing his chin towards the very prominent bulge in Kyuhyun’s pants. “Trust me, you won’t.”

“You don’t fucking know that,” Kyuhyun curses.

“No, you don’t fucking know that,” Siwon snaps.

Even in his current state, Kyuhyun is honestly unsettled by Siwon cursing, especially at him—he’s only heard him once or twice, as a joke to retaliate against the other members who make fun of him for never swearing.

“When’s the last time you had your rut ?” Siwon contends. Kyuhyun remains completely silent. “Thirteen years ago ? You’re not used to this. Neither of us knows how you’re going to react when it hits full force. Better be safe than sorry.”

“You mean this is going to get worse than this ?!” Kyuhyun shouts.

Siwon purses his lips and nods, affirmative, and Kyuhyun lets himself slouch in his seat in defeat. His hands have balled into fists under him and they’re starting to get numb from the pressure restricting his blood flow, his face is flushed and covered in sweat pearling from his forehead, bangs sticking to it, he feels gross and sticky and in desperate need of a cold shower. He barely remembers what his first rut was like for him. He just remembers Jongwoon telling Jungsoo to keep him locked up somewhere for an entire week and the former being his only contact with the outside world the entire time.

He’s thankful Jongwoon isn’t the one looking after him this time around, at least.


Siwon’s scent permeating the air of his apartment overwhelms Kyuhyun from the moment the other alpha opens the door to walk them in. It was already bad when they had to share the tiny and restricted space of the man’s car, but this is where Siwon lives, and every goddamn object in this giant penthouse smells like him and it’s making Kyuhyun even more on edge than he already was. His rut is causing him to perceive this as a threat, like he’s got competition, even if there is no omega or beta around for them to fight over.

Sometimes, Kyuhyun fucking hates being born a hybrid. Even if it makes his senses much stronger and precise than regular humans, he feels like his nature and biological composition controls him more than he controls them, and it seriously bothers him. If most days it’s not much of a problem, it can make working with other hybrids, alphas especially, more difficult than it needs to be. Their instinct to dominate makes them incredibly stubborn, competitive and at times simply uncooperative, and he wishes it didn’t have to be that way. And now that his rut has begun, those raw, animalistic impulses are exponentially worse, to the point where his gut is telling him to fight Siwon to at least get him off of him, even if the man is just trying to help him.

Siwon’s got an easier time controlling his urges because he’s not in a state of constant pain like Kyuhyun is—he’s not desperate for release nor does he have every nerve in his body driving him to perform a very specific task like an obsession, but the fact that he is around an alpha in rut makes it no more easier than it is for Kyuhyun to tolerate the other’s presence. And having him in his apartment, in his personal space, almost feels like a personal attack. But Siwon understands that this is a special case, and he deeply cares for Kyuhyun; he’s too concerned about his friend’s well-being to let him deal with this alone. And he also doesn’t trust Kyuhyun to be on his own. The guy isn’t used to this. Siwon doubts he’d be able to make it past the second day before going out into the wild to find the first beta or omega willing to tend to his urges, complete stranger or not.

“I need…” Kyuhyun pants. He really sounds like he’s in pain. “I need a shower.”

Siwon nods in acknowledgement before leading Kyuhyun to the bathroom. He’s trying to speak as little as possible to avoid ticking him off, as he doesn’t trust himself not to use an irritated tone of voice like he ended up doing in the car on their way here.

It’s honestly such a relief when he’s finally able to let go of Kyuhyun when they reach the bathroom. The scent of the younger man’s raging hormones was starting to clog up his nose, and although it’s not a smell he finds unpleasant at all, it was beginning to make him feel really dizzy. He keeps his distance as he retrieves a washcloth and and a towel from the cabinet and tries his best to ignore the fact that Kyuhyun has already started to undress in front of him without a care in the world—he doesn’t personally mind it, but it feels like he’s invading Kyuhyun’s privacy, and that is something he’s uncomfortable with. Kyuhyun is probably too desperate for that cold shower to fully be aware of what he’s doing.

“Fuck,” Kyuhyun exhales sharply when his painfully hard cock springs free of his underwear and becomes exposed to the cold ambient air. He’s already leaking and the knot at the base of it has already swelled a little; his entire body is covered in a sheen of sweat and despite being completely naked, his skin still burns just as much as it has this entire time. It feels like he’s having a high fever but without the cold sweat to cool him down. It’s awful.

“I’ll go and grab a change of clothes,” Siwon announces as he throws the washcloth and towel at Kyuhyun, who manages to catch them though not without struggle.

Kyuhyun nods at him, dismissive, and he leaves the towel on the rack next to the shower before stepping in, turning the water on at the coldest temperature he can get. He honestly wants to cry when he finds out that even that won’t help him; at this point he’s convinced that even locking himself up in an industrial freezer won’t do anything either, and he’s out of options. Painfully propping himself up on the shower wall with one arm, head straight under the flowing icy water, Kyuhyun looks down at his cock, hard and angry and flushed a deep shade of pink just begging for release, and he doesn’t even think twice before wrapping a hand around the shaft, hoping it’ll give him a break from all of this even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Kyuhyun isn’t being gentle with himself. His movements are hard, fast, desperate and almost painful, but he doesn’t have the ability to care at this point. It feels amazing, even better than normal, and he quickly begins to feel his climax building up in the pit of his stomach; he’s finally going to fucking cum and it’s going to feel wonderful, freeing, and will allow him to—

“Oh, dear God,” he suddenly hears Siwon exclaim as the man enters the room to bring him the change of clothes and catches him right in the act, hand wrapped tight enough around his cock to squeeze it.

Siwon covers his eyes with his hand in horror—although he thinks in hindsight that he should’ve expected that to happen as soon as Kyuhyun was left alone—and blindly searches for the vanity countertop to leave the clothes on and hope to bolt out of here as quickly as he can. He’s just completely ripped Kyuhyun’s orgasm away from him and he doesn’t expect the younger man to be okay with that in the slightest. He’s expecting a fight to break out after this; he just doesn’t want to argue with a naked Kyuhyun. Too distracting.

However, saying that Kyuhyun is angry at the man is a massive understatement. He’s in so much pain now that it’s making him see red; he needs to fuck, to claim, to mark, to breed, and Siwon’s just fucking ruined his chance at getting a break from these urges he doesn’t think he can fight off anymore. Frustrated and enraged, Kyuhyun abruptly shuts the water off, fully intent on giving Siwon a piece of his mind because thanks to him he can no longer fucking think straight, he’s in even greater pain than before, and he’s got enough of having this stupid alpha tell him what to do. He’s not going to stay here quietly just because he asked.

Immediately sensing the change in Kyuhyun’s attitude, Siwon finally decides to look at him, but he doesn’t have time to react before Kyuhyun catches him by the collar and backs him off against the nearest wall, pupils blown and turning a menacing shade of gold that triggers Siwon’s own alpha instincts to fight back, despite his initial wish to avoid this situation if he could. The older man grabs Kyuhyun by the wrists, jaw clenched and eyes now glowing the same color as the other’s, and Siwon cocks his head to the side, almost taunting.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Siwon warns him, sounding way too calm for Kyuhyun’s liking. “You’re at a disadvantage here.”

He’s clearly hinting at the fact that Kyuhyun is stark naked in front of him, but the man honestly doesn’t seem to give a shit about it at all. If anything, Siwon’s comment provokes him even more, and he pushes Siwon’s body even closer to the wall with a sharp jerk forward, hurting the older man enough to make him wince.

“I’m not letting you go after what you just did,” Kyuhyun growls, but his attempts at looking threatening don’t seem to have any effect on Siwon.

“It was an accident,” Siwon argues, his grip on Kyuhyun’s wrists tightening enough to cause him pain.

“Then fix it,” Kyuhyun declares. He has no clue what he actually means by that—he’s just too fucking desperate to make any sense at the moment.

“How ?” Siwon jeers. “Do you want me to fuck you ?”

Siwon’s offer, though delivered in an obvious sarcastic manner, actually sends chills down Kyuhyun’s spine, and not the good kind of chills. The idea of having someone else, especially another alpha, fuck him is just downright horrifying—no fucking way he’s going to let Siwon get on top of him, under any circumstances.

“Oh no,” Kyuhyun asserts. “If one of us gets a dick up their ass, it’s gonna be you.”

“If you can overpower me, I’ll let you,” Siwon declares confidently.

It completely catches Kyuhyun off-guard. He absolutely did not expect that kind of answer from Siwon—nor did he expect this conversation to have this outcome—but the fact that the man is opening a door for him to finally get what he wants and needs surprisingly thrills him; he’s never thought about fucking an alpha before, but the idea only grows more and more enticing the more he thinks about it. This would be the ultimate display of dominance, and in his current state, he can’t even begin to describe how much he loves the sounds of that.

“Where’s your bedroom ?” Kyuhyun asks, eyes boring into Siwon’s to look for any trace of doubt and uncertainty, but he finds none. Siwon is actually on board with this.

“Down the hall,” Siwon points with his chin, and it’s all the directions Kyuhyun needs before he crashes his lips onto the other man’s.

Siwon returns the exchange with as much strength, urge and passion as Kyuhyun gives as the younger man pushes him out of the room towards the bedroom in a hurry. His desperation makes him sloppier and more predictable in his actions, which is where Siwon’s confidence that Kyuhyun wouldn’t be able to subdue him comes from, and for a time it seems his assumption had been right; he’s easily able to take the lead after giving Kyuhyun a false sense of security, and he’s ultimately the one who manages to push the other onto his bed. Kyuhyun groans into the kiss, clearly bothered by the outcome—he fucking hates being in this position, wrists pinned to either side of his head lying under someone else—but Siwon is strong and heavy and not as easy to pry off of himself as he thought he’d be.

But Kyuhyun is incredibly stubborn, and if his rut makes him more reckless, it also makes him much more aggressive than he usually is; he has no qualms catching Siwon’s lip between his teeth to bite down on it hard enough to draw blood in order to distract the man long enough to flip them over. Siwon’s still got an ironclad grip on his wrists, refusing to let go, and he bucks his hips up into Kyuhyun’s hard enough to rip air right out of the younger man’s lungs—the faint metallic taste mixing into the kiss is intoxicating, clouding Kyuhyun’s mind in an even thicker fog of lust than before, and he eventually manages to free his hands from Siwon’s grasp, pinning the man down by the shoulders.

“Take your fucking clothes off,” Kyuhyun orders, grunting in impatience against Siwon’s lips.

He can feel Siwon’s smirk on his own when the man slips his hands between their bodies; Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to want to break away from him—he’s probably unable to—so getting rid of his pants is a fucking hassle, but Siwon relishes in the soft but deep moans Kyuhyun strangles in his throat when he feels the fabric of the other man’s clothes rub against his oversensitive cock as he slides them down. Siwon’s hips jerk against Kyuhyun’s as he kicks them off completely, driving the younger man insane, and Siwon thinks this might be his chance to overthrow Kyuhyun once again. He’s probably too fucked out of his mind to be able to react in time.

However, somehow, Kyuhyun fucking sees it coming, and Siwon’s shoulders are pinned back against the mattress as soon as he rises them; Kyuhyun is staring down at him with a severe look in his eyes but a satisfied smirk on his lips, proud of himself.

“You stay the fuck there,” Kyuhyun pants heavily.

“Lube’s in the first drawer,” Siwon directs, chuckling a little.

Kyuhyun really thinks that it’s suspicious that Siwon gave up so damn quickly—he honestly expected the fight to be harder and longer than this, and it turns out he’s right in keeping his guard up as he reaches out for the bottle in Siwon’s drawer, because as soon as he takes a hold of it, the man pushes him off of him. And he almost succeeds in immobilizing Kyuhyun once again, but as Siwon flips them over for the third time, the younger man hooks a leg around his, using the momentum to roll them back to their initial position and there’s nothing Siwon can do to stop him.

“I told you to stay the fuck there,” Kyuhyun reminds him. This time, there’s no smirk—just a stern and angry gaze staring right into Siwon’s eyes—Kyuhyun’s won. They both know it, and Siwon is ready to accept defeat.

It was his bet, after all. He has to assume the consequences of his actions. He doesn’t really mind being the bottom, actually. He’s been it before—he has no preference when it comes to that. He just couldn’t resist riling Kyuhyun up.

“Take your shirt off,” Kyuhyun demands as he stands up on top of him, his cock brushing against Siwon’s as it twitches. “And turn around.”

Siwon obliges him without a fuss; Kyuhyun’s expression is contorting in pain and it’s audible in his voice too—it’s probably taking him every single bit of energy he has to hold back enough to take the time to stretch him, and he’s going to need to save as much of it as possible for the next week. They both will, because Siwon doesn’t intend for this to be a one time thing.

Except that, before he turns to lie on his front, Siwon sits up to snatch the bottle of lube right out of Kyuhyun’s hands, which utterly confuses the younger man who has no idea what’s about to happen. He doesn’t have time to ask, though; the next thing he knows, Siwon is pulling him into yet another heated kiss by the nape of his neck, and his other hand wraps around his cock, smearing lube onto it and making Kyuhyun growl against the other man’s lips. Fuck, it feels good—but it’s not nearly enough. Siwon is too slow, too gentle, and Kyuhyun is too impatient to let this go on for very long; he lasts for about forty seconds before he forcefully pushes Siwon off of him, pupils blown out and menacing.

“Turn. The fuck. Around,” Kyuhyun booms.

“I’m prepping myself first,” Siwon announces, but it sounds more like a warning, an order to stay put and wait than a simple statement.

“You better hurry up,” Kyuhyun commands.

If it were only for them, both Kyuhyun and Siwon would skip this fucking step—sadly, alphas can’t self-lubricate like omegas and some betas can, and Siwon’s not very keen on taking him raw. Kyuhyun’s size isn’t particularly intimidating, but his body isn’t made to take cock at all, though it’s weirdly enough the only thing he’s okay taking up there at all. He’s extremely uncomfortable with the idea of letting someone else stretch him out. It’s too unnatural for him to give another person so much control over him.

Getting to his knees, propping his upper body up with one arm, Siwon uses his already lubed hand to slide his middle finger in; he hears Kyuhyun groan behind him, and the younger man’s free hand soon finds its place onto his left asscheek, spreading him open as much as possible. Kyuhyun’s breathing is frantic—he won’t hold on much longer and Siwon knows it.

Kyuhyun’s nails dig into his skin as a deep, assertive rumble escapes him. He’s sweating profusely and his eyes close shut to avoid staring at Siwon and be too tempted to just take him right then and there; he won’t until Siwon is ready, but dear fucking God is he taking a long time to stretch himself out, and Kyuhyun’s just growing more and more frustrated with every second that passes.

“I’m topping next time,” Siwon declares.

Kyuhyun opens his eyes to finally look at him; Siwon is spreading his cheeks apart, baring himself out to him—he’s ready, and the look on the man’s face tells Kyuhyun that he fucking needs to hurry before he changes his mind. Siwon doesn’t like feeling so exposed.

“In your fucking dreams,” Kyuhyun retorts, lining his cock with the clenching ring of muscles.

Kyuhyun wastes no time before pushing in, loving the sound of the quiet moan that comes from Siwon as the man throws his hips back against his, meeting him halfway, and letting Kyuhyun know just from that that he doesn’t need to wait to let him adjust to his size. Which is a good fucking thing, because Kyuhyun certainly wouldn’t have been able to stand still and wait.

The fact that Siwon smells like an alpha prevents his urge to breed from getting triggered, but it surprisingly doesn’t seem to affect anything else about him. Kyuhyun still feels the need to mark, to claim, to own, to dominate; to knot him especially, even in the absence of the breeding part. He’s not sure Siwon will let him, much to his chagrin, but the fact that the man is letting him fuck him and is enjoying it too is more than enough for him.

Siwon doesn’t let him do all the work, though. He’s meeting his every thrust with his own, in perfect synchronisation, wanting Kyuhyun to finally get the release he so desperately needs as quickly as possible; he’s taken it as a personal challenge to see how quickly he can get the younger to cum, even if the idea of taking a knot kind of terrifies him. He wants to try, though, out of sheer curiosity to know what it feels like.

Though he’ll never admit it out loud, Siwon likes the feeling of being full; the warmth growing progressively more intense with each thrust is so comforting to him for some reason that he’s almost addicted to it—and that coupled with the electric shock sent straight to his cock every time Kyuhyun hits his prostate makes him feel so fucking good that he can overlook the fact that he’s letting another alpha have his way with him. And actively enjoy it all, too.

“Fuck,” Kyuhyun curses behind him. His thrusts are beginning to get sloppy, though they still hit just as hard as before—he’s close. He tries to tell Siwon, but he can’t manage to form any words other than swears. He can’t focus on anything but the feeling of Siwon’s ass clamping down on him with so much force it’s suffocating. But Siwon knows he’s about to cum; his knot has already started to swell, he could feel it, and the closer Kyuhyun gets to his climax, the more eager Siwon becomes rather than scared like he was at the beginning.

“Knot me,” Siwon permits him, trying his best not to sound like he’s begging, with moderate success.

Kyuhyun isn’t sure if he’s heard that properly, but he doesn’t have time to wait for his uncooperative brain to process the information before he bottoms out one last time; his grip on Siwon’s hips tightens so much that there’s absolutely no doubt that it’ll leave marks when his knot swells, locking him in place, and holy shit Siwon did not expect it to feel this good. The added pressure is all he needs to come undone, staining his bedsheets with his cum, and he collapses onto his pillow as his arms completely give out from under him.

He can feel Kyuhyun’s cum finally shoot out inside of him a few moments later, the younger man cursing and moaning in pleasure under his breath as he drapes himself over Siwon’s body, and he leaves a light kiss onto the man’s shoulder blade, almost as a way to thank him for letting him do this with him. The fog in his mind begins to clear, and even if he knows it’s only temporary, it’s such a relief that his entire body goes lax and his weight crashes down onto Siwon, though the latter honestly doesn’t seem to mind.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you ?” Kyuhyun pants after a moment. Now that he’s actually able to think again, he started to reflect on just how confident Siwon was about the whole thing; aside from the discomfort he felt about leaving Kyuhyun in charge, Siwon didn’t look nervous or apprehensive at all, and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but be a little suspicious.

“Once or twice,” Siwon admits, chuckling. “I fucked a lot more alphas than that, though.”

“What ?” Kyuhyun blinks in complete shock. He could’ve never possibly imagine Siwon being so used to having sex with other alphas.

“Get some rest,” Siwon completely dismisses him. It’s not that he wants to keep it a secret—he just wants to tease Kyuhyun a little. “We’ll need all the energy we can get when your rut acts up again in a couple hours.”

Siwon winces a little when Kyuhyun’s knot deflates and his cock slips out of his hole; they hadn’t been exactly gentle with each other. Yeah, they definitely both need to rest.

“You’re still not topping,” Kyuhyun warns him.

“Yeah, yeah,” Siwon mocks him, rolling his eyes. He’s not going to let Kyuhyun win this time. “Whatever you say, big guy. Now you better go to sleep if you want to have enough strength to beat me.”

“Fine,” Kyuhyun grumbles, letting himself roll to his side, back turned to Siwon.

As Kyuhyun closes his eyes, he feels two strong arms wrap around his waist, and he’s being pulled back into Siwon’s chest; everything within him is screaming at him to push the man away, but for whatever reason, he doesn’t—instead, he just places his hand over Siwon’s and tries his best to relax. He’s still not used to being so intimate with another alpha, and it’s definitely a little strange to him, but there’s a part of him that wants to explore more of it, to see if it would be possible for them to truly make it work.

And luckily for him, he’s got an entire week to do just that.