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Help me Feel || Violet Evergarden x Major Gilbert Fanfiction

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A blue ray of cold light flowed from between the slightly open curtains that drape from the wooden hanger above the narrow window, casting a cool glow along with the dark timber flooring that's free of dust and mess. Dull-colored clothing hangs from a short rack near the tall, dark dresser as a variety of small paintings stare blankly from the creamy-colored walls. I blink my large eyes that are heavy with sleep before allowing them to fall on the Major's sun-kissed back. My ears begin to burn as I catch myself trailing my curious gaze from the top of his shoulder, down the center of his back, and to where it disappears underneath the wooly blanket.

The Major's dark hair is tousled atop his head which rests delicately against his pillow, the gloomy light from outside inflicting a small shine on his soft strands. A sudden sense of sadness washes over me as I remember that I will never be able to touch him with my hands - I will never have the satisfaction of feeling his hair between my fingers or being able to feel anything for that matter.

Gently, I sit up and flick the warm covers off, exposing the bare skin of my legs and arms to the winter air. With practice, I quickly attach my robotic arms and make my way to the bathroom stealthily - not closing the door behind me. I doubt he will wake up, let alone accidentally enter while I'm bathing.

I turn on the taps of the large bath, watching with droopy eyes as the steamy water fills the bottom of the tub. Some assortments of bath products catch my eye from the small sink under the large bronze mirror, and I reach for them. I raise the lavender soap to my nose and after sniffing it slightly, I add it to the rising water as well as some dried rose petals.

My blue eyes catch my appearance in the reflection that hangs from the wall, glancing over my messy hair. I grab the soft-bristled brush from the porcelain and run it through my blonde strands, gliding my fingers through them once they're knot-free. Once I'm finished, I turn back towards the full bath and turn off the water - the gushing sound being replaced with the popping of the white bubbles.

I slip the silky pink gown from my pale shoulders, wiggling my body to allow the material to fall down my legs effortlessly. As I reach for my white underwear, the bathroom door creaks slightly, causing me to stand back up straight before turning around to face the intruder.

His emerald-green eyes shimmer from the doorway as he leans against the frame shirtless. Strong, tanned arms cross over his toned chest while his long, green plaid pants drape dangerously low from his hips, exposing his definitive v-line. I drag my eyes back up to his once I've finished drinking in his winter attire, my own blue orbs sparkling when I see he is also exploring my body.

"Good morning Violet," the Major says quietly, the morning husk in his voice causing a fluttering feeling in my stomach. Before I can reply, his eyes drop to both of my breasts, causing me to also glance down at them. My light pink buds are swollen from the cold air, aiming slightly upwards from the perk beneath them. Although they are a little under the medium size, they hold their shape rather well and suit my proportions complimentarily.

The Major steps closer towards me and take my chin in a gentle hold, tilting my face up towards his. Up close, I can see his light freckles and fine lines around his eyes from years of stress due to his position as Major. His lips are pink and soft-looking, the white of his teeth peeking from the slight gap of his mouth. Our eyes meet gradually and I watch as his long lashes flutter shut before he leans down, sealing the space between us with a long kiss.

My eyes fall shut as I feel his warm arms envelope my naked torso, pulling me closer to his bare chest. His mouth opens slowly as his warm tongue trails out and glides along my bottom lip, which I respond to by opening my mouth slightly. Before he continues with the kiss, his teeth nibble on my bottom lip and bring it into his mouth smoothly, sucking on the tender skin. My eyebrows tug upwards at the center as his rough hand moves from the middle of my back to the shelf of my ass, grasping it tightly. I try to concentrate on his tongue as it roams freely in my mouth, but the aggressive fondling of my behind is enough to make my vision blur slightly. A small moan leaves my lips, causing the Major to pull away hesitantly, his emerald eyes boring into mine with such a strong swirl of lust I could barely recognize them.

"You make me crazy Violet, you don't have the slightest clue of what you do to me," his voice growls lowly before he repositions his chest back to mine, however he grabs both sides of my ass this time. His eyes never leave mine as he lifts my cheeks, causing them to spread slightly. I nibble the corner of my lip nervously as his eyes dart to the cleavage of my breasts as they press against his.

"Major?" I squeak, not being able to read the look in his darkening eyes. Before he replies, his hands move the side of my panties, where he pulls them down my smooth legs. Gilbert doesn't stand back up, he kneels there on one knee which his eyes glued to mine as his face stays close to my exposed mound. One of his dark eyebrows is raised as his gaze holds mine, but it doesn't last long before they flicker to the shaven area in front of him.

Not another word leaves his mouth as his tongue snakes out and reaches for my special area, slipping into the slight gap for my sensitive bud. I throw my head back and squeeze my eyes shut, trying to keep my legs from trembling as his tongue vibrates against me, leaving a warm trail of spit. When I look back down, his eyes are back on mine again, rolling slightly as he continues to work his mouth.

A loud moan flows from my open lips as The Major's lips attach to my swollen bud and suck violently, his hands reaching behind my legs to lift one by the nape of my knee, holding it up so he has better access. I seethe at the sight of the Major lapping at my smooth folds - his face so content it would appear he enjoyed doing it.

Just as the tremble in my legs begins to increase, the Major's mouth disappears from my mound. I gasp and throw a frustrated look at him which only falls upon a bareback as he steps into the hot bath. I watch as the bubbles and rose petals retreat in the water as the Major seeps into the white cloud, keeping his wet chest above the water with his arms draped along the sides of the porcelain royally. Catching on to his invitation, I follow after him and submerge my body under the pale blue water.

Trails of white steam emerge from the bath, clinging to any surface before fading into nothing. My blonde hair now appears darker under the water and as I watch the locks float under the surface, the Major's hand briefly caresses the soft skin of my ankle. I dart my eyes upwards to meet his, which are hooded over as his head cocks to the side. A few strands of hair fall in front of his eyes as the rest is slicked back with water. His fingers then wrap around my ankle and pull me so I'm sliding along the bottom of the tub towards him, the thick body of water sloshing around me. His hand unwraps from my ankle once my legs are bent at the knee and on either side of him, his legs straight and pressed against either side of my ass.

As a thick blanket of bubbles covers me, the Major takes his hand and runs it through my hair from behind my ear, stopping and grabbing a fistful once he's at the back of my head. Before he jerks my head back, his other hand submerges underwater and plants itself onto where my thigh and pelvic bone crease, pulling me closer. I feel the soft skin of his base against my mound and try not to shudder as his emerald eyes bore into mine in close proximity.

The Major then plants an open-mouth kiss on the side of my neck, taking the tender skin into his mouth before letting go with a quiet 'pop.' I close my eyes with a sigh as his lips trail kisses down the side of my neck towards my shoulder that's ornamented with bubbles.

Without thinking, I place my metal hands on his chest, looking down at them over my cheeks; wishing I could feel his warmth with my own fingers. Before I can pity myself, even more, he lets go of my hand and hip to grip the bottom of my hind and lift me into his lap. Bubbles float into the air from the action and I stare down at him with open eyes. As steam snakes towards the roof like trails of smoke, I feel the long length of his member against my stomach, his base cushioning the opening of my mound.

The Major's head cocks up towards me as my gaze bellows from above, searching every part of his face for embarrassment or bashfulness. His left-hand reaches above the water and rubs my lower back, trailing his thumb down my hot skin. From this new position, my perky breasts rest above the water covered in bubbles, barely 30cm away from the Major's face. Sensing my nervousness, he plants his hands back on the underside of my ass and lifts me, allowing the natural stance of his member to return. I feel his tip along with my sensitive bud as he holds me above it, tensing so it wags back and forth. I let out a small whimper he slowly lowers me down onto him, the girth of his shaft slowly filling up my hole. My eyes squeeze shut as I concentrate on the feeling of him slowly entering me, pushing deeper towards my cervix.

"Major," I cry as his hands release their hold on me, dropping me onto him which causes his length to slam against my inner wall. The sound of a loud clang fills the bathroom as I slam my hand on the space next to his head on the bath, his head skillfully moving to the other side. The furrow of my brows softens as the searing pain relieves and is replaced with a fluttery feeling. Once my pained expression has fully dissolved, I place my other hand on the edge of the bath and tilt my head down, boring my icy blue eyes into his emerald green ones, a determined look on my face. Before he can even smile, I begin rocking backward and forward, the momentum causing the bathwater to move with us. We hold eye contact even when his thick member fully exits before sliding back in with ease from the water, hitting my sensitive inner walls.

Gilbert is the first to break composure as he leans his head back against the rim of the tub, his adam's apple protruding. A small smile graces my lips as I lean down and kiss the lump, sucking it gently as quiet groans come from his mouth. Then suddenly, the Major sits up and pulls me off of him, skillfully twisting me around and bending me forcefully over the edge of the bath. Before I can move, I feel him shove his wet member back inside of me and thrust so the front of his thighs is pressed against the back of mine.

I arch my back instinctively as I reach up and grab the side of the bath for support, only for the Major to plow into me so vigorously that my hand slides along with the wet porcelain and slams back into the water. Screams leave my open mouth as his working hands grip my ass while his length repeatedly slams against my cervix, the ribbed texture of his shaft grinding along the insides of my walls. He leans over me while he jerks my head back by my hair, nibbling on my ear as his grunts are magnified.

"I'm in control Violet," he groans, sucking on my lobe as more moans pour from my mouth in understanding. My response isn't good enough however as he jerks my head back again.

"Do you understand?" He seethes, his thrusts getting harder and faster into me, causing the rocking of the water to accelerate as our thighs clap together.

"Y-yes Major," I stutter between moans of pleasure, holding onto the bath again as I feel my stomach churn. Sensing my obvious likeliness of his actions, one of his hands' snakes around my waist and falls to my tingling bud, rubbing it in a continuous circle as his strokes speed up faster than before.

"Major," I cry as more moans leave my mouth, my body trembling uncontrollably as I near my orgasm. I don't even notice the Major's tender kisses on my shoulder as I jerk and splash in the water over the bath's edge, my whole body clenching at the end of his length. The Major doesn't let me finish before he shoots his hot seed inside of me - both of his hands on my breasts.

Our hot breaths mingle in the bathroom as droplets of water drip from the bath, large puddles scattered all over the floor as we sit in a half-empty bath. My eyes are closed as I listen to the comforting thud of the Major's heart in his chest, his hand stroking my wet hair comfortingly. We stay like that for a while until the water turns cold and we are ready to start our day.