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BL One Shots

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Team knew that Win was a touchy person. Ever since they met, if both boys were together, you could almost guarantee Win had his arm slung over Team’s shoulder. By now Team was used to it. He knew when he saw his boyfriend, Win’s arm would be on him in seconds. It was a comfortable feeling. Reassuring.

Often at times the arm would slip down and find itself wrapped around Team’s waist with Win’s hand resting on his hip. If they were with friends, Team would push him off, pretending to be annoyed at the clinginess. Then later they would be wrapped up in each other’s arms, cuddling on Win’s bed.

He hated to admit it and wasn’t good at expressing his feelings to Win, but he loved when his boyfriend would subtly touch him. If a day went by where he didn’t see him, the lack of contact would leave him in a bad mood.

Team thought by this point that he’d memorised every place Win would touch him. The burning feeling of Win’s fingers on his skin was permanently etched into his mind.

But then one day they were in the car on a Friday night, on the way home after swim practice. Dean and Pharm were in the back seat, Pharm giggling to whatever Dean had said.

Stopping at a red light, without even thinking about it, Win stretched his hand out and rested it on Team’s thigh. Team’s stomach was filled with butterflies at the new feeling.

“Hia!” Team whispered, embarrassed. Pushing his hand off, he glanced to the back seat to thankfully find their friends hadn’t been paying attention.

After they dropped their friends off at Pharm’s dorm, they headed home. Stopping in a bit of light traffic, Win dropped his hand to rest in his lap. A few seconds of contemplating and Team was reaching over, grabbing Win’s hand and placing it back on his thigh.

Facing the window, a blush crept up Team’s neck to his cheeks. Win’s hand gave his thigh a small squeeze before he slowly spread his fingers out, grazing just under the fabric of his shorts. He couldn’t see the smirk on Win’s face but he knew it was there.

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Dean, Win, Pharm and Team were already sat at their usual lunch table when Manaow ran over, her lunch almost spilling off her tray.

"Woah. What's the rush?" Pharm laughed once she'd sat down.

"I was just... in the girls bathroom... and I overheard...” Manaow said, trying to catch her breath. She took a few deep breaths before carrying on. "There's a girl that likes Win and apparently she’s going to try and get your attention today at lunch.”

Win just rolled his eyes at the new information. Throwing his arm over Team's shoulder, he leant his head closer to his boyfriends, lowering his voice. "Good luck to her. My attention is unwavering.”

"Hia!" Team protested. Pushing his arm away, he got up. "I'm going to get a drink."

"Can you get me one please?" Win asked, fluttering his eyelashes. Team just rolled his eyes so Win took that as a yes.

Win watched his boyfriend walk away with a smirk on his face before turning back to his friends. Thinking about it, he found it odd that someone was planning on approaching him. Him and Team had been together properly for a few months and even though they hadn't officially announced it and they weren't as obvious as Dean and Pharm, their public behaviour had definitely changed. So much so that their friends had asked them one day if they were dating and they just confirmed it. So he was surprised others hadn't caught on by now.

A few minutes later, after buying both drinks, Team made his way back to their table. But by the time he was a few feet away, he was stopped by a small group of girls.

Win watched for a few moments as the girls obviously flirted with Team while he stood their oblivious. Win wasn't surprised at all. Team was probably the most oblivious person he'd ever met. It took Win ages to convince Team he was flirting with him. Even after they kissed, Team didn't realise Win liked him. Plus he knew how much Team loved him so he wasn't worried in the slightest about the girls.

Manaow exaggeratedly cleared her throat and Win turned his head to look at her. She leant across the table and loudly whispered to him that they were the girls from the bathroom. His mouth formed an O and he nodded before turning back around just in time to see the girl at the front put her hand on Team's bicep.

All rational thinking went out the window when he saw that. He didn't care about people talking to his boyfriend, but he drew the line at touching, especially if it was suggestive. Win knew the girl was only doing it to make him jealous, and it was working, just not the way she hoped.

The girl turned her head, catching Win's eye. With a small smile on her face, she slowly dragged her hand down Team's arm, stopping at his wrist. Win gripped the edges of his seat, stopping himself from going over there and ripping her hand off his boyfriends arm.

However when he looked from the girl to Team, he saw him looking at him with wide, pleading eyes. Team wasn't the best in social situations when strangers were involved and Win could tell by the look in his eyes that he was uncomfortable and wanted help. Win promptly got up from his seat and made his way over to Team, acting like he had only just seen the group standing there.

Once he was next to Team he put his arm around his waist and pulled him closer, causing the girl to drop her hand from his wrist.

"Hi P’Win! What’re you doing here?" The girl asked, pretending like her whole plan wasn't to make him come over. She twirled a piece of hair around her finger while she waited for his answer.

"Just came to get my drink from Team.” Win told her before he plucked the drink from Team's hand and took a quick sip. Win licked his lips after and couldn't help but notice Team's stare. He smirked, leant in and gave Team a quick peck. "Thanks baby.”

Team looked just about as shocked as the girls. Win looked at them and smiled triumphantly before grabbing Team's hand and pulling him back to the table, not waiting around for them to say anything else.

As he sat them both down, he could hear their friends laughing quietly but he only paid attention to Team. "Are you okay?"

Team just nodded. Letting out a small sigh of relief, Win wrapped his arm around Team's waist and pulled him closer, placing a soft kiss on his forehead. Team blushed fiercely. Win expected to be pushed away, however, Team opted to bury his head in Win's shoulder.

Win felt a shiver go down his spine from Team’s breath on his neck. After a few moments, Team shuffled so he was still lent on his boyfriends shoulder but so he could continue eating. Win picked up a crisp from the bag and brought it up to Team's mouth. He took it with a shy smile, wanting to hide in Win's shoulder again but wanting to eat too.

Win continued feeding his boyfriend with one hand while the other rubbed slow circles in his hip with this thumb. He pretended he couldn't see Manaow taking pictures but would get her to send them to him later.

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Win and Team had flirted around each other for four months, Win's crush blossoming into real feelings by the time he was brave enough to ask Team out. Team had been nervous at first, this was his first relationship and he knew what his friends were like. To avoid the teasing, Win and Team decided to keep their relationship a secrect.

By the time they'd been together for a month, Win was ready to tell their friends. He wanted people to know Team was his but he knew his boyfriend wasn't quite ready yet so he didn't bring it up.

They'd been together for two months when Win started getting anxious. He knew from the beginning that Team was the one for him. He never wanted anyone else again. He'd had relationships before but Team was his longest and he was scared of how much he already loved him. Scared that Team would think they were moving too fast if he told him. He was scared to loose him.

By the time they'd been together three months, Win's anxiety had gotten worse. Team had noticed something was wrong but Win told him he was fine. He was not ready to tell his boyfriend he had an irrational fear of him leaving, especially since he'd been nothing but loving towards Win.

Win believed he could fix everything himself. He didn't need to get Team involved in the stupid thoughts he was having. He usually would've talked to Dean if Team couldn't help but that would mean revealing to his friend that he was dating their junior.

He hadn't felt anxious in about a week and hoped that meant he was feeling better. He pretended he didn't know it was because they didn't have classes for two weeks and Team had slept over every night.

Deciding to make the most of their break from exams and essays, Win, Team and their friends went to a festival just outside town. They enjoyed listening to the music and dancing stupidly with each other and Win completely forgot about his worries for the moment.

Towards the end of the night, most of the group had gone off to find food which left Win and Team together. Team was listening to a band he liked but Win needed the bathroom so he excused himself and told Team he'd meet him back there.

The line for the bathroom was long and by the time Win made his way back to the concert area, the band's had changed. He looked for Team where he'd left him but after 10 minutes of walking around, he started to panic. He knew he was being silly. He knew Team hadn't just left him there, he probably just got distracted and wandered off. But now Win was alone in a crowd of unfamiliar faces and once he started spiralling, he couldn't stop.

He made his way towards the food stalls. Finding a quiet corner against a wall, Win sunk to the ground and pulled his knees to his chest, tears silently streaming down his face. When a warm hand touched his arm, he looked up into the eyes of the man he loved. In a second, he pulled Team into a bone crushing hug. He knew he'd have to explain himself to his boyfriend, there was no getting out of this but he would enjoy the feeling of holding him until then.

After they got back to Win’s dorm, Team sat him down on the edge of the bed and went to the small kitchen. Coming back with a glass of water, Win thanked him and took small sips.

"What happened?" Team asked.

"It's really stupid.”

"If it's making you upset, it's not stupid." Team told him, taking the empty glass from Win's hand and replacing it with his own.

"I love you.” Win started.

"I love you too." Team replied reassuringly but let his boyfriend carry on.

"I'm pretty sure I've loved you since I first saw you at the swim club tryouts. It scares me sometimes when I think about how much I really love you. I know we've not been together that long so l didn't say anything because I didn't want to scare you off."

Win paused to take a deep breath then carried on. "I've been having some anxiety recently and been worrying you might eventually leave me so earlier at the festival when I came back and you weren't there I just panicked."

"Oh Hia.” Team reached up to cup Win's cheek. "I wish you'd told me before. I love you so much too. I don't want anyone else, trust me. You and me until the end."

The few tears Win was holding back fell at Team's words. He brought his hand up to rest on top of his boyfriends and smiled brightly at him. "Until the end."

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It had been just over a week since Team had seen Win properly. Win had exams before their two week break from school and Team had insisted he should sleep in his own room so he didn't distract his boyfriend from studying.

Win had declined saying he would be fine but Team knew himself. He couldn't be in Win's room, looking at him, without needing to have some sort of physical contact so even if it meant he would miss seeing Win, it was better if Team just wasn't there.

Team had wanted to see Win on the Saturday, mostly to just lay in bed and cuddle all day but Win was celebrating the end of exams with Dean and Pruk so Team invited Pharm and Manaow over instead.

Pharm and Manaow had come over early to try and get Team's mind off the fact he hadn't spoken to Win in nearly 24 hours. When that didn't work from inside his room, they decided to drag him outside instead.

As they headed out the apartment building into the car park, they came face to face with Dean and Pruk.

"P'Dean. What're you doing here?" Pharm asked.

"We’re here to get Win." Dean replied.

"I thought he was meeting at yours?" Team questioned.

"He was supposed to, but he didn't turn up and he's not answering his phone." Dean told him.

A panicked look made it's way onto Team's face. "I was texting him yesterday afternoon but haven't heard anything since then. I assumed he just crashed straight after class but he hasn't texted me this morning either."

Without another word, the group turned and made their way back into the building. After taking the lift up, Team walked towards Win's room with purpose, the others followed a few steps behind.

Stopping infront of Win's door, Team knocked a few times, getting no answer.

"Hia? Are you in there?' Team called, knocking again. After still no answer, Team pulled out his key to Win's room and unlocked the door.

Team pushed the door open slightly, peaking in to make sure the others didn't see him changing or something. Team let out a small sigh of relief before turning to his friends, bringing a finger to his lips and pushing the door open more to revel Win still curled up in bed asleep.

Dean let out a little laugh as he rolled his eyes and turned to Pruk. "I guess it's just you and me then."

Team walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Hia. Wake up, Hia. P'Dean and P’Pruk are here. You were supposed to go out with them today."

Win attempted to open his eyes and made a pained noise in the process. With concern, Team lifted his hand to brush the hair off his boyfriends forehead and gasped when he felt how hot he was.

"Hia! I think you have a fever. Are you sick?"

Win just moaned as he pulled the blanket higher up under his chin.

Team sighed at the sight of his boyfriend wrapped up in his blanket. He was clearly sick and he looked so small and vunerable. Team just wanted to wrap him up in his arms and take care of him until he was better.

Remembering he wasn't the only one in the room, he turned back to their group of friends who were still waiting in the doorway. "I think I'm just going to stay here and look after him if that's okay?"

"Of course. We'll see you both when P’Win's better." Manaow said.

"Yeah. When he wakes up, tell him we'll go out another day instead.” Pruk told him and Dean nodded in agreement.

Team just nodded at them and smiled. Pruk and Manaow left first and Team got up to close the door as the other two turned to leave.

"We hope he feels better soon.” Pharm said, looking back over his shoulder. Turning back around, Pharm linked his hand with Dean's and shuffled closer. "So now we have no plan's, what do you want to do?"

"Oh, I have an idea.”


Team chuckled as he closed the door softly and made his way back to the bed. He slowly ran his fingers through Win's hair like he knew he liked and heard him sigh contentedly in his sleep.

"Don't worry Hia. I'm going to take care of you."

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It had taken a lot of convincing but Team, Pharm and Manaow had eventually talked their partners into taking a well deserved break and going away for a weekend. Except now Team sat in a bar with his friends feeling guilty for thinking about his boyfriend when he should be enjoying himself too.

Team looked over at his friends from the bar while he ordered himself a soft drink, thinking about how he was going to have to drag them both home later. Pharm didn't get too bad when he was drunk, he usually just played it up infront of Dean so that he'd coddle him. Manaow on the other hand, was a sloppy drunk and would fight her own shadow if she thought it looked at her funny.

Team didn't like to drink, he preferred to watch his friends as they embarrassed themselves but his favourite part of being completely sober was enjoying how extra clingy and soft Win would get. He loved his boyfriends almost permanent smirk and cheeky personality but also loved when he'd just hold his hand tightly in bed and brush the hair out his face while he stared into Team's eyes.

As if Team's thinking had summoned him, his phone vibrated and he pulled it out of his pocket to a text from Win.

From: Hia ❤️
I miss you x
What are you doing tonight? x

To: Hia ❤️
Out with Pharm and Manaow, watching them get drunk x
Miss you too x

From: Hia ❤️
I wish you were here x

To: Hia ❤️
Go have fun with your friends x

From: Hia ❤️
You too. Be safe. I'll talk to you later x

Team slipped his phone back in his pocket, sparing a glance at his friends to make sure they were still there before he turned back to the bar and ordered his drink.

As he waited for his drink, someone sat down on the stool next to him and started talking. He turned and saw it was a guy from one of their classes, although he couldn't remember his name. Relieved it wasn't just some drunk guy trying to chat him up, they spoke for a while.

As the guy spoke about one of their class assignments, Team's mind wandered back to Win. Usually Win helped him with his assignments if he was struggling but half the time he got distracted by the way Win looked when he was in teacher mode.

With that thought in mind, Team moved foreword and leant his chin on his hand, day dreaming about what they'd be doing if Win was here right now.

A smile made it's way onto his face and not three seconds later, there was a pair of lips on his. He flinched back with a shocked look and pushed his classmate back towards his own stool.

"What the hell are you doing?" Team almost shouted, but he didn't want to draw attention. "You know I have a boyfriend!"

The boy looked around for a few seconds. He turned back to Team, a smirk on his face. “I don't see P'Win here."

Team just scoffed and turned away, making his way over to his friends who had apparently seen the encounter. Manaow was already out of her seat, Pharm just behind her, trying to stop what ever she was about to do. She stormed up to the bar and tapped the guy on the shoulder. The second he turned around, a slap landed on his cheek and she shouted about not kissing someone without their permission.

Pharm moved foreword and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards the door where Team couldn't leave quick enough. Team dropped his friends off at their apartments without saying a word and made his way back to his own room. He kicked his shoes off as soon as he got in and climbed into bed, pulling the covers up to his neck as tears started welling up in his eyes.

He replayed the scene over and over in his head. What was he supposed to tell Win? He'd sat and talked to his classmate for a while. They had laughed and joked about stuff. Had he given him the wrong impression? Sent him some sort of signal? Had he cheated on Win?

Hours later and Team couldn't fall asleep with the guilt he was feeling from the events that played out earlier. He got out of bed, slipped his shoes on and went up one floor to Win's room where he buried his head in his boyfriends pillow and eventually fell asleep.

When Team woke up on the Sunday, he had a few messages from Win letting him know what they were doing in the morning, what time they'd be back and asking if Team would be staying in his room that night.

Team didn’t know what to reply. He didn’t want his messages to make Win suspicious and he hadn’t figured out how he was going to confess to him yet so he just replied that he would be in his room when he got back and didn’t reply to any of Win's follow up messages.


Win had been texting Team throughout the day and it was like talking to a brick wall. He'd got one sentence back all day and started worrying if his boyfriend was okay. They'd talked at least every two hours since Win had left with Dean and Pruk on Friday afternoon. The last time he spoke to him properly was Saturday night when Team said he was at a bar with his friends. He wanted to ask if something had happened but he didn't think Team would reply anyway so he decided to wait until he got back.

When he arrived back to his room earlier than expected, he found Team sat at Win's desk, homework spread out. It was obvious Team hadn't noticed him come in as he was still sat with his head in his hands, pulling slightly at his hair.

Win dropped his bag on the bed and made his way over, placing his hands on Team's shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze. The action caused Team to jump and Win assumed it was from being surprised. Team tensed slightly before relaxing and turned the chair, looking up at Win.

"No welcome home hug?” Win half joked but secretly he wanted to hold him in his arms after not seeing him for two days.

Team gave him a small smile and got up. Wrapping his arms around Win’s waist, he ducked his head to rest on his chest. Win instantly knew something was wrong. He knew his boyfriend liked to be held in this specific position when he was upset. Not wanting to press him for details though, he just pulled Team closer and held him tighter.

That night, Win wrapped Team up in his arms in bed, missing the feeling. Team had been unsually quiet since he got back. Win had asked if he was okay but he said he was fine then went to take a shower. Win hoped Team would open up to him soon so he could try and help.

As the week went on, the obvious gap between them got bigger. Win noticed Team barely wanted to hug or kiss him and would ignore all his other advances. Team had also started sleeping on the other end of the bed, out of Win’s arms. Win had trouble sleeping, thoughts running through his mind about what could have caused the change in his boyfriends behaviour. Being awake most of the night, he would see Team toss and turn as he had a bad dream. He would comfort him until he fell back into a relaxed sleep then Team would subconciously roll back away from him.

During a study session with Dean the next Friday afternoon, Win found himself thinking about Team again instead of concentrating on his work.

Win sighed, put his pen down and ran a hand through his hair. "I think Team is going to break up with me.”

Dean stilled mid sentence and looked up at his friend. "What? Why?"

"He's been acting really strange since we got back last weekend. I spoke to him Saturday night and he was fine then Sunday he only texted me back once and I sent him like 30 messages. Now he doesn't want to hug or kiss me, he won't cuddle in bed and he barely says two words to me.” Win told him.

Dean looked like he was having an internal struggle about whether he should speak and when Win just raised an eyebrow at him, he sighed.

"I was hoping Team would tell you himself but I can't watch you suffer. Pharm told me that when they were out last weekend, a guy kissed Team and he's apparently been thinking that he cheated on you. Pharm told him to talk to you but he said he didn't know how." Dean confessed.

Win took a few moments to process what Dean had told him. He went from sad that his boyfriend was carrying around guilt for something he didn't do to angry at the guy that did it to him.

"Who was it? I'm going to kill him." Win glared, getting out of his chair, ready to storm out.

Dean gave him a look that made him stop. "I don't know who it is, someone from one of their classes. Don't worry though, Pharm said Manaow handled it."

"Should I go and talk to him?” Win questioned, still stood over the table.

"Maybe just leave him a bit longer. He's obviously not ready to talk about it if he's not brought it up yet."

Win nodded, thanked his friend and sat down to attempt more work.

Two days later is when Win finally cracked. He'd been watching Team constantly and could see he wasn't his usual upbeat self even when they were with their friends. But now in Win's room, Win sat on his bed and Team at the desk, he could see how uncomfortable he looked. His shoulders were permanently tensed, he wouldn't look Win in the eye and he avoided asking questions about his work even when Win could tell he was struggling.

Wanting to see his happy boyfriend again, Win tried starting a conversation to clear the air. "You seem uncomfortable, Team. Is there something you want to talk about?"

Team tensed even more than Win thought possible then suddenly his shoulders were shaking and he started crying. Win's eyes widened and he was off the bed and at Team's side in less than three seconds.

He pulled him up and over to the bed. Sitting them both down, he took Teams hands in his. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to make you cry."

"I cheated on you, Hia. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.” Team blurted out through sobs.

"Tell me what happened, love." Win told him. Win knew none of it was Team's fault but he hoped by having him say it out loud, he would realise that he didn't do anything wrong.

"I was sat at the bar, talking to someone from class. We were talking for a while and I leant foreward to lean on my hand and he kissed me.” Team confessed. "I'm sorry, Hia."

"Baby, you didn't do anything wrong, okay? You didn't cheat on me. It only counts if you wanted it as well." He informed his boyfriend.

"I didn't!" Team almost shouted, jumping up.

Win gently pulled on Team's arm to sit him back down. He lifted his hand to stroke his hair. "I know."

Win guides Teams head to his chest and continued stroking his hair until he had calmed down.

"So you don't want to break up with me?" Team asked.

Win pulled away slightly to look into Team's eyes. He wiped the remaining tears from his cheeks. "Of course not, baby. I love you, okay? You didn't do anything wrong."

"I love you too." Team replied, leaning his forehead against Win's.

They stayed in that position for a few moments before Team leaned in and pressed his lips against Win's. Win enjoyed the action after feeling disconnected from his boyfriend for a week.

Content to just share a small kiss for now, Win stayed where he was. However, Team deepened the kiss and pushed Win slowly back onto the bed. They both shuffled backwards towards the pillows to be more comfortable. Win kept the kiss as slow as possible, deciding now was not the right time for either of them.

Stroking his hand up and down Team's back, they kissed for a few more moments before Team pulled back and looked at Win, the exhaustion evident on his face, probably mirroring his own.

"I'm tired, Hia.”

"I know, baby."

Win pulled Team's head to his chest. He stroked through his hair, whispering how much he loved him as he felt Team’s breath even out. He stayed awake a while longer, admiring his boyfriend, before he tightened both his arms around Team’s waist and fell asleep as well.

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Win and Team had been best friends for five years. They met at a ball held by Win's father, King Wanichakarnjonkul, to find a suitable wife for their eldest son Wan.

Win and Team had become quick friends and wanted to spend all their time together. However, being from different areas of the kingdom and them only being 13 and 16 at the time, they had to make the most of the time they spent together when their parents were in meetings.

As they got older and Win was trusted to take care of Team, they would sneak away together for hours at a time. Instead of performing his royal duties, Win would be with Team, usually swimming at their favourite lake buried deep in the woods.

As soon as Win turned 21, Team knew the invitation would arrive. He had mentally prepared himself for the hurt he would feel. The king was throwing a ball to find a wife for Win.

As Team read the paper over and over, his tears started to fall. It really sucked being in love with your best friend.

The day of the ball came and Team dressed in his best suit. He plastered on his best smile and entered the ballroom with his parents. The ballroom was practically empty, only some lower class people like himself. There was nothing royal about Team or his family. His father was a tradesman and provided a lot of materials for the royal family. They were well off but not well know, which is why they got a lot of looks at these events. Team assumed the only reason they were invited was because of the friendship between his father and the King.

Team knew how these things worked. Being some of the first people to arrive, they must wait for everyone else to be announced. First to arrive would be the multitude of Princesses that will try to grab Win's attention. Most will be accompanied by their parents, trying to marry off their daughters to climb higher up the royal ladder. Others have been pining after Win for years. Not that Team was any different, he'd been pining for years too, he was just a bit more subtle.

Once all the girls had arrived, next would be the King and his wife. The room would fall silent as the announcement was made. Once they’d entered, they would make their way around the room, greeting guests and making small talk.

It would still be a while yet before Win would arrive, making his grand entrance. Team’s parents had left him about an hour ago to socialise and he’d been at their table, alone, ever since. Getting impatient, Team looked around and when he noticed no one was even glancing in his direction, he snuck out.

Having spent a lot of the last five years at this palace, he knew it like the back of his hand. Making his way down the south corridor, he greeted the staff that walked by. Nearing Win’s room, he noticed a few dressers going in and out, probably putting the finishing touches on Win’s royal outfit.

He walked up to the room, and greeted the man stood outside. “Hello Marcus.”

Marcus bowed his head slightly and smiled. “Good evening N’Team. What can I do for you?”

“Just here to see P’Win.” Team told him.

“I’m afraid Prince Phawin is getting ready for the ball. Perhaps you could greet him there.” Marcus suggested.

“I have seen Hia getting ready multiple times, I’m sure it would be fine.” Team explained before feeling guilty for not addressing Win properly in front of his guard.

Before anything else could be said, the bedroom door opened to reveal Win’s personal dresser, Prem. “I will let them know you are ready Prince Phawin and send a guard to collect you shortly.”

“Thank you, P’Prem.” Win looked over his dressers shoulder and smiled brightly when he saw Team. “Please send N’Team in.”

Prem stepped aside to allow Team in and he hid a smug smile as he passed the guard, not wanting to seem disrespectful. Once Prem had left and closed the door, Team heard Win sigh loudly.

“I really don’t want to do this, Team.” He confessed.

Team resisted the urge to tell him not to. To suggest they stay locked in the bedroom and refuse anyone that wanted to marry Win. But he couldn’t do that. So instead he took a deep breath and walked towards where Win was standing by the balcony.

“Oh come on. It might not be that bad.” Win just gave him a look and Team laughed. “Yeah, okay. P’Wan’s was a disaster but he still found a wife and they’re very happy!”

“I just know I won’t be happy with any of them. I can’t love them the way I love-“ Win cut himself off by clearing his throat and turned away.


“You already love someone?” Team asked quietly, hoping his voice wasn’t giving away the fact his heart was breaking.

Silence filled the room for a few moments before Win turned back around and looked directly at Team. “Yes.”

“Are they here tonight?” Team questioned.

“Yes.” Taking a chance, Win took a step forward, eyes still locked with Team’s.

“Do I know them?”

“Yes, very well actually.” Another step.

Was it one of their other friends? How could he have been so stupid. Hoping one day that his best friend might suddenly return his feelings but instead he loved someone else.

As Team had an internal struggle, he failed to notice Win had stepped up in front of him, both hands on the balcony railing, essentially boxing him in. Team looked up when he finally felt his presence in front of him.

“Hia, what are you doing?” Team flushed from their position. Win dangerously close for his heart to handle. Team flicked his eyes down quickly to Win’s lips causing the other boy to do the same. Taking an extra second to stare, by the time he looked back up, Win’s eyes were still on his and Team failed to notice the gesture.

“Team, I lo-“

There was a knock at the door, making Win jump and step a few feet away from Team. Team let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and willed Win to stand close to him again.

Win straightened himself up before calling for whoever was at the door to come in.

“We are ready for you, Prince Phawin.” Marcus, the guard, informed.

“Thank you.” Win said, turning back to Team. He opened his mouth to speak again but Team beat him to it.

“I will go first then.” Team said quickly before rushing out of the room. He practically sprinted back to the ballroom, slowing down only when he passed other guests. He slipped back in unnoticed and sat back down at his table where his parents were still nowhere to be seen.

A few minutes later and the crowd silenced as Win was announced. The doors at the top of the stairs opened slowly to reveal Win, looking more beautiful than before, if that was even possible. He descended the stairs gracefully, eyes catching with Team’s for a few seconds before he reached the bottom where his parents stood.

The King gave a short speech, thanking everyone for attending and introduced his son again. He told them that introductions would start shortly and reminded everyone that by the end of the night, Win would have found his bride.

Team forgot about that part. Forgot that Win had to choose this evening and the couple would be announced to everyone at the end of the night. Team’s heart broke, wishing he could  be the one his best friend chose. A stray tear fell from his eye and he wiped it away quickly, hoping no one noticed. But when he looked up, his eyes locked with Win who stared at him intently.

As soon as the King had finished his speech, Win was whisked away to meet all the beautiful Princesses that were eager to win his heart. Team tried to look like he wasn’t sulking but he wasn’t sure he was conveying that very well. The few people that came to greet him, took one look at his face and left in a hurry. Even his parents chose to leave him alone again after he wouldn’t engage in conversation.

It had been three hours since Team spoke to Win last and he hadn’t moved from his spot. Desperately needing the bathroom but not wanting to interact with others, be made his way to Win’s bedroom and used his private one.

After he was finished, he came back into the main room and saw Win sat on the sofa, hands pulling frustratingly at his perfectly styled hair.

“Hia? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you with your guests?” Team questioned.

Win looked up at him then and Team could see the sadness in his eyes. “I’m going to refuse to marry.”

“Hia, you can’t do that.” Team was shocked. He’d never heard of a Prince refusing to marry before.

“I can and I will!” Win shouted. Team flinched at the noise and took a step back.

A guilty look flashed across Win’s face as he got up and moved towards Team, grabbing his hand and bringing it to lay on his chest. “I refuse to marry any of those girls. They are not the one I love and I will not subject one of them to a loveless marriage. I will not marry a stranger. I want to marry someone that I know everything about and that knows me too.”

Team took a shaky breath, tears building in his eyes. “Hia, what are you saying?”

“I want to marry you, Team. I love you wholeheartedly. I love your smile when you laugh and the relaxed look on your face when you’re sleeping. I love the way you admire the flowers even though you’ve seen them a hundred times. I love the way you stick out your tongue when you’re concentrating and how you can always make me happy just by being here. I love how to you I’m Hia, not Prince Phawin and you treat me like a real person and not just a pawn. I am completely and without a doubt in love with you.”

Team couldn’t stop the tears from falling at Win’s confession. He tried to speak but the lump in his throat prevented it so instead he took Win’s other hand and brought it up to his chest and laid it over his heart. He hoped Win could feel how fast it was beating.

Win smiled shyly and looked at Team’s lips for a brief second before taking a step forward. “Tell me to stop if you don’t want this.”

When Team didn’t say anything, Win raised an eyebrow at him in question.

Taking a deep breath, Team closed the gap between them and pressed his lips to Win’s. It was a slow kiss and neither tried to deepen it, content to just enjoy the moment. Their first kiss.

Team pulled back slightly and rest his head against Win’s. “I love you.”

After a few moments of staring into each other’s eyes, bright smiles on both their faces, they closed the space again for another kiss. This time it was more fervent. Years of yearning for the other slipping out at once. Win licked Team’s lips and Team opened his mouth instantly. Win’s hands wrapped around Team’s waist and pulled him impossibly close. Team’s hands ran through Win’s already messy hair and tugged slightly, earning a moan from Win.

Deciding that was the best sound Team had ever heard, he was determined to hear it again. Team pushed Win back slowly until the back of his legs hit the sofa and he sat down, pulling Team to straddle his lap. Breaking the kiss, Team moved to Win’s neck, softly kissing along his jaw line, careful not to leave any marks. Win moaned and just as he had snaked his hand up the back of Team’s shirt, a knock was heard at the door causing them to break apart.

Win sighed as he looked up at Team who had a blush on his cheeks. He smiled softly at him, giving him a quick peck before Team moved so Win could go to the door. Halfway there, Team stopped him silently, straightening his clothes and smoothing out his hair as much as possible.

Team quickly made himself look presentable as Win opened the door. “P’Marcus. What can I do for you?”

Marcus peered into the room and saw Team sitting on the sofa. Win cleared his throat to bring his attention back. “Your father has requested your presence back at the party. He would like me to inform you that he has chosen a bride and needs your approval.”

Team tensed in his seat and he could see Win do the same. “Please tell my father I would like to speak with him and mother before I rejoin the party.”

The guard just nodded and bowed before he left hastily to deliver the message. Win sighed as he closed the door and went back to Team’s side.

“What are you going to tell your parents?” Team asked, worriedly.

“I’m going to tell them the truth. That I don’t want to marry one of those girls. That I love you and want to be with you.” Win told him, taking Team’s hand between his own. Team smiled and rest his head on Win’s shoulder contently. They stayed in that position before Win’s parents arrived 10 minutes later.

Win dropped Team’s hand as they both stood up to greet his parents. Once the small talk about how well the party was going was out the way, Win changed the subject.

“Mother, father, I have something I need to tell you.” Win told them. His father gestured for him to continue. “I don’t want to marry one of those Princesses.”

“What’s the problem, son?”

“I love someone else.” Win confessed, subtly interlocking his fingers with Team’s on the sofa between them.

“Why didn’t you just say so! Who is she? Do we know her parents?” His father questioned.

“Honey.” His mother spoke, placing her hand on her husbands arm and gesturing towards the boys hands. “I don’t think it’s a girl, dear.”

He looked down and with a shocked look, saw their hands. The room was silent for what felt like minutes before Win’s mother spoke again. “Darling, is Team the one you love?”

“Yes, mae.” Win stared at his lap, not wanting to see his fathers reaction.

“Team, what about you?” She questioned. Win lifted his head to see Team already looking at him with so much love and adoration.

“I love him too, mae.” Team replied, a smile growing on his face.

“I’m happy for you two.” Both boys turned their heads in shock at Win’s fathers words.

“Me too.” His mother agreed.

“Thank you both.” Win moved to give them both a hug.

“We will start preparations for the wedding tomorrow.” His father declared.

“Actually, I was hoping we could hold off for a bit. Team is still young and I don’t want to rush him if he’s not ready.” Win explained.

“Of course, darling. We will leave you alone but the party is almost over. Please join us soon so we can at least have the honour of announcing the engagement.” His mother told him. He nodded with a smile and turned back to Team once they’d left.

“What’s that about me not being ready? I will marry you right now.” They both laughed and Win joined Team back on the sofa.

“I know. So would I. But I’m not being robbed of the chance to propose properly.” Win grinned at the blush that made its way on to Team’s face and lent in for a kiss, picking up from where they left off.

30 minutes later and they were both stood outside the large doors to the ballroom, waiting for Win’s father to announce their engagement. Team was nervous to say the least. Everyone in that room was expecting the doors to open and see Win with a beautiful girl on his arm. Except it would just be Team. Team couldn’t be happier that Win loved him too and that they were going to spend their life together but people could be mean, especially Princesses when they don’t get what they want.

A team of dressers rushed round them, straightening clothes, fixing hair and attempting to cover a mark Win had left on Team’s neck. Win smirked as he saw his make up artist struggle to match his colour concealer to Team’s skin but she got their in the end. You would have to be standing very close to Team to notice the slight difference and now that Win had him, he didn’t want anyone else too close.

“I love you, Team.”

“I love you too, Hia.”

A horn sounded behind the doors and they could hear the room fall quiet. Squeezing Team’s hand, Win took a deep breath to calm his excitement. Win could hear his father addressing the room softly before he raised his voice to announce the couple.

“May I please present to you, my son Prince Phawin Wanichakarnjonkul and his fiancé, Team Siriyothin.”

Chapter Text

Off and Gun have just arrived back at Off’s place after a busy day of shopping. They put their bags down before Gun heads to the kitchen, pulling two drinks from the fridge. He returns to the living room and hands one to Off.

"I'm going to put my clothes away, Papi.” Gun tells him, picking his bags up again.

"Okay, I'll start on dinner." Off replies, getting up from the sofa and making his way to the kitchen, grabbing the groceries on the way.

Gun made his way to Off's bedroom, which was practically his too at this point. He has his own night stand, they share a wardrobe and they even have their own sides of the bed. If you walked around Off's apartment, you would see signs of Gun everywhere. Bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen. Gun would often go back to his own house, with Off in tow of course, to spend time with his family and grab more of his things. But he couldn't remember the last time he'd slept anywhere but in Off's bed with his boyfriends arms wrapped around him.

Downstairs, Off had just started chopping vegetables for dinner when he heard Gun come into the room. He turned to see Gun had changed into one of the outfits he had brought him that day.

"Ohh, baby. You look so good. Why did you get changed though? Are we supposed to go out again?"

"No Papi. I just wanted to take some pictures for instagram. Can you help?" Gun put on his best puppy dog eyes and how could Off possibly say no to that face. He just nodded and took Gun's phone when he handed it to him, following him into the living room.

Gun posed by the blank wall behind the sofa while Off moved around and took multiple pictures. Satisfied with the pictures, he handed the phone back to Gun who started scrolling. Before Off could turn back to the kitchen, he heard Gun groan and saw a pout on his face.

"Did I not get the right angle, baby?” Off asked.

"No, the angle was great, thank you. The lightings just bad in here right now.” Gun explained, gesturing to the window where the sun had almost set.

Gun is silent for a moment, before the pout on his lips in replaced by an expression that is one of Off’s favourites. The mere look on Gun's face is making him excited.

"I know where there's better lighting." Gun tells him, a small smirk on his face.

"Where?" Off asks, already knowing the answer.

"Your bedroom." Gun replies with a wink, turning and leaving the room. Off is following behind in an instant, completely forgetting about dinner.

Chapter Text

"So you love him then?" Dean asked Win. They were at a bar with Pharm and Team and Dean had seen the change in the way his best friend looked at his boyfriend.

Team and Pharm had just left the table to go to the bathroom so Dean took the opportunity to ask.

Win quickly looked behind him to make sure their boyfriends weren't on their way back. "I love him more than you love pharm."

"Okay, not possible. Why don't you tell him?”

"I don't want to scare him off. We've been together a few months but he's never had a relationship before. I'm taking it slow for him, which I'm fine with, but I don't want him to feel like I'm rushing him." Win explained.

Dean just nodded as his friend took a breath before carrying on. "I'm fine with where we are now and once he's ready, I'll make sure he knows how I feel. God, he's so beautiful and he just lights up my whole world when I see him. I have to physically stop myself from hugging and kissing him in public because of what he does to me. It's so frustrating, I can’t even look at him sometimes.”

“Yeah, you need to tell Team." Dean told him, a stunned expression on his face from his friends confession. He’d never seen him like this.

"I'm going to see if they want another drink. Do you want anything?" Pharm asked as they made their way back to the table.

"Yeah, I'll come with you. Let me just grab my-.“ Team stopped abruptly around the corner from their table when he heard his boyfriend talking.

"…so frustrating. I can't even look at him sometimes."

“Yeah, you need to tell Team." Dean said.

Team was quiet for a minute and Pharm saw the expression on his face. "I know what you're thinking. I'm sure he didn't mean it like that.”

"I'm gonna go home. Sorry Pharm." Team said quickly. Pharm didn't even have time to reply before Team was rushing away to the table.

Team grabbed his phone, wallet and keys before turning to face the two guys. "I'm going home. I'll see you later.”

Dean and Win stared in shock as Team rushed out. Pharm sat down in his spot next to Dean with an awkward look on his face.

Win started getting up to go after him. "I should go after him. He looked upset.”

"I think he is upset but I'm not sure he would want to talk to you right now." Pharm told them quietly.

"Why not?" Win snapped.

Dean glared at him before turning to Pharm and taking his hand. "What happened?"

Pharm glanced up at Win before looking back down at his hands. "We were coming back from the bathroom and Team heard you and P’Win talking.”

Both boys were silent so Pharm looked up to see a shocked look on Win's face. “Shit. He heard what I said?" Pharm just nodded.

“What should I do? I knew it was too soon and now I've scared him off.”

"Just explain that you didn't want to rush him and that you weren't going to say anything yet". Dean suggested.

"Wait, what are you two talking about?" Pharm was majorly confused.

"Team heard me tell Dean that I love him?” Win questioned.

Pharm signed in relief before he became worried. "That's not what we heard at all. All he heard was you say that he frustrates you."

"I need to go home and talk to him." Win said, picking up his stuff off the table.

"Hold on, I'll give you a ride. Team brought you didn't he?" Dean asked.

"Yeah he did. Thanks."

The three of them left in Dean's car. He dropped Win off at his dorm first before going home with Pharm.

Once Win was out of the car, he immediately went to Team's room. After knocking for a few minutes and getting no answer, he made his way up to his own room, hoping his boyfriend was there.

As he opened the door, the first thing he saw was Team sat on his bed, hugging his knees to his chest. Win quietly closed the door and took his shoes off.

Before Win could say anything, Team spoke up. "Are you going to break up with me?" He quickly wiped away the tears that started spilling.

Win quickly made his way to his bed and shuffled to sit on his knees infront of Team. He brought his hands up to Team's cheeks and gently lifted his head until they locked eyes. He leant in slowly and kissed Team with so much love that he hoped Team could feel.

"I never want to break up with you, Team."


Win took Team's hands in his. "I'm really sorry that what you heard upset you, baby. But it was a complete misunderstanding. I wasn't going to say anything yet because I don't want you to feel rushed but I need to explain."

Win stayed silent for a moment before taking a deep breath. "I love you Team. So much. That's what I was talking to Dean about. I told him I was happy to go at your speed because I don't want to put pressure on you. I know this is your first relationship and I know it scares you sometimes. But I love you so much I sometimes can't even look at you otherwise I will kiss you in public. That's what makes me frustrated. More at myself because I know in those moments I’m only thinking about myself and not how it would make you feel."

Win finishes his confession and looks at Team for his reaction. He doesn't say anything but Win sees tears streaming down his face and surprisingly a small smile.

Team lifts his hands and pulls Win in for another kiss, just as lovingly as the first. Pulling back, Team rests their foreheads together. "I love you so much too, Hia."

Win sighs in relief and pulls them both down to lay on the bed. They shuffle around, cuddling with Win’s chest to Team's back with his arms around his waist.

Team plays with Win's fingers for a few moments before he rolls over and places a small kiss on Win’s lips. "I'm going to marry you one day Phawin Wanichakarnjonkul.”

Win pulls Team in tight and runs a hand through his hair.

Team pretends he doesn't notice Win's silent tears.

Chapter Text

Off was confused and a little upset. He hadn't seen Gun in days and it was starting to feel like he was avoiding him. On the first day, he just assumed Gun had an extra tight schedule and didn't have time to see him, which he understood. But he had asked if Gun wanted to have dinner together and the younger said he was still busy. Off understood again but by the time day four had come, he'd only seen Gun for about 5 seconds here and there before he'd run off in the opposite direction.

Off grew more worried over the days, noticing Gun looked sad most of the time. More than once he'd round a corner to see Gun with a pout on his face. The smaller boy would see Off and his whole face would brighten up, instinctively taking a step towards him before he stopped. Off would see the pained expression on his face as he looked like he had an internal struggle before turning and rushing away.

Off sighed, wondering if he had done something to upset the other boy, although after racking his brain he couldn't come up with anything. He hadn't forgotten Gun's birthday or missed any anniversary and he always wrote down all of their dates in his calendar to make sure no one double booked him for an event, so it wasn't that either.

Off unfortunately didn't have the time today to follow Gun around and try and get him to talk like he wanted to as he was doing promotion with Tay for a new series. So with a huff, he turned around and made his way to the studio. It had been three hours since Off arrived and
apart from getting his hair and make up done and changing clothes, he'd done little of anything else. He was currently sulking in the corner while Tay was having his photo taken, wishing he could just go home and continue to brood in private.

Ten minutes later and they were ready for him so he got up and shuffled over to where there was an X marked on the floor. After taking pictures, he prepared to film a short video introducing himself and a little about his character in the series. Except every time the director yelled cut, he'd barely got two sentences out.

"What's the problem?" They'd asked him. He was having trouble focusing, thinking about Gun again and it was starting to affect his work. When he didn't answer, they sighed and told him to take a break.

He made his way back to his seat before Tay sat down a few seconds later. "What's up with you today, peng?”

"Gun isn't talking to me and I don't know why." Off explained.

"Maybe he's just busy today?”

"I thought that at first but it's been four days and the only thing he says to me is that he's busy but I saw his schedule for this week and it's pretty light. I just don't know what I've done to upset him. He keeps running away every time he sees me."

"Maybe Gun's just-" Tay was interrupted by Baz, an actor who had just joined the company, who was starring in the series alongside them. He seemed nice enough so they included him in most conversations but he had a habit of planting himself into private moments.

"Talking about that little guy?" He asked with a chuckle. Both boys just looked at him for a moment before he turned his attention to Off. "How's it feel not to have him clinging to you all the time? Bet you can finally breath again."

"Excuse me?" Off was shocked and ready to get out his chair in a second.

"Peng." Tay tried but he barely registered it.

"Well that little guy's always hanging off you right? It's like you're not allowed to do anything by yourself. But now he's gone, right? So you're welcome." Baz smiled thiumphtly, like he'd just solved all of Off's problems.

"What are you talking about?" Tay asked.

"I may have just mentioned to him that he is a bit clingy and maybe he should back off a bit and let P'Off do his own thing."

Off saw red. In a second, he was up out of his seat and had Baz up against the wall. "You're the reason my b-“

"Off!" Tay called.

Off took a deep breath, realising what he almost just said. "You're the reason Gun has been avoiding me?”

"He's always so touchy and you look like you hate it. I thought I was doing you a favour."

Tay scoffs. "That's just what they're like, you can't just-“

Off stopped him by holding a hand up “I’m going to give you a bit of advice because you're new here and you'll listen if you plan on staying. Stay out of other people’s buisness, and if I see you talking to Gun, you'll regret it."

The guy just nodded as Off shoved him away before turning to Tay. "I'm going to find Gun. Tell them I'll be back soon if they ask.”

Off rushed out of the room and through the building towards where he knew Gun was working. When he entered the room, he looked around but couldn’t see the younger boy.

Spotting Jennie, he walked over. “Do you know where Gun is?”

“Oh, he’s already finished for the day. He looked pretty upset when he left though. Did you do something to him?” She wondered.

“Not me, but I’ll fix it.” Off replied before leaving the room. He planned to go to Gun’s after work if he’d already left but as he started walking back to the studio, he noticed a small body sitting in the corner of the lounge room.

Knowing that it was Gun, he slowly opened the door and entered, closing it behind him. When he noticed no one else was in there, he spoke. “Gun, can we talk please?”

Gun’s head snapped up and he looked at Off with wide eyes. He quickly got up and moved to leave. “Sorry, I should go.”

“Please, baby. I miss you.” Off pleaded as Gun’s hand made for the door handle. Gun could hear the sadness in Off’s voice and he turned to look at him.

Gun’s heart broke at the look in his boyfriend’s eyes. In a second he was across the room and in Off’s arms. “I’m sorry, Papi. I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

“I know you didn’t.” Off said, tightening his hold on Gun. He sighed in relief at the feel of his boyfriend back in his arms. After a few moments of hugging in silence, Off leant back to look at Gun’s face. “I know what Baz said to you. Please don’t listen to him or anyone else if they say something like that. I love having you around me. I miss you so much when we’re not together I wish we could be all the time. I love when you hold my hand and hug me. These last four days have been torture, not talking to you or touching you.”

“I’m sorry, Papi. He said I was holding you back and not letting you do your own thing. I only want what’s best for you.”

“I know, but you’re what’s best for me. You make me a better person and actor. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you so please don’t think for a second I don’t always need you by my side. I need you just as much as you need me.” Off explained, wiping away a few tears from Gun’s cheeks. “Okay?”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too. Now let’s go. I have one thing to finish before we can go home.”

Off led Gun through the building, back to the studio where he glared at Baz as he walked past. He left Gun sitting with Tay, who pulled him into a hug, noticing he looked sad. Giving one more look to Baz, he went back in front of the camera to film his promo video.

“Cut! That’s it for today. Great work Off. That break definitely helped.” The director called.

Looking over at Gun, their eyes locked and he smiled. “Yeah, I think I just needed to recharge.”

Chapter Text

It was almost the end of lunch when the TeamPharm fan page was brought up.

“The TeamPharm fan page has a new post,” Manaow had explained, lifting her head and looking around the crowded canteen. “Someone’s posted photos from the start of lunch.”

Team groaned from next to Win and he looked at him for a moment before turning back to Manaow. “The what?”

“The TeamPharm fan page. There’s a lot of people hanging on to that ghost ship. I thought they would’ve given up by now,” Manaow told Win, turning her phone around to show him the pictures that were posted earlier. Pharm was blushing at something Team had said, probably teasing him about Dean, as Team laughed.

Win had to admit, the photo was pretty cute, but that didn’t stop him from focusing on the fact that people were ‘shipping’ his and his best friends boyfriends.

“How long has this been going on?” Dean questioned, taking the phone from Win’s outstretched hand, scrolling up through old posts.

“Since the start of the year,” Manaow replied.

“What?!” Dean and Win almost shouted at the same time.

“Yeah, they either don’t know or choose to ignore the fact that they both already have boyfriends. It’s pretty odd but what can you do,” she shrugged, turning her attention back to her half eaten dinner.

Dean laid the phone back on the table as he looked up at Win. As though they’d had some kind of silent conversation, they nodded at each other before turning back to their partners.

In the following days, Win and Dean both noticed more and more a group of girls that would watch their boyfriends. Usually they would sit quietly chatting but the minute Pharm and Team started interacting, their phones would be out and they’d be giggling to each other. They weren’t close enough that it was invading their space but now that the two older boys had noticed them, they couldn’t let it go. They didn’t want to outright tell the girls to stop as they didn’t want to be rude so instead they made a plan to show them that Pharm and Team already had boyfriends.

A week later at lunch is when Dean noticed the group of girls again. They were eating in a mostly comfortable silence, exchanging conversation every now and then when he looked across the cafeteria and saw them a few tables over.

Dean watched them for a few moments, noticing them looking over a few times, talking behind their hands. Having an idea, he focused back on the boy sat next to him. He picked up some food and held it up to his boyfriend.

"Here, try this," Pharm blushed, watching Dean with wide eyes. Dean nodded for him to take it so he slowly leant forward and took a bite.

Pharm was still blushing, head down with a small smile on his face when Win decided to do the same.

"Do you want some of this?" Win asked, taking Team's attention away from the game he was playing on his phone.

"Oh, thanks Hia," Team replied, using his own spoon to pick some up, completely oblivious of what Win was trying to do.

He lifted his own spoon to Team, offering him more. "No thanks, I'm full," Dean just chuckled as Win huffed.

The next day, during a swim club practice, Manaow joined Pharm to take snacks for the team. They walked into the pool area, catching the eye of Team who made his way over.

After chatting for a few minutes, Team had to go back to practice so the two friends made their way to the stands to wait. The interaction didn't go unnoticed by a few girls from the TeamPharm fan page. The squealing coming from the stands caught the attention of a few team members, including Dean and Win.

About halfway through practice, Dean called for everyone to take a break. Team pulled himself out of the pool and immediately Win was infront of him, wrapping a towel around his shoulders.

"You okay, Hia?" Team questioned, pulling his swimming cap off his head. Win's hand instinctively went up and started smoothing down the edges of Team's hair that stood up.

"Yeah, everything’s fine," Win replied, glancing over Team's shoulder to see Dean talking to a shy looking Pharm. He leant forward, placing a kiss on Pharm's cheek before walking away with a bag in hand.

Win's attention was brought back to Team when he cleared his throat. He looked at his boyfriend intently and noticed a shy expression.

"So I was thinking, maybe we could skip the shower here and head straight back to yours after practice? Shower together there instead?" Team whispered, making sure no one else could hear.

All Win could do was nod with his mouth hanging open at Team's forwardness. Dean called the end of the break and Team handed his towel back to his still dazed boyfriend before he got ready to get back in the pool.

It wasn't until a week later when Manaow told them that the TeamPharm fan page was as popular as ever that Dean and Win decided to give up their plan and just let it happen.

"I thought we were being pretty obvious but I guess it wasn't working," Win said.

"Oh trust me, it was obvious. We knew exactly what you two were doing," Team explained, addressing Win and Dean. Pharm nodded in agreement.

Both boys were quiet for a moment before Dean spoke. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Honestly, it was kind of nice," Pharm confessed shyly.

Dean grabbed Pharm's hand and brought it up to his mouth, leaving a gentle kiss on his knuckles.

Win turned to Team with a hopeful look but was met with a playful expression that meant 'don't even think about it’.

A few weeks had gone by and neither Win nor Dean had thought about the fan page again. As it turned out, they didn't really need to try that hard to show Team and Pharm already had boyfriends, as them just acting normally was enough for the TeamPharm fan page members to start dropping like flies.


Win and Team were cuddling in Win's bed when Team spoke. "Hia?"

"Yeah, baby?" Win whispered while he ran his fingers through Team's hair.

"I know it's taken me a while to get comfortable but if you want to tell more people that were dating, then I'm okay with that."

Win's hand stilled in Team's hair and he leant back to look at his boyfriend. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Team replied, leaning forward to kiss Win. Win smiled brightly as he pulled Team into his chest.

That night after Team had fallen asleep, Win opened instagram and posted a photo of Team from before they were dating with just a heart as the caption.

It was from when Win had taken Team to see the Christmas lights. Not long after they had kissed, Team was turned slightly away from Win, looking up at the lights with a smile on his face. Win had captured the moment and kept the picture since then.

The next morning, once Team had seen the post, he complained about it not being a good picture of him but left his own heart underneath anyway.


Dean and pharm had planned to go on a date after Pharm's last class of the day. Not wanting to waste any time, Dean arrived to pick him up with a bag of his clothes like he had done many times before.

After Pharm had got changed, he made his way back to Dean who took his bag from him. As he pulled it up on to his shoulder, Pharm's eyes lingered on Dean's jacket hanging on his arm.

He was too shy to admit it, even after all the time they'd been together, but he loved it when Dean let him wear his jacket when they were out or his shirts when they were at home.

Noticing Pharm's gaze, Dean pulled the jacket off his arm and held it up without a word. Pharm blushed as he put his arms in. Gaining a second of confidence, he balanced on his tiptoes to place a quick kiss on his boyfriends lips before grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the carpark.

Chapter Text

Pete had just finished his last class of the day so he made his way to his car to pick up supplies. He and Ae hadn't planned to see each other today but since they had both been busy and missing each other, Pete planned a surprise dinner for once he got back to his dorm.

Pete had found out Pond would be away for a couple days and had shly asked to borrow his key. After a few minutes of teasing and Pete going bright red in the middle of the cafeteria, Pond had finally agreed.

Pete pulled away from the school carpark and drove to one of Ae’s favourite restaurants, picking up his take away order. He would of preferred to cook for his boyfriend but he didn't have time to go back to his own apartment to make anything so this was the next best thing.

After he'd got the food and drove to Ae’s dorm, he grabbed his bags and made his way upstairs, unlocking the door with Pond's key. Pushing the door open, he noticed the mess the room was in. Shaking his head with a small laugh, he kicked the door shut and set the bags down, getting started on tidying up the room.

Making the room look presentable took longer than Pete initially thought so by the time he'd done that, set the table and put the food out, he didn't have long before Ae would get back. Pete quickly got changed out of his uniform into some more comfortable clothes before doing a once over of the room. His eyes stopped on the table and he sighed to himself.

"Forgot the candles in my car," He lifted his wrist to check the time. "I should have time if I'm quick."

Grabbing his keys, he quickly left the room but bumped into a body as he closed the door. Thinking it was Ae, he turned with a smile on his face only for it to fall when he saw who it was.

"Surprise! Did you miss me?" Trump sneered.

"What are you doing here?” Pete asked nervously.

"I want my money," Trump demanded, stepping even closer.

"Please leave me alone, I'm not giving you anything,” Pete told him and slipped past towards the stairs during a second of bravery.

Trump just laughed as he followed Pete down a few steps before stopping him by grabbing his arm. “You won’t give it to me, fine. Maybe I'll just take something else from you. So nice of you to lead me to your boyfriends room."


Ae locked his bike up as he thought about his plans for this evening. He had wanted to see Pete but he wasn't sure if the taller boy was busy and he didn't want to seem annoying and clingy. So he was probably just going to have dinner, do his homework and have an early night as he knew he would be seeing his boyfriend the next day.

Turning around he saw Pete's car parked close to the entrance and with a big smile on his face, he raced inside to see his boyfriend. As he made his way up the stairs he could hear someone talking but it was too quiet to hear.

Rounding the last corner up to his room, he stopped in shock. He saw Pete with his back to Trump and that asshole's hand on his boyfriend.

Before he could do anything, Trump had spoken and Pete turned round so quickly that Trump dropped his hand.

"Don't you dare hurt my Ae," Pete almost shouted, somehow finding the bravery to shove Trump away. However the look on Trump's face made Pete crumble and he took a step back as he started stuttering.

"You're dead,” Trump shouted, lunging forward and grabbing hold of Pete’s shirt, pushing him up against the railing.

Ae snapped out of his shocked state. Dropping his bag, he ran up the last few steps, pulled Trump back by his collar and punched him hard. He heard the crack of Trump's nose before he shoved him down the steps.

"Come near Pete again and I'll do more than break your nose," Ae threatened.

"This isn't over," Trump said, cradling his bleeding nose as he got up and walked away.

Turning to face his now crying boyfriend, Ae took Pete into his arms and held him tight. "It's okay, I've got you. Don't cry baby."

"I didn't know he followed me... he said you.. I pushed him... I'm sorry," Pete stuttered out between breaths.

"It's okay, calm down, he's gone,” Ae held Pete close until he calmed down enough to talk.

"I'm so sorry, Ae. I didn't know he followed me. He knows where you live now."

"You don't have to apologise, it's not your fault. I'm not scared of him anyway. If he comes here again, he'll regret it. Why are you here anyway?"

Pete perked up at the question. "I brought dinner. I thought we could eat then watch a movie and cuddle? I've missed you.”

"I've missed you too. Come on, let's go inside then,” Ae let go of Pete for a second to grab his bag before he took hold of his hand and walked them to his room.

Walking in, he saw how the table was set and the room had been cleaned. Giving Pete's hand a squeeze, he led him over to the table and pulled out a chair for him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek as he sat down. "This looks lovely, thank you Pete.”

Pete blushed as Ae put some food on his plate. Pouting as he rememberd why he left the room in the first place, he spoke. "I had candles too."

Chapter Text

Dean wasn't sure when the feelings started. At first he was just his junior, a swim club member and soon a friend. But then he realised his eyes would linger too long after he'd get out the pool, he would be waiting for him to arrive at their usual lunch table and would feel sad when he didn't. He would count the hours before he'd see the boy again and would become instantly happy when he did. Not that he'd let it show.

But he was not good with his feelings and he'd never had a relationship before so Dean just suffered in silence and pretended he wasn't in love with Team.

There were times when he'd make a plan to confess his feelings to Team and ask him out but would chicken out at the last minute.

The one time he'd gathered up enough courage to ask if Team wanted to get dinner, he'd thought he'd meant everyone, so Dean's first date with Team quickly turned into the group of friends going out. Dean gave up after that, hoping that one day maybe he'd try again and it would go right that time or that by some miracle, Team would develop feelings for him too. He was being optimistic.

Often Dean would get jealous of how close his best friend Win and Team were. He'd tease Team asking if there was anything going on between the two and would feel relief when the younger boy would deny it.

As the months went on. Dean learned to accept that nothing was going to happen between the two of them, that he would have to quietly love Team from the sidelines. However, his acceptance didn't make seeing Team in a loving relationship any easier.

Dean wasn't sure when the change in their relationship had happened. Perhaps behind closed doors where Dean hadn't had the pleasure of going. But having to plaster a smile on your face as your heart was breaking, while your best friend tells you he's dating the person you love, was one of the hardest things Dean has ever had to do.

Sitting at their usual lunch table, Dean had noticed Win and Team had been extra quiet, stealing glances at each other multiple times. Dean only noticed because he kept looking at Team too.

Towards the middle of lunch, Team had nodded at Win before the older boy had cleared his throat, gathering all his friends attention and announced that him and Team were dating.

Dean felt ringing in his ears and he knew that if anyone was looking at him at that moment, they would see the heartbreak on his face.

Win grabbed his attention after a moment, not sure how long he'd been silent. He faked a smile and hugged his friend, saying he was happy for them both.

The conversation quickly turned to questions about their relationship and Dean just tuned the voices out. All he could focus on was Team's face. The way he looked at Win with so much love that Win reciprocated wholeheartedly. The way his smile got brighter and his eyes lit up when Win said something sweet. The way a blush rose from his neck and covered his whole face when Win said something that should've been private.

The way he didn't even look away from Win once. Didn't notice the sadness in Dean's eyes. Didn't love Dean back and the older boy had lost all chances he ever had to see if he could've.

Team didn't love Dean, and that was okay. His friends were happy and that's all that mattered. Still, it didn't stop his heart from breaking a little bit more every time he saw them together.

Chapter Text

Kongpob was currently at a bar with his friends and a few seniors, including his boyfriend Arthit. They’d only been dating a few months but it had been some of the best months of Kong's life.

Although their friends knew about their relationship, Arthit was still shy about it, something Kong would happily admit he loved. He loved the way Arthit would blush and push him away if he was being sweet in public, because behind closed doors his boyfriend was getting more comfortable with showing his affection.

Tonight, the two boys had got ready at Kong’s dorm before going their separate ways once they arrived, finding their own friends on either side of the bar. Although both groups knew each other from the university and had gotten to know each other better due to Arthit and Kong’s relationship, it was still nice to spend time with their own friends. Even if your partner was just on the other side of the room.

Over a few hours, both boys caught up with their friends, occasionally stealing glances at each other from across the room or exchanging quick words while ordering drinks.

It was near the end of the night and Arthit was pretty drunk. Kong's eyes were on him to make sure he was okay, barely paying attention to the conversation his friends were having.

He pulled his eyes away for a few seconds, focusing on a funny story his friend M was telling. As he finished, his friends erupted into laughter, Kong joining them.

To calm his laughter, Kong took a deep breath at the same moment someone walked past, blowing smoke from a cigarette directly into his face. Kong inhaled the smoke and exploded into a fit of coughing, trying to clear his lungs. However it was no use. Despite it being a long time since he'd had an attack, Kong could feel his chest tightening, an obvious sign he was having an asthma attack.

Kong clutched his chest as his glass slipped from his hand, smashing on the floor. M had gripped his shoulder, leading him back gently until he was sat down. "Kong? Are you having an attack?"

Kong managed out a weak nod and patted his pockets, looking for his inhaler. When he didn't find it, he dropped his arm to hang at his side.

"Shit," M cursed. He lifted his head, searching the room before his eyes landed on Arthrit, laughing as he leant againt Bright. "P'Arthit!"

Arthit’s head shot up at the sound of his name. His eyes instantly landed on Kong, slumped over in his chair. Within seconds he had sobered up and ran across the room, coming to a stop infront of his boyfriend. He lifted Kong's head up until his eyes met his boyfriends tear filled ones.

"He doesn't have his inhaler," M panicked, informing Arthrit.

"Help him sit up," Arthit calmly told anyone that was listening. Two hands immediately held Kong’s arms, gently putting him in an upright position.

With one hand on the back of his head, Arthit pulled an inhaler out of his pocket and pushed it between Kong's lips.

"Deep breaths,” Arthit told him. Kong did as he was told, taking two puffs from the inhaler.

Thankfully that had helped and Kong started to take small breaths in, feeling his lungs starting to open up. Once he was feeling better, he nodded that his friends could let go of his arms. Looking at Arthit, he saw his boyfriend still looking at him intently.

Kong managed a small smile and Arthit sighed with relief, visibly relaxing at the fact his boyfriend was okay.

"I'm taking you to the hospital," Arthit told him, pulling out his phone and ordering a taxi.

"I'm fine, P’Arthit. I just want to go home, honestly."

Arthit wanted to argue but couldn't bring himself to after seeing the tired look on his boyfriends face. He sighed. "Fine, but you're going to see your doctor tomorrow. No buts, I'm taking you myself."

Kong just smiled and nodded. They waited a few more minutes before the taxi arrived and Arthit grabbed Kong's hand and helped him stand up. Although he felt weak, Kong could walk on his own but he wouldn't pass up the opportunity of holding Arthit’s hand. He continued to hold it as they said goodbye to their friends who had formed one big group when Arthit went over, before leaving and going back to Kong's dorm.

After they'd got back, Arthit had fussed over him more, making sure he really was okay. Once he was content, they got changed, Arthit helping Kong, and snuggled together in bed.

“P’, can I ask you something?" Kong asked after a few minutes of silence. Arthit just hummed in response, almost falling asleep. "Why did you have one of my inhalers?"

Arthit sighed, turning around to face his boyfriend. "I've noticed before you sometimes forget to bring one when you go out so I always bring one with me just in case. There was a prescription for one on your desk for a while, so I picked it up for you.”

Kong was stunned, he hadn't expected that answer. He peered over to his crowded desk, he hadn't even noticed it was gone. He could be quite forgetful when it came to his health.

"Thank you for taking care of me," Kong thanked him, a fond smile on his face.

"Always. I love you," Arthit replied, gently bumping their noses together.

Kong's whole chest filled with love at his boyfriends sweet words. It was only the second time they'd said the L word and the first time Arthit had said it first. "I love you too."

Chapter Text

It was finally the weekend and Win, Team, Dean and Pharm were out for dinner. They had just finished eating and started walking home when they came across a bar. Since it was still early, they decided to go in.

The bar was pretty crowded but it was Saturday night so it wasn't too unusual. The four guys made their way to an opening at the bar to order some drinks. As Win listed off what they'd like, Team saw an empty table on the other side of the room. He tapped Pharm on the shoulder and pointed, letting him know he was going to save it. Pharm just nodded and turned back around.

As soon as Team sat down, a voice came from the stage, announcing a band. That must have been the reason the bar was so packed. Once the band came on stage and started playing, most people got up from their seats and made their way to the centre of the room, obstructing Team's view of the bar, his friends and his boyfriend.

The music from the stage was almost defeaning. Something inside Team changed and he started panicking. Win was still struggling with his anxiety and although he was with Dean and Pharm, Team knew he would be freaking out. Most of Win's anxiety was from an irrational fear of Team leaving him, so if Team couldn't see Win from where he was, he knew he wouldn't be able to see Team either.

Team pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw a text from Pharm.

From: Pharm 🧁

Team, are you okay? We got shoved when the band started and separated from P'Win. We're going to him now.

Shit. Win was by himself. This was not good.

To: Pharm 🧁

I'm fine. Did you find him? Is he okay?

From: Pharm 🧁

We just found him. He seems distressed. I told him you're okay but he keeps asking where you are?

To: Pharm 🧁

Take him outside please? I'll meet you there

Team got up and moved through the crowd towards the door. As he got closer, he could see the top of Win’s blonde hair where he'd put it up in his usual ponytail. There were only a few people between himself and his boyfriend but they wouldn't move when he asked nicely so he pushed them aside, not noticing the shocked looks on Dean and Pharm's faces.

As soon as he saw Win, chest falling and rising quickly, he grabbed his hand and pulled him outside, their friends following quickly behind.

Team gently pulled Win around the corner, away from the groups of people outside. He stopped them and turned around to face his boyfriend, putting both his hands on his cheeks.

"Breath, Hia," Team instructed, letting go of one of Win's cheeks to take his hand and hold it to his chest. Team kept his breathing calm for his boyfriend to follow. "Breath with me."

Win didn't seem to be getting any better and Team was starting to panic too, unsure of what to do next. He quickly remembered something he'd seen in a tv show he'd watched. Not having any other options, Team stepped forward and connected his lips with Win's before pulling away after a few seconds. Team felt Win stop breathing for a second from the shock before he started again, his breaths coming out more normal the longer they stood there.

As soon as Team saw tears forming in his boyfriends eyes, he pulled him into a hug, rubbing a hand up and down his back while the other ran through his hair.

Team whispered comforting words into Win's ear for a few moments before Dean finally spoke. "So... how long have you two been together then?”

Team wasn't sure whether it was meant to sound like a joke or not, whether Dean was teasing them but Team was busy taking care of his boyfriend. He had no time to be embarrassed about kissing Win infront of their friends.

"Five months," Team replied without even lifting his head. He could practically see the shocked expressions the two other boys would have.

They all stood in silence for a while before Dean spoke again, gently lifting his hand to rest on Win's shoulder. “Why didn't you tell me you were having panic attacks?"

"It's embarrassing," Win confessed, voice muffled from where his head was in Team's chest.

Team pulled back slightly at the comment to look at Win's face. "This is not something that is embarrassing, Hia. It's something you're dealing with, we're getting through it and it'll get better but it's not something to be embarrassed about. And you should talk to Dean about it. It might help as well. I love you, okay? We'll get through this.”

Win stood stunned at Team's words. Team had helped him a lot since he found out about Win's anxiety and he was extremely grateful. Looking into his boyfriends eyes after he'd just kissed him and confessed his love in front of their friends, he couldn't possibly feel anymore in love than he did in that exact moment.

Chapter Text

Rome had thought Pick was just confused, trying to come to terms with possibly having feelings for another guy. He thought they were heading in the right direction at least, even if it was slowly which he didn't mind. He'd had strong feelings for Pick for a while and would’ve loved to call him his boyfriend but he didn't mind going at the older boys pace. They had kissed a couple times after all, the most recent being initiated by Pick. Rome was definitely happy with how things were developing.

But then he saw Pick with a girl. Din said he saw them together a few times. He was confused at first. Maybe she was just a friend but Rome didn't recognise her. Once he thought about it, he realised he hadn't seen Pick with anyone else since Porshe left.

He tried to push the doubts away but after Pick ignored his text, he was heartbroken. He thought things were starting to get good between them both, thought Pick was finally giving into his feelings. But he was ignoring his messages for a girl? Rome knew he shouldn't be upset, they weren't together, however much he wished they were. But that didn't stop the tears from forming.

He quickly blinked them away, hurrying out of sight. He wasn't really sure where his feet were leading him, more focused on not breaking down in public. By the time he realised where he was, he saw Din stood in front of him. He finally broke down and was pulled into a hug as his friend attempted some comforting words.

He wasn't sure how long he was stood there but after he had stopped crying, he felt drained. The need to sleep overtook him quickly and he accepted Din's offer to walk him back to his dorm. Din had hugged him before leaving and had promised to check on him the next day.

Rome curled up in his bed, deciding maybe it was time he gave up on Pick. Maybe Pick had just been playing with his feelings or had been just using him as an experiment. Either way, Rome was sure there were no real feelings there. He wasn't even sure if him and Pick were friends at this point. Do friends treat each other this way? Maybe Rome had been too persistant but he'd been getting mixed signals from Pick so he wasn't solely at fault in all this. Perhaps some distance between the pair would be a good idea for a while. At least until Rome could get over his feelings for the older boy.


Pick had been sat talking to Rin, a girl that had started messaging him recently. He hadn't recognised her but had messaged her back. At the time he had been trying to get Rome out of his head. The younger boy had been in his house, in his bedroom, sat on his bed. His lips had been less than an inch away from Pick’s. He was sure Rome was going to kiss him again, but instead he'd said goodnight then got up and left. Rin had messaged him only a few minutes after and he used her as a distraction in that moment, desperate to pretend he didn't feel dissapointed Rome was gone.

He'd been exchanging the occasional message with her, keeping the conversation going even after he'd kissed Rome after their camping trip. He knew he still wasn't sure of his feelings, wanting to deny there was a connection there. But seeing Rome and Din together had sparked jealousy inside of him. He felt terrible and guilty for doing it and though he didn't want to start something with Rome, he didn't want to see the younger boy with anyone else. So he kissed him. He regretted it immediately and when the messages from Rin became more frequent, he took it as a sign and tried to make it work, however much he thought about Rome when he was with her.

He was supposed to meet up with Rome when Rin had messaged him, asking to see him again. He met with her in an empty area of the campus and they talked for a little while before Pick became distracted. He was thinking about Rome again and it was starting to make him panic just how much he thought of his friend, even more so when he was sat across from a pretty girl that was interested in him. He kept the conversation going as well as he could until he received a text from Rome. He responded to the first one but ignored the second and it hurt to know Rome was waiting for him, probably happy to eat together while he was with someone else. He decided in that moment that although he wasn’t sure if he was ready to be anything more with Rome, he couldn’t carry on talking to Rin.

After he had left, he made his way to the photography club, assuming that’s where Rome probably was but the second he walked in the door, he was shocked to see Rome in Din’s arms. Din looked up at him and if looks could kill, Pick would’ve been dead on the spot. Pick could hear tiny sniffles coming from the younger boy and had the urge to walk over and pull Rome into his arms instead. But he also knew he didn’t have the right to do that. Rome was seeking comfort from someone else and although he didn’t know why he was upset, his gut feeling told him he had something to do with it. He had made Rome cry enough times already, this was just one more to add to the list of ways he’d upset the one person that maybe meant something to him.

Walking out the door, he made his way back to his dorm. He decided maybe it was best he gave Rome some space. Until he figured out what was going on in his head, it was best if he didn’t see Rome. All be seemed to do was disappoint him anyway. After setting up a plan and packing a few of his things, he went and stayed with Porsche, studying with him for a while.

It was great to be back with his best friend but being his best friend, he knew something was wrong. Pick wasn’t comfortable talking about his feelings with someone he had kissed multiple times, he sure as hell wasn’t going to talk about his bi dilemma with his friend. Especially since he was going through problems of his own.

He tried to keep him mind on his work but as every day passed, he grew more and more depressed that Rome hadn’t tried to contact him once. He had texted him the day he left to tell him he was going to work with Porsche for a while but hadn’t even got a response then and he knew he’d read it. Pick tried to ignore the fact that even though he had done this to put space between them, what he craved the most was to be right next to the younger boy, to look into his eyes as they sparkled when Pick made him smile and to kiss his soft lips again.

It had taken a while for Pick to realise he was truly in love with Rome. Rome had been so patient, waiting for him all this time, telling him he would keep asking until he could call Pick his boyfriend. Maybe he’d waited too long and had lost his chance. He hadn’t spoken to Rome in weeks, they’d barely gone a day without talking since they became close.

Pick had rushed back home the next day, not sure what he was going to say but hoping he’d know once he was in front of Rome again. He tried not to have too much hope, he wasn’t sure if Rome would even want to see him, but he needed to try. He had expected to find Rome by himself, or with Emma, praying his best friend would let him steal Rome away to pour his heart out.

What he didn’t expect to see was Rome and Din sitting at a bench in the cafeteria, eating lunch together and giggling like school girls. Rome had a smile on his face, one Pick had only seen occasionally, the most recent being after he’d kissed him in the car on the way home. He’d tried to hide it by facing the window but Pick had seen. Why was he smiling at Din like that? And when did they become that close? Pick’s heart had dropped. Maybe this was karma for the way he had treated Rome ever since they met. He’d finally realised his feelings but he was too late and he’d been replaced with someone that could probably treat Rome better.

He stared down at his feet, not wanting to continue watching the pair in front of him. He shuffled over to sit under a tree, making sure he was out of sight. It was obvious now that Pick had taken too long and he’d missed his chance. It wasn’t Rome’s fault though. He’d been nothing but patient and he deserved to be happy, even if that was with someone else. He hoped that at least at some point they could be friends again but right now it would be too painful to see Rome being happy with Din.

He sat for a while, not wanting to look at Rome but not wanting to leave yet either. He figured he’d just stay there for a bit longer before he’d go back and stay with Porsche again. He looked up when he saw someone walking in his direction, hoping it was Rome but disappointed when he just saw Din. The younger boy stared at him as he walked past, not uttering a word.

Pick took the opportunity of Rome being alone. He didn’t have the strength to get up and talk to him face to face, he didn’t want to see the look on his face when he tells Pick that he’s moved on. Instead he fished out his phone and sent Rome a text, asking how he was. Rome pulled his phone out when he received it and from where Pick sat, he could see the visible sigh the boy released. He shoved the phone back into his pocket without replying.

Pick felt deflated and wondered if this was how Rome felt when he didn’t respond to his messages. The guilt was eating away at him as a figure stepped in front of him, blocking the sunlight. Looking up, he locked eyes with Din.

“It looks like the better man won. Don’t feel bad P’Pick, you were never good enough for Rome anyway. It was only a matter of time before he realised you meant nothing and that I was the best person for him. I can take care of him better than you,” Din sneered, not waiting for a response before he turned and made his way back to his lunch table.

Pick wanted to say something back, wanted to get up and punch that smug look off his face but he didn’t have the energy. Plus he didn’t want to fight in front of Rome.

He looked over at the pair again, just as Din gestured something to Rome. Pick assumed he was telling him to close his eyes as that’s what Rome did, a small smile on his face. Din took a box from his bag and opened it, pulling out what looked like a cupcake. As Din placed it in front of Rome’s mouth and he slowly took a bite, Pick looked away. He couldn’t bear to watch them any longer. Taking a deep breath, he hauled himself up. Dusting off his trousers, he thought for a moment about where to go before deciding to head back to his dorm that was on campus.

Just as he was no more than five feet away, he heard a panicked voice and turned around to see Din, now sat in front of Rome with his hands on both his shoulders. He froze for a moment, watching the pair, wondering what was going on before focusing in on Rome’s face. He looked distressed and his face had flushed. Pick had no idea what was wrong but he knew he had to be with Rome immediately.

Rushing over, he stopped in front of the pair. Din was now stood up, running his hands through his own hair, trying to ask Rome what was wrong. Pick pushed him out the way before he sat in front of the smaller boy, taking his face in both hands. His face was almost completely red now.

“P’Pick?” Rome squeaked once he registered who it was before he erupted into a coughing fit.

“What happened?” Pick asked Din, quickly turning to face the boy before looking back at Rome.

“I don’t know!” Din replied defensively. “We we’re just eating then he said he didn’t feel well.”

By now Rome’s mouth looked like it was swelling up and Pick’s stomach dropped. He had a feeling he knew what this was. Turning to look through the food on the table, he spotted the half eaten cupcake. Picking it up and bringing it up to his nose, he sniffed and caught a faint scent of lemon.

Holding it up in his hand, he turned to Din again, this time standing up. “Did he eat this?” Din just nodded weakly. Shoving the cupcake into Din’s chest, he quickly set his sights on searching Rome’s bag. He knew he was making a mess but he didn’t care in that moment.

“What are you looking for?” Din asked.

Finally locating it, Pick pulled out Rome’s EpiPen. Giving him a quick apologetic look, he pulled up the bottom of his shorts slightly and injected it into his thigh. Rome had started to wheeze slightly, short of breath but Pick was praying the injection would work while he got him to the hospital.

“He’s allergic to lemon, asshole,” Pick finally replied to Din’s question, glancing in his direction to see a shocked look as he gathered Rome’s bag and slipped it on to his shoulder.

“I-Rome, I’m sorry. I forgot,” Din tried to explain but Pick lifted his hand, cutting him off.

“You don’t forget things like that. Not when it could cost someone their life.”

He turned to Rome, taking his hand. “Can you stand up? I’m taking you to the hospital.”

Rome nodded weakly as he gripped Pick’s hand tighter, holding on to him as he stood up. Pick slipped a hand around his waist, pulling him closer, holding him tightly so he didn’t fall.

“I can take him,” Din told Pick, stepping forward to take Rome. The smaller boy’s hand tightened on the front of Pick’s shirt and Pick basically growled until Din had stepped back and out of the way.

Once they had arrived at the hospital, Rome was taken away to be checked over. Luckily by the time they arrived, Rome was feeling slightly better so Pick was sure he’d be okay. Almost an hour later, a nurse came out and led Pick to Rome’s room.

“Hey,” Pick said quietly, walking into Rome’s room after knocking softly.

“Hi,” Rome replied from the bed, curled up under the covers. He was sat up slightly, already changed into a gown, sipping from a glass of water.

Pick walked to the side and sat down, taking Rome’s free hand in his. “How are you feeling?”

“Better. They want me to stay overnight to monitor me though,” he replied, before yawning. “I’m tired.”

“I’ll go and let you get some sleep then,” Pick told him, making to pull his hand away so he could leave. Rome just gripped his hand tight to stop him.

“Can you stay with me, please?” Rome asked.

Pick’s heart almost broke at the vulnerable sound in Rome’s voice. He squeezed the younger boys hand. “Of course.”

Pick sat down in the chair, still holding Rome’s hand. At some point he’d taken the glass off Rome so he could settle down more comfortably in the bed. Pick sat quietly, rubbing his thumb on Rome’s hand while he tried to fall asleep.

“I can’t sleep,” Rome told him, shuffling uncomfortably in the bed.

“What do you need?”

Rome looked up at him with wide innocent eyes. “Cuddle?”

Pick couldn’t resist and just nodded, a small smile making its way on to his face. Rome scooted over to make room and Pick climbed on to the bed, slipping his arm over Rome’s waist to pull him close, the other going behind his head to play with his hair. Rome instantly relaxed and cuddled into Pick’s chest, feeling himself getting more sleepy.

They were both silent for a while and Pick assumed Rome had fallen asleep but then he spoke, his breath hitting Pick’s neck. “Thank you for helping me today. How did you know I was having an allergic reaction?”

“You told me before you were allergic to lemon. I could smell it in the cake.”

“I only mentioned it once though. How did you remember that? It was ages ago.”

“Rome, something like that you don’t forget, especially when it’s about someone really important.” He was quiet for a moment before adding shyly. “I haven’t even had anything with lemon in it since you told me, just in case.”

Rome just nodded but didn’t say anything else. Pick’s hand stilled in Rome’s hair and Rome looked up at him questioningly.

“I’m really sorry for the way I’ve treated you, Rome. I can’t begin to imagine how you’ve felt. I’ve been going crazy not talking to you these past couple weeks and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to realise how I truly feel about you. I really love you Rome and I know it might be too late because of you and Din but if-“

“There’s nothing going on between me and P’Din,” Rome interrupted. “Yes, he has been there for me these past couple weeks and it’s not all terrible being around him but most of the time I just feel pressured to see him. He honestly scares me a bit. I only wanted to be with you but you went to see P’Porsche and I didn’t want to annoy you.”

“First: whatever he’s done to you to make you scared, I’ll kill him. Second: you could never annoy me. I know I made it seem like that and I’m truly sorry for ever upsetting you. It’s no excuse but I was struggling a lot with my feelings. I didn’t want to accept them but while I was with Porsche I did a lot of thinking and realised I can’t live without you. I love you. So if you’ll have me, I’d really love to be your boyfriend now.”

Rome was crying now, unable to stop. “Are you sure?” He asked through his tears.

“Yes,” Pick replied, stroking Rome’s hair again. Rome’s smile beamed up at him and he pulled him even closer, the smaller boys arms clinging tightly to the back of his shirt.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Pick whispered.

“Thank you for being here,” Rome said, voice muffled from where his face was buried in Pick’s chest.

“Always,” Pick replied, kissing the top of Rome’s head before they both settled down to sleep.

Chapter Text

Rome had been out looking for Pick for at least half an hour. It had gotten really dark and as he searched more of the woods, he began hearing noises. He wasn't one to get scared easily but being alone in the dark was pretty nerve wracking.

He stopped suddenly, hearing rustling in the trees around him. He tried to listen to exactly where it was coming from but the wind blowing the trees was throwing him off.

Despite being alone, he couldn't help the feeling that he was being watched and the unnerving feeling was just getting stronger.

"P'Pick,” Rome called weakly into the darkness.

He heard something louder behind him and stilled. He probably had a split second to decide whether he should run or scream,and since his feet were firmly planted to the ground, screaming was his only option.

Just as he opened his mouth, he felt a hand clamp over it, another at the base of his back. His eyes widened in fear but he instantly relaxed when the person spoke.

"It's okay. It's just me," Pick said, releasing his hand. "Why are you out here alone?"

"Me? What about you?" Rome questioned, turning to face Pick fully. "P'Din and I got back to the tent and you weren't there. I was worried so we came looking for you."

"Where is Din anyway?" Pick asked, hoping he wasn't close by.

"He went a different way but he's probably back at the tent by now. Come on, let's go back," Rome said, moving to walk in the direction of the camp site but Pick's hand on his wrist stopped him.

"Wait. Before we go back, can we talk?" Pick asked desperately. Rome just nodded, a questioning look on his face.

"When I woke up earlier and you weren't there, l got jealous. I thought about how you were out with Din alone. So I came looking for you," Pick took a deep breath, his hand sliding down from it's place on Rome's wrist to take his hand. "I came here to spend time with you and all I've done is push you away by being an asshole the minute the trip started. I'm really sorry for the way I acted. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Rome just stared up at him, not sure what to say. A million questions ran through his head but he settled on, "Why were you jealous?"

"Because..." Pick stopped for a moment, gathering the courage to confess his feeling to Rome. "Because I love you. A lot. And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to figure it out. If you still want me, I'd love to be your boyfriend."

Pick looked down, still holding Rome's hand. "But if you want to be with Din, I understa-"

"P’Pick?" Rome said, cutting the taller boy off.


Rome squeezed his hand, "Shut up and kiss me."

Pick's eyes widened before he smiled softly down at the smaller boy. Pulling him close, he slowly leant forward until their lips were almost touching.

"I love you, Rome."

"I love you too, P’Pick," Rome closed the gap between them, standing up on his tiptoes to wrap his arms around Pick's neck.

Pick placed his hands on Rome's waist to steady him and pulled him in impossibly close. The kiss stayed sweet and slow for a few moments before Rome gripped the back of Pick’s hair in one hand and pulled. Pick gasped at the sensation and Rome expertly slipped his tongue into the taller boys mouth. They fought for dominance before Rome eventually gave up and allowed Pick to take control.

With his hands still on Rome's waist, Pick backed him up until Rome's back hit a tree. The torch he'd been holding long forgotten about on the ground, not exactly sure when he’d dropped it.

Pick lifted his leg to rest in between Rome's and noticed how turned on the younger boy was. Leaning in closer, Rome gasped at the feeling, unconsciously rocking himself On Pick’s thigh, breaking the kiss at the same time.

"P’Pick, please," he begged.

"Let me show you how sorry I am, baby," Pick whispered in his ear. "Let me make you feel good."

All Rome could do was nod as he rolled his hips more. Pick slowly lowered his hand, lifting the hem of Rome's shirt. He ran his hand over Rome's smooth stomach before slipping it into the waistband of his trousers. He was nervous, this was the first time he'd ever touched another guy. But looking at Rome in that moment, panting in front of him, he wanted nothing more. Gripping Rome's almost completely hard length in a tight grip, he began pumping him until Rome was a writhing mess, holding on to whatever he could for support.

Rome had his head back against the tree, eyes squeezed shut, bottom lip pulled into his mouth. Pick took the opportunity and leant forward, kissing and sucking on Rome's neck, sure that he'd have multiple bruises forming by the time they were finished.

Rome panted out Pick's name as the taller boy pushed him closer to the edge. Bringing his hands up to Pick's face, he grasped his cheeks, pulling him away from his neck and into another kiss.

"I love you," Pick said in between kisses, lips still pressed together, breathing into each others mouths.

Rome came with a cry of Pick's name, spilling all over his hand. Pick continued stroking him until Rome whined from over sensitivity. Pick pulled his hand out, placing a gentle kiss on Rome's lips before quickly wiping his hand with a tissue from his pocket.

"That was amazing," Rome said, breathless and knees week.

"Come on, let's get back to the tent so you can get cleaned up,” Pick told him, going to take his hand.

“But P’Pick, what about you?" Rome asked, noticing the bulge in Pick's trousers. "Let me h-"

"I'm fine. This was about you. Don't worry about me, it'll go away when I see Din anyway,” Pick chuckled. “Let's go, you still need to eat as well before going to sleep, Do you know the way?”

"Yes, but I don't know if I can walk just yet,” Rome looked dow shyly, legs still shaking.

Pick just walked towards him, turning his back to the younger boy and bending down slightly. "Jump on. I'll carry you."

Rome hesitated for a second before he smiled and climbed on Pick's back. Rome directed Pick back to the camp site and even though he said he could walk after a few minutes, Pick still insisted on carrying him the whole way.

Din was relieved when he saw Rome, even if Pick was carrying him. He looked confused though as Rome rushed off into the tent the second Pick had put him down, only to emerge a few minutes later with different clothes on. He watched the pair for a while, noticing a change in their behaviour before he sighed grumpily, spotting a few bruises on Rome's neck. It was obvious now why they'd taken so long getting back.

Chapter Text

Team recieved a text from Win just as he left his last class, asking if he'd be home soon. 'Home' was Win's dorm but ever since they became official almost a year ago, Team had slept there nearly every night.

Responding that he'd be back soon, he picked up some food for them both and hurried back. When he opened the door to Win's room, he expected to see the older boy laying in bed or sat at his desk. Insted, he was met with an empty room and the sound of the shower running. Hoping to join his boyfriend, he quickly put the food away but before he opened the bathroom door, he noticed an open parcel on the bed.

Curious, he walked over, peering inside. His eyes instantly widened, pulling the items out and laying them on the bed. Laid out in front of him was a blindfold and some rope. Running his fingers over them, he noticed how soft they both were, especially the rope. Why had Win brought these?

Putting them back in the box, he walked over to the bathroom, knocking before peaking his head in. "Room for one more?"

Win jumped slightly in surprise but instantly relaxed and nodded, a soft smile on his face. Team stripped off and climbed in the shower, Win's arms instinctively going around his waist to pull him into a hug. They stayed like that for a while, running soft hands up and down each others backs.

They helped wash each other, exchanging lazy kisses in between before Team decided to speak up while Win washed his hair. "Hia?"

Win just hummed in response so Team continued. "Why is there a box on the bed with a blindfold and rope inside?"

Win's hands stilled in Team's hair. Team waited for his boyfriend to say something but when he didn't, Team turned around to face him, taking his hands into his own.

"Talk to me Hia," Team pleaded.

"It's just something I've been interested in trying for a while. I didn't know how to bring it up, to ask. I saw those online and had already brought them before I realised what I was doing. I’m sorry you saw them before I had a chance to say anything. I forgot I left it there,” Win explained.

"You want to use them on me?" Team questioned.

Win just nodded. He expected Team to say no, which he would've been fine with. They have a pretty active sex life and there was definitely nothing wrong with how they were doing things now. But they'd never used things during sex so this would be new for both of them.

"Okay," Team agreed after silently thinking for a moment.

Win’s mouth opened in shock, staring wide eyed at his boyfriend. "Really? You want to try it?"

Team smiled, shrugging his shoulders. Usually he'd be the one to shy away from intimate conversations like these, so Team's confidence is what shocked Win the most. "Sure. I don't mind trying new things with you, Hia. That's what couples do. Plus I know I'll be safe with you, whatever we try."

Win thought he couldn't possibly love Team anymore than he already did but he was proved wrong in that moment. Win's heart started beating faster. Team feeling safe with him no matter what, was his biggest achievement. Holding Team tight every time he had a nightmare had served it's purpose.

"I love you," Win told him, pulling him into a sweet kiss.

"Come on, let's get out before we prune. I brought dinner. Let's eat then you can do what ever you want," Team winked, stepping out the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. He didn't even need to look down to know Win would be ready to go right now. The expression on his face told enough. Team laughed, chucking a towel to Win. "Hurry up, I've had a long day, I could do with some attention."

Win just stood stunned once again as Team left the room. His boyfriends forwardness was definitely not helping his situation. He looked down, cursing. "This is going to be a long night."

The food was set out by the time Win emerged from the bathroom and Team had changed into just a pair of boxers. Win did the same before sitting down to eat. Both boys ate in record time, cleaning up quickly before moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

Win pulled the items out of the box, holding them in his hands. Team could sense his hesitation, not wanting to do anything that could possibly make his boyfriend uncomfortable.

Team took the blindfold and rope and placed them on the bed behind them. Pulling Win into a kiss, they stayed there for a moment, hands gently roaming each others bodies. Team pulled back to look into Win's eyes. "I trust you, Hia."

Team could see Win's pupils dilate at his words. Leaning back in, they kissed again, getting more heated the longer they stayed there. They pulled away, both breathless. Win rubbed a thumb over Team's flushed cheeks, the other moving down to palm him through his boxers. Team gasped at the contact, bucking into Win's hand. Team's hand moved to touch Win but it was pushed away.

"Hia! " Team whined.

"Shh," Win whispered. "Let me take care of you baby."

All Team could do was nod rapidly. Win pushed him back gently until he was laying on the bed. Win picked up the rope, pulling at it until it was straight.

"Arms up," Win demanded. Team did what he asked, immediately lifting both arms above his head, gripping a post on the headboard. Win got to work tying his wrists. He pulled it tight but made sure Team could also move slightly.

“Is that okay?" Win asked Team from above him. Team tugged his wrists, happy that the rope was soft and not uncomfortable. Surprisingly, the feeling of being restricted just turned him on more. He nodded to tell Win he was fine.

Win picked the blindfold up next and Team lifted his head straight away, despite being most nervous about that. Win slipped it on the back of his head, resting it on his forehead for a moment. He crawled down the bed further to look into Team's eyes.

“I love you," Win leaned in, placing a soft kiss on Team's lips.

"I love you too," Team replied before Win pulled the blindfold over his eyes.

Team felt movement on the bed, unable to tell what Win was doing. The weight on the bed left for a moment and Team started to panic, pulling slightly on the restraints. A second later, Win returned, straddling Team. He placed one hand on the side of his face, Team leaning into it as the other ran comfortingly up and down Team's side.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I was just grabbing a hair tie,” Win told him, bending down to start kissing his boyfriends neck.

Team melted into the touch, wanting to run his hands through Win's hair, but unable to. Win trailed kisses down Team’s neck and chest, sucking on the spots he knew made Team weak, bruises forming as he went.

Win knew one of Team's most sensitive places was his nipples. Blowing on one before taking it into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around the nub, biting gently. Team's back arched off the bed as Win pinched the other, rolling it in between his thumb and finger. Win continued working on his chest, Team a writhing mess underneath him. Win bit harder on Team's nipple, tugging on it slightly, causing Team's back to arch off the bed again, coming in his boxers with a shout. "Hia!”

Win pulled back in shock, looking down at his panting boyfriend. "Fuck, that was so hot. I will definitely be filing that knowledge away."

Team laughed weakly, his breathing calming as he came down from his high. Win moved lower down Team's body, removing his boxers. Team jumped as he felt Win's mouth on him, licking him clean, growing hard again. Once he was done, he lifted Team's knees and settled himself on his stomach between them.

Looking up at Team, he blew on his entrance, watching as Team pulled so hard on the restraints that the headboard creaked.

"Shit," Team cursed, body tense.

Win smirked, moving further in. He licked a long strip along Team's entrance, holding his hips so he couldn't move. He continued doing this until Team had relaxed enough for him to slip his tongue inside, along with a finger. He stretched Team painfully slow, adding two more fingers gradually. Team squirmed from his position, trying to get Win's fingers deeper.

"Hia, please!" Team cried. "More."

Win obliged, pushing his fingers in as deep as he could, curling them until he scraped Team's prostate, making the younger boy gasp. He kept pumping his fingers in and out, brushing Team's prostate with nearly every thrust, making him cry out.

"Hia. Shit," Team panted, trying to pull his arms free. The blindfold over his eyes just heightening the sensations. "God... too much."

Win carried on, bringing Team closer to the edge. Letting go of Team's hip, he grabbed his length, stroking him quickly.

"Shit. Hia. Wait. Please," Team gasped between breaths. Win carried on, enjoying the noises his boyfriend was making. "Win. Stop, please."

Win stopped immediately after hearing his own name, which sounded weird coming out of Team's mouth. He pulled his fingers out and let go of his length, looking up at Team to see him desperately pulling on the restraints.

"Team? Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" Win asked worriedly, crawling up to cup Team's cheek.

“Take these off please," Team pleaded, still pulling on the rape. Win gently pulled the blindfold off to reveal Team's pupils blown. He made quick work of untying the rope and as soon as it was off, Team grabbed his face pulling him into a messy kiss, hands dropping to roam all over Win's body.

"I need you, Hia," Team said in between breathless kisses. Win pulled back just enough to kick off his boxers, lining himself up with Team's entrance and pushing in slowly.

Both boys groaned at the feeling, Team gripping on tightly to Win's shoulders as Win's hands went either side of Team's head to hold himself up.

“Move please,” Team requested. Win did as he was told, pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in. Two thrusts later and Team was coming between them, over both their chests. Win let him ride out his orgasm before moving to pull out.

"No! Don't stop Hia. I want you inside me," Team confessed.

Wins eyes went wide, pupils blown as he took in Team's words. He was only ever this bold during sex and Win loved it. Win continued thrusting into Team, drawing little whines out of his boyfriend from his over sensitivity. As he got close, Team pulled him in for another kiss. Win broke away first, dropping his head to Team's shoulder.

Team brought his hand up to run through Win's hair. He turned his head slightly to whisper when he knew Win was getting close. "Come in me, baby."

Win groaned and came inside his boyfriend, the sensation sending Team over the edge for the third time that night. Win did a few more weak thrusts before collapsing on top of Team, the younger boys arms stroking down his back and through his hair.

Once Win had caught his breath he placed a sweet kiss on Team's lips before getting up to run a both for them both, adding some bubbles. When it was ready, Win returned back to the bed, picking up Team and carrying him to the bathroom, gently lowering him into the warm water. He climbed in after, sitting behind Team and pulling him back to rest against his chest.

Team shuffled until his side was pressed against Win's chest. Resting his head on Win's shoulder, he sighed contently.

"You okay, baby? I didn't hurt you did I?" Win asked, concerned.

Team smiled into Win's neck. "No. I'm a bit sore but you didn't hurt me. That was amazing, thank you Hia."

"I'm glad. It didn't make you uncomfortable then?”

Team lifted his head to look him in the eyes, cupping his cheek. “Not at all. I loved it, I just like seeing your face and being able to touch you," Team confessed shyly.

Win leant into his touch, wrapping his arms tighter around his waist. "Thank you for asking me though. You take such good care of me."

Win leant down to kiss his boyfriend softly, a beaming smile on his face. "I'll always take care of you.”

Chapter Text

It had been two years since Team, Pharm and Manaow had graduated and one of their old classmates had arranged a reunion. Liking the idea, Win, Dean and Pruk had planned to meet with some of their friends too.

Arriving at the bar together, Win and Team split up and made their way to their respective groups, greeting their friends that had already arrived. Over the course of the night, more people had turned up, the bar almost taken over by ex students for the reunions. Everyone gradually drunk more and more and as it got later and people started heading home, it was just Team, Pharm and Manaow left. The three friends chatted for a while until they noticed people from the other group had gone too, just leaving their partners.

They make their way over and sat next to their partners, instantly engaging in conversation. Team moved closer to Win, not having drunk much but he liked to be clingy when he's tipsy, something Win usually loved. Team stared in shock as Win looked at him with a pout and shuffled further away. Team's heart broke a little at that. What had happened in between the time they arrived to now? They'd been fine before they arrived. They were almost late because Win kept 'distracting' him from getting dressed and they were laughing and holding hands the whole way to the bar.

Team looked away from Win with a hurt expression and caught Pharm's eye who gave him a sympathetic look and shrugged.

The group of six stayed for a while longer, chatting about random things like they hadn't just had dinner together last week but Team's attention was on Win the whole time. Team would try to be present and engaged in the conversations but a few times he found himself twirling his ring around his finger just to look at Win and notice the older boy quickly looking away.

Team sighed and sunk lower in his seat. He hated that he couldn't fully enjoy himself if Win wasn't talking to him and that he wasn't fully comfortable if Win wasn't touching him somehow, even with their friends.

Deciding to try and get Win's attention once more, Team turned to face him.

"Hia, are you okay?" Team asked softly. He could hear quiet laughing coming from the other side of the table but ignored it.

“I'm fine," Win replied coldly. The laughing continued and Team turned his head to look at his seniors, both instantly stopping.

"Hia, what's wrong?" Team tried again, gently grabbing Win's hand for a second before Win pulled his away. Team felt as though he'd just been stabbed in the chest.

"I don't know what I've done to anger you but I'm not just going to sit here while you ignore me. Let me know when you actually want to talk to me," Team ranted, getting out of his seat, ignoring the shocked looks from his friends and making his way to the bar.

A few minutes later, he felt someone take the spot next to him and looked to see Pharm. "Hey.”

"Hey. I think I know what's up with P'Win," Pharm laughed lightly. Team gave him a questioning look so he carried on. "Apparently, before we went over, P’Win was talking about you and he asked if you had a boyfriend. When P'Dean told him you're married, he got upset thinking you're married to someone else. They didn't bother to correct him."

"So he's sulking because he can't remember I'm married to him?" Team laughed, running a hand over his face.

Pharm nodded. "P'Dean's trying to explain to him now but I think he's still confused."

Team looked back over to the table to see Dean talking to Win. Win looked confused for a moment before he looked down at his left hand, noticing his ring and instantly brightening. He looked towards the bar and the second he saw Team, he was out of his seat, rushing over and wrapping his arms around Team's waist, burying his head in Team’s chest.

Team wanted to be annoyed at his husband but he couldn't help but melt at the feeling of Win's hands on him again.

Pharm left to go back to the table and Team lifted his hand to flip off a still laughing Dean and Pruk before he let it rest in Win's hair.

"Are you okay now.. husband?" Team asked, running his other hand up and down Win's back. Win just squeaked with happiness at the last word and held Team tighter.

Team motioned to the group that they were leaving and he managed to pull Win away enough to hook his arm around his waist and guide him to the door. "You're never drinking again."

Chapter Text

It had been four months since Win had left to study in London and Team was missing him more and more everyday. He knew he wasn't much fun at the moment and Pharm and Manaow had teased him a little at the beginning but once they realised they'd probably act exactly the same, they spent most of their time trying to cheer him up.

One weekend, they all went shopping together and after a few hours of walking around, some girls approached them. Team recognised them from one of their classes.

They spoke for a few minutes before one girl, Pree, turned to Team. "I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date?"

Before Team could reply, Manaow piped up. "He has a boyfriend Pree."

Pree looked shocked and offered Team a wai. "I'm sorry. I heard a bunch of girls saying you and P'Win had broken up when he had left."

"Is this what people are saying?" Manaow asked. The girl nodded before she left with her group. Manaow turned to see a sad look on Team's face.

Later that night, Team was on facetime with Win when he brought up the encounter. "Hia. I found out today people think we broke up when you left.”

"Is that what's upsetting you? You seem down today.” Win asked, wishing he could hold his boyfriend.

"A bit. I just really miss you and I think it scared me." Team confessed.

"You know I'm coming back to you right? I would never leave you." Win told him.

"I know. I think in the moment it just freaked me out a bit. It kind of ruined my whole mood when she told me."

"Who told you?" Win questioned.

"A girl in one of my classes. She'd overheard it, that's why she tried to ask me out."

"She did what?!” Win almost shouted. Team laughed at his boyfriend's reaction. Win grumbled a bit before continuing. "I wish I was there to show them you’re mine.”

Team went serious again. "I wish you were here too, hia.”

"Only two more months then I'll be there, and then we'll see each other again when you come here for Christmas. You're going to be sick of me after, I'm not letting you out of my sight."

"I could never get sick of you, hia." Team replied lovingly before yawning. Win told him to lay down so he did and closed his eyes as Win spoke softly to him.

Apparently Pree hadn't bothered telling her friends that Team infact still was with Win as at least two or three times a week, a new girl would arrive at their lunch table hoping to date Team.

After the first time, Team had let Manaow take over rejecting them. Win was Team's first relationship and he didn't know how to let anyone down gently and he certainly didn't want to hurt their feelings. That was something Manaow didn't seem to have a problem with, she seemed to find joy in it.

On one particular day, Team had been stopped three times before lunch even started. He was beginning to think it was becoming a game to see if and who he'd say yes to. When he got to lunch and a fourth person came up to him, Manaow decided she needed to up her game.

Team looked on with wide eyes as she climbed up on to her seat and cleared her throat, shouting to gather everyone's attention. "Excuse me!"

Once the cafeteria was quiet, she turned to Team. "This is my friend Team. A lot of girls seem to be asking him out so I’m just wondering who would like to date him?”

Team was shocked with the amount of girls that screamed. He moved his head and noticed Pharm filming Manaow. He attempted to grab the phone but the shorter boy moved further away.

Manaow shouted again and the screaming abruptly stopped. "Well you can't! Team and P'Win are still dating so stop asking him out because when his boyfriend comes back they're going to get married and have lots of swimmer babies."

"Manaow!" Team shouted, groaning and burying his head in his arms. He could hear Pharm laughing off to his side as Manaow jumped down and everyone went back to eating. He was never going to survive the embarrasement.

Ten minutes later, his phone buzzed with a text. Pulling it out, he saw it was from Win.

From: Win 💙

Pharm just sent me a video of Manaow xxx

I hope no one asks you out anymore xxx

Also, she's not wrong 💍😘 xxx

Team hid his head again, this time with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Two weeks into Team's second year of university and things were going well. Him and Win were getting serious in his opinion and although they hadn't been together that long and the way he cared about Win so much in such a short space of time was kind of scary to Team, he knew he'd never feel like this with anyone else.

After a while, Team found himself wanting to spend all his time with the older boy but it was just not possible, especially since Win was getting busier the closer he was getting to graduating. Team was proud of how serious he took his education and other responsibilities so he tried to not complain too much and wait patiently until Win had time for him. For now, cuddling in Win's bed before falling asleep was enough.

It turned out the beginning of the year was quite busy for a lot of people so while he only had normal training hours until they started preparing for their first meet, his friends clubs were taking up more of their time. Pharm's cooking club was organising events to gain interest from first years and Manaow's drama club was already preparing auditions for their first play. And since Win was also busy, Team mostly spent time by himself. So when a new student transferred to their university and joined the swim team, Team didn't mind agreeing to train with him when he asked.

"Hey Team," Din greeted him as he walked into the locker room. Team was already changed, planning to take a shower in Win's room.

"Hey Din. Are you settling in okay?” Team asked.

“Yeah, it's cool here. Much nicer than my old school," Din laughed. "Hey, so I was wondering if you'd be free to train with me a couple times a week? I think I could do with extra hours. I was going to ask P'Dean or P'Win but they both seem really busy and you're the best swimmer on the team so I thought you'd be the best person to come to."

Team smiled at the compliment. "Yeah, I don't mind. I'll have to talk to P'Dean first though to make sure it's okay for us to stay longer."

After practice the next day, Team caught Dean before he could leave to see Pharm. Dean was of course sceptical at first but he trusted Team to be responsible and not mess about so he gave him a spare set of keys for only him to use.

Over the next three weeks, Team and Din met up a lot for extra training. They had agreed to stay longer two times a week but Din kept asking to meet during free time before practice. Team didn't mind too much at first as he was keeping up with his school work and his times were getting better, but the texts were becoming daily occurances and despite sleeping better at night, he was still tired from the extra practice.

"You look like you're going to fall asleep in your bowl," Pharm laughed, nudging Team to carry on mixing.

Team had asked Pharm if he could help him prepare some of Win's favourite foods as his boyfriend was so busy he forgot to eat sometimes and Team didn't like to see him stressed. They were supposed to practice last week but Din had cornered him after practice to stay late after he already said he couldn't. He was so tired the next day, Pharm cancelled for him after seeing his face. But Win had a free weekend coming up and Team wanted to surprise him so he had to start learning.

"Sorry, I'm just so tired lately. I kind of wish I hadn't agreed to train with Din," Team confessed.

"Is it that bad?” Pharm questioned.

Team nodded. "At first we agreed to just two days a week but he started messaging me straight away to train during the day or asking to stay late more days. I didn't want to say no because he's trying to get better and I have been too but it's getting a bit much. He keeps staying later and later and I promised P’Dean I would look after the keys so l can't go until he does. Plus since hia Win is so busy, the only time we've really had just the two of us is before bed and now he's always asleep when I get back, which I don’t blame him but I miss him.”

Pharm stared with wide eyes at his confession. He really must have been stressed to blurt it out like that.

"Maybe you should talk to P'Dean or P'Win and ask them for help? I know they're busy but they run the club, not you. You've done a good thing helping Din but it's not even been a month and look what it's doing to you. You can't keep doing this. When do you have time to relax?"

"When I'm asleep,” Team joked but it was true. Pharm just frowned and thought about talking to Dean if Team wouldn't.

The friday after, Team had morning classes and Win's finished early in the afternoon. Team had asked Dean very nicely if both boys could be excused from practice that evening and he agreed without much persuasion. Win had made sure his weekend was free to spend with Team and Team wanted to kick it off right.

He ignored the bombardment of texts he recieved from Din after he told him he wouldn't be at practice today, and scanned the room to make sure everything was ready. Win would be back any minute so Team went through his mental checklist.

He'd run a relaxing bath for his boyfriend with bubbles and candles that hopefully they could both enjoy. It would be too hot to get in now but would be the perfect temperature once Win arrived. The table was set for dinner which was prepared mostly by Team with a little help from Pharm over the phone. Team would plate it up once they were done with the bath. There was also soft music playing in the background to make it extra romantic. Team was quite pleased with himself and he couldn't wait for Win to get back.

Team waited and waited for Win, calling and texting him, worrying that something may have happened. He was supposed to be back at 3pm but it was past 7pm and Team still hadn't heard from his boyfriend. The only reason he wasn't phoning the police to look for him was because his messages started getting read. He still wasn't getting a reply but he assumed Win was ignoring him for some reason so he sulked in Win’s bed, waiting for him to get back.

Around 8pm, Team was getting tired of waiting so he decided to go to his own room. Just as he was getting ready to leave, the door swung open and in walked an obviously tipsy, if not drunk, Win.

Team stared in shock as Win took his shoes off by the door, swaying but not quite falling over. He hadn't noticed Team yet but jumped when the younger boy spoke.

"What the fuck hia? You bailed on our plans to go and get drunk and couldn't even be bothered to text me back?”

Win stared at him for a moment before rolling his eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry. Why don't you go and whine about it to your boyfriend."

"You're my boyfriend!"

"Funny that because I overheard Din with his friends today. Apparently you've been getting so close during you're extra practices. He seems to think that you're going to be “official" soon," Win stopped for a second then laughed. "You know I really thought you loved me."

"I do love you hia. There's nothing going on between me and Din," Team tried to explain but Win just interrupted him.

"But obviously I wasn't enough for you so you had to go and get fucked by the next guy that looked at you.”

By now tears were streaming down Team's face and the lump in his throat was making it difficult to get words out. Win had never spoken to him like that before and it was breaking his heart that his boyfriend didn't trust him.

"How could you say that to me. I would never even think about cheating on you," Taking a deep breath and clearing his throat, Team gestured around the room.

"I did all this for you so you could relax, waited for hours for you to come back and you think I would do that if I was seeing someone else? We've barely seen each other in weeks and I know you’re busy but I've been spending my spare time learning how to cook for you and instead of coming back and having an adult conversation about something you overhead, you decided to show up late and drunk when you knew I’d been planning this."

Win stared in shock, sobering up slightly. Team's never got angry at him before, not for real anyway. Win looked around the room and knew he fucked up. "Team-"

"No, I don't want to hear it," Team said, gathering his stuft. "I'm going to my own room. I can't talk to you right now. We’ll talk when you're sober."

Team quickly slipped his shoes on and left Win’s room. Win sighed, running a hand through his hair and pulling frustratedly. He needed a shower to sober up, he wasn’t sure he could wait until the morning to try and talk to Team. Just as he made his way to the bathroom, his phone started ringing. Picking it up, he saw it was Dean.

“Hey Dean. I can’t talk right now,” Win told him.

“Oh yeah, sorry. It’ll only take a second. I know you’re with Team tonight so if you could tell him Pharm spoke to me about Din and I’ve spoken to him and sorted it out. He’s not going to bother Team anymore, he knows he overstepped. So Team doesn’t have to swim with him anymore, I’ll find time to schedule some extra practice for anyone that wants it. Anyway, have a good weekend. See you Monday,” Dean hung up before Win could even reply.

Win sat down on his bed, staring at his phone. So he’d been completely wrong, Team hadn’t done anything. Had Din done something to make Team uncomfortable? A million questions were running through his head and he wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing the answers.

He quickly got up and showered, allowing a few tears to fall at the sight of the bathroom. The water was stone cold when he drained it and Win felt guilty that Team has gone to all this trouble and he’d ruined it.

Getting dressed, he grabbed his keys and made his way down one floor to Team’s room. He was a lot more sober now he had showered. He hadn’t really drunk that much in the first place, he was just tipsy and feeling sorry for himself.

Win knocked on the door and waited a few moments. He could hear shuffling inside before the door opened and Team was stood there looking soft in his pyjamas but his eyes were red and he had tear stains down his face.

Win didn’t even think before stepping into the room and pulling Team into his arms, kicking the door shut behind him. “I’m sorry, Team. I’m so sorry.”

Team struggled to get out his hold but it was no use, Win just held him tighter. Win stroked his hair as Team felt fresh tears fall from his eyes.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of that. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me. I shouldn’t have believed what I heard. I was just feeling stressed with my work and not getting to talk to you a lot. I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to hold you properly or touch you. I can’t even remember when the last time we had sex was and my brain just went from 0 to 100 without even stopping to think about it,” Win explained. He pulled away, guiding them both to sit on Team’s bed and wiped away his tears.

“I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t come and talk to me about it? It would’ve been over and done with in 5 seconds and no one would’ve had to get hurt.”

Win sighed. “Because I was being stupid and ignorant and I was only thinking about myself. I wasn’t thinking about your feelings. I’m sorry.”

Team just nodded, looking down at his hands. “So Din is telling people we’re together then?”

Win took Team’s hands in his own. “What’s been going on Team? Dean rang after you left to say Pharm spoke to him and he’s sorted it. Did something happen with Din?”

Team looked up, eyes wide at the fact Pharm had told Dean. But at the same time he was glad, if Dean had said it was sorted, he didn’t have anything to worry about. “I agreed to help train Din because he was new and he said he wanted to improve. It was only supposed to be twice a week after practice but he was messaging me multiple times a day and would get pushy when I said I was busy. After everyone had left, he cornered me in the locker room a couple times to stay late after I’d said no. Those were the days you had to skip because you couldn’t come. I think he noticed you waiting for me so did it when you weren’t there. I felt like I didn’t have a choice. I had the keys to the pool and had to make sure it was locked.”

Win opened his mouth to interject but Team stopped him. “Don’t blame P’Dean. I said he was okay to go. I know him and Pharm have seen each other just as much as we have.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Win asked.

“When did I see you to be able to do that? It’s not exactly great pillow talk and you were usually asleep when I got back.” Team saw the sad expression on Win’s face and carried on. “It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. I should’ve been able to handle it on my own. I should’ve stood up for myself. If it got worse I would’ve said something but there wasn’t time before.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy. There’s only two more weeks of this crazy schedule and then I’ll have more time to spend with you. You’re going to get sick of me,” Win laughed and Team joined in.

“I could never,” Team replied honestly with a smile. He let go of Win’s hands and crawled up his bed and under the covers. Win looked at him for a second before doing the same. Team turned his back to Win and shuffled back until his boyfriend pulled him close, circling an arm around his waist.

“I’m really sorry about what I said earlier,” Win apologised again, stroking his thumb on Team’s hand.

Team brought their hands up to his mouth and kissed Win’s knuckle. “I know. But please don’t say that stuff again.”

Win pulled Team closer and kissed the back of his neck. “Never.”

Chapter Text

Team was waiting in Win’s room for him to come back after class. They were planning on studying that evening but all Team could think about was his relationship with Win.

They weren’t a couple but they’d been sleeping together for a few months now. Team didn’t expect it to happen, he’d never really been interested in sex before, thought it would happen when he eventually found a partner. He’d never gone into heat before either, which he was thankful for. He wouldn’t want to go through that alone.

Then he met Win and they got close through swim club, and Dean and Pharm were always together so they were too. He knew Win was flirty so he didn’t think too much about the way the older boy acted towards him but he found himself falling anyway. And then at some point, Team’s first heat got triggered. He started feeling ill so he went back to his dorm and later Win had texted to say he was on his way with food. Team had realised what was going on by then and he couldn’t bring himself to tell Win not to come. He wanted him there.

The smell hit Win as soon as the door opened and he had to step back. His alpha side wanted to take Team right there but his conscious side knew he couldn’t do that to his junior. But Team had pulled him into his room and begged him to help. He tried to argue that Team didn’t know what he was saying but Team told him he was coherent enough to know what he wanted. So they slept together for the first time and multiple times after, even when Team wasn’t in heat.

Team wasn’t sure what their relationship was. They didn’t act any different than normal when they were in public and didn’t see each other any more than usual. The only new thing was the sex and it was only really a couple times a week unless Team was in heat. Team loved being close to Win in that way but he couldn’t help breaking his own heart when he remembered they weren’t actually together.

During Team’s heats, when he was hauled up in his room, people had started noticing that Win would disappear randomly too. Team wouldn’t allow him to stay with him all the time, telling him to go to his classes and see his friends. He didn’t want to seem like a burden so he would send him away once he was relaxed enough to be able to think again.

Team had overheard people talking about him again after he’d finished his last class of the day. People were assuming him and Win were together and were dragging Team’s name through the mud. They believe Team wasn’t good enough for Win and he believed them. Win was a god and Team was no one special. He wasn’t like Pharm, the university’s definition of a “perfect omega”. Everyone loved him and since they were best friends, they would compare the two boys. Team knew he wasn’t perfect like Pharm and it hurt but the more he heard it, the more he got used to it. But for some reason, today it struck a nerve so now Team sat in Win’s room, figuring out how to talk to him.

As he was going over in his head what he wanted to say, the door opened and in walked Win who instantly stopped and looked at Team. “You’re sad, what’s wrong?” He walked over and placed a hand on the younger boys cheek who flinched so he pulled it back.

“Whatever this is that we’re doing, I think we should stop. I can’t keep hurting myself by pretending you might have feelings for me when this is obviously just sex to you,” Team blurted out. That was the not the way he wanted the conversation to go but if he didn’t say something, nothing would change.

Win tried to reach for him again but Team dodged his hand. “I think it’s best if I just go,” Team told him before grabbing his phone and leaving Win looking stunned.

Team didn’t go back to his own room, instead he kept walking, out the building and through the streets until he had subconsciously led himself to the university courtyard.

Team sat down on a wall towards the side and watched students come and go. He must have been sat there for a while as it was slowly getting darker and there were only a few students left milling around.

“There you are!” Team looked up and saw Win running towards him. “Please can we talk?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. There’s nothi-“

“It’s not just sex for me,” Win cut him off, sitting down next to him.

“What?” Team asked, turning to face Win.

“After that first heat had finished and we kept having sex, I just assumed we were dating. I know we didn’t really change much apart from having sex but we kind of did couply things before. You usually slept in my bed and I buy you lunch and we watch movies and cuddle. I should have just spoke to you instead of assuming we were on the same page. I didn’t know you were feeling confused. I guess that is my fault, I never asked you properly.”

“Ask me what?” Team asked.

Win turned to face Team fully and took both his hands in his. “I haven’t told you this, but I love you. I don’t want anyone else. Will you be my boyfriend?”

“Are you sure you want that? I’ve heard people talking, people that think we’re already together. They say we don’t match, that I’m not a cute omega like Pharm. They say I don’t deserve to be loved by an alpha like you and I believe them. I’m not perfect, I don’t have a small body or a cute face. I’m not always happy and cheerful and I get grumpy. I don’t fit the standard of a “perfect omega”. I’m not unique, I’m broken.”

Win reached up and wiped away the tears Team didn’t even know were falling. “Please don’t ever talk about yourself like that. You are not broken. You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t listen to what other people say, they’re not worth your time. You are different, but it’s a good thing. Nobodies perfect, not me, or Dean or Pharm. But you are perfect to me. We are perfect for each other. Please say yes to me.”

Team stared in shock before nodding his head, a smile making its way onto his face. Win pulled him into a hug and although they were in public, Team went willingly. “I’m so glad you’re mine now, baby. I’ll make sure you know everyday how special you are.”

“Me too, hia,” Team replied, melting into the hug more.

Win moved slightly and pressed a kiss to Team’s neck. “You have no idea how much I’ve had to restrain myself from marking you when we have sex.”

Win pulled back when he noticed the quick change in Team’s smell, raising an eyebrow at the way his boyfriend got turned on from just one sentence. Team was blushing and it was doing nothing to help how Win was also feeling. Standing up, Win gently grabbed Team’s hand and led him back to Win’s dorm, ignoring the looks they got on the way as Team just laughed.

Chapter Text

Pick was already asleep when Rome went to bed. He'd been sat on the sofa planning their last minute trip to the beach the following day since Pick finally had a day off. He had been in bed but the light from his phone was keeping Pick awake so Rome gently kissed him on the forehead and moved to the living room.

After Rome was finished, he quietly made his way back into the bedroom so he didn't wake Pick. He'd been so busy at work, he needed his sleep. Crawling under the covers, Rome stilled when Pick shuffled to face him and instictively pulled the younger boy closer. Rome turned to see Pick was thankfully still asleep and he smiled to himself.

Cuddling into Pick's chest, Rome started falling asleep until he heard Pick mumbling something. He looked up and saw his eyes were still closed, he must have been talking in his sleep.

"Beach," Pick mumbled.

"Yes, P’Pick. We're going tomorrow," Rome told him.

"Go swimming?" Pick asked.

"Yes, we can swim,” Rome replied, laughing quietly.

"Okay," Pick said and sighed. Rome guessed that was the end of the conversation. He closed his eyes a second time before Pick's hand reached out to pull Rome even closer. "Cuddle."

Rome cooed at how cute his boyfriend was acting. He would never openly admit he wanted to cuddle when he was a wake, so Rome was taking the opportunity. He shuffled even closer and wrapped a hand into Pick's shirt.

"Love you."

Rome sighed with a smile on his face. "I love you too, P'Pick."

The next morning when both boys were getting ready to leave, Rome turned to Pick. "Did you know you talk in your sleep?”

Pick stopped what he was doing and turned to Rome, eyes wide. He'd done it before when staying with Porsche and it was embarrasing.

"What did I say?" Rome just laughed and left the room. Pick ran after him, shouting. "Rome, what did I say?!”

Chapter Text

Tharn and Type had been together almost a year when Tharn noticed Type was acting weird. He wasn't very open in public as Type wasn't comfortable with every one knowing yet but sometimes he could be just as affectionate as Tharn when they were alone. But for the last week, Tharn had noticed Type was acting different.

He would be out longer after class and would say he's busy if Tharn asked him to hang out. Occasionally if Type came back late, he would crawl under Tharn's blanket and cuddle up with the sleeping boy, but he hadn't even done that.

Tharn started to feel like Type just didn't want to be around him anymore. Maybe their relationship had run it's course and Type had fallen out of love and didn't know how to tell him.

Thinking irrationally, instead of going back to his dorm after his last class, Tharn decided he would go home and stay with his family for the weekend.

It was late afternoon when Tharn recieved a text from Type asking where he was.

From: Type ⚽️
Where are you? I brought dinner

To: Type ⚽️
At home visiting my family

From: Type ⚽️
Why didn't you tell me?
What time will you be back?

Tharn wanted to tell him he wouldn't be back until Sunday but he decided against it.

To: Type ⚽️
I'm not sure. Don't wait up for me. Sorry about dinner

Tharn didn't get a response from Type after that so he had dinner with his family and went to bed early.

Tharn ended up sleeping longer than usual and woke up to several missed calls and texts from Type asking where he was and when he'd be home. He texted back saying he had stayed the night at home and that he'd probably stay another night. Type was less than thrilled with the response and told Tharn not to bother coming back.

Tharn was confused at the reaction since Type had been the distant one but he shrugged it off and made his way downstairs.

“Oh, Tharn. You're still here? I thought you would have left early," Thorn called from the sofa when he noticed his brother.

"No. I think I'll go tomorrow,” Tharn replied. Thorn gave him a weird look. "What?”

"Did you and Type break up?" Thorn asked, confusion on his face.


"Then why are you still here on your anniversary?” Thorn questioned. "We just spoke about it on the phone last month."

"Our anniversary isn't until the 23rd," Tharn explained.

"Tharn, today is the 23rd.”

Tharn sat in shock for a moment and glanced at the calender on the wall to see it was infact his and Type's anniversary.

He jumped out of his seat. Quickly getting changed, he grabbed his stuff and said goodbye to his family before driving back to the dorm.

The first thing he saw when he opened the door was a large bouquet of sunflowers with what looked like small chocolate hearts intricately placed in between. They must have been ordered well in advance for something that big.

Next to that on their small table was a hamper full of fruit and chocolates with what smelled like fresh pancakes. It must have been delivered recently.

Tharn scanned the room and saw Type sat on his bed, glaring at his phone. He looked up when he heard the door close.

"Happy anniversary, asshole," Type snapped standing up and making his way to the door.

"Type," Tharn whined, grabbing Type's arm as he made for the door handle. Type turned around but didn't speak. "I'm sorry. I swear I didn't forget, I just didn't know what the date was."

"Why did you go home yesterday? Did you even plan on coming back last night?" Type asked, pulling his arm out of Tharn's grip.

"I thought you were going to break up with me," Tharn said. When Type gave him a questioning look, he carrived on. "You've been distant recently and staying out longer. I thought you didn't love me anymore."

Type sighed and stepped closer, cupping Tharn's cheeks. "Of course l love you. I planned all this didn't I? And I was out late because I had No and Champ’s help picking a restaurant for tonight."

Tharn's eyes went wide. "Wait, did you?"

"Yes, I told my friends about us," Type said shyly.

Tharn grinned and pulled Type into a bone crushing hug. A few moments later, Tharn let go to run to his desk. Pulling open the drawer, he picked up a thin rectangle box and returned to his place in front of his boyfriend.

"Happy anniversary," Tharn said, handing over the box.

Type opened it to reveal a beautiful silver necklace. Looking closely, he saw two small T's, intertwined with a little music note and football. Type didn't want to let on how much he loved it.

"Ai’Tharn, you know I don't wear jewellery." Tharn pouted until Type gave in and turned around for Tharn to put it on. Turning him back around, Tharn pulled him in for a kiss.

After a moment, Type pushed him back. “This doesn't mean you're forgiven, asshole."

Tharn smirked. "Do we have enough time before dinner for me to make it up to you?"

Type just rolled his eyes with a smile and pulled Tharn towards the bed.

Chapter Text

Team sat at the table, sipping his drink as he watched his two friends swaying on the dance floor. They'd come out to celebrate getting through another term and finishing their exams and Pharm and Manaow had already drunk enough to make Team pass out so he wondered how they were still standing. Although Team usually didn’t drink a lot so he didn’t hold his alcohol well if he did.

Team was waiting on their seniors, specifically Win to join them. Being in their last years of uni meant they had more responsibility so they had to finish swim team paperwork before they could leave. Which meant that although Team enjoyed watching his friends have fun, all he could think about was when his boyfriend would arrive so he could pretend he was more tipsy than he was and snuggle up to him.

Team carried on watching his friends, wishing he had the guts to get up and dance like they did, like they don’t care if anyone’s watching or judging them. He did like to dance but preferred when Win would turn music on in his dorm and pull Team up to join him. Team would always pretend he hated it at first but half an hour later his head would be on Win’s shoulder and he would have a relaxed smile on his face as they swayed slowly to the music.

While Team watched on, he felt a hand settle on his shoulder. A smile made it's way on to his face that quickly disappeared when he turned and noticed the hand didn't belong to his boyfriend.

He shrugged it off with a frown on his face. "Can I help you?"

The guy hadn't spoken yet, just stared at Team with a smirk before he made his way around the table and slid in next to him. "Hi, I'm Brick. What’s your name?”

Team opened his mouth to respond, to politely tell him he wasn’t interested but was cut off before he even had a chance. “So who are you here with, cutie?”

“Uh, my friends and I’m waiting for my b-“

“Well it looks like you’re by yourself right now. Why don’t you join me,” He spoke, cutting Team off again.

“No, thank you. I’m waiting for-“

“How about I get you a drink?” The guy scooted closer until he was pressed up against Team’s side. Unfortunately, that meant Team was now trapped between him and the wall with no easy way out. He just hoped either his friends would notice or Win would arrive soon.

“I already have a drink, thanks,” Team replied, surprisingly not getting cut off this time.

“I could get you another,” he replied. He looked Team up and down, licking his lips. Lifting a hand, he placed it just above Team’s knee. Team’s whole body went stiff. “Or how about I take you back to my place? Carry on this party there?”

Team attempted to push his hand off and shuffle as far away as he could but the guy just followed, a tight grip now on Team’s leg slowly moving higher.

“I already said no. Please stop touching me and leave me alone. I’m waiting for-“

“For me,” Team was cut off again but sighed in relief when he heard the voice.

Turning his head, he saw Win stood in front of the table, Dean and Pruk behind him. If looks could kill, this guy would be dead three times over. Team tried to catch Win’s eye but he was currently burning holes into the guy who still had his hand touching Team.

“I suggest you remove your hand before I do something you’ll regret,” Win growled.

“Does he belong to you or something?” The guy laughed.

Having had enough, Win pulled the table out with the help of Dean and Pruk, enough to step in front of the guy. Team took the opportunity to escape the guy’s hand and hurry into Pharm and Manaow’s open arms.

“He’s not an object, he doesn’t belong to anyone. But I do happen to be his boyfriend. I don’t appreciate you putting your hands on him when he clearly doesn’t want it. Learn what consent is. No means no,” Win spat, arms crossed, staring down at the not moving guy. “Get lost.”

Brick glared at Win before getting to his feet, bumping his shoulder as he walked past, closer to Team. “Let me know if you get bored of this guy.”

“I’m not interested!” Team said frustratedly.

Shrugging, Brick casts his eyes over to Pharm and winks. “What about you, cutie?”

Dean stepped in front of Pharm and growled. “Take the hint.”

“Get lost before I get security,” Pruk announced, arm tight around Manaow’s waist.

With a huff, Brick stalked off to the other side of the bar probably to harass another innocent person.

Win turned to Team and his arms were instantly full with his boyfriend. Team wasn’t even embarrassed about showing this much affection in public because he was pretty shaken up and needed comfort from his boyfriend.

“Hey, do you want to go home?” Win asked, gently stroking Team’s hair.

Team pulled away slightly and frowned up at him. “But you just got here.”

“I think we’re going to go anyway,” Dean spoke, holding up a drunk and sleepy Pharm. “Why don’t we just go out for dinner tomorrow?”

Both seniors agreed and they all said goodbye before going their separate ways. Team was quiet on the journey back to Win’s dorm so Win kept the conversation light until they were both showered and cuddled up in Win’s bed.

“You okay?” Win asked. Team had his back to Win’s chest, cuddled as close as he could be. Team just nodded without a word.

“Team, look at me please,” Win pleaded. Team shuffled round until he was face to face with Win. Win pulled him closer until he could rub their noses together. Team smiled. “Talk to me.”

“I just feel embarrassed that I couldn’t handle that guy earlier. I shouldn’t have let it get to me as much as it did. I hadn’t even had one drink but the more he carried on, I lost all my confidence and just froze up. I was vulnerable and was just praying that you would turn up.” Team sighed, looking away from Win.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about. That guy was a creep and he was harassing you. You were trapped and it’s only natural to panic.”

“But I should’ve been stronger.”

“If that had happened to Manaow or Pharm or even me and we froze, would you say they should’ve been stronger?” Win questioned.

Team frowned again. “Of course not.”

“Then please don’t tear yourself down because of this. You are so brave and strong and tonight doesn’t change that. That guy clearly didn’t understand boundaries, there was nothing you could’ve done. Okay?”

Team caught Win’s eyes and sighed. “Okay, hia.”

“Good, I’m so proud of you,” Win smiled.

“I love you, hia,” Team smiled back, leaning in to peck Win’s lips before snuggling further into his chest.

Win wrapped his arms tighter around Team’s waist and pulled him closer, placing a soft kiss on his head. “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Team couldn't help himself, he knew he went over the top sometimes but he'd never felt this way towards anyone and even if the feelings weren't reciprocated, he wanted to make sure Win knew that he was appreciated.

It started as Team just admiring his senior from afar, enjoying the moments during swim practice where he'd get a bit of extra attention. Although it had been mentioned that he was one of the best swimmers on the team so he assumed Win just kept a close eye on him to make sure he was working hard and improving.

Eventually Pharm began dating Dean, the president of the swim club so when he started joining their small group for lunch, Win came too. Over the weeks they slowly became closer and Team couldn't help the growing attraction to the older boy.

Part of him wanted to admit it, to ask Win out, but he wasn’t getting the vibe that Win liked him too. Sure, Win could be a little flirty and sometimes he'd put his arm around Team's shoulder but one second it was there and the next it was gone. He also knew from observing Win since the start of term that he was naturally a flirty person to most people so Team eventually convinced himself that he was making stuff up in his head and resigned himself to the fact Win would never like him back. He was happy just being in the same room with him to be honest. It was painful, but he didn't need anymore.

At the end of the first term, exams were in full swing and Team was stressed. He was on a scholarship to be able to attend the university and although his grades at school were enough to get him here, uni was a lot harder and if he didn't keep his grades up, he could be kicked out.

Team had recieved an email from one of his professors, outlining his disapointment in Team's recent exam score. Apparently, he'd only just passed and if he didn't improve, he was likely to fail the next one.

After hearing that, Team was panicking and spent most of swim practice that evening trying to think of ways to improve his score, which alerted the attention of Dean when his times were worse than usual.

"Team? Can I have a word with you?" Team heard Dean call from the office next to the changing rooms. Team walked into the small room, closing the door behind him. "Everything okay today? Your times were a bit slower than normal and you've been unusually quiet."

"Sorry, I'm just struggling a bit in one of my classes. My professor said if I don't improve I'm probably going to fail my next exam. It’s the only class I'm having trouble with, I study so much but I'm just not getting it,” Team sighed, growing frustrated and pulling at his damp hair.

Dean nodded thoughtfully for a minute before turning back to Team. "What subject is it?"

"Maths,” Team replied.

"Okay, give me a minute and get changed. I might know someone that can help."

Team thanked him and left to get changed. After he had finished showering and getting dressed, the changing room was empty. Until the door opened and in walked Win, still in his swim shorts, wet hair slicked back.

Win met his eyes and Team quickly looked away, shoving the rest of his things in his backpack.

"Dean said you're having trouble in one of your classes?"

Team stopped and turned to see Win now sat on the bench. "Yeah."

"I could tutor you if you want?" Win suggested.

It took Team a minute to remember how to speak. A few hours spent alone with Win? Team was jumping at the chance. Win quirked his eyebrow at Team in question.

"Yes please," was all Team could reply.

"Okay. We'll go to my room tomorrow after practice,” Win said before leaving again.

From there, Team studied with Win for a few hours, three times a week. They always went to Win's dorm room which just happened to be one floor above Team’s, it was surprising they hadn't bumped into each other before.

Having that extra time with Win was amazing and they got really close, becoming good friends. They spent most of their time together now. Eating lunch together with their friends. Swim practice. Having dinner together most days in Win's room. They would sometimes even have breakfast together and hang out at the weekend, either alone or in a group.

But it didn't go unnoticed how much extra time Team had been spending with Win. He followed him around like a lost puppy, something even Team could admit. But love makes you do crazy things.

One day, Team left Win a note outside his room with a couple bags of lays. He wanted to thank him for tutoring him and helping him pass his last exam.

From there, every so often when Team would go down to the convenience store and buy more lays, he would get an extra bag for Win. Sometimes he would leave it outside his room or give it to him in person at lunch or after practice. Team had no idea how to show someone you liked them but he was very particular about his food and he hoped sharing that with Win would show he cares. 

Team started leaving Win notes more frequently too after he'd managed to catch him reading one with a smile on his face. Team liked to make Win happy and if a simple 'have a good day' made that happen, Team would keep doing it.

He had considered once that Win might be annoyed at the extra attention Team was giving him. It was no secret now that Team obviously had a thing for his senior but Win himself hadn't mentioned anything and hadn't told him to stop, so he didn't.

Not until practice one day. Team had just finished showering and was about to get out before he heard the door open and a couple of guys walked in, immediately bursting into laughter, startling Team.

Before he left the cubicle, he heard his name and stopped in his tracks. "Did you see Team today? He was all over P'Win. I swear he follows him everywhere."

"I know. What's with all those notes too? It's a bit over the top now don't you think? How long has it been now and P’Win is clearly not interested. Take the hint and stop being so annoying."

Both boys laughed again before Team heard lockers closing and footsteps retreating back out the door. Team left the stall and got dressed as quickly as he could before grabbing his stuff and rushing out the changing room.

He was usually always the last to leave so there was no one there to see him running towards the door. Until he bumped into Win who was coming out the office.

Win grabbed Team's arm to steady him and gave him a questioning look. "Careful. You know you're not supposed to run in here. Why are you rushing?”

"Sorry. Just going home," Team replied, stepping back until Win's arm dropped from his own.

"Do you want to study tonight? We can pick up food on the way," Win suggested.

"I can't tonight, sorry. I've got to go,” Team stepped around Win and left as quickly as he could.

He didn't sleep at all that night, going over every detail of his and Win's friendship in his head. Looking for times when he's been too much, annoying Win with the notes and the clinginess. After hours of going back and forth, all Team could think was that Win probably felt sorry for Team and that’s why he allowed him to follow him around. Pharm spent more time with Dean and Manaow had just started dating Pruk so neither boys were spending a lot of time with their closest friends. It just made sense that Win would hang out with Team until something better came along. God, how could he have been so stupid, hoping one day that something more might happen between them but obviously if everyone could see how much Team annoyed Win, it must be true.

Over the next two weeks, Team avoided Win like the plague. He skipped all his tutoring sessions, saying he was too tired, not feeling well, busy or that he'd just do it on his own. He would decline his offers to have dinner and would leave lunch as soon as Win arrived or just not turn up at all. He told Pharm and Manaow he just wasn't that hungry or he had to talk to a professor. He wouldn't even talk to him at practice unless it was actually about swimming, and then he just gave one word answers when he could.

On Friday evening, the last practice of the week, Win had had enough of Team ignoring him and pulled him into the changing room at the beginning of practice while everyone else warmed up.

"Why have you been avoiding me? I've barely seen you for two weeks." Win questioned.

"I don't know what you mean," Team replied sadly, looking at the floor.

"Team, I know somethings going on. We spend so much time together and now it's a different excuse everytime." Team just shrugged not knowing what to say.

"Please talk to me, I thought we were friends,” Win pleaded.

"Are we? Friends? Because I thought I was just annoying and clingy," Team snapped.

Win's mouth fell open in shock. "What are you talking about?"

"I know I annoy you okay? I overheard some guys a couple weeks ago in here saying how annoying I am and how weird it was to give you those notes all the time."

Team ran a hand through his hair frustratedly and started pacing in front of the lockers. “God, how stupid was I? Following you around like a lost puppy. Acting like a school girl with a stupid crush. I should've just pretended I didn't have any feelings for you, maybe then-“

Team stopped dead in his tracks, with his back to Win when he realised he just admitted out loud that he likes him.

"Team,” Win tried, walking up behind him. When he didn't say anything, he put a gentle hand on his shoulder and slowly turned him around. Win instantly saw the tears threatening to spill from Team's eyes. "You like me?"

"Don't make me say it again,” Team sniffed. "I'm embarrassed enough as it is.”

Win took Team's hand and brought it up to his
mouth, placing a soft kiss on Team's knuckles. Team's eyes widened and a few tears fell. "Please don't be embarrassed. I liked all those notes you gave me. I'm the stupid one though, I thought you were just being nice about me tutoring you. I didn't know you actually liked me. Well, I had hoped."

“Don't tease me P'Win."

"I'm not, I promise. I've liked you since the first moment I saw you," Win explained.

Team frowned, confusion on his face. "You didn't act like it. I thought after the way I acted around you, you just weren't interested."

"If I hadn't been so oblivious and realised what you were doing was because you liked me, I would've told you but I didn't know and I would've felt guilty if I pursued something with you. You're a first year and I didn't want to intimidate you and come on too strong while you were still getting used to it here," Win explained.

Team wiped his eyes and gave Win a shy smile. "I'm used to it now."

Win smiled back brightly and moved closer to Team until they were only inches apart. Team's breath hitched as Win leaned in. Win raised an eyebrow in question before Team gave a small nod and closed the gap. The kiss was slow and short but both boys still felt breathless after.

"Will you be my boyfriend, Team?" Win asked, resting their foreheads together. Team just nodded as best he could, giving Win another quick kiss. "Does this mean I can show you off?”

Team laughed. "Well apparently everyone already knows I have a thing for you.”

Win smiled again and leant in for another kiss, this one lasting a little longer before he pulled back. “Also, just so you know, I don't find you annoying or clingy. I love spending time with you. Whover said you are is completely wrong."

Win wiped the last traces of tears from Team's face and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the door. "Come on, lets go practice before Dean gives me a disappointed look for distracting the best swimmer on the team."

Team laughed, following Win out the changing room and heading to the pool. He could see and hear particular people whispering about him and Win but tried his best to ignore it. He wasn't about to let some gossips ruin his happy mood. He ended up tuning them out and even managed to beat his own record. He caught Win's eyes who smiled at him proudly.

After practice, everyone stood around while Dean made a small speach about an upcoming meet. Once he was finished, everyone started moving to leave before Win spoke up.

"Can you all just stay for a few more minutes please,” He said. Everyone looked confused, even Dean.

"Team, can you come up here please?" Team gave him a confused look but made his way to Win and looked at him expectantly. Win smiled at him reassuringly before turning back to the other members.

"It's come to my attention that some comments were made about Team. Now I'm not going to annoy you with the details but if I personally hear or find out that it's happened again, you'll have me to deal with."

Win gently grabbed Team's hand, interlocking their fingers. A few gasps came from the group. "I don't take kindly to people disrespecting my boyfriend."

Team stared in shock for a few seconds before smiling widely. He squeezed Win's hand prompting the older boy to turn to him. Behind him, he could hear Dean herding the group to the changing room.

"Thank you, you didn't have to do that,” Team said.

"I did. I want everyone to know they'll have me to deal with if they mess with the man l love,” Win confessed.

Team smiled brightly, eyes shining with new tears. "I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Win and Team had just got back to Win’s room after a night out requested by Manaow. She wanted to celebrate another play she'd had the lead in.

At first Team was adamant he wasn't going to drink but her and Pharm had given him the puppy dog eyes and he couldn't resist. So by the end of the night he was drunk enough to be clinging to Win and cuddling up to his side with no shame about who could be watching.

After getting back to Win’s dorm, Team flopped down on the bed, eyes closing instantly. He didn't fall asleep straight away but his body was too tired to do anything else.

He could faintly hear Win shuffling around the room, opening and closing drawers and water running before he felt gentle hands on his waist. They moved down slightly, lifting the hem of his shirt and unbuttoning his jeans.

Team tiredly swatted in the direction he assumed Win was, whining. "No hia. I'm too tired to have sex."

Win chuckled from above him, carrying on getting Team undressed. "Relax Team. We're just having a bath."

Team pouted, although he was tired, somewhere in his drunk mind he was hoping for more. "Can we have sex tomorrow?"

“Yes, baby," Win replied, slipping Team’s trousers off and pulling him into a sitting position to pull his shirt over his head.

Team blinked his eyes open and noticed Win was already in just his boxers. Win gently pulled him to his feet and guided him into the bathroom, turning the water in the almost full bath off.

Win instructed Team to take his boxers off and helped him carefully climb in the bath and lower himself down. Once he was comfortable, Win did the same and settled in behind him, Team instantly cuddling back into him.

They stayed in that position for a while, Win tracing his fingers softly up and down one of Team's arms until Team looked like he was about to fall asleep.

"Don't fall asleep just yet," Win said, moving them both into a more upright position. "Let me wash your hair.”

Team just hummed in response and closed his eyes again, relaxing into the feeling of Win's fingers running through his hair.

“I like you, hia," Team sighed contently.

"I would hope so, we've been together over a year," Win chuckled. "I like you too."

"When did you first know? That you liked me?” Team questioned.

Win's hands left his hair for a moment to wash his own. "At swim club tryouts. The moment I saw you, I was intrigued, but it wasn't until after, that I got to look at you properly with no distractions. When you were talking to Pharm and Manaow on the other side of the pool. You looked so cute and when you smiled, I just knew that was it."

Team gasped. Half at the explanation, he hadn’t been expecting Win to go into so much detail. But also at a relization. He quickly spun around to face Win, splashing water over the side of the bath. Win grabbed Team's forearms to stop his boyfriend from accidentally slipping.

“I liked you first,” Team said matter of factly, a bright smile on his face.

"What do you mean?” Win asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

"I liked you first hia," Team said again, shuffling excitedly as if whatever he was thinking was so hard to contain. Win couldn't help but smile fondly at him.

"That first day, before tryouts, in the morning at registration, I saw you. I had just met Manaow and Pharm in the line and we got talking. Manaow had spotted P'Dean walking across campus and pointed him out. She couldn't stop talking about him and l think I was talking too, although I'm not sure what I said. It wasn't until tryouts that I even knew what P’Dean looked like because all I was focused on was you. When I saw you for the first time I felt like I couldn't breath. You looked so serious but you were so handsome. When I saw you at the pool, I almost felt like I couldn't swim but I wanted to impress you. After I swam you smiled at me and I thought I was going to die on the spot."

Team sighed deeply, almost relieved to get that off his chest. He looked up to Win when he didn't respond just to see his boyfriend crying. "Hia! Why are you crying?”

Win gave Team a teary smile. "I'm sorry, baby. I've just never heard all that before. You made me really happy."

Team scooted as close as he could without turning back around. "I like making you happy."

"You always make me happy," Win said, leaning forward for a quick kiss. "Come on, let me finish your hair. I want to cuddle you properly."

Team smiled and slowly turned back around so Win could carry on.

Once they were dressed and back in Win’s bed, Team cuddled up to his boyfriend and rest his head on the others chest. "I love you, hia."

"I love you too, baby." Win replied softly as Team drifted off to sleep. He smiled down at his sleeping boyfriend, gently running his fingers through his hair. “You fell first but I fell harder.”

Chapter Text

Gun walked into the other studio looking for his boyfriend. He had just finished filming and he should be heading home but he hadn’t seen Tay properly in a few days and both had busy schedules this week so they wouldn’t see each other again until the weekend. He only needed five minutes for a hug and maybe a few kisses to keep him going until then.

When he reached the door, he stopped, looking around in search of his taller boyfriend. He noticed him a few feet away but didn’t move. Instead he stood and watched one of their coworkers obviously flirting with his man. She was laughing at something Tay had said, twirling her hair around her finger while the other hand subtly touched his arm.

Taking a step back, Tay accidentally tripped on a thick wire running across the length of the floor, almost falling to the ground before he caught himself. He laughed awkwardly, scratching at the back of his neck as Gun heard the girl call him cute. He had seen enough.

Walking up towards the pair, the girl noticed him first and smiled in his direction, prompting Tay to turn around. A smile quickly made its way on to his face.

“Hey Gu-“

Tay didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before Gun was in front of him, standing on his tiptoes and grabbing the back of Tay’s neck to bring him into a harsh kiss.

Most people knew by now that Tay and Gun were in a relationship so the scene didn’t really shock them. Although they weren’t used to seeing the two so intense, they usually just cuddled at work or kissed if no one was around.

Pulling away from the kiss, Gun smiled triumphantly and stared up into Tay’s wide eyes. Not giving him time to speak, he took his hand and pulled him out of the studio, telling the staff Tay would be back soon. No one dared to ask where they were going.

Once Gun had found an empty room and they were both inside, he locked the door and pushed the taller man up against the wall. Tay was shocked. He knew Gun could be possessive but usually he still acted cute while doing it, like climbing into Tay’s lap if he was talking to someone he was jealous of and snuggling into his chest. Tay always forgot what he was saying after that and the conversation would end abruptly. This time however, Gun looked more determined.

“Are you jealous, nong? Because I was talking to Prae?” Tay asked, staring down at his boyfriend.

“No, it’s because she was flirting with you. No one else gets to call you cute. Only me,” Gun stated. “Now stay still.”

Gun leaned up again, tilting Tay’s head to the side so he could attach his lips to his neck. He started kissing and sucking, drawing a gasp out of Tay that morphed into a moan as Gun bit down.

“Gun, I’m working, you can’t mark me,” Tay panted, already wanting more.

“I know you’re only rehearsing today. No cameras,” Gun spoke against his neck.

Gun carried on for a while until his lips were red and swollen and Tay was a mess in front of him. Dark marks littered one side of his neck and Gun smiled happily.

Before Tay could even think of words, Gun was pulling back and slowly walking towards the door. “Have fun with work.”

“Ai’Gun, you’re just going to leave me like this?” Tay asked desperately.

Gun looked back with a smirk, seeing Tay was very worked up. Walking back, Gun moved closer to Tay, noses almost touching. “I can do something about it later if you come over.”

Tay just nodded, too occupied with the desire to kiss his boyfriend. Gun noticed and placed a soft kiss on Tay’s lips, pulling back almost as quickly.

“I love you, see you later!” Gun called, exiting the room, leaving Tay to try to calm himself down until he could see Gun again in a few hours.

Chapter Text

However much Arthit loved hanging out with his friends during his spare time, sometimes he just wanted to be alone with Kong. They didn’t even need to do something crazy, a simple movie in bed would make him happy. They were both so busy at the moment with work and uni that they barely spent any time together, even when Kong stayed over and that was most nights. He wasn’t the best at telling Kong what he wanted and he’d never admit that he needed more attention from his boyfriend so he tried to drop subtle hints but he wasn’t sure it was working.

A few weeks ago he had seen an advert for a small theatre show being put on in the local park. He has never really been too interested in musicals or plays but he could appreciate the talent and getting to sit under the stars with Kong for a couple hours sounded perfect. But instead of asking directly if Kong would like to go, he decided on just randomly bringing it up in conversation, pretending he’d just seen the advert on his phone or pointing out flyers that they walked past. He had hoped Kong would get the hint but he couldn’t blame him for not being a mind reader so when the night of the show came and Kong said they were meeting everyone at Bright’s bar, Arthit pretended he wasn’t disappointed.

When Kong arrived at his apartment, the younger insisted they walked to Bright’s bar, saying it was a really nice afternoon and he wanted to enjoy it. Arthit went along with it even though he knew how far the bar was and that it’d be dark and they’d both be worn out by the time they got there. But five minutes away from the apartment and Kong turned down a different street. That particular street leading to the park, the lights from the make shift stage already visible in the distance. Arthit just followed silently, a small smile on his face.

By the time they reached the entrance, Arthit’s hand was laced with Kong’s and he had a wide smile on his face. “I didn’t think we would actually come here. You seemed so uninterested whenever I mentioned it.”

Kong laughed. “I actually brought the tickets before that. You relentlessly mentioning it was just so funny that I let you carry on.”

Arthit swatted Kong’s shoulder who just laughed more. “Stop teasing me or I’ll go home.”

Leaning closer to Arthit, Kong lowered his voice to a whisper. “If you leave now you won’t get to cuddle under the stars.”

“Kongpob!” Arthit whispered, pushing him away gently. He turned his head away from Kong but couldn’t help the small smile that made its way on to his face.

Kong and Arthit did in fact cuddle during the show. Arthit chose seats at the back specifically for that reason, although he wouldn’t tell Kong that. He’d told him he didn’t want to be so close to the speakers but Kong knew better.

After the show was over, they made their way to their favourite food stall that was less than ten minutes away from Arthit’s apartment. While they were eating they chatted about random stuff and since they were both free the next day, Arthit asked Kong to stay over. Kong nearly dragged them both back to Arthit’s without eating when he heard that.

Once they were getting ready to leave, Arthit decided to be bold and hold Kong’s hand again. He didn’t know where the confidence had come from today but the happy look on his boyfriends face was so worth it. Walking down the empty road, Kong brought their hands up to his mouth and kissed Arthit‘s knuckles softly. Arthit smiled and decided this had been a perfect night and nothing could change that.

Except for two guys emerging from a dark alleyway and following them down the street. Arthit noticed them first and squeezed Kong’s hand to get his attention. He squeezed back instantly and they started walking a bit quicker without drawing too much attention. In usual circumstances, Arthit would have dropped Kong’s hand by now but for some reason the vibe he was getting from the two men just made him want to hold on tighter.

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a couple of fairies,” one guy said, prompting both to start laughing.

Kong stopped abruptly, Arthit’s hand falling from his grip. He turned around to see Kong already facing the men. Now that Arthit could see them, he could see they were definitely bigger than him and Kong and he didn’t like the odds.

“What did you just say?” Kong asked, anger evident in his voice.

Arthit grabbed his arm, trying to get his attention. “Please let’s go. They’re not worth it.”

This clearly angered the smaller of the two as he took a couple of steps forward and pushed at Arthit’s chest, sending him straight on to the floor. Arthit took a couple of seconds to react and by the time he looked up, Kong was positively red in the face.

Kong shoved the man back, who stumbled for a few steps before he regained his balance. He swung out, attempting to punch Kong who expertly blocked the hit, pushing the guys arm to the side and landing a punch of his own right to his jaw. Before he could even react, Kong swept his leg around and pulled the guys leg from under him, sending him crashing to the floor cradling his jaw.

Kong only had a second to breath before the other was coming towards him. Kong stepped forward on one foot, bringing the other up and twisting to strike him square in the chest. Once he was winded and laying on the floor next to his friend, Arthit looked up at Kong. He looked as composed as when they left the food stand and not a single hair was out of place.

“Never put your hands on my boyfriend again or you’ll regret it,” Kong spat angrily before turning to Arthit, his face instantly softening.

“Are you okay? Can you walk?” He asked, helping Arthit to stand up. He just nodded silently and leant on his boyfriend slightly as they walked back to his apartment, paying no more attention to the two bodies laying on the floor.

Once they were back in the apartment and had showered and changed, they laid in bed and put a movie on but Kong couldn’t help but notice Arthit had been silent the whole time.

“What I did before, did that scare you?” Kong asked gently, turning to face Arthit.

Arthit thought for a moment before shaking his head. “I was just surprised, that’s all. I didn’t know you could do all that.”

“I’ve done Muay Thai since I was little. My parents put me in it when I was young to learn the skill,” Kong explained, running his fingers through Arthit’s hair. “It helps me relax so I still practice it now at the gym. You could come if you want, I can show you a few moves.”

Arthit just nodded and cuddled up to Kong, enjoying being closer to his boyfriend again and feeling protected.

Chapter Text

It had been three months since Doc confessed his feelings to Champ and two since they'd started officially dating.

Everything was going so well except that Doc was ready to take things to the next level but he didn't have the nerve to tell his boyfriend. He'd used the last of his courage up by telling Champ how he felt so he was stuck.

Doc tried to leave subtle hints but that didn't seem to be working and whenever things started to get heated, he'd get shy and Champ had taken that as he wasn't ready and stopped. Doc was always too embarrased to say otherwise.

He realised nothing was going to happen if he wasn't confident about what he wanted so decided next time something started, he would let Champ know he was ready.

Doc was currently at Champ's apartment preparing dinner. Usually Champ cooked for them but he did it all day at work too so Doc wanted to give him a break. It was very simple as he couldn't cook as well as Champ but he knew his boyfriend would love it.

Once Champ arrived home, he was surprised to see the table set up with candles and soft music playing in the background. He appreciated the gesture from his boyfriend after a long day at work.

After they had eaten, they moved to the sofa and cuddled up watching a film. Halfway through and Doc was no longer paying attention to the screen. Champ's arm was around his back and his thumb was moving up and down on his arm. He wasn't even sure Champ knew he was doing it. He was so frustrated that even this was turning him on.

He turned slightly to face Champ more and snuggled impossibly closer, bringing his head into the crease of Champ's neck. Champ's hand fell to his waist and squeezed it. Turning his head to face Doc, he lent down and pressed their lips together.

Champ kept it slow for as long as he could before he needed more. He deepend the kiss, tongues meeting in the middle, exploring each others mouths.

After a few minutes, Champ shifted, leaning closer to Doc and placed his hand on his thigh. Doc's first instinct was to be shy and embarrassed but he willed himself to be confident and with an ounce of courage he grabbed his boyfiends hand and placed it over his growing bulge.

Champ pulled back from the kiss and glanced at his hand before looking back at Doc. "Are you sure?"

"Yes,” Doc replied, his own hand slowly running up Champ's thigh, grazing him through his joggers.

Champ sighed at the feeling, eyes slipping shut briefly. "Okay."

They continued kissing while they rubbed each other through their trousers. Doc desperately wanted more and the angle wasn't helping. Unconsciously shuffling closer, Doc found himself almost in Champ’s lap. The embarrassment had no time to kick in as Champ grabbed both his hips and moved him until he was comfortably seated in his boyfriends lap.

Champ started jerking his hips straight away, meeting Doc in the middle as he rocked back and forth. Both boys were already out of breath, unable to keep kissing.

Doc fell forward on a particularly hard thrust and buried his face in Champ’s shoulder. Champ turned his head, kissing Doc’s neck, careful not to leave any markes.

Not long after, Doc's movements got faster, both boys moaning before Doc stills and bites Champ's shoulder as he comes. Champ hisses at the sensation and follows him.

They sit and hold each other for a few minutes, Champ rubbing Doc's back as they both come down from their highs.

Once they've caught their breath, Doc turns his head to see Champ already smiling at him fondly. He smiles back.

“We should shower," Champ suggests, feeling the stickiness in his boxers.

Doc nods but doesn't move, just tightens his hold around Champ's shoulders.

Champ laughs at his boyfriends expression and pinches his sides making him squirm. "Do you want to go first?" He asks.

Doc relutantly lets go and gets up, extending his hand to Champ who raises his eyebrow in question. He's shocked by the response he gets.

"Let's shower together."

Chapter Text

Tutor was sat up against the wall of a club, sipping on what must have been his fourth or fifth drink of the evening. He wasn’t enjoying himself at all. He’d come out drinking with a group of guys he’d gotten close with from a new class he was taking. They got along pretty well and he spent the first hour or so engaging in conversation and getting to know them all better. However, once he’d had a few drinks in him, all he wanted to do was sulk about the stupid argument he’d had with his boyfriend.

Fighter hadn’t met these new friends yet and he was concerned about Tutor going out with them. However much Tutor tried to explain that they were good guys and that he trusted them, Fighter continued to be against the idea of Tutor going. After Fighter shot down the suggestion that he could come too, Tutor stormed out and went back to his own place to get ready. Yes, he could understand that Fighter was protective of him but he didn’t want to feel like he was being controlled.

Tutor took another sip of his drink as he watched his friends on the dance floor a few feet away. They had been making sure he felt included but he wasn’t in a dancing mood. Someone came over every once in a while to see if he was okay and get him a drink but he was content to just sit and watch.

While he sat staring at his phone and debating whether he could put his pride aside and call his boyfriend, someone sat down on the floor beside him. He didn’t look up straight away, expecting it to be one of his friends.

“I think I’m going to head home soon,” Tutor said, thumb hovering over Fighter’s contact. He looked up and was surprised to see someone he didn’t know. “Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

“I could take you home,” the man said, leaning closer to Tutor. “I don’t live far.”

“I’m not interested,” Tutor replied, placing his phone back in his pocket. He sat his empty glass down next to him and slowly tried to get up. He definitely shouldn’t have drunk so much.

As he put a hand down to push himself up, his wrist was grabbed and he whipped his head round to see a smirk on the guys face. The guy pulled his arm and Tutor slipped back down onto the floor with a thud.

“Shit. What the fuck dude?!” Tutor winced, trying to pull his arm back.

“Come on, you know you want to come home with me. I can make you feel so good.”

The guy lent over Tutor, running a hand up his leg from his knee, quickly getting higher up. Tutor tried pushing him off but his drunk body didn’t have enough energy. When the guy lent in to kiss Tutor, he pushed as hard as he could.

“Get the fuck off me!” Tutor shouted, alerting the attention of his friends and other people at the club.

His friends rushed over and pushed the guy off, pulling Tutor up after. They fussed over him, asking if he was okay. All Tutor could do was mutter Fighter’s name before running from his friends and out of the club. He didn’t stop running until he was panting outside of Fighter‘s dorm room, knocking with tears pouring down his face.

The door opened and Fighter was shocked to see his boyfriend looking so vulnerable. Any anger that was left from their previous fight was gone, as he stepped forward and wrapped Tutor up in his arms, gently guiding him over to sit on the sofa.

Both boys sat in silence for a while, the only noise was Tutor’s cries getting quieter. Fighter held him close and rubbed a hand comfortingly up and down his back. He waited until his boyfriend was ready to talk.

Once Tutor was down to just sniffles, he grabbed Fighter’s hand and held it tight to his chest. “You were right, I shouldn’t have gone out tonight.”

“No, I wasn’t. I’m sorry for earlier. I shouldn’t have made it about me. Yes, I get worried about you but I shouldn’t stop you from going out with your friends just because I don’t know them,” Fighter apologised.

Tutor didn’t say anything for a moment so Fighter continued. “Did something happen?”

“Some guy touched me,” Tutor said after a deep breath. Fighter’s grip on him tightened. “I was sat down by the wall and he sat next to me. He wanted me to go with him but I said no and he put his hand on my thigh and tried to kiss me.”

A few new tears escaped from Tutor’s eyes and Fighter pulled him even closer, wiping them away as they fell.

“I should’ve been there,” Fighter said, angry at himself. “I should’ve gone with you when you suggested it instead of just staying here and sulking. I could’ve protected you.”

Tutor just shook his head. “You couldn’t have known that would happen, don’t blame yourself. Can we go to bed please?”

Fighter just nodded and helped Tutor up. He helped his boyfriend shower quickly and set him out some medicine and water for the morning before getting in bed next to him.

Before he could get settled, his phone lit up with a text from an unknown number. A smile made its way on to his face as he read it. One of Tutor’s friends had somehow got his number and wanted to make sure he was safe after he ran off saying Fighter’s name. Fighter sent a quick message back before he turned over and pulled Tutor close, both falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Off and Gun have a new series coming out and of course that means more interviews, photoshoots and events for promotion. For Tay, that means more chance to get jealous of his boyfriend and best friend. He knows it’s irrational. There has never been anything going on between the pair, it’s always been purely professional. He doesn’t hate the way they have to act, he knows what it’s like, he’s obviously had to do the same before. It’s usually the fan comments that get to him. He can’t hate them though, even from his point of view it seems like the pair are an item. He just wishes he could-

“Ai’Tay are you listening to me?!” Off shouted, pulling Tay from his thoughts.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” Tay asked.

“You’re not overthinking again are you?” Gun asked from beside him, taking his hand.

Off and Gun had spent the morning doing a photoshoot in some suggestive poses and filming little videos for Instagram while Tay waited for them to finish. It left him a lot of time to fall down a rabbit hole.

Before Tay could reply, Off burst out laughing, catching the attention of most of the staff. Once he’d calmed down and apologised, he looked back at Tay who lifted an eyebrow in question.

“I’m sorry but I just find it funny how worked up you get over OffGun. He’s more like my clingy little brother, you know that. I’m sure Gun doesn’t get this jealous of you and New,” Off explained before going back to the set, still chuckling to himself.

Gun blushed at the last statement but turned to face Tay more. “You know there’s nothing going on right?”

“Of course. I’m sorry, you know how I get sometimes. Just ignore me,” Tay laughed quietly.

Gun lifted himself up in his seat and leaned over to press a quick kiss on to Tay’s cheek. “I’d never ignore you. Plus we only have until after this series, remember? Then we said we’d tell everyone. Is that something you still want to do?”

Tay took Gun’s hand and interlocked their fingers, smiling brightly at his boyfriend. “I can’t wait.”

Chapter Text

Tay stared at his phone in shock. He was just making coffee when he got a notification from Instagram that Gun had tagged him in a post. Once he opened it he immediately stopped what he was doing and stared with wide eyes. The post was a photo Gun had taken three days ago. Their hands were interlocked and you could clearly see the engagement rings Tay had used to propose.

Gun had captioned it: My soulmate ❤️

Tay could feel his heart beating faster and a wide smile making its way on to his face as he made his way back to their bedroom.

Gun was laying in bed scrolling through all his comments when Tay opened the door. He smiled cheekily at the expression on his fiancés face.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to post it yet?” Tay questioned, walking closer to the bed.

“I wanted it to be a surprise. Surprise!”

Gun laughed as Tay jumped on to the bed, landing on top of him. He crawled up until he was face to face with Gun.

“I love you,” Tay said, pressing a kiss to Gun’s lips.

Gun smiled widely at him. “I love you too.”

Tay kissed Gun again, immediately deepening it. They kissed for a few moments before he pulled back. “Let’s stay in bed a bit longer.”

“We have to go grocery shopping,” Gun reminded him.

“We can do that later.”

“You’ll be sore after last night.”

“I’ll be fine,” Tay promised. “Please?”

Gun rolled his eyes but couldn’t help the smile that made its way on to his face. Tay smiled triumphantly and went back in for another kiss, both boys quickly ridding each other of their clothes.

Chapter Text

Team is in Win’s room, something that's become very normal in the two months they've been dating. Despite spending nearly everyday together, they've been taking things slowly, something Team was grateful for.

Although Team had one boyfriend before, he'd been single for over a year when he started university. He hadn't planned on meeting anyone, especially not in the first week. But there was just something about Win that Team was curious about.

Win constantly surprises Team throughout the time they've known each other. He will happily tutor Team in classes he struggles with and won't accept payment for it. He insists on buying most of Team's meals when they're together and spoils him so much. He even lets Team sleep with him in his bed so he can sleep peacefully without nightmares. All things Team isn't used to at all and it took a while for him to start becoming comfortable with them.

Although Team was shy, easily one of his favourite things to do with Win was kiss. Win was always so gentle with him and wouldn't push him to do more than he was ready for. They had given each other hand jobs before, usually with their trousers still on, and that's where they found themselves now.

They had been watching a film on Win's laptop which was long forgotten about as cuddling turned into kissing and kissing turned into wandering hands.

Team knew Win was happy with what they’ve been doing but he could also tell Win wanted more, and he didn't want to disappoint him. So when Win asked Team if he wanted to have sex, Team tried not to sound so unsure when he said yes.

Win smiled and kissed Team more before turning towards his bedside cabinet to grab the lube and a condom. When he turned back, he noticed Team quickly trying to take off his clothes. Win stopped his hands, giving him another quick kiss before slowly unbuttoning Team's shirt.

"Let me do that," Win said, looking up into Team's eyes. Team swallowed thickly, eyes glancing down to the hem of Win's shirt where his hands rested.

"You can take off my shirt if you want,” Win told him. Team hesitated but removed Win's shirt with ease.

Once they were both undressed, Win leant back on his heals, eyes roaming over Team's body. Team blushed at the attention and Win placed soft kisses over his chest and stomach, commenting on how beautiful he was.

"Do you still want to do this?" Win asked, sitting up again.

"I'm ready," Team replied, wiggling a bit under Win until he'd turned on to his hands and knees.

Win paused in shock for a moment. He would've preferred to see Team's face but if this position made his boyfriend more comfortable, he was fine with that.

Win started kissing down Team’s back and Team was surprised for a moment at the affection Win was showing during sex. He never had any of this before.

Team heard the cap of the lube snap open and tensed automatically, waiting for the burning pain that he got so used to.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle," Win reassured him as he slicked up his fingers and started placing kisses on Team's body again. "Try to relax for me, baby."

Team took a deap breath and relaxed, squeezing his eyes shut, ready for the pain. Win slipped one finger in gently and Team's eyes snapped open. Of course it's uncomfortable but it's nothing like what he was expecting. He craned his head to see what Win was doing and Win looked up to meet his eyes.

“Tell me if it hurts or if it's too much and I'll stop."

Team couldn’t stop himself and instanty burst into tears. Win's eyes widened and he quickly removed his finger before crawling up the bed and pulling Team into his arms.

"Are you okay? Did it hurt?" Win asked frantically.

"I'm okay, it didn't hurt," Team reassured him.

"Why are you crying then?”

"You said you'd stop if it hurt," Team explained between sobs.

Win was confused and tried to understand what his boyfriend was talking about as he rubbed a hand up and down his back. "Team, what-“

"What were you doing?”

"What do you mean? I was opening you up.”


Win pulled back to look at Team. "What do you mean, why? Team, you said you've had sex before. I was opening you up so it doesn't hurt as bad when I go in."

When Team looked down with a confused look on his face, Win took his hands and gave them a squeeze to make Team look back up. "Team... did your first boyfriend not prep you before going in?”

Team shook his head. "I've only ever been with him before, I didn't know you were supposed to do that. I just assumed it was always going to hurt and it only felt good for whoever was on top."

Win's eyes filled with tears at imagining the pain his sweet boyfriend must have felt for god knows how long.

"You thought I was going to do that too? Is that why you were so tense?” Team just nodded. "Why were you going to let me if you thought it was going hurt so bad?"

“I didn’t want to disappoint you and make you mad at me,” Team confessed.

“Did he hit you?” Win asked gently.

Team looked down at their hands. “Sometimes. He said I was too annoying and loud. That I was only good for sex and no one would ever love me.”

Win gently took Team’s face in his hands and his heart broke at the small flinch Team tried to hide. “I’m so sorry that every happened to you. No one deserves that, especially not you.”

When Team didn’t say anything, Win carried on. “I was waiting for the right time to tell you this and I was hoping it would’ve been under happier circumstances but I feel like it needs to be said now. All those things he said aren’t true. You’re beautiful and special and so perfect and I love you.”

Team gasped and looked up to meet Win’s eyes. “I know we’ve been taking it slow and now I know why and that’s completely fine with me. But Team, I fell in love with you the minute I saw you and you deserve to be treated right.”

Fresh tears fell down Team’s face as he fell forward into Win’s chest. Win held him tight and ran his fingers through Team’s hair to calm him down. “I love you too, hia.”

Once Team had calmed down, Win pulled back slightly to look at him. “Wait right here. I’m going to get us some clothes so we can get dressed.”

Just as Win went to move, Team grabbed his wrist. “No, hia. I want to have sex with you.”

Win looked shocked. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Team.”

“Please? I only have bad memories of it. I want to create some good ones with you. I promise I’m okay.”

Win hesitated but sighed at the look on his boyfriends face. “Okay, if you’re sure. I can’t promise it won’t hurt a bit at the beginning but if it gets too much I’ll stop. It will get better though.”

After Team told him he was sure, Win settled back down and they started kissing again, Win going slowly to make sure Team was definitely comfortable. After they were both ready to carry on, Win grabbed the lube.

“Hia?” Team asked shyly. “Can I lay on my back?”

Win pecked his lips and smiled. “Of course you can, baby.”

Win makes sure to tell Team everything he’s doing before he does it. He doesn’t want to surprise Team with anything else. Other people may say he’s ruining the mood, but his only priority is making sure Team is okay.

Once Win has two fingers in Team, he can see his boyfriend starting to enjoy himself. Moving his fingers in and out slowly, he grazes Team’s prostate for the first time.

“Oh my god,” Team’s back arched off the bed as he moaned at the feeling before he instantly clamped a hand over his mouth. “I’m sorry.”

Win stopped his movements for a minute to move closer to Team’s face. He pulled his hand away and leant down to kiss Team deeply. “Don’t ever apologise for feeling good. You can say or do anything you want, okay? You’re safe.”

Team’s eyes started to water again and he just nodded as he smiled up at Win. Win carried on opening Team up, longer than he usually would, still going even after Team said he was ready.

Once Win pulled his fingers out, put on a condom and lined himself up, he took hold of Team’s hands and kissed his knuckles. “I’m going to go really slow, okay?“

Team nodded and breathed deeply as Win started pushing in. He was true to his word and moved slowly until he was completely inside Team, kissing him passionately until Team was ready for him to move.

Win thrust in and out gently until Team told him to go faster, Win instantly picking up the pace. Win was hitting Team’s prostate with every thrust and Team had never felt anything like it.

With pleasure running through his body, Team held out his hands for Win, his boyfriend immediately lowering his body to rest gently on top of Team’s. Team wrapped his arms around Win’s shoulders, nails digging into skin as he got closer to his release.

Win kissed up Team’s neck as he neared his climax, biting down gently, causing Team to fall over the edge. Team clenched around him causing Win to follow him, chanting how much he loves Team as he worked through his climax.

Once he was able to catch his breath, Win pulled out, tying off the condom before falling to the side of Team and pulling him into his chest.

A few minutes after, Win turned to look at Team and smiled as he saw he was falling asleep. He kissed Team’s forehead before climbing out of the bed, pulling the covers up to rest over Team’s bottom half before going to run a bath.

Team opened his eyes a few minutes later and saw Win was gone. Even after all they’d spoken about before, Team started to panic that Win had left him after getting what he wanted just like his ex used to do. Despite being sore, Team pulled himself out of bed and started to get dressed as quickly as he could while tears poured down his cheeks.

Win came out of the bathroom then and was surprised to see Team had his boxers on and was trying to button up his shirt as he sobbed. He hurried to his side and sat him on the bed, trying to wipe away his tears.

“What’s wrong baby? Why are you getting dressed?”

“I thought you were gone. When I opened my eyes you weren’t there. I thought you left too,” Team explained between breaths.

Win just pulled Team into a hug, holding his head to Win’s chest and resting his head on top of Team’s. He ran his fingers through the ends of Team’s hair and cursed the guy that hurt his baby so bad.

“I’ll never leave you. I promise,” Win told him. Win held him until he’d calmed down then stood him up and helped him undress again. “Come on, I ran us a bath.”

Team nodded and let Win guide him to the bathroom and into the warm water where Win held his boyfriend tightly, reassuring him that he’d be there to hold Team for as long as he’d let him.

Chapter Text

"I still think Tharn is on top,” Champ says, sipping his drink.

"Have you met Type? There's no way he's letting Tharn do that,” Techno says.

Techno and Champ had a bet going for nearly a month about their friends sex life, but neither had got their answer yet.

"Look, they're coming this way. I'm just going to ask them," Techno exclaimed, waving both boys over.

"I don't think that's a good idea!" Champ tried to tell him but it was too late.

Tharn and Type sat down, starting a conversation about their classes. They all talked normally for a while and Champ hoped Techno had forgotten about what he was going to ask.

Until Techno asked, "So who's on top and who's on bottom?"

The drink Type had just taken spat across the table at his friend who cringed as we wiped the liquid off his face.

"Ai'No, do you want to die?!" Type scolded, getting to his feet. "That's none of your buisness."

Type left in a hurry, Tharn giving their friends a small smile before following after him.

That evening, Techno and Champ made their way to Tharn and Type’s dorm with food as a peace offering. Just as Techno was going to knock, he heard a strange noise. Lowering his hand, he leant his ear against the door to hear better.

"No, what are you doing?" Champ asked.

Techno immediately shushed him, pulling him by the arm to listen too. They listened quietly for a few moments before their eyes widened after hearing a moan.

Champ pulled back slightly. "We shouldn't listen to this.”

Techno looked up at him. "Don't you want to finally know who's won the bet?”

Champ rolled his eyes and leant back down.

"Ai'Tharn! That's too cold," they heard Type complain.

"Cold?" Techno questioned, wondering what they were doing. Champ just shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Turn over," Tharn says.

Champ nudges Techno's shoulder and laughs. "I knew I was right."

"No, I'm going on top," Type replies.

"Ha!” Techno laughs, pointing his finger at Champ.

More moaning follows before Tharn speaks again. "Type, go faster."

"You always want to go fast,” Type complains.

Techno turns to Champ with a smug look on his face. "I told you there was no wa-“

Techno is cut off by a sound of surprise followed by movement before they can clearly hear the bed in the room hitting the wall.

"Oh shit, Tharn," Type cried. "Faster."

"I thought you didn't want it fast,” Tharn laughed.

"Asshole Tharn. See if I ever let you touch me again after this,” Type tells him but the breathlessness in his voice and the moans escaping his mouth make the threat less convincing.

Something that sounds very much like a slap is heard before Type cries out, calling Tharn's name and telling him to do it again. Another slap is heard and Techno and Champ pull back from the door, looking between it and each other with horrified looks on their faces.

Just then, Klui and Seo arrive at their dorm next door, Seo giving them a questioning look. "What are you two doing?"

"We had a bet going about who we thought was top and bottom," Champ explained.

"Now we know and I'll be scarred for life," Techno said with a shiver.

"We could've told you that," Klui says before spotting the food bag. "You might aswell go home, they'll be at it for hours.”

Techno and Champ looked surprised as the two other boys place headphones in their ears before saying goodbye and entering their room.

Chapter Text

The minute they were finally alone and in their hotel room, Tharn pushed Type against the wall and started kissing him passionately. Type wrapped his arms around Tharn’s shoulders, tugging lightly on the end of his hair, deepening the kiss quickly.

Tharn pulled back just enough so he could speak, his lips still ghosting over Type’s skin as they moved. “I’ve wanted you all day. You look so beautiful. You have no idea how happy you make me.”

Type stared silently, mouth slightly parted, eyes shining with unshed tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Tharn replied with a sweet kiss.

“Take me to bed,” Type requested, wrapping his arms tighter around Tharn’s neck.

Tharn’s hands wandered down until they rest at the back of Type’s knees. Without saying a word, Type jumped and was caught by Tharn who slowly walked them towards the bed as he resumed kissing his husband.

Tharn sat down on the edge of the bed and Type sat comfortably on his lap. Usually they would’ve had each other’s clothes off by now but they savoured the kiss after being pressured into spending the few days before their wedding apart.

After a while they slowly removed each other’s clothes until they were both fully undressed, leaving soft touches and caresses on the others skin.

Tharn took his time opening Type up, wanting his husband to enjoy every second of it. He was sure he could come just from the sounds of pleasure Type was making.

Once Type was a writhing mess underneath him, Tharn pulled his fingers out and picked Type up, changing their position. Tharn sat up against the headboard and pulled Type on to his lap, helping him sink down slowly until he was completely in.

Once Type was ready, Tharn wrapped his arms around Type’s back and held him close. Type’s hands buried into his hair as Tharn left soft kisses on his chest. They rocked slowly against each other, unsure of how long it had been as neither felt the urgency to go any faster.

Tharn pulled his head back and Type leant down to capture his lips in a kiss, the slight change in position sending Type over the edge. He tensed and came over both their stomachs, Tharn quickly following.

Once they came down from their highs, Tharn gently rolled them over on to their sides, pulling out and brushing Type’s sweaty hair off his forehead. Tharn moved to get a cloth to clean them up with but Type grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down, holding him close.

“We need to clean up,” Tharn said with a laugh.

Type whined, a pout forming on his lips that Tharn couldn’t help but kiss. “Five minutes, then we can shower.”

Tharn rolled his eyes with a smile but laid down anyway, pulling Type closer until his head was on Tharn’s chest and their legs were tangled. He smiled as he ran his fingers gently through Type’s hair, wondering how he ever got so lucky.

Chapter Text

Fighter absolutely loved to spoil his boyfriend, even if Tutor didn’t like it. Tutor would glare at him or complain but Fighter would always carry on.

Fighter liked buying Tutor lunch if he was too busy to get it or sit with him while he studied even if Fighter wasn’t in that class. He liked going to Tutor’s work and helping him so he didn’t overwork himself even though he wasn’t technically allowed. He even offered to take them on a trip again but Tutor threatened to break up with him if he spent that kind of money so he decided against it for now.

He just really liked doing things for his boyfriend and one particular Friday, he hadn’t seen Tutor all day so he went and picked up their favourite dinner and some dessert and made his way to Tutor’s apartment.

He knocked on the door and waited, Tutor opening it a minute later. “P’Fight. What are you doing here?”

Fighter lifted up the bag of food. “I can’t bring my boyfriend dinner?”

Tutor rolled his eyes but moved to the side so Fighter could come in. He made quick work of plating everything up while Tutor finished the essay he was working on then they sat down to eat.

They chatted about their day while they ate and before long they were finished. Fighter stood up to get the other bag and brought it over to the table, pulling out Tutor’s favourite dessert.

“P’Fight!” Tutor whined when he saw it. “You already brought me dinner.”

“And I wanted to bring you dessert too. You’ve been working a lot. You deserve a treat,” Fighter explained.

“This is too much. You can’t keep spoiling me like this. I don’t want to get used to it,” Tutor complained.

Fighter set the treat down and walked over to Tutor, leaning down until they were face to face. “You might as well get used to it because I’ll be doing it for the rest of our lives.”

Tutor stared at him in silence for a moment, shocked, before a burning feeling travelled through his body. He grabbed Fighter’s collar and pulled him towards him until he could slot their lips together in a heated kiss.

He pulled away a few minutes after, grabbing Fighter‘s hand and dragging him quickly to his bedroom as his boyfriend laughed behind him.