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It had been a few months since Izuku graduated and he had already discovered that being an adult wasn’t all it was made out to be. Hunting for an apartment had been exhausting but he wasn’t prepared to let his mother see just how fucked up a pro could get on the job. That just wasn’t fair on Inko at all. It was one thing to know it happened, but she didn’t need to see the damage with her own eyes, she’d been through it enough while he was at school and it was only likely to get worse once he started working. His flat was a measly one room affair with traditional tatami flooring and not much else. All he had was a futon, a kotatsu and a few storage boxes. Inko had graciously stocked his cupboards with shelf stable foods so he could focus his strained budget on perishable goods. He’d picked up tips on frugality from Ochako over the years though, so he thought he had a good handle on it for the time being.

The starting a business side of being an adult was even more daunting. There was paperwork galore. Izuku had never thought he’d open his own agency right out of school but in the end it felt like the best choice, hero society in general was struggling and he believed a fresh start would be best. If he associated himself with an older professional who the general public felt had let them down, Endeavour for example, he speculated that it would make it harder to gain approval. A few of his classmates agreed, and the rest was history. Shouto, Kyoka and surprisingly Katsuki all volunteered to work with him on the project. Todoroki’s involvement didn’t come as much of a shock to anyone, least of all Izuku, family relations had improved since he had first met the quiet boy, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be associated with Enji professionally. What surprised him the most was Kacchan. The teachers of UA had urged them to partner up for the better part of second and third year, and the blonde had spent most of the time rebutting the efforts. He wanted to be the best on his own merits, and nobody else’s. That was fine, Izuku had long accepted that would be the case but he’d shown up at Deku’s apartment one day with a laptop and his inscrutable anger and started searching for suitable buildings for the agency. He never said it in words, but Midoriya supposed that was just what he was like.

It was kind of nice having Kacchan on board. Their relationship had improved massively since their first year of high school, and it was exciting to be working with his friends.

Eventually, after some real digging, they found a place. It was run down, the air conditioning needed replacing and possibly some of the wiring too. The bathroom situation was less than ideal, it had a cramped shared shower space and a teeny area they could maybe hide some lockers in. They had debated about it for what seemed like an age. On the one hand they hadn’t wanted it to slip through the cracks because many of their classmates who had gone to established agencies were already out there being heroes, but it was in such a state of disrepair that they would have to do work on it before it opened. After weighing up the pros and cons, they decided to just grab the opportunity and run with it. The fear that they would be waiting just as long or longer for a nicer property lingered in the back of their minds, and their restlessness grew until they couldn’t handle it any more.

And then came the hassle of figuring out if they could handle the repairs themselves or if it was just better to get contractors in. Favours had been called in, and some of the work had been graciously undertaken by Mei, but there were things even she hadn’t anticipated, and she had her own job to do.

The hard graft had paid off though, they were at the final few hurdles, it looked like they’d be open in a matter of weeks if not days and everyone felt invigorated. It was a Friday night, they’d spent a few days shifting furniture around and were ready to relax. Despite Deku’s lack of anything remotely comfortable, his apartment was chosen for the meeting place. There wasn’t much else they could do.

“Sweet, you got booze,” Jirou said as soon as she arrived.

“Yeah, its amazing what some people are willing to do for a couple of photos,” Izuku chuckled as he gestured to his living space. “Make yourself at home.”

“Oh, I will,” she smirked and snagged a bottle of something sweet and fruity,

“What the hell was that about photos?” Kacchan’s familiar voice growled out as he let himself into the apartment without a care in the world.

Izuku scoffed and set some food on the kotatsu.

“Nothing major, friend of mine in Nighteye’s agency agreed to buy it for me,” he explained after a moment of consideration.

“Which friend was it? Big Dick-senpai or the enby one that’ll get on their knees if you breathe in their general direction?” Kyoka teased.

Katsuki looked around so fast he thought he got whiplash. Izuku was absolutely mortified, and gave her a reproachful stare. It only caused more laughter.

“Uh, Miko, if you must know,” he responded after a moment. It was probably just easier to answer the question.

Katsuki couldn’t help but stare. He was so sure that the nerd was basically a eunuch but that wasn’t the case apparently. All of a sudden it seemed to put things in perspective. Maybe it was time to stop dancing around things and actually address his secret crush? He shook himself quietly and huffed into the beer can he’d snagged. Not likely.

“Miko is cute though. What’d they want?”

“Uh, no comment,” Izuku answered sheepisbly.

Thankfully he was saved from any further embarrassment by a knock at the door. He dragged Shouto into the apartment and saved himself from further interrogation, for the meantime anyway. Izuku was almost certain the conversation wasn’t truly over. Bakugo wasn’t sure what to make of the exchange, He just stared shrewdly and sipped on his drink.

As the evening drew on, he didn’t say much. Katsuki observed the others chatting away, eating and drinking freely. It was calmer than a night with the self-proclaimed Bakusquad would’ve been, and he was kind of glad about that. He valued his friends, but they were a bit much for him sometimes. Izuku;s usually manic energy petered out until he fell silent, absorbed in something on his phone. The blond didn’t intend to snoop, but when he reached for something, he couldn’t help but get an eyeful of the exchange playing out on the other’s screen. What really captured his attention, was the photo that lingered at the top of the chat. It was Deku, that was for sure, but he was different somehow.

He’d changed a lot over the years at UA, his hair had grown out a little, and was styled in a fashionable undercut which the boy frequently wore in a bun to keep it out of his eyes, and he’d grown both taller and broader. In all honesty, he’d outpaced Katsuki. The blond couldn’t find it in him to be mad about the development though, the nerd needed the power, he needed to remain manoeuvrable. But his hair was down in the photo, his bright green eyes were half-lidded and he was topless. That would’ve been fine, Katsuki had seen him in various states of undress over the years, but this was a whole different ball game. A breathless moan escaped him as he took it all in. Being suddenly presented with Midoriya’s sexuality was a shock. He had no business being that fucking hot, Bakugo grumbled internally. He was wearing low-slung wet look shorts, suspenders, stockings and boots, and it was possibly the sexiest thing Katsuki had ever seen in his life. The sheer fabric of the stockings was stretched taut over his muscular thighs, and a riding crop completed the ensemble. Katsuki swallowed nervously when he noticed the little sliver of pink teasing the leather of the crop.

“Uh… Kacchan?” Izuku stammered as he suddenly realised the blond had seen everything. “S-sorry, I’ll just…”

Izuku switched his screen off and placed his phone on the table, face down. When he glanced back at Katsuki, he saw the boy was flushed, and teased his lip between his teeth. Kyoka and Shouto stayed still as statues, they hardly dared to breathe out of fear of spooking either of the boys. Izuku’s eyes flickered down and… oh. Oh! Katsuki looked away and turned his body minutely to hide the burgeoning chub.

Izuku smirked and shifted up onto his knees. Bakugo tried to hide the shudder that ripped through him at the feeling of the green haired boy’s breath on his ear.

“I was gonna invite Miko-chan over and absolutely rail ‘em, but why bother when I’ve got such a pretty boy right here in my apartment already?” He all but purred and draped himself over Katsuki’s back. “Miko is so well behaved though, I don’t think you have it in you to be good.”

Katsuki hated his own body all of a sudden. He felt far too warm, his pants were too tight, Izuku’s weight against his back was too nice. Stricken, he glanced at their companions but they hardly seemed surprised or even bothered by Izuku’s brashness. His cheeks only reddened further at the sensation of teeth on his neck. It was amazing. But nowhere what he imagined the moment to be like in his head. Whenever he thought about approaching Deku, they were alone for starters, and not under the influence. Not that either of them were truly drunk, they hadn’t consumed enough for that.

“I can behave!” Katsuki barked after a moment, when what had been said actually caught up with him.

“No way, you’re fucking feral Kacchan. You’d be the worst sub ever,” Deku teased.

Katsuki bristled.

“I think its time for us to go,” Todoroki declared suddenly and knocked back the rest of his drink. “Come on Kyoka, I’ll walk you home.”

“Try not to kill each other,” Jirou exclaimed gleefully as she and Shouto escaped the flat.

And then they were alone.

“I’m good at everything!” Katsuki informed the other with a huff. “I’d be the best sub you’ve ever seen!”

“That so?” Izuku challenged as his hand crept down Katsuki’s abdomen. He could feel the muscles flutter beneath his fingertips, and was honestly intrigued. The possibility of getting Kacchan into bed had never really crossed his mind before. The blond was literally sex on two legs but never seemed interested in romance. “You wanna prove me wrong?”

“Fuck yeah,” he responded without a moment’s hesitation. Katsuki was a complete novice in the bedroom, but he didn’t care. Izuku consistently saw him at his lowest, and at his highest. He knew he was safe with the man he tentatively called his best friend.

“Then put your hands on the kotatsu and don’t move them until I say so,” Izuku instructed firmly. “If you obey me the whole evening, I’ll be your personal whore for a month. How’s that sound?”

“Better be prepared to lose, shitty nerd,” Bakugo retorted confidently as he set his palms on the table.

“And you better be prepared to eat your words.”

Izuku cleared off the kotatsu and then positioned himself on opposite Kacchan with a box of goodies off to the side. He honestly wasn’t sure if the blonde would be able to handle being a sub on the first go, sure he was naturally gifted at many things, but patience wasn’t one of those things, especially where Izuku and emotions were concerned. Suddenly seeing the green haired man in anything other than a platonic light had seemed to be a shock to the system. There was also the question of how hard to actually push. Bakugo likely wouldn’t appreciate what he felt was an easy win, but at the same time if he didn’t enjoy being submissive and found it humiliating then Deku’s chances of making a regular thing out of this little tryst would be dashed before it’d even really begun. He was thankful that he was so familiar with Kacchan’s mannerisms.

Katsuki huffed impatiently but remained still. He had no idea what made Deku hesitate, but he was frustrated with the lull. It gave him room to think, to consider whether he was being played or whether Izuku truly wanted to sleep with him. The niggling doubt in the back of his mind almost made him remove his hands from the kotatsu but he held firm. He looked up when he heard something being put on the table and discovered a pair of black leather combat boots, similar to the kind he himself wore. They looked to be in pristine condition, and Bakugo’s curiosity piqued.

Before his eyes Izuku stepped up onto the table and grinned down at him. Deku picked at his bun and let his hair cascade around his face, even fluffier than usual from being tied up. Effortlessly, he pulled his tee over his head and pushed his sweatpants down. Katsuki groaned. Beneath his regular clothing was the sexy getup he’d worn in the photo, and the knowledge that he’d just casually sat around drinking with his friend while Deku had been hiding that from them was maddeningly hot. Kacchan’s fingers twitched as he tried to keep himself in check.

Deku didn’t bother lacing the boots up, he’d have to take them off soon enough, it wasn’t like he could wander around on the tatami flooring with shoes on.

“Kiss my boots,” he commanded simply.


“Did I fucking stutter, Kacchan? Kiss my boots.” Katsuki dithered for a second too long and Izuku jumped on the chance to berate him. “What’s with the delay? I thought you said you’d be the best sub ever? Miko would’ve already kissed my boots by now and begged for more. So disappointing. I guess you really don’t have what it takes, I was so hopeful too, since you’re good at everything.”

Katsuki was surprisingly crestfallen. He had no idea why Izuku being disappointed in him made him feel weird and bad but it did, he wanted to put things right and not have the other upset with him.

“Fine, holy fuck, I’ll kiss your fucking boots, stop bitching at me jeez,” he snapped in a vague attempt to hide the odd feelings of inferiority that were bubbling up inside of him. If Miko was such a good sub why had Deku settled for him? For all of is bravado, the green haired boy was probably right. Katsuki was feral and ill suited to being submissive.

“You’ve got a shitty attitude Kacchan. You’ll never make a good sub like that. Maybe I’ll have to address that. Can’t let you think you’re the boss around here. Not tonight anyway. From now on you will address me as Sir, got it?”

“Bite me,” Katsuki growled as he inched closer to Izuku’s boots.

“Would you like it if I bit you, Kacchan? What if I roughed you up and made you bruise and bleed? Think that’d get you going?”

“Anyone that gets turned on by being beaten is fucking weird,” the blonde asserted confidently as he pressed his lips to the shiny black leather in front of him. Izuku had to know exactly what would piss him off the most right? Why did he even need to do this? Why did he even want to do it?

“I think you’ll find you’re plenty weird babe,” Izuku teased.

Katsuki stilled, hunched over Deku’s boot. When had the little shit gotten so confident? Sure, he had matured during his time at UA and was no longer as twitchy as he’d been when he started, but this kind of self-assuredness was… almost out of character. Then again, if he did this kind of thing regularly with Miko, maybe that would explain it? After a moment his brain actually caught up with what Deku had said. Had the green haired boy really just called him babe?

“Now, here’s how it’s going to go; I think you’ve been so poorly behaved that you need punishing. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to beat your ass until you cry and beg for mercy. And maybe then, if you’re real lucky, I’ll rail you so good you won’t want anyone else. I’m going to ruin you, Kacchan, and you’re going to love every second. You say red if you want me to stop, yellow if you need a break. You say anything else and I won’t stop. Got it?”

Izuku could see the way Kacchan’s eyes dilated. Even if he wasn’t fully aware of it, that little spiel did things to him and Midoriya could sense it.

“Yes Sir,” the blonde replied before he even thought about being disobedient. How could he possibly admit that he’d never wanted anyone else? Deku’s words washed over him like the tide, enveloped him and surrounded him until he was positive that the other really was going to ruin him. He wanted him to. Needed him to even.

Before his eyes, Izuku sank down until he was sitting on the edge of the table, and pressed the sole of his boot into Katsuku’s crotch. The pressure on his cock was uncomfortable, harder than he would’ve liked and in an instant he felt like he was an inch tall, about to be crushed under the foot of a giant. He shivered at the feeling. It bordered on being too much, but he squashed it down. It was a dangerous sensation, one that he wasn’t quite sure about but he decided to put up with it for the moment.

Izuku could see that Katsuki wasn’t sure about the move, and didn’t want to push too far on the very first go. Sure, he was trying to break the blonde’s resolve but it was meant to be in a pleasant way. He gripped Katsuki’s chin and lifted it so they were eye to eye.

“I had a better idea,” he purred and hopped back up. “Watch me. Don’t move, don’t touch yourself. Do exactly as I say and I’ll reward you. Got it?”

“Yes Sir…”

Izuku reached for his box and set it on the table in front of Katsuki. The blonde’s eyes widened at the array of toys inside, tools for implementing pain and pleasure in equal measures. Once again he was struck with the notion that he barely knew anything about Izuku, even if he admired his fellow hero from afar. He suddenly wondered if he wasn’t privy to this side of Izuku under normal circumstances for any particular reason, because Jirou seemed to know enough about it to know the names of Deku’s other partners, and yet he didn’t. Or did he?

“Pick a dildo for me babe,” Deku drawled.

Katsuki’s brain came to a screeching halt. What was he supposed to do? Carefully, he peered into the box and looked at his options. He couldn’t work out the right answer. If he chose one that was too small Izuku would probably be annoyed with him, but on the other hand he’d never used more than his own fingers and-

“Just pick one Kacchan, I promise there’s no wrong answer. I’m gonna make you watch me fuck myself with it. Unable to move, unable to touch, just sit there.” Izuku abruptly informed him.

Deku had been able to sense Bakugo’s rapidly spiralling thoughts. It wasn’t like he was a stranger to the way the other’s brain worked after all. Many people just assumed there wasn’t a whole lot going on upstairs but Izuku knew otherwise. The explosive boy was always thinking and analysing, just as much as he was, though he was less open about it. One look at his school performance ought to have informed anyone of that fact.

“Oh… uh…” Katsuki looked over the toys once again. A wicked idea came to mind and he grinned a little. If he wasn’t the one taking it then the biggest made sense. “The black one, Sir.”

Izuku held back a moan. As of yet, he hadn’t even managed that one in his solo adventures. Privately, he thought that he should’ve excluded that one from the running, he should’ve known that Kacchan would go for that one simply to torture him.

“What’s the matter? Can’t manage it?” Bakugo teased, that awful knowing smirk on his lips.

Izuku would show him, he decided.

“Of course I can. I can go bigger than that if I want,” he lied through his teeth.

Deku knew there was no backing out now. He slipped his boots off once again and grabbed a bottle of lube from the box.

“If you do anything you’re not supposed to, I’ll punish you, got it?” He almost snapped. Kacchan was trying to push his buttons, just as he himself was poking at the blonde’s. It was a dangerous game that had ended badly in the past but surely it wouldn’t be all bad this time?

“I’d like to see you try with a fucking monster dildo shoved inside your ass,” Katsuki cackled.

Midoriya rolled his eyes and whipped around to face the blonde.

“I thought I told you to address me as sir? You’re so fucking impertinent, a fucking brat.” Casually he grabbed the blonde’s jaw again and leaned in close to his ear. “I’ve fought major battles with a similar one inside me before, you don’t know shit about me Kacchan.”

Bakugo shivered uncontrollably at the tone. Midoriya’s voice was dark and infuriated, it promised pain and misfortune if he continued on his current path.

“Wait, really?” He asked before he could stop it.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” The other seemed to be stuck on the idea and struggling to process it, so he thought he’d leave him to it for a moment. He handed the toy to Bakugo along with the lube. “Get it ready for me,” Deku instructed.

He caught Kacchan’s eye and thrust two of his fingers into his mouth with a devilish smirk. He was going to tease the blonde into submission one way or another, and he suspected Katsuki wouldn’t even realise it was happening until it was far too late. As he lathed his fingers in saliva, he pushed the shorts off his muscular legs with a sway of his hips that Bakugo was unable to look away from. He made sure his fingers were nice and slick and sank down onto his knees. The green haired boy wasn’t even sure if Katsuki had been with anyone before so he wanted to make the whole event something memorable, not some drunken fumbling in the dark. He’d waited a long time for Kacchan to be ready for something like this, without even a hint that it was a possibility.

“Put your hands on the kotatsu and don’t move them unless I tell you to.”

Katsuki obliged, jaw slack as the green haired man settled into position once more and effortlessly parted his legs. The Deku of his dreams was always shy and bashful, reluctant either, but this was different to anything he’d ever imagined before.

“Do you know how many times I’ve done this thinking about you?” Izuku breathed as he pushed his middle and ring finger into his hole with very little effort. He was horny and high on Katsuki’s attention, even if the circumstances were different than what he’d thought of before. It was no less amazing, if a bit unorthodox. His legs trembled at the pleasure and fullness that warmed his core. His whole body throbbed with need.

“Me?” Katsuki asked after a moment, when he caught up with what was actually said.

“Yeah, you.” He worked quickly, reducing himself to a shuddering, gasping mess in mere minutes. He knew he needed to take that monster dildo seriously. Honestly, he could’ve done with a warm up but he thought he’d be able to manage, especially with those heated crimson eyes on his skin.

“O-oh…” Bakugo mumbled, unable to look away from the sight before him. Why hadn’t they done this sooner in that case? He wondered bitterly. As much as he hissed and protested, he was more aroused than he’d ever been before and was seriously fighting with the urge to just launch himself at his partner and take over. Because who wouldn’t want Deku as their personal sex slave for a whole month? A fucking idiot. “I… thought you wouldn’t be interested because of… before.”

Izuku’s heart almost skipped a beat at the soft admission. The rare moment of vulnerability was perhaps more intimate than anything else. His brows creased in concentration as he worked a third and fourth finger in and flexed them wide. The stretch was borderline painful, just on the cusp of being too much, but he didn’t want to get too lost and not address Kacchan’s concerns.

“I thought the same. I mean… I thought you wouldn’t be interested in anyone. You… uh… doing alright?” He checked in, realising it all might be too much.

“Yeah… fine,” Katsuki responded, the colours forgotten as he felt closer to his best friend than ever.

Katsuki laid his hands on Izuku’s thighs without a second thought and kneaded them gently, enraptured by the performance. He completely forgot about his orders, lost in the moment. He startled when something wrapped around his wrists suddenly and pulled them behind his back.

“Told you I’d punish you,” Izuku huffed out, two inky strands of Blackwhip clutched in his left hand. “Now you can’t touch.”

Katsuki legitimately pouted. The green haired boy was correct, there was no way to break free other than to hope he was released or the other’s attention wavered for long enough to wriggle out of the bindings. The blonde would have been lying if he said he hadn’t thought about Blackwhip like that before though.

Izuku pulled his fingers free and groaned low in his throat at the emptiness that seemed to chill him. He fought the urge to clench up in front of Kacchan just for show, and instead shifted up onto his knees effortlessly and stuck the behemoth cock to the table with its suction cup. He positioned himself over it under Kacchan’s watchful gaze and lowered himself down, rolling his hips in a circle to tease at his rim with the giant toy. Deku took a breath to steel himself and leaned in close to Bakugo’s ear, intending to moan and whine directly into his ear. It was evil, but he never claimed to be nice in the bedroom.

Inch by inch he descended on the goliath cock, his body trembling with the effort in short order.

Katsuki was convinced he was going to go crazy listening to Deku. His scalding hot breath fanned over his cheek and ear as the other struggled to take the dildo. He wasn’t sure if he should say something. Had he been lying earlier? Bakugo had always believed Deku was a terrible liar but it seemed he’d improved somewhat since their childhood. Heavy arms settled on his shoulders and one hand fisted in the fabric of Katsuki’s shirt.

“Oh fuck, Kacchan it’s so big, why the fuck did you pick this one?!” Izuku huffed, strained and breathless. He wasn’t sure if he was actually enjoying the size or not.

“Because I wanted to see you fail at bossing me around, and I wanted to see you take it like a slut.” Katsuki responded simply and truthfully. He nuzzled into Izuku’s neck and nibbled at the slick skin.

“You’re an asshole,” Izuku growled out, his determination suddenly renewed. He’d take it just to one up the blonde. “I thought I told you to call me Sir.”

He couldn’t ignore it any longer. Izuku paused his descent for a moment to split one of the tendrils and send it snaking up Katsuki’s body until he could wrap it around the blonde’s mouth and gag him. The surprised expression that flitted across his face was worth it, Deku decided with a grin.

“Click your fingers instead of saying red, yeah?”

Katsuki nodded, dumbfounded by the development. He’d thought Izuku’s control was dwindling, but apparently it wasn’t. Maybe it wouldn’t be as easy to get him to fail as he’d thought. He whined softly, achingly hard and still fully clothed. What was the green haired boy actually planning on doing with him? Was he just going to tease him like that and then shove him out the door? Was it some kind of karmic retribution for being an asshole? Bakugo didn’t honestly believe that Midoriya could be that petty, but wonders would never cease. Before his thoughts could run away from him, Deku leaned back on the table and spread his knees further as he bottomed out. It was at that moment that Katsuki realised all the fucked out expressions he’d seen in various porn videos didn’t compare to the real thing. The fact that Deku still had an iota of control was astounding.

“I’ll show you what it feels like to be a slut,” Izuku purred and fisted his hand in Bakugo’s spiky golden locks.

There was a mischievous glimmer in his eyes that was hard to ignore, and Katsuki had a feeling he knew where it was going. He offered little resistance as his face was shoved down and the slick head of Deku’s cock bumped against his lips. He wasn’t exactly in a position to tell the other that he’d never done it before, but he had the vaguest inkling that Midoriya knew. Katsuki opened his mouth unceremoniously and groaned as he was pushed down until he gagged.

“What’s this, the mighty Kacchan isn’t a natural at giving head?” Izuku crooned above him and worked on setting a rhythm that was acceptable to both of them.

On the one hand he didn’t want to choke Kacchan out, at least not until he gauged his reaction to it, but he also wanted the blonde to feel defiled and violated, within the realms of safety. Katsuki appreciated the opportunity to learn how to breathe while his mouth was stuffed full, and at least start to get a handle on his gag reflex. He lost himself in the moment, pleasuring Izuku without complaint finally, relaxing into his role as a sub. It felt… okay to accept it. He felt safe, even though their banter consisted of petty name calling, he knew it was all insignificant. When it came down to it they had each other’s backs. Bakugo knew that he could experience whatever they did without concern for being belittled.

After some time, he became aware of little zips of pleasure firing off all over his body. It was hard to place exactly what was causing it at first, but when he concentrated on it, he felt the hum of Blackwhip against his skin. His hips jerked as the lacy strands criss-crossed across his body and brushed over his nipples.

“Mmm, that’s it. You like that, yeah? Feels good to just sit there and take it all?” Deku gasped.

The green haired boy was nearing the limits of his sanity and patience. At that point he seriously considered whether their bet was even worth torturing himself for at that point or if they were both ready to call it quits and just fuck already. Deep down that was what he wanted to do, but he knew Kacchan would hold him to it. Despite that, he still had the wherewithal to send tiny shocks through the threads of Blackwhip as he slowly bound Kacchan in a manner similar to shibari. Soon enough the onyx wisps slipped under the waistband of Bakugo’s jeans and underwear and wrapped around his shaft tightly. The zaps continued, and soon enough he was a drooling wreck, barely able to keep up. The pleasure almost felt like an attack from all angles as the tendrils slithered up to the tip of his cock and even inside. Katsuki would’ve liked to have said he kept his cool, but he did not. He squirmed and writhed at the onslaught, barely able to think at all as everything overwhelmed him all at once. He was inexperienced, and it showed.

Without warning, the maelstrom of pleasure stopped, just as he was on the brink of climax, his body taut and shuddering. Without thinking he tore at his bindings and swatted at Deku’s hands.

“What the fuck was that you piece of shit?” He rasped furiously, tears welling unbidden as his chest heaved. “I was so fucking close!”

Izuku observed his partner for a moment, trying to figure out if he had pushed Bakugo past his limit or if he’d just forgotten in the heat of the moment.

“Yeah, edging is a pretty common practice. Sorry, I should’ve asked, it can be pretty intense,” he apologised calmly. “Colour?”


“Do you want to continue?” Deku rephrased.

“I…” Katsuki didn’t know what to say.

Izuku watched closely and softened slightly. He released the various strands of Blackwhip and stood up shakily. His knees almost knocked together as he made his way to the futon and beckoned for Katsuki to follow. The emptiness was awful.

“Lay down on the futon,” he instructed softly, the authoritative edge gone.

Katsuki did as he was told, and could barely take his eyes off Izuku as he wobbled closer. The green haired man straddled his hips and gently ran his hand under Katsuki’s shirt to remove it. The lull in intensity let him think things through, and after a moment, he nodded.

“Yeah. I’m good,” he realised.

“Yeah? Okay,” Izuku nodded and got to work on unbuttoning Kacchan’s jeans.

Soon enough the blonde was bare beneath him and Izuku doused his length in lube. As he sank down on Katsuki’s cock without ceremony, he began to truss Bakugo up with Blackwhip once more. Katsuki gawked at Midoriya as he rolled his hips and threw his head back in sheer ecstasy. The real thing was always better than any imitation. He ran a hand through his sweat soaked curls and looked down at Kacchan lustfully.

Suddenly, Katsuki planted his feet and shifted them until he was knealt between Izuku’s thighs. He yelped as the jolts of electricity intensified at Deku’s shock, and his muscles quivered. The blonde planted his elbows either side of Midoriya’s face and leaned down to kiss him as he hammered into him. Izuku wanted to crow at making the blonde snap, but that could wait. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s shoulders and held on for dear life as the explosive boy found his footing. It took a moment, but soon enough Izuku was all but seeing stars as he clung to the other.

Katsuki had never felt closer to anyone, and didn’t know if he could relinquish the feeling when all was said and done. In that moment all he cared about was reaching that completion that had been denied minutes ago.

“You’re fucking rabid,” Deku groaned against his lips, but the green haired man didn’t care in the slightest. He nipped at Kacchan’s lips and whined as he was brutally pounded into the mattress,

They were both on edge, so close and so tense it felt like something was about to shatter. Their hands were rough and unrelenting, scratching and bruising as they moved together. All too soon, it was over, Deku arched up beneath Katsuki, his nails biting and with a muffled cry that was swallowed up by the blonde as he followed.

They laid together, panting harshly as they revelled in the bliss, melting into the futon.

“I won,” Deku chirped after a moment.

“Fuck off.”

Chapter Text

It had to have been the middle of the night when Katsuki woke up. It took him a moment to realise he wasn’t in his comfortable bed at home, and that there was another person beside him. Alarmed, he rolled over to inspect his bedfellow as the memories of the night before came rushing back to him. It was only Deku. He sighed softly as he observed his colleague, sprawled out just a few inches away from him, half laying on the tatami, completely naked and calmer than he ever was during his waking moments. He was handsome, and Katsuki maintained he was still unattainable.

Katsuki couldn’t decide how he felt about finally sleeping with Midoriya. On the one hand, he was relieved he’d acted on those confusing thoughts, but on the other he couldn’t help but wonder if he was just another notch on Izuku’s bedpost. His green haired companion didn’t seem like he wanted to settle down with anyone in particular, and Bakugo wasn’t sure if that was a route he even wanted to take. He was positive that if they lived together one of them would end up dead by the end of the week. Absently, he glanced at the clock and realised it was indeed still early in the morning, and he very well could just go back to sleep if he chose to. Katsuku wasn’t sure if he wanted to though. Weren’t flings supposed to not be there in the morning? The blonde bit his lip and sat up carefully.

Izuku was slow to rouse, but he knew something was wrong. Someone was moving in his apartment. He blinked into the darkness a few times and noticed Katsuki beside him, hunched over and staring out into the shadowy room.

“Are you going?” Izuku whispered into the still night air.

“I…” Katsuki hesitated for a moment. He didn’t know what to say. The middle of the night wasn’t the time to discuss what they meant to each other or what they wanted going forward.

Deku could sense the unease. Did Katsuki regret the encounter? Sure, they were friends, good friends at that but that didn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Kacchan was a private person, and didn’t really seem interested in sex. Or rather, hadn’t until last night. Shyly, Izuku shuffled over, draped his arms around Katsuki’s waist and dropped his forehead onto the blonde’s shoulder. Bakugo tensed briefly at Izuku’s weight bearing down on him, but relaxed after a moment.

“Stay with me,” Izuku breathed into the warm night air. It was hard to believe that Kacchan was right there, that Izuku could touch him if he wanted to. There was no way of knowing how long the spell would last, and he kind of wanted to make the most of it since they were both awake when they shouldn’t have been.

Bakugo almost didn’t notice, but after a moment he became aware of Deku’s fingertips softly exploring the valleys and planes of his abdominal muscles. He had to admit, it was kind of nice. The blonde barely paid any mind to Izuku’s wandering hands. He leaned back against the other and almost chuffed in contentment. Izuku almost couldn’t believe his luck.

“Kacchan…” Deku breathed, his voice so husky and thick with a combination of sleep and lust that Katsuki nearly shuddered. “Can I touch you?”

“You are touching me dipshit,” Katsuki mumbled after a moment.

“That’s not what I meant…”

Bakugo considered the question for a moment. He really didn’t know what to say. Consent never really seemed… sexy to him. It was important and he understood why but the whole thing felt awkward. Part of him was baffled by Deku’s apparent horniness too. It was the middle of the night and they’d both just woken up, and he wanted to bone already? But this time there was no silly proposition hanging between them, there was nothing to prove, they were just there, together, and Izuku wanted him. At least that’s what it seemed like.

“You can say no if you want, I understand,” Izuku assured him gently. The green haired boy could almost hear the gears turning in Kacchan’s head, knew his thoughts had to be going around in circles and being supremely unhelpful.

Katsuki believed the statement was genuine. Izuku wouldn’t pressure him, he knew that much. After another second of deliberation, he guided Deku’s hand to his lips and sucked his middle finger in deep. The taste wasn’t great, but Katsuki didn’t care. He found he kind of liked being the centre of Deku’s attention. Where he’d once found it annoying, he now found it comforting. Izuku was beside him no matter what.

Izuku’s mind went blank at the slick heat that engulfed his finger. Kacchan was roasting hot at the best of times but he seemed even warmer now. Idly, he thrust into the blonde’s mouth, pressed his fingertip to Kacchan’s coiling tongue and relished the proximity. Bakugo was surprisingly intimate, Izuku was rapidly learning. Now that he knew his advances were not unwelcome, Deku trailed his other hand up the length of Kacchan’s body until he brushed over the swell of the blonde’s nipple. He almost missed the muffled groan, but he definitely felt it. Katsuki whined softly, his hips twitching at the pleasure that was building. He didn’t want to overthink it. The blonde grabbed Deku’s wrist again and shoved his hand down, letting his legs fall open as he did. He thought it was a clear enough signal. Katsuki wanted to switch off, not think about anything. He’d begun to feel it while he sucked Izuku off, but he wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Oh… Kacchan, you want-”

“Shut up, Deku!” Katsuki hissed. He didn’t want attention called to his desires, not just then anyway. The blonde wasn’t sure if he was ready to put it into thoughts or words. The explosive boy twisted slightly and was almost disappointed to find they weren’t face to face. Oh yeah, Midoriya’s head was on his shoulder. “Hey… will you…”

Izuku lifted his head, confused at the sudden shyness. Kacchan wasn’t his usual self. In the greyness, he saw Bakugo’s ruby eyes flicker down to his lips and it all suddenly clicked.

“C’mere,” he murmured as he circled his slick finger around Kacchan’s rim.

Katsuki blushed at the easy command. Deku knew what he wanted, which wasn’t really surprising. He was pretty good at deciphering the blonde’s odd little quirks at that point. Part of Bakugo felt cherished, that Izuku could read him so easily, but part of him was concerned that it was all going to be thrown back in his face at some point, accidentally or otherwise. Regardless of any misgivings, he stretched his arm behind Deku’s head and carded his fingers through the shaggy mess of curls. This time when they kissed it felt more genuine somehow. They weren’t fighting for control or under the influence, they were just together, sharing a moment in the dead of night. It was secretive and almost a little taboo feeling, like they were two teens in a dorm room, but Katsuki didn’t exactly mind. He couldn’t help the little shiver that raced up his body when Deku slid his thick finger inside. His toes curled against the straw mats and he whimpered into the kiss.

Izuku could scarcely believe what was actually happening. He was knuckle deep inside his long-term crush and it was far different than he could’ve imagined. He’d long since given up on the blonde, found other people to explore his sexuality with and come to terms with his unrequited feelings, but it seemed maybe he shouldn’t have given up. Katsuki seemed to hint that the feelings had been there for a while. Even if it was mere curiosity or lust, Izuku wanted to do the feelings justice. He wasn’t about to take advantage of the blonde’s emotional constipation. The green haired boy wanted to make the experience worthwhile. If it ended up being a one time thing then he wanted Kacchan to get the best out of it, and if it had a chance at turning into something more then he needed to make Bakugo want to come back for more. He thrust his finger slow and deep, letting his partner feel every millimetre of length and girth, wondering if Katsuki ever fingered himself. It was a delicious mental image, for sure. The strength hero decided that now would not be the best time to ask. With that thought in mind though, he couldn’t help but conjure up all sorts of images of Kacchan with his fingers pressed deep inside, face contorted in pleasure from various angles.

“Mmm, turn around, sit in my lap,” he eventually murmured as they broke apart for air. “Don’t want to strain your neck.”

Katsuki considered it for a second before moving. His limbs didn’t want to work. The pleasure was good and his brain felt like it was made of mush but he managed. He shifted onto his knees and crawled into the other’s lap.

“You’re hard too,” Katsuki observed quietly. It’d been hard to ignore pressed up against his back.

“Who wouldn’t be in my position?” Izuku quipped cheekily. “The Dynamight wants me to finger him. There are people that would pay millions to be in my spot right now and I get you all to myself.”

“Y-yeah. Uh…” Bakugo glanced down at Izuku’s erection and shuffled forward until he could press their lengths together. Just as he did that, Izuku brushed against his prostate, and the dual pronged assault had his knees feeling weak. “Fuck…”



Izuku grinned. That was what he’d hoped for. He could work with that. He thrust his hips up against his partner’s swallowing up all the little moans Kacchan made. The explosive boy wrapped his hand around their cocks and began to stroke as they rocked against eachother. They started off slow, but the fire grew into a raging inferno. Touches turned rougher, teeth clashed and tongues fought. Izuku worked another finger into Katsuki with more patience than the blonde had ever managed with himself. The few times he tried to go further than a single finger he rushed and ended up regretting it, but it was different with Deku. His fingers were thicker than Katsuki’s own too, so there was that.

Eventually, Izuku rolled them both over and lowered Bakugo to the futon. Their breathing was ragged and their bodies were slick with sweat. Although he was excited, he was nervous too as Deku settled between his thighs.

“Are you gonna fuck me?” Katsuki asked, somewhere amidst his gasps of bliss.

“Do you want me to?” Izuku responded after a pause. “We don’t have to, this is fine if it’s as far as you want to go.”

Katsuki stared up at the green haired man and mulled over the options.

“I… think this is good enough,” he decided.

Izuku made himself comfortable, hips pinning Bakugo to the mattress as he licked and nipped at the shell of his ear.

“Then just relax and enjoy it,” he bade, tone sultry.

Katsuki did just that. The anxiety washed away by Deku’s reassurances. This time, Midoriya didn’t even think about edging the blonde, he just coaxed him to orgasm without pause, pushing the blonde over the edge easily until he came with a sweet little cry.

Overstimulated little cries tumbled from Katsuki’s lips as Deku teased him through his climax, the tidal wave of pleasure crashing over him like nothing he’d ever experienced before. The green haired boy freed his fingers and all Katsuki could do was gasp at the emptiness and shudder. Moments later Izuku was on the edge too as he ground his cock against Katsuki’s hip. He groaned as his seed splattered the blonde’s stomach.

Tiredly, he lowered himself to the futon beside Kacchan, giving him space in case he wanted it.

“Stay with me…?” He murmured to the ceiling.

“Yeah...guess I will.” Katsuki replied exhaustedly. “And… you can come closer, jeez no need to half sleep off your own bed. One fucking cuddle isn’t going to kill me.”

Later that morning, Katsuki wasn’t sure what to do. They’d both slept through Izuku’s alarm, and they didn’t have enough time really for two seperate showers. They sure as heck needed it though. For that same reason he didn’t have enough time to run home, and nor did he particularly want to face his parents.

“Let’s just shower together Kacchan, it’s not like we can even pretend to be grossed out by each other’s bodies now…” Deku teased as he nudged the blonde. He was in the process of throwing portable food and leftovers into a bag for later. “And wear my clothes today. It’s not like Shouto and Kyoka don’t know what we did last night.”

Katsuki grumbled, but couldn’t find a logical reason to refuse.

“Whatever. Just get your ass in the shower soon,” he huffed as he made his way to the bathroom. There was hardly enough room for one in the tiny space let alone two but they would have to make do, and if Katsuki hurried maybe he’d be out before Deku got in. He almost didn’t trust the green haired boy to keep his hands to himself after last night. It wasn’t even that it would be unwelcome.

Izuku rooted through his drawers for something that would be even vaguely acceptable for Kacchan, and laid them out on the kotatsu with his own outfit for the day. When that was done he stripped and dove into the bathroom for the world’s quickest shower. He barely paid any mind to the very naked, very steamy Katsuki.

Just ten minutes later he pulled his curls up into a bun and donned his clothes for the day, grabbed his bag of food and all but shoved Kacchan out the door.

Luckily he only lived a few minutes away from the agency building, it was one of the reasons they’d bought that specific building actually, so that they had a place to crash if they were injured that wasn’t with family. Like Izuku, Kyoka and Katsuki didn’t want to worry their parents if they were injured on the job. The Todorokis were a different story, but it was still nice for Shouto to be able to take refuge in Deku’s apartment if he needed to.

As it turned out they weren’t late, not exactly anyway. As far as Izuku was concerned it didn’t really matter while the agency wasn’t functional. As they approached they noticed a young woman hanging around outside. Neither of them were in costume but it couldn’t be helped.

“Excuse me, miss, we’re not open, sorry. There’s another agency a bit further down the road if you need help,” Izuku called, adopting his politest ‘dealing with the public’ tone.

“Oh, I’m supposed to be here, I’m Dekayi, from the new training program?”

Izuku blinked at the girl before it clicked.

“Sorry! Sorry, its been really hectic, I didn’t recognise you for a moment there! Yeah, I remember now. Man, now I feel bad. Uh, come in,” he said as he beckoned for the girl to follow him.

Katsuki watched the girl follow Izuku into their office. He’d honestly forgotten about the new training program, and their agreed participation. It was basically an apprenticeship. Deku had signed up for some course back in their third year of UA that would let him train new heroes in a scheme run by the Hero Commission. High school aged kids would learn completely on the job, and be paid while doing so. It earned their agency a number of grants and resources that they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. The green haired boy had been planning his road out of school for the better part of two years. Despite that, he was concerned. Dekayi looked like she could barely stand. Her clothes hung off her sharp frame like potato sacks and her hair was limp and lifeless. She was gaunt and her expression just a little too vacant. Maybe she was just recovering from a bad viral infection or something, Katsuki tried to allay his fears. They weren’t even open yet, so she had some time to take it easy. His anxiety only grew when he noticed the way her long legs trembled as she walked. He couldn’t help but think of newborn giraffes on their absurdly long, skinny legs.

The blonde spotted Izuku analysing her, looking her over as if assessing whether she was actually fit to join them.

“Look, I’m not trying to be rude or anything but this job is really physically demanding, are you sure you’re up for it?” He asked softly as they made their way to the break room.

Shouto and Kyoka were already inside, chatting away over cups of coffee.

“Yeah, absolutely. I know I don’t look like much right now, but I’m hoping to get back to where I was when I applied soon,” she explained after a moment’s consideration. “I haven’t had much of an appetite recently, you know? I think it’s something to do with the weather.”

Katsuki was unconvinced, but didn’t want to come across as rude. Not that he cared about that usually but this was their very first intern, he had to at least make an okay impression before going all King Explosion Murder. Besides, it wasn’t really his job to worry about her, it was Deku’s. Although, knowing him he’d probably worry himself sick.

“Oh right yeah, you’re heteromorphic right? Yeah that makes sense now I think about it, Froppy was one of our classmates and she could be affected by stuff like that. Well, it’s probably a good thing we’re not open then haha.”

Katsuki set about making coffee for Izuku, himself and, reluctantly, Dekayi.

“So, do you have a costume yet?” Deku asked as he shoved his food in the fridge and sat down. “Make yourself comfortable, might as well, we probably won’t get started for a while.”

“Err, no.”

“Kacchan, can you help her design that? You’d be way better at it than me,” Midoriya asked sweetly.

Katsuki just sighed from his position at the counter.

“I’ll make it worth your while?” He added with the biggest shit eating grin Katsuki had ever had the misfortune of witnessing.


“Oh, I’m sure I’ll think of something good,” the little shit responded.

“Oh fuck, guys, you gotta tell us what happened last night!” Kyoka interrupted suddenly, having apparently restrained herself for as long as possible.

Izuku snorted as two cups of coffee were placed on the table, and a quick glance at their newest team member revealed she was clearly uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, team building is important too you know!” Midoriya didn’t want her to feel like an outcast, like she wasn’t one of them because she wasn’t fully trained or whatever. “I dunno guys, that’s pretty private. Can we just leave it as whatever we did, it was good?”

“Not happening, spill broccoli,” Jirou laughed.

“Well, as predicted, Kacchan is a god awful sub, but hey, he’s sexy so I ain’t even mad.”

Katsuki almost inhaled his coffee in utter shock.

“What the fuck?”

“Dude, chill, everyone knows what I think of you. It isn’t a secret. Anyways, how’s house hunting with Momo going?” Izuku diverted the conversation onto a different topic, lest their resident bomb go nuclear.

“Oh, pretty good actually, we put in a couple of offers and one was actually accepted, so we just need to finalise and everything now. We could be moving in like a week if it all pans out. Momo is literally bouncing off the walls, its so cute.”

“Sounds like it. From now on you two can host parties, I’m sure it’ll be more comfortable than my place,” Deku laughed.

“Yeah but your place is closer so its convenient. We’re trying to hurry everything along so that we can do the majority of the move while we’re still setting up here, since a lot of what we need to do here is going to have to be hired out. Figured I’d use my energy at home and then set up our database system while I’m here or something?” She suggested.

“That sounds like a good use of your time, yes,” Shouto nodded.

“Anyways, I’ll also be scouting for engineering grads, and all that kind of thing.”

“Basically anything that lets you sit on your ass and not move?” Katsuki supplied.

“Pretty much, yes.”

Subtly, Izuku glanced at his intern’s cup and noted that it hadn’t been touched, although the girl occasionally flicked her tongue in the direction of the mug.

“Otake, do you want a tour? We have a furniture delivery scheduled a bit later so we have some time,” he asked suddenly, giving her an out to abandon her drink. He didn’t want to draw any more attention to her condition than needed.

“Please,” she responded with a smile.

Otake Moriko was a tall, slender young lady with an angular face and shiny white scales covering her neck and chest. She looked like she’d get on well with Jirou, leaning into the alternative, goth fashion with heavy makeup and lots of black. Izuku didn’t mind, it fit her hero name anyway. Casually, he led her out to the back of the building.

They had a small, bricked off yard with a gate out there.

“This is where the delivery will be coming, so if you hear one of the others yell about it, this is where you need to come.”

Izuku led her through to the bathrooms and the changing room, where he apologetically explained that they didn’t have the resources for an upgrade just yet, so they would have to make do with shared showers. There was a tag that she could put on the door if she was showering, and barring an emergency, the men of the agency wouldn’t barge in.

After that, he showed her to the main room. It was completely bare.

“For now, most of your time will be down here, but we actually have an upstairs too. Once the stairs are safe, we’ll be converting one of the rooms up there into another workspace. We haven’t quite worked out the logistics yet, but we’ve got a bit of time. We won’t just stick you up there on your own though. Again, not one hundred percent, but yeah.”

“Sounds good,” Otake responded.

Silently, Izuku fretted. He wasn’t confident that things were going to work out with Dekayi.

“Oh, by the way, don’t call Katsuki ‘Kacchan’, he will probably explode your face,” he added suddenly, realising that he’d used the name twice already and nobody had corrected him.


They stood awkwardly for a moment, before the sound of a truck reversing into the road behind the building. Gratefully, he hurried out of the room, followed closely by the intern. They were the first to make it out to the back, so Izuku opened the gate and checked the details of the delivery with the driver.

As soon as they were able to, Deku and Moriko hopped onto the lift gate and started shifting the first of the items. Honestly, Izuku would’ve prefered Kacchan to be helping but he didn’t want to be rude. His private musings only grew louder and more intrusive when he realised just how much his intern was shaking. She almost looked like she had Shindo Yo’s quirk. He had to at least give her a chance right? Izuku didn’t want to appear ableist, not after all the shit he had to deal with for being quirkless, but he was worried.

As the lift gate started to descend, Otake went as white as a sheet. Izuku lunged, but it was too late, the girl topped off the edge of the gate.

Chapter Text

Izuku followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital and waited patiently to be allowed in to see his apprentice. Shouto had said he and Katsuki would deal with the furniture so he could look after his trainee, and he was grateful for it. He also hadn’t missed the way Kacchan’s gaze lingered on him, the barest hint of concern etched in his features. It was surprisingly terrifying to have someone in his care crash like that. If he hadn’t already been worried about Otake, he certainly would’ve been at that point. He eventually saw what might’ve been her parents rush into the emergency room. Deku must have been too obvious in his staring, because Dekayi’s mother beckoned for him to follow.

Warily, he trailed after them, all the while fearing that they would think he was responsible for their daughter’s poor condition.

Dekayi looked so small in the hospital bed. She was frail, almost like a strong gust of wind would whisk her away. The healthcare workers had wasted no time in getting her hooked up to an IV and placing a nasogastric tube. The girl looked sick. Her parents seemed resigned, like they’d seen it before. Izuku wished he knew what to say to try and comfort the couple but he really didn’t know. That had always been an area he’d struggled with in all of his assessments. As Izuku watched, Moriko’s hand and held it between her own.

They stayed like that for what seemed like hours before the mother released Otake’s hand and gestured for Izuku to step outside.

That was it, the moment he had been dreading, he was absolutely sure of it.

“Are you going to fire her now you know?” She asked quietly once they had shut the door behind them.

“Uh,” he paused.

“Moriko was scared that you’d see her condition and refuse to let her work. She’s been so excited to start working with you all. Otake Sayuri, by the way.”

Moriko’s mother was slender but not to the worrying degree that her daughter was, and was more heavily scaled than her daughter too. She had almost iridescent black scales covering most of what Izuku could see of her, with a stripe of vivid scarlet down the sides of her throat.

“I don’t... I didn’t intend on it. We’re not operational right now so she has some down time to recover... I mean... no. This is going to sound like we’re sleazy heroes that just want an apprentice for the funds but having her with us really does help us in the long run. Why?”

Sayuri was getting agitated, Izuku could see as much. Her posture was tight like a coiled spring and her tongue flicked rapidly. She seemed to be debating about something and after a moment something clicked.

“Look, don’t worry about it, Mrs Otake. She can have a couple of days to recuperate and if it’s okay I’ll stop by to talk to her? We’ll figure something out,” he promised with as much conviction as he could. Deku did not want to exclude the girl based on her health, but he just had this horrible feeling that perhaps things weren’t going to go well.

Midoriya glanced at Sayuri once more and then looked back to the door.

“Do you mind if stay until she wakes up?” He asked softly.

Sayuri nodded slowly, and he could feel her gaze on his back as he returned to Moriko’s room. Instead of hovering at her bedside, he took up residence in the corner, inconspicuously waiting for any signs of life. After a moment he grabbed his phone from his pocket and checked his messages.

How’s M?’ Kacchan had inquired.

Not good. Kinda think she might be terminal. Not sure though, could be wrong, her mother was asking if we’d boot her now we know how bad it is. Makes me suspicious.

Ah. You’re going to give her a chance right?

Of course. Sorry for abandoning you guys.

Don’t mention it.

Back at the agency building, Katsuki stared at his phone as he thought about the situation. He knew what Deku was like, and he was unlikely to give up on his apprentice but that didn’t mean he wasn’t stressing over the whole thing. Eventually, he put the phone away and continued shifting furniture around into a configuration that seemed passable. He was sure they’d tweak it but the main thing was that everything was actually in the building and they could comfortably move around.

Bakugo wanted to do something. He wanted to be spontaneous and sexy and take Deku’s mind off the trouble but he didn’t know how. Was it enough to just offer to help take his mind off it, or should he do more? Above all, Katsuki wanted to be the one Izuku turned to. Now that he knew his friend had other partners, he wasn’t sure how to approach it.

In the end, he decided to be direct. What was the point in trying if Deku missed his signals?

If you want to destress...

Katsuki’s cheeks burned. It felt wrong, taboo, to be texting like that in the middle of the day when one of them was at work and the other was at the hospital but at the same time it was kind of thrilling.

Oh yeah? What’d you have in mind?

Well I know I always feel better after beating the shit out of something so...

I’m not really in the mood to spar, Kacchan.

Katsuki almost hurled his phone at the wall. Stupid Deku. Stupid Deku not understanding. Stupid. Stupid. Idiot. Moron. Now what was he supposed to do?!

That’s not what I meant dipshit. I just... know spanking is a thing and some people like to do it so...

Bakugo almost couldn’t believe the words that he was typing. Hopefully that message was received loud and clear.

Kacchan are you TRYING to make me hard in my intern’s hospital room. Because if you are it’s working and I hate you.

Well that wasn’t the specific goal but sucks to be you right now. I’ll come over later yeah?

Thought you said people that get off on being hit were weird?

I’m still not convinced I’ll like it but whatever. I’ll try it this once okay?

Katsuki definitely wasn’t sure but he really was willing to at least try it. He could put up with being a punching bag for a bit if it meant Izuku felt better afterwards. And who knew, it might lead to something even better, he tried to rationalise. Bakugo still thought it was a little odd to find pleasure in pain.

When he got home that evening, he wasn’t surprised to be ambushed by his mother. She was amused by him staying out all night and immediately recognised Deku’s clothes when she saw them. It was kind of uncanny to be perfectly honest.

“Yeah yeah. Whatever. Look we’ve had a rough day so I’m gonna go back over to his place to hang out. Probably stay the night again too so I’m just going to grab some clothes and go...”

“Use protection!” Mitsuki called over her shoulder.

“It’s not like that!” He roared back indignantly. Except it was exactly like that, and she knew it.

After that mortifying encounter he barricaded himself in his room for a while, and wondered what he was supposed to do. Katsuki really didn’t think there any specific etiquette to a booty call but he had nothing else to go on. In the end, he just relaxed with a book for a while.

Later that evening, he grabbed some clothes from his wardrobe and hurried over to Izuku’s apartment, feeling all kinds of nervous.

The moment Deku opened the door he could tell Kacchan was about to implode with worry. It was really a big leap out of his comfort zone and he seemed to be doing it entirely for Izuku’s benefit. The green haired boy was oddly touched by the gesture. He knew he needed to not take it too far and move onto something mutually enjoyable if Bakugo absolutely hated the spanking. But he was willing to at least try it, and Midoriya had to admit the prospect was oddly arousing. He definitely liked spanking, both giving and receiving and he was almost curious about whether he could coax Kacchan into liking it too.

“Do you want a dri- mmph!” Izuku’s question was cut off by Katsuki pulling him into a rough kiss. “Rude,” he gasped as they tore at each other’s clothes. So it seemed like the blond wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush. Although when was he ever? It was hardly surprising that it translated into the bedroom as well.

After a moment Deku untangled himself and smirked.

“I see how it is. That good samaritan thing was just a ruse huh, you actually want to be railed?” Izuku teased, his voice dripping with pure sin. “Well then baby boy, you better check out what I’ve got in store for you tonight.”

The green haired boy easily grabbed hold of Katsuki’s chin and forced him to look around at the array of toys laid out beside the futon. Just looking at the implements that were going to be used for his torture made Bakugo’s legs feel like they were made out of jelly. Izuku gently pushed Kacchan down onto the mattress and picked up a length of orange rope.

“Now, do you remember what you say if you want me to stop?”

“R-red?” Katsuki replied, his scarlet eyes trained on the rope. He swallowed thickly and remembered something else. “Sir...”

Deku’s cock throbbed at the title. He almost couldn’t believe Kacchan just came out and said it, they’d fought so hard over it last time but this time seemed different, he actually... seemed to want to submit? He couldn’t tell how much of that was genuine and how much was just the blonde wanting to take his mind off Dekayi, but he appreciated it nonetheless. He ruffled Katsuki’s hair affectionately.

“Good boy,” he praised softly, and certainly didn’t miss the way Kacchan’s pupils dilated. “Get on your knees, face down, arms behind your back.”

Katsuki didn’t really know what compelled him to obey but something did. He wanted to, he wanted to help however he could. Part of him was scared that Deku would go running back to the others if he wasn’t good enough. He knew he would have to talk about it at some point, that if he wanted exclusivity he’d have to ask for it, but he wasn’t ready for that conversation yet, so he needed to keep Izuku’s interest. He glanced back over his shoulder as he bowed his back towards the futon, pushing his ass out in what he hoped was an appealing way. Izuku was staring at him like he wanted to eat Bakugo alive, devour every single bit of him and Katsuki couldn’t say he hated it.

“You just gonna stare at it all night Sir, or are you gonna hit it?” Katsuki teased right back.

The challenge seemed to snap something in Izuku. He surged forward and began trailing the rope all over Katsuki’s skin, crisscrossing it intricately until he was immobilised. Bakugo accepted the restraint easily enough, Deku’s hands on his body chased away any lingering worries until he was a shuddering wreck, just waiting to be defiled.

“Can I take a picture, Kacchan? You look so good like that...”

“Yes Sir,” he responded readily.

Izuku made sure the shutter sound was on and took as many pictures as he could from various angles. He pulled on the ropes and contorted Katsuki’s body and even spread his cheeks and took a picture of his ass, fluttering with arousal. The manhandling really got to Bakugo. Deku could move him around like he weighed nothing at all and it was a crazy display of strength.

Eventually though, he put down his phone and turned his attention fully to his pretty blonde sub. Katsuki was doing surprisingly well. Maybe he’d have to revise his stance on his friend being a god awful sub. He shamelessly groped Kacchan’s ass like he’d wanted to for years and delighted at the low groan it earned him. Maybe Kacchan wasn’t as feral as everyone believed.

“I’m just gonna start with my hand and build up to some of the toys yeah?”

“Sounds good Sir,” Katsuki responded, waiting for the first blow to land.

As soon as Izuku got confirmation, he struck, and the crack almost echoed off the walls. It was delightful. Katsuki bit his cheek at the sting. It wasn’t bad and he was sure he could handle it for a while before it got unbearable, long enough to let Deku blow off some steam anyway.

“That all you got? I know you can hit harder than that Deku,” he taunted.

In the end he got more than he bargained for. Izuku snorted at the challenge but dialled it up anyway, swatting and smacking until Kacchan’s skin almost glowed red. As the pain built, Midoriya started to notice more and more sounds escaping the blonde. They grew breathless and heated, and the green haired boy started to suspect his friend liked it more than he ever thought he would. When it became clear that Katsuki wasn’t just putting up with the spanking for Izuku’s benefit, he began to enjoy it more too.

Katsuki couldn’t remember a time when his whole body hummed with tension. He felt like something had to give but he couldn’t bring himself to care. It was just too good. He rubbed his face against the bedding and tried to stifle the moans that left him but it was impossible after a while. His ass was just too sore.

Izuku picked up a flogger after a while, and teased any part of Kacchan’s skin that he could with the rubber fronds. Bakugo shivered and quaked, muscles tensed at the onslaught. It tickled, and the difference in sensation had him on edge. It was sublime. The bite from the rubber was different to bare skin, and each lick had him keening until he was a drooling mess. The blonde certainly wasn’t crying. No way.

Deku was enthralled by the descent into pure pleasure and pain. Katsuki’s skin was burning hot to the touch, crimson and there were even a few little beads of blood welling up on the surface. Spanking his other partners had never felt quite so satisfying. Kacchan could take more than the others, he was more robust and apparently more of a masochist than he realised. He paused now and then to take more pictures and even shot a few videos, and frequently checked in with his partner. The replies were good at first, but evolved into mere grunts the longer they kept at it. Midoriya accepted it though, he had no reason to believe Katsuki was in distress. Eventually he got bored of the flogger and picked up something else, a thin, springy cane. This he had to be careful with. He knew many people couldn’t handle it but he at least had to try it.

Izuku cracked it down on his own palm and bit back a moan at the sting. Katsuki jumped at the crack and glanced over his shoulder again.

“Wanna try it?” Deku asked.

Instead of responding verbally, Katsuki buried his face in the futon and wiggled his hips invitingly. Midoriya took that as a yes. He swished the cane through the air and almost whined himself at how it sounded when it landed on Kacchan’s ass. Katsuki yelped at the sting, it was so much more intense than anything else before it, but he wanted it.

“Again...” he croaked out, barely able to talk from all the sounds he’d made. He felt like he was on fire, his cock ached and had oozed so much precome that he had a small puddle on the sheets below him, but he didn’t care. He was in the zone and didn’t want to lose that euphoric feeling.

“As you wish,” Izuku responded sweetly.

More and more vivid stripes appeared on Katsuki’s ass as Deku went to town on it. Bakugo lost himself in the burning feeling. After a while he went silent, his body loose and relaxed as he accepted the brutal punishment. His heart pounded in his ears and his breathing was ragged, but it all paled in comparison to what he felt. He wanted to come, he needed that release. Katsuki was far enough gone to beg for it.

Izuku was mildly concerned by the gibberish that Katsuki was spouting and stopped for a moment. He was about to check in once again but ceasing was apparently the wrong move. Kacchan hissed angrily and made some kind of garbled complaint. Hesitantly, Deku brought the cane down one more time to see if that was what he wanted and almost jumped out of his skin when Katsuki actually screamed. Katsuki’s vision went white as the cane caught the hyper sensitive skin of his balls, his whole body went taut as he roared into the fabric of the mattress. That release he’d begged for came crashing over him like a fucking tank and all he could do was hold on for the ride.

Deku flung the cane away when his partner slumped to the side, limbs limp and face stained with tears and drool.

“Kacchan are you okay? Did I hurt you too much?” He asked, searching for signs of pushing too far. He was beyond scared to realise Katsuki wasn’t even hard anymore. Had he really hated it that much? Was all that noise him begging Izuku to stop?

“F’me...” Katsuki panted after a moment.


“Fu’me.” Katsuki punctuated his request by spreading his legs as much as he could in his bound position.

“Oh... oh! Yeah! Okay!” Izuku realised what the grumbling had actually meant and reached for the lube.

He startled when he put his hand in something wet and suddenly added it all up. Katsuki had orgasmed just from being spanked? Now that the veil of fear had been lifted, Izuku started to take in the subtler signs, the flushed cheeks, the vacant, blissful expression... it all made sense suddenly. It was possibly the hottest thing Izuku had ever seen in his life. Hurriedly, he coated his fingers and swirled them around Katsuki’s hole. The blonde shifted his hips and pushed back against the fingers eagerly. He just wanted to be filled, he needed it even.

“Hurry...” he whined pitifully.

Izuku had to control himself, he had to take it slower than Kacchan seemed to want. At least until he was sure everything was going to be okay and that he wasn’t too tight and... the will to control himself almost disappeared entirely at the broken, relieved moan Katsuki made as he stretched around Deku’s finger. It took every ounce of control he had not to just hammer his friend into oblivion, but he needed to.

Dekuuuuuu, need you. Please fuck me already,” Kacchan tried again.

Midoriya’s resolve crumbled away to dust. Who the hell could say no to that kind of plea? He doused his cock without a second thought and lined himself up, holding onto the bindings for leverage. Just as he pulled his fingers out, he slid his cock in and groaned at the tightness and the heat clinging to him. He could feel the warmth radiating from Kacchan’s abused ass and it was amazing. Bakugo whimpered as he was stretched beyond anything he’d ever felt before. It was intense and he felt connected to Izuku in a way that he’d never experienced before. Which was understandable given that it was only his third sexual experience, but it was different now. He arched his back and drove Izuku’s cock deeper, harder, he just wanted to feel all of it and the power in his partner’s body.

Izuku got the message. He hooked his fingers into the ropes and gradually built up some speed, hammering deep and hard. It was hard to tell if the blonde had discovered the delights of subspace or if he was just really into it, but whichever it was Deku was confident he would want a repeat experience. He used the bindings to pull Katsuki’s body back towards himself with each powerful thrust. Kacchan looked like he’d died and gone to heaven at some point, he was definitely on cloud nine.

“You did so well baby boy, I’m so proud of you, all those sweet little moans you made were amazing,” he crooned as he moved.

Katsuki’s body throbbed with pleasure. He shook his head and rubbed his face against the futon again as arousal surged through him.

“H-harder, Daddy,” he begged after a moment. He had no idea what possessed him today that but he knew it was something other people liked. “Daddy please fuck me harder!”

Izuku almost stopped out of sheer shock, but he managed to squash the instinctive reaction down. None of his other partners had ever called him Daddy. It was... kind of kinky actually.

“I’m not gonna last if you keep talking to me like that baby boy,” he purred breathlessly. It was true though. The pleading was doing things to Izuku that he’d never anticipated before.

“Don’t care. Want you to do it,” Katsuki rasped, squirming a little at the thought of Izuku claiming him like that. “Come inside me... please Daddy...”

Deku had no hope of staving off his impending orgasm. He rolled his hips a few more times and leaned down to bury his face in the crook of Katsuki’s neck, holding him tightly as he came.

He stayed there for a moment, gathering his scattered wits before he ran his hand down Kacchan’s abdomen, intending to get him off too, only to discover his skin was sticky with seed.

“Fuck, Kacchan you’re a fucking beast and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna kill me one of these days. How’re you feeling?”

Katsuki chuckled at the statement, oddly amused that this was the thing that would kill Izuku. Not the years of torment or a villain, but Katsuki being sexy. It was strangely nice.

“Sore,” he settled on after a moment.

“I bet. Let’s get showered, get some ointment on your butt and then I’ll feed you, how’s that sound?”

As if on cue, Bakugo’s stomach growled.

This time when they showered together, Izuku couldn’t help but touch. He kept it simple though, he was pretty sure Katsuki was done with sex for a while. Katsuki didn’t really mind the touches. He leaned back against Deku as the other washed his hair and gently scrubbed his weary body down, and even gave Midoriya a few sneaky gropes when he returned the favour.

They ate together and spent the rest of the evening cuddled up comfortably on the futon, watching movies on Katsuki’s laptop. It was peaceful, and Katsuki thought he could see himself getting used to it.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Izuku was less surprised than before to see Kacchan in his apartment. He woke up to rustling and movement, and when he rolled over to take in the scene he saw the blonde looking at his raw backside in the mirror. He watched as Katsuki trailed his fingertips over the welts and scabs left by the cane, cheeks pink and breathing rapid. Bakugo didn’t notice Deku moving, he was enthralled by the marks on his skin. He had no idea why but just seeing the remnants of his beating was really getting to him.

“Let me see?” Izuku murmured, smirking as Kacchan jumped.

“Yes Sir,” Katsuki responded automatically and turned on the spot.

Midoriya blinked at the title. He wasn’t sure if Bakugo was trying to be funny, or what he was up to, but it was kind of nice, he had to admit.

“You don’t have to call me that if we’re not playing,” Izuku reminded him gently.

Katsuki caught Izuku’s eye in the mirror as he turned around and smiled softly.

“I know. Just felt like it,” he shrugged nonchalantly.

He saw Deku’s gaze go from his eyes to his ass, and instantly felt a thousand degrees warmer. Before his very eyes, Deku got up and prowled closer, looking every bit the predator stalking its prey. Unconsciously, he stuck his ass out.

“You look so pretty covered in bruises Kacchan, but I think something’s missing,” Izuku assessed quietly as he stood behind the blond. He was broader and taller than he used to be, his frame easily visible behind the blonde’s.

He grabbed Katsuki’s hips and pulled him back so their bodies were flush against each other and thought about what he wanted to add. They didn’t have a whole lot of time before they were due to get to work, so it couldn’t be something too elaborate. After a little bit of thought, he had a flash of inspiration. Izuku hurried to the kitchen and grabbed a permanent marker from one of the drawers.

All the while Katsuki observed him in the mirror, the beginnings of arousal pulsing through him, but he was conscious of the time too. They didn’t need to alert Kyoka and Shouto to their activities so soon. The other two would figure it out soon enough when Katsuki could barely sit down, but they didn’t need to know the second the pair walked through the door. The warmth inside him only grew more insistent as Deku sank to his knees behind him and uncapped the pen.

“Spread your cheeks for me baby boy,” Izuku purred from his position on the floor.

Bakugo shivered at the command, and did as he was told, bowing forward as he did. He had an idea of what the sentiment would be, and he couldn’t help the way his cock started to fill out. The move made his skin smart from everything it went through the previous evening but the sting only intensified the lust burning inside him.

The green haired boy quickly scrawled ‘Izuku’s Cocksleeve’ between Kacchan’s cheeks and reached for his phone to take a few pictures. He still felt like something was missing though. His alarm started blaring, and he knew they didn’t have time for much else, so he leaned forward and sank his teeth into the meat of Katsuki’s ass. The blonde moaned lewdly at the pain, the blush on his cheeks creeping down his neck as he was marked yet again.

“Better get dressed baby boy, or I’m gonna want to fuck you again,” Izuku breathed as he got up and made his way to the kitchen once more.

Katsuki believed him. Part of him wasn’t even sure if he’d have a reasonable objection, other than being late for work. As much as he wanted to think that he wouldn’t have been late for a second fuck, part of him knew he would’ve allowed it, at least until they actually opened. He grabbed his clothes from his bag and slowly put them on, hissing as the rough fabric of his jeans touched some of the raw marks. It was an exquisite reminder of what he’d done last night, how good he’d felt and how much more he wanted to try now that the door had been opened for him.

Midoriya could see that Katsuki was deep in thought and didn’t want to interrupt him, instead he just focused on putting together lunches for them both. His phone chirped at him while he was boxing food and he checked the alert. It was a message from Moriko, which he checked immediately.

Deku, I’m really sorry about yesterday. I was discharged last night, and this morning mum told me that you’d stayed with me until I woke up, but I don’t really remember much of it. I’m sorry for not being more upfront about my condition, I’m free to come in and talk if you like.

Izuku bit his lip and thought about how to reply.

Don’t worry about coming in today, just rest. If it’s okay, could I drop by later to chat? We do need to get this straightened out, but please don’t worry, I’m not about to drop you just because you’re sick, I want to work with you, Dekayi. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed.

He left it there and finished putting together bentos for himself and Katsuki. Izuku was relieved and almost saddened to see Kacchan completely dressed, even if he himself had requested it. Once lunches were seen to, he quickly dressed himself and led Kacchan out of the apartment.

Walking around with such a sore backside was definitely a new and exciting challenge for Katsuki. He didn’t want to waddle or hiss or otherwise give away how sore he actually was, but it took a lot of self control. As good as that self control was, it didn’t help him when it came to sitting down at the break room table for the daily meeting. He winced and hissed as his abused ass made contact with the hard plastic chair, cheeks darkening at the looks he got from Shouto and Kyoka. Deku was as blasé as ever as he made two cups of coffee.

“Fun night?” Kyoka teased.

“Piss off,” he responded with a growl.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” she laughed.

“Shut up,” Katsuki whined. “It’s not like I make fun of you all the time for being stupid about Momo.”

“Yes you do,” Jirou reminded him. “Every chance you get. It’s payback buddy. You reap what you sow.”

Izuku slid into the seat beside Katsuki and set his coffee in front of the blonde.

“How did furniture arranging go yesterday?” He asked as a way to distract the team from talking about Kacchan’s butt. He knew it was probably mortifying for the blonde to openly be in pain, especially when the others could guess the cause of the discomfort pretty easily.

“It was fine. It’ll be better once we get the second floor sorted out, less cramped,” Shouto offered calmly, apparently not interested in baiting Katsuki.

He looked at his phone once again and saw he had a reply from Dekayi.

Thank you. I’ll try and get to the living room when you come over.

Don’t worry about that, what kind of pro would I be if a girl’s bedroom freaked me out? I mean, unless you have something you don’t want me to see, which is cool, privacy is important.

No lol, nothing like that. Okay, I’ll see you later then.

Izuku looked up to see his colleague’s eyes on him and sighed.

“It’s awful to think but I think she might have cancer or something like that,” he murmured after a moment.

“Aw man, that sucks,” Kyoka responded.

“Yeah, gonna go visit later today and chat with her about how to go forward. I don’t want to kick her out just because she’s ill, but I might need to get in touch with the folks over in the Commission to maybe make some adjustments for her.”

“Sounds good. If we had to drop her down to part time we could maybe enquire about having a second intern that’s also on a part time basis. I know there were a few parents that signed up for the program, you know?” Jirou mused. “It’d be nice to get some more of those grants coming in.”

“Agreed, that might be the best way to make the most of the situation without abandoning Dekayi,” Shouto added. “I think it’s nice that you want to continue working with her.”

Katsuki stayed quiet as he sipped his coffee. He also thought the faith in the ailing girl was admirable, and he knew where the feeling of responsibility came from. He was just worried that Izuku was going to overdo it.

“Right, so, schedule for the day. Shouto, can you take care of the contractor coming to look at the bathroom?”

“Yes. Two separate showers in that room if possible, second locker room if not.”

“Great. Kyoka, get us wired up for camera feeds and internet?” He instructed after a moment of consideration.

“Will do, one of my friends has some tech they’d like testing, so I might go pick that up later too. They offered us some money for conducting the tests,” she informed Izuku with a grin.

“Sounds great, just do what you can,” he told her.

Katsuki dreaded what was coming. Deku would have to delegate a task for him, and he didn’t want to babied on account of his sore ass.

“And Kacchan you… uh….”

“I swear to god Deku you are this close to being blown up,” he seethed.

“Well… could you maybe come up with a few basic ideas for Dekayi’s costume? Just generic things that can be added to once she’s back.”

Katsuki thought about the request. He was sure it was only being made because he was uncomfortable, but since Izuku had already said that would be something he was tasked with it didn’t sting as much.


“Thanks. Kyoka, this friend of yours, are they looking for a job?”

“He is, kind of, but he specialises in audio technology, since his quirk is sound based too. But I know his money is running out quick so he might be willing to do general tech for a while. ‘Specially if we said he could work on his personal stuff while he’s here, as long as our needs are met…”

“Might be an option, it would give us some leeway to scout someone who’s going to graduate this year if he just wants something temporary while he’s looking for a better fit.”

“Yeah, I don’t think he’d be too opposed to working here. I’ll see what he says anyway. It’s not like he can only work with audio tech, you know? He went to a really good school for engineering, so he’d be useful to have regardless,” she explained with a smile.

“Cool. If he’s interested he might have to wait until we get the stairs and second floor renovated to start working though, I don’t think there would be enough space down here for everyone. But if he is interested we can prioritise that maybe over the locker room situation. Although depending on how things go with Dekayi… if we did get a second intern then we could probably afford both immediately,” he was muttering again, but none of his friends seemed to pay it much mind any more. “I guess I’ll look at patrol routes, surveillance areas, high risk zones, all that good stuff?”

“Good plan. Maybe get some drinks and snacks so that we have refreshments available,” Shouto suggested.

“Sure, that’s a good idea actually, I’ll get going in a minute then.”

A few hours later, while Izuku was scouting the area, he received a message from Katsuki.

Do you switch?

It was so out of the blue that his interest piqued instantly.

Yup. Why? Got something you want to try?

Katsuki grinned as he set down his pencil. He’d been thinking about it all day so far.

Well, not exactly but I seem to recall you saying you’d make this worth my while. Considering my options.

Just throwing this out there, but it doesn’t have to be sex. If there was a new album or film you wanted I’d be happy to buy it for you.’ Izuku informed him, not wanting to get his hopes too high up.

What if I want more sex?

Izuku ducked into an alleyway so he could have a little privacy while they conversed.

Well then baby boy if that’s the case I’d be happy to provide. Just let me know what you want and I’ll do my best.

Katsuki almost typed ‘I want to be yours’ but he refrained. He was still scared of the possible rejection. Deku seemed content with fucking around for the moment, but who could say if he wanted anything more than that?

I’ll think of something.’ is what he ended up going with instead.

Izuku finished up his work on the patrol routes and made his way to Moriko’s house. He was nervous about seeing her again, and worried about her health but he really did want to work with her. He rang her doorbell and waited patiently, until a young boy with a smattering of bright blue scales across his cheeks and nose answered the door.

“What do you want?” He asked suspiciously.

“Hey, I’m here to see Moriko?”

“Oh…” the boy looked over his shoulder and beckoned Sayuri to the door.

“Afternoon,” she greeted with a smile. “Mo said you’d be over today. Naoki, can you show Midoriya-san upstairs? Do you want me to bring a drink up in a minute?”

Sayuri seemed much more amicable that afternoon, and he supposed that was understandable now that her daughter was out of the hospital.

“I’m fine thank you, I don’t want to make her uncomfortable when her appetite is bad,” he answered politely.

Naoki beckoned for Deku to follow, and he did.

“Are you Moriko’s boyfriend?” Naoki asked suddenly once they were out of earshot of his mother.

“No,” Izuku laughed. “I run the agency she started working at yesterday.”


Silence descended on the pair as they walked up the stairs. Naoki pointed to a door and Izuku thanked him. He knocked softly on the door and waited for the all clear to go inside.

Moriko sat up as he entered and offered a tired smile.

“Sorry about Nao, he’s way too curious,” she apologised softly.

“Don’t worry about it. How are you feeling?”

“Uh, better I guess? Maybe. Bloated, really. Lost too much weight, gotta have a tube until my appetite comes back. Eating was making me sick so…” She explained warily, as if she feared reprimand.

“I see. The main thing I need to know is; do you want to keep working with us?” He asked directly as he pulled her desk chair over to her bedside.

Moriko’s brows rose, as if she couldn’t believe that was what he was actually asking.

“I do. I… was scared to be honest but…”

Izuku remained silent, in what he hoped was a supportive way.

“Two of my older sisters had the same problem, it’s something weird in our genetics, comes from mum’s quirk. They both died…” she whispered.

“Are you worried about it happening to you too?” Izuku queried after a pause.

“I guess? My oldest sister is still alive, she had it when she was younger but it went away after a while. It took a really long time though.”

“That’s rough.”

“Yeah. I want to try and get as far as I can though, I should’ve gone to the doctor sooner and they might’ve been able to help sooner… I was scared of being kicked off the program. But its not fair on you guys if I can’t be helpful, is it?”

Deku could see how much the mystery illness weighed on Moriko’s mind, and he saw a lot of himself in the young girl.

“We talked this morning about maybe easing your schedule to part time and getting a second part timer, you could just focus on the academic side of things while you get your strength back up. There’s plenty of ways you can be helpful just around the office, so the option is there. I assume since you said eating is making you throw up they placed an NJ instead of NG?” Moriko nodded at that. “So hopefully in a few months your body condition should improve and you’ll be able to start being more active. Hopefully by then we’ll have our gym sorted out and we can help you ease into a routine.”

“You’re really willing to work with me after this whole debacle?”

“Of course, I really meant what I said,” he told her with conviction. “Kacchan is working on some basic costume ideas for you today, so when you come back you can chat with him and tweak them a bit.”

He checked his phone to see if he had any updates from the blonde, and was unsurprised to find a photo of some sketches waiting for him. Izuku passed the phone to Moriko and couldn’t help but feel a certain fondness as her eyes lit up. Maybe helping her through the course would give her a better chance at fighting off whatever was going on.

“Thank you…” she whispered as she handed back the phone.

“No worries. Actually, I’ve been thinking about your first official job for when you come back,” he said with a grin.


“Yeah. I was thinking about getting an office pet, just something small you know? A betta fish or something,” he explained.

“Oh nice!”

“Do you want to come with me and pick something out? Depending on what we pick, we might not be able to just take something back the same day, but I don’t think that matters.”

“That sounds fun, actually,” Moriko admitted, relaxing a little now that the difficult conversation was over. “Are any of you scared of bugs, because if not I have an idea.”

“Nah, you know what? Kyoka actually used bugs in one of our tests!”


Izuku launched into the story of how Jirou had rallied Koda into asking the bugs to swarm Present Mic. They both ended up in fits of giggles over it, and the tension washed away.

He left shortly after that, glad that they had cleared things up and worked something out that was good for both Moriko and the agency.

The next day found Izuku and Moriko at the pet store, and Dekayi was more animated than either of the times Midoriya had seen her.

“I know you said small, but… bioactive paludariums are so cool! We have a big one in our living room with frogs, fish and geckos, and its beautiful to look at and fun to feed everything.”

Izuku was at least willing to listen to her suggestion.


“Yeah! You could go slightly smaller and just have frogs and fish, or geckos and fish or frogs and geckos, or I think even a snake with some fish? I can maintain it if you go for it, since it can be a bit daunting for beginners, but yeah. I love our tank at home,” she explained excitedly as they looked at the smallest, most brightly coloured frogs Deku had ever seen.

He almost wondered if the motivation of caring for the tank would help Moriko more, but then his thoughts turned to the other, less appealing option. What if looking after the vivarium stressed her out and made her even more sick? Her enthusiasm was infectious though, and within minutes of listening to her exuberant babbling he was almost sold on the idea. It would take a little bit of coordination to get set up though, so he placed an order for the tank and other supplies to be delivered on another day. Izuku would thoroughly research what species to keep and their care requirements before adding any animals to the vivarium, but it was a start.

Katsuki shamelessly followed Izuku home that evening. He’d spent a good portion of the day working with Dekayi on her costume and wanted to unwind. Deku was good at helping him unwind, he was rapidly learning. It took the green haired boy a moment to notice that Katsuki was still with him long past the point they should’ve separated, but he didn’t mind. In fact it was nice, knowing that the acerbic hero wanted to actually spend time with him, even if they were just messing around.

As soon as they got in the door Katsuki all but dragged Deku to the bathroom to clean up. The green haired boy suspected Kacchan had decided what he wanted as a reward.

“Pamper me,” Katsuki demanded as soon as he turned the taps on for the bath.

Whatever Izuku might’ve been expecting, that certainly wasn’t it. He blinked at the blonde for a moment before nodding. He could do that. He rummaged in his toiletries and found some kind of bubble bath that smelled nice and had soothing essential oils in it. It would be a tight fit with both of them in the tub, but he thought it was doable, it just might’ve taken some mild contortionism to achieve.

Katsuki settled onto Izuku’s hips and leaned back against his broad chest as they both settled in the bath. Their legs were tangled and the bath overflowed with displaced water from their combined weights, but that didn’t matter, they could clean it up later. He all but melted as he felt Izuku’s huge hands on every inch of his body. The touch wasn’t inherently sexual, sensual more than anything, but it was amazing. He groaned at the pressure from those strong fingers, massaging away any all of the tension that had built up over the last few days. His head lulled back as Izuku kneaded his thighs and hips. He wanted more, he wanted to feel Deku’s fingers again, wanted them to stretch him and have him writhing.

Midoriya buried his face in Kacchan’s neck and nipped at the soft skin he found there. His partner keened, low and deep at the move, and Izuku wanted to do it more. He kissed and suckled on any patch of skin he could, coaxing as many bruises as he could to bloom. Katsuki’s throat was littered with love bites within minutes. Izuku almost jumped when the blonde threw his leg over the side of the bath, flinging droplets of water everywhere as he did. Instead of obeying the rather obvious demand, Deku trailed his fingers up to Katsuki’s nipples.

He pinched and rolled each of the sensitive buds between his fingers, and the whimpers grew louder by the second. Kacchan had surprisingly sensitive nipples. It made Izuku want to push the limits, clamp them and make his pretty little sub cry with need. He almost blinked at the intensity of his own thoughts. It wasn’t like he was a stranger to topping or being a Dom, but he really wanted to explore with Katsuki. And it seemed like the blonde might’ve actually been willing to let him.

Clumsily, Katsuki twisted around until he was facing Deku, and leaned in close to his ear, cock engorged and dripping precome.

“Daddy please,” he whined playfully. He was at the limit of his patience, which wasn’t exactly high to begin with.

Izuku moaned at the plea. It was surprisingly hot. He really had no idea what to make of it, but fuck he wanted to ruin Kacchan all over again.

“Oh but baby, your nipples are so fun to play with, you sound like a slut and I’m not even touching your dick,” Izuku responded gruffly.

Katsuki’s cock twitch and his hole fluttered at being called a slut. He never would’ve thought he’d enjoy it, but he did. He gasped as Izuku’s fingers closed on his nipples once again, and he tugged them sharply. The blonde shuddered and groaned deeply, astonished that his body could feel as good as it did.

“Get out the bath baby, dry yourself off. I’ll make you feel good,” Izuku promised.

Bakugo stared at Deku for a good long moment, before nodding. He just wanted Izuku to touch him, make him feel good. He was rapidly becoming addicted to the attention, to the affection and warmth he felt from the other, for the other. He almost tripped over himself in his haste to get out of the tub and towel himself down.

Midoriya followed more sedately, but he was riled up, almost bouncing on the balls of his feet waiting to get at the blonde.

“Sit on the futon, let me get some things. How does being blindfolded sound?”

“Sounds great, just fucking hurry up shitty nerd.”

“Well, I see your obedience has gone out the window, that’s kinda disappointing Kacchan. I’ve a good mind to punish you for your misbehaviour,” Izuku taunted as he rummaged in his box of toys.

He selected a silk blindfold first of all, and quickly tied it over Kacchan’s eyes. He moved a little faster than he really wanted, since his partner was getting antsy, but he didn’t think that’d be a problem soon enough.

“Lay down,” he said as he made his way back to the box.

From within, he found a set of nipple suckers. Izuku hadn’t had a chance to use them on another person yet, but he knew Katsuki would be the ideal person to test them out on. He also retrieved the permanent marker he used the other day, because he had a feeling his little statement would need refreshing.

Katsuki couldn’t wait any longer. He lazily coated his fingers in saliva while Izuku was off doing who knows what and circled the first around his rim. He needed to be filled, it was kind of addicting now that Izuku had shown him just how good it could feel. The blonde let out a whorish moan, hoping to spur Deku into action as he pushed his finger inside his own hole. Suddenly, he felt a slap on his sensitive inner thigh and yelped in shock.

“Did I say you could do that?” Izuku growled, low and dangerous.

Katsuki whimpered at the tone. It just did things to him. Flashes of being pinned against a wall in some dark alleyway somewhere while Deku fucked him stupid played in his mind, and suddenly he wanted the green haired boy to eat him alive.

“I’ll be good, Daddy, I just need you so bad…” he whined petulantly.

“I’m pretty sure you’re incapable of being good,” Deku laughed.

He applied a little squirt of lube to each of the suckers and fixed them to Kacchan’s nipples. The blonde squirmed at the pressure on such a sensitive part of his body, feeling a million times hornier than he had even thirty seconds ago.

“Oh fuck, Daddy, Sir, Master, whatever just fuck me already,” he begged.

“What if I said no? Then what would you do?”

“Whatever you want!” Katsuki responded instantly.

“You remember edging right?”

Katsuki shivered at the memory.


“Edge yourself. If you do it as many times as I tell you, I’ll fuck you. If you fail and you come without permission, I’ll just get myself off and make you wear a cock cage until our next time,” he leered. He finally felt like it was safe to say whatever they were doing was turning into a regular thing.

Katsuki swallowed thickly at the instructions but nodded after a moment.

“If it gets too much can I safeword?” He asked after a moment of thought.

“Of course you can baby. If you say red we’ll take a break and then decide how to continue, okay?”

Katsuki nodded again and spread his legs further. Deku took his place between them and watched hungrily as the blonde resumed thrusting his finger.

Bakugo put on a good show. After a bit of poking and prodding he found his prostate and made good use of the knowledge. He lost himself in the moment, knowing that Izuku was there, watching him, enjoying him. The strength hero occasionally caressed his heated skin, or scratched deep welts into him, and each time Katsuki shuddered and whimpered.

By the third time approaching that knife point, he was convinced he’d gone insane. The tears flowed freely and his whole body felt like it was going to explode at the slightest misstep, but he persevered. He toyed with his body until he was trembling so much he almost shook the whole apartment, or felt like he would anyway. His back was taut and his muscles tight, trying desperately not to go too far and ruin it all.

“Please Daddy, it’s too much, I can’t do it again,” he babbled barely able to form coherent sentences any more. He wasn’t quite at the point of using his safeword, but he really hoped Izuku would take pity on him that time.

Deku watched it all, completely engrossed in the captivating performance. He could tell Bakugo was really nearing his limit and he didn’t want to go beyond what the other could handle, especially in his inexperience.

“It’s okay baby, you did so well, I think you can stop this time. When you’ve calmed down, take your fingers out and come sit in my lap like a good boy.”

Katsuki beamed. Midoriya licked his lip, and observed the blonde inching away from that precipice, before he shifted up onto his knees and crawled into Izuku’s lap.

“Ride me baby boy, make yourself come however you need,” he purred as he slicked his cock.

That was apparently the only go-ahead Katsuki needed. He steadied Izuku’s cock with one hand and sank down gratefully with a relieved moan, the very same he uttered when Izuku filled him for the first time just a few days ago. It was quite something to see Kacchan lose control. Izuku felt honoured that the blonde trusted him that much. The pace Katsuki set was brutal and punishing, and he was no doubt going to be sore again the following morning but neither of the men had the wherewithal to really care about that. Deku grabbed Kacchan’s chin as he slammed his hips down against him and bit his lip roughly. The taste of blood only seemed to encourage them both. They clawed at each other, fingertips leaving bruises and nail marks scattered around their shoulders, chests and arms.

“You like that, you like being my personal cocksleeve? My cum dumpster? Is that all you’re good for baby, being fucked like a whore?” He growled out, testing the waters. He hadn’t been reprimanded for calling Katsuki a slut, so he assumed he was in the clear.

Bakugo shuddered at the verbal abuse. Years ago he might not have been able to take it, but now he was in a better frame of mind, he knew it was all talk, Izuku didn’t really think that of him.

“Oh fuck yes. Use me Daddy, as many times as you like,” he gasped somewhere amid the moaning.

Izuku threaded his hand into Katsuki’s soft, golden hair and yanked his head back, baring his throat for more hickeys. Bakugo yelped, tensing even more, and Deku knew he was close.

“You like being roughed up baby? Oh that gives me some good ideas for later.”

Katsuki nodded frantically, he was so close he wanted to scream. Izuku grabbed the suckers and pulled, breaking the vacuum with a lewd pop. Katsuki writhed as the blood rushed back to the erect buds, and an intense, pleasurable tingling washed over him. His hips stuttered as the sensation overwhelmed him for a moment and he sobbed, with pure ecstasy when Deku pulled on his hyper sensitive buds again. His back arched and his whole body convulsed with the force of his climax, the tingly feeling radiating out into his entire being as he rode the high. Izuku was amazed by Katsuki’s beauty. It was different with him, Miko wasn't really into penetrative sex, and 'Toshi wasn't as robust, but Kacchan was amazing. He caged the blonde in his arms and rocked into him a few more times until he too finished with a groan.

They both sank down onto the futon, boneless and dazed, and clinging to each other like they needed the other to exist.

Chapter Text

Izuku was surprised to see Katsuki curled up under his chin the next morning, content and peaceful but awake. It was a Saturday, and neither of them felt the need to rush. It was likely that they would make their way to the agency eventually and get on with some odds and ends, but they’d all agreed that weekend work was totally voluntary until they officially opened. He had a laundry list of chores to be getting on with, both at home and work so he wasn’t entirely sure where to begin, but he’d deal with that later.

Katsuki observed Deku for a moment before cracking a little smile.

“Stay with me?” He echoed the other’s request from their first night together. The blonde could see the tranquillity turn to concentration as Midoriya thought through his day, and as much as he knew they had a long way to go before they could actually start working he thought the day off would do them both good. He just had to hold Deku’s attention and make sure he didn’t slip into the anxiety-laden overthinking he was prone to.

“Yeah, okay,” Izuku responded after a moment’s thought. “I need to at least go grocery shopping though, I’m running out of food.”

Katsuki thought that was a reasonable enough chore for the day.

“Let me pay for some of it? You’ve fed me so many times this week.”

Izuku blinked.

“You don’t have to, but it would be appreciated,” he shrugged after some thought.

They settled into a companionable silence, neither feeling the need to fill the void with idle chatter, but neither made moves to get up and do anything. Izuku couldn’t help but think about how nice it was to just exist together. How long had it been since he actually had a partner that wanted to cuddle? Or that he wanted to cuddle? Someone he met on his internship in second year? That sounded about right. They’d moved fast and the feelings had been intense, the devastation he’d left behind was vast and sometimes Midoriya still thought about his first boyfriend, still had uncomfortably explicit dreams about him or had intrusive little worries pop up like annoying adverts on various websites. It wasn’t like he was alone in his woes either, he knew several of his classmates had gone through similar things, seeking comfort in each other while things were rough. But that just made him wonder what he and Kacchan actually were. Were they dating or just fucking? It seemed like it was somewhere in between and neither of them wanted to say anything and ruin it. Neither of them were particularly good at talking to each other.

“You’re thinking way too much for a weekend,” Katsuki murmured and nibbled on the shell of Izuku’s ear. He could see that glassy-eyed far away look that Deku got just before he started muttering up a storm, and the blonde didn’t know if he wanted to be privy to whatever was on his mind. “Let me help with that.”

Izuku startled out of his daydream as he felt Katsuki trailing soft kisses along his jaw until their lips met. It was slow, perhaps slower than anything they’d done up to that point but Izuku didn’t care. He virtually melted as the blonde cupped his face and poured so much love and warmth into the kiss that he knew there had to be more to the relationship than just sex. There had to be right? Did Katsuki want more? Fuck buddies didn’t kiss like that did they? Miko didn’t kiss, Miko didn’t do much of anything really, they just explored scenes every now and then, and ‘Toshi wasn’t exactly a regular occurrence. There was just something different about Katsuki now.

Bakugo gave everything he could to the kiss, trying to convey just how much more he wanted from what they were doing. He wanted Deku to relax and let go of his troubles, the way he’d been able to over the last week. It had been truly liberating. Deku said he was open to switching, so would he enjoy it if Katsuki took the lead? The blonde sucked Izuku’s plump lower lip into his mouth and sucked it sensually, before he descended, letting his nose brush against Deku’s skin as he went. Katsuki wanted to leave his own mark on Izuku’s skin, give him a reminder of their encounters, make him miss Katsuki when they were apart. He found the perfect spot and teased it into the darkest bruise he could manage. It was low enough that Deku could cover it up if he wanted to, but Katsuki kind of hoped he’d leave it on display. Izuku wanted to ask where this was going, but was worried about spooking Kacchan, and instead decided to just go with the flow. They always communicated better through their actions anyway.

“Hey, get on your hands and knees?” Katsuki requested suddenly, his voice a sultry rumble.

Izuku’s groaned softly at the tone. He knew it would only be a matter of time before Kacchan wanted to explore being on top more, or being a Dom, and he was so ready for it. The green haired boy wanted to experience all those firsts with him. He’d already explored enough to have a rough idea of what he liked but hadn’t really tested his limits, so there was an element of discovery in it for him too. There was no one else that came close to having the same level of trust in Izuku’s opinion.

Lazily, he rolled over and shifted up onto his knees with his shoulders on the futon, letting his back bow and his ass stick out invitingly. He knew his ass was a prize, he’d been informed of it many times.

“Looks like I’m not the only slut here, I’ve barely asked and you’re presenting your ass to me…” Katsuki observed.

“Oh but baby I never pretended to be anything else,” Izuku returned easily. “You just haven’t had the privilege of seeing that side of me yet.”


“I learned from the best,” he teased idly. A tiny little whimper escaped him as he felt Katsuki’s teeth on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

The blonde could taste the remnants of soap on his lover’s skin as he lavished Izuku in petal soft kisses. It was actually surprisingly hot seeing his cock fill out as Katsuki worked. He enjoyed these slower moments as much as the times he was utterly dominating Bakugo and balls deep inside him? The knowledge made him feel special somehow. Deku didn’t really talk about his other partners, not to him at least, and as far as he could tell he hadn’t really mentioned them to the others since this… thing had started. When Katsuki really strained he could remember the names Miko and Kenichi cropping up a few times in conversation.

“Hey… is there something you like doing that you don’t get to do much…?” Katsuki asked, feeling awkward as fuck, but he knew he wouldn’t get an answer unless he actually asked.

He pressed his thumbs into the mounds of Deku’s ass and spread his cheeks. The blonde wanted to be rough with him, leave Izuku wanting so much more from him, but he didn’t even know if the other was into being roughed up. It stood to reason that after all he’d been through at UA he wouldn’t want to be hurt even in the middle of a scene, but Katsuki wanted to try it anyway.

Izuku’s breath caught in his throat as he felt the barest hint of teeth on his taint. He felt vulnerable. His fingers flexed in the sheets beneath him as the pressure was released, and he too exhaled gratefully. The green haired boy could barely think about the question he’d been asked before, his mind was fixed on what had just happened. Honestly, he couldn’t tell if he’d liked the pain or not. It was different to being spanked or stretched. Katsuki’s tongue soothed the bite, and that had Izuku quivering, only for his whole body to tense and freeze as he felt another bite on his sack. It was barely there, no more than a graze, but it awoke something primal that was hard to distinguish between pleasure and pain.

“Katsuki…” he breathed into the bedding as he reached back to grab Kacchan’s wrist. “Yellow…”

Bakugo blinked at the use of his full given name, and glanced at the huge hand that encircled his wrist.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No… not exactly. I don’t know? Just… take it slow…” He eventually settled on.

“Yeah… okay,” Katsuki agreed, but noticed his arm hadn’t been released. He was far more aware of Izuku’s reactions now that he knew the other was on edge. He nibbled curiously, and noted how Deku stilled and gripped Katsuki’s arm like a lifeline. “I want you to feel good too. You’ve made me feel amazing the last couple of times, let me do something for you…”

Izuku shuddered, a low, drawn out whine bubbling up inside him as he became used to the sensation of teeth in such a sensitive place. He’d needed that grounding touch, he felt closer to Kacchan than ever as the blonde gave him the space to process the touch. Gradually, as the tension left him he thought about the question.

“Uh… f-fisting. Haven’t done it for ages,” he managed to gasp out.

Katsuki stared.

“I-I can take it, just go slow and use loads of lube,” Izuku babbled, suddenly scared if the silence. Did Kacchan really think he was a slut now?

“Wow…” Bakugo breathed. “Yeah, okay. I… yeah. Yeah. Okay.”

He was officially broken. Katsuki knew what fisting was, and he knew the theoretical mechanics of it, but he never thought he’d actually do it to someone. He scrambled for the box of toys, suddenly excited and nervous all at the same time. Katsuki wanted Izuku to experience that mind-numbing pleasure, the blank serenity had crept over him that one time he’d been spanked into coming. Izuku rolled onto his back and made himself comfortable. As much as he wanted to be stretched beyond belief, he wanted to keep an eye on Kacchan at the same time. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the blonde, quite the opposite really, but he wanted to make sure that everything was alright on his end too. It was an intense activity for both parties.

Katsuki was quick to return, and couldn’t fathom the look he was receiving from Izuku.

“You’re like a kid at Christmas, it’s cute,” Deku defended himself with a shrug.

Katsuki felt his cheeks heat up, but he refused to acknowledge it.

“I… don’t know what to do?”

Izuku said nothing about his lack of knowledge, instead just held up his hand and tucked his thumb into his palm.

“Like that. Work up to four, and then beyond. Careful around the thumb. Don’t try and force it. Give me time to adjust,” Deku instructed clearly. “I’ll let you know if it’s not working, okay? And try not to worry, you’ll do fine.”

Katsuki felt better about it with the encouragement. He wanted to be his usual brash self and proclaim he wasn’t scared, but he was. It was a big deal. He claimed Izuku’s lips once more as he traced his partner’s hole with the tips of two fingers It was still hard to believe he was actually there.

“Do it baby, want to feel you. Want you to make me scream,” Izuku encouraged softly as they broke apart for air.

Bakugo groaned and thrust his fingers inside Izuku slowly. Deku arched into it as he was filled and dragged Katsuki down by his hair to devour more of his kisses. It was different to their drunken fuck that first time, he was purposeful this time. He agonised over stretching Midoriya. If there was one thing he didn’t want to rush it was this. Once or twice, Izuku thought about guiding him, prompting him to do something in particular, but in the end he just settled in for the ride. This was as much about Kacchan figuring things out as it was about him enjoying himself.

Despite his decision, he couldn’t help the impatient little huffs that left him when two fingers wasn’t quite enough any more. He wanted more, and Katsuki wasn’t giving it to him fast enough. It was just fingering, but it felt so much better than usual. Probably the anticipation of what was to come. Katsuki started to notice the aborted little thrusts of Izuku’s hips after a while, the tiny, almost inaudible sounds of frustration

He’d wanted to keep it simple, but he found himself talking before he’d really had a chance to think about reigning it in.

“What’s this? Two fingers not enough for your slutty hole? Need more? Four’s fine right? Surely a pro like you can just skip a finger no problem?”

Izuku shook his head desperately but didn’t safeword. He could, he’d done it before and it was exquisite, when done right. And with Bakugo sweet talking him like that he was almost certain he’d manage just fine.

“No? You can’t?” Katsuki sneered as he repositioned his hand and virtually shoved all four fingers in at once. Izuku thrashed, chest heaving as he accepted the treatment. Kacchan had proved he remembered the safewords, and he listened to them, so he felt comfortable playing along a little. “Yeah you can. Look at this, your greedy hole is just sucking them in. Bet a slut like you could take a whole fucking fist.”

“Kacchan please,” Deku whimpered, barely able to articulate his thoughts as he was roughly opened up. He’d spent so much time topping for Katsuki that he’d neglected really fingering himself since that first night.

Kacchan please,” Bakugo spat venemously, slipping into one of his many fantasies easily enough. This felt more like what he’d imagined over the years. “Do you want Iida to hear us and go running off to tell Aizawa? Bet you do. Bet you want glasses to see you. Bet you want Sir to see your fucking disgusting hole.”

Izuku shuddered at the pure spite in Kacchan’s voice, and groaned, going along with the scene easily enough. He might have to mention checking in more though.

“I-is that too much?” The blonde suddenly asked, derailing his thoughts entirely.

“No. Hit me with your best shot baby, I can take whatever you dish out.”

Katsuki grinned when he was given the go ahead.

“Oh yeah, you’d totally love that wouldn’t you? Everyone getting to see that this ass is mine,” he taunted, feeling vaguely sad that he could only say it in the midst of a scene where it was all pretend. “Should just pull your pants down in front of everyone in the class and fuck you stupid one day.”

“Yes! Yes! Yours!” Midoriya fell into the role easily enough. He appreciated the effort Kacchan had put into subbing even more when he really let loose and took control.

When he deemed Izuku ready, Katsuki slathered the rest of his hand in yet more lube and tucked his thumb in like he’d been shown.

“Ready?” He asked, breaking character for a moment.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fucking ruin me Kacchan, make it hurt to sit for a week!”

That was the only encouragement he needed. Bakugo carefully worked the tip of his thumb into Deku’s hole, entirely forgetting that he’d been talking before that. He was just too enthralled by what was happening. His own cock ached and he wanted nothing more than to rail Izuku and fuck him into next week, but he also really wanted to see him take the whole fist.

Izuku gasped and brought a hand up to his lips to bite down on something. He squirmed, overwhelmed but unwilling to concede defeat just yet. Were Kacchan’s hands really that much bigger or was he just out of practice? It was hard to tell, and was probably a combination of both.

“Yellow, yellow, yellow,” he ground out, tears clinging to his lashes at the veritable hurricane of sensation seemed to set every nerve on fire. “I can’t, can’t do this.”

Katsuki felt like shit for thinking it, but seeing Izuku overwhelmed and almost out of his mind was just hot.

“You can’t eh?” He repeated. “But you’re already doing it. You’ve barely got anything left to go and I’ll be up to my wrist. Where’s that dekiru attitude eh?”

Izuku sobbed, and Katsuki felt a genuine surge of concern. Had he gone too far?


“Red,” Izuku gasped before shaking his head frantically. “Green. I don’t know. Keep talking, let me think.”

The blonde blinked at the mixed message as those unshed tears rolled down Izuku’s face. He was a mess, and Katsuki only wanted to mess him up more. But he wanted to do it the right way.

“Those fucking crocodile tears are useless, Deku, I’m gonna get my fist in you even if it fucking kills you. I’m gonna fuck you up,” he declared but didn’t try and go any further.

“Green, oh fuck me up Kacchan, I can take it,” Deku decided, bracing himself to get past the widest part of Katsuki’s hand. Once they were past that little bump it’d be the best thing in the world, and he knew it. He just had to be patient.

Katsuki smirked and made himself comfortable between Izuku’s legs, raised on one arm while he pushed further with the other. He nuzzled Deku’s cock with his cheek and nibbled at the tender skin at the base right as he got to the thumb knuckle.

“Oh fuck Kacchan, no teeth, please baby no teeth,” Izuku pleaded, the tension building in his body even though he wished it wasn’t. It was all going to end far too soon for his liking. He wanted to enjoy the stretch and the fill, but it didn’t seem likely at that point.

“No teeth? Too fucking bad, what’re you gonna do about it, slut?”

Izuku really felt like he was losing his mind. It was scattered to the four corners of the earth, never to be seen again. He gasped as the urge to reject the intrusion suddenly disappeared as they got past the widest part of Kacchan’s hand and his body almost sucked what was left in. He moaned wantonly, unable to hold it in now that they’d got there.

Katsuki could tell Izuku was on edge, and thought it was possibly the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“I-Izuku baby, come for me,” he stammered as he nipped at Deku’s foreskin, almost hoping his request hadn’t been heard.

Midoriya set his feet on Katsuki’s back, toes curling against his lover’s heated skin as he nodded and rolled his hips desperately.

“Do it. Fuck me!” He rasped, back bowing so much he thought it might snap as the shock of pain from the bite zipped up his spine.

FUCK!” He yelled as the most intense climax of his life hit him like a battering ram. Somewhere, he was faintly concerned about crushing Kacchan’s hand but didn’t have the braincells to give it more than a passing thought as his vision went white.

Katsuki fucked him through it, milking him for all he was worth.

He didn’t know how long he drifted, but when he roused himself Katsuki’s fist was still inside him, and the blonde was watching him curiously, seed dripping down his face from where he’d been splattered. Before Izuku’s eyes the blonde lapped up the droplet clinging to the tip of Deku’s spent cock. Midoriya shivered at the overstimulation.

“Rest baby, you’ve earned it,” Katsuki breathed as Izuku blacked out.

Chapter Text

Much to Izuku’s dismay, his trysts with Kacchan began to dwindle. Their lives got unexpectedly busy with contractors and new employees, neither of them really had the energy to do more than exchange a few teasing glances here and there. They were both pent up, and they both knew it, but they were running on fumes. Izuku busied himself with other things while holding out for a sign that whatever they had before was good to continue. He tried not to think on it too much, he knew Bakugo would approach him whenever he was ready, but that didn’t stop the anxiety clawing away at his gut.

A few weeks after Moriko’s return to work, Hitoshi invited Deku to see a movie with him. It didn’t take much thought, he accepted without hesitation. It wasn’t a date, he and ‘Toshi just weren’t like that, but it’d help take his mind of things for a while at least. The film was good, there was no denying it, and it definitely eased his worries for a while. That was until he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket midway through the screening. All kinds of worst case scenarios flitted through his mind as he pulled the wretched device from his pocket and checked it as discreetly as he could.

Would you be willing to try something with me?

The text was so out of the blue that Midoriya almost did a double take. He typed back a quick affirmation and pocketed his phone without further thought. He figured the blonde meant the next day, and put it out of his mind.

The green haired boy almost forgot about the odd request, until his pocket shuddered again. Curiously, he checked it once again and saw he’d received a picture. Surreptitiously, he glanced at it and just barely stifled a moan with the back of his hand. Beside him, Shinso shifted. All of a sudden, Izuku wanted to abandon his friend and race back to his apartment. Kacchan had apparently decided to try some raunchy photography of his own. The blonde had obviously let himself into Izuku’s apartment because he was curled up on the futon but there was more to it than that. He was wearing cute cartoon printed pyjama pants and one of Deku’s huge tees, and tucked into the futon with him was a gigantic stuffed rabbit with green socks. Katsuki was partially draped over the stuffy, face flushed and expression pleading. Izuku had never really encountered a partner that was into age play before, and never for one second had he thought Kacchan would be interested in trying it, but there he was. Even as he stared, several more pictures popped up on his screen. It seemed like he was really getting into the role. Deku inhaled sharply as he saw a strip of flesh, the exposed swell of Katsuki’s ass as he fingered himself, the flushed head of the blonde’s cock as he rutted against the soft plushy, a glimpse of his soaked pjs, almost as if he’d had an accident.

Been a bad boy, need my Daddy.

Izuku believed him.

“Holy shit dude,” Hitoshi breathed beside him. “You’re not going to turn that down are you?”

“Not a fucking chance, sorry man, but my baby needs me apparently,” he whispered back, feeling all kinds of odd emotions that he didn’t want to name just yet.

“Go get him,” Shinso snorted and turned his attention back to the movie. “Might wanna adjust yourself though.”

Izuku flushed in the darkness of the theatre and scurried off. He made a brief detour to the bathroom to make himself presentable, before hurrying home. Just as he left the cinema, he got another message from Katsuki.

Look, theres no subtle way of asking for this, so here goes nothng. I want you to… Idk. Act like a drunk, abusive asshole or something. I want to try a rape scene. It’s been on my mind for a while but I didn’t know how to ask. Unless you’re not into it, ofc.

The green haired boy was officially dumbstruck.

Kacchan… thats a pretty big deal. Im not saying we can’t try it, but you gotta safeword if you feel uncomfortable at all right? Ive never really done this either.

Yeah. I liked it when you called me names a few weeks ago… and I liked being spanked… same goes for you though right? You can safeword too. Btw, the wet patch was just water. Not sure how you actually feel about that kind of stuff so I just… yeah. Whatever. Come get me Daddy.’

Izuku couldn’t help the fond smile that tugged at his lips. His baby was looking out for him too, even if he refused to acknowledge the fact he was calling Katsuki his baby in his head. Nobody really needed to know that.

Katsuki was on tenterhooks waiting for Deku’s response. It felt weird to be hanging out in his apartment with wet pyjama pants on like a naughty little kid, but kind of thrilling too. His phone beeped at him once again and he checked the message.

Brace yourself baby.

Bakugo squirmed, his dick twitching against the soft fluff of the teddy. He strained to hear any sign of movement from outside the apartment. His heart hammered in his chest when he heard the nerd’s familiar footsteps. Izuku crept into the apartment and tiptoed to the kitchen leaving Katsuki confused. He heard the other crack open a can, and everything clicked into place, Deku probably still had booze left over from the gathering a few weeks ago. The green haired boy took several long gulps and staggered towards the futon. Katsuki tensed as his Daddy loomed over him, watching him as he pretended to sleep. Roughly, Izuku shoved Katsuki onto his back and took in his dishevelled appearance. He really did look like a toddler that’d had an accident in the night. That sleepy, confused look was kind of cute on the normally fierce blonde.

“You piss yourself again Kacchan? Are you so fucking stupid that you can’t even make it ten steps to the bathroom?” He asked sharply, expression cold and threatening.

“I’m sorry Daddy, it was an accident! I had a bad dream…” Katsuki whined pitifully. His cock throbbed at the verbal abuse and they were only just getting started. He felt oddly exposed beneath that harsh glare, like he really was a disobedient child. He’d left the waistband of his pyjamas around his thighs and he was all too aware of the lingering gaze on his burgeoning chub. Sheepishly, he covered himself with his hand. “Don’t look at that Daddy, its private, teacher says so.”

Izuku blinked, taking a moment to gather his thoughts. Bakugo really was experimenting with age play. He quirked an eyebrow at his partner, subtly checking he was okay. Katsuki gave the slightest nod in return. He felt fine.

“I can look wherever the fuck I please. Get off my fucking bed, right now you little piece of shit. You better not have got piss on my sheets,” he growled.

Katsuki scrambled to get up. He held his hands in front of his cock once again, hiding from Deku’s ferocious scorn. Izuku swatted at Katsuki’s hands and tutted.

“Get that wet shit off.”

Katsuki made a show of clumsily peeling the pants off his legs and then shucked his top without complaint. Once again, he covered his cock, a defiant little glint in his eyes. He wanted to feel disgusting and defiled. Wanted his Daddy to wreck him. He moaned as Izuku wrenched his hands away from his body.

“Stop fucking hiding baby, I deserve some eye candy after all the trouble you cause me. You’ve been so bad tonight, peeing everywhere, humping your stuffy… so naughty.”

Izuku yanked Katsuki towards him and clashed their lips together roughly. The blonde tried to turn his head away as the bitter taste of beer flooded his mouth, but he couldn’t break free of the strength hero’s grip and that only made the whole experience that much hotter. Deku’s fingers dug into his cheeks as the green haired boy deepened the kiss and ravished Katsuki’s mouth. Bakugo squirmed and struggled, his cock grinding against Izuku’s leg in the process and he groaned into the kiss against his will.

“See baby, don’t listen to teacher. You fucking love it when I touch you. After all the grief you’ve caused its the least you can do.”

Izuku had to admit that being able to dominate Kacchan so thoroughly was so intoxicating. He wanted to do it more, wanted to own him in every way possible. Roughly, he shoved the blonde down onto the futon and located the little wet patch on the sheets. He manhandled his baby into position, pressing his face into the damp spot and worked on freeing his own cock from the confines of his jeans.

“Daddy please don’t put it in me today…” Katsuki mumbled, voice muffled by the bedding. “Its PE at school tomorrow and I don’t want to be sore…”

“Shoulda thought of that earlier baby, you asked for it after all. Why else would you be rutting against your bunny like a bitch in heat? Naughty boys like you need to be punished.”

“Daddy no!” Kacchan cried as Deku lined his cock up with the blonde’s twitching entrance.

“Shut up!” He growled as he smacked his hand down hard on Bakugo’s ass and smoothly pushed inside his fluttering hole. The blonde was prepared and loose as he’d suspected. “I haven’t got the patience to be dealing with your noise tonight. Just be a good boy for once, I know it’s pretty much impossible for you but at least try.”

Izuku pinned Kacchan to the mattress and pounded him hard, relishing in the little moans and whimpers that filled the room shortly after. Maybe he hadn’t been as sadistic as he could’ve been but he didn’t know how far to push. Maybe next time they could delve further into the realms of non-con but he kind of thought they needed to have a serious discussion about boundaries before that happened.

The pair were mostly quiet as Deku pounded Katsuki into the futon. It was a good first attempt, he decided to himself as he accepted his punishment. He had no idea how to approach this kind of play, but his tactic had worked well enough. Maybe something a bit less spur of the moment would let them explore something more intense. He could feel Deku’s thrusts getting harder, shorter as the green haired boy neared orgasm, and he had to wonder what would happen to him afterwards.

All too soon it was over, Izuku came with a grunt and pulled out of Katsuki’s hole mercilessly.

“Go get cleaned up. Cold shower. Don’t you dare touch yourself. Naughty boys don’t get to come.”

Katsuki blinked at the command. He sat up and glanced down at his cock, sticky with precome and flushed a deep red.

“Did I fucking stutter?” Deku barked shortly.

“But Daddy…”

“Don’t you ‘but Daddy’ me! Get in the fucking shower now!”

“But-” Katsuki was cut off by Deku gently slapping him across the face. The blonde went still and silent, and for a moment Midoriya wondered if he’d taken it too far but the way Kacchan squirmed told him otherwise.

“Sorry Daddy,” the blonde apologised petulantly and hurried off to douse himself in icy water.

He fought the urge to touch himself in the shower. His will gave out after mere moments, he couldn’t help but wrap his hand around his throbbing member and stroke fast, hoping to finish before he was caught. He yelped in shock as the bathroom door was thrown open with a bang.

“I can’t believe you!” Deku seethed and shoved Katsuki up against the wall, pinning his hands above his head in a practised motion. He turned the cold tap all the way up and grabbed the shower head.

When Bakugo realised what was about to happen he squirmed helplessly.

“Please don’t use the cold water Daddy, I promise I won’t touch it any more!”

“Too fucking late!”

Deku stifled Katsuki’s scream by forcing their lips together once more as the freezing water made contact with his sensitive cock. The blonde shuddered uncontrollably as his body temperature plummeted and any trace of arousal fled his body.

“Naughty boys don’t get to come,” Izuku reiterated and set the shower head aside.

While Katsuki stood there in a daze, shivering violently, Deku slipped a piece of plastic onto his cock that he only noticed when he heard the lock click closed.

“Come home with me Monday after work,” Izuku murmured softly, breaking the scene entirely. “I’ll make you pass out from the pleasure.”

Chapter Text

It was only two days, but it felt like it would be the longest two days in existence. The high from the scene wore off eventually and Katsuki became aware of the additional weight on his cock. Curiously, he sat up and looked around Deku’s darkened apartment. He had been sandwiched between the bunny and his partner, and would’ve been lying if he said he hadn’t enjoyed every second of it. Cuddling was not something he ever thought he would enjoy, but it just felt so good after being fucked up that he relaxed into it more and more. He blinked at the plastic device caging his dick and groaned quietly into the night. He really wasn’t allowed to get off for two whole days? The thought made him shudder. So he was a bit of a late bloomer, was now only just discovering the joys of his sexuality and just like that it was gone again. As he considered his pleasure being at the behest of Izuku, a lazy surge of arousal bubbled up inside him. The cage wasn’t particularly heavy, but it was snug and as he watched his cock began to fill out, only to be restricted by the plastic. The pressure was indescribable, an itch he couldn’t scratch. The thought was thrilling.

Bakugo was tired and horny and could barely think straight. It’d taken a lot of courage to offer up his little fantasy and he wasn’t even being rewarded for it? The blonde whined in frustration. He settled back down with a huff and drew the bunny teddy in close, secretly delighting in the soft fur against his skin. Gradually, without him even realising it the touch grew more insistent. The fabric against his nipples made him whimper into the darkness. Before he even realised what he was doing he was grinding against the rabbit, desperately trying to relieve the inferno building up inside him.

Izuku stayed completely still beside him. The growl of dismay just did things to the green haired boy. It was phenomenal to hear the blonde losing his cool. It was hard to decipher whether the distress was too much, and he thought about breaking the silence to remind Kacchan that he could safeword at any point and it would all be over, no hard feelings.

Suddenly, without warning, he felt Kacchan’s fist strike his chest. Deku yelped and jumped in shock.

“What the bloody hell was that for?” He grumbled at the blonde.

“Wanna come!” Bakugo whined piteously.

“Baby… what do you say if it’s too much?” Midoriya murmured as he rolled on top of his partner, crushing the boy against the stuffy.

“Did you hear me say it?” Katsuki huffed. “It’s hard to think straight but… I’m not backing out now.”

Izuku blinked at the honesty. It was hard to gauge how Katsuki felt about things sometimes, but he really was all there, accepting the punishment.

“So you’re good?”


Katsuki knew he was being a brat but he couldn’t help it. Maybe part of him wanted to feel Izuku’s wrath. Maybe he wanted to push buttons. It really was hard to think straight.

“You’ll ruin your stuffy if you keep humping it like that though baby,” Izuku purred, low and dangerous. The tone alone was enough to get Katsuki throbbing with need at that point.

“Don’t care. Feels good,” Kacchan responded without thinking.

“I thought you said you’d behave? This isn’t behaving is it? Trying to get off in the middle of the night when I’ve told you to wait. Naughty boys need punishing.”

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good,” Bakugo chanted mindlessly. He could feel Izuku’s cock against his ass feel his weight baring down on him. He was surrounded by Izuku, enveloped by him and he was addicted to it.

“But you’re still being bad,” Deku pointed out obtusely.

The blonde shivered, eyes prickling with unbidden tears. He wasn’t normally so emotional, so why now? It was far too easy to slip into the head-space of a child. Katsuki canted his hips back and tried to claim his prize, mindlessly seeking the pleasure he was being denied.

Izuku was enthralled. He sat back on his heels and watched Kacchan squirm helplessly.

“W-wha…?” Katsuki’s voice cracked traitorously. “Daddy please… please! I’ll be good, promise!”

“I don’t want to play with you baby, I want to sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow, remember? The contractors are refurbishing the locker room at the agency,” he chided softly. “Besides, you hit Daddy, and you mustn’t hit.”

“I didn’t mean to!"

“I know baby, but you’ve been bad.” It was hard to deny Kacchan when he was so distraught, but at the same time it was captivating. They both wanted to push the other’s buttons.

Deku stood up and Katsuki whimpered. He stuffed two fingers into his mouth to keep the noise down, vaguely he recognised that it was the middle of the night but he couldn’t stop the sounds any other way, he was just too far gone. He could hear the green haired boy moving around the apartment, rummaging in his kitchen drawer and box of toys. He startled when his wrist was grabbed and his fingers pulled from his mouth, only to be replaced by something else before he could complain. Katsuki blinked as the unpleasant taste of rubber filled his mouth and reached up to investigate.

“One of Nighteye’s sidekicks had a baby. They left this here,” Izuku informed him.

Bakugo’s cheeks heated up. All too suddenly he knew what he was sucking on and he didn’t exactly know how to respond. Part of him wanted to call it all off, say it’d gone too far but he was also curious. Slowly, he removed the pacifier from his mouth and stilled, thinking over the situation. He was still horny, there was no denying it.

“Yellow?” Izuku queried softly.

“I think so,” Katsuki acknowledged equally as quiet.

“Just the dummy or everything?”

“Just this…” he said and waved the soother.

“Tell you what then, let’s continue and if that isn’t doing it for you, then you can stop using it, no harm no foul.”

Katsuki nodded slowly and glanced at the offending pacifier once again. He looked expectantly at Deku.

“Get onto your knees, face down. Let me see that slutty hole of yours,” Izuku instructed.

Katsuki did as he was told, bowing out his back and presenting his ass.

“There’s a good boy, see you can behave. I think you were just being naughty on purpose,” he praised, and smiled wide as Kacchan shuddered at the words.

Izuku doused the toy he’d located in lube and circled it around Kacchan’s entrance, toying with him, teasing him until the blonde gave an annoyed grunt.

“Fine, fine, I’ll hurry. Jeez Kacchan, you’re so impatient. Whatever, you’re not wriggling out of this punishment,” Izuku threatened as he slid the plug in place. It was only a small one, barely wider than a finger and so short it wouldn’t even begin to stimulate Katsuki’s prostate. Just enough for him to know it was there and be tormented by it without any real relief.

Katsuki gave some kind of garbled, exasperated sound but didn’t complain.

“Now, go back to sleep. If you behave tomorrow I’ll consider ending your punishment early, even if you really don’t deserve it, what with hitting Daddy and all.”

Katsuki slowly lowered himself down until he was laying on top of the plushy again. The urge to rut against it was still there and he couldn’t help but roll his hips needily. Izuku swatted at his ass, the satisfying crack filled the apartment.

“Stop that. I’m just going to the bathroom, I expect you to be asleep by the time I’m back,” he told the other sternly.

There was no way he’d be able to sleep with his dick aching like it was.

“Daddy wait,” Katsuki burbled around the paci. “Use me… promise I’ll go to sleep afterwards.”

“You promise?”


Izuku gave Katsuki a hard stare, and the blonde squirmed under the gaze but held firm. After a long, pregnant pause, the green haired boy nodded. He pushed Kacchan’s thighs together and slipped his oozing cock between them. The situation was infuriating but maddeningly hot to feel Deku getting off but not being able to do so himself. Somewhere in the back of his mind he hoped Izuku would take pity on him and end the torture early, but he knew he deserved it. He squeezed his legs together tightly and relished the slide of skin against his balls, the grunts cascading down from above, the bruising pressure on his skin. It all went straight to his dick even if he couldn’t get any real pleasure out of it.

All too soon Deku came with a strangled moan, face pressed against Kacchan’s back. Katsuki felt far away, serene in spite of his arousal. He was blanketed by his partner and felt totally at ease.

“Sleep, my beautiful baby boy, you did well,” Deku murmured and brushed a petal soft kiss to the tender skin behind Kacchan’s ear.

Izuku flopped onto the mattress beside Katsuki and listened to the blonde’s steady breathing. He wasn’t sure if the other was asleep or just relaxed but he didn’t seem distressed any more.

Katsuki didn’t sleep. He was at peace with the world, but his mind wouldn’t settle. The intense arousal throbbing within him was hard to ignore. Izuku was dead to the world though, and he’d gotten comfortable enough to just rest, sucking absently on the pacifier. As the light of the morning flooded the apart], the blonde got up and had a quick but quiet shower. He was sticky with cum and sweat, and just wanted to be clean.

When he was done with his ablutions, he made his way to the kitchen and began working on some breakfast, naked as the day he was born. He was starting to feel so comfortable in the green haired boy’s apartment that he barely thought about covering up. Wasn’t like Midoriya particularly cared either. Soon enough the smell of food roused Izuku from his slumber and he stumbled into the kitchen. Without thinking much about it he wrapped his arms around the very naked, very beautiful blonde and rested his head on the other’s shoulder, still half-asleep as he yawned and nuzzled the blonde.

“Someone’s feeling affectionate this morning,” Katsuki observed wryly.

“Sorry,” Izuku mumbled but made no moves to detach himself from Kacchan.

“Don’t worry about it.”

After a quiet cuddle, the green haired boy staggered off to the bathroom in silence. Katsuki finished making breakfast and by the time their plates were on the kotatsu Izuku was back, looking a little more with it than he had ten minutes prior.

“Thanks babe,” he rumbled, still sounding a little groggy.

“Welcome. Is there anything you need me to do at the office today?”

“Nah, you could stay here if you wanted, or go home, I don’t mind,” Izuku replied between bites.

“I was just thinking… maybe it’s time for me to look for my own place? Mum keeps making fun of me for spending so much time with you recently…” Katsuki admitted quietly. “So I’ll probably just hang out and browse if that’s okay? Keep your sorry ass company while you’re dealing with the contractors anyway.”

“Sure thing. Do whatever, you won’t be in the way if you’re in the main office.”

Silence descended on them as they finished their food and got ready to leave. They were both tired but in good spirits, so Kacchan didn’t even snap much.

“We need to set up a quiet room where we can crash for a bit if we need it,” the blonde grumbled as he booted up his PC.

“Probably wouldn’t go amiss. When the stairs are fixed we can work on it.”

The contractors arrived shortly after them, and Izuku occupied himself with overseeing the work and helping in any way he could. The water was shut off at some point in the early afternoon, but he didn’t notice when.

As the day wore on Izuku noticed Katsuki was getting antsy but didn’t have time to check on him. There was some kind of problem with the plumbing, more work than expected, the contractors didn’t have the muscle to do what they needed so they roped Deku into helping. It was only when he returned to the main office several hours later that he realised what the problem was.

Katsuki could barely sit still. His legs were bouncing as he sat with every muscle clenched up tight. He looked strained and Izuku bit his lip. It was wrong to be turned on by the blonde in that state right? That couldn’t be normal.

“Go back to my apartment,” he offered. “Its only a few minutes away.”

“Can’t.” Katsuki whispered.

“You can’t?”

“Can’t move. Hurts too much. If I move I’m gonna piss myself,” he breathed. He was mortified, absolutely sure he was going to die of embarrassment.

“You’re gonna piss yourself if you stay there too,” Deku pointed out gently.

The words still stung, no matter how carefully he spoke.

“I know,” Bakugo mumbled. “What do I do, Daddy?”

Izuku blinked at the blonde. Now wasn’t the time for games! But as he watched, he realised that it wasn’t a game, Katsuki was so stressed out that he was seeking comfort in a different way. He wanted Izuku to take care of him. The green haired boy swallowed the lump in his throat as the other squeezed his knees together and hiccuped, a small wet patch forming on his jeans. Deku sprung into action. It hurt his heart to see Katsuki in such a vulnerable state when it wasn’t agreed upon. He leaned over his partner and scooped the boy up, holding him close to his body.

“Just a few more seconds baby, you can hold it that long right?” He soothed as he made for the door to the back of the building.

Katsuki nodded as he clung to his Daddy, he knew Deku would keep him safe, wouldn’t make fun of him for pissing himself as a grown ass adult.

As soon as they were out the back, Izuku made short work of locking the contractors into the building so they wouldn’t be disturbed. He set Katsuki down, but the blonde’s legs were trembling so violently he could barely stay upright. He fumbled with the buttons, his scarred fingers stiff and shaking with nerves. Before he could get them undone the blonde let out a dismayed wail, clutching at Midoriya’s shirt as he lost control after a particularly painful spasm.

The relief was orgasmic but the shame burned him like lava as the urine soaked into his jeans, down his legs and into his socks. Izuku panicked when he realised Bakugo was sobbing and just held him tightly.

“It’s okay baby, just let it all out. You did so well to hold it this long. I’m so sorry I didn’t notice sooner.”

The exhaustion set in quickly as the piss cooled on his legs. Katsuki sank down, almost squelching as he leaned against the wall beside the door. He couldn’t find the will to care that he was kneeling in a puddle of his own shame. He carefully wiped his eyes and glanced up at Deku, only to balk when he realised their privacy had been invaded by fucking Shinso Hitoshi.

“’Toshi, do us a favour? Run back to my flat and get some clean clothes?

“Sure. I’ll bring a bag to put the wet clothes in too.”

Katsuki bit his lip. He could see the bulge in the Troll Doll’s pants, and although he felt utterly gross, he was still kind of turned on too.

“W-wait. While I’m here… and filthy…” he started before shaking his head, unsure of how to ask for what he wanted.

“Bakugo?” Shinso prompted slyly.

“Shut up dipshit!”

“Spit it out, what do you want your Daddy to do?” Hitoshi asked furtively, exerting a moderate amount of pressure on the blonde. He could feel the eerie calm on the edges of his conscious, but the compulsion wasn’t strong enough that he couldn’t ignore it if he wanted to. Only… he found he didn’t want to. He’d never really thought about Purple’s quirk before but it created all sorts of interesting possibilities. Izuku blinked at Hitoshi but didn’t intervene. Katsuki knew what to say if he was uncomfortable.

“Piss on me… both of you…” he eventually said, realising there was no subtle way of requesting it.

“You sure baby? ‘Toshi won’t gossip about it, but you gotta be sure,” Deku checked in.

Kacchan considered it for a moment longer before making grabby hands at Shinso.

“Uncle ‘Toshi,” he declared.

“Oh fuck that’s hot,” Hitoshi murmured as he stalked closer. “How ‘bout we give your baby boy a show? Show him how grown-ups play?”

“Sure thing,” Deku replied with a smirk.

They both unzipped their pants and Katsuki was captivated by the shiny black metal that decorated the head of Shinso’s cock.

“Does baby want to touch?” Hitoshi purred, getting into the scene quickly enough.

Shyly, Katsuki nodded and inched closer to inspect the piercing. Curiously, he licked it, enveloped by the musky smell of another man, one that he didn’t even particularly like, he was just high on the endorphins of being watched in such a state. But he didn’t care. Shinso fisted a handful of Katsuki’s hair and the blonde groaned as Deku sidled in close, so close his cock was almost touching Hitoshi’s. Before his very eyes the two kissed, fighting for dominance in such a practised way that suggested they were more than just friends. Katsuki felt a pang of jealousy but that was washed away as the flow started. He flinched on first contact, but he relaxed, taking in the sight of his lover ravishing someone else. He’d considered asking for exclusivity before, and now that he was confronted with seeing Izuku with someone else, he found he kind of didn’t mind. It felt different. They were both sharing this moment. He was debased, felt dirty and disgusting but that insistent arousal roared in his chest. Katsuki was marked by Deku, claimed in a primal, animalistic way and Hitoshi was just there to witness it.

But they went above and beyond what he was expecting. The two seemingly lost themselves in the moment, leaving Kacchan watching and unable to touch his aching member. He fiddled with the cage, desperately seeking some relief as Deku wrapped one huge hand around his and Hitoshi’s cocks. He stroked hard and fast, aware of the teeny shivers that began to wrack Katsuki’s frame. As much as it probably seemed like he wasn’t paying attention he was. He was watching out for his baby even if he was occupied elsewhere.

Their positions changed as they neared orgasm, they leaned on the wall above Katsuki’s head and both men groaned low in their throats as they painted Kacchan’s face in cum.

Silence descended on the back alley as they caught their breath.

“You two are beasts. No wonder you bone,” Shinso snorted as he righted his pants and climbed back up onto the rooftops. “I’ll be back in a few with clothes.”

Izuku grinned and waved as he looked down at Katsuki.

“Doing okay?”

“Better now. Figured I might as well try to make the most of the situation…”

“Yeah. Wait here, I’ll get a bottle of water and some paper towels. I know it won’t beat a shower but we can at least clean you up a little,” Deku murmured soothingly.

Katsuki just nodded and leaned back against the wall, unable to give a fuck about the jizz dripping from his face or his soaking wet clothes.



Chapter Text

Kacchan was avoiding him. Monday ticked by and there had been no sign of him which was worrisome. Tuesday was much the same. By Tuesday evening, the green-haired boy was concerned. He’d wanted to give the blonde space, time to process everything they’d done recently but three days of radio silence terrified Izuku. He wondered if the blond was in the midst of a subdrop or ill. They’d never really discussed the possibility of a drop, or what Izuku should do in the event of one. He started cursing his lack of foresight. The blond trusted him to guide him into this new world of kink, and he’d failed to communicate. They just sucked so much at talking to each other. Eventually, at nearly nine in the evening, he decided he couldn’t wait any longer.

Hey Kacchan, hope you’re okay. If you need a break from what we’ve been doing, please lmk. It’s been amazing exploring with you and I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Hope you’re back at work soon. If you need anything, I’m here for you.

It took far longer to compose than it should have. It would have taken a matter of seconds with any of his other partners, but Kacchan was different. More volatile for starters. He was well aware of how offers of help could be taken by the other. He was distracted by a knock at the door, and when he opened it, Deku discovered Miko and their toddler. He stepped aside to let them into the apartment without hesitation. Miko was bedraggled and haggard looking, and their daughter was unkempt but clean. Izuku couldn't help but think something had gone horribly wrong for them

“I can’t do this any more. I need help,” Miko sighed tiredly.

Katsuki stared at the message from Deku. He was overwhelmed and unsure of how to process the last few weeks. He’d made an utter fool of himself. Too many thoughts and feelings bombarded him at once. Why had it taken Deku so long to get in touch? Had he done something wrong? Had he upset him? He didn’t know what to do. He was catastrophising but he couldn’t stop it. The blond had spent the day wandering the local shops, too embarrassed to face his parents or Deku. Katsuki just wanted to feel calm. He flopped back against his pillows and stared up at the ceiling in despair. He just felt fragile and couldn’t really place a finger on why. He just wanted the feeling to end.

After a while, he remembered the exquisite stillness that washed over him as Shinsou applied the pressure of his quirk and idly wished he could feel it again. But facing Shinsou was not something he wanted to do in the near future. As much as Deku reassured him that the troll doll was discreet and wouldn’t go shouting about his activities, Bakugo found it hard to believe. But the more he thought about it, the more he craved that unearthly tranquillity. Maybe then it would be easier to sort through the tangled thoughts that plagued him. Dimly, he realised he’d gotten up. Mechanically, he dragged some clean clothes onto his body and splashed a little fragrance on, only to stop short. Why was he making such an effort? Katsuki slowly came to understand he wanted that lack of control. He didn’t want to have to think. He just wanted some kind of relief from his thoughts. He didn’t really care what form it took. If Hitoshi wanted to fuck him, then fine. He’d at least feel something good again. The blond hadn’t dealt with such a sense of hopelessness since he thought he’d caused All Might’s downfall.

Meet me at SPACE

Already there. What can I do for you, Bakugo?

Katsuki didn’t bother with a response. He just made his way to the bar. It only took a few seconds to find Shinsou and be by his side.

“I want you to use your quirk on me,” he barked, ignoring the group Shinsou was with. He didn’t care if he was interrupting a conversation. What was going on in his head was far more important.

Shinsou just looked at him for a moment. His gaze wasn’t as intense as Izuku’s, didn’t feel like he was stripping back the layers until there was nothing left but his bare soul, but it was close. The group watched the exchange intently, and Katsuki fought the urge to squirm uncomfortably.

“You sure? I don’t know if it’ll help with what you’re feeling…”

Katsuki reacted without thinking. He grabbed a fistful of Hitoshi’s hair and yanked him closer so they were face to face.

“You don’t know shit about what I’m feeling. Put me under your quirk! Full power or whatever. I don’t wanna be able to think anymore.”

Hitoshi just sighed, but that eerie serenity crept in from the recesses of his mind, blanketing him like a fog until he relaxed, his hand going slack in Hitoshi’s hair.

“Now, go get yourself a drink and come back. You will sit in the corner of the booth, and you will be quiet. You will not speak unless spoken to and you will be polite, understood?” Hitoshi instructed firmly.

Katsuki did as he was told. There was no urge to fight -just the compulsion to do exactly what Hitoshi wanted. Would Deku like him better like that? Compliant, easy and quiet? Wasn’t he always telling him to be good? Was that what was really going on? Had he misbehaved so much that Deku didn’t want to see him any more? Was that why it had taken so long for him to get in touch when Katsuki needed him? The idiot should know by now when Katsuki needed him! He barely noticed as the seating arrangements changed and Hitoshi sidled up to him. Well, if Deku didn’t need him, then Katsuki didn’t need Deku! Simple as that! Someone else could make him feel good. Hell, the troll doll was doing a pretty good job of it.

“Feeling any better?” The purple-haired boy asked quietly as the chatter continued around them.

Katsuki startled and looked at him. When had he moved? He considered the question for a moment before shrugging.

“Dunno. I’m still thinking about it. I wanted to stop thinking about it…”

“Yeah, my quirk doesn’t work like that. Izuku’s the one to talk to. He knows you better than me, he’d be able to help get you out of your head.”

“I don’t want to talk to Deku. He hasn’t spoken to me for three days. Probably messing around with his other partners. I’m not that important.” Katsuki responded, unable to muster the venom he wanted to with Hitoshi’s quirk bearing down on him.

“Maybe he was just giving you some space? He knows you like that.”

“But I didn’t want that!”

“Did you tell Izuku that?”

“No. He should know though, right? You said he knows me! If he knows me, then he should know when I need him.” Katsuki replied furiously. At least he wanted to sound infuriated, but he couldn’t. He decided that if it was okay for Deku to have fun without him, then it was fine for him to do it too.

Subtly, he leaned in and let his nose trail the shell of Hitoshi’s ear.

“I can think of a better way to take my mind off it,” he purred, trying his best to be inviting.

Shinsou furrowed his brow and Katsuki was dismayed all over again. Did he just make a fool of himself? Did Hitoshi only want him when he was humiliated and broken? As the seconds of scrutiny ticked by, Katsuki huffed in discomfort.

“Sure. Okay. I’ll give you what you want. But don’t blame me if it doesn’t magically fix the problem,” he warned. “Have you and Izuku made any rules about seeing other people?”

“No. He hasn’t. He’s probably with one of them tonight anyway. What does it matter?”

Hitoshi gave him a bemused look. “You’re really hung up on that. Fine, go to the bathroom. I’ll meet you in a minute.”

Katsuki slunk off, trying his best to seem inconspicuous as he made for the restrooms. He locked himself in the stall furthest from the door and waited. The blond had no idea what to do with himself. Was he supposed to prepare himself? Up until then, he’d only ever slept with Deku, and now he was going to do it with someone else. Someone he literally didn’t care about. And he didn’t even know why he wanted to do it so badly. Was it to get back at Deku for ignoring him for days? As he waited, trepidation set in. Why was he actually doing this? Sure, he wanted to see what Hitoshi’s quirk was like, but was he just doing it because he was annoyed with Deku right now? A very small voice in the back of his head told him that this might not be such a good idea after all. Slowly, he shook his head and felt as if he had surfaced after a particularly long dive. Katsuki unlocked the cubicle door and almost ran straight into Hitoshi.

“Not up for it after all?” He asked casually.

Katsuki blushed, but he felt the same lack of judgement that he’d normally receive from Deku. He nodded slowly.

“Look, if you really are interested in experimenting with my quirk, I’m down for that. So like, hit me up when you’re in a better headspace, yeah?”

Katsuki departed without another word. That whole fiasco had made him think about how much he wanted to be with Deku, wanted the green-haired boy to reassure him he was a good sub. Heck, that he was a decent human outside of the bedroom.

Soon enough, he was on the move again.

Izuku had listened to his friend’s mental breakdown and comforted them through it without hesitation. He eventually managed to get to the bottom of their despair, and his heart broke for Miko. He knew they had some serious issues with depression, but they now thought it was more than that. Having a baby had made them realise that what they were going through was even more serious. He had listened to how wrong Miko had felt during pregnancy, how much it freaked them out to have something growing inside them .   

“Jakuchou called me ‘mama’ a few days ago,” Miko whispered, hunched over a cup of coffee. “It felt so wrong. It made me feel so sick. Part of me hates her for doing this to me. The rest of me hates me for hating her. She’s my own baby. How can I hate her? I fucking screamed at her to shut up! She deserves better than me .”

Izuku shifted closer and scooped Miko up into a hug. He had known about some of those feelings at the time, but he didn’t realise just how bad they’d gotten recently.

“You’re doing the best you can. That’s the most important thing, right? Neither of you knew any better. Now you know, and you can teach her. I’m here for you, Miko. If you ever need a break, call me. I’ll look after Jakuchou, no questions asked. I mean, you know, unless I can barely look after myself.”

Miko snorted. “With how much you get injured, I’ll count myself lucky if I can get your services.”

“Well…” he trailed off, rubbing Miko’s back as he did. “Are you still okay with being called Miko? Have you got something else in mind?”

Miko shook his head.

“Not yet… I don’t really care what you call me, as long as you see me as a man.”

“Of course,” Izuku responded without hesitation.  

“Cut my hair? Chop it all off. I hate it! Please Izuku,” he pleaded quietly.   

“I will. I promise, okay? I’m gonna help as best I can. Has Jakuchou had anything to eat this evening? If not, let me make something?” He could see the guilt on Miko’s features and hastened to reassure him. “Hey now, it’s okay. I’ll make her some dinner, get her set up with some cartoons and then we’ll figure things out. I’ll cut your hair and you can try on some of my clothes. I don’t have much, but you’re safe here.”

His heart went out to both of his suffering partners. He wanted to check his phone but he knew he couldn’t just then. It wasn’t fair to Miko for him to divide his attention. Miko nodded slowly, his apparent panic subsiding as he realised Deku didn’t think of him as a terrible parent. 

“So what do you want help with specifically? I know you said you want me to cut your hair, but what else?” He asked as he moved around his kitchen, chopping some veggies and leftover chicken for omurice. It was a favourite dish that was unlikely to be turned down by Miko’s daughter. 

“I, uh…ordered some packers online. I figured you’ve probably seen more dicks than I have, so…”

“Probably!” Izuku agreed cheerfully. “So you were thinking about which size, how to make it sit naturally, that kind of thing?”

“Something like that, yeah.” Miko agreed.

They fell silent while Izuku cooked for Jakuchou and got her some fruit juice. Once she was set up at the kotatsu with her dinner and Izuku’s phone propped up to watch cartoons on, he turned his attention back to Miko. He beckoned his partner over to the kitchen area and found his clippers. Miko looked nervous, but that was hardly surprising. His hair had been shoulder length for a while, but he wanted something shorter. He draped a towel around Miko’s shoulders and began working. He trimmed it with his kitchen scissors first. He took his time creating the best blended shave he possibly could. At some point Miko began crying. Izuku couldn’t do much more than comfort him. He set the clippers down and rubbed Miko’s shoulders soothingly.

“Hey, it’s okay. You’ll get through this. I’ll do whatever I can to help,” he murmured.

When he heard his apartment door slam shut and thunderous footsteps retreating, he knew it was Kacchan. Jakuchou jumped in her cocoon of blankets, and he glanced over his shoulder sadly. He didn’t know what to do, or who needed him more. He felt like he was being torn in half.

“Go and clear things up with your boyfriend. I’ll be okay. You can tell him everything. I really don’t mind. I’ll take a bath, if that’s okay?”

Izuku gave Miko a brief hug and tore after Kacchan.

“Kacchan, wait!” He shouted at the retreating blond.

“Why should I? So you can tell me how amazing Miko is?!” He roared angrily, sparks flying from his palms. “Spoiler alert, Deku: I don’t want to hear about it! I needed you and you weren’t there!

“Hold on a moment. I did offer.” Izuku pointed out calmly.

“Three days later! You should’ve known better!”

Izuku frowned momentarily before schooling his expression to something more neutral.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realise sooner, but you could have reached out to me . I wanted to give you some space, because heaven forbid I offer you help! Normally, you’d bite my head off. How was I supposed to know this time was different?”

Katsuki was taken aback.

“Look, I’m sorry. I need to get back to Miko. He’s…going through some stuff. He told me he’s trans. Tonight. And needed my help. His dysphoria has been really bad recently but he didn’t realise what it was until now.”

The blond stood as still as a statue. It dawned on him that he was being unreasonable, and he felt like the culmination of all human garbage. He’d totally misinterpreted what he’d seen and jumped to conclusions. All the anger melted away and left an ocean’s worth of guilt in its wake.

“Wait…” he hiccuped, eyes burning and chest tight. Katsuki hunched over, hand fisting his shirt. “I almost slept with Shinsou…” he whispered.

Izuku glanced over his shoulder, demeanour soft when he realised just how much everything was weighing on Katsuki. Once again, he felt like he was being torn in half. He didn’t know who needed him more. Slowly, he approached him. Still wary of explosions, he gently cupped Katsuki’s face in his hands and lifted his chin. Izuku’s heart panged at the pure misery on his face. Whatever was going on was clearly eating him up. The green-haired boy gently wiped his tears away with his thumbs. Katsuki barely moved or breathed, swept up in the intensity of Izuku’s gaze.


His query was cut off by Izuku pressing his lips to his. The blond moaned softly, tension melting away as he was embraced. What had he done to deserve this? The tears continued to fall. He didn’t know why he couldn’t stop them. He felt so small, so vulnerable as Izuku’s hands trailed down his shoulders and arms to take his hands as they broke apart.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realise you needed me. I thought I was good at reading you, but apparently not this time. If you ever need me after a scene, or any time really, call me. Or text me. Whatever. I’ll make time for you. I promise. Okay?”

Katsuki nodded dumbly, dazed from the sheer magnitude of the kiss. It was different from the others, but he couldn’t put his finger on why. He shifted his weight from foot to foot and looked away sheepishly.

“You really weren’t sleeping with Miko?” He asked, insecurity tainting his voice traitorously.

“No. His daughter is with us.” Izuku replied gently.

Katsuki hesitated before nodding.

“Go back to him. I’ll be okay…” He mumbled, unsure of how true that really was.

“Come over tomorrow, if you want of course. Just to hang out?”

The blond nodded slowly, struggling to come to terms with it all. Deku had kissed him. He’d been so ready to blow the whole street to kingdom come and Deku had just… Katsuki huffed angrily as the apartment door closed behind him. He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and marched down the road. What gave Deku the right to be so goddamn nice? Nobody was that fucking nice. There was no one on the whole fucking planet that could care so deeply about so many people like that. Katsuki growled into the darkness.

He stopped at a convenience store to get a drink on the way. As he stared into the cooler, that quiet, traitorous part of his brain that he hated with a passion reminded him that Deku was that nice. Deku was literally teaching a girl on death’s doorstep. Deku had offered him help at every opportunity, no matter how many times Katsuki had refused it. He paid for the drink and continued his journey, his rage diminishing with each step. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure he saw a pair of little girl’s shoes in the genkan. 

Katsuki made straight for his bedroom and crawled into bed as soon as he could. He was exhausted, his head was buzzing, but he realised it wasn’t too bad anymore. It was almost pleasant actually. 

Maybe he’d be okay.  

Chapter Text

It was well past midnight by the time Miko left Izuku’s apartment. He wasn’t sure how Jakuchou would respond to waking up in the morning with Miko gone, but at least Izuku was a familiar face. Izuku curled up on the floor with a couple of plush hoodies folded up into a makeshift pillow and was out like a light. The girl toddled over at some point in the night and wormed her way under his arm. When the light of dawn crept into his room, Izuku heard a quiet, shy voice in his ear. “M’ma?” 

Izuku blinked sleepily and wondered how to answer. “Miko isn’t well. I’ll take you home later,” he promised softly as he drew Jakuchou in for a hug. He felt for them both. He was close to Miko and as close to a second parent as the young girl had.   

He carefully stood up and set the toddler on his hip. Exhaustion bore down on him but he pressed on. He had to get Jakuchou cleaned up and make breakfast. The girl was quiet as he went about his morning. He changed her diaper, bathed her in the kitchen sink and brushed her hair. His fingers were stiff and uncooperative as he attempted to braid it, but he eventually managed to get her bangs off her face. But he realised at that point she didn’t have any clothes. He messaged Kyoka as he made breakfast. 

Hey, sorry for bothering you so early. Are you with Momo?

He put a slice of toast with strawberry jam and a cup of water in front of Jakuchou before sitting down with his own breakfast. He browsed his phone while they ate, keeping an eye on the girl all the while. 

Yeah. What’s up?

I’m looking after a friend’s kid on short notice, and she hasn’t got any clothes. Could Momo help?

You can imagine the look she just gave me. Poor girl’s gonna get a whole wardrobe. What age? I’ll call a taxi to get there ASAP.

24 months.’

‘Be prepared. It’s raining clothes.'

Izuku snorted under his breath and scooped up Jakuchou to clean her hands. More clothes probably wasn’t a bad thing. He knew Miko was prone to depressive episodes after clothes shopping, which made a whole lot more sense now. While they waited for Kyoka to arrive, Izuku made bentos for the two of them and thought about how he was going to keep Jakuchou entertained for the day. He didn’t really have many toys, and she couldn’t watch cartoons on his phone all day. He remembered there was a daiso somewhere between his apartment and their office building while he considered the issue. He could put a little box of art and craft supplies together, and maybe pick up a few cheap toys from the store. He decided that would do for the moment. He could find some other things for her before her next visit, because he had no doubt that now that the offer was on the table, Jakuchou would be over far more frequently. Izuku set the toddler down when he heard a knock at the door. 

Izuku stared as Kyoka dragged a huge bag of clothes in. He’d been expecting a few things, but not a whole new wardrobe!

“Sorry. She went a bit overboard.” Kyoka muttered. 

“No worries.” Izuku found a cute beige tee with multicoloured hearts on it and a pair of denim shorts, and decided that was good enough. He’d take the time to divide them up into clothes for home with Miko and his apartment later. He just wanted to get the girl dressed so he could get to work. “Do you guys need anything for the house? A bed set or something?” 

“Not exactly, but we’re going to have a new kitchen fitted. Could you help with ripping out the old one?”

“Sure! Give me a date and I’ll be there.” He promised with a smile as he turned his attention to Jakuchou. 

“Cho, it’s time to get dressed! Do you need help?” He asked, ignoring the way Kyoka’s eyes flickered between him and the girl. He didn’t have time for her questions, and didn’t particularly feel like answering them anyway. That was a part of his life he was not ready to share, except perhaps with Katsuki. Katsuki was becoming more entangled in his days, and he thought it might be time to be more open with him. It might even be time to sit down and actually discuss what they were doing, now that it seemed to be more than just sex. 

Jakuchou nodded slowly and he crouched in front of her to help her get dressed. 

“You might as well go ahead, Kyoka,” he said as he guided Jakuchou’s arms into the top. “I’m gonna be a while, sorry.”

“Sure. I’ll see you there, then?”

“Yeah. Let Kacchan know?”


Izuku felt the relief flow out of him like a tide. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out why Jakuchou was in his life, but the longer he could avoid talking about it, the better. Especially while Miko was still having a rough time. What he told his friends was Miko’s call to make, and neither of them wanted all the details out in the open yet. 

He made sure Jakuchou was occupied for a few minutes so he could freshen up and get dressed before scooping her up once more. It was surreal to be caring for her, but not unpleasant. He set the toddler on his shoulders, since she was still unsteady on her feet, and took off. 

Katsuki couldn’t help the disappointment he felt when Jirou told him Deku was going to be late. He stomped around the building, pulling files out of bookshelves until he found Dekayi’s current lesson, and all but slammed the work down in front of her. The girl flicked her tongue curiously but didn’t say anything, which he was grateful for. He thought she should have been more upfront about her condition, but it was Deku’s choice to keep working with her, so he was just going to have to suck it up.

“Deku’s gonna be late. So…” he mumbled before pausing. “I’ll get you started today.” He figured it’d take some of the pressure off Deku anyway, since he would most likely be occupied with Jakuchou for the day. 

“Oh, cool. Um, are you okay?” Otake asked hesitantly. 

“Yeah. Fine. Okay, let’s learn about some boring as fuck history,” he said, trying to direct her attention away from him and onto her studies. 


Otake fortunately didn’t talk for a while after that. He still wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the previous night, the kiss or the way Deku had reassured him.. It made his stomach feel weird. The building was quiet, as Jirou was working with their newly hired engineer to come up with a plan for a workshop and Todoroki was doing some accounting bullshit. Katsuki was just moping. He’d been looking forward to seeing Deku that morning--not that he’d ever admit it out loud--but the dipshit was going to be late. An unknown amount of time late. He was so lost in his musings that he didn’t notice Otake watching him. 

“Hey, are you and Izuku… you know?” 

Katsuki stared at her. Every fibre of his being was telling him to hiss and spit and deny the accusation, but something made him hold his tongue, the girl looked tired and frail. She never seemed to perk up after being admitted to hospital. She’d tried, and put on a good act, but Katsuki saw that she was slipping away before their eyes.  Something told him Otake would take his secrets to the grave. “No.” He replied simply. 

“Oh… I could’ve sworn…”

“It’s complicated,” he admitted with a shrug. No matter what his feelings were for the girl, he definitely couldn’t squash down the sad uneasiness that came with understanding she was dying. “You’re tired of fighting, huh?”

Moriko fixed him with her glassy, inky eyes and blinked slowly. “Yeah. I don’t want to give up, and I don’t want to put my mum through it again, but… it’s complicated,” she echoed.

Katsuki’s shoulders drooped. He’d never told anyone about his changing feelings. It was too uncomfortable talking to his own group of friends after they’d witnessed how much of a dick he was in the past. But he didn’t want to shut the girl down.    

“I used to bully Deku. A lot. When my quirk developed, I thought I was the best. And he thought I was the best. He was quirkless, so I thought he couldn't possibly keep up with someone as great as me. Only he wasn’t quirkless. Somehow, in secret, he dragged himself from the bottom rung, and there we were: on a level playing field at UA. I hated him, hated that he’d somehow kept this ridiculously powerful quirk from me. I wondered why he never stood up to me.” Katsuki picked at a dry piece of skin on his palm. “I told him to jump off a building one time and he didn’t even react . What good was a timid piece of shit that could barely look me in the eye?” Katsuki revealed. 

“So what changed?”

Katsuki shrugged. “I dunno. I realised everything was different one day. It was around our second year, I think. I heard him talking about setting up an agency as soon as we graduated, and it all hit me at once. It wasn’t just a stupid, childish fantasy anymore. I just…knew he could do it.”

“That’s so sweet,” Otake murmured. 

“Bite me.”

“I think you should talk,” she continued as she leaned back in her chair. “You never know what could happen tomorrow.” 

“Wouldn’t you rather be with your family?” Katsuki asked softly. “Deku would understand.”

“I think so. I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” she decided, just as Deku walked in. 

The green-haired boy stared in confusion at the two of them. Katsuki figured it was because he never said more than a few words to Moriko if he could help it. He sat down at his desk and set Jakuchou on his knees. The blond watched as he took a colouring book and a pack of crayons out of his bag and began thumbing through the book with the toddler. Something inside Katsuki panged uncomfortably. They looked like a family , father and daughter, and Katsuki felt confused all over again. He didn’t know if he wanted to be a part of that, or if he wanted Deku’s attention on him . Otake grinned at him, a sly little smirk that told him she knew exactly what was going through his mind. Katsuki mouthed a scathing ‘fuck off’ at her and began hammering away at his keyboard, working on some bullshit for the agency. But all he could think about was Deku and family . Was that what he wanted? He knew he wanted more than what they had now, but couldn’t put his finger on what that ‘more’ was. 

He began to lose focus after some time, not that he was really working anyway. He was just hitting the keys like a monkey with a typewriter, hoping something made sense. None of it did. Deku was colouring with Jakuchou, and it was unspeakably cute. He realised he wanted to do more with Deku than just fuck around.

“Deku,” Katsuki growled, standing suddenly. He couldn’t stand watching them anymore. It just hurt too much. Even if he thought it was stupid, he was jealous of a fucking two year old. “A moment, please?”

Izuku glanced at the blond. He knew something was bothering him. He shifted Jakuchou onto his chair and followed Katsuki. The blond led him to the stairwell and all but shoved him into the corner. Izuku blinked but didn’t protest. He’d been waiting for that inevitable moment when the novelty of subbing wore off and Katsuki found his footing. 

“Why the hell am I jealous of a fucking baby?” He complained as he stood on his tiptoes, hands on Izuku’s chest for leverage. 

Izuku blinked. He hadn’t expected Katsuki to just tell him what was bothering him. The blond’s cheeks bloomed pink and he turned to look away. 

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“Did I say anything?”

“You don’t have to say anything. Your stupid face says it all!” Katsuki huffed, suddenly hesitant. “Look, about last night… I wan-”

Izuku grabbed his hips and spun them around, sandwiching Katsuki between the wall and his body before he could finish that thought. Katsuki couldn’t say he minded. He draped his arms around Izuku’s shoulders and dragged him down.

“What do you need, baby?” Izuku purred with a shit-eating grin that could rival Katsuki’s. 

“You. Kiss me like I’m the most precious thing in the goddamn world, you damn nerd!”

Izuku chuckled low in his throat and closed the miniscule gap between their lips. Katsuki was sure he was dreaming. The blond’s hand crept down Izuku’s back to shamelessly grope him, and their little corner of the agency felt like it was on fire. Katsuki was drowning in Izuku’s attention, soaking up every second of his affection. Time seemed to grind to a halt as they existed in that moment together, claiming and being claimed in turn. Katsuki whined softly, rutting unabashedly against Izuku’s hip. Izuku could feel the hard plastic of the cage and the heavy metal lock still on his dick and shuddered. The blond could’ve broken it off without breaking a sweat, or asked to get it taken off, but it was still there. It took every ounce of self control they had not to tear the clothes off each other, but they broke apart, gasping for air. Izuku pressed his forehead against Katsuki’s, nose filled with his unique smell of char and caramel. “Stay with me tonight?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki groaned as he grabbed Izuku’s hand and shoved it into his pants. “I kept it on. I was good.”

“So good baby.” He trailed feather soft kisses down Katsuki’s temple and along his jawline until he brushed his lips against Katsuki’s one final time. 

“Do you want to go back to mine for a few minutes and take it off?” 

“No. You can take it off me tonight.” 

Izuku hummed quietly and walked away to stop things getting  too out of hand. He could feel Kacchan’s eyes on him, but he tried not to think about it. Jakuchou deserved his full attention.

Izuku tried to keep his thoughts out of the gutter while he worked for the rest of the day. He looked up occasionally, only to find Katsuki staring. The blond had lost any ability to focus. It amused Izuku to no end, even though he was in a similar situation. Time seemed to crawl by at a snail’s pace, but Izuku did his absolute best to complete his work and occupy Jakuchou. 

Izuku felt like his skin was on fire when Katsuki and he dropped the girl home and Miko gave them both a knowing look. 

“Shut up.” He muttered as he handed Jakuchou over. “I’ll call you tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Miko agreed. “Have fun,” he chuckled. 

The journey home was agonising. They walked so close together that their hands kept brushing together, and each time felt like a jolt of electricity. They made it back to Izuku’s without incident, even though there were times where both of them had wanted to drag the other into an alley and just… 

Izuku grunted in frustration as Katsuki worked on getting his boots off. The fucking things were riduculous, and he was impatient. The green-haired boy sank to his knees in the genkan and nuzzled against Katsuki’s cock as he picked at the blond’s laces. He was enveloped by the blond’s scent once more, only this time, it was accompanied by the musky smell of arousal. It was intoxicating. 

“You smell so fucking good, Kacchan.” Izuku murmured as he freed one foot from Katsuki’s boots. 

“Oh? I’m Kacchan today? Not ‘baby’ or ‘slut’?” 

“I don’t know. Whatever you want. I don’t care how it is today. I just want you .” Izuku babbled. 

Katsuki’s stomach flipped at those words. It was exactly what he’d wanted--no, needed--to hear. 

“We should eat first.” Katsuki reluctantly pointed out. 

“Don’t wanna,” Izuku whined as he thumbed open the buttons of Katsuki’s jeans. He legitimately thought he was going mad knowing Katsuki was right next to him, still wearing that cage five days later. “Wanna get this stupid fucking thing off you so I can choke on your dick.” 

Katsuki swore this was how he was going to die. He’d never seen this side of Izuku before. The green-haired boy had been demanding before, but this was different. He guessed Izuku admitted he could be subby when he wanted to be, but pawing at his cock in the entryway was not submissive. 

“Yeah, but if we eat, there’s nothing to interrupt us, and then you suck me off to your heart’s content?” It was so hard to refuse. Katsuki’s cock throbbed against the plastic device. His knees turned to jelly when Izuku lapped the drop of precum off his tip of his cock. “Come on.” He protested weakly. 

“Fine, but take these off,” Izuku demanded, tugging Katsuki’s jeans down his legs. There was no other word for it: 

Izuku was being a brat. And it was kind of cute, actually. 

Katsuki stepped out of his pants and walked into the kitchen without a preamble. The green-haired boy scrambled after him, hurrying to grab ingredients that could just be thrown together. Katsuki chopped vegetables while Izuku chucked herbs and spices in the rice cooker. As soon as the lid of the cooker was closed, Izuku was on his knees again. Katsuki leaned back against the counter and flicked the cage. “Come on, then…” 

Katsuki had never stopped to consider how it would feel to have a partner desperate for him, but Izuku was on him in a second.  The green-haired boy had always been in control before, and this side of him was so different. Everything felt different. There were no power games. Izuku slipped his tongue into the opening of the cage, lapping up every last trace of pre-come. The blond’s head tipped back and his hand threaded in Izuku’s thick curls. He rolled his hips, nudging the plastic against Izuku’s lips, silently begging for more. He wondered how  it could feel so good. Izuku was only touching him, but it felt like he could blow his load any second. That was impossible with a chastity device on, though, right? It was only a matter of time before Izuku took it off  and he cou--

Katsuki bit his lip as his orgasm hit him like a train. His body shuddered uncontrollably, and it took everything he had not to scream. Izuku whimpered as what felt like spurt after spurt of cum coated his tongue and face. 

“I didn’t know that could happen…” Katsuki mumbled when he finally looked down at Izuku. His cock twitched lazily at the sight of him covered in come. “Oh fuck, that’s hot.” 

Izuku made sure to look Katsuki in the eye as he swallowed. “Agreed.” He rumbled. 

Izuku grabbed the padlock and carefully broke it,  too impatient to go and find the key. Katsuki felt the barest hint of awe at the raw power behind the move, unbelievably turned on. It was kind of hard to believe Izuku really wanted him that much?  He tossed the cage aside and grinned up at Katsuki. “Better?”

“So much better.”    

Izuku pushed himself up off the floor and Katsuki dabbed at the errant drops of seed dripping down his face. 

“I should’ve thought about tonight and got a nice dessert or something…” Izuku muttered. “Y’know, not that your cock isn’t a treat by itself…”

“Right. So when were you planning to do that?”   

Izuku pouted. “Fair point.”

“Next time?”

“Yeah. Next time.” Izuku echoed. 

They were calmer now, even though Izuku was still horny. The green-haired boy hopped up onto the counter beside Katsuki and leaned back his palms. Katsuki glanced down at the obvious tent in his shorts. He could practically see every detail. Izuku boldly pushed the waistband down under his balls and let his cock bob free. 

“I’ve never seen anyone cum in a cage like that. It was fucking hot.” Izuku revealed.      

Katsuki shifted so he was between Izuku’s legs and captured his bottom lip between his teeth. “I didn’t know it could happen either.” The blond admitted. Izuku wrapped his legs around Katsuki’s waist and draped his arms over his shoulders. 

“Are you going to fuck me tonight, Kacchan?”

“Wasn’t the original plan to just hang out?”

“It was, but then I realised you were still wearing the cage, and I wanted to ruin you.”  

“Mission accomplished, I guess.” Katsuki chuckled as they kissed again. 

The rice cooker pinged. Izuku groaned in frustration as he pulled his shorts back up. 

“Can we skip dinner and go straight to you giving me a good dicking? Because man, I want you so bad.” He whined as he hopped down from the counter to get bowls. 

“Food first. You look like you’re about to keel over.”

“Well, Miko didn’t leave until, like, two in the morning. I mean, don’t get me wrong. He’s going through some shit and I’m happy that he trusts me enough to talk to me. But yeah, I’m tired.” 

Katsuki just hummed. He thought Izuku was spreading himself a little too thin, but it wasn’t his place to express those thoughts. Izuku just cared too much about too many people. 

They made themselves comfortable at the kotatsu and began eating. Izuku kept fidgeting, finding it hard to ignore the arousal. He was so hard it hurt, and he kept subconsciously fiddling with his bulge. Katsuki couldn’t help the small smile that crept across his face. He’d gotten so used to seeing the green-haired boy as a powerful dom that he’d almost forgotten the fantasies he’d harboured for the last year or so. As much as he’d scoffed at the thought of Izuku’s shyness earlier with Otake, sometimes he did find it cute. And while he wasn’t exactly being shy just then, the fidgeting felt similar. Adorable and endearing. He extended his foot under the table and pressed it against Izuku’s cock. 

“Rude.” Izuku whined playfully. 

“You were gonna hump the fucking table if you carried on like that.”

He couldn’t really deny that. Izuku was ready to launch himself over the kotatsu.

“Shower?” Katsuki asked when he caught the ravenous look Izuku was giving him. He’d seen that look on others in his time, but this was definitely the first time he’d appreciated it. 

“I don’t care where you do it, Kacchan, as long as you fuck me.” 

“Jeez. And you bitched at me about being slutty.” Katsuki tutted. It was all in good humour. 

“I told you that first time, I know I’m a slut. You just haven’t had the pleasure of seeing that side of me yet,” he retorted with a shrug as he rutted against Katsuki’s foot. 

“Whatever. Get your ass in the shower, then.”

Izuku grumbled as he got up. It was surprisingly hard to still his hips. He shed his clothing as he went, and playfully smacked his own ass as he disappeared into the bathroom. Katsuki followed more sedately but groaned  at the sight that met him when he got to the bathroom. Izuku was looking at him with the best ‘come hither’ eyes he’d ever seen. He’d never really felt as desired as he had over the last few months, but this was something else entirely. 

“Okay, okay. Stop trying to fucking seduce me. I said I’d fuck you, didn’t I?” Katsuki rolled his eyes as Izuku spun around and presented his ass eagerly. “Try not to slip. That’s the last thing you need to explain…”

“I won’t.” He promised. 

Katsuki pulled his shirt off, before joining him. They didn’t have much lube on hand, so he hurriedly lathered his fingers in saliva and grabbed Izuku’s ass, easily sliding one finger into his tight hole. Izuku keened at the intrusion and rested his forehead on the tiles. He was surprised at how gentle Katsuki was with him though. He’d been expecting rough, bruising touches and a pounding, but that didn’t seem to be what the blond was aiming for. Izuku shifted his weight slightly and relaxed as Katsuki began massaging his prostate. 

“Kacchan…?” He called over his shoulder. 


“Wait… nothing. Keep going. Feels good.”

Katsuki blinked at his partner but continued as instructed. Izuku’s noises were barely audible at first, but gradually got louder. His legs trembled so much that Katsuki had to wrap an arm around his waist to keep him upright. Izuku’s head spun. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone had been so tender with him. He didn’t want to be treated like glass, so he’d always asked for it rough. This time was different, though.  

“Kacchan… bed…? I wanna see you… wanna kiss you…” he sobbed, slightly embarrassed that he was a wreck just from being fingered. 

“Sure.” He shivered at the displeased mewl he heard when he pulled his fingers out of his ass. “Jump up and let me carry you?” 

“I am perfectly capable of walking four feet to my futon,” Izuku pointed out petulantly while hopping into Katsuki’s open arms anyway. He supposed it felt nice being pampered by someone he was close to. 

Katsuki stepped out of the shower once Izuku was secure, but stumbled, just like he’d warned Izuku not to do. The green-haired boy flung his arms out to take some of the impact, but it was still a rough landing. 

“Guess this’ll do,” Izuku mumbled as dragged Katsuki down for a kiss. The blond moaned softly. His heart pounded as they kissed, but he wasn’t sure if it was from the fall or just being with Izuku. 

Katsuki lined his cock up with Izuku’s ass and dragged him onto it like he weighed nothing at all. Izuku arched his back, taking it as deep as it would go and moaning in relief. Katsuki’s thrusts were slow and languid, and it struck Izuku as being… less like fucking and more like… making love. It felt like his whole world had just been turned upside down. He tightened his legs around Katsuki’s waist and held him close, a dark blush creeping down his cheeks at the onslaught of emotions that bombarded him. The fire inside him slowly grew into an inferno. He had no idea how long they stayed on the bathroom floor, drinking down all the sounds they made with kiss after kiss. 

Izuku clung to Katsuki as he climaxed, painting his stomach with his release. The blond thrust a little harder then, chasing his own orgasm. Izuku shuddered and whimpered at the overstimulation, his cock barely softening in his pleasured haze. His thighs quivered as he quickly approached the precipice once more. He shook his head repeatedly at the simultaneous agony and bliss of it all. Katsuki growled against Izuku’s lips as he crashed their hips together one final time and released deep inside him. The feeling alone was enough to tip Izuku over the edge again. He mewled sweetly as his cock pulsed once more. The green-haired boy kept his grip on Katsuki, not wanting to let him go just yet.

Deku relaxed, his grip on Katsuki slackening until he could assess the situation. He snorted to himself. Deku was asleep. Katsuki rolled his eyes and slowly pulled his spent cock from his hole. As tempting as it was to just leave him on the wet bathroom floor, Katsuki scooped him up and carried him back into the main room, depositing him on the futon. Katsuki wasn’t quite as tired yet, so he resigned himself to watching some shit on his phone before he fell asleep, but not before doing one last thing. 

He padded around the apartment, looking for the permanent marker that Deku had used on him that one time. It was easy enough to locate. The blond crawled over the sleeping form of his partner, marker in hand and settled between his legs. He selected a patch of skin just above Deku’s hipbone and suckled on it until a dark bruise formed. Deku whined softly in his sleep, jerking his hips, but was otherwise dead to the world. Katsuki drew a little heart around the hickey and left a message. 


Kacchan. ’         

Satisfied, Katsuki curled up behind him and grabbed his phone to entertain himself for a while, until he too fell asleep with his nose buried in Izuku’s hair and an arm wrapped tightly around him. 

Chapter Text

The next morning, Izuku was feeling rough. His arm and shoulder ached from his impromptu meeting with the floor, and he was more exhausted than ever, but he was calmer than he’d been for a long time. He felt like things had changed with Katsuki: their relationship wasn’t as strained even when they weren’t fucking, and… well, Katsuki was surprisingly sweet when he wanted to be. He could feel Katsuki behind him, still sleeping peacefully. The green-haired boy sighed softly, knowing his alarm would go off any moment.  

“Hey…” he breathed, hoping Katsuki was awake. “You wanna go out for dinner sometime?” 

Katsuki groaned sleepily, but nodded against his skin. Izuku’s heart swelled. He still wasn’t sure if he wanted to put a name to his feelings yet--it’d been a long time since he had a serious relationship--but whatever they had was pleasant enough to make him consider one. It was definitely getting more serious, but he didn’t think he minded.

“Let me know when. I’ll pay, since money’s tight for you at the moment,” the blond murmured. 

Izuku wished he could just stay in bed all day and do nothing. He loved being a hero, but the last few months had been hard on all of them. He and Katsuki got up and ready in a comfortable silence, not feeling the need to fill the void with empty chatter. Izuku kept wondering where their relationship was heading all the while.  

Izuku shyly captured Katsuki’s hand and held it in his own as they walked to the office. When the blond made no move to pull away or yell at him, he felt like he was on cloud nine. 

Katsuki slipped into the break room while Izuku loaded up his computer. Kyoka had the day off and Shouto was helping out at Endeavour’s agency for the morning, so there was no reason to have a meeting before getting straight on with work. He put the radio on and got started. Katsuki put a cup of coffee in front of him at some point, but he was so engrossed in completing forms and talking to the hero commission that he hadn’t even noticed. He reached into his drawer to find the reference number for his agency only to touch something cold and hard. He glanced into the drawer curiously and stopped dead. Sitting on top of a beautiful piece of floral paper was a bracelet. He picked it up, wondering if someone had put it there by mistake. The gears in his head started churning as he noticed his name on the paper. Was this a confession? He swallowed nervously and unfolded the note, thinking of how he could turn Moriko down gently. 

Izuku, I’m sorry for taking the cowardly route and doing this via note instead of in person, but…

These last few weeks have meant the world to me. It means more to me than you could possibly know that you were willing to work with me, as well as the patience and care you gave me. 

I wish I could’ve recovered for you all, but I can’t do this anymore. I’m not going to get better. I’ve been feeling awful recently. I’ve been getting worse for years and I’m tired of struggling to hide it…

Sorry for not speaking up sooner. 

Otake Moriko

PS: You and Kacchan make a cute couple.’

The green-haired boy stared in shock at the words on the page. He felt sick. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to the note than Moriko simply quitting. The tears that overflowed his eyes felt like they were burning his skin. There was an air of finality in the note, like they were never going to speak again. Any trace of positivity he’d felt that morning was washed away with grief and disbelief. They’d spent so long working with Dekayi. It was devastating for it to end this way. 

“Deku? What’s wrong?” Katsuki asked softly, resting an arm on his shoulders. 

“Otake… I think… I think she might’ve died… ” He whispered, barely able to formulate the words. He felt like he was going to throw up. “Go home. Message Shouto. I’m going to visit her parents.”

Katsuki rested his forehead on Izuku’s shoulder and hugged him tightly. “Hey… you don’t need to do this alone,” Katsuki pointed out, his voice scarcely more than a murmur. “Do you want me to come with you?”

Izuku shook his head as he stood up. “No… she was my apprentice…”

“Yeah, but…” Katsuki trailed off. He seemed to be unsure of something. “I spoke to her yesterday, and… I don’t know. Like I realised she wasn’t doing so good, and it made me sad, you know? Like… if circumstances had been different… I think we would've been closer. I wouldn't just be doing you a favour by going.”

Izuku softened, caught off guard by Katsuki’s admission. He wasn’t one for talking about how he felt about things. “Go home…” He repeated quietly. “I’ll be okay.”

Katsuki caught his wrist and yanked him back down. He frowned, not sure where this was going. His scowl melted away as Katsuki pressed their lips together for a brief, but comforting kiss. 

“Okay, nerd. Call me if you need anything, yeah?” 

“Sure…” It was a little surreal to have Katsuki being so supportive. 

Izuku gathered his things and made his way back home. He couldn’t help wondering how he’d missed the signs. Had he been too caught up in his burgeoning relationship with Katsuki? Tendrils of guilt constricted him until he felt like he could barely breathe.

He needed to visit Moriko’s family. He owed them that much. Once he was home, he quickly stripped down and searched for something a little smarter than the comfortable shorts and tank top he’d taken to wearing at work while the renovations were happening. He brushed his hair and pulled it up into a neat bun before checking himself in the mirror. He cleaned up well enough for the sad occasion when he put the effort in. 

He wiped his eyes as he looked for an envelope. It was at times like these that he hated the hero industry. How many other professionals had to keep koden envelopes in their fucking home? Most people could probably get away with just buying them when needed, but heroes crossed paths with death far too often. He carefully wrote out his name on the envelope, absently watching the grey ink settle on the paper. He put some money in the envelope --as much as he had on hand, not caring how much it was-- and then tied it shut with black and white ribbons. It took several attempts to make the bow look acceptable. He was crying too much and his fingers were too stiff to move properly.   

Izuku made his way to Moriko’s house, almost feeling too sick to walk. He didn’t even know if he would be welcome, but he had to go. Naoki pulled open the door when he knocked. The boy surveyed him, his inky black eyes dark and dangerous, before eventually beckoning him inside. Izuku followed him inside and presented Sayuri with the envelope, biting his lip nervously. 

“I’m sorry for your loss…” He mumbled, unsure of what else to say. 

Sayuri glanced at the envelope and back at Izuku. “How did you know?”

“Moriko wrote a letter. I found it this morning.”

Sayuri seemed to deflate before his eyes. “You should’ve sent her home weeks ago. I tried to convince her to quit, but she refused. You should’ve noticed she was getting worse!”

Izuku considered how to answer without sounding like he was trying to shift the blame. “She hid it well. She was always bright and cheerful around the office. She worked hard, and was a friend first and employee second. My… partner even enjoyed her company, and he rarely enjoys anybody's company.” Izuku paused, unsure of himself. He had no idea if his sentiment was appreciated. He wiped away unshed tears. “She will be missed, Mrs. Otake.” 

Sayuri watched him closely, her gaze lingering on the puffiness of his eyes. “Moriko never really talked about work. We just… assumed you kept her on because she was an easy ticket to extra funding.”

Izuku blinked. “We liked having her around. Kyoka was even going to introduce her to some of her friends in the music industry. To be honest, we still have to get our building up to code before we open, so we spent most of our time just chatting in the main room while the contractors were working on the bigger projects. I know it might seem like… well, we’re pros, but Moriko wasn’t that much younger than us. We just graduated. She felt like part of our cohort. We wanted to see her succeed, but in her own time.” 

“Mum, face it. They’re better than her classmates were.” Naoki piped up suddenly.

“Nao! You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Well, they are!” The boy crossed his arms. “Our classmates say all kinds of things about our family because of this weird genetic thing. They say mum is poisoning us, or that my sisters were anorexic and we’re just using our quirk as a way to hide it.”

“Kids are cruel,” Izuku agreed. He had enough personal experience to know it to be true. “But this is a day for family and mourning, so I’ll leave you be.”

“Wait. Deku, right? Please attend the funeral. With all the others,” Naoki blurted out. “Mum knows you really did want the best for Mo’. Right, mum?”

Sayuri sighed and nodded.

“We’ll be there,” he promised quietly. 

Once he was home, Izuku was too exhausted to do more than collapse on his futon.

The mood in the office was still sombre several days later. Izuku had taken to working upstairs, away from everyone else. He just wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone, and it worried Katsuki to no end. The green-haired boy didn’t even appear for lunch. When Katsuki visited Moriko’s family to pay his respects, he figured out why. The idiot had given them pretty much every last yen he had out of sheer guilt and left nothing for himself until payday. 

“So what have you been eating the last couple of days?” Katsuki asked casually as he pushed Izuku’s laptop aside and sat on the desk in front of him. 

The green-haired boy was slow to respond. Katsuki was familiar enough with him to know when a serious depression had set in, and it was definitely one of those occasions. 

“Dunno. Not hungry.”

“Like hell you aren’t. Here,” the blond growled as he shoved a neatly wrapped bento in Izuku’s face. “I made it for you, so fucking eat it.”

Izuku stared at the box, and Katsuki swore he saw his lip quiver. 

“Or just… some of it, at least. I don’t know. You gotta look after yourself, though, or OFA is gonna eat you alive.”

Izuku unwrapped the lunchbox and opened it, his stomach growling uncomfortably as he did. One for All took a lot of energy, even when he wasn’t really using it. 

“Thanks, Kacchan,” he mumbled as he grabbed his chopsticks. 

“Whatever. Haven’t seen much of you for a couple of days. Doing okay?”

“Not really,” Izuku admitted. “I keep… wondering if I should’ve realised. I didn’t… I never guessed she was depressed or anything. Did I miss the signs? Were we messing around too much for us to notice?”

Katsuki scratched his head, listening to the other ramble. The whole situation was eating away at him too. 

“I don’t think she was depressed,” he murmured after a moment. “Look, I know how you’re feeling, and… well, it’s not your fault. It’s not any of our faults. At the end of the day, Otake made that decision herself.” Katsuki’s voice wavered. “I… I’ve been struggling with it too, okay? That day we talked… she asked if we were together, and I told her about… our past. I even mentioned telling you to jump off a building… and then she… that night. I wondered if I’d given her the idea.”

Izuku stared at the blond, mouth agape. It was still so rare for Katsuki to be open about his emotions. It helped to know he hadn’t been unaffected by Moriko’s suicide. 

“I’m sorry, Kacchan… I never thou-”

“No, stop right there. I’m okay. Well, I will be. And you will be too, right? It’ll just take time. But you can’t keep hiding up here. Not by yourself, anyway.”

“Yeah…” he agreed hesitantly. 

“We’ll get through this shit together, nerd.”

Izuku smiled in what felt like the fist time in years. “Okay.”

“In the meantime… I thought maybe we could do something tonight? To take our minds off things?”  

Katsuki reached for his bag as he spoke, with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face Izuku had ever seen. He swallowed nervously, wondering what the blond had in mind for them. He wasn’t sure if he wanted intimacy just then, but a distraction might be nice. Katsuki pulled a drawstring, velvet pouch out of his bag and slammed a vaguely phallic-shaped sex toy, bigger than any Izuku had ever seen or owned, on the desk between his parted legs. 

“Kacchan, what the hell?” Izuku breathed.

“Open it. Take a look.”

The green-haired boy set aside his half-eaten lunch and untied the bag. It was a dildo for sure, but it was massive. Bigger than Katsuki’s fist. Suddenly the room was too warm, and Izuku’s pants were too tight. When the fuck had Katsuki ordered that behemoth? It was magnificent. And intimidating.

“Wow,” he gasped.

“Figured that’d stretch you out so goddamn much that you won’t be able to think about anything for at least a week.”

Izuku ran the tips of his fingers over the smooth, slightly iridescent silicone and almost salivated. Katsuki was onto something with that idea. A crash from within the workshop broke the spell and Izuku quickly glanced over his shoulder. 

“Oh my god, put it away! What if Habiki hears us?” 

“Relax, nerd. I don’t mean right now. Besides, you’re the one that’s groping it.”

“I am not! ” Izuku hissed, retracting his hand as if it’d been stung. 

“And you’re the one that’s got a massive hard-on just ‘coz I’ve showed you a dildo. Don’t you have enough of these at home?” Katsuki teased, barely above a whisper. As much as he took the piss, he didn’t want this moment to be ruined. Izuku looked… alive … for the first time in days. 

“None like this… fuck, Kacchan. I fucking hate you right now. I hate that this is working on me.” The green-haired boy huffed as he returned to his lunch. He was too hungry to ignore the food.

Katsuki sank to his knees with a devilish smirk that got Izuku’s heart racing. The blond pressed his finger to his lips in a shushing gesture. Unconsciously, Izuku shifted slightly, spreading his legs a little moreas he inched closer to the edge of the seat. That niggling little killjoy part of his brain was telling him that they shouldn’t be doing his. That it was too soon, and he was still grieving. But he wanted it. Izuku wanted to be taken apart until he forgot his own name, let alone everything else. 


“I’m gonna fuck you up, shitty nerd.” Katsuki breathed.

“Oh, fuck yes.”

“Yeah? You need that, huh?” Katsuki toyed with the waistband of Izuku’s sweatpants as he spoke, relishing in the rush he got from feeling like Izuku needed him. “I’m gonna fuck you all night and make you come to work tomorrow with all that cum still inside you, all plugged up. And then, maybe I'll make you go into the alleyway out the back and squat down, letting it all drip out while you suck my dick. How’s that sound?”

Izuku’s head spun. Katsuki had gotten so much better at dirty talk. So much better. The end of the day couldn’t come fast enough. “Sounds so good,” Izuku admitted quietly. “I want it so bad.”

Katsuki could see the effect his words were having on Izuku. It was so fucking hot. “You think you can be quiet if I suck your dick right now?”

The green-haired boy nodded hastily, cheeks flushed pink and pupils blown wide with lust. Katsuki freed Izuku’s cock and sat back on his heels, just admiring the dishevelled, needy boy that he… the blond snapped himself out of that train of thought. It was too soon to be thinking of him as more than a friend with benefits if he didn't even know the two of them were on the same page. 

“Just look at that beast. Imagine it going inside you, how good it’ll feel to be stretched out around it, screaming, begging to cum...” Katsuki trailed off and took Izuku’s cock to the base, fighting his gag reflex as he went. He still wasn’t the best at giving head--he’d only done it once or twice--but he would try his best. They had to be quick and discreet. It wouldn’t surprise him if Kyoka was eavesdropping, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Izuku’s heated stare was worth it. 

The green-haired boy set the now empty bento box aside and pressed a hand over his mouth to stifle the noises that were bound to slip out. The sight of Katsuki between his legs was just too hot. Izuku wanted nothing more than to fuck Katsuki’s face and cum down his throat, but he kept still. Something told him Katsuki was taking the reins tonight, and he was fine with that. It’d been a while since Izuku had been genuinely submissive. It had been harder recently to get into the role. Katsuki pulled off his length with a gasp, a string of saliva connecting them still. 

“C’mon, Dekuuu … fuck me like I know you wanna,” Katsuki taunted. 

Izuku groaned and stood up. Katsuki wanted to be fucked? Fine. He grabbed a fistfull of the blond’s hair and yanked him forward, sinking into his throat with a barely restrained whimper and no time for Katsuki to adjust. Nothing else seemed to matter except the two of them. His thrusts were brutal, hard and punishing, but Katsuki took it all like a champ. Izuku dimly thought about rewarding him some other time. The blond was a mess, his eyes streaming and a mix of spit and pre dripping down his chin, but he made no moves to clean any of it up. He just stared up at Izuku with so much lo-

He mentally shook himself, once again refusing to acknowledge the deepening relationship. Izuku just had this horrible feeling that Katsuki was going to burn him at some point. It wasn’t even that he distrusted him--he was just wary of relationships in general. Katsuki gagged once or twice, his hands balling in Izuku’s sweats as he tried to keep up. He pushed that horrible feeling aside to enjoy everything Katsuki was doing.  

Izuku’s thrusts became erratic and Katsuki realised he was about to cum. He pulled back just in time for Izuku to see his load coat the blond’s tongue. His cock twitched lazily at the sight of his lover covered in his seed. Katsuki got up, holding the mix of cum and spit in his mouth, bearing that impish smirk that could bring down nations. He gestured to the desk, and Izuku hesitantly bent over it, unsure of where this was all going but curious all the same. Katsuki retrieved another smaller dildo from his bag and a very familiar plastic cage. Izuku’s eyes widened despite the shudders that raced down his spine. Katsuki pushed Izuku’s sweats down until they pooled around his ankles and roughly grabbed a handful of his ass. The green-haired boy hummed his approval as Katsuki’s thumb pressed against his rim. He groaned and arched his back as Katsuki pushed his thumb inside. He was being just as rough with Izuku as Izuku had been with him. Izuku’s legs trembled before too long. Just as his cock began to perk up once more and he shamelessly tried to rut against his own desk, Katsuki pulled his thumb out of Izuku’s hole. The boy whined at the loss, canting his hips back in search of more. 

“Shush. The others will hear you,” the blond mumbled as he trapped Izuku’s dick in the chastity device.  

When Katsuki deemed Izuku ready enough, he clutched at Izuku’s curls and jerked his head up. The green-haired boy could scarcely breathe as Katsuki coated the dong in the cum he hadn’t swallowed. It was obscene, and surprisingly hot, and Izuku loved it. He held his breath as Katsuki swirled it around his hole, only to growl in frustration when he stopped. 

“You do it if you need it that bad,” Katsuki demanded, and slammed the dildo down on the desk in front of Izuku. He sat back in Izuku’s chair and unbuttoned his jeans. The green-haired boy glanced at the dildo and back at Katsuki. 

“Why should I settle for a toy when you’re just gonna jerk off behind me? Why not give me the real thing?” Izuku whined, the epitome of brattiness but too far gone to care.

“Because I have a better plan. Just do as you’re fucking told, Deku.”

Izuku pouted but rested his head on the desk as he snatched the dildo off the table and began working it inside himself. 

“Don’t get too carried away and don’t make yourself cum. You gotta wait for tonight. Just loosen yourself up and leave it in.”

He nodded against the cool wooden desk as he thrust the toy into his hole. It wasn’t particularly big and was curved for prostate stimulation. He was more than ready for it. Izuku made the mistake of glancing back at Katsuki and saw the ravenous gaze he was met with as the blond watched him fuck himself. 

“Good. You got some work you can do? Pen and paper stuff?”


“Get that. Then, kneel between my legs.”

Izuku grabbed some forms from his drawer and found a pen. He was intrigued and horny as the toy shifted inside him. It felt so taboo to be messing around at work. It was one thing to do it on the weekend when they were alone, but this was different. Hot, but different. 

“Wait. Take your clothes off, too.”

“What if someone comes in?” Izuku whispered, horrified at the very thought. 

“Told ‘em not to disturb us. What the fuck does it matter anyway? They know we’re fucking. Or are you ashamed of me?”

“No. Never. But… I dunno, there’s a difference between being seen as a slut when you wanna be and when you don’t, you know?”  

“Whatever. Just get on your knees and suck my goddamn dick, will ya?”

Izuku rolled his eyes but sank down. He’d be lying if he said Katsuki’s brashness wasn’t refreshing. He knew it wasn’t intentional, but everyone else at the agency had been treating him like he was going to break at any second. 

“Now, here’s what you’re gonna do: you’re gonna sit there with my cock in your mouth, and you're gonna work while I do.”

“So… you wanna try cock-warming? You don’t want me to actually suck you off, right?”

“Yeah. Didn’t know that was what it’s called.”

“Sure, I can do that. How long?”

“Until the end of the day,” Katsuki replied with a grin. “So you better make yourself comfortable.”

Izuku nodded and did just that, making sure he could work on the forms while he did what Katsuki wanted. When he figured out a good position, he took Katsuki’s cock in deep. The urge to suck was almost overwhelming. He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths. He began to relax after some time, surrounded by everything Katsuki: his taste, his smell and warmth. Izuku unconsciously curled up--as much as he could, anyway--and just enjoyed the closeness, the weight of Katsuki’s cock on his tongue and the bitter tang of pre. His breathing evened out and he rested his head on the blond’s thigh. 

Katsuki thought about nudging Izuku, but let him be instead. The green-haired boy had looked dead on his feet for the last few days, and if this was what he needed to have a fucking nap, who was Katsuki to stop him?    

Chapter Text

Izuku slept right through the afternoon, only waking up to Habiki’s exuberant goodbyes from outside the closed office door. He struggled to his feet from under the desk, sluggish from exhaustion. A wild, panicked feeling rampaged through his chest as he tried to get his bearings. He stumbled back,  staring at Kacchan with confusion. “I fell asleep?” He queried, slurring a little. He was in that soft, hazy place that he got to so surprisingly quickly with Kacchan, where it was harder to speak and he could just float in a scene. He just couldn't pull himself out of it whenever he wanted, and he knew that, but it was frustrating to be stuck there when they were at work with things to do. 

“Yeah. You needed it, though, so whatever. The other two already left--they just had more tact,” Kacchan responded with a shrug. He scanned Izuku’s slouched form, lingering on his drooping eyelids. “You sure you’re up for tonight? If you go falling asleep on my dick again, I’m just gonna keep fucking you.”

Izuku shivered and nodded hastily. “Yeah. I’m fine. And if I do… you better breed my ass until I’m full. You said you might parade me around in the back alley, yeah?” He smirked. “There better be a fucking puddle dripping out of me.”

He reached for his clothes while Kacchan seemed to process what he’d said. “Do you want a hand?” He asked quietly. 

Izuku blinked at Kacchan. He was about to retort that he was perfectly capable of dressing himself, but he nodded instead. The blond was making an effort, and he didn’t want to make him feel like it was wasted. He let Kacchan push his sneakers onto his feet and lace them up while he pulled a vest over his head and shrugged on a loose flannel shirt. He looked like he’d been to hell and back, but his apartment was so close that it didn’t really matter. 

Kacchan practically led him home. Izuku barely noticed when they stopped at a konbini to pick up some dinner, blinking at the basket full of rice seasoning before looking back at Kacchan. 

“You need to eat something,” the blond shrugged. “This way you’ve at least got some variety. A-and… I can keep making you some extra food." He scratched the back of his head shyly. "It's no big deal. I gotta make bentos for myself anyway.”

Izuku nodded slowly, still a bit spacey. He didn’t feel like saying he had only eaten a few small meals since Moriko'd passed away. He was content to be led around the store, and then, to his apartment. He kicked off his shoes and collapsed on his futon when they got there, the few extra blankets he'd piled on before making it extra cozy now. He watched Kacchan flit around the apartment, tidying up the little bit of mess that had accumulated over the last couple of days, and Izuku felt a bit bad watching him do it. He wanted to say it wasn’t necessary, that he’d see to it himself later, but he just didn’t have the energy. And frankly, he knew he could use the help. 

Kacchan eventually approached the storage boxes stashed in the corner of the room, and Izuku knew he was trying to work out which one he kept his toys in. “Bottom one,” he said as he sat up. 

“Cool. Go eat while I figure out what I’m going to do with you,” Kacchan told him, shifting the boxes around to get to the right one. 


The food Kacchan had picked out was simple, unlikely to upset Izuku’s stomach after not eating properly for the last few days. He thought he wouldn’t be able to manage more than a few bites, but he was ravenous again once he got started. He ate enough to curb the hunger pangs, but forced himself to stop short of getting full. He didn’t want to feel uncomfortable during what he assumed was going to be a hell of a ride. 

He groaned aloud when he turned and saw the assortment of toys he’d produced: a collar, a long length of orange bondage rope, a blindfold and the biggest dildo Izuku owned. 

“Figured we’d need to work up to the mega-dong,” Kacchan teased. “Even you aren’t that much of a slut, right?”

“Good plan,” he agreed. He wasn’t in the mood to be bratty, still in that soft place where Kacchan taking care of everything sounded like everything he needed. So he just shed his clothes and knelt on the futon. He wanted to be taken apart until the world was a blur and nothing seemed important anymore. 

“I’ve been practicing with my climbing ropes and one of my parent’s mannequins,” Kacchan murmured, the barest hint of a blush on his cheeks as he picked up the shibari ropes. “Wanted to make it good for you.” 

“You always make it good for me, baby.” Izuku said softly with a grin. 

Kacchan knelt behind him and cinched the collar in place. Izuku melted as the blond pressed his thumbs into the knots of his shoulders--it hurt, but it hurt so good. He almost dozed off again as he was trussed up. He could let his guard down with Kacchan, at least for the sexual stuff. The blond’s hands skimmed across Izuku’s weary body, tying knots that tightened the rope around him over and over until he was completely immobilised. He'd bound his hands behind his back with ropes winding up his arms and around his chest, but he’d also done something Izuku had never seen before, taking the knots up the side of his neck and fashioning the restraints into a gag, too. Izuku’s dick throbbed in the cock cage. Kacchan grabbed the mirror off the wall and positioned it in front of him. He was getting more worked up by the moment, just seeing himself so helpless, and they’d barely begun. 

Kacchan clipped a leash to the heavy D ring attached to the collar and stood back to admire his handiwork.  Izuku watched him unbutton his jeans and squeeze the bulge in his underwear. He loved that Katsuki was just as affected by the scene already as he was. He left again to put the mirror a safe distance away, but Izuku could still see himself in it. He wouldn’t be able to for long, he thought as he eyed the blindfold, but Kacchan would have an awesome view of everything he was about to do to him. Kacchan’s touch was gentle as he returned to his side, unpicking Izuku’s topknot and combing his hair out with his fingers. He tried to nuzzle into Kacchan’s hand, but couldn’t, thanks to the restraints. Kacchan took a marker out of his pocket and uncapped it, and Izuku crossed his eyes trying to read what he was scrawling on his forehead. When the blond moved, he saw it in the mirror and whimpered. Kacchan had scribbled ‘slut’ in jagged, black kanji, and Izuku nodded his head eagerly. Yes, he would be Kacchan’s slut. He would take everything the blond could give him, if it meant he achieved that all-encompassing blankness. 

The blond continued writing all over Izuku’s body, wherever he could find space between his intricate knots. Soon enough, the ink was all over his skin. Everywhere Izuku looked was some kind of derogatory statement reminding him he was nothing more than a toy for Kacchan’s amusement, a slut and a sissy and anything else he wanted. When Izuku finally got to read it all, he felt his eyes prickle. It stung. 


“Green,” Izuku confirmed breathlessly, as best he could with the rope in his mouth.

“Good boy,” Kacchan praised as he knelt behind Izuku once more. He caught Izuku’s eyes in the mirror and gently tied the blindfold over his eyes, making sure his hair didn’t get caught. 

Izuku was so ready for a marathon fuck. Kacchan gently pushed him down until his face was buried in the futon, and he shifted as much as he could so his knees were a little further apart, inviting Kacchan to do whatever he pleased. “I saw you have one of those paddles that brand ‘slut’ into your ass. Are you okay with me using that, too?"

Izuku nodded into the blankets. Kacchan chuckled as he moved away again. He tensed when the leather barely touch his ass, shuddering as goosebumps erupted all over his skin as the caress continued. The rivets lining the leather were cold, and the difference in temperature drove him wild. 

“How many do you think you can handle?”

“Ma’e me bleed,” Izuku groaned around the gag. He didn’t care if he was beaten until he passed outHe’d already given Kacchan permission to fuck him even if he wasn’t conscious. 

Kacchan steadied himself and leaned on the space between Izuku’s shoulder blades. It made it a little hard to breathe, but he could bear it. Just when the anticipation was starting to make him antsy, the first blow came, soft on the side of the paddle without the studs. Izuku was just about with it enough to remind himself to praise him later for starting slow. He moaned softly at the strike. The blond built up the intensity gradually, holding onto the bindings after a while to keep Izuku from scooting forward with the force of it. Izuku gnawed at the make-shift gag, managing to swallow the noises for a while, but his backside felt like it was on fire and every single impact was making him thrash against the ropes. 

Katsuki hadn’t even started on the riveted side yet when Izuku heard the paddle hit the futon. He whimpered pathetically.. “Don’t worry. I promise you’ll get more soon enough, baby.”

Kacchan’s fingers traced Izuku’s fluttering entrance and he moaned again. He was willing to do just about anything to get the satisfaction of being filled at that point, and thankfully, wasn't acting as mean as Izuku knew he could. The pressure disappeared for a moment before the tips of Kacchan’s fingers, cold and slick with lube, returned. He squirmed and whined feeling the ropes biting at his skin. He was pleading with the blond even though he couldn’t use words, until Kacchan didn’t torment him any longer. Izuku clenched his fists as Kacchan slid three fingers straight inside. The stretch hurt, but it was a good kind of pain. He could handle it, relished it even. He keened as Kacchan’s fingers pressed against his sweet spot, rubbing his face against the bedding. The blond was so rough.  He could barely buck his hips or drive Kacchan deeper; all he could do was take it. All Izuku could think was more, deeper and harder as the troubles and tribulations of the last few days washed away. The only thing that mattered to him was Kacchan. A garbled whimper was the only sound he could make when he finally came. 

The blond gave him no time to recover, pulling his fingers out of Izuku’s ass and while he was still gaping and shuddering to slam the paddle down on Izuku’s thigh with an almost deafening crack . Izuku yelped, almost breaking through the ropes as he jumped from the impact. It was a new level of pain that only the other side of the paddle could bring him. 

Izuku lost track of how long Kacchan spanked him, but the heavy blows soon left him with the feeling of a searing hot trickle of blood down his legs. It was excruciating and divine at the same time. He wanted the reminder of this night to be with him for weeks. The blindfold was soaked with sweat and tears, and even though his sobs were silent, he had no doubt Kacchan had noticed them. Izuku hissed when the blows stopped and Kacchan’s rough fingertips trailed over his broken skin. 

“Your ass is a mess… It’s beautiful in a weird way.” Kacchan murmured softly. “There’s blood everywhere. You wanted to bleed, right? You’ve literally got ‘slut’ carved into your ass.”

Izuku quivered.

“Right here,” he mumbled as he traced one of the cuts. “And here. And here… Your skin is so red and bruised… There’s cum everywhere, too. I made you cum all over the paddle after I spanked you over and over with it. You’re fucking disgusting, Deku. You know that, right?”

He nodded into the blankets, agreeing with whatever Kacchan said. He was too far gone to care anymore. 

“You wanna go straight for the big dildo or work up to it?”

“Fuck me,” Izuku croaked. “Lube me up with your cum…”

“Yes, Sir,” Kacchan purred. 

Kacchan's hands slipped underneath the ropes around his hips and  dragged him backwards. It was easy to forget how strong he was when Izuku had been making him take whatever he'd give him almost every time they were alone together, but the way he moved Izuku around like he weighed nothing at all made him remember. When Kacchan finally filled him to the brim, he wanted to weep. He flexed his fingers and bit down on his gag as Kacchan hammered into him ruthlessly, with a complete lack of finesse. It felt like every nerve in his backside was on fire as Katsuki’s hips slammed against his raw skin. He began to feel like he was floating away, hovering somewhere on the brink of reality for what seemed like an eternity before he felt Kacchan cumming inside him and leaning against his legs, almost propping himself up with Izuku’s body.

“You ready for the monster dick?”

Izuku nodded, past the ability to talk. Kacchan slowly pulled out of Izuku’s hole and smacked his ass a few times, making him tighten up and quiver in anticipation. 

The blond moved away, and Izuku struggled into an upright position immediately, looking blindly around the apartment for some hint of where his partner was. “It’s okay,” Kacchan reassured him after a moment. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Izuku made a small noise, the crushing pressure of the panic ebbing away at the promise. He shuffled back until felt the smooth, slick silicone of the enormous dildo against his abraded skin and hissed at the sting of the lube in his cuts. 

“Now, what you’re going to do is ride it. I don’t care how many times you cum getting there, but you’re going to take it all. And once you’re riding it like the whore you are, I’m going to fuck your throat until you’re choking on my cum.”

He nodded at those sinful words and shifted up onto his knees. He shifted and tried to work out where the tip of the toy was, hovering above the toy once he finally found it until it felt like all the strength left his body. He just wanted to sink down and take it all. He had no idea if he could do it all at once, but he didn't want to have to inch down on it with legs that felt like they were made of jelly. 

“Better put those gorgeous thighs to good use, baby.”

Izuku rolled his hips in a circle, teasing his rim with the huge head of the dildo. It was so big he thought he could cum from it alone. He braced himself and began the descent, thighs burning with his cuts and welts stretched taut from the strain of keeping his entire body weight up. Normally, he could do squats for days, but squats didn’t generally involve dongs that were bigger than fists. And just the effort of keeping himself from taking it too quickly was weirdly arousing. Everything was weirdly arousing. 

“Has ‘Toshi ever seen you this wrecked?” Kacchan asked suddenly as he yanked the make-shift gag down. 

“No,” Izuku gasped, surprised he could even manage a one-word answer. 

“Has ‘Toshi ever fucked you as good as I do?”

Izuku shook his head, his whole body drenched in sweat. He was being stretched so damn much and he wanted Kacchan would touch him while he came, even if it was just to stroke his hair. He needed that grounding touch, but it wasn’t there, and he didn't know how to ask for it in the moment. He was too caught up in everything he was feeling. His head tipped back and his lips contorted into a silent scream as he slid down a few more inches than he wanted to. He had to back up, but he didn’t know if he even had the strength to do it anymore. He grit his teeth as he gingerly rocked in place, trying to alleviate some of the unbelievable pressure in his ass. Izuku had no idea how much more there was to go. Every muscle seemed to convulse at once as he climaxed, his cum squirting through the slit in the cage as his chest heaved. He wanted to put his hands on the floor, anything to steady himself, but he couldn’t. He was stuck halfway down the behemoth dildo. 

“Do you think he’d have his hands down his pants if he could see you now?”

Izuku faintly wondered what Kacchan’s sudden obsession with Hitoshi was about, but he just nodded, because he knew Hitoshi would be jerking off if he could see him.  Kacchan wound his hand in Izuku’s shaggy curls and smeared his pre over Izuku’s lips. He just about had the wherewithal to open his mouth, whining at the taste as Kacchan filled his mouth. It took far too much effort not to gag as his lover’s cock hit the back of his throat and he suddenly understood why it was called spitroasting, but the epiphany did little to comfort him. He couldn’t hold himself up any more. His knees gave out and he took the last god only knew how many inches, his wail of pleasure silenced by Kacchan’s dick. Kacchan kept him in place while he fucked his face. He could barely breathe, but that only added to the intensity. 

“Better get riding, slut, or I’ll have to punish you,” Kacchan growled as he pulled Izuku back and forth like a ragdoll. Izuku felt like his head was in the clouds. He didn't know if it was from Kacchan choking him or something else altogether, but either way, it was blissful and he didn’t want it to end. 

Kacchan held him close as he came down his throat, but Izuku wasn’t expecting it. He breathed at the wrong moment and coughed, his nose still pressed against Kacchan’s skin. He tried to swallow while he choked, tears streaming down his face as he struggled. Kacchan seemed to realise something was wrong and pulled back, leaving Izuku spluttering for air as semen dripped from his lips and nose. It burned , and he dimly thought about yellowing.

“Still green?” Kacchan questioned as he gently wiped his cum off Izuku’s face. 

He hadn't known how much he'd needed that question. He’d needed to know that Kacchan was there, and that he cared. Izuku nodded slowly once he caught his breath, even though his throat still burned and it felt like he could start coughing again at any moment. 

“You’re doing so good, Izuku,” Kacchan praised. Izuku beamed despite his exhaustion. “But it’s time to get that fat ass moving again. Show me what you’re made of, baby. Surely a little thing like that won’t stop you?”

Izuku mustered a weak glare, but it couldn’t have been that intimidating--not when he was covered in snot and cum. He tried to move, he really did. But he just couldn’t. 

“If you don’t start riding by the time I count to ten, I’m going to punish you. A whip should do the trick, huh?”  

Izuku furrowed his brows as Kacchan started to count. He was desperate to move. He wanted to make Kacchan proud and praise him more, but his legs just weren't cooperating. What the hell was wrong with him? As Kacchan got closer to the mark, he moved away again, and Izuku was sure he was getting a whip. The whip cracked down on his skin without warning, and he fought back a mewl. Izuku shifted and wiggled his hips, spurred on by the all-encompassing sting of the leather. 

“What’s wrong, Deku ? Are you stuck? Too tired to move?” Kacchan chided as he lashed out again, landing a few more blows in rapid succession. “ Pathetic! ”  

Izuku sobbed, voice broken and throat raw. He was drowning but didn’t want to come back up for air. Kacchan was right: he was useless and pathetic. If he could just overcome this one stupid little thing and move his goddamn hips, everything would be okay. 

“You want me to help you!?” Kacchan roared as he grabbed the ropes. 

“Puh’se,” he whined, barely able to form a complete word. 

Kacchan hauled him up off the dong and Izuku wailed at the awful sensation of emptiness. Kacchan was so close to him that he could feel the brush of his knuckles against his slick skin. “You don’t wanna ride it, but you don’t want to get off it? What the fuck is going on, Deku ?” He let go of the ropes and Izuku went down like a rock. Izuku gasped as he sank down, his hole greedily sucking in the monstrous toy as he went. He panted, undulating his hips in some demented effort to get the friction he needed. He was so close, so very--

His toes curled and his vision went white as he climaxed again. This time there was nothing but a dribble of cum, a few drops clinging to the plastic encasing his dick. 

“I don’t think you worked hard enough for that one.”

And so it continued. Kacchan beat him, marred his flash and made him hurt in so many different ways and fucked his throat until he couldn’t make a sound anymore. Izuku lost track of how many times they’d both cum at that point. He couldn’t get enough of it, though. He never wanted it to end. 

It got to the point where Izuku could barely keep his eyes open. He kept dozing off while Kacchan wielded whatever weapon he had on hand, or while he was supposed to be sucking his dick. Kacchan seemed to find how limp and loose he was hot, though. “I suppose I should thank ‘Toshi for making you into such a slut, hmm?” Kacchan cooed. “What d’you reckon, ‘Toshi? He’s been pretty good, huh?”

“For sure. Get that thing off him and let him cum properly, man. This is torture at this point.”

Izuku felt like he’d been hit by a train the moment he put two and two together and realised 'Toshi had been watching. It was a wake-up call he never wanted again. He wrenched his head backwards, the sting in this scalp no longer pleasant. He wobbled precariously as he tried to control the ice-cold dread that flooded him.

“W-what? ‘Toshi?” He called out so hoarsely that it was barely audible, confused and terrified at his sudden appearance. Was he in the apartment with them? “D-don’t look at me!” 

“Yeah, I’m here…” Izuku turned his body away from the sound of Hitoshi’s voice, gasping for air as the panic set in. “What the hell, Bakugo? I thought you'd talked this all through beforehand!" Hitoshi's voice softened before addressing Izuku. "Izuku, I’m so sorry. If I’d have known, I would’ve hung up straight away. Call me if you need me, okay?”

“Izuku? Are you okay?” Kacchan tried.

“Get away from me!” Izuku sobbed, hunching until his forehead was on his knees. It hurt to fight against the bindings but it was the only way he could think of to cover himself. “Get the fuck out of my apartment.”

“Wait, let me at least unt-”

Get out!

How long had Hitoshi been there? What’d he seen? Izuku couldn’t stop crying. He felt so betrayed and violated. He wanted to jump off a bridge and never see anyone again. 

“I’m sorry,” Kacchan apologised as he hurriedly got dressed again. 

“Fuck off!”

Izuku heard his front door close and the sobs he’d been holding back finally flowed freely. The silence in his apartment was deafening as he twisted and pulled at the ropes until they tore, hissing at the burns it caused. He pulled the blindfold off and finally caught sight of himself in the mirror. He looked like he’d had a major battle with a villain. The aches and pains seemed to wash over him all at once, and he was suddenly extremely aware of the oversized toy still inside him. His hands shook so much as he grabbed the base of the dildo that he almost missed it. Even trying to budge it a millimetre hurt too much and he was terrified. What if he had to go to hospital? That was just what he needed. He wasn’t even out to the public. He could see the headlines now: ‘ Hero Deku: world’s biggest gay slut.’ 

He tried for several minutes, but he just couldn’t get the toy out. He was outright weeping by the time he grabbed his phone and punched in Hitoshi’s number. He must’ve been waiting by the phone because he answered immediately.


“I can’t get it out,” Izuku hiccuped, trying and failing to hide the despair. 

“I’ll be with you in five minutes, yeah? I’ll help. Just breathe for me, Izuku.”

The line went dead and Izuku lowered himself onto the futon. He tried to breathe as much as possible but he couldn’t get a handle on the panicked gasps that plagued him. He pulled his blanket up over him so he wasn’t completely naked and watched the genkan. Five minutes later, as promised, a very disheveled Hitoshi stepped into the apartment and kicked off his shoes. 

“Let me just wash my hands and then I’ll help. Do you want me to clean up those wounds, too? Some of them looked pretty… intense.”

“Yeah. Guess so.”

Izuku watched the purple-haired boy warily as he washed his hands and came back with a bowl of warm water and some cotton balls. 

“Can you lay on your stomach?”

Izuku eyed Hitoshi up, almost too worried to turn his back on him, but hesitantly turned over. Hitoshi crouched between his legs and began dabbing at his raw skin. “Breathe with me, in through your nose and out through your mouth. In, two, three, four. Out, two, three, four, five. With me, Izuku.” 

Izuku struggled to get the rhythm right, but Hitoshi’s soothing voice and gentle ministrations lulled him into a half-sleep. He was vaguely aware of antiseptic being applied to his open wounds and hissed uncomfortably. 

“I know, I know. It sucks. Keep breathing. You’re doing great. We’ll be done soon, I promise.”

Izuku nodded into his pillow. Once the worst of the abrasions were tended to, Hitoshi gripped the base of the dildo, told him to take a deeper breath and began working it free. Izuku bit his lip at the unpleasant sensation but did his best not to tense up again. Hitoshi tossed the toy aside the moment it was out and rubbed Izuku’s back soothingly. “See, we’re done. D’you want me to go or…?”

“Stay, please? I… don’t feel great.”

“Not surprising, hun. Wanna hand up? I can get you a drink.”

“Yeah. Grab some clothes for me? I don’t care what,” he mumbled as he got pulled up to his feet. “There’s juice in the fridge.”

Hitoshi passed him a large tee and some comfortable shorts, and grabbed two glasses from the kitchen cupboard. Izuku wobbled over to the kotatsu and groaned when he struggled to sit down again. Hitoshi placed a glass of juice in front of him and sat down on the opposite side of the table. 

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not right now. I need… time.” He looked down at his scarred hands. “Could you just talk to me? About anything.”

Hitoshi blinked at him, but started telling him about some medical k-drama he was watching at the moment, and Izuku listened for hours. He started falling asleep at the kotatsu and shooed in the direction of the futon. 

Hitoshi lay down next to him, but they didn’t cuddle. Everything was just too raw for that. Izuku began nodding off just as the sun was coming up, only his pinky finger hooked around Hitoshi’s for reassurance. He could hear Hitoshi tapping away on his phone and smiled sleepily. Being friends with an insomniac made him feel safer, knowing Hitoshi was still watching out for him.

He dreaded seeing Kacchan again. He didn’t trust himself not to bawl in front of everyone like a loser. Part of him wanted to put an end to whatever their relationship was, but the thought made his chest feel tight. He needed to tell him how serious his mistake was, but he just felt sick. Dimly, he wished he’d gone over what being a good Dom meant, maybe then it wouldn’t have happened. 

Chapter Text

When Izuku finally fell asleep, he was plagued by nightmares and startled awake several times, only for Hitoshi to comfort him, telling him about life with his new roommate, being woken up by her and her partner in the daytime when he was trying to sleep or a new album he was excited for, his voice barely above a whisper until he drifted off again. He didn’t care what was said, just the sound of Hitoshi’s voice was enough to lull him back to sleep. He dreamt of long falls and bone-breaking stops, drowning in an endless abyss and screams that would haunt him for years to come. He got too frustrated with the cycle around midmorning and sat up, his eyes were puffy and sore, crusted with tears. He glanced at Hitoshi, and saw he was finally asleep, so Izuku didn’t want to disturb him, so he carefully crawled out of the futon to avoid waking him, just to come face to face with the blood that had dried on his sheets. He tentatively ran his fingers over the parts of his skin that felt the most raw, careful not to be too rough and open the wounds once again, finding them sticky. He couldn't stop cringing whenever that stickiness met his fingertips. It made him feel dirty, and painfully aware that his skin was caked in cum, lube and blood. He wanted to submerge himself in scalding water to get rid of the grime, hoping it would burn away the lingering feelings of revulsion and betrayal, but it wasn’t possible in his tiny bathroom. He would have to make do with a steaming hot shower. He wiped the gunk from his eyes as he puttered around the kitchen making coffee, desperate for a pick-me-up. 

He leaned against the kitchen counter, staring out the window as he sipped from his cup. He didn’t want to be alone, but he knew he couldn’t go to work like this. He loved his friends, but they were too intrusive, and he knew they wouldn’t let him wallow. He needed someone quiet around who would respect his silence. 

After thinking through anyone who might be free, he settled on Kenichi. He was a data analyst for Nighteye’s agency who worked from home, rarely talked to anyone and had a steady supply of booze and weed to keep himself entertained, and that sounded absolutely perfect just then. Especially since his other attempt to take his mind off Moriko’s death had ended disastrously. Izuku’s eyes prickled just thinking about Kacchan. He set his cup down and went to shower.

He spent a good half hour under the spray of hot water, watching every bit of what he hadn't wanted to happen pool at his feet and swirl around the drain. He thought about what it would be like to just… float away. Because between Moriko's suicide and each lash on his body, he couldn’t help but wonder if things would’ve been better if he had just accepted an offer and gone to someone else’s agency. His team clearly wasn't functional, so he couldn't see how they'd be of any use to anybody. He knew they were days from being able to open, but he felt like he’d been wasting the other’s time. Everyone he was working with, Kacchan included, could’ve been making names for themselves and moving up the rankings, but now, they would have to work even harder. Kacchan must hate it. Izuku let the boiling water cascade over his head and face, mixing with the tears that began to flow as he thought about Kacchan again. He couldn’t fathom why he was almost more concerned with Kacchan’s career than his own wellbeing. He needed to stop thinking about the blond for a while and focus on himself. He needed to remind himself that it was okay to care for his own needs once in a while. But he couldn't. His mind kept pulling him back there.

“Izuku…?” Hitoshi called from outside the bathroom. He shook himself and glanced at the door. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah… be out in a minute…” 

He quickly washed his hair and stopped the water. He wanted to feel less vulnerable. If nothing else, he needed to be able to work comfortably with Kacchan, and he wasn’t sure if he could do that at the moment. He wrapped himself up in his usual towel and emerged from the bathroom, his skin pink from the heat of the water. He didn't mind it, though. He minded it so much less than those marks that wouldn't come off for days. 

“Bakugo called. I didn’t answer, obviously, but he’s probably freaking out,” Histoshi told him as he mooched through his cupboards, looking for something to snack on. “As he should be. I’m going to fucking tear him a new one.”

Izuku watched him from the kotatsu. It was tempting to tell him that he wouldn’t find anything worth eating, Izuku’s cupboards were bare. “Please don’t,” he sighed, thinking through what it'd look like for Kacchan to really get a piece of Hitoshi's mind... instead of his own. That was something that he needed to do himself. He wanted Kacchan to really understand how much he’d hurt him, and why it mattered this time when it hadn’t in the past. “I… get what he was trying to do. It might've even been kind of hot if he’d asked me first…” 

Hitoshi tossed a bag of pretzel sticks onto the kotatsu that he’d unearthed before grabbing the cup of coffee Izuku had left for him. “I still don’t like it. What kind of moron thinks it's okay to just do that?” 

“I dunno. It’s the first time he’s really tried to dom, you know? All the other times we hooked up, he was either subbing or it was kind of neutral.” He forced himself to grab a few pretzels, slowly chewing on one as he contemplated the night before, slowly chewing on one as he contemplated the night before and trying to ignore the dry bits caking his mouth as he swallowed.. “Look, I’m not trying to downplay it. It was a massive cock-up and I’m definitely going to have to talk to him about it…”

“Yeah, you are.”

The whole morning just felt wrong . It should’ve been Kacchan in his apartment munching on pretzels with him. Not Hitoshi. “I think we actually need to talk about… us.”

“About fucking time, dude.”

“Oh, eat a dick.” Izuku’s lips twitched into an almost-smile, in spite of himself. 

Hitoshi gently bumped against his shoulder with a soft look on his face. “Even if you aren’t ready for it to be official, like, at least come up with some fucking boundaries. ‘Cuz I’m not gonna lie: it’s getting kinda awkward being in the middle of you two.” 

Izuku grimaced. “Sorry.”

“It's ok. You just have some shit to figure out." ‘Toshi handed him another pretzel with a pointed look. ”And hey, if you both want me around, that’s a different story.” 

Izuku managed a small grin as the conversation petered out. He still didn’t feel great, and he was definitely thinking about skipping work for the day, but it was nice to have some type of path forward. The weight of it all wasn’t crushing him anymore, ot as much as earlier when he could barely make heads or tails of the thoughts swarming him. “I was thinking about visiting Kenichi today. Wanna come with?”

Hitoshi shook his head. “Can't. I'm working tonight, and I got hauled into the boss's office for smelling dank last time.”



Before he knew it, the bag of pretzels was empty, their coffee was gone, and he decided it was time to get dressed and go. He felt this urge to get out of his apartment and away from everything that'd happened there. He didn't find himself minding Hitoshi watching him toweling off his hair and throwing on some clothes for the day, even if it felt like a wrong-time-and-place kind of thing. He knew Hitoshi was assessing him from a distance, trying to work out if he needed more help. The devastating need to cover himself up was beginning to abate, Moriko’s passing was still weighing heavily on his mind, and he kept circling back to what he was going to say to Kacchan next time he saw him. He'd only done the relationship talk once before, and he'd never planned on doing it after something like last night. 

They left the apartment when he was ready to go, Hitoshi leading the way. As Izuku was shutting his front door, he noticed an envelope taped to it. He figured it was probably from Kacchan, so curiosity won out over thinking through next steps, and he opened it. 

He regretted it instantly. 

Inside was a picture of Moriko as she climbed over the railings of a local bridge, her shoes neatly sitting on the sidewalk as a looming warning sign that she was just about to do it. Izuku could barely breathe. A quick glance at the message scrawled at the bottom of the photo told him all he needed to know. 

‘You couldn’t even save one little girl.’  

He shoved the picture into Hitoshi’s hands and turned away. “Can you take that into the office for me and let them know I’ll be in tomorrow? I’m not… I can’t…”

Hitoshi’s eyes flicked down at the picture and his brows creased for a moment before shoved it in his pocket, his teeth teasing his lip as the worry set in. “Of course. Uh, you got long left on your lease?”

“A couple of months, I think." The building was owned by a guy that catered to low-income hero industry workers like entry level sidekicks, so Izuku guessed he didn't have much longer to go. He grabbed Hitoshi’s arm, fearing his legs would give out under him as the icy tendrils of dread constricted his chest. 

"You, uh, might wanna leave after that. This doesn't look good, Izuku."

They were right at the point they’d have to split ways, and he felt as naked and afraid as he had last night. But for something he'd done. For something other people knew he'd done. He wondered if visiting Kenichi was really the best idea, or if going into the office would make him feel a little less terrible, even with Kacchan there. Just having other people around who knew it wasn't his fault. 

“That wasn’t random. Someone knows where I live...”

“Yeah." Hitoshi rested his hand gently on Izuku’s. "And if you need a couch to crash on, you can always stay at my place. You know that.” 

“Thanks, 'Toshi." Izuku took a deep breath while he thought about what to do next. "Can I call later?”

“Of course.” Hitoshi ran his hand through his hair. “Maybe try not to get totally wasted? You might end up feeling worse…”

“Yeah…” Izuku peered in the direction of Kenichi’s flat and sighed. “I don’t know if I want to go… or…”

Hitoshi pulled him in for a brief, but firm hug. “Dude, you’ve all been working so hard on getting the agency up and running. Have a day off, relax and unwind. Stay at my place if you want to, and come back fresh tomorrow.”

He nodded uneasily and started off in the opposite direction for Kenichi's place. He couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder every once in a while, wondering if any of the people going about their business were the ones who'd taken that picture. He started building a mental checklist, creating a protocol to follow: alert the team, move if he could, get extra security if he couldn’t, contact the authorities, start investigating recent anti-hero activity. He stopped at the konbini closest to Kenichi’s home and grabbed a peace offering consisting of a couple packs of his favourite gummy candy and some cat treats. The guy wasn’t exactly social and he knew that him dropping in unannounced could make him uncomfortable, so even if it wasn’t much, it was what he could afford to make the visit a little less jarring. Most of his friends didn’t like the shut-in, claiming he was a bad influence on Izuku, but he ignored them. Sure, he started smoking pot after they started hanging out, but Kenichi never forced him to do anything. He’d been lost in thought, staring at the shelves of sweets and scratching at a scar on his arm when he startled at the sound of footsteps behind him. 

“Sorry,” a woman with a toddler apologised as she brushed past him. 

Izuku put as much space between them as he could before he came to his senses. He muttered his own apology as he headed towards the checkout and dumped the candy and treats on the counter. He was rapidly beginning to hate this newfound paranoia. It made him feel so weak and helpless, above and beyond anything Kacchan had ever made him feel. He dropped a few coins into the tray, his chest tightening at the repulsed look the cashier gave him. Did she know who he was? What he’d done? Could she tell how much of a failure he was? Could she see the cuts and bruises through his shirt? His thoughts were spiralling out of control, and he was just about ready to bolt from the store, leaving both the money and the makeshift gift when he noticed what she was actually disgusted by. 

There was blood on the coins. 

Izuku’s throat burned as he checked his hands, noticing for the first time the crimson stains under his nails. "I'm so sorry." He scooped up the money and fished around in his other pocket for a few yen that weren’t dirty. 

He left the store with his cheeks burning and heart hammering uncontrollably as he checked his hands over. One of his scars was bleeding and it all made sense.   

As he entered the house, treading quietly in case Kenichi was streaming, he was greeted by Niisuke and Zim, Kenichi’s two cats. Izuku offered them both treats as he navigated the complicated box fort that was located in the entryway. He paused to admire some of the new artwork Kenichi’s fans had sent him before quietly entering his home office, just in case he was streaming. 

Kenichi was sprawled out on his stomach on the floor, hammering away at his keyboard while surrounded by cute ghost plushies. He was older than Izuku, in his late twenties, with fashionable silver hair streaked with various shades of blue. He was the kind of skinny that came from subsisting on just energy drinks and the affection of his cats. “Zu? What’re you doing here?” 

“New mascot?” Izuku asked, looking at the plushies littering the office. Kenichi was getting a little experimental with his content, and was working on creating an ARG story. “Needed to get away from the office for a bit. Came to see my favourite shut-in.” 

“Yeah! My community seems to be really into the ghost storyline I’m working on, so I decided that’d be my main thing, you know?” Kenichi glanced over his shoulder and Izuku saw the beginnings of concern on his face. He must’ve really looked like crap if Kenichi noticed straight away.

“Yeah,” Izuku hummed as he dropped into a beanbag next to Kenichi and grabbed the blunt from the ashtray. 

“Feeling rough? Y’only come here when things are shitty.”

He took a long drag. “Something like that. I’ll tell you about it later," he said, letting the smoke out slow and watching it wind up into the air. “So you're definitely going by Ghost now?” He wanted to keep the conversation away from his troubles for now. 

“Yeah. There’s beer in the fridge if you want one.”

“Thanks. I’ll grab one in a minute.” He sank back into the beanbag. “Got much work today?”

Ghost glanced at the work diary next to his laptop. “Nah, not really. I can ditch it for a few hours. Wanna play some Smash?”


Izuku watched Kenichi set up his console before suddenly scrambling up off the beanbag to raid the kitchen. He came back with alcohol and a large variety of snacks. “Oh, I brought some of those gummies you like.”

“Sweet! And you grabbed snacks too! Awesome!”

From then on, the weight of the troubles seemed to diminish. Zim, a cream-coloured tabby, curled up in Izuku’s lap and went to sleep, purring away like a motor. Niisuke and Zim. They played mindless video games for hours, and beer bottles piled up around them. Izuku was calm, lost in the motions of mashing buttons and taunting Ghost when he lost--even if that wasn’t often. They made some changes to the kitty castle, expanding it and even painting the inside of the chateau to look more stately.

But he still craved more of that blessed floaty, soft feeling that he’d with Kacchan the night before, before everything went wrong. He couldn’t help but think that letting everything go would feel phenomenal when he was pretty wasted. He tried to crawl across the space between them, and the effort it took to put one hand in front of the other was out of this world, but this time, it was because he was pissed. 

“I forgot how much of a slutty drunk you are…” Ghost mumbled as Izuku pawed at his dick. 

“D’as me. Sluttiest slut to ever slut.” Izuku laughed, the sound of it hollow and mechanical, despite the uncomfortable pang in his gut. Kenichi was the one that Katsuki should’ve been thanking for how he ended up this way, not Hitoshi. “Fuck me?”

He didn’t answer for a moment, and Izuku suddenly felt even worse. Just as he was about to laugh it off and try to pretend it was a joke, Ghost wriggled around in his grasp and planted a kiss on Izuku’s lips. “‘Course I will, doofus.” Izuku tried not to read too much into the hint of worry creasing Ghost’s eyebrows. “You sure you don’t want to just talk though? I can listen…”

Izuku didn’t answer. He just tangled his paint-covered hands in Ghost’s hair and nipped his lip. “Make me forget my own fucking name,” he whispered, trying to ignore the feelings saying those words dredged up. Wasn’t that exactly what he’d wanted Kacchan to do? Was it all going to end the same way? Ghost was a streamer, was he going to end up broadcasted to the masses? He couldn’t shake the horrible feeling that Ghost was going to do something that messed him up even more than Kacchan had, even if he wasn’t like that. Ghost wasn’t pushy at all, and he knew how to run a scene. But his body felt just like it had the night before. 

“Well, okay then…” Ghost murmured uneasily. 

Izuku swallowed the lump in his throat as Ghost’s hands found his hips, they were still covered in paint, everyone would be able to see just how gross Izuku was, but he tried to put the thought out of his head. Ghost was treating him with so much more care than usual, it made him feel weird. Things had started to get like that with Kacchan and… 

He was catapulted back to reality as Ghost toyed with the hem of his shirt. Izuku grabbed his hand in a crushing, panicked grip. “Leave it on.” There was something in Ghost’s expression that Izuku hated, but he didn’t want to back down now. He needed to get out of his head.  

Chapter Text

Izuku could hear talking… 

He rolled over, trying to figure out who it was, and where it was coming from. He blinked a few times then rubbed his eyes, chasing away the last few remnants of sleep. Something soft and warm brushed against his arm and he couldn’t help the way he shied away from the contact. It was just Niisuke, he realised a moment later. Which meant he was in Kenichi’s house. 

Which meant the talking was probably him streaming. 

Izuku knew they’d stumbled back into the office at some point, but he was disoriented, couldn’t figure out exactly where Kenichi was. Somewhere behind him. He’d lost his shirt even though he intended not to, which meant…

Which meant all his cuts and bruises were visible to the camera…

He felt sick. 

“Just a reminder, no cam today since I have a friend over, might turn it on later if he says it’s okay.” Kenichi announced cheerfully, almost as if he knew how Izuku was feeling. 

He almost got whiplash from how quickly his emotions changed. His throat burned and his eyes prickled dangerously. It was at that point he noticed a little care package next to him, a bottle of water and some painkillers for his hangover, antiseptic and fresh dressings for the cuts from last night, and more. He felt… cared for. Kenichi wasn’t normally like that, it was something he could rely on but this time it felt kind of nice. Izuku couldn’t hold back the sniffles, even though he tried to. 

“Oh hey, you’re awake…” Kenichi murmured, sounding a little distracted. “Oh wait… no don’t cry… BRB guys!”

“S-sorry…” he gasped amid the sobs. He couldn’t contain it anymore. He felt like shit and he honestly hadn’t expected the shut-in to be so respectful of him, he was caught off guard by the kindness. It shocked him to realise just how paranoid he’d gotten in just a few short hours. 

“It’s fine, I understand. You’re going through some shit. Want a hand up? You can go crash in my room for a bit if you want?”

Izuku vehemently shook his head. He didn’t want to be alone. 

“No? Okay, you up for playing co-op then? I messaged ‘Toshi and asked him to bring some clean clothes over sooooo…”

“Yeah... I’ll play.”

“Want any help with your dressings?”

“...You don’t mind?”

“‘Course not. You just take your painkillers and sip the water I left you, and I’ll do that, yeah?”


He took the tablets and sipped his drink while Kenichi cleaned him up. It felt weird, but reassuring. A few minutes later he struggled to his feet and took the other plush office chair at Kenichi’s desk. They booted up some other game, and while it was loading, Izuku happened to glance at the chat, and saw a few well wishing messages from Kenichi’s fans. 

“Whoops, didn’t turn the mic off. Sorry ‘Zu.”

“Don’t worry about it.” 

He began to calm down after that. Knowing his friends were there for him really helped, he hadn’t realised how much he’d needed to know he would be respected. It was still hard to focus on the game, but that was fine.

Hitoshi definitely didn’t get enough sleep for this shit. He traipsed through the streets to Izuku’s agency with the picture tucked in his back pocket, thinking over what he was going to say. He needed to be civil, he knew he couldn’t let the others know what had gone down last night. He also knew he couldn’t tear into Bakugo like he wanted. He huffed to himself as he barged into the office and made straight for the break room. 

He almost felt sorry for Bakugo when he saw how worried he looked.

“‘Zu’s... fine, but you have bigger things to worry about right now,” he said as he handed the picture over.

The silence that followed was heavier than cement. 

Bakugo leapt to his feet so ferociously that his chair went flying. He felt a pang of something uncomfortable when he saw just how livid the blond was. He really cared about Izuku, and Hitoshi knew it. He was just pissed off at being the cause of tension between them yet again . Especially because it would have all been solved with a simple chat! 

Bakugo stormed off, and the bang that followed was either an explosion or the back door being torn off its hinges. Jirou and Todoroki glanced at each other. 

“Have they split up or something?” Jirou asked hesitantly, gesturing over her shoulder.

“No… just…” he shrugged because he couldn’t figure out how to explain it without going into too much detail. 

Hitoshi sighed softly and followed Bakugo out to the shop’s dinky yard. He half expected to see a crater when he got there, but the blond seemed surprisingly composed. 

“Is he really okay?” 

“Not really, but I couldn’t exactly say that. Probably off his face right now, and I can’t exactly blame him. He’s with Kenichi.”

He could see the gears turning in Bakugo’s mind. 


“That’s the one, our stoner shut-in friend.”

“Oh…” Bakugo threw himself into one of the flimsy plastic chairs tucked in the corner of the yard and practically deflated. “Everything’s going wrong…” he mumbled, looking so defeated that Hitoshi had to admit he felt a bit sorry for him.  “Maybe everyone’s right and I’m too fucking feral for a decent relationship…”

Hitoshi wasn’t sure he was supposed to have heard that last part, but he had really good hearing. It hit him all at once that Bakugo was dealing with some serious self-worth issues. He couldn’t muster up the kind of contempt he wanted to, he just felt increasingly concerned. About both of them. He could almost see exactly what was going to happen. Izuku wasn’t exactly known for his healthy coping mechanisms, and Bakugo didn’t have any , healthy or otherwise. It was a recipe for disaster and he was torn between being as far away from it as he could be and trying to keep his friend from spiralling out of control… and if that meant dealing with Bakugo’s shit…

 “Hey now, cut that out. Yeah, it’s going wrong but-”

“But what?!” Bakugo roared. 

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and leaned on the wall beside him. “I wouldn’t say you’re beyond hope. Just try using your brain once in a while. I assume you have one? It’s not just a fireball in your head right?”

“There’s gonna be one in your head in a minute if you don’t shut up.” 

“Look, I can’t say I’m impressed with you at the moment, but like, if you need to talk then I’ve got ears, right?” The blond gave him the filthiest look he could muster. “Bearing in mind that the lack of talking is what got you in this mess. So like… think about it.”  

He turned to leave, but felt a hand close on his wrist. 

“Wait…” Bakugo bit his lip as he tried to figure out what to say, and Hitoshi was instantly taken back to that other time in the yard… he just seemed bizarrely small and vulnerable. “Stay? I’m… not very good at talking but I want to try…”

Chapter Text

Katsuki stayed outside for hours, talking with Hitoshi until he got a message and had to leave. The purple-haired boy had listened to him without --much-- judgement and offered input where necessary, but mostly he just stayed quiet. It just felt wrong, Katsuki should’ve been spilling his guts to Izuku, not some reject troll doll, but he couldn’t help but think he’d utterly blown it with him. Hitoshi did try to reassure him a couple of times, saying that he didn’t think it was entirely hopeless and that once Izuku had recovered from everything they’d be fine again, but Katsuki had his doubts. 

Once he was alone with his thoughts, he realised that they were likely being watched. Someone probably followed Izuku home one night, and that made him more uncomfortable than he’d ever felt before. Was it just Izuku? Were his parents in danger? What the hell was he going to do about that? 

He had to move out.

It was the only way. But he hadn’t even put an offer in on any apartments yet. How was he going to get his belongings? He didn’t want to go home just in case whoever was watching them hadn’t figured out his home address yet. He would have to ask someone to pick a bag or two up. He had no idea who to ask though. Katsuki didn’t want to get anyone else involved in this shitshow, but he couldn’t shake this feeling that the picture wasn’t going to be the end of it. He’d heard of similar things happening to small agencies ever since All For One broke out of Tartarus, but he never in his wildest dreams thought it would happen to them. He stayed out there for hours, staring blankly at the paving slabs, churning the issue over. 

Katsuki hurried back into the building and found an email from a local landlady. It was the cheapest one-bedroom apartment he’d been able to find --he wouldn’t settle for anything less-- and made arrangements to move in ASAP. So he might’ve bribed her with the offer of double the rent if it meant they could work out the leasing agreement month by month. He’d explained his current situation --it wasn’t like she hadn’t heard it before, she had plenty of entry-level heroes in her building, so she was amenable. It was still going to take a few days though, and it wasn’t like he could crash at Izuku’s place until then. Katsuki resigned himself to a few nights on the office floor. He deserved it anyway, for fucking up so bad. Hesitantly, he grabbed his phone and typed out a message to the one person other person that could’ve been involved.  

Hey, Hitoshi, I know this is a lot to ask and everything, but if my parents dropped a bag of my stuff at your place, could you look after it for a few days? It won’t be big, I promise, just some clothes and toiletries, you know?’ 

The reply took longer than Katsuki would’ve liked, and he started to worry that he’d overstepped yet another boundary just by contacting Hitoshi again. 

Sure. I’m at work now but my roommate can take it in. Izuku’s with us tonight, do you want me to send it in with him tomorrow?’ 

Sounds good. How’s he doing?

Instead of worrying about the reply, Katsuki decided to grab some dinner from a nearby restaurant and slipped out the building before anyone else could ambush him. He wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore. Really, he’d barely been in the mood to talk earlier but he had to. If he and Izuku were going to get through this and still be together at the end of it… 

Katsuki hated thinking about it. 

He tucked himself away in the corner of the restaurant and glanced at his phone again. 

Quiet and drunk,’ Hitoshi’s reply informed him. ‘He was playing video games in my room when I left.

He breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Izuku’s whereabouts were accounted for, and that he seemed to be okay at the very least. He made arrangements for his dad to drop off a bag of clothes at Hitoshi’s apartment while he ate his food, barely paying attention to it. It was fine, there was nothing wrong with it. He wanted to message Izuku and check if he was okay, but he seemed like he was making a point to stay off his phone, which was understandable. It was far too easy to get lost in all the bad press. It was probably just better for his mental health to focus on other things.  

Once Katsuki finished his meal and paid, he made his way back to the office and thought about where it would be the most comfortable to set up for the night. They hadn’t managed to get the quiet room sorted out yet, so there wasn’t even a sofa that he could curl up on for a few nights. Jirou and Todoroki watched him sympathetically, and he could barely stand the stares. He could feel the anger bubbling dangerously in the pit of his stomach, and he was pretty sure there wasn’t going to be much of an office left if they didn’t quit it soon. 

“You could stay with us until this blows over, my parents would understand,” Todoroki offered casually as closing time came and went and Katsuki made no moves to leave. 

Katsuki grunted at him. He had no interest in staying with them again. It was always far too tense. 

“Or us, Momo wouldn’t mind at all, I promise!” Jirou added. “I was going to get the train way out of the way and then take the long way home by bus, just to be on the safe side, but if they’ve already discovered where Izuku lives then…”

“It's fine. I’m fine. I’d rather be here anyway. What if someone tries to break in? We have loads of sensitive data hanging around.”

Jirou bit her lip, and Katsuki briefly wondered why they were being so kind to him, surely he didn’t deserve it? Eventually he shooed them out of the building and set up in the first-floor office, the room on the ground was visible from the street and he didn’t want everyone in the city to see just what a piteous fuckwad he was. He began looking for some cheap furniture for his new place, and ordered a few pieces to be delivered on the day after he moved in, staying up well into the night. 

The cycle continued in much the same way over the next few days. Izuku decided to officially open the agency a week early so they could claim additional resources, and Katsuki noticed Hitoshi was hanging around a lot in the daytime, which didn’t bother him as much as he thought it should. They spent a lot of time in the office Katsuki was using as a makeshift bedroom, though he always tidied up before everyone else arrived in the morning, and when Katsuki joined them he never felt unwelcome. The purple-haired boy was good at networking online and was able to put feelers out into anti-hero forums for news without arousing suspicion. After a while Katsuki realised he kind of appreciated Shinsou’s presence, he spent hours chatting back and forth with the insomniac. 

He realised 'Toshi was actually kind of funny sometimes? 

Izuku seemed to relax over the course of the week too. He was focused on finding out who had discovered his address while simultaneously finding new accommodation but the jumpiness abated gradually and he even managed a few genuine smiles here and there. Each one made Katsuki feel like he was staring into the heart of the sun, but he never knew how to ask if Izuku was okay. He knew they had to talk about that night sometime, but he didn’t know if the green-haired boy wanted to wait until the issues at the office were dealt with or not. 

“Hey,” Izuku murmured as he set a coffee in front of Katsuki one afternoon. Shinsou was with them again, buried in some messageboard or something. “‘Toshi mentioned your furniture is coming today. Want a hand moving it?”

Behind him, Shinsou flashed them a tired grin. Katsuki felt his cheeks warm a touch but he nodded slowly. “Yeah, it's coming this evening. I… wouldn’t mind but please don’t feel obligated or anything… if you still… need time…” Katsuki wasn’t sure he’d ever felt more awkward but he didn’t want Izuku to feel like he had to do it. 

Izuku snorted and went back to his desk. “I’m doing better now… I miss you,” he admitted, as a light pink blush crept down his cheeks and neck. 

“You do?”


Suddenly, it felt like everything was going to be okay again. Izuku actually wanted to spend time with him, and that was a step in the right direction. “Then… sure. We can grab some food on the way back?”

Izuku nodded as he got back to work, and Katsuki fell silent too. There wasn’t much else he could say. He felt like there were going to do a whole lot more than just shift furniture around. That talk… for instance. The one he’d known was coming for days. It didn’t sound like Izuku was going to break up with him, but there was that niggling voice in the back of his head telling him that Izuku should ditch him. 

His hands shook as he typed out a quick message to Shinsou. ‘Should I be worried?

The purple-haired boy glanced at him again, something akin to sympathy plastered all over his face, and Katsuki wanted to throttle him. ‘I don’t think so. Just be honest about the stuff we talked about, yeah?’ 


Katsuki buried himself in his work, trying not to worry too much as the hours dragged on. Shinsou left to have a nap before starting his patrol for his own agency, and the self-doubt only grew louder once he’d gone. As they left that evening, Jirou slapped them both on the back and exclaimed a cheerful “try not to kill each other!” 

He was instantly reminded of their first night together when she uttered the very same sentiment. He felt so nauseous, he didn’t know what to say even though he’d rehearsed his apology over and over. 

“Kacchan… you don’t have to be so scared…” Izuku breathed as they walked back to his new apartment. “I’m not… not going to break up with you… we just need to figure things out, yeah?”

“So we are together?”

“Do you want to be?” He asked casually. “I kinda thought we already were, honestly it’s felt more like dating and less like friends with benefits for a long time…” 

Katsuki swallowed nervously as he unlocked his door and let them both inside. “I’ve been thinking that too…”


“You still want me even though I messed up so bad?”

Izuku cupped his face and gave him the softest kiss Katsuki had ever felt. “That answer the question? We still need to talk --I need you to understand how I’ve felt the last few days, but I really did miss you.” Katsuki had been so ready to bend over backwards to even start repairing the damage he’d done. “When I spoke to Moriko’s parents, I called you my partner. It felt right at the time.”

Katsuki sniffled. His eyes burned and he furiously wiped away the unshed tears. He had made the mistake, not Izuku! He felt like he should’ve been begging for forgiveness. It felt so wrong. A few seconds later, he couldn’t stop the tears from falling and Izuku pulled him in for a hug. 

“You’ve really been beating yourself up about this huh?”

“Of course I have!” Katsuki hissed against Izuku’s chest. “I thought you wouldn’t want to come near me again! I… I thought I’d ruined us … I l-” he was interrupted by a knock at his door, and he huffed angrily. 

Sorting the furniture out took so much time that they were exhausted by the end of it. They tiredly stripped down to their underwear and crawled into Katsuki’s bed. He couldn’t help but drink in the sight of his boyfriend. “I really am sorry… by the way. I didn’t think it through, in the heat of the moment I just thought it’d be fun… I knew you’d been with ‘Toshi before and I nearly… well… yeah.”

“I know,” Izuku responded sleepily as he reached for Katsuki’s hand. “It’s gonna take a minute… I’m not up for scenes right now… but I want to be with you. I… once we started seeing each other, I didn’t sleep with anyone else.” Izuku bit his lip, cheeks ruddy. “Well… except for a couple of days ago.”

“The stoner guy?”


“Okay,” Katsuki murmured. He felt a pang of something deep in his chest, but he had to remind himself that they’d never made any rules about it. “Can it… just be us? From now on? Unless we talk about it?”

Izuku nodded, clutching onto Katsuki’s hand like a lifeline. “We still need to talk though! You’re not weaselling out of it!” 

He didn’t have it in him to protest, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted and everything was going to get better. He felt silly and weak for crying when he was in the wrong, but he tried to push aside the self-loathing. Cautiously, he rolled over and scooted backwards until he was nestled under Izuku’s arm. He still didn’t want to name the warmth being with Izuku generated, but he was glad the boy was with him now.