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BL Short Stories

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I'll be writing and taking requests of the following Dramas: ♡♡

I really encourage you to write your own stories, too if you're really passionate about it or if you simply like creative writing. So far, this work has really helped me to 'identify' my writing style and it helps me to improve it!

- Addicted
- Why R U?
- Tell The World I Love You
- Advance Bravely
- Because Of You
- Until We Meet Again
- To My Star
- I Am Your King
- 2Moons
- Love By Chance
- Killer And Healer
- 2gether
- HIStory3: Trapped

I don't think I want to write any nsfw stories in this work, I hope you'll understand ^-^

Thank you very much for reading! I'm looking forward to your requests♡
The first Short Story will be about Jack & Zhao Zi from HIStory 3:Trapped!