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A Hellish Encounter

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 Enji and Rei

Art credit goes to Stormcallart:


The soft sounds on the morning are suddenly interrupted by the harsh noise from the alarm clock. A large hand tiredly aims for the off button which is found after a few attempts. The man attached to that hand wakes up begrudgingly with some groans and cracking joints. He slowly gets up to get ready for the day, heading toward the bathroom. As he enters, he sees his reflection, but he doesn’t hold on it long. He can’t stand the sight of himself. The man in the mirror may be Endeavor, but Enji doesn’t like what he sees. He should be happy on his 40th birthday but he can’t stop his mind from racing. He hurt his family; his first son died from his own power, his youngest was scarred by his mother, and the rest of his children where mentally neglected and abused by Enji himself. Enji’s wife, Rei, couldn’t handle the stress and guilt from everything and ended up in a mental institution soon after hurting Shoto, but by then it was so bad that she took her own life two years ago.

Enji sees all of this when he looks at himself in the mirror. It affects him so much that looking makes him sick to his stomach. He quickly looks away and gets ready for the day.

Coming into the kitchen, Enji sees Shoto, getting ready for school with the help of the nanny Hina. Fuyumi and Natsuo already left for school. Hina is the fourth nanny they have had in 2 years. She has been there the longest because she knows no one else will stand the family and someone needs to be there for the children. Plus, she is the only one who can actually stand up to Endeavor and is not afraid of him. She knows he would never hurt her.  When Hina looked at Enji, the look on his face made her stop what she was doing.

“Everything ok Mr. Todoroki?”

“I’m fine…” he answered in a gruff tone, letting her know that he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Im off to school dad, are we still training this afternoon?”

“Good, and yes we always train on Wednesdays!” Sounding more annoyed than anything.

They finish up breakfast and getting their things ready for the day. They soon left the house and went to their final destinations. Enji made it to his agency and meet his secretary.

“Sanji, after I’m done with today’s paperwork, where is my patrol going to be today?”

“Sir, you will be taking the northern end of Tokyo”

“Very well. Thank you Sanji”



“Happy Birthday.”

Sanji is the only one to acknowledge the day let alone tell you happy birthday. She has been working for you for years and knows almost everything that has happened. Enji knows he can trust her with anything so of course she would be the only one to wish him a happy birthday. Enji quickly finished up his paperwork, at least quickly as he could. He squinted and moved the papers so he could read everything clearly. “I’m going to need glasses soon” the man thinks to himself but is to stubborn to actually go get them. After this. is done, he takes a quick lunch and heads out for his afternoon patrol of the city. He does a few heroic acts here and there, but overall the day seems to be quite boring. He is kinda glad because all he wants to do is go home and sulk. That is, until Sanji called.

“Sir, there is a bomb threat at Shibuya crossing!”

“Why are you calling me? Just send some of the sidekicks to handle the bomb.”

“Sir, he is asking for you and the whole crossing is being held hostage. The man has a dirty bomb, please!”

“Alright, I’m on my way!” He says as he rushes off a full speed.

As Endeavor arrives, he assesses the situation, and it’s not ideal. There are hundreds of people on the ground face down, the other hero’s and police and in a standoff with the lone assailant in the center. The man is dressed in tailored suit. Everything is fitted perfectly, not even a single strand of hair is out of place. How he managed to hold everyone hostage quickly becomes clear as he is voicing his demands.

“Ah! Endeavor, I was wondering when the number 2 hero would show up. Be careful what you do, as you can see, I am wearing this fetching bomb vest with matching dead man switch! See how it brings out the green in my eyes. Oh, I almost forgot, the rest of my ensemble is filled with anthrax, one of a kind thread thread makes this silky smooth lining. Plus, shoulder pads are coming back into to style this season, so why not make them special! As you can see, if anyone makes any wrong moves, all of these people will suffer because of you!” The man finishes his speech with an evil laugh. Endeavor knows that he can’t do anything which is just making him hotter as his flames grow brighter around his face. The villain takes one quick look at Endeavor. “Better watch your temper” he quips, “we wouldn’t want to get all hot under the col…..” The villain stops.

Everyone looks almost in shock as the villain has stopped completely. He can still move his eyes and blink but he is completely immobile. No one moves because they are afraid what ever is happening will end just as suddenly as it started. That is until one person gets up and starts walking toward the villain.

You are frail looking, very thin, eyes sunken in, bags under your eyes. Wearing tattered clothes with matching long shaggy hair, representing the years you have been on the street. Your eyes are the most startling part of you as your left eye is completely white with no sign of a pupil and the other is black with red glowing iris. You look at Endeavor and just say “Stand back” in a weak voice. You are so tired but you can’t just sit back and let people get hurt. As you walk closer to the villain, his eyes show more and more fear. He now knows it is you holding him still. Once your next to him, you place a hand on the bomb vest and give it all your attention. As this is happening, the other heroes are yelling their concerns for your safety. “Sir, it’s not safe” “You need to step back” “Sir are you alright?!” All of these go over your head as you are concentrating on the task at hand: saving these people.

Suddenly, the bomb vest starts to glow a little, just enough for Endeavor and the other heroes to notice. A flash of light and then darkness again as everyone notices the bomb is gone. Just as fast as the bomb disappeared, a large explosion happened overhead. “Was that the bomb?” “Did he teleport it away?” “What happened?” Hero’s rush to the villain and detain him. Endeavor approaches you because in his gut he knows something is wrong.

“How can this man have a teleportation and a body controlling quirk?” He thought as he gets next to you. Suddenly, you cough up some blood and collapse from the effort you put out. Everything was too much for you in the state you were in. Your body could not give anything more. Endeavor catches you and he looks right at you as you try to reach his face while barely being able to say “Help me…” as you pass out completely.

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You wake up in what you can only assume is a hospital. You’re in a bed and you feel a weight over you; looking down to see large restraints over your arms and legs. Only being able to move from your neck up, you look around. You’re in a pure white room with cameras pointed towards the bed.  There are some machines monitoring your vitals and harsh bright lights overhead.

A doctor comes into the room, dressed fully in a what looks like a bomb suit. “Sorry for the way I am dressed, it is just everyone’s safety.” However, you know it is to protect them from you. “I see your awake. You gave everyone quiet the shock. Now that your conscious, is there anything I can get for you?”

You only can think of one thing you want, but you’re unsure when you ask “I only want to talk to that man who saved me, the one with fire on his face.”

“You want to speak with Endeavor? I don’t know if I can…”

“I only want to speak to him!” You say it with more power this time, becoming more of a demand.

“I’m… I’ll see what we can do”

She leaves and you lay there for what feels like forever. Unsure of how much time went by, you started to fall asleep again and didn’t notice someone walk into the room.

“So, you want to talk with me?”

Endeavor is standing over you, looking right at you. You look up at him, almost not believing that he is actually there. You don’t know why he would actually come but looking at your hands, you begin to have an idea.

“I think everyone knows who I am, given the restraints.” There are metallic sounds as you move the restraints just a little.

“Well, you are on the FBI’s most wanted list, for mass murder of over 2000 people and escaping from federal prison.”

“It was an accident.”


“We lost control of our power and we accidentally killed everyone around us. Funny that they call that place a prison, it was a research facility. We ‘escaped’ because the whole place was destroyed because we were tired of getting tested on. I also assume the US gave you information on who we are?”

“What do you mean ‘we’?” Endeavor looking more and more confused with every word that comes out of your mouth.

“Of course, they didn’t tell you everything… If you give me a chance to tell you but I doubt you will believe me.” You say looking towards the foot of the bed.

“The results from your tests where unprecedented and what you managed to achieve yesterday backs the results; so, I guess I can believe anything.”

You sigh. You really don’t like remembering the past but if this the only way out of this place. “Well, the United States created a secret program for a perfect soldier. At the beginning, they used willing volunteers from the army but that could only go so far. Word traveled that volunteers were dying at a rapid rate so the test pool dried up.” You stop for a moment to gather your thoughts. “That is when they started taking drastic measures. I was abducted from my family when I was 6 and used as their test subject. I believe hundreds if not thousands of people were taken and died from the tests and experiments. I was one of the few to survive all of the tests. As you can see from my arms, they performed hundreds of tests all while I was awake.”

Endeavor looks at your arms and can see around a hundred large surgical scars cross crossing your skin. He wonders how many more are under the your clothes as he asks: “Do you remember how they took you?” Endeavor already having his note pad out and taking notes. It seems he is actually listening so you speak some more.

“The only thing I remember is there was fire all around me and then I woke up in a room strapped to a wall with demonic symbols on the wall and floor. The room had a few men who began chanting and then I started to feel hot as I passed out. I woke up in a small room with a bed, sink, and toilet. That’s when I meet him.”

“Who?” He almost leaned in closer as he was listening but stopped as you started looking right at him as you spoke again.

ME!” A demonic voice has now replacing your own.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Endeavor now looking angry.

Still in demonic voice: “I am Zaheer, the demon that lives inside of (Y/N). I was forcefully put inside of the boy and tried to take over his soul however he proved to be very resilient. After we formed an agreement to live together; we began to become, I guess you can call it, friends.”

“Zaheer, we are friends! We have been together 26 years.” You laugh a little. “I think I was a little more than resilient if I managed to fight you off for over 5 years.”

“You fought off a demon’s attempt you take over your soul for 5 years!?” Trying to hide his look of shock by writing more notes.

“Yea, and the only reason we stopped fighting is because we both got bored.”

Hey, I could have kept going if I wanted too…”

“You were getting tired; I could have gone for years!!!” You started to get louder as your strength starts to come back to you.

“Wait you said you were taken as 6 and Zaheer has been with you for 26 years. How old are you? The paper work I received from the FBI says you are only 22 years old? All of those tests you talked about on you must have effected your memory is some way.”

You look back up at Endeavor with eyes wide open; your face beginning to red and your right eye glowing more intensely. In a mixed voice of both you and Zaheer OUR MEMORY IS FINE. WE REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THAT TORTUROUS PLACE. EVERY TEST, EVERY CUT, EVERY DAY THEY LOCKED US IN THAT CURSED ROOM FOR 10 YEARS. WE WISH WE COULD FORGET SUCH HORRIBLE MEMORIES.”

“W-What room?” Looking a little more concerned.

After a few breaths, you relax again. “One of their most prized tools for testing subjects, it’s a room that makes 24 hours outside of the room last 10 years inside of the room. To make sure that Zaheer and I were actually working together, they put me in there to see if I would survive. That’s when the accident happened. I was mentally unstable and when they opened the door, we lost control of our powers and I killed everyone.”

You started to shake as a few tears run down your face. You have been on the run for 6 years, keeping it together the entire time. You finally have a chance to let your guard down but you try to hold it together. Endeavor puts a hand on your shoulder and you look at him in his eyes. The look he gives you says that your safe and you being to just let out all of your built up emotions. Endeavor continues to comfort you. You manage to say between sobs “You’re the first… person to ever treat me…. like I’m human….” Endeavor doesn’t respond verbally but just rubbed you shoulder a little. You are of unsure how long you were crying but he never left your side. Once you stopped, Endeavor gets up and begins to leave.

“What are you going to do with me?” You ask, a little fearful.

“I am not sure just yet, but if everything checks out, I will not be handing you back to the US.”

That sentence was enough reassurance that you manage to calm down to get some sleep. Maybe you could finally stop running.

Chapter Text

It’s been a few days since Endeavor saw you in the hospital. Word has traveled quick about what you did but that still doesn’t give him a lot of answers. He cannot stop thinking about you. “Why did he save those people with the little energy he had?” “Why was he in Japan?” “Is there really a demon inside of him?” And many more questions fill his head as he sits behind his desk blankly looking at some papers.

“Sir, you can’t go in there with out an appointment!”

“I don’t need an appointment to see Endeavor!!” The loud booming voice could easily be heard threw Endeavor’s office doors. There was only one man who sounded like that.

“Endeavor! Long time, no see.”

“I’m sorry sir, I could stop him.”

“It’s alright Sanji. All Might, I would ask you why you are here but I think I already know.”

A laugh loud enough to almost make the room shake comes from All Might “Its always business with you Endeavor. Can’t the number one and number two hero just get together to just talk?”

“I know you’re here about (Y/N).” Endeavor said becoming sterner in his voice.

“Alright, alright. You got me. I am here to talk about (Y/N), but not what you might think. I have met him before and I think you will be interested in what I have to say.  However, it will be easier to take in coming from him. I will tell you more when we get to the hospital.”

“Very well, Sanji, please arrange us a ride to the hospital.”

“Right away sir.”

The two heroes head out but the car ride to the hospital was quiet. The only thing on Endeavor’a mind is getting more answers about (Y/N).

Meanwhile, at the hospital.

“Can you please take these restraints off, they are really uncomfortable?”

The doctor just sighed, “You said it yourself, if you lose control of your powers, you can hurt people. These are quirk inhibiting restraints so you cannot use your quirks.”


“On the positive side, you will be able to leave the hospital today.”

“And go where? I have been on the run for 6 years, there is no where for me to go.”

“I’m sorry sir…” the doctor trails off then leaves. You are in the room again, but you are used to it because your really never alone.

“(Y/N) can you feel that?”

“What is it Zaheer?”

“I sense Endeavor but also a large presence with him. Could it be that one hero?”

“I doubt it, he is in America right now and I don’t believe he would be coming to Japan just for me.”

“Well, they are coming this way, so we will see.”

The door opens and the first person you see is Endeavor which brings a smile to your face. Then you see the towering man behind him. Endeavor is tall but this man has at least a foot on him. You know this only to be one person.

(Y/N): “I see you brought All Might to visit me.”

A: “Haha, how could I not come to visit an old friend like you! I even brought Endeavor.”

(Y/N): “You came all the way from America to see me?”

A: “Of course, but I really wanted to talk to you and Endeavor about the stadium incident.”

All the blood drains from your face. It is something that you don’t like remembering. “Why, can’t you tell him?” Looking away to try to hide your emotions.

A: “I don’t think he would believe me if I told him, but I believe you can tell him.”

Z: “We can do one better than that…”

A: “Ah, so that’s the demon I heard about. It’s Zaheer, right? Nice to finally meet you.” He holds out his hand to shake yours but sees the restraints and pulls it back. “Sorry.”

Z: “It’s quite alright. We can show you what happened that day in vivid detail with mind control: we can make you dream our memories. We used it to control that bomb villain’s body but we can go further, it just requires physical contact to enter someone’s mind.”

E: “Hold on, you’re telling me you can control people? And what is this stadium event?”

(Y/N): “We can show you, but I have one request.”

E: “Well, what is it?”

(Y/N): “Can I get these restraints off, they are really annoying?”

E: “I was planning on it. We have to take them off to let you use your quirk.”

(Y/N): “No…?” You then teleport the restraints to the other side of the room, they come clashing to the floor in a loud bang.  

E: “Wait, you could use your quirks the whole time? Those were the best restraints to stop quirks!”

All Might let out a laugh that shook the whole room. “You see Endeavor, he is far more powerful than you thought. Isn’t that right (Y/N)?”

(Y/N): “Yes. I could have taken them off at any time but following instructions is so ingrained in me, especially in this environment, that I couldn’t unless I was told I could. I’m guessing the reason they don’t work on me is probably because I don’t have a quirk, well at least one that isn’t mine. My quirks come from Zaheer, so I guess the restraints can’t get to him.”

E: “I guess that makes sense.”

Z: “I concur.”

A: “So now that you are free of your shackles, how about you tell, or show Endeavor how we met.”

“Very well, please sit down.” Your hands are a little shaky as you grab both of their hands. “Please do not freak out and remember this is just a memory.”

Chapter Text

All Might and Endeavor open their eyes and they find themselves in the center of the stadium full of people, but something is off. Everything is silent and someone is speaking over the Jumbotron.

“…If my demands are not met, everyone in the stadium will die. You have 10 minutes until the bombs go off. And don’t bother trying to escape, there is a shield surrounding the stadium. Nothing can get in; nothing can get out. Not even All might can save you. Time is ticking.” Screen now shows a timer overlaying the video of past All Might with fear in his eyes. The crowd begins to panic as fear grows. Past All Might is standing on the steps in the crowd with a microphone in his hand. He was giving a speech right before the villain attacked.

E: “What is happening?”

A: “Just wait.”

Suddenly a bright light comes down next to past All Might. You and a large beast like man is standing next to All Might. He is as tall as All Might; with piercing blue eyes, covered in brown fur, black horns, a tail and animal like feet. Endeavor looks at you and your eyes look normal now. You quickly take the microphone from All Might and you begin to speak.

“Everyone, listen to me! I can save you but you’re going to have to work with me.”

The crowd goes silent. Someone in the crowd finally askes “Why should we trust you? You could be working with the villain for all we know!”

“It’s either trust me or die. I don’t think you have a choice. I can teleport everyone out of here but you’re going to have to listen to me. The best way for me to teleport is everyone using skin on skin contact: hands, arms, anything. It will make your eyes glow when you are connected. Create chains, webs of people, create as many points of contact as you can to make sure everyone is connected. I am also going to need as many people as possible to touch me to spread the load. Quickly we don’t have much time.”

You take your shirt off and that’s when Endeavor finally sees your scars. Hundreds or more cover the upper half of your body. Some look surgical while others look more like battle scars. The past All Might approaches you.

All Might: “You cannot possibly teleport all these people separately.”

(Y/N): “Your right, I’m going to teleport all of them at once with your help. Adam can give and take energy along with amplifying it. Place your hands on his back and give us as much energy as you can give. I’m going to need as much as I can get to teleport these many people.”

Adam: “(Y/N), are you sure you can do it his?”

(Y/N): “We don’t know till we try.”

At this time, arms and hands start reaching to you as people start making chains of hands to spread the energy you are generating over the crowd. Adam places his hands on your back and All Might places his on Adam’s. More and more eyes begin to glow as the clock ticks down. The silence of the crowd begins to become stronger and more and more join. That is when the silence is interrupted by the voice of a hero.

“Only 4 minutes left!”

“ALRIGHT! Everyone stay still when you land, I have to keep track of where I am putting everyone, in 5….4…….3….”

Endeavor just says “He cannot possibly….”

You don’t continue the countdown because you begin to shake with the level of concentration needed. A glow starts coming from your back as the amount of energy entering your body starts to build up. You tilt your head back completely and a beam of blue light comes from your face as people begin disappearing from the crowd. The beam breaks through the shield and the whole area begins to rumble as more and more from the crowd begin to disappear. People in the crowd begin screaming in fear, others from the pain of transferring all of the energy but everyone continues to hold. The beam of light begins to turn back toward the earth and head towards a wall made from large crystals. It splits into hundreds of smaller beams as it goes behind the wall and people start to appear behind it, spread closely to each other.

“He is doing it?” Endeavor say in awe as you continue teleporting people to safety, but blood begins to start coming from your nose, mouth and eyes. The amount of energy flowing through you is beginning to take its toll but you continue; there are still more people to save.

“All Might, this is how you met (Y/N)?”

“Yes, but it’s not all him. You see the the beastly man behind him? That man can amplify energy to unbelievable levels. Without him, (Y/N) would only be able to teleport maybe a 10th of the people.”

“So together they are powerful.”

“More powerful than anyone, but there is a price for this power.”

“What do you mean?”

As you near the end of the crowd, your quirk begins to slow as the energy from All Might and Adam starts to run low. As the last of the people are teleported, the beam of light thins to nothing. You the tilt your head back down. You take a few breaths and then turn around to Adam. Endeavor can see the huge burns on your back from all of the energy that entered there. You gently put your shaking hand to Adam’s face and look at him lovingly. He looks back with a concerned look. You smile a little and just say “I can only teleport one more…” Adam begins to look at you with fear as he begins to glow. He tries to reach out to you and only says “Wait….” before he is gone. You collapse to the ground, you cough up some blood; slowly breathing knowing there isn’t much time left. All Might stands above you.

(Y/N): “The shield is down, there is enough time for you to escape.”

Past A: “I am not leaving a hero behind.” All Might says proudly as he begins to pick you up.

(Y/N): “Just let me see him one last time…” you whisper.

E: “Wait, he’s dying?”

A: “He is…”

E: “How is he still here?”

A: “You are not very patient, are you?”

Past All Might begins running at full speed towards the exit, the bomb begins to go off as the flames rush towards you two at high speed. It almost looks like you won’t escape but All Might pushes harder and gains more speed. He jumps high to escape the shockwave and begins to head toward the makeshift crystal shelter, slowing down as he approaches the entrance. He enters and the crowd begins to cheer as they see you in All Mights arms.

“HE SAVED ALL OF US!” “HE IS OUR HERO!” And more cheers come from the crowd. However, the crowd begins to notice something wrong. You are limp in All Might’s arms. You are thin and your eyes are sunken in and face is pale. Adam begins to call to you as he rushes to you.

“(Y/N)! You did it!!” He says as he goes to take you from All Might.

“Is everyone ok?” You barely are whispering at this point and the crowd a completely silent.

“Yes (Y/N), everyone is safe.”

“Adam...I… *cough* I’m sorry…”

“It’s ok…” Adam holds you closer as he begins to cry, his fur becoming wet as the tears flow.

“Adam…I….will…..always……….you….” You take your final breath and Adam begins to cry harder as he clings to your lifeless body.

“I’ll always love you (Y/N).” He manages to say between sobs.

The crowd begins to cry a little, as people realize what has happened: you sacrificed your life in order to safe everyone. That’s when some shuffling starts to happen as an elderly woman comes to the front of the crowd. She approaches Adam holding your body and places her small hand on your head.

“This boy still has a lot of life to live.”

“What do you mean?” Adam looks at her as she smiles.

“I have what I believed was always a useless quirk but I think it is now time to use it. I can give live to people but at the sacrifice of my own life.”

“MOM! What are you doing don’t!” Someone from the crowd screams.

“It’s ok Jeremy, I lived a long life and this boy has many more great things planned for him. Let this old woman do something with the last of her life.”

Her hands begin to glow gold as color starts to come back to your face. Adam looks at youin shock and he reaches for you chest, your pulse slowly coming back. The glowing continues as your body starts to look less frail, not fully normal but healthier looking. The woman collapses to the ground. That’s when you open your eyes.


“Adam?” You say softly.

He hugs you close to his chest and begins to cry again. He noticed that your eyes have changed to what they are now but doesn’t dwell on it as he is just happy you are alive. That’s when the illusion begins to fade and you three are back in the hospital room. You let go of All Might’s and Endeavor’s hands but only to place them on your face. You try desperately to cover how red your face is but it’s useless. All Might comes over to you and hugs you softly as you cry a little.

A: “I know that must have been hard. Thank you for showing Endeavor.”

E: “You saved a whole stadium worth of people? When was this? How many people did you save? Why have I never heard of this?”

A: “It was 3 years ago, he saved over 70,000 people. You never heard of this because the United States government covered it up. Memory erasers, deleting footage, everything they could do to cover it up because the ‘hero’ was a secret weapon they created”

E: “Secret weapon, you mean super soldier?”

A: “That’s how it started but once they saw what (Y/N) could do, they trained him to take over government officials to make them do what the US wants.”

E: “If you were there, how come you didn’t arrest (Y/N)?”

A: “I guess you could say he got away from me.” He said as he winked.

E: “Well, at least we are both in agreement to not send him back to America.”

You begin to start calming down. All Might let’s go of you as you sit down on the edge of the bed. You look down at your hands, moving them almost as if they aren’t yours.

Z: “Are you ok (Y/N)? I know that memory is hard for you.

(Y/N): “I’m ok now…I’m… just thinking about what I’m going to do now. I’m going to be released from the hospital today but I have no where to go.”

E: “I don’t want to interrupt but that is one of the things I have been working on and why I couldn’t visit you sooner. I am working on making you my apprentice. However, the paperwork is more difficult because you technically don’t exist.”

A: “That’s the spirit! I knew you liked him” he laughs.

Z: “You really want to teach us? A boy with a demon inside of him.

E: “You are extremely powerful and dangerous if you lose control. But you can do unbelievable things when you are in control. This memory you just showed us just reinforces my decision even more. I will be taking you under my wing at my agency and will train you personally.”

You get up and slam against Endeavor as you hug him tightly. You burry your face in his chest as you try to cover your tears as you repeatedly thank him over and over again. He hugs you back, but he is awkward and is unsure of where to put his arms. All Might puts a hand on Endeavor’s shoulder as he just nods with a smile and a thumbs up.

E: “I will go talk to the doctor to see if we can leave now.”

A: “Well, I must be going as well, I’m needed back in America ASAP!”

(Y/N): “Thank you.”

Chapter Text

It takes a few hours for Endeavor to get you released from the hospital into his custody. When you two finally make it outside, the sun is already starting to set and the sky is turning a hazy red. A black car pulls up and a gentleman comes out and opens the rear door.

“Right this way Mr. Endeavor.”

“Thank you, Lenard”

You enter the car nervously and sit down on the left side. He follows suit and you both settle down as the car begins moving. “Where will you be taking me?” You ask, a little fear in your voice as you still question if Endeavor is really on your side.

“You will be coming with me to my hero agency. We have a few beds there that you can use until you find yourself a place to live.”

“Don’t I need money to live somewhere. I was on the streets because no one would hire me or my friends.” You say with while clenching your pants.

“I will be paying you as my apprentice. You said ‘friends’. Was there more than just you and Adam?”

“There was 4 of us total in the group: Adam, Jason, Greg, and I all managed to escape the facility. We were all at the stadium: Jason made the large crystals and Greg used is fire ability to fuse them together.”

“Do you mind me asking where they are now?”

“I don’t know. That’s the plan we came up with. If things got to hot, I was to attract the FBI or whoever was after us so the others could escape. We separated about 2 years ago. I have been teleporting across the earth keeping them close but far enough so I could escape quickly. I ended up in Japan about 6 months ago but I think the people looking for me didn’t follow me here. I really miss my friends and I hope they are ok.” You say this as you begin to shake a little.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s ok, they are strong and I know they will survive. So, what will I be doing as your apprentice?” You ask trying to change the subject.

“You will be training to become a hero. Combat training, crisis management, all the rules and regulations: everything needed to become a hero. First you will be my sidekick then you will work on being a hero by yourself.”

“Why?” You look towards your feet.

“What do you mean why?”

“Why help me? I’m a murderer, a monster, I have a demon living inside of me, how can I be a hero?”

“You have done more heroic actions then some full-time heroes. The stadium, the crossing, I know there are more you haven’t mentioned.” He places his left hand on your shoulder. “Let me help you become what I know you want to be: a hero.”

“What makes you think I want to be a hero?”

“Well, Zaheer, I know you could have taken over (Y/N)’s body a long time ago if you really wanted to be evil.”

Hurting people does not come naturally for me. I do rather like (Y/N) and would rather help people.”

Well that’s good to hear. Ah. It looks like we are here.”

As you look outside of the car, you see a tall building that must be the hero agency Endeavor was talking about. You both set out of the car and walk towards the building but you stop about 6 feet from the door. Endeavor looks back to see you looking at the ground, holding your right arm with your left hand.

“I….I….I don’t know if I can go in there.”

“What’s wrong? It’s just a building? It’s not going to hurt... wait. Does this remind you of the facility?”

All you can do is nod in agreement, fear flowing through your whole body at this point.

“Here.” The man sighs. “Take my hand and we can walk in together.” He reaches his hand towards you and you are almost shocked back to normal as you see his hand in your field of view. You take his hand in your left and you get that feeling again. The feeling you first felt when he picked you up at the crossing. Warmth. Everything during your years at the facility was so cold. Cold tables, cold probes, cold floors, cold food: everything was cold. But when he grabs your hand, you feel an intense warm go through your body. “It must be his quirk” you thought but you must admit, it feels so nice. This warmth manages to thaw your frozen state and you begin walking into the building. Luckily the elevator to the top floor is glass because it if was a metal box, you would have rather died than go in there.

“Welcome to the Endeavor Agency.” Endeavor turns to you with a faint smile on his face as you walk into the large room that you assume is his office.

“It’s really nice, it feels so warm in here.” You say as you sit on the couch, looking at the fireplace, exhausted from being so tense in the hospital. Your stomach begins to growl.

“Are you hungry (Y/N)? Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

“I’m used to being hungry, but I will admit the food at the hospital was better than anything I have eaten before. At least what I can remember.”

“You must be joking? The food at the hospital is ok at best. Why don’t I ask Sanji to get us some real food? Do you have any favorite foods?”

You shrug “I don’t know what I like, I’m just used to eating what is given to me or what I can find or kill.”

You probably can’t make my favorite.”

“Why don’t I see if we can get you what I like?”

“I’ll eat anything so I’ll try it.”

Endeavor picks up the phone: “Sanji, please order us two of my favorites for here. Thank you.”

You patiently sit on the couch, almost falling asleep to the sounds of papers and pens moving across Endeavor’s desk. It is probably about 30 minutes or so until you hear the phone ring on his desk. “Your food is here Sir; would you like me to bring it in now?”

“Yes, that is fine.”

Sanji walks in with a tray with 2 meals on it and places it on the edge of his desk. “Thank you Sanji, that will be everything.”

“Yes, Sir” she leaves just as quickly and quietly as she entered.

“Come (Y/N), pick whichever meal you want.”

“What is it?”

“It’s kuzumochi. It’s made from wheat, it’s similar to jelly. Go ahead and take one, but don’t you dare make a mess on the carpet.” Endeavor’s eyes narrow at the last statement

“Ok.” You say as you begin to take one of the plates and a napkin. You head over to a seat at place the plate on your lap. The first thing you do is pick up one of the jelly pieces and begin to look at it, smell it, squeeze it. You notice Endeavor is looking at you so you quickly put the first piece in your mouth trying not to be rude. That’s when you begin to feel it, something you hate more than anything in the world: cold. The food is cold, it sends a pain strait to your head. You clench over your right eye and begin to make some pained grunts. Memories of the cold testing facility you spend so long in, the room, the tables you laid on for hours as they cut you open while you were awake. The screams of pain you made while the doctors continued to poke and prod at your insides. It’s becoming too much as your vision starts going black.

“What’s wrong? Are you allergic?” Endeavor has gotten up at this point and is quickly coming towards you to bring you some water. The only thing you manage to say between the pained memories flooding your brain is “too cold”. That’s when Endeavor realizes water isn’t what you need and goes back to the food tray and takes one of the cups of tea and hands it you you.

“Drink this…”

You take a sip and reality begins to finally go back to normal as the memories go melt away and the pain recedes. After a few sips you manage to catch your breath and look at Endeavor.

“I’m sorry. It was just too cold for me I guess.” You don’t dare want to tell him that it wasn’t a physical but mental pain that the cold was causing but you just wanted to change the subject.

“Continue drinking the tea, I will warm up your food.” He takes the plate and he uses his quirk to make his hand hot enough that the heat passes through the plate and gently warms the kuzumochi. He hands the plate back to you.

“Here, I made them a little warm for you. Hopefully this is better.” He looks at you almost apologetic but he hands you the plate and heads back to his desk before you could look at his face much longer. The second bite was much better. It wasn’t warm as much as it was body temperature. It didn’t cause a reaction this time so you continued eating, finally being able to enjoy the dish.

“Thank you Endeavor, it is really good. I never had anything like it.”

“Good. Once you are done, I will show you to where you will sleep and we can get your own clothing and toiletries.”

“That’s fine. It will be nice just to sleep on a bed after so long.” You smile a little as you rub the back of your neck. After you two finish your meals, you get a quick tour of the agency as Endeavor leads you to where you will sleep for the night. As he opens the door, you find yourself looking into a blank room with few sets of bunk beds and a table in the center. Your eyes widen. You begin to breath a little harder. At this point but he picks up on it and quickly closes the door.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think. That must look a lot like your….”

“It’s ok.” You look down kinda ashamed that your emotions are getting the better of you.

“No, it’s not, I need to find you a place where you can sleep without stress. We don’t want you and Zaheer acting up again.”

Hey, I can behave! But I have to agree that sleeping here would not be best for the both of us. Do you have another place in mind?”

It Is getting late. I have an idea but I’m not sure how you will react.”

“What is it?”

“You can sleep in the guest room at my house. But you need to mind your space.”

“Really! You won’t know even know I am there!” You couldn’t hide your excitement. Being able to leave such an industrial looking place. Even though Endeavor has been the entire time, it’s still hard being in there. Maybe you can get over your past eventually see but not now.

“Don’t get too excited, you will be in my home so you will need to follow my rules.”

“I can do that.” You yawn. “I’m getting tired, can we go now?”

Endeavor nods as you two leave his agency. It’s just a short car ride to his home. It’s a traditional Japanese style of home. You two enter and are greeted by Hina.

H: “Good evening Mr. Todoroki, and who is your guest?”

E: “Hina, this is (Y/N), he will be staying with us a few days until he can find his own place.”

(Y/N): “Thank you, I hope not to be a bother” you bow trying to be polite.

H: “Isn’t he the man who saved everyone at Shibuya crossing?”

E: “Yes, he is.”

H: “Is that such a good idea?”

E: “Don’t question my decision, he is staying here.”

H: “Fine, but I’m not taking care of him, at least not without a raise.”

Endeavor narrows his eyes as he looks down at Hina. It’s only because of her personally, and being able to stand up to him, that she has lasted as long as she has. Only when you speak up does it break his glare.

(Y/N): “Endeavor, I don’t mean to bother but could you lead me to the room I will be staying in.”

E: “Yes, you must be very tired.”

You begin following him, “It’s nice meeting you, Ms. Hina.”

Endeavor leads you down a hallway into a room. The bed is on the tatami floor and a bathroom is through a door in the back of the room. He flicks the lights on and motions you to enter. You set down the few things you were given down on a short table near the bed and sit down on the bed. You look back at Endeavor with a faint smile. He just nods and says “Good night.” And closes the door. You quickly fall asleep. It’s so comforting to sleep in a bed you can call your own, even if is only for a few days at this bed. You finally are able to dream that night, the first time in years.

Chapter Text

You wake up, and for the first time, in a room that makes you feel safe. You smell some coffee brewing and you get up and go downstairs to the kitchen. There you see Endeavor in his hero suit with all of the kids around the table just silently eating until you come in.

E: “Good morning, (Y/N).”

F: “This is the man you brought home? Good morning Mr?”

(Y/N): “You can call me (Y/N), I don’t have a last name, at least I don’t remember having one.”

H: “Well, (Y/N), did you want any breakfast?”

(Y/N): “Sure, I’ll eat anything at this point.”

F: “Here, let me get you some.”

After a plate of food is place in front of you, you sit and begin to eat.

N: “Is it true that there is a demon inside of you?”

Z: “Yes, my name is Zaheer, nice to meet you all.”

S: “Do you think it’s best to have a demon in the house dad?”

E: “Don’t question my judgment! Besides, he will only be here till he can find a place of his own.”

After some more awkward silence, Fuyumi speaks up. “Sorry dad but I got to go to school.” and she stands up.

N: “Same. Fuyumi, wait up!”

H: “I’ll take Shoto to school shortly, anything else you need?”

E: “No. I will leave shortly with (Y/N).”

S: “Bye dad.”

After everyone leaves the house, it’s just you two at the table. “What are we going to do today?”

“I mainly need to assess your powers and we will do some hand to hand training today.”

“It’s the first day and we are already training?”

“We need to train you as quickly as possible so we can get your powers under control.”

“Ok, I think I can handle it.”

After you both finish, you quickly arrive at the agency and head to Endeavor’s office. That is where are two doctors and a few other sidekicks are waiting for you.

“I know this may be a bit much, but I need to ask you questions about your powers and if you lose control while you’re here, my sidekicks should be able to contain you. I may have asked you these questions before but I want the doctors to hear all these from you.”

“I understand, but could the they remove their lab coats, it’s still a bit sensitive to me.”

Endeavor nods at the doctors quickly removes their coats. One pulls out a notepad and Endeavor begins questioning you.

“How old are you?”

“32 years old for me, 22 years on the earth.”

“Do you remember where to you grew up?”


“Any family?”


“You said you where six when you were taken, do you remember why they chose you?”

“They just said they needed a body and I was available.”

“Ok, so there isn’t really anything of your past we can work on, how about we move onto your powers. Do you have any quirks of your own?”


“Zaheer, how many quirks do you have?”

I’m not sure how to answer, I have great power but I’m don’t know if I can list it.”

“Very well, so we know you can teleport and control people, is there anything else you can do?”

“Not that I know of.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I first got a hold of Zaheer’s power, I could only control people’s bodies and minds. After I was locked in that room did I gain the ability to teleport and the body control got more powerful. When I lost control, everyone died because I overwhelmed their bodies to the point their hearts exploded.”

“So you could get more quirks at any time?”

“I guess, but I’m not sure how it works.”

Don’t bother asking me, I’m not even sure how the boy survived that test facility let alone being with me.

After a few more minutes of questions not getting anywhere, Endeavor finally asks: “Ok, doctors do you have any other questions?”

They both shake their heads. Endeavor then motions everyone out of the office.

“Ok, how about I give a few minutes to rest your mind and we will go to combat training.”

“That sounds fine.”

In the gym, you find large amounts of equipment. Some of it looks like weight training, some for cardio, while others look very specific, probably for quick training. Endeavor leads you to a room that is padded top to bottom. He takes off his gauntlets and faces you.

“I want you come at me with everything you got, no mind control, just hand to hand combat.”

“Can I teleport?”

“Do you use it to fight?”

“Normally I just is it to run away, but I can try it in combat.”

Right at that moment, Endeavor places a left hook to your gut and you curl down in pain.

“If your going to be a hero, you need to be ready for anything. Fight me boy.”

You look up at him, your right eye glowing brightly as you teleport. He looks around to see your behind him and you manage to take a swing at Endeavor but he dodges it easily. You teleport again, this time above and try to kick him. He dodges to the left and grabs your wrist, throwing you against a wall.

Don’t you think your being hard on him?”

“I need to see what his abilities are in order to make a training program. So far, he is starting from zero.”

You look at him, so far he seems to be left dominant so you try to think of something. After another quick teleport, this time right next to him on his right, and you manage to land a blow to his gut. Your not that strong so it didn’t do much damage to the wall of muscle, but a hit is a hit.

“Good, but not enough.” He says as he punches you in the face. You’re dazed, flat on the floor, when your vision finally focuses, you are staring at Endeavor looking down at you.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I let the moment get away from me but you learned your first lesson: never let your guard down.”

“It’s….it’s ok…” you say holding the right side of your head.

After that, you both head back to his office and you both start working on a program for you. There is some back and forth, mainly between Endeavor and Zaheer: he doesn’t want Endeavor pushing you too far. After some time, it’s lunch and Endeavor offers to take to somewhere. He wants you to get used to the city as well so going out to eat is an easy way to get started. After walking in Tokyo for a while, you come to a ramen shop. He must have learned from the night before and got something hot instead. When you walk up, a man approaches Endeavor and quickly find you both a table. After you order, Endeavor starts talking again.

“I hope you don’t mind ramen, it is hot so you shouldn’t be affected like last night. I know your cold sensitive.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Hmm?” as he raises an eyebrow.

“I guess I should tell you now. I can handle cold just like anyone else but the problem is my memories. Cold reminds me of the facility. The room I was kept in was cold. I had no shoes or even socks so when my feet hit the concrete floor, I felt cold. When they performed tests and surgeries on me, the steel table was cold. The tools they uses on me, cold. That room I was in for ten years, it was cold and dark. The only feeling I had for 20 years was cold. Right now the only thing I want is warmth, something I never had until now.”

“I’m sorry I asked, I didn’t mean to bring that up for you.”

“It’s ok,” you say looking down, “it’s better you know now, otherwise it might come up later and you don’t know what to do.”

“So if your emotionally unstable, just use warmth?”

“That’s the idea. That’s why I asked for you when I was in the hospital. Your quirks makes it warm around you and it’s enough to keep me calm.” Didn’t dare say anything that being around him also makes butterflies in your stomach.

“Then I’m the perfect person to train you.”

After Endeavor finished his sentence, the waiter brought your bowls. It was so warm and delicious. You never had noodles before so you were unsure on how to eat them. Chop sticks where a challenge but Endeavor explained how to use them and you quickly got the hang of it. After the meal, you both head back to the agency. If everything goes well, you soon should be on your way to be a hero. You want to prove to everyone that you can be a hero, especially Endeavor.

Chapter Text

It has been one year since you first meet Endeavor. It only took you a few weeks to find an apartment. You use the word apartment loosely. Not many people would want to rent to a wanted criminal, let alone one with a demon living inside of him. It was only one room, with chipping paint, stained floors, cracked windows, dim ceiling light, but it was yours. The only reason you put up with it is because you couldn’t stay in Endeavor’s house forever and it did have 2 windows.

Living with Endeavor was awkward to say the least. Even though it was a family, no one acted like it. No one talked to each other unless it was required. Everyone just lived their own lives under one roof, it was very uncomfortable for you as you could sense the emotions were tense.

However, once you moved out, the paperwork finally was in for you to start your training. Endeavor personally trained you on combat training. He was quiet surprised the first time you took over his body, but his will power was stronger than your power at the time and he was able to break free. You also helped Enji with a lot of office work and you often went to lunch together. There was also the basic training of hero work, how to handle paperwork and deal with the rules and regulations. The one non-hero help you got was a therapist. You saw him every week and it did seem to help you with your emotions and memories. They might not go away, but at least you could keep them managed when they did come to the surface.

Speaking of feelings, you try to keep your feeling for Endeavor under control. At first you thought it was just because he saved you but every time your around him, your heart begins to flutter and you’re an emotional wreck. You get excited when he asked if you want to go out to lunch with him even if it is for business. Red is your favorite color and his crimson hair drives you wild. The way his muscles flex under his hero suit, the way the flames frame his face makes you want to just feel him all over. The first time you saw him without his fire mask, you practically passed out, that jaw line of his, the facial hair, everything was too much. Even thinking about him starts to make you feel all warm inside. That’s the best part about him, warmth. All your life you only knew cold and that man is the epitome of warmth. Just being near him was enough for you to relax. Oh, how you wonder what it would be like to be in his arms. You quickly stop your emotions as you know it will never happen.

You look at yourself in a full-length mirror leaning against the wall. All of the training has managed to put some weight on you, but your still only 160lbs, just under 6 foot. Your still covered in scars. Thanks to Zaheer, you are much stronger than you appear. As you continue to look at yourself, you feel a presence behind you and you look in the mirror. A 9 ft tall muscular body appears with red skin, golden mane with beard and golden horns. His face isn’t entire human, complimented with small white tusks. You see a large hand grip your shoulder as the claws dig in ever so little. He kneels down to match your height.

Are you ok?”

“I’m fine Zaheer.” You look over to him instinctively but you just find yourself in an empty room. You look back to the mirror and he is there again.

We have a big day ahead of us.” He smiles with a toothy grin. His pure white eyes shut with excitement.

“I know, we finally get our hero costume. I wonder how it will look.”

“I’m sure it will look great.” The demon goes to hug you. You look in the mirror and see he is but you only feel a vague presence.

“We better get going, we don’t want to be late!”

You walk for a little while until you reach your destination. It is one of the best hero suit makers in Japan, of course Endeavor would get your costume from there. You are working for him so he wants you to have the best. Once you enter, you see the man himself waiting in the lobby.

“Good Morning (Y/N), how are you today.” He sounds almost tired but you let it go. He is a hero after all and probably tired from everything he does.

“Good morning Endeavor, I hope you were not waiting too long.”

“Not at all, only a few minutes. Are you ready?”

“Yes!” not at all hiding your emotions.

Right as you said that, a woman approach. “Sir, we are ready for you in the fitting room. Follow me.”

You follow her to a hallway with many rooms. Luckily, because of the help you have been getting this doesn’t bother you at all. Once in one of the rooms, you find a hanger with the costume hanging. “Try it on and come out when you’re ready so we can make any adjustments needed.”

It takes you a few moments to get everything one but once you do, you exit and see Endeavor and the tailor sitting quietly. You step out with black boots most of the way up your calf, with straps to hold them tight. Next there are slate gray cargo pants with a red belt holding them up. You have a black tee shirt on with a demonic symbol on the chest in red. A red hoodie vest over that and the hood is down but there are dark red goggles over your eyes: partly to protect them, partly to conceal them. Finally, you have red and black fingerless gloves that go almost to your elbow. You don’t have any weapons as of yet, but you’re not really a combat hero. Endeavor looks over you as the woman gets up and checks the fit of everything. She is going to have to take make some adjustments as you grew a little since she took the measurements, but overall, she is happy with how it turned out.

“Do you like it?” You ask Endeavor.

“Well, I think it looks great, but how do you feel?”

“I like it!”

“And you Zaheer?”

As long as (Y/N) is happy, I’m happy.

“Well,” the tailor interrupts “if your happy with it, I’ll go ahead and take it and have the final adjustment for you by tomorrow. Just one last thing, what is your hero name for the records”

“My hero name?” You thought. You never have given much thought before but one name does come to mind. “Don’t laugh, but I think I have one.”

“What would that be sir?”

“Hellboy.” You state quietly almost expecting a laugh from both of them. “Hell for Zaheer and boy for me. The only reason I thought of boy is because I get called that all the time.”

I only call you that when I’m angry.”

“Your angry a lot because that’s all you call me.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Endeavor chimes in. “I kinda like it, it’s short and to the point.”

“Thank you.” You almost sigh with relief.

“Well, that takes care of that. If you could change out of your costume, you can be on your way.”

You both start heading out. It’s around noon now after everything. You start to get hungry.

“Did you want to get some lunch, Endeavor.”

“That’s fine, and you don’t have to keep calling me Endeavor, you can call me Enji when we are not working.”

“Oh, alright Enji. Did you want to get some katsu?”

“Hmm, that does sound good right about now.”

“Great! I know of this great place we can go.”

You walk for a little while until you round a corner to a back ally and go into a small restaurant. “(Y/N)! I haven’t seen you in almost a month, I was getting worried about you.” The older man greets you and Enji. You sit down at the long bar and look over the menu. You get your favorite pork katsu while Enji goes for chicken. You two have some continue small talk. Even though you have seen Enji without flames on his face and in normal clothes, you still find yourself looking at him more. You find him so attractive. You internally try to push the feelings down: he is your boss, the person who trains you. You can’t have feeling for him, but he notices you staring at him and he raises and eyebrow while looking at you. You quickly look back to your food and jam a huge amount in your mouth to distract him from your stares.

After you pay and leave, your about to head to the agency but you forgot your phone at your apartment.

“Can we go back to my apartment real quick, I forgot my phone.”

“You’re always forgetting that phone of yours. Very well, we can go get it but make it quick.”

“Alright, follow me, it’s not far from here.”

You walk about a mile more. As you get closer to your building, you two start going deeper into the more dangerous part of the city. Enji knows that this is where more of the crime happens, he doesn’t believe that you live near here.

“Just a little further, it’s that building there.”

The building has half of the windows broken or cracked, the walls are starting to fall apart and the building overall looks like it should be condemned. Enji is still silent as you enter the building. The smell of chemicals and vomit fill the main lobby. He almost gags as you head up the crumbing stairs and was you walk down the hall, the doors of each apartment slam closed as each resident sees Enji. You open your door and he sees your room. He takes a good look at it as you grab your phone, you turn around and see the shock on his face.

“You can’t possible live here.”

“This is all I could get, not many people are going to rent to a fugitive.”

“How is this building not condemned?”

“I didn’t ask, I just wanted to get a place to live. I didn’t want to stay to long with you; I felt like I would be imposing.”

“You’re coming back with me. I can’t have you living here, it’s not safe.” He grabs your arm as he pulls you out of the apartment.

“But I still have a month…..”

“We are leaving now! I’ll have someone come get your things.”

You two quickly leave the apartment faster than you entered. Enji almost seems mad that you have been living in suck squalor. Secretly, deep in your heart, you’re glad to go back to live with him.

Chapter Text

You were at the agency for a while finishing some paperwork with Enji and you have dinner together. It dark by the time you arrive at his front door. You enter his home and something feels off. Everything is quiet, there is no sign of life, only the signs that Enji has been there. The kids and nanny are gone. You’re afraid to ask but:

“Where is everyone?”

“They are gone for now. I’m heading to bed. You should probably do the same.”

“Um… ok…” you sense something is wrong but keep those thoughts to yourself.

You both head to your sperate rooms and then you fall asleep. You manage to dream with Zaheer and talk with him.

Something is off with Enji.

“I know I’m getting worried.”

“Is there something you can do?

“I don’t think I should, he’s my boss.”

I’m afraid for him, there is something he isn’t telling us.”

“And he probably won’t tell me, I’m just his apprentice.”

“I know you have feelings for him and care about him.”

“I know, I know and I feel terrible that I even think those thoughts.”

Just try to talk to him, it can’t hurt.

“You’re probably right.”

That’s when you both feel it. There is a lot of energy coming from inside of the house. You can’t help but worry that it is Enji, so you wake up. You slowly tiptoe through the house towards his bedroom and place a hand on the door and hear him grunt. “Be careful, he might not want you to see him like this.” Zaheer says in your thoughts.

You slowly open the door to keep the noise to a minimum. As the door slides all the way, your hit with a wave of heat, a lot more than expected coming from Enji’s room. As you look in, you see he is sweating profusely. His eyes are almost straining to stay closed as his face contorts to the nightmare he must be having. You take a few steps towards him. “Maybe I can calm his mind” you think as you slowly reach a hand towards him. You barely touch him before you realize your mistake. His hand flys towards your neck and he lifts you up as he comes to a standing position. You desperately claw at his arm as you try to breath but it’s no use. His eyes are open but are glazed over. “Die…” He says in a low voice as you feel heat beginning to build up around your neck. You try more desperately to break free of his titan grip but it’s useless, he’s going to kill you. You can barely just get out the word “Enji…” when your vision begins to blur from lack of oxygen.


Enji suddenly looks normal as he looks at you with his left hand tight around your neck; you clawing at his arm and gasping for air. His face turns to that of horror as he drops you to the floor. Collapsing on the ground, you grab your neck trying to catch your breath. Looking at his hands he starts to shake. He rushes off to the bathroom, you hear the toilet seat slam up and sounds of vomiting. Slowly walking towards the bathroom, you find him at the toilet still gagging. Enji turns to look at you and then gets sick again.

“Are you ok?” You ask but your voice is distorted after he nearly destroyed your throat.

“Am I ok? Do you hear yourself right now? I nearly killed you and your asking if I’m ok. Just leave me be.”

Clearly something is wrong, we are not leaving until we get to the bottom of it.”

You start rub his back and feel waves of heat come from his skin. He twitches at your touch, his body is tense but soon begins to relax. Soon his sounds of being sick turn to sounds of crying. You continue to try to comfort him as he starts sobbing in front of you.

“I’ll be back with a glass of water.”

As you return, he is now sitting the floor now fully crying, slightly shaking. You hand him the glass and he takes a few small sips. He doesn’t want to look at you but you take his hand.

“Come on, let’s move to your bed. There we can talk.”

He follows your lead and he slumps down at the end of the bed as you sit next to him. His eyes are still red and he looks like a total mess. You have never seen him so vulnerable before so it’s a little bit of a shock.

“I know something is wrong. You can tell me, I’m not going to judge you for anything. You haven’t judged me for anything I have done or do so it’s only fair.”

“I….we….my….” Enji is struggling with his words. You place your hand on his shoulder. He slowly looks at you before looking back down and speaking.

“I… The reason I almost hurt you is because I was trying to kill the worst person I know…myself. In that nightmare, I keep seeing what I did and wanted to stop that man from hurting anyone again. I guess when you touched me it woke me up enough that I could move. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

“Is that why you have been so tired?”

He just nods. “I haven’t been able to sleep well for that past few months. I keep having the same nightmare over and over. Each time I try in vain to kill him but he just keeps coming back. It’s gotten to the point that I’m afraid to sleep. Are you sure you’re ok, I really had a tight grip around your neck.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Tell me what you did to hate yourself so much.”

“I have hurt everyone in my family, everyone that has ever cared about me. My wife took her own life because of me. My son died because I pushed him to far. Shoto is scarred because of what I did to Rei. My other two children won’t even talk to me anymore. It’s gotten so bad that they moved out with Hina to an apartment. That was 6 months ago.”

“You have been alone this entire time? I knew something was going on but I never would have thought of this.”

“I’m a monster!” Enji puts his hands to face and begins sobbing again, this time more violently than before. You do the only thing that you can think of at this point. You wrap your arms around him and pull him close. He begins using your shoulder as a replacement for his hands so he can wrap his arms around you, almost knocking you over. You let him continue to cry as you gently rub his back. The feelings for him start to come to the surface again but you maintain your composure. His sobs start to slow as he calms down.

“You’re not a monster.” You whisper. “A monster is someone who never learns from their mistakes. The fact you’re  hurting right now shows me that you want to change. You know what you did was horrible and can’t take it back but sitting here sulking isn’t going to help your family. I know you have no idea where to start but maybe I can help you. I know I don’t have many social skills but I do have a demon inside of me that can read minds and can maybe help that way. I think the first thing we need to do is work on you right now. You can’t even begin to work on helping your kids in this state.”

Enji manages to stop crying but tears are still over his face. He is just a wreck. It’s crazy seeing him like this, completely broken down. His quirk is making him hot, but you don’t mind, you always enjoy the warmth. He looks at you and tries to speak but no words come out of his mouth a first. He tries again and manages to barely speak “Thank you…”

“Come on, let’s get you back to bed. Oh and you’re not going to work tomorrow. You can’t keep avoiding your mental health so you’re taking a day off.”

“(Y/N)?” In a weak voice.

“Yes, Enji?”

“C…can you bring your mat and sleep in my room with me. I don’t want to be alone right now.” He turns his head away with shame at the words leaving his mouth: the number 2 hero scared to be alone.

“Sure.” You smile with a little reassurance. You leave and comeback and you both go to bed. You stay awake to make sure Enji does fall asleep. He finally looks calm as his breath goes back to normal.

You should probably sleep too, you have a big day tomorrow.”

“Alright, goodnight Zaheer.”

Chapter Text

The next morning you wake up with Enji is still sound asleep. He looks so much calmer now but you know it’s not going to last so you get up and head for the kitchen. Wanting make him a nice breakfast to start the day off positive, you look for ingredients. That is when you find out the man really has been by himself this whole time; as you check the cabinets you find hardly any food in the house. A box of cereal and a few canned goods is all that line the shelves. Grabbing your wallet, you teleport to a grocery store to pick up something for breakfast: some eggs, salmon, rice, nori, and fruit. Quickly coming back, hoping Enji hasn’t woken yet, you begin cooking.

Enji is slowly awakened by the smell of food cooking. It’s unusual for him not to hear an alarm clock in the morning, it’s nice he thinks. He gets up and goes to the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror. He is about to get sick at what he sees but he hears you call for him. He quickly comes downstairs to see you at the kitchen finishing the two meals. He can hardly look at you, wanting to avoid seeing the bruises on your neck. You motion him to sit down.

“I hope you like it. If you don’t, I can go get you something else.” You say with your voice still distorted from last night.

Really, you’re going to waste teleporting just to run more errands?”

“Don’t worry Zaheer, it’s fine. It looks good.” He says still tired from the night before.

As you two begin eating, Enji starts to brighten up a little bit. “When did learn how to cook?”

“You learn how to make anything taste good when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. Now that I have all these ingredients, I like experimenting and watching videos.”

“It is delicious, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Once you’re finished, we will talk. We can talk about anything you want as long as it’s about last night.”

Enji just looks as his plate as he continued eating. Talking is the last thing he wants to do but nothing else has helped so far. You both finish and he about to start washing the dishes when you stop him.

“Go to the living room, I will be there shortly.”

He sits on the edge of the couch, hunched forward with his elbows on his knees. He becomes more nervous as time goes on. As you enter the room, he is startled out of his thoughts.

“Alright, where do you want to begin? Remember that I’ll keep whatever you say a secret.”

He begins with a sigh: “I guess we should start from the beginning. My quirk is very powerful but it has a limit: I can overheat. I wanted to have a child that could have my quirk but not the drawback. All of this was because of my stupid obsession with surpassing All Might. I married Rei in order to have a child with her, a quirk marriage: only for having children to combine quirks. Her ice quirk is perfect to balance with my hellfire quirk. The only reason she married me is because her family was poor and I could pay for the surgeries she needed.” Enji began to heat up a bit as his emotions started race again. You took his left hand and gave it a gentle squeeze reminding him of why he was doing this.

“Our first child inherited my quirk but didn’t take my heat resistance. His body was made more to handle the cold like his mother. Every time he used his quirk, he burned himself. So, we had more children until I had child that had the best of our quirks. This affected Touya and he became enraged when Shoto was born. His emotions eventually got to him and he died of his own power. I was mortified knowing that I did that. However instead of getting help I just put all of my energy into Shoto, ignoring Natsuo and Fuyumi. I trained Shoto so hard every day that he cried every night. The whole situation got out of hand when Rei had a mental break down and accidentally burned Shoto. I had her sent to a mental institution but by then it was too late. She took her life over 3 years ago. That day she died was the first time I really cried. I didn’t love her like a wife but I cared for her. It’s because of me, I ruined them all!”

Enji was about to cry but you hugged again. He just slumps into your grip and gently wraps his arms around you.

“It’s ok, don’t go down that road again, don’t let it get to you.” You pull back to look him in the eyes. “What you did was awful and nothing you do now will ever change that. But look at me when I say this. You can change their future. You can change your future. You can make things better for them now. I’ll be here for you. I know you can’t do this by yourself.”

“How? How do I help them?”

“Well, the first thing I would do is let them know you know what you did was wrong. Acknowledgment is the first step in healing”

“Those therapy visits must really be working; you sound like a psychiatrist.”

We are quick learners.”

You both laugh. The conversations continue for a while. Mostly about Enji and his past until it was getting too much for him then you switched to something more lighthearted like tv shows or food. His mind was no longer racing when you get a phone call.

“Mr. Hellboy. You hero costume is ready for pickup.”

“Oh, ok. Thank you.” You hang up. “Enji, do you want to come with me to get my costume?”

“Better than sulking here.”

“Walk, drive, or teleport?”


As you leave the house, you continue your conversation, leaving out his past to keep it private. The weather is nice so you’re both in shorts and short sleeve shirts. You’re in cargo shorts, a graphic tee and high top sneakers. He is wearing khaki shorts and boat shoes and his white button-down shirt has its long sleeves rolled to his elbows. The shirt is little snug around his chest and when he flexed the right way, you get a glimpse of his chest between the strained buttons. You have to work extra hard not to stare but you manage.

The same tailor as yesterday greets you as you enter the lobby. “Mr. Hellboy, right this way. You just need to sign a few papers and you will be on your way.” You’re busy talking to the lady at the front desk when someone approaches Enji from behind.

“Hi Endeavor, what brings you here?”

“Good afternoon, Midnight. I should be asking you the same thing.”

“Oh, you know. I’m changing my costume to something a little less risqué. I’ll be teaching at UA soon so I need to be a little more presentable to the students. Hey, I just noticed your clothing. It’s rare seeing you in normal clothing, got something special planned?”

“I’m just here with (Y/N), he is picking up his hero costume.”

“Oh! How romantic! You two are always together. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were dating.” Her face contorting to a malicious grin.

“W…we are NOT dating; I have been just helping him become a hero and get a normal life.”

“Is that why you go out to lunch with him all the time? Don’t play coy with me. I have seen how you look at him, how you act around him. Your always way nicer to him than anyone else.”

“He’s had a rough past; I’m just trying to make sure he is ok.” He stammers.

“I also have seen the way he looks at you. And don’t give me the ‘I saved him so he looks up to me’ answer. Call it a woman’s intuition but I sense something growing between you too.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Oh, I know your dense when it comes to those type of feelings. Plus, I just can’t help myself when I see a romance forming!

“A romance?” Enji thought. He never really gives his emotions much thought. He is always to focused on hero work to worry about them. Thinking back to all the times he has been with you, he always enjoys spending time with you and looks forward to seeing you, even if it’s just for training. Seeing you smile, you laugh, he enjoys all those things. You are the only person he has ever opened up to. “Do I have feelings for him?” is the last thing he thinks before you’re see finished at the desk.

With case in hand, you turn around and notice Midnight. “Fancy seeing you here? I just got my hero costume. Are you getting a new one too?”

“Yea, for be a little more PG for the UA. I will say I’m excited to see your costume, I hope it matches your hellish powers”

“You could say that.”

“Oh! Look at that Zaheer joining in too! Just makes me all…”

“Sorry Midnight but (Y/N) must be going.”

“Aww, well I hope to see you two later. Bye!” She winks to Enji and he blushes just a little.

Leaving the building, you be in break the silence. “What was that all about?” You ask out of curiosity.

“Oh nothing, let’s just head back after a quick bite to eat. I have some questions for you.”

“You can ask them now if you want or are they private.”


“Alright, how about you tell me your favorite type of music.”

The conversations were kept pretty mild as you two went about your day. After lunch you two went by a park and saw one of the summer retreats and decided a short detour would be fine. You two just hung out on what could best be described as a dock and dangled your feet into the running water. It was nice just to be together but your mind was still wondering what he wanted to ask but you don’t dwell on it. It was midafternoon by the time made it back to Enji’s home. You two make it back to the couch and sit down. It takes a minute for Enji to compose himself to ask the question.

“What is it like to have feelings for someone? To like them more than friends.”

You’re a little shocked at this question but you know today his emotions are still raw.

“Well, I can tell you what I feel when I like someone. Will that work?”

“I suppose.”

“For me, having feelings or loving someone is when I can’t stand to be away from them. Being with them brings joy, warmth, comfort. Being away from them is painful, not a lot but I miss them. I look up to them and I always want to make sure they are happy. I want grow with them, share every emotion, be there when they are at their lowest low and their highest high. My heart skips a beat I am around them and I will always make sure that they know they are loved more than anything. I hope that answer helps, love is kind of vague so it’s hard to describe but I did my best.”

Enji sits up a little bit staring at the wall. You give him some time to process all of what you said. You told him the true but you left out the part that the person you were talking about was him. That is when he turns to you.

“Ok, I think I understand.”

“Great! Are there any mor….”

You are stopped mid-sentence as Enji quickly kisses you on the lips; his large hands gently cradling your face. At first, you’re in shock but you calm down at what you hope isn’t a dream. Once he pulls away, you get a look at his face: the color almost matching his crimson hair.

“I’m sorry,” Looking down “everything you said, it describes how I feel about you. I’m not good with my emotions let alone vocalizing them. I thought showing you would be easier but I forgot to think about your feelings. I know you and Adam had a relationship, I forgot about that. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you want.”

You grab his left hand with your right and he looks at you. You rest your other hand on his face and begin kissing him back. This time a little slower, savoring the moment. You poked at his lips with your tongue, persuading them to open. Pushing in, your tongues dancing in each other’s mouth, savoring the taste. His mouth is so much hotter than yours, you swear your tongue is going to burn off. You keep going for what felt like forever until you have to breath.

“(Y/N), I didn’t know you felt this way about me?”

“I could say the same but you are not very good with signals, are you?”

“Call me dumb all you want, but what about Adam and how come you never said anything before?”

“I was afraid that you wouldn’t feel the same. You’re my boss, my mentor, the person who saved me. I can’t just say ‘Enji, I like you. Do you like me?’ now can I? As for Adam, we agreed when we separated to not be afraid to follow our hearts. If that meant falling in love with someone else, then so be it. He said he would be sad to hear I wasn’t happy because of him. I didn’t tell you any of this because I didn’t know you felt anything for me.”

“Well now that everything is out in the open, how about we just relax for the rest of the evening.”

“That sounds nice. Uh, Enji?” You point at his chest.

He looks down to his shirt to find that the button at the center of his chest broke off. He just shrugs and rips the rest of the buttons open. That’s when you finally are able to see his upper body in all its glory. His large chest is lightly covered in hair; as you look down you see his chiseled abs. A little bit more hair starts below his belly button and thickens as it goes down. Your brain is about to explode when he notices you are staring again.

“We can cuddle if you want.”

“I…I’m just a little nervous.”

He grabs your hand and places it on his chest. His skin is very warm to the touch. You can feel his heart beat and he must be just as nervous as you, judging by how fast it’s going. He leans back on the couch with his arms spread across the back. You go up and lean against him now; your head coming his chest as you use one hand to rub the rest. You feel his breathing stiffen a bit but as you rub more, he begins to relax again. You use your other arm to pull yourself closer to him. His chest is so firm yet so soft, like best pillow you have ever felt.

“This does feel nice.” You whisper.

“Hmm. I just wish I said something sooner.”

“Everything happens for a reason Enji. I don’t think you would have ever been willing to let go any sooner.”

“You’re probably right.” He sighs, well more of a rumble, as he puts his hand around your waste. He slowly tilts his head to rest on top of yours and you two take a nap. It probably was only about an hour before to two are awake again.

“It’s still daylight, do you want to do anything?”

“Well, if we go out, I’m going to have to change my shirt as this really isn’t acceptable for the number 2 hero to wear in public.”

“Oh! I have an idea.” Your eye starts to glow.

A blue flash of light tells Enji that you teleported them. He looks around and finds you’re on a secluded beach. He feels the warm sand between his toes, the salty air, the sounds of the ocean. The sun low but still not setting for a few more hours.

“I thought of a place where you don’t need to worry about your shirt or that we left your shoes at home.”

“It’s perfect.” He pulls you close at hugs you. You bury your face in his chest and squeeze tighter. You could stand like that all day. You feel the huge weight come off your shoulders from having to hide your emotions all the time. Someone in your life feels the same way about you as you feel about them. You tilt your head upward to see him smiling down at you; those piercing blue eyes putting a spell on you. He kisses your forehead which brings you back to reality.

“Do you want to go for a walk?”

“That sounds wonderful.” He answers with a big smile.

Walking down the beach, seeing the occasional beach goer, you two hold hands and you continue your conversations. This time a little more casual than trying to work on Enji’s emotions. You figured he is over that for now so you just want to be with him now. The ocean breeze making his white shirt billow. You just want to rip the rest of it off and just feel him all over.

The August heat is getting to you as sweat starts forming. You want to take your shirt off but your still self-conscious about your scars. “You can take your shirt off (Y/N), it is the beach.” He noticed you are sweating at this point. He takes off his to help make it less awkward for you. “Gosh his body is perfect.” You think, almost having a panic attack looking at him before you can answer.

“I know, I’m just worried about how people will see me. There are a lot of scars.”

“It’s ok if you don’t want to but we have only seen a few people in an hour and no one is paying attention to us. Maybe you still need some help with your emotions.” He has a goofy grin on his face by now.

“Alright. Alright. Just give me a second.”

You slowly take off your tee shirt. Enji has seen your scars before but never this up close and never being able to touch them. He hugs to you and rubs your back in an effort to comfort you. Most of the scars are just visual, some of the larger ones can be felt but the same can be said about Enji’s scars. Right now, you’re not caring about those scars as you feel his warm skin against yours. The feeling of all his muscles flexing with every movement, every breath; it sends you overboard. Your brain is short circuiting as you’re about to lose all feeling in your legs when you suddenly stiffen.

“Slow down Enji, the boy is about to pass out.”

“Are you ok, (Y/N)? You’re shaking like a leaf.”

“I’m fine, I’m… my mind is just racing right now.”

“Did we go to fast?”

“No, I…I just haven’t had positive human touch before. I really don’t count Adam, a little too furry to be human.”

“Well let’s just sit down till you gather yourself.”

You both sit down on the beach. The sun is now starting to get low enough for the sky to change colors. You lean against Enji as he wraps his arm around you to make sure your secure. You don’t say anything now and just watch the sunset until it’s dark outside. You get up and stare at each other again.

“Ready to head back?” You eye starting to glow more again.

“Yea, let’s go home.”

“Enji, can we sleep in your bed tonight. OH NO! Did I say that out loud?!” Horror colors your face.

Enji laughs. “Sure, that sounds great right about now.”

Once back home, you both get ready for bed. You get into his bed first and wait as he finishes in front of the sink. He looks up and see himself in the mirror. He doesn’t turn away this time and actually sees himself, not angry this time. It’s the first time in a long time he is ok with what he sees. It’s not perfect but it’s a good start. He heads off to bed as you open the covers for him. You two are face to face as you kiss one last time before falling asleep in each other’s embrace.



Chapter Text

Enji wakes up before you feeling a pressure on his chest. Looking down, he sees that during the night he got on his back and you ended on top of him; your head resting on the center of his chest. He just lays there quietly watching you move up and down with his breathing. One quick look at the alarm clock tells him it’s about to go off so he takes his hand and runs it through your short hair. The gentle pets slowly waking you up. You slowly open your eyes as you look at him smiling at you.

“Good morning.” You say in a groggy voice as you kiss him lightly on the cheek.

“Good morning. I know you want to stay here but we got to get going. We don’t want to miss your first day of being my sidekick.”

“Really?!” You say with a sarcastic tone as you go face down into his chest.

“Really, now get up!” This time he begins to move, shifting you off of him.

You both get ready, eat some breakfast and you put on your hero suit as you look at yourself in the mirror. “Today’s the big day!” Zaheer says to you in the mirror. His excitement couldn’t be contained with that big goofy grin of his.

“Are you ready Zaheer?” Enji asks after placing a hand on your shoulder.

Yes, but I worry about the boy’s nerves.”

 “Hey! I’ll be fine. I have been training for this for a year. Come on, let’s go!”

“That’s what I like to see.”

Teleporting to the agency, you fill out some paperwork then your off on your first day of patrol. Endeavor leads the way for patrol. The day starts off slow but you get your first chance to help when you see a woman about to get hit by a truck and you teleport her to safety. You happen to be outside of a jewelry store when a robbery starts and you stop the men until the police come. Not much else happens by the time you and Endeavor have lunch, this time your new favorite: sushi! Because of the therapy, cold food no longer bothers you.

“So, how do you think your first day is going?”

“Overall, I’m happy with how everything is going. I’m happy just helping people right now.”

Hurry up and eat, I’m getting hungry over here!”

“Calm down Zaheer, Hellboy will eat at his own pace. Is this what you deal with every day?”

“Yea, he is sometimes just a voice in the back of my mind other times he is more forward with his opinions.”

Your left hand quickly smacks you across the face.

“Zaheer! Don’t you dare hurt Hellboy!”

Oops… must have slipped.”

You laugh “Alright, both of you calm down, we still have half the day to go. Don’t worry about it Endeavor, he is just being silly. Sometimes he just gets bored.”

You’re fine, I would never hit you hard enough to hurt you.”

"See, everything is fine. Now let’s finish up and get going. Where to next Endeavor?”

He is about to answer as his phone rings.

“There is an 8-alarm fire in the Shinjuku district. All available heroes report immediately!”

“You heard her, let’s go.”

You quickly leave money on the table and you’re off running down the street approaching the fire. No one could miss where the fire is, a full under construction skyscraper is up in flames. Flames jumping off the building and dense smoke billowing all around. Heroes are coming from all over. Water being sprayed on the building but it’s futile. Other heroes try to help but the flames are too powerful anyone to overcome.

“Hellboy, I need you to check if there is anyone in the left inside and teleport them out.”

Those flames are awfully strong, you going to need to make an opening for us.”

“Planning on it.” As he approaches the flames and starts to manipulate them. The fire start to open up, creating an opening for you to enter. As you enter, you feel the intense heat, the dense smoke making it hard to breath, and debris everywhere. You can hardly see anything but you can hear voices.

“Zaheer, how many do you sense, I’m getting 4.”

Yes, 4. I would complement you but no time.”

You find the first woman under makeshift table. The flames are about to reach her as she screams in pain from the heat. You manage to reach her quickly. Placing a hand on her, she is moved to safety outside. After a few more teleports inside the creaking structure, you find a man on the ground passed out. You make sure he is alive before quickly teleporting him out to safety. Higher up you find another man near some equipment. He is trying to cover himself with a tarp but you hear him coughing severely. You run to him and manage to get him out in time. You’re trying to locate the last survivor when building starts to shake. Endeavor suddenly comes in over your headpiece.

“Hellboy, get out of there, the building is going to collapse!”

“There is just one more survivor, give me a little time.”

“Damn it! Hellboy, don’t…”

You cut the call short as you continue your search. The final person must be close to death because it’s hard to sense them over all the fire. The blaze is starting to grow larger by the second as it consumes the building. It’s getting hotter the longer you’re in there and the smoke is starting to get to you.

You need to hurry; you can’t keep this up. You almost at your limit.”

You finally reach the last person who is unconscious. You hesitate for a moment trying to find a good way to reach him through the fire. That’s when the building starts to collapse all around you. The sounds of metal creaking and falling alerts you but it’s too late. You are hit in the back with a beam and pinned under it, the fire burning your suit.

I’m getting us out of here!”

Wait, I can save him!”

You crawl and claw your way to just be able to touch the man, using all your will power to not pass-out from the pain and smoke. It takes a few moments to finally reach him but when you finally do, you teleport him as fast as you can.  More of the building starts coming down as Zaheer teleports you to safety. You’re in daily light as the building completely falls down, sitting on the ground coughing from the smoke.

“Hellboy! Are you alright!” Endeavor says running to your side.

“I’ll be fine *cough* I just need some oxygen *cough cough*.”

Endeavor motions an EMT over and hands you a mask. After a few deep breaths you start feeling better, your lungs finally getting the fresh air it needs. Then you feel a sharp pain on the side of your head. Endeavor flicked you.

“You were reckless Hellboy. You could have been seriously injured or even killed! What were you thinking?!”

“I was thinking of saving everyone, and really, flicking me on the head in public.” You say still holding the oxygen mask to your face.

“I told you to leave but you were able to save the man. That still doesn’t mean what you did was right, you disobeyed a direct order!” The man growled.

A woman comes to as another hero tries to stop her. “Are you the hero that saved my husband?”


“Thank you for saving him. I know you risked your own life. Thank you.”

“It’s part of the job. Glad to help.”

The hero escorts her away as you are moved to the back of an ambulance to continue being checked out. She takes your vitals and asked you questions to make sure you didn’t get a concussion from falling debris. They give you some medicine for the pain and bandage the cut on your head. It takes a few minutes to receive the all clear. Afterwards, you search for Endeavor. It only takes a minute and you walk over Endeavor who is talking to the police and press.

“…we will have to investigate the start of the fire but it seems to be an accident at this point of time.”

“Mr. Endeavor, who is the hero that got the people out of the building?”

“That would be my new sidekick, Hellboy.”

“How come we have never heard of him before.”

“Today is his first day.”

“And he just ran right into a burning building on his first day! What a story, a sidekick’s first day and he goes head first into a burning building. Is that him?”

You’re now standing next to Endeavor. Your hero costume is ripped and burned in several places. Your goggles are cracked and you smell of smoke.

“Hello. I’m Hellboy, nice you meet you.”

“Mr. Hellboy, today is your first day, what was it like saving people from the burning building?”

“Um…. I just did what came naturally. I didn’t want anyone to die so I just took action, with the lead of Endeavor of course.”

“Great, do you have anything more to say.”


“Actually, we need to be going. After what happened to Hellboy today, we will be heading back to the agency.” Endeavor interrupts

“Always busy with hero work, thank you for the interview.”

He places a hand on your shoulder as you walk away. “Thank you Endeavor, I’m not good in front of cameras.”

“I could tell you’re nervous. Also, since when are you fireproof?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m looking at the back of your hero costume, it was burned bad enough that there is a foot wide whole on your back yet your skin is fine.” You feel his hand touch your bare skin. That must have been from the beam falling on you. You didn’t notice the opening before.

“I guess it depends on what’s happening because I have been burned before. Zaheer, do you have any idea about this?”

Demons are inherently fire proof. We even take long baths in lava. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for that ability to transfer to you.”

That makes sense but why now? Hellboy has been burned before.”

I guess the moment was right for it to be needed and your body just used it when it was in a dire situation. He couldn’t teleport right away so it wouldn’t be out of the question for this quirk to be delayed as well.”

“Makes sense to me. Now with that of the way, can we go back to the agency so I can change.” You say with your eye glowing bright.

In the locker room at the agency, you look at yourself in the mirror after a shower. You’re scanning your body all over to see if anything looks new. You don’t see any burns on your body after all of that. You sigh and begin to put you clothing back on. Zaheer appears in the mirror shortly after.

You can’t hide this forever.” He motions to your right eye.

“I’m going to have to, I just need to be more careful.”

I just worry about you; I don’t want to hurt you or you to hurt anyone.”

 “I appreciate that but I want to do this.”

You know the more to use my powers the more demon you become.”

"You don’t need to remind me; I know what’s happening.”

I’ll never take over your body but the demonic energy in me will, just slow down, ok?”

I will”

You finish up in the locker room and meet Enji in the hallway.

“Ready to go home?” He says looking at you with a light smile.

“Yea, I’m getting tired.”

“You did good on your first day, you still need improvements but overall good.”

“Thanks.” You hug him making sure no I’m was around. Then you two vanish in a flash of light.


Chapter Text

The next two months go by in a flash. You manage to keep your powers in check as you help save the day on more than a few occasions. Citizens are starting to recognize you and even one small boy asked for your autograph. Being a hero is rewarding but nothing like being with Enji. Trying to keep your relationship secret is difficult at times. During hero work is easy because you’re staying alert for trouble. It gets almost impossible to keep your hands off of him when you’re in the agency. Luckily you have a demon to control your body because the one day you were working out with Enji and he used his shirt to dry his face. You almost reached out to touch his exposed abs when Zaheer stopped you in your tracks. However, you got caught in Enji’s office when Sanji walked in as you’re sitting in his lap making out. She said she would keep it a secret and Enji told you she could be trusted; so, crisis avoided. She was actually the one to suggest keeping your off days miss-aligned to avoid suspicion.

Today is the first day in over a month that you two are together for the day. You awaken in a familiar position, right on top of Enji as he pets your head.

“How’s my little flame this morning.” He says with a gentle smile.

“Mmmm, you know sleeping on top of you is so much nicer than any mattress, I get to feel your body under me.” As you wiggle a little.

He wraps you in a tight hug and kisses you a few times on your face. Even though you have been together for 2 months you still can’t help but blush from his affection and you quickly go face first into his bare chest.

“Now, now. Don’t go hiding that face from me, little flame.” As he lifts your head to make eye contact with you.

“Really, the pet name.” You roll your eyes but secretly you kind of enjoy it.

“Well, (Y/N),” in a sarcastic tone “what do you want me to call you?”

“I know I can’t stop you, you’re too stubborn anyway.”

“Ha! You’re right. So, what do want to do today before we meet with my children?”

“I’d like to walk through the forest and watch the leaves fall. Then I think we should pick up something to bring with to the kids. Maybe a cake or something.”

“That sounds like a plan to me, now let’s get up, I’m starting to get hungry.”

Enji always enjoys your cooking and over the past months you have really started to know his favorites. It’s nice to make something he really enjoys even if it just his favorite breakfast. After enjoying some salmon and rice, you head out. Seeing Enji in a turtle neck sweater just drives you wild. You must be having the same effect on him as he has a hard time looking away in your jacket with red scarf. Once in the car, Enji wanted to drive to a secluded temple to surprise you, but the road signs gave it away pretty quickly.

“I’ve never been to a Japanese temple before.”

“This temple is deep in the forest. I thought you might like a nice walk with a surprise at the end but I forgot about the signs. Wait, you have a demon inside of you, should I be worried about the spirits fighting?”

I may come from hell but I never really got a chance to make a name for myself so we will be fine.”

Won’t they sense your energy and be alerted to your presence?”

We have been to other temples all over the world, so far we have been left alone.”


“They make good hiding spaces plus the people looking for me probably thought the same as you.”

“That’s a relief. And look, we are here.”

As you turn the corner, you see a large traditional temple arch with a winding path under it heading deep into the forest. As you leave the car, a fall breeze picks up some leaves and makes the trees rustle. You two begin walking down the path as the leaves fall and the morning light twinkles through the trees. The cool fall air sends a cold chill down your back and Enji wraps his arm around you and uses his quirk to warm you up.

“Thank you, Enji” you say as you tilt your head toward him, resting on his shoulder.

“You always get cold easily, why don’t you wear a warmer jacket?”

In a sarcastic tone “Maybe it’s an excuse for you to hold me.”

“Well, I think it’s working.” As he squeezes you tighter and kisses your head.

You to continue walking along the path, looking at nature around you. You stopped for a moment as you saw a deer. It stared at you both and slowly walked away after a moment. You continue down the path, hearing the sounds of leaves crunching under your feet. Once you reached the temple, you both dropped an offering and bowed. Staying there only a moment to appreciate the beauty of the building, you turn around and leave from once you came. It takes just about an hour to walk back to the car.

“Any ideas on what I should bring my children?” Enji says while turning the ignition.

“Well, everyone loves chocolate, so how about a chocolate mousse cake!”

“I like the idea of that, we better hurry so we are not late. I don’t want to disappoint them by being late.”

You can sense a bit of nervousness in his voice but it’s understandable; he hasn’t talked to his children in 8 months. You quickly find a small bakery, get a cute little cake with strawberries on top, and head to the apartment building. It’s the nicest apartment building you have ever seen, but Enji wants his kids to have the best so it makes sense. Once parked, he sighs and looks down at the cake box you are holding.

“I know you said you wouldn’t come inside the apartment but…. I don’t know if I can do this alone. I know Hina is going to do her best to help but I’m still worried about what I’m going to say.”

“I’ll go with you, but I’ll tell you this. If they ask about us, I don’t care if they know but do you care?”

“If it will get them to understand I am trying to change, I’ll tell them anything, even that I cried like a baby in front of you.”

You laugh “Let’s just hope you don’t cry in front of them, ok? Zaheer and I will monitor you to make sure your nerves aren’t getting the better of you.”

“Alright, I feel little more confident about this. Thank you.”

The heat coming off of Enji starts growing as the elevator starts heading up. You grab his hand to let him know you are there. As you stop in front of the apartment door, you give Enji a quick kiss on the cheek. “You can do this.” Is all that you whisper. He rings the doorbell and you notice he is holding his breath until you hear the door opening. Hina answers the door.

“Enji, something told me that you would bring (Y/N) with you.”

He goes pale “How would you know?”

“Oh, a little birdie may have told me a thing or two about you both.”

“Midnight….” He rumbles.

“A woman never gives up her sources. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Now get in here.”

You enter an upscale apartment. It’s even nicer than Enji’s home and almost as big, it must cost a fortune. Hina directs you to towards the living room and takes the cake from you. You sit down and wait while she gets the kids. It feels like forever waiting but eventually they all enter the room. You can practically cut the air with a knife the tension is so thick as they sit down. That’s when Enji finally speaks.

E: “I wanted to come here today to tell you all that I’m sorry for everything.”

N: “Really? Now after everything we have been through, you expect us to forgive you.”

F: “Give dad a chance, Natsuo.”

E: “He is right, I don’t expect you to forgive what I did to you. Your brother and mother are dead because of me. I have to live with what I did every day for the rest of my life. I know right now it might not look it but I want to become a hero; no, a father that you can look up to.”

N: “How do you plan on doing that?”

E: “If I’m being honest, I’m not entirely sure right now.”

N: “So you come here to apologize and not even have a plan. That’s it, I’m going!”  Natsuo tries to leave but is stopped in his tracks. He is forced to turn around and look at you.

Z: “Sit down and listen, this man still more to say!”

H: “You might want to listen; you don’t want to make a demon angry.”

N: “Fine…why are you here anyway?”

(Y/N): “Your father asked me to come.

F: “This is a family affair, I agree with Natsuo, you shouldn’t be here.”

(Y/N): “Can you just let him speak first? I will answer your questions afterwards. Enji, go ahead.”

E: “I know you might not believe me when I say that I know what I did hurt everyone. I pushed your brother too far and he died. I gave your mom so much stress and guilt that she took her own life. I separated Shoto from you and neglected you two for years. I pushed Shoto too far because of my selfish desires. I don’t even know how you can look at me right now. Knowing I caused all of this all of this hurt me so much that I have nightmares of watching myself hurt everyone. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror for months without feeling sick to my stomach. It got to the point that when (Y/N) tried to wake me one night I ended up almost killing him. That night I cried like I never have before. I never knew how much I hurt you all until your mother died and I never really processed my emotions until recently.”

N: “I don’t believe that you cried, you would never cry.”

(Y/N): “He is telling the truth; he did cry that night.”

F: “Why now? What changed? And why was (Y/N) with you?”

E: “(Y/N)… He is the reason I am having a change of heart.” You hold his hand which gives him a boost. “He has been with me and seen me at my lowest. I don’t know if I can do this out him. I’m telling you this now so you don’t hear it from someone else, but…” he takes a deep breath “We have been dating for the past 2 months.”

N: “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! You’re telling me that my dad who doesn’t feel anything but hate has fallen love AND WITH A MAN? This had got to be some kind of joke! What makes you think we will believe any of this?”

(Y/N): “It’s true. I don’t know how else to make you believe it. Enji was so broken down that night. All of his emotions hit him at once, he even threw up because of his thoughts. I was there only to stay overnight till I got a better apartment but the world works in strange ways. If I wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. I don’t even know if your father would have made it much longer without me.”

N: “Why him? Have you seen what has done to us? Do you know what we went through?”

(Y/N): “I have, I can see memories with the help of Zaheer. I saw everything he did to you. I understand that you may never forgive him but give him a chance to prove that he really is trying to change. I know it might seem fake right now, but just know that he wants to be in your life. He wants to be better.”

F: “I want to believe you but I agree with Natsuo right now, it’s really hard to believe.”

H: “Not for me, I knew something was going to happen between you two. I saw it the first night you brought (Y/N) home”

F: “Wait, you knew? Why didn’t you tell us?”

H: “He needed to find himself first before he could even tell (Y/N). It’s not my place to say his feelings. Plus, you wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell you.”

(Y/N): “I know that Enji really wants to make things better. He is still coming to terms with his past but I hope you guys will give this apathetic man a chance.”

E: “(Y/N), I can show my feelings, but only with you right now.”

In the heat of the moment, he kisses you on the cheek but he then looks at his children, remembering where he was. Every Todoroki has shock on their face at this action and you are feeling like everything got awkward until Fuyumi spoke up.

F: “Well, that proves that you’re telling the true. The old dad would never kiss mom much let alone a man. Shoto, you haven’t said a word, what do you think?”

Shoto stands up and walks towards his father. Enji just stares as Shoto begins to speak.

S: “You hurt everyone and I don’t know if I can forgive you for that…. but I believe that you want to change. I believe that (Y/N) will help you. Give us some to time to think about it.”

E: “Thank you, son.”

Enji then gets up and hugs Shoto the best he can. He is about to cry with joy but you and Fuyumi join in as well. Hina pushes Natsuo into circle. After letting go, you enjoy some cake while small talk starts about school, work and how you two met. It was about an hour before you two left. During the drive home, you could feel Enji was starting to relax, finally getting his emotions off his chest.

“Thank you, (Y/N), for everything.”

“I would do anything for you, Enji. I just want you to be happy.”

“After everything you have done for me, I wanted to thank you in a special way.” He gives you a look that you haven’t seen before, a smirk with half closed eyes.

“Well, what is it…. ohhh…. are you sure? You have never done that with a man before.”

“I would do anything for you, (Y/N).”

“Using my words against me, but I’ll take it. Can we at least get a snack first? I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry!”

“Well, when you have a demon inside of you that you need to feed, tell me how you feel.”

You talk about me like I’m a baby inside of you.”

All of you laugh as you drive off. You can’t wait for tonight.

Chapter Text

You couldn’t get home soon enough as the two of you could barely keep your hands off each other. Enji even ran 3 red lights in order to get home faster. The sun just set as you pull up in the driveway. Enji was so excited/nervous that he struggled get to key in the lock. Once the door closed, you were all over one another. He slammed you against a wall as he pressed his whole body on you. The cologne he is wearing is driving you insane as it mixes with his natural sent. You were getting weak at the knees from the onslaught of his body and lips. Before, you always took things slow, but now you are practically eating each other as your lips collide. Not an inch of space was between the both of you as you continue kissing. Your one hand grabs his lower back as the other runs through his hair. He has a forceful grip around your chest as you kiss for what feels like forever.

After some time, you break the kiss and look him right on the eyes, those turquoise eyes of his making your heart flutter. In the heat the moment you say: “I love you, Enji.” The words you spoke broke his concentration on you.

“That was out of nowhere.”

“Well, I mean it, I don’t think I have ever fallen in love with someone like this before. I mean with Adam, I did like him, and loved him as a friend but I see you and I growing old together, sharing laughs and sorrows. I know it’s all of a sudden but I really do love you. I’m sorry if it’s too soon for you.”

“Well, I don’t know if I am ready to say it yet but I’m glad you said it.”

“I hope I didn’t ruin the mood but I felt like I had to say something.”

“You didn’t ruin anything….” he says as he begins kissing you again, this time taking it slower. Each kiss on your face deliberate and gentle. You can’t help but moan as he is driving you wild, bucking and writhing in his arms as your body wants more.  He starts to lead to towards the bedroom as you are entangled with one another. After managing to find the door, he slams it open and you quickly find yourself on the bed. Looking up, the big man himself starts stripping at the end of the bed as you watch with baited breath. He takes his time, letting you savor the moment. The shirt is the first thing to come off, button by button, revealing that magnificent upper body of his. The pants come down next, as he turns around so you get the full view. You have to stop yourself from grabbing that delicious ass of his. You have seen him in his underwear practically every night but things are a little bit different now. There is a nice outline forming on his boxer briefs. He winks at you as he slowly lowers his underwear with both thumbs in the waistband. That’s when you see what you have been waiting for. Everything about Enji was big, but my god, that cock of his was something else: close to 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. You hold your breath as you gaze upon Enji’s full body.

“You like what you see, boy?”

“Oh, yes. I’m ready.”

“You’re what?”

“God Enji, fuck me already.”

“Good, but your clothes are in the way. Take them off.” he growls

You strip down as quickly as you can, not wanting to slow the momentum. It’s difficult to get your pants off with your ragging erection but you manage. When you get to your underwear, you’re at the bed of the bed when end Enji stops you.

“Before we go any further, I want you to know I never want to hurt you. If anything gets too much, I want you to stop me. The safe word is ‘butternut’. You feel even the littlest bit uncomfortable, stop me. Ok?”

“I don’t think I will need it but it makes me feel safe, thank you.”

“Good, now get ready!”

He grabs the waistband of your underwear and rips them off of you in one swift motion. He smiles at what he sees. You’re not as big as him, but 6 inches is nothing to scoff at. Your both start embracing each other again, but this time you start grinding against this thigh, aching for relief. He notices this and pushes you down on the bed.

“I see someone is eager, how about I help you out a bit.”

He grabs your dick with one hand and begins pumping up and down slowly. You’re not small yourself but his massive hand practically covers the whole thing. You eventually start moving your hips in motion with his hand you’re getting close. He releases and you’re staring at him again.

“Don’t get too eager, we are just getting started.”

He flips you over and moves over to the nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube. He gently squeezes a generous amount in his left hand and begins to warm is up with his quirk. With a smirk, he begins making circles around your rim, toying with you. Even though you have mentally prepared yourself, your body still tenses up when he starts to enter you with his index finger.

“For someone who has sex before, you’re awfully tight. It’s going to take at least 3 fingers to make sure your loose enough.”

“It’s been over 4 years since I got any, and you know an awful amount about anal sex for being a first timer.”

“Well, I do my research.” He says as he shifts his hand.


While you two were talking, he has been busy trying to find your buttons. Poking and prodding until he found the spots to drive you wild. Judging by the moans coming from you, he was having no trouble finding them. He then quickly takes his finger out only to be replaced by 2. This time he is taking it slower as you start shaking just enough for him to notice. He leans forward and gives your shoulder a few hot kisses. “Relax, I’ve got you.” He says as he pulls you up on all fours, his hot breath tickling your neck. The shaking subsides long enough for Enji to get his third finger. This time you breathing almost stops but he continues to kiss your back and run his hand through your hair, making sure you’re ok. After a few minutes, he pulls his hand away from your backside and you instinctively back up toward him, wanting more.

“Glad to see your eager again. Get ready.”

His voice almost sounding like a rumble as he puts lube on his shaft. He uses both hands to spread your backside wide. Then he uses hand for bracing, one hand for aiming as he puts his tip at your back door. You stop breathing in anticipation and you know Enji has the biggest grin on his face right now. Slowly, he starts to push himself into you and you moan before not breathing again. He steadies himself to wait for you to relax. This action goes for a few minutes, pushing forward and waiting for you to adjust to his size, always making sure you are ok. The entire time he uses his quirk to massage your backside with his hands, keeping you grounded. Finally, when he is fully in, he leans forwards to give you a kiss on the back of your neck. The action moving him inside of you just the right way to rub against your prostate.

“OH MY GOD!” You scream, but you use all of your will power to hold it in.

“It looks like I found a good spot, are you ok?”

“I….I’ll be fine, just don’t move too much.” You say with heavy breathing. He stays on top of you for a minute or so then slow gets back up. He starts to slowly pull out then he quickly pushes himself back in. You raise your head back in ecstasy as he keeps thrusting in and out. The initial pain starts to turn to pleasure as your moans grow louder with each thrust. His skin starts to warm up as he starts to move faster and faster. The room is filled with the sounds of grunts, moans and skin slapping against each other. Steam starts coming off of his skin as he loses control. You try to match his pace but you’re starting to lose feeling in your legs again. He switches to both hands around your waste to support you.

“Little flame, in or out?”

“In!” you manage to say between your moans.

Not a second later Enji releases inside of you. It’s hot and you feel it filling your insides with every pump of his cock. It continues for what feels like forever but then starts to slow down till nothing is left. That’s when he falls on top of you. You can’t hold his motionless body up and you both land on the bed.

“Enji, you’re crushing me….”

“Sorry, I got so selfish. I didn’t hear you finish.”

“It’s ok.” you say still panting.

“I won’t be happy till you do, now turn over.”

“You’re going to have to do it for me, I lost feeling in in my legs.”

“What?! Are you ok? Why didn’t you say to stop?”

“I’m fine, it was just too good and you know I get weak at the knees when your around me.”

“That’s good to hear.” He says as he rolls you over, positioning your legs so he can see your dick more clearly. With one fell swoop, he takes your whole shaft into his mouth and begins sucking. You’re just long enough to feel the back of his throat as he uses his tongue to great success. His mouth was so hot that it almost feels like you’re on fire but it eventually turns to pleasure. You would have thought he has given head before but you don’t dare ask, you just want him to keep going. He then starts to move his head up and down as uses his lips to create more suction. Every once and a while he lifts fully off with a ‘pop’ sound as he releases your tip. He quickly then goes back all the way down. It doesn’t take long till your feeling hot inside and your about ready to burst.

“Enji, I….I can’t hold it…..” you say through gritted teeth.

All he can do is grunt with your member in his mouth but you understood. You release everything into Enji’s throat as he quickly swallows everything. Once you’re done, he lifts up and crawls on the bed next to you. He wraps those big arms of his around you and kisses your face.

“How is my little flame?”

“That…. that was amazing.”

“I know” he says with a boasting smile “it was great for me too.”

“Uh, Enji, we might have a problem.”

“Hmm?” He tilts his head.

“You finished in me first and I have been on my backside….”

He raises an eyebrow in confusion until he realizes what happened. “Let’s clean up, and I’ll change the sheets.”

He draws a bath and comes back to carry you into the bathroom. Your legs are still numb from everything but you don’t care, you love it when he is carrying you. He manages to get you both in the large tub, him against the back of the tub with you in front of him. He slowly starts to scrub your skin, as if he could hurt you: so gentle and kind with his motions. You two soak in the warm water as you bask in each other’s presence. You rest your head on his chest as he rubs your head. You sit in the bath for a while as you two relax.


“Yes Enji.”

“I think am now ready to say it.”

“Hmm?” You respond now are looking at him.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“Really? Why now?”

“I have never felt this way about anyone and I keep going back to how you described love, then I keep going back to thinking about you. You are the only person who has ever wanted to know who I am and to help me as a person. I never would have thought I could have had this feeling of love before. I always thought I was full of hate and anger.”

“I’m glad you finally said it and I know you’re full of so much love and happiness, we just need to find it, together. Oh, and Enji.”


“I love you too.”

You two kiss a few times before it is time to get ready for bed. Enji quickly changes the sheets as you sit on a chair in the room. He places you in bed and quickly gets under the covers. Even though you’re both still naked at this point, Enji is producing enough heat to keep you both warm.

“You know I’m so glad I helped at the crossing incident.”

“You should be, you saved everyone.”

“Plus, I meet you.” You say giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, yea.” As he blushes.


Chapter Text

The cold winters air starts coming in as your walking down the street alone. You’re admiring all of the Christmas decorations, the lights, the Christmas spirit filling the air. It’s about a week till Christmas and you are still trying to find the perfect gift for Enji. You have enough money to buy whatever he could want but you want it make it special. The man can and does buy whatever he wants so it’s difficult. You’re looking at a Christmas window display when you get a phone call.

“Hi (Y/N), how’s it going?”

“Hi Hina, I’m fine but I’m struggling here.”

You have become friends with Hina recently to try to help amend the relationship between Enji and his kids. Enji really is trying, he sees them about as often as he can, about 2 times a week. Fuyumi is the most accepting of the change while Shoto really doesn’t have much to say. Natsuo always complains about something, being dramatic but eventually calms down by the end of the visit. The conversations have been getting more natural for Enji but he is always glad you’re there to help. Even in the hero world he is starting to change, becoming calmer and more understanding of situations as he sees you use your powers to stop a fight before it even happens. He is changing everywhere, but it’s slow.

“With what?”

“I’m trying to get Enji the perfect Christmas gift and I can’t find anything. I got him a bottle of his favorite cologne but that’s it so far. Any ideas?”

“Well, he is the man that had everything but was all alone, I think you brought him the best gift, you.”

“I can’t just wrap myself in a bow and put myself under the tree, can I?”

“No, but you should to find him something that can bring him joy like you do.”

“Enji only thinks about 3 things, hero work, me, and his chil…. that’s it!!”


“That’s what I’ll get him for Christmas, his children.”

“You already planned to visit on Christmas, kind of too late for a surprise.”

“What if I had you guys move back on Christmas Day?”

“What?! We only have a week and I don’t know if the kids are ready?”

“Let me talk to the kids if you help me with the moving. You can just pack everything in boxes and I’ll teleport everything to the house.”

“I don’t know…”

“Please, help me. If not for him but for the kids to have a relationship with their father.”

“Fine. When do you want to talk to them?”

The phone clicks as you hang up. You are suddenly right next to Hina.

“How about now?”

“JESUS…. how does Enji deal with that all the time?”

Sometimes we get to spook him! It’s fun to see that man jump in fear.”

Ok, ok. I’ll get the kids, but I’m not promising anything.”

Once the kids enter the room and are surprised by the lack of their father.

(Y/N): “I’m sorry this is last minute but I have a question for all of you. I understand if you say no but please think before you answer.”

N: “Well… spit it out.”

 (Y/N): “I wanted to know if you all would be willing to move back with Enji. I will be there of course but I don’t you want to move back for me, but for him and yourself. Enji is really trying to make things right and he knows you might not ever forgive him but he wants you to be in his life again.”

F: “Why now, don’t you think it’s a little soon?”

(Y/N): “I was planning on making this his Christmas present, that’s the only thing I can think Enji could want that he doesn’t have: his family.”

S: “As sweet as that sounds, what makes you think we want to move back.”

(Y/N): “I will understand if you say no, but please think about it. I just want to make him happy and I need your help.”

N: “Being in that house is the last thing I want, but I will admit he is starting to change a little. Ever since you have moved in with him, he has calmed down and he is a little more in tune with his emotions. I still don’t like the idea of it but if you are there, I’ll give it a chance. But if things get to hot again, I’m leaving, got it!”

H: “Natsuo, be nice but I’m glad you’re willing to try a move back.”

S: “I’m the same as my brother, as long as things don’t get hot again, I’ll stay.”

F: “Oh, we are going to be a family again!”

(Y/N): “It’s going to still take some time but thank you all, from both of us.”

Z: “Yes, thank you.”

H: “Now don’t tell me that you like Enji too.”

Z: “I do because he makes (Y/N) happy.” 

(Y/N): “Great! I’ll make all the arrangements; I just need you all to pack everything by Christmas Eve so I can move it. I’ll also order one of those KFC Christmas meals! Thank you everyone.”

You all group hug and you’re on your way. You’re happy that you have the perfect gift for him. You still have some work to do to make everything happen but you have a goal now. You just hope Enji is having as good of luck as you.


Enji is looking at his phone, looking for gift ideas for you. He struggles to see so he grabs his new glasses. You noticed he was struggling to see so you forced him to go get his eyes checked. The big guy needed them a long time ago but was too stubborn to go get his eyes checked before you came along. After he puts them on, he continues to keep scrolling, now only squinting in frustration. He tilts his head back and puts his hand over his eyes in exhaustion as Sanji walks in.

“Sir, here are the documents you asked for.”

“Thank you, Sanji, just placed them there” as he motions to a spot, eyes still shut.

“Anything else sir?”

He is about to say no but as he looks at his phone and has an idea. “Sanji, may I ask you for some….I don’t know how else to say this, relationship advice?”

“Sir, I really don’t like mixing work life with personal life.”

“No, no it’s nothing bad I just need help finding the perfect gift for (Y/N), I’m not having any luck so far. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Oh, well that’s a different story. Let me think. What do you get a man with a tortured childhood, no life until they meet you, and has a demon living inside of him?”

“You don’t have to be so blunt about it.”

“I’m just laying out the facts so I know what I’m working with. Is there anything he had as a kid or something he lost?”

“The only thing he lost are his friends but they are hiding right now, they don’t want to be found.”

“Did he have anything as a child that he misses?”

“Well, he did tell me recently something he finds embarrassing but I think it’s adorable.”

“It’s ok to tell me, you know I won’t tell anyone.”

“When he was a kid, after he stop fighting with Zaheer, he was given a toy, the only thing he could call his own.”

“What was it? A ball, an action figure, spit it out.” She says without hiding her excitement.

“It was a stuffed doll of me.”

“What? That should be easy to get.”  

“Not this one. It was a special production to see if it could work. When you squeezed it, it would heat up and say ‘Prominence Burn!’. It also was larger than anything I had made at the time. They never went into full production because the heating element could catch fire. Only about 200 of them were made so and they were never released to the public. I don’t know how they managed to get him one but he said he loved the thing. Everything was so cold for him so I guess they gave it to him to help warm him up. He said he snuggled the doll after every surgery they performed, the only thing warm he ever had. The funny part is he had no idea that the doll was a real person till he met me at the crossing.”

“Maybe you should get him that for Christmas?”

“I don’t know how, that was over 12 years ago and they are all probably destroyed.”

“I’ll help you find it.”

“Really?” Enji said sounding confused.

“I like (Y/N) and I like what he has done for you. You much more open, much kinder, your temper has started to cool down. He is the best thing that has happened to you, if I am being honest. Plus, I love trying to find that perfect gift, even if it isn’t from me.”

“Thank you, Sanji” he said as he stood up and gave her a quick hug.

“A hug too? He really has been good for you.”

“Keep this a secret along with everything I told you.”

“As always.”


Chapter Text

The week flew by as everyone was preparing for Christmas, the city full of shoppers and flooded with the sights and sounds of the holiday. Everyone was doing their part to make things happen. Sanji and Enji were busy looking at every website, every production facility, anywhere they could think to find that toy for you. They are putting in the hours to try to make it by Christmas. You have your suspicions when he is staying late at work but you want to keep the surprise.

You are having much better luck at getting his present ready in time. You help pack the kids’ things, making sure the they are ok with moving back. They even wrote some ground rules to make sure things don’t go back to the way they were. Even though Hina is just a live-in nanny, she has been with the kids long enough to grow attached to them and she is doing everything she can to help them as well. Every time you come over, she greets you as if your family and the kids are even getting used to your presence.

H: “It looks like that should be everything. Are you ready for tomorrow?”

(Y/N): “I think so. Enji always wakes up around 6 so if I get up at 5 that should give me enough time to get here and move everything to your rooms. Then I’ll teleport all of us to the kitchen where we can start cooking breakfast. He did say his favorite way to wake up is to the sounds and smells of me cooking.”

F: “Don’t you think he will be suspicious?”

(Y/N): “With the long hours he is been putting at work lately, he sleeps like a rock.”

N: “There he goes, overworking again…”

H: “Actually, I think it’s a little different this time. Think about it, that man isn’t the best with emotions, he is probably trying to find the perfect gift for everyone.”

S: “Dad is actually thinking about us?”

(Y/N): “I can tell you that he has been asking me for some ideas for you.”

F: “SPILL IT!!I want to know if he is getting us something good.” She says practically jumping up and down like a little kid.

N: “It’s probably just going to be money and some clothes like it always is.”

(Y/N): “You will have to wait till tomorrow to see.” You say with a smile.

S: “I can wait till tomorrow to be disappointed.”

Z: “Gosh, you boys need to lighten up, can’t you see the man is trying!”

Everyone laughs a little as you finish up the last of the packing. You hug everyone and you quickly head back home.


“DAMN IT!” Enji yells in anger at his computer. “Another fan made doll. Why does this have to be so hard to find!”

His phone rings. “What?!”

“Hello Enji.”

“Oh…sorry Sanji. I’m just a little worked up right now”

“I know, but I called you to give you some news.”

“Did you find it?” He says with a little excitement in his voice.

“Not quite, but I have a lead in working on. Apparently, some Yakuza have been seen with a few of them. They were selling them on the black market.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to go buy one from them?”

“Ok, I won’t. Bye.”

“SANJI WAIT, IT’S TOO DANGEROUS!” He pleads but she already hung up. “Damn it, if she gets hurt, I’ll….”

“You’ll what, Enji?” You say as you come into the home office.

“Oh….um…. it’s nothing.” He sometimes forgets you can teleport and you caught him off guard.

“Ok....So you want to watch a cheesy Christmas movie and cuddle?”

“That sounds awful….” He says rolling his eyes.

You two spend the rest of the evening together ‘watching’ a movie. You are in your new favorite sitting position on the couch: Enji sitting behind you with his arms around you and his chin on your head, you slouched in his lap with a blanket over the both of you. You’re sitting on the couch together shirtless, the more contact you get with that warm skin of his, the better. Enji can’t help himself during the move and begins to kiss your head and nibble your ear. You push back against his chest to get more contact with him and he responds by tightening his grip and warming up some more. The movie becomes background noise as you both put your attention on each other. After the movie is over you both head off to bed. Even though it’s the middle of winter you both still strip down to your underwear, partly because it’s so comfortable being next to Enji but also, he radiates so much heat when you’re around you practically sweat each night.


Christmas morning you managed to wake up 5 minutes before your scheduled time, so you gently move off of Enji and get dressed in the dark. You quickly head downstairs as to not wake him up with the flash of light. You then appear at the apartment.

(Y/N): “Is everyone ready?”

H: “Just give Natsuo a minute to get up. Go ahead and start with the boxes.”

Z: “With pleasure.”

H: “You really like (Y/N) don’t you.”

Z: “He is the only human I don’t mind being put inside of.”

F: “You were inside other people before (Y/N)?”

Z: “12 before I meet (Y/N). Each one either couldn’t handle the testing or they took their own life.”  

N: “How come he got to live.” He says as he enters rubbing his eyes.

Z: “Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. He was the youngest human I was put inside of but he had one of the strongest wills.”

 (Y/N): “Thank you Zaheer but we got to get going if we are going to make it on time.”

Z “Sorry, let’s go.”

You then quickly start to go to each room and teleport the boxes back to the house, making sure when you move them not to make too much noise. This takes about 10 minutes or so when you finally are done and just the kids and Hina are left. You all create a circle of hands and you teleport them to the kitchen at the house. Through the door they see the Christmas tree with large presents under it. They are about to get excited but you quickly remind them of what you are doing. You sense Enji is still sleeping so you all get to work cooking. Shoto is on rice, Fuyumi is on salmon, Natsuo takes care of the eggs and Hina gets the tea ready. You’re just about finished when you hear movement from upstairs.

“(Y/N), did you get up early to surprise me?” You all hear from a distance.

“Why don’t you come down and see your surprise!”

He slowly makes his way down; he is probably still groggy from a week of less sleep. You now remember the new habit you two formed of walking around the house without shirts on. At first it was to help with your self-confidence with your scars but you both can’t keep your hands of each other. It just turned into a habit after a little bit. You probably should have warned him to get dressed but it’s too late when he rounds the corner with just the pajama bottoms he put on. Once he sees what’s happening in the kitchen, he just stares for a moment, completely silent.

F: “Merry Christmas Dad.”

S and N: “Merry Christmas.”

H: “Merry Christmas.”

(Y/N): “Merry Christmas, Enji.”

Even though you have gone up and hugged him he is still in disbelief and hasn’t moved. It is only when you look at his eyes do you see why. A few tears start to well up and you kiss him on the cheek to break his stare.

E: “What is going on?”

F: “We are here for Christmas, cooking breakfast dad. Are you ok?”

E: “I…I…. I didn’t think you guys would actually want to come here ever again. Why are you here.”

N: “That demon you are dating is very persuasive.”

Z: “He isn’t dating me, he is dating (Y/N).”

(Y/N): “Why don’t you follow me and see the rest of your gift.”

You take his hand and lead everyone down the hallway to Shoto’s old bedroom. You slide the door open and turn on the light. Enji sees a pile of plain boxes neatly arranged in the middle.

E: “What are all of these? Are all these for me?”

H: “(Y/N), you’re going to have to spell it out for him. He doesn’t do subtle very well.”

(Y/N): “Enji, these boxes are your kids’ belongings. They are moving back home, today.”

With those words Enji just slams down on his knees, he couldn’t take the emotions as he starts to cry uncontrollably. You go to comfort him and Hina and Fuyumi join you. They motion to the boys and they come reluctantly.

E: “You can’t be serious? Is this a dream? Are you really moving back in with me?”

F: “Yes dad, we are back but you have to know it’s because of (Y/N) that we are willing to try.”

E: “What?” He manages to get out through sobs.

N: “We have laid out some ground rules we can go over but I don’t think you will remember them if we tell you now.”

E: “I don’t care what I have to do. I’ll do whatever it takes to have you back in my life.”

You all stand in your embrace a little while more when Enji finally stopped crying and gets up.

(Y/N): “Ok, now that things have settled down, let’s go eat. And Enji, go get a shirt on.”

Enji looks down at himself and quickly goes red in embarrassment as he didn’t realize until now that he didn’t have on a shirt. He quickly bolts upstairs and comes down and everyone is sitting at the table with food in the center. After he sits everyone begins to eat. The food was really good, like always when you’re cooking. After some coffee and tea, you all moved into the living room to open presents. The kids only got you each a card but you both agreed you’re just happy they are home.

E: “Fuyumi why don’t we start with you.”

F: “Ok” she heads over to the pile of gifts and find she has the largest present out of all of them. She quickly moves it and starts to unwrap the package. “A bike?”

E: “I thought you could use a new bike for college. This one is the top-of-the-line model and is fully electric but can be pedaled manually as well. It has large baskets for your books and groceries. I hope you can use it.”

F: “I love it! Thank you!” She says as she hugs Enji.

E: “Natsuo, your next.” He says a little more relaxed knowing the last present went well.

N: “Well, if her gift was good then I hope mine is good too.”

As Natsuo opens his 2 boxes, the first one is a bunch of video games. He looks with confusion because they are for a console he doesn’t have. He then quickly rips the wrapping off the other box and finds it is the brand-new console that isn’t out for another 3 months.

N: “How did you get this? It’s not even out yet.”

E: “As the number 2 hero, you make some connections. (Y/N) told me you really wanted one of these so I pulled a few strings.

N: “Thank you so much! I can’t believe you did this.”

E: “Im glad you like it. Shoto, it’s your turn.”

S: “I’m on it.”

Shoto finds he has a large box that sounds like a bunch of smaller boxes in it. When he opens it is a bunch of hand and power tools. He looks at Enji with confusion.

E: “I was told you like to work with your hands and like working on DIY projects and building things. If you don’t like it, I can exchange this for something else.”

S: “I like it, I can use these for a few projects I want to work on.”

E: “Really? That’s good. I worked hard to try to get you all something that you would enjoy. Hina, I even got you something.”

He hands her a small box. When she opens it, she finds a gold tennis bracelet.

H: “Oh my gosh, Enji! You didn’t have to get my anything, this is so wonderful.”

E: “It’s a thank you for having to deal with me and raising my kids by yourself.”

H: “Um, I don’t know how to say this but there is nothing left under the tree, (Y/N) where is your gift?”

Enji sits up with horror in his eyes. He never managed to find the toy for you. He was so busy trying to get the best gift that he didn’t even think of a backup. His mind is racing and he starts to feel sick when you grab his hand.

(Y/N): “Its ok Enji. I wanted you to make you and your kids happy. I’m just happy that everyone is here.”

E: “But you didn’t get anythi….”

The doorbell interrupts his train of thought. He gets up to see who could possibly be at the door on Christmas Day. He opens the door and is surprised to see Sanji.

S: “Good morning, Enji.” As she hands him a package.

E: “What is this?”

S: “Give it to (Y/N).”

E: “You found it?”

S: “Yes, I did. Merry Christmas, Enji.”

E: “Did you want to stay?”

S: “No, I have my own family to get to but thank you.”

E: “Well you will be getting a large bonus this year.”

He closes the door and comes back to the living room. He sits down looking at the box.

F: “Who was that dad?”

E: “That was Sanji, she was dropping of my present to you.”

(Y/N): “Really? You didn’t have to get me anything, Enji.”

You slowly unwrap the box. It is just a plain brown box. You still are curious as you open the box. You take the object out and start to take the tissue paper off. When you finally see what was inside, your speechless.

(Y/N): “What? How did you? Where did you?”

E: “This is what I have been doing at the office. I have even looking for this.”

You hold up the stuffed doll of Endeavor, it is about a foot and a half tall with fake flames. It has a little zipper on the back to replace the batteries. You’re a little afraid to squeeze it but once you do, you hear ‘Prominence Burn!’ and you feel it start to warm up in your hands. You begin hugging it as you start to tear up just saying “Thank you.”

F: “Dad, I didn’t know there was a stuffed doll of toy that big.”

E: “There was a batch made as a test. They warm up when you squeeze them but it would catch fire too often so they didn’t make more. Apparently, (Y/N) got one as a kid to keep him warm in the test facility. I can’t believe there are any left.”

(Y/N): “It was the only warm thing I had as a kid. I thought I had the only one of these. Funny, when I first meet you, I saw the flames coming off of you and I wanted to go and hug you. I was so cold but looking at you was enough to give the energy to stop the bomb.”

E: “Merry Christmas (Y/N).”

(Y/N): “As much as I love this, I’m glad I don’t need to use it anymore.”

F: “Why’s that?”

“Because I have the real thing right here.” You say giving Enji a big squeeze. He responds by pulling you in for a kiss. The rest of the day flies by as the whole family is enjoying the time together. Everyone helps unpacking each other’s rooms and clean up a bit. You all have dinner, afterwards everyone goes to the living room to watch the Grinch. After the long day, everyone was exhausted from the excitement of the day. The kids fall asleep before you two.

“Thank you so much (Y/N). This is the best Christmas I ever had.”

“I think I can say the same thing. Thank you Enji.”

You two hug each other tightly in bed, causing the doll between you to sound and start to heat up. You both laugh a little and kiss one last time before going to sleep.

Chapter Text

Today is the first day that you’re on your own as a hero. It’s sort of a trail period so you can get your bearings. What makes it even more stressful is that Enji is going to be home today. You’re ok with this because you want to prove your worth. He knows you’re going to do your best which makes you feel better. Right as you are about to leave for work, Enji grabs you and pulls you in for a quick kiss.

“Please be safe today.”

“We always are safe, right Zaheer.”

I wouldn’t say always…”

“You’re not helping… but we will be ok.”

“You better be, today is Valentine’s Day and I want you home for dinner I sent the kids away today so we will be alone.”

“Oh…then I’ll make sure to get home safely.” You say as you kiss him goodbye.

You’re on your way to work when you get a phone call from Sanji. “Mr. Hellboy, you need to hurry up and get to Tokyo Station right away. Don’t worry about checking in at the agency, I’ll handle it.”

“Um…ok, I’m on my way.”

You rush to the station and find the bullet train on fire with people inside. You quickly teleport inside and find everyone who is trapped and teleport them to safety. The final woman is scared in the corner. She is trying to use her phone for something but then you realize it’s a translator. She isn’t speaking Japanese; it takes you a moment to realize it is Icelandic.

It’s ok. I’ll save you, just give me your hand.

“Please save me.”

You teleport her to safety and ask if she is ok. The media is recording as you were talking to the woman. The anchorwoman comes over and starts to interview you.

“What were you saying to the woman there, it wasn’t Japanese.”

“That was Icelandic.”

“How many languages can you speak? We have heard 3 so far.”

As a demon, I can speak every language in order to influence anyone I want.”

Is that the demon who lives inside of you.”

“Yes, don’t worry, he’s a good guy.”

I would never hurt anyone; I find it appalling.”

“You heard it here first, Hellboy can speak any language.”

That is when you get another phone call: “Hellboy, there is trouble in Fukui prefecture.”

“Well, I’m off, time to save more people. Stay safe.”

You teleport away and you’re off to your next mission. You have a feeling it is going to be that kind of day. From saving people from burning buildings to stopping a hostage situation, you are all over Japan. Because you can teleport, you get called all over the place. You appear in the news over and over again and it’s great that your able to prove your worth. At home, Enji is watching all of this unfold and he worries you are over exerting yourself. He knows you want to do your best but you do have a tendency to overdo it. The whole morning is crammed full of hero work when you finally get a chance to have a break when you go to eat. You open your locker and you find your locker empty. You know you had your bag when you left home, at least you thought you did.  You’re about to scream in anger but your phone rings.

“What now, Sanji?” You say in an exhausted tone.

“Hello, Hellboy.”

“Oh! Enji, sorry it’s been a busy day and the last thing I want right now is another call from Sanji.”

“I know, I have been watching the news. When were you going to tell me that you could speak different languages?”

Honestly, I forget we can do that, it rarely comes in handy.”

“Very well. But to the point, do you want me to come in today? I don’t want you to overdo it.”

“It’s your day off, enjoy it and don’t worry about me. Also, I will pick up some ingredients for tonight to cook dinner, I found a new recipe I wanted to try.”

“You don’t have to do that, you going to be tired by the time you get home.”

“I’ll be fine, wait hold on, I got a call coming in.” *click* “Hello?”

“We got a robbery at the Tokyo department store.”

“I’ll be there in a sec.” *click* “I got to go Enji. Love you.”

“Bye (Y/N).”

Enji was all worried about you working too hard and yet you still wanted to do something nice for him. He couldn’t accept that. He has seen you cook on more than one occasion and you always make it look effortless, it couldn’t be that hard. He quickly looked up some of your favorite foods and printed a few recipes and went out to get ingredients. Everything was going great until he got back home. When he was living alone before you came back, he was just eating out or prepackaged foods the entire time. Never having cooked himself, he started with rice. He tried to follow the instructions on the bag. It started out good but he got distracted with the chicken and burned the rice so bad it turned black. He thought it would just try again after getting the chicken cooked. Somehow, he managed to make the chicken as hard as a rock but he didn’t burn it. The pan though didn’t make it unscathed and was covered in a thick layer of burned flour. He suddenly sees the oven is smoking and he opens the door. Smoke comes billowing out and the smoke detectors are going off throughout the whole house. Everything is a disaster. Enji just hopes he can clean up before you get home but then a blue flash appears.

“Shit!” He thought.

“Enji I’m home…. what is happening!”


“Just move.” You drop the bags you were holding and push Enji aside. It takes a minute but you manage to stop the fire in the oven.

“I told you I was going to cook when I got home!” You say holding the burnt oven pan.

“I just wanted to surprise you. I tried cooking but….”

“I told you I would take care of it. Why didn’t you listen to me?” Your voice begins to rise as your emotions start to heat up.

“Why are you yelling at me? I just wanted to make Valentine’s Day special!”

“And now I have to clean this whole mess!” You say slamming the pan into the sink. “How did you burn rice? You put it in the rice cooker!” You say pointing to the machine Enji never noticed before.

“How am I supposed to know that thing cooked rice?!”








Enji takes the ingredients from you and knows that they are for his favorite food, kuzumochi. You two stay silent for a moment while standing in the kitchen. Both of your faces are red with anger but you manage to calm down a little bit before you speak again.

“Just…. leave the kitchen…. I’ll clean up and cook dinner.” You say sounding defeated.


Enji goes to the other room literally steaming at this point. He is angry that you got mad at him trying to make your day better. But when he thinks about it more, all he did was make it worse. You came home to a house almost on fire and now you’re cleaning it up by yourself. He can’t believe that after the day you had, you still wanted to cook his favorite dish. Enji knows his temper can be short but sometimes he forgets that you can emotional too. His heart begins to sink as he hears you cleaning and cooking. He just sits down on the couch, silently listening. You call him to the kitchen and you both eat in deafening silence. Once you finish, you get up.

“Just wash the dishes. I’m going to shower and I’ll be sleeping in my old room tonight. Goodnight.”

If Enji’s heart sunk before, it now fell to the floor after hearing that. He upset you so much that you didn’t want to sleep with him. He just cleans the dishes quietly and waits for you to go to bed. He tries to go to his bed for the night but he looks at himself in the mirror. That man is in the mirror again, a man who is selfish to the point of ignorance. He punches the mirror in anger, in a futile effort to kill that man. The mirror shatters into a cascade of shards and his hand starts to bleed from the broken glass. After he bandages his hand, he goes to bed. He tries to sleep for about an hour when his emotions come to a boil. He gets up and goes to your room and finds you trying to sleep, but sees a few tears running down your face. Kneeling down next to you, he gently places a hand to your face. You open your eyes to a crying Enji and it breaks your heart.

“I’m sorry Enji, I just was so tired and seeing the mess you made just broke me. The last thing I wanted to do was clean after the day I had. I didn’t mean to yell at you like that.” You say starting to cry.

Enji now is crying harder than you. “I’m sorry, I just wanted to surprise you but if I listened tonight would have been fine. I got selfish in my desire to surprise you and look what happened. I hurt you and made things worse.”

You shift on the bed so Enji can join you as you both start crying in each other’s arms; Enji resting his head on yours as you use his chest as a cover for your sobs.

“(Y/N), do you still love me?” He asks with a few tears in his eyes.

“You know I do. It was just a moment of weakness. It is part of love. We want to be there for the best moments but need to be there for the worst. It was only a matter of time before we fought.”

“I’m just doubting myself right now, I don’t want to hurt you. I feel like I don’t deserve you.”

“Of course you deserve me. You love me, don’t you? And I love you. You know we are not perfect; we make mistakes.”

“I know but I just don’t know what I did for you to stay this long. Sometimes I fear that you will leave me one day and the kids will leave me and I’ll be alone again.”

“Enji… I know what it’s like to be alone. I would never wish that on anyone. As long as I am alive, I will never leave you. You have nothing to fear.”

“I’m sorry for doubting you…I forget how strong your will is sometimes.”

“That’s ok, I forget how short your temper can be. Let’s just talk about today. I appreciate that you wanted to do something special for me but please let me teach you how to cook first.”

“I need to listen more; I know I was trying to do something nice but I need to think about how it might affect you.”

The both of you just lay there, calming each other through touch. As you are hugging Enji, you sense something is still wrong. He is still so tense and the heat coming from him hasn’t died down at all. “Is there still something wrong, Enji? Wait, your hand. What happened to your hand?” You say as you finally feel the bandages against your back. 

“I punched the mirror.”

“Please don’t tell me...”

“I saw him in the mirror again.”

“Enji, look at me.” You pull back to look him right in the eyes. “Please don’t go down that road. You have come to far to go there again. Come on, let me show you something.”

You both get up and you walk to the guest bath. Enji doesn’t want to go but you coax him in and you both look in the mirror. He sees you; your eyes are still full of tears and sadness. He then turns toward himself, fearing what he might see. When he opens his eyes, he sees a man with tears on his face and sorrow in his eyes. The man he hates would never be sad, let alone cry. When he looks back at you, you are smiling through your tears and he starts crying again.

“I don’t see him this time. I just see myself. That man would never cry over anything. He was only full of anger and resentment.”

“I know you make some mistakes but remember how far you have come. You are not that man in the past.” You say holding his face in your hands.

“I don’t want to be him; I just want to be me. I want to be a good father, a good partner, to make all of you happy.” Enji says as he starts holding you.

“I know you can be those things. It just time but I know you are heading in the right direction. Now let’s calm down and get to bed.”

You both go to bed and talk a little more, making sure that both of you are ok. Enji is still a little wound up but you manage to bring him down. After a little bit of time, you both manage to fall asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

F: “You’re really taking us to Disney World? Oh my gosh, I can’t wait!”

E: “I can’t take all the credit, it was (Y/N)’s idea.”

N: “If it was his idea, then why didn’t he just teleport us instead of driving there.”

(Y/N): “It’s part of the fun, the family road trip!”

S: “But you’re not even family.”

(Y/N): “Ouch….”

E: “Shoto, don’t talk to (Y/N) that way.”

F: “It is because of him we are together at all, remember that.”

S: “Yea….”

(Y/N): “Don’t worry about it Enji, he isn’t wrong. I’m technically not part of the family. I’m just glad we could give Hina a day off while having some fun. Look, there it is.”

As Enji turns into the main entrance, Fuyumi couldn’t keep her face off the window while the boys the waited silently. Enji was too busy trying to figure out parking while everyone else looks at the fun they will be having. As everyone leaves the car, Enji is about to make some rules for the park but you stop him.

“Don’t make such a big deal about this. Fuyumi is old enough to watch the boys, don’t worry so much about it. Plus, Zaheer and I can sense the children. Here.” You take your finger and place it on each of the kids’ heads. They feel a small tingle as Zaheer marks the kids. “There, now I will know where you are at all times.”

N: “Really, you’re tracking us?”

Z: “It’s for your safety or would you rather be with your father all day?”

S: “He does have a point.”

N: “Fine.”

E: “Since when could you do that?”

Z: “We can always sense people, but marking them makes it easier to track. It’s nothing new but I forget that it’s a ‘quirk’. We even marked you a long time ago.”

E: “Umm that’s kind of creepy.”

(Y/N): “We only plan on using it in case of an emergency.”

E: “Ok. Just promise to meet us by Space Mountain for lunch?”

F: “Don’t worry dad, I’ll make sure these two make it. Come on, I want to go on the Jungle cruise.”

The kids go running into the park to have the time of their lives while you and Enji stay back. He is nervous about leaving the kids alone but he knows that the three of them together will fine.

“Enji, aren’t you worried that people will notice us?”

“Not really. One the park is really full today because of summer break; and two, people hardly know what I look like without my flames let alone with sunglasses on.”

“Ha, that’s true. I don’t think anyone has seen you with sunglasses. It makes it nice they we can be together without hiding it too much today. What do you want to do first?”

Looking at the map “Pirates of the Caribbean? Does that sound good?”

“Anything sounds good as long as I am with you.”

“Now, don’t make me blush, little flame.”

You couldn’t hide your blush at that moment. You’re so happy be with Enji and to make his children happy. The entire morning was filled with lines, rides and the occasional food pit stop. Enji was right, no one recognized either of you as the day went on. It gave you both the confidence to hold each other’s hands in the park. In the lines, Enji would stand behind you and wrap his arms around you while resting his chin in your head. You even kissed a twice in the morning; nothing could be better. Your alarm went off as it was time to meet the kids. You find Fuyumi completely decked out with Disney apparel: t-shirt, hat, balloon, sun glasses and more. Shoto just has a set of ears on while Natsuo only had a souvenir soda cup. At least everyone was smiling, something you don’t see often. They didn’t even lose their smiles when you both come. Even Enji is smiling from excitement and happiness.

F: “Now I see why they call this the happiest place on earth, even dad is smiling and not that weird fake one he does.” She laughs

E: “I can be happy sometimes. It just is most of the time when I am with (Y/N), but I am glad you guys get to see how happy he makes me.”

N: “It’s kind of weird.” 

S: “I’ve seen stranger things. So, are we going to eat first of go on Space Mountain?”

F: “I vote ride first.”

Everyone nods in agreement as they get in line. Fuyumi can’t help but giggle when she sees Enji wrap his arm around you as he pulls you in for a kiss. The line went quick and luckily the cars were big enough for Enji to just squeeze in. You quickly find out why the big guy doesn’t do roller coaster; coming out of the exit Enji’s face is green. You find the nearest restroom and help Enji. He didn’t get sick but he got close. With Enji still looking ill, you decide to go somewhere lite to eat so he doesn’t get sick.  

F: “Sorry dad, we didn’t know you couldn’t handle rollercoasters”

E: Still a little woozy “It’s fine…” as he tilts his head back in the chair.

(Y/N): “Here.” You remove his sunglasses place a damp rag on his forehead and pet his head to try to comfort him. “I’m glad we didn’t eat before otherwise you would have actually thrown up. On the positive side, it looks like we did learn something new about your father.”

N: “That he’s a big baby when it comes to rides.”

(Y/N): “Not exactly….”

Z: “Natsuo watch your mouth, I am still here after all.”

S: “Now you have done it, you made the demon mad.”

E: With the rag still on his head. “Fine, I’m a big baby on rollercoasters. Any suggestions that are a little less…. intense?”

S: “I’ve always wanted to go to the arcade.”

F: “That sounds like fun. Let’s finish up and go.”

Off to the arcade you went. Shoto and Natsuo almost ran over some kids trying to get to the new racing games while Fuyumi went for the tickets to try to win the giant plush Mickey. Enji looked lost in all the lights and sounds so you took him to a game you always wanted to try.

“Dance Dance Revolution?”

“All you do is hit the arrows to the beat. It starts of easy but you can make it harder. You have good reaction times in battle so you should be pretty good at this.”

You couldn’t be any more wrong. The first song went pretty easy, only give him a note every few seconds. After a little bit of this, he upped the difficulty and that’s when he kept failing. The man is too stiff in his movements, pressing each button without flowing into the next. After a few failures and many dollars later, you gave it a whirl. You started slow but quickly begin to get the hang of it. After some songs, you pick the hardest song in the hardest difficulty and your feet are flying. You are practically floating as your feet move from one button to the next in perfect form. It gets so intense at one point a crowd of kids forms behind you. After you finish the kids all cheer and give you high fives. Enji looks displeased but you come up to him and give him a hug.

“I didn’t mean to one up you, I was just having fun. You can’t be too stiff playing that.”

“I was more worried those kids might recognize us but so far nothing.”

“That’s good. I think it’s been long enough, let’s find your children.”

You come to see Shoto cheering after he won for the numerous time, Natsuo has his hands on his face in disbelief that he lost that much. Finding Fuyumi wasn’t hard because she managed to make the jackpot alarm go off and win thousands of tickets. She had just enough to get the doll and gave it to you.

E: “You know they sell those in the gift shop. It would be cheaper if just bought it there.”

(Y/N): “That’s not the point, she earned this for me. It makes it more special. Thank you.”

F: “See dad, he gets it. I’m happy I got it for you. And I heard Shoto beat Natsuo badly in his favorite racing game series?”

N: “I don’t want to talk about it….”

You all laugh.

The rest of the day was filled with more laughs and fun. You went on the teacups and the kids while Enji was happy to just watch. A few more rides and dinner fill the afternoon till it was time for the parade. The night was filled with the lights and sounds of the parade floats. Even Enji couldn’t stop himself from being wrapped up in the magic of the night. Luckily you two were standing in the back of the crowd because he couldn’t help himself. He pulled you in for a big kiss as the fireworks went off.

“This day was amazing. I’m so glad we did this.”

“I am too, I don’t want it to end.”

“I love you, Enji.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Chapter Text

It is now Enji’s 42nd birthday and 2 years since you two met. There are ups and downs but everything seems to heading in a good direction. It was funny the first time the children saw Enji come home with his glasses on, they always thought he was too vain to get a pair. Altogether, he is working hard with his children to make sure he isn’t going down the wrong road again. Of course, there are some times where he would go too far or push too much. Luckily, you are there to be a moderator between the children and Enji: listening to both sides and figuring out the best solution. Hina could leave is she wanted to, Shoto is 11 now, but she stays because she has grown attached to this strange family. You yourself have grown quite a bit as well. So far you have managed to keep the demonic power inside of you from getting worse and you’re a full hero by yourself. You still work at Enji’s agency but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today to celebrate your first-year anniversary together, you’re taking a Shinkansen up north. It’s your first time on a train and Zaheer couldn’t be happier that you’re not just wasting energy teleporting there. Enji didn’t tell you where you were going but you’re hoping it is somewhere where you can be alone. It’s really hard not to cuddle on the train because of all the people around but you both manage. How you kept the fact you’re dating a secret for this long still amazes you because every moment you are alone together, you’re all over each other.

“Come on, tell me where we are going.”

“For the last time, it won’t be a surprise if I do. If you want to know that bad then why don’t you use your mental powers on me.”

“Zaheer won’t let me!” You complain.

“You need permission to use his quirks?”

(Y/N) are not exactly fully fused. That is why we have been together this long. It’s more like I live inside of a chamber of him. I can give and take as I please but in order not to overwhelm the boy, I limit it.” 

“You really do care for him, don’t you?”

He is the best host I have had.”

Zaheer, you sound like a parasite!” You laugh.

A woman’s voice comes over the intercom: “Last stop, Hakodate.”

“Looks like we are here, just a quick taxi ride to our destination.”

It only takes about half an hour driving through winding mountain roads to get to your destination. As you come to an opening in the forest, you see a very traditional looking building with many smaller ones dotted on the mountain side. The smell of sulfur in the air tells you where you are.

“An onsen! I have always wanted to go to one.”

“I know, that’s why I found a special one. There is a suite here that has its own private onsen, that way we can be alone.” He says as he lowers his eye lids.

“Enji….” You’re about to kiss him but you hear someone coming.

“Mr. Todoroki, what a pleasure to have to finally visit our Onsen. What brings you here?”

“I think you know why. I know I can trust you with a secret.”

“Of course, my sister told me a few things about you two. I would never want to betray her trust or put your hero status in danger. Your room is ready for you, follow me.”

As you follow the man up an outside staircase, you look at Enji with a puzzling face.

“He is Sanji’s brother, Yoshio. She was the one who arranged all of this. I knew that if were to go together anywhere else we would draw attention to ourselves.

“Oh, that’s a relief.”

All of you make it to the door and Yoshio shows you the main room and onsen, describing all of the qualities of the water. You can tell he really cares about this place judging by how he goes into great detail about everything. After he departs, you two are alone. The room looks similar to Enji’s home but there is a much larger bed. As you lay down to nap from the long journey, Enji crawls next to you.

“You know, after sleeping in a bed this size, we are going to be spoiled and need to get a bigger one when we get back.”

“I think I can arrange that.” He smiles.

“After a quick nap, want to go for a nice soak?”

“That sounds wonderful.” He says as he kisses you.

After a quick rest, you get ready for the onsen and head to the private pool. You’re used to Enji’s hot baths but this water is something different. The water feels so soothing on your scarred skin. As you lean against Enji, he slowly caresses your body as you both enjoy the warm water.

“I’m so glad I waited to go to an onsen until I meet you. It’s so nice to enjoy it with someone else, especially you Enji.”

“I have been to a few before but I have to agree, it’s so much better being with someone you love.”

“I didn’t say love.” You smile.

“You didn’t have to.” As he rests his chin on your head.

You both just enjoy the sounds of running water and the forest when about 20 minutes pass. Afterwards you both get dressed in traditional yukatas and relax. It’s a little while before room service is brought in.

“I see you both enjoyed the waters; they truly are some of the best in all of Japan. I brought your dinner myself; normally a Geisha would serve you but I felt this is more discrete.”

“Thank you, Yoshio, I’ll be sure to leave a glowing review in my next interview.”

“Thank you, Mr. Todoroki.”

After enjoying some of the local cuisine, you are both left alone in the room. At this point, Enji is looking at you with a familiar smirk on his face while lying on his back.

“You know, it is my birthday today but I haven’t seen a birthday present yet.” Enji says with a smirk.

“Well, I think I have an idea of what you might want.” You say as you begin climbing on top of him.

“But it is also our anniversary and I wanted to do something special for you.”

“Oh? And what might that be?” At this point, you’re completely on his chest, only inches away from his face.

“I think it’s your turn to be top.”

At the sound of those words, your brain begins to completely implode. You have always been bottom with Enji up until now, and the fact he is offering is making you scream internally. Your mind starts racing of all of the things you could do but you feel a sharp pain on your forehead.

“Pay attention, boy!”

“Ouch, really Enji! Why are you always flicking my head?”

“Well, if you didn’t get lost in your mind so much I wouldn’t have to.”

“Yea but a simple name call or gentle touch would do.”

“Sorry, let me make it up to you.” His eye lids lower as he closes in on your lips. He uses his large hand on the back of your head to bring you down to him, not forcefully but enough to make you move. You begin making out. The taste of the smoked fish and Sake is overwhelming as you enter his mouth with your tongue. You use your one hand to slip under the fabric of his yukata and begin to play with his chest until you find what you were looking for. His breath stiffens as you gently twist and play with his nipple.

“You like that, Enji?”

“Mmmmm…. My little flame is always finding what buttons to press.”

You begin to kiss him, going down his face and neck. You keep going until you taste fabric.

“Let’s take these off, shall we?”

You both quickly undress and are back on the bed as you continue where you left off. Going down to his chest, you begin to kiss those giant pecs of his, landing each kiss with care. You run your hands over his chest, feeling the hair underneath brush against your skin. You tickle one of his nipples with your tongue, flicking it a few times before giving it a good suck. You even use your teeth to gently nibble on both, making sure not to be too rough. This makes Enji moan with pleasure as you continue your assault of kisses down his body. His abs are steaming hot as you’re about to reach your goal. Taking his fully erect cock in your hand, you slowly take your tongue up and down its length, taunting him. You begin to kiss his tip and slowly start taking its length down your throat. Even though you have done a few times before with Enji, you still can’t take its full length so you take his sac in your hand and tug slightly to increase the pleasure. At this point, Enji is clenching the sheets in his hands and his moans are becoming more verbal.

“Fucking hell (Y/N), I don’t know how much more I can take!”

You the go down as far as you can and tickle the base of his cock with your tongue which is enough to send Enji into oblivion has he ejaculates down your throat. You do your best so take it all but it was too much and some leaks from your lips. After his cock is drained, you get up to find Enji red in the face with pleasure.

“Damn! I didn’t know my little flame was so eager today.”

“Well, maybe I didn’t want to wait any longer for my turn.”

You take your cock in your hand and begin pumping, already slick with pre, taunting the man. Going down again, this time much lower as you spread Enji’s cheeks apart. Slowly you press your tongue to his rim and you make slow circle. After a few moments, you prod his back door and the big guy begins to moan again. You take your time to make sure it’s slick enough with your spit. You get up and see Enji looking at you, almost waiting for something.

“Think you can take it without preparing your ass?”

“Just fuck me already!” He says looking impatient.

Taking one hand to your cock, the other hand grabs Enji’s waist. With a demonic smile, you slowly begin to press yourself into Enji. He is tight, of course he is, you are his first after all. The muscles are pulsing and pushing, trying to stop your assault but you press on. By now his breathing begins to hasten as you continue to invade his hole. About halfway in, the man has tears and sweat running down his face.


“Just….give me a minute….”

You take his hand to give him some comfort. He must be going through a lot of pain because he is gripping you hard but you know it will eventually turn to pleasure, it just takes time. After a few minutes, his breathing goes back to something more normal and you get a groan to let you know to continue. After a little more time, Enji manages to take all of you. You still give him a little time to adjust but you’re growing impatient. You slowly pull yourself out and quickly slam back in as your skin slaps against his. “FUCK!” Is all the man has to say as you begin pounding his ass. You then take his legs in your arms and hold them up as you begin to pick up pace. In the heat of the moment, you didn’t notice that Enji has taken to pumping his own cock in an effort to relieve some pain. The pace of both of you begins to speed up as steam and musk fills the room. Moans and groans turn to yells and shouts as you both get lost in the moment. 


“Go ahead, little flame.”

You both release at the same moment. You send ropes of semen deep into Enji as he shots a load all over his upper body. After a few moments, once your cocks stop pulsing, you slowly pull out. This made Enji twitch a little but you find a way to apologize for the pain. You climb over him and begin lapping up his semen. Taking your time, you lick all over his body, slowly enjoying every inch. Once you get to his face, you begin kissing him again.

“We should probably clean up. Did my little flame have a good anniversary?”

“I really did…” you sigh with pleasure.

Enji then picks you up and takes you to the bathroom. You clean each other up in the shower along with a few more kisses. After drying off, you make it to bed to just lay with each other.

“Enji, I love you.” You say looking into those blue eyes of his.

“I love you too (Y/N).” He says as he kisses your forehead.

Chapter Text

It’s January and it is the first weekend you have been away from Enji for more than a work day. You took the weekend south for Zaheer to relax. He was acting up a bit so you went to the southernmost temple to meditate with him. Enji was a little worried about this but you told him to keep in touch and everything would be fine. You were more worried about to him because right before you left, he coughed a few times in the morning. The man never coughs and you have never seen him sick in the two and a half years you have known him. You try not to dwell on it because you have work to do and you can always teleport to him at any time.

It’s your last day at the temple and it really seemed to help Zaheer. Even though he is a demon, he still needs to be connected to the spirits. Most of the time you just meditated, letting Zaheer have free roam on your mind. Sometimes he would use your body to walk around, other times just observing the spirits. It was really calming for both of you and a great way to help balance the demonic energy inside of you. Enji did text you a few times during the weekend, but he knew you couldn’t answer them right away. He didn’t even text you last night or this morning but you were on your way home so it didn’t matter too much.

“Ready to go home?”

Yes. I’m feeling much better. Thank you for letting me do this.” 

“You are living inside of me; I need to make sure you are happy and healthy. Plus, it seemed to calm the demonic energy somewhat. I don’t feel it trying to take over as much.”

I know. We both needed this. We should probably do this again; I don’t want it to overtake you. I’m ready to go when you are.”

 “Good. I told Enji we would be home this afternoon, let’s surprise him and get there now.”

Sounds like fun!” 

You teleport to the front of Enji’s home to not scare him. That’s when you notice something is wrong. The mail hasn’t been collected for what looks like a couple days, the windows are all steamed up and Sanji is at the front door knocking.

“What’s going on, Sanji?”

“Enji has the flu and I have been trying to help him. I brought him some soup yesterday morning and he was ok but he isn’t answering the door right now.”

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me?” You say running to open the door.

“Enji said you were busy with Zaheer and I didn’t want to bother you.”

We would have understood. We would have dropped anything we were doing if we knew he was sick.”

Once you open the door, you’re hit with a large wave of heat, like someone left the oven on and open. You follow the sound of the tv to the living room and find Enji passed out on the couch. Tissues, empty glasses, and the bowl of soup from yesterday are all about the room. Enji is only on his underwear, severely sweating and slowly breathing. You rush over to him.

“Enji! Enji! Are you ok?” You place your hand on his head and it’s like touching a hot pan. “How did this happen Sanji?”

“He was fine yesterday! I don’t know what happened. He said not to bother him but I knew better.”

Enji starts to wake up a little at looks right at you. “Rei?” Is all he says.

“God, he is having a fever dream. We need to cool him down, now! I know he is almost naked but help me get him into the tub and we will run to the fridge for ice.”

You grab the top of Enji while Sanji grabs his legs. The entire time you were moving him, he just kept mumbling things about Rei. This worries you so you try to hurry but Enji is heavy even for the both of you. It takes a little while to get his limp body into the tub. You start filling it with cold water and Sanji runs to get ice. When the water touches his skin, it starts steaming up instantly.

“Sanji! Give me everything you got, even the frozen food!” You say while placing an ice pack on Enji’s head. The man looks like he is suffering from his quirk, overheating beyond his normal limit. His skin is flush all over even as the water starts rising. You never seen his quirk do this before and it worries both you and Zaheer. After the tub is filled and almost everything has melted, Enji starts cooling down enough that he wakes up. “What happened?” Is all he manages to say with a weak voice.

“Sanji and I found you unconscious on the couch, you were overheating so we put you in the tub.”

“It’s just a cold….” He says, barely keeping his eyes open.

“Clearly this is not a cold. Your temperature was way beyond your normal limit; you were cooking yourself from the inside. Why didn’t you call or text me? And where is Hina and the kids?”

“I’m the number 2 hero, I don’t need help with this stuff. Hina took the kids to visit her brother, they will be back Wednesday.” He says trying to get up but can’t, his body is too sore from the flu.

“Well, if I didn’t come here sooner, you might have needed to go to the hospital. Don’t be so stubborn. Sanji, thank you for watching him and helping me but I got it from here.”

“Not a problem. Get better soon, Enji.” She says as she lets herself out.

You sit there with Enji laying in the tub until the water warms up to room temperature. With some struggles and protests, you manage to get him up and change his underwear and bring him back down to the couch.

“You know, just because you are a hero doesn’t mean you don’t need to be taken care of. I’m your boyfriend, I will always take care of you and you can’t stop me.”

“I’ve had a cold before. I’m fine.” He says with pursed lips.

“No, you’re not. And like I said before: this isn’t a cold. A cold doesn’t make you overheat like that. No matter how much you tell me to leave, I’m staying till you get better.”

“I don’t nee…..”

“And don’t give me that ‘I don’t want you to see me weak’ speech, you cried in my arms like a baby a long time ago, it’s too late for that.”

Enji just sits there in his blanket, silent with pursed lips. He doesn’t speak while you clean up the living room, wash the dishes and make him some soup. When you walk back to him, he looks like he is still pouting. You place the tray on his lap. “Take the medicine and eat this.” You say in a stern voice.

He doesn’t respond. “Enji, take it or I’ll make you!” Zaheer says while you are standing over him, your eye glowing brighter.


“Don’t be such a baby about this.”

“I’m not a baby…” he says through gritted teeth.

“Then don’t act like one.” You say back in a sharp manner.

All Enji does to respond is grunt and take a spoonful of soup.

You sigh. “You take care of me all the time, let me take care of you for once.” You say as you sit down next to him. He takes the medication and slowly eats the soup. It’s a couple of minutes before he speaks.

“I’m sorry.”


“For…. not telling you I was sick. I let this get out of control, didn’t I?” He says looking at the empty bowl.

“You did. This wouldn’t have been this bad if I was here. All you had to do was tell me and I would have been here in a flash, literally. However, we need to remember that the flu somehow makes your quirk go overboard.”

“I know can be stubborn but I think I met my match.”

“It’s only because I love you.” You say kissing his cheek. “Now, let’s just sit here, rest and get some fluids in you. I’ll get you anything you need, so don’t you move a muscle.”

“What if I need to use the bathroom?”

“You know what I mean.” You say turning to face him and understand what he is asking. He starts looking green and is clenching his stomach. You don’t have time to get him to the bathroom so you empty the waste bin on the floor and hand it to him. He starts throwing up while you rub his back.

“Sorry…” Enji says with heavy breathing, still gagging.

“You don’t have to apologize for being sick, that soup might have been too much for you right now. Do I need to run to the store to get you some ginger ale?”

All Enji does is grumble in response while holding the bin in his lap. It’s a little cute seeming him so helpless. This different then when he is hurting mentally, you can do something about that. But something as common as the flu bringing him down, you can’t do much other than get him soup and medicine. You quickly go to the store and bring home a big pack of ginger ale. You even got bendy straws to make it easier for him to drink lying down. He does eventually lay down, but only because you offer your lap as a pillow. You both watched tv as you rubbed his head and shoulder, keeping track of the time to make sure he is getting enough to drink. You would even force the straw to his lips if he didn’t drink when you told him to. After a while, he does fall asleep in your lap till about dinner time. He tries a different soup you got during the soda run, something lighter, and he does keep it down this time.

“(Y/N)?” Enji says with his head lying on your lap again.


“Thank you…” Enji barely whispers.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Thank you.” He says more annoyed.

“Thank you for what?” You say with a silly smile.

“For taking care of me.” he says in a low voice.

“Don’t ever worry about me taking care of you. I love you too much leave you be.”

“I just don’t like asking or accepting help…I’m a hero, I normally don’t need help.”

“You accepted it when you broke down in front of me.”

He sighs “That’s different.”

“How so?”

“That was when I was a broken man, I had nothing left. This is just being sick.” He says as he rolls on his back to look up at you.

“But I still took care of you. It doesn’t matter if it is physical or mental, if you need something I’ll be there, got it?” You say rubbing the top of his head a little.

“You’re right…. I don’t like it but you are right.”  He says looking down towards his feet.

“I’m only right because I care for you. Don’t you ever forget that.” You say giving him a quick kiss on the forehead while rubbing his chest.

“Can you promise me something?”


“If I’m stubborn like this again, keep pushing till I stop.”

“I was planning on it.”

You let Enji lay there the rest of the evening till it was time to go to bed. He didn’t bother to watch the tv, he just stayed on his back as you rub his chest and stomach, occasionally opening his eyes to look at you. His skin starts to cool as he begins to relax from your touch and the medicine starts working. After a while, Enji slowly finds his way to his room and falls asleep almost instantly. You bring a spare mat into the room, only getting close enough to hold his hand, you don’t want to get sick either. It doesn’t take long for you to fall asleep, knowing Enji will be a little better in the morning.

Chapter Text

It’s spring and you are turning 35 today. Normally birthdays never meant anything to you. The most you got in the facility was a prepackaged cupcake to celebrate. You couldn’t even celebrate while on the run for obvious reasons so it’s nice to finally celebrate it. Enji has been very silent about the day except for asking if you want anything special. You don’t really want anything for your birthday, you are just happy to have everything you have now: a family that loves you.

The morning starts off not too different than normal. You get up and start cooking breakfast like normal but there looks to be new pots and pans with matching cooking utensils. Enji must have heard your surprised voice because he came down faster than normal.

“Happy Birthday (Y/N).” he says with the biggest smile.

“Thank you Enji. I love it!”

“With all the cooking you do for the family, I thought some new tools would be nice for you.”

You give him a big hug and kiss his cheek. “It’s perfect. Did you want anything special for breakfast?”

“Why are you cooking? It’s your birthday, I should be cooking for you.”

“Remember the last time you cooked eggs?” you say squinting at him.

“Fair point… I’ll be happy with anything you cook. Don’t forget your going out today with Shoto and Natsuo to the mall to get them new school clothes.”

“Sounds like fun to me.” You smile.

After breakfast, you head out with the boys to go shopping. As soon as the front door closes, Enji and Fuyumi get to work. After some phone calls, a truck comes to the house. Package after package enters the house and start to fill the living room. A 4-foot-tall cake is delivered to the house and placed in the dining room. The last package is so large that it can’t fit in the house so Enji has the workers crane into the backyard to hide it.

“Dad, I know you love (Y/N) and all but don’t you think this is a bit much?”

“He told me he has never had a birthday celebration before so I wanted to make it special. I already missed the past few birthdays.”

“He looked happy just to get pots and pans. I just hope you don’t overwhelm him.”

“He will be fine. What’s next on the list?”


“Ok, let’s keep going.”


The shopping trip is lasting a lot longer than you initially thought it would. Shoto and Natsuo are having a hard time deciding on what to buy. They go from store to store, being indecisive the entire time. Even your patience is wearing thin as the day goes on.

(Y/N): “Can you please just decide on something.” You say in an exasperated tone.

N: “Shoto, what do you think of this?” he says holding up a punk style jacket.

S: “I don’t know, doesn’t really look like you.”

Z: “Ok, now I’m even getting annoyed. If you two don’t pick something, I will make you!” he says as your eye starts glowing brighter. 

N: “Just give me a little more time.”

(Y/N): “FUCKING HELL! It’s been 4 hours! I already know that you’re here to keep me away from the house.”

S: “There goes the surprise.”

N: “Did you use your mind reading powers on us?”

(Y/N): “I didn’t have to; you’re here taking forever while your father and sister are at home. It’s obvious. Just tell me how much longer we have to wait.” You say covering your eyes with one hand out if frustration.

S: “Dad said he will text us. What about it being a surprise?”

(Y/N): “I can act when I need to. Can we just stop to get something to eat, Zaheer is getting restless inside of me?”

Z: “This is torture, even for a demon.”

After some lunch and waiting some more, you finally get the text message to come back home. You take the train home to give them more time if they need it. Whatever is going on seems to be taken care of because nothing looks amiss at the front door. However, that all changes when you open the door. Confetti cannons go off as you’re blinded by the paper. Enji and Fuyumi come out as she shouts “Happy Birthday!” You do your best try to act surprised but you are more shocked at everything that is going on. The living room is stacked almost to the ceiling with presents, there are streamers and balloons everywhere, and the birthday cake looks like it might catch fire with the number of candles on it.

Fuyumi grabs your arm and pulls you to the giant cake. “Quickly, blow at the candles and make a wish!”

After blowing out all the candles, with some effort, you look at everything. “You didn’t have you do all of this.”

Enji hugs you. “Well, I wanted to do this for you. You have a lot of presents to open so you better get started.”

(Y/N): “All of those are for me?”

F: “Yea, I think dad went a little overboard. There is about 200 presents.”

“A little?” You say looking at the massive stack of gives. You start with the closest one. Its small but when you open it, it’s a Rolex watch. You look at Enji who has a smile on his face.

“I saw you looking at it one day. After we left, I ordered it immediately.”

“Enji…. I love it but you didn’t have to do this. Are all of the gifts this expensive?” You say in shock.

“Not all of them but nothing is too much for the person I love the most.”

As the day wears on, you open more and more gifts. Designer clothing, shoes, electronics, knives, and anything else you had your eyes on was a present. After all the presents were open, you eat some cake. Between the five of you, you barely made a dent in the cake that could serve 250+. You’re getting more annoyed at this point when Enji says there is one last gift. Everyone heads outside and you see a cloth with a bow on top of a large preset. When you pull the cloth off, it’s the sports car you have been looking at for a while. You are at your breaking point when you finally speak.

“Kids, can you leave your father and I alone for a little bit.”

After they leave with some questioned looks. “Did you have a good birthday, (Y/N)?” he says with a faint smile.

“Enji…. I can’t accept all of this.” You say looking at the car.

“What do you mean? I got you everything you wanted.”

“But I don’t need all of this stuff.”

“Fuyumi told me to get whatever you like. I told her some of the things you looked at and she said that’s a good way to get what you like.”

“That is a good way to do it, but did you think about what you were buying?”


You say coming towards him, holding his hand. “Enji…. why would I need a car?”

“You have been searching that car a lot and I saw you look at it in person when it drove up next to us one day. I thought you really wanted it.”

“But I can teleport…”

“Oh… that’s what you mean.”

“I appreciate all of this, I really do, but it’s too much. How much did this cost”

“More than I want to admit.” He says turning away from you.

“Ok, can you tell me how many credit cards you maxed out for this?”

“5…” he mumbles.

“And how long have you been working on this?”

“3 months….” He says realizing the problem.

“You didn’t have to do this much for me. I know what you were trying to do but you don’t have to make up for all the birthdays I missed. The pots and pans and maybe some cupcakes would have been more than I ever had before.”

Looking at the car: “I just wanted you to be happy.” as he squeezes your hand harder.

Putting a hand to his face to turn it to you: “And I am. Just being with someone I love on my birthday really is enough.”

With a sigh. “What do you want to do now?”

“I’m more than happy with everything I got before breakfast. I love cooking for you, making your favorite meals after a hard day’s work to make you happy. That to me is more special than any watch or pair of shoes. Let’s make some calls and see what we can return, does that sound good?”

Looking down, “What about the car?”

“Now hold on… maybe we could keep that. I think it’s a little weird for the number 2 hero driving an average family sedan. Why don’t you use this as your daily driver? Well, if you can fit in it.”

“I can, I tested it when I bought it. It’s really nice.” He says rubbing his chin in thought. “It would make a better impression than what I have now.”

“Plus, we can use it for when we want to go on trips just for us and the kids can use the sedan for their own use.”

“That does sound nice.”

Sitting down on the ground: “Come here, let’s lie down and watch the sky. I could use a little relaxation after all that craziness.” You say patting the grass next to you.

“I’m sorry if I stressed you.”

“You didn’t. Just relax with me for a while.”

You both lay down and hold hands. You both just watch the clouds go by as the day slowly turns to dusk. Throughout that time, you talked about the family, about the craziness of how Enji bought everything and brought it home. Finding out how much Enji had to do to make all of that happen makes you love him more, putting in so much effort for you. You both laughed at the thought of what to do with all that cake. When the sun finally set, you both went inside.

F: “Is everything ok? You were out there a long time.”

E: “Everything is fine, we discussed about today.”

S: “Something wrong?”

E: “We will be returning almost everything.”

N: “I knew it. He didn’t like any of it.”

(Y/N): “No, I appreciate all of it and I love that Enji put so much effort and time into this but I really don’t need all this stuff.”

N: “Even the car?”

(Y/N): “No, your father will be using it as his new car.”

N: “Can I use it every once in a while.” He says with a childish grin.

E: “No.”

(Y/N): “Hold on Enji, maybe we can discuss that on another day.”

N: “Really?”

E: “Don’t push it. Right now, let’s just pack everything up. I’ll arrange everything to be picked up tomorrow.”

After packing up, you ask for one last thing: a bath. He draws the bath and you both enjoy a nice soak. You tried something different and Enji rested his head on your chest this time. Even though your smaller than Enji, you manage to find a good position for both of you to be in. Running your fingers through his hair, he hums and rumbles in pleasure as you gently scratch and massage his scalp.

“I can see why you enjoy this so much; I could get used to this.”

“We can do this again in the future. It’s kind of nice giving the affection for once.” You say as one of your hands goes down to rub slow circles over the warm skin of his chest.

“I know the morning wasn’t the best but did your birthday finish better?”

You think for a moment still running your fingers through Enji’s hair. “I think it was perfect.” You say before kissing the top his head.

Chapter Text

It is now Halloween and Enji turned 43 a few months ago. Shoto will be attending UA in a few years and Natsuo is still high school looking for a good college. Fuyumi can’t decide what her master’s degree will be but she has a few years. Even Hina has finally moved on, you were sad to see her finally leave but you knew she was needed elsewhere. You and Enji are madly in love but you still managed to keep it a secret from the world. You have gotten so used to moving in secret it has become second nature at this point. The whole Todoroki family has grown together, it’s not perfect the but it now looks like a family. Everyone still does their own thing but there is laughter and talking in the home. Everyone seems happy and it’s all thanks to you, well at least that’s what Enji keeps telling you.

Your hero work has grown so much further than you ever thought. You’re now on the Hero Billboard chart, the 500s but that’s partly because you’re so new and partly people being afraid of Zaheer. You don’t mind, you never wanted to be number one, you just wanted to help as many people as you can. Even Zaheer is proud of how far you come, balancing the power without letting it get too much of a hold on you.

Today, you and Enji are attending a Halloween festival with the whole family. Zaheer likes Halloween because it is when the spirit world is closest to the human world. He doesn’t talk to any spirits but he likes to be around, watching them. He did warn you about using his power on that day, you might lose control with all the spiritual energy flowing. You wanted Enji to dress up in a costume but he worried about his image in-front of the news outlets. You and Fuyumi did manage to get a pair of devil horns on his head, his glasses fogging up with anger as you both giggle. There is street food, masks for sale, music, and overall, it’s a lot of fun. Enji is trying his best but at least he is keeping up with you and the kids. It is still light out when Zaheer starts freaking out.

“(Y/N), we need to go, now!”

“What why? We are hav…”

I sense something bad coming; don’t you feel it?”

“Now that you mention it, I do. But don’t you think we should warn everyone.”

No time, just get your family out now!”

You manage to get to Enji and the kids when everyone is frozen in place. Everyone can still move their heads as people start screaming. You are not frozen but you pretend to not attract attention. Then a black lightning bolt strikes the grown and a demon appears. His skin is dark blue, with 2-foot-long black horns. His eyes are solid yellow and he has a black mane. His face is very human like unlike Zaheer and he is only about 7 feet tall, still intimidating but smaller than Zaheer overall. His tale taps the ground as he scans the crowd, looking for something.

“I hope I didn’t scare you all, you see I’m here for only one thing, power, and I’m looking for quirks to enhance my own.”

The crowd is silent as they all look at the demon.

“Ahh, my apologies. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Brilron, I come from hell. I may be a demon but if you follow my lead, I won’t have to kill you. I just want some quirks. If you willing let me take it from you, I will let you live. If you try to stop me, I’ll kill you on the spot.”

At this point he places his hand on a young girl’s face. She is crying with fear as he twists her head back and forth, scanning her. At this point you are looking at Enji, eyes wide. Even though Zaheer said not to use your powers, something tells you that the demon is going to kill whether or not you cooperate. Enji gives you a look and sees you can move your hands. “Don’t” is all he says but he knows you’re going to try to stop Brilron.

“Hmmm, your quirk is very useful, the ability to make items from your body. I could definitely use this. Will you give it to me?” Her response could not have been worse: she spat on him. His eyes started to glow. “You ungrateful child! Well, I was going to let some of you live, but now you’re all going to die and I’ll take all your quirks.” He raises his left hand as black lightning starts sparking from his hand. That’s when a blue flash appears behind his right side and your leg meets the side of his face. He is knocked to the ground, but you know it didn’t hurt him, just startled him.

“What?! How are you escaping my control!” He says as his eyes glow even brighter in anger, trying to stop you.

“You cannot control my body. Let them go and I won’t hurt you.”

“HA! You think you can hurt me. I like your spirit boy, what’s your name.” He says as he gets up, now looking down at you.


“Well (Y/N), let’s make a show for everyone, it’s the last thing you could do before you die.”

Everyone in the crowd begins shifting to the edge of the festival grounds and then are still again. You look around seeing the fear in everyone’s eyes.

“(Y/N), what are you doing? You know you can’t use that much of my power today; it will be too much.”

 “I know, just give me what you can. I’ll deal with the consequences later.”

Very well…”

That’s when you quickly teleport above the demon to kick him but he grabs your ankle to toss you to the ground. Teleporting both you to the sky, you try to hit him again but he moves. He then is floating as you begin to fall. “How many quirks does he have?” is all you can think as you try to keep ahead of him. You teleport back and forth in the sky, trying in vain to land a blow. That is when you notice Shoto, Enji, and that girl standing at the edge of the crowd.

“Zaheer, can you control people to release them from Brilron’s grip?”

I should, I think I know what you’re planning.”

Follow my lead.”

You teleport in such a way that when Brilron hits you, you manage to fly toward Enji. Suddenly Shoto’s right hand goes up and a huge u-shaped ramp of ice is created. Then the girl is creating a large band of fabric at lightning speed. Enji looks over in confusion as he sees Shoto now has one eye replaced with a pure white orb.

“WHAT!” Brilron screams.

You then land on the end of the ramp and slide around and grab the band from the girl. You use the momentum that his punch imparted on you to fly back toward Brilron at high speed, still in shock that someone could break his hold. You take the band start to wrap it around him as you begin to fall.

“Zaheer, give me everything you got.”

Very well but don’t blame me for the consequences…”

You then begin to use all of the strength given to you to pull the blue demon to the ground, head first. You use the fabric to accelerate him to great speed and he comes clashing to the ground, creating a crater. Everything is quiet as the curse used to hold everyone in place is broken but no one moves. You are standing there with a tired look, both of your eyes starting to glow red. Enji is about to run to you but a bolt of black lightning flashes again as a large hand grabs your face.

“You got a lot of spirit, boy. I like that. I will be sure to make your death swift.”

You panic trying to pull the demonic grip off your face, but it is no use. He flies up and then goes down to grind your head into the ground, pushing it for dozens of feet until your head is buried. That is when he starts punching and kicking you. At this point you have blacked out in a pool of your own blood.

“I have to thank you, boy; that was the first time in millennia that I had this much fun. It is almost worth not killing these people, almost.”

“YOU MONSTER!” Enji comes flying towards the demon, he is engulfed in fire as he has lost controls of his emotions. Brilron grabs Enji’s neck and his flames die down. Enji tries clawing at the demon’s grip to release himself to no avail.

“So, I finally get to meet the Number 2 hero for this world. What a shame, I thought you would up more of a fight. Too bad, I guess I’ll just kill you in front of all of the people you try so desperately to protect.”

He begins to lift his other hand and black flames start forming around it. You managed to come to enough to watch this all unfold before you. Your mind starts to race, you finally have something good in your life and this demon is going to take everything away from you: love, friends, and a family.

“Zaheer, I’m going to do it.”

You can’t control all of my power; it might kill you.”

“It’s better than watching him die….”

I have an idea, please give me a second.”

“Any last words, hero?” Brilron says with an evil laugh. That is when a flash of purple light appears behind Enji. The demon looks to see that you’re standing but something is different. Both of your eyes are now black voids with glowing red irises and your smile is now sharp with 2-inch-long tusks coming up. Your shirt ripped off because it looks like you gain 40-50lbs of muscle and your scars have mostly faded away. 4-inch-long horns formed from your temples and curled forwards and upwards. A red tale flicks the ground showing your anger. Each of your hands now have claws and your arms have demonic spiraling tattoos that meet on your back. Your hair has also changed, you now have a light black beard that connects to sides of your short hair. The top of your head now has long slicked back golden hair, matching the demon’s hair beside you. You look to your left to see Zaheer in the flesh. He looks just as he always does in the mirror but this time, he has more clothing. He has armor over his legs with a spot for his tail to come out. His upper half is bare except for his left arm, which has full arm-length armor and is holding a large sword that looks to be made of lava.

“What are you?”

“We are Hellboy.” You say in a deeper voice from demonic energy.

“So that is the demon that lives inside of you…”

At this point you teleported to Enji and got him out of there as Zaheer gave the blue demon a right hook to the face. Brilron flies back into a stone building, crumbing it to the ground. The rubble parts as the demon stands tall.

“I see your much stronger now, did you finally accept your fate of becoming a demon?”

“I will never be a demon, at least not one like you!”

You and Zaheer then charge Brilron and begin to attack. He does block your attacks at first but then once to you land the first punch, he starts to lose control of the fight. Zaheer manages to hit him a few times with his sword as you teleport around the battle to avoid attacks and land as many blows as you can. Brilron, at one point, kneels to the ground to catch his breath, now is your chance. Zaheer makes motions in the air as demonic symbols start forming, golden chains come from the ground and latch on to the demon. He struggles to break free as you teleport Zaheer and yourself high above. Using gravity to give you punch more power, you both head down fist first towards Brilron’s head. The ground quakes once you make contact and a large crater forms in the ground. After the dust clears, you stumble forward with Zaheer, he to touches you and vanishes back inside of you as you say “Thank you…” Your left eye goes back to the white pool it was before but the rest of your body keeps its new form.

“(Y/N)! You did it!” Enji says running towards you. You’re covered in blood and bruises, but overall, you are ok and you saved everyone. Right before Enji reaches you, a large black horn pierces through your chest. Brilron managed to take the horn you broke off and used it to throw at you in one last effort to kill you as he is detained by other heroes. You cough up some blood as you are brought to your knees in pain. Enji grabs you before you fall forward and gently holds you. He starts to cry as he sees your face begins to lose color.

“Enji…” You whisper.


“I’m …. sorry….”

“What? (Y/N), you can’t leave me. Please! Not like this!”

“I…. love…. you……” is all you manage to whisper before going limp.

“(Y/N)! NO!” Enji screams as your eyes glaze over and everything goes black. The last thing you hear is “I love you.”


Chapter Text

You wake up in a dimly lit room. It’s only about 10 feet square. All you see is the bed you are in, a sink, and a toilet. You get up and as soon as your feet touch the floor, you get a cold shock from concrete. All you are wearing is a hospital gown. Try the door but it’s locked. You start to cry because your scared, screaming “Mommy, Daddy!” to no success. That’s when you start to hear him.

“Good morning, (Y/N). You are finally awake.”

“Who said that?” You say looking around in fear.

Don’t bother looking for me, I’m inside of you.”

“What?” You look to your stomach but you don’t notice anything.

I’m a demon, I was forcefully put inside of you. I want to be free but that means taking over your body. Your body will live but you as a person will die.”

You start to cry from his words.

“If you give up willingly, I’ll make your death painless. If you try to stop me, you will suffer.”

I don’t want to die!” You scream.

So be it….”

Your body starts to contort and move on it’s on. Your skin is burning and you’re in unbelievable amounts of pain. Your arms twist, your legs buckle, and your head starts pounding. Now on the floor, you’re twitching and writhing in pain as the demon tries to take over your body. Your eyes roll back into your head, screams fill the room as the pain begins to take over. In another room, a group of doctors are watching you on a screen.

Doctor 1: “Do you think it was a good idea to put Him inside of a boy.”

Doctor 2: “Good god man, the boys only six! Don’t you have some humanity?”

A man stands behind the doctors, with an evil smile on his face. “It’s all for the plan. I think this might be the one.”

Doctor Lisa: “I hope your right, that demon killed 12 people already.”

SM: “It’s all part of the plan.” He says with an evil grin.

The screen shows you are now throwing up from the pain the demon is putting your through. You try to get up, but you collapse in your own vomit and begin convulsing again. This went on for years as scientist and doctors would come in daily trying to assess your condition. Some days you could speak, other days the pain was too much. They tried using holy water, the Bible, and other religious artifacts to reign in the demon’s power. Nothing seemed to work while others made it worse. The smiling man visited you a few times but it only made the demon angrier. The demon even resorts to making you hallucinations to trick you, showing you pictures of the outside world. You almost fell for it one time but you broke free of the fever dream. The torture goes for years as the demon wears down your body and mind. You think your about to hit your limit when Doctor Lisa comes in.


“Help…MEEEE!!!” You say as you’re convulsing on the ground.

“Demon, what is your name?”


“What is your name?”

I…. I don’t know….”

“A demon without a name? That’s weird. Every demon has a name. Can we make a name for you?”


“So, we have something to call you by other than ‘the demon.’”

I suppose that is alright.”

Let’s make a deal, I will give you a name if you give (Y/N) a break, just for one day.”

Why should I? I am the one trapped inside his body!

“And he isn’t the one who put you there.”

You… make a good point.”

Why don’t you take a break and (Y/N) and I will come up with a name.”

Very well…but I must agree to it.”

Oh course.”

You finally stop moving as you just lay there, breathing heavily. All you can do is look at doctor Lisa.

“(Y/N), how do you feel?” Looking at you as your body finally stills.

“How do I feel? I have been fighting back that demon for almost 5 years, how do you think I feel?”

“Well, I brought you something to make you feel better. I know the room is cold so I brought you this.” She hands you a stuffed doll. It’s a man with red hair, flames on his face, hands and feet and has a blue costume. She squeezes it and the doll announces “Prominence Burn!” The doll then begins to warm up. You instinctively hug the doll because it’s the only warmth you have felt in years.

“Why are you helping me now?”

“Because, you are not getting anywhere like this, plus I couldn’t watch it much longer.”

“Aren’t the other doctors going to see you.”

“I have taken care of the camera for now. Let’s think of a name, quickly before they find us.”

You both start brainstorming as fast as you can. Your knowledge of names is limited because of the isolation but she comes up with a few. First you started with normal names like Jake, Mark, Rick, etc. She suggested a few but nothing stuck. That’s when you said to start with one letter and the demon said he liked the letter Z. That’s when after a few minutes you come up with the name Zaheer. Lisa said she heard it before but she doesn’t know where.

That name is satisfactory to me.”

Good, now leave (Y/N) be for a day, got it.”

It is not going to help much, but that was part of the agreement.”

“Thank you…. Lisa.”

After she leaves, you manage to eat normally for the first time in a while. Your body has been so used to the attacks from Zaheer that it feels strange to be normal. That’s when you start talking to Zaheer. It’s been so long since you have talked with another person that you would talk to anyone.


What, boy?”

Where are you from?”

Why are you asking such useless questions?”

Well, if I am going to have a demon living inside of me for the rest of life, I might as well learn something about you.”

I do not see the harm in talking with you. Very well, I am from hell.”

Ok. How old are you?”

Where I am from time is meaningless…but I guess on earth years, 7,000 years sounds about right.”

“Is that old?”

“Again, time is meaningless to my kind, I am not sure if we even die.”

“Have you been inside other people before.”

Yes, and they all died.”

That’s what I thought.” you sigh.

I will be honest, no one has ever lasted with me as long as you.”

Do you know why?”

Most people do not have the will power you have. They either take their life or can’t handle the power. Then those ‘scientists’ put me in someone else.”

You take a few more bites of food and think a bit. “I have an idea but I’m not sure how you will feel.”

What is it?”

What if we work together to get out of here?”

I’m listening.”

Those men put you inside of me, what about if I find a way you could get revenge.”

Now you are thinking like a demon.”

“I don’t care if I hurt them, just don’t kill them.”

You do not want to kill them for what they done to you? You have been locked in here for years and you don’t know if you will survive yet you do not want them to die.”

Yea, I guess that is what I’m thinking.”

I will think about this.”

Ok, I’m going to bed. I don’t think I had a full night’s rest until today. Good night… Zaheer.”

You wake up in the morning strapped to a steel table.

D1: “Good, you’re awake.”

(Y/N): “Where am I?”

D2: “How did you manage to stop the demon inside of you?”

(Y/N): “What?”

D1: “We have been watching you sleep and you managed to sleep through the whole night for the first time. What did you do?”

(Y/N): “I don’t know!”

D2: “Even if he did know, I bet he wouldn’t tell us. Let’s just get started.”

(Y/N): “Started on what?”

D1: “You’re the first person who managed to last this long with this demon, we are going to figure out what makes you tick. Doctor, pass me the scalpel.”

(Y/N): “You’re going to cut me open while I’m awake?”

D2: “Gag him, I don’t want to get a headache from his screaming.”

A cloth is quickly jammed into your mouth before you have a chance to say anything. The doctors begin to start cutting you abdomen. You feel the blade slide through your skin, the cold steel cutting effortlessly but painfully. Blood starts running down your skin as they pull you wide open. You watch in horror as they begin to poke and test your insides, looking for what you don’t know. You feel one of the doctors moving your organs as he wants a better view of something. The one pulls your intestines out and the other starts cutting your legs open to look at the muscle tissue. The entire time, you see a man in the corner watching with a large grin on his face. You try to scream the entire time but the gag is working and you pass out from the pain.

You come to a large beastly man is kneeling next you. His hand is on your abdomen and it’s glowing. It’s painful but it somehow starts feeling better.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m putting energy into your cells, making them heal faster.”

“Who are you.”

“My name is Adam. I’m like you, one of their test subjects.”

“What did they do to you?”

“They changed my DNA. You?”

“They put a demon inside of me.”

“I’m sorry.” He says with a truly apologetic face. “It looks like you’re mostly healed. I will probably see you again next time they want to perform tests.”

You’re all alone in your room again. Everything is cold. You grab the doll you were given and squeeze it. It starts to warm again as you hold it and cry.

I am sorry (Y/N), I did not know they would be so heartless. Even for a demon, this has gone too far.”

“Zaheer, please don’t leave me.”

For what they have done to you, I will stay until we are out of here.” He says as you lay in bed, crying yourself to sleep.


Chapter Text

It’s been a day since the fight; Enji and his children are still in a waiting room. After the horn pierced your chest, you were rushed to the best hospital Japan has. Enji is doing his best to hold it together with the help of Fuyumi. Everyone just sits waiting for word from the doctor.

F: “Dad, he is going to be ok.”

N: “He has handled more before, like Fuyumi said he will be fine.”

E: “I don’t want to lose him.” he says trying not to cry. “The problem is I saw his eyes, they stopped glowing. I don’t know what that means but I know it’s not good.”

S: “I think I hear the doctor coming.”

D: “Me. Todoroki, I have some good news and some bad news.” He says as he walks through the door.

E: “(Y/N) is alive!?”

D: “Yes, but the bad news is we don’t know for how long; he is fully paralyzed and unconscious. If he does manage to live, he will never walk again. You might want to contact his family.”

E: “We are all he has. Can we see him?”

D: “Yes but I must warn you, seeing him in this state might be a shock, even for you.”

Enji’s family comes into your room. Once they open the door, they see what the doctor warned them about. There is about a dozen or so machines hooked up to you. Pipes and wires criss cross over your body and you lay there motionless. The only sounds are coming from the machines beeping and breathing for you. Enji walks next to your bed and falls to his knees. He tries to grab your hand but it is covered in sensors. Putting a hand to your head, first touching the newly formed horns but he then pets your head. He can’t hold it in any longer has he starts to cry on the bed. The only word coming out of his mouth is your name. The children are further back when Shoto notices a large figure sitting in the corner, crying.

S: “Zaheer?”

F: “What? How are you here? Shouldn’t you be inside of (Y/N)?”

Z: “I can’t, even if I tried.”

N: “Zaheer, what’s happening.”

Z: “Brilron put a curse on that horn. I have seen it only once before. It is a curse to separate me from (Y/N).”

F: “Well, can’t you go back in (Y/N)?”

Z: “It doesn’t work that way. The curse keeps us separated. I’m not sure how to break it. The big problem is that without me, (Y/N) will die.”

E: “WHAT?” He says finally breaking away from the bed.

Z: “I have to tell you a secret he has been keeping from all of you. The more he uses my powers, the more demon he becomes. His left eye is mine but is right eye shows the demon energy he is containing. We only discovered this after the stadium.”

E: “He was fine until now?”

Z: “I tried to stop him but when he saw you almost die, he gave into the power. DAMN IT!” He pounds his fist against his knee, causing the room to shake. “Why didn’t he listen to me? I never wanted to let this happen! I never wanted to hurt him!”

F: “What’s going on? Zaheer, tell us.”

Z: “Right now he is as fully demon as he can be. It has great power but it has a huge risk. If the power gets too much, it can over take him. Plus, if I leave his body permanently, he will die. It’s because of that cruel curse that demon put on him. I can’t go back, I can’t save (Y/N)!” He says looking at you lying in the bed.

N: “We saw you fight the demon and go back inside (Y/N).”

Z: “That’s more like a projection, and it is limited. When I am in that form my power is split in half between (Y/N) and I. I can split myself into multiples of myself, that’s the first time I tried using that power to leave one half inside of someone. It uses a lot of energy but it was the only thing I could think of to make sure the power wasn’t too much for him. I’m surprised he survived this long. The only thing keeping him alive right now is his will power but that can’t hold on forever.”

 E: “The doctor said he was paralyzed, the horn didn’t hit is spine, did it? Or was the power too much?”

Z: “That’s the other secret he kept from you. The stadium incident took more of a toll on his body then he led on. Adam had no idea that what he was doing was hurting (Y/N). The amount of energy that was entering his body vaporized his spinal cord.”

S: “But he has been walking and moving this entire time!”

Z: With a sigh “He has been using his power of mind and body control. He uses it differently in his body, using it more like a puppet with strings of energy. It is basically a new spinal cord he created. Even if he somehow lives, without my power he will never walk.”

E: “You are telling me he has been using a quirk for 6 years straight. That’s impossible!”

Z: “That is correct. If his will power was strong enough to resist me, he has the will power to keep that quirk going for that long. That’s why his eye was always glowing, it’s because he was always using his power. It does have a drawback; he has to actively think about every move he makes, every single muscle individually. The amount of concentration it takes most people can’t even fathom. Even breathing has to be forced. When he teleports, he has to stop breathing to free up enough his brain. He can teleport just like he can at the stadium, he just can’t stop breathing long enough to do it. He even learned to think about breathing in his sleep. He didn’t want to tell you because he knew you would worry. I’m sorry you have to find out about it like this.” He says as tears begin to well up in Enji’s eyes.

E: Turning back to you still crying “(Y/N), why didn’t you tell me. I could have helped…”

During all of this, Sanji walks into the room and hands Fuyumi some papers. She apologizes for interrupting but says the family needed to see the papers and leaves. Fuyumi opens them and starts to read them as everyone awaits an answer.

F: “It’s…. it’s adoption papers.”

Everyone: “What?”

F: “It says here that (Y/N) has petitioned to adopt us as his kids.”

E: “Why would he do that?”

Z: “(Y/N) was going to ask you to marry him, Enji.”  

E: “Really? When?”

Z: “After that day at Disney World when Shoto said he wasn’t family, (Y/N) wanted to change that. He went to adopt the kids. It took till now because he was working on becoming a citizen. He got the adoption forms filled out but he still had to wait. Before the paperwork came back, he went to have a wedding band made for you. It was made of a special alloy that changed color with a level of heat that only you could create.”

E: “He wanted to marry….me?”

Z: “He really does love you, more than anyone.”

Enji starts crying again, this time clinging to your arm. He is there for a few minutes while his children start hugging Zaheer while crying as well. No one notices the door open behind them.

“Enji, please don’t cry.”

He can only say one word: “Rei?”

Chapter Text

It has been a few more years of tests. Zaheer has given up on trying to kill you or take over your body. If anything, he is getting angrier at the doctors and scientists, expect Lisa. She is the only one who treated you like a person. The problem is that she can’t do it often because she would be fired or worse. The only thing you have to comfort you is the doll you were given and Adam. Whenever he has to heal you after your tests, it’s the only time you get to talk with someone other than the demon inside of you. A year after you and Zaheer stopped fighting, you gained a power. During one of the surgeries, you stopped one of the doctors still and made him cut his throat with the scalpel. He lived but after that they were more cautious around you. They quickly figured out that you have to see the person you want to control so they put a cover over your eyes.

That’s when they started to train you. They would put you in an electric chair and would shock you over and over again till you would do as they asked. At first, it was just small animals to see how far you could control them. The first time you accidentally killed a dog with your powers, they changed their plans for you again. You overheard them speak about training you to kill government leaders just by being in the same room as them, no signs of an attack. The smiling man couldn’t be happier with this, to change the world for himself. Things only got worse from there. They started to make you control people, living people. Sometimes they just wanted you to make them move, other times to tell secrets. Then they asked you to kill them, you refused. They shocked you for hours until Lisa stopped them, but only after you were unconscious. They never could get you to kill another person.

You were wearing their patience thin as they took drastic measures. One morning you wake up being strapped to a wheelchair. They are pushing towards a room inside of the building. Nothing looks strange about it except there are no windows. You overhear some say something about 10 years and you begin to panic. You try controlling people around you to stop them, but they send more people to keep moving you into the room, that man in the corner watching this all unfold. After struggling, someone jabs a needle into your neck and you pass out. You come to in a 15x15 foot room. There is a single lightbulb, a clock, a water tap, floor drain, and what looks to be dried food. You look down to see a recording device. You instinctively press play and hear a voice, the voice of the man who smiles all the time.

“You are quite the stubborn one, aren’t you? You see the room you’re in? It’s a special room. 24 hours in this room makes 10 years pass inside. Normally it is used for testing equipment and tools, but we found it more useful to see how well you and your demon are doing. We really can’t wait for you to get more powerful, so we will speed it up. See you tomorrow; or should I say, 10 years.”

You throw the recorder against the wall and begin to panic but your hand touches something soft. It’s the stuffed doll. Lisa must have snuck it in during the chaos. You instinctively grab it and hug it, looking for warmth. You begin to cry as it warms up.

“Don’t worry, I’m here with you.”

I know, but 10 years!”

We will take it one day at a time.”

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this.”

You did nothing wrong, it’s all them. I glad I am with you but I would change how we met if I could.”

At that moment, you curl up on the floor and begin crying yourself to sleep. You wake up the next “morning” only to find your nightmare is real. You want to go shower but there isn’t one, no bath, not even a sink. Just a spigot on the wall. You look for soap but nothing, only finding food. All of the food is dried and it looks like you have unlimited water. After eating some food, you find a new problem: no bathroom. There is a floor drain, so relieve yourself and wash it down with the water from faucet.

This is so demeaning.”

It doesn’t look like I have a choice.”

I can tell you; all of those doctors will find themselves at the deepest depths of hell when they finally die.”

“I know, no one should ever have to go through this.”

You should have killed them.”

“I can’t, it’s not in me.”

But to put through this, they should pay!”

I know but death isn’t always the answer.”

Fine, any suggestions of what to do right now?”

“Let’s just make sure we survive this. I’ll keep track of the time so we have a goal. Alright, we have 3649 days to go.”

I don’t see anything else better to do. Just don’t forget that we will make it out of here.”

You take a piece of food and make a mark on the wall, indicating the days that passed. Slowly but surely, the walls get covered in more and more markings. As the counting goes on, the lines start misaligning and become incomprehensible as you lose your mind over the years. The clock broke halfway through, or at least you think it was; time starts becoming a blur, a meaningless concept. At this point you are dirty, your hair is long and matted, clothing long gone. Your muscles have atrophied from lack of moment and your body is thin and frail. Most days you’re just in the fetal position on the floor, talking to yourself or Zaheer.

Hold on (Y/N), we don’t have much longer. Please stay with me.”

WHO SAID THAT? Was it you?” You start shaking the doll in your hand; its batteries after all those years. It’s tattered and covered in filth. You throw it at the wall in anger. At this point you don’t know who you are anymore, you don’t even recognize Zaheer’s voice as you go deeper into madness. You don’t know how much longer you were there, it felt like months but it could have been years or only days. Zaheer would talk to you, whether or not you responded normally, he never left you alone.

The door finally opens as you are blinded by the harsh light. The doctors come in and are astonished that you are alive. They pick you up and put you on that cursed operating table. The feeling the straps over your body was the final push. Suddenly both of your eyes are glowing completely red. Everyone in the room starts clenching their chest. As you continue your demonic stare, people start dying one by one as you make their hearts explode. Then you move to the next room and kill everyone there. You continue in this trance as you make it to Lisa. That’s when you look at her and quickly teleport her away. You put her back at the surface as you don’t want her to die. You continue your killing spree until your where they store the other test subjects. You teleport them all to Lisa. That’s when Zaheer takes control and the earth begins to shake. Cracks start forming all around the facility and lava erupts from all around. On the surface, Adam, Lisa and the others watch in horror as the ground starts to cave in. They barely manage to escape as you come to the surface, eyes still glowing red. You approach.

A: “You saved us?”

(Y/N): Yes and I took care of the problem.”

L: “You killed everyone!!”

(Y/N): They took everything from me and tortured me for years and I….”

 At that moment, Adam placed his hand on you and started to take some of the energy flowing through you. His other hand has a beam of red light coming out of it, pointed towards the hole in the ground. Your eyes slowly fade back normal as your mind as well. You look at everyone and realize what had happened. You turn around as see the hole in the ground and you shake in fear.

(Y/N): “I did that? I killed all those people?”

A: “Its ok, you were not in your right mind.” He says as he gently holds you.

L: “We need to get out of here, I’m sure the army was called already.”

You fall to your knees and begin crying. Adam then hands you something, it’s the doll. It looks brand new and still has the tag on it this time. “‘Endeavor.’ Why does that sound so familiar?” You thought. You squeeze it but this time it startles you as it says “(Y/N), I love you.”

Chapter Text

“Rei?” Enji says like he is looking at a ghost.

R: “Don’t cry, Enji.” She says as she enters the room.”


F: “Mom, is that really you?” She starts crying. Shoto is in too much shock to say anything.

R: “Yes, it’s me. I’m sorry I waited till now to come in. I was listening but I didn’t want to interrupt.”

E: “But…. But you took your own life! I saw you with my own eyes, I saw your body! I saw the bottle of pills!”

R: “With the help of a friend, I used my ice quirk to fake my own death. I lowered my body temperature and heart rate to level that can’t be detected. Those pills were sugar pills.”

E: “Why?”

R: “Everything got to much for me. You think you are the only one who felt guilt about Touya and Shoto? That guilt ate me alive everyday. You were getting angrier by the day and when I was put into the hospital, being away from you was the first time I felt normal. I knew a divorce was out of the question for you, so I did the next best thing I could think of. I didn’t want to do it but I felt I had no other option. But I didn’t take one thing into account, how my actions would affect all of you.”

F: “Wait, how do you know how it affected us?”

R: “Hina. I paid her to become your nanny. She was relaying all of the information about everyone to me. I know that things got worse without me. I regret leaving you but I don’t know if I would have made it.”

Enji gets up and stands next to Rei. As she looks up at him, she sees tears in his eyes. She takes off his glasses and wipes them away only to be replaced by more. He then hugs her gently while apologizing profusely. All of the kids join in the hug and everyone starts to cry.

R: “I would have been here sooner. When I got word the kids left, I was about to rush over there but Hina said it was already getting taken care of.”

E: “What do you mean?”

R: “It’s because of (Y/N). You have changed because of him. I have never seen you anything but angry or disappointed but he brings out he best in you. Even the children are happier now.”

E: “I’m assuming Hina told you about our relationship.”

R: “That, and you proclaimed your love for him on national television. Reporters are lining the block to interview you.”

All the color disappears from Enji’s face. He forgot the news media was there. They even interviewed him that day. He totally forgot about them when you went unconscious in his arms.

E: “I…I…I’m sorry…”

F: “You have nothing to be sorry for, I’m happy it’s finally out. That way you can be together without hiding it.”

E: “It’s not going to matter anyway….” He says turning to you in the bed.

R: “I see. And you love him more than anything in the world?”

E: “He was going to ask me to marry him after adopting the children. I would have said yes but it’s too late!” He starts sobbing again.

R: “That’s all I wanted to hear. Zaheer, I think know how to fix this.”

E: “What, how?”

R: “Hina wasn’t just watching you, once (Y/N) came in to your life, she started research into demons.”

Z: “That would explain all the questions from her.”

R: “She also found this book, it’s a book of demonic curses and spells. I was worried about (Y/N)’s well being so I looked up one spell in particular. This one should look familiar, Zaheer.”

Zaheer takes the book at opens it to the bookmarked page. “It’s…It’s the spell they used to put me in him. Do you think it will work?”

R: “We don’t know if we don’t try. I brought everything we need here, 4 people to chant, candles, salt and…”

Z: “A human sacrifice…” he says as he clenches the book.

N: “Wait, a human sacrifice? Who is going to volunteer for that.”

Enji looks at Rei who is looking at her feet. “Rei, you can’t be serious?”

F: “Mom? Don’t tell me you are going to…”

R: “I plan on sacrificing myself.”

S: “Mom! You can’t! You just came back only to tell us your leaving again!”

R: “Let me explain my reasoning. When I left, things were bad and everything only got worse. I can’t even imagine what you all went through mentally without me but I don’t think me being there would have helped any. I felt so guilty about leaving, it was selfish. I heard that everything was spiraling out of control and it made me question what I was doing. Then I heard what (Y/N) was doing for all of you, it made me feel like what I did was right. Enji, you love (Y/N) more than you loved me, I know it. Please, let me make this right. Let me bring all of you happiness.”

N: “Mom, you can’t!”

F: “Please.”

S: “No!”

E: “I can’t ask you to do that.”

Z: “Are you sure? You really want to help him?”

R: “Nothing would make me happier to help my family be happy. In my heart, I know it’s the right thing to do.”

E: “I can’t stop you, can I?”

R: Putting a hand to Enji’s face. “Please let me do one last thing for my family.”

Enji hugs Rei again, this time with a faint smile and a few tears, only whispering “Thank you” to her.

Z: “We need to hurry, he doesn’t have much time left.”

Everyone starts to read the evil text to learn their part. Zaheer begins making symbols on the floor while the children and Enji learn the chant. Rei readies herself mentally.

R: “Is it going to be painful?”

Z: “For you, I hope it’s not.”

R: “Well, is everyone ready?” She says as a few tears roll down her cheek.

Everyone: “Ready.”

They turn off the lights as light the candles on the floor. Zaheer and Rei are inside of the demonic symbol on the floor as the family begins to chant. The flames grow brighter from the candles and they begin to swirl around the two. They keep chanting louder and louder, the flames growing until they engulf the two. It feels like the room might catch ablaze but it holds. As the chanting stops, the flames die and the spot is empty. Enji turns on the lights and rushes to you.

“(Y/N), can you hear me? (Y/N)!”

Chapter Text

You’re standing in the middle of a desert, holding the Endeavor doll. It keeps speaking even well after you squeezed it.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), please wake up! I love you; we love you.” The doll pleads.

“What is happening, do you guys hear this?” You look up to find yourself in an empty desert.

“Where did you guys go? Anyone? Please?” You fold over and start to cry. When you open your eyes again, everything is dark. There is nothing, no light, no walls, nothing around. You look back to your hands and the doll is still there, pleading with you. You go to hug the doll but it doesn’t feel warm anymore. You’re scared, nothing in your life has ever been like this. Then, you notice a small light, growing brighter as it comes closer. That’s when it starts to take the shape of a person, a woman.

“Hello (Y/N), it’s nice to finally meet you.”

You recognize her from photos you have seen, but you don’t know where you have seen them. “Rei?”

“(Y/N), I’m here to talk.”

“Um, ok…What do you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to say I am proud of you. You have made my children happy, you made Enji happy, you made Zaheer happy.”

“How do you know about Zaheer? Why am I here? What’s happening? Who is Enji and why does that name sound familiar?”

“(Y/N), I’m sorry to tell you this but you're unconscious right now. You fought a demon and he separated Zaheer from you. You almost died but I sacrificed myself to put Zaheer back inside you. Enji is the man you love more than anything in the world. You need to wake up, your family needs you, he needs you.”

“Why would anyone love me, I’m a murderer. I just killed thousands of people…”

“We all know that wasn’t you. Enji doesn’t care about your past just like you don’t care about his. You both have been working together on your future. Without you, he wouldn’t have a family.”

“Enji, Enji.” You can’t stop thinking about it. That name is on the front of your mind when Rei touches your head. It feels cold but then memories start flooding in: the memories of everything you have had with Enji and his children. You begin to panic. “How do I get out of here?” 

“You need to wake up. Please, just listen when I say this: I will always care for you and I’m always watching you. Please take care of everyone.”

You feel your left arm begin to shake and tears are flowing down your face. You look at Rei who starts to disappear in front of you. “Good luck (Y/N), remember that there is a lot of love for you.”

Enji is holding your left hand, face first into the bed, begging and pleading with you to wake up. The children are watching, hoping for the best. After a while, the only sounds in the rooms are from the machines keeping you alive. No one notices the tears running down your face.

“(Y/N)?” Enji shoots his head up to look at you. You managed to gain enough strength to squeeze Enji’s hand. When he looks at you, your eyes are barely open, tears are still flowing as you do your best to look at him. Your eyes are back to your normal, left white, right black and red. You want to speak but there are tubes going down your throat.

“(Y/N), is it really you?”

You move enough to nod slowly. That’s when Enji and the kids starts to break down.

“Is Zaheer there?”

You nod again to answer and move your hand to motion to the tubes. Enji quickly calls a nurse and she removes them. The feeling of the tubes coming out is strange but you manage, coughing a few times as you regain your breath.

(Y/N): “Enji….” Your voice is still deeper but is distorted from the tubes coming out of your throat.

E: “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say my name. I thought I lost you. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you.” He says through his tears.

(Y/N): “What happened?”

F: “Zaheer was separated from you but now he’s back with you.”

(Y/N): “Is that how I meet Rei?”

E: “You meet her?” Looking concerned.

N: “Did she say anything?”

(Y/N): “She told me that she will always be with me and to wake up.”

E: “(Y/N), I’m just glad your back.” He says as he tries to hug you the best he can. You do your best to put one arm around him. Once the hug breaks, you scan the room, looking for something.

(Y/N): “Fuyumi, where are my clothes?”

F: “What’s left of them are in this bag over here, why?”

(Y/N): “I have something for Enji in my pocket.”

She rummages through the bag and pulls out your pants. She finds a small back box in one of the pockets. Enji takes it from her and turns to you.

(Y/N): “Zaheer and I are sharing memories right now. I know what he told you. I wanted to ask you this for a while now but I was waiting for the right moment. I wanted to be a part of your family for so long and I always want to be there for you. Enji, will you marry me?”

Enji opens the box and sees a ring. It’s a black and white toned band with a hammered finish. He puts it on and uses his quirk to heat it up. The ring begins changing a rainbow of colors finally finishing in a bright crimson red. “Of course, I will. I love you so much (Y/N).” He kisses you, leaning over the bed to do so.

(Y/N): “I’m sorry I kept so many secrets from you. I promise in the future I will tell you everything.”

E: “It’s ok, I understand. I’m just happy you’re ok now.”

You then put your attention towards the children. “I assume you understand why I got that paperwork filled out.” You say looking at the kids.

F: “Yes, and we would be glad to have you in our family.”

You use the bed to sit yourself up and do your best till give everyone a hug. The only thing you say “I love all of you.”

Chapter Text

It has been a month since you left the hospital and it has been chaotic. As you were leaving, photographers and news outlets were all over you. Enji and Zaheer went a little overboard with their flames to protect you but you know they just wanted you to be safe. The media sometimes try to stop by the house but Zaheer scares them away. Zaheer can now leave and enter your body freely but only for a limited time. It was weird at first but you got used to it.

Once you were brought home, you were treated like a king as whole family did everything for you. At first it was awkward for you, you tried to walk downstairs to get something to drink and Fuyumi caught you and got Enji to carry you back to bed. After a day of this, you finally gave in and took the help. Baths with Enji were your favorite, he treated so gently like he could hurt you. He is so overly protective now but you can’t help find it adorable. It is also funny seeing a demon in the house. You wish you were at the front door when Zaheer picked up a delivery for the first time, the poor teenager screamed and ran away. Inside the home, it took the children some time to get used to it but eventually even Natsuo got used to the red giant.

The first public appearance of Enji was a train wreck. Everyone was attacking him. You were standing by the sidelines as you watched reporter after reporter try to break your man down. They asked about you, about Zaheer, about the kids. He was doing well until one of them asked if he really did love you or if it was some kind of way to be more powerful. The fire on his face roared up and threatened to burn down the event hall till Zaheer walked in stage. He told them no more questions and lead Enji out.

You have been recovering the past month and physical therapy is the name of the game. Enji had a hard time letting anyone else touch you during each session to the point he took over and bought the equipment for home. He just couldn’t stand seeing someone else pushing you that hard but you found it endearing if not a little over the top. The hardest part is trying to form the control over your body. It has been so long since you made the original connections you forgot the layout. Sometimes you will think you are walking until you have to move differently for some reason and your arm just slaps Enji. Luckily, Zaheer is there to help rebuild the connections. Speaking of your body, Enji can’t get enough of it. Your more muscular frame drives him insane. The first time he grabbed your horns during sex just about sent you over the edge. Enji quickly realized that your claws are going to leave marks on him but your tail is the where you like to play dirty.

Today you are going to your first interview since the attack. It’s a little scary because you don’t like being on camera, for obvious reasons. But also, it is the first time you will be on an interview by yourself. Enji will be there, behind the stage, but your nerves are still getting the better of you.

“(Y/N), are you ok, you’re shaking.” His arm is wrapped around your shoulder holding you tight. Since the attack, Enji has wasted no time showing his love for you in public: grabbing, hugging, even kissing you.

“I’m just nervous.”

“There is no need to be, we went over all of the questions she is going to ask. I know you will do great.”

“Thanks, I needed that.” You say leaning closer into his grip.

You enter a film studio and you sit down in a large chair on a talk show set and there is an audience. Enji stays behind the stage but is watching you on a live feed. Ayako comes out and sits down.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we have been waiting for: an interview with Hellboy!”

The audience cheers and claps as the camera pans out.

“Good morning, it’s nice to be here.”

“Hellboy, I’m just going to get right to it: what’s it like having a demon inside of you?”

“Well, at first it was really rough but once you get to know him, he pretty chill. He did try to take over my body but after we got to know each other we became friends. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

“So, your saying he isn’t evil?”

I wouldn’t put myself under that category.”

Oh! Good morning, Zaheer! About (Y/N), what’s it like being inside of him?”

I’m not really sure how to answer that. I guess it’s like a room that I can change as I want and I can influence (Y/N) but other than that, not much really. I do enjoy being with him and I’m proud of him.”

Interesting. What about that new ability where you can come outside of Hellboy?”

It’s nothing new but it takes a lot of energy to use, that’s why I’m staying in right now.”

“That’s alright. Now… the viewing audience really wants to know one thing, what is it like dating Endeavor!?” The audience makes a collective ‘oooooOOOOoooo!!’ In excitement at this question.

“Well, no one has ever made me feel the way he does. I really do love him. I never thought I would ever find happiness, let alone from the number 2 hero. We do have our ups and downs but we always make sure to communicate and never go to bed angry.”

“That sounds sweet, and is it true you meet at the crossing bombing?”

“Yes, I passed out after I stopped the bomb and he saved me. Since then, my life has only gotten better.” The audience awws.

“When did you start dating?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“Oh, come on. Tell us.”

Move on to the next question.”

“Alright. What is your quirk?”

“They call it Demon’s Blood, but there really isn’t one quirk.”

“What do you mean?”

“A demon doesn’t really have one power or quirk. Some have a little power some have a lot. Zaheer has more than any other demon I have heard of so he has lots abilities.”

Ooo, I like that answer. Why do you want to be a hero?”

“I always want to help people, trying to make the world a better place. It just seems like the right thing to do with the power I was given.”

“Would you say you’re compensating for something?”

“What do you mean?” You say with a puzzling look.

She starts looking at her note cards. “When did you escape from prison?”

“What?” you answer in a startled manner.

“When were you going to tell the citizens, the ones you protect, that you are an escaped convict.”

“It’s not like that!” You say as the audience starts whispering.

“Well, it says here that you killed over 2000 people and destroyed government buildings. When did you plan on telling them that little fact about you?”

“It wasn’t… I didn’t… I…”

“Is that why you’re a hero, to repent for what you done?”

“No…. that’s not….”

“We do have proof that you killed all of those people.”

“Proof?” You look at her with panic.

“Play the video.”

The screen behind you starts showing video of inside the facility. People are running in panic and screaming as a red glow starts coming into screen. That light is you, consumed by demonic energy. People are dying left and right as you take your revenge on them. You turn around to see the audience react in horror and shock, some of them start getting sick from the video.

“STOP IT, STOP IT!” you begin to grab your face in pain as Enji run onto the stage.

“Where did you get those questions and where did you find that video?” Enji yells as Ayako.

“Oh, he’s just being dramatic, and the public should know who he really is.”

“You’re messing with a demon! Do you have any idea what you’re doing?”

“Ayako…I’m ready to talk now.”

Everyone looks at you in shock as you are glowing with red energy in the form spectral flames and the markings on your arms begin to glow. Your voice has combined with Zaheer’s and your eyes are both white with red irises. Still sitting in the chair, your claws begin to dig into the armrests.

“Oh, Hellboy I see your willing to talk.”

“Stop it Ayako, don’t taunt him right now.”

“It’s quite alright Enji, let me humor her. Yes, I did kill all those people. Those ‘scientists’ put Zaheer inside of me. They proceeded to torture me by performing tests and surgeries while I was awake. Then they locked me in a room for ten years: no light, no human interaction, I almost went insane. The only reason I’m alive is because of Zaheer.”

“What about Adam, where is he n…?” She tries to ask more but Enji puts his hand over her mouth but it’s too late.

“How do you know about Adam? Where are you getting this information? You know what, I think you’re working for him. You have to be, how else did you get the video and know all of these questions.”

Both of your hands grab at your face, you’re trying to stop the demonic energy inside of you. Suddenly Zaheer manages to speak through you and just yells “RUN!!!” The crowd begins to flee in fear as the ground beneath you starts cracking. When you uncover your face, your eyes are glowing completely red as the demonic energy has taken over. You stand up and start walking towards Enji and Ayako.

“Step aside Enji, I don’t want to hurt you. I only want to teach her a lesson: don’t mess with a demon.”

“(Y/N), look at me! This isn’t you.” He takes off his glasses so you can see his eyes better.

“If you don’t move, I’ll make you.”

Enji comes to a fighting stance, his hands alight. You take a few steps forward before lunging at him. You take the first swing but he dodges. The second punch lands and Enji coughs in pain. Enji manages to land a few punches on you but it’s like hitting a wall. As he continues to fight you, he remembers something. The next time you go to punch him, he doesn’t try to dodge. He grabs your arm and pulls you in close as he wraps his arms around you. He then turns up the heat as high as he dares to not set the building on fire. At this point you stopped fighting and are standing still in the fire. Enji looks in your eyes and sees they are starting to fade back to normal. “Warmth always calms you down, doesn’t it (Y/N)?” You slowly nod your head, eyes unblinking as if you are in a trance. After a few minutes in the fire, Enji stops the flames and you’re standing next to him. You look around to see no one in the room except you three and the destruction you left. You don’t cry but you can’t look at Enji. He goes to talk with Ayako for a minute and comes back.

“(Y/N), let’s go home.” And you both teleport back home. The rest of the evening you were silent; not even saying a word at dinner even though Enji brought in your favorite for you to cheer you up. When you both went to bed, you couldn’t face him. That’s when Enji snapped and turned you over to face him.

“Damn it, (Y/N), talk to me. Don’t worry about what happened, Ayako destroyed that recording and we won’t do another interview with you alone. The audience all had their memories adjusted thanks to Zaheer. What has gotten you so upset? Please talk to me.”

“It’s two things. One I lost control. When I saw that video, it reminded me of everything that happened to me and how I escaped. I did kill all those people but I didn’t mean to, I just lost control. I was so mentally unstable from that room. You know Zaheer tried day after day to keep me sane but it got to the point that I thought he was a voice in my head. I would just sit in the floor for days just rocking back and forth talking to the voices in my head. It was so dark then. The worst part is that I relived all of it during the coma.”

“Wait, what? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was just replaying everything that had already happened, but it just brought it back to the front. The only thing different is how it ended, the doll calling for me. I heard your voice through the doll after I left the room. Then Rei saved me.”

“Oh…. I’m so sorry.” He places a warm hand of your cheek.

“The other thing that has me worked up is how did she get that video? I keep questioning if the people who are looking for me still are. I worry they will take me away from you. I worry they will hurt you. I worry they will take Zaheer from me.”

“(Y/N), you have nothing to worry about. I will always fight for you, got it? Now, let’s just get some rest, tomorrow we need to work on releasing some of that energy safely, ok?”

“Thank you Enji. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He says as he kisses you on the lips.   


Chapter Text

It’s the start to the Japanese new year celebration and you took the whole family to the Bahamas to enjoy some sunny weather. It was only a few days prior that you got the all clear to go back to hero work so you took this time to celebrate that too. Everything is going much better now; the citizens are even getting used to you and Enji and public. They better, because he can’t keep his hands off you. Even though you were not working, you would still meet him for lunch every day. You even talked to Hina about Rei. She apologized for lying to everyone but they all understood. You thanked her for making sure the kids were safe and that she believed in you.

The first few days on the beach were great, everyone was enjoying the sun and the crystal-clear water. Even Zaheer got into fun. It was weird seeing him in surf shorts but it was nice to see him relax. He was throwing the kids into the ocean, racing them in the water while laughing the whole time. You don’t know how you got so lucky to have not only find love but a family that loved you. The only problem you had at the beach was Enji, or should you say his body. Seeing him come out of the water all Bay Watch style, it practically gave you a heart attack. The water drops glistening in the warm sun, his muscles flexing with every movement, and something about him in board shorts just rocked your world. Plus, he wore these silly flame shaped sunglasses you bought him as a  joke but he actually liked them which makes you laugh constantly. You tried your best to not have sex with him right on the beach but you managed. Each night, you made a fire on the beach and everyone ate marshmallows and s’mores.

The kids had to go back home the day before you and Enji did, which was on purpose to give you two a day alone. The place you were staying was a small house on the beach, the front door went right to sand. Everything was just perfect on your final day. The morning you woke up to a flurry of kisses to your face. After breakfast, you go back to the beach again, this time without the kids made things better. You would swim together, lounge in chairs together, and of course make out constantly. This continued till after dinner when you got back to the cabin. Poor Enji got a little sunburned over the trip but he will manage. You’re both laying on the bed, looking at each other. You can’t just help falling for his blue eyes as he speaks.

“It would be a shame if my little flame didn’t get to enjoy his final day before work without something….special.”

“I have an idea of what I want.” you growl.

You start slowly making out as you can’t keep your hands off of each other, feeling each other’s bodies slick with lotion and sweat. You two continue this for a while when Enji stops for some reason. That’s when you notice what he was looking at.

“Zaheer, what are you doing?” you turn to face him.

I have needs.”

“Enji, what does he mean?”

“He wants to have sex with us.”


I’m sorry if I’m imposing but watching you guys in love day after day, it makes me want to be a part of it. I want what you have.”

“Well, Enji what do you think?”

“Honestly, I have wondered when he would join us since he can leave your body. When you think about it, I have been having sex with both of you.”

He isn’t wrong, I can feel everything you feel (Y/N). I also will admit I might have fallen in love with both of you.”

“Really, a love triangle? This is the last thing I expected. What do you think, Enji?”

“Well, I’m ok with it as long as my little flame is happy. I normally would hate to share you but Zaheer already lives inside of you. Maybe we can try some new positions.” He says as he gets close to your ear, almost whispering.

That’s when Zaheer laid down on the bed, the frame creaking from his massive weight. Enji is behind you, Zaheer in front as they both close in on you. Zaheer takes his monstrous hand and places it behind your head. He pulls you in as begins kissing your face. He is so much larger than you so it’s more like he’s eating your face. His warm breath is causing fireworks to go off in your head.  Enji then squeezes closer as he kisses your shoulders and neck, using his quirk to make each kiss almost burning hot. Zaheer uses his other hand to keep all of you tight together. You begin moaning and wiggling between them, their bodies driving you insane. You couldn’t help yourself as you cum in your shorts but everyone was too busy to notice. Enji then begins to peel everyone’s shorts off. You look down to see what Zaheer has been hiding. He is fully hard at an inhuman 13 inches long and almost 3 inches wide.

“I’m sorry Zaheer, I already came.” You say shamefully.

Don’t worry about it, you’re being overwhelmed with both of us. Want to try something fun?”

“Anything for you two.”

Enji, follow my lead.”

That’s when Zaheer starts shifting everyone around as he lays on his back, he places you on his chest with Enji at his waste. He gently forces your head down as you begin to get the idea. Enji starts grinding Zaheer’s massive cock between his ass cheeks as you start sucking on Enji’s shaft. He starts moaning in excitement as you start going wild on his cock. He soon sees why. You are using his cock as a distraction against the full-on invasion Zaheer is performing on your ass. He is using two of his massive fingers to ready you, each finger could be someone’s arm they are so big.

“Take it slow big guy, we don’t want to break him.”

 I’m just readying him for the finally. And I know his limit, I do live inside of him after all.”

Enji rolls his eyes but is stopped when you start sucking more violently this time as Zaheer uses his long tongue to toy with you. Enji starts going up and down, almost threatening to let Zaheer in his rear end but not quite. You’re whining the entire time as your taking an onslaught from both ends. It only takes a few moments more before Enji releases down your throat. This time you manage to swallow everything as he finishes. You release his still hard cock and turn around to face Zaheer.

I think our little flame is ready.” 

Really, the pet names from you too?”

“Are you surprised?”

“I want to say yes but I’m not.”

Enji, go to the end of the bed. You will know what to do next.”

You all begin shifting again as Zaheer puts his backside on the edge of the bed with you still on top. Enji lines himself up while Zaheer lines you up. He places his tip on your hole as he slowly lowers you onto his length. Even with the preparations, it is still a lot to take in as more and more of Zaheer enters you. That’s when you hear Enji begin to ram Zaheer with everything he’s got.

Slow down Enji, you already came once.”

“I can’t control myself right now, I need more.”

Zaheer then appeases Enji’s hunger as he uses tail to start to spear Enji in the ass. Enji moans at this surprise but still continues slowly pumping in an out of Zaheer’s ass. You manage to fully accept Zaheer’s cock but after a moment to adjust, Zaheer lifts you up halfway then slams you back down. It feels like your insides are being rearranged each time he does this. The size of him could be felt through your stomach as each thrust continues. Zaheer starts to grunt and moan as the pace starts to pick up and Enji manages to keep pace himself.

You both are starting to really have an effect on me. I’m getting close.” 

“It’s ok Zaheer, go ahead.” You manage to moan.

“Me too, I can’t hold it much longer.”

You all ejaculate at the same time. Yours goes all over the demon’s face; his mouth opens to start accepting it all. Enji’s cock drives ropes of cum into Zaheer’s ass as his tail keeps holding Enji close. Zaheer’s release was, of course, the largest. You do your best but you start to leak from the volume as large amounts of semen being pumped into your ass. Zaheer leaves you there for a moment before lifting you off and leaking everywhere. You are placed on Zaheer’s chest and Enji climbs up next to you. You and Enji both start kissing Zaheer on both sides of his face, you’re running your hand through his beard as Enji rubs Zaheer’s chest. 

“That was amazing.”

“I’m glad you didn’t hurt our little flame but it was good.”

“I have wanted that for so long. I have watched you grow into the man you are now (Y/N). I am so proud of you and I am happy to be a part of you. I really do love you both.”

You nuzzle against Zaheer’s chin as you begin to fall asleep next to Enji, Zaheer wrapping his large arms around the both of you.


Chapter Text

The next morning, you wake up still on top of Zaheer and to the sounds of Enji’s snoring. That is a record for Zaheer being outside of you but theorize that sleeping must not count or something. You must have woken him as he begins to rumble and he startles Enji.

“Shit! I forgot how we went to bed last night. Is this what’s it’s like when you wake up on top of me because I could get use to this.”

“Something like this, your just smaller than Zaheer.”

It is nice. Oh, and don’t tell me you forgot what happened last night?”

“Oh, I can speak for both Enji and I, we never forget it. I’m thinking we might have to do it again sometimes.”

“I agree.” 

Really? I wasn’t too much?”

Hey, I couldn’t move my legs after the first time with Enji, if I can survive that, I’m good.”

“That’s good, because I can think a few more things we can try.” Enji says as gives you a small kiss on the lips.

After getting ready and packing up; you are about to leave when you get a phone call right as Zaheer goes back inside of you.

“Hello, is this (Y/N)?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Great! I’m Janis from John Hopkins hospital.”

“Ok? Why are you calling me?”

“There is a patient here who is asking for you.”

“Ok, I have visited kids in the hospital before, what’s his or her name.”


“Adam?” You look at Enji who was listening to everything. You dropped your phone as you stand there looking at Enji with no color to your face. You’re completely frozen when he picks up the phone for you and puts it on speaker.\

“Miss, does this Adam look like a beast?”

“Um, I guess? How did you know?”

“I just know. Give us some time, we will be there. Bye.”

“Adam would never go to a hospital; he must be in trouble. We have to go.”

“(Y/N) I have to tell you something. As part of the agreement of not sending you back to the US, you are not allowed back in the United States.”

“What? Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“You never wanted to go back there until now so I felt it was ok to keep it a secret from you. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s ok, but if I’m not allowed there, how can I visit Adam?”

“If we teleport right to the hospital and don’t stay long, we should be fine. This agreement also took you off the FBI watch list so no one should be looking for you.”

You take your phone back from Enji and quickly look up the hospital online. After some time, you figure out the best way to get to the hospital. After sending your luggage home, you take Enji’s hand and teleport to the lobby of the hospital, startling many members of the hospital staff. You talk to the receptionist to find out where Adam is and you make your way to his room. You freeze at the door, fearful of what you might see.

“It’s ok, I’m right here.” Enji says as he squeezes your hand.

“I know but I’m worried.”

You slowly open the door to see Adam lying flat on the bed, only an IV and a heart monitor are hooked up to him. He is covered in bullet holes and bandages. You run to his side, leaving Enji at the door, and gently wake him up.


“(Y/N)? You came.” His says in a weak voice with a faint smile.

“What happened?”

“I was...*cough* I was shot, someone thought I was a monster. Kind of funny when you think about it. I have been waiting for you. *cough*”

You begin to cry at the point. “Adam, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner. I’m sorry I left you. I’m sorry you got hurt. I never wanted this to happen to you.”

“It’s ok. I know you are happy.” He says with a faint smile.


Looking at Enji, “When that man declared his love for you, the news went around the world. I saw it and I knew you were happy. I’m glad you found someone who loves you.”

“But… what about everything we had? I know it wasn’t true love but I still cared for you, you were my best friend. Was that all for nothing?

“What we had was good but what you have now is special. You even learned how to control your powers better because of him. You have grown because of him. Just look at the hero you have become. I know you love him that’s why he has a wedding ring on.”

Enji quickly covers his hand but it’s too late. You look back to Adam who has a few tears in his eyes to match yours. “Adam, I don’t want to lose you. Not like this.”

“I know you will be ok with him.” He raises his hand to your face.

“Adam…” you put your hand over his. Sitting there a moment, you start to feel something you haven’t felt in years.

“Adam? What are you doing?”

His hand begins to glow and you’re filled with that familiar feeling again. “I’m giving you the last of my energy, that way you will always have a part of me. Zaheer take care of him, same with you.” As he looks at Enji who just nods in response.

“ADAM, PLEASE! DON’T GO!!!” You plead but it’s too late. His hand falls down as his eyes go dark. The heart monitor holds its tone telling you he is gone. He was keeping himself alive just for you, to give you the last bit of himself that he could. You hunched over the bed crying when you feel Enji’s hand. It pulls you away from the bed and into his arms. You use his shirt to absorb the tears as you stand there crying uncontrollably. You manage to get out the words: “What……will happen…. to him?”

“I’ll tell the hospital to cremate him and send his remains to us. We can set up a small shrine next to Touya’s, ok?”

You can only nod in response. Enji uses his quirk to calm you down enough that you two can get out of there. You know you can’t stay long so you teleport back home shortly after. At home, Enji lets the kids know what happened and they all start to try to help. Natsuo plays racing games with you, even letting you win a few races. Fuyumi cooks your favorite dinner and even sends Enji to go buy your favorite dessert. Shoto asks for help in his newest project which did mostly go well. The last event of the day was everyone in the living room rewatching your favorite movie. You do cheer up a bit, but you’re still sad when you finally fall asleep.

Enji wakes up in the middle of the night knowing something is wrong. He doesn’t feel you on top of him like normal. Looking around the room he notices Zaheer in the corner looking concerned.

“Where is (Y/N)?”

He’s not doing well.”

“Where is he?” he responds with more concern.

“I can take you to him. He made me promise to leave him alone but I know better. Come on.”

In a red flash, Enji and Zaheer are at the beach you first took Enji after he confessed his feelings for you. You are sitting, just staring at the ocean, arms crossed over your knees resting your chin on your arms. Zaheer goes back inside of you as Enji sits down next to you, turning on his flame beard to keep himself warm in the cold night air.

“I know you’re not ok. Please, talk to me.”

After a few minutes of silence, you speak. “I feel guilty."

“Why? Do you feel guilty about us?”

“I feel guilty that I was here enjoying life while Adam was still on the run. We cared for each other, we loved each other. It’s not the same love you and I have but it was love. I would do anything for him but I left him. Now look what happened; he’s dead now. It’s because I wasn’t there. I couldn’t protect him. He would always protect me and save me but I couldn’t do the same. It’s because I was selfish in my actions. It’s because I…..I….I….” You try your best to contain them but stammer as your emotions can no longer be contained. You begin to cry like you never have before. The emotions have gotten so intense that you partially lose control of your body as you fall flat on your back. You can’t feel your limbs but you don’t notice through the mental pain. Your sobbing has turned into something more like howling and your eyes are burning from the volume of tears. Nothing in your life prepared you for how you feel at this moment; you lost someone so close to you, someone who saved you, someone you cared deeply for. Enji lays there with you, his hand under your head using his thumb to rub your head trying to calm you but he knows those emotions need to be let out. It seemed like an eternity before your tears slow and Enji speaks.

“You can’t blame yourself for what happened. You didn’t do anything Adam said not to do. He said to follow your heart and you did. Do you regret falling in love with me?”

“No, I couldn’t be happier I just feel like it was unfair to Adam. He had to go through almost as much as me and he deserved to be happy. Even though I love you Enji, I still worried about him every day.”

“I can sympathize with that. I finally get to see Rei again after years and she leaves again. I never wanted to lose her even though I didn’t love her like I love you. But her last action was to save you. She wanted you to be there for the kids, to be there for me. She wanted you to be happy. Didn’t she say there is a lot of love for you?”


“Don’t disappoint her, don’t make her life a waste by being sad constantly.”

“Don’t you think I feel guilty about that too. I know I had nothing to do with what Rei did but I still feel like it’s my fault somehow. How did you not break down when she sacrificed herself?”

“I almost did, but I tell myself why she did it. She said she did it for both of us, for her children.”

“I know but…”

Enji goes to hug you close. “Rei gave her life because she believed in you. She saw what you were doing for me and the children. She saw how happy everyone is now and she wants that to continue. If you can’t stop the guilt for yourself, do it for me.”

“I can try to do that for you. I would do anything for you.” You smile through your tears.

“That’s my, little flame.” He says kissing the top of your head as your crying almost stops.

“Enji, I love you so much.”

“I love you too. Let’s go home.” And you disappear in a blue light.

Chapter Text

It is the first day back as a hero after the demon fight. You had to get your hero costume adjusted for your new size and tail, which was interesting explaining to the tailor. You are working by yourself today as Enji is taking another part of the city. You don’t mind because you have Zaheer with you. It is the first time he is doing hero work as himself. His hero costume has gained a matching vest but is the same as the demon fight. Some of the people are scared but it does help as a deterrent for criminals. No one wants to dare mess with a 9 foot plus tall demon. Because of that, the morning has been really boring. The most you did was help an old lady walk across the street.

The clock rings noon as you’re about to go on a break. Zaheer has learned to love human food and he was getting hungry. As you turn the corner to your favorite curry shop, you notice a small girl crying on the sidewalk. You look all around and everyone seems to be ignoring her so you approach.

“Hi, I’m Hellboy, what’s your name?”


“Nice you meet you Chiyoko. What are you doing on the sidewalk?”

“I was with my mommy and she told me to stay right here but I walked away after I saw a dog. I don’t know where she is.” She starts crying again.

“Hey, don’t cry. I’m a hero. I can help find your mom. Here, take my hand.”

She grabs your hand then she looks up in fear at the sight of what’s behind you. She screams “Monster!” as she tries to hide behind you.

“Oh, that’s Zaheer. He’s my friend, don’t worry about him.”

“Your friend?”

Friend is a good word to describe our relationship. It’s nice to meet you Chiyoko. I’m sorry to meet you under these circumstances. Is there anything you can tell us to help us find your mom?” 

“I can try….my mom has long hair, she’s tall, she has a pink jacket on.”

“Ok, anything else? What about where you were last?”

“I don’t remember, I’m sorry” she says as she clenches her jacket with her free hand.

“That’s ok. I have an idea. What about if we put you on Zaheer’s shoulder. That way you’re easy to see when you mom comes looking. What do you think?”

“I don’t know, he’s kinda scary.” She says looking down.

“You have nothing to worry about, I’ve known him for almost 30 years and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. How about this; let’s try putting you up there, if you get scared, I’ll get you down, ok? If you stay up there, I’ll give you some candy.”

“Why do you have candy?”

“For days like this. Now get down here.” Zaheer kneels down and you gently grab the girl under her arms. There is plenty of room for her on his shoulder. After she gets situated, Zaheer slowly stands up so she doesn’t get scared.

“How are you doing?” You say looking up at her.

“I’m…I’m ok.”

Are you scared?” 


“Good. Now let’s see if we can find your mom.”

I think we should walk slowly and ask the agency if there are reports of missing kids. That way if the mom is close, she can easily find us.”

You three begin to walk slowly along the street trying to find Chiyoko’s mother. It took some time but Chiyoko did get used to being on Zaheer’s shoulder and eventually was having fun while kicking her feet. Zaheer didn’t mind, he just smiled and let her do her thing. You were busy asking person after person if they knew the girl or anything about her mom. Even the agency came up dry with information. It was about an hour when Zaheer’s stomach started growling. You stopped by a combini and got some steamed buns for all of you. She happily enjoyed her food while Zaheer wished there was more but he understood.

Your phone rings “Hellboy here.”

“Hellboy, I heard your looking for a girl’s mother.”

“Hi Endeavor, I still haven’t found her mom. We looked for almost 2 hours and nothing. We really haven’t moved more than 2 blocks from where we found her. Any suggestions?”

“Try talking to a news channel. They can broadcast information about the girl.”

“I’m worried that someone who isn’t her mom would take her.”

“Can’t Zaheer identify her mom?”

“Kinda, but if it is a close relative, it’s hard to tell the difference. It’s weird.”

“Just try it, you’re getting nowhere right now. Have a good rest of your day.”

“Bye, love you.” *click*

You take Endeavor’s advice and find an anchorwoman who is reporting what seems to be a grand opening of a shop. As you approach, she was more than happy to turn the camera to you.

“Mr. Hellboy, would you be willing to answer a few questions?”

“Not today, I’m on a mission. This little girl is lost and we can’t find her mother. Her name is Chiyoko and she has been lost about 2 hours. Could you broadcast that out?” You say this as Zaheer takes her off his shoulder and she sits in his hands at waist level.

“This is a live broadcast so your message is already out. Did you want to stay nearby to make more announcements?”

“I’ll stay a while, just till the mom is found.”

Soon a small crowd starts forming around you and Zaheer. The girl is now sitting in his mane and grabbing his horns for support. She was having lots of fun getting attention from people while you were busy asking people questions about her. People began asking Zaheer questions, mainly about him being a demon and what it’s like. This only lasts for a little while when you start hearing a woman’s voice from the distance.

M: “Chiyoko?”

C: “Mommy!”

Z: “Is that your mom?”

C: “Yes! Please let me down.”

(Y/N): “That’s a relief. Come on, let her down Zaheer.” You say as Zaheer lowers himself so you can grab her.

M: “Chiyoko what are you doing? Get away from him.”

C: “Don’t worry mom, he’s a friend. He kept me safe.”

M: “That’s a demon, I don’t want you near him.” As she grabs her child, she gets angrier. “Get away from her, I don’t want you touching her.”

(Y/N): “What’s the problem?”

M: “That demon of yours, I don’t want him anyone near me or my kid. And Chiyoko don’t you ever go near strangers.” She raises her hand to slap the girl across the face but a giant red hand blocks her.

Z: “I may be a demon, but I never would hurt a child. Don’t you dare lay a hand on her.” 

M: “How dare you!”

Z: “How dare I?” 

M: “Don’t you dare touch me, you evil creature!”

Z: “I help your child and this is how you thank a hero?  How dare you hurt a child for a mistake.” He says as he glares down at her.

M: “You’re no hero. You are demon and that’s all you will ever be.” She says as she starts to walk away with a tight grip on her daughter arm.

Zaheer’s eyes start to glow with anger. “Zaheer, that’s enough! Let’s go.”

You both leave and go get your late lunch break. Getting into the door is always a challenge for Zaheer but he manages. The place was able to accommodate his size when he sat. After your food is almost finished, you can’t help but notice that Zaheer hasn’t eaten much of his.

“Zaheer, don’t worry about that woman.”

It’s not just her. I worry about what everyone thinks for me.”

“Oh… Well, I think your great and the whole family thinks your great. Isn’t that enough?”

“I guess, but it still hurts when someone gets angry at something you can’t control. I’m a demon yes but I am not evil.”

 “Just give people some time. If they get to see what you’re really like, maybe they will change their mind.”

“It did work on you.”  


After your break, you needed to report back to the agency. There you find an angry Endeavor.

“You need to control your emotions, Zaheer!” He said in a cross manner.

Really, I’m just going to stand there and let her hit the child in front of everyone?”

“I saw that on the news and what she was going to do is shameful but it is not your responsibility. You found the mother and reunited her with the girl. Did you think that she could maybe accuse you of hurting her when you went to stop her?”

I didn’t think of that but what I did was right.”

 “(Y/N) can you explain this better?” As he takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes with one hand.

“Why do I have to be the middle man? I believe both of you are right but there is nothing we can do about it now.”

“Can you just not do it again.” Enji says with his arms crossed and disappointment in his voice.

Very well.”

 “You both did a good job today otherwise. I’m sorry but I just need to lay down the law. You know they are not all my rules.”

I know, but it still doesn’t make it any less annoying.”

 Coming up to Zaheer. “I know you’re doing your best. How about we get you something on the way home. I can hear your stomach growling from my desk.”


“That’s why I’m always hungry, Enji. He is always hungry.”

You all relax a little and finish up at the agency. Zaheer goes back inside of you for a while to cool off. He doesn’t like office work anyway. Once you get home Zaheer comes back out and is much better but you sense he still worried. Seeing him in his novelty tee shirt and shorts sitting in the floor cross legged gives you an idea. Yes, he has red skin, clawed hands and feet, horns, tusks and a tail but he looks normal being there. While he is busy with the children and Enji at home, having fun and doing “human” things, you record a video of him. It’s not much, just a few clips of him doing what he normally does at home. At night you put it to use.

What’s this?” Zaheer says squinting.

“It’s you, just being you.” You say holding your phone as the video plays.

Why are you showing me this?”

“An evil demon wouldn’t be playing video games with children or learning how to cook. Even watching TV would be beneath them.”

I did break the controller.”

“That’s because it’s too small for you. And don’t worry about it, we can buy another. Just look at you sitting on the floor having fun with the children. I can’t think of any demon doing that.”

So, your showing me this to say that I’m not a demon?”

“You are a ‘demon’ in a physical form but I have been with you long enough to know that your anything but evil.”

I did try to take over your body at one point.”

“And you apologized and I forgave you.”

This does make me feel better. I wish other people could see this but I understand why they can’t. Can you keep it if I ever feel like this again?”

“I was planning on it.”

Zaheer then goes back into you for the night as Enji walks in. “I heard everything you know."

“That’s fine, you know he wasn’t the happiest about it.”

“You really do care for him.”

“Well, he is a part of me and the only reason I ever met you.”

“I know, I’m sorry I’m so hard on you two but I want you both to be the best you can be.”

“We will always do our best; we might not be perfect but we will try. Just give him some time to adjust. He hasn’t been outside of me for almost three decades.”

“You know I worry about him too.”

“Believe me, I know. Just like how I worry about you.”

“You worry about the number 2 hero?” He says while getting closer to you, eyes half closed.

“Yea, I worry he might not save me from this aching pain in my pants.”

“Don’t worry citizen, I’ll save you.” He says as he pulls you to his chest. You both start making out to begin a night of fun. 

Chapter Text

It’s now June, Enji will be turning 44 in a few months and your 36. It’s wedding season and now it’s your turn to get hitched. After several months of planning and decisions, the time has finally come. Fuyumi and Sanji have planned the whole thing, without them nothing would have happened. You both decided something small would be best. You didn’t even know if you had family and Enji didn’t want the paparazzi all over it. It did take some time to decide a venue but you decided that your home would be best. There are only going to be around 20 guests and the yard is big enough for all of them. Plus, it makes it more intimate. Since he already was married in the traditional Japanese style, Enji decided on a more American wedding for you but you would have been happy with anything.

The day of the wedding couldn’t be more beautiful: perfect weather with clear skies. The ceremony starts at 4 but that’s not when your day starts. Sanji slept over the night before to make sure she was there to help Fuyumi with everything. The front door was non stop with people: florists, catering, cake delivery, rentals and more. You tried to help but was quickly pushed away. You decided to stay in the guest room while Enji was in his room. He liked the tradition of not seeing your partner before the wedding but he couldn’t help himself and texts you.

“I’m getting nervous.”

“You shouldn’t be texting me. What about the tradition?”

“I don’t care about that right now, I’m a little on edge.”

“Enji, you have nothing to worry about. It’s just 20 people who know you very well, half of them family.”

“I just want it to be perfect.”

“And it will be as long as you and I are there. Everything is getting taken care of, trust Fuyumi and Sanji.”

“But what if something goes wrong?”

“Nothing will go wrong, just relax please.”

“Fine. Why do you always have to be right?”

“Because I love you. Now go back to getting ready.”

The texts go silent as you are getting dressed. Yoshio is helping Enji get ready while All Might is helping you. It is funny seeing such a large man help you tie your tie and other things.

“You ready for the big day, (Y/N)?”

“I am, but I’ll admit after hearing Enji is nervous, it makes me a little on edge too.”

“Don’t worry, I AM HERE!” He says with a booming voice and a boasting smile.

“Yea I know, you are officiating the wedding.” You say rolling your eyes.

“You know back when I saw you at the hospital, I knew letting Enji take care of you was the best option.”


“I knew that you two would be good for each other. He acted differently around you, I saw something good forming. I didn’t see you two getting married, but that’s even better!”

“All Might, I never got to thank you for not arresting me at the stadium.”

“It’s the least I could do for a hero, and after hearing everything you do to save people, it makes it worth it.” He says putting both hands on your shoulders.

“Did you get in trouble with American officials?”

“Not too much, they knew that you were too powerful to be contained easily.”

“Do you think they are still looking for me?”

“I wish I could give you an answer, I really want to say no but I just don’t know. Anyway, it looks like you all set. Zaheer, what do you think?”

Zaheer comes outside of you. He is dressed in a perfectly fitted suit with red rose boutonnière. It’s weird seeing him with so much clothing on, plus you know he isn’t used to wearing shoes.

I think he looks great. I just wish I didn’t have to wear this.”

You agreed to walk me down the aisle, you knew what you were getting into.”

Fine, but as soon as everyone leaves, I’m taking this off.”


“Do you think he will be nervous, Yoshio?”

“He is probably as nervous as you, now hold still.” He says trying to adjust Enji’s tie.

“I just want everything to go well.”

“And if it doesn’t everyone here will help, don’t worry so much. No wonder Sanji said you get worked up so easily. This isn’t even hero work.”

“I hope (Y/N) likes everything.”

“Knowing him, as long as your there, he is happy.”

4 PM sharp comes and Enji is standing next to All Might and Natsuo, the best man. Sanji, Fuyumi, and Yoshio are sitting with some other of closest sidekicks and heroes. Midnight and Hina even made it. Enji is wearing a black tuxedo with red tie and red boutonnière. He is about to break into a sweat from nervous energy but as soon as the violin starts playing, he finally sees Zaheer coming out and he steadies himself. When you come into view, he is speechless. You’re in a white tuxedo with red tie and a rose to match his. Even your shoes are perfectly white. It’s funny seeing your red tail coming out the back but he just can’t help staring at you. You just look perfect in his eyes, not a hair out of place: All Might does good work. As you and Zaheer walk down the aisle, you notice Enji getting a little blush on his face as you begin to approach him. Once next to Enji, he takes your hand and you both turn to face All Might. Enji is practically crushing your hand but you know he needs to do it.

“Thank you all for coming. We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of two great individuals, heroes in some eyes, parents in others, but none the less great. They would like to thank you all for coming, every single one of you means something special to them. You have brought them happiness, friendship, warmth and guidance throughout their relationship. Over their years together they have truly learned the meaning of love, family and friendship. Now, you may say your vows of love to each other.”

Enji goes first. “(Y/N), when I first saw you at the crossing, I knew you were special. Nothing in all of my life prepared me for everything you have done for me. You have brought me closer to my children, you have brought me love, you have showed me who I can really be. I wouldn’t be here with my family without you and nothing I say and ever show how much I love you for that.” He starts to choke up but continues. “You are my rock, my support, I can always count on you to be there, whether I ask for help or not. I may not be perfect but I love you, with all of my heart. I want to be with you for as long as this lifetime will let me. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.” He sighs, relieved to finally get that off his chest. He looks at you and you’re doing your best not to cry. He takes his thumb to wipe away one of the tears. “Now it’s your turn.” He says with the biggest smile.

“Enji, you are the reason I am here today. You not only saved me from my past but you gave me a future. That day I saw you for the first time, it gave me the energy to act, to move, to help others. You drive me, Enji. You are the reason I push myself, not just for you but to be a better me. It’s because of you that Zaheer stands behind me today, it’s because of you that I moved on from my past. Through our laughs and tears, we have fallen in love. I have seen you at your highest and your lowest and I love you all the more because of it. Your children have even come to accept me as part of the family. I know it might not be much to some, but having a family is something I have wanted for so long. I can’t thank you enough for it. I wish I could tell you I love you more, but I don’t know if that’s true.” You say as the tears have won the battle and start running down your face.

“Don’t cry (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry. I’m just so happy.”

“I don’t mean to interrupt but it’s time to exchange rings. Ring bearer, do you have the rings?” All Might interjects.

“I have the rings.” Shoto says as he walks down with the rings on a large pillow. As he approaches and you both take the rings for each other but something is off.

“Enji, why are there 3 rings?”

“You will see.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a unique experience here. Zaheer, please stand next to (Y/N).” Zaheer moves next to you with a puzzled look. “Enji, would you please place the rings on (Y/N) and Zaheer.”

You look at Enji with confusion. “This might be strange to most people, but for those who know you will understand.” He takes your hand and then Zaheer’s. “I give you both these rings as a sign of my love. Zaheer is a part of you so I am marrying him as well. Not giving him a ring seems wrong.”

Now Zaheer has tears in his eyes at the gesture. You look at the ring to find that is a custom band that looked black before you put it on but then blue marbling forms on its surface when you put it on. Zaheer’s is the same but with red. “Only you two can make those rings glow, Hina helped make them.” Enji tells you.

You take the ring Enji has seen before. “I give you this ring to so you my love, Enji.”

“If there are no objections to these individuals being wed, then I proclaim you married. You may now kiss your husband.” All Might says with a smile.

The moment the two of you kiss, a box opens up and dozens of doves fly out. “Really, Enji. Doves?”

“I’m sorry, is it too much?”

“Coming from you, it’s just right.” As you kiss again.

Everyone claps and cheers as you two walk back down the aisle. Everyone then goes inside as the wedding crew works their magic. All Might congratulates you two and is happy that you both found love. Fuyumi and Sanji are busy making everything happen but they do manage to both give you a hug. Everyone just chatted while drinking wine and sake. Once the outside was ready again, you see why it took an army of people. All of the chairs have been replaced with round tables with beautiful table arrangements on each. The center of the yard has a temporary dance floor with lights all around.

“Enji, you didn’t have to do this much.” You say as Enji wraps his arm around you.

“I know but I wanted to. Anything for my little flame.” He says as he lands a small kiss on your head.

You two then sit at your table and enjoy the rest of the night. The food was some of the most delicious you ever ate. After dinner you cut the cake with Enji, it was small but was just adorable. You wanted to smash some cake on his face but you didn’t want Enji to catch his suit on fire. The dance floor was then full of fun the rest of the night. First Enji danced with you, slowly, taking every step with care like it was the first time holding you. He just whispered “I love you…” at the end of the song. He then danced with Fuyumi which you couldn’t help yourself and tear up. Seeing him now holding his daughter, which only a few years ago she couldn’t stand being in the same room as him, just makes you so happy. Zaheer then danced with you. It was kind of funny dancing with him, being over 3 feet taller than you but you both manage something graceful. The rest of the night goes by in a flash as it ends with just the two of you in the house. Sanji and Fuyumi planned it so you two had the night alone.

“As wonderful as this day was, I’m glad it’s over. What about you, Enji?”

“I’m just happy to finally marry you.” He says as he brings you in close.

“I know we are alone and all, but can we just cuddle the rest of the night? I am really tired and just being next to you is all I need.”

“That sounds nice right about now. Zaheer, did you want to join us?”

Appearing in a flash of red light. “I thought you would never ask.”

You all move to the bedroom which now has a fairly new larger bed. Zaheer lies down first then you lie down on the left half of his body, Enji taking the right. All 3 of you begin to hug, feel, touch, caress each other all over; just enjoying each other bodies and presence. Eventually you all start to tire as Enji holds you tight and Zaheer lays his giant arms over the both of you. The motion of Zaheer’s breathing lulling Enji to sleep first. Enji starts snoring but you actually have grown to love the sound. It might be loud and rough but there is something about it that comforts you. It tells you you’re safe, he’s there right next to you to protect you. After a while, his snoring and Zaheer’s rumbles put you to sleep.

Chapter Text

The harsh grip of Jack Frost has hit Japan hard this January. The average temperature for the past two weeks has been 0F. Everyone is Japan is bundled up or staying inside to avoid the dangerously low temperature. Even crime has been low because of the bitter cold which is fine because you still have hero work. You may be half demon but the cold still gets to you but you have a secret weapon; a husband who happens to be a walking heater.

You and Enji both have the day off today and you decide to surprise him by taking him to a café to get some coffee and hot chocolate. Even though you thought you bundled up enough, you still end up shivering when your only about half of the way there. Enji notices this and wraps an arm around you and warms you up as he turns on his flame beard

“Thank you, Enji. I thought I bundled up enough.”

“It’s fine. I don’t want to you to get a cold. What café are we going to anyway?”

“That’s a surprise!”

“I hope it’s better than that one surprise.”

“I accidentally take us to a child’s theme park once and I never hear the end of it.”

He squeezes you closer. “You know I’m joking, it’s just a café.”

“Just you wait and see.” You say, almost singing the words.

Once you arrive, Enji finally sees the surprise. It’s a cat café. The whole place looks like a cartoon forest with trees and bushes. The floor is painted to look like leaves and grass and there are platforms everywhere for cats. On this day, it seems that there are about 20 cats in the café. Enji looks at you with confusion after you sit down.

“Have you never been to a cat café?”

“No, what is this?”

“It’s a café full of cats, exactly what it sounds like it. It’s for people who can’t have pets to go and enjoy the cats.”

“Isn’t it unsanitary to have cats all over everything?”

“Maybe but I don’t care.”

“As long as your happy…”

Right after Enji said that and sat down, a white cat jumps up on his lap almost immediately. He pulls his hands away, almost looking afraid and unsure of what to do next.

“You can pet her, that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

He places his hand on the cat and gently begins to stroke the cat from head to tail.

“See, not so bad is it.”

“I guess. I never pet a cat before.”


“Never had one as a kid. And I was never interested in getting a pet for the kids. When did you ever play with cats?”

“I used to play with the stray cats I would find when I was on the run. Some were fun others didn’t want to be bothered.”

A waiter comes over and takes your order and a few more cats come to your table. You managed to get one them to come to you as the others head for Enji. You just pet the little calico cat that came to you and let it play with your tail and you flick the tip to give it something to chase. Enji looks confused as he tries to give all the cats attention. One of them tries to reach up to his face and he just backs up a bit.

“It seems like you a popular guy.” You say with a silly smile.

“(Y/N), why are they all coming to me?”

“Cats like warmth, it’s probably because your quirk makes you hot.”

“That makes sense. How do I stop them?”

“Turn it off completely and you should be fine. I need to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back.”

As you leave, Enji gives you a look that just says ‘Help!’ but you just go take care of your business. Once you return, the sight you come back makes you break out into laughter right there. Enji has cats all over him, probably about a dozen. Cats on his shoulders, cats in his lap, one even managed to get on his head. The other cats are around his feet and some are trying to climb the chair to get to him. Enji is frozen completely still, unsure of what to do. You walk over to him and take out your phone. You can’t help yourself and take a few photos of the number 2 hero covered in cats.

“(Y/N), what are you doing!” He says looking at you without moving his head.

“I’m sending this to the family group chat, they wouldn’t believe me if I told them.”

“Get them off me.” He pleads.

“I told you to turn your quirk off and it would be fine.”

“I’m trying…”

“Alright ladies and gents, let’s get off the hero sized cat scratcher.” You say taking cats one by one off Enji. He finally is able to move freely and takes off his glasses to cover his eyes and sigh slightly. He quickly then takes a napkin and sneezes loud enough that the room almost shakes. The napkin catches fire but Enji quickly puts it out. “Sorry.” He says as he wipes his nose and looks back at you after putting his glasses on.

“Sorry, Enji. I didn’t know they would be all over you like that. I was right that it would be fun but I guess it was at your expense.”

Right as Enji is about to speak, his phone dings and he sees the messages from the kids. They range from ‘LOL’ to emojis and GIFs. He just squints in anger at his phone and puts it away.

“At least I now know what the kids will be talking about tonight.”

“Sorry….” You say really meaning it.

“It’s fine. At least they can laugh at me. It wasn’t too long ago they were afraid of me.”

“I’m glad they can do that too. I’m happy that they be open with you.”

The food and drinks arrive and you savor the warmth from your hot chocolate. Enji takes a few sips of his coffee but then looks at the food.

“What is this?”

“It’s a cream puff, isn’t it just adorable?”

“Why does it look like a cat?”

“Just eat it and enjoy it.” You say with a smile as take a bite.

 He picks up the feline shaped confection with two fingers and looks at it as he turns it to look at all its sides. He takes a bite and grows a faint smile from the flavor of the sweet pastry. Some powdered sugar sticks to his lips but he quickly takes a napkin to his face.

“Told you it would be good.”

“It really is.”

“I knew you would enjoy this place. It may be cute but they do know how to make good hot chocolate.” You say sipping from the cup again.

“You somehow always find the weirdest places but they end up being good in the end, well except the one.”

“Seriously? We already talked about that kids park once!” You say with a loud sigh.

As time passes, Enji relaxes more and starts enjoying the café. Some more cats do approach him but they must have learned their lesson because they don’t bother him like last time. Soon, it’s time to leave and you both go back into the cold. Enji starts off by holding you close so you don’t get cold this time. You still wanted to walk home, just enjoying the time you spend with Enji. After some time, you look up at him and he looks down at you with a look that you know all too well.

“What’s on your mind, big guy?”

“I want to ask you something, please don’t laugh.”

“Never, what it is?”

“Can…can you make those pastries we had sometimes. I really enjoyed them.”

“I never made cream puffs before but that has never stopped me before. Why the hesitation on asking me?”

“I…I want them to look the same too.” He says almost shamefully.

“Aww, that’s so cute that you want that. Sure, I’ll look up how to make them just like that.” You giggle.

“You said you wouldn’t laugh.” He quickly responds with an angered tone.

“You’re right, sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just think it’s cute that’s all. My big strong husband wanting cat shaped pastries.” You say squeezing his side.

“Can you just not tell the kids. I feel like I’m already going to get my ass kicked at home from that photo you sent.”

“I’ll only make them on special occasions, when we are alone. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect. Thank you.”

You tilt your head onto Enji’s shoulder and close your eyes as you bask in his warm. Enji leads you both home as you anticipate the kids’ reactions and laughter when you get home.

Chapter Text

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we have been waiting for: an interview with Hellboy!”

The audience cheers and claps as the camera pans out.

“Good morning, it’s nice to be here.”

“Hellboy, I’m just going to get right to it: what’s it like having a demon inside of you?”

“Well, at first it was really rough but once you get to know him, he pretty chill. He did try to take over my body but after we got to know each other we became friends. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

“So, your saying he isn’t evil?”

I wouldn’t put myself under that category.”

Oh! Good morning, Zaheer! About (Y/N), what’s it like being inside of him?”

I’m not really sure how to answer that. I guess it’s like a room that I can change as I want and I can influence (Y/N) but other than that, not much really. I do enjoy being with him and I’m proud of him.”

Interesting. What about that new ability where you can come outside of Hellboy?”

It’s nothing new but it takes a lot of energy to use, that’s why I’m staying in right now.”

“That’s alright. Now… the viewing audience really wants to know one thing, what is it like dating Endeavor!?” The audience makes a collective ‘oooooOOOOoooo!!’ In excitement at this question.

“Well, no one has ever made me feel the way he does. I really do love him. I never thought I would ever find happiness, let alone from the number 2 hero. We do have our ups and downs but we always make sure to communicate and never go to bed angry.”

“That sounds sweet, and is it true you meet at the crossing bombing?”

“Yes, I passed out after I stopped the bomb and he saved me. Since then, my life has only gotten better.” The audience awws.

“When did you start dating?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“Oh, come on, tell me. You can tell me anything. I already know everything about you.”

“Wait, what?” You look up then see what’s wrong. The woman has been replaced with the smiling man. You stand up in shock and try to walk back but are stopped by a wall that appeared behind you. The audience is gone, it’s just you two now.

“I know your power. I created you, raised you.”

“YOU TORTURED ME FOR YEARS! How is that raising me?!”

“I gave you power, showed you your true potential.”

“You took everything from me! You Bastard!”

“I didn’t take anything from you that you needed. Family just holds you back.”

“But I love Enji, I love the children.”

“And they fear you. They don’t love you; they only want to think they love you so you don’t kill them. He knows how many you killed, how many lives you took. Just imagine if his children find out who you really are.”

“SHUT UP! Just shut up!!!” You begin to go on your knees, clenching your head to drown out his voice.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Enji starts shaking you to try to wake you from your nightmare. Not even his quirk is able to appease the dark visions. You are startled awake and see Enji’s face, inches from yours with concern all over it. He sees your eyes are glowing red and you try to speak but you cover your mouth and bolt to the bathroom. You open the toilet and start violently vomiting a glowing red liquid. “Damn it.” is all you say while getting sick.

“(Y/N), which one was it this time?” Enji says coming to the room with a bottle of water and a sympathetic look on his face.

“The interview….” you say between gags, gasping for breath. You manage to take a few sips of water from the bottle and you slump down against the tub, staring at the floor.

“Are you ok?”

“I think so…”

“I don’t think you are. This is the fourth time this month. Did your therapist say anything about this?” Coming to your side, he gently lifts you to your feet.

“He didn’t say much.”

“What do you think?”

“Zaheer says it might be a sign of trouble…. maybe something my mind is trying to warn me about.” You say as Enji lowers you to sit on the bed.

“Do you think he is out there looking for you.”

“I really hope he isn’t. I don’t know if I can handle losing you.”

“I’m never going to let anyone take you. Neither is Zaheer. Can we try to go back to bed? I don’t like seeing you like this and I don’t want you to be too tired going to UA in the morning.”

“Ok, just please do one thing for me.”

“Hmmm?” Enji wonders tilting his head.

You hug him tight and start to tear up a bit. He doesn’t have to think hard to realize what you are asking. He wraps his large arms around you and starts to heat up and whispers “Prominence Burn.” You sink into his embrace and calm down enough to fall asleep in arms. He just sighs and places you in bed and goes to bed himself.

In the morning, you are walking to AU. You are 36 and Enji will be turning 45 this year. It’s April now, a year before Shoto should be attending the school. Enji really is pushing the school to accept him but that’s not why you are going there today. Nezu asked to talk to both of you, but he didn’t say why. Enji says that’s just how he is normally but it still worries you what he is going to do.

As you enter the school grounds, students begin to stare with varying emotions on their faces. You don’t know which of you is causing it: the number 2 hero, the giant red demon, or you. Either way, it’s funny seeing the crowds of students in the hallways parting to let you move past. You see Midnight and she can’t help herself and hug you. She is the reason Enji was able to finally show his feelings for you, so you’re always happy to appease any of her actions. It takes a few minutes to get to the private office of Nezu, where you find him drinking tea patiently waiting for you.

(Y/N): “Sorry to keep you waiting, Enji thought he remembered where your office was.

E: “It was over 20 years ago, I thought I remembered. I do apologize for tardiness.”

N: “Don’t worry about it. I was just sitting here enjoying some tea. Would you like a cup?”

(Y/N): “As nice as that sounds, I just want to get straight to the point of why you called us here. I know it is not about Shoto, he can’t attend till next year.”

N: “Always so forward with you.”

Z: “He learned that from me.”

N: “Well then, I’ll just right to it. I have a proposal for you Hellboy. I wanted you to become a tutor.”

E: “I don’t mean to be rude to (Y/N) but he has no experience in this.”

N: “Let me explain. He has the ability to control people and their quirks.”

Z: “What does that have to do with tutoring?”

N: “Some of our students have a hard time reaching their true potential. Sometimes its mental, sometimes physical. When I saw you control Shoto at the festival and break him free of the demon’s control, I had an idea. What if you used that power to help students control their quirks?”

(Y/N): “I never thought of that. Honestly, I just did it in the moment, I didn’t even know I could control someone so completely. I thought it was only because of the spiritual energetic of the day. I can still do it but I need to make physical contact to gain that much control.”

E: “I don’t know about this. (Y/N) loses control sometimes and I have to be there to stop it.”

Z: “I can stop it too, but we need Enji’s quirk to stop him if things get too intense. Not even Eraser Head can’t stop him.”

N: “I have prepared all of the necessary steps to make this happen. I even have a room that can replicated the heat from Endeavor’s quirk to calm you down if needed.”

(Y/N): “I don’t know.”

N: “Why don’t we try a test run today. Try with one of the teachers. You have a connection with Midnight already, why not try with her.”

E: “I would feel more comfortable about that.”

(Y/N): “I’ll try, but if I don’t like this, I’m not doing it, got it?”

N: “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

After Nezu finishes the rest of his tea, you all head to a training room. Midnight meets you there and you both sit in the center of the room while the others stand against the wall. After a few moments, you both close your eyes and hold hands. After what feels like forever for Enji, Midnight’s eyes open. Her one eye is replaced with one of your black and red ones.

(Y/N): “I’m good.” You say from inside of Midnight

E: “Ok, that makes me uncomfortable.”

N: “Excellent. Try using her quirk. You can try it on Zaheer”

Z: “I didn’t agree to this.”

N: “We need a test subject and you’re the best one right now. Normally her quirk never works on you so maybe (Y/N) can make it work.”

(Y/N): “I don’t want to hurt her but I will try. Enji be ready if something goes wrong”

E: “Right” he says as his hands catch fire.

That moment you begin to pull at. Midnight’s suit to reveal some of her skin. A pink cloud starts to form from her skin and starts to pool around Zaheer’s face. He doesn’t look phased as he sneezes. That’s when you try to use her quirk more and start to push it. Blood starts to come from her nose as your concentration reaches its limit. The cloud starts to become more intense when Zaheer starts to look different. He starts to wobble a bit then suddenly hits the ground. You relinquish your hold on Midnight and return fully to your body. You rush to Zaheer who starts to come to as you put a hand to his face.

(Y/N): “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to make you hit the floor that hard.”

Z: “It’s alright. I know you were doing it for a reason and it did work.”

M: “Gosh, the energy flowing through me felt great, made me feel all warm and tingly!”

(Y/N): “I’m sorry I pushed your body that far.”

M: “Don’t worry about it, sweetie. I’m glad it worked.”

E: “Do you think this is a good idea to push students that hard. It might be too much.”

N: “With some tweaking we should be able to make it less of a burden on students’ bodies.”

(Y/N): “Can you at least give me a few days to think about it.”

N: “Just let me know your answer by the end of the week.”

E: “Thank you. We will be going now. You must be busy running the school.”

N: “You’re right about that, I have another meeting in a few minutes. Thank you for coming.”

All three of you leave and walk down the street together. Your patrol doesn’t technically start for another hour but you might as well get started now.

“What was it like inside of Midnight.” Enji asked with concern in his voice.

“It was strange, not crazy but strange. Not because it was her but being inside of another body, or at least control it. I can see and feel everything she does. I can read some of her thoughts but only what’s happening at the moment. It kind of feels like I’m dreaming.”

Z: “It sounds like the first time I was with you. But the more I fused with you, the more natural it felt and I could access your memories.”

E: “I don’t know if I like that. Does that mean the more you control someone, the more you possess them?”

(Y/N): “When you say it like that, I really don’t want to do this. I just like what I am doing now. The problem is that I think it is a good idea to help people. I don’t think doing one or two times with student is a bad thing but if I did it multiple times, I can see problems happening.”

E: “Let’s just think about it for the rest of the week, ok? I don’t want you to do something that makes you uncomfortable or puts others at risk.”

(Y/N): “Ok, now that that settled, can we go get something to eat. I can here Zaheer’s stomach from over here.”

Z: “Sorry, breakfast just wasn’t enough today.”

E: “You two are going to break the bank with how much you eat.”

You all laugh as you go save the day again. Nothing much happens the rest of the day but it feels good to help people. You still keep that offer in the back of your head as the day goes on, questioning if it is something that you should do.

Chapter Text

It has been a few days since you got the offer from Nezu and you can’t stop thinking about it. You’re walking along the street by yourself in your off time. Even though you are not on hero work time, you can’t help but want to monitor the streets. Zaheer is off with Enji working on some hero work, you didn’t bother to ask because your too busy thinking about other things. All you can think about is how it might help the students but also how it might hurt them. You don’t want to hurt anyone, that’s the last thing you want to do. You decide to walk in a park to try to calm your mind. Enji calls and you answer.

“Hello (Y/N). How are you doing?”

“I’m ok, I can’t stop thinking about the offer.”

“Don’t worry about it, we will talk more about it tonight, but we have to decide by tomorrow.”

“I know, I just can’t stop thinking about when Midnight’s nose bled.”

“You were pushing the limits of what you normally can do, you won’t be doing that with students.”

“I know... Hey, I’m going to the grocery store later, did you want anything special for dinner?” You say trying to change the subject.

“Anything you cook is fine, but I am feeling something beef today.”

“I just got a new recipe for beef Wellington, how does that sound?”

“Sounds great. Got to go. Love you.”

“Bye, love you too.”

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom as you walk along a stream. The pedals are falling like snowflakes as the wind blows them around. You wish Enji was there with you to see it but you know he has seen it all before. You just sit on a bench and enjoy some warm coffee you got from a vending machine. A few kids stop by you to ask for autographs. Getting noticed in public isn’t something new to you, it has just become a lot more frequent. It’s hard to miss you with a red tail and horns on your head. You don’t mind, you sign everything they ask, including T-shirts and hats, much to the dismay of some parents. It’s about noon when you finish your walk so you start head back and enter the local grocery store. You find it better to go for smaller shops, they seem to have better quality plus you get to know everyone there. It’s nice to not have to worry if someone will stop you because you’re a hero. After picking up everything for the recipe, you buy look at some nice sake to go with dinner. You ask the clerk what would go best and they suggest going for red wine instead. At the counter, you get checked out and are on your way.

Walking back home, you notice that there looks to be as something going on across the street. It looks to be a scuffle but you notice other heroes are going to stop it so you go back to your phone. Your mind is still racing a bit and you get a few text messages from Enji so your too busy to notice your surroundings. You start to walk along the cross walk when a garbage truck starts barreling towards you. You barely have any time to react when you notice. All you can do is put your arms up to cover your face as a reaction. You hear the ground rumble and screams from people on the street. You open your eyes to ice everywhere. The truck has stopped from a huge wall of ice, large enough to cover almost a whole city block. Looking around, you try to see who could have stopped the truck when you notice your hands. They are cold and covered with ice. Looking down, your legs are frozen as well, stuck to the ground. You stand there a moment and notice the ice starting to creep up your arms and legs. You try in a panic to stop the ice from getting worse, but it is no use. The ice crawls up to your shoulders when a red flash appears in your peripheral vision.

Endeavor, quickly!” Zaheer says running towards you. Endeavor then quickly grabs you and holds you tight as he lets his flames engulf you. You start to feel the ice start to melt off your arms and legs as he lifts you off the ground. You’re still shivering in his arms as he continues to warm you. It takes a few moments for you to finally warm up enough to talk.

“What happened, (Y/N)? Are you ok? Zaheer said that he felt you getting too cold so we rushed over here as fast as we could. You didn’t lose control, did you?” Enji says as you’re sitting on the edge of the road.

“I… I don’t know what happened. I was walking in the street when that garbage truck almost hit me. I put up my arms and closed my eyes then the ice was there.”

“Zaheer, any idea?”

I have one but you’re not going to like it.”

 “Tell me, is (Y/N) going to be ok?”

“I don’t know how else to tell you this, but that’s a new quirk.”

 “Ok, so we have been through this before. What’s the problem?” Enji says looking at Zaheer.

“I never have been able to control or make ice.” He says with shock on his face.

“Zaheer, what are you saying? Is this my quirk?” You say looking at your hands.

“Think about it, someone who had an ice quirk used their life to get me inside of you.”

“This is Rei? This is her quirk, how is this possible?”

“What?!” You look wide eyed looking at Zaheer.

“It’s the only thing I can think of. Let’s get you checked out at the doctor to see if it’s true.”

At the hospital and after many tests, you are sitting in a room with Enji and Zaheer. You are all silent as you wait for the results to come back. Once the doctor comes in, he confirms what Zaheer said. You got a new quirk and it is the exact one Rei had. This one is different though, normally your quirks are hard to identify because they come from a demon but this one is all yours. The only thing you can do is look at your hands and feet while the doctor says all of this. Your mind is racing with everything that has happened, wondering if it is real. All three of you then go back to the agency to discuss.

“Why is this happening to me?”

“It’s ok (Y/N), we can handle this.” Enji says as he puts an arm around you while you’re both on the couch.

“It will be fine, but I have to ask you, what happened?”

 “The only thing I can think of is Rei said she will always be watching and always be with me. She said that after she touched my head in that dream or whatever it was. Was she giving me her quirk? I guess it activated when I was by myself and in danger. I don’t know how I did it.”

“She was protecting you.”

“I guess that is the last thing she wanted to do to with her life, to make sure that I would be ok.”

“It makes sense, she wants to protect you so you can protect the kids.”

“She said protect them, she also meant you.”


“She knew you can overheat so giving me her quirk to balance it was her way of looking out for you.”

He looked at the ground, trying not to tear up. “She really did care for me, didn’t she?”

You use a hand to turn Enji’s face to you. “She did care for you, she never wanted to hurt you. She wanted to protect you and the children and you know I will.” You say with a smile. “I will just have to train this quirk too. If I’m going to protect you, I can’t go around freezing half the city, can I? Zaheer, we now have more work to do, what do you think?”

“Well, we need to train it so you don’t lose control again. I just worry about overloading you.”

 “With the help from both of you, I think I can manage. Come here.” You say as you bought everyone together to hug. “As long as I have both of you, I can handle anything.” As you kiss each on the cheek.

“We need to get back to work. (Y/N), are you ok to still cook dinner or should I order something?”

“I’ll be fine, I already bought everything to cook. I’ll see you later.” You say as you vanish in a flash of blue light. Later on, Enji and Zaheer arrive home just as your finishing dinner. After eating, Zaheer goes back inside of you for the night and you and Enji discuss the offer.

“I know you had a rough day but did you think about Nezu?”

“I did, and I think I’m going to do it.”

“Really? Why say yes now?”

“I’m thinking about my new quirk. If I lose control, I always have you to help me but these students might not have help. They need someone who can find a way to help them. I know it’s not going to be perfect and I might hurt a student a little but I was given this power for a reason. If I can train more heroes, I’m saving more innocent people.”

“I think that’s a very noble way of thinking about it.” He says as he pulls you close.

“Can we go to bed early; I’m really tired from today.”

“Of course. Can you try not to have a nightmare tonight? I can’t stand seeing you in so much pain.”

“I’ll try. Keep your heat on a little and it should help.”

“Always.” Enji says as he kisses your forehead.  

Chapter Text

It’s May and it’s your first day helping students with their quirks. You’re a little worried about how your day will go so Enji took the day off to make sure everything goes well. Even though you can teleport, it’s nice to walk with Enji to help calm your mind. Zaheer is even walking with you today but he seems to only slow you down.

“Zaheer, did you have to eat at every stand we passed by, you’re going to make us late” Enji says with a disappointing tone.

I’m sorry, I’m just so hungry. Human food always comes in such small portions. And every time I take physical form, it uses a lot of energy.”

And this is where all of my paycheck goes.” You say patting Zaheer’s abdomen.

“Do I need to give you raise?”

“Well, I can just go to you for more money.”

“I hope you didn’t marry me for my money.” Enji says pulling you close with one arm.

“I could care less about money. I’d say we could be broke and I’d be happy but we need some money to feed this guy.” You say point back to Zaheer.

Sorry….” He says with a mouth full of food.

“It’s fine Zaheer, I’m just giving you a hard time. I don’t mind that you eat a lot, I just don’t want to be late. I want to make sure I do this right.”

“You’ll be fine.”

“It does make me feel better that your coming. I know Nezu said he has a room for me but I doubt it will be the same as you.”

“I know. I can’t be here everyday but I’ll will try to be here when I can, ok?”

“Thank you.” You say leaning against Enji while walking.

You arrive at AU and Nezu and Midnight greet you at the entrance.

N: “Good morning Hellboy! I’m glad you decided to help our students. I know you have your reservations but I promise that we have taken every precaution. Midnight will be there if you get out of control and I see Endeavor is with you as well.”

(Y/N): “Glad to be here. What will be doing today?”

M: “Oh! So heroic to just get right to the task! Fills me with so much joy!”

E: “Calm down Midnight, Hellboy just wants to get started. He is a little nervous.”

N: “That’s fine. The first student you will be working with is Mirio Togata. He has a very powerful quirk but is having trouble using it. He has gotten better but it is his second year here. If we could help him control it better, he could be a great hero.”

(Y/N): “That sounds exactly like the student I want to help. Where to?”

N: “We are going to the same training room you used before. Right this way.”

You all go to the training room where you meet Mirio. He is clearly is excited to meet you.

MO: “Nice you meet you Hellboy! I’m happy to have this opportunity to help me.”

(Y/N): “Well, very nice to meet you too. I like your positive energy. I’m sorry if this is annoying but I need to ask about your quirk.”

MO: “No problem there. My quirk is permeation. I can pass through anything but I have trouble. It is very hard to use this quirk when in battle. The problem is that I can fall though the floor too easily when fighting. It has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion.”

E: “That is a interesting quirk, what do you think Hellboy.”

(Y/N): “This sounds like a good opportunity for me. Please, sit down.”

You both sit down as everyone watches. You hold his hands and begin to gain control of Mirio’s body. Suddenly his body falls through the floor as you gain control. Everything is dark as you fall. You try to breath to calm down but you can’t. As you continue to fall, you begin to panic but then you come up with an idea. You try to leave a little control to Mirio and ask for help. “Mirio, stop your quirk. I can’t figure it out if I can’t breath.” You manage to think.

“No problem!” Suddenly you pop back up to the surface. You come to a standing position and see everyone with faces of either relief or shock. You look down to see why, your naked in his body. Quickly putting on his pants, you start to understand his quirk a bit.

(Y/N): “Sorry if I scared you all. I couldn’t control his quirk. Right now we are sharing control till I can understand how this quirk works.”

M: “You could control mine right away. What’s different?”

Z: “Every quirk is different. Some are inherently easier to control than others. It seems this boy’s quirk is difficult even for Hellboy.”

(Y/N): “That seems to be what I’m feeling, what about you Mirio.”

MO: “This is really fun. It’s really weird having another person inside of me.”

E: “Ok, now I’m getting a little worried. You’re both in control?”  

(Y/N): “It’s no different than what Zaheer and I do. Ok, let’s try something. Zaheer, I need you to attack me.”

Z: “Why am I always the test subject.” He says walking up to you.

(Y/N): “Because I can’t hurt you and you’re immortal. Now go.”

Zaheer hesitates at first but then slowly pulls back to punch you in the face. Right before he makes contact, you fall to your left. Zaheer stops and looks down to see your left leg in the ground. He reaches his hand to get you up.

Z: “I think I know what you’re trying to do. It’s like your body, actively thinking about control of your quirk.”

E: “Interesting.”

N: “What do you mean, Zaheer?”

Z: “You unintentionally found (Y/N)’s perfect first student. I’m only telling you this because I was told I can trust you. He has to use his mind/body control constantly because he is fully paralyzed. No one could possibly understand how much mental capacity it takes to think about every muscle when moving. Mirio’s quirk seems to be similar, having to constantly concentrate on using it.”

(Y/N): “I was trying to make his head to phase through your hand but I accidentally made his left leg phase through the floor.”

N: “Now this is fascinating.”

(Y/N): “Again Zaheer, I think I might have it.”

Zaheer goes again for a slow wind up and tries to hit you. That’s when he punches straight through Mirio’s head. Zaheer stumbles a bit from not making contact but then goes for another in the gut. You do manage to not only make his fist go through the boys abdomen but also land a hit on Zaheer’s face. It wasn’t hard, just enough for Zaheer to feel it.

E: “That’s good. How do you feel Hellboy.”

(Y/N): “I feel fine but I don’t want to stay inside him too long.” You then go fully back to your body.

MO: “That’s a funny feeling. Mr. Hellboy, how do you feel?”

(Y/N): “I’m fine. I believe I found out a way to help you with your quirk. It might take a few more sessions in order to master it but I feel like we are on a good path. Your quirk can be very powerful but it requires a great amount of thought.”

N: “Great! This is what I wanted to hear. Why don’t we all go to my office and start on a plan for Mirio to help him along. After that, I might have a few more students for you Hellboy.”

E: “I’d feel comfortable with Hellboy only controlling one student a day.”

(Y/N): “I agree, I’ll admit I do feel a little dizzy from that.”

N: “Ok, take the rest of the day off then. If we can only do one student a day then we will work with that.”

(Y/N): “Thank you Nezu. Have a good day everyone. It was nice meeting you Mirio.”

MO: “Thanks Mr. Hellboy. I can’t wait for our next session!”

Zaheer goes back into you to help with your dizziness and Enji takes you to the teachers lounge to rest for a moment.

“You did great today, (Y/N).”

“Thanks. I’m glad didn’t hurt him. I feel for him, his quirk takes so much thought to use.”

“I’m glad you can help him.”

“Zaheer, do you have anything to say?”

I knew you could do it. Plus you didn’t lose control. You’re getting better at balancing your quirks.”

Thanks. I’m just happy I can use this power that hurt so many to help people instead.” 

“What do you want to do now, we have the rest of the day off?” Enji says while taking a quick glance at his watch.

“Can we just hang out. We haven’t done that in a while.”

“Sure, anywhere in particular?”

“Let’s just walk and see where it takes us. Let’s go home and change into normal clothes first.”

You teleport back home and both change into something more normal: something spring. You’re in jeans with a light jacket while Enji is also wearing jeans, he just has his favorite white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. You hardly get to see him in jeans so it’s a sight you want to savor. He must have had them tailored because they are hugging him in all the right ways. You manage to break your gaze long enough to get out of the house and begin walking. You have no goal in mind, just walking and following what interests you. You have been walking for about an hour; Enji is busy on a phone call with Sanji and you’re listening to your favorite K Pop song with your earbuds. The music is taking over your mind as you walk and dance to the beat. Even though your eyes are closed, your holding Enji’s hand to make sure you do don’t run into anything. However, Enji must be really into his phone call because he doesn’t notice someone run into you. You bump heads and both end up on the ground. You don’t know what hurts more, banging your head or landing on your tail. Sitting up and rubbing your head, you look at the man who ran into you.

“(Y/N)? Is it really you?”


Chapter Text

The man you ran into looks just like you, minus the claws, horns, tusks, tail and your new hair. As you look at him, memories of your childhood come back. “Alan?” Is all you manage to say in astonishment.

“(Y/N), what’s going on?” Enji says like he sees a ghost.

“I….I…. I think that’s my brother….”

“(Y/N), is it really you?” Alan says as he gets up and walks towards you.

Ok, this is freaking me out a bit.”

“Calm down, Zaheer. Alan how did you find me?”

“I saw the fight with the demon on the YouTube and you looked just like me. I remember when I was 6, I had a twin brother but he disappeared one day. Mom and dad never spoke about it but I knew you were alive. I looked up where you were to try to meet you. I have been here about a week.”

“The earliest memory I have is when I was 6 and Zaheer was put inside of me. Anything before that is all a blur; they wiped my memory. If you looked me up, why didn’t you just come to the hero agency?”

“I didn’t want to bother you if you’re busy. Plus, I wasn’t even sure if it really was you but it is! I convinced mom and dad to come to Japan too. Did you want to meet them?”

You head begins to spin at the thought of not only having a brother after all this time but even a mom and dad. You never had a family until you met Enji but now you might have your original family. All you can do is stand there until Enji places a hand on your shoulder.

“Alan, why don’t I give you my home address and we can meet there, how’s about 3?”

“That sounds great! I’ll go tell them right now!” Alan says as he goes running off.

“Are you sure about this Enji?  I don’t even remember my childhood before the facility.”

“He looks just like when I first meet you. Everything tells me that he is your twin. We will be safe at home, I promise. Plus, Zaheer can always scare them away if you don’t want them around.”

You think I’m big and scary?”

I don’t, but some do. Just make sure (Y/N)’s emotions stay in check. We don’t want another interview incident.”

I always do.”

The rest of the day’s plans changed so you head home and just eat something quick and relax while waiting for the visitors. It feels like forever but Enji keeps you calm as the time approaches. You jump at the sound of the doorbell and Enji answers. “Please, come in.” Is all he says as he brings the 3 into the living room. Once you see them, you clench the right side of your face.

E: “Are you ok, (Y/N)”

(Y/N): “I’m ok it’s just some memories are coming back right now.”

Mom: “Oh my god, it really is you! I’m sorry…I hope me being here isn’t hurting you.”

(Y/N): “It’s ok, sometimes the memories hurt other times they don’t.” You say lowering your hand.

Dad: “Don’t worry about it. He is a hero; he can handle it.”

Alan: “I’m sorry if I rushed you into this but I’m just so happy to finally to know you’re alive.”

(Y/N): “It’s fine. I’m happy to have a family. I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind.”

D: “Go ahead.”

(Y/N): “How do you know I am your long-lost son?”

M: “A mother always knows their children and you look just like Alan, well before your….um …. transformation.”

(Y/N): “He does look just like me, it’s a little weird seeing someone who looks just like me.”

E: “How you think I feel?” Enji says patting your shoulder.

(Y/N): “How did I end up at the facility?”

D: “Honestly, we don’t know. You ran away at the age of 6 and we kept looking for you for years. I will be honest and say we gave up a few years ago.”

M: “We waited so long to hope you would come back but the police said you either were dead or didn’t want to be found.”

(Y/N): “Why did I run away?”

M: “It was 20 years ago; I honestly don’t remember why.”

A: “Don’t look at me, I was just a kid.”

E: “If I may, why did you wait till now to come? That video of (Y/N) went up over a year and a half ago.”

A: “I saw the video almost right after it happened, but it took till now to convince mom and dad to come.”

(Y/N): “Why?”

M: “We were scared that it really wasn’t you or that you might hate us. I don’t remember what we did for you to run away but maybe you would still have hated us.” She said tearing up.

(Y/N): “I would never be angry for something you didn’t do. Come here.” You motion mom and dad into a hug. The hug breaks after a moment. “Oh, I’m sorry I must be so rude. Did you want anything to drink? Tea?”

M: “Tea sounds nice.”

You go off the kitchen by yourself while Enji stays and talks to your parents and brother. They ask how you two met, when you got married and a few other things. Enji notices that it is taking a long time for the tea. That’s when a red flash comes from the kitchen.

“Excuse me.” Enji says while quickly heading towards the kitchen. “(Y/N), are you ok? I saw Zaheer come out…. what’s going on?”

Zaheer is on the floor while you are sitting in his lap. You are quietly crying into his chest as he holds you, trying to calm you. “It’s his parents.”

What about them? What’s wrong? Is this too much?”

It isn’t the memories of his childhood, it’s their memories and what they aren’t telling him.”

“Did they say something? Are they not your parents?”

He couldn’t help himself when he hugged them. We both saw what happened. I can’t believe what they did, how they call themselves parents I will never know. They are his parents but…I don’t know how to say this without upsetting you.”

What is it?!” Enji says getting more anxious.

They sold me….” You whisper.

“What?” Enji says in disbelief.

“They sold me to that man! They sold me to get money to live. It was rough for them and they didn’t have enough money for food. They couldn’t afford both of us so they did what they could so one of us wouldn’t starve.”

“WHAT!?” Enji’s rage begins to build as he starts losing control of his quirk. He storms out of the kitchen, steaming. “YOU SOLD HIM? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE PUT (Y/N) THROUGH?!”

D: “What are you talking about?”

E: “He can read minds; he saw your memories! How DARE you call yourselves parents!” He says as his quirk begins to go into overdrive as flames build around his face.

A: “You sold my brother!? Is this why you didn’t want to come here?” He says beginning to panic.

M: “I never wanted to tell you that! We were going to starve! We did what we thought was best!”


M: “I regret that every day of my life. If I could go back, I would have done something different.”

“HE WAS TORTURED, HE WAS AWAKE DURING SURGERIES, HE ALMOST DIED ON MANY OCCASIONS! HE WAS ALONE IN A ROOM FOR TEN YEARS! HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF DOING THAT TO A CHILD?” Enji is practically foaming at the mouth with rage as his emotions have completely take control.

Your mother begins to cry. “He went through all of that? I didn’t know. He promised he was going to take care of (Y/N).”

E: “Get out of my house.”

D: “Please, just let us talk to…”

“GET…… OUT!!” Enji’s flames start to grow and threaten to burn the house down. The three of them leave and Enji goes back to you in Zaheer’s lap.

“I’m so sorry you had to see me like that. If I would have known this would have happened…”

“Why me?” You manage to whisper.


“Why me, why not Alan? Why was I picked to be sold while Alan got to stay? Was he better? Was I sick? What did I do?” You begin to cry more as you bury your face into Zaheer.

“Zaheer, let me take it from here.” In a flash he goes back inside of you and Enji picks you up. “Come on, let’s go take a bath.”

Enji draws the bath and uses his favorite soap, the one he uses after you make love, to try to calm you. After he gets in, you follow and are quickly in-front of Enji. You’re facing him as you lay your head on his chest. The only thing you hear is the sounds of his heart beat and breathing. It’s so calming hearing a familiar sound, the sound of someone who cares for you, someone so close to you, someone who would never hurt you. He just rubs your head as you let the tears run down his chest. “Let it out.” Enji says with the softest tone he can muster. Tears flow for a while until you manage to speak up.

“I…I want to ask them why they chose me but I don’t want to know the answer. I didn’t get a chance to read that part of their memory before it got too much for me. I don’t know if I can ever face them again. They are the reason that I ended up in that place. It’s because of them that I had to suffer so much, the years of torture and loneliness. I can never forgive them for what happened.” You say as your claws start to digging into Enji’s skin. Not enough to cut but enough for Enji to know what you’re going through.

Looking down at you. “That’s ok. You don’t have to forgive them.”

Your eyes meeting his. “What? I thought you always said don’t let the anger consume you. Your anger is what made you lose your kids.”

“I did, you don’t have to forgive them, but come to terms with it. Fuyumi told me that the reason she could move on from my past is because she can’t do anything about it. She never forgave what I did but she knows that I won’t do it ever again. She said that you can’t change your past but you can change the future.”

You lay there still crying as you think about what he just said. “I can try.”

“Good. Anything else?”

“I still want to have a relationship with my brother. He had nothing to do with it and I can tell by his reaction, he had no idea.”

“Keep his number, contact him when you’re ready. Don’t rush into it. If he cares, he will understand.” He says running his fingers through your wet hair.

“I will say one thing that makes me feel better. If they didn’t do what they did, I would never have met you. I know it’s impossible to predict the future but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“That’s a good way to think about it.”

“And I would do it all over again if I had to, just to be with you.” You say with a goofy grin looking up at Enji.

“(Y/N), now you’re going to make me cry. Why do you always have to be so sappy?” He says as he starts blushing.

“Is my big Enji a big ol crybaby?” You say as you kiss him on the lips and tousle his hair.

Now with his hair down and his face completely red. “Alight. Let’s stop sulking at get out of here. I wanted try your favorite restaurant’s new menu. It’s Sakura themed.”

“Enji, did I ever tell you that I love you?”

“Every day. I love you too.” He says as his hold on you tightens a bit. You finish up in the bathroom and you head off to finish the rest of the day. You do your best to put your parents in the back of your mind and by the end of the day, you manage to not dwell on the memories.

Chapter Text

It’s Enji’s birthday and is turning 45. Japan is reminding you it is August because it has broken 100 degrees for three days straight. Normally Zaheer doesn’t mind the heat but he even is getting annoyed. You all are in t shirts and shorts, even Enji is in sandals from the heat.  You wanted to take Enji to the beach to surprise him but you couldn’t bring yourself to deal with the temperature. You decided to surprise Enji with something else.

“A manicure? Why on earth would I want to do that?”

“Oh, come on now, don’t be such a stick in the mud. Zaheer and I get manicures and pedicures every 2 weeks because of our claws.” You say wiggling your fingers towards him.

“Since when have you been doing that?”

“Since I got home from the hospital. I ripped some of the sheets when I was there so I didn’t want to ruin our bed.”

“Ok, that makes sense but why do I need to go? My nails are fine.”

“First, just because you trim them neatly doesn’t mean you can’t get someone to take care of them. Also, it’s more than just nails, they massage your hands and feet and even put lotion to soften your skin. Your hands have been awfully rough recently.” You say as you rub the palms of his hands, the rough texture causing you to hear something like sandpaper rubbing.

Looking down at his open left hand “Alright. But what will the public think?”

“I have gotten that taken care of, the place we go to is small and kind of hidden. Not many women would want to work on me let alone Zaheer but these ladies are fun.”

“Don’t tell me, it’s in a back alley again, isn’t it?” Enji says while squinting.

“Oh come on, those are sometimes the best places to stop.”

You finish getting ready and quickly teleport the 3 of you to a grungy store front that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a year. There is the smell of trash and something rotting but there are lights on inside.

“You always find the creepiest places; you know that right?”

“That’s because I’m not afraid of anything and I don’t ask questions. Come on.”

You open the door as a small bell jingles overhead. There is a commotion from the back in a language that isn’t Japanese. After a few seconds an older woman comes out and sees the 3 of you. She says something to the girls in the back and 6 more women come out. They are all giggling and smiling as they approach you. Enji looks at you in confusion.

“They are from China; they are speaking Cantonese. They are just excited to see us and are really excited to see you.”


“We maybe talk about you sometimes. Mostly about how good you are to me.”

“Should I be worried?” As he says that the older woman takes his hand and pulls him to one of the chairs. You follow one of the girls while 4 of them take Zaheer. The final girl locks the door and walks to help with Zaheer. 3 of the girls get a large wooden crate to hold his inhuman weight while the others get large pans to rest his feet in. You sit down in a chair next to Enji and begin to relax. Enji looks down at the woman who begins to pull his sandals off and starts filing his toe nails. He is squirming in his chair and the woman just slaps his knee with the file and starts yelling.

“What is she saying?”

“She says to sit still. There are some other words but I would rather not repeat them.”

“I don’t know if I like this.”

“Just sit still and relax.”

After you said that, she pulled at his foot to put it on her knee and begins working on his toes again. This continues while all the women begin chatting in their native tongue, mostly about gossip and family life. Zaheer has a woman on each of his hands and feet while the fifth one puts lotion on his tail. Each of his fingers are so large that they can barely wrap their fingers around them. The woman working on your feet has already finished one foot and began on the other while Enji still has the older woman slowly working. You look at Enji’s face and start to understand why she is going slow. Enji is red in the face and his glasses have steamed up from embarrassment.

“Enji, calm down. This is normal.”

“That’s easy for you to say, you need to get this done. I never had anyone give my feet this much attention, other than maybe you.”

You laugh “She is trying to make you blush. The girls have bet to see how long you will last till they get you to break.”

“What? Tell them to stop this. I just want it to be over quickly.”

“I’ll ask them to hurry but let them do their work. I have an idea if you want to try.”

“What?” Enji says looking at you with a little fear.

“Let Zaheer control your body just enough you keep you still, you will still feel everything but she can work faster if she isn’t fighting your movements.”

“I guess….”

Great.” At that moment one of Enji’s eyes is replaced with Zaheer’s. Enji’s body then relaxes in the chair and the woman looks like she starts to pick up the pace. After both of his feet are done, she massages and lotions his feet. She then moves to his hands, working carefully. She says something about how rough his hands and nails are but you didn’t dare tell Enji this. You’re almost done and you look over to Zaheer who still has the ladies working on each of his limbs. This continues for a while until everyone is done. You get up and slip your sandals back on and head to the counter up front.

“Thank you so much. Same time in 2 weeks.”

“Yea…yea…you can bring your husband again if you like but he has to stop wiggling next time. He needs better manners.” She responds in Japanese. Enji’s eyes widen when he realizes that the women can all speak and understand what he has been saying. His face goes red again with embarrassment as you all walk out the door after paying.

“They could speak Japanese the whole time?”


“And you knew this, didn’t you?”

“Yup. Also, one more thing. Zaheer only controlled you for about 10 minutes.”


“You began to relax so I told him to relax the control slowly and you didn’t even notice. You were enjoying yourself.”

“How did you talk to him?”

“Our tails could touch.”

“Ok….it was nice. I don’t know if I want to do that again. I really don’t like the feeling of someone other than you touching me.”

“That’s ok, it’s not for everyone. I thought this might be nice to do compared to getting hot at the beach.”

“It was ok I guess.”

Ok, it was great! I always enjoy going. They are the only ones who would work on me. It was funny watching their faces the first time I walked through the door. I am the reason it costs so much.”

You laugh a little “The fact that it takes 5 people to work on you is hilarious. We did have to pay for a new chair when you broke one.”

“I’m sorry I weigh 1200lbs and I crush furniture.”

“Alright you two, what do you want to do now? I’m thinking just going back home and staying cool.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” You say as you grab his hand. “Now, is there anything else you wanted on your birthday?”

“Oh, I think we can find something do at home….” he says lowering his eye lids and pulling you close. You just whisper “Happy birthday.” as Zaheer joins the hug as you disappear in red flash.

Chapter Text

It’s the UA sports festival and the excitement couldn’t be higher. Your now 38 and Enji will be 46 in the summer. Shoto has finally started school at UA, on Enji’s recommendation, and you couldn’t be more proud. Your tutoring job at the school hasn’t stopped your hero work. You go a few mornings a week to work with a student at a time. You always want Enji there as often as he can but sometimes it’s just you and Zaheer. Plus, All Might is now working at the school and he knows who to call is something goes wrong. You meet the girl from the demon fight, Momo. She is one of Shoto’s classmates. She says she doesn’t remember the fight but you don’t blame her, it was traumatic.

Shoto has done very well in the festival so far and is about to go on the vs competition. He is fighting this up and comer student Izuku Midoriya, but he goes by Deku. The competition has been extremely close but you know Shoto is doing his best. Enji is going a little overboard with the support, yelling Shoto’s name is excitement every time he does something impressive. You just can’t help find it adorable that Enji is so proud of his son. Shoto on the other hand just rolls his eyes in embarrassment. You wish you could be with Enji but you’re in the arena to stop students if they take things too far. You and Zaheer are standing next to Midnight when the battle starts.

“Alright boys! I want to see a clean fight. Go!”

Shoto is off with a huge wall of ice heading straight for Deku. That’s when you see something familiar. Deku uses his finger to launch a large wind blast to break the ice. This happens over and over again until there are no more fingers. Shoto then switches to fire but Deku seems to catch on quick and starts dodging left and right. Shoto seems to getting annoyed at this point. He does something he only tried once before but failed. He starts using his ice and fire back and forth quickly. He then creates a huge wall of ice, chasing Deku down as he starts heading towards Shoto with all his might. Shoto then switches to fire but is causing the whole arena to heat up.

“Hellboy, you need to stop this, they are going to get hurt.” Midnight says in a panic.

“Right.” You and Zaheer both say.

You quickly teleport between them as Zaheer stops Shoto and you stop Deku. Shoto is frozen still and Zaheer then stops his control. Zaheer then turns around to see how you are doing. “That was close. Seems like you stopped th….(Y/N) what’s happening!?”

You’re on the ground, convulsing, while Deku is out cold.  Zaheer knows something is wrong and rushes to your side as Enji flies from the stadium seats to you. He places a hand on you and your freezing cold to the touch as ice starts forming on your body. Enji opens one of your eyes to see it’s fully red.

“We have to get him out of here, he isgoing to lose control! Zaheer, teleport us to a place where he can let it out.”

Zaheer quickly places a hand on the both of you and suddenly you’re in the mountains, the ground burned and scarred.  You’re still shivering in Enji’s grip, trying to contain everything, as he places you on the ground.

“(Y/N), let it out. It’s ok, no one will get hurt here.”

You open your eyes and they are still fully red. You manage to get on your hands and knees. Spectral flames engulf your body as you start shaking violently. The markings on your arms begin to glow as the energy begins to flow. You begin vomiting but it’s not from being sick, it’s pure demonic energy that’s flowing from your mouth. As the red liquid hits the ground, it starts burning everything it touches before it quickly evaporates. It takes about a minute for the flow to stop and you pass out. You come to in Enji’s arms.

“What happened, (Y/N)? I thought you managed to balance your power correctly?”

With labored breath: “There is something with that boy. Something I can’t put my finger on. It was like I was being forced out. All of the energy in Deku overwhelmed me, I’m not sure exactly how to explain it. Plus, I sense something familiar in him. Did you feel it too, Zaheer?”

“I did. Do you think we need to talk to him?”

“Who?” Enji says picking you up.

“All Might, we need to talk to him. Zaheer, please take us back to the school. I’m better now. Before we go, I have to tell you something, Enji. I have been here before. Zaheer and I would come here to let out energy, but that the first time I had to let out so much.”

“I figured as much looking at the ground, as long as you’re ok. You are, ok? Right?”

“I am, come on.” You say before the red flash of light. Once back at school, you find All Might, in his small form, at the infirmary with Deku. You enter the room followed by Enji and Zaheer.

D: “I’m so sorry Mr. Hellboy. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

(Y/N): “Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. I’m sorry to bother you All Might, but can I talk with you?”

A: “Sure, did you want to go somewhere private.”

Z: “Actually, this does involve Deku as well.”

D: “What does this have to do with me?”

(Y/N): “It involves my mind control quirk and what happened with you, Deku.”

E: “I haven’t seen (Y/N) like that since the interview. If he lost control in a stadium full of people, who knows what would have happened.”

A: “I see, I’m sorry for what happened. Are you ok?”

Z: “He’s fine now but he had to let out a lot of energy. He was overwhelmed after trying to stop Deku.”

A: “I glad you are ok. What did you want to ask me?”

(Y/N): “I don’t know any other way of asking this so I’m just going to be blunt…. All Might, when did you give your quirk to Deku?”

All Might and Deku both go completely white. Clearly you caught them off guard as they look at you. While you give them a moment to gather their thoughts, you look at Enji. He has also gone white at this point. You take Enji’s hand and lead him to a chair to sit.

(Y/N): “I’m sorry if I was too abrupt but I need to understand what’s happened. I will never forget that energy that flowed though me at the stadium. When I tried to stop Deku, I felt it again. The problem is I was forcefully pushed out, like something was activity trying to keep me away from Deku.”

A: With a sigh “I was afraid this might happen. When I found out you were working with students, I asked Nezu to keep Midoriya away from you. Not because of you and Zaheer but to keep my secret away from you. I probably should have just told you but I didn’t know this is how you would react if you used your quirk on him.”

“All Might, what’s going on?” Enji says still shock.”

With another sigh, All Might starts describing One for All, it’s origins and everything that goes with it. He describes why he chose Deku and that he is the 9th user and that it is because of this quirk that All Might is the number one hero. During all of this information, you look at Enji who starts looking a little red in the face.

(Y/N): “Enji, are you ok?”

E: “I was never going to surpass you, was I, All Might?”

A: “I’m sorry I never told you this. The less people who know the better it is. One for All builds with each user so yes, my power was far beyond anything a normal quirk could achieve.”

E: “So everything I did was for nothing.” He says looking at the ground.

Z: “Enji?”

E: “Nothing I did mattered?”

A: “Endeavor?”

Enji then jumps out of his chair and grabs All Might by the neck. He flames are growing by the second as he loses control of his emotions. “Do you have ANY idea of what I put my family through because of you! I tortured them! My son and wife died! I lost my children! It’s because I wanted to be better than you, you BASTARD! ITS BECAUSE I….I…..”

At that moment, Zaheer places a hand on Enji’s back and start taking control of his body to stop him. He slowly makes him let go of All Might and carries Enji back to the chair. Once he relinquishes control, Enji just blankly stares back at you.

(Y/N): “Are you ok?”

E: “I know you want to hear me say yes but I can’t honestly say that.”

(Y/N): “It’s ok. I have an idea what you’re going through right now. Do we need to go home?”

E: “No, I’ll manage. I want to be here for Shoto.”

A: “I never knew I did that to you.”

E: “What?” He says looking up at All Might.

A: “I never knew that me being number one was so hard on you.”

E: “I was so obsessed with trying to surpass you that I hurt my whole family to try to achieve my goal. Everything I did was for nothing, I was never going to be better than you, Shoto is never going to be better than you. They went through so much because of me, none of it they deserved. I wish I could go back and stop myself from doing everything, if I could tell myself the truth maybe things would be different. Maybe they wouldn’t have been hurt by me.” He says looking down at his hands.

You go to hug Enji. He stands up and you let him rest his head on your shoulder as a few tears appear in his eyes and sizzle from his flames. “It’s ok, you’re better than that now. You would never do that again. I know you wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

E: “It just still hurts to remember what I did.”

A: “I’m sorry. If I could go back and change that I would. I don’t know what I can say to make this better, I can barely get Midoriya to stop crying sometimes. The only thing I do know is right now we need to worry about the future. All for One is still out there.” He says holding his hand out.

Enji sighs and releases you from his grip. “At least let me thank you for one thing.”

A: “What would that be?”

E: “(Y/N). All Might, it’s because you saved him at the stadium that we are here today. Without him I wouldn’t be here with my kids. I’m just going to have to accept the past as it is.” He says as he gives All Might a hearty handshake.

A: “I am truly sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

E: “Just make sure that boy, Midoriya, becomes to best hero he can be.”

All Might goes to his muscle form: “Don’t you worry. As long as I AM HERE, he is in good hands.”

Enji responds with a faint smile. “Good. Now, (Y/N) don’t you still have the rest of the festival to help with.”

A: “They took over after you lost control, it should be over by now. Come on, let’s go see.”

You enter the stadium to find that Shoto came in 2nd place to Katsuki Bakugo. It’s doesn’t matter to you, you are just happy he did his best. Everyone meets after the award ceremony. 

E: “I’m so proud of you son.” He says with a boasting smile.

(Y/N): “Yes, all of us are proud of you. You did great out there.”

S: “Thanks. (Y/N), are you ok?”

Z: “We are fine now, don’t worry about us.”

E: “I haven’t seen you use both of your quirks before, since when could you do that?”

S: “I didn’t know I could use both like that. In the heat of the battle, I kept thinking about you, dad. I thought about how your better now and trying to be the best you can be. You’re not perfect but you’re really trying now and I guess that gave me the boost I needed.”

Enji can’t help himself and hugs his son with all his might, screaming “SHOOOOOOTOOOOOOOO!” at the top of his lungs.

(Y/N): “Put him down, Enji. You’re embarrassing him.”

Releasing his son, “Sorry, I am just so happy to hear that.”

S: “It’s ok. Now that the festival is done, can we go home? I want to tell Natsuo and Fuyumi about today.”

E: “Of course, (Y/N)?”

“On it.” Is all you say as you teleport everyone back home. Once home, the house was filled with a lot of excitement and energy. Fuyumi was so proud of her little brother doing so well in the competition while Natsuo begrudgingly listened to Enji describing everything they already saw on TV. Zaheer was helping you cook dinner while everyone was talking at the dining room table. After dinner, everyone was tired from the excitement of the day and went to bed early. All three of you lie down in bed, naked under the covers. You rested your head on his bicep while he used his hand to rest his head. His other arm was wrapped around you, holding you tight. Zaheer is behind you, laying a arm around the both of you. Your hand is on Enji’s chest when you feel his heart rate and it’s fast.

“Don’t pretend you are ok, Enji. You’re safe with us.”

With a sigh “You can always read me like a book, can’t you?”

“That and I can read your mind if I wanted to. Come on, tell me what’s wrong. I’ll find out even if you don’t tell me.” You say as your eyes glow brighter.

He sighs again “I’m still thinking about All Might.”

“Oh…” is all you say as you place a cool hand to his face.

“I spent almost all of my life trying to succeed him, trying to surpass him. I put my family and myself through so much because of my obsession. It was all for nothing, nothing I could do would make me better than him.”

“But you’re so much better now.”

“I know, but it still doesn’t change what I did in the past. I hurt all of my kids and Rei.”

“That’s not you now, I know you would do anything to not to hurt them now.”

“This just brought it all back to the front again. I wish I could go back to before knowing all this.” He says with a tear forming in his eye.

“There is one thing that makes you better than All Might, if you want to hear it.”

Raising an eyebrow “And what might that be?”

“Your ability to change. When I first met you, you were an apathetic hard ass with no one who cared for you.”

Now squinting, “How is this making feel better?”

“Let me finish, you are so impatient sometimes. I know coming from me it might not mean as much, but you have changed so much since then. You laugh, you cry, you love; those are all things that you never would have done before. Your family now loves you, that is something All Might doesn’t have: a family.”


“Plus, I love you. Even though I fell in love with you early on, the changes you have made after all these years is why I never want to leave.”

He kisses you on the lips and whispers “You always know what to say.” After kissing a few more times, Enji pulls back. “I am worried about you, I haven’t seen you lose control like that in a while, are you sure you’re, ok?”

“As long as I have the both of you, I’ll be fine.”

“That isn’t the first time we had to eject energy like that.”

“I know but that was more than I seen before.”

“That One for All quirk just put a beating on me. Let’s not worry about it, I promise it won’t be a problem as long as I don’t try to control Deku again.”

“I’m just going to have to accept that marrying a demon has its problems.”

“And benefits” Zaheer says as you start kissing again. Zaheer is starting to lean over the both of you to get a better position. After a little bit more of this you start to feel something between your legs. “Enji, did you need something else?” You whisper.

Enji responds with a husky voice and a toothy grin “I think you already know what I want.”

Chapter Text

It’s been about a week since the festival. You haven’t gone back to UA since for fear of losing control again. It wasn’t your idea to stay away, it was Enji and Nezu’s idea. Last thing they want is a demon losing control in the school. You don’t mind, it gives you some free time and much needed rest. You’re still doing hero work but it’s your day off today.

The kids won’t be home today, they are visiting a friends house for the evening. Enji is working so you decided to spoil him when he gets home; multi course meal, massage, bath salts, the whole nine yards just for him. The whole morning you spend cooking a variety of dishes, taking time to make sure each one is perfect. While all of this is happening, Zaheer just relaxes and watches you and talks to you. It’s nice sometimes to just talk with Zaheer like you did as a kid, nothing serious, just casual. You just took dessert out of the fridge when you get a phone call.

“Hi Alan. How have you been.”

After meeting you parents, you waited a month to contact Alan. He understood it was a lot for you, but it was worse for him. He was so upset at them he left the United States and moved to Japan to be close to you. You always try to make time for him but he understands if hero work gets in the way.

“Hey (Y/N), are we still good for tomorrow?”

“Yea. I wanted you to meet the whole family this time. The kids can’t wait to see their uncle again. We are going to go to the local park for a picnic if that’s ok?”

“Sounds like fun. I hope they didn’t miss me too much.”

“Oh, not too much. Natsuo might be a stick in the mud though, he’s a little moody lately but give him some time and he will be fine. I’d love to chat but I’m on a mission right now. I’m cooking a nice dinner for Enji to cheer him up. He still a little worried about me so I’m hoping this will help.”

“Say no more. Take care!”

After you hang up you look up to see Zaheer standing up now.

“What’s wrong, Zaheer?”

I know we are having a good time today but can we talk about One for All. That phone call reminded me that I wanted to discuss it.”

“Normally I would just brush you off, but I know better. We need to talk about it.”

The one thing I want to know is, what happened?”

“When I tried to control Deku’s body, I felt the past users. At first they were ok, but something clicked for them and they used everything they had to push me out. The problem is that the mind control doesn’t work that way so it was pushing a lot of energy back into me.”

That was more energy than I have seen you eject before. I’m surprised you held on as long as you did without losing control.”

“I’m not going to lie, I almost did. It was so much but the only thing that kept me in control was trying to not hurt anyone. I guess I willed myself into holding it in.”

Any idea why they wouldn’t want you in there?”

I’m guessing it has something to do with you. You are a demon after all and they probably were trying to protect him from your energy.”

“That does make the most sense. They didn’t get much of a chance for you to explain what was going on. The only other thing I wonder about is why so hard to judge. They must have seen you before from inside of the boy.”

That I still question but I don’t want to worry about it too much. Like I said before, it’s probably because there is a demon inside of me.”

What about him? I known you felt that man durning the mind control." 

“That’s what really scares me. I don’t know why I would feel him inside of Deku. It probably is just me though, something to do with me being forced out.”

You’re probably right. Changing the subject. All that cooking you’re doing is making me hungry. Any samples?”

“You like a giant kid.” You say rolling your eyes. “Here. I baked a bunch of  these cream puffs. Some are for dinner and the others were for later but if you want it you can have some.”


I have to make you feel special too. Go ahead.”

Zaheer takes the cat shaped pastries off of the plate, freshly filled, and eats all of them in a single bite. “You really know how to cook, these are delicious!”

“You should know, you live inside of me.” You laugh and continue on your culinary endeavors to finish the last of the meal. Right as it is about to be dinner you worry a little that Enji won’t make it home in time. You don’t dwell on it though, Enji sometimes is late because of hero work. You’re about to start packing the meal away when the phone rings and you see it’s Enji. “Maybe he’s running late and I can teleport him the food.” You think as you answer.

“Hey big guy, how’s your day going?”

“Good afternoon, (Y/N).”

You freeze. You know that voice from anywhere. Zaheer must have heard it as well because he is standing again. Your mind starts racing between many things: the past, where is he, how did he find you, why does he have Enji’s phone?


“I’m sorry to scare you, but I just wanted to say hello.”

“Why would I want to say hello to the man who tortured me?”

“If you turn on the TV, maybe you’ll listen.”

You look at Zaheer who turns the TV on. Once the screen lights up, you see half the screen with the smiling man on Enji’s phone while the other half shows Enji himself. He is tied up and hanging from chains, attached to each his limbs. There is blood dripping from the left side of his face but you can’t see it, his head is face down. He is covered in cuts and bruises and not a single flame to be seen.

“ENJI!” Is all you manage to scream.

“Now will you listen?”

“What do you want?!”

“Oh, that’s simple. I want my test subject back.”


“In exchange for Endeavor’s life, I want you.”


“Oh and don’t worry. You can trust me to let him go if you come. I’ll text you where to meet. Come alone, well as alone as you can be with a demon inside of you.” *click* Now the TV just shows Enji.

“Enji………” You are standing completely still as you look at screen. Enji is breathing, but it’s slow and he isn’t moving.

“We have to save him.”

I know but how are you going to do that?”

“That man wouldn’t be stupid enough to do this alone. DAMN IT! Why did they have to take Enji. Anyone else but him.” You say as you start to curl down into the fetal position, trying to hold it together.

(Y/N), look.”

You look back up and see Enji’s hands moving. At first you think something must be causing him pain to move them like that. Then you begin to recognize that the movements are deliberate on their motions, it’s sign language.

“He’s trying to tell me something. Since when could he do that?”

I taught him in his off time. He thought it would be useful to learn silent communication.”

“Zaheer, what is he saying?”

He just says, ‘help’.”

He must really be in trouble, we have to save him, please!” You plead.

I know, he is still marked so I know right where he is.”

That’s when you get a phone call. “What?” Is all you answer.

“(Y/N), it’s All Might. I’m watching the TV right now.”

“Then you know I’m going to save Enji.”

“No! You can’t yourself. Let other hero’s help. Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with.”

“Yes. He is the man who put Zaheer inside of me and tortured me. This is my battle. He started it over 30 years ago, I’m ending it now.”

Right before you hang up, all you hear is All might say “What?! But that’s A….” Zaheer goes back inside of you, you change into your hero costume and you disappear in a blue flash.

Chapter Text

You appear in what looks to be an abandoned and worn-down warehouse. Enji is hanging near one wall and you rush over to him. You place a hand to his face and see that almost the whole left half of his face covered in blood and he can’t open his left eye. He starts to wake up from your touch.

“(Y/N) …” he says in a weak voice.

“Enji, I’m so sorry. What happened?”

“I was called here for a hostage situation *cough* but it turned out I was going to be the hostage.”

“Let’s get you out of here, we don’t have much time.”

You try to teleport Enji away but you can’t. You start struggling more and more but nothing. You then look at the chains. They have similar markings on them as the chains Zaheer can make.

“Brilron is here?”

“Why yes, I am.”

You turn around you see the demon, his right horn still broken from the last time you saw him. Right as you are about to charge towards him, black chains start coming from the ground to attach to you. They latch on to your arms and legs and one goes around your neck. You begin to struggle but black electricity starts shocking you. Screaming and writhing in pain, you struggle to not black out but you manage to hold on when the demon stops. You’re just hanging there near Enji, breathing slowly.

“Looks like I get to take my revenge on you. Never have I been so humiliated by such a weakling! That demon of yours didn’t even have a name, how DARE you do that to me. He isn’t even a full….” Brilron starts walking towards you but is stopped when that man speaks.

“That’s enough, Brilron. Sorry about that (Y/N), it’s so hard to find demons that listen these days. I probably have been through 50-60 of them so far but none as easy to control as that demon inside of you.”

“Let him go!” You scream.

“My my… still so full of energy. It’s no wonder I picked you so long ago. I knew you wouldn’t listen to directions, you never do, that’s why I stayed here waiting for you.”

“You picked me? YOU MONSTER!” You try to speak more but you are shocked again.

“Now, that’s no way to talk to the man who raised you.”

Enji finally speaks. “He is the man that did everything to you?” All you do is nod in response. “(Y/N), that’s All for One.” He then gets electrocuted and is silent again.

“Oh Enji, you spoiled the surprise!”


“I am All for One. I am also the man who started that government program, but I may have lied a little on it’s true purpose. It was to create the perfect new body for me. You see, this body is old and frail, but you are so full of life, I could just take it right now. But alas, that demon is in the way.”

“His name is Zaheer.” You interrupt.

“That’s right, you named him. When I found him, he was a nameless demon, a weakling. A demon without a purpose or home; a misfit that wondered the earth for millennia. It’s only because he had nowhere to go that I used him to try to create the perfect body. His power could transform a person’s body to handle my power but I didn’t take into account that you would grow attached to him. When you killed all of those scientists, I knew that my plan was working. So much power, much more than any of our predictions. How many did you kill? I think something over 2000.

You put me inside of (Y/N) just so I could prep his body for you? You are worse than any demon!”

“Yes, that’s exactly my plan. I tried to get Brilron to speed it up but he disobeyed my orders and cursed you two. He was supposed to separate you before you fused completely but he failed. He did put on a great show, making that girl spit on him was a good touch to make you begin to fight and lose control. I’m surprised that you are back together after that curse. I wonder who helped you. It wasn’t Rei, was it?”

“Please! Stop it!” Is all you scream.

“You know, those are the same words that Adam said when my associate shot him.”

“What!?” you look at him in panic.

“What a shame too, I really enjoyed him, fun to talk to. But I needed him out of the way. He was the only one that could release the energy inside of you, and I couldn’t have that happening again. What were his final words to you? Oh, I think something like ‘Zaheer and Enji take care of him.’ Such an empty request, you can’t even take care of yourself let alone with the help of them.”

Your only response is to look down at the ground.

“It’s sad really. You know, I almost picked your brother but your will power is so much stronger than his, so much more drive and life. Your parents were struggling so much, selling one of you was the only thing they could do; I made sure of that.” He says with an evil grin “They didn’t want me to take you at first but I gave them no other option. That day, you kicked and screamed in the car as we left. You fought for days until we finally put that demon inside of you. After seeing the show you put on, I knew you were the one I was looking for. Speaking of family, how is Alan anyway? I heard he separated from your parents. He’s all by himself now. I wonder how he is handling being alone. He’s probably scared to death.”

There is silence for a while only to be interrupted by the sounds of dripping. Enji looks towards the sound to see it’s coming from you. You’re looking right at All for One, your mouth is a gape, breathing heavily as pure red energy has begun to drip from your mouth. The demonic tattoos on your arms are glowing bright red to match your piercing red eyes and spectral flames begin to flick off your body.

“(Y/N)?” Is all that comes from Enji’s mouth as your chains start melting. Once your feet hit the floor, the ground starts cracking and lava oozes up from the ground. Your boots melt with each step and your feet start burning from the energy as you walk towards All for One and Brilron.

“Oh, did I say something to make you mad? Good, let that anger drive you, let it consume you! Brilron, let’s make things more fun, shall we?”

“With pleasure.” He says as he cracks his knuckles. He starts running towards you but is stopped in his tracks. He is lifted up in the air and looks to be choking as you keep your gaze on him. You approach him and take your hand to his chest and push your claws in. The demon screams in pain as you continue your push towards his heart. Once you find it, you pull his still beating heart out and the demon collapses to the ground in a pool of blood. Enji falls to the ground as the chains disappear.

“(Y/N)? What did you do!?” Enji says in horror.

He stood in our way so we eliminated the problem.”

“I see. You want to fight me directly. You know, I was saving some of these quirks for All Might but it seems to me that I need to use them know.”

All for One’s arm starts growing in to a grotesque form as more and more quirks start piling on top of each-other. You continue to walk towards him, slowly and still dripping with energy. He then goes to punch you and you raise a hand and a wall of lava forms to block the attack. He goes for another punch and you block again this time with a wall of ice, still heading towards All for One. This goes on for a while as you march forward, backing All for One into a corner.

He starts to panic as nothing he is doing is even landing. He goes for an even larger hit, using all of his power, but you quickly teleport to his side and punch him to the ground. He is knocked out flat on his back and you get on top of him, holding him down with ice as you keep punching his head. Each has your full power behind it. Tears begin to fly off your face as your emotions take over.

You took everything from me! You took my childhood! You took my family! You killed my friend! You tortured me for years! I killed thousands of people because of you! You took so much from me; I won’t let you take anything else!”

Blood starts splattering as his skull caves in but your onslaught continues until there is nothing of his head left. You stand up, covered in blood and burns; your hands are fractured and bruised. Enji cautiously limps towards you, holding the left half of his face.


You curl down as the ground begins cracking more and the room begins the shake. The special flames around begin to grow larger and brighter as you lose control. You try in vain to release the energy but more and more of the power starts to build inside of you. You try to stand but can barely stumble as you try to get away from Enji to protect him. “RUN!”  is all you manage to get out as you slam against the wall as the power begins to melt the concrete. The wall collapses as the flames around you grow more intense by the second. The ground outside the building starts to shake as the cracks grow hundreds of feet long. Enji doesn’t run away as he is watching this. He stands up the best he can and just looks at you. After what feels like forever, you hear those familiar words. “Prominence Burn…” is all Enji says in a low voice and flames begin to erupt from him towards him. You are surrounded by his flames as you scream in pain and begin to convulse on the ground. This continues for a while until Enji starts to overheat and his flames die down. Enji just looks at you and says your name.

You try to stand but stumble, still surrounded by the demonic energy. “It’s finally over. He can’t hurt anyone anymore.”

“You need to let that energy out. You can’t hold it for that long.”

I can’t.” You say finally standing.


There is too much energy flowing. I took things too far. I wish I could release it but I can’t.”

“You have released energy before?”

“This is what we feared more than anything, the energy has fused with me and taken over my body.”

“Are you going to be ok?”

I don’t know. I feel in control now but I can’t stop it. Who knows how long I can maintain control? I need to leave before it takes over again.”

 “Where will you go?”

“Any place where I can’t hurt anyone. I’m so sorry, Enji, but I have to go.”

“Wait…” Enji then walks up to you and touches you to make sure it’s ok. The energy flows over his skin and tingles but doesn’t burn him; then he hugs you as you both start to cry.

I don’t want to leave. I want to stop this so we can be together.”

 “I know.” is all Enji says while holding you.

“I don’t want to be alone again.”

At that moment you start to feel strange, a feeling you had before as a kid. You look down at your stomach and see it’s glowing gold under your shirt. Enji looks at your eyes and they are glowing gold as well while he steps back. Your head snaps back and a large red beam of energy comes out of you and the building starts shaking again. The markings on your arms begin to lose their glow as the energy leaves your body. After it fades away, your left there standing, eyes back to white, and black and red. You fall on your knees and Enji rushes to you as you pass out.

Chapter Text

You are startled awake by the sounds of grunting. You can barely open your eyes and sore all over. Looking down, you find an oxygen mask on your face, both arms are in casts and your feet are bandaged up from the burns, even your tail has bandages. After checking yourself, you look towards the noise and see a man in bed, covered in bandages as well. He looks like he is trying to adjust himself in the bed. The only part of his face you can see is his right eye, but you can always recognize that red hair and those blue eyes.


“(Y/N)…” is all he manages to mumble through the bandages. You reach your left hand out to try to hold hands with him but your beds are too far apart. You press the button to call the nurse. She comes up and you ask her to push your beds closer so you can hold hands, the best you can at least. Using your exposed thumb, you rub the back of his hand. After the nurse leaves, you talk with Enji using your mind control.

“How are you holding up, (Y/N)?”

“I feel like I got hit by a bus. You?”

“Same. Zaheer?”

I’m ok, I won’t be able to take form for a while. That event drained me.”

“How long were we out?”

“A day longer than me.”

“I hope I didn’t worry you.”

“You didn’t. I knew you would be fine.”

“How’s your eye?”

“Recovery Girl said I am lucky to still have it but I should make a full recovery.”

“I’m sorry Enji. I never wanted you to get hurt because of me.”

“Hey, we are ok. We are going to be ok.” He says as he squeezes your hand a little.

“I know but I gave into that power because I saw he was hurting you. I killed that man. The worst part is I know it was broadcasted. I know the world saw what I did. How will people see me as a hero after that?”

I don’t regret killing him but I regret that the world saw it. How will people trust us?”

“He was a horrible man, what he did to you, to others, he shouldn’t live because of it.”

“You’re not upset?”

“Never. He was taunting you, trying to make you mad. Yes, you gave into the power but you both managed to let the energy out.”

I didn’t do it. It was too much even for me.”

“That wasn’t me either….”

“Then how did you do it?”

“I got to see Adam one last time.”

“I had a feeling that’s what happened; he helped you release that energy, didn’t he?”

“He did. He said it was the last thing he could do before he had to go. At least I got to say goodbye this time.” Your claw his starts to dig in a little as you try to hold it together. You look left at Enji and see he has a sympathetic look in his eye.

“It’s ok, (Y/N). You can cry. You’re safe.”

You don’t really cry, just a few tears form as you lay there looking at Enji. He takes his hand and does his best to touch your face but he only managed to make it to your neck before the pain gets to be too much. You smile the best you can and manage to touch the bandaged half of his face through your cast. He winces at your touch and you just whisper “Sorry…”  A little while passed when you hear a knock from the door.

(Y/N): “Come in.”

F: “Dad, (Y/N)! Thank god you’re ok!” She says running in.

(Y/N): Holding Enji’s hand again, “We’re ok. I’m so glad to see you all. All Might, what are you doing here?”

A: “I was watching your kids. I was worried someone might come after them to get to you. You have also been in the hospital for a few days.”

S: “Dad, what happened?”

(Y/N): “He can’t speak to well right now, but he said that he was ambushed by Brilron. He was taken as a hostage to get to me.”

N: “Is your eye going to be ok?”

(Y/N): “Yes, the nurse said he is lucky to still have his eye.”

F: “That’s good. Where is Zaheer?”

Z: “I’m here, I’m not going to be able to take form for a while but I’m good.”

F: “I’m just happy you are all alive.”

A: “I’m happy too. And (Y/N), I should thank you.”

(Y/N): “For what? Killing All for One?”

A: “I didn’t think anyone could stop him. It seems fitting that the one person that stopped him is the one he worked the hardest to create. I am sorry that I thought you were a weapon at one point. The United States had no idea that he was using that program to create a new body. I talked with some officials and they are going to have a press conference about the program to clear everything up.”

Z: “I guess you all saw us on TV.”

F: “We did, we saw everything.”

(Y/N): “And I guess you don’t want me in your family still. You know I’ve killed thousands of people and I killed him out of anger.”

S: “We don’t care. We know that wasn’t you.”

(Y/N): “Really?”

N: “For what he did to you, I don’t know how I would act in-front of him. I can tell you that we can’t imaging not having you in our family. You have done so much for us. We all love you.”

(Y/N): “Really? That means a lot coming from you, Natsuo.”

F: “Don’t worry the past and don’t worry about All for One. It’s over now. He can’t hurt you anymore.” She says holding your free hand.

(Y/N): “Guys, you’re going to make me cry. I love you all so much.”

A: “I don’t mean to stop this family time, but it does involve All for One and hero work.”

(Y/N): “People don’t want a hero that was created by the number one villain, do they?”

A: “It did take time for people to get used to Zaheer, give them time to get used to your past.”

Z: “We can still be heroes?”

A: “Yes, I already talked to all the necessary officials. I pulled a lot of strings to make sure your hero status is unchanged.”

Z: “Really?”

A: “I believe in you, both of you.”

(Y/N): “Thank you, All Might. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t be a hero.”

Z: “Yes, thank you. Being a hero feels like the right thing to do.”

A: “Alright kids, now let these two get their rest. We will see you tomorrow.”

F: Reaching into her bag. “Oh, I almost forgot to give you this.”

She takes out the Endeavor doll. She squeezes it and hands it to you. You use your free hand to hold it tight as it warms up.

(Y/N): “Thank you.”

Once the kids leave. “(Y/N)?”


“I love you.” Enji mumbles through the bandages.

“I love you too, Enji. What is that all about? Is something wrong?”

Talking in his mind again “I was so worried about you that night. It scared me seeing you like that. I worry it might happen again. Are you sure you still want to do hero work? I don’t mind if you want to retire.”

“Zaheer and I love helping people. I know some might think it’s because of who I was made by, trying to be the opposite of him, but I like helping others. It feels like a waste not using this power to help others.”

I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

“I know I can’t change your mind; I just worry.”

Aww, is the Number 2 hero all worried about his demon husband?”

“Zaheer! Seriously?”

You giggle “It’s ok Enji, don’t worry. I’m not going to lose control again. I think all the hate that was left in me is gone. I let it all out on him. I don’t feel anything from him anymore. I guess you could say I’m at peace with my past. Maybe the nightmares will go away.”

“Probably…I’m just happy you’re ok.”

“I’m thinking the same thing. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you.”

“Do you think we can push these beds even closer? I really want to be close to you right now.” Enji thinks almost shamefully.

“I think I got one better. Move over.”

With a few grunts, Enji moves in the bed and you appear next to him in a blue flash. The IV and heart monitor alarms start going off and the nurses come in running. They come to find you wrapped in Enji’s arms, cuddling. One of the nurses just shuts off the machines and motions the other two to leave.

“I’m glad they got the message; I think I can get better faster like this.” You say burying your face into his chest.

“Good. I wish I could kiss you right now but this will have to do.”

“Here, close your eye.” You give him a cool kiss on the only place on his face that was uncovered. “Better?”

“Yea. You always know how to make things better.”

“I can say the same thing about you. If I never met you, I might be dead.”

“And you saved me from myself. I will always love you for that.”

“Don’t make me blush, Enji.”

“Now, let’s get some rest. You know there are going to be some big days ahead of us.”

Chapter Text

The week in the hospital went by pretty quickly. The first few days were rough with the constant pain and bandage changes but as long as Enji was with you, you could handle it. The last day of the hospital you finally go to see what happened to Enji’s left eye, a large red scar goes down from his hair line, over his eye, all the way down to below his lips, coming to a point. Some of his eyebrow is missing. After seeing it, you felt miserable; a constant reminder of what happened to him but he just hugged you and said not to worry about it. It wasn’t your fault, that man is the one who did it, he did everything to you and he’s gone now. You two managed to slip by the media using your teleport quirk to get back home. Once there, you both worked on trying to get better. The first day home was a little rough, you both were still in pain and sore from everything but you were both well enough to take care of yourselves and each other.

“Enji, please bring the ointments when you come back from the kitchen.” You say from the couch.

He slowly limps in with two drinks and the bottles “Are you sure we didn’t come home too soon, we are still in a lot of pain?”

“I’ve been worse. We will heal faster if we are comfortable.”

“I know you don’t like hospitals…”

“Same with you. This is much calmer and quieter. That and we don’t have the nurses judging us when we get into bed together.”

Placing the drinks down “Don’t worry about them, they have seen it before.”

“You’re probably right. Now come here and lie down and I’ll put some ointment on your face.” You say taking on of the bottles and squeezing some cream into your hand. Enji places his head in your lap as he lies on the couch with some pained grunts. “Sorry but this is going to be cold.” You warn right before the cream hits his skin. He winces a little as you gently rub the over his scar, being careful not to dig your claws into his tender skin. He starts blushing at the amount of attention you’re giving his face as you take your time. Each motion of your fingers works to gently massage the cream in evenly, making sure nothing is missed. He closes his eyes when you get near his left eye and you ask him to rub the cream there for you, it being impossible to do it with your claws. He sits there a moment after your finished and he opens his eyes to look at you smiling down at him.

“How was that?”

“It was nice. Did you have to take it so slow?”

“I can enjoy it too you know.” You say with a smirk.

“Your turn.” Is all Enji says as he gets up with a few grunts. You both change positions and now your feet are in his lap. He takes the bottle and starts putting small dollops of cream on your feet. It’s cold but you don’t mind, it feels good going over your burned skin. Enji takes each foot separately with both hands and rubs all over making sure every inch is covered in the healing ointment, even going through your clawed toes. “We are going to need to trim these, they are getting too long. I wonder what the ladies will think about your feet now?” he says, making you blush.

“Probably something about me not taking care of my feet or claws or whatever. I know you didn’t like it the last time you were there but did you want to come with me this time?”

“After all that we have been through, I think I can handle it. I know right now you don’t want to be away from me. I’ll go with you but tell them to speak Japanese this time.”

 As he is still rubbing your feet “Sure. You know, as much as my feet hurt, it is nice just being close to you right now.”

“I could say the same thing when you were rubbing my face. You’re much nicer than some of the nurses.” he says looking at you with a silly grin.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t you start feeling sorry again, this had nothing to do with you.” He says point at his scar.

“I’m not apologizing for that, I’m sorry that some of the nurses were rude.”

“Hey, not too long ago I was a huge ass so I deserve it a little.”

You start wiggling your feet in his hands. “But now you’re not. You so much nicer to be around, if not a little needy.”

“What are you saying?” Looking at you, squinting.

“You’re a big ol baby who needs lots of attention.” You giggling.

“Is that so? I wouldn’t be making fun of the man with a fire quirk holding your feet.”

“Is that supposed to be a threat? It sounds more like a good time to me; I am a little chilly.”

“Now you’ve done it!” he says as he quickly moves on top of you. “Now you will get what you deserve for making fun of the number 2 hero.” He begins kissing you all over your face, using his quirk to heat up the area around you two. He never puts his whole weight on top of you, just resting enough to hold you down. Your lips then meet as you both start kissing like it’s the first time you met. Enji starts shaking, he must still be sore and in pain holding himself over you. Placing a hand on Enji’s face, you get him to stop for a moment.

“I can tell you’re struggling above me. Why don’t we do something we haven’t done in a while, if your body is up to it?”

“I’ll be fine.” Now you both get up and Enji goes on the couch first and you place your body completely on him; resting your head on his chest. He whispers “I almost forgot how nice this is.”

“I missed this. Did you want to leave the TV on while we rest?”

“Sounds good to me.” He groans as he wraps his warm arms gently around you. You both stay there for what seems like the whole afternoon. The entire time, you both cuddle with each other, trying to make the healing go faster. Enji manages to fall asleep first, his snoring putting you to sleep. You wake up to Enji running his fingers through your hair and kisses to your face.

“Did my little flame have a good nap?”

“Yea but I’m getting hungry, lets order something.” After some takeout for dinner, you decided to surprise Enji. You walk him to the back yard and tell him to cover his eyes. Once there, you show him the present.

“A hot tub? But I can just warm the water myself.”

“This is different. It has jets and I got Yoshio to give us some of his onsen water.”

“When did you do all of this?”

“When we were in the hospital, I told Fuyumi to get your birthday present early. It is even big enough that Zaheer can join us.”

“You told her all that when she hugged you? You are good.”

“I set the water not too hot so it will be comfortable for both of us. Come on, let’s get it!”

You both strip down and Zaheer appears to join in. You sit in the middle, Enji has one arm around you while Zaheer has an arm around both of you. The hot water and jets relax your body as you enjoy being with both of them.

“If this was my birthday present, why now?”

“I thought it would help us heal faster and after everything we have been through, we could use something to help us in any way. I hope you’re not going to upset having nothing on your birthday. Well, you will still get a cake.”

“Mmmmmm…. after feeling what this thing can do, I think I’ll forgive you.” He says winking at you.

“Good, because you don’t know how hard it was to find one to fit all 3 of us, especially me.”

Some time passes as you all are enjoying the warm water and each other’s presence when you can’t help but sense something is off.

“Um…. Zaheer, do you feel that?”

“What is it (Y/N)?”

Paparazzi…. Should I scare them away?”

“If you would, just put some shorts on at least. We don’t need images of you naked being spread about.”

In a red flash, Zaheer appears on the other side of the backyard wall. A young man screams while holding a cell phone on a stick to get pictures above the wall. After he runs away, Zaheer jumps over the wall and lands with a ground shaking thud.

There goes the secret of us being home.”

“They will be here tomorrow, let’s just enjoy tonight while we can.” You say snuggling closer to Enji. He kisses the top of your head and Zaheer joins you in the tub again. You all shift so you’re both in Zaheer’s lap and are wrapped in his arms. After some time, you all exit the tub. Zaheer stays out to join the both of you in bed.

“You ready for tomorrow? They are going to be all over us.” Enji says looking at you from the bed next to Zaheer.

“We have already been through the worst of it, this shouldn’t be too bad.”

Entering in bed “If you’re both here, I can handle anything.”

“I know.” He says as he kisses you.

Chapter Text

It has been a week since you both arrived home. You sent the kids to live with All Might because the media now won’t leave the house alone since someone discovered you both are home. Camera men, media outlets, interviewers and more all storm the house daily. Some even managed to break through the fence but Enji would use his quirk to scare them off the property but that didn’t stop them from surrounding the house on all sides. They want to know more about the demon hero who was created by All for One.

Opening the blind: “Why can’t they leave us alone!” Enji says in anger as he shuts the blind again.

Clutching a pillow in your lap “It’s like we are prisoners in our own house. Why can’t they just leave me alone?”

Even for me, this is a lot.” Zaheer says sitting on the floor next to you, doing his best to comfort you.

Enji comes to your side “I know this must be really rough for you; cameras and being locked inside.”

“I’m fine but I wish we could stop this.”

“You know there is only one way.”

“I know.”

“The last interview you did by yourself didn’t go so well.”

“I plan on doing an interview with you and Zaheer. You both are involved with this.”

“Of course, we will be there. Right, Zaheer?”

I’m always with you (Y/N), I’ll be there by your side.”

“Can you call to arrange it, Enji?” You say with a sigh.

With a kiss “I’ll call them right now.”

After about another 2 weeks, the press conference is about to start. Hundreds of media outlets from all over the world at there, all of them trying to get the best seats to ask questions. All three of you stand behind stage, all in suits to look as professional as possible. Enji even shaved to look his best. You didn’t, it was a part of you after your transformation, you couldn’t just shave it off that easily. You all walk on stage, almost blinded by the lights and flashes, and sit down in-front of the dozens of microphones. You take a deep breath and begin to speak.

“Thank you all for coming. My name is (Y/N) but some of you know me by my hero name, Hellboy. I know you are all here to ask me about my upbringing but let me tell you one thing before you ask your questions. My past has nothing to do with who I am now. Yes, Zaheer was put inside of me by All for One. Yes, I killed thousands of people. Yes, I was on the run to hide from the United States government for years, there is nothing I can do to change what happened. I didn’t ask for everything that happened to me. I didn’t ask for a demon to be forcibly put inside on me, to be tortured for years, to be tested on. I am here now to be a hero, to help people, to save people. I don’t do this because of who I was but who I am.”

There is deafening silence for a moment before someone in the crowd asked a question. “How do you expect us to believe you?”

You sigh “I don’t expect you to believe me now. I want you to see my actions. Look at what I have done since I have been a hero, look at what I am going to do.”

“Are you a hero to make up for your past actions?”

“Do you really think that low of me?”


“Do you think I want to be a hero just to repent? I want to be a hero because I believe it is the right thing to do. Zaheer and I both believe it’s the right thing to do.”

“What about Zaheer?”

What about me? I have been with (Y/N) the entire time.”

“You tried to take over (Y/N)’s body, didn’t you?!”

Yes, but I am not now. After seeing the trauma and torment that he went through as a child, I helped him. We grew this power together. No other demon would do what I have done. I love him just as he loves his husband. He wouldn’t be here without me; he wouldn’t have survived that room.”

You look at Zaheer who has now realized his mistake. Another interviewer just asks “What room?”

“It’s a room that turns 1 day on the outside to 10 years on the inside. I was locked in there for 24hours. Once I was let out, I was mentally unstable, being alone for ten years, and I lost my mind and control of the power inside of me. That’s when I killed all of the scientists that performed tests and surgeries on me while I was awake. I can’t ask you to understand what I felt at that time but understand it wasn’t me.”

“I have a question for Endeavor. Did you know all of this when you married Hellboy?”

Looking angry, Enji speaks “What does that have to do with Hellboy?! His past is his past, that’s it. Yes, I knew everything that he has done before I married him but it doesn’t matter. If you could just get a chance to know the real (Y/N), then you would understand why I married him.”

“And you’re ok with him killing All for One?”

“I don’t condone killing but I understand what he has gone through. From the few memories he showed me, the torture, the tests, the isolation, I don’t blame (Y/N) for what he did. For what that man did to (Y/N), I might have killed him.”

“What about Rei? All for One mention her. What does she have to do with Hellboy when she died before you meet him?”

Enji now has flames on his face. You place a hand on his shoulder and look at him. The look you give him tells you it’s ok. His flames die down as he speaks. “She faked her death to get away from me. Our relationship was not healthy and I hurt my wife and children mentally and physically. She kept an eye on us the entire time, watching to make sure we were ok. She was happy to find that (Y/N) came into my life. After the demon fight, Rei came back to sacrifice her life to save (Y/N) so her children and I could be happy. She knew that not having him in my family would cause more trauma.”

You speak up: “She saved me so I could save them. She gave her life because she believed in me.” Making some ice in your hand “She gave me her quirk because she believed in me, not just for her family but for others.”

“HOW CAN WE BELIEVE IN SOMEONE WHO MURDERED A MAN LIVE ON TV?!” Someone yells from the back. You just look at the table. All you can do is just whisper “Please…”


“Please…. Just let me prove who I really am. Let me show you the hero I can be. Let me show you the real person I am. I have a demon inside of me and I have horns and a tail but that doesn’t make me not a hero. A hero comes from what you do when there is trouble. At the crossing incident, I didn’t run away, I helped, I saved those in need even though I could have been arrested. After seeing Enji, I chose to stand up, to help, to fight!” At this point, your eyes start to glow brighter as you stand as you ended your speech.

Zaheer stands “I will stand by (Y/N). I will fight with him! We will save everyone! Let both of us show you what we can do!”

Enji now stands “We will all prove to you the heroes we are, just watch us!”

All of the interviews begin to yell and ask questions but you just take both Enji’s and Zaheer’s hands and teleport to the agency. In silence, you sit down in Enji’s office and undo your tie.

Throwing the tie to the ground, “That could have gone better. They didn’t give me a chance.”

Enji looks down at you “Give it time and they will trust you again.”

It feels like we are starting from scratch…. Again!” Zaheer says sitting on the ground, pouting.

Enji steps towards Zaheer and puts a hand to his face. “You really do want to be a hero.”

I just want to help people; it feels like the right thing to do.”

Raising an eyebrow: “Are you sure you’re a demon? You don’t really act like one.”

“I may not act like one but I can assure you I am one as I am sure (Y/N) loves you.”

“Oh Zaheer, why do you have to be so sappy; but, back to what Enji was saying. I think they will trust us again. I just wish it didn’t have to take so long. It took years just for the public to trust Zaheer now they know what I did. Even after he is gone, he still is effecting me.”

Now coming to you. “Don’t think like that (Y/N), he can’t hurt you anymore. I just wish people could see what you have done at the stadium. That was the main reason I took you in. You sacrificed yourself to save people who could have easily turned you in. That to me speaks volumes about your character.”

You look at Enji for a moment and your eyes light up with excitement. “I have an idea! Why don’t we show them?”

“What? Use your mind control on the public? That’s impossible.”

“No, there were cameras there the entire time.”

“All Might said they deleted everything.”

“I know how the US works, there is a record of everything.”

“I’ll see what I can do, give me some time.” Enji says kissing you on the lips.

“Zaheer and I will do our best until we find that tape. Thank you.” You say kissing and hugging both Enji and Zaheer.”

“Can we go home now; I’m getting hungry and I want out of this suit and shoes.”

“Sure thing, I’ll cook your favorites when we get home.” You all then disappear in a blue flash.

Chapter Text

It’s now been a few months since the All of One incident. The public still doesn’t trust you even though you do your best to save as many people as you can. It has gotten so bad that even Enji is starting to receive some of the hate for abusing his family even though he has clearly changed. Some of the citizens would even tell you they want another hero to save them but you still do what’s right. At the end of each day, you go home after hero work feeling defeated but you continue knowing it’s the right thing to do.

The Hero Billboard Chart JP is starting and you are getting nervous. You don’t care about your own ranking, at this point your thinking you’re near the bottom because how people perceive you. Endeavor’s ranking is more important to you, you still want him to be the Number 2 hero but your worried you’re brining him down. He says he doesn’t care about that anymore but you still want him to be the best he can be.

“I hope you keep your spot, Enji.”

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t even care about it anymore. I just care that you’re here. I know it has been rough on the both of you for the past few months.”

Standing behind both of you “We will be fine. I just wish we could find that video. I know you have been trying but I don’t think we are going to find it.”

“Every lead comes up dry. I asked the United States government myself, nothing. All Might has even been looking but nothing. I’m sorry I can’t help any further.” He says as he pulls you close with one arm.

“I know, thank you. Don’t worry about it… now shhhhh; it’s starting.”

The ceremony starts as they begin with an opening statement and the list of heroes gets announced. They start with number 10 and begin working their way down to 1. As each hero gets announced, your heart starts racing more and more. At the number 2 spot, your about to pass out from nervousness when they call Enji’s name. You sigh with relief as he walks on stage but there are boos from the crowd. You feel for him but you know he can handle it. All Might is then called to be the Number 1 but when he walks on stage, something is different. He is in his small form, something the public has never seen before. The whole country is in shock as they see All Might walking out in his hero suit. He takes the microphone and looks at the crowd.

“Good afternoon. I know this might come as a shock to all of you. It may not look like it but I am All Might. This is what I normally look like outside of hero work. I am showing this to you all because I am retiring.” The crowd collectively gasps as Enji looks to All Might in shock himself.

“Please, let me explain my reasoning. I believe there is a hero that can replace me. I know some of you might be thinking Endeavor but I have someone else in mind. Hellboy, please come on stage with Zaheer.”

You look at All Might with eyes wide open. You are in total shock from what has transpired in front of you that you didn’t hear his command. Zaheer teleports both of you on stage next to All Might. The crowd becomes loud again with boos and disapproval. All Might raises his hand to silence the them before he speaks.

“I know you all must be thinking I am crazy, but I want Hellboy to be the number 1 hero, he deserves it more than anyone. Before you cast judgement or begin to doubt my decision, I have something to show you. Dr. Lisa, the video of you don’t mind.” “

“Dr. Lisa?” You say as you turn to see her walking towards you with Jason and Greg. You rush over to them and hug them. “YOU’RE ALIVE!” You practically scream with your racing emotions.

Jason: “We heard you were having a rough time so we came to help.”

(Y/N): “What?”

Greg: “We heard about Adam.”

(Y/N): “I’m sorry I couldn’t find you. I was so worried about you every day.”

Jason: “Its ok, we understand. We know your happy now.”

“As much as I would like to have a family reunion right now, we have to show the crowd this tape. Everyone, please watch this video.”  Lisa says as she walks towards All Might.

The screen behind you flickers and a video starts playing. It is the video, or combination of tapes, of you saving everyone at the stadium. You are clearly in frame talking over the microphone to the crowd and saving everyone. Every event of that day seems to have been recorded, even you coming back to the shelter and dying in Adam’s arms. Once the video stops, you look back to the audience in front of you; completely still with deafening silence.

“You see, Hellboy has been saving people for a long time. That was when he was only 29 and still on the run from the United States when he took action to safe those in need. He didn’t care about the consequences, he died saving everyone. A true hero will sacrifice themselves in order to save those in trouble. I can’t think of a better replacement for me.” All Might then looks at you and hands you the microphone. You look out at the crowd and freeze, unsure of what to do next. Then you feel a pressure on both of your shoulders, Enji and Zaheer each have a hand on you to support you, to encourage you.

“Thank you All Might. I know many of you still don’t believe in me. Maybe that video changed your mind, maybe it didn’t. But what I can tell you is that I am going to work day and night trying to save everyone that I can. I am a hero. I know my powers come from a dark place but that doesn’t matter, how I was raised doesn’t matter, what matters is how I act. If All Might is willing to leave hero work because I am here, that should say something. Let me prove to you all what I am capable of.”

The room is quiet again. Your heart starts to race wondering if the all of this was for nothing until one person starts clapping. It’s Midnight. She stands and proudly looks at you while clapping loudly. Then more join in the clapping and more and more until the room is fulling engulfed in the sounds of clapping and cheering. You smile and look at Zaheer who also is smiling. Enji turns you around and pulls you close. In the heat of the moment, he kisses you on the lips. The crowd cheers even louder at this as you pull away. “I love you, Enji.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

The rest of the day was filled with excitement. The kids were home getting a small party ready, it was for Enji’s hero placement but they quickly tried to change everything to celebrate the both of you. You got to say goodbye to Jason, Greg and Lisa before they had to go. You will miss them but you understand they didn’t want to be in the public eye. You now have contact with them and they said to visit every so often. Back at the house, you are enjoying being with your family, laughing and smiling almost the whole day. You disappear for a while until Enji noticed and calls for Zaheer to take him to you. He finds you’re at the beach watching the sunset, the same beach you always go to. He just looks at you until the sun completely sets. You turn to him and he goes red with embracement realizing he was staring at you. You pat the ground next to you, signaling him to sit down and wrap his arm around you. Zaheer then sits on the opposite side to wrap his arm around the both of you.

“You know the sun always reminds me of you.

“Why is that?”

“The sun is always so warm and bright, always there when we need it, just like you.”

“And I’ll will always be there for you…. Are you ok? You have been here a while.”

“Yea…I’m just thinking.”

“Don’t worry about being number, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be ahead of me.” He says as he kisses you on the cheek.

“I’m not thinking about that. I know you said no more secrets but there is one last one I need to tell you.”

“That’s alright, you’re telling me now.”

“You know I am basically a demon now, right?”


“And I have the powers of a demon, teleporting, speaking different languages, and more.”

“Ok? Is there a new power?”

“Not exactly. When I accepted the power fully, I accepted my greatest fear.”

“What are you saying?” Enji says raising an eye brow.

“I’m immortal now.”

“Ok? That’s your greatest fear?”

“Not exactly, my greatest fear is watching everyone I love die around me. It’s not a matter of if but when. And I can never see you in the afterlife. I’ll just be here alone watching the world go by as I slowly lose everyone I care for.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone.”

“But there is something I can do. If Zaheer separates from me fully, I will die.”

“I know, but why?”

“When you pass away, I want to stay here long enough to make sure our children are ok. After that, Zaheer and I have agreed to separate so you are not alone.”

“I would wait for you no matter how long it takes.” He rests his chin on your head as he pulls you closer. “I just have one question. Do you know where we will end up?” He says looking at Zaheer.

“I cannot say for sure but I know down is not in the cards for you both.”

“What about Zaheer, he will be here by himself?”

“My last secret is that I am a demon, well… not fully.”

You are half angel, aren’t you?”

“Wait, how did you know, Enji?”

“All for One and Brilron said something about you being a misfit and with the book Rei gave us, I did some research. No demon has gold hair or casts golden spells. Other spirits never bothered you when we went to temples so you had to be different.”

“My father was demon and my mother was an angel. I was a forbidden child, something either side didn’t want. That is why I didn’t have a name; I was abandoned by my parents. I guess All for One knew that when he found me wondering alone on this world. He treated me well for a while then he started those experiments. The only reason I ever wanted to take over someone was to kill him. This is also why I have more power than other demons, being a combination of the two gives me the powers of both. I only look like a demon because I take more after the demon side, red skin and horns…”

It explains why you act so much different than any other demon. But why did the demonic energy try to take me over so much?” You say snuggling into him.

My spells and curses come from my mother’s side but are fueled by the demonic energy from my father. That type of energy naturally wants to take over people. It’s only because I’m half demon that we can control it as well as we can. If I was fully demon, you would have lost control a long time ago.”

Makes sense to me.” You say looking up at him.

“But it does mean I should be able to go wherever you both go. It might take some time but I can make it work.”  

“I know this is a lot for you take in Enji, please understand I am telling you this now so it’s not a shock later.”

“I kind of figured something like this might happen. I know you’re going to be ok; we are going to be ok. Just promise to not leave too early, please protect our children.”

“Of course, I will. I love them so much.” You then pull Enji’s glasses off and kiss him on the lips for what feels like forever.

“Do you think Rei and Adam are waiting for us?” Enji asks looking into your eyes.

“I do, I know they are waiting, however long it takes.”

“Come on, let’s go home. I bet kids are getting worried.” Enji says as he gets up. You get up and hug him tight followed by Zaheer and all of you disappear into the night.



The End


Chapter Text

You are walking down the street with Zaheer, patrolling has become natural for the both of you. Your hero work has become difficult after the fight with AFO. Citizens were not happy finding out that a hero was created by the worst villain. However, it has worked in your favor a little; criminals no longer want to be anywhere near you and just cower in fear when you arrive. It still is disheartening to see anyone instantly fearful of you both but if it means less villains are on the streets, it’s better than nothing. The day is close to ending as you turn a corner down an alley you have never walked down before. Something is off when you sense a dark presence.

“Stay close…”  

“I know….” Your eyes begin to glow as you try to sense around but nothing is coming up. “Show yourself!” You yell up trying to pinpoint the villain.

“If you insist.” You here from the shadows. A flash of light appears from a blade and cuts you. Some blood is dripping from your arm. Zaheer forms his blade and puts his back to you. It isn’t long till a human form starts to walk from the darkness towards you.

“Stain…. The hero killer.”

“Ah, so you heard of me. Then you know why I am here.” He takes his long tongue to his blade and laps up the blood from its edge. He laughs after he swallows but it’s short lived as he sees your still standing. “What?” Is all that comes from him.

“Hmm, I guess your quirk can’t control my body either.”

“HOW ARE YOU AVOIDING MY CONTROL?!” The villain demands.

“I’m fully papalized, I am using my quirk to move.”

“That’s impossible!”

You just shrug as a response. Zaheer stands next to you and looks down at you. “What should we do?” 

“Well, we should take him in….”


“That is what you always say. Why?”

“Huh?” The villain says looking confused.

“Why don’t you just tell me about why you are like you are. I’m curious.”


I am too. We could easily take you in but we can hold it off if you talk.”

“All other heroes are in it for fame or money. You married one of the worst!”

“Endeavor? I mean I used to be able to see that but not anymore. What about us? What do you see?”

“You are a fake hero! You only do it to cover up for who you really are.”

You sigh and sit down on the dirty ground. You look up at Stain who looks back in confusion. “That’s not the truth at all. Sit down. I’m not going to attack you and this isn’t a trick.”

“Why should I trust you?!”

I could have easily taken you out in a second or 2 yet we are still standing here. Just listen.”

“W-why are you a hero?”

“I just think it’s the right thing to do.”

“But you are demon?!”

“I am a demon; however, I don’t want to hurt people.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

Take it as you will, this is the truth.”

 “So, you want to be a hero just to help people?”

“That’s what we are trying to say. Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Just like All Might?”

“I guess? I never thought about it that way. I just want to help people. I have all of this power inside of me and I feel like it would go to waste not using it for good.”

We both agreed a long time ago to help those in need. Even on the run, we would help where we could.”

“But you are married to Endeavor!”

“I see…. In the past he was always trying just to be better than All Might but now he could care less about that. All he wants to do is help those in danger and be there for his family. Have you not seen him change over the past years since I came around?”

“What about the crossing event?”

“Yes. I was still on the run then yet I still went to help. I knew I was going to be arrested but doing nothing was wrong.”

“What about Endeavor? He was the one who took you in.”

“After Endeavor met me, I was there to help him. He knew everything he did in his past was wrong. He wanted to change but he didn’t know how.”


I know this is a shock for a hero to actually want to help others without anything in return, it’s just who we are. AFO put us together but it’s because of who we are together that we do what we do.”

“You killed thousands of people!”

“I know. I hate myself for that. I lost control and killed the scientists who performed tests on me. I can control the power now but it still hurts me know what I did.”

“You regret what you did?”

He still has nightmares. They are less frequent now as we are coming to peace with what happened but they still come back sometimes.”

“Can you just believe me?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“I guess?”

“Would you be willing to turn yourself in?”


“You would only let All Might arrest you, but what about if you turn yourself in. That way I don’t take the credit but the right thing happens. If you want, I can just teleport you to the jail entrance.”

“Why should I do that?”

You can’t win against the both of us. We are giving you an option.”

“You would give a villain a choice that makes them happy?”

“You are human too. It’s only fair.”

Stain looks down at his hands, one has a knife in it. It twists it back and forth, looking as the metal gleam in the dim light. He stands there a moment. “I will accept your offer under one condition.”

“What would that be?”

“Keep doing what you’re doing. Protect those in need and take down villains.”

“We can do that, right?” You say looking up at Zaheer.

Of course.”

“Are you ready?” You hold a hand out towards the hero killer.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He takes hold of your hand and closes his eyes. In a blue flash, he is gone and it’s just the two of you again. You decide to just teleport back to the agency after everything and make your way home. Entering the home was quiet as usual. Enji was sitting in his chair in the living room as you enter. You see on the TV that Stain has been formally arrested and is cooperating with the police.

“Looks like Stain turned himself him.” Enji says getting up and kissing you.

“He may have had a little help.”

“What do you mean?”

We met him and talked with him today.”


“He couldn’t affect me with his quirk so we talked for a while. He wanted to know more about me and I wanted to know about him.”

“Then you let him go?!”

We gave him an option. Either we take him in or he could turn himself in. We just teleported him to the jail and he did the rest.”


“He said only All Might could arrest him and I wanted to respect that. He is in jail on his own terms and it made the streets safer because of it.”

“You didn’t have to use your powers on him?”

Not one bit.”

Don’t tell anyone this. I want to keep my end of the bargain.”

“Of course. I’m just happy you are ok and a villain is put away. Did you want to do anything to celebrate?”

“Can we invite All might over for dinner with the kids?”

“Really? If that’s what you want.”

“I want to tell All Might what happened. And I want to thank him for being there for me.”

“I’ll call him right away.” He pulls you in closer for another kiss.