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Life is ours

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Kiryu looked at his bruised knuckles. There was still some harm to heal after the explosion and the fight, but at least those wounds would go back to normal soon enough.

He was sitting in the Tojo office. Or maybe he should call it ‘his new office’.  Kiryu still wasn’t sure about his decision but it seemed the most sensible thing to do now. Looking around, he could still see some of Sera’s old stuff. He made a mental note to take care of those personal effects. Maybe some relative would be interested in having them? He didn’t know if Sera used to have someone in his life.

Was this life suited for that?

And, with that, he remembered Nishiki. He didn’t deserve that ending; he was a good man, but this life poisoned everything. All this was his fault; he should have taken more care of his kyodai. He left him alone, failing him.

And Yumi…

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

“Come in,” Kiryu said without meaning it. He really didn’t have the energy to talk to more people but he guessed it was his duty now.

Majima entered the room looking more serious than he was used to, impressed he didn’t just storm into the office without asking first.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan, so…you’re stayin’, huh?”  He wondered without looking directly at his face.

Kiryu frowned. “Yeah, I think it’s the best decision.”

Majima seemed to read into Kiryu’s turmoil. “Ya sure about that?”

Kiryu shrugged and looked back at his hands. “Maybe, I don’t know, but it’s what I have to do.”

Majima nodded, looking around. “Well then, let’s celebrate it, Mister Fourth Chairman!” he suddenly announced. Kiryu glanced up at him wondering how he managed to go from one mood to another in just a moment. Majima took a seat next to him, close to him. Maybe too close. Kiryu instinctively backed up a little without looking away. Majima moved his arm behind him, resting it over the sofa. “So, whaddaya wanna do?” he asked, very cheerfully.

“What?” Kiryu seemed a little lost.

“What do you want to do?” he repeated, clearer this time. They both looked at each other in silence until Majima talked again. “Dunno, surely there’s somethin’ you wanna do. Ya seem like you could use a break.”

Kiryu looked at Majima from top to bottom. He was so close that he could even feel the heat emanating from Majima. For a moment, his eyes rested on Majima’s lips and went up to find his single eye looking back with a confused expression.

Kiryu was getting a little uncomfortable and he didn’t know why exactly.

“Uhm…” Kiryu tried to find something to say when another knock on the door made them both jump.

When Kiryu went to look back at Majima, he wasn’t sitting with him anymore, walking to the minibar in the room. His minibar, he had to remember.

Still feeling a little dazed, he told whoever it was to enter.

“Sir,” a young man appeared, bowing which seemed a bit much. Kiryu didn’t recognize him.  “The patriarchs told me to ask you if you wanted a little party in your honor, sir.” He sounded a little distressed, never staring into his eyes.

“I’m not really in the mood for that,” Kiryu responded.

“But sir…” the young man insisted, finally looking at him.

That was better.

“I said I won’t, I don’t have anything to celebrate.”

The man, who seemed to be a future new gokudou, looked uneasy. Maybe he was supposed to bring an affirmative answer. Maybe he was even considering his life choices. Whatever it was, Kiryu didn’t want to just go and try to have fun after all that happened.

He stood up to make his message clearer.

“Yes…yes sir.” The man bowed again nervously. After that he closed the door and ran away, hearing his steps fade away.

Kiryu thought he should try to learn his name since he seemed the one who would serve him from now on. But better another day; he wouldn’t be able to retain that information right now.

He shook his head, he needed a break. When Kiryu went back to look at Majima, he saw him drinking a glass of something. He scanned at the minibar and saw a bottle of Hibiki, a really expensive one. That made him smile a little.

Majima eyed Kiryu, sipping what was meant to be Kiryu’s drink. “So, no celebration?”

“That’s mine,” Kiryu commented. Majima ignored him.

Of course. Why would Majima respect him now? He was supposed to be his boss.

Majima looked at him with a puzzling expression. “Why tho? Ya need to relax.”

Kiryu sighed; he really wasn’t in the mood to talk with anyone, even less answering nosy questions.

“I don’t have anything to celebrate,” he repeated, hoping for that to be enough.

“I heard that, but why? Ya have that kiddo and Yumi is still alive,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu didn’t have the energy for this. “She isn’t stable yet. And I’ve lost…” Kiryu lowered his head, suddenly feeling really tired.

“C’mon, he was an asshole,” Majima snapped.

Did he really say that?

Kiryu looked at him again and saw how the realization washed over his face. Kiryu walked slowly towards him. Majima didn’t move, waiting for whatever he was going to do.

“That’s mine,” Kiryu said, taking the glass from Majima’s hand, restraining himself from doing something else. Majima gave him a baffled look.


Kiryu gave a long sip, draining all the liquid. It wouldn’t make him feel better, but what could right now? Nishiki wasn’t here anymore and he was the one to blame for that.

He walked again to the sofa and let himself fall on it. Majima looked at him without really knowing what to do.

That was new.

“I don’t have any reason to celebrate anything. And I don’t have any friends here to do so anyway,” Kiryu finally explained, feeling really drained. He just wanted a break.

Majima nodded slowly, looking at the floor. “I see.” His voice was barely audible, like a whisper.

When Kiryu raised his head he saw Majima open the door. It was his turn to notice what he just said. “Majima, wait,” he hurried as he got up again, but Majima just slammed the door.

“Shit,” Kiryu felt miserable.

He knew their relationship wasn’t really an easy one. Or normal. However, Majima had always been there when no one else did. And he’d just fucked that up.


He went to the minibar and poured the Hibiki into his glass, taking the bottle with him to the sofa.

Majima always acted weirdly with him. Sometimes he acted like his rival, and sometimes he found in him a helping friend.

But then, he kidnapped Haruka.

He couldn’t understand the nature of this relationship. He really respected him, he just didn’t know where he stood. In the end, Majima was the only one who was there when he got out of prison and, in his way, he did really try to help him.

That made him feel sadder. He took his glass and kept drinking. 

If he was going to reflect about these things, he needed to drink more.




Hours later he heard another knock on the door. He was really getting tired of being the new chairman and he’d just started.

“What?” he snapped, sounding a little bit drunk.

The man who came earlier appeared again behind the door.

“Sir, do you need someone to take you home?” he nervously asked. He really needs to get better , Kiryu thought. This wasn’t a place to show weakness.

“Home? What home? I don’t have any,” Kiryu answered, feeling deflated.

“Well, sir, surely you can buy one now.” Could he? Maybe he could. “But for now we can find you a hotel room in the best place, sir,” he added after a pause.

That sounded good enough, he needed to sleep and forget about everything for a while.

“Yeah, ok,” he confirmed as he stood. “But I need a double room, I want to bring Haruka with me.”

“Sure, sir, I will take care of it.”

Maybe he would need a coffee to refresh himself; he didn’t want Haruka to see him drunk.

As Kiryu was collecting his jacket, the man returned from his call.

“Everything is settled now, sir.”

“Ok then, we have to pick up Haruka first, I left her with Date-san,” he commented while he lost balance for a moment.

“Yes, sir,” the man bowed again and started to lead the way.

Night already fell and a chilly wind blew. The dim light from the streetlamps illuminated the path. Silence everywhere, only the echo of their steps. He looked around and everything seemed so quiet. Unusual for this place.

Then he saw something moving, maybe something yellow? When he glanced to his right there was nothing. Was it Majima? Why would he be still there? Kiryu felt a weird knot in his stomach again. Maybe remorse. He didn’t need that right now.

Sighing, he kept walking until the man opened the door of the car to let him inside. When he was seated, he looked again at the headquarters.

That was his new life.