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Life is ours

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Kiryu looked at his bruised knuckles. There was still some harm to heal after the explosion and the fight, but at least those wounds would go back to normal soon enough.

He was sitting in the Tojo office. Or maybe he should call it ‘his new office’.  Kiryu still wasn’t sure about his decision but it seemed the most sensible thing to do now. Looking around, he could still see some of Sera’s old stuff. He made a mental note to take care of those personal effects. Maybe some relative would be interested in having them? He didn’t know if Sera used to have someone in his life.

Was this life suited for that?

And, with that, he remembered Nishiki. He didn’t deserve that ending; he was a good man, but this life poisoned everything. All this was his fault; he should have taken more care of his kyodai. He left him alone, failing him.

And Yumi…

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

“Come in,” Kiryu said without meaning it. He really didn’t have the energy to talk to more people but he guessed it was his duty now.

Majima entered the room looking more serious than he was used to, impressed he didn’t just storm into the office without asking first.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan, so…you’re stayin’, huh?”  He wondered without looking directly at his face.

Kiryu frowned. “Yeah, I think it’s the best decision.”

Majima seemed to read into Kiryu’s turmoil. “Ya sure about that?”

Kiryu shrugged and looked back at his hands. “Maybe, I don’t know, but it’s what I have to do.”

Majima nodded, looking around. “Well then, let’s celebrate it, Mister Fourth Chairman!” he suddenly announced. Kiryu glanced up at him wondering how he managed to go from one mood to another in just a moment. Majima took a seat next to him, close to him. Maybe too close. Kiryu instinctively backed up a little without looking away. Majima moved his arm behind him, resting it over the sofa. “So, whaddaya wanna do?” he asked, very cheerfully.

“What?” Kiryu seemed a little lost.

“What do you want to do?” he repeated, clearer this time. They both looked at each other in silence until Majima talked again. “Dunno, surely there’s somethin’ you wanna do. Ya seem like you could use a break.”

Kiryu looked at Majima from top to bottom. He was so close that he could even feel the heat emanating from Majima. For a moment, his eyes rested on Majima’s lips and went up to find his single eye looking back with a confused expression.

Kiryu was getting a little uncomfortable and he didn’t know why exactly.

“Uhm…” Kiryu tried to find something to say when another knock on the door made them both jump.

When Kiryu went to look back at Majima, he wasn’t sitting with him anymore, walking to the minibar in the room. His minibar, he had to remember.

Still feeling a little dazed, he told whoever it was to enter.

“Sir,” a young man appeared, bowing which seemed a bit much. Kiryu didn’t recognize him.  “The patriarchs told me to ask you if you wanted a little party in your honor, sir.” He sounded a little distressed, never staring into his eyes.

“I’m not really in the mood for that,” Kiryu responded.

“But sir…” the young man insisted, finally looking at him.

That was better.

“I said I won’t, I don’t have anything to celebrate.”

The man, who seemed to be a future new gokudou, looked uneasy. Maybe he was supposed to bring an affirmative answer. Maybe he was even considering his life choices. Whatever it was, Kiryu didn’t want to just go and try to have fun after all that happened.

He stood up to make his message clearer.

“Yes…yes sir.” The man bowed again nervously. After that he closed the door and ran away, hearing his steps fade away.

Kiryu thought he should try to learn his name since he seemed the one who would serve him from now on. But better another day; he wouldn’t be able to retain that information right now.

He shook his head, he needed a break. When Kiryu went back to look at Majima, he saw him drinking a glass of something. He scanned at the minibar and saw a bottle of Hibiki, a really expensive one. That made him smile a little.

Majima eyed Kiryu, sipping what was meant to be Kiryu’s drink. “So, no celebration?”

“That’s mine,” Kiryu commented. Majima ignored him.

Of course. Why would Majima respect him now? He was supposed to be his boss.

Majima looked at him with a puzzling expression. “Why tho? Ya need to relax.”

Kiryu sighed; he really wasn’t in the mood to talk with anyone, even less answering nosy questions.

“I don’t have anything to celebrate,” he repeated, hoping for that to be enough.

“I heard that, but why? Ya have that kiddo and Yumi is still alive,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu didn’t have the energy for this. “She isn’t stable yet. And I’ve lost…” Kiryu lowered his head, suddenly feeling really tired.

“C’mon, he was an asshole,” Majima snapped.

Did he really say that?

Kiryu looked at him again and saw how the realization washed over his face. Kiryu walked slowly towards him. Majima didn’t move, waiting for whatever he was going to do.

“That’s mine,” Kiryu said, taking the glass from Majima’s hand, restraining himself from doing something else. Majima gave him a baffled look.


Kiryu gave a long sip, draining all the liquid. It wouldn’t make him feel better, but what could right now? Nishiki wasn’t here anymore and he was the one to blame for that.

He walked again to the sofa and let himself fall on it. Majima looked at him without really knowing what to do.

That was new.

“I don’t have any reason to celebrate anything. And I don’t have any friends here to do so anyway,” Kiryu finally explained, feeling really drained. He just wanted a break.

Majima nodded slowly, looking at the floor. “I see.” His voice was barely audible, like a whisper.

When Kiryu raised his head he saw Majima open the door. It was his turn to notice what he just said. “Majima, wait,” he hurried as he got up again, but Majima just slammed the door.

“Shit,” Kiryu felt miserable.

He knew their relationship wasn’t really an easy one. Or normal. However, Majima had always been there when no one else did. And he’d just fucked that up.


He went to the minibar and poured the Hibiki into his glass, taking the bottle with him to the sofa.

Majima always acted weirdly with him. Sometimes he acted like his rival, and sometimes he found in him a helping friend.

But then, he kidnapped Haruka.

He couldn’t understand the nature of this relationship. He really respected him, he just didn’t know where he stood. In the end, Majima was the only one who was there when he got out of prison and, in his way, he did really try to help him.

That made him feel sadder. He took his glass and kept drinking. 

If he was going to reflect about these things, he needed to drink more.




Hours later he heard another knock on the door. He was really getting tired of being the new chairman and he’d just started.

“What?” he snapped, sounding a little bit drunk.

The man who came earlier appeared again behind the door.

“Sir, do you need someone to take you home?” he nervously asked. He really needs to get better , Kiryu thought. This wasn’t a place to show weakness.

“Home? What home? I don’t have any,” Kiryu answered, feeling deflated.

“Well, sir, surely you can buy one now.” Could he? Maybe he could. “But for now we can find you a hotel room in the best place, sir,” he added after a pause.

That sounded good enough, he needed to sleep and forget about everything for a while.

“Yeah, ok,” he confirmed as he stood. “But I need a double room, I want to bring Haruka with me.”

“Sure, sir, I will take care of it.”

Maybe he would need a coffee to refresh himself; he didn’t want Haruka to see him drunk.

As Kiryu was collecting his jacket, the man returned from his call.

“Everything is settled now, sir.”

“Ok then, we have to pick up Haruka first, I left her with Date-san,” he commented while he lost balance for a moment.

“Yes, sir,” the man bowed again and started to lead the way.

Night already fell and a chilly wind blew. The dim light from the streetlamps illuminated the path. Silence everywhere, only the echo of their steps. He looked around and everything seemed so quiet. Unusual for this place.

Then he saw something moving, maybe something yellow? When he glanced to his right there was nothing. Was it Majima? Why would he be still there? Kiryu felt a weird knot in his stomach again. Maybe remorse. He didn’t need that right now.

Sighing, he kept walking until the man opened the door of the car to let him inside. When he was seated, he looked again at the headquarters.

That was his new life.


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Kiryu woke up with a big hangover. He congratulated his past self for being conscious enough to close the curtains before going to sleep, avoiding to be bothered with the morning light. He still felt drained from the previous week, and the day before wasn’t an easy one. But still, he had to keep moving. Now he had new responsibilities, starting with Haruka.

Kiryu opened the door that connected both rooms and found Haruka still asleep. She seemed peaceful. After all the madness she’d been through, she finally met her mother. Yumi wasn’t in the best condition but the doctors gave them hope. It was a matter of time until she fully recovered.

Seeing he still had time for himself, he took a shower and started preparing for the long day ahead. He checked his phone with absolutely no hope of finding a message from Majima. Or even Nishida. Of course, there weren’t any. He tried to ignore the disappointment that washed over him and checked the messages that he did get.

He didn’t really know what he was waiting for.

Sighing, he read the text he had from Kashiwagi.

“Do me a favour and wear a tie. You have to look presentable,” it read.

Kiryu didn’t have many clothes, even less now since coming out of prison. So black tie it was. He didn’t really like wearing it but he understood his new position required something different.

With everything arranged, he entered Haruka’s room again to find her already awake and watching the TV.

“Ojisan!” she exclaimed, sporting a big smile on her face.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Uh-huh,” she answered, nodding. “Can we have something for breakfast? I’m really hungry.”

“Oh, sure. Let’s go to the buffet. You can have anything you like,” he told Haruka while caressing her hair. That granted a bigger smile from her. “After this I’ll leave you again with Date-san, he will accompany you to see your mother.”

Kiryu knew they had to get to know each other better but he already could feel her as someone important in his life. Surely being the daughter of Yumi helped.

Yumi… , Kiryu thought. He didn’t want to think about any of what happened but he couldn’t ignore it all his life. The only thing that mattered now was Yumi being alive and…

Well, he didn’t even know what he wanted. His feelings were still a little blurry.

After they finished their breakfast, Kiryu called Date and said goodbye to Haruka until the night. And with a little resignation, he headed to the Tojo HQ.

When he arrived, the men there gathered started to bow at his path in silence. Kiryu wasn’t sure if he liked that kind of attention. At the end of the stairs, Kashiwagi waited for him.

“You finally came. I was getting worried you just thought better about this.”

“Of course not,” he lied. “I just got a little busy,” added after a pause.

“Well, let’s begin,” Kashiwagi commented after looking at him for a moment, clearly making sure he was correctly dressed. As soon as he turned around to lead the way, Kiryu couldn’t resist rolling his eyes.

“The patriarchs are already waiting. Stay here for a moment after I walk in,” Kashiwagi instructed. Then he opened the doors and disappeared behind them.

Kashiwagi looked more like the new chairman than himself with all those orders.

Kiryu felt a little anxious. He wasn’t a man that liked talking, he preferred action. But he supposed those times already ended with him taking charge of the chairman position. He waited a little, opening and closing his hands. He had never been personally in those reunions but he had heard they got heated quickly. And he had an easy temper.

Waiting at the door, he heard steps. He turned his head to the sound to find nothing. Kiryu frowned. He didn’t have time for this. Surely, someone just was late.

After taking a big breath, he opened the doors.

All the patriarchs were already sitting, everyone in silence looking at him. Kiryu didn’t stop until he took his place in his new chair. He looked around and found familiar faces, like Kashiwagi and Yayoi, and others that were new for him. He took a mental note to ask Kashiwagi about them after the meeting. At least, he knew his own name was already cleared and everyone had been informed with the truth; Kashiwagi explained everything the other day. 

Everyone seemed eager to start but Kiryu felt something was missing until he turned his head to his right and saw an empty chair. One that belonged to a certain man who always wore a snakeskin jacket.

He frowned again. Should he be worried about him? Kiryu knew Majima could take care of himself but that wasn’t the problem.

The rest of the patriarchs seemed to notice the same, rustling and talking with each other with disapproval gestures. He didn’t like people being this nosy. Kiryu opened his mouth to shut them all, but he was interrupted with the bang of the doors opening.

Majima entered the room under the watchful eyes of all the patriarchs and Kiryu himself. But Majima didn’t seem to even care about that. He just took his place on the chair, letting himself fall and never looking at his new chairman.

He felt disrespected by that.

Kiryu studied Majima for a moment, he seemed alright, maybe a little tired, but that was usual for him. He decided to wait in case Majima had something to say for his delayed arrival but, of course, he just ignored Kiryu completely.

So be it.

Kiryu did the same and started the damn meeting. The sooner, the better.

The conversation went well. He wouldn’t have ever expected it to be that simple. At least, they all were in agreement to do their best to accomplish the mission to fix the Tojo after the latest events. They needed to recover all the money lost and bring back the honour that Kazama taught him. The first thing was already difficult; he didn’t want to dwell on how the second would be.

“So, everyone agreed?” Kiryu asked with a tone of finality.

Everyone said ‘yes’ in unison. Except for Majima.

Of course.

“Everyone agreed?” repeated Kiryu, looking directly at Majima. Everyone went silent, watching what they thought would be a little scene.

But Majima was staring at nothing on the ground and seemed completely bored. That he could understand.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu said again, more serious. “Do you agree or not?”

Majima finally met his eyes and shrugged.

“Yeah, sure, Kiryu-san,” he finally answered with a mocking tone.

That shocked Kiryu for a moment. Since when did Majima refer to him like that? Kiryu felt a little hurt and he didn’t know why.

Kiryu looked around and saw everyone waiting for something. He wasn’t sure what exactly but, seeing he didn’t have a reason to hold the meeting, he just dismissed everyone.

After that, Majima jumped from his chair like it was on fire and disappeared into the now standing people. The patriarchs kept talking between them but he didn’t care about what they were saying. Why was Majima acting like this? Was it for what happened the day before? He could just come and say it to him, after all they were… friends ? Were they not?

Kiryu felt the sudden need to search for him and fix this.

Walking around the place for a while, he found Majima standing in the garden. Some other men gathered and, again, bowed at his path.

Kiryu was getting bothered with that much attention.

Ignoring them, Kiryu stood behind Majima.

“What’s your problem?” Kiryu asked directly. He sounded angrier than he expected.

Majima turned around with a confused expression.

“My problem?” He repeated, using the same tone and pointing at himself.

“Yes. What do you want?” Why did he say that? “I know I said something I shouldn’t have yesterday,” Kiryu hurried to add. “But understand you were being an asshole—,” That was going really wrong. “Look, I’m sorry.” Kiryu touched his face in distress. He’d already talked more than he wanted to and this wasn’t his home field.

Majima looked at him exasperated. “Don’t pity me. Ya think you’re better than the rest, always doin’ the best for everyone, but you’re one of us.”

Kiryu couldn’t believe where all this shit was coming from.

“I am not,” Kiryu interrupted. “I know you don’t understand but I’ve just lost everything. You can’t just be the centre of everything.”

“I don’t want to,” Majima replied, more offended now.

Kiryu paused for a moment, looking at Majima from head to toe with a confused expression.

“What?” He asked, outraged.

Kiryu sighed, this wasn’t helping. At all.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Kiryu apologized again, feeling really tired.

Majima stood there, studying him, maybe considering if he should accept it or not.

“Why are ya here?” He suddenly wondered. No acceptance then. But, what was he referring to? Here, talking to him now? Because, for him, it was clear they needed to speak about the day before. Or was he asking about the Tojo?

Majima seemed to read his confusion, so he added, “You seem miserable to be here, so why tho?” he shrugged.

Ok, that wasn’t really clarifying.

“Because I have to.” That seemed a safe answer for Kiryu.

“No, ya don’t have to.” Majima was talking in riddles now, looking more sad than angry.

Kiryu decided to just answer with the safer option.

“It’s my duty, I have to take care of all the mess that… he created.” Kiryu couldn’t say his name out loud. He considered all the damage his kyodai caused on the Tojo.

 Majima looked content with the direction of this conversation. “No, ya don’t have to, you can do whatever ya want.” His voice sounded a little softer this time but even that made Kiryu feel offended. Of course it was his problem, he couldn’t just leave everything behind.

“I have to, I’m not selfish like—,” Kiryu stopped himself before finishing the sentence but Majima seemed to pick up in the direction that was headed.

Am I selfish ?” Majima hissed, getting angrier.

“Well…” Kiryu didn’t know what to say.

“Ya really think so?” He insisted, challenging.

“I didn’t say that,” Kiryu tried to defend himself.

“But ya think so,” that wasn’t a question.

Majima leaned closer to him, with fire in his eye.

“Look, I just want you to respect me,” Kiryu explained. This situation was getting really tiresome.

“I’m already doin’ that!” Majima shouted. Kiryu’s ears were ringing.

“Calling me ‘Kiryu-san’ it’s not what I’d call respecting me,” Kiryu snapped, very annoyed. Majima was being absurd, he just wanted to do the meeting in the smoothest way possible, without those little scenes Majima always created. Kiryu appreciated him but the rest of the patriarchs weren’t going to be easy if Majima kept acting like this.

“Oh,” Majima replied with a crooked smile, “That’s what’s bothered you.”  He got a little closer without averting his eyes. “Are ya really that upset because I didn’t call ya ‘Kiryu-chan’?” he wondered, batting his eyelashes.

Kiryu was getting too uncomfortable.

“That’s not it.” Kiryu felt baffled, saying basically in a whisper.

“Do you want a good dog?” Majima challenged him while getting so close that their noses almost touched. “Do ya want to put a cute collar around my neck too? Should I lick yer boots?” And, after an awkward pause, he added with a big and twisted smile, “or somethin’ else?”

Without thinking, Kiryu punched Majima in the stomach making him groan and bend down, something that Kiryu took advantage of to kick his face and throw Majima to the ground.

Kiryu was enraged. He looked at Majima, who was wiping the blood off his face with a sadistic smile.

“Now we‘re talkin’,” Majima seemed to find this distracting, taking his tanto from his back pocket and jumping to Kiryu in a smooth motion.

Kiryu could dodge him for just a little. But Majima used his legs to make him fall, putting himself over Kiryu’s chest, resting the knife on his neck. Majima bent over to get near Kiryu’s face and whispered, “Ya like that?”

Kiryu again punched him, changing positions and beating him. Majima dodged some of the punches but not all of them. Kiryu didn’t remember the last time he lost control like that. Before throwing the last one, he stopped himself. Majima was still, gazing at Kiryu, maybe challenging him, his face covered in blood.

And Kiryu had done that.

Scared of what he just did, he got up looking at his now bruised and bloody knuckles.

“Stop right now!” he heard Kashiwagi shouting and pushing them aside. “What the fuck are you both doing?”

Kiryu couldn’t answer right now. He felt like shit. He didn’t know if he had ever been this carried away before.

Majima started getting up, though having a little trouble. That alone made Kiryu feel ashamed.

“You both, stop right now!” Kashiwagi commanded. Kiryu was still shocked and Majima didn’t stop staring at him.

“Come with me,” Kashiwagi told him, taking the lead. Kiryu glanced at Majima, should he try to apologize again? That didn’t work this time, maybe it was useless.

But Majima wasn’t saying anything.

Not being sure of what to do, Kiryu finally followed Kashiwagi, who was waiting. Everybody around them was watching the scene. Some seemed to enjoy the distraction, others seemed worried.

When they were almost inside the building, he heard Majima shout, “What are ya lookin’ at? Don’t ya have anythin’ better to do?” Kiryu looked back and saw how everyone started to move, looking down.

And Majima was still staring at him.

Kiryu felt worthless, not able to suppress the pang of guilt in his gut. And now he had to bear with that sensation, as well as Kashiwagi’s protests.

The door closed and they went to a private place in silence. Kiryu could anticipate what he was going to say.

“What do you think you are doing, Kiryu?” He asked once they both were alone in his office.

“I…” Kiryu tried to explain, noticing there wasn’t anything useful he could say. He didn’t understand what just happened either.

And he didn’t feel proud.

“You just can’t beat your patriarchs. I know violence sends a useful message but they need to respect you, not fear you. At least not just for nothing.” Kashiwagi reprimanded him.

“I know, I just…lost control.” And that was true.

“Yes, I saw that,” Kashiwagi said, a little exasperated. “Look, we have to talk about this.”

Oh no, no more talking , Kiryu thought.

But Kiryu just nodded in silence.

“And you have to fix this with Majima, he is really important to the Tojo, even if you don’t like that.”

Kiryu sighed. He didn’t think that was going to be easy.


Chapter Text

The neon lights reflected over the damp streets creating a beautiful image. The moon in the sky accompanied Kiryu on that unusual cold night. He walked without paying attention to his surroundings. As the Fourth Chairman, he didn’t have to worry about the thugs on the streets. Finally something good about this. He got used to fighting them every now and then, but now they ran away, scared of him. Probably they didn’t want problems with the Yakuza. The Tojo insisted on giving him some bodyguards, but Kiryu refused. He could take care of himself and he didn’t want his privacy to be violated like that. He preferred to just be alone.

Without any updates from Yumi, Haruka staying the night with Date and the Tojo behaving as usual, Kiryu couldn’t do anything else than take a rest. One really needed. Date insisted on taking care of Haruka that night so Kiryu could enjoy a little free time. But this felt depressing. He didn’t mind enjoying things on his own but after what happened he could use a friend, someone’s company to distract his mind from all his problems. But he didn’t have anyone. Well, maybe…No, thought Kiryu. He had already screwed things up with him too.

Walking through the Champion District, he saw the little sign that pointed to the bar Earth Angel. Kiryu knew the mama who worked there. Maybe Ako could hang out with him.

Kiryu opened the door and saw a couple sitting in a corner, leaving the bar almost empty. Then he looked at the bar. Ok. There was someone else. That yellow snakeskin jacket, he could recognize it anywhere. Maybe he should turn around; he didn’t have the energy to deal with this right now. But before he could escape, he heard a voice calling him.

“Oh, Kiryu-san! Glad to see you here!” Ako called him with a big smile.

Too late then.

But Majima seemed oblivious to his presence. Kiryu didn’t know if he liked that or not. Anyway, he wouldn’t lose anything by just sitting there and having a drink.

Slowly, Kiryu walked to the bar and took a seat on Majima’s left side, his eye patch in sight, giving him the opportunity to ignore Kiryu without too much effort. This way, none of them could feel pressured to talk.

Kiryu took a look at him, taking an advantage he couldn’t notice. He seemed alright. More or less. He had some bruises but nothing too alarming.

“So, how can I serve you?” Ako offered, trying to get his attention.

Should he apologize? It didn’t work the last time and it could probably end the same way but, shouldn’t he? Not because Kashiwagi told him he must fix things, but because it felt the right thing to do.

The guilt ate him up inside, too uncomfortable to be just there, sitting at his side and not doing anything to settle this situation.

Becoming aware he had stared at Majima for too long, Kiryu turned his attention to Ako, “Excuse me?”

“What do you want to drink, dear?” Ako repeated with a flirty smile. Kiryu gulped.

“Whatever you want is ok,” Kiryu finally answered. She winked at him, leaving to prepare his order and Kiryu went back to Majima, still not acknowledging him.

Kiryu grunted. He found this childish.

Majima started searching something inside his jacket, grabbing a cigarette between his fingers. And, before he could light it, Kiryu was already putting his lighter in front of him. That seemed to get Majima’s attention, looking really confused.

“Y’know, I am the one who should be doin’ that,” Majima argued, accepting the fire.

“I wasn’t going to smoke,” Kiryu countered.

This was a start.

“Because you shouldn’t be smoking in my bar!” Ako snapped, just to be ignored by both of them. “Ugh, whatever,” she mumbled, getting back to the drink.

Kiryu focused on Majima’s eye. A fresh purple circle stood up, the size of his own fist. He felt ashamed, repulsed by his actions.

“Don’t give me those sad puppy eyes of yours,” Majima commented, maybe a little nervous.

“I’m sorry for what happened,” Kiryu began.

Majima took a sip from his glass and looked into it without saying anything.

Kiryu got up and Majima eyed him, curious. Tired of this attitude, he circled around him and took the seat at Majima’s right side.

“I’m really sorry,” He insisted sincerely.

Majima glanced at him with an expression that seemed hopeful but then, he shook his head.

“Surely I deserved it,” Majima acted like nothing happened.

“You didn’t.” Kiryu felt disturbed. Why would he think that?

“I was obviously asking for that,” he explained. But it didn’t make sense.

“Why would you?” Kiryu questioned, even more confused now.

“You seemed like you needed it,” Majima shrugged.

What? That sounded twisted and Kiryu couldn’t agree with it.

After some minutes of silence, Ako brought his drink without saying a word, probably giving them some space. Kiryu appreciated that. He could sense some tension between them but he didn’t know how to fix that. Kiryu was still angry at himself for losing control like that. Sure, Majima could stand up to him, fight him and stop him and, yet, he didn’t. It felt completely wrong.

“It’s really ok, Kiryu-chan, just leave it,” Majima insisted, without looking at him, maybe sensing his turmoil. That seemed to help, lowering the tension. Even a little smile escaped from Kiryu’s lips. Obviously, he didn’t deserve to be forgiven, but he wouldn’t pressure Majima anymore.

With that, they kept their company in silence, drinking all they could. They totally needed it.

But, after emptying some glasses, Kiryu needed to speak his mind.

“You know,” Kiryu started, “You really were helpful to me all this time. In a weird way, but considerate,” he admitted.

Majima snorted at that.

“Well, you helped me too, y’know?” Majima commented. By the sound of his voice, he was much drunker than Kiryu.

“In what way?”

“You got rid of fucking Shimano!” he replied with a big smile, lifting-up his glass.

Drunker and more careless.

“I didn’t exactly kill him.” Kiryu was trying to be cautious. He insisted he didn’t mind but with Majima no one ever knew.

“Well, you humiliated him, that’s already enough.” The tone he used told a whole story unknown to Kiryu. But he didn’t know if he could push through for more information, letting it drop. He had just fixed the problems with him, he didn’t want to start new ones for being nosy.

“In any case, I’m glad I could help. I really value you, Majima-no-niisan,” Kiryu answered. “As a friend,” he added after a bit, feeling it necessary.

Majima smirked at him. “Aww, Kiryu-chan, you’re so nice to me,” he sneered with that high pitched voice of his. For a long moment they just looked at each other. Majima opened his mouth to say something but, after hesitating a second, he seemed to just think differently, shying away. This was common between them. Always that slight tension lurking behind. He sometimes felt like he kept missing the last piece of the puzzle, a big one that didn’t let him see the whole picture. He roamed his eyes over Majima’s face, thinking that he had a handsome face for a man. What? He tried to dismiss that from his mind, he was getting tipsy. Or maybe he should stop drinking altogether.

Majima looked at him again. Did he notice Kiryu getting lost in thought while admiring him? Admiring? He could see Majima being distracted too. His single eye lingered on what he thought it was his lips.

Kiryu started to feel hot. Maybe he should try to ignore that too.

Majima stood up and rested a gloved hand on his shoulder. Kiryu was startled. He hoped he wasn’t being too obvious.

“We should do somethin’ fun!” Majima suddenly proposed, very excited. “You still have to celebrate your new position!”

“I don’t really think that’s—.”

“No, no, shut yer face! Maybe we should find you some beautiful ladies to have fun with! You seem like you need some release.” Kiryu made a face, not liking the idea. “Or maybe we could play darts!” Maybe Majima could read his reaction.

“I’m sure you can’t aim properly in your state,” Kiryu told him, drinking from his own glass.

“Bullshit!” Majima went to find something to do, barely walking straight.

“Oh, you won’t,” protested Ako. “Please, Kiryu-san, take care of your…friend.”

That sounded strange.

“Oh, thanks Ako, you gave me an idea!” Majima announced, walking towards Kiryu.

Majima stopped behind him and slipped his hands around Kiryu’s waist, resting his chin over his shoulder. Kiryu tensed with his drink in his hand, unsure of what to do.

“Y’know,” Majima began, “I’ve never done that before but I could try for ya.” Kiryu wanted to look at him, confused, but he didn’t dare move.

“Try what?” he murmured, a little uncomfortable.

Majima went nearer his face, his breath sending a shiver all over his skin.

Kiryu’s heart was racing.

“I could suck yer dick,” Majima suggested, whispering in his ear.

Kiryu spilled his drink over his shirt. All at once, his entire body felt hot, too dizzy for the drink. And for the proposal. Majima cracked up, clapping his hands. Why did he make these kind of jokes?

Kiryu stared at him in shock, blushing hard. Majima surely found that funnier because he started laughing even more.

Kiryu wished he could find that amusing too.

“So cute, Kiryu-chan,” He said, getting close to him again and giving him a little kiss on the cheek.

He had never been this flustered before.

Kiryu looked at Ako, who seemed to be enjoying the scene, and then looked again at Majima who was still laughing.

“I think you are too drunk.” It was the only thing Kiryu could say. Majima couldn’t be serious, could he? “I’m just taking you home,” he announced as he stood up.

“Oh, my place is it? That’s ok!” Majima lost balance again.

“I wasn’t referring to…whatever,” Kiryu rolled his eyes. He didn’t want to think about the half erection he had right now.

He took Majima’s arm and passed it behind his neck to support him and, with awkwardness, he grabbed his waist. Only for support, of course. Or that he was trying to think. At the contact, Majima made a noise that he decided to ignore, and the two men started walking to the exit.

“Have fun!” shouted Ako with a burst of laughter. Kiryu would explain this to her another day.

After leaving Earth Angel, Majima disentangled from Kiryu and started walking on his own. More or less.

“I’m not that bad, Kiryu-chan,” he insisted.

“I’m not sure about that,” He eyed him top to bottom. Majima was still having problems walking straight but Kiryu wouldn’t insist on helping him.

“Do ya like what you see?” Majima joked. Kiryu didn’t trust himself to answer that.

“We should play some pool!” He started again. He wanted this enthusiasm for himself.

“We are too drunk for that,” Kiryu complained.

“That’s exactly why!” Majima walked ahead and Kiryu followed, not really knowing what he was doing.

Majima wandered in what seemed to be Vincent’s direction, never looking back to be sure if Kiryu was coming too. Maybe he even forgot Kiryu was still there.

When they arrived, Majima opened the door, holding it for Kiryu to enter first.

“Boss,” he sneered, doing a teasing bow. Kiryu shook his head but went in nevertheless.

The bar was basically empty, surely because people didn’t go to drink on a Tuesday. Or maybe for being too late. He didn’t even check the clock.

Majima went to the bar to ask for more drinks and Kiryu positioned himself in front of the pool table, grabbing one of the sticks. At least this wouldn’t be as dangerous as playing darts. Sensing someone close, Kiryu turned around to find Majima standing in front of him now, very close, with two glasses in his hands. Kiryu stopped breathing for a moment. Majima rested their drinks on the board and put one hand bracing on either side of the pool table, trapping Kiryu in the process. Kiryu squirmed, feeling a rush of blood going south.

“So, what do we play?” Majima’s voice sounded suggestive, his eye piercing him. Kiryu could smell alcohol on his breath for how close he was.

“Oh…” was the only thing Kiryu could articulate.

Majima gave him a little smile and stretched out his arm to reach the other stick in a slow pace, almost indecent.

“So, I’ll go first!” Majima exclaimed, freeing Kiryu of his close presence.

“No, you don’t,” protested Kiryu. What were they going to play anyway?

Kiryu took his glass and sipped. Looking at his companion, he thought he would need it. Majima did the same and they decided to play Eight-ball. He didn’t know if they could follow the rules in their state, but went with it anyway.

Majima started the game. Of course he did. He broke quickly and hard, potting one striped ball. He seemed happy for his little triumph and Kiryu couldn’t resist smiling. He was really cute.

Wait, was he?

In his next move, he didn’t pot anything and Kiryu wondered why. He had the impression Majima wasn’t even trying.

“Your turn, boss,” Majima offered, smirking. Kiryu, once again, ignored how he shivered with the ‘boss’ remark, too uncomfortable to admit anything to himself.

Kiryu sipped from his glass again. Majima did the same, resting his back against the wall, not losing one bit of how Kiryu moved, too hot under Majima’s stare.

Grabbing the stick, he positioned himself in front of the table, with the determination to not be distracted. He leaned forward and analyzed what could be the best option.

“Nice view,” he heard Majima commenting. He looked at him and saw Majima ogling him. Or was he looking at the game? He pushed his thoughts aside and tried to concentrate on the game, ignoring how tight his trousers felt right now.

Kiryu hit the white ball aiming for a solid colour ball that he could pot. He smiled to himself. Then, he went for the next one. And the next. Not too bad for being drunk, he thought.  In the meantime, Majima didn’t stop staring at him with a smirk, sipping his drink.

Kiryu potted five balls before failing. Majima’s turn then. Kiryu decided to stop with the booze, feeling too fuzzy by now. But Majima kept going, having two empty glasses already, when did that happen? It wasn’t a surprise Majima failed in his turn, seeming content with it.

“Are you losing on purpose?” Kiryu asked.

“Hmmm, maybe,” Majima replied, shrugging. “I prefer to watch ya play,” he added, cocking his head.

“A girl told me that once,” commented Kiryu.

Majima smirked again. “I share the sentiment.”

Kiryu glanced at him, confused. Did he miss something? Whatever. He went back to the board, enjoying the game.

After a while, Kiryu ended up winning, not that it was much of a surprise by that point.

“So, you won!” Majima announced, getting near him.

“Well, obviously,” Kiryu joked. Majima smiled at that.

“And a winner needs a prize.” He stood really close now, maybe too close. Kiryu could again smell the alcohol on his breath.

Majima rested his hand over Kiryu’s chest, sliding a finger under his shirt. Kiryu tensed. What was he doing?

Majima’s hand started to travel down his body, always with a big smirk, and stopped on his belt. Kiryu shivered. He could feel the anticipation, his heart racing.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu whispered, his voice betraying him.

Then Majima’s hand went down, touching the front of his too-tight trousers. He gave Kiryu a knowing look.


Enough. Kiryu snapped, grabbing Majima’s wrist.

“You are too drunk.” It was the first thing that came to his mind. He glanced around to make sure no one saw them. It didn’t seem so. Probably those people didn’t want to look at the two yakuza-type men in the dark corner. Good. For once he found that helpful.

“Oh right, you’re worried about the people,” Majima understood, stepping aside.

“Just…let’s go,” he proposed, not being sure what he meant. He could lie to himself and say he didn’t have interest but his trousers told another story.

And Majima too.

Kiryu didn’t feel even mad about what happened, just…extremely confused.

He stormed out of Vincent and Majima followed him very closely, not saying a word.

Where were they going?

After not walking too long, Majima pushed Kiryu to a dark alley in their way, pinning him against a wall, hiding behind some vending machines.

“Majima, I don’t want to fight right now,” Kiryu protested, looking into Majima’s eye. The absence of light didn’t let him see his companion.

“That’s good ‘cause I don’t wanna either,” Majima told him, still smiling.

Seeing that Kiryu didn’t try to stop him, Majima pushed him further, getting really close to him. They were basically the same height, standing there face to face. For what felt like hours, they looked at each other, studying their expressions. Kiryu could feel Majima watching him closely with his single eye. But something in his demeanour changed. He seemed sadder now, maybe a little insecure, making him concerned. Majima always had a great confidence or, at least, he presented himself like that. But right now, he seemed to doubt himself. Did a drunk person have that self-control?

Then, like Majima just decided what to do, he got closer to Kiryu’s face and gave a tentative kiss near his lips. Kiryu shuddered and grabbed Majima’s waist under his jacket, sensing how hot his skin felt. Kiryu told himself he did it to push him away but the truth was he didn’t want to and he didn’t know what that meant. He didn’t like men, did he? He could shove Majima aside but still he wasn’t doing it, why? Kiryu wondered.

When Kiryu didn’t oppose him, Majima started giving little kisses down his jaw and stopping at his neck, biting fiercely. Kiryu moaned to his own surprise, sensing Majima’s smile grow over his skin.

Majima slipped his gloved hand under Kiryu’s shirt, unbuttoning it a little and touching his chest. Kiryu stayed still, not really knowing what to do, overwhelmed by all the feelings he was experiencing at that moment. He just closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall, giving Majima much more access to keep kissing him.

Majima kept going down until his knees touched the ground. Kiryu looked down, confused.

“What are you doing?” he whispered, his voice rough.

“Whaddya think I’m doin’? Trying somethin’ new,'' Majima murmured, kissing his erection through his pants. Kiryu didn’t notice when he got that hard.  

“I’m not sure this is the best idea…” Kiryu felt nervous, glancing around in case someone could see them.

“Hush, Kiryu-chan, you don’t want us to get caught, huh?” he asked at the same time he removed the belt and lowered Kiryu’s pants just enough.

Kiryu breathed rapidly, he could sense his heart beating strongly. He was aroused and scared. Not because they could get caught but because he wanted Majima to proceed. He rested his head against the wall again, trying to just not think.

Majima pulled down his briefs and gave a little scream. “Oh my, Kiryu-chan, now I understand why they call you the Dragon of Dojima!” he mocked.

“Fuck off,” Kiryu tried to say but he only could own moan when Majima gave him a tentative lick along his cock. Then another lick followed by a kiss on the tip. And when he thought Majima would keep just teasing him, he felt a wet mouth around his dick, using a hand to cover the part he couldn’t reach.

Kiryu shuddered with pleasure, getting lost in those new sensations.

Majima started sucking slowly, getting used to it. Kiryu moaned softly at every movement. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, using one to grab Majima’s hair, making him hum in approval, sucking harder this time. Then, Majima unbuttoned his own pants and started to touch himself.

Too much for Kiryu to bear.

Kiryu was getting close too soon but he didn’t mind. And the sound of Majima getting undone did the rest.

“I think I’m going to—,” Kiryu tried to warn Majima, but he just ignored him, inviting him to finish.

Kiryu shivered. Feeling his balls tense, trembling under Majima’s touch, he came hard inside his mouth.

“Fuck,” Kiryu couldn’t say anything else. Receiving your first blowjob by a man that called himself his rival was acceptable?

Kiryu wasn’t questioning his life choices at all.

“Wow, that was…interesting,” Majima commented, standing up and making himself presentable. Well, as presentable as he could do, at least. And Kiryu started doing the same.

The most awkward moment of his life.

Kiryu studied him with a lost expression. Did this change anything between them? What were they now? Majima seemed more comfortable than him.

While they both tried to recover their breaths in silence, Majima finally turned his attention to Kiryu.

“Oi, I think I’m going to sleep now,” Majima announced while Kiryu buttoned up his shirt, stopping when he heard a crash.

“What?” Kiryu glanced at Majima to see him already on the ground.

“Majima!” Kiryu went to see what happened and saw him still breathing. He slapped him softly to make him react. “Majima-san, can you hear me?”

“Five minutes more,” Majima murmured, almost unintelligibly.

“Hey, Majima,” Kiryu kept trying to wake him up with no success. He sighed. Surely that wasn’t how he imagined having sex for the first time.

After a while unsuccessfully trying to wake up Majima, he pondered about his possibilities. He couldn’t leave him there just like that, even less after what just happened. And he was his friend. Friend? Whatever, he wouldn’t think about that now.

With resignation, Kiryu picked him up and walked to the street. He looked around. No one. Ok, at least nobody saw them doing….Whatever. He wandered down the street until he found a taxi. However, the driver didn’t seem happy to see him walking in his direction.

“Excuse me, can we come in? My friend is unwell,” he tried to explain. The driver didn’t look convinced until Kiryu showed his wallet full of money.

Kiryu put Majima first in the interior and then he entered, giving his address.

When the taxi driver started the car, Majima moved a little, hugging Kiryu’s arm and resting his head on his shoulder.

“So strong,” Kiryu thought he heard him say. He looked up and saw the driver reflecting on the rearview mirror with an expression of disapproval. That made him feel ashamed. It’s not like the driver could know what just transpired between them but he felt like his privacy wasn’t that private anymore. He tried to disentangle himself from Majima but all his efforts were in vain. So much so that he started doubting Majima slept for real.

They reached the hotel and, dragging Majima out, they finally stepped out of that car. Now he only had to carry Majima to his room. He knew what it would look like and he didn’t want to dwell on that.

Kiryu tried to walk unnoticed in the hall but two grown men with a yakuza appearance could do much for that, even less if one of them carried the other in a bridal way. Why did he make those connections? He just wanted to help a friend, nothing else. Kiryu felt some people looking at them, but he had the determination to ignore it. Why did he have to feel like that?

It was his life. People were so nosy.

They finally arrived at his hotel room door. Luckily, Date had Haruka at his house for that night; he didn’t want to explain this to a child.

Kiryu made Majima lay down in his bed. He seemed ok, just too drunk.

Sighing again he decided that it’d be better to remove his clothes. He preferred that if they were going to sleep together. Sleep together? Kiryu thought. He should stop drinking and, for now, he needed to rest. He could think about what he was doing with his life another day.

After removing all his clothes except for his underwear, because he wouldn’t take that off, he observed Majima’s face, his eye patch still in place. Should he leave it there? He would be lying if he pretended to not be curious about it, but that would be an invasion of his privacy and he didn’t want that. Maybe they had shared something intimate but that stood on another level. Perhaps Majima would feel uncomfortable with it but he wouldn’t remove it without his permission.  Then, he glanced at the other eye, still with the mark he left there, making Kiryu feel guilty all over again.

He really needed a rest.

Without much more thinking, Kiryu got dressed in sweatpants and laid down beside Majima, trying to leave space between them.

He wouldn’t sleep well.

Chapter Text

Majima turned around to hug the pillow. Except it wasn't a pillow but a person. A big one. A man? Majima felt very awake right now. He had the biggest headache but, at least, the light couldn’t bother him; someone had closed the curtains. Surely not his doing, he never cared enough for that.

What the fuck happened yesterday? He looked under the sheets, exposing his almost naked body. Then, he looked carefully at the person lying beside him, finding a man. A very muscular one with a big irezumi of a dragon.

That dragon.

Majima shuddered, his brain not working anymore.




He didn’t remember anything from yesterday. Well…yes, they spent the night drinking at Earth Angel’s and then… a blur. He couldn’t tell dream from reality. But, obviously, they were sleeping together. In the same bed. Why? He did remember something but…that couldn’t be it. It didn’t make sense. Clearly, it had to be a dream. Or maybe he was still dreaming.

Carefully, he got up from the bed, trying not to wake up Kiryu. He needed to flee right now. He didn’t like not remembering. And what if that did happen? No, no, no, it couldn’t be.

He surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings to find his clothes. He found them neatly placed over a chair; definitely, he didn’t undress alone. Trying not to picture that scene in his mind, Majima rushed to get them on. He looked at Kiryu before leaving, still fast asleep.


Turning around, he slowly opened the door and escaped without second thoughts. Ok. That wasn’t the best way to act but he couldn’t do anything better. What could he do? Stay and have a meaningless conversation about the weather while ignoring the need to ask about what the fuck happened? He couldn’t confront Kiryu. Not right now. Not after…what? Maybe nothing transpired between them and he was just overreacting.

To be fair, he had all the reasons to do so. It was Kiryu whom he was thinking about. He had never been interested in him and he had Yumi now.

Being honest with himself, he wasn’t opposed to the idea. Or maybe the alcohol in his veins confused him. And yet, there he was, running away.  He felt too old for this shit.

Walking down the halls from the hotel, he sent a message to Nishida to pick him up. Maybe he would just say a different direction; he didn’t want to imply anything by having him come to the exact hotel where Kiryu was staying. He just ignored all the people giving him looks and went outside.

The sun made him uncomfortable, too much noise in the street… This hangover felt epic. He could use a second eye patch right now.

Majima walked for some minutes to the place he’d randomly told Nishida, totally not thinking about Kiryu, finding his captain already there. That was quick, he thought.

“You’re late!” Majima complained, entering the car. He knew it wasn’t true but he still had a character to maintain.

“Yes, sir, sorry sir,” Nishida apologized, nervously. Obviously, Nishida knew his boss wasn’t right but he still went along with it. That was why Majima liked him.

Nishida started the car without any more talking, and Majima appreciated that, using the silence to think. He really didn’t want to reflect about that but he supposed he had to. But, about what? He had never drunk that much to forget an entire night. He didn’t find it useful having that many demons and he didn’t know what could happen if he wasn’t in control.

But then, there was Kiryu. Majima always flirted at him. And Kiryu always kicked his ass after that. Well, maybe because he basically asked for a fight every time, but that was still the result. Kiryu never did anything to show interest in him but…what did Majima want? He never had a plan in case Kiryu responded positively to his flirtations. He didn’t think that could be possible. But then, why did he do it? He found it funny, he would admit it. Teasing Kiryu was one of his favourite pastimes. And he did like being with him, fighting with him… Yes, he did like Kiryu. Like a friend.


He couldn’t think straight. Hehhigh five, brain, he thought and smiled to himself for that joke.

“Oi, Nishida,” Majima called.

“Yes, sir?” he answered, quickly.

“Ya like men?” Majima asked as though nothing happened. Maybe he could clear his own head with his help. In part, he had always played with the possibility but never acted over it to prove it real; too many things could go wrong in this case.

“What!? What do you mean, sir?” Nishida seemed distressed. That made Majima laugh.

“Y’know, like you would like a woman.”

“I…I don’t think so, sir.” Nishida made a face. “Why do you ask that, sir?”

“Don’t be nosy!” Majima reprimanded.

“Y—yes, sir.” Nishida bent his head a little but enough to keep his eyes on the road.

“But dunno, I‘m just curious,” Majima said, shrugging and looking through the window. Nishida wouldn’t be helpful. And before he started to be suspicious, he would just drop the matter.

“Did someone tell you anything…about me?” Nishida wondered suddenly, visibly stressed.

Majima frowned. Well, at least he didn’t think they were talking about him.

“Nah, don’t worry, you aren’t in any trouble,” Majima reassured. Nishida seemed more relaxed after that. The only one there with a problem was himself.

Looking at the cars passing by, trying to think about something different, he noticed they were heading to the Tojo headquarters.

“Why are we goin’ there?” Majima protested.

“Sir, you have a meeting there.” Nishida stated, still a little agitated from before.

“Oh, fuck.” He totally forgot. Great. He had to see Kiryu today after…that.

Fucking fantastic.

He took something for his hangover and mentally prepared himself for the day.




Kiryu woke up having the headache he expected. Flashes of last night started to come to his mind. Did that happen for real? He turned around to find his bed empty.

“Majima?” Kiryu called, only to be answered with complete silence.

Did he imagine everything or did Majima simply just leave? The other side of the bed was unmade, that meant something. He looked at his phone and nothing. Well, that was rude. But then, what did he expect? Them playing pool, the thing that happened in the alley... It was a really awkward situation.

Feeling really tired, he went to the bathroom and washed his face. And then he saw it. He had a bite mark on his neck, one difficult to hide. Kiryu sighed. If he wanted any proof that his memories were real, there he had it. A very visible reminder and everyone would be able to see it. He tried to think of excuses to avoid today’s meeting. In the end, he didn’t feel great but he had to be professional. To rebuild the Tojo from its ashes he needed his whole attention on it. And being in this position was only his fault; he couldn’t avoid his responsibilities.

Determined to carry on, Kiryu took a shower, ate something and called Date to find out how Haruka was doing, promising him that he would spend the afternoon with her.

On his way to the headquarters, he couldn’t avoid the subject he had been having on his mind all morning: Majima. What should they do? The only thing that felt reasonable was to keep it secret. They didn’t need to share it with anyone; it was their private life which only concerned both of them. This thing wasn’t exactly prohibited but that didn’t mean people accepted it. And he already had enough problems.

It was what it was, and that was a mess.

Some worry still lurked in his mind because he did like what had happened. He felt embarrassed but… No, he needed to ignore it. For the sake of everyone, he had to focus on the Tojo, Haruka and…Yumi.  Kiryu closed his eyes at that thought. Why did he do that? Why did he have to complicate his life even more? He couldn’t deny he might like Majima but that wasn’t ok. Was it? He had never been good with those things. He shouldn’t think more about it. Surely, Majima felt the same turmoil. After all, he ran away and Kiryu pretended it didn’t bother him. At all.




The meeting went…badly. They had new projects and, after some fighting, they reached an agreement about the line of work. Only Koji Shindo, the new patriarch of the Nishikiyama family, got confrontational against Kiryu. But he expected that. Things couldn’t ever go smoothly in the Tojo clan, apparently.

But the problems didn’t end there, of course. Kiryu avoided looking at Majima during the entire meeting and he did exactly the same. At least, he wasn’t being combative and Kiryu appreciated it. He was used to a more feral Majima but, right now, he just saw a shy man who avoided making eye contact or even talking to him directly. Kiryu had been expecting a fight and he ran into this. That thought alone made him shudder. And to make things worse, the awkwardness that loomed between them felt so obvious that even Kashiwagi seemed to notice; he was aware of every bit of their interactions, or rather, the lack thereof. It even felt like Kashiwagi knew something had happened, but it was impossible.

Or Kiryu hoped that.

At least, the meeting came to an end and Kiryu could almost be free, walking directly to his office. He needed to talk to Kashiwagi and then, he would leave to have a fun and an unproblematic afternoon with Haruka.

A knock on the door startled him. It was too soon for Kashiwagi to come.

“Come in,” Kiryu said.

Majima appeared behind the door, looking really tired. Kiryu gulped.

“Oh, Majima-san, please, take a seat.” Thousands of thoughts were racing in Kiryu’s mind. He wasn’t really prepared for this now.

Majima walked slowly to sit in the chair that Kiryu had pointed, his eye on the floor and his hand behind his neck. Seeing Majima like that made him distressed.

“Sorry I left this morning,” he apologised directly, finally looking at him.

If Kiryu still had doubts about what happened, now it felt real.

“Yeah, don't worry.” He really didn't know what to say, he had never been in this position. Kiryu took a long breath trying to prepare for the conversation that was ready to happen. The headache he woke up with getting worse.

“I just... Don't know why I was there...”

“Well, I—,” Kiryu hesitated.

“Kiryu-chan,” Majima interrupted him, with an uncertainty in his voice. “Why was I in your hotel room this morning?” he finally asked. He scratched his scalp, trying to figure out what happened and it was almost cute. And he said ‘room’, no ‘bed’. Clearly, Majima was avoiding the matter too.

“Ah…” Kiryu felt uneasy. Should he mention them playing pool too? “Well…, you fainted and since I don’t know where you live, I took you with me”, he explained, trying to dodge the central point.

“But why?” Majima insisted, not understanding anything.

“Don’t you remember?” Kiryu enquired, a little confused.

“Not much,” Majima answered, still dazed. “I remember I drank a lot.” At least he said that with a smirk. “But nothin’ else,” he added after a pause.


He didn’t remember anything.

He didn’t remember anything.


He was screwed. Was that better? Was this thing going to be uncomfortable? Should he even tell him? Or…did he even really want to do that? Did he take advantage of him? A sudden nausea threatened him. He could feel every heartbeat, thumping; all night flashing before his eyes.

Majima was still looking at him with impatience, waiting for an answer. Didn’t he really…? A long and uncomfortable silence lingered between them.

“Did I bite you?” Majima asked when he saw no reaction from Kiryu, who was still trying to decide if he should confess.

“Oh?” Kiryu touched his neck. He didn’t manage to hide it, being there for everyone to see. The physical proof he kept a secret. “Yeah, we had a fight.” Sort of. He didn’t say more.

Majima didn’t seem convinced but he didn’t push further. “So, what happened? You ain’t answerin’.”

“You fainted, so I took you with me. You were really drunk,” Kiryu tried to say convincingly. And well, it was partly true.

“That’s it?” Apparently it didn’t work.

“Yeah. Why do you ask?” Kiryu couldn’t believe he really didn’t remember anything.

“Well, I thought that…” Majima looked at Kiryu, stopping in mid-sentence. “Nah, it’s somethin’ stupid. Surely, it was just another dream,” he commented with a smirk.

Another dream? What did that mean?

“Never mind!” Majima stood up, seeming more relaxed. At least, Kiryu dodged this bullet. More or less. But he felt really awful, did he take advantage of him? He wondered again. He didn’t want to think about it, but now it was settled. Nothing happened between them. It was for the best, really. Anything else would have been a problem.

“It was just somethin’ stupid! But ya don’t wake up every day in the bed with yer boss, huh?” He joked, touching Kiryu’s shoulder, getting back to his flirty tone. His usual self again. Was that good? Kiryu couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable, but he did his best to not show that on his face.

“Ya ok?” Majima asked with a worried expression, still touching him.

He didn’t do a great job pretending everything was ok.

“Oh, yeah,” Kiryu tried to dismiss. “You just moved too much in bed.” At least, that was right; Kiryu thought Majima had nightmares almost all night.

Majima stared at him, shocked.

Shit. That sounded strange.

“I don’t mean in that way,” Kiryu rushed to explain. “Surely they were just nightmares.”

Majima made a strange gesture but finally got eased, curling his lips. Kiryu gazed into his eye. Majima always seemed a little sad if you lingered enough. And that made him feel bad again. Should he tell him the truth?

They stood there in silence for a moment until Majima dropped his hand and started to walk to the door.

“See ya later, Kiryu-chan!”

Majima closed the door and Kiryu felt like he could breathe again. What was he doing? He needed to stop drinking that much. The only “good” thing from this was that Majima couldn’t spread any rumours, he thought.

Well, time to keep moving.

He did some work; he read some papers that were waiting for him over his table but, mostly, he looked around, waiting for Kashiwagi to come.

Rain started falling, making a rhythmic sound over the windows. Kiryu closed his eyes and tried to relax. Everything was ok now, like they were before. He didn’t have to worry anymore. But then, why was he still thinking about this?

Another knock on the door. Kiryu didn’t notice that much time had passed.

“Come in,” Kiryu called.

Kashiwagi entered the room, with some files in his hand. Kiryu realized he would probably need to read that too and for real this time.

They both worked over them for a long time, talking about the specifics. Kiryu felt happy to have experience in real estate; it wasn’t something he loved but, at least, he had enough knowledge to not be completely helpless.

Kiryu noticed how Kashiwagi was observing him, waiting for something specific. But what, he didn’t know. And, to be honest, he didn’t want to; he just wanted to go and spend the afternoon doing something with Haruka and finally relax.

“So,” Kashiwagi started, inevitably. Kiryu turned, glancing at him. “Am I correct to assume that you and Majima have solved your…problems?” he finally asked. The way he pronounced that was a little bit suspicious.

“Yeah, we did,” Kiryu answered, trying to avoid the subject.

“And that bite in your neck?” Kashiwagi kept going, pointing at the mark. Kiryu tried to hide it but it was useless now.

“Nothing important.”

“You shouldn’t go that way.” Kashiwagi said with a serious tone.

Now Kiryu was pissed off. “What way?”

“It’s not something you should do,” Kashiwagi commented, adamant to speak in riddles. “You should focus on Yumi. She is a great woman, she even helped the Tojo. She will be good for you.”

“I haven’t said anything different,” Kiryu protested. Where was this coming from?

“And yet,” Kashiwagi pointed at his bite mark again, “You are doing something that you shouldn’t.”

Kiryu furrowed his brow, not wanting to acknowledge what they were talking about. “What do you mean?”

Kashiwagi sighed. “He will make your life troublesome. He is…difficult. Has always been. It’s the last thing you need now. You can’t control him.”

Where did he get these ideas from?

“I don’t want to control him,” Kiryu felt really annoyed.

“It’s not going to end well,” he insisted.

“Just leave it,” Kiryu snapped. “He doesn’t even remember a thing so just…let it go.”

At that, Kashiwagi seemed more relaxed. “Good, that’s for the best. He had enough in his past; there is no need to make things worse for him,” he explained, pleased with the resolution.

Kiryu went silent. How did he notice? Were they being too obvious?

“And how did you—?” Kiryu began.

“What happened between you two? I just guessed. I know you well enough and now you just confirmed. I wasn’t even sure. I hoped I wasn’t.” Kiryu felt like a child again, walking into a trap. “But don’t worry,” he added after a moment. “It isn’t obvious for the rest. For now. So don’t make it, you don’t want them to know.”

Kashiwagi said that in an ominous way, making Kiryu furious.


Tired…when did his life start to be this way?

The ring from his phone stopped the thoughts, a welcome distraction for this awkward moment.

“Yes?” Kiryu picked up.

Kiryu,” Date spoke. “Yumi just woke up.”

Chapter Text

Kiryu stood in front of the hospital main door. Kashiwagi decided to join him and, even after that uncomfortable conversation they had, he welcomed his company. His head was still a little confused and he needed someone to help ground him.

“You should hide that,” Kashiwagi commented, pointing at his bite mark.

“Oh…right,” Kiryu admitted, a little bothered with the punctuation. But he was right, Yumi wouldn’t appreciate seeing that. That was why he needed his advisor here.

Removing his tie, he lifted the shirt collar as usual, hiding it behind the lapels.

While Kashiwagi got the stickers with their names for the visit, Kiryu fidgeted, unsure of what would happen now and how to act. They hadn’t spoken properly in ten years, and what they did the day of the explosion wasn't enough. Yumi declared her love to him after all that time, but he didn’t have the opportunity. And he did love her, of course he did. Just…

Emotions weren’t easy for him.

With everything ready, they walked in silence to her room, Date already waiting for them at the door.

“Date-san, thank you again for letting me know,” Kiryu said with a little bow.

“It’s ok, I’m glad to help.” Date gave him a reassuring smile.

They stood there for a moment not saying anything. Date gave him all the time he needed to prepare, but Kashiwagi seemed impatient. Kiryu didn’t know what to expect or do; ten years ago he wanted to marry her but never did something about it, and before he could, it was too late. Then, he spent all those years in prison and when he got free, she had disappeared. And not only that but he had to deal with new problems: the stolen ten billion yen, Haruka searching for her mother, Yumi helping the Tojo while she and her daughter were threatened by Jingu. And, on top of that, Nishiki and his thirst for power.

Too many events to process.

He couldn’t accept Nishiki as an actual bad man. However, what Kazama told him about their parents... Surely Yumi didn’t need to know the truth about everything, she already had been through enough. Knowing their real family had been murdered by their father figure couldn’t help her. It didn’t help him. And they would never be able to find out the truth of why that happened. Some things were better left like that.

With all those jumbled thoughts tumbling in his mind, he took a breath and entered the room.

The place had white and blue walls and a single bed near to a big window, no light coming from it. Outside, the rain fell in the already dark street. He glanced at Haruka and Yumi, barely illuminated by a small lamp over the table. The girl sat on the bed, beside her mother, and Yumi looked at her, oblivious of how Kiryu stood there. They seemed to be talking about something important; he could see some tears in Haruka’s eyes.

Kiryu walked, making a little noise, enough to let them know his presence there. Haruka was the first one to notice him.

“Ojisan!” she called. Yumi glanced at him rapidly, startled.

Her now longer dark hair framed her pale face, and the ring Kiryu gave to her was still on her finger, too big for her after all this time. Yumi seemed so delighted to see him here. Would she remember him after the coma? He felt ashamed for never coming to visit her, only taking Haruka to the hospital so she could visit her mom.

But he never once entered the room.

He couldn’t fathom why. He told himself he needed time after all the stress that everything caused him. Yumi being alive was enough. But, why didn't he feel the urgency to see her, talk to her? Maybe because he considered himself guilty of this entire situation. Maybe because he could have done something completely different.


The thought of letting Nishiki go to prison to protect her lurked in his mind. But now it was too late for that.  And Kiryu couldn’t know if that would have gone better.

Yumi was here, alive, with all her life ahead full of new opportunities. And that made Kiryu feel useful.

 “You came!” It was the first thing she said, her voice rough, probably from disuse. “Haruka told me you came to visit me every day.” She said like it was the best thing ever. Kiryu glanced at Haruka in confusion, but she just shrugged, curling her lips. This kid was too intelligent for her own good.

“I’m glad you are awake,” Kiryu smiled, ignoring her first comment. He got closer and placed himself on the other side of the bed. “So, how are you feeling?”

“Now much better,” she kept grinning. “The doctor told me I’ll be able to leave in a week.”

A week. That was enough to do all the arrangements. Sort of.

“Hey, Kazuma,” she called him after a pause. “How is everything going? No one wants to tell me.”

Did she remember everything else?

“Don’t worry about that now, Yumi. You need to recover. It’s the only important thing right now.” Kiryu held her hand and she relaxed a little. But deep down Kiryu knew they would need to talk about all the things that happened.

And he didn’t look forward to it.


Kiryu and Haruka stayed there all afternoon. For a short time, Kashiwagi and Date joined them. They kept good company, cheering her up and making her feel cared for. But they insisted about not wanting to disturb, leaving early. When the night came, they said goodbye to Yumi until the next day and left her to rest. Haruka was still a little teary but content to finally talk to her mother and Kiryu wanted to make her feel better.

“Tomorrow we will start looking for a house. What do you think?” Kiryu offered.

“A house?” she asked, confused.

“Yes, for you and Yumi,” he answered, smiling.

“But,” she paused, concerned, “What about you?”

“Me?” Now he was the one perplexed.

“Yes, are you leaving us now?” She looked unhappy with the idea.

“Oh,” Kiryu massaged his neck. “We will see. First, we need to find something for you both,” he insisted.

“But I want you with us and I know mom wants that too.” Kiryu could have melted on the spot. Did Yumi say that?

“I can still visit,” he tried to convince her. Kiryu didn’t know how to make her understand this was something he should talk about with Yumi and not with anyone else.

“But you are always busy…” she looked down, defeated. And Kiryu knew she was right.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do all I can to come and visit you both. I promise you,” he ensured with his most reassuring tone. And he really wanted to; Haruka was an important part of his life now and he couldn’t guess who needed each other more: her or him.


The next day started and it was busy already. Kiryu needed to be at the Tojo headquarters early to solve some problems, sign some papers and talk to Kashiwagi. He surely could help him to get everything ready and find a new house for…them?

The last conversation they had still lingered in his mind but he tried to ignore it. It wouldn’t help him now. He needed to move forward and pay attention to the present matters.

Kiryu would visit Kashiwagi in his office. In his new position, he should be the one receiving visits but he was tired of sitting around not doing anything. He needed some fresh air.

He took the opportunity to wander in the streets of Kamurocho, helping some people in need along the way. Some of them seemed wary, but others who already knew him just were glad to see him again. Surely, everyone knew by now his new position as the Fourth Chairman, giving him a different aura. But he was still the same man.

After a long time walking around doing nothing, just enjoying this recent peace acquired, he finally decided to join Kashiwagi at his office.

A man received him with a bow, telling him Kashiwagi had a visitor already, Yayoi Dojima. Kiryu nodded and walked to the door. It was ajar and, guessing they were waiting for him, Kiryu rested his hand on the doorknob. But, before he could push further, he heard something.  

“How is Daigo?” Kashiwagi asked.

“I don’t really know how to answer that,” Yayoi answered with sadness in her voice.

“Is it that bad?” Kashiwagi wondered, concerned in his tone.

Yayoi sighed. “He has really…” she made a long pause, trying to search for the words. “…changed.” She said finally. Her voice was full of sorrow.

Kiryu didn’t know what they were talking about; he had missed so many things. What happened to Daigo? Surely he couldn’t just ask. Kiryu hadn’t seen Daigo in ten years and he didn’t think he would be happy to see him after what happened with his father. It was true Kiryu didn’t kill Dojima but, did Daigo know that?

“Yeah, prison seems to change people.” Did Kashiwagi say that referring to him? Kiryu didn’t wait to find out.

He pushed the door, startling both of them.

“Kiryu!” Kashiwagi greeted him, looking taken aback. Kiryu just nodded to acknowledge him and bowed to Yayoi.

“You are the chairman now, you don’t need to do that,” she protested.

“But I want to show my respect for you,” Kiryu insisted and no one complained.

Kiryu sat in a chair beside Yayoi, waiting for Kashiwagi to sit on his own.

“So, what did you want?” Kashiwagi went straight to business.

“Do I have to leave?” Yayoi interrupted.

“No, it’s ok. In fact I might need your help too.” Kiryu told her.

“Hmm?” she hummed, interested.

“Do either of you know if Yumi had a place to stay? A house?” Just because he didn’t have one didn’t mean she didn’t either.

“She didn’t. She couldn’t have one.” Kashiwagi was the one answering. “She was hiding so she used different places under our custody. Why?”

“I need to buy a house then. One with three bedrooms. Something nice but not too expensive.” Kiryu announced. Having a house was already a luxury, they didn’t need a big place.

“Oh, sure,” Kashiwagi seemed happy about it. “Something you have in mind?”

“Well, maybe with a garden to keep the dog. Date-san is taking care of him right now but Haruka wants him back.”

“Oooh, so you are going to marry Yumi!” Yayoi assumed. Kiryu didn’t know how much information she had about Yumi and what happened ten years ago, but he wasn’t going to ask.

“Oh,” Kiryu paused, sensing some concern on Kashiwagi’s face. And he knew why. “I didn’t think about it.”

“But, are you going to live together?” Yayoi looked lost.

“Well, maybe for a bit, to help and take care of them,” Kiryu touched his neck, gazing to the ground. He wasn’t comfortable with this questioning.

“Oh, sorry, I thought…” Yayoi said apologetically.

“But Kiryu, you should marry her,” Kashiwagi suggested. Kiryu could guess why he was saying that. “A man of your position should be married. It will show you as a respectable man.” Kiryu could roll his eyes. He didn’t appreciate Kashiwagi pushing his interest onto him.

“Still, that’s something Yumi and I should talk about,” Kiryu stopped him with a firm tone. It was his private life. Why was everyone so obsessed with him getting married? Sure, he loved Yumi but everything felt strange now. Did he deserve her? Should he really marry her?

Too many questions without an easy answer.

“Well, talk to her then. And take my words into consideration,” Kashiwagi remarked before they started looking for a house.




A week had passed since the incident— as Majima liked to call it. In fact, he felt Kiryu was avoiding him. But he knew being the chairman meant having a busy life, a boring life too. He didn’t envy him. And he should add to the mix that little girl and… Well, he didn’t know, Kiryu wouldn’t tell him anything about his life. But still, something weird lingered between them. Ok, they weren’t the best pals ever and Majima wanted to give him some space to recover. In the end, in spite of what everyone thought, he noticed when he wasn’t welcome.

Majima’s eye navigated around his table, bored. He should take care of some stupid business but he couldn’t be bothered. He sighed, looking through the window.

Nothing interesting.

He needed to do something. Maybe a fight, but his family men weren’t interesting enough for him, or strong enough to stand up to him.

He walked to his mini bar to survey all the drinks he still had there. He didn’t stop drinking altogether but he wasn’t indulging that much anymore. Not after last time. The hangover lasted for days and the confusion remained on him. From time to time, he had little flashes, scenes he couldn’t tell if they were real or from a dream. Surely, his active imagination created all that; it just couldn’t be possible. He and Kiryu…? Nah, he was stressing so much over something stupid. And he needed to take care of other important things. He didn’t remember what, but he had Nishida for that.

Well, maybe a little drink wouldn’t hurt anyone. He picked something and sat again on his chair.

He was so fucking bored.

Majima sighed.

The ring from his phone almost made him spill all the liquor over him. He picked up without even looking at the number. He just hoped it was someone trying to scam him so he could have a little fun.

“What?” he snapped.

“Majima-san?” He heard Kiryu’s voice, he could even sense his frown.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan!” Majima almost choked. “What happened?” Something had to, if not, why was he calling?

“Oh…nothing. Just… I need help. I know you are busy, but it’s important.” Was he busy? Majima didn’t need to say that aloud.

“Need me to punch someone? Surely ya can still do that, mister chairman,” he mocked while playing with the half empty glass he was going to use.

“No, no. No violence involved. I just need someone to,” Kiryu made a long pause that made Majima anxious. “…take care of Haruka.” Did he hear correctly? Haruka? The same kid he—

“Yes,” Kiryu seemed to read into his silence. “You weren’t the first option but everyone else is busy right now.”


“So sweet, Kiryu-chan.” Majima replied with a mocking voice. He did understand, really, but still it made him uncomfortable.

“Look, maybe that was a bad idea…”

“No, no, no”, answered Majima rapidly. “It’s ok, I’ll do that.”

There was a long pause and Majima had to check if the call was still on.

“Ok, I’ll send you a message with the meeting place. Don’t be late,” Kiryu warned.

“I never am!” Majima lied.

“Oh, and by any chance…do you have a shirt?” Kiryu wondered.

“What?” That was unexpected.

“A shirt, you know, those things that cover your chest,” Mister Sassy Chairman said.

“I know it will surprise ya but I know what a shirt is,” Majima answered with a smirk. “So, ya have noticed I don’t wear one, huh?” he teased.

“It’s difficult to miss,” his voice sounded embarrassed. “Well, do you have one?” Kiryu asked again, changing the subject.

“Why do I need one?” Majima really wondered why.

A pause.

“Well, I surely can give you a lot of reasons but it’s for…Yumi,” he finally explained.

Yumi? Did she wake up? And was she his…girlfriend? Was she? Majima felt possessive for a moment.

“Why? Are ya scared I’ll steal yer girlfriend?” Majima pestered. He wasn’t trying to pry information. Of course he wasn’t.

Kiryu laughed. That sound made him feel something he wouldn’t admit.

“Exactly that,” Kiryu answered with a smile in his voice, and, of course, avoiding the thing that mattered here.

“Yeah, ok, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you, Majima-no-niisan.” He hung up.

After a minute, he had a message with the meeting point. Majima searched around. He couldn’t find a shirt, and he wasn’t going to ask anyone for one. And Kiryu told him to not be late so he wouldn’t waste his time.

He looked at his jacket and shrugged. “That would do.”


Arriving in time, he saw Kiryu already waiting for him. Kiryu turned around to greet him but he stopped mid-sentence, studying him with a disapproving look on his face.

“Don’t you really have a shirt?” Kiryu didn’t seem really mad about it. In fact, he had a little smile on his lips.


“Haw? I closed the jacket, ain’t that enough? I didn’t even know it had buttons!”

Kiryu looked amused. He rarely saw him smiling and he couldn’t stop now. Was he in good spirits? Was it for him or…?

“I’ll give you one of mine. Let’s go.”

Well, Majima didn’t mind that.

They walked in silence, searching for a taxi. Maybe he was imagining it, but he could sense Kiryu’s tension, perhaps for the concern of leaving him alone with Haruka.

That made him feel guilty.

“Why aren’t you using yer personal driver?” Majima suddenly asked.

“Oh?” that seemed to startle Kiryu. “Well, I don’t want many people knowing where the house is exactly,” he said, glancing away and touching the back of his neck.

Majima wanted to ask if Kiryu trusted him enough for that then, but he didn’t want to push the subject. Maybe that was the reason he was tense.

They finally found a taxi and got in. Kiryu gave the address and the car started moving.

He just hoped everything went smoothly; he was starting to feel anxious. Majima turned his attention to the window and saw Kiryu in its reflection. If he thought Kiryu was tense before, now it was on another level.

“You ok?” Majima asked.

“Hmm? Yes, it’s nothing.” Kiryu dismissed him and then stared at the taxi driver. He looked…pissed off? Why? No, better not to be nosy, he thought.

After a long and uncomfortable trip, they arrived in a quiet neighbourhood. It seemed nice.

And boring.

They left the car and Kiryu made a signal to follow him.

They kept walking in silence. Majima wondered why they were here exactly. He mentioned taking care of Haruka and something about Yumi and a house. He could ask but at the same time it felt intrusive and Kiryu wasn’t in a good mood.

He would know in time anyway.

They stopped before a traditional house. Kiryu opened the first door and they entered a little garden with a dog barking around, welcoming Kiryu. He stopped to pet the dog for a moment and went inside the house.

Majima had never felt more out of place.

“Soooo….” started Majima, trying to get Kiryu’s attention. “This house is yours?” Majima looked around him. The decoration was scarce but everything seemed new.

“Yes,” answered Kiryu. “It’s our house. Yumi’s and mine.”

So they were together. Ok. That didn’t make him feel bad. Or, at least, he tried to convince himself of that.

Whatever, he didn’t know what he was waiting for anyway.

Haruka appeared from upstairs, running.

“Ojisan!” She smiled until she saw Majima.

That didn’t make him feel awful either. At all.

“It’s ok, Haruka.” Kiryu reassured her, watching her reaction.

She started walking down until she reached Kiryu and hugged him. He touched her hair while she stared at Majima. Her expression showed a mix of fear and anger.


“Hey, Haruka-chan!” Majima tried to look sympathetic.

“If you do something bad to ojisan I’ll kill you,” she threatened, still hiding behind Kiryu. It was so sweet.

“Haruka!” Kiryu protested.

“It’s ok,” Majima interrupted. “I got it, we didn’t meet under the best circumstances.”

And that was when he kidnapped her; of course, not the best circumstances.

After a few seconds that felt like hours where Kiryu looked between Majima and Haruka, probably considering his next action, he stopped and focused on her.

“It’s alright, Haruka. I know you both didn’t start in the best way, but he is a friend. He came here to make amends, ok?” Kiryu’s voice was so calm that he almost believed him too.

Haruka didn’t accept it right away but at least didn’t complain further.

“He is going to help you prepare something for Yumi, ok?” That seemed to cheer her up.

“Yes! I want to make her a cake!” She was jumping for joy.

Majima smiled at her and got close to Kiryu’s ear. “I don’t have any idea of cookin’,” he whispered without dropping his grin.

“No problem, she knows how to do it. Just watch her. I don’t want her to start a fire or something. That’s why I needed someone here,” Kiryu explained. Majima wasn’t going to admit that him being there wouldn’t solve that problem, so he just nodded in silence.

“Haruka, stay here for a moment, we will be right back,” Kiryu said while gesturing to Majima to follow him.

Haruka went to watch the TV and they went upstairs. The second floor had the same lack of decorations but it felt cozy nevertheless. In the hallway were three doors in line and Kiryu opened one of them. Once inside, they were received by a dim light, enough to see a big western style bed, some shelves and basically nothing else. He supposed that was his bedroom.

Kiryu opened the closet and started looking in it. There were barely any clothes, so he imagined Yumi still hadn't been released yet.

Kiryu picked up a simple t-shirt and gave it to Majima.

“I guess that would do.”

Majima grabbed it. It was black and soft. It gave him the feeling it wasn’t exactly new but it had barely been worn.

“Why do I really need to wear it?” Majima asked while dropping it over the dresser and started to unbutton his jacket.

“I don’t want Yumi to have a bad impression of you,” he explained, coughing nervously.

“Ok…” He didn’t understand the problem but whatever.

Majima removed his jacket and picked up the shirt. At that moment, he felt Kiryu’s eyes roaming over his exposed body. He didn’t know why, but this whole thing felt too intimate. Trying to ignore the sensation, he got dressed and looked finally at Kiryu who gazed rapidly to the ground.

That was…awkward.

“How do I look?” Majima joked, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Like a normal person,” Kiryu commented with a smirk.

“That’s bad, then.”

Kiryu smiled again and headed to the first floor. Majima sighed heavily, took the jacket with him and followed Kiryu. Part of him screamed to run away and the another part— the masochist one— told him to stay and see how this unfolded.

Haruka jumped very excited to start the cooking and Majima beamed at her trying to look nice. At least he could try.

“I’ll be back in two hours or so.” Kiryu announced.

Majima nodded and, after a moment, they were left alone.

Speaking about uncomfortable situations, Haruka still was wary of him and he didn’t blame her.

“Sooooooo, whaddaya wanna do?” Majima said while clapping his hands.

“Let’s prepare the cake!” Haruka screamed, running at what he supposed was the kitchen.


In the end, it wasn’t that difficult. Haruka really knew what she had to do and Majima felt embarrassed because he probably would have been the one starting a fire. He helped her in what he could, like bringing her something from the fridge or grabbing things from the upper shelves. She seemed happy with it and that was enough.

Maybe he could try to learn something from her.

After an hour or so, everything was ready. She even made some sandwiches with cute forms and he took mental notes; he had to replicate that. To whom, he didn’t know.

When they finished or rather, when she did, they stood there, awkwardly in silence.

“Do ya wanna do somethin’ else? Play somethin’, watch TV?” Majima tried.

“Hmmm, maybe we can watch something on TV,” she suggested.

“Yeah, sure.” That sounded easy. They both took a seat on the couch and Majima turned on the TV.

“What do ya wanna watch?”

Haruka seemed hesitant to answer.

“Can we…watch some boxing?” she asked, looking at the ground.

“Yeah…wait, say what? Boxin’? Don’t kids like…dunno…kid’s stuff?” Majima was wondering if that would be troublesome. He didn’t mind but he couldn’t know what Kiryu thought. Even less, Yumi.

“Ojisan let me watch it,” she explained.

Majima, not being too sure about that, searched that on the TV. Lie or not, it seemed the easiest solution.

To Majima’ surprise, Haruka really knew about fights. But he didn’t know why since it was obvious; she had seen enough of that in the last months. At least she wasn’t traumatized about it. Or didn’t look like it.

They both started to comment on the punches someone threw and how the other dodged and the uppercut that should have landed. They had fun and the tension started to disappear. Haruka seemed comfortable and Majima didn’t dislike at all his decision to come here.

He could even like the idea of doing this again.




After three long hours waiting for the doctor to release Yumi, it was finally happening. The doctors informed him about her condition, everything being perfectly fine. Even her memory. At least, he didn’t have to explain all the events she found herself involved in to her. In fact, he couldn’t help her with that. He barely knew anything.

Maybe she would be the one to tell him what happened during those ten years.

He didn’t like hospitals. He visited them too many times for his line of work but being there for someone else felt worse. And bothersome for all the paperwork that had to be done.

Yumi finally appeared wearing a big coat for the cold he had bought for her. She was still pale and very slim, but already looking better.

Kiryu ran to hold and help her to walk.

“Thank you, Kazuma,” she smiled at him. “So, where are we going? Why isn’t Haruka here?”

“She wanted to surprise you. And well, me too. I wanted to do something nice for you both.” In fact, Kiryu didn’t ask her about the house, if she liked the idea or not. He just did it. He supposed it was the right thing to do, wanting to take responsibility for everything that happened. He just didn’t know how to say that; wording his thoughts always felt difficult.

So action it was.

“I bought us a house,” he announced, fearing to be rejected.

Yumi stopped walking. “What?!” she was smiling. Phew. “But why?”

Oh, wasn’t that obvious?

“You deserve it after everything. You need to rest and recover all the lost time with your daughter. I’ll take care of you.”

“That’s so romantic, Kazuma,” she had tears in her eyes. Yumi looked like she wanted to hug him but she restrained herself. Was it amorous? He didn’t think about it.

“It has three bedrooms, so don’t worry about my intentions,” he added.

That seemed to shock her a little but she stayed quiet.

They took a taxi in silence, too many emotions washing over them. She seemed pleased but tired and Kiryu wasn’t a talkative person anyway. He just used that time to think about Majima and Haruka. He really hoped they were getting along. Majima could have called him in case of trouble but he didn’t. Kiryu checked the phone to be sure and nothing.

Surely everything was ok.


They arrived at the house, already in the cold of the night. He opened the door and the dog was still outside.

“It’s Haruka’s dog”, he explained.

“Oh, Kazuma, this is beautiful.” She looked around and Kiryu smiled.

Yumi seemed happy with the place.

Then, they heard some laughter. Kiryu felt relieved but concerned about the neighbours possibly complaining about the noise.

Kiryu opened the door, letting the dog in, and they both took off their shoes, walking to the sitting room.

Haruka jumped up at them when she heard the door opening.

“Mom!” She went to hug her with finesse but Yumi stopped her. Kiryu thought she was surely still in pain. Haruka looked affronted; nevertheless she accepted it. She was a smart kid.

Yumi was still looking around her new house, until she noticed the other man in the room.

Kiryu glanced at Majima, who was getting up, seeming uncomfortable. He couldn’t resist smiling at him.

“This is Majima-san, a friend,” Kiryu introduced to Yumi.

Yumi studied him and nodded. “I think I’ve seen him before.”

“Probably,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu hoped it wasn’t in any bad situation.

The TV was still on, screaming coming from it. The noise of a fight.

“Is that…boxing?” Yumi asked, unamused.

“Oh…yes, mom. I told him to watch that.” Haruka was trying to protect Majima. Kiryu didn’t expect that. They really bonded, huh? He thought.

“Isn’t that a little…violent for a kid?” Yumi commented, looking at Kiryu.

“I think it’s a bit late for that,” Majima sneered, walking towards them, with his jacket in hand.

Yumi just ignored him and went to turn the TV off. “I’ll sit if you don’t mind. I’m a little tired.” She and Haruka took a seat on the couch. Kiryu could see how Haruka apologized to her mother and Yumi reassured her that it wasn’t her fault. Maybe the one in trouble was him. Or maybe Majima.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Majima was behind Kiryu, turning around to face him.

“Don’t worry, I let her watch that too,” Kiryu whispered in cahoots.

Majima laughed at that. “Good luck then.”

For a moment they stood there, looking at each other without saying anything, the dog circling them. In the background, he could hear Yumi and Haruka talking cheerfully. It really felt like they were in two different places.

It was…awkward.

“You can stay if you want,” Kiryu suddenly told Majima.

“Nah, it’s ok. I don’t like family reunions.” Majima didn’t meet his eyes, trying to smile but failing at it. There was something wrong. Was he sad?

“Well, thank you for your help, Majima-no-niisan.” Kiryu made a little bow and Majima showed embarrassment.

“Don’t do that, Kiryu-chan, you’re the boss,” he attempted to joke.

“But you are still my senior and I appreciate your assistance,” he bowed again. Kiryu thought it was weird to be Majima’s boss, being younger than him. Was Majima uncomfortable with that?

“Can I do something to compensate you?” Kiryu wondered after a second. He wanted to make something up for him.

Majima was putting his jacket over the shirt he had loaned him. He wouldn’t recover that, right?

“Hmmm,” Majima touched his chin, thinking. “I might have somethin’ in mind,” he playfully commented. “A thing only you can do.” His tone sounded really suggestive.

Kiryu froze for an instant. Was he referring to…? Did he remember? Maybe that was why he seemed uncomfortable.

He hoped Majima wasn’t about to drop an innuendo in front of everyone. But he always did, didn’t he?

“A fight!” Majima clarified, really excited. Kiryu felt he could breathe again. “A passionate, manly battle!” Well, maybe he couldn’t.

“A what?” Yumi asked in the background, looking really concerned.

“Don’t worry, it’s ok.” Kiryu tried to calm her down. When he turned again, he saw Majima opening the door, glancing at Kiryu one last time before going.

Kiryu felt a pang in his stomach. Why did he feel this way?

“Are you in trouble?” Yumi insisted.

“No, mom, it’s ok, they do that all the time. They are always fighting.” Haruka commented absently, picking up the TV controller. “Once he kidnapped me to start a fight but after that, he got stabbed to save ojisan!”

Haruka seemed to find that a funny story to tell.

But Kiryu didn’t.

In that moment, he wanted to explode into a thousand pieces and disappear. He hadn’t thought about telling her. It was too complicated even for him to understand. In fact, he still didn’t understand it. Why did Majima kidnap Haruka? Just to fight him or something related to the ten billion yen? Anyway, now it was in the past.

Well, it used to be.

“He, what!?” Kiryu didn’t know if she was angry, annoyed, scared or maybe all of them.

“It’s—,” Kiryu started, getting interrupted.

“You left him alone with her after that?”

“I—,” he tried again.

“Something could have happened!” Yumi was furious.

“Well, it’s not—,” he sighed, getting closer to them.

“Yumi, I understand your worry, but there is no problem. He works for me now and I trust him with my life. Everything is alright. That happened under different circumstances.” He wasn’t going to explain them or he would screw things even more. “I promised you both to protect you and I will.”

Haruka looked at him apologetically. Kiryu nodded to let her know he understood. She was a kid after all. A child that had seen a lot of crimes for her age, but still a child.

“Kiryu, you don't need to protect me that much…” Yumi told him, looking tired. Kiryu didn’t understand what she meant.

“Ok, I’m sorry,” Yumi accepted after an awkward moment. “I’m just scared this nightmare hasn’t ended. We’ve lost so much already…” Her eyes were teary and Kiryu didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t good at doing these things.

“Haruka, did you prepare the cake?” he tried to change the subject with something happier.

“Oh, yes,” Haruka jumped up and went running to the kitchen. Kiryu took a seat beside Yumi and touched her shoulder. She hugged him and started crying.

“I’m so sorry, Yumi. All this is my fault.” And it was.

“It’s not,” she wiped her tears.

Kiryu wanted to say she didn’t need to lie, but maybe it would be better to drop it. She needed to rest.

Haruka appeared at that moment with the cake, putting it on the table.

“Let’s just enjoy the day, huh?” Kiryu suggested with a little smile and Yumi nodded.

The three of them sat together enjoying the evening. Haruka and Yumi kept talking and Kiryu was happy. At least, he could reunite them. Everything was still complicated but, now, they had each other.

He just needed to find a way to make things easier.




Majima walked down the streets towards Kamurocho. He didn’t want to take a taxi, he needed to move. He was starting to feel uneasy.

And cold.

He was glad to have that shirt with him but he wouldn’t admit that to anyone, even less to Kiryu.

He needed to relax and, when he lit a cigarette, it started raining.


He wasn’t sure why he felt like that but he didn’t want to think about it.

Some things were better ignored.

Maybe he felt like that for the family he would never have; or maybe because he made the night a little more difficult for Kiryu.

Perhaps it was something else.

Whatever it was, he would just swallow his pain and keep walking.

Chapter Text

Some days had passed since Kiryu moved to the new house. It felt like having a real family and it soothed the pain he had. He still woke up in the middle of the night having nightmares, memories of that day. All his bad decisions followed him even when he tried to rest. But he deserved it.

He knew he did.

Trying to clear his mind, he took a shower and went to the kitchen to have something for breakfast. Yumi and Haruka were already having theirs, seeming really happy. Yumi felt better now; she cut her hair again and the pain was disappearing slowly. He had to remind himself that, at least, he could give them a second chance.

Kiryu still found strange this entire situation; he never thought he would be able to find some bliss and even less in this domestic way. But he really appreciated having them with him.

Yumi and Kiryu barely talked about the past and he understood that. It felt better not to pay attention to all the bad things that happened. He accepted the fact he might never know the whole story. Maybe she wanted to keep all that for herself. Surely, it could be awkward to explain how she ended in all that mess.

Kiryu took a bowl of rice and some already cold fish and sat at the table without interrupting. He looked between them: Haruka was really excited, telling her mom everything she had missed and Yumi paid attention to all what she had to say. Something really endearing.

His eyes roamed over Yumi still getting used to her new appearance, stopping on the tattoo on her chest. Kiryu never thought she would have one made. For him, she was still that sweet girl who he fell in love with. But he had to admit she really had changed. He had in front the same wonderful woman, however, now lurked some bitterness. He couldn’t blame her. She had been through a lot and ten years could change a person. That made him think about all the time he had lost; Kiryu wished he could have been there with her.

Protect her.

He did fail in that.

“Hey,” Yumi called, smiling. Kiryu averted his eyes from her tattoo, a little embarrassed. She caught him looking. Did she have the impression he was checking her out? That felt really inappropriate for him. “You seem distracted.” She noted.

“Yeah…I didn’t sleep well,” he admitted, still a little ashamed.

Yumi stood up and stopped behind him, massaging his back. Kiryu tensed at the contact.

“Can I do something to help you?” Her voice sounded suggestive and Kiryu didn’t know what to do with it.

“No.” Kiryu said too quickly. Yumi stopped the rubbing, a little taken aback.

“Oh,” she dropped her arms. “So, are we going to the cemetery today?” she looked puzzled, a little shaken.

Kiryu felt awkward too. Should he apologize for that? But, for what? He didn’t do anything, really, but he felt guilty anyway.

“Yes, if you are ok with that.” He welcomed the change of subject.

“Yes, I couldn’t say my goodbyes to Kazama-san,” she caressed her arm, not knowing what to do with her hands.

Kiryu hadn’t told her the whole story. He didn’t know if it was a good idea; she already had suffered enough and, in the end, Kazama just did the best for them. It didn’t feel necessary to open old wounds. He would prefer not to think about why Kazama had to kill their parents. All of them. He took care of them, of Yumi, Nishiki… He acted like his true father, trying to right his wrongs and he wouldn’t dirty his memory now. Even less for how regretful Kazama seemed when he told Kiryu the truth. Maybe, Kazama found himself in a difficult position and he couldn’t do better.

Whatever it was, they couldn’t do anything now.

“And after that, you have to go to the headquarters, right?” Yumi interrupted his thoughts.

“Yes,” he almost forgot about the meeting. It would be a living hell.

“Can we accompany you there?” She requested.

That took Kiryu by surprise. “Why?”

“I want to talk with Kashiwagi-san.”

“Oh, yes, sure,” she didn’t offer more information and he didn’t want to ask. Obviously, Yumi had her own reasons after all the effort she did for the Tojo Clan.


Snow covered the tombs, but they still could find the right ones. Nishiki’s and Kazama’s. Kiryu hadn’t visited them until now, not having the strength for it. He hoped they could forgive him.

Haruka was holding both of their hands, standing in the middle of them, quiet. That day felt somber and she could notice. They both needed this moment to heal, to pray for their loved ones and to be able to keep with their own lives. Just part of the process to heal.

Yumi stopped before Kazama’s tomb with Haruka and Kiryu walked alone to the Nishiki one. He really missed his friend, his kyodai, the only person who really knew him. When Kiryu got out of prison, he naively thought everything would be like before. Time really hadn’t passed for him. Something really stupid; he saw that now. He was the only one who got stuck in time, frozen for ten years, just waiting for his release. And for what? At least, Yumi hadn’t abandoned him but Nishiki… He was a good friend in the end, sacrificing himself for the rest. And now, Kiryu couldn’t let him down; he has to try somehow.

They never had the opportunity to talk like they used to do for one last time and that hurt him. He wished he could have a new opportunity. Yet, he knew better than dwelling on delusional thoughts.

When Kiryu finished, he joined Yumi and Haruka. Kiryu had in mind everything Kazama taught him and how hard he tried to stop him from joining the Yakuza. He kind of regretted his decision now, understanding why he didn’t want this life for Kiryu.

He had the time to make his prayers for his father, but Yumi never went to Nishiki’s tomb.

“Are you ok?” Kiryu asked in a soft voice, startling Yumi anyway. She seemed lost in thoughts.

“Yes, I’m just…” Yumi couldn’t find any words to express herself.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to if you don’t want,” he didn’t say what. Still, Yumi understood, nodding her head.

“It’s just,” Yumi glanced at him, “I don’t know. He is the one to blame for why we are in this situation…And then me and that night and….Dojima.” She looked furious, not looking at him anymore.

Kiryu gulped. Maybe there was a good reason why they never talk about the past. It felt too much to bear. What could he say to that?

“It’s not your fault. Neither is Nishiki’s. We can’t control what happened in our lives, but we have to accept it and keep going.” Yumi shouldn’t carry the blame for that. She didn’t deserve that.

Yumi gave him a bitter smirk. “You say that like it was so easy to accept.”

“I know it’s not, I still have to learn that myself.” Kiryu remembered Majima not giving up on him, trying to make him get stronger to be able to face what he had ahead. Kiryu smiled to himself. Probably, Majima didn’t give the usual support that someone would search when they felt down, but he still helped by giving him what he really needed.

Majima taught him to stand up and keep going.

Yumi shook her head, bringing Kiryu back from his memories. “I just hate the idea that Nishikiyama did all this for me…it’s…I can’t take it.”

Kiryu understood that, she was in a delicate position as he was now. “It’s ok,” he rested his hand over her shoulder and she touched his hand, caressing him.

She seemed to appreciate his words, but anything he could say would fix this for her.

“Well, if you are done here, we can go now,” she told, trying to focus in other matters.

Kiryu nodded and walked with them to the exit. Better if they left things be; he wouldn’t try to convince her Nishiki was a good man and she wouldn’t put him against his friend.

In the meantime, he made a call to have a ride to the Tojo headquarters. It felt wrong to go there after visiting their family’s tombs, but he didn’t have a choice there.


After some minutes, a limousine arrived. Kiryu had prepared some bodyguards for Yumi. Yayoi advised him to hire two women, so she would feel safe. Yumi opposed to the idea at first, but being with him in the same room could be problematic; Kiryu just wanted her to be watched over. And Haruka needed protection too, finally being her the reason why Yumi accepted.

They entered the car, already occupied with the two bodyguards, and they headed to their destiny in silence. Haruka looked distracted with the views. Seeing her sitting alone around adults made him feel bad. She needed to have friends of her age. None of these places was one for a kid, even less surrounded by people like them.

“Can I watch the boxing match later?” Haruka suddenly asked, after being quiet all day. She still seemed troubled after that day with Majima; Kiryu could understand why.

“Haruka…I don’t want you to be more exposed to violence. You already have had enough.” Yumi argued.

“But this is fun, it’s just a sport!” Haruka begged, making a pouty face.

Yumi sighed. “Ok, but don’t stay up too late.” Haruka beamed and resumed playing with the windows in the car.

Kiryu smiled at himself. He didn’t think why Yumi found it problematic, after all, Haruka could see the difference between real violence and a sport.

Sadly, she had been too exposed to that.

When the vehicle stopped, the driver opened the door and all of them got out. The two bodyguards escorted Yumi and her daughter to his office and Kiryu walked towards the meeting room.

He just hoped he could dismiss the reunion soon.


Kiryu entered the room with everyone already in place. Shindo and Yayoi sat side by side and he could feel the disgust in her face. Kashiwagi nodded at him in silence and Majima smiled maniacally at his direction.

Yes, everything looked like always.


“Fourth Chairman!” called one of the patriarchs. He still didn’t know the name and it would be better to keep that secret. “This new blood is pretending to impose their rules on us!” He screamed. pointing at the newest men there, Uematsu and Ibuchi. At least, he knew those two.

Kiryu didn’t know what they were talking about but he wouldn’t ask either.

Uematsu got up, angry. “Because this is how we got stronger! I don’t care about who is the older here, if you can’t do anything for the clan, you are pointless. Let the ones who know how this works play the game!”

“You have to respect the rules! You can’t just walk over the older families. You need to understand your place.” The patriarch of unknown name started walking towards Uematsu, but Ibuchi stopped him.

“You are the one who should know when to shut up. My family and theirs are the ones who contributed more financially to the clan, which need a special treatment in moments like this.” He seemed really calm, really confident in himself.

“Kashigawi-san should be the next Clan Captain,” Yayoi proposed. Kiryu looked at the chair to his right, still empty. Ah, that, he thought.

“I’m already his advisor,” he argued.

“Then…Majima-san, I guess. He is one of the oldest here and his family is the most powerful,” Yayoi suggested. Kashiwagi made a face at that.

Kiryu did know why.

“What? This crazy dog? Then, we could just admit the Tojo is lost,” Shindo protested. That pissed off Kiryu. How he dare to…?

He glanced at Majima, who didn’t react at all. In fact, he seemed really bored.

“The clan needs to be reformed and we, the ‘new ones’, can bring a better future. And we are still the only one showing more profit than any of you, old guard. I propose Uematsu-san for the seat.” Ibuchi kept that relaxed demeanour while saying all of this. It sounded off for Kiryu.

“You have to show respect to us!” someone shouted in the background.

“I will when any of you are worthy of it.”

In that moment, all the patriarchs stood up clamouring for blood. The only ones still in their chairs were Yayoi, Kashiwagi and Majima, to his surprise.

“Enough!” Kiryu ordered with a threatening tone, enough to stop all of them. “Things don’t work like this.” Everyone sat again. Maybe they didn’t respect him as a chairman but they did as a fighter. The atmosphere felt charged and Kiryu was losing his patience. “Majima-san here is the best candidate for that position,” Kiryu saw Majima beaming, proud of himself.

Right now, he really appreciated that no one knew what happened between them; this way he wouldn’t have to explain himself. He didn’t want people having the wrong idea about this being the way to climb ranks.

Suddenly, Kiryu felt really hot.

“How are we going to make the clan stronger with him in that important place? And still, Uematsu-san is bringing more money, he would be the best decision here,” Ibuchi retorted. Why was he so interested in that?

“Yes!” Uematsu pointed to a graphic with all the finances of the families. “I’m above all of you. Money makes a man respectable and that must be the only rule we should follow if we want the best.”

“Money doesn’t make a man powerful and, even less, respectable,” Kiryu assured, disagreeing with him.

“But still, if you want to go there…” Majima smiled again, clapping once.

With that, the door opened and Nishida and two other men from Majima’s family entered, dragging a big cart full of yens. Everyone looked amazed.

“What the fuck?” Kiryu could hear.

Of course, Majima had a thing for making a scene whenever he could.

“Soooo….if you just want to use money as the card to play here, I should be the next captain,” Majima shrugged, triumphantly. Kiryu smiled to himself, Majima was being ridiculous but it looked endearing.

“How did you get all this money?” Uematsu demanded, fuming in his chair.

“What can I say, apparently if I try a little, money comes really easy,” then he glanced at Kiryu, “But of course, you are the one here choosing the best for the Tojo.”

Kiryu nodded. “Uematsu-san, please, sit,” he commanded, his tone everything but polite.

Majima started to move over his seat, trying the best posture. Always with his antics, Kiryu thought.

“What gives? This seat’s just as stiff as the others.” Majima commented after that.

Kiryu rolled his eyes internally; Majima couldn’t take anything seriously, ever.

“I’ll think about it and in the next meeting I’ll announce who will be the next captain. You all can leave now.” Kiryu dismissed them, finally.

No one seemed happy with it but Kiryu didn’t want to decide something without talking Kashiwagi’s advice.

They all stood up, patriarchs leaving the room. Almost all of them.

“Damn cyclop,” Kiryu could hear Uematsu saying to Majima. And that fired up Kiryu. However, Majima always acted he didn’t mind at all but, did he?

Majima got closer to Uematsu, whispering something he couldn’t hear. But, judging for his face, it couldn’t be good. He got tense and, after that, he ran away from Majima.

Whatever. He didn’t have time for that.


Kiryu was opening the door to his office when he heard something at his back

“Fucking idiot!” Majima followed him inside, with Yumi and Haruka already there. They both looked startled from all the noise.

“I know,” Kiryu agreed, sitting in his chair.

“What happened?” Yumi asked.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” Kiryu answered without looking at her.

“Kazuma, don’t treat me like a child and tell me what happened.” Yumi insisted.

Kiryu just didn’t want to talk with her about more problems.

“There is an actual kid here,” Majima pointed out.

Not this again…

“Oh, you are going to worry about her now?” Yumi snapped, furious. Majima seemed caught by surprise and shut up, staring at the ground.

Kiryu was really impressed by that.

“What happened?” Yumi repeated when no one answered her.

“Fights between patriarchs, nothing unusual,” Kiryu offered.

“I see,” Yumi didn’t sound convinced but she let it drop. And Kiryu appreciated that. He knew he could count on her, but this only concerned him.

“Majima-san, we will talk later.” Kiryu requested. Having Yumi and Majima together didn’t feel the best option.

“But, Kiryu-chan, it’s important!” Majima almost begged.

Yumi laughed. Why did she?

What!?” Majima turned to Yumi, who didn’t look impressed. She just rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest, ignoring him.

It totally wasn’t a good idea to have them here.

Majima stared at Yumi, really bothered by her presence. “Why is she here anyway?”

“Why do you care?” Yumi snapped, disgust on her face.

Kiryu massaged his forehead. He didn’t need this now. Couldn’t they just behave like grown adults?

Then he remembered the other patriarchs.

Oh, well…

“Just…stop, please,” he implored, angrier than he intended. But it worked. “She is here to talk with Kashiwagi-san. That’s why I need you to leave, Majima-san,” he insisted, trying to sound better.

Majima nodded. “Ok then.” He seemed upset but nevertheless, he obeyed, slamming the door when he left.

Kiryu felt bad, but it looked obvious Majima and Yumi could be in the same room together. For many reasons. And Yumi was waiting for him before.

Haruka fidgeted with her own hands, distressed. Not saying a word. It surprised him how she knew how to act in these situations; too adult for her own good.

“It’s ok, Haruka,” Kiryu reassured. “Want to play something?” He grabbed his phone and offered it to her. She nodded and took it quickly. Unlocking it, she navigated on it, searching for something to do.

He should learn how to manage that thing too.

Then he glanced at Yumi, who sat there in silent, looking at the ground. Was she bothered with him or with the whole situation? Maybe both.

Kiryu sighed. This started to be too uncomfortable.

Gladly, someone knocked on the door and Kiryu called them to come in. Kashiwagi stepped through the door with a disgusted face.

Why everyone acted like this today?

“Yumi, I’m glad to see you here,” Kashiwagi greeted and sat on the chair beside her. Yumi stood up to make a bow.

“Thank you for receiving me,” she acknowledged, taking the seat again.

“So, why did you need me here?” Kashiwagi began.

Kiryu thought about asking him first about the captain thing, but surely it would be easier to just get on with whatever Yumi wanted to talk about.

“Well, Yumi wanted to ask you something, if that’s ok.” Kiryu informed.

Kashiwagi turned to face her, inviting Yumi to speak.

“I wanted to recover my club. I know after the incident and the explosion it will take a lot of time, but I spent a lot of effort in building it. And in exchange, I could help the Tojo with it. As you know, it was prepared to hold big parties and, certainly, wealthy people will come there. I think it’s a good deal.” Yumi offered, sounding really confident.

Kashiwagi raised an eyebrow. Kiryu didn’t know if he heard correctly. Did Yumi really want to get involved with the Yakuza with her own business?

“What?” Kiryu blurted. “Do you really want that? Are you sure about it?” He couldn’t believe it. Did she think she had to do it for the clan?

“I’m completely sure about it,” she answered.

“After everything that happened?” It didn’t make sense for Kiryu. He didn’t feel proud of this life, why did she want that?

“It’s ok, Kazuma, you don’t have to worry.” Yumi tried to convince him.

“I really appreciate it, Yumi, but I’m not sure about it. This is not a place for a woman.” Kashiwagi retorted, saying that more for Kiryu than to her.

“But I can contribute a lot to the clan.” Yumi insisted, almost offended.

“But you are still a woman,” Kashiwagi argued.

“And Yayoi-san?” Kiryu could see Yumi’s frustration.

“She was the wife of Dojima-san, which makes her one of us. And she is just here waiting for her son to take his place.” Kashiwagi noted, looking a little tired.

“Kazama-san was basically my father.” Yumi couldn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer. Kiryu didn’t remind her being this stubborn.

“Yes, but he didn’t want this life for any of you. You helped and we greatly appreciate it.” Kashiwagi glanced at Kiryu again. “But we can help you with the club anyway, it’s the least we can do for you.”

Yumi didn’t seem happy with that.

“Thank you,” Yumi said, standing, not meaning it. She took Haruka with her and left the room.

Kiryu didn’t know what to say. He understood Kashiwagi’s position but he didn’t want to let her down either. But then, working with the yakuza could go south too quickly. He didn’t want that for her or her daughter.

After an uncomfortable silence, Kashiwagi spoke again.

“So, what are you going to do with the captain?” He went directly to business, like he always did.

“I know you probably don’t like the idea, but I think Majima-san should be the one occupying that seat.” Kiryu replied, a little unsure of his reaction.

“I agree,” Kashiwagi admitted.

Kiryu didn’t expect that answer, even less after what happened. Would he stop reminding him the thing?

“He is not the most reliable person and still there is….that thing between you two.” Kiryu opened his eyes in shock, embarrassed. Of course he wouldn’t shut up about it. “But I don’t trust either Uematsu or Ibuchi, so it must be Majima.”

Kiryu ignored the comment about their relationship and just went straight to the matter.  “So it’s settled then. Tomorrow I’ll announce it.”

Kashiwagi stood up, ready to leave.

That was easy, Kiryu thought. Now he could go and rest a little. Maybe spent some time with Haruka. That sounded perfect.

Except, Kashiwagi didn’t move, staring at him.

What now?

“And, Kiryu, I hope you are considering what we talked about the other day,” Kashiwagi reminded him and, without waiting for an answer, he left the room.

That other thing again.

Kiryu glanced at the ceiling, lost in thought. What should he do? He got up and looked through the window. Yumi and Haruka were sitting in the garden. He could consider them his only family now and, at the same time, not really.

Should he really….?

Without thinking much about it, Kiryu decided to join them.

The place, almost alone, looked pleasant. He never passed a lot much time in it, always busy with errands and, now, with the management of the Tojo clan.

It was a nice change.

“Can we talk for a moment?” Kiryu called her.

Yumi studied him. “Something happened?” She sounded worried.

“No, I just wanted to know. Why do you want to put your business in the Tojo hands?” Maybe he could understand better this way.

“Why not? You are the chairman. Kazama-san had a family here, Nishikiyama too. Why can’t I also be involved here?” Yumi stated.

“You have seen what happens if you do.” Kiryu tried to warn her.

“And you have too and, still, you are here. Besides, even if I’m not directly involved, I’ll be in the spotlight. Why can’t I just join with all of you?”

“It’s dangerous,” Kiryu insisted.

“It’ll be anyway,” Yumi shrugged.

And that was sadly true. At least, now he could protect them.

But, would that be a good idea?

“Do you really want that?” Kiryu didn’t like the idea, but it wasn’t his decision to make.

“Yes.” Yumi said, curtly, enough to sound sure.

Kiryu nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.” He promised.

Yumi smiled at him. “Thank you, I’m tired of being belittled…I just want to be able to control my own life.”

Kiryu could understand that, at least.


They sat there, talking about everything and nothing, when Kiryu’s phone started to ring.

“Ojisan! Someone is calling you!” Haruka handed him the phone.

He didn’t check who was it.

“Yes?” Kiryu responded.

Kiryu-chan, we really need to talk.”




“This incident we have… Care to explain yourself, Majima-san?” Ibuchi inquired with a suspicious tone. Majima wouldn’t mind stabbing him right now. 

“Nothin’ to explain, actually. I went in and found Uematsu dead. All there is to it.” Majima shrugged.

“Majima-san and Uematsu were rivals for the clan captain’s seat. And it’s purely coincidence, then, that Majima-san discovered his corpse?” Ibuchi surely thought he sounded smart.

“Somethin’ you’re gettin’ at? If ya got somethin’ to say, spit it out,” Majima dared him.

“I’m saying that Uematsu’s death…Was probably by your own hand!” Ibuchi accused him, the bastard, Majima thought.

“Enough with the absurd speculation!” Kashiwagi snapped violently, getting up out of his seat. “What proof do you have that Majima did it?” To be sure, Majima himself looked really impressed to see him defending his honour.

“None, at the moment. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I do. Uematsu was Majima-san’s only obstacle for the captain’s chair. He has a clear motive for the murder. They call Majima-san the ‘mad dog’ for a reason. I wouldn’t put it past him.”

If Majima rolled his eye more he would go blind from it.

Kashiwagi didn’t seem to have anything to say, probably because he couldn’t really object in his defense anymore.

“Shall we end this charade? It’s tough to watch the old guard stumble to cover for each other,” Ibuchi sneered, too full of himself, but that got to Kashiwagi.

“You son of a—!” Majima stopped him before he could probably punch him. He wasn’t against the idea, but it wasn’t the best course of action either.

“Kashiwagi-san! It’s cool,” Majima assured, calmly. Kashiwagi gave him a confused look.

“Majima…” Kashiwagi said it like he couldn’t understand. Maybe he hoped for Majima to just go crazy and start a fight.

They always did.

“I get real tired real quick of guys who talk in circles…So I think I’m gonna bail on this stupid little tea party of yours. You gonna stop yappin’ if I bring ya the head of Uematsu’s killer?” Majima asked Ibuchi. The atmosphere in the room felt tense.

“Yes, of course. If you can, that is.” Majima really wanted to punch or stab his smug face off, but he needed to prove that he wasn’t that unstable.

At least right now.

Without saying a word, Majima abandoned the room, feeling all the eyes of the patriarchs burning holes in his back.


Majima walked down the hall when someone called him.

“Majima-san, hold on a second,” Kiryu stood behind him. Majima turned his head a little, enough to see him.


“I want to talk to you. In private.” With that, Kiryu walked toward his office without waiting for a response. Now he wants to talk, huh? Sucker, he thought. Nevertheless, he obeyed.

“I didn’t do it if that’s what you’re goin’ to ask.” Majima defended himself once they were alone.

“I know you didn’t,” Kiryu clarified. “What’s your plan?”  That surprised Majima. Kiryu trusted him?

“Dunno really, maybe beating everyone up until they spit things out,” Majima shrugged.

“That probably will take you a long time.”

“But it’s fun!” Majima gave him a maniac smile.

“We should take this seriously.” Kiryu advised him, looking really grim.

“We? Why do ya care?” What the fuck?

Kiryu sighed. “I’m sorry for before, I should have talked to you earlier, but it was…” He seemed lost in thoughts.

“I know, Kiryu-chan, family problems.” He got that, not for experience, but he could understand.

“It’s not that. Anyway, we have to focus on this.” Kiryu dismissed it, focusing in the matter at hand.

“It’s my can of worms, I’ll resolve it on my own.” Majima turned around, ready to go.

“It’s my problem too, as your superior, it’s my responsibility too.” Kiryu noted.

Majima faced Kiryu again. “So what?”

“I know an informant, he might have clues to help us. Come with me.”

Would they work together now? Why? Since when the chairman got that involved?

Whatever, maybe he could use some company.

When they walked out, some men from the Uematsu family were there, probably wanting to avenge the murder of his boss.

“You kept us waiting, Majima,” said one of them.

“Uematsu’s strays, I take it?” Majima was ready to unfold all his energy against these useless men.

“You thought we were gonna just sit in the office and mourn?”

Majima took his tanto from the interior of his jacket.

But Kiryu grabbed his arm.

What now?

“That’s enough,” Kiryu ordered.

Majima glanced at him. “Eh?”

“Kiryu-san!” The unknown man bowed. “This is our right to reclaim back the honour of our patriarch!”

“It’s not. We still don’t know who did it and we don’t need more pointless fights between us. If we find out he did it, then you can try.” Kiryu bossed around and Majima felt things in his stomach.

Things he wouldn’t admit to anyone.

“But, sir—,” Kiryu just needed to shot him a glare to make him bow again, running away.

A lot of things.

“You’re a party pooper, Kiryu-chan!” Majima complained, walking at his side.

“You can beat people in another moment. Now, we have something important to do.”


They travelled in complete silence until they arrived at the Millennium Tower.

“He used to work in another place but Kashiwagi-san told me he moved here now. Something about the police.”


“It’s ok, he have helped me before.” Majima didn’t seem so sure about it, but accepted it.

They took the lift and, when the doors opened again, they arrived in a big room full of cameras. A single man sat in the centre of it.

“So, should I congratulate you both?” The man asked, he supposed he was ‘The Florist’ as Kiryu called him.

“Congratulate us?” Majima asked. What a weird way to introduce himself.

“Well, I thought that after the other night, you both—.” The Florist stopped suddenly. Majima glanced at Kiryu, who looked visibly tense.

Did he miss something?

“We are not here for that,” Kiryu indicated with an agonizing tone.

For what? Majima thought.

The Florist smirked at them. Majima didn’t understand anything. Who was this guy?

“That I guessed as much. But it’s not going to be free,” he announced, puffing his cigar.

“How much do you want?” Kiryu asked.

“No, not cash. I need someone to take care of Purgatory. It’s just a favour for a favour, how does that sound?”

“Purgatory…?” Majima wondered. He felt lost since he entered the room.

“It’s a place for gambling, fights…” Kiryu tried to explain.

“Fights? I’m in!” Majima interrupted.

“I want someone I can trust with it. And I’m sure you can be that man, Kiryu-san.” Majima thought that was right. Kiryu would be a better option than him. He couldn’t be trusted with anything.

“It’s a deal,” Kiryu accepted with a little nod.

“Right then,” the Florist turned around and pressed a button. Suddenly, all the screens showed images of Kamurocho. What the fuck?

The Florist looked up and both of them did the same. The screen showed someone with his same appearance or was he…?

“Hold on, that’s me!” Majima shouted.

“Yes, let’s rewind,” the Florist touched another button and the video started to go backwards. Majima glanced at Kiryu but he didn’t look impressed, surely he already saw all this stuff before.

And, then, an image of a man running appeared on the screen.

“Wait a minute, that’s…Kawamura?” Majima couldn’t believe what his eye just saw. “Why would he…?”

“Who knows?” the Florist interrupted before he could finish his sentence. “You’ll have to ask that yourself.”

Kawamura was a dead man.

Majima, without saying anything else, tried to storm out just to be stopped by Kiryu. “Where are you going?”

“What do ya think? Back to my office, Kawamura has something to explain!?” Majima didn’t have the patience for this.

“Kawamura is not in Kamurocho anymore,” the Florist informed, seeming really relaxed. Majima wanted to punch him too.

“Then, where is he?!” Majima almost pleaded.

“In Sontebori.”

“Sotenbori?” Why? There wasn’t a better place to go? Why there? Majima thought, feeling murderous.

Kiryu looked at him, worried. Did he show his emotions too much?

“Is there a problem?” Kiryu whispered, concern in his voice.

Majima shook his head. “Nah, it’s ok, I’ll go there.”

“No. We will.”

“Say what? No, you’re the fuckin’ Fourth Chairman, are you nuts?! You can’t just go there. It’s Omi territory. That won’t be a tea party.”

“That’s exactly why. It’s a Tojo problem invading their territory. I have to solve it.”

“Ya don’t, that’s why you have people workin’ for ya, idiot!”

Did he just insult him? Whoops.

Kiryu smiled at him. “I prefer doing it by myself.”

“Ya don’t trust me, huh?” Majima felt a little embarrassment. He understood he couldn’t be trustworthy.

“It’s not that,” Kiryu denied with a sad face. His eyes were always too expressive for his own good that Majima could melt in that moment. “I just want to help you and take care of that too. Surely you can use a hand there.”

“And Haruka and Yumi?” Majima questioned too quickly.

“I’ll tell Kashiwagi to take care of them. This won’t take us long.”

When Kiryu saw Majima wasn’t opposing anymore, he started walking to the elevator and made a call. A trip with his boss. Fantastic. Majima went to follow him but the Florist called him.

What the fuck now!?

“Come here for a moment.” Majima did reluctantly.

“Have this, maybe you are interested in what’s on here. It’s the only copy.” The Florist winked at him, offering him a DVD.

Majima didn’t understand shit but still accepted it, hiding the DVD in the interior of his jacket.

What a strange man.

Finally, he could leave this place to go to another even worse.

Entering the lift, he saw Kiryu being tense again.

“What’s that?” Kiryu wondered, trying to look disinterested.

“Huh?” Majima played dumb.

“The thing he gave you.” Kiryu wasn’t buying it.

“No idea, a DVD,” Majima shrugged. But it was true.

“And he didn’t say anything else?” Kiryu insisted.


Kiryu observed him for a moment, maybe waiting for something else.

“I’ll go to my place to prepare for the ride. I’ll see ya in an hour in the train station.” Majima informed just to change the subject.

“Ok,” Kiryu said after a pause. “But don’t watch that. There is no time to waste.”

Majima rolled his eye.

“Sure, boss.”

Chapter Text

“So, have you watched the DVD?” Kiryu asked, trying to pretend it didn’t worry him. But that annoyed Majima. Why was he so interested? He knew the Florist, he could ask him directly.

“Didn’t have time,” he shrugged it off, hoping Kiryu would drop the matter. He had something more important ahead.

They stood there, already waiting for the train. Kiryu decided to go unnoticed , or at least he tried, putting on sunglasses. But that wouldn’t work. Still, Majima found it very funny, letting Kiryu believe he had managed to hide his identity. He was wearing his signature suit but without the tie and the pin. A great camouflage, indeed .

Kiryu was really being ridiculous.

“Ya already told Kashiwagi about coming along?” Majima wondered while reaching for his cigarettes.

“Yes.” Kiryu said, curtly.

“And?” Majima observed Kiryu more closely. He had been acting strange in general.

“He wasn’t a fan of it,” Kiryu admitted after a long pause.

Majima huffed. Wonder why , he thought. He felt tempted to say that out loud, but surely Kiryu would just shoot him a death glare and wouldn’t answer anyway.

The train arrived and they entered slowly. Majima didn’t look forward to visiting that damn city again and, even less, to chase a traitorous snake.

Kiryu took the seat beside the window and Majima the one in the hall. This way, he could protect his boss. He saw how Kiryu rested his head against the cushion, very relaxed. Of course he would. He didn’t have any problem with fucking Sotenbori.

The train started its journey and Majima fidgeted with the cuffs of his jacket. He felt too energetic and he needed to do something with it. And sleeping couldn’t be.  Maybe a fight could relax him, although he couldn’t start one inside the train. Or could he? Majima looked around and saw old ladies and some happy families. Nope, that wasn’t a good idea. And, sadly, they had to arrive in that damn city; if he started something they would be kicked out. Oh well… Perhaps he totally should.

Majima contemplated that idea for a moment but, no, he couldn’t do that either. He had to fix this problem. In the end, he hadn’t been paying enough attention to his family. It was his fault, he couldn’t deny it, he—

“Can you stop?” Kiryu told him, very annoyed.

Majima turned to look at him. Was he being too obvious? Well, he felt so tense that his back didn’t even touch the seat.

Anyhow, Majima tried to play it cool.

“What?” He snapped. Ok, maybe he should lower his tone. To be fair, Majima wasn’t used to having a companion to do this kind of stuff. Probably being alone right now could go smoothly for him.

Or better, at least.

“Is everything alright?” Kiryu asked him with a worried expression. Fuck that, was he pitying him?

“Of course I am, Kiryu-chan.” That, at least, sounded more convincing. Although not for Kiryu, who kept studying him with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Stop bouncing your leg.” Kiryu touched his knee, freezing Majima in the act. He didn't notice when he started doing that. But he stopped nevertheless.

After that, Kiryu kept his hand there, making Majima confused. Was that necessary? He wouldn’t complain about it, but it felt strange coming from his boss. Especially for Kiryu.

Struggling to ignore his thoughts, Majima reclined in his seat to calm down. He had Kiryu with him. He was safe. Now, he should stop remembering things from his past.

Majima closed his eye and tried to relax.


“We are almost here,” Kiryu whispered, waking him up.

Majima could feel the pulse in his throat, how did he manage to sleep with that stress? Well, he could blame Kiryu for being this soothing.

“And, please, don’t start a fight. We have to keep a low profile,” Kiryu warned.

“Yes, boss,” Majima answered, rolling his eye. How boring…

Exiting the train, Majima saw the city he knew by heart. Everything looked almost the same, but there were some different shops here and there. And more people walking on its streets.

I fucking hate this place , Majima thought.

“Why?” Kiryu asked, peering over his sunglasses. Did he say that out loud?

“It’s a long story,” Majima dismissed. He didn’t want to talk about it.

“I have time,” Kiryu insisted.

That took Majima by surprise; Kiryu barely asked questions. Even less, at him.

“I thought you were from here,” Kiryu added after a pause, noticing Majima ignored him.


“Your accent.”

Ok, that sounded logical but, still, he didn’t want to talk about himself.

Or his past.

 “I had to work here for a long time,” Majima offered, hoping that would be enough to stop the interrogation without telling a lie.

Kiryu nodded and they kept moving through the city. They were close to the Grand now. He could feel it in his skin; his brain screaming to run in the opposite direction. Sadly, if they wanted some gossip about the city, it couldn’t be any other place.

And he didn’t look forward to going there again.

“Oi, look at that old freak,” someone shouted. “Are ya searchin’ for a treasure, pirate?” A group of men started laughing.

Of course, this fucking city granted new assholes to fight. Except, Kiryu told him not to start anything. But he couldn’t overlook that, right? Majima felt torn between ignoring them and starting a fight in Omi territory, just stabbing them in broad daylight.

The last option sounded better.

When Majima turned around, one of those thugs was already on the ground, bleeding, and Kiryu over him. Mister ‘keep a low profile’ chairman disobeyed his own order. Majima could join, then.  

Smiling, he took his tanto from his jacket and jumped over them.

Only three left.

Majima stepped in, aiming his foot for the jaw of the tallest one. He lost balance, falling over and Majima threw another kick to make sure he wouldn’t stand again. At his side, Kiryu pounded over the chest of someone else, sending him flying backwards. Then, Majima used his knife to make a cut in the last man who lasted. Kiryu joined him, curling his hand and punching in the bridge of his nose.

The man seemed disoriented now. His face full of blood.

“That was the funny one,” Kiryu commented, letting Majima end him.

“Then we have to show him some manners,” Majima said before slamming his foot over his ribs, making him trip. Already lying on the ground, Majima stepped over his face, crushing his nose even more.

“Well, I guess they know now how to treat old freaks.” Majima looked over at them, all on the floor begging for forgiveness.

Pathetic .

But exactly what he needed before facing what he had ahead.

“Let’s go then,” Kiryu announced, fishing for a cigarette. Majima took his lighter quickly and lit it for him.

“I thought ya said we had to keep a low profile,” Majima sneered.

Kiryu frowned, ignoring him. “Let’s keep moving.”


Unfortunately and without more possibilities to avoid it, they reached the Grand. It was like time had never passed over it. Many memories of this place started to bother his mind. And others made him feel melancholic.

Not everything could be bad, of course.

They walked in and Majima found amazing how almost everything looked identical.

“It hasn’t changed a bit,” Majima commented.

“Did you come here very often?” Kiryu tried again.

“Sure, I worked here.” It couldn’t be bad to give him a little information.

Kiryu furrowed his brow.

“Not as a host,” Majima joked. “As a manager.”

Kiryu's frown went deeper.

“I told you once that I managed a hostess club,” Majima reminded him.

“But I never thought you managed something this big .”

“Say what? Ya don’t think I can?” Majima crossed his arms over his chest, looking offended.

“I didn’t say so. It’s just…Was that before you joined the Tojo clan?” Kiryu wondered, trying his luck again.

“Sorta,” Majima didn’t want to enter in the specifics.

That never could go well.

Gladly, someone came to receive them. Just in time .

“Welcome gentlemen, how can I serve you today?” The man bowed, waiting for an answer.

“Bring the two best hostesses ya have,” Majima spoke.

“But sir…” The man seemed unsure.

“Don’t sweat it, we have money to burn,” Majima answered.

“Y—yes sir. Right away, sir.” And, with that, the man disappeared.

After waiting for a minute, the man accompanied them to a table big enough for the four of them in the upper level. They sat and waited a little more. Majima had to admit it felt awkward. The last time they were in a similar situation, he had dolled up for Kiryu with the pretension to start a fight. And maybe to make some moves on him; Majima found it easier if he pretended to be a woman.

“Sooo, when was the last time ya came to a place like this?” Majima began, thinking they could have some light conversation.

“When I met Goromi I think,” Kiryu said with a smirk.

Or maybe not that light.

“Ooh, was it that bad that you didn’t want to try again?” Majima put on a sad face. Pestering his boss, but also trying to get some answers.

“Ehm, no. Not that.” Kiryu seemed a little nervous, a light flush over his cheeks.

Majima smiled and sat closer to him. That brought Kiryu’s attention.

“So, do ya want me to wear a dress again?” Majima teased. He didn’t know why he was doing this but he found it distracting.

“No, I prefer you like this.” What? That startled Majima. “I—I mean…” Kiryu started looking more flustered.

“Should we come later?” A feminine voice said, laughing in a cute way. Majima got back to his original place like they were caught red-handed.

He didn’t reject the idea to send them both to fuck off, though.

“No, please, you can join us.” Kiryu told them politely. Such a gentleman, huh?

The two women sat between them. They looked beautiful enough, wearing expensive clothes and just the right amount of jewellery. Classy. Too classy for his taste but they weren’t here for that.


After some chit chat that almost bored him to death, Majima searched for a picture of Kawamura. They already bought the drinks and the food. The best ones. That should be enough to make them talk. To be honest, he felt hungry but he couldn’t do both things at the same time.

“So I hope ya can indulge me with some questions in exchange,” Majima asked suddenly, tired of the act.

“Oh, no problem, how can I help ya?” The girl offered.

“Have ya seen this guy around here?” Majima showed her the picture.

Kiryu pretended to hear what his hostess said, but it looked obvious he was more aware of what was happening with Majima.

“Hmmm, I don’t think I have. At least, he hasn’t been at my table. But I can ask the other girls. Someone that spends this much money deserves some special treatment.” The hostess accepted with a smile.

“Heh, you’re welcome. I’ll leave ya to it.”

The hostess stood up and disappeared from his sight.

While Majima waited for her to come back, he picked some food from the basket. There was a banana; something easy to eat. But surely it wasn’t the best idea to eat that here . An apple, then.

To distract himself, he observed Kiryu interacting with his hostess. Always so kind and soft. Was he flirting with the girl? Majima didn’t like the idea. That girl couldn’t be worthy of the Dragon of Dojima but then, who could be? Surely, not him.

Why was he thinking that? 

Well, it should be obvious; he just didn’t want to admit it.

Majima ogled Kiryu, that perfect hair he wanted to mess with to disturb his impeccable style; his perfectly kept facial hair; his toned chest…Ok, maybe he should stop doing that. He glanced back at Kiryu’s face and saw how he looked back at him. With a smirk. Did he catch him staring at him?

Majima suddenly felt really hot.

“Sir, this is Ayumi-chan. She says she knows the man in the picture,” Majima turned his attention to the two hostesses. What a cockbl—

“A pleasure to meet you, sir,” the new one said, bowing a little.

“So, did y’know him?” Majima jumped directly to business.

“Oh, sure. Kawamura, right? We went to the same junior high. But he hung out with a rough crown, so I avoided him most of the time.”

“Well, I happen to be searchin’ for the rascal, do y’know anythin’ more recent?”

“Only bad news. He has some debts problems apparently. He is a bit of a gambler. He asked many friends to lend him money. But they weren’t dumb and knew they will never see that money back.”

“Smart girls,” Majima smiled.

“So…I guess he asked for that money to the local…yakuza,” she said with hesitation.

Majima nodded.

“Anythin’ else that comes to yer mind?”

“Not really, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, thanks for the help, doll. Here, have my card to call me if ya remember somethin’ else.”

She accepted it with a smile. “Sure, you are trying to help him, right?”

Sure. “Sure, doll.”

Ayumi got up and left the four alone.

Well, now Majima had something to do. He would go around the town to search for Kawamura. The idea didn’t excite him; doing some tourism in this place wasn’t what he had in mind.

Majima turned to look at Kiryu and, judging by his face, he didn’t miss a bit.

“I’ll hit the town, Kiryu-chan. Stay here, maybe the guy will come here. Or maybe ya can find somethin’ else in the meantime.”

“Are you sure? I don’t like to be just sitting around waiting,” Kiryu protested.

“Then do some research!” And, with that, Majima left the three alone.




Kiryu was trapped.

He really wanted to escape from there.

Why did Majima have to leave him alone with these two girls? He usually had enough with one woman, but this felt too much for him. He understood they wanted to do their job, but he was trying to see something suspicious around them or ask questions.

And he couldn’t do anything like this.

Both of them were sitting too close and touching him, making comments on how strong he looked or whatever . He preferred just to talk, why did they have the need to get physical? He was feeling overwhelmed.

“Are you married, Kiryu-san?” One of them asked.

“Yes.” Kiryu answered quickly. Maybe this way they would stop.

“Oooh, naughty boy,” the other one said, touching his arm again.

Ok, that wouldn’t work.

“Well, if you are here, she must be really boring. Want to have some fun?” The first one proposed.


Someone screamed in the background. Kiryu stood up hurriedly. Was that…Kawamura?

Kiryu ran towards him. He saw how Kawamura searched for something in his jacket, pulling out a gun in an instant. That made him rush even more.

With that in hand, Kawamura stood in front of a table.

Full of yakuza looking men.


Fuck .

Kiryu curled his fist and bang . The jab made Kawamura lose balance. Kiryu quickly stepped over his hand, removing the gun and hiding it in his clothes. Then, he looked at the table. Everyone was covering under it and seemingly alright.

Where did…?

Then, he found a hole in the wall.

Kiryu could breathe again.

Glancing again at Kawamura, Kiryu saw him visibly scared.

And he really should.

“Ki—Kiryu-san, what are you doing here?” He tried to escape but Kiryu wasn’t in the mood to comply. He almost killed an Omi, he could have started a war. The last thing he needed now. Or the Tojo Clan.

Kiryu preferred not to think about that now.

“Kiryu-san?” That came from the table. “The patriarch of the Tojo clan? Why the fuck are you here?” They seemed very offended and surprised at the same time.

“You are welcome,” Kiryu offered while retaining Kawamura with one hand and fishing for his phone with the other one to make a call.

One ring.

Two ring.

Was he busy ?

Finally, he picked up.

“Majima-san, come back. Now .”


Majima appeared after a few minutes in a hurry. At least, he took it seriously.

“What the…?” Majima raged.

“Boss, I’m so sorry,” started Kawamura. “But I didn’t have a choice…If I didn’t kill him, it woulda been me…” Kawamura tried to bow, but Kiryu didn’t let him move.

“What do ya mean!? You’re the one who shot Uematsu!?” Majima yelped.

“And he tried to shoot them too,” Kiryu pointed to the Omi that were still hiding under the table, looking confused.

Majima approached them with anger all over his face.

“Kawamura, you son of a bitch.”

Kiryu now could release Kawamura. It was Majima’s problem to deal with. But, at that moment, he tried to escape again, picking the gun out of Kiryu’s jacket and shooting again.

His heart was racing now. Did he just…?

Kiryu looked at Majima, who luckily dodged it and now he was over Kawamura, punching him.

“Ya, fucking coward,” Majima hit him again, taking the gun from his hand and throwing it away.

But that didn’t stop Kawamura from trying. He launched a hit to Majima’s ribs, making him bent over and freeing himself in the process.

Majima got back to him, the tanto in his hand. Kiryu couldn’t even see what was happening. Majima moved very fast. That made him think about how dangerous he could be. Kiryu shuddered at the thought, feeling glad for not being on the other end.

For now .

Kawamura fell to the ground. But Majima pulled him to his feet again, almost tearing his collar, and punched him in the face.

Kawamura dropped on his knees, exhausted. Not trying to fight more.

“You are really somethin’, boss. If only I’ve met you earlier my life might’ve been different.” Kawamura admitted, being defeated.

“Kawamura… Why’d ya pull a stunt like this?” Majima seemed really confused and hurt.

Bang .

Another shot.

Kiryu looked up to see Ibuchi with a gun in his hand. Kawamura’s body was now on the floor.

He didn’t deserve that destiny.

More screams.

“Useless Kawamura…” Ibuchi said. “I didn’t expect you both here but I brought enough bullets.”

“You were the one pullin’ the strings, Ibuchi?” Majima asked with a piercing gaze.

“Of course I was. This old fashioned yakuza…It’s so illogical. If we need to recover we can’t do it with the old ways. Too many ideals for such brainless people.”

“What are you saying? Explain yourself” Kiryu stepped closer to Majima.

“I had to update the yakuza, sadly Kawamura couldn’t finish his job. I needed to start a war between the Omi and the Tojo but Kiryu-san had to be here to save the day again, huh? Isn’t it tiresome to be the hero all day? But don’t worry, I can save you from the pain.”

“Why do you want a fuckin’ war?” Majima snapped.

“Isn’t it obvious? You are an idiot if you don’t see it. The Omi would acquire the Tojo Clan, making it the biggest organization in Japan. And since you both are here, you are saving me a lot of time.”

Ibuchi aimed at them again and shot.


Majima jumped at him with his knife in hand. Kiryu joined him.

Majima raised his tanto, making a cut that didn’t reach. Ibuchi shot again without doing any damage. Kiryu punched him in the face, distracting him from Majima. This time, Majima kicked him in his back, making him hit the floor. Ibuchi rolled and shot again, almost boring a hole in Kiryu’s arm. Then, Majima hit him and stepped on the hand holding the gun.

“So tired of cowards like you,” Majima barked, grabbing his jaw and straightening him up. His knife against his throat.

“If ya thought I’d let ya get away with takin’ one of mine…Who’s the real idiot here?” Majima pushed him back. Ibuchi looked visibly hurt, blood all over his face. Some bruises started to form in his face.

“The Tojo Clan will fall!” Ibuchi shouted while putting the gun under his chin. “I’ll be prime entertainment. See you in hell.”

Another shot.

This one to himself. Ibuchi’s body hit the floor loudly.

Kiryu ran to Majima. “Are you ok?” He touched his shoulder. Majima gazed at him and he saw a really tired man.

He could understand.

“It’s ok, Kawamura was a fucker anyway.” Majima didn’t look convinced but Kiryu didn’t want to pressure him more.

People around them were scared, waiting to see what would happen next.

Kiryu didn’t know either.

He studied his surroundings to see a lot of furniture broken, some blood and two dead bodies.

When did he get used to that?

But it wasn’t the time to reflect on his life.

“What should we do now?” Kiryu wondered. He didn’t like to admit he didn’t have any idea, but he couldn’t do anything else right now. He should accept Majima’s help here.

“Run?” Majima suggested with a crooked smile.

Kiryu looked around again.

“The Tojo have some deal with the police here, right?” Kiryu asked, hopeful.

“With what cash?” Majima answered, seeming offended by the question.

“Oh,” Kiryu didn’t know what to do then, and he was the chairman... “So, we wait for them here?”

What ? No, do ya think they mind if two more yakuza are dead? Nah, just let’s go.”

“I’m sure those hostesses can describe us pretty well,” Kiryu commented in a hushed voice, getting closer to him.

“Well, those Omi surely have a deal and they owe you one,” Majima pointed to the three Omi men that were still hiding under a table. They seemed really scared.

“Oi, ya take care of it?” Majima yelled at them.

The one that looked high ranked started nodding.

“Yeah, sure.”

Kiryu didn’t know that was a good idea, but they didn’t have anything better.

“See? Let’s go now,” Majima smiled at him and started to walk.

Sometimes Kiryu thought if he was really the chairman, but he couldn’t deny Majima had more experience in this than him. It bothered him a little, making him feel useless. But he should try to let it go.

At least none of the other patriarchs were there to judge him.


When they got out, it was already night and Kiryu had never felt more tired.

Kiryu could see some police coming in their direction; he didn’t want some stupid questioning now.

Without much thinking, Kiryu took Majima’s hand and ran away. Kiryu didn’t know the place too well but he quickly found an alley to hide. Trying to recover their breath, Kiryu peeked over the wall to see if someone followed them.


“What the fuck, Kiryu-chan?” Majima snapped with confusion on his face.

“I didn’t want problems with the police. We were leaving a crime scene,” he shrugged, feeling the need to over-explain himself.

“Ok, sure. But, do ya have to hold my hand?” Majima questioned, looking a little flustered.

Kiryu glanced at their intertwined hands.


They separated their hands like they were on fire.

“Oh, sorry, Majima-san…” He suddenly felt very ashamed.

“It’s ok,” Majima seemed embarrassed too. “What now?”

“We could just go back to Tokyo.” Kiryu suggested, accepting the change of subject.

“Really? After all this? Don’t ya want a little celebration?”

Kiryu was having flashbacks.

“Celebrate what ?”

“Avoiding a war with the Omi, for example.” Majima giggled.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

“Ya saved their asses, that’s at least…a free month!”

Kiryu smiled at him. He appreciated his way of looking at things.

“We should wait for the Omi to do their job.” Kiryu commented.

“Then takin’ a train shouldn’t be taken into consideration,” Majima shrugged.

“So, what then?” Kiryu argued. They couldn’t just go around the city like nothing had happened.

“We could go to a love hotel.” Majima proposed.

Kiryu froze, feeling how his brain just disconnected.

What ?” Kiryu couldn’t articulate any other word at that moment. Did he really say…?

“To hide, ya idiot,” Majima clarified.

“Oh…” he wasn’t disappointed. At all.

“You already rejected me once, I wouldn’t be able to deal with another slap in the face.” Majima joked, but his smile didn’t reach his eye.

Did he finally remember everything?

He could feel his heart in his throat.

“I didn’t reject you.” He didn’t. In fact, it was completely the opposite, he— Oh . “I did reject Goromi. Not you.”

He had said too much because Majima made a strange face.

Kiryu panicked again.

Majima caressed the back of his neck looking down, seeming tense. “Y’know it was me all along, right?”

“Yes, but I thought you were just making a joke. I can’t ever read you…” Kiryu couldn’t understand him sometimes. He always tried to bother him in many ways.

“Ehm….” Majima stopped to find something to say. But before he could, Kiryu just cut him off.

“Let’s go, then,” Kiryu announced, changing the topic. He started walking without really knowing where those love hotels were. But Majima followed him anyway. Kiryu didn’t want to dwell on what he could have said. Or if he wanted to know.

These thoughts made him feel insecure.

“So, how’s Yumi?” Majima asked. There was still something that lingered between them but Kiryu didn’t want to pay attention to it. Better just ignore everything.

“Do you care about her?” Kiryu felt really confused; they didn’t seem to get along.

“Well, no. But ya do, ain’t ya?”

“Of course.”

“So?” Majima insisted again.

“She is ok.” Kiryu commented, curly.

Majima nodded slowly.  “And ya both are…together or somethin’?”

“Hmm?” Why was he asking that? “No.”

“Why not? I thought ya both were a couple back in the nineties.” Majima seemed taken aback.

“We weren’t.” Kiryu didn’t want to talk about that. He never talked about his private life. And Majima didn’t even ask about anything either.

After now, apparently.

Kiryu glanced at Majima again and saw him really relaxed, a little smile on his lips. Kiryu felt glad for him. He needed a break too after the mess with Kawamura.

They walked completely in silence, a comfortable one. People around them were having fun. A lot of tourists; people that were going home or to work… All oblivious of what just happened in the cabaret. They seemed happy.

And Kiryu envied them for having simpler lives.

In the end, they found a love hotel that had vacant rooms. Gladly, two of them were free. They paid for an overnight stay and went in. Kiryu felt observed from someone who stood there, probably waiting for another person.

Surely, she was having the wrong idea.

Majima and Kiryu went to the floor where they were staying and stopped in front of their respective rooms. Kiryu was feeling quite anxious and he didn’t know why.

“Are you just goin’ to sleep?” Majima asked, playing with his keys.

“What do you want me to do?” Kiryu wondered, a little more alarmed than he should.

“Dunno, maybe drink? We can just use a room for that,” he suggested, shrugging.

“Oh, are there drinks too?”

Majima looked shocked. “Of course there’s booze! Haw? Ya never wasted yer time in that?”

Kiryu had never been in one for that . “No,” he answered after a pause without clarifying in what exactly he didn’t waste his time. He wouldn’t tell him just there and now that he didn’t have experience with sex. Well, he had. With Majima, more exactly.

He had to stop that train of thought; it wouldn’t end well.

Kiryu started walking to Majima’s already open room and entered. He could feel the anticipation washing over him.

The room looked tacky, with pink walls and sheets. Kiryu sat on the edge of the bed and glanced at Majima who was already fishing for some drinks from the minibar. He grabbed two beers and came to sit with Kiryu, giving him one of them.

“Kanpai!” Majima cheered and Kiryu reciprocated.

They started drinking in an awkward silence. Kiryu knew he didn’t want to get drunk again after last time. He found himself really nervous. They didn’t come here to do anything more than hide and sleep. Why did he feel anxious?

Maybe some conversation could ease off the situation.

“So…do you come to places like this very often?” Why on earth did he ask that? He couldn’t even blame alcohol.

Eeh ?” Majima seemed more confused than Kiryu felt right now. “Not really,” Majima scanned the room, maybe trying to avoid the subject. Understandable; Kiryu made everything more awkward.

Nevertheless, Kiryu felt relieved. For what exactly, he didn’t know.

Kiryu found interesting that Majima was just being sincere and not putting on his usual mask. It felt refreshing to see he trusted him enough to let it drop for a moment. But he wouldn’t comment about it or Majima would just pull off his knife and start a fight. Something unnecessary; they had fought enough for today.

They kept drinking in silence, Kiryu drank half of his drink but Majima barely touched his. Kiryu felt determined to not drink more than he should and Majima seemed to be in the same state. Kiryu had his motives. After all, he didn’t want to have a headache the next day.

For many reasons.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan,” Majima began without looking at him. “I think maybe I should leave.” Majima seemed uncomfortable, touching the back of his neck. Did he do something wrong?

“Why? Now?”

“I don’t mean that….I mean…the Tojo,” Majima explained, still not looking at him.

“What?!” Kiryu couldn’t understand why he said that.

“What Kawamura did…it’s my fault. He almost killed an executive from the Omi. That could have brought a new war we can’t afford.” Majima finally turned his head. He looked sad, maybe tired.

“That wasn’t your fault, he was a spy. You couldn’t know that.”

“That’s why it’s my fault. He was under my family, it was my responsibility.” All Majima’s Kansai accent disappeared and his voice didn’t sound pitched anymore.

That worried him.

“But you didn’t do anything wrong. When you learned he was Uematsu’s killer, you went directly to stop him.” Kiryu insisted. But Majima didn’t look convinced.  “I don’t want you to pay for something that it’s not your fault,” he repeated, hoping it made sense.

Majima huffed. “Funny you said that.”

Kiryu was taken aback.

“It’s not the same,” he protested.

“It’s exactly the same.”

Kiryu frowned. Nishiki really caused a problem. This wasn’t the same; they could stop Kawamura from doing something damaging for the Tojo.

Majima studied the room again, avoiding making eye contact. Did he really believe he deserved a punishment?

“We are not perfect but that doesn’t mean you did something wrong. Sure, you have to pay more attention to your family, but you don’t deserve to be expelled for that nor any other sanction. We stopped him, that’s what matters.” Kiryu tried again.

“I don’t know, Kiryu-chan…”

“Do you want to leave?” Kiryu wondered, scared of the possible answer.

“It’s not that…I’m just…tired.” Majima looked lost in thoughts.

Kiryu would only admit to himself that he felt afraid with the idea of Majima leaving him. The Tojo. He was becoming a big part of his life, a big support. Yes, they had a weird relationship and looking where they sat right now it didn’t make it better. And sure, he lied to him, but it was for the best. A friendship with him seemed already difficult; he didn’t want to imagine if Majima someday discovered what had happened someday.

“But I don’t want you to leave,” Kiryu said and Majima turned quickly to stare at him, confused. “You are a friend,” Majima seemed even more puzzled, maybe a little hopeful. “And you are an important part of the clan. If you leave we will be screwed up.” Kiryu added in the last instance, not wanting to sound more emotional than he should.

He didn’t feel comfortable showing too much of himself.

Majima gave him a smirk. “Damn right ya will,” back to the Kansai accent.

Kiryu thought that was a good sign.

After that, they drank more in complete silence. This time, a comfortable one. He hoped he had managed to convince him. What could he do without him?

With the clan, of course.

Kiryu moved his shoulders in circles and started to massage his back with one hand. It had been a long day and he could use some rest.

“Yer back hurts?” Majima asked, peering at him.

“Yeah, I think I should go to sleep,” Kiryu tried to get up but Majima stopped him, resting a hand on his shoulder and jumping behind him.

Kiryu tensed.

“Wait, I can help ya with that. Remove yer jacket.” Majima ordered around.

What ?” Kiryu was feeling anxious again.

“Yer jacket goes off. I can’t massage yer back with that thing in the middle.”


“C’mon, I’ve received a massage today. I know what I’m doing.”

“I highly doubt that.” When did he get a massage? Kiryu thought. Nevertheless, he obeyed. Maybe he could use some help.

“And the shirt too,” Majima added after a moment.

Kiryu sighed, unbuttoning his shirt.

It was stupid, Kiryu knew, but he felt exposed.

Majima started to move his hands over his shoulders with strength but not something too hurtful. The tact of his gloves was a little strange, making the moves less smooth. But he worked over some knots that made him groan.

“You’re really tense, Kiryu-chan,” Majima commented at the same time he touched a painful part, making him grunt again.  Kiryu didn’t remember when was the last time he let someone rub his back.

Another knot and another whine.

Majima approached Kiryu's ear and whispered. “If ya keep makin’ those noises people will think we are enjoyin’ our night,” Majima said with a mocking tone.

Kiryu suddenly stood up, feeling strangely excited. Majima laughed and lied down in the bed, exposing his toned chest even more. Why was he looking at Majima like that?

Kiryu could swear he hadn't drunk that much.

“It’s not funny,” Kiryu protested.

“Oh, c’mon Kiryu-chan, ya worry too much.” Majima was still laughing and started to get up.

Sometimes, Kiryu still thought about that night in that alley. Or what he could remember; everything a little blurry in his memory. He couldn’t know if Majima just acted like that for being drunk or if he really wanted to do it. But then, he wondered about his own actions and how he didn’t stop him.  Kiryu tried to convince himself he didn’t hope for that to repeat again, yet, part of him knew the truth. Majima kept acting like always, his teasing self and that confused Kiryu. He said he didn’t remember anything. Did he? And now, none of them were drunk. Why were they going in the same direction again?

Maybe it was deeper than he wanted to think.  But Kiryu wouldn’t ask and, even less, try to analyse it. He felt too afraid for it.

Majima approached him and grabbed his arm delicately. “Don’t go,” Majima said in a low voice, almost apologetic. Kiryu couldn’t deny he wanted to stay but, at the same time, he found it intimidating.

“C’mon, I won’t do anything weird,” added Majima after a moment. Maybe he read something on his face. “But let me try to help ya to relax a little.” That sounded suggestive again.

Kiryu remained suspicious but came back to the bed anyway. He sat and removed his belt. If he had to relax it would be better to get comfortable.

“Lie down,” Majima told him, while taking off his jacket and gloves. Kiryu shuddered but, at this point, he was just letting things happen.

He did what Majima said and waited for him with a lot of tension.

And anticipation.

Kiryu could feel how the bed settled with Majima’s weight. He didn’t know what to wait for. Majima rested his hands over his back, sending a jolt over his whole body. Carefully, he started rubbing his back, working in some contractures he had. It was a pleasing feeling; he really needed that.

This time, he could feel his warm and rough hands. Kiryu complained a little from time to time but tried to keep it quiet. He still felt embarrassed from before.

His eyelids felt heavy and he started to feel more tired. This day stressed him more than usual but, since he got out of prison, it never seemed different. He might even miss those silent days where no one expected anything from him.

“Didn’t know yer irezumi was that long,” Majima commented while tracing with his fingers his tattoo. Stopping where his trousers started, he played with the border.

“Fuck off,” Kiryu mumbled sleepily. He didn’t understand why he wanted to see his tattoo now.

Majima laughed and got back to massage his arms. Kiryu found it surprising how Majima could be this gentle. It wasn’t something he would expect from him.

Kiryu relaxed more, closing his eyes thinking about a normal life until he drifted off.

Maybe it was part of a dream, but he heard Majima caringly mumbling. “Good night, Kiryu-chan.”


Chapter Text

Kiryu felt very warm and comfortable. It had been a long time since he could sleep this deeply. He hugged the pillow strongly, staying in the bed a little more. But, could that be…? It seemed too sturdy to be a cushion.

Lazily, he opened his eyes and saw the back of Majima’s head.

What the…?

He remembered now. He fell asleep and, hours later, he woke up to the sound of someone weeping. Then, he saw Majima, who sounded distressed. So they slept together again. Whatever. At that moment, it seemed obvious he should hug and comfort him. Majima was having a nightmare and Kiryu felt too tired to consider his actions. And that calmed Majima down. It couldn’t be wrong.

However, now in the daylight, it didn’t seem like the best decision. But it still felt right in a way.

Why they kept sleeping together could be a good thing to analyse. And they barely took any alcohol this time; they couldn’t put the blame on it. At least, they were wearing their trousers.

Were they?

Kiryu looked down a little afraid.

Yes, they were.

Relief washed over him. Something less to explain.

Letting himself go, Kiryu nuzzled Majima’s shoulder, resting his hand over the chest of his patriarch. He could smell his scent and sense the slow beat of his heart. Skin against skin, it felt unusual for Kiryu. At his age, he had never been in a similar situation; only in fights and they were the opposite. Nothing as intimate as this.

Probably too intimate, but Kiryu was still too drowsy to acknowledge he shouldn’t be doing this.

“So sappy, Kiryu-chan,” Majima mumbled, startling Kiryu.

Being completely awake now, Kiryu moved his hand from his chest and slipped to the other side of the bed. Embarrassment noticeable on his face.

Kiryu didn’t know what to say, how could he excuse that? Saying ‘it’s not what it seems’ surely wouldn’t work. Majima caught him doing something he shouldn’t and now Kiryu could only expect the punch he deserved.

But it never came.

“This is how ya treat all yer captains?” Majima mocked, turning around to see Kiryu still lying down beside him. He smiled at him, moving his eye patch to a better position.

Kiryu was taken aback by that. It wasn’t that . And Majima didn’t seem the type who would sleep his way to the top. Why would he say that? Kiryu felt annoyed with the suggestion.

Maybe it would have been better to just have an actual fight over it.

“Well, you are my first,” Kiryu commented.

Majima made a confused face, a slight blush on his face.

Oh, shit .

“Captain,” Kiryu clarified, understanding the implications. “And it’s not that .” He grunted; his tone showing he wasn’t glad with the course of this pillow talk.

Conversation , he had to remind himself.

Majima seemed to drop his mask for a moment, conflicted, looking almost afraid.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan. It was a joke,” Majima giggled, his voice with remorse. “Ya say ya can’t read me but I can’t read ya sometimes either, y’know?” He lifted up, enough to see Kiryu’s face.

What did he mean by that? They didn’t need to understand anything.

At all.

Well, maybe yes. Although he just preferred to ignore it. Too complicated for him and he already had enough problems.  

Kiryu started to regret the trust he had in Majima. Just a little. He always made things… weird . Or maybe he did things weird. After all, Kiryu woke up hugging Majima. His patriarch. His possible captain. Why was he doing this?

Perhaps he needed that punch.

When Majima saw Kiryu wouldn’t give him an answer, he sighed sonorously and got up from the bed. Kiryu stayed there, looking at the ceiling. Should he say something? An apology maybe? He just preferred to avoid it altogether. And Majima seemed to think the same, collecting his things without saying a word or looking at him.

Then, he heard the bathroom door closed and water running.

He didn’t feel disappointed. Of course not.

Everything felt too uncomfortable. Maybe letting it go was better. He didn’t know what to say, anyway. In his defense, he hugged Majima to comfort him. But staying like that was his own conscious decision. Something he didn’t want to reflect about in his own mind, even less acknowledged out loud.

The door opened again and Majima appeared, already dressed.

“I’ll wait for ya downstairs,” he said without waiting for a response and left.

Kiryu breathed heavily. They both stood on the same page, not talking about what happened. Another moment he should add to the list of ‘things you shouldn’t mention again’ , he thought.

Kiryu got up and walked to the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he saw his hair all over the place. But he didn’t bring anything to take care of his appearance. In fact, he didn’t think about passing a night out. Sighing, he tried to fix it and splashed water over his face.

After refreshing himself, he got dressed and left the room without looking back.

When Kiryu arrived at the hall, he saw Majima resting over a wall with his arms crossed over his chest. His face showed something between sadness and disgust.  Kiryu felt guilty about it.

Probably, because he was.

Not thinking more about it, Kiryu dropped the keys on the desk under the suspicious eyes of the receptionist and they left the hotel.


“Want to eat something?” Kiryu wanted to humour Majima, trying to fix things up. But it wasn’t working.

“Ya go, I have somethin’ to do first,” Majima replied without looking at him. Did he really fuck up this much? Kiryu felt overwhelmed with doubt and sadness, physically hurting him.

“So, should I wait for you at the station?” Kiryu tried again with something different.

“Nah, just…go,” Majima turned around and started walking away.

“Majima-no-niisan,” Kiryu called. But Majima didn’t stop.

Fuck .

Kiryu watched Majima until he disappeared between the people. Why couldn't things be easier? Why did Kiryu have to mess things up? He couldn’t pursue this, whatever it was. Majima was his patriarch and Kiryu, his superior. It couldn’t work. It would be a problem; Kashiwagi said that too.

Probably Kiryu felt touch-starved. It didn’t mean anything else.

But he couldn’t say that either. He just should stop making things complicated between them.

Seeing that he couldn’t do anything, he decided to find a restaurant and eat something. Perhaps do some tourism. Or maybe just go to Tokyo.

When he left the love hotels district, without knowing what to do yet, someone called for him.

“Kiryu-san!?” He raised his head and saw a woman approaching him. Was she…?

“Makoto!?” Kiryu felt completely shocked; she was the last person he thought about encountering again. And he wondered how she managed to recognize him with his hair falling over his forehead.

“Yes, I am!” Makoto exclaimed with tears in her eyes. Kiryu was really happy to see her again, to know he did something good in his life. “I’m so glad to meet you again. I always wanted to thank you again. I will never be able to repay you for all that you did. All of you,” she bowed. Kiryu could sense her agitation.

“It was the least we could do,” Kiryu gave her a little smile.

Makoto seemed hesitant for a moment.

“I’m not sure if I can ask you but… Do you know something about the other man who saved me? I thought maybe you knew him.” She mumbled hopefully, seeming afraid at the same time.

“Who? Majima-san?” He didn’t know much about it, but for what he remembered, Majima helped her too and went wild to do so. Surely, the reason why Kashiwagi didn’t like him much.

“Well, I never knew his name,” she admitted, confused. “I only remember he said he only had one eye.”

“Yes, Majima-san.” There weren’t many other men like him. “I’m here with him, yes. In fact, we just said our goodbyes there,” Kiryu pointed to the direction he came from.

To the love hotel where they hid from the police.

Shit .

Makoto looked there, expecting to see Majima, but he was already gone.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Kiryu excused. Makoto covered her mouth, laughing. He sighed; at least she found it funny. But then, he saw her ring. She was married. That made Kiryu feel happy for her.

“Don’t worry,” she told him, who still seemed a little embarrassed. Did she still think that they…? He wondered to himself. “I just wanted to thank him. I never had the opportunity for that.”

“Well, maybe you can find him,” Kiryu began, ignoring the other subject. “He wears an eye patch and a snake skin jacket, you can’t miss him.”

Makoto froze for a moment, lost in her thoughts.

“So…I already did! I…I saw him.” Makoto mumbled. “Well, his back,” she added after a pause.

She wasn’t making much sense.

Wait, his back?

“Did you see him then?”

“Oh, yes. I gave him a massage.” She explained, still a little agitated. Oh, that’s what Majima mentioned, but nothing else. Why? He thought, frowning. “Don’t worry, just something professional,” she joked.

Kiryu couldn’t avoid smiling at that. This situation was too awkward; and denying what she seemed to think wouldn’t work anyway. At least, she didn’t make a big deal about it.

“Didn’t he introduce himself?” Kiryu kept questioning. Maybe he could understand something.

“No, he didn’t,” she denied.

Why would Majima do that?

“Well, I can tell him for you in case you can’t find him.” He offered.

“Thank you,” she bowed again. “But apparently I already did in that case. I’m leaving the country this week, so I’m really glad to have seen you both one last time. You made my life worth living.”

Kiryu couldn’t believe someone would say that to him. He never thought about himself like that. He was a yakuza, an outcast, the chairman of the Tojo. He wasn’t a good man, but hearing her words warmed his heart.

He almost believed her.


After saying their final farewells, and feeling renewed, he decided to eat something and wait for Majima in the train station. What Makoto told him about his companion made Kiryu reconsider his actions. Majima wasn’t a good man and neither was he. But obviously, they weren’t that bad either. It could be complicated with them. And Kiryu should do something for Majima after what happened this morning, aside from the thing with Kawamura and now Makoto too. Surely, his patriarch already had enough things to think about, and Kiryu messed everything up with his stupid behaviour.

Kiryu arrived at the station and sat on a solitary bench. He didn’t know how much time he would have to wait there, so he picked up the phone. He hadn't contacted Kashiwagi since they left Tokyo and he was surely waiting for an answer.

Kiryu!? What happened?” Kashiwagi blurted, sounding anxious.

“Everything is alright, don’t worry. We…stopped the killer before something worse could happen.” Kiryu explained.

More or less.

What? Did you catch the killer?”

“Yeah…it was Kawamura, from Majima’s family and Ibuchi

What?? And what happened to them?” Kashiwagi interrupted him.

“They are dead.” Kiryu suddenly felt really tired.

Who killed them? ” Kashiwagi now seemed cautious.

“Well, Ibuchi killed Kawamura and then he shot himself…” Kiryu still felt bad for Kawamura, but he couldn’t do anything about it now.

Hmm….this won’t look pretty.”

I know.”

“I guess we can blame Ibuchi for everything, but Uematsu and Ibuchi’s family won’t take this well…” Kashiwagi was already planning what they should do.

“I don’t really care what they think.”

“You should, Kiryu. You went there with him, some people might lose their trust in you. You have to play your cards correctly.”

Did they ever trust him anyway? He didn’t feel like they did. The Dragon of Dojima’s title, something he already despised, didn’t seem to convince everyone about his worthiness for this position.

“Well, I guess we will have to fix that when the time comes.” Kiryu agreed. The last thing he needed now was more problems.

Kashiwagi hummed, making a long pause. Did he want to say something else?

“Did you both,” Kashiwagi stopped. Kiryu could anticipate the question. “…sleep together?”

“None of your business.” Kiryu snapped. It seemed a really inappropriate question. “I’ll be there tonight.” Kiryu informed and then hung up.

Kiryu understood Kashiwagi felt concerned, but still that was his private life.  And Kiryu was his boss. He deserved some respect.

After that, the phone rang for a while, but Kiryu wouldn’t pick up. He could talk to him later, face to face.


Time passed and Majima didn’t arrive. He started to consider other options. Maybe he should leave; not everything went around Majima. If he didn’t want to come, it was his decision. But still, Kiryu didn’t want to leave without him. He still felt ashamed for what happened earlier and he felt the need to fix that.

To see if everything could be as always.

The sun started to set and still no sign of Majima. Maybe he was trying to avoid him. Maybe they couldn’t fix this.

He had screwed for real this time.

Losing his only kind of friend for something this stupid saddened him. It was just a hug, which could be normal between friends, right? Perhaps not in bed, while sleeping together. Probably even less when Kiryu cuddled with him.

Why did they always end up sleeping together?

He picked up his phone. He had three missed calls from Kashiwagi and nothing else. Calling Majima was into consideration, but he surely would just ignore it too.

Kiryu sighed and kept waiting.

Another hour passed. It was already dark and the temperature felt really cold. Kiryu looked around, impatient now. The last train would arrive in ten minutes and he didn’t want to miss it. But maybe he would.

He wondered if Majima was alright.

Five minutes before the train arrived, someone familiar appeared in the distance.

Finally .

Majima looked tired and not in the best mood. Kiryu felt relieved to see him there, even if he had to wait all afternoon. However, after all that time waiting, he still didn’t know how to react. Or what to say.

Kiryu gulped.

“Why are ya still here?” Majima looked at him really confused. Maybe angry.

“I was waiting for you.” Kiryu tried to sound apologetic.

“I told ya not to.” Kiryu didn't know if he was mad about it or just pretending to be.

“I still wanted to wait for you. We didn’t part in the best way,” Kiryu admitted, looking into his eye.

Majima shook his head. “You’re the boss, ya can’t keep doing shits like that.” His tone sounded disapproving.

“Shits like what?” Kiryu tried to understand.

“Treatin’ me like an equal. What the fuck, Kiryu-chan? Ya have to impose yerself!”

Kiryu felt really confused about this. “I don’t want to. You are a…. friend.” Kiryu almost choked with the word, unsure of Majima’s reaction. Did he want to be mistreated? Kiryu wouldn’t do that.

Majima sighed. “Ya can’t be soft, Kiryu-chan,” Majima gazed to the ground.

“I’m not soft,” Kiryu retorted, frowning. Because he wasn’t .

Majima shook his head again. “Just…let’s go.” And started to step aside, not waiting for a response.

After that, they walked silently to the train, their tickets in hand. They sat and Kiryu tried to relax.

Even if he could still sense some awkwardness between them.

“By the way, Kiryu-chan… Great hair!” Majima mocked him. At least, he was talking to him. That seemed like a good start, even if he decided to tease him. 

Kiryu couldn’t resist chuckling, remembering how awfully bad his hair looked, bothering a little his eyesight. Majima seemed surprised by his reaction.

“Fuck off,” Kiryu answered anyway.

“Ya could leave it to grow longer,” Majima suggested.

“I’m not sure that would suit me,” Kiryu argued.

Majima looked at him up and down, narrowing his eye. “Really???” What? Kiryu didn’t understand. “I had long hair for a time,” Majima murmured, pensive. “And it wasn’t a wig.” He added after a pause, making a weird expression. Kiryu couldn’t read anything from that.

He tried to picture Majima with long hair. He surely looked handsome.

Wait, what?

“But it’s not the best style to fight assholes on the street,” Majima noted after a moment. Kiryu looked at his naked chest. Probably not wearing a shirt wasn’t the best option either, but he wouldn’t mention it.

“A shirt won’t stop a knife or a bullet, y’know?” Majima commented like he had read his mind. “I still have to look good and show off. This body ain’t done to be hidden,” he cockily said, smiling and gesturing to his own body.

Kiryu stared at him with a smirk on his lips. Majima was really something else.

At least, they were talking like they used to do. No need to have a conversation about this morning, and Kiryu preferred it that way. It felt less confusing for him. Also, less embarrassing.

Everything seemed fine now.


The train was half way to its destination. Kiryu had been fighting all the time against the need to bring something up.

Maybe he would just do it.

“Why didn’t you say to Makoto it was you? ” Majima jumped when he heard her name.

“Haw!? Did ya follow me or what?” Majima seemed really anxious.

“No, I encountered her after we left the…hotel.” Kiryu almost choked again. “She asked me about you and I told her,” Kiryu continued while Majima opened his eye in shock. “Why didn’t you tell me anything either?”

Majima froze in the act, like he didn’t expect this to be asked ever.

Maybe he shouldn’t have. But he was just curious.

“It’s not somethin’ I like to talk about,” Majima tried to dodge.

Kiryu could feel his discomfort, but he wanted to know more.

“Why? You saved her life, you did something good for her. She just wanted to thank you.” Kiryu insisted, proving his luck.

“It’s…complicated.” Majima excused, still avoiding the subject. If they weren’t trapped in a train, Kiryu knew Majima would try to escape.

“But you deserve some credit for what you did.” Kiryu pushed a little more.

“That’s not why I did it. I just wanted to help her,” Majima seemed offended by the suggestion and Kiryu felt really glad for his admission. It showed he was caring for real, even if he hid under a mask.

“It was a complicated time of my life and she was important to me at that time,” Majima finally offered.

Did he and Makoto…?

“Did you both…?” Kiryu tried his luck again.

“No,” Majima answered curtly, his gaze piercing him.

“Did you want to?” Kiryu wouldn’t admit he felt slightly afraid to hear the answer. Or even ask if he still did.

“I don’t know,” Majima admitted, looking desperate to finish the conversation.

Yet, Kiryu wouldn’t stop. Majima didn’t seem very keen to talk about himself and probably even less about feelings. But now, he had managed to make Majima be open about himself; a punch after this would be worthy.

“Why didn’t you stay with Makoto then?”

“Why do ya want to know that?” Majima groaned.

“I just want to know it,” Kiryu shrugged with a sincere tone. “Didn’t you care about her?” He tried again.

Majima sighed with resignation. “That’s exactly why I let her go. She had enough shit for one lifetime. She deserves something better, like a man with a normal job that wouldn’t put her at risk.” Majima seemed thoughtful, more serious than Kiryu had ever seen him.  “Maybe we could have tried somethin’. I don’t know even if she liked me or not. Or if I wanted to,” Majima huffed. “Maybe I didn’t want to know either, that couldn’t work anyhow. But I don’t regret it. That was the right thing to do,” he shrugged and looked ahead.

This was probably the first time Majima talked to him that much.

Maybe I fucked up again bringing her up , Kiryu thought. Until now, he had never considered Majima as the kind of person that would do the right thing for other people, just for the sake of it. Kiryu himself didn’t stop to think if talking about this could be dangerous for Makoto.

And both things made Kiryu feel awful about himself.

“Don’t worry, I know she is leavin’ the country, so I won’t be a problem for her anymore,” Majima assured as if he understood what Kiryu was thinking.

Was he really that obvious?

Kiryu was lost in thoughts. He had guessed Majima had feelings like any other human being, but he never imagined he would be this… caring ? Yes, sure, Majima saved her, but Kiryu never understood the reason. Was it love? Or because it was just the right thing to do? Majima always presented himself like a crazy man, with barely any morals.

Kiryu found heart-warming to see that everything was just a facade.

However, there was something else lingering in his mind.

“But if she wanted to be part of this life, then what?” Kiryu suddenly asked.

Majima glanced at him with a frown. “Well, I’m sure she didn’t want that.”

“Not talking about her. I wonder about that in general.”

Majima analyzed that, observing Kiryu attentively, looking unsure about if he should say something or not. He fidgeted with his own fingers, looking nervous.

“Then…it’s her decision.” Majima finally said and, again, he averted his eye to the front seat.

That made Kiryu think for the rest of the trip.




If Majima had to choose something he hated about Sotenbori, it would be how vulnerable it made him feel. Like he got back to his old self; something risky he couldn’t do. And obviously, seeing Makoto again wasn’t helping.

Even less with Kiryu’s interrogation.

Sure, Makoto was important to him. Like Nishitani or Lee would be too. They made Majima change, neither for best nor worst. Just different: a survivor. Like she was. Knowing Makoto had a happy life and even got married pleased him. He had made the right choice. He had saved someone. The only person he could do something good for; probably because he never got involved with her. He didn’t love her anymore, at least not in that way; he just cared for her. She was strong, pure… She made him a better person; clearly because they never had the chance to get to know each other for real. If that would have happened, he would have fucked up that relationship too. So, it seemed better like that. She would always be in his memory like the woman who helped him too and nothing more.

Something safe and not tainted.

What he didn’t understand is why Kiryu sounded so interested in that. He never, ever, asked questions. Why was he starting now?

He glanced at Kiryu who was looking through the window, pensive. Majima wanted to hug him and stop his train of thoughts. They could have talked about what happened this morning and, still, they decided to ignore it. Both of them. Or maybe not and Kiryu had tried to let him know he wasn’t really interested in him, pushing him aside with all those questions about feelings. Maybe he wanted to say that the hug he gave him was just a mistake. Perhaps he and Yumi… No , he wouldn’t think about that. It made him feel sad.

But Kiryu hugged him this morning. In bed. Majima had waited for an excuse in the line of ‘this was just a mistake, I love Yumi’ or something similar. But they never talked about it. They weren’t drunk this time and, still, they slept together.


And then, he did that stupid comment.

In the end, everything was his fault; he always fucked everything up getting attached to people. He didn’t learn the lesson, apparently.

He was better alone.


When they arrived in Tokyo, they said goodbye in an awkward way and headed to their respective houses. Kiryu had his family waiting and Majima had…Nishida, maybe. But he didn’t let him know he was coming. So, no one.

On the way to his apartment, he didn’t find anyone to fight. Sadly. He could have used that to blow some steam. Thinking this much couldn’t be good.

What started as a joke to make Kiryu mad and start a fight against him, ended pretty badly for Majima. He had developed feelings for him even if he wanted to deny it, or try to think it was just a friendship. It wasn’t that. And Majima didn’t know what to think, where to look at and how to understand himself. How could that be possible? What did that even mean for him? Now, in retrospect, everything made sense. But he felt confused. And a little scared; Majima couldn’t have a relationship with him. Kiryu was his boss. And well, a man. He always had suspected he might like men, but never tried to prove it. He didn’t trust anyone for that and could be problematic in his line of work.

This all was really fucked up.

What could he do now with this new revelation? Ok, Kiryu acted friendly with him, maybe too much. But there was Yumi and maybe he just read the signals poorly. It didn’t make sense; he had tried his best all day. Perhaps he could have tried harder but, frankly, he wasn’t an expert in the field.

Less alone with a man .

Maybe he could ask Nishida.

Nah , he dismissed the idea. That didn’t work last time and surely it wouldn’t be a good idea to advertise this new discovery.

Majima entered his apartment and took off his shoes without caring where they fell. He removed his jacket and gloves and let them over his sofa, sitting there with a long sigh. Darkness and sadness enveloped him. Something he obviously expected. What could he do?

When he looked at the table, he saw a DVD. The DVD the Florist gave to him. He picked it up and studied it. Why did he give him that? Another thing with zero logic. He didn’t even know the man.

Lost in thoughts, he played with the DVD, circling it in his finger. He wasn’t in a good mood to see whatever the hell was there. Reluctantly, he opened the table drawer and hid it there. Other day , he thought.

Majima started the TV and tried to find something to distract himself. And he found some porn. Maybe he was just horny? It had been a long time since he didn’t get any action, more that he would like to admit. It could be a possibility. After all, Kiryu was really handsome and built and…it’s still gay, ya dumbass, he reminded to himself.

But he liked women, could he like men too?

“I’m too old for this shit,” he lamented out loud.

He could just ignore it, right?

He was screwed.




Next morning, Kiryu woke up with a decision in his mind. He wanted to keep Yumi and Haruka in his life and that would be the best way to do it. Probably it was the right choice. This way, he could help them too.

And whatever happened between Majima and him was a mistake. It couldn’t be. He was a friend and he wanted to keep him too, even if that meant bottling up his feelings. Feelings? He didn’t know why he thought that. Something lingered between them, something he couldn’t understand. And exploring it felt wrong and right at the same time. No , he had to remind himself. He should swallow his emotions, whatever they were, and pretend there was nothing to see. Majima surely would be happy about it. He had enough problems; he didn’t need his boss making him uncomfortable.

Kiryu went to the sitting room and saw Yumi preparing breakfast while Haruka played with a toy on the table. At her side, the dog barked to attract her attention.

“Ojisan!” Haruka came running to hug him and Kiryu caressed her hair. “I thought you left us,” she murmured with a sad face.

“Of course not,” Kiryu tried to reassure her.

Yumi appeared from the kitchen, carrying a cup of tea.

“Kazuma! Didn’t hear you coming. How did everything go?” She asked, sipping her tea.

“Good, everything is fixed,” Kiryu simply informed.

Yumi smiled at him. She was beautiful, she was the love of his life, right? Kiryu started to feel anxious.

“Yumi,” Kiryu began suddenly, his heartbeat thumping quickly in his chest. “Do you want to marry me?”

The cup broke against the floor. Yumi seemed completely in shock, not responding yet.

“So you will be my dad?!” Haruka interrupted, jumping from joy.

“I don’t know. Your mother still has to answer.”

Because she hadn’t said anything for a whole minute.

Kiryu focused on Yumi, who still had her mouth open, staring at him.

“Do you really want to marry me?” She questioned with a confused tone.

“Yes.” Kiryu didn’t know what to say apart from that.

“I—,” Yumi stopped mid-sentence.

“Don’t you want to?” Kiryu wondered with a feeling he couldn’t describe.

“Of course I want to. I always wanted but you never…you don’t seem to…I thought you didn’t love me anymore.”

Kiryu frowned, why did she think that? Of course he loved her.

“So, do you want to marry me?” Kiryu asked again.

“Of course I want to!” Yumi got near him with tears in her eyes, joining them in a hug.

“I always thought you would do this in a more romantic way, but it’s you. So I’m happy anyway,” Yumi joked, wiping her tears.

Kiryu smiled. He always thought that too. If this would have happened in a different moment, it would have been more special and perfect. But life passed too fast and, in the end, he didn’t know how to do this kind of thing. Everything felt really new for him. Nevertheless, she accepted.  

“I’m so happy, this is what I always wanted,” she repeated into his ear.

But Kiryu didn’t feel anything special. He found himself still anxious, like something was missing. It seemed a confusing moment. But, if this was the right choice, why didn’t it feel like that?

Kiryu looked at Haruka, who had a big smile on her face, making him feel loved.

Well, she could finally have a family and that was worth it.


Chapter Text

“Yumi and I are getting married,” Kiryu announced to Kashiwagi in the privacy of his office.

Kashiwagi, who was pacing from one side to the other, turned to look at him with a big smile.

“That’s fantastic, Kiryu! That’s the best choice. And now with the Purgatory and her help, the Tojo Clan will start to be reborn from its ashes!” Kashiwagi sounded really pleased with the news. But Kiryu felt confused. He wasn’t getting married for the Tojo. He wanted to be with Yumi and Haruka. “It’ll be expensive to reform the entire club after what happened, but it’ll be worth it,” Kashiwagi said with a pensive face, ignoring his turmoil.

“That’s why you wanted me to marry her?” Kiryu interrupted his thoughts.

“Of course not,” he clarified. “You needed a wife to seem respectable, a man who can lead a clan like this. After everything that happened the last months, you need to clear your image. And with this, you will be seen in a better light now. It’s something that a man of your position should do.” Kashiwagi walked near him, talking in a low voice. “I know I’ve been pestering you about Majima and I’m sorry. I know you are our chairman and I shouldn’t do that, but I was worried sick of you doing something that will put the whole Tojo in danger. Now everything is fixed.”

“I’m not married yet.” Kiryu retorted, annoyed with this situation. “And you aren’t married either.”

“Well, in your case it’ll be needed. For your tendencies .”

“Tendencies?” Kiryu repeated.

“Don’t worry; it’s just a matter of time. Once you are married, you can do whatever you want.” Kashiwagi seemed more relaxed at least, but what was he referring to? Kiryu felt lost.

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, Kiryu. It’s ok if you want to keep whatever you have with Majima. I don’t care, just don’t advertise it. Whatever you do in your own time is ok. But…in secret, please,” Kashiwagi insisted. “And well, be careful. After all, we are still talking about Majima. A patriarch,” he added after a pause.

He didn’t understand anything. Kashiwagi had made a big fuss about his relationship with Majima, whatever it was, and now he just suggested Kiryu could cheat on Yumi? Was that something that a ‘man of his position’ was expected to do too? Sadly, that happened really often in their society, but he didn’t feel comfortable with the idea.  Kiryu couldn’t imagine betraying her trust. He cared about her, right?

And also, why did Kashiwagi dislike Majima that much?

Whatever, he should let it drop. For starters, he didn’t want to talk about it, and with luck Kashiwagi wouldn’t bring up this issue again after the wedding. Speaking with Kashiwagi about this felt disturbing, to say at least. He was Kazama’s kyodai, someone who had seen him since he was a child, and he didn’t want to be perceived as such anymore. Even less after everything that happened. And these themes made him feel like that.

Anyway, Kashiwagi seemed to respect him more now. He would take what he could.


After speaking about more details, they went to the meeting room. Kashiwagi went in first and Kiryu stood in the hall, pretending to send a message and just really waiting for everyone to be seated.

Majima came late, as always, acknowledging him with a nod and rushing inside. Everything still felt awkward between them. Did he watch the DVD? No , it wasn’t the moment to think about that.

When he opened the door, Kiryu had a glimpse of everyone looking at Majima when he took the captain’s place. Everyone started to murmur. Of course he would go straight there without waiting for him. Kiryu hadn’t been looking forward to this meeting but now, even less.

Taking a deep breath, Kiryu opened the door and took his place, waiting for the storm.

“What happened to Ibuchi?” Shindo shouted, getting up from his seat.

“He is dead,” Majima informed with his arms crossed.

“Did you kill him too?” Shindo accused, stepping towards him.

“He shot himself,” Kiryu told him in the calmest tone he could. He disliked Shindo, and didn’t appreciate the way he treated Majima.

But he had to control himself.

“And are we just going to trust the Mad Dog ?”

Kiryu had to take a deep breath again.

“I was there.” Kiryu felt on edge. He would gladly punch him for some release.

“Oh, so it was a plot between you two. You first killed Nishikiyama-san and now another of the best patriarchs we had!” Shindo claimed.

“Enough!” Kashiwagi exclaimed at the same time Majima stood up, peering at Shindo.

That seemed to shock him for a moment, but then he composed himself.

“Something you want to say, one-eyed? Do you have a new master now?” Shindo mocked with a sarcastic tone.

Kiryu curled his fist trying not to get up and crush his skull against the wall.

“Show some respect, Shindo,” Majima spoke with a deep voice. Kiryu couldn’t see his face, but he could feel his anger and his anxiety. Ready to act if he did the wrong thing. At that moment, Kiryu found it comforting to know Majima was on his side and not against him.

“Respect for him or for you ? Did Kiryu-san ever show respect for his patriarch? For his kyodai ?” Shindo spat that full of hate. His heart missed a beat at the mention of his friend.

“Shut up, Shindo,” Yayoi told him with a tired expression.

“Did he put a collar around your neck too?” Shindo continued, trying to anger Majima more. Maybe he had gone insane. “This one didn’t need to stab your other eye to be this eager to please him, huh?”

When Kiryu saw Majima reaching for his tanto, he decided to intervene, grabbing his arm. At the same time, Yayoi stood up too.

“That’s enough!” she insisted.

Majima stared at him with an unreadable expression. Anger, confusion. Maybe sadness? It wasn’t the moment for this. Kiryu gestured to sit and Majima obeyed.

“I’ll do it for you, Yayoi-san,” Shindo said in a flirty tone that disgusted both Yayoi and Kiryu.

“You should show more respect for the new Clan Captain, Shindo,” Kiryu explained when everyone sat in their respective chairs.

“Why is he the new captain?” Kiryu heard someone asking.

“Now we reward our patriarchs when they kill the other,” Shindo commented with mockery.

“He didn’t. Everything was Ibuchi’s fault,” explained Kashiwagi. “He wanted a war between us and the Omi and make the Tojo disappear. And when he saw there wasn’t escape, he shot himself.”

“Maybe ya could catch some ideas from yer friend, Shindo,” Majima taunted with a sarcastic smile.

“You son of a—!” Shindo began again.

“Majima-san deserves the place after all the work he has done for the clan.” Kiryu interrupted. “Also, he found a new place of resource to make the Tojo clan more financially stable,” he added. Majima glanced at him, shocked. They didn’t talk about it but Kiryu needed something to make his position more well-founded for the detractors. It seemed obvious they would only accept money as a good reason.

And they could talk about it later.

“What did he have?” Yayoi asked.

“The Purgatory. I’m sure you all know this place,” Kiryu answered. People hummed in approval, although Shindo didn’t look happy as expected. At least, he finally shut up. Probably they wouldn’t trust Majima with it, but Kiryu wanted to give him the opportunity to prove himself. Majima also said he had managed the Grand; he was the best option here.

“And for Uematsu and Ibuchi’s families, they’ll be dissolved. Their men can decide to join another family, but they will be under surveillance after what happened.” Kiryu said with a tone of finality.

People looked at him in disapproval, but no one dared to say anything. Some day he would like the patriarchs to obey him without second thoughts. Respect him. But probably it couldn’t be.

But finally, the meeting came to an end. Something less to worry about.

When Kiryu exited the room, Shindo stood there already waiting for him with another patriarch. Kiryu sighed. He was really testing his patience.

“He is a weak leader. I’d never understand what Nishikiyama saw in you,” Shindo whispered to the other man.

His gut clenched with the reminder of his unworthiness. Again bringing back his kyodai, his sore spot. The mere mention of Nishiki’s name always caused him pain, but this felt worse because deep down he knew Shindo just told the truth.

Many feelings started to take reign over him, but Kiryu didn’t know another way to deal with them, just violence. And beating up Shindo, one of the patriarchs with the larger family in the Tojo, wouldn’t be the most intelligent thing. But he was really tempted to screw everything up.

“Do you have a problem with me, Shindo?” Kiryu asked, stepping forward. Cornering him. He could sense his fear, awakening some brutal part of him. The scared expression in his eyes tensed Kiryu, his fist felt like they were burning. Part of him enjoyed watching Shindo flinching by the power Kiryu hold. He really should learn his place. And the other part of him felt afraid looking at his reaction. Kiryu knew himself; he realized how dangerous he could be. It seemed necessary to control his emotions, holding himself back to inflict no more pain.

Crossing the line would turn him into a monster. And he despised the idea, but this life wasn’t making it easy.

“Kiryu, I need to talk to you,” he heard Kashiwagi’s voice in the back, interrupting his thoughts. His advisor knew Kiryu enough to recognize his limit. And Kiryu almost overstepped that.

Shindo slipped away when Kiryu turned his attention to Kashiwagi.

He really came at the best moment.

“Just don’t think about it,” Kashiwagi told him like he could read his mind. “His family is important for the clan, so we have to bear with him. We don’t need an inside war right now.” Kiryu knew, of course he knew. But it was easier said than done.

Without saying a word, Kiryu stormed into his office, slamming the door at his pass.

He felt furious; he needed to punch something. Or someone. Diplomacy wasn’t his best field and he loathed all this theatre at the moment. He could talk to people and try to convince them. Helping civilians came to him effortlessly. Something he was good at. But this? These people only understood violence and strength. He always preferred to solve things in a pacific way, but the Tojo always seemed to be filled with conspiracies, fights… Expecting the respect they should demonstrate felt pointless.

Even if he knew Shindo was right about him, he wouldn’t accept that disrespect. But, how would Shindo follow his leadership like that? Kiryu tried his best and yet, he wouldn’t be suited to rule the Tojo. Ever. He couldn’t protect his own kyodai, what did that say about him?

Nishiki should be alive and Kiryu should be the one—

Kiryu grabbed a decorative vase and crashed it against the wall, just at the same time he saw Majima dodging it. He didn’t hear the door opening. And he almost hit Majima. All his anger melted away, becoming embarrassed for his attitude.

“Oh, sorry,” Kiryu apologized, exhausted.

“It’s ok, it was ugly shit anyway,” Majima dismissed.

Kiryu smiled at that but felt ashamed; he shouldn’t have lost control like that. Looking down, he went to sit in his chair.

What was he doing?

“Hey,” Majima called, getting on his knees in front of him, at the level of Kiryu’s face. “He’s an asshole.” His eye looked sad, but it didn’t feel like a pitiful gesture. He saw something more that he couldn’t spell out.

“But he is right,” Kiryu admitted. He wouldn’t say that usually; he would hide behind an emotionless wall, but his guard went down at that moment. Too tired to keep pretending, seeming useless after what just happened. He didn’t know if it was because he felt drained or because Majima soothed him.

Probably better not to think about it.

“He isn’t, ” Majima retorted, sounding more offended than he was. Sometimes he couldn’t understand Majima; he went back and forth between wanting to fight him at any time and acting supportive towards him. Even if he didn’t deserve that, Kiryu appreciated his try. He wanted to think about Majima as a friend, but sometimes he wondered if being his boss now had to do something with it. Deep down, he knew that sounded stupid, but he couldn’t stop himself for worrying. The chairman position attracted unwanted attention, hypocrisy to win his trust and jealousy and schemes to bring him down.

“I left him alone.” Kiryu insisted with a heavy sigh.

You didn’t,” Majima countered with a frown, lost in thoughts. For a moment, he felt like they weren’t talking only about him. “It was his fault ya hit prison for ten fuckin’ years,” he protested, shaking his head. “To protect him. This wasn’t yer fault.” Majima added after a second.

“Maybe I could have done something different,” Kiryu kept trying to find a reason to excuse why he felt bad about himself.

“Ya did more than ya should. I know he was yer friend, but shit happens. He changed. He wasn’t the person ya knew anymore.”

Majima was half-right there, but he saw the old Nishiki one last time before he shot the bomb. He tried to protect him in the end, trying to fix the damage he caused, but making another mess in the way.

Sometimes Kiryu wished he had died too.

“You didn’t know him…” He argued. In fact, Majima and Nishiki never got along.

“You’re just makin’ things harder on yerself. We can’t always trust people,” Majima said with a deep voice, looking pensive. “You’re in yer right to not look back more and torture yerself. There’s no point on that. Some people will fuck everythin’ up and they won’t deserve any loyalty.” He sounded very convinced as he had first-hand knowledge. Did he experience that too? Kiryu didn’t know. Probably he couldn’t ask either.  “Being young and stupid will lead us to tie ourselves to someone we might regret someday. Even more if that someone ends up betrayin’ the other…” Majima looked very serious right now. Maybe disgusted.

“You can’t know that, Majima-san….how would you?” Kiryu felt annoyed having this conversation. It couldn’t help him.

Majima tensed his lips, trying to stop himself from saying something more. He averted his eye, seeming defeated. Kiryu felt bad; Majima was just trying to be useful but they didn’t know each other that much to be helpful. At least, he appreciated the effort.

“I can understand Nishikiyama’s position and that’s why I know he didn’t deserve ya.” Majima explained, startling Kiryu. What did he mean? The way he said that made Kiryu stop talking, not knowing how to counter that. It felt like Majima just said something meaningful that he couldn’t grasp.

They just looked into their eyes for a long pause. He remembered Majima saying similar things to him almost eleven years ago. Did he try to help him back them? He always had thought about Majima as a kind of enemy, maybe more like a rival.

Why was everything so difficult?

“I…” Kiryu began but he stopped himself. What could he say? “I need a drink. Or a fight.” He shook his head; he was supposed to control himself, but he really needed to blow off some steam.

“Well!” Majima suddenly yelped in his high pitched voice. “I can help ya with that!” He clapped his hands, straightening up.

“What?” Kiryu felt confused.

“We can fight!” Majima suggested.

“We can’t…”

“Of course we do!” Majima insisted.

“Kashiwagi won’t approve of it.”

“Fuck that old man, you’re the boss! And it’s just a fight to practice, not a fight for power.” Majima seemed really excited about the prospect.

“Well, that’s for sure. You can’t win against me,” Kiryu said, feeling smug.

“Oi!” Majima feigned being offended. “Now ya have to prove yer words!”

Kiryu smiled at him and stood up. Maybe they could use the courtyard for that.




When Majima had Kiryu over, him without shirt, sweating and breathing hard, he understood this wasn’t a great idea. But it seemed too late for that now.

“Are you ok?” Kiryu asked after taking a time to recover his breath, still leaning over him.

“Yeah,” Majima answered shortly. He was sure that saying ‘I might be a little horny’ wouldn’t be the right response.

Kiryu nodded and let himself fall, resting his forehead beside his face. With their bodies touching, Majima could feel the heat coming from him, the ghost of his breath over his shoulder, the rapid heartbeat. Majima got tense and more aroused than he would like to admit. He felt glad that no one else was around.

Kiryu collected himself using both of his arms and looked at Majima with so much tenderness that he could melt.

“It’s been a while since I could fight like this,” Kiryu managed to say.

“Me too,” Majima answered. It was a fact; he didn’t remember any other fight where he had ended this worked up, letting himself be. There couldn’t be more space for denial in his mind.  Still, Majima didn’t understand if Kiryu was doing all this on purpose or if he was completely ignorant of what he did to Majima.

Majima looked at Kiryu. They had tried to avoid punching in their faces and yet, Majima had managed to make a little cut on his cheek, bleeding a little. With his naked hand, Majima brushed his thumb over it, making more of a mess of it. Kiryu’s expression changed into a confused one, but he didn’t stop him. Those dark brown eyes pinning Majima in place, without touching him, making him felt lost in them. A too soft stare for someone like Kiryu.

“I’m sorry,” Majima commented without knowing what for.

Kiryu didn’t respond or move, studying his face for a moment. What was he thinking about?

Then, a phone started ringing.

Kiryu got up in a jump and went to find his phone in his discarded jacket. People were always so opportunistic.

“Yes, I’ll be there in a moment,” Majima heard him saying.

Party is over, then.

Kiryu turned around to see Majima already standing, peering at him.

“It’s Yumi,” of course it was . “She is here…well… I didn’t tell you before.” Kiryu stopped, searching for his next words.  “We are getting married,” he finally said.

A punch would hurt less than that. He knew that for a fact. But what did Majima expect? It seemed the logical thing. But still, it hurt.

The thing was… Kiryu didn’t seem happy about the announcement. Majima wasn’t either; surely Kiryu could tell because they weren’t saying anything.

“Well, it’s the right thing to do, ain’t it?” Majima shrugged without looking at him.

“I guess,” Kiryu whispered.

The situation felt really awkward. People got happy when their friends got married, right? He should try to pretend; at least, that was something he was used to. Surely, Majima had made Kiryu uncomfortable with all his ogling and unrequested touching all this time. And now with his reaction. Why couldn’t he control himself around Kiryu?

“So, well, let’s not make her wait!” Majima urged him with a half-smile, scratching his neck while trying to locate his jacket. Where was it? It should be near; he hadn’t tossed it that far away. Majima started to feel exposed. No, no, no, no, don’t go there , he thought. Did he wear that today? Sure, of course, why wouldn’t he? So it must be there, somewhere—

“Majima-san,” Kiryu called with a worried expression. Shit, he was fucking things up again. “Everything is alright?”

“Of course, Kiryu-chan, I was just tryin’ to find my jacket. I think ya hit me really hard on the head,” Majima tried to joke even knowing it was a big lie and it did nothing to relax Kiryu, who frowned at him.

Finally he found it, besides Kiryu’s.

Of course.

They both got dressed in silence and Majima waited to be dismissed. He was still his boss, right? He should wait for orders .

“Are you interested in managing the Purgatory, then?” Kiryu commented, still looking a little baffled. Back to business, then.

“Sure.” Majima accepted without thinking. He just wanted to flee.

“Thank you, Majima-no-niisan. I have some things you will need in my office.” Kiryu smiled at him.

Not that again.

“Lead the way,” Majima said theatrically.

And with that, they walked together without saying anything else. Probably for the better, Majima couldn’t trust himself right now.

When they arrived at the office’s door, Yumi and Haruka were already there. Then, his future wife seemed shocked and went straight to touch Kiryu’s face. But he recoiled at the last moment.


“What happened?” she asked, concerned. At least, it felt good to see Kiryu had someone that worried about his well-being. Something Majima didn’t have, but that was his own fault.

“Nothing, we just had a little fight.” Yumi looked at Kiryu with more confusion. “Just to practice,” he clarified.

“So, I guess some congratulations are in order,” Majima told Yumi without really feeling it.

He really had to get back to his usual mask.

“You don’t seem really happy,” she commented with a sarcastic smile.

Shit .

“Well, I don’t like weddings,” Majima tried to shrug it off.

“So, we don’t have to invite you, I get it?”

That was probably for the best.

“Thank you for being so considerate,” Majima managed to say with almost no disgust on his face.

When Majima looked at Kiryu, he was making a strange face. Ok, maybe it seemed weird to say he didn’t want to be invited to his wedding. A normal friend would want to go, right? He should treat Kiryu like that and push his damn stupid feelings aside.

“Since you are here, Majima-san, can you take care of Haruka?” Majima glanced at Yumi, who had a big and fake smile on her face.

“Yumi, he is the Clan Captain, not a babysitter,” Kiryu complained. 

Majima could see how Yumi was taken aback.

“Nah, it’s ok, Kiryu-chan. I can do it,” Majima offered.

“Really?” Kiryu seemed shocked. What? He took care of her already; he could do that again.

“Yeah, I don’t need a t-shirt this time, right?” Majima joked, glancing at Yumi.

“No, it’s good enough like this,” Yumi answered, scanning him up and down.

“Just good enough?” Majima asked with a suggestive smirk.

“Majima!” Kiryu blurted with a really outraged face.

Whoops. He needed to get into his mask, but not that deep.

Majima made an apologetic face. “Sorry, Kiryu-chan, it’s just the habit.”

Kiryu frowned at him and looked at Yumi. “We will be here in a moment, we have to speak with Kashiwagi.”

“Sure, do whatever ya want.” Majima assured them.

And with that, they were left alone again.

Awkwardly, they both walked inside Kiryu’s office and Haruka went directly to sit in her father’s? chair. She started spinning around while Majima observed her.

“So, are ya happy about the weddin’ thing?”

“Yes! Ojisan is great. I’m glad he is staying with us,” she said with those big eyes full of cheerfulness. It reminded him of Kiryu, even if they weren’t related for real.

Well, Majima felt glad. At least for that. That kid deserved some happiness after all.

Since she seemed distracted enough, he picked up his tanto and started playing with it, hoisting it. He really didn’t understand why Yumi kept bringing her daughter here. Shouldn’t she protect her? The Yakuza wasn’t the best place for kids, less alone for a girl. At least Kiryu could take care of her now.

Why was he getting attached to Haruka? Didn’t he ever learn?

“Ooooh, can you teach me to do that?” Haruka asked, pointing to the knife.

“Yeah, sure,” he answered quickly, but after a moment of consideration, he thought about it better. The least he needed now was Yumi mad at him. Again. “But maybe you should use a pen for that. It’ll be safer.”

She seemed a little sad about it, but still eager to learn.

They were for a long time trying some easy stuff until she got some movements. This kid was really precious.

“Do you have a family?” Haruka wondered out of the blue, playing with the pen.

“Oh?” Majima pretended he didn’t hear her.

“Do you have parents or siblings? Maybe a son?”

Majima gave her a sad smile. That question brought him bad memories. She was only a child and really couldn’t understand that some questions were inappropriate. But in the end he was too, right?

“Nah, I don’t have any of those.” He found himself saying. This fucking family made him too soft.

Haruka nodded slowly with a sorry face. Maybe she really could realize it was a touchy matter.

“Well, you can be part of our family too. I know ojisan thinks of you as a close friend.” She offered with so much happiness, not knowing that felt like a slap.

“After everythin’ that happened?” He tried to joke.

“Hmm,” she agreed. “He trusts you, so that surely means something good.”

Majima wanted to argue about it, telling her that maybe Kiryu wasn’t the most intelligent person when it came to trusting people, but he stopped himself.

“Ok then,” he simply accepted with a sincere smile on his face.

“Yay, uncle Majima then!” She announced, hugging him.

Majima looked up to stop the tears threatening to spill from his eye, rubbing her hair with delicacy. Too many emotions for a day.


The door opened and Kiryu found the both of them laughing about something stupid. When Majima glanced at him, he could catch a sweet smile on his lips.

Why did everyone insist on making him uncomfortable with feelings today?

“Haruka, go with your mother. I have to talk about something with Majima-san.”

Haruka jumped and ran to the door with Yumi, who was looking at him. Studying him.

“Don’t be late, Kazuma,” she whispered, winking.

Part of Majima wanted to throw up, and another part of him tried to act like a better friend.

He found it really difficult.

“It’d be only a moment,” Kiryu assured, seeming ignorant of her flirtation.

This man was hopeless, really. He wondered how he managed to propose to her. Did someone push him to do it? Because he didn’t seem the romantic type. Well, he hugged me in bed , a voice in his mind remembered. Fuck off , he told himself.

Kiryu went to his table searching for some papers and Majima walked behind him, sitting on the desk. Maybe he was his boss, but Majima still had a role to interpret. Anyway, Kiryu didn’t seem to care.

“Sooo, she wants to ride the dragon, huh?” Majima teased him. He found it funny seeing how uncomfortable Kiryu got every time something romantic was brought up, looking really cute. Shut up, don’t go there , he reminded himself.

“She wants to sit on my back?” Kiryu looked so confused.

Well, maybe. I would want to sit in yer behinds, he thought.

“C’mon, she wants to play with yer katana, ” he made another innuendo, trying to prove his luck.

“I don’t have one.” Kiryu frowned, seeming lost.

“Really, Kiryu-chan? Are you shittin’ on me?” Majima was really perplexed, how obtuse could this man be?

“Do I need one?”

Oh my fuckin’….

“She wants to fuck ya, Kiryu-chan,” Majima spelled out for him.

Now Kiryu really looked perturbed.

“Why?” Kiryu narrowed his eyes.

Majima could give him a list.

“’Cause you’re her new future husband!” Did he need to teach him how kids were made too? Fucking hell .

“No, I get that,” Majima patted himself mentally on the back. “I wonder why you think that.” Kiryu said, looking again at the table. Majima could swear he saw the ghost of a blush on his face.

Majima studied him for a moment. Ok, he could tell him the obvious: ‘Have you seen yourself in a mirror lately?’ Or ‘I would want to; I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t want to do the same.’ But probably that was too much.

“Because she was flirtin’ with you! Ya dumbass! She winked at you!” Majima leaned towards Kiryu, looking at him closely.

Then, Kiryu moved his face, stopping a few centimetres from Majima’s nose, studying him. Majima froze, keeping his place.

“But you’re always flirting with me,” he commented, like he just said ‘how hot it is in here’. And it was really starting to be.

So he did notice, the sucker . He didn’t know what to do with this new information.

They stood there for a long moment, just like that, with locked eyes. Then, Kiryu glanced at his lips, and back to his eye.

He did it quickly, but Majima caught him anyway.

Majima frowned. “Sometimes I don’t know if you’re this oblivious or just an asshole.”

Kiryu opened his mouth to say something, shutting it again when they saw Yumi entering the room. Majima jumped from the table, playing it cool. Why should he? Nothing bad happened, right? Right? Why did he feel like Yumi caught them red-handed? Kiryu, for his part, did the same and a specific voice in his head screamed at him, saying to do something. What? He didn’t know, so he just ignored it.

Yumi looked as if she wanted to say something, but nothing came out. She studied them both with a worried face.

Finally, Kiryu found the papers and some keys, handing them to Majima.

“Here it‘s all you need,” Kiryu told him without looking at him.

Majima thought that he was more right than he knew.

He picked them and nodded without saying anything. What could he do? ‘Don’t get married?’

Majima sighed.

“Are we going now?” Yumi finally asked.

“Yes,” Kiryu spoke while going to the door in a rush, leaving Majima alone in his office.

Well, that was awkward.

Maybe he should have left the Tojo Clan, he didn’t even like this life anymore, but he couldn’t do anything else. Also, he had promised to himself to stay there in case Saejima appeared searching for revenge. Perhaps Saejima wouldn’t ever be able to leave the joint, but whatever. And now, Majima had told Kiryu he would help him with the clan. He didn’t really promise him anything, but part of him felt he had to. Maybe to show he could do it, to be trustworthy. And now he was fucked. But he wanted to protect Kiryu. It felt good to be useful for someone, and to know that someone wanted him there. But maybe he wasn’t the best option. Kiryu couldn’t trust him like his kyodai couldn’t. He already betrayed his friend; he shouldn’t be given a new opportunity.

Not when Saejima was in prison for his fault.

Sometimes he told himself that he really tried to help his kyodai, and for that he had his lost eye as proof. But he tortured himself for not trying hard enough, for not being more intelligent. He understood Kiryu in that, but here the only person that should be blamed was Nishiki.

And him.

Majima sighed. He needed to do his best for Kiryu even if he felt it wasn’t fair for Saejima.




Kiryu let himself fall in his bed after a long day. What was he doing with his life again?

He tried to convince his inner voice that he was doing the correct thing; it only found it wrong because it felt unknown to him.

Trying to make himself comfortable, he removed his clothes and put on his sweatpants. He looked at himself in the mirror, seeing a little part of his big irezumi and remembered what Majima told him earlier: ‘She wants to ride the dragon.’ That made him laugh. He really couldn’t read Majima; never knowing when he said something seriously or just to tease him.

A knock in the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Come in,” Kiryu invited whoever it was.

Yumi appeared wearing a short nightgown.

Kiryu gulped.

“Oh, you are still awake. Haruka is fast asleep already.” She said in a low voice, making Kiryu shudder, having fresh in his memory Majima’s suggestion.

Kiryu should want to get intimate with her, right? He loved her but, still, he felt very uncomfortable with the idea.

She got closer to him and rested her hands over his shoulders. She was smaller than him, her head only reaching his chest. Kiryu panicked. “We still haven’t kissed, you know?” Yumi commented with a sweet voice.

“Ah…” Kiryu didn’t know what to say. It was true enough. And he didn’t want to anyway. He had kissed some women but, for some reason, he didn’t feel inclined to do it with her. It seemed too soon.

Yumi posed her head over his chest and hugged him. Kiryu stood still, not knowing what to do with his hands. Sure, being hugged felt comfortable, but he wasn’t used to it. The last person he hugged was…

“We can spend the night together if you want,” she whispered against his chest.

“Oh…” What could he say? “Today was a stressful day. I’m not really in the mood…” Kiryu tried.

At least that was true.

She looked up at him, still touching his body. “Something happened?” Yumi asked.

“Nothing important,” Kiryu really didn’t want to start this conversation again. Even less with Yumi after knowing how she felt about Nishiki.

“You know you can talk to me, right?” Yumi insisted.

Kiryu knew but he didn’t want to put her in that situation. Part of him still wanted to protect her even if he saw she didn’t need that much anymore.

“I know, it’s just…It’s not really important.” Kiryu’s arms were still hanging at his sides, feeling really aware of it.

Yumi stepped aside, not touching him anymore. She seemed distressed too.

“Ok, I’ll leave you to rest then,” Yumi studied him for a moment before turning around. And with that, she left the room.

Kiryu felt like he could breathe again. What was he doing?


Chapter Text

“Sooo, I was thinkin’ about buyin’ an empty lot,” Majima began. The place stood over Purgatory. If he wanted to keep the business there, he needed to buy the lot. But he found it depressing; a lot of homeless people used to live there and now they all were gone. At least, he could give an occupation to those who wanted to, whatever they could do. But Kiryu didn’t need to know this.

Kiryu looked up from his paperwork with a confused face. They hadn’t talked much in a month since Kiryu told him about his future marriage. And being the captain and having the management of the Purgatory made him way too busy, a good excuse to be absent. No time to think . Interestingly enough, they still found time to just fight. They both found it helpful to keep themselves in form. But it wasn’t doing much about his obsession for Kiryu, though. Hopefully it would pass soon enough if he handled to emotionally distance himself from Kiryu.

Surely .

“Yes?” Kiryu invited him to continue.

“Since the businesses in Purgatory are goin’ wild, maybe I could invest part of the money buildin’ somethin’ there that would make us richer!” Majima felt excited; he had found something else to be occupied with and, this way, he could help the Tojo and Kiryu.

Everything seemed perfect.

“I don’t follow. Do you want to build something? Do you know how to do that?” Kiryu questioned, sceptical.

“No, but we have internet!” Majima joked.

“…I see,” Kiryu didn’t look confident about his idea.

“I even have a motto for my Construction Company: If ya wanna work, welcome. If ya wanna rest, get the fuck out!” He felt really proud of that. It sounded great.

Kiryu made a face. “That’s your motto?”

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan! It’s a big opportunity! Don’t ya trust me?” Oh well, maybe he wasn’t prepared for the possible response.

“I do.” Phew . “But, don’t you have enough work already? The Purgatory, your family and now a construction company? Don’t you want to…don’t know, sleep?”

Well, he didn’t sleep anyway, it wouldn’t make a difference. The only time he remembered to have slept more was when they… No, no, no, not again .

“I was the Lord of the Night , I can do all of it! It’d mean more money and I can put my men to work on it. Some of them are just slackin’!” He tried to sound convincing.

Majima would pretend to have big aspirations, to have a reason to keep living. But he just felt really tired. He used to have them when he was younger, but now everything had changed. His life wasn’t his anymore and it would be better to kill time while he waited for the end. At least he would be less bored. He would be ok with a normal life; he really had tried and always failed. That couldn’t be for him.

Not anymore.

“I guess none of them know anything about buildings either,” Kiryu commented.

“Kiryu-chan, that’s not important!” Kiryu frowned, doubting his remark. But it couldn’t be that complicated. Having the correct architect to do the job would make things easier. But it seemed funnier to make Kiryu think they would just use Google for everything. That way, Majima could really see if he trusted him for real or not.

And he had a reputation to keep.

“Well, if you really want to do that, it’s ok. We are having better financial stability thanks to your work and the other families. So, go ahead.”

“You’ll see! It’s goin’ to be the biggest buildin’ in all Kamurocho!” Majima clapped his hands and Kiryu gave him a little smile that always warmed his heart.

Not again .

“See ya then, Kiryu-chan!” Majima said, turning around and decided to buy that place.

“Majima-san, wait a moment,” Kiryu called for him.


Majima went to his table again to see Kiryu a little…nervous?

Kiryu fidgeted with the pen he had in his hand, seemingly unsure to speak up his mind.

“Will you come to the wedding, then?” He finally asked. Majima didn’t predict that.

Yer weddin’, ya mean?” Majima teased him.

“Eh…yeah,” he answered with a shy nod. Why did Kiryu look so soft? He wasn’t supposed to be.

“I don’t know, do ya want me to go?” Majima scratched his neck, not looking very confident.

“Well, yes.” Kiryu stared at him with expectant eyes.

Majima started to hate himself. He didn’t want to go but, how could someone say no to that puppy face?

“Do I have to wear a shirt?” Majima mocked. This way he could make himself feel less anxious.

“Do you have one?” Kiryu teased him back.

“Well, I can always wear that one you gave me.” Wrong thing to say. Kiryu shot him a questioning face.

“I can buy one, don’t worry,” Majima added quickly, hoping Kiryu wouldn’t dwell on why he still kept his shirt. It wasn’t like he wore it or anything.

Of course he didn’t.

“I’ll give you the direction and the time,” Kiryu told him, gladly ignoring his comment.

“Right,” Majima nodded and turned around to cringe freely. He should really control what he said around him.

And with that, he left the room.

And now, he was fucked .

He didn’t like weddings, he had celebrated one and that seemed enough. It was a civil one, something simple that wouldn’t attract attention, exactly what they both needed. And it ended awfully. Majima hoped that Kiryu could have a better life with Yumi than he had with Mirei.

In the end, he couldn’t be a good company to keep; he wasn’t a good person and didn’t deserve someone at his side. But Kiryu did and Yumi seemed a good choice. They were friends; that couldn’t go wrong. And well, Kiryu didn’t show a lot of enthusiasm but it was Kiryu, he barely ever did. Only with pocket circuit. Majima laughed to himself; Kiryu acted too adorably for his own good.

Enough of this.

He needed to build a new company and kept his eye on his family and Purgatory. That seemed too much work but he felt really bored and he needed new things to do. Something challenging. And just the idea started to stress him, but he could do it.

He could manage two cabaret clubs at the same time; this seemed nothing for him.




Kiryu hadn’t visited Serena since the last events. He didn’t feel mentally prepared. That place represented all the time he had lost, all the friends who weren’t here anymore, all his youth already gone. Kiryu assumed he could get back here someday and make some peace with it. But not right now.

As far as he knew, Serena didn’t have a new owner and Yumi suggested doing the nijikai there. In the end, it was a place full of good memories. And bad ones. Being there felt uncomfortable for him after everything that happened. He couldn’t save Reina or Nishiki and now it seemed like a ghost town.

He shouldn’t be here.

But Yumi had insisted. It was resolved now and probably the place would be perfect for it. They didn’t have many friends nor family, a small place seemed enough.

When they arrived, the bar had been already dusted with all the preparations in place and Date was waiting for them. They didn’t talk much those days but they still had a good relationship. He considered Date a friend, someone that would be there when no one would, apart from Majima.

Thanks to Date, the three of them were now here, ready to form a family.

Yumi joined them with Haruka at her side, looking comfortable enough. And probably she was. She seemed more confident now than ever, probably something good. Thinking about their past, Kiryu remembered how cute and shy she used to be, working as a hostess here with Reina. And thanks to that, she found her interest in cabarets, owning one again. A much bigger one in process to be reconstructed. Kiryu felt surprised. He had never considered her a woman of great aspirations, but time changed everyone.

Remembering Reina made him feel sad again. She deserved to be alive and he didn’t do enough to protect her. Sometimes he wondered if he had earned happiness after how many people he had failed. It didn’t seem right. He was still there when the rest of them weren’t.

Reina helped him in his relationship with Yumi and surely she would be happy to be here now to see this finally happening.

And Nishiki…

“So, are you nervous?” Date suddenly said, startling Kiryu.

“Oh?” Kiryu caressed some decorations, trying not to mess them up.

“The wedding, tomorrow it’s your big day!” Date clarified, sounding excited.

“Oh, yes, a little,” Kiryu admitted. But it didn’t sound convincing and his friend picked up on it, making an unreadable face. He was a good policeman, right?

Date walked to his side and whispered. “It’s ok to have doubts, you know? I had them too.” He tried to make him feel better. “Maybe I’m not the best example since I’m divorced, but that won’t happen with you both.”

Kiryu smiled at him shyly, feeling worried. He considered himself the romantic type and yet he never took a step forward. Even if he had imagined the scenario in his mind thousands of times, he never did until now. Sometimes he questioned himself why he had never taken this step before. Maybe it was the result of not knowing many married successful couples. He didn’t really know how that worked, but with Yumi it might be different. They were close friends, growing up together. Having that stronger base should be easier to make it work.

And he couldn’t waste more time.

Kiryu always guessed that Yumi was the one meant for him. She was beautiful and sweet and he could count on her anytime. Having her around didn’t make him feel too uncomfortable like other people would; sharing his entire life with her shouldn’t be complicated. It felt natural. Everyone was raised with the idea that one day they would get married and, for that, they had to find a match. And for them it seemed the easiest part.

But now, after all this time…why didn’t it feel the correct choice? This is how it should be. It used to feel right, and now, it felt really wrong.

He wished Kazama was here; maybe he could have reassured him.

And Nishiki.

Well, maybe Nishiki wasn’t the best idea after what happened. Did he really put the Tojo at risk to get Yumi’s attention?


“Everything is perfect, Kazuma!” Yumi announced, stepping forward to them. “Don’t you think?”

“Yes.” Kiryu nodded without much emphasis. Gladly, she didn’t notice.

Haruka came to him and took his hand.

“So, tomorrow I can start calling you dad?” She had a big smile on her face, making him come back from his thoughts.

“You can do that already if you want,” Kiryu told her while caressing her hair. He was going to officially adopt her; that made both of them happy. And Yumi seemed warmed to see them this close.

“Everything is ready for tomorrow then!” Date smiled at him.

Kiryu appreciated to still have some friends, even if he didn’t deserve them.

Next day promised to be long.




The wedding was simple and very private. They both decided to celebrate a Shinto one, with their traditional white kimono for her and a haori and hakama for him. Yayoi offered to help Yumi with the change of clothes during the reception, being included in the small group that would assist in the actual celebration. Sometimes he still wondered if Yayoi knew what her husband did to Yumi. But in the end, they both got along and supported each other. Yayoi was an admirable woman who deserved more respect, and she shouldn’t be taken accountable for her husband’s faults.

The reception was made in the headquarters of the Tojo, this way all the patriarchs could join easily and, since it wouldn’t last long, it seemed the best option. He had never wanted a big celebration. Something quiet and private seemed enough for him, but Kashiwagi insisted that him being the chairman changed everything and he had to invite the Tojo patriarchs. And Kiryu understood why he had to do so but, personally, he didn’t want to. The patriarchs didn’t seem to have him in high esteem and he reciprocated the feeling. It seemed too hypocritical for his taste.

Kiryu scanned the room not searching for someone, or that was what he told himself. But Majima was nowhere to be seen. Did he think better of it? Kiryu didn’t consider the possibility of Majima being offended for not being invited to the ceremony itself. Probably he wouldn’t have come anyway and in the case he did…well, Kiryu found the idea uncomfortable. Sure, he wanted Majima to join them but, was it weird to have Majima in his wedding after what happened between them? Maybe he should feel glad for Majima not being there. Still, it seemed strange coming from him, a man who respected the traditions even if he played an uncaring role.

Should he be worried?

After that, the nijikai started in Serena. He finally could have some peace. Finally he could stop pretending to accept false congratulations.

The only people that would join them at the party were Date, Kashiwagi, Yayoi, some of Yumi's friends and…Majima. He wasn’t sure if he should be waiting for him anymore, but part of him wanted to. Did he make him feel uncomfortable again?

He didn’t remember anything new.

Kiryu, Yumi and Haruka walked for a little while until they arrived at the bar, all the time accompanied by their bodyguards. Today didn’t seem the best moment to end up in a fight, even if no one attacked him anymore. Better safe than sorry.

Haruka walked between them, jumping to every step. She seemed really happy and he felt glad to see that. And Yumi had a big smile on her face too. Everything seemed perfect. At every step, Haruka made remarks with the excuse to call him ‘dad’ and Kiryu found that really endearing.

Taking the lift, he mentally prepared for the party. He should be happy, right? But he felt anxious; it didn’t stop since the celebration.

Was that normal?

The elevator door opened and they were received with a big applause. After scanning the room he, finally, spotted Majima sitting alone in a booth. He was wearing an actual suit, everything in black; he really looked good in it. Kiryu smiled at him and Majima nodded in acknowledgment.

Everyone was already there.

Well, now he felt a little better. Surely having just friends at his side was making this situation better.




In the end and against his better judgement, Majima decided to join. He didn’t like the idea, but just looking at how Kiryu’s brown eyes sparkled for seeing him there felt worth it.

He really played with the idea of interrupting the ceremony like in those American sappy movies. And for that he could drive a big pink truck with a big ‘Not Married’ sign on it. He surely would laugh about it. But he wasn’t sure about Kiryu; probably he wouldn’t appreciate it.

Looking around, he started feeling a little alone there; surrounded by people he didn’t know or didn’t care about. At least there was Haruka. She reminded him of the daughter he would never have, seeming too late for that and even if he could, he wouldn’t. His life wasn’t in the perfect situation for that.

And, as she could feel his demeanour, she joined him for a little while.

He liked that kid. Their relationship didn’t start in the best way and that pained him, but he couldn’t do anything about it, just make it up for her now. They had a stupid banter for a few minutes, ending in a hug.

He still found it strange how that girl had ended up accepting him.

Sadly, she went to talk with the other guests and he found himself alone all over again.

Maybe he should just drink until losing his memory again. Maybe he would end up waking up besides Kiryu too. Majima sighed. Even if he liked the idea, he didn’t want to entertain himself much with it. Kiryu was married now. And Majima had to stop thinking about getting in his boss' pants. It didn’t seem appropriate.

Majima stood up and walked to the bar, asking for the strongest shit they had. Perhaps forgetting about everything was the best choice. While he waited, he heard people talking at his back.

“I didn’t know Majima-san and Kiryu-san were friends,” commented Yayoi.

“Yes, they are…really friends,” that sounded like Kashiwagi’s voice, doing an awkward pause. What the fuck did he mean by that?

“I see. I hope the Mad Dog is tamed for today, at least.” Yayoi said without picking up on how Kashiwagi phrased that.

“Whaddaya mean?” Majima startled them.

“Majima-san! I thought…” Kashiwagi began.

“That I wasn’t close, right?” He offered him a sarcastic smile.

“No,” Kashiwagi obviously lied. “I hope you aren’t getting wasted in your boss’s wedding,” he reprimanded Majima.

“Of course not,” Majima looked at his glass. Maybe he shouldn’t drink too much then.

“You can sit with us,” Yayoi welcomed him, probably out of courtesy. And Majima couldn’t say no, he felt fucking bored.

He didn’t go to many weddings, basically to none. Only on his own. He didn’t have many friends for that and he preferred not to ruin the only one he got invited to.

And he thought about Mirei again. The only time he tried to give himself an opportunity to be happy, have a family and all the usual package, and he screwed everything up in the end. He didn’t understand why he even tried. It seemed useless. He let Makoto go because she deserved something better, then he fell in love again and convinced himself to take the opportunity for the life he always wanted. And now there he was, divorced and with no possibility to have a family. Sometimes he played with the idea of leaving everything and trying again. And sure, he could find someone crazy enough for that, but he decided against it. Whenever he tried, it was taken away from him, probably because he devoted his entire life prioritizing someone else. Someone that maybe wouldn’t get out ever.

Anyway, his life wasn’t good for that and would never be. He didn’t deserve it either.

He had accepted that.


They talked about nothing important for a while, but Majima was more interested in ogling Kiryu now he wouldn’t notice. He really looked handsome with those clothes. Now he found the reason to stay sober; he had to save that image in his memory for… later . He would just have to remove that bright ring he had now in his hand and everything would be perfect.

Yayoi got up. “If you excuse me,” they both nodded and she walked to where Yumi stood. She looked ok, he guessed.

“So,” Kashiwagi began. “Isn’t it weird for you to be in this situation?”

“Haw?” Majima glared at him. Damn Kashiwagi, I was havin’ a perfect view of my boss in that moment.

“I know what’s happening here,” Kashiwagi insisted in a mysterious way.

“A weddin’?” Majima sneered, not appreciating the tone.

Kashiwagi huffed. “Good then, at least you know how to pretend.”

‘Of course I know, ya idiot. I could play all the kabuki roles if I wanted’, was something he wanted to say, but he saved himself the time. And what the fuck was all that? He started to reconsider drinking all the bottles in the room.

“I’ll have a smoke,” Majima said while stepping towards the back door. When he got outside, he was welcomed in the dark. At least the temperature on that summer night felt pleasant; thankfully not too humid.

Maybe he should go; no one would miss him anyway. But he hadn’t even talked with Kiryu yet. Majima sighed. He looked to his left and saw the stairs going up, so he decided to investigate a little. When he reached the top, he could see all Kamurocho with all the lights and the people having fun with their normal lives. He envied them.

But up there was nice and quiet, exactly what he needed now.




Kiryu wanted to go already. He wasn’t really used to speaking this much.

It made him feel tired.

Distracted, Kiryu followed Haruka with his eyes and saw how she welcomed Majima. That granted a smile from him; she was a sweet girl. They both talked for a little, giving him the opportunity to observe how Majima acted softer than he usually would be. Kiryu felt really glad to know they were getting along so well, he even heard Haruka calling him ‘uncle Majima’. And, after that, Majima hugged her and she received it with joy.

A really pleasing view.

“Your friend shouldn’t do that,” Yumi whispered to his side. He almost forgot she was there too.

“Why?” He wondered.

“Well, I don’t like it.” Yumi seemed annoyed and Kiryu didn’t understand why.

Kiryu just frowned and saw how Haruka kept walking around. It was just a hug, surely a child could use one from time to time.

After a while where they received more congratulations and strange remarks about the honeymoon, Kiryu thought about a way to disappear for a little while.

He wanted to talk with someone in particular. But searching around the room he couldn’t spot him. And the place wasn’t that big. Did he vanish? He felt disappointed. It could be understandable for Majima to be bored in something like this, but at least he could have waited for him.

To talk to him.

Kiryu excused himself and went out to have a cigarette. He didn’t smoke much those days after ten years without it, but when he felt stressed he would get back to the habit.

Stepping outside, he could still hear the voices coming from inside, so he decided to visit the roof. He had done that so many times in his youth and now it felt weird to be back there.

When he took the last step, he could see a black figure. Well, there he was .

Kiryu smiled to himself, approaching him slowly. “I thought you left early,” Kiryu spoke while fishing for his cigarettes.

Majima glanced at him, surprised. He studied Kiryu for a moment with a smirk on his face, feeling under scrutiny. That made him shiver.

“Nah, I just needed some fresh air,” Majima excused while lighting his cigarette.

They stood there for a while in a comfortable silence, resting their elbows over the railing. Enjoying the views and finally feeling relaxed.

“Ya don’t seem really happy, y’know?” Majima commented, seemingly a little tipsy.

Kiryu frowned and turned his attention to Majima, who was looking away. With his eye patch at sight, Kiryu couldn’t see his expression. How did he notice? Kiryu dropped his eyes to Majima’s lips, staring at them while he circled the cigarette and puffed.

Don’t go there.

“I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t how I imagined it,” Kiryu admitted to Majima and to himself.

Majima made a wry smile. “It never is, ain’t it?” He observed the city for a moment, thinking and flicking his cigarettes. “But I understand you,” he added after a moment.

“Why?” Kiryu didn’t know what he was referring to.

“I was married once,” Majima said without looking at him.

What? When? Did it happen during his time in jail? He didn’t know how to feel about it, jealous? No, that couldn’t be. He wanted to ask more, to know why he wasn’t married anymore, who she was. But experience told him Majima wouldn’t answer.

“It’s absurd to get married when you are in the Yakuza. Everything might be a problem. And, do we deserve love after all the shit we bring to this world?” Majima seemed really sad and pensive. Kiryu felt tempted to hug him, but he didn’t know how to start it and cross the invisible line between them.

But Majima had a point. Did they deserve happiness? That seemed a constant theme in his head lately. He didn’t feel worthy of it. His presence surely wouldn’t make life easy for anyone—

“I’m sorry, I’m depressing you on your big day,” Majima stared at him with a tender expression.

His Kansai accent long forgotten.

“No, it’s ok, you are right,” Kiryu assured.

“No, I’m not.” Majima rested his hand over his shoulder. Until now he didn’t notice he wasn’t wearing his gloves; it felt so strange seeing his naked hands. “Ignore everything I said. You deserve some happiness after all that mess. And Yumi and Haruka too.” Majima smiled at him again.

Since when did he act like this?

Kiryu touched his hand and caressed it without knowing what to say. Majima seemed hesitant. Was he bothering him? Then Majima stepped forward and enveloped him between his arms, resting his head where their hands were touching until a second.

Oh .

At first he found it awkward, but Kiryu joined him, circling his solid figure with his arms. He sighed heavily. They being the same height made it easier and more comfortable. He relaxed under his touch, feeling his warmth. His slow heartbeat.

Kiryu definitely could be there all night.

Kiryu wasn’t used to being hugged; the only person that did it was Haruka. And those were always initiated by her. He really didn’t know how to, always feeling too exposed for that, afraid to be rejected.

They were like that for a long moment. Was that normal between friends? Maybe Majima and Kiryu did have a strange relationship.

Nothing else.

After a little, Majima was the first to pull away. They didn’t look into their eyes, the situation felt too uncomfortable for that, like they did something they shouldn’t.

A hollow feeling washed over him, like he just let something go.

“I think we should go back to the party,” Majima suggested with a low voice.

Kiryu nodded. “You know, I always thought you were from Kansai.”

Majima laughed at that. “Did ya?” He said while leaving him there alone.

Maybe if they were trapped in a train again he could manage to have some answers. Kiryu huffed at that. Perhaps he should try that.

Kiryu stayed on the roof for a moment, trying to recover himself, not wanting to get back yet.

Why didn’t he feel happier? He should; they were finally getting together like a family. Something that he had always wanted. He looked around down in the city and saw multiples of couples together, holding hands and laughing with complicity. Nothing seemed off between them.

Suddenly something came to his mind.

He did love Yumi but, was he in love with her?


Chapter Text

After some paperwork, they made it official: Kiryu was now Haruka’s father.

Haruka seemed happy and Kiryu felt the same. Finally, he had the family he always wanted. Yumi, on the other hand, didn’t look in a good mood since the wedding. Two days ago, they celebrated their honeymoon in their house, not wanting to leave their daughter alone. Or at least, Kiryu had insisted on that. And they didn’t do anything special. Nothing changed between them.

Nothing at all.

Yumi tried to sleep with him every day, but he always found an excuse to deny it. Maybe he felt tired, or Haruka was around and it seemed inappropriate. And every time, it felt more awkward and uncomfortable. He just didn’t know what to do. He loved her, he knew that, but he didn’t want to be intimate with her. Maybe he needed some guidance? Those things were new for him; the only experience he had was with Majima and he wouldn’t ask him about anything .

And if they went home together, she would probably try it again. And right now, Kiryu needed a break. He wanted to think clearly, but trying to solve the problem and avoiding the thing all the time wouldn’t help at all. What could he do? Asking her for some time surely couldn’t be the good option, after all he was the one proposing to get married, and he felt bad for not having the desire to sleep with her.

They arrived at the end of the street where their car and Yumi’s bodyguards awaited them. Of course, Kiryu still used the underground; he didn’t like that kind of status. He still wanted to feel like a normal person. But for Yumi and their daughter it seemed the safer option.

Yumi turned to him with an unreadable face.

“So, you aren’t coming home now, I take it?”

“I have something to do.” Kiryu excused and Yumi didn’t seem to believe him. Maybe if he said he had to work, it would sound like a good reason; maybe even she would accept it. But he didn’t want to lie to her. That wasn’t his style. He already felt bad enough with the situation to add more problems. And sure, he could just admit he preferred to keep their relationship as it was until now. But she wouldn’t understand.

He didn’t either.

Perhaps he could try to reach a conclusion first, trying to see his options and then, he would talk to her. In any case, Yumi deserved a better husband, something he didn’t seem able to accomplish. And that pained him.

“Well, don’t be late, ok?” Yumi requested with a sad face and Kiryu nodded.

“See you later, dad!” Haruka said with a big smile. He envied her for a moment, oblivious of everything that was happening.

After that, they got in the car followed by their bodyguards and disappeared on the road.

Kiryu sighed, relieved. Now he had time to relax and find out a solution for his problem.

But, how?

Kiryu walked through Kamurocho without anything in mind, blending around the people without wearing his pin and tie, just trying to wash out all the pressure he had been experiencing those days. And to do so, he helped some people along the way to nowhere. Like he used to do when things were still normal.

Like nothing had changed.

People laughed with their friends, others wandered alone; some families walked down the street and some others were surely being scammed… The usual in this place.

But even if he hated this city, he couldn’t deny it had something special for him.


It was already dark and Kiryu still hadn’t reached any conclusions, being too busy with other people’s problems to attend his own. Or maybe he did it on purpose; it felt safe just to ignore it.

Yumi seemed perfect: she was an intelligent woman, sweet and beautiful. They knew each other since always and they got along perfectly, why couldn’t he just share a bed with her? Well, he could sleep with her, just sleep . But he knew she wanted something more that he couldn’t offer. At least, he tried to kiss her; he found it easier being something he had done before. But nothing more. The kiss never awakened something inside him and moving things forward felt uncomfortable. He wasn’t against the idea of having sex, it just didn’t work with her. Or maybe with him. Perhaps he did something wrong? He didn’t have that problem with Majima and that made him feel weird.

Don’t think about that again , he told himself.

Then, he remembered Rina, a hostess he met when he was still searching for Yumi. She seemed nice and he never felt pressured with her. Maybe she could help him.

Without considering it more, he walked to the cabaret and requested her. Luckily, he found her still available.

The manager accompanied him to his table where he waited for her, feeling a little anxious. Just a little.

The place hadn’t changed in almost a year since he visited last time. And men seemed to enjoy the company of the girls, in a way he had never felt.

Kiryu gulped. Did he look the same as those men sitting here?

After a while, she appeared with a big smile on her face.

“Kiryu-san! I’m so glad to see you again. I thought you left the city!” She exclaimed and bowed at the same time.

“Glad to see you too,” Kiryu commented with a sincere smirk.

She sat beside him and he asked for the expensive things in the club. At least, she seemed to appreciate it.

“So, you got married, right?”

Kiryu frowned, did she know? It was a really private ceremony, how could she even fathom?

She pointed at his hand with the ring.

Oh, right .

“Oh, yes, two days ago.” Kiryu informed, feeling stupid.

She nodded cheerfully. “Congratulations! Hope you both are really happy!”

Kiryu thanked her without feeling it much. If she could know all the problems they already had…

This promised to be awkward.

After a long conversation where she spoke a lot about her girlfriends, Kiryu found a moment to ask the question.

“But, how were you so sure you liked women?” What? Why was he asking that?

“Kiryu-san, I already answered that!” She joked.

“Yes, but I think I still don’t understand,” Kiryu admitted, getting along with it, now feeling curious. He didn’t know how that worked.

“Well, it’s simple. If you think about a person and want to be intimate with them…you like them, right? Or maybe just having a date with them. Whatever you prefer,” she laughed, covering her mouth. “For me, this only happens with girls!” Rina announced like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

But Kiryu still didn’t understand.

“When you think about a woman you like, don’t you want to be intimate with her? It’s the same for me.” She explained a little more, reading into his confusion.


That seemed easy.

Unless it wasn’t because he didn’t have that… urge .

He always thought he liked women but now, he didn’t feel sure. Was there something wrong with him? Now he remembered why he never cared about this stuff. Too much thinking for something that didn’t seem really important. But he couldn’t avoid it anymore.

And he still felt curious.

“How do I know I like a man?” Rina made a shocked face. “For example,” he added quickly, afraid that she could read something more in his demeanour.

“I thought you didn’t like men!” She teased him.

“I don’t,” as far as he knew. “But I was just wondering.”


Rina touched her chin with a finger, pensive. At the same time, Kiryu questioned his life choices.

“Well, you can always kiss a man to figure it out!” She chuckled again.

Kiryu panicked. “Not that, ” Kiryu tensed just thinking about the possibility of kissing Majima. Why would he kiss him anyway? He tried to dismiss the thought.

Rina beamed at his shyness and then started to think again. “Hmmm, maybe you could watch gay porn,” she suggested, trying not to giggle.

Porn? He had watched porn in his life just for release when he needed it, but he never cared too much about who was in the video. It felt like something more mechanical. Then, he remembered that night with Majima. He could deny he didn’t like it, but it seemed an obvious lie. And he also drank too much to be sure of what he wanted. He couldn’t trust himself. Maybe he should try to get drunk to sleep with Yumi? Well, he drank a lot of alcohol on their honeymoon and still—

“I can ask a friend for a link if you want,” she interrupted his thoughts, whispering in his ear.

Did she read something on his face?

“Ah…no, it’s ok. There is no need,” Kiryu dismissed. Maybe that could be helpful but he felt too embarrassed to accept the suggestion.

“Don’t worry, Kiryu-san! It could be fun!” She started to laugh again and Kiryu shook his head with a grin on his face. He felt ridiculous. At least she wasn’t being too nosy or judgmental.

After that, they kept talking a bit more about other things that didn’t make him embarrassed.


Rina yawned, looking at her watch.

“So, you just finished your work shift here?” Kiryu asked.

“Yes, now I’ll just go home to finally sleep!” Rina sighed, seemingly tired.

“Ok, I’ll walk you home then. I don’t want you to go alone in this city,” he offered, still not wanting to go to his own house.

She beamed at him “Such a gentleman, Kiryu-san!” After that, she grabbed his arm in a loving way and they both exited the club, Rina leading the way.

The weather felt comfortable and very warm, and the moon could be found above them, following them in their path. And what they also found in the way were drunks and thugs. Gladly, they seemed to recognize him, avoiding starting a fight with the chairman of the Tojo.

After ten minutes walking, they arrived at an apartment. He felt glad to know she didn’t live too far away.

“This is my house! Thank you so much, Kiryu-san!” She rested her face over his chest in a sweet gesture. Kiryu looked at her but then, he saw Rina making a shocked face and hid behind him.

What the—

“Yo, are you already cheatin’ on yer sweet’eart?!” He heard Majima’s voice.

Kiryu gulped and turned around to see him. He was sporting a bat covered in blood and his usual outfit, showing his tattoos. He really looked pissed off.

“It’s not what it looks like. She is a friend,” Kiryu excused. He wasn’t that kind of man.

“Do you know him?” She asked him in a low voice.

“He‘s my boss, girl!” Majima pointed at him with his bat. Kiryu didn’t really want to fight over a lie. He wasn’t cheating .

“Are you a yakuza!?” She questioned Kiryu with a shocked face.

“Ya didn’t tell her? She seems like a great friend to me, huh?” Majima sneered, narrowing his eye at him.

“Why would I?” Kiryu got annoyed over this constant interrogation. “It’s ok, Rina.” He tried to reassure her. The least he wanted now was scaring her off.

“Oh, don’t worry, we meet a lot of them in the cabaret. I just never thought you weren’t. You’re always so nice.” Rina admitted, shrugging a little.

“Oi! I’m nice too,” Majima snapped, sounding offended.

“Well, I don’t know you,” she studied him for a moment. “Wait, I actually do!”

Did she? He never thought Majima went to those places, he said that himself.

“You’re the one that got dolled up in my cabaret!” She clapped her hands with a big grin on her face, like she just deduced a big enigma.

“Ahhh—,” Majima looked at the floor, rubbing his neck. He seemed really ashamed.

“For whom did you do that? I never found out!” Rina insisted on the subject.

Majima grunted, displeased, and ended up pointing shyly at Kiryu.

Oh, Goromi, right . Kiryu felt relieved.

Rina glanced from Kiryu to Majima, first confused and, then, with realization. Maybe she had solved the enigma after all. And Kiryu wanted to disappear now. “Now I understand!” She laughed, staring at Kiryu while he did some concealed gestures to stop her from saying anything else.

Majima seemed really confused.

“Ya understand what?” Majima inquired to her, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I thought you didn’t like men!” Rina offered, still cracking up.

Kiryu massaged his forehead. Why did he insist on talking about himself? It always ended badly.

“She is obviously drunk, Majima-san,” Kiryu dismissed her, trying to avoid the thing .

Majima nodded, believing him. “But you’re still cheatin’ on yer wife, Kiryu-chan!” Majima got back to square one. Of course he would.

Kiryu didn’t know what he preferred.

“Oh, don’t worry, Kiryu-san was always a gentleman with me,” Rina explained, winking at Majima.

That confused him even more, making him a little self-conscious, scratching the back of his neck. Majima always did the same in these situations.

“Sure…” Majima mumbled, still not believing him.

“I’m not, I just needed a moment to relax.” Kiryu tried to reason with him.

Rina kept laughing more in the background.

 “From yer wife? That was quick!” Majima scolded.

“Not that !” Kiryu defended himself.

“Then what? ” Majima crossed his arms over his chest again.

“I…” Kiryu didn’t know how to answer. “I’ll go now.” He didn’t need to explain anything. Kiryu was Majima’s boss. If anything, he would be the one asking questions. “With my wife.” Kiryu added as an afterthought, watching how Majima stared at him.  He turned to Rina, “Have a good night,” he bowed a little and started walking.

“Good night, Kiryu-san! I’ll send you the video!” She said in between giggles. And then, he heard the door closing.

Kiryu kept marching but he noted some quick steps behind him. After a second, Majima passed his arm over his shoulder, making him shiver.

Probably the weather.


“We’re not going to fight now,” Kiryu assured.

“Whatever you want, boss,” Majima accepted. That sounded weird. “You seem distracted.”

“I’m ok.” Kiryu lied.

“You’re not.” Majima caught him. He seemed to read him better than he would ever be able to. It comforted him in a way, but he didn’t want to speak about it. Not with him. Not after what they did.

“I am.” Kiryu insisted.

“Kiryu-chan, I know what it’s like to be married.” Majima tried to convince him to talk.

“But I’m ok.” Kiryu glanced at him and saw Majima very close to him, peering at him. “It’s ok.” Kiryu whispered, feeling lost in his eye.

Majima studied him for a moment and tensed.

“Well, if ya need to talk, I’m here,” Majima offered, letting him go.

“Thank you, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, leaving him behind.

He really would like to talk about this with a friend, but he had been raised with the idea that those private things weren’t talked about. You keep your problems for yourself and you resolve them on your own. Of course, asking for help in a problematic situation was ok. In fact, he always told people to reach for help if they needed it, but for him it really felt difficult. He could ask for help about something related to work or things like that, but not this. This seemed too personal.


When Kiryu arrived at his house, it was already 4 A.M. He opened the door slowly, trying not to make a sound and hoping the dog wouldn’t bark. Disposing of his shoes, he entered the sitting room. A light turned on. Kiryu looked to his right and saw Yumi crossing her arms, staring at him.


“It’s very late.” She commented with a sad face.

“I’m sorry, I got distracted,” he excused.

Yumi looked at him up and down, maybe searching for something.

“Kazuma, I’ll ask this directly and I want you to be sincere, ok?” She began, very seriously.

“Ok,” Kiryu felt really anxious. How did he manage to destroy every relationship he had?

Yumi took a deep breath. “Do you have a lover?”

What? Why did she think that?

“I don’t,” he assured with no doubts.

Yumi nodded, averting her eyes. Kiryu felt like she just opted to believe him. Or maybe she just wanted to.

“Then what? Don’t you like me? I know I’m too old now, that I’m not that pure and innocent girl you knew, but—,”

“What? It’s not that,” Kiryu interrupted her. He didn’t understand why she was saying that.

“Maybe you hate me because I didn’t wait for you, but I lost my memory and I just did what I was supposed to do. And when I recovered my memory, I didn’t know what to do. I already had Haruka and my life was a mess, and you were still in prison for ‘ murdering’ someone, covering your friend. And then, Nishikiyama went crazy and I felt so alone,” Yumi ranted, looking lost. Kiryu didn’t even know the whole story, they never talked about it. Maybe they should have. And, after that, she started crying.

Kiryu didn’t know what to do more than hug her.

“It’s ok, Yumi, it’s not that,” Kiryu rubbed her hair, trying to relax her. He didn’t know that Yumi had those thoughts. And now that he knew, he felt lost and ashamed of himself.

“It’s because what happened with Nishikiyama? Do you blame me?” She asked over his chest.

“I don’t. That was his own fault.” In fact, he blamed himself for that, but he didn’t want to direct the conversation to him. They were talking about her now. “And you did nothing wrong. You just continued with your life, and thanks to that we have Haruka with us now,” he continued to reassure her.

That made her cry even more. He didn’t know if he had screwed things up. Emotions weren’t his field, at all.

Yumi kept weeping and Kiryu tried to calm her, just caressing her hair until she finally stopped, still in Kiryu’s arms.

“Then, why don’t you want to be with me?” She wondered with a watery voice.

Kiryu sighed. There we go.

“I don’t…feel prepared for it,” Kiryu finally admitted, feeling uncomfortable with that.

Yumi looked at him, confused. “I’m sure you know how this goes by now.”

Kiryu frowned. “Hmm…” Kiryu didn’t know how to say it; surely she would think it was stupid.

“Oh… oh ,” she said, sounding aware now. “You haven’t…?” Kiryu shook his head, looking at the ground. Maybe he could say he more or less did, but saying it was with his male friend didn’t feel like the best option now.

“It’s ok, Kazuma. I thought…” She seemed much calmed after that. “It’s ok, whenever you feel like it, I’ll be here,” she tapped his chest, letting him go.

Kiryu felt embarrassed and, at the same time, relieved. But he didn’t know what to say. Perhaps he would never be prepared for that. He just didn’t fathom the idea.

He always thought he had enough time to do all the things he wanted, and now, he felt like he lost all the time.

Probably he did.




Next day, he woke up with a physical and mental hangover, a terrible one. And to make things worse, he had another stupid argument with Shindo. And now, he was having a fight.

Against his laptop.

He still didn’t understand how these things worked. Another thing to the list , he thought.

Majima sent him some documents with financials on it; he insisted that computers were easier than doing everything by hand. That they were quicker . Kiryu thought differently.

Maybe he could just ask Majima for a quick lesson; he was his captain after all. Kiryu sent him a message and waited. Hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

Or at least, he hoped so.

He felt angry and emotionally exhausted. The mess in his brain was still bothering him. What Yumi said, what Rina suggested …what Majima thought… All that lurking in the back of his mind.

He could use a break.

Trying not to think, he wandered over his e-mail. Using his phone seemed the best choice but, since Majima insisted, he needed to learn how to use the computer. Feeling a little alien with the machine, he scrolled down and saw some Viagra messages, no thanks . Another patriarch asking for whatever, he didn’t have time for that now; Haruka sent him a picture of her and her dog, both looking really cute; and a notice about Yumi’s cabaret that was getting delayed as he expected. Kiryu sighed. Surely he would need to show up there to make things go quicker. Why couldn’t people just do their job?

Scrolling down more, he found a new message from…Rina. His heartbeat started to race in his chest. Carefully, he opened it with some anxiety for what he could find. He didn’t do anything wrong, why was he feeling like that? Well, surely Yumi wouldn’t be happy if she knew he spent last night with a girl. But not in the way she could think. Nothing to worry about.

Well, maybe….

Taking a deep breath, he read the message.

“Hi Kiryu-san! Hope you don’t mind me sending you the video I told you about! And don’t worry, I’ll keep your little secret with me ;)

PS: I’ll be here if you need to talk!”

And then, a link.

Should he…?

Feeling scared, he clicked the link.

A page opened and a video started after a few seconds. Two men talking about some kind of issue. One of them looked like a doctor and the other one seemed like a patient. The dialogue sounded really stupid. Kiryu didn’t understand why—

Then, they started to get naked and kissed. Kiryu flexed his head and frowned. Ok, it didn’t seem too bad. He started to remember that night in the alley with Majima…exactly what he was watching now. Just the memory of that, Kiryu started to feel a little uncomfortable in clothes. Too…. tense .

He paid attention to the video again.

Isn’t that…hurtful?   Kiryu thought when they moved things forward. It seemed like it was and yet the man looked like he enjoyed it.

Did someone knock on the door? No, it came from the video. He felt too stressed. Obviously, he shouldn’t be watching this in his work, but in his house it was out of the question.

Still, the video didn’t awake much on him, really. It picked his interest but he wasn’t sure why. Maybe if he tried to imagine that with Majima…? No , he shouldn’t, that seemed inappropriate.

And he was half erected thanks to that. Fuck .

But he couldn’t stop watching the video, feeling lured by it and the need to keep questioning himself.




Majima knocked on the door.



Why did he message him then?

He put his ear on the door and he could hear some noise. Should he just go in? Maybe he was in danger. He tried to open the door and there he was, very preoccupied just watching the screen.

But then, he heard some… moaning ? The fuck? He closed the door without making any noise; Kiryu seemed really absent, still not noticing him.

Should he see what was happening? Well, sure. Majima started to walk slowly.

Majima paused beside him and looked at the laptop.

What the…?

Majima couldn’t believe the shit he was witnessing.

He glanced again at Kiryu, who had a big confused expression and Majima wanted to laugh. Maybe he should. Kiryu looked like he was watching some documentary about the mating of pandas. Or maybe about a conspiracy for how shocked he looked.

“Need a hand with that?” Majima suggested, startling Kiryu with his low voice.

Kiryu quickly closed the screen with so much strength that Majima worried it would be broken now.

“Majima!” Kiryu was blushing hard and Majima couldn’t stop his laughter anymore.

“So, ya really had this little hobby, huh?” He teased him.

“It’s not that!” Kiryu seemed really offended.  

“I’m hearing ya sayin’ that a lot these days.” Majima pushed a little more, still giggling.

“That’s because you’re always thinking about the same.” Kiryu retorted, looking outraged.

“Ya were watchin’ porn!” Majima recalled with a big smirk. “By the way, this isn’t the best place to watch this kind of material ,” Majima told him, getting close to him. Kiryu leaned back without missing a bit.

“I didn’t know it was that,” he excused himself, obviously lying.

“Who sent you that? I really hope it’s not Yumi.” Majima really felt curious about who would do that.

Kiryu had a shocked face. He looked so adorable.

“It was a friend.” He answered curtly.

“Uuuh, a friend? Well, I could send ya things like that too, but I didn’t know ya were into this kind of stuff.” Majima gave him a big grin to make Kiryu uncomfortable.

But his boss just frowned, not seeming taken aback. “Do you watch these videos?” Kiryu took him by surprise.

Ok, it wasn’t like he would just admit it.

And he just started recently.

“We aren’t talkin’ about me.” Majima tried to avoid the subject, but Kiryu still made a suspicious gesture. “But ya once told me ya didn’t like those videos.” He kept pushing.

“And I don’t.” He said with finality.

Majima studied him, who was still red even if he wanted to look serious. Then, he dropped his eyes to his crotch and—

Kiryu stood up quickly, stopping in front of him.

“Just let’s fight,” Kiryu announced, a little too eager.

“Oi, Kiryu-chan, if ya wanted to touch me ya could have just let me know!” Majima flirted with a smirk on his face, batting his eye.

Kiryu frowned and started walking straight to him, making Majima step backwards until he reached the wall.

Ok, now he felt nervous.

And aroused.

Kiryu wet his lips and Majima couldn’t avoid following his tongue with his eye. Did he like Kiryu? Of course. Did he know how to react if Kiryu initiated something?

Hell no.

Majima always flirted with the hope to just tease people, but not for them to respond in a favourable way. That was probably why he only did that with women and Kiryu. He always looked inoffensive and probably that was why he did it. It felt safe. But now… he didn’t know anymore. What could he do now? He knew how to move things forward, but not letting other people do the same.

They stood there for an uncertain moment, feeling the pressure in his chest, getting lost in Kiryu’s eyes.

“Just…let’s fight,” Kiryu said after a long pause, giving Majima space to move again.


Majima didn’t know to feel disappointed or relieved.

Kiryu didn’t seem to know what was happening anyway, always so oblivious. And he is married , Majima had to remind himself.

“Ya didn’t message me for that,” Majima made a fake complaint.

“Are you really saying no to a fight?” Kiryu made a confused face.

“I’m not! But—“

“That can wait. I need some release,” Majima made a funny gesture. “Of energy,” clarified Kiryu.




“Did ya learn this in that video of yours?” Majima sneered when he had Kiryu against his naked back, kneeling on the floor, his pelvis touching his—

“No,” Kiryu bent Majima’s arm over his own back. “But I’ve learned this from you,” Kiryu said while grabbing his neck with his forearm, pulling Majima towards him.

He couldn’t breathe well but he felt proud of Kiryu. Majima put his feet between Kiryu’s, sending a kick that caused them to fall on the ground again.

Taking advantage, Majima positioned himself over Kiryu, catching both of his arms and pinning him on the floor. To stop him from moving, he sat over his belly, making Kiryu cough. Grinning, Majima put his face close to Kiryu’s, seeing how his pupils dilated.

They were breathing hard, exhausted. They had been fighting for maybe half of an hour. Majima could feel how hot Kiryu was. Or was he?

“What are you goin’ to do now?” Back to teasing again. He didn’t learn, right?

Kiryu opened his eyes in a comical way.

He could totally shorten the space between them and kis—

What was he doing again? Married, married, he is fucking married .

With that in mind, Majima jumped and stood up under Kiryu’s shock.

“We should do that thing on the computer,” Majima offered, not looking at him.

Kiryu, to his surprise, just got up and agreed. But something in his demeanour seemed off.

Don’t think about that.

They got dressed in silence and went back to the office. Majima felt some relief after that. He hadn’t fucked things after all. What was he getting at?

Maybe they should stop fighting altogether too. It didn’t feel safe anymore.

Kiryu sat in his chair and opened the laptop, making the video start all over again. Majima burst out in laughter, all the tension melting away.

“It’s not funny,” Kiryu complained.

“C’mon, it really is!” Majima tried to tease him again, this time more amicably.

Kiryu tried to close the video without much success, complaining about the whole process, emanating big dad energy.

Shut up.

“Let me do it,” Majima offered, removing his glove and putting his hand over the touchpad with Kiryu’s hand still there.

“Oh, sorry,” Kiryu said, moving his hand away.

Bur Majima didn’t mind. Even if he should have.

He closed the video and the moaning stopped. Finally, he glanced at Kiryu, who was again blushing, but Majima thought about spearing him this time.

“So, what did ya need?”

Kiryu took a deep breath and nodded.

“I don’t understand this thing you sent me,” Kiryu explained, feeling relieved for the change of matters. And Majima was too. In the end, the porn wasn’t the reason he messaged him. He just imagined having to explain to Kiryu how sex worked and he might just explode. Maybe he would even offer some practical classes.

But better not to.

Majima nodded and proceeded to answer his doubts.


Chapter Text

Majima, can you come to my office?” Kashiwagi requested over the phone. He sounded worried.

“Somethin’ happened?” Majima asked with a rough voice, rubbing his face. The call just woke him up.

Silence. “Did I…disturb something?” Kashiwagi questioned, making a strange pause.

Majima rolled his eye, too tired for this shit. “Of course ya did!” He protested, feigning to be annoyed.

“Oh…” Kashiwagi hesitated for a long while. “Should I call you later?”

“Nah, ya just interrupted me, so go ahead,” his voice still sounded lazy.

“W—what were you doing?” Kashiwagi quivered with doubt.

Majima frowned, wondering why he was acting like that. “What do ya thing I was doin’?” He teased.

“Not sure if I want to know…” Then, why was he asking? Majima didn’t understand people sometimes.

He took a deep breath. “I was just sleepin’…” He knew it was kind of late for that, but he had an awful night. Like always.

More suspense. “Kiryu is not with you, right?”

What the fuck was that question? He just woke up, why would his boss be with him? Did someone hit Kashiwagi’s head?

Must be that.

“Of course not!” Majima snapped, feeling exasperated. “Did someone hit ya?”

Kashiwagi sighed in relief. “Well, come to my office and we can talk about it.”

Then, did someone hit him? It would make sense, at least.

Majima nodded knowing he wouldn’t see him anyway. “Ok, I’ll be there in a moment.” And he hung up.  

Lazily, he sat up on his bed and searched for his eye-patch.

With the empty lot already bought over the secret entrance to Purgatory, the management of that place and of his own family, he was barely sleeping. Not like he rested anyway, but at least he could try before.

Putting his clothes on and his eye patch, he left his apartment. In the lift, he pressed the button for Kashiwagi’s office and waited. He didn’t like the idea of living in the same building where someone else of the Tojo had their headquarters exactly for those things. No one ever called him to do some fun stuff but only for work. People only wanted him when he could be useful for them. Of course, Majima wouldn’t go party with Kashiwagi although he wouldn’t mind with Kiryu.

Or maybe he shouldn’t, because he could always dream.

Majima sighed. He was really tired and in a bad mood.

The elevator door opened and Majima dragged himself to the office. When he entered, the first thing he saw was two bleeding men sitting on the floor.

Ok, that seemed serious.

Or maybe Kashiwagi really knew how to make things look interesting.

Majima shook his head. He should focus; he needed to in this situation. At least he knew Kashiwagi would be ok, he called him. That meant he was alright, didn’t it?

The guards let him in while others kept cleaning the big mess all over the room. What the fuck happened here?

Majima opened Kashiwagi’s office without knocking before, and found him very relaxed for all the chaos around him. Or for how he sounded over the phone before. 

“Oh Majima, thanks for coming so quickly.” Kashiwagi welcomed him, still seeming calm.

“Sure…” Majima looked back to the destroyed office and then, turned again to the advisor. “Don’t tell me, they just had a brawl over their favourite idol. It happens in my family all the time,” he tried to joke, lightening the mood.

“Sadly, no. We had a little attack,” Kashiwagi explained with his hands behind his back. “Please, take a seat.”

Majima glanced at the chair lying on the floor and put it back in its place. He looked closely at Kashiwagi; he seemed alright. Maybe he wasn’t in his office when this happened.

“Are we in trouble?” Majima asked, a little anxious under all this stupid protocol.

“Yes. Some Omi men came here asking questions. Obviously it didn’t go smoothly.”

Well, two months without the Omi making problems for them wasn’t too bad, huh?

“What did they want?”

“They wanted to know where they could find Kiryu. They said they had a message for him.”

Majima frowned. “And why didn't they just tell us directly?”

“Because it’s not something all the Omi alliance agrees with, obviously.”

Obviously, Majima mimicked in his head. And yet, Kashiwagi wasn’t telling the whole story.

“What family then?”

Kashiwagi looked down and sighed. “Apparently my men were too busy trying to defend the place.”

What a bunch of useless people. “Well, they didn’t do a big job with that either,” Majima narrowed his eye, taunting him.

Kashiwagi shot him a death glare that made Majima smirk.

Maybe the advisor knew something else, but probably he wouldn’t say more than that.

Majima thought about their options. They could attack the Omi back and yet, he knew Kiryu wouldn’t appreciate it. Sadly, they couldn’t do much more than watch and defend.

“And did yer men told them where he lives?” Majima asked after a pause.

Kashiwagi shook his head. “Gladly, that information is not public. I sent some people to watch him from a distance, and they didn’t see anything dangerous. But they will keep me informed.” He made a pause, pensive and taking a deep breath. “I need you to watch over Kiryu. Closely.” Kashiwagi finally requested, not looking pleased with the idea. But surely he didn’t have a better choice. Majima smiled wickedly at him.

Obviously Kiryu wouldn’t accept the idea of having someone following him around. Kashiwagi just admitted he had people looking for him from far away, but his proposal didn’t make sense.

“Why do you want me keeping an eye on him? He doesn’t have bodyguards of his own, why would he accept my help?” Majima crossed his arms over his chest.

Kashiwagi seemed baffled. “Why wouldn’t he? He…appreciates you, right? And he trusts you. But you just can’t tell him what happened.”

Ignoring the two first comments and how it made him feel, Majima went directly to the last part. “Are ya really holdin’ information from him?” He was speechless.

Kashiwagi huffed. “Of course I am, if I tell him anything he will withdraw into himself and try to save the day alone. He is really important to us; we can’t just lose him because of his stubbornness.” He said with big annoyance.

That seemed a good point, at least.

“So, ya want me to babysit him?” Majima needed clarification.

“It’s not that, I know he can take care of himself. I just want someone there to stop him from doing something stupid.”

Majima cracked up.

“Are you sure I am the best option for that?” He smirked.

The advisor peered at him. “No,” Kashiwagi blurted after a moment. Majima tried to pretend it didn’t bother him. “But we don’t have a better option here.”

“Ya would really like to be the chairman, huh?” Majima provoked, studying his reaction. Nothing interesting. “And ya forgot I have other things to do.”

“You can do them while watching over Kiryu.” Kashiwagi dismissed.

But he wouldn’t be convinced of this easily.

“I still don’t like conspirin’ behind Kiryu-chan’s back.” Majima insisted.

The advisor grunted, exasperated. “It’s not that. You know how he is. And he still doesn’t comprehend how all this works. He has been away for too many years. We’re not doing anything bad; we’re doing exactly the contrary. Once we know what’s happening, we will tell him.”

Majima made a face, he didn’t like the plan. And maybe Kashiwagi was trying to cover his back after failing to protect his own office from an attack, not wanting to look useless. But whatever, he didn’t want to take orders from him. And even if he wanted to spend all day with Kiryu if he could, he was just trying to do the opposite. He didn’t know how that could end.

“And why should I play second fiddle to ya?” Majima commented, expecting a good reason for that.

“Don’t start again,” Kashiwagi protested. “We know from time ago you could beat me in a fight.” Majima smirked with the memory. “Just…do it for Kiryu, ok? He is your…friend, right?” He almost begged.

Why did he keep making strange pauses when he talked about Kiryu and him? Anyway, it seemed important and he wanted to be useful for Kiryu even if it meant following Kashiwagi’s command. Even if it meant he had to bottle up his feelings for his boss, even more now. 

But he wouldn’t make it easy for Kashiwagi.

Majima looked around again, observing the mess. “I ain’t takin’ orders from a weak shit like ya.” Majima gave him a crooked smile and the advisor tensed a little, almost imperceptible.

“What do you want in exchange?” Kashiwagi gave up, just a little.

“Hmmm, let me think.” Majima pretended to be considering his proposition. He could feel how Kashiwagi rolled his eyes. The advisor owed him one now.

Majima stood up under his scrutiny. He seemed anxious now, maybe thinking he failed to control the Mad Dog. To be fair, he wanted to bark a ‘fuck you’. In the end, it wasn’t his fault Kashiwagi couldn't control his family. This wasn’t his mess to take care of. But it was Kiryu and…

He breathed deeply. Maybe he didn’t need to sleep anyway.

“Ok,” Majima finally accepted. He could see how Kashiwagi’s muscles relaxed without the need to pretend he had everything under control. “Just make sure Haruka isn’t in danger again, ok?”

That took Kashiwagi by surprise. “Sure, I promise.”

Majima didn’t feel really confident with that, but he would try to convince himself.

“And you still owe me one,” Majima added, just in case.

Kashiwagi grunted. “I know.”




Majima knocked on Kiryu’s door. Hard enough for his boss to be aware of his presence. He just hoped Kiryu wasn’t watching another movie…

“Come in,” he heard Kiryu saying.

Majima opened the door slowly. No moans this time. Being honest, he felt a little disappointed.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan!” Majima took place in one of the chairs in front of his table.

Kiryu looked at him over his laptop with a confused face. “Do you need something?”

Majima scratched his forehead. He couldn’t say much, and he didn’t have any other reason to be there. Maybe he could get creative but he didn’t have the energy for that.

“Just…wanted to come by. I was bored.” He found himself saying. At least he wasn’t lying.

“I see,” Kiryu acknowledged with suspicion. “Don’t you have a job to do?”

“Nah, I told Nishida to work for me. He probably did the same with his subordinates,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu frowned. “Well, I have things to do.”

“Sure, go ahead. I won’t interrupt,” Majima tried to dismiss him.


“Don’t ya want me here, Kiryu-chan?” Majima used his flirty voice, feigning being offended. He couldn’t control himself for one minute, apparently.

“I didn’t say…” Kiryu made a concerned face, but got back to typing like he the old man he was. Majima smirked.

They kept a comfortable silence, only listening to Kiryu’s fingers working on the laptop, a light rain falling over the window and their steady breathing. From his position, he studied the surroundings without spotting anything strange, any movement. Probably the Omi weren’t that stupid to just try to kill their fucking chairman the same day they had attacked a Tojo family. Maybe they would expect some resistance and there it was. Other families secured the zone with the excuse they needed to take better care of the clan. Of course, Shindo didn’t offer any help, but Majima preferred it that way. Less information for that bastard.

Did the other families have problems with the Omi too? Were they hiding it? At least his family didn’t suffer any attack.

He sighed deeply, feeling really tired.


Majima opened his eye. When did he close it? It was already dark outside, what the…?  He took a better position in the chair, his back hurting a lot. Then, he focused on Kiryu, who was looking at him with a tender smile.

“You don’t sleep much, right?” Kiryu commented with humour.

Majima smirked back. “Is that so obvious?” Majima wanted to punch himself; he was already failing on his mission. Gladly, nothing happened. And since Kiryu didn’t know anything about this, he couldn’t protest.

Kiryu closed the laptop and stood up, and Majima automatically did the same.

“I was already leaving.” Kiryu said, removing his tie.

Majima’s eye dropped to his now exposed chest. Yeah, that was a bad idea.

“Where are we goin’ then?” Majima wondered, walking to his side.

Kiryu looked puzzled. “Well, I’m going home.”

“That’s borin’, Kiryu-chan!” Majima didn’t know if he should join him everywhere he went. That could be…interesting.

“Well, I wanted to spend some time with Haruka before the big inauguration.”

Oh, Yumi’s bar. Did they finish the reconstruction? “When that’s it?”


Shit. Did the Omi know? Would they appear there to cause more problems?

“I’ll go.” Majima auto-invited himself, feeling stupid.

Kiryu frowned, obviously not expecting that answer. “I thought you didn’t like cabarets,” Kiryu commented while they left the building.

“I don’t.” That was partially true; knowing how those places worked from inside made everything less appealing. And it brought back too many memories.

“Then why? It’s not obligatory,” Kiryu seemed more perplexed every moment.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s fun.” Majima didn’t want to lie, not his style. But maybe he should have to make things easier for Kiryu.

“Yumi has a strict clothing code.” His boss warned, half-joking.

Why were they so obsessed with clothes? It was probably a bar for gokudou people, for fuck’s sake.

Or maybe Yumi was trying to stop him from joining. Nah, too complicated.

“Don’t worry, I have more clothes.” Majima insisted.

“Do you?” Kiryu teased him.

Majima glanced at him, studying the possibility of saying ‘I can invite ya to my bedroom if you want to see the closet’. Maybe he should add ‘ya could come out of it, too’, but Kiryu wouldn’t understand it either.

And he was married.

“So are ya goin’ to yer house, right?” Majima changed the matter.


“I’ll go with ya and see Haruka-chan. I haven’t seen her for a while.” He didn’t like to keep inviting himself everywhere, but he wanted to check if everything was fine.

Making a weird face, Kiryu finally nodded.


They arrived at his house. In the meantime, Majima looked around like crazy, searching for anything suspicious, so much that even Kazuma ‘Oblivious’ Kiryu noticed.

“Is there something wrong?” Kiryu shot him a questioning look.

“Nah, just…observin’ the place.”

Kiryu didn’t seem to believe him, but didn’t pressure him either. It was already enough that he was letting Majima be with him all day without complaining.

Kiryu opened the door and saw Haruka sitting on the floor, playing with the dog.

“Dad!” She jumped from her place to welcome him, and then she saw Majima standing at his side. “Uncle Majima!” Haruka came to hug him and Majima accepted it. At least Kiryu didn’t mind.

“How is life goin’?” Majima asked her. Kiryu kept walking, leaving them alone.

“I showed my friends that trick you taught me!” She announced, clapping her hands in delight. He was proud of that little girl.

“Good. Someday I’ll teach ya to do the same with a real knife.” Majima looked to his surroundings, remembering where they stood. “But when ya get older,” he added, rubbing her hair and messing it up. She seemed pleased.

Then, Yumi appeared with a face that told he wasn’t welcome here.


“Hello, Majima-san. I haven’t seen you in a while,” she pronounced with a fake smile.

“Probably that didn’t bother ya, ain’t it?”

Yumi forced a bigger smile. “You know me so well.”

Well, she wasn’t hiding it. He felt glad Haruka didn’t notice, but Kiryu showed some discomfort.

He didn’t want to be a problem for his boss.

“Want to stay for dinner?” She asked after an awkward moment.

At that, Kiryu looked more shocked than Majima.

“Not really—“

“Ooh, uncle Majima, stay with us!” Haruka pulled his sleeve in an endearing way.

“Not sure if—“

“It’s ok, Majima-san, you can stay,” Kiryu said, making Haruka jump with joy.

Majima looked around: Haruka seemed pleased, Kiryu glad enough and Yumi….well, fuck it.

“Ok, I guess…”

Well, the night felt promising. Would Yumi try to poison him? Maybe. He could picture her doing that.


The table was settled and Majima sat in front of Kiryu, leaving the others chairs free for his family. To be fair, he felt out of place completely. Not only to be interrupting what should be a family dinner, but for being there like he was part of it.

After an awkward minute, Haruka and Yumi joined them bringing the food.  The little girl didn’t miss the opportunity to announce she helped her mom with it. Should he worry about them taking revenge for the kidnapping thing?

Of course, he was joking. Sure.

They started eating in complete silence. Majima didn’t know if that was the most uncomfortable thing he had gone through all his life. And he had been in awful places. He played a little with his food, perhaps trying to find something dangerous on it, sensing Yumi’s eyes on him.

“So, Yumi,” Majima began. “Tomorrow is the big opening, huh?”

“Yes.” She answered curtly.

“And, are you nervous?” Majima insisted, trying to make a casual conversation.


Kiryu and Yumi were soulmates, huh? Majima thought. Short answers, a classic.

Kiryu looked between them like he was in the middle of a tennis match. Not saying a word.

“Did ya prepare the hostess yerself?” Majima had to admit he liked to annoy her.

“Yes, I did.”

Wow, three words in a row.

“Ya were one a long time ago, right?”


It almost felt like she was answering with the autopilot on.

‘Would ya borrow me yer husband?’ Majima felt tempted to say. With luck, she would say ‘yes’ too.

“Majima-san managed a cabaret club too, a long time ago,” Kiryu commented, probably to relax the situation.

“Did he now?” Yumi didn’t seem surprised.

“Yeah, but I don’t like those places anymore,” he found himself admitting.

“Oh, what a shame.” She made a fake frown. “Don’t worry, you don’t need to come.”

“Oh, no, I will,” Majima smiled at her and she just nodded slowly with a disgusted face.

After that, Haruka talked about school stuff and something she watched on the TV. Maybe she did notice the bad atmosphere.

Majima felt guilty now.


When they cleaned the table, Majima stood up without knowing how he should leave. Should he say ‘goodbye and thanks for everything’? Should he stay longer? He didn’t know the protocol in these situations.

“I’ll go to sleep now, uncle Majima,” Haruka hugged him once more. She was a nice girl. Then, she turned around, searching for her parents “I’ll wait for you in my bedroom!”

“We'll go in a moment!” He could hear Yumi saying.

He glanced at the kitchen, where Kiryu and Yumi cleaned the plates. What a cute couple, Majima thought with disgust. And then, he saw how Yumi reached to kiss his face but…did Kiryu just dodge her? That seemed weird.

Maybe he was bothering them.

Surely was that.

“Well family, I’ll leave now. Good night and thanks for the food.” Majima started walking to the door.

“Oh, are you leaving now?” Kiryu asked, rushing to the sitting room.

“Well, surely he has things to do,” Yumi interrupted, looking glad.

“Yeah, like sleep.” Majima said. He wouldn’t mind using Kiryu as a pillow, maybe he could say that, but he didn’t want to screw Kiryu’s night more. “So, bye then!”

With that, Majima abandoned the house and took a heavy breath.

And tomorrow wouldn’t be better.




Next day, Majima woke up at 18:00 P.M. Perfect. Feeling too anxious, he barely slept that night. So, he kept working until he passed out in the morning. Maybe he had to overwork every day until he would die from exhaustion.

That sounded like a plan.

He still had time to take a shower, eat something and check if Kiryu was still alive after failing on his mission again. He wasn’t really trustworthy.

Looking through his phone, he didn’t find anything. Surely that would be a good sign.

Now he had to focus on the opening day. If someone wanted to kill Kiryu or his family, that could be an easy place to find them. He needed to stay awake. Gladly, the place would have security, just in case he ended up sleeping on a corner.

Getting ready and even making the effort to wear a proper black shirt and a pair of trousers that were elegant enough, he directed himself to the lift and pressed the code. He started to feel he never abandoned this fucking building anymore.

When the elevator opened, he was welcomed with a big luminous place already full of people chatting and laughing. Yumi apparently decided to keep the original name, ‘Ares’; he guessed she wasn’t superstitious.

In the front door stood a security man who let Majima in without a second thought, maybe recognizing him. To be fair, Majima expected to be stopped following Yumi’s order.

The place looked really spectacular. Now he understood why Kashiwagi was so interested in rebuilding the place. And Yumi seemed great at marketing. Maybe that was why Kiryu loved her because for the rest, she was a b—

“Hey,” Majima greeted Yumi, who sat at the bar taking some notes. She wore a classic black dress and light makeup. She looked beautiful in that, Majima had to admit it.

Yumi scanned him from top to bottom.

“I’m impressed you put on a shirt.” She commented with a half-smile.

“I did at yer wedding,” Majima retorted, mildly offended.

Yumi just shrugged and kept writing something.

Sighing, Majima took place at the bar and asked for a drink. He couldn’t get drunk but at least he could take something.

“Where is Haruka?” Majima asked while sipping his whisky.

“She is with Date-san.”

Majima nodded. Good.

“And Kiryu-chan?” Majima put a big smile on his face.

Yumi glanced at him with an annoyed face. “He is somewhere, talking to some other patriarchs.”

Well, the place seemed full of gokudou; hopefully no Omi men.

“So, want to be assigned with a hostess?” Yumi asked in a formal way. She was a business woman after all.

“Nah, I don't like hostesses, I don't appreciate people pretendin’ they like me.” He preferred sincere people.

Yumi gave him a sarcastic smile. “Is there another way to act around you?”

Majima sipped his drink again, studying her and considering his options. “Yeah,” Majima finally said, making a theatrical pause. “Like a bitch,” he added, looking at her directly.

Yumi’s eyes opened in shock. And Majima wanted to punch himself.

Ok, maybe he was being an asshole and, in the end, she was his boss’s wife. And he couldn’t escape from this situation pretending to be drunk.

To his surprise, Yumi started genuinely laughing, shaking her head. Majima frowned, confused. Maybe he didn’t screw up in the end.


Touché,” she acknowledged and got back to her notes.

Majima huffed and sipped his drink a little more. He shouldn’t test his luck more.

He looked around the place and finally spotted Kiryu. He wore an elegant suit that hugged his figure perfectly. Majima wanted to be that suit now. But then, he saw his boss talking to someone, a hostess maybe, and he seemed a little…flirty? Or maybe it was her. That bothered Majima; If Kiryu wanted to cheat on his wife he could—

Then, he looked at Yumi, who was staring at them, not looking happy about it. Majima could take the opportunity to be an asshole, but he thought better about making a snarky comment. He was an idiot, but not that much.

Did they have problems in their marriage? It seemed like that, but none of them would admit it to him. The possibility made him feel bad, even if he wanted to fool around with Kiryu, he also wanted his boss to be happy with the woman he chose.

But relationships were never easy.

After a long moment, a girl joined them at the bar. She had colourful hair and wore a sexy blue dress.

Well, maybe he liked hostesses.

“Yumi, I’m sorry. The client asked me to leave. He had something to talk about with another client,” she said with a really sad face, looking at the ground.

“It’s ok, Asahi. You have a new client,” she grinned, pointing at Majima.

Eh? Oh, no, no, I don’t want fake attention,” he vehemently rejected the proposition.

Asahi studied him and then smiled, making him feel a little self-conscious.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind talking with you,” she sat beside him. Majima couldn’t avoid looking at her legs. Her long legs. And she seemed to notice. Whoops. “What’s your name?”

“Goro Majima,” he accepted. He felt bored anyway.

“Oh, can I call you Goro-kun?” she almost begged with a sweet voice, ogling him like he was a glass of water in the middle of the desert. Since when did he have that effect on women? Not wearing a shirt ever worked like that.

Maybe she was drunk.

“Nope,” Majima smiled in his glass.

“Aww, why not?” She made a pouty face.

“We don’t know each other.”

“Oh, we can fix that,” Asahi bent a little, showing her cleavage and rubbing his leg.

Majima gulped.

He glanced at Yumi, who seemed more shocked than him. So, she didn’t pay Asahi to distract him.

“Only a mental woman would get involved with a yakuza,” Majima tried to dismiss the hostess, remembering too late that Yumi was still there.

“Not ya, of course,” Majima added quickly.

But Yumi was already shooting him a death glare.

“I’ll leave you both,” Yumi raised her hands, letting him know she didn’t want to know anything, leaving them alone.

That was getting out of hand. He only came here to protect Kiryu, not to hook up with someone. And even less with someone as drunk as her. He didn’t want Asahi regretting her choices later.

Focus, he had to focus on his mission. He observed the room again looking for Kiryu, and he saw him already talking with Yumi. What were they talking about? The conversation seemed normal, nothing heated at least. Then, Kiryu glanced at him, nodding and smiling a little.

So, that’s my welcome, Majima guessed in a sour mood.

And Asahi kept talking to him. Majima sighed. She was nice and beautiful, but he still felt annoyed about Kiryu not paying him attention and talking to other girls.

Anyway it wasn’t his business.

“Are you married?” Asahi asked while touching her hair in a flirty way.

“No, thanks,” Majima answered, playing the drunk even if he only had one glass. At least he could pretend to have some fun since his boss would ignore him.

“Good,” she winked at him. “You really seem like an interesting man.”

“That’s because I am, girl,” he smirked, not believing a single word.

“Do you have a tattoo too?” she wondered, playing innocent.


“Can I see it?” She touched the lapel of his shirt and pulled just a little to see a peak of his irezumi.

“Well, here isn’t the best place for that. I’ll be kicked out if I do,” Majima laughed at the mental image he formed.

“Well, we can go somewhere…private,” she suggested in a low voice.

Majima sighed remembering when he tried to do the same with Kiryu. But sadly, it didn’t work.

Asahi touched his leg again, this time going up, almost touching his crotch.

Majima jumped a little. It had been too long since someone touched him like that. And since he had accepted his horniness for Kiryu, he was feeling touched-starved. He even thought about finding someone to release, but it didn’t feel right, even less with a random man or a woman.

And he still had two hands.

Majima shifted his eye over the room to see if someone was looking, feeling anxious, and saw how Kiryu watched them. He looked pissed. But why would he? Or was he…jealous?

He was definitely acting weird.

Nah, that can’t be, he is married. To a woman, Majima tried to remind himself. Or maybe he could provoke him a little. He was a curious man after all, but he had morals too. Yet, he found the prospect funny. Pissing off Kiryu was his favourite hobby.

Or maybe he just wanted to prove his initial thought and, if not, he would try to move on.  

Asahi kept moving her hand until Majima had to stop her.

“We’re not in a private place, dear,” he said, forgetting entirely his Kansai accent.

“We could go, if you want,” she bitted her lip.

They locked eyes, making him anxious and flustered. She was a persistent one and Majima felt really alone… And yet, he didn’t want to, she wasn’t him. And she was drunk.

“I’m glad you came, Majima-san,” he suddenly heard Kiryu’s voice behind his back.

“Well, not yet,” Majima joked, laughing more than he probably should. Asahi seemed to understand, but Kiryu had a confused expression.

Yumi joined them after a second, again taking some notes. Her face showed everything but happiness and Kiryu was oblivious to it.

As always.




Kiryu didn’t understand exactly why but he didn’t like seeing Majima flirting with another person. Maybe because he wasn’t in his right mind, like the hostess didn’t seem either.

And they had a policy about not touching.

Kiryu wanted them to stop, it wasn’t appropriated.

“Well, not yet,” Majima laughed in a high pitched way and the girl joined him. Did he miss something? They seemed to get along too perfectly.

“Oh, Goro-kun, I can help you with that!” She rubbed her hand over his arm and Majima giggled again. Well, they were being too friendly.

“You both, go to a love hotel already,” Yumi suggested, not even raising her eyes from her agenda. Kiryu didn’t like the suggestion.

“I won’t spend money on that havin’ a house for myself!” Majima commented between chuckles.

“Oh, it’s that an invitation?” The hostess seemed really into it.

“I’m sure ya wouldn’t mind, huh?” Majima told her, emptying his glass.

Well, maybe Kiryu felt pissed because Majima used to say those things to him. Only to him. He never could read it as real flirting or not, but now it seemed obvious. And he didn’t appreciate it. Did Majima flirt with him just to laugh? Kiryu knew he wasn’t an expert in social interactions, and after ten years in prison everything felt even worse. But he didn’t like to be played; that confused him endlessly.

And it hurt his feelings. Feelings he wouldn’t acknowledge.

Then, the hostess got closer to him and whispered something in Majima’s ear.

That was it.

Kiryu grabbed Majima’s arm and pulled him violently to his side. The hostess got startled and Yumi glanced at him with confusion.

“I think it’s time to go, Majima-san. You’re too drunk.” Kiryu knew too well what Majima could do in that state and he just wanted to protect him from that. Of course. He made regretful decisions when he drank too much.

 “Oh, c’mon Kiryu-chan! I’m not that drunk!” Majima protested, still smiling. But his voice told him something totally different.

“You really can’t control yourself, Majima-san,” he insisted, trying to drag him out. But Majima resisted, making things complicated. As always.

Their eyes connected and he could read a whole story on it.  Maybe he could sense how angry Kiryu felt right now.

“I’m better than the last time I woke up beside you,” Majima hissed, trying to free himself.

Shock took over him, making him flustered. He didn’t expect that reaction, even less him mentioning that day in front of other people. Kiryu glanced at Yumi, who was already shooting him a questioning look. She would probably ask later and he didn’t know what to say. Maybe he should play ignorant. And the hostess had a scared expression, covering her mouth with her hands.

The guard in the door seemed to be waiting for instructions, but there was nothing he needed to do.

Kiryu really wanted to punch Majima right there, but thought better about it. He just needed to take him out without making a scene, if that was possible.

“Let’s go,” Kiryu commanded with a tone of finality, feeling glad when he saw his captain obeying.

Making a face, Majima repositioned his shirt and walked in front of Kiryu, waiting for him in the elevator.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” Kiryu told Yumi.

“I’m in trouble?” the hostess wondered with concern.

“No, don’t worry. That’s about these two,” Yumi reassured her, still wearing a troubled expression.

Kiryu walked to the lift and pressed the button for the first floor. He could sense Majima’s eye burning a hole in his neck. What? He looked at him and saw Majima annoyed, crossing his arms and probably waiting for an explanation. And he didn’t have one for real.

He just reacted.

Kiryu just decided not to talk, it seemed the best idea. What could he say? ‘I was jealous’ wasn’t something you would say to your friend and co-worker. Fidgeting with his sleeves, he walked to the other side of the elevator, leaving space between them.

He felt too anxious and he needed something to do with all this sudden anger.

“What the fuck, Kiryu-chan?” Majima finally spoke and he sounded not drunk at all.

Kiryu gulped. “What?” He asked back, trying to win some time before he needed to explain himself.

“Did ya really need to do that?” Majima seemed really perplexed.

“You were bothering her,” he excused, now unsure of his actions.

I was bothering her!?” Majima snapped, offended.

“She was drunk, she didn’t know what she was doing,” Kiryu explained more to himself than really answering Majima. He still felt disgusted with what happened months ago. And not for what happened itself but because Majima didn’t remember anything. Did he take advantage of his state? Kiryu didn’t want to think he did, feeling sick only with the thought. To Be fair, he was drunk too that day. And if Majima discovered it one day, he would just punch Kiryu. And with a good reason.

“I know, Kiryu-chan. I wasn’t doin’ anythin’. But, why it bothers ya?” Kiryu glanced at him and saw Majima with a serious expression.

“I was worried for her,” Kiryu insisted.

“Do ya really think I would do that?” He wondered, looking insulted.

Kiryu didn’t think that. “Well, I don’t know,” he countered anyway.

Majima studied him for a moment. “Are you sure that was the real reason? If ya wanted to be my only owner, ya could say it,” he narrowed his eye at him.

That made him shiver.

Did he just insinuate he was acting possessive of him? Did he notice? Or was he just teasing like always? He was getting anxious.

Kiryu just frowned at Majima, not knowing what to answer. He could accept it but, could he just tell him? He opened his mouth to say something that never came. Being sincere and admitting that he sometimes fantasized about something Majima didn’t remember, or that he liked to have him around didn’t seem the right choice. What the fuck did that mean? Majima was his friend, probably the only close one he had left, and he was screwing everything up with emotions he couldn’t control.

And yet, he was married.

Majima patiently waited for a response that never came. Huffing, he gave up and moved to press a button on the panel.

“What are you doing?” Kiryu wondered, sounding irked.

“Don’t worry, Kiryu-chan, I’m not comin’ back. I’m just goin’ home.” Majima explained with a mocking tone, just looking at the ceiling.

Did he live here? “Do you live here?”


Oh, that meant he could go back anytime. Why did he worry about that?

Kiryu got lost in thought, snapping back when the elevator made a sound. They arrived on the floor. Majima’s floor. He turned his head to his captain, who was staring him back and shaking his head in disbelief.

The doors opened and Majima exited the lift. Kiryu followed him.

“What? Are ya comin’ too?” Majima asked him with anger still in his voice. Kiryu felt like an asshole. Maybe he just ruined a promising night for him.

Majima grabbed his keys and opened the door. Kiryu found it strange to be that close to Majima’s house. Of course he imagined he would have a house, but the man was always so private that he never bothered to ask.

Kiryu came closer, not knowing what to do, and Majima looked at him, puzzled.

“What? Do ya want to tuck me in too? Don’t ya trust me to go to bed or what?” Majima stepped forward into his personal space.

Kiryu wanted to say he felt sorry, but maybe that would make Majima uncomfortable. They never talked about feelings or anything related to them. They always avoided those subjects. Something they did since forever, leaving many things unsaid. Probably for the best; he didn’t know what would happen if either of them opened that box. Kiryu was good at swallowing emotions but not at pretending nothing ever happened, he couldn’t hide them from his face or body language. And Majima wasn’t an idiot and Kiryu felt exposed in front of him. Majima could read him perfectly when Kiryu couldn’t do the same with him. And yet, Majima wasn’t saying anything, probably giving him the space to leave without telling something stupid. But then, why was Majima always teasing him?

Kiryu felt like a complete mess right now.

“What are ya gonna do then?” Majima taunted, crooking his head and stepping a little closer. He could feel his breath on his lips.

Was he doing it on purpose? Was he trying to provoke a reaction from him? If that was it, which one?

Kiryu looked at Majima’s face, seemingly bitter. Surely he didn’t want to hear anything strange coming from him. He remembered Kashiwagi’s words, ‘Majima went through enough’ and Kiryu didn’t want to be a burden for him. They could just be friends, right?

The moment passed and Majima nodded with an unreadable expression. He turned around and walked to his apartment, closing the door on his face.

Kiryu signed. What was he doing with his life?

Chapter Text

Kiryu was finally alone.

After all these days of putting up with the patriarchs demanding results, all with high expectations, he needed a break.  Time for himself. He almost missed the time he spent in prison; sometimes he wondered if he had made the right choice by accepting the chairman position. He was no longer used to this lifestyle. 

And he felt tired of it.

But that morning he got up early and went to work out. To get some air. Alone. And, afterwards, he thought about going to the hot springs; this one allowed people with tattoos and at that hour it was almost empty.

It seemed perfect.

Lately, Majima followed him everywhere, to the point of wondering how his captain could manage all the business he had under his control. But Kiryu shouldn't be surprised; a year ago Majima did basically the same thing, always picking a fight with him or looking for an excuse to bait him into one and still had time to serve s Shimano’s captain. At least Kiryu used to know what Majima wanted, but now he didn't understand his intentions and that disturbed him. Although Kiryu didn’t mind his company —he could even enjoy it sometimes— he always ended up thinking more than he should about their relationship. Things he didn’t want to consider. It made him feel… confused. 

Even more since that night. 

A month had passed since then and Kiryu still couldn’t make sense of what had transpired between them. And luckily, Majima didn’t ask either.  He acted as his usual self, like nothing had happened, without looking troubled or tense. Majima kept flirting with Kiryu, but he always did that with everyone else, right? Kiryu didn’t know for sure. The only thing he knew was that Majima was an expert in pretending, and Kiryu didn’t know if he should feel bad about it.

Sometimes, Kiryu admitted he liked Majima more than someone should like a friend.

Sometimes, he just wished everything was different.

Kiryu could never be sure about Majima’s motives, if he was just joking or trying something else. Maybe he just wanted to have some fun and Kiryu ended up with more confusion.

Probably he should keep it safe.

And then, there was Yumi. At least, she didn’t pressure him anymore —not directly— but he still felt the need to make excuses for everything, for why he didn’t want to have sex with her or why he kept running away and barely stayed at home. So he just basically avoided her constantly. He didn’t need more stress than he had already.

Everything was exhausting.

Sighing, Kiryu started to wash his hair, making it fall down and covering his eyes. The hot water soothed him, relaxing his strained muscles covered in foam.

He almost forgot how it felt to be alone.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan!”

Kiryu jumped in surprise. When the fuck he came in? Of course he would join him.

Turning his head, he saw Majima with a wide smile, ogling him from head to toe. It made him feel too self-conscious and…something he couldn’t grasp. Then, he noticed his medical eyepatch with four strings going around his face to meet on the back of his ears. He looked different. Less intimidating, almost vulnerable.

“Y’know, it’s bigger than I thought!” Majima stepped forward, leaving an empty space between them.

What!?” Kiryu choked, having flashbacks again. Did he really mean…?

“Yer tattoo, dumbass! What would it be?” Majima smirked, using his sing-song voice.

Kiryu had the feeling it could be something different for the way Majima kept looking at him, but he decided to let it drop.

“Yeah,” Kiryu rubbed his hair, washing all the foam forming on his head.

“Mine is longer, tho,” Majima commented after a second.

“I saw,” Kiryu admitted with his eyes closed and his head still under the water.

Majima started laughing in his high pitched tone. “Kiryu-chan, ya haven’t looked at my back!” He said in a suggestive tone.

Kiryu opened his eyes in shock. “Ah…I...” Whoops. Kiryu glanced again at Majima, who had started washing himself. Don’t look at his hands, he tried to remind himself. “I saw it when you wore that mini dress,” he clarified, hoping that would be good enough.

“Aw, Kiryu-chan, ya flatter me! Didn’t know ya looked at me that much. Did I really make myself a place in yer memory?”

Majima started touching his toned chest, rubbing his pectorals in circles. Almost as if he was trying to provoke him. Kiryu had to avert his eyes, reminding there weren’t any clothes to hide anything.

“Well, that’s difficult to forget,” Kiryu assured, feeling his face burning with embarrassment.

“Awww, you’re so cute, Kiryu-chan!” Majima rested his face over his shoulder, dangerously close to him.

Kiryu tensed.

“I’m not cute!” Kiryu retorted, feeling offended. “Do you have to get this close? We’re naked,” he protested, sounding more alarmed than he intended to.

“Yeah, I noticed. It’s hard to miss.” Majima passed his arms over his lower body, dangerously low, and hugged him, leaving a decent space between them.

“Majima!” Kiryu exclaimed, scandalized. “Are you drunk again?” He could already feel his heartbeat faster, but hoped Majima couldn’t sense it.

“I ain’t! I’ve hugged ya before and you didn’t seem bothered,” Majima teased with a low voice and a grin on his face.

What was he up to?

“We were wearing clothes at the moment!” Kiryu resumed his cleaning, determined to ignore him. Majima wouldn’t win this —whatever it was.

“Well, ya can push me if ya want,” Majima taunted him. Kiryu felt sure about it. Maybe Majima was searching for a fight, they hadn’t had one since last month. Perhaps Majima ached for one, but Kiryu wouldn’t give in. He knew that could end badly.

“I don’t want to fight you, Majima-san,” Kiryu said at the same time he moved his face to his right. And that was a mistake. Majima hadn’t moved and their noses touched, sending a shiver down his spine.

Kiryu got paralyzed, not knowing how to react. His eyes roamed over his face trying to understand what was happening, feeling the ghost of his breath over his lips. But Majima just smiled at him.

What should he do? Should he say something? Or just…?

A moment passed between them and, sadly, Majima disentangled from him.


“That’s a shame.” Majima shrugged and kept washing himself.

Maybe Kiryu should escape.

Without waiting for something else, he stopped the running water and went to the ofuro with too many thoughts in his mind to spot what made him feel this bothered.

And hot.

He submerged in the warm water and sat there alone.



Taking a deep breath, he could feel how his muscles started to relax again, closing his eyes and trying to enjoy the silence. Maybe it would be difficult with that many thoughts clouding his mind, but he had to try.

Should he feel concerned about feeling attracted to his friend and not to his wife? Even more knowing Majima was a man. Wasn’t he supposed to like women? It didn’t make sense to him. Kiryu never stopped to consider if those things were possible, if a man could like another man or even want to have sex with him —something stupid since Majima gave him a blowjob and Kiryu liked it more than he wanted to admit. But he always dismissed it as just being too drunk to make a conscious decision.

Although Kiryu felt completely comfortable with him, he could just be himself, not pretending to be tough or someone he wasn’t. Wasn’t that a good thing? Majima didn’t seem to have expectations —probably the only one who didn’t— and would settle for anything Kiryu would offer. Sometimes a fight and sometimes just some company. And that was a relief for Kiryu. But sometimes Majima was too much for him, too much intensity for what Kiryu was used to; Majima was energetic and Kiryu didn’t know how to act around him. Not a bad thing per se, just confusing at times.

Like now.

Majima always touched him more than anyone. Even more than his wife. Did that mean Majima liked him too? Kiryu couldn’t know; no one could ever be sure with Majima. But then, he gave him a blowjob and that surely meant something. Kiryu tensed with the thought alone.  Could he keep blaming the alcohol?

And now, having him always around, was a constant reminder of that night.

Kiryu sighed. He was married, why did he care about those things?

A splash.

Kiryu opened his eyes and saw Majima sitting at his side with a cocky smile. Of course he would join him. He was starting to regret that thought about not being bothered by him.

Majima was really close to him, something unnecessary since they were alone.

“Do you really have to sit at my side? The place is empty,” Kiryu protested, narrowing his eyes.

“Yes,” Majima replied curtly, still with that smug expression.

And, as always, he couldn’t be helpful.

“Why are you here?” Kiryu asked after a moment.

“Takin’ a bath like ya,” Majima shrugged, playing the innocent.

“I get that, I mean here, with me. You’ve been following me a lot lately,” Kiryu told him with confusion all over his face.

“Why? Don’t ya like my company? Are ya hidin’ somethin’?” Majima said, obviously teasing him.

Kiryu frowned. “Actually yes, I wouldn’t mind some privacy.” He just wanted a little peace for a day.

“C’mon Kiryu-chan, ya don’t have anythin’ I haven’t seen already,” Majima dismissed, looking straight so Kiryu couldn’t see his eye anymore.

Kiryu instinctively moved aside, cornering himself and bringing Majima’s attention in the process. Was he referring to…? Did he remember now?

“Oh, please, just relax. You’re so stiff,” Majima commented with a smirk, moving near to Kiryu again.

Now he couldn’t go anywhere. “That’s what I’m trying.”

“Need a massage?” Majima suggested.

“No,” Kiryu answered too quickly. The last thing he needed now was a very naked Majima touching him in a bath. Alone. But it wasn’t like Majima would stop himself even if the place was crowded anyway.

“Suit yerself.” Majima looked back at the wall, just enjoying the steamy waters.

At least, for now.

Taking advantage of their position, Kiryu glanced at Majima carefully. Eyepatch in sight, Kiryu wondered why he would wear that here, in a place full of water and humidity. It seemed uncomfortable and fairly wet.

“Are you comfortable with that?” Kiryu startled Majima. Obviously he didn’t expect that question.

“With what?” Majima shot him a wary look.

“The eyepatch.”

Majima studied him for a quiet moment. So long that Kiryu started to think if he had screwed up again. But he waited patiently.

“I am,” Majima finally said, not sounding convinced. Still, Kiryu nodded, not wanting to push him further.

He really hoped he hadn’t asked something too personal, he just felt curious. People always told stories, but he never got to know for sure. And before he could question himself more, Majima rested his head on Kiryu’s shoulder with a content sigh. He tensed for a moment, hoping no one would see them. They were just two friends having a relaxing time, right? He didn’t mind that.

Seeing Majima wasn’t moving again, Kiryu decided to do just the same and closed his eyes.




A long time passed between them in silence. Kiryu felt comfortable like that, without the need to talk about something. With no pressure. He thought it would be awkward to have Majima around after what happened the last time, but he found himself amazed to see it wasn’t the case. They just decided to ignore it, not messing with their relationship more than needed. Not thinking about the implications of anything.

He even felt a little sad when Majima disappeared without saying a word. But maybe he had to attend to other matters. He was a busy man after all.

With resignation, Kiryu stood up and walked to the locker room to prepare for work. He had a lot of things to do too and he didn’t look forward to doing any of it.

He needed a holiday, far away from all this.

Kiryu left the place and he couldn’t avoid smiling when he saw Majima waiting for him at the door with his arms crossed and a bored expression.

Of course he wouldn’t leave.

“Ya took yer sweet time, huh?” Majima teased him with a smirk.

“Well, I didn’t know you would be waiting for me,” Kiryu said sincerely.

“Where would I be without ya?” Majima asked dramatically, walking at his side and passing an arm around his shoulders.

After what happened earlier, that seemed the most amicable thing Majima could do.

“Working?” Kiryu asked.

“Well, I am workin’! You just don’t see it.” Majima patted his back and let him go. “Where are we goin’?”

Kiryu shook his head with humour. “To the headquarters.”

“Really? We could do somethin’ different,'' Majima proposed.

Kiryu felt tempted to ask what.

“I have a job to do, Majima-san. Just like you,” he decided to say instead.

“You’re no fun, Kiryu-chan!” Majima protested but complied.




Once they were in his office, with Majima sitting across the table, they both focused on their tasks. It felt nice. Kiryu was starting to feel used to his company, helping him whenever he needed it or simply being around so that he wouldn't feel lonely. And to be fair, Kiryu missed sparring with Majima, but he felt too afraid to ask. Kiryu didn’t know if that would awake something inside him again and he just preferred to keep himself away from trouble.

He didn’t need more.

The hours passed and Kiryu was getting more and more tired. Even Majima fell asleep in that chair in what looked like an uncomfortable position. Kiryu found it endearing to see him this vulnerable and soft; Majima surely had problems sleeping at night. Kiryu did too, sometimes.

Standing up, Kiryu prepared some tea for both of them. Surely that could help. He didn’t know which one Majima would prefer, but he didn’t want to risk it and decided on green tea, a classic. At least Kiryu hoped he liked it—why would he care anyway? Whatever. He left a steamy cup in front of him and went to sit in his chair, having little sips while navigating through some documents.

Now, apart from being tired, he felt bored.

“Majima-san, your tea is getting cold,” Kiryu said in a low voice, enough to wake Majima up without startling him.

Majima opened his eye slowly, like he was lost, and then, saw the cup.

“Oh, shit, I fell asleep again.” He rubbed his face. “And why are you preparing me tea? You are the boss!” He protested, his Kansai accent forgotten for a moment. Kiryu always wondered why that happened.

“Well, now you owe me one,” Kiryu teased with a serious voice, pretending he was typing something on his laptop. He just wanted to bother him for a change. A little revenge after this morning.

Majima made a confused face. “Really?” He asked in a high pitched tone.

“Yep,” Kiryu tried to hold back his laughter, hiding his mouth behind the cup.

Majima leaned over his seat, peering at him, pensive. Studying him closely. It was getting hard to keep his composure.

“Ok then. Next time, just for this big favour, I’ll have to suck yer dick,” Majima tried to provoke him.

And it did.

Kiryu felt really glad he wasn’t drinking at that moment or he would just choke, the flashbacks of that night starting to flood his mind again.

But he wanted to make a comeback; Majima wouldn’t be the only one who could pester him. If he wanted to play big, Kiryu could do the same. Even if he felt a little disturbed by it.

“Ok.” Kiryu nodded, making the most straight face he could.

Majima’s reaction was comical, his eye wide and his mouth hanging open. He blinked fast, raising a hand and stopping halfway, frowning deeply and trying to find something to say that never came, all while Kiryu pretended to be busy.

After a few seconds where Majima was uncharacteristically speechless, Kiryu glanced at his captain. He was still staring at him, in shock, not even blinking now. He almost looked cute like that. Feeling a little nervous, Kiryu took pity on him and started laughing. 

That made Majima look at him in awe.

“Kiryu-chan! You’re a bitch!” Majima exclaimed with a stunned face, but with a smile forming on his lips. Picking a pen from his table, he threw it at Kiryu, who dodged it at the last moment.

“I wasn’t the one proposing that,” Kiryu defended himself with a smirk.

“I didn’t know ya could laugh.” Majima seemed surprised, looking at him with a tender gesture. Too tender to be friendly.

His heart missed a beat.

“Sometimes I forget myself too,” Kiryu admitted, huffing shortly.

Majima shook his head. “But you’re bitch, y’know that, huh?” He repeated, looking amused.

“I just wanted to tease you a little,” Kiryu confessed with humour in his voice.

“Well, I’m impressed! I didn’t know ya would say ‘yes’,” Majima commented, taking his cup. Probably cold by now, but he didn’t complain. “Although just so ya know, I wouldn’t do that for a favour,” Majima added after a moment, trying to seem offended.

That made Kiryu think.

A lot.

“So, would you do it as a hobby?” Kiryu couldn’t believe he had just said that.

Majima stared at him, perplexed, unsure of what to say. Surely, he didn’t know this side of him. “Do ya wanna fight, huh?” He narrowed his eye but with a grin on his lips.

“No, I don’t want to,” Kiryu denied, maybe too quickly. Sadly, he didn’t get any answers.

Majima shook his head, grinning, not saying anything more. After that, they both resumed their tasks in a comfortable silence, already feeling more energized.




Night fell, the moon hidden behind the rainy clouds. Time to go.


Kiryu collected his stuff and prepared himself to leave, removing his tie and pin. That helped him to disconnect from his work and he needed that right now.

“Where are we goin’ now?” Majima asked, yawning a little.

“Well, I think you should go to sleep, Majima-san,” Kiryu told him.

“But it’s too early for that,” Majima protested.

Kiryu huffed, finding him charming. “I’m going home anyway.”

“Well, I’ll go with ya, then.” Majima stood up, stretching and exposing his chest more.

Kiryu cleared his throat. “You don’t need to. Surely you have stuff to do.” He really didn’t know why Majima followed him around. Did he have problems? Kiryu hoped it wasn’t that; if that was so, Majima could always trust him with it and Kiryu would help him with anything he got. He hoped Majima knew that.

“Do I bother ya?” Majima wondered with a frown.

“Well, no—,”

“That’s it, then!” Majima started walking, leading the way.




They went to the subway against Majima’s protest about him being the chairman and having enough money and importance not to take public transportation, but Kiryu wanted to have a normal life, like any other person. He didn’t feel any different.

Well, maybe more stressed than average.

While they waited, rain started to fall strongly and none of them had an umbrella. Even Majima started shivering and Kiryu didn’t know if he should feel concerned. Gladly, the train arrived quickly.

“You really should wear something more than that jacket, Majima-san,” Kiryu commented a little worried while entering the car.

“Nah, it’s ok,” Majima retorted, closing his jacket and sitting next to him. 

Very close.

Kiryu wanted to hug him to keep him warm, but doing that in public surely wouldn’t be a good idea. And he didn’t want to confuse Majima or himself more.

But Majima didn’t think the same, crossing his arms over his chest and resting his head over Kiryu’s shoulder. He couldn’t resist smiling even if he felt a little tense. Maybe Kiryu shouldn’t keep denying he was really fond of him. Majima made him feel safe, comfortable with himself. 

Perhaps feeling attracted to him wasn’t a mistake.

And Majima wasn’t bad looking either. Maybe he only had an eye and had a weird sense for fashion, but he was a handsome man, very muscular and thin at the same time. Kiryu had never thought he would be thinking about the beauty of a man but there he was. Maybe it was the cold or maybe the stress, but he didn’t find it wrong, someone could admire the appeal of another man, and even more if he was a friend. That shouldn’t be a problem per se. Kiryu looked at him with affection when he sensed how Majima fell asleep again.

He really needed to fix that.

When he raised his head, he found a group of four young men glaring at them with a disgusted expression, talking in hushed voices. For a moment, Kiryu felt like he was caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Nevertheless, he didn’t want to bother Majima with this or disturb his sleep, so he just let him rest over his shoulder; those thugs weren’t a problem for Kiryu anyway. And he liked having Majima this close even if he didn’t want to admit it out loud.

And they weren’t doing anything wrong.

The journey to his house was getting more uncomfortable by every passing moment. Kiryu could hear that group of men mocking them, feeling almost ready to jump and punch them in their faces. He really wanted to. But they would be kicked out of the car under the heavy rain and that would be a bad outcome. Kiryu looked at Majima again, who was still dozing off.

He envied him.

Being near from his stop, Kiryu moved his shoulder slightly to wake Majima up; he didn’t want to leave him there with those disgusting men. Majima raised his head alarmed, looking around with confusion.

“Did I fall asleep again?” Majima asked, yawning. He looked a little ashamed.

“Yes,” Kiryu answered with half of a smile.

“I’m the worst bodyguard in the world,” Kiryu could hear him murmuring.

Majima stretched and finally noticed the people in front of him, shooting them a death glare when he heard their comments. They seemed to recoil a little when they finally saw his tattoo.

The train stopped and the door opened. Without saying anything, they stood up and exited the car. It was still raining but they were finally out of that—

“Hey, old fags! Who is the one who bites the pillow?” Someone said at their backs.

Kiryu flexed his fits and glanced at Majima, who looked ready to stab any of them. Those thugs didn’t know where they were getting.

Kiryu turned around.

“Is that eyepatch real? Freak!” Another one sneered.

“These bitches probably use that hole too,” added the first one with a laugh.

Kiryu thought he saw a glimpse of hurt in Majima’s face. Kiryu didn’t mind people insulting him, but not to his loved ones.


“What? Do ya want one for yerself?” Majima suggested, drawing his tanto.

They started laughing nervously. One of them grabbed a knife in response.

“You think we‘re scared of a pussy like you?”

The quiet one threw a bottle to Kiryu’s head that he couldn’t dodge.

That was it. Kiryu stepped forward and punched the ‘funny’ one in the nose, making him bleed. Majima joined quickly, swinging his weapon, making a cut in one of them.

They weren’t laughing anymore.

Anger got over him. Kiryu walked towards the quiet one, who tried to run with no success. He launched a blow, making him fall against the ground, whining. He didn’t like using violence even if people didn’t believe him, but sometimes it was the only thing that worked. At least against people like them; they only understood this way. And they needed to be reminded of their place.

The one with the knife approached him quietly, but before Kiryu could react, he felt his shirt torn.


Kiryu was really heated now. He grabbed the one left by his neck, his fingers digging in the flesh. “You should learn some respect,” Kiryu hissed, throwing him against the nearest wall. He could hear the sound of his skull crashing, and the plea for him to stop. The thug shivered with eyes full of fear. And Kiryu could see himself reflected on them, like he was some kind of monster. But he wasn’t. The thug was the one who started this, searching for a fight, and he found it. 

He deserved that.

Kiryu punched him again, making him spit blood.

“I’m sorry!” The man implored, crying now. Trying to cover his head.

Maybe he should stop.

Still feeling all the adrenaline in his body, Kiryu let him go, dropping the thug on the ground. Trying to calm himself, he started heading to his house at a rushed pace. How people could be this stupid? Why did they have the need to snoop in people’s lives? And everything just because they thought—

Majima got closer to him, trying to make him slow down.

“Kiryu-chan, you’re bleedin’!” He shouted.

Kiryu frowned and looked down. 


“It’s ok, it’s nothing,” he reassured Majima. Or Kiryu tried to, because he wasn’t stopping.

“It’s not!” Majima reached to unbutton his shirt.

Kiryu stopped him. “Not here!” He snapped, feeling a little embarrassed.

That sounded weird.

Majima glared at him with an unamused gesture. “If you say that for those kids—,”

“It’s not that,” Kiryu interrupted. He didn’t care about them either, they already learned the lesson. “I just don’t want to do that on the street. My house is near.” And with that, he kept walking with Majima following closely.

Kiryu opened the door to be welcomed with no barks or lights on. Yumi and Haruka were still out. Good. He had enough with Majima being too concerned, he didn’t need more people asking questions or trying to help him. Kiryu could take care of himself.

Entering his room followed by Majima, he turned on the lamp which barely illuminated anything. He needed to fix that too.

His jacket and shirt were quickly left on the ground and Kiryu proceeded to look at the injury in the mirror. It seemed ok, nothing dangerous. Just too alarming. Studying himself, he found some blood on his face that he wiped off quickly; he probably needed to get back to practice, the office work didn’t suit him anyway.

Kiryu glanced at Majima, who was at his side inspecting the wound. “See? It’s nothing,” Kiryu insisted.

Majima looked at him for a few seconds, biting his lips and averting his eye after making sure everything was ok. “Well, let me help you at least,” he commented.

“There is no need. I’ll just clean it up myself.”

“But it’s my fault, I hafta.” Majima made a concerned face.

Kiryu frowned. “How is that your fault?” He felt confused.

Majima tightened his lips, unsure of what to say. “I should guard yer back better,” he offered.

“It’s not your job,” Kiryu shook his head.

It was really nice of him to care about his well-being, but he didn’t need to. He was just making a fuss over nothing.

“You’re the chairman, you shouldn’t be fightin’ thugs on the street!” Majima protested.

Was he worried about the Tojo?

“You worry too much. Nothing happened,” Kiryu reassured him without much success.

“But imagine if somethin’ worse happened!”

“The Tojo would still be there without me,” Kiryu shrugged. Why was he making such a drama?

Majima narrowed his eye, looking really tired. And angry. “Fuck the Tojo! Who cares about that? I’m worried about ya,” he snapped.

Kiryu frowned again. Why would he say something like that? It really warmed his heart to see someone caring this much about him and yet, it made him a little uneasy. He knew how these things always ended.

He could feel Majima’s single eye roaming all over his torso, searching for more wounds. That made him feel exposed. It seemed stupid, even more when they showered together early this morning, but something about being there alone in his bedroom with a dim light made everything different. More intimate. He still had the blood pumping fast through his veins after the fight. Probably that was it. Or maybe it was the endearing attitude from Majima making his stomach flutter.

Better to get something on.

He walked to his closet and opened it, searching for a clean shirt.

“At least let me help you clean it,” Majima insisted again.

“It’s not—,” Kiryu started saying.

When Kiryu turned around, he noticed how close Majima was to him. Their bodies touching, feeling so real and warm despite the rain that slid over their skin. Their eyes locked under the tension of that moment, the injury on Kiryu’s abdomen already forgotten. He could feel the anticipation. Majima didn’t move and Kiryu did the same, the ghost of his breath over his lips.

Kiryu wanted to say something but he couldn’t find the words.

Slowly, Kiryu raised his hand to move a damp lock that interfered with Majima’s single eye. He could see some confusion on his face, only to increase when Kiryu ran his fingers over his captain’s face, stopping on the stubble of his jaw. A soft blush started to spread over Majima’s cheeks, looking almost vulnerable. That softness on his face made Kiryu feel something he wouldn’t name. And he couldn’t avoid smiling.

His eyes dropped to his lips and, without thinking too much about what he was doing, Kiryu leaned forward, standing a few millimetres from his mouth. Kiryu could feel the thump of his own heart rumbling in his head. Maybe it was because someone hit his head during the fight, or maybe for the day they had shared, but something connected in his brain. Kiryu moved again until Majima’s lips were against his. It felt clumsy and shy. His face burned with embarrassment. He hoped it wasn’t too obvious he didn’t have much experience in this either.

A soft whimper escaped from Majima, drowning in his throat in shock. Was it a mistake? It didn’t feel like that. Now everything made sense. Still, Kiryu became uncertain of his actions and moved away. But before he could break the kiss, Majima started moving his mouth against his. Taking control, he seemed hesitant at first. 

Unsure of what to do. 

Surprised by the sensation, a soft moan slipped out of Kiryu's mouth. And that was enough to encourage Majima to try different positions and angles. It felt like he needed this as much as Kiryu, making that one first longer kiss in several rushed ones.

Majima moved his gloved hand and rested it over his naked chest, brushing it with delicacy, maybe worried that this could be unreal. It did feel like that. His lips were softer than Kiryu had imagined, his mouth was warm and open. Kiryu could sense the tip of his tongue in his lower lip, asking for permission and making him feel a wave of electricity running through his body. Enticing and inviting. Feeling the adrenaline all over his skin, Kiryu flexed his face to deepen the kiss. His tongue slid inside Majima’s mouth, touching his, making him moan again. Tasting like cigarettes and tea.

Kiryu didn’t remember feeling this aroused in his life.

Majima leaned forward until Kiryu’s head bumped against the closet, pinning him with his entire shape. He could feel his solid body against him, perfectly aligned. Both of them breathing hard, their teeth collided in frantic passion. All the tension that built up over the months poured in that moment.

Majima travelled his hand over his chest, brushing his nipple and sending a jolt directly to his crotch. Was that the sound of a door? Following his desire, Kiryu thrust his pelvis against Majima’s trousers, making him smile over his lips. It felt natural, like it was the usual between them. Probably it was in a certain way.

Majima thrust back and…


Now he understood the desperation many people talked about. He wanted to push Majima over the bed or to the ground; nothing could be enough at that moment. He just wanted to bite him, to have him, to—

The door opened.

“Kazuma, I—,” Kiryu heard Yumi saying and stopping at the instant.

Majima jumped to get away from him, but it was obviously too late.

What the fuck did Kiryu just do?

He felt ashamed, incapable of looking at Yumi, who stood paralyzed at the door. He just wanted to disappear. In a moment of courage, Kiryu glanced at her and saw a big shock all over her face, not really staring at them but at the wall. Then, he turned his head at Majima, who was fidgeting with the sleeve of his jacket. And a slight blush over his face.

No one said anything for a long moment. What could they say anyway? ‘I’m sorry’? Was he? Well, Kiryu felt remorse. And now his face burned for a completely different reason.

“It was my fault.” It was the first thing Kiryu heard in that awkward silence. He stared at Majima, his expression very apologetic. Why did he say that? That wasn’t true.

Kiryu frowned.

But Yumi nodded slowly, still not looking directly at them.

“Can you please leave us now?” Yumi asked very politely. Maybe too much.

“It’s not—,” Kiryu began, but Majima shot him a glare that drowned everything he wanted to say. He seemed angry and disgusted with himself, and Kiryu wanted to erase that expression from his face. That wasn’t right.

Majima walked to the door and Yumi barely let him pass, making Majima slide himself like a snake to get out. 

And after that, they both were left alone.

Kiryu gulped.

Why was he always screwing everything up? Why did he think he could do something for himself? Just a second had ruined an entire relationship.

“Yumi, I— I’m sorry,” Kiryu said with solemnity, looking at the ground. He didn’t know how to fix this.

“No, just…stop. Don’t say anything.” Yumi shook her head. “I should have known. It was so obvious…” What was it? He didn’t think the same.

“It’s not—,” Kiryu felt the need to defend himself. But Yumi just huffed without humour.

“I’m just going to prepare the table for dinner. That’s what I came to say,” Yumi told him, still not wanting to look at his face.

And with that, she closed the door.

Kiryu felt like shit. He surely had done terrible things in his life, but betraying someone’s trust was something he had never done. And now he was an awful person. Not only for acting against his morals, but for dragging Majima with him. When he married Yumi, he made a decision that he should have respected, and now he had destroyed it. Kiryu had never been like that, what did take over him? He didn’t deserve happiness, even less at the expense of someone else’s bliss.

And he still had to take care of the injury on his abdomen.




When Kiryu went to the first floor, he saw Yumi already sitting at the table with Haruka at her side. Haruka seemed worried to see her mom with her eyes glassy. If he felt disgusted with himself before, now it had reached another level.

Kiryu walked towards her, looking absent, and knelt down at her side trying to catch her attention.

“Yumi, please, I’m really sorry,” Kiryu said, distressed, looking at her eyes.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Yumi answered with a watery voice.

Kiryu glanced at Haruka and gestured to her to leave for a moment. She seemed a little scared and Kiryu wanted to reassure her, but he wasn’t sure about it himself.

“Not talking about it won’t fix it,” Kiryu insisted. He didn’t know what he would say if they decided to speak about it, but he wouldn’t hide either. It was his fault.

Finally, Yumi looked at him with a frown. “For how long?”

That took him by surprise. “We haven’t ever... I don’t know what happened, I—,” Kiryu tried to think why he did that. He felt attracted to him, but saying that wouldn’t help. “It was a mistake,” he added after a pause. And it was. He shouldn’t have done that, even if he wanted to. He was married.

Yumi wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “Let’s just forget about it,” she mumbled with no conviction in her voice. She obviously just didn’t want to talk about it.

Yumi stood up and called Haruka to set the table, like nothing had happened. Kiryu sighed. He wasn’t hungry and he didn’t think the problem was solved, but maybe ignoring it could be the best since he didn’t know how to fix it. Or understand it himself.

But then, he did the same with Majima, ignoring his feelings, and this is how it ended.




The dinner passed awkwardly, tension all over his shoulders. Haruka looked between them, seeming eager to ask about what happened. But she was intelligent enough to know no one would tell her anyway.

“Why did uncle Majima tell me to not speak about him today?” Haruka finally asked and Kiryu glanced quickly at Yumi to see her reaction. Things hadn’t calmed yet and he wasn’t ready for another storm.

Yumi made a weird face but tried to compose herself.

“We had a fight,” Kiryu told her before Yumi could say something.

“Oh…I’m sorry,” Haruka glanced at her plate with a sad face.

“It’s ok, don’t worry,” Kiryu assured and she just nodded in silence.

Kiryu closed his eyes for a moment. Right now, he just preferred to fight a whole clan than having to dwell on his feelings and the fact that he just kissed Majima. 

But he had done much more than that with him. He just felt adamant to not think about that.




After the uncomfortable dinner, with Haruka already sleeping and Yumi hiding in her bedroom, Kiryu went to his own to try to sleep and put an end to this day. Gladly, he kept this bedroom or he would have probably ended up sleeping on the couch.

Maybe he would deserve that.

There alone, he could lie on his bed and think about all the awful decisions in his life.

Kiryu picked his phone and opened it, illuminating his face in the dark. He navigated through his messages. Messages he ignored all night. Kashiwagi sent him Tojo related stuff he couldn’t care less about at the moment, and nothing from Majima. Of course. He opened his folder and saw the last conversation they had, something silly just to tease Kiryu.

Even if he didn’t feel like smiling, he couldn’t avoid it.

He felt tempted to call him or write him a message to know if he was alright, but he knew that wasn’t a good idea. Even if he was his friend, he couldn’t do that. 

Not after what happened.

Kiryu had kissed Majima and, when he did, he felt scared of rejection. Scared of reading the signals wrong, thinking that maybe Majima would get pissed off and punch him, making him feel like a stupid. But that didn’t happen. Majima kissed him back. 

And Kiryu didn’t know how to feel about that.

However, Majima seemed angry afterwards and Kiryu didn’t understand what was happening. Neither with himself nor with Majima.

Kiryu was being selfish, he knew that. A moment of weakness could destroy everything he had been trying to protect right now: the Tojo, his family… Kashiwagi was right. Kiryu wasn’t this kind of man, and now he didn’t have an excuse to keep ignoring this thing with Majima.

 Not even the alcohol.

Closing his phone, he dropped it on his night table.

Now he was in the dark again.

Chapter Text

“What the fuck is wrong with ya!?” Majima shouted, storming in Kiryu’s office.

The first thing he saw was Kiryu sitting in his chair, making a face between shock and embarrassment. He could tell Kiryu had a terrible night. As he fucking should.

Then, he looked to his left and saw Kashiwagi with an eyebrow raised, staring at Majima with a quizzical expression.

Oh well, he didn’t even bother to knock before, so that was on him. Needless to say, Majima didn’t sleep very well that night either, and following some bullshit protocol after what happened yesterday wasn’t an option.

But seeing Kashiwagi there made him reconsider his actions. Maybe he did fuck up.

“I think you could start with a good morning,” Kiryu noted in a hushed voice, a little ashamed but still trying to tease him. His cheeks had a faint blush that made him look endearing, and Majima wanted to punch himself for noticing that.

He shouldn’t be thinking that. He came here furious, trying to find an explanation, not to start this thing again.

Majima glanced at Kashiwagi, who looked expectantly between them both, not moving and without the intention to leave. That old nosy bitch was probably enjoying the spectacle, taking mental notes to nag layer with their boss about how unstable Majima always acted. He knew him too well.

Sighing, he tried to calm down.

“Good mornin’, boss,” Majima narrowed his eye, making a toothy smile. He needed to show how polite he could be. “What the fuck is wrong with ya?” He added after a pause, still displaying his better manners with a friendly tone.

Kind of. There wasn't any use to back off from how he had started the conversation; the advisor had already heard him.

Kiryu cleared his throat, nervous. “Kashiwagi, could you leave us alone for a moment?”

“Did you have a fight?” Kashiwagi asked, confused.

“Yes.” Majima answered.

“No.” Kiryu denied at the same time.

Kashiwagi observed them again like he was trying to understand what happened. “I see,” he said after a moment. “I guess I should leave, then. If you’ll excuse me…” And, with that, he closed the door behind him.

Kiryu tapped his fingers over the table, obviously distressed, not saying a word. Majima was losing his temper. He wasn’t even meeting his eye.

The Coward of Dojima, Majima thought.

“What!? Can’t ya use yer tongue? The last time I checked ya seemed well-versed on it,” Majima teased him, trying to win a reaction from him.

But Kiryu only frowned deeper, looking all confused and redder and adorable and…fuck.

“You’re married!” Majima snapped when he saw Kiryu wouldn’t say anything if he didn’t keep pushing.

“I gathered that much, but thank you for your help,” Kiryu retorted in a defensive tone.

The dumbass had the balls to make a snarky remark. He didn’t know if he wanted to kiss him or punch him.

“Then, what the fuck? I know people think I don’t have morals, but I do.” Majima took a deep breath, already tired of this non-existent dialogue. “I don’t like breakin’ up relationships,” he commented more for himself than for Kiryu.

Kiryu anyway heard him. “But you kissed me back,” he protested in a low tone, seeming lost.

“Ya kissed me first!” Majima yelped, feeling agitated.

Shhhh!” Kiryu blurted, worried that someone could hear them. Still avoiding his eye.

Ok, surely shouting that wasn’t the best thing he could do in a place full of assholes; he needed to be more sensible.

Majima stepped forward getting closer to him, enough to hear each other without the need to scream. Even if he wanted to.

“Why did ya kiss me then?” He tried again. Kiryu couldn’t just say he tripped over with the bad luck he had to use Majima’s lips as support.

And his crotch too.

Majima shivered with the thought.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to, I guess.” Kiryu shrugged. Majima could feel his confusion.

“You guess…” He repeated, peering at him. That wasn’t a good reason. Of course, he could understand the need; he had been in the same situation for months now and, yet, he never took a step forward.

Kiryu furrowed his eyebrows, almost annoyed. “Yes, you‘re always…flirting with me and—,”

“Oh, now it’s my fault!” Majima interrupted. Deep down he knew he should take the blame; he had been provoking Kiryu for almost a year now. But he didn’t want to admit it. Not out loud. He felt like shit for what he had caused, and now he was angry and putting his mistakes on Kiryu.

“I didn’t say that, but I’m sure I didn’t make this whole thing up.” That was the first time Kiryu looked at him directly, now angrier than shy.

“That doesn’t mean shit! I ain’t married, you are!”

Majima always made things hard for himself just because he was a selfish asshole and enjoyed Kiryu’s attention. A married man. The thing was…Kiryu didn’t seem to mind it that much, why should Majima? He could just get along with it, fool around with his boss and have a little fun. Still, part of him didn’t want to. The idea alone made him feel dirty. It couldn’t be. But he still didn’t understand why Kiryu, being a really honourable man, started the kiss. He didn’t fit the cheater category; Majima kept flirting at him for that exact same reason. It felt safe with just enough amount of risk to make the teasing more interesting. Ok, maybe he should have considered the possible outcomes before getting this deep. And yet, he didn’t dislike what had happened. The only problem he found was Kiryu having a wife, a wife he had cheated on.

Majima felt kind of disappointed, although he couldn’t judge Kiryu. He had created this whole dilemma; he had pushed it until the limit, making Kiryu do something he shouldn’t have.

Everything seemed so complicated and he couldn’t understand himself. He just got hooked on Kiryu and it felt so natural to just roll with it.

Kiryu rubbed his eyes, tired. And sad. Majima wanted to hug him and reassure him saying everything would be fine. But that would mean lying and, again, he shouldn’t do anything like that. Not only because he shouldn’t start touching his boss again, but because he still was mad at him.

“Can we just ignore it like the last time?” Kiryu commented, still massaging his face.

Then, shock took over him.

“Last time?” Majima questioned, not understanding what he meant.

“Ehm…nothing. Forget it,” Kiryu dismissed in a rush.

Majima stared at him with suspicion, stepping closer to his desk. Kiryu seemed troubled now.

“No, no, no, what last time?” Majima crawled over his table and grabbed his tie, making Kiryu gulp. Now they were face to face. Again. Kiryu seemed visibly uncomfortable. And Majima felt too excited, more than he should.

What was Kiryu hiding now?

Still, he didn’t answer, staring back at him and cringing hard. Being this close, Majima couldn’t avoid looking at the shape of his lips. The little stubble over his darker skin. His prominent jaw… His…

He had to focus.

What?” Majima insisted, hissing.

Kiryu averted his eyes, feeling ashamed. That made him more nervous.

“This…thing…,” Kiryu began, taking a deep breath. “Sort of happened some months ago.”

Majima let him go, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. What the fuck was he referring to?

“Wait, ya mean the day I woke up in yer—?” Majima opened his eye in shock.

Kiryu nodded once, not meeting his eye.

Did they kiss months ago? He didn’t remember anything, all his memories being in a dense fog where he couldn’t pinpoint when reality ended and the fantasy started. Some flashes came to his mind but…that couldn’t be. It didn’t make sense.

“What happened that night?” Majima quivered. He needed to know now. All his thoughts were racing fast, trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. Did he do something terrible? That was why Kiryu avoided bringing this up before? Was his drunk-self more aware of what he wanted?

That made sense at least.

“It’s nothing important,” Kiryu mumbled, obviously lying.

That scared him more. He just hoped he didn’t confess his undying love for him or something like that. But that didn’t explain why he ended up waking up in Kiryu's hotel room. At his side.

“Why was I in yer bed?” Majima struggled to say, not being sure anymore if he wanted to know. Part of him wanted, not minding the fact at all, and other part of him felt afraid to have made a fool of himself. Even more than usual.

“That I did tell you. You just passed out and I took you with me,” Kiryu explained this time, sounding sincere.

“Then what?” Majima felt desperate now, he didn’t like not knowing.

“Please, it’s nothing important just…let it be,” Kiryu begged with a pained expression. Was it that bad? If Majima felt distressed before, now he just wanted to disappear.

In the end, he decided to let it drop; Kiryu did obviously not want to talk about it and he didn’t want to pressure the man anymore. He just didn’t like to see Kiryu like this, even if he still wanted answers. Surely he had a hell of a night with Yumi too.

Oh shit, Yumi.

Majima stepped off the table feeling guilty and ridiculous. “Look, I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened or why I kept pushing ya. I fucked up. If ya want me to leave the clan, I’d understand. Probably it’s for the best.” He knew he should have left months ago when he felt like this wasn’t his place anymore. He felt tired of all the Tojo bullshit anyway. But he didn’t because of Kiryu and well…someone else.

“What? No, of course not. We need you here,” Kiryu seemed to start panicking. “I need you here…” He added, his voice like a whisper. Looking at him with those big, sad eyes.

Majima wanted to punch himself. He liked to feel wanted but this couldn’t be healthy. Someday he should start doing things for himself. Not today, though. “I’m sure Yumi would love to know that,” he commented, looking at the ceiling and sighing.

But Kiryu just frowned as an answer, looking as lost as Majima.

What was he doing here? What was he doing in general?

They didn’t talk for a while. Kiryu fidgeted with his wedding ring and Majima felt incapable of thinking straight, or whatever. His desires were unknown, for him too. Staying could mean destroying a relationship and feeling worse with himself. And leaving would mean not seeing Kiryu again. And both options were a big no.

“Look, I’m leavin’,” Majima announced.

Kiryu seemed taken aback by that. “But—,”

“Not the clan,” Majima interrupted, specifying when he saw his scared expression. “Yer office. I need to think.”

Without waiting for a response, Majima turned around, ready to leave.

Why did he always do the wrong thing? Why did he have to have a crush on his damn boss?

He needed to talk to Kashiwagi about this bodyguard thing. It wasn’t safe for them anymore.

Majima exited the office and saw Kashiwagi talking to…Yumi. Fucking perfect. Maybe he could run away. He was fast enough for that, right? Sadly, before he could decide which direction he should take, Kashiwagi called for him.


“Majima-san, is everything alright?” Kashiwagi asked, waiting for him to get close.

And he didn’t want to. How should he act around her now? Yumi glared at him with so much intensity he had to thank that looks couldn’t kill.

Majima stepped towards them, trying to think of a way to dodge a new conversation with her and not finding a good solution. “Yeah, everythin’ fixed.” Not really, but he wouldn’t explain anything to him. And even less in front of her.

Kashiwagi didn’t seem convinced, probably because Majima was trying to avoid making eye contact with them. He just wanted to flee and hide for a month. How he had ended up in the middle of a couple? He didn’t approve of cheating; if someone didn’t love their partner anymore, they could just leave them.

And there he stood, breaking a happy marriage and being an awful person. Was it happy, though? He didn’t know and it wasn’t his business either.

After a moment, Kashiwagi inquired him with a look and Majima sighed. “Hi, Yumi…san,” Majima finally acknowledged her.

She made an unamused face. “So now you are showing me some respect?” Yumi snapped with a sarcastic tone. Majima tried to smirk.

“Well, better now than never, huh?” Majima shrugged, trying to put some humour into the situation. It always helped him to deflect his problems.

“A little late for that, I think,” Yumi retorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

Majima didn’t know what to say to that. She was right after all.

They stayed in silence for a moment, a very awkward one, until Yumi said her goodbye to Kashiwagi and turned around. Ignoring Majima altogether, of course. She started walking towards the exit. So, she wasn’t visiting Kiryu?

No wonder why.

Kashiwagi observed him closely, waiting for an explanation. Majima wasn’t in the mood to offer one.

“Well? Did you decide to fight the chairman and his wife in one day? What did you do?”

“Why does it always have to be me gettin’ blamed for everythin’?” Majima feigned being offended.

Kashiwagi huffed. “Look, whatever it is, I hope you can fix it. I just don’t want to get involved,” he said with no interest in keeping the conversation. And Majima appreciated it.

He thought about bringing up the bodyguard thing and asking him to find someone else for the job, but after that it probably wouldn’t be the best thing to say. He might start asking questions, uncomfortable ones, and he refused the idea of opening his mouth more than he already did.

He needed a break, to keep moving, and maybe drink something. Or maybe he could just go to the bar Earth Angel and ask Ako about that night. Maybe she remembered something and he still wanted to know. More or less. Yet, Majima didn’t want to leave Kiryu alone with the Omi threat, but they shouldn’t be together right now either. It could lead to new stuff.

Anyway, he hadn’t seen many Omi those days; surely Kiryu could be safe. And it was Kiryu anyway, he could handle them.




Majima wandered through Kamurocho, just thinking. Why didn’t Kiryu kiss him in the spring waters? That place seemed more private than his house; they could have done…more stuff. Of course, doing that in his boss’s house felt more stimulating, the forbidden part just adding more interest into the situation and making things spicier… Ok, he would admit it wasn’t his proudest wank, but he had to do something to relax himself after Kiryu leaving him all hot and bothered.

Maybe if Kiryu had kissed him before he got married, Majima would have stopped the wedding. But then, he could have done something himself. Or did he? That was what he wanted to know. He didn’t know how to feel if he discovered he tried something with him and yet, Kiryu decided to marry Yumi anyway. Even less since he had kissed him yesterday.

On the way to the bar, he punched some assholes, helping him to get in a better mood. He even stopped to eat at Smile Burger to treat himself a little. Or maybe he was just trying to avoid asking Ako what happened, just making time. He still didn’t know what he would do if he discovered the truth, but the moment finally arrived.

Sending a message to Nishida to inform him where he would be in case anything happened, he proceeded to walk though Champion District.

Majima opened the door to the Earth Angel with mild determination and saw some client already sitting on the sofas. And Ako, who covered her mouth when she recognized him.

“You finally came, Majima-san! Did you feel too embarrassed from the last time to come over again?” Ako teased him with good humour.

Ok, she remembered.

But Majima wasn’t prepared to ask just now.

Without answering her, he took a seat in the bar and asked for the strongest thing she had there. She seemed aware that something was wrong.

In silence, she prepared his drink and offered it to him without averting her eyes from him. Majima drank all the liquor in his glass in one go, tapping it against the surface and asking for more.

“Something wrong, dear?” Ako asked, worried.

“Do ya remember what happened that night ya were referrin’ to?”

Ako clapped, grinning. “Of course I do! How could I forget that? Sometimes I use those memories in my solitary nights!” She teased him, and Majima thought he could lose his only eye just rolling it out from how confused and shocked he felt.

“W—why exactly?”

“Oh, well,” Ako laughed in a conspiratorial way.  “You both are attractive men and Kiryu is…” She looked at the ceiling, batting her eyelashes. “Well, I’m sure you know that already.”

Of course he knew. But he also started to regret this conversation. He didn’t know if she was just pestering him or did she really…. Was this how it felt when someone thirsted over him? It seemed flattering in a way. And creepy. Majima shook his head, he still needed to know.

“I don’t know…” Majima commented, rubbing his neck.

“Oh, come on, Majima-san! Accept you are head over heels for Kiryu-san! And I totally understand that,” Ako winked at him.

“Well, I know that…now.” He admitted, feeling strange to say it out loud. “But—,”

“Where is he, by the way?” Ako interrupted him.

“In his office.” Majima said curtly. “Married.” He added after a pause.

What?! Damn men, they use you and then they get married,” Ako shook her head in disapproval.

“Use me?” What!? “I can’t remember shit, can ya be a sweet’eart and be my personal guide?” Majima tried to sound charming.

“You don’t remember anything!?” She seemed shocked.

“That’s what I’m telling ya!” Majima started to feel exasperated.

Ako seemed pensive for a moment that felt eternal. “Oh, well…. I don’t know everything. You both left the bar after you whispered something into his ear and then, you gave him a little peck on his cheek. That was so adorable,” Ako signed in delight. Majima felt sure she really had used that memory a lot and he didn’t know how to feel about that.

“Somethin’ more?” Majima asked, feeling a little afraid.

“Well, you both were being very playful, flirting. Nothing out of the usual, really.”

Out of the usual. Now that she mentioned it… it was true, they were always doing that. Why were they that blind? At least he had half of an excuse.

“Oh, come on, don’t put on that face,” Ako mentioned after a second. “I remembered you more…active, are you ok?”

“I think I need to drink more,” Majima groaned. He felt too lost to bother acting crazy or whatever.

“I don’t think you should drink that much if you’re going to forget later again,” Ako suggested, making a face.

Majima opened his mouth to complain, but the door violently opening cut him off. He turned around and saw Kiryu already walking in his direction.

No time to escape, he guessed.

“Why are ya here?” Majima barked. He saw Ako getting comfortable, preparing herself to see the scene that was to unfold.

“I wanted to talk to you, so I asked Nishida,” Kiryu explained. Majima made a mental note to punch his captain later.

Yet, he didn’t know if he wanted to talk to him now, even less if Kiryu kept denying him the information he needed.

“Do we have to do it here?” Majima told him, pointing with his thumb at Ako. The last thing he needed now was her collecting more material for her lonely nights.

Kiryu frowned, probably not getting it.


“Look, are ya goin’ to tell me what happened?”

Kiryu looked down, blushing hard. Majima wasn’t sure if he wanted to kiss him again or punch him.


“Where that happened?” Majima said suddenly, taking Kiryu by surprise.

“Why do you want to know that?”

Ako got closer to them, trying to snoop. Majima passed an arm over Kiryu’s shoulder and walked away from her.

“Well, since ya don’t want to tell me, maybe the place will bring memories back,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu didn’t look very convinced.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan. I need to know.” Majima made a puppy face, or at least tried. Having one eye made that difficult.

Kiryu sighed and started walking without saying anything. Majima just followed him.

And Ako did too.


He started feeling anxious with the prospect. Would he remember anything? Would Kiryu finally tell him? Was it an embarrassing thing? Did they…? No, he needed to stop thinking.

After walking for a few minutes, they reached an alley. When Kiryu turned around, he saw Majima and the mama behind them and looked even more confused.

“Why is Ako here?” Kiryu wondered.

“Ya don’t want to know,” Majima commented, walking inside the alley. “Was it here?”

“I think so, I was very drunk too but…” Kiryu wasn’t glancing at him anymore.

Majima looked around and nothing came to his mind. There were some vending machines and nothing more, really.

Perhaps Kiryu was lying.

Majima reached for his tanto and pointed Kiryu with it, but he didn’t even flinch.

“Let’s do somethin’: if ya win a fight, you have yer way. If I win, ya have to tell me,” Majima suggested in a playful way and Ako seemed interested.

Kiryu just rolled his eyes. “Then, can’t we just ignore it and keep working as always? It’ll save us the time.”

Majima felt offended. That cocky bastard. Without any warning, he jumped swinging his tanto but Kiryu dodged him at the last second.

“Can we just try to talk?” Kiryu tried a different approach.

“We aren’t good at talkin’, we’re better with our fists.” Majima threw a kick that Kiryu could stop. “And talk about what? We can’t do that if you keep hidin’ what happened.” Majima pinned Kiryu against the vending machine, but Kiryu pushed him away.

“I’m not comfortable talking about that,” Kiryu retorted, his voice pained. What the fuck did he do?

Majima moved his leg, making Kiryu fall on the ground. He was preparing his next move when he saw Kiryu looking up in shock, as though he had just seen Godzilla behind Majima. That seemed like a poor trick. Not losing more time, Majima sat over his stomach, making him grunt while resting the tanto on his neck.

Ako gasped, obviously having the time of her life, although Majima didn’t want to pay more attention to her.

“Well, it seems like I won,” Majima teased. It seemed obvious they still hadn’t fought for real since Kiryu just kept dodging him, but he needed to provoke him.

Majima narrowed his eye at him with a victorious expression, waiting for a response that didn’t come. Kiryu seemed shocked, unconsciously biting his lip. Majima had to make a big effort not to just pin him against the ground and kiss him. Ako surely would appreciate it.

What was Kiryu looking at?

Majima turned around, searching for what was interrupting their fight and…

A camera.

Something connected quickly in his brain.

Rushing, he stood up, followed by Kiryu, who seemed to have the same idea.

“That fuckin’ DVD…All this fuckin’ time!” Majima shouted. He had fucking forgot about the DVD. Maybe if he had told Nishida about it, he would have remembered it for him.

Majima grabbed Kiryu’s arm and started to drag him.

“You’re comin’ with me,” Majima announced.

“What?! No. Do you still have that DVD?” Kiryu asked while trying to free himself.

“Of course I do,” Majima kept walking without letting Kiryu go.

“And do we have to watch it together?” Kiryu sounded alarmed, finally getting free.

Majima stopped and turned around. “Did ya want to talk? We can do it after watchin’ it,” Majima gave him a crooked smile.

“Not sure that’s a good idea.” Kiryu seemed really mentally tired. He didn’t like the situation either, but he didn’t like not to know.

“Man up and face whatever happened,” Majima snapped, peering at him.

That seemed to work. Kiryu looked ashamed and nodded once.

Well, that wasn’t easy, but it was something.

They walked in silence to his apartment. Night fell during their little fight, and he started praying to all the gods for not encountering Yumi on the way. It would totally look suspicious for her.

When he opened his door, he felt like he could finally breathe again. He had been holding so much tension already and he still didn’t watch the fucking video.

They removed their shoes and jackets and Majima took a seat on his sofa, searching in his drawer. Where did he leave it the last time? It couldn’t be far away. He took off his gloves to move his hands better.

In the meantime, Kiryu stood in the middle of his sitting room, observing the place like he was impressed to be there. And a little wary.

“What? Are ya going to be there all night?”

“I was just…Your place is nice,” Kiryu commented, looking around.

“What do ya were expectin’? A dungeon?” Majima felt annoyed.

“No, but maybe something less…cleaned…”

Majima shot him a glare. The audacity of this dumbass. “Sit,” he commanded.

“Can you just watch it and we can talk later—?”

“No. Sit.”

Kiryu sighed and obeyed, sitting at his side with an unamused gesture. Majima smirked, he found it funny knowing Kiryu was his boss.

Taking things out of the drawer, he finally found the DVD. He stood up to put it on his TV.

“Are we really going to see that on that big screen?” Kiryu whined, panicking.

“I don’t have somethin’ smaller,” Majima dismissed, getting his seat back.

The video started playing. No sound. Majima was moving his leg quickly and he could feel how Kiryu was tensing at his side.

Nothing was happening on the video, making him feel more anxious, getting worse when he finally saw them on the screen. It felt alien to see himself in third person. For what he saw, Majima stumbled around and Kiryu didn’t seem to be in a better state; they had really drunk a lot. Then, he saw how he pinned Kiryu against a wall, hiding behind the vending machine.

It didn’t seem clear, but Majima thought he saw himself talking.

“What was I sayin’ there?” Majima asked, not missing a bit of what was happening. He hoped he didn’t confess his love or some shit like that.

“I don’t remember either,” Kiryu explained in a low voice.


Then he saw it.

Majima kissed Kiryu’s face.

Was that the big deal? Majima glanced at his companion, who was avoiding his eye really intently. Kiryu sure was a tough man, but sometimes he acted like a shy guy getting flustered over everything. Part of his charm, he thought.

But the video continued.

Majima saw himself opening Kiryu’s shirt and kissing him on the neck, chest…



That wasn’t awful.

Then, he got on his knees.

He could feel how Kiryu wanted to disappear. And he could feel it because he wanted to do the same thing right now.

Majima-from-the-past was opening Kiryu’s trousers and, suddenly, he had his boss’ dick of inside his mouth.

So… that wasn’t a dream after all. It happened for real. All those confused stares, every time Kiryu felt uncomfortable around him, his reaction to the joke about sucking his dick... Now everything made sense.

Well, at least it wasn’t a love confession. Should he feel angry, horny or ashamed? Because it seemed painfully obvious he didn’t know how to give a proper blowjob. But of course he didn’t; he basically just discovered he liked men. Or more likely, accepted.

That was a whole new world.

Nevertheless, Majima felt impressed with himself. He never thought he would be able to go that far with Kiryu. Probably being drunk helped him a lot. Sure enough, he had always wanted to try some stuff with him; he really tried his best that night in Sotenbori. But he didn’t have the courage to initiate something and find a no as a response.

But he was obviously wrong.

And then, he past-self started to jerk off on the screen.


Majima stopped the video, he had seen enough. Grabbing his tanto, he jumped over Kiryu, who froze in the act.

“Ya knew this all this time and ya never said ANYTHING?” The knife rested against his neck and Kiryu was doing nothing to stop him. “Oh, wait, yeah. Ya did with snarky jokes.” He narrowed his eye, very irritated.

Kiryu frowned, staring directly into his eye. “You ran away from the room and you seemed scared with the idea that something had happened between us. What did you want me to say?” He protested, ignoring the threatening situation.

Fair point. He remembered feeling afraid at the time, but not with the idea of them getting intimate but with the thought he had screwed everything up. What should someone do if they woke up beside their boss? Ask for a raise?

“And you were too drunk at the moment. I thought maybe you didn’t want to do that and maybe I… I—,” Kiryu stopped talking, choking on his words. Did he really think he had taken advantage of him? That seemed stupid for Majima; Kiryu really didn’t know how to read the signals. At all. “I didn’t understand what happened either. It was safer to just let it go.” Kiryu continued with those sad brown eyes, looking at him with an unspoken plea.

That he could understand, it felt hard to accept at first. Even more if he wanted to get married to a woman, Majima guessed.

“Y’know, I’m not mad because that happened, I’m mad because you didn’t tell me,” Majima clarified with a deep voice.

Kiryu gulped. “You’re always sending me confusing signals.” Then he stopped, looking pensive. “I find you hard to read, nii-san,” Kiryu explained after a moment.

Majima understood that too. What could he say? He enjoyed the teasing, always wanting something more than just that but not knowing how to get it, running away every time they seemed close to having it.  But to be fair, Kiryu was doing the same with him.

“Am I confusin’?” Majima asked, pulling Kiryu’s shirt, still with the tanto on his neck. He could see how his pupils dilated. Was he aroused or afraid?

Kiryu didn’t say a word, waiting for Majima to act.

But, what should he do?

Kiryu had a scared expression; perhaps he thought Majima just went full crazy, ready to stab him. He found that funny. Breaking into a grin, Majima closed the distance between them, trying to intimidate him. Waiting for him to make the next move. Kiryu’s eyes roamed, studying Majima’s face, maybe trying to understand his possibilities, looking all flustered. Anticipation got over him, ready for whatever could happen. But to his surprise, Kiryu closed the distance and kissed him carefully, just following his desire and probably not thinking about anything. Now Majima was the one starting to blush. Kissing wasn’t Majima’s thing; it meant something more emotional than he wanted to be open for. Those feelings were too complicated for him, but he felt drawn to do it with Kiryu.

Majima followed his motion with a soft moan, feeling Kiryu’s rough fingers sink in the flesh of his waist. Majima kept kissing him, now with his mouth opened, tasting the cigarette he smoked before.

Well, at least this time they weren’t drunk.

Dropping his knife, Majima pushed Kiryu over his sofa, pinning him and putting a leg between his. And Kiryu let him do it. Adrenaline ran all over his body; it felt strange to have him at his mercy. And arousing. They were doing this for real and part of his brain wasn’t catching up with everything that was happening.

Majima opened his shirt without stopping the kiss, having Kiryu under him shivering and moaning softly. Still a little nervous, but giving in. Thinking he could get those sounds from his boss made him feel powerful. He never thought he could get away with it, and now that he did, he didn’t want to ever stop.

Kiryu’s hands caressed his face and neck, too shy to roam for other places. Still, he kissed Majima hungrily. He wouldn’t mind to keep things like this, but he wanted to try and move things forward. Majima bit his lower lip, making Kiryu whine with pleasure. Little by little, he started going down through his jaw, his neck and his chest. That toned chest he had punched so many times. Majima licked and sucked one of his nipples, tentatively at first, brushing the other one with his thumb and making Kiryu shudder under his contact. After a few minutes of teasing, Kiryu thrust against his leg, searching for some friction. And Majima was eager to comply.

Majima kissed his body on the way down to his crotch. He could already see how aroused Kiryu was through his pants. Opening his belt, Majima considered the possibility of emulating what he saw in that video; now he would remember at least. He took his trousers down, slowly, enough to see his erection under his underwear, some pre-come already there. And it was really big; he didn’t know how he managed the last time.  

He dropped an open-mouthed kiss over the soft cotton of his pants, making Kiryu shiver, thrilled with the sensation. Both of them were already panting heavily, his own dick swelling against his leather trousers asking for freedom. Not now, though, Majima told himself. He didn’t want to rush this.

Grabbing the waistband of Kiryu’s underwear, Majima started to remove it calmly, teasing him. But before he could continue, Kiryu stopped him, pulling him up by his chain and catching his lips again. So Kiryu was more the romantic type, no surprise in that. The kiss took a languid pace, licking Majima’s lips, savouring him, making him moan against his mouth.

Majima could settle for that.

After a moment, Majima broke the kiss and got lost in Kiryu’s brown eyes. He had a soft expression, maybe a little insecure. And he was flushing hard now. Majima could read something on his face that made him feel vulnerable and another thing he didn’t want to.

Sex shouldn’t be this complicated.

Maybe they were going too fast.

No one said a word afraid of breaking the spell, afraid of considering the mistake they were committing. But Majima didn’t care right now. After that awkward pause, he searched for his lips again, resuming what they were doing. No time to think, just act. And Kiryu followed him at the instant, feeling reassured by his actions.

Kiryu rubbed Majima’s back, giving him goosebumps, enjoying the contact. It had been a long time since someone caressed him like that. He really had missed that. Kiryu kept moving his hand until he reached his ass, grabbing it and pushing Majima down, thrusting against his own erection. Smiling into the kiss.

Ok, maybe not that romantic.

And not coy, either.

There were too many layers between them and Majima started to pull off his own trousers and underwear. Now he could feel the heat better, jerking his hips against Kiryu’s. Majima started a slow grind that Kiryu met halfway, making him break the kiss to catch his breath for a moment.

Kiryu yanked his own pants all the way off, something that Majima took advantage of, rubbing the length of his cock with his fingers and stopping over his wet head. Kiryu groaned at the contact, moving his hips up, asking for more.

Majima circled his dick with his right hand and started jerking him slowly, brushing the head with his thumb to tease him a little more. Making Kiryu jolt every time he brushed the zone. They didn’t break the kiss, following the same pace. Their faces hot, their heartbeat thumping hard; he had never been this needy in his whole life.

The body he got to know over time, that he had beaten many times and made him bleed, was now being touched with care.

And lust.

Well, maybe the lust had always been there.

Majima found a constant rhythm, Kiryu’s moans were like music to him. He started pressing kisses all over his face, going down to his neck and giving him a little nip to his ear. Kiryu couldn’t even keep his eyes open, something that Majima used to observe him closely. He wanted to drown in all the sounds and gestures he was making just in case this was the last time.

With hesitation, Kiryu dropped his hand down, from behind to his neglected cock. That made Majima jolt in surprise. He still didn’t know how to deal with the concept of Kiryu touching him, making a shocked sound when he felt his own cock being circled against Kiryu’s, stroking their dicks together. Now was his turn to catch his breath.

He wasn’t used to being handled during sex, but he liked it.

The pace was faster now, both of them panting desperately, Majima resting his head over Kiryu’s forehead. Majima thrust into his hand, their dicks slick with their combined pre-come, their bodies sweating.

He wasn’t sure he could last any longer.

Kiryu’s body tensed first, coming with a choked sound, enough for Majima to come undone. Pleasure taking over him, his back arched, finishing over the hand of his boss. The boss that kept moving his hand lazily until it felt like too much.

Majima sunk his face against the cushion and tried to recover, biting his lip hard. He still couldn’t believe this happened.

Kiryu slipped his sticky hand out from between them and left it hanging, not touching anything. Majima wanted to laugh at how cute he was, but he decided to shower Kiryu with kisses all over his face. Shouldn’t he? At the moment he felt like doing this; maybe too tender for him and yet it was what he wanted to do. Majima saw how Kiryu wrinkled his face under the sudden affection but didn’t stop him. He made it to tease him. Of course. Wasn’t Kiryu the one who wanted to kiss while having sex?

Majima wanted to stay like that forever, but sadly that wasn’t an option and now the aftermath was already here.  

Without saying a word, Majima reached for some tissues that sat on the table and cleaned Kiryu’s stomach, offering him some more to clean his hand. With a nod and avoiding meeting his eye, he accepted them. Well, he did expect that.

What did this thing mean for them?

Majima put his trousers in place and Kiryu followed him, sitting awkwardly side by side. How did someone start a conversation after this? He had never been in a similar situation.

“I—,” Kiryu started saying. Majima glanced at him quickly, feeling uneasy. “I think I should go. We shouldn’t have done that.” Kiryu almost rubbed his face but stopped before doing it, looking at his hands with shame.

“Oh, c’mon Kiryu-chan, we already did more things than this,” Majima retorted, pointing at the screen and feeling annoyed.

“But now I’m married. I shouldn’t…” Kiryu didn’t finish the sentence, caught in his own thoughts.

“Please, cheatin’ is basically a national sport.” Majima rolled his eye. He didn’t like the idea either, but he wanted to make him feel better.

“That doesn’t make it ok,” Kiryu shot him a confused glare. “Besides, I still don’t understand this.”

Majima took a deep breath, exasperated again. “Ya like men, what’s the deal?” It seemed a little stupid after what just happened, after everything that had transpired between them. But he guessed Kiryu still didn’t accept it.

“I don’t know…I need to go,” Kiryu mumbled, standing up and looking for his jacket.

Majima did the same. “It’s ok, Kiryu-chan, it’s not a bad thing,” he insisted.

“I know it’s not bad, I just…don’t know what to do about it. And I’m still married; I can’t do this to…” Kiryu shook his head, looking completely devastated.

“Ya kiddin’ me? Ya started this. Again,” Majima protested with a confused frown. Sometimes he wanted to slap Kiryu.

“I know and I’m sorry. I just…” Kiryu was a mess, that was for sure.

Majima felt remorse now, why did he always end up following his dick around Kiryu?

“Look, it’s ok. We can do like nothin’ happened. You’re used to that by now, right?” Kiryu made an unamused face but said nothing. Majima smirked. “We’re friends, this was just some…release, nothin’ else,” Majima shrugged it off. He felt sick saying those words. Deep down he knew it wasn’t true, and Kiryu felt taken aback with that. Was he hurt?

Before he could clarify what he meant, Kiryu spoke again.

“I’ll leave now, then,” he said with a deflated expression, turning around to the door.


“Can ya send me a message when you arrive at yer home?” Majima requested, making a weird face.

Kiryu glanced at him, puzzled. “Why?”

“Just so I know no one kidnapped ya on the way,” Majima tried to smile.

Kiryu studied him before speaking again. “Ok…” He didn’t sound very confident about it.

The door closed and Majima was left alone. He fucked up once again. And not just his relationship with his fucking boss and only friend, but his mission to keep Kiryu safe. After this, that would be more complicated than ever; surely Kiryu wouldn’t want to have him around. But it was Kiryu; he surely would be alright.

And to that, he needed to add the awful feeling to be part of something he hated and never thought he would do. He didn’t appreciate people who cheated on their partners; he never understood how someone could do something like that. It felt mean and unnecessary. People shouldn’t play with the feelings of others.

At least, he used to tell himself that before meeting Kiryu. That man did something to him that he couldn’t explain.

But he never thought Kiryu would be that kind of man. Although Majima was the one who had been tempting Kiryu until he acted against his morals. He always made things hard for him. Perhaps Kiryu leaving was the best outcome. After all, he had Yumi and he had to be faithful to her. And that was just a stupid mistake.

Majima sighed looking at his phone, knowing it was foolish to wait for his message this soon, but he felt anxious already.

After today, he needed to control himself around Kiryu. This wasn’t good for any of them. Majima ended up feeling more guilty and confused, and Kiryu seemed to be in the same boat.

He only had to remember how these situations always ended: bad.

Like everything in his life.

Chapter Text

His plan didn’t go like he had thought. And he didn’t even have a clear idea of what Majima wanted from him; first it seemed like he reciprocated his feelings but then, he said something about them just being friends, and now Kiryu felt lost. Friends didn’t do that kind of thing; he didn’t do that with Nishiki. Did Majima do those things with his friends?

Surely he could do better without those kinds of problems; he already had enough with the Tojo, with his family and with his personal identity crisis.

The house was silent when he opened the door. Being late, Kiryu checked on Haruka, who seemed fast asleep, hugging her dog. And at that hour, Yumi would be still working. He needed to talk to her, to clarify what had happened, not waiting for any kind of forgiveness; he didn’t deserve that. And with that dreadful feeling making him uneasy, he just couldn’t go to sleep.

In the dark, Kiryu sat alone in the sitting room, waiting for Yumi. He sent a quick and uncomfortable message to Majima letting him know he was already home and, after not receiving any answer, he tried to relax.

When he had first searched for Majima this afternoon, he had the intention to talk to him and explain that this thing couldn’t happen anymore. But everything went south after watching that DVD and having Majima sitting on him with his tanto in hand. Too close to him. Just thinking about it made him feel too uncomfortable in his clothes. And he couldn’t blame Majima for what had happened; Kiryu always moved first, starting the kiss and not stopping what followed. He couldn’t understand why. The only thing he could say in his defense was he felt drawn to Majima, and avoiding following his desires always ended up being difficult. They worked together and Majima couldn’t leave the Tojo, and Kiryu had a responsibility towards it. Maybe he could just accept that he liked Majima and that wouldn’t change overnight. He never thought he could like men but then, he never felt attracted to other men. Or people in general. Not in that way. Kiryu always believed he loved Yumi as a woman, but now it seemed clear he only cared about her as a friend. And he couldn’t cheat on her anymore. She didn’t deserve that and he had to be a better man.

Sometimes he wondered why Majima after all the fights, after all the problems they had faced. Sure, they were finally getting along, and Kiryu had learned to understand him. Just a little. He trusted him and he felt comfortable with him around. At least this seemed like a good reason that could explain his emotions. Although they didn’t have the same way of seeing life and Majima was too energetic sometimes; but that helped him to move forward, to improve. To take control in his life. He definitely could learn a lot from Majima.

And about himself, too.

Not now, brain, he told himself.

The door opened and Kiryu jumped up to receive Yumi. She looked tired and very surprised to see him there.

“Kazuma? Did something happen?” Yumi asked while closing the door without making a noise.

Kiryu gulped and prepared himself for what was to come. There wouldn’t be any use in making the wait any longer.

“I’m so sorry, Yumi. I cheated on you,” Kiryu confessed, staring at the ground and bowing, asking for forgiveness.

Yumi breathed exasperated, not even looking surprised. “You mean again, don’t you?”

The reminder hurt a little.

Kiryu nodded once, still avoiding her gaze. He couldn’t right now, feeling like crying. But he didn’t want to, he didn’t deserve any kind of pity after acting like an awful person, breaking the trust Yumi had on him. Twice.

He felt completely lost.

“I’m so sorry I did that to you. I can’t justify my actions,” Kiryu added after a moment when he saw Yumi wasn’t saying anything.

“You know, people usually hide it. They don’t go around admitting these things out loud,” Yumi rubbed her face, visibly tired.

Kiryu finally glanced at her with a confused expression. “Do you prefer not to know?” That seemed too late by now anyway.

“I would prefer you not having sex with other people but…” Yumi huffed humorlessly, stopping herself from continuing. “And I guess it is Majima again, right? Or someone new?”

“It wasn’t his fault,” Kiryu assured in a rush, trying to defend him.

Yumi walked around and took a seat on the couch and Kiryu followed her, getting on his knees again. She seemed drained from all her usual energy and Kiryu had done this.

“I could understand another woman, but a man? I don’t even know what to feel about it,” Yumi began and Kiryu could agree with her on that, not being sure about what to feel either. It seemed wrong in a way, but not when he was with him. “And why Majima from all the people? He is weird, he is mad…I don’t understand what you see in him,” Yumi expressed with so much disgust in her face that Kiryu felt offended.

“I didn’t recall asking for your opinion,” Kiryu snapped angrier than he should have given the circumstances, and Yumi looked taken aback by it. “Besides, you don’t have to like him.”

Yumi averted her eyes, ashamed. “I’m sorry, I’m no one to judge. I just…don’t understand. I feel like I did something wrong for you to go with a man.” She massaged her forehead, trying to comprehend the whole situation.

Kiryu frowned at that. “This has nothing to do with you. Whatever it is, it’s my fault,” he insisted.

Yumi shook her head with a bitter smile. “So, this has been happening for a long time?”

“No,” Kiryu answered quickly. Then, he remembered something else. “Well, something happened before, but we weren’t married at the time.”

Now Yumi turned her head to study him, looking even more confused now. “What? Then, why did you ask me to marry you?”

Kiryu sighed, not really knowing how to say it. “I didn’t understand at the time, and I thought I was in love with you,” he admitted, going straightforward to the matter.

After his admission, Yumi’s eyes started to get glassy, making him notice how brutal he just sounded. “I mean, I—,” Kiryu tried to explain. He wanted to hug her and comfort her, but that wouldn’t be welcome after what he blurted.

“No, it’s ok, I understand. Do you love him then?”

“I—,” Kiryu furrowed his brow. Did he? He was starting to get comfortable with the idea that he might like men; he didn’t even feel prepared to think that far. “I don’t know,” he mumbled.

Yumi nodded in silence. She really didn’t deserve this and he was the one to blame for her suffering right now. Could he do something to fix this? Probably not, not after what he did or what he said. Maybe she could find someone else and start a new life. That would mean not seeing Haruka again, though, and he didn’t want that.

What the fuck did he just do? He had destroyed any opportunity to have an almost normal life.

“At least you are being honest. I appreciate that,” she said after a long moment of quiet.

“So, what should we do? Do you want to—,” Kiryu made a pause. Maybe he was moving things too fast. Yumi waited for him to finish the sentence and Kiryu decided to go for it. “…divorce?”

Yumi frowned. “What? No, of course not. Why should we?”

Kiryu felt perplexed. After everything she wanted to stay married to him? His biggest fear was losing Haruka but he didn’t want to make her pay for that. Being the child of an unhappy marriage couldn’t be good. And Yumi wouldn’t be able to find some bliss having him at his side either. If someone had to pay for his mistakes it was him. Surely Haruka could be better with her mother alone; Kiryu would only bring pain to their life.

Being unfaithful seemed usually a good reason to get a divorce, but after all he didn’t know that many couples. Didn’t Yayoi accept Dojima cheating on her? He was sure she knew and still…

He didn’t understand.

“Look, I’m really tired and this is not helping at all. I need to think about this, ok?” Yumi said suddenly.

Kiryu nodded with no conviction. He wanted to solve the problem right away, but he understood Yumi needed her time too.

With that, she stood up and left the room, leaving Kiryu alone with his thoughts.




The next day was Sunday and he had all the free time he needed. When he woke up Yumi couldn’t be found at home and Haruka sat in the sitting room already eating her breakfast.

After that awful night Kiryu didn’t feel very energetic, but he wanted to do something with Haruka that day, in case he wouldn’t be able to see her again. Just the thought alone made him feel miserable. Still, it might be for the best; she needed something better in her life, far away from the yakuza and from a busy father that couldn’t make her happy.

“Do you want to go to Kamurocho and play in the arcades?” Kiryu asked, caressing her head.

She looked up with a big smile on her face. “Will mom join us?”

How could he approach the matter? They hadn't made a decision yet and Haruka didn’t need to know all the problems adults had.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Kiryu answered, touching the back of his neck. He didn’t know if that would be a good idea. It probably wouldn’t be pleasant, but if that was what Haruka wanted, he would do it.

Haruka nodded. “It’s ok, we can do something with her later.” She resumed her breakfast and Kiryu breathed a sigh of relief.


Kamurocho was bursting with people. Probably too many. And Kiryu didn’t like crowds that much; he sometimes fantasized about the idea of leaving the city and going to a quiet place. Maybe Okinawa. Somewhere far from people with time to relax, being away from real problems and only experiencing mundane ones. But he couldn’t do that now.

Haruka walked through the streets, holding his hand with one hand and carrying a toy he won for her with the other. She seemed really content and Kiryu tried to enjoy every moment. Having this free time felt irresponsible to him, knowing all the things he had to take care of. But Haruka was important, too. And now he would treat her with a good lunch. In the meantime, Yumi contacted him telling she would be busy with her club. At first, Kiryu felt a pang of anxiety, thinking Yumi had finally decided something, and it didn’t soothe his stress when he saw how cold she sounded. Or maybe it was his way of reading it. Technology always felt so impersonal; he still hadn’t gotten used to it, not being able to catch the tone. Anyway, he now had more time to enjoy Haruka around the city since she seemed really happy to be there.

“Where was that sushi place?” Kiryu asked her.

“I think we passed it,” she answered, not really caring much about it.

Kiryu turned around to see if he recognized any of the restaurant’s names, when he saw Majima standing three meters from him. He wore a shocked expression, like he got caught doing something he shouldn’t.

A weird sensation travelled all over his body to settle in his stomach. It felt awkward. After what happened yesterday, he didn’t know how to act around him. Majima seemed as uncomfortable as he was.

“I swear I wasn’t followin’ ya,” Majima blurted, quickly,  and Kiryu wanted to smile and tell him that he doubted that. But he didn’t want to initiate any flirty banter with him. Even less in front of Haruka. And yet, he wasn’t even sure that would be welcome, and he didn’t have the energy to fight him anyway.

“Uncle Majima!” Haruka exclaimed, waving at him from afar.

Majima waved back with a soft smile that made him look really handsome.

Don’t. It’s not appropriate, it’s cheating. You are still married, he had to remind himself.

“Can you join us for lunch?” Haruka asked eagerly.

Majima wrinkled his face, rubbing his neck. “I don’t think I can, Haruka-chan,” Majima said apologetically, staring directly at Kiryu.

Haruka made a sad face. “Are you both still angry with each other?” She wondered. Too smart for her own good.

Majima shot Kiryu a puzzled expression. 

“Haruka, don’t make people uncomfortable,” Kiryu reprimanded her. After that, she looked sad and Kiryu hated himself a little more. He didn’t know how to properly treat a kid without hurting their feelings; everything was still really new for him. He just didn’t want to cause a scene or risk pissing off Majima.

“Nah, it’s ok,” Majima told her, getting closer and squatting to be at her eye level. “Another day, maybe, ok? Today I’m really busy,” he reassured her. Kiryu melted a little inside; he still found it strange to see how good Majima was with kids. It came to him naturally. After all what happened between them, he had managed to earn a place in Haruka’s heart. He could understand that, though; Kiryu himself shared the sentiment.

At least, Haruka accepted the obvious excuse without saying a word, looking like she was in a better mood. Kiryu wanted to thank him for that.

Majima stood up and, suddenly, he was too close to Kiryu. A shiver went down his spine, tensing him; being this near made it impossible not to look at his lips, a habit he really should control. And Majima noticed it. Averting his eyes quickly, Kiryu felt ashamed for be caught doing something he probably shouldn’t, a rush pushing him to—

No, not now.

Maybe reading the situation, Majima stepped back, giving them space to move. Kiryu acknowledged the invitation to move forward and escape. Without thinking, he walked beside Haruka to the restaurant.

She was right, they had passed the restaurant.




Monday came and Kiryu still felt tired. Yumi still didn’t talk to him and the feeling of dread was growing. Her avoiding him didn’t make things better, making Haruka aware that something went wrong. Of course, he understood why Yumi barely spent time in their house. Who would want to be around their unfaithful husband? He deserved that treatment. Maybe if they got back to normal and were just friends… Regretting his decision wasn’t a thing he liked to do but if he had thought longer about everything before acting, he wouldn’t be in this situation.

And a reunion that day didn’t sound appealing. Even less with Majima there. He wasn’t used to dealing with that kind of problem and he still wasn’t sure how they should act between each other. Should they acknowledge what happened? Should they ignore it altogether? Would Majima start making innuendos in front of everyone? Would he spread some rumours about him? All these possibilities were starting to make him feel stressed.

Kiryu waited in his office for five minutes before going to the meeting room, feeling anxious and annoyed. The usual, really. When he finally entered, everyone sat already in place, even Majima, who obviously avoided looking at him. So, he felt uncomfortable too. And he could understand; he had some flashbacks about that night every time he glanced at him. And he knew it was stupid and no one could really know what he was thinking, but it still felt inappropriate to remember that in the middle of a reunion.

But the spell broke the moment Kiryu sat, having Shindo already shouting. Rubbing his forehead, he tried to focus.

Why were those patriarchs always fighting?

“Those fucking Omi are everywhere. If they want a war we can give it to them!” Shindo got up trying to look intimidating, and some other patriarchs agreed with him.

Were the Omi causing trouble? He didn’t notice it.

Kiryu glanced at Majima, who still wasn’t paying him any attention. Nor talking.

That felt awkward.

“Something happened?” Kiryu didn’t like to admit he hadn’t been informed, but he didn’t have any other option.

“Oh, now he’s the Mute Dog, huh?” Shindo mocked, staring at their captain.

That made Majima react. He saw in slow motion how he turned his face to peer at Shindo.

“Suck my dick, Shindo,” Majima blurted with his arms crossed.

Kiryu closed his eyes, feeling embarrassed and confused. What a wording choice…

“Not literally, tho,” Majima added with a smirk, too late in catching what he said to change it.

Luckily, Shindo didn’t seem to notice, glaring at him with his usual disgusted gesture. Maybe more agitated than usual.

“Some incidents occurred a month ago. Nothing important. Since then, they just seem vigilant,” Kashiwagi told the room, taking the conversation in the right direction.

But Kiryu didn’t know that until now. Were they hiding information from him? He needed to talk to Kashiwagi later. Or Majima.

Better to talk to Kashiwagi.

“Then, if nothing is happening I say we just stay vigilant too. Let them know we are alert,” Kiryu spoke, trying to sound confident of what he was saying.

“They are invading our space and we are just letting them go?” Shindo protested.

Some of the patriarchs agreed with Shindo again. Of course. Kiryu always felt disrespected by them, not knowing what to do to make them understand there were different ways to take care of the clan and immediately resorting to violence wouldn’t make anything right.

They kept shouting, asking for blood, and Kiryu finding it difficult to follow the conversation anymore.

Kiryu shook his head; they wouldn’t understand anyway.

“If they aren’t doing anything, yes. It might be a trap and we still aren’t at full strength. Look at the room, we barely have families to support an attack,” Kiryu explained, more exasperated than he intended.

Again, the patriarchs started to bark stupid ideas, all related with destroying their enemies. Although Kiryu felt surprised to see Majima quiet, not joining the tumult even if he looked contrary to the order. Kiryu appreciated that.

“Well, maybe we could if we weren’t spending money on shit like that Construction Company or the bar of his missus!” Shindo snapped.

The room went silent.

And Shindo seemed like he was trying to understand the consequences of his life choices at the moment.

Everyone turned their heads to Kiryu, expecting his reaction. Probably they all wanted to see a scene, Kiryu smashing his head against the ground to make a point. A point that didn’t follow his own words. He needed to calm down and be better than what they assumed about him.

Kiryu took a slow breath, trying not to punch him.

“At least they are doing something to rebuild the Tojo,” Kashiwagi commented, but Kiryu ignored him.

“Do you have a problem?” Kiryu asked with a patient voice.

Shindo seemed to consider what he could get away with this time. But then, he smirked. “Yeah, we have a pussy for a chairman!” he shouted, looking really proud of himself. He glanced at his companions, maybe searching for some support, but finding none.


Kiryu stood up and walked towards him without a rush, stopping in front of him. Very close. “Do you want to try your luck, Shindo?” He questioned, not missing a bit of his movements, his fist clenched and ready for what could come.

Shindo studied him for a moment, seemingly unsure. Kiryu knew they wouldn’t get along, ever, but this behaviour was making things too difficult for the survival of the Tojo. After a few seconds, Shindo walked backwards and sat down, irked but reminded of his place. At least Kiryu didn’t have to break his nose, even if he wouldn’t have minded.

Then, Kiryu turned around and saw everyone looking nervous. “If anyone has trouble following simple orders, you can tell me, I can teach you how,” Kiryu said with finality in his voice.

After that, no one said a word. Not even Shindo or Majima. Maybe they wouldn’t respect him for his ideals, but they would respect him for his strength. He didn’t like the prospect yet he understood how this world worked.

When he saw no one had anything to say, he dismissed the reunion and left the room.


The meeting didn’t go well, as always, and Kiryu felt too tired for that bullshit. Everyone always seemed to have high expectations on him, in a very specific way. And if he didn’t follow it, he would be considered a bad leader. Maybe he was. People doubted his right to occupy his chair constantly and they didn’t even try to hide it.

Kiryu felt exhausted.

Entering his office, he sat in his chair with a heavy sigh. Too many emotions for a day. Or a whole week; he just needed a break.

Maybe a vacation. In Okinawa. He was lately thinking so much about that place. Relaxing and sunny. With barely any people.

That sounded like a dream.


A knock on the door broke that little peace he was trying to enjoy.

Back to work.

“Yes?” Kiryu called.

The door opened and Majima appeared behind it. Kiryu tensed suddenly, he wasn’t prepared to talk to him right now. And Majima seemed to share the same thought because he barely looked at him. He found it curious, Majima always seemed very confident in himself and now he acted awkwardly, looking younger than he was. Majima rubbed his neck in discomfort and Kiryu waited for him to speak. That made him have flashbacks from months ago, after the incident in the alley behind the vending machines.


“Look, boss,” Majima began, putting a barrier between them. But of course that didn’t hurt him. At all. “I know you’re the chairman and you’re always right and blablabla,” he finally glanced at him, looking tired and sad. Kiryu frowned; he was always making things difficult for everyone. “But ya can’t be that soft,” Majima finished his sentence.


“Soft?” Now he felt offended. He might not know how to manage emotions, but anger always seemed easier for him.

“Yeah, soft.” Majima repeated. “Ya can’t let the Omi wander everywhere like this is their territory!” He stated with consternation.

“What do you want me to do then? Beat them all just for existing?”

“Well, yeah. You’re just lettin’ them know it’s ok to play in yer yard. Ya have to cut them out, and make them respect ya, Ki—boss.” Majima seemed like he was hiding something, but Kiryu probably knew what.

“Violence for the sake of it won’t fix anything. That will mean a war against them and we don’t have that many men to afford it. The Nishikiyama family and yours are the only ones strong enough for the job, and not even enough for it.” He took a deep breath, feeling under scrutiny. “After what happened a year ago, I prefer to save our men for the correct time.” Majima didn’t seem happy with that. 

“If they attack, they will find me in the front.” Kiryu added after a pause.

Majima shook his head, what did he say wrong now? “Don’t be that hot-headed! Ya can’t do that, you’re the boss! Ya have subordinates for somethin’! Use them!” He sounded very annoyed. “We need a good leader, not a dead one.”

“Do you think I would die?” Kiryu had to admit he felt insulted with the suggestion.

Majima made a face. “Look, we all know you’re as strong as an ox, but you’re too impulsive sometimes.”

That made him frown. What were they talking about now?

“Then, what is it? I’m too soft or too hot-headed?” Kiryu stared at him, waiting for an answer.

Majima sighed. “Both probably,” he said, shrugging.

He still didn’t know if that had a double intention. Knowing Majima probably it had.

“Look, if ya want I can leave the captain position, you’ll probably be more comfortable,” Majima suggested, looking at the ground. Kiryu panicked at the idea. Perhaps he was being selfish, but he didn’t want to lose him too.

“I’m not uncomfortable with you,” Kiryu retorted. Sure, right now it was basically a lie, but he knew Majima could be a good support. They just needed to ignore what happened. “Are you uncomfortable with me?” He asked, scared of the possible response.

Majima looked back to him with a lost expression. “I prefer not to answer that,” Majima finally said. And he tried to ignore how awful it made him feel.

Without thinking, Kiryu stood up and got close to him. Majima stepped back, studying him thoughtfully.

Was he making Majima feel distressed? Of course he was. After all, he was his boss and, yet, he had been kissing his captain when he shouldn’t. Something highly inappropriate to do, and probably Majima thought Kiryu would try to do it again. Truth be told, Majima didn’t seem to care all the times that they kissed, following his lead and even taking things forward. But Majima always acted too unpredictably; Kiryu couldn’t read him correctly, not after a year working together, side by side. However, he found it appealing.

At least, sometimes.

“Would you be happier if I let you bust Omi’s heads?” Kiryu asked after a long silence. Maybe he should hear Majima’s advice. After all, he was older than him, he knew these things better.

“Yes,” Majima said curtly, still with that sad expression. Did he want something more?

“Well, you have my permission, but only when they start first. I don’t care if you provoke them for that,” Kiryu allowed, giving Majima some space. “In the meantime, stay vigilant.”

That made Majima a little content at least, who smirked at him. And Kiryu smiled back, unable to control himself. “Ya got it, boss.” And, with that, he left the room in a rush.

Kiryu took a long breath. He just wanted some peace. Majima was really important to him and he didn’t want to lose him too, not for something that could be fixed easily. More or less. And yet, he just wanted to give in. He needed to improve his self-control around Majima if he wanted to keep him at his side without scaring him off.

Now he remembered why he had been avoiding feelings and relationships all his life.

Nothing good could come out of it.




Days passed and that uneasy feeling never left him. Every day he saw Yumi or Majima, even just a little glimpse, Kiryu experienced a pang of guilt. He had complicated his life so much that it felt unbearable, not even going out to enjoy himself. Only for work and exercising indoors. It didn’t feel acceptable for him to have fun while other people suffered for his actions. Even less if Yumi thought he was cheating on her again.

Kiryu knew that couldn’t be really healthy but, what could he do? At least if he could spend more time with Haruka this self-imposed confinement would feel better, but she was busy with school most of the time.

Kiryu still lay on his bed contemplating the ceiling when the clock ticked ten o’clock in the morning. Not even a crack to look at. Maybe it was the only thing that seemed intact around him.

Today was his free day, a really boring one with the prospect of doing absolutely nothing.

A knock on the door startled him.

“Yes?” Kiryu asked.

“Kazuma, can I come in?” He heard Yumi saying.

At least she bothered to knock this time, he thought, still lamenting that day. Kiryu sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, you can come in,” Kiryu told her and she entered the room.

“How are you? You don’t look good.” Yumi wondered while going to the window and opening it. Kiryu closed his eyes, trying to adapt to the new source of light.

“I’m ok,” Kiryu lied. It felt strange to talk to her again after those days in silence.

“You are not. And I don’t understand, I should be the one moping around,” she shook her head and Kiryu avoided looking at her. “You know? I always thought you’d end up finding new younger and prettier women, and going with them,” she commented, glancing at the floor.

Kiryu frowned at that. He wanted to know why she had that concept of him but, after all she was more or less right. Except the person with whom he cheated on her was neither younger, nor a woman.

“But I never thought it would be with a…man,” Yumi crooked her mouth and tried to draw his attention.

“Believe me, it’s a strange thought for me too,” Kiryu huffed without humour, staring at his wedding ring.

Yumi nodded in acknowledgment and rested her hand over Kiryu’s, finally making him look at her.

“I’ve being thinking and well…I believe getting married was probably a stupid thing to do,” Kiryu furrowed at that. “Maybe we could have had something a long time ago, but now it’s pointless. I love you, you know? I don’t think I ever said that. But I think you are right, we are not in love. I was when I was younger, not sure if you were too. And maybe we thought after all this time those feelings would be still intact. But time passes and we meet new people, right?” Yumi spoke with a tender voice, caressing his hand, staring at him with kindness.

Kiryu’s eyes burned. He wasn’t expecting that reaction and he didn’t know how to feel. Emotions were always hard to grasp and accept, he understood that pretty well.

“I—,” Kiryu started saying.

“No, let me finish,” Yumi cut him off. “So, after these days, thinking, I reached the conclusion that it’s ok for you to do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. You deserve that much. Maybe it was a little difficult for me to accept that situation in particular, but it’s ok. After all, I’m old enough to understand when I have to let things go, and it’s obvious we can’t be together like a couple.” Yumi took a long breath, trying to control her own emotions. “Perhaps you love him or maybe it’s just a distraction. Whatever it is, it’s ok. Just, please, don’t bring him here for…that,” she tried to make a joke, but Kiryu wouldn’t laugh. The suggestion surprised him.

“So, you are ok with me cheating on you?” Saying that aloud made him feel uneasy again, but he needed clarification.

“Well, it wouldn’t be cheating. I know and I accept it. And we wouldn’t be a couple anymore, really. So it’s ok,” she shrugged.

What? Kiryu felt perplexed.

“Just like that?” Kiryu questioned, feeling lost.

“What did you want me to do? Scream? Impose myself on you? I’m not like that, I know how it feels when someone doesn’t take into account your feelings,” Yumi shook her head, sounding exasperated and probably talking about Nishiki.

He didn’t want to go there now.

“But we are married,” he insisted.

“Well, yes. Many marriages have worse conditions. At least here we are, talking about it. And being married doesn’t have to be about love anyway.” Kiryu wasn’t in agreement with the last statement, but he would let it drop.

“But, you don’t want to file for a divorce?” Kiryu still didn’t comprehend anything.

“Oh no. Let’s see it in this way: you help me with my business and I help you with yours. After all, if we get divorced after not even a year together it won’t say anything good about you. And even less if people start to connect the dots. I think it would be safer for you. For both of us.” Kiryu's frown deepened. He knew she was right, Kashiwagi used to tell him the same things before, but it sounded weirder when his own wife was the one proposing that.

He had never considered himself a romantic, at least not too much, but this felt more like a transaction.

“And I know Haruka would be sad if she lost you too. I think we can make this work. We are friends, aren’t we?” Yumi proposed with a sincere smile.

Kiryu didn’t know what to think. Did he feel ok with that? It still felt like cheating for him. But, was it if his wife was the one encouraging him to do it? Kiryu needed to clear his own head.

“Are you really ok with that?” Kiryu wondered with a confused tone.

Yumi huffed. “I am, Kazuma. Truly. Sometimes I think you just asked me to get married so you could help me with the club, and now it almost seems ironic.” 

Ironic, why? 

She paused with a sad smile. Averting her eyes, she looked pensive, like she wanted to say something more. “But you don’t have to ruin your life by helping me. It’s time for you to have a life. You’ve been paying for everyone’s problems,” Yumi tightened his grip in Kiryu’s hand and, then, she let him go.

Kiryu couldn’t say anything; he needed time to process all this new information. He had always wanted a family and these days he convinced himself he would lose everything. But now… he didn’t lose it in the end, but this didn’t seem like the usual family either. Would he be more comfortable like this?

They stayed in silence for a long moment and, when Yumi understood he wouldn’t answer, she stood up and added, “You deserve to be happy,” with an honest smile and left the room.

Thoughts started to race in his brain. Could he do that? Was this a trap? But if it was, why? In the end, she needed him for the club business; it wouldn’t make sense for her to lie. And they were friends, that was for sure. But, did he feel comfortable with starting a relationship with someone else? Well, Majima. Did he even want that? Yumi said that wouldn’t be cheating and she accepted it, but still, it felt…weird.

Whatever it was, it took a big weight off of his shoulders. He did something bad that would always make him feel uncomfortable with himself, but at least Yumi didn’t feel hurt anymore.

And he knew he wanted to keep Majima close to him, at least as a friend. Maybe he had lost him forever after what happened, but he had to try. And if he wanted, perhaps they could try this thing they had again, still not knowing how to define it. Then, he remembered Majima suggesting to leave the clan for his benefit, or maybe he said that for himself. Did he really screw this up this badly?

Kiryu needed to talk to him; he wanted to keep Majima’s company, feel comfortable around him. Now he had to ask him if he felt the same with him too.

Kiryu couldn’t comprehend the idea of falling in love with a man. What did that mean about him? Maybe he just had the need to kiss him from time to time, spend some time together. Perhaps do other stuff… Did that make them a couple? Majima said they were friends, could friends feel like that?

He needed to think.

Kiryu got dressed and started walking with no defined route. It felt weird being outside after barely going out. The fresh air soothed him and the movement helped him to think clearly.

When he left his house, it was in the afternoon and when he reached Kamurocho, it was starting to get dark. He stopped to eat a bento from a Poppo store and then, he kept walking a little more. Just following his instinct, he ended at Majima's office door.

Better now than never.

Kiryu opened the door and was received by a nervous man who didn’t stop bowing in his presence. Kiryu frowned. Looking around he saw a big mess. Was that usual there?

“Is Majima-san here?” Kiryu asked the young man.

“Y— yes, sir,” he bowed again, making him uncomfortable.

“Can I see him?”

“Oh…eh….” The man walked backwards and Kiryu took that as an invitation.

Everything seemed very suspicious.

Kiryu opened the next door when the man shouted “The fourth chairman is here!”

The scene unfolding before his eyes was something interesting. A gagged man in a suit sat in the middle of the room, tied to a chair and, in front of him, stood Majima, playing with his tanto. Three other family men turned around quickly and bowed, frozen in the instant.

Kiryu stepped forward. Was he an Omi…?

Then, Majima glanced at him with a surprised face. “Oi, boss, what are ya doin’ here?”

“I’m so sorry, boss,” the first man who Kiryu saw apologized. 

“What’s happening here?” Kiryu questioned with a serious tone.

“Nothin’ for ya to worry about,” Majima smiled at him.

The gagged man tried to speak, opening his eyes in a comical way.

“Is that an Omi?” Kiryu insisted.

“Yeah,” Majima kept grinning, trying to seem unbothered.

Kiryu shot him a questioning look. It wasn’t like Majima not to respect him.

“Can we talk in private for a moment?” Kiryu urged, maybe in a too threatening voice. Now he felt annoyed and Majima seemed to notice.

“Sure.” Majima turned around leading the way while the gagged man kept shouting muffled things as they left.

Kiryu closed the door behind them and crossed his arms. “Care to explain?”

“What? Ya told me I could beat the Omi if they started shit,” Majima explained, shrugging and trying to look innocent. That didn’t suit him.

“There is a difference between beating them and kidnapping one. That could cause a bigger problem,” Kiryu protested.

“Not if we don’t let him go,” Majima gave him a crooked smile.

Kiryu made a disgusted face. “That would be worse, Majima-san.”

Suddenly, Majima dropped his act and took a deep breath. “Look, we might be at war for a little while now.”

Kiryu frowned, not understanding what he meant. “What are you talking about?” He put his arms to his sides, clenching and unclenching his fists.

“They have been threatening ya for a while,” Majima announced with a tired tone.

“They weren’t,” Kiryu felt really puzzled. If that was a joke, it wasn’t funny.

“Well, yeah, ya didn’t know that’s it.” He made an apologetic gesture.

Kiryu clenched his fists with so much strength that he sank his nails on his flesh. “What?!”

“I’m sorry we haven’t told ya earlier, but ya wouldn’t accept any help,” Majima shrugged again. “A month ago, they came here askin’ for ya and now we were tryin’ to find out somethin’ else about it. Sadly, the guy knows shit,” Majima complained, ignoring how Kiryu felt.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“Because yer too—,” Majima rubbed his neck.

“Soft?” Kiryu assumed with a mocking tone.

“Well, hot-headed in this case. Ya wouldn’t accept protection and probably would go out with a target on yer ass, askin’ for them to come after you,” Majima explained.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Kiryu tried to defend himself knowing that was probably true. He wasn’t keen to accept help from anyone if he could do it on his own, but apparently he failed to notice the danger around him. Maybe if Majima didn’t take care of him, he would already be dead. And he had to protect his family.

But then…

“That was why you were following me everywhere? Was that part of that secret thing?” Kiryu wondered.

“Well, yeah…” Majima nodded slowly.

So, everything else was part of that? Maybe to distract him from what was happening… He didn’t know how to feel about that.

Something changed in his demeanour because Majima felt the need to explain himself. “Only the followin’ ya around, the other things were…unexpected.” Majima assured in a soft voice.

At least that made him feel better, but he didn’t qualify it as something good either.

“You don’t think I can protect myself then?” Kiryu still felt offended.

“Of course I do! But you’re still the boss. Ya need protection. Yer family too.”

“Are they in trouble?” The thought made Kiryu anxious. All of them were being targeted too? Did he put them in danger? He couldn’t forgive himself if something happened to Haruka and Yumi.

“Well, we don’t know yet. But they have protection already.”

Kiryu was really blind if he didn’t notice any of that. Maybe he really needed that extra help, even if he didn’t like the idea. Just for now; this seemed too big for him to manage alone.

“Can you put more people onto that?” Kiryu requested, now a little afraid that something might happen to them.

“Sure. Yumi will be so happy to see my men around her. I’ll tell them to be discreet,” Majima made a weird grin and picked his phone to write a message. “But don’t worry, it’s probably only against ya.” That strangely made him feel better. “Nothin’ happened to them, and there weren’t any Omi seen around Haruka nor Yumi,” Majima tried to reassure him further. Kiryu really appreciated that. At least, Majima was there, always looking out for him. He really deserved better than what Kiryu was giving him.

Majima got closer to him, resting his gloved hand over his shoulder. “It’s really ok, don’t worry, they are overprotected now,” he looked into his eyes with softness. For a moment Kiryu thought he caught him looking at his lips, or maybe he just imagined that. Majima always made him feel confused; he never knew when he was doing something wrong or right. With Majima no one ever could know.

“So, why did ya come here?” Majima asked suddenly.

Oh, right.

Now didn’t seem like the best moment for that, there were important things to take care of from before.  But still he needed to get things off his chest.

“Just…checking on you after…” Majima raised an eyebrow.

“Oh…” Majima stepped aside, dropping his hand and looking nervous.

“Can we get back to being friends as always?” Kiryu continued, staring at the floor.

“Well, sure, if ya want to…”

“But do you want to?” Kiryu glanced at him.

“Well, yes, it’s just…”

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” Kiryu mumbled, looking into his eye.

“You aren’t, it’s just…” Majima was obviously in distress. “It’s not you, ok? I know it sounds typical, but really. I get it, you’re married so it’s not a good idea. Ya said that yerself…” He was babbling, lost in thoughts.

But Kiryu wanted to kiss him.

And he knew now it was ok-ish, at least.

He wanted to sooth that furrowed brow.

Without thinking too much about it, he grabbed Majima from his waist and kissed him, making Majima whimper against his lips. He quickly joined the movement like they knew each other in this way for a long time. But then, Majima pushed him.


Did he read the signals badly again?

“Wait, wait, wait, what kind of friend do ya have in mind?” Majima snapped.


“Ya said yerself ya couldn’t do that ‘cause you are married and now this?” Majima seemed more annoyed than angry.

“Well, it’s not exactly cheating—,”


“I mean, it’s ok now,” Kiryu clarified.

Or maybe not much, because Majima stared at him, dazed.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” Kiryu bowed his head a little and started to flee. He started feeling embarrassed now.

“Fuck it,” Majima said and, then, he found himself pinned against the door with Majima kissing and biting his neck, his hands all over his body. Kiryu had to suppress a moan.

“Majima-san, someone could hear us—,” Kiryu protested at the same time Majima rubbed his crotch, making him sob in pleasure.

“Oh, now are ya worried about that?” Majima teased, not stopping the friction over his pants. He was already half erect.

“It’s not the best place for that,” Kiryu tried to complain between soft moans.

Majima seemed to be enjoying that. His own cheeks felt heated. The idea of getting caught just added more adrenaline to his already thumping heart, wanting to keep going anyway. Not thinking about the consequences.

Majima removed Kiryu’s belt and lowered his trousers and underwear in one motion, how was he so quick at that?

“Just relax, huh?” Majima whispered. But Kiryu didn’t relax, in fact his whole body tensed up even more with anticipation.

Majima’s hand circled his erection and Kiryu’s mouth opened slightly at the contact, his eyelids fluttering shut. He could hear Majima breathing hard against him while stroking his dick slowly. Every movement sending a jolt over his body. He wanted more and, at the same time, he felt nervous, trying to control his soft moans. What could he say if someone saw them like this?

After a few seconds, Majima started going down, kissing along his chest, until he reached his cock. Kiryu couldn’t suppress a whimper.

That felt familiar.

“Shhh, people will hear ya,” Majima teased again and, suddenly, he enveloped his dick with his mouth.

That definitely felt familiar.

And exciting.

Kiryu covered his mouth trying to muffle his moans. It felt so fucking good. And dirty, there in his office where people could enter at any moment.

Majima tried different movements, getting used to it. Kiryu felt so aroused that it was shameful; he surely looked like a flustered teenager.

His mouth settled for a movement that Kiryu found very pleasurable, trying to control all the sounds coming from his throat. Something that Majima wasn’t silencing. Was he getting off only giving him head?

He was shameless.

But after a few more seconds, Kiryu surrendered, letting himself breathe harder, making aroused noises that Majima took as a very good sign. Sucking harder. Kiryu whimpered, biting his lip to prevent more sounds coming from him. Something that didn’t seem to please Majima.

Pulling away from his cock, Majima gave a tentative lick along his erection, staring at him with a knowing smirk on his face. Just teasing him. He was really enjoying this.

He gave another lick, this time with more intention, brushing the head of his dick. Making him shiver and gasp. Just want he wanted.

Kiryu groaned when Majima took him back inside, massaging his balls with the other hand and pumping with the other where his mouth didn’t reach. This never felt this good when he did it alone.

He thrust against his mouth, just a little, and Majima started to suck hard, moving his tongue along his shaft. Kiryu sank his other hand in his hair, tightening the grip, hearing a moan of approval. And after a few seconds more, Kiryu felt close, too much. Pleasure taking over him, he just wanted to give in.

And he felt ashamed for not being able to last longer.

Kiryu dared to look down again and saw how Majima was studying him, challenging him. He felt sure he would smirk again if he could. Maybe he felt powerful right now.

And he totally was.

Kiryu bumped his head against the door, feeling his balls tighten, thrusting his hips against his mouth, making Majima gag. That made him stop, worried he did something wrong but then Majima took him as far as he could, bobbing his head in a steady and fast rhythm.

And that was enough.

“I’m going to—,” Kiryu tried to alert Majima.

But he ignored it, swallowing around him as he came in almost silence. Majima kept moving his head with a slower pace until he completely finished. And until it felt too much.

This really felt different from when he did this alone. Or when he was too drunk to remember correctly. He had never dwelled too much about sex, but he could get used to this easily.

“Oh, fuck—,” Kiryu said after he composed himself, still breathing hard.

Majima stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I think that’s a new status of friendship, ain’t it?” Majima commented with a grin on his face.

“Sure,” it was the only thing Kiryu could articulate at the moment. And Majima laughed, staring at him with that knowing look while he tousled his hair.

Should he propose returning the favour or…?

“Well, move out, I have an Omi to torture now,” Majima told him while fishing for a drink on his table.

“Right,” Kiryu nodded, unsure of that, still not having any idea of how he should act.

After a moment, he got all his clothes in place again like nothing happened.  

Time to go now, apparently. He opened the door scared to find someone listening behind.

There wasn’t anyone.


Majima didn’t try much to hide the fact they were having sex and he preferred to keep this thing secret. He didn’t want to deal with the judging looks from anyone.

“It’s ok Kiryu-chan, I knew no one was close,” Majima reassured him from afar, rolling his eye.

Kiryu smiled to himself when he heard the usual way Majima referred to him. No more ‘boss’. Everything seemed back to normal.

More or less.

He took a long and deep breath, looking back again at Majima who was drinking from a glass. He seemed alright. Maybe he really should leave. What did this mean for them now? Were they… friends? He didn’t know how to proceed in these situations either. And probably it showed.

Kiryu walked past the room with the Omi, who was still trying to say something, while Majima’s men bowed in his path. Did they suspect something? He hoped not.

That was definitely a way to really complicate things.

Chapter Text

“Come to Purgatory,” Majima suggested over the phone call.

“No,” Kiryu answered with an exasperated voice, while playing with his empty bowl at the table.

“Why not?” Majima insisted. He seemed taken aback. Kiryu smirked at the mental image, almost being able to picture his pouty face.

“Why should I? We could do it in private,” Kiryu protested. Then he noticed how weird it sounded. “The fight,” he clarified after a second.

“Oi, Kiryu-chan, what are ya thinkin’?” Majima teased him like he used to, something that he had missed. Except now there was a new whole meaning for Kiryu. Was this always like this and he never could tell?

Kiryu rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. “The Coliseum, right?” He ignored the insinuation.

Yes!” Majima exclaimed, deciding to let it go too, probably too excited with the prospect of a new fight. And he felt the same too, he had to admit. 

“Ok, I’ll be there then,” Kiryu finally accepted.

“Perfect! I’ll send Nishida to pick ya up!” and Majima hung out.

Kiryu wanted to protest but Majima didn’t give him the time for that. And he understood his concerns, after all, some Omi men had been spotted around Kamurocho and Majima seemed adamant to protect him from any possible attack. Although Kiryu preferred him paying attention to his family; he could take care of himself.

But today he would try to enjoy his free day like he hadn’t in a long time. And it would be with Majima. It made him feel thrilled, not knowing what they would do and, at the same time, he felt a little anxious for that exact same reason. Nevertheless, he looked forward to the day.

When he looked up, he saw Yumi studying him with a grin on her face.


He still didn’t feel right about this whole thing, finding himself guilty even knowing his wife didn’t mind. In the end he didn’t comprehend it, Kiryu always thought that a marriage should be about people loving each other, and now it seemed more like another business they had to keep afloat.

And, just adding more confusion, he still didn’t understand himself, having to reorganize too many things in his mind that he felt overwhelmed and disconnected, just letting himself flow. He preferred to act rather than dwell too much in these new feelings he had been experiencing. It still felt wrong in many ways, and good in many others.

But he wanted to give himself the opportunity after all the time he had lost. And he could relax a little with Majima, away from all the expectations he had to suffer from everyone around him. He just didn't want to label this. Not right now.

“You’re being too obvious,” Yumi commented with humour in her voice, taking a bite from her breakfast.

“Oh, sorry,” Kiryu furrowed, feeling worse now. Maybe he should keep these phone calls in private. But they hadn’t been talking about anything inappropriate anyway. Although he knew Majima and things could escalate quickly...

“It’s ok, Kazuma. It’s cute,” she shrugged, seeming sincere.

“I’m not cute,” Kiryu retorted, being a little offended.

“You are right now. But be careful, ok? You know how these things can end.” Yumi said with a worried voice.

“Yes,” Kiryu nodded, feeling like he was a child all of a sudden. He didn’t know what she meant by that, but it was useful in any case. And he didn’t think too much about that; it could be about the Tojo and what they would do if they discovered the nature of their relationship, or it could be about how everyone who got near him seemed to have a tragic end. Kiryu shuddered with the thought, trying to avoid focusing more on that.

This was his free day, he should take it easy.

“Are you really ok with this?” Kiryu asked again, feeling unsure of everything.

“I told you already I am. You have your life and I have mine. And don’t worry, if I find a partner too, I’ll be discreet.” Yumi joked, finishing her food.

Kiryu frowned at that. “Well, we aren’t partners,” Kiryu said more to himself than to her.

“Oh,” Yumi stopped to think for a moment, seeming lost. “Whatever it is, it’s ok,” she patted his shoulder and Kiryu nodded again, feeling confused.

What were they? Definitely not a couple. They were friends and maybe something more too, but nothing involving dating. They just…fooled around sometimes. The rest of their relationship was like always, like nothing had changed between them more than the obvious. He appreciated that. Kiryu could be comfortable with things moving like that. Just little by little, without rush and giving him enough time to get used to this new dynamic. Maybe there wasn’t too much new, but he preferred to not overanalyse everything they did until today.

He really shouldn’t.

Haruka appeared with a big smile plastered on her face and her dog bouncing around her. Everyone seemed in a good mood today.

“Good morning, dad. Are you better today?” She wondered out of the blue.

Kiryu glanced at her with a confused expression. What did she….?

“You seemed unwell the other day, so I wanted to know,” she gave him big puppy eyes, a little concerned if she had overstepped boundaries with him. She was too mature for her age noticing those things.

“I’m ok now, don’t worry,” Kiryu answered, caressing her hair. He needed to protect his kid better; she didn’t need to know when he was having a bad day. “But thank you for asking,” he added, letting her know he wasn’t mad at her for that. In fact, he felt proud of her kindness. 

Part of him wanted to think he had been a good influence on her life, but she had been acting like this since the first day they met. He just hoped she could keep that spirit living in their situation.

Haruka smiled at him and kept walking towards her mother, who asked her about what she wanted to do with her today. 

He just hoped Majima had several men around them.



Kiryu left the house with a strange sensation. Leaving Haruka and Yumi alone made him feel distressed, but he trusted Majima with that. What he didn’t trust was how he would act around him now, or around others, preferring to keep this a secret. He just hoped Majima didn’t send something too showy to pick him up like a—

A fucking limousine.

At least it wasn’t pink.

Kiryu thought this was too much, but it was Majima. It always was too much with him.

Nishida already waited for him at the door and before leaving, he could spot some other Majima’s family men around the zone.

Good. He could leave feeling confident they could protect his family.

“Good morning, boss,” Nishida said while opening his door, looking a little nervous. He knew Majima could be a bit too harsh with his men so they would respect him. But Kiryu preferred a different approach, doing things in a different way.

“Good morning, Nishida,” Kiryu acknowledged him with a smile and proceeded to enter the car.




Apart from all the shit Majima did, now he had to add homewrecker to the list. He didn’t feel proud of it. In fact, he was totally against the idea, but it was Kiryu. He couldn’t help himself. No one could deny a candy when being offered; having proposed to have a whole day enjoying his favourite food and deserts… Well, he had been fasting for a long time just preparing for this moment. He didn’t know how long it would last, but he would say ‘itadakimasu’ every moment he had the opportunity to have him.

And truth be told, Kiryu had to be blamed too for being part of this whole new thing they had now. Whatever it was. Lover wasn’t a word he would like to use, it sounded too sappy. And that word included ‘love’ in the concept, something that surely couldn't be there. He was more like a fuck buddy, but that didn’t sound good either. He had dignity.

Sort of.

Majima knew he had some self-destructive behaviour, not caring about what could happen to him if he started a fight with the wrong guy, getting into suicidal missions, checking on his ex-wife from time to time or, now, getting in the middle of a marriage. Taking care of himself with a healthy diet seemed out of the question too, he barely had the energy to properly take care of his needs. Even less energy to have a healthy meal. He just did what he wanted, even if that meant screwing himself up. Yet, he had to keep himself alive. Although he wouldn’t ever skip a day without getting a shower, remembering all the time he spent in the hole without being able to do the most mundane things. He shuddered at the thought. No, he needed to keep himself presentable and comfortable enough with his appearance, and his behaviour; a way to remind himself that he was free. 

More or less.

Deep down he accepted the fact that he wasn’t as free as he wanted to be. Or wanted to think.  The way he presented himself before other people wasn’t accurate, but they didn’t need to know any of that. If they would think of him as an unhinged man, who seemed crazy and unstable, acting unpredictably and selfish…so much the better. He needed that for protection; if people got to know him for real, he would be lost. That was why he didn’t like getting involved with people.  Sometimes he found himself doing things he didn’t want to do for the people he cared about. Like Kiryu. If it wasn’t for him, surely he would have just left the fucking Tojo. And now he worried someone could read meaning in his actions more than he wanted to show, maybe even being labelled as soft. He did know what could happen in that case. But he always found a way to use everything for his own benefit in the case he needed it. 

He was a survivor after all.

And now he started betraying his own morals by getting in the middle of a marriage.

Majima sighed. He felt weak for Kiryu, but he needed to try to control that. Showing that vulnerability wouldn’t help either of them.

And well, Kiryu was already more fucked than himself. He had loved ones to care about, to be concerned about their well-being. He didn’t need more problems. Majima supposed that was the only good thing about not having a family, he didn’t have to worry about anything more than himself.

And Kiryu.

Having a relationship while being in the yakuza could be dangerous. No one would ever know when something could go wrong, making their family pay for that. That was why he let Makoto go; she deserved a better life than being threatened all her existence, running away from danger and living with anxiety every moment. And that was why he let Mirei go too.

And he didn’t feel like he deserved something good anyway. Not after all the bad things he did. Now he had Kiryu in a way, nothing serious or important. And Kiryu could protect himself. That seemed perfect.

While he waited for Kiryu, he walked around Purgatory. That place was always full of people; some gambling, some others going to watch the fights and others…searching for paid sex. He didn’t like that. Why would anyone want to have fake affection? That felt disgusting to him. Even more if he had to use a woman to have some company. A woman that was usually there against her will.

Like Makoto was once.

But he couldn’t do more than just try to protect them. That thing would always exist and he wasn’t any kind of hero. He was the opposite of that. And he didn’t have the liberty to show softness, not if he wanted to survive. At least he could try to give them better conditions and not accept any slaves there. He didn’t want anyone to be forced to work like that, even if that meant fewer women and less income. They might be forced by their own circumstances but he couldn’t help there more than just letting them go whenever they wanted.

Majima could understand the need to walk the dark path out of necessity. He had to do that too when he was basically a kid, but he’d done it in a really different way than those women. Being a man made some things easier, having more options than that. Majima sighed with the memory. He was alone and lost in life when he found Shimano, and he did help him in a way. And destroyed him in many others. Majima knew he had a debt with Shimano after all he received from him, counting all the pain too. It was, in a way, thanks to all that he stood here now. Probably not in the best condition, but alive. That seemed to count for something after all he went through.

Shimano treated him like a slave, his fucking dog. Of course, he couldn’t really thank him completely. Their relationship seemed very complex; he always wanted his approval and, at the same time, he despised him. Why did he feel the need to be wanted by someone like that asshole? It made him repulsed with himself and his stupid brain that couldn’t recognize a healthy behaviour even if someone spelled it out for him. Probably because he never had something like that. And after Shimano sent him to the hole…well, he only came back for his kyodai to prepare things if he ever came back, only to fall in same old patterns. That made him feel disgusted with himself.

And that was why he finally felt free when Shimano died. He could always thank Kiryu for that. Maybe he needed to show his gratitude more often. Although not bending his knee in front of him more than for...well. Majima shook his head. Not now.

He felt tired of this life, but he couldn’t really do anything else. He had tainted his path since the day he chose to put that ink on his body, making it impossible to go any other way than this. But well, a civilian life would surely be boring for him. He needed some action.

He just knew he didn’t want to be controlled or manipulated anymore. But that was probably too optimistic.


Enough moping for today.

Majima looked around and finally saw Kiryu coming with his usual suit. He really needed more than that out-dated shit.

“Kiryu-chan!” Majima called him with a grin on his face.

“Majima-no-niisan,” Kiryu said as a greeting. He had a little smile on his lips too.

He wanted to bite them.

They stayed there for a moment, not looking at each other. Since their last encounter they hadn’t shared the same space, and Majima felt restless and too eager to just jump on Kiryu, finally having some free reign to do as he pleased. Only if Kiryu wanted to, though. Did he want to keep having this kind of relationship? He could never know with him, they really needed to set some limits. But right now he could feel the tension between them.  Probably being in the middle of the path where the women searched for clients wasn’t helping. At all.

That felt awkward.

Majima was sure Kiryu still had doubts. But he couldn’t blame him, he was the same.

Well then.

Maybe he could tease him a little.

Getting closer, Majima passed an arm around his shoulders, squeezing Kiryu and making him get flustered. He looked at his boss from face to toe, thinking about his next step, while they started walking to the Coliseum.

“I was thinkin’, what do ya like?” Majima began out of the blue.

“About what?” Kiryu seemed very wary.

“Sex.” Majima was really interested in knowing that. He always flushed whenever they did something innocent or sexual, but then Kiryu always moved clumsily and directly to business. Maybe it was because he had that shy aura, or maybe he didn’t have that much experience. At least with men. He didn’t have any either, just practicing a little on his own, exploring new…things.

“Do we really need to talk about that?” Kiryu shot him a mortified look. After that, Majima wanted to squish his cheeks too. So fucking adorable.

“Yes,” Majima teased him.

“Well, I don’t know. I haven’t done much stuff...” Kiryu seemed lost in thoughts. How the fuck didn’t he know?

“I imagine Yumi isn’t all ya need...” Majima knew she was beautiful, not like he would admit that; still, Kiryu was here. With him.  Maybe she was always too busy to pay him attention? That would make sense. 

“Oh, eh…” Kiryu was trying to find something to say, but Majima cut him off.

“No, no, don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know.” And he really didn’t want to know that. He could live without that mental image. He didn’t know why, but he preferred the idea of Kiryu not sleeping with his wife at all. 

Or not having a wife, in general.

“Well, you asked about it,” Kiryu furrowed his brow, glancing at him.

“In fact, I wanted to know other things, really,” Majima dodged the conversation he had started, grinning again.

“Oh?” Kiryu asked with interest.

Getting even closer, Majima felt how Kiryu slightly tensed under the contact. “Well, you’re gettin’ my engine fired up, boss,” he whispered with a teasing smile.

“Majima!” Kiryu yelped, so scandalized that Majima found it really funny. And adorable. “Why are you saying that?”

“Well, I still have an eye, boss,” he shrugged with humour.

“Not that. I mean….in public,” Kiryu really seemed uncomfortable, with his face redder than his shirt.

“You’re really borin’, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, disentangling from him. Kiryu seemed to appreciate it.

“Maybe I prefer boring things,” Kiryu mumbled defensively.

Majima wanted to say, ‘So, you're vanilla, huh?’, but he spared him this time.

Until they reached a private place, because Majima tried his luck again.

“Y’know, there is somethin’ I wanted to ask you the other day,” Majima commented with a very serious face, watching how Kiryu started to look anxious.

He was so easy to pester.

“Have ya been watchin’ gay porn?”

“No,” Kiryu answered too quickly. He was obviously lying.

Majima bent his head with a knowing smile. “Ya sure? You seemed really skilful that first time. Or are ya practicin’ out there?” He wondered, maybe too interested about his past experiences.

“What? No, I haven’t…at all.” Kiryu admitted without clarifying much, averting his eyes and looking nervous. And he found it very endearing.

Getting near him again, Majima pinched his face in a childish way, making Kiryu wrinkled his face in confusion. 

“You’re too cute, y’know?” Majima said in a high pitched voice.

“I’m not,” Kiryu retorted, very irritated, but not stopping him. 

Majima wanted to laugh but he decided to let it drop; he had been pushing Kiryu too much for a day.


Leading the way, they entered the Coliseum, already full of people waiting to see some blood. They stood in the centre of the room and people started applauding furiously. Kiryu glanced at him with a questioning look.

“Are we really doing this here?” He asked.

“Sure! The bets will generate a lot of money for the Tojo, so distract yer public!” Majima exclaimed while he dropped his jacket to the ground.

Kiryu did the same until he was half naked, something that Majima used to study him with lust, watching the blush that started to form in his boss’s face.

So damn fucking cute.

The cage started falling around them, and the public was already excited for what they were going to witness.

Majima was too.

Without losing time, Kiryu curled his fist and aimed to punch him in the chest. Not the face anymore, huh? Majima dodged him and took out his tanto, swirling it but never cutting flesh.

Kiryu threw a kick that landed over his stomach, making him lose balance. But he was coming at him without the intention to cause damage. Tch. Quickly, Majima reached Kiryu’s arm with his knife, provoking him. Blood splattered over the ground, making Kiryu groan. Infuriating him.

Now they were fighting.

Kiryu hit him again in his abdomen. Again and again, making him double over with pain. Majima managed to avoid some of the punches, but not all. They needed a spectacle. And before Majima could anticipate his next move, he had fingers on his scalp, dragging him and smashing his face against the fence.


“Oi, Kiryu-chan,” Majima started saying and Kiryu stopped for a moment. “I think I have a crush on ya too,” he said, batting his eyelashes.

“Eh?” Of course he wouldn’t get it.

“You’re too old, huh?” Majima joked.

“You’re older than me, Majima-san,” Kiryu told him and then, he slammed Majima’s head against the ground.

Kiryu jumped over him, resting his arms at both sides of his head, face to face, breathing hard. His tanto already lost. He was already sweating and Majima wanted to lick him. 

“I thought you didn’t want to do this in public,” Majima whispered with a wicked grin. And Kiryu frowned, confused. 

Majima took advantage of that and threw a kick into his ribs, making Kiryu recoil in pain. But still it wasn’t enough to beat the dragon.

They stood up again and kept delivering hits. Both of them were bruised and bleeding slightly, but nothing alarming. They kept it simple; Majima didn’t want to mess with his handsome face and Kiryu seemed to be on the same page as him.

Majima wouldn’t mind being like that all day, but they had other things to do. Swinging his recovered tanto, he tried to send his final blow. But Kiryu grabbed his arm, stopping him in the act. In a smooth movement, Kiryu took his tanto, throwing it away. Leaving him defenseless. And before he could fight back, Kiryu spun him around, restraining him without much intent. His back against his chest.

Majima smiled.

Putting his legs between Kiryu’s, Majima made them both fall to the floor. Majima grunted when he felt Kiryu’s weight falling over him. But he didn’t really complain. Kiryu tried to recover his position but Majima pushed him down, thrusting his ass against his crotch. A shiver washed over him when he found out Kiryu was really into the fight as much as he was.

“I always wanted to feel your muscles against my back,” Majima whispered in a suggestive way.

“Majima!” Kiryu protested, freeing him when he noticed the compromised position they had adopted. He could hear how his voice wavered, not being clear who was under the mercy of whom at this moment. 

Majima just laughed, flirty. It was always so funny to make him hot and bothered.

Sadly, the fight ended and it did with Kiryu as the winner. The public applauded again while they recovered their clothes and left the room, walking to the dark alleyway, both breathing hard and exhausted. Although Majima hoped, not too exhausted.

They really should do this more often as some kind of foreplay; he could only do that with Kiryu and it felt intense.

When they were alone, Kiryu slammed Majima against the wall, capturing his lips against his. Majima let go a content moan that he had to suppress quickly. He shouldn’t enjoy kissing that much. But he did.

Fucking hell he did.

Muffled voices came from afar, making them stop abruptly. Four men passed besides them talking to each other, ignoring that they were in a compromising situation with Kiryu still looming over Majima. They didn’t dare to move, Majima was more than aware that Kiryu didn’t enjoy the idea of being caught and he had to respect that. The thing was: he didn’t know if it was because he was married or because they both were men.

When they disappeared behind the door, Majima rested his hand over his face, rubbing his jaw with care. Kiryu had a sad expression that Majima wanted to erase. After a moment, Kiryu put his own hand over his, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. 

Maybe they had been building too much tension.

“Let’s go to the shower, shall we?” Majima proposed with his best smile and Kiryu nodded, following him to the bathroom.

They went to the locker room and started to get undressed if not with a little awkwardness. Majima knew it was a little stupid, they had been naked before, but now their relationship felt different. He could have never thought they would ever be in this kind of relationship. It almost a dream for him. No, don’t think that, he told himself. Turning around, he changed his eye patch for a medical one and, ignoring his feelings, he started walking.

The place was gladly empty and showers were separated into individual stalls. Majima opened one of the doors thinking that maybe they could resume their activities later; he didn’t want to push Kiryu too much. And then, he heard the door swinging again behind him.


Kiryu looked at him intently, standing a few centimetres from him. He didn’t say anything but his eyes were all over his body, like it was the first time he saw him under this light. And it was probably true. Majima tried not to feel too self-conscious. Did he like what he saw? His eyes rested over his scar on his abdomen. The one that he got saving him. Twice.

Without giving him more time to think, Kiryu stepped closer and pushed Majima against the shower, activating the water that fell over them. And again, he captured his lips, the running water hiding the muffled sounds.

Kiryu passed his hands over his waist, digging his finger in his muscles, pressing their bodies together. Majima rested his arms over his shoulders, unsure what to do or what he wanted to do. He seemed more the romantic type and even if that confused him to hell, he felt moved to follow his lead.

The kisses started to get messy and Majima took that as an invitation to move things forward. He could feel Kiryu’s erection against his, being almost the same height had its perks. Majima thrust against him, moaning at the sensation. Kiryu’s big hands started exploring his body, going from the waist to his neck and then went down, rubbing his chest. Brushing his nipples. And Majima let him do whatever he wanted. It felt like Kiryu was a little hesitant of what he was doing, even if that wasn’t their first time. And surely it couldn't be only the second or third time for Kiryu.

Tentatively, Kiryu placed his hand on his pelvis, almost a delicate gesture. He was too soft for his own good. But he wasn’t shocked by it, really. After all, Kiryu always showed himself without any masks. And Majima liked that from him; of course, he would never say that out loud.

Stopping the kiss, Kiryu stroked slowly along his dick, making Majima shudder in pleasure. His mouth opened slightly, his breath faltering, drowning in Kiryu’s brown eyes. His look so intense that he could feel himself melting on the spot. Their lips met again and Majima decided to bite him as a punishment for his finesse. He wasn’t any kind of fragile doll. He really wished he could bite Kiryu more often, mark him, but he didn’t want to put Kiryu in an uncomfortable situation with his wife. Kiryu licked his mouth, tasting his own blood, while Majima looked at him with a smug expression.

And suddenly, Majima was turned around.


Finding support in the wet tiles, Majima could feel his gaze on him, still a little undecided. His hands travelled over his shape and he waited to see what Kiryu would do next. He was using all his effort to control his own arousal just to see what the dragon could do. 

But, he stopped for a moment, hand on Majima’s waist. “Is that okay?” Kiryu asked, sounding a bit nervous.

Majima couldn’t avoid rolling his eye. “Ya can’t read the air, huh?” He commented, looking back at him.

But Kiryu only frowned as an answer. Yeah, he couldn’t. 

“Go on, boss, do your worst to me,” Majima flirted with a smirk on his face. 

That seemed to be enough for Kiryu, who tightened the grip on his waist and dropped little kisses on his neck. Every one of them sent a shiver to his already erect cock, asking for some friction. A groan escaped from him when he felt teeth on his shoulder. But that sound was nothing compared to what he uttered when he felt Kiryu’s dick between his ass cheeks, not penetrating, just there, sliding against him.


Normally, he liked to be the one in control during sex, but with Kiryu he didn't mind getting manhandled; he was always gentle enough. Maybe too much sometimes. This was something enticing for him. Something new. And he could trust Kiryu with that. Majima thrust back encouraging him, making Kiryu moan when he started moving against him. He shouldn’t feel this excited to be used like that, but there he was.

Kiryu rested his face against the same shoulder he had bitten before, trying to muffle all his own sounds. His hands roamed all over his body while he moved hard, squeezing his pectorals. Majima wasn’t used to that position in sex, and even less feeling a muscular torso against his back while a dick slid against his ass. It was something he never thought he would like, but his erection felt like a confirmation.

Hell yeah he did.

A whole new world of possibilities started to pass over his eye, and he wanted to try all of them.

Majima shivered with the feeling, trying to search for some stability on the wall.  Kiryu bit his neck again, making him swear aloud despite himself. It was almost humiliating how his cock was already dripping with barely any contact.

And like Kiryu could read his mind, he started stroking his dick at the same pace he moved. When Majima started moaning loudly, Kiryu thrust harder against him.

“Shhh,” Kiryu whispered into his ear.

Majima smiled at that. “Don’t ya like to hear me, boss?” He managed to say and Kiryu just grunted as a response.

So he did.


Both breathing hard, unable to keep his eye open, he didn’t think he could keep going much longer. Majima felt Kiryu getting tense behind him, groaning against his skin and then, something warm spilled over his back. 

He wouldn’t mind recording the sound Kiryu made to use it as a ringtone.

Not forgetting about him, Kiryu started moving his hand faster, dropping kisses along his neck. He liked an attentive lover. Majima was almost reaching the edge when, with his other hand, Kiryu touched and pressed his balls. Oh, he was learning.

That sent a jolt of pleasure through him, moaning while he got undone almost immediately, trying to control his spams. But Kiryu was there to hold him, stroking him slowly until he complained about the over-sensitive feeling.

He could really get use to this.

When he started to get relaxed, Kiryu kissed his shoulders and turned him around again to press their lips together once more.


They stood like that for a moment, kissing lazily, making him feel a warm sensation inside his chest.

Enough of this.

“Well, I think we should really get washed now,” Majima commented with a smirk, pulling out from the kiss. And missing the contact already.

Kiryu nodded, stepping back. Majima noticed he was flushing a little, but decided to not comment on it and started cleaning himself while Kiryu did the same at his side like nothing had happened.

They never commented on what they were doing, it seemed pointless and a bit awkward. It was what it was, even if it was cheating. Not his problem, though. But it seemed it was becoming a regular thing between them. Were they lovers now? He didn’t like that word, really. The ‘boss-fucker’ didn’t sound good either, but the concept sounded erotic. All the possibilities that came to his mind… In his office, over his desk, under his desk, in every hallway in the Tojo… Maybe he needed to use cold water.

When they got out, they started to get dressed in silence, but Majima was dying to tell him something.

“I have to ask ya somenthin’, Kiryu-chan,” Majima started with a serious face.

Kiryu tensed again. It was so fucking easy to pester him.

“You’re really watchin’ porn, ain’t ya?” Majima gave him a crooked smile and saw how Kiryu rolled his eyes.

“Yes,” Kiryu admitted in the end, not looking at him.

So damn cute.

“Ya don’t have to look that guilty, you’re a grown adult, y’know?”

“Well, it feels…weird,” Kiryu shrugged.

Majima felt confused. “Why?”

“Well, I don’t like…men.”

That was the denial of the century. “I’m a man, Kiryu-chan,” Majima told him, feeling very annoyed.

“I know,” Kiryu answered like it was obvious. And well, it was for him, but there lingered something that didn’t make sense. “I’m just not…attracted to any other men,” Kiryu finally said, like a whisper.

That was strange for him. He did feel attracted to other people in general, but he only had recently accepted he felt attracted towards men too. 

Wait, what? Was he really the first man he had been with?

“Oooh, you’re only attracted to me!” Majima responded with a sing-song voice while feeling how his brain disconnected from his body. Did he hear correctly? Was he dreaming? Maybe Kiryu didn’t know the meaning of those words. He surely couldn’t be attracted to him, Kiryu wasn’t crazy. No one could be interested in him, this was just…a friendly exchange. Probably Kiryu just needed some action...

“Fuck off,” Kiryu retorted quickly. 

That made more sense.

“Well, ya can explore all the things ya see in yer videos with me,” Majima proposed, trying to ignore his thoughts screaming at him.

“I haven’t watched that many,” Kiryu defended himself.

Majima laughed. “Ya can always tell me what ya saw and what you want to try.” He ignored him, it seemed funnier.

“Do we really have to talk about it?” Kiryu said, cringing hard.

“Well, yes, then how do I know what do ya want?”

Kiryu made a face. “I don’t really like to talk—,”

“I gathered that much,” Majima cut him off.

“—about that,” Kiryu finished, shooting him a death glare.

Majima got closer to him with a serious face. A real one now. He wanted Kiryu to understand this clearly.

“Well, if I ever do somethin’ ya don’t like, just tell me, ok?”

Kiryu frowned but nodded nevertheless. “You too, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable,” he answered.

“Ya haven’t,” Majima patted his shoulder and let him be. He wished he could wink in that moment but, oh well.

This was a new ground for them and he felt like he had to walk carefully, afraid he could step over a mine and make everything go to hell. He didn’t have experience in that and Kiryu seemed like he didn’t either, so it seemed safer for them just to establish some rules.  He knew Kiryu was more a man of action than a communicative person, but they didn’t know each other that well; so a little communication wasn’t going to kill them.

Probably not.

Although it still felt strange for him to be having this conversation with Kiryu. His boss. The man he had been thirsting over more than he would like to admit. And he seemed to reciprocate. Sort of. 

This must be really a dream.

But he had to control himself, he didn’t want to look like a school boy, too happy about his crush finally paying attention to him. He shouldn’t get his hopes up.

“I have a question too,” Kiryu called him.

Oh, Kiryu talking? That was interesting.


“Were you holding back before?”

Majima wanted to ask ‘before, when?’ but being vague was his speciality.

“Why would I?” Majima smiled at him, feeling very smug and left him there questioning himself.

After that, Majima abandoned the room and waited for him at the door, smoking a cigarette.

If he was going to be his mistress at least he should try to enjoy the journey. It was immoral but what wasn’t in his long list? He didn’t like to break up a relationship, but he didn’t have a partner, being a free man. Kiryu was the one who got married. Or at least he tried to convince himself about that. And sex should be easy with certain rules, of course. No emotions, no ties between them. Just release. That sort of thing happened between them now.

Yes, Majima liked to be with him, more than he wanted to admit. And yes, maybe he enjoyed the kisses more than he should. He didn’t know why. Feelings weren’t his thing at all. He was really scared of deep emotions, those ones couldn’t be controlled and he didn’t want to leave things going wild. A kiss for him felt like something more sentimental, something people in love would do. And he knew Kiryu wasn’t in love with him. They were just friends, right? Friends didn’t kiss. Maybe they didn’t even fuck, ok, but that formed part of their unique relationship. Maybe he just liked kissing. He was ok with it if he wanted that.

He wasn't used to kissing people anyway. It had been a long time since the last time he had a romantic relationship. 

Maybe that was why he felt confused with this entire kissing thing.

Kiryu exited the room after some minutes, with his hair still a little wet. Majima smirked at that.

“Well, I should go, I don’t want to leave…them alone for too long,” Kiryu announced. Majima noticed the strange pause he did, not mentioning their names or the word ‘family’. He felt that uncomfortable, huh?

Majima wasn’t disappointed. At all. It seemed logical; he had a family to take care of. Why would he stay there with him? He obviously loved Haruka and…Yumi too. But if he did, why was he doing this to her? 

Majima didn’t understand.

“Sure, I’ll call Nishida,” Majima said while fishing for his phone. Probably he would be busy with the construction now, but whatever; he needed him now.

“It’s not—,” Kiryu started saying but stopped when Majima stared at him with a piercing look. “Ok, go on.” Kiryu sighed and Majima grinned at him.

After the call, they went outside and waited for his captain in silence.




Next day came and they had another fucking meeting. Majima wanted to know if that would be the usual or it was just because they still were a little under the profits they should have. Whatever it was, he felt tired of this.

Gladly they finished quickly this time and Shindo didn’t even come. Perfect.

And suspicious, too.

Majima sat on the steps in front of the main door, smoking peacefully. The day was cloudy and chilly and Majima wondered why he insisted on not wearing a shirt in those moments.

“Majima-san, can you join us for a moment?” Kashiwagi called him. He was talking to Kiryu after the reunion, probably torturing the poor man with guidelines. And now it was his turn.

Majima stood up and walked to them with a fake smile on his face.

Kiryu nodded at him to acknowledge his presence and Majima did the same. It still felt weird being around him and pretending nothing was happening between them. 

And enticing in a way.

Kashiwagi asked him about some finances, when he heard a feminine voice calling behind him.

“Majima-san, care to come here for a moment?”

Kiryu jolted before he could. Why did Yumi want to talk to him? Did she discover what was happening or…?

Oh boy.

Majima felt a little too tense. He definitely preferred to go back to talk about work, finances, how stupid Shindo was. Anything but this. Her presence seemed like a reminder of something he shouldn’t be doing and how embarrassed he felt with himself.

Majima turned around, glancing at Kiryu in search of some explanation or help. But of course Kiryu wasn’t moving or saying anything. Just as confused as him.

Sighing, he stepped near to her and bowed his head a little, feeling like the awful person he was. “Yes, Yumi-san?” He just hoped it didn’t sound too bad.

“Ugh, please, cut that already. It sounds so wrong coming from you,” Yumi commented with disgust in her voice.


“Ok then…what’s up?” Majima asked carefully.

“Why are your men following me around?”

Phew. That was it.

Wait, what?

“Didn't Kiryu-chan tell you?” Majima wondered a little lost.

“What?” She seemed even more dazed now.

“That he is being threatened by the Omi, sooo…”


No, he didn’t tell her.

“He didn’t tell me…that.” Then, what did he tell her? Probably was best not to ask.

Kiryu joined them quickly, probably alerted by how she shouted.

“Didn’t ya tell her y’all were in danger?” Majima yelped, watching how Yumi opened her eyes in fear. “Well, probably in danger,” he tried to correct himself. 

Too late.

“Well, no. I didn’t want to worry her,” Kiryu explained with a low voice.

“Kazuma, stop treating me like a child. Do you trust me to tell me other stuff and not this?” Yumi sounded really annoyed.

Majima felt like he stood in the middle of a marriage discussion. Even more now. What the fuck was she referring to? Surely wasn’t that, Kiryu couldn’t be that stupid. Telling your wife that you were having sex with your subordinate didn’t seem like the best thing to say. Mostly because he was still here, alive. After how she reacted to seeing them kissing, he felt sure she wouldn’t let that pass so easily.

Or perhaps he was just being paranoid and the guilt didn’t make things simpler.

Majima got lost in his thoughts when Kiryu called him. What they were saying?

“What?” Majima asked.

“You told me you would be discreet,” Kiryu repeated with disapproval in his face.

Being discreet in what? Their relationship?

Oh, yeah, his family.

“Whaddaya expected from my stupid men? Secrecy? Really?” Majima huffed in disbelief. 

Majima could hear Kiryu’s eyes rolling. “Maybe a little?!”

“Then ask Kashiwagi for that!” Majima barked, pretending to be offended. 

“He is helping too,” Kiryu informed, crossing his arms.

“Oh, I didn’t notice,” Majima admitted. That old man was always in the middle of everything.

That won another glare from his boss. “That’s the whole point.”

But… “So, ya don’t think I’m enough for ya, huh?” Majima snapped, angrier than he wanted to sound. That didn’t have a second meaning. 


Kiryu looked concerned now. “He just offered more men. This is not a competition.”

Majima didn’t want to keep going with that conversation, it made him think more than he should.

“Anyway, ya should trust yer wife.” He diverted the conversation.

Kiryu made a weird face at that. “Well, I do,” he defended himself.

“Not enough, apparently.” Back to square one. He really should stop himself.

Yumi looked between the two of them, shaking her head, laughing. “You two should get married,” she commented with a smirk.

Ok, that seemed a strange thing to say. But he could make it weirder.

“Well, that would be illegal, lady,” Majima added with a shrug, pretending the idea wasn’t making him think about stuff.

Kiryu shot him a shocked glare.

“Since when do you worry about doing something illegal?” Yumi wondered.

Ok, she had a point. And still, it wasn’t making the situation better.

“So, I have to bear with your men around me now, I get it?”

“Eh,” Kiryu started saying.

“Yes,” Majima told her at the same time.

“I see,” she nodded. “Next time, just tell me, ok?” She referred to Kiryu, who answered with a  simple ‘yes’ and left them alone without saying anything more, seemingly accepting the new situation.

That was easy.

Majima turned his attention to Kiryu again, who was still questioning him with his eyes.

Did he fuck up again?

“What? She started it,” Majima accused her.

“Yeah, I know you didn’t mean it,” Kiryu said with an unreadable expression. He didn’t mean, what? “Just…try not to be that obvious,” he added after a moment. “With your men, I mean,” Kiryu clarified.

Was Kiryu mad with him about his men or something else? He couldn’t even tell.

“Sure, boss,” Majima did an exaggerated bow to piss Kiryu off, who just massaged his forehead.


That was…something.

Chapter Text

Kiryu finished fastening his belt under Majima’s scrutiny. They have been doing this for a while now; they met in Purgatory, they fought or talked about business and then, they finished giving each other some…release. He didn’t know which label to use for this. But whatever it was, he was ok with it.

“I should ask ya for a raise, Kiryu-chan! I’m doin’ extra hours,” Majima told him with a smirk.

Well, he was almost ok with it.

“Why would you say that?” Kiryu grunted with a concerned face.

In fact, he felt really worried about the possibility of imposing himself over Majima. After all, Kiryu was his boss and reading Majima wasn’t his best ability. 

And then, Majima didn’t have the best sense of humour. 

“It’s a joke, Kiryu-chan,” Majima answered, twisting his lips.

“Well, it’s not funny,” Kiryu complained while Majima got near him with an unreadable expression.

He grabbed his jaw, getting close to his face. Majima looked into his eyes, making Kiryu feel nervous under his gaze. Undecided. Was he going to…? Kiryu really longed to be cared for like that, just small gestures that would give him a pleasurable sensation. Of course he enjoyed sex, but it was intimacy what he craved. What he needed.

But maybe they couldn’t have that. They weren’t a couple, right?

Then, Majima squeezed his face in an infantile gesture. “You’re too sweet,” he mocked with his high pitched voice, stepping aside after that.

Of course Majima wouldn’t kiss him. He never really started it. That thought alone made him feel a strange sensation spread in his chest. Was he bothering Majima with his attention? He never complained directly, but he was starting to second guess everything he did around him. 

Kiryu also wondered if Majima was getting bored of him. He wasn’t the most creative person or the most experienced either. Maybe he wanted to move things forward, do more different stuff, but Kiryu felt completely lost in that field. Too self-aware of his lack of practice, thinking it would be too obvious if he tried something new, embarrassing himself in the process. And admitting the truth to Majima seemed out of the question; he would probably find it pathetic to be basically a virgin at his age. Maybe he would laugh at him. Or maybe he would comment on how adorable he looked while saying it.

No, he had to preserve some of his dignity. Surely he already looked too clingy for always initiating the kisses.

“Tomorrow at the same time in my office then?” Majima asked suddenly, interrupting his thoughts. “I have somethin’ I want ya to check.”

“Oh...since we are already here, can we just get on with it now?” Kiryu proposed.

Majima furrowed his brow. “Do ya want to work this late?”

“Well, tomorrow I have the day off and I promised Haruka we would go to Kamurocho. She wants to try the new arcade machines,” Kiryu explained.

Majima grinned at him. “At what hour are we goin’?”

“Eh,” Kiryu frowned. Did he want to come? Majima was always surprising him at every step. He never knew what to expect from him, if he overstepped his boundaries or if he wanted to be included.

“I hafta watch ya both, be sure no one is followin’ ya, y’know, Kiryu-chan,” Majima excused, scratching the back of his neck and averting his eye, something that Majima did when he seemed anxious. Kiryu learnt that after many times in similar situations. He found it endearing. But, to be fair, it took him a while until he could understand that those glimpses of a softer man, and a more serious one, formed part of the mixture of shades that made Majima a really special individual.

He just didn’t know where the crazy part started and where the most emotional part finished. Even less how to reach them.

And sometimes he just thought he was wrong and read too much into his behaviour, maybe trying to see what he wanted to. The signals coming from Majima were always contradictory and that was why he always had to play safe.

“Sure, I’ll send you a message with the place and the time,” Kiryu accepted. And Majima got back to his usual self. Part of him wanted to tease him for being this caring and showing interest since he always tried to pretend he wasn’t like that, but other part of him knew if he did that, Majima would retreat and not do it again. And Kiryu liked when Majima let the act drop even if just for a second. It made him feel special. 

“So, let’s see that thing now,” Kiryu finally said and they went through paperwork like nothing just happened between them.




Next day came with a slightly cloudy sky, nothing to really worry about while spending the day outside. Kiryu sent a message to Majima and, after that, he and Haruka got ready to go out.

Yumi made sure Haruka was wearing something warm for the unusually cold day. “And if it starts raining, find a place to stay until it stops. Don’t play in the puddles,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Can’t you come?” Haruka made a pouty face.

“I’m sorry, Haruka. I have a job to do, but have fun for me, ok?” Yumi caressed her face with a tender gesture.

“Yes!” Haruka clapped her hands and ran to the door to put on her shoes.

“If something happens, call me, ok?” Yumi told Kiryu when they were alone.

“Ok, don’t worry,” Kiryu reassured her. If any Omi men appeared, they could take care of them.

Since they talked about their situation, everything started to get better. There wasn’t any tension between them and Haruka noticed that too, looking happier with the shift of mood in their house. Kiryu always felt worried about doing something to make her unhappy, but finally she could have a normal family. Kind of. The important thing was they were happy like that and that should be enough.

Kiryu put on his coat and left the lapel pin in his bedroom. 

Today was a family day.

When Kiryu and Haruka reached the place they decided to meet Majima, they saw him already there waiting for them. To nobody’s surprise, Majima was wearing his usual jacket with no shirt. Wasn’t he cold?

“Uncle Majima!” Haruka greeted him with a big smile that he reciprocated.

“Haruka-chan!” Majima rubbed her head, messing with her hair.

“Aren’t you freezing?” Kiryu asked him directly.

Majima smirked at him. “Well, Kiryu-chan, if I need some heat ya can always warm me up,” he said with a suggestive tone.

“Nii-san!” Kiryu shouted at him in alarm, pointing to Haruka who, gladly, was laughing ignorant of his real intention.

“In a fight, Kiryu-chan,” Majima clarified. Then he got close to him, making him tense with anticipation. “Ya know I like some foreplay,” he whispered in his ear, giving him shivers. After that, he stepped back, glancing into his eyes with a shit eating grin.

That was a way to start.

Kiryu sighed and decided to ignore him. Probably was the best.

“If you catch a cold you can’t use it as an excuse to escape your duties,” Kiryu warned him and started walking with Haruka.

Majima caught up quickly, falling into step at his side.

“Duties like…?” Majima murmured.

“Nii-san!” Kiryu scolded, already too excited. Nervous.

“Ok, ok, I’ll shut up,” Majima apologized, looking around them. “I haven’t seen any Omi,” he informed after a moment in a low voice.

Kiryu nodded. It had been a long time without seeing any of them in Kamurocho. Maybe they gave up? Kiryu didn’t know but he could use the freedom they were having today.

Kamurocho, as always, was bursting with people. They had to walk close to each other to not run into anyone, mostly because he didn’t want to start a fight. But they were so close that sometimes he brushed Majima’s hand, sending a jolt to his stomach. 

“Are ya goin’ to hold my hand too?” Majima purred. Of course he had to comment on that. And that made Haruka laugh again.

“Why? Do you need help to walk straight?” Kiryu wondered with a sarcastic tone.

“Besides ya? I’ll need all the help to do somethin’ straight,” Majima countered.

Kiryu couldn’t avoid rolling his eyes.

“You don’t have to drop that joke every time I say that word, you know?” Kiryu commented, pretending to be annoyed. Majima was always taking the opportunity to make that absurd remark. “It’s a little childish.” He teased.

Majima beamed at him, catching on his tone. “Childish, huh? More reasons for ya to hold my hand!” Majima insisted, looking very excited.

One thing was touching in private, Kiryu felt ok with that. In fact, it seemed the only thing Majima started that wasn’t directly related to sex. He was always getting handsy, passing his arm over his shoulder, resting his legs on his lap while they were doing paperwork…Majima always had been a little bit of a touchy person, but now he acted extra touchy and it felt extra charged with something different, maybe more sensual, and it felt wrong doing so in public. Kiryu was still a married man. 

And well, they both were men.

Maybe Majima just wanted to piss him off. That seemed the most probable thing. And the usual.

“I’m not holding your hand, nii-san,” Kiryu finally said, disappointment making Majima sulky.

“You’re so borin’, Kiryu-chan,” Majima answered, accepting defeat.

Kiryu knew he wasn’t referring to their relationship, whatever this was, but he couldn’t avoid feeling a little shaken by his comment. He always felt scared of being too boring for him. While Majima seemed to appreciate more action, Kiryu would be totally satisfied with a slow and monotonous day.

“You can hold my hand, uncle Majima,” Haruka offered with a smile.

Surprised by the proposition, Majima walked to her side and took her hand with a big grin on his face.

“See? She isn’t embarrassed to hold hands with an old man like me,” Majima joked around.

But Kiryu didn’t know if that was totally a harmless comment. Did he really want to be this loving in the middle of the street? He just hoped Majima had enough trust in him to speak  his mind if something really bothered him. Although something told him that this would be too much to ask. How could he know if Majima insisted on saying everything in a joking tone? He needed something clearer than that.

“Let’s go to the arcade!” Haruka exclaimed, interrupting his brain from keeping going. 

He was glad for it. However, that didn’t last long.

They started walking in the direction of the Sega establishment, making it impossible to ignore his train of thoughts. Did Kiryu really feel embarrassed to be with Majima? That couldn’t be; he liked him and enjoyed his company. Of course, Majima was intense and he wouldn’t care about anything at all, but Kiryu didn’t want to make people uncomfortable. They didn’t need to show anything to anyone. Whatever they have, it was for themselves and this way people wouldn’t judge them. It seemed obvious they would do it and he didn’t like to be in the spotlight.

It wasn’t embarrassment, he just wanted privacy.


Maybe he had been dwelling too much about this and, surely, Majima was just trying to mess with him.

When they reached the arcade, Haruka ran directly to one of the machines with the money already prepared. Majima and Kiryu followed her and stopped behind her while she played some racing game.

In the meantime, Majima studied him with his eye narrowed, but Kiryu tried to ignore him.

“You seem stressed,” Majima commented.

“I’m not,” Kiryu said curtly.

Majima passed his arm over his shoulders, making Kiryu tense at the contact. Majima noticed.

He moved his face closer to his with an intense look. Kiryu didn’t move, determined to let it pass. Falling for his provoking wouldn’t end well. He tried to pay attention to Haruka and comment on her game, but Majima was still close to him, almost brushing his face with his nose.. Why did he always have the need to be this touchy in public?

Majima was getting on his nerves.

After a moment of consideration, Kiryu decided to turn his head to him; maybe this way he would stop. But when he did, he saw Majima looking at him with a tender smile, almost mesmerized. He expected to find Majima being himself but not this. It warmed his heart in a way he had almost forgotten it could be possible. 

Kiryu gulped.

He almost preferred the idea of Majima pestering him than….whatever this was. He didn’t know what to do with this.

“Ya worry too much, Kiryu-chan,” Majima whispered in a soft voice.

“I don’t,” Kiryu lied.

Majima smirked and glanced at Haruka, still with his arm around his shoulder like nothing happened. Like they were a normal family enjoying the day.

Kiryu gulped again.

Maybe he was just stressing too much about something stupid. In the end, it was Majima. He couldn’t comprehend him and probably he would never be able to. This was the way he usually acted and far from bothering him, he felt attracted to him by those antics, by his free spirit, always managing to do things work even without following the strict rules. Majima couldn’t care less about social impositions and yet, he never did anything really wrong. Maybe just too much from time to time; he would crash a pink truck against a soapland, but he wouldn’t harm anyone. It seemed difficult to explain and understand, only being able to grasp a little of it if someone could see those actions unfold before them. Perhaps Kiryu even envied him a little. He always stood rigid, afraid of expressing his emotions, not even knowing where to start with them. And for Majima it seemed the easiest thing ever. Maybe he should learn more things from him.

He looked around and no one really was paying attention to them.

Taking a deep breath, and relaxed under Majima’s contact.

They were just two friends hanging out with their daughter. 



They weren’t doing anything bad. No one could think wrong of them, many friends did the same. Nishiki did that with him. But of course they never did other too friendly things in private. Although the people around them couldn’t interpret anything from this. He was just overthinking for sure.

Then Majima started rubbing his back until he reached the end of his jacket, squeezing his ass.

“Majima!” Kiryu quickly grabbed his hand, stopping him.

“Oh, now are ya goin’ to hold my hand?” Majima offered that wicked smile of his.

Startled, Kiryu dropped his hand, shooting him a death glare.

“Oh, c’mon Kiryu-chan, no one is lookin’. Do ya really think people will look at us? Two yakuza-style guys?” Majima asked in a hushed voice. “We could literally fuck in the middle of the street and people would ignore us,” he whispered into his ear. And that sent a jolt to his pants.

He couldn't believe he said that. Did he mean it for real? Things were escalating a little quickly.

The face Kiryu made was probably comical because Majima started laughing hard.

“What are you two talking about?” Haruka wondered. Apparently she had finished playing.

“Nothin’,” Majima dismissed quickly. “Let’s go to the UFO Catcher!” He offered and Haruka seemed happy to follow.

Kiryu tried to compose himself and scanned the room. No one seemed to notice what just happened. But he couldn’t be really sure.

“I need to go to the bathroom for a moment,” Kiryu told Majima and he nodded, paying attention to Haruka even more now.

Sighing, he entered the restroom and splashed some water on his face. He really needed to stop being so tense about everything. They were here to have fun. Yes, he really envied Majima, always having more fun with everything, without worrying about people’s opinions. But if Kiryu let loose he would do something really stupid, something that he would regret. Obviously he couldn’t let himself go wild like his companion. Friend.


Kiryu dried his face and raised his face to look at the mirror. When he did, he found someone looking straight to him with a disgusted face. Did that person…? No, no. Fuck that. Without thinking, Kiryu returned the look and the person fled from the bathroom.


He felt tired of being judged by random people in the street, like they knew him, having the same expectation from him like his subordinates did. Like everyone seemed to have about him. He just wanted to live his own life and decide for himself what he should or shouldn’t do. Sadly, he didn’t know how to break free from those chains that weighed him down. 

After several minutes he used to relax, Kiryu left the room and searched for Majima and Haruka, both still playing with the claw machine.

“Any luck?” Kiryu asked.

Majima turned to him with a big grin on his face and with something in his hands.

“This is for ya,” he announced, very excited.

Kiryu frowned and looked at his hands. He was offering him a stuffed car, similar to those he used to play with in Pocket Circuit. Reaching for it, he took the toy, studying it more intently. It was small and cute with a lot of details. And really soft. He wondered how he had managed to pick up something that size.

He knew it seemed foolish and maybe a little naive, but it made him feel warm inside. It was a little gesture that meant a lot to him. This brought back memories of happier times, and easier ones. He remembered when not long ago Majima insisted on being his rival in everything, even in that game. Perhaps thanks to that they started to get closer and he didn’t even notice that it was happening. In fact, he used to feel very annoyed at his insistence, not appreciating all that he tried to do for him. Majima was really good company, being there when no one else was. Even if he had a strange way to show his affection.

Maybe if he had seen Majima for who he was at the time, maybe if he hadn't pushed him aside and admitted he liked to have him around, to have someone who showed interest in the things he liked, maybe...

“You ok?” Majima asked, worried when he saw Kiryu didn’t say anything.

Kiryu offered a sincere smile in response. Now he wanted to kiss him but, again, they were in public and he was sure Haruka wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. So he just stood there, looking at him with a fond expression.

Majima tapped his shoulder with that tenderness again on his face. Probably anyone would think that gifting a stuffed car to a grown up man was something significant, but for him it was a kind gesture.

“Thank you,” Kiryu managed to say, and Majima nodded in acknowledgment.

Kiryu put it inside his jacket and Majima got back to watch Haruka trying to pick a big bunchan. He was glad she seemed so interested in the UFO catcher that she didn’t notice what had happened behind her again. Part of him felt ashamed for what he was doing, but life seemed complicated enough and a child couldn’t understand it.

He didn’t either.

After some tries and with Majima’s help, Haruka finally got the bunchan. And she seemed like the happiest person in the world. She hugged it, beaming at them, and Kiryu caressed her hair with a proud look on his face.

That was the only thing he needed.

“I’ll go for a smoke,” Majima suddenly announced, leaving them behind.

Kiryu could definitely use one too now even if he rarely smoked these days. Maybe it could relax him a little. Not now, though.

Looking again at Haruka, he could see how she was struggling to hold the stuffed animal. It was way too big for her but she seemed content this way.

“Now you have to carry that all day,” Kiryu told her with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t mind,” she assured while squeezing her new toy. He knew he would be the one carrying it in a few minutes.

Suddenly, he heard some people screaming in pain, and others shouting in distress.

Frowning, Kiryu took Haruka’s hand and peeked out from the door. He really wasn’t surprised to see Majima over a thug with his tanto pointing at his throat. In fact, he had been on the other end more than once. Surveying the street, he spotted other men already lying on the ground, bleeding slightly. Haruka covered her mouth, worried. Surely not for the fight, because she was more used to them than Kiryu would like to recognize. She stared at Majima, who seemed distressed and really angry. That felt strange; he tended to enjoy the fights. In fact, it was almost a year since he saw Majima infuriated like that during a fight, and it was against him when Kiryu took the chairman position.

Majima hopped from the man, hiding his tanto on his back. Then, the thug on the floor raised his head and spitted blood. “Fucking mad dog of Shimano,” the man uttered with disdain.

Without giving him time to react, Majima’s foot crushed his head with strength, hitting the floor with a big crash.

Well deserved.

After that, he turned around and saw Kiryu and Haruka standing there, looking at the scene. He looked kind of ashamed, but Kiryu didn’t know why. Composing himself, trying to look relaxed and cheerful, Majima stepped forward until he reached them.

“Well, I’m not cold anymore, huh?” Majima joked, but this time both of them were too worried to join the banter.

“Uncle Majima, are you ok?” Haruka asked.

Majima knelt to her height and touched her shoulder. “Don’t worry, ok? We’re here to have fun!” He reassured with a big smile and Haruka nodded, still unsure.

He really seemed skilful with kids.

“Who were they?” Kiryu asked when Majima stood up.

“They weren’t Omi, don’t sweat it,” Majima dismissed it.

“Well, you were obviously bothered by them, so I am too,” Kiryu insisted.

Majima shot him a confused look. “Just some stupid ex-Shimano men, the ones that left after him dyin’,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu could understand that. He found himself targeted by Dojima men too, but he was the one to blame for his murder at the time. But Majima wasn’t. Was there something else too? He didn’t want anyone hurting him, not even bothering him a little.

Maybe his companion read something on his face because his whole body language changed for a moment, shifting back to his usual self. “Oi, Kiryu-chan, I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone loves me like ya do,” Majima added with a grin, teasing him. 


Kiryu started flushing hard like he was caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. And, of course, Majima bursted out laughing after seeing his reaction. 

Apparently it was the ‘National Day of Teasing Kiryu’.

Shaking his head, he took a deep breath. He would like to be able to read Majima this well too. Or maybe Kiryu was just too predictable.

“Well, who’s hungry?” Majima asked and Haruka raised her hand.

“Smile burger?” Majima added after a second.

“Of course not,” Kiryu said. “Let’s go to a better place.”

“Haw? Since when is there a better place than Smile burger, huh?”

“Since always.” Kiryu looked at Haruka. “Do you want something special?”

Haruka rested her finger on her chin, thinking. “I want to go to Kanrai,” she answered.

Majima frowned. “That’s too fancy for a little girl.” 

“Not too much since you’ll be able to get in without a shirt,” Kiryu told him, half smiling.

“Oi!” Majima protested. “I’m sure ya enjoy the views,” he smirked with a knowing look.

Kiryu felt his face warm but decided to ignore it. Gladly, Haruka was still laughing, probably not understanding anything that was happening. 

And that seemed for the best.


They reached the restaurant and were placed at a table for four people beside the window. It was a peaceful place where they could see the people flooding the street, the light reflections on the ground...all away from the cold weather.

And from the thugs.

“So, ya both eat in good restaurants, huh?” Majima asked, sitting next to Haruka. Kiryu sat in front of them, with the big stuffed animal at his side.

“We eat at Smile burger too,” Haruka noted, looking at her menu.

“Do you only eat there, Majima-san?” Kiryu wondered.

“Of course not. I also eat ramen cooked in the microwave,” he answered with a big grin.

Kiryu rolled his eyes. “You should take care of your diet if you want to keep winning fights,” Kiryu commented.

“Yeah, and I should sleep eight hours every day and I probably sleep that in a week. And look at me, I’m still strong!” Majima shrugged. Haruka seemed to find it funny.

Kiryu stared at Majima. “You really should take care of yourself,” he insisted.

“That’s borin’,” Majima waved his hand, rejecting the idea.

Kiryu sighed. Sometimes Majima acted like a kid, and he was four years older than him.

“Do I have to start feeding you?” Kiryu nagged with a tired tone.

Biting his lip, Majima arched his eyebrows in a suggestive way, staring at him in silence. Kiryu felt his face getting warm again.

Wrong thing to say.

“You can go to the gym with me,” Kiryu offered, ignoring Majima’s indecent look.

“Ooh, the gym? That sounds interestin’,” Majima seemed thoughtful, still with a lewd expression plastered on his face.

“To work out,” Kiryu clarified.

“Sure,” Majima said in a sarcastic tone.

Kiryu sighed. “You are unbearable,” he commented with a tender smile.

Majima smiled back and a moment passed before he turned his face to Haruka.

“Is the bunchan eatin’ too?”

Haruka laughed again. “Of course not, uncle Majima!”

“Why?! I’m sure he is hungry too,” Majima feigned to be shocked.

“Because he isn’t alive!” Haruka told him. It was cute so see her be treated like a kid. Sometimes he thought she acted too old for her age.

“No, no, I saw him movin’ before,” Majima insisted.

Following the joke, Kiryu decided to move the toy, hiding his hand under the table. The bunchan inclined slightly, like he was suddenly sad. At that, Haruka made a surprised face, almost believing it. But then she looked at Kiryu. “You moved it!” She accused him between chuckles.

He joined them cracking up. 

Kiryu really needed more moments like that. Probably they could have had a good day being the two alone, but Majima seemed to bring more joy to their interactions and Haruka looked radiant at his side.

Funny they started their relationship the way they did. Just like he and Majima did, too.

Kiryu could easily get used to that. He wanted to spend time with Majima even when he acted difficult and restless. It was just the way he was and he didn’t mind it; in fact, he appreciated it. He knew not many people did, but for him it did wonders. Even if he found it difficult sometimes, like when he had been struggling all day, Majima made him feel less stern and encouraged him to try to enjoy things a little more, loosen up without the fear he always carried. Kiryu knew with him he could be himself and that felt priceless. 

No faking, just be.

Maybe someday he could really learn to open up like he wanted.

To be fair, their situation wasn’t ideal. He was married and they both were in the Tojo clan; certainly people wouldn’t welcome their relationship, but they could keep hiding it from them. At least Kiryu didn’t mind that, he wanted privacy anyway. But he didn’t know about Majima. He hadn’t complained. Yet. The only thing he knew was he didn’t like the idea of him being married, he said that at the beginning of their affair, stopping Kiryu from kissing him. But now he seemed more or less ok with it.

It wasn’t that bad, right? Nothing could be perfect in any case.

They were having a good day. It was November and Christmas felt like it was almost there; maybe they could do something special for that. Yumi surely would go out with whoever she was meeting with, or would have to work. So, in any case, Haruka couldn’t be with her.

He just wanted to have an easy life with his family, in a calm place; it shouldn’t have been so  much to ask. But apparently it was. He could see himself lying on a beach, with the sun warming his skin, watching Haruka play in the sea. And beside him it could be M—

Then he felt something bumping him under the table. When he looked down, he saw a leather enveloped leg brushing him. He glanced up and saw Majima shooting him a concerned look. Oh...did he miss something? Kiryu shook his head, letting him know everything was ok, and Majima nodded in acknowledgement.

“That’s not true!” Haruka suddenly said in between giggles.

“Of course it is!” Majima answered, grinning too, obviously trying to pester her in a good way.

“Prove it!” Haruka dared him.

“I totally could, I even have the outfit! It’s true, isn’t it, Kiryu-chan?” Majima insisted.

“Hmm?” Kiryu was so distracted by his own thoughts that he didn’t know what they were talking about.

“That I was an Idol!” Majima explained.

“Impossible!” Haruka repeated, bursting into laughter.

“Well, I saw the outfit for sure. And some of his moves…” Kiryu said with a pained expression.

Majima smirked.

“See? I never lie!” Majima told Haruka.

“You were not!” Haruka insisted, covering her mouth while throwing him a paper ball that Majima dodged.

“Well, ok,” Majima desisted. “But I married one,” he added after a pause.

“That’s even more impossible! They can’t get married!” Haruka responded by making a fake pout. She was clearly having fun with the teasing banter.

Kiryu glanced at Majima but this time he looked…sincere?

“That’s the one you divorced?” Kiryu wondered.

Majima seemed surprised at that. Maybe he said more than he wanted. And maybe he was asking more than he should.

“Ya said that like I married a lot of people,” Majima pointed out without answering his question.

“Uncle Majima, you were married once? What happened?” Haruka made a shocked face.

There was something unreadable in his demeanour that Kiryu couldn’t understand, but it changed quickly.

“Well, we had to divorce,” he shrugged and rested his back against the chair in a smug way. “As you said for my idol career, I couldn’t be married,” Majima said very cockily, looking at his covered nails.

Haruka snorted. Back to the joke then. Majima’s past was a mystery for him but he felt scared to ask him directly. He always had a way to avoid telling him something private and Kiryu didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But he felt really curious.

At least he had the ability to transform a serious thing into a humorous one.

“Prove it! Let’s go dancing then!” Haruka provoked him, already forgetting the other subject.

“Challenge accepted!” Majima offered his pinkie to her.

“Deal!” Haruka nodded, accepting the gesture.

Sometimes Kiryu thought about how Majima used to drop bombs about his life without warning to retreat fast when he saw he said too much. Kiryu understood the past was in the past and it didn't have to be brought up every time, even less if it was turbulent. But the past made the people they were now and he just wanted to know him a little better; Majima seemed like a really interesting person. Of course, he would respect his privacy, he had the right to keep it to himself. And at the same time, part of him thought that if he didn’t want to share those secrets with him it was because he didn’t trust him for real.

But then, he wasn’t telling Majima all about his life either; he couldn’t demand anything. He understood the need to have some things for himself. And they were just starting to get to know each other now.


When they finished their dinner, they abandoned the restaurant with Haruka holding Majima’s hand and Kiryu holding the bunchan. He was sure Majima took some pictures of him hugging a big pink stuffed animal and he would probably tease him with that later.

Haruka yawned, covering her mouth, trying to hide it, but Kiryu could see how tired her eyes looked.

“Well, we should leave now,” Kiryu announced.

“Dad! I want to be here a little more!” She protested.

“It’s ok, we can go out another day, shall we?” Majima reassured her. “I’ll call Nishida.”

“There is no one—,” Kiryu stopped himself when he saw Majima already calling him.

Kiryu sighed. At least Haruka would be safer this way.

They waited for Nishida beside the empty lot Majima bought, with an already visible sign announcing the new construction with a silly picture of his team asking for new recruits. He just tried to ignore the part that said they were searching for buff guys. 

The place was basically abandoned, and the lack of buildings surrounding them made the wind blow stronger and chillier. He even saw Majima shivering. Without thinking, Kiryu gave Haruka her stuffed animal and removed his jacket to put it over Majima’s shoulders. After that, he looked at him with a confused face.

“There is no need,” Majima protested.

“You are freezing, Majima-san,” Kiryu told him.

Majima smirked. “Are ya wooing me?” 

“I thought I already did that,” Kiryu responded in a low voice.

Majima huffed and hid under the jacket. It was maybe one or two sizes too big for him, making him look smaller. Or maybe it was the posture. Majima was a big man, even taller than Kiryu when he straightened himself, something that made him feel a little strange. He was used to having dates with women, always way smaller than him. 

Well, not that many dates but still enough to have it as the only reference.

The car arrived and Nishida got out, bowing at their presence. Kiryu felt glad because he was starting to freeze too. Nishida opened the door and Kiryu pushed Majima inside, following him after a second. Haruka walked directly to the front seat and Nishida accompanied her.

They both were sitting in the back, still alone and in the dark, listening to how Nishida and Haruka talked about the stuffed animal outside of the car.

Taking the opportunity, Kiryu passed an arm over Majima’s shoulder and rubbed his arm to create some friction. Majima saw that as an invitation, sliding closer to him. He was staring at him again with that tender look and he couldn’t resist anymore. Cupping his face, Kiryu brushed his nose against his before joining their lips in a slow kiss. He had wanted to do it all day, yearning for his touch. Just wanting to have a moment alone for them. Majima licked his lips and Kiryu opened his mouth, deepening the kiss. Humming quietly.

There was something sexy about doing that and trying not to be caught. Maybe that was why Majima always teased him, enjoying the adrenaline it gave him. 

He already felt aroused. 

A door opened and they stopped at the moment, trying to look relaxed while seeing how a sleepy Haruka took the front seat, still hugging the bunchan. Nishida walked in front of the car and, in a second, he was inside the car too.

“Where to?” Nishida asked, looking straight to the road, a little anxious. Did he see something? Maybe it was just for Majima, he always treated his subordinates harshly. At least Haruka seemed ignorant.

“To Kiryu-chan’s house,” Majima announced and Nishida started the motor and drove in silence.

“Do you think he saw…?” Kiryu whispered into Majima’s ear.

“Nah, it’s ok, don’t worry,” Majima assured, feeling sure about it.

Majima removed the jacket and used it to cover them both like it was a blanket. Then, he moved his hand over Kiryu’s torso and stopped over his crotch, rubbing it in a slow move.

Kiryu jumped. “Majima!” He scolded him in a hushed tone.

Rolling his eye, Majima stopped and rested his head on Kiryu’s shoulder. “Borin’,” he protested, but accepted it.

Kiryu sighed. Majima was going to kill him someday.

It seemed a mystery to him how Majima managed to arouse him like this. He had never had the urge to do anything like that until he met him, and maybe he was trying to make up for all the lost time. 

But he wasn’t sure that they would be able to recover it with people around them.




Kiryu and Haruka left the car, leaving a big empty space. And not only for the absence of the bunchan but because he missed Kiryu and his daughter already. He knew he shouldn’t feel like that, he should think about this relationship like something fun and nothing else. But it was Kiryu, how couldn’t someone fall for him? It felt like he had lost all the control over this situation and was going aimlessly into something that probably would end badly.

He was sure about that. It always was like that.

Majima took a deep breath. At least they had fun today.

“So, boss?” Nishida said, clearing his throat after.

“Hmm?” Majima responded non-committal. He felt so sad right now.

“That isn’t something mandatory now, right?” Nishida asked with anxiety.

That peeked Majima’s interest. “Huh?”

“Well, I—,” Nishida stopped, maybe thinking if he should say it. “I’ve heard stories and then…well…” He wasn’t making any sense at all.

“Say it already!” Majima impatiently commanded.

“Kissing the boss, sir,” Nishida mumbled in a hurry.

“Of course not!” That was stupid, why would that be obligatory now? 

Wait, what?

Majima jumped to Nishida’s throat with his tanto already prepared.

“S—, sir, please!” Nishida almost crashed the car against another one.

“Stop right now!” Majima ordered and Nishida did a harsh braking. The cars behind them dodged them in time, but not without uttering some insults.

Majima didn’t care. “What did you see?”

“I—, I just saw the Fourth Chairman kissing you, sir. I didn’t see anything when you used the jacket to cover you both. Definitely I didn’t.” He was already sweating and Majima didn’t know if he should howl or stab him.

“Don’t say that to anyone, ya hear me?!”

“Yes, sir. Of course not, sir,” Nishida was still looking ahead, too scared to look into his eye.

“Not even yer mom!” Majima insisted.

“I’ll be silent! Like a dead person,” Nishida reassured him.

“Better be or you will be one yerself,” Majima threatened.

Were they being too sloppy? Maybe they should be more careful in the future. Not for him, but for Kiryu. He was always too stressed with the idea of people knowing. He didn’t know how to feel about that, but in the end it seemed understandable. He was a married man.

When Majima took a seat in the front, Nishida resumed the trip.

“If it helps, sir, I was almost waiting for it…” Nishida suddenly added.

Majima looked at him with disconcert.

“That doesn’t help at all, Nishida.” What the fuck?

“Eh, well, you were always trying to get his attention. You even did a strip-tease for him, sir,” Nishida explained like that was enough.

And well, maybe it was.

“It was just to piss him off!” Majima defended himself.

“Sure, boss,” Nishida falsely agreed.

Majima groaned, not knowing what to say anymore. “Do ya talk about it with people?” He asked, feeling defeated.

“No, sir, I appreciate my life.”


“And does anyone else in the family know?” Majima needed to know now. For Kiryu.

“I don’t think so, sir. But don’t worry about it. All the boys love you and respect you. They will protect you and follow you even if you are…” Nishida stopped.

“If I’m what?” Majima questioned, angry.

“In a relationship with the Fourth Chairman,” Nishida gulped. Majima felt sure that wasn’t the thing he wanted to say.

“We’re not a couple,” Majima protested.

“Sure, boss,” Nishida said again.

Majima rolled his eye. 





Next day came and Majima felt a little sad, and maybe too needy. Also horny. It wasn’t a surprise; since Kiryu and he opened that door in their relationship it felt weird when Majima didn’t find himself in the mood to be with him. He even started to explore more new things alone. They didn’t talk about it; sometimes it felt like Kiryu was ok the way they were now, but Majima was interested in moving things forward. And he knew Kiryu wouldn’t be the one offering his ass first. 


Majima walked through the hallways of the Tojo, thinking. He longed to be touched, cared for. He wanted to be with Kiryu like they did the other day. He wanted to hug him. Kiss him. And at the same time, he knew that was dangerous and it would lead him to dangerous territory.

But there was something he could do and felt safe.

Majima stood before Kiryu’s office and knocked. When Kiryu told him to come in, he entered in silence and closed the door, locking it behind him.

Kiryu stared at him with a concerned face. Majima smirked.

“Y’know, there’s somethin’ I always wanted to do,” Majima began, letting himself fall over Kiryu’s lap. He caught him, grunting.

“You aren’t that slim,” Kiryu complained.

But Majima just ignored him. Getting closer to Kiryu’s face, he bit his earlobe, making Kiryu shiver.

“We are in my office,” Kiryu protested. Majima dropped open mouth kisses along his neck, going down his chin and stopping right before his lips.

He looked at his mouth, already opened slightly, wanting. Majima raised his eye to Kiryu’s, who was staring at him, expectantly.

No, he couldn’t.

Majima hopped from his lap and knelt in front of him, slowly rubbing his spread legs.

“Nii-san, we can’t do this here,” his voice was unsteady.

“Of course we can,” Majima said while hiding under his desk and dragging Kiryu along in his chair.

Kiryu visibly gulped, still a little unsure but not stopping him. Majima bit his lip unconsciously, eager to keep going.

When he saw Kiryu wasn’t opposing him anymore, he opened his pants and brushed alongside his crotch. He could see how Kiryu closed his eyes at the sensation and gripped the armrests with strength.

Feeling too impatient for little games, Majima freed his cock and stroked it once. Kiryu was already panting and Majima didn’t know if it was for what was happening or for where. Maybe he liked dangerous situations too.

Whatever it was, Majima decided to swirl his tongue over the head, his eye never leaving Kiryu to see his reaction. He wasn’t looking at him, though. Kiryu seemed very shy sometimes, getting flustered over any touch he gave him. Just like he was now.

That made this thing more interesting.

Majima massaged his legs, feeling how tense Kiryu was.

“Relax, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said while kissing open-mouthed along one of them.

After that, Kiryu only tensed more.

Removing his gloves, Majima rested one of his hands over Kiryu’s, who was still clenching the chair. That made Kiryu react, looking at him finally.

“I got ya,” Majima reassured him with a smile, licking along his cock again, making him moan softly.

“Try not to move this time, I want to try somethin’,” Majima warned him, grinning. “I’ve been practicing.” 

Kiryu frowned. “With who?” He furiously asked.

Possessive much, huh? Majima thought. It kind of made him feel special.

But Majima couldn’t answer, being already with his mouth occupied, going down his cock, slowly and controlled, until he had his entire dick inside him.

“Fuck,” Kiryu uttered, jolting his hips just a little, but Majima stopped him from moving more.

Majima felt quite proud of it, he didn’t know how he managed to do so, but Kiryu’s reaction was worth it.

Kiryu closed his eyes again and rested his head against the chair, breathing hard.

Majima moved once more, slowly, keeping the pace, trying to get used to the feeling of his cock inside his mouth. He licked again the head, swirling his tongue over the sensitive flesh, teasing him. Already tasting the pre-come. Kiryu panted and grabbed his hair with energy, jerking his hips upwards, asking for more contact. Majima took him back inside until the end with less difficulty. If he was having trouble now he couldn’t imagine if they—

That made him feel stupidly horny. But right now Kiryu was under his mercy and he enjoyed the feeling. Maybe he could beat him in a fight, but Majima knew how to make him beg.

That gave him an idea.

He started moving his head a little faster now, but not too much; he wanted Kiryu to relish the moment too. And maybe made him plead for more.

Someone knocked on the door.


“Kiryu, are you in?” They heard Kashiwagi’s voice.

“Y-yes,” he answered. “Give me a minute,” Kiryu managed to say.

Majima took him out of his mouth. “Only a minute?” He teased.

“Shut up,” Kiryu protested, looking ashamed.

Majima smirked. “Make me,” he challenged.

Kiryu grunted and pushed his head down, and Majima eagerly complied, opening his mouth and taking him back again.

Who was at mercy of whom now, huh? Majima thought. But he still had some power there.

Majima started moving again in slow motion, making him whimper in pleasure. His own cock was throbbing against his clothes, but he probably had to wait for later.

He kept that steady pace, enjoying the sounds Kiryu was making, trying to save them in his memory for later. Feeling breathless, he stopped to recover, massaging Kiryu’s balls with the same hand he used to stroke him. Looking at Kiryu, he seemed desperate, flushing hard, sensing his heartbeat on his cock.

He licked once more along his length, admiring how he squirmed. Majima bit his lips at the view.

But he still had a mission. Circling his mouth around the head, he sucked softly, up and down, giving him an overwhelmed feeling. Kiryu moaned, pressing his hand to make him go down, thrusting his hips for him to go faster. But Majima liked to see him needy, for a change, bushing with his tongue along his dick, stopping on the end and dropping little kisses, reaching the top again. Kiryu moaned at every gesture, at every move. And Majima wanted to keep it like this forever.

“Majima-san, please,” Kiryu said with a low voice, caressing his face tenderly.

Kiryu was handsome like this, totally reduced to only the physical needs. He sometimes wondered if Kiryu had them, always so stoic. But he did, and only the vision seemed enough to arouse him. It felt good to see Kiryu like this, and like this thanks to his actions. He could consider this his biggest achievement.

He grinned at him. “We really have to work on yer stamina,” Majima commented, kissing his dick again.

He could see how Kiryu rolled his eyes, but he already had what he wanted. Majima took him back and started moving faster, pumping his head up and down, still with Kiryu’s hand grabbing his hair. Kiryu started to moan again, still in a hushed tone, jerking his hips slightly while Majima tried to hold him. He really wanted to see him in action. 

Kiryu’s body started to spasm, pulling Majima’s hair away, moaning helplessly until he came hard in his mouth, sliding through his throat, barely having the opportunity to taste it.

When Kiryu relaxed the grip in his hair he knew he was completely done, letting him go slowly. Kiryu protested a little, surely being over sensitive. Not saying anything, Majima put his clothes in place again while Kiryu still tried to recover his breath.

Looking at him while wiping his mouth, Majima sat on his desk, seeing how Kiryu had a sleepy face but a content expression. He opened his eyes and shook his head with a smile. “You are going to kill me, nii-san” he finally said.

“Well, I told ya I will be the one doin’ that. And a promise is a promise,” Majima answered him with the obvious intention of not doing so.

“You know,” Kiryu started saying. “You could always start with a kiss.”

That took Majima by surprise.

“Want me to kiss ya now?” Majima teased him, knowing the answer.

Kiryu made a disgusted face. “No,” he responded curtly.

Majima laughed and booped his nose. “You’re too cute, Kiryu-chan.”

“I’m not,” Kiryu complained, looking offended.

He was always really cute. But he had to go; Kashiwagi would surely be waiting for him and it would seem suspicious enough by now. 

Majima stood up and started walking to the door. “See ya later!” 

Kiryu tried to say something but thought better about it.

When he opened the door, he saw Kashiwagi looking at him with a confused face and then, he glanced at Kiryu, shaking his head. Majima had the need to give him a wicked smile, he didn’t know why. But he did nevertheless. Did he know something? If he did, he didn’t seem to mind.

Kashiwagi just rolled his eyes and entered the office.

Well, that was Kiryu’s problem now. 

Chapter Text

After a long day of hard work, Kiryu was finally at home. And the week only had started. 

As usual, Kiryu removed his shoes, his pin, his tie and his jacket, and entered the main room. The dog received him barking, as usual, and Haruka was…where was Haruka? She usually waited for him every day so they could spend the day together. Then, he heard voices coming from the kitchen, getting louder when they emerged from the door.

“It’s dangerous, Haruka, you can’t,” Yumi told her, taking a seat on the couch. Haruka followed her with a pouty face and her arms crossed, and Kiryu joined them, interested in what they were talking about.

“But my friends will be there!” Haruka complained with glassy eyes.

“I know, but you can’t go,” Yumi insisted, looking really serious.

“What are you talking about?” Kiryu asked, trying to meddle in the situation. It pained him to see her daughter like that.

Yumi sighed. “Haruka wants to go to her friend’s birthday, but she can’t. We can’t put them in the situation to bear with yakuza men at a kid’s party,” Yumi explained.

“I could go without them,” Haruka proposed.

“No, we don’t know what they could do to you or to that family. How could we explain if something happens?” Yumi seemed tired of the conversation.

“But maybe the Omi won’t search for me there,” Haruka tried again. Listening to their daughter saying that name made Kiryu feel a shiver of concern and disgust with himself. Haruka was too small to know that much about the underground world.

“And if they do? I don’t want you to be kidnapped. Or worse.” Yumi paused, taking a deep breath. “You will stay here,” she said with finality.

Haruka turned around to look at Kiryu with a begging expression.

But he couldn’t contradict his wife here.

“I agree with your mother, Haruka. It’s dangerous. When everything ends you can go whenever you want,” Kiryu promised, feeling sad for her. He knew it was difficult to be raised in an environment like that; he had been in the same situation. Being the daughter of an obvious criminal seemed difficult enough already, and now having three bodyguards around her wasn’t making her childhood any easier.

“But it won’t ever end!” Haruka shouted, struggling to control her emotions, and that broke his heart. Wiping her eyes, she ran away. “This is going to be always like this,” she lamented with a teary voice before disappearing up the stairs.

“Haruka!” Kiryu called, but it was too late.

Kiryu frowned, looking at the ground. He thought everything was ok, until now, and he had never felt more naive. How could things be ok? He would always be a problem for his loved ones, they would always be suffering for his decisions in his life.

“She has been all day trying to convince me,” Yumi commented, walking to his side. “But we can’t let her go just like that. I’m afraid of losing her.” She seemed troubled and Kiryu understood her too.

“This is my fault,” Kiryu said, taking a seat, suddenly feeling very drained.

“Of course it’s not!” Yumi tried to reassure him. But it felt useless. He knew the truth and he was the one to be blamed. After all, he decided to stay in the Tojo to fix all the problems that Nishiki created, trying to honour Kazama’s name. And all for nothing. He didn’t feel suited for the job, none of the patriarchs seemed to respect him, and his family was paying for his mistakes. Sometimes he played with the idea of leaving everything behind and starting a new life, but it seemed too late to go now. He gave his word to help the clan and he had to follow through. 

Sadly, it was damaging Haruka and he couldn’t forgive himself for that. He really wasn’t being a good father; at least not the one Haruka deserved.

Yumi touched his shoulder, bringing him back from his thoughts. “It’s not your fault,” she repeated with a soothing voice. “We are both in this together and we will fix it. We will find a way to make her life easier, ok?” 

Kiryu just nodded without knowing what to say. The only thing that could help Haruka would be him disappearing from her life, and it was too late for that too.

He always made things difficult for everyone.




Some days passed and Kiryu still didn’t feel better. And Haruka wasn’t happy either. She just hid in her bedroom with the dog and barely spoke to anyone. And he was doing basically the same. Kiryu didn’t feel inclined to enjoy his free time if she couldn’t either; it didn’t feel right. And Yumi tried to help all she could although nothing seemed to work. Maybe Haruka didn’t have his blood, but she acted as stubborn as him.

He just wanted to find a solution and nothing seemed right or safe, but he had to do something for her. He needed to do something for her.

Kiryu looked through the documents Kashiwagi just left on his desk without much interest. He didn’t even know what he wanted from him, but he wouldn’t ask either. The last thing he needed now was a reprimand and a reminder of how badly he did at everything.

“So, how is everything going with Majima-san?” Yayoi asked him, startling him a little.

That was a good question for which he didn’t have an answer. But Yayoi wasn’t referring to the thing Kiryu had in mind.

“Everything is ok,” Kiryu said, trying to end the conversation quickly.

“I have to say I’m impressed. You tamed the Mad Dog,” she commented, ignoring his demeanour. And Kiryu didn’t like that nickname at all.

“Yes, Kiryu seems to inspire confidence in some of our patriarchs,” Kashiwagi told her with a tone that he could recognize as a double entendre, which he only answered with a piercing stare. He didn’t have the time for this meddling.

“But can we really trust him? He has a record of being uncontrollable and not trustworthy,” Yayoi added after a moment. Kiryu always heard stories, but never the whole thing. And even less coming from Majima himself.

“Yes, I can tell.” Kashiwagi admitted, looking ashamed. “But we have to trust Kiryu here. If he thinks he is, he is. Majima seems to be loyal to him.”

Yayoi huffed. “It wouldn’t be the first time he betrays his boss,” she noted. “And the Omi are still after you, so careful.”

Kiryu couldn’t understand where this was coming from. “He hasn’t done anything to deserve this concern,” he objected, feeling very irritated.

“Yet.” Yayoi made a face that he couldn’t read.

And Kiryu grunted as a response.

That seemed totally unfair. He didn’t have any proof of Majima doing dubious things behind his back. Sure, they didn’t spend all day together and he couldn’t know his whereabouts, but he didn’t need to. He trusted him.

Yayoi stared at Kashiwagi, waiting for him to say something. Did they plan something before coming in?

Kashiwagi cleared his throat, seeming uncomfortable. “I know you both are friends and all,” he started saying. “But I beg you to be alert. Your position is a difficult one and you will find a lot of enemies in the way, and not always in the form you might expect. So just…” Kashiwagi paused, trying to find the words although Kiryu probably knew what he wanted to say. Of course he knew, he had been referring to their affair as something dangerous since the start. “Have your mind clear, ok?”

“Majima is not a traitor,” Kiryu countered, getting more annoyed with every word he was listening to. Everyone seemed to expect the worst coming from Majima and he felt the need to defend him. “He wouldn’t betray me. And you basically told him to be my personal bodyguard, so I don’t understand this now.” Kiryu finally snapped, watching how both of them averted their eyes in embarrassment.

But Kashiwagi still had something to say.

“I’m not saying I don’t trust him, I’m just telling you to keep your eyes open. Majima has a special thing for you to be sure.” Kiryu didn’t know how to feel about that comment. “But I’m worried what he could do if you make him mad.”

What did that even mean? They were friends, they had some kind of agreement, why would Kiryu make him mad? Majima wasn’t that kind of man; he trusted him with his life and he didn’t care if they approved it or not.

A knock on the door startled them.

“Come in,” he called to whoever it was.

The door opened and Majima appeared behind it with a neutral expression.

Kiryu gulped, did he hear something?

“Yo, Kiryu-chan, long time no see,” he said, closing the door and walking to his side.

Kiryu looked up to him and nodded with half of a smile that he couldn’t avoid. He had missed him.

A few seconds passed in silence when Yayoi shot Kashiwagi a questioning look, but he just shrugged. Was he on the spot now too?

“Did we have a meeting?” Majima asked, glancing at Kashiwagi and Yayoi.

“We were just checking on Kiryu-san,” Yayoi rushed to say.

Kiryu felt bad. He couldn’t tell Majima the doubts that the other patriarchs had about him, that would make him mad. But at the same time, Kiryu felt he deserved to know.

“Uh-huh,” Majima seemed to accept. 

Then, they fell in an uncomfortable silence again, and it felt even more obvious they were hiding something. Should he say something or…?

“We will leave you both, then,” Kashiwagi announced and, without losing more time, they both left the room.

That was awkward.

Majima studied Kiryu for a moment, maybe trying to understand something just reading into his body language, and Kiryu felt worried he would start making questions.

“Have ya bein’ avoidin’ me?” Majima crossed his arms over his chest.

Well, not that question.

“No,” Kiryu said, confused. That seemed stupid, why would he be avoiding him? Kiryu had missed him these past few awful days and he could have used his company. Talking to him always made him feel better and Majima always found a way to help him with everything, maybe he could even have a suggestion to solve Haruka’s problem. But he had probably been busy with all his projects; or at least Kiryu wanted to believe that. 

Sometimes Kiryu wondered if Majima really cared about him, or if he was just trying to woo him for power or something different. All those people always talking crudely about Majima messed with his head. And then Kiryu saw him and all his insecurities melted away; he was just being dumb and his lack of experience made him think more than he should. Majima was as busy a man as he was himself, yet he still wondered why he didn’t call or message him.

Kiryu sighed; surely the conversation he just had was bugging his mind. But he had to admit Majima was really complicated to understand; he showed himself in a way and, then, he did something completely different, making him really hard to follow.

“I had a moment before a meeting with the construction company and I wanted to check on ya too,” Majima said, obviously questioning what Kashigawi and Yayoi were doing there. But Kiryu knew how to dodge things.

“Well, I’m ok,” Kiryu replied curtly.

“Are ya?” Majima looked at him in disbelief.

“Why wouldn't I be?” Kiryu tried to play innocent, feeling too self-conscious.

“Well, ya haven’t talked to me in a while,” Majima observed as an explanation.

“You haven't talked to me either,” Kiryu countered.

And it sounded bitterer than he wanted it to be.

Majima narrowed his eye, dazed, unsure of what to say. Kiryu didn’t know what to do either; he didn’t want to seem bothered, but he wasn’t doing a good job anyway.

“Ok, big boy,” Majima started saying with a soothing voice. “How about we go on a date?” He proposed with a smirk, bending to his eye level.

But Kiryu’s brain stopped thinking. A…date? “Isn’t that something that a couple would do?” He asked with confusion.

Majima looked at him with a mix of annoyance and uncertainty. He opened his mouth at the same time he raised his hand, ready to say something, but then let it drop, in defeat. What did he do now? 

Groaning, Majima started to massage the bridge of his nose with his eye closed.

“I mean,” Kiryu tried to explain, but Majima cut him off.

“It’s ok, how about a night out with the boys?” Majima suggested, cringing hard.

Kiryu didn’t know what or why, but something felt wrong. “Who are the boys?” He wondered, concerned. Kiryu didn’t know why the concept of Majima going out with other men upset him.

“The men from my family,” Majima told him.

His family? “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Kiryu answered.

“Oh, c’mon, ya need a break from time to time. When was the last time you went out? A men’s night! We will be at Deborah.” Majima clapped his hands, looking excited now. 

“I—,” Kiryu wasn’t still convinced.

“Well, to be honest, surely there will be girls too,” Majima added, looking pensive.

Kiryu felt a sharp pang of jealousy. Was that something he usually did? “And you did like women, right?” He asked, trying not to sound too stupid.

Majima peered at him, seeming lost. “Yes? What the fuck is wrong with ya today, Kiryu-chan?” He looked somewhere between amused and irked. “Are you havin’ a mental crisis here?” Majima scoffed.

Kiryu furrowed his eyebrows. Maybe he was; surely Yayoi and Kashiwagi putting doubts in his mind didn’t help at all. And Majima was… Majima; he always found him unpredictable.

“Do you trust people?” Kiryu started out of the blue.

That shocked Majima. 

A lot.

“Whoooah, ok, ok, what’s happenin’ here?” Kiryu could hear worry in his voice. “They told ya somethin’, right?”

“It’s not that,” Kiryu dismissed, but it totally was. He just didn’t want to tell Majima. “It’s just…do you?”

“Of course not!” Majima seemed a little offended.

“No one?” Now Kiryu felt conflicted.

Majima sighed. “Kiryu-chan, it’s ok to trust people that are close to you. Just, be careful,” he shrugged, not knowing what he was answering.

And that was exactly what they told him. “But wouldn't it be better to know you can trust them totally? To feel protected around them?”

Majima huffed. “Sure, that would be ideal, but highly unrealistic.” He stared at him, maybe waiting for a way out. Kiryu felt like this line of conversation was making Majima anxious and he didn’t want that, he trusted him. Of course he did. He just wanted to know his position in all of this.

“Don’t you trust me then?” Kiryu wondered, going straight to the point.

“Oi, Kiryu-chan…” Majima mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

“Do you?” Kiryu insisted. He felt afraid he didn’t, playing with the possibility of him being another problem in Majima’s life too.

“’Course I do!” Majima exclaimed, looking really uncomfortable and avoiding his eyes; but he didn’t question Kiryu back. Perhaps Majima didn’t want to know. 

Or maybe he felt afraid to ask.

“Aren’t you contradicting yourself?” Kiryu kept going and saw how Majima just rolled his eye.

“Ok, that’s enough philosophical discussion for today!” Majima clapped his gloved hands and hopped over him in a fast motion. Kiryu tensed in surprise, but managed to catch him.

Majima started showering him with kisses all over his face and neck. Relaxing a little, Kiryu took advantage to hug him; he did really miss him. And he really needed some comfort after all these stressful days.  Kiryu cupped Majima’s jaw and kissed him on the lips, softly and Majima hummed in content. It wasn’t something sexual, it was just something he felt the need to do, to feel wanted. He wondered why he had that urge, but it felt reassuring to give in with Majima.

After a few seconds, Majima started sliding his hand over his chest in the path to his—

Kiryu interrupted the kiss. “Sorry, I’m not in the mood to…” It felt awkward for him to say that; memories of his past came to his mind, remembering all the times he just wanted to cuddle and he ended up feeling guilty for misleading his partners, and it always ended badly. 

He didn’t want that with Majima.

“Oh,” Majima raised his hand from where it rested like it burned. “Sorry,” he added with distress, standing up and trying to focus on something else that wasn’t Kiryu.

Exactly what he didn’t want to cause.

“It’s not—,” Kiryu tried to explain with a sad expression.

“No, no, it’s ok, don’t worry,” Majima said really quickly, like he wanted to disappear.

“But—,” Kiryu stood up and Majima stepped backwards, still not looking at him.

“It’s ok,” Majima insisted. “I have somethin’ to do anyway.'' He started walking to the door.

“Nii-san, wait,” Kiryu almost begged.

“There was somethin’ important…” Majima mumbled, lost in thoughts and seeming nervous. “Can’t remember what...” 

“The meeting with the construction company?” Kiryu offered with concern. Was he alright?

“Oh, that. Thanks!” That was the only time he glanced at him before storming out of the office.

What the fuck?

Kiryu sighed.

Did he do something wrong? Did Majima feel rejected? Kiryu didn’t want him to think like that. Of course he wanted to be with him just…not like that at the moment. Sometimes he thought there was something wrong with himself. He didn’t feel interested in sex that much anyway, and that always seemed to be a breaking point in all his relationships. He didn’t want to lose Majima or push himself to do something he didn’t want to do. To be fair, it already felt strange for him to be open to explore his desires with Majima. Maybe it was because he felt comfortable enough. But probably after that everything would be more complicated.

If Kiryu was honest, he had been waiting for the moment that he would screw up their relationship for this. Majima always looked more…active than him. And surely he felt bored about what they did by now. Or maybe he wasn’t because he searched for what he needed in other places. After all, they were…friends, right? They hadn’t talked about being exclusive and that seemed stupid knowing Majima would want something that Kiryu wasn’t sure if he could give him.

Groaning, Kiryu sat in his chair and looked through the window. Now he had two problems, both of which he caused, making the people around him miserable.

He was a fucking mess.




Majima rested his back against the wall, taking a drag from his cigarette. He felt like shit. Kiryu was acting weird with him and, to make things worse, he ended up pushing him too much. And Majima didn’t want to be that kind of guy that imposed himself on other people; he knew how awful that felt. Kiryu was too precious to him and it seemed obvious he felt disturbed by his actions. Only remembering the scene made him cringe hard, embarrassed for not noticing it before.

He was being an asshole.

Majima felt afraid to lose Kiryu, but he didn’t know how to stop it from happening before it would be inevitable. Maybe he was just reading him badly but, then, Kiryu was the one starting all the kisses. And to make things more complicated, Kiryu insisted they weren’t a couple. They were just friends that kissed too much. Majima sighed. That thought alone gave him a headache. He didn’t know where he stood. If Kiryu wanted only sex, he could give him that. If he didn’t want anything else more than an obedient dog, he could be that for him. But Kiryu never told him anything and he felt like whatever he would say could screw everything up.

That reminded him why he didn’t want any kind of relationship. People seemed too difficult for him to handle, and he was too fucked up to do anything right, apparently. 

Majima bumped his head over the wall, hard enough to hurt himself. “Ouch,” he rubbed his skull, trying to soothe the pain he caused himself.

He sensed someone moving in his blind spot and, when he turned his head, he saw Kiryu walking by. Did he hurt himself badly enough to hallucinate? Kiryu seemed to be heading to Deborah, was he coming after all? He never agreed to join them.

Ok, he could play it cool. 

He dropped his cigarette and jumped onto Kiryu.

“Got’cha!” Majima whispered into his ear, enveloping Kiryu with his arms and legs from behind.

“Oi, oi,” Kiryu complained, trying to disentangle from him.

Laughing, Majima let him go and walked to his front.

“Kiryu-chan, you’re really out of shape again,” Majima commented with a cheerful tone; he couldn’t hide how delighted he felt to see him there.

“No, you are just too good at it,” Kiryu tried to defend himself.

“Uuuh, hope I’m not only good at that.” And back to the sexual banter. Majima wanted to punch himself for being like that.

Gladly, Kiryu smiled at him.

“What are ya doin’ here?” Majima asked, seeing Kiryu wasn’t moving or saying anything.

“Well, you told me to come and after what happened, I…well,” Kiryu seemed distressed; he didn’t want to talk about it. And Majima didn’t want to, either. It had been enough awkwardness for a day, thank you very much.

Kiryu was just there, looking handsome as always. He didn’t seem to be too mad at him and he could try to make things better. He really needed to try, even if he just wanted to push him to the nearest alley and blow him right there. No, he couldn't, he needed to control himself a little around him, wait for him to...initiate? Would he? That seemed unlikely, but Majima would be ok with it too. It was Kiryu, he didn’t care about anything else.

“What?” Kiryu questioned.

Oh, right, he just stood there looking at him. Kiryu was so attractive it was so easy to lose his train of thought just admiring him.

“Not sure, I think there must be somethin’ wrong with my eye, I can’t take it off ya,” Majima said in a smug tone.

Kiryu frowned and stepped closer, studying his face. “Everything seems fine, but if you need a doctor—,” he suggested with a worried tone.

“Yeah, maybe I need one because my heart stopped when I saw ya.” Majima rested his hand dramatically over his chest with a big smirk.

But Kiryu’s frown only deepened.

“Oh, c’mon, Kiryu-chan,” Majima shook his head and passed his arm over his shoulders. “You’re really oblivious, ain't’ ya?”

“I’m not,” Kiryu complained.

Of course not.

They went inside the club. The music was loud and people were dancing and laughing, all illuminated by dim lights that were enough to see the way without walking over anyone, but giving intimacy to those who searched for it. That gave Majima some ideas, but not for today.

They reached their group and Majima removed his arm from Kiryu, afraid that it would be too much.

“Look who I’ve found!” Majima shouted and everyone looked at him in surprise. All of them stood up and bowed.

“Hi, sir!” It was the thing he could hear mostly.

“It’s such an honour, sir,” Minami said too enthusiastically.

Kiryu seemed uncomfortable with the attention. “It’s not necessary, we’re not working right now. Just call me Kiryu,” he told them. Majima didn’t feel really ok with it; after all Kiryu was their boss, he had to make himself respected, but he would let it pass for today.  

They took a seat on the last side from the sofa, having Kiryu on his left side, far away from the others, and in front of Nishida, who already seemed anxious. More than usual. And at his side was Minami, the new addition, sitting between two women he didn’t know, and beside him another of his men, Nagahama.

Kiryu seemed a little out of place and Majima was starting to worry if he would regret coming. He had a feeling that told him he probably would.

“You ok?” Majima asked him in a low tone.

“Yeah,” Kiryu nodded, but Majima wasn’t sure he was.

“Kiryu-san, want something to drink?” Nishida offered.

“Oh…Yeah, sure,” Kiryu accepted. “Whatever they have.”

“Two Hibiki then,” Majima said and Nishida nodded and walked away.

When he glanced around, he saw the two girls in front of them were looking at Kiryu like they were eating him alive. He couldn’t blame them, though. He had also used his wild imagination just looking at him before Kiryu surprised him with that kiss. It still felt alien for him, why would Kiryu choose him?

The women started talking between them, giggling and whispering to each other. Who knew what they were talking about, but Majima probably could have a guess...

Nishida came back with their drinks and Majima took half of it on the spot. Kiryu glared at him with surprise.

“You shouldn’t drink that much,” Kiryu suggested.

“It’s the first one, boss,” Majima teased him with a grin. If only he could wink...

“We will be back in a moment,” one of the women said and both of them stood up, swaggering on the way.

All the men looked at their asses, except Kiryu, who was entertained with his glass. And Majima wanted to laugh; he didn’t know if he was this respectful or just uninterested. Maybe he should find it reassuring.

“Who are they?” Majima asked when they weren’t near.

“Who cares? Have ya seen them?” Minami started howling and Nagahama joined him.

“They are Saori and Yuko, sir,” Nishida said to him and Majima nodded. At least they wouldn’t just be ‘cute’ and ‘big boobs’ in his head anymore.

“Who’s the one with the big boobs?” Nagahama wondered. Oh well, he wasn’t the only one calling her that.

“Saori,” Nishida answered.

“I prefer Yuko, with that ass…” Minami grinned and started jerking his hips like he was fucking the air.

Majima giggled in embarrassment; Kiryu surely was already searching for the emergency exit. He glanced at him and true enough he was blushing hard, looking to the ground. So fucking cute.

“Nah, I prefer looking at their tits,” Nagahama commented, dismissing Minami like this was a matter of great interest.

“I prefer their faces,” Nishida interrupted in disgust.

They both looked at each other and started laughing again.

“And their personalities too,” Nishida added, probably not understanding that he should stop already.

Minami and Nagahama howled again and Majima grinned into his glass. Kiryu was going to kill him for sure.

“You’re so romantic, Nishida,” Majima teased him. Sometimes he wondered how his captain ended up in this world. Then, he turned around to see Kiryu making a face. Oh, true, Kiryu was the big sappy one here. 

“What?” Majima asked while the other two kept mocking Nishida in the background.

“I prefer that too,” Kiryu whispered with a challenging look. That made him think about he and Yumi together and—

No, no, no, don’t go there, he thought. That made him sick.

“I already knew ya were a romantic, boss,” Majima sneered, smiling while grabbing his chin in a caring gesture. Kiryu slapped his hand to stop him, looking nervous.

Right, people were still around them and while they probably wouldn’t read too much into that, it was Majima doing it after all, he understood Kiryu didn’t like to be seen. 

That was a shame, but Kiryu insisted on not having a date.

“What do ya prefer, boss?” Minami directed the question to Majima. That brought Kiryu’s attention, making him feel like he was going to be judged.

And he didn't like that.

“I can’t say I have a preference,” Majima shrugged. “But a good ass is always a good view,” he finally offered, giving Kiryu a wicked smirk.

Kiryu flushed again, opening his eyes comically. Thinking about his boss in that position made his blood pump. 

At that, Minami and Nagahama roared in amusement.

Nishida started coughing and spat all his drink over the ground.

“Oi, Nishida, what are ya thinkin’ about?” Majima totally knew what he was thinking about, the little sucker.

“No—nothing, sir,” Nishida excused himself while he got up for another drink.

“Yo, Kiryu-san, you ok over there?” Nagahama asked him when he saw he barely talked. “Are we making you uncomfortable?”

“I—,” Kiryu began.

“He sure is ok,” Majima interrupted. “But he is married, y’know how that works,” he joked around.

“Well—,” Kiryu tried to say.

“No, no, save the details,” he stopped whatever Kiryu was going to say. He really didn’t want to know.

“Well, being married is the best way not to get any,” Nagahama commented. “Only if you cheat!” He snorted.

That hit right in the sore spot. 

And Nishida arrived at the time, dropping his new drink again.

“I—,” Nishida just took a seat, preparing himself to be sober all night without drinking and having to deal with the situation. However, Majima wasn’t sure if he should be annoyed by Nishida’s behaviour or glad he stopped that conversation.

“What’s gotten into you, Nishida?” Minami laughed.

“Are you ok?” Kiryu asked him at the same time, worried.

“I’m ok, sir,” Nishida assured with a little bow.

“Please, don’t call me that,” Kiryu insisted.

“Ok, sir. I mean, yes, Kiryu-san.”

Kiryu was always the sweet kind of man who would care for everyone in the room. Majima found that endearing but a waste of time. But at the same time that was one thing he loved—liked about him. He was different. All that strength could be used to destroy all the people who tried to make his life harder and, yet, there he was, being a big soft boy, controlling his own impulses and trying to help every person that seemed in need.

Then, he noticed he had been looking at Kiryu the whole time and that made him feel exposed.

“Majima-san?” Kiryu whispered.

Majima thought what would happen if he kissed him right here in front of everyone. Surely Kiryu wouldn’t appreciate it and that was basically what was stopping him. But his men? He wouldn’t even care.

And they would probably leave them alone.

“Nothin’,” Majima answered, smiling at him tenderly and Kiryu smiled back. He felt like Nishida was looking at them as if they were the protagonists of a romantic film, probably about to stand in ovation, and he wanted to punch him for that.

Saori and Yuko arrived at the moment, sitting again in their places.

“Did you miss us?” Yuko wondered, covering her mouth in a cute way.

“I did,” Minami said, passing an arm around their shoulders.

Majima didn’t.


Some time passed and Kiryu finally seemed to start relaxing. After how the night started, it seemed difficult to make it worse.

“I go to Stardust sometimes,” Kiryu commented to him and Nishida.

“Isn’t that a place for hosts? For women?” Majima felt confused.

“Yes, but my friends own the place,” Kiryu explained.

“So, they let you use their services?” Nishida wondered.

“What? No. I just go to visit my friends,” Kiryu clarified, furrowing his brow.

“Oh, right.” Nishida made a face, wanting to disappear. Majima felt relieved to know Kiryu was really oblivious to everything because Nishida couldn’t pretend even a little.

“Hey, guys, what are your blood types?” Saori suddenly said.

Ugh, not that fucking conversation. It felt weird, like they were looking at them like possible partners based in something stupid that didn’t make sense. He didn’t like the idea of someone labelling other people just based on something they couldn’t control. That seemed kind of petty.

“And you?” She was referring to him; he might have lost the other people responding.

“AB,” Majima shrugged. It felt better to get done with it.

“Ooh, that one is so weird!” Yuko pointed out.

Kiryu huffed. “Why am I not even surprised?” Majima turned to see him and smiled back at him. He had a fond expression that made him wish they were alone. Well, maybe that conversation wasn’t the worst after all.

“If any of you were a woman, you’d be a difficult match, but you could make it work,” Saori explained between giggles, like that didn’t make him feel something.

Or like it wasn’t fucking homoph—

“Ooh, whaddaya think, boss? Do we make a good couple?” Majima joked, passing his arm over his shoulders and squeezing him. He loved pestering Kiryu just to see him blush and squirming.

“I—,” Kiryu opened his mouth to say something, but didn’t find any words. He was always so cute like that. Majima wanted to bite him.

“I’m so glad I don’t have a drink anymore,” he heard Nishida commenting.

Majima glared at him and he gulped in response. He really needed to learn how to be subtle.

“Tell us more about you, Majima-san,” Saori said, trying to bring the attention to her.

“Me? What do you want to know?” Was she interested in him now? Did he lose something else in that conversation?

“Well, what do you do for a living?”

The usual question to know if he would be a good partner. Tch, that seemed dumb. He wasn’t a good choice anyway, but telling her right away he was the captain of the Tojo Clan surely wasn’t appropriate either. He thought the tattoos would be an obvious give-away, but apparently not. Or maybe she liked to play.

“I own a Construction company.” Majima decided to go safer.

“You own one?” Saori seemed really impressed. He saw how Minami giggled a little, surely thinking it was obvious he was something more. Maybe she didn’t care.

“Heh, you could say I’m basically rich, babe!” Majima told her, feeling really smug.

“And, are you married?” The woman bent a little, squeezing her tits. 

Oh well…

“Not really,” Majima answered, feeling a little lost. It was the truth, but he wasn’t interested in her anyway.

Suddenly, he felt something moving in his back. Was Kiryu getting handsy now? What a great moment to start.

When he looked to his left, he saw Kiryu staring at him with his tanto in his hand. 

What the fuck?

“I think you dropped this, Majima-san,” Kiryu said in a neutral tone, opening the thing and showing it was a real weapon. Saori covered her mouth in shock. Minami and Nagahama started howling again. Suckers.

“Did I?” Majima wondered with an accusing tone, raising an eyebrow. He forcefully grabbed the thing and put that back in his trousers, where it was secured before.

Majima glared at him with an amused face. Kiryu was trying to act cool, but he knew there was something else. And he really didn’t expect that coming from him. He knew he shouldn’t feel flattered by jealousy, that usually never ended well, but having the fucking Dragon of Dojima being possessive with him was hot.

The Dragon of Cockblocking, he thought. Heh, high five brain.

Then, Saori put her attention on Nishida. The better, really. Looking at Kiryu's reaction, he didn’t know if he would end up being stabbed if he continued talking to any of the girls.

“And you, Kiryu-san, apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” Yuko flirted with him and Kiryu laughed.

He fucking laughed. Majima was going to murder him.

“He is married,” Majima interrupted before this could go anywhere. He had enough with the idea of sharing Kiryu with Yumi.

Kiryu glanced at him with a questioning look but bemused. Majima shrugged at him thinking, ‘take that back’. 

Maybe he liked to see Majima jealous too but that felt stupid. He would always be jealous, he was married and could grab the attention of any person he wanted. And yet, there he was, looking at him in a way he couldn’t describe but made him feel cherished.

“But boss,” Nishida interrupted the moment.

“Shut yer mouth, Nishida!” Majima kicked him in the knee.

“Ouch! Boss, I wasn’t going to say that!” Nishida complained, rubbing his leg.

Kiryu looked between them with a confused expression. “Don’t treat him like that, he didn’t say anything wrong,” Kiryu told him while both girls started paying attention to Nishida.

“It’s ok, Kiryu-san, I’m used to it,” he tried to reassure him. Of course he was ok, he now had Saori pressing her tits against his arm.

“Hey!” Majima felt called out, he wasn’t that bad.

But it was ignored, having the girls trying to bring new conversational subjects, all dwelling over a couple concepts. Majima wanted to drown in alcohol. Didn’t those girls see that they weren’t good couple material?

“Would you cheat on your partner?” Saori asked them, looking too happy for what she just blurted. Majima felt how Kiryu tensed a little at his side.

Fucking fantastic. Couldn’t they talk about baseball?

“Of course not if you were my girlfriend,” Minami said in a gallant way and Majima couldn’t avoid rolling his eye.

“Of course ya would, don’t lie to her,” Majima teased him.

“Oi, boss, I would never!” Minami replied in an obvious fake tone.

The girls didn’t seem to mind because they laughed at that.

“And you, Kiryu-san?” Saori looked at his boss, very interested. 

Majima was, too.

“I wouldn’t,” Kiryu answered to his surprise. That was a fucking lie and, yet, something he still didn’t understand. She was his Yumi and Majima was nothing in comparison.

“Sure,” Majima sneered, making a gesture of disbelief and sipping his glass.

“What?” Kiryu glanced at him, very annoyed.

“Nothin’,” Majima dismissed him; it wasn’t the place for that. But Kiryu didn’t seem to let it drop.

“Would you try to hide it at least, Majima-san?” Yuko now directed the question to him.

First, Majima felt offended that she was taking for granted that he would. He was more honourable than that. If he didn’t want to be in a relationship, he would cut that out. And second, he felt the need to be obnoxious when someone dared to judge him like that.

“Why would I? I would go down the street with two chicks at my side.” His men started roaring, supporting his answer. “A man has his needs and one person wouldn’t be enough,” he shrugged pointing at himself, giving her a big grin. He hoped that would deter her.

Yuko clapped. “Ooh, that’s so cool, like a big American mafia boss,” she said and the other men picked from there to imitate his boss.

At least Yuko seemed to understand what his job field was...

And yet, what was wrong with people? Since when it was cool not feeling enough for a person? He was trying to look like the least appealing man ever and he was failing. They were really a weird type. But they were here sitting between yakuza men, prying in their lives and flirting with them, that seemed more than obvious by now.

Majima moved his head enough to spot Nishida with a worried face, making some concealed gestures for him to look at his blind side. Majima frowned. What the…? When he did it, he found Kiryu shooting him a death glare, not even blinking. Majima gulped; did he screw this up again?

“Do you?” Kiryu asked in a serious tone. Majima could sense they weren’t joking around anymore.

Thoughts were racing in his mind, he wanted to say the truth, that of course no, but part of him just wanted to snap. Too much distrust for a day.

“You’re the one married!” Majima hissed, accusing him. Kiryu knitted his eyebrows in confusion and looked away, ashamed. Majima could see how he was clenching his fist, probably ready to send a blow that never came.

Kiryu stood up and stormed out of the club. Majima was glad the boys weren’t paying attention.

“I think you should follow him, sir,” Nishida suggested and Majima knew he was right.

Rushing on his way, Majima searched for him, finding Kiryu at the same spot where Majima stood at the beginning of the night, already smoking.

“What?” Majima snapped directly when he reached him. “Do ya wanna fight?”

Kiryu glanced at him in horror. “I don’t want to hit you,” he said with a disgusted face.

“Why not? Do ya think ya will break me?” Where did this come from? They always fixed things like that, why did that change now? “I’m not a fuckin’ princess.” Majima was fuming.

“I gathered that much,” Kiryu commented, looking straight ahead and avoiding his eye.

Ok, Majima wanted to punch him, but he had the feeling Kiryu wasn’t going to let him. And that terrified him because neither of them were good with words.

“Look, I know, it’s ok, you have your needs,” Kiryu suddenly said, making zero sense, trying to understand what he said earlier. And Majima deserved that for having that big mouth of his, not thinking that his act would damage Kiryu’s trust in him.

But it wasn’t ok, not for Majima. Why would he be ok to be cheated on?

Well, he was the one who should be asking himself that.

“What the fuck, Kiryu-chan?” Majima couldn’t comprehend what was happening. “To answer your question I—,”

“No, don’t. It’s ok, it’s your private life and you don’t have to tell me what you do.” Kiryu paused, looking at him sideways. Majima took a deep breath, ready to reply to him, but Kiryu spoke first “I don’t want to know. Or see,” he added after a pause. “I know you would need more than what I can give you.” 

Majima stood there, looking defeated. Did he really think that?

Was Kiryu really thinking he had a collection of mistresses somewhere? That seemed so stupid he wanted to laugh, but it was neither the place nor the moment. He wanted to call him out on his bullshit. That he had more than enough, more than what he deserved just being with him, at his side. He wouldn’t destroy what they had with something so lame. But Kiryu didn’t want to hear him.

He really was doing his job well if Kiryu thought he was that kind of person, the one he had to show to the world to survive. And he didn’t like the idea. He wanted Kiryu to trust him, but apparently it seemed to be too much to ask. No wonder, really. People didn’t see him in the best light; he just didn’t expect Kiryu to think the same.

He felt kind of disappointed.

“This is because you rejected me this morning, right?” Majima didn’t want to bring this up. He still felt like shit thanks to that and stirring it wasn’t the most appealing thing to do.

But that brought Kiryu’s attention to him again. “It’s not,” he obviously lied.

“What’s wrong?” Majima insisted with a soft voice. First, he started questioning him about trust and now this. It was a matter of fact that something was happening.

“It’s nothing.” Kiryu was still avoiding the conversation and Majima felt pained for having to push through it.

“No, don’t fucking say it’s nothin’. Tell me,” Majima crossed his arms, waiting for an answer.

Kiryu closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I could have used a little company rather than…”

Majima huffed. “I thought I was botherin’ ya!” Now that he said that it seemed pretty obvious and Majima wanted to hit his own face against the wall for being that obtuse.

“You weren’t.” Kiryu wasn’t looking at him anymore. “I just wanted to be with you...” Now his voice sounded almost inaudible, feeling really vulnerable.

“Ya could have told me that, ya dumbass!” Majima wanted to kick his face now. How could he be this dense? And why did he want his presence anyway if he was this mess? Majima couldn’t give just the basic support, apparently.

“I didn’t want to bother you either,” Kiryu looked at his shoes, flicking his cigarette.

This was enough.

Majima massaged his face and started laughing hysterically. Kiryu glanced at him, confused.

“And ya fuckin’ said we aren’t a couple?!” Majima found all of this hilarious. 

“I don’t find it funny,” Kiryu said, narrowing at him.

Of course he wouldn’t. If Majima was a pro at ignoring his own feelings, Kiryu beat him at that. Basically like in everything, really.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan. I’m inviting you to eat somethin’. Not takoyaki, tho,” Majima proposed. Takoyaki was never a good idea.

“I’d prefer to go,” Kiryu answered, glancing at the ground again.



Yeah, surely he preferred to be with his family rather than with him. It was understandable.

Majima picked his phone and sent a message to Nishida. He tried to look ok with it, but he wasn’t; he preferred to fix things. However, Kiryu was making this hard for both of them. Maybe it was for the best. Kiryu deserved someone better; Majima couldn’t offer him anything worth it. 

He only brought disaster for people around him.

“Nishida is coming,” Majima told him in a serious tone.

Kiryu looked at him again and shook his head. “You didn’t have to.”

“I do,” Majima insisted.

Kiryu stepped closer to him, raising his hand and then letting it drop, unsure of what to do.

He opened his mouth and sighed. “You shouldn’t treat Nishida like that, by the way.”

Majima felt sure that wasn’t what he wanted to say, but still it was what he decided to tell.


“You don’t have to be that harsh with your people. They respect you already. You are better than that.”

Majima wanted to laugh again. If he thought that, why was he accusing him of basically being unfaithful to him?

“He is weak, he has to learn,” Majima defended himself. Maybe he was reaffirming the idea with himself. He needed to learn, too.

“He isn’t, he has to endure your treatment,” Kiryu frowned.

“Something ya want to complain more about?” Majima challenged, feeling offended.

“It’s not that, but he doesn’t deserve that,” Kiryu insisted, more apologetically this time.

Majima crossed his arms again. “Whatever ya say, boss,” he mocked, not showing that he cared about what he just said.

Kiryu shook his head, looking tired. Majima didn’t know what he meant by that or why he was saying that, but it wasn’t helping him to feel better.

People walked around them ignoring their existence and their arguing. He wished to be one of those random people who were just walking around, having fun or just going back from work. They probably had better and easier lives. 

But none of them knew Kiryu and that was something he couldn’t live without.

Maybe if they just had gone together on a date, alone, nothing of this shit would have happened. Maybe they could have enjoyed the night, maybe even show Kiryu he could be better than what he showed to the other people. But he wasn’t even sure of that; he couldn’t drop the act completely, not even in front of Kiryu and that seemed like something he would have to bear all his life. He trusted Kiryu, of course he did, but opening himself up would only bring him pain, and he had enough of that in his life already.

Why would they complicate their lives so much? This should be something fun and not a fucking drama. If Kiryu wanted exclusivity, he could just say it. Of course, Majima would slap him for the audacity to ask him for something he couldn’t give back, but at least he would be honest.

Nishida’s car appeared on the road and Kiryu glanced at him one last time before disappearing inside it.

Nishida stepped out and ran to Majima, very anxious. “He really thinks you are cheating on him?” He whispered.

It was really obvious, huh? Majima snorted. “It seems so, the asshole…” He didn’t need to deny it anymore to his captain. Majima really should give him more credit.

“Want me to reassure him?” Nishida proposed.

“What? No! Don’t tell him anythin’. He wouldn’t believe ya and he would panic knowing ya know,” Majima opened his eye comically, thinking of the possible scenario of that happening.

“But sir—,” Nishida complained.

“It’s ok, just drive him home safely,” Majima rested his hand on his shoulder and Nishida nodded, going back to the car.

Majima sighed. Maybe it would be better to go home now; he couldn’t even pretend to have fun anymore.




Lights reflected in the window while they moved through the city. Nishida was unusually tense and Kiryu felt a pang of guilt and something else that he couldn’t name, spreading all over his body. 

It physically hurt.

Majima deserved someone better, someone less afraid to feel and let things go naturally. Kiryu was always anxious with the idea of not controlling his emotions. He knew something bad would happen if he did that and he didn’t want to hurt Majima. And at the same time he knew he wouldn’t, that Majima was strong enough. Probably the strongest person he knew. It just didn’t feel right to punch him every time they had an argument. Sure enough, they still could fix things like that for time to time, just not that thing.

If Majima wanted to be with other people, he was free to do it. They didn’t talk about it and probably it seemed too much to ask. It felt strange to tell Majima what to do with his own life. In the end, it was up to him; Majima would do whatever he wanted and Kiryu would see if he accepted it or not.

Kiryu played with his ring lost in thoughts, remembering all the good moments they shared together. Majima always made him feel better. Well, almost always, but it was his own fault for getting worked up. He didn’t have the right to ask Majima for explanations.

Majima was still choosing to be with him and Kiryu knew he should appreciate and take; that seemed more than he deserved knowing he couldn’t give Majima what he wanted every time.

It would take a while for him to accept it as it was, even more because he felt a little too possessive. He just didn’t want to see or know. That was it. He would just try to forget it and keep going; it wasn’t any good to dwell in things he couldn’t fix.

He didn’t feel good with the idea, but maybe he needed to learn to live with it.

“Are you ok over there, Kiryu-san?” Nishida wondered so suddenly it startled Kiryu.

“Hmm? Yes, I’m ok,” Kiryu responded, still a little dazed.

“You know, Majima isn’t that bad,” Nishida commented.

Kiryu frowned. He assumed he was referring to what happened before in the club, with Majima getting angry with him.

He offered him a tiny smile and nodded.

“I know.”




The next day came and Kiryu woke up feeling like he had been run over by a truck, but he had something important to do.

Holding Haruka’s hand, they entered her friend’s house. She was grateful for it and Kiryu felt happier to see her like that, helping her to have a better childhood. She deserved something different too, having the chance to be a kid, to have friends and normal conversations for her age. Haruka had already experienced too many traumatic things in her short life and it was time to make things easier for her.

Yumi didn’t like the plan, saying he still was putting the other people in danger going there personally, but if he was there he could help in case something happened. Maybe he could have sent someone in his place that wouldn’t attract so much attention, but Haruka was his daughter and this was his mess to take care of. And she would prefer having him there.

He just hoped nothing went south; he wouldn’t be able to bear the idea of being the one destroying a kid’s day.

Kiryu stood in the garden, in a corner, alone, just vigilant and letting Haruka play with her friends while the other parents looked at him in concern. Sure enough, he wasn’t wearing the pin, but he always caused that impression in people. 

He was used to it by now.

Being in this situation made him think. Should he make an oath with the Omi Alliance? Maybe he should; that would bring peace between the clans, showing they just wanted a respectful coexistence and, mostly, Haruka would be able to have the childhood she needed.

Maybe he should try that. But he didn’t know how the patriarchs would take that. Or how would Majima take that after all the problems they were causing. He needed to think more about that.

He studied his surroundings, carefully in case there was something strange, any movement that would scream to him ‘danger’. He glanced at the house on his right and, to his surprise, he saw Majima staring directly at him and Haruka.

What the fuck?

Kiryu took his phone and sent a message.

What are you doing there?’ he asked Majima.

Ask yer wife,’ Majima answered back in a second.

Kiryu rolled his eyes. Couldn’t he just tell him?

He dialled Yumi’s number.

Oh, Kazuma, something wrong?” Yumi wondered, fear in her voice.

“No, everything is ok,” he calmed her.  “Just wanted to know, why is Majima here?”

Oh, that,” she giggled a little. “Well, him and probably half of his family. I asked him to watch you both since you insisted on going there alone,” Kiryu could hear the shrug in her voice.

Kiryu huffed. “Don’t you trust I would be enough?”

Well, I’m sure you would, but you need to learn how to accept some help too, Kazuma.

That was an understatement.

“So, you are both in cahoots against me now?” Kiryu said with humour.

Oh, no. I still don’t like him, but I trust him. And you are too stubborn.”

Kiryu shook his head with a smile on his face. That was unexpected, but it warmed him inside to know there were still people looking for him even if he wasn’t being the easiest man, pushing people aside. Part of him wasn’t totally ok with the idea; he knew he could do this alone. But the other part of him was glad someone cared enough for him.

Kiryu glanced back to Majima and saw him smirking. He nodded at him and got back to watch over Haruka.

Now he didn’t feel that alone anymore.

Chapter Text

Today, Kiryu had another stupid meeting. And he wasn’t looking forward to it. In fact, he didn’t know why he decided to stay in the Tojo as its chairman anymore. Sure, he felt responsible for all that Nishiki caused, taking the duty of rebuilding the clan to a personal level, although he didn’t see any improvements after all this time. Nothing catastrophic either; just not enough. With a large part of the money recovered, they could only count on some small families and two big ones: Nishikiyama and Majima. And that was a problem in itself; relying half of the power on a family led by Shindo didn’t feel like the greatest idea ever. And this way the clan would never be as the one he had grown to appreciate and care as his. As something he should protect and work for.

And on top of that, everyone seemed to expect something bigger, always having the shadow of doubt lurking behind him. Did he deserve that position? People didn’t seem to respect him that much and no matter what he tried, Shindo would never follow his leadership.

But if he didn’t have enough problems, the Omi hadn’t disappeared from their territory, just watching them without starting a fight. That gave him a misleading sense of security. Kiryu felt sure something would happen someday although he didn’t know when. In the meantime, Kashiwagi and Majima did all he could to protect his family; he could take care of himself. Knowing his family could count with the two men he trusted more made him feel relieved.

Of course, Kiryu trusted Majima, at least with Tojo related stuff, but they hadn’t talked since the last time through messages. Well, it couldn’t be considered talking anyway. Kiryu didn’t know how to approach him after what happened, what could he say? How could he excuse himself for his behaviour? Mostly because he still felt kind of jealous. Kiryu didn’t like the word, but he didn’t have a better one to explain why he didn’t like Majima going around with other people. He had never considered himself a territorial person, but apparently he was; everything felt new for him and experiencing these emotions for the first time at his age didn’t say anything good about him either. He couldn’t explain why he felt like that, but just the thought alone made his blood boil.

Maybe he needed to relax before the meeting.

Kiryu opened the door and spotted Majima already there in the hallway, talking with another man, one of the guards, joking about something.

Kiryu frowned, feeling very annoyed.

“Majima-san! Do you mind joining me here?” Kiryu called him with more severity than he intended.

Majima looked confused and the other man seemed startled by his tone. Kiryu didn’t mean to scare anyone and yet there he was, making people afraid.

Majima said something to the man, and started walking to his office like a lamb to the slaughterhouse. Probably he thought he was going to be reprimanded but, why would he? He didn’t do anything wrong. Or did he? Breathe, he reminded himself. Stepping aside, Kiryu gave Majima some space to come in without feeling cornered.

“What’s up?” Majima asked, standing in the door frame.

“Come in and close the door,” Kiryu commanded.

Majima did what he was told, seemingly bored with the situation. “What then?” Majima wondered again, clenching his fist, probably prepared for a fight.

But Kiryu didn’t want to fight.

Walking towards Majima, Kiryu grabbed the man by his jacket collar and pushed him against the next wall. Majima had enough time to react, mimicking his own action, but froze when Kiryu furiously locked lips with him. That took Majima by surprise. And Kiryu was, too. He just let himself react without thinking, following his impulses and kissing and biting his lips in short motions, adrenaline pumping through his body. Majima moaned against him, encouraging him, nipping down his neck, feeling the need to be near him.

But Majima stopped him, pushing him away.

“Wait, wait, wait. Make up yer mind, would ya? What the fuck do ya want?” Majima grunted. Kiryu didn’t know what to say, basically because he didn’t know either. But then, wasn’t that clear? He started the kiss, which should be enough to understand what he wanted.

Kiryu licked his lips, nervously, and opened his mouth to say something, but didn’t find any words. He wasn’t good with them. Action seemed his best field. 

Stepping closer, Kiryu grabbed Majima by his waist and kissed him again, this time tenderly. And Majima kissed him back.

So, it seemed clear, right?

“You’re drivin’ me insane,” Majima mumbled, breathless. 

Kiryu kept going down, biting his neck and making Majima squirm. “I thought you were already,” he teased him, with humour in his voice.

Majima yanked him by his hair, stopping Kiryu mid-bite. He hoped he hadn’t pissed him off again judging by the piercing look Majima sported.

“You’re gonna leave marks,” Majima warned.

Kiryu frowned. “Do you mind?” 

“Ya do, idiot. People will see them,” Majima reminded.

Wasn’t that the point? For people to see them? This way they could know Majima had someone in his life.

“I don’t care,” Kiryu lied. He knew he did, but right now he felt blinded by the lust. And something else he didn’t want to acknowledge.

Kiryu bit him again, stronger this time, until he felt the metallic taste of blood on his tongue. Kiryu heard Majima complaining, making him stop. Maybe he needed to control himself. Raising his head with a guilty look, he found Majima smirking at him.

“My possessive dragon,” Majima whispered, cupping his jaw and caressing him. “I mean—,” he added after a second, feeling exposed.

But Kiryu didn’t mind. 

He pushed him harder against the wall, hungrily kissing Majima on the lips, winning a moan from him.

After a few seconds, Kiryu put his lips over his neck again and sucked the tender skin, making Majima groan and thrust his pelvis, searching for friction. In a quick move, Majima enveloped him with his legs, trapping him over his waist and passing his arms over his shoulder for support, still moving like a snake against his crotch. 

Kiryu wanted to fuck him. 

Only the thought of taking Majima awakened something inside him he didn’t know he had. Still, Kiryu didn’t know how that worked or if they could do that there, right now.

Or who would be the one…

Kiryu couldn’t even give Majima a blow job, how could he even imagine doing something more…intimate? He didn’t mind, but he felt afraid to do it. Would he do something wrong? Would it be obvious he didn’t have experience? Would that hurt?

Maybe they could talk about that later.




“What are ya doin’ later, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked while he fastened his trousers.

“Hmm, work?” Kiryu responded curtly.

“I mean after that,” Majima clarified.

“I have to pick up Haruka from Ares,” Kiryu shrugged and took a tissue to clean himself a little.

Majima frowned. “Why is Yumi takin’ her to the club?” He asked with concern, taking another tissue for himself.

“Well, she is scared to leave her alone,” Kiryu explained, making sure there wasn't any proof left of what just happened.

“And there ain’t a better place for that?” Majima stepped closer to him, throwing the now balled up paper into the bin.

“With me,” Kiryu answered. “You don’t need to worry.”

“I ain’t worried,” Majima lied. “Well, we can meet at Theatre Square before that,” he gave him a wicked smile.

Kiryu felt suspicious. “Why?”

Majima stood in front of him and started putting his tie in place. Kiryu didn’t even know Majima was able to do the knot correctly. “So we can spend some time together,” he paused to admire his work. Surprisingly, it seemed perfectly in place. “Alone,” Majima added, glancing at his eyes again.

“Alone? In the middle of the street?” Kiryu felt confused.

“Kiryu-chan!” Majima yelped with an exasperated tone.

“Ok, ok,” Kiryu accepted without knowing exactly what. “It’s 7 p.m. ok?”

“Perfect,” Majima tapped his shoulder and turned around to exit the office.

And now, the damn meeting.




When Kiryu walked in, all the patriarchs were already sitting. 

And talking a lot. 

And to his surprise, it wasn’t about anything Tojo related; it was about Majima and all the bite marks he just left on him.

Fucking hell.

“Who the fuck tried to eat you alive, Majima-san?” Someone asked while Kiryu mentally slapped himself for getting too carried away.

Glancing at Majima, he found his captain sitting with a smug attitude, smiling at the patriarchs. Of course he didn’t mind at all; Kiryu would be the only one who felt ashamed for that.

“Did you pay for that?” Shindo mocked Majima and others joined him, cracking up. Yayoi seemed bored with the conversation and Kashiwagi was staring at Kiryu with a disapproving glare.

At that moment, Kiryu just wanted to disappear on the spot. Maybe if he tried hard enough... He didn’t feel ready to confront a situation like this.

Probably he would never be.

“Ya would know better than me, I guess,” Majima responded, as expected. 

Kiryu sighed.

Shindo stopped laughing at being called out. “I don’t need to pay for that, Cyclops,” he answered, anger taking over him.

And now Kiryu felt the same way. Why did he have the need to bring that up?

However, Majima seemed unbothered. Kiryu didn’t want to think how many times he had to bear with similar situations.

“That’s not what the girls from Purgatory say,” Majima shrugged, answering really calmly.

Shindo didn’t take that well. “You, shut th—,” he started, getting up from his seat.

“It’s enough!” Kiryu ordered and the room went silent. Shindo sat again, crossing his arms, but still agitated. “Can we start already or someone has anything else to add?” He scolded with a threatening tone. 

Luckily, no one thought it was a good idea to keep with the gossip. 

And Kiryu felt glad.



“Any news from the Omi?” Kiryu asked after a long argument about finances. He was more interested in them.

“They are basically nowhere to see anymore, but we will keep observing our territory in case they come back,” Kashiwagi informed him. 

Finally, some good news.

“In that case, the meeting is over,” Kiryu announced. All the patriarchs rushed to exit the room except for Majima and Kashiwagi.

Kiryu could imagine what he wanted to say. Some day he would like to be treated like a grown adult, but apparently today it wasn’t the day.

“Majima-san, perhaps you could consider the idea of wearing a proper suit someday. Seeing this…. display,” Kashiwagi said while pointing to his neck and chest. “It would be the most sensible thing to do,” he suggested, leaving them both alone after that.

“What the fuck?” Majima seemed really confused and Kiryu couldn’t blame him for that. “Why would he be bothered?”

“Ehrm….” Kiryu didn’t know where to start. “He might know we are…” Kiryu didn’t want to finish the sentence.

Majima opened his eye in shock. “WHAT?!” He shouted, looking lost in thoughts.

“Shhh,” Kiryu tried to calm him. The last thing he needed now was more people paying attention to them now.

“Since when? Have ya told him?” Majima still looked in disbelief.

Kiryu fidgeted with his finger. “Since…the start?”

“What start?” Majima seemed suspicious.

Kiryu took a long breath. “…The early start,” he answered, looking at the ground.

Kiryu didn’t know someone could open an eye that much. “What the fuck?” Majima mumbled, getting closer to him.

“It’s a long story, but don’t worry, he doesn’t care…much,” Kiryu told him like Majima worried about those things. “Also, you didn't seem to have much to hide the other day—,” Kiryu started to complain, only to be cut off.

“Now it makes sense…” Majima commented to himself.

“What makes sense?” Kiryu asked, intrigued.

“The sucker…” Majima snorted.

“Majima!” Kiryu snapped at the wording.

“Oh, sorry, Kiryu-chan, I know he is kinda a father figure for ya,” Majima apologised while he scratched the back of his neck.

“Well, it’s not exactly like that. It’d imply something…” ...he didn’t want to think about. 

At all.

“Well, see ya later, Kiryu-chan!” Majima clapped once, seemingly happy, and started walking to the door.

“But wait,” Kiryu called him, still wanting to talk about the other day and his display of being ‘a man with needs’. But Majima ignored him and left.

Kiryu sighed again. He supposed it was better left like this.




After the meeting, Kiryu had another one. This time just with Kashiwagi. They talked about more financial details as usual, but this time Kiryu had something else to speak of.

“What would you think about making an oath with the Omi Alliance? Even if we could afford a war, I prefer to do things in the correct way. We all could win from this,” Kiryu began, feeling a little afraid of his possible reaction.

Kashiwagi stared at him for a long moment without saying anything. “Have you spoken about this with Majima?”

Kiryu frowned, not understanding what he meant by that. “I didn’t,” he admitted.

Kashiwagi huffed and nodded. “I see. He won’t take that well. And neither will the other patriarchs.”

At that, Kiryu had a moment of doubt. “It’d be the best for the clan too. Even if we are better, we are still rebuilding all that we lost. And the newer men aren’t prepared for a war. It’s the safer option.”

“People want blood,” Kashiwagi insisted.

“But I don’t, do you think you can start some contact with them?” Kiryu ignored the remarks.

Kashiwagi made a face, looking unsure, but finally nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.”




After a long day at work, Kiryu appeared at Theatre Square a few minutes later, still not knowing what Majima wanted to do. 

The place was bursting with people, as usual, and the wind blew softly and chilly, making him regret not taking a coat with him. And he felt sure Majima would come with his usual attire, showing all the bite marks. Kiryu couldn’t avoid cringing at that; he really needed to think more before acting. Or thinking more, in general.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan,” Majima whispered into his ear, feeling a shiver running through his whole body. He didn’t expect that. Startled, he glanced at him, seeing his friend with a wicked smile and a bat resting on his shoulder.

“What are you doing with that?” Kiryu asked him, frowning, knowing perfectly what he had in mind now.

“What do ya think? I’m freezing here!” Majima answered, very excited.

“And the concept of wearing a shirt is still out of the question?” Kiryu also knew the answer to that.

“But I’m bored too! A fight fixes both things at the same time,” Majima commented, swinging his bat in front of them.

“Do we really have to?”

“Yes! It will be like in the old times!” Majima insisted, still smiling.

“It was only a year ago and I’m perfectly in shape now,” Kiryu kept trying to avoid the inevitable fight.

“Are ya?” Majima hit him in the leg with the bat.

“That doesn’t count! I wasn’t paying attention,” Kiryu tried to defend himself. It was true that he lacked a little now after all the office work. Being always protected and sitting around not fighting people anymore was making him lose his abilities.

“Exactly for that!” Majima moved his bat to send a blow, but this time Kiryu could stop him.

“Ok then, don’t whine later because you can’t move,” Kiryu took his battle position, feeling confident.

“I wouldn’t whine for that,” Majima said with a tone that made Kiryu think they weren’t talking about the same. Then, Majima waved his bat again, hitting him in his abdomen.

Ok now, no more time for distractions.




“That was intense,” Kiryu commented out of breath, resting on the ground while their public started to leave them alone.

“Not too bad,” Majima answered, sitting at his side with the bat still in his hands.

Well, at least he didn’t feel cold anymore. And now they both were full of bruises and scratches, although the bite marks still stood out.

“C’mon, I invite ya to eat somethin’,” Majima started saying while getting up, making a little effort.

Kiryu did the same, trying to hide that he was hurting a little.

“Sure, what do you want?” Kiryu wondered, trying to look presentable at the same time.

“The best from Kamurocho’s best restaurant!” Majima announced.

“Smile Burger? Kiryu asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Smile Burger!” Majima confirmed.

Kiryu tenderly smirked at that; Majima’s juvenile tastes were kind of refreshing.

“I’ll bring yer fave, then,” Majima said, already walking away. Kiryu wondered how he knew about his preferred menu, and then remembered last year. “Stay here!” He turned around one last time to make sure Kiryu didn’t move.

“Leave the bat here!” Kiryu hurried to say, not knowing what the people in the restaurant might think if they saw a yakuza entering their place armed and bleeding.

Majima threw him the bat and Kiryu caught it without problems. He wasn’t in as poor form as Majima insisted.

Kiryu felt grateful for Majima and his unconventional plans. He really needed a break from all the stress and Kiryu never knew when to stop. It always felt like he didn’t deserve it. But Majima always made him feel better with himself even if it was just for a little moment; even if he felt selfish after that.

Kiryu sat on the curb, trying not to disturb the path of anyone and waited. People walked around him, busy with their lives; some thugs passed in front of him and stared at him. Kiryu knew they probably wanted to start a fight, but wouldn’t even try without a proper reason. After all, all these people acknowledged him for who he was now: The Dragon of Dojima, the Fourth Chairman of the Tojo clan. Kiryu didn’t like that. He didn’t really want to be in this position; he only accepted it for the honour he had to repair. For Nishiki. For Kazama. He didn’t want power, and he wanted all the problems that this life brought to him even less. But then, they all respected him for his title, for what he was infamous for. That made him feel sad. In the end, no one of those people really knew him, only what he was supposed to be. And he wasn’t only that, or at least he didn’t want to believe it. Kiryu felt really tired of living for other people’s expectations and having to keep the walls up didn’t make things easier.

Sadly, he had lost all the people that really knew him, except for Yumi. At least he had her. Maybe not in the way he had always expected, but he still could count on her, and she could do the same with him. It made him feel better to see that she was still there to raise her daughter and have a new opportunity, even if she had decided to stay in business with Tojo.

Kiryu just hoped she was happy with it.

“And here is my food,” Majima whispered into his ear, startling Kiryu again. He enveloped Kiryu from behind, trapping him with his legs and arms. Kiryu didn’t have much time to react when Majima bit his earlobe and squeezed his pectorals with both hands.

“Oi, oi,” protested Kiryu, trying to ignore how that was making him feel. “Don’t do this in public,” Kiryu said, flushing hard and trying to stop Majima’s hands.

Majima smirked.

“Don’t ya like it?” Majima asked him with a low and seductive tone.

“I—, I…” Kiryu tried to express himself, but he didn’t trust himself.

“No one is lookin’ at us, Kiryu-chan,” Majima insisted, sliding one hand under his shirt.

Kiryu grabbed his hand.

“They will if you keep doing this,” Kiryu warned.

“Well, stop me, then,” Majima challenged him with a wicked smile.

Kiryu rolled his eyes. This man had too much stamina.

“Kiryu!” Someone called him in the distance. Kiryu was sure his heart skipped a beat.

Majima jumped in the act, sitting beside him with a bag of food in his hand. At the same time, Date appeared in front of them with a concerned look. Did he see…?

“What are you both doing?” It was the first thing Date said.

That seemed like a good question.

“Eh…we are here…” Kiryu got lost in thought.

“Fighting,” Majima answered, saving him from the trouble.

Date’s frown deepened.

“Well, that was obvious,” Date explained, pointing at their bruises. Kiryu took a deep breath. “I mean here, weren’t you under a threat?”

“Oh, that…well….yes,” Kiryu still felt anxious about almost being caught. What would have happened if…? He didn’t want to imagine that.

“Well, I’m protectin’ him,” Majima responded. Kiryu didn’t know if he felt glad he was there for helping or mad for provoking the situation.

“Didn't you say that you were...?” Date paused and looked between them again. “Whatever…” Date let it drop, shaking his head, obviously not believing him.

“What?” Majima snapped, surely noticing his tone.

“It seems more like you used the bat against him and…” Date paused, studying Majima. “Are those bite marks?”

Kiryu wanted to punch himself.

“Don’t worry, that happened before,” Majima answered, making a smug face.

Kiryu wanted to punch him now.

Date made a weird face and started laughing. “Well, Majima-san, you should tell your girl to control herself a little,” Date chuckled with humour. 

Majima snorted. “I’ll let them know,” he said, smiling maniacally and looking directly at Kiryu.

Maybe, if Kiryu tried enough, he could master the ability to disappear under embarrassing situations. It should be his priority.

“Well, I was in a hurry. Take care, Kiryu. And say hi to Yumi!” Date told him before disappearing into the crowd.

Kiryu glanced at Majima, slowly. He was already making a disgusted face, looking straight at Date’s way.

“What?” Majima wondered when he saw how Kiryu glared at him.

“Can you not?” Kiryu asked him without specifying. He felt sure Majima knew what he was referring to.

“Oh, c’mon, he doesn’t suspect anythin’. What a shitty police officer ya have as a friend,” Majima commented while taking a chip from the bag.

Kiryu wanted to say that at least his friends weren’t ridiculous, but he preferred just to ignore it and eat. He was hungry.



“Don’t ya think we are doin’ things a little backwards?” Majima asked him after finishing his meal.

Kiryu still had half of his burger. “What do you mean?” He wondered after swallowing the food.

“Well, first we fuck and now we have dates,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu was glad he didn’t have anything in his mouth at the moment. Was this a date? Kiryu didn’t mind the thought, but that would mean they were—

Wait, fuck?

“We haven’t…fucked,” Kiryu said in a low tone, scared someone could hear them.

In fact, that thing worried him a little. Kiryu didn’t know anything about the matter, how to proceed or even if he was prepared for it. He would surely do something ridiculous and Majima would notice right away he was an inexpert, and that idea alone made him feel anxious. What would he think about that? Would he mock him? Should he confess that he hadn’t had that kind of sex ever? Probably Majima would feel smug about the notion of him being his first and yet, Kiryu didn’t want to open up about his private life; he didn’t feel comfortable sharing that. Even less knowing how he was perceived by others.

He had to keep a reputation.

But then, Kiryu felt worried that this was the reason Majima had the need to fool around with other people. Probably. He didn’t even know for sure.

“Of course we have,” Majima glared at him with a confused expression.

“I mean…properly,” Kiryu tried to clarify.

“What does ‘properly’ mean?” Majima countered, piercing him with his gaze.

“You know what I mean,” Kiryu complained, not wanting to spell it out.

Majima smiled, knowingly. Of course he knew.

“ you want to?” Majima began, softly. Maybe too softly coming from him.

And that was the big question.

“I don’t know,” Kiryu looked at the rest of his food and put it in his mouth. Maybe this way he wouldn’t say anything stupid.

“Well, we could start with somethin’ easier.” Majima passed his hand over his lap and reached the bat that was resting at Kiryu’ side.

He froze at that moment.

Taking it with him, Majima rubbed the bat, up and down, slowly, with a big grin on his face. Kiryu felt his face hot. He felt sure he could burst at any moment.

“Y’know…everythin’ is a dildo if you’re brave enough,” Majima finally said. 

Kiryu gulped, feeling mortified.

He couldn’t be serious. Could he? It seemed a bit too much. And yes, it was Majima, but...

Majima started cracking up. “Yer face!” He pointed at him and kept laughing.

Kiryu felt like a big moron for falling into that obvious prank.

“I knew it was a joke,” Kiryu lied, his face red.

“Ya didn’t!” Majima knew better.

“Of course I knew, your dick isn’t that big,” Kiryu teased him.

Majima stopped, looking offended. “Oi!” 

Heh, take that back, Kiryu thought.

Majima got closer to him. “I guess you aren’t interested in receiving,” he commented.

Kiryu shivered at the thought, starting to feel very hot. Wasn’t he? Would that say something about him? Would Majima be comfortable in that position? He didn’t know how these things worked.

“Do you have to say it like that?” Kiryu felt embarrassed with this conversation.

“How do ya prefer me to say it, ‘puttin’ the ass’? Or maybe…the one being fucked?” Majima proposed with a big grin.

Kiryu thought he needed some air. After all, Kiryu was Majima’s boss and this didn’t seem appropriate. Nothing that they were doing was, but this felt like crossing a line. But Kiryu wasn’t against it, in fact he found it appealing. And Majima seemed to be on the same page as him.

“Let’s settle for the first way,” Kiryu begged; it felt difficult enough for him to talk about it to just use some uncomfortable wording.

“Well, are ya?” Majima brought back the question.

“I don’t…know. I’m not sure how this works,” Kiryu admitted with difficulty. He didn’t want to give away all his private life.

Majima nodded, pensive. At least, he wasn’t taking this as a joke. “Ya haven’t been with guys ever, ain’t it?”

Nor with women, Kiryu thought. “No,” he just said.

“Nothin’ in the joint, huh?” Majima pestered him again.

Kiryu made a disgusted face, like he was just being insulted. What did Majima think about him?

“Ok, big boy, it was a joke,” Majima giggled. “So, don’t ya want to…?” He began, gripping his shoulder from behind Kiryu’s back.

He felt anxious again. “Now?” Kiryu asked with a panicked voice.

Majima snorted. “Kiryu-chan, you’re so eager!”

“I’m not,” Kiryu defended himself.

“I really feel flattered,” Majima commented, resting his gloved hand over his own chest.

“I didn’t—,” Kiryu tried to explain.

“But give me a few days at least,” Majima continued, ignoring his protests.

“For what?” Kiryu felt confused.

“To prepare myself a little,” Majima explained, like that was enough for him to understand.

Kiryu just stared at him in silence with a lost expression.

“You’re that oblivious, huh?” Majima said, more like a statement.

“Well, I said I don’t know…” And he really didn’t.

“Just…let’s not break the spell,” Majima made him feel more confused, removing his arm from Kiryu. “Or use the Internet as we all do!”

Majima stood up and put all the trash back in the bag. “I’ll drop this at Poppo, should we go for Haruka then?” Kiryu almost found it funny that he cared about these things; he didn’t seem the kind of man that would care for the environment.

But, at least, no more uncomfortable conversation.

“Sure.” And, with that, they proceeded to ignore what they just talked about.




Days later, Kiryu received a message from Majima, asking him to go to his house at night. They hadn’t been there since they watched the DVD together and just thinking about what was going to happen made him feel fidgety. For Kiryu, it felt strange to prepare something like this beforehand. Maybe he was being too prudish. Or too romantic. Talking about sex should be normal in this kind of relationship, but Kiryu didn’t think he’d get used to it.

And he still felt afraid of making a fool of himself. Part of him tried to remember that if Majima hadn't noticed yet, he wouldn’t have noticed now. But this was something different.

Still, Kiryu felt confused with himself. He never thought he would be this affectionate with another man. He never wondered if that could be even possible. Kiryu never thought too much about his sexuality or sex in general; he didn’t feel interested at all and thinking about getting this intimate with people made him feel uncomfortable. Of course, he had liked people in the past, although he had never felt the urge to act on it. Mostly a hug or a kiss, but that was it. In fact, he had never had wanted to touch a woman in an intimate way; thinking he would end up doing just that with a man felt alien to himself. 

Maybe it was his age or maybe it was Majima, but he felt comfortable enough to be with him like that.

So, maybe he should give it a try, right? If he felt uncomfortable, he could stop it at any time and he would.

With that mindset, Kiryu knocked on Majima’s door, very anxious. He had taken a shower before and tried to look presentable even if he knew it would be absurd.

Majima opened the door with messy hair, wearing only a black robe he had never seen before.

“Kiryu-chan! Didn’t you bring flowers or chocolates?” Majima asked, looking offended.

Kiryu froze, was that something needed?

“I’m kiddin’!” Majima grinned, grabbing Kiryu by his arm and pulling him inside.

Kiryu sighed; he really should catch up with Majima’s jokes. 

Kiryu removed his shoes and turned back to his companion. Looking him up and down, he wondered, “What are you wearing?”

Majima smirked. “Well, I was sure ya wouldn’t appreciate me openin’ the door already naked,” he shrugged.

Kiryu pictured the scene in his mind. He didn’t know what to think.

For a moment, they stood there in silence, Kiryu’s eyes roaming for all his house, scanning all his decorations, all the knives that were in the showcase, the red walls, the black furniture…And how stressed he was feeling right now. How did someone proceed in these situations? Kiryu felt more used to acting on it after a fight, or because Majima started it. But never out of the blue.

“Kiryu-chan, y’know ya don’t have to do anythin’ ya don’t want to, right? I understand if ya don’t want to,” Majima said in a serious tone, letting Kiryu know he totally meant it. 

And that reassured him, melting away all the doubts he had.

Stepping closer, Kiryu cupped Majima’s jaw and leaned until their lips touched. It wasn’t a heated kiss; it was a slow one, caressing his hair. They both sigh heavily at the sensation. Perhaps Majima felt nervous too.

Kiryu started to drop small kisses against Majima’s jaw line, both arms gripping his waist, maybe with more strength than he should. Alongside Majima’s neck, there were still some marks that Kiryu left there and nothing new. He wondered if Majima had seen anyone during those days when they didn’t meet; about how much experience he had... That awakened something in him, pulling Majima closer and sucking hard on his neck, enough to leave a new mark.


Majima was panting already. “Maybe we should take this to the bedroom?” He offered with hesitation.

Kiryu stopped and nodded to him. “Where is it?” He suddenly thought about the idea that he hadn't seen Majima’s house before, not entirely. He felt really curious wandering around it; it seemed something more intimate to do with this mysterious man than spending a night together.

Majima, still a little insecure, led the way to his room. The door was already opened; living alone surely has its benefits. The first thing Kiryu saw was a big window that showed the whole city, all the buildings already with the lights on. A really beautiful view. Looking around, he appreciated that the room had basically the same colour scheme as the rest of the house, with a really big bed in the ground with black and red sheets. 

This seemed the place where this was going to happen.

Kiryu walked to the window, feeling lured to it. “These views are really impressive,” Kiryu commented. He didn’t have anything similar in his house; it was a quiet neighbourhood that had its own appeal although nothing that could be compared to that.

Majima walked to his side and grabbed Kiryu’s ass, fiercely, making him jolt a little. “I agree,” Majima whispered, looking directly at him.

Kiryu flushed, he still wasn’t used to Majima’s compliments.

“Aww, don’t be shy, I’m sure y’know you’re fuckin’ hot,” Majima teased, kissing his neck. Something warm trailed up Kiryu’s spine. He thought for a moment what everyone told him about Majima being unworthy of his trust, but he dismissed the idea quickly. He had faith in his captain. Why wouldn’t he? Majima didn’t have a reason to be acting like this more than just wanting to be with him.


“Do ya want somethin’ to drink?” Majima asked, looking a little tense.

“No, I prefer not being drunk the firs—,” Kiryu paused, unsure if he should continue the sentence.

Majima seemed to understand, even if Kiryu wasn’t sure if he knew entirely.

Without thinking much, Kiryu leaned over and kissed Majima again, this time more eager. He grabbed the back of his head, feeling the smooth touch of his undercut.  Majima smelled fresh, like after-shave and shampoo. After a few seconds, Majima started controlling the pacing, deepening the kiss and toying with Kiryu’s clothes, removing his jacket and his belt in a quick motion. They had done this multiple times, but never for the same reason. 

Kiryu felt himself tremble a little, and not trusting himself, he pushed Majima over the bed and joined him there, landing on top of him. They have been in this position too many times to count, but never in a bed. And that made it more intimate. 

The dim light coming from a small lamp was enough to admire Majima’s features. He had that tender expression that he always did when he looked directly at him, a gesture that always warmed him inside. Kiryu liked his sharp nose, his perfectly shaped lips. His beautiful eye. He was a handsome man even if he only had… No, he was handsome anyway. But Kiryu wondered if Majima felt insecure about it.

Kiryu touched Majima’s face with care, brushing the tip of his fingers across his nose, his lips. He got lost in his single vulnerable eye, devouring him just with his gaze. Then, Majima frowned. Did he feel uncomfortable?

“If ya keep lookin’ at me like that I’ll stab ya,” Majima said without real intention in his voice. Kiryu smirked. He was almost tempted to tell Majima he was being ‘cute’ as he always accused him to be.

Kiryu removed his shirt and trousers, leaving only his underwear. And Majima opened his robe and tossed it aside. He really was naked under it, with no hair at all. 

And fully erect.

Kiryu kissed Majima again. At least that felt familiar and warm. Majima moved his arms over Kiryu’s chest, roaming them over his body and pinching his nipples, making Kiryu shiver. Tease.

“So, what did you have to prepare?” Kiryu asked between kisses, still not knowing anything.

Majima snorted, pulling down Kiryu’s underwear. “Well, I had to practice this a little before,” he said, getting Kiryu completely naked, his erection dripping with pre-come already.

Kiryu frowned. He knew he shouldn’t ask but still, he felt the need to do so. “With whom?” His voice sounded more threatening than he intended.

“Ooh, are ya jealous now?” Majima taunted with a grin.

Kiryu grunted, shooting him a death glare. He didn’t know if it was another joke, but he didn’t appreciate it. Just imagining him with other women or men made him feel sick; he didn’t like that. He didn’t want that.

Grabbing both of his arms, Kiryu pinned Majima against the mattress and kissed him again, fiercely. Majima escaped his grip with a quick move, pushing Kiryu against him, making him lose balance. 

“Controllin’, are you?” Majima whispered with a smirk.

And Kiryu didn’t know what to say more than kiss him again, biting his lips, making Majima moan against his mouth. Every whine felt like a win, admiring how needy he seemed under him. Just as beautiful as when Kiryu felt as his mercy. But of course his captain didn’t appreciate his tender look, grunting as a complaint. Taking the control back, Majima trapped Kiryu’s waist with his legs and jerked his pelvis searching for friction. He didn’t know if they were fighting or getting ready to fuck.

Maybe it was both.

Their dicks aligned in the thrust, making them groan at the feeling. They probably shouldn’t keep doing this if they didn’t want to finish shamefully fast. Kiryu started kissing Majima’s body, everything he could reach, giving little nips, marking him in his way. He could hear Majima moaning, breathing hard, and moving with urgency against Kiryu.

Part of him wanted to take his time to enjoy the views, and other part of him, and probably Majima too, were trying to move things faster.

Kiryu kissed Majima’s chest, biting his nipples, licking his toned torso until Kiryu reached his dick. It was already throbbing, untouched for a time. Kiryu started feeling insecure again. He had never done this before, he wasn’t sure if the idea felt appealing. In fact, it wasn’t something he had ever fantasized about before. But then, maybe he should give it a try. Kiryu glanced at Majima, who was staring at him with an unreadable expression. And maybe it was the possessive energy still overflowing him, but he gave a tentative lick to Majima’s cock.

“Oh, fuck…” Majima said, jerking his hips a little and shivering.

It tasted different than his whole body, but nothing too strange. Kiryu licked him again, this time with more intention, touching his tongue against some of the pre-come that was already there.

That really tasted different, but he didn't mind if he could hear Majima moaning like this again.

“Kiryu-chan, don’t do that now,” Majima told him, pulling him back at his face level. Kiryu looked at him with a confused face.

“I want ya inside me, Kiryu-chan,” Majima whispered.

Something primal took over Kiryu when he heard those words. He wanted to devour him, mark him and make him his. And his dick was also interested, twitching with sheer desire. But he still didn’t know how to, so he just kissed him again.

Majima reached at his right side and searched for something, making Kiryu stop and wait. After a second, he had a lube bottle in his hand. That made sense. Majima offered it to Kiryu and turned himself over, displaying his terrifying hannya tattoo. He made himself comfortable, using a pillow to raise his pelvis, and Kiryu was somewhere between excited and confused.

Without knowing what to do, Kiryu loomed over Majima’s body, his dick pressing his lower back, where the hannya ended. Majima squirmed, tensing at the feeling, grabbing the pillow with strength. It occurred to him that perhaps Majima felt as insecure as he was, and that position didn’t seem the best to be sure.

Kiryu dropped little kisses over his back, trying to relax him; he didn’t want Majima to be uncomfortable. Or in pain. Sure, they weren’t the most romantic people, but that didn’t mean it had to be a harsh experience.

“Are ya going to fuck me or not?” Majima barked, sounding impatient.

Kiryu grunted and turned him around again, his back against the mattress. Majima's shocked expression was almost funny.

“Of course ya would want it to do it like that,” Majima commented, trying to look annoyed but without success.

“Problem?” Kiryu wondered with a deep voice, almost threatening.

Majima gulped. “The only problem is you’re still just lookin’,” he teased, picking the lube from Kiryu’s hand and opening it, spreading some on his own fingers and Kiryu’s.

He didn’t know how to proceed and maybe he should just ask. “What should I do?” Kiryu began, knowing it would sound ridiculous.

Majima rolled his eye. “Whatever ya want, Kiryu-chan.”

“But…I mean…” Kiryu looked at the lube still in his hands with no clue.

Majima shot him a confused look, surely he thought Kiryu was a little too useless. But then, without breaking eye contact, Majima slid two fingers under his crotch and, finding the entrance, he started fingering himself. Kiryu licked his lips in interest.

Majima moaned, as he was used to the sensation, probably not feeling that intrusive anymore. Didn’t that hurt? Apparently not; in fact he seems to be enjoying himself. Did Majima do this alone always or…? Another pang of jealousy overcame him, taking the lube too and spreading a big amount in his fingers. Pushing aside Majima’s hand, Kiryu shoved two fingers inside him, earning a pleasured gasp from his companion.

Kiryu started moving his fingers in and out, at a constant pace, stretching him. It felt warm and tight. Majima was trembling under him, gripping the sheets, thrusting against him. Kiryu tried a different move, twirling his finger inside him, carefully. This time, Majima moaned differently, inviting him to keep doing that.

Kiryu needed to be inside him, now. He took out his finger in a fast motion, hearing Majima complain.

“Don’t do that,” Majima scolded. And Kiryu cringed, feeling sorry for that.

Majima, reading his mind, took a condom from the drawer and threw it to him. Kiryu studied it like he hadn’t seen one in his life. He did, of course, he just hadn’t used one ever; it shouldn’t be that difficult to put on, right? Tearing it open, he picked it up. It was slippery with a strong latex smell. 

Well, maybe he could ask Majima for help.

“Y’know how to use that, right?” Majima commented, almost hoping he did know for sure.

Kiryu took a deep breath. “Well, I’ve never used one,” he admitted. Maybe he just should tell him the truth.

“Kiryu-chan, don’t tell me—,” Majima paused, sitting up. Kiryu started to feel ashamed.

“Well, I—,” Kiryu began, but Majima cut him off.

“Do I really have to tell ya it’s dangerous to go around sticking yer dick in places without protection? Not only for pregnancy matters,” Majima seemed confused, rolling the condom around Kiryu’s dick in a simple motion, adding more lube afterwards.

Kiryu wasn’t sure if he preferred to be seen as a stupid or as a virgin. Whatever it was, he just decided to not answer and shoved Majima against the mattress, catching his lips to shut him up.

At least that worked.

Majima positioned the pillow under his pelvis and trapped Kiryu with his legs again, grinding their dicks together. Kiryu was trembling again with anticipation.

With determination, Kiryu grabbed his covered dick and slid it inside Majima in slow motion, both gasping at the same time. And, oh. It felt so good and different. And tight. He was inside Majima; that thought alone made him feel possessive again. It was too much, probably he wouldn’t last another second if he moved again.

Majima was breathing hard under him, caressing Kiryu’s pecs while making a face he couldn’t read. Was he uncomfortable? 

“Don’t move,” Kiryu told him.

Majima frowned. “You ain’t goin’ to come already, are ya?” He wondered, maybe a little annoyed.

“Well, I—,” Kiryu tried to explain.

“Don’t ya dare,” Majima threatened.

Kiryu couldn’t avoid smiling at that. And Majima started laughing. 

And that tightened the pressure around his dick.

“No, no, don’t do that either,” Kiryu alerted him.

Majima covered his mouth, trying to control himself without much success. Kiryu felt really ashamed now.

“It’s ok, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, caressing Kiryu’s face. “I think it’s a bit too much, too,” he commented, a little awkwardly.

“You alright?” Kiryu asked, worried. “Want me to pull out?”

“Nah, it’s ok, just give me a moment to…adjust,” Majima grunted. “I think you’re goin’ to break me in half with that.”

Kiryu made a funny face, trying not to giggle. This was getting ridiculous.

“Oi, don’t get so smug on me!” Majima told him, feigning being offended, and slapped Kiryu’s arm.

“I didn’t say anything,” Kiryu defended himself.

“But ya were thinkin’.”

“Well, you were the one that proposed to use the bat…” Kiryu teased him a little, smiling again; at least the conversation was easing his nerves.

Majima opened his mouth to say a comeback, but before he could, Kiryu kissed him again, gripping the man by his hips. It was a soft kiss, to soothe both of them. And he could be like that for the rest of the night.

But Majima had another thought. Grabbing Kiryu’s ass, Majima made Kiryu go deeper inside him; until now he hadn’t noticed. And this felt overwhelming, his whole body shivering with pleasure. He even had to stop the kiss to take a breath. 

It felt so good.

“Fuck me,” Majima whispered with a tender voice, too tender for what he was saying.

But Kiryu didn’t care about analysing that now. He started moving slowly, getting used to the feeling, not pushing too hard to avoid hurting Majima, who moaned softly against his ear. It was the most pleasurable thing he had ever done, thinking about all the time he had been missing out. But maybe it was because of Majima, and he just felt glad to be doing this with him for the first time.

He just hoped Majima would think the same.

Kiryu kept the pace, sometimes finding Majima thrusting back, moaning with desperation now. He shifted a little, changing the angle and replicating the movement he did before, that one Majima seemed to like. And when he did, he found he liked that too. Every thrust sent a sharp spike of pleasure through his body, his heart beating fast, his lungs not having enough oxygen. Kiryu started picking up speed, hearing Majima whine with satisfaction. Having the strongest man he knew at his mercy was the most arousing feeling that he never considered he’d experience. And he couldn’t have enough of this.

His thrust became harder and faster, burying himself deep inside, really close to finishing. Kiryu grabbed Majima’s neglected dick and started rubbing it at the same pace until he recognized the sounds Majima made when he was reaching climax, making him come over his hand and belly. This way, Majima looked like the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Kiryu wasn’t thinking anymore, only focusing on the sensation of his dick buried inside his captain, their ragged breathing, and how Majima was gripping his hips. And after some more thrusting, Kiryu came closer to the edge, finally releasing inside him, not caring about being too vocal about it.

And that felt different too. He wondered if Majima felt the same.

Kiryu collapsed over Majima with a happy sigh. This definitely wasn’t how he always had expected but, nevertheless, he felt totally completed right then. He didn’t even remember how talking worked, feeling his throat sore. So he just stayed there, hugging Majima and feeling content. 

“As much as I like havin’ ya inside, can ya…” Majima started saying, bringing Kiryu’s back.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” Kiryu stood up a little, taking his now flaccid dick out, in a slow motion this time. He took the condom off and threw it to the ground.

Kiryu sat beside Majima, looking at him closely, a little unsure of what to do now. He was there, lying on his back, with his eye closed and a smile on his lips, recovering his breath. He picked up a tissue and cleaned himself, looking around him checking everything was ok. And after that, he laid back down there.

“You ok?” Kiryu wondered, a little distressed.

Majima opened his eye and glanced at him, smiling. “Ya worry too much, Kiryu-chan,” he said, grabbing Kiryu by his waist and making him lie down with him.

Kiryu thought that maybe they could cuddle a little, but part of him knew it would be unwelcomed. Majima never really wanted to be that intimate. But then, the same man invited him on dates. Kiryu wanted him to make some sense for a change.

“You’re a sap, y’know that?” Majima commented with humour in his voice.

Kiryu was afraid for a moment that Majima could read his mind.

“And you are too bossy,” Kiryu countered, smirking.

“Ya knew that already,” Majima replied.

Kiryu opened his mouth to say a comeback, but he didn’t want to admit out loud he was, in fact, a little romantic.

Resting his weight on his right elbow, Kiryu scanned Majima’s body. He was full of bruises that Kiryu made himself, some scars that seemed old enough and others that he might recognize.

“Ya like what ya see?” Majima wondered with a smug smile.

Well, of course he liked him, why would he be there if not? Kiryu liked his muscular body. Majima was slimmer than Kiryu; a body built to be fast in a fight. Sure, he never believed he would end up admiring a very masculine body like his, but there he was. Sometimes Kiryu thought Majima was more insecure than he showed but then, Kiryu didn’t like to express his feelings either. His acts should be enough, he thought.

Kiryu slid his fingers over Majima’s torso, studying the scars. Some really looked old and he wanted to ask how he got them, until he reached one big enough in the lower part that could be from a knife. Or a bullet. The idea made him feel ashamed and Majima’s expression wasn’t making it easier.

“Is that…?” Kiryu asked, scared to finish the sentence.

Majima shot him a confused face. “A year old? Yeah,” Majima said, without adding much.

It was, then. “You know… I shouldn’t have left you—,” Kiryu started, but Majima sat up, cutting him out.

“No, it’s ok, ya don’t have to say anythin’,” Majima insisted, a little anxious.

“Well, for the stab I couldn’t do much, but I should have helped you when you fell—,” Kiryu explained himself, feeling awful. Majima didn’t deserve that; Kiryu didn’t deserve his care either.

“Kiryu-chan, it’s ok, we weren’t even friends at that time. I earned that,” Majima assured him.

Kiryu couldn’t believe he was saying that. “Of course not.” He still didn’t know why he didn’t help him get out. He felt stressed, sure, but Majima could have died there and it would have been his fault too.

“I kidnapped Haruka and I was being a burden for ya, of course I did,” Majima seemed really annoyed.

Kiryu felt even worse. “Well, that was probably Shimano’s work,” he tried to reason with Majima.

Majima huffed. “You’re too trusting, Kiryu-chan…”

Was he? He didn’t think he was. And Majima never gave him a reason to believe he was being a threat to him. Not even when he pointed his tanto against his throat.

“You were the only one that was there when I got out of prison. Of course you didn’t deserve that.”

Majima shook his head. “You put the bar so low...”

“Nii-san,” Kiryu frowned. He didn’t want Majima to believe those thoughts, but he felt sure Majima wouldn’t trust anything he said. Kiryu leaned over and kissed him, softly, to make him understand he cared, to stop him from replying with more denial.

Majima kissed him back and then pulled away.

“I think I need to shower again,” Majima said, rushing to the bathroom.

That startled him, feeling confused for a moment, looking at him disappear behind the door.. 

Had he done something wrong again?




Majima stormed into his bathroom, closing the door behind him. Panic started overcoming him. He shouldn’t be doing this, he totally shouldn’t. What was he doing with his life? What did Kiryu want from him? Majima felt lost in his own feelings, wanting to punch himself for being this soft. Weak. Why was he getting involved with him? He knew it wouldn’t end well, things like this never did. Not for him. And even less if he started a relationship, or whatever this was, with a man that was already compromised with another person.

They did this just to have fun, whenever they were bored. Majima could do that with Kiryu; he felt comfortable enough and it was him. His feelings didn’t matter; he was a master in detaching from himself to follow some orders. The difference here was that he wanted to do this too and if he could be useful for Kiryu, he would do it in a heartbeat. It should be simpler. But, deep down, Majima knew there lurked something he didn’t want to admit. Sex should be something easy, no feelings involved. And Majima wanted to get closer to Kiryu, spend time with him, but maybe he was just getting too close and deep into the rabbit hole. In the end, it was only his fault for letting himself be vulnerable, and he hated that. 

This wasn’t as he expected. Something that should be just a pleasurable time was becoming more intimate than he could bear with all that tenderness coming from Kiryu. He didn’t make it easy to not fall for him with all the kisses and romantic gestures, with the way he looked at him like he was a precious thing, touching him like he cared about him. That made him feel mad. This just should be sex. Majima just wanted to snap and shout to him that he should stop all this shit. That everything he did was giving him hope and that didn’t feel right. It seemed too good to be true. If he opened himself with Kiryu, it would be just a matter of time until it went wrong.

Maybe if they had met under other circumstances, in another life… But Majima couldn’t be enough for Kiryu; he was too damaged to be more useful than just a pastime.

Majima turned on the water, waiting for it to get warm. Probably he should have gotten drunk. But remembering the last time… Maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

He looked at himself in the mirror and felt ashamed. He was being ridiculous, letting his emotions control his mind. He should be better than that.

And still, Majima had to process all that just happened. They did have sex for the first time. He had managed to enjoy it even with his ass reasonably hurting at first. It wasn’t the same when he fingered himself to have an actual dick inside him, even less if it was attached to someone like Kiryu. And yet, it felt too good for a first try.

Majima snorted. Probably he should just focus on his physical pain.

He just had ‘proper’ sex with a man, as Kiryu would put it, and that man was Kiryu himself. And that couldn't be in another way; Majima trusted him with his whole being and he felt safe with him. It was an interesting concept. It still felt alien for him, not only for being with a man — he had accepted that pretty quickly—, but for being with the fucking Dragon of Dojima. Part of him just wanted to go out and cuddle him but…. Nononono, he couldn’t start with it again.

Majima removed his eye patch and splashed some cold water on his face. He needed to relax.

A knock on the door didn’t help with that.

“You ok?” Majima heard the muffled Kiryu’s voice. Of course he would worry.

“Yes,” Majima said, curtly. Probably not sounding sincere.

Then, Kiryu started opening the door.

Without much thinking, Majima ran to it and closed it, hiding behind it.

“Oi,” Kiryu protested.

“I’m naked,” Majima explained, getting too late that it didn’t make any sense.

“I know,” Kiryu answered.

“I mean…I’m not wearing the eye patch,” Majima offered.

There was a pause.

“I’ve been inside you, but you won’t let me see your face?” Kiryu wondered.

“Don’t say it like that!” Majima didn’t know how to feel. The possessiveness in Kiryu felt enticing and, still, they were talking about something he didn’t feel comfortable with. At all. It wasn’t his face; it was a fucking massacre. Majima didn’t want Kiryu seeing him like that.

“I’m sorry,” Kiryu apologized, probably understanding Majima had the need for privacy too.

When he sensed Kiryu wouldn’t enter without asking first, Majima walked to the drawers and picked a medical eye patch. With that in position, he opened the door.

Kiryu was still there, completely naked, and with a soft expression, almost sad. Majima just wanted to stop noticing these things. Those brown puppy eyes.

“Are you ok?” Kiryu insisted, not letting the matter drop.

“I’m ok, Kiryu-chan,” Majima answered, taking a long breath. “I maybe won’t be able to sit tomorrow, tho,” he added after a pause. Jokes always diverted the attention.

But of course Kiryu seemed more taken aback with it.

“It’s a joke,” Majima explained. “But it hurts a little,” Majima told him. It wasn’t useful to hide that.

“I’m sorry,” Kiryu apologized again, this time for a different reason.

“It’s ok, Kiryu-can, it’s totally normal, what do ya expect for shoving yer enormous dick inside my ass? Surely girls complained too,” Majima teased in a humorous tone, trying to stop Kiryu from being hard on himself.

“Well, I—,” Kiryu started saying.

“No, no,” Majima cut him off, he didn’t want to know anything about the women in his life. “It won’t hurt that much next time,” Majima offered, knowing he shouldn’t, but part of him still wanted to. It was Kiryu, after all.

“And, do you want there to be a next time?” Kiryu asked, being cautious. Did he read his mind?

“Why wouldn’t I?” Maybe because he was developing feelings he shouldn’t have. “I could fuck ya all day. Not today, tho,” Majima commented with a knowing smirk.

Kiryu still didn’t look convinced and that made him feel like the biggest asshole for having a meltdown with him still there, after a moment like that. Majima didn’t want Kiryu thinking he took advantage of him. Kiryu totally didn’t. It was complicated, for sure, but that was Majima’s problem.

The only thing not consensual there were Majima’s feelings towards Kiryu. They were taking control over him without his permission. And it felt really annoying. Kiryu would never reciprocate him and it was better for him to have that in mind.

Majima grabbed Kiryu’s arm with delicacy and brought him inside the bathroom.

“I think ya need a shower too,” he offered and Kiryu just nodded, still a little insecure.

Both of them stepped inside the shower, with the water already warm enough. It felt soothing over his body, making him feel better. Majima passed the shower gel to Kiryu and both cleaned themselves in a comfortable silence.

It wasn’t too bad, right? Probably it could have been better if he wasn’t this fucking emotional.

Then, Kiryu hugged Majima from behind, enveloping him with his strong arms, resting his left hand over Majima’s heart. For a moment, Majima tensed. They never showed physical affection; at least not like that. They only kissed when they were going to have sex and barely hugged. This wasn’t inside their complicated relationship, although they didn’t have any rules either, nothing more than saying when something didn’t feel right. But having Kiryu’s attention made him vulnerable all over again. Majima felt those fucking butterflies in his stomach, like he was a school boy with his first crush, like when the popular boy from school noticed the weird kid who always sat alone. 

It felt stupid and childish.

Kiryu squeezed him, and kissed the curve of his neck with so much tenderness that Majima felt he could melt right there. He blamed the water; it was too hot.

Majima just let himself follow Kiryu, rubbing Kiryu’s hand with his. He traced finger by finger and then noticed it.

“Tell me you haven’t lost yer ring inside me,” Majima teased, but was almost worried it could be true.

Kiryu snorted. “It’s in my pants,” he informed and kept kissing him.

Well, at least Kiryu wasn’t that asshole.

Majima turned around to face Kiryu, who was admiring him with a really sweet expression. It felt weird for him to think that the same man standing in front of him could break someone’s skull with just a punch. The idea should be daunting, but for Majima it felt somehow attractive. He wasn’t obviously the sanest person, but it made him feel special, to see that side of him, something that not many people could appreciate. For everyone, he was the Dragon of Dojima, someone violent, a legend. But here, in front of him, he was just a naked man too soft for his own good.

It felt like too much for him.

Kiryu passed his hand across his face, stopping under his bad eye, and going down to his jaw. He had a tentative look, leaning over Majima and stopping a few centimetres from his face, still unsure. Majima rubbed his nose against Kiryu’s, making him smile slightly. And perhaps that was what made Kiryu take the decision and finally kiss him.

It wasn’t a lust charged kiss. It was soft and slow, too much that it was killing him. He wasn’t used to being treated like this, even if he liked it. Even if he cherished it. Majima rested his hands over Kiryu’s chest, feeling the need for contact, to feel cared for.

Majima still didn’t understand why they were doing this. They were supposed to be just friends, Kiryu said as much. Why, then? It just broke him inside. He couldn’t have good things. He didn’t deserve it.

He didn’t deserve Kiryu.

A small tear slid from his eye mixing with the falling water from the shower. Majima just hoped Kiryu hadn’t noticed; he really hated being this sentimental.  But he could restrain himself anymore.

Kiryu started to move away but Majima didn’t want to let him go or look at him in his state. But they couldn’t live there forever. And part of him felt ashamed to be acting like a lovesick teenager. Perhaps he could stop it like he used to, with violence; that always hid his real feelings. However, he just didn’t want to mess up something like this with his stupid behaviour and his inability to accept a tender gesture. Kiryu stood there, in front of him, studying him, looking unsure again. Fuck. Maybe he saw something on his face; Majima didn’t know what expression he was sporting and he didn’t want to know anyway. And before he could do or say something stupid, he exited the shower, searching for a clean towel for Kiryu.

He needed to flee.

“Here, have somethin’ to dry ya up,” he announced, taking his robe and entering his bedroom, not waiting for any response.

Majima was a fucking mess.

Quickly, he dried himself up and searched for his clothes. Enough of being naked. He collected all of Kiryu's clothes and left them in a chair, waiting for him. Then, he glanced at the bed. Gladly it wasn’t dirty, but he would change the sheets anyway; he didn’t want to sleep in a bed smelling his...Kiryu. Majima picked up the phone and sent a message to Nishida to pick up the boss.

Well, that was good enough. Now he needed a drink to calm himself down.

At the same time as he poured whatever liquor he had there, Kiryu exited the bathroom.

“Ya have there yer clothes,” Majima told him without looking at him, pointing at the chair.

“Thank you,” it was the only thing he said.

He was still feeling awkward, but he didn’t want Kiryu to think this was all a mistake. He turned around to find Kiryu already fully dressed and still a little troubled. Still no ring in his hand.

Act cool, Majima thought.

Stepping closer, glass in hand, Majima smiled at him, trying to look the most sincere possible.

“Well, Kiryu-chan, come back whenever ya want,” he offered, putting in place a look that felt out of place over Kiryu’s face.

Kiryu huffed. “I could never read you, Majima-no-niisan,” he commented with half of a smile.

Majima felt really glad he couldn’t read him.

“I guess yer wife would be waitin’ for ya so—.”

“Not really,” Kiryu cut him off. “But Haruka is,” he added after a pause.

Majima nodded. His phone pinged, and looking at the messages he read Nishida was already there.

“Nishida is waitin’ for ya too,” Majima told him.

Kiryu rolled his eyes. “You didn’t have to.”

“Of course I have, boss,” Majima booped Kiryu’s nose, making his face wrinkle.

“Well, see you soon,” Kiryu said, leaning over again for a short kiss. After that, he turned around, stepping out of the room. Leaving him alone.

Majima was totally fucked.

In every sense of the word, he thought. 

Chapter Text

Majima was physically ready for Kiryu’s anniversary as a chairman. Mentally, he wasn’t. He knew Yumi would be there and Majima didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, even less now after what happened the other day between Kiryu and him. For whatever reason it felt more like a serious thing; they weren’t playing anymore. And Majima totally stood in the middle of a marriage. A relationship that Yumi and Kiryu pursued for more than ten years and now… Majima couldn’t really understand anything. But that wasn’t his problem, right? He couldn’t control what Kiryu did with his life.

Or at least, he tried to convince himself of it.

And for Kiryu… He probably still thought they were just friends fooling around from time to time when they needed some release, all without emotions that could disturb this little ecosystem they had built. That seemed like the best option; Majima needed to stop fantasizing about another possibility. He would take what he could get. And if this thing was the only option to be near Kiryu and spend time together, so be it. Even if Kiryu was being unfaithful to his partner.

Even if he felt used sometimes. 

In fact, that bothered him. A lot. And not only for himself, but for Yumi. This didn’t feel fair to either of them and she didn’t deserve this treatment. Majima felt like shit for doing this; he never thought he would be capable of doing something so against his own morals, but it was his Kiryu and he couldn’t stop it. Majima already knew he was an awful person but, what did that say about Kiryu? He had never seen Kiryu to be that type of man; he seemed an honourable man with high morals. Why would he do this? Did Majima read Kiryu incorrectly?

Just thinking about the possibility made him feel sick. He had put too many hopes in him, getting deeply involved with a person who seemed worthy of admiration, and he couldn’t deal with finding out that someone he had trusted with his whole being was, in fact, another mistake. Not again. 

Not with Kiryu.

Majima already waited in the hall with his black suit and white tie, surrounded by many of his co-workers and their respective wives. If Majima was going to end up feeling alone, this seemed the perfect moment to start.

The doors opened and, behind them, Kiryu appeared accompanied by Yumi and Haruka. All the people bowed to his path, greeting him at the same time with so much coordination that it seemed like they had been practicing. Majima huffed at that; he knew Kiryu didn’t like those displays. He was a rather humble chairman, not interested in the power or the money, but in honour and the respect for the gokudou rules. Sure, that would also mean obedience. Still, Kiryu always seemed uncomfortable with that kind of attention, like he didn’t like to be the leader. Never relying on others and putting himself in the front line. Sometimes it even felt like Kiryu would just run away someday, not looking back, and disappearing completely from their lives. And even if they didn’t share the exact same way of thinking, Majima respected his view on life. In fact, it was what he found so attractive in Kiryu, apart from his own self: the way he carried himself, not being afraid to be how he was. Strong as an ox and soft as a marshmallow. Kiryu could rescue his old self buried under too many layers of different masks, set the right path he needed to follow again, and Kiryu could use some of Majima’s knowledge. 

Or at least be less naive.

They could balance each other, Majima would try to show him that exposing himself wouldn’t be a good idea, even less in front of possible foes, and Kiryu could heal some of his bitterness. Learn to just be himself again without the fear but without forgetting in what kind of world they moved.

If only he wasn’t married...

But enough of this. Majima just stood in his corner, hiding from everyone and looking at the scene. Kiryu wore the usual montsuki for this kind of celebration and the sucker couldn’t wear it properly. He left the upper part slightly open, showing more chest than he should. Of course, Majima wouldn’t be the one complaining about that; Kiryu looked amazing like this, he was the epitome of perfection, looking like a god who had decided to visit the simple mortals to bless them with his presence. He...

He needed a drink. 

And a cold shower.

But of course, Kiryu looked good with his happy family, all of them beaming and talking to each other, showing what a great life they had. Majima felt disgusted. They really seemed to get along; but of course they did, they had been friends for a long time, sharing their lives since their childhood. In comparison, Kiryu and Majima were barely acquaintances. He was starting to feel jealous. And not only because Kiryu was paying attention to his wife, but because she knew him better and they had the opportunity to be together at any time. Ok, maybe he felt jealous in general. He wanted Kiryu only for himself and not to share him with anyone else. However, Majima had to accept the reality; Yumi was the one sharing her husband with him and not the other way around. All without knowing it. Or...did Yumi suspect something? 

He really hoped she didn’t.

And then, there was also Haruka. Majima didn’t like the idea of a little kid living around people like them. Sure, some were honourable enough, but still this couldn’t be a good place for a little girl. Although he shouldn’t be talking in the first place; he kidnapped her a year ago, something he would never feel proud of. But it only added to the concept that a kid wouldn’t be safe, not even with Kiryu at her side.

Thinking never brought good things to anyone. Majima took a glass of whatever; it was alcohol and he needed it right now, and, in one motion, he swallowed it all. He surely would need all the alcohol he could get if he had to witness Kiryu being caring and loving to his wife. Just like he acted with Majima. 

He glanced at them again and saw Kiryu smiling fondly at Yumi while Haruka held their hands; all cheerfulness and nauseating happiness. What a cute scene. Majima couldn’t understand why Kiryu was sacrificing what he had for him.

Maybe he needed another drink.

All the people talked between each other, laughing with fake and true smiles for the show; everything looked so perfect. And boring. And, of course, not even once did Kiryu look in Majima’s direction. He didn’t try to contact him either. 

Majima felt kind of disappointed.

And alone.

Looking around, Majima finally found someone he could bother.

“Oi, Nishida, what a perfect timin’ ya have,” Majima said, passing his arm around Nishida’s shoulders. He felt how his captain got all tense under his contact.

“Are you ok, boss?” Nishida asked, looking a little anxious.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Majima retorted in an offended tone, disentangling himself from Nishida.

Nishida tightened his lips and studied the room, stopping in a certain direction.

“Oooh, I see,” Nishida commented, like he just understood all his problems by scanning the people around.

What?” Majima snapped, not wanting a stupid remark.

“Don’t worry, boss. I’m sure Kiryu-san would prefer to be with you rather than her,” Nishida reassured him in a sweet tone.

Too sweet for his taste.

“Why do ya say that?” Majima felt really mad now. Since when he was letting his guard down? If Nishida could read him, anyone else could. That wasn’t good.

“Because he looks miserable.” Nishida shrugged and took a glass of what looked like some kind of soda.

“He doesn’t,” Majima countered in disbelief. Why would he be? He had what he always wanted, right? “He’s with his family,” Majima added, like that should be enough to show Nishida was wrong.

“Yeah, but he is pretending to be happy. Look closer.”

Majima frowned. What the fuck was wrong with Nishida today? Maybe some smartass dropped something strange in his drink. But…

Majima glanced at Kiryu and…. there was something strange in his demeanour. He seemed alright, barely chatting although he never talked much. But his eyes…. Kiryu looked…uncomfortable? Majima felt perplexed; Nishida beat him at his own game. He didn’t know if he should feel proud or ashamed that he was being blinded by his own feelings, exactly the reason why relationships were never a good thing. But the more he thought about the situation, the more obvious it seemed for Majima. Kiryu wasn’t uncomfortable for having his family there —that would be completely absurd— but for the party. His boss had never seemed to enjoy this kind of gathering, nor did he.

That was it.

“He’s really bad at it,” Nishida noted when he saw realization washing over Majima.

“Why are ya so good spottin’ that?” Majima needed to ask.

“Well, years of experience with—.” Nishida was already pointing at Majima, but had the intelligence to stop right in time. Or maybe he didn’t and just stopped when Majima started glaring at him.

Quickly, Nishida covered his head like a puppy would do when his owner got angry with him. And that seemed exactly the situation, right? Majima remembered Kiryu’s words and…

“You’re dismissed, Nishida,” Majima just said, trying to control himself from punching the bastard.

Nishida didn’t move, looking at him with a terrified expression. Maybe waiting for something different.

“What? What kind of person would I be if I just kick ya for bein’—,” a piece of shit? Too loud? Nah. “…sincere?” He finished.

“The same person as every day, sir?” Nishida wondered.

Majima used all his will power to not stab him right now.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Majima barked, making Nishida run while uttering an apology under everyone’s attention.


He really needed to keep practicing this shit about not being too cruel with his subordinates; he had been too many years doing that to just shake it out of his system. Or maybe he could just spare Nishida. He needed to get better, not only for himself but for Kiryu; he inspired him in that way.

In the wrong way, though. Kiryu was too damn soft sometimes apart from being the strongest person he knew. Well, there was also…

No, no, just better focus on the present.

And he had something in mind.




Kiryu didn’t sleep well that night. He usually didn’t, always with nightmares about Nishiki, Kazama…all memories from that damn day. And today it was exactly a year since everything happened. At least Yumi didn’t seem too bothered, or maybe he didn’t notice. Whatever it was, she prepared for the day as if it was another one, with the big difference that today they also celebrated a year since he occupied the chairman position. And he wasn’t really enjoying it. It didn’t feel right, not after everything that had happened for him to be here; not after why he had decided to accept the position. 

It felt totally pointless and draining.

A shout took him out from his own head and, of course, it was Majima. It was always him. Kiryu almost found it funny.

“Your…friend seems agitated,” Yumi commented, whispering into his ear.

“Well, he is…” always like this? That didn’t seem a good option. “Having problems with his captain.” Surely.

Yumi hummed, agreeing with him.

“He sure argues with him a lot; no one seems impressed,” she noted, looking around.

Kiryu sighed. Sadly, almost no one in the room appreciated Majima, not even Kashiwagi or Yayoi. And that thought alone pained him. Kiryu didn’t understand it; he knew Majima could be complicated, but he was a good gokudou, always sacrificing himself for the Tojo. All that crazy fame didn’t seem justified. Although Kiryu didn’t know Majima’s entire story; it felt rude to just ask him directly and surely he wouldn’t answer anyway.

“Do you trust Majima?” Kiryu wondered, out of the blue.

Yumi furrowed her eyebrows, sceptical. “I don’t see why not, but I don’t know him that well,” she shrugged. “Did something happen?”

“No,” Kiryu said, curtly. “I was just thinking.”

Yumi nodded, obviously not believing him.

Kiryu trusted Majima without any doubts. At least, in Tojo matters. Their relationship was a different thing; they had never talked about what they wanted from this and somehow it felt strange to ask Majima to be a thing when he was still married. That didn’t seem fair for Majima, he said as much. And deep down, Kiryu could sense something wrong between them that got fuelled due to his lack of experience, making everything too hard to manage. Even more complicated when it was about them. Could he just ask? Sure. Would Majima answer? He would probably make a joke and flee, leaving Kiryu with the same doubts. That seemed to be the only way he knew.

Anyway, Kiryu didn’t have time for this kind of thinking. Even less surrounded by people who expected from him some professionalism

Kiryu sighed; it promised to be a tiresome day.

Suddenly, his phone pinged. It was a message from Majima.

Meet me at yer office,’ it read.

Kiryu frowned. Had something happened? It had been a long time since they met.

Excusing himself from Yumi and Haruka, Kiryu walked in the direction to his office. All the hallways were empty, all the people enjoying the party in the main hall; nothing to worry about.

Kiryu opened the door and the first thing he saw was Majima half-dressed and sitting in his chair. Was he in trouble?

“Is something wrong?” Kiryu asked, closing the door behind him.

Majima jumped from the chair and ran towards, pinning Kiryu against the door.

Kiryu opened his eyes in surprise, but didn’t try to stop Majima.

“Ya should wear this every day.” Majima said, kissing Kiryu’s neck and sliding his hand under his clothes. “No, better not or I would be named Majima ‘blue balled’ Goro,” he added with a smirk, looking straight into his eyes and sounding a little drunk.

Kiryu felt more than lost. The last day he thought he was making Majima uncomfortable with all his attention and now he was here, already thrusting against Kiryu, touching everywhere he could.

“Nii-san, I’m not sure this is a good idea,” Kiryu protested. “Everyone is here,” he told Majima while being dragged to his desk.

“That’s what makes it interestin’, huh?” Majima sat above the desk and trapped Kiryu with his long legs. They were now body against body, feeling Majima’s warmth under the few clothes he had left, raising his interest.

“You’re drunk, nii-san,” Kiryu interrupted, finding this whole thing inappropriate.

Majima narrowed his eye. “I appreciate yer concern, Kiryu-chan, but I’m not. Nishida’s a party pooper.” Ok, now he didn’t sound drunk at all and Kiryu felt confused.

Seeing Kiryu didn’t have anything else to complain about, Majima started to roam his hands over his chest, bringing him closer with his legs. Feeling his erection against his. When did that happen? Majima seemed like some kind of magician who knew perfectly where to touch, awakening something on him that he never thought he would need.

Kiryu felt hornier than he should, he almost was ashamed of it. His family was on the other floor and also all of his subordinates. It made the situation dangerous and enticing. And, at the same time, he woke up in a foul mood and doing this here felt inappropriate for the day.

“I already prepared myself,” Majima commented with a sexy tone.

Kiryu froze. Majima kept repeating that word without explaining anything, although he knew that could mean—

“Have you been fingering yourself in my office? Alone?” Kiryu wondered, half excited, half shocked.

“In yer chair to be more exact,” Majima admitted with a smirk on his face.

Kiryu pictured the image and, well… He didn’t know how to function anymore. Maybe it wasn’t too bad if he indulged himself in his desires.

Part of him wanted to kiss him, but then he remembered the other day and how miserable Majima looked. Or perhaps it was sad. But whatever it was, Majima never initiated the kissing, ever, maybe because he felt bothered by it.

Maybe Majima only wanted sex.

“Or would ya prefer to hug?” Majima teased him with a big grin, interrupting his thoughts.

Kiryu frowned at that. “Why do you say that?”

“Dunno, ya seem like ya need one,” Majima explained, leaning over to kiss Kiryu on the cheek, really softly. Kiryu felt sure he was trying to pester him.

And it kind of did.

Grunting, Kiryu grabbed Majima and turned him around against the desk. Majima yelped in surprise, delighted with the change.

“Eager, huh?” Majima mumbled.

Kiryu tore Majima’s shirt off and, looming over him, Kiryu started kissing and biting his captain while he gasped and squirmed under him. He felt kind of annoyed by Majima's back and forth, making him mad. But he couldn't get carried away, taking a deep breath before shoving Majima’s pants off. Kiryu looked at his tattooed ass and at the hannya glaring at him, like he was being judged. And that made him feel exposed. Seeing Majima like this, at his mercy, ready and waiting, made Kiryu’s blood pump. He felt aching now. Trying to ignore the tattoo, Kiryu reached for the lube that was already sitting on the table and spread some in his hand. He did that the last time: surely it wouldn’t be that difficult. 

Without thinking much, Kiryu slid two fingers inside Majima, making him gasp.

Kiryu fucked Majima with his fingers for a few minutes, looking at how Majima grabbed the desk with strength, moaning at every movement. And Kiryu kept stretching him until he could use three of his fingers, making Majima gasp in a wanting tone when he felt the change. Kiryu didn’t want to cause any discomfort in his companion, trying to be patient and take care of him, just enjoying the sounds he made even if he tried to shut him up.

But Majima didn’t stop, ignoring all his commands and even moaning with more intent. Kiryu just hoped no one would hear them.

“Fuck me already,” Majima begged while throwing him a condom. “Ya remember how to do that, right?” Majima teased against the desk.

Kiryu did. 

Sort of. 

He lowered the bottom part of his montsuki and freed himself, already erect and leaking. Tearing up the wrapper, he tried to emulate what Majima did the other time. He grabbed the slippery material, trying to slide it along his dick, taking some tries until he managed to put it on right. Being under pressure surely wasn’t helping him.

“Ya need help or—,” Majima impatiently began when Kiryu pushed his dick inside him.

“Fuck,” Majima gasped. 

He felt so tight and warm, it made him shudder in pleasure. And this position made him feel powerful, under control, but he didn’t want to dwell too much in that feeling. He looked down to see how his dick slid inside Majima, moving in and out in slow motion, enjoying every second of it. Getting lost in the sensations. Kiryu had never done this or wanted to do this, not with anyone else, but Majima was different.

It still felt unreal the concept of both of them sharing something this intimate, something that if any patriarch discovered would ruin their lives and yet, he didn’t care. Not right now. At the moment, he wouldn’t mind spending the rest of his life just like this. He heard all the tiniest quivers in Majima’s moans, making him exhale at every move. 

He grabbed Majima’s hips, sinking his fingers in his flesh, manhandling him at the rhythm of his thrust. Majima was panting, bouncing against the desk and trying to grab himself against it. They fought like they fucked, following his primal impulses and desires but never aiming to really hurt and just searching for release. 

Majima was writhing and crying out of pleasure, moving along with him. And Kiryu loved it, he loved feeling wanted and rewarded, to know he enjoyed this too as much as he did. He was beautiful like that. 

And sure, he really liked hearing Majima’s groans, but he was making too much noise now.

“Shut up,” Kiryu commanded, thrusting harder inside Majima.

“Make me,” Majima challenged him between moans.

Grunting, Kiryu covered Majima’s mouth and pulled him up, his naked back against Kiryu’s covered chest. His captain groaned against his hand while they accommodated to this new position. 

And that felt so fucking good. The contact, body against body, the heat of Majima’s body, the dominance, everything felt too much.

With his free hand, Kiryu brushed Majima’s nipple, making him shiver with delight. Had he ever been touched like this? Did he ever fuck in this position? Jealousy started rushing over him, sinking his finger around his chest with possessiveness and dropping bites along his neck, joining the old bruises he had left there. And Majima desperately groaned against his mouth, encouraging him to keep going.

And Kiryu didn’t know if that was a good idea.

Soon enough, Kiryu felt too close and, not caring about Majima’s possible jokes, he started to fuck him harder. He just wanted to release, to come inside his captain. His surroundings were getting blurred; right now he didn’t care about anything else in the world, if someone heard them or just found them there. 

Kiryu increased the pacing, biting the shoulder of his captain to hold his own moans. And Majima, probably knowing Kiryu was close, started touching himself with an erratic motion. And just the view pushed him closer.

Kiryu shoved Majima down, back to the desk, and started moving roughly, not caring anymore about the noise, slamming Majima in every thrust. He fucked him until he came violently, shuddering and gasping for air. His legs were trembling and Majima was shaking as he finished all over his table.

They both stayed there for a moment, recovering, realization coming over him. They had just done that in his office with the whole Tojo under them.  He didn’t know how to feel about it.

Kiryu pulled out slowly, taking care not to disturb his partner although Majima shivered anyway at the sensation, but didn’t complain.

And now they had to clean this mess. Maybe later. Kiryu took off the condom and threw it at the ground, getting his clothes in position again; he really had let himself lose control.

He rested his back against the nearest wall, still not wanting to do anything else, while Majima stood up and put his pants on. He glanced at Kiryu with a satisfactory smirk and walked towards him, sitting at the clean part of the table. Apart from being a little shaky, he seemed completely alright, at least. That took some weight from his shoulders.

“Someday, ya should let me do this to ya too,” Majima commented, looking directly at him.

That seemed unexpected. He felt a little embarrassed to admit he had thought about the possibility and he was too shy to say it out loud, thinking Majima would laugh at him. And then, he didn’t know if that dynamic could change just like that or if that would change something between them. How were those things decided? Kiryu was Majima’s boss, but Majima was older than him. Did these things matter? He hoped it didn’t or at least he didn’t seem to mind. These things should just be about them and what they wanted and anything else, yet he felt a little self-conscious and scared to be judge for the role he could take in sex. He didn’t know why, though; it wasn’t like people would know that or would care about. This should only concern them. 

Majima started laughing at his expression; Kiryu was already blushing, something that bothered him but Majima found endearing.

“Aww, Kiryu-chan, ya still would be the manliest man in the room,” Majima joked like he just heard his thoughts, cupping Kiryu’s jaw in a delicate way.

“I didn’t say anything,” Kiryu protested, trying to escape from his grasp. 

“Ya didn’t have to!” Majima laughed with that high pitched voice of his. “And now, what’s wrong?” He asked, shifting quickly of mood. Kiryu still felt amazed by that ability.

“There is no—,” Kiryu started to explain.

“No, no, ya look upset,” Majima insisted.

Kiryu sighed. Maybe he could just say it. “Exactly a year ago, Nishiki—,” And before Kiryu could finish the sentence, Majima nodded with understanding and a sad expression, leaning forward for a hug. Kiryu jolted, not expecting this reaction or knowing what to do. He wasn’t used to that kind of affection and even less coming from Majima. 

Perhaps he lied and he was really drunk.

Resting his head over Kiryu’s shoulder, he passed his arms around his lower back, squeezing him a little. A few seconds passed and Kiryu didn’t know what to do or to think, if this was some kind of prank or Majima would just tease him by doing something sexual again, breaking the tender moment.

But he didn’t; Majima just hummed contently and rubbed his back up and down.

“I’m not a kid,” Kiryu protested, not really feeling the complaint. He appreciated Majima's gesture, even welcomed it, but he didn’t know how to react without making himself look too sentimental.

“Sure you aren’t,” Majima said, stepping away from him. 

Kiryu missed the contact already.

After an awkward pause, Majima started to collect his clothes, getting dressed again like nothing had happened. Kiryu imagined he was the one in charge of the cleaning then, but it only took him a few minutes and everything looked like new.

Making sure everything was in place, his montsuki without anything telltale and tousling his hair, he turned around to see Majima already waiting for him at the door.

“Can you see if someone is out there?” Kiryu suggested, a little anxious to meet someone in the hallway asking for answers.

Majima huffed but opened the door, looking around. After a moment that felt like an eternity, his captain glanced at him with an unreadable expression. “Let’s go,” he announced and Kiryu hoped he really made sure no one was around.

“By the way,” Kiryu started saying. “Did you come here with all these things?” He really hoped Majima understood ‘things’ for lube and condoms.

“Well, I asked Nishida to bring them,” Majima commented with a smug expression.

Kiryu froze, not liking the idea. “But does he…?”

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, people are waitin’ for ya,” Majima hurried to say, ignoring his question.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have asked.




Kiryu sat in the limousine with Yumi, Haruka and Majima. It was already the afternoon and he wanted to visit the cemetery. He had changed his clothes for his usual one, not wanting to show there wearing anything that could be read as pretentious. Also, because Nishiki fought to be in the same position Kiryu occupied now, creating that big chaos they had to recover from until today. 

It didn’t seem appropriate.

And Majima, already in his usual outfit, seemed anxious, so much that Kiryu didn’t understand why he insisted on tagging along. He was sitting at Kiryu’s side, crossing his arms over his now naked chest and looking to the ground while bouncing his leg.

To be fair, it was an uncomfortable situation having Yumi and Haruka there after what they did in his office. It felt like they could read their minds and know what happened between them. Judging them. Or maybe he should try to relax too.  Kiryu knew that was stupid, and Yumi didn’t care anyway; they shouldn’t be worried.

“You didn’t need to come, Majima-san,” Kiryu began, trying to spare him from his duty. And his obvious discomfort.

“Of course I hafta,” Majima answered with an annoyed expression. He was basically his bodyguard now and Kiryu didn’t like that. Kiryu appreciated his company, but he preferred Majima joining him just because he wanted to, not to protect him.

“But this is a family thing,” Yumi suddenly retorted. She spoke with a neutral tone, but Kiryu could see she felt a little bothered by his presence. After all, she accepted their relationship but didn’t welcome it.  

And Majima, surprisingly, didn’t say a word. He only looked at her with a gesture like it could be described as hateful and ashamed at the same time and, then, glanced at the floor, defeated. It felt wrong. Kiryu wanted to reassure him and tell him he was part of his family now, at least for him, but that probably added more unwanted sentiment. He felt sure that if he opened his big mouth again it would only screw things more.

“Well, I call him uncle,” Haruka interrupted them, beaming.

Kiryu smiled at her, feeling warmed by her care, and Majima did the same, almost looking relieved. But that mood didn’t last long, going back to the sulky attitude and to his bouncy leg.

Well, at least she tried.

The car arrived and everyone got out, probably all trying to escape the tension that breathed inside that car. Kiryu spotted two other cars, Kashiwagi stepping out from one of them, followed by many gokudou in black suits.

“Do we really need those many men?” Kiryu wondered when his advisor got closer to him.

“Yes, but don’t worry, they won’t disturb you.” Kashiwagi answered.

Kiryu nodded, not really happy with the concept.

Kiryu and Majima went ahead, and Yumi, Haruka and Kashiwagi were behind, while all the gokudou men watched the zone. Glancing at Haruka for a moment, he could see a glimpse of wariness on his daughter’s expression, and he knew why; he felt worried about Haruka growing up in an environment like this, always followed by dangerous men to protect her from more threatening people. Kiryu did wonder if he made the right choice staying but, after all, Yumi wanted to join this kind of life too. 

The kid seemed doomed anyway.

Looking around, Kiryu spotted the tombs of Kazama and Nishiki. Sometimes he wondered what they would think if they saw what he was doing with his life. And not only for how he was managing the Tojo, but for his relationship with Yumi... and Majima. He felt almost sure Kazama wouldn’t have approved it. And for Nishiki…maybe he would have accepted it with time. Or at least the old Nishiki, the one that knew him so well and saw himself for who he was and not for the Dragon of Dojima and those stupid high standards expected from him. Kiryu felt sure Nishiki would want happiness for him as well, just as Yumi did. But still it was his private life and he shouldn't care for other people’s opinions.

Kiryu really missed them anyway. All the time lost…

Suddenly, Kiryu heard gunfire. And before he could react, he was already on the ground with a headache. Was he…? Was Haruka ok? Yumi?


More shooting in the background. People were screaming and Kiryu could only feel something heavy over him.

He opened his eyes and saw Majima looming over him, protecting him and looking around, searching for something. In a moment of courage, Kiryu tried to move, but Majima pinned him against the ground.

“Don’t,” he whispered, still not glancing at him. Kiryu didn’t appreciate not being able to defend himself or his family. He fought a little more to get up, but Majima wasn’t letting him.

“I—,” Kiryu started to protest, not being able to articulate many words.

“Ya can’t fight a bullet,” Majima hissed, like he could read what he was thinking.

At that moment, Kiryu didn’t mind. He could totally fight anyone that threatened their lives and he didn’t like to be the one being protected; it made him feel useless.

Kiryu was still a little fuzzy from the hit in the head, but he could totally hear how someone said something about the Omi and them being down. What the…? Then, Majima turned his attention to him.

“Are ya alright?!” Majima screamed, hands all over him.

“How are Haruka and Yumi?” Kiryu ignored the question, going directly to the important. He tried to sit up, searching for them.

“They are ok, Kashiwagi protected them,” Majima reassured him.

Kiryu sighed, at least they were ok. He closed his eyes, feeling still a little dizzy, and laid again.

“Don’t ya fuckin’ close yer eyes!” Majima warned, touching him everywhere again. He almost wanted to drop a joke about not being the best moment for that, but also it didn’t seem the time for that either. 

Maybe he really hit his head.

Majima slapped him, gently, trying to make him react. Kiryu did slowly and saw how his captain studied him very intently with a very worried face. It felt really endearing.

Then, he started to see something strange with his blurry vision. Kiryu tried to focus his view on his companion and then…blood. That snapped Kiryu quickly.

“You’re bleeding,” Kiryu announced, trying to stand up again.

Majima looked confused. Didn’t he feel it?

With a little effort, Kiryu finally managed to get up, pushing Majima aside and turning him around. In the base of his skull, there was a burn wound, bleeding slightly. Then he remembered the shooting. Kiryu searched for Haruka and Yumi, who were standing and stepping towards him. They were scared, but gladly ok.

But Majima wasn’t.

“You could have died!” Kiryu grabbed Majima, trying to see if anything else was wrong. If he just died the same day as his father and his kyodai did…. Kiryu didn’t want to think about that. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for putting more people in danger, for putting Majima in the same position that many others were once. He had already lost too many people: Shinji, Reina, Kazama, Nishiki… Everyone died because of him and, what for? He didn’t deserve that big sacrifice, he didn’t—

“Easy, Kiryu-chan, I’m perfectly fine,” Majima assured, bringing him back from his thoughts, looking uncomfortable with his concern. “It’s just a scratch. I’m fast enough,” Majima insisted, noticing how lost Kiryu looked right now.

“And if you weren’t? Then what?” Kiryu felt really annoyed. He didn’t want Majima dying to protect him. 

But now Majima looked really upset. He opened his mouth to say something, but then thought better about it. Taking a long breath, he started talking again. “Look, I know why you are angry,” did he? Kiryu thought. He really doubted it. “But it's ok, I was fast enough. Everythin’ is ok. What kind of bodyguard would I be if I let my boss die?” Majima continued, trying to make a joke.

But Kiryu didn’t find it funny for many reasons, but mostly for how Majima had decided to word that. His boss? That was the only thing he cared about? Sure, reading Majima wasn’t his speciality, although if he considered it for a long time it made sense; maybe they weren’t on the same page at all. Risking their life for a superior was a common thing between gokudou, but that wasn’t a thing Kiryu wanted. 

He could fight his own battles.

His captain surely read that in Kiryu’s expression because his face softened and approached him, trying to touch his arm, but Kiryu dodged him, feeling annoyed and exposed.

“Kiryu-chan,” Majima began, but Kiryu cut him off.

“No,” he blurted with a serious tone.

“Are you ok?” Kashiwagi asked, joining them with Yumi and Haruka at his side.

“I am,” Kiryu answered, not wanting to talk at that moment.

Kashiwagi looked between them with a concerned face. “We should go, this place is not safe,” he announced, calling to their men and asking for extra support.

Kiryu walked with Yumi and Haruka without saying anything, just rushing to go away from there, with so many thoughts that he couldn’t even focus on one.

“They will take you both to home, ok?” Kiryu told Yumi, who just nodded and got in with Haruka.

“Be careful, dad!” Haruka exclaimed, seeming afraid. Kiryu reminded himself that this wasn’t a life for a kid.

Another car appeared in front of him, with Majima already cleaning his wound and Kashiwagi calling Kiryu to join them. Nodding, he entered the car, seeing how the other gokudou dispersed when Kiryu finally got in.

“The Omi finally attacked,” Kashiwagi informed, but that was more than obvious by now. “Do you need some medical attention?”

“I’m fine,” Kiryu repeated again. He glanced at Majima, who had already finished with his wound. He looked still agitated and Kiryu couldn’t avoid feeling bad. He shouldn’t have snapped like that; Majima just saved his life and he was being stubborn to even thank him.

“Some Omi escaped; others were shot by our men. We’re trying to find out why they decided to act today,” Kashiwagi kept telling him, but Kiryu had the feeling he knew why. “I’ll keep you informed.”

Nodding, Kiryu prepared himself for the longest day he had experienced since a year ago.




Kiryu sat in his office waiting for Kashiwagi and all the news he could get. But Kiryu was a man of action; he needed to move already and find a way to fix the problem. Do something. For now, the other patriarchs were informed and were on their way.  Did the attack happen for the oath thing? Majima didn’t know anything about it and he didn’t look forward to telling him.

At least, Kiryu knew Yumi and Haruka were already at home, safe and with more people protecting the place. He still couldn’t be sure enough, but it was something.

And Majima sat beside him, studying him closely and not saying a word. This way felt even more frustrating. Maybe they shouldn’t be doing this thing right now; it didn’t feel safe. If someone picked up in their relationship, it would be more dangerous for Majima, and Kiryu didn’t want that. He knew Majima could take care of himself and that was the only thing that made Kiryu feel less stressed; he admired his captain for that. But Majima wasn’t immortal. And he already had enough with people threatening Yumi and Haruka for his fault; he didn’t need more people under the same problem.

Finally, Kashiwagi arrived, taking a seat and clearing his throat, making him feel the anticipation. He seemed tired and Kiryu could totally understand why.

“So?” Kiryu impatiently demanded.

“Apparently one of the hitmen said they were here in the name of the Kansai’s chairman.”

“And who the fuck is this one now?” Majima interrupted.

“You should be more informed, Majima,” Kashiwagi retorted, looking displeased.

“Why? We have ya for that,” Majima shrugged, pissing his advisor off.

“He’s Jin Goda,” Kashiwagi finally said, ignoring Majima.

“But why?” Kiryu still didn’t understand the reason behind. Did the oath have to do anything with it or not? It just happened right in time.

Kashiwagi shot him a knowing look. “Surely they aren’t happy about us saving the Tojo. They see us again as a threat. And maybe since we have started the—,” Kashiwagi began, being cut off by Kiryu.

“I’ll talk to him,” he announced, still deciding to do the right thing. Maybe there was some misunderstanding and it would be better if he did it for himself.

“I can’t imagine he will agree to this after what he did…” Kashiwagi warned, being cut out by Majima now.

“Say what? You’re fuckin’ not! After what he almost did?!” Majima snapped, very furious.

“I wasn’t asking for an opinion,” Kiryu replied, very annoyed.

“Ya can’t do that! You’re the fuckin’ chairman, ya can’t just goin’ around like nothin’ happened. Ya have subordinates to do that work,” Majima insisted, shouting all the time. Surely people outside could know the plan by now.

“I won’t send anyone to solve this problem. Goda wants me, so I’ll go there,” Kiryu said with a tone of finality.

“Kiryu-chan,” Majima furrowed his eyebrows and rested his hand over Kiryu’s, looking defeated.

That gave him a rush of excitement that died quickly when Kiryu moved his hand away.

Kiryu felt deeply hurt by the expression that disturbed Majima’s face. He probably thought Kiryu was rejecting him, but it wasn’t that. This wasn’t safe. He didn’t want Majima dying to be his fault too. But Kiryu didn’t know how to let him know and even less without making it look like Kiryu saw him as a defenceless person. Talking to him always felt difficult and Majima never made it easy to deal with him. He just worried about Majima. He was his friend, his partner, he was…whatever he was. He was part of his life now and he didn’t want Majima to join his other friends in destiny.

They felt silent; Majima looked at the floor and Kiryu didn’t know what to say. He just wanted to make something right and he failed every time. When he glanced at Kashiwagi, it felt more than obvious that his advisor knew exactly what was happening.

And that made the whole situation more uncomfortable.

Majima stood up and started pacing the office under Kashiwagi’s glare. Kiryu knew exactly what he was thinking about and he didn’t like it. He knew Kashiwagi didn’t trust Majima one bit and thought that this relationship could be dangerous. He always said so and now it felt like he was right.

But he wasn’t. Kashiwagi didn’t understand anything that was happening for real. Or at least he hoped so.

“You should be careful,” Kashiwagi told him, making sure Kiryu paid attention to him.

“I don’t have to be,” Kiryu retorted, feeling tired of his concerns.

“Of course ya have to!” Majima snapped, oblivious at the parallel conversation they were having.

“I’ll go to Sotenbori and I’ll talk to him. Maybe there is a way to fix this,” Kiryu insisted.

“To talk with someone who just wanted to kill ya? And then what? Bring him some flowers and chocolates? Go together to have your manicures done?” Majima sneered, looking anxious. Kiryu could understand his concerns, but at the same time he felt tired of this whole thing; he would do what he wanted to do. “Ya can’t just nag me about almost being killed and then go jumpin’ into a fuckin’ death sentence!”

Kiryu knew it was hypocritical on his part, but it was his life and he decided what to do with it. And knowing the obvious answer that Majima would give, he decided to stay quiet, just looking at him with intent.

“Just...let me kill him,” Majima proposed, not really sounding convinced.

“No, that’s not the right way,” Kiryu replied, hoping he wasn’t being serious.

“Oh, sure! It’s much better to talk to someone that wants ya dead,” Majima commented with a sarcastic tone.

“We can’t just kill people because they are a nuisance,” Kiryu kept saying.

“He’s not a nuisance. He tried to kill ya and yer fuckin’ family!”

Kiryu knew he was right, yet he wouldn’t fall in that game; he would do what he believed in. Trying to make things better. “I have to try at least, there are other ways to fix things than violence.”

Majima narrowed his eye. “Are ya still think’ that’s useful?! After all this time?” 

“What? Do you just kill people when they bother you?” Kiryu wondered for real. His captain didn’t seem that kind of man; that wasn’t the man he liked. 

Majima stared at him with an expression between ashamed and angry. “Haw? Do ya think you’re better than me?”

Not this shit again, Kiryu thought.

“I didn’t say that, I said I’m the chairman now and we will do as I command,” Kiryu stood up, stepping forward. He didn’t like imposing himself like that, but he didn’t like being questioned either.

Majima huffed. “True, you’re the boss after all, ya can’t be wrong,” he taunted, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself than agreeing with Kiryu.

Either way, Kiryu accepted it. He didn’t want to keep fighting Majima over this. “Good then.”

Now everything seemed settled; he would prepare all that he needed and go to Sotenbori the next day. He just hoped everything could go smoothly

“Then I’ll go with ya,” Majima offered after a moment.

That took Kiryu by surprise.

“Do you want to interfere?” Kashiwagi commented, but Kiryu thought he was being too nosy.

“No,” Majima answered. “I’ll just help Kiryu-chan to do it his way.” He made a pause, studying his chairman. “And who knows, maybe I hafta keep protectin’ Kiryu-chan from bullets,” he bitterly added.

“I don’t want you to do that,” Kiryu answered with a soft tone, almost forgetting Kashiwagi was there too.

“Well, too bad for ya, I will do it anyway,” Majima shrugged, feeling victorious. “Even if ya wouldn’t do the same,” he mumbled as an afterthought and Kiryu was pretty sure he left ‘for me’ out of the remark.

Kiryu stepped closer, almost invading Majima’s personal space. “If someone dares to touch you again, I’ll kill them personally,” he whispered, meaning every word and furious just with only the possibility. Majima was an important part of his life, and perhaps he had never killed someone, but he would if something happened to him. Just as he would for Haruka and Yumi.

Majima visibly gulped, looking at him with a shocked expression. Maybe not believing him or maybe not expecting that reaction. It always amazed Kiryu in how low Majima’ self-esteem was; he couldn’t even gather why. Did someone put that in his head? He knew experiences in life would always mess with their perception of reality, but that seemed to be too much. Majima was a strong and valuable man; he would be lost without him. 

Now he regretted his decision about not kissing him earlier when he could, not enjoying the embrace that Majima uncharacteristically offered him. If he knew all these things would start happening today, maybe…

Maybe he could do that now to soothe that confused expression from Majima. 


Kashiwagi cleared his throat.

Oh, right. They weren’t alone.

“Ok, you can come.” Kiryu continued with the matter at hand, trying to compose himself a little.

Majima offered a knowing look. “I think I’ll need a little more for that,” he smirked.

But Kiryu didn’t understand. What did he need more than an agreement?

Kashiwagi sighed, obviously bothered. “Do you really think this is a good idea?”

“Yes,” Kiryu nodded. Maybe it wasn’t he couldn’t know that for sure, even less after what happened in the cemetery, but he knew that a ‘no’ wouldn’t stop Majima from joining him.

“I have to go to Sotenbori anyway,” Majima added with a shrug.

That took Kiryu’s attention. He thought he disliked the city. “What for?”

“Personal stuff.” Majima didn’t seem in the mood to offer more than that, always too obscure about his private life that he wouldn’t ever share something trivial about him, only by mistake. That made him feel left out, but Majima was free to do as he wished.

“Then, we just need to meet Omi’s chairman,” Kiryu said, changing the subject.

“Are you really sure about this?” Kashiwagi didn’t seem happy with the idea.

“Yes,” Kiryu replied.

“I have my reservations about this, but I know you won’t change your mind, so…” Kashiwagi started saying.




When Kiryu entered the meeting room, all the patriarchs were already screaming.

The usual.

“We should just take revenge! That’s the gokudou way!” Someone screamed.

“They didn’t kill him!” Another one argued.

“But they wanted to, and it’s our honour that's at stake!”

“I won’t take the heat if you do something stupid! Starting a war takes money, you know?”

“Money, money, money, that’s the only thing I always hear about!”

“We have enough money, we could try!”

“Enough!” Kiryu shouted, tired of hearing them.

Everyone turned around to see the chairman accompanied by his captain and advisor. In silence, they took their seats and waited for them to do the same. They all looked impatient and a little ashamed.

“I’ll go to Kansai,” Kiryu announced once he sat in his place. All the patriarchs seemed concerned now. They might be able to start a war, but it was the last thing that Kiryu wanted to do.

“That would be dangerous!” One of the men said.

“I’m well aware of that, but it’s my duty,” Kiryu explained.

“Slip up and you are dead,” Yayoi warned.

“I know. I’m prepared for that,” Kiryu answered, frowning.  He could sense how Majima was uncomfortable with this line of conversation.

“You wouldn’t. Are you looking to trade Chairman Goda’s life for your own?” Yayoi questioned, seeming to read more into his words.

“That all depends on his response.”

Everyone looked at him, not saying a word.  Kiryu knew no one would accept it right away, but he didn’t care. If he died, they could replace him with anyone else, he wasn’t important. Protecting his family and the Tojo was.

Yayoi stood up, walking towards him. “Are you still trying to atone for everything that happened?” That shocked Kiryu. He knew no one would understand, but he still felt guilty for all the deaths that he caused and what Nishiki did to this clan; since the murder of Dojima to the plot to became the new chairman. 

He hadn’t fixed any of this yet.

“You already did enough for the Tojo and for us, and what Nishikiyama did is not your responsibility to bear,” Yayoi commented like she knew exactly what he was thinking. But he hadn't done enough. The Tojo was just starting to recover and he still couldn’t keep the patriarchs under control. Nothing felt like it was enough to repair all the damage his kyodai caused.

“Nishiki and I were closer than blood brothers, any debts Nishiki left are mine to pay now,” Kiryu insisted, feeling sure about what he had to do.

“But you are our patriarch!” Someone protested in the back.

“I’m sure you all can find someone to occupy my place in case something happens to me. For me to do this is how I can help the Tojo the way I know, and if I fail, it would be obvious I didn’t deserve this position.” Kiryu would do anything to protect the clan and his family, even if that meant dying; he owed them so much. And now Jin Goda was threatening them and their status. Fixing this would be a good way to make a repayment for all the problems yet to be atoned. And if he died, his family could be safe again. Without him there, they wouldn’t be hunted anymore and Haruka wouldn’t have a yakuza for a father. 

Everything seemed like a win.

“If your plan fails, you know it will mean a war between the east and west. You know that, right?” Yayoi reminded him.

“I know, but it would be anyway. So I have to try. We are still in no position to stand against them, so I have to do something different.” And Kiryu felt positive about it.

The patriarchs knew that too and it was useless to ignore him. Finally, they all accepted the plan in silence, even if they didn’t like it.

Even if some seemed to have something to add.

“But before I go, I need to ask you for a favour,” Kiryu requested, looking directly at Yayoi. 

He needed to talk with Daigo.

Chapter Text

“So, tell me again, why are we searchin’ for Daigo?” Majima wondered, keeping up with Kiryu’s fast paced walk.

“Well, I’m searching for him, you didn’t need to come,” Kiryu corrected him.

“Are ya still pissed off with me for savin’ yer life?” Majima asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“It’s not…” Kiryu stopped walking. “I know you don’t agree with this, so you don’t have to feel pressured to come along,” Kiryu insisted. He didn’t want Majima to end up more injured because of him.

“I’ll follow ya even if ya don’t want me to,” Majima said, almost threatening.

“I’m not—,” Kiryu tried to explain, but he felt it would be useless.

“So, why are we searchin’ for Daigo?” Majima repeated, ignoring Kiryu.

“I need to talk to him, I owe him so much after what happened with his father… And If I don’t come back…”

“Ya will come back ‘cause if ya die, I’ll kill ya,” Majima assured him, narrowing his eye.

Kiryu didn’t know how to answer that; it didn’t make sense. “Still, I want to talk to him. Maybe he could take my place.”

That didn’t seem to sit well with Majima.

“That brat?!” He seemed speechless.

“What? Do you want the position?” Kiryu never thought Majima would be interested in being the chairman, but maybe he was miscalculating.

“Fuck no. But Daigo? C’mon, he is not prepared for that,” Majima snapped, looking at Kiryu in disbelief.

“We will see in time,” Kiryu answered, not in the mood to keep arguing about something that neither of them knew for certain. 

And with that, he started walking again, and Majima followed.




Majima waited outside in the alley, smoking a cigarette. Kiryu insisted on doing this alone, that it was something personal he had to fix with Daigo. That was why Majima found it funny when Kiryu stepped out with a bunch of thugs that looked totally out of his league. Thinking about it, it was interesting how the Fourth Chairman always ended up in situations more suited for a chinpira, rather than for the most important man in the Tojo.

Sometimes Majima considered that Kiryu had never wanted a power position. He didn’t like calling the shots; his field was here, beating people up. Not because he couldn't do anything better but because politics didn’t draw his attention and, to be fair, it was a great spectacle to witness how Kiryu used his strength and techniques to destroy those jerks who dared to start a fight against him. And he didn’t even break a sweat.  

At least, he didn’t have to worry now, so he could enjoy the view. How his pants tightened around his legs when he threw a kick; how his shirt threatened to burst at any moment under his sculpted chest… 

Maybe he still needed that cold shower. He shouldn’t be fantasizing about his boss right now after his outburst about not wanting to be saved. The sucker…

And thanks wouldn’t have been too bad.

He should be mad, not horny. 

Then, Daigo appeared. Or maybe he should say ‘Angsty Daigo’ or ‘Emo Daigo’, both suited him well enough. Not like he could be the one judging by appearances but, did Kiryu really want this kid to take his place? He really had to be desperate for that.

With the thugs in the ground, they started talking about the Tojo and honour and Kiryu had the balls to mention Shimano. If he really knew everything about that asshole maybe he wouldn’t consider him honourable. But Majima wouldn’t be the one filling him in.

Kiryu was trying to convince Daigo to join the Tojo again and bring back the old ways. Majima wanted to punch him. Kiryu was already trying to do that and barely succeeding. People were only interested in money and power, not caring about how they managed to get them; only a few patriarchs respected the Fourth Chairman for who he was. And Kiryu was the fucking Dragon of Dojima. Why would they kneel for this kid? The Tojo was corrupted and full of assholes who couldn’t understand their place. If Majima had followed his impulses, he would have left the clan a long time ago. He only stayed for Kiryu; not only because he had a hard on for his boss, but because he seemed to need his help. Kiryu was someone who Majima could feel proud of following—

And the bastard just punched Daigo in the face. 

What the fuck?

Majima thought he came here to watch a sad reunion with many emotions and boring confessions, maybe a beautiful reconciliation. But no. It was Kiryu and he did things this way.

That was why Majima liked him.

They started fighting, talking with every hit. It almost hurt to watch this unfold, didn’t the kid admire Kiryu? But that seemed basically the only way Kiryu knew how to solve problems. Majima knew that for a fact. And the kid was holding his own well enough; maybe he had judged the angsty man too quickly.

But obviously, Kiryu threw the last blow, making Daigo fall. And that seemed to convince him. And who wouldn’t be? If anyone had Kiryu punching the shit out of them, it would be stupid to say ‘no’. Majima would even thank him for his time.

Daigo stood up and dusted his trousers, trying to recover the little dignity he had left.

“So, are we goin’ now?” Majima asked, throwing his cigarette to the ground.

“Majima-san! I didn’t see you here,” Daigo exclaimed, looking really concerned.

Majima offered a wicked smile. “Yeah, well, I was here enjoyin’ the view,” he commented, looking directly at Kiryu.

His boss opened his eyes in shock, almost in a comical way, flushing hard. Maybe he shouldn't be flirting in front of the kid, but he couldn’t care less; making Kiryu all shy and flustered was his favourite pastime. 

Then, he remembered he still should be mad at him.

Oh, fuck.

“Just…let’s go talk somewhere else,” Kiryu offered, walking ahead of them and ignoring his remark.

The better.

They both sat on a bench of a nearby park, and Daigo took another one by himself. It felt kind of awkward after everything that had happened. The kid thought Kiryu killed his father, but the truth was his kyodai did it defending Yumi and, obviously, Kiryu felt responsible for that anyway; even if Daigo didn’t blame him anymore. But an asshole or not, Dojima was still his father.

Kiryu explained the situation and why he wanted Daigo back in the Tojo: in case Kiryu survived, he could have more support in the clan; and in case he died, Daigo could take his place. 

Or something like that; Majima barely paid attention.

Hearing Kiryu talk about dying was making him feel sick. He wouldn’t allow that. If Kiryu died, Majima would bring him back from the dead to kill him again — and he knew he wouldn’t be able to do so.  He couldn’t accept the idea of losing Kiryu, not this soon. Not ever. He respected him and maybe he was getting too attached to Kiryu and those things always ended badly, but Kiryu deserved something better than dying in a sorry fight or a cowardly attack. Although Majima could never have good things in his life, which seemed like a fact by now. If something happened to Kiryu…. he didn’t know what he would do.

He didn’t want to think about it.

After his speech, Daigo fell silent, looking ahead and staring vacantly to the swings. And Kiryu seemed pensive.

And sad.

Since a very young age, Majima had understood that showing affection and emotions was considered something bad, a soft behaviour he should avoid, only to have the idea reinforced when he joined the yakuza. And he had been punished and rejected by that so many times that he had learned he couldn’t do it; he had to keep that for himself. Not only for protection but because so many people had taken advantage of him for that. Because he was manipulable for being weak.  And yet, after all that time wearing a mask to hide his true self, Kiryu arrived and he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to touch him, seeking for physical contact and any sign of love. Something that could end up being dangerous and yet, he kept doing it because he was an idiot. It even made him feel uncomfortable with himself. That was the reason why it felt more difficult to give in after Kiryu’s rejection a few hours ago in front of Kashiwagi. It made him feel stupid for showing his vulnerability, for letting his guard down. And he wouldn’t even think about the humiliation to have been pushed away in front of others; surely he just looked like a lovesick teenager. And in the top of that, he knew that knowledge could be used against him; he really knew that.

But he didn’t want to think about how he felt; right now Kiryu needed some reassurance and Majima had too low self-esteem to stop himself from what could be another let down. But he was a good dog, right? His owner could beat him hard and he would just come for more.

Because Majima didn’t know when to stop.

Or had the desire for self-preservation either.

Not wasting more time, Majima passed his arm around Kiryu’s shoulders and squeezed him. He could feel how his muscles tensed under his touch and Majima feared for the worst; he knew how Kiryu always got bothered when he showed him some affection in public, but Majima didn’t care and Kiryu seemed like he needed a hug. 

Today had been a long day.

“So, are we goin’ to Sotenbori or not? We are gonna miss the last train,” Majima said to fill the silence, still hanging his arm around Kiryu, surprised he hadn't pushed him away yet.

“Wait, are you both going to Sotenbori?” Daigo asked, glancing at them and looking a little confused. Majima didn’t know if it was for the upcoming trip or for seeing them both in that position.

Yet, Kiryu didn’t complain; maybe he didn’t mind now. Maybe it wasn't because Kiryu didn’t want him but he felt too agitated at the time. He could understand that.

Feeling relieved and without thinking too much, Majima rubbed Kiryu’s arm, making him blush. At that, Daigo’s frown deepened, even more when he didn’t see Kiryu pushing him away. So it was for the public display of affection.

Between them.

This could be fun.

“Yeah, I need to fix things there,” Kiryu commented, finally freeing himself from Majima’s grasp and getting up.

Daigo stood up too. “I’m coming with you then, I have to settle a score there. If I join back with the yakuza, I have to do this first,” he told them with a mysterious tone and in an overly dramatic way.

“But—,” Kiryu tried to say.

Getting up from the bench, Majima clapped his hands to break the moment. “Perfect then, we all have things to do there.”

“I’ll see you both tomorrow at the station then.” And with that, Daigo left them alone.


“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Kiryu mumbled, seeming really tired. And Majima knew why.

He wanted to reassure him and tell him that everything would be fine, but Majima couldn’t really know and he didn’t appreciate lies either. He felt scared for Kiryu’s life too, that was why he would follow him everywhere. But Daigo coming along would make things more complicated.

He just hoped he was wrong.

Majima rubbed Kiryu’s back in a sign of affection, something that even Kiryu would admit in the middle of the street.

“I think ya should go to yer family,” Majima suggested, not adding ‘just in case’, because he didn’t want to think about that. But Kiryu understood anyway.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kiryu nodded and walked away.

No goodbye kiss, huh? Of course not.

Majima sighed. It would be a long trip.




The afternoon sun rose in the sky when Majima looked at the station clock, already waiting for Kiryu to appear. He tried to rest the best way he could to be ready to take the unofficial bodyguard position that Kiryu would need, even if he didn’t want to accept any help.

Daigo came first, already with that grumpy expression that Majima found really funny. It felt like he was trying to look more threatening than he really was. He stopped at his side, not really knowing what to do, fidgeting with the cuff of his white jacket and avoiding glancing at him.

Daigo looked obviously anxious to be there alone with him.

“Majima-san,” Daigo finally greeted him, curtly, not wanting to start a conversation. Probably scared of the Mad Dog.

“Yo, Daigo,” Majima just said, sparing him the trouble. He wasn’t that sadistic after all.

They stood there in silence, Daigo trying to look distracted staring away and Majima scanning him from top to bottom. He would like to know more about the kid since Kiryu seemed so interested in him joining the Tojo, even offering him the leadership. Daigo must be something else for that honour, right? And still, they didn’t know why he had decided to join them in their trip to Sotenbori. 

Maybe it was something problematic.

Finally, Kiryu arrived just in time, being followed by some Tojo men. He looked obviously annoyed by them, but it was necessary now. 

“Kiryu-san!” Daigo bowed, really eager to see him again.

“Daigo,” Kiryu nodded at the kid. “Majima-no-niisan,” he said, smiling. And Majima couldn't avoid smiling back.

After an awkward second, they started walking to the train. Maybe he was also considering that this would be an uncomfortable trip.

They walked in silence, attracting the attention of everyone around them. To be fair, they surely looked funny: the emo kid, the frowning man and the pirate. Maybe they should form a band. But people weren’t the only ones looking at Kiryu; the kid kept glancing at him, more specifically to his hand, until he finally talked.

“My mother told me you got married, Kiryu-san, congratulations,” Daigo almost whispered, like he felt unsure to be saying these words.

Kiryu seemed perplexed. “Oh, yes, thank you,” he answered, and Majima thought it was the least enthusiastic conversation he had ever witnessed. But, to be honest, it felt awkward to talk about this with the son of the man that ruined their lives.

After that, they didn’t talk again; maybe Daigo noticed it was a tricky subject or maybe he saw how uncomfortable he looked at the mention of his wife and their marriage. Or maybe Majima was just projecting.

With the tickets in hand, Daigo got on the train before them. It was the perfect moment to talk to Kiryu; he really needed to take this off his chest.

“Don’t ya think Daigo really looks like—,” Majima started saying.

“Yayoi?” Kiryu completed the question.

Or that was what he thought.

“Well, sure, but I mean… He really looks like Sera,” Majima finished, trying not to laugh.

“How would he…” Kiryu stopped talking and then, “Nii-san!” He scorned, seeming really bothered.

“Oh, c’mon, it’s a really common thing,” Majima explained, thinking it wouldn’t be that strange. Kiryu himself was in a similar situation. With a man. 

At least, they wouldn’t be able to have kids.

“Majima-san, please, don’t,” Kiryu begged and Majima rolled his eye. He was really a boring man.

Once they were inside, they both sat together, having Daigo in front of them. He almost thought Kiryu would choose to go with the kid but no; he kind of felt honoured. Right now they looked like a couple watching their kid. 

Majima opened his mouth to make the joke but thought better about it; Kiryu wouldn’t appreciate it either.


Studying their surroundings, Majima concluded that there wasn't anyone suspicious, there were barely people in general. They were safe now and basically alone. Then, he glanced at Kiryu who looked stressed, probably for yesterday's situation and what they had ahead now.

Slowly, Majima rested his gloved hand over Kiryu’s knee, making him jolt in surprise. “Are ya ok?” Majima wondered, knowing the answer.

“Yes,” Kiryu replied, lying.

“You aren’t.” That wasn’t a question. Kiryu averted his eyes to the window, ignoring him. “Do ya want to blow off some steam?” Majima whispered with a wicked smile.

“We can’t fight here,” Kiryu protested, looking back at him.

“I wasn’t referrin’ to that,” Majima said in a suggestive tone, moving his hand to his crotch.

“We can’t do that either.” Glaring dagger at him, Kiryu stopped him before he could continue, grabbing his hand without letting him go.

“C’mon, give me a good reason for that,” Majima challenged.

Kiryu, obviously, pointed at Daigo with an annoyed expression.

“I said a good reason, Kiryu-chan,” Majima smirked, trying to pester him. And he did; it was always so easy with Kiryu.

Kiryu shot him a dead glare that made Majima howl. “So, no reward for savin’ ya? Tch, I’m disappointed,” Majima teased him again.

“Having me alive isn’t enough?” Kiryu told him in a cocky tone. The bastard.

“Well, yes, but I was waiting for somethin’ else…” Majima rubbed Kiryu’s face with his thumb in a caring gesture. It was funny to see how Kiryu wrinkled his face, but didn’t bother to stop him.

“No,” Kiryu blurted, glancing again at the views, avoiding him completely.

Majima smiled tenderly at him, even if Kiryu wouldn’t be able to see it. “You’re so borin’, Kiryu-chan,” he said, resting his head on Kiryu’ shoulder with a content sigh.

He expected for Kiryu to move his shoulder, trying to make Majima go, but he didn’t. He just stayed there looking through the window like nothing happened.

And he would take what he could.




“Kiryu-san, do you want—,” Daigo stopped mid-sentence, waking Majima up.

How the fuck did he just fall asleep? Kiryu did really have a relaxing aura.

Majima opened his eye and saw Daigo looking at them with a shocked expression. Did he move his eyepatch while sleeping?

Oh, right. He was using Kiryu as a pillow.

“…a drink?” Finished Daigo after a long pause. He surely felt disturbed with the image of two grown men basically cuddling in public. Again. Even more if one of them was the Fourth Chairman and the other one was the Tojo’s clan Captain.

And not just that, but this was the second time he caught them like this; one could be just a coincidence. The second time only could be intentional.

Either way, it surely looked like a great scene.

“Sure, thank you,” Kiryu answered in a calmed tone. Majima had prepared himself to be pushed away while his pillow claimed this to be a mistake. But to his surprise, he seemed totally fine with it.

“Ah…ok,” Daigo awkwardly nodded, disappearing from their view.

Majima straightened himself up. “I don’t like yer kid, he didn’t offer me anythin’,” he commented, trying not to say anything about what just happened. He felt that if he pointed out how he just acted, he would withdraw into himself and, probably, be thrown away next time.

Kiryu smiled a little. “Want me to bring you something?”

“I can walk, y’know?” Majima stood up and looked around. The wagon was emptier now.


Still, he would wait for the kid, not wanting to leave Kiryu alone.

After a few minutes, Daigo came back with two cans. Whatever. Majima turned at Kiryu. “I’m going for a walk,” he informed, leaving both of them alone. Maybe they need some time to recap and talk about the things that happened. And for sure that he didn’t want to be there.

Anyway, he needed to move a little, so he decided to scan the whole train, searching for someone who could be an Omi or a hitman. In his way, he found more ladies, some cute couples holding hands, a few kids playing with some kind of console —he didn’t know which one—, and salarymen bored with their lives.

The usual; for now they were still safe. Knowing that, he just decided to buy something for himself and go back to his seat.

Majima had enough time to think and he reached the conclusion that, even if he didn’t like Kiryu’s plans and how he did take charge of things, he had to respect it. Not because it was his boss and he would know better —the reason why he should follow his command— but because he trusted Kiryu. Not having the same way of viewing life shouldn’t be a problem; they were different and still they could learn one or two things from each other. And Kiryu was a grown man, enough to decide what he wanted to do and be accountable for his actions. But not only that, he was the strongest person he knew, so if anyone could be safe, it was Kiryu. However, if someone tried to kill Kiryu in his presence, he would jump in front. As his subordinate, it was his place to save his leader; this way he would fulfil his role. Even if Kiryu didn’t appreciate it. 

Even if that meant dying. 

Majima had felt ready for years anyway.

When Majima arrived, he saw Daigo sitting next to Kiryu, talking in a low tone. That piqued Majima’s interest. Trying not to make any noise, he walked as close as possible to snoop.

“So…you are both…friends, right?” Daigo wondered. Was he trying to imply anything else?

“Yes,” Kiryu answered, not wanting to say much more. Probably because saying ‘and we also occasionally fuck’ could not be the best option.

“But, do you trust him?” That was also a thing that Majima felt interested in.

“Why do you ask?” Kiryu frowned, dodging the question.

Majima didn't know what to think about that.

“Well, I know he tried to kill my father.” Daigo made an uncomfortable pause, looking anxious. Just like Kiryu, probably because the asshole couldn’t just say that he hadn’t killed his father; that would be too much talking. “It was a long time ago, but he destroyed all the Dojima family to do that…” Daigo continued explaining. That brought strange memories for Majima, but he didn’t feel embarrassed about that. He would do it again if he had to; that sucker deserved that and more for what he did to Makoto. Or in general. If he despised someone else more than Shimano, that was Sohei Dojima.

Luckily, he was already dead.

“Yeah, I heard something about that,” Kiryu nodded without any visible emotions on his face.

Majima wanted to laugh. He really never knew if Kiryu got to hear that story, and apparently he did. He felt sure many Dojima men would be really pissed off to see them getting along, but they already called him traitor, so it wouldn’t make any difference. But maybe if they knew how well they got along it would end up being a bigger problem.

“But don’t worry about that. He is here to help me,” Kiryu assured when he saw some distress in the kid.

Still, Daigo didn’t seem to believe it, but he would let it pass.

“By the way…” Kiryu began. “You talked about a fight five years ago… who’d you face?” He asked a little unsure if he should be doing questions.

“The second patriarch of the Omi Alliance’s Go-Ryu, Ryuji Goda.” Daigo told him, looking ahead. “He’s the son of the chairman we’re heading to meet, Jin Goda.”

What the fuck?

“Are ya fuckin’ serious!?” Majima snapped, taking them by surprise.

“How long have you been there?” Kiryu wondered, looking between amused and confused.

“Long enough,” Majima answered, sitting behind them. Daigo seemed tense.

“So, this guy is the son of the dude tryin’ to kill Kiryu-chan?”

“Well, yes. Five years ago his clan was making regular visits up to Kamurocho, searching for any Tojo officer. Their plan was to poke at the Tojo until they came down to Kansai to start a war.” Daigo made a long pause here, making Majima want to shake him to make him continue. “And I was stupid and I jumped at the bait,” Daigo finally confessed, looking at the ground.

Exactly what they had been doing these months with them; trying to start a conflict.

Kiryu frowned in shock and then glanced at Majima with an expression that said ‘See what could have happened if we had taken the bait?’, like he minded starting a war anyway. Majima knew Kiryu was going to be insufferable. But what could he say? He didn’t like their enemies walking around their territory with all their extremities in place.

“So I went to Kansai for a fight with Ryuji but when I got there, the police were already waiting and I got busted for carrying. And then it was shit jail food for five years,” Daigo moaned like being five years behind bars eating shitty stuff was the worst thing in this life. 

Majima wanted to punch him.

“Not that I can complain to a guy who ate it for twice that,” Daigo added. At least, he had the decency, he guessed. “So, until this is settled, I can’t go back to the Tojo.”

“I see…” It was the only thing Kiryu said.

After that, they fell into an uncomfortable silence. Just as he knew, the kid would be a problem. 

And now Majima had to sit alone.




“Not the fuckin’ Grand again,” Majima protested. Why did he always end up in this place? Was it a punishment? Did he really deserve this shit? He already had a Purgatory, thank you very much.

At least, Daigo wasn’t here with them.

“It’s a good way to let them know we are here,” Kiryu explained.

“And to end up dead too,” Majima rolled his eye.

“I won’t hide from them.” Kiryu insisted. “I told you, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I can do this alone,” he added, stepping inside the cabaret. Majima wanted to kick his ass right now for being this idiot.

Majima grabbed Kiryu by the lapels of his jacket and pinned him against the wall with more strength than necessary.

“Oi!” Kiryu complained, trying to free himself from Majima’s grasp.

“Look, I know ya don’t like to be taken care of,” Majima started saying.

“Because I don’t need that,” Kiryu cut him off.

“But,” Majima kept talking, ignoring how Kiryu tried to move him aside. “I won’t let anything bad happen to ya while I’m around. Ya can be sure of it.” Majima thought about making a promise, but he didn’t like to make them, not after what happened the last time. Not without knowing if he could really keep that promise. “The only one that can kill ya is me,” Majima whispered, seeing how his Adam’s apple bobbed.

Kiryu stood there for a moment, just watching him closely, maybe trying to find out if it was a threat or just the same old vague promise. And their faces were so close that they could kiss, but it wasn’t the place. 

And Majima still didn’t know if he should open that part of himself.

“I don’t want you sacrificing for me,” Kiryu finally answered with a deadly serious face.

Majima smirked at him. “Too bad ya can’t choose for me, huh? I can take care of myself; I’m not a defenceless little princess.” Majima was kind of tired of repeating that, but it seemed Kiryu needed a constant reminder.

“I know that,” Kiryu answered, very annoyed. Sure he did.

“There ya have it. Stop that shit then,” Majima urged, still smiling at him.

“I won’t let you die because of me,” Kiryu repeated, glaring at him.

“Well, ya don’t have to and I wouldn’t care anyway. Yer life is more important,” Majima told him, hoping for Kiryu to finally understand. He had a family, a clan to keep, a new kid to take care of...

Majima had nothing, only Kiryu and he didn’t have a place in his life.

“That’s not—,” Kiryu started with a lost expression, but then some other clients entered the hall.

Quickly, Majima freed Kiryu; the last thing they needed now was to create a scene. And whatever Kiryu was going to say was lost now.

“Let’s get movin’,” Majima offered, opening the doors to the cabaret.

The place was, obviously, bursting with people laughing and drinking. Some girls were dancing and everything seemed like a great place to be, just like the last time. But it really wasn’t. 

At least, he felt glad no one could ever recognize him there.

After several minutes, they were already sitting at a table on the last floor with two hostesses. 

They were cute.

“Is it for real, Majima-san?” One of them wondered, pointing at his eyepatch.

And nosy.

“Yeah, I got it in a workplace accident,” Majima answered, trying to ignore his own brain screaming at him. And somehow, the girl believed it.

“And you're both here for work?” The other one kept going, fixing what her friend started. Surely she was new to these things.

Majima started to zone out, he hated that kind of conversation, and Kiryu seemed as bored as him. They could just try to enjoy the night or something, but no, they were here trying to show the Omi their presence in their territory, like they couldn’t just do that in other places. He could almost see how this situation would end.

Suddenly, someone started screaming at the other table. The hostesses tried to stop them from looking at the very obviously men, saying that they could attract their attention. But that was exactly what they wanted. 

Fucking finally.

Then, one of them said something he shouldn’t have and the one who seemed the boss told the girls to move out. 

That blonde hair… Wait, was he…?

“Kiryu-chan, I think I know him,” Majima whispered.

“Hmm?” Kiryu was still looking at the scene, but listening to him.

“That guy tried to take my pants off once,” Majima commented. Kiryu quickly glanced at him with great confusion on his face. He thought he was named Ryuji, the same dude Daigo was searching for. The world seemed too fucking small for Majima’s taste.

Still, Kiryu didn’t say anything, almost looking...furious? Why would he?

Oh, right. Wording.

“Are ya jealous?” Majima teased, feeling a little smug for awakening that possessiveness in him.

Kiryu glared at him and, without answering, he got back to observing the guys, trying to look unbothered.

But he totally was.

The boss, Ryuji, took the loud man by his face, a moment that Kiryu used to stand up, walking towards them. And Majima jumped behind him, ignoring the plea of the hostesses.

“Kiryu-chan, wait, he is—,”

“The Dragon of Kansai,” Kiryu said.

At that, the Omi men ran to stop them.

“Ya got balls sayin’ that shit!” The man said and Majima agreed. Kiryu was really nuts. Couldn’t he remember he was the fucking chairman of the Tojo Clan? “Ya got an eavesdroppin’ problem, too?!” The man kept saying.

“As loud as you were shouting, it’s not like I had much of a choice,” Kiryu answered. 

Sassy, heh.

At that, more men started to gather around them. 

Finally some fun, Majima thought.

Not being impressed, Kiryu turned around, ready to leave. Majima wanted to complain; why would he start a fight if he didn’t have the intention to finish. But before he could go, one of them tried to smash a bottle on his head. No fucking way. In a quick move, Majima stopped him by grabbing the bottle and using it against the offender. Then, the rest started to scream, threatening them and that seemed enough to make Kiryu join in. And he wasn’t really in the mood for that shit. With a nod, Majima and Kiryu threw a punch to the man with glasses, ending with him quickly. 

Sadly, the rest were even easier.

Two kicks and three blows later, all the men were already on the floor asking for forgiveness. He wanted a little challenge, but those men wouldn’t offer any. At least he had the chance to fight alongside Kiryu again; Majima felt invincible beside him, even in a sorry fight like this. And he won a smile of appreciation from Kiryu; he would forgive him for his idiocy.

Ryuji started clapping, laughing in appreciation.

“Pretty good,” he commented. “It took me a moment until I could recognize the Tojo’s Clan chairman in my domain,” he sat, relaxed. “I’m surprised to see ya alive. To be honest, I didn’t like the idea of just killin’ ya off. Where was the challenge there? It was a really cowardly move.” He had a wicked smile on his face. “C’mon, join me. I’ll buy you a drink.”

Kiryu nodded and stepped once, but Majima held him back. Why did Kiryu always trust everyone? It could be a trap, they couldn’t trust him.

“Oooh, yer dog doesn’t let ya?” Ryuji mocked and now Majima wanted to steal his pants.

“He isn’t my dog,” Kiryu grunted; Majima could kiss him. “Who are you?”

“Oh, ya don’t know me?” Ryuji smirked. “I’m the second patriarch of the Omi Alliance’s Go-Ryu Clan, name’s Ryuji Goda,” he announced like he was the most important guy in the room.  “So, is the Dragon of Dojima joining me?” Majima was totally convinced this guy loved the sound of his own voice.

“That’s not who I am,” Kiryu answered, obviously irritated.

“Oh, don’t ya like either to be called like that? Surely ya prefer to be called Dragon. Just that,” Ryuji challenged.

Majima thought that well, he called Kiryu that a lot. Mostly while having sex and he didn’t seem to mind that much. But it wasn’t something he could just say out loud, right?

But seeing his reaction now...maybe he should stop. He had never considered Kiryu would also be bothered by his given title.

“I don’t like to be called that either. A dragon doesn’t know Kansai or Dojima. We only need one dragon in our world. Don’t ya think?” And that sounded like a threat. Majima was ready to jump over him if he had to.

Kiryu just kept looking at him, not saying a word. Ryuji seemed bothered by that.

“Since you’re still here, here is a tip: Kamurocho’s gonna see the biggest damn fireworks show ever,” he announced. “Just a little show I’m puttin’ on. A ceremony to celebrate that tomorrow I will become the one true dragon,” he said, being too sure of himself and Majima was about to tell Kiryu that his proposal of killing people was still on the table.

Ryuji stood up and walked away in silence; Majima could see how tense Kiryu was right now. What the fuck did he mean by fireworks?

Whatever it was, it sounded problematic and Majima had an awful feeling.

Without much time to think, Kiryu and Majima stepped outside the place, searching for a television or something that could inform them if something was happening for real. But when they reached the street, they heard people screaming. 

What was happening?

Running down the street, following the people, they saw a big TV screen showing a big explosion. 

In the fucking Millennium Tower. 

On the top floor again.

 In the…

Oh, no. Not again.

Not wasting time, Majima fished for his phone and dialled Nishida’s number, mentally praying for any god that could hear him that this wasn’t real. Maybe they just did a really well done movie recreating last year's incident. It could be, right? Just a prank. 

Kiryu stood at his side, still in shock. He looked absent, staring at the screen, too afraid to just move or speak, probably thinking it was just a nightmare. And he seemed so small right now, so vulnerable...

Not this again, Majima thought. Kiryu had suffered enough.

The phone rang for a few seconds. 

Too many seconds. 

Majima’s heart was racing. Did something bad happen to Kiryu’s wife? He really hoped Haruka wasn’t there at least.

Why this fucking life was always so difficult? It seemed like a constant reminder for why this work wasn’t suited to have a family nor to have loved ones. Majima glanced at Kiryu again. 

It never was a good idea to get attached to someone. 

Finally, Nishida picked up the phone.

“It’s ok, boss. Yumi and Haruka weren’t at the place,” his captain said directly, surely knowing why he was calling and not sending a message. Majima took a deep breath. Thanks to whatever was out there right now looking for them.

Majima grabbed Kiryu’s hand to bring his attention, feeling how tense he was; he almost thought he just broke right there. And he couldn’t blame him. Slowly, he looked at him with a lost expression.

“They are ok,” Majima informed. He could see how glassy were his eyes, just a few seconds from crying; too many hard emotions in a short time. Kiryu didn’t deserve that. “Just call them, ok? They are safe,” Majima repeated, feeling the need to reassure him.

Kiryu just nodded and let him be dragged to a safe place, a little park without people around that he knew from his time living here. They sat on a bench and Majima decided to give him time to react. But he was still not saying anything, and looking disoriented. Not knowing what to do, Majima rubbed his back, almost hugging him. 

But Kiryu finally reacted, and it was to push him away. At least he didn’t do it violently. Yet, it hurt Majima deeply. Right now, he didn’t know what he should do and he just felt like a burden; and not only that but like a selfish prick for thinking about him in a situation like this. 

“I’m sorry,” Kiryu apologised with a mournful expression.

“No, I understand,” Majima lied, trying to sound cool but doing a poor job. Crossing his arms, he gave more space to Kiryu; maybe he wanted to be alone now. If Kiryu didn’t want to see him, he would remain unseen.

Just whatever he wanted.

Kiryu frowned, still with his eyes glassy, making the whole situation more uncomfortable for the both of them. He would just like to stop doing the wrong thing.

“I just don’t want to put you in danger too. Seems that everyone around me always finds the same destiny...” Kiryu lamented in a murmur.

And now Majima felt even worse for being an asshole. He could understand that; he had done the same so many times he couldn’t even count them and always for the same reason. To protect them. Pushing people away to protect them seemed to be his best skill. He just didn’t want Kiryu to suffer for him; it wasn’t worth it. He would always be at his side, no matter what, and he could protect himself from possible attacks and he wanted Kiryu to know that, but he wouldn’t say that.

Now Majima should focus on Kiryu and not in his stupid damaged morale.

“It’s ok, Kiryu-chan,” Majima told him again, shortening the space between them again and offering his phone with Yumi’s number already on the screen.

“They could just have…” Kiryu stopped, closing his eyes. “This is my fault.” He looked drained, like he was too tired to keep going. It killed Majima to see him like that.

“It’s not,” Majima began, touching his shoulder against his better judgement. He knew he was leaving himself open and he shouldn’t. But it was Kiryu and he didn’t think he would take advantage of him.

Or he hoped so.

At least, he seemed to accept that now.

“I’m going to kill him,” Kiryu said standing up; too suddenly it took Majima by surprise.

“No, ya won’t,” Majima told him, softly, pushing him back to the bench. “Ya ain’t goin’ anywhere, not in this state,” Majima insisted even if he wanted to kill the guy too.

“He almost killed my family,” Kiryu hissed, sounding furious.

“And this could be a trap,” Majima explained. They didn’t know the plan Ryuji had in mind and they shouldn’t start a war without thinking enough. “Call yer family, relax. We will take care of him later. Don’t do somethin’ ya would regret later.” Majima offered him the phone again, hoping his words would make some sense. He knew how opposed to killing Kiryu was; he wouldn’t let him just go and screw everything up for a fucking lunatic.

Kiryu stared at him for a long moment with an uncharacteristically unreadable expression. What? Was he surprised with Majima for being this cautious?

Probably; he was too.

Finally, Kiryu grabbed his phone and called Yumi. It rang a few seconds before his wife picked up.

“Are you ok?” Kiryu said directly, obviously feeling relieved now that he was talking with his sweetheart.

The person he chose to share his life with.

Majima felt awful again. He fished for a cigarette, needing to do something with his hands. This felt like a really uncomfortable situation. Kiryu was married and worried for his family and here he was, his lover, in the middle of everything. He would never understand why Kiryu was doing this, it didn’t seem proper of him.

He deserved better. 

Both of them did.




The next day, in the Omi headquarters, they were received well enough. Too well for Majima’s taste. And Terada looked shocked to see them here. He didn’t like that man. Everyone was apologizing for what had happened; apparently Ryuji had been trying to start a war for a long time now, explaining away why so many Omi walked around Kamurocho during these past months. They implied that they didn’t have anything to do about the attempt of Kiryu’s murder or the explosion in Yumi’s bar; that everything was set up by Ryuji alone, the lone dragon of the Omi. They were even blaming him for the Jingu incident.

At first, Majima didn’t believe shit, but after a long conversation it started to make sense. The kid had big aspirations, he wanted to occupy his father’s place and be the new chairman. It would make sense that some stupid gokudou would work in his name, addressing him as such even if he wasn’t the big boss. 


He had seen these things too many times; people never learned. But they were losing the control of their men, something that pleased Majima immensely.

So, that seemed better, right? Only one person to kill, not the whole fucking Omi Alliance. Not that they couldn’t; he felt invincible with Kiryu at his side. But then, Majima knew for sure that Kiryu wouldn’t allow him to just kill Ryuji off. He knew Kiryu would calm himself and regret his words. And surely, Jin Goda, the pants-stealing-dragon’s father, wouldn’t be happy about it. But Majima wasn’t asking for opinions. Since the Omi didn’t fix their problems on their own, someone had to do it. 

No one could threaten his Ki…chairman and get away with it.

Whatever, right now he couldn’t do anything.

Majima hated meetings, so much he could almost fall asleep. Then, he heard Kiryu talking about forming an alliance with the Omi and thought he was dreaming.

But no.

In fact, apparently Kiryu had been making this plan behind his back. Didn’t he trust him? The thought alone pained him, why didn’t he tell him? Maybe he thought he wouldn’t support him on this idea, and Majima himself wasn’t sure either. He understood peace could be more desirable than starting a war to prove who he was the stronger; that harmony should prevail over anything else just to protect the community and blablabla. But the truth was they lived in a different society than Kiryu seemed to think. People weren’t civil anymore and money controlled their lives; they had to adapt to this new way. Not because Majima cared about power or being able to spend money in stupid stuff, but because he wanted to survive and be able to fulfil the promise he made to his kyodai.

Who knew? Maybe if Kiryu had counted with him since they started they could have found a way to balance their two perspectives and help him in his path of self-sacrifice for the common good. About that, Majima knew a lot. Probably he wouldn’t have accepted the plan from the start, but maybe with some dialogue…

Too late now, though.

Majima sighed. He knew exactly where this was heading. Until someone came in, shouting.

“I shall say no,” Majima heard Ryuji’s voice.

Well, finally some fun.

Daigo stood up, running towards the blonde man. It was almost funny to see the height difference.

“You set me up,” Daigo said. Majima was already tired of hearing people talking. Couldn’t he just throw a punch?

“I said I don’t know ya,” Ryuji insisted.

“You and I…have some unfinished business!” Daigo replied, finally sending a blow that was easily dodged by the tall man.

There was the future of the Tojo clan, humiliating himself in front of the enemy clan. Majima shivered with the thought.

“Can’t expect me to remember every scrub. Sit down,” Ryuji ordered. He had a fair point, to be honest.

Then, Kiryu stood up and Majima followed him. Few seconds later, a bunch of armed men entered the room, pointing their guns at the people gathering there.

“Let’s say this is a coup,” the blonde man announced. “Can’t have my old man here talkin’ peace with the Tojo clan now.” And, with that, some men took Jin Goda away, pushing his wheelchair.

“Is that what you’re after…a war?” Kiryu wondered.

“I want a war between the east and the west. Even more since I heard you were tryin’ to make an oath with our chairman. I couldn’t let that happen. So, that’s all I want…Well, that and one more thing…” Ryuji made a gesture with his head, pointing at Kiryu.

‘His pants?’ Majima wanted to say.

“Me?” Kiryu asked. Majima was ready to stab that asshole.

“Think yer worth the hassle? I say we find out!” The blonde man challenged.

Majima grabbed his tanto, prepared to jump on him. But Kiryu stopped him.

Of course he fucking did.

“No, I’ll do this alone,” Kiryu told him, not turning his head from Ryuji.

But Majima didn’t move, glaring at the blonde man, unsure of what to do. After all, Majima’s duty was to protect the chairman, even if he knew Kiryu would be capable of getting rid of any threat in a blink.

“Oh, ya can’t control yer own people?” Ryuji sneered and Kiryu frowned, angry. “Or maybe he thinks ya can’t beat me? It’s that? Maybe he is scared,” Ryuji added with a mocking smirk, looking at Majima.

Oh, this fucking sucker. He wanted to stab him.

Majima looked around and saw that they were still surrounded by armed men, at least ten of them. And Daigo doing absolutely nothing.

“Said the man with ten bodyguards,” Majima countered with a wicked smile.

That took Ryuji by surprise. “Don’t worry, they will go now.” And with a gesture, they all left the room.

Well, that was something at least.

Majima glanced at Kiryu, who was now looking at him with a serious expression. Maybe a little pained. He got it; Kiryu didn’t want to look weak, even less in front of the gigantic blonde.

And also, he didn’t want to ‘risk his life’. Majima just wanted to roll his eye at the thought. It made him feel sick and insulted; he didn’t have to worry about him, he wasn’t a delicate flower.

Still, Majima sighed and put his tanto inside his trousers again. He had to obey

“Ok, but ya kick his ass for me,” Majima said and started walking away, Daigo still watching the scene. Whatever, he was going to be useless anyway. “And steal his pants after!” Majima added, making Kiryu frown, not understanding anything. Gladly, Ryuji seemed to get it, looking a little embarrassed.

Heh, fuck yeah, he thought.

When he stepped on the hallway, he was received by a big group of men. Armed men.

Well, at least Kiryu wasn’t the only one having all the fun.




Majima reached the front door at the same time Kiryu joined him. After all, he cleaned up the path for his boss. And he looked intact. Majima knew he could trust him.

“Where’s Daigo?” Majima asked, recovering his breath.

“He is fighting Ryuji,” Kiryu informed.

Why could Daigo help Kiryu and not him? Majima felt annoyed.

“I can’t believe we had to help these dumbasses,” Majima protested, not really knowing what they were doing here.

“We have to help them, they need us right now,” Kiryu said like it was the most obvious thing.

“Yeah, they do, but that doesn’t mean we hafta. They tried to kill ya, remember?”

“They didn’t, it was Ryuji’s thing.”

“Are ya goin’ to believe this shit?” Majima almost did too, but he still felt bothered about Kiryu helping them and that he believed their word like they weren’t their enemies. He wanted Kiryu to understand he should be more careful. Not everyone was like him, sadly. They couldn’t expect from other people the same level of honorability that Kiryu displayed constantly. Majima had seen how people had used others, too many times to believe in anyone.

Surely Kiryu still thought that everyone just wanted the best for the rest after all this time living in this tainted world. And Majima didn’t know if he should pity him for his naivety or hug him and protect him from the real world.

“The Chairman Goda is a man of honour, I believe him,” Kiryu insisted.

Of course. “You’re really too trustin’, Kiryu-chan…”

Kiryu shot him a confused glare as he opened the door.

“Goda-san!” Majima heard Kiryu shouting and running towards him.

Of course, Kiryu couldn’t keep himself at bay; he needed to help every-fucking-one in the world. Sometimes he wondered how someone like this could have chosen to be a yakuza. For Majima it seemed useless to try helping everyone. They just couldn’t. It would be a draining task that would never end and too many times it would end up being a failure. Not everyone could be saved. Not everyone wanted to be. And maybe he shouldn’t be the one complaining; after all, he had a record trying to save people too.

But not everyone. They always had to choose wisely when to try.

Goda was surrounded by more of Ryuji’s men that Kiryu could easily take care of. At least that gave him the opportunity to see Kiryu in action.

Sadly, that didn’t last either. Those thugs were really laughable. And the Omi wanted to initiate a war against them with these ridiculous men? But then he remembered; theirs weren’t much better. And they also had Shindo.

Maybe a war wouldn’t be a good idea after all.

With all the bodies lying around, Majima moved closer to Kiryu, in case someone tried to do anything behind his back.

“Kiryu-san,” he heard Goda saying. “This is my son’s mess…And makin’ you help clean it up…I don’t have the words…” The man looked so small right now, but if he didn’t have words, Majima did. 

The only thing was that Kiryu wouldn’t appreciate him talking right now.

“Tojo, Omi…It doesn’t matter. Don’t trouble yourself, sir,” Kiryu answered. Majima was saving the slap he wanted to give him for later.

Well, at least this could mean some peace and no more death threats for Kiryu and his family. He could settle for that.

Then, Majima heard someone moving at their backs and when he turned around, he saw Daigo walking towards them, limping and heavily bruised. Kiryu ran towards him to catch Daigo before he fell to the ground.

“Keep it together!” Kiryu shouted, very worried.

“Kiryu-san…That guy’s…a real tank,” Daigo said; he surely wasn’t the smartest kid in the class.

“This isn’t over!” Ryuji appeared. Majima was starting to get bored of this shit. Couldn’t they just….stab him? A little? Just the pointy part.

“Take Chairman Goda. Get back to the Tojo.” Kiryu ordered. And no fucking way Majima was taking these two with him.

“I still owe this guy a—,” Daigo tried to complain.

“Right now, getting Chairman Goda to swear the oath with the Tojo Clan is the priority!” Kiryu insisted. And Majima wanted to remind him that he was the fucking chairman of the Tojo Clan.

“But—,” Daigo tried again while Ryuji walked towards them.

“Listen to me, damn it!” Kiryu wasn’t the most patient man right now.

Or ever.

“Majima-san,” Daigo directed the plea to him. And he understood the kid; Kiryu was just being the hero again, not caring about his own life. But Majima knew he was too stubborn to stop and listen to other people. He knew Kiryu too well.

And yet, he didn’t want to obey Kiryu. At least, not this time.

He understood Kiryu had the strong idea of self-sacrifice, taking his place of leader too seriously, but sometimes someone just should stop him. Something was helping people, and another walking directly into a trap while seeing neon signs warning about that being, in fact, a trap. And not like Majima could talk about self-preservation either, but at least he didn’t have that reckless behaviour.

“Daigo, do as he says,” Majima told him, not moving from Kiryu’s side.

Daigo seemed unsure but accepted the orders, taking Goda with him.

“You have to go too, nii-san,” Kiryu said with fire in his eyes.

“I’m not fuckin’ movin’,” Majima stepped closer, invading his personal space. He was tired of complying. He knew what happened when someone didn’t follow the orders and yet, there he was. But he wouldn’t let Kiryu kill himself just for the clan. Fuck the Tojo; they didn’t deserve all what Kiryu did for them.

They stood there for a moment, looking at each other, clenching their fists. Majima knew Kiryu was and would be mad at him after this. But he could take it.

“This is so sweet!” Ryuji interrupted their staring. “He can stay if he wants it that much, I’m sure I can take ya both,” he proposed and Majima wanted to make an inappropriate joke. Not now, though.

Kiryu glanced at Ryuji with an intense expression. “This is between us.”

Here we go again, Majima thought. Kiryu couldn’t accept some help even if he was in a life-threatening situation. Like he needed to prove something all the time.

And Majima was really tired of this; still, he knew his place.

“If ya wanna have yer skull busted, go ahead,” Majima threatened the blonde man with a wicked smile. Ryuji laughed at this, not believing the possibility. And Kiryu seemed taken aback by that. “And ya better destroy that asshole,” Majima told him in a low tone. With that said, Majima walked away, giving them some space.

“Well, yer boyfriend is really an insecure one, huh?” Ryuji joked, but Kiryu’s frown only deepened. Majima was waiting for a ‘he is not my boyfriend’ remark, to be honest; Kiryu was always dismissing their relationship, but, surprisingly, he didn’t. That was…something, right? Surely Majima was just reading things badly; they were about to have a fight, it didn’t seem the time to discuss relationships.

“Are we going to keep talking?” Kiryu asked, looking murderous.

“Oh, no, I’m eager to start. And I want ya to know somethin’. There is only room for one dragon…Let’s see which one of us is real!”

As he said that, Ryuji threw the first blow that Kiryu dodged easily. Taking advantage of the situation, Kiryu sent a kick that didn’t land. 

Ryuji wasn’t only big, he was fast too. Apparently he had improved since the last time that Majima kicked his ass.

This promised to be tiresome.




They fought for a long time until Ryuji dropped to the ground, all sweaty and without breath, having Kiryu standing before him, still with enough energy to keep going. Now Majima felt a little stupid for having doubts about him, but that was why he shouldn’t ever get attached to people. Even less to someone who could die at any moment; the constant reminder for why this wasn’t a good idea. He got protective too quickly and he did idiotic things.

“This ain’t over by a longshot!” Ryuji protested between breaths.

“You just had it out with Daigo. He is pretty tough,” Kiryu excused him, and Majima was almost sure it might be a lie. “You were in no condition to fight.”

“I ain’t done ‘til one of us ain’t breathin’!” The blonde man insisted.

And suddenly, coming from nowhere, a bunch of police cars came in, bursting into the Omi headquarters. They were screwed. Ryuji had the opportunity to run away, but for them it was too late; all the police were getting out and circling them.

A woman took the lead. “Kazuma Kiryu-san?” She asked, looking at them both.

“That’s me,” Kiryu admitted.

“Detective Kaoru Sayama, Osaka Police,” she introduced herself. What the fuck was happening? She took out her handcuffs. “You’re under arrest for assault.” And, with that, he was trapped.

“Hey, wait a minute, what the fuck is goin’ on?” Majima snapped.

“Don’t interfere,” she threatened.

“It’s ok, search for Daigo,” Kiryu told him.

Majima wasn’t having this shit again.

“Y’know, I was assaultin’ the place too, lady,” Majima confessed under Kiryu’s confused glare.

But the woman seemed even more lost.

“But—,” Sayama started saying. “I can’t take you both.”

Majima really needed to do the joke at some point.

“C’mon, I’ll be good, I won’t speak,” he said instead, trying to sound innocent but not too much.

“You will,” Kiryu commented, making a face.

Majima turned to look at him. “Shut up!” And Kiryu only rolled his eyes. Sucker. “He is my boss, lady. I won’t let him go without a fight,” Majima stated.

“Then you will end up arrested,” Kiryu added.

“That’s exactly what I want,” Majima replied, making an annoyed face.

“Can’t you just follow a simple order?” Kiryu was really bothered; he didn’t appreciate Majima disobeying him, but Majima didn’t care. Not even if that made him upset.

“Obviously no,” Majima shrugged, looking smug.

Sayama was starting to reconsider why she decided to join the police.

“It’s ok. Give me another pair of handcuffs,” she directed to her companion, who handed a new pair to her, and now they both were trapped. That gave him bad memories. “Maybe ya can be useful too.” And not only he was trapped but, with a quick search on the part of the policeman, without his tanto. 

Of course.

Kiryu shook his head, disapprovingly.

“Let’s go.” Sayama said, walking them back to the same car she’d walked out from.

“Did you really need to come?” Kiryu whispered.

“I wouldn't leave ya alone and dunno where she is takin’ ya.” Majima replied. “Maybe I can help ya escape.”

“I’m not escaping,” Kiryu countered with a serious glare.

“Why not?”

“Shut up!” Sayama commanded, getting into the car with Kiryu.

Another policeman joined them, sitting beside Majima in the back.

This was guaranteed to be a fun journey.

Chapter Text

“Where are you taking us?” Kiryu demanded.

That’s rich comin’ from the guy who accepted goin’ with her without puttin’ up a fight, Majima thought.

“Hey, you listening?” Kiryu insisted, this time more bothered.

Sayama was completely silent as the policeman who sat beside Majima. He seemed distracted, looking through the window and probably annoyed to be trapped there with them. But not as much as Majima felt bored.

Suddenly, Sayama stopped the car in the middle of nowhere, not even a commissary nearby; Majima knew that from when he used to live in that damn city. What were they doing here?

“We should be safe this far out,” Sayama commented, still not giving any information why they were searching for Kiryu exactly.

“What do you mean by that?” Kiryu asked, now looking confused.

“The assault charge was just a cover.” Sayama finally explained, taking off Kiryu’s handcuffs. The policeman at his side did the same with Majima. He didn’t understand anything that was happening. “I was asked to take you into protective custody. What I didn’t know it’s that we would have more company,” she complained, looking at him. He couldn’t avoid smiling while shrugging; maybe she should have done her job better.

“Protective custody?” Kiryu ‘The Slow’ Kazuma still didn’t understand that he had walked directly into a trap.

“Try to give me the slip, and I’ll arrest you for real.” Sayama threatened. Majima wouldn’t mind giving her a reason; he was already tired of all this mystery.

But Kiryu just frowned and rested his back against the seat like he would obey her command. Too cooperative for his taste. Anyhow, Majima wasn’t opening his big mouth to point out his obvious mistake; he promised he wouldn’t talk and, yet, he could feel the annoyance coming from Kiryu.

Whatever. Majima was just looking straight, trying to ignore all the people inside the car when something moved in the distance.

Was that…?

Two shots.

Quickly, Kiryu jumped to protect Sayama with his body. Then he remembered the policeman at his side who wasn't moving. Or speaking. Nothing. Turning to him, he found the poor man already dead and with a bullet in his head. Majima pitied him; this seemed the worst and stupidest way to die, but he couldn’t defend everyone either. But...

A bullet. One.

And he wasn’t injured.

Anxiously, Majima peered over the car’s seats and saw Kiryu looming over the woman. The fucking asshole had to protect everyone with his one fucking life, like he didn’t matter. Majima didn’t know if he wanted to punch him or scream. Or maybe murder him. And he totally could because, luckily, he was safe and sound.

Sayama couldn’t say the same.

Majima scanned the building where the shots came from to find no one. 

They needed to run away quickly.

“Where were you hit?” Kiryu asked Sayama.

“I— It’s nothing…” She whimpered, obviously hurt.

Forcefully, Kiryu took her hand to see the wound. “The bullet’s still in there…This is gonna get bad.” After that, he finally glanced at Majima. 

‘Oh, yeah, I’m alive too, thank ya for worryin’ Kiryu-chan,’ Majima wanted to say, but it wasn’t the moment.

“Where’s the nearest hospital?” Kiryu demanded, sounding anxious.

And still not asking him.

Majima stared at his boss, perplexed. Did they have to take care of her now? A fucking cop? Someone who they just had met and, suddenly, Kiryu was all over her trying to protect her and caring for her? Majima felt like exploding, really wanting badly to bring up that time when Kiryu left him to drown in the docks. What? Wasn’t he attractive enough for Kiryu to save?

He was about to snap. But no, he couldn’t, it wasn’t the time. And Kiryu already apologized for that, but still….

“Sotenbori…Find a…bar called Aoi…” Sayama interrupted their staring, passing out after that.

What a drama queen, it was only a bullet in her shoulder.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, are we really doin’ this?” Majima finally spoke and Kiryu didn’t seem to like his chosen words. 

“I won’t leave her, she is in danger,” Kiryu countered, looking annoyed while opening the car door.

But Majima felt even more. That was their moment to escape, but no, they have to play the babysitter with a fucking cop. And they still weren’t talking about the one dead beside him.

“Really?!” Majima barked, recovering his tanto from the dead body and following Kiryu, who was already taking Sayama out of the car and carrying her. “We should escape! She’s a fuckin’ cop! Have you forgotten about Daigo and everythin’?” 

“It’s not the time, she needs help,” Kiryu insisted while carrying the woman and trying to locate where they were.

“So sweet, Kiryu-chan. Yer always tryin’ to help everyone,” Majima scoffed, finding it difficult to control the words that danced on the tip of his tongue.

Kiryu frowned. “Why are you so mad?” He glanced at him, really bothered with the situation.

Why was he mad? He had a fucking list right now. Like, why did he hide information from him? Why did he have to sacrifice for everyone? Why was he so interested in her? Sure, she looked beautiful, so what? He was married.

Oh, fuck.

“We have more important things to do,” Majima decided to say instead.

“That can wait for a while.” Kiryu looked around, still not knowing where they were going. “Can’t you just help me here?”

Kiryu stared at him with those sad puppy eyes that he always used when he wanted something.

Majima sighed. He was going to regret this.

“This fuckin’ way,” Majima told him, taking the lead and telling people to go away so Kiryu could walk carrying her without problem.




They sat at the bar taking a drink that Aoi had served them. He still didn’t know who she was but Sayama told them to take her here and that was what they did against his better judgement. At first, she thought they were random thugs coming here to extort her, but then Kiryu mentioned Kaoru and she seemed to relax.

And now the cop, already taken care of, lay asleep on the sofa.

Majima looked around and he thought the place seemed terrible, like it was still in the process of being finished. He didn’t know why someone would be interested in taking the money of a bar like this; Aoi surely didn’t make any money from this. 

At all. 

And the alcohol wasn’t that good either.

Majima glanced at Kiryu, who still looked tense and tired; these days weren’t being easy on him. He needed a rest, maybe a good night sleep and some reassurance that everything would be ok. But the dumbass wasn’t talking to him.

“So, you must be close,” Kiryu commented to Aoi.

“That’s an understatement! I’m his ma, sugar,” she answered. “I mean, not by blood or nothin’…”

“So you’re her foster mother?” Kiryu asked now.

“I was the one that took care of her. Kiddo’s an orphan,” Aoi informed.

Majima saw how Kiryu made that face when he was compelled by someone’s story. And of course, the cute cop had to be an orphan, like he was. Now they had something else in common apart from being interested in each other. 

Majima sighed. He wasn’t jealous.

At all. 

He just knew how Kiryu always fell for those people with a tragic background like he could try to soothe their pain; Kiryu always wanted to make people happy and feel better with themselves. It wasn’t a bad quality, but it felt annoying when it was directed to a young and beautiful woman. Nothing else.

Maybe he had to tell Kiryu his backstory as well, and show him how much he suffered. But that wasn’t happening; he didn’t want to be pitied or reopen old wounds; talking about them wouldn’t make them disappear. And worse still, there was no way they could be fixed; those would always follow him.

“So anyway, are ya a co-worker of Kaoru’s? Or maybe…a private eye?” Aoi asked, looking at Kiryu only.

Majima wanted to laugh. In his case surely it seemed obvious enough. But Kiryu had that aura of a good person in the body of a thug that made some people wonder if he was another yakuza or someone who just looked tough.

“No, nothing that respectable,” Kiryu told her like he felt ashamed of who he was. 

And maybe that was true.

“Eh? What then?”

“Well….Sort of the opposite of the police…” Kiryu replied, understanding now that he had talked too much.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Majima burst out in laughter; this seemed so stupid.

Both of them turned to watch him with a confused glare.

“What?” Kiryu finally acknowledged him, the first time since they’d entered the bar.

“Nothin’. I just find this shitchat very funny,” Majima explained, taking the last sip from his glass.

“Excuse me?” Aoi snapped, bothered by his behaviour.

“He is my boss, lady,” Majima put the glass on the counter and stood up. Aoi seemed surprised to hear that.

Kiryu followed him. “Oh, now I’m your boss?” He sounded very irritated.

Majima frowned at that; he didn’t expect this. “I didn’t rescind, right? So, the last time I checked, ya were the same thing as me!” Majima felt too tired of being silent, not caring if they weren’t alone anymore. He just wanted to scream at him. Or fight him.

“And what’s that?” Kiryu challenged. Aoi seemed a little scared, not knowing what to do.

“A fuckin’ yakuza,” Majima countered. “A fucking yakuza that could rip people in half. Stop pretendin’ you’re nice.” Majima knew he wasn’t pretending: he was a violent and strong man, the strongest he knew and, at the same time, he could be the most caring one. Except towards him, of course. Kiryu couldn’t keep doing this, not if he wanted to keep his position as a chairman in a world like this. He couldn’t be seen as soft. This behaviour would cost him his life; he was too nice for his own good. And Majima knew perfectly how things could end if he showed weakness. 

He didn’t want that for Kiryu.

“Oh, so now I’m capable of that?” Kiryu looked at him with a death glare. That made Majima shiver. He wasn’t used to Kiryu treating him like that, not since the way they had been, a long time ago anyway.

“Of course ya are!” Majima barked. Because he was, even without trying or wanting to.

“Then, why don’t you trust me?” Kiryu asked, out of the blue.


“What? Of course I do. You’re the one who doesn't trust me.” Where was this coming from? Kiryu was the one hiding information from him about the Tojo. 

What the fuck?

Kiryu frowned, taken aback. “If you trust me, why do you have to interfere? It was…humiliating…” He said that with so much disgust that made Majima feel a pang of shame. He didn’t want to make him look weak; he just didn’t want Kiryu to sacrifice himself for the clan. Majima knew Kiryu would never accept his help when offered and yet, he would expect obedience from him. He wanted to do things on his own and, at the same time, he would bark orders around; Kiryu wanted help without being helped. What the fuck did he want?

The only thing he could understand was that Kiryu wanted to be respected and treated like the superior he was, the boss who would know better than anyone how to act even if he didn’t. And Majima knew his place and what he had to do. All for the harmony and the clan. But he felt tired of following his bosses around, tired of being treated like a fucking dog.

“And since when I don’t trust you?” Kiryu added as an afterthought.

“Ya didn’t tell me anythin’ about that oath,” Majima reprimanded, feeling childish all of a sudden.

Kiryu looked remorseful. “It wasn’t done yet. We were only talking about the possibility,” he  offered as an excuse.

“And still you could have told me,” Majima noted, like he had won this first round.

Now Kiryu seemed confused. “That’s why you disobeyed me?” 

“I disobeyed ya because I didn’t want to leave? Whaddaya want me to do? Let ya die for the fuckin’ Tojo?” Maybe that was what he was looking for with that attitude, but he had given his word and he wouldn’t let that happen.

“I wouldn’t have died.” Kiryu stated, sounding too confident.

“This dude was playin’ dirty!” 

“He wasn’t.” 

Was Kiryu defending that guy too now?

“He fuckin’ was! Ya both were fightin’ and, suddenly, the police came. Exactly like Daigo said it happened to him. Maybe he planned a trap and, from what I see, it worked!”

“Why would he call the police? He started the coup himself!”

“Dunno, this guy is a weird one,” Majima offered as explanation; he knew it didn’t make much sense, but he just wanted to fight. And Ryuji was a weird one for sure, he had proof.

“You can’t really believe everyone is this unreliable and calculating,” Kiryu told him in a soft voice, sounding disappointed. “How can you live like this?”

Majima wanted to answer that ‘poorly, but safer’. It seemed for the best to wait for the worst. This was how he had lived until now and he was doing just fine. He preferred to look like a lunatic than being naïve and manipulated.


“Don’t ya see someone is pullin’ your strings?” For Majima it felt so obvious; Kiryu was very trusting and everyone seemed to know that. Fuck, they were probably taking advantage of that to weaken the clan.

Still, Kiryu seemed confused. “What do you mean?”

Majima took a deep breath. “Kiryu-chan, look at all that shit that has been happenin’ and how we’re now deep into this hell. It can’t be a coincidence…”

Kiryu looked at him, maybe waiting for more of an explanation. Of course, he wouldn’t just trust him or his intuition. He didn’t before, keeping him in the dark with the oath thing, why would he trust him now?  

“Whatever,” Majima dismissed him. He just decided not to say anything else; this discussion wouldn’t go anywhere.

“That’s all you have to say?” Kiryu insisted, reading in his demeanour.

“Maybe,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu frowned, now looking pissed. “So, are you going to help me or not?”

Majima smirked, getting closer and ready to take his tanto out. “Ya want me to follow ya? Beat me in a fight, show me you’re in the right, that you’re strong enough to be the fuckin’ leader,” Majima hissed. He knew he was, but Kiryu needed a reminder of how these things worked; maybe this way he would stop looking weak and soft.

“You always fix things like this,” Kiryu told him in a serious tone.

“That’s the only fuckin’ way I know!” Majima shouted. ‘Like you didn’t do the same’, he wanted to add.

“Shut up, that’s enough!” Sayama interrupted. “Ya two seem like an old bickerin’ couple,” she commented while sitting. Aoi ran to her side.

“Oh, dear, how have you managed to handle these two?” She said, touching Sayama’s forehead. Kiryu looked ashamed, but Majima didn’t care.

“I’m sorry,” Kiryu apologized. “These matters shouldn’t have disturbed your rest,” he averted his eyes, like he was a kid receiving a scolding.

“It’s ok,” Sayama accepted them with a tired voice.

They stayed in silence for a moment, no one seemed to take the moment to speak, but it occurred to Majima that there was something important for her to know.

“Yer friend is dead, by the way. In case ya want to inform his next of kin, or your boss,” Majima tried to ignore how Kiryu looked at him, surely thinking he was being just rude.

Aoi took that in the wrong way, staring at him with a scared expression. Sayama seemed to understand, at least.

“It’s ok, I’ll let them know,” Sayama nodded, grabbing her phone and sending a message.

“Does it hurt much?” Kiryu seemed worried and Majima felt sick of it; maybe he should have followed with ‘when you fell from the sky’, but whatever. She was basically their captor, why was he so concerned about her?

“You got no reason to worry ‘bout me,” Sayama said and Majima agreed in silence.

“How about some gratitude?” Aoi commented, really affronted by her behaviour.

“I ain’t so far gone to be sayin’ thanks to a yakuza,” Sayama replied with anger in her voice.

“Some days, hon, I—,” Aoi started, but Kiryu cut her off.

“It’s okay. If she’s got that much fire in her, she’ll be fine.” Kiryu turned around and finished his drink. “What I’m surprised is that Ryuji Goda was this quick to put someone out there.”

“This isn’t Ryuji’s style. The Go-Ryu Clan muscles their way straight at their enemies and puts them down.” She stated, like she knew a lot about the guy.

“So, who did that then?” Majima snapped. Why was everything always this complicated?

“Let’s find out,” Kiryu answered, stepping to the door and Majima followed him. Finally a reason to go from here.

“Where are ya goin’?” Sayama asked. 

Of course, she wouldn’t let them go without a fight.

“We need to know who we are fighting.” Kiryu explained and Majima didn’t know if with ‘we’ he was including her on this too.

“Then, take this to the mah-jong parlor,” Sayama ordered, giving more instructions that Kiryu accepted without batting an eye. Now they were working for the police.

Fucking fantastic.

“And don’t go anywhere else. You are still in my custody,” Sayama threatened and Majima wanted to laugh. But Kiryu, once again, just nodded and with that, they left the bar.

But then he remembered they were still in fucking Sotenbori and he just wanted to leave. Why the hell had they managed to end up in this city again? He hoped they could finish whatever they had to do soon enough.

“Are we really doin’ this shit?” Majima hoped Kiryu was just pretending, but he knew that was a stupid thought.

“I’m doing this, you don’t have to,” Kiryu answered, still annoyed with him.

Majima knew how to recognize when he wasn’t welcomed.

And, to be fair, Majima felt uncomfortable too with the situation. He needed to flee and yet, he had to take care of some stuff here.

“Well, ya do that, I’ll meet you later,” Majima informed. If he insisted on doing things alone, he could just do them.

But Kiryu seemed surprised by his response, almost alarmed. “Where are you going?” 

“I’m not leavin’ the city, don’t ya worry, Kiryu-chan,” Majima commented without adding much information and walked away from his boss, who was still looking at him with a deep frown.

He just hoped Kiryu didn’t get in trouble in the meantime, but it wasn’t like he wanted his help anyway.




Majima sat on a chair in the Namidazaka bar, alone. The place looked solitary and depressing enough for him to spend the afternoon here; barely any people around him, dim lights and a quiet bartender who wouldn’t try to start a conversation. After taking care of his business and feeling exhausted from all the emotions of the day, he needed a drink. 

A big one. 

Maybe a whole bottle.

And quiet.

Sometimes he remembered when he proclaimed that he would take control of his life and live as he wanted to; to be finally free and enjoy every bit of his useless existence. What a big lie. In the end, it was the same as always but pretending to be crazy and unpredictable. Even confident with himself. Fake it until you make it, another big lie. But that kept people away, giving him some space to just relax from time to time without the fear of ending up with another collar around his neck, not even a simple tie. People usually would judge a book by its cover, and Majima tried to make it look shiny, like he was really the man he wanted to be. However, deep down Majima was still a damaged man and he couldn’t stop what he would be. He couldn’t change that, but he could build an entire persona. 

If that made life easier, so be it.

He was just like a broken vessel; even if someone tried to reconstruct it perfectly, it would always have the mark reminding everyone that it was once shattered.

Majima sighed. He felt tired and angry and the alcohol wasn’t exactly helping.

His phone pinged; a message from Kiryu asking where he was. Majima typed a short answer and waited for him to appear. Maybe he would have enough time to have another drink.

Or think about his life choices; sometimes he just wished he could just disappear and start a new life, away from everything but not Kiryu. Or well, who knew now, he didn’t seem to want to be with him right now.

Majima sighed again, maybe he should stop drinking altogether; he had only taken one glass and it already seemed like a bad idea.

When Kiryu appeared, Majima was already on his second glass. And Kaoru was behind him. Ugh.

“Nii-san, we have to go,” Kiryu urged him in a bothered tone. 

“Why?” Majima took a sip from his glass without looking at him. 

Kiryu grunted, obviously tense. “Can you stop questioning everything I say and just do it?” 

Oh, he wanted a fight too.

Majima stood up, stepping into Kiryu’s personal space. “Well, maybe ya have to make me.” If he wanted to play the boss and the subordinate, he knew how to do it.

“I’m not fighting you,” Kiryu glared at him.

“Then, how should I know you’re strong enough to be the leader?” Majima challenged with a shit-eating grin.

Kiryu frowned. “Do you need a demonstration every time I ask you to do something?” 

“Yeah, maybe I need a good beatin’ now and then to remember my place.”

Kiryu looked taken aback. “I don’t want to do that.”

“Then, maybe a cute collar around my neck? Perhaps ya prefer that,” Majima was getting angrier at every moment, feeling tired of everyone trying to control him.

Kiryu shook his head with disappointment and Majima tried to tell himself he didn’t mind. “What has gotten into you?”

“Haw? Ya don’t know? Ya hid the oath thing from me, then we came here to talk with someone who tried to murder ya, only to end up mixed up in another stupid mess like being arrested by this lady who keeps telling us what to do. And the worst part is you follow her command. But not only that; ya even want me to babysit Daigo and the fuckin’ Omi’s chairman. And I am the one called mad!” Majima ranted, pissing Kiryu off. He just said everything he needed to say. They were risking Kiryu’s life just to do the things on his way, making him feel used and not really appreciated for his efforts. 

But again, he should feel at home with that.

“And what do you propose?” Kiryu wondered, not really interested in what Majima was going to say although Majima would tell him anyway.

“Just fuckin’ kill Ryuji. That’d have been the easy way and we could have avoided this mess!” Majima didn’t really want that, but he couldn’t see other options.

“That’s not the right way,” Kiryu insisted on the concept of gokudou doing the honourable thing in a world that didn’t practice that anymore.

“Well, I don’t care,” Majima shrugged.

Kiryu looked at him with an expression between sad and angry. “I wish you would respect me, nii-san. You can’t just do whatever you want because we are—,” And suddenly, Kiryu stopped, embarrassment washing over him.

But Majima knew exactly what he was going to say.

“We are….what?” Majima taunted, getting even closer. Now he could smell him and see the faint blush forming on his face.

Kiryu didn’t move, watching him carefully and clenching his fits. He seemed tense and Majima liked that. They had been dancing  around each other all day, poking and then running away, but now they weren’t dodging it anymore.

“This is ridiculous, ain’t ya his boss?” Sayama asked Kiryu, irked by the situation.

“Shut up!” Majima pointed at her and she just rolled her eyes, unimpressed with his attitude.

Whatever, he didn’t have time for her.

Majima glanced at Kiryu again, and found his boss licking his lips.


Was he…?

Majima grabbed Kiryu from his jacket lapels and dragged him to the exit; his heart racing with anticipation.

“Hey, you aren’t goin’ anywhere!” Sayama interrupted them again, reminding them who was the boss here.

Majima looked at her and then, back to Kiryu. He still had that intense glare that promised a good fight or something else; Majima was starting to feel like was about to burst into flames.

“Ok then,” Majima said, and dragged Kiryu inside the men’s restroom; she wouldn’t follow them there.

Or at least, he hoped so.

Once they were inside, Majima pushed Kiryu against the wall.

“What is it then?” Majima challenged again, feeling too hot to properly talk right now.

They looked at each other for what it felt like hours, unsure of what would be his next move, just waiting for him to decide. Majima felt comfortable with any option. And Kiryu seemed really pissed off; he didn’t remember the last time they gave in to their impulses without any control. Would Kiryu punch him? 

Majima didn’t mind some foreplay.

Kiryu studied him for a moment before shoving him back against the sink, making Majima sit over it, not having enough time to react when he had Kiryu furiously looming over him and kissing his mouth with violence; their teeth crashing in the rush. From everything he had envisioned, Majima didn’t expect that, and now he couldn’t breathe properly. Kiryu’s hands were roaming all over his body, digging his fingers in his flesh, biting his lips. He would probably leave marks everywhere. 

They were both quickly moaning and searching for friction, trapping his boss’ waist with his legs, pushing him for more contact. Majima poured all his feelings into his movements, biting him back and gripping the too many layers of clothing that Kiryu had on him; he felt horny, furious, jealous, bitter… And he could sense something similar coming from Kiryu.

The vicious kiss went down to Majima’s throat, bruising his flesh and sending a jolt to his crotch with every nip. And Majima whimpered and moaned. Kiryu ripped off Majima’s jacket, the fabric falling from his shoulders, exposing even more of his skin. Majima didn’t complain as Kiryu caught his nipples with his teeth. It always felt different when Kiryu took control, when he provoked his boss enough to make him go feral and he usually never minded. 

But something felt wrong

This always started with a kiss, but it never did with an angry one.

Kiryu grasped Majima from his hips, thrusting against his open legs, breathing heavily. Majima tried to grab him, but before he could, Kiryu violently pinned him against the sink again.

He couldn’t move now.

Kiryu always was the soft type, even following his impulses, never really damaging him. Never being too controlling. Now Majima felt really small in comparison to Kiryu and his strength, shivering just with the thought of what he could do if he got loose. Maybe he was trying to remind him of his power and why he should obey him; what could happen if he didn’t.

Something Majima preferred to avoid.

He didn’t like to be restrained under any circumstances, least of all when they were fighting for dominance. Not with Kiryu mad at him; it made him afraid. It brought back memories of a time he had tried to bury in his mind without much success, the time he spent with cold chains gripped around his wrists. He knew this wasn’t the same situation, and Kiryu wasn’t the same boss who had sent him into a dark hole, but still it made him feel uneasy.

Majima squirmed under him trying to free himself, but Kiryu was too strong. If this had been a different situation, he might appreciate it; right now he couldn’t say the same. Maybe he should tell him to stop, but it wasn’t Majima’s style; he didn’t like to beg.

One more time, he used all his strength to push his boss away.

And nothing.


He closed his eye and tried to breathe; not thinking seemed to always be the best way of action in these situations. Blocking his mind from bothersome memories was one of his qualities.

Maybe he should take this for infuriating his boss. He deserved this and he had to endure the punishment now; the less he fought, the quicker it would pass. Although it didn’t make sense; Kiryu never acted like this.

Or maybe Majima had been reading him wrong. 

But suddenly he noticed; Kiryu had stopped and now he was staring at him with concern and something else he didn’t want to name. 

Majima could kiss him right now for being sensible enough to feel his distress. He knew Kiryu wasn’t that kind of man.

Kiryu looked at him with those deep brown eyes full of worry and scared. Scared that he might have done something unacceptable, but Majima didn’t feel comfortable with that either. He didn’t want to be pitied and he also despised the idea of being seen as vulnerable, nor did he want Kiryu feeling like shit for his mistake. The poor man had enough on his plate, too much to be burdened with Majima’s shitty past on top of it.

But now Kiryu left himself open. Quickly, Majima pushed Kiryu with a kick, sending him against the stall and jumping over him.

“You’re too soft, boss,” Majima whispered with an angry tone, circling Kiryu’s neck with his hand in a threatening way. He could feel his rapid heartbeat, imitating his own. Being fair, he didn’t know what he was doing, but he just wanted to take control now.

Still, Kiryu looked concerned, not moving, piercing him with his soft eyes. Majima didn’t want to stop now just because he had a stupid moment of weakness. And he knew he could trust Kiryu; he had seen it after that. 

Fuck his brain for not letting him function correctly. 

Fuck his past for ruining his whole life. He just wanted to forget everything and move on.

Passing his hand from his neck to his chest, Majima finally reached Kiryu’s crotch, rubbing his still half-erect dick through the pants.

“Not too soft here, I guess,” Majima mumbled with a smirk.

Kiryu just grunted as a response, grabbing his hand.

“You are uncomfortable,” Kiryu stated.

Majima frowned in shocked disbelief. That was so spot on that made him feel annoyed. Since when could he read him this well? “I am not,” he lied anyway.

“You were, for a moment. Why didn’t you say anything?”

What a way to kill the mood, he thought.

Majima shot him a wary look, uneasy with the direction of this conversation. “We were just fightin’… kind of.” He tried to explain.

“So, what? You were the one who told me to talk about these things,” Kiryu insisted even if he seemed as awkward as him. He really appreciated the concern, it gave him the right feeling about Kiryu, but he just didn’t want to open that box. And even less in a public restroom.

“Well, I don’t want to talk about that,” Majima said in a pitched voice, sounding obviously distressed now.

Kiryu made a face he couldn’t read. “I don’t need the details of why.” He made a pause to take a deep breath, enough time for Majima to consider that maybe Kiryu didn’t want to know or maybe he was just trying to respect his privacy. “I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

Oh, for fuck’s sake…

Majima scratched the back of his neck nervously. “I’m not, ok?” He almost pleaded to stop with his concern; it felt like too much sentimentalism and he just wanted to swing the mood back to a better one. To one he could handle. He was just starting to feel better; talking wouldn’t help him anyway.

Kiryu seemed to find him endearing for the way he looked at him. Majima just wanted to roll his eye. Could he just not do that all the time? He felt tired of receiving mixed signals about not knowing what he wanted from him, if he just wanted an easy fuck or if he also wanted to cuddle afterwards.

“I just don’t want to hurt you,” Kiryu insisted.

“Well, maybe I like it a little rough,” Majima shrugged, trying to sound cool.

Kiryu smiled at that. “You don’t.”

Majima looked at him in shock. Was he calling him weak?

Like Kiryu could read in his demeanour — although he knew that was likely impossible — he leaned forward and captured his lips in a slow and soft kiss, maybe too soft, but reassuring. Melting away all those bad memories that flooded his mind. 

Remembering he was here now, with him.


Majima hummed contently against him, letting himself be enveloped by Kiryu’s strong arms. Enjoying his warmth, his taste, his smell. Not even remembering why they had started this fight or not wanting to remember, perhaps it had been something about obedience or whatever. But he just had him now and that was what mattered.

But this felt too good and too real. They weren’t a couple; Kiryu had Yumi and who knew what that cop was now. Majima was probably just another one in his long body count list. After all, Kiryu made everyone fall in love around him with that unique essence that made him different. Why would Majima be anyone special when Kiryu could have whoever he wanted and when that person could be less broken than him? Maybe he just stayed longer because he found the inappropriate nature of their relationship enticing.

He did, too.

But he wanted other parts of it, such as being close to Kiryu just doing nothing, to feel his weight against him, to receive those kisses that Majima always insisted on avoiding. And even if he always tried to deny it, he loved his tender care, that romantic part of him that didn’t suit their relationship. Why couldn’t he just have that always? Why did Majima have to share him?

Only thinking about that made him bitter all over again.

He didn’t want to be treated like a delicate flower.

Not now.

He needed to take control of his life for once, stop the past and the others from taking the wheel of his life.

He wanted to feel him now, to give in, to be fucked senseless until he could forget his own name.

Or that he was just his mister.

Jealousy firing up, Majima started dropping little kisses along his jaw until he reached Kiryu’s ear, pinning him with his body against the stall again. He was in control and Kiryu let him do it. And he felt powerful now. Passing a hand over his boss’s crotch, he started to nibble his ear, making him squirm out of pleasure.

He loved looking at him like that.

“Nii-san,” Kiryu said between gasps. “You don’t have to…”

Majima kept massaging Kiryu’s dick over his pants. “Oh, but I want to,” he whispered into his ear, making him shiver. “In fact I think we should always decide our plans like this. The one who finishes first, loses.” He teased.

Kiryu huffed. “You sure?” He asked and Majima had the impression it wasn’t about the proposition.

“I’m sure,” Majima said after biting the lobe of his ear. “In fact, aren’t you the one who’s always uncomfortable with doin’ this in a public place?” He rubbed his crotch again, giving special attention to the tip and enjoying how his boss tried to keep it quiet. “But for what I feel, you aren’t that against the idea now, huh?”

“I—,” Kiryu tried to speak while Majima opened his trousers and slipped a gloved hand inside, now having complete access to him.

At that, Kiryu let a moan escape his lips, looking like a total mess under his touch, and it occurred to him that he loved the view, seeing Kiryu completely at his mercy and needy. If only he could…

“I’m not uncomfortable,” Kiryu finally said.

Majima smirked. “Are you sure? Maybe you’re a little afraid of someone findin’ out the Fourth Chairman likes to fuck his captain.” He taunted, maybe sounding angrier than he expected. “What would they think if someone just walked in right now and saw you cornered and so bothered by a simple handjob?”

Kiryu gasped, flushing hard and he didn’t know if it was for his words or the situation. But he loved it anyway.

And he was just hard with the anticipation.

“Ya can play the good husband or the honourable chairman role,” Majima continued while he stroked his dick. “But right now, you’re mine,” he whispered with anger, seeing how the goosebumps started to rise all over Kiryu’s skin.

“Nii-san!” His boss choked, sinking his fingers into the flesh of Majima’s waist.

Majima smirked at his success, but he still had something else in mind.

Stopping the teasing, he took out his hand and licked the pre-come that dampened his gloves. “But maybe you’re right, this isn’t the place…” Majima said in a relaxed tone under Kiryu’s thunderstruck gaze. “Shall we?” He asked, pointing at the exit with a shit-eating grin.

Kiryu just grunted as a response, kissing him again with renewed anger. He moved his mouth against his, hungrily, bucking his hips against Majima and taking control again. Exactly what he wanted.

Now he felt okay with this.

He could trust Kiryu and he wanted him right now. To hell with everything that wasn't them; right now Kiryu was his and he was Kiryu’s. Having Kiryu at his side could scare the ghost of his past away, making him feel the raw need to give in. Feel wanted. 

Sure, they weren’t perfect, but nothing was and he would take what he could. Even if it was just for a short moment, he would enjoy their time together before this came to an end.

They both were already panting, needing to get a release, and Majima wouldn’t mind doing it right there. And like Kiryu had just heard his thoughts, he dragged Majima to the other side of the restroom; there were two small vending machines with—


If Majima was being honest with himself, he never had thought Kiryu would be a man that would get horny in a fight and even less take the initiative, or that he would like being dominated, but since they started doing this he had discovered a whole different part of the man. And Majima was enjoying this. 

That made him think, did he always have these impulses when he got angry or was he special?

Before he could follow that idea, Kiryu was already pushing him inside of a bathroom stall and closing the door behind them. It felt good to see someone desire him for a change; he liked some possessive Kiryu, but he was also greedy towards him. Sadly, he knew that couldn’t be it.

Kiryu kissed him again, this time softly, maybe still unsure of what happened earlier. And Majima really appreciated it, but he didn’t want that. It made him feel things he shouldn’t.

Annoyed with the treatment, Majima deepened the kiss, biting his lips violently and making Kiryu whimper. He loved that sound and he couldn’t wait to hear him more. Sliding his hand down his chest, he grabbed Kiryu’s crotch to find him still erect.


Kiryu manhandled him against the wall, spinning him around and stripping him of his trousers, just enough to have access to dick and his—

“I haven’t prepared for that,” Majima gasped, not expecting Kiryu going forward to business.  Not like he didn’t mind having Kiryu stretch him and do all the preparations, but he always felt like Kiryu was too ‘no homo’ even to do that properly.

“It’s ok,” Kiryu countered with confidence.

He had to say he felt really surprised today.  

Kiryu started kissing his neck while grabbing his waist, roughly, his ring digging in his flesh and being a reminder of the wrongness of their relationship. 

Fuck it.

Majima moaned, too excited with the idea of fucking in a public place and knowing Kiryu would be bothered by that.

Shhh,” Kiryu obviously said.

Majima smirked and pushed Kiryu against him with his hands, thrusting his ass over Kiryu’s erection. “And how are you goin’ to make me obey?” Majima challenged, really proud of himself.

Kiryu grunted again, still obviously annoyed, bending Majima over and grinding against him.

“If ya put that thing inside me without takin’ the proper care, I’ll cut yer dick,” Majima threatened, suddenly worried of the possibility of Kiryu being this dumb.

“I wasn’t going to do that,” Kiryu replied like he was just insulted. Because he had been, kind of.

He looked back and saw Kiryu freeing himself and grabbing the small lube bottle he just bought. Well, at least Kiryu wasn’t too helpless. Majima just hoped he had some more practice because part of him didn’t feel too confident about his skills.

Majima looked closely with anticipation as Kiryu opened the bottle and spread a big amount of lube on his finger. He wasn’t used to another person preparing him and it made him feel a little uneasy. Yet, he tried to relax, breathing slowly.

“Want me to help ya?” Majima tried to propose when Kiryu slid one finger inside him, slowly and… fuck everything; this didn’t have the right to feel this good. Some jealousy fired inside him, was he really practicing that much? Not letting him think more, Kiryu brushed his prostate and nothing else mattered anymore. He couldn’t focus on anything more, only on Kiryu fingering him in the middle of a public bathroom with a police officer waiting form them outside. That cop was surely thinking they were having a brawl. Majima felt proud to think Kiryu was acting this needy for him.

At every thrust it sent a jolt of pure pleasure, making it difficult to control his breathing to not make much noise; he didn’t want to anger the dragon. 

Not right now.

If Majima thought about it, it was weird for them to be doing this now after all this time. He flirted with him on every occasion, he even made a strip-tease for him and the man couldn’t get a clue; and when Kiryu decided to act was when he had a wife. He knew they shouldn’t do this, that it could be dangerous for both of them. And not only because it could be used against them, but for the reason he had never opened up to anyone: nothing ever ended right. But it was Kiryu and he had a soft spot for him. Even now, in the middle of a fight.

Sort of.

Kiryu added a second finger, making him gasp and shiver at the sensation. Majima’s dick was already hard, asking to be touched and with some pre-come already dripping. The feeling of a mix between pain and pleasure, but the second was winning under Kiryu’s touch and the little moans he let escape. Knowing Kiryu was getting off just by giving him pleasure fired him up even more.

After some more stretching, Kiryu added a third finger, this time roughly and quicker. Majima gasped, trying to keep the balance. He was too close already and it felt embarrassing; he hadn’t even touched himself.

“Can ya fuck me already?” Majima shouted, urging him to just go for it.

Kiryu grabbed his hair, pulling him with strength. “Shhh,” he ordered first. “Are you gonna obey me then?” Kiryu asked, with a smile in his voice.

Majima huffed, he didn’t expect that. “Ya, sucker.”

Kiryu released him, and withdrew his fingers to unwrap the condom.  And, before Majima could complain again, Kiryu pushed his cock inside him in a fast motion, making him whine. It hurt a little, Kiryu was too big for that, but after a moment where Kiryu stood still, it started to feel good again.  Maybe he should give more credit to his boss.

Kiryu was moaning in a hushed tone, and Majima found it the sexiest sound he had ever heard. The concept of his boss being inside him, doing as he pleased, made him shiver every time with possessiveness.

After a few minutes with a slow pacing, Kiryu started thrusting harder and deeper, brushing again that spot that was making Majima feel an intense pleasure. Of the many times that he had pestered Kiryu for coming too soon, now he was the one in that position. And then he would have to bear with his boss feeling too proud for making him orgasm without even touching him.

But right now he didn’t care, he was just enjoying this new feeling.

Majima was panting in desperation, pushing back, too fucking close to the end. He was fighting a war inside his mind to not finish this quickly, but at the same time he needed it.

“Sayama is going to hear you,” Kiryu complained between moans.

“Well, she can join if she wants,” Majima joked, hoping Kiryu didn’t agree to that.

Grunting, Kiryu shoved his face against the wall as an answer, burying himself deeper. Ok, he deserved that. 

And he probably would do it again.

Majima was trembling, gasping once again when Kiryu brushed his prostate, this time over and over until it felt too much, coming undone with a feral sound. He came hard, shuddering and moaning and clenching Kiryu’s leg for balance. He wasn’t sure but he thought he had sobbed Kiryu’s name, but he could blame that on the high of the orgasm.

“Already?” Kiryu wondered, laughing a little.

“Fuck ya,” Majima answered, trying to recover his breath.

Huffing, Kiryu started to move faster inside him, slamming his pelvis hard against him and leaving Majima oversensitive. He gasped while he fucked him, pounding in and out at a punishing pace until he came hard, moaning and thrusting lazily until he was over. He thrust deep inside him one more time while letting his body fall over Majima’s, recovering his breath with a content sigh. After a few seconds, he slid his dick out without much precaution, making Majima wince.

That made Majima remember…he hoped he didn’t have any accidents, which would be humiliating right now. But whatever it was, Kiryu didn’t comment shit and Majima felt glad about it.

Recovering their consciousness, they cleaned themselves in an awkward silence, not knowing what to say after this. Talking after sex always felt uncomfortable.

Majima didn’t mind all fights ending like this, but he still wasn’t ok to follow Kiryu into suicidal missions to lose him in the stupidest way possible.

“This doesn’t mean I agree with ya,” Majima snapped out of the blue. One thing was having angry sex, something he didn’t mind at all, and another thing using the moment as leverage to make him accept conditions he didn’t want to.

Even if he was the one who had suggested the idea.

Kiryu just rolled his eyes and shook his head while getting totally dressed.

“Are we gonna start again?” Kiryu commented, exhausted.

“Well, give me ten minutes, at least. I’m not a spring chicken anymore,” Majima smirked and Kiryu just grunted.

Kiryu was being his always-talkative self.

Then, he saw how his boss threw the condom into the toilet and Majima wanted to murder him.

“Don’t throw that there!” He complained while he took it out carefully.

“Oi,” Kiryu said, sounding annoyed.

“This shit ain’t supposed ta go there, Kiryu-chan, ya hafta be more mindful with the planet,” Majima explained, disposing of the condom in the little rubbish bin at his side.

When he glanced at Kiryu, he looked baffled and maybe a little ashamed.

“Sorry…” he murmured.

“Ya better be,” Majima narrowed his eye.




Kiryu didn’t know what to think sometimes. When he was starting to think that he and Majima  had a good relationship with possibilities to be something more than friends or whatever they were now, they ended up arguing about Tojo clan business and morals and then having angry sex in a public place. And sure, he could enjoy some action, but it didn’t feel right if they built this thing up over fights. They couldn’t just fix every problem they had like this, mostly because, in the end, they didn’t reach any agreement. But he couldn’t say a word about this; after all, he was the one to blame here. 

He should control himself.

And, for a moment, he thought he did something really wrong, he still felt disgusted with the possibility. He saw Majima scared, afraid of him. Why would he be? He wasn’t a weak man, he could fight him back anytime and still…there was something dark lurking behind his eye. But he knew if he tried to ask about it, Majima would just dismiss the subject, maybe even make a joke.

Part of him enjoyed spending time with Majima because he didn’t have to hide, he could let himself go if he needed to, knowing Majima could take it. And he would do the same for him. But whatever happened before they ended inside the stall… this couldn’t keep happening.

They really should get better in their communications skills. And yet, he was the one hiding information from him, but in his defence he didn’t know if Majima would like the idea of an oath with the Omi. He just wanted to do it for some peace and quiet and a better situation for Haruka and the clan.

Kiryu sighed. Maybe he could just have said that and they would have saved a lot of time.

Majima was looking at him like he was waiting for something and Kiryu didn’t know what. Or maybe…

Kiryu shook his head. He would let it drop. 

For now.

“Well, let’s go, Kiryu-chan, surely yer girlfriend is waitin’ for ya,” Majima commented, pretending he was kidding, but Kiryu could sense something underneath.

“She is not my girlfriend,” Kiryu protested as Majima opened the stall door.

“Oh, sorry!” He heard a man’s voice said, running away fast enough for Kiryu to not see who he was. Did he hear them or…?

Kiryu glanced at Majima, who had a shocked expression.

“What the…?” Kiryu was feeling anxious with the possibilities.

“Dunno, but he seemed like he was in a rush,” Majima gave him a wicked smile.

Kiryu didn’t like the sound of that. “Did he…?”

“Well, I don't know that,” Majima shrugged and went to wash his hands.

Kiryu sighed again. This was the bad part of hiding their relationship, and then having sex in a public place; they could get caught and now they did. More or less.

Kiryu joined Majima; he wanted to remove the latex smell from his hands; it seemed too obvious for him and it made him feel ashamed.

“But he did look like he was listening, though,” Majima unnecessarily added after a moment. Kiryu really didn’t want to know. 

He just made a face as an answer and Majima laughed at him. He felt glad one of them could find this funny.

They finished drying their hands and Kiryu now felt sure that the odour wasn’t still there. He only had something else left to do.

He glanced at Majima, who was resting against the sink and staring at him. “So, are you gonna help me or not?” Kiryu asked, defeated and not wanting to start a new fight over this.

Majima furrowed his brow. “Why do ya want me to help ya that much?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Kiryu didn’t understand him, wasn’t it obvious?

Majima shrugged. “Dunno, it feels like I’m botherin’ ya.” He looked pensive now, crossing his arms over his chest. “Maybe I should just go. Maybe I should have left after Kawamura’s incident…” He mumbled, probably not intending to be heard by Kiryu.

But he heard him anyway, feeling anxious all over again just with the thought. “What? No, you can’t just leave now.”

“Why not?” Majima challenged.

“The Tojo needs you,” Kiryu explained.

Majima huffed, bored. He looked at the ground, seeming really unhappy. Wasn’t that enough for him? He had always done everything for the clan, he was always doing his best. He was the captain of the Tojo. Why then?

“Fuck the Tojo,” Majima hissed.

Kiryu frowned. Then, why did he stay in the first place? Why did he sacrifice himself so much for the clan if he thought that?

Then Kiryu remembered; he was the one who made him stay. Majima clearly expressed a long time ago that he wanted to leave and Kiryu asked for his help. And he knew that maybe he shouldn’t do this because it was selfish, but he still needed him; even if Majima didn’t care about the Tojo, he always did his best, never turning his back on his duties. Always being the most reliable person he had at his side and, right now, he couldn’t let him go. Not only for the Tojo, but primarily for his family.

Kiryu closed his eyes. He surely would end up feeling too exposed and he didn’t like that but… “I need you,” he confessed, making Majima turn his head at him in shock.

Blushing hard, Majima opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again with his eye full of hope. He looked like he wasn’t used to hearing things like that and Kiryu couldn’t stop the sweet smile that formed on his lips. He didn’t feel that bad now after opening up a little.

“Don’t say shit like that,” Majima told him, with a nervous voice and Kiryu just wanted to hug him. But part of him knew he wouldn’t accept it or, if he did, he would say he was being too sappy.

“Well, are you going to help me or not? Goda, Takashima and Sengoku are after the Tojo now.” Majima watched him like he was just saying something crazy. “And also me,” Kiryu added, surely Majima needed to know that information, him being the captain and all.

“What?” That seemed to bother him more. “And how do ya know all this?”

“Well, I had a little fight when you left, so—,”

WHAT?” Majima uncrossed his arms. Now, he looked angry. “Why didn’t ya say anythin’ early?”

“We were fighting,” Kiryu explained with a frown.

Majima shook his head, looking guilty. “What a shitty captain I am.”

“You aren’t, it’s just…” Kiryu didn’t know what to say. Clearly them having this…whateveritwas wasn’t making things easier and Kiryu could tell. He still felt like this was a bad idea and he was putting Majima in danger. But, in the end, Majima was part of the clan too, he also stood in the middle of everything.

“Just, let’s go, ok?” Kiryu insisted.

Majima nodded, not opposing the idea anymore.

With that, they both exited the restroom to see Sayama sitting on the bar with a really tired face.

“Oh, fuckin’ finally,” Sayama exclaimed, obviously exasperated.

Majima made a face and opened his big mouth. “Well…” But, before he could, Kiryu shot him a death glare, making him stop before he could say what Kiryu knew he was going to say. He had no shame.

“I had to ask if the windows there were big enough to escape through them. What were you both doin’?!” Sayama continued, oblivious to their exchange.

Kiryu was cringing hard, and Majima was being…him.

“We were fighting.” Mostly, Kiryu thought.

“Well, I can see that,” she commented, pointing at Majima’s marks and looking annoyed, and Kiryu felt a shiver just remembering what just happened. “Can we go now?” 

Well, maybe she thought they were really just fighting.

“Sure,” Kiryu agreed. At least, he had Majima at his side again.




The train ride was silent for most of the time. Majima sat at his side and Sayama behind them controlling their actions, so they just decided to not talk or do anything. But he missed his contact and he still felt there was something wrong between them; he just wished he could know what.

Kiryu looked at his profile while his captain looked through the window. He seemed sad but he couldn’t tell much since the eyepatch hid his expression. Every time he moved or tousled his hair, Kiryu wanted to reach him and hug him, making feel relaxed. He knew he was pushing himself hard for not being there to help him. And he was pushing himself even more to just help him. Kiryu didn’t like that, but he couldn’t take care of this whole mess on his own, and he really trusted Majima.

He just hoped he could understand that.

After some hours, they finally arrived in Kamurocho. At night, the weather felt colder in comparison to Osaka, but there were more people walking around. 

In this city you could never be alone.

“Tch, I have to go for a moment,” Majima told him with an exhausted face.

“Something wrong?” Kiryu asked. Was the Omi being a problem again?

“Nah, somethin’ about the Construction Company, no big deal,” Majima dismissed. “I’ll back as soon as I can.”

“Sure, take yer time,” Sayama said, obviously not caring about if he came back. After all, she didn’t want him.

Majima just ignored her and walked away, leaving them alone. Kiryu just hoped he wasn’t still mad with him.

They stood there for a moment in an awkward silence, Kiryu still thinking she could read in his behaviour what happened in the bathroom and Sayama….well, he didn’t know.

Maybe they could start doing some research.

Kiryu and Sayama wandered around the city for several minutes when he saw how pale she was becoming. She really seemed like she was in pain.

“Are you ok?” Kiryu wondered, knowing the answer already.

“I’m fine,” she protested, wincing out of pain and losing her balance.

Kiryu held her before she could fall.

“I said I’m ok,” she insisted, but with not enough strength to fight him.

“Just, let me take care of you,” Kiryu suggested, taking her in his arms. At that moment, she just passed out.

Kiryu sighed. Maybe they could go to Serena and rest there for a little. Maybe he should call Emoto if Sayama got worse.

They took the elevator to Serena and Kiryu was starting to feel uneasy. He didn’t like to go to that place after everything that had happened. Not even after celebrating his wedding there; it wasn’t a good place for him anymore and that saddened him. A place full of happy memories tainted forever. But he couldn’t focus on that now; they were here for a reason and that was Sayama needing some rest. He couldn’t let her suffer.

Kiryu opened the door and he was welcomed by dust everywhere. It made the place even more somber. It totally seemed like a ghost town.

Shaking those thoughts, Kiryu laid Sayama on the couch. She seemed alright; with a relaxed and constant breathing, and no fever; she would survive. The trip had been long enough, too uncomfortable for someone with a wound like her. Maybe he could let her rest there for a while.

Not knowing what to do, Kiryu sat in the bar and looked around and, for a moment, it felt like time had never passed and there were Reina, Nishiki, Yumi…. All of them having fun together. No lies between them, nothing that could destroy their enjoyment. But now there was only Yumi and he couldn’t even be the man she had deserved all this time. This whole situation was his fault. Always his. Why was he still here, alive? Why did he deserve to be there and not them?

No, he couldn’t wait here, he needed to go. Sayama had his number; if she needed him, she could just call him. Part of him felt bad, what if she got worse? But it couldn’t be that bad, she seemed okay. She was just exhausted.

In a rush, Kiryu left the place needing to breathe fresh air. Or whatever it was in this city.  

He walked through the streets he knew like the palm of his hand, probably way too much, trying to find a distraction. He just needed to disconnect, so he just tried to help everyone he found on his path. That always made him feel better, to feel useful to someone, to see that he could do something good too and not only destroy people’s life.

Don’t start again, he told himself.

As usual, Kamurocho was filled with people in need and, even if they knew him and his position in the Tojo Clan, many of them accepted his help. Some even asked him directly for it. Sometimes he felt exhausted knowing so many people depended on him but, right now, he wouldn't think much about it; playing in the Sega shop wouldn’t give him what he needed at the moment and he couldn’t ignore their pleas for help.

When he started to feel better, someone called him on his phone.


Where are ya?” Sayama demanded.

So, she was ok.

“I just went for a walk,” Kiryu excused.

Well, come back now. And well…can you buy a bra and underwear? I didn’t bring anything,” she requested.

“What?” Kiryu snapped. Why didn’t she? And why did he have to do that?

Can you or not?” Sayama insisted when he didn’t say anything.

“Sure, whatever,” Kiryu said with a pained tone. Did he have to ask for more indications or…?

And bring beer too,” she added and hung up.

Well, she was bossy, huh?

Without too much interest, Kiryu obeyed and bought everything she told him. He just hoped that was okay enough and that no one had seen him. He already had enough with the weird look the clerk shot at him.

Walking back to Serena, his phone pinged again. If it was Sayama again asking for more things he was going to—

It was Majima.

Where are ya?’ The message read.

Serena,’ Kiryu informed him and put the phone in his pocket again.

At least he was coming back soon.

On his way he decided to check on Yumi and Haruka. They hadn’t talked for a while, too busy and worried about other matters. His life was too stressful, but at least he found time to send her messages. And that was what he did right now. He could just call her, but he hadn’t told her anything about Sayama or anything in general, and he felt too afraid to say it after all this time; she would worry about him and she had enough right now.

Kiryu entered Serena again and found the lights on, but Sayama was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she was in the bathroom.

Trying to forget all the memories that invaded him, he took a seat and waited for her to show up. He really wanted to leave the place, the sooner the better. Taking the beers, he opened one for himself at the same time he checked his phone. Yumi finally answered and they both were fine but a little worried, still in their house. He imagined Haruka was having a bad time, but she was a strong kid; he just wished she didn’t have to be.

Finally, Sayama appeared behind a door, wearing only a towel.


“Oh, you’re finally here. I didn’t know this brothel had a shower but it was useful,” she said and Kiryu wanted to counter her that ‘This wasn’t a brothel, at all’. She was just being rude.

“I have what you asked me to buy,” Kiryu told her, taking the bag and—

She dropped the towel to the ground. Kiryu closed his eyes quickly, turning his head to the other side to avoid seeing her. That was going too straight forward, and Kiryu knew exactly why; he didn’t appreciate that.

These situations always made him uncomfortable and he was getting nervous, so he decided to smoke. Doing something with his hands right now could help him.

Then, the back door opened.

“Yo, Kiryu-chan,” Majima greeted him.

Kiryu froze at that moment knowing exactly how this would go.

Majima glanced at Sayama and then to Kiryu with a confused gesture.

“Oi!” Sayama screamed, taking the towel again to cover herself.

“Ehm…” Kiryu couldn’t articulate anything.


Time seemed to have frozen and Kiryu felt afraid to move or say something just in case he would screw things more. Meanwhile, Sayama complained in the background, but Kiryu couldn’t focus on her. He could only look at Majima who stood still at the door with a frown and a lost expression.

Finally, Majima shook his head with disappointment, and the worst part was he didn’t seem angry but sad. That felt scarier to witness; Majima never showed his emotions, always trying to hide behind infinite masks and humour, never knowing when he really felt bothered or he didn’t care, and catching a glimpse of them felt so rare. But now it looked so clear, like a neon sign in the darkness. 

And that broke Kiryu inside.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” Majima excused, closing the door and leaving the room.

Kiryu felt like he was just caught red-handed without even doing anything. Too many thoughts were racing in his head and no idea how to fix this. It felt like what he experienced with Yumi when she surprised them in his bedroom kissing for the first time all over again. Now, it was just a misunderstanding.

Sayama kept complaining while Kiryu decided what to do; he could understand the situation felt embarrassing for her, but she was the one who decided to take off her towel trying to woo him in exchange of information. Just the thought repulsed him and made him jump from his seat and follow Majima. Kiryu opened the door, and gladly, he was still there, looking away.

“You should knock next time,” Kiryu tried to joke, noticing too late that it was the wrong thing to say.

Majima opened his eye in shock, like he was just being insulted.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Kiryu-chan, didn’t know she would be there. Naked,” Majima sounded really annoyed.

“Well, it’s not—,” Kiryu tried to say.

“I didn’t want to interrupt somethin’,” Majima raised his hands apologetically. There was something in his demeanour that screamed at Kiryu that he should do something to reassure him, but now it didn't seem like anything could work.


“No, no, it’s obvious, you both were drinkin’. I get it.” Majima was getting the wrong conclusion and Kiryu was feeling like the worst human being right now; not only for this misunderstanding but for what happened before, all creating a snowball too big to handle with two hands.

And why was he saying he understood if he was obviously hurting? Anger he knew how to manage, but sadness? Not in a million years.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Kiryu finally said and, obviously, it was the wrong thing to say again.

Majima huffed. “Sure it wasn’t,” he sarcastically replied. “We’ll just talk tomorrow. Have fun.” His voice sounded bitter and, without waiting for an answer, he started walking away. Kiryu would just prefer to be stabbed.

“Majima-no-niisan!” Kiryu called him, too lost in his thoughts to just say anything else.

“No, it’s ok, you don’t have to explain anything to me. We are just friends, right?” Majima insisted, trying to hide the pain in his tone. Were they just friends? If that was true, why did he act like this?

Kiryu wanted to disappear at that moment. Why was he always making things worse for everyone? Seeing Majima without his mask felt like an event that barely happened, but now he stood right there in front of him, feeling worthless and vulnerable. Part of him wanted to think it was just an act, but he knew it wasn’t; he had seen him like that before this same day and Kiryu was the one to blame for both times. 

Maybe Majima could be better without him.

“It’s not ok,” Kiryu retorted anyway, because it wasn’t acceptable at all and Majima didn’t deserve to feel like that. He wanted to shout that he really cared about him and ‘friends’ really didn’t do them justice. That ‘friends’ didn’t share the same as they did. But Kiryu didn’t know for sure if that it could be of any use or if he wanted to hear those words. 

Either way, Majima wouldn’t believe him either.

Majima just laughed without humour, leaving him there alone and not letting him explain anything else.

Why did she have to do that? And why wasn't he capable enough to explain himself? Kiryu felt guilty without even doing anything wrong, just… not having the courage to speak out loud. But then, would Majima listen to him if he decided to do it? He didn’t feel sure of it.

Kiryu sighed. His eyes burned for how miserable he felt. His brain told him to go catch up to  Majima, but at the same time he couldn’t leave Sayama alone. Feeling uncomfortable with his decision, he went inside again to find Sayama already wearing a robe. 

That was something.

“It’s there a problem?” She wondered, playing innocent.

Obviously, Kiryu knew she wasn’t doing that on purpose, and he didn’t have the patience to deal with this now.

“I know you only followed me here to dig up some Tojo Clan history,” Kiryu went directly to business.

And that took Sayama by surprise.

She took a beer and sat on a chair in front of him, sighing. “If you knew that…Why’d you let me follow you to Kamurocho?

“Because it’s a Tojo Clan issue,” he countered, sitting again and drinking his beer. “If you wanted to know, you could have just asked. You didn’t need to get naked for that,” Kiryu added, unamused.

At that, she had the dignity to seem ashamed. Surely she could do better than that, and Kiryu felt insulted by her try.

“And you’re curious?” She asked, maybe a little upset.

“A little. Will you tell me?” Kiryu kept looking straight, avoiding looking at her. He was still uncomfortable with what just happened. 

They talked briefly about why she was there and why she had the suspicion that her parents had been killed by the Tojo can. And, to be honest, Kiryu could imagine that was probably true. He was himself a victim of them and that was why he knew knowing the truth wasn’t going to help her.

“Isn’t it possible…that some secrets are better off kept that way?” He felt sure some of them were; knowing the truth could break people sometimes.

“Spoken like a man who knows his past.” Sayama said that with a soft voice, suddenly too tired.

“I guess that’s fair,” Kiryu recognized and still that couldn’t bring her peace, she couldn’t do anything for them now, but…

Kiryu stood up.

“I’m leaving,” he announced.

“Eh, wait, where are you goin’?” Sayama rushed to ask.

“I need to talk to Majima-san,” he explained curtly. She didn’t need to know the specifics.

“Wait for me then, I won’t let you go alone,” she ordered and Kiryu just went with it. He didn’t have the energy to keep fighting for stupid things that wouldn’t change.

He just hoped Majima wasn’t too angry with him now.




Kiryu was thinking hard, would Majima want to talk to him? Would he be in his house? He hadn’t checked, afraid that if he did, Majima would just flee. He had run away before, why wouldn’t he do it again? It seemed obvious he thought Kiryu was having an affair with Sayama, but Kiryu found it very stupid. 

Why would he?

Not wasting more time, Kiryu knocked at Majima’s door. He left Sayama waiting on the first floor, insisting he couldn’t escape in any other way and he had to talk to him alone. At least they could have some privacy.

Majima opened the door shirtless. His face showed he wasn’t glad to see him here; his eye glassy. Maybe he just woke him up.

Shaking his head, Majima started laughing slightly like he didn’t mean it. “Heh, didn’t know ya had that much stamina,” he commented with disgust in his voice.

“I didn’t,” Kiryu insisted, grossed out with the suggestion.

“Sure ya didn’t,” Majima replied, closing the door.

Kiryu stopped him from closing the door all the way. “Can I come in?” He asked politely; they really needed to talk.

Majima made an annoyed gesture and finally rolled his eye. “Whatever,” he turned around, letting Kiryu pass.

That was a start.

Kiryu entered, removing his shoes and following him. But Majima just kept walking, keeping his back to him. Of course he would keep making this difficult. Kiryu grabbed his arm, making him turn around, but Majima didn’t seem to appreciate the contact, yanking his arm off.

“Can we talk about what happened?” Kiryu almost begged.

That seemed to surprise Majima. “No, thanks, I don’t need the details.”

“I wasn’t referring to that.” Kiryu couldn’t understand him. “Because nothing happened,” Kiryu added, feeling too tired to use his words correctly. Wasn’t Majima the one who talked proudly about being with a lot of women? Kiryu didn’t like the idea either, but he had learned to accept it more or less. He just didn’t want to know anything about it. Why was he acting like he just was cheated on? 

Was that cheating on him?

Well, it surely wasn’t because nothing happened. But, if they both were this bothered with the idea, couldn't they just talk about it and set some rules?

Majima still didn’t seem to believe him. “This is what you say to Yumi too?” He asked in a vicious tone.

Kiryu didn’t like that. What kind of man did Majima think he was?

“What?” Kiryu challenged. He wasn’t cheating on Yumi either; this was getting out of hand.

Majima studied his possibilities, looking insecure now. “Nothin’.” He decided to say.

But now Kiryu felt curious about why he said that.

They stood there for a moment in silence, staring at each other and not knowing how to proceed. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to keep talking about this. Neither of them was in a good mental state, barely sleeping these days and suffering a rollercoaster of emotions, and there were still some other important things to take care of. And, on top of that, visiting Serena didn’t help him.

They could just talk about this when everything finished.

Majima was still watching him closely with an unreadable face; his mask was on again.

Too late to do something.

Kiryu sighed. “Do you mind if I stay here at night?” He wondered, knowing that it was probably a bad idea, but he needed some company after this day.

Majima frowned, more shocked than disgusted. “Why?”

“Well, I need a place,” Kiryu explained, not giving more details. He didn’t know if he could open himself like that, not wanting to look vulnerable either.

“Ya have a house in Tokyo,” Majima seemed confused.

“Yes, but I don’t want to go there with Sayama following me. And it could be dangerous,” Kiryu used as an excuse even if that was true. Last time, the same Tojo Clan set on fire what it used to be his house.

Majima seemed bothered now.

“You are already in on this, it wouldn’t be more problematic for you,” Kiryu needed to add; he didn’t want Majima thinking he didn’t care about his safety.

“Whatever, I have another bedroom anyway,” Majima started walking again to the hallway.

“Why do you have two bedrooms?” Why would he? He lived alone, right? And if he had company, surely he wouldn’t send them to the other bedroom. They would just spend the night together, hugging or…

The thought made him feel bad again.

“Because I want to, for the visits,” Majima snapped, annoyed with the question.

“Do you have any visits?” Kiryu tried to pry a little.

“What? I don’t have friends now?” That seemed to upset Majima even more.

“I didn’t mean…” Kiryu should just shut up already.

But he still needed to clarify something he had just implied but Majima didn’t seem to understand.

Kiryu scratched the back of his neck. “Also…can Sayama come in?” He asked with a timid tone.

If Majima was in a bad mood before, now he was bursting into flames.

WHAT!? Do ya want to fuck her under my own fuckin’ roof too?”

And again, he was having the wrong conclusion. Couldn’t he just trust him?

“It’s not that, nii-san. She insists on joining me everywhere I go. So I’m not taking her to my house or a hotel. I don’t want you complaining the next day about it,” Kiryu commented, tired of that attitude.

“Oh, am I complainin’?” Majima shouted, overly dramatic.

“You are,” Kiryu agreed with a serious tone.

Majima stared at him, blushing like he just had noticed his childish behaviour.

“Can ya stay at Serena?” Majima ignored his remark, still sounding annoyed.

Kiryu took a deep breath and looked at the ground, defeated. “I would prefer not to.”

Majima furrowed his eyebrows, seeming sympathetic now. After a few seconds, he shook his head like he was going to regret his decision. “Ok, sure. She probably already knows where I live anyway.” He shrugged, finally accepting his petition.

Some relief washed over Kiryu.

“So, are ya both sleepin’ in the same room?” Majima worded the question differently.

“No,” Kiryu answered, really exhausted with the accusations.

Majima nodded. “I’ll sleep on the couch then,” he decided.

“No, this is your house. I will.” Kiryu retorted; he was being too difficult.

“You’re my boss, Kiryu-chan,” Majima commented like they weren’t anything else. 

And it hurt.

Kiryu took another heavy breath. “Can we just sleep together?”

Majima stared at him, studying him, maybe waiting for a trap. But there wasn’t any. He just wanted to rest.

“Whatever.” And with that, he disappeared into his bedroom.

Kiryu probably wouldn’t rest, right?

Well, at least he could just call Sayama to join them here.




Kiryu waited for her at the door with a mix of stress and resignation.

“What happened?” She asked when she exited the elevator.

“We’re staying here,” Kiryu let her know.

“I’m not sure if I…” Sayama seemed unsure for the first time.

“It’s ok. We might be criminals, but we aren’t that bad,” Kiryu tried to joke.

Another joke that no one would find funny. Maybe he just should shut up for the rest of the day. Or the week.

She studied him for a moment before entering the house.

Sayama looked around, a little surprised to find a decent house and not a dumpster. He knew because he had the same reaction, and now he understood how petty that was of him.

“You are sleeping here,” Kiryu pointed at the spare bedroom.

She entered, looking at it with curiosity. He had it, too. Why did he have another bedroom anyway?

“Majima-san left there some things you might need,” Kiryu added.

She nodded. “Ok.” She said and closed the door on his face.

Kiryu rolled his eyes. They were both being too difficult today.

But Sayama wasn’t anything in comparison with Majima.

Kiryu knocked at the door carefully, hoping he was still awake, but he didn’t respond. Well, whatever, it wasn’t like he could see something he hadn’t seen before. 

Slowly, he opened the door and saw Majima already lying on the bed with his eyepatch still on, sleeping. Or at least it seemed like that.

Kiryu took off his clothes and lay down beside him, still really anxious.

They hadn’t fixed any of the problems they were having right now. Talking with Majima was like walking in a minefield, and Kiryu didn’t feel confident enough to approach him.

These things were too new for Kiryu. He had never had  a girlfriend in his whole life, even less a boyfriend. But, weren’t they? Majima had insisted on calling him friend and Kiryu really never knew how to label their relationship. The idea of considering him his partner gave him goosebumps. Would that make any difference? When they weren’t fighting, they tended to have a good dynamic; they could understand each other, or rather Majima could read him perfectly. Kiryu wished he could do the same with him.

And, at the same time, Kiryu felt kind of annoyed with him and how difficult he was making everything. He had tried to excuse himself too many times and Majima still didn’t believe him. 

He didn’t trust Kiryu as a boss and neither as a… whatevertheywere.

Kiryu looked at the ceiling. Lying there with Majima at his side felt strange but right. They had shared this bed before to do something completely different and he found it really intimate to share it again just to sleep. He didn’t want to admit that he had played with the idea of just doing this, cuddling and relaxing together, although he knew Majima wouldn’t welcome the idea. So he would try to just enjoy this moment, more or less.

He just wished Majima wasn’t being this sulky.

Glancing at his right, he saw Majima’s tattoo looking back at him, menacing. Probably judging him like his owner did. But he also saw Majima’s uneven breath.

“Are you awake?” Kiryu asked.

“No,” answered Majima.

Kiryu rolled his eyes.

Maybe they shouldn’t do this, it was dangerous for both of them and Kiryu wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to Majima. But another part of his brain was pushing him to go for it; it couldn’t go wrong. It was Majima and he was the strongest person he knew, more than many people could see.

And surely he could use some attention right now.

Without thinking much about it, Kiryu moved under the covers to his side and hugged Majima strongly from behind, trapping him under his arms. Majima protested without much intent, and Kiryu decided to ignore it.

He could hear his heartbeat; feel his warm skin against his. It felt comforting and soothing. He wished he could do this more often. And without a fight.

Majima tried to shake him over and Kiryu loosened the hold in case Majima felt really bothered with the contact. The last he needed now was another thing to add in the list of things he had messed up today.

But Majima didn’t push him away.

“If ya want sex, just say it,” Majima told him with a confused voice.

“I don’t,” Kiryu replied, squeezing him again with a content sigh.

“Oi,” Majima tried to sound bothered, but he wasn’t. He probably needed that as much as he did.

Kiryu just wanted to stay there always like this. It felt nice for a change when Majima stopped fighting it and calmed under his embrace, almost looking like he liked it. 

He had won that fight, at least.

The time passed and he noticed how Majima’s breath slowed down, all his tense muscles finally relaxing.

With a smile on his lips, Kiryu closed his eyes and drifted away, falling asleep.

He didn’t have any nightmares that night.

Chapter Text

A light rain woke up Kiryu. 

Turning his head around, he opened his eyes and found the room submerged almost in complete darkness, only illuminated by a dim light coming from the window. He was feeling completely relaxed and warm, having Majima sleeping soundly between his arms. 

And that was a rarity.

Humming, he closed his eyes again. He could get used to this and make it a routine; to start every morning in a quiet room with Majima at his side, allowing himself to have an oasis of tranquillity and domestic bliss. No one judging them; just the two of them alone with their privacy, being able to just be what they were and not minding any labels. Who cared about the nature of their relationship? If a long time ago someone would have told him about the possibility of Majima being the man he would choose to share his bed with, Kiryu would have just laughed. The fact that he could get this involved with a man still seemed like an alien thought, but being with Majima? It really shocked him. Nishiki had never said anything good about him, probably because he was still sore about losing in a fight against him, and no one in the clan seemed to have a good opinion about him. Gladly, Kiryu never let the gossip guide his path, always deciding things for himself. And thanks to that he got to know him better, witnessing that all those rumours only hid the reality; and he couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to discover the real man. Kiryu really liked to be with him. Surely he still had much more to find out; Majima was a mysterious man, but that only made it more enticing.

Looking at his sleepy companion, Kiryu thought that he always imagined having a family, a wife and a kid, maybe a few of them. And well, he kind of had that now, but not in the way he envisioned. With Majima, he could have almost the same, except he couldn’t be a wife, obviously, but he started making peace with that idea. He enjoyed being with him, he made him feel better and relaxed knowing he could rely on him for anything; he could understand when he felt troubled and why —the perks of sharing the same line of work. So, what if Majima was a man? He made him feel things he had never experienced in his old age, things that took him time to understand, sometimes afraid of acting on it and other times trying not to think and just act. Yet, Majima insisted on saying they were just friends and Kiryu used that word to shield himself from the complicated truth. Were they just that? Jealousy didn’t seem to fit inside that, but Kiryu didn’t know; every time he felt something deeper than simple friendship, Majima pushed him aside, like he just had the same doubts as him. Or maybe it was because he felt uncomfortable with that kind of attention. 

Knowing what Majima expected from their relationship seemed impossible to understand; Kiryu didn’t know if he should ask or let it drop. Either way, he could just be happy being together as they were now. But he didn’t know about Majima and he felt too afraid to start that conversation

But whatever he chose to do, right now wasn’t the moment; they had a job to do, people to fight, a family to protect…

And with that last thought, everything seemed wrong again.

Kiryu was a married man and the Fourth Chairman of the Tojo and Majima the captain of the clan; surely this behaviour wouldn’t be accepted. Kashiwagi had said so many times.

Sighing, Kiryu rubbed Majima’s back and… Oh, did he turn around in the middle of the night? He didn’t notice before. 

Kiryu opened his eyes lazily and focused on his companion’s face without the usual frown that made him look angry. Right now he looked so relaxed that Kiryu wanted to kiss his forehead, noticing how few wrinkles he had for his age and for how expressive he always was. Sometimes it was too much and that made him huff. His hair looked messy and yet soft, falling all over his face and hiding part of his eyes. This way he looked endearing; Majima was always fastidiously groomed to have that tacky sense of style, and Kiryu almost felt tempted to take a picture for later.

Smiling, he kept studying his face. Kiryu thought he had never admired Majima that much, at least not without the fear of being threatened to be stabbed for it; he really seemed against the idea. But now he had the opportunity. This close he could see every hair of his well-kept beard, every pore and every small scar that covered his skin. He hadn’t even noticed Majima had a small mole under his left eye, where always….

And then he saw it.

He didn’t know if he should be doing this now.

Majima was always so careful to hide it, never letting anyone see him without his eyepatch.

And now it was gone.

Did he remove it himself?

Surely not; the most probable thing was he removed it while sleeping, uncomfortable with the constant pressure after a whole day wearing it.

Kiryu knew he shouldn’t, that this was an invasion of his privacy, but he couldn’t avoid it. After all, he had felt curious all this time. Holding his breath, he pushed away the locks that hung over his left eye, just enough to see. It didn’t look that bad. There were a few vertical scars crossing his eyelid, breaking the horizontal line —probably made with a knife. It didn’t seem like anyone took proper care of the wound, but it didn't look like it had been completely abandoned, either. Just enough to keep him alive and that made Kiryu wonder. But apart from his skin looking darker than the rest of his face, the eye seemed intact.

He had always wondered how that happened. There was a story about him; Kashiwagi insisted on reminding him about how Majima betrayed his boss and ended up receiving an exemplary punishment for that. But he couldn't separate reality from people’s imagination. And for every time someone told him that Majima wasn’t trustworthy, Kiryu begged to differ. He knew Majima well enough and whatever reason they used to justify what happened, it wasn’t right.

It saddened him deeply to think how much Majima had suffered and how he had to keep enduring people’s stares and rumours, trying to taint his reputation. And the worst part was Kiryu wouldn’t know the truth nor could he fix it. 

It wasn’t right, he didn’t deserve it.

Feeling bad for doing this, Kiryu closed his eyes.

He shouldn’t have looked. If Majima knew he had seen it, he wouldn’t appreciate it. 

At all. 

And the last thing Kiryu wanted to do was upset him.

Softly, Kiryu hugged him again, putting his head against his chest, hiding the wound this way. Majima didn’t seem to wake up, relaxing even more under his touch.

He didn’t find it disgusting or anything, but it was something he shouldn’t see without his consent. And if anything, it just made him heartbroken; he wished he could have helped him, to have known him at the time to prevent it. But that was a useless idea and he could only protect him now. And that maybe meant stopping this thing they had. Kiryu couldn’t bear the idea of being a burden for Majima, to hurt him even more.

Kiryu took a deep breath. It was too early to think about those things.

He kissed the top of Majima’s head and tried to focus on the time being. They would have time to deal with this later.




Majima found himself shoved against Kiryu’s chest and he wouldn't complain at all. It was probably the best way he had ever woken up in his life, and he knew for sure he hadn’t ended there on his own. Kiryu’s hand was behind his head with his fingers tangled in his hair, so close to his chest that Majima could hear the slow beating of his heart and smell his natural musk.

And he felt so warm and comfortable...

...Until he remembered everything that transpired between them yesterday. Now he couldn’t enjoy the moment anymore; not feeling like he was enough for Kiryu wasn’t the greatest feeling to start the day.

Carefully, Majima disentangled from his grasp, missing the contact already. Why did his brain have to connect all the bad feelings right away? Couldn’t it let him live for five minutes?

Rubbing his face, he noticed his eyepatch was missing. 

What the…? 

He covered his left eye while looking for it on the bed, anxiety creeping over him. It must have fallen off over there because he did sleep with it; he wouldn’t show his bad eye in front of Kiryu without it by choice.  He felt insecure without it. It made him look disgusting, like some kind of monster. And who knew, maybe that was why Kiryu was flirting with that cop; she looked good and complete with two of everything.

Sometimes he thought Kiryu was too much for him; too perfect, too handsome, too attractive, too strong… Too good. Why was he even wasting his time here with him when he could just have any person he wanted? Someone easier to deal with and who could offer more than just a few headaches like Majima did with his stupid behaviour.

Majima couldn’t understand what was wrong with Kiryu. Maybe he just stayed with him out of pity; after all, Kiryu always ended up doing what was best for others and ignoring his own needs.

Finally, he found the eyepatch under the covers. How the fuck did that end up there? Putting it back in place, he felt better. 


Sort of.

That miserable feeling still lurked on the back of his head and probably would stay forever. 

Good morning, huh? Majima thought.

At least, today was raining and that meant no sun, something that was always appealing for him.

Part of him wanted to ignore his brain and stay in bed with Kiryu having a lazy day, but they couldn’t. First, because they should head to the Tojo clan headquarters; and second, Sayama slept in his house and surely she would be snooping around.

He still couldn’t believe Kiryu brought her here. She was his… what? He had insisted they hadn’t done anything but, could he trust him on that? Maybe Majima could confide him with clan matters, more or less, but he couldn’t with this. Why should he? He knew Kiryu cheated on Yumi, he knew that because he was the one breaking that family; he wouldn’t just confess ‘hey, this is my other lover, please, be nice to her’. At least if he did that, Majima could accept it or know where he stood. Although he was drawing the line at any threesome proposition even if he taunted Kiryu with that same thing. Or maybe he should just accept since it would be a boss’s order, and not like he didn’t find her attractive but he didn’t like to share

Sadly for him, Majima was a hopeless romantic and maybe not many people would believe him, but he was already overstepping his boundaries with this thing of being Kiryu’s lover. He wanted Kiryu to be the turf of his private house, but apparently he was the turf of a community building.

Maybe he should stop thinking altogether.

Without wasting more time, Majima stood up and put on his usual trousers and tousled his hair enough to look better. He exited the room trying not to wake up Kiryu, and went to the sitting room.

Sayama sat there, glancing around awkwardly. She only wore the white shirt and her black pants, making herself comfortable. Majima had to admit she looked gorgeous just like that, simple and with a natural beauty he couldn’t match. No wonder Kiryu had a thing for her.

Stop, he reminded himself.

“Good mornin’, princess,” Majima sneered with a wicked smile.

She stared at him in disgust.

Beautiful and tough. He liked her.

“Did ya sleep well?” Majima insisted, annoying her.

“I barely did,” she replied, ogling him up and down.

Majima made a fake sad face, thinking ‘Welcome to the club'. “I’m so sorry, can I do somethin’ for ya?” He sarcastically asked; she should be thankful he let her stay in his house.

Sayama studied him once more. “Yeah, put a shirt on,” she suggested, narrowing her eyes.

“Aww, don’t ya like what ya see? I’m red hot, babe!” Majima exclaimed, trying to put her off. She should be also grateful he wasn’t naked in his damn sitting room if he wanted.

She just rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.

Majima decided to sit with her on the sofa. It was his house after all. But when he did, she recoiled to the far corner, defensive and without missing a bit of his moves.

And only reading her body language he felt disgusted with himself. Maybe he went too far and he should just drop the act.

“I’m not goin’ to touch ya,” Majima defended himself with a pained voice.

Sayama peered at him once again. “Ya could try,” she dared him, staying in her place.


For a few minutes that felt like hours, they stayed there in an uncomfortable silence. He thought about turning on the TV but he didn’t have the energy for that and he didn't want  to wake up Kiryu. He needed to rest.

Not knowing what to do, Majima closed his eye hoping to be able to drift off. And maybe forget why he sat there with a cop afraid of him; why he didn’t stay in bed instead; why Kiryu cheated on him.


Did he? Why did he care? It should be obvious. He wasn’t anyone special. This relationship was doomed to disaster from the start; still just the thought moved a weird feeling inside his chest, something that physically weighed him down. And that fucking feeling crept all over his body, flooding him completely in the form of a jolt that anguished him, blurring the barrier between emotions and real pain. He wanted to scream and cry and he fucking did yesterday. How could he be more pathetic? Weakness had always been his biggest problem; too much of a heart for the world he lived in. 

He felt used.

He felt nothing

And he would never be more than that. What could he offer? If he analysed the situation, it seemed understandable for someone like Kiryu to find another person when he finally got tired of this thing they had. And it seemed like it was close to the end now. What did he do wrong? Probably many things. It felt like Kiryu had punched him and it hurt more than it usually did. And thinking about it again took away his ability to properly breathe. He felt exhausted and hollow; if he had already trust issues now was a new whole dimension. This happening only fed his insecurities and it would be hard to go back to normal, if he could consider normal to be alert all the time thinking he wouldn’t be able to have a healthy relationship in his whole life.

The worst part was that he knew himself enough to know he would do anything to keep Kiryu at his side and he needed to stop that from happening. He was risking a lot with this relationship; after all his hard work to make a name for himself and win recognition, building a strong family that could secure his place until his kyodai decided to appear and finally kill him, it seemed unwise to drop it all just for getting laid. Sure, it wasn’t just that, and Kiryu was the best laid he ever had, but still… If someone ever discovered it, they were fucked. And on top of that he had to deal with Kiryu’s cheating.

He deserved better; even he knew that. 

But maybe another day; he didn’t feel prepared to let Kiryu go yet.

Majima sighed. Could he start drinking this early in the morning?

“Do ya have some food here?” Sayama wondered, startling Majima.


“Food, do ya have some?” Sayama repeated, annoyed.

“I don’t have food here.”

“Why not?”

Why did she mind? “I always eat out, it’s easier,” Majima shrugged.

She grunted. “Where is Kiryu?”

“Sleepin’,” Majima informed, not wanting to start this conversation.

At that, Sayama made a weird face. “Have ya both slept together?”

Oooh, is she jealous now? Interesting.

“Oh, sure we did. He hugged me all night. And ya know how men wake up in the mornin’, right?” Majima admitted with a teasing smirk.

Sayama huffed in displeasure. “Do ya really need to say this kind of thing all the time?”

She didn’t believe him, the sucker. Majima had the consideration to be sincere and she thought he was lying to her.

Majima opened his mouth to argue with her, feeling really offended. What? Couldn’t he be attractive enough for the dragon?

“Look—,” Majima began.

“What are you both talking about?” Kiryu’s voice sounded in the hallway, finally appearing in the sitting room, his face completely red.

So, he had heard them.

“Oh, Kiryu!” Sayama exclaimed, eyeing him, not missing a bit of his naked chest. He could understand, Kiryu was a piece of art. But he was his.

Sort of.

Maybe not.


Anyway, surely Kiryu wanted to woo her, showing his abs and his great form, the most primitive thing in the world. Almost archaic. But, what for? Didn’t they already…?

“Sayama, did you sleep well?” Kiryu asked her with a soft voice.

‘I did, thanks for asking’, Majima almost replied.

“Oh, yes, I did,” Sayama lied.

Were they flirting in his fucking face? Or maybe Kiryu was just trying to be nice; he could never know with him. But it was too nice for his taste.

“I’m glad,” Kiryu smiled at her. At fucking her.

“Say what? Aren’t ya goin’ to ask him to wear a damn shirt too?” Majima snapped, wanting to punch Kiryu for showing off in front of him. At least he could wait for him to go.

She stared at Majima with an unreadable expression. Did she feel caught or maybe she didn’t want him to speak at all? Or maybe both.

Majima stood up, walking towards Kiryu, who seemed confused with this whole display. He could just shout at him, asking for an explanation; he had all the reasons to be mad with him: he brought her to his house, he flirted with her and now he didn’t have the consideration to hide it. However, Kiryu wouldn’t appreciate it and, in the end, they weren’t a couple or anything that gave him the right to make a scene. Majima shouldn’t act like this. If Kiryu didn’t want him, so be it. He could patiently wait for his boss to reclaim him whenever he got tired of his new toys. He didn’t feel comfortable with it —being used wasn’t in his top tier— but having now Kiryu at his side made it clear he couldn’t let him go without a fight.

And Kiryu looked at him with those sad puppy eyes... Why? Did he feel guilty? Because he totally was, but he wouldn’t say that.

Not right now, at least.

Sayama glanced between them, biting her lips and looking really flustered. Or maybe she was a little uncomfortable.

“Well, I’m hungry and this person here doesn’t have any food,” she interrupted the awkward moment, taking the discarded jacket and stepping towards the main door.

“Don’t you have food?” Kiryu wondered, concerned.

“She didn’t believe we slept together,” Majima whispered, ignoring the question.

“That’s for the best,” Kiryu assured him, turning around to Majima’s bedroom.

Of course, mister ‘no homo’ was back in town. And he knew he was right and it would be better to keep it secret, yet Majima had the need to mark his territory. 

Also, Kiryu probably didn’t want to mess up whatever thing he had going on with her. She surely didn’t know and Majima wondered about the possibilities.

Anyway, he felt too tired for this shit.

“Do you always have this kind of energy in the morning?” Kiryu asked once they entered his bedroom. He looked exhausted and Majima didn’t know if he was the cause or the whole situation.

What?” Majima snapped, searching for his jacket.

“You’re already fighting her,” Kiryu made a pained face, yawning.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I’m botherin’ yer girlfriend,” Majima mocked. Was he defending Sayama now? She must be a really special one.

And he wasn’t jealous at all.

Kiryu sighed in desperation. “Are you still going on with that?”

“Shouldn’t I?” Majima made a sarcastic face, sounding as irritated as he felt. But then he remembered he shouldn’t act like that; he was being too intense and he should stop it.

“Well, you’re bothering her,” Kiryu explained.

“I’m not.” Majima totally was, he knew that, but he didn’t care.

“Stop it. I already told you nothing happened,” Kiryu had a deadpan face; Majima even felt ashamed for making this stupid scene. Maybe he told him the truth and he was acting like an asshole. Maybe he also should trust Kiryu on these things too. It only made sense.

He knew he had insecurities, but Kiryu didn’t need to find out.

Too late, probably.

“Whatever,” Majima said, trying to look upset, but he felt mostly relieved.

Still, he didn’t feel completely relaxed; Sayama could be a problem. 

For the Tojo, he tried to think.

When he noticed, Kiryu had finished with his clothes, already dressed up. Majima would miss looking at his tits.

“So, you aren’t interested in Sayama joining us anymore, right?” Kiryu teased him with a smirk, recalling what he suggested yesterday while they hooked up in the restroom, and Majima wanted to slap him. He frowned and crossed his arms over his chest in a defensive move. Did he just suggest he was acting jealous? 

Because he totally w—

But then, Kiryu stopped in front of him and kissed Majima softly, cupping his jaw with both of his hands. And just like that, he forgot about what they were talking about, —Kiryu definitely had a superpower. Majima felt his brain melting, his heart pumping hard

And that wasn’t the only thing getting hard.

Kiryu kissed Majima with so much tenderness that he could even believe he really cared about him. And after all this time he still hadn’t got used to the feeling. An unreal feeling, of course. It made him feel loved and cherished, and that couldn’t be right; it didn’t make sense. Why would he? 

It made even less sense after those little scenes.

After a few seconds like that, Kiryu leaned back, smiling at him with these beautiful eyes and confusing the hell out of him. This back and forth was killing him. Should Majima ignore his feelings and stay as they were or should he speak his mind? He wished he could know. But before he could let him go, Kiryu carefully tried to put a lock of hair that hung in front of his good eye behind his ear without much luck; too short to stay there. And Majima knew he was putting on a shocked face, mesmerized by how lovingly Kiryu was treating him.

And that only made him feel stupider.

“Let’s go,” Kiryu announced, leaving the room.

Majima stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do or even remembering his own name.

He glanced at his pants and… 

Oh well, I might be a little a-dick-ted to him, he thought.




“The man who took Daigo told you to come to the Amano Building alone at 1:00 tonight?” Yayoi asked, concerned. Kiryu only came back to Kamurocho headquarters to inform everyone about the situation and it was already becoming painful.

Again, Kiryu had managed to put someone else at risk, but right now he couldn’t stop to blame himself. First, he needed to help Daigo. Once he saved him, he could focus on his life choices and how they always ended up affecting the people he cared about.

“Right,” Kiryu answered, his voice rough. He could sense how Majima’s stare was burning holes in him; obviously he didn’t agree with the idea of him going alone anywhere, even less to risk his life since he was ‘the fuckin’ Fourth Chairman’, as he would put it. But Kiryu didn’t care about that. This was personal now and he wouldn’t send anyone to fix his problems for him.

“This is a trap.” Yayoi told him.

“Thank you!” Majima exclaimed, crossing his arms and looking upset.

“I know.” Kiryu admitted, ignoring Majima. Still, he wouldn’t let Daigo down. “But if I don’t go, we’ll never know who we’re dealing with here.”

“You think the foreigners are tied to the Go-Ryu Clan behind the scenes?” Kashiwagi interrupted.

“No doubt they are,” Kiryu replied. It couldn’t be any other thing.

“It’s probably the same foreign group responsible for bombing Yumi’s bar…”

Kiryu felt another pang of guilt. He only made life difficult for others.

“If so, they know their way around Kamurocho.” Yayoi noted. “Going alone will be dangerous.”

Kiryu knew it was, but he didn’t want to have more reasons to fight Majima if he agreed with that.

“Shindo!” Yayoi began again. “The Amano Building is your territory, right? Give Kiryu some backup here. Keep your distance, but be ready.”

That made him frown. Kiryu didn’t like that; he could do this alone without Shindo’s help. Precisely because of him.

“I don’t think so,” Shindo denied. And well, Kiryu didn’t want his help, but that felt…concerning. And Majima thought the same for how he was glaring at him.

“What was that?” Kashiwagi stood up, ready to defend him.

“My boys are still sore from what Kiryu here did to the family and to our patriarch. He also seems to have a problem with us. Considering that…”

What? He didn’t—

“Ya, little shit!” Majima joined Kashiwagi, both staring at Shindo. Kiryu really appreciated the sentiment, but he really didn’t want anyone starting a fight to defend his honour.

“Oh, this is great,” Shindo sneered, offering a shit-eating grin. “Does Kiryu tell you ‘good dog’ when you suck his dick too?” 

He didn’t know if that was a lucky guess or—

And suddenly, Shindo had a tanto threatening his neck, attached to a very feral Majima.

Without missing a second, Kiryu ran to stop him.

He saw his captain breathing hard, his eye bloodshot and with a firm grip on his knife. And for a moment he really considered he would lose it and go for it; he just hoped he had the enough control to not start a civil war at this moment.

Carefully, Kiryu grabbed Majima’s hand, worried about his possible reaction. But he didn’t have time to move forward when Majima pushed him away, going back to rest his weapon against Shindo, who looked terrified.

“Don’t do this,” Kiryu whispered. He saw the other men frozen in place, not really knowing what to do. And Kiryu couldn’t blame them. After all, Majima had a reputation and right now he was feeding the Mad Dog persona for sure, so much that even Kiryu started to have his doubts.

But Majima wasn’t listening to him, out of his mind.

Kiryu didn’t want Majima to cross that boundary. He didn’t know if he already had in his life, but either way, he didn’t want him doing this on his behalf.

“You don’t need to do this,” Kiryu kept saying, trying to relax his captain. He knew Majima could be difficult to read and that made him look unstable; and he used that to his benefit. But Kiryu wanted to think he knew Majima and he wasn’t like that; he could control himself when he wanted. He had seen that before.

Stepping back, Kiryu decided against touching him again, giving Majima all the space he needed; he didn’t want to upset him more. And he hoped this way he wouldn’t feel insulted or controlled. 

“Please,” Kiryu murmured, not needing anything else to see how Majima started to doubt. He knew he could be unpredictable and still, he was reasonable.

Making a face, Majima started moving his tanto back, slowly, still undecided.

Shindo didn’t blink the whole time, even holding his breath, obviously tense under Majima’s threatening outburst. Kiryu wanted to smile at that. He deserved to feel afraid for treating Majima like that, but he shouldn’t give him more reasons to be against his leadership.

Grunting, Majima finally pulled back, putting his tanto back in his usual place.

But Shindo nervously smirked at him, now that he felt safe again. And he knew that would upset Majima again. “Yeah, follow his command, dog,” he taunted.

And before he could see it coming, Majima punched him in the face, making his nose bleed.

Kiryu grabbed him from his waist, dragging him back while Majima fought to free himself from his hold.

“That’s enough,” Kiryu hissed.

Majima stopped moving, turning his head at him, narrowing his eye. “Haw? Are you goin’ to tell me ya didn’t want to do the same?” He blurted.

And he might, but they couldn’t fix problems like this.

“Let me do things my way, nii-san,” Kiryu insisted, a little tired of having to repeat the same thing over and over.

“Oh, yeah,” Shindo started, wiping the blood coming from his nose. “I didn’t know you wanted to impose the old ways that much,” he added, triumphantly.

Kiryu had to stop Majima again from stabbing him; this time finding it even more difficult. Majima slid in his hands like a slippery snake with the strength of a panther, and Kiryu was in pure awe witnessing this display of raw power. 

In the meantime, the rest of the room still stared at them, in confusion.

And he did understand that.

After a few seconds without success, Majima stopped fighting and Kiryu could finally focus on Shindo.

“If you want to expel us from the Tojo Clan, go for it,” Shindo suggested. Maybe he had wanted to do so all along.

Was he a traitor?

Majima tensed at his side again.

“I know and respect the sentiment you show for Nishikiyama,” Kiryu admitted. He could be even glad to see people still defended him, even knowing he was a traitor who almost destroyed the clan. “But…Let me ask you just one thing.”

That seemed to raise his curiosity.

“And that is?” Shindo asked, still with some blood on his face.

“Other than your grudge against me… You’re not hiding any other objections to this, are you?”

Shindo made a strange face. “Of course not.”

“All right…Then it’s settled.” Kiryu accepted, not being sure of it.

But Majima looked perplexed. “Are you goin’ to believe him?!” He exclaimed.

Kiryu didn’t have the time for that right now; not in front of everyone. He had more than enough to deal with, with the threat of one of the biggest families splitting from the clan when there was a war pending over their heads, to take the time to express his concerns in a room full of people waiting for a new fight with Nishikiyama’s patriarch. These things were better talked about in private.

“I’ll talk to you later,” Kiryu told him. And Majima seemed pissed off about that.

The room fell in silence for a moment, everyone scared to speak up or even move. Except for Shindo, of course.

“If you’ll excuse me,” he said, bowing and leaving the room.

Majima, again, tried to follow Shindo, but Kiryu stopped him.

“We will have a problem if Shindo leaves in the end,” Kashiwagi informed everyone in the room.

“What do ya mean?” Majima wondered, walking back to his seat in a foul mood.

“If he leaves, we lose a big part of the clan. We have yours, of course. But still isn’t enough for a possible war between the clans.”

“Bullshit! That asshole can’t do anythin’ right!” Majima said, finally sitting.

Kiryu couldn’t be sure about that. They needed a plan, just in case.

After that, no one else talked. Maybe because they agreed with Kashiwagi and didn’t want to infuriate Majima; or maybe because they agreed with Majima but didn’t want to expose their position.

“The meeting is dismissed,” Kiryu announced with an irked mood. “I’ll let you know if something else changes. And I’ll take care of Daigo. Don’t worry for him,” Kiryu told the room and especially Yayoi.

While everyone left the room, Yayoi and Kashiwagi included, Majima kept sitting, bobbling his leg in a nervous gesture.

“And you, come with me,” Kiryu told Majima before he thought about escaping, who just answered with a roll in his eye.

They exited the room and headed to his office in silence. Once they were inside, Kiryu closed the door behind them.

“What?” Majima snapped when they were alone.

“You can’t act like this. You could put us in trouble.” Kiryu didn’t like to impose himself over Majima; he appreciated his help but sometimes his reckless behaviour could result in complications. 

“We’re already in trouble, Kiryu-chan!” Majima barked, taking a deep breath and trying to relax. “Look, just let me kill them all, it’d be easier,” he almost begged, not sounding really serious, just… tired.

“You wouldn’t do that, you’re just angry.” Kiryu tried to sooth him, smiling a little.

But Majima seemed offended, like Kiryu just insulted him. He furrowed his brow, trying to make sense of what he said and not understanding why he would feel attacked by his words. It wasn’t a bad thing, why would he feel outraged?

“What? Don’t ya think I’m capable of that?” Majima questioned, peering at him.

Did someone else tell him the same? He couldn’t imagine who; everyone seemed to be scared of him.

“It’s ok, Majima-no-niisan, you don’t have to prove anything to me,” Kiryu ins