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Dance of Death

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The air around was cold and wet. Mud and blood rained everywhere as high pitched ringing of temporary deafness raped their ears. They could see their breath form into ice crystals with each exhale. One of them was yelling incomprehensibly as another was firing at the retaliating enemies. They were just kids. Both sides, young and fighting a war usurped in a brainwash of idealized patriarchy. This level of patriarchy was obtainable with the price of your life.
A young blond-haired beauty, Freiderick, looked over at his dead and dying squadron. His hazel eyes roamed the no man's land filled with barbed wire and blown up trees. His brothers whom he had come to love just as that... and some more so than that. He liked men and he was not so shy about it. As this was a huge taboo, he had indulged himself on his spoils with his “pretty boy” friends and the prisoners they kept, male or female. Freiderick was quite outgoing and rather charming, but quaintly so. He dare not try to charm the pants off of an officer in the throws of drunkedness.
The scene around Freiderick warped and one of the planes dropped from the sky, exploding. Freiderick blinked and was in a dark room. The light outside suggested it was at the crack of dawn, more or less.
“Brother Freiderick?” came Brother Gabriel's soft tenor voice. Gabriel, to Freiderick, was the epitome of a beautiful young man. He was Freiderick's second favorite here, next to Samuel.
He twitched as something brushed against his chest and he remembered Gabriel was in his bed. He turned and looked at this other perfect blond boy next to him, just as naked as he was. Gabriel grinned at him and straddled his waist using his hands to steady himself onto Freiderick. The nerve of the formalities...
“I had a dream.” Freiderick rolled Gabriel onto his back and buried his face into his lover's neck and licked at his throat. Gabriel moaned. Freiderick could feel Gabriel harden against his abdomen. He took the initiative to just drop his body weight onto Gabriel and rest his chin on the other's chest. Gabriel's manhood throbbed quite violently. “Unfortunately, it wasn't about you.”
“Oh, Brother Freiderick...” Gabriel purrs. Freiderick didn't feel the need to relieve himself. He got plenty of that last night from this pretty blond-haired boy underneath him. He hovered himself over Gabriel and kissed him, biting his lower lip and suckling on it momentarily. He got up and went straight to teasing Gabriel. “Hey...”
Gabriel propped himself on his elbows and took to watching Freiderick. He giggled stupidly then let himself fall back onto the bed. “You're a pretty boy, Gabe.” Freiderick smirked through mouthfuls of Gabriel's penis. Gabriel hadn't lasted long. He stared flush-faced at Freiderick grinning at him. His mouth was full of cum and it was leaking through his teeth.
Freiderick pushed himself back onto Gabriel and kissed him, swabbing the semen around both of their mouths. He then pulled off of Gabriel and swallowed the mixture of Gabriel's saliva and cum in his mouth. Gabriel swallowed too and grinned meekly. Freiderick pulled Gabriel off of his bed and took him to the showers where the two of them groomed each other.
Some of Freiderick's harem was there. Brother Samuel greeted them with a ruffling of Gabriel's blond hair. Two beautiful blue eyed blond boys. Some of their other friends gathered around. Altogether, there were twelve of them. The high priests, specifically Father John and Father Daniel, had no qualms with the lustful behaviors of the young men under their teachings for it was up to the Lord to decide their fate when it became their time to die. They prayed for all of the boys' transcendence and hoped for God to be merciful.
Freiderick smiled and flexed his muscles at his group of friends. He had an understanding that he couldn't fuck all of them for not all of them wanted men. He was happy to have them as friends regardless.
“Tell me your dream, Fred.” Gabriel smiled. One of the running showers was turned off and the group paused to see who it was. Hurriedly striding out of the showers, the youth sprinted. He had put his robes on without drying his body off and water soaked into them. He kept his head low and glanced ever so briefly at the group with nervousness in his eyes like they were a pack of predators. “Good morning, Brother Gareth.”
Gareth clenched his jaw and hurried out of the shower room with his grooming supplies. None of the others understood why he was so aloof towards them. Maybe they annoyed him and he thought himself as higher. There was a dozen of them and only one of him. They could take him if he caused trouble. He was one to speak no more than ten words a week.
Gabriel laughed and taunted after Gareth. He felt a need to assert some imaginary dominance over Gareth. The group joined Gabriel's taunting with Freiderick throwing a soaked sponge at Gareth's bare feet. When he didn't slow or quicken his pace, they all called out to him in an attempt to beckon him back into the shower room. He was gone now. Samuel snorted and turned to Freiderick.
“Tell us about your dream.” He repeated after Gabriel to Freiderick. Freiderick smiled and enlightened them all on his war dream. He was a fighter before joining the religious zealots. He loved telling war stories to the other men and sharing his memorabilia. He had learned that fighting was not at all what he had expected. The glamour in killing enemies was naught. The brothers looked at him as a messiah. He was the only one of them to have actually fought in battle. He knew how to pilot a plane, fight with a sword, and use a gun.
His military life looked so glamorous to the rest of the young men. He had told them that he turned to priesthood after leaving the military. He figured that he had the knowledge to protect them if needed. However, he wasn't about to admit to being out of practice with some of his fighting skills. He was strong and muscular, therefore he could do anything and impress the masses.
Brother Gareth never paid any of them attention. He always kept his head low and prayed the most and kept quiet. He really didn't care to make any friends there and he seemed fine with that. He always wore his priesthood robes over whatever clothing he wore underneath, if he did. The others imagined what he wore underneath the robes. There was no leisurely clothing. It was always the robes on him. He usually had his nose in a book. He had read science and anatomy books to which the rest of the young priests jested that he may vivisect them in their beds. They figured they'd wake up to being bound to the bed with him standing over them with a scalpel in his hand.
When he wasn't reading, he was praying. Nobody knew what specifically he prayed about nor did they want to know. For all they cared he could have prayed to know what he should wear underneath his robes.

Father Brian patrolled the library later in the day when he had the boys all reading together. Freiderick, Gabriel, and Samuel were sitting at a bench together trying their hardest to keep their hands off of each other. Brian sighed annoyed with the three of them. He cleared his throat and made his way over to them. He pulled out his pointer and swatted Samuel on the hand, glaring.
“I just might have to separate you three if you continue your unholy camaraderie.” He chastised them. This made them laugh quite hard. Then the three of them left the library still laughing. Brian strode around and stopped by Gareth sitting quietly with three different books opened and a neat stack of books around those. He had some blank parchment that he was using to make notes with a ball point pen. Gareth's devotion and submission to the Lord and the monastery was inspiring to the elder priests. They all enjoyed him. “Good evening, Brother Gareth.”
Gareth flinched at the sound of Brian's lilting voice, but turned and offered him a smile before returning to his studies. That was good enough for Brian. He continued on his merry way. He watched the day go by with the boys all leaving and entering at their own desire. Gareth stayed there until the library was closed for the day. He helped Gareth put his books away.
“Would you like to come pray with me, Brother Gareth?” Brian offered. Gareth returned the offer with a curt nod and the two departed the library with the old man checking a few times to make sure all of the doors were locked. If anyone was left in there it would be that person's own fault. Brian sighed and turned to Gareth. The both of them walked over to the chapel.