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Dance of Death

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The second girl's face was pale and her eyes widened.
“You're lying.” She said. She looked over at her brother. “Gareth?”
“I'm going to fucking kill meself.” Gareth groaned. “What the fuck, Aggie?”
Agnes giggled and shrugged her shoulders. Sam wrapped his arm around her. Freiderick was secretly withholding his embarrassment, but rubbed Gareth's bicep and kissed him on the cheek. Gareth recoiled.
“Well, I can't say I ever doubted Gareth was a bottom.” Meredith said slyly. Gareth's face flushed. Freiderick leaned into Gareth who accepted his embarrassment and absentmindedly wrapped his arm around Freiderick.
“Are you, brother?” Agnes giggled.
“Am I what?” Gareth asked sharply, pouting into the direction of the kitchen.
“Are you a bottom?” Meredith teased. Gareth screwed up his face. Gabriel and Sam looked at each other prepared to enter this ring of Gareth torment. Gareth's face was so red from embarrassment. He chewed on his lip.
“I ain't the one getting fucked in the ass.” He bitched. The four little assholes in front of him laughed. Freiderick softly chuckled and rubbed his thumb over Gareth's bottom lip almost enticing a kiss from him.
“You're too squeamish about touching my dick, love.” Freiderick purred to him. Gareth withdrew his head before Freiderick could kiss him again. His sisters ceased their laughing and their expressions gentled.
“Brother,” Meredith said, “we won't say anything.”
Gareth parted his lips and closed them again. His eyes darted to the other end of the room.
“Melissa knows.” He whispered.
“So?” Meredith asked.
“What does it matter with her?” Agnes followed. Gareth nervously messed with the books again, shifting the pages in his fingers. He pursed his lips.
“You're cute when you do that.” Freiderick giggled. He licked his teeth and tried again to kiss Gareth. Eye roll. “Don't roll your eyes at me.”
“I'm mad at you.” Gareth mumbled, looking at the journals in his lap. Freiderick put his hands on Gareth's leg and smiled at him, batting his hazel eyes right up in his lover's face. Gareth turned towards him and kissed him quickly on the lips. He made to go back to the journals, but was sucked back into the kiss. Freiderick put his teeth on Gareth's lower lip.
“You forgive me?” He asked. Gareth patted him on the cheek and left the room, the crutches clacking against the floor. They heard the bedroom door shut. “I didn't think so.”

A little while later after the three couples had returned, Freiderick came to bed. He saw Gareth sitting up still in his hoodie and sweatpants. He was reading through the journals Daniel had delivered. Freiderick stripped himself naked and crawled into bed next to Gareth who responded to his presence with a gentle scratching down the blond boy's spine. Freiderick shivered. Gareth put the book he was holding down and stood up to undress himself. He didn't really pay much attention to Freiderick, but instead to the books. The blond laid his head on Gareth's lower abdomen and rubbed his inner thigh.
“No. Not right now. I need to look for something.” Gareth gently told Freiderick. He fingered Freiderick's hair. He nodded.
“What's written in them?” He asked.
“Just...” Gareth started. He furrowed his eyebrows and chewed on his lower lip.
“Sorry. It's nothing important. Right now it's daily notes about things I don't remember. I'll tell you about it later. Go to sleep.”
Freiderick nodded his head again and closed his eyes. Gareth spent the next few hours clear into midnight reading the journals with Freiderick's head still on his lap. He was so engrossed in the writing that he almost jumped when Freiderick, in his deep sleep, grabbed his flaccid cock. Prying Fred's fingers off of him would definitely wake him and this was just a minor nuisance. It was like a newborn child grabbing its parent's fingers. Gareth shuddered. He stopped reading to look at Freiderick laying down next to him. The blond was hard. Probably dreaming some wet dream of getting fucked in his ass, Gareth thought. He heard Freiderick moan his name in his sleep.
“That's right.” Gareth whispered, tucking Fred's hair behind his ears. “You're mine.”
Gareth chuckled at Freiderick, who now dry humped their comforter in three little and slow thrusts before settling himself down. Freiderick was right from earlier. Gareth was a bit squeamish about touching his penis. Gareth scoffed to himself. He thought hard about it. Freiderick never missed a chance to suck him off or take him up his ass. In fact, when the two of them were in bed together he always begged Gareth to fuck him.
Was he just wanted for his dick? Gareth thought about the way Freiderick made friends with people. He was undoubtedly a charming human. So entertaining and animated and lilting. He knew how to talk and beguile others. He seemed almost as shy and awkward towards Gareth himself though. Flustered. The corner of Gareth's mouth twitched into a smile. He made Freiderick feel flustered. When the two of them talked, Freiderick always looked at him with wonder as if he had all of the secrets to the universe in his head. Gareth leaned back and fully grinned at himself. He rather liked having that power over Freiderick. He didn't find himself to be all that smart of a person, but at least everyone else around him did. Looming, shy... no, reserved, and intelligent.
Looming was a bit of an insulting word. It was all too much of a terrible reminder that he was haunted by these malignant ethereal beings. Hmmm. Freiderick called him weird last night. He wondered why. He looked back down at Freiderick and saw him sleeping mouth open and drooling into Gareth's pubic hair. Gareth scrunched up his face at that. Well, it could be worse. At least he wasn't tied to the bed with his sister and another man watching them.
Gareth jerked his head to the side. Sam had been aroused by the sight of Freiderick sucking him off that morning. What feelings, if any, did these two have for Freiderick. Did Freiderick ever think about fucking them while with Gareth? Jealousy was such a stupid feeling. Gareth tried to convince himself not to feel jealous. Freiderick had spent most of his time with him and not having to be asked to.
“This is stupid.” Gareth whispered to himself. He pulled his right knee up to prop his arm on it and he ran his fingers through his hair. Freiderick's hold on Gareth's dick loosened and he splayed out. Gareth chewed on his lip and looked at Freiderick. It felt like he was violating his darling little pesky boyfriend just by looking at his genitals. He'd seen Freiderick naked numerous times, but had never looked at him there. How was he even supposed to touch it? This sounded like something reluctantly horny teenagers would bitch about. Gareth was an adult. He fucked this man. Now he was going to let this dick get in the way of his comfort zone.
Gareth swallowed a lump in his throat. He scooted a bit closer to Freiderick and with an overabundance of caution he gently wrapped his fingers around Freiderick's dick and began experimenting with it, trying not to wake up Freiderick. Luckily for him, Freiderick was a very deep sleeper and nothing but his own circadian rhythm would rouse him. Gareth felt like he was molesting him. He was too uncomfortable with touching Freiderick in his sleep. Then he remembered Freiderick had done that to him before. Gareth didn't particularly enjoy waking up to sex, so this was revenge. Nasty and cruel revenge. Cruel. Gareth felt cruel, but he couldn't stop himself. He wouldn't put his mouth on it. This was just a one-time thing. He wouldn't molest Freiderick after this again.
Freiderick moaned in his sleep. Fuck. This is awful. Gareth teased Freiderick as if it were his own dick. He was hoping his attempts at this “squicky” behavior were adequately mimicked by the way Fred touched him. He wasn't prepared for Freiderick to cum as quickly as he did. It sort of spurted out the top like a fucking volcano or something stupid like that. The hot globs of semen landed on his hand and gently ran down to his wrist. He took his hand off of Freiderick in mild shock and watched this unexpectedly weird sight in front of him. He remembered his hand had semen on it. Well, time to get that over with. He licked his hand and immediately gagged. The texture of it was horrible. Gareth wiped his hand off on a blanket that had been discarded on the floor. He didn't think to clean off Freiderick. Instead, he went back to reading the journals.