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The Things We Hide

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There was a glitch in the system. 


There had to be something wrong in the world or with Kong's own senses and body. It just didn't make sense how he recognised his mate in a cold-blooded freak instead of all the werewolves there were out there. 


Everything felt so wrong! He expected to feel the thrill hum through his veins, to feel so relieved and complete in himself but he had not expected the mortification and rage that followed after it. 


The only promise his soulmate had swore by the promise of taking his life and Kong's feelings were mutual about the vampire's life too. 


So how was he supposed to feel better? 


It wasn't the shy and sweet realisation like Ple had told him about meeting Yacht, this felt so confusing. 


Like his body was celebrating, his heart thumping happily but his head wanted him to fucking run away, die or probably kill…. He hated this! 


Like the times his pack had decided to make him the leader, Kong felt confused once again. 


When Kong felt confused, there was only one person who could help him, a certain pack mate that he knew had already left the house to study in the silence of his favourite coffee shop. 




The tiny bell above the door chimed as Kong stepped in, prompting the werewolf at the counter to look up and greet but then smiling wider when he realised that it was Kong. 


Kong smiled at him, glancing around to locate the omega ambrosial scent that eventually clung to the man settled at the corner by the window of the coffee shop, working diligently on his laptop to notice his leader's presence. 


Kong walked to the counter instead, "How is everything going, Wad?" 


Wad shrugged, "Like usual, nothing out of ordinary, except…." His voice trailed, looking at him with a hint of hesitation. 


"Please don't mind me saying this, but you smell too much like a vampire…. Is everything okay?" 


Kong stiffened momentarily, stopping himself from checking the fang's mark on his neck that he had covered by the collar of his shirt, "It's nothing…. Just some work. I'll have the usual." He smiled thinly and Wad nodded, not digging deeper as he turned to work on the order and Kong made his to the table by the side of the window. 


Settling across from the omega wolf who looked tense for a moment before looking up from the laptop's screen to meet Kong's gaze, sighing immediately. 


"Working on something, Em?" Kong asked, toying with the coaster kept nearest to him, trying not to look anxious even though he knew Em had already picked up on it. 


"Why do you smell so stressed? What's up?" Em asked instead, eyeing Kong with concern.


"Um… so I've some news…." Kong swallowed under his best friend's intense gaze, suddenly more aware and questioning. 


"So…. I've finally met my soulmate." Kong tried to ease him out even though he tensed even more himself. 


"Oh! That's great! Congratulations!" Em exclaimed, eyes widening and a charming smile on his face as he spread his arms to pull his leader into a hug but Kong simply shook his head, staying where he was settled. 


"What is it?" Em immediately realised that there was something serious despite something that was supposed to be another one of the greatest moments in Kong's life. 


"And why the fuck am I smelling a vampire on you?" 


"About that…" Kong opened and closed his mouth, no words left his lips while Em got more and more concerned with every second. 


"I think I need your help with that…." Kong said, his voice firm and every part of his being wanted to scream with the frustration and anxiety he felt at that moment.


 "I can't get you if you keep on talking in circles." Em mumbled, taking a sip of his coffee. 


"My soulmate is a vampire." Kong whispered but it was heard loud and clear as Em spat the coffee out, coughing before glaring at Kong in alarm. 




Kong was silent as he noticed Wad entering with his usual order of black coffee and banana pancakes. 


"Thanks, Wad…. Give my regards to Prem. You both work too hard-" Kong took his time to compliment his friend and his husband over the good job they were doing with that small coffee shop, trying to buy just some moments before he was in complete confrontation from Em. 


But Em's raging scent was so strong that even Wad didn't stay to talk much apart from thanking him and leaving from the table as soon as he could. 


"What the fuck, Kong?" Em frowned, still in disbelief and expecting that Kong would smirk and reveal that it was a joke. 


But Kong did no such thing. He looked like he was either going to rip someone apart or break down right then and there. 


Em looked around, making sure no one noticed their conversation before shutting his laptop, packing his stuff, paid for the coffee,  grabbed Kong's wrist as they made their way out. 




"But how is that even possible?" Em hissed, walking faster as Kong kept his pace with him. 


"How am I supposed to know? I was just- I was leaving for work but here I am instead." Kong grumbled. 


"Are you sure?" Em asked. 


"I know you don't believe me…. But I'm telling the truth! That's why I came to you first, you're a witch, you'd know something." Kong's scent was just souring with every minute and it agitated Em even more. 


"First of all, I prefer the term Supernatural Scientist-"


Kong rolled his eyes. 

"Secondly, I still have no idea how something like that could happen." 


It made Kong's heart sink, Em glancing at him in concern before it morphed into something akin to sympathy, silently grasping Kong's hand tighter into his. 


"We'll look into this, Kong…. We'll get through this." He assured him but it made nothing in Kong feel better. 


He was stuck and he didn't even know if he had a way out, if his feelings and that recognition of the connection could really amount to something. How could he identify his mate in a different being altogether? A being that had never got along well with his kind? 


Hell, his omega already felt so lost and confused for being away from his soulmate. He felt ashamed, ridiculed by his own biology. 


"Just keep this between us." Kong uttered. 


Em stared at him for a moment, "I know, you don't have to tell me." 




There were many things not quite right in the world, Arthit understood that. 


But what Arthit couldn't understand was how it decided to fuck him over in a way that for once was completely unexpected.


He knew Dae's concerned gaze was focused on him while Arthit was furiously checking his files and books in his leather laptop bag, making sure his dark turtle neck shirt hid every scar that he might've gotten and hadn't cared to check properly. 


He glared at Dae while slipping into his brown overcoat, "Don't you have to rest or something?" 


He had his hands turning to fists as he stared at those ghastly scars on Dae's neck. 


Dae shrugged, "I was bored at the clinic so I decided to hang out here." 


"Where's Tew?" Arthit asked, turning to give his reflection in the mirror a once over. 


"I'm not talking to him right now." Dae grumbled, looking down at his lap. 


"So, you guys fought again?" Arthit raised a brow, turning to him, on his knee to tie the laces of his dress shoes, making sure everything was prim and proper, the anxiety in his mind made him be even more precise and restless about everything to be neat and proper. 


"Don't change the topic, me and Tew fighting isn't anything new. What's up with you though?" Dae asked. 


"What's up with me?" Arthit acted confused, trying to act nonchalant as he checked his bag for a final time. 


"You came home like totally furious, didn't open your room for me until now and you somehow look like…. Not yourself." Dae muttered, resting his chin on his knee, his gaze worried and scared at the same time. 


Arthit slung his bag on his shoulder, reaching for the car key but Dae blocked his way, 


"Seriously…. Arthit, what's going on? Is it about that mutt? Didn't you kill him already?" Dae asked. 


Arthit closed his eyes for a moment before meeting his gaze, "I just need to set up a meeting later…. You don't have to worry about anything." He patted his head but Dae narrowed his eyes. 


"Did he do something?" 


"No." Arthit replied before snatching his car key from him and leaving at once. He didn't have the energy to deal with the vampire's questioning gaze. 




"What bit you today?" Knot stared at Arthit in disbelief. 


Arthit leaned back in his seat, eyes focused on some human kids on their usual practice run, some of the passing students greeted the two professors as Arthit nodded back in acknowledgment.


He simply folded his arms, "I'm completely fine." 


"You look- feel…. Different…. also you pretty much shouted at the Dean." Knot mumbled. 


"They're deciding on introducing a whole new course without considering that maybe they do not have the competent professor for that course." Arthit said firmly. 


"I understand that, believe me I do, but there's a way to speak up, you know that better than anyone." Knot had that specific  look on his face that made Arthit introspect, he avoided looking at him altogether. 


"Well, sorry if I can't act chill all the time." Arthit grumbled. 


Knot was still staring at him as if he wanted to say something, probably ask him something but then he let it go to straighten and started to scrolled through his phone. 


"I have my next class in half an hour." Knot announced, still not looking up from the phone's screen and Arthit's gaze wavered to the clear sky, something wistful flashed in his eyes for a second before it was gone. 


"Wanna hunt tonight?" Arthit asked, unfolding his arms to land to his sides. 


Knot tensed beside him. 


"You hunted like last night…. Have you forgotten that we have a rule of not hunting more than twice a week?" Knot raised a brow at him. 


Arthit smirked, leaning back to give an idle smirk, "To one Ancient to another…. don't you miss the times when we could  hunt whenever we wanted?" 


Knot frowned at him, a little in disbelief, "Who are you and what have you done to my friend?"


Arthit rolled his eyes, chuckling despite the way those words strangely stung deep in him. 


"Seriously, let's go for a little run tonight." 


Knot shrugged, "Sure…. As long as you agree to it, I know you'll not do anything insane." 



It was insane how wrong Knot could be wrong about Arthit's decision when he found himself trying to catch up to Arthit, to stop him from chasing a certain werewolf through the woods, late that night.


"Arthit!" He screamed, but felt himself going colder than he was with the way Arthit looked so savagely feral. 


He barely reached them before he witnessed Arthit catching the brown tail of the werewolf and swinging the transformed wolf against the nearest tree. 


The wolf whined and howled in pain before rolling onto his stomach, taking an attacking stance before growling at Arthit. 


Knot stopped himself from grimacing knowing that it was a wrong move as Arthit with his supernatural swiftness kicked the wolf to the ground, Knot could already smell the light scent of his blood draining out from his bloodied mouth. 




"Your kind are fucking degenrates who have no right to live!" Arthit screamed maniacally. 


It scared Knot, it had been too long since he had seen Arthit so feral and in such a rage, he couldn't even understand why his friend was in such a state. 


Before Arthit could as much as decide on harming that poor wolf again, Knot strongly held him back with his arms around Arthit, giving that werewolf the opportunity to escape and Arthit struggled in Knot's grasp. 


"Let me kill it!" Arthit screamed. 


"What the fuck is wrong with you!" Knot shouted at him, pushing him with enough force for Arthit to fall a good few meters away. 


"Seriously, what's wrong?" Knot asked, voice lower and more concerned as Arthit started to get up, dusting off the dirt, his back to his friend. 


"When is the Run? It's been too long since I've actually killed." Arthit shrugged, looking absolutely nonchalant for someone who was just so aggressive a few moments ago. 


"Arthit…. What's up with you?" Knot's voice was firmer. 


"Dae has scars of a claw attack from a breed you can guess." Arthit spat, still not meeting his friend's eyes. 


"What did Dae do?" Knot asked. 


Arthit looked at him in shock, "You don't care that Dae is bloody scarred?" 


"Of course I care! But I also know Dae too well. What did he do?" Knot asked, turning to walk ahead in the forest, knowing that Arthit would eventually fall in steps with him.


"Well… he attacked one of those dogs to feed on." Arthit muttered.


"We have a pact with those Elders to never attack one of theirs and they wouldn't attack one of ours, how difficult is it to follow a pact as simple as that?" Knot looked calm, despite the red in his eyes, he always had a way to manage his own rage and think calmly. 


Arthit was awfully envious as well as in awe of that quality, something he hadn't quite mastered even after all those years, if anything, time had made him more impatient and angry.


"He was hungry!" Arthit tried to defend, even if he knew it was weak defence when Knot snorted sarcastically. 


"Like we are facing a shortage of blood bags." He commented and Arthit silently walked beside, brooding internally. 


"For an Ancient, you sure act like a child, I must say." Knot jabbed. 


"Shut up." Arthit grumbled but it didn't affect his friend at all. 


"Look, I understand your dislike for werewolves, you have quite a reason to hate them, but that does not mean that you're going to overlook Dae's own actions. He's a brat!" 


Arthit tried not to pout, looking ahead and trying not to feel that irritated itch in his spine. 


"Hey, Knot…. I wanted to ask you something…"


"You're changing the topic here. For an Ancient, you sure act like a child." Knot tutted. 


Arthit glared at him, stopping to lean against one of the trees, "It's something important." 


Knot frowned for a moment before nodding at him, "What is it?" 


"Preeda." Arthit felt the prickle in anxiety the way Knot stiffened at that name. 


"What about her?" Knot asked, his voice tense and closed off. 


"She was your soulmate, right?" Arthit found himself precariously ripping a bandaid off a wound that had not quite healed yet. 


"She was...." Knot didn't meet his gaze and Arthit looked down at his shoes instead. 


It was a sore topic, tragic honestly, to lose someone who was meant to share their life with you. 


"What did it feel like? To find your soulmate?"  Arthit asked, fidgeting with the broken twig. 


"You haven't asked me that question in like…. Centuries…. I thought you didn't believe in it?" Knot settled on the muddy ground in front of Arthit who eventually slumped down to face him as well. 


"Well, I was just wondering…. Is it really true that their blood tastes different?" Arthit asked, his gaze felt closed off, as if building a wall that even his friend couldn't break through. 


"Yeah, Preeda felt different than others… her blood tasted different, I just knew her scent was different from others, I just knew when she was around me…. you just know it…. Like a part of you has been found, you feel complete. It's weird honestly, but at the same time that feeling is way more beautiful than anything in this whole damn world, it's really sad that not everyone meets their soulmate, I just wish you did too." Knot smiled weakly and Arthit looked down. 


"Can we live on… like- can we not acknowledge our mates and just…. You know…. Live on like nothing happened?" He asked, watching the way Knot took a moment to digest his question, gaze concerned and confused. 


"Well, shit, Arthit….. I've never thought that…. It really never occurred to me. It just feels so natural to recognise your mate….. it makes your life better- why would anyone not acknowledge their mate?" Knot shrugged. 


Arthit drew circles with the broken twig on the ground, "What if we don't, Knot?" 


"I mean…. I can imagine…. A vampire would feel anxious, their body would feel frustrated for the vampire moving on…. It's so natural to just be with your mate- like hunger…. It's instinctual you know…. we aren't programmed to go against our instincts." Knot explained.


"But what if…. Just- like imagine if there's nothing about them that could make your mind change for them-" 


"I don't know, Arthit….. soulmates just- connect." Knot looked a little annoyed, not wanting that wound of the past hurt more than it should. 


Arthit fell silent, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so difficult…. It's just that there is something going on and I do not have it in me to talk about it right now." He confessed and Knot smiled wanly. 


"Don't worry about it, just don't go around killing random werewolves." Knot mumbled as he got up, Arthit followed suit, not voicing an agreement to his friend's words. 


"But we can escape right?" Arthit asked. 


Knot turned to him, "Escape what?" 


"We can escape from being stuck with someone we don't like?" Arthit asked. 


Knot sighed, "I don't know why anyone would want to run away from such a beautiful feeling but yeah I guess. Have I not survived without my mate?" 


Arthit gazed in his eyes, there was a certain emptiness so evident in his eyes yet he tried to smile for Arthit. Arthit hummed before walking ahead, Knot following without another word. 


He was going to be fine, he just had to avoid that certain werewolf, avoid to acknowledge whatever the fuck he had felt that certain taste and scent. He was going to be fine as long as he avoided thinking about it, he just had to live on like nothing had happened.