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deadly nightshade

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Jimin was casually taking a stroll in the park, thousands of cherry blossom trees surrounding him.

With a pink flower pattern umbrella shielding him from the spring rain, he walked for many minutes, his muscular bodyguard by his side.

Jimin was a special Omega after all.

Everywhere he went, he had an Alpha bodyguard by his side, always protecting him so he wouldn't get harmed.

His father had always been very protective of him, ever since he was born.

His favorite lover and mistress had given birth to Jimin; Park Mi Young. She was just a mere Omega prostitute from South Korea that had happened to catch his eye. She died a few years later when Jimin was still very young, so Jimin found himself getting raised by his protective father, his step-siblings, and his very infuriating stepmother.

His father was one of Japan's greatest yakuza leaders, Kazuo Matsuda.

And even though Jimin was his bastard son, his father always spoiled him and shielded him from everything and everyone.

Jimin was his precious Omega child. He had to protect him from the cruel world that they lived in.

Being the leader of an infamous crime organization was never that simple.

"I think father is troubled by something these days," Jimin started to say, as he was walking in the empty park. It was late in the evening, only he and his Alpha bodyguard were around.

"What makes you think of that?" Namjoon, who was Jimin's Alpha and Korean bodyguard asked.

Namjoon had been working for Jimin's father for many years now, ever since he was young himself. His position had always been the same: being Jimin's bodyguard. 

Namjoon was ten years older than Jimin, now being in his early 30s.

While Jimin, he had just turned 22 last year. With every year, the Omega just got prettier and prettier, just like his mother.

That was what his father always told him.

"You're lucky you took after your mother, sweet child. Your mother was a natural beauty, just like you. She was just like a doll, like you."  Words that Jimin was always told by his father, ever since he was a child.

He didn't mind so much back then, but lately, it was getting on his nerves.

Jimin wanted to be so much more than a doll. He wanted to help out his father and be part of the organization too.

He was perfectly skilled when it came down to martial arts, knew how to use a gun, even a sword. 

So why did his father still shield him from this world? It pissed him off.

"He looks troubled lately." Jimin repeated his words, worrying about his father, "I know he's trying to make a deal with this sketchy organization in Osaka. But whenever I ask, he doesn't say a lot. Instead, he tells me to focus on my studies."

Jimin huffed before Namjoon had the chance to reply, "As if I want to focus on my studies! What do I need to do to make him understand that I'm not interested in becoming a damn fashion designer?!"

Namjoon let out a chuckle, hearing Jimin voice out his complaints, "Jimin-ssi, you know your father just wants what's best for you. He wants to keep you away from his world because it's dangerous. You are his child. It's only natural that he wants to protect you from it."

Jimin slightly rolled his eyes, sighing softly.

"Still, I'm his child too. I know my other Alpha step-siblings are already training to join the organization! What about me?!" Jimin complained again, with a pout to his plump lips.

It was true. Jimin's two Alpha step-siblings were already 'training' to join the organization and be the next successors.

While Jimin was left out. He felt...lonely. He felt like he was a stranger. Like he didn't belong to the family sometimes. Like he was just a toy that existed for no reason.

"Jimin, let me tell you a secret," Namjoon started to say, as they had reached the end of the park. The rain had also stopped, so Jimin closed his umbrella, giving it to Namjoon to put it away, "Out of all his kids, boss loves you the most. He has a soft spot for you, and it's one of the reasons he doesn't want you to get involved. "

"Father loves me the most?" Jimin sighed again, a bitter smile forming across his face.

"Yes, isn't it obvious? If he cared about your other siblings a lot, he wouldn't mindlessly add them to the organization. It doesn't matter if you're part of us or not, Jimin. You're still his child."

Jimin just pouted and remained silent, walking with crossed arms.

Maybe, his father did love him a lot, maybe too much at times, but still, it wasn't enough for Jimin.

Jimin was greedy. He wanted more.

And he wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted.


After their one-hour-long walk to the park, Namjoon took Jimin back to the mansion.

Since his father was drowning in money, he owned many apartments and houses.

He usually stayed in a mansion outside of Tokyo, a pretty safe place, where his enemies couldn't find him and harm his family.

Jimin's Alpha step-siblings and stepmother also lived with them in the mansion.

Jimin wasn't very fond of them. Especially his stepmother.

He despised her.

His stepmother was always gazing at him coldly, hating on him because he was her husband's bastard son.

She was envious mostly because her husband preferred Jimin's deceased mother to her, who was just a simple mistress.

And Jimin knew that.

But he didn't indulge in her ridiculous behavior. As long as he had his father by his side, he'd be alright.

"Father!" Jimin rushed to his father, who was currently sitting on one of the couches in the living room.

The Alpha was in his early 50s, but he didn't look too bad for his age. Covered in many tattoos and scars, as the yakuza leader that he was.

"Are you back, my sweet child?" His face brightened up once he was met with his child. Jimin immediately sat on his father's lap and wrapped his arms around him.

Even though sometimes he complained to his father for spoiling him too much and treating him like a fragile little doll, Jimin still loved his father a lot.

His father was the only family he had left in this world after all.

"Was the rain too heavy today?" He asked as Jimin remained on his lap, happily in his arms, like he was a child sitting on Santa's lap.

At that moment, Jimin felt like he was a child again.

"No! The rain was pretty mild, father! What about you..? take care of everything?"

Jimin was worried because his father had lots of wounds on his body lately. More than usual.

Of course, as the yakuza leader that he was, it was natural to be covered in wounds. There were many times where his father returned to the mansion and was covered in a pool of his own blood, thousands of wounds to his body.

But Jimin thought this time...was too much.

"Don't worry about that, sweet child. You know I always take care of everything, hm?" His father patted his head gently, then pushed him off his lap.

"Go to sleep now, Jimin. You have classes tomorrow, don't you?" His father reminded him, making Jimin frown.

As if! I don't give a damn about my fashion classes!!!

Jimin was fuming on the inside but tried to remain calm on the outside.

He wasn't in the mood to argue with his father that night. He knew his father was going to give him another silly pep-talk about life and his future career.

"I'll go to bed then," Jimin walked to his father so he could give him a good night kiss, "Night, father,"

He kissed his father on the cheek and headed upstairs to his room.

Luckily for Jimin, his siblings were already asleep, his stepmother too, so he wouldn't have to deal with them tonight.

So, he happily headed to his room to sleep.

He quickly changed out of his clothes and wore his sleepwear.

It was still cold at night, so he chose to wear his long sleeve pajamas.

Once he was in his pastel pajamas, he also wore his satin sleeping mask and was ready to sleep...

He went under the satin covers of his king-sized bed, resting his head on the many pillows, and closed his eyes.

Today was a typical day for Jimin...

But little did he know that in a few hours, everything would change in his life.


Jimin's sleep was disturbed by the sound of gunshots and loud screaming.

He quickly removed his sleeping mask and got out of bed.

Then, the door was slammed open.

It was his bodyguard, Namjoon.

"Jimin! Thank God you're alright!" Namjoon was panting heavily, and his black suit was covered in blood everywhere. There was a trail of blood coming from him, that Jimin could see the blood drop to the floor.

"What's going on?!" Jimin asked in a panicked voice, but instead of giving him a proper explanation Namjoon just picked Jimin up and tried to escape with him.

No matter what happens, you must protect my child, got it?

Kazuo emerged in Namjoon's mind, as he was carrying Jimin in his arms, trying to escape through the chaos that was occurring in the mansion.

Even when I die, I want you to stay by his side and protect him. I want my child to live and be happy. I want him to lead an ordinary life, find a mate who loves and supports him.

His words repeated in Namjoon's mind, making him tear up.

God, what was going to happen to them now?

A tragedy had happened.

At almost 3 am, one of Kazuo's enemies had successfully discovered his hideout and trespassed his home, killing him in cold blood.

Of course, his brothers fought back and tried to protect their boss at all costs, but they failed.

Kazuo was now dead. One of the greatest yakuza leaders of Japan was now dead.

While, Jimin's step-siblings and stepmother, were nowhere to be found.

Namjoon figured that they managed to escape and were currently hiding somewhere.

"Ah, shit. I think they won't be able to find us here, Jimin." Namjoon had found a good hiding spot out in the woods and finally put Jimin down, who was currently only in his thin pajamas, feeling very cold and scared.

What was going on?

"Is...father okay? Where is he?!" Jimin screamed at Namjoon, making him cover his mouth with his hands, "I'm so sorry, Jimin." He whispered as Jimin was tearing up, realizing what had happened.

"Your father...was murdered..." Jimin had started to weep, crying in Namjoon's arms, trying so hard not to be too loud, so the others wouldn't spot them.

"...Dammit, we shouldn't have trusted that organization! They betrayed us! They betrayed boss and"

Namjoon was devastated too.

He had been working for Jimin's father ever since he was a teenager. He had always viewed him as a father figure, even though he was a mob boss.

To Namjoon, he was the father he never had.

And of course, Jimin was hurting.

What would he do without his father? His beloved father was gone, and now, Jimin was all alone. He had no family left, no one to protect him from his cruel step-siblings and mother.

Well, at least he had Namjoon. Namjoon would always be loyal to Jimin.

But now, nothing would be the same.

Everything would change.


Thousands of Alphas were mourning the loss of their great leader. Kazuo Matsuda's funeral was held shortly after his shocking death. The Alphas were all dressed in black suits, while the Omegas were wearing their black kimono dresses, all gathered around, griefing.

Jimin's stepmother let out a few cries during the funeral ceremony, while Jimin remained blank. Instead of showing his emotions during the funeral, he decided to let it all out when he was all alone.

There was no point in showing your emotions during the ceremony either. Jimin knew he was going to get judged for it. Everything he did, he was always judged for it. His attitude, his appearance, his emotions...

Nobody was ever satisfied.

Well, his father was...somehow pleased with him.

But now...he was gone.

Finally, after enduring a very painful ceremony, everyone packed it up and headed back to the headquarters.

Now that the boss was gone, the new successor had to be chosen.

Of course, the heir in line was now Jimin's oldest Alpha step-sibling and Kanae, who was Kazuo's wife, would be second in command. Keiji Matsuda, Jimin's oldest Alpha step-sibling, would now be the new leader of the organization.

And Jimin couldn't lie.

He was scared.

He knew that this woman wouldn't miss a chance to get rid of him, now that her son would be in charge, and his father was gone.

He almost found her behavior suspicious at times, that he was starting to believe that his father's death wasn't a mere coincidence. Yes, Jimin was sure. Kanae betrayed her husband, so her son could be the new heir and steal his glory. Jimin was sure of it.

But how could he avenge his father?

Jimin was powerless. He was an Omega, bastard child. No one in the organization would accept him as a leader. They would probably have a good laugh and ridicule him for even thinking of becoming their leader. They only 'respected' Jimin because he was the boss's son.

But now that he was dead, Jimin meant nothing to them.

"Congrats, Keiji-niisan," Jimin congratulated his oldest step-sibling, and now the new leader with a fake smile "Thank you, Jimin-" and then headed upstairs to his room, no longer wanting to be part of the foolish celebration, when Kanae stopped him.

"You insolent brat. You can no longer behave the way you did when your father was alive. Now that he's dead, you mean nothing to us, to the organization. You're a bastard child, and I will get rid of you. Mark my words."

Jimin chose to remain silent, gave her a cold gaze, and ignored her threat.

Instead, he rushed to his room upstairs to hide from everyone.

A few days had passed, and it seemed like everyone had already moved on from his father's death.

Jimin had started to cry, just thinking about him.

Father, why did you have to die now? Your stupid wife is threatening to get rid of me. And I'm scared. I'm just a useless Omega as she says. What should I do? I want things to change. I need everything to change. I don't want to be a stupid doll anymore.

Jimin's inner thoughts were interrupted by Namjoon knocking on the door, then entering the room, as he had heard Jimin's soft cries from outside.

''Are you alright, Jimin?'' Namjoon walked towards Jimin's side, while the first meeting had just finished downstairs. Keiji was their new leader now. Kanae's oldest Alpha son was now the new leader, while her other son was an apprentice and was also training to become even more powerful and help out in the organization too.

Kanae wanted her two sons to have a powerful position in the organization, but her two sons...weren't very fit for it. Jimin had always found them stupid and cursed them behind their backs.

Jimin was more qualified than they would ever be, but Kanae was an evil witch and couldn't admit that her two precious Alpha sons were useless.

But Jimin would prove her wrong and show everyone his worth.

He was determined.

Yes, maybe he was powerless and a little scared at the moment, but slowly, he'd achieve everything he wanted.

''...Namjoon, you won't abandon us, right?'' Jimin asked as he looked up to Namjoon, wiping away his tears.

Jimin already had many plans.

He just needed someone to help him.

And that someone was Namjoon. 

''Of course not. I've vowed to your father that I'll always be by your side and protect you, Jimin!'' Namjoon assured Jimin, making him smile, ''Good because if you thought of leaving me with those fools, I'd chop all of your fingers off!''

Namjoon chuckled, then became serious, ''But seriously, Jimin. What now? You know, Kanae...isn't very favorable of you. I'm sure she's already thinking of ways to get rid of you. I heard...her threat just before.."

And Namjoon was right.

The next few days, Jimin overheard a conversation between Kanae and another gang leader. Kanae was planning to sell Jimin off to some illegal Omega prostitution ring.

As if Jimin would let her do that! Sell him off to the black market like he was a piece of meat for Alphas to consume!

"Interested in having a Korean Omega? His attitude is trash, but he has a doll face and his body is in very good shape. I believe all Alphas would go crazy for him," That was what Kanae was talking about with the gang leader, talking about Jimin like he was some doll she could sell away.

Jimin was enraged, just by hearing their conversation, hearing the delight in Kanae's voice, as she spoke, making a deal with the other leader.

Too bad Jimin was going to ruin her fun.

''That Omega is such a bitch! I can't stand this woman! Who does she think she is, planning to sell me off to the black market to become a prostitute? Me?! I bet father is shaking in his grave right now!'' Jimin vented angrily to Namjoon, letting him know the conversation he overheard.

''Jimin, this is serious. We need to come up with a plan before things get out of hand. You know...she has power now that her son is...the boss. If you get caught, I might not be able to help you--''

''Yah!'' Jimin screamed at his bodyguard, ''Don't be all pathetic on me now! I told you I had a plan, didn't I?!''

''So...what's your plan?'' Namjoon sighed softly, eager to hear Jimin's plan. Of course, he was just worried about the current situation. He didn't want Jimin to be forced into prostitution either.

But he knew how harsh their world was. How easily someone's life could get ruined...

Especially if you were an Omega.

''My plan is simple,'' Jimin started to say, ''I want you to help me find a powerful Alpha who's a gang leader! I don't care if the Alpha is Korean or Japanese. I just need the Alpha to be powerful! And to know the business. Kay?''

''Huh?'' Namjoon was confused.

What was Jimin planning?

Namjoon wasn't so sure...

''Jimin...are you planning to make a deal with another leader?''

''Something like that!'' Jimin replied excitedly, ''But it's urgent! We need to find that special Alpha, like now! Can you help me find the one? You have connections in Korea! You're more familiar with the country than I am! me out?''

It was true. Jimin hadn't visited his mother's country since forever.

The last time he visited his mother's hometown, Busan, he was only 10 years old.

Still, he was fluent in Korean. He could speak both Korean and Japanese perfectly.

The only problem was...that he wasn't very familiar with the gangs in South Korea. Luckily, he had his bodyguard, who was more familiar than he was.

Namjoon left South Korea and arrived in Japan when he was just a teenager.

''I have a few in mind, actually,'' Namjoon knew all the famous gang leaders in South Korea. When Jimin's father was still alive, they would sometimes make deals with Korean crime organizations. They had obtained many weapons and drugs from them, plenty of times.

''Jeon Jungkook.'' The name emerged to his mind right away. ''Ever heard of him?''

Jimin shook his head, ''Who's he?'' He asked, wanting to know more about the Alpha.

''He's an Alpha gang leader in Busan. Their gang mostly deals with drugs, gambling, and weapons. No prostitution or sex trafficking, so I think they're pretty decent, unlike us.'' 

It was true, Jeon Jungkook's organization was strictly against sexual violence. They only dealt with drugs and weapons. Nothing else.

''Hmmm, so where can I meet him? Busan? Should we go there?'' Jimin got up from his bed, surprising Namjoon, ''It's my mother's hometown after all!''

''Wait--you want to travel to Busan to meet the guy?'' Namjoon was taken aback.

Jimin was way too serious about this.

He was determined to avenge his father and take back what was his.

"Jeon...Jungkook? Whatever his name is will be our new savior! Book some tickets to Busan for us two, kay? I'll come up with an excuse and lie to the witch by tomorrow!"

Jimin was way too excited about this, while Namjoon was panicking.

It wasn't that simple to randomly meet with a gang leader and make a deal with them nowadays.

But nothing could stop Jimin at that moment.

He was fearless.

And now, his life depended on the Alpha gang leader of Busan, Jeon Jungkook.


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