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deadly nightshade

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At first, when Jungkook had agreed to make the deal with Jimin, he wasn't very serious about it.

It was the first time an Omega had come to find him, and above all, the Omega was the prettiest doll he had ever come across, so he ended up agreeing to see how far the pretty Omega would go.

Little did he know that Jimin was as serious as ever about their deal and was determined to kill his enemy and bring his head to him.


"Jimin-ah! I can't believe you've found him without me?! And you ended up making a deal with him too?!" Namjoon was screaming and scolding Jimin as Jimin had returned from his first encounter with Jungkook. He explained everything to Namjoon in detail, freaking him out.

"Well, what was I supposed to do? I found him and took my chances!" Jimin said as he was lying on the cheap motel bed, being rather calm about the whole situation. 

Ignoring the fact that he had to kill an infamous mob boss of Daegu.

Yes, Jungkook's 'enemy' was a famous gang leader in Daegu and Jungkook wanted to get rid of him for months now. His business was decreasing because of him, so now he had found a chance to get him out of the way.

"So...what are you going to do?" Namjoon sighed for the millionth time, feeling very stressed out over the whole situation. He felt like Jimin wasn't ready for this. He wasn't ready to delve into this world. He wasn't ready to become a murderer just yet.

He was a spoiled brat after all.

Could he handle all this?

"I'm going to kill him, what else?" Jimin shrugged while still laying on the bed, Namjoon sighing again, "Jimin. If you want, I can kill him for you, okay?"

"What? No!" Jimin pouted, crossing his arms, "Jungkook might find out that I wasn't the one that killed the guy!" Jimin said, "Besides, it's time for me to know, so I will be the one to do it!"

"And how will you kill him? Do you know his whereabouts? Any weaknesses?" Namjoon started with the questions, hoping for the best.

He'd hate himself if something happened to Jimin because of this stupid deal.

"Jungkook gave me a few helpful...information. The guy from Daegu is kind of a creep and owns lots of illegal strip clubs. He's also behind an illegal Omega trafficking ring."

Jimin's information about the gang leader only made Namjoon worry more.

What if the worse happened and Jimin ended up the property of the gang leader? What if he became a slave, just like the other poor Omegas?

"...So, in other words, the guy is an asshole that likes using Omegas to his advantage?"

Jimin nodded, sighing softly, "Yes, something like that. So my plan..."

"Don't tell me that you're thinking of going to one of his strip clubs?!" Namjoon's voice was loud again, out of his worry for Jimin and his very reckless plans.

"Duh? How else am I supposed to get in touch with that creep?"

Namjoon sighed again, rubbing his temple, "So what is the plan? You'll visit his strip club and kill him in front of everyone?"

Jimin shook his head, "Be patient, Hyung! My plan is not that reckless!"  

Jimin didn't have a proper plan. It was his first time being assigned to kill someone. He was feeling very distressed and scared too.

But he had to do it, otherwise, Jungkook wouldn't cooperate with him. He had to prove his worth to Jungkook. He couldn't lose him now that he had found him.

''I-i was thinking to seduce the guy privately with my beauty. I mean who can resist me, right? And when he's mesmerized by me and thinks he's going to have a chance with me, I'll slit his throat and disappear!'' Jimin explained his plan to Namjoon, Namjoon looking up to him in worry again.

''Slit his throat?''

''You know I'm good with knives, Hyung! I know how to handle a gun too, but I'm more confident when it comes to knives and swords!'' It was true. Jimin knew how to use all kinds of swords and knives due to his father.

Though his father wanted to keep Jimin away from his world, he did teach him a few things. He had a whole collection of swords, and now, the swords were Jimin's.

''And what happens after you slit his throat? Won't the others at the club discover what you've done? How can you just escape when you don't even know the club's whereabouts? I am not familiar with that illegal place..." Namjoon voiced out his worries after hearing Jimin's very chaotic plan.

In theory, it was a decent plan, but it had many loopholes.

Jimin wasn't familiar with Busan, let alone Daegu. How could he plan to kill someone and think of escaping in a place that he wasn't familiar with? It wasn't possible!

''Dummy! I'm not going there unprepared! I will...scrutinize that shitty club and a few days later I will--'' Jimin sighed before he continued explaining his plan to Namjoon, ''There's something you must do for me though, Hyung.''

''And what is that?''

''After we've learned the whereabouts of the club, I want you me with something.'' It was another part of Jimin's plan.

''Here's what I have in mind...'' He started to explain, ''First, I will go to the club and disguise myself as a stripper. After that jerk shows interest in me, I will try to seduce him so he can take me to a more private place. Once we're alone and we get more intimate with each other, I will catch him off guard and slit his throat--though, here's where you come to help.''

''Go on...'' Namjoon nodded, eager to hear more of Jimin's plan.

''I want find a way and turn the electricity off. Once I've killed the guy, the lights will be turned off for a few minutes, and I'll be able to escape!'' It was what Jimin had in mind. He'd disguise himself as an Omega stripper, seduce the gangster creep from Daegu, slit his throat, and flee from the scene while the lights would go out.

This way, no one would see who killed the gang leader.

''It's good in theory,'' Namjoon said, feeling more positive about the plan, ''But what happens if I can't turn the electricity off? Let's say something goes wrong and I can't do it on time?''

Jimin shrugged, ''Then I will just die by the hands of the leader's minions~''

''Yah! Don't joke about this, Jimin. Don't you know how serious this is?''

''I know, I know!'' Jimin cried out, now pouting while laying on the bed, like a child getting scolded by his parent, ''B-but it's also dangerous for me back in Japan. I'm already in danger because that witch wants to sell me off to the black market! We must take the risk and...whatever happens, happens.''

''Fine...fine,'' Namjoon sighed exasperated, rubbing his temple from his distress, ''Pack your bags. We'll take the last train to Daegu. Tonight. The sooner we find the guy, the better-''

Jimin immediately got up from the bed he was sitting on and hugged Namjoon from his excitement, ''Thank you for believing in me, hyung~don't worry everything will go well!''

''I hope so...''

After they packed all of their bags, they checked out of the cheap motel and headed to the train station. They hopped onto the last train that left to Daegu at midnight.

The train wasn't as crowded since it was midnight.

Jimin gazed outside of the window, enjoying the night scenery. 

While staying and growing up in Japan, he often wondered how his mother's country would be. And now, there he was.

But he probably wouldn't be staying for long.

As soon as he killed Jungkook's enemy, he'd be on his way back, taking Jungkook with him so they could marry.


Just then, it hit him. That he was going to marry and be someone's mate, very soon. He was going to marry a stranger, who also happened to be a gang leader. Oh...

''We've arrived, Jimin. Next stop is Daegu--get up,'' His thoughts were interrupted by Namjoon shaking his body so they could get up for the next stop, ''Kay...'' 

Jimin picked up his things and they hopped off the train together.

Since it was midnight, they searched for another cheap motel to stay at. The Alpha at the lobby asked if he and Namjoon were mates, but Namjoon awkwardly denied it right away and said they were brothers.

They ended up sleeping in a cheap dusty old room of a motel again.

Tomorrow, they would start investigating the strip club and gain more information about the gang leader they had to kill.

''Night, Jimin,'' Namjoon was resting on the single bed next to Jimin's, trying to make himself comfortable on the very uncomfortable mattress.

''Good night, Hyung...'' Jimin tossed in his bed and tried to fall asleep, even though the dust all over the room annoyed him, and the pillows were uncomfortable.

In a few days, he'd be back to his sweet home.

He prayed that he'd make it out alive, to be able to do that anyway...


Jimin hadn't heard anything from Jungkook the next few days. He figured Jungkook wasn't planning on helping him at all, wanting to see how he would do on his own.

So, with Namjoon's help, they visited and lurked around the strip club every day. They had spotted the gang leader. He was pretty old, around his early 40s, and had facial hair that looked musty. He was also chubby, but because of his strong and tall build, he didn't look so bad in the black suit he always wore.

Jimin felt repulsed by the gang leader's appearance. At least the Alpha he was going to marry...was hot.

''H-Hyung, I think we can do it...tonight,'' Jimin said while they were resting at the motel, making preparations for the assassination. ''You know what to do, right?''

Namjoon had also found where the electrical equipment of the building was.

Yes, even though he was a bodyguard, he was also familiar with electrical engineering and knew how to handle such matters. He knew everything about the electric room panels and switch bars. If he succeeded and sneaked into the electrical room of the strip club, he could easily switch off the lights for a few minutes and give Jimin enough time to escape.

''Yeah, I've found where the room is, now all we have to do...''

''Tonight! It will happen tonight, Hyung! I already have my make-up and outfit ready! You know what, Hyung? I'm going to disguise myself and tell the gang leader I'm fully Japanese and tell him that I was brought here from Japan as a gift! Do you think he'll like me if I wear my robes?''

It was Jimin's plan anyway. He could use his half identity to trick the gang leader of Daegu. He was sure it would work.

Because...who could resist his charms anyway?

''Uh, sure. That hideous jerk will fall for you whatever you do, Jimin. Alphas like him fall for any Omega that sits on their lap, don't you know how those things go?''

''Yeah, but...'' Jimin chewed on his plump lower lip from his nervousness, ''W-what if it's not enough and he doesn't take me to a private chamber? We need to be alone so I can kill him!"

Jimin worried that his seduction wouldn't be enough. He was eager to kill the guy already. He was eager to return home with Jungkook and avenge his father. Eager to make his evil stepmother pay for everything.

''I'm sure everything will work out as we've planned,'' Namjoon patted Jimin on the shoulder, ''Now go get dressed, okay? I will also dress in all black and prepare for tonight.''


Jimin grabbed his outfit and everything else he needed and rushed to the bathroom to prepare.

Namjoon changed out of his current outfit and wore black jeans, a black blouse, black combat boots, and a black mask. While Jimin would be intruding the strip club and disguising himself as an Omega Japanese stripper, Namjoon would be waiting for Jimin's affirmation in the electrical room to turn off the electricity.

''I'm ready~how do I look?'' A few minutes later, Jimin had come out of the bathroom.

Jimin was in his favorite black flower-patterned kimono robe and had applied some make-up too. His plump lips were glossy pink and his cheeks were rosy due to the blush he had applied. 

''I'm sure that creep will fall for you right away, Jimin. Are you ready?'' Namjoon awkwardly complimented Jimin, not used to seeing Jimin this way. Jimin looked more mature in heavy make-up and his sensual robes.

Though, in Namjoon's eyes, Jimin would always be like a younger brother to him.

''Okay~let's go kill the guy~'' Jimin cheered happily, now exiting the cheap motel room with Namjoon.

Luckily the nosy Alpha wasn't at the motel lobby at the moment, so Jimin and Namjoon easily sneaked out of the motel without being seen by anyone. Their outfits were sketchy indeed, so they wouldn't want to raise any suspicions.

After walking for a few minutes, they had reached the strip club.

The strip club was decorated as any other club. It had neon lights and signs with warnings outside. Jimin could already hear loud sensual music coming from inside, a few Alphas whistling and growling at the sight of the strippers.

''Alright, then. Here we go,'' Namjoon sighed, starting to feel nervous, ''When you're ready, send me the signal and I'll switch all the lights, yeah?''

''Okay!'' Jimin was entering the strip club, while Namjoon headed to the back of the building and found the electrical room. He'd remain in a hideout, waiting for Jimin to send the signal.

Jimin nervously entered the club and was appalled by the sight.

It was the first time he was met with so much nudity in his life.

Yes, even though he was an adult, he was still a little innocent when it came to such things. He wasn't used to seeing naked people, especially not naked Omegas like himself. Most of the Omega strippers of the club were dancing naked on stage. Some of them were even touching themselves with lewd expressions on their faces.

Jimin was blushing from the sight.

But then he snapped out of it, realizing that he had come to this place for a mission: to kill Jungkook's enemy and win him over.

''Alright...let's see, where is that creep?'' Jimin took a deep breath and walked further into the club, spotting a few Alphas dressed in black suits, having a smoke and drinks among each other.

A few Omega strippers were also sitting on the Alpha's laps, entertaining them.

Jimin wondered where or how could he start. Should he try to dance on stage or immediately sit on someone's lap and bewitch them with his beauty?

'' harder than I expected-'' Jimin sighed again, feeling frustrated and anxious. What if he was unable to seduce the Alpha gang leader and his plan failed? What if things got out of hand and he got killed instead?

But then, he felt someone poke his back, ''What-''

''Are you new here? Haven't seen you around?'' It was another Omega, wearing a lingerie piece, revealing his thighs and long legs, showing off his curves perfectly, ''Oh, but are you...also not from here? Your you from Japan?''

The blonde-haired Omega looked at Jimin up and down, startled to see him here. Jimin was new for sure. But he had such a pretty doll face.

''Y-yes, I'm from Japan--I came here as a gift and--''

''Oh~you know how to speak Korean well?'' The Omega smiled as he heard Jimin speak, ''Let me show you around then?~'' The Omega offered, Jimin shyly nodding, starting to follow the Omega around the club.

''I usually dance on stage...but since you're such a doll, I think you'd be better off being an escort baby.''

''E-escort baby?'' 

What the hell did this mean?

Jimin was clueless when it came to strip clubs.

Maybe he should have done better research but-

''It means that you escort the Alphas and remain by their side, while they smoke and get wasted in this club. See over there?'' Jimin glanced a bit further away from them. He could see a few Omegas seated on the Alpha's laps. He could see an Alpha groping a poor Omega, while he was smoking and chattering with his friends.

''O-oh, I see, so....i...'' Jimin hoped he'd be able to seduce the leader and take him to a private place. ''What happens if the Alpha wants to be...a-alone with you?'' Jimin pretended to stutter, wanting to give a cute innocent image to the other Omega stripper.

''Then, you will take the Alpha to the VIP rooms over there. See the sign over there? Only those who have a VIP can access the private rooms.'' The Omega explained, pointing at the red door afar of them.

''Oh, okay...'' Jimin felt a little more hopeful this time. He could do it. He'd seduce the Alpha gang leader, take him to the VIP room, and kill him without getting caught.

After the Omega showed him around, he urged Jimin to attend the VIP area of the club and escort a few Alphas to get the hang of it. Of course, Jimin scanned the area with his eyes and searched for the repulsive gang leader.

Then, he had spotted him.

He was a bit further away in the corner, sitting at a rounded table with a bunch of his friends, well, business partners. Jimin approached their side, hoping he could gain the leader's interest.

He wasn't sure what the strippers of the club did to gain attention from the Alphas. Jimin decided to head over to the rounded table and hand over some drinks to them, as most Omegas did.

And of course, as he approached the table, everyone was mesmerized by his beauty.

They were also surprised to see Jimin in a different outfit than most Omegas of this club. Jimin was the only stripper that was in his kimono robes. The other Omegas usually walked around in lingerie, half-naked in revealing outfits. Some of them even walked around naked, having no shame.

But Jimin looked very elegant and classy in his pretty kimono robes. It was a beauty they had never seen before.

The Alpha gang leader was enchanted to say the least.

''Oi, where did you come from, Omega?'' The gang leader questioned Jimin, pulling him by the hand, bringing him closer. Before Jimin had the chance to say anything, the leader sat him on his lap, making Jimin squeal slightly, ''I... I've come as a gift from J-japan!''

Jimin figured to speak in a cute innocent voice and not raise any suspicions.

The Alpha found Jimin very pretty, so he decided to keep him on his lap, to keep himself entertained. ''Keep me and my friends some company then, will you, pretty doll?''

''Kay...I mean, yes! I will!'' Jimin felt sick to his stomach hearing the gang leader call him a doll. He only liked it when Jungkook used this pet name with him.

And like that, Jimin remained on his lap, trying to keep him entertained, while the Alpha spoke with another gang leader. Jimin wasn't familiar with the crime world yet, but he could overhear the leader and his group talk about loan sharks. He also heard them talk about smuggling an illegal drug from Beijing.

And while the Alpha was talking business, he was also enjoying having a doll-faced Omega like Jimin on his lap. Jimin could feel the repulsive leader rub his thighs now and then. Jimin almost squealed when he felt the leader grope his plush ass too.

Jimin felt like crying at that moment and wanted to kick the gross leader in the balls, but he tried to remain calm and look unfazed by his behavior. He had to kill this fucker, no matter what. He couldn't miss this chance because he was...scared.

After a few more minutes of Jimin getting groped by the leader and hearing them talk about an illegal Omega trafficking ring, the Alpha suggested it to Jimin. 

''Let's go somewhere private, pretty doll. I'm done with these guys, so keep me some more company, hm?'' He whispered to Jimin's ear, making Jimin's skin crawl. His voice was as repulsive as he was.

''Y-yes, sir,'' The Alpha pushed him off his lap and they walked over to one of the VIP rooms.

It was happening. They were going to be alone now. It was Jimin's chance to kill him.

As they reached the VIP room, Jimin was surprised to see the private chamber be decorated in red everywhere. The bed covers, pillows, the walls, the furniture, the couch. Everything was in a hot red color, making Jimin feel like he was in the devil's lair. And well, in a way, he was.

''Let's not waste any time, shall we, doll?'' The Alpha sat on the comfortable red couch and pulled Jimin onto his lap. Jimin was straddling his lap now, hesitating a little. What was he supposed to do?

He tried to be seductive and confident, but he wasn't sure how to do this. He was...actually a virgin and very inexperienced when it came to mating with Alphas.

He started kissing the Alpha on his sensitive spots, searching for his scent gland. He didn't want to kiss him on the lips. He didn't want his first kiss to be with a creep like him. He wanted his first kiss to be with someone special!

After planting soft kisses all over his neck, the Alpha tried to strip Jimin off his clothes. No, he was about to tear the kimono apart. Jimin panicked and let out a shy laugh, ''I...let me make you feel good first by u-using my mouth, sir.''

The Alpha nodded, eager to see how Jimin's pretty mouth would feel wrapped around his cock. He was already getting hard just by thinking about it.

So, like that, Jimin went down to his knees, in between the Alpha's lap, starting to stroke him through his pants. He felt sick to his stomach while doing this, but he continued, the Alpha unzipping his pants.

While the Alpha was taking off his boxers, too dazed by all the alcohol he had consumed to notice, Jimin quickly took his phone out of his robes and send a text message signal to Namjoon.

''I'm in the VIP room with him close the lights in a minute. do it now!''

After he succeeded and sent the message, he was startled to see the Alpha's thick cock in front of him. ''S-sir, i...''

''You said you'd make me feel good, so do it. Suck me off.'' The Alpha gripped Jimin by the hair and was ready to ram his cock onto Jimin's mouth but suddenly, Jimin pulled away, escaping from his tight grasp.

''Die you fucking creep!'' With a swift move, he brought out a sharp blade from the black thigh stockings he was wearing beneath his robes. The Alpha gasped when he saw the sharp blade, but wasn't quick enough to fight back or escape. With one move, Jimin was able to...slit his throat.

As soon as the blade sliced the Alpha's throat, the lights went out. Namjoon had succeeded as well!

''O-oh, god...I should get out of here...'' Jimin felt repulsed by the sight and the smell. There was blood gushing out everywhere from the now-deceased Alpha leader. The metallic smell of the blood made Jimin want to puke. And he did.

As he escaped from the window, he landed on the ground and ended up vomiting in a bush near by.

Yes, he may have succeeded in killing Jungkook's enemy, but he was horrified. This was his first kill. His first murder.

Thinking about it again, he felt sick and vomited for a second time.

''Jimin!'' Namjoon was running towards his side, spotting him near the bushes, ''Are you alright?! Did you kill him?'' Namjoon asked, sounding very concerned. He was relieved to see Jimin had come alive out of that club.

''Y-yes, i...I mean...I killed him b-but...i ...i feel strange. this how you feel after y-you kill someone?'' Jimin was trembling a little, a few tears rising in his eyes.

Was it because he was a weak Omega that he was crying? Or was it...because it was a normal reaction anyone would have while being faced with murder?

''It's alright, Jimin. Don't worry. It's okay to feel this way. I also felt sick after my first kill. I was even younger than you when I first killed someone and cried too.'' Namjoon smiled, reminiscing bittersweet memories of the past, ''Your father even called me a weak coward back then,''

''It's it because I'm an Omega that I feel this way? I...never want to do it again-oh god...just thinking about it...the way I sliced him up with the knife-'' Jimin sniffled, now crying in Namjoon's arms.

After he had brought out the blade from his stockings, he felt pretty powerful and ready to kill. But after the blade had sliced the Alpha's neck, he felt...very differently.

''No, trust me. You're not crying because you're a weak Omega. It's normal to feel this way, whether you're an Omega or an Alpha, okay? N-now, let's get the hell out of here before the lights come again!''

''K-kay...let's go..'' Jimin wiped away his tears and ran away from the strip club with Namjoon. They managed to sneak into the cheap motel without being seen by anyone, and quickly changed out of their clothes and cleaned up.

Jimin's pretty kimono robes were all covered in blood, so he decided to burn them and get rid of them for good.

He was now in his fluffy pajamas, feeling slightly better than before, resting on the uncomfortable mattress.

''Alert Jeon Jungkook that we've killed that jerk and let's get this over with, yeah?''

''I'll send him a message now, Hyung.''



It was currently 3 am, but Jungkook was browsing on the internet, reading an article of a recent case of an illegal drug trade that had happened in China. He was still in his black suit, his purple-dyed hair tied in a bun, sitting in his office.

His pleasant reading was interrupted by one of his informants barging into his office. ''Hyungnim!'' 

''Yeah, what is it?'' Jungkook clicked his tongue in annoyance, turning around with his leather chair to face the informant, that looked rather panicked at that moment. 

''Hyungnim! Have you heard! The Viper was murdered a few hours ago!'' The informant revealed to Jungkook, taking him aback. His biggest enemy, Viper, gang leader of Daegu was gone?

It was the best news he could receive tonight.

But who was behind the murder? Could it be....the pretty Omega?

No way, right? Did he actually do it?

''Do we know how he was killed, and by whom?'' Jungkook wondered, closing his laptop, not interested in reading about drug trading anymore.

''The only thing we know is that he was killed by a blade--his throat was sliced up like a piece of meat with the knife--whoever did this must be rather skillful with knives. But hyungnim-''

Jungkook let out a laugh, finding this very hilarious.

The infamous gang leader of Daegu had died in his strip club. The club that so many smuggled Omegas worked at. The poor Omegas that were abused would finally have some justice.

''How delightful, that this piece of shit was killed in his own club, by the hands of a pretty Omega,'' Jungkook was smiling widely, finding this situation very amusing.

''Pretty Omega?'' The informant tilted his head in confusion. Did his boss know something about this case that he didn't?

Just now, Jimin had sent many pictures to Jungkook as proof, to show him that he was at the strip club and had killed the gang leader with his blade. He also sent a text message to him.

''I killed your enemy as you ordered me to do. Now, will you come to Japan with me and help me out, Mister~?''

The pretty Omega had managed to kill the guy after all. Jungkook was impressed by him, he couldn't lie.

''Hm, gather everyone around, will you? I have an important announcement to make..''

''Yes, hyungnim!'' The informant bowed to Jungkook and rapidly exited the office to call for the others.

Once everyone had gathered around the office, Jungkook was in the middle, ready to announce the news to them. That he was going to marry and mate with an Omega and move with him to Japan.

''Hyungnim, are you sure about this?'' One of the members asked, sounding very confused after hearing Jungkook's announcement. All of Jungkook's gang was very confused and shocked to hear the sudden announcement.

Their boss that was never interested in mating with Omegas getting married, even moving to Japan with them? They couldn't believe it.

But of course, Jungkook was their boss. They were loyal to Jungkook and would support him no matter what.

Jungkook also felt a little hesitant about this. But he was intrigued by Jimin.

And...exploring the Japanese market for a while, wouldn't hurt his gang.

''Don't worry, everyone. We won't stay for long. We will spread our wings and explore the Japanese market for a while...'' Jungkook said, the others listening to him carefully, ''And the deal will be over after the first year. I'm sure the pretty Omega won't last for that long anyway. I'll get rid of him...if I have to.''

It's not like Jungkook was marrying Jimin because he had fallen for him.

Yes, he couldn't deny that Jimin was the prettiest doll, but Jungkook valued his gang and business more than anything else...

Or at least, that was what he thought for now.

He didn't know what was waiting for him in the future.

Maybe, Jimin would become as important as his gang to him, or even surpass them.


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