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deadly nightshade

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Jimin was casually taking a stroll in the park, thousands of cherry blossom trees surrounding him.

With a pink flower pattern umbrella shielding him from the spring rain, he walked for many minutes, his muscular bodyguard by his side.

Jimin was a special Omega after all.

Everywhere he went, he had an Alpha bodyguard by his side, always protecting him so he wouldn't get harmed.

His father had always been very protective of him, ever since he was born.

His favorite lover and mistress had given birth to Jimin; Park Mi Young. She was just a mere Omega prostitute from South Korea that had happened to catch his eye. She died a few years later when Jimin was still very young, so Jimin found himself getting raised by his protective father, his step-siblings, and his very infuriating stepmother.

His father was one of Japan's greatest yakuza leaders, Kazuo Matsuda.

And even though Jimin was his bastard son, his father always spoiled him and shielded him from everything and everyone.

Jimin was his precious Omega child. He had to protect him from the cruel world that they lived in.

Being the leader of an infamous crime organization was never that simple.

"I think father is troubled by something these days," Jimin started to say, as he was walking in the empty park. It was late in the evening, only he and his Alpha bodyguard were around.

"What makes you think of that?" Namjoon, who was Jimin's Alpha and Korean bodyguard asked.

Namjoon had been working for Jimin's father for many years now, ever since he was young himself. His position had always been the same: being Jimin's bodyguard. 

Namjoon was ten years older than Jimin, now being in his early 30s.

While Jimin, he had just turned 22 last year. With every year, the Omega just got prettier and prettier, just like his mother.

That was what his father always told him.

"You're lucky you took after your mother, sweet child. Your mother was a natural beauty, just like you. She was just like a doll, like you."  Words that Jimin was always told by his father, ever since he was a child.

He didn't mind so much back then, but lately, it was getting on his nerves.

Jimin wanted to be so much more than a doll. He wanted to help out his father and be part of the organization too.

He was perfectly skilled when it came down to martial arts, knew how to use a gun, even a sword. 

So why did his father still shield him from this world? It pissed him off.

"He looks troubled lately." Jimin repeated his words, worrying about his father, "I know he's trying to make a deal with this sketchy organization in Osaka. But whenever I ask, he doesn't say a lot. Instead, he tells me to focus on my studies."

Jimin huffed before Namjoon had the chance to reply, "As if I want to focus on my studies! What do I need to do to make him understand that I'm not interested in becoming a damn fashion designer?!"

Namjoon let out a chuckle, hearing Jimin voice out his complaints, "Jimin-ssi, you know your father just wants what's best for you. He wants to keep you away from his world because it's dangerous. You are his child. It's only natural that he wants to protect you from it."

Jimin slightly rolled his eyes, sighing softly.

"Still, I'm his child too. I know my other Alpha step-siblings are already training to join the organization! What about me?!" Jimin complained again, with a pout to his plump lips.

It was true. Jimin's two Alpha step-siblings were already 'training' to join the organization and be the next successors.

While Jimin was left out. He felt...lonely. He felt like he was a stranger. Like he didn't belong to the family sometimes. Like he was just a toy that existed for no reason.

"Jimin, let me tell you a secret," Namjoon started to say, as they had reached the end of the park. The rain had also stopped, so Jimin closed his umbrella, giving it to Namjoon to put it away, "Out of all his kids, boss loves you the most. He has a soft spot for you, and it's one of the reasons he doesn't want you to get involved. "

"Father loves me the most?" Jimin sighed again, a bitter smile forming across his face.

"Yes, isn't it obvious? If he cared about your other siblings a lot, he wouldn't mindlessly add them to the organization. It doesn't matter if you're part of us or not, Jimin. You're still his child."

Jimin just pouted and remained silent, walking with crossed arms.

Maybe, his father did love him a lot, maybe too much at times, but still, it wasn't enough for Jimin.

Jimin was greedy. He wanted more.

And he wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted.


After their one-hour-long walk to the park, Namjoon took Jimin back to the mansion.

Since his father was drowning in money, he owned many apartments and houses.

He usually stayed in a mansion outside of Tokyo, a pretty safe place, where his enemies couldn't find him and harm his family.

Jimin's Alpha step-siblings and stepmother also lived with them in the mansion.

Jimin wasn't very fond of them. Especially his stepmother.

He despised her.

His stepmother was always gazing at him coldly, hating on him because he was her husband's bastard son.

She was envious mostly because her husband preferred Jimin's deceased mother to her, who was just a simple mistress.

And Jimin knew that.

But he didn't indulge in her ridiculous behavior. As long as he had his father by his side, he'd be alright.

"Father!" Jimin rushed to his father, who was currently sitting on one of the couches in the living room.

The Alpha was in his early 50s, but he didn't look too bad for his age. Covered in many tattoos and scars, as the yakuza leader that he was.

"Are you back, my sweet child?" His face brightened up once he was met with his child. Jimin immediately sat on his father's lap and wrapped his arms around him.

Even though sometimes he complained to his father for spoiling him too much and treating him like a fragile little doll, Jimin still loved his father a lot.

His father was the only family he had left in this world after all.

"Was the rain too heavy today?" He asked as Jimin remained on his lap, happily in his arms, like he was a child sitting on Santa's lap.

At that moment, Jimin felt like he was a child again.

"No! The rain was pretty mild, father! What about you..? take care of everything?"

Jimin was worried because his father had lots of wounds on his body lately. More than usual.

Of course, as the yakuza leader that he was, it was natural to be covered in wounds. There were many times where his father returned to the mansion and was covered in a pool of his own blood, thousands of wounds to his body.

But Jimin thought this time...was too much.

"Don't worry about that, sweet child. You know I always take care of everything, hm?" His father patted his head gently, then pushed him off his lap.

"Go to sleep now, Jimin. You have classes tomorrow, don't you?" His father reminded him, making Jimin frown.

As if! I don't give a damn about my fashion classes!!!

Jimin was fuming on the inside but tried to remain calm on the outside.

He wasn't in the mood to argue with his father that night. He knew his father was going to give him another silly pep-talk about life and his future career.

"I'll go to bed then," Jimin walked to his father so he could give him a good night kiss, "Night, father,"

He kissed his father on the cheek and headed upstairs to his room.

Luckily for Jimin, his siblings were already asleep, his stepmother too, so he wouldn't have to deal with them tonight.

So, he happily headed to his room to sleep.

He quickly changed out of his clothes and wore his sleepwear.

It was still cold at night, so he chose to wear his long sleeve pajamas.

Once he was in his pastel pajamas, he also wore his satin sleeping mask and was ready to sleep...

He went under the satin covers of his king-sized bed, resting his head on the many pillows, and closed his eyes.

Today was a typical day for Jimin...

But little did he know that in a few hours, everything would change in his life.


Jimin's sleep was disturbed by the sound of gunshots and loud screaming.

He quickly removed his sleeping mask and got out of bed.

Then, the door was slammed open.

It was his bodyguard, Namjoon.

"Jimin! Thank God you're alright!" Namjoon was panting heavily, and his black suit was covered in blood everywhere. There was a trail of blood coming from him, that Jimin could see the blood drop to the floor.

"What's going on?!" Jimin asked in a panicked voice, but instead of giving him a proper explanation Namjoon just picked Jimin up and tried to escape with him.

No matter what happens, you must protect my child, got it?

Kazuo emerged in Namjoon's mind, as he was carrying Jimin in his arms, trying to escape through the chaos that was occurring in the mansion.

Even when I die, I want you to stay by his side and protect him. I want my child to live and be happy. I want him to lead an ordinary life, find a mate who loves and supports him.

His words repeated in Namjoon's mind, making him tear up.

God, what was going to happen to them now?

A tragedy had happened.

At almost 3 am, one of Kazuo's enemies had successfully discovered his hideout and trespassed his home, killing him in cold blood.

Of course, his brothers fought back and tried to protect their boss at all costs, but they failed.

Kazuo was now dead. One of the greatest yakuza leaders of Japan was now dead.

While, Jimin's step-siblings and stepmother, were nowhere to be found.

Namjoon figured that they managed to escape and were currently hiding somewhere.

"Ah, shit. I think they won't be able to find us here, Jimin." Namjoon had found a good hiding spot out in the woods and finally put Jimin down, who was currently only in his thin pajamas, feeling very cold and scared.

What was going on?

"Is...father okay? Where is he?!" Jimin screamed at Namjoon, making him cover his mouth with his hands, "I'm so sorry, Jimin." He whispered as Jimin was tearing up, realizing what had happened.

"Your father...was murdered..." Jimin had started to weep, crying in Namjoon's arms, trying so hard not to be too loud, so the others wouldn't spot them.

"...Dammit, we shouldn't have trusted that organization! They betrayed us! They betrayed boss and"

Namjoon was devastated too.

He had been working for Jimin's father ever since he was a teenager. He had always viewed him as a father figure, even though he was a mob boss.

To Namjoon, he was the father he never had.

And of course, Jimin was hurting.

What would he do without his father? His beloved father was gone, and now, Jimin was all alone. He had no family left, no one to protect him from his cruel step-siblings and mother.

Well, at least he had Namjoon. Namjoon would always be loyal to Jimin.

But now, nothing would be the same.

Everything would change.


Thousands of Alphas were mourning the loss of their great leader. Kazuo Matsuda's funeral was held shortly after his shocking death. The Alphas were all dressed in black suits, while the Omegas were wearing their black kimono dresses, all gathered around, griefing.

Jimin's stepmother let out a few cries during the funeral ceremony, while Jimin remained blank. Instead of showing his emotions during the funeral, he decided to let it all out when he was all alone.

There was no point in showing your emotions during the ceremony either. Jimin knew he was going to get judged for it. Everything he did, he was always judged for it. His attitude, his appearance, his emotions...

Nobody was ever satisfied.

Well, his father was...somehow pleased with him.

But now...he was gone.

Finally, after enduring a very painful ceremony, everyone packed it up and headed back to the headquarters.

Now that the boss was gone, the new successor had to be chosen.

Of course, the heir in line was now Jimin's oldest Alpha step-sibling and Kanae, who was Kazuo's wife, would be second in command. Keiji Matsuda, Jimin's oldest Alpha step-sibling, would now be the new leader of the organization.

And Jimin couldn't lie.

He was scared.

He knew that this woman wouldn't miss a chance to get rid of him, now that her son would be in charge, and his father was gone.

He almost found her behavior suspicious at times, that he was starting to believe that his father's death wasn't a mere coincidence. Yes, Jimin was sure. Kanae betrayed her husband, so her son could be the new heir and steal his glory. Jimin was sure of it.

But how could he avenge his father?

Jimin was powerless. He was an Omega, bastard child. No one in the organization would accept him as a leader. They would probably have a good laugh and ridicule him for even thinking of becoming their leader. They only 'respected' Jimin because he was the boss's son.

But now that he was dead, Jimin meant nothing to them.

"Congrats, Keiji-niisan," Jimin congratulated his oldest step-sibling, and now the new leader with a fake smile "Thank you, Jimin-" and then headed upstairs to his room, no longer wanting to be part of the foolish celebration, when Kanae stopped him.

"You insolent brat. You can no longer behave the way you did when your father was alive. Now that he's dead, you mean nothing to us, to the organization. You're a bastard child, and I will get rid of you. Mark my words."

Jimin chose to remain silent, gave her a cold gaze, and ignored her threat.

Instead, he rushed to his room upstairs to hide from everyone.

A few days had passed, and it seemed like everyone had already moved on from his father's death.

Jimin had started to cry, just thinking about him.

Father, why did you have to die now? Your stupid wife is threatening to get rid of me. And I'm scared. I'm just a useless Omega as she says. What should I do? I want things to change. I need everything to change. I don't want to be a stupid doll anymore.

Jimin's inner thoughts were interrupted by Namjoon knocking on the door, then entering the room, as he had heard Jimin's soft cries from outside.

''Are you alright, Jimin?'' Namjoon walked towards Jimin's side, while the first meeting had just finished downstairs. Keiji was their new leader now. Kanae's oldest Alpha son was now the new leader, while her other son was an apprentice and was also training to become even more powerful and help out in the organization too.

Kanae wanted her two sons to have a powerful position in the organization, but her two sons...weren't very fit for it. Jimin had always found them stupid and cursed them behind their backs.

Jimin was more qualified than they would ever be, but Kanae was an evil witch and couldn't admit that her two precious Alpha sons were useless.

But Jimin would prove her wrong and show everyone his worth.

He was determined.

Yes, maybe he was powerless and a little scared at the moment, but slowly, he'd achieve everything he wanted.

''...Namjoon, you won't abandon us, right?'' Jimin asked as he looked up to Namjoon, wiping away his tears.

Jimin already had many plans.

He just needed someone to help him.

And that someone was Namjoon. 

''Of course not. I've vowed to your father that I'll always be by your side and protect you, Jimin!'' Namjoon assured Jimin, making him smile, ''Good because if you thought of leaving me with those fools, I'd chop all of your fingers off!''

Namjoon chuckled, then became serious, ''But seriously, Jimin. What now? You know, Kanae...isn't very favorable of you. I'm sure she's already thinking of ways to get rid of you. I heard...her threat just before.."

And Namjoon was right.

The next few days, Jimin overheard a conversation between Kanae and another gang leader. Kanae was planning to sell Jimin off to some illegal Omega prostitution ring.

As if Jimin would let her do that! Sell him off to the black market like he was a piece of meat for Alphas to consume!

"Interested in having a Korean Omega? His attitude is trash, but he has a doll face and his body is in very good shape. I believe all Alphas would go crazy for him," That was what Kanae was talking about with the gang leader, talking about Jimin like he was some doll she could sell away.

Jimin was enraged, just by hearing their conversation, hearing the delight in Kanae's voice, as she spoke, making a deal with the other leader.

Too bad Jimin was going to ruin her fun.

''That Omega is such a bitch! I can't stand this woman! Who does she think she is, planning to sell me off to the black market to become a prostitute? Me?! I bet father is shaking in his grave right now!'' Jimin vented angrily to Namjoon, letting him know the conversation he overheard.

''Jimin, this is serious. We need to come up with a plan before things get out of hand. You know...she has power now that her son is...the boss. If you get caught, I might not be able to help you--''

''Yah!'' Jimin screamed at his bodyguard, ''Don't be all pathetic on me now! I told you I had a plan, didn't I?!''

''So...what's your plan?'' Namjoon sighed softly, eager to hear Jimin's plan. Of course, he was just worried about the current situation. He didn't want Jimin to be forced into prostitution either.

But he knew how harsh their world was. How easily someone's life could get ruined...

Especially if you were an Omega.

''My plan is simple,'' Jimin started to say, ''I want you to help me find a powerful Alpha who's a gang leader! I don't care if the Alpha is Korean or Japanese. I just need the Alpha to be powerful! And to know the business. Kay?''

''Huh?'' Namjoon was confused.

What was Jimin planning?

Namjoon wasn't so sure...

''Jimin...are you planning to make a deal with another leader?''

''Something like that!'' Jimin replied excitedly, ''But it's urgent! We need to find that special Alpha, like now! Can you help me find the one? You have connections in Korea! You're more familiar with the country than I am! me out?''

It was true. Jimin hadn't visited his mother's country since forever.

The last time he visited his mother's hometown, Busan, he was only 10 years old.

Still, he was fluent in Korean. He could speak both Korean and Japanese perfectly.

The only problem was...that he wasn't very familiar with the gangs in South Korea. Luckily, he had his bodyguard, who was more familiar than he was.

Namjoon left South Korea and arrived in Japan when he was just a teenager.

''I have a few in mind, actually,'' Namjoon knew all the famous gang leaders in South Korea. When Jimin's father was still alive, they would sometimes make deals with Korean crime organizations. They had obtained many weapons and drugs from them, plenty of times.

''Jeon Jungkook.'' The name emerged to his mind right away. ''Ever heard of him?''

Jimin shook his head, ''Who's he?'' He asked, wanting to know more about the Alpha.

''He's an Alpha gang leader in Busan. Their gang mostly deals with drugs, gambling, and weapons. No prostitution or sex trafficking, so I think they're pretty decent, unlike us.'' 

It was true, Jeon Jungkook's organization was strictly against sexual violence. They only dealt with drugs and weapons. Nothing else.

''Hmmm, so where can I meet him? Busan? Should we go there?'' Jimin got up from his bed, surprising Namjoon, ''It's my mother's hometown after all!''

''Wait--you want to travel to Busan to meet the guy?'' Namjoon was taken aback.

Jimin was way too serious about this.

He was determined to avenge his father and take back what was his.

"Jeon...Jungkook? Whatever his name is will be our new savior! Book some tickets to Busan for us two, kay? I'll come up with an excuse and lie to the witch by tomorrow!"

Jimin was way too excited about this, while Namjoon was panicking.

It wasn't that simple to randomly meet with a gang leader and make a deal with them nowadays.

But nothing could stop Jimin at that moment.

He was fearless.

And now, his life depended on the Alpha gang leader of Busan, Jeon Jungkook.


AN: i hope the prompter who submitted this lovely prompt will like this, the readers too of course <3 jk will make his first appearance at the second chapter and more action will come by then >.< id love to hear any comments/thoughts thanks!! <3

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"Christ, Jimin. Did you have to pack this much? We're going to Busan to make a deal with a gang leader. We're not attending a fashion show-,"

"Yah! Clothes are always needed! So what if we're meeting a gang leader? Am I supposed to be in rags while meeting him?"

Here they were, currently riding the plane from Osaka to Busan.

Jimin came up with a lie and told his stepmother that he had to visit South Korea due to his fashion studies and attend a special seminar.

The stepmother didn't find him suspicious and let Jimin do as he liked.

For her, it was better if Jimin was gone.

She could plot his downfall better this way.

But little did she know...that Jimin was also plotting her downfall behind her back.

''Are you sure about this, Jimin? We can always go back. Or maybe...or maybe we can just remain here, what do you think? We can stay in Busan and never go back. Busan was your mother's hometown anyway so why don't we-"

"Namjoon!" Jimin whined, smacking him on the chest weakly, "We are just getting started, why would I run away? I want to have power! I don't want to run away! You think I can't do it because I'm an Omega, right?"

Jimin had a small pout to his lips now, sitting on the seat next to the circular window, looking like an angry child.

"Jimin, no. I'm not looking down on you because of that. I'm're still too young. Are you want to enter your father's world?"

Namjoon was simply worrying about Jimin. He had been by his side protecting him for a whole decade. It was natural of him to feel protective over him.

To him, Jimin was his precious younger brother that he had to protect at all costs.

" what if I'm young?! My siblings are also young but they're already training and became members of the organization! If they can, why can't I?"

Namjoon sighed, realizing Jimin would never change his mind.

"Alright. I'll be by your side...and support you," He turned around to face him, smiling at him softly, "You know I'm only worried about you here, Jimin. After all, your father...has told me to watch over you."

Jimin huffed, "T-then just stay by my side and do your job correctly? As long as you're my bodyguard, I won't be harmed!"

It was true. Jimin trusted Namjoon with his whole life. Namjoon had always been a very capable protector and was the best choice as Jimin's bodyguard. 

Ever since Jimin was born, he'd been exposed to immaculate danger, but thanks to Namjoon, Jimin was never harmed. 

Namjoon was like Jimin's guardian angel.

"Enough with the sappy talk!" Jimin said, starting to feel a little melancholic thinking of his deceased father, "What about that...Jeon guy? Do you know where we could find him?"

Namjoon let out another soft sigh, "Not so sure...I mean Busan is pretty huge?"

"You said you were familiar with gangs in Busan!" Jimin said, a little too loud, making a few passengers look towards them strangely, Namjoon silencing him, "Don't be so loud, Jimin."

Namjoon continued, almost whispering to Jimin's ear, so no one around them could hear, "I met many gangs with your father. I have a few potential hideouts in mind, but I'm not completely sure. You know how it is, Jimin. The hideouts always change."

Jimin sighed, now gloomily staring outside of the circular window.

Soon enough, they would be arriving at his mother's hometown.

After that, Jimin remained silent and stared outside of the circular window, not wanting to talk or think about anything.

While Namjoon was already searching the potential hideouts of Busan's gangs with his phone.

They arrived shortly thirty minutes later and hopped off the plane. After they grabbed their luggage, Namjoon took Jimin to a motel, so they could rest and settle down there during their stay in Busan.

''This motel is so cheap and gross, but oh well! We better find that jerk and return back, okay?'' And of course, Jimin was already complaining about the state of the very cheap motel. The bed sheets were all dusty and musty. The whole room reeked and it made Jimin feel sick to his stomach.

Jimin was used to sleeping on a king-sized bed with silk velvet bed sheets and giant soft pillows ever since he was born, so it was only natural for him to react this way.

''Let's get going then,'' Namjoon said, bringing out his phone from his backpack, ''See? I have pinpointed a few spots where Jeon Jungkook and his gang could be hiding, but it's still not for sure. We can at least look around and if we don't find him we can-''

''I'm not leaving Busan until we find the guy!'' Jimin insisted, making Namjoon sigh, ''Aa-alright, kay, let's go then..?''

Namjoon couldn't lie. He felt as nervous as ever.

It was the first time he'd be meeting--well trying to meet- with a gangster without Jimin's father for the first time. He was mostly worried that Jimin would get hurt because of this reckless plan.

Once Jimin was dressed up, changing out of his previous outfit (because according to him he felt sticky due to the 2-hour flight), they headed outside, roaming around the busy streets of Busan, searching for the fierce Alpha and gang leader, Jeon Jungkook.

Of course, their plan wasn't going so well.

They had looked through every hideout, every little corner, every shady street, every factory, every mansion, and there was no gang leader in sight.

Now, it was almost nighttime, and Jimin was exhausted.

''Jimin-ah, maybe we can search again...tomorrow? I told you before. Gangsters are good at hiding--it won't be that easy to find the guy-'' Namjoon suggested, as they were now walking towards the seaside.

The sun was gone, and the sky was dark. But it was spring, soon to be summer. It wasn't cold anymore.

''You can return to that musty old motel. I'll go on a walk to the beach for a while, kay?'' Jimin said, gazing down to the beach shores. He could hear the sound of the waves hitting the shore, a few seagulls squawking, a few couples that were walking on the sand side by side, laughing together.

''Alright--but--make sure to be back once you're done? If anything happens, just give me a call!''

''Alright! Alright! Just go, Hyung!'' Jimin slightly rolled his eyes, not liking it when Namjoon sounded like his very protective father and urged him to leave him alone for a while.

And so, Namjoon walked back to the cheap motel, while Jimin was walking down to the beach shore.

As he walked further into the shores, reaching the sand, he could no longer see anyone walking around. It was just him and a few couples a bit further away, now leaving the beach.

It was pretty lonely, walking all by himself, but Jimin didn't mind. He was used to this. Ever since he was born, he had always been alone. Sheltered by his overprotective father that only let him have Namjoon and his boring family around, Jimin didn't have anyone else in this life.

Jimin didn't even have any friends, let alone a mate.

Yes, despite him looking like a real-life doll that all Alphas would die to claim and make theirs, Jimin had never been in a relationship with an Alpha, or anyone for that matter.

" this is where Mother used to live..." Jimin said to himself, as he gazed into the endless sea, the beach waves crashing into the sand.

He wrapped his arms around his body, starting to feel a little chilly by the summer breeze.

He also had a silk scarf wrapped around his head, his blonde bangs peeking from his forehead, protecting him from the breeze.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing here all alone?" Then, an unfamiliar voice with a strong accent interrupted his melancholic thoughts.

He turned his head around and was met with him.

The man that had just spoken to him was an Alpha for sure. Jimin could tell by the very strong scent that was surrounding him.

What was a little tad eccentric about the Alpha with the strong Busan accent, was his hair. His hair was in a bun and was in dark purplish colors.

He was wearing a typical suit most gangsters wore, looking quite intimidating. 

There was a huge contrast between him and Jimin.

While Jimin was covered in pastel colors and silk from head to toe, the Alpha in front of him was covered in dark colors.

"I'm...searching for someone, " Jimin decided to reply to him after he was done gazing at him up and down.

Though the Alpha in front of him was intimidating, Jimin could admit. He was hot as hell.

It was one of those rare times where Jimin was thirsting over someone. It wasn't like lust over random Alphas he had just met.

"Hm?" The Alpha walked a little closer to Jimin, "Your accent...are you not from here? You look like you're one of us..but you have a different accent?"

Jimin let out a soft chuckle, seeing the confusion in the Alpha's face.

"I'm half," Jimin said, "Mother was from Busan, father from Japan. I was born and raised in Japan though, so.."

"Hm...I see," The Alpha paused for a moment, then took another step towards Jimin. Jimin could see the Alpha's face glowing under the moonlight.

"You took after your mother then, Omega. You are a natural Korean beauty!"

Jimin laughed shyly hearing his words, his cheeks going warm. Was the very hot Alpha flirting with him right now?

It was, once again, an unfamiliar feeling for Jimin: an Alpha flirting with him.

Most Alphas didn't approach Jimin out of fear. Once they found out who Jimin's father was, and their family history, they immediately ran away.

So, Jimin was enjoying this to the fullest. He wanted the Alpha to flirt with him and compliment him more. He wanted to interact with this handsome stranger a little more.

"So...who are you looking for? I know everyone in Busan! I can help you out if you want, beautiful," The Alpha was intrigued by Jimin's presence and wanted to find more about him.

It wasn't every day where he was met with someone like Jimin.

"I'm looking for a gangster, " Jimin admitted to him so casually, shocking the Alpha.

"Why is a pretty Omega like you searching for a gangster, baby doll?" The Alpha curiously asked, eager to hear Jimin's response. 

"I want to make a deal with him, " Jimin said, looking up to the Alpha with a sly smile, "Know any gangsters in Busan?"

Now, the Alpha also had a smug smile plastered to his face.

"And what if I do?"

"I am searching for Jeon Jungkook. " Jimin revealed the gangster's identity so casually, not knowing that the one he was looking for, was right in front of him.

Yes, the Alpha he was currently talking to, was the notorious gang leader, Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook was surprised himself, that a pretty Omega like Jimin was searching for him.

''Oh, how amusing. Why are you looking for me, baby doll?'' Jungkook spoke confidently.

While Jimin was frozen for a moment from his shock. His doe eyes widened, gazing at Jungkook up and down again.

Well he does look like a gangster,  Jimin thought to himself.

''Are you...Jeon Jungkook..?''

Jungkook nodded, a smile forming, walking even closer to Jimin, speaking to him in a lower tone, ''What deal do you want to arrange with me, darling?''

Jimin pouted a little, hearing the gangster repeatedly use pet names with him, ''Well, since I found you...can we go somewhere private? It's important!''

Jungkook let out a soft chuckle, finding Jimin, the pretty Omega in front of him quite amusing. ''Mm, sure. Let's go to my car then, over there-'' He motioned a bit further away from the beach shore. Jimin could see a very expensive limousine car parked in the lot.

He could also see a few muscular Alphas dressed in black, standing outside of the black limousine, intimidating him a little.

''Don't mind them, doll. They're just my bodyguards. Hop in,'' Jungkook assured Jimin, opening the door of his car, inviting Jimin in with a smile.

Jimin just nodded and hopped in the car, hoping their deal wouldn't go wrong.

This would be his first time making a deal with a gangster. He knew that most deals got out of hand, and even death sometimes.

But so far, Jungkook looked pretty harmless.

As Jimin entered the limousine, he sat on a leather seat of the car, Jungkook sitting right next to him. The inside of the limousine was enormous and the interior design resembled a champaign room of a strip club.

''What's your name?'' Jungkook asked, realizing that Jimin hadn't introduced himself to him properly just yet.

''...My Korean name is Jimin, so just call me that,'' Jimin said, Jungkook nodding to his words.

''Well, then, Jimin-ssi,'' Jungkook brought out a bottle of soju from the black drawer, ''In Japan, you have sake, right? We have soju here, so have a taste.'' He offered the small bottle of soju to Jimin, Jimin hesitantly accepting it.

''Mm, kay...'' Jimin hesitantly took a sip, not being very familiar with the taste, then spoke to him again, ''I want you to do something for me.''

He put the bottle of soju down, not feeling so interested in the drink.

''Let's hear you out then,'' Jungkook gulped down the bottle of soju and focused entirely on Jimin, curious to hear what he had to say. It was truly the first time an Omega had come to find him. The first time an Omega wanted to make a potential deal with him.

In fact, Omegas ran out of fear, as soon as they were met with him.

''My father is Kazuo Matsuda. I'm sure you've heard of him? He passed away a few weeks ago and i...''

''You're his son? Hm, I see..'' Jungkook paused for a moment, gazing at him intensely, ''But you're an Omega so you can't be in charge now that he's dead, can you doll? Got any other siblings?''

''Yes...I unfortunately do,'' Jimin sighed softly, then gazed back at Jungkook, looking quite fierce, ''That's why I want you to get rid of them. Both my stepmother and siblings! Once I get rid of them, I can take back what's mine and avenge my father.''

Jungkook snorted, letting out a weak laugh, ''And what will you give me in exchange doll? I'm not a freelancer assassin you know. I'm a damn businessman.''

Jimin slightly rolled his eyes, sighing at him, ''Marry me. I want you to marry me!''

''What?'' Jungkook choked on the second bottle of soju he was consuming at the moment.

''My offer is simple,'' Jimin continued, casually explaining his plan to him, ''You must kill my step-mother and siblings, then I'll give myself to you and become your mate! If you mate with me, you'll have easy access to the Japanese market. Aren't you interested? Besides, it's not like I'm ugly either.''

Jimin winked at him after saying his last words to him.

Jungkook just laughed, finding the Omega in front of him very ruthless, '' want me to kill your family and marry you, so you can get in charge? Sounds like you're very evil, pretty Omega. Planning things behind their back...''

Jungkook teased Jimin, making him pout.

''They're the ones that are evil!'' He had a small pout to his plump lips now, crossing his arms, protesting and whining to Jungkook, ''My evil step-mother wants to sell me to the black market to some whore house! What am I supposed to do? Let her use me?!''

''Well~it's true. A pretty doll face like yours would be a huge success in the underground,'' Jungkook was cupping Jimin's small face now, Jimin hesitantly pulling away, startled to feel the Alpha's large hands touch his skin.

''Your skin is as soft as a baby's and your hands are too tiny to carry a gun. Can a pretty Omega like you be in charge of a crime organization, darling?''

Jimin was pouting again, his brows furrowing from annoyance. Those were words that he had heard many times, just in different situations

He wanted to slap Jungkook at that moment, ''S-so what if I'm pretty? I can be pretty and lead a crime organization too!''

''What about my gang? If I move to Japan, what happens to them?'' 

Of course Jungkook cared about his organization and viewed them as his family, even though they were all bunch of criminals and outcasts of society.

''Your gang will join mine. The two of us will merge and become one, wasn't that obvious?''

''Does that mean...that we'll both be their leaders then?''

Jimin shrugged, ''You can be the leader to your gang, I can be to mine. But we're still merging after we mate so...''

Jungkook laughed softly, finding Jimin's offer very amusing, ''Mm~kay. I'll make that deal with you, under one condition.''

''What~what is it?'' Jimin's eyes were sparkling from excitement, waiting to hear Jungkook's condition.

''If you succeed and kill one of my enemies, I will marry you, move to Japan with you and my gang, and kill your family for you. So...what do you say?''


As soon as the word was mentioned, Jimin was a little hesitant.

Yes, he was desperate to get rid of his cruel stepmother and have power.

But would he be able to actually kill someone?

This would be his first kill. His first entrance to the crime world.

He was a little scared but determined to win. He couldn't refuse. He had to do this, no matter how he felt.

''I will bring that enemy's head to you!''


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Chapter Text

At first, when Jungkook had agreed to make the deal with Jimin, he wasn't very serious about it.

It was the first time an Omega had come to find him, and above all, the Omega was the prettiest doll he had ever come across, so he ended up agreeing to see how far the pretty Omega would go.

Little did he know that Jimin was as serious as ever about their deal and was determined to kill his enemy and bring his head to him.


"Jimin-ah! I can't believe you've found him without me?! And you ended up making a deal with him too?!" Namjoon was screaming and scolding Jimin as Jimin had returned from his first encounter with Jungkook. He explained everything to Namjoon in detail, freaking him out.

"Well, what was I supposed to do? I found him and took my chances!" Jimin said as he was lying on the cheap motel bed, being rather calm about the whole situation. 

Ignoring the fact that he had to kill an infamous mob boss of Daegu.

Yes, Jungkook's 'enemy' was a famous gang leader in Daegu and Jungkook wanted to get rid of him for months now. His business was decreasing because of him, so now he had found a chance to get him out of the way.

"So...what are you going to do?" Namjoon sighed for the millionth time, feeling very stressed out over the whole situation. He felt like Jimin wasn't ready for this. He wasn't ready to delve into this world. He wasn't ready to become a murderer just yet.

He was a spoiled brat after all.

Could he handle all this?

"I'm going to kill him, what else?" Jimin shrugged while still laying on the bed, Namjoon sighing again, "Jimin. If you want, I can kill him for you, okay?"

"What? No!" Jimin pouted, crossing his arms, "Jungkook might find out that I wasn't the one that killed the guy!" Jimin said, "Besides, it's time for me to know, so I will be the one to do it!"

"And how will you kill him? Do you know his whereabouts? Any weaknesses?" Namjoon started with the questions, hoping for the best.

He'd hate himself if something happened to Jimin because of this stupid deal.

"Jungkook gave me a few helpful...information. The guy from Daegu is kind of a creep and owns lots of illegal strip clubs. He's also behind an illegal Omega trafficking ring."

Jimin's information about the gang leader only made Namjoon worry more.

What if the worse happened and Jimin ended up the property of the gang leader? What if he became a slave, just like the other poor Omegas?

"...So, in other words, the guy is an asshole that likes using Omegas to his advantage?"

Jimin nodded, sighing softly, "Yes, something like that. So my plan..."

"Don't tell me that you're thinking of going to one of his strip clubs?!" Namjoon's voice was loud again, out of his worry for Jimin and his very reckless plans.

"Duh? How else am I supposed to get in touch with that creep?"

Namjoon sighed again, rubbing his temple, "So what is the plan? You'll visit his strip club and kill him in front of everyone?"

Jimin shook his head, "Be patient, Hyung! My plan is not that reckless!"  

Jimin didn't have a proper plan. It was his first time being assigned to kill someone. He was feeling very distressed and scared too.

But he had to do it, otherwise, Jungkook wouldn't cooperate with him. He had to prove his worth to Jungkook. He couldn't lose him now that he had found him.

''I-i was thinking to seduce the guy privately with my beauty. I mean who can resist me, right? And when he's mesmerized by me and thinks he's going to have a chance with me, I'll slit his throat and disappear!'' Jimin explained his plan to Namjoon, Namjoon looking up to him in worry again.

''Slit his throat?''

''You know I'm good with knives, Hyung! I know how to handle a gun too, but I'm more confident when it comes to knives and swords!'' It was true. Jimin knew how to use all kinds of swords and knives due to his father.

Though his father wanted to keep Jimin away from his world, he did teach him a few things. He had a whole collection of swords, and now, the swords were Jimin's.

''And what happens after you slit his throat? Won't the others at the club discover what you've done? How can you just escape when you don't even know the club's whereabouts? I am not familiar with that illegal place..." Namjoon voiced out his worries after hearing Jimin's very chaotic plan.

In theory, it was a decent plan, but it had many loopholes.

Jimin wasn't familiar with Busan, let alone Daegu. How could he plan to kill someone and think of escaping in a place that he wasn't familiar with? It wasn't possible!

''Dummy! I'm not going there unprepared! I will...scrutinize that shitty club and a few days later I will--'' Jimin sighed before he continued explaining his plan to Namjoon, ''There's something you must do for me though, Hyung.''

''And what is that?''

''After we've learned the whereabouts of the club, I want you me with something.'' It was another part of Jimin's plan.

''Here's what I have in mind...'' He started to explain, ''First, I will go to the club and disguise myself as a stripper. After that jerk shows interest in me, I will try to seduce him so he can take me to a more private place. Once we're alone and we get more intimate with each other, I will catch him off guard and slit his throat--though, here's where you come to help.''

''Go on...'' Namjoon nodded, eager to hear more of Jimin's plan.

''I want find a way and turn the electricity off. Once I've killed the guy, the lights will be turned off for a few minutes, and I'll be able to escape!'' It was what Jimin had in mind. He'd disguise himself as an Omega stripper, seduce the gangster creep from Daegu, slit his throat, and flee from the scene while the lights would go out.

This way, no one would see who killed the gang leader.

''It's good in theory,'' Namjoon said, feeling more positive about the plan, ''But what happens if I can't turn the electricity off? Let's say something goes wrong and I can't do it on time?''

Jimin shrugged, ''Then I will just die by the hands of the leader's minions~''

''Yah! Don't joke about this, Jimin. Don't you know how serious this is?''

''I know, I know!'' Jimin cried out, now pouting while laying on the bed, like a child getting scolded by his parent, ''B-but it's also dangerous for me back in Japan. I'm already in danger because that witch wants to sell me off to the black market! We must take the risk and...whatever happens, happens.''

''Fine...fine,'' Namjoon sighed exasperated, rubbing his temple from his distress, ''Pack your bags. We'll take the last train to Daegu. Tonight. The sooner we find the guy, the better-''

Jimin immediately got up from the bed he was sitting on and hugged Namjoon from his excitement, ''Thank you for believing in me, hyung~don't worry everything will go well!''

''I hope so...''

After they packed all of their bags, they checked out of the cheap motel and headed to the train station. They hopped onto the last train that left to Daegu at midnight.

The train wasn't as crowded since it was midnight.

Jimin gazed outside of the window, enjoying the night scenery. 

While staying and growing up in Japan, he often wondered how his mother's country would be. And now, there he was.

But he probably wouldn't be staying for long.

As soon as he killed Jungkook's enemy, he'd be on his way back, taking Jungkook with him so they could marry.


Just then, it hit him. That he was going to marry and be someone's mate, very soon. He was going to marry a stranger, who also happened to be a gang leader. Oh...

''We've arrived, Jimin. Next stop is Daegu--get up,'' His thoughts were interrupted by Namjoon shaking his body so they could get up for the next stop, ''Kay...'' 

Jimin picked up his things and they hopped off the train together.

Since it was midnight, they searched for another cheap motel to stay at. The Alpha at the lobby asked if he and Namjoon were mates, but Namjoon awkwardly denied it right away and said they were brothers.

They ended up sleeping in a cheap dusty old room of a motel again.

Tomorrow, they would start investigating the strip club and gain more information about the gang leader they had to kill.

''Night, Jimin,'' Namjoon was resting on the single bed next to Jimin's, trying to make himself comfortable on the very uncomfortable mattress.

''Good night, Hyung...'' Jimin tossed in his bed and tried to fall asleep, even though the dust all over the room annoyed him, and the pillows were uncomfortable.

In a few days, he'd be back to his sweet home.

He prayed that he'd make it out alive, to be able to do that anyway...


Jimin hadn't heard anything from Jungkook the next few days. He figured Jungkook wasn't planning on helping him at all, wanting to see how he would do on his own.

So, with Namjoon's help, they visited and lurked around the strip club every day. They had spotted the gang leader. He was pretty old, around his early 40s, and had facial hair that looked musty. He was also chubby, but because of his strong and tall build, he didn't look so bad in the black suit he always wore.

Jimin felt repulsed by the gang leader's appearance. At least the Alpha he was going to marry...was hot.

''H-Hyung, I think we can do it...tonight,'' Jimin said while they were resting at the motel, making preparations for the assassination. ''You know what to do, right?''

Namjoon had also found where the electrical equipment of the building was.

Yes, even though he was a bodyguard, he was also familiar with electrical engineering and knew how to handle such matters. He knew everything about the electric room panels and switch bars. If he succeeded and sneaked into the electrical room of the strip club, he could easily switch off the lights for a few minutes and give Jimin enough time to escape.

''Yeah, I've found where the room is, now all we have to do...''

''Tonight! It will happen tonight, Hyung! I already have my make-up and outfit ready! You know what, Hyung? I'm going to disguise myself and tell the gang leader I'm fully Japanese and tell him that I was brought here from Japan as a gift! Do you think he'll like me if I wear my robes?''

It was Jimin's plan anyway. He could use his half identity to trick the gang leader of Daegu. He was sure it would work.

Because...who could resist his charms anyway?

''Uh, sure. That hideous jerk will fall for you whatever you do, Jimin. Alphas like him fall for any Omega that sits on their lap, don't you know how those things go?''

''Yeah, but...'' Jimin chewed on his plump lower lip from his nervousness, ''W-what if it's not enough and he doesn't take me to a private chamber? We need to be alone so I can kill him!"

Jimin worried that his seduction wouldn't be enough. He was eager to kill the guy already. He was eager to return home with Jungkook and avenge his father. Eager to make his evil stepmother pay for everything.

''I'm sure everything will work out as we've planned,'' Namjoon patted Jimin on the shoulder, ''Now go get dressed, okay? I will also dress in all black and prepare for tonight.''


Jimin grabbed his outfit and everything else he needed and rushed to the bathroom to prepare.

Namjoon changed out of his current outfit and wore black jeans, a black blouse, black combat boots, and a black mask. While Jimin would be intruding the strip club and disguising himself as an Omega Japanese stripper, Namjoon would be waiting for Jimin's affirmation in the electrical room to turn off the electricity.

''I'm ready~how do I look?'' A few minutes later, Jimin had come out of the bathroom.

Jimin was in his favorite black flower-patterned kimono robe and had applied some make-up too. His plump lips were glossy pink and his cheeks were rosy due to the blush he had applied. 

''I'm sure that creep will fall for you right away, Jimin. Are you ready?'' Namjoon awkwardly complimented Jimin, not used to seeing Jimin this way. Jimin looked more mature in heavy make-up and his sensual robes.

Though, in Namjoon's eyes, Jimin would always be like a younger brother to him.

''Okay~let's go kill the guy~'' Jimin cheered happily, now exiting the cheap motel room with Namjoon.

Luckily the nosy Alpha wasn't at the motel lobby at the moment, so Jimin and Namjoon easily sneaked out of the motel without being seen by anyone. Their outfits were sketchy indeed, so they wouldn't want to raise any suspicions.

After walking for a few minutes, they had reached the strip club.

The strip club was decorated as any other club. It had neon lights and signs with warnings outside. Jimin could already hear loud sensual music coming from inside, a few Alphas whistling and growling at the sight of the strippers.

''Alright, then. Here we go,'' Namjoon sighed, starting to feel nervous, ''When you're ready, send me the signal and I'll switch all the lights, yeah?''

''Okay!'' Jimin was entering the strip club, while Namjoon headed to the back of the building and found the electrical room. He'd remain in a hideout, waiting for Jimin to send the signal.

Jimin nervously entered the club and was appalled by the sight.

It was the first time he was met with so much nudity in his life.

Yes, even though he was an adult, he was still a little innocent when it came to such things. He wasn't used to seeing naked people, especially not naked Omegas like himself. Most of the Omega strippers of the club were dancing naked on stage. Some of them were even touching themselves with lewd expressions on their faces.

Jimin was blushing from the sight.

But then he snapped out of it, realizing that he had come to this place for a mission: to kill Jungkook's enemy and win him over.

''Alright...let's see, where is that creep?'' Jimin took a deep breath and walked further into the club, spotting a few Alphas dressed in black suits, having a smoke and drinks among each other.

A few Omega strippers were also sitting on the Alpha's laps, entertaining them.

Jimin wondered where or how could he start. Should he try to dance on stage or immediately sit on someone's lap and bewitch them with his beauty?

'' harder than I expected-'' Jimin sighed again, feeling frustrated and anxious. What if he was unable to seduce the Alpha gang leader and his plan failed? What if things got out of hand and he got killed instead?

But then, he felt someone poke his back, ''What-''

''Are you new here? Haven't seen you around?'' It was another Omega, wearing a lingerie piece, revealing his thighs and long legs, showing off his curves perfectly, ''Oh, but are you...also not from here? Your you from Japan?''

The blonde-haired Omega looked at Jimin up and down, startled to see him here. Jimin was new for sure. But he had such a pretty doll face.

''Y-yes, I'm from Japan--I came here as a gift and--''

''Oh~you know how to speak Korean well?'' The Omega smiled as he heard Jimin speak, ''Let me show you around then?~'' The Omega offered, Jimin shyly nodding, starting to follow the Omega around the club.

''I usually dance on stage...but since you're such a doll, I think you'd be better off being an escort baby.''

''E-escort baby?'' 

What the hell did this mean?

Jimin was clueless when it came to strip clubs.

Maybe he should have done better research but-

''It means that you escort the Alphas and remain by their side, while they smoke and get wasted in this club. See over there?'' Jimin glanced a bit further away from them. He could see a few Omegas seated on the Alpha's laps. He could see an Alpha groping a poor Omega, while he was smoking and chattering with his friends.

''O-oh, I see, so....i...'' Jimin hoped he'd be able to seduce the leader and take him to a private place. ''What happens if the Alpha wants to be...a-alone with you?'' Jimin pretended to stutter, wanting to give a cute innocent image to the other Omega stripper.

''Then, you will take the Alpha to the VIP rooms over there. See the sign over there? Only those who have a VIP can access the private rooms.'' The Omega explained, pointing at the red door afar of them.

''Oh, okay...'' Jimin felt a little more hopeful this time. He could do it. He'd seduce the Alpha gang leader, take him to the VIP room, and kill him without getting caught.

After the Omega showed him around, he urged Jimin to attend the VIP area of the club and escort a few Alphas to get the hang of it. Of course, Jimin scanned the area with his eyes and searched for the repulsive gang leader.

Then, he had spotted him.

He was a bit further away in the corner, sitting at a rounded table with a bunch of his friends, well, business partners. Jimin approached their side, hoping he could gain the leader's interest.

He wasn't sure what the strippers of the club did to gain attention from the Alphas. Jimin decided to head over to the rounded table and hand over some drinks to them, as most Omegas did.

And of course, as he approached the table, everyone was mesmerized by his beauty.

They were also surprised to see Jimin in a different outfit than most Omegas of this club. Jimin was the only stripper that was in his kimono robes. The other Omegas usually walked around in lingerie, half-naked in revealing outfits. Some of them even walked around naked, having no shame.

But Jimin looked very elegant and classy in his pretty kimono robes. It was a beauty they had never seen before.

The Alpha gang leader was enchanted to say the least.

''Oi, where did you come from, Omega?'' The gang leader questioned Jimin, pulling him by the hand, bringing him closer. Before Jimin had the chance to say anything, the leader sat him on his lap, making Jimin squeal slightly, ''I... I've come as a gift from J-japan!''

Jimin figured to speak in a cute innocent voice and not raise any suspicions.

The Alpha found Jimin very pretty, so he decided to keep him on his lap, to keep himself entertained. ''Keep me and my friends some company then, will you, pretty doll?''

''Kay...I mean, yes! I will!'' Jimin felt sick to his stomach hearing the gang leader call him a doll. He only liked it when Jungkook used this pet name with him.

And like that, Jimin remained on his lap, trying to keep him entertained, while the Alpha spoke with another gang leader. Jimin wasn't familiar with the crime world yet, but he could overhear the leader and his group talk about loan sharks. He also heard them talk about smuggling an illegal drug from Beijing.

And while the Alpha was talking business, he was also enjoying having a doll-faced Omega like Jimin on his lap. Jimin could feel the repulsive leader rub his thighs now and then. Jimin almost squealed when he felt the leader grope his plush ass too.

Jimin felt like crying at that moment and wanted to kick the gross leader in the balls, but he tried to remain calm and look unfazed by his behavior. He had to kill this fucker, no matter what. He couldn't miss this chance because he was...scared.

After a few more minutes of Jimin getting groped by the leader and hearing them talk about an illegal Omega trafficking ring, the Alpha suggested it to Jimin. 

''Let's go somewhere private, pretty doll. I'm done with these guys, so keep me some more company, hm?'' He whispered to Jimin's ear, making Jimin's skin crawl. His voice was as repulsive as he was.

''Y-yes, sir,'' The Alpha pushed him off his lap and they walked over to one of the VIP rooms.

It was happening. They were going to be alone now. It was Jimin's chance to kill him.

As they reached the VIP room, Jimin was surprised to see the private chamber be decorated in red everywhere. The bed covers, pillows, the walls, the furniture, the couch. Everything was in a hot red color, making Jimin feel like he was in the devil's lair. And well, in a way, he was.

''Let's not waste any time, shall we, doll?'' The Alpha sat on the comfortable red couch and pulled Jimin onto his lap. Jimin was straddling his lap now, hesitating a little. What was he supposed to do?

He tried to be seductive and confident, but he wasn't sure how to do this. He was...actually a virgin and very inexperienced when it came to mating with Alphas.

He started kissing the Alpha on his sensitive spots, searching for his scent gland. He didn't want to kiss him on the lips. He didn't want his first kiss to be with a creep like him. He wanted his first kiss to be with someone special!

After planting soft kisses all over his neck, the Alpha tried to strip Jimin off his clothes. No, he was about to tear the kimono apart. Jimin panicked and let out a shy laugh, ''I...let me make you feel good first by u-using my mouth, sir.''

The Alpha nodded, eager to see how Jimin's pretty mouth would feel wrapped around his cock. He was already getting hard just by thinking about it.

So, like that, Jimin went down to his knees, in between the Alpha's lap, starting to stroke him through his pants. He felt sick to his stomach while doing this, but he continued, the Alpha unzipping his pants.

While the Alpha was taking off his boxers, too dazed by all the alcohol he had consumed to notice, Jimin quickly took his phone out of his robes and send a text message signal to Namjoon.

''I'm in the VIP room with him close the lights in a minute. do it now!''

After he succeeded and sent the message, he was startled to see the Alpha's thick cock in front of him. ''S-sir, i...''

''You said you'd make me feel good, so do it. Suck me off.'' The Alpha gripped Jimin by the hair and was ready to ram his cock onto Jimin's mouth but suddenly, Jimin pulled away, escaping from his tight grasp.

''Die you fucking creep!'' With a swift move, he brought out a sharp blade from the black thigh stockings he was wearing beneath his robes. The Alpha gasped when he saw the sharp blade, but wasn't quick enough to fight back or escape. With one move, Jimin was able to...slit his throat.

As soon as the blade sliced the Alpha's throat, the lights went out. Namjoon had succeeded as well!

''O-oh, god...I should get out of here...'' Jimin felt repulsed by the sight and the smell. There was blood gushing out everywhere from the now-deceased Alpha leader. The metallic smell of the blood made Jimin want to puke. And he did.

As he escaped from the window, he landed on the ground and ended up vomiting in a bush near by.

Yes, he may have succeeded in killing Jungkook's enemy, but he was horrified. This was his first kill. His first murder.

Thinking about it again, he felt sick and vomited for a second time.

''Jimin!'' Namjoon was running towards his side, spotting him near the bushes, ''Are you alright?! Did you kill him?'' Namjoon asked, sounding very concerned. He was relieved to see Jimin had come alive out of that club.

''Y-yes, i...I mean...I killed him b-but...i ...i feel strange. this how you feel after y-you kill someone?'' Jimin was trembling a little, a few tears rising in his eyes.

Was it because he was a weak Omega that he was crying? Or was it...because it was a normal reaction anyone would have while being faced with murder?

''It's alright, Jimin. Don't worry. It's okay to feel this way. I also felt sick after my first kill. I was even younger than you when I first killed someone and cried too.'' Namjoon smiled, reminiscing bittersweet memories of the past, ''Your father even called me a weak coward back then,''

''It's it because I'm an Omega that I feel this way? I...never want to do it again-oh god...just thinking about it...the way I sliced him up with the knife-'' Jimin sniffled, now crying in Namjoon's arms.

After he had brought out the blade from his stockings, he felt pretty powerful and ready to kill. But after the blade had sliced the Alpha's neck, he felt...very differently.

''No, trust me. You're not crying because you're a weak Omega. It's normal to feel this way, whether you're an Omega or an Alpha, okay? N-now, let's get the hell out of here before the lights come again!''

''K-kay...let's go..'' Jimin wiped away his tears and ran away from the strip club with Namjoon. They managed to sneak into the cheap motel without being seen by anyone, and quickly changed out of their clothes and cleaned up.

Jimin's pretty kimono robes were all covered in blood, so he decided to burn them and get rid of them for good.

He was now in his fluffy pajamas, feeling slightly better than before, resting on the uncomfortable mattress.

''Alert Jeon Jungkook that we've killed that jerk and let's get this over with, yeah?''

''I'll send him a message now, Hyung.''



It was currently 3 am, but Jungkook was browsing on the internet, reading an article of a recent case of an illegal drug trade that had happened in China. He was still in his black suit, his purple-dyed hair tied in a bun, sitting in his office.

His pleasant reading was interrupted by one of his informants barging into his office. ''Hyungnim!'' 

''Yeah, what is it?'' Jungkook clicked his tongue in annoyance, turning around with his leather chair to face the informant, that looked rather panicked at that moment. 

''Hyungnim! Have you heard! The Viper was murdered a few hours ago!'' The informant revealed to Jungkook, taking him aback. His biggest enemy, Viper, gang leader of Daegu was gone?

It was the best news he could receive tonight.

But who was behind the murder? Could it be....the pretty Omega?

No way, right? Did he actually do it?

''Do we know how he was killed, and by whom?'' Jungkook wondered, closing his laptop, not interested in reading about drug trading anymore.

''The only thing we know is that he was killed by a blade--his throat was sliced up like a piece of meat with the knife--whoever did this must be rather skillful with knives. But hyungnim-''

Jungkook let out a laugh, finding this very hilarious.

The infamous gang leader of Daegu had died in his strip club. The club that so many smuggled Omegas worked at. The poor Omegas that were abused would finally have some justice.

''How delightful, that this piece of shit was killed in his own club, by the hands of a pretty Omega,'' Jungkook was smiling widely, finding this situation very amusing.

''Pretty Omega?'' The informant tilted his head in confusion. Did his boss know something about this case that he didn't?

Just now, Jimin had sent many pictures to Jungkook as proof, to show him that he was at the strip club and had killed the gang leader with his blade. He also sent a text message to him.

''I killed your enemy as you ordered me to do. Now, will you come to Japan with me and help me out, Mister~?''

The pretty Omega had managed to kill the guy after all. Jungkook was impressed by him, he couldn't lie.

''Hm, gather everyone around, will you? I have an important announcement to make..''

''Yes, hyungnim!'' The informant bowed to Jungkook and rapidly exited the office to call for the others.

Once everyone had gathered around the office, Jungkook was in the middle, ready to announce the news to them. That he was going to marry and mate with an Omega and move with him to Japan.

''Hyungnim, are you sure about this?'' One of the members asked, sounding very confused after hearing Jungkook's announcement. All of Jungkook's gang was very confused and shocked to hear the sudden announcement.

Their boss that was never interested in mating with Omegas getting married, even moving to Japan with them? They couldn't believe it.

But of course, Jungkook was their boss. They were loyal to Jungkook and would support him no matter what.

Jungkook also felt a little hesitant about this. But he was intrigued by Jimin.

And...exploring the Japanese market for a while, wouldn't hurt his gang.

''Don't worry, everyone. We won't stay for long. We will spread our wings and explore the Japanese market for a while...'' Jungkook said, the others listening to him carefully, ''And the deal will be over after the first year. I'm sure the pretty Omega won't last for that long anyway. I'll get rid of him...if I have to.''

It's not like Jungkook was marrying Jimin because he had fallen for him.

Yes, he couldn't deny that Jimin was the prettiest doll, but Jungkook valued his gang and business more than anything else...

Or at least, that was what he thought for now.

He didn't know what was waiting for him in the future.

Maybe, Jimin would become as important as his gang to him, or even surpass them.


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Chapter Text

''Hyungnim, are you certain about this deal? There's still time to if you've changed your mind—'' Everyone had packed for their long trip to Japan. Jungkook's 20 gang members were all set to follow their leader in Japan.

They had of course traveled many times for business deals, illegal trading, even assassinations. But it was never something like this; their boss getting into an arranged marriage with an Omega.

Jungkook's members still couldn't believe that their boss was going to marry. And that someone was an Omega whose father was a notorious gang leader in Japan. Well, he was now deceased, so what did it matter?

They just hoped their boss wasn't tricked into a trap and that this deal would be beneficial for them in some way. They were like a family, and deeply cared about Jungkook.

Yes, perhaps they were criminals that participated in illegal activities every day, but they were family. Jungkook had handpicked all of them and gave their life some purpose. Most of them were outcasts in society, and now, they were Jeon Jungkook's gang members.

''Yes, we will proceed with the deal,'' Jungkook turned around, answering his worrying member.

He was currently in his small office, gazing out of the window one last time. He had already packed most of his belongings, his dark purple hair tied in a bun again, and wearing a typical black suit. All members wore a similar black suit with their boss and had their hair in a bun. They had the same tiger tattoo on their biceps that represented the gang's strength and power.

''Hyungnim-'' The member wanted to voice his concerns when his phone had started to ring.

''Hm, it is my future mate. What could he possibly want from me?'' Jungkook sighed softly and picked up. Before he had the chance to speak, Jimin was already whining to him through the phone, ''Are you coming or not, Misterr Gangster~? You made a deal with me, so where are you~?''

Jimin's loud whines could be heard everywhere in Jungkook's office, that even the other gang member that was with him felt startled.

Jungkook chuckled at his loud whines and responded, ''Ah, I forgot to tell you about this, doll. We'll be flying to Japan with my jet. It'd be highly suspicious if all of us used the public airlines, don't you think?''

''You have a jet?'' Jimin sounded shocked, making Jungkook laugh a little, ''Yes, I'm sure your father must have had dozens of private jets too. I'll text you the address, so meet me in thirty minutes.''


Like that, he hung up and put his phone away. The gang member remained silent and followed his boss outside.

Jungkook had made his decision. He was going to keep his promise and help Jimin out. But he was going to make sure he benefited from the deal too.

And maybe in a year or two, he'd abandon Jimin and everything else behind him.

It wasn't like him to get married and settle down with an Omega anyways...


Thirty minutes later, Jimin and Namjoon had arrived at the address Jungkook had sent to them. It was a smaller airport where the private jet would be taking off. This way, they wouldn't raise any suspicions.

Because, what would happen if a whole army of men in black suits emerged into a public airline? Most people would freak out for sure.

In Jungkook's private jet, they had privacy and safety. Jungkook even managed to smuggle a few of his favorite guns and weapons with him.

''Oh? Is this all of your gang?'' Jimin tilted his head from his confusion, being met with Jungkook's gang. He was surprised to see the short number of Jungkook's gang members. 20 Alphas in black suits. All of them looked very intimidating and had a very muscular build, similar to Jungkook's.

Jungkook took a step closer and was now facing Jimin's pretty doll face, his blond bangs peeking from the silk scarf he had wrapped around his head again.

''We might not be a huge family, but my men are loyal to me and would die for me. Unlike the men of your father, sweetheart. Didn't you say it yourself...that someone betrayed him?''

A pout had formed across Jimin's plump lips, hearing Jungkook's words, ''W-whatever, just get on the jet with your stupid gang, will you?!''

Jungkook let out a chuckle and walked towards the boarding steps, now entering the private jet. Jungkook's members followed behind, then Jimin and Namjoon were the last ones to enter.

As they stepped into the jet, they were mesmerized by the interior design.

Of course, Namjoon had seen many jets like these due to Jimin's father. But Jimin had always been sheltered, so this was his first time being in a private jet.

He walked along the cabin area and sat down on one of the soft leather chairs, Namjoon sitting close to him. Jungkook's gang members sat a bit further away, spreading out in groups of 5.

The cabin floor was wooden, so Jimin could hear each step that was happening around him.

And then, he could see Jungkook walking towards them. He figured Jungkook was sitting with them. And he was.

''Oh, don't be so grumpy darling,'' Jungkook smiled at Jimin, putting his seat belt on as he sat down on the chair, ''I'll be your husband soon, is this how you're going to treat me? After everything, I'm willing to do for you?''

Jimin pouted and looked away from him, ''I'm not in the mood to talk right now. We can talk about business when we land and-''

''Alright,'' Jungkook sighed, ''What about you over there?'' Jungkook was looking at Namjoon now, ''I still don't know who you are, but you seem to be close with Jimin?''

''Me?'' Namjoon slowly turned around, as he was too immersed in his thoughts, gazing outside of the circular window, ''Ah... I'm Jimin's bodyguard.''

''I see,'' Jungkook nodded, then scooted closer so Jimin, who was sitting next to them, couldn't hear them. ''Do you perhaps like Jimin?''

''What?'' Namjoon frowned at his words, ''What do you mean?''

''You know....would you sleep with him?'' Jungkook was just a little curious and bored. He figured to mess around and ask questions about Jimin to Namjoon. He could tell Namjoon and Jimin were close, so he thought he could gather useful information from him.

''W-what? No!'' Namjoon's face grimaced just by the thought. Yes, maybe Jimin was the prettiest Omega he had ever encountered, but to him, Jimin would always be just like a younger brother.

He had raised and protected Jimin ever since he was young, so he could never see him differently.

''Jimin is like my baby brother. I have been by his side ever since he was a teen! I'd never—''

''Alright, alright~'' Jungkook slightly rolled his eyes and sighed, ''Just thought to know, I was wondering if I'd have some type of competition in Japan.''

''Well, you don't have to worry about that.'' Namjoon said, then started to whisper so Jimin wouldn't hear him, ''Jimin has never shown any interest in anyone, and always rejects anyone that tries to approach him, so you're good.''

''Hm, really?'' Jungkook glanced at Jimin for a moment, who was currently eating the meal the flight attendants had given him. He was feasting on a chicken wing at the moment, some of the spicy sauce already coating his plump lips.

''How odd. I thought a pretty Omega like Jimin would have Alphas battling for him,''

''He does...have Alphas fighting over him, but once they find out about his father, they give up on him.'' Namjoon explained, Jungkook nodding, ''It is the fate of a gang leader's child, I suppose...''

''But i....'' Namjoon started to speak, slipping away from the subject they were talking about, ''I wish Jimin didn't get involved in this. I wish...his father was still alive and focused on his studies and becoming a normal young adult. I don't think...Jimin is ready for this. Especially not with the current state, the gang's in.''

''What state? You already have a new successor, don't you?''

''Yes, Jimin's older step-brother is the new leader, and the mother is like...the second leader, since she's his mother,'' Namjoon explained with a sigh, ''But...even if you killed off his stepmother and siblings, I don't think...the gang would accept Jimin. They had never liked Jimin and only respected him because of his father. The truth is...that if Jimin wasn't Kazuo's son, the members would treat Jimin as they treat any Omega; as their sex slave...''

It was the harsh truth that Jimin didn't want to accept.

The fact that his father's gang members would probably never accept him because he was viewed as a silly little toy by them. To them, he was just a pretty doll, a useless Omega, and nothing else.

So what would happen after Jimin got his revenge and killed his evil stepmother and foolish siblings? Probably nothing. Or maybe, things would get worse...

But Jimin didn't want to think about it at the moment. He was blinded by his thirst for revenge, that he couldn't see how reckless his plan was.

''I see,'' Jungkook was now immersed in thoughts too, contemplating how to deal with Jimin's situation.

If he assassinated Jimin's family for him, wouldn't he be the first one as a suspect and get into trouble?

He had to find some other way and help Jimin.

''What are you two whispering about? Did you form a friendship with my bodyguard already?'' Jimin spoke, noticing the two of them whispering closely to each other, ''You know there are no secrets between me and Namjoon hyung~you better not be keeping anything from me!''

''No, darling. I was just asking Namjoon about you, so I can be the perfect husband for you obviously,'' Jungkook replied, showing off a smile to Jimin again.

Jimin just sighed and rolled his eyes at him, no longer gazing towards them.

After that, all three of them remained silent in their seats. Jungkook and Namjoon also had a light meal that was given by the flight attendants and waited for the landing.

Jimin dozed off the last thirty minutes, and when he woke up, they had finally landed.

''Finally!'' Jimin undid his seatbelt and rushed out of the jet as soon as they landed. Namjoon followed behind, carrying their luggage with him.

Jungkook also stepped out of the jet, his members following behind.

After grabbing all of their belongings, they were transferred outside of the small airport in a black van. Namjoon had called for the van to take them to the villa Jimin's family stayed at.

Jimin was so happy he was back home, while the rest were anxious for what was waiting for them.

Jimin's father had bought many villas around the country, but the one they currently lived in, was a luxurious villa, in a very rich neighborhood that was full of luxurious houses with swimming pools, tea houses, tennis courts, and enormous gardens.

As they got out of the black van, Jimin eagerly walked through the stone path, on his way to the luxurious villas they lived in. The villa was near the lake, so the others were met with the majestic sight of the lake.

There were many blossoming flowers and plants as they walked into the garden of the estate building together.

Jungkook's gang followed their leader from behind, as he too, was following Jimin inside to the villa.

Well, of course, as they had reached the door, a guard was waiting. You couldn't access the villa as easily. You had to surpass the guard and then try to trespass and hack the password codes and door that was made out of steel.

''Ah, Jimin-kun, you're back from your trip?'' The muscular Japanese guard that was always sitting behind the main door greeted Jimin with a smile, Jimin smiling back at him, ''Yes! I brought some company with me! Do you think mother will mind?''

Jimin said as he pointed back to Jungkook and his 20 men. The guard stared back at them in shock. Judging by their black suits and intimidating aura, he could tell they were also gangsters, just like they were.

''I-i see, please do come in, Jimin-kun. I'm sure your mother will be delighted.'' The guard stuttered slightly, feeling nervous about the current situation. Who were all those men, and why had Jimin brought them back with him?

The guard was a little curious to find out.

And with Jimin's invitation, Namjoon, Jungkook, and his gang had entered the luxurious villa.

''What is all this?'' As soon as they had trespassed the villa, they were met with Jimin's evil stepmother. Her voice echoed through the spacious living room, making everyone stare at her. She was currently wearing one of her favorite silk dresses, her hair tied up in a bun, decorated with a few hairpins her deceased husband had gifted to her.

''Mother!'' Jimin slightly bowed to her, then walked closer to her, ''I'm back~and guess what? I'm getting married!'' Jimin announced so abruptly, shocking the elderly Omega, ''...What did you just say?'' She instantly frowned hearing his words, her expression becoming sour as always.

''You see, mother, while traveling to my mother's hometown, I met this Alpha and I instantly fell in love with him so I brought him back with me! There he is over there, in the back!'' Jimin was enthusiastically putting on a show, lying to his evil stepmother.

Jungkook walked towards them as well, so he could introduce himself. ''Greetings, ma'am.'' He bowed to the female Omega, who was currently giving the both of them a death glare.

She was mad because of the sudden announcement but also annoyed because if Jimin got married to this gang leader, he'd have a powerful Alpha husband by his side. Would she be able to get rid of him this way?

''Mother! Aren't you happy that I'm finally settling down with someone?'' Jimin said, having a fake pout on his lips.

''And...and you also happen to be a gang leader then?'' Jimin's stepmother said, ignoring Jimin's whines, glancing at Jungkook's 20 members at the back. The number was nothing compared to their syndicate, but she could tell...they were powerful.

''Yes, ma'am. This is my gang. We might not be a lot in numbers, but I can assure you, we make a great team together.'' Jungkook stated confidently, Kanae gazing at them warily, letting out a sigh. ''And for what reason do you wish to marry this brat?''

Jungkook let out a small chuckle, realizing that the elderly female Omega didn't like Jimin at all. Now, he understood what Jimin had said about her. That she was an evil witch that was desperate to get rid of him.

''Is there a reason to marry nowadays? We simply love each other and want to become one with marriage,'' Jungkook said with a smile, placing his arms around Jimin's shoulders, surprising everyone, even Jimin himself.

He wasn't expecting Jungkook to touch him right in front of everyone.

But Jungkook wanted to put on a good act and make everyone believe...that they were actually in love.

Kanae let another loud sigh and rolled her eyes hearing their words, no longer gazing at them, ''As you wish. Your love life is not a concern of mine. You and your silly bodyguard can make preparations for the wedding. And...our family will join in the celebration,''

It's not like the gang would care about Jimin's love life either. They couldn't say no and go against the wedding, as they had no reasons to be against it. They believed nothing was going to change and that Jeon Jungkook was a harmless foolish gangster from Busan.

They weren't aware of what Jimin was planning behind their back, just yet.


''Are you ready for the wedding, Jimin?'' After a few days of preparations, Jimin and Jungkook's wedding day had come. Of course, Namjoon was the one in charge and had taken care of everything. Other than being Jimin's bodyguard, he was also a wedding planner now.

Jimin chose to have a modern wedding and not go fully traditional, so Namjoon had found a suitable chapel for their wedding in Kyoto. Of course, Jungkook's gang would be there, along with Jimin's syndicate.

''Yeah,'' Jimin sighed softly, checking out his outfit one more time. In a few minutes, he'd be walking to the chapel and marry Jungkook. Unfortunately, Jimin's father was deceased so he couldn't walk down the aisle with him. Instead, Namjoon would be taking Jimin to Jungkook and walk with him.

''Do you think my dress looks pretty?'' Jimin asked his bodyguard, turning around to face him.

Namjoon was also the one to help Jimin find the perfect wedding dress. Yes, he may have struggled and felt very awkward by doing this, but Jimin didn't have anyone else to help him. His stepmother wasn't cooperative at all and let Namjoon handle everything.

Luckily, they had managed to find a pretty wedding dress for Jimin to wear. It would be his wedding after all. He had to look pretty, even if the marriage was simply a marriage of convenience.

''Of course, you look very pretty, Jimin,'' Namjoon said, smiling at Jimin. Jimin's wedding dress was a white-colored majestic dress with a long train using cord lace. On his shoulders, he had an elegant lace jacket with pagoda sleeves to complete his look. He had a crystal headband on his head and wore diamond earrings that matched with the dress.

Now, he was ready to go.

''I'm sure your father is watching you as well and is happy to see you, Jimin,'' Namjoon added, still smiling fondly at Jimin. He was genuinely happy for Jimin, hoping nothing bad would happen to them in the future. He hoped Jungkook wouldn't betray or hurt Jimin...

He hoped Jimin wouldn't mindlessly fall in love with Jungkook and do reckless things...

''I'm sure he is...'' Jimin sighed and smiled at Namjoon, ''Let's get going then, Namjoon hyung~i'm sure Mister gangster is waiting for me. We shouldn't keep him know how gangsters are, right?''

Namjoon let out a small laugh and linked arms with Jimin carefully, walking out of the dressing room.

Namjoon was in a typical black tuxedo suit, like most Alphas wore in the wedding venue, and guided Jimin to the chapel, where Jungkook and the others were waiting.

A few moments later, they had arrived at the chapel. The inside of the chapel was surrounded by wood. The ceiling, the floor, the seats. Everything was covered by wood, even the center of the stage, where Jungkook was waiting for Jimin along with the priest.

Jimin made eye contact with the Alpha gangster he was going to marry.

Jungkook was also in a very simple black tuxedo suit, his eccentric purple hair tied up in a bun as always. Though, he looked as handsome as ever. In Jimin's eyes, he was the most handsome Alpha in the chapel, maybe in the whole world.

Jimin felt enamored by the Alpha's looks since their first encounter at the beach back in Busan. Yes, perhaps it was pretty shallow of him to fall for an Alpha solely for his looks...

But he didn't care.

Namjoon walked down the aisle with Jimin and left him with Jungkook and the pastor. He sat a bit further away to enjoy the wedding ceremony, and now, Jimin was opposite of his soon-to-be husband, Jungkook. The pastor had started to proclaim a personal message to the couple after finishing his scripture reading and prayers.

Now, it was time for them to exchange vows.

Jimin did feel a little startled when Jungkook grabbed his hands and pulled him slightly closer. He had a sneaky smile plastered to his face, while the pastor was starting again.

The wedding guests, Jimin's family, and Jungkook's gang members all watched in anticipation, hearing the couple exchange vows in front of them.

''Do you, Jeon Jungkook, take this Omega to be...'' The pastor finished his sentence, and Jungkook responded with a smile looking at Jimin, ''I do.''

For a second, Jimin felt like he was marrying the Alpha in front of him out of love.

''Do you, Park Jimin, take this Alpha to be....'' The pastor turned to Jimin, Jimin also responding the same as Jungkook, ''I-i do...''

After the reciting of the vows was over, the ring exchange was next. Jimin wasn't so sure what rings Jungkook would bring. He remembered Namjoon telling him that Jungkook would take care of the rings.

And then, he saw Jungkook bring the rings out of his pocket. They were typical golden wedding rings, but Jimin still couldn't hesitate to ask, ''Y-you didn't steal them from a jewelry shop, did you?'' Jimin whispered so the pastor and the others couldn't hear.

Jungkook let out a chuckle, as he placed the ring on Jimin's finger, ''I'm deeply hurt by your accusation, my future wife,''

Jimin sighed softly and rolled his eyes at him, now also placing the ring on Jungkook's finger.

As the ring exchange was over, the pastor made their marriage official, ''I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride...''

Jungkook smoothly wrapped his arm around Jimin's waist and pulled him closer, leaning in for a kiss. Jimin was very inexperienced compared to Jungkook and let Jungkook handle everything.

Jimin instantly melted through the passionate and sweet kiss Jungkook was giving him. It was the first time an Alpha wasn't sloppily kissing him. And despite Jungkook's appearance and position, his lips and the way he kissed Jimin, was very soft and gentle.

Out of his shyness, Jimin pulled away a few moments later, feeling too embarrassed to share such a kiss in front of everyone at the chapel. He could already hear everyone cheer, congratulating them for their wedding.

''W-what was that?'' Jimin whispered to Jungkook, trying so hard not to smack him on the chest in front of everyone. His cheeks were flushed red and he could barely form a sentence from his shyness.

''What do you think? I kissed you, darling. Married couples usually kiss, don't they—?''

''W-whatever, did you have to kiss me for such a long time?!'' Jimin whined at his now-husband, still feeling very flustered and shy.

''Let's get this over with already, darling,'' Jungkook ignored his cries and linked arms with Jimin, now starting to walk down the aisle together. The wedding guests cheered for their union as they walked, all of them congratulating them.

Jimin could see Namjoon through the crowd, also cheering for them. He was a little sad and wished his father could be alive to see him get married as well...

After everyone in the chapel had congratulated them and gave them their blessings, they all headed to the banquet hall to celebrate the wedding with the guests.

Jimin and Jungkook had received so many congratulations and wishes, that they'd lost count.

Now, Jimin was sitting with Jungkook and his close family members at a round table. The decorations of the banquet hall were all in white: white tablecloth, white plates, and cutlery, white seats, white flowers, and ribbons. Jimin had also changed out of his wedding dress and was now in his white bridal kimono to be more comfortable for the celebration.

''A shame that my dear Kazuo isn't here to see you get betrothed to an Alpha,'' Kanae said, as she took a sip of sake. She was sitting opposite of Jimin, also in a pretty kimono dress. Jimin's two step-siblings were standing near her, in darker robes.

''Let's not make our bride miserable, shall we, Kanae-san?'' Namjoon interfered, not wanting to let the elderly Omega ruin the celebration for Jimin, ''I'm sure Kazuo is happy wherever he is, watching our Jimin today!''

While the others were reminiscing his father, Jimin was silent and started consuming some sake as well. He wasn't interested in the many fish dishes that were served to them and focused on silently drinking sake.

Jungkook's gang was spread a bit further away from them and were enjoying the feast, while Jungkook himself was sitting next to Jimin, finding the celebration very boring.

''Don't you think you're drinking too much, darling?'' Jungkook leaned in and whispered to Jimin's ear, noticing how much he was drinking. Jimin had practically stolen the flask of sake and was drinking it by himself.

''Stop t-talking to me in Korean~people will think we're plotting something together, Mister gangster~'' Jimin replied to him, sounding pretty drunk already. Jungkook noticed how Jimin's cheeks were already burning up from all the sake he had consumed. ''Fine, I'll talk to you in Japanese. Don't make fun of my accent though,'' He pouted at Jimin, then fake smiled as the others at the table were staring at them.

And after everyone was finished feasting on the meals and drinks, it was time for the couple to make a toast, and have a final dance together.

Jimin was too drunk to even get up, so Jungkook made a toast for him instead.

While Jimin was drunkenly mumbling to Jungkook and clinging to him by the waist, Jungkook had raised his cup of sake and made a toast, thanking everyone for attending.

''Oh my, aren't you two going to dance?'' Kanae wondered, eyeing the two of them suspiciously, ''It is that brat's wedding day after all,'' A few of the wedding guests had already started to dance in the center of the banquet hall. Kanae was also thinking of dancing along with her eldest son.

But Jimin was drunk out of his mind and would collapse on the floor if he tried to get up from his seat.

''It seems that my Omega can't function at this moment. Perhaps...we should return home?'' Jungkook was holding his very drunk Omega in his arms at that moment, trying to keep him in place. Jimin kept squirming and mumbling drunkenly about whatever. Jungkook couldn't understand what he was mumbling about anyways.

''Do as you like. I couldn't care less about that brat anyway,'' Kanae said, her usual sour expression on her face, walking away from them. Jungkook saw the elderly Omega heading to the stage so she could dance with her two sons.

While Namjoon was not in the mood to dance and remained in his seat, watching the chaos unfold in front of him. Then, he spotted Jimin and Jungkook, who were practically wrestling.

''Is...Jimin drunk?'' Namjoon asked as he walked by their side, ''You should take him home before any secrets slip away from his lips,''

Jungkook chuckled at his words, while Jimin was now rambling about Namjoon that had shown up, ''Namjoon hyung~~when are you going to get marrrieeeeed? I know many pretty Omegas from school~can hook you up with them if you want~~you want to get laid too, don't youu?''

Namjoon was horrified by Jimin's drunken suggestion, while Jungkook found it quite hilarious. ''It seems that my mate is very drunk. I shall take him home then,''

''Y-yes, please do. A-and...take care of him, will you? I'll be assuming that you won't take advantage of him while he's in this state-'' Jungkook was an Alpha with needs after all. Namjoon of course didn't fully trust to leave him all alone with Jimin.

''I'm hurt by your words, Namjoon-ssi. You think I'd take advantage of a drunk Omega?'' Jungkook fake pouted and helped Jimin get up from his seat, now holding onto him for support so they could walk together.

Namjoon just let out a sigh and watched them walk together on stage.

Jungkook announced to all the guests.

''Me and Jimin will be returning home, as my cute mate is not feeling so well. I hope you understand and thank you, everyone, for coming! It has been such a wonderful time!'' Jungkook felt quite confident with his Japanese at that moment and didn't worry as much, since everyone cheered and congratulated them again after his speech.

''Hyungnim. Do you want a few of us to return home with you?'' Before Jungkook could exit the venue with a very drunk Jimin hanging from his waist, his members had found him.

''No, I won't be needing you for tonight. Remain here and I'll notify you by tomorrow.'' Jungkook said, his members nodding obediently.

They remained at the banquet hall with the rest of the quests, Namjoon among them.

Kanae and the others would be returning home a few hours later and would bring all the gifts and money they had received from the wedding.

''Where are you taking me, Mister gangster?~'' Jimin mumbled as he felt Jungkook's strong arms lifting his body, now carrying him in bridal style. He could barely open his eyes from his exhaustion, and his head was spinning. Why did he have to drink so much?

''We're home, sweetheart. You need to rest, don't you think?'' Without any warning, Jungkook entered Jimin's bedroom and placed Jimin on the bed. It was just the two of them at the villa now, that there was complete silence on the upper floor.

Everyone believed that the married couple wanted to be alone and spend the night together, and mate.

But how could they, when Jimin was like this?

''Mm~are we finally home? Missed my bed so much~~'' Jimin continued his drunken talking tossing around his bed, while Jungkook was starting to undress, wanting to take off that tuxedo suit he was wearing. The suit wasn't like the usual ones he wore, and it irritated his skin. He also untied his hair that was tied in a bun for so long.

Now, he was only in some black boxers and decided to join Jimin on the bed. He figured, or hoped, Jimin wouldn't mind if they slept side by side. He wasn't planning to mate with Jimin anyways. He just...wanted to sleep.

The mattress of Jimin's bed felt very soft, and the silk velvet sheets were the richest Jungkook had ever seen.

''Try to sleep now, will you?'' Jungkook said, sighing at the state Jimin was in.

He was about to turn his back on Jimin and try to sleep himself when he felt Jimin's small hand touching his back, ''S-see, I wore...wore this for you.''

Jungkook curiously turned around to see what Jimin was mumbling about again. He was quite shocked by the sight. Jimin had taken off the white bridal kimono dress he was wearing and was now revealing his pretty lingerie to him.

Jimin was wearing a white sheer lace bodysuit underneath his dress. He was nervously hoping, or waiting to mate with Jungkook on their wedding night, so he wanted to wear something pretty for the occasion...


''Aren't you...'' Jimin hiccuped drunkenly, ''Going to mate with me, mister gangster?'' He was looking up to Jungkook with flushed cheeks and tired eyes.

''Hm,'' Jungkook let out a soft chuckle, subtly biting his lip as he observed Jimin's pretty lingerie. The sheer fabric showed off Jimin's curvaceous body perfectly and made him look very...irresistible.

''I guess you wanted to mate with me tonight, doll. You even put your pretty lingerie on....'' Jungkook gently traced the sheer fabric of the lingerie with his fingers, making Jimin squirm to the touch, ''But it won't happen in the state you're in darling. I like to fuck Omegas when they're conscious,'' He whispered close to his ear, then helped him put back his kimono.

Jimin sloppily put back on his kimono, pouting at Jungkook.

''Go to bed, babydoll. We have many things to discuss starting by tomorrow.'' Jungkook said as he made sure Jimin was all dressed again, ''You can keep your lingerie for another time.''

After that, Jimin continued with his drunk talking for a few more minutes, but Jungkook paid him no notice. Both of them slept on each side of the bed and tried to sleep.

Jimin ended up falling asleep twenty minutes later, with his head resting on Jungkook's exposed back. Jungkook didn't even notice that Jimin was curled up in a ball around him until he heard his whimpers.

A few hours later, while the both of them were in a deep sleep, Jungkook was awakened by his whimpers. Jimin next to him was whimpering and squirming in his sleep. Jungkook could even hear Jimin call out for his father in his sleep. He figured Jimin was dreaming about his father's death.

''You're such a baby, aren't you? And you wish to become...your father's replacement. Poor thing.'' Jungkook mumbled to himself as he turned around and pulled Jimin closer to him, engulfing him in his arms. He figured Jimin would feel safer if they slept like this.

And he did.

After he had brought Jimin in his arms, the whimpering had stopped. Jimin still looked pretty distressed, but he was no longer crying in his sleep.


Jungkook woke up earlier than Jimin the following morning. He quickly washed up in Jimin's bathroom and returned to the bedroom, contemplating if he should wake up his Omega or not.

Jimin was still in a deep sleep, half of his kimono dress slipping away from his shoulders.

And then, finally, he woke up.

''W-what happened last night? Between us?'' Jimin woke up feeling very dazed and confused. His head hurt like hell and his eyes felt very heavy. He could see his husband already out of bed, in one of his beloved suits, his hair tied in a bun again.

Jungkook chuckled at the sight of a very sleepy and hangover Jimin. ''We didn't fuck, if that's what you're wondering, Jimin.''

''W-what? So why do I feel so exhausted then? A-and my dress is— '' Jimin pouted as he heard Jungkook's response. His whole body felt so sore, and his clothes were in a mess, so he figured they had mated the previous night. In his mind, their wedding night was very rough and passionate, that he couldn't even get out of bed because of it.

''You got wasted, that's why.'' Jungkook explained, smiling at Jimin teasingly, ''You did try to seduce me with your pretty lingerie but failed. I'm sorry darling but I don't like drunk non-consensual sex, you know? I want you to be fully conscious and feel everything that I do to you.''

''W-whatever, who said I wanted to sleep with you anyway?'' Jimin crossed his arms and was pouting again, looking away from Jungkook.

''So...what are your plans with your gang now? When are you going to help me get rid of my mother? Have anything in mind?'' Jimin figured to change the subject, as he still felt very embarrassed about last night's events.

They had to start making plans about his mother's assassination anyways. It was one of the reasons why Jimin had made the deal with Jungkook.

''I think we should change plans, Jimin.'' Jungkook started, as he sat back on the bed, a bit further away from Jimin. ''Rather than me killing your whole family off, it's better to take them down in a different way. Do you believe she's behind your father's death? Then find proof, and expose her crimes to the gang. I'm sure all of them will go against her and even want to behead her.''

Jimin wasn't sure if he'd succeed with the new plan. But perhaps, Jungkook was right. His original plan was quite reckless.

''Then, the throne will be yours, sweetheart. Both of us will get what we want, hm?''

''Alright, then. Let's go with your plan. It better work, or else I'm going to chop all of your fingers off!''

Other than being a married couple, Jimin and Jungkook were now going to become partners in crime, as well.


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