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Cross Connection

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"Donghae-ssi?", the said guy looked up and met the other's surprised eyes.

"Hyukjae-ssi?", amazed was an understatement at this point for Donghae. It's the 4th time in 2 months. No way it's coincident at this point. It's fate. It's sure fate. Or had been Hyukjae following him? The other guy's smile towards him is hella confusing. Oh My God! This is fated. Never had Donghae ever wanted something that much in his life. His prayers are getting answered. Hyukjae is again in front of him. 
Donghae's inner monologue was interrupted by the manager of the boutique. "Mr. Lee?" He asked.

"I'm Mr. Lee", both of them answered at the same time and looked at each other. Donghae couldn't help but blush at Hyukjae's smile. 
The uneasy manager then cleared his throat and said, "Umm... I meant Mr. Lee for Mr. Park." 

"That would be me." Donghae answered as the Manager handed him the right parcel.

"And I'm the Mr. Lee here for Mr. Kim." Hyukjae said as the manager nodded to hand him his.

"We are again very sorry sir for the inconvenience. Both of you had the same surname and the same delivery date, so our salesperson kinda mixed up the deliveries. We sincerely apologize. Please consider us."
"It's okay. Mr. Kim has been a regular here. We know your professionalism. You don't need to worry." Hyukjae answered. 
"Yeah, Mr. Park also will reconsider you. It was a hassle but it's okay now. Just be careful the next time." Donghae also reassured him.
The manager just bowed his head and muttered his apology again before leaving them alone.

Hyukjae and Donghae looked at each other.

"Umm... Donghae-ssi. Do you have time now? I mean it's lunchtime so I was asking. Like, would you like to grab something with me? Only if you're not busy." Hyukjae offered with a smile.

Donghae was squealing inside but kept his calm, "Right now?" He pretended to check his watch. "Oh! It's my lunchtime too. What a coincidence. Sure I can go with you." He replied with a smile.
Hyukjae beamed at him. Obviously, Donghae can tell Leeteuk something later. It's not like he is needed that much in the office right now. Leeteuk is anyways busy with his new obsession or a crush as he defined. He was so happy that the delivery swap happened and he met Hyukjae again. He was sure of his soulmate now. He kept thanking the salesperson in his head for their mistake. 

Meanwhile in the store... The manager was scolding the salesperson again. "You should be thankful that they didn't make any complaint. Or else it would've been a big issue for us. Be careful next time, Krystal." with that he left. Krystal was on the verge of crying when her coworker approached her. "Krystal don't worry. It was a mistake." 

"Yeah Sulli-ah, only if I hadn't made the mistake. It all happened because of that stupid date and that Stupid Kibum. Only if he didn't ask me to move in with him... Ugh... But wait this is not about me. Sulli-ah, the Manager is pissed with me. What should I do? Am I getting fired?" Krystal was hyperventilating at this point. "Krystal, Don't worry. It's okay. He said Next time. Right? everything will be fine. Come with me." She dragged her friend for their lunch.