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Cross Connection

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Fate Gives Us Chances To Use Wisely (Part 1)


"One Iced Choco and one Iced Americano"

The order got Ryeowook out of his trance. Yes, he was daydreaming again. I mean you can't blame him. He's been living his dream these days. 2 months ago he went on his first date with Kyuhyun. The other guy confessed that he had liked Ryeowook since he joined their club. He had also requested their president to set them as a Duo for the annual function last year. He was planning to confess last year only but he thought Ryeowook didn't like him that way. What an Idiot. They legit wasted so many months because of this. 

But now everything was so amazing. They went on several dates after that. They even went to their favorite artist's gig together. Kyuhyun surprised him with the tickets on their 1st month anniversary. He had asked his cousin for the tickets as he had some source. They both were both huge fans of Yesung. The gig was fantastic. Ryeowook couldn't get enough of it. The songs were so soul-touching and his voice. He swore he was about to cry during "Paper Umbrella". Kyuhyun was holding his hand the entire time. So the last 2 months were kinda perfect.

He and Kyuhyun decided to take it slow at first. With the relationship and with the "other needs". And that pact lasted only for a month and a half. The sexual tension was becoming too much for Ryeowook and he asked Kyuhyun to forget about their "take it slow". Turned out that Kyuhyun was equally frustrated and agreed right away. If Ryeowook could somehow describe it, then he would title it as "The most Awkwardly Awaited Passionate Night".... Ahem…

Anyways, back to the main plot….

Ryeowook saw the two men standing in front of him with smiles on their faces. It was now a routine for almost a week. These two regulars always came together to get their order. He greeted them with a smile and started making their orders. These two gentlemen reminded him of Kyuhyun and him. Just a less cute version than them. 

Ryeowook remembered their name also by then. Hyukjae and Donghae. Anyone with their bare eyes could recognize the look they gave each other. The shy smiles and the blushes were a given. Even Sungmin and Minseok noticed them. Sungmin was kinda proud as he kept telling him that they became close after his mistake. Ryeowook doubted that though. Because that incident was 2 months ago and they started visiting the cafe together last week. So something must have happened in between. He was curious, to be honest. As he was always a sucker for sappy-fated love stories. 

He handed them their coffee and wished them a good day. Hyukjae and Donghae also smiled and wished him back. Then they left the cafe together while chatting. Their sappy love made Ryeowook all giddy again. Oh, he couldn't wait to meet Kyuhyun after his shift. With that thought, the cafe doorbell dinged and a new customer came in. Ryeowook's smile widened more as he saw Kyuhyun standing in front of him with the brightest smile in the morning. He already knew his day was going to be great.

Park Estate Corp.

Donghae was happy. As if it was something new. He was always known for being a happy pill. Siwon always complimented that Donghae brightens up his day. But Donghae knew that Siwon's opinions were biased. They always had been. Only Donghae was blind enough to not notice at that time. And now Hyukjae also said that he needed Morning coffee and Donghae's smile to start his day. Donghae laughed at that. Hyukjae didn't even drink Coffee. And his smile…. Well, it was always on his face whenever Hyuk was around.

After 2 eventful months, at last, Donghae got a hold of Hyukjae. Yes, they exchanged numbers after their 3rd meeting but the texts had been occasional for those fifteen sixteen days. He didn't know what to write about without seeming desperate. But the system changed drastically after their lunch "date". Yeah, he can call it a date maybe. It was not something romantic or magical but special. The way he clicked with Hyukjae, definitely fits his description of Soulmates. Now they were texting and flirting for almost a week. So yeah Donghae was happy.

He was smiling on his phone while checking the last message from Hyuk when he saw Leeteuk entering the office. Dressed in all white once again. But what caught his attention was the new additional accessory. A White fluffy scarf around his boss's neck. He must have seen that before somewhere. Also, it was early November and there was no need to wear a scarf yet. But his boss greeted the employees while clutching the scarf tight to his neck. Not even bothered to take it off. And whenever someone looked at the scarf, he blushed. Strange.

Leeteuk saw Donghae looking at him with a scrutinizing gaze and he gave a smile. 

"Boss, did you catch a cold? Are you okay?"
Donghae asked his hyung.

"Cold? Oh no no! I'm perfectly fine. You know how careful I am!" His boss replied.

"Then why are you wearing the scarf Hyung? It's not even that cold yet you know. Are you sure you're okay?" Donghae pressed, even more, being kinda concerned.

"Uh …. Oh, actually I'm kinda having a sore throat you know. Not a cold. I think I kinda went overboard with last night's shower. Woke up with a sore throat. Haha!" Leeteuk gave a nervous laugh to his assistant. 

"Okay. Do you need me to get you something? Maybe some medicine or hot tea?" Donghae asked sincerely. 

"No Donghae, I already had my meds. Thank you. So tell me the agendas for today." Leeteuk asked to divert the topic. 

"Yes boss. Let me get it." Donghae went to bring his tablet.

Before Lunchtime…

Donghae went to knock on Leeteuk's cabin and ask him for lunch. He was also gonna ask for the lunch break to go eat outside just like the last whole week. Hyuk just texted him that he's gonna get out of his office in 5 mins and pick up Donghae for lunch. It had been their routine for a week now.

He knocked on the door and Leeteuk asked him to come in. His boss was busy on the phone so he decided to wait. He was asking someone to meet him for lunch, so Donghae needed not to worry. He was waiting for his permission to go when he saw it. Leeteuk had loosened up the scarf while talking on the phone without realizing and now his neck was on full display to his assistant. Donghae watched all the red marks on the skin with wide eyes. Not any red marks. They were a string of Hickeys erm…. Love Bites started from the top of his Adam's apple and went down under the scarf. Donghae kept looking at them with shock until he looked up and saw Jungsoo looking at him with a blush on his face.

Obviously, Donghae knew that his boss had a lover. He helped him set up their date some weeks ago. And it's also normal for them to love each other That Way. But it's just awkward for him to witness his boss's active love life. He couldn't help but envy him at that point. It had been so long since Donghae had a partner. His boss was lucky.

He saw Leeteuk quickly covering his neck again and then asked him, "Donghae, you had something to ask?"

"O-oh…. I…. Umm…. Just wanted to ask if you needed anything for lunch but I think you already have…. Plans …." Leeteuk blushed at that when Donghae continued, "Also I was asking if I can take an hour off to go for lunch outside." 

"Huh? Outside? Again? Don't you think Siwon is taking you out a lot for Lunch nowadays?" Leeteuk teased his employee.

"Uhm not Siwon. Another friend of mine. And also before you ask, no it's not a date. Can I go?" Donghae pouted.

"Okay. You can go for lunch with your 'friend' Donghae. And no naughty business. I don't want my assistant to lose his innocence this fast." Leeteuk laughed when Donghae started to leave.

Donghae was already at the door when he turned around to smirk," Yeah, says the one with a scarf hiding his neck. At least I won't roam around with my hickeys on display.", before closing the door and leaving a blushing tomato behind him.


Donghae doesn't know how to feel. He should be irritated right? Hyukjae had been laughing at the scandalized description of his boss's love bites for almost 5 minutes now. He had asked him to stop 10 times already. But the guy is still giggling with his gummy smile out. Donghae loves that smile. He should be angry but he can't. So he also ends up joining him.

"Oh my God Donghae. I just imagined me and my boss in your story. Hilarious!" He wiped the corner of his eyes where a teardrop had appeared. "I would've pulled his leg like anything. That reminds me he also had a date not long ago. I might also ask him about that."

Donghae shook his head at the guy and took a bite of his Chicken Salad. His Healthy Lunch, which was highly contrasted with Hyukjae's choice of menu. The skinny guy ordered creamy Alfredo Pasta. They had totally different food choices. He still remembered the banter from their lunch 2 days ago.

("Donghae, how can you even eat all these greens regularly?"
"I can ask you the same. How can you eat all these carbs on an everyday basis?"
"Carbs give you Calories. Calories make your body and brain work. You won't know Donghae."
He couldn't help but roll his eyes, "Carbs give you weight. Just be glad that your BMI is high or else you would've been growing by your side already."
"You're saying I'm fat?"
"No, I didn't say you're fat!"
"Lee Donghae….. that's mean….")

The banter ended up with Hyuk pouting and Donghae buying him ice cream. Yes, Hyukjae was childish. Spending all their lunches together for a week and a half gave Donghae that impression. But at the same time, he's so charming that Donghae can't help but blush at his gestures. He always opened the doors for him, pulled his chair for him, picked him up in his car, dropped him off at his office…. The perfect example of a boyfriend. Donghae smiled at his thoughts. 

Wait!!! BOYFRIEND?? Where did that come from? He looked up at Hyukjae who was checking his phone. The guy had all the features and qualities Donghae always wished for in his partner. He was good-looking, he had good manners, he was charming, had a decent job and a good heart…. Who needs anything else? But, it's only been a little more than a week since he has known this guy. Well technically, not if he counts the chance meetings…. 

"What?" Hyukjae asked, "Is there something on my face or am I too handsome to not admire?" He finished with a smirk.

Donghae could feel the blush creeping to his cheeks. He huffed, "Huh, as if. I…. I mean you're handsome, but that doesn't have anything to do with it." He finished when he saw the look Hyuk was giving him. 

"I'm kidding Donghae. Relax." Hyuk couldn't help but laugh at Donghae's reaction. 
"By the way, are you free on Saturday night?"

"Ummm this Saturday? Yeah. Why?" Donghae asked curiously.

"Oh you know, Yesung hyung? The suitcase guy? My friend?"

"Oh yes yes I remember. What's with him?"

"Ah actually he has a big gig this Saturday and he saved me some tickets. Asked me to invite anyone I want. It's a famous festival. Many other artists are there also. Umm, so I was wondering if you would like to you know, go with me?" Hyuk asked looking at Dongahe's eyes. 

"Yes. Obviously yes I will. I mean you could've asked me anywhere to go with you. I would've said yes." Donghae bit his lower lip at the sudden shyness he felt after blurting that out loud. But Hyukjae was smiling so wide that he couldn't help but follow. His cheeks, tomato red.

They finished their lunch and Hyukjae as always drove him back to his work. He was ready to get out of the car when Hyuk held his hand. 

"So, I'll send you the details later when I get that myself. We can meet and go." Hyukjae told him.

"Ummm Hyuk, we are meeting tomorrow too. You could've told me that then?" Donghae said laughing.

"Ummm…. About that. I actually have some important work today and it's gonna be a hectic schedule. So, I don't think I'll be able to meet you tomorrow. That's the reason I asked you today." He said with guilt and Donghae made a disappointed "Ooh" sound with that.

"Donghae", he called the shorter one to gain his attention. "It's a date then. I'll pick you up." He said, looking into his eyes.

The surprise was well written on the brunette's face but the joy in his eye glistened at the declaration. "Okay, I'll be looking forward to it!" He smiled.

So after the last squeeze on Hyuk's hand and a surprise kiss on his cheeks later, Donghae left the stunned guy in his car. He wished his goodbye and skipped to the office door. It nearly took another 3 minutes for Hyukjae to think straight again and to compose himself. He drove away with a huge smile on his face.

Eventastic (Petal Grp of Comp.)

Yuri was amazed at this point, to be honest. She has been working in this company for 3 years now and it's kind of the first time. Both the boss and his secretary went out for lunch. No, not together but differently. She saw his boss giggling on the phone before getting out of his office. And secretary Lee (Hyukjae Oppa for her) was going out during Lunch for a week and a half already. This is like the first time in 3 years. Both the men are such workaholics that they don't take off or go out for lunch. Most of the time they order in and eat together while discussing any project. So this is a First. 

Her chain of thoughts came to a halt when she saw her boss entering the building with a smug smile on his face. She greeted him and returned with a huge smile as well. Her boss also asked about her lunch. Then went to his cabin after telling her to inform his secretary to meet him. So right now Yuri was waiting for Hyukjae to return.

10 minutes later when Hyukjae entered the office, he was in his own world. With all the dazed look, blush on his cheeks, chuckling on his own. Yuri saw her Oppa holding his cheek like a teenage girl in love, only the girly scream was missing. Huh what a drama queen, she thought.

"Oppa, Boss asked you to meet him when you come in," Yuri informed him.

But Hyukjae had everything blocked at that moment. Still holding his cheek
He looked at Yuri. Okay now that's creepy, she again thought.

"Oppa!!" Yuri called again.
"Huh??" And there was this reply she got.

"Oppa, seriously. You look like an idiot right now. As if you just had your first kiss! Disgusting." She deadpanned.

That got Hyukjae out of his trance.
"How did you know?" He asked with widened eyes.

"What?? Seriously? You had your first kiss? But I thought you had a boyfriend before. You know…" she said while thinking.

"Yuri-ah…. Of Course, I had boyfriends before. It was not the first kiss. I was just taken by surprise, you know." He said sheepishly. "He kissed my cheek so cutely."

"Ugh…. Good for you then. Aigoo." She didn't want to know any more about that teenage love story. "If you're over with your surprise now, then Boss wants to meet you."

"Oh, you could've said that before only. Now hyung is gonna be all scary for me being late. Ufff." Hyukjae replied before hurrying off.

"Well someone was daydreaming for the last 10 minutes and I don't see my fault here," Yuri said to the retreating back and got a shrug back in reply.

"Monkeys don't use their brain, Yuri. You should always remember. Yesung Oppa is always right." with that she went back to her paperwork.

Hyukjae knocked and entered Heechul's cabin. His boss was all deep in thoughts.

"Hyung, you called for me?"

"Yeah. Hyukjae-ah, I need your help. As in more like suggestions. I can't decide." Heechul said in a single breath.

Hyukjae sat down in front of his boss, "Okay, what happened? Is it a project? Or anything else? Like your love life?" 

Heechul saw his secretary smirking at him with the question and he couldn't help but roll his eyes, "No you idiot. It's about my cousin. He wanted me to ask you if you can get tickets for Yesung's concert this weekend? Wait… You know what, you don't need to bother. That idiot needs to work on his own to impress his boyfriend. Why do we have to work for him all the time! I mean we all are struggling with our relationships and that idiot is asking us to help him." He sighed again.

Hyuk raised an eyebrow at his boss's odd behavior, "Hyung are you sure that's the only thing you wanna talk about? I mean I can obviously ask Yesung Hyung for extra tickets and maybe backstage passes too. But are you okay? Is everything alright?" The concern was evident in his voice. 

"Hyuk-ah, yeah I'm okay. It's just the stress and anticipation of a new relationship. I mean we both are new to these changes with each other. It’ll take time to settle in. You know me very well. I'm not that much expressive with words, where he likes to talk in poetry. I can't make creative things or create aesthetic environments. Oh, hell to be honest I'm so bad with DIY stuff. There he can cook 7-course meals, come up with innovative date ideas." He chuckled at the memories. 

"It's all just so overwhelming for me, Hyukjae. It's nothing I've ever experienced before. We both are so different and contrasting. But at the same time, we understand each other so well. Also, I've never liked or admired someone this much in my life. You know, it's like he… he completes me. It's like we are fated." Heechul ended his monologue with an emotional tone and looked at his secretary.

Hyukjae had a surprised look on his face. Heechul thought he might have expressed too many emotions for his secretary to digest. But what he asked next was, "Are we still talking about your cousin??"
Heechul never wanted to smack someone that much in his life. He was just picking up his file to beat Hyukjae when the other saw his reaction and started laughing.

"Oh Hyung, I was just kidding. It was just too funny to see you get sincere like that for the first time over love. I mean I've seen you in relationships before but this time. Wow. He must be special right? Hyung, you're in love!"
Hyukjae exclaimed, pointing at Heechul.

"I know," Heechul admitted shyly but not before rolling his eyes at the younger. "It feels great to realize that too." He said before smiling thinking about his love. Hyukjae started teasing him for the blush that was appearing on his cheeks. Ah! This guy, he thought, chuckling.

And then he remembered that he also has something to make Hyuk flustered. So he charged that.
"Talking about love life, I saw you're going on too many lunch dates nowadays. Yesung must have so much free time for you in his busy schedule." He smirked at Hyuk.

"No, Yesung Hyung is busy with his schedule. It's not him. It's someone else." Hyuk blushed while telling him.

"Oh, I thought you and Yesung were getting back together. Sorry for assuming. So, who's he? Or she?" Heechul asked tentatively.

"It's okay Hyung. I actually never talked about him to you, so you didn't know. He's someone I met recently. It's a long story. But now he's my date for this weekend." Hyukjae smiled with the information.

There was no special need to mention his secretary's happiness when he saw the gummy smile on his face. He was happy. And Heechul was also happy for him. Hyukjae was a nice guy. A responsible, loving, loyal partner in the relationship and he deserves love and happiness. Heechul knew he was happy again.

"That's great then. Where are you taking him?" He asked Hyukjae.

"We are going to the festival where Yesung Hyung is gonna play. I'm so excited." Hyukjae said while half jumping on his feet.

"What? You're taking your potential boyfriend on a date to see your ex perform? Hyuk are you mad?" Heechul couldn't believe the idiot anymore. 

"Huh?? But it's not like that, and you know Hyung. He doesn't even know about that. We are just gonna enjoy the day together at the festival. It's not like I'm taking him to Hyung or something. Don't make it sound like that. Also, I'm a fan of Yesung hyung's music. I'm sure he'll love it too." Hyukjae was frowning at his boss. Heechul just said something nonsense.

"Okay, if you say so. I just hope everything goes well. No need to get upset Hyuk, I was just saying that." Heechul tried his best to mend the situation. Hyukjae just nodded at that.

After that, they discussed some upcoming work, and then Hyuk went to his cabin. Heechul's words repeatedly played in his mind. He would be lying if he said the words didn't worry him. But he'll like to look at the positive parts. So he chose to look through them.