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Number One Mom

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Izuku just stared in disbelief as Kachan was absorbed more and more into the sludge villain. Mt. Lady was the only hero to arrive so far, and all she could do was help evacuate people away from the villain and fires that Kachan was making. She didn’t have the precision to attack him without hitting Kachan, and when she tried to grab him to pull him out, the villain latched on to her hand so she couldn't separate them. Before izuku had had a chance to come up with even some semblance of a plan, he started running towards the villain without even noticing he was doing it.


What am I doing? Why am I running? Why can’t I stop!? Izuku thought to himself as he charged forward.


“Let him go, you monster! Give him back!”


He could just make out Kaachan's eyes glaring at him behind the mass of sludge that made up the villain's body. Izuku barely registered Mt. Lady yelling at him to get back; he just had to save his friend.


Izuku clawed at the mass of slime that trapped Kaachan. Izuku could just make out that Kachan was screaming at him, but he couldn't hear what he was saying. Izuku grabbed at the villain's body again and again trying to save him. He wasn’t sure why the villain hadn’t just tossed him away yet, but he didn't care. Kachan was still saying something Izuku couldn't hear until he suddenly stopped, eyes widening. Izuku was seeming to have some effect. Kachan was being pulled out of the sludge! Izuku thought he had done it, until he felt the same pull on himself. He and Kachan were both pulled away from the villain and sent flying through the air into the familiar arms of the number one hero.


“What the h-” Kachan shut up the moment he saw who had rescued him.


“He didn’t hurt you did he?” She said as she lowered them both to the ground.


“N-no ma’am”


“Good. Then get to safety.”


Kachan looked as if he was about to protest, but it seemed even he listened when Influx spoke. He turned his head and started walking towards the crowd that was starting to gather. Izuku was about to do the same when she put a hand on his shoulder.


“We'll talk about this later.”


Izuku nodded, and walked after Kachan. He debated whether he should stay to watch the fight. It never was much of a fight with Influx, but he still turned to watch once he was at a safe distance. It wouldn't take that long after all


“So you’re the one that's been skulking around this city's sewers!” Influx called out to the villain. “You certainly look the part.”


“Damn you, Influx. I’ll kill you for taking that meat suit from me! You think I’m scared of you?!” His tendrils shot out in all directions to attack her.


“I think you should be,” she said, raising her hand towards the villain.


As the villain charged in to attack, his movement suddenly got much faster. His whole body being pulled into a single point on Influx's hand. His body compressed until there was nothing left but a small green sphere in the palm of her hand. She tore off the glove part of her costume and turned it inside out around the sphere and tied it up, trapping the villain in her glove.


“Is it over?” one of the bystanders asked.


“Yes.” She said calmly. “You are all safe now.”


There were cheers from the crowd and she returned them with a soft and genuine smile. That always impressed Izuku. No matter how many thousands of people she saved, and no matter how many dangerous villains she faced, she was always able to put on a genuine smile. It was not the smile of most pro heroes that showed confidence and bravery. It was a soft and comforting smile that was always able to put people at ease.



On his way home, he was just barely able to pull himself out of his notebook to notice Kachan leaning against a wall in front of him. That's weird. The only reason he would be waiting here would be to find me, so sneaking away is already not a very viable option. I don’t think that he would beat me up after what happened. He-


Kachan cut off his muttering. “Listen up, nerd. You may have been able to convince yourself that you actually helped me back there, so let me set something straight.”


Kachan started walking towards Izuku.


“You didn’t help anyone . Influx did all the work. You were just another body she had to save, got that? I don’t owe you anything!”


Izuku bowed his head “Yeah, I know.”


“Well don’t you forget it.” With that, Kachan walked home.



His mom was still not home when Izuku walked through the door. He sighed to himself. He thought that what had happened would make her show up earlier, but it seems she still-


His thoughts were cut off by a rush of wind, and the feeling of a towering presence behind him. Mom was home.


“Izuku,” she said calmly


“I know, mom. That was stupid of me, and I shoudn’t have done it, I almost got myself killed, all I did was get in the way, I should have just stayed back, I was an idiot for trying to be a hero, I did more harm than good.”


“Izuku.” She cut him off with a hand on his shoulder. “While I was going to say a few of those things, that’s not all I wanted to say.”


“So you just wanted to rub salt in the wound even more? I already got plenty of that from Mt. Lady and the other heroes that arrived, so they already did that for you,” he said, as tears started to form in his eyes.


“Izuku. Do you really think I would do that to you?” She said comfortingly.


“No.” He knew that his mom was the only other person to think that him being a hero was even a possibility. But with being chewed out by the other heroes and then Kachan as well, it was hard to remember that view was not completely universal.


“Good. Now what I actually wanted to tell you-was that what you did today? That was heroic. It may have been foolish, but those instincts - to run into danger like that without thinking of your own safety - are exactly what I’m looking for in all of my students at UA.”


Izuku was finally able to look up from his feet and meet his mother's eyes.


“This,” she said with a finger on his forehead. “Is hero material.”


“And this,” she said, placing her hand over his heart “Is hero material.”


“This, however,” she said, grabbing his arm. “Is not.”


“Are you saying I have a thick skull?”


That got a small chuckle out of her.


“While that is certainly not untrue, it does not really make one a hero. Although considering some of the heroes I’ve worked with, I think you could be on to something.”


“So I might actually make a good hero”


“I’m saying it’s a possibility. There has never been a quirkless hero before, but if anyone can do it, it will definitely be you, Izuku. You’ve always been able to help other heroes shore up their shortcomings, so I see no reason why you couldn't do that for yourself.”


“Was that a short joke?” Izuku said playfully.


“Oh, sorry. That one was unintentional.”


“I thought you were done making short jokes.” He didn’t really mind that much, though. It was a nice distraction from what had happened that day.


“Sorry, son, I didn’t mean to take all the height for myself. I really did want to pass it onto you. Honest.”


They joked about it, but it really was true. While Inko stood at more than three meters tall, only shrinking down by not using One For All when needing to hide her identity. Izuku hadn’t even reached one and a half meters yet. He hoped that would change as he got older, but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen. He put away just as much food as any other teenage boy, but none of it seemed to go anywhere. He never seemed to be able to bulk up, or gain any weight. Fat, muscle, or otherwise.


“In all seriousness, son, if it wouldn't jeopardize my identity, I would have recommended you already. And that’s not nepotism speaking. Okay, maybe it’s a bit of nepotism. But I do really think that you can be a great hero. The teachers at UA are good people, so they will be able to see what I see in you, despite your quirklesness. I know that basically everyone says that it’s impossible to be a quirkless hero, and maybe they’re right, maybe it is impossible. But you shouldn't let that stop you from pursuing your goal. Even if you fail, and fall flat on your face, trying is what matters most. Most people who try to beat the odds fail. That’s how odds work. But if people didn’t try, no one would succeed. And besides, if you do fall on your face, it’s not much of a fall anyway.”


“Hey! That one was intentional!” Izuku said, though he had a smile on his face.


“What?” Inko said in mock surprise. “I would never.”


“You’ll pay for that!” Izuku yelled.


Their fake argument quickly devolved into a vicious wrestling match with each combatant fighting tooth and nail for supremacy. The match ended with Inko just barely eking out a victory by putting her opponent in a headlock.


“HA! They don’t call me the world's strongest for nothing. With that, I take the lead, now 78 to 77.”


“Don’t get too overconfident, Influx. My next strategy will leave you flat on the ground. And you actually have quite a ways to fall.”


“Oh, we'll see about that. Oh! I almost forgot. There was one more thing I wanted to say to you.”


“What is it?”


Inko pulled him in for a hug.


“I’m so glad you’re safe.”

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“How is your recommendation plan coming along?” Inko asked over dinner.


“I still don’t see why I need to get a recommendation. Can’t I just take the regular entrance exam?”


Inko sighed “I’m not technically supposed to tell you this, but I guess it won't matter if you never take it. I hate to say it, son, but there is no way for you to pass the practical entrance exam. The test focuses exclusively on raw strength. It won’t matter if you're the smartest kid there, if you can’t punch your way through it, you won’t pass. I’m sorry Izuku, I wish it was different. I’ve tried to have it changed to accommodate different kinds of students, but there is just too much bureaucracy in the way, which is something I can’t punch or strategize my way through. Though I have tried.”


“The punching part or the strategizing part?”




“So what is the recommendation exam like?”


“That’s something I really can’t tell you. But I know you will find a way to pull through.”


“I think you’re a bit better at that than I am.”




“Pulling through. Because of your quirk, you know. You pull through.”

”Pfft. That’s terrible,” Inko laughed.


“But you're still laughing.”


“The number one hero should have a more dignified sense of humor than this. We need to get back on track. How is your plan coming along?”


“That question would be easier to answer if you let me tell you what my plan is.”


“If I knew what your plan was, I wouldn’t be able to resist interfering. You know how we both get when we see a plan that we could improve. Doing that wouldn't be fair to you. This is something I think you need to do on your own. You’ve already proved yourself to me on your own, but if I helped you get into good graces with other pro heroes, I don’t think that you would feel as if you earned your way in. Am I wrong?”


Izuku sighed “No, you're right. My plan is coming along fine, as far as I can tell. I’ve made myself known to a few pro heroes that I think will recommend me. They’ve stated several times that they were impressed with my work. So unless they were lying, my chances are good to be recommended.”


“You’re not putting yourself in any danger for this, are you?”


“No mom, you don’t have to worry about me just yet. I will do no hero work until I receive my license.” Izuku paused for a moment, remembering the events of the day. “I will not ‘go out of my way’ to do any hero work.”


“Good enough. Just remember next time, to use your head. It’s your most powerful weapon.”


“Use my thick skull to bash the enemy. Got it.”




So what do you think?


Izuku looked over the message that had been sent along with a video of a villain with some kind of reflex quirk. He watched the video a few times over and started typing as he watched.


Well, it’s clear that her quirk enhances her reflexes, but it seems that her body moves without her doing it intentionally. Whenever she dodged any attacks, her movements were jerky and seemed to cause her discomfort. I would recommend either getting her airborne, since it seems that her movements are not anything outside of what a normal person could do, if only much faster. Failing that, I would recommend attacking her in such a way that she will have to contort in impossible or unnatural ways. Though I don’t know the extent to which her quirk will protect her, so don’t make her have to break her spine in order to dodge you, because she might actually do it. Using some form of gas attack might also work if her quirk does not register it as an attack.


Izuku waited for what seemed like forever for Mirko to respond, until finally.




Really? All that waiting just for that. Izuku thought, until he realized that it had probably only been a few seconds. Well, that was Mirko for you. He was about to log out, until suddenly she sent him another message.


By the way, what’s your hero name?


Despite all his time with heroes, he had somehow never expected this question.


I’m just an analyst. I’m not a hero.


Izuku wasn’t sure that was the right response. Maybe he should have thought of something right then. But, that wouldn't have worked. If he had tried, he would have panicked and gone with a nickname he had already been given, like Deku or something. Or worse, a nickname his mom called him. 




Interesting? Izuku thought. Interesting!? What am I supposed to glean from that? This is why I hate talking over text. It’s always impossible to know what the other person is thinking. It’s not like people will just spell out their thoughts in text form. Izuku thought mournfully. He got another notification.


I’m having a meetup with some other heroes soon where we’re going to be conducting a raid on a drug cartel. We can’t talk about it here due too much to one of the cartel members having a technology quirk, but we would still like your assistance on this. Be there, or don’t.


Izuku could hardly believe what he was seeing. Not just one hero wanted his help coming up with a plan, but multiple. All working together?


I thought you hated working with groups.


I hate forming hero teams. Each hero should be able to handle most situations on their own. If you form a team, that just means that there are now multiple heroes dealing with one problem at a time when they should be separate, and dealing with multiple problems somewhere else. But situations like this one require more than one person to handle them. In this case, I need to minimize collateral damage so the detectives will have something to work with, and I am not the best at that, as I’m sure you know from my reputation. So I’m bringing Eraserhead to help. His eraser quirk may not work on mutation type quirks, but it always works on quirk enhancing drugs, if just slowly. I’m also bringing someone that can end fights quickly.


And you really want my help for this?


Yes. What kind of question is that?


That question gave Izuku pause. Did she really think he was that good?


Well I’m not any help in a fight.


No need to worry about being in a fight for this mission, dude. We’re bringing someone who can more than handle it. I want you there for your other abilities.


Izuku sat back and took a breath to calm down. He had just thought that one of them would recommend him to UA, and just think that “hey, this kid’s got potential”. Not want his help in an actual drug raid. This was too much for him. He could analyze quirks well enough; he was raised by the best after all. But what would they think if he chickened out? Could he lose his chance of being recommended if he decided to sit this one out?


Izuku gripped his head and tried to think things through rationally. His mom had always told him to trust in other’s faith in him. He may not be able to have faith in himself, but he could at least trust pro heroes to know who to believe in. Besides, if they had faith in someone else, he would trust their judgement. Why should it be any different if the person they believed in just so happened to be him?

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The day had finally arrived. It was time to meet a team of pro heroes and do his best to keep up, and hopefully even help! He was told to keep the location and time of the meeting a secret. He didn’t know if the number one hero would count in that list, but best to be safe. He told his mom he had to be dropped off in a place nearby instead of  the real meeting place.


When he got there, he started off towards the restaurant where the meeting would take place. It would be closed at this hour of the night, so they were meeting outside. He didn't know how practical that would be, but these were pros, so trusted they knew what they were doing.


On his walk there was when everything suddenly became a lot more real. This is actually happening. My first real foray into the world of heroes is starting months before I actually got into UA. What can I possibly offer these people? I’m just some kid who’s not even in highschool yet. I have no training, no quirk, no experience, no anything that would actually help. How can some worthless deku ever help them? He somehow managed to keep these thoughts from stopping him from making his way there.


They were all told to show up in civilian clothing, but even still, he didn’t notice Mirko sitting casually at a table eating a carrot until he was standing right next to her. She was hiding her ears in a wide-brimmed... is that a cowboy hat ? Yes. Yes it was. Wearing a black hoodie with ‘Stop looking at my boobs’ in green text on the chest, urban camo pants, and the most worn pair of running shoes he had ever seen. The disguise was surprisingly subtle, given her reputation.


She looked up at him as he sat across from her.


“Um, hello.” Izuku managed to choke out despite his nerves. “Are you Mirko?” Why did I ask that? Of course it’s Mirko! But it was too late to take the words back now.


“What gave it away?” She said, pointing her carrot at him.


Oh great. He had managed to look like an idiot in just two sentences after getting a real conversation with a pro. If he kept this up there was no way he could get a recommendation. Of course there was no way I would get recommended. What could they see in someone quirkless?


“Jeez, kid, don't wet yourself,” she said, noticing his obvious nervousness. “You can ask for an autograph if you want. It’s not like I’m gonna bite you. I’ve only done that once.”


“Um, actually. I’m the analyst you asked for.” 


“Oh. Sorry about that, I didn’t recognise you.”


“We’ve never met though.” Izuku said, cocking his head.


“Exactly.” She said as if it explained everything. “Hi. I’m Rumi Usagiyama.” She held out her hand.


“Izuku Midoriya.” Her hand almost completely enveloped his as they shook.


Izuku wasn’t sure what to say after that, so he settled on saying nothing. He wanted to wait for the other heroes to arrive before going over what he had learned about the gang members and their quirks so he didn't repeat himself, and annoy one of them with his notes. The technology quirk that one of the gang members had allowed him to see anytime someone was talking about him or any of his associates over the internet, but thankfully not if someone was researching any of them. There were limited resources on what anyone could show due to the technology quirk, but it was still enough for him to come up with at least something to help. He hoped it would be enough.


They waited for a few minutes until Izuku couldn't hold it any longer. He just had to ask. His curiosity was killing him.


“Why do you like carrots?”


“Ah, another one who figured out bunnies don’t actually like carrots. I honestly don’t know. One theory I heard was that animal based quirks are based on people's perception of that animal, instead of what they’re really like.”


“But that raises so many questions. If that is the case, does that mean that animal quirks can change based on public opinion? If people were to find out something new about bunnies would your quirk change to accommodate that? What if you were to spread misinformation about bunnies to get new aspects of your quirk? Could it change even if people knew that the information was false? Say Monty Python and the Holy Grail got more popular.”


“Jeez kid, slow down. First off, if that movie did change my quirk, it wouldn't change much. And second, that's more than enough proof that you are who you say you are.”


Wait, what? Had she been doubting who he was? It wasn’t as if what he was doing was anything all that special. Sure, he had been trained by his mother, but other kids had been given good teachers, and other kids had intelligence quirks.


“Ah, here he is.” Mirko said, craning her neck back over her chair to see Eraserhead approaching the table.”Shouta, meet Izuku Midoriya.”


Eraserhead looked no different from his normal appearance save for the absence of his capture scarf and goggles, that were most likely concealed somewhere on his person.


“Is this some kind of prank?” Eraser asked sternly, looking directly at him. “What is a kid doing here?”


“Nah, my pranks are a lot more violent than this. This is our analyst.”


“Really?” He raised his eyebrows at her, to which she just shrugged. “Well, I guess I should at least give you the chance to prove it. Show me.” Izuku was about to pull out his notebook, when Aizawa held up his hand. “I don’t want any notebooks. I want to see what you can tell us yourself.”


Izuku nearly keeled over from excitement. “Okay. Finding information was a bit tougher this time due to Kibo's technology quirk, but this should still be enough. If we want to minimize collateral damage, then Aizawa and our heavy-hitter should prioritize the people with mutation quirks, as they can cause the most damage especially with Trigger. These guys are skittish so they should run if we make them panic, but If we make them panic before taking Trigger out of their hands, they will definitely use it first. Kaze likes to have his gang do all the heavy lifting for him, and only if things go wrong does he step in. My guess is that the hero they are fighting has to fight everyone else first, they will get tired, and he gets to seem stronger when he beats them. I would suggest that Mirko goes in first and gets their attention as she’s not all that subtle.”


“Hey! I am wearing a jacket that explicitly says not to look at me. That should be stealthy enough.”


“Er. Well, I kind of need you to not be stealthy. So you should-”


“I am messing with you, kid.”


“Oh thank goodness,” he said under his breath. “So. Mirko goes in first and gets their attention, while Eraserhead goes around the back. Mirko prioritizes taking out the teleporter and getting Trigger out of the fight as quickly as possible. This should be enough to make them panic and run out the back where you two will be waiting. Once Kaze realizes what happened, he will most likely take the drug and try to fight the rest of you on his own. Once it is just you three against him that will be more than enough to subdue him, even with the drug helping him. There has been no footage of him taking the drug, so be careful.”


“I’m always careful,” said Eraserhead


“I’m not,” Mirko interjected, helpfully.


Eraserhead sighed. “You can give us the notebooks now.”


When they were done he looked back at the two heroes after his eyes had wandered off somewhere to see Eraserhead smiling at him, while Mirko had her feet up on the table with her chair leaning back, while halfway through her next carrot.


“Uh. Was that good enough?” Izuku faltered under Eraserhead’s creepy smile. Was that just how he smiled? He hoped his mom would give him some pointers.


“I’m impressed, kid.”


Izuku didn’t know what to say. He had impressed not only a pro hero, but a pro that was a teacher at UA. Now to see if he could keep this up for the rest of the meetup.


“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” Mirko chimed in. “What’s your quirk, kid?”


“Oh, uh, well. I kinda… don’t have one.”


This was it. This was when they rejected him. He knew he couldn't have lied to them, especially with Eraserhead around. He had hoped it would just not come up, since he could be an analyst without a quirk that helps you be one.


“You’re able to do all that without a quirk?” Eraserhead asked.


Izuku clenched his fists over his legs and nodded.


Eraserhead was about to say something when Mirko tilted her head back far enough to see the last member arrive. “She’s here.”


Izuku froze in horror. No, it can't be her. Why would she be at a drug raid? This couldn't be possible. But apparently it was, because she was standing in front of him. Influx. His mother.

Chapter Text

She hadn’t changed since he last saw her. Still wearing what would have been baggy sweatpants and a loose fitting white T-shirt, leaving enough space to use One For All, but now were tight around much more muscular form. Somehow Izuku had gotten himself into something big enough that his own mother was involved. He hadn’t thought that it was that big of an operation. Why did they need the number one hero for this? Eraserhead was an underground hero, and while Mirko had cracked the top 100, she was still a newer hero to the scene.


“What’s wrong kid?” Mirko asked sarcastically. “Didn't expect to see number one on this mission?”


“Y-yeah. You could say that.”


“So, Influx. This is the analyst we were talking about. He’s been helping me, Aizawa and a bunch of other heroes the last few months, and it turns out he’s a quirkless schoolboy.”


Inko paused for a moment. “Oh yeah? How good is he?”


“He has potential.” Aizawa said.


“From you, Eraser, that’s high praise. Let me see what he's got.” How was she staying so calm about this? Izuku was freaking out. Thankfully, freaking out was a fairly consistent mood for him, so he had gotten used to hiding it. He hoped.


Eraserhead handed her his notebook when she sat down, and she started reading. She hadn’t seen these notes before, since he kept this part of his plan a secret as she requested. Eraserhead was glancing back and forth between them as she read. Was he going to figure it out? Would there be one more person to know their secret, and get one step closer to repeating the disaster that got his father killed? What would he do in that case? If that happened now, it would be his fault. What kind of hero would let that happen? What if-


“He is good.” She said once she had finished.


“Like I said. Unless we have any disagreements on the kids' plan of attack, we should make our way to their hideout. Mirko, you’re the one who knows where it is, so lead the way.”


“It’s right over there.” She said pointing across the street.


Izuku nearly choked. He had been sitting across the street from a criminal hideout this entire time?


“You brought a child to the doorstep of criminals?” Eraserhead growled


“I didn’t know he was a kid.” Mirko shrugged. “Besides, what does he have to worry about? He's got three pro heroes with him.”

“Fine,” Eraserhead sighed. “It's illogical to argue about it here. It only adds to the risk. Let’s get this done quickly.” He said, taking his goggles and capture weapon out of his pouch. “Influx, let's head to the back.”



Inko was glad to put on her mask as part of her disguise. It wouldn't do for the symbol of peace to be seen in a mission like this one, much less breaking down in the middle of it. How had he even become a part of this? She had seen Izuku's uncanny ability to analyse quirks his whole life, so maybe the effect of seeing him in action had worn off. She knew her son was amazing; what kind of mother would she be if she couldn’t see that? But this was a bit too far, wasn’t it? He was still just a kid.


Aizawa was not much for small talk, so their walk to the back was spent quietly panicking to herself about her son’s safety. Mirko had been right, though. He had a radio like the rest of them, so if anything happened, she wouldn't be far. It was less dangerous than trying to get home by himself from this part of town.


“Mirko. We’ve made it to the back door. Are you in position?” Inko asked


“Of course I’m in position. I had to walk across the street to get here. Did you think I would get lost along the way?”


All she got was a sigh in response as she kicked in the door, sending it flying to the opposite wall. Her ears picked up some hurried speaking downstairs.


“You two, go check it out.”


 She heard movement from downstairs and after a few seconds, she saw a massive man dragging his gorilla-like arms across the floor, and another smaller man with hair down to the floor walk around the corner.


“Sorry about the noise, you two. I was just trying to knock, really.”


For some reason, they didn’t seem to believe her. Arms guy tried throwing a punch down at her as soon as he got close. She jumped up out of the way and launched herself off of his arm that was now embedded in the floor. Flipping over him, she brought her heels cracking against the back of his head. She used his head as a springboard to launch herself towards the second villain, grabbing his hair as he tried to dodge and pulling his head into her knee with a crack. Two down. Now to see if the kid was right on how they would respond.


The noise had managed to stir up the rest of the villains in the building. She heard the pounding of their footfalls as they all rushed to her location. How nice for them all to come and greet me.


Around the corner came the entirety of the gang coming after her. “Ah. I didn’t think there would be this many of you.” She wasn’t the best liar, but it seemed to do the trick. She could see them grinning as they slowly approached her, probably thinking she was just some vigilante. Mirko saw that the teleporter was part of the group approaching her. They really want to make this easy for me, don’t they ?


She braced her foot against the wall, picking out the ones without mutation quirks that would be easier to take down quickly. As soon as they were all in a good position she leaped off the wall, bouncing around the hallway and hitting her targets before they had time to react. Eight more down, and four to go.


“Eraser, you two are up.” She said as she skidded to a stop. “The leader hasn’t shown up yet, but their escape quirk is already down.”


The villains were starting to panic and were about to dose themselves on Trigger. She managed to knock the injectors out of their hands before they could use them, except for one with arms made of what seemed like stone coming out of his back. As soon as he took it, his body was covered in the stone like substance. She immediately jumped back to avoid his attacks.The ones who had lost their dose started running for the back exit.


She jumped towards the ceiling, spinning in the air to propel herself off the ceiling for an aerial attack. His back arm came up to defend himself, but her kick was strong enough to break through it. As her foot came down towards his back, the stump of arm reformed a hand and grabbed her leg and slammed her into the ground. She brought her hands up to defend herself as his other arms unleashed a barrage of punches, the force of the blows cracking the concrete beneath her. She waited for an opening, when he suddenly was pulled off of her by an invisible force. Mirko stood up just in time to see Influx bury his head in the concrete floor with her heel.


“Hey! You stole my villian!”


Mirko could feel Influx raise her eyebrows at her behind the mask as she gestured towards the dozen knocked out criminals.


“Their teleporter is already down.” Aizawas said coming up behind Influx. “If the leader isn’t here yet, he already took the drug and should be on his way. That is, if the kid is correct.” They heard the sound of someone large stomping through the base from the lower levels, and getting louder. “There he is now.”


Influx took point to where the sound was coming from, with Mirko on her eight o’clock and Easerhead taking cover to the side of the entrance. They knew his quirk was having mechanical air jets in his arms which he used for stronger attacks, but they were not expecting a blast of wind from the darkened hallway powerful enough to blow Influx back through multiple concrete walls and forcing Aizawa's eyes shut, not letting him use his quirk as Kaze flew into the hallway. Mirko tried to sidestep out his way, but still got met with another blast of air, slamming her into a wall.


Aizawa activated his quirk, and was trying to use his capture weapon to straighten Kazes arms so he couldn't use his quirk after he blinked. Mirko charged him from behind to try to help. Kaze saw her and took headbutted Eraser in the nose, forcing his eyes shut, long enough for him to use his quirk again to blast Mirko back and deliver a massive punch into Aizawas chest. Mirko could hear his ribs crack under the force of the blow that sent them both careening away from the villain.


“Ha! Is that all you got, heroes!? I can’t believe my entire gang was weak enough to lose to such trash!”


Eraser got to his knees and wrapped his capture weapon around Kaze’s leg and pulled it out from under him. Mirko saw her chance, and leaped forward, bringing her knee into his stomach. Kaze pushed through the pain, and grabbed Mirko’s leg, hurling her at Eraser. She flew through the air and rammed into him, leaving them in a pile on top of each other.


Kaze aimed his air jet at them again, when he seemed to throw himself into the wall. He stumbled back and tried to figure out what happened, when a hand burst through the wall, grabbing his lapel.


“You’re-” He managed to say before Influx pulled his head through the wall, making him go limp. Aizawa and Mirko managed to stand up, as Influx came through the hole she had made.


“What took you so long?” Aizawa asked, clutching his chest.


“Sorry. I was not prepared for an attack that powerful.”


“These drugs should not be this strong. Something weird is going on here” Mirko said.



“Nice job, kid.” Eraserhead said, ruffling Izuku's hair, and still holding his broken ribs.


“Eraser, You're hurt! I’m so sorry. I should have--”


“It wasn't your fault, kid. You don’t have to apologize. You did good today.”


“Um, thank you Easerhead.” Izuku said, calming down somewhat.


“Just call me Eraser. Do you have a way to get home from here?”


“Yeah, I take the train.”


“That’s not happening. I’m not letting you go home by yourself in this part of town. I’ll take you home.”


Before he had a chance to freak out again about him finding out his secret, Inko interjected.


“I’ll do it.” They all looked at her. “What? You can’t be the only one to have paternal instincts for every child you come across. And besides, you’re injured.”


After some grumbling from Eraser, Izuku followed his mother to their car. When they were out of earshot, she grabbed him in a tight hug, smiling ear to ear.


“Izukuuu! I’m so proud of you! You impressed Mr. Aizawa! Do you know how hard that is?”


“I did hear of his reputation,” he said, smiling at his mothers praise. “He’s the one with the highest expulsion rate at UA, right?”


She nodded. “Last year he expelled a whole class. While I thought he should have found a less drastic way of solving the problem, I could see where he was coming from. He’s not irrational, as he so often loves to point out, but he can be… intense. And yet, you still impressed him. That’s amazing.”


“Thanks mom.”


“There was just… one thing you missed.”




She chopped him in the head “Why didn’t you tell them your age!?”


Izuku covered his head. “My age?”


“Why would any of them recommend you if they didn’t know you were a kid?”


“I... never really thought about it. I guess I just thought it would be obvious.”


Inko put her face in her hands. “Izuku. Sweetie. When pro heroes get analysis for their jobs, their first assumption will never be that it is being supplied by a child.”


Izuku opened his mouth to argue. But after not being able to think of anything, he simply nodded.

Chapter Text

Momo was much more nervous for the recommendation exam than she thought she would be. This would be the first time her new teacher would be able to show what she had learned from her, and truly prove herself. She still wanted to pass by her own ability, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t incorporate what she had gained from her training.


She spotted a boy much more nervous than she was, who seemed to be muttering to himself. She saw the number on his jacket and knew they would be racing together soon. Even if they would be competing, she couldn't leave him like that.


“Hey.” She said walking over to him.


“Oh! Sorry. I was muttering again, wasn’t I? I’ll be quiet now.”


“No, it’s not that. I don’t mind. It’s just that you seemed distracted, and I didn’t want you to miss when our group was called.”


“Really? My muttering doesn’t bother you?”


“Not at all. Just don’t get too lost in thought, Okay?


“Yeah. And, uh, thanks.”


“No problem.” Something seemed familiar about the boy, though she couldn't put her finger on what.


It wasn’t long before her group was called to the starting line, and they all went to take their positions. She went to the very outside of the track even though it would mean she would have longer to run. It would minimize the risk of her being caught in some unknown quirk. The green haired boy came up to the line and stood next to her. He seemed to be practically shaking in his boots at this point.


“Hello again.” She said, “You’re minimizing the risk of being caught up in a fight as well?” She hoped that the compliment would calm his nerves at least a little bit.


“Yes, actually. I am,” he said in mild surprise.


She could tell from his voice that he hadn’t just jumped on what she had said to make himself seem smart. He would do fine.


“What’s your name?”


“Izuku Midoriya.”

“Momo Yaoyorozu. It’s a pleasure.”


The starting horn blared, and they took off. Momo had been right to stay off to the side. A girl near the center of the group covered the ground in ice around her, and shot white hot flame that faded to violet out of her hands to propel herself forward on the near frictionless ice, while trapping the nearby participant’s feet. Momo and Izuku were the only ones not to be caught.


The first part of the course was just flat ground before the real test began. Izuku easily took the lead between the two of them to start off. He may have been short, but he had long legs for his size, and clearly knew how to use them. Due to her training with her teacher, she was able to keep close behind him at least. The first obstacle was a sharp decline that led to a sheer cliff. She could see that the Ice and fire girl had used a pillar of ice to throw herself above the cliff before she hit the decline. Momo had a similar idea. When she made it to the decline, she made metal poles blasting from the soles of her feet, sending herself flying over the cliffside, putting herself right after the ice and fire girl.


Momo noticed that she wasn’t melting the ice behind her as she slid across, so she ripped through her shoes once again to create ice skates allowing her to slide behind her for most of the way to the next obstacle, careful to not get too close to her flames. The girl didn’t seem to notice, or she didn’t care. Momo glanced behind herself, and saw Izuku leap from the pillar of ice along with a student with a skull face. They had somehow turned the pillar into a trampoline at the top to make it over the cliff, while the other students still hadn’t made their way over.


The next part of the obstacle course was a waterfall with two sets of thin stairs running along each of its sides. The water was turned to ice in an instant as the girl in front of her got close, diverting the flow right onto both staircases. With a blast of purple flames from her palms, the girl shot into the air, landing on the ice and propelling herself up the ice.


Momo created a grappling hook and launched the hook over the water, just making it over the flow and luckily hooking itself on the railing at the top of the waterfall. Momo braced herself as she was dragged through the flow of water, being battered from side to side as she was dragged up the stairs. Her grappling hook thankfully survived the trip long enough to get her to the top of the stairs. Trying to ignore her new bruises, she took off running. 


The last obstacle featured overlapping spinning poles with mere inches between them. Momo was trying to think of a plan when the girl ahead of her simply froze most of the obstacles over, making a path through. Momo hesitated to follow, but it seemed like the best course of action. She grit her teeth and followed. 


Momo was ready to start dodging when the girl thawed her ice, but it didn’t happen. The mechanism strained against the frost just before she got to the end. Momo created two hand grenades and pitched them at the poles before they broke free, and dashed into the final stretch.


She decided against using the ice skate trick again, as the girl might notice and decide to do something about it now that they were near the end. They were both far ahead of the competition, so taking any risks at this point would be counterintuitive. The girl in front crossed the finish line, and looked as if she was about to pass out as she crossed.


Momo felt the same, and went to the nearby rail to collapse, while watching the other students.


Izuku threw himself over the finish line to avoid last place and tumbled forward, scraping himself across the ground, until he eventually came to a stop. He had been going at a full sprint the whole race just to keep up, and his last second leap was the only thing keeping him from dead last. He had been able to utilize the after effects of a few of the other kid’s quirks to keep at a good pace, but it had barely been enough to keep him in the race. He hoped that his written exam score would make up for his performance in the practical.


He stayed on the ground for a while, until the nice girl from earlier approached him and kneeled down next to him.


“Are you feeling okay? You took a hard fall at the end there.”


“I’m alright. Just tired.”


“Do you want some water?”


“Where-” Izuku rolled over to look up at her to see her creating a water bottle from her hand.


“Whoa, that’s an awesome quirk. What kinds of things can you create?”


“I can make pretty much anything from the fat lipids in my body. The only restrictions are that it has to be non living, and I know exactly how it’s made. Though the conversion rate isn’t one to one, so I can create a lot more mass than I have  inside me.”


“That's so cool. Can you even create gases? You could be like Midnight and make knockout gas around you, making it impossible for anyone to get close, and you could protect yourself since you could make a gasmask. Speaking of gasmaskes, you could survive practically any environment since you could make survival gear for any of them. You could become an amazing rescue hero, since you’re basically a walking hospital. You could also be a great combat hero in the same way as Mr. Brave with your ability to create any weapon. Do you have any weapons or medical training? You could make-... Sorry. I did it again.”


Momo chuckled. “Like I said, I really don’t mind. And, I do have some training in those fields, actually. That's some quick analysis, Midoriya.”


Izuku blushed. “Oh, it’s nothing special. I’ve just always been fascinated by quirks. I’ve been analyzing them for as long as I can remember. How well did you do in the race?”


“I came in second, behind the ice and fire girl.” Holy whoa. If Momo came in second after her, she must really be amazing.


“Alright all you listeners!” Present mice’s voice came over the intercom, that he recognised from his radio show. “The last part of the test is the interview, so don’t think you can slack off now. Each part of the test is just as important as any other, so don’t feel to bumed if you didn’t do well in the practical. And to the people that did, don’t get too comfortable. This test isn’t over yet.”


Fuyumi was glad that the worst was over. The interview would not be publicly available, even to the number two hero. She could finally stop showing off. While she had come in first, she shouldn't have helped the girl behind her as much as she did. She just had to hope that beating her would be enough.


She walked into Midnight's office, and noticed that it was surprisingly plain. She didn’t know what to expect from the R rated hero, but it wasn’t a standard looking teachers office.


“Hello Fuyumi. Please take a seat.”


She sat across the desk from Midnight.


“You were quite impressive on the obstacle course today. Though you seemed to be pushing yourself harder than what was necessary. Especially freezing an entire waterfall. And yet you didn’t slow down for the rest of the course. Why is that?”


“I have to be the best.”


“You have to be the best? You don’t just want to be.”


Fuyumi nodded.


“Plenty of heroes manage to protect people without trying to be the best.”


“It’s not like that. If I don’t reach the top then… someone else will take my place.”


Your place?”


“I-. Yes?”


“And you don’t want them to have to do what you’re doing?”


Fuyumi nodded tentatively.


“I can assume that your father is no easier on you than he is with himself.”


She didn’t respond. Was she already on to her?


Midnight sighed. “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. Now then, your quirk manifested later than most, did it not?”


“Not fully. I could make ice as soon as my quirk manifested, but my fire half came later. Along with my change in hair color.”


Fuyumi nervously twirled the end of her hair which faded to white from its new primary violet. She still wasn’t used to seeing it like this.


“Have you gotten used to your fire half yet?”


“Not really. I’ve had it for several years now, but it still doesn’t feel like my own. I was never expected to be the one with this power.”


“Did you want to be?”


Fuyumi had been ready for Midnight to be a lot of things. But never a therapist. “I... guess I never thought about it.”


Fuyumi couldn't get that question out of her head even after the interview was over.


Izuku had been stressed out the entire time waiting for the letter to arrive. His mom was being no help by being coy whenever he asked about the results. But the day had finally arrived. He ran to his room as fast as he could and ripped open the letter the moment he was inside. He found a projector instead of a letter. A screen appeared above the projector showing his mother in full hero gear.


“Hello sweetie,” She said with a wave. “You know I’m not one for showboating, so I'll make this quick. You passed!” Her excitement quickly gave way to relief as she held her head in her hands and slumped onto the desk in front of her. “I cannot tell you how proud I am!” she squealed. “You earned this kiddo. All on your own, you showed that you could be a hero. Now because I know you, I’ll give you a moment to process all this before I continue.”


She knew him too well. He started crying the happiest tears he could remember. He had done it. He had actually done it. Years of taunts from his classmates finally felt like they could all be left in the past. He could really do it. Quirkless, weak, pathetic, Deku, could be a real hero.


“Now one last thing. Turn around. I have a surprise for you.”


The video shut off and he turned to see her in the doorway with a massive grin on her face, and a tiny cake in her hands.



Chapter Text

While Izuku had gotten into UA, that didn’t mean his time at Aldera was over. If Kachan finds out I got into UA, please just let it be in a few days when I’m fully rested. The practical part of the exam had been just as difficult as he had expected, while his interview with Nezu had been shockingly simple, as it was just him being able to analyse quirks. Which managed to distract him from the fact that he was talking to sentient rat bear principle about the next stage of his life.


Izuku's wish had come halfway true.


“Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo, please report to the principal's office.” Came the voice over the intercom.


When he got there, Kachan was already inside, and Izuku could see smoke rising from his palms.


“I just wanted to congratulate you two for making it into UA. We not only have two students from this school made it in, but one through recommendations. And to think that’s you Midoria. It really is a miracle.”


Izuku cringed. Did he have to mention that? Izuku had been preparing for this, but that didn’t really mean he was ready. The principal had known exactly what he was doing. They couldn't just let him get into UA without wanting to put him in his place. But what was he really expecting? No one at this school would let him get away with trying to get above his station. He was just some quirkless deku. And if he got into UA without a quirk, what did that say about the rest of them?


Izuku bolted as soon as the bell rang. If he managed to get out early enough, maybe he could avoid Kachan. He was close to leaving school property, when a hand came around the corner and pulled him into the darkened indent on the school's wall.


Kachan pressed him against the wall. “A recommendation?” His voice was cold and deceptively calm. “You thought that when I told you not to apply you could be a smartass, and get a remondation instead?”


“No, that’s not it! I knew that if we took the general exam at the same time, there would be no way I would pass with you there.”


“Shut up! You were lying this whole time. Laughing at me behind my back, and thinking you’re better than me. Thinking that because you somehow impressed a two bit nobody hero to recommend you that you somehow get the right to be placed above me?!”


Izuku knew there was no talking his way out when he got this mad. He braced himself for what was about to happen. At least he had brought more medical supplies today.


Fuyumi knew that she had to get this right. Her quirk wasn’t as good at regulating her temperature as Shoto's, but she had to prove that wouldn't be an issue. She planted her feet on the training ground floor and shot violet flames into the sky, bathing the entire training field in violet light. These were the hottest flames she could make, and they were already taking a toll on her. Frost was creeping up from her legs, but it still wasn’t fast enough. If she couldn't get this right, the burden would be right back on Shoto's shoulders. And after having it herself these last few years, she knew that wasn’t an option. She still couldn't believe that she had let Shoto go through this for so long. What kind of sister was she, if her help came this late?


“That’s enough!” Her father shouted at her.


“What? No, I was so close.”


“You weren't any closer than you were last time. I won’t have you permanently damaging yourself out of some misguided sense of pride. If you can’t handle it, then Shoto will.”


“You promised to leave him alone.”


“I promised to let you be my successor. If you don’t have what it takes, that promise is meaningless.”


Fuyumi stopped herself from arguing further. She knew that it would be pointless, but it was still hard not to scream at him. She would just have to try harder.


“You have two months to get it right. So I hope you find some competent teachers at UA.”


He said it without a hint of seriousness, but maybe they could really help. Maybe a fresh set of eyes on her quirk would give her an idea on what to do. She would try anything at this point.


Izuku stumbled into the school bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. Kachan never targeted his face, as that might be to obvious even for him to get away with. Izuku doubted it, but it did make the wounds easier to hide. The beating hadn’t been as bad as he had thought, though it had still been worse than most. It took him a while to bandage everything up, but he had already saved some extra credit work that he could say that he had been staying late working on.


His mom was home when he got back, as he had expected, but it wasn’t too hard to get by her with his wounds unnoticed, and get to his room. Saying that he had some schoolwork to do. It wasn’t untrue as he had been putting it off for when this happened.


The last few days at Aldera were a nightmare, now that everyone knew he got into UA. Most days he could get away from whoever decided he was easy pickings, but now the entire school was after him. Now it was a matter of how many bruises he got by the end of the day, instead of if he could avoid them altogether. It was getting increasingly difficult to hide them from his mother.

Chapter Text

“Izuku! It’s your first day of school. You’d better be up by now, or you’ll be late,” Izuku heard his mom shout at him from downstairs. Last night, he had barely been able to get any sleep. The combination of excitement for taking the first step towards being the world's first quirkless hero, the nervousness of seeing Kachan again, the doubt of if whether he would be able to keep up with everyone else, and all the stress that came with going to a new school, had not put him in the mood to rest. He counted himself lucky that he had gotten to sleep at all.


Izuku was practically shaking from excitement the whole way, but at this point he didn’t care. He had proved himself to the UA. The list of people who believed in him had jumped from two, to dozens.


The building was a lot more intimidating when he was going to be entering it as an actual student. Has it always been that big? He was so busy looking up at it that he tripped over his own feet, and suddenly found himself floating in midair.


“Are you okay?” She helped him get back on his feet and deactivated her quirk. When he was standing again, she couldn't help but notice how short he was. She wasn’t that tall herself, but he was at least a head shorter than her. It was pretty cute. “I stopped you with my quirk. Sorry I didn’t ask first, but I figured you wouldn't mind not hitting the pavement.”


“Yeah, uh... Thank you so much.” He seemed even more nervous than she felt. “Do you have a zero gravity quirk?” He blurted out.


“Yeah, I do. If I can touch something with my fingertips, I can nullify the effects of gravity on it.”


“That is so cool. I’m guessing you have some sort of weight limit, right? Can you float yourself as well? That power would be perfect for close range combat, if you could make your opponent weightless that would be super effective. You co-” He cut himself off, and started fidgeting. “Sorry. I ramble a lot when I’m nervous.”


“Don’t worry about it. I do have a weight limit actually. If I lift more than about three tons I start getting pretty nauseous. That was pretty impressive. I can’t wait to see what you can do with your own quirk.”


“Oh, um.” He tried to make himself smaller than he already was. “I’m actually quirkless.”


“Really? Then how’d you get past all those robots?”


“I never fought them. I took the Recommendation Exam.”


“You were recommended? That’s so awesome! You must be pretty smart if you got recommended on brains alone.”


“What makes you think I wasn’t recommended for my amazing physical skills?”


Uraraka laughed, which seemed to convince him to not make himself as small anymore. “Just a hunch. Anyway, I should probably get to class. I’ll see you inside.” As she left, she couldn't help hopping in joy that she had actually talked to a cute boy. Not realizing that he was having very similar thoughts, or that she had completely forgotten to introduce herself.


Momo had made sure to get to class early on the first day. She entered class 1-A before anyone else had, including the teacher. She had been hoping to make a good impression on whoever it was by showing up early, but it seemed like it wouldn't matter.


As the other students slowly started to trickle in, Momo recognised the Violet haired girl as she entered looking deep in thought as she chose the seat next to Momo.


“Hi. I’m Momo Yaoyorozu.”


“Oh. Hello again. My name is Fuyumi Todoroki. It’s nice to meet you for real this time.”


“Likewise. You did an amazing job in the race.”


Fuyumi grimaced. “Thanks.”


“Are you feeling alright?”


“I'm fine, it’s just… Do you know anything about temperature regulation? I’ve been trying to get my ice to get all the way up to my hands so I don’t burn myself out, but I seem to have hit a roadblock.”


“If you're looking for help on a quirk then I know a student who could help you. He came in 5th in our race, and my guess is because he was recommended for quirk analysis. He’s short, with large eyes, messy green hair. I think he'll be able to help.”


Izuku hoped with everything he had that he wouldn't be in the same class as Kachan. He wasn’t sure he would survive long enough to become a hero if he was. He approached the classroom door and was surprised at its sheer size. Is it to accommodate students with gigantification quirks? If that was the case, why wasn’t the rest of the school made the same way? Maybe it was just for one student or teacher, that only needed to use this door? But that didn’t make any sense, who in this school would only need to enter the 1-A classroom? But I haven't been to this whole school yet, maybe there are some more doors like this just for this one person.


Izuku eventually realized that none of these thoughts made any sense, and he was just trying to delay actually walking in. He sighed and entered the classroom, hoping one last time that Kachan wasn’t inside, only for those hopes to be immediately dashed as he saw him yelling at a blue haired student telling him to take his feet off the desk.


Izuku tried to make himself even smaller as he made his way to a seat behind Kachan.


“Excuse me.”


Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin. The violet haired girl from the recommendation exam had just talked to him. Between Kachan, and a whole three people that decided to talk to him, with more possibly on the way, he really was going to die.


“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”


“No no, it’s fine. I’m just a little on edge. Uh, is there something you needed?”


“I heard that you could help with a quirk issue I’ve been having.”


“Really? Your quirk seems pretty amazing. What kind of issue?”


“Well, my ice and fire are supposed to cancel out to make sure I don’t burn up or freeze, but it really just makes my legs freeze and the rest of me burns up. I’ve been trying to get a handle on it, but I hit a bit of a roadblock.”


“Well if it’s possible that you can do it just with more time, I would recommend just training. If you need more control, then the best thing would be practice.”


“Ah… Well, I’m on a bit of a time crunch.”


Izuku wasn't sure what could possibly put her under a time limit, but he felt he shouldn't ask. 

“Well if your fire is the problem, maybe you could try freezing yourself before using your fire. Or… Do you have a way to store cold air? You could make pockets of cold air that you could break when you get too hot to cool yourself off. You could also train yourself to get used to hot temperatures so the effects won't be as bad if you're used to it. We do have the support course to help with this sort of thing in making our hero costumes, so they might have a solution there-”


Izuku stopped when he realized that everyone else was silent. He turned around to see Eraserhead standing at the podium, holding a yellow sleeping bag for some reason. Oh right, this is a classroom. They both sheepishly got to their seats.


“It took twelve seconds for you all to listen up, that’s not gonna work. Time is precious here at UA. Rational students will understand that.”


That’s what a UA teacher looks like? I heard the teachers were allowed to run classes however they thought best, but I thought they would at least be kept to looking professional.


“Hello, I’m mister Shota Aizawa. Your teacher.”


That took everyone off guard. There was a collective “huh?” from the class.


“Right, let’s not waste any time.” He pulled some school gym uniforms out of his sleeping bag. 

“Put these on and head outside.”

Momo was not about to put on anything that came out of a sleeping bag along with a fully clothed man. So she simply felt the material, copied the uniform with her quirk, and hoped there wasn’t anything important about the uniform she had missed. She went to the locker room, and took off her school uniform, now with the gym uniform underneath, and went outside. She was the first person out and was alone with Aizawa. I should have stalled.

Chapter Text

Momo didn’t feel like Aizawa was one for small talk. He had acknowledged her when she had exited, and didn’t say anything after that. So, she waited.


How long does it take to change clothes?


Mercifully, the other students started to make their way to the court.


“Alright, now that you’re all here, we can finally get started. All of you will be taking a quirk assessment test.”


“But orientation. We’re gonna miss it,” one girl said.


“If you really want to make the big leagues, you can’t waste time on pointless ceremonies. At UA, if I say that it’s better for my students to train than attend a ceremony, then that’s what will happen. Fuyumi, you managed to get the top score in the recommendation exam. How far could you throw a softball in middle school?”


“Fifty-four meters, if I’m remembering correctly.”


“Try it again, and this time use your quirk.” He threw the softball to her. “Anything goes, just stay in this circle.” Fuyumi stood in the circle for a few seconds, and seemed to be deliberating on what to do. “Go on. You’re wasting our time.”


Fuyumi nodded, and shot herself into the air on a massive pillar of ice at least fifty meters tall. Momo couldn't see the top, but could feel the heat from the top of the pillar start to build, as a blast of purple flame launched the softball across the court.


Aizawa did not seem phased. “Each of you needs to know the extent of your abilities. It’s the most rational way of finding out your potential.” Fuyumi slid down the pillar, and Aizawa showed everyone her distance.


823 meters. It was an impressive score to say the least, and the class seemed to agree.


“This goes for you as well Midoriya. Don’t think you can get out of it just because you don’t have a quirk.” Everyone slowly looked over at Izuku, who was now staring at his feet. Aizawa seemed to sense the reaction to the news. “I hope that none of you are planning on underestimating him. Midoriya got in just like the rest of you. Not only that, he got in on recommendation. My recommendation. He had an opportunity to impress me before school started. And now, the rest of you get that chance as well. After today, there will be no difference between any of you. Whether you were recommended or not, I get to decide who is ready to become a pro.”


There was a pause as students nodded or muttered their agreement until one girl spoke up. “I wanna go. That looks fun.” Said a pink skinned girl.


“So this looks like fun to you?” Aizawa asked. “You have three years here to become heroes. Do you really think that games are going to be involved? This exercise will involve eight physical tests to gauge your potential. Whoever comes in last has none, and will be expelled.”


Momo wasn’t nervous about coming in last, but this exercise seemed ridiculous.


Does he really have so little faith in the school's acceptance process? And why is it the person in last that gets expelled? Wouldn't it make more sense to have a score that you need to pass? It’s not a guarantee that at least one person in this class has no potential. And why-... he isn't going to expel us. He’s just trying to get everyone to take this seriously. If we all thought this was a game, we wouldn't do our best, and if we thought there was just a score requirement, we could just coast through this without trying. Aizawa was a better teacher than his appearance suggested. And based on Midoriya’s calm reaction to the news, it seemed he had figured it out as well.


“Bakugo. You got the highest score on the entrance exam. You’re up next.” Aizawa tossed him another softball.


“And the ice?”


“Do with it what you wish.”


With Bakugou’s quirk, he could probably make it to the top if he had enough- or he could just blow it up.


Bakugo blasted away the ice, turning the whole structure to shards as it fell to the ground.


“I won’t lose.” Momo could hear him whisper. “Die!” Bakugo shouted as the ball literally exploded from his hand. Aizawa showed the score of 784 meters. Bakugo flinched. “Tch. Dammit.”


After the girl that scored infinity on the softball throw with her zero gravity quirk, Momo had no idea how that score was supposed to be averaged out, it was her turn to go. She hadn’t used her full power at the recommendation exam, but these tests were to show her full potential, so she was going to do just that. It was time to use One For All.


She stepped into the circle, as her arm began to arc with gray electricity. She was still nowhere near 100%, but it was still enough to get her a score of 779 meters. This new quirk really was amazing. And it was perfect for these kinds of tests.


“What was that?! I thought I was the electricity guy,” a boy with yellow hair asked.


“My quirk allows me to create non living mass. Including things like electricity. It may not be anywhere near as powerful as a full electricity quirk, but I can shock myself to move my muscles with more force.” Momo had no idea if she really could do that, but it was a more plausible story than the truth.


As she reentered the group, she could see Midoriya staring at her, knowingly. There’s no way he could recognise One For All, right? Noone even knows that quirks can be given or taken. Why does his stare feel like he’s boring a hole in me? Well, not as strong as-


“Mineta!” Aizawa shouted. “Get up here. Once you’ve stopped staring at your classmate.”


“Ah! Yes sir.”


Momo had felt his eyes on her since he walked in the classroom. The feeling was not unfamiliar, but it was still unpleasant. The rest of the test, she had to deal with him drooling at her, all while making crass comments about her chest. She had hoped that the students at UA would be more dignified than this, but she would deal with it if she had to.


Izuku was still reeling from Aizawa’s announcement to the class that he was quirkless. He was relieved that it went over that smoothly. At least now it was already over and if everyone knew, that meant he didn’t have to reveal it himself.


But now there was the fact that Momo was his mom's successor. The person she thought was worthy was a first-year. Izuku had known it could never be him, but it still was painful to see it happen. He knew that she had been looking for a successor, but he was never told anything past that. She always seemed especially paranoid about talking about her second quirk. His thoughts continued to wander as he was doing the grip strength exercise, until Eraser came up behind him.


“I’m guessing you figured it out already, kid. But just know that if you don’t give this your all. I will expel you.”


Izuku gulped, and griped tighter.


This batch of students wasn’t bad, which Shota guessed was to make up for last year. He still wasn’t certain Nezu hadn’t sent them to him just to get rid of. In this exercise, Momo was the clear front runner, while Izuku was dead last, with the dash being his only good score. Shota was glad that Midoriya had figured it out. He didn’t want to add any unneeded stress to the boy's life. Being quirkless in this class was going to be tough, but he wouldn’t have recommended him if he didn’t think he could handle it.


“Alright. Everyone gather around, I’ll be showing you your scores.”


He put up the scores on his projector. Everyone tensed as they looked for their names.


“And, I was lying. This test was never going to send anyone home.” The sighs of relief were just as beautiful this year as they were every year. “That was just a rational deception to make sure you all did your best.”


He let them sit with that a bit before continuing. Making them squirm was always fun, but the look of relief and confusion they had after he revealed his deceptions were always the best.


“Now. I said that this test wasn’t to send anyone home. But that does not mean that no one did anything worthy of expulsion. Momo?” Momo looked as if she was going to pass out as soon as he said her name. “Can you tell me who this person is?” Momo let herself breathe again, but didn’t say anything. “Go on. I’m sure you figured it out at this point. You were the second person to realize I was lying about the test. This should be simple enough.”


“It. It was-…”


“Go on.”


He got closer to her, as she still wasn’t speaking up. Shota finally sighed. Well, he was a teacher after all. They wouldn't be here if he had nothing to teach them. “Mineta! Your behavior today has shown me, and everyone else here, that you don’t have what it takes to be a hero.”


“What!? But I-”


“Enough! That is already enough. If you really want to be a hero, I would recommend putting that at the top of your priorities, in place of anything else. Consider this your official expulsion.” Mineta was about to protest further, but Shota flared his quirk and stared him down. That got him to finally leave his class. “That’s it. We’re done for the day. Pick up a syllabus in the classroom, and read it over before tomorrow morning. Momo, stay for a second. I need to speak with you.”


The other students left, leaving Momo staring at her feet.


“I know you figured out who it was.”


“There was no way I could be the one to call him out. I couldn't be the one to expel him. I can’t take that away from somebody, no matter how vulgar their actions.”


Well, she’s certainly altruistic.


“Look, kid. As a hero, you need to learn to stand up for everyone. That includes you, alright?”


“...I thought as heroes we were supposed to give everything we have to helping other people.”


“You won’t have anything to give to anyone if you don’t let yourself have anything to begin with.”


She nodded half heartedly. He knew it as the “I am going to have to hear you repeat that a lot before I get it” nod.


“Alright. You can go now. Good work today. I can see why Influx recommended you.”


At that, Momo managed a smile.

Chapter Text

What was a villain doing in this part of town? And why did they decide to rob a drug store? Momo knew that she wasn’t allowed to use her quirk yet, but she couldn't just do nothing. She peeked through the doorway and saw a man cackling and rolling around on the floor. He had several open pill bottles lying around him, and syringes still loosely hanging from his arm. In his convulsions he kicked one of the shelves, embedding it into the far wall. A pharmacist hiding behind the counter saw her peeking around the conor, ““No! Get out of here before he sees you! Too late. He stumbled to his feet and threw himself at her. Momo dodged behind the wall, barely avoiding him as he went straight through it. “His quirk enhances the effect of any drug he takes, but it’s never been this bad before!”


The man skidded to a halt in the middle of the street and whipped around, aiming his arm at her. A blood vessel in his wrist burst open firing a pressure hose of blood straight at her. She ducked just in time for only a bit of hair to be cut off as the blood flew past her, cutting into the concrete wall behind her. A blood pressure drug? If that’s what it can do, I wonder what a tranquilizer does.


Momo created a syringe from her hand as he charged her again. His movements were fast, but wild, making his swing easy to dodge. He overextended his attack and nearly fell over, hopping on one leg trying to regain his balance. Momo kicked his leg out from under him, sending him face first into the asphalt. She jumped on his back and plunged the syringe into his neck, pumping a tiny bit of tranquilizer into him. She didn’t know yet how much more powerful he made the drugs in his body and didn’t want to accidentally overdose him. 


The dose wasn’t enough. She heard popping sounds from his arms as he dislocated both shoulders to claw at her face. She leaped off of him, making poles from her knees to assist in the jump. People were starting to gawk now. She needed to end this fight quickly.


Based on how lethargically he stood, she thought she had a good estimate of how much more would take him out. Momo made a dart gun and loaded the bolt with tranquilizer, still being careful about the dosage. He didn’t even try to dodge as the bolt caught him in the chest. He simply looked down at it and slumped over.


Momo checked his pulse to make sure he was still alive, and dragged him back into the Pharmacy, hoping they would know more about how his quirk worked.


“Can someone help me with him?!”


“He must have taken a quirk enhancing drug,” The pharmacist from earlier said as he ran over to his side. “He knew that he should never do that with his quirk. It’s gonna kill him! We need a way to suppress his quirk; if we do that, all the drugs in him will be made fully inert.”


“Can you call the police? They have handcuffs that can do that.”


“I already did. But I don’t know if they’ll get here in time.”


Well. I already used my quirk once. What's one more? Her skin glowed with the light of her creation as she began the process. Come on. Faster! Making something of this complexity always took time. Time that she may not have.


Finally, the suppressors emerged from her stomach and she slapped them on his wrists. The effects were immediate. She could see his breathing return to normal and color returned to his face. Momo breathed a sigh of relief. This is what heroes do right? She hoped the real heroes would see it that way.


The first responders eventually arrived and took the man to hospital. She told the police everything that happened, including her using her quirk without a license. With so many unknowns on how the man's quirk worked, and whether or not he would actually survive what Momo did to him, she was asked to come into the station. She sighed, but followed the policeman into the car. This is going to be a nightmare to explain to my parents.


When they got to the station, she asked about the man's condition, and was relieved to hear that he would be fine. Apparently his quirk, when mixed with a quirk enhancing drug, would start a never-ending loop until he overdosed. While he did have some control over the effects, something like that was impossible to stop, and whatever drug had made him lose control like that, he couldn't nullify. If she hadn’t stepped in, he would be dead. I did it. I saved someone's life.


“Excuse me.” A detective in a trench coat and dark hair said to her. “Are you Momo Yaoyorozu?”


“Yes, that’s me.”


“Please follow me. There’s someone here to see you.” Oh no. If one of my parents decided to actually come and see me, this must really be bad.


Momo was led to an empty hallway in the police station, save for a shorter woman in baggy clothes. She looked up at her and smiled. That smile seems familiar. Have I seen her Before?


“Hello, Momo.” Her voice was low and calm. The kind of voice you could never imagine being raised. Momo had definitely heard it before. It’s nice to finally make your acquaintance.” the woman said, approaching her. “You saved a life today. Despite the possible dangers, and consequences in doing so. You seem to impress me every time I hear about you from the other heroes.” Heroes. Is that where I’ve seen her before?


“Well, thank you. Though, may ask who you are? I’m afraid I don’t recognise you.”


“Here. I think this may help.”


In an instant the woman grew to nearly twice her original size, and her muscles grew in tandem, completely filling out her baggy clothes.


“Inf-!?” Momo brought her hands to her mouth, realizing that if she came in a disguise, she probably didn't want her name screamed to the whole station. “What are you doing here?” she asked much more softly.


“I am here to make you an offer. While you can refuse, what I am about to tell you must never be told to anyone else. Understood?” This was a lot to understand all at once, but Momo thought she was doing an okay job of keeping pace. “I know this is a lot to take in all at once, so I can give you a moment if you need.”


“I think I can handle it. What is it you wanted to offer?”


“My quirk.” Momo blinked a few times to make sure she heard that right. “I know that sounds crazy, and it is, but how that happened is a bit of a long story that I can tell you later if you accept.”


Momo was not keeping pace any more. There was a quirk that could be given to another person? And Influx not only had it, but wanted her to have it? She was ready to say no immediately, but she stopped herself.


“I assume that if I accept, I’ll be the one to take your place when you retire?”


“That’s right. I have been looking for a successor for a long time now, and your actions today have shown me I was right to keep my eye on you. Do you think you’re up for it? Are you ready to carry the burden of being the next symbol of peace?”


This is perfect . This is how she would pay back everything she was given.


“I accept.”


“Good. I am glad to see my faith in you was not misplaced. It will take a lot of training for your body to be ready for the strain One For All puts on you, so we should get started as soon as possible. Just know that at any point during the training, you can change your mind.”


“Your quirk is called One for All?”


“Indeed. Meet me here tomorrow at noon to begin your training.” Influx handed her the address to a ‘Takoba Municipal Beach Park’.


Momo was smiling ear to ear for the rest of the day.


“It should kick in around now. Do you feel it?”


“I do. It’s… strange. Like I’ve stuffed myself with food after being starved my whole life.” Momo looked over herself again, looking for any obvious changes. Still nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from all this extra muscle. 


“Try putting that feeling into your hand. And don’t move it until I say so. This could be where those possible broken bones I told you about come in.”


“I’m ready.” Momo led the new quirk into her palm, which began to glow and arc with electricity. Her hand tingled with power and the desire to move. Like her hand had a mind of its own, that had a need to be used. “W-wow. That is…”


“I know the feeling,” Influx said, grinning. “Using One For All for the first time is always intense. Now try reeling it in. It should be similar to how it feels to make different sized objects with your own quirk. Imagine your hand as the object you want to create, but instead of using iron, you want to make it out of Helium.”


Momo closed her eyes, and, doing as she said, stifled the power flowing into her hand to a more manageable level.


“That’s it. Now just try keeping it at that level.”


Momo kept the feeling down, but the desire in her hand to move overwhelmed her and her finger snapped into motion, before Influx stopped her with a pull to keep it from breaking.


“That was good. For this being your first try, you did remarkably well. Are you up for trying it again?”


“Yeah. I think I can get it under control.” She tried for several more minutes until she was able to wiggle her fingers without much issue.


“Alright. Now try your arm.” Momo let it flow to the rest of her arm, preparing for the need to move to be too much, but only found it to be no more intense than her fingers. With her able to move her arm almost immediately. “You are doing much better than when I first started out. It won’t be long before you can have it moving through your whole body without hurting yourself.”

Chapter Text

Izuku had years to prepare for his mother to be his teacher, but having spent most of his time just trying to get into UA in the first place, he felt completely unprepared for his mother to be his at the podium. He hoped at some point this week there would be a day he was ready for.


Today they would be getting hero costumes. A hero costume was supposed to accentuate the hero's quirk, so Izuku took a page out of Eraser’s book, and went for a streamlined, all black pants, noise canceling shoes, and hoodie. The only defining features were his utility belt, and the hood curved down slightly like the shape of a bird beak. A nod to one of his mothers earlier costumes. It didn’t work with the name he was considering, but it looked cool.


He thought Shako was a good hero name for him. Unassuming, a common food, but it could see more than any other creature. He wasn’t sure how a shrimp theme would work with a hoodie, but hey, he was already short, so that was at least one part of shrimp down.


Ochako could still hardly believe it. She was really getting taught by Influx. But here she was. In the flesh. Her favorite hero was going to be teaching her .


“Hello students. I know you may be surprised having me as your teacher, but please, when you’re in class, just treat me as any of your other teachers.”


“Yes ma’am!” The class said in unison.


“Good. Now if you read the syllabus you’ll know that today is combat training. So for that, you all will get to wear your hero costumes.”


As she said that, parts of the wall extended out to show sets of lockers with their seat numbers on them.


“Now get changed, and head over to training ground beta.”


Momo was relieved that Mineta wasn’t around to see her in her hero costume. If he was still around she might have to beat him away with a stick. Or a knife. She thought that Fuyumi would be in a similar predicament, but apparently her quirk could make fire and ice away from her skin, instead of directly out of it.


Fuyumis costume looked far more practical than hers. Consisting of a thin and somewhat loose fitting white Parka with black accents and black fur on the hood. Conversely her pants were a much thicker and completely black winter style.


Momo was envious of just how good Fuyumi managed to look in her hero costume while still making it practical. The only person in class that had it worse than herself was Hugakure. Sort of.


“That is a nice design, Fuyummi. It’s kind of an inverse of your quirk.”


“Thanks. I got a last minute change on it after Midoriya’s advice so the jacket is loose enough for the cold air I make to flow around my whole body.”


“What did you decide to name it?”


“... Name it?”


“Yeah. That was part of our request forms.”


“That was just optional.”


“Oh. It was?”


“Yes.” Fuyumi paused for a moment. “Momo, did you name your costume?”


She hesitated before responding. “No?”


“We were given that option for every piece of our costume... You named every part of it, didn’t you?”


“I did nothing of the sort.” She turned to leave, only to have a wall of ice block her path. She didn’t want to start a fight, so she hung her head in defeat. “...Very well… This is called the Yaoyoreotard,” She said, grabbing her red top.


“That is amazing.”


“Yes yes. Now could you remove this wall?”


“Sure thing. I think I’ve kept you long enough.” She placed her hands on the ice and began to melt it away.


“Where did all this water come from!” They heard Mina yelp from across the room.


“I think you need to leave before you get caught.”


Fuyumi nodded and took off immediately, shooting a bit of flame from her hips for propulsion.


Ochako’s costume was a lot tighter than she was expecting. But other than that, it was exactly what she had asked for. It was by far the most expensive thing she had ever worn. She made her way to the training area, reveling in just how much she felt she belonged with all these people that looked like real heroes. She could really do this!


She went up to Midoriya as they walked toward the training ground.


“Hey, Midoriya.” Whoa, that costume looked good on him . “What do you think this training will be like? I heard that UA always has some kind of twist.”


“Um-I,” He stammered. “I really don’t know. Being a hero means being ready for anything, so UA never lets us know exactly what to expect. My only assumption would be that it has something to do with teamwork, as a way for us to get to know each other and our classmate’s quirks. Along with getting used to our costumes. Your’s is-... It looks good.”


“Thanks. I based it off Influxe's costume. You seem to have done the same with Aizawa.”


“Well, it's just that we need the same thing from our costumes. He doesn’t have a quirk that really needs support items, other than goggles, and I don’t have a quirk at all. I guess I could have asked for some kind of weapon, but there’s nothing I know how to use. I think you would do well with something heavy that you can make weightless, like a Warhammer or something.”


“I tried that, but making something weightless makes it hurt about as much as a regular punch. I can throw something and release my quirk before it hits, but anything faster than that is beyond me right now.”


“Wouldn't your quirk make an object keep its inertia when its weight is returned?”


“I would if it made sense, but it doesn’t, so instead the object keeps its velocity.”




He took out his notebook and started changing a page on… her? With a little drawing and everything. “You have notes on me?”


“Oh! Crud, I didn’t even think about that. Please don’t think it’s weird, I have notes on everyone in our class and in 1-B, not just you!” She raised an eyebrow at him as he showed her another page. “Oh no, is that even worse?”


Ochako laughed. “I don’t think you’re creepy. Can I see your page on me?”


“Really? You don’t think it’s weird?”


“No, it’s definitely weird. But in an endearing kind of way. Not to mention it’s impressive.” His eyes lit up as soon as she said that, and seemed to be in a bit of a trance before actually handing it to her. The notes on her quirk were nothing she hadn’t thought of herself, but the fact that he could come up with all of this in such a short amount of time was amazing. “The drawing you made of me is super cute.”


“Well, I was going for as realistic as I could.”


The comment made her face turn red, though he didn’t seem to notice what he had even said. Which just made it even cuter. I need something to distract myself before this gets worse .


“I have something you could add to your notes. I can make myself weightless to make my attacks faster, without reducing the damage in any way because my arm is still just as strong so I can hit with the same amount of force. Y’know, you're pretty good at this stuff.”


“You really think so?”


“Of course. Don’t tell me you disagree.” He looked down at his feet and seemed to deflate at the comment. “Then you’d better stop. You were recommended for a reason.”


Midorya groaned softly. “You sound just like my mom.”


“Then you better listen to her. She sounds like a smart lady.”


“Just because she agrees with you?”


“Yep.” She said grinning. 

They exited the archway to see Influx standing proudly, waiting for them.


“Now that is a sight every teacher loves to see! You all look amazing. Like real heroes .” She did a double take when she saw Ochako’s costume and stifled a laugh, but still gave her a thumbs up. “Nice color choice.” 


Ochako beamed at the compliment. She had basically copied Influx's costume, minus the cape.


“Now let me tell you all how this works. You will be split up into teams of two, and assigned to be a hero, or villain team. You all will be drawing lots to determine your partners and team type. You will be going up against each other in mock villain hideouts where the villain will have to defend a nuclear missile for ten minutes against the heroes, while the heroes will just have to touch the weapon in order to win. Each participant will be given capture tape, where if they can get it all the way around anywhere on your opponent's body they will be out of the round. If you capture both of your opponents, you win. Everybody got that?”


Uraraka got paired with Bakugo against Midoriya paired with Kirishima. Uraraka went to the assigned building, keeping her distance from her teammate who was glaring straight ahead the whole way there. When they got to the missile room, her desire to win finally won out over her intimidation, and she was able to break the silence.


“We should try to end this fight quickly. Midoriya is pretty smart, and will have come up with strategy on how-”


“Shut up! I don’t care about anything that nerd thinks. He thinks he can be a hero, and I’m going to show him just how wrong he is!”


So do you care about what he thinks, or not? “Eh. Well I jus-”


“I said shut up!”


Uraraka didn’t want to piss off her teammate any more than he already was, so she stayed quiet, and waited for the match to start.


“Uh. dude?” Kirishima asked. “You’re sweating through your costume. Are you sure all black was right for you?”


“Oh, sorry. It’s not that, it’s just… We're up against Kachan.”


“Bakugo? If you're that worried about him, I can take him. I might not win, but if you’d feel safer fighting Uraraka, I can do that.”


Izuku shook his head. “Kachan has it out for me. He won’t let anything distract him from getting to me. I’m pretty good at hiding from him, so I’ll distract him while you go after the missile. Uraraka will probably try throwing weightless projectiles at you, and if you get close she will try to float you into an area where you can’t push off any walls, so you should get some things to throw so you can propel yourself if that happens.”


“No problem.” Kirishima started chipping away at the wall, and collecting the pieces. “We’ve got this in the bag.” He gave a Izuku an enthusiastic thumbs up, which Izuku tentatively returned


Inko was more nervous than she thought she would be. Seeing the way Bakugou was looking at her son was almost sending her into a fit. Izuku had said that they were friends, but nothing she had seen today led her to believe that was anywhere close to the truth. What was he not telling here? Whatever it was, she would find out. But for now, she had a class to teach.




Izuku and Kirishima split up as soon as they entered the building.


“Hey, Kachan! I’m gonna beat you and become a hero!” Izuku shouted.


Izuku had no idea how to antagonize someone, but Kachan was not hard for him to piss off. It seemed his very existence seemed to do that well enough. So reminding him of it should do the trick. He did not need to wait long for confirmation;  he heard the far-too-familiar sparks right on the same floor.


Eijiro knew he needed to hurry. He didn't know what was going on between those two, but it did not seem manly. The building was tough to navigate as it all looked the same with no landmarks anywhere. So Eijiro decided to make some. As he ran he scraped a clawed hand across the walls so he would know where he had been. It kept him from getting lost, but it didn’t bring him any closer to knowing where the missile was.


Where was that nerd hiding? He would be the one to gloat that he would win, and then run away. Didn't make it any less annoying though.


“Deku! Get out here and face me! If you think you can be a hero, then you should at least be strong enough to try to fight!”


Izuku had no intention of doing so. While he thought that he could at least predict his first attack, that was a small comfort against someone like Kachan. This building didn’t have much to hide behind, so he was mostly ducking into rooms, being grateful for his costume. Izuku didn't know how mad Kachan had to be to start blowing his way through the building in order to find him, but he hoped Kirishima would end the fight before that happened.


He made his footsteps obvious as he turned another corner, and then entered another room being as quiet as possible. Kachan took the bait and ran past where he was hiding, yelling the entire way.


Uraraka did not like what she was hearing. Bakugo was yelling so loudly she hardly needed the radio to hear him. And what she heard should never come from a hero. She had already made the fake missile weightless, and it was floating in the center of the room where it would be the hardest to reach. She didn’t have anything else to occupy her time, except listen to all the threats that Bakugo was screaming at Midoriya who he still didn’t seem to be able to find. Despite being on Bakugos team, she hoped that would stay the case.


Uraraka jumped when she started hearing explosions from downstairs. That wasn’t good. Why couldn't Kirishima just get here already? Then she heard what she had been dreading.


“There you are, Deku!”


Screw it. “Kirishima!” She let her yell reverberate around the building. “The missile’s here, so come and get it!”


She deactivated her quirk, letting the bomb clatter to the ground and took off running towards the sound of the explosions.


Inko could hardly believe what she had just seen. First Uraraka gave away her location and ran off, then Izuku countered Bakugo's atack, and put him flat on his back. Izuku was never one for any kind of combat, so where had that come from? His counter attack had started before Bakugo had even wound up. Did he know what he was about to do before he had even seen the attack start? Whatever the case, Inko was a very proud mother. A scared mother, but still proud.


Izuku started running as soon as his counter landed. Inko thought that maybe he should have gone for the capture tape, but that could have taken too long, and based on how angry his opponent was, there was no guarantee that it would stop the fight. Inko was relying on her pull quirk to stop the fight at a moment's notice. If they started fighting in a hallway pointing directly at her, she would put a stop to it at once.


Izuku turned into a hallway he immediately regretted. There were doors along the sides to empty rooms, but it was a dead end, and he had realized too late. Kachan was too close for him to turn around.


“These costumes are pretty sweet, huh Deku?” Kachan growled behind him. Izuku got to the end and turned to see Kachan with a finger through a pin on his gauntlet. “All this running has gotten these things to store a lot of sweat.”


“Bakugo, that’s enough!” He heard his mother shout.


“He’ll be fine as long as he dodges!”


Inko knew that wasn’t going to happen. Her son was too worn out, and was off balance. He was going to take the full force of an explosion if she didn’t do something. She started to pull apart the wall behind him to pull him through, but it was too slow.


Is this it? There’s no way I’m going to dodge this. Will this be powerful enough to kill me? He squeezed his eyes as he felt his mothers pull on his back and braced himself for what was coming. He felt an explosion blast just next to him, and felt it blow the wall next to him to rubble. He heard someone scream in pain in front of him. Uraraka! He opened his eyes to see her writhing on the floor and clutching her face.


“Uraraka!” Izuku ran towards her, not caring about Bakugo standing over her looking dumbfounded. “Uraraka, are you alright?”


She gave no response, and just kept cradling the side of her face, crying in pain.


Eijiro had finally managed to touch the weapon when he heard Uraraka’s screams through his radio, and through the building. He immediately started running to her. He had wondered why she wasn’t here when he had arrived. She must've been able to tell how bad things were going to get, and ran to help. By the time he got there, her screams had already stopped.


“Is she-”


“She’s just unconscious. She must have passed out from the pain,” Midoriya said, cradling Uraraka.


Eijiro breathed a sigh of relief. “What happened?”


“She jumped to grab Kachans arm, and must have accidentally put her face in front of the blast. I called recovery girl, but she isn’t responding for some-”


Influx burst through the wall, with Recovery Girl on her back. Recovery girl jumped off and ran to Uraraka.


“I need to get her to my office. Give me the Gurney.”


Influx gave it to and pulled Uraraka off the ground with her quirk and onto the gurney, all while not taking her eyes off Bakugo, who was still standing there, stunned. Eijiro was glad that he was not the target of those eyes.


“Let’s go Midoriya. These two look like they need to talk.” Eijiro said


“Y-yeah. Let’s go.”


They followed Recovery Girl out of the building as she started healing Uraraka.

Chapter Text

He had hurt her. Katsuki was still stunned from what had happened. She got half her face burned just to protect Deku ? She was better than him. Why had she done it?


“Katsuki Bakugo,” Influx said in an eerily calm voice. “You have one chance to explain yourself.”


Katsuki had never seen her like this. Everytime he had seen her, she always had that smile on her face. This was different. And her glare was directed right down at him. Has she always been that tall ?


“I don’t know, alright! She had no reason to interfere like that! She got herself hurt!”


“I’m not talking about her. Not really. You saw what happened to her when she was hit. Had you even tested what those support items could do before you used them? I don’t know what will happen with her injury, but whatever happens it will be your fault. And it would have been much worse without her interference. If that’s what it could do to her, do you have any idea what it would have been like for Midoriya to take that blast head on?”


“Why should I care about what happens to that loser? He’s just some worthless deku.”


Influx took a step towards him, making him stumble back. For all his bravado, she was still intimidating when she wanted to be. She looked back at the camera recording this part of the building, and didn’t get any closer. “Is that what you really think? You think that because he’s weak, he can’t be a hero. And is worthy of that because of it.”


“Well yeah. Just look at you. You’re an awesome hero because you’re strong.”


Influx sighed, and unclenched her fists. Her menacing aura seeming to fade “You are just like Endeavor. If I was Aizawa you would be expelled right now.” She took a step back and rubbed her temples. “Listen, Bakugo. I’m guessing that you have always been praised for your quirk, and told you were better than other people because of it. Is that right?”


“Yeah, obviously. Why wouldn't they?”


“If you want to be a hero, you need to know this: You do not get to decide whose life has value. Being a hero means helping everybody. Especially those people who cannot help themselves. The people you think are weak, are the ones you will be required to save. That is what makes me a hero. It’s what made Uraraka stop you. And it’s what makes Modoryia a better hero than you.”


The guilt Izuku felt made a pit in his stomach. Uraraka didn’t need to have taken that blast for him. Almost half of her face was burned, and he didn’t know how much of it would heal. When he had seen it, the burns went from the edge of her nose to close to her ear, and went all the way up the side of her face. Izuku wished he could do more than return to the observation room and watch as she was taken to the nurses office.


He saw that his team had won the match, but it was hard to feel happy about it. After Recovery Girl reassured everyone that Uraraka would be alright, they all waited for Influx and Bakugo to get back. The waiting seemed to last forever as everyone stood in the observation room, not saying a word.


Influx finally entered looking only slightly less angry than she had before.


“The next match,” she said coldly. “Will be Fuyumi Todoroki, and Kyoka Jiro as the heroes vs. Mashirao Ojiro, and Toru Hagakure as the villains. As for Bakugo, he is going to the principal's office, and will return when Nezu feels he is ready”


Izuku shuddered when Nezu was mentioned. He had heard plenty of horror stories from his mother about what kind of punishments the principal was capable of inflicting on his students. For Kachan’s sake, Izuku hoped he would be let off with a warning.


The rest of the matches passed by without anything as dramatic as the first match happening and were able to slowly relieve the tension from the first match. Izuku was able to take notes in his notebook on everyone's matches, which distracted him well enough from worrying about Uraraka.


Ochako woke to the soft sound of a heart monitor at her side. Her right eye was already completely open, which she guessed had something to do with the burn.


“How are you feeling, dearie?” Recovery Girl asked by her side. Her voice was a comforting change of pace from what she was going through before she passed out.


“Tired mostly. Not really any pain.”


“Good, good. I gave you as many calories as I could in order to heal you as much as possible. I was able to save most of the damaged area, but I’m afraid there will be a permanent scar. It shouldn't hinder your performance, but your eyelid didn’t grow back. A prosthetic is being made right now to replace it. The only permanent effect will be that your eye won't make tears anymore. I have some eye drops for you until the prosthetic gets here.”


“Thank you.” Ochako said while sitting up, before collapsing back into the bed, the reality of what happened slowly dawning on her through her fatigue.


“Take it easy now. My quirk uses your energy to heal you, and I did as much as I could while being sure I didn’t kill you. You’re going to need plenty of sleep for the next few days.”


“How long was I out for?”


“The school day is over by now. I called your parents to let them know you would need to stay late today. I also convinced them to let you stay enrolled at this school.”


Ochako let out a small chuckle. “How’d you manage that?”


“It is a conversation I am very used to having. Though it has been a long time since a student had an injury this bad. Your parents are quite lovely people.”


“I know. They're the reason I became a hero in the first place.”


Recovery Girl paused for a moment. “Would you like to see the scar?”


She took a deep breath, and nodded. “I can’t really hide from it.”


She handed her a mirror, and she braced herself for what she was about to see. The scar covered almost exactly half of her face, coming to a stop just next to her nose, and reached all the way to the start of her ear. Her cheek had caved from the burn, and scar tissue covered the right side of her face. The flap of her ear canal had been completely burned off along with a section of her hair. The only good news was that her hair style could hide the missing hair easily enough.


“Thanks for all you did. I can't imagine how bad it would have been if you weren't here.”


“That is why I am here, child.”


Even though she had already been told, she was surprised when she could only blink with one eye. She used the eyedrops and noticed part of the label said ‘erase the need to blink’.


“These are from Aizawa?”


“He has the best eye drops in the world made for him. He didn’t hesitate to give them to you when he heard what happened.”


“Tell him I said thanks.” Looking at both the mirror and the eye drops, Ochako could feel tears start to form. Sure enough, the tears only came from one eye. Recovery Girl stayed with her as she let herself begin to cry.

Chapter Text

“I just… I wanted to be a hero like Influx. I wanted to save everyone with a comforting smile. Now half my face looks like a corpse.”


Recovery Girl continued to rub her back. “That student I mentioned earlier; The one with the injury as bad as yours. That was Influx, who got all of her injuries in a similar fashion. She always ended up hurting herself in order to save others. Her quirk gave her several broken bones before she learned better control. When she was a student here, she had trouble pulling attacks in between her and the one she wanted to save, and would end up taking hits for everyone on her team. You remind  me of  her. So while your smile may no longer be the same, you match her in more important ways.”


Ochako sniffled. “Thank you.”


Ochako was still debilitated the next day. She had gone to bed the second her parents had stopped hugging her, but even her eleven hours of sleep just didn’t seem like enough. She dragged her feet all the way back to UA, and leaned against the wall to rest once she made it inside. The green-haired boy from before glanced her way and visibly held on to his courage as he approached.


“Hey. Uraraka right? I didn’t actually introduce myself the last time we talked, so sorry about that.”


“Don’t worry about it. And yes, I am Uraraka.”


“I just wanted to apologize for the other day.”


Ochako blinked. Her new eyelid still feeling weird against her skin. “What do you have to apologize for?”


“Well, you took that blast for me. You wouldn't've had to do that if I had just gotten out of the way in time, and you got a scar because of me. So, I’m sorry.”


“I got this scar because of Bakugo. He was the one who burned me. I do appreciate the thought though. So… Thanks.”


“Yeah. No problem. Your scar healed nicely.” He immediately cringed at what he said. “I mean. Compared to what it was before. When I saw it right after, it looked really bad, and you were covered in blood, and it smelled awful, and… sorry, I’m not helping.” He hung his head. Ochako's eyes were still good enough to see how adorable he looked..


“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind.” Ochako fell behind him as they walked together. “You can go ahead if you want. I’ll catch up.”


“I would, but I don’t want to enter the class alone again. Last time was pretty nerve-wracking, so I would rather go with someone. If that's okay with you, I mean.”


“Of course you can walk with me. I never mind company with people I like.”


Izuku's face turned red until he looked like a tomato instead of broccoli. “Oh, wow. That’s... that's really kind of you. I mean, we only just met and… Uh. Oh look at that, we're here.”


Katsuki was not used to feeling guilty. Sure, she had gotten in the way, but he was still the one who pulled the pin. And then Influx had chewed him out for trying to hurt that worthless deku. But somehow worse than that was dealing with Nezu. Just thinking back to that overly friendly smile and obviously fake calm, laced with implied threats was enough to make him shudder. 


None of it made any sense! Deku was weak! Why did Influx care about him? She even said that caring about him and people like him was what made her a hero. Katsuki had looked up to her for as long as he could remember, but what she was saying was total horse shit! It had to be. Either way, he should at least look into this Endeavor guy.


When he got home, he ignored the hag, and went right to his room. He had never known much about the number two hero aside from the fact that he existed, and from the videos he looked up, he could see why. The guy was a dick. It was clear even to Katsuki that all he cared about was his reputation, and didn’t give a damn about the people he saved. Did Influx really think he was like this guy? Sure, he was a bit aggressive, but he was nothing like Endeavor. Right?


Katsuki couldn’t sleep that night.  Influx’s accusations reverberated in his head, along with the threats from Nezu. Did she really mean those two were a better hero than he was? And did that really include Deku? It couldn't be what she really meant. Even Deku knew that Katsuki was a better hero than him.


Katsuki growled to himself, pushing his pillow over his ears, hoping it could block out their words. He would have to confront her tomorrow and find out what she really meant. Until then, he got to enjoy these feelings of lingering doubt that his entire worldview was wrong. He growled again, and tried to sleep more aggressively this time. Tomorrow, Influx would say that he had misunderstood her. Or something. Something that would make all this damn doubt go away.


When he got to class, he could feel everyone distinctly not looking at him as he made his way to his seat. Whatever. It’s not like it was my fault she got hurt. He had a harder time convincing himself of that when she entered with part of her face missing. He had hoped that Recovery Girl could heal it fully, but it seemed that he really did screw up. He looked away as soon as she started to notice him. He just… couldn't look at her right now. Influx first, then he could deal with her.


Katsuki could feel everyone's discomfort throughout the class. Couldn't they just say something if they had something to say, instead of being cowards? The class time dragged by. When it was finally over he waited for everyone to leave so he could talk in private.




She stopped and turned toward him slowly. “Yes.”


“Did you really mean what you said? About me being a bad hero.”


She sighed “I am not like Aizawa. I don’t lie to my students for any reason.” Katsuki froze. That confirmed it. Memories of how he treated him came rushing, now knowing full well what she would think of him if she knew. Looking back he could see that she was right. Comparing himself to Influx now seemed like a joke. He didn’t just not measure up, he wasn’t even on the same scale. “You two went to the same school, correct?” Her voice pulling him out of his thoughts.


“Me and Deku? Yeah, we did. Why?”


“And is this how you've always treated him?”


“I-” Katsuki paused as he realized what she would think of what exactly he did to him “Yes.” Influx turned her head away from him.


“Thank you for telling me.” Influx seemed to choke on her words as she said it.


Holy shit. He really fucked up. Influx left the room leaving Katsuki alone. Why the hell hadn’t anyone ever told him? Why did it take the number one hero to tell him to get his shit together? And why couldn't he have figured it out himself? He was supposed to be the best, but he hadn’t even known what being a hero really meant. It wasn’t like he could deny the reality of what she said. He asked for no ambiguity, and he had gotten it. The number one hero really thought that he was less of a hero then Dek- Izuku. That’s going to change. I don’t care how hard I have to work to be the best, I’m gonna do whatever it takes. If that means accepting I was wrong then that’s what I’ll do.


Inko managed to make it to the teacher lounge before breaking down. She had her suspicions since the mock battle, though she didn’t want to believe it. She thought those two were friends. How had she missed what was happening? Looking back, it should have been obvious. The wounds he tried to hide or downplay if she mentioned them, the way he would slightly clench up whenever she mentioned Katsuki, all the birthdays he said he wanted to spend just the two of them. What else was she missing even now? How many injuries had he managed to successfully hide? For all she knew, he could have been coming home with injuries every day without her knowing. She thought she had been respecting his privacy by not pushing for their origin, but now that seemed stupid. What kind of mother lets her son get hurt repeatedly without stepping in? Let alone a hero.


Inko spent the next hour crying in the teacher lounge. And, for the second time in her life, felt like the worst mother in the world.

Chapter Text

Nemuri dismissed her class and headed to the teachers lounge. It had been a good class today, but exhausting. No one was ever in the teacher's lounge at this time, so she should be able to enjoy some alone time. But peeking in the door confirmed that was not going to happen. Inko sat slumped over a desk and looked deflated inside her hero costume.


Nemuri took a seat beside Her and saw she had been crying. She put her arm over her shoulders in a gentle hug and activated her quirk. Inkos' breathing began to steady and her muscles slowly relaxed as she inhaled the mist.


Inko awoke with a blanket around her shoulders, and feeling much better than she had expected. That made a lot more sense when she saw Nemuri sitting next to her. So I needed her help again, huh?


“How was your sleep?”


Inko sat up, still hugging the blanket close around her. “I didn’t miss a class, did I?”


Nemuri gave her a side eye, but didn’t press. “No. You still have thirty minutes until then. I would have woken you if you were about to miss it.”


“Thank you.”


“Do you want to talk about it?”


“It was nothing too serious.”


Nemuri raised her eyebrows. “Really? You decided to break down in the teachers lounge just for the laughs?”


“You don't have to worry about me.” She sighed and sat up straighter in her chair, trying to fix her posture as she pushed herself away from the desk.


“That doesn’t answer my question.”


Inko looked away.  “I appreciate you trying to help, Midnight. But you know I can’t.”


Inko stood to leave, letting the blanket fall back onto the chair. Nemuri shot up from her seat, slamming her hand on the desk. “I am really getting tired of your stubbornness, Inko. You know you can’t do this on your own.”


“I have to.”


“You can’t keep this up forever. At some point this... charade is going to fade!” Nemuri looked down to the ground, her eyes beginning to glisten. “If it doesn’t get you killed first.” Her voice now down to a whisper.


Inko let her pouster falter, letting out a breath. She had already accepted that as a possibility. “That’s why I have a successor. She can carry the mantle when she’s ready. Until then, I will do what is needed of me. For all our sakes.”


Inko felt Nemuri’s hand grasp her arm as she tried again to leave.


“Dammit, Inko. I can see how much this is affecting you.” Her hand slid down Inko’s arm, lacing her fingers through hers. “Just let me help you.”


Inko tried to push down the emotions Nemuri's hand in hers was causing. “You know that no one would accept us.”


“Then damn them, they can cope ! They need to deal with this anyway.”


“My priority is keeping them safe. I can’t jeopardize that. No matter how much I-” She stopped herself. Eventually letting out a whisper. “Can you let go of my hand, please?”


Nemuri hesitated before dropping Inko’s hand. Inko wished she had hesitated for a moment longer.


Inko went home early that day.  It was a relief to change into civilian clothes that actually fit. She wouldn't be doing any more hero work today. Izuku looked immediately apprehensive when he saw her sitting at the counter.


“Please have a seat, Izuku.”


“What's this about?” He asked as he sat across from her. “Did I do something bad at school today?”


“No, nothing like that. This is about Katsuki.”


“Did he do something bad?”


“Yes.” She growled. “More than I knew. Much more than you told me.”


“Oh…” He slumped further into his seat. “I see.”


“I just want to know why you didn’t tell me. If it was anywhere near how bad he was at combat training, it must have... I thought you two were friends, so why did you hide this from me?”


“I didn’t want to worry you.”


“Didn’t want to worry me? Izuku, you are my son, it is my job to worry about you.”


“But more than that, you’re a hero. I can handle Kachan, so I thought you would want to focus on something more important.”


Inko struggled to get her words out through her tears. “Izuku… I always have time for you. Why would you ever think that I don’t?”


“Because you’re the symbol of peace. You have more important things to worry about than some simple bullying. You always made it clear just how important your role is to keeping the world stable. I didn't want to distract you from something so important to the world. So important to you .”


“Son…” She took his hand in hers. “You are not a distraction. You deserve all the help I can give you. Being the symbol of peace is important, but that does not make you worthless. Don’t let what Katsuki says convince you otherwise.”


“It wasn’t just him. Everyone at school thought I was worthless, and made sure I knew it. You were the only person who believed in me, until I got to UA. Besides, I don’t think Kachan will be as bad at UA, so you don’t have to worry. For real this time.”


“I’ll make sure of that. I already gave him a talking to, but that isn’t enough to get him to change his behavior, I will not hesitate to expel him.”


“You can’t expel him!”


“Actually, I can. Quite easily in fact.”


“I mean that wouldn't be fair! Everyone always told him he was amazing, and no one ever thought he was doing anything wrong. You can’t be mad at him for believing it! He’s going to be an amazing hero someday. You can’t take that away from him!”


Inko pulled her lips into a line. “... Fine. I’ll give him some leeway. But if he doesn't change soon, he will no longer be a student at UA.”


Katsuki hated this feeling. The nervous looks that his classmates gave him behind his back just wouldn't go away, and he had no idea how to stop them. He knew he should apologize, but that apparently took skill. A skill he knew he didn’t have. And even if he did, who should he apologize to ? De- Izuku wouldn't even take him seriously. That wimp would brush it off as a joke, or just say that everything was fine. Even though according to Influx herself , it wasn’t. Katsuki was still trying to wrap his head around how his entire school, including him, had been so stupid. How had everyone missed how shitty everything there was. It still didn’t really make any sense to him, but who was he to disagree with Influx on how to be a hero? He knew he was good, but he wasn’t that good. Yet.


Several days passed with him rehearsing and then discarding dozens of ways to apologize to each of them. Eventually he had something he thought would be good enough. It wasn't like he only had one shot. He did have plenty of experience cornering nerds after all. He saw both of them eating together along with L-brows at launch. This would work. Might as well get it over with all at once. He made sure they were distracted before going over to them so they wouldn't panic and run before he got a chance to say anything.


“Oh hey, Kachan! What are you doing here? Do you need us to move? Because we can totally-”


“Shut it!” He barked, exasperatedly. “I’m not here for any crap like that. I’m here to talk about the combat training.”


“You don't have to worry about that, Kachan.” Izuku was waving his arms around as he talked, while Pink Cheek just narrowed her eyes at him. It was a much more effective look with the scar. “I know that you totally would have won if Uraraka hadn’t-”


“I said shut it! You think I don’t know I could've beaten you and shitty hair by myself? I’m here to…” Why was it so hard to say? He was supposed to be the best, and yet he coudn’t say one stupid word. That just proved her point even more, didn’t it? “I’m here to-”


“Warning.” A voice came over the speaker system “Level three security breach. All students please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion.”


Level three? That meant that someone broke in.


“Okay I guess we have to talk later, Kachan. Come on Uraraka.”


“Hold on.” She put her hand up as soon as Izuku approached her. “I want to hear what he has to say.”


“Uraraka, please.” L-brows butt in. “This is a serious emergency. We must leave as soon as possible.” He grabbed her arm and started pulling her away, her glar not fading from her face as they left. Katsuki watched the three of them dash after everyone else as they started to panic and run for the exits.


“You can move while talking, you idiots!” He called after them. He sighed to himself and kept behind the mob that was starting to form. It was a disgrace, really. These were supposed to be heroes in training, and they were trampling over each other in order to run away. Katsuki wasn’t worried. If someone was stupid enouph to break into UA, they wern’t a threat to anyone. He got back to his lunch while he waited for everyone to clear out enough for him to get through.


He saw L-brows spinning head over heels while floating over the class giving an impassioned speech about it just being the media breaking in. Katsuki grunted. Those vultures were always trying to get an interview with Influx, or any of the other heroes they could get their hands on. Didn’t those idiots get it? A hero's time was too important to waste on pointless interviews. Even though some heroes don’t seem to get that.  


The speech seemed to work, somehow. Seriously? That’s all it takes to make UA students freak out and immediately calm down? He couldn't find either of them after that. It seemed his apology will have to wait a little longer.


“Do we know what happened here?” Inko asked. “There is no way that bunch of reporters got in all on their own.”


“I agree.” Nemuri responded. “Whoever did this had bigger plans than just a tell-all on you. What do you think, Nezu? Any idea on why someone would do this? Or how, for that matter?”


“I know that It was at the very least a show of power. Whether it extends to a declaration of war is yet to be seen. As for how, all the security cameras show is a flash of white before the barrier disappears.”


“Disappears?” Inko asked. “Not just destroyed, but disappeared?”


“Yes, the implications are quite disturbing. While it may have been a form of teleportation, we must be extremely wary of this individuel.”


“I’m guessing you already checked the quirk registrar for who this could be.”


“Indeed. Unfortunately, the results are about what we expected.”


“So we have nothing.” She said, despondently.


Nezu nodded. “However, we cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by this action. Classes will resume as usual, and I expect everyone to be on guard. I doubt this was the end of their plans.”


“Will do, sir.”


“Well,” Nemuri said as they made their way back, putting her hands behind her head. “A villain with an unregistered destruction quirk is out to get us, and wants us to know it. Not my worst day, really.”


“You’re not worried?”


“We have you here, don’t we? I think it’s odd that you aren't worried, with Izuku going here.” Inko’s finger snapped to her lips, her expression firm. “Oh, calm down. The security system is still on. Whoever did this is long gone by now. We can speak freely.”


“Even so. I would prefer you to be less loose lipped about it.”


“Oh. I wasn’t aware you were so invested in what I did with my lips.”


Inko blushed and turned away. “No, I am not worried about him. He can handle himself just as well as any of his classmates, if not better.”


“You’re sure about that?”


“I am.”


“You know. If you let me be there for you, he could-”


“We are not having this conversation again.”


“Fine, fine. Just know that I’m always here if you need me.”


Inko paused. “Thank you. I… appreciate it.”

Chapter Text

“Alright, listen up,” Aizawa said from the front of the class. “Today's training will go a little differently. You’ll have three instructors. Me, Influx, and Thirteen will be keeping tabs on you. You will be doing rescue training for natural disasters.” The class broke out into whispers of excitement. “I’m not finished. Keep your murmuring to yourselves until after I’m done talking. You can wear your hero costumes. I know you all are excited about them; just keep in mind that you aren't used to them yet, and they could be a hindrance.” He shot a glance at Katsuki. “The training will be at an off campus facility, so we will be taking a bus. That is all. Start getting ready.”


“Hey, Izuku,” Fuyumi said after they all had taken their seats. “I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion on my quirk. It’s been a big help.”


“Oh, uh, yeah. No problem.” Why does she have to sit so close? “Did you make your time limit?”


Her expression soured. “It did get me an extension, at least. I still have to fully master it, but I have a bit more time now.”


“Well… Glad I could help.” Fuyumi didn’t seem to want to talk after that, and Izuku didn't know what to say. He thought their silence would drag on forever, but Momo cut in to save him.


“Can you show me what you learned?”


Her face brightened. “Sure!” Thank you, Momo, I owe you my life. Fuyumi created a layer of ice over her legs, and made a small flame above each of them from her hands. “I managed to make them at about the temperature that they’ll open about when I start to overheat.” The heat from her hands melted the ice, making the cold air wash inside over her, causing her to yelp. Apparently they were a bit too cold when she wasn’t overheating.


Momo started to laugh, making Fuyumi lightly blush. Then, strangely, she joined in. This is all so different from my old school. Is this why mom was so mad at Katsuki? This is what school was supposed to be like?


“What do you want?” Katsuki snapped, noticing Izuku’s muttering. “You got something to say, say it.” That was a lot calmer than I expected.


“Dude, chill,” Kaminari said. Katsuki bared his teeth at him. “You know it’s pretty telling that we’ve only just met you, and we already know that you have as much control over your outbursts as you do with your equipment.”


Welp. One of us is going to die. To Izuku's shock, he merely grunted and went back to looking out the window. Okay, something weird is happening. Did mom really have that good of a lecture? He had been on the receiving end of his fair share, but he guessed it was a bit different when you saw her as the symbol of peace, instead of mom. Maybe I should have stayed to listen to what he had to say.


“Hello, students!” Thirteen said, with a smile audible under her suit. “Welcome to the Unforeseen Situation Joint. Here we have a training ground for all kinds of possible situations you could come across as a hero. We’ve got fires, shipwrecks, landslides, windstorms, and a mountain rescue.”


“Excuse me. Teacher.” Kirishima said. “Where is Influx? I thought she was supposed to be here today.”


“Apparently,” Aizawa said, clearly annoyed. “She’s busy fighting someone who can disable electronics. That includes her communicator. So we don’t know how long it will be until she gets here. If she gets here at all.”


Suddenly, the space around Izuku and the other students got darker, as a shadow formed around them. Aizawa was the only one to react in time, and pulled Izuku and Uraraka towards him with his capture weapon before the mist that had formed above them could touch them. Thirteen wasn’t as fast, and had just gotten her black hole ready by the time the other students were already gone.


Fuyumi dropped onto wet concrete with a thud and wind billowing around her. She blinked through the rain, trying to adjust to the sudden darkness, and she could only tell she was tangled up in something. She was about to activate her fire in order to see when she realised that she was tangled up in someone. She heard a groan as Momo’s face came into view as she sat up.


“Momo? Do you know what that was?”


Momo looked around at their surroundings. “I’m afraid not. While it would make sense for them to throw us into something like this with little warning, I don’t know of any teacher with a quirk like this. They also haven't set the parameters of the test yet, so I don’t think they were the ones behind this.” Momo continued to think aloud for a moment before Fuyumi had to ask.


“Uh… Momo. I have another question.”


“Hm? What is it?”


“Can you please stop sitting on me?”


“Oh!”  Momo jumped up, nearly falling over in her hurry. “Sorry.”


“Don’t worry about it. If this is a villain attack, they know what they’re doing. The wind in this place can blow down any ice creations that are too big for me to make stable, and the cold will negate the effectiveness of my fire. We sho-. Are you cold?” She asked, noticing Momo was starting to shiver.


“Don't worry about me. I can make some warmer clothes.”


“No, don’t. We shouldn't waste your reserves. Just stay close to me.” Fuyumi heated herself up, and started to steam.


Momo got a bit closer than she really had to, but Fuyumi didn’t mind. Having her this close was… comforting. Although the height difference made Fuyumi extremely conscious of where she was looking.


“Look.” Momo pointed at the portal above them. “The portal we came through is still here. My guess is we weren't the only intended users. ”


“Not just that. Look around us.” Around them, more and more portals appeared, each with its own grinning villain beginning to emerge. They circled like wolves cornering its prey.


Fuyumi’s eyes widened, hearing a click from behind her. “Fuyumi!” Momo grabbed her out of the way of the projectile as it went whizzing by her. She managed to come out of her daze enough to make a dome around them. “That was too close.”


They both heard the sound of something impacting the dome. And then another, and another. It was being attacked from all sides.


“Get ready, Momo. It’s about to get a lot colder in here.”


Sleet formed around Fuyumi's feet as she activated her quirk, making mist permeate around her. The ice shot past her dome and the attacks stopped as the attackers were frozen in place.


“Ha!” They heard from outside the dome “You got moves kid, but that won't work on me.”


“Looks like we’ll have to face him directly.” Fuyumi was about to melt her ice when Momo stopped her.


“Wait. He’s going in a circle around us. We can predict where he’ll be and attack there. How many passes can your ice last?”


Fuyumi looked over the cracks spreading across her dome. “Maybe eight?”


“Okay. Based on the sound, I’d say he’s about 10 meters away, with a speed of 20 RPM, which means…”


She planted her feet, and grey lightning arced around her whole body, making her skin glow with energy. She waited until the ice was just about to fail before launching herself through it and collided with a cyborg looking villain. Momo rammed into one of the buildings, cracking the concrete on impact.


“Did you get him!?” She asked, running out of the dome to join her, noting the dozens of villains still frozen in the ice.


“Yeah.” She let out a relieved sigh. “We should find our classmates. I don’t know if they will have it as easy as we did.”


“Congratulations, students,” said a voice from behind them. They both whirled around to see the same mist that had brought them here behind them. Except this one had eyes. “It looks like you passed this test quite easily. That won't do. UA students are supposed to be challenged, are they not?” His body expanded, making way for a massive clawed hand to emerge from the portal. Fuyumi didn't want to give whatever it was a chance to reveal itself. She blasted it with the hottest flames she could make, not caring about her temperature, and the pockets of air on her legs immediately burst. The rain around her turned to steam before it even hit the ground, and Momo recoiled from the heat.


“You’ll have to try harder than that, Ms. Todoroki.” The creature fully emerged through the mist, showing rows of teeth through its gaping, bird-like beak with an almost slack jawed expression. “Nomu here can survive a great deal of punishment.”

Chapter Text

“Aizawa, do you know who these guys are?” Izuku asked, panicked.


“Stay calm, Midoriya. We can’t have our best strategist losing his head.”


“Best?” Had he really said that?


“You two stay back with Thirteen. I’ll deal with the villains.”


“Wait! That guy has a teleportation quirk. He could teleport more people right on top of us the second you leave. We have to stay together!”


Aizawa paused and looked back to him. “I assume you have a plan.”


Izuku nodded “You can keep all of them in line of sight if they run up the stairs. Thirteen, how wide can you make Black Hole?”


Thirteen looked taken aback. “I’m not going to kill them.”


“No, of course not! But if you can get them all close to each other, Aizawa’s capture weapon can grab them all at once and throw them over the side while they have their quirks deactivated. The warp villain might see it though, so you should keep a hold of them before they hit the ground.  That way  you can change their course if you have to.”


They both nodded and got into position. Izuku watched for the mist villain, but he was nowhere to be seen. The plan ended up going almost perfectly. There were only a few villains that weren't ensnared by Eraser's capture weapon initially that Eraser took care of easily.


“That was way too easy,” said Uraraka. “Why didn’t the mist guy help them?”


“If he’s not here, that just means he’s going after a different group,” Eraser said, using his eye drops. “We have to call for backup.”


“I already tried,” said Thirteen. “They’re blocking the signal somehow. I’m assuming that goes for the rest of us as well. We’ll need to go to the others directly if we want their help. Uraraka.”


“Yes ma’am?”


“You can get there the fastest with your quirk. Go tell the teachers what’s happening.”


“You got it.” Uraraka ran towards the exit, but was stopped by an invisible barrier just outside the building. “What?”


In their first moment of quiet, they were able to hear the sound of fighting all across the facility. They saw the dust from Bakugo's explosion from the Mountain zone; they heard Jiro's soundwave from the landslide, and they saw Ayoyama's laser going off at the shipwreck.


“Iida, behind you!”


Ida activated his quirk just in time. He leapt over the stretched out arm of a villain, slamming his foot down on the villain's wrist, causing his arms to retract and pull himself towards Ida who brought his leg directly in his path, taking him out.


“Thank you for the warning.” He said, panting. “Can you hear how many more are in this area?”


Jiro shook her head. “No. All this loose soil is making it hard to hear anything useful.”


“Not to worry. I believe these villains chose to put us in areas that would make us the most vulnerable. This area is unideal for my quirk as well, as I can't get much traction here.”


“If they planned everything out that much, then why is everyone we fight such chumps? Even with the environment against us, these guys haven't been all that tough.”


“I don’t know. Perhaps they merely underestimated us. Or this is just part of a much larger plan.”


“Hey guys, over here!” They heard someone shout from above them.




Uraraka floated down and landed nearby. “I’m so glad you two are safe. And… wow, you two have been busy.” Her gaze flitted from one unconscious villain to the next, littering the ground. “Aizawa and Thirteen are trying to establish communications to all of the students in each area. Are you the only two in the landslide zone?”


“We have reason to believe that Kaminari and another student are in a building nearby. With your quirk, I can get both of you there the fastest.”


“Right.” She put her hand to her ear. “You heard all that, Aizawa?”


Flashes of yellow light emanated from the broken windows as Iida carried the two of them behind him, along with cries from what they hoped were Kaminarie’s intended targets.


“Uraraka, can you make me float like before?”


“Yeah.” Iida flashed pink as he became weightless and he blasted himself to the third floor. It was much more controlled this time, but only slightly. Uraraka released her quirk on the two of them and Jiro plugged her jack into the wall as soon as they got close. She heard what sounded like stones scraping together.


“Can you tell what's going on?” Uraraka asked.


“It sounds like there are two people moving up there, and...  a boulder? . It’s almost like-”


IIda burst from a window carrying an overcharged Kaminari, with Ojiro close behind.


“Jiro! Bring the building down, Now!”


She didn’t waste time asking why, and put everything she had into the side of the building. The sound from both her jacks were more than enough to cause the already unstable building to crumble, kicking up  clouds of dust enveloping all of them.


“Did that get him?” Ojiro asked.


The stone fist that bursts from the rubble answered his question.


“You kids are pretty good. I can’t say I was expecting you to drop a whole building on me.”


“He has some sort of absorbing quirk,” Ojiro said. “He can take on the properties of anything he touches.”


Jiro nodded and blasted the villain with sound. The blast made his skin crack, but it didn’t slow him down as he ran for them. He dove into the dirt at their feet and sunk into it completely.


“Ojiro?!” She shouted.


“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him do this before.”


A hand shot up from the dirt and grabbed his ankle, pulling him under.


“Ojiro!!” Uraraka shouted, running to where he had been buried, then turning to face her. “Jiro, can you tell where they went?”


She plugged her jack into the ground, trying to decipher the muffled sound through the loose dirt. “I think they went straight down.”


“Alright, IIda, come with me. I have an idea,” Uraraka said, running over to one of the larger pieces of rubble and making it weightless. “Can you kick this straight up?”


“It will hurt. But if it’s to save our classmate, I’ll gladly do it.”


Uraraka lifted it up to give him enough space, and IIda backed up to build up speed and sprinted at the boulder. There was an explosion of sound as IIda overclocked his engines to deliver a full power kick.


“Now is the part where we all run,” Uraraka said.


They all got as far as possible before Uraraka deactivated her quirk. They all heard the shockwave as the boulder impacted with the ground, kicking up dirt and throwing it in all directions. They were blasted and knocked off their feet from the force of the impact.


The villain, along with Ojiro, was luckily not too far from them as they all started to get back up. His skin seemed to still be made of dirt. If she could get to him while he was in this form, she might be able to take him out.


Just as she made it to him, his skin turned to stone, and he struck her in the leg, breaking one of her speakers. She grunted in pain, but managed to grab Ojiro by the tail and slide him away. She plugged a jack into her working speaker and blasted the villain again. At this range it was much more effective. She tried to lift the speaker right to his face, but he recovered enough to grab her heel and throw her away from him.


She noticed a stone he held in his hand where his transformation started. If I can get that away from him, he would be restricted to just dirt form. The villain took dirt form again, and melted into the ground. Jiro plugged a jack into the ground, and was thankful he didn’t dive too deep this time.


“Uraraka! He’s coming for you!”


A stone fist shot from the dirt, but Uraraka leaned out of the way, grabbed his arm, and threw him on his back. Whoa. I didn’t know she had that in her.


The villain was stunned long enough for Jiro to extend a jack and plug into the stone he was holding. She blasted it to pieces, and immediately the stone disappeared from his skin. He opened his eyes just in time to see Uraraka’s boot come down on his face.


This villain attack could not have come at a better time. Katsuki had been itching to take his anger out on something. It was really quite nice of them. He dodged a girl's drill hair, and blasted her back into some freak with too many legs. He grabbed them both by the face and pressed them into the ground.


“Alright you idiots! Just what the hell do you think you’re doing!?”


“Wow, buddy,” Kirishima said. “That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?”


“You think I should be gentle with these criminals? They're the ones trying to kill us!”


“I was there, Bakubro. I remember ”


“Don’t try to get smart with me, Shitty Hair! You two still haven't answered my question! Do I seem like a patient guy to you?”


“The boss said he wanted to kill Influx,” Leg dude said. “He said we needed to deal with you while he takes care of her,” said Legs. Katsuki couldn't help, but laugh.


“You punks think you can beat her ?! You couldn't even beat the redhead!”


“Hey!” the redhead complained.


“Shut up, Redhead. Let ‘em finish.”


“We’re not the ones that are going to kill her, you moron. The boss has someone special for that. We’re just here to kill you.”


“And how’s that going for ya?”


“Shove it, ya Pomeranian lookin bitch.” Drillhead barked.


Katsuki covered her mouth with his hand. “Do you want to know what death tastes like?”


“O-kay. I’m ending this.” Kirishima pulled Katsuki off of them.


Drillhead spit onto the floor. “Tastes like nitroglycerin.”


“How do you know what that tastes like?” Kirishima asked.


“I was a weird kid.”



Izuku was yanked off his feet and smacked into the ground with a jolt. He felt himself being dragged by whatever he had tripped on out of his hiding place. A grey tentacle attached to the heads of one of the villains had wrapped around his leg and was pulling him into the open.


He grabbed for his knife and stabbed into its rubbery hide with as much force as his arms could muster. White liquid burst from the wound as the villain cried out in pain. Izuku dragged his knife across the wound, slicing it out the side of the tentacle, making the end useless.


Wounds to the tentacles cause pain in the user, and they aren't any stronger to a standard human arm, but can be extended for more reach .


He charged forward, his knife dripping a trail of blood behind him, goading his opponent. She glared at him and took the bait, launching all her tentacles forward at once in a single attack. Izuku waited for the last moment before dodging to the side and grabbing as many tentacles as he could under his arm as they flew past him.


He raised his knife above his head and swung downward, his knife embedding itself halfway through the mass of tentacles. Not good enough . He grabbed his knife in a reverse grip and pried his knife the rest of the way, severing the tentacles from their host.


She screamed in pain, clutching her hair. He grabbed the remains of a tentacle and surged forward despite the guilt he felt in inflicting that kind of pain, and wrapped the remains of her own quirk around her neck and wrists, bringing her to the ground with a kick to the back of her knee.


As soon as he handcuffed her, he heard footsteps coming towards him from behind. Pretending not to hear, he cleaned the blood from his knife and checked its reflection to watch the villain charge him.


Mutation quirk causing a head to grow in place the torso. Need to stay away from his mouth if this plan goes poorly .


Izuku pressed the hilt of his blade forward and got another pair of handcuffs in his other hand. As soon as he was close enough, Izuku whipped around, jamming the hilt into the villain's oversized eye, making him stubble back as he clutched his eye. Izuku stepped forward placing his foot behind the villain's leg, making him fall to the ground. Izuku jumped on top of him and raised his knife, making sure the villain saw. He yelped and covered his face with his hands, to which Izuku attached the handcuffs.


As soon as both villains were secured, he continued to the mountain area, when he noticed his  fight had not not gone unnoticed, and a large group of villains were heading right for him. Izuku gulped. And then took off running, making sure the villains wouldn't cross paths with the ones he took down.


He heard a hissing sound, and turned just in time to see a snake's head, stretched out from one of the villains nearly right on top of him. He tried to duck out of the way, just as he heard a series of explosions from above him. He looked up to see Katsuki rocketing through the air and grabbing the neck of the snake villain, causing its eyes to bug out from his grip. Katsuki stomped its neck to the ground and placed his hands together for a massive explosion.  The blast rocked Izuku’s ears and blasted the entire group of villains away.


Izuku surveyed the groaning pile of bodies, noticing none of them were seriously injured.


“Whoa, thanks Kachan.”


“You don’t need to thank me. It’s what a hero does, right?”


“Well yeah, it’s just… Y'know, you-” Katsuki grimaced. “Not that I’m saying you’re not a hero. That's not what I’m saying at all!” Izuku rattled off his normal excuses, but Kachan wasn’t paying attention any more. He almost seemed... guilty?


“Whatever. Just be more careful next time. I don’t want to have to make a habit of saving you. But…” Katsuki seemed to force the words out. “Good work on the first two.”


Izuku tried to process what he just heard, but the thought occurred to him that his classmates probably had less than a day to wait for him, so he shunted that off for later.


Izuku explained everything as best he could without mumbling. Kachan was silent after he was finished.


“Um.” Izuku stammered. “So. Should we go help the other students?”


“Yeah…” He sighed “Just stop calling me Kachan.”


Izuku blinked. “What? Why?”


“I…” He looked away. “I don’t deserve it,” He mumbled. “Kachan is a hero's name.”


This was by far the weirdest day Izuku had ever had.


“I’ll go back up for Kirishima. You go to the next area. I’ll catch up. And I’m… sorry about the combat training.”


“You don’t need to apologize about that Kachan. It was just-”


“Don’t give me that! I knew you would do this. Influx said that what I did was wrong, so just accept my apology, damn it!” Izuku stood slack jawed at what he just heard. Katsuki had apologized . Katsuki. “I mean.” rubbed rubbed his temples in frustration. “Only if you want to. Now let’s go save the rest of the idiots.”


Shota hated his luck. While he was grateful that each student so far had been alright, he would never disrespect them enough to say it was due to luck. It was now just Fuyumi, Momo, Koji, and Toru that hadn’t been accounted for. He would never forgive himself if any of them were seriously injured. Or… worse.


Aizawa was about to reach the windstorm area, when he stopped in his tracks, seeing Momo launched through its roof. He doubled back, trying to catch her.


Fuyumi came out of the hole on an ice slide, and caught Momo. The slide immediately shattered from somewhere inside the windstorm area. Thanks to her intervention, they were both now close enough for Aizawa to grab out of the air with his capture weapon.


“Hey, Aizawa,” Fuyumi coughed, after they had safely landed. “Here to save the damsels in distress?” Fuyumi was hardly able to speak. She seemed exhausted, and Momo was barely conscious.


“What happened?” he asked frantically.


“Someone with multiple quirks.” Momo croaked. She was awake. That’s good at least. The doors to the windstorm flew off their hinges, and hurtled past their heads.


“Oh good,” Fuyumi sighed. “There he is now.”

Chapter Text

Momo gratefully breathed in the oxygen-rich air coming from her mask. She couldn't keep making oxygen forever, and the adrenaline she created running through her and Fuyumi’s veins would wear off soon. Have to end this quickly.


Fuyumi stayed back and encased herself in ice as Momo charged the Nomu alongside Aizawa. Nomu swung down at them, its hand sinking into the floor as Aizawa flipped over Nomu's fist and wrapped his capture weapon over Nomu's mouth like a gag while digging his boot into its eye. It roared in pain, and Momo caught its arm as it tried to grab Aizawa and created gasoline over its arm, making her grip slick, yet still holding on.


Aizawa jumped off its head when its other hand reached up to grab him, and Momo used the opening to cover its chest in gasoline. Nomu’s punch got close enough to her face for electricity to arc between them as she backed away from its swing, but wasn’t fast enough to dodge its follow up. Aizawa's capture weapon wrapped around her ankle from between Nomu's legs and yanked her off her feet, enough to fall out of reach of the strike. She sprayed  Nomus legs with gasoline as she was dragged under the hulking creature, and threw gasoline onto its back before it could turn to attack them.


“That’ll have to be enough.” Aizawa exclaimed. Momo grabbed him and jumped to the limit of  One For All without breaking anything. “Now, Fuyumi!”


Fuyumi’s hands exploded into a torrent of violet flames instantly enveloped Nomu,  igniting the gasoline into an orange inferno. Aizawa erased Nomu’s regeneration, staring into the fire with his eclipse goggles.


The only reason the Nomu hadn’t gotten out of the way was because its legs had been one of the first things to melt. The sight was sickening, even to him, watching parts of its flesh slide off its body until there were mere tatters of flesh remaining, barely clinging to its charred bones.  Only the head and the left arm retained enough flesh to be recognizable.


Fuyumi's flames gave out before his eyes did. The ice covering her was now reduced to steam as she fell to her hands and knees, gasping for air.


“Dear god,” Momo breathed as she stared at the corpse. “We really killed him.”


“Don’t think of it as him. That thing was a monster. I’ve fought a lot of men, and that wasn’t one of them.”


“Even so. It feels-”


“Um, guys?!” Fuyumi shouted. “I hate to interrupt, but it is still moving!”


Aizawa whipped his head back, and sure enough. The charred remains began to fall away, giving way to new muscle and bone. Aizawa erased its quirks again before it could fully regenerate and brought Fuyumi to them using his capture weapon.


“Shit,” He growled. “We need to take out that head.”


“I may have an idea,” Momo said. “Fuyumi. Can you still fight?”


“I still got some left in me. Though I can’t use my fire much more.”


“That can work.”


Izuku ran with Kirishima and Katsuki towards the source of the noise, hoping to help as best they could, when Izuku noticed just the person he wanted to see.


“Wait, Bakugo! Over there, it’s Koda.”


“Why should we care about that weakling when we have that bird villain to worry about?”


“It will take too long to get there, and I have an idea to get backup. But I need Koda for it.”


“If he isn’t up for it,” Kirishima said, “I can go with you.”


“No. I’ll do it.”


“You will?” Izuku asked, tilting his head. Katsuki glared at him. “I mean, that’s great! No problem here.”


“Get on my back,” He grumbled, to which Izuku hesitated. “I said get on my back, you damn nerd! I got a better score on the dash than you did, I can get you there faster!”


“You sure he won’t weigh you down?” Kirishima asked.


“Please. Izuku hardly weighs anything. Now get on already,” Izuku reluctantly climbed on, and Bakugo immediately blasted towards Koda, getting to him in just a few seconds, Izuku's face flapping in the wind the whole way. “Alright, we’re here, now what's your plan? Uh… Was that too fast?”


Izuku stumbled from the whiplash, and had to put his hand on Bakugo's shoulder for balance. Which, surprisingly, he let him do.


“Hey, Koda,” Said Izuku, “I have a plan. I need you to get on Bakugo's back.”


Koda nearly had a fit.


“Cool it already,” Katsuki snapped. “You want to be a hero, you shouldn't be too scared to even touch me.”


Koda reluctantly nodded.


“Great,” Izuku smiled. “Thanks, Koda.” Izuku pressed a button on his communicator. “Uraraka? Can you float Jiro to the ceiling, please? I have a plan.”


“Sure thing,” She responded. “What do you need her for?”


“Just tell her to grab Bakugo when he comes by.”


“Uh… alright.”


“Okay. Bakugo, when you see Jiro, carry Koda to her and get them both to the edge of the building. I’ll tell you what to do when you get there.”


Bakugo looked like he was going to protest, but then simply nodded. Soon enough they saw Jiro floating up from the landslide zone, and Bakugo blasted towards her with Koda.


Kyoka wished she had a bit more time to mentally prepare for flying with Bakugo. He nearly flew past her when getting to her, and she almost wished he had. Flying in bursts all while being weightless had her needing to hold back her launch from coming back up when they finally landed.


“Jiro, can you hear me?” Izuku said over the communicator.


“Yeah,” She wheezed, “I can hear you.”


“I need you to take off your jacket, plug into your speakers, and have Koda speak into your back.”


She tilted her head. “...Um.”


“He needs to talk to the animals outside, and since your quirk transfers the sound from around your heart, and not just your heartbeat, they’ll be able to hear him, and get a message to the teachers.”


“Hang on, don’t voice quirks not work over speakers like this?”


“Normally they don’t, but if they are affected by another quirk already, then they can.” She shrugged and took her jacket off, and got set up by the wall. “I’ll give you the message in Morse Code. You ready, Koda?” He nodded. “I can’t see you, but I’m guessing you nodded.”


“Momo!” He shouted. “Is it ready?!”


“Seven more seconds!”


He hated how immobile this plan made him. His capture weapon was wrapped around the strongest pillar of ice Fuyumi could make, and if he wanted this to work he would have to stay here and hope that erasing what quirks he could would be enough to keep them alive. Momo was on the back foot, trying to avoid the thing's attacks, and get it in between her and Aizawa so he could erase its quirks. It was a plan that wouldn't work for long, but it didn’t have to.


“It’s ready!”


Aizawa threw his capture weapon at the creature, managing to completely ensnare one of its arms. Momo launched Fuyumi into the air, assisted with bursts of flame from Fuyumi’s palms, and she charged the Nomu, grabbing its other arm. A mass of machinery sprouted from her back, tearing through her costume and drilling itself into the ground.


Fuyumi shot herself downward at Nomu with flames from her hands and a massive dagger of ice at her feet. Nomu roared as it fought its restraints with all the strength it had, its feet sinking into the concrete as it pulled against them. Aizawa's capture weapon held, but Momo wasn't so lucky.


Nomu ripped his arm free of her hold and backhanded her, sending her flying and tearing her from the machinery. It raised its hand just in time to block Fuyumi's attack, but the ice went through its hand and buried itself into the monster's head.


Nomu merely paused before it snapped the ice from its hand and grabbed Fuyumi's leg, slamming her into the ground. It hadn’t been enough. Fuyumi ricocheted off the concrete and opened her mouth in a silent scream as blood exploded from her mouth. Aizawa ran towards them without even thinking, desperate to stop it before it could bring its fist down. He was nowhere close enough, when Momo appeared right in front of it, her legs flapping uselessly behind her. She shoved her hand into the thing's mouth as it sparked, then exploded. White flames burst from the thing's head as it exploded, launching all of them away from it in an instant. Aizawa crashed into the pillar, smacking the back of his head on the ice and collapsing to the ground.


When Aizawa looked up again, it was covering its head in its hands as the flame licked across its fingers. He tried to erase its regeneration again, but he couldn't keep his eyes open long enough. It stumbled around screaming in pain, but after a few seconds the flames subsided and the creature brought its hands down having suffocated the flames, to reveal a perfectly intact head.


Momo felt mostly disappointed as Nomu stalked closer to her. She had been given every possible advantage, and she had still failed. She had the most powerful quirk in the world, along with a top UA student, a pro hero on her side, and she hadn't been able to make it all enough to beat one villain. She hoped that Influx could still pass on One For All to someone who could use it better than she could.


She closed her eyes, feeling something grab her unburned hand. She looked over to see Fuyumi lying next to her in just as bad a shape as she was. Momo tried to squeeze her hand, but didn’t have the strength for even that. She gave Fuyumi a smile that she hoped was reminiscent of her teacher's. Of all the things in the world to be her last sight, Fuyumi's face was one of the better ones.


Fuyumi tried her best to focus on Momo as Nomu got closer to them. Even as bloody as she was, she was still a better sight then whatever that creature was. I’m sorry Shoto. I wish I could have been a better sister to you.


A shattering sound erupted from across the facility.


Nomu raised its fist above its head and Fuyumi squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see its disgusting face any more than she had to. But the attack never came. She opened her eyes to see the creature just… standing there. Its fist raised and shaking in place.


“What... the hell,” a familiar voice said, “Are you doing to my students?”

Chapter Text

“So you finally arrived, Influx.” Kurogiri said. “Nomu was just about to get bored with your students.”


How is she here? She should still be fighting the group sent to distract her. No matter. I’ll just have to move to the next phase of the plan earlier than expected.


Influx slowly turned her head towards him. “You are the one who orchestrated this?”


“Would that I could take the credit, but no. This is not my doing.”


“Teacher?” Yaoyorozu rasped.


“It’s all right. You can rest now. I will handle these two.”


It was enough of a distraction for him to create a warp gate beneath Nomu and behind Influx, sending Nomu crashing into her. His foot collided into her back, with her still pulling him towards her, but it still wouldn't be enough. It didn’t need to be.


Influx reeled from the blow, and drew a piece of rebar from the ground and jammed it into Nomu’s fist as he tried to attack her. The metal burst from Nomus hand, and she dashed behind him to pull all the way through and into his neck. She flew circles around him with blinding speed, using her quirk to pull the rebar from the ground and interlock through Nomus body. Before Kurogiri could even react, Nomu had metal sticking through him all across his body like roots.


“I,” she said coldly. “Will get back to you. For now, I have to save my students.” She took off, floating her allies towards the entrance. All was not lost however. If he could just get a warpgate to where she was placing them, he might be able to get Nomu through.


Kurogiri teleported Nomu’s head off his body, allowing him to regenerate. He was about to send him through a warpgate to the students immediately, but Influx was on them in an instant.


“You’ve failed, villain. The students are safe, and it’s just you two against me. It’s over.”


“Not quite. Nomu here was designed to beat you at your full strength. With my assistance, you don’t stand a chance.”


Kurogiri created a warpgate right above her as a distraction, and made Nomu fall through the one that led right to the students. Influx looked up and dodged out of the way. She whipped her head around as soon as she noticed his ploy. Nomu was ripped from the warpgate, his legs flying over Influx's head from the entrance.


“Going after my students again? Even with all your boasting, you still resort to dirty tricks.”


Influx charged at Nomu, and he responded in kind, his legs having already regenerated. Their fists collided, sending a shockwave powerful enough to throw him back. His attempts to return to Nomus' side halted by the non-stop barrage of punches, the torrent of wind keeping him at bay.


“So, you were made to fight me going all out,” She pulled his fists to her hands, locking them in place and headbutted the exposed brain. “One problem with that,” She placed a foot on his chest and wrenched his arms from their sockets, spraying blood onto the floor and staining her costume. “Noone alive has ever seen me go all out.”


His arms regenerated almost as fast as she had removed them. She shifted her foot and pulled his hands towards her feet, keeping them at his sides as he tried to break free. She was hitting him as hard as she could without endangering her students, but it wasn’t having much effect. Some kind of shock suppression. Guess I can hit a little harder.


Nomu lunged forward to bite her, and she snapped his mouth shut with an uppercut that sent him careening towards the roof. She dragged him back down and punched him away again. She made vacuums in his path creating sonic booms that warped his body as he flew to and from her as she punched him away again and again. The damage she was causing had just started to outrun the regeneration, when he dug his claw into the ground and launched himself at her faster than she was prepared for.


Her eyes widened as he buried his fist into her stomach. Using her momentary dizziness, he wrapped his arms around her and started to squeeze. Inko noticed that his skin was becoming darker, and his feet were sinking deeper into the ground. He’s making himself heavier. Does this guy really have multiple quirks? She still had her hands free, so she started pulling his arms away from her. His arms sheared off of his torso from the force of her pull. She took the chance to kick him away, and fly out of his reach.


“Is that your best?” She asked. “Because I have yet to go all out.”


Nomu leaped at her, but she simply dodged and pulled him into an orbital around her, and slammed back down. He got ready to jump again, but stopped and looked toward the entrance.


His skin became completely black as he charged at the entrance, not slowed by the added weight. She tried to pull him back, but all she could do was rip pieces of him off, hunks of meat splattering on the ground beneath her, not slowing him at all. She darted in front of him, and took the full brunt of the charge. She gritted her teeth as her feet scraped through the concrete as if it were butter. She pulled her costume towards her as hard as she could, and just managed to stop him in his tracks. She looked up in time to see him bring both fists down on her, sending her through the ground.


Nomu was landing blow after blow on Influx, creating a cloud of dust around her, as the ground shattered from the blows.


Kurogiri was about to take advantage from the reprieve of both of them attacking to get closer, when a hand shot out from the dust and grabbed Nomu's fist mid-strike. “You really want to see me at full strength?” Influx asked, her voice calm. “Well this is the best you're going to get,” She tackled him and flew away from the students with him in tow. She took every blow he inflicted on her as they flew, until she dropped him to the ground, creating a crater on impact. “I should have ended this fight much earlier, but I really needed to vent. Tell your boss I appreciate the punching bag.”


She planted her feet, ready to punch just as hard as she needed to finish this. When he charged, Inko threw the hardest punch she had used in years. The shockwave alone was enough to kill anyone standing too close. The force of the blow launched Nomu through the roof of the USJ, destroying a few of the overhead lights upon impact. She would have to apologize to Thirteen about that later.


Kurogiri had known Nomu never stood a chance. Even with Trigger enhancing his ability, Influx was far too powerful to be beaten in a one-on-one fight. Even still, the power he had seen was far beyond what he had expected. He had heard tale of what she was capable of, but seeing it in person was something else entirely. Perhaps he should have gone after the students while they were fighting, but it had been no guarantee that Influx wouldn't notice him. And the students wouldn't take an attack from him lying down. Especially now that they had all seen his quirk.


He had no idea where Nomu had landed, and searching for him now was far too risky. He hated to return as a failure, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He would just have to make sure he was fully prepared next time.


Influx had dropped them all gently, if a bit haphazardly by the entrance. All the other students seemed exhausted, with many of them laying on the floor like she was, though none were as badly injured as she or Momo.




There was a long pause before Fuyumi got a response.




“You’re on top of me again.”


She nodded slowly. “Mhmm.”


“Do you think you could move?”


“... Nnnope.”


“Because you can't, or you just don’t want to?”




Ah well. It wasn’t like she minded that much.


When Fuyumi awoke, she was in a hospital room with bandages practically from head to toe. Despite her rest, she still felt drained. She looked over to see Momo in the bed next to her and her breath caught in her throat.


Both her legs were suspended in cast, with her arm sticking off to the side and wrapped in gauze. Everything except one arm was almost invisible under the dressing for her wounds.


“She’ll be alright.” Fuyumi looked up to see Influx sitting at the seat of Momo’s bed. “Recovery Girl can target what to heal, so she fixes anything that could cause permanent, or lethal damage first.”


Fuyumi breathed a sigh of relief. “And everyone else? Aizawa?”


“They’re all fine. Aizawa had a concussion, but nothing Recovery Girl couldn't fix. No one else had to fight anything like you did.” Fuyumi looked back up at the ceiling. That was good at least. “Your family is on their way. They came running as soon as they heard the news. A lot of families did.”




“No. He said he had more important things to worry about once he heard you would fully recover.”


Of course he did. As long as I don't become damaged goods, why should he care?


A few doctors had come to check on her and Momo while they rested, with Influx never taking her eyes off Momo as they worked. It wasn’t long until her family came bursting through the door and all ran to hug her. Luckily Influx was there to hold them back to spare her poor ribs.


“We were so worried about you!” They all cried in unison as they hugged her lightly enough to not hurt her.


“You guys didn’t have to be scared for me. Influx arrived in time.”


“You really beat that guy?” Her mom asked, looking over to Influx. “If he did this to my daughter, how are you uninjured?”


Influx shrugged. “They don’t call the strongest hero for nothing.”


Her mom looked back at her “Are you paying attention in her classes?”


“Yes, mom,” She said through a smile.


“I’m… really glad you’re alright,” Natsu said. “I don’t know if I-, if we , could handle losing another sibling.”


“I don’t want to think about that right now.” Shoto cut in, still burying himself in Fuyumis side. “I’m just going to enjoy our sister being alive right now.”


“That sounds like a great plan, Shoto.” Her mother said with a sigh of relief. Influx was still looking over Momo, but Fuyumi saw her glance in their direction with a smile.


Momo woke up, and immediately regretted it. Her right arm hurt the least, but the soreness across her body felt like she was being put under a pressure crusher. She, unfortunately, could not deny the fact that she was awake, and eventually let her eyes flutter open to see a ceiling fan spinning lazily above her in the hospital room.


“Hello, Momo.”


“Teacher?” She managed. looking over to see Influx sitting by her side.


“Yes. I’m here.”


“Did… Did we win?”


“We did. Everyone else is fine. Thanks in no small part to you.”


“I still couldn't beat it.”


Influx looked at her disapprovingly. “Momo… You managed to keep that thing distracted long enough for me to get there before anyone was killed or even seriously injured. Aizawa told me what happened, and I could have never expected more from you.”


“You… really mean it?”


Influx rolled her eyes. “ Yes. Coming out of a fight with that Nomu at all is a win.”


“I don’t see you in a hospital bed.”


She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Despite being my successor, you shouldn't be comparing yourself to me. Keeping everyone alive is the most I could have asked of you.”


“Thank you, teacher,” she took a shaky breath. “You don't know how much that means, coming from you.” How did you even know we were in danger?”


“You’ll have to thank Midoriya for that. He’s the one who got the message out with a combination of Jiro and Koda’s quirks. Though it did take me a while to notice that a crow was squawking at me in morse code.”


Momo chuckled, then stopped as soon as her ribs moved in ways they weren't meant for. “May I have some painkillers, please. I would make my own, but I reached my limit with that pyrophoric trick.”


“You are on painkillers.”


“Oh.” Realization dawned on her. “Oh no.”


“Yeah, he did a number on you. And from what I hear, so did you. Do you want me to bring Midnight in to help you sleep?”


“I thought her quirk didn’t work as well on women.”


“It works better on people who are, or could potentially be, attracted to her.” Influx glanced at the still sleeping Fuyumi. “So I think it will work fine on you.” Momo blushed and tried to cover her face, only for pain to shoot across her arm as she tried. Influx chuckled to herself. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. Don’t tell anybody I said this, but.” She learned  to whisper. “It works fine on me as well.” Her teacher was going to be the end of her. Momo’s face was burning up as her arm. “I’ll go get her for you.”


“T-thank you.”


“Izuku... Izuku.


He managed to shake himself from his thoughts and look up from his plate. “I’m sorry, what did you say, mom?”


“I was asking why you were smiling at that fish. Should I be worried? Did something happen at the USJ that you haven't told me about?”


“Oh, it’s nothing like that, I just spaced out for a bit. But… I can’t stop thinking about that guy with multiple quirks. Do you think it could be-.”


“No. That man is dead. I made sure of it.”


“But if he had all kinds of quirks we don’t know about, how can you be so sure?”


She paused for a moment before letting out a reluctant sigh. “Here.” She pulled out her phone and showed it to him.


“Oh! This is Soul Sensor. He uses his quirk to detect life to be an amazing rescue hero! He can sense anyone, even if they’re buried under miles of rubble. And he knows how strong someone’s life force is to see who needs to be prioritized. He’s even been able to find dozens of hideouts by tracking one person's life force across whole cities.” He cut off his tirade to see his mother smiling at him. “What?”


“Nothing. I just love seeing you so excited about something. But to get to my point; I requested the quirk registers to notify me of any quirks that could help me in killing All For One, and to keep them off public records while I used it in secret. I asked him to track All For One, along with all his followers on the island at the time, and tell me when I had finally killed him.”


She wasn’t kidding when she told me how thorough she had been in taking out All For One. “Hold on… You had a child confirming kills for you?”

Inko hung her head and looked away. “I was… in a dark place at the time. This was just after your father…” She choked on her words, but he didn’t need her to finish. He never wanted to hear that story again. “That doesn’t excuse what I did. But at least now I can be sure. He and all of his worst supporters are gone for good.”

Chapter Text

“Even with this new application of your quirk, a student who is the result of a quirk marriage, and a teacher with you, you still can’t beat a single villain.” her mother scolded.


Momo had been let out of the hospital after only a few days thanks to Recovery Girl, though she found herself wishing she hadn’t recovered as fast as she did. She sat in the back seat, partially covered in mummy wrap and trying to avoid facing her mother directly, but those grey eyes bore into her with disapproval even through the rearview mirror. When Momo looked directly at her, it felt like her own eyes staring back at her, aside for the occasional blink.


It was bad enough that her mother felt the need to take her home herself instead of sending a driver, but it was their smallest car, so Momo had no way to avoid her.


“You know that our family doesn’t tolerate this kind of behaviour, Momo. Just be thankful that the Sports Festival is near enough to give you a chance to redeem yourself. When you win, maybe you can make the world forget your performance at the USJ.”


“Yes, mother.”


“I just hope that you can at least learn something from this failure.”


It was a long time before Momo got the courage to respond “It wasn’t a failure.” She whispered.


Her mothers gaze shot back towards her. “What was that?”


“I said it wasn’t a failure. Influx said I had done a fine job just keeping everyone alive.”


Her mother pressed her lips. “You are lucky she feels that way. But the world won’t be so forgiving. When you show yourself to the world, you need to not break three of your limbs whenever you meet more resistance than a gentle breeze.”


“It was only my legs, my arm was just burned” She muttered to herself.


Her father's reaction had been just what she suspected. His lung capacity continued to impress her, along with how long his voice could survive. She didn’t have to pay any attention to get the idea. How dare you let yourself get saved by that woman and her successor. She got all that, but did he really have to follow Influx so closely that he knew she had chosen a successor in secret? With how loud he was yelling, she wouldn't be surprised if the whole country knew about Momo and Influx within the week.


When he was finally done, Fuyumi excused herself to look for Shoto. She found him in his room, crying into the side of his bed again. She crouched behind and put her arms around him, and let him cry until he was ready to talk. It was a much longer wait than she liked.


“I don’t understand why he has to shout at you like that.” Shoto said, after he had wiped the last of his tears away.


“That’s just who he is. And you don't have to worry about that anymore. I can protect you from him.”


“But what about you?”


“I can handle it. I hate that you had to hear all that, but if I hadn’t gotten this quirk, it would have been much worse for you. I just have a few years left here, Shoto. And I’m spending most of my time at UA now where there are lots of great people. If it had been you...” She trailed off as she remembered that day when she had found out what Shoto’s training had really been like. “Do you remember the year you trained with dad?”


Shoto immediately started crying again. Crap. Abort! Abort! “You’ll never have to go through anything like that again,” She said quickly.  “Now that I’m here, you never have to worry about dad again. Alright, Shoto?”




She stayed with him until he fell asleep, and tucked him into bed.


With the sports festival fast approaching, Izuku didn’t waste any time. Even if he knew he would never have muscles like his mother, that didn’t mean he couldn't be in better shape. His speed was his only strength, so he trained that as much as he could, while also focusing his stamina. He might not be as strong as his classmates, but if he could keep himself going at one hundred percent throughout the entire festival, that might give him enough of an edge.


He made sure he had every first year’s quirk memorized. The only problem was a kid named Shinso who kept the activation of his brainwashing quirk hidden for safety reasons. Apparently it was easy to avoid once you knew what it was, so the school was trying to keep it hidden so he could be more effective.


Izuku being Izuku, had already gone over everyone’s quirks dozens of times already, but that didn’t make it any less fun. Besides, he might have missed something the first thirteen times around.


“Izuku.” He heard his mom knock on his door. “May I come in?”


“Uh, sure thing. Come on in.”


His mom entered wearing her non baggy casual clothes. “I wanted to talk to you. Do you remember what the final round of the Sports Festival is?” She took a seat on his bed next to his desk.


“The one-on-one tournament?”


She nodded “I know you have been training harder than ever recently, and I can assume you won’t stop until the day of the festival. But… I’m sure you don’t need to tell you, you are still at a major disadvantage. Even if the other students weren't using their quirks, you would still come up short compared to most of them.”


“You don’t think I stand a chance, do you?”


“In all honesty, Izuku. No, I don’t. Your talent will do wonders in any real scenario, but not a one on one match. These fights are practically designed to be your weakness, so… I was thinking you may want to throw the second match.”


“Wait, really? You want me to fail on purpose?!”


“I only want you to know it’s an option. I would never force you to do anything like this, I just thought you should be aware that you could. Most students are out after the first round, so the heroes will be scouting anyone who managed to get to round two. If you do decide to make it to the third round, you will lose. And more than likely, you will lose handily. You might not want everyones final impression of you being a loss like that. It may be counterproductive to what you want to achieve.”


“I appreciate that, mom, but I can’t. I don’t want to have everyone see me throw the match on purpose just because I’m afraid of failing later.”


Inko smiled. “I had a feeling you would say that. I just needed to make sure you knew. Oh, and another thing; we are still on for watching the other year's Sports Festival together.” She got up and started to leave, before pausing at the door and facing him again. “No matter what happens, and no matter if the world thinks you aren't cut out for this, you will always be my hero.”


“Okay, everyone; listen up.” Aizawa said to the class. “I know you already had a break, but the rest of the staff want to make sure you are all fully prepared to come back at a hundred percent  before starting class in earnest. That’s why we will be taking a field trip of sorts.”


The whole class cheered. “Normal school stuff!” everyone shouted.


“I still don’t know how you all manage to be so in sync on that,” Aizawa muttered. “Not too long after your internships following the festival, you all will be sent to a summer camp for a week to train your quirks. Influx thought we could solve two problems at once, and send you all to Kyashi ward to get everything you need, and to relax a bit. I know the camp is a while from now, but you all need to get your shopping done at some point.” The class cheered again. “Jeez, you all even move together.”


Katsuki didn’t really feel like going on a shopping trip, but it might be a good opportunity to get his next apology over with. If he could turn a villain attack into a time to apologize, he could certainly do the same with a field trip.


When they arrived Katsuki immediately separated from his class to get what he needed. If he could get that over with quickly, he would have plenty of time to talk to Uraraka.


“Hey, Bakugo! Wait up!” Kirishima shouted, jogging behind him.


“What do you want, Weird Hair?”


“I was thinking we could go shopping together. All I need is some new swim trunks.” He walked closer than Katsuki would have liked. “What are you looking for?”


Katsuki groaned. “Just some wrist weights. They make me sweat more, and I tend to go through them quickly.”


“Yeah, I can see that. I have a similar problem with my quirk. I have to wear things pretty loose, so I don’t cut through it as much. That’s what happened to my last swim trunks. And the one before that.”


“Why are you even talking to me? Did all that hair get into your brain? I burned a girl's face off.”


“Yeah. But you did say you were sorry about it”


“Tch. Like that makes it better.”


“It does make it better. Owning up to your mistakes like that is super manly. And I saw you fighting those villains. You are a lot more mellow than you were when fighting Midoriya.”


“Hm. Whatever. Come with me if you want, but I think what you're looking for is on the other side of the mall.”


Camping supplies, huh? Fuyumi’s family were never one for the outdoors. The rest of the class had already left, and planned to meet back at three. She was lucky to have caught even that, while she was still poring over the map, and getting more overwhelmed as she read through everything the district had to offer.


“Fuyumi? What are you still doing here?” Momo asked. “Have you been standing here this whole time?”


“Well… I’ve never really shopped in a place like this before. I’ve also never gone camping, so I really don't know where to start.”




“Uhh. Yes?” Fuyumi nervously looked up at her. “Is that bad?”


“We must rectify this atrocity at once!”


“I don’t think the situation calls for-”


“Have no fear, Fuyumi! I shall guide you through your first time!”


“I’m sorry, wha-AAAGH!” Momo grabbed her wrist and took off, dragging her behind her, and nearly lifted her off her feet. “Momo! We're not supposed to use our quirks outside of class!”


“I’m not!” She had to shout over the pounding of her own footsteps. Fuyumi looked at her legs, and sure enough; the lighting that appeared around her when using her odd superstrength wasn’t present. So she’s really this strong just naturally? I guess that makes sense, just look at those legs… Hot damn.


It didn’t take long for them to make it to their destination. Fuyumi leaned against the wall to recover as soon as they stopped.


“How is it that even with you being the one dragging me around, I’m still the one catching my breath?”


“Well, catch it quickly. We don’t have much time.”


“We have four hours.”


“Exactly. We must go, post haste.”


“Why though? Can’t you just make whatever you need?”


“I would never do something like that! We can’t just make things for free; that would completely ruin the economy. Also, shopping is fun. Now then, let’s see what color works well on you.”


“This seems a bit excessive for a camping trip.”


“Nonsense. As pro heroes in training, we must look presentable at all times.”


Fuyumi found herself smiling at Momo’s enthusiasm. Influx was right; she did really need this. After getting yelled at by her father, just relaxing with Momo felt like the perfect way to spend her time.


After looking at the selection of clothing, Fuyumi was shocked that she came out of the dressing room looking as good as she did. Somehow, Momo had managed to make camping attire look fashionable.


“You look good.”


“I feel good. You did amazing, Momo.”


“Please. Making you look good is not that tall of an order.”


Izuku was still glad most people had focused on his mom during the attack. Once the sports festival was over, he probably wouldn’t be able to go to a place like this without getting swarmed. As long as he did well, that is.


“Hey, I know you.” I just had to open my big, stupid thought box, didn't I? At least it was just one person this time. The man who approached him wore a black hoodie. He was tall and a bit lanky, with a small, white dog with a weasel looking head. “You’re a student who dealt with that villain attack, right?” He took off his hood to reveal short, curly blue hair. He was a handsome man, despite his striking red eyes.


“Uh, yeah. That’s me.”


“The name’s Tomura Shigaraki.” He held out his hand for him to shake. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Chapter Text

“Uraraka.” Ochako looked over to see Bakugo standing nearby. “I want to talk to you.”


She turned her head so he got a good look at her scar. “No thanks.” she turned to walk away, only to feel his hand on her wrist.


“The hell do you mean no? I’m trying to apologize, damn it!”


“Let. Go.” she growled. He glanced down and yanked his hand away. “I heard about your halfhearted apology. I already got a better one from Midorya.”


“I just wanted to say. . . ”


“No! You don’t get to say anything .” She hissed. “I wanted to become a hero to get my family out of poverty! I wanted to be a hero just like Influx. And I have to look like this , thanks to you! This isn’t something you can just say sorry about, and move on. How is a face like this going to help anyone?” 


People were starting to stare at this point. Ochako could feel the tears gathering in her one good eye. Another reminder of just what she looked like. “What kind of hero has a face like this ?”


Bakugo was silent as he watched her wipe her tears away. “I-.”


Don’t . Just, don’t.” She stalked off to find somewhere more private. At least she found a style of mask she liked. She could ask the support course for one later.


Izuku shook his hand. “My name is Midoriya. But you already knew that.” He withdrew his hand. “It’s strange to have a fan so early.”


Shigaraki shrugged. “Yeah, I bet it is. I just think it’s awesome that someone born quirkless is able to make it as far as you have. Especially considering what we have to face day to day.”


“We? You mean you’re quirkless as well.”


“Yep. Got the toe joints to prove it and everything.” He scratched his dog's ears. “Blink here got luckier than me in that department.”


“You have a dog with a quirk?” He said, getting maybe a bit too close. “What is it? Can he control it? Can you get him to use it on command?” Izuku was practically buzzing with excitement. Animals with quirks were rare, but that just made them all the more interesting.


Shigaraki chucked at his enthusiasm. “He can freeze time around him for himself and anything he’s touching. It doesn’t affect gasses; so he can still breath and move around. He can’t interact with anything when time is frozen though.”


“That’s amazing. He could be a great rescue dog. Able to survey a whole disaster zone in the blink of an eye. If a person had that ability its applications in combat are obvious. You have a pretty awesome dog. Can I pet him? Please.”


“Go ahead.” Izuku scratched the pup’s ears, which he seemed to really enjoy. “You know, you’re pretty awesome yourself. Despite not having a quirk.”


“I hope so. I want to be an inspiration to people like us. I want to show the world that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a useful quirk, or no quirk at all. No matter what, you can be a hero… Or, whatever else you want to do I guess.”


Shigaraki’s gaze fell. “I wish you could.”


“Just give me until the sports festival. I’ll prove that I can.”


“You don’t need to prove yourself to me, Midoriya. Without a doubt, you have what it takes to be an amazing hero. Not just anyone can get into, let alone pass, UA’s recommendation exam. But you’ll be hard pressed to find people outside of UA that agree. When you fail, they’ll say that’s exactly why quirkless people can’t be heroes. And when you succeed, they’ll doubt if you really are quirkless.”


“Maybe. Then I’ll just have to work extra hard to persuade everyone. Even if it takes a lifetime, I won’t give up. No matter what.”


“If only it were that easy. The people with power will do whatever they can to hold on to that power. If you want equality, you have to take it. No one’s going to give it to you for just asking nicely”. 


“If it does take a more forceful approach, then fine. But I need to try it my way first.”


“Then I wish you luck. Even if it won’t do much. Well, I’m not here to recruit you. It was nice to meet you, Midorya.” He looked over at one of the nearby stores. “Dabi! You got what we need?”


“Yeah.” The black haired man in short sleeves exited the nearby electronics store. “Got your makeup and everything.”


“It is not makeup!” Shigaraki shouted, throwing his hands in the air. “It’s skin moisturizer!” Dabi chuckled, making Shigaraki let out a sigh as his arms fell. “I have the worst adventuring party ever . Anyway,” He turned back to Izuku. “See you around Midoriya. I’ll be rooting for you.” Shigaraki grabbed Dabi’s shoulder, and the three of them disappeared. Holy whoa, that dog is awesome.


Histoshi pushed his way through to get a look at his competition. He knew they had survived a villain attack, but the news reports didn’t give any indication of their actual abilities. All he knew was that they were good enough at not dying.


When he got there, he wasn’t too impressed. They were all having a staring contest with the other students at their door.


“So this is class 1-A. I heard you guys were impressive, but you guys don’t look like much to me.”


“That’s nice and all, but what are you all doing here?” asked a pink-skinned student.


“They’re scouting the competition,” said some kid with spiked hair. He stood from his seat and got up next to him. “At least now you know what future pros look like.”


“You know, I wanted to be in the hero course as well. But my quirk doesn't exactly lend itself to fighting robots, so I was made to choose another course. Same as a lot of the people here, actually. Although, I’ll get another chance. If any of us do well in the festival, the teachers can transfer us to the hero course. And they’ll have to transfer people out to make room. Scouting the competition? Maybe-”


“We have an extra seat.” Hitoshi looked to see the small green haired boy who had interrupted him.




“Our teacher expelled someone on our first day. We have an extra seat for you, if you want it.”


“Indeed,” The muscular girl with the cast said. “Without the need to replace anyone, I believe that you could make it by just getting to the second or third round.”


“Fantastic, glad that worked out,” the blonde interjected sarcastically. “Now move it ext-” He grimaced to himself. “Can you please get out of my way?”


The whole class stared at him after what he said, and Hitoshi used that as his chance to leave. That conversation was going to get embarrassing real fast. But this was fantastic news. Second or third round she said? He didn’t know how good a guess that was, but if it was anywhere close to right, getting into the hero course was almost assured. Try as he might, he couldn't keep the grin off his face.

Chapter Text

In just two weeks, the day of the sports festival had arrived. Izuku was in as good a shape as he felt he could be in, but despite his best efforts, was still scrawny.


Outside of school hours, he had started unarmed training with Uraraka, though her reaction to him asking had been… odd. Her face turned red after he asked if they could spend time together. And then seemed disappointed when he clarified it was training for the festival.


Despite his nerves, he found he was just as excited for this year's sports festival as ever.  He had been watching this event with his mom for as long as he could remember, and now he was finally going to be a part of it. And even if she was right, and was beaten in the third round, he had just gotten plenty of training in getting his butt kicked with Uraraka.


“Everyone! Get your game faces on!” Iida shouted, bursting through the door of the waiting room. “We’re entering the arena soon.”


Izuku wished he had something to distract himself with. He almost asked Yaoyorozu to make something like that, but decided against it. Present Mic’s voice boomed over the loudspeakers as they entered the arena.


“Heyoo! Make some noise, all you rabid sports fans! Get those cameras ready, media gluttons! We’re bringing you some of the hottest performances in UA’s festival history, guaranteed. This time, with an extra special surprise for you. For the first time ever, UA’s very own Influx is here as an announcer along with yours truly!”


The whole crowd went wild. “Wow,” said Kirishima. “That’s quite the welcome. But aren’t they supposed to be cheering for us right now?”


“I don’t think we need to worry about that,” he responded. “The effect will wear off when the games start. Still. This response is a little overboard, don’t you think?”


“Are you kidding? Of course not. Influx is super manly.”


“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


“Manliness doesn’t have anything to do with gender.”


Izuku was about to respond before Present Mic continued. “Hey, Influx. Since you are the special guest, why don’t you announce the students?”


“Are you sure? I’m mostly here for analysis, I’m not much of a radio presence.” Was that supposed to be picked up? “Oh, this is the talking button? Sor-” Izuku was more grateful now than ever that no one knew she was his mother. “Um, yes. Introducing the classes that I teach; class 1-A and 1-B!” There was a far too long moment of silence.


“Tell them about the villain attack.” They heard Mic whisper.


“Oh, right! Uh, class 1-A is the class that was attacked by villains… And 1-B is just as talented… Was that oka-?” The mic cut out.


Izuku tried to make himself even smaller, and saw Yaoyorozu doing the same.


“Next up we have the general studies class; C D and E!” Present mic shouted over the speaker. Oh, thank god . “Support classes: F G and H! And finally the business courses; I J and K! Give it up for all our first year contestants!” By then, the crowd was back on track and everyone erupted in cheers once again.


Around them, Izuku noticed that the ground had labels faintly marked around the ground. All marked with what seemed to be their class seats. He saw H-3, B-12 and all the other student’s seats around him. He found and memorized his own seat just in case.


In front of them he could see Midnight coming up from the floor on some sort of platform. Surprisingly she wasn’t in her hero costume, but in the standard UA gym uniform. At least she realizes that is not appropriate apparel for a highschool game. “Now, for the student pledge. Being performed by,” She paused for effect. “Katsuki Bakugo!”


Oh jeez. I just hope he just makes himself a target, and not our whole class. Bakugo walked up to the microphone and took his place beside Midnight. “I just wanna say,” he said after a few moments, “that you’d all better do your best. Don’t make this an easy win for me.”


There were some laughs from the audience, some people not taking him seriously, while others started booing.


“Silence everyone!” Midnight shouted over the derision from the crowd. “Without further ado it’s time for us to get started. The first game is what you would call a qualifier. This is where you begin feeling the pain. The first fateful game of the festival.” Behind her, a screen appeared and displayed the name ‘Race to the Bottom.’


“The rules are simple,” Midnight continued. “Everyone takes their place on the field according to their seat and class number, and once the game starts, everyone must make their way to the bottom as fast as possible. Everyone please take your places.”


“Bottom?” He heard someone ask as they milled about, looking for their spots.. “What is she talking abou-” The floor around them gave way around their designated areas, revealing a sheer drop underneath them. Izuku looked down his pillar and noticed handholds across its circumference.


“I don’t want to restrain anyone, at least in this game.” Midnight winked towards the announcer’s booth. So she’s still flirting with my mom, huh? Could she at least not do it in front of him? She did know about him, after all. “Just know that you might want to stick to climbing. Go down in any other way, spend too much time off the wall, or you’re just too slow, and you'll be met with a nasty surprise.”


Izuku surveyed his options, looking for the best route, until he noticed that the ground seemed to be... moving? Is that some kind of liquid? No... That’s a swarm.


“Oh, and don't think that will be all, students.” Izuku watched as dozens of robots began emerging from the pillars all around the stadium and begane slowly making their way up. “These ones may look scary, but don’t discount the smaller fellas at the bottom. They’ll swarm to any student they can see, and make sure they don’t reach the floor. They’ll also make sure you don’t break anything if you fall too far, but if that happens you’ll be disqualified. Now I hope you’re all ready, because the game starts… Now !”


Izuku needed a way to hide from the bots at the bottom while still being able to touch the ground, a way to get past the bots coming for him, and a way to get to the bottom in a way faster than climbing. That can’t be too hard, right ?


He saw a few students had decided to take the express route of a swan dive to get to the bottom, and almost immediately he saw what Midnight meant by a nasty surprise. Swarms of massive bat-like bots emerged from the walls around the arena and completely covered what he could see of some of the other students, and were carrying them up past the tops of the pillars.


“The first round is off to an explosive start! All the students are rocketing to the bottom on their way to the top!” Mic exclaimed “Although one student seems to be getting cold feet. That’s one of yours, right Influx?”


“Indeed. And I wouldn't underestimate him, if I were you. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.”


“There you have it folks, the scared one is one to keep an eye on!”


Izuku grinned as his plan was finalized in his head. Mom.   I won’t let you down.

Chapter Text

He leaped off the pillar, directly on to one of the bots making its way up. Izuku screamed as his leg snapped against the robot's hull, caving in part of the robot's face. Well, he didn’t need that leg anyway.


Izuku leaned against the arm that had come loose from the robot, but was still dug into the wall, and kicked the robot with his one good leg, until the arm finally separated, and the robot went clattering down, smashing through some of its companions. Izuku grabbed onto one of the nearby handholds and started tugging at the robot’s arm still in the wall. It was taking longer than he had calculated, and if it took any longer than the grace period he had given himself for when the bats showed up, he could say goodbye to getting past even the qualifier.


Finally, the arm came loose, and he launched himself towards the bat’s entrance. The door was rushing towards him and it still wasn’t opening. Did I mis-calculate? I thought I had a good idea of how long it took based on the other students that fell. Is it different for each- The door opened just as he was about to pass by, and he slammed the arm straight through the pack leader and grabbed onto it as hard as he could.


Its wings immediately went limp and shot up around him. Crap! Was really hoping it didn’t work that way. Izuku forced the wings down with all his might, and barely managed to force it into a glide. Right into another pillar.


He released its left wing to try to steer out of the way, but still clipped its side and went into a spin. It slowed him enough for a bot on his tail to grab his broken leg. Izuku screamed in pain as it began to squeeze. He let go of both wings and plummeted into a free fall, frantically trying to kick it off, and get the arm back out of the robot.


He gritted his teeth, and with a final tug the arm finally came free. He turned and bashed the arm against the hand grabbing him until it finally broke off and mercifully let go. He sighed in relief until he realised the bot had fallen beneath him and it was no longer in reach. He forced himself to stay calm and straightened himself downward to fall as fast as he could back onto it.


The ground came screaming towards him as he reached for the broken bot, grabbed onto the hole in its chest and pulled it under him. Adrenaline pumping through his veins, he forced the wings back into place until they were positioned  against the wind resistance to slow his fall.


With the robot back into some semblance of a glide, he was close enough to see the tiny bots begin to coalesce underneath him. He tried huddling on top of the robot to hide, but they seemed a bit too smart for that. He could still make out the sounds of the scuttling after him as they followed his trajectory. He awkwardly took off his shirt while holding the wings flat with his legs and threw it over the side.


Thankfully, the distraction worked. More than half of them ran after it as he continued forward and slammed into the ground. The impact nearly rattled the teeth from his skull, but it successfully smashed the bots that had been coming towards him. The ones he distracted had seen him before he landed and had completely covered the ground around him. He rammed his hand through the hole in the top of the bat, ignoring the pain of the cuts forming around his forearm, he touched the ground.


He could just make out what Present Mic over the blood rushing in his ears. “We have our first place contestant! Izuku Midoriya is the first to touch the ground! UA’s first quirkless student is our winner !”


Izuku didn’t have time to feel victorious about his win. He gave a weak smile to the camera drone that was watching him, while trying almost successfully to hold back tears of breaking a leg. He gestured to his mangled leg as he tried to enjoy the cheers as much as possible.


Izuku was the first in Recovery girl’s office, but he was certainly not the last. When he left, he saw dozens of students making their way past him. Eventually, they all made it back to the arena, and the ones that qualified stood in the center.


“Midoriya!” Uraraka shouted as she ran up to him. “That was amazing. I thought me and Ayoama were the only ones who were going to hurt ourselves, but you don’t hold back, do you?”


“Yeah. I, uh, think I get it from my mom.”


“Your mom also breaks her legs on robots?”


“Well… She used to. I am a lot like her, after all.”


“And I’ll bet she’s just as small and adorable as you, right?”


His face looked like two thirds of a stoplight after that comment. “I-- ju-- what?


She grinned over her shoulder as she walked away “See ya in the next round, Izuku.”


“Now the real fun is about to begin,” Midnight was saying, after Izuku’s brain managed to catch up. The word “Labyrinth” appeared behind her, and a timer for fifteen minutes. “Each of you will be given one marble to denote your point value. The points start at 10 and go up by increments of five. Meaning the person in forty second place is worth ten, and the next is worth fifteen. With one notable exception. Izuku Midoriya; please step forward.”


This is what I was afraid of. They won’t just let the person at the top go into the next round without some sort of handicap.


She grabbed a green marble from her pocket and tossed it to him. “The color indicates how many points the marble is worth. Izuku’s, here, will be worth one million.”


The marble was immediately covered in sweat from his palm.


“Each one you are touching at the end of the game will determine how many points you are allotted. As well, there will be several dangers scattered around the labyrinth that you will need to avoid, or overcome. With each, there will be one marble placed within each obstacle. In the centers of robots, at the bottom of pit traps, or in the barrels of guns, and so on. But what labyrinth would be complete without its most famous denizen. The minotaur! That challenge will be worth ten million points. Though I assure you, none of you can beat it on your own. If you all are ready, take your positions!” 


Izuku couldn't help but grin as he walked back to his zone. His plan was so simple this time, and it probably wouldn't even end with him breaking a bone. He memorized as much of the labyrinth as he could as it raised itself around him. As soon as the horn blared, he dashed to find Fuyumi.

Chapter Text

Izuku dove over a plume of flame and kept running. He darted around the corner, and saw Fuyumi retrieving a marble from a robot impaled on a pike of ice.


“Hey, Fuyumi!” He called. She turned to him with a look of surprise. “Catch!” He threw his marble to her. “Thanks for taking the heat,” he said as she caught it with a surprised look and he sprinted past her. He turned back to see the massive group of students that had been following him. He turned another corner before he could see how the fight went, but based on the sounds of forming ice and the cries of at least a dozen students, he could guess it hadn’t been long.


“What an upset!” Present Mic shouted. “Izuku Midoriya has given up his lead to Fuyumi who rockets to first place! Influx, what on earth is your student doing?!”


“He knows he can’t take on that many students by himself. He’s giving himself breathing room so he can follow through with whatever insane plan he has this time.”


“If he gave up first place so early, he isn’t aiming for the top, is he?”


“Just watch him.”


Izuku leapt over another pit trap, and entered the center of the labyrinth. He looked up and gaped at the minotaur. The thing was at least eight stories high, while being much less bulky than the zero pointers he had heard of in the entrance exam. It certainly lived up to its name, with two massive horns on its head that were firing beams of exploding light at the group of contestants that had formed to fight it.


He sprinted around the minotaur, looking for any sort of injury that he could use, and eventually saw that it was missing part of a finger. He ran in front of it trying to get its attention, and only managed to get shot at a few times, forcing him into a series of dodges and dives. He needed to do something more attention grabbing. He ran between its legs.


He saw its foot slowly rise and make its way above him. He leaped out of the way, and the shockwave from its stomp knocked him to the ground. He scrambled to his feet through the dust and jumped onto the massive foot.


He latched on and began climbing up its leg, pressing his hands between the sheets of its armor, careful not to have his fingers crushed as it moved. He heard the creaking of its joints behind him as it came toward him to crush him. Wrong hand!


He leaped off its leg just as the hand got close, and managed to grab onto a finger to keep from falling. His hair flapped in the wind as the minotaur moved its hand back towards its face. Now to see if this thing is smart enough to not shoot itself. If it isn't then, um… crap?


Izuku clambered to the back of its hand and waited. He heard the creaking of the other hand as the minotaur raised it above its head. He slipped through the fingers of the hand he was on and held on to joints as the other hand came down to crush him. Just the wind was nearly enough to make him fly off, the shaking of the whole structure rattled through his entire body.


Before it could retract its hand, he lunged into its open finger.


Inko put her head in her hands as she watched her son be an idiot. A clever idiot, sure, but still definitely an idiot.


“It looks like Midoriya is giving another rousing performance!” Mic shouted beside her. “Looks like he’s aiming for the top after all!”


“Of course he is. Everyone in the hero course is aiming to be the best.”


The rest of the second round passed by without much incident. The students she thought would pass were doing well, although they hadn’t seen Izuku for longer than she would have liked. She was sure Nezu had planned for someone to jump inside that thing, and made the inside just safe enough for someone to go inside it. Didn’t stop her from worrying about her son, though.


Eventually, after several minutes of watching the minotaur for her son without any trace of him, Midnight announced the end of the game.


“Time’s up, boys and girls! Whatever points you have now is your final tally. Now, could our final contestant be so kind as to join us?”


Camera bots were circling the now shut down hulk of metal, looking for any sign of Izuku. Inko sat and fidgeted with her cape as they waited.


Eventually, a camara bot spotted a panel on the minotaur’s back being dented outward. The bot zoomed in for a better look as her son’s signature red shoes burst out of the panel covered in scratches and soot. Izuku slowly crawled out with smoke covering most of his features. When the smoke cleared, she saw her son the dirtiest he had been since that time with a puddle of mud when he was six. His gym uniform was torn to pieces and smattered with blood, but Izuku stood to his feet with a massive smile on his face as he raised his fist to show the minotaur’s red marble clenched between his fingers.


She muted their mics and whooped. Jumping in the air and pumping her fist, and ignoring Mic’s odd looks. Midnight was announcing this part anyway.


“Izuku Midoriya is our first place winner once again, with ten million points to his name!” Midnight shouted over the speakers. “And in second place we have- oh, what’s this? A two way tie between Yaoyorozu and Fuyumi!”


A camera bot zoomed in on them, showing the two of them holding hands with the one million point marble between the two of them. Momo was flexing for the camera with a grin, while Fuyumi was recoiling away in embarrassment with her hand covering most of her face. Momo glanced toward Fuyumi and squeezed her hand, getting her to show at least one eye and give the camera a reluctant wave.


“Aww, how adorable.” Midnight cooed. “It seems young love will get at least as far as second place.”


Inko had plenty of sympathy for both of the young women. She had been on the receiving end of Midnight’s… eccentricities, plenty of times in the past. Though in her case they were usually not in front of a packed stadium. Midnight continued to announce the winners, while both Momo and Fuyumi retreated from the limelight as best they could.


“Jeez, Momo, your hands were freezing.”


My hands? Your hands have been on fire for the last fifteen minutes.”


Fuyumi froze. “I’m so sorry. That must have been really uncomfortable.”


“Not at all,” Momo shook her head. “I found our thermodynamic equilibrium to be quite pleasant.”


“... That is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever heard.”


“You must not hang out with many nerds if thermodynamic equilibrium takes the prize.”


“Well, maybe I should start. If you're anything to go by.”


Momo blushed. Too much! “Are you trying to throw me off for our match?”


Hey look, an out . “Maybe,” she smirked.


“Did you share second place with that girl just to spite me?” Her father asked her. “ If you can’t beat her, I will-”


“I know , dad. You say the same thing every time.” She felt his hand on her shoulder as soon as she’d finished. She turned as the hand began to steam on her shoulder, stinging her skin.


Don’t interrupt me. I say it again because you act as if you’ve forgotten. Unless it is you simply don’t care.”


Fuyumi grabbed his hand and glared at him. “My caring for Shoto isn’t the one in question.” Violet flames permeated around her, matching her fathers. “No one even cares about the preliminary rounds. As long as I win in the end, that should be all that matters.”


“That will be what matters most . You have already done well enough so far, so I am willing to be lenient. If you fail, I will still train you, but Shoto’s training will resume.” She opened her mouth to scream at him. “I will still be focusing on you, however. Shoto will not be pushed as before, but he will be made ready if the time comes. There will be chances to redeem yourself after the festival should you fail.”


Fuyumi gritted her teeth. Fine. If it’s to protect Shoto, I’ll beat everyone in this entire school if I have to.


“That’s my girl. I see the fire in your eyes now.”

Chapter Text

Tenko didn’t need to read any of the articles to know what people were thinking. And yet, he still found his phone teleported out of his hand after reading only the third article speculating what Midoriya’s quirk really was.


“You need to stop doing that to yourself.” Kurogiri said gently. “You knew full well how they would respond well before the tournament started. There is no use in continuing to prove it to yourself.”


Toya leaned against the bar table next to him. “Yeah, what he said. You need to focus on the bigger picture, instead of your own grievances.” His tone was only slightly mocking.


Tenko groaned softly. “Quoting me again, huh Toya?”


He shrugged. “Hey, it helped me. Maybe I could get your priorities in order for a change.”


“If you have to brood,” Jin cut in. “I could make a copy of you, and they could take over.”


“You’re clones of me can’t even-! Oh, fine. I’ll stop reading. Jeez, can’t you guys let me indulge in a little self destructive behavior?”


“Nope.” Himiko said brightly.


“You guys are the worst.”


“It’s what we do best,” Toya said, giving him finger guns.


Blink nuzzled Tenko’s leg as he sighed in exasperation and scratched Blink’s ears. “I just thought maybe I could have been wrong. Or maybe I just hoped I was.”


“How is that game going, anyway? Ooh, wait. How’s that Izuku doing?” Himiko asked, with a massive smile forming on her face. “We should recruit him if we ever get the chance. He’s quirkless, just like you were after all.”


“No,” Tenko said solemnly. “He has his own questline. One that I don’t want to interfere with, even if it is misguided.”


“He reminds you of yourself, doesn’t he?” Hana asked.


“Both of us, actually. He has yet to see what this world does to people like us.”


Izuku looked over the roster through tired eyes. Now that the fights were mere minutes away, he was starting to see what his mom was talking about, and the reality of his chances started to sink in. Maybe he could win his first match, but after that...


“Welcome to the first one-on-one of the sports festival!” Present Mic’s voice boomed over the speakers. “The champion of the last two rounds, and UA’s first quirkless student. Give it up for... Izuku Midoriya !” The whole crowd cheered as he entered the stadium and tried not to look at the massive crowd of people all focused on him. “Will be facing off against the acid student herself, Mina Ashido!” Izuku couldn't help but notice the cheers for her were noticeably quieter.


“I can’t believe I get to face the champ in my first round.” Mina said, excitedly as they took to the ring. “I won’t hold anything back.”


“I wouldn't want you to. Just… don’t get your hopes up. I’m not much of a fighter,” He mumbled, looking at his feet.


Begin !” Mic boomed.


Ashido immediately skated on her acid directly at him while Izuku bolted away from her. He ran back and forth across the edge of the ring in a zigzag pattern, before running back over the slime she had made, and carefully stepped between her path, letting her slide over the now slick ground without a way to stop. He came to a halt right on the edge, and dodged to the side just as Ashido was right behind him.


Noticing this at the last second, she turned her feet to the side for extra friction. Izuku came up behind her and was about to shove her over, when she crouched down and came to a sudden stop right before she was about to go out of bounds.


Before he could process what she had done, she leaped up from her crouch into a roundhouse kick. He managed to stumble out of the way in time, but couldn't avoid the acid from her foot that splashed onto his face.


He wiped  the acid from his eyes just in time to see her following through with a sweeping kick. He jumped over her attack and landed right on the acid she had spread underneath him.


The acid burned through his shoes and started eating away at the bottom of his feet. He cried out in pain, and stumbled away. She didn't give him a chance to recover and punched him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and throwing him on his back.


She jumped on top of him as soon as he was down and pinned his hands above his head while pressing her knee on his chest.


“Izuku Midorya is pinned. Mina Ashido is the winner!”  Midnight announced.


She stepped off him and offered him her hand. “Sorry about being so rough. That acid was a bit too far.”


“Don’t be,” He said, taking her hand and getting to his feet, and letting her take him under his arm, which was a bit awkward with her being almost a foot taller than him. “I did say not to hold back, didn’t I?”


“The crowd is now booing our contestants!” Mic shouted. Izuku whipped his head up to see that he was right. Over the roar of the crowd, he could make the words he hated the most repeated over and over. Quirkless, weak, helpless, defenseless. He saw Ashido gaping at the crowd in shock.


“Mina,” Izuku said, trying to get her attention. “Mina!” he repeated loud enough to be heard, shaking her lightly. “It’s alright. This is just how things are when you're quirkless. You didn’t do anything wrong.”


“B-... but they-”


“Don’t worry about them. I'm not mad at you for winning. They don't know what they're talking about.”


She collected herself and nodded towards him. “Yeah. you're right. Thanks, Midoriya.”


Nemuri gritted her teeth as the incessant whining from the audience continued. She glared up at the announcer’s booth, waiting for one of them to put a stop to this nonsense. Was Inko really just going to watch as her son was humiliated in front of the whole world?


Fine. This isn’t really my job, but if these children need to be put in their place. I am happy to oblige.


“Where is the man who started this rubbish!?” She called out to the crowd. “If that was a pro speaking, then I would recommend hanging up your cape now . You clearly are not cut out for this line of work.”


The whine from the crowd finally died down to a low murmur. “Ashido’s ruthlessness was an acknowledgment of Midory’s skill. She knew exactly what he is capable of, and gave him the respect she knows he deserves. She treated him as she would any other opponent, just as she should. Or did you not remember his performance earlier in the games?”


Nemuri marched her way to the announcer’s booth, slamming the door inward with a crack.


“Influx.” She said through gritted teeth. It was an odd sight seeing an eleven foot tall woman try to appear small. “Can you come out here for a moment, please?”


Inko stood up slowly, and followed her out like a scolded child. Nemuri led her to an out of the way waiting room, and whirled on her as soon as they had entered.


“Explain to me, Inko,” she growled, as Inko began to deflate down to normal size. “Why I was the one speaking out for your son in that match.”


Inko faltered under her gaze, and didn’t meet her eyes. “It… it was to keep my reputation.”


“Your reputation?” She spat. Nemuri could hardly believe what she was hearing. “Does your son really mean that little to you?”


Inko grabbed her lapel and dragged her head downward so they were face to face. Nemuri saw a glare she had rarely ever seen, and had never been on the receiving end of.

“Do not imply that my son means nothing to me. You can insult me all you-” She trailed off, and took a shaky breath before continuing. “Shortly after he was born; both my husband and Nana were taken from me. Izuku was all I had left, aside from you. But I was just too stupid to see it. I threw myself into bringing an end to All For One. For an entire year, I did nothing, but track down him and his people. When I killed him, I finally saw what my neglect had been doing to Izuku. He was far too small for his age, and severely frail. He had hardly grown at all since his birth after an entire year. It was a miracle he even survived what I did to him. But even after all of that he still smiled at me. He hardly had the strength for even that, and yet he still smiled… That’s why I became the hero that is always smiling. Because I saw how even such a small comforting gesture like that can save someone… But even so. My being the symbol of peace is larger than that. If I am no longer able to be the symbol that everyone can look up to, then society could fall right back into the days of All For One at his height. That is why; no matter how much I want to help Izuku, I can’t be involved in even the smallest scandal. Pushing back against such widespread discrimination could be disastrous. I just-” Inko’s intensity wavered, giving way to tears. She let go of Nemuri’s lapel and hugged her. “Thank you for helping my son.”

Chapter Text

Nemuri eventually managed to hug her back. “Are you at least going to help him now?


“Of course. That was never in doubt.”


Nemuri pulled away. “It was, actually. You weren’t too eager to do so just now.”


“I have a duty to him and to the world. I will do my best for him, but when there is a choice between the two, I know which to choose.”


“... Then you’re a bad mother.”


“If that’s what I must be to keep the world safe, then so be it. I have-”


Just… leave. Izuku needs you right now more than I do.” Inko left with a huff, returning to her full height as she exited the door, leaving Nemuri alone.


“God dammit! ” Nemuri screamed as soon as she was out of earshot. She picked up and threw a plastic cup against the wall that bounced off the concrete with an unsatisfying clunk.


One would think that when you deal with villains as a day job, you would recognise when you start employing their same logic.


Izuku sat in the waiting room, keeping his weight off his still aching feet. Even though his mom had been right, he didn’t regret passing the second round. Despite that, he couldn't keep the jeers out of head. Those words circled in head over and over again until he could feel tears welling up in his eyes. No matter what he did, in the end they still saw the same fragile, quirkless boy.


He heard the door open as his mom entered and sat next to him. He leaned against her, and she put an arm around him as he cried into her side.


“They still don’t think I can do it.”


“I know. And they won’t for a long time. But you have taken the first step in proving them all wrong.”


“I was taken out mere seconds after entering the third round.”


“The final round. Something only sixteen people can get into each year.”


“That won’t matter. All anyone will see is a girl with a powerful quirk bullying someone completely powerless. Not a fight between two heroes in training.”


“You can change that, Izuku. I know you can.”


How? How can I be a hero like you?”


“Izuku,” she said calmly. “Do you remember that Dr. Seuss book I used to read you? That one about being you. It’s like that. You have to convince them by being a hero that only you can be, and showing what you can do.”


“Anyone can do what I do.”


She lightly smacked the back of his head. “No, they can’t . Not just anyone can fall onto the back of a broken robot bat and ride it to the bottom of a chasam before anyone else.”


“I guess.”


“No. None of this “I guess” nonsense. You were amazing, and you are going to recognise that, got it?” She punctuated herself by poking him in the chest. Izuku managed a soft smile and finally nodded. “Good.”


Izuku didn’t know how well Ochako would be handling facing Katsuki again after their last encounter, so after feeling awake enough to have Recovery Girl heal his feet the rest of the way, Izuku exited the clinic to find Ochako in her waiting room.


“Hey Ocha-whoa. What’s with that face?”


“Oh, sorry.” She covered the scared half of her face with her hand. “There. Does that make it better.”


Oh boy. What did I get myself into? “Umm… It wasn’t the scar that worried me, you just seemed a little… fanatic.”


“Oh. I’m just really excited to fight him again.”


“Excited? Do you have a plan to beat him?”


“I’ve had one for a while.”


“O-oh. You know, he’s gotten a lot nicer since middle school.”


“He used to be worse ?”


Oh no. “Well… I guess I’ve known him for a while, and… I just think you should give him a chance. He’s really been trying hard to be a better person after what happened.”


Ochako eyed him and slowly stood from her chair. “What did he do to you?”


“Nothing much, really. Anyway, you seem to be doing fine, so I’ll just-.” He turned to leave, when her hand appeared above him and pressed the door shut. He gulped and turned slowly to see her towering above him with an intense stare. “Well… He was kind of a bully to me after his quirk manifested, and mine… didn’t.”


“He’s been this way since you were four?


“Uhh… Yes?”


She breathed out sharply and let her arm fall to her side. “Thank you for telling me. Now I have another reason to beat him.” He stepped out of her way as she walked past him and out of the waiting room. “I’m sorry for pinning you like that. I just-” She clenched her fist and turned away without another word.


Izuku leaned against the wall and let out the breath he had been holding. That had been scarier than anything in the festival so far . But there was another feeling. A feeling he couldn't put his finger on. He only knew he hadn’t felt it before.


Ochako was practically shaking with excitement. While she was sad to see Izuku out so soon, she was still going to fight Bakugo in her first round. It was a perfect opportunity to get back at him. On top of that, if she could beat someone with such a powerful quirk, maybe she could get at least the heroes to look past her appearance.


Ochako hated interrogating Izuku like that. Especially after his match with Ashido. Although… she couldn't quite place what he seemed to be feeling when she pinned him. He seemed almost… excited? But she could hardly think about it as she was now even fired up to win. She could say she was sorry later. Right now, she has a match to win. She strode to her position with a very un-Influx smile on her face.


“Begin!” She heard over the speakers.


As much as she wanted to pummel him as soon as possible, she had to stick to her plan if she wanted to get that chance. She ran forward, staying low to the ground, and he blasted her back with a full force explosion. Good. He’s not feeling too remorseful.


She used the cover of smoke to throw the chunks of the ring he had blasted into the air without him noticing. She didn’t let up her assault, giving him no chance to catch on to her plan, and was thrown back again. Despite the pain, Ochako kept preparing her meteor shower through his attacks and didn’t give him a chance to breathe.


She charged again and again, then dodged to the side of an explosion and got even closer to him. Too close. Before she could react, his hand was directly over her chest, and she was blown away from point-blank range. Pain bombarded her as she tumbled through the torn up ring, bouncing over the holes he had made until she slid to a rest near the edge of the ring.


She slowly got to her feet, feeling the broken ribs moving uncomfortably in her chest. She glared at Bakugo with her scar in full view to keep his eyes on her. I think that’ll be enough .


She walked towards a bit of rubble about half her size to throw him off, releasing her quirk as discreetly as possible behind her back. The rubble fell almost silently as it rushed towards him. His head snapped upward as soon as he caught a glimpse of the falling rubble. He lifted his hands and blasted her attack to pieces with just two massive explosions from his palms. The wind from the blast pushed her back, making her feet scrape against the ground.


She made the boulder next to her weightless and hurled it toward Bakugo, with her following close behind. He saw the attack coming and easily dodged out of the way. Just as I thought. He’s all out .


She easily sidestepped his punch as she got inside his defence and palmed him in the face, slamming him into the ground while making him weightless. His feet flew into the air as fell, and she grabbed his ankle to slam him into the ground by his leg.


She slammed him to the ground again and again to keep his palms away from her. She could hear Midnight saying something, but she hardly cared. She didn’t want to stop until she was sure he was out. A smile matching her scar formed on her face as she slammed Bakugo into the ground over and over, making him weightless to lift him and returning his weight as soon as she brought his flailing body to the ground.


She raised her hand again, and felt a whip coil around her wrist.


“I said.” Midnight's voice was stern as she kept her whip taught around Ochako’s wrist. “That’s enough.” Midnight held her glare until Ochako relented. She released Bakugo to the ground, where he was carried off by two stretcher bots. “Ochako Uraraka is our winner by knockout!” Midnight called out. She wasn’t as enthusiastic this time.


She could hardly pay attention to the cheers, as she watched Bakugo get carted off on a stretcher. His nose was bashed in and his scalp was covered in blood and scrapes. She felt at her scar as she walked back out of the ring before the crowd could see her tears.


Ochako found a quiet area and sat against one of the walls. She felt her scar again, just as there as it was before. As if she needed another reminder, she could feel tears forming in just her left eye once again. She balled herself up, and finally let herself feel what she had been trying to hide.


At some point, she noticed Influx sitting beside her as Ochako cried into her clothes. Influx stayed with her for several minutes before Ochako was ready to speak.


“What do I do?” Ochako asked.


“You will have to be a bit more specific.”


“The scar! Ever since I was little I wanted to be a hero like you. A hero that saves everyone with a smile and now I have this . How is anyone going to be comforted when I look like I'm going to eat their children.”


“That’s a bit dramatic.”


“Maybe! But I-.” She sighed. “I knew that revenge wasn’t going to fix it. I’ve read enough stories where revenge doesn’t solve anything to know that. I just wanted something- anything- to change. I can’t bear having this scar. I needed something to be different, and nothing is! The scar is still there, and it sucks just as much as it did yesterday.”


Influx paused for a moment before responding. “Here. Take a look at this.” She took her arm from her sleeve, and Ochako saw just how many scars were lined across her entire arm. “Almost all of these are self- inflicted. I would use Come to Me to draw all kinds of attacks towards me, instead of a fellow hero, or a civilian. Same way you got your scar.”


“But. Your face.”


“Hardly matters. Make sure people know who you really are, and they’ll see past the scar. Maybe not fully, but more than enough. Just look at Endeavor. He’s the number two, and his face never really conveys a sense of safety. And it doesn’t even have a scar yet.”




“In this line of work, it could happen at any time.”


Ochako managed to chuckle, and sniffled. “Thanks.  I think… I think something's at least a little different now.”


“I’m glad I could help. Now if you want to rest before your next fight, I would recommend one of the rooms designed for it, instead of a wall.”


Ochako smiled. “Thank you.”

Chapter Text

“So, Midoriya?” Fuyumi asked. How do you think this fight is gonna play out?”


“Honestly, I think this will be an easy match for Yaoyorozu. She can easily make a lightsource that will render Tokoyami essentially quirkless, due to Dark Shadow’s light sensitivity. After that, even without her super strength Momo is a considerable close range opponent, while Tokoyami doesn’t have any close range prowess to speak of.”


“Yeah. Momo’s got some serious muscles, huh?”


“That’s… one way to phrase it.”


Fuyumi looked over the arena and let out a sharp breath. “Tell me honestly, Midoriya. Do you think I can beat her?”


“While I definitely think you could, you should focus on your other opponents first. Both of you will have to make it to the final for that to happen. The people you’ll be fighting won’t make it easy for either of you.”


“It’s amazing, right? Just a straight shot to victory with no indecipherable goals.”


Midoriya’s head tilted to the side. “Indecipherable goals?”


“Normally I train with my dad. He has… high expectations. I hope your parents didn’t have anything like that.”


“No, nothing like that. My mom even recommended throwing the second match to avoid... exactly what happened.”


“Oh. Sorry that went so poorly. I can’t imagine being pitied by an entire crowd like that.”


“It’s alright. Things like that are exactly the reason I wanted to be a hero.”


“That-oh! It’s starting.”


“Begin!” shouted Midnight.


As soon as the fight started, Momo exploded. Light burst from her skin, washing over the entire stadium. When Fuyumi looked back, Tokoyami was already out of bounds, looking just as shocked as she was.


Midnight took a second to recover from the burst of light before announcing. “Tokoyami is out of bounds! Momo Yaoyorozu is our winner!”


“Momo! What was that ? You just… I don’t even know what you did.”


“Oh, well, you know. Light has a very simple structure compared to what I normally make, so it was fairly simple to execute. After that, I just pushed him out of bounds. Losing to someone whose weakness is so simple would be pretty embarrassing when I can make anything.”


“Still, that was amazing.”


“Well, I’m glad you think so. I’m excited to see what you can do in the following round. Your first opponent is pretty tough himself.”


“Don’t you worry about that. You just need to worry about what happens in our match.”


“Confident you’ll make it that far, are we?”


“I’m also confident you’ll be there with me.”


“So you’re my opponent!” shouted Innasa, even though she was right in front of him. “I am so,” his hand clasped around Fuyumi’s, “incredibly excited to fight you!”


“Uh, thanks. You-ow ow ow.” His grip around her hand became crushing.


“Sorry!” He let go as soon as he noticed. “I didn’t mean to attack you before the fight started. Here. I’ll make it fair.” He started crushing his own hand, his massive grin never leaving his face despite the crunching noises Fuyumi could hear. “There! Now we're even.”


“... Thank you?”


“No problem!”


They both took their positions and waited for the fight to start.




Innasa shot away from her on a flurry of wind away from her, but still couldn't escape her ice. The glacier reached passed the roof of the stadium with Innasa at its center. Fuyumi’s eyes narrowed at her apparent victory. There’s no way it’s that easy.


The glacier exploded into shards. Ah, there it is. “Wow!’ He shouted. “That is very cold!” He manipulated the wind to throw the glacier shards back at her. She shot away from the swarm of knives, covering the ground in ice to help her speed.


The attacks became faster and cuts started appearing across her skin, until she was caught up in a gale that lifted off the ground. She hung in the air, unable to move as the rest of the shards aimed at her.


Fuyumi ignited into a torrent of violet flames, turning the ice into harmless steam around her. The gale around her suddenly reversed, plummeting her back to earth. Ice formed from her feet into a massive slide beneath her, allowing her to safely glissade to the ground. Flames burst from her palms as she completed another slide aiming directly at Innasa.


Ice coalesced around her foot as she shot towards him. She increased the intensity of her flames to counter his wind as she turned a palm forward, putting her into a spin. Her foot swept by Innasa's face as he just barely dodged her attack.


She over extended her kick, and he grabbed her leg and sent them both plummeting towards the ground. She shot flame from her back directly into him, but her attack was caught in his tornado and flitted into the wind. She dug her fingers under the ice, and covered her leg in flame, melting her ice just enough so she could slip out right before they hit the ground, and blasted herself back into bounds, coming to a rocky landing.


Fuyumi got to her feet, and shot ice in all directions. She covered the ground throughout the entire stadium in ice until only Cementoss and Midnight’s platforms were clear. No more out of bounds. This ends when one of us gives up.


Fuyumi released her fire from her back, growing them in intensity until they became completely white. I could only overpower him when I went over my limit for that kick. I can’t keep that up for long, so I’ll have to be quick. She blasted off to the side faster than she could even keep up with. She only just managed to not crash directly into the wall. 


Innassa raised himself on a whirlwind to defend himself from any direction she tried to attack from. The intensity of the wind could be felt all across the stadium, and Fuyumi had to turn up the heat just to stay moving. She stopped firing from her hands, and kept up her speed from just the flames on her back.


She pressed her hand to her sides and covered them in ice for one last attack, launching herself towards Innasa from a ramp of ice, breaking through the whirlwind and ramming both her fists into Inaasa’s stomach. His eyes went wide and drool spit from his mouth as he collapsed to the ground.


“Inassa Is down!” Midnight called. “Fuyumi advances to the next round!” Fuyumi fell back, and sat on the concrete to catch her breath. The crowd cheered for her victory, but it was hard to take in. This was the first opponent. He wasn't supposed to be this hard.


Innasa stirred and grinned at her, while still somewhat pretzeled on the ground. “That was amazing ! You really aren't like your father at all!”


Fuyumi stammend. “Uh… Thanks? Have you met him?”


“I have, he’s awful. I was scared that you might be the same, but I’m glad you aren't.”


“Yeah,” she sighed. “Me too.”


“The next round of the match will be Hitoshi Shinso vs Mezo Shoji!” Influx announced.


“So,” Hitoshi drawled. “Which one do I shake?”


“This one,” Shoji replied, curtly. Hitoshi smirked and shook his hand as felt the connection form between them. It was straining to keep the connection without activating his quirk, but it would last long enough.




“Why don’t you make your way out of bounds for me?” Shoji’s eyes went blank as Hitoshi's quirk activated. And just as he asked, Shoji walked out of bounds. The crowd didn’t like how the fight went, but Hitoshi just shrugged. He wasn’t doing this for them.


He went back to the general studies booth, which had been emptied after the first round. He broke off the arms of a few of the chairs and sprawled across them like a couch.


The next round was embarrassing to watch. The guy who could fart from his legs lost almost as quickly to the greasy girl as tentacles did to him. He ran right for her, and she dodged out of the way on some piston system, and he stumbled out of bounds. Even if there wasn’t an extra seat for him, that performance had practically guaranteed him a spot.


Inko felt just as exhausted as the students did. Giving pep talks to them between matches had been standard fare. Raising a kid like Izuku had made that a fairly common occurrence, but dear god the announcing . How did Mic do it? 


The next fight went just as she suspected. Tokage’s quirk was amazing at practically everything except fighting, so going against Shishida in the first round hadn’t been fair to her. But that was just how hero work went sometimes.


The last match was mercifully quick, with Kirishima beating Honenuki without much difficulty. Kisrishima couldn't evade Honenuki’s softening quirk, but he could always dig his way back out.


With the first round finally wrapping up, they could all get a break. She left the room and stretched as much as she could in the small hallway.


“Mirko?” She asked. “What are you doing here?”


“You think I’d miss my kid’s first sports festival?”


“You have a-? You know, I’m not even surprised. Why wouldn't you have a kid?”


“Me and my partner can’t.”


“... What?”


“Me and my partner. We can’t have a kid of our own. You asked why I wouldn't, and I gave you  a reason. It’s not good enough to stop me, but it’s what you asked.”


“I-sure. Who is your kid anyway?”


“Ha! They’d kill me if I told you. Well they would try, at least.”


“Alright, good talk, Mirko.”


“See ya.”


Inko made her way to the break room, when she saw Izuku coming up to her. “Mom. Can I talk to you?”


“Of course. What do you need?”


“It’s about Ochako. I think that she might… like me?”


“Really?” She asked, trying her best to keep the sarcasm from her voice. “What gave you this idea?” 


“I know it sounds crazy, but she’s complimented me several times, even implying that I was c-cute, and that other time when she said that she liked me. Then, more recently she even...” His entire face turned red. “She pressed her hand against the wall and kind of… p-pinned me to it?”


My baby was wall slammed? Inko took a moment to process everything. “She said that she likes you and this made you think that she might like you?”

“She didn’t say it like that , okay. Jeez,” Izuku pouted. “I just wanted to know what to do if it turns out I’m correct.”


“Well, let’s say she confesses to you. What do you say to her?”




“Okay, don’t say that.” This was going to be harder than she thought. “Doing that would imply that she was making a mistake in liking you, and that you don’t have confidence in yourself.”


“I don’t have confidence in myself.”


“Yes, but you don’t want to say that.”


“What do I say then?”


“That depends. How do you feel about her?”


“I think she’s immensely talented, of course. Beating Katsuki like that was incredible, and she showed that she knew how to use her quirk in a situation that it wasn’t well suited for, and after that, she managed to beat him hand to hand, and then there’s her performance at the USJ where she showed that she could keep calm under pressure, and-”


“Izuku.” She cut him off.




“I’m not talking about that. I mean, what do you think of her personally?


“Oh. Well, she’s nice. Talking to her is just as nerve-wracking as talking to anyone else, but it’s fun talking to her anyway. She’s kind of intimidating. Sometimes.”


“Okay, good. Now what do you think you should say?”






“Okay,” Izuku breathed. “I think I can do this. Thanks, mom.”


“No problem. I’m just glad I could help.” He gave her a quick hug, and left to join his classmates. She found herself smiling as he left. Her boy was really growing into a man. Still just as awkward as ever, but who isn’t at that age?


“Teacher?” Momo asked, behind her. “Can I ask you about something a bit… personal? About Fuyumi?”


This festival is going to wear out all my motherly energy for the next month. She turned to face her successor. “Sure thing. What is it?”


“Well… you see. After Fuyumi’s last match overheated her, she went down to just a tank top. And now she’s sprawled out on her chair to cool off, and…” Her breathing became rapid. “Well, she’s sweating a lot, and her quirk is making steam, and-.”


“Oookay, I think I get the picture.” Inko cut her off. “It sounds like you might be attracted to her.”


Momo placed her hands around her face, her cheeks becoming pink. “What? But I’ve never-. and with a girl? No no, this must be something else.”


“Momo, you thought it prudent to mention that she was in a state of undress, and was sweating excessively when you wanted to describe how you felt. You are attracted to her.”


“Now how can you be so sure?”


“Remember when I told you how Midnight’s quirk affected people?”


“Yes, you implied then as well that I was… Oh. I guess you have some experience.”


It was Inko's turn to blush, remembering her… less than successful attempts with the opposite sex… And the same sex. And really any sex under the sun before she met Hisashi. “That’s not important right now,” she said maybe a bit too quickly.


“If it turns out you’re correct… Nevermind, you don’t need to worry about them.”


Inko tilted her head. “‘Them, Momo?”


“It’s nothing. As long as I don’t act on it, this won’t be an issue.”


“I’m sorry, what ?”


“Thanks, teacher. I really should get back before the break ends, though.” She turned and ran off, waving goodbye over her shoulder. 


“Wait. Momo!” 


Inko sighed to herself as Momo turned the corner.


“Hey, Influx?” Fuyumi asked, awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head. 


If she needs my help confessing to Momo, I may just strangle her.

Chapter Text

“Yes, Fuyumi?” Inko responded, only slightly exhausted.


“It’s about Momo.”


Inko took a deep breath through her nose. “Is it that you like her?”


“I-wha.” She stammered, her face becoming red. “Yes?”


“She likes you too, if that’s what you're wondering.”


“But. I-. Okay, how do you know?”


“I’ve been a teenage girl before. Also, she told me.”


“... Ah.”


“And I’m guessing that your father wouldn't approve?”


Fuyumi’s face scrunched in thought. “Actually, I think he would be fine with it. All he cares about is me surpassing you, and becoming number one. Me and Momo being a… thing, wouldn't be a problem to him, as long as I was stronger than her.”


“I will never understand that man,” Inko muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Is that all you needed?”


“Actually I was wondering if you have any tips on how to confess to her.”


That’s it. I am going to strangle her.


Katsuki woke to the faint sound of cheering from the arena. He sat up, trying to ignore the aching in his chest and… really everything above the waist.


“I would tell you that you need rest, but I have a feeling you would ignore me,” He heard Recovery Girl say.


“You guessed right.” He stood, and put his gym shirt back on over his bandages.


“Hey, dude. You're finally awake.”


Katsuki let out a sigh. “What are you doing here, Weird Hair?”


“I came to see you.”


“I can see that, why?”


“I just wanted to see if you were okay after your match. It was really nice of you to let her win like that.”


“You really think I would do something like that? She won that match fair and square, and she didn’t need me pulling any punches to do it!”


“Really? Then why didn’t use an explosion on her at the end?”


 “I was out,” Katsuki shrugged. “That last attack took everything I had. It wouldn't have taken long to get it back, but she never gave me the chance.”


“Whoa. Guess I’ll have to be more careful than I thought if I want to beat her.”


“Please. You don’t stand a chance against her. Here is how a fight between you two would go: You harden yourself and run at her. She touches you once and you float out of bounds.”


“Sounds like her quirk is practically perfect for these kinds of fights. You think she can beat Fuyumi in her next fight?”




Katsuki looked out towards the sounds of cheering. Did losing… make up for what he did. And if it did, what did that mean for making it up to Izuku?


Mei was shaking with excitement. Engine boy had hardly been an obstacle on her path to meeting her . The break was supposed to be so they could get their energy back, but Mei didn’t see the point.


She kicked her legs under her chair while humming to herself. She got bored of that, and took out her schematics for her omni-directional jets. Being able to completely ignore the tyranny of the rocket equation did wonders for making rockets.


After three agonizing minutes of looking over the designs, she was finally allowed to enter the ring with her new lab rat. She bounced across the ring and shook Momo’s hand.


“Hello, new experiment! I can’t wait to make so many babies with you!”


She raised an eyebrow at her. “... I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding on how that works.”


“I’m not talking about flesh babies, silly. I’m talking ‘bout metal ones.”


“I… see.  And why do you want to make… metal babies with me?”


“Are you kidding ? Your quirk opens up so many more avenues of invention! All the fundamentals of making these gadgets go completely out the window! Here, I already made these babies as a proof of concept!” She slapped the button jet onto her shoulder. “There! Now just create fuel right into the induction port that you should be able to feel, and BOOM! You have liftoff!”


She looked at her baby nervously, and hesitantly braced herself against the jet. She started with a small thrust that hardly moved her feet, but she stared at with wide eyes.


“This is amazing. Are you sure you want to just give it to me?”


“I can’t secrete jet fuel from my skin,” she shrugged.


“Will the fighters please take your positions?” Midnight sighed, rubbing her forehead.


“Sure thing, Nemi.” Midnight gave her an incredulous look at the nickname as they walked back to the starting point. “Let me show what my other babies can do. Come at me, new lab project!”


Momo shrugged, and the grey lighting started to cover her body as she started running towards her. Mei smirked, and launched her electrified bolas from her waist that Momo easily jumped over. Mei took out her capture gun and fired a net right at Momo, ensnaring her.


“As you can see, my babies are effective even against someone with a quirk like yours. Not only that, but if you had used the thruster I so generously gave to you, you could have easily evaded.”


She gave up struggling against the net, and created blades across her body that easily cut through the netting.


“Huh. it seems I need to improve the shear strength to avoid villains being able to cut free easily.” She took out her journal and made a note. 


“ Are you sure you want to keep fighting? You seem to be treating this like a field test instead of a match.”


“Nope. I just want to show what my babies can do. Like this one!” Her hydraulic pistons launched her forward at her command and she reached forward with her electrified glove. Momo grabbed her wrist before she could touch her and pulled her upward.


“An electric glove? That’s surprisingly predict-” She was cut off as Mei snapped her fingers and the current started flowing through the entire glove, shocking them both.


“Whoo,” Mei said, once the glove ran out of juice. “Guess there’s another issue to work out. Don’t have the glove shock the user. On to the next baby!”


For the next ten minutes, she showed off everything that she could fit onto one person. She still showed off for the support companies, of course, but they weren't as relevant now. Momo turned out to be a more than willing lab rat for her. It thrilled her to share everything she had made with someone who could actually keep up.


“Whew,” she sighed after walking out of bounds. “That was fun, but I’ve shown you everything I wanted to.”


“Hold on, you’re just giving up?”


“Pretty much. I only went this far in the tournament for a chance to show off to you.”


“Wouldn't beating me have been more effective for that?”


Mei shrugged. “Maybe. Anyway, I hope you consider partnering with me.”


Momo was thinkful Hatsume hadn’t taken that fight seriously. If she had, Momo wasn’t sure if she would have been able to beat her. Hatsume wasn’t like a normal opponent where you could know their quirk early on; she had to be ready for anything to happen throughout the entire fight. I guess I now know what it’s like fighting me. But still, who brings a flamethrower to a school tournament? Besides Fuyumi.


She went inside and went back to her whiteboard, trying to figure out Shinso's quirk activation. She had asked everyone who had been brainwashed what had happened to them beforehand, but she wasn’t making much progress. It seems like he had planned for this and was mixing up what he did each time. 


“What’s this?” Midoriya asked.


“Oh, hello Midoriya,” she smiled. “I’m going to be fighting Shinso in the next round, but I still have yet to figure out his quirk.”


Midoriya looked over her whiteboard for a moment and seemed to be trying to find out as well. “Oh. I figured it out.”




“Based on his personality, there is just one behaviour on this board that is consistent and also abnormal.”


“And you’re not going to tell me, it seems?”


He gave her a small grin. “Nope.”


“I figured as much. This isn’t meant to be a team effort, I suppose.”



Fuyumi couldn't help but be intimidated by her opponent. That scar, along with her intensity, was hard to approach. Based on her last fight, this match wouldn't be easy either. As the match was about to start, Uraraka got into a strange stance, like she was lifting some invisible object. The match began, and Fuyumi covered her in a glacier. She didn’t even try to dodge.


Midnight was about to call the match, when the entire glacier suddenly flashed pink. They both stared as cracks began to form around its base.


The sound of breaking ice echoed across the stadium. Fuyumi's creation began to grow cracks around its base until it separated from the ground entirely, leaving only shards scattered around the ground.


Fuyumi stared in disbelief as the entire glacier begane moving forward, its front scraping along the ground sending shards of ice into the air around it. This girl is insane. Fuyumi pressed her hands together and launched a jet of flame right into the glacier. The flame slammed into the ice and bore a hole in its front big enough to swallow her. Fuyumi pressed forward deeper inside the ice, thinking she was getting close to where Uraraka was. It didn’t end up mattering.


The glacier spun to the side and slammed into her. She was pressed into the wall and carried over the side of the ring. With a burst of flame she flew out of the tunnel she had made, and up into the sky. She put distance between them, but her flight was still awkward, and she couldn't stay airborne for long. Fuyumi awkwardly turned herself in the air to see the entire glacier flying towards her.


Fuyumi threw herself out of the way, but was still caught on its edge. The impact shook her enough for the flames to die in her hands. She fell to the ground, with wind stinging her eyes. Fire leapt from her side, throwing her back into bounds.


She landed hard on the concrete, tumbling painfully across the ring before finally coming to a stop. She looked up just in time to see Uraraka’s boot colliding with her face, throwing her onto her side. She tried to get to her feet, but Uraraka was already on top of her. 


Uraraka clasped her hands into a club, raising it above her head and bringing it down right into Fuyumi’s face like a hammer. Fuyumi’s head cracked into the concrete floor, dazing her and drawing blood from her nose. Fuyumi shook her head, and before she could land another blow, created a rod of ice from the floor, jabbing into Uraraka’s stomach and throwing her off.


Fuyumi got to her feet and spit the blood from her mouth, while creating a half dome of smooth ice in front of her and shot it forward, scraping against the ground so Uraraka couldn’t get her fingers under it. She might be able to make it weightless, but that wouldn’t matter if she couldn't lift it.


Uraraka leapt over the dome, making herself weightless to vault right over it and launch herself directly toward Fuyumi, coming down on her with a punch to her stomach.


Fuyumi exploded in flames to get Uraraka away from her. She placed her hands on the floor, creating an explosion of flame billowing across the arena. Gritting her teeth, Fuyumi pressed the fire forward in a wave that stretched across the entire ring. Through the flames, she saw Uraraka braced herself to run through, but as the heat continued to rise, she backed out of bounds, forfeiting the match.


“Uraraka is out of bounds!” Midnight announced. “Fuyumi wins!”


Uraraka turned to the exit with her head lowered. Fuyumi saw her posture and approached before she could leave.


“Hey,” Fuyumi called out. Uraraka turned her head to face her, still looking downcast. “That was a great match.” As if to prove her point, more blood started to drip from her nose.


Uraraka turned fully to face her with a small smile. “You too,” she nodded. “And… thanks.”


“You know, if it makes you feel better… I’m gonna win this thing.”


Uraraka laughed. “You’d better. Otherwise, I’m gonna look bad.”


When Fuyumi made it back to the Hero Course booth, she decided to just lie on the ground and cover herself in ice. She knew she looked silly, but she didn’t care. If her road to victory involved laying in a pile of ice, then so be it.


The next match was hardly worth watching anyway. Based on the lack of noise, she guessed Shinso had won against the beastman.

Chapter Text

Eijiro and Mina were both grinning like idiots as they took to the ring.


“This is going to be a blast!” Mina exclaimed. “I can’t believe we’ve never actually fought before.”


“It’s illegal to use our quirks outside of UA.”


“Well yeah, but I can’t believe we let that stop us. I can’t wait for this fight.”


“If you really can’t wait,” Midnight interjected. “Then stop talking, and get in position.”


Mina winced and walked back to her spot.




Mina threw her acid at him as he ran forward and hardened his whole body. He swung at her as soon as he closed the distance, and his fist grazed her cheek as acid poured from her face, covering his hand. As he recoiled from the sting Mina jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck, secreting acid all over and burning through his clothes.


He pushed his hardening further to resist the attack and ran to the edge to throw her out of bounds. She noticed his plan and jumped off before he got close. He looked down at the damage to his clothes and was relieved that none of the damage was too embarrassing.


He stripped off what tatters of his shirt and used it as a shield while he ran forward again. The shirt fell apart from Mina’s projectiles, but not before he covered the distance to her and grabbed onto her wrist. He focused all his hardening on his hand as her acid covered his fingers and burned through the concrete as it dripped to the floor.


The pain was almost enough to make him let go as he dragged her to the edge. She tried making holes in the floor with her acid like she did with Midoriya to make them stop, but his strength was enough to overcome that all the way to the edge.


He grabbed her wrist with both hands and hurled her forward and out of bounds.


“Mina Ashido is out of bounds!” Midnight announced. “Kirishima advances to the semifinals!”


He offered her a hand as she stood, which she graciously accepted.




Izuku jumped, dropping his notebook in surprise. “Oh. Hey, Hatsume. Did you need something?”


“You’re the analyst from 1-A that I heard so much about, right?” She approached his seat and got a little too close for comfort.


“I-I think so.”


She plopped down on the chair next to him, bringing out her own notebook. “What do you say we make some babies together?”


Izuku froze as what she had just suggested echoed through his head. She couldn't possibly be-. What did mom say to do in these situations ? “Wha-I-uh .” Ok, whatever it was, it probably wasn’t to say that.


“I’ve been wanting to make some support items for everyone in the hero course and you sound like a one stop shop on all of them. What d’ya say we start with that weightless girl?” Her face was mere inches from his face, and what she was actually asking finally dawned on him.


“I would love to!” He shouted, no longer considering their uncomfortable proximity. “Uraraka has a quirk that would be perfect for support items. She could use a weapon that would normally be too heavy for anyone else as a way to keep up with tougher opponents, I tried thinking of a kind of projectile for her to use, but it might not be viable because of the way the she needs to deactivate her quirk and that might be a bit too slow, but I was also thinking that she could implement the kind of directional thrusters that astronauts use, since she could use her weightlessness as a way of getting around, and she may get stuck in midair without anything to push off of or throw, or we could go further with it and get an entire jetpack for her that could be way more powerful than most others since she could make both the pack and the fuel weightless, in fact she could have her entire costume be super heavy and she could use that to be a better close range combatant if she could not only make herself weightless, but also super heavy!”


Hatsume was furiously writing everything down as he talked, with her mischievous smile growing wider with every word.


“Perfect! I know how we’re going to give her a ranged option that doesn’t suffer from the deactivation time. If we made her hammer extendable, she could deactivate her quirk immediately if she’s already touching it. As for the jetpack, I already have one made, just waiting to be decked out with modifications. Oh!” She squealed. “I could make her some super heavy gloves, connected to equally heavy boots that she could keep weightless right until she wanted to hit someone.”


“Wouldn't that keep her from making other objects weightless?”


“Not if we make them fingerless.”


“That way she can still make other things weightless, and still make her gloves weightless when she makes a fist!”


She beamed at him.


“Excuse me. Hatsume?” Momo asked. “I hate to interrupt your conversation, but I need your assistance.”


“Ooh, already? If it’s a support item, I can whip it up in a jiffy, except that you’ll have to make it yourself.”


“That’s the idea. I still don’t know how Shinso's quirk activates, but I know how to stop it.”


“You still don’t know?” Midoriya asked. Momo stared at him. “Sorry! That came out really mean. I just meant that I thought with how smart you are you should have figured it out easily and-... I’m not making this any better am I?”


“I can make you a shovel if you want.”


“No thank you.”


Hitoshi was grinning ear to ear despite his headache. He had always known his quirk was powerful, but making it to the semifinals was not something he had expected. He had never been one for overconfidence, but at this point the teachers would have to be insane to not transfer him to the hero course. Though it seemed his winning streak would be coming to an end.


The buff girl from before was his next opponent, and the confidence she approached him with let him know she had most likely figured out his quirk. The new watch on her wrist confirmed it. Whatever it’s real purpose was, it probably had a way to nullify his quirk. But he could still make this work.


“It’s nice to meet you again,” She said. “I hope to see you in class.”


“I’ll be there.” He put his hands in his pockets as he took his position.


“You may begin!” Midnight announced.


“Actually,” He said. “I think I’m going to forfeit this one.”


Midnight looked at him quizzically. “Are you certain?”


“Yeah. Using my quirk too much gives me a headache, so I don’t really feel like continuing.”


“Very well. Shinso has forfeited the match! Momo Yaoyorozu will be moving on to the final!”


“Nice job, Yaomomo, you beat me. I’ll watch the final from somewhere quiet.”


He made his way to the entrance where he could watch the finals where it wouldn't aggravate his headache, when the short kid from before came up to him.


“She hadn’t figured out your quirk, y’know.”


“Eh,“ He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. I did well enough. Besides, embarrassing myself by losing to her so easily would have hurt my chances.”


 “Maybe, but you still should have aimed for the top.”


“Really? And how’d that go for you?”


He cringed. “About as well as I expected. Quirkless people don’t get a great reception when trying to go above our station. I guess you can relate with your brainwashing quirk, especially with such an easy activation.”


“You’re not tricking me into telling you how it works.”


“Oh, I already know. It’s a verbal response, right?”


Hitoshi stared at him. “Okay, how’d you know?”


“Momo had a whiteboard going over all the interactions you had with the people you brainwashed. It was really well formatted, and had every detail it needed, but she still couldn't figure it out.”


“And yet you're still talking to me. Aren't you afraid I’ll brainwash you?”


He shrugged. “Not really. You don’t seem like that kind of person.”


“You’re sure of that, huh?”


“If I didn’t know not to judge people based on their quirk, I wouldn't be here. I’m already in class with a girl who can throw me into orbit, but I don’t have to be afraid of them. I trust them.”


“Which girl would this be?”


“My point exactly. I’m Izuku Midoriya by the way.” He stuck out his hand.


Hitoshi reluctantly took it. “Hitoshi Shinso. So you're really here to fix-” He tilted his head back to the crowd. “All that?”


“I am. You're here for the same reason, right?”


“Nah. I just got tired of everyone saying I would become a villain, so I wanted to spite them.”


“I guess I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little bit of that in my own goal as well. I’m just glad at least one of us was able to do well.”


“One of us? Are we a team now?”


Izuku perked up. “Would you like to be? Your quirk has so many applications, and I would love to study it to see exactly how to use it best, and what support items we could make for you, and see what kind of limits you have, and what limits you could train to improve. I know that people can break out of it if they get jostled enough, but it might be possible to strengthen your hold so that could more of a hit before that happens, and I know you said that using it gives you a headache, so we could do training for you to improve that, and I would want to know how many people you can control at once, and exactly what you can make them do. I wou-” Shinso activated his quirk just to make him shut up.


“If you really do want to be partners, we’re going to need a lot less of... that .” He grimaced to himself for using his quirk, and let go of his hold. “Please.”


“Sorry. I tend to ramble when I see a new quirk.”


“I can see that.”


“I just meant that we have similar problems. And I think we could help each other.”


Hitoshi begane to grin to himself. This could be good . “I guess it couldn't hurt.”



All that planning for nothing. I had Hatsume make this watch and it didn’t even-ow! She took off the watch and wasn’t sure what to do with it as it didn’t have an off button. She had twenty seconds before it shocked her again, so she quickly made her way back. 


“Ow.” She shoved it in her pocket, wishing it would just disappear. She went to find Hatsume to give it back to her. But when she looked for it again, it was gone. Again? This is the second time I’ve lost one of my creations. I’ll have to ask Midoriya about that later. Or maybe Influx.


Momo saw Fuyumi leaning against a wall and was staring out towards a blazing spot in the stands, the orange flame a clear sign of her father.


“Are you feeling alright?” Momo asked. “You seem... distant.”


“Sorry. I don’t mean to worry you. It’s just...”


“Your father?”


“Was it that obvious?”


“His reputation doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. Also you’re staring at him.”


Fuyumi sighed. “He’s not one to tolerate failure. He’s expecting me to win this. And to beat you especially.”


“Me? What does he have against me?”


“Your relationship with Influx hasn’t gone unnoticed. My dad is obsessed with beating her, so clearing the beach with her for eight months was fairly obvious.”


“So he wants his prodigy to succeed where he failed.”


“Yep. That’s why I’m not going to hold back in our match.”


“I can throw the fight if need be. If he’s really being this harsh, I’m sure Influx will underst-”


“No. He’d be able to tell. He’ll think that I manipulated you in some way, and won illegitimately.”


“Manipulating your opponent is a perfectly viable strategy. In hero work, honor is a small price to pay for success.”


“I don’t think it is possible for him to disagree with something more. The way he sees it, if you can’t do it in the right way, there's no point. And he has a very rigid idea about what that is.”


“Maybe that’s why he never became the number one.”


“I’ll be sure to tell him you said that.”

Chapter Text

Fuyumi’s match against Kirishima had been blessedly simple. This time, just covering her opponent in a glacier had actually worked. Now that she was finally starting to cool off, by the time her match with Momo would start, her temperature would finally be close to normal.


As she listened to Mic announce the final round from the entryway to the bleachers, she felt an all too familiar heat behind her.


“What do you want?” Fuyumi asked, coldly.


“I brought your brother to watch your final match.” Fuyumi whirled around to see Shoto standing as far from their father as the tunnel would allow. “He should at least see what is expected of my protege if the cause falls to him.” He put his arm around Shoto who recoiled from his touch. Fuyumi clenched her fist, but managed to stop herself from doing anything further. “There is an incident in Hosu that requires my attention, but don’t think you can slack off just because I won’t be here in person. Shoto will be observing in my stead for a more personal viewing.”


Fuyumi held his stare. “I understand.”


“Good. Don’t disappoint me.” He turned on his heel and walked back to the stands. Shoto gave her a pleading look as he was escorted away. 


“Yes. Of course, mother,” With a sigh, Momo finally hung up the phone. Though she didn’t get much time to relax before there was a knock on the door. “Come in.”


Inko entered to see Momo standing nearly completely still and facing away from the doorway, her knuckles white from her grip on the phone.


“I wanted to congratulate you on getting to the finals. You're truly starting to make One For All your own.”




“... Are you worried about fighting Fuyumi?”


“No.” Momo shook her head. “I can beat her.”


“That’s not meant.”


“Thank you, teacher. But I need to get ready. I’ll see you after the match.”


“... Sure thing.” Inko gazed after her as she left the room with her head down.


Mic announced the finalists as the crowd roared for them. Neither of them said a word as they took their positions.




Fuyumi blasted herself towards Momo, covering both her feet in ice that slammed into Momo's stomach before she could react. Momo held steady and threw a wild punch which she dodged with a jet of flame from her shoulder. Momo grinned and created handcuffs going from her wrist to around Fuyumi's arm.


Momo pulled her forward, ramming her head into hers. Blood spurted from Fuyumi’s nose as it broke under the force of the headbutt. Reeling back, Fuyumi grabbed the handcuff chain and made her hands alight with violet flames, turning the metal to mush.


Momo poured One For All into her hand and crushed Fuyumi’s arm before she could get away. She screamed in pain and blasted Momo with fire to get her to let go and fly out of range. Fuyumi clutched her arm and glared at her, sending a mass of ice barreling forwards to encase her.


Momo leaped to the top of the ice, jumping from one spike to the next, shooting herself towards Fuyumi. She raised her foot above her head and sent it crashing down to the earth, just missing Fuyumi as she blasted herself away. Momo leapt forward, and Fuyumi, again used her flame to evade, letting Momo’s fist sail past her harmlessly while encasing her fist in ice and sending it flying into Momo’s stomach with a rocket of flame from her elbow.


Momo grit her teeth and grabbed the fist of ice and spun to land a kick on the back of her head, only to be met with a column of ice coming from the ground. She made a hook around the ice to carry herself around it and slam her foot into Fuyumi's side.


Fuyumi was sent flying to the edge of the ring, only being saved by a wall of ice she created behind her. Momo didn’t let up and ran for her again as Fuyumi sent another mass of ice at her before she even stood. Momo braced her arm and put all of One For All into her finger and flicked it forward, breaking her finger and the ice in a blast of wind, and again, Fuyumi was slammed into her wall of ice just before Momo was on her, ramming her fist into her chest, cracking the ice behind her before sending her through it entirely.


Fuyumi made wall after wall behind her to stop her from hitting the stands until eventually coming to a stop far out of bounds. She bounced off the ice as blood shot from her mouth, splattering to the ice floor beneath her in red.


Momo shot a spear from her stomach, reaching Fuyumi all the way from Momo with it’s length, and stabbed into Fuyumi’s side, pressing her back to the wall. Fuyumi feebly grabbed at the metal shaft trying to force it out of her, with blood from her hands, mouth, and stomach staining its blade.


“That’s enough!” Midnight shouted. “Stop the fi-!”


“NO!” Fuyumi shouted, gritting her teeth through the pain. “I can still beat her!”


A wall of ice sprouted from the ground between them, snapping the spear like a twig. Immediately, a rod of ice shot from the ground from beneath her feet and into her stomach. Momo doubled over in pain, looking up just in time to see a fireball cracking through the wall and flying towards her. She put her arms in front of her to protect her from the blast, but the barrage didn’t end until she was forced to the edge from its intensity. Momo couldn't see from the brightness of the flames, but she felt something cold ram into her chest, sending her careening out of bounds.


She opened her eyes to see Fuyumi standing just inside the ring in front of her as she went over the edge of the ring and over the grass. She created poles from the back of her knees and arms to stop her fall. Making more poles from her feet and extending the ones from her arms she made herself upright and hurled one and sent it spinning towards Fuyumi.


A pillar of ice burst from the ground to meet it and it embedded itself halfway through the ice. Momo launched herself forward and grabbed onto the pole, swinging both her feet into Fuyumi’s stomach. Momo grabbed Fuyumi’s head as it bowed forward from the kick and slammed her face into the ground, cracking the floor beneath her.


Momo grabbed her hair and pulled her off the floor, showing Fuyumi's smashed in face with blood oozing from it’s wounds. Momo brought her fist back for a punch directly into Fuyumi’s already cracked skull. The blow was blocked by a wall of ice at the last moment before impact, but wasn’t strong enough to stop Momo’s fist.


Fuyumi was launched across the arena, bouncing along the floor before Momo sprinted behind her and brought her to a stop with a knee to her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Momo grabbed her neck and forced Fuyumi to her knees as she began to strangle her.


Fuyumi pried at her fingers and pounded her fist against her broken finger, but Momo was far too strong for her. Stalagmites of ice burst from the ground, stabbing into Momo all across her body, but we're barely strong enough to pierce her skin. Fuyumi coalesced all her power into a single attack and shot a spike directly into Momo’s sternum. Momo let out a cough of blood, but still did not let go. Fuyumi closed her eyes. letting the fire inside her build before letting it explode from her.


The entire arena was engulfed in flame as Fuyumi let out more heat than she ever had before. The grip on her throat didn’t loosen, as Momo created some kind of material all around her to protect herself. Fuyumi made the flames hotter than she even knew she could, covering them both in a pure white inferno. The flame retardant material covering Momo finally began to melt away, only to be replaced with more of the same.


Fuyumi’s vision began to darken, but she didn’t let up. Fuyumi barely noticed Cementoss raising the stadium around them to protect the spectators. Though the heat was already beginning to melt it around them, creating rain of molten rock.


With a final burst of determination, the barrier exploded from the force of her flames, covering the grass in melted cement. Momo was finally thrown off her and they both collapsed to the ground. Fuyumi turned to see Momo noticeably thinner with her arms and chest covered in singes and burns, and her face half obscured in burned flesh and soot.


Momo shakily got to her feet as the lighting returned around her body, and stumbled towards her. Seriously? After all that. Fuyumi raised herself on a platform of ice to escape her. Fuyumi peered over the edge to see Momo scaling the side of the pillar like an animal on all fours.


Fuyumi took a deep breath, preparing one final attack, collapsing her flames from both hands into one massive fireball that quickly began melting ice around her. She swung her hands downward, releasing a concentrated beam of flame directly at Momo, engulfing her and sending her hurtling back to the ground. Fuyumi’s pillar melted completely, but the blast of fire kept her aloft as she continued the onslaught that began melting a hole the center of the arena.


A rush of wind erupted from the ground as an overwhelming blast of air shot from the ground, completely overwhelming Fuyumi’s flames. The force of the blast knocked her from the air and sent her plummeting back down to earth. She barely had the energy for the propulsion to slow her fall to a survivable level as she landed.


She looked up to see Momo clutching her now broken and purple arm as she glared at Fuyumi. Fuyumi hardly had the energy to stand, but Momo’s lightning was no longer present. Fuyumi put her arms up in a defensive posture to give a facade of strength, but Momo still charged.


It was immediately apparent that Fuyumi could not fight Momo hand to hand. Even with only one arm, Momo pummeled her back towards the edge of the ring, a feral scream accompanying every blow. It was all Fuyumi could manage to shoot out a thin pillar of ice through the assault to push her back.


Momo still landed on her feet, breaking off the end of Fuyumi’s attack to use as a weapon. Even blocking the blow with both arms, the attack clattered them aside and cracked Fuyumi across the jaw, sending blood and spit onto the ground.


Momo immediately followed up with an upward swing to her chin, sending Fuyumi onto her back. Momo swung down, but Fuyumi blocked the attack with an ice shield jutting up from the ground and directing all the force into her elbow, breaking her arm.


Momo screamed in pain, dropping her weapon, which Fuyumi caught and turned to water, before picking up her shield. Momo didn’t hesitate to charge again, pressing her one good arm against her shield and holding her glare through the transparent ice. Fuyumi stuck herself in with ice on her feet, latching her to the ground.


Momo grabbed the side of the shield and begane trying to pry it out of the way, blood forming its side from the cuts on her fingers. Before Fuyumi could counter, Momo kicked her leg out from under her, sending her to her knees. Momo’s foot rammed into her face, breaking the ice on her feet as she was sent tumbling backward.


Fuyumi brought up her shield, stopping Momo’s stomp just in time, and tilted her shield, sending her foot sliding off to her side. With Momo’s legs spread above her, Fuyumi rammed the edge of her shield directly into Momo's crotch.


Momo doubled over with a scream, and Fuyumi jabed two of her fingers into the hole in her sternum and set her insides on fire. Momo howled, stepping away from her, but Fuyumi didn’t let her catch her breath. Rising to her feet, Fuyumi battered Momo with her shield, not stopping even when she was brought to the ground, continuing the assault by slamming the bottom of the shield into her face.


“Just!” Fuyumi screamed, bringing her shield down again. “Stay!” Another slam. “DOWN!” Another attack, this time resulting in a crunching sound. Momo finally stopped moving.


“... Momo Yaoyorozu is down.” Midnight voice echoed over the stadium. “Fuyumi Todoroki wins the sports festival.”


Fuyumi let her shield clatter to the side, and she fell to her back. She took a few shaky breaths through a smile that began to form as she passed out to no one cheering her victory.

Chapter Text

Fuyumi woke up lying in a pool of sweat in a hospital bed. Bandages covered her arm, face, and chest to the point where she could hardly move. Not that she had the energy for that anyway. She turned her head with effort, squinting through her bandages to see her father. He was clearly injured, with cuts lining all across his torso, but was otherwise fine. He even had one lip slightly tilted up, which Fuyumi had learned to recognise as a smile.


“Fuyumi,” she heard him say. “Can you hear me?”


She considered not answering. “Hey, dad. You actually came to see me this time? I thought you were in Hosu.” she whispered.


“I was. I will be going back soon, but when I heard you were waking up, I came to see you.”


“What could be so important to you that-” Fuyumi coughed through her dry, aching throat. When the pain subsided she looked up to see her father offering her a glass of water. Fuyumi looked at him in surprise, but his expression did not falter. Tentatively, she accepted. “So why are you here?”


I came because I wanted to tell you how proud I am.” Fuyumi stopped. Proud ? “You fought well in that last match. You gave that fight everything you had, and for that… I wanted to thank you.”


“Thank… me?”


“I know I put you through a lot. I put our whole family through a lot. And out of everyone, you have held fast better than any of them, and helped me achieve my goals. You have my gratitude.”


“T-thank you.”


“Now, I will let you rest before Recovery Girl forces me out of her with that cane of hers. That killer in Hosu is still at large.”


When he left, Fuyumi saw Influx sitting behind him at Momo’s side. They both grimly ignored each other as he passed. After several minutes, Influx broke the silence.“That was quite the match.”


“How bad was it?”


“Both of you were out for three days and had to be transferred to the hospital to heal you. As for your injuries, it would almost be easier to count the bones that weren't broken between the two of you. You're lucky the doctors were able to keep you both from suffering permanent damage.”


“I’m sorry.”


“I’m not the one you need to apologize to.” Fuyumi glanced over at the familiar sight of Momo in the hospital bed next to her covered in bandages as well. I wonder if this will become a trend. “May I ask why you fought so hard?”


Fuyumi looked back up at the ceiling. “... My brother. Shoto.”


“I doubt all that was just to impress your little brother.”


“It was to protect him.”


“You have a strange way of going about protecting people. But if that is what you are willing to put yourself through to protect others, then I have no doubt you will make a fine hero. Though, please refrain from injuring my students to such a degree in the future.”


“I guess I did go a little far.”


“A little?


Fuyumi tiredly laughed, but stopped as her broken ribs painfully shook . “I’m glad she wasn't permanently injured.”


“You should tell her that yourself.”


“I will,” Fuyumi nodded. Or tried to.


By the time Momo awoke, Influx had already had to leave. There was a lot Fuyumi needed to say, but for now she settled on, “Good morning, sleepy head.”


“Is it really morning already?”


“We were out for three days.”


“Oh. I see.” She responded, somewhat reserved.


Fuyumi thought back to her talk with Influx in the hallway… No. Now wouldn't be right. “Look. I’m… sorry about how intense I got. I never wanted to take it that far.”


“It’s fine,” She said a little too quickly. “You did what you needed to.”


“No, it wasn’t fine. I stabbed you.”


“I stabbed you .”


“Well I stabbed you more.”


“I stabbed you harder.”


“I set you on fire.”


“I choked you.”


“I broke both your arms.”


“You broke one of my arms. I broke my other arm all on my own, thank you very much... I also poisoned you.”


“You poisoned me?! When?”


“The spear. It was coated in a mild paralysis poison, but I’m guessing you cauterized  the wound,  which simply destroyed it before it could take affect.”


Fuyumi sighed. “I guess I’m not surprised. If I could coat my Ice in venom, I wouldn't have even hesitated. But I hope you were careful with the dosage. I am short, if you recall.”


Momo giggled. “How could I forget? It's what makes you so-.” Momo cut herself off. “I’m… sorry as well. I should have shown more restraint.”


“Do you… want to talk about it?” Fuyumi shrugged, and immediately regretted trying. 


Momo was silent. Fuyumi thought that was her way of saying no, until she continued. “I just had to win. With everything I have, everything I’ve been given. How could I settle for anything less? With my parent’s money, I’ve had the best training anyone could ask for outside of U.A, and the most comfortable life anyone could dream of. My quirk is arguably one of the most powerful in existence, so when I fail there is nothing to blame but my own incompetence.”


“Incompetence? We had to nearly kill each other in the final round of the sports festival. I doubt that counts as ‘incompetent’.”


Momo was silent after that. Screw it. If the blunt force approach worked once, why not again? “Are you sad you lost?”


“I am. But I don't have the energy to express emotion right now. And it turns out that talking about it before crying over it is really nice. Do you want to try?”


Did she? She hadn’t spoken about her father in detail with anyone before. “I did it for my little brother.” Well, this was Momo after all. “He also has the quirk our father was hoping for. He thinks that this quirk will be enough to reach number one, and he doesn’t care which one of us reaches that spot. I barely managed to convince him to just train me. And right before our match, he threatened to break that promise and train Shoto alongside me if I lost.”


“Would that have been so bad?”


“You remember our match? His training is similar, just spread out over time.” Momo visibly cringed.


“Then I must commend your bravery. Though I’m sure there is a better solution.”


“He’s the number two hero. I would have better luck trying to fight him directly than pursuing legal action.”


“I’m sure there is a way. Have you talked to anyone about it? If he’s threatening to rescind his promise, and his training regimen is as extreme as you say, then this is clearly not sustainable.”


“I won, didn’t I?” Momo gave her a sideways glance. And not just from being prone on a hospital bed. “You're right. Sorry. But I think he’s getting better. He said he was proud of me after I won. Not ‘impressed’ or ‘satisfied’, but proud. He was even being nice to me.” Even if she couldn't see it through the bandages, Fuyumi could feel Momo raising her eyebrows at her. “I know it’s not a high bar, but if he continues at this rate, he’ll be an amazing dad by the end of the month.”


Momo snorted in disbelief. “Then I hope he continues on that trajectory. Even if I have my doubts. I’m glad you won, however. If I had, even inadvertently, caused your brother harm…”


“Hey,” she said, calmly. “It’s not your fault.”


(three days earlier)

“I said,” Midnight was saying over the speakers, somewhat annoyed. “There's only one person worthy of handing out the medals.”


Oh, right . Inko crashed down into the arena in a superhero landing and pulled the dust around her in a circle for more of a cinematic effect. She smiled and waved for the crowd as she brought out the medals.


Looking like he would rather be anywhere else in the world was Aizawa, while in the first place spot was a young boy she recognised as Fuyumi’s brother by the two-toned hair. First, she went to the third place platform first with Kirishima and Hitoshi.


“Amazing work out there, you two. I’ll see you both in class.”


Hitoshi tried to stifle his grin, but it was no use. “Thank you, Influx,” Hitoshi said, bowing.


“Don’t thank me. You earned this yourself. I had nothing to do with it.” She gave them both the third place medals and moved onto second place. “I’m so sorry, Aizawa.”


“The things I do for my students. I don’t know how you put up with this kind of nonsense.”


“It just takes practice,” she said, holding out the medal.


“You mean exposure therapy. And don’t pretend being able to fly away at any time doesn’t make it easier.” He took the medal from her hand and stuffed it in his pocket.


“Maybe a little.” Inko moved to the next person. She crouched down awkwardly to the boy in first place, standing in for his wounded sister. Talking with kids this small was always a challenge at her current size.


“Hello, young Todoroki. Normally the first place winner would get to say a few words for the audience, but since she is still in the infirmary, you may speak on her behalf. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but is there anything you would like to say for, or to your sister?”


She offered him the microphone on her hip as he wrung his hands together and looked away from her. Holy whoa, this kid is adorable. Eventually, he accepted, and took a deep breath before speaking.


“Thank you.” Shoto said in a small voice.


“The entire crowd awwed, and Inko had to agree with them.


“What was that! ” Inko whisper yelled. “I have seen people try to kill each other with less vigor. What could have possibly possessed you to go so far?”


Momo looked back at the ceiling with a sigh. “I had to be like you. I had to win.”


Inko looked over at Fuyumi’s bed to make sure she was still asleep as her agitation waned in the face of her successor's calm demeanor. “Momo. While I do keep up the appearance of a flawless hero, that is all a facade. I am not always able to save everyone. I have failed several times throughout my life just like everyone else. I keep up that image to give people hope, but you can't compare yourself to that. No one can truly live up to it. Not even me.”


“Then I should not have failed so publicly.” She brought her one mostly recovered arm to her face. “How am I going to recover from that… display? ” She hissed out her last word.


Inko sighed in resignation. “You’ll make it through this, just like I did... I think it is time I tell you about my past.”


Momo paused. “Really? You mean before your debut?”


“I do. How about we start with my name. My real name... is Inko Midoriya.”


“... Midoriya. As in Izuku Midoriya?”


She nodded. “The very same. He’s my son.”


“You have a-! You have a son?” She nodded again. “Does anyone else know?”


“Midnight does. Along with principle Nezu. The other teachers know about One For All and its counterpart, but no more than that. Let me tell you about Izuku’s father.”


“Is this someone I know?”


Inko shook her head. “No. He died shortly after Izuku was born.”


“Oh. I’m so sorry.”


Inko took a breath before continuing. “It was a long time ago. When I was pregnant with Izuku, my husband was captured by All For One. I couldn't do any hero work when I was pregnant without risking my son, so when my husband was captured, I had to stay behind. I asked other heroes to look for him, but they all turned up nothing. Not even my teacher found anything. Eventually, Izuku was born, and I went back into the field.”


“Immediately after giving birth? That doesn’t sound like a good idea.”


She gave a weak laugh. “It wasn’t. In the end though, it didn’t end up mattering. My husband showed up himself, but All For One had already changed him. He had been pumped full of quirks to the point of being a mindless husk. His fire breath quirk had turned into something that could level a city block. Even so, I still had hope that he could be saved. I asked Nana to take him in alive, so we could help him. She held back in the fight for my sake, and-.” Inko wiped the tears from her face. “Sorry. It’s not a moment I like to recall. She died in that fight. All because I was naive enough to think he could be saved. Seeing her death snapped me out of that, and I was able to fight that monster without holding back.”


“He was turned into a Nomu?”


“Something like that. Putting that many quirks into a single person seems to break their minds. Though I don’t know why the one at the USJ looked like… how it did.”


“He still looked like himself. Didn’t he?”


“Yes. He still looked exactly like the man I fell in love with,” Inko sighed. “Killing something with the face of my husband was not easy. And letting Nana die wasn't even the end of my mistakes. Looking for someone to blame, mixed with my Postpartum Depression, I took my anger out on Izuku. I thought that if he had never been born, I would have been able to save my husband. It was only a year later that I was able to begin letting that go.”


Momo stared at her as she poured everything out. It may have happened a long time ago as she said, but Momo could tell this wasn’t something she had ever truly moved on from.“... Why doesn’t he have One For All?”


Inko couldn't respond, instead wiping away tears on the back of her hand. “And there it is. Arguably my worst as his mother. Izuku may have survived my neglect, but he didn’t walk away unscathed. I’m sure you’ve noticed his weaker physique by this point.”


Tears fell from Inko’s face, staining the hospital bed. Momo placed her hand on hers, giving her the most comforting look she could manage through the bandages.


Inko’s sobs slowly turned to dry barks of laughter. “That face looks ridiculous with Mummy wrap on.”


“Is it working?”


“Oh yeah. It’s working.”


“Are you sure you want to continue?”


“My eyes are already bloodshot. Might as well keep going and only ruin one day’s makeup,” she feebly quipped. “Would it shock you to know that was not the end of my failures as a parent?” Momo gave her a sympathetic look. “I thought so. His height and relative frailty is all my fault, and it’s the reason his body could never handle the strain of One For All. And this is him at his peak . I doubt he will ever be able to surpass himself at this point. He’s not even going to get taller. I've tried trading jokes with him about his height to make sure he doesn’t hate me for what I did to him. Or… maybe I want him to hate me for it.” She clenched her fists. “If I hadn’t neglected him and been able to give him my quirk, maybe!...”


“Perhaps that is enough for one day.”


“Yes, you’re right. No need to dredge up too much of the past.  Besides,” she said, wiping her eyes, ''You have a chat with your girlfriend to get to.”


“Thank you for telling me all this… Inko.”


She smiled through her tears.  “And thank you. Momo.”

Chapter Text

When both of them were finally released from the hospital, Fuyumi noticed something. She had never seen Momo in casual clothing before. Even in a dark green T-shirt and baggy shorts she still looked like… Well, Momo.


“Hey, sis,” Natsu called to her in the lobby. “Have a nice nap?”


“Slept like a baby, with the crying to match. Did you know that some healing quirks huuurt?"


Natsu laughed. “Couldn't have been much worse than your match with that Yaoyorozu chick.” Momo cleared her throat. “Heyyyy, Yaoyorozu,” He said with an obnoxious grin. “Just wanted to thank you for strangling my sister for me. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to do that.”


Natsu shook her hand, beaming up at her as he shook. “Is he always like this?” Momo asked.


“Pretty much.”


“Hey, that’s not fair, sis. I sleep sometimes. But let’s continue this conversation in the car. We don’t want to get swarmed once people recognise you both as the winners of the sports fest.”


“They’re here?” someone asked. “Hey, you’re right, that is them,” another said.


Fuyumi glared at her brother as the swarm was already starting to gather. “Whoops,” he shrugged. “Guess I said that last part a bit loud. Welp, see you in the car.”


“Natsu!” Fuyumi shouted, as she was well and truly surrounded. “I am going to kill that boy.” She growled.


“Just stay behind me,” Momo said under her breath, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I’ve had experience with crowds like these.”


“What took you so long?” Natsu asked innocently when she and Momo finally entered the backseat.


“I hate you.”


“That’s not a good reason to be slow. Now where to, lady Yaoyorozu?”


“Here, please,” Momo said, not letting his comment annoy her while she handed him the address.


“Ah. The royal apartment complex,” he nodded. “You got it, Princess.” Momo’s sigh was interrupted when Natsu stomped on the accelerator. 


“A little quick, don’t you think?”


“Sorry if I scared ya, Princess. I can slow it down to a carriage ride speed that you’re used to.”


Momo looked unseeingly out the window as thoughts of what Inko had said plagued her mind. What Inko had done was terrible, there was no doubt about that. Momo couldn't find it in herself to hold it against her though, especially considering everything she had gone through at the time. But what about Izuku? Even if Inko had vastly improved since then, would he still feel resentment for her? She considered asking him, but… no. That was private, and Momo was far too drained for something like that. Between her fight, and subsequent talk with Fuyumi, Inko telling her about her past, and all the schoolwork Momo was sure she had missed during her stay at the hospital, she really needed a rest. One she wouldn't get if she went back to her parents.


Momo fiddled with the address in her hands. Her home. I should be nervous, going to my teacher's house, but… It will still be better than my own.


Momo's thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of something pressing into her arm. She looked down to see Fuyumi pushing her head into Momo’s arm just above her elbow. Apparently Recovery Girl’s quirk had taken a lot out of her and she had fallen asleep.


Not wanting to disturb her, Momo allowed her to nestle into her, while enjoying the sound of gentle breathing from the much smaller girl.


As it turned out, Fuyumi was a cuddler. Her arms slowly began to wrap around Momo’s body just under her chest. The feeling from Fuyumi’s touch warmed her to her core, and it was all Momo could do to not move for fear of waking her up. She had felt something similar at the end of the second round of the Sports Festival, but this was… intense. Momo smiled and allowed Fuyumi to rest, even when her arm began to feel numb.


It wasn’t long before Fuyumi begane to heat up, creating an aura of warmth around much like a fireplace.


“That means she’s dreaming,” Natsu said.




“When she heats up like that. She’s dreaming.”


Momo studied her face, seeing nothing but tranquility across her beautiful features. It was still a relief to her that Fuyumi could be this comfortable around her after their match. “Sweet dreams,” Momo whispered.


“We’re here!” Natsu shouted, making Fuyumi stirr from her sleep. She kept her eyes closed, not wanting to leave the comfortable spot she had found. “Wakey wakey, sleepyhead! You can’t cuddle with your girlfriend forever!”


“Hm? Wha?!” Fuyumi opened her eyes and found herself with her arms fully wrapped around Momo. For a moment of mortifying silence, Fuyumi glanced up to see Momo giving her a soft smile. “WAAAGH!” Fuyumi tore herself away from her in embarrassment, just managing not smacking her head against the opposite window. The heat from her quirk now being replaced with the heat in her face.


“We should do that again sometime,” Momo said as she left the car. “I’ll see you at school.” She gave a final wave and closed the door, leaving her with her brother.


“Not a word of this to anyone . Got it?”


“I wouldn't dream of it,” Natsu said with a grin.


Momo took a deep breath and finally knocked. After hearing movement from inside, Inko opened the door, her hero costume falling loose around her deflated form.


“Momo!” Inko brought her in for a hug. “So glad you could make it. Please, come in.” The home of the number one hero was far more modest than she had anticipated, though she might not have much room to talk in what she considered ‘modest’. “Feel free to make yourself at home,” Inko was saying as they entered. “There’s food on the stove and you’re welcome to anything in the pantry. I can imagine you might want a break from the hospital food.”


“I will. And thank you again for doing this.”


“It’s no trouble. Izuku! our guest is here. You should come say hello.”


“I’m a little busy right now.” He called back. “Can it wait?”


“Her quirk may have evolved! You sure you don’t want to come and see what it is?”


Before she had even finished speaking, Izuku was tearing across the hallway and came to a screeching halt right in front of her. “Tell me everything .”


Before she could respond, Inko's earpiece beeped. “Yes?” she responded. “I can be right there. Looks like I’m needed elsewhere. Have fun, you two. Don’t break the house while I’m gone.”

Chapter Text

“I’ve been noticing my creations have been disappearing. First, the sunglasses when I was training with your mother, and most recently there was the watch that Hatsumei designed.”


“Huh.” Izuku put his hand to head in thought. “What have you tried so far?”




“Really? I would have thought you would jump at the chance to do something while stuck in a hospital.”


“Normally, I would, but there were… distractions.”


“Oh, right.” Izuku deflated for just a moment before his excitement returned. “Try making something.” Momo shoved her questions to the side for the time being. Besides, he looked so happy when talking about quirks. She didn’t want to ruin that. Placing her hand on the table between them she made her easiest creation. “A nesting doll?” Izuku asked.


“It’s what I practiced with as a kid. I can make them without much effort by now. ”


“Okay. Now was there anything consistent about each time something disappeared? Something you can replicate.”


Momo remembered the feeling of wanting something to disappear that she had with Hatsumei’s watch and focused that feeling into the nesting doll. With some concentration, the pink glow synonymous with her quirk shone around her palm as the doll began to sink into her hand.


Both their eyes lit up at their success as they both gasped in surprise. “You got it!” Izuku shouted. “That-. That’s awesome! Try absorbing this napkin next. I want to see if you can absorb something you didn’t create,” he exclaimed, excitedly slapping a napkin into her palm. Massive smiles appeared on both their faces as the napkin was also sucked into Momo’s hand.


Analyzing her quirk with Izuku was far more fun than she had anticipated. While she could normally keep up with his muttering, that was nothing compared to when he was bouncing off someone. He seemed to feed on her enthusiasm, speaking faster and faster the more into it they got.


“Alright,” Izuku was muttering. “You can’t absorb something and use its mass as something else, and you can’t make duplicates of something you absorbed, you also can’t absorb living things just like you can’t create them, whenever you absorb something you then know how it’s made. I wonder…” Izuku trailed off and threw a key at her. “Try making duplicates of this,” he said as she caught it. “It should be a simple enough design that you can remember how it’s made even after you make it once.”


“So just… think about it super hard.”


“Pretty much. I’ve heard of more ridiculous ways to use quirks.” Momo shrugged and absorbed the key, trying to memorize it despite having it sort of memorized already and created it back out of her. Sure enough, she could still envision the make of the key in her head and made a copy.


“Alright!” Izuku cheered. “Now comes the most exciting part.”


“It gets more exciting? I’m afraid you may have your work cut out for you, Izuku.”


“Trust me, this is going to be great… if it works. Try combining One For All and Creation.”


“Are you sure it works like that?”


“Not at all! That’s not how it works with my mom’s quirk, but I heard that some of the past users had some luck with it. And I know tons about One For All. I was going to get it, but I-” he gave her finger guns. “Came up short.” Momo chuckled, comforted that he was able to make jokes about it. She lifted up her shirt just above her stomach, ready to create another piece of silverware that they had settled on for these tests. “Now… try combining them.”


She tried, and got three forks and a knife to clatter pitifully to the floor. “No good?” Izuku asked.


Momo began to feel the mass changing in her stomach start to… tingle. “Actually,” she responded, “I believe you may be on to something.” After a few moments of concentrating, pouring more of One For All into the tingly sensation. “I think I got it.” The glow around her creation had turned to lightning, arcing around her stomach with a new pink hue to it instead of the normal gray. “I got it!” She cried excitedly. The spoon she had made shot from her skin with a boom and embedded itself into the wall, sending cracks spider webbing all the way to the edge of the floor and ceiling. Momo watched as a piece of the wall fell to the floor with a dull thud. And then another. “... Oops.”


“Uhhh. Don’t worry,” he said, clearly worried. “I have-” The spoon exploded. While it was only large enough to startle the two of them, it still enlarged the hole in the wall. A piece of the broken silverware clattered to their feet, still crackling with electricity. “Okay… I still have an idea.”


“This was your idea, Midoriya, now is not the time to be flustered!” Inko paused in front of her door, the key still in her hand. “You have faced death before, my chest should not be this much of a challenge.”


Inko had enough and barged through the door. “What is going-” Inko stopped as the scene sprawled out in front of her. Inside, a light smoke permeated around the room while Izuku was fervently not looking at a very shirtless Momo who had her glowing back pressed against a cracked wall with what looked like scorch marks across it.


“Hi, mom,” Izuku squeaked. “Welcome home.”

Chapter Text

“Okay,” Inko sighed, her face in her hand. “Now tell me exactly what happened before I got home.” She looked over the two problem children, with her full height easily towering over the two of them. “And Momo, put a shirt on.”


“We were just experimenting with my quirk,” Momo explained, grabbing her shirt from the floor. “We had the idea to mix One For All with creation to see if I could make my original quirk more potent.”


“... Inside?”


Momo bowed her head. “Yes?”


“What did I tell you just before I left?”


“Well,” Izuku interposed. “You said not to break the house. and technically we only cracked it. And… burned it a little.”


Inko held her son's gaze until he faltered. “I don’t think we’re getting out of this on a technicality.” Momo whispered. “But,” Momo said with slightly more confidence. “We were in the middle of fixing it.”


Inko looked back at her. “How so?”


“Well.” Momo’s confidence faltered again now that her gaze was back on her. “We found that I'm able to absorb objects and recreate them again. So Izuku thought that if I could absorb the broken part of the wall, I could recreate it to be fixed again.”


“And this was working?”


“... A little.”


“How did you keep your bra on if your entire back was attached to the wall?”


“I absorbed just the back of it so it would be attached to me.”


“Why didn’t you do that with your shirt?”


“Well-.” Momo’s sudden realization was clear on her face. “Uhh.”


Both kids looked at each other and facepalmed in unison.


Inko sighed again. “I am willing to be lenient. If you manage to fix it.”


Both of them bowed. “Thank you so much!”


It took a few hours, but they managed. The wall was fixed, and you could just barely make out the patch job.


“I’m impressed,” Inko nodded. “Izuku, no Katsudon for a week. And Momo, one hour of extra training after school for the same week.”


“That’s it?” Momo asked, instinctually. Izuku facepalmed again.


“I’m sorry, Missy, did you want more?


“It’s just that… punishments at my house are normally much more severe.” Inko narrowed her eyes at her in a quizzical look.


“Well, thankfully this isn’t your house. My decision is final. Now no more experimenting until you’re back at school. Got it?”


“Yes, ma’am,” Momo responded quickly while Izuku simply nodded.


“Nezu.” Inko said flatly as she entered his office. “I have a request.”


The rat looked up from his computer and eyed her. “Oh? I thought you had forsworn ever asking me for help again after your… shall we say, less than positive response to my assistance last time.”


“I think the situation is worth the risk of asking for your help. I think Momo is being abused at home.”


Nezu paused, regarding her. “And what makes you say that? I know you wouldn't come to me if you weren't completely sure you’d seen something worrying.”


“Along with what she has told me herself being worrisome, when I talked to her before her final match, there was a dramatic change in her mood after she spoke to her parents. As well, there was her extreme response to losing the tournament. I’ve never seen such an extreme reaction to such a minor failure before.”


Nezu turned his chair toward her, now facing her completely. “While I do trust you, Inko, I’m sure you're well aware that I cannot approach this situation without confirmation. I will look into what you have told me, but all I can say for sure is that I will have a result by the time the students return from I-Station. I cannot promise more than that.”


“I understand, sir. I appreciate your help.”


“I-Station! When was this announced?”


“Mr. Aizawa told us yesterday. I’m sorry, I thought you had been told by now. The hero course is going for a few days to make up for the incident at the USJ along with the support course. We’ll get to spend a few days there since the USJ still isn’t ready”


“Izuku…” Momo breathed with sparkles in her eyes as her hands came up to her face. “Do you know what this means?”


Izuku looked up at her, excitement and realization clearly growing in his expression. “You mean.”






“Testing!” they both cried out in unison.


“Yes, yes.” Aizawa droned over the din of the class. “I’m sure you're all excited to be going to I-Station, but please stay in your seats until I’m done. At this point, you would normally all be entering your internships, but due to the intensity of the festival itself, some of the pros want a bit more time choosing who they want to take on. So think about what you want your hero names to be for that, because you all will be required to take one during your internships. As I’m sure you can guess, getting to space is a bit difficult, so Influx will be taking all of you.”


“All of us?” Mina asked. “You're not coming with?”


“No. I get to have a break from all of you. Try not to break anything too important while you're there. It is the most expensive thing ever built, after all. Oh, and the support course will also be coming with you.”


Everyone gathered on the Helipad, waiting for whatever was going to take them to I-station, when a large glass dome closed around them with hiss of steam as the capsule was sealed shut.


A screen appeared above them showing Inko’s face. “Hello, students,” Inko said from the screen. “This ride may be a little bumpy. I don’t usually ferry passengers on trips to space.”


Inko took off gently and gradually accelerated, pulling the dome behind her, letting everyone get a full view of the horizon around them. It wasn't long before all of Japan was sprawled out beneath them.


Everyone begane crowding around the window to get a better view, including Momo joined Fuyumi in stargazing.


It was a nice quiet moment until. “ There you are!” Momo grunted as Hatsumei jumped on her back. “I’ve been waiting for you to get out of that boring ol’ building for forever.”


“Uhh. Who is this?” asked Fuyumi.


“Fuyumi, this is Mei Hatsumei from the support course. After seeing my quirk, she kind of… attached herself. Hatsumei, this is Fuyumi, she’s a… friend of mine.”


Hatsumei grinned devilishly at her, jumping off Momo to aggressively shake Fuyumi’s hand. “What kind of creations can you make with your ice? Can you make more complex structures as well as just the big stuff? Can you use your fire to melt your ice fast enough to make it explode?”


“I’ve only gotten it to melt. Though I guess I haven't tried to blow it up before. And I can make something as intricate as a wrench if I concentrate.”


“Great! I’ll have the designs done within the week.”


Fuyumi stared at her. “What designs?”


“As for you, Lab Project,” she exclaimed, turning back to Momo. “ We are going to be spending a lot of time together. I-Station has lots of ways to make babies, and I intend to use as many of them as possible.”


Fuyumi tilted her head, eyes widening quizzically.


“She means support items.” Momo stated.




“Now then, everyone!” She called out to them as they were getting accustomed to the slightly higher gravity than they were used to. “Follow me to the hotel where you can all get settled in. After that, feel free to explore the station and take in the sites. We have a big day tomorrow.”


They all followed suit, gawking at the area around at the massive Von Braun Wheel, about the size of a small city. The circular station spun to generate artificial gravity, and had a see-through roof so you could see the entire station from any point.


“It’s pretty packed right now so all of you will need to choose a roommate.” Inko said once they made it to their destination. “And the rooms are separated by gender.” Inko could see Momo not subtly looking at Fuyumi when she said that, while Uraraka was much less subtly quietly pouting to herself.


Fuyumi was just settling into her room with Momo when her phone begane to ring. She gave Momo an apologetic smile as she was carrying some of their heavier belongings up the stairs. But she had super strength, she would be fine.


She stepped outside to somewhere more private, and answered. “What is it, Natsu? I’m kind of-” Fuyumi stopped herself from spilling her plans. “I’m in the middle of something.”


“It’s about dad. I’m guessing you're gonna want to hear his before it hits the news.”


“What’s going on with him?” she asked as she sat on the grass.


“Nothing much any more. He’s… he’s dead.”

Chapter Text

Fuyumi still hadn’t shown up. All the girls had gone to a local restaurant to take in the sites, but no one had seen her since they moved in. Fuyumi may not exactly be a social butterfly, but it was still-.


“YOW!” Momo rubbed her ear after having Jirou’s jack rattle her skull with a blast sound. “Why?”


“I waved my hand in front of your face, and you didn’t respond. This was the natural escalation.”


“You were thinking about someone special, weren’t you?” Mina asked, grinning.


Momo smiled. “Perhaps.”


“Aww,” Mina pouted. “It's no fun when they just admit it. Uraraka, save me.” Uraraka immediately froze as soon as her name was said, her sandwich stopping inches from her face.


“H-how am I going to save you?”


“I saw your reaction when we learned the room’s were separated by gender. Anything you want to tell us?”


She swallowed. “Nope.” It came out as a bit of a squeal. “Not a thing.”


“Ooh come on, Rara. You know if you don’t tell us, we’ll all have to guess. I’ll start. It’s a he.”


“No! I mean. Yes? I mean if there was anyone like that, they would be. Probably.”


Momo turned away when she got a message from Inko. ‘ Come see me at the main research lab. There's someone I want you to meet. They know me. Personally. I’m sure you’ll get along.


“Oh good, you made it.” Inko said from behind her, coming in for a landing. “Welcome to where all one of my support items are made. When you become a pro, this will probably be where all yours will be made as well. Now we should have two more-.” There was the sound of something bouncing from behind her.


“Auntie-Flux!” said a new voice. Bouncing toward them on a high tech pogo stick was a blonde woman Momo didn’t recognise. She took an extra high jump as her pogo stick compressed into a wristband, and Inko pulled her out of the air and into a hug. “Omygosh, it’s been forever! How’s the.. everything?!”


“A lot. It will be nice to get a chance to relax here. Well, as much as one can relax when teaching teenagers. Melissa, this is a student of mine, Momo Yaoyorozu. Momo, this is Melissa Shield. She’s the daughter of an old friend of mine.”


“Oh, wow.” Melissa approached her, looking like she was analyzing every part of her. “I saw you at the Sports Festival. You were amazing. I’m a bit confused about your design, though. Couldn't you have incorporated your D.N.A into your costume to make it more practical?”


“Unfortunately, no. My quirk uses fat lipids for my creations.”


“Hm,” Melissa put a finger to her chin. “I may have a few ideas for how to get around that. If you want a less revealing costume, that is.”


“You can do that?”


“If anyone can, it’s her,” Inko said.


“Oh please. You flatter me too much. I still have a lot to learn.”


“True. But I was there when your father had a lot to learn. Trust me, you're gonna do great.”


“Well I-. Wait a moment.” She trailed off looking out into the middle distance before her eyes seemed to lock on to something. “You two head inside. This might take a while.”


Izuku hadn’t planned on taking so long. But it had been so long since he had been to I-Station that everything was as new to him as it was the first time. He stared at every passing oddity, making mental notes on every quirk he saw in use, and taking a chance to rest after the sports festival, and try his best not to worry about the upcoming internships. He doubted needing to get bailed out by a pro hero from the crowd had helped his case, but he was still grateful for what Midnight did. And thankfully his mom didn’t-.


“Izukuuuu!” I know that voice. Izuku braced himself just in time for Melissa to ram into him for a hug. She did her best to empty his lungs of their contents while picking him up and spinning him around before putting him back down. “I can’t believe you're really here! How long has it been?”


“Longer for you, technically.”


“Wh-Oh I get it. I guess I got to make up that time, since I saw you first. How’ve you been?”


“Much better, recently. U.A has been great for getting away from… You know.”


“I knew it would.” She lightly punched him in the arm. “You-. Wow, you are much more solid than the last time we met.”


He shrugged. “U.A’ll do that to you. So what have you been working on?”


“Oh, you’re going to love this. Come on, I’ll show ya.”


They made their way inside to Melissa's lab where there was a clear glass case about the size of a tire with wires flowing in and out to the walls from its base platform, with a globule of black liquid floating inside of it. “This is the most recent invention in my Support Capture and Protect series, number one hundred and six. It’s an acid-like substance that only destroys non-organic material. Still working on how to avoid destroying people’s clothes, though. On the bright side, I learned that I look great in sleeveless shirts.”


“Oh, that would be perfect for disaster sites. You could clear debris without risking the people trapped underneath. Or a villain that uses a bunch of tech to fight, you could destroy all their gear without risk of harming them.”


If I could ever find a way to transport it. It’s kept suspended because it would eat its way out of the tank otherwise. lead-lined steel works best at resisting 106’s corrosive effects, but it’s not perfect. And isn’t good enough for permanent containment.”


“Wow, one hundred and six. You finally got passed all your 0-1 proposals?”


“Weeell, not really. I still have a bunch of ideas I don’t have the skill to make yet.”


“Wait a minute,” Izuku jolted as he had a thought. “I might have an idea for transporting it.”

 Earlier: Fuyumi

Fuyumi covered her mouth in shock. Her dad. Dead. Just like that.


“Dead? I-... How?”


“They’re still not sure, though the hero killer is a prime suspect. His body was found with two stab wounds on the back of his head, and no signs of a struggle.”


“That doesn’t sound like dad.”


“No, it doesn’t. He was never one to take anything lying down.”






Please , take this seriously.”


“I am taking this seriously.”


“You are-!” Fuyumi clenched her fist and pressed it to her forehead. “If you aren’t going to be serious, can you at least tell me exactly what happened?”


“All I know right now is that he was found dead in an alley in Hosu. They think the hero killer has some kind of blood quirk, and was able to use it to catch dad off guard. Dad’s last mission apparently cut him up pretty bad, and they think he used that to get some of dad’s blood before fighting him.”


Fuyumi slumped against the wall, processing everything. “Fuyumi?” Natsu asked. “Sis, you still there?”


She recentered the phone that had started to slip.  “Yeah... Yeah, I’m here. Thank you for telling me.”


“No problem. And...” He took a breath. “I’m sorry for… being a butt about this.”


“It’s fine, Natsu. I know It’s a lot to process all at once. How is mom doing?”


“I really don’t know. She hasn’t said anything since hearing the news.”


“That means she’s doing bad, Natsu.”


“Yeah, well not everyone can sense emotions like you can, alright.”


“It has nothing to do with sensing it. It's about empathy. Her husband was just murdered.”


“Sorry, sis, I just don’t see things the way you do. He was a monster to all of us.” 


Fuyumi just sighed. “I’ll be home in a few days. Take care of everyone while I’m gone.”


“What?! You’re not coming back?”


“I can’t. I have… things. Here.”


Natsu grumbled. “Fine. I’ll do my best. But you better call mom before then.”


“I will. Don’t worry.”


“Good.” They both paused, not sure what to say. “I’ll… see you later, sis.”


“Bye.” Fuyumi hung up and slumped against the wall with a groan. She made sure the area around her was completely empty before letting herself cry… But the tears never came. All she felt was just relief. She tried to think of never seeing him again, but all she could see was her mother not crying anymore, Natsu never shouting at him, and Shoto… She didn’t need to protect him from their father anymore. And to think. I tried so hard to win the festival. Turns out it didn’t matter. She snickered to herself, and immediately felt awful for it.


After several minutes, Fuyumi finally managed to lift her head again. “So,” she said, scrolling through her phone. “The hero killer, huh?”

Chapter Text

“What is this place?” Momo asked.


“Only the best place in the world.” Hatsume jumped in before Inko could respond. “Best place in our solar system,” she corrected. “Any inventor who’s anyone gets access to I-Station’s public workshop at some point.” She gestured across the workshop floor where dozens of support course students were hard at work or chatting excitedly amongst themselves. “There’s also a testing area where we can try out all your new gadgets in relative safety.”




“I’ve yet to meet a safe room that was completely safe from me. Come on, I’ll show you what I’ve been working on.”


Hitoshi wasn’t much for sightseeing. He had hoped that going to space would be as cold and dark as he heard, and found himself immensely disappointed. He had at least one idea for a support item, and he hoped that the support course could help him out. He followed the sound of muffled explosions and found himself by what looked to be the right place in no time.


“Oh, Hitoshi.” A green mop of hair made his way over to him. “I’m so glad you showed up. Hey, Mei, you said you had Hitoshi’s item ready, right?”


“Sure did!” came the response as well as a mask that came flying through the air at him. It hit him in the face, but he still managed to catch it.


“Uhh,” He stared at it. “What’s this?”


“It’s a voice changer. You can use it to mimic the voice of anyone it listens to.”


“Ooh,” A blonde woman he didn’t recognise cut in. “Does it have to be words people respond to, or can it be more general? Say, if you made a sound that people responded to.”


“Do you want that tested?”


“Of course!”






He activated his brainwashing, then immediately deactivated it. “I guess it can.”


“Oh, if you can do that, I have a bunch of ideas for what to add!”


“You could brainwash people without anyone even knowing you're there!”


“And with Momo’s absorption-”


“Momo has an absorption quirk!?” Hatsume shouted.


“I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't get a word-” 


“Well I have to test that!”


The conversation continued until Hitoshi had completely checked out. He inspected the mask and found an instruction manual which he stuffed in his pocket. When he looked up again, each of them were running off to go cause chaos somewhere else, leaving him and Influx alone.


“My god, it's spreading.”


“Don’t be rude, Shinso,” Influx said.


“I remember this place! I still have the recordings you gave me of all different heroes trying to get the best time.”


“Yep. It hasn’t changed much since you’ve last been here, other than becoming more durable. And-oh. Looks like someone is already out there.”


Whoever it was was going to fast to properly recognise. They flew through the rock formations, only stopping for just enough time to put their fist through one robot and throw it at another target, while sending themselves at a second to repeat their attack.


“13.84 seconds,” a robotics voice called out. “New personal record for: Ochako Uraraka.”


Now that she had stopped moving, Izuku could clearly see Ochako with her fist through the last bot that was now pinned to the ground. She tugged her fist from its chest, her radiant smile clear even from their distance.


“It would seem my babies are a huge success, dontcha think?!” Hatsume shouted down to her.


“They’re great, Hatsume!” Ochako called back. She floated up to the stands, letting her gloves come into better view. They were a simple fingerless design, but accented with thick metal plates along its knuckles and back. Straps from the gloves flowed down her arms, over her shoulders, and to the metal boots on her feet, which were similarly weighted like the gloves. “Hey, everyone. You here to test your time?”


“We are,” Momo replied. “Hatsume has made support items for several of us, and Melissa here told us this was the best place to get acquainted with our new equipment.”


“Oh, I can't wait to see what Hatsume’s made for you. Though I think Fuyumi’s going before you.”


“Fuyumi’s here?” As soon as Momo asked, a massive glacier of ice covered the stone arena.


“11.37 seconds. New personal record for: Fuyumi Todoroki.”


“Again!” she shouted. The ice turned to steam in seconds and each robot returned to a random space on the course.


“Begin.” Fuyumi tried to stay mobile for her second round, throwing herself at each bot, using a combination of fire and ice to deal with each one.






“Ah,” Ochako responded flatly to Fuyumi’s intensity. “You might have to wait a while.” Fuyumi’s training seemed to go on forever as the onlookers gawked at her, sometimes destroying all the bots in an instant with one massive attack or flying from one bot to the next and turning them into scrap or a kebab.


Finally, Fuyumi let herself rest only after she appeared to be on the verge of collapse. She had managed to burn her own costume despite its flame retardant features, and was lightly steaming from several parts on her body.


She turned to leave and only now seemed to realise the small crowd that had gathered. “Oh, hey, guys. Sorry about that, I guess I kinda hogged it.” She took a seat in the stands and immediately passed out.


After making sure Fuyumi wasn’t about to fall over, Momo took to the stage and created a green visor she had absorbed over her eyes, that Izuku guessed were connected to the micro missiles sprouting from her back.




Momo shot from the starting position, her missiles trailing behind her before they splintered away from her and went after robots to the left and right while Momo took the center. Izuku could barely keep up as she sliced a bot in half with a sword, and threw each piece to another bot without even slowing down. The missiles began to find their targets just as the two scraps slammed into another bot, instantly crumpling them flat. Momo was on the last bot before the pieces of its brethren had even reached their zenith and put her fist through its head.


“8.3 seconds. New personal record for: Momo Yaoyorozu.”


“Hey, Melissa,” Izuku began with a smile. “Does our old trick still work?”


“I made sure of it,” she said with a grin. 


“What do you say we show them how it's done?”


Her smile widened. “You take the field?”


“And you take the back,” Izuku finished.


“0.00 seconds. Izuku Midoriya and Melissa Shield tie for their own world record.” Ochako had no idea what just happened, but she was pretty sure she was impressed. Izuku turned back to the stands with the smuggest look she had seen him with. It was kind of… cute? No. Hot. That's the word.


Ochako was on him the second he entered the stands. “How’d you do that? That was amazing.”


Izuku rubbed the back of his head. “Well, it’s kind of a secret. Melissa and I came up with it when we were kids, and we… uh. Pinky promised not to tell anyone.”


There’s the cute part.


A holographic screen appeared above them all, showing a news report that was visible all across I-Station. “Hero: Endeavor has died on the streets of Hosu city. The body was found not long after his death with the hero killer’s trademark two parallel sword wounds. No other details have been given at this time.”


Momo made her way back to her room. Fuyumi had disappeared as soon as the news had broken, and Momo didn’t blame her. The reaction to the news had been a shock to everyone, and Momo could tell Fuyumi wouldn't want to be a part of that.


She entered their room to see Fuyumi sitting on her bed with her hands in her lap while she was twirling her thumbs. “I assume you already knew.”




“... Do you want to talk about it?”




“What do you want to do?”


Fuyumi considered for a moment. “I want some quiet. I thought that would come easier in space, but… you know.”


Momo offered her a hand up. “Here. I know a place.”


Momo brought her to a building just on the edge of the space station that seemed to be an empty hangar. Except for-.


“This is where I was training with Hatsume.”


“Ah. That explains the slash, scorch, what I think are acid, burn, and dent marks.”


“Hatsume is a very... intense woman. But that’s not what I wanted to show you. Watch this.” She pressed a button on the wall, creating a crystalline pattern across the far wall, giving way to empty space.  “A wall that turns invisible, created for the sole purpose of stargazing.” Despite everything, Fuyumi found herself smiling.


They sat in the empty room, Fuyumi with her knees up to her chest, while Momo sat with her legs beneath her and her hands on her lap.


They sat in silence for what felt like hours, watching the stars drift lazily past them as the station spun. “Back in my home, the only quiet place would be the roof,” Fuyumi started. “If mom or Shoto was crying, or Natsu and dad were arguing, and I was too exhausted to play mediator, I would come to the roof and watch the stars.” She pointed to a point in the sky. “There’s Andromeda. You see her?” Fuyumi pointed to the constellation, and Momo pressed her head against Fuyumi’s shoulder to see where she was pointing.


“She’s beautiful.”


Fuyumi stared out into the sky as Andromeda begane to leave their view, when she felt Momo’s hand rest on her own. She glanced down to where Momo’s hand was gently placed over her own, as conflicting thoughts swirled her head. We’ll be going to our internships soon. Close to real her work. Close to what my dad-... Oh fuck it, I’ll tell her now.


“I’m going to transfer to general studies.” Not that one! The OTHER incredibly difficult confession I have to make.


Momo paused and turned to face her. “I’m sorry?”


She pulled her legs closer to her chest. “With my dad gone, I have no reason to continue trying to be a hero. He wanted his perfect protoje to surpass Influx, and I was going to be that to protect my brother. With him dead…”


“I-... I’m sorry you feel that way. Losing your father can’t be easy for any of you. But I must say that I feel you are being rash. You are an exemplary student, and I believe you would make an excellent hero.”


“I’m no hero. The only reason I went to UA was to protect my own family. That instinct that everyone always talks about: to run into danger to help someone with no thought to your own safety. I’ve never felt that. Neither did my dad. All I wanted was to protect my brother.”


Momo squeezes her hand. “You sure seem like a hero to me. When we faced that Nomu together, you had no hesitation to help me, or Mister Aizawa. If it wasn’t for you, it’s quite possible either of us would be dead.”


Fuyumi huffed. “I didn’t have much of a choice back then,” she shrugged. “I could have either fought, or let it kill me.”


“Well then. I’ll be sad to see you go.”


“It’s not like we’ll never see each other again. In fact-…” She trailed off.




Come on. Just like Influx said . “Well. It's going to take some time for me to fully transfer, so I’ll still be going to the internships with the rest of you. And we’ll get a few days off during that time, so I was wondering if you would like to… well, there’s this sushi place I know of, and… I was just wondering if you would enjoy… coming with me.”


“Well.” She smiled slyly at her. “I do have some training to get to.” She began to lean in closer to her. “However. If it was significant in some way, I might be able to make an exception. If it was a … date. Perhaps.”


Fuyumi tried her best to glare, but didn’t do a good job. “Fine. I really like you, and I would like you to go out with me. After today, I don’t think I can put anything on hold.”


She smiled in that infuriatingly cute way, leaning down until she was face to face with her, then kissed her on the nose. “I would love to.”

Chapter Text

“Hey there, Everyone. My name is David Shield, and yes, I’m your teacher's costume designer. It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to I-Station’s rescue course. It might be quite as in depth as the one at UA, but I hope its lack of a villain infestation is enough to make up that difference.” The explanation continued as they were shown around the course, a mid-sized and mostly destroyed residential district. “We normally use this place for urban combat training, but in between repairs, it’s a good search and rescue site. The rules are simple: Half of you will head into the site and are given a list of injuries you have received, as well as your current mental state which you should do your best to emulate. You show this list to any of your classmates that find you, and ask them how you should be treated. The answers will be on the back.”


“Are you sure Fuyumi should be doing this, Inko? Shouldn't she be given time to mourn? Her behavior at the timed exercise didn't go unnoticed.”


Inko pulled up a chair next to her ex by the security footage of her students in the training area. “She said she needed the distraction. And I think spending time with her class will be good for her.”


“This might not be the best exercise for that.” One of their monitors showed Fuyumi sitting on a piece of rubble from the destroyed city, her arms draped over her knees as she stared at a flame in her hand, with the list tossed carelessly on the floor.


“Just wait.” In just a few minutes, Momo arrived, jumping from a nearby building. It did not go unnoticed by Inko just how much Fuyumi perked up when Momo arrived.


David shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Weren’t they the ones who...uh.”


“That wasn’t personal.”


He raised an eyebrow. “It sure seemed personal.”


“Let me rephrase. It wasn’t personal ‘between the two of them’.”


“I hope you're right. I don’t think our facility could handle a repeat of the sports festival.”


“Yep, you got everything right,” Fuyumi stated dispassionately as she read over her list of injuries. “Who would have guessed the walking hospital would know how to treat three minor scrapes?” Fuyumi quipped, stuffing the list in her pocket.


“I think you need work on your pet names.”


Fuyumi looked up sharply. “Do you… want a pet name?”


Momo’s face became a light shade of pink. “We can discuss that later. Is that everything?”


“Ye-oh, wait. I’m supposed to be panicking,” She cleared her throat in preparation. “Oh no,” she delivered with little enthusiasm. “The humanity. Whatever shall we do?”


Momo’s head tilted forward. “This is panicking?”


“I’m not a good actor,” Fuyumi admitted. “Here, let me try again.” Fuyumi fell to her knees and brought her hands together as if in prayer. “Please, dear hero. You have saved me from the agony of the scrapes on my back, scalp, and lower thigh with your vast array of medical experience. But I find myself once again requiring your assistance. For you see, I need to be escorted away from this dangerous place before more injuries befall me.” She fell to her side. “Ms. Hero, will you offer me your aid in my hour of need?”


“You know, Fuyumi, I don’t think panicking civilians will be capable of this level of sarcasm.”


“Sarcasm? Nay, oh valiant envoy of justice. You will find no jest here. Only pure,” She stared up at her, trying her best to keep her face flat. “unbridled. Terror.


It didn’t seem that Momo believed her. “Really now?”


“Really now,” Fuyumi nodded.


“Well, I know just how to calm a “panicking” civilian.” Momo scooped her up in her arms bridal style and gave her a blindingly bright, and warm smile. It was calming in the sense that it brought her heartbeat to zero.


“See? This is precisely what she needed.” Inko stated, pride clear in her voice.


David eyed her. “You planned that, didn’t you?”




This time, the rescue training passed without incident. No villain attacks, no major electrical issues causing buildings to collapse, no anything. Noone even had a near death experience. Truly it was a miracle.


Inko was disappointed she couldn't spend more time with her son since she had come here for work, though she was immensely glad to see him spend time with people who could match his enthusiasm for quirks. And it really had been too long since they had gotten to visit the Shields.


In no time at all, it was time to head back to Earth. The class loaded up in the same pod they came in on and prepared for their return, though several students didn’t seem particularly excited to leave the space station/resort and return to their classroom for some reason.


Inko wanted nothing more than to go back into space and enjoy the quiet for a moment longer. But as usual, she had work to do. She entered UA proper and made her way to Nezu’s office


“Nezu? I wanted to ask you if you decided to agree to my request.”


“Oh, I decided that already. In fact, I've already followed through on my solution.”


“For some reason, that does not put me at ease.”


“There’s no need for you to be so worried. I was even nice enough to do the hard part for you. We just need to speak with the student in question, and it will be finalized.”


“What will be finalized?”


“The adoption of course.”


Inko was glad she wasn’t drinking anything. As it was, it seemed she was going to choke to death all on her own. “You,” She finally managed to sputter. “Adopted her?!”


“Not me, of course. I am much too busy to have a child in my home. And more than that, I would never allow a human into my domicile, let alone know where it is.”


“I honestly thought you slept in the walls.”


“Only most of the time. But that’s besides the point. No, I did not adopt her.”


“Then… who?”


“I would have thought that part obvious.”


Inko stared at him. “ Me ?”


“Who else would you trust to have Momo in their care? You are already more of a mother to her than her parents could ever be. They never would have helped her with her relationship with Fuyumi as well as you did.”


“Of course you already know about that. But that doesn’t mean-”


“Do you believe you would be a bad fit for her?”


“... What?”


“Do you believe that you do a poor job of raising her?”


“I mean... I guess not. Not anymore I mean.”


“And do you believe that Izuku would have a negative relationship with her?”


“Well, no. In fact, I don’t think there is a person in existence he couldn't get along with.”


“Then I am afraid I fail to see the problem.”


“And the issue of her current family?”


“After seeing her current situation at home, there is no doubt in my mind that Momo must be removed at once. What their relationship will be after she has left will be entirely up to her.”


“How do you know about what’s happening at her home?”


“The Yaoyorozus have an embarrassingly simple security system for such a rich family. Not that a better one would have saved them,” he grinned.


Inko sighed. “Can I assume that Momo is on her way right now to finalize the process?”


Nezu gave her a seemingly genuine smile. “You know me so well.”

Chapter Text

“You wanted to see me, principal?” Momo asked, trepidation clear in her voice.


“Yes, yes, come in,” he responded pleasantly. “Inko has a proposition for you.”


“I don-,” Inko sighed. “ Nezu has decided I have a proposition for you. He believes that it would be a good idea for me to adopt you.”


Momo choked. “I’m sorry, what ? But I already have parents. Why?!... Also how?”


“While I do agree on asking why, I have found that asking how is a mistake when it comes to Nezu. He has a bad habit of answering you honestly. As for why.” Inko took a breath. “Nezu and I have reason to believe that your parents have displayed abusive tendencies.”


What ?” Her head spun between the two of them. “You cannot honestly believe this. They have given me anything I could ever want. It’s part of the reason I became a hero. To make up for living the life I have.”

“Would you mind telling us exactly how they go about doing this?” Nezu asked innocently.


“Well… In my other schools for example, they would always make sure the teachers would allow me to pass, even if I did poorly. They owned each school I went to, which allowed them to do that sort of thing. They would bring me to their parties and show me off to their friends so I could make a good impression on powerful people at an early age. They would hire the best tutors money could buy to help in my schoolwork. They were the only reason I passed most classes. UA is the first school I’ve really done well in. I was honestly shocked to learn that I was ahead of my classmates.”


“I see.” Nezu took a letter from his desk and handed it to Momo. “This is a letter from one of your previous teachers. If you wouldn't mind reading it out loud for us, please. Mr. Brunner had some choice words for your parents that I believe would benefit us all to hear.”


Momo reluctantly took it and cleared her throat. “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu.” She hesitated. “Can I-”


“You can curse,” Nezu assured.


Momo nodded and continued reading. “Lick my actual horse's ass. ‘That language is unbecoming of the late centaur hero.’ The treatment of your own daughter at this school is entirely unacceptable. Momo has been one of the most brilliant and pleasant students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching, and the fact that you have dampened her spirit in such a way is intolerable. She recently thanked me for allowing her to pass despite her poor performance that I am sure you perpetuated her into believing. I believe it is safe to assume that I will be fired after explaining to her how intelligent she really is, but there is no need. Consider this my official resignation. My only regret is not finding your daughter soon enough to help. I’m sure by now you have been informed of my official diagnoses. ‘It… goes into more details about his illness from here.’”


I should have seen this earlier. Does being involved in heroes automatically make you a bad parent or something? I mean, there's me, there was Endeavor and Nana, and now the Yaoyarozus as well!


Momo set the letter down and sat back with her face in a knot of confusion. “That… was certainly his handwriting. I… They said he was fired. Why would my parents-…”


“I can understand this being a lot to process.” Nezu had adopted his more nurturing voice. “But I believe it would be best if you were removed from your parent’s care immediately. You understand that we cannot allow this behavior to continue.”


Inko still couldn't believe it. Actually, scratch that. She could absolutely believe that Nezu was crazy enough to have somehow , in a way that defies all reason, almost entirely adopted a teenager into someone else's family within the span of three days.


“He WHAT?!”


“Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction as well. But look on the bright side: You’re getting a sister!”


“I-... This isn’t quite how I imagined something like this happening.”


Inko threw her arms up in agitation. “Now do you see why I never ask him for help? He's a rat with a monkey's paw.”


Izuku put his head in his hands with a heavy sigh. “How’s Momo reacting to all this?”


“She needs time to process. Time she won’t get because Internships are right around the corner.”


“Internships! I completely forgot!”


“You don’t need to panic so much, sweetie. Internships aren’t something you really prepare for.”


“I’ll probably be working under someone I’ve been fanboying over since I was three . I need a few days to mentally prepare myself.”


Inko… had not considered this. “You know what? You’re absolutely right, and you should panic harder.” Izuku theatrically threw his arms in the air and began running around their house. “Harder! Panic harder, Izuku!” An exaggerated yell escaped his mouth as Inko continued to shout encouragement. “You don’t have much TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEE!”


Izuku sat in class, successfully panicked out thanks to his mothers encouragement.


“Everyone, listen up. Soon, all of you will be going into your internships. You can see everyone who received offers on the board.” A screen appeared behind him, showing how many offers each person received. “Everyone will be doing internships, even the ones that didn’t get any offers with heroes that will take on anyone. See your handouts for the list of who offered to intern you specifically. And since you'll be doing some actual hero work in public, you'll need to choose your hero names. I’m not good at this sort of thing, so Midnight will have final approval over your choices.”


Izuku looked over who were given offers, and just like his mom had said, everyone who made it to the third round had at least a few. Even him. Though he had the lowest by far with just three, while the people at the top had been given a few hundred. Still, it was better than he could have hoped for. Someone out there thought he could be useful.

Chapter Text

Momo had never been able to think of a better hero name than the one she made as a kid. ‘The Everything Hero’ sounded good enough, but her name still sounded just as bad as it always had since that unknown quirk went off and everyone in the world suddenly just spoke English. Even if she was a child at the time, she could still remember the disaster that had caused.




She looked up from her recommendations. “Yeah.”


“I need some assistance with my hero name. My only idea is… in layman's terms awful.”


Fuyumi turned her chair to face her fully. “What do you have?”


“Creati,” Momo reluctantly admitted.


“Creati? So just creation with the end cut off.”


“I know it’s bad, okay? I came up with it when I was four and still had trouble with a word as long as creation. I just haven’t ever come up with something better.”


Fuyumi held up her hand. “Whoa whoa, hold on. I need this whole story.”


“There isn’t much to tell,” she shrugged. “I had my quirk tested, was told I create things and all my four year old mouth was able to say was Creati. I had trouble with longer words for an embarrassingly long time.”


“Tha-.” Fuyumi’s face turned pink.. “That’s really cute… Still a terrible name, though.”


“Do you have one?  Even if you are… planning on leaving?”


“I do. Freezerburn .” She posed as dramatically as she could sitting at school desk, lighting her hands aflame with mist rising from her chair


Momo paused. “Dang, that’s a good one.”


“That was my little brother’s idea, actually. Before that, all I had was Violet Ice.”


Momo tilted her head. “But your ice is blue.”


“Yeah, but my fire is violet and 'Blue Ice' is the stuff you clean toilets with. While I'm not good with names either, I’m at least not that bad.”


Momo leaned in closer. “ Can you clean toilets?”


Fuyumi hung her head and sighed. “...Yes. My quirk that is the combination of one of the most powerful superhuman abilities on the planet, and the quirk that would compensate for its one weakness perfectly…” she sighed again. “Can clean toilets.”


“You’re not alone in that. My quirk can clean toilets too.”


“Your quirk can do anything, that doesn't count!”


“And yet, it still can’t help me come up with a good name.”


“Hmm.” She checked her phone for a few moments. “How about Atelier? A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.”


“Oh,” Momo beamed. “I don't know how I didn’t think of that. It’s perfect, and fits in nicely with my quirk. And you said you were bad with names.” Momo lightly elbowed her in the side.


Fuyumi smiled. “I just looked up synonyms for 'foundry' on my phone.”


Izuku managed to work up the courage to share his name after almost everyone else had gone. He shakily got up from his seat and showed his name to everyone.


“Shako. Like the shrimp?” Midnight asked, putting her finger to her chin. “While picking a food as your hero name is undeniably very cute, it might send the wrong message.”


Izuku rubbed the back of his head. “I-it’s more about the colors they can see. Since I’m more of an analyst, I wanted a name that showed that I could see things differently from others. Not necessarily better like other animals, just different.”


Midnight smiled. “In that case, I approve. You’ll definitely make an adorable shrimp as a hero.” Izuku could see Uraraka nodding in agreement.


“Yeah. My mom already made that joke.”


Katsuki stared at the K he had written on his board, his pen hovering above it. 


“Bakugo,” Midnight said. “It’s your turn next.”


“Give me a second, alright.” He hastily finished and went up to the front.


“Just your real name. Are you sure?”


“I’ll get my hero name when I earn it,” he snapped before he calmed himself. “I know I’ve been a real jerk in the past. So until that changes, It’s just Katsuki for now. I’m not looking for anyone's forgiveness, because I think that’s stupid. I’ll be a better hero with a cooler name than all you losers. Then no one will care if I was a jerk in school.”


“That’s surprisingly reflective of you Katsuki~ .” Midnight teased, and Katsuki cringed at how she said his name.


“Yeah, man,” weird hair butted in, even though no one asked. “I didn’t know you could get all sentimental like that.”




“Aww, I thought we were having a moment.”


“Moment's over, shut up.”


“So you admit we were having a moment.”


“I said shut it, Weird Hair!” He went back to his seat, suffering all the giggles aimed at him. Though, it was a better way to be treated compared to what it was after his accident with Uraraka.


Eijiro leaned over to whisper to Jiro. “He totally admitted it.”


“I heard that!”

Chapter Text

Classes had technically ended, but some of the students had decided to stay and discuss who they’d be interning with, or making sure no one else was interning with their pick for the more introvertedly inclined students.


“Oh come on! I did well, y'know!” Kirishima shouted, before slouching back in his seat. “I came in third, man.”


“What are you on about back there?” Katsuki barked.


“It’s my mom. She offered me an internship because she thinks I still need to be ‘coddled’. Those were her exact words. I know she’s doing it just to tease me, but still. Come on.”


“Who is she, anyway?”




Katsuki stared at him. “I don’t see the resemblance.”


“I was adopted. She thinks just because I lost the festival, I still need to be under her protection.”


“She gave me an offer too. You think I should go with her?”


A massive grin formed on his face. “The chance to see you two butt heads is almost enough to convince me to take her offer… Almost”


“Well, you’re getting your wish, Weird Hair. I was already planning on accepting.”


Momo rifled through her recommendation letters, glad for the distraction of being taken out of her parents home so suddenly. For now, she could deal with the much more manageable prospect of deciding what the first step of her life as a hero would be. On one of the papers she noticed a letter from Inko, recommending one of the heroes she had gotten an offer from. Lady Nagant? That’s not a hero I’ve heard of before .


“So, Momo. Who do you think you're going with?” Izuku asked. “I know you got a ton of offers, so it might be tough to go through them all. I’m kind of obsessed with them, so I’m willing to help if you need it.”


“It seems Influx has a preference with who I go with, actually. A Lady Nagant, if you’ve ever heard of her.”


“Oh! She’s awesome! The best shot in Japan, able to hit a target from five kilometers away, all without a sight quirk. She can turn her arm into a rifle with a scope that can extend itself to her eye, and she has hair that can turn itself into ammunition for her rifle arm. She doesn’t get much time in the spotlight due to her working for the Hero Public Safety Commission exclusively. I’m not sure why she would want you as an intern.” His eyes went wide. “Not that someone wouldn't want to have you! You’re amazing and everything, I just don’t, I mean, I’m not sure what she would want from having you specifically as an intern.”


“It’s fine, Midoriya. I see that you got a few offers as well. Who do you think you’ll intern with?”


“I know it’s a bit of an odd choice, but I was thinking of going with Midnight’s agency. I feel that she’s so different from me that I could learn a lot from her that I wouldn't otherwise. And if she gave me an offer, I assume that she feels the same.”


“I see. You wouldn't happen to have… ulterior motives for wanting to spend so much time with the R rated hero, now would you?” she grinned.


Izuku sputtered and blushed profusely “N-no! It’s nothing like that, I swear!”


She giggled. “You are incredibly easy to mess with.”


He bowed his head. “That’s part of the reason I want to intern with Midnight. I doubt there's any hero with more confidence than her.”


“Well I’m sad I won’t be there to see it. Be sure to tell me all about it when we get back.”


“Y-yeah. Sure. Wait, you're messing with me again, aren't you?!”


“I see you’re learning already,” she said with a smile. 


“How do you know Lady Nagant? Is she an old teacher of your’s?”


“Classmate actually. Though she did teach me a lot about the art of not getting shot. Throw something at me and I can demonstrate. ” Momo made a small rubber ball and tossed it at her. Inko held up two fingers and pulled the ball in between them, keeping it hovering in midair. “I learned how to do this with bullets as well. It was also the inspiration for this move.” She cupped the heels of her hands together and cupped them in a V-shape. “Dodge.” A burst of air shot from her hands, which Momo was just able to dodge out of the way. “By pulling air from a single point to each of my fingers, I can create a blast of wind strong enough to be used as an attack. While not as powerful as putting One For All into my fingers, it can be much more precise.”


“Are you sure you ever needed One For All? Your quirk seems…” She glanced back at the small hole in the wall. “Extremely effective.”


“Says the girl with the power of creation. I don’t normally get a chance to use it, however. Not having a ranged option was never much of a problem for me.”


“And You believe Nagant will be able to teach me in a similar fashion?”


“She can definitely show you how to improve applicating of your quirk. Finding ways to deal with bullets is something all heroes need to do, and there is no one better for that than Kaina Tsutsumi.”


“You’re saying I can dodge bullets?”


“I’m saying that when you're ready… you won’t have to.”

Chapter Text

“This is so dumb.” Inko said once a gain, continuing her pacing around the room to the point where her tracks were perfectly cle ar on the floor.


“I agree.” Izuku and his mom had been going back and forth like this for hours now, and yet neither of them felt as if it were enough to express just how titanically silly they found this idea to be.


“I mean, I never thought I would get a sibling.”


“I never thought I would give you one. Though, I guess in a way, I never did.”


“You’ve told me how weird the world of superheroes could get, but I never expected… this .”


“Just make sure she feels welcome when she gets here. I know this is weird for both of us, but’s going to be harder on her. Even with her parents being as bad as they are, this is still going to be a difficult transition. Just be your usual, friendly self.” A knock came from their door. “That’s probably her.”


“I’ll get it.”


“Good luck,” she whispered.


Izuku went to the door, letting in Momo from the pouring rain, who quickly stepped in and absorbed her umbrella while greeting them pleasantly.


“So. I guess I’ll be living with you two from now on.”


“Welcome home for the first time. I hope you enjoy your stay.”


“Thank you, Izuku. I appreciate the hospitality.”


“Please, hospitality is for guests.” Inko said, entering the conversation. “You are more than that now.”


“Right. Nezu…”


“Made sure of that, yes,” Inko finished. “ Please, make yourself at home. We repurposed the guest room for you. It’s still a bit bare bones; I’ll have it more prepared when you return from your internship.”


“I’m sure it’s fine. My... previous home could get.” Momo paused. “Excessive.”


“That’s not something you have to worry about here.”


Momo was shown to a sparsely decorated room in the Midoriya home. This is where I… live now.


“You can drop off anything with us here. We can renovate if there's not enough space, or it’s just not to your liking.”


“Oh, I didn’t bring anything.”


“Really? I would have thought you absorbed all your belongings to bring them here.”


“I don’t- ‘or didn’t’ have any belongings. Everything was bought by my parents. And anything I made was technically my parent’s food. So… no belongings.”


“I see. Well, We’ll have to change that soon.”


“Are you sure?”


“Of course. That’s what parents are supposed to do.”


“Thanks…” She hesitated. “Mom.”


Inko put her hand up. “You don’t have to do that. Not if you don’t want to.”


Momo breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness. This situation was almost uncomfortable. “Can you… give me a moment to get situated?”


Inko nodded. “Sure thing. I’m making dinner soon, so I’ll call you when it’s ready. Is there anything specific you want for dinner on your first day here?”


“Something simple and low in fat. My quirk has made me nearly completely desensitized to sweets.”


“Coming right up.” She left Momo alone in the nearly barren room and closed the door behind her.


Momo sat on the bed and put her hands in her lap, rubbing her fingers together. Realizing there was no one watching her, she began to let herself fidget by creating her umbrella and absorbing into her palm over and over, until she noticed the bed was a bit tougher than she liked


I wonder… She stood up and removed the mattress from the frame, getting its measurements as she did so. She placed the original to the side and absorbed the back of her shirt and bra, making plenty of space for a new one.


The room illuminated with a gentle glow from her back as she created another mattress exactly to her own liking. It flopped onto the floor with a thump and Momo placed it into her bed frame.


“Hm.” She stared at her handiwork for a moment, still enjoying the absolute precision her quirk was capable of. “Mine. It’s… really mine.” Perhaps this arrangement will be better than I had anticipated.


“Fuyumi? What are you doing here?” Ochako asked outside Gunhead’s agency. “I thought you would go with a bigger name hero.”


“I thought so too, but…” She shook her head. “Nevermind. Why aren’t you with a bigger name hero? I know from personal experience, you do not need help in hand to hand.”


“Maybe. But I still need to get better at fighting people with ranged abilities. When I could close the distance, I did fine, but at range is where I fall flat. I’m hoping a battle hero can help in either finding better ways of closing that gap, or being able to compensate for not always being able to throw things at people. Though Hatsumei did mention a jetpack at one point.”


“To make a proper fist, you need to make the area you strike with as small as possible.” Gunhead explained. “To make sure you’re doing it right, you can rest your face on your hand, and adjust your hand to make it as painful on your cheek as possible. Now who wants to give it a shot against me?”


“I will.” Fuyumi stepped up and hit him square in the jaw.


“Not bad. Try hitting me again, and this time, use your quirk.”


Fuyumi looked hesitant for a moment, but then shrugged, coated her hand in ice and used her flame to propel her fist forward. This time, Gunhead actually stumbled back from the blow.


“Excellent! But it could be better. If you could turn the ice in front of your fist into steam, you could release a blast of air from your fist with every strike. I understand that’s a bit more complicated than I usually expect from my interns, but I believe you could do it.” He gave her a thumbs up, and Fuyumi immediately attempted the technique. In just a few minutes, she was able to create the pocket of air, but it only came out as a weak puff of steam. “Hey, not bad for your first try,” he said encouragingly. “We'll practice that throughout the week while you're here. I’m sure that by the time you're back in class, you'll be an air boxing pro.”


Fuyumi smiled at her new creation in a way that unnerved Ochako. Fuyumi’s smile seemed more… fanatic, then proud.

Chapter Text

Daughter and successor to the number one hero. It was insane, there was absolutely no doubt about that, but the more she thought about it, the less… ill-fated the decision seemed. She had certainly enjoyed her stay at the Midoriya’s, and getting away from her parents was certainly a blessing. Maybe she should think of it as living in a dorm room... That had her teacher in it. No, maybe not that.


Momo was so lost in thought she barely noticed the street she was on was now completely abandoned. She only noticed that the feeling of being stared at was gone. The street was completely silent.


She noticed just in time, because the next sound was a gunshot. She flared One For All as fast as she could, whipping her head out of the way and leaping to the side. She saw the bullet whiz past her, only to feel a second one hit her back hard enough to knock her forward.


Rubber bullets. I thought snipers were supposed to be patient. I haven’t gotten through her door and she’s already testing me.


Another gunshot rang out, echoing around the buildings, making it impossible to hear where it was coming from. She dodged to the same side again, only to dodge right into the next bullet’s path. that didn’t come from the same place. Multiple shooters? No. She's bouncing her shots off the buildings.


She created a series of shields, completely surrounding herself in metal. The next shot was much louder than the others and tore a hole into the side of her creation, the bullet protruding halfway through the metal before getting stuck.


“Did you know that wouldn't hit me?!”


“I knew you’d be fine,” her voice called back from somewhere.


“That doesn’t answer my question.” That was an AP round. I doubt those are the kinds you can bounce.


Momo abandoned her shields and ran to where the bullet came from, dodging back and forth as she ran to avoid getting hit until she finally spotted her on the twentieth story of the building across the street.


As soon as Momo spotted her, Nagant seemed to notice. She jumped out the window and grappled to the roof in a swinging arc until she was out of sight above the roof. Momo heard a bang as she shot a grapple to a streetlight, reabsorbing it to launch herself upwards the light and leapt onto the roof.


Momo easily cleared the building, cresting the top several meters from its base, only to find herself face-to-face with Nagant pointing a gun to her cranium.


Momo desperately formed Kevlar between her and the barrel before her ears were ringing with the sound of another gunshot. Her head snapped back as her whole body lurched, sending her careening to the rooftop. Tumbling forward, she slammed into a vent, her butt in the air. Peering between her legs framing her upside down vision as Nagant casually walked toward her.


“You broke my ventilation unit,” she stated plainly.


“Sorry, ma’am,” Momo grunted as she swayed to her feet..


“I wasn’t complaining. I’m impressed. You may have lost against me, but you showed the air conditioner who’s boss.”


She sighed. “You have the same sense of humor as Fuyumi.”


“Your girlfriend?”


“How did you know about that?” she asked, surprised.


“I saw how you were looking at each other in the festival.”


“We nearly killed each other.”


“Not that part of the festival.”


Momo dusted herself off and looked back at the dent she had made. “If I’m the boss of this, does this mean I can set the temperature?”


“Stay away from my thermostat. Also, clean up your trash.” She gestured to the contraption Momo had created, still littering the empty street. “When you’re done with that, come see me inside. I'll make sure you can do better than that by the time we’re done here.”


Momo and her teacher stood at opposite ends of the shooting range, with Momo standing by the dummies. The amount of bullet holes going all the way through the heads and hearts of each of them did not put her at ease.


“Do you think you can do better than when you first arrived?” Tsutsumi asked through their radio.


“I am prepared this time, so I expect my performance to be far greater than last time.”


“That gap needs to be much smaller by the time you leave here. When you're a hero, you need to be ready for surprises, especially while in costume.”


“Yes Ma’a-” Before she could finish, Tsutsumi fired. One For All flared within Momo as she leaned out of the way.


“Good. This time block it with a creation.” Momo nodded and made a shield from her forearm,  smacking the bullet away. “This time make a shield where the bullet’s going to land.” Momo hesitated for just a moment before the bullet fired, and managed to cover her entire body in steel before the bullet landed. Tsutsumi lowered her gun. “You hesitated and still managed to block it in time.”


“Thank you?”


“You need to get closer if you can hesitate and still block. Get fifty meters closer and try to make your shield more precise this time. While that was good thinking, it’s not what you need to learn. When you absorb something, you can’t recreate it as something else, correct?”




“Then you can’t go wasting resources like that.”


“Yes Ma-” She realised her mistake just in time and remade the steel around her torso, which she correctly guessed where Tsutsumi was aiming.


“Better. Now try absorbing the bullet.” Momo prepared herself to absorb it, causing the rubber bullet to sink harmlessly into her skin.


“Well done. I’m going to call out whether you need to block, dodge or absorb my shots. Let’s see how you do with a little less warning. Dodge.” Momo dodged. “Block.” Momo blocked. “Take ten steps closer.” Momo did so. “Block, block, dodge, absorb, and block.” Momo blocked, got hit in the side, stumbled and got hit in the shoulder, and nearly ate a rubber bullet as it hit in the chin. It may not have been strong enough to resist real bullets just yet, but Momo was Immensely glad for One For All during this exercise.


Tsutsumi relaxed her gun arm. “We'll work on it.” For the next few hours they continued training. Momo didn’t think her entire hero career would ever match the amount of times she would get shot in just one training session with Lady Nagant.

Chapter Text

Katsuki tried to keep his grumbling to a minimum while Mirko lectured him on their patrol. “The thing is, you’re a jerk.” Katsuki huffed. “And unfortunately, there’s no way to change that. So you need to make that work for you.”


“How can you turn being a jerk into a good thing?”


“You picked the perfect career for that, Jerkface. When you’re a hero you’ll meet lots of people who will deserve being an ass too.” She looked as if she had a thought, but Katsuki found that unlikely. “Though, according to my wife, that doesn’t really change with civilian work. You’re just not allowed to be a jerk to them. I think she calls it professionalism, or something.”


“I still can’t believe someone was crazy enough to marry you.”


She cuffed him on the ear. “At least it means there might be someone out there stupid enough to marry you , Jerkface.”


“Your nicknames suck, Benjamin Bitchy!”


“It’s a better hero name than the one you chose, Ka~tsu~ki.” She tilted her head to each side with every syllable. “And your nickname for me has too many syllables. Also, no one will get that reference.”


“At least it’s more creative than jerkface, Jerkface!” People were starting to stare at this point.


She pulled his hair. “You can insult my wife, but I draw the line at stealing my nicknames.”


He yanked on her ear. “You cannot claim ownership over jerkface, Benjamin bit-” She punched him in the mouth before he could finish.


“I told you it was too many syllables!”


“Fine! I’ll just think it really hard, then!” Her hand was still close to his face, so he bit her finger.


“That doesn’t count!” She brought her foot up to his cheek and began trying to kick him off her.


“Fuur it doeth!” He tried twisting her foot off of him.


She shoved her other hand in his mouth and began forcefully prying it open. “If you want villains to feel insulted you have to say them out loud, you dunce!”


He grabbed her wrists and pulled himself up to kick her in the face. “Are you relly dryin to teach  during a figh?!”


“Please, this isn’t a fight!” Though her face was starting to get covered in boot marks. “This is hardly even a grapple!”


He exploded away from her “Oh you want a fight!?” Katsuki challenged, his hands sparking in anger. “Bring it then, Benjamin bitchy!”


Katsuki slowly pried his teeth out of the concrete and spit out the pebbles in his mouth. He got his head out of the ground to see her crouching over him.


“And what did we learn?”


He spit the last of the rocks onto the ground. “You’re a bicth.”


“You already knew that, what else?”


“I don't know, that I’m not as strong as you!”


“Close. You have a long way to go. That’s the lesson. So quite being so uptight about it. This may come as a shock to you, but I needed an attitude adjustment as well.”


“Is that why you fought me? Because I looked uptight?”


“No, I fought you because I’m uptight. This patrol has been super boring.” Katsuki at least  agreed to that . Both of them were relieved when something other than Katsuki exploded.


Other than the brief slap fight they had, the patrol went smoothly. Mirko and Katsuki sat in silence around their food, now both in civilian clothing, with Mirko wearing that stupid hoodie. “Nice job on patrol today,” Mirko eventually said. Katsuki grunted in response. “You didn’t even burn anyones face off.”


“You heard about that.”


“Sure did.”


Katsuki was sure that a lecture was coming, but it never happened. Maybe the self loathing on his face made it clear it wasn’t needed.


“So you and the redhead,” He said, quickly changing the subject. “How’d that happen?”


“That is a long story, but to sum it up, my wife is better at arguing than I am. And I eventually relented at the idea of having a mini me. We went through a lot of options and learned that I am not a motherly figure to most children.”



“Most kids were scared of me, and the smarter ones were scared of my wife, and me. But then there was Eijiro. When I met him, I kneeled down close to look him over he didn’t look all that different. Then he bit me. That’s when I knew he was the right one.”

Chapter Text

“Now then,” Gunhead addressed the class. “Let’s switch to using your quirks, everyone. As well as any support items you may have. I would like you all to observe each other in these next matches, so we will go one by one in the main ring. Who would like to go first?” Fuyumi immediately raised her hand. “I love the enthusiasm. Just… don’t be quite as enthusiastic as you were at the festival, please. Be sure that you can fight effectively, while being conscious of the space around you so no one gets hurt.”


Fuyumi nodded as both her and Ochako entered the matted ring. “Let’s go until one is pinned or forfeits. Are you both ready?” They both nodded. “And~ fight .”


Fuyumi jumped back, sending forward a series of spikes that came to a much duller point than the ones she used during the festival. Ochako made herself weightless and lept in the air, clearing the spikes. Fuyumi launched a stream of fire at Ochako just as she reached her zenith. Ochako re-weighted her gloves, making her drop below the flames like a stone.


She crashed forward through the ice, nearly reaching Fuyumi before another pillar of ice rocketed her upwards. Ochako used her superior agility to try and dodge past Fuyumi’s defenses, until she finally got close enough to land a decisive blow.


Before her strike could land, Fuyumi covered her fist in ice and rocketed it forward, blasting steam out it’s front to launch Ochako away. Ochako slipped and recovered quickly, but not before Gunhead stepped in.


“Good work. Both of you.”


“Huh?” Ochako asked. “Why are you stopping us, Sir?”


“I’ve seen all I need to. Who here can tell me who would have won that fight?” A white haired student raised her hand. “Yes, Intelli.”


“Uraraka would have made short work of Fuyumi after the fight ended. Uraraka’s support items, combined with Fuyumi needing to hold back due to the environment means Uraraka can easily avoid Fuyumi’s smaller attacks. Even with her training the last few days, Fuyumi simply cannot compete with Uraraka’s lifetime of experience. As well, it appears Fuyumi has not been resting enough.”


Fuyumi remained expressionless through Intelli’s explanation. “That’s right.” Gunhead turned to Fuyumi. “And, Fuyumi, you really should get more sleep. Turn early tonight, okay? With how hard you’ve been working, you're due for a break anyway.”


“Yes sir.”


Ochako considered speaking up. She knew exactly why Fuyumi wasn’t sleeping during her midnight walks. She didn’t know why Fuyumi went on nightly patrols, but she didn’t want to invade her privacy. Maybe tonight she would follow her just to make sure she wasn’t doing anything dangerous.


Momo tossed around in her bed. While she was tired despite it being midday, she still had enough restless energy for a bit more training. Extra practice could make up for a bit of missed sleep. Even if matching Nagant’s sleep schedule for a night shift would take some getting used to.


She made a baseball launcher in the gun range and stood in front of the targets once again as it began firing downrange. She juiced up the battery with a bit of One For All to keep her on her toes.


Before long, dozens of baseballs littered the ground. She would have to find something to do with all her creations left behind due to her quirk. Many were so niche that she could not in good conscience reabsorb them, since they were now “stuck” to be used in that form. It would take up too much of her fat stores, and she did not want to weigh herself down with unneeded items inside her.


Maybe she could sell them as merchandise when she became a pro. ‘Buy the cannonball Atelier made to defeat the dragon villain.’ ‘Purchase the steel rod that smacked a yakuza in the shin.’ It would certainly make for a unique line of goods.


“What are you doin’ here, kid?”


Momo snapped to attention. “Teacher?” she yelped. “Why are you up?” Momo quickly created an off button for the launcher and deactivated it, making it whir to a stop.


“Baseballs getting launched at a wall repeatedly are not as subtle as you may assume.”


“Sorry I woke you.”


“Lucky for you, I plan on being woken randomly at any hour of the day.”


“I’ll clean this up and get back to bed at once.”


“You don’t have to do that..”


Momo blinked. “I don’t?”


“Not if you don’t want to. I just came to see what you were doing.” She turned to leave and walked out the door.


“Are you certain?”


“Yep. If you want to train instead of sleep, who am I to stop you?”


She left Momo alone in the range as the door clicked behind her. “I mean, you’re my teacher, but…”


Momo shook off the strange encounter and reactivated the baseball launcher, allowing herself to get back in the rhythm.

Chapter Text

“I thought patrolling would have more… patrolling involved.”


“Most heroes patrol directly behind where we’re facing,“ Tsutsumi said, looking through the scope protruding from her arm. “More than enough to deal with most crime in that area. Me surveilling that area would have diminishing returns compared to surveilling here.”


“And you are sure about this?”


“I’ve been in Hosu for many years, Atelier. I have stopped more crime that would not have been stopped by another hero otherwise than any other patrol pattern. That’s even why I bought this building. I certainly didn’t do it for the aesthetics.”


“You don’t seem like the type to buy anything for the aesthetics.”


“Well,” Tsutsumi said, not letting the conversation distract her. “You’re not wrong.”


Tsutsumi suddenly stiffened and retracted her scope. “Armed robbery at a convenience store. I’ll pursue.”


“Wait, what do I do?”


Tsutsumi regarded her as she pointed her gun back toward the roof. “Keep up.” She fired, sending out an explosion of smoke from the blank that threw her across the rooftops. She somehow managed to make bouncing through the air by firing a gun made out of her arm appear graceful.


Momo took a deep breath before running to the edge of the building. All her instincts were trying to tell her that throwing yourself off a roof is actually a bad idea actually, but she tried not to let them slow her down.


With One For All flowing through her, she leapt from the roof, extending herself as far as she could go. She soared through the sky, the wind whipping her ponytail out behind her… She wasn’t gonna make it. She was good enough at math to realize that her arc did not end on the other roof.


In a panic, momo flailed through the air a split second before- Hang on, I have a sort of jetpack. She leaned backward as two larger versions of Hatsumei’s jets appeared on her back, lurching her upward through the air. Momo sailed through the air just gracefully enough to go in a single direction, and managed to land in a tumble on the roof.


Despite the discomfort of a clumsy landing, Momo was smiling. “That was awesome.” She got up and darted after her teacher, with One For All and Hatsumei’s inventions working in sync surprisingly well for a first time run. Momo whooped as she leapt from rooftop to rooftop, letting herself enjoy the wind in her hair and her quirk-fueled speed for the brief moments before she made it to the store. 


"Good, you made it. There’s one man with a shotgun robbing this place. Think you can handle it? ”


“He’s robbing an out of the way convenience store with a shotgun? That seems a little excessive, don’t you think?”


She shrugged. “Criminals are weird.” The man ran out, holding a bag of cash under the forearm of the gun. “You’re up, Atelier.”


Momo dashed after him. “Hey! Stop!” The man whirled around and fired. Momo created a sheet of metal to block the shot, but got the wind knocked out of her.


Momo stopped to recover and tried to throw the metal at the fleeing man, but it sailed wide. Three shots rang out behind her and she watched one hit him in the back of the knee, another knocked the gun from his hand when it came back into sight as he threw his arms up as he fell. The third blasted Tsutsumi forward. Her knee collided into his back bringing him to the ground, and she landed on top of him, catching his gun with one hand and neatly handcuffing him with the other.


She turned the safety on and begane inspecting the weapon. “You're still robbing convenience stores when you have a gun this expensive?”


“Hey, why do you think I'm robbing the place, lady? I don’t have the best spending habits.”


“Well, at least you have good taste.”


“Is fraternizing part of the procedure, Nagant?” Momo asked after she had gotten her breath back.


“Nah. There just aren't many people in the hero industry that want to talk about guns.”


Momo approached the both of them and used her quirk to make sure he was properly secured. “I’m sorry. I should have done better.”


“Yeah, you should have. That’s why when I say to get seven hours of sleep you get seven hours of sleep. My schedule for you took into account your fitness, so you wouldn't over-exert yourself.”


“Sorry, teacher. I was trying to be the best I could.”


“Your best isn’t going to be enough if you kill yourself during training. We need you at 100 percent, and you can’t do that if you don’t even get enough sleep.”


“Then why didn’t you stop me?”


“I needed you to actually learn. Not just have me tell you. I needed something that would get through to you.”


“Yeah, you should listen to her, girlie,” the criminal interjected. “I learned that lesson the hard way.”


“Hush, you.”

Chapter Text

Fuyumi snuck downstairs in the dead of night through Gunhead's agency. She took her usual route to the roof and made a bridge to the next building over, sublimating it behind her.


She stayed close to the hero's patrol routes that passed through sparsely populated back alleys. Response times here were slower than other parts of the city. She stuck to using her ice bridges, passing from rooftop to rooftop to avoid attracting attention.


Most nights she would keep at this for hours without finding anything before she had to head back, but tonight she didn’t have to wait long. The now familiar sound of metal meeting flesh resonated from a nearby alleyway.  Fuyumi ran toward it, finding just who she was looking for.


The hero killer stood over the body of a hero, raising his double blade katana over his head, ready to finish the hero off. “You fakes are all the same,” he was saying. “Always trying to-.” He was cut off when Fuyumi trapped his wrist in ice. “Another hero.” He turned slowly and regarded her, breaking her ice with his other hand. “No… A child in a suit. You should leave. This is no place for children.”


“Your katana has two blades on its hilt. And you’re wearing that stupid looking scarf. It’s a pretty iconic look for a serial killer. I’ve been looking for you, Stain.”


“My business is not for that of children. But if you intend to stop me, know this, child.” He pointed his sword at her. “I will defend my kill.”


“Oh, I do intend to stop you. But that’s not why I came looking. I have a question for you.”


A chain shot from his wrist and came sailing toward Fuyumi. Her eyes widened as she lurched to the side to dodge the blade on its end, but she wasn’t fast enough. The knife nicked her cheek, staining it with her blood.


He yanked his arm back, recoiling the chain back into its place. Fuyumi threw up a wall of ice in between them, trapping the chain before her blood could make it to him. She blasted the blade with flame, burning away her blood before he could get to it.


He jumped on top of her wall, pulling his chain through it as he leapt at her. “Then ask.” His tongue shot for the cut on her face, which she forced back by igniting the skin around it, causing him to recoil away from the heat.


“Why? Why did you kill him?!”


“I kill a lot of people.”


“My father, you bastard! What was the fucking point ?!”


“The same reason I kill all the other fakes. They are a blight on this world. Perverting the name of ‘hero’ for their own selfish ends.”


“You think I would believe that,” she spat.


“Believe it if you want. It matters little to me. Now, are you going to do the smart thing and run now that you have your answer? Or will you stay here, and die trying to save a worthless fake?”


“You expect me to believe he died to some maniac’s silent crusade? You really are as crazy as you look.”


“If it makes you feel better,” he said, mockingly. “It’s not silent by my choice.”


“Shut up. I’ll get the truth if I have to beat it out of you first!” Ice shot from her feet, covering the ground in frost, and forcing him to jump. She blasted him with fire, but he shot the blade on his wrist into the wall and pulled himself aside. 


Even with fewer people around, she couldn’t risk harming any civilians with a larger attack. The blades from his wrist twirled around her, keeping her stumbling away as she tried to follow their movements as he inched closer and closer to her.


She made a thin dome of ice around to protect herself, completely covering her from any direction.


“Blocking your line of sight from an opponent faster than you? Rookie mistake.” Fuyumi could just make out his outline as he made a B-line for her. She coalesced a ball of pure white flame into her palm, shooting it forward in what looked more like a beam of light than flame. He jumped out of the way just in time, again using his chain knives on the alley walls to get away from her attack.


The heat from the attacks melted her pockets of cold air, causing her coat to flare up with wind. “Am I really not going to get a straight answer from you?” she panted. “I spent all this time searching just to listen to you drone on about ‘fakes’.” She repaired the damage she had made to her dome and kept her eyes on his silhouette.


He didn’t respond, instead backing away and outside of her sight range. She watched closely as his form slowly faded to nothing. There’s no way he retreated. This could be my chance to save the-. No. If this is a trap, I’m no good to him dead.


Fuyumi’s ears rang from the sudden silence, the only noise coming from the periodic drips of water from the dome. She didn’t dare blink as she searched her surroundings, ready to strengthen her dome at a moment's notice.


The sound of metal scraping against ice shook the dome around her. Her head whipped up to the sound to see chains wrapping around the top of the dome. She tried to strengthen it, but it was too late. Stain tore the roof off, hurling himself toward her with blinding speed.


Her side burst alight with flame, allowing her to dodge out of the way. She watched with wide eyes as both blades sailed right past her face, each coming within a hair's width of her eyes.


She didn’t let up with her flames. She burst away from him like a rocket, melting a hole in the ice behind her in order to get away and make it to the hero's side and repair her dome to trap the hero killer.


She checked his wounds, and covered them in ice to stop the bleeding. “If nothing else, at least let me save you.”


She raised him on a bed of ice to carry him away just as the roof of the dome burst as Stain leaped from his prison. Midair, he shot his chain dart right at her, which she easily dodged this time. It was too late when she figured out what he was doing.


It’s end embedded into the ground, pulling him towards her with his blade forward. Fuyumi threw herself to- he’s not aiming for me. Fuyumi had just enough time to know neither her ice or fire would be fast enough to save him.


Without thinking, Fuyumi was in front of him in the blink of an eye, taking both blades all the way through her chest, stopping just short of the man behind her. Through the pain, she held down the blood her body tried to cough up to not give him an easier target.


She gritted her teeth as pushed against the sword, glaring into the hero killer's eyes. He leaned back ever so slightly in surprise, seeming to be almost impressed from the smile forming across his face. Her mouth still leaking blood, Fuyumi prepared a spike behind to run him through.


Before she even had her ice behind him, his knife was at her throat. “I’ll ask again, hero.” He said the word with no bite or mockery. “Will you stand down and live? Or will you die? He pressed his knife further into her neck, drawing blood. “It’s your choice. Do I kill two tonight? Or just one false hero.” Looking down at the knife, Fuyumi let herself fall. “Good choice.” He pushed her off his blades, not even bothering to lick her blood as she fell against the wall.


Not even an answer… Looks like you were wrong, Momo. I’m no hero. Trying to save a man's life, and I can’t even get an answer from a psycho on a crusade.

Suddenly, something emerged from the darkness and slammed into him, sending him careening away from the hero. The object came to a stop at the opposite end of the alley. A car? Fuyumi looked to see who could have thrown it, standing at the mouth of the alleyway.

Chapter Text

“Uraraka?! What are you doing here?”


“I knew you were probably doing something inadvisable on your walks. Who is this guy, anyway?”


“That would be the hero killer.”


Her expression froze. “...Oh.”


Stain got to his feet more easily than someone who had just been hit by a car had any right to. “Another student to get in my way. I know she was Endeavors, but I don’t know you.”


Uraraka seemed taken aback. “Did you… not see me at the sports festival.”


He gave her a flat stare. “Do I look like a man who watches sports?”


“He’s got a point, Uraraka.”


“I put a hole in your lung, how are you still talking?”


Fuyumi coughed up blood. “You should have watched the sports festival.”


“Clearly.” He charged at Uraraka, swinging his sword right at her chest. She was instantly in position. Bringing her leg up to her arm, she snapped the blades in half between her knee and elbow.


Scraps of metal went flying as the broken sword passed Uraraka harmlessly. Stains momentum drove his attack past her, allowing Uraraka to land a blow to his jaw, sending him flying backward into the car she had thrown.


Uraraka gave herself a quick fist-pump to celebrate her success. She put her phone to her ear, only for it to have a hole punched in it by Stain’s chain dart. Fuyumi glanced over to see him already recovered from being thrown into a car bumper.


Before he could retract the blade, Ochako grabbed the chain midair. Her fingers flashed pink, making it weightless as she yanked upward, taking Stain with it. So she can make things weightless as long as they’re touching?


Ochako returned his weight just as he reached the apex of her arc and slammed him into the ground with all her might. Again, she made the chain weightless and hurled him upward. 


Except, he didn’t follow her throw. He had already detached himself from the chain as soon as his weight returned.


“So,” Stain growled. “A gravity quirk. That will make things easier.” Uraraka threw the chain into the sky, out of reach of Stain as he charged again. Stain switched to his second sword and unleashed a flurry of attacks against Ochako, seeming to Fuyumi to be attacking multiple times in a single moment against Uraraka, and…


And she was amazing. Each blow was met with the sparks of metal gloves or with open air. Fuyumi could hardly keep up with what she was seeing. She had never seen Uraraka fight like this before.


Stain lunged forward to stab her, and Fuyumi just managed to catch Uraraka making herself weightless in time to bring both her legs up and wrap them around the hero killer’s arm. Uraraka threw herself backward, keeping herself latched to Stain and returning her weight to throw him to the ground.


Uraraka locked his arm behind him and kept him pinned. “The heroes are on their way, Stain. I sent my location before you broke my phone. It’s over.”


“Not quite.” In a flash, Stain’s other hand was at his mouth, and licked the blood from his knife. He must have cut her too quickly for either of them to notice.


With Uraraka completely rigid, Stain quickly pulled himself free of her grasp. “As annoying as your interruptions have been, it is nice to see that the one true hero is still able to pass her own drive to her students. You both fought like true heroes should, and for that, neither of you will die this day. I will-” A bloodied hand covered his mouth, cutting off his monolog. Someone had jumped onto his back and wrapped their limbs around his arms, and with Stain’s quirk activating automatically, whoever they were had practically frozen themselves to him.




Fuyumi didn’t have enough time to process this as the hero beside her was just beginning to stir. He got to his feet and shuffled towards Stain, drawing a knife. Fuyumi feebly reached for him, ignoring the pain to try to keep him from killing himself.


“Don’t,” She coughed out. “He’ll kill you.”


“Are you kidding me?” he replied weakly. “He’s even more beat up then the rest of us.” Just one look into the killer's eyes let them both know just how little that mattered to him. Spikes emerged from Stain’s boots, making it clear that even suffocating and with arms pinned to his side, he would still kill him.


With the last of her strength, she shot a wall of ice toward the sky, covering his escape. “Just run. You’re the only here he’s trying to kill. So please. Get out of here.”


He looked hesitant, still glancing back and forth between her and the ice. He finally made up his mind when the ice started to crack, bolting as best he could with his wounds towards the moving car lights that seemed so far off through her bleary vision.


Her ice eventually shattered and Stain jumped through. He looked around and saw his target was too far to catch now without drawing attention. “You let him get away.” Stain said not looking at her, his voice surprisingly calm.


Fuyumi coughed in a vague facsimile of a laugh. “Yeah. What are you gonna do about it?” She didn’t have enough left in her to hear his response as she drifted off into unconsciousness.

Chapter Text

When Izuku had gotten a message from Uraraka with nothing but her location in an out of the way alley, he had panicked. She wanted to meet him in someplace quiet and out of the way? He hadn’t expected her to be quite so… bold.


It turns out he was panicking for the entirely wrong reason. Izuku had followed Uraraka’s signal and what he had seen made his stomach drop. Uraraka was fighting who he could only be the hero killer. And she was losing.


He ducked behind a dumpster for cover while he quickly analyzed the situation. Maybe an attack from behind? He knew he wouldn't be any help in a straight up fight. He approached as silently as he could, waiting for Stain to face away before getting close enough to risk being spotted.


He had nearly given up his hiding spot in a panic when Uraraka was paralyzed before he realized Stain wasn’t going to hurt her. Wait. Paralyzed? As soon as Stain started monologuing, Izuku made his move. He slashed his own palm before jumping on Stains back, covering his mouth and nose so he couldn't breath and making sure Stain’s quirk activated to lock Izuku’s muscles, and completely immobilizing Stain’s arms.


Izuku’s muscles locked up as soon as his blood met Stain's mouth. He could see Fuyumi bleeding from the stab wounds in her chest, staring at him in shock while Uraraka was looking up at him and Stain with a similar look to Fuyumi. Stain wriggled in his grasp, but the paralysis was too strong.


Something slid its way out of Stains sleeve, and Izuku could make out the shape of a knife. Even with his arms pinned to his side, Stain flipped the blade onto a windowsill beside them. Izuku’s eyes widened as he realized what Stain was planning.


With his legs still free, Stain pivoted his back towards the blade and slammed Izuku into the wall with blade protruding out and braced against the window. The knife stabbed into the small of Izuku’s back, making him scream in pain.


Uraraka tried to move for him, but she couldn't move a muscle. Again and again, Stain plunged the knife into his back, coating it in the deep crimson of his blood.


The attacks slowed as Stain nearly fell to his knees, the air in his lungs no longer enough to sustain him. Izuku could see Uraraka feebly trying to reach for him through the paralysis, eyes burning with desperation and determination. Stain didn’t allow himself to fall and slowly got to his feet, wavering with Izuku on his back. Stain took one last charge at the wall, this time shattering Izuku’s spine with the blade.


The blood loss numbed his mind enough he could barely feel the pain.  He hardly even noticed the paralysis fade as he fell to the ground, letting Stain gasp in the air Izuku had robbed him off.


Stain coughed and sputtered until he was finally able to fully recover. “Sorry, kid.” He finally stated. “If you had any other blood type...or had made one more cut.” He gasped for air. “That would have worked.” He made his way to the ice wall Fuyumi had made. “For what it’s worth... I hope you live.”


He threw himself against the wall as darkness overcame Izuku’s vision.


After several agonizing minutes of watching Izuku bleed out in front of her, her muscles finally started working again. By this point the hero killer was long gone. She stumbled to her feet and rushed to his side and took his phone to dial 119.


“This is 119, what is y-”


“We need the pros and ambulances for three with multiple stab wounds. The hero killer is nearby, and fleeing the scene. We have one victim with slashes all across his body, one with several in his back, and one with two going through her chest.”


“Copy that. Did the wounds in her chest reach her heart?” Ochako looked over to the now unconscious Fuyumi. “No.”


“Good. Go to the one with the wounds in his back and apply pressure to them. Ochako was surprised at how calm she was as the operator helped her through tending to Izuku. She knew mostly what to do, but the instructions helped her stay calm.


“Please,” she whispered. “Stay with me.”

Momo: earlier

Momo looked through binoculars to where she and Nagant were staking out when she got a message.


“That’s odd,” Momo said, perplexed.






“Are you gonna make me ask what it is?”


“A classmate of mine sent a text to the class, and it’s just her location.” She checked for any kind of follow up. “No more information than that.”


“Well, go check it out.”


“Are you sure? They’re on the other side of the city..”


“You’re fast enough to make it in time. If they want their classmates with them, you should go. I can handle this from here.”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Momo nodded.


Momo shook herself in preparation for her new way to run. She went over every step in her head one last time. Absorb the air in front of me to reduce drag, make turbine engines from my back that absorb the air I recreate out my back for thrust, don’t forget to keep it small so as to not shatter the nearby windows.


Momo’s costume ripped from the engines that sprouted from her back as she tore across the city streets. One For All pounded through her body as her legs carried her out of the city in what felt like no time at all.


It did not take long before Momo closed in on the location and slowed down. She reabsorbed the engines on her back and jumped to the rooftops to continue her run. Momo bolted across the rooftops of Hosu, worry overcoming the feeling of freedom that came with her speed. Uraraka had only sent her location, which didn’t automatically mean it was an emergency, but did little to inspire comfort.


Before she made it to the alleyway, she spotted a figure coming right for her. She recognized it just from the description on the news. The hero killer was coming right for her.

Chapter Text

Momo skidded to a stop in tandem with him on the same roof as they stared each other down. Looking him over she could see he had been in a fight. And the fact he was here either meant he won, or one party had fled. The lack of anyone giving chase made her guess it was the former. But whoever it was he had been fighting had done a number on him. He was limping and clearly out of breath. “I know you,” he said, his voice raspy. “You’re her successor.”


“How many?” she asked, ignoring his implication.


“My hunt has been… stymied. This night. What’ll it be, hero? Me or your friends?” Friends? Plural? Did that mean her classmates were here? No, she couldn't think about that right now. I have a chance to stop a serial killer. If I stop him now, I’ll save more people than going to help whoever he fought. If I let him go, there’s no telling how many people he will kill.


She charged the hero killer. “I knew it,” he said with a grin.


His quirk is a blood type that somehow renders its victims helpless. I’m not sure how exactly, but it managed to make Fuyumi’s dad go down without a fight, then I can’t afford to get cut even once.


Momo made a spear in her hand and a suit of armor all around her, with the joints filled with mail for further protection and covered her eyes in reinforced glass. The suit didn’t allow her to breathe, but with One For All, that wouldn't be a problem. Momo thrust her spear forward as far as she could reach, which he easily dodged.


As much as Momo wanted to end this fight quickly to help the injured, she was forced back as soon as the fight started. Momo may have been faster, but there was no contest in their skill. Momo quickly retreated to the next building, hoping that if he jumped his predictable trajectory would allow her to take an easy shot.


She fired as soon as he jumped, but he was still too fast. Stain used his chain to pull himself out of the way, landing on the rooftop and going for her again. Momo dashed forward to meet him, spear out in front and Stain stopped the blade as it went for his stomach, but it wasn’t enough to stop Momo herself. She barreled into him, sending them both tumbling across the roof.


She tried to tranq him again, but he was off her in a moment with his knife drawn before she could even stand. He kicked her in the stomach hard enough to shatter his own foot and dent the steel in both their armor. Momo was stunned from the pain long enough for Stain to grab her face and pry off a piece of her faceplate with his knife. Momo was too stunned to try to stop him in the split second it took for the metal to be ripped from her face, taking a part of the skin with it.


The panic sent enough adrenaline through her to roll past him before he could get to the wound and pick up her piece of armor and throw it across the city. Stain grinned at her as she placed her fingers to the wound to find blood leaking down to her chest. I could cover it with… No. I have an idea.


She kept Stain at bay with her spear as she wiped away the blood with a cloth and placed it in her belt. She gripped the spear in both hands and began to spin it in a circle in front of her faster and faster until it became a blur of motion. She advanced, and Stains attack was easily blocked by the whirling spear that Momo twirled around herself and kept the momentum to swing at Stain and switch the spear to her other hand to continue the assault.


She could hardly keep up with herself as she let One For All loose to the point of it being painful just to keep Stain away from her. Just when she saw an opening, Momo lunged, letting all of her speed come to a sudden stop for one last attack… Which he dodged.


Just as she planned. Stain got within her defense and thrust his sword forward, knowing that even touching the wound on her face would end the fight. With enough force to crack the roof beneath her, Momo leapt into the sky and twisted in the air to still be facing the ground. She absorbed the butt of the spear into her shoulder to shoot it to the ground by extending its length. She slammed it between the two blades of Stains sword, trapping it to the ground with its crossguard as she continued her flip through the air and making a hammerhead on the butt of the spear and placed her foot on the shaft to tear off the hammer and swing it down on stains head.


The hammer cracked against his skull, sending him lurching forward in pain. Stain recovered in an instant, eyes wild enough to completely ignore his injuries and fatigue. His tongue shot forward right for her cheek that was still dripping blood.


Momo created a blade right where Stain was aiming for. Pushing it forward, the blade stabbed through the bottom of Stain's tongue and traveled past his teeth and scraped against the roof of his mouth. His eyes widened as his muscles locked up and he fell to his side, still stuck in the moment of shock and pain.


Momo absorbed the Armor back into her body, finally letting herself take a breath since this fight began. She wanted nothing more than to rest, but she didn’t know how long the paralysis would last. She got to work tying him up with wire that would snap closed with tension as soon as his muscles could move again. She kept him on her back as she followed his path to possibly find any injured.


Momo limped as much as one could when jumping from rooftop to rooftop without falling and finally made it to where Uraraka had sent her location and what she was as bad as she had feared. Uraraka was already seeing to Midoriya who seemed to have gotten the worst of it, beside a hero she didn’t recognize and…


Her breath caught in her throat. She dropped Stain and ran to her side, creating  every bit of equipment that could help with a stab wound, not caring about reaching her limit.


“Hey there, gorgeous. Come to save your damsel in distress?,” Fuyumi mumbled. “Wait, I already made that joke, didn’t I?”


“Just stop talking. You lost a lot of blood already, you should save your strength. And you’d better not die on me. You still owe me a date.”


“Eh, it’s not as bad as our fight, so I’m still taking you to that sushi place, punctured lung or not. There’s not even poison this time… I think. I can’t really feel anything anymore.”


Momo continued to treat her wound, letting herself breath again once she knew Fuyumi would live, and wiping the tears from her eyes so she could see what she was doing. “If you’re feeling good enough to make jokes, would you mind telling me how exactly you managed to acquire two more stab wounds? From the hero killer, no less.”


“Oh yeah. I went after him.”


“You WHAT?!”


“I said I went after Stain.”


“But… why? What could have possibly possessed you to do something so foolish?” Behind her, she noticed Uraraka carrying Midoriya away with her quirk.


“I needed to know why he killed my dad.” At the mention of her father, what little color was left drained from Fuyumi’s face. “My dad. He’s… he’s really gone isn’t he?” Momo could do little more than nod as she saw to her wounds. “I... I knew the job was dangerous, but I thought he would at least go out in a blaze of glory or something. He’s the number two hero. He would never.” Her breath caught. “He wouldn't just… leave me.”


Momo finished treating her wounds as fast as she could as Fuyumi began to cry. As soon as the last bandage was wrapped, Momo wrapped her arms around, letting her cry into her shoulder.

Chapter Text

Ochako had stopped the bleeding as best she could and Momo had provided her with whatever she needed, but Ochako couldn't stop herself from worrying. “Is there a place I can meet the ambulance halfway?” She asked the operator. “My quirk lets me move pretty quickly.”


“You’re not allowed-.”


Is there a place I can meet them, or not? The only other person here that can help is already treating someone else, and there’s not much more I can do here.”


There was silence for longer than she liked. “How fast can you move with him?”


“Don’t bother trying to break free,” Momo said when she saw Stain trying to move again. “I didn’t have enough time to find all the blades on you, so I used a type of wire that is near impossible to cut. Even if you do get free, I’m still capable of restraining you again.”


He chuckled, a horrible guttural noise that reminded her just how unhinged he really was. “I’m impressed, girl. I see Influx is still capable of training worthy heroes.”


“Is that what this has been about? A hero's worthiness?”


“This society is overrun with fakes. I will stain my hands with their blood if it means ridding this world of their filth.”


“And you thought you could do it all on your own.”


“Not… necessarily. I wanted to show the world its own failings so that people would see the plague for what it was.”


“You were willing to kill dozens of people for your crusade, but not… learn basic marketing?”


He laughed again. “More that I… underestimated my opposition.”


Izuku reluctantly opened his eyes to the harsh hospital lights staring down at him. He was numb everywhere below the waist and couldn’t even tell if he could move his legs. If he had a shattered spine, it would be a while before he would be able to leave. He tilted his head to see what looked like a blood bag hanging  above his arm, and barely recognized his mom through his bleary vision. 


She shrunk down beside him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a gentle hug to not disturb his wounds. Izuku leaned into it and returned as best he could.


It was several minutes before either of them spoke. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”


Izuku let out a small laugh. “I had no idea it was anything serious. The girl who likes me sends me her location with no other information. I never would have guessed… that.”


“I heard what happened from Uraraka. You did amazing, sweetie.”


“I should have known to cut my hand twice. I could see his double bladed Katana from where I was hiding. I could have put the pieces together as to why he had that kind of weapon.”


“That kind of deductive reasoning is reserved for movie detectives and people with intellect quirks. Don’t let anyone , not the media, not yourself, tell you otherwise.”


Izuku groaned. The media. He had hoped they would only be something he would have to deal with at the yearly sports festivals until he became a pro. But he just had to go save people's lives and ruin everything. “What are they saying?”


“Nothing unexpected. ‘Oh, this poor foolish boy! The heroes deluded him into thinking he could be one of them despite being quirkless, and just look at what happened. He was brutally stabbed. He should hang up his cape before he gets hurt again.’”


“But Fuyumi got stabbed too.”


His mom somehow made her shrug look sarcastic as she took the exaggerated persona of a newscaster. “That’s just what happens when hero students get attacked by a serial killer, Izuku. You can’t expect them to fight a man who killed more than 20 pro heroes. The highest kill count attributed to a single man ever since the Influx took the scene. Just look at-” she deflated even more as her personna dropped. “You get the idea. After you went unconscious, Momo took on Stain and managed to apprehend him by cutting his tongue. We’re still waiting for Fuyumi to wake up and tell the full story. But so far, everyone is in the clear for using their quirks in self defense. Not that you have to worry about that.”


Izuku settled into his bed more comfortably. “Good for Momo.”


“I think she’s a bit too worried about you and her girlfriend to feel pride right now. Seeing someone you care about is a feeling she is going to have to get used to. Stopping our loved ones from getting themselves hurt is an ability no hero has learned.” She gave him a pointed stare.


“I know,” Izuku said, putting his hands up. “And I guess I’ll have to learn that, too. You haven't really taught me that yet.” Izuku managed a shaky grin. 


“Oh, well I guess I’ve been slacking off. I’ll try to get mortally wounded some time soon to help you with that.”


“Get on that, would you?”


They both devolved into giggling, enjoying a moment to simply relax together.


The door slid open to reveal a haggard and panting Uraraka. “Oh thank goodness you’re all right. After I saw you in that ambulance…”


“I’m fine. Well, as fine as you can be in a hospital bed. How are you doing, though? I didn’t really see what happened when you fought Stain.”


“Just a gash. Won’t even get a scar out of it. How's Fuyumi?”


“She's still out.” Inko responded, as she stood to leave. “I’m sure someone needs me somewhere, so I’ll leave you two to it.” As soon as she passed Uraraka, Inko turned to give him a massive, goofy grin along with two thumbs up. He would have stuck his tongue out at her if Uraraka wasn’t staring right at him. She took a seat by his bed and leaned in a bit too close.


“Are you sure you’re alright?”


“Well, I’m not too well versed in medical quirks, and I’ve never been to this hospital before, so it is possible there are quirks that makes me feel like I’m fine in spite of any pain I should be feeling, although normal pain responses aren’t designed for a hospital setting where feeling pain might not actually mean anything bad, so I might-”


“Let me rephrase,” Uraraka giggled. “How do you feel?”


“Oh… I feel fine.”


Uraraka visibly relaxed. “That’s good. Sorry I wasn't much help.”


“Are you kidding? You were amazing! You went head to head with the hero killer and came away with no more than a gash. If it wasn’t for you, that hero would be dead and Stain would have gotten away.”


She blushed slightly. “Thanks, Midoriya. You did well too.”


“Not as well as you. I got a bit more than a gash from that fight.”


Uraraka snorted. “A bit?”


“Okay, maybe more than a bit. But I’m serious. You were amazing. The only other to walk away as unscathed as you was Momo, and her power is-...”