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Can't Remember to Forget You

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Sometimes being with Can was like having a case of permanent whiplash.  It was unusual to be around someone who spoke their mind so freely, like he didn’t possess the same filter that kept most of the world from speaking their minds. For a while it seemed like he was the only one excluded from that, like Can possessed a filter with him simply because he’d brought out some deep-seeded shyness. That didn’t seem to be the case anymore. At the same time, there were a lot of things he knew he said that people didn’t want to hear, things that had Pete shushing him when he told someone exactly what he didn’t like about them. He’d done it to Money quite a few times when she’d come around, and each time he was scolded for not speaking kindly.  It was half of why he’d earned the nickname the Ice Prince.  Can was much the same in that regard, except he did seem to care if he hurt someone's feelings - he more than cared - but in every other way he said whatever was on his mind.  

“You want to take a nap?  We were making out,” he teased, unable to stop himself despite how crazy Can was driving him.  The most he’d hoped for when Can had rushed up to him wanting to leave with him was maybe a little kissing, at the very most.  Can having his leg wrapped around his waist, while he lay on him with his shirt somewhere on the floor was a beautiful surprise.  He let his lips trail down his jaw, nipping lightly on the skin just below his ear as he pushed his hips down against Can’s.  It was satisfying, he had to admit, doing those types of things just when Can was opening his mouth to talk and nothing more than a gasp, a squeak, or a moan came out.   As much as he liked listening to him talk, it was nice having two very distinct ways now to shut him up, even if only one of them could be done in public.  Of course, it also helped that the sounds that came from him were far better than any he’d ever heard before.  Sounds he didn’t care if he’d heard before were like music to his ears when they came from Can.

“Tin,” Can’s voice sounded very much like he was trying to scold him, trying and failing because he sounded as turned on as Tin felt.  “Tin,” he tried again, “you know what I mean, you know I mean the kind of sleep where we aren’t actually sleeping, why do you have to tease me?” The grin that had already been on his lips only grew as he sucked on the soft skin on his neck with a purpose, leaving a mark.  His grin only faltered when he felt himself pushed, hands on his chest pushing him until he sat up.   His eyebrows furrowed, worried as he sat on Can’s legs, his own legs on either side of his.  Can sat up as well, his hands moving to the hem of his shirt before he pulled it over his head.  It was far from the first time Tin had seen someone else take their shirt off, but just as his heart had reacted with kissing him, with hearing him admit he’d felt something, and especially when he’d asked him on a date, he felt far more than he’d ever felt before.  An means to an end was all it had been before, but with Can… with Can it was so much more.  With Can, he was sure he’d never seen anything remotely as beautiful.  

“Already undressing and I haven’t even answered you,”  more important than anything else, he didn’t want to rush anything.  They’d kissed a grand total of three times, and one of those times had been quite a while ago.  With a deep breath to calm himself, he slowly moved himself off of Can’s lap so they could discuss it, a laugh leaving him as he immediately had to grab the other boy's hands as he started undoing his own pants.  He brought both his hands up to his mouth, placing a kiss to each of them as he let his eyes travel over him.  “You said before you think you’re a bottom, which means you’ve never done this with a guy before.”

“You’re hard, I felt it, why don’t you want to have sex with me?”  There was that whiplash he’d mentioned, Can forever leaving him feeling like his head was spinning.  The fact that he was actually pouting seemed so utterly ridiculous he couldn’t do much more than stare at him.  Can.  His Can.  “Have you done this with a guy before?  Even if you have, I’ll want to try it, and I want it to be with you when I do.  My mind won't change,” everything he said came with a certainty he hadn’t expected to hear, and it was true, he hadn’t done anything with a guy before.  There was only Can, and the girls he’d been with hadn’t really satisfied much.  The want was there, the curiosity, the hunger that had been building up in his imagination for four years.  The evidence of his hunger was already there, very present, as Can has so crudely pointed out.  

“I haven’t but I’ve been with girls,” he admitted slowly, his hands slowly releasing Can’s to let him do what he wanted.  Clearly what he wanted was his pants off, because he immediately started undoing his own button, his own zipper, and was left in just his boxers within seconds.  His orange, football covered boxers.  “I-” there was no point in saying no when one of them was already very close to being naked - by his own hand - and it was clear they were both into the idea.  There were things he could say, but denying Can wasn’t in him, so he stopped whatever he’d been close to saying, instead moving off the bed to undo his own pants and let them fall.  

The small victory dance that was happening in the middle of his bed was as ridiculous as Can was.  

Once his pants were off, he moved back to sit on Can’s legs, his hand firm on his chest as he pushed him to lay back down.  He looked beautiful laying there, his face and chest both flushed, his dark eyes staring up at him, full of trust.  A very noticeable tent lifting his boxers. What he’d done to earn that look, to get to be anywhere near his side was beyond him, but he was willing to do whatever it took to keep him there.  To earn that trust a thousand times over no matter what he had to do.  Teasingly slow, he leaned back down, taking his time as Can’s arms wound back around his neck.  He placed the briefest kiss to his lips before his mouth found his neck again, nipping at the very same spot he’d marked before.  He let his hand move, keeping himself propped up one one forearm while the other hand palmed the boy beneath him through his boxers.  It had been obvious that Can was hard before he’d even taken his pants off, he’d not only seen it, but he’d felt the evidence when he’d pushed his hips up, even more so when his leg had moved around his waist.  

Feeling it with his hand was somehow even more of a turn on. He’d known that he was hard, but now he could feel just how hard he was.  They matched at least, even with the pause to talk, Tin was already so hard it hurt.  Can pushed against his hand as he let his lips trail down to kiss his shoulder instead, a grin tugging at his lips from the sounds that were escaping him.  “You’re so hard,” he murmured against his shoulder, his hand snaking into his underwear, wrapping tightly around him as he started pumping his fist.   

“I, shit , I know, pl-please Tin,” he moved back up to place another kiss to his lips before he let go and moved. He made quick work of pulling Can’s boxers off before he pulled his own off.  He’d thought seeing him laying there before had been the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen… he’d been wrong.  This was.  Every inch of him bare, his everything there on display just for him.  He drank in the sight, his eyes taking in every inch of him as he moved back over to him. The feeling that he’d gotten to touch him, that he was getting to see him, be with him nearly overwhelmed him.  Where he so often got denied everything he wanted, for the first time, he found himself allowed this one thing, this one person.  Can more than made up for all the years of hurt, he did more than put a bandaid over it… he healed him when no one else could.  

He reconnected their lips, butterflies erupting in his stomach as he felt a hand run down his chest, down his stomach.  He hadn’t promised anything, for now the most he was expecting was exploration.  As far as he was concerned, they had all the time in the world to go the rest of the way.  As long as Can wanted to be with him, for him, there wasn’t a single other person in the world he would ever want except the hyper, talkative boy beneath him.  For now, he fully planned to feel it out and see where things took them.

The hand moved along his stomach before fingertips grazed over his erection, brushing over the head before they moved down his length.  He could tell Can was experimenting, getting a feel for things, and the way he was moving was intoxicating.  Just as their tongues met, tangling together, Can gripped onto him tightly and he gasped into the kiss as his hand moved, slowly at first, up and down before he sped up the pace.  Quick, erratic, leaving him shuddering and moaning into his mouth.  

As much as he wanted Can to continue to touch him, to explore, he gently pushed his hand away, ignoring the protest that was just barely voiced into his mouth.  He moved his own legs, scooting himself up his body as he broke the kiss, lining their cocks against each other as he took them both in his hand.  The protests died as soon as they touched, his hand moving quickly along both of their lengths, pressed firmly together.  Instead of kissing him, he watched hungrily as the boy beneath him moaned and writhed, his back arching into the feeling as his own hand joined in, wrapping around Tin’s hand that was wrapped around both of them.  

“So.. beautiful, Cantaloupe,” he breathed out, his voice trailing off into another moan as Can’s lust filled eyes met with his.  Neither of them were going to last long, he could already feel the tension building, could see the way Can was tensing, the way his breath was coming out in short pants.  He slowed his touch, desperately wanting to prolong the inevitable.  If he could, he’d keep it going forever, but the tightening in his groin told him he wasn’t going to last, not when he’d been wanting him for so long.  Not when he was watching the most beautiful person he’d ever seen arch into the feeling, his hips moving as he tried to push himself more into his hand, adding friction against his own dick in the process.  

“Tin,” his name was moaned out, loud, Can’s eyes now shut as ecstasy seemed to take over.  His voice, his name moaned was going to be the thing that caused his own undoing, he could feel it, his body shaking as the feeling started to take over.  “Tin I’m… ah... gunna.. I’m gunna…” the sentence was never finished, it trailed off into silence as Can’s mouth fell open, his eyes shut tight as the hand around his own tightened.  Can’s body convulsing, tensing and seeing him release, shooting a crossed his own stomach and chest, landing on his hand broke him.  His own body tensed, Can’s name falling loud and repeated from his lips as he released, his muscles all twitching as he struggled to find breath.

Tin collapsed then, his body falling beside Can’s as he pulled him into his arms.  Can didn’t put up a fight, he instead turned, his body curling into him as his head found his shoulder.  He pressed his own lips to his forehead as he held tight.  It wasn’t exactly what Can had been going for, but he’d be damned if it hadn’t been amazing, if it hadn't been everything.  


❖ - Can - ❖


While the night before had been… he’d admit it, the best thing he’d ever experienced, he was not looking forward to walking into his own home to face Ley.  Cuddled close together, they’d fallen asleep not long after, Tin waking him up an hour later to urge him to go take a shower, as he’d clearly already done while Can had slept.  He didn’t remember feeling Tin move away at any point, frowned at the thought that he had as he practically pouted at him.  The shower had been quick, and when he ran back out into Tin’s bedroom, he was relieved to see him sitting there waiting for him.  He’d already dried off in the bathroom, but he’d left the towel in there, and since Tin had already seen everything , he didn’t bother covering up.  

“So now it’s just okay to be naked whenever you want?” Tin himself had put boxers back on, something he had to admit he was a little disappointed about, and as for Can, well, he crawled right back into Tin’s bed without a care in the world.  The more he was naked, the more chance there was that things would happen again, and maybe he’d get the very thing he’d asked for in the first place.  In answer to Tin's question, he didn't offer words for once, just a wide smile, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively before he curled back up under the warm blankets.

Now though, he was forced to face Ley.  He’d stood outside watching as Tin drove away, his teeth biting at his thumb nail as he slowly walked into the house.  She was there, in front of him before he could even shut the door. “Ai’Ley what are you doing!?” He flinched, his sister rounding on him as she grabbed the back of his shirt at the collar and pulled.  He couldn’t see her face, but she didn’t let go until she found whatever it was she was looking for, not even when he tried to bat her away from him. "Shoooo!" His efforts were in vein, she only batted right back at him as she continued to inspect his - or rather, Tin's shirt. 

“This isn’t yours, P’Can, this is expensive… you were with P’Tin!”  

“No!” He tried, but his voice squeaked, cracking as he tried to deny where he’d been, the realization of why he might be wearing Tin’s clothes dawning on her face as his own turned the brightest shade of red imaginable.  “Off! Go away!” He ran then, as fast as his feet could carry him up the stairs, his bedroom door slammed behind him.  Can leaned against it, his eyes shut as a content smile took over his features.  

The confusion felt as though it was almost all but gone.  He knew how he felt now.  He liked Tin, he liked him so much that he couldn’t stop thinking about him.  He didn’t even care if Ley knew how much he liked him, but that didn’t mean he wanted to talk about it with her.