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Malec Pride

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  1. Storm - It’s raining outside. Magnus is basically a cat while Alec and Madzie are children. Set in canon.
  2. Rainbow - Sequel to Storm
  3. First Date - Potential outcome of 1x10 when Clary and Jace go back to their world. Alternate universe.
  4. Identity Shenanigans - Alec and Magnus switch how they look to please the other for the Pride Parade. Set in canon.
  5. AU: Free For All - Alec goes to a Gladiator Pit as a bodyguard for his fellow Shadowhunter. Gladiator AU (GDOV).
  6. Discovery - Magnus gets insecure about his eyes. Set in canon.
  7. Underground - Three people go up a hill, and Alec only sees two go down. Kill Bill inspired AU.
  8. Elevator - Magnus and Alec, for the first time, share an interesting moment in Alec’s workplace elevator. Office AU.
  9. Closet - Magnus gets on Alec’s case about his style. Highschool AU.
  10. Coming Out - Alec comes out. Highschool AU.
  11. The Movies - Magnus and Alec watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 together. Set in canon.
  12. Fairytale - Alec tells his son a story, but perhaps not a Fairytale. Set in canon.
  13. Graveyard Shift - Magnus has a late night at the (literal) office, but a janitor's presence makes it not-so-bad. Office AU.
  14. Coffee Shop - Alpha!Magnus is having a bad shift. Guess who makes it better. Highschool AU.
  15. Sleepover - Izzy and Magnus are having a sleepover when they get an interesting phone call. Highschool AU.
  16. Parade - Sequel to Identity Shenanigans. (Skipped the actual #16 prompt, this is technically 17)
  17. Dance - Alec wakes up alone. Magnus has a lot of feelings. Set in canon.
  18. Mutual Support - When Omega!Alec is taken away, Alpha!Magnus won't stand for it. Omegaverse AU (GDOV).
  19. Confession - When Alec finds a baby on the steps, his parental instincts and determination burst out in spades. Set in canon, based off book-canon.
  20. Proposal - Alec is trying to ask this cute boy to their Winter Formal. He gets embarrassed, and not for the reasons you think. Highschool AU.
  21. Flowers - Magnus's thoughts on how Alec treats him. Set in canon.
  22. Intersection - An accident occurs. Modern AU.
  23. Domestic - Sequel to Intersection. Magnus recovers. It's not easy. Modern AU.