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Enderbees oneshots

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Ranboo lenses out his hand to a crying tubbo, tears swelling down tubbos eyes, It was a thundery night, things were going wrong, tubbo was afraid, he was alone. He watched ranboo everything was dark, his eyes widened at the taller man. He jumped off his feet and raced into the taller man's arms from under the table, his eyes squeezed shut. Why was everything so loud. "Shh.. Ive got you" tubbo heard softly feeling phantom hands running his back.

Tubbo leaned into the touch everything becoming quieter, everything going into a quick white noise. "I'm never letting you go.. " Ranboo whispered. "You promise..?" tubbo hiccups from the tears. "I promise.. You and me" "You and me..?" Tubbo felt the touch leaving as his knees buckled onto the ground. Tubbo disappeared into thin air the only the left was three hand prints on a wall. His, Michael's and Ranboo.

"You lied" He said as he held ranboos tie as closely as possible, cruel cruel world why must I outlive him?