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Enderbees oneshots

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Ranboo lenses out his hand to a crying tubbo, tears swelling down tubbos eyes, It was a thundery night, things were going wrong, tubbo was afraid, he was alone. He watched ranboo everything was dark, his eyes widened at the taller man. He jumped off his feet and raced into the taller man's arms from under the table, his eyes squeezed shut. Why was everything so loud. "Shh.. Ive got you" tubbo heard softly feeling phantom hands running his back.

Tubbo leaned into the touch everything becoming quieter, everything going into a quick white noise. "I'm never letting you go.. " Ranboo whispered. "You promise..?" tubbo hiccups from the tears. "I promise.. You and me" "You and me..?" Tubbo felt the touch leaving as his knees buckled onto the ground. Tubbo disappeared into thin air the only the left was three hand prints on a wall. His, Michael's and Ranboo.

"You lied" He said as he held ranboos tie as closely as possible, cruel cruel world why must I outlive him?

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Death isn’t something to play with. It’s a flickering flame that’s broken in an instant, you blow on it too hard and it breaks, it shivers a cold rush down your spine. You shouldn’t mess with the flame.

Tubbo took a step, the cool air bashing against his lungs and the shivering cold sneaking underneath his bloody clothes, pushing against his bruised skin. He fell to the ground pushing his back against the wall, where was he going? What was he trying to succeed. His hands shivered while he wrote, it was colder than he felt. Colder than his mind, why? The cold won’t be here for much longer, he would end the everlasting numbness that seeped through him. God why was it so hard to breathe, he wasn’t that high up. His chest tightened as he continued to write. He’d have to take off so many layers after this.

Why was life so hard? Yet so easy. You have people, people by your side to make you feel better about everything. About yourself. But no one ever truly stays for long. Even if they have you for your whole life, one of you dies and leaves the other. But that’s the joy of it, knowing you stayed enough to make them smile. You stayed, so they did.

A tear softly ran down his face, he was sick of hiding, sick of lying, everything was so loud, everything.. Hurt. God, why does it hurt so much, letting out so much air, letting out that one breath that could change how you felt. He screamed. He screamed till his lungs hurt, till the warmth of his breath stripped away in a flash. Tubbo scrunched his eyes and sobbed into his paper, It started to rain, why now? Why now out of all nights. Out of the starry nights where he took himself off the roof, why did it have to rain when he didn’t want to get down?

You break it, you break promises, It cracks, It cracked, You cracked. A monster, Just a monster, you don’t get it! I didn’t live to breathe your way, I didn’t live to act your way, I wasn’t built for you! Yet you push me, you hurt me. Because you’re not satisfied that I’m not the same as you. Is it too much to ask for? Just for you to leave me alone, stop judging me for whatever I did. We’re both human, one of the same. Yet you’re somehow better.

Writing didn’t seem fun, he flipped over his weird vent book, It was all so blurry, Flicking through pages and pages of lies, landing on the one that mattered. The pages with red splattered all over them, He marked them with red ink. Imagining it as blood pouring all over his words, all over his wisdom, he could make a better way to let out his feelings, but this seems correct. The words came to him like a bullet, shooting through his heart as he let out more of his feelings. This would be the final page, his final wish as a human.

Why does love hurt? Why does everything hurt. You never know enough words to say, enough affection to give, You’re a pawn in their eyes, waiting till another better than you walks by. Use your mind and body to their advantage before someone else sweeps them off their feet. Leaving you dripping tears on a pile of broken hearts, It’s on repeat as you give them all you have for them to take it and leave.

He felt himself shake within his clothes, he was here too many times to count, yet no one noticed, he snuck around as he belonged there, climbing to the hotel’s roof to sit at the edge and stare, just stare. The ground seemed heavy and pulled him closer. He wanted to go, meet the ground. Fall as he could close his eyes, wait till everything went dark once more. It was a craving, and he never knew what the final straw was, that final cut until he reached his end.

What was all of this for? The joy of living or the thrill of being able to take it away? Live longer than those you care for, or to die before they could meet the same fate as you. It was always a bitter-sweet relationship with death, anything could kill you in a world full of murders and psychopaths. Yet why are you the one to pull the strings?

He slammed the book shut, reaching to his pocket and placing a rock on it, hoping that after this they’d finally see it. Hoping they’d finally listen, why couldn’t they listen.

He took off his jacket, it slipping down his shoulders as the rain covered his shirt. It was soft pats of sadness that rained on him from above, what was their left? He couldn’t breathe, puffing out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Everything in his ears felt heavy, just white noise. His only distraction, a ping on his phone. He looked at it. “Hey man, you wanna join my stream and chat?” Ranboo. Why did he care, and why did it make him sick that he wanted to stay. He shook harder typing. “No thnks, lve you thou” He couldn’t correct himself, that’ll be dumb. He threw his phone watching it glide through the air, this was a high building.. That’s why he couldn’t breathe. Everything felt so surreal. He walked over to the edge, bars holding him in place. He slipped off his shoes, why do people do this? Better yet. Why wants to die in shoes?

He turns to look at the book, pages tempted to blow up in the rain but refusing access because of the rock, he was smart to have that. He jumped onto the railing and faced the hotel door, hoping maybe.. Just maybe.. Someone he cared for would come, check if he’s okay talk to him. But no. People were oblivious to what’s in front of them, why? Because no one truly wants to talk to you, no one wants to know you best. He let the tears fall, he let himself cry harder. It was time, no matter what anyone said it would never be enough, never..


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"Guns are a pretty thing, huh?"

Ranboo smiled, opening the ammo, one bullet, locked and loaded. Jschlatt was on the floor, sweating as ranboo stood above him, his eye were dead panned on the weaker man below. Jschlatt looked at the gun, he could tell it off by heart. A revolver. Jschlatt revolver. "How did you get that!" He yelled and stopped as soon as he clicked the ammo back in and pointed it at schlatt. His eyes narrowed as he looked down at schlatt. "You're a dead beat fucking dad, can't even take care of the one person that needs you" he spat. 

Jschlatt smirked and leaned up more. "Of course I couldn't take care of the little shit! The fuck do you want from me?" The gun was put closer. "For you to care about your son!" schlatt smirked, laughing. "I don't care! He should man up!" Schlatt stood and opened his arms. "You won't shoot me! I know you look all big and scary but you're just a kid!" Ranboo clicked his tongue. "What makes you think I won't" schlatt pointed to tubbo. "You don't want to scare him do you" Ranboo looked at tubbo then back at schlatt. "That's what I thought you fa-" BANG. Schlatt dropped dead onto the ground, blood splattering all over ranboo.

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Tubbo opened the door to see schlatt tapping his phone. "Ayy! Theirs my favourite son, just came to check in to make sure that.. monster hasn't eaten you yet" tubbo sighed and crossed his arms. "Come in dad" schlatt smirked and walked in. "Do you think I could meet Michael?" schlatt asked and sat down.

Tubbo nodded and walked into Michael's room as saw ranboo placing him in a small nest. Tubbo smiled and walked over. "Sorry, father dearest wants to meet his grandson" ranboo watched tubbo walk away with him, heart broken eyes. They both walked out and tubbo sat down next to him with Michael. Schlatts normal face melted into more of bittersweet look before returning to his normal smirk. "Can I hold him?"

Tubbo passed him over and as ran was sitting in front of them both his thumbs tapping together, he could feel his anger rising and schlatt held Michael. Tubbo looked nervous, switching between looking at tubbo and ranboo.

"So, howd you make him" Schlatg leaned back. Tubbo coughed and straightened his posture. "We didn't- I found him in an alleyway" schlatt nodded but snickered. "Yet your neck has faded bite marks, I bet noe that you have Michael your little boyfriend and you haven't had fun" he looked at ranboo his emotions not being able to be known.

"How's you meet the guy?" Tubbo giggled. "Funny story, I was hunting and found him, waved at ranboo then it all started" he leaned back and chewed on his hoodie strings, it smelt like ranboo, it was comforting.

Tubbo watched schlatt play with Michael, his little hands reaching the roughness of schlatts.

"You were about to kill him? If that isn't a love story I don't know what is" schlatt passed Michael back over and that calmed down ranboo.

The calmness was over once schlatt stood up, his eyes scanning ranboo up and down. "Mind translating for me tubs?" Tubbo nodded and watched as schlatt flicked around a schlatt coin. "So ranboo, what do you do around here? Just stay home as my son doesn't all of your pity work?" Tubbo looked bothered and that didn't sit with ranboo well. He signed 'Fuck you' and crossed his arms.

Schlatt looked over at tubbo who looked like he was going to break down. "He said not much-" Tubbo choked out and schlatt smirked at it all. "Ima get out of your hair, I'll be back next time, and I'll take your son off your hands for a weekend maybe" he opened the door and left the house.

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Ranboo's tail flicked nervously, he couldn't count the amount of times he's pace through the empty halls in front of his and tubbos room, panic phased through him, adrenaline spiking with every creek and noise that echoed throughout the mansions halls. Ever since dream stopped controlling him for this amount of him hes been on edge, never sleeping so he couldn't enderwalk. Ranboo was quiet, his feet sounded like cotten thumping quietly against the ground, he didnt want to wake the sleeping ram in the room he stood anxiously at the door. everything seemed scary, he was scared. Tubbo meant the world to him, he couldnt lose him.

Ranboo opened the clean wood door and looked in to see tubbo looking sadly at the empty space next to him, the sudden light from the door met the sleepy rams eyes as he got up. You could tell he was still exhausted as he wobbled his way over to ranboo, plopping himself into ranboos arms. "tubbo- you should go back to sleep" tubbo shook his head and got a grip of ranboo stepping backwards, ranboo stumbled at the sudden pull and stepped forward to steady his weight. "tub- what?" Tubbo looked angry at ranboo and finally made it to the bed making him and ranboo fall onto it, tubbo was still in ranboos arms as ranboo laid in front of tubbo. "stayy..." tubbo said in a croaky voice. He moved closer to the ender boy cuddling into rnaboos chest. "tubbo- Ive got a meeting- I need to be there" ranboo kept on mumbling, he didnt really know if he did or not, he just knew it was this week. "Then skip it, im tired, youre tired, and its cuddle time" tubbo leaned up and gave a loving peck on ranboos chin, ranboo felt himself slip into dream land, the last thing he saw was tubbos loving face before falling asleep.

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Tubbo laid restless in his bed, knowing ranboo was asleep on his couch bothered him, he wanted to talk to ranboo more, but of course jet-lag bothered the both of them. Tubbo finally had enough of laying down and took his phone off charge and his airpods and started to head into the loungeroom. Ranboo laid peacefully, well peaceful in tubbos eyes. Tubbo shook ranboo as the tall mans eyes blinked opened tiredly. "ugh.. Tubbo what?" Tubbo opened the airpod case as ranboo sat up. "Come dance with me big man" he showed ranboo the airpod and ranboo smiled slightly, "you woke me up for this? couldnt you wait a couple days" He checked the time to see 2:57 am. "And really, near 3 am?" Tubbo giggled but got his mouth covered by ranboo "shh, we cant wake your family" tubbo nodded and stood up with ranboo folding his arms at the height difference. Tubbo lead ranboo to the kitchen as they placed the earphone in. "so- how is this going to work" tubbo smirked. "slow dancing, like if you went to prom you would do with a girl probably-" tubbos voice drew quieter in the end before the sweet sound of music filled their ears. /I don't want a friend/ Ranboo looked at tuboo. "this song?" tubbos smile could been seen from the darkness of the room. "idk man it fits" /I want my life in two/ tubbo guilded ranboos hand to his waist as he placed his hand on ranboos shoulder. their free hands intertwining with eachother. /Just one more night, Waiting to get there/ As the music sung through their ears. / Waiting for you / They slowly started to move.

Ranboo felt his face grow hotter as they swayed. Tubbos touch was soft, his plams like silk and his fingers slightly rough from playing the ukulele./ I'm done fighting all night (waiting for you) / Ranboo gripped tubbos waist slightly as feet went to feet. and bodies moved together in union. They had no idea what they were doing, but why did it feel so right? Like they'd danced together before, felt touch to touch as eachothers heat filled them with more happiness. / When I'm around slow dancing in the dark / As ranboos eyes started to focus in the dark he could see tubbos face, he was looking down as his cheeks flushed red. Ranboo felt himself heatup too. They were both shy and nervous but rolled with it. / Don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms / Tubbo felt inclined to lean more into ranboo, his hand moving from his shoulder and closer to his neck, maybe to wrap both hands around him? To hold him tighter, To feel safer in the taller boys grasp. / You have made up your mind /

Yubbo had no idea why he felt this way, the sense of safety, ranboos cologne making him feel drowsy in warmth. He was drowning in affection he didnt even know he needed. / I don't need no more signs / The kitchen was cold, The slight moonlight shining through the clear windows shone onto their bodys like fireflies. As they moved around the kitchen they felt themselves stumble at times but shook it off with quiet giggled. / Can you? / Tubbo wanted to know.. He needed to know, Could ranboo be his safe space for these months? Could ranboo be his everything. The dread of ranboo leaving put a sting onto his tongue, he would never be able to say goodbye now, the attachment to him felt to great to lose. / Can you? / Tubbo needed to know If ranboo could stay his, the loss of ranboo would damage tubbo greater then anyone could know. He was afraid of losing his dearest. His greatest love.

/Give me reasons we should be complete / Ranboo was at a loss of words, tubbo forcefully took it out of his throat and threw it away. Tubbo looked beautiful against the cool moonlight, the cold that bite at their skin was lost from the others warmth, the feeling of security. / You should be with him, I can't compete / Ranboo felt the tinge of guilt, what was he to tubbo? Everytime tommy mentioned being 'jealous' ranboo could never tell if it was a joke, but he laughed it off so no one would have worry. The things him and tubbo talk about, the feelings they share against eachother was never spoken but could be seen from a mile away. / You looked at me like I was someone else, oh well / Ranboos mind played tricks of him, the thought that tubbo imagined him a tommy broke his heart in two. He didnt know what to feel about it, should he fear for the loss of his love? Or use it to his advantage? While tubbo is in his arms change tubbos mind. Make tubbo see HIM. And not tommy. / Can't you see? (Can't you see?) /

Ranboos heart raced as they continued their swing. He couldnt lose his dear one, his heart, his tubbo. / I don't wanna slow dance (I don't want to slow dance) / he didnt want to dance anymore, it was a repeat of stepping, and falling, just dancing, and the more he danced the more his mind took over. / In the dark / His mind was taken over by a warm hand on his cheek, he opened his eyes he didnt know he shut to meet tubbos loving gaze. "I know its dark but you dont have to be afraid" / Dark / It wasnt the dark ranboo was afraid of, it was the thought of losing tubbo, how could he think without him? The simple jokes, The simple laughter. It wasnt simple anymore, it was the start of love, the start of light.

/ "When you gotta run" / Tubbo sang along quietly, his voice fit the song so much, ranboo felt himself relax, his once tense body swooning over the boys singing. / "Just hear my voice in you" (my voice in you) / Ranboos heart was taken once again. He hadn't realised they stopped dancing until tubbo pulled back and swung a bit changing out they were positioned. Their hands locked together as they swung side to side. / Shutting me out of you (shutting me out of you) / Tubbo stopped singing, the lyrics stinging his heart like a bee. It was painful, they thought of ranboo shutting him out. / Doing so great (so great, so great) / they felt themselves lock together as ranboo went forward wrapping his arms around tubbos head, and tubbo around ranboos waist. / You / They closed their eyes as their bodys swayed. / Used to be the one (used to be the one) / The lyrics felt quiet in their ears, tubbo was more focused on ranboos heart beat. / To hold you when you fall / Ranboo will be tubbos protector, he will hold tubbo as tight as he could. / Yeah, yeah, yeah (when you fall, when you fall) /

If only tubbo knew what was going in ranboos mind, he would kiss him right then and there. / I don't fuck with your tone (I don't fuck with your tone) / When jokes get out of hand. He wonders if tubbo does get mad at him. / I don't wanna go home (I don't wanna go home) / Ranboo never wants to leave tubbo, he wants to feel his warmth, his light. ranboos eyes opened, his head was pressed softly on tubbos hair, the scent of coconut fiiling his nostrials, that was tubbos scent. It was comfort. / Can it be one night? / One in one-hundred, he will make it forever if he has to. / Can you? / Can he stay long enough for that to happen / Can you? / Can he love ranboo enough. / Give me reasons we should be complete / Their was so many reasons, their love could bloom. they made eachother laugh, they clicked. The other could make so many bad jokes but they would laugh together for hours. The comfort in sleeping with the other on call. / You should be with him, I can't compete / These lyrics didnt hurt anymore, ranboo knew what he meant, he just knew tubbo must feel the same. / You looked at me like I was someone else, oh well / he moved away from tubbos warmth looking down at him. "Ranboo..?" / Can't you see? / Ranboos hands went to tubbos cheeks as he leaned down looking tubbo in the eyes, just enough for him to realise. realise how much he means to ranboo. / I don't wanna slow dance (I don't want to slow dance) / Their lips were covered by eachothers warm breaths as ranboo waited, waited for tubbo to accept. /In the dark / tubbos arms snaked around ranboo as he pushed his lips against the others. / Dark / The song started to fall quiet as the kiss dragged on. / In the dark / in the dark they were, only covered by moonlight. / Dark / As the song came to a holt they let go of the kiss to breath. Tubbo smiled as did ranboo hugging eachother tightly. Now they understood. Now they both knew. The other meant so much to them.

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Tubbo was laughing with a couple people from his bar, everything was nice and calm. The music wasn't too loud. This was his favourite day, he could relax with people, go home, and cuddle with his lover. It was nice, until he saw *his lover* sneak through the door and onto a bar stool, he had his hands between his thighs looking down at them. "Did he track me-" he shook any questions off and walked over. "Ranboo what are you doing here?" He whispered and ranboo starting to sign. *I was lonely.. I caught your scent and lead me here to you love* tubbo sighed knowing ranboo added 'love' to be less in trouble. "Listen, I know you miss me but being here, isn't the best thing" ranboo tilted his head to the side. "The only thing keeping you from death is your human form, and what you're wearing" ranboo crossed his arms in slight anger. "Don't make me regret this, you can sit here, and I'll get you *slight* alcoholic drinks so you're not just sitting there without ordering" ranboo perked up moving his hands. *Thank you!* tubbo smiled and moved behind him to do some tricks, people liked seeing him make the drinks, and he liked making them. After mixing a few shots of his watermelon candy flavored syrup. A bit of pink lemonade and some vodka. He got the drink in a large cup pouring raspberry soda first, adding the mixed drink on top. Finishing it with ice and a small watermelon candy treat on the side he placed it in front of ranboo. "Drink that" he smiled and walked over to a couple more people.

During the times where ranboo was alone in his gosh darn house he read books, a lot of them. And tubbo would buy more so he could read English. He picked up a menu, showing many drinks that tubbo and other people could make, searching through his pockets and picking out some money, back and forth he would stare at the money, then back at the menu. He squinted and smiled at his cash looking up at a female bar tender and waving her over. He placed the money down and started to try and communicate. *I'd like a drink* he moved his hands and she bowed sightly. "I'm sorry I don't read sign language. He nodded and pointed to a drink. "Ohh! Yeah sure" she smiled sweetly. He handed her the money and got change back, chugging his drink that tubbo made him and looking back at the girl as she gave him his drink.

Taking a sip the first thing he noticed was it was much more strong with alcohol than tubbos. And it tasted more bitter, but he couldn't care, fitting in with humans here made him feel more happy. He continued to drink and smiled once tubbo came over, things were slightly outta loop suddenly. "You actually ordered a drink, im proud" He smiled. Ranboo nodded and continued to drink, things were going slightly numb. Was this normal? *She nice* he signed. *Drink taste taste great* tubbo snickered at him. "Your signing is a little off, are you okay?" Ranboo nodded and finished his drink, he pointed to another before realizing he was pointing at the table and slid his finger to a real drink. "Uh... Okay yeah sure" he shuffled back over to his station and began to make his drink.

Ranboo spun his chair around and looked around the bar, everyone seemed to either be with someone else or leaving, he was the only one alone.. Huh, things were spinning a bit. He turned around at the look of tubbo and smiled taking his drink. "My shift ends in 20 minutes, finish that drink and I'll take us home" he smiled and went to talk to other, had he been here that long already?

By the time ranboo had finished his drink tubbo was walking out it more comfortable clothes urging ranboo on, he walked with tubbo slightly leaning down, why was he so tall? And why was tubbo so cute? Ranboo couldn't help but stare at tubbos ass as he walked, it entrapped him. Tubbo looked back and noticed it. "Ranboo stop staring you look like a creep" he turned and ranboo laughed. Tubbo went into his car and looked back hoping ranboo was following, which he was. As tubbo began to drive ranboo slumped onto his seat, his form slipping slightly as he did. When they reached home ranboo got out of their car and shifted into his monster form, looking down at tubbo. "That alcohol must've gotten to you boo" tubbo walked around to face him. (And at this part of the story ranboo would fuck him haha)

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Tubbo pulled into his driveway, ranboo was waiting peacefully looking at him through the window, his legs kicking behind him as he stared lovingly at his lover from the window. Tubbo waved and skipped slightly towards the door. Ranboo got up from the couch and ran to the kitchen, he had done so much research into cooking to bake tubbo a cake, he was hoping it tasted nice. He started to fix it up.

Tubbo took one step onto the stairs then heard a noise behind him, turning around to see his past partner towering over him, that face he never wanted to see. Nearly *all* his face had been melted, it was a gross mess of burn skin and crazy scars going down his eyes, was he trying to claw his eyes out? "Wh-" His mouth got covered and he started to get dragged into the forest, tubbo fought out of the grip and turned around, his past partner looked like wax melting off a warn out candle. "Please- can you leave me alone!" he yelled and saw the other man put a finger to his lips, shushing the small man. Tubbo felt everything in him freeze, he was afraid. That crazed expression burning into him like fire, he didn't want this, he didn't want to see him. His eyes scanned through the darkness before seeing on his belt. *a knife* No No No he can't die, he needs ranboo, he needs to protect him, ranboo the only one he has left that cares about him. He turned. "Ranboo!" He yelled then felt a hand grasp over his mouth and a cold knife to his throat, he started to huff. His breath against the others hand, it felt rough. Those hands once caressed his body after they hurt him, it felt disgusting. He felt the knife sink into his skin, the scent of blood throwing himself off, why was it so strong? Tubbo heard a creak and looked at the front door, it was open but where was ranboo?

He wondered until the knife dropped and the gagged sounds of pain was heard behind him. He turned around and looked at ranboo, his claws through the others chest. He stumbled back onto the ground and held hit throat, the scar wasn't deadly, but it hurt more then any of the scars he's ever gotten. Ranboo looked at tubbo, his eyes glowing fiercely against the darkness as he leaned down and took the whole man's head in his mouth ripping it right off. The body fell to the floor, his neck was clean off and hanging loosely in ranboos mouth, he spat it out looking at tubbos scared expression.

He shifted back to his normal form wiping his mouth and picking tubbo up. He bumped his head to tubbos and brought him inside, tubbo clinged to his chest, he was tired, too tired to stay awake.

As tubbo slept ranboo wanted to remove the *filth* of tubbos past partner and scent from anywhere near here, he took the body and head deep into the forest burying it deep into the soil, to *rot.*

He came back to clean himself off and be in tubbos around once more, he would protect his love to the grave if he has too.

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Ranboo sat cautiously in the middle of their kitchen, he started dead panned at the pot of chicken soup, he would call himself a a *chef* but even that was a little too much for his dumb skill, he only new what ingredients to put it at one time, and he would check the clock ever five seconds.

Tubbo squirmed a bit before waking up in his bed, everything was messed up and blurry, the hallucination of his past partner blurred in front of him and he blinked it away his heat rising, his mind fucked with his thoughts as he felt his neck, the bandage, it wasn't a fucking dream, he was attacked, he would've been killed if it wasn't for- tubbos eyes shot open and he reached into his throat. "Ranboo!" he yelled tears flooding his eyes like waterfalls. Ranboo scurried up the stairs and thumped into the wall shuffling the door open and looking at tubbo as he shifted into his human form.

Tubbos arms opened and ranboo walked over and sunk into tubbos touch, he was gentle, more gentle then he's even been as he shuffled behind tubbos and held him close. Tubbo leaned into the touch with a slightly pure of happiness before his eyes started to flash to fire. His heart spiked and he began to puff holding his chest. "No- It's too- I can't" a forced cough came out of him as he panicked. Ranboo was panicking himself as he wrapped his arms around tubbo planting small kisses on the back off his neck as tubbo sobbed, his voice became raspy as he mumbled small words of sorrow, the words shifted into hate mixed with fear as he let out all his emotions, ranboo couldn't speak, if he could he would be saying so many wonderful and comforting words into tubbos ears, saying just enough to get his mind to ease, but all he could do was rub tubbos arms and show his love with touch.

As tubbo began to slow down his crying, his sins turned into hiccups of tears as he let himself finally become undone in front of the man he cherishes ever so dearly. Tubbo was leaning into his chest his knees slightly into his chest and his eyes half closed as he listened to ranboos soft purrs of love sifting through the air. "I-" He hiccups his mouth shuddering slightly. "I'm sorry you had to.. " He paused so he would hiccup, choking on his words. "Deal with me like that"

Ranboos worry only became bigger as he kissed tubbos forehead, the purrs that escaped ranboos throat was enough to make tubbo okay with this, it was just enough comfort for tubbo to calm down. "papa.. " They heard ranboo looking over to see Michael clutching his bee plush. "Is Dada okay.. " Ranboo waved his hand over and Michael threw himself onto the bed and into tubbos arms.

"I'm okay baby bee" tubbo whispered as he held Michael tightly, afraid if he let go Michael would vanish. Ranboo stood up and looked back at tubbo. *I'm going to check on the food, I'll be back with two bowls of soup* He smiled sweetly and walked out of the room.

"Dad.. Why do you have injury?" Michael questioned. "Dada was hurt but it's okay, boo helped me" Michael snuggled into tubbos chest. "I'll protect you next time!" Tubbo smiled and kissed michaels forehead. "Okay baby bee, okay" He muttered and looked up to see a smiling ranboo with two bowls of delicious smelling food. "I'm being treated like royalty huh?" Tubbo chuckled looking at ranboo roll his eyes playfully. They enjoyed their food and laid all together ranboo turning into his monster form and wrapping around the two of them.

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Tubbo felt himself get harder at every stroke and every huff out of ranboo, his eyes scanned tubbos body like he was either prey, or a god. Ranboo touched tubbo like with every touch tubbo would just melt. It was sometimes nice to get this treatment, but knowing what's going to happen to dunno after ranboos done being nice, now that was the scary thing. Ranboo always showed so many signs of *im going to fucking wreck you so bad* and tubbo knew every single one of them.

So as ranboo was kneading tubbos ass like dough the sinking feeling that he was about to get his brains fucked out was making him *ever so hard.* He huffed out a quiet moan knowing that every noise he makes will just send ranboos sex drive higher. He doesn't know how much more pampering he can take without slipping out every moan he's been keeping in him. He bit his tongue and finally let out some moans when his *sensitive* dick was finally grasped. He looked behind him at ranboo, the slit between his legs starting to leak slightly. "Come on ranboo aren't you done" ranboos eyes dilated slightly before he roughly slapped tubbos ass making tubbo moan. He rubbed the spot he slapped smoothly afterwards and lifted tubbo into his lap and planted him right at the base of his slit. Tubbo leaned back and moved his hand to the slit and began to rub. A smirk appearing on hid face and a bump hit his hand, tubbo liked the little bit of control he had at the start of their little game of who can turn the other on more. Before he would be shoved into the sheets with pleasure. He spread his thighs letting ranboos dick slide through them as it rubbed against tubbos own hard on. He squeezed his thighs around it and began to rub the tip hearing soft grunts of pleasure shutter through ranboos throat and into his chest.

Tubbo leaned back and planted a soft kiss onto his dick and smiled up at him, ranboo grunted in response and got tubbo onto his knees pressing his chest into tubbos back and making him stretch his ass out like some whore cat. Ranboo leaned back and let his tongue flow out like honey as he licked it around tubbos rim. Tubbo left out a gasp at the warmness and leaned back into the touch. "Holy fuck ranboo" he moaned out gripping the sheets as ranboo inserted the tongue, it was warm and could hit tubbo in all the good places as he swirled it around inside tubbo.

Tubbo whimpered at the loss of a feeling inside and instantly let out a moan in surprise to having a finger insert his walls, it was another pleasurable feeling as he felt another enter his untouched walls, ranboos animalistic sounds echoed around tubbos ears, knowing ranboo has to fight the animal inside him not to fuck tubbo as hard as he can, but as soon as ranboos dick even *touches* tubbo again he knows that that would fuck up ranboos. whole soft side, and tubbo wanted that, he wanted to be fucked until his physically can't think, he chewed on his tongue and shuffled his feet so it rubbed against ranboos duck trying to erge him to ruin tubbos stature.

Ranboo gets the hint and slides his fingers out grabbing tubbos hips with a force that will bruise tubbos body and lining himself up. He paused for a moment to stare at tubbo, tubbo knew he was hesitating and smirked pushing himself slightly on the man, ranboos mood clicked as his thrusted halfway into tubbo.

Tubbo let out a moan and covered his mouth with a pillow holding his moans shut, ranboo pushed himself all the way in and let out a grunt as he felt his boner through tubbos stomach, tubbo was a king in ranboos eyes, a king that he would destroy. Ranboo pulled out as much as possible with his position and thrusted back in starting to get a rythem, tubbo moaned and bit into the pillow gripping it like he was going to die if he didn't. His moans wore loud as he mumbled words like "fuck" and "faster" that only fueled ranboos drive more as he bit down on tubbos neck and began to jackhammer into tubbo, tubbos moans were less thought of as he started to moan whatever came to mind. "F- uck! Ranboo I love you, holy shit breed me, fuck fuck fuck fuck" he spoke his voice become raspy.

Ranboo let go of his neck and began to let out huffs of his warm breath onto tubbos ear as he thrusts became more sloppy as a familiar knot became to edge itself against tubbos ass.

Ranboo let out a few more grunts before thrusting in one final more time the knot popping into tubbo as he came, tubbo bit the pillow once more and scrunched the sheet into his hands, tubbos arms were fully wrapped around tubbos waist as he fell to the side bringing tubbo down with him. Tubbo let out some gasps before sighing and taking some breaths, the patter of footprints going around the house spiked fear in tubbo as he hurriedly lifted a blanket over himself and ranboo, ranboo had a tight grip as he started to go for round two shifted tubbo onto his lap as ranboo laid down on his back, tubbo looked down at ranboo. "Not now our son is-" "Bo..?" Michael murmured only seeing tubbos body peeking through the slight moonlight. "Where's boo?" Michael asked sweetly. "He's out hunting baby, deer like to be out at night" Michael nodded. "Okay, he's normally protecting this house form monsters" "He always w-ILL- be baby bee, go bAck to sleep" his voice tripped from ranboo thrusting up more. "Okay, g'night papa" he shut the door and went back to bed, ranboo held tubbos waist and began to thrust wildly, tubbo held his moans in as much as possible not wanting Michael to here before he slipped into his deep sleep. After a few minutes tubbo let himself moan. "Y-ou idiot he was Right there" tubbos huffed out his words blocked by over stimulated moans, he'd already came about 4 times with ranboo only once.

Chapter Text

The visit was going good, tubbo was able to keep his posture for most of the visit, he looked at ranboo whenever he would feel like he was going to throw up whatever he was drinking, god this was the worst time for him to visit, schlatt seemed to get more spiteful everytime he visited, God he wish he could move, but the forest was the best bet. Tubbo drank his tea and talked to his father, ranboo was holding micheal smiling at his small toddler giggles, though micheal was having it hard to stay awake. "Take him up to his bed honey" he forced a smile his stomach starting to turn as the twins kicked. He couldn't have coffee because the little rats in his stomach didn't allow him, even the scent of it made him want to choke on his spit.

"So yeah, that's how micheal came to be" he smiled. "You found him in an alley way? Are you gonna tell him he's not biologically your son?" Schlatt questioned. "Oh yeah as soon as we can, we don't want micheal to hate us yes but he's got to know" tubbo smiled, then and their is when it hit, his head went dizzy, his stomach started to pound, of fuck, why now, WHY FUCKING NOW. Tubbo stood and raced to the sink throwing up, ranboo heard and came racing to his husband's side, rubbing his back. Ranboo went to pet tubbos stomach, holding tubbos hair out of his face with the other.

Tubbo smiled before hearing a glass shatter behind him, there was schlatt standing there staring at the very noticeable bump on tubbos stomach. "Tubs.. What the fuck.. Are you..?" Tubbo sighed and cleaned himself off facing schlatt. "Yeah dad.. I'm pregnant.. " Schlatt was stunned. "How the fuck! You're not a woman!" He yelled stepping forward. "Ranboo can control life, so he gave me what I wanted, which is a kid haha.. " The laugh was fake, he wanted to lighten the mood, schlatts posture fell and he ran to the wall gripping tubbos shotgun and pulling it off aiming at ranboo. "You've fucked up my son for the last time!" He aimed. Tubbo ran in front of ranboo as ranboo ducked as much as he could behind tubbo. "Dad stop!" Schlatt gritted his teeth. "HE MADE YOU FUCKING PREGNANT, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING" ranboo won't be quick enough, he's get shot as soon as he moves, fuck what does he do. His kids are on the line, fuck fuck fuck. "I ASKED HIM TOO JUST STOP PLEASE!" Schlatt looked at tubbo then threw the gun down. "YOU'VE FUCKED UP RANBOO" He walked over to ranboo and pushed tubbo out of the way gripping ranboo shit and pushing him onto the floor. "I'LL CUT OUT YOUR FUCKING TONGUE!" Schlatt yelled getting a knife from his pocket, ranboo didn't want to hurt schlatt, no matter what if he's an asshole he's still tubbos father.

"Then you won't be able to kiss my fucking son again!" Schlatt smiled and rose the knife up, a loud noise and a sudden pain through his arm suprised him, he dropped the knife and gripped his arm, a bullet wound.. What. Schlatt looked behind him to see tubbo holding the shotgun, the wound was large, and hurt like shit.

Schlatt stood up and stumbled to the front door still holding his arm as tubbo pointed the gun at him. "Get the fuck out, and never touch my family again" He spat and watched schlatt leave as quickly as possible, he didn't want to deal with tubbo anymore.

Ranboo got up and ran to tubbos side holding onto him, ranboo ran his hands across tubbos stomach and head, reaching tubbos face and cupping his cheeks. "Babe I'm okay" Tubbo dropped the gun and embraced ranboo, they shared a kiss and sighed looking at the blood trail. "I need to check on micheal, can you please cleanup I don't want to lean down" Ranboo nodded and reluctantly let go of tubbo going to the sink and getting a cloth.

Tubbo went upstairs to michael's room and was suddenly attacked by micheal hugging his leg. "Daddy! Loud noise" Micheal noticed tubbos trembling and reached his arms up as tubbo picked him up. "I'm okay baby bee, I'm okay" He kissed michael's cheek and brought him downstairs, happy to see a nice clean floor. Ranboo walked over and leaned down to kiss tubbo forehead. "Can we all just cuddle on the couch..?" Tubbo asked and ranboo nodded bringing them all their. He sat down and brought micheal to one arm and tubbo to the other, kissing both of them sweetly and letting them curl up to his sides. Today.. Was an uneasy day.

Chapter Text

Wilbur gives great life advice.

Tubbo was in a call with wilbur, he was an adult, and had many women so he'd know something about relationships. He was panicking because his best friend was here, but no matter what he couldn't think of ranboo that way, ranboo was practically a god too tubbo. His height, his voice, his eyes. Was everything tubbo wants, but he more wants to embrace everything around ranboo. His touch, his words, his.. Everything. So here we was, whole Tommy stole ranboo for the day to vlog with him, he was chatting with wilbur.

"God wilbur I just don't know, I should like a love sock idiotic teen!" He hit his head on the desk looking up at the video call him and wilbur were on, wilbur laughed softly, his laugh was nice, lightened tubbos mood. "That's because you are, you're in love with him and by what I see, I think he feels the same" Tubbo sighed and rubbed the back on his head. "I mean.. I guess? God he's just amazing" tubbo sighed lovingly. Wilbur smirked and leaned back on his chair "life advice tubbo, you can either tell him you love him and he loves you back, or he doesn't like you the same way, and you stay friends" wilbur took topic of his water to let tubbo sink. "Because if you love him that much, it's worth a friendship knowing it will never break" wilbur explained. Tubbo thought for a second, his eyes closing and his hand going to his chin. "It's a risk I can take.. But do I want to take it?" Tubbo huffed in annoyance. "I will! When Ranboo comes back I'm going to tell him how I feel" wilbur smiled proudly and let out a sigh of relief. "Ok tubster, I'm going to go back to talking to phil on his stream, you tell him" he cheered. Tubbo nodded and ended the call.

It was about 3 hours later, tubbo got bored and started to writing on sticky notes, slapping them on his wall while listening too music. Time moves slow. That made sense, it was the exact song for how he feels, he swayed slightly, wasn't life strange, love way strange, very strange. He stretched up trying to reach about another sticky note, he arranged them to spell out " [ as ] " why? He had no idea he was on tik tok for about 5 minutes, that's where he found the song. Tubbo felt a hand grasp his as he saw the sticky note lift out of his hand and onto where he wanted it, the note placed finished his artwork? "Why have you made the logo for adult swim on your wall?" He laughed, god that laugh was contagious. "I got bored and looked at tik tok for 5 minutes" he shrugged and fell back onto his bed, ranboo sat next to him. "Your parents and siblings left apparently, no idea where they went" ranboo shrugged. Tubbo tapped a pen on his cheek. "They left us alone and went to a dinner while we stream, they didn't want to disturbed our yelling apparently, I think it's an excuse to go to a dinner without me" tubbo pouted.

"Of course they didn't want tou to go with them, you're filter just disappears around me" ranboo giggled finding joy in making the shorter man flustered. "Oh shut up" he laughed. They shared a comfortable silence, tubbo laying back and staring at the ceiling, he faced ranboo as he spoke. "So are we going to stream?" ranboo asked. "Yeah but.. Can I tell you something first?" Ranboo nodded.

"Well.. You seem I.. Uhm... " He remembered wilburs words and took a deep breath. "I really like you- no.. Ranboo I love you, more then a friend, and no matter what I want us to be good friends I just needed that off my chest" Ranboos face was red as he looked at tubbo, then and there he understood while Tommy climbed to tubbo so much. He was so kind, so caring. His eyes were like fireworks whenever you looking into them, his doe hair looking ad beautiful as ever. Tubbo didn't know what ranboo was going to say so he shook, he was afraid of loosing his best friend.

Ranboo saw tubbo shaking and grasped his hand holding it to his lips and kissing tubbos knuckles. Tubbos face blushed red and he paused. "Tubbo I love you too" They both stared into each other's eyes, then it both clicked for the both of then as they smashed their lips together, in blurs of lust and teenage hormones there was two men who fell sickly in love with eachother.

Tubbo leaned in closer deepening the kiss, spit ran down tubbos chin as they continues. Finally they let go of the kiss a string of saliva following with them. Tubbo licked his lips and looked at ranboo with the most pleading eyes. Tubbo took his headphones out and connected his phone to a speaker, playing the music he was listening to, and playing it for them both. Tubbo knew the song and grilled tubbo by the waist winning him down to the bed. Tubbos thighs came together as he tried to hide his rising hard on to the taller male. Ranboo got on his knees above tubbo and took his shirt off. Tubbo could tell ranboo was nervous, but so was he. Tubbo stripped his shirt off the cool hair hitting his boiling hot skin, they shared another lustful kiss, their tongues twinning in a dance of love and ranboo unbuckled himself.

Tubbo gulped and wrapped his legs around ranboos waist bringing him closer. Ranboo grinding softly on tubbos ass earning a sharp breath from the older. Tubbo was nervous to strip the rest off, whining at any bit of contact from ranboo. "It's okay tubbo we don't have to continue" tubbo shook his head. "I want to but.. I don't like that way I look" Tubbo gestured to the freckles scattered across his chest and stomach, they didn't look all together like some people's on their face. They were random, dark. Ranboo leaned down and began to kiss each one. Placing different types of love in each freckle. "It's okay tubbo, I have stretch marks" He mumbled between each kiss. "But yours is because you grew to tall" tubbo whimpered. "Mhm.. So what.. " He lifted his face up and held his hand on the hem of tubbos pants. "May I?" Ranboo said with some uncertainty. Ranboo was equally as nervous, this is a night ranboo never wanted tubbo to forget. The music played softly in the background, their minds only filled with lust.

Tubbo nodded weakly and watched as ranboo lifted his hips up and placed then back down wriggling tubbo out of his jeans. He looked at tubbos boner through his boxers and began to palm it softly, not teasing him, but making tubbo feel every touch, every bit of live ranboo poured into him. Tubbo leaned up and gripped ranboos neck pulling him over him. Tubbo was below ranboo with his legs around ranboos, ranboo was on all fours above him his hand on tubbos now very known tent in his pants. They shared a passionate kiss as tubbo moaned sweetly into it, his dick craving every last touch that ranboo made. Tubbo let go of the kiss and leaned over to his desk and brought out some lube, Berry flavor to be exact. Ranboo and tubbo both blushed madly as tubbo handed ranboo the lube.

Ranboo stood up and stripped himself off his pants, turning around and facing away slipping down his boxers. "Nice ass" Tubbo commented seeing ranboos gave go bright red, he faced tubbo and crawled back onto of him. Tubbos face lit up even more suprised by ranboos size. "Holy shit boo.. How will you fit..?" He asked his voice in stutters. "It's okay if it doesn't we can just try-" Ranboo was shut up by a quick kiss. "Let's make this more sentimental" tubbo smiled.

He lifted his hips up and squirmed out of his boxers throwing them away. Ranboo gripped the lube and squirted them on his fingers, tubbo shook his hands and leaned over throwing a condom at him. "Listen, Don't ask why but I have many sizes" Tubbo covered his face in embarrassment. Ranboos face went red and he placed in on his erection continuing with the lube.

He squirted a nice amount of lube onto three of his fingers gripping tubbos thigh with his other hand and slightly poking the rim og tubbos ass with his finger. "If it ever gets uncomfortable please tell me" he asked shyly getting a nod from tubbo. He slowly entered and looked up at tubbo, tubbo didn't know if he felt anything. "A-.. Another finger please" He asked. Ranboo nodded and pushed another in, not that got tubbo going, he quickly covered his mouth to suppress any moan that would want to release from his throat. Ranboo waited a moment before beginning to thrust his fingers in and out, tubbo bit his lip and looked at ranboo, those beautiful eyes looking right back at him, they were glossy, and oh so pretty. He always had such an soft gaze around ranboo, and now he knew why, now he knew that tubbo was all his. Ranboo licked his lips and started to really go at it, scissoring him and pumping hid fingers at a steady pace. "I'm adding another" ranboo choked out in concentration. Tubbo nodded as ranboo added another going at his pace. Tubbos back arched, his nipples perking up in pleasure. God ranboo could to the all day, but his erection started to become painful and he really didn't want to get blue-balled.

He pulled his fingers out saddened by tubbos whine when he suddenly felt empty. "Don't worry bee, you'll be full once again" he smirked. Ranboo didn't know where the confidence came from, but it makes dirty talk was better so he didn't care. "Great I'm hungry" Tubbo replied getting a small smack on his thigh from ranboo. Tubbo laughed and looked down at his erection. "How about you help yourself then" Tubbo leaned back on the pillow. Ranboos face went red again and he nodded at tubbo and poured more lube on his hand, gripping the condom packet and ripping it off with his teeth, placing the condom on his erection gliding it down softly.

Ranboo bit his lip and started to smear the lube down his length, he started to jerk himself off slightly while observing all of tubbo, the way he breathe, each freckle, his eyes, his hair. He looked so beautiful under him, and that's all that ranboo could ever care about. He gripped tubbos thigh and pulled him up lining himself up perfectly. "Alright tub take a breath in" tubbo did as he was told and gasped at the feeling of ranboo entering him. "Mmmm... Boo" Tubbo moaned. "Fuck you're big" Ranboo snorted then looked down at a very confused tubbo. "I'm only half way in" tubbos face went red everything inside him telling him that he's fucked. Literally. Ranboo quickly snapped his hips and thrusted his whole length into tubbo, tubbo let out a moan and started started drying heavily, holding onto the sheets for dear life. Ranboo smiled. "I'll let you get used to it honey bee" ranboo bit his lip, tubbo felt so nice, with every breath tubbo squeezed tightly around ranboos dick, then let go, it was a feeling he never wanted to let go. Tubbo gave a nod of approval and tubbo began, his thrusts were deathly slow but they were slow, he sucked up the feeling of tubbo against him, took in every touch. His thighs against tubbos, his hands snaked around tubbos hips, and the small buldge that appeared in his stomach. Ranboo couldn't believe it with every thrust in that a small bump appeared on his stomach, it was amazing. Ranboo then began to speed up, the slaps against each others thighs echoed against the music left on repeat, this was their song, when people ask they would know, but never why, they couldn just never say why they chose this song. Isn't embarrassment? No, it's that this moment is apart of their core memories now, and that's what ranboo wanted.

Ranboo sped up as he thrusted in and out in and out. Groans erupting against his throat as he looked down at tubbo lovingly. Here was the guy, who made sex jokes around ranboo, who never seemed to lie unless it's a joke, tubbo always meant what he said, and that's what ranboo loves about him, that he can trust tubbo with anything. Ranboo hadn't noticed but as he got trapped in thought he started to go harder, only snapped out of his thinking with a moaning mess of a boy under him. "Tubbo-" He moaned out and leaned down thrusting harder. "I love you, I love you" he kept on moaning out placing his head on tubbos whole he thrusted into the poor boy. "I know, me too me too" Tubbo replied. Ranboo leaned back in. "I'm close bee- I'm close" He muttered put getting a moan in reply. "Fuck- Ranboo!" Tubbo moaned cum splattering onto his stomach. Ranboo kept going, fucking tubbo through his overstimulation until finally cumming. He thrusted as deep as possible as he came, pulling out and seeing the bag in tact. He tied the end and threw it into the trash, looking down at the mess below him. He fell next to tubbo and smiled kissing tubbos forehead. "I love you so much, I can't wait to call you mine" Ranboo rambled. "But I am" he replied. "mm hm, no, not until we're bother not just horny tommorow" tubbo nodded and shuffled his back to ranboo feeling the familiar wrap around as he did, today.. Was a great day, he's got to thank wilbur.

Chapter Text

Schlatt didn't know how much is actions would pay in debt to someone's life. He wanted what was best for everyone, he wanted the best out of everyone, so who knew that all of this would finally come crumbling down. A son dog, thrown outside and chained too their own sadness, to forever walk in circles until they die. He didn't mean it, he didn't.. All he wanted was a perfect son, not one people spit apon for every thing they do wrong.

He didn't want to see his son, bloodied and bruised on the bathroom floor, his wrists slit like barcodes trailing up his arm, like every line was another thing he fucked up. He didn't want to see his neck, sliced open, blood oozing out like a rushing water floor, it was all too much this was too much, why did the earth have to treat him so unfairly?

Schlatt gasped looking at the alarm clock that rang silently in his ears, just a white noise to the same way he's been waking up every morning, a knock on his door shook himself to the core as his son walked timidly into his room, his knees bruised from falling over, bandaids plastered over his skin like a rash. Why did he look so pitiful? And why was he only seeing his son like this now. "Y-Your foods ready.." He spoke picking up his voice on the way.

Schlatts tone changed. "I.. Thank you" schlatt spoke, trying to shake off the idea that he just saw his son's body dripping blood, his tears still staining his cheeks, how long had he been laying their on the bathroom floor, hoping his father would save him, just this once.

He studied tubbo before he left, suprised at the tone but not wanting to annoy the older man anymore so he scurried out of his room. Schlatt placed a hand to his face, sighing, how would he fix this?

Tubbo couldn't know, he shouldn't know, he was just the servant, the *slave* who bowed in front of everyone. Who could be punched, and kicked, and no one would care, so why now? Why does his filthy excuse of a father have a ounce of worry for his son.

The father, in question. A cold man who used sex for money, drugs, taking over any company he could, and he can! Schlatt coin rose him up and he'd gladly sell everything he can for the dirty money.

Tubbo could never, he dreampt of peace on his balcony, the joys of jumping? No.. He didn't want the attention. The thought of leaning against his cottage balcony, his shop right at the end of his road, smelling the nature as it shoved breaths of joy into tubbos lungs. Here in the city where he drank booze as water, ate dog food. He could never feel joy.

Tubbo turned on his heel to face the bathroom, he got a good room, master bedroom with a bathroom, that haunting bathroom that whenever he stepped in it, he could feel the ghosts of his path coming up to hunt him, he never really like it. It was cold, quiet.. Yet the silence yelled so loudly, his thoughts louder then his breath.

He faced the mirror, his looks were painful. A pale face, he looked like a ghost and he wasn't even one.. *yet.* Blue eyes that faded into grey, he lost the feeling ages ago, he lost his spark. Tubbo leaned on his wall, staring at his shower, the razor, he took out from under the trashcan, it was bloody, yet never enough to make you feel sick. Tapping it against his skin to feel the metal, cold and brash against is skin, the burden sinking in as he sliced, each cut was a punishment to everything he couldn't be, bad grades *one,* not strong enough *two,* bad cooking *three,* and on and on until the pool of blood started to streak down his arm and into the floor.

Tubbo smiled, as he recalled the events that took place today.

*"Tubbo, come in here" schlatt called, tubbo rushed in keeping his steady pace, it was scary.. Whenever schlatt wanted him. "Yes-" his voice snapped. "Yes sir?" He fixed. "I.. I want you to go and have fun baking" Tubbos eyes lit up slightly, what did this mean. "The Butler's got many new ingredients.. Have fun" schlatt struggled to say, it didn't seem right, the niceness of his voice didn't seem right*

Tubbo smirked. Of course, it was all to good to be true, he looked at the razor, it wasn't going fast enough. He placed it on his neck, inhaling his last breath then exhaling as it sliced across his throat.


Tubbo felt himself get pulled out of the water, his eyes shattered at the sudden light, he felt bigger ones wrapping around his, the light, was it death? Or was it someone looking down apon him, as a pitiful kid who can't stop crying. He squinted trying to open his eyes, someone was looking down at him, was it an angel? No.. Devil, The horns on his head spoke loudly, but why? Why now, and why couldn't he see them before.

He felt pressure on his lungs, he needed to throw up, why couldn't he-

Suddenly a rush of water sprouted out of his throat, he feels like he threw up everything, he felt tired.. Why was he so tired. "Tubbo please" water dropped on his skin, he was already wet, so what's the difference? "Mmm.. Papa..?" Everything faded to black nothing.

Schlatt gasoed awake, his throat burning like fire

It's 6 am

Chapter Text

Ranboo loves mornings like this, He'd get ready to go to sleep, enjoying the night as he worked just to see his bee in the morning. Hissing at the water as he walked down to their nest he poked his head thought the small hole and into their massive nest. He shuffled his feet and looked around spotting what he came for. There was Tubbo placing down decorations and adding to the mass amount of flowers they had.

Tubbo spotted the taller man, his face lighting up beautifully as he raced over gripping him tightly. "Ranboo! Good morning!" Ranboo studied this man like he was a Diamond. He had overalls on, one strap falling down his shoulder, and a black and yellow shirt, he looked so pretty. "Morning Tubbo, I was about to head to sleep" Ranboo smirked and tubbo folded his arms angrily. "MMm dammit, I had something cool planned as well" He pouted. Ranboo chuckled placing his chin on the others head. His nose went into tubbos hair, it was soft and just full of pollen. Ranboo breathed in slighty, the scent of honey calmed him, he begun to melt in tubbo grasp pulling the shorter teen closer. "ranbooo.. Let's get you to bed" Ranboo nodded as they started to head to the shared bedroom.

Ranboo flopped onto the big bringing tubbo down ontop of him. "Ranboo. I need to get work done" Ranboo snarled softly grumbling. "How much sleep did you get?" Tubbo sighed. "2 hours" ranboo turned to his side spooning tubbo. "Then we sleep" Tubbo squirmed before giving in, pressing his back against ranboos chest and holding his hand. "My HoneyBee" Ranboo mumbled squeezing the the hold lovingly

Chapter Text

Ranboo sat dead in the middle of his house, his eyes on the door, a police man was walking around him, they suspected him of being the enderain. But ranboo refused to talk until his boyfriend came back. He was tied to the chair, his eyes stared deadpanned at the door why was tubbo taking so long. "Are you gonna talk? Or wait till your faggot of a lover comes back" ranboos nose scrunched, this is why he didn't like police, they were all rotten pigs who thought they could detain everything and everyone. "Let me go." He spat looking back at the officer. "I could call up and have you taken for being the enderain" ranboo grit his teeth. "Read mean my rights please.. " He huffed out in annoyance.

"You have no rights you murder" ranboo slumped back. "And you have no proof, Haven't killed anyone" ranboo bit his tongue. Then and their tubbo came in, looking at the sight. "Is this... Some kinky shit?" Ranboo shook his head. "So you're this murders boyfriend" Tubbos nose scrunched in utter confusion. "Murder? Him? No?" Tubbo walked over and looked at the handcuffs. "Could you un cuff him and leave we have family coming over" tubbo complained. The police officer leaned on the bench. "You have no warrant, out" tubbo commanded. The police officer got close to tubbo, too close for ranboos liking. "And what are you going to do?" Tubbo clicked his tongue and spat in the officers face. The man drew his fist back before falling to the floor. The officer looked up mortified at ranboo, the handcuffs spinning on his finger.

"You should really lock them better" ranboo grinned and threw them at the officer. "Make sure you don't get blood everyone" tubbo kissed ranboos cheek then walked into the kitchen. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this" ranboo smirked.

Chapter Text

Tw: Abuse/Sexual abuse/ Rape

Ranboo stalked his prey, his back spiking with anger as he watched the man stroll up to his house like he owned the place. Tubbo's ex walked to the door, last time when he was dragging the man into the forest, he had a knife and made a wound right in ranboos stomach, it was sick how much pride this man had. Clicking his shotgun with anger, reloading it like it would jam up at any second, who was he kidding, this man was a monster. Even more then ranboo. He gritted his teeth, why couldn't this man give up and leave him and his little bee alone. He wanted to shred this man apart.. But.. Making it slow and painful sounded better.

He recalled what tubbo would say to him, all the stories, all the shit things this man had done. But they got through it, and ranboo would go through it over and over again to make sure that tubbos okay, he'd kill everyone if it meant he would be safe with his lover. Ranboo watched tubbos ex walk up with such determination to kill Ranboo, It was painful how much his instincts were telling him to rip the man apart.. But no, he couldn't just yet, he wants to watch, see his weak points before attacking.. But still making sure he doesn't get to close. Finally ranboo stalked behind him, his hind legs lifting him off all fours, his footsteps quieter then a feather landing on the ground, and his jaw unhinging to sink his teeth into his throat, listen and watch him wriggling in pain trying to get ranboo to release him. About to attack he drew in a sharp breath, huffing as his body turned inwards, a pain in his hip struck the rest of his body. Oh.. He had a pistol as well...

Ranboo went onto all fours, holding his hip, blood gushed out like a water fall, he could heal it but he needs time. Time he didn't have. Tubbo's ex pointed the pistol at ranboo, their eyes narrowing in pity. "hahaha! You really thought you could sneak up on me?!" He laughed and placed his hand back down. "Pathetic" his voice lowered. The pistol suddenly shot up and he flinched, afraid he'd get shot in the head. "God you really care about tubbo huh? Sure he's cute" he sighed. "But he's just a cock whore, I can't waste a good fuck like that" ranboo could feel the anger in him rising. "Honestly, I can tell he'd fuck a monster like you, can't believe you even exist.. It's funny really" Ranboo snarled. "He's just a slut that no one loves, even when he fought back he'd still come running for my dick.. You realize thats all he wants you for?" Ranboo didn't like this, tubbo talked to him, about how he begged for sex so he didn't get hit, how he succumbed to him just so he could live another day, it made ranboo sick.

"Well.. I'll be taking him back, by force if i have to, but I bet he'll come begging at my knees as soon as he sees me" That was the final straw for ranboo as he bit his hand and threw it and the gun away. Screams ripped from the exs throat as they looked at his arm. "What the fuck!" He yelled then felt pressure on his lungs as he was thrown into a tree. He gasped for air only for it to be denied by a pressure on his chest. ranboo pushed his claws into his chest and growled deeply, this man, tried to take away his little honey bee, the reason he has a safe place to stay, the one who would one day bare his kids, take on a bond with him, ranboo had so many things he wants to show tubbo, do with tubbo, and this man wanted to take away the only spark thats appeared in ranboos life, and for what! Sex? In disgusted ranboo, he bit his hand then pressed the blood to tubbos exs head and finally spoke. "You fucker, tried to steal my love" The ex froze. "W-Wait you can talk?" He shuttered, ranboos voice was deep, and threatening" ranboo craned his neck. "yeah.. But only for five minutes.. now answer this, what makes you think you can take away my love.. My little bee?" His eyes thinned like a cats and tubbos ex smirked. "You mean My little bee? He's mine and always will be, you bring him out here all ill show you" Ranboo scraped his claw down the tree. "Oh you're not going anywhere near him"

Tubbos ex gulped, the scrape hurt his ears. He spat on ranboo's face, watching his head scrunch in anger as he took a bite to this mans throat, gurgled screams came from him as he tried to push ranboos head away, but the more he fought, the tighter ranboo's grip would get. "G-get the f..fuck off!" He yelled hoarsely. Ranboo shook his head, snapping pain through the exs body. He screamed louder before feeling his body drag against the ground, his arm hurt so badly, blood pouring out of him as everything started to fade to black, too much blood loss. too much pain. Ranboo watched and drained the life out of him before dropping him deep into the forest, looking at the blood trail.. Another thing to clean, after an hour of cleaning off the blood and getting a bear to the body he walked back to his house. falling onto the couch and shifting back into a human form. "Ranboo!" He heard and looked up to see tubbo jumping at him, he turned to grasp his lover, inhaling the deep scent, that calming scent.

"I saw who it was are you okay fuck i was so worried" he spoke and kissed ranboos cheeks. Ranboo nodded and held tubbo tightly, he wasn't letting go any time soon.

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" oh tubbo my beloved" tommy mocked the taller boy on the other side of his call. "Oh tubbo MonkaS" Ranboo bursted into a fit of laughter and embarrassment. "I do not act like that!" He screeched, his voice lighter then he wanted it to be. "Then why are you here right now? After being on tubbos stream for an hour, now here, ranting about how much you love him" Ranboo went to speak his mind, but shut his mouth leaning back on his chair. "Fair point" Tommy's 'annoying' voice rung through his ears. "You've got to tell em! You're a pussy cause you're not" Ranboo sighed sinking deeper into his own disspair. "I know" Tommy chuckled his voice getting softer. "so why haven't you big man?" Tommy asked. "Well because he's never always so transparent, he has this wall up with anything thats even romantic" Ranboo complained, his eyes shut with annoyance but he quickly leaned up opening them, hoping to gain confidence. "So I dont know.. What if he doesn't like me back?"

Tommy cleared his throat. "Listen Ranboo, I dont talk with Tubso about lovey dovey shit, its normally about how much of a bitch twitch is, and coding, also vlogs, mainly vlogs, but thats beside the point" He cleared his throat again catching his thoughts. "The way he talks to you, and acts about you, is so much more then our friendship, I've never seen him be more excited about you coming over, then me even seeing him!" Tommy's voice rose up. "Trust me, he feels at least *some kind of love* towards you" tommy's voice softened, man his changed his tone a lot. " And how we're going to practice is here, and now, then once tubbo's stream is over you tell him!" Tommy started to click his keyboard. "Alright.. Uhm, Tubbo I wanted-" "ah- wait big man!" Tommy chimed in as he finishes clicking. "So. I placed something onto my soundboard for you" tommy giggled as a voice rung through his voice, the same voice that made him love sick, to the point he got butterflies so bad he vomited, but that wasn't the point. The voice ringing through his ears, was tubbos, a sentance just like one he heard a lot. 'What's up ranboo?'

Was spammed over and over again through Tommy's soundboard. "Ok go!" Tommy chirped. "Oh ok.." "Hi tubbo" He spoke. "Whats up ranboo?" he heard in reply. "Well- Uhm, I wanted to tell you something, you see, I really- Im in-" the words got stuck on his throat, tommy gave him time, let him talk first. "I want to kiss you.. B-Badly-" "wait no.. actually yes.. tubbo i- I don't want to be your friend, I really want to kiss you, and I just wanted to know if you feel the same, I can't stop imagining so much things with you, so many thoughts, so many times I get to love you fully" Ranboo's voice cracked a couple time, Tommy was about to chime in before ranboo started to speak again. "I lose my breath every time we talk, I get butterflies so bad I want to throw up!" He laughed. "So.." Tommy cut him off. "Damn, ranboo, if you went further i don't think I'd be a Pg streamer anymore" "B-But you aren't already-" "Besides the point!" Tommy cut in again. "You did well!, now all you have to do is tell tubbo!" Ranboo gulped.

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Ranboo and Tubbo sat calmly near eachother, the silence was loud enough that you couldn't hear eachothers breathing, the small taps of typing, sighs of boredom. But you could, so Ranboo was suffering. Wanting to end the older teens boredom, but he himself had no idea what to do. What could they do? Then suddenly the door opened and Tubbo's parents came in smiling. "Lani and Teagan are having a sleepover with their friends, and me and your dad are going out, you have the house to yourself so please take care of it" Tubbo looked up and nodded, merging himself with his phone once more. "I'll make sure he doesn't burn anything down" tubbo looked up at ranboo "hey!" he yelled crossing his arms. Ranboo snickered and turned his chair to face his desk. Tubbo made a grunt before throwing a pillow at ranboo hitting him straight into his head.

Ranboo banged his head on his desk being a little over dramatic. "Woah! Ranboo are you okay?" Tubbo was instantly at ranboo's side. Ranboo lifted his head up. "Yeah m'fine, more balls have hit my head so i can handle it" ranboo thumbed up. Tubbo sighed and landed on the small blow-up mattress ranboo was sleeping on. "What can we talk about?" Ranboo shrugged turning to face him, the sight flustered him, tubbo laying down and looking at the roof, it gave mine a perfect view of his thighs, they were pale, and looked soft, ranboo just wanted to- "ranboo?" His train of thought crashed and he cleared his throat facing away, god that was embarrassing. "Mm not sure" Ranboo replied, he's trying so hard to forget his side, get his mind to stop shoving ideas at him. Tubbo sighed loudly and looked back at ranboo. "Let's talk about sex" Ranboo froze turning his head to face tubbo. "Ever had sex big man?" Ranboo was stuck with whatever words he wanted to say, all he had to do was shake his head no. Tubbo sat up and pushed his knees to his chest. "would you like too?" Ranboo couldn't stop staring, the pose, tubbo's actions, god he wanted to touch him, he wanted to lean into his small figure, wrap his body around the one he could call his lover. He wanted tubbo.

And it seems tubbo wanted him, he spread his legs a little and held out his hand to ranboo. Ranboo leaned down and took it quickly getting pulled above tubbo. This seemed like a fever dream, was this even allowed? Oh yeah... We're in england, but he's american. Ranboo was caught up so the sudden shock of tubbos hands onto his shirt was badly shown, tubbo pulled his hands away slightly watching ranboo flinch, was this the right thing? Was he doing the right thing? Ranboo seemed distant, distracted.. Tubbo was about to stop, before he watched ranboo lean up and take his shirt off, looking down at tubbo the whole time. Tubbo put his hands to his chest, they were ready to wrap around the taller man infront of him, embrace the love that came with it. It was sickening, how much he wanted his 'best friend' how much he just wanted to feel the taller manhandle him, take him for everything, his love, mind, and body. He wanted to give his all to ranboo, and for ranboo to do the same.

As their chests pressed against eachother they surrounded eachothers lips with a heated kiss, both of them desperate to taste eachother, both of them eager to become closer, both physically and mentally. Ranboo bit the bottom of tubbos lip asking for permission, gaining that, he pushed his tongue in, they danced together like waves bashing again the shore, the kiss deepening with every touch, ranboo placing his large hands are tubbos waist, one slipping down to his thigh squeezing slightly. The light on the computer turned off as the screen went black, the only way tubbo could see ranboo was from the slight sunlight that started to fade as their journey of want continued. Tubbo was amazed, ranboo's touches were hesitant, yes. But once tubbo okayed everything he did he was soft, but rough at the same time, the touches on his stomach and thigh were soft, but he roughly kissed tubbo, hoping to draw out even ounce of tubbo's soul to his own, wanted to savor this moment.

They ended the kiss with a pop, a string of saliva connecting the two. Ranboo wiped his mouth off and looked down, both of them extremely hard. "Tubbo... Before we do anything, are you completely sure you want this?" Ranboo spoke softly, leaning down to suck on tubbos neck. "ye-es im sure ranboo.." He moaned slightly. Ranboo nodded and undid his belt throwing it away, tubbo smiles and shuffled his shorts down. "Tubbo, I warn you I am.. Big.. down there" Ranboo stuttered to say. That just made tubbo's want to touch ranboo bigger, ranbbo gripped tubbos thighs and leaned against the wall, pulling tubbo into his lap. "I want you to cont-" his voice cracked with nervousness, tubbo thought it was cute. "I want you to control it.. slightly" he tried to pick the right words, not knowing what they were. Tubbo nodded and slipped his hand down ranboos chest and stomach, reaching to the hem of ranboos boxers, getting a nod of approval and taking them down, they sat at the bottom of ranboo's thighs, tubbo looking down astonished, god, the name big man fit him.

Ranboo looked away blushing madly, tubbo smiled and put his fingers up. "I don't own lube, so open" tubbo cooed. Ranboo nodded and opened his mouth feeling tubbos fingers go in, after coating them with ranboos saliva he shuffled his boxers off, leaned back and putting them over his ankles and throwing them away, in the process showing ranboo quite a show. Ranboo bit his lips and held tubbo tightly, tubbo was pressed against ranboo as he slowly slid a finger in, moaning quietly in the process. Ranboo leaned down to take a small love bite out of tubbos necks, sucking at it. Tubbo rocked on his finger before adding two, then three. Slowly and surely, he felt ready. Tubbo pulled his neck away, hearing Ranboo whine, he enjoyed listening to tubbo moan as he sucked a masterpiece on tubbo's neck. "One more time" Ranboo spoke. "Do you want this?" Tubbo didn't need to answer, he already knew his answer. Not giving words as an answer his pressed the tip of ranboo into him, looking at ranboo's face slowly melt into pleasure.

Tubbo bit his tongue as every bit of ranboo entered him, resting at ranboos thighs, a small bulge very visible in tubbos stomach, ranboo stared at whatever he could see of tubbo as the light only peeked. Happily the sun was right on tubbos lips, the light making tubbo's face more visible then the rest of him. That was a sight ranboo could never forget, tubbo looking down at him, love struck, his mouth gapped open as he breathed. Ranboo smiled and leaned up. "I'm going to move" He whispered into tubbos ear giving his neck a slight kiss before leaning back on the wall. Placing his hands on tubbos waist as he slowly thrusted up. Not wanting this time to be where he fucks tubbo so harshly that he cant stop moaning.. No he wanted this to be soft, only hearing breathes, small moans, and just being able to feel tubbo. He kept a slow and steady pace, enjoying how even though the slowness of the sex was relaxing, tubbo still clenched around ranboo, making the love between them deepen, but when will it be enough?

Ranboo groaned as tubbo clenched harder, pressing his head against the wall still looking at tubbo, tubbo's hips grinded down softly as he understood what ranboo wanted, soft sex that could be embedded into ranboos mind, remembering that his first time was so loving. a knot tightened in his stomach as he sped up a bit. "fuck tubbo- m'close" tubbo nodded in agreement, the pace was better, and drew more out of tubbo as he bounced. Tubbo smiled. "Don't until I say so boo" he spoke, his voice charming but soft. After 30 seconds of this nice speed tubbo spoke up again "now- now!" he spoke cumming over ranboos chest. Ranboo happily joined in, pressing his hips deep into tubbo, shooting his load as deep as possible. Ranboo and tubbo both huffed placing their heads together. "That was- amazing" Tubbo got up and pulled ranboo out, feeling empty was a sad feeling, but the feeling he had before he could never forget. Tubbo fell onto ranboo's pillow. "ima crash here" tubbo spoke quickly, just wanting to sleep, ranboo chuckled and laid down, gripping tubbos waist and pulling him closer, wrapping the boy in a cuddle. They both fell asleep after matching eachothers breaths.

Tubbo woke up first looking at ranboo's body through the daylight that shone through his window, regret sinking into him as he looked at ranboo's collarbone. "Fuck- no no no!" He quickly got up and threw his clothes on, ranboo woke up just to see tubbo heading to his bathroom in a panic. Ranboo watched worryingly and threw on a T-shirt and boxers following the shorter male, he tapped on the door. "Tubbo?" He asked hoping for an answer. "Ranboo I'm sorry- I fucked up" Ranboo pressed his hand to the door, hoping, somehow the other would open up and let him in. "I shouldn't- we shouldn't- I'm sorry, i didn't mean to push you to fuck me, it was dumb" ranboo sighed. "You didn't push me" tubbo couldn't.. He wanted to believe him, but his own guilt caused him not to. "You're my best friend! And I'm pretty sure it's illegal for you!" He curled up on the floor. "Tubbo, I don't care if we're bestfriends, I love you, so much" tubbo stopped crying, his heart fluttered with happiness, he quickly stood up. "So I don't care- I hope we'e still friend-" tubbo opened the door and wrapped ranboo in a tight hug. "I love you too" Ranboo smiled and held the smaller male, never wanting to let go.

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Tubbo sat on his petal-stool like a king, he knew the hold he had on ranboo, but also how much ranboo could trap him, the white lies, the loving words, then suddenly a note on his door saying. "It's over :)" tubbo never got it, ranboo was always so silent around him, never said his feelings, never told him anything. So why should he care, being a single parent for a month, michael the only way he can love ranboo without it being him. Michael reminding him so much of his ex-husband? He never made the divorce offical, missing his husband to death.

Tubbo cleaned his cabin slowly, tiredness catching up with his sleepless nights, crying and missing his lover. A knock at the door scared him but he opened it anyway, it could be foolish, maybe jack, Oh! maybe- his thoughts stopped as he saw the half enderman, his eyes pleading for tubbo's forgiveness. "Leave." he turned and walked, ranboo followed, following tubbo into his basement, saying how he's sorry for leaving, tubbo snapped, turning on his heels to face ranboo, tears staining his cheeks with lines of wetness down them. "You've broken all of the promises we made!" Tubbo yelled stepping closer and closer, staring the enderman deadpanned in his eyes. A hand drifts to his chest as he tugs on his jacket. "There's no lie that you haven't told to my face!" Tubbo builds up, height very much needed. He placed a hand on ranboos cheek, tracing the scars.

A sweet smiled shoved its way through tubbo's anger as he saw ranboo lean into the touch, but he was hurt. He shoved ranboo's face pointing to his own scars. "You're gonna want me back when the scars start to ache!" He stepped down still looking at the taller man. "But baby." He sighed. "I'll be long gone!" He yelled crying. Ranboo put his hands up signifying a hug, tubbo teared up and ran into his arm, mumbling about him being an idiot. dont think he meant it.

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Tubbo drew in a huge breath, his tongue on fire from biting it too hard, he looked down at his husband, licking his tongue along his stomach seductively, their eyes staring lovingly into eachothers. Ranboo lifted his face his tongue going over his teeth. "You taste sweeter then honey" ranboo smirked, his eyes trailed around tubbo's body, his neck covered in hickeys and bite marks, some bleeding of course. hickeys went from his neck down to his stomach, his thighs just waiting to be pampered by ranboo, until finally he'd get his brain fucked out. Ranboo was holding back every inch of his instinct to breed the bratty goat into the floor.

Before their heated session tubbo and ranboo were out hanging with a lot of different members of the server. Tommy, Fundy, Nikki, Foolish, Eret, Puffy, Quackity, and a few others as they had a small meetup. Ranboo was nervous around everyone, he could sense how much tubbo didn't want to be here, except for tommy, he was fine with being around tommy.. I little too much for his liking. Tubbo and tommy were throwing compliments at eachother like crazy, they stood holding a cup full of lemonade. ranboo sometimes came into the conversation, but in the end he was just there for tubbo's comfort. as tubbo and tommy continued their idiotic flirting competition, ranboo had snaked his tail under tubbo's jacket and curled it around his leg. He rubbed slightly, he was focusing on the conversation, but he was more focused on making tubbo panic. Tubbo gave him a side glance, normally, tubbo would lean into the touch, say how he'll go now. But that smirk he gave ranboo told him otherwise. Beginning to walk away, tommy following while laughing. Ranboo's tail came back to his side and he crunched his cup placing it down.

Yes, he wanted tubbo's attention.. But it was more tommy.. They had been friends for so long, he has no idea what tubbo and tommy have been up to. Only that tubbo mentioned they got a little.. curious with eachother, tubbo quickly said that it meant nothing, but ranboo wanted to show everyone who tubbo belonged too. He straightened his posture and started to walk over too tubbo, being stopped by eret, who was watching the whole situation. "Ranboo, I've been watching and I want you to just calm down" ranboo looked at eret then sighed. "I'll tell you how to tame tubbo? You think I don't see what happens behind closed doors?" Eret smirked. Ranboo's tail spiked up with nervousness and he started to play with his hands. "but listen.." Eret leaned into his ear, after a few seonds ranboo smirked, eret leaning back down. Ranboo nodded, getting eret's help was good.

He went to tubbo and picked him up. "Sorry tommy but me and tubbo have some business to attend too" tommy's face suddenly screwed up. "Well 'm sorry ranboob, we were in a very serious conversation" tommy snapped back, ranboo's tail curled swaying with slight anger, he huffed out an annoyed breath. "Sure sure, I'll be taking tubbo now" He started to walk off, having tubbo in his arms, he looked down at tubbo's head was in his shirt, as soon as they were far enough ranboo spoke not looking at tubbo, but still carrying. "So how was you and tommy's little flirting game.." tubbo gripped his shirt "it was fine boo" ranboo didn't like that answer, he didn't like that tubbo was just submitting himself to tommy's word, he's ranboo's little beeboy. Tubbo was Ranboo's, all ranboos. Of course he'd never tell tommy, that while he and tubbo were having a *pissing* contest, he was fucking the goat boy raw, having him scream under him. Ranboo didn't like tubbos tone. Just like eret said. *put him in his place.* Ranboo snarled slightly. "So, wanna fuck tommy now do you?" ranboo said with a bark, but no bite. tubbo looked up. "no no- we were just-" ranboo's eyes thinned out as he opened the door to their home, dropping the boy and pinning him to the wall, his snarl drew out longer this time, his face incredibly close to the smaller male under him. "Just what? being a slut to your bestfriend again?"

Tubbo gulped, his eyes staring intensely at the others. "No, I'm yours ranboo- only yours" ranboo smirked "then let me show everyone you'e mine" tubbo nodded attaching his lips to ranboos, drawing in everything he could out of him. This time ranboo didn't have that thought in his head, that, care for tubbo thought, he wanted to destory the boy under him. He pulled tubbo's jacket off, huffing at him, things were going to slow. "strip. ***and quickly"*** he hissed already taking off his clothing staring down at the boy below as he finished at his boxers. He was so glad about his genetics that he can bring his boner out, but if he doesn't and he's horny.. Well his instincts go wild. He licked him lips as tubbo threw his pants away, also in his underwear. Ranboo moved forward wrapping his paws around tubbo's skinny body and resting them at his slightly plumped ass. He leaned down and picked the boy up, pinning him up against the wall, tubbo's lets didn't touch the ground, not by so many feet. He let out a small huff that sounded like a enderman leaning in and placing his head to tubbo's neck.

He began to suck, skin popping against his lips as he let go, his eyes closed as he focused, tubbo let out whimpers as ranboo rubbed against his clothed dick. He wanted to hear tubbo moan, his body heating up as he kept his hard on in. He wanted to go crazy, he wanted to ruin the bratty boy's act. Ranboo bit down, careful not to draw a lot of blood, only the slightly bit dribbling down his neck. He looked back up, tubbo's ears were down, the small 'TS' tag on his ear slowly moving side to side, tubbo suddenly rutted against ranboo's shoulder, yearning for the touch it very much neeeded. But ranboo continued to tease, biting down on tubbo's neck, sucking at every sensitive spot that tubbo had buried deep inside him. After awhile ranboo let go of the last hickey and smiled at his word. Tubbo huffing as his chest expanded and went back down. Ranboo smirked and held tubbo, walking into their room across from michaels. They were so lucky Michael was with philza, the older man insisting he take Michael for the weekend. He threw tubbo onto the bed, smirked as the boy crossed his legs to hide his erection, ranboo licked his lips and gripped both of tubbo's wrists, and rose them up with a slow pace, slowly spreading tubbo's body out as he pushed tubbos leg's down.

He held tubbo's thigh with his left hand, and with his right gripped his wrists, keeping him there as he guided himself to tubbos stomach, let out another whimper as ranboo licked up tubbos stomach, when reaching his scars he would kiss them, going back to licking the rest of him. "God, you taste so sweet honey bee~" he spoke lifted his head up, going down to his thighs, releasing tubbo's wrists and placing both his hands on tubbo's thighs, pushing on them as he began to suck small markings onto them, they wouldn't see this as much, but the neck **everybody** had to see them. He smirked and got onto his knees, rubbing his hand on tubbo's erection, his tongue coming out as he did. Tubbo let out small moans, looking at ranboo's hand, his eyes shining with lust. "What color" Ranboo spoke, he had to know.. "Green.." tubbo replied back, letting ranboo take full control of him.

Ranboo slid his tongue back in and lifted tubbo's ass up, shuffling him out of his boxers and lifting them over his legs and throwing them away. He reached over to a side draw and took out the honey lube tubbo made himself. Taking off his boxers himself, he looked at tubbo and hovered straight over him, starting to lose himself a bit. "Fuck tubbo- I put it in i wont be able to stop myself" He huffed out. Tubbo noded, about to speak before ranboo stuck a finger in. His were *way* bigger then his own, so it was easy to stretch him when ranboo does. After a few pumps he hadded a second, then third, until he was satisfied with himself. He slid his hand down to the slit, sliding his hand over it, his dick poking it's way through as he did so, he pressed down and then pulled, taking it out with him. Stroking it as it made his arrival. He then flipped tubbo moved, manhandling him. Ranboo cursed to himself. "Inhale" He commanded, as soon as he heard tubbo inhaling he thrusted his whole length in, getting a loud moan in return from tubbo.

Tubbo's breaths became shallow as ranboo rested his whole length inside tubbo. Tubbo looked back, ranboo's hair covering his face. He didn't seem to be moving though. "Ranboo-" He moaned out, that must of been the breaking point as ranboo pounded into his relentlessly. Tubbo's moans were loud and cut off a lot as he gulped down his saliva. Tubbo gripped the sheets like he was dying as the enderman pounded into the small boy like his life depended on it. "tubbo- tubbo-" ranboo moaned out as he humped the boy like a fucking while animal. tubbo could only reply with moans as his ass stung with pain, but half of that pain being pleasure. "i love you, soo..~ much" he got out halfway done with tubbo. As his thrusts slowly became more sloppy, he reached down and began to pump tubbo's dick, that plus getting pounded into was enough to send tubbo's brain into overload as he came. After a few minutes ranboo joined him, thrusting into tubbo a few times before cumming, shoving his dick as far in as he could. He let out a few pants before pulling out, letting tubbo collapse in the bed, he wasn't that far away as he fell next to him. "I love you.. Tubbo" He panted out. "I love you too ranboo, im yours.."

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Tubbo sat apon his cloud of guilt, after breaking ranboo's heart, his eyes dilating as he thought of the demon who sung below, sung his tunes of sorrow as he looked up to the clouds. Ranboo approached tubbo pinning the angel to a wall as he poured his heart out to the corrupted angel. Tubbo loved the devil dearly, but their love was left forbidden, Of course tubbo wasn't all rejection. He and Ranboo shared touches of pleasure time to time, basking in eachothers touch, the taller of the two taking control of the angels body and mind. The angels mind was the devils heart, wanting to take control? No, wanting Tubbo's weaknesses to fall into his arms.

Tubbo's wings were beautiful yes, but his right wing destroyed with burns, feathers torn from it. Ranboo wanted to sink into tubbo's mind, wanting the broken angel to trust him. But yet he couldn't break through the wall, only knowing the males true feelings through sex.

Tubbo sighed, he didn't want to see the male, yet something deep inside him yearned him to be with him, to touch, to see, to love. It was destined that they were to be torn apart. The last words tubbo spoke to the demon was 'remember me' yet he didn't mean it, he wanted ranboo to forget him. Forget the time they'd spent together, forget his face. Yet ranboo could never, stuck to the angel like glue as he spoke, seeing tubbo with others, the people getting caught in tubbo's trap of lies. But for ranboo, it was different. Tubbo never faked the feelings towards ranboo, reaching to hold the male tightly, leave to a new world where they could be together without hiding.

Tubbo gritted his teeth, looking down at ranboo as the other stared back, smiling with his arms opening. Tubbo felt himself rise, stand on his cloud, it started to fade as he finally spoke. "give me back my heart you wingless thing!" Tubbo yelled and jumped, His wings widening as he fell, the fall wasn't long as he fell into ranboo's arms, both collapsing onto the group, tubbo burying his head into the taller's chest. Tears of happiness came from them both, happy to feel the other once more.

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Licking the back of tubbo's neck, tubbo wakes up, his breath hitches, What the fuck is trying to eat me now. he turns to see a heavily breathing ranboo, trying to lick up every bit of tubbo's body, huffing as he pulls tubbo closer.

Tubbo doesn't know what to think until something poked his dick, looking down to see a boner poking out of ranboo's slit. Ranboo spins tubbo back around and wraps his arms around tubbo's small waist, rutting between his thighs as his dick slid even further out. Tubbo couldn't help but moan as he dick was rubbed against.

"fuck- ranboo-" He was stopped as a sharp pain stabbed into his shoulder.

Ranboo bit down and clawed like a puppy as tubbo's shirt and boxers, releasing his jaw from tubbo's shoulder. Tubbo thinks for a second, before sitting up and taking his shirt off, laying back down to shimmy his boxers off, throwing them away.

Ranboo is quick to get this boy in his grasp, rubbing is dick throw and down tubbo's thighs, like a dog he figures his way to tubbo's hole. "wait-wait wait!" tubbo yells before letting out a sharp hiss of pain, mixed with a moan, because got having your ass spread with a monster cock was amazing

All Ranboo wanted to do was pound and breed the small human, for ages he spent holding himself back while staring at the boy through the window. Seeing him hunt in the forest and wanting to fuck him everytime he saw his little human. Now the chance was his, he pushed the rest of his dick in as a bump was very known in his stomach. Tubbo huffed and turned his head. "I could.. Couldn't get my ass prepared" He huffed out.

Ranboo couldn't care, he started to pound into tubbo like a bunny, letting out snorts and snarls of what tubbo would make out as a moan, enjoying how tubbo was small, yet could take ranboo so well.

Ranboo huffs out a lot of small grunts as he fucks the small male below him, tubbo could only grip ranboo's arms as they wrapped around his figure, digging his nails into ranboo as he slammed into tubbo mercilessly. Biting his lip as he tried to muffle moans that errupted out of his throat, ranboo didn't like that.

He took tubbo's head and leaned in back, leaning his down and started to kiss tubbo. That got intense as he stuck his tongue down tubbo's throat. Enjoying every feeling he had against tubbo, the slap of skin against skin, tubbo tightening harder and harder every time ranboo thrusted in. Ranboo let go of the kiss, tubbo staring up at tubbo as saliva stretched between the two. Suddenly ranboo sped up, a load moan coming from tubbo's throat as he came.

Ranboo didn't care if tubbo was done, he wasn't finished devouring his little human, milking tubbo out as he began to fuck tubbo through his orgasm. Biting down on his neck as he tried to push deeper into tubbo. His warm breath huffing onto tubbo's neck as he held tubbo tightly, his claws digging slightly into tubbo's hips, he rocked back and forth before cumming. pushing his dick in as deep as possible before he did so, cum inflated tubbo's stomach.

Ranboo pulled out watching his semen flow out as he did. "Holy fuck- that was good" tubbo moaned out. He looked down to see ranboo still fully erect. "Ranboo- you- you're done.. right?" Ranboo shook his head, breathing in tubbo pushed himself down onto ranboo stomach, rubbing on the top of his dick.

In the end, ranboo pushed down on tubbo's stomach, cum pouring out of him.

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Tubbo sat in the crowd, staring up at the stage, smiling as women yelled around them, screaming at the singing. He tapped his finger on his chin, looking up at the man above. He had VIP tickets yes, but he'd rather meet the man when he's in his room, knowing that even if they called for ranboo, yelling that they love him, saying that he loved them. Ranboo would always bee tubbos.

They had a secret love, no one knew but Tommy, who couldn't care less about tubbos love life. Who even tells him to shut up when he starts to rant about the rockstar he fell so hard for. Ranboo was a stage name, mark was his real name but only tubbo knew that.

The show went well as tubbo started to head to the back, walking through the crowds of VIP people that spent to much money on a shitty ticket that lets then touch ranboo for five seconds. It was stupid how much men and women drop to the knees, begging for a quick fuck, saying that they knew him when he was in high school. It was funny to tubbo, teasing ranboo after every show. It ended with tubbo yelping under ranboo in the end of the night.

Of course that didn't bother the two of them, their love was great. Tubbo and Ranboo had met on one of his first tours, having a lot of people was stressful, but tubbo ended up meeting him at a bar in the end of the night. Them laughing and exchanging numbers, so they talked. And got closer. How ranboo showed his love for the older was a song, telling him how much he wanted him. Tubbo found it stupid but endearing.

As tubbo slipped on some two coloured shorts, a croptop with ranboos stage name and a crown on it. Some light makeup, he liked how he looked enough to not wear loads of makeup.

He went past the security guards, jokingly cat-calling him as usual as he reached ranboos room. As soon as the door opened ranboo turned in his chair his mask leaning down onto his chin. He placed his glasses over his face and resting onto his hair. He smirked. "Hey baby" Ranboo called and opened his arms, leaning back onto the chair as tubbo climbed onto his lap kissing him deeply. "Hey sexy" tubbos arms were around ranboos neck as ranboos hands rested gently on his ass.

"How was the show honeybee?" He called and placed his head on tubbos chest. "It was good Ranboo don't worry" He took ranboos glasses and placed it on his head smiling down at the taller. "When are you coming back home to me?" tubbo whined. "I've got two more shows around america then I'm coming back to the UK" Ranboo leaned up and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. That didn't sit happily with tubbo as he grounder down on ranboos lap. "I miss you big man" he half moaned out. "You saying that to me or my dick?" ranboo laughed. "Cause their both big" tubbo giggled and rubbed his hands in ranboos hair smiling.

"M' saying it to you boo" tubbo kissed ranboos forehead and giggled as he got lifted up. "Did you lock the door" ranboo whispered as he pinned tubbo down on the couch, tubbo wrapped his legs around ranboos waist. "Of course baby" he cooed. Ranboo smiled and kissed tubbo deeply, gripping his thighs. Tubbo let out a muffled groan and held his legs tighter around ranboos waist.

Ranboo shuffled his hand up tubbos waist rubbing against his nipples, tubbo let out a small moan, covering his mouth with his hands. Ranboo smirked and began to drag his hand down to the hem of tubbos pants. "Ranboo! Tubbo! Your friend Tommy is coming" Tubbo pushed ranboo off and crossed his legs to hide his boner, the child interrupted their time together.. Again

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Ranboo sat leaning against the cold walls of tubbo cabin, tearing carving more marks into his scarred cheeks. He was breathing steadily, trying not to wake the piglin above them, his hands shook as he picked up a photo of tubbo, gritting his teeth he suddenly yelled, letting out every tear as he held himself up, tears overflowed his eyes, blood still stained his clothes as he cried, tubbo had died to dreams arms, and no matter how much he pushed through, fought. Tubbo died.

Ranboo hiccuped more tears out, his breath shaky as he held his fists, he fucked up, he wasn't there for tubbo more. He curled around himself, his tail wrapping around, the fluff on the end of it puffing up. A noise startled ranboo as he instantly faced the sound. He was faced with a crying piglin worried about the scream. "papa.... I heard a noise" Ranboo calmed down, opening his arms to the small piglin.

Michael ran to ranboo and embraced the larger figure, sitting in his lap and looking up at ranboo. Ranboo curled tighter holding michael protectively. "papa.. where's dad.. He said he would tuck me in last night, so i had to go to bed by myself.." Ranboo couldn't, his sorrows were too strong "dad had to go somewhere.. we wont be seeing him again" ranboo held michaels cheeks, rubbing his fur softly. "Was It because of me?" Michael started to tear up. "I- I know I would always play around and escape, I promise I'll be good just tell him to come back" michael pleaded.

Ranboo sighed, collecting himself to wipe his tears and michaels. "It wasn't your fault baby bee.. A bad man took him away from us, and i wasn't fast enough to stop him" ranboo explained holding the piglin tightly. "But I swear I will do everything in right to make sure you wont have the same fate" michael snuggled into ranboo's chest. Michael was the last of tubbo he would ever have, and michael reminded him so much of tubbo. His smile, his laughs. He would protect his son even if it kills him.

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Ranboo and tubbo were sitting in tubbos room, tubbo fixing something with his minecraft, maybe installing more mods. Ranboo was sitting on ranboos bed with his phone in hand, out of bordem he slid down bonking his head on the floor and hanging upside down on his bed. He sniffed in and placed his hands on the floor before turning his top half to look under the bed. Squinting as he saw a big KFC bag under the bed.

"Pft- Tubbo you sliding KFC under your bed without your parents knowing?" tubbo paused. "I-Its nothing big man" he gulped and ranboo pushed himself up "tubbo? What's in the bag" tubbo turned in his chair "something you *american* will understand" ranboo tilted his head as tubbo reached under, gripping the back and going back up opening it up, he got a bag out and handed it to ranboo. "Be careful and read the bag name" (Drug part starts here I'm too lazy to || it) ranboo turned the powdery bag around and looked at the name. He silenced any gasp of scream as he rubbed the bag, it felt weird. "W-Why do you have.. "

Tubbo sighed and leaned back on his chair. "I have a lot of different shit in this bag" he tapped it and looked at ranboo. "don't tell my parents they'd freak" ranboo placed his hand on his head, not knowing how to feel about this. Tubbo sighed and looked out the door "just in time!" he grinned and took the bag of cocaine placing it on his desk. "Parents are home, and my siblings won't be going into my part of the house anytime soon, they have to ask me anyway" ranboo shocked at what he was seeing looked at tubbo as he got a card and straw.

"I won't ask you to join just grab the bag, and a straw out of my draw and have fun" he smirked and got a weird laundry cup, taking some out and putting in on the desk. Sliding it into a line and snorting it up easily.

He leaned back on the chair and took a deep breath in, smiling as he closed the plastic bag up. Ranboo opened his hand. "I-Ill try-" tubbo faced ranboo. "Oh shit! You sure? This will actually make your mind trip, you'll see shit you don't want to see" he smirked and got a little bit less of what he placed down and handed ranboo a straw. Jesus wasn't the tables turned, the british guy a drug addict, and the American with absolutely no knowledge.

Ranboo placed the straw down and blew out his breath, quickly snorting it all and coughing as he finished. "You did good boo! Just take a break I'll get drinks" tubbo wobbled as he stood up and reached into the bag, getting out a joint and lighter, lighting it as he left.

Ranboo wiped his nose, looking at the remaining crack on his sleeve. Wiping it he suddenly felt like he was as light as Air. His body felt like he was spinning, but he wasn't even moving. His eyes burned so he closed them and started to rub his eyes. Opening them he gasped to see a flash of colors suddenly attack his eyes. He calmed his breath as then again colors would zoom by, tubbos computer would sink into the floor, but when ranboo blinked it would all go back to normal.

He faced tubbo as he came back with two bottles of beer and some water. "Drink slowly, I had a hard time when my brains making me see rainbows" he popped both over and handed one to ranboo. He took it and drank slightly, the taste was strange, but he didn't mind it.

Taking a few drinks then placing it on tubbos desk falling back on his bed. Colors seemed interesting, he laid on his arms taking a breath, things looked weird, shapes and colors everywhere. Tubbo stood up placing the bag back under the bed, and as soon as he whipped himself back up tubbo fell, his head spinning as he fell on top of ranboo, landing right on his chest and holding on so he could shuffled and sit on the boys stomach. "What the fuck is this" ranboo moved his hands up holding tubbos face. He squished tubbos cheeks happily.

Tubbo giggled. "I don't know what you're seeing, but mines interesting" he leaned down placing his head on ranboos neck. Ranboo wrapped his arms around tubbo happily. They sat there for about 6 minutes before tubbo leaned back up. "Can I kiss you? It's been on my mind ever since I've sat here" ranbooo nodded eagerly and hummed as their lips were suddenly together. Ranboo gripping tubbos ass, and ribbon holding ranboos face. They held this up for awhile till ranboo pulled away to breath.

They placed forehead together and smiled "we need to get high more often" tubbo nodded. " Mhm."

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Tubbo looked sternly down at ranboo, his blue eyes (one blind and mangled) narrowing at the taller man.

Ranboo had been in the enderwalk, visiting around town until he found himself at tubbo's doorstep, scratching, barking, and waking up michael. Tubbo let him inside as he crashed in the middle of michaels room. Waking up with no memory. Tubbo took him to church prime, holding his hand before flicking a diamond into the entry fee. He would steal it back but who knows.. maybe someone was watching and will also pay to get in.

The air smelt smokey, drifting for campfires, bomb resadue. It was sickening. To tubbo at least. The memories, the deaths, it was all ***Sick.*** Tubbo placed ranboo in front of the table, not in front of a seat. Ranboo barely saw tubbo's eyes, but when he did. He loved to see them, to touch tubbo's face whenever he did.. But now, not so much.

Tubbo clipped up his hair, letting out a huff of annoyance, sitting on the table and crossing his legs. "We need to get your enderwalking under control." Tubbo spoke, ranboo looked down at the smaller boy, got he could look scary, but hot at the same time.. How was that possible? Tubbo looked up his nose scrunching. "We went for a walk, and now we're here, what do you want from me?" Ranboo spoke, his tone rising into angry. Tubbo stood, his hooves clacking softly onto the ground. "Say a prayer.." He gripped ranboo's tie and pulled it down, "come and get down on your knees baby" he cooed, ranboo did what tubbo wanted. At tubbo's control he would do anything, tubbo's voice, his scent. It was so intoxicating, so addicting.

Tubbo smiled, ranboo's head was facing up on tubbo's stomach, tubbo pet his hair. "Would you lie to me? Could you get out of your enderwalk easily?" ranboo thought, he's never knows how. It was always so confusing, his mind fuzzy and then he's gone. "If you can't am I just stuck here like a fucking fool? I'll be stuck even if you are telling the truth" tubbo sighed and shuffled backwars, crossing his legs once more as he stared into the ender's eye's. Ranboo squinted before feelings easy, he could always look at tubbo in his eyes, but the stern yet.. lustful? Look would nerve racking.. He had no idea if tubbo was mad.

"Or is the enderwalk a way to run from your problems" Tubbo reached to his coat and unbuttoned in, his black turtle neck shirt showing. Ranboo started to get up but tubbo smiled. "Stop. Don't get up" He stood, going up to ranboo and holding his chin, leaning down and kissing him. "Let's say a prayer" tubbo spoke leaving the deep kiss the enderman trapped him in. "Stay on your knees, hands together." Ranboo did as such, looking up at him, what was tubbo planning?

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Ranboo and Tommy were in the crowd, ranboo had his hand on his face trying to hide it as they were standing in the back, Music shifted everyones gaze as they watched *her* walk on stage. High heels clacked onto the ground. Her eyes scanned around the place as she spotted the tall male. "oh yeah?~" ranboo faced her, scared for what's next. "See her, thats Tubbo" Ranboo let out a breath he'd been holding on. "I know.." Tommy faced him. "You said you didn't know this bad, how do you know her?" Ranboo rubbed the back of his neck. "We dated for.. awhile" "Oh yeah?~" tommy widened his eyes. "Oh no.." "Oh yeah!"

Lights flashed on and their eye's were glued to the woman in front of them, her outfit close to her hips, tubbo's boobs were hald shown in a boob window, and his bangs laid close to her eyes. "Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when?!" She sang shaking her head side to side. Her hair flew into a messing mop as she moved it out of her face. "Our common goal was waiting for the world to end!" She finished the song huffing as she did a small bow, blowing a kiss to ranboo as she left.

Her eye's glued onto ranboo, she smirked winking at him. Ranboo shuttered at that baby blue gaze, her scars made her look sexy as fuck. "Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend!" She got louder his fangs showing in a smile. "You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again!" She leaned back slightly singing loudly, gripping the mic and bringing it with her.

Her high heels clacked on the ground as she paced across the stage slowly. "I'll send you my love on a wire" she moved her free hand around her hips and thighs, ranboo trapped by her movements. "Lit you up, every time, everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh!" She suddenly dropped, giving a small peek at her panties before standing back up. "From you!~" She yelled at.

The music blasted in ranboo's ears, he could see her stare sink into him, those eye's he was once so close to. Though thighs he could caress. Why was she so sexy when she's not him, and she's the one that left him! Tommy leaned over. "Did you guys fuck?" Ranboo went red at that. "Well- uhm, maybe" Ranboo couldn't look at Tommy, his eyes only on tubbo.

"Got balls of steel, got an automobile, for a minimum wage!" She turns and sang, looking at the bass guy and drums, nodding as she turned back. "Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space" she posed quickly then placed her hand at her mouth dragging in down. She bent her knees as her hand went down. Fake grinding on the floor before spinning around on her ass getting on her knees. "Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend"

She looked at ranboo pushing her hips up and down as she looked at him. "You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick, the past again!" She spun on her knees and stood up placing the mic back, gripping onto the stand. "I'll send you my love on a wire" she rubbed her hands up and down the stand looking around the croud, that was enough attention for ranboo for one day.

But oh she couldn't keep her eye's off him. Looking back she sung more. "Lit you up, every time, everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh!" She stepped foreward holding the mic as it went with her. "It's a mechanical bull, the number one" she licked her lips smiling afterwards. "You'll take a ride from anyone!" Lights flashed but slowly dimmed into nothing. "Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, ooh, from you" She

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Tubbo gripped the ropes, it wasn't like their regular session, tubbo was tying him up pretending that he was going to have some fun time, well.. Tubbo was going to have fun.

He finished then plopped himself on ranboos lap. "We're going to play true of false, every truth gets you closer to fucking me"

Ranboos tail swayed, he wondered what tubbo meant. Tubbo held ranboos waist. "Is it true you live with technoblade?" Ranboo nodded earning a point.

Tubbo unbuckled ranboos belt, his blue eyes staring ranboo down, his gaze lustful, but with a hidden intent in it.

Tubbo licked his lips and help ranboos chin. "Does he train down" tubbos back arched as he leaned up to come face to face with ranboo. Ranboo nodded.

Tubbo licked his lips and slid his hands down ranboos pants, palming him through his boxers. Ranboo let out a grunt. "Next question.. Have you ever talked to dream before he got into jail" ranboo thought for a second. "yes...?" he really didn't know.

Tubbo gave a chirp of delight as he jumped off and stripped down, his bare ass in view as he smirked looking back. Ranboos eyes were watching with so much sexual frustration as he thrusted up into air. Tubbo smiled and jumped back on.

He slowly started to slid his hands under his boxers. "Do you and dream have a close relationship?" Ranboo shook his head. Tubbo stopped and sat back. "Wrong answer, so now you lose your eyes" He picked up a blind fold. "But- we don't?" Tubbo shushed him. "Next question"

"This is more of answer me, why did dream have your memory book.. And why did he call you a traitor as he got taken away" tubbos voice darkened and ranboo gulped. "Well- he took it- And he- I-" Tubbo smirked leaning back and getting something in his hands, he flung ranboos dick out, his 11 inches slapping against his stomach. Tubbo took it in his hands then slid his hands down it, but something else. "Did you find or make a big condom and put it on me?" He questioned squinting.

"Nope it's a cock ring, I'm gonna pent you up baby" tubbo said, ranboos ears went down and he pulled on his ropes. "Bad idea! You dont know what I'll do when pent up!" Tubbo smirked. "Oh you can fuck me as hard as you can but you won't be able to release yourself" tubbo clapped slightly then got some lube in his hand and started to stretch himself. "Mmm~" he let out as he shoved two fingers in.

Ranboo whimpered and thrusted up again, tubbo smirked and leaned onto him, biting down onto his neck as he shoved another in.

He let go and put his fingers down. "Are you my little traitor?" Ranboo mumbled. "What was that?" Ranboo faced tubbo. "No.. He was framing me.. " Tubbo smirked. "That's what I want to hear" he rose about ranboo and looked down, God ranboo was so sexy, his tentacle dick which could satisfy his every need.

He smirked then whispered. "Have fun* And sat right down on it, going balls deep in a quick couple of seconds. Ranboo gasped and bit his tongue, why the fuck was tubbo being so challenging today? Tubbo was merciless, he bounced and bounced, even if he came he could continue.

Ranboos grunts got more enderman as he was denied his orgasm, he claws started to dig into the ropes. He gritted his teeth and snapped his wrists forward, snapping the rope. Tubbo stopped, he looked up as ranboos blind fold was taken off.

"So wanna play that game, I'm going to overstimulated you until you're stuff full of my cum" He hissed and picked tubbo up, taking the cock ring away and throwing it, he pushed tubbo down onto the bed, propping his ass up and smiling. "Ranboo- please no- AAA!!~" He let out as ranboo shoved his whole dick in cumming a pint full into tubbo. He continued to slap their thighs together as he fucked tubbo to death. In and out, In and out.

Finally tubbos suffering came to an end as ranboo came for the final time. Tubbo was bursting with cum, it flowing out of his ass.

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Ranboo sat in the field of flowers, his tail was swaying sweetly and he picked up another swirling it into his flower crown. He held two in his hands, one with allium and another with cornflowers. He sneezed as pollen landed on his nose.

"Whatcha doing big man?" tubbo walked over and sat down, his hooves making small thumps. "I'm making flower crowns!" He placed one on tubbos head. Tubbos ears fluttered and his tail swished happily. "I love it!"

Tubbo picked some flowers. "Let me make you one" tubbo began to weave. "Wait you know how to make flower crowns?" ranboo tilted his head curiously. Tubbo frantically nodded. "mhm! I would make them for Tommy so the bees will like him!" He got on his knees and reached up, placing a flower crown softly on his head.

Ranboos tail spiked up and he got read at how close tubbo was. "uh-" tubbo looked ranboo in the eyes then pushed his hair down. "Sorry big man"

Ranboo lifted him up and placed tubbo in his lap, moving his hair out of his eyes. "I can't stop looking at them.. " Ranboo cooed softly, tubbo blushed a lot and leaned forward pressing their foreheads together. "You're too nice" ranboo took in a deep breath then let it out. "Can I kiss you?"

Tubbo nodded and leaned in more pressing their lips together, the sweet smell of honey drifted to tubbo as they kissed, he could tell the scent was coming from tubbo so he disconnected the kiss and leaned down inhaling tubbos scent. "You smell so nice honeybee" ranboo mumbled tubbo blushing.

Ranboo kissed tubbo again, deepening it this time. Ranboo bit the bottom of tubbos lips whimpering for access. Tubbo allowed it and parted his mouth moaning slightly as ranboos tongue entered.

Ranboos tail flicked at he stuck his tongue down tubbos throat, tubbo gagged bit grinded on ranboo. Ranboo let his tongue out and gasped. They both huffed before smiling. "I love you" they shared a kiss.

Chapter Text

Tubbo stood in front of a weight, he took in a breath releasing it and stepping on. He squinted his eyes then looked down, his face falling. "63 kg, isn't the healthy weight 45? Fuck no no no I'm too fat" He looked in the mirror then tightened his shirt around his waist. His mood falling steeper down. Boobs.. He tried to ignore them by putting on a large shirt, but they still haunted him, he looked in the mirror, he was fairly skinny but looking down his thighs. They were larger then is waist, probably reaching to his shoulders.

Tubbo let go of his shirt and fell back in the bathroom, curling his legs to his chest. He looked at the binder, ranboo would be coming back soon. But it's been more then 6 hours..

Choices, choices, choices. He quickly put it on, turning to the side. It wasn't good enough, there was still a slight bump, god why was their a bump, he needs to buy a new one.

He ran back to his place and rummaged through some clothing, picking an oversized hoodie and placing it on, he ran into the bathroom, finally happy with no chest showing. It also covered his thighs nicely.

Tubbo heard ranboo yelling and he put on a smile walking out. "How was your first vlog?" Tubbo sat on the couch. Ranboo stretched throwing his glasses off, pulling the mask down. "It was fine, got recognised though so that was weird"

Tubbo nodded then looked up and down ranboo... If only.. Ranboos legs were skinny, he was tall, he had a masculine look, not soft.. Pudgy, with long eye lashes. Not a feminine face. He looked like a real man. Fuck why was life like this, why couldn't he have what ranboo has.

Tubbo curled his knees into his chest and continued to listen to ranboo before piping in. "Okay big man I'll watch the video to find out what happened" he laughed.

Ranboo laughed as well. "Anyway, what's the next stream again?" Tubbo asked and ranboo thought. "Oh yeah! Phasmophobia stream!" They talked for awhile till ranboo piped up. "Hey, you okay your breathings a bit off?" Tubbo realised he was starting to not be able to breath. "Yeah- m'fine I'm going to head to sleep" he stood and started to head to his bedroom. "oh.. Okay"

Tubbo got to his room and took off his hoodie and shirt, shoving the binder off as well. He leaned on his door taking a few breaths before looking down, his boobs, tits? Fuck he didnt know, all he knew is that he didn't want them.

"God fucking dammit, I fucking hate this so much, why can't I look like ranboo" he crunched his knees into his chest trying to flatten them. "Perfect, Perfect body, perfect voice" he rambled and then sighed. "Why was I cursed with this body.

Chapter Text

Ranboo had been in England for about 4 days and he was already having trouble keeping it in his pants. Tubbo did so many cute things, playing the wii when he was golfing, leaning down to pose ranboo caught sneak glances at his ass, happy the glasses blocked his eyes.

He said so many things that would just make all the blood rush to his dick. It was pain. Now here he was, sitting with his knees covering his chest as him and tubbo watched a movie. And oh god was it painful. Everytime tubbo changed positioned it go more painful, but when tubbo laid on his stomach ranboo had to force his gaze away, his mind running on how much he wanted to just fuck tubbo there and then. But sadly they had a stream to watch.

After the stream ranboo had so much trouble willing away this boner he had no idea how he would hide this until tubbo slept. He placed his legs down to stand up and was suprised by tubbo pouncing onto his lap. "Hey big man" ranboo tried to shuffle up but tubbo placed his hands on ranboos thighs. "You think I haven't noticed you?" Tubbo smirked his tone of voice as low as he could get it. Ranboo gulped. "I-I I'm sorry?" He tried to make it sound convincing but damn he wanted to break tubbo.

"Are you now?" He shuffled forward and rubbed his ass on the tent in ranboos jeans. "Or how badly do you want to ruin me?" he asked bringing his mouth to ranboos neck. Ranboo got a shiver down his spine and groaned as tubbo grinded down. "T-Tubbo-" tubbo smirked. "What?" Ranboo brought his hand to tubbos neck and kissed him deeply. Tubbo complied and kissed back dry humping ranboo. Their eyes shut as ranboo started to thrust up.

The two groaned as they dry humped eachother in an attempt to get off. Ranboo was sick of it and pushed tubbo onto the couch with his ass up in the air. "Can I-" tubbo frantically nodded and put his ass up more shaking it. Ranboo bit his tongue and started to unbuckle his belt placing one hand in his mouth as he pulled his pants and boxers down.

He moved his hand too tubbos pants and pulled them down and groped his ass pulling the boxers down. He tried to speak with the fingers in his mouth. "Big man I can't understand you" ranboo put them out. "I'm a pretty big size.. Do you wanna-" tubbo pressed his ass onto ranboo. "Please" his voice begged. Ranboo nodded and pressed one of his fingers into tubbo. Tubbo let out a big huff moaning slightly. Ranboo started to pump his finger back and forth getting delight as tubbo moaned.

Adding another he curled them poking his tongue out to focus on hitting tubbos good spot. "Holy.. Mm ranboo~" he cooed holding onto a pillow under his chest. Ranboo smiled and added a third in starting to scissor him. Tubbos moans started to get louder as ranboo continued. After a few more pumps ranboo pulled them out. "Think you're ready bo" he smiled.


He nodded and presented his ass more and ranboo licked his lips pressing the tip into tubbo. Tubbo gripped the pillow and started to lean back, ranboos pace was teasing and he didn't like it. "Hurry up boo.. " He spoke and pushed himself further his tongue hanging. "Fuck me boo, break me" Tubbo snapped and ranboo nodded, quick to start to pound into tubbo. Tubbo let out some loudish moans but still had to keep it in him. Ranboo held tubbos waist and leaned back biting the back of tubbos neck as he thrusted in and out. "Mm tubbo" tubbo couldn't say anything his voice only coming out in moans. "I-In or our" Ranboos asked signaling that he was close. "O-Mm Out!" He moaned out.

Ranboo nodded and as his thrusts got sloppy, quickly pulling out and pumping his dick until he came. His legs shook as he came all over tubbos back. Leaning down and jerking tubbo off quickly slapping his ass and making him cum as well. Tubbo plopped down and panted.

Ranboo leaned back on his knees and took in the site. A slight red hand print and his cum running down his thighs and back slightly. It was a good sight.. Oh fuck he's hard again. Tubbo turned around whining then looked down. "Still hard big man-" Ranboo looked away embarrassed. Tubbo giggled then leaned down and gripped his thighs kissing the tip. "This is the last thing I'm doing tonight sweet" he licked the tip a bit before swallowing it down half way. "Ffff~" ranboo let out as tubbos head bounce. Tubbo got off to take a breath then deep throated it suddenly.

Ranboo was sensitive which made him nearly go over the edge as he pushed the head down. Tubbo gagged and hummed lifting his head back up and going back down one more time. "Tubbo I'm gonna-" tubbo hummed in reply bouncing his head until ranboo finally came. Gulping the cum down and lifting his head. "Haaa.. " tubbo let out. Ranboo pet tubbos hair happily. "That was amazing" he brought tubbo to his height and fell backwards cuddling him on his chest.

Chapter Text

"You suck!" Ranboo woke up suddenly, his eye's blurring to the sun light in his eyes. "huh-?" ranboo spoke groggily. Tubbo came out of his bathroom. "You gave me I hickey do you know how my parents are?! They'll fucking kill me! They'll know that I had sex, and who cares if I fucked a man I'm dead either way!" Ranboo quickly got up freaking out once he realized his was butt-naked and put on some boxers. "What do you mean?" Ranboo spoke softly not wanting to make tubbo more mad.

"My parents are Christians! They'd kill me if i knew I had sex!" He panicked and started to pace. "Tubbo I've met them, sure they'd hate if I was a man but they wont kill you if its a woman, getting grounded sure.. But not death" tubbo broke down and fell into ranboo's arms. "I'm not even allowed to talk about sex, they'll send me to a Christan school.." Ranboo lifted his face up and kissed his cheek. "You'll do fine, most Christian schools don't make you room there" tuboo nodded and began to breath. "okay..okay.."

Ranboo handed tubbo his clothes. "My necks worse but.. Don't talk about it. Say you were peer pressured" he put up fingers. "and TELL, Them you hate your school, they'll believe you, you're a good kid, you've got good grades." Ranboo supported tubbo telling him what to do. "And we'll stay "friends" and you can come over whenever you want" ranboo winked giving tubbo a smile. Tubbo nodded and hugged ranboo. "I'm going to go home, I love you boo" he rose on his toes and wrapped ranboo in a kiss. Ranboo happily replicated in and turned around letting tubbo get changed before heading home.

Tubbo walked through the door and smiled. "Mother, Father I'm home!" He said and started to head to his room, as he passed him mother a gasp awoke from his mother. "Dear get in here! Tubbo stay." She commanded. He gulped and stood still, watching his father walk in, as soon as he spotted his neck. "Tubbo Johnathan smith! What is on your neck!" His father yelled. Tubbo snapped on the fake voice.

"father dearest I'm so so sorry, I was peer pressured into it, they were going to hurt me, please may I moved to a better school?" His fathers face softened. "I'll go to church every sunday and repent my sins" tubbo's father nodded. "My bot, I'm proud of your honesty, we'll get you to a better school right away, next sunday you will meet with the pastor and repent your sin" he nodded looking at his wife. "Yes, good tubbo we'll get you out of that god awful school, you may go to your room" he gave a polite bow and headed upstairs.

Falling back on his bed his blue eyes shining happily. He got onto his phone. "Heyy booooo" ranboo chuckled on the other line. *By that voice I can tell they fell for it* tubbo got all giddy, bringing his legs too his chest. "You were right!" He leaned up. "My parents do favor me" *ah, so I was correct, I want a kiss for that.* Tubbo laughed slightly and made a kissing noise. Ranboo made a cute laugh at the gesture.

"sooo.. New school time, that's going to be interesting" tubbo spoke slightly dissapointed. "I wont be able to kiss your sweet lips in school anymore" tubbo whined. Just then his father busted through the door. "I knew it!" Tubbo gripped the phone and put it behind his back, slipping it into his back pocket. "You lying brat! You were fucking a man!" Lani showed up behind his father her eyes full of worry. (Tw: ||abuse|| starts here)

"D-Dad I-" His father scrunched his fist and slammed it into tubbo's face. Tubbo fell back onto the bed but quickly stood up. "Maybe that'll teach you a lesson. Tubbo stood up and wiped his nose as it bled "get out. You're not my son" tubbo stepped back and quickly gripped the bag he didn't end up unpacking and fled the house. Gasping as he started to run, gripping his phone and placing it on his ear. "R-Ranboo" *I'm here babe you can come here* ranboo said worryingly.

Tubbo ran to ranboo's gasping as he fell into ranboo's arms. "I-I fucked up, I'm so stupid" he weeped. All Ranboo did was place his bag out the front door and walked him to his bedroom, laying down with him in his arms.

Chapter Text

Tommy and Ranboo.. Never really got along. It was always fighting over tubbo, who would see him more, who was his "best friend" knowing that ranboo and tubbo were dating, but he felt like tubbo had to be his, that tubbo. "belonged him" it was wanting to have control of at least one thing in this world, that wasn't a place.

Having control over tubbo made him feel better about himself. But once tubbo had walked away from him, smiled at ranboo, was a *leader* without him. Now that was the final straw, when finding out about their marriage, seeing them kiss. It was pain.

Tommy tapped his foot as ranboo leaned down whispering something then waving as tubbo left with Michael. "Okay Tommy wha-" Tommy spoke up over him. "Kill yourself" his arms were crossed and his glare stung ranboo, more then his normal enderman side hated.

"What-" Tommy threw his hands up in anger. "I don't know! Shove whatever stuff tubbo does to make his nukes down your throat! Shove your head in an oven!" Tommy yelled stepping forward. "Just anything to get you away from tubbo" ranboos nose scrunched looking down at Tommy with fury. "What! I would neve-r leave tubbo!" His voice dropped during it.

"See you're not even sure you love him! Go Chug some lighter fluid! Go start a war with someone that's not me." Tommy learned on the wall. "If you're dead tubbo will come to me, he'll finally be by my side again, he'll finally be in my control again." Tommys voice darkened but he stood up straight. "Just anything to get your filthy hands, and whatever you touch tubbo with away from him"

Ranboo lost all filter. "You're a monster." Tommy looked at him. "I'll take two and you... "Drown" yourself." He snorted and stepped forward holding the, "axe of peace" Ranboo shut his eyes then kicked Tommy away racing outside, he knew where tubbo was going so he started to race to him.

Running past he picked him up and went behind a tree. "Ranboo what!-" Ranboo covered his mouth. "Just stay here and listen..." Ranboo walked out from behind the tree. "alright Tommy what do you want" Tommy scoffed. "I already told you! Tubbo!" He opened his arms. "You took away the one thing I had under my control" tubbos eyes opened wide and he walked out. Tommy dropped the axe his hands rising. "Tubbo I-" Tubbo stepped forward getting a gun out of his inventory.. *chekovs gun.* Tommy bit his lip. "Go away Tommy.. Don't come back" Tommy went to protest but quickly backed away and ran

Chapter Text

Ranboo walked through his halls, his new assistant was suppoed to be arriving soon, his form shrunk as did his enderman side. Yes monsters were allowed but he liked to keep that to himself and people he trusted. His skin going back to a normal skin control. Music played triply in the background as he walked to his office. *Lemon Demon* was his favorite artists and he loved to play it.

Opening both his doors and looking at the guy sitting at one of the chairs in front of his desk. The small body interested him, but also the way he went to scratch his ear but completely missed his ear altogether and placed his hands dowb quickly as the noise of the door opening. The small boy turned around to face ranboo, placing on his best, but very visibly nervous smile. "Ah, so you're the newbie I'm going to be interviewing. "Tubbo sir" he said raising his voice to a more confident one.

Walking over and sitting down in front of tubbo, tubbo's nose scrunched but he shook his head, ranboo raised an eye brow before gripping the resume sheets. *Good working experience. Dyslexic.. thats not a problem.* He flicked through the pages before bringing the sheet down. "Okay, So you have another name.." He squinted then his eyes opened wide. Looking up and down. "You're Mr.Schlatts son? Big suprise" He gave tubbo a short smile. "Sir-" 'Ranboo" He interrupted. "Uh- Ranboo.. If you don't mind me asking are you half enderman, the scent of ender reeks off you" ranboo threw the papers behind him. Standing up and leaning over his desk, bright colors flashed as ranboo's skin started to flow colors down him. 'You're a smart guy, pretty nice"

Tubbo stared so.. endearingly at ranboo as his form began to shift taller. Fulling leaning over his desk he turn into a much larger size, the ender man side showing more. his tail swayed behind him. His eye's blinked from blue to heterochromic in an instant. As ranboo's senses became bigger he smirked the light show ending. "It seems like I'm not the only one with a little secret."

Tubbo looked away before shaking his head. Ram ears and Horns popping out of his head. Ranboo smiled. "So tubbo, whats the reason you want the job?" Ranboo leaned back, his eyes scanning over as tubbo shrunk slightly, his clothes becoming too big for him. He ties his cargo pants up in hopes to keep them above his waist. "It's to get back at my old man, he's an idiot y'know, so thought It would be good to piss him off more." Tubbo shrugged. Ranboo's tail perked up happily. " I'd be happy to help you, you've got the job" as he stood up his enderman side went away again. tubbo turning back to normal so he doesn't get spotted.

They walked through the halls, ranboo's arms behind his back. "This place is making the future for everyone better, changing yourself together." They continued to walk, looking into labs, his eyes scanned as a big room of cats was shown, none of them seem to be upset, or being abused. But they were different colors to normal cats. Some had small mutations, like wings. horns, and other things like that.

Tubbo looked in astonishment his eyes looking into the window with wonder and curiosity. Ranboo smirked as he saw tubbo stop. Leaning down to be shoulder height. "Yes, that's where we started." Tubbo turned half scared, and half suprised on 'beginning' tubbo's mouth gapped before he spoke. "Those cats are just the beginning, woah.." Tubbo's eyes were blow wide in surprise. "We don't believe in big labs where we stick needles into cats, hurting them. "They were tested on plants, their living but also not, so it reacts in a similar way, and to go further we used Venus fly traps" he explained as they kept on walking. The more they talked, the more interested tubbo was in ranboo, and his Business.

They went a couple rooms down where their was a human.. But not quiet, it was a human, maybe 16? Sitting on the floor. Monkey features staining its body with brown fur. "Is that-" Ranboo nodded. "First ape to evolve to a human in this time, we gave it a sweet tasting liquid, as as soon as they showed any signs of death, instant doctor on sight. We're careful, we don't want to hurt anyone with our experiments." Ranboo's face went down as his mood did.

"You see tubbo. Everyone's connected, In a way my DNA is theirs, As their DNA is mine." Ranboo's voice softened. "We must treat every person and animal how we want to be treated" tubbo and ranboo moved to a small room, it looked like an office. Ranboo's colors flickered


Chapter Text

The sweetly soft sound of a piano played around manberg, it was a place of sorrow, money, and other shit most teens could get their hands on. Tubbo played the piano, his hands gliding across the piano like it was air. Leaning back his hair fell out of his face, burn scars scattered across his face like a water splash on dry concrete.

Concentrating he leaned back forward, leaning over to hit the right note he missed it by a key, frustrating. He used to be able to play it so well, touching his scar his baby blue eyes scanned around till he spotted the nervous half ender boy standing at the doorway, his tail twitching with nervousness. "Hey ranboob" he snickered smiling at the face ranboo pulled before it twisted back to being soft.

Everything was sweet in this moment, once ranboo knew he was welcome his nervous posture faded slightly as he walked to the seat and sat down. Tubbos nose scrunched and he stood up on the two seated stool. "How are you still tall sitting down??" he asked angrily. Ranboo laughed slightly and smiled as tubbo sat back down. "I'm an half enderman what do you want from me? I'm tall!" tubbo nodded then looked back at the piano. "Need any help?" Ranboo asked sweetly.

Tubbo reached into his jacket and gripped a canteen bringing it out and taking a quick swig of the liquid. "Want some?" Tubbo held it up to ranboo, his head tilted. "What is it?" he held the can. "Just vodka, it's nothing bad I'm not a light weight so it takes a truck load to get me drunk, got it from my pops" his nose scrunched into an annoyed look. Ranboo put his arm down to his lap still holding it. "Yeah.. No thanks I'm a light weight I don't think I should have any" he held it up to tubbo.

Tubbo laughed and played a small tune as he spoke. "Just have it I'll drink a lot so we can be drunk idiots together" he began to focus then once he hit a note he slammed his hands down. Ranboo had a quick drink and looked at tubbo. "You okay?" The Vodka tasted good, what did tubbo mix in with it? "No!" He stood. "With this fucking burn I can't play most of the shit I used to, I was so good" tubbo took the canteen and walked to a window taking a large gulp before handing it back to ranboo. Holy shit was ranboo a light weight, he'd drank the equivalent to a cup by now and his vision was starting to fuck up. "Have the rest" tubbo offered and opened the top of the piano getting out a wine bottle, getting a cup he poured the mixture into it. The mixture looked nothing like the bottle. ranboo happily had the rest placing the canteen down. " You wanna talk about it?"

Tubbo placed the cup down and walked away with the whole bottle taking a huge sip. "If I didn't go on tommys side, if I didn't betray.. My dad.. I could still be good, yet I'm half deaf, blind in one eye and look to much like him!" Ranboo couldn't see it, sure the horns and hair color, but the shape was softer, looked more fluffier in a way, ranboo caught himself staring. "Not really, you look like your mother.. I can tell by the hair and horns but beside that, you have something about your face shape that's more softer looking" ranboos face instantly warmed up and he held his face. "sorry!" He wiped his face up and down trying to remove the redness.

Looking back at tubbo he saw tubbo clutch the bottle, taking a quick drink before placing it down. Tubbo got on his knees before suddenly swinging his leg over ranboos waist. As tubbo sat on ranboos thighs ranboo started to push his knees up, sliding tubbo to his crotch. Tubbo let out a small grunt as he rubbed against ranboo. "Sorry!" Ranboo covered his face everything feeling dizzy, his eyes were not focusing as he felt tubbo tale his wrists in his hands. Ranboo looked at tubbo as tubbo brought his hands as high as he could. Once he did so he brought himself closer rising them up more, his ass lifting up and his back arching. Licking his lips ranboo looked down at tubbo, ranboo moved his hand onto tubbos cheek, placing his thumb on tubbos lip. Tubbo nodded. Ranboo let out a soft purr and leaned in kissing tubbo, tubbo let out a soft groan as ranboo grinded up on tubbo slowly. The kiss deepened into a full make-out dry hump session. Ranboos dick slowly growing bigger, tubbo didn't know how it was possible, yet he loved it.

After a small dry hump tubbo let go of the kiss tubbo shuffled back holding the expanding length. Tubbo giggled happily, and ranboo could feel tubbos tail fluffing up against is legs as it wagged. Ranboo moved his hands to tubbos ass, it felt soft and plump, he liked the feeling and tubbos soft hum of enjoyment. His eyes glowed as darkness started to fall apon them, his hands getting a good grip on tubbos ass as he felt tubbos shimmy his pants down. His length pushed against his boxers wanting to be free, ranboo hissed in a breath as it sprung free, suddenly growing in length. "How the fuck- how did this fit you wear such tight clothing!" Ranboo placed his hands on his face. "Boo it's okay it's hot" his voice was laced with lust as he leaned back, taking off his pants and tie placing it and tightening it on his head. Taking off his boxers he held ranboos hand and put them in his mouth, ranboos tail spiked up at tubbo slicked them up as much as possible. He placed ranboos hand to his hole and shuffled closed arching his back and pressing his chest against ranboos. Ranboos breath was hot against tubbo as he gripped onto tubbos waist slowly pushing one in as his hand shook. Tubbos thighs were pushing against ranboos length as ranboo started to thrust his finger in and out. Poking his tongue out he focused on giving tubbo as much pleasure as he could, tubbos quiet moans and his beautiful plumped ass rising in the air as he enjoyed the size of ranboos finger. "I-I'm going to add another"



Chapter Text

Tubbo slipped into the darkness of night, looking back as schlatt yelled at quackity in the background, his eye's pinned on the highests point of manberg, he licked his dry lips and totted up the tower, huffing as he reached he reached the top, sitting down on the ledge, if he just built out he could make it a quick and easy death. ruffling his hair he felt the tiny poke of horns, and his ears started to point, what was schlatt doing to him?

He stood up and placed a bunch of blocks below him, stretching out to the rising sun, feeling like he could touch it, the warmth hitting his head like a punch in his face. The light hurt, he really didn't like the sun. Looking down at the drop he opened his arms, eye's scanning below. "Y'know dieing would be really bad?" Tubbo kept his eyes on the ground below. "Yeah.. No shit." He took a second before facing whoever he saw, looking up at the tallest motherfucker he's ever saw, better yet. They were see-through and floating. "Uhm-" Tubbo choked out looking at the weird thing, one side pale as hell, the other side looked like a demon was possessing him. Before the ghost started talking tubbo began to run his hand through ranboo's body, it felt like water but when he brought his hand out it was dry. A pretty weird feeling.

"Can you stop doing that please? It feels just as weird feeling it as you" Tubbo jerked his hand out then face the ground. "You're dead, so just take me with you" ranboo started to choke out a laugh. "I can't bring you with me, I'm stuck wandering this earth untill I save someone! And you're my lucky target, so tell me shorty" he floated in front of tubbo. "Whatcha need" tubbo tapped his chin squinting before looking at ranboo. "Well... death?" Ranboo sighed. "That's the boring way out" Ranboo started to shimmy tubbo back from the ledge. Tubbo followed and broke the pillow as he did. "So, I've been... Watching you and your pops there" *Pops?* And I think I know how to fix your little problem with him. Ranboo gave a small smirk before patting his shoulder. "You should kill him."

Tubbo stepped back. "Wh- I can't! He's my-" Ranboo rolled his eyes. "Your dad? Yeah I know. But but but. The world will be so easier with him gone, and I can help!" His tail swayed quickly. "But, you need to say my name!" Tubbo's face screwed into confusion. "I don't know it" ranboo frantically nodded. "I know, but sadly I can't say my own name, Let's start with the beginning!" He chirped and began to run. "uhm.. run?" Ranboo shook his head. "Running?? Jogging??" ranboo stopped him. "Okay so how would you explain to someone what I did?" tubbo thought for a second. "Ran?" Ranboo pointed at him. "Yes! Okay second part" He silently pretended to scare him. "boo..?" He guessed. "yes, Yes! Now just say it three times!" Tubbo thought for a second. "Ranboo.." Ranboo nodded frantically. "Ranboo." Ranboo's eye's sparkled. "raaaan~ But! What If you're tricking me" Ranboo pulled his hair out of frustration. "Come on little goat, you can trust me!" "Ranboo, ranboo, rather then try and get me try tommy, he's got a few screws loose" ranboo groaned.

"You have a far more interesting problem! Come on doll just say my name" tubbo didn't like that nickname. "I'm the best chance you got!" Tubbo smirked. "Got any proof? A reference?" just then and their tommy came up the latter, "Tubbo! I was sneaking in, I saw Quackity kill schlatt then you on a plank wh- **you.**" Ranboo turned around and opened his arms. "tommy! My old *friend*" tommy ran too tubbo and stood in front of him. "Be careful! This Demon is not a friendly w-" His eye's widened and went red and green.

"Ranboo is our beloved! He's the smartest, the greatest! Ranboo! Ranboo ranboo" Suddenly tommy dropped to the floor. "You did it again you bitch!" Tommy was weak, tubbo walk over to ranboo as tommy regained his strength. "What did you do to him?" Tubbo asked. "Just a little bit of possesion, and ghost or demon can do that with a quick lesson" he shrugged and tubbo smirked. "any ghost?" he asked slyly. "Yeah any ghost pretty much" tubbo winked at tommy. "So why do I need you? If I can get *any* ghost~"

Ranboo held his hands up. "Woah woah woah, yes any ghost but im the best out their! We're good friends right?" ranboo smiled. 'I can't kill my bastard of a father without you" He eye's narrowed and ranboo tugged at his collar. "Well- I-" Tubbo held a potion and smashed it on the ground. A healing potion could be smelled and ranboo yelled in pain suddenly dissapearing. "Tubbo!" Tommy yelled. "What? He was dead already"

He shrugged, "And you heard him, we can just find a ghost and do it ourselves" he helped tommy up. "We'll lead that lamb to slaughter! IF he wants the perfect son so bad I'll show him what he gets!" Tommy nodded and stood beside him. "Now, lets go find ourselves a ghost"

Chapter Text

Ranboo stared up at his ceiling, the silence was loud, but a call of want seeped into his soul as he heard the scream of a train, the chugs of wheels. It was addicting, to hear but not see what he longed to see. Looking out the window memories started to flood into his brain.

His mother, who stood proud and tall, kneeling down her eye's wide opened. "Son, you must promise never to go to the tracks." His voice shivered, her throat achey as she suppressed tears in her eyes. "But why? We could have so much fun on the tracks! Jumping around, and walking" ranboo murmured tapping his chin. "My dad, he was once nice" she lead him to the couch. "But something changed, at night he'd listen for the train, his eye's pinned on the door." She explained, ranboo feeling so interested in the small tale his mother was putting into his ears. "And one nigh, he was gone, my mother was worried, prayed for his return, and he did" ranboo's eye's widened in curiosity.

"That's enough, bed time" ranboo shook his head. "Pleeeaasseee! I wanna know the rest!" Ranboo begged. His mother sighed sweetly. "Fine, just this once" of course his mother warned him about drugs and all the other stuff, but this was different. It meaned something, ranboo wanted to know what. "He was broke, his shirt backwards, no soul left in his eyes, so i ran downstairs excited and thats where he told me. 'don't ever ever walk to the train tracks alone" she spoke her voice low. "And he laughed, something I've never heard out of him, a loud cackle as he grabbed his jacket and left, never to be seen again" ranboo looked outside. *the train..* what could be so scary about a train? Just don't go in front of it when it's moving fast.

He snapped out of his train of thought when he saw a figure below him, holding a plastic bag, he snuck out and placed a couple hundreds into the mans hand, nodding he walked over to the couch, taking out the sticker type things and placing three on his tongue. It was a heavy wait, but soon the world shifted, colors spitting out of his eyes like a waterfall, looking around his house he held in a scream as his grandfather stood on top of one of his speakers, noticing the boy his limbs twisted as he fell onto the floor, a huge crack was heard and ranboo felt his blood run cold as he looked at his grandfather. Suddenly popping up, his neck looked mauled and mangled, his spine able to be seen through his neck. His clothes had holes bursting out blood, claw marks raked down his body.

Ranboo held his throat, his eyes making everything look funky, strange. He stood up and fell back over the couch over the other side, huffing he looked back up, the room feeling empty, sliding the rest under the bed and swiping a bottle of water. He jumped through a window and left, running into the forest, his smoky breath could be seen against the cool air. His chest heaved as he caught his breath. Imagines of his grandfather crawled into his mind, maggots filling up his caved over head and out his mouth. Half his skull shown as a eye ball fell out of it. He gasped for breath as he felt his mind panicking, not wanting to move, but at the same time he wanted to run. Pushing his hair back he looked around, his grandfather peeking out from behind a tree, his arms swiping to a cross as he stepped closer, his body melting off his skeleton.

Ranboo gasped for air as he felt himself panic more. Mumbled words of danger, incorrection, and so many more things whispered all around ranboo. He ranboo foreward then around his grandfather, racing into the trees, bushes slapped against his legs as he ran, everything was strange, everything was fucking up, oh god why didn't he listen to mother. Stopping as he looked foreward, train tracks in his eyes, these same tracks haunted his sleep, calling him closer. And now that he was here, he couldn't resist. Walking beside it he looked down, shuffling onto it before smiling and putting his hands on his hips. "Theirs nothing wrong with this! God she's an idiot"

He laughed his mind spacing out, he didn't know but everything went numb, spinning, looking towards the night sky he gasped, suddenly turning as steam covered his whole body. Covering himself he placed his hands over his face. After awhile looking up slightly, rapidly blinking he watched a smaller man stepped foreward, their eye's a striking blue, his clothes dapper, he looked rich with his golden cane stepping among the tracks. He looked down at the boy. "Nice night for a walk, may i join you?" Ranboo felt okay, this kid was shorter then him. "Uh- sure?" Tubbo smiled. "Thanks, I was going to anyway" Tubbo walked past him, ranboo followed. "What's a guy like you doing out on the tracks alone?" Ranboo chuckled slightly. "I was uh- on acid" He could swear that the guys grin blew wider. "Didn't your mommy and daddy tell you to stay away from drugs?" How the hell was this short guy so, scary. "U-h Yeah?" Ranboo felt uncomfortble.

"I'm not in the best mood, I just saw something so sick, just.. It was terrifying" ranboo spoke, his voice falling slow into a fast mumble. "...It was my granddad-" he was hushed with a cane to his lips. "Trust me, you won't need to worry and longer, sure, that was scary" ranboo's eye's changed as tubbo stopped looking back he swore he saw horns, ears and a tail on the small boy. Rubbing his tired eye's they dissapeared. "I can be scary, terryfing. I could make you scream if i wanted." Tubbo's voice deepened with pain as he spoke. "Or I could be your best friend, help you out. No more stealing." Ranboo gulped. "No more work" his nervousness was slipping away.. Why? This was weird, what was even weirder was a train suddenly in front of them. "All you have to do Is take a ride, and gift me your soul" ranboo looked at the train then back at him. "Well.. We're we gonna go?"

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Ranboo stood infront of quackity, his smile was toxic as was his eyes. Staring daggers into Ranboo. "What are you doing here? Here to rub it in my face about your 'burger van'" quackity hissed with no real bite. Ranboo shook his head and rubbed his thumb along his plan. "Well- No- I'm here to ask you to fire tubbo, I know hes a good person and You- You're just going to get him killed" Quackitys snarky smile rubbed off his face and he stared dead panned at ranboo who continued.

"He's on his last life and I can't bare to see it get lost to you and wilburs fight, not right now. Michael needs both of us" ranboo couldn't look quackity in the eyes, fear struck him as his tail fuzzed up in nervousness. "Let me think, you join wilbur to win against me. You're a no good enderman who's to rich for his own good, like why do you need the stupid van you're fuckin rich!" ranboo lifted his hand to protest but put it down looking further down. "And now you're trying to steal the best asset yet.. No, I won't give him up, now leave and I wont tell him what you told me, don't want a divorce huh?" Ranboo's hands went to his side and he scrunched his fists together. "Please quackity. I can't lose him" ranboo looked into quackitys eye's slightly.

"Me neither" quackitys voice dropped and ranboo felt a chill go through his spine. "He's got nukes! He can destory everything for me, anything that tried to get in the way of my plan for victory" Quackity faced the railed and rose his hands up. "I've built a kingdom from nothing! I did this on my own" he turned to face ranboo, his golden tooth shining as he smiled. "And I won't let a scrawny half-enderman to take it from me" Quackity stepped foreward. "I was going to let you go nicely, without telling your precious beloved everything, but now, you've pissed me off" Ranboo's ears dropped and he he;d his hands up.

Even though he towered over quackity he was still weak, scrawny and wanted no trouble with quackity at all. "no no please! I'll leave you alone" quackity smiled. "I know you will" He brought out his axe. "Because rather then telling tubbo what you said. I'll make it worse" quackity smiled. "Now fight me and let him find out who's the bad guy" Quackity's battle wounded wings spread, a feather floating in the air. Ranboo stepped back.

"Scared?" Quackity teased. "No. You should be scared" Ranboo turned to see and angry tubbo. Ranboo hadn't been more happy to see the small angry goat boy. "Tubbo! My pal!-" Tubbo stepped foreward his hoof banging on the tiles below. "Save it! I heard it all. An asset? Thought I was your friend, and now you try and kill my husband, you're an idiot"

Quackity's nose scrunch "Clap clap, you're a clever clever cookie now! With your outpost, your nukes and everything! You're so dumb to even think you could be my friend" tubbo ran at him sword in hand. Quackity took a stance then grabbed his shoulders spinning tubbo and throwing him off.

Ranboo's eye's widened and he ran jumping to catch tubbo in his arms. They held on tight together as ranboo's eye's shut tight. "I'm sorry! I tried to save you!" Tubbo held ranboo's cheek as they fell. "I know" they looked eachother in the eye's before connecting into a kiss. Holding eachother tight everything glowed purple until they both dissapeared into purple smoke. They both gave a suprised gasp as they teleported onto soft sand, rolling down a small sandy mountain.

Gasping as they both looked around frantically before smiling and holding eachother. Ranboo smiled before his eye's snapped to anger. Going back to get quackity before being pulled away by tubbo. "Ranboo don't bother, we'll get him one day, but today is not that day" Ranboo's ears flopped down but he smiled, holding tubbo's hand and walking back home with him.

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Ranboo stood on a pillar, a pillar no one else could get to. All the love, all the money, all of the.. Everything! It went straight to his head, every bit of it, fueling his mind till he was so full of himself. Sitting on tubbo's bed, about to meet with his dealer, thinking how much consequences just didn't bother him, he'd be fine. After a bit of a walk, and slipping by fans as quickly as possible, he met with the guy. Trading his money for weed, he was making thousands how could he care on what he bought with his money?

Walking back to the house and slipping into the bushes too his bong spot. Put into a jewelry box for safe keeping. After inhaling atleast three bongs he put clear eye's in, he began to walk, hearing tubbo call for his name. Shuffling over into the door and looking at tommy smiling. "Big man! We're going to a tree park!" Ranboo forgot, oh fuck, he's to high- wait no that'll make it mighty interesting. Ranboo nodded and got his face mask and glasses, pushing them up and putting his hands on his hips. "Lets do this!" He slurred kinda, keeping his voice at a steady tone before they questioned him.

In the car ranboo looked out the window, everything was spinning and his body was making him feel weird, felt like he was an inflatable toob man in harsh winds. He felt amazing, god like. **I AM A GOD** He told himself his eye's lighting up, I mean. Everyone of my fans treats me like a god, what If I am one? He asked himself before it really start to hit him. He could tell people want to do and they'd do it, no questions asked? He fucking loved that, he loved that so much, being able to control their thoughts, actions. He wanted it under his fingertips. "Hey tub- Toby tubbo" He spoke cursing at himself for messing up.

Tubbo laughed. "Yes big man?" Ranboo fiddled with his hands. "When we get home can I play Sims 4?" He asked and tubbo scrunched his nose in confusion. "haHA, Why are you asking me?? Of course you can" tubbo spoke and ranboo nodded looking back out the window.

The tree park was fun, zip lining around, falling over (that was mostly ranboo) as they went around. Till it was time to leave, the weed started to clear and he was upset, he relished in the feeling. Maybe thats why he bought weed a lot. But the guy was happy to tell, to endulge in his addiction. Just as long as ranboo had money he would be there, his dealer in america is happy for his absence. Now he can stock up again for ranboo's return.

Ranboo waved tubbo off to make them food and sneakily went outside. Smoking a bit more, clear eye himself before going in. He had the MAJOR munchies, and in his high and dumb brain he clicked the go live button. It was chaotic, raising his arms up and yelling loudly whenever he controlled a sim to do something dumb, made them die. And other things like that. "Chat" he struggled to grip the mic properly but brought it close to his face. "I'm a *god*" he confessed to only him, himself then bursted into laughter continuing he rein of terror.

I mean, ranboo wasn't always like this, he quite liked being in the shadows, not wanting everyones attention on him. But once meeting tubbo, tommy and everyone, his confidence grew. From an tall ass, shy kid, who got bullied for being to tall. Too a god complex, stoner who didn't know how bad it was getting, no one could. Except tubbo.

He did hide him being high but the one thing he forgets is the smell, its rotten, it's strong and tubbo hated it. But he never understood if ranboo was going through anything a preferred not to ask. So once he started to have to spray air freshener and not tell ranboo why, pained him. With everything inside he hated having to do this, hated having to hide himself from ranboo. He'd try weed if he didn't feel like ranboo would snap at him for asking. He seemed so pissed of whenever he's not high. Coping with whatever he had to cope with.

But soon tubbo's worry broke him and he walked up to ranboo, holding his shoulders. "Ranboo I know you're high, I know you're upset please tell me whats wrong" tubbo spoke with so much care in his voice. Ranboo seemed suprised by tubbo's actions he slumped down on tubbo's words, feeling cared for again. "I do not know what you mean" he spoke kinda formally, to formally for ranboo. "I've known for awhile" tubbo pushed ranboo onto the couch. "So talk to me, tell my why you act so different to when I first met you"

Ranboo's eye's opened wide then he put his head down and rubbed his shoulder. "Well I- Being a streamer is stressful, you have to stream for them, act okay, act like everything is okay, see their tik toks, their videos about how sad they are and you want to help them so badly! And you do! But theirs others that already leave, that may have had people that care for them" ranboo explained, looking into tubbo's sad face. "I'm stuck with staring at an unfaimilar figure while looking at the mirror" Ranboo yelled slightly. "Tubbo their is, toby. Their is so much I'm dealing with right now"

Tubbo sighed and leaned in wrapping his arms around ranboo. "Then let me help" ranboo's eye's widened but he soon sank into the hug, sniffling as tears rolled down his cheeks. You need to be there for others, show them you care. And maybe you'll both me happy.

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Ranboo stood in front of the storm, tubbo clutching micheal as the tornado spun around them. "I've never feared the drums of war" ranboo yelled out. " I've faced down far worse things before!" He looked up as a black shadow started to appear through the tornado. "But never has it counted more-Then now!" XD appeared through the storm, floating as the storm went around him. "You're okay if you stick with me" ranboo looked back as the wind push tubbo's hair out of his eye's looking scared, XD was was bigger then them. Maybe getting bigger then the storm.

It was loud as XD's humming screeched in their ears, tubbo collapsing onto the floor holding micheal as he wailed, sobbing tears into tubbo's jacket. "Cause I can teach you how to be" he looked up at XD bringing out his axe. "Quicker, stronger, full of bravery" He fixed his stance and swung his axe XD teleporting away and to tubbo reaching out, under the mask seemed to glow. "And how to survive" He ran and swung hitting his mask, XD quickly dissapearing into the smokey storm. "You can't escape from us" He heard echo around him, stepping more closer to tubbo. "You were all made for us" They heard louder micheal pushing out of tubbo's arms and trying to run somewhere else.

Tubbo ran after him catching micheal before looking up to be face to face with XD. "Just give up, just give in, you will rise now" tubbo felt his head being taken over. "ranboo..." His arms became heavy as he let go of tubbo. *Come to us, you will be* Tubbo held his head and micheal saw his glowing and ran to ranboo. Tubbo stood up and opened his arms letting himself be lifted. *Our's* "Now I am yours.." Tubbo felt himself chant, his mind becoming taken over. Looking back down at ranboo as he spoke. "I will live up in the sky" He spoke his voice echoing as he faced ranboo. Ranboo held micheal tightly with one arm his other with an axe in his hand. ''Forevermore.." He floated down onto XD's hand.

"You are now one our thousands of souls" tubbo looked up at XD, a crack in his skull showing his eye. Ranboo felt tears swell and burn his eyes. "We've taken and lifted above" XD rubbed tubbo's cheek his eye's glowing as souls swam around in his eye. "You are ours.." His mask started to lift as bright glowing made the storm around them shine. "And we are yours.." He began to bring tubbo closer. Tubbo looked down, letting himself be taken.

*You can't escape from us* XD held tubbo and looked down at ranboo as he ran towards them. *You are all made for us* XD made another hand show as he opened them wide. *Just give up, just give in* Ranboo ran and brought his axe holding micheal tightly as he jumped and saw XD's mouth open up sharp teeth. *You are all ours now* Ranboo swung and slammed it into his mask the storm started to become calmer as water below them appear. He saw tubbo fall and jumped off XD gripping him tightly as he began to push them into water. *Just give in to us now!* XD yelled loudly the storm dissapearing as they all fell into the water.

Ranboo huffed loudly and placed micheal onto the ice and jumped down into the water to get tubbo. He was floating down as glowing goo came out of his mouth. Ranboo brought him up and started to press down onto his stomach watching as he threw up more goo and water till he was empty. Ranboo hugged him tightly micheal sneaking in between his arms.

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He looked through his phone, just scrolling through his followers, he didn't mean to do this, it wasn't hid problem he wanted to see what kind of followers he had.. At least.. That was the reason at the beginning. Looking at this guy's profile in the middle of the night, wishing he had his face, wishing he had his body. He was skinny, had a good body type, no chub, a completely flat chest, he hated this. He knew he was pretty good looking for a trans guy but this was just torturing him. He touched his cheek, the babyish feeling skin, and a jaw line that hadn't quiet developed. As he scrolled through the random guy's pictures he saw the Adams apple on his throat, feeling his own throat.. Nothing. Shuffling over to the mirror he looked at his thighs, they were plum, well rounded, perfect birthing hips. He felt disgusting, not yet able to get too surgery due to his age he wore binders, used to where then for days and nights but now ranboo had been keeping track of his times, telling him to take it off when it had been to long.

Just then the tall male came in from streaming, his tired face looking down at the smaller male. "Toby? What are you doing" Tubbo looked at ranboo, tall, skinny, deep voice, slight facial hair, God he wanted all that. Ranboo looked at tubbos phone and sighed leaning down to grab it. "You've got to stop comparing yourself, you're a handsome young man" ranboo placed his phone upside down on the kitchen table.

"But they look so good, an adams apple, skinny waist and thighs, they look so masculine and I don't" Ranboo sat down and looked at tubbo. "I'm sorry I tell you to take your binder off, you know what wearing it for long times can do to your ribs" Tubbo rubbed his arm looking down. "You look handsome toby, never forget that" ranboo smiled and left the room. Tubbo looked into the mirror one last time before leaving the kitchen to go lie down.

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