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Cherry Skies

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He wakes up with his head on Tew's shoulder.

He remembers dozing out. There is something about being with his senior, not safety, but something. It's like... Like if Dae is a rope-dancer, taking his breath before his first step on the rope, and Tew is his safety net (or maybe, maybe Tew is the one behind him, pushing him to take his chance, to fly or to fall).

Tew's shoulder is comfortable, just the right amount of soft. Dae knows that his senior is strong enough to haul him around, steady enough to catch him, with long muscles neatly defined (he has seen his bare arms. It should be innocent (it's just arms), but since a part of him wants to know how they will feel around his waist, pressing him against the older's chest). He tries to forget this information most of time, because what kind of freak can describe how his line's senior is built? (apparently him). But they're very close to each other, and it seems that it's one of the only things in his mind right now. He only has to move slightly his hands, and could follow the muscles of Tew's thigh with his fingers.

Dae feels like he has something stuck on his throat. A part of him wants to run far away from Tew, and another wants to curl against the warmth of the older student and never let him go. None of these two desires are really options (Dae can't really jump from a moving vehicle (and Tew, with his huge ridiculous responsibilities sense will probably jump after him, adding a new problem to Dae's list), and he is too proud to be clingy with someone who feels complied to take care of him), so he keeps his eyes close and pretends that he is not freaking out.

Tew shakes him a little before his stop. He is soft, as if Dae's sleep is something important. It's nerves wrecking, and Dae opens his eyes, forgetting where he is.
Tew has turned his head on his side. They're breathing the same air, and Dae has his eyes on Tew's lips. He doesn't do it on purpose, but they're right there, separated from his owns by almost nothing, and he can't stop looking at them. Dae has always thought that Tew has pretty lips, cherries look-alike or something. He wants to lean in and taste them, public decency be damned. Maybe they are cherry-flavoured too. Dae feels himself blushing while he still looks up at Tew, the ghost of something tasting like cherry already on his tongue.

Dae knows that he is on the shorter side. In his everyday life, it's only irritating. Maybe if he was someone else, he would use it to push others to do his bidding, but he is Dae, and if Dae knows something about himself, it's that he is not a charmer. But when he spends time around Tew, There is something thrilling in being so much smaller, to feel his bigger hands on his arm, to have to raise his head to watch him in the eyes (he would have to raise it more to kiss him, or Tew would have to bend over, and it's absurdly hot, and he should not think that his senior is hot, or about kissing him).

There is something here, a tension just between them, like electricity in the air between them. They are both aware of it. Dae can read it on Tew's eyes too. The fact that his senior, too, feels the thing between them should be reassuring. It's not. It only makes it more real, and Dae doesn't know what to do with that. He is not good with reality.

It's a known fact that he is prone to bad decisions, specially in social matters. The last one made him change school. Kissing Tew will probably be worst. Maybe the senior will even be nice about it. It's dreadful. Almost as dreadful that thinking about what will happen if Tew *doesn't* reject him.

-It's your stop, Tew says, and he is a little out of breath.

Dae almost runs out of the bus, so red that he matches the traffic lights.