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The Bride Of The Demon King

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Khalid wasn’t meant to fall from the heavens. It was surely a mistake, wasn’t it? A misunderstanding? He wasn’t one for rules, everyone knew that. Khalid didn’t know where he was now. Was this hell? Oblivion? Some sort of void? He didn’t know. Khalid didn’t know anything anymore it seemed except for the fact that wherever he was smelled like absolute shit. Khalid was an Angel and a high-ranking one at that. He had many friends, a good reputation, a nice home, and most importantly, he was happy. A demon attack is that what happened? Demons often tried to make angels fall from the heavens because to demons, angels made perfect slaves and also perfect snacks.


Khalid was officially worried now. What if he really was in hell and a demon found him. His first instinct was to hide his wings. He definitely couldn’t have been seen with angel wings if he truly had descended to the depths of hell. Khalid tried to retract his wings and then, finally opened his eyes. Khalid was in a cave of some sort at least it looked like it. Khalid looked up and saw that there was a hole in the rocks that somewhat resembled his shape. Yep, he crashed here. Khalid suddenly yelped and whimpered as he looked down at his leg. It was broken so he definitely couldn’t escape.


Khalid whimpers and then screams in pain as he holds his leg. He tries to fly but it doesn’t work and then he sees it. A blue eye staring at him. Khalid panicked and then a creature that looked like him came over. “You’re in my territory.” He said and frowned and then he looked at Khalid's wings. “An angel doesn’t taste well injured.” He said and Khalid closed his eyes. The man came over and put some sort of collar around his neck. The man picks up Khalid and his working wing flaps in terror and the man holding him gently strokes the wing. “It’s alright, calm down, you are not to be eaten today. I need to get you healthy before I eat you.”


The man carries Khalid to a place that looks like a castle and takes him inside. Other demons look at him hungrily so he clings to the unknown demon holding him who has reassured him that he won’t be eaten by him today. Khalid thought demons were violent, he did. He assumed they thought over prey and would kill for an Angel but, these other demons did not attack the demon holding him as he walked into the castle. The man holding him finally took him to a room and laid him on a bed. “You. Do they give names in your realm?” He asked and Khalid doesn’t answer.


“I know angels can speak. What is your name?” Khalid doesn’t answer him. The demon stares at him.


“You’re name is Claude now. You won’t tell me your name so I am naming you Claude.” The demon goes to a dresser and gets out silky PJs.  “These are for you. I have made holes in them for your wings.” The man looks at him and smiles.


“My name is Dimitri; the prince of hell.”


“You are a prince and you want to eat me right?”


“Yes, make you feel good.”


“Eating me won’t feel good!” Claude protested.


“Wait…Do you think that I mean eating you like food?!” Dimitri looks horrified.


“YES!!! What am I supposed to think you mean?!” Dimitri smiles softly and strokes his wing.


“Claude, demons like me feed off of well…it’s complicated but we like the arousal of angels.” Oh. OH, Dimitri wanted to have sex with him. Claude turns red finally understanding. “I thought you understood what it would mean for me to eat you.” Dimitri blushes.


“I am sorry Claude. I must have scared you. Also do you like your name?”


“The name is fine but if you feed off of well…Sex then why do you need to wait for my injury to heal?” Dimitri smiles.


“A meal is more fulfilling and tasty if you enjoy it more. I might accidentally hurt you if you have a broken leg.” Dimitri explained. Dimitri was seemingly looking at Claude and examining his body.


“You look beautiful.” Dimitri complimented. Dimitri then smiles.


“I have made my decision. Claude, you are going to be my bride.”