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The Bride Of The Demon King

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Khalid wasn’t meant to fall from the heavens. It was surely a mistake, wasn’t it? A misunderstanding? He wasn’t one for rules, everyone knew that. Khalid didn’t know where he was now. Was this hell? Oblivion? Some sort of void? He didn’t know. Khalid didn’t know anything anymore it seemed except for the fact that wherever he was smelled like absolute shit. Khalid was an Angel and a high-ranking one at that. He had many friends, a good reputation, a nice home, and most importantly, he was happy. A demon attack is that what happened? Demons often tried to make angels fall from the heavens because to demons, angels made perfect slaves and also perfect snacks.


Khalid was officially worried now. What if he really was in hell and a demon found him. His first instinct was to hide his wings. He definitely couldn’t have been seen with angel wings if he truly had descended to the depths of hell. Khalid tried to retract his wings and then, finally opened his eyes. Khalid was in a cave of some sort at least it looked like it. Khalid looked up and saw that there was a hole in the rocks that somewhat resembled his shape. Yep, he crashed here. Khalid suddenly yelped and whimpered as he looked down at his leg. It was broken so he definitely couldn’t escape.


Khalid whimpers and then screams in pain as he holds his leg. He tries to fly but it doesn’t work and then he sees it. A blue eye staring at him. Khalid panicked and then a creature that looked like him came over. “You’re in my territory.” He said and frowned and then he looked at Khalid's wings. “An angel doesn’t taste well injured.” He said and Khalid closed his eyes. The man came over and put some sort of collar around his neck. The man picks up Khalid and his working wing flaps in terror and the man holding him gently strokes the wing. “It’s alright, calm down, you are not to be eaten today. I need to get you healthy before I eat you.”


The man carries Khalid to a place that looks like a castle and takes him inside. Other demons look at him hungrily so he clings to the unknown demon holding him who has reassured him that he won’t be eaten by him today. Khalid thought demons were violent, he did. He assumed they thought over prey and would kill for an Angel but, these other demons did not attack the demon holding him as he walked into the castle. The man holding him finally took him to a room and laid him on a bed. “You. Do they give names in your realm?” He asked and Khalid doesn’t answer.


“I know angels can speak. What is your name?” Khalid doesn’t answer him. The demon stares at him.


“You’re name is Claude now. You won’t tell me your name so I am naming you Claude.” The demon goes to a dresser and gets out silky PJs.  “These are for you. I have made holes in them for your wings.” The man looks at him and smiles.


“My name is Dimitri; the prince of hell.”


“You are a prince and you want to eat me right?”


“Yes, make you feel good.”


“Eating me won’t feel good!” Claude protested.


“Wait…Do you think that I mean eating you like food?!” Dimitri looks horrified.


“YES!!! What am I supposed to think you mean?!” Dimitri smiles softly and strokes his wing.


“Claude, demons like me feed off of well…it’s complicated but we like the arousal of angels.” Oh. OH, Dimitri wanted to have sex with him. Claude turns red finally understanding. “I thought you understood what it would mean for me to eat you.” Dimitri blushes.


“I am sorry Claude. I must have scared you. Also do you like your name?”


“The name is fine but if you feed off of well…Sex then why do you need to wait for my injury to heal?” Dimitri smiles.


“A meal is more fulfilling and tasty if you enjoy it more. I might accidentally hurt you if you have a broken leg.” Dimitri explained. Dimitri was seemingly looking at Claude and examining his body.


“You look beautiful.” Dimitri complimented. Dimitri then smiles.


“I have made my decision. Claude, you are going to be my bride.”

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The next morning Claude wakes up in the arms of the demon king. A hairbrush is gently brushing his white wings and Claude isn’t sure what to think. How did this even happen? How did Claude get in this situation? The demon holding him was treating him with care and devotion as if he knew Claude for years. Claude's wing flutters on instinct when Dimitri touches a certain spot. “Oh? Have you awoken my bride? I am trying to relax you.” Claude frowns.


“I am not your bride, I don’t know you at all! However, I thank you for your help and hospitality.” Claude thought he may as well be polite since he couldn’t exactly go anywhere. Dimitri starts rubbing ointment on his injured wing.


“These are so pretty, when I eat you I’ll give them tons of attention.” Claude turned red. Ok, he clearly needed to set some ground rules with this demon. First off, Claude wasn’t his bride! He was a high-ranking angel and he couldn’t and wouldn’t marry a demon. Second, Claude had no idea why Dimitri was talking about sex so freely but he was guessing that it was probably viewed differently here…


“I think we need to lay some ground rules, Dimitri,” Claude said and looked at him.


“Ground rule? Why would we put our rules on the ground, Claude?”


“It’s an expression Dima! It means we need to make rules or have rules.” Dimitri blushed. A demon blushed. Claude thought he would never see such a thing happen. Claude stared at Dimitri. “You are turning red,” Claude said and laughed.


“Ah! I just enjoy the nickname. Nobody has called me Dima before. Most people just call me your highness or king and they don’t call me Dimitri even.” Claude tilted his head. Was he being rude by not calling him your highness? Claude didn’t know anything about demon culture or how things worked here which is part of the reason he needed to lay down the law with Dimitri to assure that Dimitri didn’t overstep his boundaries.


“Look, I am great full that you are going to nurse me back to health Dimitri but we definitely need rules. You demons operate a lot different than us angels do.”


“And eat you. I’ll nurse you to health and eat you,” Dimitri replied.


“Yeah…about that. Us angels don’t have sex with people that we don’t know very well.” Claude tried explaining.


“It’s the same here, but you are my fiancé now so there are many times you will be eaten,” Dimitri said and smiled.


“Look, Dimitri, we are going to have to stop discussing this ‘eating’ thing because it’s kinda weirding me out. There won’t be any eating of me and there won’t be any wedding and I am not your fiancé ok?” Dimitri seemed like he was taking a lot of time to process this information. Dimitri suddenly frowned.


“I am the demon king, I wish to marry you and eat you so, so be it,” Dimitri said. Claude frowns again and sighs.


“Look, Dimitri, in the heavens we can’t force people to have sex with us or marry us.”


“It’s not going to be forced Claude, you will fall in love with me and then I will marry you and eat you.” Claude facepalms as Dimitri clearly isn’t understanding the situation at hand here.


“Look Dimitri, I am not your bride and I won’t be. After you nurse me back to health, I have to try and return home.” Claude explained.


“This is your home now my bride.”


“No Dimitri, This is hell, I am an Angel. I don’t belong here Dimitri I belong in the heavens with the other angels.” Dimitri frowns.


“Then I will come with you.”


“Dimitri you are the king of hell, you have a kingdom to run here, and just like I don’t belong here, you don’t belong up there. We don’t want to disturb the peace between the angels and the demons.” Claude explained. Dimitri sighs as he remembers a thousand years ago there was a tragedy when the peace between the angels and demons got disturbed. Thousands of angels and demons were killed and went to oblivion. Oblivion is the place that angels and demons go when they die. Once in oblivion, your memories of your angelic or demonic days are wiped and you are reborn as a human being. When human beings die, they become either an angel or a demon based on their life actions thus continuing the never-ending cycle of Angels, demons, and humanity. Dimitri looks at Claude and holds his hands.


“Then you will stay here Claude. You are not royalty, you do not have a kingdom to return to, you don’t need to go back to the heavens.” Claude frowns and looks angry. He is certain that by now Dimitri is understanding his rules and is forcing him to stay here. Dimitri may have come to terms with the fact that he couldn’t force Claude to do sexual activities but he certainly wasn’t going to let Claude free so easily, that much was clear.


“I will stay here the three months that it takes my wings to heal and then, I will go home to the heavens. If we become rather close then I can always come and visit you down here Dimitri.” Dimitri seemed to think about this before shaking his head no.


“No, I don’t trust that you will return. Everyone leaves me so why would you be different? You would go to the heavens and take another lover and never come back.” Dimitri told him sternly.


“First of all, we aren’t lovers so if I started dating someone, it wouldn’t count as ‘taking another lover’ because I didn’t have a lover, to begin with. Second, what you are suggesting is called kidnapping and it’s generally frowned upon.” Claude frowns.


“Then I am kidnapping you,” Dimitri said and smiled as he pats Claude on the head.


“Why are you smiling?! That is not a good thing Dimitri! It’s illegal!”


“I am the king of hell Claude. Do you really think that a simple law is able to decide what I do and don’t do? I am above the law here. So don’t worry beloved Claude, I can kidnap you without us getting in trouble.”


“I wouldn’t get in trouble! I am the one who’s being kidnapped!!” Dimitri kisses Claude on the cheek and Claude frowns.


“Don’t worry beloved, I will make sure that you enjoy your time here, and soon, you won’t even realize that you are kidnapped because you will be so happy being eaten and taken care of.”


“Stop talking about eating me!!! It’s not going to happen! I am not going to marry you and when my wing heals, I am going home!” Claude said angrily. Claude’s working wing flaps furiously and Dimitri stares at it in wonder.


“You have pretty wings.”


“Don’t start thinking that you can compliment your way out of me being mad at you!” Claude said and turned away from Dimitri. Dimitri frowns. He wanted to make Claude happy.


“Are you hungry? I can feed you.” Dimitri smiles and grabs a bag full of pellets that said ‘angel food’ on it and gave it to Claude.


“Dimitri what the hell is this?!”


“It’s your breakfast beloved,” Dimitri said and smiled softly. Claude pushes it away and frowns.


“It looks gross!!! It looks like dog food Dimitri!!”


“You are being picky. I am taking care of you.”


“How am I being picky?! That is basically dog food!”


“Please eat it, my beloved. I don’t want you to starve.” Dimitri frowns.


“What are you going to be eating Dimitri? Surely not THAT!” Claude crossed his arms.


“Flank steak tonight my beloved. Medium rare.”


“I want to eat that! Not these things!” Dimitri frowns.


“But my angel book says that stuff isn’t healthy for you.”


“Throw that book in a fire then because it’s wrong.”


“I will see what my servent Dedue can arrange. In the meantime, please stay here.”


“I can’t go anywhere with a broken leg and wing,” Claude said and frowned. Dimitri kisses Claude on the cheek and Claude pushes him away. “Stop! I am not your beloved! I am not your pet! I am not your prisoner and I am certainly not a dog!” Claude throws the pellets on the floor and Dimitri frowns. “Go away!!!!” Claude sighs and buries his head in a pillow. Dimitri sighs as well and leaves the room to give Claude space. Claude sobs quietly and falls asleep

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Dimitri Didn’t really consider himself to be a romantic person or someone who would even be an ideal romantic partner that is why he was so happy when Claude showed up. Dimitri had no idea why the angels in Celestia would sacrifice one of their own kind to hell. How did they even choose who to sacrifice? Was it a traitor of some sort? No, Dimitri couldn’t see Claude as the type to betray his kind or anything even remotely like that. However, he did only just meet Claude a day ago, so it was completely possible that Claude was putting up a front. Perhaps the other angels picked someone at random and Claude just ended up being the unlucky draw. In any scenario Claude was lucky that Dimitri had found him as many sacrificed angels met much worse fates in the end. Dimitri sighed and laid on his bed. Did Claude know he was a sacrifice? He had seen a few angels sacrifices in his younger days when his parents were alive and ruling and many of them seemed oblivious to the whole ‘You are a sacrifice’ idea. Dimitri needed to talk to someone about all of this. Dedue was the person he needed to talk to about this. Dedue would know what to do. Dimitri sighed and left his room to go and look for dedue.

The halls of Dimitri’s palace were dark or dim lit. It might seem stereotypical for a demon lord palace to be lit that way, but Dimitri couldn’t care less about what a stereotype says. He liked the fact that his castle was dim lit or dark in places other then the main rooms or bedchambers because Dimitri didn’t really want people staring at him as he walked from place to place. Dimitri was a private person who didn’t want people to know much about him or look at him really. He hoped that nobody ever tried to stare at him and somehow see into his thoughts or something. He would like to keep those private, to keep everything about himself private if he could. Dimitri could never be a public person; he just didn’t have it in him. He didn’t have the personality or charisma required for it and he knew that he never would. Dimitri walked down the hallways and into the dining hall. He wondered if dedue might be eating o something like that since it was around dinner time for him. Dimitri saw Sylvain, a childhood friend of his and a rather flirty demon (Just ask any female demon who ever existed with in vicinity to Sylvain.) Dimitri waved and Sylvain came over. “Good evening Sylvain. Have you seen dedue? There has been an angel sacrifice and I am going to marry them if they let me of course and I want to talk to Dedue about how to get the angel to trust that I will bring no harm and be a safe person for them.”

“Ooo~ An angel was pushed out of Celestia again you say? ~ I hope it’s a female preferably with big tits, but I will take any size really.”

“First off, it’s a male and second, did you miss the part about me trying to make him my fiancé?” Dimitri frowns at Sylvain and Sylvain chuckles nervously.

“Sorry Dimitri but a big titty angel would have been a dream come true! There is no way I would pass up a chance to woo that!” Sylvain winks.

“Now I can see why all the female demons that work in the palace have been complaining about you.”

“Aww you can’t mean it Dimitri! I am sexy and they know that. I guess I am just too hot for the ones complaining then.” Sylvain winks again and chuckles. Dimitri sighs seeing that there is clearly no reasoning that will be happening here.

“Right, I guess so. Anyway, have you seen Dedue? I really must speak with him as soon as possible.” Dimitri smiled and Sylvain shrugs.

“I think he went to go and chat with Mercedes over some tea. You should probably check the gardens.” Sylvain smiles. “Now excuse me Dimitri but I have a date tonight that I have to prepare for. I have two dates that I must prepare for. They don’t know about each other so I kind of have a problem.” Sylvain laughs nervously again and then smiles at Dimitri. “Anyway, Good luck with the angel Dimitri!”

“Thank you and um good luck with your dates I guess?”

“Thank you, Dimitri! I hope for the best!” Dimitri offers a small smile and then he goes off to find Dedue and Mercedes. Despite many assumptions, hell is not all burning or freezing cold, there are plenty of nice parts and nature including gardens. The castle grounds have a big garden outside that is popular for tea parties and stargazing and Dedue especially loves these gardens. Gardening has always been a pastime that Dedue enjoys a lot. It was always something that Dedue loved, and Mercedes always loved drinking tea out there. Dimitri had heard from Dedue that he was working on a duscar plant for tea bags, so his best guess was that the plant had matured enough for tea and that Dedue was now sharing that tea with Mercedes. Dimitri went to the gardens and surly enough, saw Dedue and Mercedes.

“Your Highness, you must have heard that my duscar tea brew is finished. Did you come to try some? I will gladly pour you a glass.” Dedue smiles and gets a teacup for Dimitri.

“Oh! Dimitri, please join us! Dedue made amazing tea! You just have to try it!” Dimitri smiles at his friends and pulls over a chair.

“Thank you both so much for letting me join you. I have to speak to Dedue about something and I bet that you will have some good insight as well Mercedes.” Dimitri takes a sip of tea and smiles. “Dedue, this blend is delicious! I really hope that you have more tea bags of this!” Dimitri smiles and so does dedue.

“Yes of course your highness. I will give you and Mercedes some to go.”

“Thank you so much Dedue! You are always so kind. Now, Dimitri what seems to be the problem?” Dimitri sighs.

“Another angel has been kicked out of the heavens as a sacrifice and I am the one who stumbled upon him. I have decided that I want to marry him and eat him, but he doesn’t want to in fact, He doesn’t want anything to do with me at all it seems. He doesn’t even want friendship. What should I do?”

“Your highness, does he know the truth about being a sacrifice? He might view his falling as a big mistake and see this as you just taking him against his will. If that is the case, then it is no surprise that he wants nothing to do with you. Also, angels are different from us demons. They have a completely different culture and view different things as acceptable. Just because something is acceptable in demon culture, does not mean that it is acceptable in angel culture. I think that you should get the angel to trust you before worrying about anything else and definitely do not push on the whole marriage aspect. It will take him a long time to come to terms with the fact that he must remain here permanently. He will likely be really upset. The best thing that you can do for him is to just be there to comfort him when he needs it and to respect his boundaries.”

“I agree with Dedue, Dimitri. I also think that you should tell him that you did not understand that demons and angels had different rules when it comes to marriage and that you thought it was the same. Therefore, you suggested the marriage in the first place and that if he doesn’t like it, it obviously won’t happen. Tell him that you are going to listen to him and respect his wishes on everything. Let him know that you are very sorry about what you did and that he is safe here. You will also need to talk to him about the fact that he is stuck here and that it isn’t because of you but because he is a sacrifice. He will likely pull away from you a bit when you do that because he is in shock and will try to convince himself that you are lying because you want him to stay. Give him space during that time unless he seeks you out. Also remember to listen to him. He is an angel and knows more about angels then any demon here does so when it comes to things like his care and what he needs you should listen to him over any so-called angel book. Knowing you Dimitri, you have probably looked at angel books to try and find the best care for him.” Dimitri sighs.

“You know me too well my friend, I have looked at them and bought some food that they recommended and tried to feed it to Claude. Claude did not eat it and said it looked like dog food and was disgusting.”

“Well did Claude mention anything that he would like to eat?”

“When I said I was having steak, he said he wanted that too, but the angel book said it was unhealthy.”

“Listen to him Dimitri. He knows more then those books. Get rid of the books and listen to what he has to say other than relying on knowledge that isn’t true.” Mercedes smiled.

“Thank you both, you have both helped me greatly.” Dimitri gets up and smiles. “Now if you excuse me, I have to go and make sure Claude will have proper food when he wakes.”

“See you soon Dimitri!”

“Good luck your highness.” Dimitri smiles and he goes to the dining hall and requests two steaks green beans on the side as well as sauce on the side. Dimitri isn’t particularly found of the green beans, but he thinks there is a possibility Claude might like them since Claude seems to have the same diet as a demon and a lot of demons like the green beans, they just aren’t Dimitri’s personal preference. Dimitri gets the food and thanks the chefs and puts it on a type of platter that will keep it warm and fresh until Claude decides to eat it. Dimitri also gets a cup of water for Claude and takes it all to the guest room where Claude resides. Claude is asleep so Dimitri quietly puts it on the bedside table with a note that says, “Steak and green beans for Claude. Ps I am sorry from Dimitri” Dimitri smiles and walks out quietly to allow Claude to sleep as much as he wants until he is hungry.




If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you

~ Winnie the Pooh

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When Claude woke up, he smelled something delicious. Claude opened his eyes and yawned before seeing a covered plater next o him on the bedstand. He took the note on it and opened it up and read it. “Steak and green beans for Claude. Ps I am sorry from Dimitri.” Claude smiled and he opened the platter to see fresh food and his mouth watered. ‘I guess that Dimitri had a change of thought maybe I should talk to him about when I can go home. He may have had a change of thought about keeping me here too.’ Claude poured the sauce all over his steak and ate it all. Claude burps and laughs a bit.


“Hmmm I should try and find Dimitri and talk to him about everything. Thank him for the food and ask about help to get back to the celestial realm. He must know something about going back after all he is the king here.” Claude thought out loud and smiled He put the plater back and he decided to see if Dimitri was anywhere near, he couldn’t be too far, could he? Claude went outside and saw a man with dark blue hair.


“Excuse me?”


“What do you want?” he said in an irritated sounding tone.


“I was wondering if he has seen king Dimitri anywhere?”


“The boar? Nope I haven’t seen him around.”




“That’s right. King Dimitri is a boar. He is feral and annoying just like boars are and he can’t control himself. He is way too impulsive and does things that are not good for him.”


“I don’t really know him very well I don’t even belong here in fact but uhm I think that is something that King Dimitri and I need to talk about in private. Do you know where I might be able to find him?”


“Try the training grounds, his bedchambers or the throne room. I am waiting for my idiot of a friend to return from his two dates. You see that dumbass went and got himself two dates with separate women at the same time and place.”


“Do demons normally do that? Is that some sort of cultural difference that I am missing?”


“No, it’s a dumbass difference that you are missing. You probably aren’t as horny as him. My friend would do anything for some sex or sexual favors and will flirt with any person that can breathe. He doesn’t care about what others think even about what his friends think. He is too horny to be stoppable at this point.” The man sighs. “Also, why did you ask if it was a demon thing? Trying to be sarcastic with me? Obviously, you are a demon too. Why would you be here if you weren’t?”


“That’s actually what I am trying to figure out. You see, I am trying to figure out to get to the celestial realm and- “The man with the dark blue hair laughs.


“Do you think your funny? It isn’t possible to get to the celestial realm from here you see, the goddess created the two realms to separate the angels and demons a thousand years ago after the legendary angel and demon war. The gates are also closed. The goddess, however, seems to be a cruel person who chooses one angel at random to sacrifice to hell and that angel always remains here for as long as they live. I do not know why the goddess does this and nobody else knows either. It is a mystery that even us demons can’t figure out.” Claude’s eyes get wet with tears threatening to fall and his wings come out and wrap around him and the man’s eyes widened. “Oh shit. Ok look I am sorry that you had to find out this way I really thought that you were a sarcastic demon.”


“Is it true? Am I sacrificed? I can’t go home?”


“Uh I am not sure that I am the right person to talk to about this. My name is Felix do you have a name?”


“King Dimitri has been calling me Claude so, I think that you should call me that too.” Felix nods and helps Claude up who had sat on the floor and gotten upset when his wings came out. “Can you help me find King Dimitri? I really need to talk to him.” Claude told Felix sadly. Felix on the other hand sighed. He was terrible at dealing with other people’s emotions heck, he was even terrible at dealing with his own emotions. However, he couldn’t help but feel like he should help Claude find Dimitri even though it meant that he would have to see the boar and be polite towards him. If he helped Claude find Dimitri, then Claude would no longer be his issue and Dimitri would have to deal with the problem that he had created which was keeping Claude here instead of trying to find some impossible way to send him back.


“Ok look, I am going to take you to Dimitri or at least try to but please don’t break down on me or anything.” Claude starts sniffling and nods.


“Hey don’t do that. Don’t get all sad I can’t fix this issue Claude.” Felix sighs and takes Claude’s hand and starts walking toward the training hall and sighs what had he gotten into? Ingrid is at the training ground practicing with a lance and sees Felix.


“Oh, hey Felix! Who’s this?”


“Not important. Have you seen the boar?”


“Felix! You got to stop being so rude to Dimitri!”


“Look this isn’t the time, where is he?”

“I don’t know Felix. It’s rare that you want to see Dimitri so bad.”


“I don’t want to see him!!! I have to help this guy find him.”  Felix gets frustrated and storms off with Claude. “I am leaving you in Dimitri’s room. He will be here at some point and tend to you, ok?”


“Felix? Claude? What are you doing in here? I hope you weren’t too rude to Claude, Felix. He isn’t used to you yet.”


“Tch I wasn’t rude. I am going.” Felix storms out leaving Claude with Dimitri and then it happens. Claude breaks down in tears and sobs uncontrollably.