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Hey, little songbird

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It was no secret that Akatani Mikumo was considered weird to his peers, they can’t really place what feels off about him, there is just.. something. He is kind, maybe too kind. He had yet to tell what his quirk was, and worst of all Bakugou was weary of him, anyone who made Explodo boy weary couldn't be trusted right? When asked if they knew each other he chose to ignore the question, but they knew, after some stalking observing they found out they both came to school together, so that was a mystery solved -kind of-, but still. It was odd. 


The boy looked frail like he was ready to break at any point, he had a limp and wore a cane with a snake carving, he had mostly black hair with a single white streak and okay, they won't ever say they are prejudiced by how someone looks, but well, there were always exceptions right? And the way Aizawa seemed to always be keeping an eye on him, well they really didn't want to judge a book by it’s cover but it was really hard when it came to Mikumo. 


Tokoyami was one of the few to actually try and talk with the boy, not phased by the gossip, if there was anything they enjoyed, was a fellow walker of the darkness, and they learned what they were already expecting, the boy had anything but kindness in him, he might not be the one with the brightest smile on the room, but he was certainly a good person to have near. 


After the heroics class at ground beta, where Akatani gave them a show (and they still had no idea what his quirk was) Jirou decided to friend him, after working with him she noticed how smart he was, really everytime Mina said something about him now, it just really got under her skin and she would jump on his defense, needless to say the class shut her down, oh well, it isn't much of a loss, they are just assholes


The third one to be charmed by Akatani was Shinsou, but no one was really shocked, he was the other reason why they all gossiped so much after all, besides they did share many similarities, for example, Shinsou learned they were both insomniacs, they were both the target of gossip, neither of them had many friends because of their quirks, really, what else could they bond over? Cats apparently, for that was how they even started talking to each other, they bumped into one another in a pet shop, both buying cat food, “If this isn't fate I'm not sure what is Shinsou-kun” Akatani joked and he had to agree. 


Then the USJ happened, and it was a lot to take in for everybody. 




[Thirty minutes prior to the USJ incident.]


“Mikumo” Bakugou growled calling his attention and notioned at the door, Akatani nodded and they both left to the bathrooms leaving the few that watched the one worded exchange curious

Once inside Katsuki closed the door unaware of the person using a stall. Mikumo was unlike the blonde, very much aware but he simply did not care. 

“Are you good?” 

“I’m not sure what you mean. Why wouldn't I be?” 

“Don’t fuck with me!”

“I’m not. We are both clothed and several feet apart, for such act to happen these things would need to change” 

The person currently hiding had to hide their laughter, they couldn't reveal themselves, they still had to pee (and they prayed to all the gods out there that they’d do it quietly) and this was basically free entertainment. 


“Please refrain from yelling Bakugou, I'm aware you are going deaf but there is no need to drag others down with you.” 


“At least wait until after we get married.” 

The blonde gritted his teeth. “Yesterday. You didn't use it” 

“I saw no need to do it. And i was unaware i was supposed to explain all my decisions to you”

“Well you do. Because i’m your fucking GAh i hate this, if anything happens to you the old hag will kill me”

“You worry too much Bakugou.”

“And you worry too little.. stupid” 

“Your ability to call me names keeps getting impressive each passing day” 


He hummed “Is that all you wanted to talk about?” 

“Yes. Actually, no. Don't get too close to those purple fuckers and the bird” 

He raised an eyebrow. “You mean Shinsou, Jirou and Tokoyami?”

“If those are their names then yes.” 

“I don't see how who I decide to friend your not is any of your concern. Especially after you said very loud and clear you wanted nothing to do with me during school. Even with our.. situation.” 

“Well, it is of my concern because you know even better than me why it’s a bad idea to get too close to anyone” 

Just because he was right didn't mean he would listen. He gritted his teeth and looked away, deciding to focus on his own reflection, he as always, looked like crap. 

“Come on Miku, you know i’m right”

“Will you keep me company then? I'm lonely."

He was silent 

“Thought so” He proceeded to walk away, leaving Bakugou behind, the blonde left shortly after tossing some water in his face. The person inside the stall, who was known by his 1B peers as a pain in the ass, finally managed to pee and left after washing his hands, damn, he was invested in that drama now. 




It was not often Aizawa ignored his instincts but he did when it came to Akatani Mikumo, because in this case everything was screaming for him to expel the boy, unfortunately he had no reason to do so. Yet . The most annoying thing was that All Might agreed with him, never in a million years did he want to agree with All Might on something, but here they were.


 Unfortunately for them both the boy had somehow gained Nedzu’s protection, so he was unreachable, still that didn't mean they couldn't make his life a tad more harder so he would quit himself, they knew they were being petty and if Hizashi knew what he was planning with All Might of all people, he’d never hear the end of it. But the boy made everything about him scream danger, and Aizawa was a smart man, he had learnt to always. Always. Trust his instincts. 


Maybe it was because he was so focused on the boy that he didn't notice the gut feeling that something would go wrong at the USJ. 


Thirteen was just explaining about how dangerous quirks could be when the lights flickered, then villains showed up, he heard a “Is that part of the lesson?” coming from Kirishima? Maybe, he wasn't really sure whose voice that was, but it seemed like him. Then a shaky “No.” came from.. he could only assume Akatani, he had to give it to him, sometimes he could see how he had potential, especially when assessing situations.


He jumped towards the mob of villains “Thirteen protect the students!”, Yaoblahblah aka Momo yelled that he would get hurt, pff, these kids had no idea what it meant to be a hero “You can't be a hero if you are just a one trick pony” Okay maybe he was a bit too over his head, but whatever he was responsible for these kids so he would protect them. At all costs. 


The Misty villain left the handsy’s side and started monologuing at the door, honestly he didn't care. So he didn't listen, he was barely paying attention to anything outside this fighting bubble he created, that was until he had less opponents than before, he spared a glance to where the kids were and noticed he was also missing a few kids, Kami maybe he should have paid attention. 




Unlike his classmates Akatani wasn't teleported away, so he had full view of Aizawa starting to lose, he was also in the front roll seat of Iida being stupid, he honestly wanted to scream at him for being dumb but instead he smiled and said in the most sweet way possible “Iida-san, you won’t be abandoning us, i think i speak for all when saying that we are counting on you because you are the most reliable to get the information the fastest to other heroes, so please go” others agreed with him, which wow that was a first, so he tuned them out again to watch the fight, after Iida finally left the misty dude teleported back to the hand-man’s side. So he’s the boss. okay. Should he interfere? Things seemed fine without him doing anything, well keyword seemed, because faster than he could blink Aizawa was being decayed by hand-man, then smashed by the ugly bird thing. “Ouch” he thought out loud, making the others focus on what he was seeing.


There were some gasps near him, pink cheeks girl actually looked like she was on the verge of crying “We need to help him!” “He’s going to die!” “We can't just stand and do nothing” Well he agreed with them. Ah, he would need to use his quirk eventually anyway wouldn't he? Oh well, no time like the present. While they formulated a plan around him he simply got up and started moving towards the villains and his teacher, ponytail girl noticed him and started screaming for him to return, he simply ignored her and took a deep breath. 


Then he started to sing


“Are you… Are you.. Coming to the tree?” His voice reached everyone, and for a moment time seemed to freeze, he simply kept walking towards the villain. “They strung up a man, they say who murdered three” a few of the villains started to feel like they were choking. “Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be if we met at midnight, in the hanging tree” Shigaraki felt like his body started moving on his own, towards the weird boy, Aizawa yelled for him to get away “Are you, are you.. Coming to the tree? Where the dead man called out for his love to flee” Kurigori tried to stop Shigaraki but it was to no avail “Strange things did happen here. No stranger would it be.. If we met at midnight. In the hanging tree” Shigaraki started running with his arms stretched

“Are you, are you.. Coming to the tree?” The students watching seemed to snap out of it and started running towards the center of the place “Where told you to run.. So we'd both be free” Kirishima noticed Bakugou was crying, actually now that he noticed, he was crying too “Strange things did happen here.. No stranger would it be ..If we met at midnight In the hanging tree” The students that were scattered all reached the center of the USJ, and watched as Shigaraki ran towards the boy and he simply walked not really caring about anything, “NOMU GET HIM” Shigaraki yelled, “Are you, are you.. Coming to the tree?”

followed by a painful scream from Bakugou that surprised everyone “Where necklace of hope.. Side by side with me” The Nomu punched where Akatani was (he dodged) a second before Bakugou reached the creature exploding it’s brain out “Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be” Kirishima and Todoroki started attacking the Nomu too “If we met at midnight In the hanging tree” The door was kicked open “I AM HERE” “Are you, are you.. Coming to the tree?” “GET AWAY” All Might punched the Nomu, he hoped to send it flying but nothing happened “Where told you to run. So we'd both be free” Akatani finally stopped walking, Shigaraki was staring his soul at this point, people were screaming, All Might was fighting the thing, but he wasn't really paying attention to any of these things. “Strange things did happen here.. No stranger would it be”

Suddenly Toshinori felt like he was at his peak, he couldn't understand what he was feeling or how, but he was sure, he could beat this thing “If we met at midnight In the hanging tree” “PLUSSSSS ULLLTRAAAAA” All Might yelled before yeeting the thing towards the roof. “Are you, are you.. Coming to the tree?” Shigaraki fell to his feet “They strung up a man.. They say who murdered three” He couldn't breathe. “Strange things did happen here.. No stranger would it be” A portal appeared beneath him “If we met at midnight” The other teachers appeared with Iida “In the hanging tree...” 


Bakugou rushed to Akatani’s side as he fell to his feet, “DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!! Just don't” he hugged him startling everyone, they were so sure they didn't care if the other died “Katsuki, Aizawa-sensei is hurt let me help him” 

“Fuck him, the heroes are here now, they can take care of him” 

He looked over where Aizawa was all bloody and noticed people started retelling what happened to those who asked, ah crap, i’m going to have to give a statement too . He looked back at the blonde who was all red from crying shit, he cares. He thought before passing out. 




Ah great he was at the hospital. He wasn't the biggest fan of hospitals. Bakugou was next to him with a few gauges using his phone, unaware he had just woken up, was he hurt at the USJ? He didn't even notice this. “What happened?” He asked startling the blonde 

“You got quirk exhaustion loser” ah, that seemed about right he nodded 

“Is everyone okay?”

“Kami!” It was funny to watch Bakugou get exasperated. “Of course they are! You used that fucking OP of a quirk”

“It’s not that OP. Even Aizawa-sensei?”

“He’s fine, mostly.. Well ok, fine might be a stretch, but he’s not dead”

He hummed “Did they call our parents?” 



“Yeah oh. They made this whole fuss until they learned that it was just quirk exhaustion, then I had to hear a bunch about how I should have put some sense into your head.. Like that was possible” 

“Are they still here?”

“Nope, they left after scolding me, your parents are annoying as fuck”

“Bakugou, you should respect your in laws”

He huffed and looked away. “I’m back to being Bakugou again huh”

“Well, i don't need to convince you of something now”

“Fucking nerd”

“I find your obssession with fucking quite intriguing, we should talk about it at some point”


“There it is again. Really, this is a hospital” 

And because it was a hospital a nurse heard them and called one of the detectives in charge of talking to the youngling about the attack. So  while later a woman in a trench coat and funny hat walked in on them having an argument? Conversation? She couldn't tell. “Hello. I’m detective Amai Kinpatsu and i’m here to ask you a few questions in regards to what happened at the USJ”

Mikumo turned to Bakugou who said “I talked to another one, don't give me that look” 

“Can he stay?” 

“I don't see why not! Now really it’s just a few questions about your involvement, nothing serious, you aren't in trouble, but i must warn you i will be recording this” 


“Okay! First things first, please state your name for the record”

“Akatani Mikumo” 

She grimaced at the name, they both looked amused at her expression “Right. Next your age and quirk”

“Why is this of any relevance? I get my name since you must be able to identify who is talking but with my name you have all the rest already so why-”

“I don't make the rules Akatani-sama” Smart gal, she knows exactly who Kumo is “Please don't make my job difficult”

“Whatever, I'm fifteen and the quirk is Reality Singer” 

“Okay. Now can you tell with details what happened at the USJ?”

“Sure” he told her everything, with a bored expression, he’d really rather not, once he was finished she asked a couple questions to which Bakugou ended up answering instead and she left, a couple minutes later a nurse came to discharge him. 




Later that night the Akatani’s and Bakugou’s had dinner together as always, the silence was suffocating, the house staff always joked between themselves they could cut the tension with a knife. “We have been thinking and we believe it would be best for the ceremony to occur this year” Hisashi said, that caused the both kids to stare at him 

“When?” Mikumo asked 

“At the end of july”

“Already?” Katsuki cried out, he looked to his own parents looking for any sort of sign they’d notice how soon this was, but they didn't even bat an eye 

“You are sixteen and Mikumo will soon be. The agreement was that we waited until you were both sixteen was it not?” Masaru asked, but it wasn't really a question 

“I guess.” They were still so young tho.. 

“Please take into consideration that we have summer camp somewhere during july father” Mikumo said, it really annoyed Katsuki how calm he could be 

“Hm. It should be no problem, I will call the school tomorrow and ask when it will be, we can program the ceremony around it” 

Mikumo nodded, Katsuki really wanted to stab someone in the eye. Ugh his eye, he looked over at the Akatani couple, they both had scars under one of their eyes, i can't believe they convinced mom and dad to do that with us. He felt himself touching his eye in thought, he really didn't want this. 

“Speaking of school, how is it going? Did any of you make any friends that we should send invites to?” 

“Yes.” Mikumo said the same time Katsuki said “No” 

“Katsuki you should follow more of Mikumo’s example, friends are good at your age” his mom said 

“Who are they dear?” Inko asked her son

“Shinsou, he has three cats, Jirou, her dad is a rock star and Tokoyami.. he definitely has read all the edgar allan poe everything”

“They sound lovely dear” 


“We heard you are in the same class as the Yaoyorozu child” Mitsuki said

“Yes.. Why?” 

“It would be beneficial if you befriended her” Hisashi said 

“She’s class rep, it shouldn't be too hard” Dammit they had the nerd warped on their fingers. 


And silence once again.. 




Later they had been excused to anywhere that wasn't near them, so they were currently doing their english homework in the library, they doubted Mic would actually demand the deliver of the damned thing considering that they were all supposed to be recovering from trauma but it didn't hurt to do it during their break. 



“We should run away”

“If we did that you wouldn't be able to become a hero”

“We won’t anyway, but at least if we do we wont get married at fucking sixteen”

“We should just roll with it”


“They will die someday.. And divorce is always an option, as is cheating on each other. I really don't see a problem”

“Fucking, don't you want to be free? We don't have control over our fucking lives!!” 

“That’s a stupid question, of course i want to be free, but it is impossible, we don't have the resources they have, even if they didn't find us which is highly unlikely you would never be able to become a hero AND we would end up having to stick together anyway to escape them, so really Katsuki, i don't see how running would be any better” 

“I hate this”

“I know” 

“I don't want to marry you”

“It’s mutual”

“I don't want to marry anyone”


“They are going to switch our eyes, kami i don't want to have your eye”


“I like my eye, why did my parents agree to this?”

“i dunno”

“Your parents are psychos” 


“Is it painful?”

“We would be under anesthesia, so no” 

“Why does your psycho family even have this tradition?” 

“I suppose it’s a twisted way to make sure the couple will always stay together”

“Like hell i’ll be stuck with you forever” 


“UGH” he was one second from exploding the stupid homework, when Mikumo grabbed his hand 

“Don't take it out on the paper, trees died for it” 

“Stupid, i need to blow something up”

“You wanna go to the gym?” 






“At this rate we will run out of bags for you to destroy” 


“And another one goes, and another one goes..” 


“Shakalaka boom” 

a servant watching over them snickered at their antics


“Ka tsu ki~ Will I have to call you hubby once we get married?”

Another explosion, and this one shook the entire room 

“I will take that as a yes”


“Your mom just texted me to go buy rings with her tomorrow, you are also invited but she doubts you will-”


“You should. The thing will be at our fingers for the rest of our lives but whatever”

Suddenly Katsuki was grinning, and the explosions stopped, that wasn't a good sign. 

“Oi, nerd, are you going to wear a dress for me?”

“For your information. I’m a queen wearing dresses. But dad said we will both be wearing suits, because he is boring” 


“I could.. steal one of my mom’s dresses and show you how much of a queen I am..” 


He grinned, oh he would regret that. 



To put into simple words he was stunning, the red dress really went well with the whole emo vibe he had, his back wasn't covered neither were his shoulders and one of his thighs, frankly it made Katuski’s breath go away. 

“Don't go falling in love with me Bakugou”

“S-shut up nerd” his whole face was red, not as red as the dress, but still it was almost there




Somehow Masaru managed to convince Katsuki to go with Mikumo and Mitsuki to buy rings for them, his mom really got way more excited than he should and ended up buying a bunch of jewelry for everyone, he was sure she made the owner of the shop very happy and became a VIP of some sorts, she also made him and Mikumo wear their recently bought engagement rings, so that they could get used to wear rings all the time. 


The only good thing about the trip that wasn't completely boring was that afterwards she took them to watch a movie, that was such a normal family thing to do that made him suspicious that something else was going on, and it didn't help at all that they bumped into Mina, worst of all was she saw the rings, and he could practically hear her inside thoughts of already planning to tell everyone. What a pain. The only good thing is that since they were all lowkey scared of Mikumo she didn't try to talk to them, but the damage was already done. 




“Are they living here now?” Mikumo asked during dinner, it was a fair question, during this break the Bakugou’s had yet to go home, Katuski missed his bed, and his stuff. 

“No. But we are considering buying a house for you two live” Inko said

Bakugou almost spit his drink “EXCUSE ME?”

“You are excused.” Masaru said, 

“Pardon mom, but what do you mean?” Mikumo once again asked before Katsuki had a chance to yell like a rabid dog

“There is no need for you two to keep living with your parents once you get married now is there”

“You are kicking us out?” Katsuki couldn't believe what he was hearing

“We are buying you two a house, be grateful brat” 

“Are you fucki-”

Mikumu cut him and sent him a look “Since we are living together. And alone, could we choose the staff we hire, and the house? Or at least the general location” 

He was being smart. Katsuki would give him that. 

“That can be arranged” Inko agreed and then shot her husband a look that shut him up before he could say anything. 

He shot her a smile “Thank you” 

“Anything for you sweety”

Just not the permission to have control over my life but whatever




“Suki..” Mikumu appeared with his pillow, it was dark, the house was silent and Katsuki was a sleep zombie

“Kumo? It’s…” ack he forgot to turn down the light in his phone 

“Late I know.. Can I sleep with you?” 

“Why? You know what it’s too late” he put his blanket up and Mikumo scooted under “What was it this time?”

“The eye, they forgot the anesthesia but switched it anyway”

“that’s so dumb”

“It’s a valid fear okay” 




“Mina saw us”

“kumo. it’s fucking three am.”

“we don't have school tomorrow, i don't see the issue”

“I do. its three a m” 


The blonde decided to turn around and ignore the nuisance that was Mikumu Akatani. He seemed to have gotten the message because he didn't try to speak again, instead he got comfy against Bakugou and tried to fall asleep. 


He didn't really fall asleep tho and messaged Shinsou a cat meme, he got a response in seconds.