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Kongpob was never the type of person who can handle his alcohol. He has always known of this fact, and luckily, the first time he got wasted was when he was sixteen, alone in his dorm room. He was curious about what beer tasted like, and albeit he felt like vomiting after getting the first whiff, eventually, the taste was neutral to his tongue, and soon, he has already downed six bottles of beer. He woke up the next day to a drunk text to his best friend and a raging headache on the back of his head.

Needless to say, he was absolutely in danger if he gets drunk again, especially with the number of people he has in his life.

He listened to his friends talk about their latest endeavors with their work, Oak’s rising fame in his streaming, Prae getting promoted in her company for being the top presenter in their engineering scheme, M talking about the new job he got in the corporation just beside Prae’s building, Maprang being jealous over everybody’s relationships, while also boasting about the raise she got from her boss the other day due to her diligence at work, May telling about how she trained a new batch today for the new interns at her office, and Tew talking about the amazing breakthrough they got in developing their new product launch.

You could safely say that their gang was a successful bunch, which is why they all allotted their free time for this night, as they hung out at their usual resto-bar to drink away their victories.

“Hey, Maprang, how were you able to get that raise? My boss definitely would never give us a raise randomly,” M scrunched his nose as he thought about his boss.

“Considering that you’re just new in your company, it will be pretty difficult. My boss gave me a raise because I was just being my charming self, I always manage to capture the hearts of the people around me,” Maprang stuck up her nose and winked, causing everyone to laugh. No one denied her, yet no one also agreed to her.

Oak snorted, “You? Charm people? I’ll believe it when I see it,” and then a small carton of tissue was thrown at his head, “Hey!”

“You see that, Oak?” Maprang pointed above, at nothing, actually, “that’s how much I care about your opinion.”

“We’re all adults now and you’re still sending jabs at her,” Tew quipped, passing the newly opened beer bottle at May who was reaching over the table.

Kongpob chuckled at his friends’ antics, a little amazed at how they were able to maintain their friendship throughout the years, even after his internship abroad, even after Wad left the country.

“Hey guys, have you heard anything from Wad?” Kongpob asked them, because the last time he has heard from him, he was going around Canada, after acquiring a graduate scholarship from one of its universities. He also remembered him saying something about meeting an old friend while he was outside.

“Well, I talked to Wad last week and he said that he met P’Prem in Ontario,” Tew sipped beer from his glass, groaning at its metallic taste.

“P’Prem? You mean, the P’Prem? Like the vicious hazer when we were freshmen?” Oak asked, almost choking on his spit.

“It’s bound to happen anyway, you know P’Prem and Wad had a thing going on when Kong was abroad and we were all just starting at our jobs,” Prae shrugged, chewing a fry in her mouth, leaving Oak and Kongpob dumbfounded. Everybody else nodded in agreement.


“So much for being absent in the group chat two years ago,” M elbowed him in the ribs, causing him to double over.

“I knew they had a fling but I didn’t know they met again?” Kongpob was wracking his brain for any clues that Wad gave him on the phone call. So that was why Prem was stuttering when he mentioned that friend.

“Apparently, P’Prem had this special client in Canada and they wanted to do a shoot in the park where he coincidentally met Wad strolling around. And they’re still seeing each other if I can recall properly,” Tew shrugged, a laugh bubbled out of Prae, “Damn, Wad’s getting it!”

Oak was full-on choking on his beer, “Oh my god?”

“Even Wad’s able to have a relationship internationally!” Maprang sighed, exasperated that her own love life was quite nonexistent.

“Well, I’m happy for him,” May smiled, then turned to M who was also smiling at her.

“Oh save us the fucking love-fest you jerks!” Oak rolled his eyes, causing everyone else but Maprang to shake their heads in pity.

“You know what, since Oak’s getting depressed, let’s just drink away the night. Let’s play ‘Never Have I Ever.’” M wrapped an arm around Oak’s shoulder in order to somehow console him, but Oak just glared.

“Kongpob always loses in that game, but he forfeits before he gets drunk,” Prae smirked, causing Kongpob to sink in his seat.

Tew chuckled, mirroring Prae’s smirk, “Well. Kongpob here has a boyfriend to take care of him now. He can get wasted.”

“No, no!”

Kongpob was now panicking, in a fit of stuttered words as his friends started to gang up on him, casually leaning the bucket of unopened beer bottles in his direction. This is where it gets dangerous, as his friends have definitely the same goal in mind: to get him drunk.

The depressing fact is that when they were still in university, they usually say things like “never have I ever been in love with my senior” because they know about Kongpob's love story. They would also drink, sometimes they would find something new about their friends experiencing BDSM or any other adventurous activities, like Tew one time when he explained that he and Dae were… He would rather not recall.

And now, it seems that Prae has been coaching each and every one of his friends except him, to get him to drink every single round. He didn’t know why but Prae is definitely on his hit list if he ever becomes a villain. Several bottles of beer emptied later, both from his friends, but mostly they’re in Kongpob’s body systems, he felt lightheaded.

“Never have I ever— what was that, Prae? Okay. Never have I ever slipped on a pair of SpongeBob boxers,” Maprang grinned, and everyone else doubled over, snickering, except for an angry, droopy-eyed Kongpob.

“How the hell did you know that? The only person who saw me was— oh my god.

The woman in question sheepishly smiled, thinning her lips to force herself not to smirk and give herself away. The others were suddenly enlightened on Kongpob’s realization, and then they laughed again.

“You and P’Arthit have been talking behind my back!” Kongpob exclaimed, sloppily flailing his arms out, feeling humiliated and somewhat betrayed.

“Chill your Spongebob boxers, Kong. We didn’t exactly hide it from you, it’s not my fault Arthit and I became best friends,” Prae rolled her eyes, and Kongpob was gaping at her.

“H-How? What the?”

“Now, let’s continue the game,” she dismissed Kong’s bafflement, Tew and the others were giving him sympathetic looks. And soon, Kongpob’s basic fort of sane judgment disintegrated.

“Hey M, look at that girl over there, do you think she’d date me?” Oak slurred, arm resting on the other’s shoulders, drool starting to pool inside the corner of his mouth as M sent daggers at him from the corners of his eye.

“Oak, even when drunk you’re still delusional. Stop trying to find random women to date, idiot,” he tried to remove Oak’s arm but he felt his weight lean onto him more. May was quietly passed out on the chair beside him, both tired from work and drunk from the drinks they had.

“But, you said I’m date-able when we were in college!” Oak spoke to compromise, his beer-smelled breath making M scrunch his nose. He was also drunk, but he was more composed than his friend.

“Jesus, Oak. You barely even had a one-night stand since then. How much–”

“Wait, the girl just winked at me, M! She winked at me. Oh my god. I think I just found a girlfriend.”


“Okay, M. I think I need to talk to her now, you know make some moves. Thanks, bro. You’re a great help!” Drunkenly, Oak staggered to make himself stand, but not before sloppily putting a big kiss on M’s cheek, causing M to groan in annoyance, “Oak, that’s gross!”

“You love it, M! Bye!” he walked towards the girl who was eyeing him, but as she saw his features and his drunk state clearly, she winced. Before Oak reached her, she was already walking away. And like the usual Oak, he didn’t even register he was tripping over himself before he face-planted on the floor, never even making it halfway.

M rolled his eyes and huffed, shaking his head. His friend has passed out cold on the floor, and he already knew he had to be the one to take him home, just like every time they got wasted.

Their other friends were now casually talking at the table. The game is long forgotten, and completely oblivious to what just transpired between M and Oak.

“So what you’re saying is, Dae was the whole who actually suggested the flogging thing? Wow, I never knew our junior was a daredevil,” Maprang asked Tew, genuinely surprised.

Tew nodded, “And he actually enjoyed it, like there was a time when he let out a–”

“Okay, too much information, Tew. I’m sure your boyfriend would not appreciate you sharing details,” Prae had to tap his shoulder in order to stop him. Drunk Tew was a talkative and honest Tew. They knew of that statement. And his stories were always oddly, BDSM-based.

“But get this, he was also interested in whipped crea–”

“Tew, stop.

Kongpob groaned, eyes half-closed, leaning his whole body on the back of his chair. The intoxication slowly starting to consume his system.

This was stage one. Kongpob gets drunk. He’s starting to slur his words, and he’s dizzier than ever. And the main distinction is, he wasn’t talkative. Yet.

“Okay, I’ll stop,” Tew surrendered, “What about you, Prae? I heard your girlfriend is a model.”

“She’s perfect. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning,” Prae started to gush, her girlfriend was truly the most amazing woman in her life and she couldn’t contain it just in words, “She’s a model for this fashion magazine and she’s absolutely killing it with the shoots, plus she never forgets to allot time for our small lunch dates and dinners! And she also has this thing for candies, I always make time to get her packages every week. Oh and she’s–”

“I get it, Prae. She’s perfect for you. You don’t have to rub it in!” Maprang cried, taking a huge gulp of beer, “You know what, I’m bisexual, I’m open to having both girlfriends and boyfriends, and yet I am still the one left single in the group. You and Tew have been gushing over your lovers and Kongpob there is smiling at his phone, looking at pictures of P’Arthit. Plus the fact that M and May are the standard picture-perfect couple, and Oak has this little weird thing on with M!”

“Oh look, guys! P’Arthit just texted me!” Kongpob giggled from the side, completely ignoring Maprang’s outburst. She turned to him and jabs a finger in his direction, “See what I mean?”

“I think we should get Kongpob home. I mean, we’re all pretty wasted, after the game we just played,” M suddenly pops in, Oak and May’s arms both on his shoulders and he struggled to balance both their weights. Prae and Maprang nodded their heads, Prae swooping in to help M and slung May’s arms onto her shoulders, “Let me help.”

“Thank you,” M smiled at her, then frowned again at the heavy burden who was passed out on his weight.

“Yeah, that’s what you get for bullying me,” Maprang laughed maniacally at Oak, and Prae shushed her, “Leave him be.”

“Hee-hee, P’Arthit texted me. I’m so happy, maybe I’ll send my nudes to him now,” Kongpob quipped again, blushing as his groggy drunk state was consuming his entire thinking.

Stage two: Giddy, honest, and loud Kongpob.

“No, oh my god, don’t! Tew, help him, will you?” Prae asked him, pleading. Tew nodded and hoisted Kongpob up, snatching his phone away.

“Hey! I have to–”

“Kong, just shut up and let me talk to P’Arthit.”

Tew quickly opened Kong’s phone knowingly, as he entered the password 0206. Shaking his head, he called Arthit, who picked up on the first ring, “Hello? Kong? Are you drunk?”

“P’Arthit, it’s me, Tew.”

“Oh? Tew, where’s Kongpob?”

“He’s fine, but he needs you to pick him up. He’s drunk out of his mind–”

“Is that P’Arthit? My baby!! I’m here baby!”

“Kongpob, stay quiet!” Tew pinched his arm, causing him to yelp, “I need my P’! P’Arthit he’s hurting me!”

“Oh my god, can you accompany Kongpob for me while I still on my way? I’m going there right now.” Arthit quickly hung up the call leaving Tew with the drunken mess of his boyfriend.

“You know Tew, you say all about these BDSM things but you have barely even seen what P’Arthit and I do in bed.”

“Jesus christ,” Prae laughed, starting to pull out her phone to record him. Definitely, this will be sent to his boyfriend soon.



“I hope P’Arthit gets here soon, or Kongpob is going to spill all their private details to his friends,” Maprang tsk-ed. They decided to wait until Arthit gets here so that they could all go home at the same time, leaving no one behind. M, May, Oak, and Maprang were all casually sitting on the big couch near the entrance of the bar, about to pass out. The others were seated on the opposite couch in front of them, and despite his intoxication, Kongpob was the most lively one.

“Did you know that those Spongebob boxers were super comfortable to wear? I mean, P’Arthit found it weird but I just think he’s turned on by it,” Kongpob slurred, giggling again. He was on his phone, scrolling through his gallery, Prae was looking over his shoulder and she saw that it was an album named “Oon” and the majority of the pictures were blurry photos of his boyfriend.


Kongpob kept talking to his friends, spilling random blabber about his work, his parents finding out about his relationship with P’Arthit, which turned out great by the way, and of course, his beloved P’Arthit. It was a good thing The others tuned him out because his constant chatter just seemed to chew their eardrums off, even Prae was tired. M had actually called a cab, and it was on his way so he could take home the rest of his friends. Kongpob can be handled by his boyfriend.

The door chimed, signaling a visitor.

“Kongpob?” they all heard Arthit speak, and sighed in relief, Kongpob immediately got up from his seat and dashed, more like staggered, to Arthit’s embrace, “P’Arthit!”

“Oh, the cab’s also here,” M said, ushering for the others to come with him outside.

Arthit looked at the bunch, worried. Kongpob was still hanging onto him, “Are you guys going to be okay? Do you need me to give you guys a lift?”

“No, P’ we already called a cab. Thank you, though. I think Kongpob needs to go home before he blabbers any more about your relationship,” Prae replied to him.

As Arthit guided them to the cab, he bid them goodbye and making sure that the cab driver knows the address. He then sighed and took Kongpob back to his car and strapped him onto the passenger seat.

“P’Arthit, I didn’t get to tell them about the time when you took me to Pattaya for our anniversary,” Kongpob whined in his seat, struggling. Arthit rolled his eyes at him.

“They don’t need to know that information.”

“But, I have to tell them that you’re the best boyfriend in the world!”

“You don’t have to tell them that either,” Arthit chuckled, driving back to their home. This was a first, seeing Kongpob be quite loud and completely honest with him. He does it all the time, but not so carelessly like this like he was speaking anything that comes to his mind.

He remembers Kongpob saying that he tends to stay away from alcohol, briefly mentioning that he could not get drunk. Arthit can hold more alcohol than Kongpob can, but he also cannot handle much, which is why they rarely have beer or wine whenever they celebrate something. He looks over at his boyfriend who was continuing to mumble to himself, and he felt himself smiling.

He loved the way Kongpob is just the cute, adorable boyfriend that he was, drunk or not. But seeing him, right now, Arthit always loved to dote on him. And now, he can baby him all he wants, and Kongpob would take all of it.

Arthit can deal with Kongpob’s blabbermouth later. Prae just texted him a video of Kongpob and he would rather just watch it the next day. His boyfriend’s care comes first.

When they arrived at their apartment, it was definitely difficult to carry Kongpob, and he didn’t think slinging him on his shoulders was the best choice.

“Kong, go on my back,” Arthit crouched down in front of him to give him a piggyback ride, and Kongpob let out a little squeal of victory, “Yes!”

And then they were off, passing by the guard who was looking at them amused. Arthit just gave him a sheepish nod and then proceeded to the elevator. Kongpob started to babble again, “You know, P’Arthit, I love it when you carry me but you know what I love more?”


“When I carry you!” Kongpob giggled, nuzzling his face onto Arthit’s neck, making Arthit laugh, his cheeks flaring up.

“Hang on, we’re almost there,” Arthit opened the door to their apartment and carried Kongpob to their room, carefully letting him down as Kongpob plopped onto the soft mattress.

One would think that Kongpob would just fall asleep, but one would be wrong. As Kongpob started all his random thoughts, Arthit undressed him and got him prepped for bed.

“P’Arthit, have we ever tried pink milk during sex?”

“What?” Arthit could not believe his ears, Kongpob was really this vocal tonight, “What are you saying?”

“You know I’ve been thinking about um, pink milk, maybe it adds a little sweeter touch?” Kongpob chuckled, his eyes darkening.

Arthit, despite his racing heart, and blood starting to rush down, slapped his boyfriend’s arm, “Don’t get horny on me today, Kongpob. You need to sleep. We’ll… talk about this when you’re sober.”

Kongpob nodded, his cheeks red, both because of the embarrassment, and also from his intoxication. His head suddenly popped up, and another completely unrelated thing came from his mouth as Arthit slid a fresh shirt on him, “I think Oak needs to get laid.”

“Kongpob, what the fuck?”

“P’, I’m actually getting really worried for him. He’s become this sad, lonely, streamer and whines about love when he can’t find one, maybe he needs to unwind.”

“You did not just mention Oak getting laid on our bed,” Arthit pinched the bridge of his nose, not knowing if he wanted to strangle Kongpob or kick him in the face. Maybe both.

“I’m sorry P’, I mean, he needs to find some excitement in his life. He’s starting to give those cheek kisses again to M. P’Arhit, maybe this is his awakening,” Kongpob whispered the last part, and Arthit felt like his head was about to explode.

“Kongpob, I hope you shut up.”

“P’Arthit, Oak needs someone as hot and as adorable as you! Wait, maybe not, because there’s only one like you, and you’re all mine!” Kongpob enunciated the last word.

The older felt hot all over, he was flustered, and his stomach was doing somersaults. He wouldn’t deny that Kongpob saying all that was incredibly attractive to him, and it did his heart wonders. Now, he has already pinned to the back of his mind to give Kongpob extra love the next morning, but not after he scolded him about getting drunk.

When he was done dressing Kongob up, he gave him a big glass of water and instructed him to drink it all, saying that this would help his hangover tomorrow. When the younger was done drinking, he placed the glass on the bedside table and started to tuck him in.


“What now, Kong?”

“I love you.”

“...” Arthit didn’t know what to say, these big Kongpob attacks felt like he was losing ten years of his life.

“Not like the surface level, you know,” Kongpob gestured with his hands, waving down, “Like really deep. I love you, really, very much. I love you.”


“Wait, I’m not finished,” Kongpob’s voice started to lower, his eyes starting to close shut, “I love you too much I want to marry you. Like doing the whole altar thing, and have many kids… we can adopt them, or get us cats! I want to… do the whole thing, marry you, have kids, grow old together, all the works… That’s how much I really love you.”

With that last sentence, Kongpob passed out, cold, on their bed.

Arthit was never a crybaby but tears have already welled up in his eyes as Kongpob just said those words. He felt like he was flying, and Kongpob was there with him.

“Did this idiot just propose to me?” He asked himself, sniffling. Leaning down, he placed a soft kiss on Kongpob’s exposed forehead, smiling at him.

“I love you, too, Kongpob. I also want to do all the works with you.”

He got up from the bed and proceeded to turn off the light, then he heard a ding! on their bedside table, to which he went.

It was Kongpob’s phone, which lighted up. It showed that there was a message that failed to send. It displayed a message which was supposed to be sent to him, and the text wrote:

I love you, P’Ai-Oon.

Kongpob had tried to send this message while they were in the car, sneaking a little love note, but there was no signal.

Arthit could not stop the smile from making its way onto his expression. He closed the phone and slid on the other side of the bed, spooning Kongpob from behind. He heard his lover let out a sigh as he snuggled closer. Arthit pressed a kiss on Kongpob’s nape, and the two lovers went into a deep slumber.



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