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July 9, 2016


Dear P’Arthit,

Hello! I just want to tell you that you’re always going to do great on your exams. I heard from the seniors that you’re going to have a calculus exam today? Well, just remember that I’m always rooting for you P’. I hope this makes you smile today.



“Arthit? Are you even listening to me?” Bright slammed the locker door shut beside him, making him flinch.

“Huh? What?” He put down the piece of paper, willing himself to hide his smile from the emotions that were flowing through him from the letter.

“It’s that freshman again? Who keeps sending you love letters? Man, you should have rejected him from the start if you didn’t like him—” He tried to snatch the paper from Arthit’s hands and Arthit slapped them off, sending him a deathly glare.

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

Knot pushed a shocked Bright to the side and raised his hands, gesturing that he wouldn’t come near the piece of paper that Arthit held onto tightly, “Alright, Bright. Stop bothering Arthit and let’s go. We can’t be late for calculus.”

Bright sneered at his angry friend, rolling his eyes. He has surely had enough of Arthit pining for a guy but never admitting it. Arthit nodded and closed his own locker, putting the letter in a thin clear plastic container that is the perfect size of the folded letter.

Together with his friends, they made their way to class.




September 14, 2016


Dear P’Arthit,

How are you today? I miss seeing you in the halls, my classes are now starting to pile up and I can’t make excuses to go out of class anymore just to get a glimpse of you. I hope you don’t find me weird, but I really miss you, P’Arthit. I hope you’re doing okay.



Arthit looked around the busy corridor, sighing as he hadn’t found what he was looking for. He folded the letter back neatly and stored it again in his special container. His frown deepened, deprived for the past few days. When he walked towards the cafeteria, he heard someone call behind him.

“Khun, can I get some help?”

Arthit turned around and he saw a teacher waving at him from the front of the faculty office. He nodded at him, immediately carrying half of the heavy stack of books.

“I’m going to the fourth floor,” the teacher said and Arthit’s head immediately snapped up, eyes widening. His heart began pounding as he internalized his words.

When they reached the floor, the teacher didn’t stop walking until the familiar door of a classroom came into view. He opened it, revealing a class of tired freshmen, busy on their worksheets. The teacher motioned for Arthit to enter the classroom and settle the stack of books on the floor, just beside the table.

“Uh, you, Suthiluck, come help this young man arrange the books.”

Arthit froze, as he was crouching down on the floor, tidying up the stack, he heard the familiar surname and resounded in his ears. He felt a shadow above him, and then, his right side wasn’t so cold from the air conditioning anymore. Arthit looked and saw him, who was letting out a small, sheepish smile, a blush on his adorable cheeks.

Kongpob wasn’t looking at him, trying to focus on the books, but Arthit just kept staring. The teacher was too busy looming over other students’ papers to notice the two students on the floor, whose hearts were beating a mile a minute.

“Hi, P’Arthit.” He heard Kongpob whisper to him, finally looking back at him as he placed his hand on top of his, on top of the book, rather. And Arthit could feel the shock through their touch. Finally coming to his senses, Arthit smiled at him, “Hello, Kongpob.”

Arthit immediately stood up again, leaving Kongpob speechless and quite frankly, was looking like he was about to faint. He politely wai-ed to the class and went out, clenching his shirt on where his heart was, trying to breathe normally again.

From then on, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling like an idiot for the whole day.



October 18, 2016


Dear P’Arthit,

Today is your birthday. Happy birthday, P’Arthit! I think I’m the luckiest person in the world when you were born, even though I wasn’t even a life back then. I know you would want to celebrate with your friends and family, but I also wonder if you would consider spending it with me? Maybe that’s too presumptuous of me, we have barely talked.

Well, I hope all your wishes come true, P’Arthit. Happy birthday again!



Arthit made his way down the halls, in a frantic search for someone. Running as fast as he can, dodging anyone who came in his way as he looked around, panting.

When he saw the familiar mop of hair in the middle of the busy cafeteria, he marched his way towards him. He gave a fake smile to everyone who greeted him ‘happy birthday’ on his way but his only goal in mind was to get to that person.

“Hello everyone. I need someone to help me in the library. They said only the freshmen know the password to one of the sections there?” he asked the busy table where the boy sat, and his friends were frozen, looking at him. One long-haired girl nodded in recognition, brave enough to talk to him.


“Okay, thank you,” Arthit swooped in and grabbed Kongpob’s arm, making him stand up and join him on his way to the library. Arthit felt himself blush but he was thankful that Kongpob was behind him, his hand still on his wrist.

When they reached the library, Kongpob has never said a word, quite flustered about the fact that Arthit had voluntarily held his wrist, a few centimeters and they would have held hands. They made their way to the computer section, where the freshmen would go every time they needed something, and Arthit told Kongpob to sit down on the chair to go over the password unlock and open the computer.

“Um, is that all, P’Arthit?”

The junior wanted to scream at the top of his lungs on how much his body was affected by the simple mention of his own name.

“No,” Arthit leaned over him, his breath fanning over Kongpob’s ear, caging him in between the computer.


“Come eat lunch with me.”

“What?” Kongpob asked, bewildered. His cheeks were flushed again, as he thought about the implication of what Arthit said.

“But I thought you had something to do with the computer—”

“Please? It’s my birthday today, you know,” Arthit tried to dodge the subject, giving out his most convincing adorable face, albeit he was sure Bright and Prem would absolutely laugh at him right now.

Kongpob turned away from him, a big mess as he heard Arthit convincing him to go with him. Who was he to deny such a request? And Arthit then felt Kongpob stand up from the chair, and he took that as a yes. They didn’t even bother to close the computer as they left the library, both with little smiles on their faces.



June 25, 2017


Dear P’Arthit,

I had so much fun on our date today. It was the best night of my life. Thank you for not leaving me at the restaurant even if I kept having disaster after disaster. And when you kissed me, it was actually my first kiss. And it was amazing. I hope you felt the same way too.

I would love to go on more dates with you, P’Arthit.



“God, he’s so perfect. He’s absolutely perfect,” Arthit grinned at the ceiling, embracing his pillow like a fourteen-year-old girl. He bit his lip to contain his smile but he just kept grinning, as he remembered the way he softly held Kongpob’s face in his hands and kissed him under the moonlight.

He turned to the side and opened the letter again, then hugged it to his chest, just over his pillow, a blush on his cheeks, and a giddy feeling overtaking his body.



July 28, 2017


Dear P’Arthit, or should I say Dear Boyfriend?

I still can’t believe we’re official now, and I can’t wait to show you to the world. I would love to be yours as much as you are mine. Should I still be writing these letters when I can directly say them to you now? Oh who even cares. I’m your romantic boyfriend so you have to take everything I give you. Even if it meant stacks of folded papers.

Sincerely  yours ,
Kongpob, your Boyfriend.


Arthit leaned on the side of the wall, admiring his new boyfriend from afar who was just reading a book on a bench nearby. The most beautiful person on the plant has agreed to be his, and only his. And he can’t believe he is that blessed.

Knot came in and clapped in him the back, and Arthit laughed.

“Congratulations, Arthit. I heard he said yes?”

“Yes, he did.”



August 3, 2020


Dear P’Arthit,

How are you there in Bangkok? I miss you so much, and even though it’s more convenient in a chat, I wanted to send this letter to you. I love you, P’Arthit. I promise I’m coming home for my term break. I love you.

Sincerely and absolutely yours,


Arthit held the paper in his hands, sobbing, as he wore Kongpob’s hoodie, not wanting for the smell of his boyfriend to disappear from his senses. As he turned off the lamp on his bedside table, he stored the paper in a bix brown box underneath his bed.

He would meet Kongpob again.



December 26, 2023


Dear P’Arthit, or should I say Dear Fiancée,

What a lovely Christmas present I got for this year, and this definitely beats the cat you got us last year. It was quite a weird moment when we both whipped out rings from our jacket pockets, but I loved it nonetheless. Here’s to spending forever with you, P’Arthit.

Sincerely yours forever,


Arthit admired the ring on his finger, glimmering in the morning light. And he looked over to his side to admire the tan porcelain skin exposed to him, and then he smiled. He admired the silver band on his fiancée’s finger, as he slept peacefully, exhausted from the night’s activities.

He took a piece of paper from the desk beside him, a pen engraved with his own name, and began to write using the small bed stand. He glanced again to the sleeping figure beside him and leaned over to press a small kiss on the bare shoulder.

He smiled again.

As the pen put on paper, the ink flowed out beautifully.


Dear Kongpob...