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OffGun Drabbles (June)

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Tay shouted to us ‘Let’s play spin the bottle!’ which they agreed.

8 of us in the circle, Tay started to spin the bottle. As it turns slowly my heart keeps beating fast, when It stops at me I lost it.


‘truth or dare?’ Singto, now shaking me from the side.

‘truth or dare, drunk already?’ He asked. I shook my head,
‘Im fine.’ I looked at the Gun sitting in front of me staring.
‘Dare.’ I exclaimed. I saw Tay smirked.

‘7 minutes in heaven with pet.’ They were all shocked, but me. That bastard.

‘What are you 12?’ I scoffed, didn’t even realized Gun’s already standing there waiting.

01:00 Awkward? He’s smiling at me like an angel.
02:30 pass, he chugs his bottle of beer and said ‘you have pretty eyes.’ and giggles. fucking cute.
3:00 Our eyes met, his eyes are full of wonder. It's like his gaze is piercing through me, I feel very exposed. does he know? that I have a crush on him? but that’s impossible, Im basketball varsity, I have a girlfriend who’s the head cheerleader. could he possibly know?
5:00 ‘It’ll be less awkward if we—’ Interrupted by his lips crashing into mine.


I wrap my hands around his waist pulling him closer to me. He grabs my neck and starts to move and deepen the kiss. I bit his lips making my tongue enter his mouth.
our tongues fight for dominance, slowly placed my hands under his shirt making him moan. the alarm finally beeps, he pulled away and fixed himself, leans forward, and kiss my neck.
I glared at Tay, he just gave me a smile. We sat down.


‘Glimpse of heaven isn’t bad after all.’
Gun stated that made all of them look at me.