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OffGun July Drabbles Collection

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Off was like a sunflower, unconsciously rotating around his sun all day long. 

His gaze would find him in seconds as soon as he arrived anywhere he went, he would recognize his voice above all other voices, no matter what or whoever Off were talking to.

"Papii, you're here!"

His sun was shorty and cute, spreading warmth and happiness all over the place, making Off's heart skip a beat. Gun smiled and then the whole Off's world would become about him.

"Nong Gun." He responds, totally forgetting what Tay had just said by his side. Not that Tay minded, of course, he was one of the people who knew that Off would always need a moment every time he met Gun. 

"I missed you." And before Off could answer, Gun's arms were around him, with the face buried in his neck, sniffing and leaving a soft kiss on the spot, as if he had every right to it. Well, he had and he was the only one as everyone knew.

"I'm right here." Off says softly, trying to restrain his hand from hug him by his waist and melt into his embrace. He couldn't handle all the tease if he shows in front others how much he was always craving for his Nong affection, how much he was longing for it all the time now. He barely manages himself to show it to Gun sometimes, still too afraid of how he would react, how he would answer.

Everybody knows, anyways, it was all over his face after all. The same way was in Gun's.

Tay cleared his throat after a few seconds. "You two know that I'm still here, right." Just because Tay knows doesn't mean that he wouldn't tease them.

Off startled, like he was far away for a moment, breaking the embrace. Gun blushed as he looked at Tay, but his hands were still holding Off close, like he couldn't help but do it. 

"P'Tay! How was the trip?" Gun leaned his head on the Off's arm.

Sometimes Tay would feel bad to get them out of their own world, but someone definitely had to throw hints to make them realize and do something about it, right?

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Gun is happy, of course, how could he not be? He's with Papii and any time with Papii is a happy time.

But then Tay’s talking about the trip and okay, Gun had asked, but he starts to feel uneasy anyways. An awkward feeling that shouldn't have been there, but it was. Gun has no right to feel bad about anything Off does without him, but still... 

Gun sighs, wishing he could go on a trip with Papii too. 

Just once.

"Pet is bored?" Tay asks suddenly.  

"Huh?” Tay and Off were looking at him. “No, no I'm just tired, don't mind me." He replies smiling and takes the opportunity to rest his head on Off's shoulder.

They continued to talk about the trip while Gun just nodded, enjoying the closeness he missed the past days, and after some time, Tay began typing frantically on his phone.

Out of nowhere Gun feels Off’s hand slipping into his leg, squeezing his thigh under the table to get his attention, his warm breath over Gun's neck while he whispers softly 'no need to pout nong, I'll take you with me next time' .

Gun feels his cheeks heat up.

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"Alright, this is getting ridiculous." Porsche huffed beside him, stopping drinking his coconut water and casting a questioning look at Pick.

Maybe 'ridiculous' was not exactly the word Pick would use for that women... who was rubbing his hands on Rome's back with no shame. She was smilling and speaking unnecessary close by Rome's ear and the boy was laughing to her like she just told the funniest joke in the whole fucking world.  And all the time, her hands didn't stop to rub up and down at the bright and soft skin of Rome's back and shoulders. 

"What's ridiculous?" He mumbled, totally pissed at that point. 

"Ai'Pick!" Porsche slapped his right arm."Don't play dumb."

" You're the dumb who's talking nonsense again." Pick kicked Porsche's leg under the table.

"Am I?" Porsche crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "That's funny, 'cause I thought you're the dumb who's about to kill my wife with your eyes just because she was helping her best friend to apply the sunscreen." Porsche huffed again. “Stop looking at Emma like that!"

"Like what?" Pick stood up. "I'm wearing sunglasses, you jerk." He straightened his sunglasses with one hand while cursing at something that Porsche didn't hear and started to walk to where Rome and Emma were.

"You're wearing sunglasses? What kind of answer was that?" Porsche stood up too and started to laugh, following his dumb friend. Pick's excuses to avoid things were becoming more and more stupids with time. 

"Shut up."

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Pick stopped in front of them, clearing his throat. Beside him, Porsche let out a laugh.

That useless friend.

"P'Pick, wanna swim with us?" 

"No, I..." Pick's eyes flipped to Rome's shoulder's, where Emma's hands still rested like she had all the right to do it. "Come on shorty, let's go grab lunch." He threw one of his shirts towards the boy, who almost couldn't catch it.


"Wait." Emma pulled Rome, not letting him finish. "It's too early for lunch, plus why does Rome need this shirt?"

"He's too white." Pick rolled his eyes, stepping towards Rome to put that damn shirt on him, but again Emma pulled Rome one step back.

"Don't worry Phi, he’s protected." She smirked, showing the sunscreen tube. Pick's blood boiled. . 

"You don't gonna say anything?" He turned to Rome.

"Well, Phi…” Rome smiled innocently.  “I really wanna swim with Emma." 

"And why does she have to pull you like that? Are your legs broken?"

"Are you jealous, Phi?" Emma asked before Rome could answer anything.



"So why can't I touch him?" 

"Emma..." Rome was about to tell her to stop before she 'broke' his boyfriend permanently. 

"’Cause he's mine!" Pick almost yeled. 

Rome gasped, blushing hard. Porsche, who was just watching, started to cough. Emma's smirk widened as she entwined an arm with Rome's. 

"I can't see your name written on him, Phi, do better next time." She winked to him as she pulled Rome towards the water. 

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"Papii!" Gun gasped when Off fell on his back in the sand. "I told you climbing that tree was dangerous!" He scolded him as runed to help.

"It's fine, I'm fine." Off sat, catching his breath. 

"Papii you crazy." Gun giggled as he checked if Off was hurted and sitting beside him. 

"I got one." Off smiled. "Here." He handed the yellow star-shaped fruit to Gun and Gun startled as another one fell right beside them.

"Another one, we're lucky Papii!" But before he could reach the fruit on the sand, Off held his hand, his cheeks getting red.

"No!" He cleared his throat and Gun's heart sped up. "I mean, we're supposed to share one, according to the local tradition." 

"Oh." Gun didn't know what to say, suddenly feeling shy and afraid to misinterpret. That sounded a lot like a couple thing to him. "Okay." He smiled coyly and waited as Off split the fruit. "And what do we get by sharing one?"

"Well..." He handed one half to him. "Whatever you want." He smiled and looked fondly at Gun. The shorty noded and bit the yellow fruit. "How does it taste?"

Like love.


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They were in one of the small stores on the island. Gun was waiting for Off to try on a Hawaiian-style shirt - one more for his collection - when his gaze landed on a pair of blue sandals with the figure of a star-shaped fruit, the same one they'd shared the day before. It's cute , he thought, picking one up for a closer look.

"You know the Paopu fruit?" The old lady who owns the store approached him.  

"Ahh, yes, we found one yesterday." Gun smiled at her and she smiled back, nodding.

"It's really beautiful, isn't it? Like in the legend." Gun gave her a confused look. "If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what."

Gun cast a quick glance at the dressing room where Off was. Is that why Papii wanted to share one? He blushed and his heart started to beat really fast.

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When Khai convinced Third to sit on his lap because it would be 'easier' for the two of them to review the script at same time, Third knew that was not a good idea. They were snuggled on the bed, with Third between Khai's legs, his back against his chest. One of Khai's hands was over his, holding the paper, while the other was under his shirt drawing small irregular circles in his waist. Khai was reading the characters' lines aloud, his breath hitting Third's neck, making his cheeks warm and, if Third could be honest, a little turned on.

In one particular line, Khai's lips brushed the back of Third's nape, sending shivers through his entire body. His face became more red and he shifted, embarrassed, only to feel something hard poking his ass. Third gasped as Khai tightened the grip on his waist and pressed a soft kiss on his shoulder.

"Khai… I thought you wanted to read the script." Third shifted again and Khai sighed, resting his chin on his shoulder.

"You look so delicious in those shorts Third, I can't help it." He kissed right at his pulse point just below his ear and ran both hands down Third's legs, squeezing his thighs through the shorts. Third was completely hard now.

“It-it's summer and it's too hot f-for…” Third stammered.

"I'm not complaining, love." Khai licked his neck and Third closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip to keep from moaning, Khai's hands running up and down his legs.

"Give me this." Khai took the script that was already abandoned and set it aside, revealing the tent that had formed in Third’s shorts and moaning realizing how turned on he was. 

This wasn't the first time Khai had seen him like this, but it was the first time since he'd said he'd be fine to move their relationship to the next level. "I want to touch you." Khai rubbed his dick against his ass. "Let me touch you, Third.” Khai whispered into his ear and nibbled the back of his neck. “Will you?”

Third just gave a small nod, completely seduced, and Khai's hand went to his cheek, turning his face so that their lips finally met in a lewd kiss. His tongue slipped into his mouth and Third couldn't help but moan. Khai's hand moved up to his crotch, rubbing his dick through his shorts.

"Khai!''. Third whined, breaking the kiss, surprised by how needy he sounded. 

"I'm gonna make you feel so good." Khai kissed him again and slipped his hand inside Third's shorts.

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"Papii wants to be with Gun forever?" The shorty asked out of the blue, in the middle of the road, before they could reach the beach house where they were staying.

Gun couldn't bear to wait another second to find out if Papii was aware of what it really meant to share a Paopu fruit. He has to know, Gun thought, too nervous and anxious to hear his answer. 

"Just like that?" Off let out a nervous laugh, avoiding Gun's eyes.

"Papii." Gun grabbed his hand, making him stop. "That old lady told me, if two people share one, their destinys will be intertwined forever."

"Err-yes, that's the legend." Off sighed, biting his lips and Gun could see how nervous he was.

"Is that why Papii wanted to share one with Gun? Because Papii wants to be with Gun forever?" He asked, hopefully, his heart pounding.

"Well..." Off took a deep breath, squeezing his hand. "If... If I say that is exactly what I meant, you'll be okay with that?" He looked into Gun's eyes, unsure. 

"What do you mean by 'okay'? Of course I…”

"I just want to be a part of your life, no matter what. No matter how, in any way you want me to." Off continued. "You're my best friend and the person that I treasure the most in my life, and I want to keep taking care of you, and working with you, and living the life with you there. Will you let me?" 

“Papii…” Gun started to cry. "Papii..." He stretched out his arms for a hug and Off held him eagerly. "You're so mean, how could you make me cry like this?"

"Sorry baby."

"Don't be sorry, I'm so happy!" He laughed between the tears. "Why were you so nervous? There's no way Gun would say no to be with Papii forever! That's like a dream." And like a proposal too, Gun blushed

Off made a pleased sound, tightening the hug.

"That 's good." 

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It was his birthday party, one of several celebrations he made throughout the week. As usual, Papii brought his cake and he made a wish, with all his friends around, giving him congratulations. One of his hands holding the cake and the other occasionally reaching for his partner's. 

And then, minutes later, they were climbing the stairs, the party still going on without them. The cake was forgotten in the hands of some random guest.

Off barely closed the bathroom door behind him before Gun pulled him by the back of his neck and pressed their lips together.

"I want my present now." He was breathless. 

“Right here, nong? While everyone else's partying downstairs?” Off smirked, grabbing him around the waist.

"Mhnn." Gun mumbled. "Just a sample." He kissed him again. "I've missed you all day."

"Me too, love."

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Rome had been staring at his plate for a while and the barbecue was probably cold at that point. Emma pushed his plate away and took him to the living room of the beach house they'd rented for the weekend.

"Okay, spill it out." 

"It's nothing Emma, let's go back outside I don't trust P'Porsche at the grill." 


He sighed and his face became sad.

"It's just…P’Pick hasn't said a word to me." He had a lot of fun with Emma during the afternoon, of course, and he wouldn't deny that he found Pick's reaction to their little teasing funny, but now he was starting to regret it. Pick was almost avoiding him. It's like his freshman days again...

“Oh Rome, maybe he's just embarrassed, you know, with his own bold words." She tried to comfort him.

"But... You don't understand, P'Pick... It took a long time for P'Pick to admit that he wanted me somehow, and now... I'm afraid that if you tease him too much, he'll..." He couldn't finish the sentence.

"Leave you? Believe me Rome, he won't." Emma snorts. “Trust me, he's crazy for you."

"All right." He took a deep breath. "Okay." He's still uneasy, but tried to smile anyway.

Emma sniffed the air.

“Are you smelling it…?” Then her eyes widened. "Porsche." She said and dashed out into the yard.

Rome laughed and as soon as he walked out the door, someone grabbed his arm.

“P’Pick…?” He whispered, frowning for a moment.

And then he realized that Pick had probably overheard his entire conversation with Emma.

“P’Pick, I didn't mean…” Pick cut him off with a kiss, making his cheeks flushed instantly.

"Alright, let's go." He said simply and started walking, pulling Rome with him.

"Where?" Rome managed to formulate, still feeling Pick's lips on his.

"I let Emma have you all day, now you're mine."

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They’re walking together, bare feet sinking into the sand, ocean breeze messing their hair. 

Third holds his hand shyly.

Khai looks at their intertwined fingers and then at Third's flushed face. He smiles, knowing what his shorty boyfriend probably wants. It's been just a couple of weeks since his confession and Third’s still too shy. But Khai just giggles and keeps walking, teasing him just a little bit.

"Khai..." Third almost whispers, stopping and making him stop too, and Khai is on the verge of just giving up in the face of so much cuteness, but then Third's on tiptoe, wrapping his arms around his neck and his soft plump lips touch Khai's.

He sighs, holding him by the waist, kissing him passionately.

He's so lucky. 

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He woke up suddenly and everything was completely dark. Eyes wet, all his body shaking and shivering, so scared he couldn't even reach out to grab the blanket. He couldn't tell if the shadows on the wall were just shadows or… something else. The ghosts and demons were too real in his nightmare.

He started to panic.

"Maetee?" T-Rex voice calls behind him. "You're wake?"

He opens his mouth to say something, but he's shaking too much to even speak. Then, he feels T-Rex moving and getting closer. He puts one of his feet between Maetee's, pulls the blanket over them and hugs him from behind. 

Maetee sighs, calming down.

"You're shaking." He whispers. "Nightmare?"

"I'm scared." He murmurs in response.

"Hmn." T-Rex hugs him a little tighter. "I'm here with you now."

"Thank you shorty." You're so kind

T-Rex sniffs Maetee's nape, places a soft kiss there and snuggles into him. He's probably half asleep. Maetee leans to his warmness, letting him involve all his body and mind. All his thoughts became about T-Rex and he’s not shaking anymore. The boy's warm and calm breathing on the back of his neck helps him relax, until he’s sleepy again. His last thought before falling asleep was 'I really like you, shorty' .  

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Gun sighed and looked at the man lying on the lounge chair a few feet away. His eyes sparkled with interest.

"What's it, pet?" Tay asked. 

They had been in the pool while Off was just relaxing outside.

"I want to play with Papii." Gun said, staring at him.

"Awu, I don't think he's going into the water now." Tay shrugged. "He's sulking."

"But I want to." Gun pouted. "Gun misses Papii."

"Uii pet!" Tay laughed.

"It's not like that!" Gun scolded but smiled anyway.

“Ask him then. If his baby insists, I'm sure he'll come." Tay teased.

"P’Tay." Gun looked at him with a smirk. “I don't need to ask Papii…”

"What do you mean?" Tay frowned, but Gun just swam to the edge of the pool near where Off lay. Tay just watched the scene that followed.

Off looked at Gun as he approached, looking directly at him with bright eyes.

Off crossed his arms and huffed, shaking his head in denial.

Gun put his arms on the edge of the pool and smiled at him.

Off bit his lip, looking at the boy's cute dimples.

Gun pouted and then Off sighed, rising from his chair.

"Fine..." He said and entered the water.

Tay was shocked.

“Papii! Let me ride on your back!" Gun said excitedly, hugging his Papii as he approached him in the water.

"Just like that?" Tay exclaimed and Off looked at him confused. "Peng, I almost feel bad for you."

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When Gun said he wanted a preview of his gift, he hoped they could make out a little in the bathroom - their relationship was still new and the longing was too much to wait until they got home - and not to be teased. Off pressed their lips together, placing soft kisses, but everytime Gun tried to deepen the kiss, he pulled back a little. 

Gun whimpered in frustration.

"Papii!" Off giggled and Gun pouted. "Don't tease me on my birthday." 

Off pulled him tightly around the waist, making their bodies touch at every point. Gun gasped in surprise as Off fitted his lips and slid his tongue into his mouth, starting to kiss him the way he wanted. Gun let out a pleased sound. "I just wanted to kiss this cute pout of yours." Off pressed their lips again and they kissed for a while, getting lost in each other's mouths. Off's hands went down to his ass, squeezing and rubbing their hips. 

Gun was already hard and he didn't expect for Papii to go that far in a public place. He pulled away from him with a pop and Gun moaned in protest, frowning, and when he opened his eyes the next thing he saw was Off getting to his knees.

“Papii…?” Gun gasped. He was flushed, biting his lower lip, one hand gripping Gun's waist and the other unzipping his pants. "What are you doing?"

"Can't you tell?" He avoided Gun's gaze but lowered his pants with determination. , 

“Papii, you don't have to…” Papii hadn't done it for him yet and Gun was really trying to say that he didn't have to force himself to do anything, but then Papii's mouth was on his cock, licking the head. Gun moaned, forgetting what he was about to say. "Oh God." He panted.

He sucked the tip, tasting it, and then backed away, licking from the base until he reached the head again. Gun took a deep breath, feeling his legs go weak as Papii began to take his length in the mouth, slowly going down until he reached the base.

"Papii!" Gun moaned loudly. “Papii, how-ahh…” He slowly went back up, sucking him tight until he released his cock with a dirty noise that made Gun even more turned on. And then, not giving him time to get used to the feeling, Off dove back until the base again.

“Ahn-Papii I-I can’t…” Gun whimpered as Off took his hand and put it in his hair, that Gun immediately grabbed to relieve some of the overwhelming feeling of pleasure. “You're so… Ahn…” He couldn't think straight anymore when Off started bobbing his head up and down on his cock, sucking greedily. Gun threw his head back, hitting the tile on the bathroom wall and pulling Papii's hair a little hard in his hand. He was breathing with his mouth open and his eyes closed, not even trying to contain his loud, desperate moans.

The sensation became too much and in a second Gun felt too close to the edge. He grabbed Papii's head with both hands quickly, trying to stop him. "Papii-ahn stop… Papii I c-can’t, I'm gonna..." He tried to say, but Off just moaned around his dick and Gun saw that he had one hand inside his pants, holding his own cock as he sucked Gun. That was all it took for Gun not to be able to take it anymore and come hard in Off's mouth.

"Papii!" He cried out feeling the wave of pleasure took all over him. "S-sorry." He stuttered after a few seconds, breathing heavily, feeling his legs give way as he watched Papii swallow and wipe away the drop of sperm from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand. Gun slid down through the wall until sit on the floor and pulled Papii by the neck for a lewd kiss, tasting himself in his mouth.

Hands still shaking, he reached for Papii's hand and began jerking him off along with him. Off moaned loudly into his mouth and dropped his hand, letting Gun stroke him just a few times before he came between them, biting Gun's bottom lip.

They kissed sloppy and slowly for a while, catching breath.

“Papii… How did you… You never…” Gun asked, stroking Papii's hair with his clean hand.

"I'll show you later." He smiled, placing soft kisses on the cheek and neck of Gun, who started to giggle.

"That was the best gift."

"I'm glad you're happy, but I have a real present, silly." Off rolled his eyes. "I actually was planning some vacation days for the both of us."

"Oh really?!" Gun asked excitedly, hugging him tightly. "Well, I'll count that as a second present anyway."

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He was lying on the grass, on his back, eyes closed, under the shade of the tree. The weather was nice and the breeze was cool. 'This can't get any better' Maetee thought.
But then he felt something approaching him and he opened his eyes quickly, almost startled, but relaxing as he saw who it was.
"it's you shorty."
"What are you doing?" T-Rex asked, standing beside him.
"Nothing, actually."
"Oh." T-Rex nodded and  lay down beside him, resting his head on Maetee's shoulder and sighing contentedly. "I want to do nothing with you then."
Maetee blushed realizing that he was wrong, 'cause at that moment everything had just got better. 

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"So…he took her to the amusement park?" T-Rex asked. "For a date?"

"Uh, yes." Maetee nodded.

"And then?"

"Well, he's going to confess his feelings for her." Maetee explained.

"Really?" T-Rex frowned.




"Where will he confess?"

Maetee chuckle, finding a little funny T-Rex's interest in his new romance story.

"On the ferris wheel maybe? It's quite romantic." He shrugged and T-Rex put a hand to the chin thoughtfully.

"Is this how you would like to receive a confession?" he asked suddenly, looking directly into Maetee's eyes.

"Oh well I guess so... I would be happy I guess, I mean..." He stuttered.

"I see..."

Then suddendly T-Rex smiled and got up from the couch.

"Alright, I'll see you in two hours." His eyes were bright and his cheeks a little flushed. "I'm going to take a shower and change my clothes, and then I'll come get you."

"To where?" Maetee eyes grow wide.

"To the amusement park."

T-Rex bit his lip and turned, almost running into the bedroom. Maetee sat on the couch for a few seconds, feeling his face heat up and his heart race in anticipation.

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Off stopped the car at his condo and sighed in relief. The day had been very tiring and all he needed now was sleep.

"We arriv..." He started to say but stopped as he turned to the passenger seat and realized that Gun was sleeping. 'That's why he was so quiet ’ he smiled fondly at the boy. 

If he was tired, Gun was even more. The shorty had arrived from a trip straight to the GMM building and worked the entire day without rest and still waited over two hours for Off to finish his own work so he could go home with him. Just to spend time together, as he had said the day before on the phone 'I miss Papii so much, can I... Can I sleep over tomorrow?

"I missed you too." Off whispered and got out of the car slowly, trying not to make too much noise.

He walked around and opened the passenger door. Carefully, he unbuckled Gun's seat belt and gently slipped one arm under his legs and the other around his back, lifting the boy up and out of the car. He pushed open the door with one leg and carried Gun to his apartment, glad he hadn't woken him up in the process.

Inside his room, he carefully laid the shorty down on his bed, taking off the boy's shoes and tucking a pillow under his head, ready to lie down and rest as well when he noticed that Gun still had makeup on. Off shook his head and went to the bathroom, getting cotton and makeup remover.

With one hand he lightly held Gun's head and with the other he gently ran the cotton over his face, cleaning his eyes, cheeks, lips, his forehead and every bit of his skin until there was nothing left. 

He set things aside and ran his thumb softly over the boy's cheek as his eyelids fluttered, slowly opening his eyes.

"Papii..." Gun blinked a few times, barely keeping his eyes open.

"Sorry to wake you up." Off smiled, caressing his hair. "You can sleep now.'' He pulled his hands away ready to get up, but Gun sat up and wrapped his arms around his waist, hugging him and laying the head on his back.

"Don't go." He sniffed and placed a kiss on his shoulder. 

Off blushed.

"I'm just going to change my clothes."

"Papii..." Gun complained, tightened the hug. "I wanna cuddle."

"Alright, alright." Off just shook his feet to remove his shoes and Gun pulled away so he could lie down beside him on the bed.

' Always doing as you want .' He snorted. 

Gun happily snuggled into his chest, muttering 'love you' before falling asleep.

"I love you too." Off whispered, telling himself he would say it back again another time, when Gun was awake enough to hear him.

He surely will. 

Chapter Text

He would never listen to Tay again, like... NEVER. 

' Go and put a note on his locker' He said ' It would be easier and less awkward like that, if you get rejected

As if!

Off felt like dying of embarrassment just right now, with his hand halfway to Gun's locker, his cute and adorable Nong who he's in love with.

The cute Nong who's also in front of him, eyes wide and probably questioning what the hell Off was doing there. 

"P'Off?" Gun's eyes went from Off to the note in his hand and then to Off again. "Is this..." He saw as Gun swallow and take a step closer. "Is this for me?"

Off just nodded, thinking that maybe his face would be red forever. 

Gun reached out carefully and took the paper from him. Off coughed, putting the hands in his pocket so the shorty wouldn't see them shaking.

He saw as Gun opened the note and his cheeks turned pink as he read. He looked briefly at Off and opened his locker, taking a green pen and writing, and then gently took one of Off's hands, placing the paper on his palm, then closed it. All the time, Off couldn't say anything, he was just standing there, embarrassed. 

Gun smiled shyly and started to walk away. 

Off took a deep breath and opened the note, where it said " I really like you Nong Gun. Do you like me too? " and below there were two small squares with the options ' yes ' and ' no '. Inside the ‘ yes ’ square there was a heart drawn in green and below it ' cute Papii! meet me in the garden after school '.

Chapter Text

"Where'd you wanna go first?" T-Rex asked as soon as they arrived at the park.

Maetee blinked, wondering if it would be too obvious if he said 'ferris wheel', but then T-Rex grabbed his hand and started pulling him before he could even respond.

"You know what, let's go on the Ferris wheel." T-Rex stated, his hand was very sweaty against Maetee’s and the blush seemed to have settled into his cheeks permanently. He had never seen T-Rex this nervous before, and it made him feel nervous too.

"Okay." Was all he was able to respond to.

Was this really going where he thought it was going? Maetee's heart did somersaults.

They waited in line for a few minutes, in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Their hands still together.

When they finally entered the cabin, T-Rex breathed a sigh of relief and Maetee waited. 

And waited.

He kept waiting, but T-Rex just bit his lip nervously, the two of them standing facing each other.

"Shorty, I..." Maetee risked

Their cabin started to rise, causing them to sway a little and T-Rex almost fell, but Maetee quickly caught him by the waist. The shorty hugged Maetee and buried the face in his chest.

"I like you." He whispered. "And that's a date, if you want to."

Maetee gasped, feeling butterflies in his stomach and all those cliche things he used to write in his novels.

"Y-yes." He cleared his throat, hugging T-Rex back. "I want it to be a date."

Chapter Text

They had been sitting there for a while. 

Bare feet buried in the sand, fingers intertwined, Third's head resting on Khai's shoulder and the glowing sea in shades of red and orange.

Khai sighed, squeezing Third's fingers and kissing his head. His lips got a little salty, but he didn't care, 'cause his boyfriend was being so loving and cute, and Khai's heart could burst with happiness just at the sight of Third blushing from a simple kiss on the forehead.

Khai giggled and turned to the sea again.

"What's it?" Third asked softly, not moving his head from Khai's shoulder.

"I'm just happy that I still have some first times to share with you."

Then Third frowned and looked at him, questioning.

"Well... Watching the sunset with the person I love… It's the first time for me."

"Ai'Khai..." Third's eyes glistened with tears, but soon they were closing as Khai leaned and kissed him on the lips.

Chapter Text

Everything was hot. 

The blanket covering them and Papii's arm around his waist, his foot between his, his hot breath slapping against his chest. Gun felt warm and comfortable.

He took a deep breath and snuggled closer, enjoying that moment and that feeling that came over him while Papii was still asleep. He sniffed his scent, remembering how Papii had carried him and taken care of him the day before, even cleaning the makeup off his face. His cheeks heated as he remembered how he asked so they could cuddle and Papii just agreed, how he said ' love you ' before falling asleep.

"Do I smell good?" Off chuckled.

"Yes." Gun answered shyly, pulling back a bit so he could look into his face. "Morning Papii."

"Morning." Off started stroking his cheek and Gun leaned in for the touch, feeling his heart beat faster. 

They were in that awkward relationship for months, where they were friends but at the same time, so much more than that. No matter how clingy Gun was, the things he did with Off were just with him, and Off... Well, for someone who didn't even like holding hands, sleeping cuddling with Gun was something.

"Feeling better?" Off asked, looking at him fondly.

Gun nodded, caressing the back of his hand with the fingers. He saw how Off's gaze went to his lips for a moment and he couldn't resist anymore.

Gun stood up a little, putting an arm beside Off's head on the pillow and leaned closer until their noses were almost touching. He looked for any sign of rejection in his eyes, afraid he was misinterpreting the situation, but then Papii lifted his head and closed the distance between them with a soft kiss.

Gun sighed and leaned in to kiss him again, sucking and nipping his lips, slowly and smoothly. Off put a hand on the back of his neck and waist, pulling him completely on top of him and soon they were making out for the first time.

"Papii..." Gun whispered between the kisses, feeling butterflies on his stomach, realizing that they're finally doing something after all those months of flirting and tension. 

They part from the kiss, breathlessly. 

"So that's why you wanted to sleep over, Nong?" Off said, biting Gun's lower lip.

"Papii!" Gun whined. "You can't flirt with me like that and don't expect that I..."

"That you...?"

"T-that I wouldn't fall for you." Off captured his lips in another deep kiss.

"You're the one who started this." 


"Now, take responsibility." 

They started to kiss again and Gun was very glad to assume every responsibility towards him.

Chapter Text

Off opened the car's trunk, checking if everything was there. Then he closed it and walked around the car, sitting in the driver's seat, placing both hands on the steering wheel and sighing. It was very early in the morning, the sun had barely begun to appear, and he was a little nervous because it was the first time that he and Gun would go camping together. Just the two of them.

They had an awkward relationship, to say the least, and Off was always on the verge of letting his true feelings slip when he was around Gun, especially in the last months.

Gun was getting cuter and more clingy beside him, and his scent seemed really more seductive, but this was just impossible, because Gun was an alpha, just like him.

Maybe love had made him crazy and he didn't know what to do, but he was determined to at least try, even though it seemed impossible because of their dynamics, which was ironic, very ironic, because before meeting and working with Gun, he had never ever thought about hook up with a guy, much less with an alpha! But here he was, about to give up his pride and everything else for a chance with him.

Off swallowed, feeling his hands shake a little. He was willing to do anything, even submit to Gun, if Gun ask him to. He would do anything if he could just…

His phone rang, bringing him from his spiral of thoughts back to the present. It was a message from Gun.

‘Sorry Papii, I won't be able to go camping anymore. I'm not feeling well, I'll call you later.’

Off felt his heart sink. He was almost freaking out at the possibility of confessing to Gun that he was in love with him, and now they wouldn't see each other. But soon disappointment gave way to worry, as Gun said he wasn't feeling well and now Off was freaking out for another reason.

Without thinking twice he started driving towards Gun's house.

Chapter Text

Off stopped at Gun's front door, taking a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. His hands trembled with anxiety.

The door opened and a strong, delicious smell hit Off, making him almost dizzy.

"P-papii…?" Gun stuttered, his cheeks were flushed. "What are you doing here?" He took a defensive step back, looking away from Off. "I said I wasn't feeling well."

"Gun." Off gulped, because that felt almost… Gun looked like he was… The boy crossed his arms, pulling back further, and Off could feel shame and fear emanating from him. "What you…?"

"I-I don't know, Gun feels weird." His eyes filled with tears and Off didn't even notice the moment when he took two steps forward and hugged the shorty.

"Papii!" Gun whined, surprised but immediately leaning in for the hug.

Off buried his face in the crook of his neck and inhaled the wonderful scent that came from Gun. His best friend. Who was also an alpha.

Something was really wrong.

"I'll take care of you." The words came from his mouth almost without thinking and Gun moaned in response. Off smelled Gun's excitement and pulled back to look into the boy's face. He was panting and Off unconsciously looked down his body, noticing the obvious tent that was formed in his shorts.

Gun saw where Off was looking and blushed even more. Tears running down his face.

"S-sorry I didn't mean...  Gun didn't.." He didn't know why he was trying to apologize, but everything was weird and he didn't understand what the fuck is happening.

Off gulped, clenching his fists and taking a few deep breaths, calming down, because Gun definitely looked like an omega that was starting to come into heat and that was just impossible.

But it was still happening and he would never forgive himself if he did something to the boy in a state he couldn't consent to.

"Let's go." Off took his hand and started pulling him. "I'll take you to the hospital."


"Everything will be fine."

Chapter Text

Off opened the door slowly and walked over to where Gun was lying on the bed. He had been waiting outside for nearly two hours while the boy was receiving medication.

"Hey." He smiled and Gun smiled back. There was a bandage on his right arm, connecting him to an IV bag.

"Papii..." Gun sighed, sitting on the bed and Off sat beside him. 

The door opened again and the doctor came in with a clipboard in her hand.

"Are you feeling better, Mr Atthaphan?" Gun nodded. "Excellent." She smiled and then turned to Off. "I have to ask, is he your partner?"

"He's not..."

"I'm not..."

The two blushed.

"I see... Then I must ask you to leave, as this is an extremely private conversation."

"No!" Gun grabbed Off's hand before he could get up. "Papii stays."

The doctor looked from one to the other, then gave a knowing smile.

"All right." She pulled out a chair and sat facing them both. "Mr Atthaphan, you're going into heat."

Gun's eyes widened and Off gasped.

"W-what? H-how…?" 

"When was the last time you had routine checkups?"

"I don’t remember..." All he had done in the last few years was work and work.

"You're going through a very rare process and it probably started some time ago. You're changing your dinamic."

"How... Is that even possible?" Gun were more confused than ever.

"It's really rare, but it's happened before in some specific cases where an alpha meets his perfect partner in another alpha."

She cast a meaningful look at Off.

"When an alpha lives and creates very strong bonds with another alpha and it's turns into love, the stress caused by the clash between the dynamics, or by not being recognized by his partner, causes his brain to suffer a chemical imbalance that can lead to the change in hormonal production, leading to the change of the dynamic and the appearance of the first heat."

"Are you saying Gun is switching dynamics because he fell in love with another alpha?" Off asked, feeling his heart pound.

"In simple words, yes. His body and mind are absolutely certain that he has found his perfect partner, in other words, he really loves another alpha and the stress and anxiety of not being able to be with his partner has changed everything."

Gun swallowed, his hands shaking and his eyes watering.

"I’m turning into an omega?"

"Almost. You’re the first case of an alpha male going through the switch process I'm dealing with, so I can't say yet how far the changes could go."

"This... This is dangerous?" Off asked and squeezed Gun’s hand.

"Yes. His body is undergoing changes that it shouldn't at this age, so he needs medical attention."

She sighed, looking from one to the other.

"Mr Atthaphan, we can proceed in two ways. You can either proceed with the dynamic shift or we can start a hormonal treatment that can be quite aggressive and which, to be effective, requires you to move away from the alpha that culminated in your changing process ." She rose from her chair. "I'll give you some time to think about it with your partn…friend." She smiled and walked to the door. "And also, this process is much easier when you're with your partner." She closed the door, leaving the two of them alone. 

One emanating fear and the other insecurity.

Chapter Text

Khai was kissing him passionately. One hand on his waist and the other on his leg, with his fingers stroking the inside of his shorts. The beach was deserted, so Third couldn't care less.

He sighed against his mouth, but Khai suddenly pulled away from the kiss, making him moan in protest.

"Third." Khai chuckled, lips still touching, and Third looked away, embarrassed from being so needy. "I just remembered something else I never did… We can do this together. I really want to."

Third looked at him fondly. Khai was really sweet when he wanted to be.

"What's it?" Third smiled and intertwined their fingers shyly.

"I wanna swim with you..." Then he smirked. “Naked.”


Chapter Text

Despite what he'd said in the past, living with Gun was easy. 

A lot of things have changed since they started working together, and the closeness they currently had was something Off was experiencing for the first time in his life. 

There were, however, sometimes when Gun would be very difficult to deal with.

"Papii want some?" Gun took the popsicle out of his mouth with a 'pop' after noticing that Off had been staring for a while.

"Hm?" He almost got lost in the movement of the red shiny lips. "Yes..." Gun licked his lips and he swallowed hard, wanting to lean in and lick those plump lips too.

"Really? I didn't know Papii liked it too."He said and sucked the popsicle again.

"I like it a lot." Off struggled to avert his eyes from the tempting lips.

"So... Papii wants mine?" He looked at him innocently, but Off saw the tease behind his actions. 

In times like that, living with Gun was hard. 

Really hard.

Chapter Text

Gun was giggling, flushed cheeks and shining eyes, 'cause Papii was just too cute that way. He was wearing a white shirt with a black hawaiian-styled print and short black shorts, showing his legs a little. 'He's especially handsome today', he sighed dreamily.

"Awu, did Peng borrow Pet clothes today?" Tay asked out of nowhere. 

They looked to each other and, well, the outfit really looked like Gun's style. The shorty shrugged and Off just rolled his eyes.

"It looks cool, but I think you need a tan on those legs." Tay started to stare at Papii's legs.

Gun's smile died as he realized that other people in the room were looking too, and suddenly he wasn't giggling anymore, thinking that those beautiful legs were too exposed for his own good.

He couldn't hide his annoyance as he hugged Papii's arm protectively, pulling him closer.

"Look at them." Tay continued. "It's too white." And then he reached out to nudge Off's leg, but before his hand could reach or Papii could react, Gun slapped his hand away.

"Oii P'Tay, don't touch Papii's legs!!" He complained, getting up from his own chair and sitting on Papii's lap, covering most of his skin.

"Awu, so I can't even touch you but Nong can sit on your legs?" Tay asked with a smirk.

"Yes!" Gun replied a little annoyed.

Off shrugged, wrapping his arms around Gun's waist.

"You heard Nong." He said calmly, but Tay noticed the blush that covered his cheeks.

Chapter Text

He, of all the people, should have seen it coming.

It all started with a spark, a strong heartbeat, a sigh held in mid-sentence, a sudden, almost uncontrollable urge to get closer.

He, as a novelist, who used to giving names to feelings, to giving meaning to his characters' actions, to making them discover when they are in love, did not pay attention to the signs in his own heart until the sparks bursted into fireworks inside his chest as T-Rex stood on tiptoe, cupped his face in both hands and pressed their lips together.

Maetee gasped and T-Rex pulled away. 

"Is that okay?" The shorty asked with flushed cheeks and shining eyes. Maetee just nodded. "Are you sure?" 

"Y-yes." He cleared his throat, feeling his face heat up. "Yes. Definitely yes." 

T-Rex giggled, whispering 'cute' before kissing him again. 

Chapter Text

It was almost midnight and the beach was deserted. Pick was leaning on a rock, Rome's head resting on his chest as he stroked his hair gently, being soft and affectionate the way he only was when the two of them were alone.

"Love you, P'Pick." Rome whispers against his chest. 

Pick's face heats up.

"Me too." He tights the hug, placing a soft kiss onto Rome's neck. "I love you too, shorty."

Rome lifts his head.

"Kiss me more." He begs, standing on tiptoe and Pick doesn't waste any time, taking him into a deep kiss, sliding his tonge over his, making him moan. "More." Rome mutters, lips still touching, hands around his neck, pulling him closer, kissing him passionately.

"Rome..." Pick breaks the kiss. "We can't, not here." He tries to warn, but his own voice shows that he wants that as much as Rome.

"There's no one around." Rome says, nibbling his chin. "P'Pick..." 

Pick hugs him around the waist and slides one leg between Rome's, making him rub against his thigh.

Rome moans loudly.

"Shh love." Pick takes his lips into a kiss, to muffle his boyfriend noises. "You need to be quiet, okay?"  

"P'Pick..." Rome rubs against him. "Please."

Pick slides one hand inside his shorts and starts to stroke his dick.

"I've got you..." 

Rome buries the face into his neck, panting. 

"P'Pick I want you." He moans and Pick feels his own cock ache.

"Not here." He doesn't stop his hand and Rome starts to shiver into his arms.

"Stop, I'm gonna..." He gasps. "P'Pick, no..." He bites Pick's neck. "I want you."

"When we get home." He pulls Rome's hair, kissing him lewdly, stroking him faster until Rome can't resist anymore and comes into his hands, moaning against his mouth. 

"Phi..." Rome sighs, catching his breath and tries to rub Pick's dick, but he holds his hands, stopping him.

"We're going home. Now." 

"But P'Porsche and Emma..." 

"Rome." Pick's eyes were dark and his voice full of desire. "We're going home."

Rome gulps.

"Alright..." Then Pick takes him by the hand, walking fast. "But I'm not sure you can drive like that though."

Chapter Text

Off was making a mental list of the pros and cons of accepting that offer.

Positive point: he could stay close to Gun and cling to him without having to explain himself to the others.

Negative point: he could fall.

He bit his lip, adding one more good point: if he fell, Gun could catch him - and then they'd be even closer. But, again: he could fall.

"Papii, you are thinking too much!" Gun grabbed his hand, pulling him into the hallway with the skateboard under his arm. "Don't be scared, I'm here."

"I am not afraid." Off muttered, crossing his arms and staring at the dangerous object in the boy's hands.

"I know I know." Gun rolled his eyes but smiled at him. "You won't fall, I'll hold you."


"And in case you fall… I'll take care of you." Gun blushed. "Papii is Gun's responsibility now."

Off blushed too.



Chapter Text

Off was at the kitchen counter cutting a piece of watermelon into several small cubes and placing it on a plate. He had to make sure Gun was hydrated and ate light things, so fruit seemed like a good option.

"Papii." Gun appeared in the doorway, scratching his eyes.

“Hi babe, I was just about to bring you something to eat.

Gun pouted.

"Gun doesn't want to eat now." He moved closer, his big shirt barely covering his thighs.

Off blushed, looking at the plate.

"What do you want then?" He asked, swallowing hard and smelling his partner's delicious scent as Gun hugged him from behind.

"Gun wants Papii."

He swears he was trying not to just act like a stupid alpha who just bounded with his omega, but Gun was making it so hard to him.

"Gun, you need to rest." 

"Papii." Gun whined. "You promised to take care of me."

"You're so naughty." Off pulled him by the waist. "Taking care doesn't mean just sex, Nong." 

Gun blushed, even if he was the one who started the teasing.

"I was talking about cuddle, not sex." He complained, looking away.

Off pulled him closer, feeling something hard poke his thigh.

"Are you sure, Nong?"