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His safe place

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Wang’s screams echo throughout the whole building, forming a sinister smirk on Seonghwa’s face. He doesn't know how Jimin found this warehouse, but it's pretty convenient for this type of use. Wang's fledglings are also caught and tortured together with their Sire.

He understands Jimin better now. All these drastic measures and inhumane tortures. He himself lost his true mate in the war too, all because of the bastard who is screaming louder than a child would. He claimed to be against them, but to reach all his motives, he worked with wolves more than once. He was the one to tell wolf packs about the real identity of white wolves, and the reason for their incredible strength, which resulted in Seonghwa's mate being massacred in front of him.

But, now that Jimin found Yoongi again, Seonghwa has a little glint of hope that maybe his mate will come back to him too.


Walking into the room where Wang currently is, Seonghwa takes a look at the bloodied vampire, taking satisfaction in the sight in front of him. As per Jimin's request, Yoongi's parents were brought here as well. Honestly, even with the spells keeping them alive, Seonghwa can't believe they are still breathing. There were a lot of torturing equipment around the place, which gives Seonghwa the slight idea of how Jimin found the place.

Wang seems to notice his presence, yelling all the profanities he can think of.

“I-I will slaughter every single individual in this room, you will regret ever crossing paths with me. I'm a King-” Seonghwa, who is fed up with the other's bullshit, throws a knife at his shoulder as if it was a dart.

“Who said you will ever get out of here alive? Jimin isn't the only one who has a bone to pick with you.” the words drip out as if they were poison, settling fear deep into Jackson’s heart.




“You scared me so much. You piece of shit. If you pull stunts like that again, I will kill you with my own hands.” Tae throws playful jabs at Jimin as he rambles loudly, the pregnancy hormones and the worry he felt when he saw Jimin like that taking over.

They are all in the, now cleaned, living room. Tae, Kook, and Hobi refused to leave last night, all of them worried for Jimin even after Jin assured them that the critical part had passed before they even reached the house. Yoongi could swear he heard Jungkook cry last night. Hyunjin on the other hand dragged Jisung with him to the mansion at 6 am, welcoming himself in.

“It's not going to ever happen again, TaeTae. I promise, just don't kill me.” Jimin chuckles lightly at the feigned offended look on the omega's face, continuing to drink the coffee Yoongi had made for him. His omega refused to leave Jimin's side, and the vampire had no complaints whatsoever. He felt completely fine the next morning, but Yoongi was ready to carry him downstairs with his newfound strength. It was amusing, at the same time heartwarming to see Yoongi take care of him like that. And he loved the birthday morning kisses.


They sorted things out with a brief conversation in the morning. After yesterday's occurrences, it was rather obvious as to how they got so close in such a short period. They were literally made for each other. To love and cherish. Maybe Jimin still hasn't gotten the chance, nor courage, to tell Yoongi just how much he loves him.

“If you are feeling well, then you will come with us to a fancy dinner tonight, as a celebration of your birthday. If you say no, then I will personally put you on house arrest.” so Kook told Yoongi about his birthday. After all these years it's quite irrelevant to Jimin, so he never mentioned it to Yoongi.

“Before you complain, this was the tamest option. Unless you want a loud party in the headquarters building.” Hyunjin kicks in, making Jimin feel as if they are comploting against him. Yoongi seems to be all in with it too, visibly relieved knowing that the man of his nightmares is paying for his sins far away.

“Alright, but I'll pay.” Jimin shuts them off as complaints fire up, snuggling his nose into Yoongi's scent gland, the wolf currently on his lap, back resting on Jimin's chest. He drops a little peck there, lovingly and at the same time apologizing for hurting him yesterday. He could see Yoongi was hiding something from him in the morning, almost crying when he found out he could have killed his soulmate himself.

After that, the sounds fade in the background, Jimin solely focusing on his soulmate. He smells so good, making Jimin snuggle even impossibly closer to the other's scent gland. Ever since yesterday, he has gotten too clingy, and Yoongi has zero complaints. Jimin swore to himself that he won't let Yoongi slip away from him again.




“I still think it's unnecessary to go out for my birthday. It's been thousands of years now Yoonie. It doesn't really matter to me.” Jimin talks as he fixes the collar of his shirt. They are, again, going to one of his restaurants. Yoongi has already gotten his suit on, staring at Jimin from the bed.

“Tae-hyungie just wants to spend some quality time with you. He was terrified yesterday hyung. You scared everyone. Your birthday is just a cover-up.” Yoongi gets up and circles around, helping Jimin with the last buttons of his shirt, because ‘you aren't supposed to move around so much yet’. Jimin does understand them, he scared the living heck out of them yesterday, but parties and fancy dinners get boring real quick when you get to his age.

“Yeah okay, sorry. On second thought, I never asked for your birthday, baby. When is it?” Yoongi lets out a silent laugh at the unexpected question, smiling up at Jimin as he tells the other. March 9th, noted.

The vampire lowers a notch to drop a soft peck on Yoongi's forehead, enjoying the blush that illuminates the other's face. After learning more about himself and his past, Yoongi has gotten way more confident. He pulls Jimin lower, catching their lips together, and the vampire loves the way the wolf takes control of it. Jimin lets his hands drop around Yoongi's waist, pulling him closer as he deepens the kiss.


Yoongi's hand finds Jimin's neck, rubbing softly as he keeps kissing the vampire. His fingers slowly drop to a sensitive spot on Jimin's neck, near his scent glands. The sensation of it combined with the heated kiss forces a soft moan out of Jimin, which shocks Yoongi. It's visible on the way he stops moving, only to pull Jimin impossibly closer, opening his mouth as he restarts the kiss with newfound fervor. Jimin tries to return the favor, raising his hands to Yoongi's scent glands, slowly rubbing circles in it with his finger. This time is Yoongi's turn to moan, loudly, turning beet red as Jimin swallows the sound eagerly.

“I am scarred for life. I'm going to bleach my eyes and ears.” Tae's voice jolts them away from each other, turning to look at the wolf standing in the doorway. Jimin doesn't let Yoongi escape his hold, pulling him on his chest as he turns to Taehyung, who promptly grabs his phone and leaves.

“I swear, I'm so close to kicking everyone out and locking all the doors. Why does someone have to always interrupt us?” Jimin's whines are muffled in Yoongi's hair. The latter is oddly silent, and stiff. That's when Jimin's attention is pulled to something poking at his thigh. Did Yoongi really…


“Baby?” Jimin can only say as Yoongi refuses to look at him, moving away from his hold.

“I'm sorry.” the wolf croaks out, and he looks close to tears, something that doesn't sit right with Jimin. Getting a hold of Yoongi's hand, he finds the other's eyes.

“There is nothing to be sorry about baby.”

“It’s just- I don't know. It has never happened before and I ruined the moment I'm so sorry hyung.” the vampire brushes Yoongi's fringe away from his eyes, smiling softly at him.

“It's alright baby, you did nothing wrong. It's completely normal. Do you want to refresh yourself in the bathroom?” Jimin has the justified feeling that Yoongi wouldn't be comfortable with him even being there, let alone touch him. But as he tries to leave the room, Yoongi won't let go of him.

“I- C-Can you stay?” now Jimin expected anything about that, and it's noticeable on his face. “Nevermind, I-I’ll just-” before Yoongi scatters away, Jimin squeezes his hand, urging the wolf to look at him.

“What do you want hyung to do baby?” Yoongi blushes to the tip of his ears, eyes drifting to Jimin's neck as he licks his lips.

“Ca-Can you help me?”




“Ya, what took you two soo long?” Tae asks in a teasing, amused tone that can mean nothing but trouble. They weren't that loud, so he couldn't have heard them. Right? They didn't do much either, so why is Tae so smug and staring at them like that?

“I spilled coffee over our suits in a hurry and had to change Tae, stop that.” Jimin tries to cut off the teasing, sensing that Yoongi doesn't like it.

“Are you sure it was coffee though?” Hyunjin’s comment makes Yoongi choke on the water he was trying to drink, spilling on the floor of the limo they are currently in. It's not only the implication of the words. It's the fact that it's true. He is just glad he wore a white turtleneck instead of a shirt. Otherwise, they would be able to see his neck, which is littered full of love bites.

Jimin worriedly checks if he is okay, pulling the omega closer to himself as he throws murderous glares at the two nosy boys. He has dismissed every chance of Yoongi moving even a foot away from him ever since they got out of the room.

“No need to be so defensive Minie-hyung. I'm a werewolf too if you happened to forget.” well shit. Jimin did forget that Tae's senses are more advanced than a human’s too. He heard them, and they probably reek of each other. Yet the wolf stops at that, can see the clear discomfort on Yoongi's face over the idea of talking about that so freely, and in front of Hoseok, Jungkook and Jisung nevertheless.


The rest of the ride is rather silent, aside from quiet chatter coming from Taehyung and Hyunjin. Jimin, unable to hold himself back anymore, places an unexpecting Yoongi in his lap, cuddling the wolf close to himself as he started scenting the other. They do reek of each other, but Jimin can't bring himself to stop, especially after the happenings in the room. He can feel everyone else side-eye them, even his driver, yet chooses to ignore everyone in favor of his boyfriend.

They reach the place rather quickly. It's less fancy than the first restaurant Jimin took Yoongi to, but it's by no means a random place. Walking in, a young-looking host welcomes them, leading the party of nine to their reserved table. Jin and Joon were already at the door, waiting for the rest to arrive. When the young server sees just who is sitting at the table, he looks like he had a stroke and got shot at the same time, not realizing that the reservation in the name of Park was made by Park Jimin himself.

The place isn't packed, less than half of the tables crammed with eating or ordering patrons. Also, the restaurant accepts walk-ins, as long as the people are presentable and their name doesn't figure on any of their black lists. There were many men hired from competing establishments, that were sent to create a ruckus or scandal in attempt to lower the value of the places. That led to many people being banned and sued.


As they sit down, a female server hands them menus, flashing a welcoming professional smile. Taehyung and Yoongi look close to salivating at the numerous choices of meals, the younger still asking for advice as he doesn't want to take the same thing he did on their date.

Everything goes smoothly after, Jimin has taken care of possible distractions such as nosy paparazzi. Knowing on one would dare to record him, the vampire doesn't hesitate to feed Yoongi, not realizing that he had gotten as smitten as his brother, whom he made ‘fun of’ for this same reason.

What disturbs them is the sound of obscene yelling, then the hurtful noise of fists hitting bones, and then a body slamming on the floor. Jimin hears a server calling for extra security, as the said man who knocked over the newbie sits down on a table next to them. With him is being pulled a horrified looking woman, who obviously wants to bolt out of here. Who the fuck pulls stunts like this in such restaurants?

“Sir, we would politely ask you to leave. Every server has the right to, and won't serve you. You have been blacklisted by the management of this establishment. Thus, you have to leave.” Jimin hears Taehyung whisper ‘one fucking dinner’ under his nose as another server is trying to get the brute man out.


“Get out of my sight, useless Beta. I will stay wherever I want, whenever I want. This restaurant accepts walk-ins, so serve me and my omega.” the vampire wasn't even thinking of interfering, his security guards would do the job. But this idiot is using his alpha voice over a server who's trying to do their job.

And that voice. Jimin only ever met him once, yet he would never forget such a disgusting creature as Kim Hoseon.

“I thought I got rid of all of them. Seems like I forgot one fuckup,” he says with an indifferent tone, loud enough for Hoseon to hear him and turn to look at them. Jimin clutches Yoongi's hand under the table, to make sure the wolf knows he is there. It might be a bad idea to start a fight after just getting out of a life or death situation, but the vampire won't let this opportunity pass. His hyungs are here anyway. The part they are in is empty, per special request. That's why Hoseon came back here, and why nobody will hear them if Jimin losses his cool and pounces the fucker in there. He motions for the server to leave, the beta gladly obeying his boss.

“Who the fuck are y-” Hoseon stops his angry sentence as his eyes drift to Taehyung, and then Yoongi. Jimin has the urge to pop the scumbag’s eyes out for looking at his soulmate like that. Everyone else on the table would gladly help him, even Jisung who doesn't recognize the man.


“Well, well, well. Looks like the sluts found some rich cocks to land on. Bet they don't even pleasure you. Maybe that's why you have two ‘boyfriends’ Taehyung-ah. Too small for a knot-hungry omega, aren't they?”

“You fucking-” an angry Hyunjin is stopped by his fiance as he stands up to most likely kill the idiot. Hoseon isn't affected, ignoring, or maybe not even realizing who they are, the three elders. His gaze shifts back to Yoongi, who stares right back at him with a stone-cold expression, leaning on Jimin's side.

“And you Yoongi. You shocked me. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks you are dead. Turns out you just landed on a loaded cock. Refused a true alpha for this airhead? You stink of him. How many times did you let him fuck you for this dinner, hmm, or did you have to suck off everyone here? Come on, last chance little omega, come back home with me and mate a real alpha.” before Jimin can stand up and knock Hoseon’s teeth off, Yoongi starts giggling. The vampire turns to look at his omega as the laughter keeps getting louder, the omega looking at Hoseon as if he is the funniest joke Yoongi has ever seen.

“You? A real alpha? That's the silliest thing I've heard in weeks. Thanks, Hoseon.” Yoongi says as he slowly stops laughing, moving their interviewed hands on top of the table for everyone to see.

“You call yourself a real alpha? You, who at thirty-three years old is still living over daddy's money after being fired from every single job you ever had due to your shitty attitude and personality. You, who tried to forcefully mate a sixteen-year-old when you were twenty-eight. Tied them up and drugged them, yet were beaten unconscious and left in the hospital for a month, by that same omega. I've seen your wolf form too, Hoseon-ssi. You are the size of a Doberman, smaller than any wolf I've ever come across to. I, who stands at five foot three, have a larger wolf than you. I could easily step over you and not even notice. I'll guess your knot is about the same size as well. As per the loaded airhead you say, look again to who you are talking to, you idiot. If you are such an alpha then why aren't you mated yet? Why don't you have a house, a job, a mate, and kids? Why does this omega look like she wants to dump your ass? Why were you banned by these restaurants to the point where you have to commit a crime to enter? The problem isn't me and Tae, Hoseon-ah, it's you.” Yoongi finishes with that, a smirk marring his face as Hoseon looks like he is going to explode.

“Instead of talking to us about rich knots, I’d say you go and find one for yourself.” that makes the people on their table snicker, as everyone looks at Yoongi in amused disbelief. Even the omega who came in with Hoseon can’t hold her laughter in.


“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Hoseon screams as he stands up, yet not daring to get close to them, the result of the death glares sent by everyone else on the table.

“I'm Min Yoongi?” the omega replies with mockery dripping in his tone, head tilting on the side innocently as he smirks up at the dumbfounded alpha. Coming back to the ground, he tries to charge at Yoongi. Jimin chooses that second to stand up, stopping the alpha and towering over him with a look that would make the strongest soldier yield in fear.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Get off my way, filthy vampire.” here we go again. What's with these people thinking they can just push Jimin out of their way?

“As Yoongi asked, do you know to who you are talking to? We've met before Kim Hoseon, but it seems that you forgot who I am. I can't say that it's a pleasure to meet you again either, but I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Park Jimin, known widely as The Third One. The same man who made sure you would never take one step inside any of my establishments, and the same man that made sure every business owner knows just how much of a scumbag you are.” the alpha pales with every word said after Jimin stated his name, quickly turning on his heels and trying to leave the place before more is exposed. He is seized by the guards, who forcefully escort him out. As he sits down, Jimin throws a known look at Jisung, who nods back at him.


“That was fun.” Jungkook says while loudly munching on his food. It makes everyone laugh, forgetting the situation for that second.

Jimin turns to Yoongi, who seems calm. It makes Jimin feel proud, the progress the wolf has reached. He stood up to the man who almost ruined his life, and now it's Jimin's turn to make sure the rest of Yoongi's eternity is nothing but happiness. The vampire raises their interviewed hands to his lips, placing a soft peck on the back of Yoongi's hand.

He will start by permanently getting rid of the skunks in their way.