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His safe place

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Walks on the woods were something Jimin did quiet often. Not really an everyday thing, just something he does when he needs some peace, or when he wants to simply enjoy the view. His mansion -as cliché as it is- is almost in the middle of the woods. Not because he wants to stay away from the world, it's just because he likes it. And there really isn't any animal -or any other creature- that can hurt a thousand years old vampire. At the sight of him people cower and try to move as far as possible. He doesn't intent to look as intimidating as people make him to be, it's just the vampire aura, that gets stronger with age.


The black haired vampire loves the noises he hears almost every time he goes for a walk. Birds chirping, wolfs howling, the light breeze, footsteps of any creature, sometimes he hears four pixies laughing and enjoying their time together. They are calming to him, give him a sense of comfort. Sometimes he even joins the four pixies, talking about everything and anything. These woods are his safe place.


After changing from his work attire to some comfortable sweatpants and a hoodie, he gets out for his walk.

Oddly, tonight something felt off. He didn't know what it was, he just knew it was there.

That didn't stop him from going in his walk, which he really needed after some mess up in one of his companies.


He has lived enough that he owns a lot of companies in different fields. All named after his human surname, Park. Today on his entertainment company one of the trainees quit just two days before debut and put everyone in panic mode. He solved that, but it took him quiet the energy to do so. The usual manager who takes care of these things had an emergency and had to leave. His wife was in labour. And Jimin wasn't going to stop him from going.


Despite the feeling, everything seemed fine.

He could see some night birds moving around, could hear their chirping, there was a light breeze that made the trees create their own song. As he's walking a bunny passes him quickly. Everything is fine.


Thats until he nears the heart of the woods. Thats when smell of blood hits him. Being 1523 years old, the mere smell of blood isn't supposed to affect him as much as this one specific smell does.

He can't even describe what it smells like, the only word he can use is heavenly.


He doesn't know what got into him, but he just had to find the source of the smell. Needed to. He got close, so close that the blood smelt even better. He realized he used his vampire speed when he reached the far east side of the woods in some seconds. Surprised is an understatement. Jimin never lost control of his powers.


He knows the source of the smell is near. But now, the smell of something else is there.

Fear, distress, danger. And something akin to the smell of death. It makes the vampire shiver.


And then he finds it. Or should he say him.


A young man. Laying on a pool of his own blood. Whimpering weakly near a tree's roots trying to move, eyes closed, he doesn't even seem conscious. Jimin slowly gets closer until he is just some feet away. When he sees the condition of the poor soul, he feels like throwing up all the blood bag he drank before going out.


Clothes torn all over, body covered with blood, bruises, cuts and scratches, a nasty gash on his right leg and another one on his stomach. The left arm is bent in a weird way, definitely broken, maybe even shattered. The wrist and fingers on the left hand are all swollen. There are bruises around his neck, like someone was trying to strangle him, that look like they were caused from both fingers and a rope. Then he looks at his face. God even with all the blood and wounds, this man looks like an angel. There are scratches and bruises all over the beautiful face, a split lip, a cut that goes through his right eye, and another one in his forehead, left side. Just what the fuck has this man gone through!?


Now that he is so close he notices that the man isn't human.

A werewolf.

Omega, all based on his scent, that now he can identify as vanilla.

The fact that he is still alive is honestly surprising.


Jimin could simply drink him dry and leave. Other vampires would, but the little omega looks so young and innocent, so stunning, even in this horrible state. He can't be older than twenty years old. As a thousands years old vampire, the third strongest vampire in existence, you would think that he wouldn't care for a mere werewolf but unlike others, Jimin still holds onto his human feelings.


He can't turn him either. Turning a werewolf in this state would lead straight to death. Humans can be turned easily even in these conditions, but not werewolves. For them it works completely different, they have to be healthy to be able to turn successfully.

And he is no monster, no matter what people think of him. He won't turn someone just like that, without their consent. He is not going to take someones life away like that.


So he decides to take him home, with the intentions of helping the wolf. Nursing him till he is perfectly healthy.

He carefully picks him up, minding his injuries and the broken arm, trying to be as gentle as possible. With no chance to check his back yet and with the fact that the vampire still doesn't know if there is any other broken bone in his body, he is extra careful in every touch. The pain the omega is in is more than enough.


The omega lets out a weak whine and tries to move, struggle out of Jimin's hands, probably thinking Jimin is the person who did this to him. The wolf slowly opens his mouth, looks like he wants to scream, but nothing comes out. He is either too weak to make the effort, or whoever tried to strangle him damaged his vocal chords. Jimin would guess both.

Either way the vampire tries to soothe the omega, quietly shushing him, telling him everything will be alright. He is treating the wolf as he would treat a newborn fragile baby.


With his vampire speed, he reaches his mansion in seconds. He sets the omega in the guest bedroom that is right next to his room, since its the biggest and the comfiest room after his own. He needs to be as close as possible to the wounded wolf and the big space is enough for all the monitoring and life supporting machines he needs in the room.


Jimin is so glad that he didn't spend his years doing nothing. He is so glad he studied and practiced medicine for almost all his life. Being a doctor and helping people was his human dream and he didn't want to give up on it even after he was turned on his twenty-third birthday, -that's a story for another time-. After getting used to blood, when the smell of it didn't make him go feral anymore he went to the best university his Sire could provide. He knows more about these things than most doctors and surgeons out there. That really comes in handy right now.


First thing first, he strips the man off his clothes. He tries not to look but he had to change the man since the clothes were dirty and he can't risk an infection. If you can even call them clothes anymore. The omega tried to move away again, but it was fruitless. The wolf lets out one last whine before falling quiet. Jimin freezes in place, he slowly checks if the man is still alive, dreading to find out the opposite, but lets out a relieved sigh when he feels the light but steady pulse on the mans right wrist. Jimin is truly surprised!

Not everyone can survive all this damage.


After that he slowly turns the man on his stomach, so he can check the back for injuries. Fuck, there are five parallel claw like gashes on the left side of his back. They are deep and go across nearly all his back.

Lucky for Jimin and the man lying in the bed, the former knows what to do.


He calls his driver and tells him to get equipment that the vampire doesn't have in his mansion and bring them immediately, also tells him to pick up Dr.Lee, young but successful and smart surgeon from his hospital ring, human. Jimin needs assistance. He tries to get rid of the blood and stop some of the bleeding until his driver and Dr.Lee Jinki arrive which is quiet fast. Neither of them asks any questions, they just do what their boss tells them to. The doctors inject the wolf anesthesia, hook him up on oxygen, monitoring machines and blood transfusion.


Theres a part of Jimin's house that has every machine needed for surgeries. He knows it's weird but this has been a very important part of his life and you can never be too prepared, even if that doesn't make sense for a vampire. Moving them to the guest room isn't really a problem considering his vampire strength.


They check for more possibly broken bones, and they find out that the omega has two broken ribs. Dangerously close to his organs, so they start the surgery immediately, for the ribs, the shattered left arm and broken wrist and fingers on the same side. The doctors check, clean, stitch and bandage every wound on the omegas body, put his arm and fingers on a cast, then they hook him up on an IV.


After cleaning up and Dr.Lee leaves with his driver, Jimin without jolting the omega -with the help of his telekinesis- puts him on an oversized clean cotton white t-shirt of his that looks like a dress for the omega, changes the sheets, and covers him with the softest blanket he could find in his house.


Now that the wolf is in a not-so life threatening state, Jimin finds himself staring at the sleeping omega. Again.

Even with all the scars, stitches and gauzes on his face, the boy looks gorgeous.

Pale smooth skin even after getting blood back in his body, round face, thick eyebrows, small feline eyes, cute button nose and thin lips. He has snow-like white hair, they suit him.

A slender soft looking body.

Oh god, Jimin feels like a creep. And the vanilla scent coming from the omega just makes it worse. He stops staring at the unconscious omega, gets out of the guest room and heads straight for his own room.


After getting out of his clothes that have blood in them and changing in a comfortable t-shirt, he lays on the king sized bed and stares up at the ceiling. Noticing it's 4am,he sends a message to his secretary and takes the month off. Perks of being the CEO. Also the fact that he knows his secretary, who happens to be his best friend, won't be too mad. After giving tomorrow off for Lee and his driver, a bonus is added. Cause unlike him they need sleep to live. The money are just there, serving as a thank you from Jimin.


He starts wondering what happened to the poor omega. Who would do such a thing to anyone, let alone such a young delicate omega?. It couldn't have been the animals that live around there, none of them attacks unless you provoke them, and the omega just doesn't seem like someone who would do that.

Was he kidnapped?

Did he get involved with the wrong people?

He found older looking scars as well, did the omegas family do this to him?

An abusive partner?

Jimin has no idea, just lets himself wonder. Thankfully though, there were no signs of sexual violence on the boy.


He is angry. He has absolutely no idea who the wolf is or where he is from but he is so angry at the monsters who did this to him. He knows he won't get full answers until the wolf wakes up so he chooses to take a nap til morning, to stop his mind and anger from running around and prepare himself to take care of the omega until he is healthy. He makes a mental note to ask the pixies if they saw anything tomorrow, if anything felt off to them too, and probably buy groceries since he has no human food in his house. Vampires can eat and taste human food, some just lose interest with time. Then he starts thinking about the omega again, but not about what happened.

What color could his eyes be?

Brown, blue, green?

How did his voice sound like?

Was it soft and airy?

Was it deep and raspy?


Lost in his thoughts, Jimin slowly lulls himself in a deep sleep, one he hasn't had in ages.


Saying tonight was eventful, would be an understatement.

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There are two men in black suits grabbing him by his arms. They are holding too tight, it hurts. They start dragging him out of the living room.

"Mom, what's going on?"

"Let me go! Stop, don't touch me! Dad, please don't let them take me!"

Then he feels a sting on his right cheek, his dad hit him.


"Shut the fuck up, useless little bitch. Couldn't even obey to us for a fucking week. Do you know how much we lost because of your behavior? Is this how you repay us for raising you?" His dad yells on top of his lungs, and spits on his face.


"You don't have a chance this time. You will entertain the nice businessman who paid a fortune for you, until he is bored of you. And don't you dare come back here again."

His moms words hit him like a brick.


His life wasn't his anymore.

His parents sold him.


"You won't live to do so anyways." He hears his mom whisper.


But the moment he tries to ask what she meant, someone reaches for his face, with something on their other hand.

That's a knife?!

"Wait, no no no no no, stop! What are you doing?!Stop, please, pleas-aaahhhhhhh!"


"This will teach you a lesson." He barely hears someone saying through the pain.


'A lesson for what?' He thinks.

Not once in his life has he talked back to his parents.

Not once has he said no to something they made him do.

He never let a noise out when they disciplined him.

This is the first time in his life he asks them to stop.

Why? He wonders.

What did Yoongi do to deserve this?


Then everything goes black.




Jimin wakes up to the sun shining through his window. No, the sun rays don't burn him. That's just a weird stupid myth made by some humans, to make stories about vampires more appealing to the audience.

He sits up on his bed, completely lost.

God he really isn't a morning person.


Then the events from last night hit him.

The woods.

The scent.

The blood.

The omega wolf.


Sighing, he reaches for his phone on his nightstand. Its 7 AM. He doesn't remember the last time he slept more than an hour.

He checks his messages with Tae, his secretary and best friend, to see if he saw the texts Jimin sent some hours ago.



It's completely fine hyung, I can take care of everything.

I'm just glad you are finally taking a break.

Even tho a month is a bit drastic for u.

U okay?



     Thanks Tae.

                      I'm fine don't be dramatic.

                        What can even happen to me?



Well, a lot can happen in a night, that's for sure. Tae doesn't need to know that though. And he doesn't ask why Jimin gave a bonus to Minho, his driver, and Jinki, which is a relief.

Jimin slowly gets up and changes in some comfortable clothes, which for him mean sweatpants and a t-shirt.

He heads straight to the guest room where the omega is resting.

When he opens the door the vanilla scent hits him again.

Fuck, he thought he got used to it last night, but no. He needs to get a hold of himself. The bandages need to be changed, he has to check if the stitches are okay, check for a possible chance of infections and switch the IV.


And he needs to install a catheter for the omega, who isn't really in a coma, based on what Jimin and Lee saw yesterday, and can wake up any day now, but just to be sure, he does need it.

The omega can easily breathe by himself as well. To this point Jimin isn't even surprised on how strong the man is. But that might mean that this isn't the first time the wolf was hurt like this~


Stoping his thoughts, -and himself from staring, something he has been doing a lot-,  Jimin slowly starts tending the omega and his injuries. Finishing everything for some hours, which ends up longer than usual, cause he has to be gentle in every movement. A little wrong move can end up pretty bad in this condition.


After finishing, Jimin rushes to the bathroom connected to his own room. He washes his face and hands, using the cold water to distract himself.

Why does this scent affect him so much. Even his fangs elongated without his will, and that happens only when he hasn't had blood in a long time. He drank a full blood bag yesterday. A long time for him meant three months without feeding, not even a drop.

He doesn't remember ever acting like this. Jimin just hopes he will get used to it before he unintentionally hurts the omega.


He could send him to one of his hospitals, but that could be way too dangerous if the wrong people are looking for him.

He doesn't know why, but the feeling to protect the boy occupies his mind every time he thinks of letting the boy out of his home.


After finishing his usual morning routines, he forces himself out of the bathroom, again straight to the omega, and yeah, dealing with the scent is kind of easier, a pinch easier.

He decides that maybe staying near the omega is the right thing to do, so he gets a book from his collection, -which looks more like a whole library if he is honest-, moves an armchair near the left side of the bed where the omega is laying, sits and starts reading to himself.


After finishing the book, he gets some work done on his computer. Yeah, he is on a break but that's only to take care of the boy.

Maybe Tae had the right to be worried.

He will never agree to that out loud though.

But again, what can hurt him?

Realizing that it's 5:30 PM, he remembers that he should probably go pay a visit to the pixies in their hut.

Maybe they saw or felt something.


He just can't bring himself to leave the omega alone for too long, so he makes use of his speed, hesitantly leaving the mansion.

Thankfully finishing the visit in less than five minutes.

Don't get him wrong he loves the pixies, but the omega has became his priority.


Unfortunately, the pixies weren't home last night. Something about a party.

They stayed over at a friend on the city.

So they saw nothing.


Sighing loudly, he sits down on the armchair again.

This time, he just loses himself staring at the peacefully sleeping omega.

Jimin feels like crying recalling the condition he was in yesterday.

He remembers him whimpering and whining weakly, trying to struggle out of his arms, still fighting for survival even after getting hurt to the point he couldn't even open his eyes or let out a proper noise.

He doesn't remember the last time he cared so much about someone.


As he's focused on the floor, lost in thought, the machines slowly start beeping louder and louder. Jimin rapidly looks up, only to see the omega slowly moving his limbs and his head, then without a second he starts convulsing violently.


Jimin rushes by his side, holding his hands down so he doesn't hurt himself with the IV needle and the broken arm doesn't move around too much, cause that will just hurt him more. The stitches can tear easily as well.

He tries to be gentle but the omega is moving too much.

The broken ribs on his left side shouldn't be jolted much too. He knows you shouldn't restrain a patient in this case, but he really doesn't have a choice.


Fuck, he should have thought about this possibility. The omega hit his head for sure, if the big stitched gash on his forehead is anything to go by.


He slowly moves the omega until he is laying on his right side, carefully moving the arm away. This way the omega can breathe easier until the seizure ends.

He keeps holding him through it, supporting his head and body till the convulsions stop for good.


He slowly gets off the boy and after making sure it's really over, he sets the boy on his back, carefully putting his arms back in place.

He goes back to checking the stitches, to see if any of them tore cause of the convulsions. Fortunately, everything looks good.

Quickly hooking the omega up on oxygen again.


God, Jimin feels like a rookie all over again.

How did he forget the chance of the omega having a seizure?

He let himself get distracted, he let emotions distract him from something possibly fatal for the wolf.

Not once did he let that happen.


He covers his face with his hands, surprised by himself.

What is this omega doing to him?

What's so special about the werewolf that Jimin is so distracted by him?

When will he get those answers?

Jimin broke into a light confused-like airy chuckle.


"What is happening to me?"




Somehow managing to clam himself down a bit from whatever his mind just went through, Jimin drags himself to the kitchen. He doesn't really use it, aside from storing his blood bags, or for those rare moments when he misses human food.


He opens his fridge and gets a blood bag. Closing the door with one hand, he lightly throws the bag on the counter.

Leaning his back on the kitchen counter Jimin looks out of the window on his right. It should be like 7 PM.


He grabs the blood bag, carefully ripping it so he doesn't make a mess. Fangs extended, he starts drinking slowly.

He is hoping it will help him with all the turmoil happening in his head.


Finishing up, he throws the now empty bag on the trash can.

The blood kind of helped clear his mind, and now he remembers he needs to get other meds for the omega. But he can't leave the house after what just happened.

He'll need to ask someone to get them for him.


Minho? He has worked for Jimin in the past ten years, and to this point Jimin could call them close friends. But he isn't going to take away  his day off.


Jinki would be a possibility, if he didn't have his day off as well. He was Jimins student until graduation, and has worked for him all his career. That's why he was Jimins first thought when he needed help treating the wolf.


He could call Tae, but he feels like he has put enough responsibilities on him after taking that break. And he really doesn't want to drag him in this mess with all the  drama he went through the past month.



Well, that leaves only one person Jimin can trust not to let out a word.

He makes his way back to the guest room to retrieve his phone from where he left it.

Sitting down on the armchair, he dials a number.

Holding the phone near his ear, he waits for the person to answer.


"Hello?"-comes the voice from the other side of the line.

"Hey Jin hyung, I was hoping you could help me with something?"-he answers.

"Of course Min. What can hyung help you with?"

"Can you pick some things up for me and bring them to my mansion? And I really need to tell you something, but in person."

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Yoongi wakes up to complete darkness.

He can barely open his eyes from the pain he feels all over his body, but he can feel himself tightly tied to a chair, unable to move even a finger.


"Looks like my little wolf woke up."

He jumps as much as he can in this situation at the unexpected voice.

Yoongi wants to ask what's happening, where he is, why is he tied up, why is his body in this searing pain?

But his parents taught him to never speak without permission, so he stays put, head lowered.


"My servants had their fun with my latests purchase, I hope you were worth your price. Now it's my pets turn to play with you."


What is the man talking about?


Wait no please. Please don't let it be what Yoongi is thinking of.

But he doesn't feel sore on his lower region.

So maybe they used him in another way?

Is there another way?


"Relax. Whatever you are thinking about. You were simply a punchbag for them. And ought I say, they did quiet the number on you."


Yoongi is relieved by those words alone. He doesn't care if he got a beating.

Yoongi attempts to open his eyes more, but he only succeeds to half open his left eye.

Then he remembers, the men in black at his house.

They cut him. From his cheekbone to his forehead, going through his right eye.


When he looks up at the man, all he sees are some royal looking clothes through the blurry sight his left eye provides.

He can't make out how he looks like. From his aura and scent thought, Yoongi would guess he was a vampire.


"You are quiet alluring, little wolf. Hadn't your parents warned me about you, I would make different use of you. But again, I would never let even my servants stain themselves with a filthy creature like you. Let alone myself."


Yoongi is so confused. But at least they didn't take the only thing he has tried to protect all his life.



"Yes, my lord."- comes from a man next to the 'royal'.

"Prepare for our departing. We are heading to the nearest forest. My pet is going to have his fun before we dispose of this little plaything."

"As you wish my lord."




Jimin is -again- observing the unmoving omega, when he hears the doorbell ringing. He quickly makes his way to the door and opens it without a thought.

As expected, on the other side is none other than Kim Seokjin.

Jimin's Sire and The First Vampire to ever exist.

Who he wasn't expecting thought, was his Sire's mate, Kim Namjoon, The Second Vampire.

Jimin himself is The Third. The Turned One.


Kim Seokjin was unrightfully outlawed by his town for practicing what to this day they call simple medicine. He was considered a dark witch, and with no family to stand by his side, was sentenced to death by starvation.

Tied to the outskirts of his town, left to the hands of fate.


The town's doctor on the other side, was the real witch, who saw that Jin could tell the difference between actual healing and the dark spells the witch would cast on everyone on the town. And the foolish town blindly trusted the impostor.


To make sure that Jin was gone for good, the witch tried to curse him straight to hell, but the witch, as much as that town, was a fool. Thought of himself as almighty and powerful, when he was an embarrassing weakling. Instead of what he attempted to do, the witch cursed Jin to be a creature of blood, cursed him to be a vampire for the rest of eternity.


That's how he sealed his and the town's fate, cause as strong as Jin is now, back then he was just a newborn vampire, desperately trying to clench his thirst.

Jin is 2628 years old, but looks as the age he was turned, 27.

He spent almost five hundred years alone, until Namjoon was turned.


Kim Namjoon, not so differently from Jin, was also unfairly exiled from his town because of his atheist tendencies. He refused to beg to some meaningless statue his town's shaman had provided for them.


The shaman cast the same curse on Namjoon, that the witch cast on Jin, both unintentional but deadly.

Both setting their town's fate to be the most gruesome of those times.

Namjoon is 2134 years old. Was turned when he was 26.


After finding and falling in love with each other, they spent six hundred years together, not turning anyone so they don't have to go through what they were.

Until they met Jimin on the year 498.

They found Jimin half dead near a lake. Same as Jin, Jimin was exiled because of his will and talent to help others. But Jimin was exiled for another reason as well.


Just like Jin and Namjoon, Jimin was beautiful. Ethereal. The mayor's daughter was jealous. Men and women would fuss over Jimin all day long. He had the most suitors, but refused everyone cause he just didn't want a relationship. All Jimin wanted was to help people, and his other passion, dance.


So they framed him for witchcraft, exiling him. But the daughter didn't think of it as enough. She cornered Jimin near the lake, with the help of a man who Jimin rejected. She stabbed him on the stomach twice, then sliced his wrists and legs so he couldn't help himself.


On his last breaths, he told all this to Jin and Namjoon.

Maybe it was their mutual passion for medicine that made Jin ask and turn him. Maybe it was the almost same unfair situations the three of them went through.

Ridiculed for being different.

Maybe that's what made Jin turn Jimin.


Unlike the two mates, who had to learn what being a vampire meant themselves, Jimin had them to teach him.

They helped him when his fangs tore through his gums.

Held him down and fed him when the thirst became painful.

Helped him control his powers.


Now that Jimin thinks of it, he might have had a reason when he saved the wolf.

He reminded him of himself, young and innocent, on the verge of death, left to die in the middle of nowhere, but still fighting for survival.


The vampire mates were like parents to Jimin, but Jin hit Jimin on the back of his head, hard, when Jimin asked if he should call them dads.

"It's hyung." Were Jin's only words. And to this day it's hyung.


None of them ever knew what a family was, not until they found each other.

They swore to not turn anyone else, as it was too lonely living an eternity.

But greedy bastards, who were blinded by money used the curse on themselves, cause they only saw the eternity, not the blood that came with it.

But most of them weren't even close to a magical creature, they were weak.

So instead of drinking everyone dry and then coming back on their right mind, they went around turning everyone on sight.

That's why there are so many vampires to this day.


But everyone, every single vampire and creature out there, cowers to the sight of them. They bow to their knees in front of the three. Some prophecy about the three creatures of night and blood. And they are stronger than any other vampire.

It really does benefit them sometimes,

but they never use it to the harm of anything or anyone.

But, they are really powerful. In more than one way.


Jin has important positions on different governments.

Jimin has important positions on the everyday industries. Hospitals, medicine, entertainment, finances, food industry, clothing lines, etc. Basically everything.

Joon has his positions on the police and secret agencies. He has positions on the not so legal side as well. But just to observe.


There are people who don't like them, vampires that want their power, but there are people who literally worship them.

They don't really mind either way.




"Wait a second. Come again. You what?"

Jin says bewildered. Joon stays quiet, holding Jin's hand, waiting for Jimin to elaborate.

They are sitting on his living room. Jimin is sitting on an armchair while Jin and Joon are sitting on the couch across from him.

After Jimin opened the door, without even saying hi, Jin started questioning Jimin as in why he needed such medication.

That's what Jimin is trying to explain right now.


"Last night, while walking on the woods I found an injured werewolf. I brought him here, cleaned him up, sent Minho to pick Jinki and some other things up for me. Jinki helped me with all the injuries and then they left." Jimin takes a breath, not daring to look his hyungs on the eyes, and keeps going.

"I've been taking care of him all day, but like an hour ago he had a seizure. I couldn't leave him alone, but I needed those medications, so I called you." Jimin finishes with another breath, still looking at the small coffee table he has there.


"Any other questions, hyung?"


Before Jin can start scolding Jimin, Joon asks.

"Why didn't you call us earlier, Min? And stop looking at the coffee table, look at us."

Jimin looks up, embarrassed with himself.

"Sorry, I don't really know hyung." Jimin apologizes sheepishly.


"Nothing to be sorry of, Min. Can we see him?" Asks Jin. Jimin is glad he didn't get scolded. Jin refuses to be called dad, but really acts like one sometimes.


"Yeah of course. He is in the guest room next to my room."

Jimin leads the way to the room where the omega is resting.


When they enter, Jimin can see the surprise on their eyes. Whatever they expected, it surely wasn't this.

"Just what the fuck happened to this boy?" You know that Namjoon is shocked when he curses out loud.


Jin got closer to the boy, the doctor persona all on as he checked the monitoring machines and the bandages he could see without moving the blanket that was covering the omega.

"When you said injured I expected something lighter. He looks like he went through hell and back Jimin. Injured is an understatement."


Getting closer himself, Joon asks.

"Do you have any idea on who he might be, or what could have happened to him?"

"No hyung. I was hoping that you could do some searching on your underground side? Cause whatever happened to him is in no way anywhere on those police files."

"Yeah, I'll check."


"Jimin?" Comes Jin's voice.

"Yes, hyung?" Jimin looks at his Sire as he speaks.

Looking at Jimin's eyes, Jin looks almost... scared?

"Were there any signs of sexual violence on him?"

Oh, so that's why he looked scared.

"No, hyung don't worry. There were no signs that could indicate that. But I found older scars, and I think whatever happened to him might have been happening for a while. Maybe family abuse, or an abusive partner."


Joon seems lost in thought, answering.

"Yeah, it might be that too. But how cruel do you have to be to do something like this to someone this young? Like he barely looks twenty."

Jimin doesn't remember the last time he saw his calm and reserved Joon hyung this angry. At least they share the same opinion.


"Who did this to you, sweet boy?" Neither of them is surprised at the soft words Jin whispered to the boy. They both can see how the omega got into his heart, even unconscious.


"Jimin, we have to leave now, but please call us for anything. Okay?" Jimin answers his younger hyung with a soft smile on his face.

"I will hyung, no worries."


They leave the room after that, Jimin walking them to the door.

"Did you tell Tae?" His Sire asks.

"No, he has enough in his plate. And I took a month off so I could take care of the boy."

"You? You took a month off?" His hyungs are both amused.

"Oh come on, I'm not that bad."

"Jimin, there isn't a word to describe how bad you actually are"

"Okay, okay you can leave now."


They both leave after saying bye, both amused with Jimin and thinking about the  omega their Min found.




After his hyungs left, Jimin went to his room and picked some blankets and some pillows up. He really doesn't plan on leaving the omega alone.

Going back to the guest room, he arranges a makeshift bed on the couch that's on the end of the bed. He doesn't really intent to sleep, he doesn't need it anyway. He just wants something more comfortable than that armchair.


Then retrieving whatever he needs for his morning routines and some other books, setting them all up on the bathroom connected to the guest room and on the desk that is on the room.


He needs to change the IV, add the medication Jin brought and empty the catheter. Getting back to work, carefully and gently, he tends to the omega for the nth time today. But he really doesn't mind.


After finishing, not knowing what got into him, Jimin crouches on the right side of the bed, gently holding the omega's hand.

Looking at his peaceful sleeping face.

"Hey, little one. I don't know if you can hear me. I'm Jimin, your new hyung."

Lightly running his hand through the omega's soft white hair, Jimin continues.

"Sleep with no worries, okay? I'll protect you, whoever did this to you will pay for it. But don't sleep too much, I want to spend some quality time with you. What do you think?"


Jimin spends the rest of the night thinking about what he said.

He really doesn't know what's happening, what got into him to say that.

What's so special about the omega?

Even Jin and Joon already have a soft spot for him. And it took even Tae one month to get into their hearts.

The omega can be the bad guy in this story for all they know.

Then why is Jimin so sure of the opposite?

But he promised the wolf, and now himself, that he will protect him.

Chapter Text

"Follow him. Catch him. I want his head."

Yoongi hears the 'royal's' voice, screaming on top of his lungs, but he doesn't have time to dwell on it. He needs to run, hide as fast as possible.

That's quiet hard when you feel like every bone in your body is broken.

When you can barely see where you are going.

When your lungs aren't getting enough oxygen to keep you going.

When you can't even let out a scream, beg for help.


But he runs, ignoring his body and it's pleas to stop, rest, heal.






All he can feel is pain, God it hurts so much.

He wants to scream, cry, beg.

Beg his dad to stop, cause it hurts, and 10 years old Yoongi doesn't know what he did to deserve this. Doesn't know that he shouldn't be going through this. That whatever he did wrong, it should never lead to this.


His mom only stares, laughing at her pathetic excuse of a son, as her husband hits him with anything he can find.

His belt, a piece of chopped wood, his bare fists, sometimes even an empty beer bottle.

And the omega just takes it, has learned years ago that the slightest movement can end up with twice the beating.


Yoongi really wants to cry, but he holds it in.

'Just wait until he is done.' He tries to assure himself.






Yoongi is so hungry.

His mom hasn't fed him in two days. Only gave him a glass of water yesterday. And it was half full.

They have guests today.

Some friends of his father from work, as he managed to find out from hearing his parents talk.


His parents locked him in the basement, so he wouldn't 'embarrass' them in front of their so called friends.

He can hear them laughing, talking about some nonsense that Yoongi isn't interested in.

Can hear the plates and other utensils clinking together as the adults eat every single thing that is served to them by Yoongi's mom.


The guests are unaware of the starving child sitting under them, wishing for even just a piece of stale bread.

Just something to stop his hunger, please.






This time, there isn't any flashback from his pitiful past, which Yoongi is grateful for.

Yoongi is simply sitting on a... cloud?

He doesn't really know, but whatever he is sitting on feels like heaven.

All he can see around him is a light blue horizon, nothing else.

He doesn't know what happened to him.

Where is he?

Did he die?

Is this heaven?


Hell? No, definitely not this one.

Is this just another part of his imagination?


Then he hears a voice.

A simple 'Hey...' .

He can't tell how the voice sounded like. Can't tell who it was.

Did they catch him?

Were they gonna hurt him more?


Then he sees a light, he doesn't know what it is, but his gut tells him to follow it.

And he does.




It's been three weeks since Jimin found the omega. Three weeks of him doing nothing else but taking care of the omega.

Three weeks and no signs of the boy waking up. Not a single move all these weeks.


Jimin expected it but he is still worried.

Most of the lighter cuts are closed and his broken ribs seem better. The arm, wrist and fingers need some more time but that's fine with Jimin. Some bruises have started to fade, but some are still evident in his pale skin.

He isn't going to let the omega out of his sight.


There weren't any other seizures after that one frightening day and Jimin is glad. None of the wounds were infected, but the one on his right eye and the claw-like ones on his back are still delicate.


Jimin has made a habit of talking to the omega everyday. Talk about his day, stories about his life, reading a book out loud to both them. Sometimes he finds himself asking the omega about his life, knowing very well that he wasn't going to get an answer, but still talking.


He holds the boy's hands, plays gently with his white hair, hoping that the boy will react to the touches, even the slightest movement.

But nothing to this day.

Jin comes over sometimes, helps Jimin with the treatment. Joon would try to help, but with his destructing tendencies, it's better if he stays put.


Joon searched among his shady side of business, but still nothing. Which is honestly weird. They don't give much thought to it, and couldn't search deeper from the fear that whoever did this to the wolf might be still looking for them. They just try their best on bringing the omega back to health.

Tae is still unaware about all the events of the past three weeks, simply thinks Jimin is enjoying his vacation.


Jimin has thought of feeding the omega his own blood.

Vampire blood can heal anything and everything. But it can also be addicting, to the point where the addicted will rather die that live without it. Not much know of that, to keep vampires away from being hunted down.

But the other side effect, that is evident only for the Three Vampires, is that when the one who drank the blood dies, they will be immediately turned to a vampire, sired by the one they drank the blood from.


Other vampires can only turn someone with their venom, that can be injected with their fangs.

They found this out when Jimin and Jungkook were turned.

They learned the most things about vampires through an ancient book that talked about their curse, others by instinct and experience.


Jimin was turned by Jin's venom, not knowing the other way of turning, all based on instincts.

Jungkook, 250 years old, was accidentally turned by Namjoon, but not really. Jungkook was a patient on Jimin's main hospital of the time. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and was expected to die any day.


Namjoon was ready to turn him, the boy was young and wanted to live. Looked at Joon like he was his hero, when he would come for a visit. He was only 19 at the time, always glued to his precious Joon hyung. Because music was Jungkook's passion, something he thought he would never achieve due to his illness. Joon literally put a piano in the boys room, would play for him and sing with him, just to make him feel better.


For a moment, they thought they lost him. They were supposed to turn Jungkook that day, when Jimin was notified of the younger's death. They ran to his room, regretting not turning Jungkook earlier, only to see him sitting up on his bed, confused and staring at them in disbelief.


Later, they found out that Namjoon had accidentally fed Jungkook some drops of his blood. Cut himself while preparing Jungkook's food, the drops falling in Jungkook's drink. It wasn't enough blood to heal him or get him addicted, but enough to turn him when they thought they lost him.


This didn't happen to other people who drank vampire blood. That's how they figured it out.




Right now, Jimin is sitting on the armchair, softly talking to the omega, holding his hand, rubbing his thumb over it.

He is staring at the hand he is holding while talking to the unresponsive omega.


"Hey, little one. How much longer are you gonna make hyung wait, hmm? I really want to meet you, talk to you." Jimin keeps going, knowing he isn't going to get a reaction from the wolf. He wishes, he yearns for a simple reaction, but he isn't getting it, probably won't for another long period of time.


Right when Jimin tries to retrieve his hand and get up, he feels the lightest pressure in his hand.

For a second, he thought his mind was playing with him. Then he felt it again, a little bit stronger this time. He feels the omega's hand try to grasp his hand.

His silver colored eyes fly up to the omega's face, only to see his eyes slowly flutter open, confused light blue eyes staring right back at him.


Gasping, Jimin starts getting closer, raising his hand to rub the omegas cheek, keep him up, only for the omega's eyes to go wide and scared, vanilla scent spiking with distress and fear.

He looks ready to scream, cower away as far as possible, but can barely let out a strained noise, moving just some inches away, back leaning on the headboard.

He is panicking. Both of them are.


"Hey, hey, it's fine. You can calm down I won't hurt you." Jimin tries to reassure the frightened wolf with his soft voice, but it's futile. The wolf has to stop moving thought, or he can open the cuts on his back or the one on his leg, not to forget the broken bones.


Jimin slowly backs away, holding his hands up on the sides of his head, surrendering-like, aiming to show the wolf that he isn't a threat, but a friend.

"I'll get away, see. I won't touch you, I won't hurt you. Just please don't move too much, you will hurt yourself."

The omega seems to calm down a bit, not cause of the words but of Jimin moving away. He is still alert, cowering as if trying to protect himself. Eyes rapidly looking around the room, looking at his surroundings.


The omega opens his mouth as if to start talking, but in that moment his eyes roll to the back of his eyes and he is out cold again.

Jimin gets closer again, to inspect the omega, make sure he didn't hurt himself on those few moments he was awake.


Laying him back down, he feels happy.

Fainting again after such condition is pretty normal, so he isn't worried about that.

He needs to check if the omega wasn't able to talk cause of the damaged vocal cords from the rope and hand bruises he had on his neck when Jimin found him, or because he hasn't used his voice in weeks.

Either way, he is just happy that the omega woke up.

He hopes the omega will trust him and his intentions after a while. He just needs to warm up to him.

Chapter Text

All Yoongi could see was black.

No flashback, no cloud, no sky, just black.

The he hears the voice from earlier again. It's saying something, but to Yoongi it's incoherent.


"Hey...-" " much longer..." "want...-talk...".

He can't figure out what it's trying to say, and can't pinpoint how the voice sounds like. It's just there.

Did they find him?

Is that why he can't move or open his eyes?

Why does his throat hurt so bad?


He feels a hand grasping his right hand, and scared that it's his captor he tries to move, not caring about the consequences anymore. Gathering all the strength he has in his weak body to try and move, but all he can do is slightly, almost unnoticeably, move his hand in a clutching motion. He feels the grip on his hand loosen, and then tries again, this time more firmly.


Then for the last time, he tries to open his eyes. This time thought, he manages to open his eyes, vision blurry. He is surprised he managed to open his right eye, considering the damage the 'royals's' men did to him.


His vision clears up slowly. Looking up now, he is terrified to see a man staring at him, straight in the eyes. Quickly noticing from his aura, Yoongi realizes that the man is a vampire, way more dangerous than the 'royal'.


The vampire reaches for Yoongi's face, and that sends Yoongi into a panic, quickly backing away from the hand as much as he can, scared he's gonna hurt him more.

He is being so disobedient, his parents would be so disappointed in him. Yet he can't help it, the fear that has taken up his body. He tries to scream, but he can't?

What did they do to him?


The vampire thought, doesn't punish him for it? Instead he backs away? Holding his hands on the sides of his head? Why isn't the vampire mad?

He can see the vampires mouth moving, he is talking. But Yoongi hears nothing. His eyes frantically searching around the room, to see where he is, where the 'royal' is.


Realizing what he had done, how he had moved and tried to talk without permission, Yoongi opened his mouth, aiming to apologize for his behavior, beg for forgiveness, only for everything to go black again.




Jimin is buzzing with joy, something he hasn't felt in a while. The omega woke up. He is fine, he survived the worst of it.

He texts Jin hyung, to tell him what happened, however remembering just how scared the omega was when he saw Jimin, he tells his hyung not to visit yet.

Jin helped Jimin a lot with the treatment after he found out, which Jimin is glad for.

Jimin is so happy he forgot he could have simply just talked to his Sire through their bond. Just like what he did the first day, except that, back then he was scared, not happy.


Later that day, Jimin is changing the gauze on the omega's abdomen, when the latter wakes up again.

The first signs of the wolf waking up again are the light whining–like confused noises he lets out. It knocks Jimin off his concentrated gaze on the wound, causing him to look up at the omegas face. Again in time with the omega slowly opening his eyes, that look unclear and blurry again.


As well as the first time he woke up, the omega looks up at Jimin completely terrified. Jimin is expecting another reaction like earlier, for him to jump away from Jimin, yet this time he doesn't? His body is stiff and tense, but frozen?

He rapidly closes his eyes, and Jimin has no idea why. Again, leaving this wound open can do more damage, so Jimin keeps going, after making sure that the wolf doesn't look like he is going to black out again.


When he finishes, he slowly backs away, waiting for the omega to relax and open his eyes. After a few moments the omega slowly opens his eyes, still frightened, yet confused?

Why does he look confused? What was he expecting Jimin to do?

Jimin thinks that maybe he should ease the boy into talking to him, maybe ask some questions. Maybe start light now, he just woke up anyway.


"Hey there." He starts slowly with a soft voice. The omega is looking at his direction, but never reaching his eyes. "I know you are confused right now, but that's fine, okay?" Jimin is just babbling right now, but he really doesn't know what to ask the omega. Like, he doesn't even know if the boy can even answer. He could have amnesia, or could have lost his voice. He looks Korean, but he could be from another country.

"And you don't have to be scared of me. I'm a doctor. I know you don't trust me now, but I'll show you, okay?" The omega keeps staring at Jimin's feet, it's confusing Jimin even more.


"Can you understand me?" Jimin said that without thinking it through. He should shut up really. As he is regretting his life choices, the omega nods slightly. "Okay that's good. Can you show me if anything hurts? You were on pain medication till this morning but I had to get you off of them as soon as possible." The omega stays still for some minutes, not answering.


Jimin is ready to tell him that he doesn't have to do or say anything if he is too weak to or if he doesnt want to, but then the wolf looks ready to talk to him, opening his mouth, but as he tries to talk, all that comes out are some incoherent noises, that turn into slight coughing. Jimin rushes to him without thinking twice, being careful not to touch though. When the coughing stops, Jimin starts talking again, this time closer and softer.


"Hey it's fine if you can't talk. Don't strain yourself. If you don't want to answer just close your eyes, okay? I'll back up and let you sleep again." Jimin is really expecting him to close his eyes, he is already walking backwards to the door, when the omega starts pointing at his throat as much as he can with his right hand.


Jimin is stunned, he really didn't expect that.

Knocking himself out of it, he nears the omega again. "So your throat hurts. Thank you for telling me, you can sleep if you want, okay little one? I will check what's wrong and get the right treatment for it." The omega refuses to sleep though. Jimin doesn't really blame him, he himself wouldn't trust anyone in this situation.


Getting the equipment he needs, and using some numbing spray on the omega's throat, he starts checking his throat through laryngoscopy. Jimin expected it really, the wolf's vocal cords are crushed, thankfully not untreatable. Finishing and cleaning everything, Jimin turns to face the wolf. "Can you still hear me clearly?" He asks, seeing that the omega is ready to pass out again. The boy gives Jimin another slight nod, waiting for him to continue. "Your vocal cords are crushed." Jimin states quickly, again without thinking.


The omega looks absolutely horrified again, God he looks ready to cry. "Hey, hey, don't worry about it. It's curable. It will just take some time." Jimin rambles quickly, hoping to calm the omega down. And he does succeed, even if just for a bit. "I need to know if you can stay up longer, or if you need to sleep again, so blink once for the first, twice for the latter, so you don't strain your body more. It's fine whatever you feel like, just tell me."


The omega blinks twice, already looks like he is two seconds away from falling asleep. Jimin whispers 'sweet dreams' and leaves the room, calling Minho so he can bring Jimin the medication needed for the omegas throat. He heads back into the room, to find the omega peacefully sleeping. He slowly removes the IV he used for 'feeding' the omega while he was unconscious. He thought about slowly getting the omega to eat regular –lighter– food, but with his throat hurting Jimin doesn't think he can yet, but he will try. Hooking up another IV, he adds some pain medication again, this time lighter, just to soothe the pain till he gets the adequate medication for it.


Feeling overwhelmed from the scent, –again–, Jimin gets out of the room, heading to his kitchen, drinking his daily ration of blood (animal blood bags), again overthinking everything he said and asked the omega. Fuck, he feels like an idiot all over again. He still hasn't told his hyungs on how that damned sweet vanilla scent affects him. He probably should.




This time, Yoongi woke up to soft hands touching and placing something on his abdomen, which makes Yoongi start to try and talk, tell them to leave him alone. Key word: try. Again all he could do was let out some pathetic noises, then remembering what his parents told him about talking when not talked to, he opens his eyes. The second his eyes open, he makes eye contact with the silver eyed vampire.


He is petrified. The vampires hands are the ones on his abdomen. What is the vampire doing to him? Oh God, why does his throat hurt so bad? The vampire doesn't talk to Yoongi this time, so the latter decides to just let it happen, maybe this is the punishment the vampire saw fit after Yoongi tried to  move away and talk without permission.


But again what is it? The vampire isn't hurting him. His throat is the only thing that hurts right now, and the vampire isn't even close to it. Maybe he did something while Yoongi was asleep?


After a while, Yoongi feels the vampire's touch leave his skin, can hear the quiet steps moving away. He still doesn't dare open his eyes. Yet, after some minutes he is confused, wants to know what's happening. Hesitantly, he opens his eyes, only to see the vampire nearly seven feet away from the bed. He still doesn't dare look him in the eye, looking at his shoes instead.


"Hey there." Wha– was that voice the vampire? That soft high voice. Yoongi feels hypnotized. Is this the voice he has been hearing lately? "I know you are confused right now, but that's fine, okay?" Yoongi doesn't really register the words, he just wants the vampire to keep talking, would do anything to make him keep going. Then he notices the scent. The vampire smells like coffee. It's oddly comforting to Yoongi.


"And you don't have to be scared of me. I'm a doctor. I know you don't trust me now, but I'll show you, okay?"

That knocks Yoongi off his thoughts, remembering the condition he is in right now. No matter how peaceful the vampire's voice sounds, how his scent affects Yoongi, when he says he is a doctor, Yoongi can't bring himself to trust him. What if the vampire works for the 'royal' and is just messing with him until they can make a use of him again?


"Can you understand me?" Yoongi is debating on what to do. He doesn't dare talk since he wasn't given permission, so he slightly nods, trying not to irritate his neck more. "Okay that's good. Can you show me if anything hurts? You were on pain medication till this morning but I had to get you off of them as soon as possible."


Is the vampire really trying to help him? He really doesn't hurt that much except his throat, and he remembers some bits and pieces of what the 'royal's' men and his 'pet' did to him. But, the vampire can use that agains him right? Forgetting what happened when he woke up, Yoongi tries to talk again. Yet again, all that he lets out are the same pathetic noises, that turn into slight sounding coughs that are messing up Yoongi's throat even more. God, it hurts so much.


When he stops coughing, he notices that the vampire came closer. "Hey it's fine if you can't talk. Don't strain yourself. If you don't want to answer just close your eyes, okay? I'll back up and let you sleep again." Yoongi doesn't care anymore, it hurts too much to ignore. As much as he can move his arm, he starts pointing at his neck, hoping the vampire will understand it.


"So, your throat hurts. Thank you for telling me, you can sleep if you want, okay little one? I will check what's wrong and get the right treatment for it." Little one? Yoongi doesn't know how to feel about it. Yet, he really can't make himself fully trust this specific vampire, so he stays up through the whole thing. Whatever spray that the vampire used, it really made the experience painless, just a bit uncomfortable.


"Can you still hear me clearly?" Yoongi feels so tired, and he is sure he hasn't been up even for a full hour. He slightly nods, waiting for the diagnose, hoping it isn't that bad. "Your vocal cords are crushed."


Yoongi is shaken off his sleepy haze from those words, he can feel himself panicking. Does that mean he can't talk anymore? Was yet another thing dear to him taken away? The 'royal' said he would make sure Yoongi wouldn't be able to tell anyone what happened there. Is this what he meant? Yoongi feels like crying, something he hasn't done in years. The vampire probably saw the fear and panic in his eyes, that's why he rapidly adds.


"Hey, hey, don't worry about it. It's curable. It will just take some time." Those words feel like heaven to Yoongi. He doesn't care how much time it's gonna take, as long as he has his voice back. "I need to know if you can stay up longer, or if you need to sleep again, so blink once for the first, twice for the latter, so you don't strain your body more. It's fine whatever you feel like, just tell me."


Those words remind Yoongi just how tired he is. He blinks twice, then welcomes a blissful sleep.


Half-conscious, he hears that soft voice wishing him 'sweet dreams'. And they worked like they were magic words.

Chapter Text

This time, when Yoongi wakes up, the vampire isn't on his line of sight. Yet, he doesn't know how to feel about it.

On one side, he is relieved that the vampire isn't there. Even thought Yoongi's gut feeling  tells him to trust the vampire, Yoongi is still scared of what the vampire might do to him. Untrusting due to all the tormenting he got through his whole life.


On the other side, Yoongi is scared of the vampires absence. Is he going to call the 'royal'? If not, can the 'royal' find him and hurt him now that the sliver eyed vampire isn't here? Yoongi looks young, is the vampire trying to find his parents, thinking that Yoongi is a minor? He said he was a doctor, yet he could be lying?


He was always scared and wary around everyone he ever met. Everyone was like his parents, except his hyung. His best friend. His sweet and caring hyung. Is he looking for him? Is he worried? Did Yoongi's parents lie to him?


Shaking himself off his thoughts, Yoongi starts looking around himself, scanning his surroundings. He was too distracted to do so before. The room is barely lit by the moonlight reflecting through the open windows. It's a casual monochrome bedroom, but at the same time it looks modern and expensive? Yoongi can't really describe it. Everything looks elegant and modern, yet casual. Yoongi can guess everything is expensive though, considering the queen sized bed he is laying on. It feels so soft and comfortable, that Yoongi feels like sleeping again. Yoongi expected something...-older? He doesn't really know, but he was grown to the thought that vampires still behaved and lived like in the middle ages. At least that's what his parents made him believe.


There is an armchair on the right side of the bed. There is an office-like desk in the far left side of the room, half full with neatly placed folders and a laptop. There's a big closet and there's two doors? One for out and one for the bathroom, Yoongi guesses. There also is a big couch some feet away from the end of the bed Yoongi is laying on. And there's a stack of... –comforters there? Why is that there?


Then the stack starts moving, and Yoongi can hear some incoherent noises that seem to come from whatever is under those comforters. Yoongi just stares confused, as fluffy black hair come into his vision from under the comforters.

So the vampire didn't leave him alone after all. He slowly rises, eyes half closed, rubbing his face to fully wake himself up. He hasn't looked in Yoongi's direction yet, staring at the wall in front of him, looking lost, face puffy from sleep. He doesn't look like a morning person, yet judging by the sight out of the window, it's nowhere near morning. And do vampires even need sleep?


The vampire has yet to notice that Yoongi is awake and looking at him. He reaches for his phone, doing whatever. Mumbling incoherent words to himself. Yoongi debates with himself. Should he let the vampire know that he is up or not? How can he do that?

In the end he doesn't have to.


The vampire slowly gets the comforters off of him, then makes to stand up, only to find himself staring straight at Yoongi's eyes. His eyes widen in surprise for a moment, the next second he has a soft smile in his face. Directed at Yoongi, which truly confuses him. All the smiles that were ever aimed at him were sinister smirks from people who only wanted to hurt him. The vampires expressions seem genuine.


"Hey little one." The vampire gets up this time, slowly walking on Yoongi's direction, as if not to startle him. Yoongi decides to trust his guts this time, stoping the irrational fear from making him cower away, but still cutting the eye contact. The vampire is wearing casual, comfy looking clothes. An oversized black t-shirt and grey sweatpants. That bring Yoongi's attention to his own attire. He is covered with a thin comforter but he can feel that he has nothing on except a t-shirt. The irrational fear is ready to come back, when that soft angelic voice is heard again.


"How are you feeling tonight? Does your throat still hurt as bad as yesterday?" So he slept through a whole day? He really should find a way to ask questions to the vampire too.

Or find a way to answer this question cause he doesn't know how to do soo. He can't talk and can't nod to that question. The vampire seems to realize his mistake when he asks another question. "Can you type your answers out on my phone, laptop or iPad? Are you strong enough to do so? Blink once for yes and twice for no."


Yoongi thinks with himself. He hasn't used his muscles for who knows how long. When he tried to move his hand yesterday, it was too difficult and it strained him too much. It makes him feel embarrassed on himself. On the other side he needs answers just as much as the vampire does. Where is he? How long has he been here? Can he leave this place?


His parents did horrible things to him all his life, it haunts him and messes with his head a lot, they fucking sold him for fuck's sake, but his hyung taught him that not everyone is as bad as his parents. If it wasn't for his hyung, Yoongi would have been in a way worse state than this. Obeying to absolutely everything, not knowing what's right and what's wrong.


So he blinks once, wanting to try and get better. Maybe get out of this messed up situation, still cautious of who the vampire really is though, not wanting to reveal a lot. "Thank you, little one. I'll be right back with my iPad. I think it will be easier for you that way." When the vampire said he'll be right back, Yoongi expected him to take at least 30 seconds. Yet, he is back in less then 3 seconds. So the whole fuss about vampire speed wasn't really a lie.


"Okay, here we go. Can you tell me how much it hurts on a scale from 1-10 using the iPad? It's better if we start lightly." The vampire is talking so softly, like his hyung used to talk to him when he would run at his house for help after whatever disaster happened at Yoongi's house.


The pain isn't as bad as yesterday, but it's still there. Yoongi makes to type out a 4, but can barely move his arm. It feels like tons of bricks are holding his hand down. How did he point at his neck last time again? It probably was the adrenaline that gave him the strength to do so. The vampire seems to get the fact that Yoongi can't raise his hand, cause he lowers the iPad even more. Yoongi finally is able to touch the number, his muscles giving up immediately after. He is sweating? Was it really that hard for him to make a simple movement? He didn't notice the drops of tears flowing on his cheeks until the vampire wipes them off, with a feather–like touch.


"It's fine. It's completely normal to not be able to move easily just yet. You've stayed unmoving for three weeks, little one. There is no need to cry. Some exercise and after some days you'll be able to move your limbs easily." The soft comforting voice doesn't really do much for Yoongi.

His parents took away yet another thing from him. The tears turn into light sobbing, as much as Yoongi's throat allows.


There is a hand on Yoongi's right wrist, gently going up to his hand and holding it tightly yet delicately. "I promise you, little one. Everything will be alright. I will help you recover from everything you went through." Yoongi has never trusted someone who wasn't his hyung. Yet, his whole being is telling him to trust the vampire with that soft angelic voice and the comforting coffee scent. With what is left of his strength, Yoongi squeezes the vampires hand, falling into another deep slumber.






Jimin is crying for the first time in centuries. The third time in his whole life.

The first time he ever cried was when he told Jin about all that happened to him in that damned town. Crying out the frustration and the betrayal of what his own home did to him. Some seconds away from death.


The second time was when they thought they lost Jungkook. That day was the first time he saw his hyungs cry as well. They don't let people close to their heart. They don't want to get hurt when the inevitable death comes for the other. That's why it took all of them a long time to get comfortable and close to Taehyung. It was even easier after he mated with Jungkook and Hoseok, a powerful witch, yet the definition of sunshine.

When you mate with a vampire, you will live with them, as long as they do, which usually is eternity. You don't turn or get vampire traits, you simply become immortal.


That's the reason why Jimin didn't tell Tae about the wolf. His family found out recently about his mating with not one, but two other men of another kind. Werewolves are mostly monogamous, so when they saw Tae with not one, but two mates, they lost their shit. And they are traditional and all, still holding onto the foolish war of werewolves and vampires that ended six hundred years ago. His mom is the only one who fully supports Tae. So yeah, Jimin doesn't want to add more baggage to Tae's worries.



Jimin is crying right now. There's no sobbing, just drops of tears falling off his face as he looks at the white haired boy laying in front of him. He didn't move his hand after the wolf blacked out again, probably won't do so for a while.

Jimin has seen worse than this. He has been around for too long and has seen the most gruesome sights, but not once did he cry. Yes, he felt emotions about whatever it was but never expressed those emotions.


The sight of the omega struggling with all strength left in his body truly broke his heart.

When he started crying, Jimin was trying with all his willpower to stop himself from touching the omega, from trying to comfort him, and possibly making it worse for him.


Well, he failed. Apparently his self-control isn't as strong as he thought. Being as slow and as gentle as he could, not wanting to startle the wolf, Jimin slowly gets a hold of the small wrist then slowly holding the omega's hand. "I promise you, little one. Everything will be alright. I will help you recover from everything you went through." Jimin doesn't know what possessed him to make him say that, but he meant every word.


When the omega squeezes his hand, with all the power left in him, then falling unconscious, the first tear fell from Jimin's eyes.

Why does he care so much?

Why are all these emotions surfacing now? He doesn't even know the omega.

Is this how he looked like to Jin and Joon when they turned him?

Is this how they felt?


Jimin doesn't know. He is yearning for answers but he doesn't know.





Chapter Text

It hurts so bad.


His father keeps hitting him with his leather belt all over his body. He made Yoongi take off his shirt, so it hurts more. It has been going on for half an hour, his father not once stopping the hits, only to switch with his mother, who is staring at him with a sinister smile in her face. He doesn't know how he is still fully conscious.


Yoongi has been holding his screams through all of it, but the seven year old just wants to let it all out. He is trying, but he can't handle it anymore. They don't seem close to stopping.


"Ple–please s–st–stop i-i-it hu-hurts!" Yoongi says on the lightest voice, begging for mercy, for the punishment to stop. He doesn't even know what he did wrong this time.


The hitting stops? Yoongi is confused, but gets his answer when his father starts screaming at him on top of his lungs.

"Who the fuck gave you permission to speak little bitch? If you think you can disobey me then you have another thing coming at you. Useless little shit. I'll show you what really hurts."


His father is dragging him harshly by his arm, on the direction of the... front door?

Not again, no,no,no,nonono.

Yet all he can do is shake his head.

His father throws him on the balcony floor, grabbing his tiny frail wrists in a tight bruising grip, tying them tightly to one of the balcony wood posts with his belt.


"This will teach you a lesson, fucking worthless omega bitch." He starts kicking Yoongi with all the force he has. All the poor kid can do is cower a bit to protect his head and let it happen. After his father has his fill, 20 minutes after, Yoongi is half-conscious, gaze blurry, eyes full of unshed tears.


"You will stay here all night as a punishment for your stubborn head. You will see what happens when you disobey me. No food, water or anything till tomorrow." With that his dad gets back in. Yoongi is still shirtless and the nights in this time of the year are breezy. He is tired, hurting and hungry. All he can do is sleep, waiting impatiently for tomorrow to come. Before he falls unconscious, he hears his mother laughing at him yet again. The unshed tears start dripping on his cheeks.


She is coming closer, looking ready to hit him again...


"Little one, it's fine. It's just a dream okay? Can you wake up for me? Open your eyes and you will be safe, okay? I'm here."

Yoongi knows that voice, and his subconsciousness knows that he can trust the voice and the one behind it.






Jimin wakes up to light sobbing. Jolting awake, not even remembering falling asleep in the first place. He is still kneeling by the omega's bed, still holding his hand from last night. He fell asleep while crying?


Rapidly looking up at the omega, the source of the sobbing sounds, he sees that the wolf is still asleep, tears running down his face. A nightmare? He looks like he wants to move away from it, whatever it is, but he is too weak to do so. Jimin, unknowingly to himself, squeezes the soft hand, debating with himself if he should wake up the boy or not. When the sobbing gets noticeably worse, Jimin can't resist anymore.


Trying to be as gentle as possible cause of the scars, Jimin gets a hold of the wolf's cheek, slowly and gently shaking his head.

"Little one, it's fine. It's just a dream okay? Can you wake up for me? Open your eyes and you will be safe, okay? I'm here."


The sobbing slowly ceases, and those beautiful blue eyes come to Jimin's vision. This time they aren't confused or afraid so Jimin knows he is fully up, even though the sobbing and the tears haven't stopped yet.

"Hey there. See, it's alright. It was just a nightmare. Nothing can hurt you as long as I'm here little one." Jimin doesn't think that the omega trusts him, really. But he needs to reassure the boy. Moving to stand up and get out of the omegas personal space, Jimin makes to let go of the formers hand. Yet, the omega has other plans.


He won't let go of Jimin's hand. Jimin doesn't have anything against that. He would literally nail himself there if it meant comfort to the omega. After he makes sure the other calmed down, Jimin ask. "Do you want anything? Water?" Jimin stops, waiting for an answer. And he receives a slight nod.


Being back in less then a second, he sets the water bottle on the nightstand. "Let's help you up." Slowly getting a hold of the omega's shoulders, minding the delicate injuries and waiting if he wants to back out, he fixes the pillow and helps the wolf sit on the bed. Retrieving the bottle and popping it open, Jimin lifts it to the wolf's lips. Slowly tipping it up so he has time between gulps. The latter drinks it like a thirsty man in the middle of a desert. Jimin makes sure he doesn't choke on it.


When the wolf stops drinking, Jimin gets the hint that he is full. He sets the bottle back on the nightstand. "Feeling better?" Another slight nod. Now Jimin is lost, what does he say? Maybe introduce himself? He seems more comfortable with Jimin now, but that can be temporary.


"I guess I should introduce myself. Well, I'm Park Jimin." Jimin can't continue, because the wolf looks fucking horrified. Oh God, Jimin forgot how most people describe him and his 'reputation'. "Hey, no need to be scared. I don't know what you have heard of me but only 5 people know me, every rumor you might have heard is probably a lie. I won't hurt you." The wolf doesn't look any better.


"I messed up there, didn't I." "Great Jimin, thinking out loud now." Welp, he really is an embarrassment. At least it was worth it, when he saw the little smile on the wolf's face. Jimin is straight up up grinning like an idiot. "Okay, okay, before I embarrass myself further. Can we do some light exercising? Like just moving your right hand more. What do you say little one?" Jimin is expecting a no, and after the last time he doesn't really blame the omega when he shakes his head in a no motion. Yep.


"Alright, we can postpone that for a while. Are you hungry?" As if on cue the omega's stomach starts growling, a light blush flushing on his cheeks from embarrassment. "You can only have light food for a while, so it doesn't upset your stomach. Do you like soup?" Another shy nod. "Be right back little one."


Jimin told Minho to get human food for him, so he has all he needs to make that soup. It's actually a chicken broth. It takes less than two minutes, but while he is at it, he remembers that he has been calling the omega 'little one' all along. Fuck, he is going to think Jimin is a creep now. And he knows who Jimin is now, and the fake rumors don't help anything.


Jimin, as much as he hates that, is a pretty big figure. He has people following him around everywhere, even thought he isn't a celebrity. He made sure to keep this mansion to himself, so could have some privacy. The media thinks he lives in a penthouse on a fancy complex in Seoul.


There were a lot of rumors about him, mostly from some ex-employees from his companies. Everyone trying to get money out of him. Some even tried to fake being pregnant with his baby. Jimin was so tired of all of it, that he sued every single one of them, everyone dropping the allegations. It still didn't make those rumors stop to this day, though.


How he is harsh and rude. How badly he treats his employees. How he is never present. How he sucked someone dry when they said no to him. How he assaulted someone for rejecting him. All of them are pitiful lies.

What did the wolf hear about him?


"Hey, I'm back." Jimin walks in with a tray in his hand, the soup bowl and another water bottle on it. The wolf is just how Jimin left him, his gaze turned to the window. There is a little brown bird on the windowsill, chirping happily and staring right back at the omega. Hearing Jimin's voice, the little creature flies out of the room, making the omega look at him. Jimin walks back to the armchair, setting the tray on the nightstand.


"Sorry for scaring your new friend, little one."  To this point Jimin is just going to give up and hope the omega doesn't mind the nickname. The latter shrugs as much as his body lets him. Sitting down, Jimin retrieves the soup bowl and the spoon from the tray. It's not too warm since that will just irritate the wolf's throat.


"Open up." Jimin lifts the spoon to the omega's lips, trying to feed him. The omega is hesitant, doesn't open his mouth. Is he scared? Why would he be scared? Oh.

"It's not poisoned, if that's why you are so hesitant. I promised you little one, I'm here only to take care of you." The omega's eyes widen and he shakes his head. Jimin is confused, if not that, then why? "Are you scared it's going to hurt your throat?" Jimin smiles softly when he receives a slight shy nod. "It's not that warm to hurt you, if anything it's going to soothe your throat. And you are on medications for it, unless you strain your vocal cords they won't hurt."


This time, when Jimin lifts the spoon, the omega opens his mouth. He feeds the hungry wolf half of the bowl. It's enough for now, since he needs to get used to it slowly.

Getting everything out of the room, cause he hates when there is a mess around, Jimin sits down on the armchair again. The wolf looks sleepy again. Well, this has been the longest he has been awake ever since he woke up.


"Do you want to sleep again, little one?" Jimin ,again, gets a shy nod in return. It's adorable. "Let's help you down then." Slowly lowering the omega back in a comfortable laying position, Jimin makes to move away, when he feels a grip in his hand. Jimin forgot he was holding the omega's hand, like he did throughout most of the time he has been awake. "Okay, little one. I'll stay here with you. Sweet dreams."


Jimin stares the whole time, as the sweet innocent face relaxes, finally asleep. Daring to drop a soft impulsive kiss on the others hand, Jimin promises again. "Everything will be just fine, little one. I will make sure of that."

Chapter Text

"Hyung, hyung come see. I found a little kitten." An excited eight years old Yoongi exclaims, pointing at the frail little feline in the big box he found. He is dragging his hyung at this point, so excited to show him.


"It's so cute Yoonie! How about we ask my mom for some food to give to it? It looks hungry." His hyung is so smart. Of course the kitten is hungry! Again getting a hold of his hyung's wrist, Yoongi drags him to the direction of the former's house, so excited to do something good for the little kitten. His hyung just looks at him with a soft,adoring smile in his face.


"Wait Yoon, we can take him with us. I'm strong and big enough to take the box." Right! Yoongi lets go of his hyung, now jumping up and down from excitement. His hyung picks up the box, heading for his home.

His mom loves animals just as much as he does so it won't be a problem.


Yoongi watches, fascinated, as his hyung's mom feeds the cute kitten. She is using an old baby bottle, probably his hyung's, to feed it. It's eyes are closed, but it is cutely drinking from the bottle. "We can keep the kitten sweetie. And Yoongi can come play with it whenever he wants to."

"Thank you so muchhhh." The little boy exclaims again.


Yoongi is so happy.






Yoongi wakes up to some soft and damp material rubbing on his forehead. It's gentle and soothing. Yoongi likes it. He chooses not to open his eyes and simply enjoy it. He knows who it is anyways.

Recalling what happened last time he was awake, Yoongi remembers the vampire, Jimin, taking care of him.


Park Jimin. The Third One. The richest man in the whole world.

Yoongi was absolutely terrified when he heard that. He has heard rumors on how ignorant and brutish the vampire is, how he drinks dry people who disobey him, how he uses his power to destroy people's lives. Yet, nothing was ever confirmed. And hyung told Yoongi to never trust rumors.

So, when Jimin downright panicked and started thinking out loud when Yoongi had the frightened look on his face, Yoongi knew they were nothing but rumors.


Jimin didn't do anything without asking Yoongi, which is against everything Yoongi was taught growing up. He calmed Yoongi down from his nightmare, gave him water and fresh food. Even if it was just a soup, for Yoongi that was everything. When the vampire asked about the exercises he was scared to say no. Why would Jimin listen to him? Yoongi is a mere burden to him, he wants to get rid of him faster. But he listened, not once did he treat Yoongi like a burden. Never made him feel like one.


Then he fed Yoongi, and didn't call him ungrateful when he was hesitant to eat the food. He stayed with Yoongi when the wolf was scared to fall back asleep due to the horrifying nightmares from his past. He was so gentle with every word and touch, had this comforting smile on his face the whole time.


Not forgetting the calming scent of coffee the vampire possesses. That scent lulled him back to sleep. Yoongi decides to trust his gut this time. The vampire clearly has no intentions on hurting him. Why would The Third One even have anything to do with him, let alone have a reason to hurt him?


All the while Yoongi is lost on his thoughts, the damp material slides through his skin, all over his face and neck. Yoongi can now pinpoint the material as a soft towel, cleaning off his dirty skin. Yoongi's whole body feels dirty, and his head feels heavy from the grease in his hair. Yoongi has been unconscious for three weeks according to Jimin. That's probably why his body feels outright disgusting.


Yoongi opens his eyes, gaze blurry from sleep. He catches a sight of the vampire on his right, concentrating on cleaning the skin on his neck. Maybe staring at him will make him notice Yoongi is awake. It works after some moments, the vampire catching his gaze as he fixes his own hair.


"Hey. Slept well?" Jimin asks Yoongi with a sweet smile on his face. Yep, the best sleep in forever. Yet, he can't really say that so he simply nods, which is easier to do so now. Jimin was right about his throat, it may have been, what, four or five days but his throat feels quiet better.


"I hope you don't mind me doing this. I didn't think you would like feeling clammy and greasy all over. If you want me to stop just nod your head." Yoongi doesn't move his head, happy to feel, even the slightest, cleaner. "I'll keep going then, but if you don't want me touching anywhere, or if you feel uncomfortable, just move your head, okay?"


Jimin stays unmoving, staring at him for a good while? Why isn't he moving? Is he waiting for something? Oh. Yoongi nods again, a light flush in his cheeks. He was waiting for Yoongi, again.


The soft material is back on his skin, this time on his right arm. Yoongi closes his eyes again, the sensation is relaxing to him. The vampire is so gentle on every touch, but still cleaning off everything.


When he feels a hand on the hem of the t-shirt he is wearing, Yoongi stiffens, shaking his head. The hands leave immediately without questioning anything. Yoongi opens his eyes, frightened of seeing judgement and anger on the others eyes, only to see the worried, soft eyes staring right back at him. "I'm so sorry, little one. I'll stop, just let me get these to the bathroom." Yoongi wants to tell him that he has nothing to be sorry about, he is just hesitant, but all he can do is shake his head.


The vampire seems confused. "You want me to stop, right?" Yoongi shakes his head again, tries to mouth the words 'Just give me a second'. The vampire seems to understand him, still making sure. "Want a second, little one?" Yoongi nods for the nth time. The vampire sits down. "Just nod again when you are ready."


Yoongi hesitates to let the vampire continue. Yes, he asked for a second, but he doesn't have the courage to let the vampire see under the shirt, let alone touch. He can feel that he doesn't have anything other than the t-shirt, so if the vampire lifts it every part of his body will be visible.


Then again, the vampire has seen everything. He was the one who took care of all the injuries on his body. And he felt the catheter when he stood up to eat last time. This t-shirt is way to comfortable and in one piece to be his, so it's sure that the other changed him as well. The vampire had all the chances to take advantage of his body in this condition, yet he didn't. Why should Yoongi be scared of the vampire simply cleaning him then?


Yoongi nods to let the vampire know he can continue. Yet, the other doesn't move? Why isn't he getting up? Jimin just keeps looking at his expressions. After some seconds, Jimin sighs and slowly gets up. Yoongi is expecting him to get back to it, only for the other to pick up the water bucket and the towels, and head for one of the doors on the room. This time he doesn't use his vampire speed which confuses Yoongi even more. When he opens the door, Yoongi can see the white, big bathroom. Why did Jimin stop when Yoongi told him to keep going?


When Jimin gets back, Yoongi holds his gaze at his direction, waiting for an answer.

The other just sits down, again smiling at him. But this one looks… sad?

"I could see that you didn't want me to continue. I told you that it's fine if you want me to stop anything I'm doing, you don't have to force yourself for anything. I could literally see you trying to convince yourself to agree, little one, I couldn't keep going."


Yoongi doesn't know what to do right now. He isn't used to this. He is used to convincing himself to say yes for something he honestly didn't want. Nobody ever noticed, and if they did, they didn't care. So why does this vampire care?


"Is there anything else you want to do, little one?"

Yes, he does. The vampire said he needs exercises to be able to move again. The first time Jimin mentioned it, Yoongi was afraid of ending up like that time he tried to touch the iPad screen. Now all he wants is to heal. He trusts the vampire, even though it's slim, it's still there. It shocked him, how easily he gave in. But his gut feeling was never wrong.


Yoongi fixes his gaze on the vampire's eyes, mouthing 'want to move'. It visibly shocked Jimin, by the look of his face. "Are you sure?" Yoongi answers with a stubborn nod. "Alright, but just know that we have to start lightly, so don't be disappointed if it takes too much."


Yoongi is ready for it. The vampire is slowly breaking all of Yoongi's walls and they haven't even shared a proper conversation yet.

He chooses to blindly trust the other and his words. He seems eager and genuine to help anyways.

Chapter Text

It's been two weeks since the wolf woke up.

Jimin took another month off so he could solely focus on the other. Tae was sceptic, but didn't say anything. Jimin knows he will ask sooner than later.


The physical therapy started a day after the omega asked for it. It started with him trying to squeeze a stress ball. It's easy yes, but not for someone on the wolf's condition. It took him two full days of training his hand to be able to properly move it. The left arm's broken bones were completely healed by the first week, so they worked with both sides.


Jimin could see how frustrating it was for the other. When simply raising his arm would wear him out. But he didn't let himself give up. Jimin kept telling him not to force himself, once had to put sleeping medications on the IV cause he was hurting more than helping himself.


Well, by the second week he could easily move his upper body, with some exceptions on his recently healed left arm and hand, and stand up with Jimin's help, which is truly an improvement. His vocal cords are better and rested, but he can whisper only, just for one more week. Through those whispers, Jimin learned that the white haired, sweet vanilla scented wolf, is called Yoongi. A beautiful name, if you ask Jimin.




Jimin is walking into the wolf's room –yes the wolf's room, that's how Jimin calls it– with a tray full with food, that the wolf can easily eat now, happy blinding smile on his face. The omega can fully move his arms now, and Jimin is sure he would love to try and eat by himself. He has tried other times, but those didn't end well. Jimin can see the happiness through the other's eyes as well.


Sitting down, he starts talking. "Hey little one, dinner is ready. Want to try eating by yourself again?" The other answers him with an exited nod.

And, "Y-Yoongi.".

What was that? What was that whisper? Jimin is astonished when the wolf whispers again. "It-It's Yo-Yoongi." Jimin lets out a shocked laugh. Then it all sinks in. The other is healing, he can talk.

Yoongi. Jimin likes that name. "Okay ,Yoongi" Jimin's smile doesn't leave his face for the rest of the day. It only gets brighter when Yoongi is able to eat by himself, even if he makes a bit of a mess.


The other rarely talks after that, more like never, but Jimin doesn't really mind. He knew he was getting better, yet he didn't expect him to say anything. Mostly cause of the possible –more like visible– psychological trauma. He is content with knowing the other's name.

And the sound of his voice. The whispers can be deceiving, but he can bet his millennial of years that the voice was a soothing deep one.




Yoongi is slowly trusting him more. Doesn't look like he wants to hide or run away when Jimin gets too close to his bruises or lower side. He is okay with Jimin being there, and trust him enough to find comfort in him after bad experiences. An exercise gone bad, a nightmare. He is really warming up to him quicker than Jimin thought. Yoongi somehow trusted Jimin enough to let him help while bathing, and he keeps shocking Jimin.




Jimin moved the couch on the right side of the bed, some feet away, to be as close as possible to Yoongi even in his sleep, at the same time not breaking any boundaries. The wolf wakes up on trivial hours, and sixty percent of it is cause of nightmares. To this point Jimin thinks they are flashbacks.

Just like today.


Jimin chose to nap when the other fell asleep earlier, only to wake up by a violent scream.

He shots up, looking at other. He is screaming on top of his lungs, all he can before his throat gives up on him and all he can let out are wheeze like sounds.


"Yoongi. Yoongi, hey wake up." Jimin is trying to talk him out of the dream cause last time he touched Yoongi in this condition he woke up to a panic attack. But it's futile. The other has started writhing around on the bed, tugging on the bedsheets and his shirt. Jimin basically flew to the bed when the omega started scratching his arms as much as he could, pulling on the IV needle. Fuck.


He is hovering over Yoongi, grabing his arms, so he can stop writhing around and hurt himself, but he kept struggling against Jimin.

"Yoongi, Yoongi wake up please. It's just a nightmare, I'm here please wake up." Jimin is borderline yelling right now. Yoongi is still trying to scream and run away. "Little one, please wake up." It has never been this bad.

What is going on on the wolf's head right now? Jimin keeps calling him, trying to get him out of this horrible nightmare.


Eventually, the struggling stops, the blue eyes opening, catching his. His eyes are hazy, unfocused. Jimin makes to get off, he knows the other will panic with Jimin hovering over him like that.

A strong grip on his wrists stops him from moving. What-? He looks back at the wolf, trying to figure out just what the fuck.


Yoongi's eyes are full with unshed tears. He looks like he is going to crumble down any second. "Yoongi? Are you with me little one?"

The tears start falling, damping the omega's cheeks. "Hy-yu-hyung." If he wasn't a vampire, Jimin wouldn't be able to hear the voice even this close. Yoongi has been asking for this hyung in his dreams ever since he started talking. Whoever this hyung is, he is Yoongi's comfort person. Jimin would ask the wolf about his family, if the latter wouldn't beg his father to stop hurting him every night in his nightmares.


Jimin tries to get off the wolf again, only to hear something else that makes him stop.

"J-Ji-Jimi-n h-hyu-hyung." Jimin's heart melts at that. The other seems fully conscious, and he is asking for Jimin.


"I'm here, little one. Jimin hyung is here. It's over, it wasn't real."

"I-it h-hu-hurts."

"What hurts little one, tell hyung? Is it your throat again?" Jimin is using the sweetest voice he can muster.


"Shhh, it's fine don't talk. Can you let me go? I can get some medication for your throat."

"Pl-please b-be q-qu-quick." Jimin got back in less then a second. He inserts the medication on the IV, so it lasts longer. After all that screaming, it's going to hurt even more. Jimin doesn't know if he should touch Yoongi again. Doesn't know what to say. The other does it for him, though.


"Hy-Hyung, c-can y-you st-stay he-here?"

"Want me to stay near you, little one? Don't talk, don't strain yourself, just point where you want hyung to be, okay?" Now, Jimin was expecting Yoongi to tell him to stay at the armchair, hold his hand. Now, just imagine Jimin's face when Yoongi patted the space next to him, on the left side of the bed.


"Are you sure you want me that close, little one?" Yoongi answers with a sure, stubborn looking nod. And who is Jimin to say no to him? But he doesn't lay down. He sits on the bed, back leaning on the headboard.

He starts slowly playing with Yoongi's hair. Jimin doesn't mind the grease. The other seems to like the sensation of it a lot. His scent is getting back to normal, after spiking up because of the nightmare. Jimin keeps gently playing with Yoongi's hair, until he falls in a hopefully peaceful sleep.


Jimin gets his answer when the omega starts purring in his sleep. It's a deep, slow sound, vibrations coming directly from his chest. It's comforting to the vampire too.

Then it hits Jimin. Wolves purr only when they feel at ease and safe.




It's been three days since that horrible nightmare occurred. Yoongi's throat was damaged again from all the screaming, but it went away quickly. He can only whisper, though, otherwise it's going to irritate his throat.

On the other side, the wolf is so much more comfortable with Jimin. He doesn't flinch when Jimin touches him, quiet the opposite actually. He leans on the touch, finding it reassuring by the looks of it.


Jimin is getting attached to the sweet wolf. He knows he shouldn't, he doesn't know anything about the wolf yet. Yes, he got some information from the other sleep-talking, which he sometimes wished he never heard, but he doesn't know who the other really is. Jimin knows he shouldn't get attached to someone who can leave any day and never come back, but he can't help it. He can't just stop it.


The wolf is currently sitting on the bed, back leaning on the headboard as Jimin feeds him. They just finished the daily exercises for the wolf, so Yoongi is too tired to eat by himself. Jimin doesn't mind at all.

He cleans everything, getting the empty dishes on his kitchen and getting right back in the room, as Yoongi gets anxious if he is gone for too long. The other doesn't express it, but his scent gives it away. That's why he does everything that needs to be done out of this room while Yoongi is asleep. His sensitive hearing can pick up when the other wakes up, so the wolf never noticed his rare absence.


After eating and getting some energy, Yoongi likes to keep going with the exercises. Sometimes Jimin stops him cause it's too much for the wolf, sometimes he gives in. Right now, Jimin thinks it's better that the wolf rests. Yet, when he makes to help the wolf down, the latter grabs his hand hesitantly. The touch is almost non-existent.

"Do you need Jimin hyung to get anything for you, Yoon?" Another nickname slipped his lips. Really, Jimin?


"C-Ca-Can I p-please sho-shower, Ji-Jimin-ssi?" The hushed deep voice, that had Jimin wondering about it every night, ever since the first day he heard it ,says. Jimin doesn't like that Yoongi is using formal honorifics, he preferred when the other called him hyung. And why does he look scared of Jimin's reaction? Are they back on square one, where the other would be cautious of every move Jimin made?

Then again, this has been a delicate topic for the younger ever since the first cleaning incident, so probably not. Jimin did clean Yoongi with wet towels like the first time, leaving out the lower side of his body as Yoongi wasn't comfortable with it, doing it himself after he got control of his hands, Jimin always turning away when he did. But it really isn't anywhere near to a shower.


"You can't shower by yourself, little one. And there is no need to be formal with me." The other seems sad, but looks like he expected it. "C-can y-you h-he-help m-me th-then, h-hyung?" Yoongi blushes at the end of the sentence, it's endearing to Jimin. But he doesn't think that the wolf will be comfortable with him there.

"Are you comfortable with me there, little one?" The response he gets is a stubborn nod. Jimin waits for a second, analyzing the others expressions. He doesn't seem like he is lying or hesitating. Well, apparently he really feels comfortable with Jimin there.


Jimin gets a shower stool, which he asked Minho to buy since he knew the wolf would ask for a shower sooner rather than later. A bath isn't really an option until Jimin is able to remove the catheter. That's going to take time, cause the wolf can barely stay on his feet, let alone walk. He grads another oversized t-shirt from his walk-in closet, some underwear from a drawer, and the best shampoos he can find in his bathroom.

He makes his way back to the room, taking his time, as if giving Yoongi time to back out. The other seems rather impatient, though.


"Ready?" Jimin asks softly, making his way to the bed. Yoongi nods, again looking stubborn. Jimin takes off the IV tube, covering the needle, as Yoongi will need it again, and the heart-rate monitor.

"Can I carry you there?" Jimin and Yoongi both know the latter can't walk yet, and that he needs help. Jimin has a wheelchair in his disposal, for every case.

"Y-yes." Jimin is worried that talking this much is going to do too much damage. "Just nod on these questions, okay? Don't irritate your throat." Jimin slowly picks him up bridal style, one arm under the wolf's back the other under his thighs. The catheter is tied to Yoongi's leg and covered so it doesn't get wet and damaged.


"Is this okay?" Yoongi makes to say something again, then remembers what Jimin said about talking so he nods again. He slowly heads to the bathroom connected to the wolf's room. Jimin calls Yoongi little one as an endearment, but really, the other is so tiny in comparison to Jimin's tall frame. Jimin knows he is on the taller side. Like, he hasn't met people who are taller than him yet, aside from Joon and Jin, who are one centimeter taller. Then again, omegas usually lean on the shorter side as well, male or female.

It's cute, how Yoongi is basically lost in Jimin's hold.


He shakes himself off his thoughts as he sits Yoongi down on the stool, inside the shower cabin. It's a rather low stool, which is convenient in this situation, and it's touching the shower wall, where Yoongi leans on.

"Can you take your shirt off by yourself? Do you want some more time?" Yoongi shakes his head in a no motion twice, a light flush on his cheeks.

Jimin slowly grabs the hem of Yoongi's t-shirt, again looking in his eyes, waiting some more before raising it over his head. He throws the dirty t-shirt on the tiled floor, getting up to turn on the shower head.


He sets the water on a lukewarm temperature, letting the wolf check if he is okay with it, then gently starts getting Yoongi's hair damp. The wolf visibly relaxes when the water touches his scalp.

He sends a thankful look on Jimin's way, which makes the latter break into a blinding eye smile.

Jimin retrieves the shampoo from the rack, tenderly washing Yoongi's hair and upper body, then rinsing it off.

"Want to continue by yourself now, little one?" Jimin can see the debate going on Yoongi's head, patiently waiting for an answer. He receives a nod from a beet red looking Yoongi. Jimin helps Yoongi get the shampoo on his hands, then keeps massaging his scalp as the other rubs himself clean.


When Yoongi is done, Jimin rinses him off again, then turning off the water. He retrieves a clean towel, slowly wiping Yoongi's hair and neck dry, then looking for permission, before he keeps going. He gets another shorter towel, wrapping it around the omega's hair. He crouches down to Yoongi's eye level.

"Feeling better now?" The cute excited nod he gets in return almost melts his heart. When Yoongi breaks into a sweet gummy smile, Jimin feels his heart absolutely shattering. Smiling back sweetly, Jimin speaks again. "Let's get you back to bed now, hmm?" Jimin again waits for an answer, picking Yoongi up when he gets yet another nod in response.


He heads back to the room, first laying Yoongi down on the couch so he can replace the bedsheets, then helping him sit down on the bed. He retrieves the t-shirt and the underwear he left on the armchair, helping Yoongi put them on.

He grads a hairbrush from the bathroom, crouching a bit behind Yoongi, he starts gently brushing off the knots on the wolf's hair. He doesn't sit on the bed, he doesn't want to get it wet with his clothes.


After finishing brushing the omega's hair, he gets, up getting a clean comforter from the closet, helping Yoongi lay down properly, then covering him. It's not cold inside the mansion, even thought it's the end of September, but the wolf is sensitive to temperatures in this condition. Jimin isn't really affected by the temperatures, body always cold, except after feeding.


The wolf is visibly sleepy and tired, so Jimin sits down on the armchair, retrieving a book he left on the nightstand, and starts reading for both of them. It's an activity that has been up for a week now. The wolf likes it, it lulls him to sleep. Just like right now.

His face is relaxed, a small smile in his lips.

"Sweet dreams, little one."


With that, Jimin gets up and heads for his room, changing off of the wet clothes he has on after showering the wolf. He dresses up fast, literally running back to the room even though it's next to his. He lays down on the couch, his laptop on his stomach. He does whatever he feels like doing for work today, and checks up on some reports. He is about to drop off when the doorbell rings.


Weird. He didn't call anyone.

He didn't ask Minho for anything.

Jin and Joon know that they can't come right now.

Who can it be?

Chapter Text

The doorbell rings again, this time waking Yoongi up as well. He turns to Jimin, a scared look on his eyes, slowly filling with tears. Jimin jumps off the couch, getting in front of Yoongi, gently getting a hold of his face. "Hey, why are you scared, little one? Jimin hyung is here, nothing bad is going to happen." Yoongi gives back a teary nod, it breaks Jimin's heart. Jimin hopes whoever is down there has a good reason for this.


"Stay quiet, okay. I'll check who is there and come right back." Yoongi just closes his eyes this time. Jimin slowly gets up, eyes lingering on the omega as he makes his way out and to the front door. The doorbell is heard again, it seems more impatient right now.

"Okay, okay I'm coming, stop." Whoever is behind that door is getting on Jimin's nerves right now.


He opens the door, only to be faced with Kim Taehyung himself. What is he doing here?

"Tae?" Jimin is stunned, he didn't expect Tae to be there.

"Hey, Jimin-hyung. I hope I didn't wake you up or something. I wanted to talk to you."

"No, no it's fine. Welcome in Tae." After Tae walks in, Jimin pulls him in a short welcoming hug. He leads them to the living room, both sitting on a couch. "Would you like something to drink Tae?". His anger subsided a little cause he can never be mad at his best friend. And to come this far to meet him. He should have an at least decent reason. "No, thanks hyung. I'm fine"


Tae turns on his direction, looking him in the eyes, ready to ask something. Then he looks like he gets a sniff of Jimin's scent. The latter got used to the werewolf's traits, so he doesn't mind.

"Did you change your shampoo, hyung?" What-? "Where did that come from, TaeTae?" Jimin didn't expect that question. And why is Tae looking at him like that? Untrusting and suspicious. "You smell like vanilla. And your hair are wet. I'm assuming you were showering before I came." Oh.

He forgot that Yoongi's scent lingers in his skin and clothes, as the room they both stay in reeks of the vanilla scent. Still doesn't explain why Tae is looking at him like that. It's not in a teasing way, the way he looks at Jimin when he has a new slight scent in his clothes and the other thinks Jimin is dating someone. It's a serious wary look.


Jimin could simply tell Tae the truth, but the way he is asking about the scent is making Jimin doubtful, too. "Yeah, I got a new shampoo. You keep telling me I reek of coffee and those scentless shampoos I use aren't making it any better."

Tae doesn't seem to buy it. He is getting angry? "Where did you buy the shampoo, hyung." Why is he insisting about it?

Tae doesn't have anything to do with the people who hurt Yoongi. Right?

"Why are you here Taehyung-ah?"


That seems to be enough for him. Standing up abruptly, Tae grabs Jimin by his shirt's collar, pulling him up. Tae is by no means taller than Jimin, but he isn't that short either.

Shooting Jimin a deadly glare, Taehyung starts yelling. "Where is he, Park Jimin?" It's so loud, Taehyung's voice doesn't sound like him anymore.

In no way is Jimin going to tell him where Yoongi is after this. "Who are you talking about? Let go of me! What the fuck!?" Jimin replies in the same loud voice, pushing the other's hands off of him, backing up a bit. He really doesn't want to hurt Tae, he is Jimin's best friend. But if he has something to do with the people who hurt Yoongi, Jimin won't know what to do.


"Where is h-" a loud thud is heard upstairs.
Fuck, Yoongi.

Jimin doesn't care if Tae follows him right now, Yoongi might be hurt. He runs as fast as he can to the room, slamming the door to the wall from the speed. Yoongi is on the floor, laying on his stomach. He is crying silently. Jimin runs to him, gently but quickly picking him up. Yoongi literally wraps himself around Jimin like an octopus.

Jimin sits on the bed, holding Yoongi tightly in his lap, tenderly wiping the tears on his face, shushing him. "Shhh, everything is fine. I'm here. Hyung is here."


Jimin hears the rushed footsteps coming upstairs. He doesn't let go of Yoongi, ready to run in any case. He can take Tae, but he can't make himself hurt his best friend. He tightens his hold on Yoongi's waist, one hand moving to the back of his head, nudging it to the crook of Jimin's neck. He has noticed that Yoongi likes his scent, and knows that this gesture helps werewolves relax.


Tae runs into the room, light brown eyes now blue from his wolf taking control. Fuck.

"Hyung, let go of him and no one gets hurt."  Taehyung's voice is almost unrecognizable like this, his wolf laced in his tone. He is yelling every word, it's visibly scaring Yoongi, who is shaking like a leaf in Jimin's lap.  "What the fuck do you want, Taehyung? Stop this nonsense. I don't know how you know him, but you are scaring him. Calm the fuck down." Jimin is trying to stop himself from yelling too, but anyone can hear the anger in his voice. "I'm scaring him? Don't make me laugh. Look what you have done to him, Park Jimin. I actually thought I knew you. Maybe all those rumors weren't really a lie after all."


Jimin is stunned to silence. What the fuck is Tae talking about? Does he really think Jimin could do this to someone? That's how low he thinks of Jimin? Tae charges at them, trying to rip Yoongi off of his arms. Jimin runs out of the way, Tae stumbling on the bed. His wolf is growling and snarling loudly. "Taehyung, stop. You are only assuming the truth, stop." Jimin is at the door now, holding Yoongi tightly on his arms. "Then why aren't you letting go of him, Jimin. Why him? What did he do to you? Tae doesn't look angry anymore, just in outright pain and despair. His voice went from basically screaming to a cracked, teary tone. The chasing keeps going for some more, until Tae is clearly tired.


"Tae, listen to me. Have I ever done anything to make you think that I could do such thing to someone? I can't let him go. You aren't in your right mind and he can't walk. Just sit and calm down." Jimin wants Tae to get back in control, cause his wolf won't help any of them in any way. And he somehow is listening to Jimin, hesitantly sitting down.

"Ta-Tae-hyung, sto-stop pl-pleas-e." Yoongi is talking as loud as he can, but Jimin can literally hear that he's in pain because of it. Is Tae the hyung Yoongi keeps calling for in his sleep? "Shhh, little one. Don't strain yourself. Your hyungs will calm down now and talk. Then you can go back to sleep." Jimin is back to his sweet voice, all the anger leaving his body, trying to comfort Yoongi.


"Yoonie." Jimin looks back at Tae, who is now crying, calling for Yoongi. Jimin was right. He slowly walks back to the bed, cautious of Tae, even thought his eyes are back to brown. He can snap at any time. He sits down on the bed too, loosening his grip on Yoongi, so he can look at Tae. He doesn't move from Jimin's lap, just reaches for Taehyung's hand, gripping it softly. "I-I'm fi-fine, hy-hyung. Ji-Jimin-n hy-hyung t-took ca-care o-of m-me." Yoongi moved his head from Jimin's neck, looking at Tae, tears still running down his face. Before Tae can reply, Jimin chides Yoongi again for overusing his voice. "Shhh, little one. Don't talk please, it will only hurt you. Just nod unless you really need to answer, okay?" Yoongi gives him a shy, embarrassed nod. Tae just looks at them, waiting for them to finish. His tears haven't stopped yet. And seeing Yoongi in this condition isn't helping him in any way. "Jimin-hyung, I'm so sorry. I just-. I've been trying to find Yoongi for almost two months now. I came to ask for your help, and check on you. Two months off just aren't your thing. Then I smelled Yoongi on you and my wolf went feral." Tae looks like he wants to lean on them, try for a hug, yearning for some comfort. Jimin notices it, and understands why Tae needs the reassurance.


"How about we give a hug to your hyung, hmm little one?" Tae's eyes are hopeful, basically begging. Jimin feels heartbroken. Why is this happening to the people he cares for? Yoongi gives a sharp nod in return, eager to hug his hyung. Jimin smiles at him, glancing at Tae and opening his arms. "Come here Tae-Tae." The other wolf all but jumps on them, holding them on a tight grip. After some moments, Tae starts sobbing into the hug. "I-I'm so glad you are okay, Yoonie. I was s-so worried."Tae doesn't want to talk about the injuries the young wolf has on his body. Jimin just wants them to calm down first. And Yoongi needs to get back to sleep. He needs to be sure before he proceeds with anything.


"Yoongi, is Tae the hyung you keep asking for in your dreams?" The other flushes red at the question, yet nods. "Now that he is here too, do you feel safer? Want to go back to sleep, little one? Me and TaeTae will be here." Yoongi shakes his head in a no motion, but a cute yawn he lets out betrays him. "Let's let you sleep, Yoon." Jimin and Tae both get off the bed, Jimin laying Yoongi down as Tae fixes his comforters over him. Yoongi falls asleep soon, holding both of his hyungs' hands, one on each. "Sweet dreams, little one."


After Jimin is sure that Yoongi is asleep, he makes his way to the other side of the bed, gesturing for Tae to get up. He wraps the wolf in another hug, holding him there until he starts crying again. Jimin pulls him on the couch, gripping Tae's hands with his.

"Can you talk to me, Tae?" The other nods, raising a hand to wipe his tears off his face. "What did Yoongi tell you, Minnie-hyung?" There is the Tae he knows.

"Nothing really. He can't really talk right now. All he told me is his name. Other things I learned were from him sleep-talking." Tae looks shocked by his answer, yet at the same time amused? "He only told you his name and he's okay with you touching and hugging him like that?" Jimin is a bit lost. "Uh, yeah?" It comes out more like a question than a statement. "Anyways, I know you Tae, you wouldn't attack me like that if you didn't have a strong reason to believe I did it. Tell me why." Tae throws a glance at Yoongi, his gaze filled with sadness again.


"I went to his parents house, to ask for him. They aren't …the best to say the least. They-." Jimin cuts Tae off. "They are abusive assholes, I know." Tae is stunned again.

"You said he didn't tell you anything." "He didn't. Not fully conscious at least. You weren't the only thing he was asking for when sleep-talking." Jimin says the last sentence with so much anger in his voice, it scares Tae. He keeps talking. "They told me he went missing, and they filed a report. But when I went to check for informations on the local police station, they told me there was no missing person case for a Min Yoongi."

Jimin knows how his scent gets when he is angry, and knows that it affects both the omegas in the room, so he keeps trying to calm himself down.


"I don't know why I trusted them on the first place. I knew confronting them would be useless, so I made Hobi-hyung use a spying spell on them. All we could hear related to Yoongi was, 'I'm glad we got rid of that useless omega. At least he was worth something. That ancient vampire has probably gotten rid of him already.' They had this conversation while counting money. Which Hobi-hyung cast a burning spell over." Jimin can't help when his lips lift up at the last part. Yet, what the fuck? "They fucking sold their son?" Jimin is outraged. He only calms down when the sleeping omega whimpers. "Ancient vampire? That's why you thought it was me?" Tae looks down at his hands sheepishly. "Sorry, hyung. Please understand me. Me and Yoongi have been friends since we were kids. He is more of a brother to me than Hoseon ever was and will ever be. Yoongi is the childhood friend I always gush about." Tae doesn't ever stop talking about this sweet, younger, childhood friend he has, from Daegu. Jimin wished he met Yoongi earlier.


Hoseon is Taehyung's older brother. A total cliché brute, if you ask Jimin, or basically anyone. An alpha, who gets off on being 'superior' to omegas. Literally tried to force Taehyung to stop working and get a mate, cause he was getting 'too old'. Tae was only 20 back then, for the love of God. And when he visited Tae to work that day, trying to hand a resignation paper to Jimin on the other's name, he was expecting every other omega or beta worker in the building to fully bow to him. Like he is some God that should be pleased and worshipped. Let's say Jimin didn't tolerate that at all. And might have banned him from a lot of places.


Jimin pulls Taehyung in another hug, shushing him too. "Hyung gets it Tae. You had every right to be suspicious. I deserved it. I should have told you. It's just that you had enough drama going on at home. I thought that telling you will just add to your worries. I had no idea who Yoongi was. I couldn't send him to a hospital either. I still don't know what happened to him, and the wrong people could easily find him in a hospital. " Neither of them talks again for a few minutes, until Tae dares to ask. "How did Yoongi end up here Minnie-hyung?"


"I don't think you will like the answer to that." Jimin really wants to spare Tae the details. He tries to put the story as short as possible, keeping the gruesome memories to himself. "Hyung, you said he still can't walk. And I saw that he can't really talk much. Is there anything else?"

"Not really, on the physical side at least. He still has some sensitive wounds, especially some on his back. He needs some more therapy to be able to walk. He is on medication for his vocal cords as well. And I don't think I need to mention the psychological side. I do need to check if he hurt anything on that fall, though." Tae again looks sheepish. "Sorry about that too, hyung."

"Stop saying sorry for the love of God, Tae. There are other people who will beg for forgiveness soon."


"Pl-please do-don't g-get i-in t-trouble c-cause o-of m-me. I-I de-deserved i-it." Yoongi's voice startles them both. Then the words register on Jimin's head. Why would Yoongi think he deserves that? Jimin gets it, the mental abuse can do that to him, but to think that he deserves something so cruel makes Jimin want to break something. They both get closer to Yoongi, Jimin kneeling near the bed. "Hey little one, were your hyungs too loud? I'm sorry. Go back to sleep, okay? Today was tiring for you." Jimin runs his fingers through Yoongi's hair, trying to soothe him back to sleep. "Do-Don't wa-want hy-hyungs ge-getting hu-hurt. Pr-promise y-you wo-won't d-do any-anything." Jimin would do anything Yoongi asked him to. He wants to make the people who hurt Yoongi suffer for everything, but for now all he should and will do is take care of Yoongi.


"Okay little one, I promise." Tae doesn't look pleased with Jimin's choice, ready to voice it out when Jimin nudges him sharply to shut him up. "Go back to sleep now. Don't drain yourself over this. It's over now." Yoongi closes his eyes after Jimin's words, trusting him. And Jimin isn't going to break that promise until they can talk about it. Jimin keeps playing with Yoongi's hair with one hand, until he falls asleep. Jimin gets up, getting a hold of Tae's hand and pulling him back to the couch.

"What the hell, hyung? Why did you promise him that?" Tae whisper-yells at him. "Hush, don't wake him up again. He needs all the sleep he can get. I promised him and I'm going to keep it. He doesn't need to worry about anything but his health and recovery." Tae looks at him in disbelief. "You are going to let them get away with this?" He sounds angry. "Trust me, Tae, they will all pay. His parents and whoever that vampire is. But now Yoongi is my priority. We will discuss this again when he is fully healed and ready to talk about it."

Chapter Text

That day, after Yoongi fell asleep, Jimin pulled Tae on the couch, and they both dozed off tightly snuggled in it. They could have gone to a different room, but no way in Hell is Jimin leaving Yoongi alone. He can wake up, or have a nightmare. Jimin isn't moving out of that room. Tae understood him too. That's how they are right now, it's just that only two of them are peacefully sleeping.


Yoongi is writhing around on the bed, tears running down his face, a pained expression in it. Hushed voice incoherent, begging the monsters in his nightmare to 'st-stop,pl-please.' The words whispered, barely audible, gradually turning into broken raspy screams as more is added to the nightmare.

Jimin jolts up, not even caring that he accidentally woke Tae up. He rushes to the bed, getting a hold of Yoongi's right hand as he shakes him awake. "Yoongi! Yoongi wake up! Come on little one, it's not real. Your hyungs are here. You are safe." This time the words don't do anything. Yoongi keeps screaming, and his movements turn more and more violent. Jimin just noticed that Tae is next to him, looking extremely worried but for some reasons hesitant to touch or talk to Yoongi.


Jimin doesn't have time to dwell on it, he needs Yoongi to wake up. Jimin keeps shaking him and talking to him, begging him to wake up. Yoongi has started scratching himself, and for a moment he chokes as his throat can't take more screaming. The screaming turns into a violent coughing fit, so bad that it wakes Yoongi up, eyes rapidly opening as he looks around. He looks absolutely terrified, like whatever was in that nightmare is coming to get him now, too. His eyes are different, though. They have turned into a bright silver color.


What-? Jimin is about to ask about it, when he sees Tae reaching to grab his arm.

"Min-hyung, get away, his wolf i-ow!" Tae winces, quickly pulling his hand to his chest, moving some feet away. "Tae-." Jimin reaches to check on him, only to be dragged back by a way too tight grip on his right wrist. He is pulled back, the force and the surprise of it making him sit on the bed. He looks back at Yoongi, who is now growling lowly, eyes threateningly focused on Taehyung. Yoongi's wolf. Why would they be threatened by Taehyung? Or is it cause of the nightmare?


Tae is still slowly backing up , as if waiting for Yoongi to snap, clutching his injured arm with his other hand, pressing it to his chest. "Hyung, don't do anything too fast. His wolf is uncontrollable most of the time. It happens sometimes after experiences like that. It will see anyone as a threat." Tae whispers lowly. Jimin slowly turns around, looking Yoongi in the eye. The threatening glare vanishes, the hand on his wrist loosening up. There is a flash of blue before the feline eyes go back to silver. Jimin doesn't really know what to do. Yoongi does it for him.


He pulls Jimin in an unexpected, awkward hug, the vampire hovering over Yoongi, who is still laying on his back. Yoongi's arms are around Jimin's back, holding him tightly, while Jimin is holding himself up while being as close as he can so he doesn't let his whole weight on Yoongi, and most likely hurt him. The wolf snuggles his face into the crook of Jimin's neck, and he slowly starts shaking. Heartbreaking sobs are heard as the wolf impossibly tightens his hold on Jimin. Carefully, Jimin wraps his left arm around Yoongi, pulling him closer, then moving them so Yoongi is sitting on Jimin's lap, the latter leaning his back on the headboard.


Jimin moves his right hand to the back of Yoongi's head, holding him comfortingly. As a vampire, he doesn't have much control over his scent, but with all he can Jimin tries to make his scent as comforting as possible. He wants Yoongi to know he is safe. The little wolf keeps sobbing for a good while, Jimin's heart getting hit with every agonizing sound. Tae is just looking at them, a shocked expression in his face. Jimin will ask later, all that matters now is Yoongi.


After what could be half an hour, or more, Jimin looks down at the wolf in his lap, who is now plaint in his hands, seemingly back to sleep. Jimin stands up, with Yoongi still on his hold. He makes to tuck the other in, letting him sleep in peace. But Yoongi won't let go of him, even in his sleep. "Stay with him, hyung. He clearly needs the comfort." Tae says in a hushed voice, not wanting to disturb Yoongi's sleep. There is a soft smile on his face as he stares at his best friends. Then the smile drops, as an indifferent face replaces it. Jimin wants to ask about it, but first he should accommodate himself and Yoongi.


He lays them down so he can still embrace Yoongi, while both of them are comfortably laying down. Jimin is on the right side of the bed, laying on his side, facing Yoongi. Yoongi still has his head on Jimin's neck, refusing to move. When he tries to look back at Tae, the other isn't on his line of sight anymore. "Goodnight, hyung." Maybe it's better if he asks tomorrow. "Goodnight, Tae." Then in a hushed voice, that only he can hear. "Sweet dreams, little one." Jimin tightens his hold on Yoongi, as he lets himself fall back asleep.




After Taehyung is sure that Yoongi and Jimin are asleep, he slowly makes his way out of the room. He heads to Jimin's kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. With shaking hands, he brings it to his lips, slowly taking some gulps.

He fucked up so bad. Why did he do that? Why didn't he do something before all this happened?


He shouldn't have let Yoongi in that house when he knew what those monsters did to him. He had known all this time. Why didn't he stop it? Why didn't he get Yoongi to come and live with him? Why?

Taehyung begged Yoongi to come and live with him after he turned 18. But no. On their idiotic, patriarchal, abusive families the omega has no choice. He fucking tried to kidnap Yoongi, just to get him out of there. But he failed. He is the worst hyung ever. He failed Yoongi.


When Jimin told him how he found Yoongi, Taehyung's world came crashing down on him. His little, sweet Yoongi. Who could do such a thing to him? And he could see on Jimin's eyes that he was hiding something, he didn't tell Taehyung all the truth. Yoongi couldn't walk, he could barely talk. Of course Jimin hid all the details from him. Jimin.

His best friend of nearly eight years now. He met Jimin when he was eighteen. Jimin gave some lectures to his class, while Taehyung was still in college. First, Taehyung caught his eye in class, and then after. Some idiots from his lectures tried to beat him up. A confident, smart omega with an unusually big, board figure. A threat to their fragile alpha egos.


They were taught a lesson when Jimin threw them across the building. The vampire then offered help for his bleeding wounds, getting Taehyung out of the building, but still somewhere public, so the omega wouldn't feel threatened by him. He called his 'brother', to bring him what he needed to take proper care of Taehyung. That's how he met Jungkook and Hoseok. His sweet, loving mates. Taehyung never believed in love on first sight until that day. He somehow stopped himself from doing something stupid, as he was having an internal panic attack. And then Jimin offered him an internship in his entertainment company. Taehyung was smart for his age. Too smart. He skipped a year on college, that's how he ended up being an eighteen year old sophomore.


Of course Taehyung accepted. With no second thoughts. He started as an intern, and now, nearly at the age of twenty-six, he is the second most important man in that company. He owes Jimin his life. If it wasn't for him, Taehyung would still be under the clutches of his father, probably married to some alpha more than twice his age. Because of Jimin, Taehyung has control over his own life, and had the chance to mate and marry for love.

And he fucking attacked him.


He attacked the man whom made his life heaven. Who helped him grow off his manipulated mind, and escape that hell. Who became his only friend on the big city, helped him accommodate and navigate through it all. And he never demanded for anything back. His only request was for Taehyung to be happy with Jungkook and Hoseok.

He attacked him, without thinking twice. Maybe if he did try to think before acting, he would realize that Jimin would never do something like that.


He said all those awful things to his hyung. And yet, he wasn't mad at him. He wasn't mad at Taehyung, he fucking comforted him.  He had every advantage on his side. He is taller, stronger, faster. He had the right to. He could have easily taken Taehyung, but he chose to calm him down, explain it all to him. He let Taehyung hug Yoongi after all that happened. Taehyung went too far with his mouth, he used the one thing that Jimin hates. Those damned rumors. People say so many horrible things about him. There is a rumor of every kind. Attacks, sexual assaults, pregnancies, frauds, involving with the mafia, human trafficking. Every rumor is crazier than the other. Jimin is an angel, who just happened to be wining against the demons, who try to use every way to bring him down, yet never succeeding.


Yet, Taehyung let himself believe that Jimin could hurt someone such as Yoongi.

Yoongi. His little, innocent Yoongi. Who never deserved any awful thing that happened to him. Who deserves the best things in this cruel world.

He met Yoongi when the other was just a newborn. A cute, chubby two months old baby. Their fathers were 'friends' and neighbors, that's how they ended up meeting each-other. Taehyung himself was nearly five years old back then. Amazed by the little baby. Promising himself to be the best hyung for him. Yoongi became his brother that day.


He didn't keep that promise. He couldn't keep Yoongi safe. He wasn't there when Yoongi needed him. He let those assholes sell him to some sick-in-the-head vampire. Who knows what happened to him there? What would have happened to him if Jimin didn't find him in time?

No, no. Don't think of what ifs Kim Taehyung. Yoongi is alive and healing. Jimin was just in time.

Yoongi is fine.

Yoongi is fine.

Yoongi is fine.


Taehyung doesn't know when it happened, but he finds himself sitting on the floor, back pressed to the lower cabinets of the kitchen, knees pulled to his chin. His hands are painfully pulling at his hair. He is sobbing loudly, letting everything out. 'Shut up, you are going to wake them up' is all he keeps telling himself, while trying to get himself to breathe slowly. The violent sobs making his way out of him aren't helping. He doesn't feel the presence of someone else in the room until they touch him.


A feather-light touch on his right shoulder. It makes him jump, freaking out until he sees who it is. "M-Min hy-hyun-g." He is reaching for him, trying to pull Jimin down. The vampire complies easily, pulling the distraught omega in a tight, comforting hug. "Shhh, Tae. It's fine. Hyung is here. Everything will be just fine." Jimin murmurs, head buried into Tae's hair, tightening the hug. He keeps talking to Taehyung, slowly calming him down. It takes a while, but the wolf is now calm, almost asleep on Jimin's arms.


"Let's get you upstairs." Jimin picks Taehyung up, shushing the other again when he objects. Yoongi is still asleep, laying on his back in the middle of the bed. The queen-sized bed has just enough space for the three of them. Jimin lays Taehyung down on Yoongi's left side, himself taking his place on the right side. "Sleep Tae. Yoongi is safe. You are safe. We will talk tomorrow." Jimin says in the most comforting tone he can muster. He doesn't let himself sleep until he is sure Taehyung is okay and sleeping.

Chapter Text

Slowly awoken by the light reflecting from the windows, Yoongi finds himself surrounded by the best scents he has ever come across to. Coffee and tangerines. An uncommon combination, yet it smells so good. His hyungs' scents smell so good. It brings him so much comfort. This way he knows he is safe. His TaeTae-hyung and Jimin-hyung will make sure he is safe. His face is pressed to his fellow werewolf's neck, his back to the older vampire's chest. He snuggles his nose further into the source of the tangerine scent, so happy to have his TaeTae-hyung on his reach.


He was scared, yes, but not once did he doubt that his hyung was looking for him. And now he found Yoongi. It was scary though, first the unexpected doorbell, then the booming voices from downstairs. The yelling made Tae-hyung's voice unrecognizable to Yoongi's shaken mind. The blue eyed wolf thought that the 'royal's' men came for him. When Jimin yelled 'Let go of me', Yoongi's first thoughts were that they were hurting him. He doesn't want someone else getting hurt because of him, let alone Jimin, whom he owes his life to. Someone he has gotten so close to. Too close, if he is honest.


They rarely talk. It's just when Yoongi needs something. But Jimin made him feel so safe the past weeks he has been awake, never crossing any unspoken boundaries. Never did anything without asking Yoongi. Didn't even get close to his wounds without having obvious consent. And the way he made Yoongi feel, he doesn't know how to describe it, -loved? Yeah, maybe Yoongi can use that word. Safe and loved. Jimin didn't have any reason to help him, but he did. He didn't have a reason to stay up and be there for Yoongi while he suffered through the nightmares of his past, yet he did. He didn't have a reason to treat every injury with the upmost care, but he did. And those sweet, comforting eye smiles. He treats Yoongi like a friend, not like the stranger he is. He read books to Yoongi, as he could see the werewolf was bored. They had started watching different k-dramas to pass the time. With Yoongi's little knowledge on cinematography, it was really fun.


So no way in Hell was he going to let them hurt Jimin. He slowly sat up on the bed, pushing himself to the edge, ignoring the tears of fear falling down his face. He didn't  want to go back there, he really didn't, but it's better him than Jimin. His frightened mind had forgotten just who Jimin is. He never acted like the almighty Third One with him. Supporting himself on the bedpost, he stood up on his weak legs. He tried to walk before, but Jimin was always there and caught him when his legs gave up on him. This time, after the first step, he fell straight to the ground, catching himself with his hands before the impact could hurt his head. He will crawl if he has to.


The next second, he is getting picked up by soft hands he can easily recognize. The strong coffee scent comes right after, comforting him. He wraps himself around Jimin, glad that he is fine. "Shhh, everything is fine. I'm here. Hyung is here." Yoongi trusts those words. The soft hand wiping away his tears. The scent permeating his senses. He is trying to calm down, but he can't stop shaking. He could hear someone running upstairs, and then. "Hyung, let go of him and no one gets hurt." The voice is familiar? Yoongi doesn't dare turn around and look, though. The yelling doesn't help his shaking figure, he just tightens his hold on Jimin. "What the fuck do you want, Taehyung? Stop this nonsense. I don't know how you know him, but you are scaring him. Calm the fuck down." Taehyung? What-? Is it his Tae-hyung? Yoongi doesn't dare to hope.


"I'm scaring him? Don't make me laugh. Look what you have done to him, Park Jimin. I actually thought I knew you. Maybe all those rumors weren't really a lie after all." Yoongi wants to talk, tell TaeTae that Jimin didn't hurt him. Quiet the opposite. He doesn't have the time to, as Jimin rapidly moves from the bed. He felt the feather touch of someone else, but Jimin was fast enough to get him away. "Taehyung, stop. You are only assuming the truth, stop." Yoongi wants to talk, but he is again interrupted. "Then why aren't you letting go of him, Jimin. Why him? What did he do to you?" Yoongi knows that voice, he is sure that his Tae-hyung is here. Yet, the sadness in that voice breaks Yoongi.


Jimin moves them around some more, getting away from Taehyung, while Yoongi is trying to get his throat to cooperate with him. He can hear Jimin talking to Tae-hyung, but the words don't really register, all he knows is that Jimin is trying to calm him down and explain the situation. When Jimin stops moving for a while, Yoongi tries to talk. "Ta-Tae-hyung, sto-stop pl-pleas-e." It hurts his throat so much, but it's necessary. Jimin apparently noticed the first part. "Shhh, little one. Don't strain yourself. Your hyungs will calm down now and talk. Then you can go back to sleep." Yoongi has grown to love the nickname Jimin has for him. He never liked being teased about his height, but Jimin wasn't teasing him. When he hears Tae-hyung's broken voice calling for him, Yoongi really wants to jump out of Jimin's hold and comfort his TaeTae.


Before he could say anything, Jimin started to move slowly, sitting down, letting Taehyung explain. Yoongi had reached to hold his hand. Tried to comfort him with words, but that really didn't help his throat. "How about we give a hug to your hyung, hmm little one?" Yoongi doesn't hesitate to nod after Jimin asks, maybe a bit too eagerly. Tae jumps on them, Yoongi missed him so much. "I-I'm so glad you are okay, Yoonie. I was s-so worried." Yoongi doesn't grasp much after that, only blushing at the fact that Jimin heard him sleep-talking. He is embarrassed. After they tuck him in, Yoongi refuses to let go of their hands. The amount of comfort his hyungs bring to him isn't really explainable. And their hands remind him that this isn't a dream. He is safe, away from his abusive parents, away from that psychopath vampire.


He doesn't remember anything else after that, aside from waking up to his hyungs talking about revenge. He made them promise, cause he doesn't want them getting hurt over someone as pathetic as him. He hopes they keep their promise. He could see the displeasure in Tae's face, but he really doesn't want this to go further. He just wants to heal and maybe start over. Now he can actually go and live with TaeTae-hyung like he always wanted, without the fear of TaeTae getting hurt. His parents think he is dead, so he doesn't have to worry about them.


Yoongi didn't realize he had started purring, the scents doing literal magic to him. He loves this. Unexpectedly, he feels Jimin's arm drape over his waist. Shit, did Yoongi wake him up? He then hears a sleepy noise coming out of Jimin, who snuggles his face into Yoongi's nape. Yoongi freezes for a moment, waiting. Yet, nothing happens after that, so Yoongi guesses Jimin is asleep. The light snores he hears just prove his point. Maybe sleeping some more wouldn't be bad.




Jimin wakes up to his senses permeated by the sweet vanilla scent he still can barely control himself around. Slowly opening his eyes, all he can see are fluffy white hair. Slowly moving his head away, he notices the position the three of them are in, and the soft purrs coming out of the content omegas. It makes his lips lift into a soft smile. What shakes him off his gaze is a soft buzzing sound, that his vampire ears can detect coming from downstairs. Slowly standing up so he doesn't jostle the omegas, Jimin makes his way downstairs, the noise coming from his kitchen.


He can see Tae's phone lit up, vibrating on the floor. He picks it up, guessing that it fell off last night. He checks the caller ID, then answering the call.

"Kim Taehyung. Where are you? Are you okay? We've been-" Jimin sighs interrupting the other. "Jungkook, calm down please." The other stops for a second. "Jimin-hyung? Is Tae at your house? I'll get Hobi and we will be there in like thirty minutes." Before Jimin can protest, Jungkook hangs up. Shit, he doesn't think Yoongi will appreciate more people coming here. He just won't open the door, or tell the two to shut up and get away. Yeah, that will work.


Making a delicious looking breakfast quickly, Jimin sets it up on two trays, and with them on his hands, he heads back upstairs. When he reaches the room, he can see that the two omegas are still asleep. Jimin hates it, but he has to wake them up. He has to tell Tae about his overly worried mates, who are coming uninvited. Yoongi has to take his pills, and has to be warned about the two coming as well. Dropping the trays on the office desk, Jimin makes his way to the bed, wondering how to wake the omegas up. In the end, he opted to just shake them awake. Tae is a heavy sleeper, while Yoongi can wake up easily. So the method works for both of them.


When they wake up, Jimin can see that both of them are still a bit hazy from the sleep. "Good morning." Jimin says in an overly cute voice, just to get on Tae's nerves, whom he knows is anything but a morning person. Both him and Jimin. While Yoongi is waiting for them to help him sit up comfortably, Tae lets out a raspy "G'mornin'", barely audible. Jimin ruffles Tae's hair, dodging the hand attempting to hit him, then making his way to Yoongi's side and help him sit down properly. "Did you sleep well, little one?" Yoongi is ready to talk, but Jimin reminds him to not use his voice pointing at him with his index finger in a jokingly threatening way. Smiling, Yoongi nods. The sweet smile makes the corners of Jimin's lips raise too.


He grads the water bottles he got from the kitchen, offering them to the now fully awake omegas. Tae thanks him while Yoongi alternates on another nod. He brings the trays, giving Tae his, while he keeps Yoongi's on his lap, as he knows it will bother the wolf.  Jimin is sat in front of Yoongi, ready to help him if he has difficulties, and keep the tray close to him. "Tae, Jungkook called some minutes ago. I guess you didn't tell them anything yesterday and they were worried. You left the phone downstairs last night, so I answered when I went to make breakfast. Jungkook and Hoseok are coming here. Jungkook didn't let me say anything. I knew calling again would be pointless" He tells everything while keeping his gaze on Yoongi, making sure he is fine and reassures him when he sees the hesitant, frightened look on his face.


"Jungkook and Hoseok are Taehyung's mates, if you didn't know. They won't come here, I won't even let them in if it makes you uncomfortable. They come uninvited so they can stay at the door or leave." Yoongi visibly relaxes when he hears the first part, then bursts into soft giggles at the last part. Jimin's heart melts at the sweet gummy smile. Taehyung, who was silent till now, interrupts. "Yah, why let my mates out?" It's in an obvious joking tone, so neither of them takes him serious.


"You know I don't like uninvited guests, Tae." Jimin really doesn't like it. "You had no problem with me though?" Tae should stop with the obvious questions. Jimin doesn't answer, handing Yoongi his pills. The omega blushes, thanking him with a bow of his head, then mouthing the words. "No need to thank me, little one." Jimin replies, then turning to Taehyung, who is basically inhaling his food. "You aren't really a guest now, are you?" Munching on his food, Tae just nods at him. "Okay, I get it. Sorry about them inviting themselves, you know how they are." Jimin chuckles, shaking his head at flashbacks of other similar situations. Then he remembers to ask.


"Are you staying here, or?" He retrieves their empty trays, setting them back to the office desk he has in this room. Yoongi doesn't usually eat all of the food served, but today he did, bringing yet another smile to Jimin's face. "I'm going to talk to them. They know about Yoongi of course. I can't make myself leave just yet." Jimin expected that. "Are they going to be calm about that? Especially with you being pregnant. You can't even use the word clingy to describe them anymore."

Yoongi looks up, a shocked expression on his face, moving his gaze to Taehyung. "Wh-what?" Oh shit. Jimin forgot that Yoongi might not know about this.


Jimin learned about Taehyung's pregnancy some days before he found Yoongi. And of course he put another group to help Tae with everything after Jimin took those months off. Tae didn't do anything but observe and keep them in check. Jimin isn't a monster. That's one of the reasons why he didn't fight him yesterday. Jimin wouldn't know what to do with himself if he hurt Taehyung, let alone while pregnant.


Taehyung turns to Yoongi, a soft smile in his face, as he grabs Yoongi's hand gently, setting it on his stomach. "I'm pregnant Yoonie." He drapes his left arm around Yoongi, going in for a hug. Jimin sees they aren't going to break it off for a while, so he grabs the trays and sends them to the kitchen. Giving the omegas some privacy.

It seems like he was on time, cause the moment he sets the trays on the counter, he hears the doorbell ringing.



Chapter Text

Jimin makes his way to the door, kind of hesitant to open it. He knows Jungkook, the kid has absolutely no patience. And now with Tae getting pregnant they went from being sweet to tooth-rooting, disgustingly sweet. He knows Jungkook won't hesitate to run upstairs, where he can smell Tae is. Hoseok isn't really better, but at least he isn't worse. And he isn't that impatient. He can at least say hello. Jimin doesn't really blame them, but he can't understand them either.


He never let himself try the feeling of love. At least the romantic kind. He has been in this world for too long. Has seen anything, met a lot of people, but no one got close enough to him to make him feel love. At least the love Jin-hyung described to him. He is scared of abandonment. What if the one he falls in love with is a mortal? What if they die before Jimin can mate them?

And, the feeling of being used. He is rich, too rich for anyone to think of anything else but money when they meet him. They think of him as the arrogant vampire they can use as an ATM machine. It has happened before, and it still bugs Jimin.


Shaking himself off his thoughts, Jimin opens the door. "Hyung,-" Jimin stops Jungkook before the kid can run from his sight. "You will calm down and listen to me. Taehyung is upstairs, he is fine and healthy. You have nothing to worry about. But, you can't go upstairs. Come on in and straight to the living room." Jimin hears a quiet 'there is nothing straight about us' from Jungkook as he makes his way to the living room, but before Jimin can say anything about it, he turns to Hoseok, welcoming him in too. "Hi Hobi." He is pulled in a sideways hug from the other. "Hi hyung. Everything alright?" Jimin lets him in, replying after the other takes of his shoes. "Yes, I'll explain inside."


Jimin lets Hobi lead them to the living room, sitting down on the couch across from the two mates. "Everything alright hyung?" This time it's Jungkook who asks. Jimin chooses to cut it short. "Tae told me you know about Yoongi?" They both nod, puzzled as to why this topic came up. They don't know Yoongi that well, only met him once, but from what Taehyung has told them, he is a great person. "He and Tae are upstairs. I found Yoongi injured on the woods, didn't know he knew Tae till yesterday when Tae came over. I didn't let you go upstairs for that matter." They both seem even more confused, but Jimin can see as the words sink in that they understand more of the situation. "They are both fine, though?" Jungkook and Hoseok ask at the same time. This always takes Jimin by surprise, they do it a lot, the three of them. Jimin can see the two are worried from the look in their eyes, and the frowns on their faces.


"Yes, they are fine. A bit shaken, but fine. Yoongi still need to heal, and Tae visibly won't move from this house until he does." He can see the slight displeasure in their faces, but at the same time he can see that they understand their mate. Jimin knows them, they would do the same if they were in Taehyung's place. Jungkook and Hoseok both work for him.

That how he met Hoseok. The man is the main choreographer in his company. Jimin saw him in a street dance battle, and scouted him. They became friends quickly. Hoseok is a ray of sunshine. Quiet literally, as he is a fire power-based witch. Everyone loves him, except jealous co-workers. Then he met Jungkook, who works as a choreographer and a vocal coach on the company. Seeing them both blush at just the sight of each other was amusing. Or the faces they made when they watched the other dance.


"You won't have to worry about him being pregnant. I'm literally his doctor, and you know I have anything I might need here. I'll go upstairs so he can come and talk to you." Before they can reply Jimin gets up and runs upstairs. The omegas are still huddled together, seeming excitingly talking about something. Well Tae is talking while Yoongi is mouthing words and moving his head. "Sorry to interrupt, but Kook and Hobi are here. I told them the short version of what happened. I think you should go talk to them. They were worried." Tae turns to him smiling. "Yeah, I'll go." He stands up and makes his way out, while Jimin is stuck near the doorframe as he doesn't know what to do right now.


Before Jimin gets lost in the awkwardness that is himself, Yoongi pats the bed in front of him, asking for Jimin to sit there. The vampire complies without a second thought. As he opens his mouth to ask, Yoongi pulls him in a tight, almost bruising hug. What-? Jimin is taken by surprise, but returns the hug, wrapping his arms around Yoongi's back and holding him in a tender grip. He slowly picks Yoongi up, setting him on his lap, so his legs don't make the hug difficult. The wolf goes straight for the crook of his neck, and presses his nose there. Jimin is quiet sure Yoongi is scenting him, and he doesn't mind. At all.

The scent of vanilla permeating his senses just proves him right. He tests the situation, slowly lowering his head to Yoongi's scent glands. The wolf doesn't seem opposed to the idea, rather excited. Jimin copies what Yoongi does, slowly pressing his nose then his cheek to the others neck, and in no time, the wolf is purring. They stay like that for a while, Yoongi looks so relaxed, Jimin wouldn't move away even if a catastrophe happened.


"Th-than-k y-you, h-hyung. F-for ev-every-thi-thing." Jimin feels his shirt slowly dampen after those words leave Yoongi's tongue. He tightens his hold, swaying them side to side. "You don't need to thank me, little one." Jimin really didn't know what else to say. So he just lets them be. He can hear Tae talking to Kook and Hobi downstairs, and he is glad they are busy. After a while Yoongi pulls his head away from Jimin's neck, looking beet red, most likely from embarrassment. "S-sorry." Jimin is amused, but at the same time understands him. "It's fine, little one." He has noticed that Yoongi liked the nickname, so he didn't make himself stop it. He slowly gets a hold of Yoongi's face, gently wiping off the tears still falling down his face.


Jimin remembers last night, Yoongi falling after hearing the noises. "Did you hurt yourself after you fell yesterday? Does anything hurt or feel uncomfortable?" Yoongi gets impossibly red, like before wasn't enough. He nods slowly, getting a hold of his shirt, lifting it to show him the closed wound in his abdomen. He fell on his stomach, so by the looks of it, the wound was irritated. It's all red, looks, and surely is, uncomfortable. "Does it hurt?" Yoongi nods again. Jimin nods to himself, listing everything he has to do. It's not too bad, but the wound looks too sensitive, and like it can reopen with the slightest inconvenience. Or get infected easily. He can't have any of that. "Can you lay down for me, little one?" Yoongi nods, but looks like he wants to say something else. "What is it, Yoon? Does anything else hurt?" Looking embarrassed, Yoongi points at his crotch, then the part of the catheter secured to his thigh. Oh, he probably pulled at it last night, or the fall misplaced something. "Let's help you lay down, then we can see what's wrong there too."


As Jimin is helping Yoongi lay down, Tae enters the room. "They left. Reluctantly, but they left. But, promising that they will visit every week. Also said to call them for anything we might need." Jimin turns to him, nodding. "As expected of them. Did you get your phone? It was on the kitchen counter." Tae nods again, his eyes moving to Yoongi, and the skin shown by the lifted t-shirt. Tae looks like the sight physically hurts him. Jimin understands him. He knows just how much Tae loves Yoongi, having heard a lot of stories about the two from the former. If not anything, yesterdays reaction proves it all to Jimin. Even thought that might have been fueled by the pregnancy hormones as well. "Is everything alright?" Tae asks, his whole body giving off worried expressions. "It's not that bad. Just need to clean it, cover it, and get an ointment."


"You don't have to stay here, I know you can't really stomach these things." Tae looks reluctant, but shakes his head. "Can I stay, Yoongi?" The other omega nods, pointing at the armchair on his right. The second Tae sits down, the white haired omega gets a hold of his hand. It's cute and precious. The amount of comfort Yoongi gains from Tae. "Okay, I have what I need here. I just need to get them. Are you okay with starting now?" Yoongi nods again, looking a bit scared but sure. Jimin quickly gets the equipment he needs, starting as soon as possible. He cleans the wound, again making sure nothing is torn apart. The rubs of alcohol burn, but Yoongi doesn't react much to it. It has Jimin thinking. Just through how much pain could have Yoongi been through to not react to this? Not letting himself get lost in his thoughts, Jimin applies the ointment gently on the scarred skin, then covering it with a gauze.


"This one is done. Do you want Tae to stay for the other part? Do you want him to do it?" Yoongi shakes his head no, surprising Jimin. Tae doesn't understand what they mean, but got out without a second thought when Yoongi shook his head. "Hyung, in which room is your library?" Jimin points it out for Tae, getting back to Yoongi, who looks beet red. "Sorry, little one. I know you aren't comfortable with it. I'll be as quick as I can." Yoongi nods again. Jimin really tried to make it as fast as he could. The catheter was pulled and misplaced, so he made a quick, gentle work of it to save Yoongi from further embarrassment.


"All done. You should rest, so we won't try to walk today." Yoongi doesn't look pleased, but gives an understanding nod. "Tae, you can come back in." Jimin yells to the other. "Coming." He was answered with another yell. When Tae comes in, Jimin gets the dirty equipment out of the room, cleaning and sanitizing them on the main bathroom of the house. When he gets back to the room, Tae and Yoongi have turned on the TV Jimin installed on the room, and are watching some random show, both laying on the bed. They look comfortable and happy. Jimin doesn't know where he fits in that. Jimin opts to get out, but Tae stops him. "Hyung, are you done? Come here, this show is worth the hype it got." They both make place for Jimin on the right side of the bed. Hesitant, Jimin lays down.


It's been two hours, they are still binge watching the show, but Yoongi fell asleep to the half of it. "Hyung?" Tae calls for him in a hushed voice, making sure he doesn't wake up Yoongi. "Yeah?" He replies on the same tone, turning to look at him. "Was the other thing you had to do serious? What was it that Yoongi didn't want me to see?" Now, to people Tae can look nosy with what he just asked, but by his face Jimin can clearly see that it's just that he is worried of something being wrong. And he looks guilty, probably blaming himself about Yoongi falling. "No Tae, nothing too serious. When he fell yesterday, the impact pulled the catheter, and he felt embarrassed about it." Jimin can see the relief washing over Tae after hearing the words. The question reminds him of last night.


"Tae, what happened last night?" Jimin has to get some answers. "I-, for which part are you asking?" Jimin sighs. "What caused that panic attack Tae?" He looks hesitant to talk about it, Jimin can see the turmoil going on in his head. "I felt guilty." Tae replied in a meek voice, looking like he wants to disappear. Jimin regrets asking right now. "Guilty about what Tae?" As much as he regrets asking, he has to do it. "I couldn't save Yoongi. I let them hurt him like this. I could have done something, I tried a lot of things, yet I failed. I failed him hyung. I promised Yoongi I would get him out of there, but look what happened. And then I attacked you, I said all those things to you. I know you don't like talking about it, but I literally owe you my life, Jimin-hyung. Now I owe two lives to you." Jimin is shocked by what he is hearing. He didn't know Tae felt like that. The other wolf is on tears, the sight breaking Jimin's heart.


Jimin gets up, walking to the other side of the bed. He gets a grip on Tae's shoulders, looking him on the eyes. "Look at me, Kim Taehyung. It wasn't your fault. You did all you could to save Yoongi, and look, no matter what happened, he is alive and healthy." Jimin says pointing at the sleeping boy next to them with his head. "And yes, I helped you. But you don't owe me anything. You paid everything by being my friend for the past years and living a happy life. Now we can help Yoongi achieve that too, right?" Tae gives him a teary nod. Jimin can't resist anymore, so he pulls Tae in a tight hug. He doesn't notice the tears falling down his face.


"We don't have to talk anymore Tae. We can just go to sleep." The other shakes his head. "No, hyung. You need to know the story. You are appart of it too now."


Chapter Text

"I've known Yoongi since he was just a newborn. He is five years younger than me, hyung. We met cause our families were neighbors back in Daegu. And our dads were 'friends'." Tae says the last part while using his fingers as an emphasize for the word friends. "You know my dad. Yoongi's isn't much different, except from the fact that mine was just controlling while Yoongi's was abusive in all possible kinds. At least, I had a loving mom, while Yoongi's can't even be called a mom. I hate that woman." Jimin doesn't know just how will he control himself through the story.


"They wanted an alpha son, someone to provide for them so they can just lay on their disgusting asses. When Yoongi was born and his rank was discovered as an omega, they were fuming. I was quiet young, but I remember them trying to drop him on purpose when he was just a newborn. They attempted to put him up for adoption and having another kid, but after labor the doctor told them that they won't be able to have kids again due to complications with the pregnancy. They blamed Yoongi for it, who was way too small to be a healthy newborn, and had quiet a lot of health problems back then." If this is how it started, Jimin is really dreading the continuation. He turns his gaze to the sleeping omega on his right, really wanting to just hug him.


"I don't know how he survived to this day. They blame him for their sterility, but from what I remember, they never cared about the fact that they were pregnant. Yoongi's mom was so careless with everything. What she ate, drank, she even smoked for the majority of the pregnancy. Stayed in dangerous environments and all that. That caused complications on the pregnancy, leaving her infertile and Yoongi sick. I don't know how he overcame those, they never took care of him, even as a baby. I remember my mom taking him to our house when dad and Hoseon weren't home. She fed him, changed him then lulled him to sleep. His parents didn't even realize. Or that's what we thought. Turns out they were just letting it be, so us taking him in was a good thing for them. Less responsibilities. And more 'reasons' to punish him for later." Jimin gets closer to Taehyung, can see that he is getting frustrated by the story. The tears falling down his face just prove Jimin's point.


"The mental abuse was always there. They started being physically abusive after Yoongi hit five years old. After they got fired from their jobs for bad behavior and stealing from the company they both worked on, they just let their anger out on Yoongi. I could hear them from my house, screaming nonsense at him for being a leech, useless and ruining their lives. I could hear little Yoongi cry his heart out, hyung. And I-I couldn't do anyth-thing about i-it." Tae is reliving every part of the story as he speaks, Yoongi's pleas to stop playing in his mind like a broken record. Jimin's hand on his shoulder shakes him off his trance. "You can stop, Tae." The vampire speaks as he wipes the tears running down the wolf's face.


The other doesn't acknowledge his words, keeps talking with his gaze turned to the window. "It only got worse and worse. I remember him being six years old, running to our house crying hysterically. He was all bloody and looked like he was going to drop dead in my arms, hyung. I was the only one home, so I tried my best to clean him up and then tried to ask what happened, but his father came and snatched him away from me. He didn't even try to struggle away from him hyung. When I asked later on, he said that it would just make it worse, that he snuck out cause he needed a place to cry. And he was so sure he deserved every thing they did to him. Hyung, I could only stay and stare as his innocent eyes went dull and lost their shine with the days and years passing."


"They would starve him, beat him unconscious, lock him in the basement when they had people over so he wouldn't 'embarrass' them. They never let him make any noise as they hurt him. If he did, the usual punishment was tying him on the porch's wood posts and leave him there overnight after beating him unconscious with a leather belt, wood or bare hands on his bare skin. They didn't care if it was summer or winter, never gave him anything to eat or drink until they had their way with him. It was a rather cold fall day, and they left him outside overnight without any top on. He was sick for a whole month after that, mostly cause they didn't provide any medical help for him, rather locking him in his room so he doesn't get them sick as well. I-I remember climbing his window, so I could give him some food and meds my mom gave me for him. He couldn't move his limbs hyung, all of his body was covered with dark purple bruises. Cuts from the leather all over his chest and back. I could see his ribs showing, that's how skinny he was. He was only nine, hyung. O-only nine years old." The first sobs start ripping out of Tae's chest. "I hate the fact that this," Tae says pointing at Yoongi, "is the healthiest I've seen him in fifteen years." Jimin is frozen. He can't process what he is hearing. Anything he thought had happened, was in no way close to this horror. How could they do this? To their own son?


"I remember him coming to school with burned hands, hyung. He was eleven. When I asked what happened, he told me that he was hungry, so his stomach started rumbling. His mother was preparing some fancy dinner for some guests, and his stomach reacted to the smell. He didn't even say anything, just stood on the corner they made him stay. She told him 'If you are so hungry without doing anything, then see just how much I suffer doing this for you every day, ungrateful little shit' and forcefully put his hands on top of the high heat stove. It caused second degree burns that he had for too long." Tae is curled in on himself, sobbing into his knees. His hand finds Yoongi's hair, tenderly playing with them. The omega leaning into the touch, even in his sleep.


"Back when I met him for the first time, I stood over his crib and promised to be the best older brother for him. Something I couldn't ever have. His parents always gave me bad vibes, even as a kid. I knew he wouldn't be happy there. Young me could never imagine just how right I was." Taehyung pauses, taking a deep, unsteady, breath. "We did everything together as he grew up. I remember this cute chubby little boy trying to walk but falling on his bum, then laughing so cutely with this big gummy smile. I miss that smile so much." Tae stops to wipe his own tears and snot, looking at Yoongi like he is the most precious thing in this world. "I taught him to read and count, helped him with anything and everything. Tried to make school work as fun as possible ,as it was what we did most of the time. We would use hanging out as an excuse to let Yoongi escape from the abuse for at least one night. I did all I could to make him believe that it wasn't his fault. I wouldn't let them manipulate him, not as long as I was breathing. I remember us finding this baby kitten, and taking her into my house. Mom helped us clean her and feed her. Yoongi was so happy. But, of course those assholes had to ruin that too. They saw Yoongi was happier lately, which for some sick reasons bothered them. They found the kitten and gave it to some shelter, who put it down soon after." Tae lets out a sad laugh.


"Things got only worse as he grew up from a kid to a teenager. I have so much to tell that I can't stomach to talk about. After I hit fifteen myself, I understood what to do about it. I used every legal way possible. Police, child services, everything. Yet, they had people in there. Who would trust a spoiled fifteen year old anyways? They let them get away with everything, the only condition required was to provide education for him until after graduating high-school." Tae stops again, looking like he wants to throw up from what he is going to say next. "They wanted to force Yoongi to mate with Hoseon on his first heat." All Jimin can get out is a quiet 'what the fuck'. After some seconds of collecting himself, he asks. "Hoseon is seven years older than you right?" Tae gives a slight nod. "Tae, omegas get their first heat at sixteen." He states in disbelief. "Did he-? Yoongi-? What happened?" Jimin can barely form a proper sentence. Yoongi doesn't have a mate mark. That gives him a slight ray of hope


"The heat never happened. Yoongi never got his heat. He wasn't on suppressants or anything. They even force-fed him heat enhancers, but it didn't work. The doctors couldn't say anything about it. Some assumed his wolf and body just weren't ready yet. Some said he might be infertile. But Hoseon, that disgusting fucker, didn't want to wait anymore. Heat or no heat he was set on mating with Yoongi. Even if that could kill Yoon. Yoongi's parents and my dad didn't care. To him, Yoongi was the perfect obedient omega who knows his place on the pack. He admires Yoongi's dad for 'properly disciplining' his omega son, even thought he knew how they actually did it. I wanted to kill Hoseon so bad. He knew I would do anything to stop him, so he paid someone to fucking poison me so I wouldn't be able to help. Remember the time I was unconscious for a week? That was him." Jimin is thinking so many ways to ruin these monsters' lives. He has quiet a lot of effective ideas.


"What happened Tae?" Jimin is dreading the answer he will get. "Yoongi's wolf took control over his body and went feral." Tae stops, taking another deep breath. "Yoongi could never turn to his wolf form, as it was a pack activity and his parents didn't want him to have the connection with his wolf. On the full moons we were supposed to turn, they locked him on the basement so he couldn't get in touch with the nature. The wolf almost clawed Hoseon's eye out when he tried to touch him." Jimin lets out a relieved sigh. "Everybody was shocked, Hoseon was so embarrassed that a tied up omega wolf could beat him to unconsciousness and send him to the hospital for a month. He lost all the respect he has from dad, and was seen as an embarrassment from the family. Me and mom were so happy, Min-hyung." Tae's expressions go from a bit relieved like him, back to sad, fearful.


"After that, they attempted to sell Yoongi for his body again. But the wolf made every attempt futile. Even the strongest alpha couldn't force Yoongi's wolf to submit. He damaged a lot of old, wealthy, fat bastards pretty bad. The thing is, Yoongi never remembers what actually happens. He still isn't in touch with his wolf, he doesn't know what the other does when they take over. He won't remember what happened last night either. And to make it even more unusual, his wolf has silver eyes instead of blue. None of us could find anything about it. An omega wolf, with silver eyes and stronger than any alpha is a concept unheard of." Jimin has had too many shocks for one day.


"Tae, I- I'm speechless." Tae shakes his head. "I know hyung. That's why I feel guilty. I tried to get him to live with me, more than once, yet he said no. He was scared his parents would find us and hurt me. Hyung, I tried to tell him just how powerful I actually am, but he was horrified. I couldn't leave him there. So I planned to kidnap him. Everything was planned so well. But somehow his parents found out, they never saw my face, so they couldn't accuse me of anything, but they just knew it was me."


"I planned on sneaking in through Yoongi's window, easily get in and out with Kookie due to his speed and strength, but no one was home when I knew they would be there. I gave them sleeping pills on a grill party they had with my dad, at Yoongi's house. I made sure they were all home and passed out thanks to Hobi-hyung, yet no one was there." Tae lets out a rather loud sob. "The next morning, they were all home telling me someone broke in last night, so they hid in the basement. I checked the basement too, hyung. Yoongi looked sick when he saw me, and they had these sinister looks on their faces. And then after three days Yoongi is gone." Tae finishes with a deep exhale, almost chocking on his sobs.


"Woo-Woojin di-did i-it." Jimin can swear he  heard their necks cracking with the force they used to turn their heads at Yoongi. He is staring at them, eyes glassy. "W-What-?" Tae asks in disbelief, body fully turning to Yoongi. "Woo-Woojin he-heard y-you ta-talking to Ho-Hoseok-ssi. To-Told fa-father an-and th-then f-found th-the vam-vampire w-who bo-bought m-me." Jimin is so confused, frustrated, upset. He can feel his own tears pouring down his cheeks. "Who is Woojin?" Tae is still frozen, jaw slack in shock to what he just heard. "M-my beta cousin. What- what the fuck?" Tae gets up abruptly. "Why would he do that? I- Yoongi I'm so sorry sweetie. It-It's all my fucking fault." Tae kneels near the bed getting a hold of Yoongi's hand, ready to beg for forgiveness for something he didn't do.


"Di-did y-you k-know i-it w-was go-gonna h-happen? D-did y-you he-help Woo-Woojin a-and m-my pa-parents?" Taehyung sobs loudly at the accusations, furiously shaking his head. "N-No, Yoongi, no I-I would never do that to you. I-." Yoongi places his other hand over Tae's, a successful attempt to stop his rambling. "The-Then w-why w-would i-it b-be yo-your fa-fault, hy-hyungie?" Tae looks at Yoongi frozen. Then lets out a shaken exhale. "You scared the life out of me, Min Yoongi." He lets a breathy laugh out, letting his face drop on the bed.

"Get up, Tae. You shouldn't be on the floor. Yoongi, should I get my phone? I don't think you should talk this much. You can type it out. Then I'll get some water."


Taehyung gets up from the floor, retrieving the comfortable desk chair and sitting as near to the bed as possible. Meanwhile, Yoongi shakes his head at Jimin's question. The vampire makes a quick trip to the kitchen, dinking a blood bag for himself in a second, checking his appearance. He doesn't want to go to the omegas with blood stains all over him, he just needed it to calm himself down. Grabbing a pack of cold water bottles, he makes his quick way upstairs. It can look like too much time wasted, but it really took him like ten seconds.


He opens the pack, giving one to each of the omegas. No matter what Yoongi said, Jimin can see that his throat hurts based on the way his face forms into a frown when he drinks the water. Yet, the little one doesn't attempt to stop talking. "T-Tae-hyung, wh-what di-did y-you m-mean b-by I wo-won't rem-remember w-what h-happened la-last n-night?" Taehyung is hesitant to answer, locking gazes with Jimin, silently asking for a way to answer without freaking Yoongi out. "You had a nightmare, little one. A bit more intense than usual, but nothing too bad." Yoongi is focusing anywhere but at them, eyes looking disappointed, ready to cry from what Jimin can guess is frustration. "H-He wa-was o-out ag-again, wa-wasn't h-he?" The tone used for those words physically hurt Jimin, who can see that Yoongi already figured it all out. "Yes, little one, but he didn't hurt us. See? We are perfectly fine." Jimin is trying to assure Yoongi that he didn't hurt them. The scratches on Tae's hands aren't even noticeable. "H-He al-always h-hurts some-someone."


Jimin reaches for Yoongi, sitting in front of him on the bed. Slowly grabbing his left hand, leaving time for Yoongi to pull the hand away. When the wolf doesn't pull away, Jimin keeps talking. "Not this time, little one. Your wolf might have hurt people, but he did so to protect you. The nightmare triggered your wolf, yes, but he realized that you weren't in any danger and that we weren't a threat. How do you think we ended up cuddling on the bed, Yoon? Your wolf didn't hurt us at all. He pulled us in a hug, then you fell asleep on us." Jimin doesn't mention the break down Taehyung had, and the wolf sends him a grateful, thanking glance.


Yoongi still looks like he wants to cry, but he gave up on the thought that his wolf hurt his hyungs, the words pouring from the vampire convincing him that, just maybe his wolf wasn't a feral monster. He was rather someone protecting Yoongi, always taking over when it was too bad of a situation and Yoongi couldn't handle it himself. The wolf was quiet the opposite of what Yoongi's parents told him. Why would he take over him over a nightmare, though? Yoongi doesn't even remember what flashback he saw last night, but it ought to be one of the worst as it triggered his wolf. Yoongi wants to forget about it. About the possibility that he might have hurt the only people that he cares for.


His hyungs make sure the rest of the day is spent in the best way they can spend it.

In the end, they end up in the same situation they woke up to. The older ones cuddling the sweet little omega, who is left in the middle of them. Calming scents permeating the air.

Forgetting about everything else, at least for now.

Chapter Text

Yoongi wakes up to hushed murmurs disturbing his sensitive ears. At first, he guesses his hyungs are talking to each other again. But then, he realizes his face is comfortably pressed to Jimin's chest, the vampire's chin gently pressed to his hair. Yoongi has one arm draped over Jimin, while Tae's front is pressed to his back, face snuggled as close as possible to his neck. Jimin's arm is draped over Yoongi, most probably reaching Tae too. He doesn't have the time to blush, as there are no vibrations that indicate that the others are talking. The voices seem like they come from the far corners of the room. Fear rises as Yoongi doesn't recognize the tones, freezing when he hears some of the words.


"They are all asleep. What do we do now?"

Who are these people? How did they get in? What do they plan to do? The worst scenarios possible pop into Yoongi's mind, yet he tries to keep his scent in control so he doesn't out himself. He can't do anything by himself. If they learn he is awake they can easily take him away. He is close to panicking when he thinks of waking Jimin up. Maybe he can do something? His hyungs are way more rational in these situations than him. So, Yoongi nudges Jimin with his head as hard as he can to wake him up, trying to act like he is moving in his sleep. And it works. The vampire is startled awake, his hand going around Yoongi's waist immediately, rising a bit from the bed to check on the omega.


"You okay, little one?" The hand makes its way to Yoongi's cheek, who still doesn't dare open his eyes, absolutely terrified of being dragged back to that Hell. Somehow, Jimin sleepily turns his head in the direction of the door, sleep forgotten as he jolts up with a startled yell at the two silhouettes staring right back at him. "What the fuck Hyungs!?"

Hyungs? Does Jimin know these people? And hyungs!? Who can be older than The Third One?

The realization hits Yoongi at that exact moment.

The First and The Second One.

Well, shit.


Tae is woken up by Jimin as well, the heavy sleeper sending a look to the two other vampires in the room, then closing his eyes again. "How did you get in here, Hyung?" Jimin asks while glancing at Yoongi again, who dared to stop pretending and is just staring at the vampires. "I have the keys. You haven't answered your phone in two days. You didn't give me any updates on his condition either. I'm not going to stay seated. What if something happened to you?" Says the vampires who has black hair. Jimin sighs and Yoongi can see him rolling his eyes. "If I didn't answer my phone, why didn't you use the bond, dear Sire?" Jimin says in the most sarcastic voice Yoongi has ever heard. "Brat." Is the only reply Jimin gets.


"Why is Taehyung here, I thought you weren't going to tell him?" Asks a new voice, coming from the slightly taller vampire with blonde hair. They both have hazel-colored eyes. Based on their auras, Yoongi can guess that he is The Second One. "Yoongi is Tae's childhood friend. Tae came by himself two days ago to check on me and we found it out." Despite the explanation, they both look confused by what Jimin just said. "Who is Yoongi?" Yoongi really wants to join Jimin on his sarcastic streak right now, but that would be risky. And, didn't Jimin tell them his name? He has known it for quite a while. Before Jimin or Yoongi can speak up, Tae interrupts them by sleepily tightening his hold on Yoongi and saying. “Yoongi is the little guy I'm probably smothering right now.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. Taehyung acknowledges the fact that he is crushing Yoongi to death but still decides to ignore it.


“Tae let go of him. He is turning red.” Jimin nags playfully as he rises from the bed. Jimin is yet again interrupted by his hyungs, who ask. “So he isn't dangerous?” Yoongi is remarkably confused as to why would they even think that he is dangerous in the first place. Haven't they seen him in the condition Jimin found him? And, outside of that, how could Yoongi ever be dangerous to someone like Jimin? He is probably more than one foot shorter than Jimin, and he stands nowhere close to the power Jimin holds. It's plainly ridiculous to think Yoongi holds even the tiniest chance against Park Jimin. Jimin looks like he wants to say something sarcastic again, but he opts to simply say. “No, he isn't”.


Jimin vanishes from Yoongi's view for a second, coming back with two cold-looking water bottles, handing one to him. He opens the other by himself, then pouring some water to the sleeping, unaware Taehyung’s face. The other is startled awake by the cold water. He takes a look at the culprit, ready to get revenge. But it ends up with Yoongi being splashed with the remains of the water that didn't end up in Taehyung's hair as they fight for the bottle. They both start fretting over him as they say something about him possibly getting a cold. At least the fight is forgotten. Jimin instructs Tae for something, then pulls Yoongi up in his arms. The omega is startled by the sudden movement but doesn't object, burying his head to Jimin's collarbone. Tae quickly makes his way to the closet, picking up some sheets, then changing the wet ones. The other vampires are just staring at them, and Yoongi accidentally makes eye contact with them. The look in their eyes sends shivers down Yoongi's spine. He quickly averts his gaze, tightening his arms around Jimin.


Jimin lowers Yoongi on the bed again after Tae is seemingly done. They make sure Yoongi is comfortable, drying his hair with a towel, before turning to the vampires. “Why are you still waiting there? Sit.” Jimin points at the now-empty couch. Looks like they moved the ridiculous amount of comforters there. The vampires slowly make their way to the couch, sitting close to each other. By their body language, Yoongi can easily guess that they are a couple and, minding their age, they have been for a long time. Before an awkward silence sets on the room, Jimin asks. “How did you get a key, Jin-Hyung? I don't remember giving you any.” The black-haired vampire looks like a deer caught in headlights for a second, but he composes himself. “Irrelevant. Of course I'm going to have your keys, I'm your Sire. I need access to this house to make sure you are okay.” The blonde-haired vampire is holding his laughter in with all his might, but his expressions give him away, earning a nagging slap on the back of his head from the black-haired vampire, Jin.


“And you don't let us call you dad.” Taehyung says, laughter obvious in his voice. “Like Joon-Hyung is already my father-in-law, that makes you my dad too." This time, Tae doesn't hold his giggles at the face Jin makes. Jimin interrupts them. "Okay, can we sort out who is whose dad later? I need to feed these two, I can hear Tae's stomach growling. If you want anything hyungs, come to the kitchen." The three vampires walk out together, and Yoongi can hear something about 'introductions' but ignores it, as Taehyung practically jumps on him, asking about what they should watch today.




"Little one, huh?" Jimin can hear the smirk in Jin's tone as he leads them to the kitchen. "Please don't." Is the reply he chooses cause he really doesn't want to be teased right now. He fetches three blood bags, handing two to his hyungs, then grabbing the ingredients for the breakfast he has to prepare. “Sit down, I'll do it.” Jimin sends Jin-Hyung an unsure look, hesitantly leaving the counter, making room for his hyung. He sits down on a chair next to Joon-Hyung. The other shifts in his direction. “Why didn't you tell us about all of these? You knew his name and now suddenly Tae knows him?” Jimin really doesn't want to talk, cause he doesn't have an explanation that even he himself can believe. “Remember the childhood friend Tae always talks about, the one he couldn't bring to his wedding and cried for days after?” Jimin awaits a sign of acknowledgment, continuing after he receives a nod. “That's him. That's Yoongi.”


“Still doesn't answer my first question Min, I could have found something about him if you told me his name." Jimin looks at his hands, trying to form the right answer in his head. "I know what I need to know Hyung. His parents were abusive assholes and sold him to a psychopath vampire who did this to him." Jin turns at the last words. "So one of us is included in this too? I didn't see any fang marks though?" Jimin knows that. It's what confused him even more. He nods, continuing. "Can I ask for a favor Joon-Hyung?" The vampire didn't expect that question but nods anyway. "Of course, Min." Jimin takes a deep breath. He isn't used to breaking promises, but this isn't really him doing it, Joon will. And this isn't even the start of what he will do after he talks to Yoongi.


"Can you find out where Min Yoongi's parents work?" Joon seems to get the point, judging by his expressions. He nods, encouraging Jimin to continue. "After you find out, I want you to fire them, do it again and again until the only job they can get into is a janitor. According to Tae, they like the fancy life, like bragging about their job, salary and where they spent their vacation. I want you to ruin that for them. I'll take care of the other part." Joon nods, already texting someone. Jin looks done, so Jimin picks up the trays, heading back to the room after he makes sure his Hyungs are following him.


Yoongi and Tae are back to cuddling, watching some noisy k-drama on his laptop. Tae puts it aside after he sees them entering, making grabby hands at the food. "Give it to me, I'm starving." Jimin laughs at the exaggerated reaction. "You and your baby are going to inhale my whole fridge, aren't you?" Jimin realizes that he blew it again when he looks at the absurd, dumbfound expressions of his Hyungs. “What baby?” Taehyung looks even more confused than Jin and Joon. "Didn't Jungkook tell you?" Making some weird hand movements, Jin asks. “Tell us what?”


“I'm pregnant.” It looks like someone froze them on the spot, they aren't breathing, aren't blinking, just staring at Taehyung. Jimin is ready to move in front of them to wake them up when they practically pounce on Tae. The hug they pull him in looks too tight for comfort. He and Yoongi share a glance, both turning at the overdramatic hug the others are sharing. “Okay, okay. Can you let him go so he can eat?” They realize their reaction and let go of Tae. They congratulate Tae, happiness obvious in their eyes. “We will be taking our leave. And going to talk to Jungkook about this. Why he didn't tell us.” Jimin sets the trays on the desk, going to follow his Hyungs. As they reach the door, Jimin remembers something. “Joon-Hyung, can you search everything about Kim Woojin for me? Maybe send someone to give him a lesson too?” Joon nods, getting the point. "Any message to deliver?" Jimin shakes his head.


"How is the wolf doing? He looked better, but looks are quite deceiving.” Jin asks before Jimin orders someone's death. “He is doing better. The wounds are nearly healed, he can move his upper body pretty well, and we are working on his legs. He can't talk much due to vocal cord damage, but he manages to communicate with motions and some whispered words here and there.” Jin nods, hugging Jimin goodbye, Joon does too after. “Bye Hyungs. Please don't kill Jungkook.” Jimin says it as a joke, but he really fears for Jungkook right now. He knows the boy forgets a lot and forgot to tell the Hyungs, and he is going to get his ear nagged off. “No promises. Bye Min.”




Today Yoongi could start again with his exercises, and now with the two of them there to help it's easier. And it urges Yoongi to do better. He was able to take some steps but fell face first on Jimin's chest after the fourth step. Tae left the room when Jimin checked Yoongi's nearly completely healed injuries, saying he had to get something. But Jimin understood that he couldn't stay to look. At like 2 PM, Jungkook and Hoseok came to drop off some of Tae's clothes and some other things he needs. He put the suitcase in another guest room. That's when Jimin and Tae realized that they left their other colleagues without any explanation or instruction.


Of course, Jimin doesn't have Tae only. Tae is more of a vice president than a secretary, but that's what they settled with. There are more trusted people, they are all labeled as secretaries for every branch of his conglomerate, but in reality, they are vice presidents, board members, while Jimin himself is the CEO and the chairman. It's easier to manage the employees when they don't see you as a threat. They can babble anything when they think you are incapable of doing something to them. Jimin and Tae inform Yeonjun, Chan, and Irene that they will be leading with the board until they are back. The three of them are vampires that Jimin knows and works with for the past three hundred years, so he trusts them.


Now, they are watching an episode of a k-drama Jimin is just getting interested in, when the doorbell rings again. Jimin is so irritated by these people just coming in and out without being invited. He really hopes it's not some investor that is trying to make a ridiculous deal with him like last time. He hopes it's someone from their friend group, cause he is ready to whack somebody. The reason why he lives in the woods is because he wanted privacy. He should get Hoseok to put some invisibility spell over his mansion.



Chapter Text

Jimin truly doesn't want to open the door, doesn't want to be disturbed right now. "They will leave if I don't answer, the light is off so they don't know I'm here." He tells the omegas who are looking at him. They seem to agree, all of them turning back at the screen. Well, looks like they can't have a damned day in peace, cause whoever is there doesn't stop ringing the bell. What makes Jimin bolt up is the frantic hits heard from the door. And then;

“Kim Taehyung!” It's so loud it can be heard clearly from the other side of the mansion, on the second floor. Tae gets up too, Yoongi must have recognized the voice too, since he looks terrified. “What the fuck is dad doing here?” Tae asks, horrified. How did he find the house?


“Tae there are some scent blockers on the nightstand, get them.” Jimin says, making his way to his room. He picks up a carved wooden box. Joon gave it to him, but Jimin never thought he would use what's inside of it. He gets back in the room, making sure all the windows are locked and shuts the blinds. He retrieves the gun from the box, handing it to Yoongi. “I'm not going to let him near you, but just to be sure you need to have this. I'm going to show you how to use it.” Yoongi is trying to pay attention but barely gets the grip. He repeats some of the motions Jimin showed him. The other says it's good. Jimin sprays the scent blocker on himself too. He and Tae make their way downstairs.


“Tae, stay in the living room. I'm going to answer the door.” Tae looks hesitant, ready to protest but Jimin gets out before he has the chance. The violent knocking never stopped, so Jimin carefully opens the door, trying not to get hit in the face. In front of him is Kim Jaesik. A man in his sixties, who looks uncomfortably too much like Taehyung. His head is full of grey hair, build but aged body. What surprises him is the other man standing behind Jaesik. If they came any other day before this, Jimin wouldn't recognize him, but after checking the files Joon sent him, he knows.

Kim Woojin.

Looks like Joon hasn't sent the lesson yet. Well, Jimin will be glad to deliver it himself. Talk about walking into the lion's den.


“Hello?” Jimin chooses to act like he doesn't know them. There's a ninety-five percent chance that they don't know who he is. Everyone knows The Third One's name, but not everyone has seen his face. And maybe they will leave if he can convince them Taehyung isn't here. The two are obviously intimidated by him. No matter how much they try to hide it, Jimin can see it in their eyes. Trying to seem tough, Jaesik tries to push him away and get in without permission, but Jimin doesn't bulge. “Get out of my way, disgusting vampire.” Well, that wasn't a good start. “Excuse me? Who gave you the authority to just walk into my house? And after offending me?” Jimin enjoys the irritation radiating off of Jaesik, and he is doing this on purpose. He could paralyze both of them with a single look, drink them dry, but he wants to prolong it. They made Yoongi suffer too.


“Respect your elders, let me in now before I do something we both will regret. Kim Taehyung, I know you are in there, get out here right now.” Jaesik tries to push him away again but stumbles back himself by the force of it when Jimin doesn't move again. Jimin can't help but snicker at them. Older? Really? He closes the door behind himself, taking some steps forward. He smirks when he sees them going back with little steps. “What makes you think you are older than me, sir?” That seems to be the last straw for Jaesik, the old man going full-on yelling. “Are you another vampire that little slut is fucking? Hand him over and we will leave otherwise-.” Jimin's eyes darken, who are they to call Taehyung that? And yelling will scare Yoongi. Oh, Jimin will make this painful.


“Otherwise what, Jaesik? What are you going to do? Amuse me.” The pathetic wolf goes to punch Jimin, but the vampire easily catches the fist inches before it hits him. “How do you know my name, filthy bloodsucker?” Jimin was waiting for this question. He tightens his grip on the fist until it cracks, a painful yell making its way out of Jaesik. Jimin shoves him away, the wolf stumbling some steps behind, his nephew rushing to help him. “Oh, I know you pretty well, Kim Jaesik. Alpha, sixty-one years old, father of Kim Hoseon and Kim Taehyung. Husband and mate of Lee Chaehyo. Works as a manager for one of the most prestigious Park restaurants in Daegu. And you-, ” Jimin turns to Woojin, who still hasn't said a thing, now hiding behind his uncle, ”- are Kim Woojin. Beta son of Kim Hyungsoo and Bae Chaeril. Twenty-four years old, works as an assistant IT for Park Finances, the smaller establishment in Ilsan. Has a darker background as well, but we wouldn't want your dear uncle to know, now would we? We wouldn't want your dear uncle to know how you bow down to the kind he hates so much every day, hmm? The real question here is, do you know who I am? Do you know in whose territory you are trespassing?”


They are both baffled by what Jimin just unfolded. Woojin looks like he is ready to faint after Jimin talks about his side business. “Who the fuck are you?” Jimin is getting tired of this question. He tuts, shaking his head. “I thought you would recognize your boss, but I was wrong.” The absolutely horrified looks on their faces make Jimin burst into a mean chuckle. “Judging by your faces, I guess you realized who you messed with. You are in front of Park Jimin, The Third One. Now, what did you want from Taehyungie?” They completely ignore his question, doing a full bow in front of him, begging for forgiveness. That's where Jimin wanted them, on the ground, where they deserve to be. He would like to have Woojin six feet under too, but this can do. For now.


“I'm so sorry, sir. Forgive an old man like me. I'm just trying to get my son back home. A sickening witch and a wicked vampire brainwashed him, forced him to mate with them. And they make him work, can you believe it, an omega working? My son's place is in a good family with a good alpha that can provide for him and give him kids, not some filthy nobodies. I'm here to take him home and find a good mate for him." Jimin is so close to just kicking the old man's fake teeth inside but stops himself in the last second. “And why is Woojin here?” Jimin can see the beta trembling, that's how he figures what the truth is before the old alpha even talks. “He helped me find my son by locating his phone.” Jimin nods, telling them to get up. “Do you know who the sickening witch and the wicked vampire are?” The man shakes his head, while Woojin looks ready to soil his pants. “That sickening witch is one of my best friends for nearly eleven years now. That wicked vampire is my brother. I know you, Kim Jaesik. I know you are a manipulative, sick-in-the-head alpha, who thinks that omegas are good for breeding only. Now, how about I tell you that your son works for me. He is one of my most valued employees, and I can assure you no one is forcing him to work. I wish I could say the same for you and your nephew over here.”


“You both steal from me, take my generosity for granted. You know, Tae is the only reason I haven't fired you yet. But I guess I can do that now. Don't bother showing up to work again. And there will be lawsuits sent to you.” Jimin sees Woojin moving from the corner of his eye, retrieving something flashy from his belt.

Wrong move, Kim Woojin, wrong move. He hears the gun shoot before he sees Woojin aiming it, but it never reaches him, the bullet stuck in midair in between Jimin's eyes, just some inches away.


That's all the disrespect Jimin can handle. Letting the bullet drop to the ground, he kicks Woojin, hard, making him fall on the dirt. Jaesik tries to charge at him, but Jimin stops him, the old alpha dropping unconscious on his feet by just looking into Jimin's, now red, eyes. Woojin is trying to get up but fails as Jimin kicks him again like he is some garbage that needs to be thrown away. Jimin picks him up by the collar of his now smudged white shirt, smashing and caging him into the wall of the manor. Nearing his lips to Woojin’s ears, leaning into his personal space, Jimin says. “You really think it's that easy to kill me? Do you know just how many bugs like you I've gotten rid of? I can easily drink you dry Woojin. But based on your scent, you taste awful, I’d rather not ruin my taste buds. I can easily poison you though. One nick of my fangs and you will feel the worst pain ever. Something I bet you can't handle. It will feel like you are burning internally. You will feel every single organ of yours is churning around in your body. Like something is eating you from the inside. Chopping you up. It will get worse and worse until you die. And you know what's the best part?”


Jimin gets even closer, whispering, evil smirk evident in his voice. “I have enough beast friends in these woods that would easily dispose of you. And I can frame your uncle over there for it. Who is there to say the opposite? The venom doesn't leave any traces either.” He wraps his hand around the other's throat, squeezing tight enough to cut off his breath. The wolf tries to act tough by spitting in his face but missing. He is shaking like a leaf in Jimin's hold. “Now, I can let you go with minor injuries if you do me a favor and tell me who bought Yoongi.” Woojin was certainly not expecting this question if the dumbfound expression on his face slowly turning to fear says anything. "What-? Who is Yoongi? I-” Jimin doesn't let him finish, punching him straight in the jaw, then slamming his head back to the wall.


“Wrong answer, Woojinie. One more chance, who bought Yoongi?” The wolf is crying like a pathetic idiot right now, letting out little pleas for his life, but still not answering Jimin's question. Jimin bares his fangs, running his tongue over them. “Guess this is your goodbye Woojinie.” Jimin stretches the wolf's head aside, baring his throat. He leans down, actually ready to bite him, when Woojin starts yelling out, knowing there is no other way out to keep his pitiful life. “I don't know who bought him. I swear. I'm just an underling in the gang. I don't know who leads, but they were looking for a disposable toy, and I was deep on depts in there. Yoongi was the perfect offer. His parents would do anything to get rid of that worthless omega, while still making money out of it. I snitched on Taehyung and offered Yoongi. That's all I know I swear. Please don't kill me.”


Jimin is so tempted to just sink his fangs in, this piece of shit deserves it. He is one second away from death but still cusses at Yoongi. He won't kill him, but he will hurt him. “Look at me, Woojinie. Look at my eyes.” Jimin doesn't wait for the wolf to move, turning the other’s face in his direction harshly. The second they make eye contact, Woojin starts screaming like possessed, striking pain rushing through his body. “Y-you promised-.”

“Oh sweetheart, this is nothing,” Jimin says with an evil snicker. “Now, you won't remember anything that happened tonight. You will stop following Tae. You are unemployed from now on. All you will remember this as is a nightmare, a painful one.”


Jimin drops the wolf on the floor, the other writhing in pain, losing consciousness after a while. He texts Joon to send some people to cover this up, quickly making his way inside. The second he steps inside he is pulled into a bruising tight hug. “Are you okay, Min-Hyung?” Tae starts checking for any injuries, letting out a breath of relief when he sees nothing. At least not Jimin's blood. He might have punched Woojin a bit too hard. He deserved it anyway.

They both make their way up, knowing that Yoongi heard most of the noise, especially the gunshot. Before getting in, Jimin knocks on the door, so Yoongi doesn't shoot at them. “It's us, little one.” He waits for some seconds, then slowly opens the door.


Yoongi is curled up on the bed, tear-stained face staring back at them. The red in Jimin's eyes fades immediately at the sorrowful sight. He quickly makes his way to the bed, waiting for a reaction from Yoongi, only to be pulled in another bone-crushing embrace. “I-I th-thought h-he ki-killed y-you. Th-The gun-gunshot a-and th-the s-screams.” Yoongi starts sobbing as he tightens his hold on Jimin. “I'm fine, little one. See?” Jimin points at himself. The other gives him a teary nod, running his eyes through Jimin's body to make sure everything is okay. Jimin takes the gun from his hands, emptying it and setting it on the desk.


Yoongi falls asleep straddling Jimin's lap, nose pressed to the vampire's neck. Tae is right next to them, asleep. One hand holding Jimin's, the other tucked under his cheek. Jimin doesn't mind, it's not uncomfortable at all, no matter how bad it looks. He wouldn't move unless you forced him to.


Chapter Text

It's been five days since the unpleasant visit. Jimin made sure that no one will ever find the mansion again, aside from his friends. Hoseok is young, but he knows what he is doing. At the age of twenty-seven, he is one of the strongest witches out there. He cast a spell on the mansion, so now they don't have to worry about intruders again. Jungkook changed Taehyung's phone and number as well.

Yoongi is doing better and better every day. Jimin wasn't expecting him to walk for maybe another week, but the little wolf can reach the door of the enormous room with little to no difficulty as long as he is holding onto something or someone. The nightmares are getting less and less frequent. And they aren't the worst he has had. He can talk without a whisper but still stutters a bit. Yet lately, new issues have surfaced.


Yoongi has had a high fever for the past twenty-four hours, and no matter what Jimin does, it's not going down. Yoongi is barely conscious, and all he can let out are quiet mumbles. It's making Jimin so anxious, as he can't find out just what is wrong. There are no signs of infections that might have caused it. No food that Jimin gave him could have poisoned him. It's not a cold, nor a normal fever. Yoongi refuses to let go of him too. It's like he is scared something is going to happen to him. He and Tae have been on his head all day. Jimin called Jin too, but the omega didn't let the other approach him. Anyone that isn't Jimin or Tae makes the omega feel troubled, weak sobs and whimpers leaving his chest. The next day though, they find out just what is happening.


Jimin hasn't had a wink of sleep all night, just like his gaze hasn't left Yoongi. The other is laying down on the bed, currently asleep. Tae refused to sleep until Jimin reminded him of the baby he is carrying. The pregnant omega is sleeping on the couch, his head laying on Jimin's lap, ‘so if something happens you moving will wake me up.’ Of course, Jimin didn't wake Taehyung up even though he checked Yoongi's temperature every hour. He is stealthy, effortlessly putting a pillow under Taehyung's head every time he stood up. That's what he is doing right now. After he rests Tae's head on the pillow, he makes his way to a sweaty-looking Yoongi. He brushes the sticky hair away from the sleeping omega's hair, concerned about the heat he feels on his palm. As he retrieves the thermometer from the nightstand, the unusually tooth rooting sweet scent of vanilla hits Jimin's nose. That felt like a slap of realization for Jimin.

Yoongi is in pre-heat.


He doesn't know how he still has rational thoughts, but he rushes to Taehyung, shaking him up. Jimin doesn't wait for the other to fully wake up, dragging him out of the room as quickly as possible. The omega is confused and scared, so Jimin is quick to explain. “Tae, you have to leave. Yoongi is about to go in heat. His scent can induce an unexpected heat for you too, and in this state, it can kill both you and the baby.” Waking up, Tae nods without questions, instantly understanding the risk. Jimin leads him downstairs, calling Jungkook immediately. The younger vampire probably broke every law possible arriving that fast. As they are heading out Tae hugs Jimin again. “Please take care of him.” Jimin tightens the hug just a bit, promising he will.


After the mates leave, Jimin quickly makes his way to the kitchen, grabbing every water bottle he has there and any possible healthy snack Yoongi can eat while in heat. He finds the omega whimpering on the bed, moving around, but this time his eyes are slightly open. The second he sees Jimin entering, the movements stop, the omega reaching for Jimin with one hand. The vampire gently drops what he had in his hands near the bed, getting a hold of Yoongi's hand. “Hey there little one, how are you feeling?” The omega lets out a weak moan of pain. “I-It h-hurts. W-What’s h-happening t-to m-me?” The sight shatters Jimin's heart, not being able to witness the omega in pain all over again. “It's your heat, little one. That's why it hurts.”


The omega shakes his head furiously, muttering ‘nononono’. “Th-they s-said I-I'm de-defective, i-it c-can't b-be a-a heat. D-don't l-let i-it h-happen. D-Don't le-let i-it h-happen H-Hyung. Th-they w-will t-take m-me a-again. H-Hoseon w-will g-get m-me a-again, d-don't w-want to g-go b-back. P-please.” Jimin is left speechless for a second, brain still trying to register the heart-wrenching wails pouring out of the omega. “Hyung is here, little one. No one can take you away, remember? You aren't defective, your wolf just wasn't ready and safe to have a heat before. Hyung will be just outside the door, one call and I'm here, I won't move even one centimeter away. Promise.” Yoongi nods through the tears, squeezing Jimin's hand to borderline pain.


That's what Jimin did. For five agonizing days, he stood outside that door, trying to blur out the moans and cries, but still attentive to any call for him. Yoongi's heatwaves last two to four hours each, with an hour of rest in between. At that hour Jimin enters the room, helping a trembling Yoongi to drink and eat, changes the towels or sheets, and helps him to the bathroom. On the third day, he helped Yoongi bathe too. Jimin has been using scent blockers so his scent doesn't alert Yoongi's wolf. Sometimes, Yoongi will pull Jimin on the bed after he finishes eating, not saying anything, just holding Jimin tight enough so he gets the point. Jimin will provide as much comfort as he can.

Usual heats last three days maximum, but Jimin thinks it's kind of justified by the fact that this heat is five years late. Jimin as a doctor himself has never seen a case like this before. He marks the days on his phone to keep track of the heat, ready to prescript a safe kind of suppressants if Yoongi agrees to take them.


It's the fifth day when the scent losses its intensity, and that's how Jimin knows this is the last wave of the heat. After hours of moans, wails, and whines, there's a meek call for his name. Jimin bolts up, quickly entering the room. Yoongi is all sweaty and trembling from exhaustion, so Jimin rushes to give him some water, one hand under his head, raising it so he doesn't choke while drinking. Yoongi gulps it down like a man stranded in the desert. Jimin helps him sit down, fixing some fresh pillows behind his back. “How are you feeling little one?” Yoongi closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I-I f-feel l-like i-it's o-over.” Jimin gives the tired omega a small smile, nodding his head. “Yep, little one. It's over. Do you want to sleep first, eat, or does a bath sound better?” The wolf prefers the last option, letting Jimin do everything. Jimin fills the bathtub, adding the best bath bomb he has and bubbles. He gently picks Yoongi up, making his way to the bathroom.


Jimin can feel the way Yoongi's muscles relax the second the water touches his skin. He takes his time washing Yoongi's hair, gently massaging his scalp. He does the same with the rest of Yoongi's body until he is squeaky clean. The omega fell asleep somewhere in between, telling Jimin to keep going even if he does doze off. Jimin changes the dirty sheets again, getting the most comfortable ones he could find. Gently rinsing Yoongi off, he wraps him in a towel, picking him up and laying him on the bed. He dries the omega off gently, trying not to wake him up. Jimin changes him in some of his clothes, ready to leave him to sleep in peace and call Tae, but the sleepy omega grasps his wrist, refusing to let go until they were both curled up on the bed. Maybe Tae can wait. Jimin texted him earlier anyways, and the vampire hasn't had a wink of sleep in a week now, he feels like he needs it.




Jimin is woken up from a dreamless sleep by a gentle caressing pressure on his left shoulder. He sluggishly opens his eyes, his view being Yoongi's fluffy white hair. He slowly gets a grip on his surroundings, feeling Yoongi's full weight on top of him. The little wolf is caressing an old scar Jimin has had since the war with the werewolves, paying full attention to it. It's the only scar Jimin has in his body aside from the fang marks on his wrist, a reminder of the day he turned. His t-shirt was probably pushed down while he was moving in his sleep, and Yoongi noticed the nasty scar.

“What are you up to, little one?” Jimin was expecting Yoongi to blush at being caught, maybe not even glance at him. What he certainly wasn't expecting were the silver eyes looking back at him. Why is Yoongi's wolf out? Did he have another bad nightmare? Was it the heat?


The wolf doesn't answer, just looks at him, slightly tilting his head to the right. Jimin doesn't move, knowing that any sudden motion can scare the little wolf. The latter goes back to caressing the scar, leaving Jimin even more confused. What completely baffles him is when the wolf starts licking it, as if trying to heal it. After deeming the treatment enough, he nuzzles his nose on the crook of Jimin's neck, scenting him. Testing the waters, Jimin slowly runs his fingers through Yoongi's soft hair. When the wolf freezes, Jimin is waiting for him to attack, but instead, he leans into the touch, purring softly. He drapes his other hand around Yoongi's waist, pulling him closer when the wolf doesn't object to it. He dozes off like that. Holding his precious wolf close to him.




Jimin can't move.

Every single inch of his body burns and it feels like those wolves set him on fire. But they didn't.

Not yet at least. They poisoned him and are still clawing at him, as he can even get up and fight them back. He really thought he was stronger, but whatever these wolves used on him made him so weak he can't fight back. He is waiting for them to just tear his head off and free him from this misery. He is ready to beg for it at this point.


There are at least nine alpha werewolves around him, some holding him down, some sinking their claws into him. All he can do is let out cries of pain, trying to wither away. He can't contact Jin-Hyung, he is too far away and too weak. He closes his eyes, tears flowing down his cheeks, and just like that, he gives up.

He stops moving, hoping it will make those monsters end him faster.


On the contrary, it just encourages them, and in a second there is this thick, searing pain running through his body, the source of it being his left shoulder. He lets out a loud shout, the pain worse than anything he has felt until now. One of those bastards clamped down on his shoulder, the sharp canines cutting deep into his skin, almost tearing throughout it. He expects the wolf to tear the chunk off, but before it does, a blood-curdling growl is heard. The wolves release him quickly, all of them running away like some scared dogs.


Jimin looks around, trying to find the creature who scared all those alphas away. His eyes land on a snow-white werewolf, walking closer to him. This wolf is much larger than the other wolves, and they were all alphas. This wolf smells like an omega, but it has silver eyes?

Is this one going to kill Jimin?

If so, please do it now, he can't handle more torment.


The wolf looms around him, looking up and down his body as if inspecting the bleeding wounds. Jimin doesn't know what to do anymore. He can't feel his limbs so he can't run. And this wolf would surely catch him if he tried. It stops moving, its snout coming closer to a nasty cut on his abdomen. His clothes are all torn, leaving him bare to the danger. The fact that he is laying on snow doesn't help either. For the first time in eight hundred years, he feels like a weak, defenseless human. Close to the brink of death.


Jimin is expecting this wolf to bite him too, he just wants it to be his neck so he can be freed faster.

Instead, it starts licking his wounds?

What the fuck? Why is it doing that? He is the vampire in this. Is it trying to mock him? It keeps doing so to every other wound in his body. After Jimin gets himself together after the shock, he can feel the pain subsiding. He doesn't know in what mess he is right now.


After deeming the licking enough, the wolf hovers over Jimin, then dropping its full weight onto the vampire. Now laying comfortably, it starts lapping the wound in his shoulder again, then moving its snout to Jimin's neck. Is it going to bite Jimin now? The vampire closes his eyes, expecting the searing pain to hit him, but it doesn't. No matter how much time passes, it doesn't come.


Jimin doesn't know what got into him to try, but he really needs the comfort right now. Cautiously, he runs his bloody fingers through the thick white fur. To his surprise, the wolf doesn't object, instead, it starts purring, loving the caressing. Jimin gets brave, moving his other hand too.

Somehow, the vibrations from the purring and the warmth radiating from the wolf lull him to sleep. He doesn't care if it kills him in his sleep. He is just glad he was calm and warm in his last moments. And he wasn't alone.


When he wakes up he is in his room, covered in a bunch of blankets. Jin-Hyung is looming over him, asking about what happened. Why he didn't call for his Sire when he was just some miles away? Jimin is confused as to how he ended up that near to the house. The whole ordeal happened in the woods on the other side of the country. The woods Jimin lives in now. Still trying to find that white wolf to whom he owes his life.

But after a while, the memories faded, Jimin forgetting the reason why he is there. Why he walks around the woods every night. Why he listens to every slight noise, sneaking a peek out of the window when he hears howls that don't sound like normal wolves. Why he never put a wall around his mansion, only a fence, so he could see through it.

See if that wolf is back.



Chapter Text

Taehyung has been knocking on the door for a while, getting the keys from his pocket when he realizes they might be asleep. Jimin kept him informed about Yoongi, let him talk to the omega too, when he was on his right mind. He knows Jimin and was happy that Yoongi had him there. He knows Jimin took good care of him. If anyone, Taehyung would know.

Jimin kept him safe while on his heats too, before he started dating Jungkook and Hoseok. He was scared of staying in the house his family had in Seoul. It wouldn't be surprising if his dad sent an alpha to claim him while in heat. He couldn't stay in the dorms either. Jimin offered to buy him a new apartment, but of course, Taehyung refused. Then he offered the mansion for him, promised to stay away from Tae. Jimin gave Taehyung full permission to kill him if he did anything to him. He stayed in the mansion, just to make sure Tae was okay. He kept Taehyung hydrated and full, would change the covers and air the room when Taehyung was showering. The fresh healthy food was a nice change from the instant ramen he ate daily, as it was the only thing he could afford as a college student. To this day Taehyung still doesn't understand how and why Jimin has all those bedsheets though. The other told him he bought different ones over the years and most of the purchases were impulsive.


Shaking his head at the memories, with a smile on his face he enters the house. He can see the kitchen is messy, so he knows Jimin didn't leave from the door this time either. He forgets most of the time just who Jimin is because of his sweet behavior towards people close to him. The ordeal with his dad and Woojin was a necessary reaction. And Jimin hid it well. Tae's mom called him one day after it, talking about how Woojin attacked Tae’s dad for unknown reasons and will be in jail for the next nine months for physical assault. His dad will be spending a week in the hospital due to injuries and a broken rib. As bad as it might sound, Taehyung was happy about it. Especially when he found out that Woojin couldn't bail himself out due to another lawsuit being held against him. His dad will be dealing with one when he gets out of the hospital too.


He makes his way upstairs, quietly opening the door so he doesn't disturb his probably sleeping friends. Jimin is sleeping with Yoongi laying on top of him. The little one seems to be awake though, just running his fingers around Jimin's exposed shoulder, head laying on Jimin's chest. It's cute.

“Hey there Yoon. How are you feeling?” Now he was expecting a warm welcome, maybe a hug. The silver-eyed wolf growling at him wasn't one of his expectations. What-? Why is Yoongi's wolf out? Did something go wrong? Did Jimin- no he didn't. He wouldn't. The growls wake up the sleeping vampire, who's still groggy from sleep, just staring around until he realizes what's happening. Taehyung is frozen in place, but that doesn't stop the wolf from trying to charge at him.


He is thankfully stopped by Jimin's strong grip around his waist. “What- little one, what are you doing?” The wolf stops moving but keeps growling at Taehyung. “Jimin-hyung why is his wolf out?” Jimin looks at him, his eyes are equally confused. "I don't know, he woke up like this after his heat. But he didn't act aggressively, so I thought it was a post-heat thing for him.” Jimin is trying to calm the wolf down, running his fingers through the white hair, nudging his head to where Jimin's scent glands are supposed to be.

“Okay, I think he doesn't like me. Should I leave?” Jimin looks guilty about having to ask Tae to leave, but he nods. Tae gets it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt him. Why is Yoongi's wolf so close to Jimin? Did Tae do something wrong?




Jimin didn't want Taehyung to leave, he really didn't, but the wolf just didn't want him there. The vampire didn't want anyone to get hurt, and remembering that Tae is pregnant he feels a bit better about it. With better, he means that the guilt is eating him just a little bit less. The moment Taehyung left the room, Yoongi's wolf stopped growling, his head getting back to its place in Jimin's chest. “Why didn't you let Tae stay, little one?” Jimin isn't really expecting an answer, as the wolf has never talked to them before. He just asked the question.

“He lied to us.” What-? Jimin is frozen for a second, surprised by the answer. It doesn't sound like Yoongi's voice though. It sounds deeper and clear, but at the same time, it sounds like two people talking at the same time. “What do you mean little one? When did Tae lie to you?” The wolf raises his head from Jimin's chest, supporting his upper body with his forearms on the bed, near Jimin's sides.


“He promised he would keep us safe during our first heat. But he wasn't there, so we weren't safe and didn't get our heat. Instead, he let that knothead alpha try to mate us. He made a lot of promises he didn't keep. It ruined us. But we still trusted him, no matter how much it hurt. I'm just trying to keep us away from getting hurt.” The wolf answers him with a stoic voice, but there is a stray tear falling from his left eye. Jimin reaches to wipe it away, feeling bad for the two manipulated omegas. He knows it's not Tae's fault, but in no way is it Yoongi's fault either. “Yoongi forgave him, I can't bring myself to. I and Yoongi aren't bound to one yet, and that's because of him too, he promised he would find a way for us to shift. We should have been bound years ago. This is the first time I have the slight clarity to talk, every time it would be me feral and hurting everyone in sight. Sometimes I wish he had a good reason for not being there, but it kept happening, and I never got an explanation. If Yoongi did and forgave him then maybe he isn't that bad. But then we were sold and almost died, and I can't keep him close anymore.”


Jimin is speechless, frozen, just looking at the now fully crying wolf. Without hesitation, he pulls the wolf in his embrace with one arm, brushing away the tears with the other hand. “I'm so sorry, little one. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. You have every right to feel the way you do.” The wolf starts mutely sobbing, the vampire pulling him even closer. “Do you know why he wasn't there?” The question was expected, Jimin just doesn't know how to form the answer. “Only if you promise me you will listen before you judge.” The wolf lets out an accepting sound. “You said there was a knothead trying to mate you on your first heat?” The wolf nods as much as he can with his head nuzzled on Jimin's chest. How does Jimin explain this before the other gets the wrong idea?


“His name is Hoseon, he is Taehyung's older brother.” The wolf raises his head, looking at him with betrayal in his eyes. Before he says anything, Jimin interrupts him. “You promised you would listen.” The wolf reluctantly lays back down, eyes filling with tears again. “He became obsessed with you and wanted to mate you, with or with no heat. He knew Taehyung would try to stop him, so he poisoned Taehyung, so he wouldn't interfere. Taehyung spent a week in the hospital unconscious. He was really relieved when he found out you got yourself out of the situation.” Jimin let the wolf sink the information in, waiting for a reaction. “Then why did it keep happening? Every time I took over was because we were in danger of being raped or killed. Not once was Taehyung there to help us.”


“He couldn't find you. Every time your parents tried to do that, they would send you somewhere they knew Taehyung couldn't find you. And they matched every try with Taehyung's work trips. He tried to get you out of there more than once, little one. But someone would always sabotage his plans.” The wolf lets out an affirmative hum again, but still feeling tense. “I can't make myself forgive him yet. I'm sorry.” Jimin lightly kisses the wolf's hair, stroking his back with his hand. “It's fine, little one.”


Jimin has another question though, he just doesn't know if he should ask. After a turmoil in his head, he decides to ask. “What happened to you little one? When those people took you away.” The wolf lets out a sad chuckle. “You mean when they sold us.” Jimin winces, he really doesn't want to say that Yoongi was sold, it feels, and is, inhumane. He nods, waiting for the wolf to continue. “I don't remember. Yoongi didn't let me out until the very end. No matter how much pain we were in and how we could feel death breathing under our neck. He had given up, and I guess I did too, I didn't stop him when he said he wanted to die fighting this one fight. We might not be fully bound, but we are still the same person, just that one is a wolf and one is a human. When I took over, we were all in blood, body barely able to function because of the pain it was in. I could hear howls and shouts behind me, so I ran. I ran as much as I could, my legs giving up when we reached the spot you found us in. That's the last thing I remember, you finding us and taking us in. At least I think it was you, judging by your scent. All this time I thought they had us. But the touch was too gentle to be someone who wanted us dead.”


Jimin's heart breaks at the fact that they had wanted to die rather than keep going. He wants to know what happened there, but this slight information is making him want to throw up. They had both given up on living. They were broken, didn't want to keep going anymore. Lost in his thoughts, Jimin doesn't realize he started tearing up. The soft hand wiping his tears knocks him out of his trance. “I thought vampires didn't cry.” The wolf didn't say it menacingly, more like trying to make a joke to clear the mood. Jimin lets out a little sad chuckle, ruffling the wolf's hair. “I'm not an ordinary vampire, now am I?” the wolf didn't know just how right he was.


It's quiet after that, both of them just laying there, listening to each other's breathing. Jimin can hear the water running in the kitchen and the clatter of the plates and pans being put back in place. How is he going to explain this to Taehyung? It's going to destroy him.

“Why didn't you hurt me, little one? This and the first time you took over.” Jimin waits for an answer. Not getting one he looks down at the wolf snuggled up to him. The wolf's eyes are closed, face relaxed. Oh, he fell asleep. Cute. Jimin can wait.




Taehyung eavesdropped on the first part of the conversation, leaving after Jimin kept saying sorry. He left the door crying, yet understanding the wolf. He betrayed their trust. Yoongi forgave him, but the wolf never had the chance to. He doesn't have to, and he has all the rights not to. But Taehyung will try to earn the wolf's trust and forgiveness. He will do it somehow. He will do anything to win the wolf's trust. And he has an idea already.


The full moon is in some days. Maybe Yoongi can try to shift that night. Taehyung will be there with him, will try to help Yoongi shift into his wolf form. Maybe their wolves can bond. Maybe he can make up for the broken promises. Even if just for one of them.

Chapter Text

The next day Yoongi woke up as himself, completely freaked out when he found out his wolf took over, fearing that he had hurt his friends. After minutes of reassuring, Yoongi believed their words, believed Jimin when he explained it to him that they simply talked, his wolf didn't hurt them in any way. After that came the blushing, Yoongi being mortified by the fact that Jimin saw him while in heat. That he had to bother hearing the noise and to take care of him. At first, Jimin acted as if being offended that Yoongi thought he was a burden to lighten the mood, then seriously assuring him that it was no bother. That he was glad he could help and Yoongi had nothing to be embarrassed about. The blushing omega just nodded, the pink hue reaching the tip of his ears. It takes a lot of self-control for Jimin not to coo out loud at the wolf.


Taehyung unfolds his plans to Jimin, accidentally exposing himself by telling Jimin that he had eavesdropped on their conversation. He was forgiven easily, as Jimin had apparently heard him leaning on the door and breathing too loudly. The full moon is in three days, and with Yoongi feeling significantly better, Jimin agreed to it. As long as he is there for any accidents that may occur. Taehyung was intending on asking Jimin to be there anyway, so he didn't oppose it. When they asked Yoongi, the wolf was ecstatic, but at the same time concerned. Wolves should be able to shift by the age of five, but Yoongi never had the opportunity to, given his situation and abusive environment. He is afraid that he won't be able to shift fully and just end up breaking some bones. Or he won't be able to bond with his wolf even after shifting, and the distraught wolf will attack them. It almost ends up with Yoongi hyperventilating, but they manage to help him relax again.


All they focused on those three days was helping Yoongi walk with no difficulties, as it would make shifting and moving around easier. It's incredible, how fast Yoongi recovered from that awful condition. It would've taken everyone else more than four months to recover, but little Yoongi is so much better in less than two months. Jimin has begun thinking that maybe it has something to do with the fact of just how tough and powerful Yoongi's inner wolf is. Bonded or not, they are one person.




The night came way too fast if you ask Yoongi. The wolf feels like the anxiety about what will happen is eating him on the inside. He believes his Hyungs when they tell him everything will be wonderful, but words won't stop his mind from overthinking every possible outcome. What he is most afraid of is the possibility of his wolf hurting his pregnant best friend. He keeps trying to convince himself that with Jimin there, nothing bad will happen, yet his distress doesn't decrease. Maybe Taehyung's wolf is larger than his and will be able to defeat him if he losses control. He won't let himself back out of this. He wants to form that connection with his wolf. The pain of shifting for the first time doesn't scare him, he has been through worse.


He had made a full recovery from what he thought was his end. He deserves to have the chance. Everyone else did. Their inner wolf is what makes them who they are. Yoongi felt like nothing but an ordinary human all his life. Couldn't shift, never got his heat, doctors told him he might be infertile. He was nothing but a mere human with the scent of a wolf. He has the chance to finally feel like the werewolf he is. He won't let the anxiety and hesitation stop him.  He wouldn't ever hurt Taehyung intentionally, and his friend knows that. And his wolf has formed an odd liking to Jimin, so that won't be a problem either.


Conveniently, they are already in the woods, so they can simply shift in Jimin's yard. The high fence around the mansion gave a slight feeling of protection to them.

Yoongi missed the feeling of being able to walk freely on his own two legs. And no matter how much they tried to make him feel better, Yoongi felt stranded all day in that room. Being able to get out in fresh air felt like freedom. It's the beginning of October, but it's not too cold. Yoongi never liked the warm weather anyway. It's cold outside, but it's not cloudy nor rainy. It's the perfect weather if you ask Yoongi. They got out a bit earlier, just so Yoongi and Tae would get familiar with the surroundings. Yoongi likes the view, the tall, colorful trees due to the season. He can hear the rumbling sound of something akin to a river, guessing it's nearby. They are laying on the grass, both of the wolves laying their heads in Jimin's lap, the vampire playing with their hair. They're talking, waiting for the sun to go down so the moon could rise. Taehyung is already restless, his wolf buzzing with anticipation.


Yoongi isn't any better, uncertain but at the same time eager. When the sun sets, they both get up, waiting for Jimin to turn around so they could start undressing. The vampire turns over before they even tell him to, exaggerating the motion of moving his hands to his eyes as well. “Just listen to the moon Yoongi.” are the only words Taehyung says to him before he shifts, a massive wolf appearing in front of Yoongi. His fur has hues of grey, dark brown, and beige. The other wolf is truly amazed, delighted that he had the chance to finally see how his Hyung’s wolf looked like. Now it's Yoongi's turn, but he still is hesitant. And now confused. How can someone shift again?

“Hey little one, it's fine. Just try to relax. Listen to the moon and your wolf. They will lead you." Jimin is still with his back turned at Yoongi, but he somehow knows Yoongi doesn't feel ready. The little wolf listens to his Hyungs, closing his eyes, trying to reach his wolf, accept the calling of the moon. He takes a deep breath, surrendering himself to it.


When he opens his eyes, he can see much clearly, like he suddenly gained night vision. Jimin is facing him, looking at Yoongi with shock and awe in his eyes. Yoongi wants to ask what's wrong, but instead of words, he lets out a hushed bark. What-? He tries to look down at himself, finding white paws instead of his hands. Did he shift? Did he really manage to shift? He didn't feel a thing, that's weird. He turns to Taehyung, frowning when he notices that he stands taller than the other. The other wolf is looking at him with something akin to surprise in his eyes too. He really shifted.

Without much care, he starts jumping around, drowning in emotions and not knowing how to express them. Taehyung starts jumping around with him too. Both of them jump on top of Jimin at the same time, the vampire bursting in laughter. Yoongi starts barking and yipping again, feeling free. And whole.


The entire night is spent like that, Jimin's precious wolves playing around, wrestling, and following each other. The vampire's cheeks hurt from how big his smile is, reaching his eyes. To one point they pull him up too, playing catch like kids. Yoongi doesn't remember the last time he felt this happy.




Jimin thinks he could possibly be happier than the wolves after today's events. Yoongi turned out to be this soft, Arctic-white wolf Jimin would love to hold. But he is an enormous wolf as well. Jimin has never seen a wolf of that size. Or maybe he has.

After locking eyes with Yoongi's silver ones, Jimin got this weird feeling of deja vu. He brushed it off, refusing to let anything distract him from that moment. But it happened again when Yoongi playfully growled at Taehyung while wrestling around, -of course always minding Taehyung's pregnancy-. And then again after everything was over. The wolves shifted back to their human forms, quickly getting a hold of their closes, rushing inside.

As he is getting ready to lay down on the bed they share, a skull-piercing headache hits him. It feels like someone is stabbing him in his head repeatedly, with an electrocuted knife at full intensity. It has never happened before, and it makes his whole body feel weak, his legs failing him, thankfully falling on the bed instead of the floor. The pain doesn't cease. On the contrary, it's spreading through his entire body.


“Hyung!” he hears a shriek from someone, but his brain can't determine who it is, the voice sounding like it's far away. He lets out a pained moan, weak hand reaching for his head as if trying to reduce the pain. He can feel two pairs of hands on himself, unmistakeably guessing it's his wolves. They are trying to shake him back to consciousness, but the pain only gets worse. What is happening to him? He squeezes a hand that found his own, really yearning for comfort right now. Jimin doesn't know what happened after, his body surrendering to the pain. What is happening to him? With those questions in his head and the blurry sight of a crying Yoongi, Jimin passes out.




After what happened to the vampire, Taehyung rushed to call Jin, maybe he will know what to do. Yoongi stayed frozen, looming over an unconscious Jimin, whose head is resting in his lap, playing with the other's hair like he does with them. Worry and fear are eating him from the inside. Everyone talks about how strong The Three Almighty Ones are, how they never get sick or hurt, unlike some younger vampires. Then what happened to Jimin? He was fine all day, cooked for them, played with them, watched TV and commented with them. Yoongi was buzzing with happiness that he finally bonded with his wolf, and then someone dear to him passed out in his arms. He really doesn't deserve to be happy, does he? Otherwise, why would the universe play such bizarre games with them?


He will be fine.” he hears a voice inside his head, freaking out before realizing it's his wolf. I hope so,” he replies to it. A concerned Taehyung walks in, with an equally worried Jin in tow. “What happened?” the vampire is frantic. “I don't know. It just happened. We were ready to go to sleep, then suddenly he falls on the bed, crying out in pain.” answers Taehyung, cause Yoongi still doesn't have the courage to talk to The First One. The way he looks at him doesn't sit right with Yoongi. The vampire is by Jimin's side in a second, trying to detect what's wrong with the other. He just closes his eyes, a visible shiver running down his body. When he opens his eyes they are red, and they plant fear deep into Yoongi's heart.


But it makes Jimin wake up. In a second, the vampire bolts up, eyes red as well, searching around. After scanning the whole room, he looks back at Yoongi, eyes fading back to silver. What did just happen? “Everything is fine, Min. No need to worry.” Jimin offers a little nod, exhaling deeply. Yoongi looks back at Taehyung, who looks equally confused about what just happened. “A-are you okay, Hyung?” Yoongi can't resist asking, getting a hold of Jimin's shoulders. The vampire nods again, looking a bit lost and tired. “Jin-Hyung, how did you do that? What was it?” Tae asks, getting closer to the bed. “A danger alert. It's a Sire bond thing. It's going to wake him up in full alert of danger, cause I told him there's danger in the room through the bond. Awake or sleeping, the fledgling vampire will listen to it.” Tae nods, reaching for Jimin's hand. Yoongi is still hiding behind Jimin. The other wolf starts interrogating again. “What was that though? What happened Jimin?”


“I don't know. It started as a headache, it kept getting worse and worse then it spread through my body. I feel better, just a bit dazed.” Jin nods at Jimin, but Yoongi can see in his eyes that he is hiding something. He knows what happened, but why isn't he telling Jimin? “Just rest Min. You will feel better tomorrow. I'll bring you a drink.” Jin says getting up. Yoongi really doesn't like his reaction, he seems too calm for someone who broke into the house after Jimin didn't answer the phone. He brushes it off, he is still shaken from what happened and his emotions are all over the place. Jimin plops his head back down on his lap, closing his eyes. He raises his free hand to his head, giving it a little massage. “Does it still hurt?” Yoongi asks Jimin, worried about it starting up again. The vampire shakes his head with a smile on his face, looking up at Yoongi. “We switched roles now, hmm little one?” Yoongi can't stop himself from giggling, a gummy grin lighting up his face.




Chapter Text

Jimin's accident was forgotten soon after, the vampire feeling wonderful. At least Taehyung and Jimin forgot it, while Yoongi's full attention has been revolving around one Park Jimin. He does not have the best feeling about it, and his instincts were never proved wrong. He still has no idea how he got so close to the vampire, as he always distances himself from everyone, however, that had too much to do with his parents. He is glad to have someone else to trust in his life. So he isn't going to let that someone get hurt so unexpectedly. And Jin-ssi’s response to it just stirred more doubt into Yoongi's mind. Yet, he doesn't want to be ungrateful and disrespectful to the people who saved his life and are willing to support him to build it back, so he didn't say anything. Maybe it wasn't anything.


With Yoongi's recovery, Jimin's and Taehyung's time off is coming to an end. Jimin has never taken a break that lasted this long, and he feels like it messed with his work performance. Yet, they cannot risk leaving Yoongi alone, but taking him out with them can be self-destructive, as they still don't know who hurt Yoongi to the extent Jimin found him in. They hadn't dared ask about it either. The wolf wouldn't be comfortable with someone that isn't them either. Yoongi has gotten considerably better and reminding him of the Hell he went through could destroy the improvement he made. Jimin and Taehyung do not want to push him to share it with them, but they want to consider every casualty that can happen if they let Yoongi in plain sight. According to a sentimental Taehyung, Yoongi always wanted to visit his workplace, having heard stories and seen pictures of everything. Jimin would be a monster if he didn't grant that wish. Taehyung also told him just how gifted Yoongi is in every field he tries. Seemingly, the little wolf had assisted Taehyung in an influential program that had given Jimin's corporate some extra billions. No one should be surprised if Jimin hires Yoongi, as he values such talents.


However, the talk comes first, Taehyung leaving it in Jimin's hands, as he himself knows he won't be able to handle what he will have to hear if Yoongi agrees to it. They intend on asking Yoongi about it on the day Taehyung has a doctor's appointment for his monthly check-up for the baby, then spend the rest of his day on a lovely date with his mates. They came to the conclusion that Yoongi can't stay with Tae either, as he could be easily found by their families there, and they discussed this with Yoongi too, who agreed.

Jimin and Yoongi start the day by eating together, Jimin having missed the taste of human food and wanting to keep Yoongi company. The wolf has taken a habit of walking around the garden of the manor, taking as much advantage as he can of his now perfectly functioning limbs. Watching an excited Yoongi run around the house like a little enthusiastic kid provokes a blinding smile on Jimin's face. Yet, dread hogs his mind at the thought of what Yoongi could tell him today. It appears in his face, as Yoongi stops to ask him if he is feeling alright, the wolf still worried after the ordeal that happened days ago. Jimin finds it endearing, how much the wolf cares for him.


They are currently huddled on the bed, Jimin reaching for the remote to turn off the TV he installed in the room. The movie they were watching ended with both of them being more confused than anything else. Stretching his arms out, Yoongi accidentally smacks an unexpecting Jimin on the back of his head, resulting in a fit of giggles from both of them. Jimin pulls him back in his hold, ruffling the omega's hair. After the giggling diminishes, Jimin lays them down, Yoongi resting his head on Jimin's chest. Their sleeping schedule has matched Jimin's, it doesn't really exist. Whatever time it is, if they are laying down and cuddling, the three of them will be asleep in seconds. And before Jimin can ask anything, Yoongi is peacefully asleep. The vampire would rather drink rat blood than wake him up.




The vampire feels someone shaking in his grip, waking up in full alert from his nap. He opens his eyes, recalling what happened before he fell asleep. Yoongi is in his arms, the wolf crying mutedly, the sobs racking off his body making him tremble in Jimin's hold. The wolf's eyes are closed, face pressed into Jimin's side to muffle the sobs. Jimin slowly raises his hand, threading his fingers through Yoongi's hair, the wolf visibly suffering through a nightmare. He whispers sweet words near the other’s ear, trying to wake him up without startling him. Yoongi arises gradually, the grip he has in Jimin's shirt tightening to the point his fingers turn white. “Hey, little one. Hyung is here, it was just a nightmare, it wasn't real. You are safe.” Yoongi looks up at him with teary eyes, sniffling, he drapes his arm over Jimin. “I-I want them to stop. It's always nightmares about t-that place and I-I-.” his own sob interrupts Yoongi, the wolf looking up at Jimin with anguish in his gaze, the sight heart-breaking.


"Do you want to talk about it, little one?" Jimin isn't expecting Yoongi to agree, he himself was against asking Yoon before the wolf was ready. Screw his job he will manage it somehow. He is bewildered when Yoongi nods, letting go of Jimin to sit up. The vampire follows his movements, both of them supporting their backs onto the headboard. “Little one, you don't have to.” Yoongi shakes his head saying, “I want to.” then takes some deep breaths as if preparing for what he's about to share. “We were in the house when Tae tried to get me out of there. As father told him, we were in the basement, Woojin was in there with us. He had bought some invisibility spell and sprayed us with it. If Hoseok-ssi was with them that day, everything would have been different. Maybe even for the worst. Woojin and my father had pistols, both aimed right at Taehyung's head. I was tired up, but they didn't close my mouth. ‘One noise and that omega will die’ they said. That's how they found out about Taehyung's relationship too. It-it was all my fault." The tears keep flowing down Yoongi face. Jimin turns to face him, gentle fingers brushing the tears away. "Little one, I know it's not easy to believe my words, but at least remember them. It wasn't your fault, none of what happened was your fault.”


Yoongi just nods, however, Jimin knows he doesn't believe those words, no matter how much they try to show him. “They took me three days after, three men in black suits. A week before that they tried to sell my body to a-another rich old bastard. I believe me clawing his eye shut filled the cup for my parents. One of those men, he-he,” Yoongi pauses, inhaling deeply. Jimin reaches for his hand, giving it a firm squeeze, reminding Yoongi that he is right there. “H-he cut through my right eye, making sure to cut just the outer skin cause from what he said later, I needed both eyes for what their lord had in plan, yet I wasn't allowed to see his face and needed to learn a lesson. I guess my parents told them what my wolf did to that man. I-I think I passed out after that.” the wolf is trembling, one hand rising to wipe off the tears that keep flowing. “You can stop little one, it's fine.” Yoongi shakes his head stubbornly. “I-I need to let it out, just give me a moment.” taking some lungfuls, Yoongi continues.


“I-I woke up in a dark room, or I guess it was because I couldn't fully open my right eye, and my face was covered in b-blood. Everything was blurry a-and my whole body hurt s-so much, opening my left eye drained my whole energy. I-I was tied up in a chair, and the man who bought me was in the room, with one of his servants as he called them. My mother said something about him being a nice businessman, but I can guarantee you that he is far from that. A-and they knew he was planning on killing me.” Jimin can't resist anymore, slowly so the wolf can reject his touch he wraps his hands around the other’s waist, pulling him up to settle the wolf in his lap when he doesn't, Yoongi straddling him. He pulls Yoongi in a tight embrace, giving him time before he continues. The wolf said the last words so quietly, it hurt him to think his parents wanted him dead, even after all they did to him.


“Do you remember anything about him? Something that can help identify him?” it hurts asking, but he has to. “Y-you promised you wouldn't do anything. I-I don't want you to g-get hurt Hyung.” Yoongi tightens his hold on Jimin as if he will vanish. “I won't get hurt little one, you know who I am. I won't let anyone else get hurt either. If he's a vampire, he will kneel in front of me. He can't be left unpunished, not after what he did to you. But if you still don't want me to do anything I won't.” Yoongi has his gaze on Jimin's chest, eyes unfocused, seemingly having a debate going on in his head. “H-he was maybe a head taller than me, I couldn't make out his face because of my eyes but I think he had light brown hair. H-he had a deep raspy voice and was wearing some royal-looking clothes. He had this old accent and way of speaking, formulating sentences like the ones in old books or historical movies. Everyone called him lord and he called everyone a servant. One of them was named Zhao, but it's a pretty common name so I don't think that will help.” Jimin has some people in mind, but more important is the fact that Yoongi didn't mention the other part of the conversation, simply giving Jimin’s questioning eyes a nod.


“They beat me up while I was unconscious. When I came to it he told me his men had their way with me, I-I th-thought h-he me-meant they r-raped me, b-but my p-parents h-had lied t-to him a-about something.” a loud cry racks out of Yoongi's chest, the wolf hiding his head in Jimin's chest. “Probably because they didn't want my wolf ruining that chance for them to get rid of me. He told this Zhao to get ready to go to the nearest forest.” Jimin is expecting it to be his forest, and he feels foolish, because if it was near his woods, in his woods, how didn't he find that place? “It wasn't a forest at all, it was j-just to trick with me,” Yoongi says as if he understood just what Jimin was thinking. “It was a big warehouse, with an even wider yard, that they somehow made it look like a forest. I spent a week there. I-I was their punchbag and blood bag.” the last part confuses Jimin, cause he didn't see any fang marks on the boy. Yoongi can see his confusion because he elaborates. “They would cut me with sharp knives and other objects, just enough so they can feed and the wound closes itself, so if anyone finds my corpse it doesn't start another war. But even this was- the way they did it was so twisted Hyung. The first time I-they-,” Yoongi takes a deep breath, trying to cease his sobs. Jimin wants this to end sooner, he can't see Yoongi in pain. “-they let me have the illusion that I could escape.”


“On the other place, I was tied to a gurney bed. But the straps were loose, so I took my chance and freed myself quickly. The door was open, and desperate me didn't have the time to find it suspicious. I ran outside as fast as I could with a worn-out body, empty stomach, and dehydrated. There was this-this small chain fence door that led outside to the woods. I jumped over it and started running as fast as I could. But after some time, when I felt I was far enough, I stopped running cause my feet couldn't hold anymore. I kept walking and walking, maybe for some kilometers, only to be met with a higher chain fence. I reached to climb it, but-but it was electrocuted. When I fell back down there was s-suddenly this tight grip on my neck. Someone was pulling me back with a rope around my throat. There were three vampires around me, all w-with red eyes looking at me like I was their meal. I did end up being their meal as they cut wherever they wanted and drank. They dragged me back to the warehouse by that rope, tightly tied around my neck, letting me hit and cut myself in every rock, hurt by any bush. And they did all those on purpose. When back to the warehouse, they tied me to a hook in the ceiling, quite literally using me as a punching bag. They would punch me, kick me, stab somewhere where it hurt but it didn't bleed out. They would whip me with chains. I-I don't remember half the things they did, I passed out before they finished. I woke up to them smashing my fingers in different ways.”


Jimin can't fucking believe his ears. What the fuck! What monster could do this to Yoongi, to anyone? When he finds them, he will make sure he will ruin that man's life, in more ways than one.

A meek whimper pulls Jimin out of his murderous thoughts, looking down at Yoongi who is prodding at his neck as if trying to get something out of it. Then Jimin realizes how his scent spiked up, disturbing the little omega in his arms. Trying to calm himself down for Yoongi's sake, Jimin feels it when his scent gets back to normal, pulling Yoongi closer to his neck. “I'm sorry little one. Hyung got carried away, you can stop if you want to.” Yoongi shakes his head as much as he can from his position, continuing the horrid memories.


“It happened every day for five days. I was used as prey, they let me leave, telling me to run, and the ones who would catch me had the opportunity to drink out of me. They would press me to the electric fence, Hyung. Watch me wither in pain as they drank my blood. One had this obsession with burning me, the other holding me down by my neck with either bare hands or ropes, that's what this nightmare was about. It would be anything, a cigarette, clothes irons, fire, hot liquids, anything. Again they would drag me back, tie me back to that hook, every day came with new ways of them hurting me. And that man was always there, just watching, enjoying the show as he said. I just wanted them to push a bit harder, hit me a bit harder, drink a little bit more just so I could die  faster, so the suffering could end. On the sixth day though, it didn't happen. Someone patched me up clumsily, dripping alcohol all over the wounds so they would hurt more, they gave me a blood transfusion and food that wasn't rotten for once, even if it wasn't much. It didn't help much with broken bones and one barely functioning eye, but I-I was so relieved it didn't happen again hyung.” Jimin feels dread running down his body, knowing that whatever comes next isn't going to be good.


“The next day, someone flipped the bed while I was still on it, dragging me by my hair to the yard. I heard that ‘lord’ say this is the final day, and his pet will have fun before disposing of the used toy. I tried to look up at the man, but someone pushed my head down till I was practically eating grass. Then I heard some loud noises as if something was trying to get out of a cage. It-it was a Lycan, Hyung. He bought me so I could be a fun meal for a d-damned Lycan he owned. They left me alone the other day so I could put up some little fight. I had a one-minute headstart, crawling away at that point. It found me quickly, I kept running but it managed to hit me so hard it broke my ribs. I kept going but I could barely breathe, it managed to tear my back, stomach, and leg with its claws and teeth before I reached the high fence. I didn't care at that point I climbed it even with the electroshocks. That kept the Lycian away. After jumping on the other side of the fence, I started running again as much as I could. And they were probably keeping a close eye on what was happening, cause I could hear the vampire yell at his people to find and kill me. I gave up after running to some distance, letting the wolf take over. Then I woke up here.”


Jimin can't process what he just heard. Only trying to imagine what Yoongi had gone through makes Jimin want to puke his guts out. He loathes his kind, feeling disgusted with himself for what he is. Tightening his hold on Yoongi, he promises.

“I will find him, little one. Him and every single person who hurt you. I will make them pay, they will regret their whole life when I get my hands on them.” he failed to notice the frustrated, angry, and sad tears flowing down his face until Yoongi cleans them off, Jimin returning the gesture, wiping away the thick tears falling from Yoongi's eyes.

“I'm so sorry little one, Hyung is so sorry.” both of them are mutedly sobbing, Jimin retrieving a bottle from the nightstand, offering the water to a clearly spent Yoongi. After Yoongi drinks it, Jimin pulls him tighter in his hold, rocking them side to side, until the little one in his arms is lulled back to sleep, Jimin left to be eaten by his thoughts.

He promised Yoongi that he will make them pay, and he would rather die than break this one promise.

Chapter Text

Jimin can't be lulled back to sleep, not with all these thoughts and images invading his mind. All he can see when he closes his eyes are images of a pained Yoongi begging for mercy, getting hurt by monsters, begging to be killed. All he can hear in his head are Yoongi's screams and cries for help. After the little one fell asleep the tears came back, Jimin impossibly tightening his hold on Yoongi. He feels pathetic. He wasn't the one to get hurt, yet he is crying like a baby. That's how Taehyung finds him, staring at the blank TV in front of him, thick tears running down his cheeks.

“Hyung,” Tae says in a hushed voice, probably understanding what's wrong before Jimin even opens his mouth. “I'm going to kill them Tae.” is all Jimin can mutter. And he will. He has never taken someone's life in all the years he has walked on earth, yet this time, he will.


Taehyung can't say anything, just sitting next to the vampire, resting his hand on Jimin's forearm, trying to give just the slightest comfort by giving it a gentle squeeze. Taehyung can't ask about what Yoongi told the other. If it brought Jimin to this point, he doesn't know if he can handle it himself. Taehyung wipes Jimin's tears away, rubbing his back and trying to comfort the vampire. After a while, Jimin falls asleep with his head supported to Taehyung's shoulder.




Jimin is awoken from his slumber by the little bumping movements of whatever is under him. It takes him some time to get a grasp of his surroundings, only to realize that the motions are coming from the moving wolf he is on top of. In instinct, he tightens his hold on the wolf's fur, scared of the possibility of falling. After realizing that the wolf isn't running nor walking fast enough to drop him, Jimin relaxes his hands again. Pulling at the fur can accidentally harm the wolf.

On the other side, his entire body hurts, it's freezing cold, and the torn clothes aren't helping. And he doesn't know where the wolf is going.


“Where are we headed to?” after asking the question, Jimin realizes just how dumb it was, because the wolf can't answer even if it wanted to. “I'm sending you home.” the voice is inside his head, from a male voice he has never heard before. How is the wolf talking to him? How does he know where Jimin is from? “Those wolves were after The Third One, I'm assuming that's you.” How can the wolf hear his thoughts and talk to him? Or did Jimin talk out loud? “I just am able to. Don't tire yourself out, you will be back to your home in less than two days, just hold tight. It will not harm me.” Jimin does as requested, his weak body surrendering to the pain and exhaustion, Jimin falling unconscious. He isn't awake to hear the wolf say, “Neither will I harm you.”




The next day they all discussed the situation, Jimin ready to stay home some more, at least until he finds those monsters. Yoongi disagrees, saying he doesn't want to delay anything and be a burden. When they offer the other option, Yoongi's eyes light up for a second, yet the wolf tries to dismiss it. Well, Jimin wasn't having it. With Yoongi's approval, they choose on taking the wolf with them. Taehyung will go shopping for clothes for Yoongi tomorrow, and then the next day they will be going back to work. Jimin makes sure to warn the guards at the headquarter building that no paparazzi is allowed, he can't have pictures of Yoongi running around the internet.


Two days pass quickly, and they are getting ready to leave. Apparently, Taehyung forgot what formal clothes are because there is barely any in the bunch of clothes he brought back. Jimin doesn't have much of a dress code set at work so it's fine. They settle on a black aesthetic, Taehyung running around the closets choosing the clothes for everyone. The day he went out with his mates he dyed his hair, again, in a light ash blonde color. It suits him.

Jimin told Minho to get another driver with him because even though he told the guards to keep the paparazzi away, you can never be too safe. Taehyung and Yoongi went first on the car with Changkyun, who is the lead guard on his headquarters’ team, so Jimin knows they are safe. Jimin went with Minho, so nothing looks out of the ordinary.

Jimin arrives after approximately thirty minutes, the wolves already in the building. Yoongi will be staying at Jimin's office, since it's a secure room, and not everyone is allowed to enter.


He can see the wolves walking in front of him, Yoongi's head moving around excitingly, scanning his surroundings. It's precious to Jimin. Some of the employees are starting at the omega's, some are bowing at Jimin's direction. He doesn't like some of the stares directed at Yoongi, he can see the lust in the eyes of some alpha and beta employees. One of them actually has the guts to try to reach for Yoongi, but before he does so, Jimin claps his hands loudly, “Everyone, get back to work, it isn't the lunch break, we've just started.” as he finishes talking, Taehyung and Yoongi are already in the elevator, Jimin right behind them. The second he walks into the elevator and the doors close, he is met with a masked Yoongi hugging him tightly. He can see from his eyes that he is smiling widely. “It's so beautiful here Hyung.” Jimin returns the smile, glad that Yoongi likes it. “The building is relatively new, your Tae-Hyung designed most of the interior,” Jimin says pointing at a blushing Taehyung. The omega's keep talking about the wonders of the building as the elevator goes up.


Jimin's office is on the top floor. The office is the whole floor, to be exact. The other high floors are offices for his vice presidents, then the others for the supervision of the other corporations under Jimin. Each corporation has the building of itself, but Jimin manages them from here. The vice presidents, on the other hand, are rarely here unless there's a meeting or an issue to take care of. Except for Taehyung, Yeonjun, Irene, Chan, and Hyunjin, who take care of Jimin's main businesses and are obliged to give weekly reports by hand, and spend most of their time in the headquarters. The elevator stops on Taehyung's floor, the wolf saying goodbye then heading to his office, hugging a happy-looking Yeonjun.


It confuses Yoongi when the elevator closes again because there isn't a higher floor button on the elevator. Jimin flashes the key card in front of his eyes, then the elevator goes one floor higher. “Security reasons. A certain amount of people have this, only the vice presidents and the security guard who brings up the cleaners.” Yoongi nods, staring at the office when the doors open. “Hyung it's beautiful.” Jimin smiles at the distracted omega, removing the cap from his head. They thought it would be better if Yoongi's hair weren't visible and didn't attract attention from anyone. “There is a phone on top of my desk, let's set it up,” Jimin says ruffling Yoongi's hair. It has become a habit by now, Yoongi's hair just looks so fluffy he can't resist.

The wolf turns at him, looking confused as to what does he mean. “A phone? For what Hyung?” the omega asks him, slowly heading to the desk. “For you. It can be boring here since I'll have to catch up on some things, and you need something to distract you from boredom. There's a TV in there too,” Jimin says pointing at the door that leads to the improvised bedroom he has in the office.

What can he say, he spends way too much time holed up here. Yoongi looks at him stunned, and Jimin can see him forming protests in his mind, but he cuts the wolf off before he can talk. “I know these things make you feel like a burden, but trust me little one, you aren't. You are someone important to both me and Tae, so consider this as a gift from a close friend.”


Yoongi nods, looking even more baffled than before. Jimin sets the phone up quickly, giving Yoongi a little guide on how to use the latest model of the brand, before turning on his computer, taking a deep breath, and checking over the past two months reports, for every branch of his company. There's a lot of things to take care of, but nothing out of ordinary for him. “Oh yeah, Tae usually spends his lunch break with me when there's a pile of projects, I'll tell him to get two portions, what do you feel like eating?” Yoongi tells him what he wants hesitantly, and there's a flash of something akin to guilt in his eyes, but Jimin thinks that questioning it will make the wolf feel worse more than anything.

Time goes by quickly, Jimin drowning in his work, Yoongi struggling with learning how to use the brand new phone and find ways to make time fly faster. It makes Jimin feel guilty for having the sweet omega holed up in the office with him, it feels like keeping a bird in a cage. Jimin tries to ease the guilt, as it is for Yoongi's safety, but it doesn't really help.


At some point, the little wolf grads a chair and gets close to him, just staring at the monitor, and the endless numbers appearing. Jimin just smiles, shifting a bit so Yoongi has enough space. At the moment he is checking Hyunjin’s branches, finance and multinational retail. Everything seems to be going smooth, the twenty-one-year-old proving his worth as always. Most people would call Jimin crazy for assigning such a young man this position, but Hyunjin deserves it. The kid is special.

As he is checking the reports, Yoongi stops him from scrolling through. As he is ready to say something, there is a ding coming from the elevator. A troubled-looking Hyunjin walks in with a stack of documents in his hands. Every time Jimin says something is going well, the opposite just has to happen. On his right, Yoongi rushes to pull up the mask bunched up under his chin, only to stop as he locks gazes with Hyunjin.




Jimin gets up, covering half of Yoongi from Hyunjin’s sight, gaze shifting between the wolf and the fae, wondering as to how do they know each other? Wait, why is Hyunjin getting teary? Before Jimin can speak up, Hyunjin, in a meek voice says, “They told us you died.” Yoongi just shakes his head, getting up and reaching for Hyunjin’s hand, yet hesitating and stopping midway. Hyunjin reaches for Yoongi's face, ready to touch the fading scar on Yoongi's right eye, only to pull away when a still not healed Yoongi flinches back. Jimin doesn't know what to do, so he asks, “Do you two know each other?” Hyunjin nods, still looking at Yoongi as if he will disappear if he shifts his gaze just a fraction. “I and Hyunjin have been friends since middle school, went to high school together too. He was my only friend aside from Taehyung.” that lightens the tension in the room, Hyunjin finally believing his eyes. “What happened to you, Yoongi? Your parents told us you died, there's even a grave with your name on it.” Yoongi winces lowly at that, his parents’ betrayal still wounding him.


“They were set on killing me this time, weren't they?” Yoongi turns to Jimin, eyes reflecting the broken heart of the omega. In front of someone else, all Jimin can do is wrap an arm loosely around Yoongi's back. Yoongi's legs seem to fail him, the wolf sitting on the chair, while Jimin turns to an equally hurt-looking Hyunjin. “I don't think now is the right time to talk about this Hyunjin. You can come up on lunch break with Taehyung. Now, why did you look so uneasy coming in?” the question seems to knock Hyunjin out of his trance. The fae nods to himself, giving the stack of documents to Jimin. “Something is missing. One of the investment strategies. It's deleted from every server, and the original and copies of the documents are nowhere to be found. There are some suspicious transactions from the marketing department, huge numbers were transacted to unknown bank accounts, and the full sum was withdrawn immediately.” Jimin nods, taking another look at the numbers and the inventory of the documents. Something is surely missing.


“That's why I told you to stop scrolling down, the numbers didn't make sense,” mumbles Yoongi. Hyunjin seems to have something else to say though. “One of the rival companies applied the same missing strategy.” The other says offering Jimin another report. “Are you implying someone stole it?” Hyunjin shakes his head, looking just as puzzled as he did when he walked in. “I don't mean to imply anything, sir, but in this case, anything could have happened. I checked the cameras and talked to Taeil-ssi, we can't seem to find who could have done it. We both know it isn't Taeil.” Fuck, he didn't expect things to get this complicated the first day back. But Hyunjin is right, it can't possibly be Taeil, the head of the management department. The werewolf owes his life to Jimin –no matter how much Jimin doesn't like it when they say it like that–, views the other as his idol, he tells Jimin about everything that bugs him.


“Who else knows about this?” Jimin asks, trying to form a starting plan. “Taeil-hyung, Chan-hyung, Yeonjun-hyung, Seungmin, Beomgyu, Changbin-hyung, and now you two.” Okay, so only reliable people. “Call Changkyun, start a silent investigation. Tell him to involve Seonghwa too if needed, find out more about this rival company. And no word to anyone else aside from people of your rank.” Hyunjin nods, bowing before taking his leave.

Jimin sighs, falling back onto his chair. He looks back at Yoongi, to find the wolf already looking at him. Yoongi tries to give him a small smile, but Jimin knows what he heard from Hyunjin hurt him. “Come on, I think we need a break,” Jimin says, getting a hold of Yoongi's hand and pulling him to the couches. He sits down, letting Yoongi choose where he wants to be. The wolf straddles him, hiding his head in Jimin's neck. It's something they do when Yoongi feels down, cuddling like this.


After a while, Yoongi looks up at him, eyes teary. “Who were all those people Hyunjin named to you. You said no word to anyone else, but that seemed like too many people already.” Yoongi wants to ignore the situation, and Jimin can't bring himself to correct him. “Has Taehyung ever told you about how his position works?” Yoongi nods cutely. “Yes, a certain amount of people are labeled as your secretaries for each branch, but in fact, they have much more power than a normal secretary usually does.” Jimin smiles down at the adorable omega. “Exactly. Yeonjun, Chan, and Hyunjin have those positions. Taeil is the marketing manager for Hyunjin’s branches. Seungmin is Chan’s personal assistant, Beomgyu is Yeonjun’s, Changbin is Hyunjin’s. Changkyun is the man that drove you here and he is the head of the security. Seonghwa is…” how does Jimin tell Yoongi that Seonghwa is a gang leader, a fellow vampire who works under Namjoon? “Consider him as a private investigator.”


“What's the name of Tae-Hyung’s assistant?” The wolf's innocent curiosity makes Jimin want to coo out loud at him. “Soobin and Taehyun. I assigned Taehyun to Tae when he told me he was pregnant. That's why he has two assistants.” Yoongi nods again, muttering ‘understandable’ under his breath. They stay like that until lunch break. They realize how much time passed when the elevator dings, Taehyung and Hyunjin rushing in. The former apparently doesn't know that the fae knows Yoongi, so he tells him to leave. “Jimin isn't accepting anyone on the office today, Hyunjin-ssi.” Taehyung is simply trying to keep Yoongi safe, but Hyunjin’s facial expressions make the wolf in Jimin's hold snort. “It's fine, Tae-hyung. I know him, and he already knows I'm here.” The wolf looks puzzled, scratching the back of his ear, but they just sit and wait for the food to be sent. Yoongi takes pity on his hyung, elaborating, “He is the only friend I had in middle school. He knows how my parents were, so we don't have to hide much from him. Apparently, they already buried me.” Yoongi says in a flat tone, but the three of them can see the hidden emotions behind it.


After the food is brought up, they eat in awkward silence, as Taehyung is still eyeing an oblivious Hyunjin, who is inhaling his meal. After a while, they start talking about random things, just to break the loud silence. At some point, Hyunjin asks, “Are you two dating?” pointing at Yoongi and Jimin with his head. Baffled by the question, both of them shake their heads. They hadn't realized just how close they were, Yoongi still practically on Jimin's lap. It’s become a pattern by now. Cuddling, staying close, feeding each other. Hyunjin had the right to ask. “No, we aren't. It's a long story, Yoongi can tell you if he wants to.” Hyunjin just nods, leaving the topic aside.

Chapter Text

Five days pass and Jimin still hasn't found the culprit or culprits that have been stealing from him. The cameras were surprisingly off during random hours, which meant whoever is doing it knows what they are up to. They had to involve Seonghwa’s men, as most people in the company wouldn't recognize them and be wary of them. Only Irene was informed of the situation, the other vice presidents busy with their responsibilities, not needed in the case, as more people knowing means more chances of the culprit finding out.

Hyunjin gave the idea to check all the employees of the department, no matter the position, and that's what they are doing right now. Every employee under the marketing department, from the managers to the janitors. Jimin, Taehyung, Hyunjin, and Yoongi are all at the former's office, searching every employee’s files, trying to find anything suspicious, anyone.


Name-Lee Kyeongil


Age-42 years old;

Years in position-2,5 years;

Marital status-Married, three children;

Criminal records-None (yet, suspected for drug-related illegal activities);

Medical records-Prediabetic;

Complaints by supervisor-Clocking out before set hours (given one warning). Borderline threatening for an undeserved promotion (given one warning);

Complaints by coworkers-Clocks out before set hours, leaving the work to his underlings. Has been given one warning;

Complaints by clients-Rude to possible clients. Tries to make sexual advances to female clients (unconfirmed). Has been given two warnings;


Jimin is questioning himself as to why hasn't this man been fired yet. He makes sure of it at that moment, calling Taeil and ordering him to fire Lee Kyeongil due to the concerning reports on his record. Quickly adding him to the suspect list, he picks up another file. This time it's a female.


Name-Yang Yujun



Years in position-4,2 years;

Marital status-Single (Divorced), two children;

Criminal records-Speeding tickets (3).  Arrested for physical assault, ruled out as self-defense;

Medical conditions-Rosacea;

Complaints by supervisor-None;

Complaints by coworkers-None;

Complaints by clients-Rude (ruled out with no warnings as it was found that a male client was trying to make advances that she politely declined);


She doesn't look like the person to do so, and Jimin has met the woman before. She didn't give Jimin any red flags. He keeps checking all of the reports in front of him, yet no one else seems suspicious. He has started to lose hope. They couldn't get anything from stalking the other company either, as the person who is registered as CEO on the legal documents, is actually the assistant of the CEO, who accepted to forge the identity to protect his boss. Seonghwa is yet to find the actual executive of that company. Jimin also requested that no camera is allowed to be shut down, no matter the occasion or problem. Yet somehow, they still turn off. He throws a look at the others around him. Yoongi is focused on the files he has in his hands, while Hyunjin and Taehyung are grabbing another file after just placing the files they had in their hands down on the questionable pile. Jimin is ready to get back to the new file when he hears the two gasp loudly.


“No fucking way.” they both say at the same time, confusing Yoongi and Jimin, both of them reaching to take a peek at the files. Taehyung is shaking his head, while Hyunjin swears under his breath. “It's him, of fucking course it's him.” Taehyung smashes the file back to the table, getting up to roam around the room, and Jimin can finally see the name.

Min Yeongsoo.

What the fuck is that monster doing in his company? Why the fuck was this idiot hired by his men? Jimin is stunned, stuck looking at the name, wondering who the hell is the one Hyunjin was cursing at. He retrieves the file from Hyunjin’s hands, reading the name out loud.

Gwan Eunhye.

Someone must be playing some sick, bizarre game with them, cause no way these monsters are hired and protected under Jimin. How can someone from his team hire these people with all the dark history Jimin found on them? They stole from every single company they worked in, no matter the damned position. Jimin raises his gaze to a horrified-looking Yoongi, seemingly taking a peek from Taehyung’s file.


“H-Hyung, no way. Please tell me they aren't here. Please.” Yoongi is shaking in his chair, Taehyung reaching for his hand, startling a now silver-eyed Yoongi. Jimin quickly gets up, reaching for Yoongi across the table. He is crouching in front of the wolf, urging a teary Yoongi to look him in the eye. “Hey, hey, hey, little one. Are you with me?” the wolf nods, looking a little dazed, yet still aware of his surroundings. “Your hyungs are here, your best friend is here, they won't come close to you, let alone try to hurt you, not in one piece. I won't let them. Tae says I make people forget who I am with how I behave but do you remember who I am, little one?” Jimin is waiting for an answer. Yoongi nods, answering, “You are Park Jimin, The Third One.” Jimin nods encouragingly, continuing for the wolf. “And no one dares to raise against The Third One, especially when in the wrong. They won't be able to hurt any of us. You said you trusted me, right little one?” Yoongi doesn't hesitate to answer with a firm, “Yes.” his eyes slowly fade back to blue as he calms down, resting his head on Jimin's chest.


Jimin wraps his arms around the wolf's back, pulling him close, even though the vampire is crouched in a not-so-comfortable way. When he pulls away, he locks gazes with a shocked Hyunjin and a worried Taehyung. Apparently, they didn't tell the fae that Yoongi bonded with his wolf, as Jimin can detect a hint of fear in his eyes.

Jimin pulls Yoongi to the couch, letting the omega rest. He sits down, pulling the wolf's head in his lap, playing with his hair until the little one is lulled to sleep, exhaustion and fear contributing to it. After they are sure Yoongi won't be bothered, Hyunjin asks, ”What now? We have two prime suspects, most likely working together.” Taehyung nods at the question, indicating that he shares thoughts with Hyunjin. “Check their files, what are they hired as? What access do they have? Since when? Criminal records and complaints from anyone?” Both nod, Hyunjin grabbing the file of Yoongi's father, while Taehyung takes the report of the wolf's mother. They compare the files before Hyunjin answers Jimin.


“They are both janitors, making it seem like they can do nothing, but one has the camera sector, the other way too close to the important stuff. They erased any possible criminal record we all know they have and feigned some medical conditions to be pitied into getting the job. And are using the ‘dead child’ card too.” pausing, they both can hear the hushed cursing coming out of Hyunjin, who breaths in, continuing. “Have been on the position for one month only, yet there are unconfirmed complaints from omegas who work in that area, saying Yeongsoo makes them uncomfortable with his weird comments. We know they have experience in stealing the office due to previous jobs, so they knew how to manipulate the system.” Hyunjin finishes, looking borderline mad at what he is reading. Jimin hums, thinking of a way to confront them. “Tae, call Seonghwa, I need to talk to him about something. Hyunjin, tell Changkyun to know who to keep an eye on. Catch them on the act, then we will see what happens to them, and it certainly won't be good.”




Min Yeongsoo and Gwan Eunhye are being pulled into Jimin's office held tightly by two guards, they keep saying they didn't do anything and are begging to be let go, but they were caught in the act. That's what Jimin was planning, so they had no way out. Jimin is sitting on the front couch, a stoic-looking Yoongi sitting on the same couch on his right side. Hyunjin and Taehyung are sitting on the couches on their sides, both of them looking ready to bolt up and cut their necks off. Jimin wants to do so himself, and he is planning to. That's why he asked for Seonghwa, who is standing behind them, hidden by the shadows. Yoongi was hesitant but really wanted to get back at his parents, just scared of them possibly hurting him. Taehyung jumped up to assure Yoongi that they will be dead before they reach him. One of Jimin's hands is holding Yoongi's, reminding the wolf he is right there as his parents are forced into the room.


“Sir, please let us go, we didn't do anything, this is a huge mistake. We-” Yeongsoo stops in his tracks as he locks eyes with Yoongi, the alpha going from shocked to angry. “You fucking bitch.” he yells loudly, trying to struggle out of the guard's hold, but futile. “You did this didn't you, somehow got into this bloodsucker's pants to survive your end, didn't you? Fucking slut! Gave up in the end hmm, anything to save your pitiful useless life. Opened your legs to anyone like the whore you are.” Yeongsoo gave up on saving his ass, now letting his anger out on Yoongi. Jimin has had enough of him, stopping the alpha’s loud rambling with a steady voice, masking the anger bubbling in his body. “Who do you think you are?” the vampire says, Yeongsoo looking at him like a deer caught in headlights as Jimin stands up. “Stealing from Park Jimin, screaming like a pathetic idiot to save your head. Or did you not know from who you were stealing from, cause if you were sane enough, you wouldn't do something so dangerous.”


“Sir, we didn't-” Jimin would prefer to knock their teeth out, honestly. “Shut up! You were caught trying to make an illegal transaction from the company's account. There is nothing to talk about, you don't have anything to beg for. Your anger and greed gave you away, Min Yeongsoo. Now, you come and yell at Yoongi as if you have any rights over him, as if he is at fault for your stupidity. Do you understand in what problem you and your wife are in, or are you hoping to get away as you did before, or are you simply a moron?” Yeongsoo is stuck in place, registering what Jimin is saying, and in just how much shit he got himself in.

The vampire is on his feet, standing taller than everyone else in the room, wearing full black. He is intimidating to everyone in the room, even Taehyung and Hyunjin, everyone but Yoongi. The wolf looks calm, Jimin doesn't know if it's a facade to trick his parents or if the omega really is calm.


“What are you going to do, Third One? This isn't the first time we do this nor the first time we get caught. I can easily get us out of this situation.” Eunhye says, looking smug. She thinks Jimin doesn't know everything, how they do the same thing every time to get away. The beta must think Jimin is as oblivious and ignorant as her husband. An evil snicker makes its way out of Jimin, the vampire walking closer to the beta, crouching to her eye level. She smells like burnt spoiled milk, quite nasty to Jimin's sensitive senses. “Oh? You think soo? Do you really think I don't know how you made it out the last time, and all the times before that? I'm not some human who simply handed you over to the police, not even checking who took the case. I know your brother has taken you out more than once, and when he hadn't been able to do anything, you went and whored yourself out to anyone who could and lied to your oblivious husband over there. But newsflash, I own the police stations too.” the beta is looking at him as if he is a ghost. The alpha on his right is stuck looking at his disloyal mate, curses ready to flow out of his mouth.


“And, who said I'm handing you over to the police?” the vampire signals for Seonghwa to move out of the shadow. “I don't know if you have ever heard of my friend over there, Park Seonghwa. Does that ring a bell?” when the confusion in their eyes doesn't cease, Jimin points at Seonghwa’s exposed right forearm. “Ever seen that tattoo before?” Jimin enjoys watching the confused gazes turn to horrified, pleading looks.

It's an Ankh, with a rose wrapped around it, the thorned stem is wrapped around the rod as the flower is shown through the looped head.

“Now look at the arms of the men holding you.” Jimin isn't that thoughtless to threaten someone like that in front of ordinary guards. The men are Seonghwa’s most valued members. “There is one way to survive this. You will tell me to who you sold that program, and everything you know about the man you gave Yoongi to. Otherwise, Seonghwa told me his men needed some new puppets to train and have fun on.” finally understanding the situation they are in, the wolves start begging for their lives, begging for forgiveness.

Eunhye goes to the point that she kneels, begging for her life, and she dares to disgustingly reach for the waistband of Jimin's trousers, yelling about how she’d do anything to be spared. Jimin jolts back, so ready to kill her himself.

Neither of them gives Jimin the answers he is asking for, so he signals for Seonghwa’s men to take them away, their leader following right behind them.

Min Yeongsoo and Gwan Eunhye are dragged out of his office, on the way to pay the price of the life they ruined.

Chapter Text

After the monsters were dragged out of the room, Taehyung and Hyunjin shared a glance, then focusing on Yoongi, getting up and leaving too. Jimin turns to the zoned-out omega, slowly making his way to the wolf, crouching in front of him. Yoongi held himself well through the ordeal, yet Jimin didn't want to prolong it. Seonghwa will take care of those monsters, and even when they speak, they won't be leaving that place alive. The vampire reaches for Yoongi's right hand, clenching it to offer even the slightest comfort. The wolf looks down at him, looking zoned out. “How are you feeling, little one?” Jimin is worried, the meeting with his parents has surely hurt Yoongi, even if he didn't show it. And the wolf just keeps looking at him, hazy eyes focused on him, making no effort to reply.


The vampire just stands there, trying to pull Yoongi out of this trance, make sure that he is alright. It takes longer than Jimin thought it would, the distraught omega finally moving, slightly squeezing Jimin's hand. “Are you with me little one? Can you hear hyung, baby?” the term of endearment goes unnoticed by the vampire, simply too worried to care what spills out of his mouth. “Ye-yes, s-sorry h-hyung.” the voice comes out raspy and hushed, Yoongi looking on the verge of tears. Jimin stands quickly, guiding the wolf in a tight embrace, “Everything is alright little one, you have nothing to be sorry of. Can you tell hyung how you feel?” Jimin moves them so they are both sitting cross-legged on the couch, facing each other. Yoongi doesn't stay put though, hastily straddling an unexpecting Jimin, pulling the vampire in a death grip. All Jimin can do is wrap his arms around the wolf, pulling him closer. The other starts crying in his hold, trembling and sobbing loudly. From what Taehyung told him, Yoongi never cried, even after the most bizarre things done to him. He was scared of everything he went through repeating, held it in until he was completely alone. Jimin is glad the wolf can finally express his feelings.


Jimin holds Yoongi tight through it, slowly rocking them side to side, playing with the other's hair, having found out that it calms him down rather quickly, giving him a sense of comfort. Jimin doesn't know what took over him to make him press a light kiss on Yoongi's forehead, he just wants to make Yoongi's pain stop. It was just a light peck, but it felt like so much more to both of them, noticeable on the way Yoongi's sobbing started to cease.

The vampire heard his phone buzzing at some point but paid it no mind, having his priorities set, right in his arms. The cries and the anxiety he went through led to Yoongi falling asleep in Jimin's arms, the grip he had on the vampire never loosening even when unconscious.

Jimin slowly lays down on the couch, so it's comfortable for both of them, then reaches for his phone to check what's up.


Hyung, Hobi and Kook are here to pick me up for the doctor's appointment.

Just wanted to let you know, and wanted to ask if we can go back together at the mansion, depending on what the doctor says.

Please let me know how Yoongi is doing.



Hope it goes well, and of course Kook and Hobi can come.

Yoongi is better, currently asleep. See you at home.


Taehyung is worried about his baby. He has been showing too early, having a rather large baby bump at only three months old. Jimin has his suspicions, being a doctor himself, but the mates wanted to visit a specialist of the field.

All the other messages are from weird stalkers, scammers, some paparazzi, and some reporters, trying to get his attention. He orders a new phone number, tired to the core by these invasive people. He sees a text from his Sire too, but it's from two days ago, so Jimin knows he will be nagged about it if he answers now. He was too busy the past few days to even think about checking his phone. And he has something to talk to his hyung, but it's better if they talk in person. He pockets the device, just staring at the sleeping omega on his hold. The cute fluffy hair, the chubby puffy cheeks, the pouting lips. He looks relaxed but there are still trails of tears on his face. Jimin reaches to tenderly clean them off.

The elevator dings, which means someone is coming up, and finding Jimin like this won't be good if it's the guards with the cleaners. Yet, he makes no effort to get up, letting Yoongi get the rest he needs. If he catches someone spreading rumors, he knows how to deal with it.

He lets out a relieved sigh when Yeonjun’s and Chan’s heads pop out of the elevator, motioning for them to be quiet. The two make their way to Jimin, walking quietly which isn't much of a struggle considering the fact that they both are vampires.

“Who is he?” Chan is the first to break the silence, whispering. It's obvious in the tone of his voice that Chan is simply curious, the question holding no other intention. “A friend of mine and Taehyung’s,” Jimin answers, leaving out every other detail. “What's up, you two don't usually visit up here?” Yeonjun looks like he wants to make a comment about Yoongi, amusement clear in his eyes, but he opts not to, instead explaining the new project the two are up to.

At some point, Yoongi wakes up, slowly taking in his surroundings. He turns beet red when he notices the two in the room, yet doesn't say anything, just hides his face on Jimin's chest. Endeared by the little wolf, a blinding smile occupies Jimin's face. The other vampires in the room realize that perhaps, this boy isn't just a friend.




Jimin is driving them back to the mansion after finishing up at work, having given the rest of the day off to Minho. Yoongi is buckled up on the passenger seat, staring at the view. Unexpectedly, the wolf turns at him, and Jimin can feel the eyes on his face, yet he chooses not to bother Yoongi, he still didn't seem the best after waking up. “Thank you, hyung.” the words come out whispered, Jimin would have missed them if he wasn't paying attention. “For what little one?” he replies in the same tone, waiting patiently for an answer.

“Everything.” is the only answer he gets, and he understands Yoongi, choosing to just smile at the other, getting a tender hold of his hand.


The rest of the drive was filled by a pleasant silence, Jimin detecting Jungkook's car behind him halfway through. The second they reach their destination, Taehyung all but jumps out of the car, wrapping a still sluggish Yoongi in a bear hug, flooding the other omega with questions. “Are you okay? Are you feeling better? How was the drive.” and such. All poor Yoongi could do was nod at the neverending questions, until Taehyung calmed down. The older omega pulls the other inside the mansion, leading them to the living room, and all the others could do was walk in behind them, smiling at Taehyung's dedication to his friend. When Jimin walks in he sees Yoongi nodding along and answering the now slow questions, assuring his hyung he is okay. “I'll get some water, does anyone want something?” says a now bright Yoongi, his hyung influencing him in less than a minute. The mates shake their heads while Jimin says, “No, thanks little one. Need help?” Yoongi shakes his head, making his way to the kitchen.


Jimin is ready to sit down when he hears a shriek, and then the sound of glass breaking coming from the direction of the kitchen. He runs there, finding Yoongi near the sink, broken glass around him. The omega is staring in the direction of the fridge, looking as if he saw a ghost. And there is indeed a black silhouette of a man there, that just happens to be his Sire.

“What the fuck, hyung? Is it a joke to you at this point? Why would you do that?” an apprehensive Jimin rambles loudly as he picks Yoongi up to get him away from the broken glass. The omega prefers walking around without slippers, so he can easily cut himself. “You keep ignoring me. We need to talk.” Jimin huffs, checking on Yoongi to make sure he didn't cut himself, while there is a worrying Taehyung walking in, sighing in relief when he sees the omega is fine. “You don't have to hide around the house like a burglar for that. And we have the Sire bond too.” Jimin's anger goes subsiding as his hyung apologizes, looking sincere. “I swear you are going to give someone a heart attack like that soon, hyung,” says Jungkook, who just walked in, immediately getting a small water bottle from the fridge, offering it to the frightened omega.


After Yoongi calms down, assuring a frantic Jimin and a worried Taehyung that he is okay, they all walk back to the living room. Taehyung snuggles himself between his mates, Yoongi refusing to let go of Jimin, sitting down with him on a separate couch, while Jin chooses the armchair. His Sire keeps eyeing Jimin and Yoongi, looking as if he wants to say something, but decides not to. The stare causes a flushing Yoongi in his right, the pink blush going from his cheeks to the tip of his ears.

“What did the doctor say, hyung?” asks Yoongi, as a try to lighten the mood. And it works, the three mates brightening up at the mentioning of the appointment and whatever they found out there. “I'm showing early because we are having twins.” a flow of congratulations follows the enthusiastic answer of Taehyung. Yoongi looks like he is ready to cry all over again from the excitement the news gave him. If he is honest, Jimin isn't far from crying either.

The conversations keep going from there, switching to different topics, until Hoseok asks Yoongi about his wolf. “Taehyung outright refuses to stop talking about that night, and I want to make sure he isn't exaggerating.” says the witch in a teasing tone meant for his omega mate. It earns him a smack on the back of his head by none other than Taehyung.


“I didn't lie. Yoongi's wolf is white as snow and is the biggest wolf I've ever come across.” a flustered Yoongi nods along to his hyung’s words. “Wait, aren't white werewolves extinct?” Jungkook’s question sets a dead silence in the room, and Jimin is confused. “What do you mean by extinct, Kook?” the second oldest asks, sneaking a glance to an equally confused Yoongi.

“White wolves were all killed during the war between werewolves and vampires. At least that's what they used to teach us at school. The books said that white wolves were considered weak. All of them were fragile, small, and weak omegas that refused to mate or be impregnated by an alpha, all of them were deemed infertile, not getting pregnant even with force. An easy target to vampires back then, and then eliminated by their own pack because they were considered as burdens and waste of food.” Jimin can't believe his ears, staring confused at the younger vampire, then at a teary Yoongi, whose hands find his. “Yeah, we were taught that too in history.” Hoseok backs up his mate, yet none of them have ill intentions, just curious.


“But it's not true. ” is all Jimin can get out, focusing his gaze at his betraying Sire. “A white wolf saved my life back then, during the war. He was an omega, yet stood taller and stronger than the alphas who were trying to kill me. All of them ran like scared dogs when they saw that wolf approach. There were at least nine fully grown alphas, who ran at the growl of that wolf.” he finishes, eyes never leaving his hyung’s, who now looks stunned, not believing what he is hearing. “You can't tell me they were killed because they were weak, cause they certainly weren't.” everyone is left staring at him, most of them wondering why Jimin has never told this story, while Yoongi is just glad Jimin lived through all that, and that he, in a way, stood up for him.

“How-” is all Jin can mutter out, confusing everyone further. “How do I remember? Is that what you mean to ask hyung?” Jimin huffs out, getting up on his feet, eyes still concentrated on his Sire. “Jimin-” Jin gets up, trying to reach for the other vampire, yet Jimin stops him with his hand, moving away from him. “No, hyung. When you turned me, there was one thing I asked from you. To not erase any memories, to not control me with the Sire bond. And you went right on and did that.” Jimin says, yelling the last sentence, angry at his hyung for lying to him for the past seven hundred years.

“Jimin, I had a reason, I-” Jimin is tired of hearing it. He was planning on talking to his hyung in private about this, yet the other chose to infuriate him to this point, and the topic just fell right in place. “What reason hyung? Tell me, I want to hear them. Why did you erase the memories of that wolf, the one I owe my life to, when you knew I was looking for him? What else have you been hiding from me?"


“It tried to kill you!” his hyung’s words make Jimin break into a snicker. “No, he didn't.” he shakes his head, the attempts of his hyung to lie his way out of this making him slowly lose all the trust in him. “Ka-Yee-” Jimin's eyes darken at the mention of that disgusting vampire. He stops Jin, “What does that asshole have to do with this?” a moment of clarity hits him right then, his eyes widening as his Sire continues. “He was the one who found you. The wolf was trying to kill you Jimin, Ka-Yee killed the wolf and brought you back home. You were looking everywhere for that wolf, I couldn't tell you it was dead, let alone tell you it was planning to kill you in the end.” Jimin's legs fail him. The moment the words register in his head, there are horrid images invading his head, having him kneeling on the floor. Yoongi reaches for him immediately, crouching next to the vampire, trying to make sure he is fine.

“And you trusted him?” Jimin meeks out, shaky hands holding Yoongi's, hanging on that last line of sanity. “You trusted the fucking monster who started that damned war in the first place, over me? I can bet my head that he was the one to tell you to wipe that wolf of my memories, wasn't he? Ka-Yee, who used to kill wolves for fun, hyung? He did anything in his power to prolong that war until all wolves were erased from the planet. He still considers himself as an almighty emperor, hates my guts. He lied to you hyung.” he screams out, voice full of anguish. Jimin was the reason that wolf died.

He killed the one who saved his life.


“Hyung.” Yoongi's voice averts his gaze to the little wolf now in front of him. The omega's teary eyes distract him from the current situation, worry running up his body. “Jimin, I'm sorry I-” Jin tries to get closer, yet Yoongi doesn't let him. “You've done enough.” Jimin doesn't pay attention to the words, the voices vague to his ears, reaching for Yoongi's cheeks and wiping the drops of tears. He doesn't notice the silver eyes glancing at him, nor his Sire leaving.

“I should have killed him when I had the chance. Why didn't I? I should have done it the moment that war started. Shouldn't have spared his life. I should have-” Jimin's quiet rambling is slowly halted by Yoongi, the wolf cradling the trembling vampire into his arms, shushing him like Jimin does when the wolf wakes up after his nightmares.

Chapter Text

Yoongi is in shambles, staring at the sleeping Jimin in his arms. They are currently in the former's room, Jungkook having helped him carry the dazed vampire upstairs, leaving Hoseok to try and ease a crying Taehyung. Yoongi changed the vampire out of his work suit, which was truly a challenge due to the size difference between the two. The wolf always knew he was short, but Jimin is downright a giant.

And witnessing stoic Jimin like that, slowly shattering to pieces after the truth hit him, did something to Yoongi. He could practically feel the pain Jimin was in, holding onto his hands like they were a lifeline, yet not really being there. It broke him, seeing the strong vampire crumble down in his arms like that.

He knew something was wrong with Jin, the man's reaction to Jimin being hurt was odd. But to this extent? It would never possibly cross his mind. It alerted his wolf, ready to attack the other if that meant protecting Jimin, even though he knew he stood no chance against Kim Seokjin. Yet, he and his wolf were ready to go to any length to make sure Jimin is safe and sound.


He averts his gaze to the bare window, trying with all his might to will his tears away. The draped moon is shining through, illuminating the vast space. The faint glow graces Jimin's face, making him look even more alluring and delicate. Yoongi's fingers twitch as he holds himself from reaching and caressing the fair skin.

All Jimin lets people see are the sharp edges, all they get to see is the intimidating, ancient vampire that can compel anyone with his looks and his power. Yoongi got the opportunity to see the soft, caring Jimin that is hidden in those edges, who doesn't care about power as much as people think, who prioritizes his found family over anything. Yoongi thinks that he might have his place in that family too, yet he doesn't let himself hope. Now all that matters is Jimin getting better from the bomb his Sire threw at him.


His thoughts are interrupted by gentle knocking on the door. His first guess is Taehyung, but why would he knock in the first place? He doesn't answer, just stares at the door until it opens quietly, behind it standing none other than Kim Namjoon. It enrages him, the imprudence of this man showing his face here after all that. He tries to reason with himself that he wasn't the one to bring Jimin to this condition, but all he concludes is that this man had his hand in hiding the truth from Jimin.

“Get out,” he whispers sharply, as to not wake up the sleeping Jimin. Namjoon does the exact opposite of what Yoongi told him to, walking into the room as if it's his own. Ignoring Yoongi's death glare, he sits down on the armchair near the bed. Yoongi can feel his eyes starting to alter to silver, feels his wolf clawing at him to be let out, and kick this man outside. He is a pinch close to just letting his wolf out, claw this man's face off, but the weight of Jimin in his arms stops him. No matter how much they hurt the younger vampire, they are still his family.


“I'm sorry. I know I should be saying this to Jimin, but I'm not going to wake him up, as I know the shock he went through was, intense to say the least. I'm sorry for what my mate and I hid from Jimin, let ourselves be yielded in the wrong direction by the words of a snake.” as the vampire speaks in a hushed voice, Yoongi can't believe his ears. This man came in trying to apologize, just like that. Yet, he doesn't even wait for Jimin to get better, or even wake up from the deep slumber he is currently in.

“I know I sound ridiculous too, but I guess we should be apologizing to you too.” the vampire doesn't continue, refusing to elaborate as to why they need to ask forgiveness from Yoongi. The wolf stays unmoving, opting to stay silent and just keep up his glare on the vampire. He doesn't know where the burst of courage came from. Any other day he would be in front of a vampire of this level, he would avoid their eyes at any cost, bowing as if they are some monarch. “If this half-assed apology is the reason you are here, then I suggest you get out of this room right this second.”


“I'm here for what Jin initially had to ask, before the ordeal. Jimin asked for the assistance of Park Seonghwa, a man of mine, and my mate came to ask if there's any danger that led to Seonghwa being involved.” the vampire says calmly, yet a bit too loudly for Yoongi's liking, completely ignoring the wolf's words. “Do you happen to know why?” yes, he knows why, but he is in no way going to tell the man. He tries to mask his expressions with confusion, apparently succeeding as the vampire looks like he trusts him when Yoongi shakes his head no. “I should take my leave then,” the vampire says, rising from the armchair and making his way out. When he reaches the door, the vampire repeats, “I'm sorry.” and vanishes from Yoongi's sight.

Finally in peace, Yoongi lets his eyes fall closed, snuggling his head close to Jimin. “Why didn't you tell him, little one?” Jimin's raspy voice startles him, raising his head to find the vampire's eyes staring at him. “I'm sorry we woke you up, hyung. And, it wasn't my place to tell.” Jimin just hums, pressing his face closer to Yoongi's chest.


The wolf is sure Jimin went back to sleep after a while, yet the trembling of Jimin's body and the sobs muffled by Yoongi's shirt prove him wrong. It makes Yoongi feel so powerless. Jimin helped him with everything, the vampire saved his life and made it possible for him to reunite with his hyung. Jimin became Yoongi's safe place, even though the wolf doesn't know when it happened. It just did. In one moment, Jimin broke any walls he had around himself and made a place for himself deep into Yoongi, making the wolf hope that he has the same place in Jimin too, no matter how ridiculous it sounds even to him.

Yet Yoongi can't help him back, he can't ease the pain the vampire is going through. All he can do is offer the slightest bit of comfort, even if it doesn't affect much.


At this point, everyone would say that Jimin was overreacting. The war ended centuries ago, and the vampire doesn't even know the wolf he is weeping for. But Yoongi understands him. He was in the same situation, he can put himself in Jimin's shoes. If everything turned out like this in the end, with Jimin dead and Yoongi forced to forget about him, the wolf would have the same reaction too. Even if he never got to know Jimin as he does. Maybe he would have done something even more extreme.

The only person he can associate with himself as Jin is to Jimin is Taehyung. If his sweet hyung did this, Yoongi doesn't know what he would have done with himself.

And they hid it for centuries, the people he trusted the most betrayed him, stabbed him on the back with no remorse. And no matter how much they try to apologize, Yoongi knows they don't mean it. He can sense it.

The fact that the older vampires still think they did the right thing keeping it from Jimin and listening to whoever this Ka-yee is. Jin didn't mean all the apologizing he threw around while Jimin was having a breakdown, Namjoon was here only to know what they were up to.

And knowing those facts made his wolf act up, kick Jin out of the house with sharp words, trying to chase Namjoon out when he dared to step into his room.

It's just so messed up, and Jimin doesn't deserve this.




The cries Seonghwa hears from the torture room sound like music to his ears. Jimin-ssi told him those people deserve no mercy, so that's what he is doing. His men go in and out of that room, going in clean and getting out bloody, with a creepy smirk on their faces. And he made sure neither of them had the chance to rest, unable to fall unconscious, or die because of the spell his demonic right-hand man cast on them. Jimin-ssi told them to prolong it as much as possible, as he wants to give them the worst end possible by his own hands. He quietly walks into the room, taking in the sight of four of his men beating the life out of these people with brass knuckles, the wolves tied up to a hook hanging on the ceiling, as per Jimin's request. These people must have messed up big time if Jimin went this drastic.


The sight is gruesome, something out of someone's worse nightmare. They are covered in blood and what looks like bile, faces swollen with dark bruises, deep cuts, and broken bones. The alpha’s right arm is broken, the bone torn out of the skin. The beta’s left foot is turned into a one hundred and eighty-degree angle, also broken. Their stomachs are slashed open, blood pouring out. Looks like the alpha’s right eye is burned shut too. His men did quite the number on these people, he has to give them that.

Aside from the physical violence, they were injected with different poisons, from pain-inflicting formulas to hallucinations and seizures. God, this is something he doesn't see every day, despite his line of work. He leaves a mental note to never piss off Park Jimin.

He places his coat on one of the clean chairs on the side, motioning for his men to move aside. He reaches for a sharp knife on the torturing kit, ready to have some fun himself.




Jimin wakes up wailing. There's a mind-numbing pain coming from his left shoulder, someone is burning his skin. He tries to writhe away, but there's a hand holding him down. No matter how much he tries to struggle away, the pain keeps coming. The hand holding him down doesn't budge from its place. ‘This is it’ he thinks with himself, this is his end. But why do they have to be so cruel?

He knew that the white wolf was going to kill him, just like those other alphas were planning to, but he was begging for a painless demise. What did he do to these wolves to deserve this?

His left side is pushed up, the fire coming on the underside of his shoulder too, leaving Jimin screaming in excruciating pain. Thick tears are flowing down his face, as something comfortable is placed under his shoulder, then letting him lay back down.


The fire left his skin, yet the pain keeps coming, his ears ringing, eyes forced shut by it. He wants to yell at whoever is doing this to do it faster, please. The hand retreated from his torso, leaving him sobbing, body rocking by the force of them. He can hear traces of a voice, yet can't make it out. Hands are caressing him, yet he can not respond to the touches, just numb to everything.

There's something soft placed on top of him, and it's so warm and fluffy, it makes Jimin want to crawl into it. One soft hand is caressing his face, while the other is threading through his hair. What sick, bizarre scheme does this wolf have? Making Jimin feel safe with him, hurt him, and then coax him into the sensation again. He keeps hearing incoherent words but focuses on trying to open his eyes.


After what felt like hours, he can make out the words said by the male voice he heard in his head when he woke up the first time. “I apologize, I am aware it hurts. I had to burn the wound closed. Otherwise, it would have been infected, or bleed out. It's worse than any other injury on you if we do not include the poison they injected into you. But that will fade with time.” so, the wolf wasn't striving to kill him? He was actually attempting to help him?

He wills his eyes to open, but they refuse to oblige, leaving Jimin to struggle with talking, seeking explanations. “W-why a-are y-you h-helping-,” he is cut off by violent coughs making their way out of him, throat burning. It feels like he is eating sand, like something got its claws into him and sliced his throat. He is offered water, a wooden cup raised to his lips, the hand playing with his hair supporting his head as he gulps down the water as some man stranded in the desert.


It isn't enough. Even after he drains the cup, he still feels so thirsty. When was the last time he fed? He can't remember, feeling foolish for leaving himself hungry in situations like this. During the war, vampires fed any time they could, as they never knew when the next source would be available. He really had a death wish to this point.

As he berates himself for being so absurd, the scent of fresh blood hits his senses. Fuck, this is the sweetest scent he ever encountered, and by his age, that says a lot. His weak hands try to get out of the comfortable fur, reach for the source of the smell. Yet, he is too weak, his limbs doing nothing but flailing around, dropping back to his sides.

Then the first drop of blood grazes his lips, his tongue immediately reaching for it. The taste of it is like nothing Jimin has ever got the luck to try before. All he can use to describe it is heavenly, godly. He tries to reach out for more, and the next second there's skin pressing to his lips, the source right in front of him to devour. He latches on it like an infant, drinking as much as he can. When the small cut wasn't satisfying enough to his half-feral state, he made his own bite, sinking his fangs deep into the skin, without damaging anything. Trails of blood are dripping from the corners of his mouth. He doesn't care about being messy right now, just drinks and drinks. At some point, it comes to him that the wolf is feeding Jimin his own blood, so he stops, not wanting to get too much accidentally. He licks the wound so it closes faster.


Some seconds after, the wolf retrieves his wrist, gently rubbing Jimin's bloody lips, chin, and cheeks with what feels like a thin cloth. The vampire is so grateful, yet can't resist asking, “Why?” again. The wolf doesn't answer for a while, making sure Jimin is completely clean. He can feel the wolf get up, then the voice answers, “I will tell you when you arrive home safely.”


But with how things progressed, Jimin never got to hear the reason.




Jimin is sitting on the bed, back leaning on the headboard as he replays his dream, again and again, staring blankly at the ceiling. Yoongi is asleep on his right, eyes puffy from crying together with Jimin until the vampire was lulled back to sleep, and he can hear the mates conversing in another room. Why is he so pathetic? Why does he act like the victim when it was all his fault? From the beginning until now, it is all his fault.

He wipes his tears from his cheeks, reaching for his phone on the nightstand, finding Seonghwa’s contact information. He waits until the other vampire answers his phone, which takes longer than usual, Jimin letting out a quiet sigh when the other finally responds.


Jimin-ssi, how can I help you?” comes Seonghwa's voice through the speaker. “Hello, Seonghwa. I wanted to ask you some things. Firstly, how do your men like the new puppets?” Jimin says in a flat tone, waiting patiently for an answer as he hears a painful scream coming from the other line, definitely not Seonghwa's.

My men love them. I customized them just the way you requested. there's an evil smirk evident in Seonghwa's voice, yet Jimin couldn't care less about those people. He is glad they are receiving what they deserve.

“Secondly, what was the name of the man who took the role of the CEO of the company I asked you to check?” Jimin asks, having no time to lose. He can hear Seonghwa humming on the line, trying to remember the name.

I am sure it was Wu Zhao, sir.” Jimin was right. Of course, he was right about something like this. Why can't it be something good for once? He curses his idiocy under his nose, thanking Seonghwa and ending the call.



Chapter Text

The next day Yoongi woke up to Jimin's side of the bed left empty. It worried him. The vampire was surely still affected by yesterday's occurrences, no matter how much he tried to play it cool. And Yoongi might have been awake through the conversation with Seonghwa.

He instantly gets up, making his way out of the room and downstairs. He checks the living room, the kitchen, and then the garden outside but Jimin is nowhere to be seen. The wolf has never explored the manor before, so maybe Jimin might be somewhere here. Yet, it's an enormous estate and Yoongi has no idea where to start. Maybe he is in one of the rooms upstairs? Taehyung told him Jimin has a mini library there, where he used to spend a lot of time. Perhaps he went there to soothe himself a bit. He quickly climbs the stairs, starting to check every single room.


Every door was open, and there were all kinds of equipment for different aspects. There wasn't one, but three rooms full of books, all looking old and maybe even the originals of some works were there. There was this room full of medical equipment, there was even a CT scan there. Yoongi might find it a bit weird, but this is probably the reason why he is still alive. There were four empty bedrooms and two huge bathrooms, and in another bedroom, the mates were sleeping soundly, cutely nuzzled on Taehyung, who is sleeping in the middle. Hoseok’s and Jungkook's hands are protectively resting on the baby bump. The room smells of something else too, but Yoongi doesn't need to put those images in his head. The mates missed each other and Yoongi is no one to judge.

There is another room, right next to his, that is permeated with Jimin's coffee scent. Yoongi guesses it's the vampire's room. But this one is empty too. He doesn't have time to inspect the room, his priority is finding the vampire. There's also an office room, full of documents of all sorts. Ever the workaholic.


There's one room left, but it's locked. Yoongi knocks, but no one answers so he guesses it's empty. He quickly makes his way downstairs again, cursing his luck. Where are you Park Jimin?

Okay, why does one person need all this mansion? It's ridiculous to this point. There was one full room pantry, then two refrigerating chambers, one for drinks, and one full of blood bags, which honestly was a bit disturbing to Yoongi, due to what happened in that damned warehouse. He understands that it's just Jimin's nature, and he would never hurt Yoongi, but it still brings unpleasant memories and irrational fears. Shaking his head, Yoongi continues wandering around the mansion. He doesn't find Jimin until he finds himself on the eastern wing of the building, and sees an open door with weird noises coming out of it.


He quietly approaches the door, peeking inside. It's a gym. A straight-up gym, not even a mini room for training. It has everything in it and it's huge. Jimin's in the middle of the room, hitting a blue punching bag with all his might. That's where the noise was coming from.

All the vampire lets out are short, quick pants as he throws swift punches all around the heavy bag. He's wearing a black t-shirt and shorts, a towel around his neck. He's dripping with sweat but looks nowhere near done. What concerns Yoongi is that there's nothing protecting the other's hands from tearing. Yoongi's suspicions are proved right when he sees fresh red stains all over the punching bag. As he attempts to speak and make his presence known, an abrupt shout makes its way out of Jimin, startling the little wolf. Then the vampire punches the bag so hard it tears apart. Yoongi's attention is drawn on the tears dripping down Jimin's cheeks and the flows of blood from his knuckles.


“Hyung!” he exclaims, running to Jimin who is staring at him shell-shocked, eyes glassy red and puffy. “Little one, what-?” Yoongi doesn't hear it, leading Jimin to a chair and forcing him to sit down. “Is there anything here I can clean this with?” Jimin who is stunned to silence points at a drawer on the corner of the room. Yoongi rushed there, opening the first drawer to find an aid kit box, good. He quickly cleans the blood of Jimin's hands, feeling like he is about to burst into tears when he sees the torn, bloody skin. He applies the ointment that's in the aid kit after checking if it's safe, and wraps Jimin's hands with gauze.

The vampire doesn't say anything, just stares at the little wolf taking care of him, a soft smile gracing his face, followed by a warm feeling illuminating his body. It feels nice, having someone to take care of him too. And, unlike most people in his long life, he knows Yoongi has no hidden ill motives, he is just worried about his hyung.


“Why do you hurt yourself like this, hyung?” Yoongi's shaky voice asks him as he inspects his hands and the bandages one more time. “You keep blaming yourself. Why, hyung? Why, when it's anyone's fault but yours?” the question brings the tears back to Jimin's eyes. They burn to this point. He hasn't stopped crying since he woke up at 4 am, coming down here to blow some steam and let Yoongi sleep in peace. It's been two hours but he still can't get rid of that feeling eating him from the inside.

“Because it's my fault, little one.” he spits out, voice full of hate, directed to no one else but himself. “If I hadn't let Ka-Yee, that greedy bastard live back then, the wolf would have lived. I never got to see his face, but his voice sounded youthful. I knew he was too young to die like that. When hyung told me about what happened, I-I saw a memory of him, through Jin-hyung. He was looking at the white wolf, the poor thing was all bloody and his neck was ripped open. He was begging Jin-hyung for help little one, as much as he could on his wolf form, but my Sire did nothing but stare at him as he passed away. All because he helped me. All because of idiot me.” Jimin cries out, the horror images playing over and over in his head, as he curses his life out. The vampire hits himself as he says the last words, Yoongi stunned to silence by what he heard. He reaches to stop Jimin from hitting himself again, clutching the hands of the other in his.


“And now-” Jimin can't finish his sentence, interrupted by his own sobs. Why is he so pathetic? “There's a ninety percent chance that that fucking fool who I was too much of a weakling to kill is the one who hurt you too.” A cry makes its way out of Jimin when Yoongi's hands leave his. He knew the wolf would hate him too, all he went through is because of Jimin's cowardice. His eyes are closed, head bowed, not daring to look the wolf in the eye. Jimin is expecting a slap, a well-deserved one. Yoongi has every right to punch or kick him if he wants to.

He feels Yoongi's hands moving, hovering near his face. He braces himself for that slap, but it never comes. Instead, the soft hands cup his face, forcing his head up to look at Yoongi. The wolf is crying, Jimin made him cry again. Why does he ruin everything he cares for?


“Hyung, it wasn't your fault. Nothing that happened was your fault, let alone what happened to me. What happened to that wolf was Ka-Yee's and Jin's fault, what happened to me was my parents’ fault. Anyone but you is at fault here. You are the reason I'm still alive hyung. Not just breathing, but living too. In that house, it was just me forced to breathe, not knowing what actually living was. I got glimpses through Tae's stories and Hyunjin but never got to feel them myself. You helped me hyung. Your voice pulled me out of the dark pit I was in. Like a newborn baby, you taught me how to talk and walk all over again, you helped me bond with my wolf, you taught me how to live, you were and are always there when I need you hyung. You forgot your own pain when you saw me crying yesterday. And it's only been two months. In two months you made me happier than I've ever felt in my whole life. You showed me how being loved felt like hyung.” Yoongi wipes one stray tear falling down his cheek, looking at the frozen Jimin in front of him. “So please don't blame yourself for this.” the wolf ends his words, gentle hands rubbing Jimin's face.


All the vampire can do is nod, hands reaching for Yoongi's wrists, not doing anything, just placed there. After gaining some strength back, he helps Yoongi up, pulling him in a tight embrace, mumbling “I'll try little one. I can't just stop, but I promise I'll try. Yoongi nods back, face pressed to Jimin's chest. The vampire sits down with the omega in his lap, just staying like that, giving and getting all the comfort they could. “I don't remember how I got there, but there were so many wolves following me, and someone had poisoned me prior on. It made me basically a human, unable to fight them back, run or heal fast enough. I was sensitive to the winter cold and everything hurt tenfold.” Jimin starts, face nuzzled on Yoongi's neck, the vanilla scent keeping him in check. The other stays silent, Jimin needs someone to just listen right now. “As much as I tried to run away, they caught up to me at some point, one of them lunged at me and I think I twisted my leg and couldn't keep going anymore. They started ripping my clothes, then started tearing my skin with their claws, as much as they could. One clamped down on my shoulder,” Jimin says, pulling back a little to show the scar to Yoongi, who caresses the skin.

“That's when that white wolf showed up. He simply growled and all the other alphas ran away. All I could think of was, ‘well, looks like this one will kill me instead.’ The wolf did the exact opposite, it baffled me. He started licking the wounds, and that honestly ceased the pain. Then he just popped down on me, kept lapping on my shoulder as I passed out. The next time I woke up, that wolf had somehow maneuvered me on his back, walking away from there. He somehow talked to me even on his wolf form, I could hear it in my head. He told me he was sending me back home, that I could sleep in peace. One part of me trusted him, while the other was sure I was going to die by this wolf's hands, or fangs. The next time I woke up convinced I was dying,” Jimin chuckles sadly, remembering last night’s dream. “He was burning shut the wound on my shoulder, and it hurt so much. Then, silly me had forgotten to feed for days before being chased by those wolves. He fed me his own blood, cut his wrist open and let me feed. I asked him why more than once. He never answered, said he would tell me when I got home safely.” Jimin can't stop the sob that comes after that. “And helping me he was led straight to death. He's the reason I live in these woods, he found me here, so I hoped I could find him too. But my Sire chose lies over the truth and here we are.”


Yoongi feels like crying all over again. His hyung has been through so much. “Who is this Ka-Yee, hyung? You keep saying that you should have killed him when you had the chance. What happened?” Yoongi feels bad about asking the next second, scrambling to say, “You don't have to tell me anything hyung.” Jimin has this soft smile on his face, just stares at Yoongi. The smile fades when he starts talking though. “He's a vampire. I think he is eight hundred years old or something, I didn't count. He was from a Chinese Royal Family back in his human life. The fourth in line for the throne after his older brothers. Paid a newly turned vampire to turn him too, so he could outlive his family. That's what we thought. He went and drank all his brothers dry, from the oldest to the youngest. Then proceeded to kill his Sire so he couldn't be controlled by someone else.” Jimin takes a deep breath, looking anywhere but in Yoongi's eyes. “He hated wolves. For some sick, twisted reason he hated werewolves so much, he killed every single wolf that lived on the territory of China back then, by torturing them to death, and he called it fun. It caused an uprising, even in other countries after he infiltrated and paid people in said countries to kill werewolves. It escalated quickly, threats of war came from everywhere.” Jimin stops for a second, as if to collect himself.


“The three of us went to talk to him, to stop this or he was going to pay for it. He didn't like it, or me specifically. He wanted to be me, to have my power. He thought he deserved it, he thought he knew more than me, that I was a traitor for treating wolves as equals to such powerful creatures as vampires. He tried to attack me, in front of my hyungs. The tables flipped quickly, he was under me while I had his sword in my hand, too close to his neck for him to move. I wanted to, I could have put an end to everything before it even started if I did it. But I couldn't, I was too much of a coward. I made him swear he would stop and end this. He promised, but he didn't keep it. You know the rest. Killing him after the war started was just pointless, we had other things to worry about.” Jimin is clenching his fists, so tight that his knuckles are turning white. Yoongi untangles the hands, trying to prevent Jimin from harming himself again. “Me being a coward ended up in a war that lasted a century.” Yoongi shakes his head, getting Jimin's attention. “I don't see how it was your fault hyung. It's not a weak thing to not be able to kill someone, that's just having emotions. All the war was this man's fault. Even if you killed him, wolves would still want revenge, I know my kind.” Yoongi is trying to reassure Jimin, but at the same time he is right. Werewolves will always seek vengeance, apologies or not.


Jimin hums lowly, nuzzling his head on Yoongi's hair, just staying there. He can feel Yoongi burning with curiosity, and while someone might find it invasive, it's cute to Jimin. He knows it's harmless. So he is expecting more questions from the little guy. “Hyung, before turning, what were you? Like, were you simply human, or were you a magical creature?” Jimin chuckles lightly. “I was a human, little one.” Yoongi nods, eyes unfocused, looking hesitant to ask another question, and Jimin guesses what it is.

“What happened hyung? How did you turn? You don't have to tell me anything, I'm just curious.” Jimin doesn't mind answering, he knows his story will be safe with Yoongi, just like everything he just told him. He knows Yoongi won't tell anyone a word if Jimin asks so. “I don't mind little one. Don't worry okay?” Yoongi hums cutely, Jimin holding himself back from just squishing the soft, dumpling cheeks.

“I was twenty-three. Lost my dad when I was two years old in a hunt gone wrong. Lost my mom at twenty-one from a, back then, deadly disease. You have seen my passion for medicine and helping people in general. That was what sealed my fate. That and my face. I was rather the beauty of the town as they called me back then, had everyone running after me. I just wasn't interested, rejected everyone who came forward. I rejected the mayor's daughter too, and she-she flipped. She was bitter and jealous. Ended up accusing me of witchcraft, calling my medications dark magic potions, getting me exiled from my town. With no family by my side, it was set rather quickly. They would cover my eyes and ears, then send me away so I wouldn't find the way back. But she wasn't settled with that, no. Her dad came to visit me in my cell that day, told me about how happy he was to finally have me gone too, just like my parents. He was drunk out of his mind, told me about how he killed my dad in that hunt to get the position of leader of the town, how he poisoned my mom after she denied his advances. Then he spilled his daughter's plans. They were sending me away, but killing me there, helped by another man I had rejected.” Jimin took a deep breath, just to take a short pause. This story doesn't bother him anymore, the years having closed that wound.


“They tied me up, stabbed me multiple times so I couldn't help myself, and let me near a river. That's where the hyungs found me, half-dead begging for help in the middle of nowhere. Jin-hyung bit me,” Jimin says, showing the fang marks on his wrist,” and turned me.” Jimin ends the story like that, voice indifferent and mind unaffected. While Yoongi looks like a mess, truly not believing his ears. Why would someone do something so cruel to his Jimin hyung? He is an angel walking on earth, who would want to hurt him?

“Yah, I didn't tell you these stories to make you cry, baby,” Jimin says, wiping away the tears streaming down Yoongi's face with his thumb. When he notices Yoongi flushing an unhealthy amount of red, he realizes what he said. “I'm- I'm sorry- I-” what do you even say in this situation? “It’s- it's fine hyung. I don't mind.” Yoongi says quickly, refusing to meet Jimin's eyes, still flushed red to the tips of his ears. He saves Jimin from further embarrassment by leaving out the fact that it's not the first time he calls Yoongi baby.

Jimin is still trying to get Yoongi to meet his eyes, finally succeeding, only for the omega's gaze to fall lower on his face. Yoongi averts his gaze quickly when he realizes he has been caught, but Jimin doesn't let him. The vampire gets a hold of the other’s chin, making Yoongi face him. He has a sweet smile on his face though, he would rather boil his hand than make Yoongi uncomfortable in any way. The wolf returns the smile, a gummy grin lighting up his face. It's Yoongi who leans in first, eyes closed. Jimin stays frozen, expecting it to come, yet leaving Yoongi space to back out. Their lips are so close to touching, Jimin can feel them on his already, can feel Yoongi's breaths fanning over his skin.


“Park Jimin! Min Yoongi! Where are you, idiots?” Taehyung's voice makes them jolt apart. What-? Were they really going to-? Yoongi jumps up from his lap, looking like he wants the ground to swallow him. “We are in the gym room, Taehyung. Stop yelling like possessed.” Jimin replies in the same tone, letting Yoongi get out first, following right behind, scrambling to wipe off some of the sweat on his face and body.



Chapter Text

“Yah, Hyung, what happened to your hands? Are you okay?” Tae exclaims the second they walk into the living room, sprinting to check on Jimin. The vampire's hands are yanked by Taehyung, who checks them precisely making sure everything is covered and healing slowly. “I'm fine, TaeTae. Yoon took care of me, they don't even hurt anymore.” the vampire is trying to reassure his frantic friend that he is okay. The other isn't pleased until Jimin is sitting down, forced to drink a glass of water, and a coffee cup with blood in it, to not disturb Yoongi further. Jimin gulps the drinks down with no protest, held down by death glares coming from Taehyung's mates.

“Jimin-hyung, Hyunjin texted me, he wants to visit Yoongi after what happened yesterday. Can he come over?” asks Hoseok while reading the message. Jimin guesses that Taehyung told them about Yoongi's and Hyunjin’s friendship, that's why the man doesn't seem concerned. The vampire shares a glance with Yoongi, silently asking him if it's alright. Yoongi nods, so Jimin answers with a quick, “Yes, of course." There's a second of silence before Taehyung starts back with the interrogation. Pregnancy hormones.


“What are you doing in the gym room at 7 am and with bloody hands Park Jimin?” Jimin chuckles, ready to tease the omega a little more. “What does someone do in the gym room, TaeTae? And I couldn't find the boxing gloves.” he can feel Yoongi boring holes in his face with his glare, but he tries to ignore it. Taehyung doesn't need to know, not in this condition. Not after what happened last night. The older omega just tuts, shaking his head. “And why does Yoongi look like a tomato?” Jimin can feel Yoongi's embarrassment from afar, ready to avert the attention from him.

“And what were the noises I kept hearing last night, Tae? I appreciate that you chose the room farther from us, but I still heard it, and I'm going to burn those sheets and possibly bleach my ears and my memory. No shaming, you are mates, but please keep it down in my house.” Jimin finishes, bursting out laughing at the scandalized look on Taehyung's face, shortly followed by everyone in the room.

After the laughter dies down, Jimin prepares food for the omegas and Hoseok, offering Jungkook a quick drink. The mates are being disgustingly sweet with each other, Jungkook and Hoseok feeding an eager Taehyung, while Yoongi tries to hide the pink flush illuminating his face by the display of affection. Jimin is used to the trio’s antics, while Yoongi on the other hand is witnessing it for the first time. The vampire distracts the wolf with a random conversation, where Jimin ends up discovering the other’s allergy to cats. It's sad and ironic, honestly. Jimin tells Yoongi about his weird human allergy to garlic, which started the ridiculous rumor about garlic being poisonous for vampires. There's the slightest tension between them, from almost kissing less than an hour ago, but it doesn't make it awkward, even if the pink hue never leaves Yoongi's face throughout the meal.


The doorbell interrupts their chatter, Jimin getting up to open the door, welcoming a visibly worried Hyunjin in. “He is in the kitchen. He is fine Hyunjin, you don't have to worry.” Jimin leads the way, as he knows Hyunjin has never been here before. The omega isn't comfortable enough with hugging someone that isn't Jimin or Taehyung, and Hyunjin appears to have gotten the hint, even though it looks like it stings for him. The two have a quiet conversation, Yoongi assuring his best friend that he is okay. It lights up again in the room, conversations flowing again, Jimin busy talking to Hoseok about an upcoming special performance, Jungkook and Hyunjin are talking about some new video game, while Taehyung and Yoongi are talking about the former’s babies. It's calm and cozy, Jimin loves it.

“Jimin-hyung, I think we should leave early today. I'm guessing you forgot about the inauguration event for the new project with the Scandinavian companies.” Hyunjin reminds Jimin of his job once again, and honestly, he did forget about that event. No one has the right to blame him though, he has been through enough these days. He can't just bail on this project either, he's been trying to achieve it for months now, it's important to him.

“You also have to bring a plus one, based on the invitations the Finnish company sent.” that's easy. Jimin always brings Jungkook with him, because Taehyung has a plus one only too, so he can't bring both Jungkook and Hoseok. And it means fewer rumors if he attends with his almost brother, who disappears from his sight the moment they walk in. Hyunjin halts his relief though.


“And, I think they are fishing for rumors and scandals because they specified you can't bring Jungkook with you like usually.” noticing Taehyung's shattered expression, Hyunjin quickly adds, “Tae-hyung your invite has a plus-two on it, you can take both of them without a hassle.”

What in the God's name are these people trying to achieve? Are they trying to bring more attention to their companies in the eastern hemisphere? Most probably yes, but that's a low blow either way. They are poking around for scandals, but Jimin won't allow that. “Hyunjin, inform everyone that the event will be with closed doors, no media allowed. Anything but official updates that get out of that venue will end up with consequences. Tell Changkyun that there will be no casualties of any kind.” Hyunjin nods, pulling his phone out and texting out Jimin's orders.

Jungkook is who shocks them though. “Why don't you take Yoongi? There will be no media so no picture of him will be out there. And those bastards won't do anything stupid with the contract, as in a way, you did what they asked.” Jimin can see his point, but he is not dragging Yoongi into this. He shakes his head at the suggestion, sending Jungkook a look that makes him shut up, looking at him sheepishly. “Why do they need to know anything about my dating life anyway? I'm a one thousand and five hundred years old vampire, who's never had a serious relationship throughout all his life. Or are they looking for blackmail material? I've seen them do shady things before, but we needed this project. If we didn't, they wouldn't ever see Seoul or me.”


Jimin stops his irritated rambling, taking a sip of the water bottle in front of him. Hyunjin looks like he wants to say something, but he opts not to. He can feel Yoongi's soft hand touching his, hidden under the table from anyone's gaze. Right, he is overreacting, still affected by yesterday's blow and today's confessions. He takes a deep breath, trying to think of something. It's not that tragic, really. But they can actually cancel the contract at a minor inconvenience. It will be basic suicide for their corporation, but Jimin knows they will do it. It took him six months to try and convince them to sign, and he doesn't even know why he was so invested in it.

“If it can help then I can come with you hyung,” Yoongi mumbles out quietly, avoiding Jimin's eyes. The hand never leaves his though, so that keeps him clear. “Yoon-ah, are you sure about that? I'm trying to keep it low because even if it's a closed event, you can never trust those bastards. And you are still in the healing process. Sometimes I regret ever doing business with them, but we needed to expand the sector in Scandinavia too.” Jimin can see he is the only one overthinking it, but better safe than sorry. Looking at Hyunjin, he can see that they left out the story of how Jimin found Yoongi. He is confused about the healing process Jimin is talking about, but he won't say anything yet.


“I'm sure hyung. My parents aren't in the picture anymore, and you know from who to be cautious, so I think I'll be safe with all of you there.” Yoongi says it with so much confidence, it makes Jimin proud. He has overcome most of his fears, and he trusts them to keep him safe. Which they will. Yoongi still needs therapy, because the mental trauma was unbelievable, and he has nightmares almost every night. Now that Jimin knows just what he sees there, shatters him to pieces. He wishes he could help, do more than just wake him up and get him out of the trance. God, his thoughts are a mess.

“Wait, what do you mean with you know who to be cautious of? Do you know who did it, Min-hyung?” Tae asks promptly, gaze averting from Yoongi to Jimin. His eyes have a dangerous glint on them, as if he is looking for blood. It makes Jimin shiver.

“Not for sure, but yeah there's a ninety percent chance that I know who it is,” Jimin answers slowly, as he sees Taehyung's eyes alerting from brown to blue. Before the omega starts yelling, Hoseok wraps his hands around his pregnant mate’s waist, pulling him to his chest. Jungkook's hands reach for Taehyung's neck, fingers grazing over their mating mark. It works like magic, the omega immediately going plaint in Hobi’s hold. “Sorry.” is all Tae can mumble as his eyes close, basking in the feeling of his mates.


“Is it going to be like that too when I mate with Jisung?” Hyunjin mumbles more to himself than anyone, eyes widening when he realized he blurted it out loud. Jimin laughs it off, while Yoongi asks excitedly. “You and Jisung are still together?” Hyunjin nods, eyes shining.

Jimin has met Jisung before, the Ker and fairy hybrid had come to the office to pick Hyunjin up for a date night when the other was only an intern on the company. Jimin was personally checking the other's work as he could see the potential. For the powerful creature he is, Jisung was absolutely terrified when he saw Jimin, stuttering as he asked if Hyunjin was free. The bright red that colored his face after Jimin smiled saying yes was hilarious.

“So it's set? Yoongi will come with me, Tae with Kook and Hobi, Hyunjin with Jisung.” everyone in the room nods, getting back on their respective conversations, as Jimin thinks of how can he confront his Sire at the event today. Maybe the older vampires won't attend in the end.




Everyone is on the veranda of the mansion, waiting for Jimin's limo. Apparently, everyone had fancy clothes they could put on, as Tae and his mates are practically the same height. Yoongi had more than enough clothes, as Taehyung had forcefully dragged him into an online shopping spree. It was Jimin's company, so he made sure they weren't scammed. Jisung brought Hyunjin’s attire, equally excited to see Yoongi is alive and well. He hastily bows to everyone, as he is the youngest in the bunch, running to hug his, apparently, fiance. Yoongi throws Hyunjin a betrayed look when he sees that.

All of them are wearing similar formal black suits, keeping it normal, as none of them was really eager to attend.

Taehyung had insisted on doing their make up, and no one dared to say no. Pregnant Taehyung is something else, and none of them are interested in getting him mad, although Jimin knows he would have yielded at Yoongi's pouting.

Minho takes a short route, arriving at the venue quite fast, stopping in front of the back entry. As Jimin said earlier, better safe than sorry. “If there's the smallest thing that makes you uncomfortable, tell me instantly,” he whispers on Yoongi's ear, as they get out of the vehicle.


The guests are coming in from the main entrance, seemingly disappointed that there is no one to take pictures of their extravagant and exaggerated clothes. Jimin still doesn't get the point of those. He can see most of them eyeing him in a rather disgusting way. Lust is the only name Jimin can put to those looks. Lust and greed. Fucking hell, here we go again.

He can see different businessmen on the venue, some talking to each other, some drinking, and some eating. He hopes no one approaches them just yet. Yoongi is close by his side, holding tightly onto his arm as they walk around. The mates and the soon-to-be mates have disappeared from their sight. Probably lost on the food too.

“Do you want to eat or drink something, or just walk around?” Jimin whispers to Yoongi, who just shakes his head, mouthing ‘just walk’ to him. They keep going on like that, as different guests come to Jimin to talk to him, faking congratulations as they try to get into his good side, probably ready to ask for favors. All Jimin pays attention to is Yoongi. He is worried that the omega will get uncomfortable with all these people of all kinds approaching them with no warning. He seems fine though, keeping a straight posture, confidence flowing out of him. Jimin can't tell if it's real or just a facade he put on for tonight. He did that just well in the confrontation with his parents.


Jimin's luck seems to run out, as Johan Arvidsson, the head of the Swedish corporation on the deal approaches him. He's a relatively tall, blond man in his thirties, an alpha werewolf. Shit. The other doesn't usually hold back on the rather disgusting comments about omegas, never shut up about Taehyung too. And Jimin has Yoongi with him.

“Jimin, my friend. Nice to finally see you here. I see you kept to the invitation, even though with some last-minute changes.” the other says in a very bad Korean, which makes Jimin cringe on the inside. And, they are anything but friends. Jimin would drop-kick the guy right now if he didn't have self-control.

“Would you introduce me to this beauty you hold by your side?” he says, this time in fluent Swedish, which Jimin understands clearly. He tried to speak in Korean to impress Yoongi, who seems like anything but that. Jimin grits his teeth, keeping himself grounded by the feel of Yoongi's hand on his as he answers in Korean so the wolf understands it. “Oh, right. This is Kim Yongho, a close friend of mine and Taehyung. Yongho, this is Johan Arvidsson, a fellow businessman.”

The alpha stretches his hand for Yoongi to shake, yet the other just stares at it, not saying anything. The wolf looks annoyed, and Jimin can't blame him. That seems to irritate the knothead alpha, who starts releasing pheromones, to get Yoongi to submit. There goes the cavalry. Weirdly, as Jimin tries to overpower the metallic scent with his, Yoongi still seems unaffected.

“I’d appreciate it if you stopped. You are doing nothing but making a fool of yourself, and publicly trying to force an omega into submission. It's fruitless with me, so you'd better stop.” the omega shocks them, answering in Swedish. Yoongi knows Swedish? Jimin is baffled as the humiliated alpha walks away, head bowed in defeat.


“Little one, you know Swedish?” Jimin asks as he and Yoongi sit down. Yoongi looks beet red right now, mumbling out his answer. “I learned it in school. I had this chance of a scholarship in Sweden, and I needed to know the language. Of course, my parents ruined that too.” Jimin nods, looking away. He doesn't want Yoongi to get sad over his worthless parents.

“Hyung, where are the bathrooms?” Jimin points at the hallway that leads to the bathrooms, yet he can't stay put if Yoongi is away, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. He follows right back after he can't hold himself anymore, and Yoongi probably didn't even see him. The vampire waits inside, leaning on the wall near the door of the seemingly clean bathroom. He is invisible to anyone else, one of his vampire gifts he got throughout the years. Yoongi goes into a stall, while there are different people around, doing whatever the fuck they have to.




The omega isn't doing anything in that stall. Yoongi is just trying to stop blushing, and it was embarrassing in front of Jimin. The alpha's scent was downright disgusting to him, just like the bearer of it, but when Jimin began to overpower the other's scent with his, Yoongi couldn't hold his blush at the wonderful smell of coffee emitting from Jimin.

After he is sure the blush is gone, he walks out, quickly washing his hands. As he attempts to walk to the door, a group of three alphas cut his way. They aren't Korean and are Yoongi's height. That must be a low blow for someone from North Europe, especially an alpha. Maybe that's why they try to cower omegas down like this, cause no one in their country wants them. He hears the bastard in the middle telling his lackeys ‘I’ll go first’ in Swedish as they eye Yoongi up and down.

“What is an omega this beautiful doing alone here?” the one in the middle asks in Korean. Really? This is a formal event, not a bar, knotheads. They start walking closer as if trying to intimidate him. But Yoongi bites back.

“I'm not interested. And who said I'm alone?” Yoongi had noticed Jimin all this time, when he followed him back here, and then standing at the door. He is surprised everyone is walking right past him as if a giant standing at the door is nothing out of the ordinary. He locks gazes with Jimin, who is surprised for some reason.


“Come on, baby boy. We will give you a great time, you will come asking for more.” the middle alpha is trying to get into his personal space, intimidate Yoongi with his scent. The omega was never affected by alpha pheromones, and everyone found that weird, while Yoongi considers it as a blessing.

“He said no, didn't he boys?” Jimin's voice comes from the other side of the room. The alphas look furious that someone interrupted them, ready to pounce at Jimin. But when they look at him, see who he is and how tall he is in comparison to them, they falter. “What do you want bloodsucker?” the one on the right says, trying to buff himself up.

Jimin straightens up, slowly walking to them,  passing right past the alphas, and stopping behind Yoongi. He lets his arms rest on Yoongi's shoulders, hands meeting on Yoongi's chest protectively, pulling him back to Jimin's torso. “I’m just keeping my boyfriend safe from people like you. Now, before you get into deep shit with a millennial vampire, I suggest you get out.” One of them looks like he wants to protest, but they get out quickly. Jimin pulls him out too after he is sure they are gone. But this time they walk to the back entrance. Jimin leads them to a quiet place away from the building.


“Boyfriend, huh?” Yoongi has no damn idea where the confidence is coming from, but seeing Jimin blush and panic from his words is amusing. “I'm so sorry, Yoon. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable there, I just said it to scare them away.” Jimin is rambling, trying to reach for Yoongi but at the same time freezing there, keeping on the boundaries. Jimin looks like he is going to cry, and that doesn't sit right with Yoongi. He knows Jimin meant well, he knows the vampire wouldn't ever hurt him.

He quickly gets a hold of Jimin's hands, which were left in midair, pulling them close to himself. “Hyung, it's fine. I know why you did it and I don't mind.” his words visibly relax the vampire. Yoongi pulls the taller man in a hug, burying his face on Jimin's chest.


Yoongi wants to finish what he started in the morning. Yes, he was embarrassed when Taehyung interrupted them, but he really wanted to just lock their lips together. Yoongi had the life he did, but he isn't confusing his feelings for Jimin. He knows it's not just gratitude or anything like that.

He genuinely likes Jimin. If love is a big word for now.

It took him time to come to terms with his feelings, to figure them out, and then place them as something. Has thought millions of times that maybe he is just confused, but no. Jimin is just so lovable, it didn't take too long for Yoongi to fall for him.

The omega breaks the hug, looking up at Jimin. The vampire is looking at him, eyes calm yet confused. Yoongi doesn't want to waste more time, he doesn't want someone else to interrupt them again. At first, he was hesitant about Jimin's feelings too, but after his reaction to this morning, Yoongi thinks that it should be just alright.


He places his hand on Jimin's nape, pulling him down slowly. He is partly sure that his wolf has a lot to do with his bold movements. Wiping his thoughts from his mind, closing down the anxiety of rejection, Yoongi's lips meet Jimin's.

Jimin is visibly shocked, frozen in place. For a second, the uncertainty kicks back in. Did he read the situation wrong? Maybe Jimin doesn't like him back.

His train of unpleasant thoughts is stopped when Jimin starts kissing back, hands draping around his waist, pulling him closer.

Fuck, the vampire's lips are so soft and plump. Yoongi has never kissed anyone before, but he can wholeheartedly say that this is the best kiss of his life. It's nothing too heated, just their lips moving against each other at a slow pace, warmth spreading all over them.

Yoongi pulls away when he needs air back in his lungs, eyes still closed, overwhelmed by the sensation of the kiss. Jimin isn't any better, taking deep breaths as he looks at the omega in front of him, eyes filled with nothing but adoration. Their foreheads touch as they look at each other, Yoongi more than eager to kiss the vampire again, a smile gracing both of their faces.


“I was expecting anything but this.” comes a third airy voice that pulls them apart.



Chapter Text

Yoongi and Jimin look at Kim Seokjin who is staring at them in disbelief. Jimin's expressions harden as he looks at his Sire, nudging Yoongi to hide behind him.

“What do you want, Jin-ssi?” Jimin doesn't use the casual honorific in purpose, his hyung has lost his respect after what he did.

“Jimin, I apologized, Namjoon came to apologize too. Or maybe this wolf didn't tell you?” Jin glares at Yoongi accusingly. It makes Yoongi cower in fear behind Jimin, hands gripping tight on the other’s jacket.

“I was awake, Jin. I heard Namjoon’s half-assed apology, and it's not accepted. Especially with the way you are acting now. You say it as if Yoongi is at fault for everything you've hidden from me.” Jimin retorts back, getting a grip of Yoongi's hand, pulling him back into the building. Anywhere but near his Sire. He isn't ready yet.


“Then can I know what the hell do you have anything to do with Seonghwa? If you need someone to do the illegal search for you, Junmyeon and Minho are good enough for it. Not that psychopath.” Yoongi can't understand what's so wrong and dangerous about Seonghwa that both Jin and Namjoon are so worried about it. Yes, he figured that he was most likely a gang member, but why are the older vampires so pressed about it?

“I needed Seonghwa for this one, Jin. You and Namjoon both know how much Seonghwa respects me, and he wouldn't turn on me. Or is Namjoon worried that I will take his strongest man? I don't have much to do with the Korean Mafia. Now please let me get back to the event. I have to hold a speech in less than ten minutes.” Jimin doesn't wait for an answer this time, gently pulling Yoongi with him. He is furious, but he doesn't want to hurt Yoongi in any way, whatever the circumstances.

When they get inside, and Jimin can't spot his hyung anymore, he lets his forehead drop on Yoongi's hair. “Why do I keep acting like a child? I want to talk to them normally, I want to forgive them. But every time they approach me, they will infuriate me to the point I have to push them away even more. And Jin-hyung kept acting as if it's your fault.” Jimin rambles quickly, trying to relieve the weight on his chest, the guilt and the anger holding him down.

Yoongi can't do anything but rub his back, try to console him. His hyung is caught in a mess, and it's hurting him. “You will take your time. You don't have to forgive them this second, even if they apologized hyung. You will take your time and talk to them when you feel like you can.” in those moments, Yoongi makes a note to thank Taehyung for all the psychology books the other lend him in secret. It helps, Yoongi feels less like a burden when he knows he can help his hyung in a way.


“And about us, little one? When do we talk about us? If you regret it, it's fine. But if you don't, then when?” Jimin murmurs, crouching a little to whisper in Yoongi's ear. Jimin is the only decent stranger Yoongi has met in his life, so the vampire is scared the other is confusing the meaning of his feelings.

“I don't regret anything hyung. But, yeah we can talk about it after we get home.” Yoongi mumbles quietly, blushing madly. Jimin just smiles, happy that Yoongi calls his mansion home. They are shortly called by a frantic Hyunjin, who berates them for disappearing when Jimin should be on stage right now.


Jimin finishes his speech decently, handing over the microphone to Johan and the other investors. He breathes out when he is back to Yoongi and the others, impatiently waiting for the time to leave. They are tired by the time they get home, Jisung practically sleeping on his feet. He offers a room to Hyunjin too, so they don't take such a long road at this time of the night. Taehyung sleeps with his mates again, leaving Jimin enough privacy and time to nuzzle and caress Yoongi.

They don't talk yet, just enjoy the time and intimacy together. Jimin places a fond peck on Yoongi's fading scar on his right eye, holding him tight to himself as they doze off.

The wolf has never felt so content, loved and safe in his life, while the vampire feels like he is holding the most precious creature of the universe in his hands.




“You kissed?!” Hyunjin and Taehyung whisper yell as they listen to Yoongi's story from what happened last night after they disappeared. The wolf stumbles over his words, blushing madly as he confesses to his friends after they started interrogating him of the reason for his obvious happiness, why he is practically glowing. They are in the guest room Hyunjin and Jisung slept in, all the others downstairs, doing whatever.

Yoongi nods his head, too embarrassed to say anything out loud. There is this dumb smile on his face as he remembers last night’s events. Jimin's lips on his, the acceptance of his feelings towards the vampire, and the fact that they are reciprocated.

“What is going to happen now?”

“Did you two talk?”

“What are you two now?”

“Are you sure you aren't confusing your feelings?”

The questions are fired at him, leaving the wolf no time to respond to his enthusiastic friends. “Wow, slow down. No, we didn't talk, but he cuddled with me last night and it felt way different than usual, more… intimate if you can call it. And no Tae-hyung, I'm not confusing my feelings. I've had my fair share of people in my life, mostly bad rather than good, but I know what I'm feeling. I like Jimin. A lot.” Yoongi's blush deepens at the last words, his friends swooning over him.


“Did anything else happen after that kiss? Even the slightest peck? What do you mean by more intimate?” now Hyunjin looks like a teenager all over again, reminding Yoongi of their ages. Would that be a problem? He shakes his head, refusing to overthink that too.

“He kissed the light scar on my eye last night while cuddling. It felt so… different.” they are both cooing at him, and Tae looks like he is going to cry from happiness blinking rapidly to stop the drops from falling. He has heard stories from the fellow omega. How worried he is about his vampire friend, who closes himself and refuses to feel. Forbid anything higher than friendships for himself after several occurrences in his life. He did say he would love to be the wingman for the two of them, but he was just joking around back then, mostly because of Yoongi's situation.

“I'm so happy for you Yoon,” Taehyung says teary, pregnancy hormones contributing. The three of them pull each other in a tight hug, comforting their pregnant friend who is now letting out his tears of joy. That's how Jimin finds them, cuddling as they whisper to each other. He calls them down for lunch, throwing weird and worried glances at them.




“Jisung, we kept you late, I'm sorry. Do you have anywhere to be? We can send you there, and you can spend some more time with Hyunjin.” Jimin asks as they make their way out, Minho parked in front of the gates. “No Jimin-ssi, my boss, Seonghwa-ssi who you most likely know, gave me a day off.” now that was unexpected. Jisung doesn't look like the guy from that field of work. At least he knows the guy can protect Hyunjin.

That might sound like nonsense because what mafia member doesn't have a red cross on their back. But not for Seonghwa's mafia. It's the oldest and strongest mafia in this world, with Seonghwa being nine hundred years old himself, and being a descendant of Jimin's Park Clan. That's why his hyungs were concerned, if you can call it that.

“You work for the Korean Mafia?!” on the other hand, Taehyung and his mates don't seem as chill as Jimin, looking both excited and slightly scared. “I do. But nothing too dirty. I can't really share what I do, but I've never killed someone.” Jisung is back to the shy little kid Jimin met some years ago. Yoongi on the other hand looks expressionless, and it confuses them. When he sees the turmoil going on in Jimin's head, the wolf explains himself, laughing silently. “He has the same tattoo Seonghwa-ssi had. It's on the back of his left ear. I noticed it last night while he was bowing at us.” Yoongi points at the tattoo, as he keeps giggling. Cute.


They quickly make their way inside, the omegas going in first, then the other five of them with Jimin in the very back. That was apparently a mistake, as the alpha who has been eyeing Yoongi for a while now approaches him, getting a hold of his arm without asking or indicating. It visibly scares the omega, who jumps away, trying to pull his arm out of the alpha's hold.

“Hello there, little beauty. What do you say about spending some sweet pleasurable time with me, hmm?” the brute alpha doesn't even wait for an answer immediately pulling Yoongi away. Jimin is right in front of him the next second, freeing Yoongi's arm from the other's hold and hiding the wolf behind his tall, built frame. “What do you think you are doing?” the vampire is trying to keep his voice and expressions as indifferent as possible, but he is so close to committing second-degree murder in a public area.

“Oh come on boss. Let me have some fun too, you have the omega secretary, let me have this one. Or do you have a fetish for minors?” the alpha says in such a disgusting tone. This asshole is asking to be beaten and fired. And he will. Just not in public.


Jimin looks at Jisung, who understands what is asked of him. “You are fired. This is harassment, and you are spreading false rumors about me and Taehyung-ssi, who is mated and has his first babies on the way. Also, there have been different complaints about you from numerous coworkers for this same reason. Before you say anything, the papers are already made, we were ready to fire you. Jisung over there will escort you out.” Jimin says in a tone that disguises his anger, yet still places a fear deep into the alpha’s heart, who is so close to begging for his job, yet chooses to keep his worthless alpha ego. “Hyunjin, I want his fellow harassers that work here to be fired as well, just the way we already planned to,” Jimin says, slowly nudging Yoongi to the elevator, Tae and his mates following right after.

The second the doors close, Jimin pulls Yoongi in a tight comforting hug, the omega returning the hug with no hesitation. Jimin feels like any question he could ask right now would be pointless, so he doesn't. The mates stop on their floor, while Jimin scans his key card. He had to ask Yoongi about something, but after this, it probably has to wait. All that matters now is Yoongi. Jimin's priorities haven't changed ever since he found the little guy. And with how things are proceeding, he doesn't think they will ever change.

He wants to let Yoongi sit on the couches, take a rest and calm down from what happened, but the omega refuses to let go of him. Jimin doesn't complain, sitting down and pulling Yoongi on top of him, the omega immediately nuzzling his head in Jimin's scent glands.

Usually, Yoongi is just going to graze his nose over where his scent glands are supposed to be, but this time the wolf starts prepping his neck with little kisses. Soft pecks going from his jaw to where his shoulder starts.

The actions stun Jimin into silence, yet he loves it. Scenting like this is a very important gesture that omega wolves do to their partners, and it makes Jimin want to cry from pure happiness. He strokes the wolf’s hair throughout all of it, at some point rocking their bodies slowly, something he does when Yoongi wakes up in a nearly panic attack from his nightmares. It makes Yoongi start purring, as his face never leaves Jimin's neck. The vibrations bring incredible comfort to Jimin, who is so close to dozing off like that.


The ding of the elevator wakes him up, as Hyunjin and Jisung walk in, dropping a USB on Jimin's desk, and then leaving, completely ignoring the cuddling pair. To this point, Jimin is sure Yoongi fell asleep, but then the cute fluffy hair pop up.

“Who even uses USB ports now? Why didn't they just sent whatever was in there? I was so close to falling asleep.” the omega whines. It's like the last hour never happened, and Jimin hopes this isn't some unhealthy coping mechanism, just pretending to forget about it.

"I'm fine hyung. Don't look at me like that. I'm not usually that affected, it just brought back memories.” the omega keeps whining cutely, making Jimin break in an eye smile. He drops a peck on Yoongi's forehead, as he starts to tickle the defenseless wolf. He tries to wiggle out of Jimin's hold, but all his attempts are futile. Jimin doesn't stop until the wolf turns red from the uncontrollable laughter, breaking into a chuckle himself as he stops his merciless torture.

“Ya-Yah, h-hyung st-stop-,” Yoongi manages to babble out as he tries to control his giggles, even though Jimin already halted his ministrations. “Get back to work. If they sent it in a USB, they knew you weren't going to check it so they delivered it.”


The reminder of the USB brings Jimin back to reality, as he knows what's in there. He should tell Yoongi, but he doesn't want to sour the atmosphere between them. The wolf just calmed down from specific flashbacks, Jimin doesn't want to bring back others.

The wolf already sensed Jimin's turmoil though, already asking. “What's in that USB hyung?” the tone comes out quiet and indifferent, planting irrational fear into Jimin all over again. What if Yoongi blames him too?

“I-I, S-Seonghwa got his hands into voice recordings of Ka-Yee. He hides well, so there are up to no videos of him out there. I-I wanted to ask if you can identify him by his voice?” Jimin rambles quickly, words loud and almost incoherent, if not for the sensitive wolf ears. “You don't have to, baby. You don't have to do anything that triggers you or brings back memories you want to forget.”

Yoongi doesn't look into his eyes, rather focusing around the office. He doesn't look mad though, he doesn't hate Jimin just yet. The wolf now locks their gazes, nodding his head slowly. “Okay,” he answers in such a meek voice it scares Jimin. But there is no hesitation evident in his eyes, so he gets up, lifting Yoongi with him, refusing to let the other walk. The wolf doesn't seem to mind, the gummy grin on his face practically blinding weak-hearted Jimin.


Sitting back down on his desk chair with Yoongi on his lap, Jimin turns on his laptop. Plugging the USB in, he can feel the uneasiness coming from Yoongi, but the wolf tries to mask it. He opens the file with the voice recordings, opening the first one, hesitating to click on the play button.

In the end, is Yoongi who starts the recording, impulsively trying to just get it over with. In the begging, it's just a buzzing sound, leaving them waiting.


“How is it logical, that a team of dozen highly qualified vampires, could not find a wounded filthy dog who was on the verge of its demise, bleeding out and broken. Locate it, find its body. Deceased or breathing, you will find it.”


That's it. That's all that was in the first recording. And it proves all of Jimin's suspicions to be true, as Yoongi is trembling in his lap, blindly reaching for something to stop the audio, slamming the laptop shut. “T-That’s, that's h-him, hy-h-hyung. That's the guy.” tears are running down Yoongi's flushed cheeks. But he looks conflicted.

He looks horrified, but at the same time relieved. He is scared, flashbacks are running a marathon in his head, reminding him of every detail of what happened in that warehouse. Scared of the fact that they are still looking for him, expecting a dead body. Yet, he is finally relieved that he knows who the guy is. He doesn't have to live with the fear that the man whose voice is apparent in every single nightmare of his will just appear one day, unknown to both of them, and take him away.

“What now, hyung? What are you going to do to him?” Yoongi knows what Jimin did to his parents, and has the slightest idea of what he might do to this vampire as well. But their history goes long back after the discoveries of the other night.

“I'm going to make this bastard wish he was never born, little one. But first, we need to talk to my hyungs.”



Chapter Text

“Jimin.” is Namjoon’s only greeting, as he and Jin make their way into Jimin's home. Yoongi is there too, waiting for them in the living room. He is fidgety, playing with his nails as he waits for Jimin to start the talk.

“Why did you call us here, Jimin-ah?” Namjoon blatantly asks, earning a poorly hidden smack from Jin. The eldest seems the most uncomfortable in the room, giving Yoongi the hope that maybe he did realize what his actions meant to Jimin.

“Ka-Yee was the one to take Yoongi from his parents, bringing him in the condition I found him.” Jimin lets the words sink in, scanning the olders’ reactions. Jin lets an expression that can only mean shock, only to switch to his indifferent posture in less than a second. Namjoon on the other side looks… angry to say the least, clenching his jaw as he looks at Jimin, waiting for him to continue.

“We identified him by his voice yesterday, so we are sure it's him. Even though it doesn't come much as a surprise to me, given his history. He swore that he was going to stop the madness he had going on, but apparently, he lied. He just switched from doing it in the public eye to using several illegal ways, ways that didn't let anyone find out who he was.” It's obvious that his hyungs are both embarrassed and angry, one look at their eyes was enough for Jimin to tell.

“So why are we here? For you to slam it on our faces that we were wrong all along for trusting him? Do you think we don't know that Jimin? We regret having you forget what happened, but we realized it too late. By then, we couldn't just revive your memories, not when you were all alone aside from us. We couldn't let you sink in your head, distance yourself from us. You were unpredictable back then. We knew you would go and kill him, and you weren't ready for that yet.” Namjoon fires back, the frustration he was holding in finally cutting its way out.


Jimin feels like a monster. All this time, his hyungs were trying to protect him. It might seem like they are guilt-tripping him, but they are not. Jimin wasn't in the best place throughout the war and after it. He kept blaming himself for every life lost. If he knew of what had happened to the white wolf too, who knows how he would have ended up.

He feels a soft touch on his back, looking behind to see Yoongi caress his spine. The wolf points at his own scent glands, making Jimin aware of the way his scent is flaring up. The vampire takes a deep breath, counting as he lets himself calm down.

He turns back to his Sire, and is slightly confused by the look on his face, can't place it as anything.

“No, Joon-hyung. I called you two here so we could fix this, at least temporarily. I see your point, I understand it. But you need to understand me too. I couldn't just forgive and forget after all that, still can't. All I ask from you is to give me time.” Jimin croaks out, embarrassment in front of his hyungs long gone.

He can see the longing in his Sire’s eyes, he can feel it through their bond, the urge to get up and embrace the other. Namjoon doesn't look any different, except the hints of guilt in his eyes.


“What can we do for you, Min?” God, Jimin has missed that tone of his Sire’s voice. Comforting, reassuring. “First, I think we need to talk about some other things before getting into the main topic. You asked why I needed Seonghwa, right Joon-hyung?” the vampire in question nods, waiting patiently for the answer.

“Someone had stolen from the headquarters and Hyunjin’s department of marketing. It was done quite professionally, so I preferred Seonghwa to take care of it.” he squeezed Yoongi's hand as he reaches the next part, trying to offer something that can help the other. They discussed it, Yoongi agreed to let them know what happened, so Jimin continues with not much hesitation.

“It happened to be Yoongi's parents who stole from me, so yeah, you might figure out what I did. The thing is, they sold the stolen documents to a faceless CEO, hiding behind one of his lackeys. And this CEO happened to be no one else than Wang Ka-Yee. I sent Seonghwa to make a detailed search on it, and what he found was concerning.” Jimin continues as he hands out copies of the documents sent by the mafia leader.

There are pictures of say thirty wolves, unfortunately having a similar fate to Yoongi, except for the end of it. All cases are related to different people from Ka-Yee’s said company, that is just a cover-up for his sickening underground activities.

“He never stopped, hyungs. He kept going even after the whole war he started. And even after seven hundred years, we still can't figure out why.” Jimin completes with that, waiting to get a reaction from his hyungs, who are taken into checking the files one by one.


“What is this madness? How could he do this?” Jin mumbles out, eyes focused on the papers on his hands, as Namjoon curses his life out. He was in charge of keeping the underground vampires in control, and he failed.

“H-He sa-said something about his mate.”

Jimin whips his head back at Yoongi, swearing he heard his neck snap. “What do you mean?” Namjoon beats Jimin to it. The wolf looks nervous, breathing in as he continues.

“Most of the memories come blurry, but I had another dream about that place last night. I remember him talking about some mate of his, but he wasn't pleased by the mention of them. It sounded like he hated them.” with every word, Yoongi looks like he wants to cower away from the vampires’ gazes, scent spiking up on the fear of being accused.

It makes Jimin reach for him, ignoring his hyungs’ curious eyes. Jin-hyung did see them kiss anyway. He pulls Yoongi closer to his left side, allowing the wolf to hide his face on the crook of Jimin's neck. He lowers his lips to the other’s ear, whispering. “It's alright, baby. Nothing to be scared of, I'm here.” the simple words and gestures visibly soothe the omega.


“We need to talk about that. But first, do you have a plan for Ka-Yee?”

“Yes, Jin-hyung. I do have a plan. First thing first, we do some digging and expose him.” Jimin's words do nothing but confuse the vampires further, looking at him waiting for elaboration.




Jimin and Yoongi make their way upstairs. After discussing everything, his hyungs left with a lighter heart. A complex plan too. Yoongi jumps on the bed as Jimin changes into a sleeping shirt. He can feel Yoongi's eyes burning holes on his back, but he opts to stay silent. Taehyung went back home for the night, because, his words, he misses the house. Jimin hardly believes that's the issue.

Snuggling up to a softly smiling Yoongi, the vampire refuses to let the feeling of doubt, that has been lingering around for a while, consume him. And they need to talk, but Jimin is scared of the answer.

“Hyung, are you sure the plan is going to work? And you never told us what you are going to do after.” Yoongi's voice comes out shaky, afraid. Despite what the vampire thinks, the other isn't scared for himself. Yoongi is scared Jimin is going to get hurt while avenging him, something he didn't even want in the beginning.

“It's going to work baby, no need to worry. After the first part is done, he will come looking for me. He will get himself out of whatever hole he is hiding and make it easier for us. We start the exposal, but he will finish it. Seonghwa will be there when he comes for me and give the last touch.” Jimin finishes with a soft peck left on Yoongi's eyelid. He has taken to caressing and kissing Yoongi's scars, basically instinctive by now. Yes, he apologized that morning, all flushed as Yoongi reassured him that he didn't mind. Instead, he likes it.

He still doesn't know where they stand. Does Yoongi want a relationship? Is he just testing the waters? See how things feel like? Is he confusing his feelings? Jimin doesn't see himself as a lovable person, all expectations of love ruined throughout the years. He has seen his hyungs in love, but just gave up on the thought that he could find it, maybe he didn't deserve to be loved in the way writers describe it.


“Hyung, what are we?” Yoongi's question physically shocks him, jolting up a notch at the unexpected question. He inaudibly gulps, turning to face Yoongi. The wolf is looking back at him, eyes have a soft glint to them, as he offers Jimin a small smile.

“What do you want us to be, little one?” Jimin seems nonchalant, but he is burning on the inside. He wants to know what Yoongi wants, hopes that they want the same thing. 
The wolf looks shy, with no concrete answer on his side, and that worries Jimin.

“I would like to try to be… you know. Only if you are okay with it.” Yoongi is flushed from his neck to the tip of his ears, his voice coming out shaky. Jimin finds it adorable but also wants Yoongi to be comfortable with what he wishes for.

“You do want a relationship, or am I misunderstanding? You don't have to be embarrassed around me little one.”

Yoongi nods shyly, trying to hide his blush on the pillow. It makes Jimin giggle softly, reaching to push a strand of Yoongi's hair behind his ear.

“I do.” comes out in a meek, mumbled voice. It feels like all the weight of the world fell off Jimin's shoulders. But still, there is a slight doubt. Not really doubt, but rather insecurity, if you can call it that. Jimin is one thousand and five hundred years older than the omega. He is young, has just started to see how life outside of constant violence is, can spend more time with his friends, and soon will be able to hang out with whoever he can, maybe find someone else in that route. He won't settle for Jimin, and the vampire hates the feeling of abandonment. He somehow knows that Yoongi leaving him will be one of the greatest pains he has and will ever feel.

“I don't know how and when it happened, but I really like you hyung. And no, I'm not confusing it as gratitude, don't care about your age, and I won't just flee away. I feel bound to you already hyung.” Yoongi says, voice lacking the earlier shyness. How did the little wolf even know his insecurities? Where did the sudden rush of confidence come from? That doesn't really matter right now anyway.

“How about I take you on a date first? Tomorrow evening, wherever you want to go. Then you can give me your answer, little one.” Yoongi nods excitingly, happy his hyung chose to try rather than hide in himself. Tae has told him what to expect from Jimin.


They try to doze off again after that, Yoongi asking for a simple dinner date, because ‘that's the default, and I know you own most of them so you won't spend as much money over me again.’ much to Jimin's dismay. He loves spoiling the omega, who is currently tightly snuggled up to him.

“‘Min-yung c’ I kish yo-ou?” te words come out incoherent, Yoongi speaking too fast for Jimin to understand the words muffled in his chest. “What, little one?” whatever he said, Jimin asking for it is making the omega blush even more. It looks concerning, just how red Yoongi is by that simple question.

The wolf sheepishly looks at him, face moving away from him so he can speak clearly. “Can-can I k-kiss you, hyung?” now, if Yoongi wasn't holding so tightly onto him, Jimin would have surely fallen off the bed in shock. He is stunned to silence, but sensing Yoongi's discomfort caused by that silence, he tries to lighten the mood.

“We still haven't been on a date together little one. Don't they say to not kiss until the third one or something?” Jimin can't help the chuckle that cracks at the end of his words, laughing at its absurdity. Yoongi pouts, big glass eyes looking up at him, making the vampire feel guilty for teasing the little one.

“We already kissed though?” the genuine curiosity and confusion in Yoongi's tone take all of Jimin's self-control to not coo out loud. He leans over, offering Yoongi a light kiss on the tip of his nose. The playful frown on Yoongi's face makes him giggle loudly, eyes losing their vision because of how much he is smiling.


“Come on, hyung, stop it.”

“You told me to kiss you though?”

“You know I didn't mean it that way,” Yoongi whines cutely at his hyung’s mischief. Jimin wants to keep it up just a bit longer.

“No, I don't understand. Where do you mean? Here?” Jimin says, planting a loud smooch on Yoongi's left cheek. “Here?” another peck dropped on Yoongi's right eye. “Here?” it's the turn of the frown wrinkled forehead, the touch easing Yoongi, who just accepts his hyungs ministrations. “Or maybe here?” this time Jimin stops playing, his plump lips touching Yoongi's soft ones.

It makes the wolf smile into the kiss, satisfied to get what he craved for. It's not much different from the first one. It's soft, slow, and full of emotions. But Yoongi wants to try the other type of kissing, the one Tae praises so much. With a sudden rush of affection, and supported by none other than his inner wolf, Yoongi starts trying to deepen the kiss.

He traps Jimin's lower lip with his own, sucking softly as he grazes his teeth over it. He can feel Jimin shudder in his hold, the vampire's arms tugging him even closer until it's physically impossible. Jimin runs his tongue over Yoongi's upper lip, waiting for the wolf to permit him to keep going. The omega doesn't hesitate, granting Jimin full control of the kiss as he straddles the older. The kiss doesn't change its pace, Jimin purposefully keeping it slow as he gives Yoongi time to adjust and himself time to explore Yoongi's mouth. It's passionate and sweet, Yoongi breaking into a smile as he repeats Jimin's movements with his own tongue. They break it off when the wolf is panting, both from the absence of air and the overwhelming feeling of it.


Jimin smiles looking up at the flushed Yoongi, who mumbles out a quiet thank you, as he drops dead asleep on Jimin's chest. It makes the vampire giggle, his hand brushing Yoongi's long hair away from his eyes, and then cradling his fingers through it. The other hand rests on Yoongi's back, caressing and forming different shapes until he falls asleep too.

What has got you so happy that I can feel it through the bond, Jimin?” his hyung's voice startles him, the younger vampire having forgotten to turn it off.

I do have an idea though. Is it Yoongi?”

“Yes, hyung it's him. I like him so much hyung. I'm so happy.” he doesn't get an answer, aside from the surge of fondness coming from the bond.




Chapter Text


“Yoongi and Jimin are going on a date to-” Tae abruptly moves the phone away from him, protecting his ear from Hyunjin’s loud screech coming through the speaker. Even Yoongi who is on the other side of the room can hear it. “Stop screaming and come over, we need to get a good outfit out for him.” already sensing another deafening scream, Tae hung up.

“That isn't necessary hyung, I asked Jiminie-hyung for a dinner, so we are going to one of his fancy restaurants. I'll just get one of those suits you bought for me.” Yoongi is mortified by his hyung's actions, didn't want to involve anyone else, but of course, he had to go and call Hyunjin.

“Oh, hush Yoon. Yeah, you do have what to wear, but do you realize just how many options we have and that we have to check up on your makeup and any jewelry you want to use.” Taehyung completely ignores him, walking into the wardrobe of Yoongi's room. Hyunjin shows up in less than 20 minutes, using that fae magic.

In the end, Yoongi does wear a black suit, with a white shirt. Not much jewelry and light but amazing make-up. It's not extra, but Yoongi feels comfortable and confident in it, that's what matters to him.


Jimin, on the other hand, called his Jin-hyung in a hurry. He did know what he was going to wear and everything, but he needed emotional support. He sounds ridiculous to himself too. The restaurant he chose had a black theme today, which he warned Taehyung about when he barged into Yoongi's room and kicked Jimin out, ignoring the position they were in. Yoongi wanted a good morning kiss that proceeded to more than just that.

His hyung doesn't do much help, instead hitting him on the back of his head, telling him just how much of an idiot he was to be this nervous. He gets a good laugh out of it in the end.

When it's time to go, he knocks on the door, a bouquet in hand. He can hear Hyunjin squeal in the back, but ignores it, fully focused on the blush that marred the wolf's face. If he is going to do this, he is going to do it right. Yoongi hands the flowers over to Taehyung after admiring and thanking Jimin for them. The vampire gets a hold of the other's hand, leading them out and in his car. He wanted to drive himself today.


Yoongi is in the passenger seat as he focuses on the road. He can feel the uneasiness buzzing out of the other in waves, so he reaches for Yoongi's hand, giving it a firm squeeze, and refusing to let go until they arrive at their destination.

The hostess jumps up as she sees her boss walk in, politely welcoming and leading them to their private table, which Jimin specially requested. He would have closed the place for the night but wanted it to be as real as possible for Yoongi, at the same time keeping discomforts away. It's a closed-off table, covered on three sides while one side shows the lights of Seoul through a floor-length and wide window. From the shine in his eyes, Jimin can successfully guess that Yoongi loves it.

“I don't know what to choose hyung. There are too many options here and I have never seen half of these before.” Yoongi whines cutely, looking at the vampire. One other reason is that all of these cost amounts of money Yoongi has never even seen before. He knows Jimin is rich but doesn't want to be a leech either.

Jimin giggles silently, already understanding everything going on in the wolf's head. He does suggest something for Yoongi, he knows everything on the menu by heart. They both get the same order, the flustered server stuttering as he takes it.

Before any of them can get awkward, they hit a never-ending conversation, variating between topics as they switch from Jimin's adventures through the years to the little kitten that's walking on top of the building across from them. He doesn't know how they even see it as it is on the other side of the road, but Yoongi says it looks like the kitten he and Taehyung had before he developed the unfair allergy.

The wolf loves the food, confessing about how he always wondered how fancy food tasted like, as his parents never let him have it when they would bring some on a to-go pack. Jimin makes a mental note to change the recipe book in his house with other dishes, and take the wolf out more. They had a nice time, holding hands over the table, laughing loudly but still inaudible to the other patrons in the restaurant. They leave after they eat the delicious dessert, the same server looking more composed now taking their plates away. By the end of it, they both have their answers ready.


They choose to walk around first, as there's a park pretty near the restaurant. Jimin gets a hold of Yoongi's hand, leading them around the quiet park. It's lit up, so they do see where they are going. There aren't many people either, so it's just perfect. Yoongi wants to start the conversation he has been waiting for since last night. If he wasn't sure he liked Jimin, today truly set it for him. But what if he messed up and Jimin doesn't like him anymore? Before he could spiral into the doubt, Jimin pulled him closer to his side, wrapping a hand around Yoongi's waist.

“Yoongi, baby, can I ask you something?” Jimin's voice comes out soft and hesitant, scared of the answers that he could possibly get. Yoongi just nods, looking up at his hyung. It's probably the first time Jimin called Yoongi by his name, rather than his cute nicknames for him, that the wolf has grown to love.

“Did you enjoy the time we spent together tonight?” Jimin looks hesitant and nervous the more he talks, like he is dragging it out to get all the reassurance possible. Yoongi makes it easy for him as he loved it.

“I loved it hyung. Thank you so much.” Yoongi is beaming up at the vampire, intentionally easing the other's nerves.

“Yoongi, we said that we could put a label after tonight, but if you still aren't sure–” the vampire is suddenly interrupted by a hand on the back of his neck, pulling him straight to Yoongi's lips. All the tension leaves his body, as his other hand slithers around Yoongi's neck, resting on his nape. He pulls the wolf closer, but keeps the kiss simple.

“I would love to be your boyfriend hyung,” Yoongi mumbles, feeling Jimin's smile getting wider against his lips. Jimin pulls him on a tight hug, as Yoongi sends a heartfelt thank you to his inner wolf, who has been helping him with controlling the overwhelming feelings all until now. Jimin on the other hand, feels like he is on cloud nine, doesn't remember the last time he felt this delighted.


They keep walking around, clinging onto each other as they enjoy the fresh air of the October night. Somewhere during the walk, Jimin hears faint footsteps synched with theirs. He knows it's not a paparazzi, as he took care of that. Two of his most famous idols announced their relationship to the world last week. They are both omegas, so it is a big deal in Korean society. Tonight is their first appearance in public ever since the news, in an award show that everyone is occupied with.

He slowly pulls Yoongi in front of himself, lowering his lips to the other’s ear and whispering, holding tightly onto the wolf. “Baby, there is someone following us, but please don't panic. I'm right here.” he can smell the slight distress on Yoongi's scent, but the wolf tries not to give himself away, resting his hands on Jimin’s. He speeds them up a notch, to see for real if they are being followed, and yes, the footsteps are now louder and in a hurry. But they aren't matching theirs, they are faster, passing them.

“Um, I-I'm sorry to intrude, but c-can I-I stay close to you two?” a young-looking omega appears in front of them. He looks near Yoongi's age, maybe older. But at the same time, he gives the aura of someone who has been through enough. Black hair, maybe ten centimeters taller than Yoongi. He is wearing light clothes for an October night, that look worn out and ready to tear up. The unknown wolf is trembling, teeth clanking as he shakes from the cold.

“S-Someone has been f-following me around for a-a while a-and I-I'm scared.” Jimin stares at the boy, trying to see through his eyes if this is true or just a bizarre facade. He does feel the presence of a fourth individual, far from them but still too close for comfort. And he is walking slowly, getting closer to them with unheard steps, most likely a vampire. Yoongi seems to be doing the same, studying the other wolf. But of a sudden, his nostrils flare, scent spiking up in distress and fear as he gets a hold of the other omega.


“Hyung, get the three of us out of here.” without asking for a reason, Jimin grabs the omegas’ forearms, using his vampire speed to get them to the car in seconds. Both omegas sit on the back seat, Jimin starting the car and leaving as fast as possible. It will take time for the other vampire to catch up on them, as he most likely didn't even see the direction they went in. Leaving the area, making sure no one followed them, Jimin stops the car nearby one of his safe houses.

“What happened, Yoon? What was that?” his boyfriend is busy tending to the apparently wounded omega, has taken off his jacket and handed it over to warm the omega up. He turns on the heat, as he waits for an answer.

“I know that scent, hyung. The guy who was following him is one of the vampires from the warehouse, the ones who took me from my parents and to that place. They were planning on kidnapping him, too.” the nameless guy looks at Yoongi as if he grew a second head, at the same time, the rose scent is flaring up in fear. Just to make sure, Jimin gets into the guy's head, easily seeing that he has no ill intentions. Another vampire trait won throughout the years.

“W-why w-would someone w-want to k-kidnap me? I'm broke and I-I don't have any-anyone. A-And I-I’m defective.” the wolf is shaking in anxiety, but Yoongi isn't able to give him the comfort he needs. God, this young man was so close to being added to the list of Wang Ka-Yee’s victims.

“Hey, hey calm down. You are okay now, we will get you somewhere safe, then talk more. You can sleep, I can see you are ready to fade off.” Yoongi keeps reassuring the omega, whose eyes are ready to avert to blue, all due to the overwhelming situation. “P-Please, don't hurt me.” are the other’s last words, before he dozes off in exhaustion, one hand covering the rather large bruise on his jaw.


“Can he come with us hyung? He can leave tomorrow, but I don't want anyone else to go through what I did hyung. Please.” Jimin sighs, reaching back for Yoongi's cheek, rubbing it gently. “Baby, he is coming with us. I don't want anyone else to go through that either, and this boy is as innocent as you are. He can choose after. I think Hyunjin would welcome him in. But we need to know more about him too.” Yoongi nods at Jimin's words, as the vampire starts the car, using every ounce of self-control to keep himself in check and not run back into that park and tear that vampire’s fangs off for what he did to Yoongi.




The wolf wakes up by the time they reach the mansion, looking absolutely terrified by the view of only tall trees around him. He looks like he wants to say something, maybe even scream or run, but he opts not to. Taehyung, Hyunjin, and Jisung are in his living room, watching a recent TV show. They look surprised at the unknown face but don't make a big deal over it after Yoongi makes a shushing and a throat slicing movement with his hands when he looks at them. Cute. He knows Yoongi can't hurt a fly, let alone his friends.

“Make yourself comfortable, I'll get something to warm you up,” Yoongi says, motioning at the empty couches, but Hyunjin tells him to sit down and gets it himself. After the wolf is wrapped around like a burrito, with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, that apparently Taehyung had been craving for, he looks on the verge of tears, the shock leaving his body, as the situation sinks in.

“What’s your name?” Tae is the first to ask, jolting the omega a bit. Jimin and Yoongi look at him from the couch near, Yoongi sitting on Jimin's lap with no hesitation. “I'm Lee Minho, thank you so much, sir, for everything.” the wolf, Minho, trembles through his words, cowering in himself, trying to appear as small as possible.

“What happened?” Jisung asks, looking at his hyungs for answers. The mafia member looks alert to any danger. Maybe turning his head at Jimin was a bad idea, because Minho catches sight of Jisung's tattoo, the tears now falling slowly.


“We were walking around the park after our date and he stopped us to ask for help because someone was following him, and Yoongi recognized the scent as someone dangerous,” Jimin explains quickly, unbeknownst to Minho’s distress that slowly permeates the whole room. Hyunjin on the other hand, bolts up and reaches to comfort the horrified omega.

“Hey, no need to be worried. We won't hurt you.” the fae tries to help the wolf, but all the latter does is faintly point at Jisung, shaking in his seat. That's when it clicks in everyone's head, Jisung moving to the farthest corner of the room, showing his hands in a motion of surrender.

“Should I leave?” Hyunjin doesn't answer his fiance, just hastily motions with his hand for him to sit down. “Look, we won't hurt you. We brought you here to keep you safe. The person who was following you has hurt our friend over there before. You did a great thing of asking them for help, surely saved your life with it. But we need to know it all, can you share more? What happened before you noticed them? Has this happened before? If you are scared of Jisung over there, I can assure you he doesn't even know how to hold a gun, cried last week when he stepped on a snail, he is a harmless overgrown baby.” Hyunjin’s babbling eases the wolf visibly, not cowering away anymore.


“I've been feeling like someone was following me lately. But I thought it-it…” the omega takes a deep breath, eyes refusing to look in Jisung's direction. “The mafia, they killed my parents, so I thought they were following me to see if I tried to report them. But it kept going and I was scared. I approached them-” he says pointing at Yoongi and Jimin with his head “-because I could sense one of them was an omega too, and they were behaving all sweet with each other I guessed they wouldn't bring any harm. And then they take me here with them, telling me someone was trying to kidnap me. I don't have a family nor friends, I live in a rundown apartment, and I'm-. There's nothing of value in me for someone to kidnap me.”

Jimin doesn't know how to tell him that it's not that case at all. But now he knows what Ka-Yee is aiming for. Wolves that have no one to look for them, no family, no friends, no job. Someone that wouldn't cause a second war. Someone unwanted and unknown.

“You said you knew him Yoonie? Is it that vampire Jimin is hunting down?” Tae asks, turning back to the omega cuddling up to Jimin. It makes the latter look down at his boyfriend, who looks half asleep yet alert.

Boyfriend. Jimin loves that.

“No, it was the one who took me from my parents’ house. The one who did this.” the omega says, pointing at the fading scar on his right eye. Jimin regrets not staying and tearing that bastard into pieces with his own hands.


“Then why didn't you let Jimin kill that bitch?” Tae seems on the same page as him, while Minho looks like he realized just who Jimin is, squeezing Hyunjin’s hand tightly. They are giving the poor kid a whiplash.

“Because they are never alone, ready if the victim tries to fight. If Jimin fought one of them, the two others with him would have killed me and Minho easily." Yoongi stops, scent suddenly spiking up in distress. He starts shaking in Jimin's lap, hand reaching all over for his boyfriend. His safe place.

“Hyung, they saw me. They saw that I'm alive. They will come after me.” Jimin wraps his hands around the omega's abdomen, pulling him closer to his chest. One hand reaches for Yoongi's hair, brushing it as a try to ease the wolf. “Baby, no they won't. If anything, they just fucked up everything they had going on. They won't dare to say anything cause if they saw you, they saw me too. The plan is going to proceed faster, that's all. Now that we know who he targets, we know who to protect. The hyungs have already started with the publishing of everything. He hid the fact that he was the one to start the war. He hid his identity, his crimes, his allies and lackeys. Everything will be out by tomorrow baby.”




Hyunjin hands Minho a glass of water, the omega finally calm after today's fiasco. Jimin picked Yoongi up and left to their room, the other omega distraught and scared that the people who made him go through hell may know that he is alive.

“Minho, what did you mean by them being cute with each other?” pregnant Taehyung can't resist asking. He couldn't get a word out of his friends, so he needs to dig it out from the newest addition to their group. He can easily say the boy is going to be their friend, as he notices the stares Hyunjin and Jisung throw at the omega.

“Usual couple stuff? They were holding hands, kissing, talking, laughing, calling each other cute nicknames.” he says in a casual tone, at the same time confused cause why would he be asked that when those two looked, and were, very into each other. The squeal coming from the Ker, Jisung, startles him, as they all start celebrating. For what? He has no idea. Jisung seems to notice his confusion, lighting him on the situation.

“They had their first date today. They are very much in love with each other, but due to Yoongi's past, Jimin felt as if he was taking advantage. Yoongi wanted to give his verdict tonight, after the date. You telling that proves us right. They most likely officialized being boyfriends.” oh, he ruined their first date. He didn't know, they looked way too comfortable with each other for it to be the first time they went out together. Yet, he didn't know the whole story.

“Minho, do you want to stay here? Or should we find you another house to stay in? I don't think going back to your apartment is a good idea, at least for a while.” Hyunjin approaches him gently, speaking as if he is a frightened child suffering from constant nightmares. Maybe you can call his life a nightmare. He doesn't want to stay here, he ruined enough of the night for the new couple. Yet, he is scared to ask to stay with the fae and the Ker, because for some reason, they give him a sense of something he can't name.

“C-Can I-I s-stay with y-you two?” the question visibly catches them off guard, but Jisung nods smiling. “Sure, why not?” he nods in gratitude, getting up and leaving with them.


Chapter Text


The second Jimin lets Yoongi go, the wolf starts roaming around the room, grabbing any fabric he deems of his taste. Duvets, blankets, shirts, hoodies, anything. He starts stacking it up on the bed, moving everything around, then reaching for the pillows and puffing them up, placing them around the bed. Jimin just stands awkwardly near the door of the walk-in closet, baffled when silver eyes look at him. Why?

“Baby, what's wrong?” he doesn't get an answer, aside from the tilted head at him. He let Yoongi do his job, just staring. After the omega deems his work good enough, he pulls Jimin into the bundle with him, getting them comfortable. The wolf grabs some white sheet on his side, rubbing it on his neck, then getting a hold of Jimin's wrist, and rubbing the sheet there too. That's when it clicks for him. Yoongi is nesting.

He has never nested before, at least in Jimin's house. Considering his household, maybe it's the first time in his life. The wolf doesn't give him much time to lose on his thoughts, as he plops down on top of an unexpecting Jimin. He shuffles around until his face is hidden in Jimin's neck, while his arms and legs are holding Jimin in a tight grip as if trying to stop him from leaving.

The wolf starts rubbing his nose all over his throat, occasionally leaving soft pecks wherever he wanted. What makes Jimin go stiff is when teeth start scraping his skin, the pecks escalating to sucking noises. Don't get him wrong, he loves it, but they never had gone further than some tame kisses. Yoongi's wolf is pulling at his skin with his teeth, never actually biting down. Jimin is sure his neck will be all purple and blue when the wolf stops. What caused this reaction? Jimin has no idea. When the wolf starts biting, Jimin thinks he should stop it before the wolf does something that can't be undone, ignoring the little moan that escapes him.


“Baby, can you tell hyung what's wrong? Come on, look at me, tell hyung how he can help.” Jimin cracks out, the shock still evident in his voice. The wolf lets go of his neck, lifting his head to look up at Jimin. He tilts his head to the side, completely ignoring his questions. He goes back to his work, this time lowering his shirt on his left shoulder. What's the wolf's obsession with his scar? He starts lapping at the scar, one hand reaching to caress the skin around it. The scene is too familiar.

In the end, all he can do is give up and enjoy it. Closing his eyes as one of his hands tangles in Yoongi's hair. He drops off rather quickly, while the wolf keeps going. He can vaguely hear whispering, but can't make it out as anything.



“It was not your fault, dear. And I do not mourn my actions and demise either.”





“Why don't you like Yoongi, hyung?” Jin had come to ask for the date, and after telling him everything, Jimin couldn't resist asking his Sire about the obvious dislike he had for Yoongi, who is currently asleep upstairs. Jimin is wearing a turtleneck after he checked his skin in the mirror. He doesn't regret or dislike them in any way, it's just that Jin would get a heart attack if he saw those bruises.

“Who said I don't like him?” Jimin throws him a nasty glare at the futile attempt to trick him. “It's pretty obvious hyung. In the beginning, you were as worried as I was for him, but then after he woke up you kept showing dislike against him. You blame him for anything that happens. He was scared of you for a while even if he didn't show it.” Jin is looking anywhere but at him, making Jimin even more confused. Why?

“I don't dislike him. He just gives me a weird feeling. It's like he knows more than he lets on, like he is older than he looks. Something odd. And-” he halts at that as if he didn't mean to say it. “And what, hyung?” Jin shakes his head, chuckling at himself.

“It’s nothing, just a stupid thought.” Jimin doesn't buy it, even if it seems too convincing. “What, hyung? Tell me.”

“You saw how the white wolf died right?” Jimin nods, confused as to how the conversation took this turn.

“While he was dying, he shifted back to his human form after Ka-Yee left, and-and he was an exact copy of Yoongi. Same hair, same face, same built.” Jimin is left stunned, looking at his hyung as if he grew a second head. Before he can ask about anything else, Jimin hears soft footsteps coming downstairs.


A fluffy-looking Yoongi makes his way inside the living room, barefoot and half asleep. He slowly makes his way to Jimin, hasn't noticed Jin’s presence yet. He climbs on Jimin's lap as if it's his personal chair, instantly cuddling up to him. The vampire wraps his arms around the wolf, keeping him from falling.

“Why did you leave?” the wolf whines cutely, the words muffled on the fabric of his turtleneck. It melts Jimin's heart, the vampire smiling down at his boyfriend. “Jin hyung came to talk with me.” that wakes up the omega, looking around for his eyes to meet with his hyung's amused ones. Yoongi looks nothing but mortified, as if wishing for the ground to swallow him. Jimin feels bad for wanting to laugh. Jin on the other side fails at holding himself, a choked chuckle escaping him.

“Sorry. I didn't see or hear anything.” Jin attempts to assure Yoongi while trying to make himself stop laughing. It makes the wolf laugh too, and that's how the embarrassment leaves him.

“Where is Minho?” the question confuses Jin, cause the only Minho he knows is Jimin's driver, and what would he be doing at Jimin's house at 5 am? Jimin can see that confusion in his Sire’s eyes but chooses to answer Yoongi first.

“He left with Hyunjin and Jisung. Tae told me he felt guilty of ‘ruining’ our first date as he said, so he left with them.” after that, Jimin turns to his hyung and explains what happened last night at the park.

“He is targeting wolves that have no one to look for them, so he doesn't cause another uprising. I'm really glad Minho stopped us last night because if he didn't, he could have been dead by now.” Jin nods, looking concerned but opting to keep quiet.

“How is Ka-Yee’s case going?” Jimin tightens his hold on Yoongi as he asks, ready to provide any comfort the wolf needs.


“Media all around the world have the word out about the vampire who hid this horrible past. Three of his establishments have bankrupted, the others are close too. The police, all of the possible secret agencies, and the courts for war crimes are looking for him. Gangs that are mainly wolves have been attacking his so proclaimed kingdom. Seonghwa has been helping too. There are protests all around the country for the taken and murdered wolves. And because it was a vampire who revealed all this, Ka-Yee is the only one who is being hunted, unlike last time. But also, he has been asking around. As you asked, Seonghwa let some runners of his start rumors that could lead to you. You can expect him to approach you in less than forty-eight hours. So please, be ready and safe.”




No matter how much Jimin tries to help Yoongi overcome what he went through in that place, it will always come back eventually. This time, through a nightmare. Jimin is woken up by his boyfriend sobbing on his shoulder, asleep yet suffering through his constant terrors. He softly caresses Yoongi, aiming to wake him up without startling him. The wolf does respond to him after a good while, refusing to let go of the death grip he has on Jimin. After what could have been half an hour, Yoongi looks calm again, thanking Jimin and reaching over him for a bottle of water. He stays silent after that but doesn't seem to be falling asleep any time soon. Jimin did expect the little wolf to start asking random questions to lull himself to sleep, but he didn't expect that one question.


“Hyung, how did you find me? I know the condition I was in, but you told me I was on the other side of the forest. That's too far.”

Jimin looks at his boyfriend, who is again laying on top of him. It feels nice, the pressure of Yoongi on top of him. He likes it just as much as the wolf does.

“I was walking around. It was a stressful day so I used it as a way to relax.” Jimin is not going to tell Yoongi that those walks were a routine of his, because the wolf will make himself feel bad about ‘ruining’ something like this for Jimin. “Somewhere near the mansion, I smelt your blood. Something told me to follow the scent so I did. I found you laying near a tree.” Yoongi nods, but for some reason still looks conflicted. Jimin tries to comfort him by caressing his hair and back, yet the wolf looks back up at him, another question on the tip of his tongue.

“How bad was I, hyung? You never talk about it, you hide it. I know how long the healing period was, but I don't remember anything after running from that electric fence. No pain, no path, nothing.”


Of course, Jimin hides it. It was gruesome, only the memory of Yoongi in that condition makes him want to throw up. He tightens up the hold he has on his omega, to ground himself and remember that Yoongi is there in his arms. He isn't away from him, trying to crawl away from death, begging for help. He is right there, safe and sound.

“Little one, I don't want to remember it. You looked so awful. On the brink of death. You were laying in a pool of your blood, hands trying to get a grip on something and try to run again. I picked you up, and you tried to scream and crawl away from me. When I brought you home, you stopped moving and trying to speak. It scared me so much little on, I thought you were dead.” Jimin is getting pathetic, his tears are falling at the memory that is left in the past now. Where is the stone-hearted vampire everyone knows?

A soft pressure on his lips stops his self-destructive thoughts. Yoongi is kissing him, trying to make him feel better. Jimin returns it with the same emotion but keeps it short. Yoongi's gentle hands clean his tears, the wolf dropping a peck on both his eyelids. The gestures make warmth spread on Jimin's chest, making all his concerns temporarily leave.


“I'm here hyungie. I'm alive. You saved me.”




Jimin has refused to go back to the company. If Ka-Yee is asking for him, and if his hyung’s predictions are right, he would rather keep a possible bloodbath away from his workplace and his innocent employees. He does have a weird bond with Seonghwa, something blood-related, that allows him to notify the other when he is needed. He has been spraying scent blockers all around the mansion to keep Yoongi safe and has gotten some invisibility potions so Yoongi could be there without being caught. There are movement sensors all around the area, even the place where he found Yoongi. And he will make sure that Ka-Yee comes alone.

He and Yoongi are eating at the kitchen’s dinner table, Jimin enjoying cooking for his boyfriend. What is suspicious to Jimin, is the fact that the wolf is beet red, and refuses to look at him, even when they talk. He looks like he wants the ground to swallow him.

“Baby, why won't you look at hyung?” Jimin says with a long drawn whine, trying to meet Yoongi's eyes, who keep running around. Yoongi accidentally knocks a spoon off the table trying to run away from Jimin's stares. Hastily picking up the spoon, Yoongi does look up at him, only for his gaze to yield again after sending him a glance. Jimin doesn't resist the urge to get up and near Yoongi. He hooks his fingers around Yoongi's chin, raising his head to stare at Jimin. He smiles at the wolf, encouraging him to speak.

“Because, um-” the wolf doesn't say anything, but starts pointing at Jimin's neck. That's when it dawns on him, this time being his turn to blush.

“I'm sorry about those.”

“Why are you sorry baby? I like them.” Jimin doesn't want to make Yoongi feel embarrassed, but he does like them.

“I tried to tell the wolf to stop but he wouldn't. All we do is soft kisses and he went too far. And then after a while, I was sleeping while he went off on your neck.” Yoongi rambles quickly, getting even more impossibly red. It makes Jimin chuckle softly, earning him a nagging hit on his shoulder.

“Okay, okay sorry. But you don't have to be sorry about that baby. As I said, I like them.” Yoongi nods, pulling him to sit on the chair next to him. The wolf grabs Jimin's hand with his left, using the right hand to eat, all while talking to Jimin, this time a little less embarrassed.


But of course, whatever force handles the universe doesn't want them to have a moment of peace, as the alarms from the movement sensors go off, showing Jimin a video of a running Ka-Yee on his phone. He looks at Yoongi, who seems to just have realized what is going to happen now. Jimin leaps to the nearest drawer with invisibility potions, handing it to Yoongi. He turns his back, ready to move to the living room and wait. A tug on his jacket stops him, Yoongi reminding him of his hickeys, and handing him the black turtleneck he was wearing in the morning. That monster definitely can't know about Yoongi in any way.

“Hyung, please don't get hurt. I'll be right there, in a corner of the room.” Jimin looks down at the nearly sobbing wolf, wiping his tears and promising him with a soft kiss on his lips.



Chapter Text


Jimin knows Ka-Yee, he knows the vampire will walk in without hesitation, perhaps break something on the way. He is sitting on one of his armchairs facing an empty sofa, anticipating the other to walk in any second, Yoongi settled in a distant corner of the room after drinking the mixture and using scent blockers. Jimin realizes he should have been safer and moved Yoongi from the house, but he feels at peace knowing that he is there to protect the wolf. From the view on the monitors, the coward certainly didn't come alone, always having someone to do the unwanted jobs for him. He took care of those unstable, newborn-looking vampires. Let's just say they will have a long week of sleep, right where they dropped if some hungry predator doesn't find them first.

Before he gets lost in thought, and mildly bored by the wait, there is a loud bang on the door.

Wang Ka-Yee himself is sitting right in front of Jimin. The elder in the room can see the fire, the anger radiating from the other vampire's eyes, yet trying to remain calm, keep the facade of this high-born, clever, and composed vampire. He is wearing a Chinese royal tunic, with the origin from the XIII century, with slight modern touches. Typical of him. Jimin curses himself as he failed to realize earlier who the culprit was. The information on royal clothes should have been enough.


“Park Jimin, Third One, what pleasure to meet you again after these long years.” the younger lies through his teeth, trying to mask the resentment on his words.

“I wish I could say the same, Ka-Yee.” Jimin on the other hand doesn't hesitate to express his obvious loathing to the other. He is sitting with his crossed legs, left elbow supported on the armrest as he rests his face on his fingers, head tilted to the side.

“Ka-Yee is no longer what they call me. For I had to blend on this society, they call me Jackson now. Wang Jackson.” the vampire completely ignores the important part of Jimin's words, opening another uneager. discussion.

“I believe you understand why I am here, Park. There have been rather malicious proclamations about me, my establishments, and my kingdom. And all the quest leads to you. I would prefer to hear the reason from you before we stop these drastic movements against me.” the vampire is back to point one, back to seven hundred years ago, when a whole war started all because of him, yet he refused to acknowledge the obvious.

“They certainly weren't only proclamations, Wang. Everything spread is nothing but the truth. You started a war that resulted in the death of millions. And not only werewolves and vampires. Now, you practice several illegal activities under the guise of your so-called establishments. You stole from me too, using the same kind you so wildly despise. You have been abducting defenseless, innocent wolves, giving them a horrid demise at the hands of no one but you. You have Sired numerous unwilling creatures, only to use them for your own will. All of what was said is nothing but the undeniable truth, Wang Ka-Yee.” Jimin tuts, shaking his head at the now dropped facade of Wang. His eyebrows are furrowed as he clenches his jaw in apprehension.

“All this terror you have caused in this small world, and not once could you justify yourself and your actions. Nor will you ever be able to. You act nonchalantly as if you can run away from this situation clean, just like last time. You could never provide a reason for your foolish acts, yet you come interrogating me for doing what is right. What I should have done centuries ago.” Jimin is staring at the unpleasant emotions reflecting on the other’s face with a smirk marring his face.

“Thus you came all this way to ask, I may give the reason if you try to justify yourself to The Third One this last time.” with those last words, Jimin partly expects the other to charge at him, partly to finally give the answer he has hidden all these years.


“You, dear Third One, treat those filthy creatures as if they stood in the same level of magnificence we vampires stand. I give them nothing short of what they deserve. But if you must hear my reasons, I shall provide them.” the younger has a close to a demonic smirk on his face, close to making Jimin's skin crawl.

“I had been too young when this all started when I saw the truth hiding in these monsters you call equals. I had let myself be fooled by the forged beauty of a young werewolf woman. Consumed years of my existence worshipping her, gave her what she wished for as she promised me the so-called sacred love, herself, and heirs for my throne. However, she was nothing but a traitorous filthy being. The night after our mating, she fled with all my gold and the gift of immortality, escaping on the dead of the night with three other wolves, one of which had been the father of the unborn she declared as mine. As I saw the real nature of these low dogs, I vowed to clean the world off this filth, starting with my own mate.”

Jimin was expecting any reason but this. Yes, if things were exactly how ‘Jackson’ described them, he had the right to be furious. Yet nothing could give him the right to kill the pregnant woman. Nor the right to vow on the wiping of a whole population off the Earth.

“Now, Third One, what is your reason for your doings? What led to you preying me after all these years of the unspoken armistice between the two of us?”


“As for your question, I shall first tell you that what you just confessed does nothing to justify your actions. Nothing could have possibly granted you the right to do what you did. As for my reason, first I need you to remember what had happened three winters after the start of the war. Something you well managed to hide all these years.” Jimin gives the other not more than half a minute to remember, glancing at the genuine look of curiosity marring the younger's face.

“I had been poisoned and attacked by many werewolves, who were preying for an advantage on the war. I had been saved by an individual of the same kind. Yet you so cruelly lied to my Sire, killing the innocent being and taking the merits of saving The Third One. You convinced my Sire to make me forget of it ever happening, with the reasoning that I wouldn't be able to handle the shock. However, we both know that was not the case, Ka-Yee. You were scared, scared of me killing you like I should have done that night before the war started.” Jimin lets his words sink in, seeing something akin to fear and relief blending in the expressions of the other.

“But it's not only that, had it been I would have finished this a long time ago without compelling it for this long. Two months ago, on the edge of these woods, I found the dead body of a massacred boy, whom I later learned was no older than twenty-one years old. That boy was the best friend, call him even brother, of my right-hand man. I had heard stories of the boy before, and I myself know he is nothing but innocent, yet you took his life so viciously, just like you did with the other more than thirty found bodies, and hundreds, if not thousands, bodies that were never found. I refuse to take any of my accusations back, if anything I will proceed until you get what you so deserve.”


His words don't please Wang, who now seems to be fuming in anger. The vampire jolts up, unsheathing a hidden sword Jimin hadn't noticed before. It's the same sword, the one from seven centuries ago. Jimin stands up too, ready to defend himself.

“This could have halted if you simply abandoned your foolish ideas of a fair society for us and those ordures.”

With that, the psychopath charges at Jimin with an inhumane speed, that the older can easily dodge.

“This shouldn't have had to begin in the first place, Wang.”

Jimin keeps dodging the swift movements of the other, his centuries of training leaving Jimin at a slight disadvantage. He doesn't have a weapon to attack back, left to manage this way. One minor misstep resulted in a stinging cut on his cheek. If he missed a millimeter more, his head would be rolling on the ground. Fuck, that was close.

They are rounding the enormous living room like that, dancing a hazardous waltz.

The red-eyed vampire grabs one of the vases, breaking it on the nearest surface next to him and throwing it at Jimin. The older would evade it like every hit until now, but he knows Yoongi is right behind him, and the wolf isn't fast enough to swerve that.

Jimin catches it, right in time to see the sword whirling in his direction. He raises his left hand and clutches the sword, stopping it inches away from his face. The cut stings, but it gives him the opportunity to swirl around the other, while still holding the sword, if nothing more cracking his right arm. When behind the bastard, Jimin hits him with what is left of the vase on his nape, which yields Jackson’s balance, granting Jimin the chance to get the sword in his possession.

The elder kicks the back of Wang’s knee, making him kneel in front of him. He gets a good grip on the other’s chin, raising the sword to the most sensitive part of his body, nicking the skin of the neck as he brings the blade closer.


"This is where it ends, Wang Ka-Yee. I won't yield like last time.”

Jimin is ready to swing the blade, end this once and for all, when he feels a prickle on his left leg, something being injected into him. It rapidly develops into blinding pain, making it fairly easy for Wang to get his sword back in possession and push Jimin back into the glass table.

It breaks under the pressure, Jimin's skin tearing from the glass sinking in. It hurts, multiple times more than it should. It feels like the shards have reached his organs, and are moving around.

He forces his eye open in time to roll away from the sword coming at him, the glass flakes getting into the skin of his hands too.

“You are vulnerable, Park Jimin, this is the reason you do not deserve the position you carry. That is why I will gladly receive it from you, as I will with your life.” Wang reaches for Jimin's collar, throwing him on the other side of the room, back painfully hitting the wall, legs giving up on him as he slides down. He can't move, his limbs won't obey his brain’s orders. Everything hurts as if he is being burned from the inside. What the fuck was in that syringe?

He is in front of Yoongi, he can feel that, so he mildly shakes his head, the movement escaping the rage orchestrated vampire. He doesn't want the wolf to be noticed, damned if Jimin perishes doing so. He has lived enough, has seen everything, and with the help of Yoongi, he felt everything.

All he regrets is that his love will have to see him die. That he won't get to spend all those years he so impatiently was waiting for with him. It's all his fault. He knew Ka-Yee wouldn't come without more than one ace in his sleeves. And he can't seem to be in touch with his vampire abilities, can't call for help from his Sire.


“When you instructed me to remember that occurrence all those centuries ago, I supposed you learned the truth. Yet, foolish you did not realize a thing all these years after. Does the poison running in your veins feel familiar, Park Jimin?”

Jimin's eyes widen, looking at the slowly approaching vampire as an absurd idea settles in his mind.

“Perhaps not, as those nonsensical creatures fed it to you instead of injecting it as they should have. It functions properly injected, taking your vampire side away, leaving you like a weak ancient man. I could patiently linger in this place, as you wither away attempting to push yourself. I thought that perhaps, you got the information of me paying and assisting those dogs for your assassination.” Wang is in front of Jimin, a hefty piece of glass in his hand. He kneels to Jimin's level, sinking the fragment into Jimin's abdomen, slipping it further in as he listens to the older's screams with sadistic joy glinting on his eyes.

“As this is your final day, I might provide just a handful more. White wolves, during that conflict. They were not targeted by vampires, entirely the contrary.  A white wolf is the true mate of the vampire that the inner wolf shares their eye color with. They were powerful and vicious. The older their true mate, the stronger they were. That is why, Park, they were slaughtered by their own packs. A tough wolf that will forever be bound to the enemy. To them, it was reasonable if they did not survive to serve the opponent. But some were clever, patiently stayed until the wolf mated with the vampire, so they could execute two birds with a stone.”

The bastard lets out a sinister snicker as he looks at Jimin's pained expressions, the betrayal and the truth sinking in.


“That white wolf you so wish to avenge ruined my detailed scheme. Your death would have outraged all the vampires around the world, making everyone even more vicious. The world would have been clean of the dirt if you just had accepted your fate and perished. Yet no. Your true mate had to find you and help you.” those words make Jimin feel dead while still breathing.

“But do not worry. I took my revenge on your true mate. I am delighted I accomplished it. You were injured, and it could suffer from it too. It was fairly easy for me to take your soulmate's life, while you were some miles away, in a slumber with no idea of what was happening to your only love in this universe. I was astounded by the strength of your true mate, as it brought you all the way to Busan from these forests here in extreme weather. Yet I saw white, and then silver. I could not possibly let that opportunity pass. Slaying The Third One’s true mate, what a tale. Do you wish to hear how I did it?”

Jimin shakes his head weakly, all energy leaving his body as he can't even peep out a sound. He can't hear this. Please.

“I pushed you off its back, sending you gently to your Sire and lying to the old bastard. I appeared back, and the filthy creature stood there, lingering around to be sure of your safety. It did not expect it. This same sword sliding right through its neck and then agonizingly ripping it open.” Wang talks as he demonstrates with his sword, sinking it into Jimin's thigh, as the older lets out an agonizing scream.

“You drew your soulmate to the hands of demise by your foolish trust and ways of operating. It is your fault that now you will be fading alone, massacred by the same blade that killed your true mate seven centuries ago.”


Wang raises his sword again, directing it to Jimin's heart, as the older closes his eyes, waiting and hoping.
Hoping for Yoongi. Hoping that he will not look at Jimin as he dies. Hoping that he won't be discovered and live. Hoping that maybe his hyung will get suspicious of the absence of the bond, and come to check.

The Third One allows himself to get lost in his head, as he waits for his death.



             White wolf


                                        Silver eyes











Yoongi. It was always Yoongi. The silver eyes, same hair, same built.


The voice. The sweet voice that helped him escape death. It was Yoongi. The deep timbre that took care of him and his wounds.


The white wolf. The silver eyes. It was Yoongi. Always his sweet baby, Yoongi.


Whom he never got to tell how much he loved him.


Chapter Text

Wang is buzzing with happiness. He will finally bring the end to his lifelong enemy. He laughs maniacally, as he looks at the calm, unconscious face of Park Jimin. He thrusts his sword in the direction of the older's heart. It's so close, mere centimeters away from the skin, so close to tearing it and letting the blood fly out.

Suddenly, something, or rather someone, collides with his side, throwing him face-first into the ground. The unexpected hit made landing a painful experience, as his own sword settles deep into Jackson's thigh.

“Ahh- What- Whom?”

His anguishing screams are stopped by a spine-chilling growl coming from the creature on top of him. The pressure is surely cracking some bones, thrusting the blade deeper into him, tearing muscles and blood vessels. He barely turns his head to the side to see what is going on. All he can catch a glimpse of is white fur and silver eyes, before sharp canines sink into his back, forcing him into unconsciousness.




Yoongi hastily shifts back to his human form, silver eyes never fading.

How couldn't he remember?


How could he forget Jimin?

He rushes to his soulmate, kneeling on his side, forgetting the glass bits and the fact that he is stark naked after shifting and tearing up his clothes. There is so much blood, it makes Yoongi feel panic rising to his throat, but he forces it down, trying to think of a way to help Jimin. He unconsciously grabs one of the vampire's bloody hands, touching around trying to find Jimin's phone. He quickly tries to find Jin's contact, rapidly presses the call button, praying to whatever God is up there that Jin answers it. Letting go of Jimin's hand, he applies pressure on the open wound on Jimin's thigh with some cloth he found on the ground.

“Jimin, what is going on? Why can't I feel you through the bond?”

“Ji-Jin-hyung, please h-help. Ji-Jimin, he-”

“I'll be there in no time Yoongi. Just try to be there with Jimin.”

Throwing the phone somewhere, Yoongi pats Jimin's face, trying to wake him up. The vampire is so pale, and there is so much blood around him. Yoongi lets a heartbreaking sob escape him when Jimin coughs up blood, reaching with a shaky hand to wipe it away, only for more to flow down.

“Come on Jimin, you promised you wouldn't get hurt. You promised you wouldn't leave me. I know I left first, I'm so sorry. Please don't do that to me.” Yoongi can barely hear himself through his sobs, trying to stop his trembling body so that he can stop the bleeding wounds.

Memories of his past life flash through his eyes as he remembers something. Grabbing a shard of glass from the ground, he slices his wrist open, rapidly placing it to Jimin's open lips. He remembers how his blood helped Jimin recover years ago, raising one finger and coating it with his blood, touching Jimin's lips with it until the vampire gets a taste. Jimin reaches up blindly for the source of the blood, giving Yoongi unpleasant flashbacks.

The wolf lets his soulmate drink, anxiously waiting for Jin to arrive. He looks back at the bleeding Ka-Yee, hoping that bastard dies there. Seeing Jimin in that situation, weak and defenseless will forever haunt Yoongi. His wolf kept telling him to fight back, but Jimin told him to stay there. Everything seemed fine, Jimin was so close to bringing an end to this, but the fucking asshole had to hurt him. When he started talking about how white wolves were bound to vampires, Yoongi kept getting flashbacks that didn't look like they were his. But his wolf helped him navigate through it, realize that those all were his memories, from his first time on this earth.

When Ka-Yee was so close to stabbing Jimin, Yoongi couldn't hold himself and his wolf back anymore, quickly shifting and pouncing the fucker. Now he is struggling to keep Jimin fed without running out of blood himself, and stop the bleeding on the abdomen wound without taking the glass out and making it worse.

The reminder of what happened makes Yoongi crouch lower, placing a soft kiss on Jimin's temple.

“You will stay with me this time, I won't let you leave.”


Rushed footsteps wake him up from his daze, looking up alert of any lackey of Ka-Yee. Yoongi sobs in relief as Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon show in his line of sight.

“Hy-hyungs, p-please, h-he is hurt. Th-that bastard poisoned him and-”

His frail body is picked up by Hyunjin, who he didn't even see come in. He looks around, staring at the ruckus in the house. Taehyung and his mates are here, Jisung with his boss and some lackeys. He feels himself being moved away from Jimin, instantly refusing it. He looks down at his love, meeting red eyes. He reaches blindly for him, hearing an inhumane sound make its way out of Jimin, making Hyunjin drop him instantly.

He shifts back to his wolf form in a blink of an eye, before even touching the ground. He runs to Jimin in no time, snuggling his snout to the other’s neck. He doesn't know what's happening around him, doesn't realize that he is covered in Ka-Yee’s blood, doesn't see his friends’ concerned looks directed at him and his soulmate. All he notices and smells is Jimin's distress. He feels the older’s bloody hand on his fur, as he licks the blood away from the other’s skin.

On the corner of his eye, Yoongi sees someone moving, wolf going full-on defense mode, letting out petrifying growls and snarls at someone he can't identify, someone who just happens to be young Jisung. The Ker looks at him, eyes widen to the point they look like they will fall out of their sockets.

“Who did he call for help?” he asks, cautiously moving away from Yoongi and Jimin.

“Me?” Jin answers confused, still staying away from the wolf who has turned his back at him.

“It would be better and safer if you approach him and help Jimin until Yoongi shifts back if we all want our limbs intact. Yoongi fed him some blood already, he looks less pale than he did when we came in, so he should be fine.”


“Why is he so scared of that wolf?” one of the underdogs asks his friend quietly, as a mock to their higher-up.

“I dare you to approach a distressed white omega when his soulmate is hurt, scared, and asking for help. Now go get some blood bags from the freezers.” Jisung certainly heard the morons, regretting that he had to bring them there. Yet no one else of their rank was available.

“Are you sure, Jisung?” the Ker looks back at his boss, nodding respectfully.

“He is a white wolf sir, as we can see. His eyes are silver, just like The Third One’s. No doubt that they are true mates.”

“Hold up, can someone explain what is going on? And why that bastard over there still isn't seized and preferably dead?” Tae doesn't attempt to hide his irritation, pointing at the now writhing Jackson.

Jin on the other hand slowly approaches Yoongi and Jimin, glad that the wolf stops growling, moving back to give the elder the chance to examine Jimin and his wounds. The glass is put in deep, but looks away from a possible organ, bringing a sense of relief to Jin. The wound on the other’s thigh doesn't look that bad, the small shards in the back aren't in deep either. He looks up at Yoongi, can see the distress in his eyes, smiling at the wolf to tell him that Jimin will be just fine.

Those eyes bring back memories he wished to bury a long time ago, feeling like a knife settled deep into his heart as he realizes what he did.

To Yoongi, everything after that was a blur, only making sure that his mate is okay and safe, ignoring anything and anyone else around them.




Jimin wakes up feeling groggy and hazy, surprised that he even woke up I the first place. Nothing looks different around him, it's just his room. It can't be heaven or hell. He attempts to sit up, only to be pushed down by a hand on his chest.

“Shhh, hyungie. Lay back down and rest okay?”

Yoongi. He got to hear his mate’s voice again. He can feel the other's presence near him, puffing out a breath of relief to know that he is fine. But how did Jimin survive that? He turns his head in the direction of Yoongi's voice, to face a crying Yoongi.

“Baby, p-please don't cry. Hyung is so-sorry.” Jimin tries to reach for the tears with his hands, but his limbs feel so heavy like some invisible force is holding them down. Looking at his hands, Jimin sees they are heavily wrapped in bandages, just like his whole torso and his thigh. He feels Yoongi's hand touch his face, caressing his cheek and dropping a kiss on his temple.

“I'm so glad you are okay.” is the only thing the wolf whispers, as Jimin turns his head to the side, catching those soft lips in a deep kiss. His soulmate is right there. The person Jimin had always longed for is right there in his flesh and blood.


“I see you woke up. How are you feeling Minnie?” Jin's voice makes them hastily break the kiss, looking at the vampire who is walking in with a tray of food and two big drinking cups. One is most likely filled with blood to help Jimin recover.

“I don't feel anything. I can't move my limbs either.” it makes Yoongi throw a concerned glance at him, hand going back to caressing his hair.

“What happened? I don't remember anything after he-he told me about the white wolf.” Jimin can't resist asking. Did Yoongi call his hyung? Did Jin come over by himself? Did Yoongi do something else?

“I shifted and attacked him. Made sure he wouldn't wake up and then called Jin-hyung for help. You were bleeding out and I didn't know what else to do.” there's an edge to Yoongi's words, and it makes Jimin feel guilty for making Yoongi witness all that. Little does he know that all in Yoongi's mind is the fact that Jimin was too close to leaving him, and he is glad he prevented that. The wolf doesn't care about anything else.

“How did that happen then?” Jimin couldn't help but notice the fact that Yoongi's right hand and forearm is bandaged too, pointing at it with his head.

“Glass flakes.” is all he gets from Yoongi. The wolf doesn't want to lie to Jimin, but this one half lie would prevent unnecessary panic. He knows Jimin would feel guilty for ‘hurting’ Yoongi and panic over the fact that he might have taken too much. The wolf will tell him the truth later.

“What happened to Ka-Yee?” it's not that Jimin cares about the fucker, he just has to know if he is dead, or if the vampire will still have the pleasure to take his life himself. In the most painful way possible.

“When Yoongi called me, I was with Joon, Kook, and Seonghwa, so we all came here. Seonghwa and his underlings took him to whatever place you had told him to. Now stop asking questions and rest. The effect of that potion will fade by an hour. And Yoongi, I'm sorry.” the wolf only nods as Jin leaves the room, confusing Jimin. He doesn't have the time to ask, as Yoongi snuggles up to him, giving him a sense of warmth he appreciates.

He can now force his hand up, so he slowly moves his body on the side, facing Yoongi and draping a sluggish hand on top of him. The vanilla scent helps him relax, reminding him that Yoongi is there and he is safe. Yet, slowly the scent starts to spike up, Yoongi's body trembling against his hand. And then heartbreaking sobs rip their way out of poor Yoongi, who can't resist snuggling closer to the vampire, reckless to the wounds.


“I thought I lost you. You were going to break your promise and leave me, and I couldn't do anything but watch. I-I was so scared Jimin. And everything was so overwhelming. As he talked, it was like a broken record was playing in my head. It looked like memories, but they weren't mine. And then my wolf guided me through them and-. I don't know what to call this, reincarnation or whatever, but it was me, from long ago. I was so confused and panicked and you-you.” Yoongi inhales shakily, nudging his head closer to Jimin's scent glad.

“You were dying and I-I don't even remember it clearly. I only remember it after Jin-hyung walked in.”

Jimin can't do anything but let the omega cry his heart out, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, assuring him that he is there, he is alive and fine.

“I'm here baby. I didn't break my promise. I'm still here, and now that we both know the truth, I'm not leaving unless you force me to.”

With that, they both let sleep take over them. Jimin is in a daze when he hears Yoongi's phone buzz, the wolf moving around to check. A moment later, he feels lips pressing to his forehead, and then a soft voice saying something.

“Happy Birthday, hyungie.”


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Wang’s screams echo throughout the whole building, forming a sinister smirk on Seonghwa’s face. He doesn't know how Jimin found this warehouse, but it's pretty convenient for this type of use. Wang's fledglings are also caught and tortured together with their Sire.

He understands Jimin better now. All these drastic measures and inhumane tortures. He himself lost his true mate in the war too, all because of the bastard who is screaming louder than a child would. He claimed to be against them, but to reach all his motives, he worked with wolves more than once. He was the one to tell wolf packs about the real identity of white wolves, and the reason for their incredible strength, which resulted in Seonghwa's mate being massacred in front of him.

But, now that Jimin found Yoongi again, Seonghwa has a little glint of hope that maybe his mate will come back to him too.


Walking into the room where Wang currently is, Seonghwa takes a look at the bloodied vampire, taking satisfaction in the sight in front of him. As per Jimin's request, Yoongi's parents were brought here as well. Honestly, even with the spells keeping them alive, Seonghwa can't believe they are still breathing. There were a lot of torturing equipment around the place, which gives Seonghwa the slight idea of how Jimin found the place.

Wang seems to notice his presence, yelling all the profanities he can think of.

“I-I will slaughter every single individual in this room, you will regret ever crossing paths with me. I'm a King-” Seonghwa, who is fed up with the other's bullshit, throws a knife at his shoulder as if it was a dart.

“Who said you will ever get out of here alive? Jimin isn't the only one who has a bone to pick with you.” the words drip out as if they were poison, settling fear deep into Jackson’s heart.




“You scared me so much. You piece of shit. If you pull stunts like that again, I will kill you with my own hands.” Tae throws playful jabs at Jimin as he rambles loudly, the pregnancy hormones and the worry he felt when he saw Jimin like that taking over.

They are all in the, now cleaned, living room. Tae, Kook, and Hobi refused to leave last night, all of them worried for Jimin even after Jin assured them that the critical part had passed before they even reached the house. Yoongi could swear he heard Jungkook cry last night. Hyunjin on the other hand dragged Jisung with him to the mansion at 6 am, welcoming himself in.

“It's not going to ever happen again, TaeTae. I promise, just don't kill me.” Jimin chuckles lightly at the feigned offended look on the omega's face, continuing to drink the coffee Yoongi had made for him. His omega refused to leave Jimin's side, and the vampire had no complaints whatsoever. He felt completely fine the next morning, but Yoongi was ready to carry him downstairs with his newfound strength. It was amusing, at the same time heartwarming to see Yoongi take care of him like that. And he loved the birthday morning kisses.


They sorted things out with a brief conversation in the morning. After yesterday's occurrences, it was rather obvious as to how they got so close in such a short period. They were literally made for each other. To love and cherish. Maybe Jimin still hasn't gotten the chance, nor courage, to tell Yoongi just how much he loves him.

“If you are feeling well, then you will come with us to a fancy dinner tonight, as a celebration of your birthday. If you say no, then I will personally put you on house arrest.” so Kook told Yoongi about his birthday. After all these years it's quite irrelevant to Jimin, so he never mentioned it to Yoongi.

“Before you complain, this was the tamest option. Unless you want a loud party in the headquarters building.” Hyunjin kicks in, making Jimin feel as if they are comploting against him. Yoongi seems to be all in with it too, visibly relieved knowing that the man of his nightmares is paying for his sins far away.

“Alright, but I'll pay.” Jimin shuts them off as complaints fire up, snuggling his nose into Yoongi's scent gland, the wolf currently on his lap, back resting on Jimin's chest. He drops a little peck there, lovingly and at the same time apologizing for hurting him yesterday. He could see Yoongi was hiding something from him in the morning, almost crying when he found out he could have killed his soulmate himself.

After that, the sounds fade in the background, Jimin solely focusing on his soulmate. He smells so good, making Jimin snuggle even impossibly closer to the other's scent gland. Ever since yesterday, he has gotten too clingy, and Yoongi has zero complaints. Jimin swore to himself that he won't let Yoongi slip away from him again.




“I still think it's unnecessary to go out for my birthday. It's been thousands of years now Yoonie. It doesn't really matter to me.” Jimin talks as he fixes the collar of his shirt. They are, again, going to one of his restaurants. Yoongi has already gotten his suit on, staring at Jimin from the bed.

“Tae-hyungie just wants to spend some quality time with you. He was terrified yesterday hyung. You scared everyone. Your birthday is just a cover-up.” Yoongi gets up and circles around, helping Jimin with the last buttons of his shirt, because ‘you aren't supposed to move around so much yet’. Jimin does understand them, he scared the living heck out of them yesterday, but parties and fancy dinners get boring real quick when you get to his age.

“Yeah okay, sorry. On second thought, I never asked for your birthday, baby. When is it?” Yoongi lets out a silent laugh at the unexpected question, smiling up at Jimin as he tells the other. March 9th, noted.

The vampire lowers a notch to drop a soft peck on Yoongi's forehead, enjoying the blush that illuminates the other's face. After learning more about himself and his past, Yoongi has gotten way more confident. He pulls Jimin lower, catching their lips together, and the vampire loves the way the wolf takes control of it. Jimin lets his hands drop around Yoongi's waist, pulling him closer as he deepens the kiss.


Yoongi's hand finds Jimin's neck, rubbing softly as he keeps kissing the vampire. His fingers slowly drop to a sensitive spot on Jimin's neck, near his scent glands. The sensation of it combined with the heated kiss forces a soft moan out of Jimin, which shocks Yoongi. It's visible on the way he stops moving, only to pull Jimin impossibly closer, opening his mouth as he restarts the kiss with newfound fervor. Jimin tries to return the favor, raising his hands to Yoongi's scent glands, slowly rubbing circles in it with his finger. This time is Yoongi's turn to moan, loudly, turning beet red as Jimin swallows the sound eagerly.

“I am scarred for life. I'm going to bleach my eyes and ears.” Tae's voice jolts them away from each other, turning to look at the wolf standing in the doorway. Jimin doesn't let Yoongi escape his hold, pulling him on his chest as he turns to Taehyung, who promptly grabs his phone and leaves.

“I swear, I'm so close to kicking everyone out and locking all the doors. Why does someone have to always interrupt us?” Jimin's whines are muffled in Yoongi's hair. The latter is oddly silent, and stiff. That's when Jimin's attention is pulled to something poking at his thigh. Did Yoongi really…


“Baby?” Jimin can only say as Yoongi refuses to look at him, moving away from his hold.

“I'm sorry.” the wolf croaks out, and he looks close to tears, something that doesn't sit right with Jimin. Getting a hold of Yoongi's hand, he finds the other's eyes.

“There is nothing to be sorry about baby.”

“It’s just- I don't know. It has never happened before and I ruined the moment I'm so sorry hyung.” the vampire brushes Yoongi's fringe away from his eyes, smiling softly at him.

“It's alright baby, you did nothing wrong. It's completely normal. Do you want to refresh yourself in the bathroom?” Jimin has the justified feeling that Yoongi wouldn't be comfortable with him even being there, let alone touch him. But as he tries to leave the room, Yoongi won't let go of him.

“I- C-Can you stay?” now Jimin expected anything about that, and it's noticeable on his face. “Nevermind, I-I’ll just-” before Yoongi scatters away, Jimin squeezes his hand, urging the wolf to look at him.

“What do you want hyung to do baby?” Yoongi blushes to the tip of his ears, eyes drifting to Jimin's neck as he licks his lips.

“Ca-Can you help me?”




“Ya, what took you two soo long?” Tae asks in a teasing, amused tone that can mean nothing but trouble. They weren't that loud, so he couldn't have heard them. Right? They didn't do much either, so why is Tae so smug and staring at them like that?

“I spilled coffee over our suits in a hurry and had to change Tae, stop that.” Jimin tries to cut off the teasing, sensing that Yoongi doesn't like it.

“Are you sure it was coffee though?” Hyunjin’s comment makes Yoongi choke on the water he was trying to drink, spilling on the floor of the limo they are currently in. It's not only the implication of the words. It's the fact that it's true. He is just glad he wore a white turtleneck instead of a shirt. Otherwise, they would be able to see his neck, which is littered full of love bites.

Jimin worriedly checks if he is okay, pulling the omega closer to himself as he throws murderous glares at the two nosy boys. He has dismissed every chance of Yoongi moving even a foot away from him ever since they got out of the room.

“No need to be so defensive Minie-hyung. I'm a werewolf too if you happened to forget.” well shit. Jimin did forget that Tae's senses are more advanced than a human’s too. He heard them, and they probably reek of each other. Yet the wolf stops at that, can see the clear discomfort on Yoongi's face over the idea of talking about that so freely, and in front of Hoseok, Jungkook and Jisung nevertheless.


The rest of the ride is rather silent, aside from quiet chatter coming from Taehyung and Hyunjin. Jimin, unable to hold himself back anymore, places an unexpecting Yoongi in his lap, cuddling the wolf close to himself as he started scenting the other. They do reek of each other, but Jimin can't bring himself to stop, especially after the happenings in the room. He can feel everyone else side-eye them, even his driver, yet chooses to ignore everyone in favor of his boyfriend.

They reach the place rather quickly. It's less fancy than the first restaurant Jimin took Yoongi to, but it's by no means a random place. Walking in, a young-looking host welcomes them, leading the party of nine to their reserved table. Jin and Joon were already at the door, waiting for the rest to arrive. When the young server sees just who is sitting at the table, he looks like he had a stroke and got shot at the same time, not realizing that the reservation in the name of Park was made by Park Jimin himself.

The place isn't packed, less than half of the tables crammed with eating or ordering patrons. Also, the restaurant accepts walk-ins, as long as the people are presentable and their name doesn't figure on any of their black lists. There were many men hired from competing establishments, that were sent to create a ruckus or scandal in attempt to lower the value of the places. That led to many people being banned and sued.


As they sit down, a female server hands them menus, flashing a welcoming professional smile. Taehyung and Yoongi look close to salivating at the numerous choices of meals, the younger still asking for advice as he doesn't want to take the same thing he did on their date.

Everything goes smoothly after, Jimin has taken care of possible distractions such as nosy paparazzi. Knowing on one would dare to record him, the vampire doesn't hesitate to feed Yoongi, not realizing that he had gotten as smitten as his brother, whom he made ‘fun of’ for this same reason.

What disturbs them is the sound of obscene yelling, then the hurtful noise of fists hitting bones, and then a body slamming on the floor. Jimin hears a server calling for extra security, as the said man who knocked over the newbie sits down on a table next to them. With him is being pulled a horrified looking woman, who obviously wants to bolt out of here. Who the fuck pulls stunts like this in such restaurants?

“Sir, we would politely ask you to leave. Every server has the right to, and won't serve you. You have been blacklisted by the management of this establishment. Thus, you have to leave.” Jimin hears Taehyung whisper ‘one fucking dinner’ under his nose as another server is trying to get the brute man out.


“Get out of my sight, useless Beta. I will stay wherever I want, whenever I want. This restaurant accepts walk-ins, so serve me and my omega.” the vampire wasn't even thinking of interfering, his security guards would do the job. But this idiot is using his alpha voice over a server who's trying to do their job.

And that voice. Jimin only ever met him once, yet he would never forget such a disgusting creature as Kim Hoseon.

“I thought I got rid of all of them. Seems like I forgot one fuckup,” he says with an indifferent tone, loud enough for Hoseon to hear him and turn to look at them. Jimin clutches Yoongi's hand under the table, to make sure the wolf knows he is there. It might be a bad idea to start a fight after just getting out of a life or death situation, but the vampire won't let this opportunity pass. His hyungs are here anyway. The part they are in is empty, per special request. That's why Hoseon came back here, and why nobody will hear them if Jimin losses his cool and pounces the fucker in there. He motions for the server to leave, the beta gladly obeying his boss.

“Who the fuck are y-” Hoseon stops his angry sentence as his eyes drift to Taehyung, and then Yoongi. Jimin has the urge to pop the scumbag’s eyes out for looking at his soulmate like that. Everyone else on the table would gladly help him, even Jisung who doesn't recognize the man.


“Well, well, well. Looks like the sluts found some rich cocks to land on. Bet they don't even pleasure you. Maybe that's why you have two ‘boyfriends’ Taehyung-ah. Too small for a knot-hungry omega, aren't they?”

“You fucking-” an angry Hyunjin is stopped by his fiance as he stands up to most likely kill the idiot. Hoseon isn't affected, ignoring, or maybe not even realizing who they are, the three elders. His gaze shifts back to Yoongi, who stares right back at him with a stone-cold expression, leaning on Jimin's side.

“And you Yoongi. You shocked me. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks you are dead. Turns out you just landed on a loaded cock. Refused a true alpha for this airhead? You stink of him. How many times did you let him fuck you for this dinner, hmm, or did you have to suck off everyone here? Come on, last chance little omega, come back home with me and mate a real alpha.” before Jimin can stand up and knock Hoseon’s teeth off, Yoongi starts giggling. The vampire turns to look at his omega as the laughter keeps getting louder, the omega looking at Hoseon as if he is the funniest joke Yoongi has ever seen.

“You? A real alpha? That's the silliest thing I've heard in weeks. Thanks, Hoseon.” Yoongi says as he slowly stops laughing, moving their interviewed hands on top of the table for everyone to see.

“You call yourself a real alpha? You, who at thirty-three years old is still living over daddy's money after being fired from every single job you ever had due to your shitty attitude and personality. You, who tried to forcefully mate a sixteen-year-old when you were twenty-eight. Tied them up and drugged them, yet were beaten unconscious and left in the hospital for a month, by that same omega. I've seen your wolf form too, Hoseon-ssi. You are the size of a Doberman, smaller than any wolf I've ever come across to. I, who stands at five foot three, have a larger wolf than you. I could easily step over you and not even notice. I'll guess your knot is about the same size as well. As per the loaded airhead you say, look again to who you are talking to, you idiot. If you are such an alpha then why aren't you mated yet? Why don't you have a house, a job, a mate, and kids? Why does this omega look like she wants to dump your ass? Why were you banned by these restaurants to the point where you have to commit a crime to enter? The problem isn't me and Tae, Hoseon-ah, it's you.” Yoongi finishes with that, a smirk marring his face as Hoseon looks like he is going to explode.

“Instead of talking to us about rich knots, I’d say you go and find one for yourself.” that makes the people on their table snicker, as everyone looks at Yoongi in amused disbelief. Even the omega who came in with Hoseon can’t hold her laughter in.


“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Hoseon screams as he stands up, yet not daring to get close to them, the result of the death glares sent by everyone else on the table.

“I'm Min Yoongi?” the omega replies with mockery dripping in his tone, head tilting on the side innocently as he smirks up at the dumbfounded alpha. Coming back to the ground, he tries to charge at Yoongi. Jimin chooses that second to stand up, stopping the alpha and towering over him with a look that would make the strongest soldier yield in fear.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Get off my way, filthy vampire.” here we go again. What's with these people thinking they can just push Jimin out of their way?

“As Yoongi asked, do you know to who you are talking to? We've met before Kim Hoseon, but it seems that you forgot who I am. I can't say that it's a pleasure to meet you again either, but I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Park Jimin, known widely as The Third One. The same man who made sure you would never take one step inside any of my establishments, and the same man that made sure every business owner knows just how much of a scumbag you are.” the alpha pales with every word said after Jimin stated his name, quickly turning on his heels and trying to leave the place before more is exposed. He is seized by the guards, who forcefully escort him out. As he sits down, Jimin throws a known look at Jisung, who nods back at him.


“That was fun.” Jungkook says while loudly munching on his food. It makes everyone laugh, forgetting the situation for that second.

Jimin turns to Yoongi, who seems calm. It makes Jimin feel proud, the progress the wolf has reached. He stood up to the man who almost ruined his life, and now it's Jimin's turn to make sure the rest of Yoongi's eternity is nothing but happiness. The vampire raises their interviewed hands to his lips, placing a soft peck on the back of Yoongi's hand.

He will start by permanently getting rid of the skunks in their way.


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“Hyung, where are you going?” a sleepy Yoongi turns to ask as Jimin is changing into a suit. The vampire spins in the direction of the bed where Yoongi is sprawled in, having just woken up.

“I'm going to end the Ka-Yee chapter, baby.” that sentence wakes Yoongi up in a second, the wolf staring at his boyfriend full of worry.

“Seonghwa and Jisung, aside from their men, will be there too baby. I won't get hurt and will come back home in one piece. I have something disturbing planned for them and I don't think you would want to be there too.” Jimin says as he approaches Yoongi, sitting on the bed as he leans to place a kiss on the wolf's exposed neck. The wolf wraps his arms around Jimin's back, pulling him down. It ends up with Yoongi being squished under Jimin's weight. They get a good laugh out of it, as Yoongi starts giggling in the middle of their kiss.


“What are you going to do to them, hyung?” the meek voice asks as they are basking in each other's embrace. Kissing the top of Yoongi's head, Jimin sighs, knowing his mate is not going to like it, still hating violence, even against the people who put him through that nightmare.

“What they did to you baby,” Jimin answers, slowly getting up as he hears this hyung’s car pulling up.


The wolf is hesitant to let him go, but after finding out that Jin is picking Jimin up to whatever place they keep the bastard in, he feels a notch calmer. It does sound a bit crazy, trusting someone who was responsible for his death. But Jin is still Jimin's Sire, and he has apologized more than once. Yoongi looks at the moving car until it's gone from his view, walking into the house where an excited Taehyung is waiting for him, his mind still occupied with no one but his soulmate.




Just as Yoongi described it, this place looks enormous and horrendous. Jimin would have gone through his life without coming in here. He won't have another reason after he finishes off with Jackson and Yoongi's parents. He found this place by using Yoongi's story, setting a perimeter where his men searched for this hellhole. He kept those people here for six days, this is the seventh. And their last.

Jin chose to stay in the car, Jimin currently walking in the direction of where he can see Seonghwa sitting and watching in amusement as the ‘playground’ is getting its last touches. Noticing Jimin, the younger stands up to greet him, assuring the vampire that everything was done according to his requests. Pleased, Jimin nods, telling Seonghwa that if everything is ready, they can start.

Yoongi's parents and Jackson are dragged out of the warehouse, men purposefully pushing them harshly into the mud. As Wang tries to look up at him, one buff-looking man with a nasty scar on his cheek smudges his head into the ground, forcing him to eat the grass with his other hand.

“I-I will massacre you, Park Jimin. Free me!” Jimin ignores the futile threats, setting his face into a stone-cold expression as he nears the pathetic beings. The buff guy forces Wang to open his mouth, pulling his tongue out and using it as a rag to clean Jimin's mud-stained shoes. This guy is vicious.

“Our son w-wouldn't want th-this. H-He will hate you when he f-finds out. S-set us free, and h-he won't ever find out. W-we will never approach him again, just let us go.” Yoongi's father is trying to get out of this situation by using Yoongi, pathetic.

“Oh, he knows. He knows everything and he doesn't give the slightest fuck. He is glad you will leave him once and for all. Now let's finish this faster, so I can get back to him. This man, who has been with you two for the past six days is the same man whom you sold Yoongi to. All I did to you, he did to him. And here, he will pay the price together with you two.” the vampire says in an indifferent voice, as he turns to address Wang.


“I bet you recognize the place, don't you? This is the same place where you tried to kill Yoongi, Wang. But you failed, and that failure will cost you your life. I've kept you three here for six days, and as I can see, the men did quite the number on all of you. I also know someone patched you up yesterday. Do you remember this strategy Ka-Yee?” he stares as the younger looks paler than a ghost. He realized just what is going to happen to him.

“Judging by your expressions, you realize what comes next. You know there is no way out anymore. And you won't have your fledglings to help you.” Jimin turns in the direction of the kneeling vampires, all bloody and bruised, motioning with his hand for Seonghwa’s people to take them out. A series of gunshots are heard as every man in the line of Jackson's fledglings are executed in front of their monster of a Sire, who doesn't bat an eye as they scream for his help.

“If you believe you are weakening me this way, you are assuming wrong.” is the only thing Wang says, devilish eyes trying to look at Jimin, again getting his head shoved into the ground. It makes Jimin chuckle, a low sinister sound.

“Oh, I know. I didn't kill them because they are yours. I killed them because they hurt Yoongi. I know you don't have a heart Wang, I know you are a monster.” Jimin's indifferent voice echoes over the sound of corpses being dragged into the cracking conflagration some feet away. It lits up the place, helping the stray rays of the moon.

“Throw them into the cage.” the eldest orders as he sits down on the chair next to Seonghwa, his view being the enormous cage. It's a twenty-meter square of land, caged in by a large chain electric fence. It stands twelve feet high, as the top is covered with the same kind of material.


“Wait, wait. Please, please. I'm begging you. I left him a chance to live. It was not my fault he couldn't withstand it. Just, give me a chance too.” Jackson manages to struggle out of the buff man’s hold, crawling his way to Jimin's feet. It brings a smirk to Jimin's lips, the foolishness of this man.

“It seems that you still haven't caught up with reality. Did my mate hit you that hard?” the look of confusion on Jackson’s face is pure comedy, still not realizing just how much he fucked up.

“Min Yoongi, the man you thought you killed, survived. I found him on my property, took him in, and brought him back to health. By his words, I found out about everything you did, the other part you told me yourself. And guess what? That white wolf you thought you killed seven hundred years ago, is alive. Min Yoongi is that same wolf, my mate. He was also the one who saved me from you seven days ago, as he did all those centuries ago. You failed Wang. And that failure will now cost you your life.” without giving Jackson one more second to beg, Jimin harshly motions for him to be taken away.

Knowing there will be no way out, Wang starts screaming and crying, begging for mercy and forgiveness, for the second chance he wasted. Yoongi's parents are left to watch as they have no idea what is coming for them.


As they are thrown and locked in the massive cage, Jimin tells Seonghwa to ‘bring the stars of this show’ out. The younger happily gestures to his men to bring the ‘puppies’. Six giant containers are neared to the cage, rattling by the force of the savage beasts inside them. Blood-curdling growls and roars are heard from the containers that are put inside the cage. Getting out and locking every possible exit, Jimin is handed the remote of those containers by Jisung, who stands stoic by his boss's side.

Touching the big round button on the small remote, Jimin hears the noise of the sliding metal, as the six hungry Lycans force their way out to their meal. It's a horrid sight.

The defenseless monsters who ruined Yoongi's life are screaming for their life, trying to run away but failing. They are easily tossed around the space as the Lycans choose to play with their food.

When the first chunk of muscles and bones is torn off, Jimin stands up to leave, making sure to remind Seonghwa that none of them can leave this place alive. Not like they have any chance to, but it's better safe than sorry.

Jin-hyung is still waiting in the car, opening it up when he sees Jimin approaching. The younger sits down on the passenger seat mentally exhausted, sighing loudly. The older only stares at him, hesitantly starting the car and driving off.




“Hyung!” Yoongi rushes to the entrance the second he hears the creak of the door opening. Ignoring Jin, the wolf pounces on his boyfriend. Not giving a second for Jimin to take in anything, the omega starts scanning the taller boy to make sure everything is in the way it is supposed to be.

“Baby, I'm okay. See? Nothing happened.” Jimin smiles tiredly at the little wolf, letting his body slump down on the other’s embrace. He lets himself be pulled into the living room, laying down on the big couch as Yoongi lays on top of him, snuggling as close as possible. He completely ignores a fondly staring Jin and the sleeping Taehyung laying on the other sofa.

“I'm not letting you out of this house alone ever again. I was so damn scared it felt like I was going to explode.” the omega rambles as his words are muffled in Jimin's neck. The vampire chuckles lowly, planting a soft kiss on Yoongi's temple, trying to help the distressed omega. He turns to look at his hyung, who is already making his way out. Jin waves at him, smiling widely at the sight in front of him. Jimin stands up with Yoongi in his arms, quickly running upstairs so he can get his baby comfortable and then accommodate Taehyung as well.


With the pregnant omega soundly sleeping in the other bedroom, Jimin lays down onto his bed, spooning a sleepy Yoongi. Placing another peck on Yoongi's hair and combing his hand through the white locks, he welcomes the dizziness that comes with sleep.

“Is it over hyung?” Yoongi suddenly asks in a deep, raspy voice. The vampire hums softly at his boyfriend, pulling him impossibly closer.

“Once and for all, little one. They are gone.” Jimin answers in the same sleepy voice, yet trying to sound as reassuring as possible to the wolf.

“What about Hoseon? I know he deserves it, but killing him would still feel awful because of Tae.”

“He is currently being held in custody by the police for the cold-blooded murder of Wu Zhao and Zhang Chaoxiang. A whole life is waiting for him in jail. Maybe he'll find that knot he so desperately wanted.” his own words force a snicker out of his chest, gentle vibrations of his chest giving the omega the warm feeling of comfort and safety.


“Thank you hyung.” are the last words from the wolf before soft purring sounds are heard throughout the whole room. Jimin felt them before he heard it, buzzing with happiness at the fact that he could be a good mate for Yoongi. He felt so comfortable he started purring on Jimin. What more could the vampire ask for? Moments like these are the best, his complex mind in complete ease as his mate is safe in his arms, no one but them in a universe just for them.

He was conflicted with his feelings about what he did to Wang and Yoongi's parents. He never thought he could possibly kill someone, always thought of himself as a coward. Not without the guilt crumbling him down.

But this time, he doesn't feel guilt, nor pity. Everyone who lost their lives in that warehouse tonight deserved it. They did unthinkable things to Yoongi. Only remembering the stories makes Jimin want to run to the bathroom and retch everything out.

Ever since he found him, Yoongi has been Jimin's priority. Now he is his love too. Jimin just needs to find the right time to tell him that. He nuzzles his nose closer to Yoongi's scent gland, enjoying the sweet scent of vanilla as a deep slumber takes over him.



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“Baby, n-no slow down. Don't try to eat me, I'm not food.” Jimin manages through his giggles as Yoongi tries to lick his face off. The omega is currently in his wolf form, again embracing the feeling of nature and the moon. They are outside, Taehyung, and Minho, their newest addition, are also here, jumping around as their respective mates look fondly over them.

Sunoo’s loud giggling is heard as his papa laps at his chubby face. His tiny hands reach for Tae's fur, again squealing at the little yelp the wolf let out. The three-month-old baby is snuggled in his appa’s arms, as his twin brother is being smothered by his abeoji. Poor Sunghoon aims to struggle out of Hoseok's hold as the witch blows raspberries on his tummy.

Jisung takes pity on the little boy, gently, snatching him from his abeoji’s hands, making a small gesture of trying to run away with the other. Hyunjin looks fondly at his mate as he ruffles Minho’s silver fur.


It's been nine months. Nine long months ever since Jimin ended the bad chapter in their life. It's been close to a year ever since he found Yoongi in these same woods the wolves are playing in. A lot happened in the meantime.

Sunoo and Sunghoon were born on their due date’s month as Taehyung was visiting Yoongi. It was quite the experience, helping a cursing Taehyung out of the house as he struggled to contact the other's mates. They are a combination of the three species their fathers are. Vampire-witch-wolf hybrids. Both alphas.

Jisung and Hyunjin welcomed Minho into their relationship, mating surprisingly fast. The omega only accepted after he got a hold of his life and his finances, yet longing for them. Jisung paid every debt Minho had with the mafia, leaving him time and peace to reach the goals he had to give up on.

Yoongi has started working at Jimin's company too. After a long talk that ended with a crying Jin hugging an equally sobbing Yoongi, the elders and his soulmate got close and forgave each other. That's how Yoongi discovered the similarities he has with Joon. They both love music, on another level than just a fan would. They talked and helped each other and after a short period, Yoongi is now labeled as one of the best producers in the industry.


They still haven't mated, waiting for Yoongi's next heat so everything goes smoothly and painlessly for the wolf. Life has been treating them well, to put it lightly. Yoongi still had to get help from a professional after everything he went through, but with everyone there for him, he made it out.

The nightmares still come back from time to time, after a bad day or a triggering event, but Jimin is always there, slowly coaxing the wolf out of the horrid flashbacks and wiping away the stray tears, holding him until he remembers he is safe. He promised Yoongi the day of his first appointment with his therapist. He promised he would always be there, in every step and fall, and he was. Yoongi is so grateful for his true mate, still wondering how the universe saw Yoongi as a fit for the older.

With that thought in mind, the wolf charges again at Jimin, the unexpected attack sending the vampire tumbling down, Yoongi hovering over him still in wolf form. Jimin's airy giggles are music to Yoongi's ears, his favorite sound in the world. He starts lapping at the other’s face, avoiding the flailing limbs. Yipping happily, Yoongi takes mercy on Jimin and opts to just bury his snout on the other's neck.




Yoongi has been feeling feverish for the past three days, and as much as he doesn't want to get his hopes up, he thinks his heat might be on the way. It's technically his third heat, if he doesn't count the phantom heats that would keep him occupied until his body got used to the prospect. Those lasted from five hours to a full day, and Yoongi still wonders how he hasn't accidentally mated Jimin already. Both he and his wolf aren't in their right minds while in heat, already jumped Jimin more than once, an action that followed with days of apologizing to his hyung.

They agreed to no intimacy while in heat until they mated, so it wouldn't happen accidentally. Mating is a big deal to both of them and Yoongi would hate himself if he ruined it like that. It did happen outside of heat after Yoongi finally assured Jimin that he wasn't going to change his mind and that he loved his hyung. It took seven months to do so, but it was worth it. He was granted the time he needed to heal, at the same time to know Jimin even more. The vampire thought that would make Yoongi leave, but it just made the wolf love him more if that is even possible.

It happened after a date night, Jimin taking Yoongi to the newest amusement park in the city, laughing as Yoongi somehow choked on cotton candy. How that happened, neither of them have an idea. They had so much fun. Yoongi's cheeks hurt from laughing. Back home they fell just right in place. It started as innocent cuddling, evolving into slow passionate kisses.

Knowing that Jimin wouldn't take any further action without explicit consent, Yoongi let his hands wander around dangerous territories. They had done a lot of things before, just never going all the way. It always felt so good it left Yoongi longing for more, yet scared to take that last step. He slowly overcame that fear, and it was one of the best decisions in his life.


Yoongi's request did catch Jimin off-guard. One second they were close to finishing, the next second Yoongi asked the other to make love to him. Jimin was hesitant because what if Yoongi felt ‘pressured’. Knocking some sense into his boyfriend, Yoongi got what he wanted.

Jimin was so gentle and attentive in every move of his, even offering Yoongi the chance to top him, which the younger didn't see as a fit. The night proceeded with Yoongi getting deeply pounded into the mattress. He could swear even the other creatures in the forest heard them that night. Again, to them, it was better that their first time happened outside of the hazy heat and in full consent of the two pairs.

Ever since his first heat, Yoongi has been taking birth control pills, refusing to take suppressants because he doesn't want to risk the possibility of losing his chance of being a parent. Jimin was free of any possible infective disease because he is a vampire, and Yoongi is clean too. If they planned on mating in his next heat, that meant everyday unprotected lovemaking or Yoongi's inner omega would go feral. They discussed it all.


The said omega is in his house studio, trying to put two last pieces together before Jimin comes back home and his work is forgotten. He can still feel the tingle of something in his gut, still not so familiar with it. He sighs loudly, as the song keeps getting worse and worse. There's something with it that makes the tune feel wrong, but he can't point it out. Lost in thought, Yoongi doesn't hear his hyung walk into the room. That is why the feeling of two arms draping around his shoulders and the press of lips on top of his head makes him jolt. Used to it, Jimin moves his face away before Yoongi knocks his teeth off.

“Hey, baby,” he says softly as he lowers until he can drop a tender kiss on Yoongi's lips. Getting in touch with his surroundings, Yoongi returns the chaste kiss, arms finding their place around Jimin's neck.

“Hey,” Yoongi answers back, lips still touching as a small smile brightens his face. He stands up, eagerly hugging his boyfriend as if he hadn't seen him in years, when in fact it has barely been six hours.

“Did you eat anything today, little one?” Jimin's words are muffled in Yoongi's hair as he playfully sways them around. It was a bad idea, as he stumbles in one of the electricity cables of the equipment, sending them both stumbling down, a high-pitched squeal making its way out of Yoongi as he falls face-first into Jimin's chest. A small groan leaves Jimin as the omega bursts into contagious giggles. After the laughter cools down, Yoongi gets up, giving the other a hand.

“I ate while working. Didn't know how late you would be today so I didn't risk you nagging me about it again.” the wolf retorts jokingly, dragging Jimin out of the studio, heading straight to their room. They got used to sleeping in the room Yoongi accommodated in, but once the wolf laid down on Jimin's enormous bed, he refused to get up. Transferring his nest settled it. The mattress just felt better than the other, having the benefit of Jimin's scent being permanently permeated into it. They change quickly, yet not without shy glances at one another. No matter how long it has been, Yoongi doesn't think he will ever be used to the ethereal beauty called Park Jimin. Laying down, Yoongi allows himself to be the little spoon as Jimin offers butterfly kisses all over his jaw and neck. It's nothing sexual, just innocent kisses Yoongi usually receives, and gives, in a peaceful setting after a long day.

“You smell different. The vanilla is sweeter than usual, and your body feels feverish.” Jimin states with a mumble, already knowing the reason. Yoongi only hums in reply, pushing closer onto the other’s body.

“I give it three days maximum. I'm already feeling the irritation of pre-heat rise. Sorry in advance.” Yoongi half-jokes as he knows how bad he can get in pre-heat. Jisung almost got his head smashed into the wall because of gummy bears. Jimin chuckles lowly, the sound sending a familiar twinge into Yoongi's gut.


“Are you sure about all of it, little one? Mating is something that can't be undone. And immortality isn't as fun as people make it to be.” the wolf had expected the question to come. Asking for consent and making sure that it still applies even after you get it should be common sense, yet it makes Yoongi feel so loved. Jimin is just looking out for him, yet insecure of himself too. Yoongi has thought of everything over and over. Not in one scenario wouldn't he want to spend his life and eternity with Jimin. He shifts around until he is facing the vampire whose eyes reflect every emotion directed at the wolf.

“I've told you before, and I'll tell you the same thing all over again. I love you hyung. I love you and everything about you. I'd love to spend my eternity with you, as your mate.”




Yoongi wakes up to an uncomfortable warmth troubling him. It feels like he is too close to a fireplace. Except that the heat isn't coming from around him, it's inside him. Every material touching his skin feels like needles prodding at his body, making the experience even more painful.

Slowly coming down to earth Yoongi realizes what's happening. It's not as intense as the first heat, but by no means is it mild. He feels his body break into a cold sweat as his hands reach around to find Jimin. Touching only empty sheets sets the feeling of distress deep into him, his inner omega sobbing loudly in fear. Before another sound leaves his mouth, Jimin bolts inside the room, worried orbs falling onto Yoongi.

“Love, are you alright?” in his state Yoongi can do nothing but whimper again, hands reaching for Jimin as he bares his neck in submission. Realizing the problem, the vampire slowly approaches the bed, hands interviewing with Yoongi's extended ones. He pushes the limbs until they are resting on each side of Yoongi, the older one hovering over his soon-to-be mate.

“Shhh, I'm here, hyungie is here. Let's get you out of these uncomfortable clothes, hmm? Wouldn't my omega love to lay onto his soft nest without anything interfering?” he receives an eager nod followed by a weak whine. Yoongi is too early into the heat to be able to form full sentences, silver eyes shining up at him.


Jimin gently helps the wolf sit, leaning on the headboard so he could get his clothes off of him. He could have easily removed them with his magic, but Yoongi needs to feel the hands in his body. He isn't wearing anything but an oversized t-shirt and sweat pants, so it's easy to remove them.

With the t-shirt being thrown on the side, Yoongi shivers. It's not because of the cold, but the hands that start traveling all over his torso. It's nothing but innocent touches, rubbing sore muscles, and caressing scars, but it makes Yoongi unashamedly moan in pleasure. With his pants being also discarded, the breeze of the night hits his heated-up body. As Jimin's hands lower, he allows pleasure to consume him.

It's still just massages, Jimin waiting for him to be more lucid so they could actually do something. Yet it helps. The painful cramps feel easier with Jimin's hands caressing his tummy. The warmth in his body is cooled by the coldness Jimin's touch gives. It's still not enough. Why is Jimin still wearing clothes?

Whining loudly, he starts weakly pulling at the other’s shirt. Jimin gets the memo and quickly takes off his clothing. The second his boxers hit the floor, the omega yanks him down until he is laying all his weight on him. Yoongi lets out a content hum at the feeling of his mate.




“Hy-hyung, a-ah hah.” Yoongi moans loudly, close to reaching his peak. The sight and the sounds of the debauched omega under him just make Jimin speed up his thrusts, something that Yoongi didn't think was possible. His nails sink deeper into the vampire’s back, forcing a hiss out of him. Jimin doesn't waste time, maneuvering them around so he is leaning with his back on the headboard with Yoongi on his lap, still deep inside him.

It's the second day of Yoongi's heat, having started at exactly 3 am with Jimin being startled awake by Yoongi's wails of pain and want. He didn't hesitate to take his omega in his arms, working quickly to put an ease to the pain. He promised Yoongi before the heat began that he would mate the other on the second day, but now he is hesitating.

Mating Yoongi means biting him, which means tasting his blood. Jimin has had a sniff of it and a taste in his subconscious state, but he still is scared he is going to fuck up the mating mark and/or hurt Yoongi. Yet he refuses to break this promise, deep down knowing that he would never hurt Yoongi, in whatever situation.

“Does my omega feel good? Want hyung to do something else, hmm?” Jimin teases slowly as his head lowers to Yoongi's scent gland, elongated fangs grazing over the spot he is going to bite soon to join them for life.

The touch compels Yoongi into grinding down on his length, causing loud moans to fall off his lips, sounding like music to Jimin's ear. His hands wrap around Yoongi's back tightly, thrusting up as he feels himself quickly reach his peak.

Jimin's hand slithers down Yoongi's body as he pushes the other’s face to the crook of his neck. Hand circling the wolf's erection, he whispers in the other’s ear, encouraging him to bite first, thrusts and strokes never flattering.


“Come on love. Bite me, mate me, baby. You said you wanted to live the rest of your life with me? Hyungie also wants that. I want to spend the rest of my eternity with you too. I promise I'll love you in this world and whatever might come after-.” before he can say anything else, he feels canines sinking in his skin, sending unbearable sparks of pleasure all over his body. He is blissed out as his body is trailed by something he can't decipher as anything, but it feels so good he doesn't want it to stop.

Releasing deep into Yoongi, he lets his instincts control him as his fangs sink deep into Yoongi's neck, leaving the taste of that delicious blood in his mouth. Again come the sparks of satisfaction and happiness. He can feel everything Yoongi does, and what's leading is the pure feeling of love. Is this what Yoongi felt when he bit him? Said wolf wails loudly, releasing into his hand, coating both of their chests. The wolf muffles their sounds by pulling Jimin in a deep, passionate kiss.


Finally. His hyung is his and vice versa. Lapping at the wound he left on the vampire’s neck, he feels the latter drink out of the mark he made. It sends nothing but pleasure his way, sending him into oversensitivity. He can even hear Jimin's thoughts that say nothing but mate, blood, love.

If a drinking bite also feels this good, Yoongi feels even better about his decision. Once mated and tasted the blood of his mate, a vampire will never be satisfied by anything else, but for the protection of said mate, the smallest amount of blood could keep them fed for months. That's why Jimin pulls off, full after just three mouthfuls.


Yoongi guesses it's supposed to be scary, the way Jimin looks right now with glowing eyes and mouth dripping with blood, red-coated fangs also on display with the way he grins. But his mind engaged with his heat finds it nothing but arousing.

“I love you so much,” Jimin mumbles out as he pulls Yoongi into his chest. And the wolf can feel it through the just formed bond. The beautiful love directed to him.

“I love you too, hyung.” and he hopes Jimin can feel it too, just how sincere his words are.




The wolf whines uncomfortably as Jimin cleans his chest and then trails down to his entrance. They fell asleep right after mating, and it wasn't a good idea by any means. Now they are showering, with Jimin trying to clean off the dried cum all over an oversensitive Yoongi, after having cleaned and covered their mating marks. The smallest touch makes the omega whimper and whine, feeling borderline hurtful.

“I'm so sorry, love.” the vampire mutters out, guilt-filled eyes looking at Yoongi in his arms. He is cursing himself out as he looks at all the bruises he left on the wolf. Now the other can't even stand straight, and every graze on his skin feels painful.

“Oh, hush. I'm not that bad hyung, you don't have to feel guilty. I enjoyed it all and encouraged all of it. Don't you dare go soft on me on the last day. I'm just whiny.” the wolf mumbles out as his hands hang around Jimin's neck, pulling him in a soft kiss.

“Now get me into that bath, it looks too good to pass on,” he whines yet again, letting Jimin pick him up and gently lower them onto the bathtub. He is sitting on Jimin's lap, back to chest, while the vampire starts to rub his skin in soothing motions.

It takes no time for him to start purring. Safe, and sound, feeling so content and loved in Jimin's arms. With every single feeling being returned tenfold, there's nothing more Yoongi could ask for.